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#1486 - Honey Honey

2020-06-05 | 🔗
Honey Honey is a band, featuring members Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe, from Los Angeles, CA.
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Oh I'm Tellin, you every fuckin, tough for anybody to beat that offer so visit flee. The hour dot com, Slash Rogan. I use a special code, J R E does prize, your dad with a bottle of whistle pig piggy back right. It's fuckin awesome, enjoy your dad love. It go to flee the dot com, Slash, Rogan and use the J r E offer. My guess today. This is an inch saying sort of situation because I been friends with these folks for a long time we did. The end of the world. Show at the wool turned theatre, in LOS Angeles, with the great and powerful Doug stand hope and the goat Joey D. We all did show in December
when I first two thousand twelve well here we are almost eight years later in the world still here what the fuck, but these guys are awesome these these people, these humans, I love them to death. Please give it up for Ben in Suzanne of Honey, honey. The job? Will experience Why should it seems like you just like start pigeon themes? Are you really love that Rowan whereby were grown regalia anyway. How did the bank about get exit literally the ban is back together. You know that expression. You say your friends, the birds varies. Gerda yeah said that shit the bands back together ban demands better.
I am the bandages as it does in Bam as they like ditties, Amabel Basic, yet so bans back together started view. Overall, we weren't we kind of mad at each others will binds US airline The seller I really wanted to I really worried about ban the person I live with thoughts. We made maybe did have covered a diamond turns out. He tested negative, but he had acute, learn JANUS at the same time: just like I'll that, like all those other diseases, don't take a break out of its greatest note I'm kind of snowy acutely what either way I was like real mad at you at the time now, like I really love, Ben and I'd, be really bummed. If I didn't, if there weren't a ban and I know we started talking hang out our sometimes it's all takes in our
you'll get set in our ways you get these grudges these stupid things that sticking out the best shit now, Wertheimer artery, not friendship and love. That's the best shit, it's like whatever you gotta do to most people want that if you ever felt that for some one to one point time, hobby would feel it again use whatever shit you have together, it's gotta talk it out, talk it out. I don't care grudges. Rearing grudges is the worst. We have we needed to step back from We haven't, we have some work to do ourselves and, like you know, we took two years took yet really where we didn't speak much when we. By one gets shouts balls of steel from the along our lives in four means that inside story, her God, how
is to align ourselves down for those who live outside. My were right. You out of talented video he sent with you guys, do an angel of death acoustic on the roof of the building and allay crazy. They are just now building is right now on fire crown of rice Police Guide, goddamn it when we were practicing last night, there was an earthquake, oh Jesus, and I was just like watching like my living room, Canada and I looked up, and I was like What are you guys? Doesn't earthquake Gwig? Didn't I Bam decided. I said you or teaching: that's why don't they ban Cubans entities could have insane large parties God all languages and all things all the bad words God invented those too. Got invented Rachel slurs, so we have to work it out. In writing the work invented all of its. I really mean it. We need to find a good one for white people.
You know really need about this out. Good news from solid one Karen's briar in with the when Brok Track Chad's brand Ashley feels sure, yeah more broadly buttressing, otters, Bradley Psych. What's up proudly the actor Bradley Cooper Ass, he to really get actor super great secretly Bradley, but there's a lot of cool Chad. The Brad Pitt say: please Lot: Chad, Ward, Chad, Dawsons, not a great boxers named Chad, shit, can we go Chad, don't know Jamie little around turn it around the gene. Right they shed? He's gotta girls name are the wrong with that doubt, gender. Without my whole, I brung. I'm sure you do you know. I love you, Jerry Spilett though it no. I love you. You mean you good
Definitely with girls is Jane. Am I really scarlet die before they? Even with the new e he's pissed off now these are big name, a boy's data, so that a rule out deliveries, gonna tell us on the Do kid? It's like a boy named, so it's an ash on its actions on Johnny Cash. The goddamn song about a stir scene with them that way, That's right! That's right! Giant kind of science has a great voted truth, that's a grand, I would boy names for girls? I think that always like Bobby or Billy. If there are the report, yeah yeah. I've auxiliary, as one doesn't mean Jerry. I want, if I, if I ever procreate it- and I am not a little girl a little too you ever she'd, be like the fucking cool is Gary on the planet. That's one thing: she would probably get over people fuckin with a real early in life, Sometimes laugh you don't know nothin, namely Susan, went out there
I didn't say that, but there is no big deal within fifteen years. Is gonna, be crazy care? She's gonna go beyond that, I'm not ready to have children, so Well, then they don't have. I am the one thing that this kid's zealots like to do as they like dependent everybody's have kids in order to be valuable in this life need to have two sets of interesting lot of fuckin pressure on people sure it's unit is when someone's doing something they think you should be doing it right. Like you talk someone has just started meditating the cancer? That's may I can never shot a mock up about what I like doing. I'm always trying to get people to do things. You know, that's the thing that people kids! Do you guys for care? You gonna forget Trojan. Where's, your work for you. Do you know their children in other programmes, names are going to carry on. Their resonated with me, like a legacy of like
have a pain. No we're like, as you know, but even with my career like I, I just wanna play music like I don't really think about like what's gonna last when I'm dead, there's nothing wrong, you're, a great Person is nothing wrong. With any way of approaching this life have children don't have children, sing music dancing? Music. You you do whatever the fuck. Do you want and idealism- and you do that France has a friend, but this thing there you can't pressure on Fox, but they have of kids or their life is not valid. Merciful because they're having trouble dealing with the pressure of having kismet, maybe all silly cause. You don't live forever, when no one you children won't live forever. No, unless forever you live, you die. You gotta, keep moving. Why you're alive? You should be happy because be happy. You're contributing everyone's contributing. What you have kids? Who don't have kids? When you don't have kids, you have the option to love and support the kids in your peripheral
area like my nephew and stuff and in my friends, kids and then you can go home and you don't have to deal with the other shit shore slow, but you know, but then I felt that it was a strong, education's medication but humanity just learning how to be a person. A different kind of person to person that raises little people. Personnel responsible for for babies is a totally different fields like who fucks with your head in our just equipped for a lot of people, creates a type of anxiety and re texts, essential Anson fear, but the future. Well, the thing is, if I were to have kids, I would like being a mother would be like the number one priority nothing comes before then, and I would I would take that seriously and it says something that you know when you think about it. I'm like, like now's the time required now my lad, ass golly. I am thirty five. Are you going to stop?
for aid. Shame you now have a where a man. I think that so funny when people get really squeamish about that. Well, they feel like they only have a certain amount of time to subscribe, that lightning the bottle and be validated and you know some people just think that you gotta look it's gonna burn. A quick and their life is gonna suck right. You know somebody, eight shamed me some, like you're, almost forty being met- and I think the throng of forty cause us on one now how much time, unfortunately knows in real life, so that guy you know no rude weak mean, and why would someone do that? They try to make you feel back. They zeal feel good. That's what it is. It's always the case. Cylinders feels graze. On top of the world Dalai Lama's out there now they're leaving shit. You comments. What was there was secretly link?
did your video you notice when he got cancelled for low while know what an idea the Dalai Lama goes? Hansel? Yes, yes, yes, I bet he dealt with this fine. He did this and we are even actually talk. Mothers exact same subjects who did this where they said. You know even yourself a bad and have you ever thought about being married having children. Is I've seen a lot of marriages, much wordy much cancer. There goes plus when they break our poor woman, get all the money like children and in Ladys like why the fuck this is the Dalai Lama, and then she goes. She actually tries to social justice. Her way out of it cuz she know, she's out you gotta, confront him. Actually sometimes the woman it's your own money and is a good one,
but sometimes they just put it in time out- three million people are saying they should. We cancel the Dalai Lama was really funny. It was really funny. You can only be well to have it goes. I then I seem like couple years letter new person new girlfriend. Much worry cancer about, will hold malign posse talks about women. One spent all the guys money, unlike with this, is how I said. How did he had a girlfriend? Maybe doesn't know about that stuff? You don't worry, should tell straight guess we're. That's what I heard me. No life is a strange life. You know they picked him when he was a baby, a little kid rate. He was a little kid. They picked eminent said either.
Man brown. Imagine when the last one day he was really, I think, even the last when dies, they pick a movement that they have a slate of little. Babies are like near where you could be. You could be how how fat monitored they does have a life is like account. All of these are a and aid. You put a bunch names in it or is it like I I'm not there, haven't seen, it done is required that he's celebrate as part of the gang imagining that so row here, because as those plans, you come to me with my fifty's Why can we weren't my worry me as a holy man? When I was seven yeah, you don't have to invite you cut off the sex at seven, never wait what now they are. Ok, we say I'm missing, put it I'm saying they are not allowed to every Saturday. Knowledge does in fact I didn't think so we got it. I was thinking about rude way. To put me, they were put it on me. There was no, it was already there a baby. You has already tat
now announcing it about a jolly learners waiting here that they pay without ever thought. That would have no. I didn't either first time we share birthday. I think I should tell you you and Mamma is authorities attitude deadline. As you might people regular hilarity. Eighty four, eighty five, I share. I burnt programmers the Saviour, also conscious stream his consciousness to him. You know I was outside that. I haven't seen really in Finally, only ever saw it through a zoo andor, so guy area itself, ridiculous. Who am I it so another great, a great idea. A super vapid beautiful man now itself in Wales, really slap sticky, silly comedies, there's so much truth to it, though, that the heart- and why should I raise a You knew male models when you're doing manner, modeling male modeling due to remember going that is going on around here is what I was a male model news
things have changed now I I did. I did yeah, there's there's a means kind of like choose my words carefully here, was a thing. I think modeling in general is a very odd thing if I was a model from fourteen to eighteen, and ask the Dalai Lama. They just shows. You know me I won't. I went for it and my mom like took me to this agency that will make it money when I was I had like. I was just like working every every other week for like value city, depart restores anyone economically voters that eventually they kept getting. You know I never saw it like the end, all be all I will. I will. I wanted the bridge to something else, as I figured out like where my area of entertainment was an actor for a while, but you know if that's all you got and you're just sort of like paid to look beautiful like there's something really fucked up about that. Like none, I healthy mindset,
and I saw lots of eating disorders and all kinds of really sad shit that, like in people's identities, are wrapped up in this and I remember I I I gained a little weight when I was eighteen can I went on birth control and then I was in the middle, my agency in their measuring me in front of people and they are like you got a loose to it. Is an and it's a fucking hard thing, and I just quit. I sort of bargaining. I didn't. I didn't want that badly and I like pizza, tat such a weird things. So I now it's really to really much less so specific yeah Let me turn which were already difficult. I think I mean I don't writers them right, I mean well now they know not what I mean I didn't mean to compare use glee, hearing a training as a model. I've had ascended
but now it is a thing where you, both relying on your body entirely for your living. There's a lot of the end for women. I would imagine women already women, Eddie worry about being marginalized for their brain anyways than smells like some of you have to prove themselves extra because they happen to be pro and there are model and people just assume. There are more on issuing an issue. I mean yeah but an hour, but has also people figures. These girls do it, then they do other shit yeah they did decades there you go. I wanna be that's. Why get kind of annoyed when people who talk about any job being inherently toxic, bulky, Delano jobs of the potential for toxicity, everything, including the keynote fucking everything fit of all jobs? Could fuck you up on jobs, could distort represent, mean how about being a cop number that for industry,
some have been a doctor mercy, room, doktor, everyday bullet wounds, stab wounds, car accidents deal with every day that that shit's gotta be bad for you that you can be good for you, how to resolve a model is going about losing to answer. I should now like to highlight- and you know the dogma, that, fourteen years old, that's a different, oh yeah you're only super hard, not only soup. Jesus like I had a very low level for sure like there is. I was like catalogue. I was. I mean, I know it's all kind of crazy right. You just get this amazing rule the dice with your bone structure and then everybody
here's money like what I have to do for this yet they're doing. Ok, I gotta get US grants like among their. Why are you gonna be smart with it? You gotta know what it is now, there's a there's, an expiration date on it waiting. Do the money make. What are you going to do with any the you know I got so I started acting, I loved it. You know it's kind of crazy. They rode stop and think about those like the biggest lottery in life. For a lot of folks is how do you look? You know If you Jason Mama, it's amazing good guy, It's amazing he's a good guy because he's too beautiful yeah, he's too good luck. You know he was sitting next to us at the startle concert, it was on one side and then Johnny burned the Punisher was on the other and Ngos like one of the best days of my life, well, lighted, joy, the very much I dont get to see concerts like it was so great and and go over the same with you. That was really fun. We have zombie together, Where was the shop
treated or the troubadour item, and it was the fire and fury this new newly showing that it is doing, but is also a lot of stuff from his old is old, catalog too, so it was just. It was awesome news, real intimate like what is that four hundred people or something I've got to resolve it out, We now don't like one of the greatest moments of honey honey in recent months when the great been using its double decker, but it still intimate it's real. Rare in the way. The way it set up a new set of amazing like will we where was incredible, looking up above when you're in a little balcony area? Next, the punishment a lot of my time. Cities are we talking about, as I think I told you this, but we want to dinner afterwards. Ya. John price was right in front of us and I really really wanted to tell him how much I love his music and I chickened out
yeah. I remember we are talking about it. I didn't know we was the first time ever heard of him the answer and then, when I heard he died from Cove it s like this. That too him damned here now he's worth checking out and like really really digging into who he was and is urgent love them here, he's magical measure for long beautiful Can you remember a specific famous onward people would render Montgomery what's the Hendrick Anita and we wonder how mess it up. So what Ten zero people are familiar with less than one of us when the best music shows I've ever seen in my life. You guys want stage Gary Clark and you were singing that rising others. Now raising that we're that shit, I pulled off the path that amateur others orders or whoever and yet when you, and more than three times a cancer fucking account yeah, ok, might be the only light, look at that
Oh, my god is again. This was a do the binary, lateral accused of them, but put its fun yet Forgive her we're fine in a key and might be weird. Zammit teeth are fine. With this Don't worry about this! The weirdness like people, love C, how musicians put together a song? after we got you just Ok, you hire and then, jump into an awesome song then decided a very rational, there's, no pressure that we enjoy in the vast way, like it's good for you My heart is racing for us and I would ask you to explain this. Was again burned down. Ski uncle nearest is Ganem. Nathan Green was at least to my knowledge. The first recognised master, distiller
an african American taught Jack Daniels. How to do this thing freed slave after civil? After this work- and this is the way you brought enough. Thank you very much because eighteen, fifty six hours that backing who is sitting in the version Ronnie Rate on Iraq last year that living man Mama Is it not?
eyes son, these his land oh Joe, gone applause? in writing. Job pride of work that out in a bowler version with the younger does more to do. One of you go on what Europe really big,
MA am both. Keep ok. Give me an answer. Is so good a big and to that I want to do that now. I was a young now for you just 3rat no just go well again, dear me
to the yeah The man is those beautiful uniform its machinery, and I am one hundred percent. That's wonderful! percent remunerated standing. You did, but you should put them on something that was awesome. We can, for you don't you have to do. I will do it for years A brief, and just what ever humble man aren't you and you begin since we're here: tuna boats, Chile New, is it chilean who'd want to ac on point?
and this is why not but when I well shit. The crazy that you know how, whether it's warm or cold, based on the strings, My son, you running that thing across with something called the wand better than what is God's call it call them want it's got about, is a really accords ban a further by it of course, I'm gonna call one ones on better music want, because I've always wanted to be a wizard you kind of on hours. I was watching this one thing on Tik Tok, were they This girl, who is a witch- and they said You know we want to know like have you actively cursed the police officers and have you curse to lose
and she was gone. Yet we ve already done that already has all right, like there's active, which, on the road to check Jack, I mean what I want. I have comments on other comments on which is not more intentions of like what a spell is, unlike the way that people orchestrate that it's kind of just opened a powerful like it. It's like prayer unaware that, like the answer here but it gets, weird. Well, we all want people like us and all someone who does not like you ferociously and that can make you upset, knows how much aid spells and I'm here now, but I'm just stand. That's the beginning of a right of if someone has a lot of intention and they put intention yeah on you like Harry, terrible lie for you getting disease. Yeah and you hear about that. It probably factually ahead of me: that's what voodoo is probably all very sure and for our intensive twitter is. I think there are ramifications if that is the trajectory. If you're like really like putting bad vibes into something tat, you ll have to combat
in a really shading way they, but the only dont because their life's locks, I think people that do shit like that they do it because their life sucks not hope their letter. Here, let's do that, let's give them the tools for them actually not. This is what we want to do this for them. No, not, that we really are Jesus did George Floyd, because you know his name was big. Floyd were big Yannick. Oh, I didn't obviously didn't know why not, although lyrics line up, but it does its an almost to a great man who good past originally in it, just feels apropos to do it now.
Being made, Israel buggy he's gone It was a true pull.
when I believe they will grow, will drag you see
I was bad, berry d,. Oh I see Annie He looks. He was a man now
mad man all that has been going on lately. You know given early commoner, dedicating to George Floyd. Why weren't around
yeah. It's everybody the intense time. I think. Ultimately, society needed this. That did, he didn't need. I gotta die, but they needed this event to snap out of whatever whatever bullshit relationship, particularly the black, the ass with police in the videos that have come out since of of police officers, doing shit, while this is all going on during this like it's like they have, they have of a pattern. Some of these cops. They can't break out of it there there used to be. People like shit. They used to violently assaulting people. Yes, the directive. There's so much of it is so much crazy. Shit have guys using buttons on women just standing there. We also say never steadied, using the baton on the front of her thighs and throws, or on the ground like fucking, come on man. He. How are you doing this? Could someone won't comply like the position of being a person gets back that has that kind of power over
people were people have to comply to you, it's a psychologically fraught with peril. You know whether it's black people or there's a lot of it doing a white people there. So there's a horrible video on my friend, Joe Schilling, page Joey on Joe Schilling Kickboxer he's got a page on his instagram has been putting after posed is police brutality, shit post after posts is like exist to serve our protect, and this is old man and the guy has a cow. Talks are slam an unknown with their shield and eagles flying falls and hit his head on a bike rack, it's fuckin, horrible, it's horrible! All I mean there's some that is, that has been going on! It's been going on in the black community. Clearly we have such a shitload of evidence has been going on with all kinds of people. It's an overall problem is a racism component to it, but the problem is police brutality. I was reading about. So forty percent of police officers have sleep disorders,
and PTSD. So there are just constantly forty percent of police officers, have sleep disorders and admit you air on the job. I e falling asleep in their cruisers. Violent acts, anger issues and, you know a lot of us, I'm trying to understand as much as possible cause it's so fucking sensitive. Let I need to apply the same. Rehabilitative man said to the police force as people calling for in communities a color as well. Obviously, Latvia, a joy ass. I ever the gap to do something did here and at some something has to be done to psychologically dress what the real consequences of seeing violence and murder and horrible horrible things. Every day there's gotta. There's a cycle. This is a price, your pain, if that's what you're doing with your life, like you're a you open the door, guy killed himself to shot gun out Jesus, just brain splatter over the were opened the door. There's a girl was raped and staff.
