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#1455 - Lex Fridman

2020-04-08 | 🔗
Lex Fridman is a research scientist at MIT working on human-centered artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles. Check out is podcast “Artificial Intelligence Podcast” available on Apple Podcast & YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSHZKyawb77ixDdsGog4iWA
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to be able to do that in these crazy times, and we talked about that we talked about how he got here, which is crazy to to Fly from Boston with no one on the plane with him he's an expert in human centred ay I an autonomous vehicles and deep learning, formerly at MIT, and I love in a death. Please welcome the great and powerful. Lex Friedman. The job will gain experience. I do wonder why would I worry about this? now wondering now, no skirt a virus time, everybody others weren't mass, some assuming that's where you are and on your face? Yes, it is the whole me mass takes thirty seconds to make thirty seconds. You time herself Brok know you'd, like cut a cup and like a strap, tired, That would worker, but there's no yes, probably out. There,
As far as I am aware, there is no scientific study of how effective broadside filtering Alfred. There is nothing so there, I'm glad you're sure some part of this, and I think this often at universities want one hour. Talk about some of the science into. I want to remove some of the stigma that surround us. So I'm part of this group of scientist that have put together a survey paper showing that masks and it started as a movement called masks, fall hashtag in the Czech Republic that essentially one of the critical components of stopping the spread of corner viruses. Everybody has to wear masks and the scientists to fall,
So we need to break this apart, but you're gonna take to mask off eventually right. Yes, I was just now, so I can hear you cause. There's an audio. Is you coherent astonishment nice, so like taken Connemara? that before and after save rubbish, be wearing a mask weighing down. Podcast deafening but everywhere else. Yes, so when you go in, the grocery stores were mask everywhere. Everyone, that's, ok! So some some questions do homemade masks were so there's a corelia shortages and ninety four a respirator masks which should be exclusively used as p p. Personal protective equipment by healthcare workers Ok, there's also shortages, surgical masks, which these nonviolent fabric masks that work very well for the thing I'm talking about, but because there is a shortage of them, we should not be buying them and should be saving them for healthcare workers and then
open question, was whether homemade mass, like the one, I just described our work to stop as Illustration mechanism: this is the confusing thing for the individual centric society live in masks, the most, what are they actually effective for with their effective for is to prevent me from infected asymptomatic from spreading the affection to you. So that's where the movement of mosques far started, which is your mass protects me. My mask, protects you and the idea there is- is not I'm not protected. Not creating a wall from the rest of society. I am contributing to the side of the bigger aggregate picture of it by not allowing the infection to spread so masks, is masks. Allow you to reduce that transmission rate to want to belong,
one so allow you to decrease in transmission rate while also long people to be in public so how much of how much we ve been studying this disease and the potential remedies and all the different things around it. Alot pelagia woody is your thoughts on how core, queen and dumb, zinc and z packs. This is something that's been thought of as a potential remedy as a potential remedy saw on that site. Evan studied the actual so there's nothing clearly published yet rap the biggest from Sonia. When I say I know a lot about what I and others have been doing is reading a lot of papers. Coming out in the hundreds every single day, so people doing really strong studies across the this pretty unprecedented right, we're something a new disease comes out, and everyone scrambling to try to figure out what, if anything, can help it
yeah, there's a lot of aspects here that our president and the scientific community has stepped up and away there never seen back hidden. Imagine is Basel to do like everybody, stop what they're doing and from what. What ever walks of life. So artificial intelligence community is really working on a lot of aspects of this, which I can talk about every it, the Varela just by informatics folk, so everybody's working on this looking at different angles, and obviously people who are developing vaccines and antivirals drugs. The thing is, what to your question were all waiting. First, actual studies, you can't really answer it against risks. These promising? A? Not so what happening. Now is incredible: candidates, vaccines for a valid drugs, but in order to say anything at all. There has to be at least a little
sign a little signal that there is that this is something they can work for this particular so one of the things is, if you look at the biology of it, just approaching structure of a corner combination. Let us there's a lot of Elmhurst that are different from even its other family member of Sars, within the Corona family, the totally open question whether things that from masks, what kind of things work for corona virus, verses Sars verses in full answer forces rhino virus which, behind the come a flu and then what what works on the corner vice of its true for masks, that's true for drugs! That's that for a melodic study models and so on. So there's a lot of uncertainty here and you have to actually do the tests on them. SK side them really paying attention. There's, a guy named, Jeremy, Howard,.
Who brought a lot of us together from all kind of expertise and were putting together this giant paper showing that man effective and the same thing is happening in other domains. Masks. The powerful thing about masks is something we can do that US individuals right now A lot of work as individuals are stuck trapped in her homes. Unable to do anything you're only tasks is to remain to practice. Fiscal distancing source distancing to maintain a healthy immune system too, are Maintaining health immune system seems to me to be the most important thing, because so many people that are asymptomatic. We don't know why, whether its genetic, we don't know what what is causing some people do have, virtually no symptoms whatsoever, but I would think maintaining a healthy immune system, eating healthy foods and particular supplementing with vitamins, but for me particularly have wrapped up my vitamin c in a big way, vitamin d, four thousand
use a day Exercise in these honor, if you have access to assign. I know most people don't, but if you don't have access to us on and you do a bathtub take us up bath in which what you're looking for each proteins one of the things that happens. When you have flu or when you have a fever right. Your body is your body whence we you brought it when you bought, it has a fever. One things is trying to do is trying to kill that virus strained, overheated and dumb debt that predict production of those heat, shot pro genes is very important. The reserve, study written on flues and viruses and regular sauna use, and it showed a significant decrease in infection with regular sauna. So. Am I not help you if you have it now, but it will help you to keep a strong and healthy immune system he and cold.
Two things shocking yourself with cold bass and shocking yourself with hot bass. If, if you dont have access to a sauna, view of access to asylum, I would recommend ice ice bass in an in sauna. Just it's very variable. In framing system, because it so the way tat you can help me you're, giving yourself a drug that your body makes really get a red couples. Is actually on the use of iron about sauna, bud heat of hot water than switching to call for increasing the strategy now the ethics you ve natural killer. I think the coin, Kate and natural killer immune cells that that are essential for when is it there's this moment when you get the disease and you progress a corner virus, you progress from just being having miles sentence to having go to the hospital to having to then,
going to critical condition so that transition, the natural killer cells are essential for that and the variation from heat to cold water helps. How strange is that that's one of the strangest aspects in this disease that people seem to have a mild symptoms and then almost overnight it turns on them yet, Sir, and so strange and then depends on them. Are we to understand for some people that does nap over some people? Does tat mean it's gonna be a long time for this sort. This out and the real power what does? In the meantime, all these fuckin not jobs. On a blameless on five g, or you know, or whatever fill in the blank with whatever crazy conspiracy theory people have. One, it is interesting is that war Hon apparently had some sort of I weapons lab there, that's interesting to me. If that's the case, it's not
Outside of the realm of possibility that something could be acts, dental released or purposefully released. I give them do have a weapons lab their mean. Would it we would. Are they make weapons labs if they, if you wise anyone making by a weapons you mean by weapons to miss the ideas, you're making a disease you can inflict on the enemy right. Well, If you have a disease can be inflicted on the enemy? That's just human beings. If that stuff gets out, it would be the biggest shock of all time. If it turns out that this was actually a man made disease, that was Lee. From a lamp, I'm not saying it was again, I'm a moron. I forgot to come too when it comes to buy a weapons or viruses or any these things, but I'm just actuating as a human being that if there is
a bio weapons lab and move on, Google that wasn't the now I've heard that a few times to disappear. I wanna go good, bye, weapon, lab and will Crenshaw was talking about. Yesterday comes up, it says, experts know it is not a bio up and no corona viruses not bioengineering. How did the outbreak start? It did not come from that how they know right that so, first of all Badge nearing Let's break that apart, this is saying topic I, what one of these things that the making us realises wholly crap, there's things out there that can kill us. Yet on a scale that we ve never before, imagined and nothing like that, hopefully, will be happening here, but this is the dress, rehearsal, right, if it was something like some has like spent flew or that they're kind of potential for death in full suspension influenza for one's own degree seen the worth of influenza now I'll do so either that was asked
this thing about talking to the gods of the CDC when Duncan Trust, my dear show down there, they are saying we're not worried about some manmade. Stuff about natural stuff, natural viruses that mutate and jump from animals to humans like they believe this covert nineteen, as they, though that's a scary thing and you can't stop. It happens all time, viruses were so too fine. I would always be beautiful. The that look so so what is a virus? it's some genetic code, RNA Dna wrapped in some protein, such as it is a piece of computer code that goes into a human body or any kind of living organism, and has them run that code in order to print stuff. And is able to mutate? So there's there's more the virus is out there, most of them infecting living organisms, they're, not human and their able to spread
these insane ways and in fact, infecting billions of organisms that as well, It shows a weapon in terms of unnatural pandemic is terrifying yeah, because they can you all my people worried about what's happening now. The coroner virus, the deadly as part of the spanish flu, was the second wave when there was. This was the second wave connected to the first World war to say the first war. Or is there was a mutation which media law deadlier single mutation that than begins to propagate through the through society, can can completely changed the way we experienced as far as it was predict, death, because it do it was really devastating to young. Healthy people with strong immune systems is devastating to everybody is surprising. I usually it's compromised immune systems. Woods
the ICES Darcy to what this one's weird in that it. So rare that affects children. This is very strange that this does viruses small impact on children in about God, Dammit There was a story that I saw a video about this article that was written there was, about a one day old baby that died from corona virus, but when you go when go into the actual story itself. The doktor who was furious about this was reading. His paper was saying that the article, rather he was saying the pain was twenty two weeks premature so like that's probably would kill that is so premature and it was like the idea that someone is using click bait and fearmongering at that scale during this is time. When people stop for information and terrified and running around trying to find out, especially people with newborns to regenerate gotta kill. A new born you go and realize work knows a complication and we don't know
baby tested positive for corona virus, but it's also twenty two weeks early mean if that's the first maybe that's dying from this like we're very, very fort that, doesn't attack young people, dozen type babies and as a source of terror for people's I've. Interacted with folks were families. We, that seems to be one of the biggest things that people are afraid of. What is bad for the flu was bad for the children. Yes, sir, it's devastating for children, yeah and and and to think so, both sides of it one children getting sick and two parents gettings can thereby not being able to take care of their children. Yes, good point ass, other, that's and that that can spread That's where so sensitive now in terms of just on the verge of of giving in to the fear on a massive scale, and that's where information answer is inspiring words and the silly
toward love is important community and compassion, scientists and fight that fear the silly old word love so old world, Vassili Old, word, you're, so Russia Hold is silly russian, John works as silly old world love data could be at a title for general experience. Now I just mean that there is a danger here of people, began to panic, wonder when the economic impact hits so there's thirteen percent unemployment, I believe in the United States. So the great depression was twenty three percent, so we have something that we were starting to creep towards our numbers. That's sixteen million people out of a job currently model we have any idea. What economics right now. We're we're in limbo will really are in limbo because how businesses going to close, because this, how many people dont know are unemployed, but are coming
businesses are barely hang on and they might not make it to the end of the year and if the economy take, downturn. Because of all these people, are how many businesses that were barely hang on before and there still open now we're gonna be gone a couple weeks. We really don't know, I mean: how long do you think he's gonna, take before business These are up and running again, I know boots on is back up in business again, but there's a lot of criticism about that, and there are also saying to see new cases. I think the question. I think it can be sooner than we think if we do the following things. So one I'd hate to linger on this and love to talk to you your time ask again. While it is fine, but here I know for fact there make fun of me just like I'll make fun of you right back for loving, fanny packs, but just like that,
back successfully functional to carry on the things you need masks out will be Massa required. Yes, the spread of this an arch unless I'm not an anti mass person and would like one of the things that to do is to start getting governors so politicians to wear them. President Trump to wear them. Well, this is the Boers Johnson question right because that guy, not only was he not wear, masks shaken hands and he was talk. Not a pre openly analyses in intensive care if he d, eyes, that will be the biggest wake up call for everyone. He doesn't die, but God damn people so mean over there. I don't know his policies. I don't know I haven't been able England in a long time, I dont know how they feel about him, but fact people, some people hate him. The like setting things like they were there, Binkie dies, there will be some. And dies. I've read Twitter, Andrew Doyle,
boil rather the guy wrote, woke Tatiana yeah his he ate, but it was actually his own personal account. He heap published some of the tweets are people of written about you, wouldn't have to put it up there. Our up these peoples ignoble, so heartless so yeah, that's masks protesting really, one is that the three things masks besides like washing hands and social distancing, honest of masks, testing and contact tracing, so contact treason Carter said this great: let's talk about as virtual, I'm gonna keep eight. Would we get it man when you don't get it, we don't have you ever even worrying masking are weird. It is like. Society for us is a weird stuff to take. I don't know what it's like an open question: what does it take to do their yeah? I it's weird.
