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#1495 - Kyle Dunnigan

2020-06-19 | 🔗
Kyle DunniganĀ is a writer, actor and comedian. Check out his hilarious Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/kyledunnigan1/
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any mattress order or get twenty five dollars off when you spend a hundred bucks or more on great gifts for dad now through June. Twenty third offer excludes bundles the lament mattress and sail items limit one offer customer and order. Please see Casper dot, com site ash terms for additional terms and conditions. My guest today is a frequently brought up person because, in my opinion he has the very funniest internet social media page he is bitter page and his instagram are both fuckin. Equally, hello is because he does these amazing things face swap things here, there is comic, he's a great guy. We had a great time. Please welcome. The powerful
an amazing Kyle done, will gain experience. My darling, it's most marijuana this dangerous. Gonna, go crazy. Yes, don't you watch those movie I forgot about the pot drugs will make you crazy. They'll make you nuts iii time of those old videos, the old time, a blackened way where they lived for madness. Yeah Do you know where those are those are funded by her way? Miranda. First, Zira a piece of shit here, the position arise, bad and his daughter brought a gun into a bag. Wow right, maybe projector money, she's richest Fox vanishes, Robin Laplace, rather unfair Patty, her patio stats right must be related Riah. What would she the granddaughter? I think the granddaughter too young to be the daughter like we have no information. Well enough,
let's go. Let's broadcasting millions right down here I started getting here. Will patio yeah that underwriting Storwell, William, Dr Hirsch is also the reason why does while pigs in California has wisely, because that asshole brought them to his ranch. You won't have a menagerie. I think that the correct term menagerie of animals he's a. Thirty person you can visit Hearst Castle. Is this crazy place? Yeah yeah? I want to go there he's so northern California, as kind of an infestation of wild pigs, and it's because directly because of William Randolph Hearst, really pigs that left his compound start fucking and running through words like there is. That's that's the place. I feel you need solving look, it's era nearer the solve, while pigs the hardest animal to solve in terms of like invasive species because they fuck like crazy. And they breed like three times a year. So one pig can have like three letters in a year
pigs, love to FUCK did Lula. Always there are the dirty pigs disobeying away where they had some infestation and they brought in this other animal to get it, but they brought the wrong animal, and then that became the infestation again, so they don't have enough information about ya. Think that's must I think, you're incorrect about that, because for something that could kill pigs, it would to be a big predator. Like a cow know, this wasn't pegs look at different infestation why it was. It was fully slightly related to your story Well, I know they did then Australia, Australia, fuck themselves up hard core brought in animals to kill animals and those animals one running or mark and killing, it always seems to have deprived cats like house cats, driven infestation of while house cats in Australia. Let's cut acute its further, but it's sick because of bow hunters are like paid to hunt cats like people are paid bound.
These four house cats. So an australian hunting magazines you'll see guys holding up a house cat. Would you get per cat? Binkie gentle can take care of your cat tails, ya, don't say: let's not Beaver Peltzer. Until now, it's really valuable. We're ready, gone weren't gonna really hit it four times. Man, I'm already not starting often allow. I can't come only requires you. Points were spit in fact: son yeah, wild animals, while tat you're gonna tell me about the mustard weed, and once you said that enough see mustard, we you said that I do not see mustard. We and the crazy, I think, came from Russia that crazy beautiful, yellow we that covers the hills and California is really pretty. I owe you know those awesome. I thought it was paid to tell me as a weed now. Thalers grass does not weird He called one plant one thing and other planets fuckin plant. What will we really racist with plants? We our planet's you know we're planets
So if you see like a beautiful green grass, but it's got some weird like daisies pop up people get mad. Those daisies they're nice pocket, daisies, Rona, biographical plot read them out of their life. Thank you you're, not what I want the other very eye of alarm, but that they want uniform desire grass, I'm right and that weird thing that we do a lot alone is a weird thing, Hausa which controlling nature and on a large scale in our own community our little yard. We have little spot, we lock down. We want that. Grass nice that crest, nice and cut cleaner to thing again it will sit back. The good at what is happening with grass, and when you see wise and make you feel so good like I don't play golf, but I feel good. I see a golf course as we green agree this night, It is a uniform, even walk on it. So danger nice, your feet, but it's also you? U controlled! That shit like that men took that grass and bend to their will. Yet I feel good
yeah fuck, you fuck you only their fuck, you trees, you ever get we ever, reading. The report trees before chop trees down fuck off tree there that the man is Jonathan, lumberjack out for sure, honey, chick lumberjacks, other three, there's gotta be. Travis women on the planet, lumberjack checks is M M female Emma Fight is like a man and Nunez and then lumberjack chicks after the after the chain saw. That's all that, like its tales, dangerous fuck, you right things go wrong. All time people hit with trees, we ve talked about I don't know anything about me to unknown talking about maybe we'll never get it by trees pressure. I think that you pretty safe turns out lumbered. Never die there. They live older than everybody, not. I think they think they die all the time. I think watches there. If you see a fuckin tree like a big Ass oak tree, my car, that's a lot of weight, yeah! That's it