Jesus Christ, you open the door, there's somebody just an overdose from faint another eighteen years old. I guess that's what you're seeing all day long you're, you're you're, just always like fuckin, die, then and european solution. Isn T just pay a more like all here here: darling, pay or well. My friend Dakota Mired Code Meyer is a guy who served overseas and had some horrific, instant, His worry literally had to fight a man to death and kill him with a rock. You know and Jesus clear, yeah, heavy shit. They talked about it on the pot, castles like FARC, You know it is also vital for as little as guy they were in war. The guy was enemy in
to kill a bunch of guys that day, an end? Save his front, those are the two crazy stored its best told by him, but anyway point is. He was talking about this shot that they're doing on PETE soldiers of PTSD. It was it's some kind of a block or shot you member that shot Jamie. I could text him, we have two, but they give it to soldiers and people of PTSD and whatever that anxiety is all that fuckin pent up shit, that just you just can't be normal. It goes away and it can last for as long as year but it give lights. Yea there is shit. Is the shopping list call they got it. Elephants. Gangs word its administered by healthcare professionals into the knack of an individual screens. Suffering for piteous de treatment is not a cure for PTSD. He was talking about how amazing, does he really was saying it? Gate was sera theory that second article there. It says something about prolong relief for the debilitating symptoms, yeah it's on
cure. However, its highly effective, well torrid, fast, acting inexpensive, biologic technique that provides prolonged relief from the debilitating symptoms of PTSD. I think just our doing runs out of the grand new thing. Yeah yeah. I think it's pretty recent, but I also think that you like your brain when it encounters a lot of things that are awful. I think it really alters the chemistry of your brain is a really off alters your ability to make good decision. So you can. You can make a real rational case that Ramos and talk the kid it yeah yeah hundred percent on the running on adrenaline right. When you see these cops do see when there are clear now the square for Trump to worry, I have his bible. You got cops slamming the people. How do they get that wrapped up they're doing that? Could you ever do that he's walk right up to someone and slam on with a shield. Of course, you wouldn't you have to go
Arafat rather obvious the cops terrify for sure. But you have to get to a point where you can do. The rain is something has to happen. We ass a biologic drug that your mind is produced and these guys junkies their agenda. I mean I literally, like I told you about the therapy I just did. This is like what I've been trying to like weed out of my life. Is my insomnia in and get my my brain levels, and might you know I've just been running on adrenaline and now I'm like levelling out it's so weird to live. I can, I can function better. I can process,
I stress the way that I never could for over a decade and do you know the reason I was I was reading about the Sarah set. I think they did the study Yosemite at some point that we proposed it. But you know the the conditions that police officers are under physically, like from night shifts just to stress to what you said: opening the door in seeing all ages horrifying things and not having the therapeutic elements and rehabilitation, and then you factor in racism or or just described, nation. Like I mean it, is it's a lethal combination and it's so crazy too, to see it like. We are every day now, it's just now, all out in the open, and now it's like what do we do to help these people like get to the point? The place that they're supposed to be, which is protecting us and when I go clean how here you gotta clean house, you gotta go in there and you gotta get rid of any one who exhibits any sort of behaviour like that in any way in any abusive, you can't have any abuse should have an extraordinary
the ability to control people unit you not allowed a normal person is not allowed to treat people like that so few. To be able to do that, you have to show that you're an unusual person, your powerful person, you can control it. You get. You can be a good person even under the pressure of conflict What would life or death conflict on a daily basis? That's not a normal person and by the way, when these guys around fifty twenty years like how fuckin sick are they by twenty years and how unprepared are there when they ve been train of hers. Months and boom done you're on industry about a day on their comes up cited for law enforcement and their eight years all crazy, we're not even fully Mt Buckley exact like that that in and of itself you get like a big strong kid now and I'm I'm I'm primarily speaking about men in I'm sure women could do it too, but, like it's different and you know their brains are fully formed, then their life is in your you're, like this,
ass, yet like what wild in one, nothing that came out of this whole cove id thing and then with this coming afterwards is like when you dealing with perpetually perpetually crime ridden neighborhoods like of them, they ve had crime in them for ever and a lot of these neighborhoods or african american neighborhoods that have had chronic whether its south cargo or how to Baltimore like when you see how the government can spend so much money bailing out corporations that are far right, but they dont bail, cities that are fucked you not hold on. You knew thought and more was fought like no one had me questions whether parts about what we just fucked in factories laws. These two red lines You weren't allowed to buy a house in certain areas. If you were an african American, so we know that so how come Your bail out corporations, you never bailed out these inner cities. It would cost a fraction.
To set of community centres, build more bit much better, affordable housing. Leadership is too short sighted for that, and that that's like a spiritual deficit that what's crazies. They all want to pretend that their pro American, if you are problematic- and you would want less losers- you would like- what more people that have an opportunity to get out of bed circumstances and whatever those bad circumstances are you'd want to keep people safe in one or even if we appear always gonna run into bastard who people have drug addiction or people you're, not gonna cure all that this a human issue. Humans are crazy, you're, not gonna, stop broken families and all that stuff. That's just a part of being. But you can do is way better job of protecting people from crime away, but is rather silly in them from drug deal
it is in all our shared one, shielding them or or integrating people in a healthier way into an economic system that addresses their needs. You know and but that's what we're so vulnerable from from a leadership perspective because of lobbying and because it just like a natural instinct. Of self Protectionism and, like Y gotta, make sure the my family to incur first and not the cornerstone speech that color might encourage people to read. Did you guys we that as yet it it's really intense, and you know it was written by name's escaping metabolic confederate, yeah, ok, the vice presidency present, or vice president, the confederacy and like, for all intents and purposes like the first half of the of the speech, was like pretty logical in terms of commerce and how to care for your cities and, like you know, just Yo Economics and
You just gets down to this part where he talks about African Americans is, like you know, their sub human, like they're, not they're, not actual, like, like it's just oh clear, cut and dried his mind that the superior races white by God he was quoting, but the Bible and like like thousands and millions of people, millions of people like followed that ethos and that doesn't just go away. You know they're so like in terms of red lining when people want to know why you know ghettos it so hard to get out of How do you know like this has been made by design and even further back just the thought that, like blood, yet black people are the slaves like they're they're beneath us, so they need to be in their places and like it just nuts like to read this speech, it was its end to think about how many people were behind it and that's what we're up against, even though it was three or four hundred years ago. Those six
hundred eighty six, which weird adopting a cool Nile, eighty cents, adults in twenty twenty in not having anything to do with an even happened in the 1800's, but you walk into the wake of of that era into the echo of that era. Something long ago, fifty years ago there was fifty two years ago there were slaves. That's crazy! I know that's not even deal I'm telling you it's a blink of an eye, not that long and which really crazy is like we We have a thing that we do with native Americans right. We kind of acknowledge that our settler, the Europe in settlers original great, whether there, Your relatives are. Not mine, aren't mine. All came third on third generation, so my family arrive the twentieth century, but the people had arrived.
Earlier than that? I give your family goes all the way back. Sixteen hundred some fuckin native american blood on your hands. This is, if you get well, why Father was in the railroad business. How did he get tough luck in railroad through country? Yoda kills people man yeah like yeah. So what do you know states is kind of acknowledged that they fucked up and they gave the native Americans reservations That was the whole ideas. Like you have your own laws. You can make casinos, he can do wild shit. He do it. All right here would still leave you alone yeah, but it's it's real slippery right but I didn't you know. That's a false privatisation will neither Moliere started lining. You know wealth on there and then they would like the minutes. I just read this book called killers of the flower Moon, which is just a horrifying thing that happened in our,
history. That is not well known with the Osage native american tribe in Oklahoma, and they were all forced onto this wretched reservation and it turned out to be millions and millions of dollars rich in oil Then all of the members of the tribe were given head rights and day every year. All these white people would come in and it they would. They would like rent their land, basically for for oil rigs and they each member of the tribe, had millions of dollars, but that the government in Red, nice them as full citizens, so they were given stewards to manage their wealth, so a lot of them are living in poverty, while their fuckin babysitters were robbing the murdering them and the whole book. As of now told his wife series of murders and also how the FBI was how birth jammed up after yeah yeah, so Box Hoover use this as his platform, because, but that the sad part is there was like three
it's that went to jail for killing like twenty five people, one they weren't, given they weren't put to death because no white jury could kill them for for killing native Americans because they weren't considered full human rights and a picture. The dates for it's insane and is heartbreaking, and it really echoes what's going on now, with the way that the black people are treated. It's like people than give a fuck about native Americans and, like and then they got rich and the like. What's fuck em again, you know make sure that they like we can still steal from them like its horrifying, but the thing is: there is no there was no justice for their murderers and there were so. It was a coup. There were just so many people that would come in and Mary and Osage try. Member enters learner lounge just to get there have again, it was most Tewksbury. Murdering do knows it was everything poisoning that meaning there's a lot of poisoning. What is this James? The new this book was
option into the new Martens mills. Polly said just now. We just did Joe Rogan Pike, wow Appleton, you I'm one of our member states, a pretty old buddy. It's not that I presented the other way. Really under my parents without maize and has in Turn Frio Martin scores easy, Deniro and Dicaprio. Adam article has almost no boundaries. On. Again raising. I did. I really got into a big long stretch of being fascinated with native american history from a book somebody recommended to be called empire the summer Moon about the command, She and it is really like why Texas is the way Texas is Texas. Is the way taxes is mostly because they fought off the foot currently committee at the people that add to Mexico
so snaky Mexico was telling why people to move to taxes they, like my friend, is a good place. They dig did Shreck these people into moving into Texas because it was a buffer between them and the Comanche they want. The Comanche worthy Fucking, while this most ruthless band, Indians and the most successful of all though, all the west, it took hundreds of years to conquer them. They are the reason why people didn't make it all the way to California sooner but when they got to play comanches with fuck them up in it. The fuckin that book is fascinating. A change might change my purse. Active of what happened in the West. Like you realise that there is some people that came over here from somewhere in the neighbourhood of between eleven thousand and five thousand b c. They made it a crime the bearing land Bridge from Asia into America. There are basically the same kind of people
lived in Siberia and they were stone age when they got here. They weren't even on horseback, and they live that way for thousands, thousands and thousands of years exactly the same way and it wasn't till the sixteen hundred. They started. Writing horses, Dominate motherfuckers wound was like this giant shift and who they were before they were like really unsuccessful in war they had. No. History? They had no songs, they had no stories and very little artwork. All they did is like rats and squirrels whatever they could kill and barely crash by and state alive, but they figured out how to ride horses. First, they figure out of control. Worse is better and they figured out tat. It is the other people's how's course, because the life was so hard to pursue so scratch and Claude. They were ruthless. So once they got horses, they would just these wild little store scrappy mother fuckers who had run, run these horses round and kill everybody figured out how to shoot off horses in the white people did not do that. Yet the why people get off the horses and go
let wait way where we are we gonna uniformly alive. You stand, there are three: they were shooting like an arrow, a second electing Are you going on the horses he's doing it up and so no one until they figured out how to make a revolver until they figured out a way a gun. Shoots more than once, because those muskets where a cabinet re like they just kept informed, whereas the ten observer birth it it was all. During that time, the Texas Rangers were the first to incorporate the revolver against a Comanche, they did a Texas Rangers became the Texas Rangers because of this fucking, unbelievably ruthless tribe of the UN's dominate the area. So these dudes, instead of being like regular soldiers, adopted the way of the Comanche, they were buckskin clothes They slept without fires to Texas Rangers yeah yeah. In fact in Savage Savage the Comanche, a lot of the FBI agents that were commission to find the killers in the Osage murders. They were exe,
Texas Rangers plot is an amazing chart. Floors tv show why logs come here again the laws of the unknown I give you can never have How else is incredible book I'm about to retired Texas Rangers, but like a classic West, now, and I actually have it all your book rallied around two. I will once I watch all the Texas Rangers. Would: Nor is there we have any dead very loud anymore, Deadwood Bob, make now ward, so my sweater so much like real. Now now I think it's gonna theatrical element it's a little like shakespearian away, but well yeah, but it was so thank you check your then I love you thanks, I'm not I'm supposed to drink slow
the five zero Mary Jane among various my friend Mr Miranda, because we're on the joint work in progress, and I dont want to be a fucking dickhead, not gonna being, but don't do yourself either. Why haven't drinking a month and and if you find everything's going gray, everything's fine she's, what are you not drinking purposes givers are now. I want my Sarah at therapy, and I mean this is like my mind months I can get. I can start Livin Ngos, but I've brains and a good place. No life without this is good alcohol. Let me tell you: it is already daily ring round to drink this man, I'm sure it's being even quite clear. Well, but I'm sorry because of corona virus alcohol consumption was up and then because these riot in all this. I'm sure it's up again, another not area, though the loot
in the riots and people break. It enables homes and shit, but yet vulnerable people slammed every year for the way. While we gotta get through this as a race, I think having a big moment like if we need a correction, we deafening needed a correction. We still do. We need to be we needed. We need so many corrections why we need a correction terms of r R. Thought on war, thought an international conflict. The way we treat each other. We need corrections all that, but it takes a cup big event. Sometimes they made at yeah but I do know restructuring of how we view each other, but they also have to be careful of bad players. There's a lot of bad actors in these things now that step- and I want you- you know they want to take advantage of people- want people to comply with their ideology in they try to push things and safe. You don't go along with this. You know we know what stand. We know what you are you you're on the other side of the force in some weird compliance. Should I be real careful about that is again it so
the same thing. You see with bad cops when people have power over people, even if it's just psychic power, when people have power people, they abuse. We'll, have a revolution after revolution like the french Revolution, that innovative down in the name of liberty and under just killing people left and right ads. You know, there's a pattern that we can examine, but I think it's in port and to not you know. Obviously, these events are catalyzing, but we don't want what we need to take from the event is that we don't need an event. We have to integrate this stuff. Well, I think we need an event. What look what we had along with accountability- and this is what the strange thing about the cultural religion in a seven ten year old girl was there when, when George Floyd died right, so a seventeen year old girl cell phone camera changed the world, that's real, so this poor little girl has to do I would imagine, being a seventeen year old black girl watching a man get a need
put on his chest, wise asking that will please let me please, I can't breathe, and you know that guy died and you filmed it and your video gets up loaded in the world just explodes. There are fuckin there. There's protests in Tokyo protest in Berlin. People are all over the world, prose testing the debt to New Zealand, our friend style bent. It was in one a museum and on the other side of the planet of people aren't asleep anymore, not asleep anymore, worth some people here, but she had a great respond to. Did you see again ass. She came after here and say what you do more, and that moment she really oh, the housing and wonderful response about you know just contextual eyes. This amount people just this too many people- people, if you say p, we'll say, there's some people say that people tell ye your foot, they'll tell you. You have to see but if you want to be on this gang whereby more closely with drinking guess, you know bleach or whatever
people dip that they didn't know. No, they didn't. They didn't two morons drank the wrong form of hydrochloric win. That is actually a pond cleaner. It's for fucking We're pansies, dipshit, tat it in their garage. Now I've been using Corbett did they act, one guy dot, and that is a problem. And what's that looks great ethereal. That's not funny hey where there is a problem that there are big time. Democrats, that's, why doesn't make sense and they were one of them was a democrat candidate contributor. I believe, make sure that's right He answered and people like way you guys judges units must be adjusted yet magically had this stuff land around back down, but I want to talk about the item. Is it just is a random thing where it sounds the same and real gets hydrochloric when verses, some other kind of look. When you sure there wasn't some like agenda here, that's a scene like how I'm sorry I didn't mean it views recouping. I don't do this
back to the dead. Slash almost dead, like tat, could be somebody here, so yeah I've been familiar? Things happen. I dont know what their truth is any more. I have no idea, but why would a person whose are staunch Democrat, listen anything the Trump ass I say about taking your medication you'd fuck that another the fact that our canadian sidebar girlfriend of hours per the Trump Bible photo. My friends our friend said Trump holds a bible like a guitar player who doesn't know how to play guitar. I said he darted Gabriel. I said I was like a dirty guy Berlin. Where do I do with this fuckin thing? What is due? He did it on purpose like keep. It decided to go. Do this as a press wig like some sort of me, I was planning, is for its report,
that's a dumbest publicity opportunity ever like you. Could you literally You do know that one of the members of the military step down a military adviser who's the guerrillas there is another step down today, not different guy step down because of that stuff because of their publicity stunts step down, because he said that the abusive use of force they used to clear out that square, so yeah trumpeted come in for that photo up he's like as part of that has always ass, we need does my videos, we need accountability and their video whether he knows it or not. Is evidence because look what we know there is over protests. There were the day I'll go away and shut up because you're awesome fuck out of here, you did something you did something to people, they were peacefully. Yeah, and you have the area that, maybe you don't even know the assertion that I tweeted today to it's been proven that they used a certain type of tea, tear gas. That is, you you're not supposed to use on people. Now it's like laws,
I find it on. My here are upload epidemic. That he's to me he's like he's gonna, be like a folk legend. Donald Trump is like it is like the Paul of narcissism, if I can put it so far beyond what is misunderstanding from a human now like yeah, it's that he's like a superhero of narcissism, there's a threat against it makes per itself is a guy who resigned, he resigned. Today because of the way Trump cleared out that plaza. I was reading it today on the on the Google NEWS gig it some. You know these videos or their right, can't do that to people, and why are they doing to people who do not work because the costs they shouldn't be cops? Ok, I have a question on Paralyzer now It happened just today. Military adviser resigns right. There Photoshop right there
of that about that's no generating Miller today. Right now, two days ago, though, that's it Jimmy! I not only this, isn't he didn't resign, it ok, my Google news future today, for whatever is sometimes you get a Google news, feed story for similar reasons for go and look back to that article. Would it. Why did you cause? It's just hop up thing you can get out of their training in a better He had a journey to the immediate measures together. Tat is about jobs. That is really Bulgaria. Bans like do you wanna. You should have a drums. Why don't I could I droughts, or am I won't average rose not inch anyway? I don't understand it, wouldn't even want to play the drums heaping. I wanna play a look. I made it clear, manipulated Emma Jane. I wanna play the drums. He would just get a drums and bring it here. So really it's unusual as I've trend Yeah I got a lie around here is what you do.
This is it so James, Millard, junior served as a? U S. Undersecretary defence from four policy from two thousand twelve to two thousand fourteen recalled that he swore an oath of office to support and defend the constitutional states into bear truth and faith and allegiance to the same similar. What the defence secretary had done before he took office on Monday June. First, two thousand twenty: I believe you violated that Oath Miller wrote to Esper Miller's reasonings centred on present doll, J trumps visit Monday, this Johns Church in Washington DC, where police cleared peaceful protesters with tear gas, so he could pose with a bible for photographs that that defines two thousand twenty, that this was an idea. That was not what thrown up the flagpole, but they like fuck yeah. Why it was only sound right now, but what was the lake? Was there like? A quote under the bright light? Was just him of the Bible. Didion somebody's lay nothing remained in showing that we say this is what happened. I get a lot going on
One of these is going on is if they live this church on fire, ok and things going on us. As someone posted in the church on fire see and ends Bryanston it studies. His name is one of the fellows on CNN adorable fellow on CNN was tweeting that there's no fire there's no evidence to show store, there's a fire and then the video comes out of the fire. Then he delete all those tweets so its trump, who is also It is also a job at CNN like see, fuckin idiots, you are fake news, said: there's no fire, this place burnt down and I'm gonna go stand in front of it and I'm in a hold up a bible. Yes, that's what he's fine there's a lot of ego ship going on with that. That's why I decided to stand in front of that church holding that Bible. It was also that he's trying to look he's in a dogfight right now when it comes to, like his constituents, when it comes to the idea of a real action when it comes to the fact that everything keeps fallen apart, he said like they were set up,
circumstances, will he brought it honour, not call George Floyd the fires, the rise, a kick. Predict today. This deluding its madness right. So Like our area funded, someone's gotta love me, Jesus, where I went This is where this is where I think in ship Louse Anderson, the long about it's like what you said about some plain, a musical instrument, So we said that it looks like someone language areas holding orator, pool is another example that I am you see a guy in a movie. That's both know. How to play points seem like four can hold the pupil, stick or stupid, How goes it smells like Ireland, its own people, playing a violent? What's our harlequin post, you will get all right all right, we're playing Bull earlier show school bus he put on the glove for the record. He wore these eleven whole glove hold the book, but a guy roots books then you could open it. Lindsays no hold laid cynical theories,
It's just going to put on the back button. Do the book, but if I'm home the bug like this, Have you ever done someone is physically and mentally component re. Read this book workplace We have a result, But that book or you dialogues that book Daban. Look it up this is, the Bible will never be ever ever forgot it's written all over the world in many many ways than amazing, amazing, Maison book. So She also importing about the whole narcissism. It's terrifying unterrified that man he scares the fuck out of me. I want if you hadn't give mushrooms, do I wanted? Harry, and I wish I could probably can't she would listen. King spot of minor adjusted rules, a minor just I'm. Second, the bill sermons over there
there's no worries just give a mushroom just one one fucking really Is that your preferred psychedelic dose? It's a good one. You know I'm a preferred one probably marijuana. I think marijuana psychedelic, just thinking I concur. It's a daily use, psychedelic fitted mushrooms ever but you can't hurt anybody useless fast. I beg to differ Macro D, Italia. Ok, I'm talking about blitz. You know like just to the mushrooms. Now I dont have somehow Where would you later? Did I tell you guys about when I saw I was quarantine with my parents for among Hall so When I first saw you Joe when I was your last with Gary like two days later, I want on tour toward our cancelled, as in New York, to have done my parents thousand and things are didn't weird and got weirder weirder, and then I was there for a month with my parents. I messed up big time because I took acid one day. Why was there pneumonia made the right choice?
I thought they were going to be gone, and then I had a friend with me and my friend Jose was there one of my books from childhood in the house? It ain't! No! I brought here and I I was originally like us take hold, have any. Let us go half and I honestly gonna move us a powerful whose working people, We both we both cut in half the static, took a tab and then like fifteen, its later my mom walked in that are under thirty five years old, like aldermen notions such as to judge their holiday and she's. Like my own calls me, Louis God bless our levels where she's like it shows me me. Let me what to do, and I was like I got it.
And so I tried, but it should be noted not the first time you ve been psychedelic, myself included in me. I might well. This is different. She this this is. I respect my parents so much and I don't want to get too personal, but one of my uncle's audit on pc P, when my mom was a kid, so she has again. She knows got a thing mushrooms to her fine cause they're like from the earth, so she she got really really mad at me like you need like. Could someone gave it, Mace money trust. But she was like you know what she was terrified of me. I was too, I saw hike, oh yeah, because she go into them, Manson primary- and I was right as a sheet- and I was I will. I did not look good and I I was hard core trip like it wasn't a little, but I went deep, but I was Also, so aware that my mom was terribly. I went to check on our when I was like really trip involve and she waited as would you
She was curled up by their honour bed with the dogs and she was looking at me out and I looked at her. I was like I'm gonna go back my room and I had like the giggle part writers couldn't stop laughing, but One point I do want to share this and I might get drunk now forget Jose. I was trying to get some sense of normalcy announced owing to eat food, and I put on play earth which was very healing at that time of of just just being in a total place and Jose needed to get sick, and at the same time, not so powerful and at the same time I was watching I swear to God. I swear it. True story like jose- isn't the bathroom life I believe there were the grizzly bear at the moment
you know who took the best grizzly bear. Should it ever that Timothy tread well guy that crazy guy was at the grid man, the idea that the best paid the price you while you fucked up for sure a lot what he did not love this I'm here going be a real cynical take on this, but you gotta understand the tsar coming from love, that guy even though he died getting killed by grizzlies, a whole areas, the best uninstall Finally, hilarious documentary ever come a grisly man is so how long geared to watch the review. That is how I resent play for there's no tape, really.
