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#1491 - Bill Burr

2020-06-12 | 🔗
Bill Burr is a standup comedian and also hosts his own podcast called “The Monday Morning Podcast”. Look for him in the new film "The King of Staten Island" available for streaming everywhere, and also on the 4th season of his show "F Is for Family" streaming only on Netflix, both available on June 12.
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made. It show called efforts for family he's. One of the great please give it up for my brother, Mister Milburgh Logan. Experience hello, sir, could see we're see to it that the words about, like you, have to kids You have a real family. You gotta get an suv yeah oh yeah. We had something, but just once you get the two car seats in the back and then you know with all the shit for the kids and then all the shit, your wife has all of a sudden. It's just like I now understand over the suburban yet which was along like blazer, and you look in that thing like who the fuck needs all of that machine. Homeless, and that's where you live, but then you like how I get it get. If you have three for kids, yes, you definitely need one. You definitely need one. They always bring a bunch of shit with them to they want to bring stuff
if the room for a toy or this or that those Tesla you're, talking about those great. That, though, acts with the crazy doors. About those hours adopt, reversing them dance. Now too, The adage had one she's in the back of it calmly store. I heard that she said it did so she put some use. A guy in the wings start go enough in the car starts our turn and left and right. It's actually pretty bad ass, one she's one of the most fun. People have ever hung out with the right I wish I was. I wish I was there for that. She had the cove id she added scattered over sketchy kicked it, I'm not more comics didn't get it. The way was shaken hands a meeting people after shows yeah some, I gotta mobility for the kids, weary attests ass. I was. I shall outline here J Ochres and got it, he had it in these chemicals. We are to be found, our people. Have it now. I know a lot of people who got it. I know about
nine! You, like naming names like Joe Mccarthy, they're fine. Now, where I live, People who had now, because they have the anti bodies they think they can like walk on fire. It's like do. This thing is a brand new thing. I don't know if you want to be testing, you know get a buddy minor ended up, get in it, and then he was just like that they get tested, I got the anti bodies said. I think he feels like he's bullet proof, so they don't even urging cash again. Then they really have no idea where people are going to find out now we're gonna find out. Dear cousin, I was driving over here. I actually got into a moderate level of traffic on the highway, like I'm north, that's just at some point I mean considering people are kind of doing what they want to do. A lot people were after two weeks, everyone just sort of, depending on where your ego was gonna. Fuck. Tell me fuckin some, don't let it go outside those people. They just kept they go, and so now I just feel like what you can't have. Sixty percent of the population go broke because less than one
percent has something here. So I don't know, I think we're just get it. Just go, but I think we're just gonna go back and if you get it you get it. If you die, you die. If you don't you don't and then eventually they're gonna get they're gonna get somethin metal, slow it down or stop. Something I hears it slows down. You fuckin immune system, then I'll tell you goddamn thing about that. They'll tell you how to take care. European system is no word about. That's put a mass car wash your hands! No one's telling you the more drink water. Take vitamins. There's none of this one guy brought up vitamin d and his big podcast. Then you couldn't find it anymore. You're like a fucking Oprah, which he attacked the meat industry I just saw.
Clippa this guy on road or night course it anyone research so that other guy was, as I tell you I M not alone, and so on, which I pay attention and I go. I can help foodstuff, it's all gone and there s another bootleg. Vitamin d was like vitamin d plus some like why? What is that? What is I know that that they're, probably gonna, make me catch itself. I just take vitamin c and I try to get it. I was asleep and I've been I've been doing a pretty good job, a pretty anti, so you're like a lot of comics. I haven't had a problem, so it away from everybody. My wife, you I quarantine in my house, like my wife, so you gonna sit down to have dinner with us, the Moselle from alone. No one can hurt me That's just level We childhood do shit coming I'm a family alone or so feel weird not to stand up, was ebon light I did not miss it at all, but I think that
Never there's somethin, like painful in my life. I think that that's what I do is I just I just go. I don't care, I don't give a fuck, that's all I really learned a lot more about myself during this quiet I'm not running around and going to airports and kind of city with myself in being like I thought I was way further down the road workin on myself than I was, but I have a lot of fuckin shit, other issues left out again allows. I was really started like all these puzzle pieces. Just coming in, and I was with a look all the way back where I was too where, where I am now and how I got here in these little fish can things that happened to me. You know good things in bad that just sort of just not we down this road than I'm on it is it alone with a long time yeah? Well, you know my wife was going through another.
There are trimester, you know when you know when they just over it in here. Like a guy this six, which I read it I don't know, either go now. You know I've. Finally, you know get my. Daughter to bed get her to bed. Everything was good, make sure all the doors were locked and then I was just sort of like why all these years. It don't stand out, I'm just up that our right, so I was just sort of in a city, Canada, by myself, like I. I haven't been watching tv like the news, you just part of three things. He sees gone on, she added with a Coquette, F, C c. Whenever he says I don't know, I don't know I didn't put his tea for anti. Firstly, call themselves anti fascists and there They wear masks in the carry sticks and helmets and shed and intimidated people exactly they adopt fascism, they d these fancies and I like it out fascism. Can they blocked off? I think six, but ox of Seattle declared a police free zone. This is occupied by the both Seattle and you.
Use. Money in that police, freeze out your medical and eliminate s neck and an well well at all. At the already does get to keep from ending badly. Is its Jago is kind of a fucked up city they taller, read aloud homelessness. Seattle get alot of weird laws like that, it's a it see. I forget the weights scribe. I think it's a mutual combat state. That's! What's the scrub, so look of urine a cop, save save I'm a cop and union We decided Duke it out you Just say you want to fight mother fucker. You do you want to fight the cops. Will let you fight because some, while Wes Mining Shit from like the Fuckin Sixteen Edwards settled a dying man, the books no law suits, I like it, you can do it out in the military. It's very dangerous. Tell people getting knocked out The street is fuckin terrifying because they follow me hit. Our head may go unconscious and there's no ref to stop those last nine Hamley ass. I think the cops are supposed to do. Captious was to act as a reference to this for these videos of guys getting it
Street fight in Seattle and Cobb, sustaining watching yeah through In fact, I don't have a problem of people are willing to do If you get hit, you gonna fallen cracky ahead in the back of the curve. Risk. You know if you had you gonna falling crack. You had in the back of the curve. Theirs I mean Lattimer, drunk though they don't know the risks. There was one of em this is this kid I think his last name is photo or I think Carlos Photo or he's a MMA fighter, and he would dress up like a superhero. What we can find out what your members name anyway, He actually knew how to fight and he was dressed like a superhero. So it's kind of abating peopled fuck with him and he's working on the street these guys what goes on and they Larry's they do so to go out, and then you know he's bouncing around like a real profiles to slam leg kicks in on this guy is guy's face like oh, my god, what the fuck am. I signed up for you just some drunk ass old, some here s like a super. Well, I don't have any sympathy for those people caught ethical.
Himself the phoenix joined by saw guy walking around dressed like a superhero. I've been like that guy's out of his pocket mind and I will give him a wide berth, hoping he was on his way to his place of solitude. Whatever the tax there maybe he's on his way, all who is ice house is avoided batcave or cars. When I was younger yeah, I might it do you know where we stand, in a crowd probability than some added punk shit like that couple, whiskeys, India, get my fucking orange wig slapped off yeah. Probably so, Seattle is run by a warlord someone fucking dude is apparently. According to my friends run, it was a seal, is running this entire seven block or c lock area. Seattle, spray pain, all the windows and, as you know, I'll talk to mean three days: it's going on a lot longer than that. It'll be fine. You think so where's in Heaven. You think this warlords, what are they gonna, have ten blocks and then,
Heaven and then he's gonna. Take over all of Washington. I mean he's gonna run on a man, they have guns. Ok, that's the problem! The problem their openly caring rifles inside the six block I know, but they need to eat. Ok, no supplies are gonna. Get in that seven blocks, the just gonna wait amount or they gonna come in with superior fire power is stuck in and wheelchair. I don't think it's getting well on this guy, don't yell how it's gonna end. Let's, let's sit. Guess the scenario: ok, all right, how many bodies What's the older and for people die. How many are there of them are there as thousands of Saint cows, Indian you're, going with four that's a good number. I think a Vegas, nobody, fuck purposelike over. I go under his praises right working people are in there, but the photos that I saw the places pact filled with people. I collected just get out of a Chapelle, show, look at this stage of the people who took city hall
now they took city. Are they answer now downloads dilemma white? So I know I see this staying power of this winter. What did you say? They opened the door for them. They gave them city hall, so this is city hall there walking into right now. This is what this is. To be funny now and they get in, and I dont know what to do. Let me, as environment, is Jamie only able to fulfil somebody must satisfy me? I've got to go the last act in long Beach got looted last night. Now, gonna can imagine we puppets. They took Is it up a little average giant, creepy fuckin mannequin I've that places? Oh it's! You know I love their place, Ella performing their, but some of the Jamie's two core. I let my my favorite things to do in this business is shooting
Jamie Rosado. He knows I love a buddy bilbil bad black lives matter, body dont burn down my club. Yes, please, please ability this business, is open. Weird, like that now. That's why you're the king do cause you got outside of it, but you're totally in it, and they can't they can't get you. They can't get you I gotta. I went up some stories here being in the matrix. I won't get it. But it's the same. It's the same all corporate. Actions only not to do business one fuckin way. Well, just they pushed their advantage. They pushed their advantage, they have their leverage and they want the biggest pipe slice. The pie- that's that's I don't have a problem with that its when they go beyond that and they just straight up steel, other stealing, everybody does every. For every time you get business would like corporate guises. Outworks. It's like the Czech Kate, we're in business to make money from them
You get business with a check, goes through the corporate guy, and then you get your cut off of his check book so right there, I have immediately in a situation where there's no way I can steal from him, but he can rob me fuckin blind right and add a bunch of experts on the things that front loading expenses to make it look like they're losing money and yeah Hollywood accounting. Yet now it stealing it stealing is what it is. They just call it. Hollywood have comes out, but it's not Hollywood accounting, its corporate accounting, it scumbag accounting, that's just in its. How they do it and they sleep at night and they always audits, over in the accounting section of the building not over here were me in my yacht are unlike artist You know I majored in fucking, liberal arts. College. Well, those really interesting when podcast started to take off. They started try to get in with the old model, and we into podcast an end by pieces of podcast and like
I want deal is gonNA is, if you think the fuckin industries going. Sit back when they didn't get the wet their beak. On that thing, I want to tell everyone: Comic we get back to the ship is what they're going to do I was what the music industry did, what they said. It started saying straight across the board. Deals they gonna at some young kid, who's got no power. Business and it's just like you, I will help you create a pod cares. You know what, I was so and sell bubble and what they gonna do. Is they gonna on the pod cast the advertising monies gonna go to them and they gonna rob them fucking blind confidence, they gonna percent one or two percent gonna fuckin steal from them. Rob fucking blind and then when they get audited and they get caught stealing. A label that kid that young comic difficult to work with meaning difficult to steal from debts is already happening, no guys who young guy somewhat naming names, but they come out to mingle, hey signed, it is managed, company. They want to tie me, but they want a piece of my pie.
Just now. We want a piece of this and they they were There's no reason, there's no reason. You gotta tell me Well, that's all I'm gonna get you gotta tell I didn't. I tell you to do and I don't give up anything. Don't give up anything. Don't ever it's all you they're not going to do anything for the big. What they're going to do is moved the ball quicker first fuckin two years and then the rest is all going to be you if you just hang in there and in struggle a little bit like you, gotta go, you just gotta hay in Aragon. I'm gonna lot offers to by half of the park gas or to bypass nuthin. Double I won't do it. I'm will never do it, but then spot if I can long. They said will give you a licensing deal, so just put it on a network ten months, but you still on it right migrant win, and that's that's why we did it that way. But this this Comic, don't want name. He was telling me that is this management company they want to sign and they wanted to own a piece of his podcast forever. And then what about it at all eventually become yak. Has what they're going to look at? It is they're gonna make it like
If you started a podcast while you which this manager away with this agent I'll, be like back the day when you book to sit com exactly and then, if you left the agency of the manager throughout the lifetime of that sick com. You owed the commission to them exactly back then that you needed them to do that. You don't need them for the part guess but they're gonna do that's it and you're gonna leave this manager and then for the rest, you fuckin life, you pay in this never ending alimony. I mean guys. Eventually we will try to take fifty sixty. I own your podcast managers will start agents will start podcast networks because there's nobody regulating them too do that anymore. I got an offer just five years ago from accompanied that was a radio company. They wanted fifty percent The part guess who can give me no money to one fifty percent the by catch is to be associated with them and then we're gonna pull together all these advertisers and is going to help you revenant now fifty percent,
nevertheless what they say: they gonna an amount. They come in nature. They just they got the think. What a beautiful thing about podcast is podcast all get big on word of mouth I've never advertised as podcast. I never did anything with it I never bought billboards or put adds up anywhere is from word of mouth and the way other podcast grow, is people get on people's party? casts, and they say, hey, listen, a billboards park as Monday morning, biogas functional areas and then it just grow, but I think it's a little older people making money and podcast it'll at Newport catches. No do not sign those! Yes, ever scarcer, not let the fox into the house, because they are going to fuckin, rob you blind. You don't need- and I saw this documentary one time on this heavy metal band, Anville rights, crazy thing about this bandages was round forever, never quite made it, and there was. I think it was a big. It was that one is one of those ones, but an old like metal banned from eighties, and this guy said, like the truest shit ever when you're talkin about the music business
this go straight Cross party ass. Ever they he gives you a barrier to own something, a hundred per cent and only sell twenty two thousand copies. Then you are too Not only did it all in cell twenty million like your literally gonna, make more. If you just sell twenty twenty crazing yeah, now they fuck thing that they dynamic. I do not think that they do is then that the people that they lose on. They dump that you! Yes, yes, like I'm a one type. I forget what I was with this network and I had a cd that was already made ready made it, and I just want them to put it out on their label, nay and they wanted to own the CD now acknowledge Not now I don't want you to own it. I just need you did too to like distributed. I need uses distributor and the guy said because what you know ownership shouldn't, be that big a deal for you. It should be about exposure I said I will. Let me ask you this: if ownership should be that big, deal to me wise at such a big deal to you and he started like stuff
Cameron and any basically said well yet out we get in business with somebody named a cup the comics who cities didn't sell and we have to recoup those laws. It's like today. My fault, that's where I could at all do not to sign that fucking jerk off. What is your now? My fault? You didn't do, though, the fuckin work so that The way. I had another one more time I signed, reduce it back when I made like cities, and I did one and I had a sixty forty you getting. I was getting sixty enable get forty, but they are. Forty was off the gross mine, was off the net in all expenses, for the album was on me. It's like that. We would do this together. Every fuckin thing, the artwork printing, it all that all of those expensive came to me and in the end, that sixty forty sixty net forty gross made way more money than I did, it's just. How do you like all won't get and six dollars on every ten year, plus the but anything it's it'll there
come up to you and tell you that we did some deals with some of the comments that I get wasting my time to make this tv show in the Fuckin guys sends this that the bill for the whole fuckin thing. I should be saying that this is a while ago, right there What was gonna bill is twenty five hundred bucks, a month's uses, copier machine, and did you didn't and others by forty five Jesus editing the sector. We have both of those things. We don't need those. Let's take that money in on the screen. We're trying to get this thing to go in and the guy like he was should he goes like I'm itself by those questions as such that which is my favorite thing ever beat the offend like the. What does the work? You do your fuckin thief in you? we have the audacity to be like taken up, like fanning yourself like if we could such a fixed company fuckin shows you charge and twenty five hundred bucks a month to go in a fuckin these recovery regime,