it crush you so earlier. If you fuck up in it hits it takes about it, hit somebody or amount chop trees down, but you just deal with. So which way the air I can imagine like someone thought of you, don't know what you're doing your Nassau unease bought a plot of land. I'm gonna be a farmer and used to have a Dell trees by yourself. You can kill yourself easy the wedge. I the wedge, don't know I'm told me, but they do have a method to it: but a lot. But I wonder how many women w crazy realities, They probably already done it lumberjacks, yet had that lumbered data that weird thing where they climb a pole, real quick. They do lumberjack contents hands as they like, yeah with those you run on a law guy in the water right, the logs outcomes are Lula ailing across the street. Infuse because I'm a lumber Jill is that what they call him just looked at a ok, I don't need be disrespectful, talk lotion,
hell on a guy's wine lumber, Jill cow under you, don't even right right, Mama although there are some big ass women, big strong women that fuck you up, You like a strong woman Gioia about our models, can't carry thinks she's visit. Girls are throwing axes and shit. Oh my god, dear that's a tough If you want to make a warrior child, if I went and when yeah then get through a winter hell, yeah yeah, they can do can walk to the road. Did you find number guilders, UNESCO. I think he did we just took a gas in Theirs refunded show about. It showed how they there's a guy. Fun games labour. Let's try to name and come up with an act that doesn't exist and its action, We really are. Oh, my god. I would imagine, there's a bunch of wizards like really smart kid
sit around trying to do that right now? I didn't take the picture. The sword is at the end you can to individual sword awesome and Don't you have like this like whisky? You give everybody Johnson Whisky this too much now, sir, come a little a little ever seen you forever had out with a communist or embargo, it's just beautiful to be in the room with an eye. Now it actually is really nice to humans. So, unless you have Thomas yeah, like dogs, they observe is best I quote him all the time it was a great quotas. Had I quit colony, but I couldn't quit comics. That's nice I, when I'm, am Normie norms. Farming's Nora noise, like aye aye, Sir reading. This was my bigger data because I've been focusing on an unlike Christoph, where nominate Dayton, two thousand twenty, while my big here, and there's a covert yet, but I got an absent met, a couple, a girl's chatting with board at home. I am sweet, nice people, but Just when you don't know someone right under the banner comic rests. It's like if you ve, never met,
them you're, not. You know, hooking up and having dinner, but whatever just talk to a stranger in the phone about their cat its I had to end all that some People don't know what it sounds like when they talk just drawn on, and they seemed to know oh, my god, you're killing me pay attention to pay attention. Not I can't take what you say: read the room just blah blah blah blah some people just have some shit in their head and I going to get it out they're going to vomit it out onto your ears. It's abuse, if you look at it, it doesn't matter how lonely tat and then I repeat themselves, and they get out like make a big deal out of sheer there's, not a big deal. You gonna want to run through a fuckin wall, That's not what I did so maddening has occurred. Let your life is passing by your while it is money, but it the good thing is what it really does. I'm a bright side of the coin.
The bright side of the coin, I believe some real expression mixed up. My Freshets above glass, the glasses came down. From a glass at last, her soul of coins at this is a good stuff presages. The buffalo trees I already someone's gotta put it all cap on, may do so for now we're talking now. I feel bad for any listener. We want to make a public apology already we fuck this thing, we're both having children two two thousand twenty two two thousand year of all gonna make this is: are they gonna mulligan those due to play golf? What's amalgam mean to do over, well, it's the scraps, peaceful Europe regret I liked it tells two things: people don't agree with it at the last minute. I can only make tonight eleven clink rude, I think gonna, be a lot of good comes out of this year. A really do this. I like talking about positive stuff. What is
thinking as well. I think people realise, in society, and civilization, hangs on by a thread in some cases and in when a series of events can happen. It can derail our life radically. Dont. Think people really aware that that was possible before I think there's a lot of things going on the latter peering mindsets and can cope competing ideologies and his lot of anger going on the world right now and then there's this fuckin fear that comes with a pandemic. Everything pen Its ramp up. Everything like, as I have to think but we're thinking about it's just a pandemic bets also of there's a mind disease, like a fear disease that sweeping through the land to, and I feel it gets like a year you're. You're resources are being used up in so many different directions that it's like yours, overrun. So when the
people reacting so violently two things lately, there's everything is just wrapped up and I feel like there's this like a certain level of other things, that you can tolerate in your life, when you have so many things compounding piling on top of each other the reason why they say the people get road rage is because it's not just here in a car and some does I'm stupid, but your set your senses are heightened because you you're going sixty miles an hour. So very aware. It's a very different feeling radically I consider that we thought when I first heard about our road rages, people, Vienna Pussy, I could be an mean, while you locked in this robust. As you know, the you can't nobody can say anything to you there, but it's not just that. It's fear like zero. Can driving fast and it's like everybody Fox up someone's technical in your land. You could die so because of that, because we, have this in our head. It causes