No no, they don't, but there is a tenant, none, no Werner hers! I got the taming destroyed it. He did not want it to be out, therefore, to be murder. Porn for April it was, he said I was powerful, Horrida and weren't Herzog is in our mean. He knows the fuck he's doing is made some of the most amazing documentaries of all time, but that I guarantee you he He made that thing funny on purpose. There's no way he didn't the timing in it. So good visit sheriff the sheriff at one point in time after the guy dies, the sheriff first ball looks like a sheriff in the fucking Quentin Tarantino movie. Right he's, like just looks like he's, total Ask a chevy looks right. The chemicals have authority was retired, argued about picking garbage bags, this guy off the fucking, offer the shore and in seeing the big, bear feasting on his ribcage. They should talk about talks about how he flew over his plane and noticed the ribs pokey and saw the Bay
air rummaging in his chest cavity. It is a crazy document they they. I thought that the only as sound. There's. No sound, ok resuming version of it online, but it's I don't know. I thought that type. Not that's! That's why I never watched it. You gotta trust me. I've seen it. Ninety I'm not! My third is ready for good, nor is We get the grizzly man. There's time we're gonna go backwards, really here's a think, there's something in this about Ex this, something in the movie about acceptance. There's something about about tolerance. He was gay. And ninety nine thousand percent positive that he's gay? But he was pretending, wasn't so this guy's timeline? as these walk into the words going. I wish I had a girlfriend, but I doubt you know, like a girl,
Just don't like me, you know I like, maybe because you live with monsters enough House made out a clause like Joe exotic clarity can owner and our own here. No, he asked Kennedy like the right. We're like this guy. That's like he's, gotta, Annex I come out here. Protecting these bears. His bears didn't even know he was alive, didn't give a fuck about him. Nunneley that, like the wildlife management of Alaska, is fantastic, they know exactly as they are. After all cover. You know. I just watch the Joe exotic thing in the inn in regards to that. There's, like Weird megalomania with like convincing yourself that you have this can, roll over these wild beasts. It's fucking crazy. It's varies very similar animal the time I had these moments, where is really like release for smaller, but you are sitting and their crazy, but I felt really sad for Joe exotic because it was like what would have happened if maybe he were truly accepted for whom he was when he was a kid and loved by us.
Father like. Would he have gone these extreme now, but everyone I enjoyed that fucking amazing show. My whole point above recently met even though that guy earlier, the boys guides me, even though this guy let this up tortured life. Ultimately, what was created was amazing and was entertaining for millions of people. It gave millions of people a great feeling watching grisly man and watching Joe exotic. We on our on the one side and Beethoven though that fucked up dude listeners shit, but but this guy's life was like an art projects. This Timothy Treadmills life was like in our project literally holding a cam quarter, walking through these bear corridor where these enormous grizzly bears are and he's like. I wish I could find a girlfriend, but it can fire was gay. Obesity is what he says. I'm just gonna arrest. I open but in that case I shall like hoop and gay that I needed mushrooms, but when we work
gone. Crazy man you gotta shortly is this: we need to do like extreme, listen, psychedelic, dispensing itself, preposterous, but everything I say, sounds preposterous. So it's ok, I'm preposterous person sort of true, but I believe that and I believe that if mushrooms were decriminalize and people are allowed to use them- and in fact decriminalize is probably better, you know why, because I don't think anybody should Selma comes because I think mushrooms are so sacred. You should never profit off of agreeing. I really do agree. I think decriminalizing is enough just so that no one can ever bring, but you can't sell it just give it away to people or give makes of your body of selling it. He should sell it for enough to take care of the soil and feed. You should make your money some other way, and I think that for you, for people mean this amazing business. It could be have through selling mushrooms. I'm not opposed to a dumb look flip flop on this back and forth, but I think if I was given someone advice, if
I say: could you make it without doing? I could make without sound outside, don't sell it skip it away? Yes, give it away in or make make deals with people like they want to give you tomatoes, they grew take Give the mushrooms it doesn't seem like something that should be tempted, something something that should be aimed at rather by I am with the darkness of the human soul. I feel like this, the sun is power and money. Just like this power in power is the same thing like having like plot to sell more initiate on any mushrooms Ben. You don't want that. Energy. You know no one anybody pressure on you you want, like you, should do mushrooms kisses like calling you. We're gonna, be anybody ever I'd just makes me think about. Music is ever they make anything about music, usually, but when you talk about this thing. What? How do we manage the sale of this? The presence is not in our society. We need it we're going.
Do it anyway, always a human behavior, but there is a price tag. Oh shit, things again, weird and its constant. Conversely, haven't ethical people that work with Yossi, don't think about it. Should think about your art. You know I'm very capable because it's in the system and the system is going to react or respond to a consumers, are going to react in their way and if you can, I guess, keep yourself completely apart from consume, opinion. Then you can. Is that what you say and kind of like May time period and don't think that's ever really path is possible, but I think you can you can have an ethic in your head. Like can have an operating strategy in your head, even a void as much as possible and just certainly was take to be the best artist. You could be the problem that is sometimes too For you to be a fuck up. I am I or else I buy them. Well
you know anything about it: either we don't have to buy it. That's consumerism, not for sale. Here's! What some of my favorite artists like I've gives us an example so many times, but I have to use it. My great french idea is he's one of my favorite plant that do I love him great, I'm every time with him, Every time I performed within my work with them every time a hang out with them. I feel like I'm blessed like that. I don't think he's been my friend for I'll tear up he's been my friend for twenty three years but like he, you don't get a Joe ideas without pain, doesn't exist. You can't have a kid lives in a gated community who has tutors at each amount of play, piano and is on the soccer team, and you know you can't you don't get a Joey Diaz. You know how de as found his mother. He was on ass it and she was dead and he was thirteen. I found her when he was on acid. I didn't know she's dead on the kitchen, floor when he was thirteen. Joey DS has gone through
some shit and, on the other, Annie comes out this beautiful creation of the universe. You don't get diamonds unless you have pressure uniting pressure yeah, but those those are uncontrollable yeah. But the thing is it our control, absorbing a sandwich. Some artists like I will never be as funny joy Joey, its literally, not possible? I don't think anybody funnier them. I think he hits these moments. That's funny than I've, seen comedy for urban and professional comedian phallic thirty, two years never seen anybody Seymour are seen Kennison live, I saw a bill. Hicks lie I see seen last rock of work which Chapelle I've seen. Chapelle live a hundred times. If I work with prior I had a chance to work with you as well. It was ass though a late lateness, career we'll share was he's actually dying and he would go on stage that we carry him to stage. I would on Affettatore it into this date. Carry him to stage my friend chew
who is an amazing musician needs to be the doorman com, restore he and this guy Dave would carry whose Maryland Martinez husband would was. Lairs communion would carry Richard prior to the chair and they put him in the chair and they would come crank up the volume like this disease so far gone. That's what knowing him why that was exactly So if you saw him, you saw me because when he, would go on stage. Mitya would always put me on afterwards because miss he knew it was basically possible task. It was an impossible task for us all for some twenty seven year old Dipshit gone after the greatest communion of all time ever right, no matter what I did it was, I was failed, but the fact that everybody got to see him when they knew he was rapidly deteriorating edible. It wasn't gonna get better and he just wanted to be out there with his fans and people loved him. So much, and I would I would go
onstage and who has like. I was out a funeral. Try until now back was so bad, it felt so bad first, what's fell back because the first time, Am, I ever really understood what comedy was. I saw live on the sunset Strip in the movie theater. My parents took me when I was like fifteen we're in the audience, and I remember looking around at all these people falling out their chairs laughing I remember I was laughing so hard psychologist guy doing this by just talking right. How is he doing this soap for me to liked it to be able to work with that guy too a bit to do all these shows. What that guy no one's folded enjoyed is know what all these people I work with. The great I've seen him all joy ideas hits these highs, feeling this is a new vibration he partner or to some new level and these that might not be the best joke writer of all time. You know he might not have that. The most clever thing,
to say the main to go away, but he hits you with some fuckin punch ones that are harder than anybody ever he's the early shavers of punch lines. He just drops bombs on feeling what the fuck you know I was there and these neighbours our journey. She hasn't as a very famous heavyweight boxer in the nineteen. Seventy That was our first punching power. Sorry now a very accurate as now it was getting excellent debate. I'm glad you asked, I did a Dennis Miller on you. I brought up you need to have totally did for, but for fight van they would know exactly what I'm talking about the Francis in Ghana of Stanhope Comics. They were put in France has gone. It was our top. You see contender, that's more content, routing our legal area. Nicely branches in Ghana was Saint Francis, Is the single most powerful, combat sport euralia I've ever seen France's grants as in which an I put up. A photo of France has just really gets understanding. What the fuck is written down,
as I see it, this absolutely the scare is heavyweight ever completely. You see he's, I think, he's six foot, six, two hundred sixty pounds, I freak athlete who grew up long in the sand mines he dug sand in Africa. Come out, one is not keys emperor is it was heat from? Was he from Cameroon unless Bordighera see what further where he was from he's an amazing athlete like like terrify Cameroon, thirty two, reinventing athlete he's area than nothing. I don't want you settle for correct age. What is Asia, but what is Say you? What ages societies are? Thirty three is correct. Sixty extol Alex four September threat as five that's amazing. I thought he was older than that. That's great,
what you know, fucking terrifying. The thing about this is like a little back track. Your talk about Diaz and and suffering people that have had really intense things in their lives that they have overcome and grown from are the most incredible people on the planet, Honduras- and you know- and I have empathy for for folks- that are able to do that. But the thing is it like when you have this capacity three to grow from a horrible things. You have the capacity for wisdom and also comedy and also like trying to live a peaceful, beautiful life, and the thing is like life is fucked up like we can't we can't control. What's
being at us where you can control how you fucking deal with it and your accountability, and I I am with you on the front of people that inspire me on that level that have been through things that I can't imagine but have come out in this like beautiful way that they express themselves in it with inspiration and comedy and music and acting or whatever artistic, but you know not even art. It's our american music comes out of that yeah big business. That's what that comes out! Yap comes out of a cultural experience. You ever listen! Oh Robert Johnson, fuck yeah, that's crazy, right, credible! You listen! You go wait, a minute wait when was this like you have to put it, I think music like like comedy, and they do they share this. One thing is that you, you have to put the music or the comedy in the context of the time he has created, like I'm, a giant Lenny Bruce Fan, walk around the place,
is when you Bruce concert Young outside that's, because such a pioneer to lay was the he's the haitian zero patients zero. But if you listen to stuff today might not be that funny like some of its not that good. In terms of like how far things of garlic, if you washed chapels laid a special and then watch Lenny Bruce would be hard to watch labour here, but it is timely and others that are still with the context of it. But for me it's like go back and listened a robber Johnson. Then I think what we know what year was this one year was a one what What kind of music where people making this dude was. The second is very free haunting sound that Robert Johnson had. I wish we could why it she's, I hope we gotta Spotify. We can play some lung and display somewhere Johnson. Given the shackles of the great
tat I want to hear you wanna hear someone. He pulls that's shut and its transcends time. You know it respects my jewish friends. Let's go to the great name for money. It is spent sounds very good. The citizens fun commander Secularism, Sadaijin shit thing, I'm all about the shackles like a lot about the Benjamin's. That's ok, double dude, I'm their rang. The teacher. I wonder how much Ben Franklin really did because, like its history, so interesting? I was thinking about this today, like we need people to write shit down that we have to trust that you're gonna tell the truth and most p or for shit. So, how does it work? but they all revere, never ran around go in the British are coming. Do you know that No, I didn't know that either. Finally to the ears, tell you the truth. I was really this whole story about what really happened. The Paul Revere wasn't really riding down
treat with a horse say It is reassuring humming, the British come no another do did it and it was using their added for yeah yeah. It's ducking, as I said, Earlier I don't know, I don't know. What's real or true anymore, you show them even when we have the age of cell phones and people take videos right now we have someone saying hey. This is the tennis ball, another program person saying: oh, no, it's purple and you're like what if you'd like there's no later than address those black and well that failure the lower left like Laura. Well, the thing is, you know back to Donald Trump like there's, just a complete lack of of information. Of of like this, like what person thing this thing, the other person same missing and I'm watching a video and you're telling me it's not true. But how is it not true so much room? I've so fucking, confused well, he's creating
his own reality. It is not the only one. Does a lot of people doing now hundred percent. This is the bees play a game. Ok in the game has already been established. That games be full of shit of its support, your cause, the left, does it as well as the right. It's a human issue, but it's a partisan human issue and he's particularly shitty. You know my lucky but, and I think he buys into. I think that the requisite to is that he has to believe his own bullshit. Be able to say when you fucked up you can say that with paralyzed that not a thing. Why can't they do that right now, the rock for president step here I arrived here, Instagram Luneham, my brother, listen, you could do it a vote for you, no one's gonna fuck with you. You are aware by the way, many beautiful son of a bitch North America platform, but we can only benefit our words into three times, but he's associated so big them with enormous worst, Ben to allay. I was like a pm. This movie dislike, you know completely brainless and he was in the moon.
When it came in climate change, and he is a cool bernay sky. Super Sweden, Gittin mentally super nice guy. Incredibly ambitious one who sees the american dream came from. Parbleu comes pay, demises, hard work and his Gotta heart, like you, get really is a nice guy. Isn't a real man he's not some soy boy he's nuts? let's go you should be the same, I drink. So I feel the pain drink Raw Buffalo Lennox with blood but would have been only no less energy
Aren't you gonna get it right from the utter to do all you gotta, get it right there. It's ok, Beranek, so you'll be all right, go easy on it. Actually, I don't drink it anymore. Junk rice meant to ride ducks and needed to be fine, don't let them live renewed. I do may have caused the health impacts. The ever seen the rocks cheat days them Special thing, you very. What is it like? He has a digression no amount of food, pancakes, wizened, cookie round Asian. I just wanted to pay me. I'm serious pizzas, please please this is this? Is him that's his meal? How do I look like a set? You know is tat, no bullshit we as one day we goes to warn the machine, these fourteen feet tall, drawing its own beings as they make that fourteen feet by her eyes. Here's my thing:
guys so no real deal like he's an exceptional human. He worked. Really hard Annie's? Really nice, yes, stand yet or a lot of things that we can all appreciate stands for hard work. The stands for respect, as is very complimentary. People is very friendly, but he's a nice guy, he's a good person and he's enormous impact. Yeah he's a marriage is a time machine. Is there is there? Is there like a major position power right now that person. That also has the capacity to have empathy, because that man, Rarely has empathy at matter does not yet the rocks conquered. Now as a president yeah, listen, I don't think he would become a politician. I think we ve Bordeaux politicians, Trop Ready, showed that a non politician businessman is a host of a reality. She can be. The king of the world will now that we know that
given that I, like teller, might coaxial, unlike for president, I fucking vote per kilometre mighty. He said I could be president no bullshit cohesion. I worship that man, I think, he's really I love him by the way run. The jewels record came out yesterday. It's amazing! I haven't heard the new data, but our guide movies or Asia things on one of the songs Mavis. This is my favorite people musicians on planet. It's incredible! Please check it out, but he said lost at last. It come back. He referred to Donald Trump as owner a casino like the casino operating an owner, is our president you'd, like the owner of casinos. My just like it sunk in, unlike those guys, he's a casino I hope it's him. Don't com totally, but river about casino will recall River bug casino. Have you seen TIM Dylan do Megan Mccain now. Thank you. Jesus person, one of my favorite,
in all the inner rabies ever done is one of my good friend, TIM Dylan, Larry's comedian, impression of Mega Macao shared pay. You have anything to eat, wait here is in the polar for my father died. I had a baby with no, it will be raised in tat. Pretty it'll be raise privately with the greatest politician that has ever let begging decayed and about a new show called the view and Donald Trump that Fucking River boat casino capitalism about my Father mother was torn for a hundred years before this fucking back and he started seven wars these you tribe, underwear, my father's skid mask primary trot all right come on the view badge you that I've come on you you wanted out. I've learned TAT. I won T touch trump sooner
you don't you want to talk, but I won't fuck you because you only parts it I've fuckers corpse. That is, every feelings who is at present still Dillon. TIM Dylan TIM, with us tonight is he gets away with more thing. That is that a thing fuck, you ok, he's Larry right, you know who I love- Andrew Shalt- oh yeah, sick, brilliant them he's he's Informative, brilliant hilarious and, like just just, gets right your guts, whose into shot he's a brilliant he's done. The best pandemic Kommeni that elbows dont for sure he does these videos for Instagram.
Where local start the video the hate turning for oversight or get ready. I went in and then he has like this way and multiple media asian minutes. Amazing he's gonna multi media presentation yet really show, but it's with his stand up style really really, and really smart he's figured out a way to show he's. Gotta get a shell, no, no, no, no, no, no fuck there Gay county. I tol me exactly what these are cast. You exactly. These defrayed knows internet things he's got irish he's got. I remember. I want you to show how to you to show with Charlemagne than he does scoring brilliant idiots, and then I got the other. One would have this other one flagrant to Parker. That's right! You how to run the show. Yes he's gonna, be on next week to what the fuck I love him. He's a good friend he's better! You love It is a thing on Central Park, Karen that laid a freak out. And I was dry and dogs death. I realized I shared with some people let this
wonder I wonder if you wonder why black you're freaking out this? This is real. These are real people forever. The guy who was using the dog treats like come on. Man, like I wish you were perfect, I wish you a perfect than she was this crazy. The young people The dog lakes keeping our trading ever treats his Her dog treat not my host to dogs are not supposed to be off leash right ready. I thought I'd go off lesion, I believe he's a bird watcher. Yes, no Gatt Bird watchers are really core. I got only really into optics because I was like when I went to certain hunting- are really getting the binoculars. Ok knows trying to figure out why some binoculars really expensive and what would they used in foreign birdwatching is a big deal, the alike. People that are like really in the birds spotting birds, it's like theirs. Murder is: are you earn huge burden? Do yeah, there's something there
there's an orgasm equality where people find like our cats, hiding in a whole day. I actors that it's I don't know what it is made might be tied to like Hunter Gatherer DNA or some shit, but I just love birds, but it's the same feeling you get when you catch a fish. Solar fishing. You gotta know that thing that you get does arise. I thought you might want to catch fish. I think it's like Hunter gatherer shit. It's when I got one and they see a bird, even if you just seen it with your, your binary Zodiac is hiding out of her book. It's amazing weird. I know it's not bad, but so that's why that duties pissed off these fuckin dipshit dogs. This must be unleashes a running around like a dog and so well, that's fucked up. Is it though Did you worse, video yeah, she's fucked, up she's factor I mean for
sure, but you do user dog the moment where she says I'm a determined after Miss Eyre African Americans threatening my life, and it was just so matter of fact and growth in that moment, Would you want that person working for you and with you I wouldn't, but I dont know right, so I don't know. If he's redeemable, I don't know what that was about. I don't know if she had a panic attack. Just her and that you know it. That's very generous, and I appreciate that that perspective you have. You have to consider that a lot of people are very scare of conflict and when we men are in the presence of a man confronting them in angry
about something argue what race you. He wasn't angry criticism at home and gentle, that's like he he was genuinely lay, was accusing her of not having done only three and she didn't like. Being told what to do by black person offend our true, and it is certainly true- I even are also thing for sure hundred percent. That was a conflict and during conflict people act rationally. They don't know what to do. They get out of their own head. They fuck up. It could be a clear example of just how she acts all the time that she is always race. And she's always joys exaggerates its having she'd positive video after the fact and said Andrews Shalt stocks, mountainous, he she said I I wasn't, I'm not racist. I was afraid for my life life, though Josie Possible says, is the only reason what a lot of racism, because but not right for your life by it mental person. Who was like hey? Can you put your doggedly? It could be, it could be racism,
crosbie racism on top of conflict like maybe Her racism would never show itself, but then in conflict she panics some people, panic during conflict short, when you're when you're looking at someone is doing something awful in a crisis situation. I perceive evil hit people with ice video. Video of this lady is coming up this guy. The street. They got. The only reason I found this is because people kept saying Due to this, you did you hit the slate inhabited too, because its budget lady and so like. Now I may remind me yeah spanish, that young Spanish and this lady has its big ass fuckin stick and she walks up. This dude Zack like me, he has to buy for and is he says something in Spanish: isn't listen in a box or in the head with his two by and large or unconscious why this? Why is it so? I swear to God like five, Fred. Simply this. So she, is mad at him and she goes and picks up a stick
each other use violence you little Further torn assess the folders towards the fight yeah so says it looks like there in front see, that's the guy in the white shirt and talking to each other. This guy, this girl, which is so crazy right, go a little further had other areas right now, let's go out, she comes, boy spree joys does pay I am just ass. You like he has no doubt is always sleeves on the existing out. There might have been holy shit? I might take in ambient hit that lady over the head with a stick. She does not look conscious, she's, not on companies. Percent unconscious. He Hunter and eyeing disagrees. You don't know what the context was, but she go back again. Watch me time, a continental backup secrecy what's happening or she walks up. She grabs a stick and he's like stop get the fuck wave made. So she's
it's coming towards him and when she starts coming towards him, she's got is big. Ass fuckin stick and I dont Granting United Express here goes. Look she's! Common at full speed with the stick Jesus Christ, stop stop here. We are assuming that hard either he was gonna. Give a map- that's all it takes to. Most people are not very to buy for resilience, it's like taken long ago. You were there to buy, for it is you're Rebecca Jenny, hidden ahead, which you put forward. So there were some heavy. The ivy speak, though the situation of conflict. Yes- and you know what can't put aside any ratio, certainly fucked up apologists and she, Sir, lied, which is indicative of a character flaw. It's not not just that she tried talk a way out. This charter, be reasonable. Shows me in a reasonable look, how she's treat know doc right. Oh yes, we know dog in a very horrible way, basically holding up a choking. The fucking thing. Like me
really identifies them as like african American alive on one point: hang over them Looks like you get over here: damage does not usually you don't hold them up in the air is bizarre, but I also think that indicative of someone who's going to panic attacks. What's: control that dog she literally doesn't give a fuck. You know: she's just shut the fuck up here and she's a hunt, sent wrong. Don't get me wrong, not excusing her, but I'm saying when you look at what it really is. It's a woman. Who was alone with a man and the man is catching her doing some shit she's not supposed to do and he's got a camera honour right so that all those things free people lot of factors, there's lots of things going on there This is who she is like thick and the guy was like hold he had treats, but I get it from his perfect.