she'd. How does it cost to use their constitution really? First? Will the commission probably does new cost twenty five hundred bucks, I can appreciate how much does it cost to use their constitution really visible? The carbon machine probably does new cost twenty five hundred bucks, probably renting it Parliament's it for a couple hundred bucks a fuckin month, but even by a copy poverty has nine shows pain, twenty five out of buxom from the guy Eddie, you that's it. If you have a really big one willows commercial, great carbon machines, what it costs ten grand how much could cost I mean that I think he's bought a couple houses off of only met coffee machine- and I just I just love- tell in these fuckin stories, because these are the things that you like with what great about podcasting. As you can see this, this is for every person out there as a fucking business. And you know this- that thing where you want to take it to the next level, and then these these I'll come in and then they're all just like now, hey we're gonna take a piece of it may take a big fuckin chunk out of it and what they do is
a risk is all the way down here. Yours is up here and then somehow they just I'm telling you you better you'd, better to sell twenty five and copies only nine percent than twenty million. And not on any of it. We're gonna make more money, that's just how the game is played in those fuckin, guys who steal from people they they sleep very comfortably. But it's us- just pack has just the stress of dealing with other peoples eliminated two sisters of dealing with production, people lousy down. It slows down. It's awful. I mean the auditing spot, but spot of has ever done so far. Is Ask do you know who the first guess, albeit an already unlike yet I think it a visa they're gonna be they're going to be great, I'm going to try to call that call that nice people that's them justifying their desk like I can. Sit here like Joe knows where any idea-
Well I'd like to start, I e mail, the chain, and now we could maybe circle back later and have a conference call and they just trying to fill out there. This eminent use time yet, but the spot by people been great. They literally said we don't want to do anything. We want you to do it, you don't just do it, you don't, but even asking me that a guess can it be. I was like please let this be the only question I'm never available, and that's nothing though that's nothing to meet their great. But could you imagine you're doing that with a network. Imagine if you are in business with ABC or something like that. There they were helping producer, podcast you'd have to go in for meetings you have to go. One sign into the office Billy sign in here you go and sit down waste your fuckin afternoon. Haven't some dope conversation yet economy. Plain a lot when you read these letters, Bill D have to wear or sign the emails maybe should be. We can have we read on the Blah blah blah. What is it
How do you feel about product placement because we ve gotta get a great deal, but I just wanted to. I just wanted to tell him do those for younger people out there, because it actually really bothers me that people do that two people. Yes, it really bothers me and I love comics and I love seeing new comics comin up that have talent, and I eight seeing them get fucked over? So hopefully people listen and they do it, but they fuckin worms man. If there were Once there's a lot of worms out there and there's a lot of work to try rob comics real that their talented but real raw and they try to lock you up some enormous lifetime management. Deal when in when you take off a new, have something Savior good. I remember back in the day when everyone, when companies were like shooting specials before comic started, shooting them and the IMF. Guys that got that yeah. We only got enough money for to shoot one. You know till
You can only shoot at one time, but you going to crush him any got this our down. We only got enough in the budget and then they show up early and they'd be shooting another comic special honour, their money, the deal to double them as management company, what they would get or an agency the amount of fuckin times. At that happen. With the same audience, of Julia. The best one I've heard Jim Brewer was filled with especial sold out this theatre the people who were from the special told him that the money for the ticket sales was theirs, because it was all about the production, because the money that people are paying for the production is like the fuck are you talking about. This is my audience, but that's my money. His management tried steel, the money from ticket sales, say that it went towards production when all the way to court with it is managed, is on the way to court. Has a fuckin panic attack coastal hospital. Like all these, a nightmare
I think the one you want you want it. Boats, thievery thievery, like these take people are paying. To see the giant have by over a million of those, Instead, what we want is a thing. This is work. Those me about a lot of this. This red Rick, that's going on out there, which I agree with ninety percent of it. But if you, if you agree the hundred percent of it like you, and I are not supposed to be haven't stories like this, we're supposed to be the ones doing it, and it's you like you, I mean, like is far the whole. You know, or Europe, white male heterosexual, you no doors, just fly open and people like hey. What are you doing bait like I'm? Not say it and are much obviously not bitching, but I'm just saying that, like like people will fuck you it's, about money they saw, but they don't give a fuck and they and they all those people that do that shit. Really so there's a long history of Hollywood, accounting, there's a long history that when there's been some
stories about people who made killer hit movies never got paid, because Hollywood Look. You know where this much had a daughter in this is that production without bad Elvis got fucked. Oh yeah, let's go fuck, so bad and then one of the main ways you get fucked in the road. He eagerly did one out of the country data the toronto- and he never too of the world, because his manager had said thing going out with his visa unease worried if he left he wouldn't be able to come back so that kind of like. Fuck him Elvis in either a kind of fuckin money and see in the world or whatever they might have wanted to do. Keep doing this. Always Elvis on a road that is less than the best version of breaking down how corrupt the music businesses was by Courtney love. They said she added
those ride around now, but she did. But it was so it's a great article that she wrote documenting exactly how much you get paid versus how much money gets generated and where it all goes and how they fuck you yeah. Now it's it's always that way we mean us just always the way they have done it. That's easy answer on people. That's the answer knew it is well I'm in a town. That's how it's done telling. What am I going to fuck it city, a bitch I got. My guess is ours? Are you done I quit, but I I I smoke like one or two a month. God damages caddies from my binder while ass. Well, I guess I didn't quitted idea really
Indonesia is, let's do it come on. We can celebrate your kid. You have to go on my birthday, you told that's right, happy birthday! Thank you! You thirty! Fifty two brother, oh shit, Major fifty to pick up is not we're. Number like you say it. It doesn't seem real. Why thinking you're fifties nothing matters until the odometer flips to sixty. Then you dislike fuck Donno, sixty guys in their sixties, they're gonna cut in that yes, guys, their sixties, this TED Nugent one look at us with the funding. That's a serious one from my bench made knives, awesome knife company, the game, you good cigar Carter. You sound like Murray Info,
What about Bob, which I just watch the other day. You know what he's great followed movie. That's a perfect avi monies fucking eating. We did our family movie night. Basically, every day the pandemic was first couple for a couple of months. Basically, every night wash new movie was every single amselle unmoving watch groundwater They again forgot how good Groundhog day was delicious, childminder rigour anyway, but part
casting his guess. What his great business I mean. I started off for those kind of prosecutor how to move here from move back here from Colorado. I thought I escaped thought. I was gonna like a mouth flock. L a county this crowd and everything I want peace and on what the wilderness live in the mountains. Remember that many have like have a glass When you went out to go, get your mail, so we get eaten by a Fuckin bobcats, something more am I alone there. I saw one in the yard. Like then so be it issue is basically a middle way tiger. So well through a hit- was away quickly. Plants under forty seven, we will do a boxing ITALY's wild animals once over me yeah there. As a weird animal, seeing the woods took. You know everything runs out. You like you literally, have no chance this care to you, and I want nothing to do with you for the most part. If they, if their rights
really and really old fuck you up. That's why I I tried to tell you My wife work when I want every outside my Mama bear is next to the cub. Always always I go his coyotes and they get in bold, because everyone was inside and come down every night lookin for a little dog or a little fuckin cat. You hear that shit going down in the hills, we would like you know, what's to isolate you just here, which is basically the dog like what the fuck is, that you know no fuckin brutal grows. It scary through the little little cleanup crew goes around and catches animal slip in the backyard yeah. I don't understand people let little dogs out, because those fuckin coyotes they'll figure out a way. Oh yeah, with a very smart. They do. You know they have to survive the figure out a way Yeah, we'll creepy foxier, they are low, creepy fucks everywhere. Can I ever city? Can I prefer this movie efforts for family to efforts for family disease and for common,
tomorrow tomorrow too, things coming out and then that's it. I'm dried up, because everybody nervous What what's next three after these two things that I had it it's did the pandemic. In a star go on the road at all open up ya, let monsieur you guys do comes back. I let you guys walked towards the atom bomb that they just I mean I got a little one and also- and I think, then a chill until likes timber unless it's just wide open. By chill I mean if, if things go well I'm gonna were I'm gonna. Try to some shows that the trooper dork, as I know that their heartening that's one of my favorite venues. All these bans that I love played their showed or on Santa Monica, yes, they're kind of the baron. You know there in a bad way, because it is so I'm going to try to do a little run. A shows down there. You know they available. You can do that not available yet, but when they are available, I'm gonna try to do. I a three night thing down there. You know work for free, get the Rostov tat people pay for tickets by a bunch of booze,
Troubadour T shirts and keep them stolen now that's great yeah I'll! Do that yeah under that too, but still it I'll do it. That sounds like fun. Yeah. I went there twice a year or so ever last there and a substantial sums near its Stephen Arden Open for Richard PRY they're alive. Read this great steamer article, what he was talking about open it for him, ersatz? It also has like some comedy. ST thou zero saying this is a perfect venue for comedy took five hundred seats. Its awesome has got a balcony. I can be a great place. Your stand up it's. The stores. Neat distort needs. Help to urban needs, helped Rob needs help line. Others Let's get want once they can open up. I know they're they're gonna be fine. So cause, I'm gonna be down there all the time anyway. As far as I think, between it now September. If they start opening things up, there's a bunch of little theatres that around that I would just you know pop in and do a night. I guess I just work for free.
Have the people pay again or whatever for some tickets and by whatever their cell in there you know knocked the waves in Algeria. Get you know cause I'm not gonna. Have people pay for me. I haven't taken this amount of time off since I started yeah You know I'm why my last gig was marched. Tenth, the dean Del Re Bond, Scott tribute to you, should have come down for that. I couldn't have another thing: had it looked like a lot of clean flocking, Martha to ban murder was fuckin and we had a great communist, crazy voice. It started. It really makes up on existing in the car you like over. Then you see him when he's with abandoned and in Gaza. Microphone and everything are when a video you gets put uninstall grandma him sing and hold out a rosy like home, leaf fuck. He really good, while he did it for like fifty.
Yeah, it's eager down the area me he's a jet guitar and then it was over, and then I was over strange yeah. I've got some gigs lined up announced and next week, but can we hit the road to some fuckin clubs knock. The rest of it looks like the store is not listed as a bar, its listed as an entertainment, alive, entertainment venue, because their open in a bar in restaurants in all these different things and the store they kind of that they try to labor a night club but Peter Shores. Like some night club knows neurons Milon around you step, you sit down. You go in and sit down. It's more like it's more. What are they need to be classified as to open up while they need different distinction for comedy clubs? They don't really have one
and you know, there's a good argument, a real good argument. The comedy club should be some sort of essential business. Does people need to blow off some steam? It feels good. It's really good for you look if I was a a guy work in a regular job, and I was used to go to the store of a couple months knock some. You know not lapse into me. I'm Abbe fuckin chop and at the bid to go, see some commentary Now I think they're gonna be packed. I mean when I was in New York GINO during nine Levin! Those egg is anything ever going to be funny again and it was like you know. Like a two week, low and then they were just fucking pact now was actually became. Almost a second, my boma, whatever way back the day, I'm worried about a second wave of the corona, I'm worried about them, lock things down someone's someone's to step in and stop them from doing next. Next wave, you guys gotta be proactive, you go
do something about people's immune systems, gotta, lockdown, old people and sick people. Let rat regular be, but do it over the fuck. They want. You can't again just lock people's freedom down for something that killed a small fraction of what you thought I was going to kill. The whole thing. Is it's fuckin creepy to have guys like Mayor Gar, setting be in charge of telling people whether or not they get to work like that's, not what a guy Let us be. That's tries Bulgaria but they're they're, trying to look out for your best interests in trying to get foreign million people to all pull in the same direction. Its is fuckin. If it's you take it forty comics to pull in the same direction. So why did they have like an impasse? But they did they didn't. There was those people fuckin right, the whole fuckin time been fuckin assholes on my street Walker. No masks. You know knots.
Quarantining, like the people that come by the house. As you see the fuckin, you know the same people that were going in and out of the house who are not part of their family. Still going in another, I want you to walk down the street with America. Let's not start destroy either. Let's not status, I don't want to start this bullshit, I'm not going to sit here with no medical degree. Listening to you with no medical degree with an american flag behind you, smoking a cigar acting like we know. What's up Better than the cdc do. As I look. I watched the news once every two weeks, I'm like masker, no mass, so Mask Mass. That's all give a fuck about I dont care, but even they said you shouldn't where mass must retreating? She virus patient, the World Health I would even say that initial bitted said initially now they didn't they did and then a gradually denigrating anyway, and everybody was Fuckin mass. This is like rollerblades. Fuckin rollerblade, and then it was TAT, one fuckin, homophobic, joking and everybody acted like they never did it. Hundred million fuckin rollerblades gets thrown into the Fuckin ocean. We all warm ass, I don't have all of us and people of fuckin sit near. You don't have. A body took four through
I fucking monopolies with scrape on the ground but what the next two inches, how wearing a mass became like this fuckin like soft thing that you during the campaign, courteous being courteous ways for pitches dynamism, snow in math. First, what god you so tough, you're fuckin, open, nose and throat jail. I knew five o clock shadow. This is a man right here. Man doesn't where a mask. What is it We become like that. It's always like the man s voice and is also men. Do we will make fun of things anything anything that seems like you're, not taking chances that I don't have asked laws on with that, unless you are already wherein the mask and then you're acting like you did not all the sudden people watch your thing and then they all Pilar, alluded pitcher in the mass say what you thought condone two weeks ago, I was scared out of my mind in the beginning, in the beginning, like when the first, when
the to shutting down the beginning and people stockpiling food. I was convinced Jesus Christ. Do you like nothing else? Can your basement you you're? The one percent was fine Tom pop is making grand plenty. I knew it. I knew he was so. I was worried about this word about people. I knew getting really sick and dying, and then I was convinced that I had at one point arms a calf and you shall come breathing heavy life. My breasts some my breaths come at short, I did I did like had like psychosomatic now, use the big it about it. British cattle I had a fuckin panic attacks, it known, fuckin, twelve elk. You would have had a hand in the attack on and you feel bad about yourself and then you attack people with mass. That's how it works now tell the hatred starts in that's right now why seven Seattle? You can't go now this I think I'm gonna go and I want to drop off revolves earthworks, those fine protests. There is a major american city where seven blocks the people of took over it, and I had no idea what you're talking about so much
anything that I see. I don't watch it. I envy you at all. I envy that, though, just do that. You shut everything down me each everyday attack. What the world's on fire. I dont like hysteria. I don't. Making decisions with hysteria and I'd like I I when I first became a dead, the hysteria of other parents. I would just I would be looking at them, but I wasn't listening. Because that's all that to us the tone of everything, the thing you know that as in sleep now. Can you be like an any time you saving positive about you kid. How would you kid seven weeks how is she's great she's, great wait till seven and a half Yes, like it's like you, Maybe you suck at it there about that! Yeah you sit near. Would you fucking legs trembling right, I'm nervous and shit yeah, I don't I don't like
yeah, I'm already fucked in the head, I'm already fucked in the head. I dont need twenty four hour news. Never like who's. This guy on Fox NEWS. I was joke with me. He's got great hair, but horrible points like if his points were as good as his hair, which are you a second Kennedy. I mean he's just he is the White guys white guy. He was talking about black, they ve gone and when come for you and they will make. No, it's just like what you fucking time. Hannity. I don't know who he is now said, Annie I mean it was the guy who they they put with that fuckin dead dead, like rooster the chicken the end of his wife reckoned got like here's, your liberal. In all my relatives or conservative. Like I mean look at hand, I mean he saw me. It's like this thing is cast like a show.