It's really what's. He can't see the emotional expression of the people you can put it like that, there's a strange effect to it and then the other factors as as an individualist society. You wearing them ass, not to protect yourself but but to protect others, and then the weird thing first when I think people are thinking that I think they think they're predict themselves. While you guys are delude them, I can tell him the truth there. The that this is a nice positive aspect of this is me wearing a mask says I care about not giving you sick a powerful social signal for new hanging hang out with people. I think you so much ignorance goin on? No, I don't think people were does law The percentage of people is my assumption. That away that mass are not wearing it because they think they can protect the people, the worried about getting it and I don't think
is what they who, in the cdc. This is where I I hate what they're doing with, which is so that there is truth and that there is ideas of how the truth will be misinterpreted by the public, and so you shouldn't tell people the truth. So there's a kind of sense, like the W H, H, Owen, CDC, have said the master work, for example, or they said that, should be wearing masks. You see him for the healthcare workers where we are be honest about what the timeline debate show what they said, they're wrong, but so much of it there initially saying they couldn't transferred from person to person mean this is just in at the beginning of the year. Dan Crenshaw went over the timeline of all the things that were wrong about what the World Health Organisation set on. The podcast states, terrifying stuff, and you know it, Obviously, newspapers were going off of their, information and they were printing misleading staff as well, and the President didn't know. No one no said the whole thing is very weird: if you're, if you're going based on
what they were saying: it didn't look I was gonna be nearly as bad as it is, and then everyone has had to make adjustments I'm actually do the one elegant, I'm so I'm so freaked out about the loss of life in the loss of jobs and how people getting sick. It's. It's really weird everything about. It is weird, it's weird in our lifetime to be a part of something that is affecting the entire world like this, but. I've got a lot of messages from friends that are cordoned teemed with their families and like we ve. Never been closer and that we realise that we're in this together, because we realise that you know during these crazy times you you realize what is important, love that silly little word, you're talkin about love and care parity friendship like my neighbours everyone so nice events we way even now and everyone's like saying hi- and you know talking from over the side of the yard and how's everything you guys right, namely anything we're right here, there's a lot
this, like you, comfort and warmth, that you know, I think I experienced a little bit of that post nine eleven where people get shock dig it should up and then they realize what matters yet that that's one of the things I dont like about masks is. It feels like you're protecting herself from like you're moving us off, yet leaders that look and we'll get away from me many people get away from me. So the german folk kind of idea, as nowadays are supposed to represent, but that's I'm sitting here on the science says we have to wear them and thinking like Hausa, gonna change interactions, its it I don't know what to do with that and Euro and Emma found. What are you about the seas decision to have fights next weekend on an island We know where it is I figure out what I'm doing from go into it or not. I don't know where the dating yeah, I'm in a word is: aren't you it's in America
I literally right now as of right now I don't know shit, I've, no information, ok, the first off it's an island. I guess I I guess it's fine and its literally line of answer the door, I mean it, s enter the dragon. This is like era who the Bruce Lee, as are the Chuck Norris. Should I get chinese kung, FU outfit and do commentary with the council over one hundred percent be culturally appropriating at this Now you know what I'd do are women and brutally track suit that wouldn't culturally appropriating while it just be phantom in time colonel virus. You gotta cultural appropriation, pass. Look. I heard the IDA eight ice to me. I think that's great because it, if its message correctly, to show that we are while maintaining sort of social distancing, all those kinds of things were trying to
fight to bring our society Bout Taylor Popular there, there's no social distancing, a fuckin cage right, ok, they're on time, of each other's sweat. Nato's mouths there's not going to be there's gonna, be if Tony Ferguson's fighting this can be blood for sure everybody fights turned first and looks like they fell off a train. So there's gonna be blood this this is how you avoid. Is large crowds right the one on one one on one so do would if everybody gets tested, accessible how accessible tests right now to. In America Point seven percent of the population have been tested. In terms of testing everybody? That's not accessible, but in terms of testing special like ovations, special events, yeah, so that's possible. What would you think they would do if, like there's a lot of good vitamins car by the way, GINO roses strike is fine front is frightening gone I mean come
on Ghana and rose and strike days? There is a fucking crazy fight would have one of those guys test. Positive would have. You know, would have just engage. You taste test positive guys. We find pherson. Do you go ahead or not, and I get the obvious shift ass, the opponent if they want to yeah, I am I'm a little bit russian. I out I'll, go ahead I'll go ahead in an hour. So. My my main concern is: how will the general public interpret it as you want you, everything you do now should be done, in a way that is, one is positive, like inspires us for towards a community into gets us to do the right thing scientifically. I don't know if a covert infected person fighting wooden. Spire others to say our took if they're doing it's ok from while they do not
a feeling that if someone did test positive, they would do kick amongst the card gap There were a kick them off. The Carter should say, remove them from the card I take it back. Are you out of there? I think they d, I would imagine, has to be the right thing. And then you would also have to quarantine the people that worked with him in training camp and enough to test everybody. Yet as by the lower contact tracing is once you find somebody else and there's a technology for mean that that's a really interesting infrastructure there, but I still. I love the idea that their pushing forward and the fights does love more than a very upset with it. It some it's very. It's very conscious virtual the whole thing's contravening the because wanna buy. Do anything are the norm of social distancing of quarantining. If you know what with will run locked down right now and for them, looked even Nevada, which rely is almost entirely on casino money. I mean not Vegas at least
Vegas relies almost entirely on casino money right all the other businesses are so supported by the casinos, those casino shut the fuck down, cannot haven't sites fights in Vegas, but those a large crowds and physical spaces I think I understand that we're going to be this is me along. This is not maybe a month this, it's not gonna, be two months, some months, you think, there's gonna be, I think, before work back to normal. I think you'll be a year and in terms of what is going to reopen the economy, I think it's Summer, some possibly summer in less there, some sort of an effective remedy that we know for sure. If I D, a vile drugs vaccine move acts
gonna take a long time and that there is some really impressive. Work of axes are accelerating the crap I supposed to take ten fifteen years for vaccine, and then there saying eighteen months, obviously, but that still long time, that's really Walter, but there I mean that they do some impressive, fast testing of vaccines. Obviously mass scale vaccines is there something on the exception care, I wonder what gonna do that? U S election mail in I have an idea which is postpone it until just kidding. Post photos on about idea. Now it's it's a terrible idea I want to. I just six are carefully. This is still going on because there's. Dust up recently, as I said that I wouldn't vote Biden then vote for trot before voting. Barton. I swampy will now first of folks are barely paying attention if you're, getting your political advice for me, I'm a moron! Ok, I am
Comedian, slash cage, fighting commentator. You know how you have friends that don't much about fighting and they'll say something like, I think, Bruce League Kick John Jones Ass. Yet that's me with politics. Ok don't listen to me for political advice. You want to listen to people with for political advice, listen to people who are actually paying attention list the guys who that's their living, guys like alkalinity, listen, Jimmy Door. He does a fantastic job, breaking down politics. He understands it right, listen to the people that the hill watch that show turn on Youtube is alive. People David Pachmann. He you're stands politics. Another guy, ok But what I am saying is I don't want to vote for someone that has a mental problem he's got dementia All I'm saying my parents called me. My arms like or heard you drop supporter. Now my I would never
though, for a person who obviously has dimension, I said it would vote for tromp afford vote for buying that's that means you know and there's been fucking dozens of articles written about this MIKE Cheese's crime, tweeted between that he tweeted clip are you saying that you're transporter? No, we didn't near. When did this happen like shortly after? get the fuck out, pretty sure, We reiterate our tweeted, that's that's hilarious I've been with whilst faking Donald Trump sure, maybe trumped junior, I, as a doll June. I have programmatic pragmatic way following twitter and I follow Trump. Ok, either way one are by now. This is all I'm saying is, I think, a Democrat making a horrible mistake by putting in a just how to another huge stumble. Yesterday demand is ill. I wish him? No, no ill. Will not another, abiden Haider. What do you think think it's wrong to take a guy that you clearly
can tell, is struggling, He is an older guy. Who's got so sort of a mental breakdown issue. Is that he's got what appears to be? According to some experts who have analyzed what he's doing its sums form of demand? he has a problem, maintaining conversations. That's all I'm saying time. That's all I'm saying folks just and also do you of fucking, comedian, slash, cage, fighting commentator. You dont need to come to me for that. What is a tall J, Trumpery tweeted? You learn american background for hair of a request. This is once again, this is what I said does what it said you shouldn't have that guy I would vote for any of the other ones any of em, but bringing back Amy Clovis Bring her back. I vote for her before for providing ray. I bought for Buddha J
advice for sure vote for policy. I love tells it gathered for sure vote for burning. That's all I'm saying folks is yes didn't. Have someone whose clear got something really wrong and just problem up and We can it Bernie style and fuckin bring them up to the podium. It's crazy bring back enjoying. Yeah. I guess you know. I love Andrea trying to figure out if it's possible, to bring back people at this phenomenon, which is change coverage. Everything they ass. You should be able to run back while they should be able to do. Is someone should I don't know, I think, they're just hoping and praying that binding can hang in there long enough and people's hatred for tromp we'll get it to the to the finish line, and then they can, they can win ending. Keep him from having these conversations were stumbles alive, it's not fair to him as a human being. It's it's not fair to us that this is the only choice there. Given us. We There are so many people that were involved in those debates,
Kemal Harris bring her back, bring em all back, leaving any of em back they there they would be We better spokesperson for the democratic parties. This is it's a terrible idea, That's all I'm saying it's all I did say, but it's like I can't believe that summit like me, has any impact and all in people's political choices. It doesn't make any sense, don't do that. I rely on people who are paying attention reliant keyboards, that's their job, Let me hear the new one. What's here, the new one, We cannot let this we ve, never allowed any crisis from the civil war straight through to the pandemic. Is seventy all away rout? Sixteen we have never never lead. Mark or see sakes second fiddle way that we can both have a democracy, actions and at the same time correct a public health. The case weak world does not bad, just kind of someone one for his words.
There's been some real bad ones the, but you know you gotta, think he's probably medicate. The producing them opted to get him to that state health anyway, with these people are not stupid. These people that are involved in running his, I'm paying their probably giving them ivy vitamin drips and doing everything they tend to try to get em, is healthy, is possible to bring em that state. This is goods science, fair software for us somewhere for him, so to try to play as a kind of agree with it. So I cringe every time It's sad, but ours I think, go over two thousand. Sixteen Hillary Clinton ran as I like an entire him talk, there's something there that he's just not good. At it would keep seeing things like this, it just a little bit off and To me, the question is so I am obviously I'm awkward speaking and yet you also speak Russian. No. I think that that is a brain.
Thing they're, like I, you might be too smart for us. It was yet in the region conversations very nice way of putting it like that and he's too stutter. So what do we need? Are That's your candidates to be our current is. Is it to me in an open question, a good point because he may just be? I would vote for Biden if you just never talked so back in the eyes is pushing two thousand sixteen and so on just every time disease I got here like a blue collar, gives a story of this with the son of that dying, I mean there's so much depth of two to him, being to his story. He here He says you mention it done quite a few shady things are lying in and out, please rising speeches and
back and eighty eight when he was run for president I mean, but in terms of his like long track record of just being as part of the system, whatever the. What have you think about the system, he just nose like at a time like this, we government to work while no matter you are now government needs to work on us. We have to ask yourself: who is the person who will make government work? Well now, I don't know if it's him, you know, I don't know, I don't know who it is. I don't think its that idea to have one person have the kind of power that a president has. I mean just imagine your Donald Trump bright. You're, not just responsible for dealing with international relations with North Korea, you're also responsible for the environment. Also responsible for this covered nineteen outbreak, you're. Also responsible me, you can keep going crazy to think that one person should have risen, instability for all the things that
happened to the United States of America. It's not it's really crazy, but I think they don't have to be responsible and to me the best for present is to inspire the entire population just to be a sort of talking had their inspires the world and the United States and to hires the best people to take care of each of those things, so attract so inspired the best in the world to come more for him within its military. What that's the vote? less than science side and that's how you talk to me. Their facial elect a president who is biased, ass people in the world. I think you're right. I just think that it's it's an impossible task for an individual I don't think I think we should rethink it, but good luck with that. I mean crazy thing about the United States is really I mean I have bit about it that the United? founded in seventeen. Seventy six people live to be a hundred. Thus three people ago, three big.
Yeah, I'm like this is how recently that says- and this is a bit about president tromp about him being elected about how crazy and that it was about went from Obama. I went from this really intelligent, very particular person, and it's like we were involving a relationship with a really and now we're Dayton, a whore tooth. This is crazy bit that I had about it. We're we're on the rebound, we're just a nutty relationship now, but I do nothing. Anybody should be president. I just I don't think it's a good. Position for human beings. I think it was a great idea. We're tribes were a tribe of a few hundred B bore a mayor of Reno town. That's great yeah me it makes sense and make sense that one person it's a very stressful job, very difficult, but it seems tenable seemed like a man There can be in our American really control city and do a good job. I think when you get to this, EL, the United States of America to seems not just seems not to have one person run the whole show and and
and also clearly not because you know you have this giant de organization behind it that requires all the money from the donors and special in groups and lobbyists, and all these moving pieces are involved to make sure that the people there, play. So what gonna suit your interests and eaten in and fulfil your needs? and it's all going on right now, while fuckin pandemic virus sweeping the entire globe, it's really weird, so really, weird time yeah and I may I wish he just read, run the whole thing, because some of the ideas like Andrew Yanks ideas of the universal Basic Income- yes- Obviously he's right, you know look at what when he set about automation now applies to this virus ice vires, able that need money- and this is this is where it's really weird, none which had brought the sober Dan Crenshaw yesterday, but lot of Republicans once more government right. They want less government, but this
a time where big government is necessary. Where you dealing something like a pandemic virus. We re dealing with the situation where you have to look out for the well Fair of all these people, you have just reached, emulate the economy, the governess, to pour money into it. This is a time were big government is necessary, and this is a great argument for bounce right. This. A great argument for four big government, while the girl, I think for both Republicans and Democrats, is effective, government and Republicans would say that big big government is actually increasing the bureaucracy, not the effectiveness. So this is the question I would testing how'd it. How do you get the law? large scale, one point: seven percent: we need to test half the population yeah, I don't know- sound now. But I would imagine, if test exist right. We have a test, so need to do is figure out a way to ramp that up and I'm sure that's being done right
I was not aware of it. I'm sure that they're trying to figure out a way to get everybody, I mean some of that is just mass production of testing kissed. The main test. Derision awesome molecular based ass those other ideas. I can the artificial intelligence side as ideas on how to use a city, scant chest scans and try to detect the early onset of covered versus just regular pneumonia Khazars waters of neighbouring conditions. Here too yeah, that's a singular from flew right, yeah! That's the thing! I want to say that some nor This percentage like eighty five percent of people are coming that are sick or not infected with this, because this is flew season and the flu so far as killed an extraordinary number of people which is really weird like. While this is going on in this is not diminish the death of the people who have died from covert because it's all horrible right Anyone it loses, love one. You know my heart reaches. My
aid for all of you. I feel for terrible for anybody who loses someone that they care for whether its a person or a young person to a disease horrible. But why is if that were so terrified of covered clear because its new, but when the flu is killing more people right now than cove. It is, and we're not worried about that at all mean we should cut. Really be worried about both things. And this is again the great advertisement for strengthening your immune system. This is a great wake up Call for a lot of people that are unhealthy that are eating unhealthy living, unhealthy police, like if you value life and you like it so easy, to just assume you're, always gonna, be ok, you're, ok, now in know what we Is this the sort of Mentality that a lot of us go through life with everything's fine, now it'll be fine, and this is where power powers go off the rail the other way right. They like factors I followed its far apart and those people
I am fascinated to see how they're gonna freak out like now that this is real and that, like it's probably a good idea to have stored food, is probably a good idea to have a small supply of water in the last few weeks. This is a good idea. I, how are those motherfuckers going to react to this? Whether they are ready mean that that they're gonna go down a rapid up even further, because now they're gonna be justified. There were right, so what would you might very well see especially in the south, and a lot of people have guns and with with corona virus there is like you, dont want infected people in your town. So you could very easily see people barricading road and saying you're not allowed to enter the town. Yeah well, you're, saying that in some places where people are vacation homes and they're, leaving the big city and going to the vacation homes and the people that live in these small communities are freaking out, because you know what these infected people coming in
communities and, in fact, in them, and the trying to keep them out of their homes? Are there I can homes which is like look. You can't keep someone out of a fuckin house, they own. Ok, you can't just decide that you're gonna throw the constitution out the window and these people not on their own property anymore, but it gets to this work state where everybody's in a panic, so this to me is where the president is essential as to when people are a panic with so much uncertainties to inspire the world, and so take us back to reminding Americans reminding the world were wounded and one or two yeah sort of the the huge thing We have overcome as a solution that this is one of yes, those cases and serve as opposed to trying to defend your little corner of the slant scene. This is all together as wrong unity and servants by that. I think
trying to remove, I think in terms of winning elections of doubt almost won. The election is just do that because in these times difficult times presents a popular you just figure, the stupid Red Blue Divide Leon, unjust, inspire the whole country you run away with it. It's true, but you know it's hard right now to even have that. You know he's kind of he's, a guy that, when someone comes at him. He comes at them harder. You know he described sing himself as a counter puncher right, someone it's him. He had some back even harder and the meat you just can't. Let him go like the there's, a lot of a lot of currency. Attacking him and coming up with a great gotcha moment that gets capture in video and then gift gets released online, and so you get all these reporters that have this rare opportunity to talk to him and we talked this one lady who just kept being upset that someone in the administrate
and apparently she said it referred to it as they come flew any. Like what did you say and end, she said Confluence Henriette majority come flew, so she said that those who said that too she didn't know who he like someone said it like you hurt. Someone said this really, your question exists really with What were worried about is a joke. Someone might have made in the middle of a horrendous crisis that they called the Congo. Oh Jesus, will stop. The press is first of all kung fu is awesome? Ok, there's nothing wrong with conflict. Is there anything wrong with saying that I mean look the flu elect its? Hello, it's a virus! It's horrible did that its devastating all these people, but is it me a horrible. If you call it coming flu, is it so much more horrible that we have. Is it that racist? What to me? That's a beauty For a moment to say, let's put our shallow We should design, has put this bullshit aside. Unfortunately was it, he was almost their enhanced
he made it more like about himself and just didn't, but also many tragic conversation that later on Turkey did, I think that conversation with that lady was I who said this, you know and then but the lady represents a large proportion of the population full of ridiculous ideas such as that, and he gets a chance to speak to the like inspire that part of the population say: let's put this social justice where such stuff a nine year brief moment as we fight, a thing that threatens the economic well being of our nation, you're very little about transgender people using restrooms right now. You know you're, not a lot of things that you don't hear about yeah, you don't hear about gender pronouns in a lot of stuff. That was so simple Equally important is the small mountain we're going to start to diminish the rights and the values of transgender people to say, I think a lot of what people were complaining about and The reasons why people were up in arms about Thanks is not just because we have real issues
discrimination, but more so that we don't have real problems. So we look to amp five problems that might not be nearly as big as we as they are, as we would like to think they are. You don't mean when we're dealing with something. That's a real life, threatening a real huge issue known gives a fuck about your gender pronouns in Who gives a fuck of euro they them person. Are you they them? Ok, congratulations! I don't know what to tell you, but we're in the middle of something that is a new disease. It's killing people and some people's, not killing them at all now spreading around and it's weird. So we now have time for nonsense, and We are in a lot of ways because society is so. I want to say this, the best way possible. This is the greatest time ever to be alive even now, even now with others craziness, if you compare the well today, with the way were connected to each other gathers problems. There's always gonna be problems where a bunch of fuckin
weird territorial monkeys living on a planet. You know this there's gonna be. Problems were sorting through all these different things out and there's varying levels of economic, disparity physical disparity, mental disparity. This is so much so much did between all of us who knows no chance for complete total harmony, it's not going to exist with these territorial, a with thermonuclear weapons: it's not gonna exist. You know, what's one of the first things that people did when when all this happened, they went out and hoarded toilet paper and bought guns. Ok, that's she of this is who people are all about that even the shit it's the fan, they want guns, they want to be with a white there ass, and this is what people panicked about This is still where the best times ever to be alive and the the saying that gives me hope, is the way I feel my community in the way I feel with my friends. I've had so many friends reach out and just say
Are you? Ok, how's everything? If you need anything, I'm here, that's beautiful love that I love this feeling. Of community that we have real community. It's this like specially, the standard comedy world, there's an inn, credible sense of community right now, people reaching out to help people before donating two people before sending people money. People are really there they're checking. On each other in the site. Where appreciating each other. We appreciate each other in a way that I think I think is beautiful. It makes me sad that economy stir coincide with a tragedy sometimes, but we're humans Sometimes we need a wake up call we needed. We need a little something that lets us, no hay This is a temporary situation. This life enjoy everything about her is we're. Are finite lifeforms on a finite planet? That's heeded by a finite star. None of this is gonna. Last Cyril S role, time, but a did enjoy that
enjoy this in its let's, let's enforce and let's encourage good values. Healthy values can be the values we can get through this and be a better country are really this. I really believe this I think the survivors of this kind, through this. As long as we can retain these lessons, it so easy one some something happens, and then thing normalizes and we get back to air, quotes regular life, it's easy to forget the lessons, but if we can reach forced those we can remind ourselves of this. We can have these moments. You know So many cultures do have these religious ceremonies. You know I was talking to Gwine Stein, we talk about Jews, never their attack was of. Was it over, yes, Passover and he was about how they tell the story every year, in the reason why they tell a story every is to remind everybody to remind people that the you're here, because We went through some horrendous shit and, let's, let's, let's thank them- was praised.