If you live in an area in this area has been clearly assigned, is a place where she have a dog. That dog has to be on a leash at super. Reasonable man. Put your dog at least take it around, enjoy the park with everybody else, but don't ruin it very buddy out, because you won't, you dogged, run free. You need to find the place out of a dog. You can have a dog here, and if this guy isn't, I gather there's all these birds. Theirs is to dislike really in a fuckin spawn birds. I've never been in early birdwatching, but I fuckin one hundred percent get it? Has I've seen some cool hunting up, so you feel the same way when we I mean to us it's slightly different right, I mean there's: u can enjoy the beauty of birds without wanting to go, kill him, sir. But what is there an element when you're hunting you're you find a moment. We crossed the animal, it's not just kill its. It is viewed, but you gotta put that aside in image.
Jobs? Garnish? You heard it soon, tat the writing. It's in its two fraught with you can fuck it up you. So you are you're confronting those I've never hunted before since Rio, where your put you pull up a fight from like the back of your hard drives like oh, I forgot about this folder and you pull out this folder of like these hunter gatherer instincts that they pop in. Like the same thing when you catch a fish Catching fish is something I a god. Oh, my god, oh got God I got the fish is, but there's something more terrifying about me.
Most likely get on a mammal that too, when you fishing, so it's so passive, most yellow time, you're what you baiting something you hook it you have to make a decision in a moment to act aggressively enter you know, and this things like Yan, you have to prepare, for it seemed to think about it all the time. It's a simple thing: if you think about all time, so you can choose to get your meet the regular way or choose to do it. That way. I have chosen to do that because it adds this element still also. Domestic cows and stuff like that, but it adds this element of what food is like. When I use something that I killed myself, it's does a weird element to that: it's a were unable schleicher, tribute, truthful, isn't the right word, but it's it's a more clear representation of the profits, honest
yeah so as to better understand where it is, which also understand I have come across in a ones that have been killed by wolves of wheat. We came across a me. My friend, MIKE, were in my car criterion, Canada. In the b c, we came across this moose calf that had been destroyed by wolves and torn apart. So strange man was a part of me was because it was real, fresh, like within a few days like maybe a day might have been that day and where they walked away from those who, like hair everywhere and these stripped down bones, and it was just a spot in the middle of the woods, we just came across a moose calf and you realize that this is how they usually go. Get it Different type of this is how they usually die. They just get torn apart out here in this field, which is the the thing freaked me out that it didn't expect Jimmy. I know I have this on my instagram see if you can find it good luck, cuz. It's like
two thousand and thirteen. I think this moose hunt in BC with my friend Ben o Brien, and we were when we were going through these woods. Looking from most, we found this most calf that had been killed by wolves, and it was I knew you could tell us. One hundred sent MIKE New Might red away. He just knows me: he lives, there is a professional guide and a ranch right. So that this is what freaked me out is all the hair I can expect. The hair that dog years that now you're. No, no, no, no it's most here, that's the hair from the animal did they killed gray and it must be We have a lot of white how why under Underbelly in particular, they have a lot of why they are very two hundred ninety weeks ago. You want a measure time in their way: donors, color, scary, tuna, ninety weeks, so I was a photo that I took. I things about three
hours. North of Vancouver Lands in Vancouver and drove up their up. North is amazing. Now there's something about that when you're around these animals that are just kill another animals and just eat amount of interest, we ve he found it because he saw some birds like the another way people live up there, you live around, wolves and bears and should use. In tune with all wish to see notice it he saw some birds overcome certain This one area is, let's go see what the fuck they're interested in and then we we got there and stumbled upon that. When you you're in nature, and you start to integrate yourself and become in tune. It's fucking, fascinating I ve never hunted, but I I out lot and when your five fishing, you start to become aware of the bugs at around you what kind of fires that you want to make freer bait, and it's really interesting feels very spirit. I think that what people are wondering cities are like people what they are when, when they're having sex with two condoms,
who is echoed through ground of thy? Nobody, nobody, ok, you're, just ass to the words when you good words like, if you feel the wind different, because it's like the wind, moving through the trees, it's not blocked off by buildings and coming down the streets and alleys. It's different wind, its wind again, a natural trajectory united for Herring, different Eddie birds and rural birds, yeah yeah, sure yeah, I'm in scientists the smartest function smart for just presented Then, maybe, when you're out there and there's no sound and there's does know, media. There's no nothin, you just here in the whistling in the wind and here a stream, and you hear HAWK, See an animal walked through the brush and do not know what it is in. Any real is like what, if I wasn't here, this would be exactly how this would go this has not been how lucky you too, and this indeed is right. We, Were muted yak, where muted
said. Look, I'm gonna stop being eaten by cats. Let's make some fuckin causes. We need some guns who need to be vigilant. So it is done. Comes that ignores, though, if everything else is super vulnerable. Today, all the time we ve narrow that down where we use our big brains and our fuckin possible thumbs, and we said, look, I'm gonna stop being eaten by cats. Let's make some fuckin says we need some guns. We need to be vigilance? What did you think I got rather limited zone even getting yes stall due to hunt percent of maybe they're selfish, but I Thank you so much. I think there is a balance to be had and I dont think it's a greater balance. I think we need to spend more time in that world to understand what the world is. I think we're based are our view of the world of blood data. I don't think it's giving us A real nuanced sense of what your your part in the universe is, I think a big part of that is the light pollution that we're all afflicted by sure there's some
but the star at the stars. It's so powerful do something about it. Let us it's it's a reality check. Your aim at this is forever yeah above your head, though it doesn't have an ending to you can, even if you think you are the small insulin, The sum of good moments of my life have been sin and hang out with people care about. Looking up at the start of the stars is so powerful do something about it. Let us it's it's a reality check. Hey man. This is forever yeah above your head, though it doesn't have a ending to you can't, even if you think about the small insular little world that you live in me, we're a part of Sir thing- that's literally infant in your flying through right now and you ve decided that is more important to be able to drive at ten o clock down a nice. Well, let street then it is to see the majesty of the universe when a bit inability to understand that plays into so many of the things we talk about earlier
cops. Freaking out people yanking out, are unable to recognize. You know of a more total awareness in a situation like this. If you want to boil it down to the natural brass, tacks have like you know, mother earth. If you look at it that way, saying good Pretty fucking room and we have mom and let us let her breathe. Let me think about: what's happened in the past few months. Is it just in terms of pollution in the way that the earth is, is growing and breathe? All kinds of incredible things are happening like with the monkeys it was an India that links zero. You know that the course it wants to Thailand to the title, and one was that Thailand, where there was you, were there no terse anymore? So there's rang like right, we're gonna war. We have that chance. Thousands run. Oils are not as beautiful lines take this final. That's my cousin
maybe you're right, mother Nature tell us go up and I think we would like to believe that our systems, all of em, are that their independent that our system of the way we view each other. If you, if you want to look at like racism, ass ism sexism, who all the different isms and all the different biases that things have people fleeing laughed and leaning right, censoring people, it opposed them. You wanted to look at it. Like a system like the thoughts or a system in another life forms or system is theirs. Some sort of a moving flowing, give and take to all of it to life and death and all the other organic structure of the though the land that you live on its us was to work together. Animals died fertilizer ground as well, and as soon as we we with jam ourselves into this, will it go. You know what fuck fertilizer haven't. We grow these fuckin things with chemicals and we put him in a big way.
Then we force Mexicans to working of the third phase in the border area really is often then people get said, and then the abuse and then all these negative thing, and then they affect crime, and then crime affects the way you think about each other and MRS Ek, accountability, right choices like the guy's upstairs like the ones in power dont want to say well. This is what we did, but since it's all fucked up and its now working we're gonna just point our finger that these people will become. Fuck up. We hate them and we want them out of office. You fuckin loser. You ruin us economy, they don't even have a chance to fuck up for people fuck up everything they do, but so much of the tension of it is that consciousness comes from that natural
system, and as yard of it got so how do you reconciling that is at the chimpanzee or the bonobo? That's where the mushrooms com, mushrooms, show you ran and make you realize how you fuck it up kid, one of the saddest things I've discovered as official woman I don't, but I don't get it faces, which is. I was angler yeah. You know it's a better law jobless nigh replaced, but I ve gone fishing in the past few years and beautiful places even impressed dean nature we were. We are five fishing in Montana, on the Clark Fork River and it's like not a piece of trash four miles like just eagles auspicious absolute stunning people get me. People get mean left and right. I mean bite you can't even the fish that you catch, because some time in the seventies and eighties, the mines that they were using an area started leaking. Generals into the river and contaminated the area, and you can't you'll get really sick and lies are true
yes, it is. It is a rumour now you anyway you're in this. This is on the areas where that that's the case like out of the areas around Billings is a lot of places that have had my, but if you're in, like other places like I guarantee you, you could eat the fish hark Fork River in Montana. I dont believe here's what I'm saying that Zealanders. It would be an ecological catastrophe of the highest order. The United States has ever seen all the rivers in Montana were polluted the point we could meet the fish. You talk about a certain section at me, ass certain section. I don't have to be, though, be horrific, but even then like when we were at one of our last river trips. Four years ago we went out, we did Ben and I were Hired- is entertainment for this incredible trip. On the snake River in health, Canyon and Oregon, and I mean no self service for three days. Cedar was a consult on you're, like shit and outside
like like do in holding the grass. Do you know me? I, like we had like a bucket situation row and then put it is like out, is horrifying. Put out around you gotta. Do it both hey, hey, toughen up That's right! That's what we're here with my vision back, you know what I went: hunting with Brian Cowen. We know in the forest- and I took his shit a picture is somewhere, and I felt I play of land again at a moment of oil planted it in his shit. Standing over with hands down. It was angles. Give me, isn't Miss Miller, my tail, we Teresa Callanan. I wee wee wee hunted for seven days. It was one long we're Dick joke or another hour doing stuff like that. She's, correct Brian Cowen came up with
he can shorten, came up with a character called the ravine calmer. A guy who finds ravines is Jack is often ends designed to know is this. I lay so came out to kill a delay of some people are in the hair and eyes. I like a fuckin ravine allies like over now, camera guys will die and ominous hunting show Brian Cowen lose my aiming jack off in order to agree with you, I get is shit right, wayward cry. It was so ridiculous I had a really were resumed. I wish you would their wish. You could see it. One of the ring I next time think jerk off
I think, what we gotta do, I think that even filmed it, but they wouldn't put it on the outside. You know I mean you would lose a lot of things, but you gain a lot. I am used to these this second ebb and flow, my god no I don't think there's something debate about it is clear that our fish kill mine waste So there's somebody them. That's. That's gotta be like one creek, because I think one of the things they do occur. Big river local. It's got a lotta reign. The fish kills that have happened in the past about its Hauser. Shortly after big ran events. Rain starts to run over land and pick up a lot of metals from those contaminated era We call sickens o slogans as well as installations better Slickin, those metals and get into the river Betty Slickin solutions that were slicksons or pieces.
Round in the upper Clark. Fourg watershed devoid of life due to heavy metal contamination dating back, the early twentieth century flood that war, mine waste off the Butte Hill and down river the way to Mozilla, yes or all weighed down there. Those fish to die yeah that's what so disconcerting is Ino. Us is the eighties reminding back to. When van- and I did this river raft- Europe, which was so is dispute four, but I mean you're in the milliner, where no cell service like nothing but nature. And when we were on the snake, River and House Canyon, its canyon right, it's so any run off from farms. Up top is gonna end up in the room and we did a lot of fishing in every almost everything I caught any catfish that came up bass all had like weird abscess is on them and like, but like you could see, you could see. How do we go there with a? I wonder why me maybe
time was good differ fright he abandoned a fool you deny what's left of their employees. Browser channel are just the gully. Just doing of absence is on your face because, if not like what we want there, maybe That's at european level in the darkest has a great idea. Actually, that's a dark is deal with mining right. That's the thing that everyone's terrified of I have a lot of good friends. Involved in conservation and a lot of the laws and get passed in terms of like what effects while life like Areas are allowed to be open for mining is to forget there always like moving and trying to stop stuff like that. From being happen from from being drill, Um yeah because you never know mean users is so many times its it'll poisonous system and if that's the case, because all way down to Mozilla how far that is from Clark Fork. The consumer is called Clark Fork and
far away. Is it from Mozilla no values rolling and ours now not folks not far, but imagine that if a good way down there. So that's like what limiting sixty miles, there's this great fucked up creek, this isn't a book called the for fish and a long time ago, which is makes it scarier. But this the writer talks, I can't remember his name. Talks about like the four remaining fish and then there's all like farming industries and how that's kind of like just kind of cross bread into our river systems and so on. Point like if someone's like this is your Atlantic salmon is not necessarily the Atlantic salmon that would have been the same salmon. Oh you
you know- I'm really ever everything like nothing's what it used to be in the way it's evolved and the sad part is- and I am such an optimist at heart but like in terms of fishing in like getting- and you could probably really to this with hunting like authentically clean fish like it's nothing. We ve fucked with earth too much with our pesticides in the way that we farm in the way that we try to fuck nature like it's. Just not you have to you, don't know what you're catching and, if you're gonna ingested like he, who knows what it is any more because it is a great book that actually just got released about salmon, It's? My friend, Steve are now on the mediator. Interviewed the author behaves Great Steve's, an amazing guy and is just one of the best representatives for like, like the the best well read arguments for a hunting,
fishing lifestyle, but he has his grey pike. S called mediator any had on this guy who wrote this book on salmon. He was explaining how complicated it is for salmon to bounce back. Because of you took some far. Salmon and use through a river with a bunch of SAM that are swimming up river to breed like these dumb sound, We know where to go their fuckin there enough They just around waiting, learn that yeah, they don't know anything so they're. Here they are twenty four pounds, just Damas funk, just like a robot purse we do not know where we vote were again bid. You, an earnest food, will tell these various bogs, John job up the wrong side of the river and you guys swimming operated with a sudden is wrong. When you want to do is wait for the feeling I, what about the guy, and apparently this must be pissed right becoming there's Pelletier where's, the fucking power. Apparently each river play each tributary is specific to one sort of like almost breed of
salmon yeah like the type of salmon, and they don't even know how the fuck they know how to come back to the place where they were born. So they find the place they are born and the they fuckin die there. Shit. How do they act there? They Noah and if you block the river, didn't what the fuck to do so when people put dams up and they love the less kill off algae. And streams exists. Those drastic animal, but itself too, weird animal, because it's gotta try go to the ocean. It's weird if it smaller and smaller every year, the population and that's like at this point like- are we just going to start eating farmed salmon and only firms like well? God is a thing: it's got other, consequences too, with Orkut there's a resident population. I think in the Puget sound around Seattle, the Pacific Northwest the resident population of these dolphins that only eat salmon. I think they only dicks
I think the only now there's no salmon for them anymore, that fuckin starving, yet I feel bad won't eat the other set us, the ones that are your driving the salmon that are thrive. Up there are the ones that are transitory they and they come in and they eat the seals and shit they mammals and, Other ones won't eat seals, they just won't eat, I'm the only one in salmon, canvasses, there's no salmon. They, like literally the worry they gonna nitrate possibility. They just don't. Have they don't have it? I don't have it yet. Every that book sapiens. Guess some May. Oh, my God was nowhere. You ve all Harare, Harare, yeah right he's, there's amazing global book is of so I opening any talks about. This is dating back what seventy eighty! Ninety thousand years, whenever the human species are homo sapiens, were introduced into an environment, for I m is somewhere between like fifteen. Eighty percent of the other species in a hundred years were extinct.
A natural. You know side effective, sharing space with you as you. I never learn and though we do shit well, it's I think it's also because we figured out how to make these houses and get away from being eaten. We ve got like super ridiculous about the way we allocate resources- and we made way to any of us like rats on this thing, ship, this so many of us at this point I kind of feel like holding onto my nostalgic like fishing. You know experiences and things like that. I'd have to keep going forward and billing right. This is the new norm. You know you can't do this can't I think, there's been some else. Go along with fish. Does a thing. That's one example, though it is not just about everything, but I should say that in the culture of fly fishing, it's more common and respect
did to catch and release. Then I would say any other type of fish yet and the first international fishing yeah. Why am I like? That's more like it, when I catch a thing. Less. I weird and I've gone catch release fishing before I have done it before is one but there's something about catching and then eating that day, that's extremely satisfying out of sight. I know it's legal to catch release. I know it's late, but should it be, What are you doing you play in little game game? I could have killed. You planned theories, paying like you playing unwilling jitsu would say some do that a part of life it is about our budgets
I'm gonna kill. You say: let's go take care body like nobody to fuck. With that fishes day, don't you know they are to learn their like out followed for that should again there not that's more are assuming they are. I think, if you make something looks like a fly, they just jump on it. You know this. I can really is a mass do make. You know you jump on landmines, I thought of my instincts flag. Housing is bad ass. Don't get me wrong, there's like it's an art form its really interesting. I gotta watch like really. Fly fishermen there's something about it with a strip in that line. Jet YAP lobbying that cast there's something I've known as its hot weather do Johnny Stick fish are men who dream of high and low and anything you are. I like five fishing. What I do prefer spin rural fishing is, it does preference, but it is that's like ballet. It's like the ballet for the river,
What about you? Girls? Everybody has a dinner, my favorite kind of fishing, my favorite kind of fishing was always best fishing as there are just such an american animals, faces way too big mouth. You mean a large margin of passive. Wait. You big small mouth Bastille as a big fucking mouth is, and you know it's it's just its relative relative that that's you know. That's that's an a marrow, in terms of fishing. You know you throwing out like a crank bait on a leash Patty Poland, it off the Lily pad The military is out and see this explosion of water have plugin there are dividing closer. That's right! That's what I like about it! That's what I like about this been real and also there's a little. More variety personally has been real fishing. You can you know five fishing you're on the mostly catching trout, not like trout, a great love trap for rich white guys would speak
it's for a few weird lesbians and rich wife ass this please do it. It's like guys really give replacing quiet do and should there wife doesn't want to do it, put not rubber pants and they started with their wife geez. Has always been basque issues. Like you. Listening to China, songs, drinking beer near casting users by ass, a rubber worms complacent and we want to know what you wanna play. I can you play me one for economic or requests, and I request Ella River. This. Now! Ok, I literally have to look up the lyrics. Really, that's your song. I know Do you understand that so many signs between budget about angel of death, though we love nostalgic? Ok, This is a song I've, regular rather feta from you guys
We will give you just one: how good is young, german, well good bus atelier show both sides want he's gotta they river, am I right yet? This is safe misdemeanor. This assertion, why you guys don't get its chair with each other on Russia, show been held, sway space tat whereby you hate that word prohibits argument in this space. If I were you re playing games, you playing games with words in this space, what space this is choking, there's just space around the human race and on earth. Their sparingly. What shown obsessed with space worth? Are you really also so good? Ok, now I have to watch, it doesn't have a review now, it's hilarious, I'm not I'm not supervillain archaeologist plan, and I think that our help and words follow up with it. In the same in this major. Can he have his own opinion and our friend Ben
on ten June lively. Why did you share this way? You gotta hollerin private, not about a critical issue. This shows how does rival people? Where are we talking about a television, my parents as identity, outward aggressive about views on sitcom sit with its sit with it? So there are many during my work is unclear. The girls were really accepting each of our differences. It really is a border Joe, so you're lucky, I want none elicited. I tell you allow not like spaceport you'll out with your allowed, not like what course respect. I feel it candy majority, because I love both of you and I want to pick up. You can feel how you feel attitudes on businesses and no resilient to transmit. I'm We find that we must do everything in space. What about gold? or to me, which is weird but
So you come on you're candles, although I don't think you're a big basket big about legal, about vs, grateful how'd. It go back, learning My friend total! That's how you ve been are where we are going to have to ask how we do it, it's for Clark and why you keep in TAT, because, smuggling, like I may of earth. Other things gay. We hear the angel of death. Our own jogging early wherever you don't have the poorest knock him until Scooby successor, Elon, musk, we'd son of what you mean when he said that he smoked or or he made up his mind when he figured out how to connect at Spacex thing space. This is the stuff that killed a start by six percent.