Who's that guy that he was with hanging combs cows and though the one I would values on death's door and he was the learning of grey. He was greatly other guy looks like a football hero asked her out we're square Joyce, nice fuckin, head glasses. Like Mr Burns right it s and he had no spine, he had no, it wasn't strong, aren't were I was there he was. He was the Washington generals you're, the guy was the glove chartists at at at at at at preservative point no, You put on CNN you to get all those fuckin nitwit situation, Roman. All of that come on. You know what his brother. This is why I wish that there was a comedy club because there's a bit that's already come and gone Was what I loved was when call a cab when he was taken a new right. All the liberals were just wow hey man, it's just like his opinion. Man in it, you won't you. This is a time to listen man and then
everybody on the rights like shut the fuck up and play football. You fucking piece of shit, don't disrespect to flag right and then a breeze tweets. The conservative, and then all of a sudden everybody in the rights like hey man. This is just like you should pinion man and then I already left, like you, fucking racist piece of shit, I'm going to fucking cancel you. They literally do this. Everybody believes in like freedom As long as you're saying what they want to fuck- and here is basically it and that's why I fuck in April to those new channels yeah, I like it I should device if it makes my blood boil when I, walk into a house with people I- If they're watching CNN are Fox, like I can't get past like when, when people watch like the dashings, it's like, why would you Do that to your brain. It is like I mean it's very toxic, very toxic. Both sides
they. They d, never see any good points, but the other side is made at every video on the internet starts after the thing happened and it's like you're, always like it's like you, get an aid episodes in any like what the fuck it's like you, you don't know. What's but give you watch the last seen a judge. You like white, a fucking, kill that shark. There's is enough shores dying out there? You didn't This thing was specifically targeting human beings and he needed to do this right, that relate to the news. I'm saying: when you watch the news people don't like they did not filming. What leads up to whatever fuckin confrontation, harass array- you're getting a very skewed. You don't know what Happens you not, and that is what they're saying happens, could be what happened. Bunch of other shit. I don't. I dont an agitated with vertical I'm supposed to watch something you know like this
Obviously, obviously, like that Shit Minneapolis was the most obvious, should ever Guys a murder and those are the three guy sat around just watch them fuckin. Do it or guys call it out, I can't breathe and all of this shit and call for a was fuckin. Take me to Kaiser monster? Have the audacity have a shocked, look on his fucking face that guy's terrible right, but like what I'm saying is that thing had all of this fit you kind of got The whole fuckin thing when they came up. You had the whole thing, there's so many other just unless I'm a cop stop, I'm just talking about anything. Taking a little piece of somebody's stand up routine or apply Addition says this are voted. Voted no on this in what it is. Is this shit that we all it's usually shit there was attached to it, which is something I do. Understand with politics like. Why can't you just vote on what voting on like? Should we have clean water. We should then, like the shit, that's attached to it, so we can still fuckin dont toxic shit here and then, when the guy, Those two or the woman goes to run its like this. This person voting
Hence the clean water at this Your tree, hugger a blow, and I approve of this mess. Here's here's a good version that member the Covington School case there was the kid had a mega had on, and the native American was beaten, the drums they gave a smile and looking at him, and they took it. Pretending that this kid walk. This native American beaten the drums and was smile on his face and mocking em, but really happen. As these kids were on a field trip for high school there, sir, on Mega hats, the kids. Sixteen there'd being jerk off their bodies has put a lot has happened. Font might very little supervision. While their these now, of americans- are beating the drums and this guy walks up to the kid and gets in the kids face and his beating the drum Now, CNN. All these people went with his narrative. These kids remark the kid just stood. There smiling others native can got this phrase but the consumer being that those
is to be rules on ownership of media. I think what way back into their ruler seven's, like no one person, could on several gonna combination of radio tv cause. You can literally influence public opinion as why, like I've, watched I do. Twelve years ago I went down the Federal Reserve Fuckin rabbit. I became a fucking. The guy you didn't want to talk to about the federalism. That share the piloting, assizes federalism federal expire. I'll island yeah, well that shit and like watching p, I just I just feel like in the last. I don't know how many years where it's just the sudden they stop being just sort of everything they were rising. Reporting was always perverted to some level, and now it's its use. You sort of watching like up at peace. So this is something doesn't watch anything and reads like you know: autobiographies of football players nineteen, fifty so honest, Covington School kid case. They suit the kid suit and one they then
CNN paid an amount to be a monster there even death threats, and it is to day, did CNN Us issue. Fraction. I don't know what they did, but they pay them I don't know what they, but that's. Why? I don't? I don't like either one of those channels because of that and it causes. I think, rational people like that guy, the guy that the fat do end up in the bicycle suit weapon, those pieces of paper? Others, girls, hands, oh yeah cheese, that guy. That is the result. I think, of watching one of those channels, twenty four seven and then going on Facebook in writing and capital letters. Did you manage if you were there, watchmaker rip peace, peaches, pieces of paper out of a little girls hand like that never know Yelena Bonner. Running up to over the mother is yeah. You stop touching her. Get your hands offer I would hope that was a mom. I thought there was a front, whoever that was somewhat of a woman. So a woman yelling, congratulations to order be was doing everything but growing Cosette. It gets to the
like what is in your head that you're trying. Did the fan like what I got a guy, but then everybody Villa as a guy, which I would rather sit down and talk to that guy in dealing with me ass. It is when you watch that you know Floyd video what is it that you see. Because she's yell on its own it cancelling or make it loses fucking job you're, just gonna make the gave and more angry and he probably as grandkids. Who's going to fill their head before he before he dies and it was a solution, sit down and talk to him. I think that should be part of it like buddy. Let's just sit down for a second, you aren't a bicycle you want to burn some calories privacy, obviously into it, by the way you dressed, ok, you're, enjoying America's great parks. Right. You come across these kids. You know d, like kids, every effort,
the kid before it did just putting a piece of paper up what the point of view like what? What do you think led up? to that level of a response, because I have to be honest, like we ve all fuckin snapped and don't she would like to think I have, and afterwards, What the fuck! Why did I argue that? Why did I say that? What do I do that and the only way. To kind of prevent from you be enough can asshole again you have the kind of walk back and look at it grow. So no one at that. Which I totally understand because it was, it was so bad. It was almost comical because he was a borderline growing at them and it was well knows only bandied anyone get the paper from the girl grabs, a girl girl, clenched fist M, held on the paper. My fate,
part was. The sound of is the bottom of his shoes that equivalent to peddle thick little show pony here, is drawing to grow like a tiger and sounded like my pretty pony like somebody should have been, com in his hair so, and I will now go and look at this crazy old guy. And. But I know how I didn't allow how old I thought it was. But then he was like sixty as like disguised like only eight years older than me, so he gradually school eight years before me, so this guy's, almost part of my generation, like what experts did he have that he looks at this whole thing like gum. You know a man out of that that that sing. All cops are like those guys it's like now. It's like you have to get. Those guys are for the fourth, that's what I think so I just don't understand like, and there was a minister
what they were putting up there with specific to the Minneapolis case. So my thing is as a human being. How could you have issue with somebody trying to put something may now honoring that guy or something positive about that. Like I bets what I was confused, I don't know what you put up. I'm not sure what you put up. Those definitely about the George Floyd protest you know. Maybe that's a great noise and I couldn't see what was written on the paper, and I just. I feel that in one I watched it, but really could get over the ceremony was them fairly. Fucking funny decided whether you really started walking faster with the binding. It was almost like a great movie trailer for a horror films, yeah but could gymnastics dear old fat by grown out of those you're done so I'm proud of Your daughter you're sitting there in that guy runs up to your dog unease grab and the paper out of her hand he's running and her grabbing. The paper
why why woman screaming at him do not touch her? Don't you touch her magic? I mean there's only one response. As a father murder, though I dont like martyr, No. What do you like maim? I want him to remember that he did it that's interesting and then back That's it just doesn't other whilst our the blown out ACL and you go from their doom beaten with this stupid shoe. Why do people, when I assure you she had to look up why people were, though surely clip in. I know they do, but I like what is the advantage of that zone? Avenge yeah. I think I think it's when, when you're coming up sway now young. You can snow pole with your legs you're. Getting more of an efficient item in motion. This really been guys really into were, I can biking not putting paper on trees
don't put their dead relatives in their faces, just man that would run up to a little girl. I can grab grab paper out of her hand. There is. Click. Click click that's before, but that's before grabs Jamie back it up from the big meaning alleys virus. You with your martial law background. You gotta be impressed with the ways use in his bite there. Now he sort of. Trying to be a little heard, schizoid Maryland caught up. What is this ain't? We want to see right. There that's worth advice than was caught on video Earl attacking teenager posting flyers set a teenager. It's a little girl has ever really a teenage. Maybe thirty, is runs upturns yeah. I may look ace towering. Oh my god, look at her they're gonna hurt you see. That's I think. That's a woman or her friend, but deck girls got balls or ovaries. I like criminal, skip step to like a corner backwards running at the guy with the camera knocked him over.
The Medici just go, ok as much as you don't approve of what he's doing it Shiva school. Now she still got to pay for now. Just you I'm joking. He grabbed your arm. Whatever the guy that here that promote my movie right there, like that hangs, Staten Island, where the underhand everywhere Friday now I'll be in the news big Fuckin orange jumpsuit on. If that was happening, my daughter. Oh, my god, you're real problem VI caught someone. Do it like us, the fuckin dagger, on that fucking you, your biggest problem would be. What do I use? I was there for every second, like you would be Europe s elbow. What do I do choke on? What do I fuckin do that spin and he'll kill so do you ever having, given that I have to learn how to talk again
the joint happen it didn't happen. You gotta run out and ass. We went to a dark fuckin place. Then I go there only time. That's the real problem with I know I do I go there, all its. I do think get now talk about these protests. I think something really positive to come out of this, because the fact that somebody white people are also protest in getting involved in it and in so many Hops will vocal sailor. You know they should do that. So I think something good is going to come out this? I just agree more. I really did I do, and I hope so too cause it's. It's been wrong. Four wait too long, and I also hope that that a bunch other group dont use this as a piggy back thing. Then do some other shit which will then escalate will make people who want thing. To stay the same they'll be able to shift focus of like a car. They try to make light, the protesters in the rider like that. It's loaded, saint peep, right right words just There's only you you did that and then at night you did this there, the weighted
yeah, no one anyway, I think there's the once deluding died down. You see in peaceful protests that are very encouraging. I think it's great. I really do me no downtown allay ones, amazing. Fifty thousand fuckin people filled streets and no crime or very little nothin. I heard of it was just mostly people chanting and hold ensigns. Look promising. Look they gotta. The thing that districts disturbs me is this idea that they should define the police. You can't get rid of police which you need to do. Is more money and train them better and high have higher standards and do it the way you do the military or its very difficult to get in and you we'd people out. There are weak like that was a pussy that Guy Lena Guys neck like that occurs a monster. There's no that does not mean we are being filmed too and he just hand. You know. Oh yeah, I mean that's like hands in his pockets like he was just fucking. You know wait for an hour or something like that mention thanks to yet amongst yeah, and that I had been.
Never out. You know there there's new evidence that they work together and they fought dig. They argued about the way that cop was treating the customers. They work together at security at the same club, an accomplice, a fuckin asshole to people at the club and they argued about it, so they had a personal issue and there's some people there on it to be elevated to first degree, murder, because of that that he did it on purpose, though he knew he knew that guy I may assist. Yet they argued that when they worked gather apparently one of the guys it work with them said that George, Lloyd was always tell my guy he's a fucking asshole, the way it treats customers because he would make people and shit that can stuff pepper spray. Folks who she was the first gotta use. Violence Red why yes escalate this? He had a history of complaints back to two thousand six. Friend Joe Shilling, to kick barred from talking about again, but his fuckin page is the most disturbing page right now
because always done over the last five six days posed, videos of police brutality in it, police brutality on black women white women. Why old, men, black old man, young guys or it's just police brutality over and over and over and over again there's a price. Of racism in the country for sure there is also a real problem with people that have the kind of power the cops have that are weak people that are that are so you pass and that's that's asthma you have a problem as any of this air. Yet the racism on. Do it you gotta horrible situation, but those people are psychopaths there. There monsters that guide. Did you know, there's a long long time ago, not going to talk to a security guy? And he said best guise of the guys that that they D escalated yeah, you don't you don't we this guy's, to put together crews of guys to anyone like rock concert and stuff you didn't want to get guys that wanted to fight
and want to have those guys got. Those guys will be a fuckin headache and every night there was gonna be something in there was gonna. Be law suits like what what you he was saying you ultimately wanted was nothing to happen. So remember cause. I was joke with them a long time ago, the grill ninety three, this old dick door. Even I remember that joint, so two guys were, ready to go out at the club in about six Some outside ok, guys trying to say, is point of view and put his hand shall egos. He goes You know I was finally barely two billion like down on his shirt and goes ok. First, both don't touch me. That's what the council said in just immediately: it was here and then, if it, then it went to here and then those two guys, our young each other and then within what the fuck you just twisted the guy up and took him out and our I forget who the fuck I was with. We will fuckin die and laughing
just became a catch rates between us where he become our hey bill. You when you work in this we can, if they for sport on touch me, decide immediately. Just ask elated where just becomes a what the fuck and then first of all don't touch me from ninety percent of guises immediately gonna put you in your ego words like I'll fuck. Now now he's. Top of me in on the bitch I gotta, I gotta at least get a little get. It is eyebrow level. I have to come back with something else. It was never the second. He said that, first of all, don't touch me. I did like the three slide steps down, because I learned Young, watching fights you? Don't? Wanna have a really good seat, because if, a tornado. You don't know where it's gonna go and you regular twenty feet away. I haven't let me add, a Bruins game, the old Boston Garden, and it was like one of those. You know just everybody. Smoking, I guess you have to consult in gun. At that point,
I remember like like smoky bars, and should we went in there, everybody was hammered out was hammered shrinking, like fuckin. Haven't reference number the green deathray like this is a six percent elbow, so some like one of those Two rows of fans fighting, which is always great cause. Like the people that are a real, but just throwing down like a cloud there's always a loafer lay there right like melbury picking it up. So I remembered that car, ran up there and I ran up to watch the fight and they started grab and guys in coming down the stairs and it was the boss to guard and there was no where to go- and I remembered this big cop bounding down, stairs. He literally had a handful of this guy's neck. It was like his whole neck and juggle and just a member, he was gone. Protoplasmic artists, as part of what we know the stairs and he came down like, and I was true get out of the way, and I figured I think the guy who had grabbed like his knee fuckin hit me in the back. You know I just I just got caught
by the debris of this guy running buying. That's when I kind of learned, like you know when to how to watch a fight which you watch a fight and you're. Looking at your exits guys, like I said it's like you, don't know where it's gonna, can go, and I have learned that lesson so when I saw that guy say that a first will not touch me of just like ok sliding over here, but some are people settling in front of me. I can do I like the one that that's the same as if you wanna be above the above. Looking down at all the altercations get a better viewpoint there anyway I suck at. I stop fighting in like junior high. That was it I just I knew I mean I just know as actors not my thing. I can't slip a punch. I am slowly shit got a bigger I got a target is now Gotta go three rounds. It's not. I thought up until like six rounds, spread of a guy, probably have my last one and then all of a sudden kids started. Yet,
On twenty nine and thirty eight and forty pounds- and they start to be in blood and putting people missing a couple days of school after down this, like you know what a kick think I'll be the funny guy. It's weird things go sideways like that. When is this, if it got feel in the air when it when We're chaos. Breaks out later is real. Malay is a feeling in the air like you feel it took us nuts I this is. This is really game, yours is a mob mentality feeling they get its real weird. When things go crazy, I've, I've me having to leave Boston about seven years. I was gone for seven years before finally walked into a bar and just felt the normal energy of what I think the city's changed a lot, but like that sort of the tail end of the the craziness. I walked into a barn. You could just feel it is like somebody its socket, but not now this about nine
minutes away? You could just feel the level of drunkenness in the energy guys would go out. Look fight. Some guys would go out looking for fun, yeah. I know this guy's a train with MIKE Blithe he's to work the rats. He was a bouncer. He would go where he would wrap his hands and wrap his hands on his way to work. I guess I knew I do is resident, yet I knew what I was about her and he used to bring a mouthpiece two to work, but he used to carried all the time, and I remember when he would get you when you get a fight, he would fuck him. It was as it was. Suddenly. He would put a multitude bite down. It wasn't like what you guys where but it was totally psyched, the other guy out like he would come out, and we just put this thing in a guy, be like Skye Boat equipment. But it is an irony One We gotta he got suckered. He knows you be a fight in Africa. From dumb reason he sat down on the stairs and the guy was standing above him in one of his
and jumped down it just punched him when I saw the mouthpiece was like fuckin busted Douglas Thyssen, I says Mouthpiece fly towards us and then just I shouldn't tell these stories cause why I dont know cause. I you know it's. My version of what it was a long long I am in names like thirty years ago, and what happened was we were off campus apartment and give me my tell a story to tell a quick version over now to my bodies left to go upstairs, isn't others, those old Fuckin Boston? It looks almost family house, but it wasn't on those big was it has all parliaments in it right, so they left the party. We were on the first floor and then they went upstairs and
like twenty minutes. They came back when my body shoulders was separated, the other guy fat lip and flat, topped- or maybe it is big. Fuckin gash come right down here. Blood come down his face. Now we were like what the fuck am I what the FUCK Evans we just ass for drinking the whole party started beaten us this whole mob goes up the stairs to go fight the party right and I'm going to steal it. What the fuck am. I don't want my big fuckin head, I'm gonna get knocked out here, but I have to go to my friends. We fuck and go up there and we hear the party, so my body, the mouthpiece guy, like the most innocent void ever knock on. The door was hey sake: soup Are you going on in their right? The fucking door opens up and was like a fuckin West, while Westwood like a saloon fighting Joe fuckin haymakers, I didn't want to go, and I was so scared because I was like oh my god. This can be fucking nuts in just the mob. Just sent me in, and it was just like
but he is throwing remember this do jumping over my back punch face and the smoke fuck, clears all settles universal, like fuckin fifteen. Second malay. Ah and saddles- and we look at the party and this like six or seven guys, six or so The girls in is like a board game. That's tipped over and we agree under the wrong party, sweat God. I know it sounds like a joke. The real party where they got hit was upstairs and what happened, but they they were actually rich kids in a suit. My friends were gone and whatever the dumb should they do not. We all went in to the wrong party. In their haven't like a couples thing and they will like fuckin monopoly or something and Allison. There was a knock on the door Aser Party and in everybody just Kay fuckin, runnin. Imagine them
That's what I'm saying I know that's why they want to talk, as I felt I felt really like yeah. I fell back when I was in high school, the first real, where did ever saw was. I was Seventeen thing was a senior in high school and those are which kid it moved into the neighborhood you wanna make friends, so he put on this crazy party. It is invited everybody, so kids from all kinds of different high schools were come. Now that I've always good Newton, north and south bunch, kids from all sorts other places- and I but we in the right place at the right time. When I saw a pop offer, people were already Robin this guy. I saw people taken stuff out of bed, rooms run down the stairs with it. It was real sketches. Way too many people for this guy's part, but then this girl, I still today They don't remember what she did. She, either slap is kind of phase or she threw a drink in his face. I dont remember: I think she slap them but our what I remember is he uncorked a perfect right hand on her. He know how to punch. I got everything and while the trained because
he he snapped Joe, always there commentator tat. I've been a long time, whatever did a pressure. She slapped him, but he went let us I mean it was a perfect right hand. Hitter right in the face her head goes back, is guy behind or catches urged totally unconscious and then chaos chairs fly and bodies piling up and I'm on the stairs some watching through the railings. I see the guy punch the girl, as I'm coming up the stairs. I see it all play out of my holy flock and I'm like I gotta get out yes, and it would, there is pile on an I didn't hit me nobody hit me. I'm fucking was like a movie like Austria. Crawling jagged. Does everything? Meanwhile, was fighting at the time. As for travelling to talk it's over the country and fighting. So my friends we're looking for me they're like you,
get Joe and there's piles of people brawling and I'm just stuck in the past. Else, and that and then I ran into my friend Jimmy and MC, whereas everybody we rather our friends and got the car drove off we're laughed our asses off, but it was like when we left the cup just aren't arrive. There is piles of hurried, beaten, shit, each other on the lawn Do not forget. My friend separated shoulder in that fight with pop it back in and he went back up. Through a punch with the same arm missed. It came out again. I remember him flopping on the ground, like a fish out of water and afterwards recent Denmark, too. Why didn't you throw the other hand was because I wanted this hand to get its revenge we have made as part of his body. Karate movie, the export ban, its shoulders death, and I have to say something when People talk about you know, you're, a funny comedian imply what the characters
I grew up with and what I love about. What they did in? What they said was they weren't trying to be funny like he were dead, serious referred for this year, and then we would drive and home hammered, and we were three abreast in in the fuckin, the the pickup truck this guy's dead truck and he had the flat topped so got dried blood on his forehead and we're just drive an omen. Nobody saying anything, The dude in the middle has got these sunglasses on any just sitting there like this and then all of a sudden, not a nowhere. He just fucking goes like that scared, the fuckin shit out of me- and I did I will do what the fuck are. You doing any goes outside, because I took a little ass. He goes. I was looking at this bug. He because because I thought it was on the windshield, you goes, it turned out. It was on the inside of my glasses. I dont know if that is true, but do there's only by acting.