And let remind ourselves, were very, very fortunate, remind ourselves it where community and the scale of world war. Two did that from four I came from a Russia. That's were that's. Why guitar gotta, hear on maybe I'm arena, ok, look a spark! A joint one hears. But the reason I actually message, Jamie and asked: do you think it's ok? If I play players Jerry Man, York poem. You read last times the shit while but I must see him without having sunk didn't have a song. No, I was just I was thinking about I've been reading aloud by war too recently before the court of ours, and then I found out. Alarmed by my grandfather who at eight seventeen
chicken tells you a lot. You have to be eighteen to be in the army and he's through faked his doctor. That was that's what everybody did. Young kids wanted to fight for their country. The interesting kind of story you not. The warrant dread the warrant dodging the draft everybody wanted to fight for their country, death at that stage in nineteen forty one one Germany invaded the Soviet Union, the oars from Stalin was that if you get capture you have to kill yourself so there's, no surrender, see after me. That's the Spirit that Europe. Riding with, and so the only way out is. If your soldier is death or severe injury and in terms of being lucky take him out my grandfather lot? Who was severely injured?
he was on a machine gun. He fought. I shall Longside Da Mikhail Kalashnikov, ok, forty, seven of rail and air. So that's that's gay voice. I gave a war to that said design from from there and see your your job is Germany in the fall Many forty one is marching towards Moscow, and your job is basically to be a human just, a thing slow them down long enough to wear it. They don't region sk until winter, which would give an advantage which allow Moscow to defend easier, so winters very difficult to fight. He even more were too in Russia, so your basic job is to slow down the troops.
Do you sitting there with a machine gun which is exceptionally difficult to carry and you're just emptying all your bullets, as most people are dead now have is a machine that was one of the few criticisms, there's a particular model. I forget, but most machine guns at the start of their using sickly world war. One weapons in will were too and that machine goes through using had this giant metal shield that you they hi behind as your shooting and that shield would turn out to be exceptionally heavy. So you it's not something you can carry easily. So it's, I would venture to say it's probably like two hundred pounds, that kind of think Yes, he dragging it. You know through the mud through all of that and while bullets flying see, that's it there. I don't know the exact, yet pretty close, probably probably
Why we have to look at so union worthy equipment was not great, you're, basically thrown human bodies, and I mean that its. I was thinking about how lucky, because some alive, because the bullets got, hurt his leg. He got hurt in his leg and I'm alive because he hurt is the severely where he could. Continue to assess the only way out and sort of most of his most of his brothers- are dead and that's the you talking, Seventy five million people died of world war, two. Most of them in Europe and fifty million of them, fifty million civilians. So people without a gun. Fifty million fifty million died and is different than the virus I mean is different. There's something particular route This is something far less about work by the state,
is tell us of Brotherhood, as you ve known from Jack, whenever it is the dead, the kind of french of the kind of connection that it's incredible And this is our little a little bit. Our two moment does were it's a glow Both have you ever read Sebastian Yunkers book tribe to great book on that highly recommended to people. I understand why that tribal an action, the community connection of people that have gone through war. Is so strong. They actually prefer war in a lot away. Some of them do at least to being home. They prefer prefer that that camaraderie Will you get when you tuning this up? How you doing this? I never understood this there's a, tributaries. It's funny way. These that's why they can do by year, but I'm actually kind of scared, shitless monitoring, the other,
It's gone on so like this is low e g. Ok, now that into a The initial glow mechanisms attached a guitar. I think it's actually doesn't go by order by vibration. O the Japanese telling you if its correct you is it doing. What does it look like when you? seen a reading on it or somethin. Oh lousy, on its electronic. That looks like a little galaxy why his blue? That's unto a g g, be stow yard terrifying. Mrs ok, come on brow! Camembert! Your bare motherfucker guzzlers is worse, Shutting law. No doubt please it's bad enough for me
although I do want to play a silly saw later on. Ok is it a weird alyosha Yankovic now it says to do with it: best tweet about this. You read that he we're all how we men down now hi Mandela's right, he's pretty completely freaked out. Forget him in right. After it's over what's this all about grandfather about the time we're in about love calls writers. Ok, I'll tell thing is a huge Hendricks then. So I wanted to play last time I chickened out underplay Hendricks, hero of child, but you're. You get taken down as I've learned that round get taken down its revenue sharing while someone Does it still your money with that we put the music part. Yet we
did that with some when Gary Clark Junior saying that often brother song, with Suzanne Santo, which was trade they sang midnight writer, they did a version of it that so different than the original, but they like fuck. You pay me crazy. She can't. Even do you only sensing mechanical licensing, and a lot of his automated actually allowed or not the opposite. For one of these I love about music, is have zero talent. I have none. Play anything as vital Jamie thinks it's funny. I know what tuning as I love things. I don't know nothing about it. I know that there is a rat the whole of learning music, that, like Jerusalem, Groundhog Day Great movie, We saw last night, we have family night or watch your lower like old school was. I guess I am watching aims and Lama Adam Sandler Junkie, right now. I've watched them all dude this fuckin moves are so overrated. It's insane under it on
as I have ever seen, a lot is under eight is right at the movies younger than you I saw the bureaucrats you think she's me. His movies are so fuckin underrated, their amazing look. The fucking XO hand don't mess with his own hands. What a funny smooth I've ever seen. I was crying laughing the movie he just goes for, these movies. Are so silly there so good, but his serious moves are really get his latest latest real. I heard it's amazing. I haven't had channels it uncut gems, but anyway, I'm in groundwater. It's a bill, Murray Movie, different thing, but another school movie from like ninety somethin, Bill Murray lives, the same life over and over again and no matter what he does kills himself keeps waken up same guy over and over again, but he learns how to play the piano. Fuck. It should learn about two things and so by the end of the movie spoiler in it's fucking thirty year old movie, but he how to play the piano. He knows how to do a million different things and I remember thinking like that- that is really almost what it takes to be an adult and
learn how to play the piano you must. You must have an unlimited amount of time, because to today of into music directive to really learn how to public of Europe. Hendricks fan I'm a huge Hendricks Van right. That's the reason why this podcast his name, the your own experience. I stole the name from Hendricks, but The idea of me learning how to play guitar. Being a Hendricks fan, trying to be as good as Hendricks or to mimic like what he D, that's too much too that's two five like you walk into the sun like that's too far. You never go there does not that's you must time. That's how I look at it that's impossible time, part if you can comment on this is for me a basket play guitar like how the hell do you cuz. I do like you know, I'm not a scientist to do any a snowflake. How do you have time for the guitar and the way I've learned guitar, and I won't show off the things I can do to technologists off. My televoice is to practice every day, for I was about five years to practice. Five hundred and thirty,
the day. So you just have to eat. You shouldn't look at me. You know this yeah, you shouldn't look. How far to go to learn. Hendricks write his Hendricks particularly, is exceptionally easy scales and cords. You can learn in a day everything he uses and then, just slowly. Practice used the basic blue skies. Isa is a basic boost musician and how the area the wealth which is, I got. A lot of comedians are basic comedians, but the master, the timing, yonder I think fundamentals is that doesn't offend people. That means the same thing in Jujitsu yard you used to black boat. You understand that such a thing that, for whatever reason, is its bought it so many times but the venue Magdal S was talking about monitoring, thereof, the ultimate fire together.
Guitar was one of the coaches invading my glasses work. When someone else, he was saying that Nogueira, whose Minotauro Nogueira who's in a legend I mean just a fucking legend when he was in his prime and he's one of my all time, favorite fighters ever his fight with Bob Sapp, was probably one of the most legendary fights in all of makes martial arts in one of the best examples of technique over Braun. We need and he's on Annette, unbelievably tough guy. A minnetaki was just an all time great, but Magdal S lose a legit world, champ, Very Michael Ash was talking about Minnetaki Jitsu game and he said very basic, but minnetaki offended by that was really upset at him, but he's sick, try to say, look I didn't, and I've talked about a person is there. I didn't mean it that way. He took it in way, but I was just saying it's the basics. It's like he does arm bars, triangles reneged, chokes gear, teens but it's like razor sharp hide. Your grace is a great example that chrome
Chrome Gracie is a great example that fundamentals just sharp into a fuckin razors edge where they just have the perfect guard but standard guard pass is right. The perfect grew naked choke the perfect triangle choke they do no, those fundamentals that you get taught when you're a blue belt, and but they have them down to just the most find way possible. So that's that's a six in it gets discussed like that and some people for whatever reason to get sensitive about and even the modern guys, even Gordon Ryan and all the daughter, her death squad people, they have actually very fundamental Judy. Unquestionably, they have. They have those technical eggs for sure the difference between, the dawn of her people is there's too France is one they have a phenomenally dedicated group of people that have come out of hand, those because hands- oh Is an amazing guy and he fostered
incredible sense of community, also his legacy. Mean. Hence our hands: oh Gracie he's what he's a legend right and he comes from the most famous family in the history of martial arts, and he is. Easily mother, nicest and friendliest ones of those that that incredible family, so he's got this Jim this is filled with all these people that are, first of all honoured to be to train with a legend in allege in school and too. They all have this incredible since a community because of hands, oh and because of the people that Henshaws taught there, and then you have done her who's, this wizard, His new Zealand Fuckin Psychopathic, Gmos are ass. Guard he's also finds a system behind everything. Amazing I mean listen, don't talk is a modern day. Philosopher he's a different thing. Man he's a different thing down. Here is a different thing and he's he's a mean genius, you know and he breaks jujitsu.
You down on us, I mean genius. Only compliments only complement some say I mean he's keen no how to teach you how to fuck people up man, and he does it in. Like an incredibly scientific, systematic way. The way he he exit system and how these guys can progress from being a big in order to just a few years later been able to tap really high level blackberry. Sensation and that's what people those are brought their mothers. But often don't think of foot locks. Over half the body as part of the basic, but I think Donna, as one of the people who would you and so on, who helped discover the basics of four yeah, there's a famous quote from Lister while ignore fifty percent the body Donner talked about it on my part. Ass is like. Why would you you seen that fucking gene brain spending as the greatest part.
Just ever eyes. They rush it out of its correcting ura flawed breakdown of different fights. I love his breakdown, also of Gordon Rainforest Cyborg. That was very, very interesting, very branches because I was a big moment on Gordon Ryan. Cyborg urbanism were holy shit like people knew he was real, wasn't like before doubting news, an amazing granular, but when he pretty easily tap cyborg, it was a real wake up call for lot folks, yet and but on the other of basics. Injures would compared to music. The this is, what's, Mysterious to me about watching jets are watching hydra. Gracie is you some do basics and destroy some. The greatest black belt But I can't see I can't see what he's doing actually so when you role, I walk around with solemn barrel and shaggy Herbert broth. Does another example that style, crushing
pressure passes to the top games, this fuckin parenthesis but they're doing the same stuff I do, but it feels different in and only by ceiling. It do. I discover the cooling of music is. I can actually it's more. It reveals itself clear by you can hear the difference Jean Hendricks, like Stevie Ray Vaughan playing a band? I got play comfortably numb a cover of coffee lien on Monday to put up a video and a bunch of people were like your Benz are not quite like David Gilmour. I need of the way you been this. You know It yeah did that sound, especial sound, Gary Junior salutary VON sovereignty as the Jimmy drug sounded playing some basis. Should I not play all of it and did an out of date The first things I learned is Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan. I not a player but
there's gotta be a soul in there. That requires, like decades of playing the same stupid bends and where and then also you know dating or a few questionable women having the alcohol problem drugs of debts in their as now interesting that it is in their yeah, so that in the sea, we in order to do that x, choke from Mount. They had your does, there's sudden in, like he's been through some wars in Turkey, that chore brilliant simplicity. No doubt yeah it some there's a thing about music to that. It seems that there is a big difference between doing it and figuring like paying trying to keep track of what the cords are and what the notes and someone who knows no stay. No, no, they give their deep in it say, there's no wondering whether or not they can play it is,
simply an expression of mood in the midst of playing at that you get from. Like some esteem Ravens shit is a good example that he had a very blue z moody version of guitar playing, you know like some of his stuff. Like you kid you could, you could feel like pain in it. He could feel pain, in sum of some of his of course, along with its voice, to ready had that live hard voice? Cambodia was eyes a more aggressive kind of paying you look like a BB king. That's more booze! There's this so for, like mellow pain and thrill is gone, all in all of its the same stupid. Then it's all the same music, but they he added, achieving that I mean, but that the whole point of guitarist disk or music is to discover your own. Sound. Did
You see that the I mean what many save your own saw something to show you something don't say your own sound. And is it a combination of a bunch of other people's, sounds that you ve kind of put together. Adopt as your own sound. Is it the classic, sounds that you reworked, become your own, like what is your own sound as musician? I think it's. Your answer I think is probably somewhere to carmody- is. Your own sound is discovered only once you get technically just good enough to mimic others, and then you can just put the technical bullshit aside, and to be good enough to us I did hear your own voice like what,
when I play the Deva go more solo for a company numb it, it doesn't feel like me to me, does not feel like you to you, because you figure imitating somebody or you're you're. Just try how to do the music and not feeling it like. What do you know? I'm feeling a feeling of, but I feel like I'm visiting a good friend like I feel like it's, not home in that someday. You develop over time like that. There is a home. There is something that's agree with visiting a good friend and and bar. I think the early days- and I really want to make clear the crisis is embarrassed. I don't I'm not playing guitar enough. These days. The impressive so tat get out here on her get out your I did. I love acoustic music. Did you I posted? I went bill weathers died. I posted ain't, no sunshine acoustic version.