It didn't really he bounced back instantly. Is people panicking bury you go he's a super changes. If you go with a raised, there is so much higher down and it was the way higher. Yes well. Well, I think every time he talks for in long form is stark, goes up. You just gotta understand who he is trust me. Ok, don't trust me everything, but trust me please. I can alone we are trying to give him all the encouragement. You can he's here. Doing crazy shit he's not trying to harm anybody he's trying to build tunnels that shoot you all the way to hospital he's trying to make electric cars that go zero to sixty in one and a half seconds he's trying to put us on Mars like positive support here helping. You really don't trawl Ilan Mass everybody does daylight, please. I know you can do, is about to quit twitter again, you know I'll gal, no known all right am I right. Yeah is about quit Twitter again
I mean that, maybe that's ok, maybe angel generally, don't even want to convey that view. I'm not much. I wouldn't listen to me If I was vows him like a ten year old kid remains a million vice. I'd have to put that shit through a long filled tenure. So you're eating with ten year old, fifty exactly got something basically centre I ve come to him with an idea symbolic coup. Yeah call you back, EL he's like I listen to the last part, calf and east good guy, I enjoy being in his presence. Yeah he's very nice person despite being- and there was weird moment like the first part ass, we did where asked him. I said I go. What is going on your head? I go. What is it? What was it like being you, because I could tell you could tell me you talking
you're right. It's almost like you're talking to someone who, if you imagine that the mind is like every other part of the body we ve all seen people that have ridiculous body parts right, vaulting, people that were born with enormous bread, like right now so now, but in covering gazed at it. That's that's just a random happenings ever some due to bomb with enormous noses enormous feet, enormous dicks, it's weird random. You gotta think this happily, the brow yea. Sometimes the brain comes out just some supercharged one thousand where's power high. Engineer like Holy Shit Adam Drain, when drill yeah, listen. Let us learn to Mars Marty, let em Gaston! That's what it's like. That's how I feel with their God, I'm just being.
I too have been nice to him and let him do whatever the fuck he wants. Yet it is. I listen to some that Pakistan is interesting to seek, as he said, something that stuck with me you're talking about how was it his hat? His decision to two sellers houses is, as people see that as an attack, yeah. I was like dang yeah. That says a lot about his. This narrative and his feel of the world. He's the real deal. Folks, gonna, listen to me here. Will go down in history is not perfect person? No one is, he does flare up get mad at that. Guy was criticising the in that Thailand thing sued for it, no one, she, no one whose human is perfect, but he's trying do amazing things for technology and for the environment, for the human race for the propagation of the species. A key really thinks that we need to plan ahead and make colonies on Mars so that the
in a race can survive because he doesn't think it could totally survive on earth is like this of high likelihood that something go wrong and he's right. When you see what happened the pandemic, that was a minor there was a dress rehearsal for real events and we failed miserably. We panicked, there was no talk of the immune system. All the talk was like protect yourself, put a mask on gloves and there was all this crazy talk and then at the end of it, emerging, we're realizing like this is not does not correct, but they all had our probably our best interests in mind, but human beings are human there they fuck up through, not right all the time. You know we're all women freedom relocated to have that, though, when is it going to be okay to fuck up its? It disappears to not be ok, you have to be. We do it anyway, it doesn't matter if you have to be honest and you have to stay away from
any sort of form where someone can judge you in a dishonest way. So if you're honest and some judging you on Twitter, if they're saying something new and in type on twitter they mean a nasty we're talking about earlier. Before about people were bullies and pepper boys. I send you things and when someone does something like that, It's uh, it's a function of the limitations of the system that you're working in you weren't you working in this weird thing. We are agreeing to type things in I'm saying your Europe is writing out putting a prairie there. Could I don't? Even you know what the sound your voice was making you broken things down some real, weird thing right and also there's no accountability. For what you're saying you can't say in front of me you told me you'd. Take me to the moon. What the fuck you talkin about! There's this. No I'm saying So any kind of conflict and everybody gets unlike part of the problem- is its
Should he waited in Iraq or people. Just it's a super limited it it it is. It doesn't make any sense to me personally. I recently this weekend opened up my instagram to talk to people, and I talk to like maybe like a hundred people over the weekend. Just like the vote, message and video message and every conversation I had whether I was met with the adverse opinions with peaceful and like could we got to hear each other's voices and I don't want to fight with anybody like that. There was a rule of like if you can be nasty and I can respond to you. But if you want to talk to me about your opinions and the the progress that I felt like, I was I made for myself just in trying to understand things that I,
could never understand because of who I am and where I come from it was. It was so valuable, but that per what you just said like I got to hear people's voices and look into their eyes and talk to them ass, strange, complete strangers, and it felt like something to do that. Wasn't just re posting things and that's that's, you know, has its purpose as well, but I got to actually talk to people that that has something to say and it was. It was great and all the trolls that, like the comment without You know having any like that. You're, not gonna fuckin get anywhere. I didn't hear from those people. I really wanted to us a good form, though near actually talking you talking there talking, that's a good form, even if do not just like a face time thing examining every ostensibly the right. I have this package. Afterwards, I felt no that was inspired. I didn't like if you're gonna hate on me? Sorry so you later, but if you
If you want to try to meet in the middle, that's where something is gonna get done. Anne and, like you know, I posted a couple things in a pupil so angry in what did like also boring. I posted a few things I posted all lives matter, I voted for the egg, hurt you, but you imagine if I ran up to like ninety ninety five and I suppose one one day, exam day, if you re all lives matter, people kick your ass. Looking not! I keep thinking about that. You told me one the care that, like in twenty twenty, we're gonna Brimmer Miranda Billig, we mean man just imagine that phrase, a man of a farewell in reality. Where that phrase get your ass kicked me like, we went why? What? What? What real for real?
where our language is changing, but you know I guess it's that will have to be careful because the same way cops power. People who want to control your language have power. Its how're. We shouldn't have magic words. Words should convey. Tent and as soon as you have some words that have an extra abracadabra to him, they get abused any kind of magic word. Any forbidden word, I'm against forbidden words. I do not agree is the sentiment. That's attached to good or bad words. I want you to be able to accurately express yourself, so I can't play games what you're saying yes, you say you say something I mean it seems a valid, but then you say that where'd pussy or some of the hour. I will now discredit everything. You said you set a magic word that you can't use in I've ever my accepted the original speech. That's what I'm worried about avoid it's a sneaky back door for people to control conversations and ten. They understand what you're intent is language. Is it I suggest we noises we just have to have so much patience, and that brings me back
in my mind, one thing he said was that you gonna be able to talk without using words. It is clear that we will hold people's heads and shoe wires and then like talking about it's like the constantly ashen, we're talking like the acoustic guitar of of communication? No? What do you do that stuff? We need acoustic guitars! My point, oh my god! It's you heard it here. We thought they were gone. The bass, Osanna people really enjoy traditional archery. They wanna like shooting, Totally doubt and robin and dressing, like the Irish, not about nobody. Yes, you know why you should, because you look like you could be Gina, Davis's daughter, As you know my arrival. I know I love her and when I was at home I remember auditioning for apart for her daughter and I didn't get it. I was worried. I was getting up. Those video online never sent you can be Jean daughter in China. Davis is a serious archer. Why? Yes, settling
really really like amazing, like do like, there's videos of her on mine. She got obsessed with archery issues, learning it for. I believe, was a film role, and so she got room. Really upset as irish shit. Remember that pirate one go, get moving money. That's all right. I told you about zero under it. Wasn't just rivers that movie if so much room. Yet I said now, but genome hires, I loved her and the fly. Fly. Jeff going to fly is one of the greatest horror movies of all time. When people talk about harmonies there, she is she's re one to forty one landed in the: U S: a little try out just before the two thousand games in Sydney. She, never let you in on a whim, became obsessed with it. So
two year old actresses. Only their own is what am I doing. She's amazing, hey, Phelan, Louise Step, the fuck off a wide about their health value, Gina Deva doing our ensuring, but you gotta see how she does it like. When someone like someone who's a bad ass at one thing will get really interested in something else and its interest. They say that under that brought Gina Davis is a fact, in serious archer. Watch her latest form. That is very soon do terms this. Is she shooting a fucking drafting the pages uniform dig illegal around its back and not only that Louis Michel rubber do relentless, but she's she's all doing traditional archery. In what I mean by that is, she doesn't have got a gun. You gotta go into the fog, but she she
uses a re, so it's not compound. A compound bow like what a lot about hundred use. Zeroing! That's that's illegal glenarm! That's a modern version of an old school bo, it's a real wages that again releasing she's going Gallagher shadows, Gina Davis. She got into archery and she found out that what a lot of you found out ever since the beginning of time. The sun really weird, it's a really. Satisfying about releasing arrow and watching at land target it doesn't have to. But you can be a total vision and enjoy archery arteries. Us or for everyone dislike yoga. There's something to it. Took us. Bear like, like fishing, we catch fish catch fish.
Apps into some sort of ancient dna is the same thing with archery. There's something about it. Tat when you want to terrorism and is a sure, but I think it has to do with the fact that throughout human history, like thousands of years, that was the best way to kill your dinner a bow and arrow until they figured out guns so that shit. Still in our city. I think its attention release thing. I think that's a natural human we're track that in everything in so much more communication back to music boom. I think it's only live. Communication of music is just tension, and really, I think that as well, but I think this many tis a play, but I think one of the factors is the DNA. For sure. One of the factors is that too, I think there's a lot of fun, There is also the complexity like the game. The puzzle factor like one of the things that people like about catching affair. Is the same thing they like about beating someone, it sorry you
You don't you! I am the gay commodity which mother that's military strategy involves the honeymoon skills that it's all it's all taps into our human reward system that it is designed to reward us for the behaviour that makes is more likely to survive, particularly well. We live in a place where we get eaten, which is most The human yesterday evening, I think the eaten days are big part of our dna. I think that's, oh yeah, yeah a royal are bare response. I invite you know, there's a there's. A guy named Rupert shall direct that was talking about this in one of the things you sayings and yields yeah yeah, Morpheus residents, mobilizing all connected with Jake Bug in his tore manager, was obsessed with Rupert Shell Dragon he's talking about this. We are
got it all just gonna send one. I think that he said. That's really fascinating said that the there's things have a memory to them and that he believes it, maybe even like objects, have memories and one thinks he was talking about children, children who live in New York City? Aren't there not afraid of China molesters or array car accidents, twisting they're, afraid of monsters, drawled random monsters, because we used to hide monsters, cats, big cats, that's what everybody was afraid of raising a dogged against China, because that's what kept killing p? all throughout history. That's rather werewolf movies. Come from that the wolves, you're so smart and must be part human there really slow. It was a really spot in the eight people forever till we figured out how to make houses. That is eight us and all those things are approach, but they are dogs run, but all these things are programmed into us and you don't realize that until you're out actually in the woods- and almost things are true-
dawn against like kick gone. Yes, some thirty, four and five. I fear we are risking their lives in the Bronx Coyotes New Griffith Park, your grip, the park, and I saw one maybe a hundred yards away and it couldn't give a thought: no, it bade in writing and the hairs on the back of my neck. Feeling I had felt before I've never seen a wolf. Did you third world lead? I offered my blood sign up, become Pash. That's weird! I've never seen a wolf and the wild that I am absolutely sure of. I saw one of my friend campaigns in Alberta. We saw one walk across his dirt road, we're pretty sure was a wolf. It was pretty big, was a dog sized here. You know which is like when we. Its anywhere on dogs eyes, like seventy eighty pounds, you know you're not dealing with the coyotes anymore, probably especially in the woods and has a lot of wolves up. That's if there's any Mulder. I would love to like if I could just fuck and follow with a drone. Just watch them live their lives without me. Have any
Any idea was their swash a war for a week. You know yeah he's not there would give you a sense of what we have. This fucking weird Pixar idea ology comes to like wild life. I think if you, even if you watch a documentary, wouldn't what how close we, where are these aims partner, instincts of the muted. Later we are in a digital age of self obsession, narcissism and like people, don't, like kids, don't play side anymore, they don't like go like the the population that you know the population for like a ranch life or getting two to integrate with nature and your own instincts is very small verse and back to New York. You know talking about people not feeling getting fearing getting hit by a car in all that stuff. Like it's a product of an government and our environments are so they're, so digital and
my childhood a lot and how, like you know, we just went and played outside. I grew up in outside Cleveland in the suburbs, and you know there'd be like a bunch of kids and you know you get her to get stitches. You get cut ever eat that, but we were creative like and we're shoes for like months at a time in the summer corner, and in practice. The facts I never will. I don't got headlights. So thank you very much. You know that makes people dumb. No does it work oh shit, to do this idea has talked about it, like don't scare me, because I got cats and also apparently I think that's toxic plasma seriously, but hookworms has the real thing and I'm sorry for anybody was heard this before, but have to bring it up again. Hookworms are responsible for the stereotype of the dumb
Southerner really now real. They didn't fuck you wash their hands. No, no had nothing. Do those now, walkin barefoot, yea, walk a barefoot. People were infected by hookworm and hook lambs are parasites that affects brain function, ended in a dream. Its people, their energy and put pull their weight where it really hookahs read throttle thriving reasons of extreme poverty. Poor sanitation affect some seven hundred forty million people worldwide, a lot of people hookworm just Google hook. War crime, hookworm, not dumb southern stereotype goo that real quick. How here it is how a worm gave the south a bad name, so this is. This is really all about yeah, I'm trot and if you ve heard this before your job, for the northern story. Brow I love.
We gotta, listen, there's a lot of people. Listeners, part gas. It haven't heard this, and this is a really important shit stairs reasons for some stereotypes. And when you lie, hobo troops gonna get us through this and you do in a dumb southern acts, and you must be has on the hook where this is. Why you're doing a dumb southern acts that are currently a frankly there's a prejudice that, my Joseph o? No would listen. This happened. It was up to four. Forty percent of the population stretching from like taxes to scroll down a bit. The copper taxes to West population stretching from southern Texas to West Virginia Hookworm, stymied development throughout the region and bread stereo It is about a lesion moronic southerners, while the South eventually rid itself of hookworms those sites cost the region decades of development and bread widespread misconception about the people who live there. Yet hookworm has not been defeated.
For good today, hundreds of millions of people in dozens of nations around the world suffer from hookworm infection. The south experience Measures in bold successes and pitfalls can provide a rough blueprint. How to seek out and quash this amount murderer, no matter where its found around the world. Imagine that imaginary literally, like we ever diary here, things like this, like I have looked lack slows out. The least spotless pauses again replies. Please just imagine no. The stereotypes we have about the south. Why would it be done? to live in a place where doesn't snow like why they die. A fair to always points are not its people in Minneapolis in Illinois, they're, fine, but this but they don't have a worm brightness for concern as stupid about people one where it never snows, but you assholes can have
your driveway petty shovel that bear canadian driving them is bullshit ass, slippery road- and you want to say this: dude who lives in a place with alligators is dumb, come up a shore lot lot. Other factors are too This my border, they factors when but others worms. The south, as far as we are to get it on, our butts take out all than others, Johnson Slavery Honours. I wanted to hear me say that this is one of the things that are really what I think they might be connected with the euro. If there many people down there had it. I think it's really likely that it affected their ability. Decide what's right and wrong. Word the rest the world moved on. Making is a real argument for that. I'm I think what might bear- and I think that's absolutely worth exploring yeah, but there's You know cultures around the world who had slavery and were enacted, but little do where maybe still do yeah our vision
precedence just somebody in humans where their able to adapt to the situation. Hookworms aren't endemic to America's having likely arrived in the? U S in the seventeenth century, unwittingly imported with the Atlantic slave trade, here too, the early twentieth century. However most in the? U S did not know what hookworm was now you get it there that millions of those parasites inhabited the guts of people throughout the south who'd you get not wear shoes. Hookworm symptoms were written off as simply being indicative of southerners backward character. That's that's crazy. Keziah, like you really stop and think about illegal, as people in the south are dumb. Why the heap of people smarts people figure put satellites in space? let's get better vcr, whatever better Anthea, every dollar dollar Spain's land, their living. It s, my guy, don't gleaming. In the sky per year you some people dummy ship,
some people aren't. Why well a big part of it might be these fucking parasites. We might have a the view of human beings TAT way we might be behind the curve. Hello, my mind it's like now, I'm dislike question: how do you? How do you get hookworm vicariously around from a lot of clear. Your skin goes through scares trends dermal, it's true. And dermal others eleven of what you said: poor sanitation stuff like that shore, poor sanitation, look throughout history. Here goes To my mind by direct contact with feces. Unseemly is in the south. Unsurprisingly, wanted no association with such a disease, Nor is there not our board the beginning. He had the idea of hookworms parasites that live within the body and are contracted by direct contact with visas, so they tried to get their proud. Their proud people
look, there's a thing that I listened to, I think it was on Asketh part ass. It might have been an pr, but there they were ready, lab where they were talking about the south in one of the reasons why the south is what it is as I have, they have this sort of honor tradition, and it's like a different way of looking based lighten the people had initially Scotch Irish yeah based on the people
initially arrived in that area and there's so many factors and again you can take this out of context to say I'm so sorry and apologize for racist. I'm not, but I think that you are. You absolutely have to think that all those people down there, whether it's the people that were the slaves, the people that are slave owners as all these people most likely had a lot, there's a giant percentage of people that has hookworm and who knows how much that affected. Is it just the whole region? The culture is always going to be a problem when someone can force someone to work for free right and that's what slavery is forcing someone to work for free, you controlling them, your owning, and this was going to be a problem with that people always have a problem.
If they can get away with shit thing, get away with shit, the fuckin do a thing get away. We shouldn't also there dumb, and also, though I did, the their brains- are depleted by a parasite. Impaired by this thing to the rest of the world, zany man- maybe we shouldn't- have slaves in the wider world and vat log right. I'm a fat little man get a fuckin. Sixty nine charger. Black velvet wives wants to use your Dubai or millions destroy. Don't do now. Listen, I'm a giant mope! Our fan. Everybody knows that a dope car, but does the Duke too, has a car with a confederate flag on the roof yeah. Mrs sixty eight sixty nine larger thing was a six nine and that confederate flag. Do you know that so they can have on tv anymore. Disaster. Because I'm driving anymore to their flag, the flags of ends of it is
offensive. I wish it wasn't. I wish we got to the point where there was no racism, we can have a confederate flag and people who use effort, but it on so it's gonna work out there. Now it might not ever, but maybe a thousand years Vivian down unless about you just now we go back. We re this american text. A thousand from now on, be so woke. They are just watching episode the first days dukes theirs. It is this, Regional Daisy, Duke or the people and there's a gopher now we're like swastikas, a cool villeins, our values, ordinary shit, you that went wrong. They have you seen. The meme of a child is a child with his hands over his head, leading down kids in the future, trying to remember for history what happened in twenty twenty, hilarious.
Now? Oh, my god, why you pose is another day and I started following the accountant was like lil devolves. Every little Duvall is the best low during the past funny and man where there is there's a woman like go on like this, like what what area of revelations and looking at now or something like that goods lecture through regulations? Are we doing to my mom? So this means that the day because you know they are also a life right now, mom was like in her beautiful Cleveland accident. She's, like you know what a bunch of weird bug start flying out of the sky. I won't be surprised like we do MOB Maccabees Bryce, either weirder every day, Are you optimistic yeah? You think we pull through thy thing began
the nurture the fact that so many people are protesting. I think we're dismantling things that haven't worked for a long time and I dont know what the answers are. But like we're bulldozing this shit- and I I am- I am hopeful that as a collective people, we will work towards Cohesion and he's got a lot of work. Guilt, we're gonna work through distances. For me, the otherwise people that are on their knees but of a Boeing. Have you seen ass, an employers in churches yeah. They witness the basically like apologizing to group black people about all all, Seldom if ever heard it's so hard, like I I told then as the other day in any kind of laughed at me, and then I realized that I'm sorry, I don't know you got like. I went for a walk in money.