No way you could ever reenact how much he flipped like how much you would freak out on asset. If you thought a bug was over there, but then you're mine told, that it was on the inside you're fucking glasses, just remember all three of us just crying I think, driving home at this justice, though fuck a situation that was like. That was like every weekend of my life alike, probable activity have three years every single, fuckin, weakened and ways to going to war. This too is a club in this bar in Chelsea boy, yeah. Well, with a tutor, Such a baby face, I was the only place where he could serve dried, sells a rough place yeah. What was there was yet. And they were like Sellen fuckin, A lot of escalating give a fuck. If you look like you at twelve years old, like I was when I got to our order. My my vodka collins was wrong with you.
I wasn't. No age like nineteen or twenty, probably twenty, I would go in there and I just member one time standing outside that bar and there was this fuckin due to look like Rob, Halford from Fuckin Judas priests, just fuck and totally gasped. Out of his fucking mind, standing in front of his motive, like any was tell this story about Ryan is bike and is drug thing he gets stuck. He just kept say I got round. The apex of Gore only affects Koran the apex right now, hammer and unlike making fun of a guy in front of my body, I'm looking at my buddy, I'm social face. I don't go around apex going on the apex of these hating make as a guy staring at me again out? It was. It was a and I didn't understand- because I never did cope side and understand what is going on I believe that I dont understand was gonna, but all I know is, I just seem to be the guy that wanted to go home First Valley,
that tells us that endangers plays Boston with dangers. Now I had This is why I figured out what the fuck was goin on was one time I went into the bathroom by myself to take a leak and was one of the things you walk in. There was a sink. There was a stand up euro and then there was a stall which does had want toilet and I walked in and it was too fuckin legs guys in then I was. I want the fuckin most itself, my dick sorry out, I'm taking a piss and they open like that. The bank has an avalanche opened up and they had like this. They would do a blow. And I I was taking a piss cuz, we're two guys and then I kind of glanced, orasm already pissing. I look over in this guy's off Buckingham and we will, where will see you looking at or just like a pe. Then wash my hands after that one now there was what there was a lot. I don't know why, because a lot of like like
Easy targets really got hit and I was beyond an easy time. Somehow I just never You know I never. Last year I did. I did because I where to get really. I was not as tough as me friends where my friends were fuckin lunatics. You know how much did not my grip. My great was cool, but like the great about my great a blow me. They were like some fuckin. They were crazy. What are you talking to friends that grew up in other places? They were too. They didn't have the same amount of fight stories. I think Boston is particularly fighting place. Fighting here. I'm saying I dont know what yeah there was something going on about I'm. I think a lot of those east like New York and sings gonna, a lot of those like. I find the people in like New England, Long Island, try state area. It's all sorted. This same savages, savage children of immigrants,.
Yeah, but you go into the Midwest and that's like german lot of slavic people, polish people, so I mean that's. I don't know what I think they just had more space out there, so it wasn't as intense you weren't so like packed in here in a cornfield there's something about Boston, though, and put that, given more so than New York possible, just a lot of fights man. My box in coach got his finger bitten off on a fight, he was on. Pc pains, got bit his finger off and he had it. Tell removed and replaced finger with a teller tireless nonmember they? That was that that was the man back, and so he had it curved permanently so that he can still throw right hooks. So his his when shake his hand. He would always give you one of these It was a guy from Boston to hear this weird and look a nose in some guy bit better off and have re sad sky last year's. Do that's what I'm saying why you know sorry,
and six greater. Since I guess this is like a comedy blood sport like a big I'm going to be funny here, but yeah there. A lot of those also lotta enough. The sports seen back in Boston is just But what was insane well hot gear hockey was big in Boston Hockey's. The only sport that involves actual fights is the only sport were fighting is a part of the sport of bringing this book right now mean like they get three. Sport spoke some reiterate now right every too few in that lines, and I'm a couple chapters oh here ring this one called Barton gave it to me the called the code and breaks down for anybody. I never understood why was fighting which I never quite an study that I just knew. I liked it it's too it's there. Now the players have to police the game. I M not far enough into book, but it is really. I opening like what goes on out there these and they have all these. These enforces talking about it like kicker. Sometimes she had to fight.
Sometimes guys would just skate out. They put him out just a guy being out on the ice. Sometimes you say something like a widow. That'll down audio boy. Some he's gonna get hurt a guy. Would you say that unemployed, like ok guy, that's fucking, sticks back down everybody, play old time. Hockey would have a fucking supposed to do asked our hockey and just as far and then as far as like how these this whole code of in all these days, like you know the heavyweights, wait only fucks with a heavyweight unless a middle way doing some shit and you gave him a warning and he didn't it. Then he has to take a fuckin beating and if he doesn't take the beating internals up, that means one of his fucking. He made is gonna, get the beating and then he's gonna be a fuckin asshole in the locker and media. Is it? Is this whole web of fast in aiding shit because everybody up to this- when they just think drop livestock and beat the shit. I'm is a whole co. Fucking thing it is going on out there that actually because of that keeps the games.
Say, for which I dont understand it. I don't stand still and either. But I just think it's fascinating that this is one sport or it's. Ok to fight I don't know anything about what you do. That's all they do is find out the whole sport. That's the sport itself, but there's no fighting in basketball does agreed upon fighting in hockey. That doesn't exist in any other sport where everybody backs off and these guys go I'm across you can do it in the cross who the fuck please national or cross. I don't know, but I wouldn't want to say that I would want to say that one of them guys full what can cage? I wouldn't say that by those guys are savages for nobody, not the cross country scares Robeson. They gonna rifle doing like their gunnery different. That's that's stupid, fuck it. What is that? That's? How did the catholic Well, that's like that's like TAT, math tax MAX food
Asian and must have procured? And America is it's just pebble bags? People are, you know, do in their version of cross country skiing, like that's like I like that Cross country skiing, whether you then shoot that's like the beginning of a lot of. James bond thing really seem to be in the snow there. While the high dizzy elevated heart ray it's hard to control you shot, because I think they're supposed to shoot off handed to the nuts post have arrest I now see. I don't know shit about hunting in the thing that I live for. Hunting shows what was when the guy's after the kill, then they just now so scared. Just say now: this fuckin shit and its us. I get it if you shoot em like a lion. It's a nerve racking thing because you don't wanna. Fuck up and you know it eyes, ply looking to make fun of you know, because you gonna hurt an animal. You dont, want a wound, the animal you want to kill it. You want to kill it clean leads and you have to keep it together. Wired, your PA,
the trigger on an animal unit end its life is very nerve racking. Can't you just give the second one. Second, all I will say if he runs away and suffer if you make it, you know, issued in the leg or some like that, it's very likely it's gonna get away, die slowly, get eaten by car owners or something really bad. What I got one for you cause. You got me watching those fuckin videos. Animals eat another two principal I of theirs, but I can't watch some kill anything because they sounded recent one data earlier down the Buffalo don't die away. Won't they can't get killed it the more they just state they killed. They start eating it before it's dead. They just hold it down and starting yeah as forebears. Do I've got one for you? Ok, have you watch the praying mantis villas? Yes, I have to see the more the prey. Mantis eats the lizard atrocity, him? While he cause he fuck an alligator armed it? He was. I come how to is he carried of the low flicking. He gave me job and then that thing just rap music. Ah, what does he live
and then start licked Adam where United, but I m his jaw, but if he let it hands go, as you guys say, with his tongue. I think he could appalled that thing in and crushed a no. No, praying Mantis is so fucking strong there. So What stronger than you would imagine them being cause every little stick arms that I It's one EDA humming bird dahlia Data causes Shit data. Think it all that we're lucky their little pregnant. Amazing. I fucking love those little things there there crazy what they can due to a bird or something much larger than the lizard, was the most impressive felicity I was gonna eat him anything totally immobilized there. It was like it reminded me of watching the shit you say always passed his guard now he's gone for this, that they would just like exact like that, because the their clamp is so it's like somebody got unit doors, same thing. Someone gets like
like this grip and then cinches it up to a d'arce choke you like trapped in there, that's what it was like. He was there. It is his poor fuck, look, he thinks he's going to get him and then he's like bitch, you ain't. Getting. Then, but look out. We hold his mouth open days. I do it. I hate. I felt hell shrank what this Lizzie get? He gets away to get away for a second, but this It's crazy second area. Look at that. He starts out to slay. Nobody no account. I know if I love it. Have you ever seen, praying mantis versus murder on it. In every way, afraid of murder hornets. Looking at me like fuck. What did you do to my face? Jesus he's like in pain shaking it off and praying Mantis live. If it's not done with you yet, but he's an agony. Spazzing around the praying, mantis locks onto Mcgann and slowly starts pulling them apart and at the end he's dead. He just starts eating his brain that they just couldn't pull that skin apart and bite right through it
What it thinks so much bigger than him: it's like you eating a cow. You holy cow down, no well ahead together, is eaten his fuckin brain losers, debtors fuck. What are their parts, not a problem for me right, because now it's dead yeah, but it died this where I know it that that was the part about love. I am a big fan of the prey mantis technique economic grudge, I just I don't need told the video the Grizzly taken down the buffaloes. Only two days ago, I was in yellow style, linked to a thirty minute, video of it just fucking up all sorts of animal or pay Let us put down by the way I see it. There are so many working people there goes what's this? Would you fuck about all kinds of things leaf boat is easily forget. Why would a we're looking creature profile? Pregnant is pink he's he's kennel. Five himself. A wow now is a color. The leave, as is a good point, ten main views on this pragmatic, video, their amazing animals. Man
We can say we met about I wasn't mad about any I'm just enough. I love bears right. Yes, I love when they read the bikes at the circuses oh You deserve this, is my thing about that. What did they have to do to that bear when you see This thing can do to a bison. What did they do to that? Bear to get him to get on a fuckin bicycle, given food? That's the drain of how you did it I've got you gotta, Baron, the bag, you just system half when it's the way. You said the connection between a scene, trained, bears try using those guys who doesn't need any sleep like of all the random fuck and things that I've seen it. Is that what were the barricade at the window with a whip there by free? So I don't think he's
beaten the Bare Otto right now that guy's not dress to get a fuckin to be attacked by a bear? No, but the burglar muslin and it's a little ass bare. But fuck, you man, you ve, got to figure out the Freddy Krueger clause. On for these are the vesper. Now, will you that while I mean, can you humiliate a bear? Even more he's gotta would have freely out for negative. I didn't get a motorcycle there's a big fan of the bears, riding biology joke it may just joke. I didn't I didn't fuck you made me, I'm a man. I actually watched a whole training, video of how like, where do you find what part of the internet are you on? Well, I don't know I was. I was trying to figure out why people up book the fuck that guy's going to giant grizzly bear on the back of his by playing a horn and its transplanted trotted. It does volume on this trumpet here hear this bag it up there
this person filming. This is an idiot. You think it can't break out of that seat belt, introduced this sad about living as on a fuckin lap belt. What is it There is a risk Imagine this gouty Russia right is only way they would allow this in Russia yeah look at the language in the back of tracing Eleanor Fuckin Traffic data crisis gouts eyes that fucking thing, my god just right. His arms up just thinking about revenue person apart now yes, they can like. I used to be in the woods. Whatever I wanted, the weird thing about bear have you train them on their young? There are almost like dogs, they become your buddy. No, it's weird days amateur how's that bear that its rident bitch, that guy fucking around the motorcycle, it's gotta be answered
It is rather than the side cart. Yeah, he's gonna be in trouble. Side, Kurtz those even you, never see those motorcycle aside, courtesy the racing now to decide, cart, recycle racing and when they go around a turn, okay and it's on the side, with the guys riding side is lifted up that guy. He asked stand up to the Golan like I don't humming fuckin miles He has to stand up and lean over all the way over undecided bike. Has it the weight of the cycle of us his way off, so it doesn't then making culture they turn at a higher speed. I mean it's better Would you the guy in the car, with the map you ever seen a hustler together, one guys yon turn. One hundred yards left last year. I left those rally drivers right. I never understood that What they're doing the Yelena directions of the road right, but they have no books that tells them like what was the next turn next turned right less than two courses so long that take they can't memorize it or
which is true of yet in town, must be. This is I'd car ransom back of the driver. I believe Cassiar moves. Everybody wants facets fuck on relief. Oh my god, you're the one who turned me onto those bike, races in the Isle of Man. I was supposed to or that this year you'd be side on the side. Oh, no! No! No! No! Fuckin way! I planted the two befriend some people in town with a I can. Even then I got no. Some part of the bike could come flying. But I want to go to before they outlawed tad outlawed discuss, people diarrhoea more people have died. Then years. They ve had it well still like look at these mother fucking ass, thin slices so it's on more than one person dies every year a downright violently average yeah and, I think way back and they weigh more people die like the safety equipment is much
better buys you see that going by brick walls and trees and nice. It's just know Jesus Christ when he said safety equipment like what what the fuck kind of saved you quit. Save you they, yet while they have an airbag, which is really amazing piece of technology, whereas you fall it, it can tell when you Let go the bike and you're following my instant, tiny seen it. It protects, you're, organs, yeah but obvious, your brains in the fluid, so doesnt, protect that I take the, but the best racing out their MOTO Jp is the shit better than this. Well, I No, I yeah. I would actually sick, as I like, the passing this so much passing woods. What kind of weight with formula one where they Mercedes in Ferrari you just so much better than anybody else. It kind of comes down to the two of them in every year. Since I've been watching since twenty fifteen saw I'm new to the sport italian JP right here. Yes, that's the video so Mark Mark has, I believe you know these guys yeah, while so Mark macros
the guy in second place is like he is the Jordan, the sports right for The committee also is actually in third Adona, whose in first so those that do How do you Honda decoding? I think a Suzuki. Do you ride I d, for three months out here. I always wondered why my parents were never let me so finally audio. I took a motorcycle safety course. I got my license thing, and then I had a bike for like two months. It was just its allay is not placed to learn how to ride and everyone was text while driving. Now, why homing, I think I'm gonna get a dirt like, but this the type of shit like what this racing. What I like is like a three or four races. Last year on the final lap, there was like two guys that would pass each other like four five times like that shit I dare say: did you try come on the brakes, the letter of the latest on the brakes, but not over? shoot the turn him in this just so much shit. That's
you sort of learn as you're watching. I still don't know shit about up these guys it of a fuckin and credit. Would you be in Nagoya track? Learn right on track? That seems like the safest way to do absolutely that that is the way to do it in their where all of that gear and then have funding you can like opened up by the dean Semi video terrific is gonna. Porsche could go to when it miles an hour, but he fucking, on a highway and it's just like you kill some. You kill yourself, as I take the link to the track down and, in God forbid some debris. You know. What's gonna happen to your car, like you, I just I think, there's a lot of people that by high performance shit that go into it. Actually, there is not available that doesn't and their mind like someone like myself, like it wasn't, so I started watching racing I learned a little bit about, unlike others like a track. You know on the inland empire. You know this is a day a worthy that the general public can come down or whatever you can pay to rent the track and is kind of like you