There is there's a god damn that was good, that fucking acoustic version, started sit so sad when someone dies You are That's when you really get anyone. I've been on. This you bill weathers kick for the past couple days since he died. They use me song, God, Damn good song. I wish we could play it. Which we apply, it God, after the shell play for you fuck this much of his stuff, you know just like it just makes you want to close your eyes and walk head back and forth. You know assist and when Oh God dies oh yeah, oh grandma's hands oh yeah oh lean on me. Oh shit, you know it's one of things it did in our self isolation. Now is for the first time in a long time So some weird,
actually like laid in bed and listen to music. For just listen, maybe lobby what does I don't need to use it I'm doing something else. I actually like laid there for the explicit purpose of just listening. Yeah This is clear. It is amazing that amazing experience as there are still some real value in that way, which is put music on whether they will share the working out. As you know, really into that. Just listen to music is Henry rounds for one I did the podcast with him he really do we do to. We did to write rules on toys anywhere. Maybe I think he was. I love him like giants speakers as something that wealth has these crazy foregone? Yes, thank you. His get speakers are worth like a quarter of a million dollars on preposterous, his dumped all his money and spears. He said: I'm fuckin love him, he so unique,
and he he just picks out a record and he treats these records in the creation of these records, with reverence right and it's really interesting to me because he's a guy who became fame, This has a musician and doesn't even do music anymore, this good spoken word. He does like here version of like to stand up and he's always writing he's. Very inspirational in terms of his work ethic he's always writing. He writes constantly for a bunch, different publications weakly and then he all I'll put together a radio show every week, so we put together a playlist. It puts it on the radio any narrating talks through it and and guides people through his musical selection who sit there and I was like listening to him about that was won. The first comes over actually consider like oh yeah, there's like real real value and sitting down just listening to music and one of the things
that worries me about Henry is seas having married and doesn't have family some while that life seems appealing out some indian, you're going that direction? How old you thirty six come on man, fine, nobody, I'm so love. So many things about this world just like Henry right that it's easy to less lies slip away it's a funny thing is because taking a one way, family in kids, wife is kind of distraction is just one of yet another passion, in a sea of passions, I can often should be a distraction about the same time. The ability to share that over a long life to share your passions seems to be
everything I've seen that the experience right, but everything I've seen it is a profound and additive. It's a profound thing to be able to share your passions with others close to. I guess that has to be family. It is it is that, but there's something different on top of that. Some, my friend re re, who goes by wasn't rag enough. I said: raising his re Campo He said something to me once when he was really more we're both really young. More than more than ten years ago on public, when I was trained, in part two thousand thirteen fifteen sixteen years ago. Some maybe seventeen years ago. Some around that but we were younger and whose talk about children and having children and that for him it was. There was
part of it. There was from his own personal edification, like he thought of children as being important for his own, like growth as a human and raised deeply spiritual guys, a yoga teacher and the site, and I know that thought of it. That way, you look at it like to your own. Might I'm- and I think, As a man, and raising these little girl and seeing these daughters grow up in. For sure. I've learned, and a lot about human beings, but also I learned a lot myself about my purse section of humans, of babies to people Tom. I talked about the sun stage briefly, but it's too weird the sort of articulate a joke I own, I used to always think of people's being static thing gets.
You guys are fifty five year old, Nino truck driver, and I would think, a guy has always been that guy and now I go out used to be a baby. I knew I give you asked me: hey, was this guy over a baby us? He will. Of course he was a baby, but I had never intellectualize it. I never looked at it and it instantly gave me so much more compassion, and so much more, like acceptance of people work a relaxed acceptance like a frog Agnes of a lot of stupid shit. The people do in and have done. I I almost immediately in raising kids, shifted that and thought out. You guys you just got facto you need an asshole you, like all your dad's, for a piece of shit and you probably grew up in a terrible neighborhood. You're, probably you know ruined by your older brothers who assholes and maybe you live in a neighborhood where kids are stealing from you and beating you up fuck like that,
You get to be this guy. You don't get to be this because you just choose to be a piece of shit that's not what happens to people you you become something from you. Circumstances, your genetics, are so much involved who you are and we I don't think, there's any not much value and be mad at someone for whom they are. You know good kind of be mad at the impact that it has in your life. There stupidity in- and we were all in justified in doing that, but I think things about having children of your own? As you realise, when you see someone is a mass like ok icon it I can see. I understand how that can happen now was before. I would just be mad that it's there cut of amazing, though, that a lot of Us Ameer Ali For me, he remained from the from the self. From the good perspective. He remained the same person. It there's a lot of parts of me that is like sometimes I feel like I'm the same twelve year old kid
yeah for sure yeah. Especially when their trauma than that the stuff gets stuck right again it. The Eric Weinstein companies ago you just released there. Sir unplugging theoretical physics, his germanic unity, lecture and that something has been holding on for more than thirty years and there's been a lotta that something that's been occupying his myspace, you he's he's just a twenty year old kid releasing this now! That's why such a liberating step and for a lot of assets. On the same, probably this guitars the same twelve twelve year old thirteen year old kid and fell in love with music. In the same the same as ghosts everything else. I like how do you feel when I'm talking my mom, I forgot my fifteen fifteen there for real. He sounded
now some same cause. I was telling you fifteen he's your played heads. I just feel like my mom's kid. You know that's turn. Now I come very worried about this stuff, the real world, bout grown vires. How shit society wider just individual she's. Literally just worried about physically numb, she's, a woman or seventies us you know my stepped out to sake is their feelings are justified strangers strangers for them different than it is for us. You know- and I even for Us- it's not universally gonna. Ok, there's this people at a very young that have had serious. Applications in unit have died dies in there. Early thirties dead, so
everybody's own awaited out. But when I talk to my mom it some, I always feel like I felt when I lived in the house. You know I mean I'm: u, you If I don't have you ever experienced this, but one things that our experiences when I went back home when I went back, two to Newton. I grew up and Newton Upper falls when I went back I was a grown man will tell show us on tv fuck, a loser. Still felt like a loser. I go back to their town I feel like I felt when I was in high school there. I felt like an outcast felt like a weirdo, an affair, like a loser inside, go There also download com, a loser curricula. There's, like a part of you, I mean I went back again, with my family, a few years back, I didn't have the feeling anymore. And then you're the Father Don help too
but it's also a lot of thinking in years and years and use the thinking in years of trying to appreciate all things you ve learned and process them correctly? Do your best to have the best most bounds perspective? what this always so, then, when I was going back, I was just really what trip out more than anything is about the concept of memories, because I have this weird data base where I can go to this strange part of the planet earth this weird of land known as Newton Upper falls, and I can go and it was surprisingly rural. That was what was really weird kind of remembered it. But then I didn't like my my wife growth, a terrible neighbourhood. We went together and she'll. Grubbin is really just crime written when she was really young, and so when I took her to wear like your crew of easy, not lead, they grow laugh at about it, but it was lot of fields. Louder like to Charles River was right behind my house. I go right across the street.
Hang on the Charles River Lotta woods, rural shit that I kind of forgot about it. It's a kind of time travel just combat there. It is. It's also eager accessing files. Like a student. One of my old house and I'm accessing these files or Magua I remember this stairs that are always does these stairs that leader, I lived next to a place called ECHO Bridge, echo bridges a famous landmark as you can go under echo, bridging yell and ECHO Bridge echoes as is crazy, like thing so we'd get drunk and going to their in Saint bill. Squire songs like family is nigh when you find yourself, that was my ear. Dean, eighty style high school experience, but going back there as a grown man. You know and and and. In a grown man whose ITALY's gained some grasp of perspective, you know, as in my forties,
and wandering around this town, it was very getting too too does the car Cept of memory was first stunning to me. The concept of accessing all these different moments where thinking about different times in my life. I was in these different areas and different. Things happen and interacted with people, and I can kind of all those up and so we memory such a strange thing. Man, it's so strange, because we all know. It's flaw We all know it's filled with holes. It's it's a terrible representation of reality like if you bought memory. Like. If you said in our hey, I'm gonna get a memory. This guy was a fuckin one, the Heisman in in college and I'm gonna download is memories. It should be awesome
if that guy's memories like this is nothing new. Barely remember anything. You have a slide show in a narrative. You were a weird blurry slide, show the kind of play in the back your head, and then you have a narrative of how it all went down, but then narrative, I mean it's terrible hunters of accuracy, but in terms of its power and for once in your life now is how undeniable undeniable, but in a pro Khan right fist, called secular is about, is rewriting narratives, that there are the cons, yow, exactly sure and perspectives about that too That's where psychedelic drugs coming pointless, egalitarian- and yeah unless those like a loser. When I go back to my path, I become a thirteen, and I Finally, I find myself like defending like
basically saying you, know mom and dad now loser like him. I am trying to justify or how about this for people who have to move back you with their parents because they lose their house, because it's fuckin crisis and maybe lost that an illusion. A dream of the small business, the honey restaurants goin on the right now and it's in my be it it might be more than fifty percent of small businesses down and that an anti we. Felt the pick this people suffering they now quietly and we have scene. It's so weird, it's such a crazy son because I could feel the opportunities for people to get outraged at us even talking about it, here in this sort of speculative way that we're doing like how many people, it's almost like people could think that its not doesn't give enough respect to the The enormity of the moment, because it so so scary for all of us
but we're all in the middle. The shit right now, man going crazy. This is the key: It is time I've ever experienced being alive. Dr downs, rates and Alain there's no one on the road in a dry. To the grocery store. This fucking know one out there. These people get headed a hardware store grocery stores or gone stores with its history is one of the important things is a physical. We don't know what's happening out there new, but but here's the good thing this is. This is one thing I want to crack. Armed people, it is good, that always people out of work, but look at how much compliance we have when we know we have to work together, save lives they about him people are amazing. Yes, it's not like These bars like fuck, you were open. You know it's not like just flood industries mean you had a bunch young people that are doing their having spring break that gun bubble in people maritime, but you gotta
as these are eighteen year old people? They don't really have their fuckin brains, ornament formed their brains are mush. You know that this is the eager can't fly them. You would be doing the exact same thing. We are we doing Accepting the children, but further adults like a man, it's kind of incredible, they shut everything down. They really did its shut down, have shut down. You do a few things you go home and every settled does not this mass travelling and constant interacts with people, this swarm of interactions that could lead to the spread of hours instead, there's pretty fun incredible levels of compliance. If you look at the I'd states. Overall, you look at this. Human race is stuck on this continent together overall There is a stunning level of compliance that I think is beautiful thing. It's beautiful That means we will realizing ok, it's time to realize that some shit has actually happened and we gotta bandages and we got to figure this out and you
the usual suspects, conspiracy theories and five g in fuckin. They just pull the David. I interview with David Eichten Interview with London, real. I don't know what it said. I didn't watch it. I watch a small clip of it. Somebody put I want to see what kind of whacking ass he was, and you know he's a guy. Set out all the elites or lesser people now I'd I'd, never, we are fully investigated that he's a conspiracy guy heavy duty gets buddy. He's too, I don't know if it goes into lizard people showed anymore, but I used to think there like literally like transformers. There are transforming the lizard people hanging George well Youtube took his video down which are found very interesting, apparently lunnon real conversation. Yes, they deleted it due to pulled it so The question is like when when it comes to these kind of, like theirs,
many wacky theories that are online right about everything, craziness right about about virtually everything at what point in time? do these media companies have a responsibility to pull that stuff down, and How do they decide who do How do they know? whose right and whose wrong I'm not saying and he's right, nobody said, but how do they make the distinction That's what I'm saying is incorrect and in this how much incorrect shit that's online. They gonna pull all that to look, or is it just because its covert nineteenth coz its global pandemic Can we need to make sure that the right information gets alpha suits Doktor Youtube engineers and execs They cannot have this policy's theses. Cornucopias is crazy. You will remain science based fact base. You want to avoid conspiracy theories and
on which to me always feels the pulse and locate allowed people agree with our paths. Even conspiracy theories agree with agree with it in the sense that lets remove, lies and keep only the truth and our platform yeah, but the boy is how do you? How open minded are you to what the truth is bright and bicycles, get to something like a universally accepted story will not Firstly, we have to be universally recognised or the Kennedy assassination the universally understood at university, and I mean what I mean is that its historic everybody knows, and its The story is questioned. Almost universe of here's, a better one, Epstein have since killer. That's one. Nobody thinks that dog. I hung himself, no one. How about that guy so with you various theories are various stories that people come out talk about with that one.
Yeah. I just actually yesterday listen to acquire stones, solar, Pakistan, The absence you listen to caught it here. Talks about his kind of conspiracy view of it. I was. I was there when you, madam. And fastened sake is Eric is too smart. He's almost like, too, Mark is one of the guys you talk to me poor bastard, you burdened, you have your bird trying to make sense of the world around apes. It Alex, and The trauma of in the yet like we're talking about Also the thirteen the twenty year old kid see, seeing he had a few runnin with authority which makes it which makes him suspicious of authority, and I think that our life experience defeat as you can see, Epstein in a loud voice and how you ve experienced yet for sure like a mean, but if you were there
I could entail you baroness accuracy B D, kill cliff on you. I get up like I know, actually quite a lot of people. There met abstain dearer you, because your scientific didn't realize, and especially my tv, big donor, you Eve tainted alot of people's reputations, knowing him where were basically, if you took a picture with em, your reputation is tainted. Yeah. Well, you knew him or not, but I think I do think that outside of conspiracy theories, that he was an exceptionally charming person so. He was good me not that charming people I'm showing people and an army to make it sound yeah. I know it's positive or negative. It is what it is is the devil's could be charming. So right, right and the other thing. Is he
genuinely showed curiosity of four towards scientific ideas. Even out there big Scientific Gettysburg. What do you think that was, though, have you ever thought about that? Do you think that it's possible that but maybe just look at it from the perspective of is the big theory. The big theory, is that he some sort of way intelligence operative right so these intelligence operative tee. Using, is part of his job to try to infiltrate these scientific interpret, communities mean there must have been a directive. She really is an intelligence operative. It's not like that. I go proceed interest. Haiti. I hear you really big love of science just feel free to do that in the side. Now what what? What the fuck was, he doing he's an intelligence operative? What is it is the intelligence having sex with under age girls. It can't be
What the idea of Eric that Eric pushes forward by the way, I'm talking domain the pact- as I do demolishes what s going on him. A lot so been preparing for like a three our conversation likewise thy, which would kill heavy metal before yeah, I dare you to pass on cans and I've. Madame LA hung out with him a new and at the other, guys right. That's what it's always on over womanly, intense experience, intellectually so and in pockets form you have to call people on their bullshit, which is very hard to do their lifetime. Yeah that that theory, poor checked out term answers that theory of energy much and I try to go back to it and listen to it again, unlike while Bali was Talkin like ok, I'm so, our behind here of what is a modest gonna like try to keep up recognize and I'm not going to and then go back and then into the gallery. He hates pudding stuff into words, simply his allergic to saying, simple stuff, because it's not beautiful woody, so
He always like drenches, everything in humor and wit, and this I beautiful language law. He talks to the initiated. He when, when he's described, in complex things he describes and to people that understand complex things. Not. But suddenly. This is the criticism I read at this moment nail tomorrow and always tell him. Is he almost he hates explaining the basics of something he just skipper head right even for the initiated, it's nice to go to the basic stood explained like what are the ground were standing on, run, skips right into the depth of things which is beautiful, but tat sometimes required, He listened again he's too smart saying and I will apelike May, but he had absolutely I've seen he thinks that it's possible that Epstein is silos attorneys.
