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#1461 - Owen Smith

2020-04-22 | 🔗
Owen Smith is a comedian, writer, actor and television producer. Check out his new show "Notebooks" available now on YouTube.
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super headliner that most people don't recognize him the huge number, what we're work and our best were work and are hardest Try to let people know so I got a new Youtube series that we, I did one of his episodes a few years back and he just but in on you too now this several episodes, scald no books right, so we come to no books anyway. He's fucking awesome. His name is Owens men, the job will gain experience. Men really good excited. We chairs Here's my absolute commitment salute yeah. We just tested on yes negative, It is apparently been some controversy about this. Just let me let everybody know right away. There is no shortage of antibiotic tests.
We're using there's no shortage them people. Why people on the front lines? Lotta people, it's just understanding and confusion. These tests there's no shortage of understand some people in some places have a high Time getting access to test does not the case here. So I take it upon myself the test, everybody as they come into the studio, is not taking way from anybody. That's on the front lines zone tests away from any medical workers dead, those the task they would use for them, particularly the they're using swabs, I mean look man, those can people that are working in those hospitals in the medical workers. Those people are legit heroes, yes, You know, and if I found out that there is thing we were doing that was somehow and other taking away from their ability to be tested out. Never do it, you know so people get upset, apparently, because we'll also people writing articles about things, because there is no like a hot topic right now to get
I get it and that man I get. You know, but when I posted that done Now- and I were Rona free people like someone, someone posted some story with a big tears. Its lairs. Didn't I go out of my way, did not read comments and there's mother fuckers are writing stories, whether taking comments from Instagram and using them as quotes. Just some random goo. That's posting something and is one of them said that we were low. Key flexing that we had tests just someone just lookin to use the term logo like eating and they have a place for its lay beside it. Bolo key flexible he's, gotta corona tat. So it's it's a test. Test you, your antibodies eleven. At my face, the entire time. Little there as if there was thinking of their also there was something then I shared with you earlier today. There was a new study that Jamie TV, you pulled. That study
out of. I think it's allay is able to China it's it's as early Anybody tests indicate far more cases and a much lower mortality rate right, so they think there's at least four One hundred thousand people have been infected in income. Fournier, so the mortality rate is way way lower than they preach. We. I thought it was at least in California. You know obviously varies is a crime. The disease is craze, doesn't make any sense. It varies. Depending on what you are physical condition, whether or not you been smoking, whether it is apparently a great benefit to exercise and regularly. Even while you have it, if you cash it exercising pretend it was his fuck
crazy thing: what is that guy's name? The fox thing put up we'll do the first half its earlier times. It's got a subscription blocker these sons of bitches here I'll, send you another there's, there's one on Ella dot com abalone early times. I give you my look at you. I support you I do but how many times I like they re like movies. Did I get it? I just don't have the time for that area. Early anybody test of indicates far more covert. Nineteen cases Laura fatality rate, there's a d Creasy. The number of deaths study indicates that there could be hundreds of thousands of people can be infected without knowing it. That's so weird about it, ass you discretion, or can you explain mortality rate like Lee S, the amount of but they get it, how many of them die. So if a high mortality rate as the ESA right, like Ebola, right vicious mortality rate, yes really but Rep Ray,
the worst hunter process. Yes, rabies. Like ninety nine point: nine percent the only time that big they if they catch it before the symptom set in use arises of, but if they don't catch it for the symptoms. I didn't like me just get rabies get over it s, medical, every black person. I know always cross the street. When you see a random the light, these communities and in and you don't have the dog easygoing. Ok, save life my dog thank you What is this? Nobody lives dogs more than me of dogs, but random dogs. Like you never know, Someone did that dog, you know, I'm not. People treat their dire and I've had a bunch of sketchy dogs Having done that, I got from the pound or super schedule is new. I came home once one my dolls Kilmer, the dog, my living.
I let my living room was a goddamn crime scene. Oh you, little of the Hudson about some bad explain. Those are rescued. Dogs well, yeah, I've! That's bad experiences with When I was a kid, we adopted a dog that had distemper Doberman and he said, He started like his eyes, were like glazed ovaries, snarling, ass bark and also my oh Jesus Christ. We are growing apartment, so we didn't have dogs and then so I had a cat name taco. There gave him soon and we are going to go visit in the Bahamas. Gimme, a cat, a thing you know with his Mamma had a cat grown very bad, for you beg, wouldn't care a cake from the from the kind of bay greeted them. That they have over here and Andy. I'm in a cat conversation Jamie it. So in its it says,
You can find this conversation Jamie it so in its it says there joke, but it also question it says out: there no but that's mediate, says they're, J right, yeah, every other websites not saying you're joking, it doesn't sound like their joking. I think they're trying to come up with some sort of a cover for it, but this let's play what what he says. It's John Robert, who is a correspondent for Fox and then who is the other guy together. I've worked with New York Times. Doug Mills is a photographer. Ok. So now, what's its is apparently joking? I done silenter choking play put what it says, because let me explain here: John Roberts comes in and It's gonna play an ad before this year is a killer volume. John, Roberts comes in and when he comes and he's not wearing a mask, and he tells the other gentlemen, you can take the mask off,
He tells them about this Elliot Study can play their master, That's reassuring, USC. Everybody here has been vaccinated anyway, USC in La County, public health, but they really believe they are anywhere on two hundred and twenty one
so the here's one hears was weird about that one day I says: well, we ve all been vaccine here anyway. Now Maybe he was joking. May God he's gonna, weird sense of long dope, you're Joe we now they have done some trial vaccines. There are some vaccines that are trial? There was a woman in Seattle. She was the first person to get test and I sent this stuff to mad stags earlier today. And he said something to me there. There have been several different Their seventy corona virus vaccines right now that are under development with the three inhuman trials. So,
There have been some things going on right now and the first person treaty with the corona virus is in Seattle is an article about that wish he's talking about gettin tested, but this this guy saying we ve all been vaccinated, like I don't know that means it's hard to tell people people of weird as a human right? If listen, comics and even took some shit that we say then put it down a planet pick a terrible to evil there eating babies there there are the rape and Ladys, like we say, Did you should all the time and we get used to it right? Maybe they say ridiculous. To do so is Resnick. Would I the budget dealing with right now right, but the other guy coming in saying have to wear masks. A Roberts comes in with no mask on its head. Don't need a mask too, take the mass garland when well that studies, weird man, because ok, maybe maybe
I believe the mortality rate is correct. I believe that its way less deadly than they thought it was, but they had to prepare for something. That they got was gonna, be real deadly because its he'll deadly in ITALY, but the question I so many questions wise so deadly in ITALY. Is it because their older people is because they smoke wise so deadly New York city. Is it because a stack on top of each other. Is it in how definitely definitely Finally, that has to have somebody no distancing there. Also, ok, so I have office and I get over eat. It's things on a pop in each driver was an odour blackmail these, while they may close to me something else, but I can't get this right and I won't melita. So you think I'm on our part of me was a hooker but why am take enterprise? Is this the overdrive again, then personal friend of mine, his day,
ed I'll also know black ski trip. He started this Blacksky organization and they went to Idaho and they came back and lot of the the they were older gentleman, but a lot of them got infected with. Iris to us since passed away from it. So there in their son is it's enough. It's in the light of the first article son did a day by day social media posed to try to turn the the narrative. The black folks you can catch justice was happened to my daddy was like sixty one and one and so I so that's why I was very nervous in the face for me outta. The test is like I want to have the confidence that man head walking. But I am also very a more of safe. Sorry then, the at that I can't wait to be,
space if taken Moscow, Yoda mean unless you notice have two young children, I'm just like I'm here, just a more. Caution sad, but I'm not telling anyone, but they should believe heavily, but just for me, I'm just like I'm hearing about what it does like. Just just hang out what it does to your lungs and how to expand. It makes it hard for you to get through. We need a ventilator and in all of the you know what if you get on collapses with average one of these gentlemen- and it's just it's, it's a wrap it up, but it is like I don't know, I don't notice Pacific's of of how anything else but thou, but I I am also going to waste and the others out of people who who are like fairly Reno within my six degrees, who are succumbing to us on. Just like you know, ass great an, but I am,
I'm not I'm not dear. Yet, like me, o me like I'm illegally, so am I am more like my first by anybody can catch it. But second, while I think that if your immune system as any holes in it, that's should gives in Ryan, and it can Look it Michael YO, Michael! You is a healthy guy. He strong We will lift waits all the time raise relatively these forty five right, Michael YO, good shape is not overweight. Yes, I see real bad. I didn't know that for a week said he thought he was going to die. He scare the fuck out, bright. When when I heard it was him he was, like physically does, and so when I was going to the grocery store, like that. That's what I was most horrified because ass when you gotta get a temperature of how I was going to the grocery store, like that. That's when I was a most horrifying because ass, when you gonna get a temperature of how everyone is, and so when I went early people six feet away like people with joy and then was something happen.
Not a kind of taken into serious? As you know, young people could end and yeah I mean I'm. I have a very cautious mile, I'm just a safe, the most reckless state but at this stage I must go to the police what what's gonna throttling? When will you I gotta recognizes voyage data. That's funny! That's true about you, yeah! I never thought about that. We, like you, like a real, safe guy off stay here, yeah man, it is seen as it could. We like a funny movie right every time. One of my friends go fuck. Madame de Gaulle live in the moment. Pass the time timing, I gotta be careful. I mean it's just like I have so many.
Stories or memories from my child and a feeble May fog eagerly for now gone. The army soldiers like- and I do know some I'm back- I'm back and forth on that the Jos lines, like him, you're gonna, mean idea. When you stand, Eliza you'll need a man like those people and is it both in traded Jos lines like him. You know me, like when you stand. Eliza you'll need a man like those people and, as you say It's not for me man. I don't know what I want bring anything only my young kids ourselves if it was just me in the crib, I would be trying get last. His purse- but I'm married happily married. So my brain, I am soup caution, is like this in no way a single beware factor it now, if you will by yourself an apartment and not you can go to,
work anymore, so to say, advice gone crazy. You can't fucking. Neither I nor the news outlets, though, if you fuck slightly better be just one person yeah real careful I'll go together is a rather than national person. It bothers me this the restrictions on personal liberties. I think it's true, I think I'm very his. Here's what I'm happy about unhappy that so many people have done the social distancing thing and quarantined and kept away almost everybody, and now there was nobody knows you staying home. My kids are home. Don't home school you all my foot, kids are home to a home school there stain on from work. Everyone stay home and we don't go on I come here, I go home, that's it! That's my lap. Just stay put stay, put just let let the fuckin does settle It's great that way. It's also scary for all these fucking people that have businesses, it's scary or for me, that have compromised immune system saga. This
the weirdest time of our lives. Yeah, I think, but are we talking earlier? I think that the planet needs this break yeah cause as soon as we It involves a week s daughter reign in an early guys are cynically miracle ask as a clear labelling malay has the best air quality in all the world, her right to stay in the house. For couple of weeks? It makes itself, I mean it's kind of crazy and as it is weird man, I'm curious to see what happens on the other side. It is, but the guy our industry is work. As you add a lived a toward. I was supposed to paddle yeah like that kind of stuff. Is this life ass Thou shown Vancouver last night and an arena couldn't do it. We moved it October. Look, that's the last. The worries, my health is fine. I'm worried about health. More than anything in I'm worried about the economy, I'm worried about people my friend out Perry, Lange who owns a pale restaurants at my favorite stake house. No, less he's too
spending most of his time cooking for hospital workers and and bring in food to them, so that, given him a sense of purpose, but through all this and are doing like curbside pick up where people can order. Food online is an amazing stake house, but they might not let me remind you, make it an Texan when the last ninety I'm gonna get him on the paragraph soon in Eu Sand. For his friends, in the restaurant industry, it so grave. That's like everyone! is barely hang it on and they might drop off left him. I mean what we might lose half hour. Restaurants, oh yeah, you know did you, by one abalone did that small businesses in the loose Chris take house God and know the waiters God, none of just go straight straight to the business they died. The ideas? Look if you give to the way as in the business goes under. The wage won't have a job when the business comes back, so they keep the business open. The waiters will have a job on everything comes back which steed more we need to figure out. You know these people have to be able to work in a
can't work, we gotta figure out a way to sustain them, and I don't know if nobody's ever figure this out. For noise around adduced for the they burn through that small, business loan shed in like that yeah they send us the because our supposed to be for companies. Five hundred employees are less but Bill gates, Jeff Pesos time, MR, but without knowing how much money would Jeff bases have left. If you give everyone a thousand hours. This he would be, would be if every everybody in countries in this country a tyrant and twenty million dollars, he gave her body a thousand. Do the math Jamie they haven't moron billions are chosen well too, thousand million is a billion. So the three hundred billion so be broke. He broke paper broke instantly crazy. Massively did that just became a happy so give up Ben. Its people don't remember, build, creates the old bill gate right. People see bill gates. Now I see build
It now and I see a guy's wherein an outfit here is a outfit. It's like he's. Gotta, like Spiderman, like put on spider man, this is my really nice rich guy thing. You have got a sweater bitch, it's a hundred degrees outside way, get that's what it with a shirt and a need that its secret, ventilated in did, he ever have a t shirt on does bill gates him alive teacher. I already had a house where, when you walk into a room, it recognizes thy how you like the temperature like band. Yes, you wouldn't, let you in on a pen will change temperature will make coffee it? That's? U like indebted outside. My. I would single out about this. I wish I had access, a girl, no was over its co years. At that stage, certainly you walk. It changes our work flips over right right, I mean yeah
He called this done. He called out we weren't ready gap endemic like years ago, fifteen two dozen fifteen Look you set it up. He sees the master, my mandate, it is like one incredible like the bad guy and I am just confused by his outfit because it's like he's dead, not like Mr Rogers on purpose. He wants you to think of them in a different way because Savage, he was most ruthless mother fucker when he was run in Microsoft. That's why Microsoft got so. You re they would take no prisoners, businessmen take no prisoner is easy, but he's pretending, like he's gonna love their shit, the life when people Did you just have not alive for rare like like ours any by it. It doesn't cost. You is thy rounds. Goin on migration ones, do freaky!