while these guys you c drive around a ferrari, is if you have a new item ever drove a ferrari, was I drove one and attracted was fucking unbelievable, like how hard you could stop the breakthrough. None the thing locking up and you turn it on- that's the guy you ride with you think you just want to be like Florida. Outline what you really want to be doing is smoothly. Going around the smoother you go. Both you know on the gas and breaking then it becomes like this really like finesse thing where it looks like you just granted by the fuckin frozen in you know like us. I will get one time but, like I immediately learn that maybe a priest what they were doing a lot more plus anyone around five times in my fuckin brain was like the chief, for yeah my life. I almost felt a little bit left, not sick. I just felt a little fucked up like I think I'm gonna sit down here for a couple of seconds, not say it. Ain't guys and drive with high fine fine could do that Jimmy Pauper, Porsche Rally driving the Dirt road Porsche drivers does those,
guys at a region left right, left right right, let navigator no, but you need a driver. Next to you, that's got a notebook that that looks like a lot of fun to appear. That's a great way to learn how to really drive to is on the dirt sand with dirt bikes? Because of that you know, you slide a lot You learn how to counter steer and you learn how to handle the wait out back. I guess kick in outlying and how to counter it I have this weird thing. I m fascinated by machines and I want on everything that I see I want to learn how to DR at fly it or whatever, but I'm not a speed guy like I'm just not into like, like smart, go and fastest Ireland. I injury. I like children. Are these guys see the guess, there's a guy with a book, a railroad, how fuckin, so it's gotta digital thing tell them what gear is in and is what fascinates me the trust between those two guys like this guy a kid. This guy's driving like a fuckin, lunatic undisguised looking down at his paper. You know it you, for
Just rivalling lunatic you're looking at him, go and do so slow to sort out. This is a road people and trees and cars and houses on both sides. The skies full lying down this fuckin road and he's going sideways all the time. You seem counter steering all the time we seas ass and kick out all the time that's amazing got and how these fuckin people so confident that can stand on the side of the road while he's maniacs or fuck, and I used to think racing. Was this this stupid, mindless thing and I think it's one of the cruellest sports out the vertical sport, its very I'd like driving cars, just to feel the mechanical. Just that gears, move in and all the things that are happening. I have a old Porsche. Ninety three. It's. No power steering doesn't have a radio does not have any fences and it's all air cooled,
sounds like. Why is really mechanical here see I showed you have done that redwood yea, he with me. Let you drive at its fun is full bizarre fast does is. Is this those car have, but it's fun, it's so funded drive. You feel everything you feel every bumpy. There's no, nothing between you and the wheels in terms of steering does no power. You still We are all by your hands really hard to steer sought that safe. You can't make quick turns like you got a really muscle that Motherfucker I'm like ended. I these guys Jesus Christ, but when I try to please fuckin crazy, asshole, stony biomass go at the propeller had he's just like you, I'm a fucking idiot enjoying this fuckin high in this guy catches the ground with two wheels. Oh, my God is land good. It does land go, that's amazing, but I do that car to the county store. If it's, if I want to do it, it's we really. Work on somethin or a really wanna be jazz up set I'll. Take that car the colony store
Because it's so loud and fuckin, smoky and everything's, like your whole body, you feel like you're excited when you get there. It's like you're, a stimulant it's it's it's fun that love em look at these guys, you she's ionized. You know since last time I did this. This show I got to they fly in a star which was what the cops in the news guys fly, and I was there was the coolest thing Easter helicopter helicopters tell people is: is the coolest thing I've ever flown as far as like. Just a power that, compared to what I went in isolated, little fucking, egg, beaters and whatever, but like all, I did until all that bullshit happen, but I got the one of the last flights. I did I got to fly a buddy of mine, who is training me to get my instrument like I passed the test and then, after you pass a test. You have two years, so I still
two years after December of next year to pass it. So I got a finnish that part of it. You know do we. Papa guess, since you took me up, have done one since you took me up, I think, like I think we did you do Jim It was fine we're over downtown alone. You realize how many those buildings have helicopter spots on the top yeah, that was fun man, it's crazy to me that with a helicopter you just kind of go wherever you want to go. Yeah he's fucking float around discover I'm gonna jump up its, but what What it is you give up speed for that design. You give me is all kinds of dragon just the way it's designed for what it that you want to do with it. You give up speed till I get envious. Of planes were even if we get like a cessna like they can just fly, though I may, I think, like them, some of the smaller ones can fly faster than the sum of the faster. How amendment you have the bug, eight nine o clock. Maybe I could fly
but anything that I've fucked with you can't come anywhere near like most of em hundred twenty did thirty knots and then it depends on head when it turns out to a mile and a well it's it's like. It depends on how the wind, because you can literally be flying ninety knots and have like a fuckin fifth, no one. Now what I fly, but a significant headwind MRS I'll shoot? You have to know in the test in the second, whom you take the test you fuckin for our forget, but You actually be going slower. I've had times especially out like in like palm desert and stuff with his like a venturi with the way the mountains are, I'm going fuckin the wind and which can be really fucked scary. As far as our throws you around you're, looking down the highway with what I fly in their going faster than you and you have said I am ass, one. It sucks because also the helicopter, you you're the hold it. You can't just like. Take your hands off his ship so you have to use your literally it's like you. Porsche, like your you know my name measuring like trying to parallel
park, their car later car to nightmare. I have sixty forty one hundred when I first out of their powers, dairy dude, and it was just like I mean I mean when you bought the thing through the ice house, tat things that shit I love that all truck? That's kind of my thing. I, like the truck, and then I like old, like not tempt cars like the guy who is attempt, but he's not a pimp like you, don't be like that literally a pimp, he doesn't have a stable, a bitches, but he's crushing life like I like that car like. Like if I was gonna, get another guy would get a sixty seven Cadillac Eldorado, it's actually the color that I loved it was in that. Tearing Tino movie, but somebody was selling when it and I swear to God. If it by time I saw you to video was already sold. I would have bought that fuckin car, it's the most gangster, man's car, like just at the back end or that car? It's perfect, I absolutely love that fuckin car, it's a beautiful car, sixty EL? Would you get a converter?
all right now I hate convertibles. Do you really are convertibles yeah? I know I gotta, I'm a little sexist with a convertible. Does one convertible that I like the one that I have the sixty five corvette not now that now that the ESA seventy nano. That's that's years that it's the car. That, though the the woman playing Margo was an immortal Robbie there. It is there. It is their Israel's right there, the low seconds green there, but he was a blue no, not that when over the guy, the suspenders right or the left that donor their car you gotta see the back end of there. That's a late, the sixty seven sixty eight or something like that, but the back and look up us Sixty seven Cadillac Eldorado Rear, and this is what why you're learning how to train it fuckin bear to write it. Isolating condition that click on that first, one click on the first
We see a little bit of the side of the count me look at that as beautiful. That is beautiful. Any one of those in your life go. I do I need you DR and one. That is what I love about my wife, I'll show that we think about that she's, like that's a fuckin good, looking car and issue, because I guess, I think, for sure yeah, but look at deco onto fares and to drive that you need all of skin. None more you to pull it off. You can pull off any one than paper boy had so now that that thing would that they would occur. That thing would blend too much with my beard cook. I just like, like a vivid ginger mobile, where'd you get! There is a year. They got this, there's a blue that they have it's not that blue, it's more it's more value that Red one click on that Red one, the middle, but look the front like going- you lights, a flip diluted- then they can look, how good elegant red? That's a fuckin, beautiful car.
But the lines in their car. That's just not, and then that's the kind of communicative smoke a cigar driving on the sea right in their pocket to have two yeah, that's beautiful. I think I wanna get one get one. I know where we're gonna put it Then I will be the guy with the fuckin garage outta here you park it here. You Ricky. I hereby rave right. This is why you that I'm one part yes in the world are trying to help people, outshining courage, irresponsible behaviour, and if you continue to all your podcast, you can buy some like that and if you don't give a fuck, an agent will buy them tat. I love them. I love Cadillac. Convertibles too, though I dont like also car convertibles after certain like mine, that Corbett that I have out their use. That silver one! I love that in a convertible but that has a aftermarket suspension and aftermarket frame seat of sea. Not of course I love the fact that the old ones those frame is to this too much bounced assuming shaken wiggle.
You have to have like an aftermarket chassis, its farce differ. They make it so that it so rare, rigid. It doesn't bounce around their earliest years. Needs to make like up of sway bar is something that you would put in their cause. I know my truck when I take a turn. I have to grab underneath the seat inside of a slight and are vague and upgrade your coil overs and stuff. I put a better suspension. I handle I'm nice balance of alive a bit of modern on it and still fighting it see few like, because I still shifts on which I is bad ass, but I get on the highway to stay in the right line. You know three on the tree right yeah, do you have this breaks on swapped ispra I had it it had. It just the shoes on it and their rooms. The drum breaks and then I converted those crisper Titus help me with those and then what did I do after that, I switched out the radiator cause. They tend to run hearts, they put an aluminum one in what else do we do? It
ass, to have power breaks and then power staring ties? He's too have also wheat. I think it was a fifty five chevy that they made forum on the show rides. It was incredible that ship Food Korea, I think, chip food manner here it was incredible that. Just I don't know if he still has, he might have lost it. When you got divorced knowledge as what it was. I think he got it back daddy. I think you got it. But I, like you, I Christopher title. I like those those resto Maud cars, is
sort of the prayer it is there. It is look at that fuckin thing ass, pretty damn. That is a work of art. God it's been that's it's all very modified to fifty six Bel air custom for by cheap food. You book go down Jamie in that one of the left and right there with Titus right there. Thank that's him. The elegant that farc- and it has a ban- as that is incredible. Car- is incredible like when do you like look at TAT hour, drive that in knots Well, that's what I I I don't know I like also. I am intervals cab over engine contracts. I like we're just a cab over engine. What does it look? Those those it'll those with it, rocks forties info these and the reason why they had that was. It was some weird law where they didn't want trucks, get too long. So then that affected did so they the tractor trail along in the main they put the engine kids cab over engines.
What style of the engines below you why you're sitting there? Yes, if you look at some of the ones that people of fixed up there work while has wild that thing yeah, while, but that If you do a gig and like y all mean you can find in all regional one, just like sitting in like shock yards in shit. Look at that fucking God! Damn that's be like we would like. One of those car shows like fast allowed was I've watched throughout the years. I always wished its I was somebody would do one of those I had again the progress he was awesome. Yeah. He brought his own. Two kilos grab a great one from when I was a kid that that yellow one down that's a fort YAP. I love those because that was like the fire engines looked like that. But what would you do with it? But they drive around that exists donor. Sale gateway classic cars, but that's that's like that. Don't shit, I like those like those Ghana, the GM see avi from stripes in
You gotta do it in the palm desert fuckin that the run burg, the green. Would you like very odd com? yeah. Well, I first, I think you you're into mustangs in your into Fuckin, like the vetoes, the once you're supposed to like yeah and then I'll ignore adjusted and then, when we look at the to get the interior on that fuckin thing. Scooby do mobile, that's the Mr Mobile! Now they had event, you ok, I can't click on the one you are on the right. The lower left always lower left from cluster on the right yeah. Then it click on that fact. Now, let's not someone, I see a bid knotted between It's the one. It's the best green when they have just click, dare and is look at that and inside it looks like a run. Burgundy suit, like it's, the green plaid type, shit. Yet a little humidor in their drive around
Some front loading come on out: it's fuckin shit, so you those old cars like JD, goes and fire I gotta those like what I dont like about them is the baby boomers like em. And they have a zillion dollars. So then, all of a sudden, it's, like you, know, there's a man. Staying. Shall we start the midnight to interfere thousand dollars. It's like, oh fuck yourself, so I, like you, I, like a sixty five for Galaxy. That's what Frank Murphy season for ever so family, that's what he drives station wagons. Have you ever seen those icon thrift masters note that is Jonathan Board Ward, the guy from icon? he takes an old thrift, master and re. Does it not completely from the bottom up? It's the fuckin most incredible car. It drives like a car, but that would be that it looks insane. Lay that thing
They enable they do it from the bottom up. So it's all like modern breaks. Modern suspension, beautiful integrity, but then, when you go in inside, I wanted to look like the year that that truck was really that silver one, the one that red above your cursory elegant that work in I've seen actually. I looked at one I accidently. Upon the car, that's bill, I got another. One is a weird one: look up gee, I'm see I was forgot. The name of these things were parade of progress. That's what it's called. I think that's they were driving things like elephants the town there like a living room giant like truck slash, avi thing, the faculty sinks call rate of that thing. Look it up I can think what the fuck, how do you even know about this? So so did the great thing is you open the door and is like a spiral staircase. Where you will you go up, and a mare what they usually head was back in the dick as they would put up on the side they would. They were driving like elephants and ate like a semicircle. People would walk in that
I don't know I don't know what they have in their that's uh yeah, that's a airplane engineers onto joys, an airplane engine, the middle I didn't because somebody other customers, or for the air. I think they were there. It was this weird sort of after World WAR who see their they on the black and white there. They are like driving it in driving them into town ever gonna staring. Will you are right in the centre in there was a little spiral, staircase that you walked up things go for. Like I forget, I would like to three million or something others, namely thirty six says Pereda Progress shows you gonna, get that mother, Fucker Civil, shit. That's so that that's what you want! One of those a rolling podcast studio now. That shit is too weird, but I I appreciated like when you old, Bmw weight in the forefront of the car opens up when you get it. The steering wheel like goes out like disconnection, goes out with the front of the Canadian. I just
it would help. If I knew the names of the cars, the steering wheel, disconnects, Bmw still eyes, not steamer cohabit, unfailing matters, that's it that's not look give as to how you get in as you like, open the front I, as per click on the Red one there Here is the stairwell or does it is? this and similar the stairwell stays as looks like it disconnects but maybe it like it is just in comes back. You enter through the. So if you get enough an collision. You got to kick the windows out, get out a car and its three wheels to There's one ergo ergo I forgot about Erskyll, is his. Came off and the car I let him what time is like the coolest fuckin guy he's ruinous. I guess events over there to see turned done this bends and they step over it. Woe I knew there was something else:
about the stairwell yeah. There's a lot of weird shit up. If you like, weird stuff, you not necessarily like you, you you know and as a right to cool things. No, it's like. If you get into music, if you really get into a band, I give you into a cd sea. Can you really listen to you shook me all night long again like. Now. Do you gotta listen to what next to the moon, get at heart to men more like a c o d I like after while you dislike like, I would say, shook me on my long- is the Mustang GDP of Ac Dc songs and it's like you, out here. There's a zillion mustangs, but let's like you after, while you want you want to see it out. Part of human beings. You want something a little bit different. It's a little difference. Cooler like I kyler fast and loud that the afford fallow, so they had the same chassis is the fuckin mustang, but like it's two way cooler car, because everybody goes for like the Mustang you Jimmy.
You're right, you're, right Euro spend all that money and then some other fuckin asshole shows up, and he has one to that. Doesn't bother me bugs me How do you think I'm going to Carmody Club events? If, even so we just touches on the topic you I can't. I can't talk about that. Yes, I get the presentable, like all they all do I get there, but there's a reason why everybody loves mustangs. I love him too. This weird thing where I love the Interior up to sixty six, but I like the back end on sixty was it examines, exceed yeah like that backing, but but that's when they get this shit steering wheel stairwell, unlike in in the sixtys? The second school steering wheel and that when they haven't sixty seven. Sixty eight was when they first came out with them. That one starts cars? Are gonna get ugly now the last night, so far that I like that that that I vividly room We're like the last year would probably the seventy Camaro like that shark knows files I like tat and then is a few there's a Buick Riviera.