to be like extra wrapped up, and I think that's how we are right now with everything because of covert even if you don't have covert. Even if you are worried about covert what it's done, it made everybody ramp up, so everybody's almost got road rage, so everybody I like a little bit more stressed out and they ve ever been before living more wrapped up and everything gets exaggerating, everything gets blown out and there so many more instances of scary thing so you're being seen in the news, and so a few instances of really nice things and it's like fun Weird combination of things to try to manage your eye I've never rage before my life like screamed and raged, and though, in this thing have and I was it, took me right either few temporary raged its understandable They are totally understandable, but its total, understandable mean we're, we're all expected to manage our energy and our anxiety and were expected do perfectly we're spoke of war or expected
be exactly who we were for five months ago before this should happen. I think that's crazy I think people are under like mad fucking, weird stress that we'd never experienced before right economic stress, the stress of the virus. I think we just need to fucking make a collective global effort, a collective effort to just be nicer to each other it's possible. I think we can realise that yeah. Look. What can happen. Look, how sideways everything can get. We just get. I can go into words or less work together. What's What do you want? Do you? Don't you one nice neighbours, I one nice neighbours. So if I want nice they don't. I want all nice city donor, how nice community don't. I want a whole nice country why an impossible it, because if you like Munich well recently, I felt sorry your brother, I and some people are trying to do just that. It's hard to like there's too much of our time is spent. Can we carry on like social media stuff, is too much time. The etiquette
to one dimensional and its two you'd. It's too frequent, so too many interactions, we're not getting. Like real, human feedback, you're, not getting real love and not getting real friendship. You do you're talking just the ether IKEA typing things into. As you know, on the other, and so let's get interpret it, but it's a tear it the worst way to communicate and that's most of what people are doing today. So the ineffective on emotional, on connecting way to communicate, is the most common right and that's why we're acting like Fucking nuts. Do you deal of? Do you think we can back off that? Yes, we have back up to you to flip for that on the whole, we have flit. Phones, you have to go, better text, recognition, software or voice to tax recognition, software, so you just talk your messages into a flip phone. So all anybody
text you and call you just leave me off of everything at text. People are just two worked up: The two worked up about everything was something they should be worked up about, but the problem is no balance cost almost all the stuff that their angry about. That's why they want to text and tweet in Facebook about and very little of the stuff, what's the ratio of like really cool stories like that make you feel good too. Other horror in the news with the ratio. Ninety- something to one. Ninety some to want is a new one. Does a cloud of dust it's coming from Africa across the Fuckin Oceans, guys out really this year. The devil scripted this year? What is it? What does it do dust? I don't know man no dusk fly that far all the way across the ocean in that crazy, whereas it right now like another subject where a defcon I presume shit. What happens? It's that's the guy,
I don't know I just read in those like, oh my god, and they said Yellowstone ready to blow. That scares me the most the most we're pretending we're over here. Pretending that this. This is all permanent happens a few times. Does it really the common, but what is it? What is it do? Losses is out of proportion for the news, I think just the headline sounds great: how headline cells, terrible than when I found says it's a silver lining, so it's actually kind may be a good thing, though, signifies a dry, very dry layer in the atmosphere and hurricanes. Don't like Dreyer survive. Turkey? Oh well, that's good! I'll see, we jump the gun. That's the only reason I was a great story did how it that about hurricanes about the fact that every four near the sky becomes a monster in each people. Who can throws cars through the urge it every year, but it's getting it's getting worse reign, the fires any worse right. They say that and it makes
hence it is getting worse and is not an excuse for like the carbon emissions. This makes it. That way were oh, my God is enormous. Clouded servile Africa's Sahara appears to be heading for Texas. Louisiana Florida is like it's a missile, showed the storm like taken over a city. Oh, my god is that but what it was like. I don't think so minutes out what the other are like. This So that video though what does it say, massive storm turns Guy, red and capital. Some are way for My god, man look at the island mission of possible, for, I think was it who's on that skyrocket. He got caught in the dust storm coming here, to imagine living there and seeing that common EU, like oh, my god, breathing dirt for the next hour. Like how long does last Was a dust arm last to mention live in their man. You got go to grow you store and you're literally walk into a dust on so dressed like one of them dude from the Lord of the rings
right. Railways each has funded scarfs across your face. Like now the the guys in star wars. What they com the earlier ones who lived like in the dirt in the sand, people, Santiago, ya, think those in there's a little whatever the little ones. Yeah there's a bunch of others were the God, damn it, but don't if a sample. Now you off with a fluffy one but who are the sand? People have aviator the, maybe that's it. I think. That's it they're called John, was there called Java sounds right chalwa and they want your whole pack has things we kind of Are we going to do? It is already doing how big man look there's no way that's the weather just stays the same
it doesn't say this is never still doesn't, but we have to listen to climate change on a percent hunters out of a white dress me nuts, but I just too, but this is my point of view. Lig legitimately we have a bigger concern: One of the bear concerns were not prepared, a fainting go sideways and that's what we're fine in from this covert thing, we're not really prepared. If things go sideways yeah, and yet we do nor should be protected against the human impact on the climate change, its real, really I've fucked up the earth how ever even if we didn't fuck it this split faces so unstable even if it wasn't us the asteroids, the hurry. My way that exist and have always existed earthquakes, which, as we just live long enough to see enough for these to be scared of em. Our lives are so fuckin short and the life of the earth is so long that these all