yeah, all gags jazz, although you that shirt there come on man, that's a but not t shirt with a car. Everything as a collar, though, but that's a long time ago that looks like about fifteen years old. I screwed up. Their crew. Why limit like the forests, God alone later, the actor looted, took your fact after me. I won't work is that connection like a lot of money and using I'll take. It amazing Amazing man, like I don't a big like a madman I haven't been about him yeah I was in a restaurant, he owned, he does. He was like walking do shaken. Aids is a load of my friend, Jeremy, Raul, shouted Jeremy directed his first video Jeremy and I went to college together and the directive is first to in a polluter maps. I've always been a fan of lewd above and I'm I'm. What I like about his Korea's he's. Like he's NASA
you would think of, but when he's in there you don't mind at ease their we're gonna meet via last march and a fast and moves are like I feel as if I lose the biggest fan and the world of muscle cars of those nineteen years most of cars, and I never watch one I'll fuck moving gotta, just wasn't on yet. Why should amuse me because you get that you get the all out here. All that jumping over Breyer's disguising sixty nine chargers rethink is ridiculous yeah man. I gotta. Thank you, man, since I was here last you, u lit a flame unto me challenged me to put no books out. Yes, it's out, yeah. We were talking about last time, folks, it comedians We let of us keep our old old, no buzz ran. Three years ago right close to hear so three years, your own, so you
he got old man, he said: do you have any old, no books, I'm doing a show, and am I oh shit. I saved a bunch home and I found some from like ninety ninety two s and they were so terrible and we shall we organise commie store. It is fucking ruthlessly, embarrassing. Guess it so bad households are, these premises are so awful. And so you put it on Youtube now and which is the way to go, I'm so glad you did that, and so this is available. Is it Owen, Psmith TV that you're always repaving Owen Psmith comedy? Is it owns? tv earliest reality tv, but they crew. We created this page, but if you I was with comedy doubt like that: won't come up, you have to do you. To that I need your help in fixing it. But that's confuse if you go to Youtube Backslash Smith, TV, you This will be just search oak. Oh no books just go to. On tv. I want you to come. No only Smith, tv
You always make data, ok, the etc scratch on yes help me be able to do more of the how many of you did you done so for us at six, we put our for animal release to more come enough. So if you get it If you subscribe. You know, you know what they're coming out sooner. I might do something for you. Gotta see, NEO Brennan, Alonzo, Boden, Eric Griffin, Europe, and you are beautiful game on a brass yeah man it was, it was great. Does everybody has a different approach to the craft and I didn't know that Eric and allows us to Carmody classes did think real. Yes, like a man was now, but I love it's gonna many activists torn Alonzo Lenny, The name like I'm gonna name now out of you. If someone like kind of does mean
a file or whatever I forget about, and I get helps me. This is live cattle carry it. I wish I D. So I was a name and then, as I'm editing and a look of that mother do work. When I met him, he was running calmly club call the fall out. It was called funny firm it then it became the fall out and then it literally fell out like later. But I moved to Chicago ninety five in what I about the room, is you can form downstairs and then you would run up stairs and perform. And then you come back down into another one and so on a Saturday night you could do six shows because it would do three shows a while. Yet right, not a papering the room in order that so I went to audition, you know your desire to guess it. He hired me. He goes due to resident night, as I bet at the end of the night. He pays everybody but me and he goes. I guess spots where you and as I am going to get some money in the two other comics Dwayne Kennedy and tie Phipps, dig up as
They gave me some of their money and I forgot them for that. Went home that night. I being the weighing Kennedy. They got ahead of me to money, he's in an episode of amen, playing Halley berries, boyfriend like two thousand outta fighters. He's gotta gave it, but that's like my granted is data kiss Haileybury. I don't remember I don't remember you man, he was the free was earlier it Caravan Year has, however, how many times you brush eighteen, eighty, yeah I'll maize and breast you're, going to get history, it is yes pits young hasn't as having friends checkup its costs. Monument and my good how do you wanna rehearsed you go to your room, relax she so pretty. I met her recently at the: U of Sea and she's gonna, be like fifty three or something she looked so she's, thirty, five years old, shoe perfect Yemen. She looks like a perfectly in shape. Thirty, five year old woman, I mean how old Selby she's
This is our she's gotta be over. If it did, she looks amazing. She was in John Wick. Three, yes is amazing. I made no yeah yeah. He was fifty three due to just the way she moves. The way she looks like every machines. She saw fit sofa its increase. But she does. A lot of work out online should do not work out online. One disorders shits going down with some guy with fabulous like long here. He's gonna gurus limited due curls as I really it's your partner, we're just thing: we're gonna grow together, and this is my partners, my partner. He hasn't business to write you just fuck it like Why? What is? What is a partner? Is my partner states? Thy commands had that to me once talking about this house. Thing with my partner. My first of all, thank you. Yea dry, if you'd ever further you have your gay into. Doesn't Y Y, you saying my boyfriend or my husband right, you know partner,
I know as a woman you're talking about a woman but you're, not business together, part one as vacation with my partner, but is that partner years of a firm As in the area? I am lairs year as a married man, I'm like man, gas and carry it man get in. There has asked so with everybody. No knows, I'm gonna live with for a little figure it out when people say I want to live with somebody, it's when you get married. My that's mistake. That is where it happens, gas that is there. Happily ever after sheet is for the movies where there is real is when you live together and you and his little shit is little shit man, you squeeze the tooth base right, I sit over there. Why, then, are you clean up? they asked. Are you do that? You all, and I think the new asked them to do? Yes, yes, I'm keeping score or whatever they cooks. Who does this? his cane. Can you look.
The dishwasher had complained about stupid shit man after because I, why does the day you didn't have to with it, because he going nowhere right, they won as one bathroom? Oh, if you ever, If you only have enough money for one bathroom use in Vienna relationship or you gotta, really know each other, like you spent so many nights year together. Like so many weakens together, you stand her place or she's days, your place there bathroom. There's reality when you walk in the bathroom run after girl takes a fuckin rank, shit, This is right and if it's cold out and you get to open up the window and like all good, Lord so use in this smell and her shit freezing, guess China take your own shit on top of her shit that young I go. Maybe you need to make it two bathrooms their pants off miasm It depends on the chemistry, the person there's some
people there, a little thing will set you or me like. I can't, but there is another. Other people that there's you like them so much that little thing, shit the same thing. Are you some day? some show you one eye when you're single we're a girl just one little stupid thing like this is over yes, yes, yes, but like, if you we were in her that same same night, whatever she's a rough day, fucked it is like a man, be nice, do it out they in their me Certain things you just ask you note from I think people an insult you people like you and then they should they try to. Pretty, does try to fuck with your men just like they did doing it to try Are they diminish? You lay some sort of a weird way like and then I'm fine right, oh you're, into a brief. Sometimes people grew up like that
your mom and dad did that to each other, and so they didn't know how to behave in a relationship and asked what does the definition of love? I wish that which was loved like to you yeah and if it doesn't matter what it looks like you gonna go make exactly the young man. I was all over the place with their like I've. Had my data is one girl. She smoked a lotta we'd right must din Manette, but she also smoke cigarettes telling them pick. A night and I wish it was just a week so letters I M equipment on thirty March twenty seven. Now I got a way out like a then but I was a real ok because he was fast This was fun. This is like the closest and was she had and then long financial, like student loan financial sheet on top of out what really he gathered together. She got a nose out of thirty and ditching were friendly now, but still it was a gamble. Diana financial sit.
That becomes earned it is your dead been that debt becomes your suicide, for she was a a serial degree person she had light degrees or nurse was. I wasn't, might also wasn't hundreds of algae, an ugly do that is the big Do you know these people no matter? What happens in your life. You have to pay back those student loans. If you owe money to any, you can go bankrupt turning to a bank robber, and you don't have to pay back, lay your business fold. You know Bankrupt Sally Amazing, a if you're, scared and launch your pain are tee. I paid us, do you know these people today that have social security docked offer their student imagine you're at the end of the game and your social security, taking your social security to pay off some bullshit debt, for a loan. Didn't do you any good cause here? You are collect and social security broke, his fog,
and they takes an unending on it approach a good sized John all year. Oh and you never against HIV. Just gonna die and that's gonna help. You die quicker, you gonna be thinking about it at all ages. At the park tried to feed the pigeons Maister degree HAWK, and I pay my shit. I was so happy in really use it. I can't, use it. And what will you do me? I was finance. Will you say finance if money finance, doing in a study, japanese flag a year. Real and I was going over there and I'm a director name. Christine swaps and she just directed to Clark Sisters movie. The came out on lifetime did over like eleven me in me. A million views her and her husband, MIKE's Watson. They were they were dating Notre Dame at the time. They use data like they were like sit down, and I like me and second with me and just go. You should do this and I will do it, for they would like you to take tat beneath
I thought that please and I liked it. I really enjoyed another and I was gonna like these culture classes. Cuz over there and dough and as I'm an asshole. So I would like mimic the teacher, but I was literally but she enjoyed it cuz. I was actually saying it negatively, so I wasn't being like a dick, enjoy, like I just notice how she was saying it? No one else was saying so I want to say it like her she'd be like on combined in Ireland. I call my colleague lean and to ensure that all you know in clinical data guys. Akashi. Dismay like you just like I did. I was gonna want these days you been busy like is as light as our use a good at this. I got into a because this also like it's. I was Fascinated by. Why japanese? illiteracy rate was like so much higher than ours is because their alphabet, they have three alphabet, and so this is hit. Gonna cut the kind of encouraging economies whatever biogas.
I too, so I was just fascinated with the art of it and she, and so was it every three of my arm so cut economy is more seller. Bardic, like is like how you speak so so I could write your name and cut in category. I think hitting iconic yea. I'm really sorry. I could have messed up just now. You got in a morsel Jane with those guys, but we're muttering was Miss game region, but but but in so one one is per syllable, so you can take like american words in right that and in Japanese and ended a japanese person go. Oh, that's are pronounced names right, so so of your name is no italian. You could do that. Indonesia is an eight hour tat. It must come to day they really they like d artagnan. You know they will unite the events in Iraq, but but Kanzi one.
But you could mean several different things, so you have to know in the context in which you're using it and I'm leavin is one naturally would look at stuff from right to left unnecessary. Ray ah this way, so that books go the opposite way in I was kind of I in my son It say like the letter ale right now, everything is w. Sunlight he's, like naturally like should be learning size, a Japanese. Now I think just because the way is his stuff- is forming he's he'll be like Yeah? Well, you know like we will make for young kids. Do the kids, but I like, maybe so, but I was learning it. I just got really into it, because it it took like a lot of my detail to like figure it out, and I started thinking with me and then I started to Carmody in college, and I started on the weekend I would draw to like deploying Iowa into a funnybone,
income bag and they would like he's doing, got his pay. Nothing. Now, no one. Until I found what I was going to do so I just didn't. I never went so I kind of that's a trip. I've always wanted to take and see how much of it like comes back because I was I was pretty good at and I loved and then and then I started learning Chinese in Chinese is is monosyllabic so, like me how much is a low, but if you say me how my like that, like I called you a whore, but why years like it's like me, how like you, how you say is like very specific in how you saving so one is hello. The other one is saving is low, but NEO Mass it that way is, but if it only, how am I dragged now like you used to watch me how Kylam, yet I think this hey hello,
why Niihau MA, instead of just Niihau use anyhow and other dangerous anyhow. What is the difference in me? How many Homa? That's just what I learned in in? in the classic more Norma year, and as we have good evening, yes, you learn everything. Is you learn? That's the only thing I don't like about learning languages in school. You learn you, you'd, never learn how you speak, You know I always learn how you would write a letter in how you would be like you know, grammatically, correct right, but some so now, like people are doing these things, which you just learn which need to know because like humans. We only we all say like the same twenty pieces of like bullshit. You know what I mean like. If you could learn that you can probably learn languages if you could just figure out. You know what I'm getting into rise. Fun which is a drink. You know, but I always we're the bathrooms. May I see a menu as what are your pronouns yeah yeah yeah yeah
recommended that a bit you pay them to them? They them in Japanese, it was my goodness now imma get a ring because I'm rusty only, but it was like how would how would I say this? They did have it, but it was. The way out of the sentence structure in the way my three year old speaks is the way you would structure a sentence in japanese night. He would say he won't say the subject in the verb all the time. Sometimes he would The verb last because you'll be so excited, so you'll put additive additive, but you're so bottle great good. Either You see it s kind of like how you would say like this to dislike
in my head. I'm like that's how you speak. So if I want to say something in Japanese, I would say so anyway, what's my name and I will go with horror does nay disco. So that's what does car does car makes it a question at aims at the answer. You put you put that at the in depth, you can't say always enough: you can but it's like some issue death, so he suggests Nay does nay discuss. So that's what does car does car makes it. A question at issue is at the end, so you put you put that at the Inn des Nay is a period, so you say so it's like you think, so it is right rustles. I got what you say. So if I go on so dismay, that means it is good. So this guy I'm asking, is it good? guess what does in an inn depends on what part of Japan you are
You mean until the death, but your name wouldn't be Smith. Is so me so submission some issues that Smith and yes and so when you were right to me sue, We did have to them. You know that's so it there they they would change Smith causes Smith, but is to me so how they pronounce it is so me so me suits me. Sues Smith and suicide is spell ts you. So it's not, I think I'm rusty. This was over twenty years, so you would have to change the way. Your name sounds. That's so strange to me, so deaf NATO's eliminate they were submitted. Yes, we so smooth and make them say: Psmith, don't don't give in This is only taken today take
our railway, the noise that you make. That means you. It was amazing and out amazing Obama, mine learning, Japanese, for your studying it for like a year and a half and in economics learning economics. How did I had done up here? it was it I because like a science and is like a cause and effect and so the same way. I approach my bits, you know what I mean it's like a kind of like. If this happens, then it affects all this. And it's all tied to the one thing you can judge- which is human behavior right, so you don't know what people are going to do and we will try to cut it. Try to control it all the time speaking because it has direct effects on the stock market. I can make money so like something like the girl one when the corona I was dropped. I was like.