We're hood, unlike in this was on Saturday, MRS? This was when things are so superheated they still are, but it was like the kind of like Mama God like there. The grove is on fire motive. I favour restaurants of was goin to charge. You know and he added a multi year on if they fuck and bring us when my first too well, too bad air. You know what I mean to make us. There was guitar, it is my bed, I'm so sorry, I'm back around about tobacco medical lately we have no whiskey and manage. Might I was walking around the Silverlake Reservoir and I told them I had this. Like you know, every black person I passed, I just like. I felt more love for them. Then I I have, I mean
I always feel love for everybody out the truth, and that is what we are now. I just I just felt so why are you not like lay there? Their road is different than mine right now, and I also want them to know like hey, I'm standing up for you, but also not every black person wants that right, relic of the fuck away from me, Brazil Bob and I pay my ego there and they so in terms of White Gill, like white guilt, but I've white awareness, and I feel aware- and I'm trying to step carefully and not hurt, Buddy's feelings, cuz. I don't want to do that. Listen, you are in no way shape or form a racist, and I think the problem is the the idea that you are to prove you not. I think, you're a beautiful person you're great person keep doing you and if you see me out and you guys make eye contact and they know what the fuck is going on the world. You know what the fuck is going well say: what's up and they say what's up and everybody feels good. You know, like that's a tough
A real thing with people is a weird thing. When you run into people, you don't know, what's may go hey what's up and everybody's good for everybody I think we all need to do. We not only do that. Guy's, not us that cop the did that. That's not us! That's a sick person! That's a sick person there. It's there the latter, the one of the reasons why we're so angry about that man, killing George Floyd, is because we know in the darkest of darkest regions of all of our minds that is humanly possible for someone to do. We know that and we hope and pray it's not possible for us to do or anyone we know or anyone, we love you manage. If that was your son, humane, Your son was on television leaning on this man's neck for eight minutes and forty seconds you be like what the fuck no, you be like what you wrong. What did I do that I made a monster. Fuck you watching that imagined just freaking out. Why,
put someone areas that were leaned on someone's neck until they died every person, and this is weird parts of my hair, also what if they very propagated there. Mentality like what, if that were the thing like you know, not to throw the scent of the arena but things I've been reading. Our are like Ino white supremacy, infiltration into the police force and that fucking terrifies me look any any white supremacist, awful any racism is awful, but when I'm more interested in any of that is like what gets a person to be that fucked up, whether it ready, asked or murderous or or or key or or ruthless is or deceptive stealing what will put gets a person. That's what we need concentrate on instead of getting mad at the people that fuck up and do terrible shit, which is all justified, but we really
to trace this back publicly like what is making a cop kill. Someone by leaning on his neck for eight and a half minutes, or almost like the mental health issue, yeah hundred is it's like. It's also a developmental issue, a person when you're thirty five years old kind of an equation. This out of you, that is just an accumulated gathering, of experiences and your interpretation, those experiences along with you, genetics, your neighborhood, your family, all the expectations, people have on you and then boom. Here. You are it's it's an equation. It is, and I mean back the whole are land that a huge pile Emmy world talking about the same, but obviously a huge part of the equation is the system we grew up in which happens to be talking racist in a lot of ways, or at least has had troubled dealing with that issue from the very beginning. Here's what I would say it's
even you know when, when, when you have these neighborhoods that our trade, issue we increase their there. There there suppressed late when you Talkin about Baltimore, I this guy Michael, would on the pod cause. He was a cop in Baltimore has won the weirdest moments the park ass ever where he was a cop and like the early two, thousands farmer, correctly or somewhere to thousands and he found this piece of paper. That was a dark. It of all the crimes from like in nineteen Seventys was all same shit in the same areas, here: serious risk in his life out there with a gun we in the crime trying to arrest people, and then he finds this piece of peoples of this. This is systemic racism, reality find out about the red line lawyer jealousy do the right things: Buckley Movement, oh yeah, restore Sammy, Zack their exact club the guy out and kills them and it thirty
there's a guy mean. Obviously this has gone on hundreds of years, but the point is look. I know I know a lotta cops than lot of our great people, but there a lot like soldiers, not a normal request to ask people to be life or death every day, and when you ask people to be life or death every day for for a job, a you'd better make sure that you get like a Navy seal, a bare minimum, better make sure you get it Army Ranger, you better make sure you get someone who man has gone through. You don't the reader our bullshit. They kill babies bro. They were Ruth Ass choice by these two babies amid over the five years is a long awaited in front of their parents, difficult context for those be they caught. You they tortured. Do they did. They were the kings of torture, I'd like it death. And personally, I tell you and part of the moon incredible work. Just get the audio books, listen to the first week of it. Nibbler holy FUCK,
just like the take with you like when you drive to the store, whatever the fuck you do cause. I discovered this. Have you ve been going open? Hiding I've been doing stuff, I've been building furniture starting to move back in society rams be less of an Asia. I ok am can't I'm cognisant of the corona Vires, the only people I know that have gotten it or in New York. I e I work out. I walk greatest grocery store. I go to my friends House built furniture building for buildings, the furniture How are you building it like the other design live a walnut shelf on building? that goes under my legal opened her not to do this. Ah, you figure it out
our new. I mean I'm my friends of the tools, so I'm really lucky to use them like I don't own that stuff. But yet I mean not that hard and it's really gratifying to to make your own stuff and at something I've really gotten into just. Did you know? myself entered, he fits well, that's a good thing that a good way using your energy. You write you, your energy comes us fork in the road also like worrying signs of that can go on Joe. It haunts me when I was on here with Gary, because we were literally talking about what is the world look like within? love music, like bull shit, that you can never replace live music, and here we are. And I ve been doing you live shows I started doing like zooms.
Actions on my website. Is like you know, supplemental income, and also just till I have that experience of people because any live stream. I do is just you literally fucking, looking at yourself and then comments underneath and I dont get to have this experience where I'm sitting across from someone even did digitally where you know it it's? It's like nailed, it didn't mail, it we didn't they'll take to live here. I didn't get what a blunt or do you want a z choice. This is dad grass. Yet this is what is land grab at some bullshit designed by the man to make you sleep? Hey it doesnt matter of environments like a bland, soon I'll get completely. Don't hurt me Can I help you
Jerry, Miriam. Ok, oh I got there's a joint off there's Jamie, their joint you use mobile over there, yeah. Let's green smokescreen, boys repair, I am very anything, but I will Where do I m already so drunk? We all have an obligation. Show that smoking part you drinking whisky is four badly by Morocco? Good people were knows to each other. We love each other. We get Many really there, let me guess if these out much bilateral, I'm so happy when he texted me first, when I saw her instagram now yours would hire their speed. I literally said oh shit, immediately taxi. Do we were like Alice just take the slow, really endeavoured to John DOE. That ok goes like this ban and I came by this honestly. We
love each other. We love music together were great friends two months ago, we're not speaking we weren't to speaking my rooms for everyone, and then we do. We were at least airplane together and it's like it's too good is too good to the feeling that we have we play together and we we were going to do what we we fail this. Because bringing our learning. I all the count me in this back backtrack resilient. We You know we're gonna, do a little podcast this week with each other and just like post couple songs and it was a big deal for and still is we're gonna do it, but obviously this week fucking blew up in it really like lined up but ten or fear ten minutes after reposted and on our honey honey page that we were going to post some podcast songs, you Taxidermy
it was just like hyper speed. I got burned out when you guys stopped working together. We were to man, you know, but we really need to do it. It's listen. Life takes weird turns cigar river goes down I gotta get agrees to take the right panting you know: what's models, Simum goes rose trees. Then it's magic bubble gum, that's a big one little posts in the bathroom Skinner and then said the stones says greatest: Rock n roll back on earth is now arising. You know they'd that that was what you call them back then TAT was about for a good reason. Man, the stones are interesting. There's a lot of stone. Songs of people forgot. Does not just some bands- it's one of my yet is
bans that I've got a micro. No, my dear yes and we're gonna make this legal. Ladies and gentlemen, we gotta make. This line is less widely with ASEAN, which is regime Bernhard gum from a birch tree too, if the to shut down, if it gets put, I hate to think about do these. I laughed at our peril and job we're gonna. We gonna protect people, take protect people from our souls, we're gonna let people Twenty two, the should they enjoyed known. What we love you so much. I love you guys to this is so nice all things considered the world in a crazy place, and this is where the best feelings I in a very long time. Well, I always enjoy you guys.
I seen you I enjoy listening to music, we round lessening us all the time. Listening, guys wanna work out adieu. Listen, you guys think you want trips because of course work it. Some hate we listen to you too, to music is interesting thing. You know you guys you you put words together that change eight of people's consciousness. He put tones together and you have rhythms and sounds and invades people's minds and it changes who they are, and some songs alike. Really. Indicative of the times like someone I snoop Dog had Marvin Gaye. It was a lie version of proudly. The per what's as Dogan, sayings Tram, Joseph, what's Goin on Marvin Gaye and you listen while, like
know what it was like back. Then those two young member, but I will, I hope it's better now I feel like it is a feeling there's something about these marches. You gotta take the looting out of the picture, because I think, if you want to follow the the ideology of determinism that, however, you got. There is a combination of bunch of things that probably out of your control and who you are where you from and who your dad was know your mom was here. You will have pain but the something about when you hear a song from nineteen like seventy one or some like that- and you realize we're still dealing with the same shit to twenty the really makes you worry that were not get it I'd now, you're unusual. That way with no no really got no bullshit, like. I think this beauty in the fact that everyone gotten together and the rising up against it, and there were they realize. As this is this is enough. It's enough! It's not it's! So enough.
But you got worry, you got to worry that shit. We go sideways when see deluding you got it with this. This is like there's a lot of it. Is this like this weird battle going on battle between like logic and anger you people raise well, people raise poorly people were mad and people are happy in everyone's together and a big soup of equilibrium. Trying to find your way to the fuckin to the steady ground, trying to figure it out most. We would just don't and we're in We're involved in that is much as we're involved in any other aspect of this and we're all just trying to figure out life. But all these things are information and empty a course. How could we no have no idea what's going to happen, but it's all information to apply to the situation
we are losing ok, this among a range of factions, there's economic problems and we gonna fuck. Yeah extort war. I think the thing is like we have to try to find each other's perspectives and that's really hard for some people to do and in one of the really wonderful people I spoke to this weekend really give me an insight that I never would have had an this gentleman lives in Texas and he had something to say about. I posted a good cop video. I could oppose it a video of a cop praying with black woman and it was really beautiful, ass, a video and I gotta crap. For it I got a lotta heat and
trying to find the middle ground of some of my also police force, friends that actually one of my really good friends Texans today to talk about how horrified he was that his city had gas people and he's a lieutenant colonel of a very big city, retired now, and he said he was depressed, so you know what to do and I got it. I got to think about him. Cuz he's a good man and in that respect the gentleman who, who reach out to me very kindly and I'm so grateful for it, said here's why I don't like you posting that video of that happy cop scenario. He said because I grew up in poverty. I slept in the bed with my dad till I was ten cuz. We didn't have another bed there, holes in our walls. We didn't have food, we he said, cops weren't, playing basketball with me in my neighborhood. If anything,
see them beat up my friends and I couldn't do anything about it. He said I'm angry and I don't want to see. I don't want to see that right now and I really respect that. That was a prospective I didn't have, and he also said: hey I've done things, that I wasn't proud of. All I could think of in my life was getting out of this place that I lived in, and I would you know he. He admitted to stealing things theft and to get his life in a place that he needed to get out of and he's out and It was it. Was it a perspective for looting that I never would have had you know, I'd looting is mania, doesn't look like I'm not sure. Like eight with so many things, it's just a fucking vomiting of like either people trying to cause trouble. Anarchy keep people just trying to be heard, outlook on which is a guy framing. It saying these are people who cannot take part in consumer economy, yet citizens
you know ancillary, framing yeah and then that should be recognised. I dont think that the answer but, like I see you the thing it's like these people want be seen. They wanna be hugged yeah, I don't want to everybody wants to be you, Robert Support scares you ve heard of him ass, a professor at Stanford, and he has done some really interesting work. Primates baboons and that toxic plasma shit there was talk, we're talking about poor, but one of things you do he was talking about. I had a podcast with him. A couple back home, he was saying that is a really interesting. I knew he was saying that in the future he thinks that one of the biggest mistakes that a look back on with us is that we didn't understand How a human being comes to be the person they are today and how many factors other control
try to pretend that everybody is paraphrasing greatly, but it was basically that human beings are responsible for their own actions. On that. Collectively we all influence each other's actions, we're out we're all different people around each other for different people. It's one of the things it's the most important thing about. Having really really good friends like really get important, awesome friends that the good literally make you better just being around them, they make you feel better. They make to make you love better. You become a nice person she of exceptional friends here and that it will work weirdly connected like weirdly, and we don't understand it. So when something like this happens, there was like, let's Marsden Street, like cats Petsmart, so we feel good that we're all out there together. We feel good that we all agree. We feel good and then some people disagree in Seville. This stupid share the severely you cancel, we're all trying to write the ship were all like, just fuckin stay and
I called at the borders. We are we're gonna, be ok with love each other. We're gonna: do we not to worry? Maybe this put food do April. We just want to do is go to Mars. We arrived at in the game right right. We can't like tangible, can't start the game if you play monopoly in a dude starts out with a billion dollars. That's fucked cars are billion dollars. I just play monopoly on mushrooms like a month ago before I had to do to rural areas and may one friend was dominating the whole game and I was getting more and more bitter and angry each on so much in hotels that bitch, he killed us out of lesser. I let us have this game works. Now
that player by irony of it is like love. God, ok noted got it because I'm like like every time she's like out by that as the french and dutch Wash need that it's a game by is it? Is it buddies? I only down some one day when did does the weird thing about all of us. We just thrust into this game where we realized we are playing at while we're up and run and were up and run learner, Work is so what's gonna name when rat race at the rat race. There, the guy the gentlemen who I swear it
I'm having days vu, I feel, like I talked about this last time. I was here, but the guy who wrote rich dead, poor, dad created a game called it's like the rat race and it's how you economically get out of Europe, debt, an ear, spiralling investments or whatever, and then you ll get the big leagues I mean that's America, you know like that's that's true January or that we like, but it's not exactly as the eagle and the Eagles, a fucking balls, the rock where life work. Twenty twenty four him until you're going to have an asset, we dealt your blog, I mean we grow s, room and doesn't want me us I've only directly, but I just want to be healthy. You ever probably not even know he picked you. I don't want to be when you first I mean like tat and make you know it's like. I just want to pick me up sign inspirations, I'm clothes on your front. We only-
Roger has this link. I take inspiration from that guy's lit legitimately joking around earlier by what I said, but I am also true being honest. I believe what I'm saying I think he's a reserve in London now usual is unusual. I shouldn't objectify him as a fix. Romania really get ferndean sex, on extensive hetero, normative TIM, where we're going and another sign of fucking do weren't. We, I almost petrol requirement that I support parliament's theory pieces, we write another thing: they rhymes you ve all right, all right, the morality and sorry part of the problem. Wait. I want to be a white violence, we can be ok, I don't know. I hope that we can then be. Ok
We all want everybody to be okay. We want it's gotta get over this man as it is a species the human species, but we gotta get over our rebels. Yeah yeah. That always sensitivities, though, that that thing is like yours this year, that it like that this approach would have talk, is gonna fucking get us nowhere, and I saw a t shirt that I loved and it wasn't a photograph and it said not left not right, but forward and, like this whole by partisan stuff, like you can't, if, if you can just take a minute and listen to each other with with an open heart, percent its it so hard for people. But it's really not is no wily Harding, not that hard, the neurons Tata. Do it. That's why on hard as how we learn it. Is we mimic in everything else breathing like. If you don't want to learn how to play guitar you learn from people who knew how to play the guitar. If you want one learn, how do archery logic
Davis. You learn from people who know how to do archery. We don't apply that How you view the world Zip organic, so the teachers are usually are. Parents are not everybody. I initially has as great hand when it comes to they. Don't now will you said earlier just makes me think about us. We had a terrible time communicating with his act? I'm going to fair to take us for twelve years and by whom moreover, we can fuckin go down after this. Please don't you know I gotta go. Amsterdam utility did. But the point is not us, not mine. That's about the Ladys. Just maybe think what are saying it is not easy, in southern, that with its tail
long time experience for us to be able to even immediately set me up, like our relationship has set me up to like face adversity in the world, because we have fought so much, but we love each other so much and at the end of the day we just one here each other out and that's the thing with people that are aggressive or disagreeing with your rhetoric like they just want to be heard and soda you so like with that said, it's it's a time that to have as much patience as you can possibly muster with healthy boundaries, but you know I really gotten a lot of speaking people on social media. Lately, it literally speaking, not just comments and I'm learning in a growing and am grateful and I've fallen on my fucking face people Tommy things that I never would have thought of it so humbling because, like ultimately I'm I wanna help what
building. I don't want to see another black person get murdered by a police officer and a video ever again and as well all the other things that everybody wants to talk about like we're all coming up, and I think we all agree with- No one disagree, exactly that's what ratty league about this time. I think everybody is looking at this issue on the air. Like we deservedly problems, is real problems were seen in the cops that are treating the people that are peacefully prose. Resting like you can't do that. No extraordinary wrong. It's and here's what crazy they're, letting people loot but they're fucking, shootin, tear gas, will it just standing there saying the system's fucked yeah, that's the Mason and handling of there so many details of of in a week speaking earlier about police officers and like their instability like there, in their mental dysfunctional aspects and like that needs to be addressed in like an acute
manner like it's not born of leaving their previously. She has not yet M, which is expect them to be superhuman. Yeah, they're, not unknown our fault. If, if you are a credit card, Dep you're freaking out, you can get fucked therapy, but if you're a cop, in people get a shot in the face every day. Like second up pig, we barely we bear paid to barely pay attention so when they go hate why're, you know those three guys that sat around while the guy kneel down a deuce neck like what are you charge? Those guys with you know, there's a real where, when they joined the forest, like we're the kids only during the forest, like a fraternity its boundaries for its a hundred percent, a thing that when you're in it, you are
sir, your surrounded by people who are there to protect you. If shit hit the fan. There's this brotherhood, that's involved in the police force if I had to guess what's wrong with the police force. But what is right about like the Navy seals is at one of them. You it's really difficult to get into. I give you meet a person and that person is a Navy seal that mother Fucker, can take some shit. He can. He has a strong mind. He's figured out a way to navigate the maze of consciousness to go further than most people are capable of doing. Sign. Everybody was a cop, so this ought be workshops we're just bitches they're, just bitches got a job as a cop
They work with guys, like the word, loves from that way, you're. So right, there's the validation in that bag. There's evaluation in and if its not actually a genuine part of your integrity than that's a fucking scary plates all of us. It's one of the hardest jobs worlds ever know it's a real, really hard job being a cop. They and Anna Killer makes Review board idea like bringing back review or its, where the community I'd never disagreed with anything killer. My ever said ever be President Obama's thing, so powerful dance like his speed. The way he speaks. I did not want to be here, and I don't want to do this. You, like God, damn you think you know, sir, it's yeah, he's he's, that's who he is and there's no filter. That's who he is. I really really hope I get to meet him. Some time
I'll introduce nigh will die next time. Those guys are here, like, I think, we're supposed to do. Somethin. I love both. Those do live there, so in this time, there's no bullshit is no bullshit. If you want killer MIKE it's right there, kilobytes right, there is no filters. Positive, negative good, bad son of a car it talks about. You know with the second amendment and the need for hand guns. I got up and has also super progressive. He and I both were like- skip Bernie Sanders in this thing. Let's see what the fuck happened. If you get someone who redistribute wealth, we will finding out now the trillions of dollars? We can fix a fuckin already working to find you bail, asked our love sake. We found this Monday afternoon, I back say: did you see that making porn where people are teaching people to fix their home appliances and stuff, like that? You are going to make a series of
Youtube videos, so people can learn how to be handy around our home killer might at any site, but people pay attention to anything except porn by supporting the GM porn is like human rights. What what human human, is that the weird the contrast of what we want believe what really are points. The best example that how many people are worth talking about porn habits. Yeah. It might be like the same amount of people they catch, Corona die section, what are you about porn at work, even Sears secularize MIKE logically, because there's no correlation between that and real life, sex and electricity from the digital stimulation I think that takes a lot. Whisky ruin your life now you're on stupid
Don't blame with your willing these border regions that for me and whisky event rate relations we were, we may have where we actually time. How does a lot of use out there that understand the aggregate ever of porn and they stay on the outside edges of the dangerous fear, control they? These hang. In the background I mean I think porn is like heroin. You should be able to do it. They publishing and you're not gonna, be able to live together. That's your girl, never take gather, comes down to accountability period. Let's wait here horn, HOLLAND, how many Taylor Fucking video? If you really stop and think about it, it certainly is doing it right now. It's barely even on even unusual, barely unusual. The amount of sheer porn. Like I used to have a joke.
It was like why there's still make important as anybody ever seen it all before they start now less catch. You say that could have let it I want you to think it. I miss the heart is too much goddamned content. You gluttons sought their fuckin everyday film of it. Never enough! It's like music. I mean we're in across the turn we're moving old right now, like of those like quarter quote comforts or whatever, You know we're gonna funnel our energy into like all that shit is like fading out, life were being restructured and new. In the matrix were learning how to be adults. Where look we're learning how what what's important like who, whose whose far enough ahead on this weird race, the stop and go hey, hey! Let's stop and work out. The resources will where run into far this is not necessary. We can create.