tectonic plates like when we go to a mountain bike. While that's really pretty look what happened? It's alive, things move right now. This vote was on your aim. If you like ten thousand Here's a second you to see the whole earth just oceans come in and out in its constantly doing that. It's always done that. We definitely should stop fucking up world we're living in the world we exist in, but even if we didn't this is so dangerous. This whole places cover the predators. We are just super lucky. We killed most of em off and boxed ourselves away, some of those we gotta figure that Astro were not looking enough for the sky. They will get three percent to. Did you get different answers from folks and you ask them how long it would take for they could deflect sometimes forget, will it think near the grass title? What does he say ten years to remember, project, to figure out how you gonna do it Jesus Romeo's row Jesus it'll do they was on the agenda,
it's too bad has nothing to do, but I I don't know we could get a just. You have one week to live just could come on the news today. We we just others ass true. They said the Mai encounters both technically and we shall Jesus that thing I always comes up, though. It's never anything you want shocks me when you that the leader of a call and they have doomsday and the other day I'll go outside and they saying and it doesn't happen and the neck. I convinces them to stay and that those no it's a different day. Yes, and they all just because of gouge, was taken out bid. Fourthly, there is a billboard in Woodland Hills on vent, boulevard and it has can billboard and they had a bunch of em all over the place, but ere this Bilbil that showed the very day the earth was gonna. End like it was like an out of date on it. Dear Mary I want to say it was like somewhere around leave. It may not I says: reading my encounter predicts end of the world this week, but first
whatever it shouts and Europe pose. We're hung a little bit, but actually you the post his trolling, you son, I elegant we listen to people who just like put leeches on people that are according to the sun. Actually, you know why land they they did the weird culture, the mines we're culture was its re alone. Much about it. I know the Temple and they didn't they kill virgins. I wanted to tell mom, who knows that's great. I don't know about this talk I dont know if they really know what exact people they kill. They tell a lotta people, but what's really interesting is how beautiful their structures were. Like. These amazing struck one of their pyramid because began said one of them was for murder for their crops Dave, but even speculated that there, certain platforms that they would do sacrifices on the Aztecs texted. I think the most sack- vices and one day in He was like a couple of days they take
old somewhere around. I want to say a word I want to say more than eighty thousand people they sacrificed when they yeah when they completed this. One of the temples. How do you feel that may have each other they bury their dead, is killed them one after another? Is that so allow the victims of human sacrifice by Mexico's ancient Mayans who, through children into water filled caverns were likely. Boys and young men not virgin girls, as previously believed. Somehow there human sacrifice by thrown children into water filled. Cavern tat gets you gotta get how heads he imagined that I do you believe and superstition so much. You wanted around a kid you're that so that the crops come back. That's assign you, people killing, atta control, you dont know the answers to something they can't figure out. But how crazy the people in almost all religions, especially the ancient ones.
They they lean towards these really ridiculous things like that was set refers first brings that up and what, if we do, this killer, kids yeah so make a sacrosanct like Kane enable right and if your God wanted, that your God wanted you to kill your children with a horrible God the year or how about your gun? tells you to kill somebody when you're about to says no stop. I was just getting that's fucked up store, I mean that is equivalent to cool that's a normal story. That's the guy! That makes the universe told you to murder somebody. And since you said yes, you did the right. Thing by saying. Yes, because you have to trust cod. Even Ryan tells you something you can imagine, is real even if the right on your God, it's wrong to murder. Your kid you have to murder. Take is God's telling you too, and your about till you like, ok, good I'll, just checking broke out at that time. I live here now: just secular break, slowly, Asshole
ask her, is actually a religious genius yeah he now as a lot about religion and easy was explained to me. The story of he gave me a much better understanding of the story. Where These aims are Eliza. These kids were, yelling at home in the call his bald head is a bald guy and so he asked to sick, a shoe bear on the kids and killed like forty two hits the she's air. This I wish I could remember exactly what what Metzger how he explained to me, but it was the the insult was much worse. Just calling him bald head. You just have to if to put it into perspective with the time I like the way he was saying it to him, was much worse than we would imagine while term with big. Where work we're looking at it in terms of modern language, but my still to gag second God sick,
bear on these fucking kids, having you, MR saying that it might mean, might have meant that the actually we're trying to kill a man here for their allied went to Bethel ass. He was walking along the road. Some boys came out of town and cheated him get out here, Baldy, they said get out of here, the he turned around and looked at the ok, the curse. This is, I think, that's a real. We're translation LT best of the best translation. The way I've heard before not written exactly that way. Did that then one translation tonnes translate. He turned her. I looked at them Mccall down a curse on them. In the name of the Lord, the two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty two of the boys. I got a bear story. It seemed when I heard it before car. Maybe I'm wrong, but if it felt like it was in the ancient way of saying it, and that was what maskers explain to me so that finally got another.