This go fuck up all these things and then seeing how people react to all these things. We had taken away. Fascinates me, you don't I mean it's like, but that is. That is what economics is because when you thinking about stuff, yours go well what, if a panther they have been well our system? Where are the holes in our current system? But when people are just being intellect was about it and just like talking about it is sounds boring you like, but when the seat is happening in real time. I guess this is what economists talk about all this is like its. If this then then work, but it's just a deeper thing is always the same kind of way. When you take a bit, will you just go? What, if I'm talking about this anything you just you just go our homes,
I was watching something where o my son loves this cartoon card with name. Is this cartoon he blade It sounds like they, but is blazing a master machine and a head like this one is that the episode as it is a giant me ball rolling down the town destroying the town and they had this. One is clearly like black roller bleeding light master truck with Africa and get down get groove get down, Git meet, bow meatball and enemy borrows over. My son loves their eyes. So what I'll do it? ten that we have to break the news. This these family tat he got ran over by giant meat, with somebody else, and I'm like a stable you dont Andrews, rollerblade and get down and then and then somehow my standards knows. I get my boss, the mouse. Do you get out of here so then we pretend that we have to break the new,
this disease family that you get ran over by Jeremy, helping. That's how I sent us three that we retain that we work with the even he's about to go. Rollerblade for large in armies, though, is this is the Economy of scale, gone obeying. I noticed gonna play, nobody does a slice outside it. Then he gets promo bigamy bore so as light everybody who knew Steve. How do you feel about the so it that's kind of night work report ripple effects and then it s kind of like how I would I would think a bit in my head. Sometimes, and in Are you paying attention to how economists are looking at the future? sometimes, but right now, with my only mean I haven't read any prognostications other than its bad is clearly depression on the all of that is true. I mean well worthwhile glasses when they just stop talking about like injecting money and fixing things. You know with money on that on that
I'm lost and there are more and more into like the personal like what happened. To us by like how do we I'm fascinated with them? should I be human nature of was going to happen. I how it things gonna change on the other side of this right, you shake hands be in a bright. How many people going to keep wear masks you play and then, like was I had a a classic like racial thing happened, yesterday I was with my son three years and is: guy was workin out with his shirt off in the parts is big day the kind of like ridiculous and map. My family, you said: waits gay as yet drew down bells, no shirt on he's. Just a place in the park is doing he's done, work out in We must answer you, but my son. He knows about disorder
three man you want us to do scooter? I'm on my bike to keep up with him, cuz he's fast as hell, and then we are coming back with I'm walking my bike and my son has his scooter and we see this like either Bmw or Audi. We see the let's go on and I'll be anything other than a look in this. The guy and he's like doing it like right in front of us. I, U enemies so classing classic like this, do think I'm a break into his car with my son or like that all data lock, your car man like you, could it is done it when you didn't see us, and so what I propose, I why you did he was doing it, so he could so could see. He was doing I'm trying to say, like I'm buying things like literally like lacking is door in it to me. It fell. Like go out on a mask ahead of them as an island. The way the mammals, Blackfoot so afraid we're mask as we look like you. Pardon me was scared, Mamma s cool, but but
where's, I wear what must certainly, as I do engage with him, but don't let it go. What do you do? I let it go out with my son and adjust fill. It just felt ridiculous as eight, but I feel like we reverting back to like those paranoid. Things do like our man, but I do it in a mask. You know like nothing, it was like a are they. What point would approve in in I'm not going to change them? You know What do I do? So? I just my son didn't even see it. I wouldn't I've seen it if he wasn't so just like clumsy and with it like it, just felt like because we had passed several times, you gotta look. He can allow This car were gone. You know just done it in the cabin moving, but it was I get it. I tell you letting you know the idea, that's what it felt like to me. I think people are losing their minds. I think so. I think that's a lie. What TAT year yeah their behaviour? patterns are all off cause.
So so under duress and stress. There's a lot of people that acts and real strange, sometimes in our call people up just say, hi, How you doing you hang in there, and that is a lot of people just symbol, real weirded out. You know what gets me man, at night, gets me at night because it during the day, I'm like everything's factor. But you know we're maintaining I'd. I have faith in you nature. I have faith in society that will pull together, but at night time of any fuckin face ass. We not performing either does that have any definite that, but it also at night there's something about the darkness where I'm like. I just you know. I do a lot of my really fucked up thinking and everyone else in my house asleep. You know really that's when I,
it's my spark up. That's when I write my best shit to us when everyone's asleep, so when everyone's asleep I'm sitting around think in like manner when this keep Goin sideways would have we get a solar failure, would have the grid goes down, would have the earthquake. Hit would have the fuckin volcano when a yellowstone blows? What if this would have asteroid heads one of the worst disease catch his eye. What, if there's a war between us and China over this bullshit, there's a crazy letter that Germany Road to China yesterday career the head of Germany wrote some letter directly to the head guy in China talking with the only reason why you're in powers, because a surveillance and what have you done to the world like what you want, you guys have done to the cause of your disgusting price I knew you ve hidden the facts from people you ve started start the reality, and because of that, hundreds of thousands of people are going to dial and what was it was deep. Has written a letter like you, never read a letter like that. Were one world leaders shit now, in other words, either as editor of a newspaper. It was it
I wasn't. There was no head guy. On the other hand, Guy Germany's a woman right Angela Merkel, who is it editor of prominent german newspaper too well below the harshness? Alright, say again: cult locate, Isn T there whenever they d articles its right to correct you know, because to date tat whenever did met any fault ever whenever anything goes wrong. They cover everything up and there's so many people, the critic. The government, China they just want to get coasted there's disappear they vanished year, they didn't hear from them again. No one knows what to do. I mean that's, that's how they run things over there. What scares me, Is that and we give into that kind of like they have apps on their phone right now that give them a social score so like if you
walk you loose points out. We have heard about their oh yeah, a guy here, some guy said, is so scores. We'd better people is almost like. Minority report gives almost like August last year, yeah yeah, like that, it's it's scary, we give into that kind of surveillance. Over here, there's a real dark and all that stuff is a real dark in the bright It is your gobbled, maybe have rather keep a shit together and be nice, for maybe the guy from, it will be watching every goddamn thing. You do all day long and hold it. Over you and then they'll use that word again, more political power, that's just as possible and more likely of their social scores like manipulated around. The downside is a lack of freedom and that's the whole reason why the United States is so innovative d raises. Is this this week? We have this spirit over here. This spirit of freedom that we can do more? We can get more shit done, we can we can come up,
ideas. We celebrate this sort of creative that the sort of creative spirit that we think of when we think of the United States, we think of freedom. Think of creativity, so much innovation done over here. The moment Start clamping down on people and taken away freedom, your altogether a greater creativity, you're os gonna to take away that innovative thought. Mentality Make people scared and you gonna do just so you can control them. In fact, it's the worst, like one of the one of the things the United States. It makes it so great is that we have the ability to criticise our government. We have the builded talk, shit and keeps people and check even tromp, like even Trump Like is much as he hates it. He has tone down a lot of his rhetoric because of the criticism that he's faced and debts. It's important,
very important air maniac, that's wanting, as viruses Megan, everybody have to do their job. You realize, like a lotta, his people were light, acting impositions like they were really. You are truly vested if you're acting in it by light it's making, everyone have to actually do their job if he would do it again all over again if he knew how hard it would be and how much we get shit on We don't know, I think so funny when he presented to me was light. It was like the hot new nightclub monogamy like everybody was in there? You know what it's like. Like a my clubbing, you can pretend to be who you you wanna be, and you could just remain and watered down.
An expensive drinks and is this all happen, then the corona virus comes and ass, like when the lights come on in the club, and you get to see, we know fucked up, she really is an, and so when the coal country, just kind of like said, I will go, which abide in the guise of I'll lose its failures or our sharp. You think he is when our countryside was Joe. Isn't everything light chump is like a fancy, a nice resort, my hotel and who does want to stay in the nice hotel right he's like I'm rich from this dinner was it I want to do that. But after a while you get tied to spend twenty one dollars for internet and forty dollars for pancakes. You just want to go home and in Jos Conifer it felt like he represents home menotomy like Peter I feel like people, Joe Biden to me, feels like a school house and a third world country. That's gonna collapse and kill all the kids risk school hours that has made by people whose skirted all the rules of how to
of construction, and these are all do with dementia, but I think he's gonna be propped up by so many different people What about? Like President Obama come out and endorsing. If you president, allow me to come out and take over ok If it doesn't, you got Joe Biden whose leader of the country, who can't form sentences this man, three hundred and twenty million people in this country. Tell me that's the best. The democratic party can do that. So that's what I'm saying what I'm saying is. I feel like to everyone. He was represent it whole. That's what I'm saying, because he is familiar He was standing next to the we all felt more comfortable with, especially in situations like did you see Obama's endorsement video at it is straight up. Gas lighting. Is gas reserves pretend you can you can find it
if we could play as long or is it that you look like you see, doesn't believe a goddamn we're like he knows, Biden is doomed, he knows, is doomed for. You think he's gonna lose, it's not a matter of whether I think he's gonna lose. I do think he's gonna lose, but even if I thought I was gonna win, he shouldn't do the job. He there's no way can take the pressure of that position with the cognitive decline. That he's already showing, but there's no, but you just want the Democratic party. We back and control. I get it nice though I wish this man. I wish. Like I say, may like wings and when you in a night club you don't care, starts going down right but when you come out centres, On the other hand, an analogy, damn China give you an example to me. Just the way that tromp is handling Any kind of criticism, any thing is, is our unsettling light.
Just calm down like you got your egg you're you're inside is it's gonna like our sovereign Keith. Romania is amazing, point is made, laugh. He said this some type of tissue have to pass to become president, because before any other thing you have to take a test. You have to have degrees or whatever, but to be in charge of everybody else is when a pioneer in regard to ensure its are, and you control the nukes everything and it's like a backwards thing, and so that guy who's in charge of everybody else is. This is like manages, wish he didn't cause. So much just wasn't the way he he was I mean I wish you could just take. A thing is obviously who he's always been asked my point: he had changed at all once again into office. People did expect him to yeah he's
when the guy that eventually says anything about him, he talks mad shit about that. One is never lad: rosy, O Donnell, whoever it is. It he's been in future with right he's. You have allowed to you in the way, and so is like you respect all of that. But as this late in times like this one is require some empathy, many requires you to look The camera say I feel for the people, and I not get me credit is, I don't do that. Gimmick greatest have now clearly service ridiculous, and so I feel like I know what I'm saying is. I feel like having Joe come up here and play those notes. It feels ip. Everyone, just all of a sudden overnight, goes turbines, our guy. It felt like say just one thing is. I wonder I was on pills and you could sing the national anthem kiss. You forgot the words to this fucking way. Man is it can't be president, he can't talk
We can hold a sentence. You give him a couple minutes on CNN and agreeing keep together, but what is going to be like, after a year in office dealing with international politics, the economy, the environment, for all these different than what I'm saying is he's gonna? Have people showed up but look at all. They got how quickly via Obama's brilliant Obama's brilliant articular guy we're sorry getting gray hair his skin started sound and cause. He was actually waiting. The limo snitch this crazy right. That's about! Why managed, as in a bind starts read those things will be dead in a week and now to be. The vice president is with worn who they gonna put in their no two, probably hooting all take as they set a bridge, pick a woman of color, so many women of color for Supreme Court Nobody said, I said fourth vice he said he said,
or should pick the best person used to pick the best person who will probably be a woman of color. Why would they be women of color, though. The most only because they under represented, and it would be a good thing for the country, or would it be a good thing for the country because the best person for the job, both the boat best person for the best person for the job, I fear could be a woman of color underbelly. Anybody's country could also be a woman of it could be because a lot of policies cannot stop before consulting the people of color women of color can see a weed lived, leaving, this group, this figure, this out relativism male of color, whose better qualified for the job out, but that's my point. What is da the qualifications? What is done is is what I just said is no test. You have to take is just a popularity contests facet case and we would do
nobody's viral woman of colored. Be would be what why would you want a woman or car? I think erroneous feel better it was the women of color in charge. I I I feel like what did? Elsie Handler saying what she did. Her old thing. Remember she just see just did thing about southern. Whenever they exist that we actually went on elements that we need to start listening. The women of color like it was like yeah, probably, should I think the right person to be talking about this, but I feel like the United States. Hey, Stacy Abrams is in the running and how they should be a bad choice, but I've I've watched, you just put things in context and see, is very smart. Very sharp and see is not wrong by sea Be extremely careful I'll tell you who could actually be resident who Michelle Obama? She happened to it,
she's not going to do now, but if she wanted to do it, she could be president. Why do you think you could do it first of all, she's brilliant she's articulate she's well known she's she's. Of a powerful person when she speaks really well? She obviously was for furrowed where the two terms she was the first lady so she's accustomed to the public eye she's accustomed to speaking publicly. Do too, she stepped up and decided to run for president. They should win by a landslide because it's isolated guides maybe not beat trumpet, I should say, but when the damage attic nominees by landslides. I really think you think she will lose as well, though I don't know I don't know how it works. It's complicated right in so we need dealing with electoral college like look, Trump lost, the popular vote,
He won the electoral college vote right and that's why they say. Joe Biden was the best bet because Joe Biden so Pennsylvania, it was ASP, is a swing state and Joe Biden is the only person out of the democratic nominees who did not say he was against fracking. It was like the UK, you can't be again, you get, you can't do it all at once, and then they had their the clip of the frightening protests, music over my elsewhere, like eggs, It was a kobo for somebody else and so drunk they. They were saying that Trump does not feel like you can beat Joe in Pennsylvania, cuz. We chose from, and he also supports he has an in with you- know the coal miners and the fracking industry. Just like you know Trump. So when it comes to electoral college votes Trump doesn't knows he can't beat them. That's why I hence the whole Ukrainian get some dirt on them. Announced sums. Admin side thing now is kind of like the narrative of that, and so when it comes to electoral votes, oh Midwest, gang that whole, miss again miss again, but by his right there,
and it s what I'm saying alike from people? Yes, man, oh no, I don't know what what's gonna happen once people start here in him talk on the campaign trail. But I don't know I don't know Ralph Animal. How brilliant articulate trump is like me, I think everyone, as these matters reliance it's a matter of being able to control crowds and have these exciting rallies he does arenas dude. It is sold out. Arenas any kills listen. I'm not. This is not an optional united objectively. I know you want a Democrat to win right and you want one colored to be the vice president, who I know when I will love our love. For I'm not saying I will love for things to feel like there I won't say back to normal, but I just love to feel like when the
are there not being the way they are right now that is now like those horrible question gives you a nasty questions. Christian, you should say yeah, it's it's bad in those ways, but what I'm talking about is his ability to excite his base and the ability to get people behind him he's a unprecedented ability in depending upon how he handles this corona virus crisis. It could swing, left or right. It really debate. Depends entirely upon who abiden picks, because you member when George, W was president. It really was like President Dick Cheney right There aren't any was in that fuckin, vampire, underground bunker, gettin fresh blood pumped into him every day and Papa call on all the shots dimension. There was one point time we're Cheney was consistently in the bunker using the bunker flag. Some time. There's an he's, an update, even told us. He was in a but just in case anything happens, wizened Bush in a fucking backer,
he's. The President Dick Cheney was they are calling the shots minutes. It was one of the most trance parent times. We see the connection between industry and government. Will you have a guy who was the former CEO Halliburton accompany that rebuilds countries after we blow them up getting no bids? contracts to rebuild the country they blew up while he's making the decisions to blow of these countries is crazy. It was great, it was Is anyone like you couldn't stop it right, but Someone comes along and some powerful speakers. Someone who you really mean hinders their several choices. Apparently, and if they pick some, Why should a groom and someone right now who you get excited about Oh ok, this person, this person could step up if Biden lost or of buying. Austin Right or Biden died. Which is also possible brothers. If there's a phone, of him that was on the New York Times yesterday. We could see like where they gave him the fucking face.