We only live to be a hundred. What are we doing? Let's be nice to each other. I wouldn't while we mad- let's there's plenty of food yeah, just these be distributed, has plenty of money. We need a figure, what do you think that is that the panic- and I like- I really save- is honestly like like no, I don't wanna like be like, raped and murdered, and I want like my home to be on your way. Why is this like? What is this need to like jump over? It, each other to take all the toilet paper and like crazy, we're in competition right, but we're so like I want to know like, but that's that's. The whole thing
halting is growing temper wash answers. I your recent are lacking, or we may have now for a ten chin for money for prominence for rip. You know that's what we ve always done. That was what you're talking about early with these fears that are buried, deepen our genetics, we're still dealing with you, no software it's a hundred thousand years old. I also indicates that is two things playing out. At the same time, there is a sexual thing where, where human beings are attracted to each other, trying to figure out how to choose mates and then there This looks like whatever intrigues you thing. There's, like you want people alike you if you, if you're gay you one gaiters like you, if you're stray you wanna, do straight woman to like you- and you also want to figure out this thing- this thing that you're doing what was the thing you doing What are you doing? Man,
patents, what do you do you chance master? What's your fuckin expression? What's your mode of expression, through your singing, particularly you person right here out like I know who you are cuz there's a war. Put your voice. What were you doing is showing people who a way to get it all out in these tones and that's what makes singing so exciting, for beautiful camp saying reveal love to listen, there's a thing where they getting it's like your figure, in your figuring out a way to use special lens to look right into a person and find out like what is that person when they're at their lowest. What is it when they're at their highest? And what is this when, when they're play passion about something. What is that expression- and it comes through in this weird, my melody, this weird weird sound that
Make with your voice. Will you do when you showing people who you are is showing people who you are through the sound that you can make, and these words and this and we will use those sounds nose. Words as it's like translator, to figure out what what what you're really feeling when you're, really thinking and then when it's wrapped up in your lyrics. The thing that's fascinating about is how you guys are so tight and you you love each other so much and like you're, putting words together in your sing in these words, in your all, putting it together in this music like Ellie Rivers, one of my favorite songs ever really is, and what are the real Why is it so? It's so indicative about the butte. Thought I saw a body in the weeds, that's a part of a beautiful song.
Thought I saw a body in the week such February's asked about the fact that it was purely we're. This great moment where this tv show use the song in this like a romantic Mary Mary was added. Just showed you. Data, like the song, is away a wedding single thought. I saw a body We like I do. I do. Had to harbor chain link fence. I went down to the banks of the air lay river. Had a harbor chain link fence hey, we got it roused to. He wrote that song that fourth quarter fourth Jack filling Jack, doing that records doing that record, all our neuroscience together and they keep. You wrote that very quickly and brought to the table and it is his beautiful and you know what else also is like when you guys just moved here. You know so this
party you and love my new home and in our I hate want new abandoned allay, but I hate when things get really big and they run by people haven't on mushrooms bothers me unless rooms Joe had been doing, I don't think they know it talking about. I really don't to project our right here, of romano- you want to say that what is needed is shahrazad. Other merits telling me that this is what I think. I think that we all need to understand. There's a lot of messages that can be conveyed right now, and you can just constantly worry about what your side thanks. We gotta figure out some way to get through. This were all better off than we were before it started, and it can be done it can be done. They can all do it. It can be done yet. This being done. A lot of pity says it's a fucking breakthrough moment that, although the other
lot looting and the riots, be it histories, terrible terrible that it happened. This explosion. That happened. We weaken, real shot and moving things for or in a really powerful way, a real shot right now we're when people are uncomfortable and we are really uncomfortable. That's when things move says you have to do it. There's action, you can't just sit in it and no one likes be uncomfortable. So what the fucking undue hundred percent with everything in life like. If you have a bad moment live, it feels terrible and that is life's way, if you're playing this weird game of good and bad and love and hay What feels amazing, refills terrible you! You follow that if
Hello, whatever that is, you fall whatever that feeling is yeah. I mean it's back to join D ass, though a little bit too. It's like you, have these monumental moments in your life and how do you grow from them? And I and I have no disrespect. I've always had a really hard time relating to people. To that are like never been through anything difficult lifespan. Great I'm just sort of like you know wanting. Probably this is true for business works like this is what I am. I think we all need to consider saunter call didn't say. Hannah want Suzanne, have his fucking dope ass life in Beverly, Hills fuck that shit. I live in Beverly Hills and am Lance. Let's give rise this event eyes. I may have some cocaine and I know where my limited with my unemployment, I'm SAM musicians, I'm saying I do your software idealism. Paris, Hilton, didn't wanna, be parasol and choose thrust into this. Remember her with them.
Of course. I do therefore brought her. No, I know but friendly under control, cameo authors. I think it was amazing way weakened Mckinley twenty one January. I hate to say this because its life cycle counter its care. It's almost like countered competitive, which is what we want is a lot of what America is. Is this Some weird competition that fuels innovation, but I think it's like anything else like you, should only go so fast. If you're going to run a race track race track, she only go as fast as you can go without sliding off the road and slamming into the fuckin trees right right, but you can, it can be done, has been done. You didn't you can navigate it and I think we need to figure out how much gas we need to give life, if your objective needs to be to get around a fact that isn't the only we're so drain into them Sometimes it's nice, you have a nice, DR crews, and what a nice trays drive
First of all children men these days when really excited to drive, but also like you, can't stop and p anywhere. So you can't go too far enough for me. As a lady like I was an, I drive a busy age, but, like You know I've done it and then they all my god, I've two p, and there is nowhere to be looked at on course, is also a pan. Jimmy we wish was safe. DR on mushrooms, I wish Mosaic one hundred percent, as I Starbucks walk on my seems, I'm fine with that, but if people said no is actually statistically been proven that you operate faster and more coherent while on mushrooms place, yeah we're going, dinner, they decriminalize peat and then moving on me, I believe there are voting on it, although it still up in the air. I believe right. Ok, if we turn it a seed down without us of all get a light, a fire, it s, room Ben Jackie, I'm five to get a you're. What I smoke some it.
Should I get your amendments was forty five what's this is seventy five percent Roger said, disabled come might arise for this have sixty seven, I to say even I'm embarrassed about this about Jamie and I we didn't and I d drip the other day and he got there first and my first time be them they beat maintaining smoked. I didn't realize you be Mubarak four minutes right before solid Mass way like live affairs than ever done, he went full out. I don't know exactly what that is, but it's it somewhere those things that we do every week eleven. This was interesting about Jamie and say we there's a thing we do is call it an an aide de drip. I forget what, called forget. The actual sign now terminology, but it's it's. Basically,
some, who will be the best way to describe it and what effect this up with? What is what is an aide de specifically? Forgive you I wanna Wikipedia this. I want to ruin it. I want to hear my mind. It is it helps you mean system and how your body recover was. So this is a drip as a gay Venus, ivy em all Oh, I do an ivy vitamin bag and Jamie now started as every week here? This is amazing man any day is helpful. Helpful for into the jewels undergoing therapy for substance abuse and addiction recovery. This treatment reduces cravings and withdrawal. Symptoms provides energy to the body and boost brain regeneration and eighty ivy treatments can assist with addiction recovery with some other better This is just as well
somebody is really good for that. Apparently, it's really good for jobs than a common path and that a compound yeah, I guess it must be right. Man synthetics aware work, psych organic. Let's forget: why things that Europe has organic about of organic because You have you have antibiotics is this organic? I'm not sure you might be a fraudster was confusing Joe there's a lot of oh yeah. You then there are the pin down. That's what do you say? Yes, the Buddhist they d like most problems, its with words. You write in their right. That is what it is right it's like that's. Why saying earlier words convey intent nets of this most. Do I want to know what you think I want, if you think mean or
just making a mistake in the way we communicate what you think. What yeah I say, I don't know of words, convey intent because they're usually not that new US, no, they they convey an agreement which is okay. This is or whatever the fuck. This thing is called right microphone. That's a rat listeners young, exactly the tray intent is much more difficult to communicate and he s talking about digital communication. I want to see you how your body who's gonna be all this for sure, we are, I mean, so that's the thing. That's why the threat of being cancelled is so scary for people right. We don't ever want peace, the mad at us, because if we Some wrong and people are matters of it makes sense like oh, my God, man mistaken. Everyone knows I gotta brands, but we gotta be real careful with like what we
mad at what we don't get mad and here's a great example that fuckin everyone, I'm not taken credit for this thought everyone has had this thought it is so fucking in saying that you can get rested for opening your business. Just a couple of it's a and you don't get arrested for losing their various is so you're fucking frightening what happens if you are going to put that jail. If you look, what hits close to home for me is long beach, tenth planet, tenth planet, Jujitsu long Beach train there, but it's in a tenth planet, family, tenth planet, you do us out in in Hollywood and then now there and town LA but there's a bunch from admire my brother, Bravo has like
How many do gems he has all over the world, but one of them just burned to the ground in long beach. For no reason for no reason you now laws are made of words words. Don't make sense, though, that does not want to dance with. What doesn't make sense is that do not even anybody's restoration balances, the wall of reality to the point where people get victimize. It had nothing to do with your pain, there's a lot of friendly fire happening right now. I think we all want a lot of the same things and and in that respect, looking for my orbits gum, I'd like to chew it, but in that respect, like you know, we have to like you, have such a solid point, like the ridiculous newness of the logic is like it's fucking, overwhelming like everyone's kind of saying the same thing, but there still fighting really ok, some more, Someone needs to get on television,
how the looters, until all the people that stole shit, we forgive you start from scratch. Sled ago he fucked up. You got caught up in this crazy wave. And a lot of it was a full only two per maybe they do. Maybe they do have an idiot, but is that better for everybody? It's better for everybody? Is everybody realise what the fuck does happen? We collectively lost our marbles as a society, America collectively lost its money. Lenders marbles element missing a whole fuckin time and is a marvellous that are being pushed around point Angie. I pushed around by shadow characters. Shadowy shadowy, asters, so dark another route that, as this darkness, there is one hundred percent agents provocateurs there is, this has been The idea is not going to happen today and one of the
most provocative and engaging encounters in the history of civilization, as we know it in recorded media right. What? What year, then twenty twenty one year can fuck with twenty twenty you're. All this shit happening together all at once, corona virus. Three month locked down, I think the word or one in spanish flu could properly real low suck our dicks history close in terms of bodies and all that, but we haven't realised the amount of time shared that that is that that that took place in what we know. Or would have imagined in twenty twenty in where we are here in June, that we would be of you, if I came to you in December a brow, was free and easy shit. I've been thinking which it made me think of something you said earlier to I was at this talk is about collapse, civilization, collapse where
it was it the Getty music and the thing? away from it? Was this guy says the future is here- is just not evenly distributed? Well, you don't. I mean, like so, We are talking about twenty twenty in the insanity of it. If you're living in Syria right now like what you know, we ve been living in a different. The point being all these different context is so hard to relate to one's other than what we perceive to be on yeah, that's a great way of putting it yeah. It's it's hopeful and intimidating, and I think this real limitations like we're, hoping that we understand how You really feel when you say something we're hoping, I think, you're gonna say it again and again you you know, We have a different ways, the same thing as soon as you have different ways of saying things, but yeah you maintain
that's easy. If you set up, I could take it and put it in print. Nobody can know what exactly what you said that doesn't make. Any sense There's no guarantee that anymore. There's no trust like. We need Isla mosques, brain material bring it up, but we need to be nice to have so great was her. Had him he's got a mediate. I love that is he's a good guy It really is a thought which he's got his sorry, Europe, who is old car registration upon her free. I know that's right. I want to talk about this you guys, where for honey, honey than Cadillac escalate? Well, who knows? Maybe at a point, he hasn't HOMES Bel AIR is how many more convenient you have are we on the side of my fridge. The registration is says: Elon Musk, Bro, he bought Mars,
That's what this is about and I bought it It was for say I'll put you don't I fuck in. I was in that same pike as he says I could eat be designing my perfect home or I could get us to Mars, wants you design. Perfect home to maybe because we're probably figure out some cool shit cause hyper loop, he's gonna, put Together, we are trying to make Tesla roasters cyber try if I wanted to women, but I couldn't see about like a toilet recycling, we need that he just needs to give due back massage. Aside from a lavish well. I can't think that good area when it gave Aragon bringing these electric lights use a lot of those companies I'm towns really good. One too. He needs see now another think real person, real person when a noble, Robin and Bang IRA professional those around its real looked people you're, really good at that chair get away from it used to be able to get massages
No, I mean so first world not defeat yeah, total fucking, champagne, I'm proud of you to step back and it's been. You know I've been managed. What's wrong with you about all kinds of shit, tell me We have problems in back. Back till I started doing helped a lot of my friends at itself from the violent I've got like. I left shoulder thing up the neck. Sometimes I just can't go. This way means more visible, therapy that I just regular lay was doing with like chiropractor I am all k by the way I was playing poor, so much thrust. Developing is really bad pain. In the middle of my back, when I lived in your cause, he spend so much time been over to play. Pool eight ten hours a day, art so ten hours a day. I bent over this fuckin table area. These balls
the story of my life manager. He imagined, like I'm, trying to save for college every day. It is all in your balls. That's a la me. That's a lot of time! Dude whenever you think about, or I used to read about a lot. Drummers, you know, famous drummer, yeah, right and eight hours was kind of the magic number these guys, Tony Williams, even really our drowned rectangular everytime talks about get me to buy. Drums think about it. I don't think about give you one just keep everyone on Amazon, okay, we allowed its port Amazon, are. We not work, and I know now. I saw some really cool stuff about supporting black business, isn't like by your books on from like bookstores this my thoughts on job pesos. He could be way worse. We should be nice. Guy I give my town will grow. I get it no one supposed to have a hundred and eighty billion dollars. Fella,
my job at my job. I know we don't know each other, but I love you olive branch. You gonna be Ok man, we're all gonna, be ok, but we're not gonna gas. You aren't Jeff basis or of Amazon die. I'm really really fired by EU legitimate irrigate here by Saturday, Kevin haven't heart was on the part of gas last week. It is talking about your pays. Us three bet Jeff based. Said a party made a bee line right term and his friend actually urging him not to do and whether they have those made there can be no Kevin. Did gossip Johnny Asia was like ours. The native to instruments like now talking like getting off far away from me doing. This where the launch of age, or maybe it's for anything, give giant Josie lessons light. To be honest with you. If I saw him at a party, I be like that guy
introduce you fuck Jesus Christ. If you want to be so good, I don't, I don't have the place Holyoke. Thank you you and whatever had like. I know how to deal show you I'll show. You tell me that those who showed me very here I want to get one. To be so little racism that Sunday the term anymore yeah. Do we get there? I think we can. I hope we can get the point where this just morons assholes and people the union hang out with yeah. I think we can There are more, you know, assholes people you can hang out with I love you think that you, because you know you're a comic and the thing is like its there's, a lot of things to make fun of, but people are so fucking sensitive right now and four for good reason. I got that why sign was Spotify, plans bench I'm right this way,
right into the rocks about my back east, the huge tragedy we are does that's where we began to move and twenty Twond and he's like. Oh, how is this part, has been going on our, two hours less than the clansmen plan, which was the cantons with one. If you had a guess. I want to say a five hour. You weren't here who use your second ones where there was a real long one before Jamie. Jimmy Jimmy our dialogue, Eric Mark after last podcast cause. I talked so much, listen! Don't you ever do them? Why Gary Socialist, I love em. By do I love to lower them? Have you lay down? Everybody was great now. I ve got all the time, but I did
Hungary's ride, wave Susie drying up, not hearing it server. What do we do? Angel death? What let's do what you gonna do both we'll do about this one, because that is how I met you guys longing we're gonna. Do what you want. Do not. First, belgian and mother to let's do angel it doesn't matter what I'm starting to get low, I'm pretty fucked up. It is your friend it's only those same its light out who tell its light out. I can tell ok Journals However, some years twenty six, I support We're gonna, be this might be the first pod cast make part one. Hard to every go straight, psychotic
We should tell they do part. I think we should give a random clause to Jane whose greatest pod cast producer in the known universe under the bastard roundness wraps Ohio and a strong way tests the best One handed Google or the world has ever known facets Send away he's he's telepathic talking about shed teach me I mean we're shit hyenas going crazy, like minded rain, serene yet Yet we have long degraded and I think we ve been degraded Jimmy now connected Nerli. I shall wear wherein the ether. Together. What's what's wrong with my dad's turkish? Oh sorry that you as a swamp, Guitar Qatar, yes, Tom Guitar, they get. We have said this before I'm gonna say it again. What things I love about. Music is
even know what the fuck you. I do guy. You know I did, I could say ironing out. I can teach you the right and I don't really really I'm good with the arms like that of the core in some of the member states want to tighten up choice. Can the film this right after here, where you re going right over to the gym? Anonymous shows Lamb, can either go to see. My whoop is not the right place for cannot see why my whoop is on top. When I do care about what I do, it's only strap We do not, as us where's that bitch I make an anti any reason that we're not an example of our lives are now then depression, so an age. How dare you me sure, you're in the better labelling,
Of all of us combined know we're all gonna be ok, we everybody thinks all day on tat, but I can't let you do an answer saw soldier. If we had a drum said, we be a band right now. That's what I'm saying play drums right. Can you give me time really get everybody? Will we learn our roads? Gb? Would you here you lose Jamie Space acts may we had. I don't lose page rob I really did. He gets is good as he is one do you know what I think about that. I had this like weird, like like one day like twenty years from now, and everyone's like when, like Jos, like yeah,
That's your current grimy spear, Amy Tavi, look most of your own rogue it. I can see that doesn't matter how old Jane has he's always been young and spare. I know when I met Jamie MIT Zoos, cool pages of fund kid It is a j makes a good girl. I had a ponytail back, I mean radiology me his eyes thousand Pasadena, that's pretty us a word about audio engineering lowered years. That's cool, mother, fucker! Now this is a great crew. You got here like things are going Well, there's no crews, just J. My now is it, like you took the same. Room just like we could in Texas
Air travel, international! Ok, when you get the spaceship, You guys out I'll call and my thoughts about asked in our I do not share a hundred percent I'm not gonna fly people and a fly. Anybody endless fats cool day. It's one day lets me my then many different values again and wood go there play a show. Do a podcast hang for a week in Enon time you got to give people the choice. To do what they want to do, I don't know if they're right, I don't know if we have to inform people and then we have to give them the ability to make decisions No, if you're right nor farm know knows right, I'm scared Europe can talk. Yeah doesn't gloves
We're what class people drive with mass rear their per se, you in your own guard does make any sense, and why was it worth it? gave a fold up shop. You fuckin per se why why you re wrong. I'm saying polarizing until you're, making their own choice somebody just enjoy as the right choice. Listen you're gonna have bitches. We have to do everything is real, all things of real liars poets. Lovers! Ruby, I think everything is real. All accepted together recognise breaches, flush, em where'd. You get this
Belgium, your love? Could you imagine, I think, that's part of what you say and besides having to work out in every love, swayed Yama, it doesn't but on its own must force fourth year, France for life. I love my friend a couple of my friend John John. I love you. I love It's happening a lot of people, we all love each other hundred percent. I think that's pretty much the key that is the key unlocked the door, the keys us. We can accept. There were all living in this fucking, fantastic soup of possibility
these. Oh yeah and we all come from different backgrounds, are different deficits and different strengths, different different ideas, different perspective, different biases bridge CAD down all these things like we might look like we wish. First of all, we should have a George Floyd Memorial, a big one, I got Mt Everest style piano I without in any way you want with all presidents, not Mt Everest, Rushmore Management, that one can do it. George Floyd come on brow, but get deleted. Its cue, manage a nice eyes, one shitty Cobb for whatever Let him get away with all this shit that he got away with four
ever a ton of complaints about that guy I didn't know who yelled at the years I didn't. I didn't get into that way way way back to the early Thousands right, like two thousand six was like is first complain: I've ignorantly only seen the video and that This has waited. That's insane, I do it here, We can look at all. I mean vaccinated retweeted. It's like, I think Richmond Javert, Israel, Black Square, can, if you didn't lose my number you I didn't. I didn't. I didn't that May or may not too. I can't it's like. I dont support the movement, but I don't know who the fuck told everybody to have a black square on fucking election days at a primary day to even if most people said, okay, I'm going to post a black square and then I'm going to post my other shit there is for sure,
step back. The act is for sure using messaging and then went bust, came from. If I knew it came from the wrong thing, is there any members me? Thank you for it to pose a blind square. Yours is a poor there. We love every word on wheels. Black people, we love asian people, Asia and South dance. We love everybody. If the work, which is tat the way your place. I think we're going to. To be. His was Adieus even the one do that keeps getting troubles, bald, guy polish or Paul Easterners Stephen Miller, that guy I'll be there guys there for the largest administration is ice. In that bug it back to the
out thing nearest is all night. I like to think that it was in some kind of weird can spirit seek as I found it, which we like Instagram. I now know y know you are a clear, I'm sure I don't want people think I'm disrespect joking around, but one thing that I am I understand what it is. You want to know how many people are with you here. Here's here's reality everybody's with you, everybody who has a heart, everybody who loves people, everybody loves Marvin Gaye in, Thyssen and Mohammed Ali and Lawrence FISH, but an ice cube when every fuckin, brilliant african, american artist, a cry
stay with Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle. We love everybody. We love you, especially it's not a fair game. The game that African Americans are playing is different than the game that you're in a european american settlers, like my family, is playing. We we we an end to this game that what was established by slavery, it's not our game. It's a different game and and and- and for any one to if we're gonna progress. We have to acknowledge that this this start Itzhak everybody's, like ok, you have four parts. I hate you His guards with forty points do Where will you play the game society? If you want to think about what economic equality is or what just
they sort of verse, just community like the way We feel about each other. What what's equal must not it's. It's not a hundred percent based on what you ve done is a giant chunk of. It is based on things that are completely out of control. Oh of course right. But that's! That's. Thing that doesn't get talked about where you want to talk about presidential campaigns or gubernatorial campaigns. I wear. Senator Congress, no one says ok, this is crazy. Came this crazy game and some people get a million chips, and simple. Some people, oh chips, Vomica born their bad moment yeah and some of those people swim through those water and become these incredibly powerful artists, and that's, what's so fascinating about America, the change grounds, the princes
the people that swam through that water, who are extraordinary the marble, gaze them I'm at alleys, Joe Frazier is David and Goliath. So many Pierre. No, it's it's a thing. I'm listening the David and Goliath, not glad Rob, but- and it has a lot of that, like defying the odds and a lot of ways, you know, but but you know in terms of the Black Box, that is an action that like to have us to do something like, even if it's so simple as a digital action in solidarity, was powerful it does. It feels like a recognition and cognisance that is, is a cog consciousness that you know new you can you can hear it or you can seizure and thought When you start to open up a conversation or express yourself in it's scary, I've been expressing myself minimum Father my fucking face, but I keep getting
up because I want to understand and there's there's a real test of your three please yeah, but you weren't following phrase when you talk of those people in real life, with the real video back and forth stuff, Oh no problems now. I know the problems twitter. Serbia is talking through tax sure if anybody talks you or you guys are really nice people like from the moment I met you like we met in like today. And twelve you now. We share think at thy diverse, hang. We did that ended. The world show in December of two thousand and twelve percent always seems to when he first two thousand two thousand clansmen yeah for sure, probably yea risk area. They might have an area without a boom. We don't don't drink that band poor. First, we ve people will you join deaths occurred here. Listen, I'm sorry
mind with in the joint wanted during a hobby, about no apparent with that one poor, here's your and some of them are so well. That's the point of this guy's. Down later, there was none to drag out terrorism rather than a whiskey like a drink, and I want to see you talk thousand are mortal eyes. Are here, there's a logical, glasses, Gimme, the joint glass and that's cairn, muscular dirt organs. There's a lot more charcoal and they are necessary and world under a lie. Yet we can. We can give you this contaminated glass of whisky. Aimlessly did he ever did it's gonna be I wish I could tell you what's going on in my body I. What are you doing? Gotta show
to advance it. Give me Jimmy whose home there is no real by re gonna, be ok, this ban, change your inner bitch feces, with hookworms in silence. But I still don't have risen, didn't ask for ever since you are a poor glasnost, clank poor after that, Zira things I am aware of how do you start a wounded on that score? I love you guys. I mean measure, I reject a decade here. I think we ve been Frederick. Reasonably it at least nine years or eight years it was the first to Rio. Remember I've not within the ice house was like a side room and time. I was w
Slovenia Why are you know my friend Eddie? Ivo is a really is greatly men at the idea, but he's a really big fan of you, guys, yeah and when you guys performed at that show where was It was you guys, in as dogs, tat, one of my favorite times of life, I wore a fucking, and everywhere suit. Onstage looked up ass buck item. Ever were soon in a calm to show ever was with us has like. If we're going, the viands variety that in its rivals, but any Bravo whose, like he's a real phantom music, you guys runs date, news, like God, damn these fuck, it entered he's a sweet but it was really interesting as like any had never seen you guys before. He didn't know those who these people out there really good friends mine. There called honey honey.