A visit another, but there is another way of putting the worst together that menstrual sang it. Now that we're gonna, kill houses of virgin has tons of translations of holy shit. So there's lots of versions and unless they were trying to kill the guy. Maybe looking at it wrong and they were actually try to kill the guy. I think that's one of the things that Metzger was transfer like they were threatening violence to the guy, sent a bare, since I think, to bear us didn't, say: tubers offices to female bears to share dude. I was called due to Baldy me. Six bears they'll. Follow him! That's rude! I was in a tent in the woods of the Yosemite I was with this girl. He was dating and it before we packed up the range- and I was like: hey, don't have any food anywhere tied up in a tree with bears are come out of hibernation or they're hungry, don't have gum in your pocket and I'm really scared us we're the kind of laughing that
Whenever I bear industries to everybody and there's a harm movie, it is he'll body of murderers giggling about something so in the ten. In about an hour and asleep. I had brought a knife in my enough tat this this size, snout, pushes into the tent hops her head that your habit, then it comes over to my head puffs, my head, and I had the thought. Oh, this is what terror feels like they'd, never felt the emotion of ride never actually been terrified. To that moment, we has held each other's hands really hard and just you did everything not to breathe for two hours, just making the smallest amount of Aragon in your body. I have a theory about that. I think bears figuring out this meeting. Those bags, I think, they're figured out that there's
just like they lags just like they find like. When bears goat garbage cans, you can't you them off. They're always was gonna. Keep going back to the garbage tat once they go to the garbage. Can they become a problem? They have to kidnap him. Them to some sanctuary somewhere. Otherwise it the youth in item, because once this nowhere southerners, they keep going back either get bears and kill people intent to keep calm, gotta, keep converge, attend, they'll kill I've heard of more than one different story. Sorry about a predatory black bear, attacking people in a tent and then think users less dear and the place if there's been a bad climate is non food. What are they attack as more do remain like because we have guns. Does the only reason why, in places where people dont hunt bears they have Weigh less fewer people met an ode. Wanna get us for food immediately, others food, they don't know exactly. What we are
we're not upon their natural world. We occur every now and then like if you want your grizzly bear in Alaska. You might be. The first person I grizzly bears ever seen They might not have any idea with you what you are. So it's been I, for nine years never seen a person. Does that's totally possible? Is a grisly merit? Yes, it in to the best comedies they supposed comedy ever. It is self why its wall to Wall laughs that seem worries at lake in the bears, walk out with him is going now yeah bad. Someone tell me at others tribute the bears, consensual some wrong with it as we eat him earlier, they thought he was like some sort of a gentle disease. I dont think those airs up there, that aggressive, because there's so much fish, and I think when, when the when the fish, dry, that's when they get real dangerous, he went in.
He was their long after there's been hibernation, so the one bear the killed. Him was really hungry. It had need in the food, so it looked at anything and like you can just can eat everything that was even so it found him kill him, so they were saying should never be around when those bears are in hibernation. If you find one that should be an arbitration. It's not as a desperate bear to the fact right home movies, just fuck that, like. Why are you doing that? Why you camping or you know the bears, walk and he's not saving any? the same bears, who still crazy liar I hide your king, was who are very similar. If I got together would tie your thing. Baby aggression, you know what similar bout it there's something about, weird guys to get really, connected to murderous animals. There some section There's some weird shit where there are House where Grizzly Bear.
I'm here protecting them these duties in Alaska. In a paper house, racist submitted, a cloth and its he's lay it on top of the ground every night, protecting these fuckin twelve hundred pow. Why dog things here, and he almost gothic role of woody and with the way in which it is not true. Sancho now he's a crazy person. But he's also crazy person that found like an a venue for his crazy that he did some good too and here's one thing that you its good and I'm not being facetious- that movies brilliant, an amazing piece of entertainment. Through that movie, millions of people have been entertained. I dont think he would have enabled Do that without absolute, so inhalers funnier than chairs How can a grace in that guy's D that way it's a tragic story. It's the lesson to be learned and is
so hilarious. This diesel, its fear. He did it on purpose, Warner, Herzog of really smart guy. He made that thing funny on purpose you think so without sheriff looks at the chemicals authorities. Retarded heavy tell me that wasn't like a scene How you know a common brothers movie here is, take heed, dangle dead, taken from a portal guys mother use at all. You dont want to listen to those who can no longer than you know yellow crazy when they played the there is an audio apparently of the deaf not available online is Werner's. I've told them to destroy it and, I think he's priority, but its long man, the Bare Z, them to eat them alive. That's maybe the worst way to go maybe fire. I dont the with a bare eating your lives. I think it takes a long time yet.
They're, not gonna, kill you ever like a tiger were just kill. You quirk, rubbing nag, ragged, Pierce thirty new from your feet, down no don't give a fuck. You stay out anger tearing your fuckin crotch report, While you're alive, he added and do you understand without be like to watch a bear, eat you dick first, dick other used. I dig. First, a badge is right: at your crotch big fuckin giant, bareheaded clamp down on your day Can your asshole you go and that's how you die. A lot of people died out women I guarantee you, if you'd and how many people got attacked Dick first by find grizzly bears over the course of the last twenty thousand years? I bet it would be a similar number. It shall rise. You yeah, he Billig. Why we keep in these things around when it is really wise? They exterminated all the grizzly bears.