Look, he's he's talk in his like skin, is unnaturally pulled up and and back and like oh Christ, man maybe twenty years ago, maybe twenty years ago, but not now. This is crazy. Our nose like when you talk about all the stuff you would have done if this cross his desk. No and just just just what we just have an awareness of how to government works. Well, why will the what was The pandemic agency will close down. It must ensure the well about shop. He was alone he's like maybe my daughter's will happen, like he'd literally heaps has said as those I get rid of him, but then is is like all types of protocols and you find out where the money is video like Joe headed, a just a knowledge of we all that stuff were- and I feel like tromp talks to his, Yours, like we're, gonna, do look round and shore we're gonna, do we're gonna do, and here It goes
Then he takes his stance based on what he is known. He's no he's gonna be protected legally Ryan. He doesn't equate than he president of all of us here on a maiden, so I just feel like that's what's missing and he is incapable of doing it. I know em pits had the MIKE and pants was gettin popular it ate it. Europe needs a minute becoming duties. How does that guy get popular? How does for First WAR Let's talk about a vice per hour that guy's voice sounds like will people that has somebody that yelling back if he rose like we're gonna will have their by the end of the we did. You ever see there's a woman who has won them pink, pussy, hats on and there's a bunch of people that are yelling impeach, tromp, impeach Trump and she's runner cave President parents proteome job if trumpets impatience peasant? So maybe we should not impeach him again. Maybe so funny because is become so emotional, become so emotional right, n, n n? I feel trumps.
Business man, so he he's not approaching this. If any, motion and it folks will people just like now. You know well that good in that he did was blocked. Travel from China. That's a good thing that rather save thousands of lives, really did a lot of people saying you're crazy you're in there, but this also there's so many fuck and people. There have been one and then saying that he actually didn't. They were saying that people are still coming from China, so Many actually done. I don't know I just heard. Doesn't I'm saying I was ache afflicting, would not indefinitely block travel, but they were saying people were still coming, but maybe some people had loopholes because of the diplomatic reasons or re business reasons or whatever, but they did. Let me and there is a video that Bravo had on a page of Nancy Pelosi in February telling people to go go to China. Town is no worries, is got mingle, should they confronted Chris walls. Confronted on Fox news items to boot
shit no way out of this. While she was blaming the present. Is everybody got this wrong? Everybody got it wrong. Everybody did forty. Three thousand people travel from China to U S: Sister Krona virus surfaced was right, but went by but the colonel our surfaced in this is just to this. I think this just an article about presidential, so understandably articles recent, but this is an article about when the run a virus surface which was in January. That's just letting politically, oh, how many several here, maybe over to America, but that's not the. How many people came to America, This is, since chinese officials disclose the outbreak on New year's eve in two months after presidential Soho restrictions forty two, forty thousand, since the president's impose restrictions, is somewhat cabotage. Restrictions were those the bulk of the tree boys, who were of multiple nationalities arrived in January at airports in LOS Angeles, San Francisco, New York Chicago, nor can
toy. All places fucked by corona has very those like we're not talking about right. Now they flew directly from ruin. Have you seen all this shit? They point to the fact that this came from a lab. Well, We know so funny, I'm talking to you, but they will. I. This is chemical thing they just get. They were like they ve well, they were working on how to mitigate viruses. That's what we're doing their work and they they had viruses in this lab in WAR Han, and They think it came out- and one of the reasons why they think China immediately blames on the wet market this it. Whenever China blames and on some always look zero. There are times there's a ton of of scientists that are pointing to that is one friend. Virologists, Gmail, send you this disease, Anti viral judges who identified HIV and this french virologists was look.
At this disease and new site. This is not a disease that came from nature. This is a disease that came from the lab. Did you see that that Facebook, video with this sum series or netflix? What is it is a series on Netflix that takes place in China that, like two or three years ago, they called the corona virus any like played the thing really yeah. If thy episode, thirteen season three is under way of the show. Jesus, Christ, nay, nay, newly stuff was happening. While people knew that it was always a possibility. I came here the amended this text thread, but is here now? Is this like the we set of light at all about. There's. Nothing is interesting, but what is doing to our tv industry like it feels like everything has become you too. You know like others. I know every unerring bodies looked trotted. Do you right there? Everybody is
if only one more thing is they try to do it, but they're they're, not adapting rights. Do not adapt individually. At no orders for the June is whack. Ass model, as you know, is doing well, who build more, Building on, isn't havin fun with it he's having a great time he's also, he has here right. French biologists are sending this right now Jamie hello Bill. More has some great fuckin rance. I mean these or other tweeted, twice to him that were said? Bravo, yes, are you play in it? they always on my phone where's. It sound come from. I just wanted to be a his fucking It has been great hilarious and also, you know he's he's push on all the buttons. You know he's here comedy he's doing like real edgy comedy. Pointing out how crazy this all is I appreciate him right now he's a guy who's on the left that are really
I really like the fact that he doesn't give in to all the craziness. He doesn't get give entered the lunacy of of left wing. Policy. Still he still like rational about at all. Although clearly left wing biased, he still rational, but still goes with comedy, but it was what year Why so? I don't know man like him a lap, I walk illegal, but come I watch no cause. I want some of his stuff and I feel like is two things. These are happy only so. Basically because he's all right. Is, he would have Yonah show is always talking about kids foggy target and he's always sounded about it, but but but love. I love how he attacks it like. He knows what is best. Does yours We as not it or he'll, be talking bowed, he did his whole ran about. Why can't we call it the China Disease Analysis,
I was listening to Chinese American, on on the daily talking about her experience of a film being an asian American. He was always like a probationary experience. As long as I do, the right things do not delay. People left me alone, but when this came up just going outside people like you, fucking Chinese ticked? you know in any kind of like so it is, is to me love Watson and because it because it also- these blind spots day he's is his oh rant, was really about. Stop these wet markets. You can do it. You have to do the but here is an out of it just when they called it. The chinese virus, they don't call anything of airspace and a country that would called the war on via this slightly called lime Disease- lung Disease- that was one of the examples aroused or
you know Sars or mergers. It's a Middle EAST from respiratory did makes employee Edith. I oughta do learn, variety should I he was right to set and asked what I say it's a problem as India. The problem is He's trying to do comedy and he's trying to make a point at the same time and really the right word, because the war on gas, if they call do but when they call they'd, covert nineteen, then it becomes the whole world's problems. That's one of the difference between what that journey. In Germany was saying to the head of China. You know he was saying that and then the chinese guy was saying hey. This is the whole world's problems, whole world pandemic, but yeah kind, but it did come from a fuckin if it did not give it did come from a lab. You know right. We should call the lab created. Will Hon virus through you go, but it's better to civic parities. Inaccurately claims, the novel krona, viruses, manmade, contention and material from HIV? Ok,
This guy is Nobel Laureate Luke Man TAT. I knew I had to speak French and I get there. So how do we know that this guy's correct says there is virtually no MC analysis? Can my fellow bear its is India, aids. The virus has a national origin, was not engineered. The so called unique protein sequence. Insertions found the to town tonight, in contrast, can be found in many other organisms notches each but that doesn't mean it's organic or natural and origin- see. I think that we are- right now in this period of conflicting information and you're gonna, get it bouncing back and forth from protocol. But I've read multiple sources. That seem an and from respected scientists to seem to indicate that there is a distinct possibility that came from the lab. One things are saying is the actual bats that they seek the genome when there, when no, when I found the genetics for this virus, the bats that tested in the world
where this originated from, where the same eggs They're from the same exact location is the bats. Are they do? Research on in this lab in the lab is for miles away. I mean it's, not it's! outside the rumble passport, wherein the Wheel house reader obviously I'm more on. I don't know shit about viruses, then what I read but when China says, are definitely a wet market. Nothing to see your sorry great play, look deeper yeah, I don't know me. Maybe it was a wet markets. He wasn't a wet market by russian right. Well, the web markets, a fuckin gross. You know it is, that's also sad thing about you. Trying to feed a billion p boy, feeding on wildlife a lot of what they are eating. His wildlife, their equivalents like squirrels in January, exactly jazz just there eating whenever they they can eat. Your pigeons were brought over here as food from where from other countries from Europe. I believe you know, policies bodily
It's not the non. Although California, crazy Ella is palm trees like Cubs Watson is go, fights and you see he's got so cow tattooed on stomach were to palm trees, shows. Our hope is that it's almost is like what you do Have you can't? I know it is sometimes too weird. One palm trees were weird one regulate how many They bring over here. Yeah he's deal all the palm trees yeah, that's all so where's land, yet abnormally climate with hurricanes, as it could withstand the We stand the fog someone you re. Muslims are palm tree, the fellow that motherfucker, let's take what wages year wind they are worried about wind at all. Well, crazies plant evolve to be able to handle the wines. My brain is working like you know the palm trees
I couldn't stand that you know. If I bet they tell a man better wins Do I love Hawaii of how we wise, like fuck, you, no one's come in here may stay out a out stay out. We get some beautiful islands where you sit tight, neat fish or a couple weeks, Diego find Applebee's again. Today's none I proposed in my wife in Maui. Did you really best, but the best out of my life with their there. I will I'll get away every year to Beaumont. Oh yeah, Lanai yeah, maybe one tenth of my meat that I e is from a year comes from Hawaii, as do those crazy, I will say to any body dissonant. If you now Mary, it keep a nice file of photographs of before I kid cause. I set my wife, a picture of us they like made her weak light. We will pay when we are people
feels like that. Now everybody's, like a prisoner, yeah, yeah, Elena Control for saying that what she says she's actually hilarious, jokes, because I feel like I'm imprison she go. I've been when same clothes for ten days, everyone's gay so funny, but then people like Ellen need to be educated about the realities. Prison like yeah? Also it's just a joke attain this carriage oaks. Can co? exist with the need to be factual at every turn they can this is not gonna its yes you're right, you you're right. She should be sensitive about. But how do you know that she's not also sensitive about incarceration and incarceration fucked up it's fucked up- and I don't know what the solution is, but I do know that it's not going to rehabilitate anybody. I mean, if you get a real
militated by imprison all the people- and I know that have been imprisoned there. That's up to you there for you classes, but dealing with so much chaos, while you're in there and so much so much danger, and so much so much fucked up shit. I give you get rehabilitated because that the astronomer, yeah you're, strong mother fucker, but this people that, like one Favorite examples is Bernard Hopkins Bernard Hopkins, who was one these boxes of all time, and also one of the ones who had the longest career of all time I mean at Lee, world class level was beaten, world class fighters deepening forties fought his last I think it was fifty one Bernard Hopkins Dearest. In jail and when he came out one of things that the one of the guys in the jail, When the guard said you'll be back and is like the fuck, I will end his discipline, was the legendary. You know it's because of government.
To be banned. The execution and ask so friend a mundane in green. He did a documentary about is a group of guys and Philly called the executioners and fastening documentary and he I think he either took the main or adopted or whatever, but on workers from them. Yet it was a bunch of on tat from me no troubled area, but they found boxing in and start having success as the execution as they were, where the mask in the ring. In order that in no show not gonna like adopted in and well, you know he abandoned it later on his careers people trying to figure out why he so good this late life, so he began the alien, yet you so its behalf dot alien on Instagram, because, like people, how the fucker you beat the shit, everybody we're late for this year and he's got an alien decided. It accuses
Super technical and discipline in never never did dumb things inside the ring. Just did everything technically and always err on the side of defense. He was his defense was impassable ass. I live life off day. The Bernard have style. You know a great example that is like the difference between Road Jones Junior into crime, who I think the grace of all time, if not the greatest Roy Jones Junior in his promise, fuckin untouchable and touch, but then what Roy got a little older and a little slower Bernard name for twice they thought, once and Roy, beat him by decision and they fought later on, when Bernard was actually older than Roy and Bernard B by Decision pre decisively, because Bernard's fundamentals in its technical ability was rock solid, whereas Roy now
first of all, say never through a job. Rarely through a job with leaping with eleven cause. His left foot was so preposterous you can get away with crazy shit hand down, move and he's the only five. Later on record for coffee box it when an entire round of a champion fight without having one landed. I'm going crazy, wow against a world champion against any pass Yanza. They fought in time. Around, were polyantha didn't land one punch, hock our quit out of ours Vinnie he would never quit many positions, it would never fucking kill. You would die before you quit and he almost dead right where I beat the fuck out of here and when Roy was stopping Roy dropped. Him was beaten, sat and looked at the reference like police, Starlight right and the reference to keep fighting like ok, anywhere, big bang and then put him away with his eye have to do that by letting them know like this fight is Overman's flights over stop. This is done in Scotland.
May not gonna get the name out one when I didn't Scott, who used to be a spot on the north, where, on Thursday night, they put a boxing ring on the entire for the floor right and when you walk in, if you before somebody dishonor you go away. All these like these gang dude and whatever we try to find, you were seeing how out of shape who were like in real time again the ring, and then they would always ended with a professional or like an amateur professional, and you could see you can try to fight him if you want and that's when you would see the importance of fuckin technique as you have all these these due to look like they could put it were, but Do we just stand? It is Jack Light, but it was so sad it. He would never get tired of this be makin. These do and you would all you would stand on a second and if ever happens, people start fine, really hard for the first time Secondly, they got me didn't know, though punches secret, though lemons Adam. I tell you all that shit anyway,
Thursday night. We would do it every Thursday. And ass. Well, that's my first thought again into OSHA technique is everything my everyday professional would just step up there and just like not be faced. I'm talking about on the street are any of these guys. You doing, I forget what they do, but he knew after forty five seconds. They can't is rap. They want to be. When did they gonna be tired and any Susan? Next to it was amazing, though I so when we talk about that guy didn and a points in a cat and he's a world champion. He's in a league, boxer and It is our job raining where I Jones Junior was broken. Genuine, he was at his best. Was people forget the effort of Gatt and there was a knock song was said- the new MIKE Tyson Roy Jones and people forget It was a time and in Roy had a song about its call. You must have forgotten to forget. You know, crazy- is that I would just think about it. And in terms of like our business like because my life now we which are
We call in o tv shown we couldn't really figure out. The details of it but being in like right as those who you'd know how much people pine over certain things in arguments happen in all this, it is trying to, It's a show on air and then twenty is they that, like greatness, a man is our next door neighbours and they borrow each other sugar. That's what does not say without it Caesar measure. That's that's true, as our every great person I've ever met is I also join with this new Jordan Documentary RARE and allow the agony I yea italian, follow them for Jordans I do not like me after this, you didn't give a fuck. That's who that's how you well, that's how you ain't six. Well, I'm always said that like Witness a man is our next door neighbours
they borrow each other sugar. That's what does nothing without on its easier admission, that's that's true, as our every great person I've ever met is mad mad cows. In order to get to that place, rather than anybody goes you you gotta, be out of your fucking mind and you have to have a drive inside you there's different. You gotta be sacrificed relation. Ships in public perception and and even your own. Well being yes, this people that get to those points, those people just did not- and maybe it's a good idea to get those points, casually live points for ten years right and then, after that, you gotta delivered yourself. Yes and it's hard for a lot of people to hear you knows healed Michael. Yes, I love him love him. Love is you know, is he always healed marijuana sears?
a guy most of my time and we right now bullshit, but why my place my kids can be like dairy. Why are you so that he is drifting might Thyssen? Yet I do is amazing. Thing gave us, who called box over there. He could see the coroner's oh yeah, we're both our own joint thank him. Otherwise, we which we share in Georgia, joy, tested positive, seems like a bad. Just a negative sees me apart, a mean in a good web, positive side tested negative, I'm sorry man. Ladys. You like,
even though your good names like in poor formed a shared eyes, night smell is we're dead lighter. What happened is lighter Jamie been here firing of choice from behind my back thanks. But my ties it was in his prime, the ultimate destroyer and the ultimate guy who was complete, neatly focused only on greatness, but then, after a while Nino actors Those career was over and you have to settle in real ass. Who was now he does even like workin out. What we said to me was that he goes one of feed. My ego
because if I start workin out again on our feet in my ego, self awareness like a mouth like a lot will have a sixpence room. Don't don't give up? joke, but that job did you do is brilliant as one of my favorite jokes, Ague, Mannheim, six bad job is genius. I think I'm a release there. We gotta do something: oh and we gotta let people know and inhabited people as much. I can you one of the best comics alive. That's a fact, human. I say you, man, no books came out really good own. Our my ass, often ass. It you'd have been there and I mean, did start motion for type. So, like the graphics, when you see, I want to do like this paper crumpling on crumbling too so, like you know, named and other stuff, so I want my kids in my. Firstly, I set up that motion photography and proper to paper.