The boat tail from the early seventies that I like I'm, really knew those big two doors, sedan sort of, like you know, ease his own man Gallagher IRA Tenaya. I love, I don't fucking love those cars and you know I'm trying to think like this, a few cars in the eighties they really tapers after, but I like forty right up to eighty six I didn't like when they did the first that first sign of the aerodynamic headlights I didn't like, but then there was one of the early nineties no J had that front end on his bronco. That one is the shit yeah someone yesterday exactly alike like OJ, is totally red restored. I, like muscle cars up to seventy one. Seventy one seems like the last year, like seventy one, Barracuda still really nice car that it gets into seventy They start looking sketchy. Seventy three, the Ec Sketchy at worst thing was they kept the taste kept the model name, and then it was just completely de bald, yes like when you
friend starts going out, which is some total can't and obviously can hang out anymore like there was that era, the Mustang too Oh Brad ones that eighty with Mustang through useless the sat late late seventies earlier and wants the gas crisis hit. They started, making economical, mustangs mustangs, it didn't eat too much gas. There are useless, it's just that hard fall between. If you go from sixty seven to seventy seven, it's like what the fuck happened to you don't also the Mustang got all fat like the mark. One in everything it just is like can get into Elvis years sooner than the Mustang unrest in on my laurels here. What does possessed to them like late dates. These seventy nine Mustang there's no possess. This is how bad it when it became so quickly. If you watch like the member state a game show network, I still loved, because I was in fact aid with prices. You know and like they re like like they asked,
tried to pass off a Chevy Vega. Is a sports car really and these people are losing their minds and I remember the shabby vega Ike a lot like you know guys. You know shit about back in the day they were treated like jam, corvette engines and because they gonna forty corvette, so they ve, but they knew about. You know how to build cars. Stuff, so their meals were real like too- It was always somebody had one of those like an El Camino up on blocks. Gonna finish: debts of David to El Camino, a rare breed, a person that once a pickup truck, that's fucked a shovel that's really what it like a shovel front end. It looks good, an affront, and then you get to the back like. And then I learned that early the eighties that Latvia, yet I was concerned sporty as back for girls at but more girls with Boston, get put on tv, not funny yeah. That's amazing thing: how do we, what what what happened where we realise its are mixed lot. I woke up gap
he made the ass mainstream and we give him credit might have been before them. Who else was? It was all about tits yeah white guys we're running shit, and it was about tat, I don't know why it was all about theories. Something aben something happened, became asses became really important that ideal, because now the fake ass, I think, is probably prevalent. Then the fake they never by the nineties was like sort of the apex of fake titty. He was, porn in the tit? Almost look like bloodshot there be like veins on the site like AIDS stretched the skin. Is your oh yeah that israeli back, I was a really bad give off at bottom girls before that my air for it, but it also makes us think yet it didn't. He was still Freddy Mercury present around in the video. I think good song tat. What was it like will lose like
It wasn't Jennifer guys, will I know a guy for letting ass because I was always an asthma. Always I wish this felt like that. The nucleus of a woman, if she had a nice ass, the rest were body was gonna, be nice. I give a shit a gay captivity great. They will be hang it on your fuckin needs. When I'm fifty all that smoking a cigar due to protest. Is weird, though, that this, like the shape caught on its very strange, like the what what's injured, what what guys retracted to changed. Why think, because why people were so dominant with fuckin when in everything that their idea beauty became the standard and draft budget. My science idea beauty change to that's what strange psycho say it somewhere, Yo Mtv, wraps somewhere around their dismay
somewhere around me? I'm gonna give Ed lover and the other doktor Dray credit. I think it's. It happened around the same time. Girls lost their pew because war in high school, all everyone had cubes, even in college, everyone had cubes. The apex of Cuba was the seven. Is there any way? I'll put. You are proud of your puberty, in the seventies, seventies, dynamic, I give go to the fuckin public pool and the chicks head, like the tuberculosis, shit come on out beside us at that. I remember thinking. Little killer. Google, Nicosia, cubes YAP tubes were now puce discuss, there was muffs if you're a girl and you get a full bush, now you're a dangerous one. But then I would say that that was probably doktor J. In the NBA crossing over made
In proud of their muffs, smart move There's no research, we're just started. Targets are just making this up with is that there is a clear shift that happened. It's just like what happened. What what made that clear shift porn cause the people to get rid of the cubes? That's definitely would happen, is poor and lead the way They they trim the cubes first, then everybody trim the cubes. Now I went too far now no one radiobes now, then it went too far. Yet for regular bush. Yet I would like yeah. They should look like a woman, yeah yeah, not like cancer, patient yeah this view. Bang me, I'm just happy you shoulda, God bless you take an infinite. Do you find beauty and everything, but when I was, I remain everyone had pupil was a thing.
It is that's a weird weird moment in our culture that we are just decided. Cubes disgusting. I think more, that they need to be maintained, yes, it's gonna be a camera, an eighth of an inch from it and then gynecological yeah. So so, what's his move did did this movies called the King Staten Island jot appetite PETE Davidson, dad you need, while those your life, why growers a bit. Who is really annoying to eat. With Cuz Club soda Kenny told me, I was out cuz, he was the guy was saying. Am I doing this this right here? Cuz there's a whole way to grow it where it's like. He goes all right. He goes Gonna do the cop fire me when he goes the hair ass to go over the over. You taught lip Kennedy had all these great old ideas from when he was a cop. And what
movie about it. It's sort of autobiographical of Peat Davidson's life. Where he's playing a kid who Dad is a fire fighter who died in a fire. It's not nine. Eleven like Peat's, real dad and its bay. Sickly is mom hasn't dated they just sort of froze, which I think you know, I think, of something that kind of happened. In his family and then all the sun is mother started dating and it was weird form so, basically, His mother, you know, through whatever of circumstances, don't ruin, and I in that meeting her after me and peace in our eyes character. I dont like his coming to his house to Fuckin, yellow whatever, and then I see is mom play by mercy, Ptolemais and then all of a sudden we know in a we click or what where we start dating whatever. Then he fuckin hates it and the comedy ensues one gets you know it's got a lotta hard, you know it's not a cent comedy
but the admiral who told me: Lombard, Dozy, Is there nothing? If we show me now, it's streaming everywhere, except Netflix. It's it's gonna, be like this, like that movie that kid movie trolls whenever they did, is what universals doing with this woman gonna, be anywhere where you can stream movies so that both to be in the movie theater, I was gonna, be movie there and then all this stuff happens. So then people, who make movies are deciding began to hold on to some of this stuff? What you're doing with some movies? This thing, fortunately you gonna put out there. It is apple tv rise in new to Google play Amazon, Prime, basically, my wooden netflix up on board with this common networks. I don't use it as a come on Netflix thing. I think eventual probably end up there, but I think first they do this. This is the way they're gonna get their box office again. You, get it on Microsoft, how many people are buying movies on Microsoft, you'd! Be surprised what day? That's why I'm asking there would be. I would think
that such an easy answer you'd be surprised that doesn't support levels. Political answer. I had no answer for you select their workers, show many the buying, and on Microsoft, yeah. I do think this is a good thing that movies are being forced to strike. I kind of like it. I mean I don't want movies theatres to go under, but I do like the option of being able to watch a newly released movie at home. You, I think, everything's, going away but I think the movie theater is ever going to go away because I I I still enjoy going too movies, etc. It's a way to get out of the house. You get a sitter, you! U reconnect with your wife, it's right! We're friends! pop courses. Vine, almost a jobs and back right have fun, This time I hang with my wife like if we get like a couple days, it. The magic, instant instant comes back, and then we get to the high house. It's like the grind again. We just start laughin, where we get
maybe get a member those today. So the key is to have those two day, little things enough, that you don't forget it. You don't start fuckin grown apart. The hazard date nights yeah yeah. I, like nice, more wife, we're doing on when I was when I was at the store time when comedy was up. I was doing on Saturday night, because she didn't have get up early in the morning. Kids take kids school, so she could be rested. Refresh didn't have to go to school the next day, so didn't have to get up on Sunday, so that a good day, Just would take Sunday offer stand up. We due date knights- and this is the thing as much as women seem impossible to guys, especially someone like me with all my fuckin issues. It's like just something like that. Does wonders yeah for Europe, your connection and then we also have like once a week we were doing like before, and we are praying again, we would doing a family dinner. It was the best and where we were going to was a bunch of like just mom and pop places.
Unlike the valley and Out Pasadena Snuffling, gotta these places that are just you know, legendary in you know, in that area, but they don't have a chain. So it's cool. Could you Did you give him in a regular people here, honey in business, and we would go there and a woman like that was a big thing when I was gone, bring up before you had all these screens, and although this shit going out to dinner with the family, you ever being surveys said have this chain. To choose member pewter pod, they base We they made muffin. Somehow they were chain that made muffins and then they expanded into having full dinners and everything made on a wood was very like seventies, and that was like a big thing. My dad came up again appeared upon tonight, and you like site get whenever a cheeseburger fries and then a blueberry muffin such weird order. I was a kid you wouldn't get fat was fuckin awesome. So I want my kids the a little better than that sort of
I'm probably romancing it, but I think it's its causes from my childhood, but I think it's an important thing to do. Shit like that. I am a big fan of mom pop restaurants were supposed to go to and Woodland Hills called. Andy wine and the owner Peggy increase the owners. There was that the owners, one with the female honor was the chef in the mail owner was the maitre D and they were married couple. They ve been together forever and they when we met them. They were probably I want to say in their seventies, like pray deepen has ever there was there already. Fair fairly along pretty far down the road. Then they eventually sold the place. They saw the place when they were sad in and then some new people bought, but I think it went under now, but I was a great little place a small place. It didn't seem very million. I get over that sadness. I get all cassettes, shit really depress me what I look at
like you know when they open this restaurant and they were young. There was all people there were upset about whatever they cleared out and it just happens. You know remain like Why was just upset that I couldn't see them and I just enjoy their company was it was You know we have been going on for ten years. It was one of those putting what I do is I take the humanity out of a job as a cycle of life the payments in the lizard. I now do day this fuckin, this fuckin asshole, nineteen thing really ike. I areas fucking idiot. I M J, you tellin me. I said the you're. Does everything I'm doing why the fuck that I just do this? Why did this need to fuckin beyond? Here? You want larger number. Do you're clean for acres, Meum, cut up disasters, coke takes us back to Chelsea Gonna, have a coquet memory from
I never did go, but of this lady doing it. I was coming home from Kelly's rose leaf, Joe Relic hunk, while that's what I'm sayin smart enough to realise stuff at what about media, we were I fight I can snap on we'd need to be doing coke. We do this press our euralia fight driving back from Kelly's roast beef de Kelly's roast beef There are great and what's so funny, I don't ever went there really provide a million times. Go is going by copies liquors on the way up to the Cairo roast beef was great number cap. Like. I do Nero Catalonia, he driver cartels roast beef clams, They have clams those fry clams, I'm always. I was one of the places I meant to get too. I was meant to get to that in the net stake house with the giant cactus yeah right lays what drive up pills topsy. Has yes and I was going to their Sunday. I always ask my poor. I just love the case. A fake cows out front.
You will live on the north shore, then so we would drive my dad into work. We would always go down route one, and we go by that and I would think, like you know, and there was also a hockey rink up there that had a Bruins emblem that they were allowed to use before, like all of the corporate people river, you can't use our lower, so their brutes thing, and I was convinced, that's where the ruins practised. I went to hilltop steak once and it was for some reason- I have it connected in my mind- with a fire boxing ass. It was on tv because I was so bummed out. Sugar Ray Leonard fought, Terry Norris and I was at name, I should say tearing. Ours is a monster we'll show so a sugar ray when using its prime, but he got older in a fault. Terry Norris and Terry Norse was a fuckin just a demon. He was so good and sugar. I just shoot, had no business fighting them in our member eaten food is being bombed out. Just to think, in fact,
This is what happens to all these guys like they all decide the eldest. One more fight, one more fight. Let me let me do any came back and beat. If you see we have fun can you imagine if your body broke down and around thirty five, I could do stand up anymore. You definitely of one must set yeah, but it's different. It's different. It is about a different same you're right. It's area military, Norris, totally d, was in his prime and he was just so fast in Alleyton sugar. I was just I want to say it was like two hundred and thirty eight or something like that. I don't know how old he was, but it was. It was hard to walk, for medicines. When I got back to New York, I said something I've when I took a sugar ray one, and I don't think I mean what what about that division. He was in alma. God learns Doran in Leonard right. Well, you fought hackler long, you don't mean it. It came back and forth had learned and Agro retired after that one loss. He just like come come
Good, but it was just watching Terry Norris. I went to ITALY that are making movies yeah hilarious. I have in mind. It is convinced that fight was fixed. I think I'm gonna the italian mob and then his pay off the game, a movie career in italy- it might be true, your body might be right down send about it that I've watched him like man almost looks like hackers taken something off of his punches in us. I just don't see how do when that? None of these Don't you really do when that? That's why? But I also didn't seem retired. I I think he might have gotten fucked on a decision on that fight is, if I could I really felt, could I was such a herds I may haglund fan and also what about? What about Tommy horns being? Tal ways he was but could make that wait when he fought Sugar I think it was only twenty two and he was one hundred and forty seven sugar ray stopped him after Angelo Dundee gave him that that speech in the corner, you're blowing it kid I'll. Never forget that you know the one I'm about where the greatest one's eyes.
A corner guy. Was that Alice Castillo fight and when he gets in the corner and had been knocked down for like How many times have spent not as mouthpiece they took away. Appoint someone against he goes into a corner, and members is: is is manager. When I want call a guy in the corner, go train, he goes. You bet a fuckin. Getting side. Now, I'm not. That means I forget he said that and then this fuckin got Charlie Murphy rest. His soul told me about that fight. His eye. You gotta see this fight egos. I woke up my whole family. It was a wild, Finally, actually Charlie, he was such a funny gamma. He heard his foot how much he was into it like when he came back get knocked down and knocked out the other guy. I was. We get crowds to steal was paralysis. Is, is the guy one that fight right? Well, they fought more than once a believe do Corrals, teaser guy needed, I dont motorcyclists. Accuracy is a terrible
methane underrated fight. When I back to speculate at times to watch, the ship was a Vander wholly feel verse, Michael Ducks, remember that about was a great great fight. All we fear that so many great fights, If he was a little hours, a warrior is coming back. Do you know that I want to see? he's train and MIKE Mike Tyson? this train them they're. Both training in the fifties hired is Michael Dogs. It was mainly just amazing how much longevity wholly feel had and how you feels and as a cruiser wait, I remember when he beat Dwight Mohammed Coffee for the crews wait title and then gained all this wait now up, I'm He was a cruise away in the eighties when I was lifted and I was young and all that shit. I was like. That's that's the body. I want that's what I'm goin for cause. I couldn't get it, but I was like that's the shaped by appeared. Grouse did what I look at my fuckin with like that. You amazing, going on
tell her jokes to swear something to cover that little bit. What poncho like gonna, want a big squire, large Josie whales Did you find your weapon open you gotta, making take it out. My God, this is around telling into people standing up a mean. This ship was just. Did you saw no stokes right hand? That's it they stop at that was you're still richest deals. Same gathered, stop Julius Caesar Chavez, MAGIC Taylor with, like two seconds left to go in the final round when melted Taylor was up on the fight. Who knows, he's Chavez dropped him. Meldrum Taylor got up and Richard See was Ike Are you ready go onto the muscle in its trapesing, whatever the fuck that calls and I traps I have my whole fuckin body- ass, a specimen whole if it was a specimen
what's interesting about how we feel too. He was like the first guy that ever really put weight on successfully like he had this, this crazy strength, conditioning program that he did go up to heavyweight where in fairly thin when it was a cruise away and started, lift and weights and lifting waits back, then most people lived in waits was terrible for you. There was a lot that was a big thing in basketball. Don't live weight is gonna fuck up you shot. They thought you going away send the ball passed. Will you noted is its from being stiffened sore when you stiffened sore, you does fuck you up its de facto boxing. You fucked your bare everything, but it's a matter of doing it correctly, so that you, your body, recovers enough, so that when you actually fight you not stiffened sword which have all the extra money there is great by the way cause fights cigars, Tagara, mantis men, stuff, not love it right. Yeah, though, that that era of boxing men
the golden era, where kids, my god, you know ABC why both sports get up and wants to fight I love watching the Leon Spinks Muhammad Ali, they fake, showed it on tv, must have been a replay, I'm in the watching that and just kept thinking Muhammad Ali was going to come back. It was one that he lost against Leon Spinks. I also member of the the MIKE Tyson Michael Spinks fight, and I remember the pizza didn't even get there. My body was all excited dude, my dead, ordered to fight and they had just finished their basement and we went to downstairs and who sit Nedda to watch. It was over like ninety seconds asthma. My body got off the couch news on offer. Where's like an inch from the tv just screaming. What the fuck the clock, because we didn't understand there wasn't the education mainstreaming.
Education of what a body blow did do so unless somebody got hit in the head and mouthpiece went, flying wouldn't understand, cause at last shoddy was a hook to the bar, you needn't understand, like literally internal organs slammed the other side of their ribcage. You didn't understand that was happen here. It is here's the whole fight. This is an amazing amazing moment because Spinks us the guy went up from light. Heavyweight beat Larry homes and became the heavyweight champion, those fighting Thyssen, but we will yellow just Spinks Jenks, because we just want that we forum for tests, but we want to see a fight, spanks out good right hand, but he just you could see he's paralyzed. Here I mean he's fighting guys just so much better than him. He's gettin smashed MIKE Tyson was just such a force of nature. At the time it's just really had no business, Fighting legitimate heavyweights, he fought Larry HOMES and Larry was passes. Prime and you know the by a decision, but I already beaten
bad- and I felt like I was like it or not- you don't take enough was- was the time homes fought Ali, yes looking over the rough like what the fuck are? You gonna have asked bad people to the to the end of Larry Arms career. Didn't appreciate him because that the they loved Ali so much. She heard him with his right hand. Here, then he swore Menachem. Oh, I never seen this video of Muhammad Ali promoting here is right here. Boom body shot goes down, Spink gets up. Referee gives him an eight count. He says, I'm fine, I thought he went down on that that those abolish any has hit with a right here right here, Thyssen steps being there. It is all that was out flat. I see I forgot about the he's, just like fuck S, mouth bodies or for those stood DVD realised a fucking balls. It takes the fuckin walk or you don't you did it Jesus Christ,
me, those guys you walk into an arena. Shortlist scared, that's fucking, amazing. What really scary is psyche. Think about four weeks and weeks up to it, and I was I never did at this level. But at that level, when the whole world is watching- and you know that this is just an enormous moment, and you just got waylaid by the greatest heavyweights of all time, flattened. There is a crazy I was watching about the. On the watch for the annoyed, so many people cause he was so cocky and he such a way. Style is that that Prince Nazi? Oh, my god, I find a watch. While he was amazing, you notation had syphilis or not something like that. I know that was busted Douglas duty, the clap or something thing it was this right. There is a very one, the fight when he fought Buster Douglas. He just didn't train
hard for it. Just really was just dominating everybody in this took it for granted, and bus is still almost one still drop buster and to this day You watch that fight when busters down it's more than ten seconds. But the thing was he didn't go to the corner fast enough. I thought they picked up the count. I thought he would have got up. I don't. Where I was when I watch that I remember all of that shit. I was at my body Mitch his house. We were upstairs on his Fuckin square tv and I was like you know cuz you cheer for the underdog and he was all bummed out, but I want to see MIKE losing. I was just like I didn't realize what I had lost as a sports fan cause you're losing greatness, not these great, but you Norman. You want to see that undefeated right, keep Goin thing and then afterwards you know it's a weird thing, but the buzzer Douglas in their fight. You do not all story behind his mom died and he was devastated.