There I am on the flag. Grizzly bears on the fine, so Grizzly bears here at another till it fuck you keep beating us a. Are you big camp? Dual camping? Now I have like a like rooftops camps like greeted camp on the rooftop. They have rooftop tents ever roof rack on land cruiser. I wanna be an entire yet climb up the ladder. I'm gonna get that your camp in, but the eet things I'm just gonna fuckin crawl upon. You know how you that cyber truck, because great calving situation, plus you look like you're in the future, the fucking camp. In that thing I have again that's some blade runner shit. I love my car like in a way that have never liked something but before it feels like gum. It's another thing right like it's way better than a car. It is in its learning and better, and it feels like a child learns growing up and help
You keep getting these new updates any Christmas. It drives itself Ingle do too. Just drives itself amazing, because I bought my in two thousand and eighteen and it's gone so much better when their solving vision, which I think should be bigger news than what it is and the way they are doing it is brilliantly. Have people paid the money? for them to send out all these fleets and they got all. The data is what they need: tons and tons of data, and it's big to stop lights and stop signs. Now I kind of watched a video on how they they did this and it's they send up the fleet like Hake, send us all your stop signs and they all come back to this one place and learn, and that I M sign my house in just a little pieces, showings card by bushes in the but the car recognise to descend, that's his side, job that that's aside job here,
the coolest person ever on paper paper, a maiden person in ice age. Nothing Nicholas Tesla is. Probably, the most important inventor of all time, but desolate Firstly, do you think is cool you know he was just a genius and whose Itunes lower the pigeon. I was really very. I really crazy, really crazy, guy but prillie, but tat idea is evil is like cool you can hang out with him is secure yeah. He was here smoking. Are these two gun trouble for about twenty four hours I made letter it's six for this talk like six lots spur sat in his right yeah, but it came back neighbours and the next day and the like. Yeah people are crazy. You he's the greatest see always always in the news, but the fact that the tests with things like his side, gigs, which most ridiculous is the coolest person ever
there is also a very important- is in very important things: fuck, em and weed. Would be so far behind. If it wasn't for one guy, what would the electric car market look like today? If it wasn't for one right and they tried to kill me you just yesterday, so happens we get the worst news. Every car, grotesque that crush on the news and when there was a fire, if there are any more than was only like a few, everyone was front page and people thought dont those cars blow up yeah. Yeah, it's a u many gaps Celine cars, fire there were that year we sought to anyway. I just get the fact that they made such an made such an amazing car and got past all the bullshit. That was coming out to destroy it. He just doesn't listen. He's he's like I'm smarter than you kids get most of it, that he knows what he's doing and he's been right so far were fuckin lucky that guy's around now elected William shit. I mean that promoting in hiding the thought, the fires and the guy
of the M, the board that day looks into crashes it now that board anyway, he would think you go. Oh I've got this car that's fifteen times safer than all motor cars, its help this company out, but every day as he five hundred crashes ear. Does this department Ray Tesla crash, they investigate you now he's hugest onawandah addressing you have doing away with the south driving tabulated, have that, but that they had not been reckless about that and well do some do some action. Still there very troubling. One of them was a guy slams right into the side of a travel. I saw that thou and didn't make any sense that one was like. How does it not now is a truck in the road. But what is it not know what to do in a truck is in the road like what happens again tips over. What do we do? You know it Why driving right, like that's crazy,
You should use its review to drive yet if it is true that the euro was a pay attention, it isn't self driving, I think people taxed and Fuckin Ellen. Surely I was long drawn out. I want to be in excess of bad. I just seven DR, and I was like that I pulled over, but I d cards yes, you do. Is you got it? Is it always engine while it's just a different kind of thing? It's like you. What a car is. You think of you know an engine and its capacities driving around in is that thing is like an electronic vehicle gets out of car, does it make any noise looks just like a car but where's your engine. It's like where's, the rumble where's, the where's that stinky gas. Rising too many. Those things are silent. That's what I noticed you. We look back at horses like how do people stand a stink of ships in your city, but then, when you get electric car, you
those other ones, those poison. I would you get used to it knows I go there. You haven't we'll just road horses must have smell terror everywhere, just horse shit everywhere it be like you. I mean really right. It shit should all over the place if everybody was worse, but they gotta get. We gotta get with new technology, because them trying to save coal jobs. I get it and it's a really tough thing, but we got a who better training and it's like them trying to save the horse. You guys business like we're. Not going that way. Do you know the whole learned to code fiasco on Non? While someone was tat talking about coal Myers, unlike what what they could do enough. They stopped Michael and someone had said learned code, and then learned a code. Some amount probably fuck this up, but became like a bad thing.
You couldn't say on twitter like an insulting thing that would get you banned from twitter. Why? Because learn to cope. Was some sort of an insult became some we an insult or more? This idea that these people, so you you you can't mean it Similarly, the most innocuous of sentences learn to code is raining wrong with learning now. Is there anything wrong with learning coat? No there's not so how can I can't, say, learned a code against air because one point I was used to describe this one thing now: can we cannot become funny learnt a code? I dont GAD on our stand. Well, that's bad! There was a good advice, it seems a good advice always, but maybe it's mean to say to these coal minors. I shall learn to code. I got that You can also use that aloud for waste once someone said, learn decode. It sounds good, that's not limited to that one! Meaning right! You could say it as a friend like as a joke, like learned a code and you're. Not you
being an asshole like your friend is like I've looked enjoys Illinois, you like learned a code and you get kicked off twitter yeah. They took the whole phrase by one person Why do you now? That phrase is locked up? I mean it's an unusual phrase, and neither is it a law that learning it learned had. Why can't you said but I was teslas dishes. I It breaks me put on what people can't can't say, like gum don't know how much of this is legit, because I know that Google, what what is it actually the reason why the Federalist and another thing that was the explain: how that will that work Amy how they were pulled down They had an issue with their adsense. So that's what Google controls adsense. Right, the money that you may offer your website claret, and so there is a issue if it says
zero, hedge and federalists. Both had comment pages, I guess at Adsense on it, and there is threats of having taken away from them in this article, says that the Federalist bends and need to big tech and elites it's off, comments section so serenity through it to see goes back where we started on earlier. The worse will talk to people just through text economists to perfect example. Comments section on a website or a good example of wide tidings of on print is the absolute worst way to communicate with people. How many times do you think that you could We have had like a disagreement with someone it through text messages, but in person you could have liked come to an agreement pretty easily all the time. I've run of that problem. I now know not to text of its anything that could be taken, as I call yeah. They sums embed artists like yonder, face face times, good, allow the kids are due in the face timeline. They just they just face time.