Girl, ass, our talents, the song that Song Angel Dad but Papa. We start talking, let's get wrecked and then we were was sitting backstage and he sees you guys go on schedule. What the it at twelve December turning first, you that was at the thank you for really special. I love you, I love you guys one of the course things about. Having a there's thrash. Amy took all the king had a Frank and Sudan. So hands. I actually had a suit made, but because it they'll make a for are you go yeah I want,
yeah. I was that I want two thousand well that's what I thought ass he was there has undressed. Coming out. O bill bird came down. I've remember that I might add here he's gone well, I felt like no no bullshit There's daisy very well. There are lad jacket, there's any theirs. Very few times in all of life live, some one has the opportunity to to be the person who says hey. We might all died. I raise a thing why it was fill up. A giant Palais, he's gonna get together with a bunch of my friends luggage. Let's have some beautiful, it's listen amuse us talk, some share. That was you crushed it that
it was always on night- was admires. Everybody was really excited. It was a fine night like everybody, and even if it didn't happen- and it didn't happen here- we are eight years later, a buddy look at her lying at the world. Doesn't Afghanistan then- and I always is the afterlife already- will heed the place? The will turn wasn't. That's when the great fears and allow yeah. It's amazing. I hope they can open. Don't open! You got place like that, probably easier, because this chairs he say no one now knows, and I mean this is my motto: it's four words: let people take risks, you lead people, do motor cross and be Mag son. I gotta tell you I'm morning the lives it spent up it's hard at its heart, The special can actually have to audiences right here. I feel that way too. I'm sure
You can kind of make songs with nobody around, but I can't make any jokes. I can make lights if I had to ride out my shit. Go out like randomly without ever try it out in audience. I might I might hit like seventy pursues on the maize I thirty percent of my job. You gotta be terrible or the same, do the pain of thirty percent of Jos. Failing my colleague. No no! No, I don't know no, they would May I am just saying thirty percent. If you a lot of people paying money, energy oaks and thirty percent die, you like our set was like ten percent worked when we first started and we slowly like over you ten years, it took us probably got to eighty five percent. That's Ferris Ass, mere act with that, but don't
sound and, as the don't you think, no bullshit does the eighty five percent you hit when you guys get comfortable was probably one of the more satisfying experience and all you could ever imagine because you know you were through the beginning, yeah one, and we both also went off into different projects in some sort of had different assessments of what that percentage. Spectrum look like and and now that we're sort is coming back to you know integrating our music together. It feel so differently like we're both such better musicians and I'd like to think you know we had errors, separate therapy and are or work and so like. It's too spills different. Therapy. Girls do all kinds, I mean you, oh my god, I'm so jealous. I ve always wanted. Now you get up. Suddenly dogs I couldn't tags
shut up. This area do I really don't want. One Rachel has, first of all this and stop shame in the boat dogs Ben. I'm not sure I was just supplies. I'm a cop, eight guard verse about. Yes, it s about tax. Have you heard of brutal yeah I've seen it. I know what it looks like like: when they deny saw, can kill a squirrel was an important now I'll. Tell you what I don't fuck with my lips
es. Thank you. I won't like that. Don't worry about your family. I know disrespected Ladys, that deletion of optimism and no cause to have this lake angry line. Those bologna, on a day when my life, like per year a year, the fucking Buddha of of podcasting in the prince and the king of the Joker, whatever I wish there were some better that wasn't bombs or another is, and you know what I've done twice now I've done Botox twice and at the fact no end. I there's all kinds things you can do. I do we have a lot of really great natural skin care. This many called epicurean, then I really like and then there's also a laser light therapy. No joke your joint air whisky dude. Why talk, and encourage he's like yours, you brow
John, that I was told you are making up for the fact that Jamie paint me and our weekly de ivy dress match it's how you win, and that is how you win lands after this or what ok I'm so that our been lifted finally allow instructor doing some shit Johns, We want to build you a whole plank and take in like come out. I want to hope like two I died. I want to do it, but I'm seventy five is no sight day. Is the debt? Deeds words of life and worthy in better shape at seventy five than we are now at thirty. Five. Do you is your backfire on fine right now send this to a young good? Does it bother you what's bothering lower back? Why, You deserve wrong. That's what I'm trying to figure out what you say other engaddi mean legs like an egg. Is it
though I rely on all of you, got it contained no matter. How did you see things in your dad grabbing by the shoulders? How about you no replied today need battles, pay the take over the floor, burn Gacek, they're gonna win. King of Bohemia and or european year, fell down off a harbor board right out here on our polished the timeframe for one or two fix aside joint by all the same area comes. He think somebody else explaining who Zack better out of sense right, better the guy he broke the world record. One hundred mile run hoof. He ran a hundred miles faster than any human being has ever ran. It He ran a hundred miles kind of age who we are
while you are so stop what is? It needs a lost the fight by bought a pair of shoes. They are excellent escalators, so gloomy, say somethin. Have you addressed your public floor and healed yourself? Are you you say? Yes through of like physical therapy, basically by almost basic stretching Kim's guys keep old, fellow women or has not out there and only six no no. No, it's not that bad spect put up a quick picture next year. I think it's another company I bought. I bought Socrates, Socrates make They make a really ultra. That's right, Peltier Eminent its socket
makes a really good troubleshoot, so this guy ran a hundred miles in like eleven hours. How many hours Why would you run a track? He also did it on a treadmill. Treadmill was really recently, but he broke the world record on ground for the fastest one hundred miles. I'll ever, and I think I did Eared better Sir he's an animal freezer really nice guy forty one, forty four times as bent over their state. Things he hasn't. He runs these altars and he told me about that their flat in our supposed to like the idea of the heel of lot. Running shows are running. Shoes are fatter. Those are really not the way. You're bodies design. I wonder what kind of like feet he has his house his hour, I personally have allowed our child pancakes. Four feet: I have no funding arch, I think
I want to talk about me. I became extrapolated. It could run on large Rogan ducking by stock and amber I think he did RON the moon. Tnt just runs its a mine thing. More than anything like having a really good pair of shoes, whether as Nike AIR, ultra or saccone- that's great, but I was the county by whatever saccone I'm not win in on this Jamie website, I brought it up and shock and in so doing I don't hear anybody ever say it. I just read it percent, right yeah, knowing TAT has invited me was while law forever. Why, while la la la it's us with IE like Wala oh yeah yeah, I get it you. When I first heard region scripts
as I voice alive. Oh, my god is a fact Look, you know all the feelings I mean. The gangs levels is like just like print situations like there's so many variations, and I I say this from a place of earnest, misuse. A lot of words me to an end, mispronounced them, and it's very humbly. Oh yeah! It's only humbling because nosey alike in you want, people takes it again in a bodyguard, analogous psychic, bodyguard, almost everybody. Does now get the fuck out of here. One person gets it, like. This is like a lot about we're your idea. Zen Jaffee, I'm real! Yet my putting out you don't need me! You got this. Where do I don't You know me me: pay Bower, eventually evacuated, so my grandma trying to figure out how to
out of hatred round, so where listen visible, I think if I, if I do like a lot of people, think you shouldn't do sponsors this I think. Let me talk about some sponsors actually believe and plan. Let's bring. I never said it. Ok, It is also an engineer I we should immediately backfired nor no, but this way we know because all by sponsors, good companies What am I yeti? Cooler? That's a good core, my black rifle coffee, that's great coffee, but let's forget about but are we really talking about? What would I remind you tell I really lie which decide Dear that, you gotta be scared, like those kids, why we're doin that have to do a patron cause. If you want money and the Eu
sponsors is worth supporting my fans going. I want answers. Buffalo, Laramie, mahogany, honey, dot, com, slurs, Patria yeah. We are here I don't Adrian before now, and I always feel weird about other platforms. Even even though you can't avoided, I mean like Youtube that somebody, plant at this point. Our platform is good enough. After for me, I would like them to be said sort. I would submit that it's better to take money from Sponsor and they say why, if any sponsors Want to throw away, you see, earnestness searchable you, but I'm patriarch you're. All these waters is the same. Should now it's not it's a budget grapes. What it wants to ban oil through brutality, do it or the people use and Youtube. Commoners won't gives a shit. You you'd
so that the the first time we met. You are like guys Jane. You can pick them up. The drums say I think there is there- is a big room for two compromise here. Baffling in here would be over well, may you could release baffling. You can sell, absorptive, clear up stakes textured soon and I never sent out it S. Talk in great dont know anything you go out there. It was design job on humming sound baffling. Signals by drum sent to put in this form this room were year, but I put it in We are actually taking over the door, a barbarian I'm just then now you I'm sure they can think of is the obvious to everybody else. So
just this war. Member states, flexibility that corner right there right there that I think, accordingly, my gold, I'm scared road map for the record, these phenomena we list of things, come and see. You didn't have to do that you enough to drink the joint anyone. I did this guy, but I did you didn't have to but I do not soon impartially line and celebrate that I saw by broken. We couldn't do this today was for each other one hundred percent of the fact that there are only as men times there good beer drinking I hate to do this. But I'm will assume the you know. I love you bad lobby Larry Tune, but you know really like what islands to relax,
yeah, we'll never love it will soon be in leaving only so the videos hand fucking year then said that we had a relationship development yesterday and you said to me about, I said: Ben I'm really excited for a drive to Joe Rogan, because I think we should listen to on the jewels and super pumped up all lands, sues revolution, you said, or what I've just been realizing. You just like to get excited, like it doesn't matter what it is. It's the act. Of how matters. Where did it excited exciting to us by? Yes and I that was new. Two hundred million by you have no need for fifteen years is and like I just felt like. Oh my god, you get it. Yes, I love to be excited and you supported me in that moment- can surprise. If so, what are we doing right now work? How do we are we working?
one hundred years time at sea. Remember: republic on that, but the slow mo will. This is worse than what was worse mayor. Terminator Shoreline, Kyar, barbaric fighting for their lives. Can it do not the candidate in any way junior? That's what I'm with you. You thought you'd see, none of us we're alive and I can pretty sure it was kind of despotic as is really used. I don't know, but you know what I don't give a fuck anymore. I don't listen, we're fine, we're gonna be fine. Now I was gonna, be my real self all the time. It is a thing. This is it thing is happening because of the lack of the lack of. If you hear someone's words you
I get it. If you hear sums words repeated by somebody else, you don't really get it. If you see written down, you barely get it at all. That was amazing. General. That's was airline. That's we allowed. I met a beautiful thing about music. Soaring yeah see you ran, sends you right centuries. I can play amazing to me, like an fuckin Bach wrote that down and now I can experience the same issue thing I gotta be Everybody Ben cited project called in the box strange noise, chicken pox already here we must set up. I think we shall see tangible, do not know if this old Grannis there we're rigs what's up I get angrily this girl. I know it's us as other persons monopoly.
When I ever tells you something years, we release those international. It's fucking awesome. First of all, fucking riff, that shit, brow, you got a deal. This you bring your time. What do you mean? No one on the right. Did you love me now? I get it. Ok, it's this fast, MTV, music, video, whose boy after the car reports are hooligan. That's the box, three boys and Check your glasses. I dig it problem.
No, I think, is what needed to be done. By the way, is what needed to be done. But it's three by MR to use the words came from civil. You ve got my syphilis could able losing their here. Yes, she then do you have civil. Do you know No, my hair growth, because you know expression, you know you're a wigs throw. It is good. Since I some passes over there she's off of it. She drank. Have you ever heard of expression? Bigwigs it's from guys with huge wig where they are loosely fucking syphilis, it was Johnny Craig. Yes, it was done
from these Royal brothers wool. One was a J work that we like France, or sell those like a hunt by the way, who is better than Jamie one hand, zero people. Jamie. The vast Jamie ok saw these two guys, also looking pretty good that what year was is. Can we talk about Jamie's biceps? you can if you want, but let me take my pants off our eye, I admit to objectify memorandum and when I met the barrier, Damn world academics, the black death in the blue, so choose its efforts, His there were living without lie. Here was a trendy status symbol. Uninvolved dome could stand any
What did they go? The other way, one s unfortunate we're. All ball is now they will deliver without the internet back you're right, but where they now became guy, who I am on another planet written, but those are real. Mush We differ words: Amy Tactics, put that high in Europe. The clock I wish there was on his good did. The personal makes these clocks continued make a more ever to happy, can get a clock tenant. Yes, you can t.
Syria. Thank you for saying that we he's awesome. I've thought about arms when I'm trying to figure out and their dope right yeah she beautiful one of those things called those Youtube's they just like the same thing again put now. I could tell they make that guitar amplifier Syrian Nix, hitherto Nancy Nixy yeah, and really beautiful hardwood love. It there's a lot of great auditing inciting undeniable out about a beautiful word connected with electronic I'll take my James biceps moving south to tell you how they probably floor. We're sorry, not sorry you're in love, go on and you get to James, can't you see that many side too. He's more machine. The delivery
plans are ages new order. Z term, FED J. Well, here we are, having heard from Russia, I don't trust anyone there were Weiwei design I literally highway for awhile labour ran because it deals with that. Sorry, like a camera lent Dubai, because I like taken photos other other side project Jamie, empty one user lightly on one side no, I don't I'm on my way. I know they do this land so there is a lie down alone.
But I ran into a day higher. They hired like engineers to produce a like style image out through using software and what not our guide and actually have liked I mean it was beyond the IP address, a grey roto, and I also I have a little Fuji film with fifty millimeter when's that I love in it. It's really fun to learn how to use I'm gettin there. But overall, though the waterways, Whatever else reveals is back and ask her then what's going on what is it is it, your burned again go in there. Jamie you know a lot about like photography, alien show. Just don't do you think it is like certain colleagues of brands like Sony verses, like effort has for a long time. Others can inverse Nikon railway, psyched, apple, verse, Android, the others,
thing they do with hunting. Optics too, like I use a lot of different stuff like as a whole different brand. Yeah yeah is beyond cameras, and but it's like they're all good. It's like therein denial that they're not all good, very highly engineer, glass from hundreds of years and well proprietary, it so hard to detect differences like guys have to get em on, try, pods and like stare through the lenses and look at a parakeet gosh, I might add, is close. A billion. I hate her and then they look at another one. This is like a lens cut in half What this is? That's really sector freedom, but it's looking. That's really small. I don't know the actual number size can describe maybe like this is really probably only two or three inch lens and there's all that mechanic stuff going on inside there. There's like one two three is lower.
Five different. What does the aperture get down to the last sorts? Iran's from two sire like sixteenth? I don't know this one in particular, but probably a two point. Four, no funding at eleven thousand Ireland search that's gonna, buy, did people with ex like this is why it is so expensive because they put all this into a tiny, tiny, tiny little package like it's like I'm sent its jacket short on cameras, our habits like my two inches by two inch, Iago too in cylinder, yeah and dsl our cameras. I would be similar to that. The lenses three to five pounds right, maybe eleven pound They were somewhere like two feet. Long, that's huge! That's too much now, I'm gonna tell verges over a martyr park dogs
What do we do now? Guys? Oh, my god, we move everyone feeling brave in half our way out of this. Should we not the breathing technique? Mrs yes, first guy ever Tartu didn't give if I bread Adam, I knows when in doubt people send me videos of this man was chosen and then a certain dance between the old and you bring a breath begins to start up begins to chart everybody escaped so after twenty five breaths, like that, very conscious in the cold cold is of forests and it has an impact.
Of user, along like a cold and what it does indeed figure on the physiology and you use breathing. Now I know what happens physiological but then those days it was all by feeling and I'll do it does happen physiologically. Are you become a fully charged? The carbon dioxide goes out o to begin to Rome freely throughout the body and failed up every cell and p h levels Go up no one! You when you say you altered your breathing. We will. You show me here just breathing in and breathing out what is put specifically different about that the normal breathing. The way I use that, while I was like after twenty five brass, was so fully charged, I could stay like five to seven minutes under the ice.
I want us very control. There is not only a whole lot of oxygen inside the body, India, but a ph level up now this later on. I began to understand signs by by making exaggerated with ox deducting and all that I saw that that we are able to tap into the brain stem the adrenaline we show drying and bad people appeared producing more adrenaline. Now I know how to show to people just in a couple of days That means every listener. Right now is able to do that, so we have proven their scientifically
and it showed that people lying in bed were able to produce more adrenalin. Then somebody in fear going for its first bunker jump bunch and when you're still I'm still confused as to how you're you're doing anything differently than deep breathing a deep breathing in deep breathed out, and now we re tens from breathing after exhalation retentive. We stop breathing exhalation science free then like what show me the method like if you, if you agree with me that a thirty times Ok, let's go fooling, went again fully. It letting go right on fully and Butler
Congo not fully out just lying but fully, and once again I want to get come up, though, as a date give it. It's about changing the chemistry right now in your body, so long lending and we'd better get going to your bigger, become light. Had it at a certain point. You so fully charged and be age levels, go to a very high level. You are able to do so. Without in Delong four minutes. Just keep on that feeling is understanding, go on and deeply at letting go deeply lad, NGO,