So he was always a really really town to gather dust in work hard enough, but that fighting train like a mother, Fucker train like a real. Ambient because you didn't come out and want to face them. I think about a superbly just focused on its walls, maybe also he's doing- is dedicating into his mom, but he might against the human element, pernicious remove psychosis, you do some random Lloyd and I am a rule I am. I am. Is this way you finding out from this the pandemic being locked up and have you too much damn yeah. I understand my anger now. I dont know how to fix it, but I understand what is it with? What is your anger? Its face, like I'm not gonna, be heard and things gonna go away. I don't want to be so. The second is an there's, a suggestion different than mine. I Qatar defies in my head and I dont struggle. We like we're not action I can't do that because I'm doing Jos podcast- maybe I could do that tomorrow. I just here
information and feel like I have no power, and then I got a what the fuck am. I like that. I just asked a question, and then I am so fuck it up here I have to like it takes only takes me like two minutes, come in, but put my way to the side of her head and I just go. I'm sorry married. You blew it. You're, not gonna. Reading people. You have no one to blame yourself like then I apologize like an asshole. Now by I is another thing to was Ivan. I also in this have never love my wife more. Gave me a son, and it's just like it's one of those things were Anna. That's a beautiful relays, payday egg, going like I'm real, like I'm way a more of a fuckin asshole than I thought I was I knew I was, but I didn't think I was that bad. So you realize you ve got issues, but you do
I had a solemn, that's what it is. I realize that I had issues that I thought I was past. That's what fuck me up but see you feel like, like our rights. I've taken care of that I can focus on this and is like none of this is still in this pile. You thought it was six feet. I twelve feet high and its it was now tomorrow. I think so doing. No one is part of the way to fix it, though yeah, but then you have to go through the torture of it. Of course, it's not like it's alike, like the Doktor Phil episode. Yale made understand near far can yell paper, whatever the fuck you, ok, thanks, fell and, like you, just gonna go. Do that its like men need, then you have to do the fuckin work in it so easy to just go back into your Europe. Yes, it's a deep groove, worn India part the and in trying to get out of the rotten it is easy to go back into it and just beyond auto pilot.
Really that's what people are excited dogs, separates you so much from who you are you get a chance to look yourself. It's one of the things that that comes out of I should have done that when I was younger tend to Adele like right now on the spot. Cares I don't get do it. I think a little bit of a professional in one of these future. Favorite done it we promoted. It looks great, I'm excited We saw this. He would mustache. So you say I'm done in the neck. Now do this, you do little drugs sort of mushrooms be good for you, Joe, I know you're an infant serve, but he ain't gonna win and then what I already word to me: I will be kids get out of the house and they're fucking great people of leave. I did the job than then so generating ok, we'll go when there are eighteen him and take you somewhere. I am seventy and seventy wanna get blasted together. Mushrooms are falling at that Canada, the Pacific, nor,
West, which will be burned to the ground Wednesday. The looters take over the six blocks are eventually and expanded. Twelve will be no more seattle, the trees or browser enunciated have furthermore theatre love there. It's great. I love you. I love Seattle on big family, the love that bell. You place the poor There was a it. Was a poor hall connected to a comedy club, never that Germany has noted that one went under when under real recently was fucking great, turning over the name of the place, but it was in Bellevue, A first went there with Cowan Calendars. Woman told me about, as this is my dream, a pool hall connected to it many club was the greatest. I have ever heard of love that guy he's when the fastest mines at unbelievable. How fucking funny that guy's very funny do there. It is the parlor permanently closed. Talented guy, too, I saw him one time with a bow and arrow just talking
all of this shit and somebody hit me at a ball, his eye and then he did the next Wednesday split his fuckin arrow talk shit the whole Brian. Yes, wages is at this guy's how that had one of those things eyes and dead luck, private houses terrible artery is no jack shit about our true, listen, I know what I saw who use dreaming now. I saw this. He talk shit the whole time and he did it It was fucking. Great, was echoes, watch a movie. I bought him a bow tie up I think you need to move him a little bit higher up in your brain is one of my best friends. That's how you talk about a friend. I bought him a bow. I bought him a Hoyt carbon Spyder. Really nice bow used it once he was when I can use that power getting user, but one day
if not, I would hardly have already voiced standard on the string doing curls known him. Maybe he boxes, I see where the boxing Jim likes to mix it up using its bars. My brain brain damage you fifty three years old. You can begin passionate face, yeah he's like a Jason state and fifty three that gives you got it. You have to know that do now that these old Fox, ok, we're, hang in there because you see peep icy at this point, I remember that's when I first felt old. Was when I would meet people after shows. I'm running this guy's got at least five years on me and I find out there were five years younger than me like a big thirty, three billion yeah fuck and twenty eight, He was a real twenty. Eight married three kids and I saw it that look like you know that fuck it business is business. You get shit on state like I love the rising to appoint on.
On social media harassing the yellow bird. You know Billy booze face save Billy FAT tits and all that shit like that motivates me like that. I lucky you gotta honestly, look at yourself like they're right, yet the hanging little bit her lip, I need to do some pushups. They will fuckin Paul you into getting in sheets, are you process the information now there this into that there? The seller you talk about? fetch, aiming I'm telling them that I wasn't in this business. I would be a fat fuck. I get. Blonde Oreo cookies root beer floats I'll be fuckin hammer in that shit, so going to build a manner yeah because it on Twitter. I would just have the fuckin the pussy picture, just the egg one. Nobody knows who you are, and I could be a fat fuck me like you know, he's giving people shit fatter since the last movie plaster on her shoulder? Its great is better because I've been
I finally there was another thing: is this like the shoulder thing also cause me that I had to slow down and, like the patience you need to re habit like you sit near with light first, it's just the weight of your arm doing the crawls up the wall, then you lay on your side. Then it's just the way to your arm and then who can then I wanted to, Anna Clams and now I'm up to the pink wait, the one pounds and this is the big this is the big tipping point when you go from one pound to pound, is ridiculous. Does that sound your increasing the way load by a hundred per cent? And that's You get hurt, cause you wanna get like ice people do live fifteen pounds, you know twenty pound twenty five they'll do does, though, set you sets used to do here and now I five You know what it's really hurting, I beach for some salt and like it reset it. So what I do is I just get solely work, my way up to three sets of twenty and then, when I gotta two pounds when I do it I'll just
three sets of three some way beneath the weight load that I did and then you gradually its requires that all of this patients that I don't fuckin have. What is wrong with this When I had a parasite, is this one? I actually I fucked up something else in this way: is totally fine now but not using as much does not using this one. So I I do the rehab on both sides to keep em equal. I've been a lot of cork alot of back shit that I never did, which is how my shoulder get fucked up, because I just did the eighty six June. This did everything up here. Where out what I could see I worked on. So all back here was I we can't flock and hold this shit seven it. My my shoulders boat in one was higher than the other and then eventually EC. It's got pinched else. Do these fuckin things? I know that's for is, but I didn't do anything we chose to, for the middle of my boy packer lower back. All of this, I don't what the fuck I'm talking areas. Bands, These are good, will not get hurt, and is a product called cross over similar
It's a series of different weight down. Show it to you out here. I have it attached to the one of the bars when the cages and these these bands that come in in fifteen lb, twenty five lb, forty lb bunch of different weight. It take these things. I do a whole series of exercises with my show it's great. It keeps everything strong and you're not really unit you not putting my once. I get waits guide like to look at that. I'm not gonna do it, but once I get to a certain level of strength, but the things you can do it, it's gonna hurt you because you you're, not you just doing it lightly lawsuit come in here. I believe that this is the start of something I just forgot something. I learned about myself. That should come to me as far as like with rehabilitation, but it also came into my personality. Just something
I kind of all this is what I learned about myself and why I didn't miss stand up because it was freaking me out is cause. What I experienced as a kid straight across the board made me go to this mental place of like guy. Don't care. Fuck it. I don't care, I don't need it. I don't give a shit and that caused that cause. That's what caused everything the Waldorf and that actually feeds into rehabbing injuries, because I was a big moment for me where I got this fucking console thing that I'm trying to put in my podcast studio and I was supposed to deliver. It and bring it in their right. So the day they will deliver it. My wife went into labor. So I went to the hospital and then they showed up- and I didn't want them going out my garage and got all my memorabilia, and should I just Didn'T- want people in there unless I was there, so I said I just have them drop it off. I thought was going to be a boy
and it was already assembled and was fuckin big right and it was also the weight load of it. I was asked as like Africa, I keep my arms and like this, it's mostly biceps allows do this. I was gonna, do this stupid german, irish fuck it and it what it was gonna do was gonna set me back. Once again, like I had a big set back in February, I had an acting gig and they say it was a stupid. Little action thing is a wall put your hands on it hop over. Can you do that? Unlike am I shoulda fills pretty good, the second unlike data like lightning go now my shoulders. I fuck right back, fuckin, tuna canning and all that shit, so I actually had friend come over. We were gonna, do it, I said you know. Do I owe you fuckin dinner is something I am not doing this, and I called up this guy that I knew was construction copy and are you gonna couple its strong young guys that can just move this thing in there and I just had them do it and in like
that's something then I'm pushing through where it helps me the comic and also helps me deal with highly emotional shit cause. I can just shut shit off and just do what I have to do with, Works like back in the day when you gonna do Letterman, which was fuckin terrifying, it's freezing cold and you just have to be like fuck this. Just it's just fuckin people this is just a different shiny floor. That's freaking me out and as an eye constant net that desk, I had that rules to shut that up, which is great for that moment, but it's terrible for the rest you fucking life like this shit. That's that just religieuses shit in me, tat. I need did that I have not dealt with death of friends, all of that. Shit is just sitting in here and I think also like when. People then go like I. Can you do this out the fact that only like, like it's not all, just that, I'm not gonna get what I want. A lot of that is like you get
this shit that you sit non so you're sitting on all that you haven't addressed it. So then it just it is the only way for the steam come out is like for you snap Ever so, It is really not fair the people around you back to be honest with you, so therapy we're yeah yeah, but about meditating. Your mandate! We have I find the guy's voices fuckin annoy you, don't have the blessing almost every time, I'm gettin. He starts talking talking again and then he's Using this really soothing care voice that makes face all of that shit that I didn't get growing up, which makes me angry at this person. That's trying to help me well, yeah.
Quarantine is not a bad thing for what it's worth. You're, always fun to hang around with. I always enjoy your company. I don't have any issues with any of your crazy, but I have a crushing need to be liked, so I tone my country is one of our most recent. My wife, me hang out with her one time. She'll tell you some fuckin stores, I'm sure. Well, the you that I get out like that, helps you yeah. You know the deal, you don't know anybody till you live with them all right. You know, I will. I will not accept your compliments. That's not my first who's, the guy that run in the meditation. Now that's annoy you did abuse- and I want to put the guy on last, but yeah do ok. Let me know he's great his grace graduation,
he's trying to help people after you should do without a doubt. Do I got a guy? I was too I can't say I can't say what I said nowadays. I cannot say what I said, but a moment no is plain pick a party and I suck right, but I'm having a good time out the unjust near Mount they're trying to get a sweat downright. I met my head down and would play no contact him because I have is really my father and my head down, Skype, fuck and knocked me down on the other team. It goes that you are right when I said that I still fuckin regret I was so mad at him that he was carrying in that moment. I want us, so what is wrong with me, while. You you're really trying to come to grips with other shit right now, yeah because I don't want to pass this shit on my kids. That's what happens as drawing up
when people are like, if people say my kids are not like me, like I'm, my good, that's weird, but I do I do Think that a lot if they'll eyes, you know she's, like you know happy. Go like great I forget what somebody said, one time about my daughter, she's, like Jesus angel right and they made some sort of the comic made. The comment, you know thicket. It was gonna hurt me and I was like. I do. That's fine the music to my ears. I don't want to be like me: don't using their return, hurt you and they said now, it was one of those comic things where they don't have kids. So it is a guys and they don't know what to say so. Then they gonna like make a fucking joke a body might a comedian on my birthday? He goes a high be destroying your mother's uterus day. And I just member, laugh and going like out. There's a guy is doable more work than I have to
We can say I can say. I know what I mean. I know what it is. It was. Boston comic and he could just say happy birthday, because that would be gay. So he has to go system over correct that has to go to that level. It's so fuckin stupid is probably why guys die before women. Yeah on this shit and as all that stuff, you know. Can't say enjoy sunset Joe. You can't do it what up, but I don't know why I know you do I don't like to think about you. You can also beat the shit out of most people in a fuckin room, so you got that so people can be like allow Does she want to hear that from you when they see Spinning heel, kick they want to know that you enjoy sunset cuz, like I, don't want the. If this guy's is angry as I am and can do all of that shit. What are my odds?
Nadia. So you want to see that out of a guy like you, the guy, like you, don't want to see it, they want to see you enjoying the sunset. I don't read I don't know what I am I am through in here to understand me this is a very sad. I have a very weird thing. I have an alley. I personally that works. I somehow turned into a living there, but the rest of it looks like suffrage. The yard old, radiators and bed frames and shit. It's a fucking mess. It's interesting cuz! I never seen you this introspective. Are you really trying to work it out? You really thinking about it than I ve ever seen. You think about it before you ve always joked around about it. You know
in all the years of knowing you. It's always been a part of the things you talk about, but it seems much more at the forefront of your consciousness right now. It's something you really need to work on. You really realise I, this is I'm gonna fixes ya, think it started last year during the movie. Ah, he brings back at a movie. Is there was a bunch of shit that I had the play that I never had to play. For you only be allowed fuckin asshole. I can do that. Then, all of a sudden like a lot anxiety about a lot of stuff. Like my character had two kids and like the first time I meet the kids, it's classic acting, where it's just like you just show up. I don't I took this. Acting class. This guy Brendan here. He was great. He was saying like it was talk about what it's like to go on. A movie set its ass, like I have to have access to all these emotions. Cuz you showing up, and it's just like okay- your this guy. This is your dad. You mother just died and action.