The blue light. That's when alot of people do now microphone I know what we're very aggressive and some of those times me boy s of some guys, like it yeah gate with this covid nineteen, getting way more used to it. Cuz of all zooming, I'm doing that's the worry, though, the worries is the separate people even more from the emotional contact that we get the emotional interaction we get from an actual human being, who give more more duty? What is what it Get extra thoroughly answer this, I'm zooming with you, I'm here now with you. What am I getting extra besides the whisky and being in person with a it's a different feeling you're right there have already been discussed different. I don't think you can get code from contact anymore. Contacting serves as I don't I it any face? I lost my caring about any of this.
You hold it. I ended again, you really did care and I was scared about it and then I just hit a thing: were you called it care fatigue care fatigue? I got is our work for that? There should? I think, what you just invented it, because if I know Can I think its care fatigue is out a thing programme, We spend a female lumberjack was already a thing. This is probably already think too. I wonder how many may care for dealers and Aren t longer compassion, fatigue and there's a compassion fatigue aware difference that deliberate minus eight, different by bowing to passion fatigue, makes sense to because most people you know they'll, have so much if other folks, lively, mother, Kristen Bow people like that who was in the video it's like they re. Are put themselves out there. And getting really rushed and if I were them, I'm after the first text idea that I blow by power be out here. I think that
world the world of actors and actresses, I think, is very difficult for them to gauge how their people view someone who's really famous. Who does something like that, like you have to understand that I don't think they thought about the scepticism. I think they thought about. But looking very cynically nothing they consider that now. I think the only sought like they probably talk to their friends like we're gonna, make a difference when I get nervous Marzano friends like you're, amazing, you're, so powerful, and if anyone can make a difference, you girl you're the platform boom. Next, you know they're there this video call new friends just like the one, with Galvin Save thank you got friends. We got this. We got there's going to cure this fuckin dropping like flies in ITALY is followed up. Balconies and share. Imagine there's no heaven thou like that. I asked
feel bad in awake. As if someone your friend ass, you do something it's hard to say now, sometimes tell them. This is how I would make fun of you yet realised what you're doing crazy. I understand that do not have any reason behind. It is great. Yes, they are. Meanwhile, the army well and for why people when it comes to fight that, look all why people feel guilty for something they just do yeah, because Black believes to be slaves suggest that just out alone, if you did not, from that. There is some sort of guilt, the you're connected to the ancestors and slave those people to summon the back your head, especially if you're from old family like give you your family's in this country for fucking. Since the fifteen hundred some shit for sure your family had something to do slavery. Shore it like
killed is real and, as he has carried out right now I mean there's videos of guy and innocent Joseph arouse flak egos meal beforehand. Praise liked by ensure that kneeling and its yeah does bunch those videos whose videos of these people kissing his black to its feet. I don't I don't think this is good for black You know what it is. None of my limbs, it's five this kiss and feet kneeling. We're fine is not so that is a good. That is, I think, it's great their website. Are marching with them and that's seems good. This is what it is meant. Society and people are get we're getting better, but we get better like that, so you, the pendulum. We give it and waves illegals this when it comes back and right now we're in a crazy period, but ultimately, I think what's gonna come out of it his way less racism.
We're heading over to a new stage of no racism. People are always going to judge people they going to judge people on everything that judge people based on. The language you speak. Where are you from whether you're short or tall or fat or skinny people just judge people they're, always going to judge people but will become more and more taboo and more and more disgusting to people. If you judge people on race now Zaga new Blip in the car, justness, it's more disgusting crime to actually judge people and limit who you think they their potential as a human being because there from South EAST Asia, or they are from me so go wherever that. That's gonna become a disgusting trade, whether something can come out of something good will come out of. This has always been a disgusting. Tribute is good. It is going to reach a new level of it not
always going to have some racist. Are we going to have some murderers? He was going to have some bank thieves is there was going to exist but how do you make it better everybody decent police, just like the others, the fast but all this is happening right now a good people are getting. I really believe this does the positive item me says I they feel like what come out of this on the other and friendlier to each other, and we could do that. Sauna percent possible good the soccer, and this can be a good thing, whores. This can make us appreciate that thing. Can go sideways. So the folks Fortunately survived. We can do better for survival. Pendulum slang. Yes, at the l, Frank in the meat to L, Frank, and that was a weird one. When all too far swinging, in my opinion, our that was a weird one. I mean that he was the worst thing he was accused of. Is the way he held the? What when, while he was taken a photo with her and then there is a girl who was on the girl. Who was
the plane with them the lion tweeting. Yes, let's go land twin, I'm so high. I believe, in fact, I'm I'm not tired. I have no excuse. She's got the best she's, not the best case here. What is her is different like theirs photo of him, but the that photo, I know, lands over her breasts sleeping like Mamma. If that was your girlfriend yeah. I know that is, but that's him as when he was a comic. You did some say or a college or yes, there are common He just sums to amounts are not defending, but she's worker flak jack. Yeah! I heard him he's not touching her, but he's pretend it is. Maybe those funny maybe she didn't. I get it Good luck. Bizarre is argued letter following a legal person.