Of the entire intelligence community, is an operative operator or the energy community, but the pedophile thing is a mess up on the part the intelligent, so they didn't know that Imelda. So while it could be It could also be that he fell to get mean Member, when this is all started out when he started out doing that, it was all before or social media, so he probably thought that he had this incredible amount of power, because the fact that he was connected but Tolerance community, if he was a problem, you could get away with. It makes you wonder of all the horrible things that happen this world before social me before the spread of information was bow craziness, Craig just to shear craziness. You know, but I know it's like a couple of catholic Church in they just dumb still, Have you gone on right hundred percent going on it's not there. He goes to the fucking hates to our stop. Fucking. Kids know that they're still getting it that somehow or another in other verdict
still its own country. You know that right, so it's sort of recognised as a country have their own laws and extradite people. So there's a bunch of sex criminals that live in that again, and there is a recent thing with Australia, where they they acquitted. Some of us believe it was a cardinal that was accused of sex crimes with children, often that the idea that Dat, one church is so connected to that church, you go I'll, kill, Fuckers catholic Church kid Fuckers D. That they go hand in hand. You dont there's nothing like that with like Mormons there's, nothin like that was Presbyterians, but the catholic Church is like inexorably, connected to charm molesters. That is fuckin, crazy, and that we all know that they have shielded these people and move these people around there's been harassed. This documentary? So if you watch him, your jaw drops
can't believe. Did you ever hear? No evil dearer was watched. A documentary that's not the one where the Boston Globe, I don't know I want to ask her. I don't know that was the documentary say is a document knows it was all about this, but discipline From now on, I might get into depth about because I get disgusted with quite a few documentaries about sex crimes and the catholic Church and one of them one of the more horrendous crimes involved that Guy Ratzinger, but they had a kick out as a pope. You know that guy was repeatedly responsible for moving a priest who, as molesting kids, moved him to a new. Place where unmolested a hundred deaf kids. Just imagine just imagine they you, you could be that person can exist and saw the structure of the Catholic really and are the catholic church, and that doesn't mean they're all like that
me, I'm sure, there's a large amount of beautiful people that are valid the catholic church in others. Probably a large amount of people that really only want to do the work of God and come better person and that's why they're in it, but you just can't deny that this is the thing that exists in even in twenty twenty. This is still an issue its crazy man and one of those issues just like influenza that we Qaeda we ve books, acted as a thing that, yes, because it's not new? Yes, yes, what is it that's so weird, that's so true what you just said you just nailed. It has just then there's all kinds of other types of suffering. There was this: isn't the background malaria yeah they up all the problems that only bill gates, worries well, everybody apparently p that were at his waiting for you at two thousand fifteen speech news talking about.
I view, listen to that speech no haven't. Ah, he sent his like spot on, predicting everything really mean, and he still right, forget corona wires and basically the thing that the thing in this century as likely to kill five hundred million people is natural pandemics, this is what we're gonna do now is nothing stuff like were to, for example, like the stories. Thinking like learning more about my grandfather was through Russia and Europe, which I agree now those and go to the grocery store? We serve food with were kind of talking about it imagine, there's no food that careful that that's it that year starving needs. Some millions of people gonna die from start. Imagine what you're gonna do for your family. If there's no food, especially
we war too, had a nice, the horrible but the nice property that there was an enemy, but one with the krona virus, the enemies, other people and one things get really bad, not grown of isolation, said echoes, that's not going to get bad, but a natural pandemic. It's taken. Do it? Can wreck I mean he can destroy. Societies in ways we can imagine bill gates was basically in his very polite, nerd way. Saying that we should really be worried about which should really be investing in a huge infrastructure for vat, in development for testing all those kind of things gay. I think, because his charities, you know he's sort of looked into it, deeper than a lot of other folks have, and because he has an infinite amount of time and money is frozen nothing like law is how people do. Things are done. Second out. Find a yes, I mean
so. Many people of his era did Also, a big part of Steve jobs and his his revelations. Although I'd think approach at the moment, she gap- and maximum knows all about nicer here that intensity, their passions were fuels Grange near so he does that's the problem. Again something that great you always have to have that knock or vision behind it. We want sky or an Iphone I think, you're a great meme, That's a great meme, Steve jobs like looking looking angry, says What do you want? A nice guy or an Iphone bill gates once coyly defended, LSD used by saying I never miss today of work. Diego course did, of course he did it. They they all try to back then my wooden day, you know
I think you're gonna be for the EU on about about- I think he said- that the transfer says something bad about us. Are now not oh. No. He was Actually defending. It was talking good about type hands, about Porsche, tie cans and once it is very impressive, as you reminded me, would mean somebody replied with a meme, is not a meme, a real video bill, Gates jumpy for a chair said they said, I don't know, I find him impressive. You answered yeah, that's pretty impressive. I love were taxi. Echoes of major companies. Have the eye can be silly like that
you are very silly. He responds to people on Twitter. He gets silly he's having fun seven a good time. This is bill gates, jumping over a chair. That's pretty good jump for a nerd, not bad. What do you mean for nerd? I hate that word by the way Did word number young use it you don't mean I don't in a positive way? Yeah he's a ok element. I do often either yeah yeah I mean a guy who, like is wearing glasses with a fuckin sweater with a coward shorter. Neither elicit looks going sees positively in that. Let me silly kind away, but you don't think of another third, as somebody as an ideal, he'll of a man or they d like I was often raw with an earth. Now, does why my my perspective has never like that. You look I'm a nerd about a lot of things.
You did. It was really not. Yours rings around a nerd about a shore. No, I I told you, I guess, I'm speaking to us relevant for our time, is that site and is not admired in ways of seeing the alternative and Soviet Union the way people my side this is the way there. Admire great athletes, great great creators of all kinds and nerd, sometimes diminished. Is that in in ways that it seems like a pig, peculiar quirk of a human being is just like it's connected to like You know going to COMECON conventions kind of nerd verses, indifferent, different, that's a dork. The dark so we're in COMECON Dork Duval You have gone over this recently d, work, is rarely positive. Dwarf is good if its debts,
deprecating costs of a dark ass at fucking dork, it's very rare that Dorcas posit, whereas nerd is often positive net, It is. I guys science nerd heavy heavy science nerd like debts, it's just a fun way of saying someone's, really smart about a certain thing, but, I you're saying there, but I don't think the way around that is to eliminate words Or even stop using certain words the way around that has just appreciate people that are really great at science. It's the way around that it's the words are really matter its perceptions. That matter now. I dont think necessarily that science has a bad perception, it just doesn't have a glamorous of perception coming, people can name Oscar winners that are just really good lying there, it's really good pretenders and we can now but how many people can name Nobel Prize winners and science is very few right exactly and against the thing as us
seeking to indefinite keep using the word, doesn't know. I'm gonna preventing words, I don't know it's Tom would do and say that, thing. So that's actually the point us trying to make it wasn't. The is nerd is synonymous with weak, that I was hated as a person who loves fighting a guy. Like the appreciate Leggum, I like the fact that people complementing sort of arm into the pursuit of your scientific reality. That is great, but I just never liked is it's just the thing of experience in this country is nerd. As an image is seen as weakness, kid gets picked on And I was was annoyed me because to me intelligence and it nerds annoyed me nerves, annoy me because they, like lean into it, like me, the people. I know I kind of like don't work out much or nerves, and
and they can alene into that idea. Do you think you're leading into that, because they were bullied by people who work out a lot, so they think of those people. Workout is like. I don't want to get a There are things we will sock. There always mean me. Yes, something like that. Create a narrative where, like jitsu are fighting is like a brute thing. Just like you talked about the greek statues having small penises you say, I us barbarians with their big penises. This means. Tell me the professor was given us a tourist tell me, but I think you can be a normal person and have a big penis wow each zone, a homo brag, about an analogy to let people know, sir I agree with a very many, but that I will listen to this. That's a people dont want right. We do you don't want to go with a beggar dick than you that smart decide. Same thing: you don't wanna guys or a woman or a guy. You don't want to one,
It was hot and smart. You knowing thousands like when people think really beautiful women. They automatically assume that woman's dumb enough times. That is not the case. Some. Speeches, have awesome bone structure and if they, you know the stimulated themselves in mentally if they pursued things, if they had an interest in certain scientific or you know s hotel ideas in you underestimated them. You would be feel really humiliated a super smart, but soon perhaps girl put you. You place. Let you know not only am I hot but fuckin smart. You stupid, I dare to mend on everyone to think that they almost always love to assume that some on who is pretty is dumb. I love seeing like I love seeing women who dress up like like pretty like sexually I tried to and are also brilliant yeah. I know it's a
that can a to society. There can be both things a man. Women like dress like that we're different. You know four, ass to try to imagine why they like doing it while the tunnel of socially attractive. Yes for sure, why they try to do that they actually like it till they like dressing like that, and if we, if for a wife, wonder why give if women were into us dressing like women like how many becoming It would do it if thou became a new thing like girls, we want to fuck guys. We're skirts. Isn't that a big deal in Scotland does a killer. So different thing different, like a miniskirt, unlike like fucking hot little, text. Jamming picked hugs your curves. I think you do the nigger legs to do that. That would be like maybe not lobby Odin, marijuana civilized not yet to live like any other. Sherry legs, maybe that'll, be the end, but it depends on what
a girl do it at all by the How many people find out what their women really looks like now? They can't do their eyelashes that Canada eyebrows, I cant, do their hair. They can't do their nails who, while you're you're here that is the right haircut now does whereby should get there. We should anyone younger ad, Lib, waiting ass often the moment. I didn't like, of course, goddammit special someone is losing their hair. Please shave your fuckin head, just accept it. If you can weird shape tat, that's you accept it. We better it's weird hair hanging off the back of it on growing it out. You should Your beautiful had a hare. Look at it. So thick saga, brush your hair brush other people's her thanks to their dear that's, it's the add the fact that a barber barbershop closed them in all of these little despot societies can yeah it's kicking in sight,
I'm hoping things restart and normal laws you I'm, I'm hoping the economist can figure out some sort of a stimulus package to get things wrong again. I hope we have the resources its. So I'm hopeful I am also hopeful that the positive aspects of elastic there's does my perspective. The kid that's pretty good for this Is it it? I wasn't. While I feel like I can not eat for long periods at all like fasting, as I guess yeah, and what it does make it you're you're. Not so you lack the discipline to arm Thank you to the grand person today, while those very rarely Kido did Carnivore, though that was my favorite diet, as I'm still doing carnival Seeing right is decided while the slogan on. If there we might have an issue with food, a mockery, picking I'm skinny Fisher. That's just my perspective.
Mustang once everything normalizes. If if and when that happens, I'm going to go back to carnivore. I think like right now, I'm just going to eat not going to worry about that. Just to be thankful that I have food yeah, carnivores, amazing, it's great for then been running longer long distances addendum endeavouring gave goggins I dare you to use. I wanted to talk to you about that. Tolerable deck is crazy. You ran for miles every day or every hour for our every four hours that that that crazy. Crazy. For me, a runner says for miles over a period of forty eight hours two days the mileage is not that creates cuz. Could I was doing a nine or ten mile says not you know, I'm just running lady pay a lot of time it that's that time is in the mind the the thing that really push me too, and I decided to do
after each time to record myself saying something that I am grateful for which the stupid fucking idea? Why we know it's a beautiful idea, but the recording part because I hated life and I hated everything like half way through like, so I had to be positive when I'm according myself, so you could only sleep for a couple hours at a time couple hours at a time when you're tired all the time. I heard that where I was entitled like high, I was unsure what's happening. I because your body is exhausted in a way that psych like after a good workout, but it contains he's going farther and farther into their direction runners high right it will yet its high. But there's exertion to and it was as a kind of war. I was hungry, but also over eating. I got for some reason, really wanted a full of unroasted chicken.
One one of the runs around by the grocery store picked up the chicken and just ate the whole thing and then just the whole. Just the whole, periods is a mind telling you running off an insane amount of power is worrying for miles. Every four of four miles or for hours at that and say no, it says Bobby the whole thing's programme, ten thousand calories, so over today's isnt too crazy giving you basically rang a marathon day, that's craze for two days, yet that's crazy deals. Why you trying to downplay Noise is great and the whole thing was crazy, but I think Jerry among wrong you're right it's in the better, but I understand what you say: and also could you little break for four for miles? Isn't the longest run a five k you can get it done in less than an hour at forty five minutes? If it's even long, if you're going to his pace, is
you dont about forty five minutes forty five year since, as out stop like it, it's called eg you get pretty far through naughty a book but the sleep thing was. I was crazy. I think the only reason I did it, which is a good lesson, is I saw Goggins posters and Instagram, and I announced on social media that I'm going to do. It is the only reason I did it. I mean thing to it's. Nice is nice. They just announcing it Amazon, you feel like second, Accountable yeah, so I thought. Maybe I can just delete the twin objectives just want, but I was great about our sober October challenges you. How do you know? person was so easy. The yoga one we just fifth. Jeanne, hot yogi in is a yoga every other day, not the big deal but seem like it. Hanging over your head, but there's nothing compared to what you did was
the nice thing. Also David Goggins on his instagram went, live every four hours so every four hours beforehand, I'm just like sitting here watching this crazy shortly. Man like screaming day art. Yes, Of course he was making it seem like can be easy, and let me walk I think the gratitude thing was the filming was hard and but is actually really cool experience so before them An arrow down twelve things, I'm really grateful for family like family. Friends, my childhood like in it and, as I ran, I thought about it like what I'm going to say and that thinking it's weird. It was all for doing like recording myself right, but the result was like pretty profound for myself as an expiry. Its causes, smooth podcast, a human. I wouldn't have this conversation without microphone. Right, especially, would wouldn't have it
this law is laws across from each other, but courting yourself was like. I really have to now think that I am thankful for my family and think about really put that to my now. Yeah does bay and analysed just by the way people are thinking about that. For some people message me about the challenge you think you're doing a please don't do that. Bitch, am, I think, think just running forty miles is a better challenge, because this was torture. So few, ok, just ok, people are thinking of doing it, realize that you not doing a test of run its I arrived, tat is not a marathon. Us is the test of its it's a mental test of how much You want to do something really stupid. I guess it's math others, but, like the you have said,
much more time to think about how stupid the thing you're doing is. That makes it a really big mental challenge, would you if you have the option halfway into it, just finish the wrong just keep going until it's over ninety percent real outrageously saving them might have been more torture to do it with those breaks and arrests and the food and relaxing fellow but death that hangs over your head hangs over. Yet the fact we have to wait up in three hours like aside, never slept in my bed. I just laid face down on carpeted, for did you substitute angels runs for Jujitsu. I was society, one of them for Digital, but At the end I ran eight miles. They thought it was cop out it sounds like a digital I felt so Jujitsu. I did shut out too broad wedged, yet there are close now
Jesse James, going awhile for they open up again, rent and- and I hope it does, and they don't clothes. I know man, so many people gonna be freaked out by germs, yellow I am fulfils, feels to talk about, but yeah. I felt really really good. When did you do this? pretty close to this whole outbreak. Maybe a month ago, to a month and a half ago, yeah beside February than AIR fare and February fish, and I should give a big talk to a large audience in Philadelphia like a March eighth or something like I was in Vegas for the you say that we can Those are the last weekend I traveled. So I guess was. March. Seventh, maybe last time is that weird, like most unless I last did stand up. The week I did I did some shows the improv,
and and then I was supposed to do. Some shows the comedy store and we were talking about it- and they said it's too- the rooms too big because there are limiting the crowds down the two hundred people. That was the first thing. They did so there are going to move the crowd they're, going to move my to another date and then open up the original Rome which a small room of a hundred fifty be able and they were asked me if I wanted to go in there or five wanted just cancel and reschedule we're work and all that out and there are they contacted us. They were asking me in a bunch or the comics like what what do you think we should do here? in our case, there's part of us thinks we should just shut down, and they shut down before the order was given to shut down. They decided. This is the common start as why anybody get. Second, they were worried.