How did I saw myself put it in Indiana? Had a hell of a direct elevate, editor Matt Scylfing the extent autumn may I met so, do you use and to set all that up? I have a trifle that leans on cuz I've always like like cooking in down. I was going to do like food, years before my family to show them like sit and are making. I don't want to be on the internet, aigrettes alike, but but I do want to someone. Makes a few months ago. How did you do that? What makes our challenge Dounia? I was sent in pictures and what kind of yeah that's right. He cooks allowed, so that's it we're kind of food either our do so. I would do on his whole bitten. This whole, like I, would makes it sound make must move. These are incredible. I wouldn't
make my own almond milk and saw that shouldn't do it. How do you? How are you doing that shit? So I would do that and then I would make like my breakfast food to crazy, like my wife loves like how I put that together and makes it from scratch: cuz Imma from scratch. Waffles pancakes, or rather a good package able goes in the right now like looking thing and be lightened. Ok, you need you nothin, like negotiator, whatever me, whatever you know, whatever it is, but it all, but a bum big on pleading and making it look. Is it so chef in disguise ever mcquire share in it cooked any wild game. Now you got up, but I just gotta see once and then I'll get so many ideas because a guarantee you, I could take a recipe that you'd love in just even might. Even I too am in favour of don't ass. It is, I was gonna, do sometimes my wife or take a picture. I take a picture like senator my moms.
My mom is like competitiveness for how'd. You do that at this point, the thing on it being and I get it from from them. They like their food is before was food, is like my sissy. Could bite apiece deserted me like baby new sentiment likes you like seeking taste ass it and I will watch our group was now so I like doing its job basically about a tripod for, but I was able to use that for the staff motion photography, so I did deaf or other the lower third titles and in all other stuff, and I had to realize that cooking is an art. I have added change my perceptions and I didn't realize that I had a misconceived idea. Misperception. I didn't understand that until a watch, the Anthony Border in tv show the first one, no reservations and when I Such show and his enthusiasm passion for the great
have some great cuisine, and I think a lot of it also was like that he was enthusiastic about other people's work. And then I was realized like this. Ok, this guy's not just a chef himself which she was, but also like a fan of the art form, and so all the great masters like he would go to their places all over the world and and film with them and eat with them and cook with them and drink with them and then I realized like? Oh, this is E. This is an art form that you don't doesnt last very long. You eat it deal an art form here, but it's an art form. It's likely like drawing right like your sons, three, You son draws like cool to see someone draw something. It's also different. Then you know whatever Lena Dementia, whatever so someone who's amazing at it
He got others levels is many. Many many many many many many levels even to food. There's like some food that just I'm hungry, I just need ie. But then I guess What happened was civilization got so then to the fact there was enough time between getting raided by barbarians and fighting off safer to cats like a joke. You ok, what? If I make a pretty what? If I add a little bit of this everything and then the due to put a little fuckin balsamic drizzle on elegant little Sprague, parsley rose. What could she did and then
They started turning. What was I can Ascensional thing into and aren't experience workers you, you eat with all five of your senses. First, you you hear it cookin, you smell it in my own one thing: I then you see it and ass the whole plating of it right with others who says you taste, tasted less is here see here: what's the other one feel utility
he tat our short texture and you go, and so so it is a dance. Man is the love that I love that aspect for a while. I had gotten into plant based of the sea and in so as I could fund thing when you can basically make a versions of your old comfort foods. I would be like hey or I would make stuff without, like a specific ingredient like do substituting take great all the greater whenever they so ass. I thus the stuff that wasn't, but our full light flippant nightmare we'd. My wife and I did so about doing us. A psycho doctoring in a light. Words is take like take what say, like our no can't silly but incisive someone you either this like this. It could be like a twenty
dollar, bold silly now you gotta mean doctoring stuff is like my thing too. I could take up a frozen pizza and do some shit to it in you, but I mean it. S called to me too that food is specific to the culture like I went to Thailand for the first time ever last year and you know we actually took a tie cooking class at this one place and so I got to understand. How they do things like does very little dairy, like everything's like coconuts. Can these different spices inquiries and the way they cook and recycling This is so recognise was puzzling mexican food, which is so recognisable to mexico them all lay in Teresa and although the different styles of creating mexican food here well for a while, I did raw fu wrong. We dear off, it was fantastic, is best about better,
best ever failed in my life years, raw vegetables, its did, you want these seeds nod and do more on meat, but but and his deep down. I was learning how to make dishes in every meal has four things: a fatty acid assault in the sweet. So even if you don't Flowers like looking at plates life, have you get calamari right? The frightened ass, the fat economy and then the Saudis, I've, Zita sought in the batter and assorted put on it, the sweetest dipping source, but they always give you a lime wage why they do and asked the ass it. So every meal should have those four components, and then you just learn like how you teased tongue and stuffed as you do, that by stimulate turning and excited, and so what I learned, what I did a raw food thing is that I don't love, barbecue, potato chips and of the seasoning. That's all corners ranks. You could take anything not aiming which you wanna me somethin chippy ask in you can kind of those same seasonings. I won't miss barbecued throughout.
Fuck bag loves, vinegar, sound, vinegar, Gypsy sought and vinegar fuck those gisarms get the best one. I feel like. I can't stop like amended, trance vinegar and saw eaten trance, unlike barbecue, say, relate, but I'll eat anything, that ship by itself, where the sum is equal is way greater than the sum of the parts. A total is wait. Wait because I sought by Love is ok, vinegar, myself, that's fine, but chip. By themselves amounting reality it altogether, liquid India is yet of Jamie. Continue, get no sun, vinegar omens have you had those I'm scared
these on those four year. These are my my brain of that kind of watches the blue diamond. I used the shit out of these, but I know there's all kinds of spices and he'll need right. Look at my hearing. This is probably look this this that I haven't. I can't read this that my glass, you learn, but that list of ingredients in that forum, noxious armies, look another look. Saving read that look at all that shit let's do Mendoza the Saracen Almonds, which are God damn delicious, but I first went to little where two big corn Mount Textron. That's the first ingredient, none and I mean that the first nuts level funny it's the almonds vegetable oil servers. Corner ass? He sugar is a higher number of good either. We better off raw. Raw almonds, yet The June list does not examine it with round the dope motivation. Emigrants does it areas? Is your room? How big is serving though I come,
Oh yeah, what did I do serve as long as this twenty eight? Not out so that six servants why each six servings now grandma's Zeit six servings so about her maid Osborne? You gotta be a lotta somatic calories. Do we find it carries out an whirls exclaimed the protein yeah, it's good for you, but you know it's bad, for the fucking environmental, you chair, if you care about the environment, was grown a plant here that could never survive that being drowned. That's what Amazon these motherfuckers just suck up all their whores their mean. They kill all the other plants for make nuts I'm just kidding about it, but the drinking water. Are they really bitches thirsty Billig that some pointed that out like if you really care about the environment, you will be by an hour, got us from countries like what do you do? We would where's that have a kind of coming from. Has it get in here by truck you must be eating. What's around you,
that's indisposed to live where shit grows. Vacated, isn't it is that it is That's right! Right! Just drove your Father Intermezzo cargo ass! If we were a longer view paper live with a phone as we have does in America to we still live in. Do that line alone, a lot of our food comes. We call for the farm land between here San Francisco is crazy. Publican up there. You see these. You know anti abortion billboards about pro tromp billboards and, my goodness, it's like a different world, it's so crazy because it's the world of the people who have to work from fuck it
Don T, like seven p m in the crash, they go back to the farm. Again there always try to keep it together. Fuck man when comes Farmers there's one thing you get a lot of you get a lot of religion and so on. Is a value judgment, seas, you get a lot of religion and you get a lotta republicans, yet a lot of that. It's not! common that you get live better government. There are few. There are certainly some organic farmers that only real progressive, liberal people. They understand the importance of grown your own food, but, like me, Farmers like when farmers are growing corn to feed costs I was like that those kind of farmers it's another road that they need them, that those fucker. Is a lot of those people republican. You gotta wonder like. Maybe it's just like the party of the people that really a stare ass and they they wanted that they want that that hard work in farm
were ethic is like there's no room for bullshit that life. If you gotta get up at six o clock in the morning and feed the chickens melt the cows and you shit all day long and your barely paying your bills. You don't want to hear any bull shit. You wanna hear any bullshit and so I think a lot of them are Republicans because report. It stands for like this. No bull shit perspective on life, the thank the Democrats, one and out their money and take too much tax, but it's because their reality its because the reality this particularly gruelling occupation. These people have taken on it it's almost like mistake of perspective, in others, didn't have opportunities, see things openly like see the whole world and see whether their possess It's like to have a uniquely difficult position. They might think the whole world is like that But it's not necessarily like you chose something. That's a paper. Asturias endeavour. I mean I mean that in an admirable where MC admiring farmers work, ethic of each took a reg
a person's you are making is never work like that ever as Ellen June Georgia to get up at five o clock in the morning. You gonna see the chickens and milk gather up the aid worth a mad and you build going to make any money and you're gonna have crazy loans and you're gonna need us a dialogue to be subsidized by the goddamn government me no man yells so much depression and suicide and when their farms collapse, man, it's fucking, devastating and there's some people who do too somebody would do it may become very successful and some people do it love it and whereby it meant as a whole spectrum, but that that has got to test you and, if you think, about a crazy. That is that there are not more lucrative what
is more favourable to us that organise its wider. We treat them that way exactly like what else is more valuable. Our teachers. What why do actually to have that way is a staple get paid little who are so valuable? Yes, what a fact society backwards, what is more vote does number one is stay alive s number one: how to do that! You need for vodka that we like food which take take so very fair one percent, they sedation priests. Yes, they simply think that errors of fruit- they literally bring you fruit and you give them paper. You get their fruit sustained Jupiter struggling and the number two is teachers because was here, you gotta learn what he, but what he? What do we do? That it is we take em we pay em down. Shit, we stick em in front of fifty kids, barely paying attention and gives hope to make an impact.
Like. I'm sure you have a few teachers, they did said a thing. He had one point time you can like this teaches us do make a difference. Mr Freedom, bird you'll, never you'll never be able to draw a woman into you ve had a woman I received, and I gotta give me that's a bill. Withers line. That sounds like a song. Mr Friedman. Damn one guy, who was a Vietnam vet, whose heavy guy who's heavy and he was in middle school. When I was in now, I was in the merry curly middle School in Jamaica, Jamaica Plains, which is- at that time it was a real sketchy neighbourhood outside of Boston, suburb, unnoticed robots about your inner city, intercity move their from Florida now Zone place. We get a form of those kids,
dad you dislike seventeen year old kids and my seventh grade cloud of issues because it was so ridiculous. I'm not exaggerating. Man was maybe eighth grade Africa, but there was one teach anyway. He was assigns to you and he grows on radishes any kept sailing. All I need is radishes insult. That's my lunch and I grew my lunch and I thinking like Other grown his lunch even out here in the city, but this is the big thing he said to me, if we want to hurt your head, he goes just go. Outside, and look up at space and realize how big it is, try to imagine something that has no end. If you really want to hurt your brain, just try to imagine that space has no end, that fuck me too? I was like thirteen like, oh my god, he's right
there's no end and I swear to God. That became a big part of the shift. And how I started view in the world. Two things are started happening when I was a kid. What does that moved around a lot? I never had friends and because I never had had it for my own opinions on thanks, I couldn't just adopt panes of neighbourhood at a former own opinions, almost always Evelyn to all these different places and then too was teacher, saying to me. That there's no end, and I remember thinking now when I was a killer, holy shit and then the two include that I wonder, are no grown ups. It's not real. I realize I may one day be one of them. What this is nonsense? You did they want with it. As you see enough, like faulty behaviour in adults, you see enough. The hall is like us. I saw a lot of
common drug abuse. When I was doing construction liked, it must act as an architect. Ok, you got me gigs on jobs and construction sites, that's what I do for summer. That's how to make money in it'll be friends of some of these guys and some of them had like real potential uses, one dude. He was a user Amr enemies. I think mostly, just a drummer earthy play guitar to band and use a really funny guy seems Robbie many interesting God, but he just struggled with the fuckin booze in the bottle and became friends with him. When I was like sixteen seventeen, and he was in his thirty's couldn't get a shit together. You would like to good for a little stretch and then you would fall apart, but I remember I liked him so much. I was like you so funny Will you literally could die together, he's just a still cool guy, and then
I would see him drunk, and I remember thinking that seventeen like us, poor guy, he's chip in ozone, Dick is issues fuck in his way through the, but it was for me was port until to realize that you could be a guy? Who is like a funny nice guy that I really liked but also do the Damas things possible, derail your life's ousting unlike What is missing sky that he's doing this like. Why do people keep doing, particularly with things readjust, undeniably Stating what hard drugs and things along those lines when you literally could die every night? You still shooting up like what keeps you doing that and it's like a lack of structure for a lot of them. It's a little while, was thinking that when I was a lot of Amr adrift in some of em it's a chemical thing, some of em for sure addiction. Is there more inclined chemically, but it seemed like Some of us just like a lack of structure and discipline and if they just rules. Thank
rule number one. You don't shoot harrowing dear Dick has Euro Euro Smith and this Smith's, don't shoot heroin into the depths. Ok arrive gallery, but some people- they grew up with parents it. And lay down any rules, man and they never developed. They never developed like a lie. They can't be that farmer, those fuckin fur, murmurs. It get up at six, a m that those no bullshit motherfuckers at work hard every day every day and then its people its site. They barely show our absurd can make it in that way. We are so that Social didn't, have anything the hanging over their head especially when you're young bidding on data say. Oh yes, the NGO you're, a Democrat, none alone on secondary that you get a House Republic yams. I want you all some shit, you're gonna wanna, keep it yeah. That sort of true, but that's not all
I am not a Republican. I can't I consider myself left on almost every issue except for maybe second amendment and this is one where I saw people thought to us all out of my liberal friends fall apart. We have wanted to come to Joe Joe with how do I get it can witness it went down. So yes, I know, is openly regime calls it wasn't that we disagreed. Even is it like they? Never one friend his wife would never let him have a gun. In the moment this went down, she doesn't have to get a gun. She said to him to give some areas returned one hundred eighty degrees and this lab ivo, whose hailing I've people can go dark on you, men, the world, get evil the. When scarcity becomes a thing. I mean there's a reason why the Sony apocalyptic movies and, in other words, our great inequalities, mad max movies, like Toby way better
we ve got a fish, we speared of it would be a great idea in theory, but you, if you break your leg and want to dive in infection on the beach, so how many people into a basket a lot a lot like, almost probably a dozen close to, did you hear many, it I'd say genuinely at least seven or eight it was to know, I shall you do gonna go down a robotic, not gonna, help you get a gun, you gotta, go to a gun store the giant lying in wait luggage go free read online and how to get a gun like sisters and that supporting your panic buying. Of firearms You gotta learn how to use it to that's. That's right as if you don't have to learn how to use a gun like I've have taken several lessons united many lessons. Now you you have to learn how to use a gun correctly. You have to learn how to oh yeah I've had the rifle lessons of the pistol lessons. It's it's a very dangerous thing to just have around. If you don't have it,
experience with it is Turkey, but but the inclination to get one. Is what I've been telling people about all along, like you think the world a safer than it is the world's not dad safest, safe right. Now we hit a real good spot man. When I was born in an amazing time consuming We're born in the time where people are getting together. Right we're together all the way with the we're getting together we're getting together. So in a sense like one of the things you were saying earlier about wanting a woman of color to be vice president, here's what that would indicate this. What I think about what were they doesn't anxiety, Obama presence, but that's what I said. The best thing about about presidency. Let everybody Ok with this racism is all bullshit, this here's a guy who made it to the fucking White House, and this is a guy who's, articulate and brilliant and he's a perfect statesmen. Whether not you like his policies are not like, that's a great representative of who we can be so drop. It does.