It's like what cause that's the way it goes did just goes real, quick, so yeah, so I have to play like this, so I got two kids here: The first day I met them, we had to do. The family photo. They want to have one of the things in the background for a scene, so you have to and I'm not going like volcano. I gotta act like I love you, Kids away. I love my kids like an that's was really confronting for me, as far as how I'm wide were fuck you. I don't need any body so, I had like a fuckin panic attack before Lake real. Even that thing like just me and like just a comic were you just like dude? I just I stand on stage. I do shit jobs for fuck. Now we give the check it and I fuckin leave Oaks, fucking leave right in stay here. It's like now you, You are now in a schedule
me tells you where you have to be so, like you know, I was like a cat on a leash. All of a sudden like I have to be all these places, I'm freaking out about that, and then they had to do the picture with the kids. So what I did was I just I got myself into a really silly mood was deliberately hours Joking with all the other actors. I was making fun of myself. I was joking with, Anybody that anything to do with the movement and this really silly stupid move I just to get myself. Had space and then I met them. I saw joking around about what I look like. So what you dad look like and then they started laughing. So when I took the picture, we were actually laughing about a joke. I was making about myself and then I looked at the pictures and they they look. They looked real. They look like I love these kids. So I got over that hurl. So like threw out the shoot you obviously see the shit Yelena PETE. It's like I can fuckin do that all day, but all
and other stuff, and it's like ok and no job would be like ok and then you meet Margie and your smitten acts like smitten I know I've never had I've been smitten and but I've, never a comedian. I don't think give a really going stage in your view. To do something where you were smitten. Your met, you're, making fun of that emotion and stupid things. Are you doing now? We need you to play this real, like you really have just, and I might saw unlike indoor. He goes not on. Your love struck like a lightning bolt and I'm just like as out she's like I don't know how to fuckin do this in the EU. I'm gonna be my head to head persons, one and all I think I saw you know just going through all that shit. So it took me probably two weeks on the film I was too weak send they had shot enough. My my shit we're outside. I then not going to fire me. I can kind of
lack of, and then, after that I have, I had an idea tat. I had a great time fucking great time best. I've had on any act, gigs and I've had a lot of fun throughout the year. So I think that's, what's what has started and I was kind of like trying to it. Communicate it to my wife and she doesn't know what I'm talking about. She's like you do in a movie, this is fucking great. She has access to opposites, attracts she gets access to all that shit. She's. Actually, you know a fuck way better actor than I am and stuff. So I she helps me out a lot, so after those two weeks. I was able to chill and then I had a great time and I got over bunch of hurdles and with this is like growing is a comic where it's like. Ok, I I know how to do. This is a comic. What if I try to act, something out? Oh, that's! Not my safe space now start like an open micro. Again then I going like me and accepting spots the store go home live
but my parents. I start doing that shit, show going on up here. John. Did you watch it after was done yeah I watched the initial cut of it. And then I saw the final version of it and everything that enjoy it yeah. It's one of those that you just to you. You know everything that was. There wasn't there and like an like, especially with jokes like that there was. There was some yeah, there's always gonna be stuff that you are God. I wish why they cut their which they put the same. But like is as far as like the movie itself. I loved it how it works in the way put it together and as the opening seen that's in them We initially was in the middle of a movie and somebody jarred on our who came up with a brilliant idea to put that seen first and it totally changed the tone of the movie and then that's when it like took off, because I saw real rocket and was like this is a bunch of funny shit and I
but I have ever talk to add its a movie like when they watched their First cut in the movie they like, oh my god, I'm never going to never gonna work in this business. Again I just wasted my fuckin. You know I was We talking to one of the actors who would directed one of my favorite movies. Trees, lounge, stable shamming, made that movie and he told his whole list. Fucking hilarious story about the or you know when he put the first cut that he watched of it like he just like went home like a zombie. You know I got on my like how am I going to make such a great movie by Tom used on editing, but his first like look at it, so that help me out a guy's good. His him have in that type of thought. He was just like out she's. I think that should all the time you know this I can if he thinks that in this is normal feeling, I got some kind of normal to think this shit soya. So they think that started it and then I just kind of would have
just been happy to get through the movie, and then that would have been it and then I had to be quarantined. Oh we get continent. So myself, typical self, involve me. Nobody's county in an. I just became me sitting around and I was like I'm not watching tv, because this is gonna fuck. You make me feel like claustrophobic watch and others news and shit trying to be informed, so I kind of went away from that and then I was in the house with me just sitting there, and everybody was asleep at this fuckin just thinkin thinking, but on a bad way I'd. I dont think what doesn't seem like it's bad way. It seems that give isolated some of the things that you you have a problem with the need to work out mean that that's one great leap on the way to figuring it out, knowing what you're trying to work on some people go to their whole life, not understanding what the fuck is wrong. I'm Joe for those people who are group allow those people, those people watch tv, alter now
yes, they are who they are and they just can do that. There is some. I either I have some fucked up this people like when I look at people that just do whatever the fuck they want to do. Like who doesn't want to just fuck Anita large cheese, pizza and finish off with a pint of ice cream. Like those people that Do that I know they pay for it, but there is some in the be some written this book right now on Bobby Lane, was a quarter back for the EU Detroit Lions and there's all these legendary thickest story. So legendary you, don't you know whether the dead, the legend isn't where the truth is, but like sky ART, Donovan, you tell a story about how we use other team in each sector and in always get up and Bobby Breed. Don't guess? Jesus Christ, man, where the fuck did you go last night in Bobby alleged,
said last night he goes. I had a couple of pops at half time. You know these choice for fuckin lunatics and he lived this for he had this wide array of friends. Really progressive where he D, like you know, through playing sports year after american friends, and if they were to go Someplace, nay said you Frankie come any GSM when I fuckin Goin Anna Misguided was in the fifties and Sixtys right, it he was always like tat, but he died like fifty eight and fifty nine, and it was hard for all of us and to see him, you know not be unlike the legend, but there is a great part in the book. Where he's talking about life and like no one. You know he probably should have gone easier, but like this big, While came on his face tat, he kind of did it the way he wanted to completely do love to go home and kill a bottle of bourbon right now. I would love to smoke another fuckin five of these fuckin things better get three people dependent on me
Why are there is something to be said about living in all those people who, just like I like boys, I like it I get drunk and in just found wanting every night I'm fuckin gonna do it. I live at home. I want to get a pizza Aachen pizza, you do pay for it, but there is. I made me think of life, well. Why me from outer, but what's the what's that lifelike as opposed to Well, I know I got to make sure I eat my brussel sprouts and I flake of any kind of ensure way to death, as opposed to just being like fuck. It pizza, taste, good. I want pizza fuck it I'm having one Let's try every bourbon that guy, like I love them, let me doc when he just had all those, so The greatest thing. Let me thing is in those guys are saying. Let me go what you want. Subject: Amazon, oh yeah, and he takes a bottle down and then here both of them their own bottle and they were like what the fuck is. He starts to drink and out of his leg examined a coke didn't raise,
it's fucking two letters, but when you watch the let me doc he goes dude if ice. That thing when I was in my twenties and I knew where he was gonna live to be. Seventy goes I never would have stopped. His last days were, after a member everybody's last days, a rough unless you drop dead, but his last days and performing mean he basically performed and told the wheels fell off? Is a video of him, like one of the last shows that he did what he had a walk off stage, the middle of his performance He was such a fucking badass, even like just the way he had the microphone. The way he would sing. We just can't hit in the fucking Bass was all alone can't teach that man that cat was fucking in his dna. While he lived it, that's for sure, and he is a legend and there's some be said, for that. Does it's all what you put your energy too? Yeah, how you like I ignored, is the balls to live that, like indulging in wild yeah we're
like this. Is all this heroism to sobriety, but at which there is being sober and just taken life from the face every day is, is fuckin hard and I think, to see someone. But that has the balls even with all the surgeon general shit is I'm sitting smoking a fuckin cigar looking for a toothpick, if you have one now, no toothpick was kept the peace, a stick rhetoric, Germander third puckered sticking in here. This is why it to stop cigars can thus, Margaret on my fuckin fingers little that thing down. Jesus Christ, you're humanistic, is that waste, but they handsomely a knife. Wiles gonna. Are you gonna do it? I don't need you Joe. I don't need any body. Good luck.
You need a roach clip you another cigars. You have to do that. We are now. This is the best part. That's the best part of Europe s most flagrant. The smokers. Rightly, I feel you in therapy. Listen, I'm a therapist. Listen, don't switch the kid glove tone with me right now, just fucking! Aren't you I'm sorry about that justice. Just trying to assess the situation now are, you is that we are training is taught yes, you talked alleys. Whack jobs in Europe can plug gaps. That, let me thing is you know, that's one of the things that people love about my suitcase ever. He know he supposed to eat. Well, everybody knows you're not supposed to get fucked up every night, everybody knows you're supposed to be responsible and mature and and smart
but we do just why work it didn't work out can be slip, loaded american users wild while to the end- and I think you need you- need people like you do. You do cause? You can get a lot out of the way that they live, where every once in a while, you re making our factors, the scope but be Lameter died. Art of those people to those while people, the book, Caskeys and SAM tennysons no levies and the people are just fuckin, go hard. There's something to that. There is something to that too. This is also something that people are stuck in a. What what's interesting to me is the just the range of people I get and get things out of me, but drink water and meditating on fascinated by them and fascinated by people who was watching some do you know Russell Simmons. He lives. Where do you live like
Bali or Indonesia, something that he was doing. Instagram alive, live and he's doing it cross. Legged with, like Some crazy yoga shawl over his knees and shed in like look like an ashram and he's like is, is basically talking like a yogi internationally. This guy was the head of deaf Champ. Any Gallagher really really really into yoga, and now he lives in some countries. Fuck, it does yoga is doing in Vietnam. Live talking to people like like a guru. Yeah? I'm gonna go their heart, I'm not either other I'll. Do you I mean? I cannot do my own version of yoga to shit that I've learned do dual yoga I stretch all the time I have to cost. I know you
get to a certain age. If you don't, I mean you know, I love structure yeah, you can't go. Do all that shit so anyway, enough of that give Turkey a glass yeah. I got yoga you the I almost I just felt like I couldn't breathe now and I remember who also like my back, was fucked up. That's why I went to the class and the put dyke deposit since she started out with there was the twisting was happening to quickly. So I can went down the man. I was doing all the thing and the teacher got like all freaked out by it She's come on. Let's try to stay with the class, you can't be a busted out all these different answers and I just started fuckin laughing. I was just thinking like this is us about listening to your body and your literally you'll, the oil man in here trying to control. This is your own little fuck and economy, and just the fact that I fuck you're walking around like you got it all, figured out
get ninety nine percent of people here all doing what the fuck you say and one guy down. There was mad because his back is fucked up and you our it like I'm fuckin with your authority in a yoga class. So with my broad brush ice. Forgot, yoga, delirious yogi teaches like everything else, some of em you enjoy. So, if I'm going to be really good at it and someone going to know the fuck out of you, but a noise, a fuck out of When we start giving you motivational advice and telling you how to live your life, you ve got learn to let go of things like for me and then tell some personal story. And so what I got out of that like Jesus Christ, we fucking move on here. I didn't come here I hear your first grade I used to go monetary psychology was a great class. It was a great class, but the dude he had every fuckin awesome. I like
was after a while ago. I was just psychologically breaking this guy down and something happen. To him at a gold. Jim. I don't know what happened to him. He just was forever making. Of muscle, heads- and I was thinking yoke- is I've had the hybrid thing going on. Like I love your breakfast fucked up, my shawl, I loved lifting waits. I love go into the German all that shit and I liked the energy in a gym. You know I liked it and the old school ones right when the guy just walk round the towels tucked into their fuckin, doing that shit. And he was forever shitting on it and then Another thing that he would do with. He would also somehow steer towards like a subtle comment about love making in the way to an end putting out like his vibe that he was good in bed that's a year, your guy move
You know any other little pony Taylor sounds like a will: Ferrell Character whose money is as this like. This is like. Who is like a real life like will Pharaoh like night, just really just like. I know everything kind of guy who was he wasn't as bad as that, but it was just a thousand at it funding so nice to sit there. Yeah. This is like this dude New York Imo is fuckin unawares, and what was hilarious was. I was bad yoga is that yes positions, that, if you doing it man, you just you know where your bodies as we possibly right. I just remember when he would walk around the class and he would just people hate always skip
and then a just some hot chick who was way by flexible, really doing it right. As I'm sitting, I emphasise and I never needed an adjustment of corn. There was. This was like the ninety, so you get away with this. There was a lot of adjusting like this. Almost coupling, titty and fucking life gets shit on the hymns and none Yan. God bless him so occupied piper. I always hot chicks in there and get em all stretched out before he banged up and it worked. So I couldn't hate for that, but it was I to get through the class, is I've five, such fuck and eighty d. I was It was like a comedy show going on within it, like you know, like house, in, like a couple buddies out there, you got to go, you know what to do with it lean like a bat when he's going to how many times I can assure the Jim, what does he say- Ah What would he say he would talk about it? We talk about the so heads coming in there and they had no
flexibility and you know how everything was all like over developed, but you know he would always be doing some fucked up pose or something because this works on yours. So as like what machine in the gym? You know, if you are so as machine I can't I was like fuckin was a long time ago, and at first a piss me off its historic lie like fuckin. Do curls was wrought, etc. And then it just became funny to me- there's a specific type, a guy that site that I went to a year. I once used to seeing classes, maybe wound up. Like you wanna bang in, lady that was there was a lot back in the day. I can't do it. I was a lot of an active lotta. This is like, I guess it is late nineties early two thousands, maybe and he would sing in class and was so cheap who so
ingenuous, like you. Do these, like yoga songs, are what you are so growth. I was the only one now you know but president, but the aim is for the there was, but there was some really good one. That I'd like I found out. You know some dad. It's really good ones. This is really whose guy go too. I mean you hear talk you think he's gonna be annoying Skype, pierce nipples the whole deal, but he's really sincere really into it he's so. Gay he so gazing oozing when he talks but- and I say so, carried out at me- the weight so gay, like the way talks were here. We're here here supposed to be here. Let it go and buddy that's who he is. Like he's comfortable.
He's one that is, that lays class. Well, that's the thing is: if its January, I then it becomes this great thing there. That's who is he's yeah, it's it's like whoever the fuck you are. If that's who you are like Ireland. I don't want you to try to sell me on who you are like the guy with Love many got eyes. Two hours of this party selling you on who they are is where it gets really gross pretending to be something you're not not be mean, like flaws. Good. Well, have you no, sir. My fair people are off line Her mind is not even that guy was flawed, he was just he wishes, like normally you would think of a guy was talk like that e g o class. I does not gonna be fun, but it was greater discipline,
people that are really good at it. Man, Sis, finding em, you know I like the place it. I go to just look at the schedule like to go and take our class. I like him, he's fine, and this is one duty- is weird tattoos like real strange like I was to be clean, took us is somewhat sweating going on. I hope you will you go like those hot yoke, as this is no way to get this. The floors were sweating like this no waiting, he's got accepted so good for your body, so good for your stretching too, because you can get into positions when you do in hot yoga that you're not gonna get into an it's like real. Stretching that tissue out extending your range emotion. I love it. Fuckin evangelist, for though I tell somebody people to do a lot of evil listened, but more people get annoyed by love when you guys do the sober October. You know no cigarette fuckin car,
sure dry out three, we have said they set out, look like movie stars and shit. That, fellow, is what would we did the fitness one. We did once all brought over fitness challenge. We are worthy, sir, these straps and we had to compete to suit and get the most fitness pointed toward. Are you gonna fuckin, six pack like art got shredded. Iq doesn't work out a week before there was never workin out and over the course of the month by the end of the month, he had a legit six back. They look great so he's always pretty wire either yeah he them, then they got fat at one point time, because He was eating nothing but candy He was literally in candy all day long. He was always always all your bag. Gummy bears weatherman shit like that, but then so the message would Dantes. I gotta play the message. Him congratulate me. Haven't a kid. It's so already so fuckin funny but yeah, he he dried out with that and then
They never gained back, but he never never that six back again, he was shredded, gives you a super competitive he's really trying to win. It was really interesting so interesting to watch. I know- and I ll tell Bert, with due to wear Bert, would have liked He would always have like a crazy build up. That was totally against what he told me. This story, About him running the Fuckin l, a marathon, unlike linking the night before it s like do. You could have fuckin dive, Now I ve never really train for but hate, but he just, but he he he's mentally straw he just got himself in this mindset of put one foot in front of the other, and I am not stopping until I get finish line twenty six miles, fuck off for a fat guy. We did it catch me doing that. No no marathon, runnin! Now
on no. I was now I'd I'd to write a bike. I did for a while, and I get so into an what time I ass she was drinking in the afternoon and I still had to go and buy Grana gonna bike shit. Faced with sweating museum letter, no helmet know nothin and just fuckin road like like twelve miles, and I never had heard the expression I never felt hitting a wall like Whatever the electoral laser, there was nothing left, and I was like six miles Missy costs. It is all kinds of hills and shit from my house, and ours, like I dont think I do What am I gonna do there? Was no cell phones like what am I going to do so I just kept riding, and then it was like this five men like I'm gonna die, I'm not gonna get to us, and then I just got to the other side with a
my borders aside. I there must be something like death, speed chasing us. So we need to go into something else here and I pushed into that's it they say happens when you do an ultra marathons, those people they get to a point where they think there's no wedding, keep Goin to do in a hundred miles and the thirty eight miles in the radio quit, but they just managed to keep left right, left right, left right. And eventually you go into a zone and nearly eight the finish line. Twenty hours later, God bless him. That's that I would just what that you have all people, handier copses, Shit, Nick, yes, TAT is a lot of things you have to do knows was twenty four hour. Races you have to eat, run drives a regular marathon. Vietnam are not there as well loans and built, or has been a great therapy session that is badly season for coming out on how you have time to do the how the fuck do you have time to do efforts for family as well as dead,
while on the other shit, you do programmes delegation, you you, you surround yourself with super talented people. You do your job They do their job and you are able to be able to do. That is able to do it, but I I I needed this break them, the lady I needed to. I didn't think I needed it. I thought it was fine, but now I am like fuckin champion the bit to get back on state it makes away like yeah I monsieur and people and hang him a complex and here in the crisis shit, they say next icy opens at the store yes or the tributor troubadour around them in a bar lays gentlemen. Thank you. So my brother, thank you for and return into the show, and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to the sensational blue. Moon beer, you can get it delivered, to your home. You know have to go anywhere, get bloom, delivered by visiting get dot,
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