Our people losing income, but there are also saying like this: probably the right idea just shut down and then the improved shut down shortly after they all shut down before there were required to they just shut down because it seemed like the walls are closing them, but the jury eyes at that time. This may be the last time way. Man because it may be. I am I want to say anything. But it may be a long time before you do stand him calmly, witnessing another six months. I think it's ok, I think now. Things belong in the six months for real body. Think that because gatherings a large I'm hoping I'd, they'll be a lot of interesting innovations of what gatherings of large groups will look like I can see you do instead of the small audience this tuned in thy people remotely turn in a larger scale, something on line began it
no, not online. Only because you haven't you have you online period, because people recorded according to their word, I'm not on your new stuff. Do always Sandro comedies you Assholes and hold, and that there are very good witch one reason why most sets don't get leaked you know when they leave the Louis E K set aside. Almost understandable. That much is alive. Yeah yeah here I've watched all the half of it. We are two sides to enter. Nonsense is weird to watch. Guess is good. Its intense sake has special right need to talk to our petty field, but it feels weird: does your crowd to listen to add to see a crowd until isn't a comedian. This time, not mention coronavirus virus. So I and it made me realize it. I have a hunger as probably a lot of people, you're like a comedian, talk about
we want to see stand him comedy about the virus. I guess I guess it's a kind of replacement, but I could work. We want some normalcy right, we're all along with our thoughts and our paranoia, and then news media which in many cases is accelerating our anxiety, because there's value in hoping stories in writing stories. They get people outraged or click bait. Now, Sir there's that and we need people just talking just talking to just people that are just like you talking about stuff, Ferris walks of life. That's that helps us this is certain ii community that we're all part of you know- and I feel very connected to that now. You know because this part- gases, it's kind of taken on a different form over them ass few years, which has won the reasons why I actually have to address people, talk him up,
politics and may make you guys are out of your fucking mind. If you listen to me, but I have to accept that that this is part of the new form is things take it in another form, has taken this. This thing is taken. Is that sort of like an electronic camp fire in a lot of ways, There is a great value. People just sitting around shooting a shit, and I noticed a lot of people at home that can't you time and again you wish you would you what you probably have some things to say so eyes wandered My comments get so aggressive sometimes has or listening. They have something to say and they can use keep talkin unlike fuck but maybe she thought most, your cursed or maybe Where is really they? They have a thing in them that they want to express two like you're talkin they have interesting shit to say too in a lot of them do by land. That point. I know you don't cha common
but I'm actually economic your checking specially yours. I come a fan. The one want em affair, yours like being a fanatical people and I just can't you Instagram just comment and they'll, be some There is always some percentage of people who are who were so shitty, but most of them this. Where I disagree with you, I think most of them are the core. Yes, I think so to night, I think so too, but also there's this job. I think most people now most but there's a big percentage of the population who just enjoy B in shitty, but they are enjoy being nice. Sometimes Could you not being shitty for real? They just shit posting Yes, as long as you're able to inspire to be nice, or at least more his cause shit hosting done. Well, has a huge were behind it. I love and respect behind it. That's kind of obvious, yes, one person has to take the head
you or me, whoever it is other sharing out there saying something funny and one per and takes the head, but a thousand b read those collars go by also true I get it, I'm not trying to stop anybody from commenting either, The time where the comments were blocked off, because Streaming didn't allow comments, because we never chat and streaming videos. Streaming devolves, interracial, slurs and, and Nick slurs and anti semitic slope. It's fucking chaos and tasks, I just want to see if your reading that, while you're talking they want you to react to the right, some horrible shit just so they react sometimes so we can of mercury. That so am I just out of the chat just Wall Street Michel lie, but then we were uploading. It comments were shut off. Because of some sort of a flaw in the way it was processed. So you had to have it chat on four comments, to be honest, a complaint that, but they fix that. But I was a really wanted people to know it. If you want us talk about what we
talking about. I want you to be able to I can't read, exert I'll have the time and its only its healthy, like in it's a guy, does something bad your mind, but I think that this technology from his dream would be for somebody like you to be able to read comments every once in a while in a way that is healthy. No, I could. I could The problem. The problem is for me personally there is so little time to his process life at any time that I spend try. To rationalize or trying to accept or trying to process someone's comments like there's none of time. For that I want to, I would love to do. I try very hard do my best to so I tried to do with it. We think and with this part, cast a try and do my best- and I know sometimes talk to sure I talk to monitor both through my words or I'm overbearing or this or that this is a balancing act or sometimes stumble weird. We all live
everything I'm doing is live with no script, that milk some people get to see and listen to. How do you get that signal, though so one of things enjoy before I blocked them. Is people who criticise like her truly rude, but would enjoy the night night. I don't enjoy, but I think its constructive incense that it would The rudeness there's often make up opportunities to improve and often not often their lungs, I their rude, but they have their valuing cup valid point. As I find there, rude, people are more likely. I am so fortunate to be part of. Me for a really nice to me in general, nice. I find it are unable to tell me sort of constructive criticisms in followed, like and like if I'm mumble or from that particular my ideas or, if I am afraid certain ward too much or fun to stuck in a certain kind of perspective. You need that
I want to come along to call you like a liberal douche bag. Yes, well, that's what friends or for friends for of robust and balls meanness, one of things about comedians that a lot of people had a hard time when we start doing part gas wanna things it, What have you our time with was how mean we are to each other? Like me, I'm cow in and any Bravo and branch harbour we'll start Guph and on each other or other comics accompanying guph on each other. We give. I shall we go for other hard. You know, but but there's finding that, like we all enjoy it come comedians to each other. Some of the Fuckin meanest people ever, I wouldn't know ones around. We see some of the fucking group. Chats men were people shitting on each other. It is less serious, it's so mean, but really fucking funny, and we also need as an exercise, because it causes you to other people's insults, and to that like this, it's
sing that men do to each other that shit on each other. First of all keep each other in check, and they expect you do that them, but also to kind of tough in you did to people that don't love you shit. You used to it. You know, look you grow up in a place like you know that is there were people that are always drunk and it's cold out like Boston, peoples are a lot of shit a lot of shit to each other. That's why the reasons why so many great comics came out of Boston, its causes, fucking, cold and people I didn't have to, your bullshit and because that because of that lack of attack its ban on shore attention span you. You learn how to come out of the gate fast and he learned had appreciate people's time ass way to show is not weird for, but as it is finding his people like. I love most some clauses with it all talk, a lot of shit but like give to earn that right. Yes, it's as finding they pay
for some people walk into my life talking like that, I bought it is like well we're not there. Yet, when I write his interesting kind of all, you have to know they love you you know that too has the underlying it all. By the way, I do think you guys are too often Cowan just the imo. Just a fan who showed up the clause in the earth loves kick out of it. He who he brings it on himself, but by the way he has the thicket skin of any fuckin. I've ever met in my life, never In all my years of knowing that guy I've known town for twenty five, five years, twenty five buccaneers never have, I seen him get upset at someone mocking him or insulting I'm getting legitimately in its insulted by I've, never seen it now It just goes like this going bounces off like rhino scare, you like literally, loses zero enthusiasm. I mean
not that is only introspective guy isn't is not an objective, got here's a unique ability to hand, insults, and he'll even re broadcasters His friends are sitting on him. Kabila. Can you believe, these guys openly dish directing my age. Where is he it doesn't bother. Him he's got a great perspective. He's a very unique guy Brian Cowen very, Very unique, I don't know anyone like him, so the the sillies I have is lit by him. Actually it is that kind of I talk to my text. Back and forth, but uses words. Whatever you want to do is noise on first. Maybe this is our shoot. Commerce. Also the lights age. And I have a question for you a big one year ago. I should first be removed. His patient now, get it ass. His own Bertram, really demons began
see Duncan Trust was spaghetti has begun with the mask thing he women Oh yeah was early on well, we also work gaily suits, let's not get carried away. My voices. Terrorists is more like a poem. Don't get me had better go My grandfather was a soldier, Forty one bullet took his burns stubborn love down the sky was filled with fire millions lost flame.
A love for all their work. Saying some days sinking sadness in the way them too don't lose to madness. The way the new wars. Crumble were all your two moment: colleges, human! Now the same, oh, no again go on skinny for the power, the pain. The long freedom to fire, never obtain. Some days were saying concerning the way there
two lose yourself to the way is the vote. To comfort. There was never when the enemy inside together but alone, this life, so fragile, leave by the wind three Strategy ignites within days will sink and said. We I love them too. Tough, don't lose yourself to madness. The way out is love.
Lex Friedman, ladies and gentlemen, Wednesday, I'm coming out, album ever what made you decide to want to come in front of millions of people and sing song, thought you had I'm thinking about it up. Set up a challenge like that for hours, every. What's, ok I'll tell you are ours, it's kind of challenge skittish enemies. The scariest thing ever buy I also wanted to be a because I kept thinking about four Last time I came on, I really want to play Hendrix and I had my guitar and I chickened out. So I thought, okay, because it's actually technically really difficult to play in front of a lot of you know cuz you're not going to. Let me like try few times right. I have to do it like without any mistakes and what would happens if you try to play Hendrix Hendrix on acoustic guitars, really talk to play. Cuz. It's
It doesn't have like it's easier to play voodoo child with distortion cuz. You can mess up and you can sell some nice blues scales. You can let it ring you can just jam out. You can go Gary Clark, Jr Mode, but with acoustic every mess up has a like has like its silence. After so acoustic doesn't ring for a long time. Will you play individual notes? It dies quickly, so you can hear mess ups really easily. So I didn't so. I knew if I mess up it's going to just sound that a nine year old would freak out so on. So I just want to. I just got to do to do something we can't where I just strong courts where it can't screwed up at all. And then the virus thing just made me think. They got something to my dad alot about about my grandfather and just brought it emitted. So real to me. I studied the war were to a lot as especially the Holocaust in all that, but like the fact that
just learning. While my grandfather's made us all real to me, it kind of connected everything together posters, a book I recommend people read his arm by Albert Camus, called the plague, That he wrote right after we were too. Is I don't know if you know if he is he's like an existentialist philosopher, existentialists, believe that you know you have to live like life is absurd. Life is life is suffering
and there's no meaning to it? All you just have to live the moment and take take each moment as a compass and live it to the fullest kind of kind of idea. So he described this town that got overtaken by the plague in the book. The bike and that kind of similar to bubonic plague, basically similar characteristics and writes about how everybody's reacts in different ways. The main character is a doctor who basically sees the the absurdity of the suffering around him that there's no meaning to it all the sad thing about the virus like with the Nazis and with wars. There's an enemy you can kind of trace back and understand, happening the virus. It just seems like you can't comes out of nowhere and it breaks the spine of the way we think of regular life, like some people try to cling on to regular life, as if nothing is happening which, by the way
it's kind of like what a lot of our societies do right now we're not yet we haven't really felt the pain yet and hopefully one but there's this kind of dawn, the calm before the storm kind of period. And then some people become more religious. They start to search for the big meaning of life outside the material possessions, and then the doktor represents the idea that no matter what. Here. He gives themselves fully to his to his craft of helping other human beings and overall, there's a story that this idea. That suffering is just part. Life and the only way there's. A actual temptation when this cruelty,
And suffering all around you to isolate yourself at two to withdraw from life, because anything you do in life is going to lead to suffering. You know dating like if you get married is going to lead to suffering because of venture you going to lose the people. You love so there's a natural desire to withdraw. But in fact, was he following the doctrine? Would he
around him. Is that love and compassion like giving you so fully to the love of other human beings into a community is the only way to deal with that kind of suffering. To me, it's a really profound story about like about love being the right response. In a time of crisis, a crisis and the crisis that has everybody they you wanna come to hide from it, but actually were more suffering happens. So it's a kind of profound book that recommended the other directly people read. Most people have read like
in him in high school, for this book called the stranger, but that one in particular seems so connected to outside he rodents and allegory, for what were too so. The plague in that case is the Nazis that edges hits out of nowhere, and his book is really popular. Eighteen, nineteen, forty seven, he wrote it because, as a kind of allegory of world war, two away to talk about these at the virus that first infects the rats than that affects the weaker humans in affects everybody is and connect, and now going analogy to the Nazis, and so I saw the connectivity now and in the Nazis. Of course, the scale there was the lower too, was much more intense and and and finally just how like fragile this whole. Damn thing is like them.
My grandfather had probably single digit percentage chances living. You know, like most people died, more soldiers died in the especially those early years of night, like forty one one Nazis, basically stolen was using russian soldiers and just human beings as human shields. Let the ashes through bodies it at the problem. So the fact that my dad, my grandfather survived, seems crazy, like- and I do all these things I'm here talking to you where you stupid, die, like all that is connected to like he somehow survived. Among all those look ruler ripple affects me. Do research in all? I hoped impact
means people one day. You know dick that those like little ripple effects on how fortune I am to be part of that is just all seem to be connected to me. So Roma. You got to go back before him, I mean he is here, because someone want to fight with a rock. You know some time in history. There is probably one of his ancestors that club someone to death of the rock was breaking into his house and not them any humans and go you put it another many humans humans are not many. Do you know if you go like what's think mean there their cost? We pushed back the age of the old, assuming the reason. He pushed back even further civil it with that. Daddy, said the age of the oldest human, they they bumped back. Another half million years, or so I think it was
I think they're talking about Australopithecus and another ancient human all live together. At the same time, there is quite a few quite a few different styles of human that that lived together at the same time at that time say to interrupt at that time, along with humans, lived millions of viruses, oh yeah, of course, so they they too that not to give in shut out the viruses, but to survive because their grandparents clubbed somebody over the head well bill here. It's called people virus with shoes used joking around, obviously, truth there's something to that in that. What is what is few stopped? Thank you. If you are a cow or a carrot or to me no plan or of a car sales or chickens or think of that things we fucking consume
of the living things that we pull out of the ground and shove into our bodies and consume. Think of. That was something else. Think of that was you know if there was up. Relation of animals like tuna Scott wiped out by something the way we wiped them out. You will go well like all the others, a tuna virus its literally killed. Eighty percent of all the tuna in the ocean, or down to a twenty percent cut back the internet Bach. What happened yet? sushi. It's called people is this this this virus with both literally goes hundreds of miles out into sea. With these giant fuckin fibre net so it's created and it sucks these things into the nets and pulls the bout with giant cranes and dumped him into a refreshing waited Hall and the
brings them back to short, cut up and sold like fuck man, but at the same time it is Delicious one of them, not that, but also see if you zoom out, is kind of beautiful did the the the way that life propagates is just beautiful, I've been reading a lot on viruses and the way work is incredible its. I would see viruses this obviously debate on whether the living or not just definitional but they're, like the simplest example of the beauty and power of the evolutionary process, is because, like we, humans are cut complicated in terms of killing tuna, others is exceptional,
What is going on in their bodies like viruses are the simplest possible. I think they're living the things, the simplest possible life form that just shows that anything is possible like every all the damage that's being causing all of the coronavirus. That was like one there's like one guy that the mutated and jump a certain speed I mean we can trace the evolutionary path back. Those recent CNN article that was wondering how long it's been around their say. Saving violence was covered. Nineteen around in humans longer than is currently believed. They think it might have existed for months if not years before broke loose and became a pandemic. Oh dear, mutate, because it I don't know I didn't read the article one: video Non Oda armies. You say CNN, fake news, a figure.
Where'd. You learn that there's still just library news folks, it's the news leanings, scientists tell CNN that its citizens in and try to do their best, but they they have perception that other people don't agree with. Just like everybody else leading scientists? Tell CNN that's possible virus, didn't just come from bath the past months, but it may have is it in humans, many months even years before grew into a deadly temp pandemic. Cnn Nick Polton Walsh reports. By it was seen knows not do a good job. I decided, I think, that an entire will. They do about the incentive, like they're they're, choking out the investigative, deep investigative journalism which is exactly said that could be
like look at the title. Look at the I think they're trying to stay alive, but yeah, but that's that's a problem. I think it is a problem, but I think in the defense of particulate online journalism I think they're trying to stay alive. I don't think it's good, diver journals, and now what would arrive from what I understand the OECD keeps New York Times. Functional is the podcast puckers progress is huge and that that the public has a lot of money, but that's not. That means they need to innovate. There needs to be they needed, because an outcast does it will we need the fucking. You times, though the problem of they need to figure out a way to make money of it, but we need we need the top of the food chain journalism right in that the times as always represented we need them so when someone is so when's dancer for the times to not so good a flawed, yeah, ok, but still not there there that one person that one article whatever it is: it's not the times the time stands for something right within your time.