Oh and fairer, race assist people, have an opportunity, people don't and cultures and where there, where they develop in advance, ants, and what kind of environment they grow up and we're all one thing for all: thing true, but but He has his the but when one grew, decides to change the rules and keep moving the goalposts depots, you can keep whatever they have. That's everybody in power. That's what I'm saying era! Every culture has, but it's not even reach every job everything everything in, but in this country it you know racism is now is now Was it like this? It's the oh! No, no! No! No! It's bullshit levels out a real thing. I mean it's bullshit like it's a damn thing to hold onto ok, let's be clear! No, no! No! No! No thank you for being so calm and correcting. If I really thought that stupid. No, I'm not.
Racism is bullshit, I'm saying! No. If you can't defended anymore, there's nothing, there does not they're all at all, just those I'd debt of individual is in a category because of how much melanin or whether from that's crazy. Now that's something to show. No one is a stronger work. Ethic better raises no strong work as it does Jamaican. To make a direct in racist. Listen to me, you know You know how hard these cats worked. It saves rules and if they do the half of it, the other way, everything will be beautiful, They don T like my fair one were lazy Mexican, do you know how God does raise it? S report is a hard working people ever ever use these Mexicans other pig and strawberries relic thirteen sense in our last? How much are they making would order? They pay
that so many automated workers, how many people walk here from Mexico? How many people mexicans organ on farms and plus there asked you in the heart: is jobs possible, waiting outside home depot? Do anything you want him to do this crazy? That's all that's. A hilarious relations are declining raised before that saving happened. The black folks to shore the slavery and obviously we take on a lazy in this light were well. That's. The darkest aspect had there been addressed from slavery is what were you we start from? So if you, there's a community, and this there's a community that is definitely been soup. Asked by racism like gum. Was a guy. What is woods? What's his name, the they bought more. Please detective that we Hannah.
What sets right, who was a user detective in Baltimore or police officer in Baltimore? Was he a detective whose a police officer anyway, he found an old piece of paper That was a detail of like that. The crime report and was off the exact same crimes for nineteen, seventy somethin as he was experiencing pics axiom place. Likewise, the exact same crimes and oh shit and for him it was just a reservation like this and then I found out about red lining we weren't allow came up with their like seriously light, but in the end, I think of the work ethic took diva with Bobo who came up with well people that we're trying to suppress people that were freed from slavery right, so even imagine right, even if you weren't a slave owner. If you can do slavery. If you were around Eighteen, sixty four. I know a guy
it's a good thing and then also they let them out. You, like, oh shit, happens when they try to suppress them, so they try to keep him in, but We are still experiencing that Dana. When people talk about revelations being a good idea or a bad idea. The most important thing would be to fix all the spots that we absolutely no were affected by slavery and is not a small number of em there's a large number. These communities continue to be in a suppressed state. Even though they are free, they can go out. Some of them do escape and they get great careers. Some people do get out a bad neighborhoods, but the
you're asking people to do away more difficult thing, then, if you grow up in Brentwood mostly, was augur boat, no slavery and now. But nobody talks about the moment after slavery when I started doing a black codes right, so so like so your tangley free right, but then they will make it illegal for you to her in fish for your own food and then you couldn't look for a job outside of your town like it was all these things. There was basically in it in any made loitering illegal in other media. As we can get you to jail, then we can treat
like a slave. Again, it was like this. Can you imagine like it's? A? U only had a word for one person still stood capacity, wages near as opposed to gonna wanna work. Wherever I wanna work. Illegal, then am I won't work objects drama food. You can't do that lie in the federal government didn't make the states deal with I'm gonna do movie about this, but out of it obliges us a hundred movies to be done in. I got bored deepening native american history couple months back and if freaked me out mass crazy, I read I started off with this book that my friend Stephen Ella wrote on American Buffalo and at that in a lot of it has do with like native Americans, hunting the buffalo, and then I did read this empire the summer Moon. It was on the Comanches and holy shit and I just started gettin I've. I read like at least five of them over most of em. I listen to were fascinating on audio story since, as you know, the committee,
cheese or are they ran shit? They ran shit all through Texas in Oklahoma. They killed everybody they. This is how devious people all the time they would give people giant chunks of land It's a: u can have a giant earlier in Comanche country, so they would give this land, it will go, there is slaughter, but they would like slowly. There were trained like use. Them is like human cannon fodder, slowly, move the the the line of what America owned and push into Comanche country, but that it took hundreds of years the comanches from like the sixteen hundreds did, the ages with dominant they were, they were so terrifying they all the eight was Buffalo, while mother fuckers, who didn't hardly read any art they have, they figured out horseback riding and they get out horseback riding better than any of the other native Americans and they figured out how to shoot. Arrows off their horses and they figured out how to raise horses so their whole.
Was about giant packs of horses and they can conduct of their fighting off these horses and the White do NEA had must gets back, then they had one shot and then you have to fill them page for ever and the Comanches figured out There is a new Lars Anderson who actually look sort of recreated what they were able to do back then he's an artery guy and the Comanches take arrows in between all their fingers, and so on were riding a horse chase induce down. Otherwise we get off the horses and and paying that's how they Five, the rivals, the Comanches would shoot from their horses with all the arrow stuck in their fingers. They go one two three four: they could shoot like arrow a half. A second crazy they would hang off the side the horse and use the horses to shield under its neck ass though, and they were worthless, mass ruthless. What they did
what they did to other Indians, what they did to white settlers? And it's all depicted dark, gory detail what like, Oh, my god do meet, but you gotta you as what was a man engine try to survive back in, clear, homer seventeen hundred when you just ride around your horse. With you got, sticks than have sharp wrong state. You chipped at the end of em to go, kill dear might marry sustainable is page him or he might be later. What am I it is by other Indians who want to fuck you women, take all your shit. Do I got some crazy about it? I guess crazy about it than I had lost. I had to take a break for, while I did when I got that painting the painting he saw ass, such Skype, Gregg Overton he's is me,
faster development aid of America's up. I think that such a crow- I didn't ask, but somebody else told me looking that this these fuckers do it. This guy hanging that guy looks like Mongol varies. Is a nightmare. Sustainable is page You might be later, what might be daily below which is also the way like all their staff? The hats and their clothing and stuff looks more like Mongolia, but the model? were famous from for being able to do that, and I was even before you know anything was But the native Americans area just as well that we had to be the way I do what their bows their bows would take. A hundred and sixty pounds to pull Y yeah yeah ridiculous, dry, Lena region
It was, I also you saying it was like pulling a hundred sixty a hundred and sixty pounds. To give you an example, my bow here that I share with his eighty two pounds. It's really hard to pull back soon, as I do that poured out exactly it's really hard to say. That is twice is powerful and minds are com? both. So it's like these care, I so as you pull, it gets easier the easier to hold their resolution is where the satellite? What have you made a sound everytime, you border, because his heart if he did, it is kind right. Jim noises did you ever see that wouldn't have one? Is it planning fitness and don't let you make noises uncle on noise? that is why,
discrimination of all types of discrimination discriminate against us meet heads. Yes, if I'm lifting prow making noise! Ok, you can't hear that maybe should open a fuckin jam this, what I do and I'm really trying get somebody to make noises. Guess I'm a man This has lobbied alarm one. You drops waits or judges, human, human on human rights. You want people that are going to quit. That's what they want. They, people that by a membership go there for a mandate so that people have a dedicated, dedicated people grunt, they grow Rob way, has the feeling they also put pits out on Fridays effort, or do they replace them this year they put pizza pizza authority will go. Is it like what kind of pizza pizza like pepperoni cheese, very serious or predict adieu,
What is it that this plant based crust, that's actually allow? I make that actually plutocrats from scratch is fun did hilarious misunderstand that you thought I was saying that racism is bullshit like it does now. I just wanted to add, But what, if I said that later God that's can we take? Now I don't think you might as well say that's why we're back added design of law of theirs? I just think it it's it does. Its is bad for everybody, but it's also, like It's a part of a pattern of human behaviour, that's bad and that pattern and is lumping people into a category and not accepting the uniqueness of the individual like as soon as you put someone in a category organic gonna category put people in and you don't accept a unique this of the individual. You create the potential.