Supposed stand forward, but it always did when I was a kid and does now to a lot of people. Still it's the cream of the crop. It's the very best journalism, it's the very best. The ones that have the deepest inside the ones that nail and we'd like it free of bias. But their it's meant is run by humans in this I'm a CNN is the problem with any new source. We still need new sources, but its run by It is indeed high salaries in there. Huge amount of people involved in making that such a system, that is a scene, and so there several mechanism would of innovation requires first like this podcast here podcasting in general require very few people to run now that there's an infrastructure to communicate people and then there's the Wikipedia model yeah so like Wikipedia is thousands of contributors that creates extremely strong, factual information. Yeah that's
not is very little money required to run Wikipedia. Incredibly, so So there are some journalists out there that on line, though that are thriving because of the problems with legacy media. It's an opportunity. It represents forgives, liked him poor my front in poorly too samples of fantastic journalists. He's he's really objective you my dear We wish them or you you might not find his perspective to be in line with yours, but that guy is. He holds those journal mystic ethics at the highest level mean the highest standard with him, it's everything and when you read his taken or see him, they could take on things here giving you the most honest objective, take on a possible and it's really hard to get that from a network. First. Vaults, really hard to get what he does for a network, because you're gonna get these giant chunks where
He'll hear he can talk about something for as long as it takes to describe. But the issue is Where is CNN? Has a segment? Man, that's liking his fucking seven minutes, while you better be done by seven minutes, we're going to commercial and then we're coming back with Don Lemon and he's got a sassy take on things and then Andrew Cooper's got new glasses, look at that handsome bastard, and then they Gonna talk about shit, you listen and its as bad corona virus deadly, holy shit. Chris Cuomo got it, let's go to crises in his basement and they see christening basement with Sanjay Goop turn their hold it up chest x rays. You know they leap, they have their segments, Man segments are bull, shit, it's dumb! You have these these states, there's that you ve created a long fucking time ago, and this is the biggest handicap, that legacy. Media has other than their enemies melody to be free, like a guy like TIM Pool at Sendak, the he's an independent, they can't be free like he is you have too many. Working pieces to me. Producers too many people, the telling
directions. Say these people to bring you the segments you're talking head is a shit go on there, man lost. Going on there was but yet elevate down more actually disagree about temple I mean, I think, is impossible to be perfectly objective. Whatever he just one voice, he tries to be perfect the adjective. If I will try to be as objective as it can be, nigh noted the? U need to aspire to it. Not be polluted by other influences. But I couldn't see people like, I think, I'm objective, but I have very different views than temple on something and not others so islanders, objective objectivity. Isn't there I don't only one of us has just does. Is it possible for people can get things like you have an idea, a subjective idea of what something means when you're looking at it objectively, so you looking at a thing about actually you being honest about what what its, but you also have
preconceived notions of what each individual aspects of, certain thing means, and what's good, what's bad, that's where the subjective aspect of objectivity comes in, When you look at certain things that happen there certain ways you can look at something and not have a bias, but look at something, and you have a preconceived idea of what ASP of it should or should not be tolerated, and maybe sometimes it takes someone else to come along silky will? Why do you hold these beliefs? So yet is you're absolutely right, but the problem is that Based on your skill set and your momentum in history, you may look at a very particular aspect objectively, not see the bigger picture for shorter, like TIM Pause revealed and has focused on certain aspects of problems in the system, and he continues to focus on them. Maybe not seeing the bigger picture, that's impossible for any
person to see the bigger picture I think, like I tend to attend, to see in in a lot of things. The beauty of things and it does focus on the positive you talk about that, even with viruses viruses that you can, but that is that not objective like if I of beauty is not an object, word, but I just mean, while this kind of is what we're just cite saying, there's a subjective aspect to your objective. View of virus right based choosing and which parts I go on and also the other thing is choosing, the ways you talk about. It said the ways you reveal that objectivity Bracken be positive. He could be negative, you can be very cold in fact based. He can be very flamboyant and very color excited did you use a lot of visuals all other kinds of things and all of that changes the way the message is clear. Why should have thousands of temples as boss
I think they're gonna spring up out of the void- that's been created by this distrust and legacy media. Especially now, if I ve been paying attention, but like Youtube is so many people like my brother, has now like put the camera themselves right and say their opinions. Yeah say like it is: like a bunch of reviews of scientific papers like they're they're, all like they started to show their. So me just thousands of shows Bringing up do. There's nine hundred thousand bog casts that's great. It's over a million. I think, it had a million whether her last week, I'm pretty sure people start podcast right now. It's a crazy number, while especially now right, whether on lockdown people doing like lockdown chronicles, I think gum. It's it's a symbol of where we're going right. It's your you're becoming look when I do this thing. I'm doing this thing for five days a week becoming more connected with people in some way.
Heerd way that no one ever thought was ever gonna happen before, where there's people there listen to my voice right now in their ear, while the running a lot, not a small amount. If you could see the actual number of people right now with ear buds in running listening to spot gas, billet, woe, that's kind of crazy, Are you running stay on my locker but run that's right now. This kind of connection is easy. It's a dip into the next dimension. That's what this is and it seemed like it wasn't. It seemed so radio show you, radio, show you're doing the internet then somewhere along the line. Came this weird thing: that's what it is now park, Ezra a weird thing, especially one that reaches than the numbers people that this one reaches and for that to be in my hands, is a weird position and I'm uh. You know, while its happening and work out how fuckin strange this is ha ha and anticipate this. I always anticipated this being some weirdo fringe thing that very few people,
connect with which swine try to censor it at all. I tried to do ass majority of it completely high out of my mind and and hang out with fun fun. People just talk shit and have a good time and now have a different perspective? Some people have a black voice and a private voice. I try to have same voice just be me just just. Do that dares tell people, and that say what what was Joe like behind this is that, because of your totally different but It's always the same same guises. Amr Wanna be a bummer. Some was like a super dick behind the scenes yeah and have their that be a bummer or like it to be. A super dig budgets are totally different person like like put on the neck, you put on them miniskirt if off the tattoo hugged those curves baby. But the point is I when I think this is a step into the way humans are going in this
just one step that we didn't think was a step. It's a podcast. I thought. Oh just like a radio show you do on the internet, but it's not for some reason. It's more involved, more entangled in more intense and then and then also it has an impact right. I can get guys like Austria, home on to talk about stuff. We need understanding of these areas where he was wrong by masks. But he didn't know at that time. Yeah that was not that long ago, is an interesting that they didn't know about masks, and there was never sure he was incorrect about a few things, but doesn't matter I'm not going to point in my dad. Doesn't matter cuz he he he stating the best available knowledge at the time, but he was also incorrect about C w d, with chronic wasting disease not being in Elk and some other undulates he's wrong about that. My friend Doug during corrected that too so a text to me about it that he listened to. A few. The aspects of that podcast news, like he's incorrect about several things, he was correct the dangers of Sea W day, which is chronic wasting disease, which is a disease that their absolute
terrifies gonna make the jump from animals to people. Very similar to like a mad cow disease, but it has its own priorities and that he also sent me a text explain the prisons are not actually alive, They are not a living thing that there is a protein I protest, odors prayers share, whatever the fuck it is, it can't kill it, it's it's almost impasse well to kill. They can sterilize it for three I goals of, like Medical stressed, our stir, sterilization techniques and for three cycles of like it's insane temperatures and the stone trace. Elements of provisions on the medical equipment is a crazy thing that gets the people we have a real huge problem. So this is a real dress, rehearsal, casino, I feel that a recovering from MRS nobody recovery from chronic waste and disease, no one every dear that gets it dies. They all die and they die in a horrible way, their body rots away in their walk. Your election
Gallatin and their vomiting, all this goo and slime that comes out of them. That's infected with! every day and in these animals come along and eat. Those leaves that they were eating and there they threw up and then they get it to its crazy leave. This stuff even can get apparently into the dna of some plants one of the really interesting things. That's amazing on a positive note. That it seems like we when seeing a virus as both or any kind of thing that jumps to humans. That's both deadly and spreads easily. So, like there's viruses that would you Bola, like Ebola like this? That kills? I cried easy, but doesn't spread too easily and there's viruses are spread easily, but don't kill. There's no, of biology in terms of biology. There's, no good reason why that should be the fact, but isn't
That is how the world works in general and systems. Men look at humans. We have a spectacular ability to control our environment. We have the ability to use materials from the outside world and construct them into weapons there with you kill at distance, but were made up. Jelly doughnuts we're like this soft bag, a shit like INA. Hard person. A knife goes right through them, now we're really mushy, whereas a water buffaloes Damas fuck. What god? Damn they tough? You know, there's a balance to this. There is, but that's it and a romantic notion that don't offer applies picked the biology in the physics of it doesn't make sense. It doesn't, but when we Change when will it become something that does Tipp? That scale becomes something more catastrophic. Well, if you are legitimate objectives, outside the system. You would say: well, one one part of the system becomes overbearing, less powerful debts us
the documents and elzevir worth where that virus, where we are on everything we are rats and us kinship weren't every little patch land. He funds. Watson, an article you find people taken shit, dig a hole in the ground barrier and hopefully soon on Mars and the rest will them. If you want to do that, yeah there's the numbers that we have. Right now are fuckin credible. We with propagated the the whole globe. Won't ants are still biomass, wise for far had gathered. In addition, viruses are really head of us most viruses, are running the show where just like a little farm right, but in terms of the impact on a planet. I don't think you can make the ants might have the same. There seemed biomass as us right. Internal vine yeah so there's the weight of
France is the same as the weight of all the people. That summit answer was pretty raising, would stop and think about it, but didn't have the same impact in terms of what their impact on other creatures and too, like the tuna that report see their impact on the pollution by viruses. On the other hand, viruses can dig in ruins a whole species a whole even need a certain like microorganisms. They can just kill everything, yeah and while plagues. What does that mean? devastating historical plague, black death and how to play how many that actually alien to one minute? mostly Europe, numbers crazy with Spanish loses fifty million two hundred million She just step and no social media though so we are, I mean it's death threats,
gotten? Well, now that death, it was probably left to rot outlets, streets and horrendous smells and people didn't understand, viruses and diseases. Back then smallpox, I would say when I talk of our knowledge is this is small. Pox is the scariest them all until we develop vaccines, small by you, you, you knave America's. You mean they decimated smallpox estimated. Probably I wrote the number is, but more than fifty million. Yet the numbers was to be standing in some places. And is ninety percent were killed by Europe. Diseases smallpox and the like. Ninety percent. That's mean. Imagine something that just comes to american wipes out ninety percent of us, and then you understand but it must have been like for the native Americans, who may encounter the european diseases that the Europeans have already developed antibodies for Everyone around you is dying to imagine that ninety percent now
looking at something that's the bright, but as the global death rate minutes cast thrown off because ITALY is, ITALY has a very high death rate and in terms of people to get infected, but what would he often confuse death rate? So if you look at the deaths divided by the population, that numbers I won't be careful thing small ever, but it's a very small percent. I understand what I'm saying those overall, the number of people, the percentage of people that have died from them and then compare that to the impact smallpox had on native Americans see, but woe here. The difference between Ninety percent of the population gets killed and. The high in ITALY is what is what is the percentage of death? I think it's. Ten percent of people who get it or dying right now. That's that is done ITALY low. In the early.
Thought it was ten percent. I mean it password on I've been to close it. What are you doing? Italy is outlier and usually they get their numbers divided by a number of cases. Ok, ITALY, Cook, grownup, now, listless, look it's right! There man Kronos cases a hundred thirty five thousand deaths, seventeen thousand the promise, those cases or the reported cases you dont know bright and right, you save a lot of people are just weren't tested in the winter s right, but these Neck Harrington Nielsen's or you can look at it. After all, this divide by and then known no, because I don't know honey, this is worse, but that This is not randomly sample survey, random, several the population and then look at the desk. That would be more statistically accurate. This is just people who reported so that it can
Don't you think that a bunch of people could have died from the coroner virus and they didn't attributed them? Yet? Yes, so should be higher than that could be higher. That's what I'm thinking to, but That's what they're saying America's well by the way, the incentives through the died, and they don't know what to do and they don't have the tests, so they don't currently, given the tests, it's much more likely that the the number is lower, meaning that it's just we're not testing when not the early enough Sophie randomly. So Iceland did this Randall the test, his Lord Montfort deaths or for their infections for death. So Four infections is well over a year for infections,
yeah for infections, but you need the infection number to calculate the percentage of the death threat correctly. So you have to test the aeronaut the percentages, but its very large percentage population, probably twenty thirty percent of the population to sample randomly, not not people who are showing symptoms, not people hoard bike, no just sample randomly you don T get the Nebraska really there's something about every apocalyptic movie. If something happens, where you realise these people have accepted a new normal, you know Dear whether its mad max or a quiet place here, see that scary movie, That's. What is I once called Jamie QUIET places a move about aliens. They come here required around him. The fuck you up with Nothing is the new normal here, while hobbled social distancing, it's a lot of movies. We have we not at home overnight and in a watch movies where people
hugging and shaking hands with his weird. It's weird like that, does the new I give that was in a movie or a disturbing inversion of the future and a Hulu show like The hammock tales does handmaids tail and ways to adequate that one. I lose among them get anything. This is gonna, buy me out too much touching now now, which is too that this Toby inversion of the futures too depressing was too awful. My great great shall, but a minor league will come back to hugging and no man, I don't, No, but I'm saying if there was a movie or a television show where people behave, she's, distancing and everyone was afraid of everyone's viruses, The reality that were experiencing right now, there's tell Joy they, but what kind of weird fuckin shows this youth it's so strange. That is a view. Recent makes New York City quiet. I draw drive down New York City see a car tis a second car here. There's a third
cars. Are my friend John Joseph sent me some videos of him ride, despite around New York, any cyclical, fuckin, crazy. This is no one out here. There's no one out here, and this turn is own and shown all these empty streets? It's weird. It's weird, see real weird. Airports are that she flew here by yourself on a plane numberless There was no one else on the planet in the play, but they still fly and nobody behave like that's. Nobody treated me special wow, knows what the war surrealism that airports empty, but their fully staffed, because you still want to give. I think, I think part of the stimulus back just giving money to Airline Seymour make sure people stay employed, yeah, I'm sure they're plans is still running That's so crazy to fly with one guy you're, a private flight powerfully across the count lay back take about seats and switch seats in the middle of flight.
No. I just try not to get freaked out why's that your king, no gas, there do you get it. Booze. Are they serve both on a plan? No, no, no liquids, nothing! They don't serve anything now I want to hurt you yeah, don't give interactive me at all now, interaction with you you, the one guy in the planet, didn't even ask how you doing you alright know they were all wearing masks. I was wearing a mask, we're all it was, but they're friendly I would say the least friendly, and that was weird going to the airport is there's nobody ever he's working, and it's just me and my stupid mask It was, it was deafening, thrill the, but it seemed ok. The thing that dont like his is: how will behave grocery stores with the thing you ve said? Actually? Is they like they didn't want to get close to you.
Strained so strange there almost like afraid of this, and that really worries me cuz ahead as a potential just. Separating us damaging the sense of community. Long term ramifications if we can keep this not hugging each other and when you are already aware of that fact this has to be temporary, while once they come up with a a remedy at or if he does know they. All you have to do is go to the doctor and the doctor's going to give you a thing you going to be fine, like staph infections. You staff from judges here it can. Fucking kill you, you have to take care of it, staff can kill you, and there's a lot of people that don't even know what it is and you get infected and then it gets systemic, gets in your blood and has a lot of people that dont know any better and they're not going to go into the doktor and they develop, sort of infection by time go somewhere and take care of it. It's really bad and they are in trouble like they did die, but
God they have fuckin medicine for that at least give you a fighting chance, so people aren't afraid of jitsu. You still do just even though people get staff in. I know a bunch of people. Staff from training a lot. They could all be dead. It wasn't for remedies right if it wasn't for antibiotics, if it wasn't, for you, don't say in the proper care and entreating, it. Apparently some people treated staff it organically and run a patchwork was actually talk about a thing she had Mercer at one point and as part of the treatment along with antibiotics, she introduced garlic in two. The actual wound itself and apparently that had a pretty profound effect, a man had left a legacy. Studies and wish. I remember what she said about that she should come The studies out she's got a fact: glowed scissors studies, but everything she wants Mars. People have avatar. Heaven followed, which
he's saying now on the virus and precarious talking about different new transit support. Your immune system, particularly vitamin D. She takes a lot of vitamin d, but she's just talk about all the various forms, whether its through sauna or cold, cold plunges She's want to turn me on that all that's tough. He chart proteins, culture, proteins and the impact definiteness videos they could find online of her talking about. That is also patents Marco's about it and she's basis. Just a huge fan of that hermetic response and how important it is to system gps system healthy. The revenue it seven it seven days a week which doing wasn't doing before yeah seven days a week. I do it now. Just do sorry. Jump in digital cold. Like now, I haven't been doing called. I'm gonna get a cold plunge thing here. I think I'm gonna get somethin and replace one of might not newsroom bathroom out there
It is about what's causing one. She me like out like a tub full of ice water. Now I don't wanna big steel tubs and throw bags ice in there, and I want to get it. His machine and just turn room into a Frazier Dick off room there. That's that it. I saw them I really hot for error is good, for you know why. I think that that those make in your body deal with those responses makes us stronger a t what man been working out a lot because of this sum, lockdown been doing a lot of my time to hitting punching, kicking shit and dumb that always monsieur really sore with my joint sore in that fuckin saw every day is kind of knocked all that out. My feel great, you know, and I ve been throwing a lot of power kicks hunches and all the shed and to feels good everything fills roof it. I just think that deserted the giant benefit
to doing out on a regular basis. Will you by one putting your backyard view of that kind of scratch. I say: do it on I was there. I our water. While saunas is dry and the only lightnings rice on yet another jacuzzi brow, those are probably for he too. But I was like a white one. It was now legacy and really move here, he's a problem with that is you can't get his hot because you cook you know like, you have a hundred ninety degree. Air you're. Ok, if you get in a hundred ninety water, you're gonna die the same you're sexually, I mean you're, a liquid, exactly you're gonna die you're gonna, get cook so you gone dry up when the heat dry. He? U can tolerate After a little water on it, There is actually a little scale in the sauna dislike the top of it is the degrees and
Bottom of it is the humidity indisposed to calculate thousand finance, and I know exactly how how it feels, but either way you throw a little bit of water. I throw three troops three little spoonfuls of water. On that bishop. There is sit there and fucking suffer, and when you get out of there, everything is feels sir and more relaxed is soon Your body comes back to a normal temperature ages, feel so much better it so valuable, will exercise right now. I highly recommend what are you doing because you know you can't go to ginger soon. You are doing a lot of that's what you do and for your exercise, the body weight. I do have a cable, but like a kind of avoid it is it it's like hell. As soon as from how much is away thirty thirty thirty pounds. So it's how general number four kilograms per pounds thrive five pounds as part of its thirty kilogram. That's heavies fuck! You know it's not thirty Norman.