For some sort of tribal difference between each other that wooden ordinarily exist. We start thinking someone as this guy's from yeah this guy's from this place, this guy's when that place. I think of them in this way, or they do this. So I think of him. That way, I look at our, I'm a prominent. I have a problem when you go, because I think you that way, you you you don't get to do this dossier big, as we say for sure, think me what you want I'll here, but when you just go out with me, you know, I can say, is a little. We still have sir, but the certain like aspects of research cultures. You can't deny it like Italians like Also, the Italian in there the most stereotypical fuckin people alive good to eat. Caused Italians are exactly like the sopranos tissues, varying levels, Como right now almost killed in it. He could be press equally Ramsay, that's a guy who give you
That's the guy who exhibits all the leadership and in understands it. This is terrible thing and sacrifices have to be made in theirs. Mistakes that have been made and we're gonna have to correct mistakes and do the right thing going forward and we have to figure out how to get through this and that's the imagine being a guy who's, a president or a mayor or a governor whose deal with this right now like weak, as much as we shit on all of them, we have to we have to respect that they are trying to help us and there you know. I think that help us this. My perspective, when I see whether or not I agree that we should be shut down for x amount of months. I don't know when we should reopen, I'm not an expert. I don't know Jack Shit, but I do it's initiate. When someone like our governor like, seems like a leader and is television and is making a choice in making a choice based on wanting more people to be able to stay alive. I'm off
I'm off more than two. That's all those things are great for all of us, but I just I hate the fact that this demand. And the tears Republicans I hated. I hate the fact disease groups because it just leave, Openness like our friend really nice guy and when we were on this work together on this and he was so in the apple of so an apple products. Here he was talk about when the new apple laptops comes out, we're gonna shoved in Microsoft face, and it was like all this team shit. I was like Bro, you got team shit for the operating system of your computer at this hour So that's how we are man. It doesn't have to be of something that's important, because parties are important right there. We treat each other is important. Policy is important. The way the standards of how we
sat the leader of this great nation to wake me in the others. Have is important right. That is real, but it's also. To break it down to two sides is so dumb. It opens up the possibility for tribalism, Oh the things like fucking eyes, phone verses, Android people raise doubts. Each other as Emerson School, they won't. They won't. Let you we're superhero stuff, because it can create clear because of like I'm so final amiable, young man. Maybe would then you concrete deeds? the verses marvel. When I was a comic book head, it was all Marvel Comics roses D. I was a marvel guy, my friends for diesel guys and they were fuckin, lose your lunch. If you like this, but that's just a natural part of human beings, we have two years. We have
the regular dialogue that will still be like you wear glasses out only glass. It's also on from Jersey, on from Boston and in all that shit I come humiliating its. It might be. Q but to hang onto it, if you, if you get some and if it out of it, you are proud before Brooklyn, that's great, but you're, just a person, and this this the only way to look at each other, the only way to look each other's based on the individual and It hard to do its natural to separate people by political biases by what part of the country from its natural. It's fuckin, it's a part, but we don't have to do it anymore, we don't have to it's a trap. There's a traveller. Perhaps you of your perspective and lumps you end with a bunch of other assholes. You know, like there's some women there, like all girl powered out, you know it and there's a lot of girls at are amazing, but there's a lot of The you don't want, your team,
should. You know, crazier than your team. What's stop this all girl, all bullshit Lester all left all rights, all fuckin nonsense and we haven't figured it out yet for some reason, we're still dependent upon two parties were still dependent. The band amount to philosophies, conservative liberal different parts country, are these. Are red states like Rice O, yet the coloring, if they went ass, had always been a better time. Reminded us that we sign merely simplicity, and I was a kid: it's a fucking trap. It's all a trap: it's trapped, but who was the art Do I know I'm all right, that's the thing light whenever you busy, nay everything oil we supposed to do so was that must be utterly. I think, multiple, parties are believe, HOLLAND. Doesnt. Holland have like seven political parties assumption that work is now well, they have legal we'd or they tolerate
We longed for us used to be able to buy mushrooms cafes, oh shit, why they stop and think people start trip and too hard and emotional towards montage illness, deuce couch show me the story of those that care is neighbouring, nor given their platform at a rough models for a moment It is crazy if we see MR laughing so that's another example of like what do you do? because people are so. Poor soul one. Let us build a question like one would aid the disease in leaving guy don't go. Even that was the right of the alternative. In light you care. Yeah, no you're right, you ye, you can't tell people what to believe in. The thing about Atheists M verses. Religion is like what is that
overall benefit a dude if you get an overall benefit out of believing in a higher power and forces you to act in a more harmonious way. So you sure that's not good because it's a lot of religious people that because of those religious principles. They live very legal and moral lives so is overall net benefit for them to be involved in a religion seems like this. An argument that it could be. Then. Is there also an argument for being objective about some of those stories that you crazy, like guys coming back from the dead and walk in our water and year, when I was noted Dame we had, it will add to the outer class. We had a nun who told us that everything in the web was a symbol of symbols or someone is owed to sustain it. No one be a hundred. That means what they have to say is important wherever it like. Seventy two virgins. You know that idea of when you blow up yet another area that
that doesn't really mean symbol. Yes, and it means like a million version. Cycling. I'm say I get a hundred million billion. Take associations. Lot is saying it s an important task for you to your own footprint, belief, lieutenant and that raising the understood that in Rome So that's how I perceive it as far as like is not a literal thing. We're gonna make the kind of cool you know just as an autistic choice, because I oak is likely no books. Some people were upset that I did some. I would a black and white and then go to come, but the reason for doing it is. Whenever we talk about the past, we will go to black and white, and then what have we that's like a dream? It was not dreams. Date oils. Let me show you what is it exactly exactly? I just made a choice and because Firstly, I wanted to all be in black and white, but we just we just did run gun thing. So we worth thinking about
the lighting in making sure was, and so we looked at the color footers like some of it was all over the place to it was like this: do the black and white for the past them, so it without Gerda Yak as well. A correction is also like expensive, those like as they strive to keep the costs down as well. So that's why that was the choice of you. Go back no smoke one in March. It again you'll see whenever we talk about anything in the past is all black is wagon. Why in the colored, when his present do words can be like gone staging haven't gotten stage in a month ago, negative. How we're just gonna being everywhere, I go, seem like over migrants a long stretch you ve ever gone with arguments. I can't even I u s a dear oh. I know I can tell you eight months, but
really early bomb, so he was a friend of mine. Aim must be to call me back and I will make a good strategy. Nineteen I was nineteen and then they so stays I was twenty was funny again. There was back in good and I was glad that was my own again off again. Months, but as but as a professional along Isabel gone, I couldn't I was saying I would be lying. If I try to think I don't know those shows are gonna, be. Let's do now cried calm, restores gonna beings when this motherfucker opens up again, you know crazy, it's gonna be! last foam, basically from the text on windows. I was now. May it was good. It, though, is, alas,
still exists. I talk to those people. All the time has been great. No uniform cast, like is pretty powerful. One got told me. The other day uses my clips to help the morale of his shoes and the like. Floored me like woe, we're man but setting them like a sent them no books. First in so they get to see if they can see the truth. The first now get feedback stuff. It was cool people. Think some robot is really me. I thought we don't talk and see. That's nice began. It was, though it worked out Thank you beautiful it's. What am I was set up some dates and then I know we talked about what has always when people ask me. What are you coming here with Joe you come here? We're gonna do some, hopefully, when we are allowed to. I have a couple days, but at the end of the year I don't even know if they can be able to do more closely at the forum in November
first yeah, I don't know I want to do that. I don't even know if it's real steel industry, but I think that the governor said twenty twenty one for concerts, ensure maybe I don't know, maybe like six people separating, I'm gonna be so mad of all you need is vitamin c. I know he's so. Mad reactor comes out like ten years from now is like out, if ever just by judges, four thousand milligrams of vitamin c. That's all you need this viruses you good. Four thousand grounds of vitamin c and don't be a day. I dont know what stops it like, what what can strengthen european system? And what can you do? You know them is a real will. As an expert, I would say I would say, two immune system gives us come like your pelvis, like you can strengthen s. It exists. Ethics has through the legal service you immune system, oh yeah, amuses by oh, yes, I think he is threatened by because frenzy powers, like the bones themselves, no mercy those Jews do that.
Exercise that we will vote as we do? Laying isn't that strengthen you pelvis? If sees one fifty year These are three. Eighty zero, you, oh yeah, that's too bad! I can't do it is gonna, give up sugar and car right. I think exactly immune system by which put in your body policy, especially of reality. I think gum mobilise, do a raw food adding a sick at all at all what's stopping got so sad, socially, is tough, though forgot been sick. Go back over a boys were teasing. Me lay yo. Take you forty eight hours, Nigger pancakes. How did they have to have it the agri foodstuff or my my kids? Did you have to when you ago did you have to in any way like supplement your protein, We appeal has a myth, Rostov That is also what you choose to believe our protein, but they like you, can get protein from greens. So, yes, I was recently
and so thousands Well, you can give protein from you. Just don't get the same amount no lie. Observable, then, is a question of like how much protein you really neat. That's the big debate. Ask us the Hague debate years, kind of like Lightwood, Bacon million bacon was like dying, and then they so my came up with may make it like. You have to have it on burgers and they did devastated and Bacon light came out, you are, they? Were people really messing with it, then a while people thought bagel is bad for you from our time though they thought as though they that's bad for you and so like you. You haven't beggars, it's delicious, but he's gonna kill. You know I never have our attack children on a piece of vague and every thought that There is a that doctor, champagne. Rather carnivore empty guy. He wrote something about a study. There's something about a stay that was released on people who don't eat. Me in the correlation China, mental disorders and anger issues and sadness. Some
of a matter made part of that. Let us do something about it, like people who just who don't eat meat than ever. Some mental issues I may ass well said people who doesn't possible, they always say you take on Finally Jimmy the stress of the air was brown. Just talk about. Science is highly science. Here our society is, it were people eat. It will be, will believe, a very personal. These re, oh yeah, religion and politics. You are a clear role, yeah right in a crazy, but that didn't make me the EPA is recent reorder. I everybody had everything league inopportune thirty years ago. Everybody everything what but that's because I believe we didn't have to Smaller populations, solar stretch, it you don't know like milk. My mom drank is not to say that we are doing so because you gotta be more people. More people are doing milk, so does partner for sure another part of his. They want more money. They want
we have to make more milk labelled a pump out quicker, combat out quicker ass was its amity. Man pleasant, buys a job all over the country I never saw to cows fuckin. Ever always the cows nausea fuckin in everybody knows that cannot become didn't. Take that make enough is enough as we stated in the most ridiculous science, the guy by an undesirable fuckin. It's not real that regular flat. There's an announcement to make beat and mental health of systemic review of absenteeism, depression, anxiety, unrelated phobias. Ok, The majority studies, especially of higher quality studies, show that those who avoided meat consumption had significantly higher rates or risk of depression, anxiety and or self harm. Behaviors there was a mixed Evan. Four temporal relations. Butts
designs and a lack of rigour pull precluded inferences of casual real relations dear ones, that does not support meet avoidance as a strategy to benefit psychological health. What we had before Our study room, you beaches, he beat yourself, do feel guilty here, level, whole life of eating meat and neutrality meeting, and I so then you're crazy, no hours in her crazy part, but I guess you feeling guilty in I think that it is in this to say today is is not eating. Their way is now supported is starting to get more support it, but eating rhyming. That's not obey when he says that, but like eating beginning a vague and the whole vague and industry to beyond meet world the end. It is necessary to have peace made a few protein. I all that stuff, it's like I d stock went to the roof, gathered the things the thing that freaked me out the most about.
Animal kingdom is not just that we are able to justify stuff in as many as we into a warehouse and making them show on top of each other and and eating omen that that's just one crazy thing about it- that the other crazy thing about is what they do to each other. You man, I'm obsessed with wildlife, videos like while my videos where animals are eating everyday everyday. I watch a cheetah take out some kind because our across good, I'll, eight someone's dog and wash your day in Australia, the dog pulled up under foot these people screaming the tablet, lungs and the crocodile guess or die, Snap just drags meant the water and their fuckin screaming crying. I am fascinated by the fascinating about this. They just oligarchy of bullets.
We're we're doing it's fucked up for shorter, but what they're doing each other's fucked up to it, just a different kind of fucked up their fucked up instantaneous riper do need an animal they fire, they bite it with her face the dry and the wider swallow and that's their fucked up, and we just kind of accept that, as apart nature, right are, fucked up is weird, are fucked up we figured out meadow and boxes and we feed our cages. We stuff that chicken in this Fuckin low box in May shit on the other chicken and we figured it out figured out do whatever the fuck we want. If you want eggs for a dollar a dozen that's what's going, take in order for this company and make any fucking money, so they just they figure. Do it. You know when I saw this video it serve really make sense. To me, I saw this video of baboons that were raising puppies bro. It's crazy,
these baboons steel, these dogs and then keep these puppies. They keep em near by the camp. Is the puppies bark whenever things are coming closer, so they feed him, they keep a nearby and they basically have pets. Cities Babylon. Lately this crazy video, these battles, grab a puppy bites like their rough with them. You know, I don't have any idea of compassion right, so I don't give a fuck their bangers, puppy of rocks and shit, dragging them behind them, and then just settle the puppies like trying to get away and accept the fuck down, and it gives us some food and the balance is hanging out with this puppy and then raises it: and then uses these dogs at the store to guard the perimeter? Yes, yes, wild animals. Do we look? Why don't you just eat the puppy right now, because wanted to pet animals. Do weird shit to like the what with there you're, just a bunch of systems that are trying to come PETE against other systems like the system, the dear system versus the outline line system, the dear sister,
as we just gotta, keep Falcon and keep move big things they fuck too much and too many of them, and now we want onward diner we gotta just keep forgetting keep moving and the Mount line system is everyday. I gotta kill a deal with my face every day about a fine wanna go to sneak up can close enough. This fast, ass, a thing with swords grown out of his head grab and by the neck and drag them down into the woods. These systems there all horrific outcomes. Predator pray system so that all over my horrific all of em are heard figures is a new kind of horrific. We also like out live all the way out of the fuck items. We know
he'll guilt. You kill someone when you're for do you really want now, you just did right in your life expectancy is seven right. You really understand four year old line is procure the millionth mountain three years guys you asked tire thing: did you watch my life and I thought about it? how will we now raises? You forgot a ship we are debating. It may like another time, not dared according to be ok with alike in by the same hilarious because they were opened. The work with the wood car saying that their ladies, you gonna Wanna prosecutor, lady. There a man, and this is why me out man went away out the air a worthy out, so I think it went happier.
I totally beyond into a serious I literally, as my cue I'm going back is. Is it a good show for the Apocalypse year because it represents the folly of human beings, Be it unless preposterous, but he would be a good guy raises Tiger very straight guy, like the idea of math chewed guns, one guy. I sell issues or self, and here the other guy says is not gay. Why? Why but this is madness. That is a war. Child a show of real people, and you really couldn't makes a minor that fake. You maybe like that, Oh and brothers, could do that. Other, where art thou that ideal, they can make a kind of creates already like jokes, but it's almost like better, because it Reed is really it's better. That was the opening I couldn't happen and the other guy runs a sex Carlton.
Carroll and her husband, her husband's dressed up a rope round his neck Mason. I hate guy, we're missing. First, as it wouldn't miss him out, nobody, german stuff, we didn't do incisive feeds meet two cats every fuckin day. He was worth millions ever whatever My worry is careless, fuckin basket, God damn what I shall do you think you can marry somebody who's for us with. Mrs, oh, my God for that. The kind of guy there would be ended. There's some guys. The would be into that this item. Or to like girls. Get the serial killers right. This girls that are really they daily email serial killers and there in love from now on, Merriam eleven cause I have just about. I write you from echo with like going right out there. I think there's a weird obsession with this: it's a small percentage of the people
I've got high and thought about this. Yes, I think it has to doing about it for the first now, what with back in the if you were a murderer, if you're like an, if you could friend a murderer iq, would you be more protected us as interesting. There is do you know someone famous animal floor? They walk out of something we need is power and live with that. Women are, I think a lot of women are really terrified of is, if confronted with real adverse, How will there man hold up? a woman, a way. Ninety pounds and you have a husband, that's toy. His eyes like earlier two hundred and eighty podium unmarried ideas, normal that happens all the time, but if he's a bitch and he folds and you're like left there, like all my
what no one's gonna stop anything from having to me or stop any. There were sane, rude things to me and fuck, you not protected, and this mean people out arrive Europe and he's stumble into some meaning people that are saying rude lurid. No one's data protect you and you get. You gonna walk backed your car you're wondering Holy Father get no, thus causing a fund. Gameshow did. You marry a bitter has for years been led because and learn divorce. We so do I don't even know that their bitches, because they have a really been tested, they don't know, and I think gum most people believe they're gonna do way better than they will end in real times of struggle. I think mostly
don't believe they're gonna do way better than they actually work is when you actually boxing ring in the club area by boat, but has a different thing reads like a guy technique of yet again, technique in front of you and you are not a box your first year a few seconds to get lucky as you charge and maybe might clench and throw a punch. The grass heard em, it's possibly be, may be very likely. That's more likely boxed up in jitters even worse, Jujitsu, two hundred percent cause you there's! No lucky shot, you break a bone praxis. Yeah I broke my foot, my ribs my hand. My nose is destroyed above my nose so many times that my nose was useless was useless. It didn't work. I only had like one quarter of one nostril, those open and I had a measly tone to me.