Thirty children's was sixty five pound yeah, so that is so. It's something that kills me if I do like swings basic stuff. For thirty minutes, ok, like probably thirty five pounds yeah, but I don't like cattle Keith Weber of yours done. His series he's been I'll testify, as is extreme kettlebells cardio, work out that we sell it on it and the but I've I found out about it. We salary I found out about it. I found out about it through its found on the internet. I gotta dvd and its brutal I was like one little thirty. Five pound China, Bitch Asshole waved fuck, certainly do do format, Santa like how long is this forty minutes isnt fucking way- and I is the sorest that had been a long time with just one. Thirty. Five pound kettlebells doing this, this extreme kettlebells cardio routinely put together. It's got two of em, I think you might have three devilish two of them there
fuckin most ruling bait. Like your most now now brow you do in everything bitch you do and you do in windmills. You dont hop potatoes. You do and renegade rose. You know you doing everything, man you're doing you doing, cleans overhead presses and squats and industry A non stop certainly gives you these little breaks Lilla. Lastly, ten or fifteen since then bomb your move into the next exercise. Holy shit and you realize how much work you can get in with just a kettle about a little bit like people go no room for Jim. If you can afford a cattle bell, please his bite you're by her side about on the earlier we're out of stock, we need people, quick, there's, not gems wrong. See ya know what to do so in all else makes great shit rogue, maybe rogue hasn't they make awesome kettlebells they make awesome. Arid areas is Keith wherever my man, so this fuckin
out goes on and he's shredded look, my boy look. I don't. Let me show you how to get you. Fuck muscle, is gone, but he's this. Is him explaining the correct way to do? Kettlebells swings, but I mean you get a lot of his work outside lawn. There's a lot of work out online from people. If you gotta you to account or a computer gets online, go to Youtube and find these care about work out. So people put online for free is they dare put a great work out a bit? for free just so that you subscribe to their page give you some value and what you're giving them is a large audience. Some fucking great work out body It worked out as well that a free free videos online follow along and you could do every thing from your living room and you can get bored Did I mean you, gotta have a crazy work out from a lot of videos there's so many of them. I do. I do more chill,
working as a run for long distances inside what era, well if you're, not as intense as is they never about sixty miles every day and pushups and body way scots a body weight Squire way squads. Surprise are always surprising me how little half her from she could kill you like everyone who thinks there. Bad as even can squat alot right, even if you can squat MIKE for five or six hundred pounds. Try trade you fifty byways squats like Some happens was the most diverse diner row of I know I usually start suffering at twenty. Maybe I've done forty before, but I have all yeah. My! U can get up where you can get up to really high numbers and its
a glorious form of torture and it's crazy how much it develops your legs, particularly the quads like right above the knee. You know these these little muscles that are on the side like that hurts from Hindu squats more than fuckin anything. I've done ever. It too gets those so uniquely because we're you're at the bar when you're he'll is up in your you're on the ball. Your foot and you rise up. It's like all that muscle further the whole beginning of the rise. It's all that that part of the quad by the knee. It's really unique way to target that must oh and dies do it a lot like a lot of those deeds are really in a catch rustling. They do at five hundred a day every day they all have is like. Posthumous legs, and that was a big part of the development of their strength was just doing ridiculous numbers of hindu squats and you get us, Like I usually this democratic special competed in the judges and rustling outdo allow them and are also like jump. Thank you,
You explode into this gas as opposed to sort of slow, but that in giving your car gotcha dedication yeah Carl GOSH, was famous for his body weight conditioning programmes. He was Two stickler for having his wrestlers be insane physical condition. It was a prerequisite for training with him. I think there yet We had a preposterous worker. I think he was really in clubs to was like a think, use into those club bells and a bunch of other the above. Other kinds workers to by actually are competing in a couple of catch us in terms of cereals go one of them, whiskey being a egg and data is fell so weird because because I won a couple matches by pin and it felt like, snoop. This is so stupid. I get anyone submit the Gatt, it felt oh and I did a lot of
interesting things, so I would dumb I pulled butterfly guard. Few times a meaning union pinned, but you get points for an almost pin. So you can play guard as long as you don't get your back young to elevate. You have to elevate of regularly so I dont thinking get pinned. If you didn't get past the legs, ok. So though, as long as you're in the butterfly guardians you're flouting your bag, you have him and you butterfly, got his opinion of courses. Refusing the rest and stuff but the ah resisted it was cool because the the guys that did it, it felt more like a like, like Yossi back and like tanker. The days and it was more get. I was that people were resting shoes and that he can assume that he has got off their like wrestling shoes, so you he'll, hokum yeah,
so I think you're, Fulla, everything's legal and is a weird choice to wear wrestling shoes. Someone can heal hook you unless your orders, he'll hook, Dean Lister Master, one of those Gary tone and type does it know, Do it from every angle? For them Actually, I would say: let go of pride, was still around private. Beware resting shoes is a significant advantage from being but aware resting shoes significant, not just for your wrestling, but also for striking and crow cop war. Wrestling shoes for a bit, croak up head kid somewhat wrestling shoes on, remember, a member who was might have been mark hot and I'm but I think in fact man he people with shoes on almost seems nuts, because the the amount attraction you get from our rubber saw with TAT, sure on the bottom of it versus just your foot. Slippery ass, bullshit foot,
women are out on the canvas with with Europe, Please use on you get traction once wet. You could traction everywhere: Even if there are just a puddle on the floor, you get traction with a wrestling shit where you wouldn't get it without a barefoot led sent, has guy we're dead or bear He is kind of weird, but it's not, I think, should be bear well. I should be naked. I used to think yes, should have a hard on. Can fight synthetic. I used to think that you should have to have no gloves, but then I've been watching his bare knuckle boxing and people's faces get fucked up. So bad. You see Chris Leben five Dakota Cochrane and his face. Look like someone hit him of the machete. It was crazy. The most enormous carver Siena Man's phase in a fight, so now start to rethink that, like maybe those not coursers something about blood. No, it's not that it's about damage to tissue.
Not worry about the blood and worried about scarring people up for life about turn on her injury, Craig IRAN. I was crazy, you want, I really I didn't check in their she yeah she's fine. Now Her swelling is all gone down, but she had black eyes roared couple weeks, moose all that fluids. Had in her forehead. She saw Duff she's so tat. She such a savage as If she's so admirable like watching the way she thought that fight both of them are, but that there was such a back and forth, barrage of fires so perfectly matched draw, or I mean you- can make the art you meant you wanna one! You can make the argument Whaley one! You can make the argument it was draw. It make any of those arguments, because that's how close the fight was. It's all What you think about this well, there's a lot of people,
thought you want to want it, but the most important thing is you: Wanna fought like a champion mean they both fought like a chant like champions. Whaley felt like a champion is a this good fight. Is you ever gonna get so evenly matched so perfect, so much heart and conditioning and skill that everything everything rectangular for actually forgot, the other frightened the card. A good that fight was the meal if I was style, Benda, verses, Romero, right whose forgetful a fight. There was forgettable, it seem like huge huge beforehand by the way he got in terms of delay, Ferguson and could be, will go down. Who knows man not of fuckin? not if something happens this weekend, just engages a monster, engage, is a monster he's a monster is a terrifying individual, his mean in sport. That's violent, its inherently vial
sport. He stands out as the most violent. That's your praise. Is I mean you his knock out of Edson Barboza you you won't you watch how that mother fucker attacks, people he's there's a reckless a to his his calculated wildness, That is its terrifying. He something special and he's better all time. The question is how much, you been training he's taken effect. On very short notice, is taking a final, essentially two weeks notice. Also, my became weird train now in this corner of our times, training partners, our trading partners Ray Longo, who I respect very much said that Iders shouldn't be fighting, because you said they shouldn't be fighting, but he said he D deftly fellow was affair the fighters, guess they they don't have a full camp and, as a village show who they really are good point to really good point man. It's a really good This is a you know why
our situation, where there's a guys, a fight for the interim title. It gets the call. Let me look That's also how Nate DS beat Cotter Macgregor in their first fight. Remember that there was a lot and days out they call ideas is eaten tacos, constricted tequila in Mexico and travellers, but in law on the side ashore, while he's net at a shape really like a normal person, out of shape like you, I would get, but for just engage. You really depends entirely on how much time he's been spent in the gem now he's man with a plan right is trying to be the year of Sea Lightweight champion, so probably not getting two out of shape and he problem we knew that in this case there is a potential that one of those guys could drop out, because every that fight for Fuckin times and it fell. Apart is the fifth time it's fallen apart, which has not crazy, so my
be the just engage e knew that this was a possibility that he could be called in as a replacement might be in full camp mode. We really don't know. We'd have to talk to him. Gonna Macgregor knew all along Regular knew he knew. I called it Yes, he was another one that I'm sure was probably getting ready, but at the same time, twenty slash Chuck Car Macgregor, restoring Ferguson would be yeah Why didn't you have you have to be on standby fur last minute, Philip that I think there are some people that they asked to be on standby. They have definite done that before and they have asked. As to make weight and there's a lot of guys that have been through a full camp and are paid for a full camp and their paid to make wait. This is something that's happened several times in the seas, history or guys show up because they're they're too too, to fight and is step in if something falls apart, aspire
if you have a guy who maybe maybe struggles with wait, cutting and might fall apart and get pulled from fight someone may be injured or SEC and elegant little nervous with his fine we're getting supervise every. I don't know metaphysical and they build an end to the dragon islands, get a commentary right, yeah The dragon island? I don't know, I don't know how do you know how it's going to be done and that, where the tracks it please just so brutally yeah. I didn't I didn't real quick ass, you did you consider everyone trump. This might never asked to do it and I ve never asked how did you do it, So what makes you why do you ask I'm on China, stale politics bra sketch using its power, six, everyone, Emily Trump, our policies at all levels.
Now, meaning well, it's a political thing among these is even having him on is out the statement. Well, I've it. No it's! It's he's the he's. A politician needs a professional president when that is not it that is the nature of long for a conversation, says that you are not doing talking point. Why do you ask or get saw and I'd love, to see him first of all, and actually was in the works of interviewing him lie a year a year ago, for what for the package they do really, but it was more of our supposed to be about the air. I initiative that thou be a short. I mean imagine and be a short thing while seeing how we can be in person in personnel thou, be uninteresting conversation, but very diff like out like this, Of course, his eye edged wanted to talk, not wanted by think what they wanted us to talk with the and sir
heads of administration than and just saying this is a really is important for us, as a country to stay ahead on the innovation terms of artificial intelligence, so that that kind of conversations a little bit it's a little bit less about getting into the human story we can be, which I didn't run was one of the most. Trusting people there often, but as if your studying humans Humes definitely one of the most interesting, though Can I bring it up as I was thinking this kind of question of? If there is a person I talked because I asked cuz. I thought Trump would be incredible, for this is a bunch of people. World which are incredible for this podcast, like only you can have that conversation. So I started asking myself like what is the conversation I could have that only I can do not only but like I'm, especially well equipped for
system while quipped better than others any by the only. I can talk to my dad it's misspoke, but I don't know, sir. I note your son and for that, that's why and now have a fight. I think it I think, there's agreement now, as I outlined, to view Vladimir Putin Holy Shit. I think he has not been interviewed. Well, I have all the connection any speak russian. Yes, it will be a mix of russian English here. Well, that would be the big thing, though,. To talk to him in russian and then relay it in a way that makes us understand it, that's a exit in question. I would probably talk in English with a translator to do that because the ultimate result has been English not not now has to be, but the we have to translate on the fly because the how do I put it? translators, won't do a good job of translating saw I'll, understand everything he sing in Russian and he election, and
the whole thing in English. She speaks pretty good english Oda. But he is not allowed now lazo using they'll, be better than subtitles. Yes, I think, is more. Human is more real, it's like you would Joey and Joe while you're here, even do subtitles, doubt that was Stephen speaks pretty good, so he's perfect and he's perfectly bilingual, and so that was a great situation. You know and also Joey's from Cuba. So together, that was amazing so that the translator that Putin has it is actually good translators there, not some generic folks, I'm sure their friend like they're, not not friends, but they know each other. They know each other. Well, so that's it's almost it's a very similar situation, except that person that Georgia is it all right, but it's that Greece, that kind of atmosphere
or were you can when there's some uncertainty about the statements the you're making? You could even play with their votes in interesting thing? Didn't you would do that? Then we here there's two ports. I know I have all the right connections, for I think you would do it because he he will understand who I am, and the second part is. I have a little bit of a car Macgregor situation going on were anything everything. I've done, my life that had the site, I'm gonna, do always happens. Everything everything living donors it's a mystic shit gone on Mr Lax. Does your God, you mixed it, MR lax like Mystic MAC, that's wrong! Is that yet assisting us MAC Dude were three hours and twenty minutes and believe it or not? It's a good place, and then put in Macao, do the silly some job well and also saw no pressure. Spend an amazing progress so far the song doesn't it doesn't
that we're just gonna cut the power is getting women on Branco. Yet will blame Cowan, good call, the I did this video. I play the jargon, experience them so up our mode. Many people thing gear. The guitar, whether our many people think is bright, red ban had read ban was the one came up with that from alike I've been, but it turns out there that rewards the sun. Oh, that breakdown era Brian Cowen, he sang it in a few episodes. And those stupid son will end with this Lex Friedman Thank you for being here appreciate the fuck. Are you tell a buddy you're Instagram Friedman spelled weird like Friedman afar. Idea. Man, Lex Friedman,
Instagram do use twitter as well the twitters twit thing on twitter, ending on Twitter, listen to the artificial intelligence, podcast air- and has been funding. They want to do weddings parameters for musician Helsing, his ass off our common get. Some Thanks for being here, men appreciate, rather, let's go stupid thing alone. So this is a story, desert a man, a man with an eagle verging on his hand, and he asked me son. What can I do for you definitely stupid Father I said I'm looking for the meeting I should be living for. He put a finger to my lips ass. The old man speak. They call
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Joe Rogan shareholders, and I really were back. I really regret this Joe Joe Rogan there, although snake export ban Fuckedupshit never done those terrible people get. Never. Forgive me for that. By regret, nothing, thank you by the thank you brother by everybody. Stay save. Thank you. Fran and thank you to sponsors. Thank you, too stamps dot com and these crazy times stamps dot com is a godsend, brings all the services of the? U S postal service, right here, computer in the safety and comfort of your own home office or anywhere else you are hunkered down and Our listeners are gonna, get a sweet deal, sweet for that includes four. We try plus free postage and a digital scale without any long term. Commitment just go to Amsterdam, Comp click on the microphone at the top.
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