I didn't realize I was listening to an watch. An old fear fact want other than my horrifying choice: of wardrobe can inescapable accident that I still had I was uneasily. My voice was, I couldn't breathe. My nose was useless books, a rib had to ACL surgeries, much easier by Blah Bosnia's? That's that's it though I saw too bad one, you. Why would you do like regions, particularly like most? We would accept the fact that there is a possibility of injury It could happen. You could go a year without get injured or it's not like going to taking a Yoda class. We are probably pretty safe, so much random wild shits happening where people trying to kill each other airports. Jesus is but this I was gonna have what you did you give great at what are you so big? How tall you six
long ass arms do choke the fuck out of people or the leverage yeah, the leverage from your arms and your legs. It be so spectacular. How would it transformed me, as you, would lose a lot of weight and you shit on a confidence you just have to about it very technically the thing that I, when I started I was. I was hunger and Dahmer I went added like aggressively. I went out of the other martial arts when I was younger, like I just wanted to him as hard as I could. As fast as I could. It really is about technique and the Morse ranks. You have one of the problems. Is you could substitute technique for that strength like the best Fujitsu players, the guys to learn from the best guys were small humans, their smaller people like any bravoes, a smaller guy when there is such a great instructor. Toiler Gracie is another of famous super technical jujitsu has a smaller guy is like a series of guys, like that, all all all over the country and Jeff gloves another one is
all our guys because smaller. They have to rely on this spectacular techniques. You learn from them, so you never really want to rely on your strength. Is it? Is it it'll? Stop you from getting better and in fact, you'll stop you from achieving. Like the perfect, though the right technical level, you just keep getting better and better at it and then, when you get to a certain point like if you're, in a fight with a guy like a while fighting a guy, is a guy just knows how to throw a punch, nice fast and he's a strong guy, he might punch you and you might fuck you up, it might happen. It can't happen whatever you're throwing knuckles of people, especially in a chaotic environment. It's possible here. It's not possible care who you are, you don't have to grapple at all and some unlike Voice Gracie clinches, you tries you to the ground. Europe fucks, Ville, you're, fucked fill one hundred percent of the times one hundred one: zero, zero, you're fucks fill your fucks veil he's going to show you a hundred percent of jobs and he'll, do that
people that no jujitsu, so when you get to apply like a guy like here, and grace you're my instructor jock Machado. He can do that people that are experts in Jujitsu. So there's like so many levels, it's a curse easy thing to learn and your built for man being so, Tom and long also you're a smart do who, like you see you like economic she's, like figure when this happens and that he has the same jujitsu just like that And grace use another famous jujitsu practitioner he was asked to describe to you, so any site amount Our phrases are my fuck it up. He said he said Basically, like I move, and then you and then I move, and then you move forever forever those description Jujitsu like God. So if you realize how good health is that it becomes a terrifying expression
Cod is like actually I'm gonna get you bets. Have you fuck up? You gonna get tired you gotta be using to but strength and you're gonna get exam asked it just like those boxers overthrown punches in they'll, get tired and there the gold piece amount, but it's it even more horrific because you never gonna be college, anything can I slowly wear out because he's gonna keep Jackie you and you keep pushing them off. Euins gonna keep attacking and achieve exploding and it's gonna keep attacking and aversion, and then just going to dominate you he's going to control. You you'd, be great attitude, good for you to be really good for you, but I have to be in. They were kids. Whenever like what you did was kids get in that sector that we hear our strategy issues there was a woman She still exists and aims. Felicia friend March is a black bout from my John Dogma. China's she super technical and she ways police is very strong, which weighs about maybe hundred thirty five pounds, and
there was a guy named see more, but I see more, what's with the four star who had a tv show and show time, and he this idea, pre bold of him really he's brave to do as it is decided, I'm gonna do like jujitsu match we have never taken. That would happen to any man who didn't know anything and went with her fact should, but she it was she's a leap. Man she's, really good, really good yeah. She teaches people just work through the California stay outside a. I get to see her you have to events oftentimes nor California she's awesome, but she's who protect Nicole. So this guy has he was doomed. Didn't know he was a guy he's really good shape. He's young and fit in pretty good bodies is bits, joking omens leg lock it omen what Did you ever remember how a time to adapt and what she did it with, but it was like arm bars and triangles. But again that would have
to any man who didn't know anything and went with her even though she's woman, here just a technical expertise. Overcomes strength, its so for I, like you, whose very saree bro person likes you sort of puzzles and figure things out as one of the reasons why you commies so good excellent, like economy of words and setting things up in some mysterious way and drop empire, that's jujitsu their similar eliza. I think there's a lot of things like that in this life that are similar is little thing. You, you learn like little ways to move around things in advance through these, these games and systems, and you can apply that to all these other different things
get applied even accommodate you that's what I was I was just thinking like we would lose out about another approach, but, as does that's what I get from no books to just everybody approaches, we have the same, go to mix in my lab. We approach it differently, yes onto their, so enticing them light Everyone approaches to craft in the way. I was super awkward when I first started out because it in them any background really in anything performing arts related or even music. I was super awkward and how to how to Zat myself and how to dress and how to act in because people who have now is that they do have a different level of excuse.
And I M an like, and though people who can sing they say things in like a more memorable away like you're just bring member it but they're, not technically trying to say yeah, like you remember their phrases or their hopes or whatever it is. You cause it's like a musicality, their performance, you just for you. You know that thing you figure out to hear is that it's not just in this is something we podcast, I think, is well it's not just the words it. Something to how you say the words, and so People are not good at that. You don't think of it as being an important part of the kind of ignore cause. You country right, angry, concentrating on what would have Your look, but there's a there's a thing. How you say the word that gets into people's brains better, yes, lets them. If you're clunky, you know, and you I've been clunky, we
including when you leave listen old recordings in others moments we like, but it's a lie. The times, because you're trying to figure out the best way to do it on the spot in real life, and that should take some especially the complicated bit to take a long time to work out the details, especially with yes. That's it, the more personal you are there, but when you get. It is not to do this. That year I want to say this bit either your bet. You better biased on my name is adopted, awaited is fuckin. It's one of those birds were your skull, God, damn when some builds, a beautiful house is look at that. Meanwhile passes for debt if we gotta do something with a man when one when everything gets role and again, I think we all need to realize. Ok, you, you can't wait for shit, no cause!
can happen. Now, though, we know that this could have, it seem feel real here we are, we know, what's real right, we know It's really know you just gotta anybody tat. We know We can't really go anywhere. We can go to restaurants, everything's clothes, no comedy. We know it's real, but it still feel real, fewer hats. How where life is in the moment baby don't know, was net Donna what's next in the moment in the moment. Welcome in the moment, without wanting to welcome, says through funding, so please contact websites that are funded a moment. Into the moment this. That's a style of radio that you would get out. When I was deliver newspapers out, listen to were all things can set things all things something on NPR and national public radio and they were so calm the weather, It was so calm turnovers. All things considered, I wasn't that later I feel like that was way later. But it was a whatever considered. What
for those old school type, radio doesn't ass. Outta me maneuvers re they get married when, like listening talk, radio And I made when alone every without I'm ready for wives brown, nobody, It's more riled up than white due to listen, a conservative talk rate. Does Michael Savage fans, those guys Russell limbo, something about how did this happen Think about how that happened like had that Rome padded that one Georgia, that were hard core right wing likely the real angry is lighter anger. Radio is like good radio decided. A garage yonder of music, like you know, others like hard core wrap. This metal in others like this. If right wing talk, it's like.
Didn't really is right, crime is and left wing talk to any are here. Welcome. Welcome! our shared, we're gonna tell you About a new scientific experiment that shows that there are no such thing as gender rightwing tenders to construct this it is a way that they talk. There's a calmness to the way they explain things and lay things out to make similar is no ambiguity. Ambiguity almost no question, whether not the right in here. Why in this, then they always has for money again. The virus did not come from a lab? It's a dangerous conspiracy and hears was why we talk to x. Are you sure allegations of farming Hence, as they feel good, I'm into it grew up. Listen! It's! My favorite is like a pop faces because they are always very excited. Rang battalions up like all right and I love that he too would then you get to Asia and its way as some people talk just talk Norma
yeah she's talk normal quiet, I wanna fuck, you voice. Does it really is a sum I wanna fuck your voice, but I'm I'm low key about it. Hello, hello! Yes, I love wine I want to sell to failure, I would do if I had to say- and pr would you do it when I do I guess the average we're talking to zero perversely. Do I can onion version of empty. I love it. When I gotta have a massacre amali, all animals are equal. All we ve found dismantles. We feel it all equal adieu and into a parody of away. It is not a place like dramatic music and sit for today. When I tell stories like and you'll be listenin to an indicative like and then, though, none of you, with the daily bells radio lobbies and will bring your lab an MP. Our show is radio lab put together by empire might but our own daily. He so many planets, matic, music and then
they get it? I love it. I love Whitney just told me about the daily. She says: she's, posters, green here, three things you like to know what actually w and my c mon. Let's and beyond, W N Y see, was the ready radio station of news radio into one news radios, have come nearer public radio said not national public comical. So it's on a pr, but it something like that is some kind of Public, greater cousins, that's that's a great show listen, radio lab holy shit. I say: oh, angry at Brian Cowen. Could you tell me something as if he had liked gotten from look vague legal, big lesson that same radio lab we want some scientific value would have been a world war, two others they re lab to bitch you stop. Dammit your browser. You pretend you re right, but to be smart,
I say read and I really mean listen audio books year. I was wondering if I want to ask you that, can you say that I do I lie it's a lie, a dirty lie. I read this book, I never cracked, the fuckin page. Listen the book on trials Manson dossier, his gang Tommo knew it here. I am unpack S last week, Perot his kind spent twenty years research in this book. Twenty years, twenty, its it is the craziest gorgeous of how the book are created, but the story itself is bonkers. They think Charles Man was a CIA asset and that they let him and away with being released from parole being he was on parole and you get arrested rested. Let him out of jail multiple times and they had this the same LSD studies there running he dashboard in San Francisco. He went to that same clinic the people they did mine control. That would work
part of em k ultra there were feeding people lsd and try to control their mind. Manipulative psychology they're all connected to him and they kept letting him go, they want. They were studying him. They want. Is they ve wanted to diminish the hippy movement and they want to study what it's like when you that some fuckin mad man who spent half of his life and temporary and give my tongue ls D, and then I'm fuck, all the hippies. He wants holy shit dude, it's a the book man is not tee and he paid details at all. Like studies, there's more than fifty pages of references, this book citations and references Zol eggs heavily documented. It's crazy as it will be a movie. Said that one fuck you up Jamie that would facilitate adding to the book among chapter eleven. I'll buy Skype volume, biagi stuff too crazy. It's crazy did you. To the one where he was discussing about the guy who they think they fed
lsd too, and programmed him to go, kill that kid o city at that, talked about it on the park ass, I might have been a might be right. There exists in some of those that stuff now do this crazy, didn't they did all kinds of experiments on people and sixty. And Seventys package because they just tried shade of evil man, thereby do in its day to day work shown a video of these british soldiers from nineteen sixty four, they gave ass adieu and their just, Let him run around the field. Second guns, no laughing fallen down, giggle and watch the video is a video its online. What as it I have a mean that I'm not taken it with a gun, no with a bunch of the troops. No now either like your reliant on those guys to keep it together on ass. How goes it might Dyson Wade is amazed. This is
stone on Psmith. Look at you know, my baby is its legal. Is eager when we're in California. Was crazy. I just thought of a mile marchioness no tell me now, breaking the law is the same as having whisky. Isn't it funny, like the whisky part? No problem great? give us out the we'd like why they don't really good is really good. So what estimation, and when we were going to get out of this year to guess next year next year is the thing is gonna be out, and then the resurgence of Europe be a second wave yeah yeah next year. I feel like This time next year that due to said we have all been vaccinated, there was there me I wish I knew was You talk. I wish I knew he was joking around me. He might have been vaccine pretty adamant that he wasn't, but I'm an idiot
the judge around it didn't sound like he was dead and around his long. He had a command of it and it didn't sound like use joking around, but I do it's personality right. That might be that thing that he does You know me, I counted, does a lot of that. You didn't say jokes that sound like statements. All the time you know is a funny. Oh, I don't know something next year a meeting- and I beg you said, though too, because I was mixed. You know you're gonna be a gap between what this is. It was next year, provided that there is nothing max I feel like next year. It is because we even know how to talk about how you can go to causes, but just six six feet apart right there,
they're gonna stop by the end of this year. That's gonna be something unless they do come up with a vaccine or some sort of a really really efficient treatment right of some sort every year in. But I do think it I mean they're hinting at saying it helps if you healthier. If you do work out all the things that we as a collective societies should have been doin. Rail may start to take precedence so, but I feel like, as far as what what what our livelihood is concerned about before me from people again filet next year, because as to side, it is us wine, beer state and in Money is for the safe being Jesus. Something is next year. I think how many people gonna fall apart, how common economic living a guy we do in the road like middle acts. Great question unknown:
we don't know yet right now. I've got a sort of floating, rightly so, when a month and thereby whoa there, everyone's a sort of floating like what would happen those people that were they had a system. They were doing good. Then, all sudden the rug gets pulled out from under them. Jesus thought. If I got you you have all the I do have some answers will what they need to do by the Jew, yeah think they think it s sake to check in it. You can. No more people have been contacted by donating online being funny online. Those things are preposterous. I said I wanted only. I wanted donate I'll, give you money, another China raise money, I'll, give you money most dizzy, clusterfuck I do a show once we're back I'll, do shows for free and be happy that be happy to do about to show
I want to be as well as like donate a herd of love to be with it. If someone had a problem, I loved able to set out the colony store, yeah, give them gas is nice feel and took it's like shows that you do were you. It benefits well there's an extra nice feelin, soggy euthanize, feel of the show, due in your bed the bits major rail you know that I feel in and then you get the nice feel that all went to good thing who feels great man. Charity shows only my favorite show is because of this the way they make you feel this goal. We that together made some money for these charity and had fun, and then that helps the money goes to a good cause. We should do a lot of those man, I'm down I'm down to do him all the time that we should do what I should. Probably
We figure out what to do a week once we get crack and again just do want a week. That's just a benefit for for somethin will figure something out the day I can set out something of my name, be some we don't know, that's not gonna be far soon, as people see you're in a weaker position. May we have this incredible act, but people don't know it's it's a sneaky thing, because once you pop the hardest part is being funny like you, ve got that It's like you spent so much time writing to a commercial yeah ways then so much time where you're in the machine and not just a fully the cumulative out. There is a comic what if somebody was too, but if the network was to pick up no books should I do it should stay on you too, if you want to give money to, but is light enough money, but you could deaf. Lee. Do whatever you want, if it's on you too, and it should probably make some money once people
more aware of, and people start downloading a lot of them too funny man had suddenly. Also Everybody's got something from when they started and Everyone can us it's good for people to see that you know people that you see with like our food, Netflix special. Now one point I would terrible. God, it's gonna garbage, but that's how you get better at it. You gotta keep them. When it there's no other way around it. This way The things that I like about it is in a lot of ways: comedies a real meritocracy. Yes, I give people laugh They enjoy your stuff ass, then it works in any continues and you keep people keep coming here. Shows you keep having fun reward to that kind of thing Especially you haven't, collaborators is put together self air, but now appreciate it more to appreciate it. I just hope that clubs of it
here when everything send done and dusted. Thrill scary thing is how many these businesses are gonna go under exists now about planning to allow free shows all right. Let's Ramadan always brother, always Yom, O Owen Smith, TV knows, what's on your to subscribe, shows called the no books. Nobody No, ladies, is not like that. Take that you can take that name. what is your or your answers, and I went back to tax me literally, and then I would Smith for real on everything else. Beautiful thank sir. I always pleasure my brother by everybody by thank you friends returning to the show. This episode of the pod has been brought to you by stamps dot com.
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