None of the other party resign under pressure, but yeah I just an egg uses a smart guy. Well, that's those caught up and now wave. You know, and I think that can happen. I think she was like. Oh, I do wonder resign. I might I the him standing Lindsey didn't want Hutu resigned to say Shiva, I guess you want Shiva there is. I didn't want him to loses job over that she thinks she can mountains yeah. They should do it again, no information, yet you know there's way: worse people out there. Yes, that's! What's fucked up when you find, like you know, when you hear about a guy like Harvey everyone's, do you realize, like wow, like that, just just a sheer numbers of people fact with
you know like there are really people like that at all be cause one of the greatest comedians ever even better rapist insurance. Time. Looking at that, The years see anybody says that there's never nothing ever funny about rape didn't hear that f, because I was funny you're, not trying to mean no. I probably got trouble thou here you programme, but it was funny and most people are reasonable and they can understand what we're doing here. I can't get cancels but nets trail? You can read yoga cancelled if you get like job on yes shut and they come to combat a review, and we was we re unsure of that exactly. I am sorry and the goalposts keep getting moved things that you say like readily one thinks of Indonesia then watch a lot of Adam Sandler movies yeah during oh, my God, man. Some of them were so funny XO hand, is one the funniest fuckin ever put like wildly and appropriate, and just just even then like
the things that you can get away with sand. Then you can't do now now. You know Rob, Schneider and ourselves movies. He would play a bunch of different races, He played asian guys. He click. He played all kinds of we're. Dude barely can do that ever again. Willet swing back review. I can do other black face fine by me. Never bees have never been five. Apparently was it was not. I aid is daddy. Is? It was like not not a big deal, you didn't think like, oh, my god, you're no. Well, obviously, black people say that's example or evidence of white people being insensitive right that you don't realize how offensive it is out on pink to pretend to be Le Gus. I didn't know I had idea. Black people in his leg, some addressed up, has been caused. The White Guy World Road mad about. I really didn't know right. It's will do well, what's can feed? Is you don't have a good sense of history? You think
let me go well if I saw black eyed dressed like a white guy like with arguments, but I really have to go to let those Joseph movies, that black face we're difference. I feel like dude. It was cartoonish and strange and black people couldn't act in movies, so they had white people right, dress, up and put paint face of the a black person to me. It's like I stand that people think that's offensive. Understand that its offensive to you, I get it, but when I watch that to me it is fucking. Fascinating fascinating, like almost in a scientific sense like you're, looking at a different version of human beings. Right. You look at these people, this is really ancient people dancing and running around and doing so with this weird and hate on his that's handy, humanizing, so weary man so weird and it was like they praised anymore Baxter. You're a great job Cameron
Let me hear some of the ship I hears camp know nothin without trouble. I a joint, should be in public domain. But it's not ok, Sir, William, My heart goes out to you when you look at em like it's so strange. Looking Gimme Lou. Imagine desire he's like I'd I'd like to a black people work, but their musics too good so? What am I doing here? Go of a white guy version. It and just area alone black I do like whack, white music has fact, I mean how many like how blue singers were alive back then that just had what year was this? Ninety seven, I believe what what year was Robert Johnson alive. Now Robert Johnson, that that's the legendary blues man that that the big legend of what
not a soul, to solve the devil, as you so much better than anybody else same time. So here you go This is our why people are dead, how Johnson's pretending to be a black guy while Robert Johnson is alive and making music around Johnson, like that's the routes, I think its root, sixty six story, let's forget with with this supposedly where he met the devil on the highway give sold is sold the devil to be the greatest blues man ever like it's hard. Ass to the sea in the two thousand twenty contacts when there's so much music man is so much brilliant music. There's the Beatles and Fuckin Sturgeon Simpson and kiss and rolling stone. So much monk and music that you could just get on your phone at any time. But back then this one dude Robert Johnson was so intoxicating
People thought that he had sold is sold to get that good. Ah, there was this: a real legend, man be forgotten and he was just traveled around singing the blues- and you can listen to it today, but it's hard to put it into perspective, is, is his stuff public domain, deaf thing is, I guess, because it gives us a little, give us a little taste, but Robert Johnson It's like when you listen to Lenny Blue, Bruce comedies hard for it to translated today, because at times it is so different. And this is the same thing with Robert Johnson. We gotta think in his day. Meat just recorded Muse It was like twenty years old. You now exists even knew. Then there were accordingly Beethoven shit on these big stupid discs. When this is the there's a guy that was way the curve I want to hear this now come on Jim. What could it be forty granted me and returned out a big deal? Is Jimmy Touch, Robert Johnson? How much can you
ass right here, every step, as Robert Johannsen a mass listening to this in a bar with saw dust on the ground and he's on the stage. What years that a whiskey with eighteen was thirty at city deadened. Thirty. Eighty at twenty seven, so you wouldn't even our old, he died
twenty seven, twenty seven so imagine does this and then there's whack ass, our Johnson sitting dear, will songs and pretend to be a black eye. At the exact same time, Robert Johnson was alive, must have our good will and then you gotta, think Robert Johnson, you talk about a guy who is alive. Was fifty sixty like two years after slavery. Ended writer is born and say that they have done eleven whose worn nineteen eleven that's crazy, so fast that fifty six years, fifty eight years, that's when he's born after slavery end right, so it's basically did the divide between people who used to be slaves and regular forces still so fucked up man mare wanting us written about that. I didn't know what was arena, or somebody told me this- that for the longest time after some
Every one of the big things was that we just arrest black men for anything for loitering and then they would make them work for, like pennies, a day did make em fuck and break rocks and shit. So they, given these crew, the sentences so eventually kept them size they just arrested in MILAN for shit and then imagine being a guy whose entire life you ve been a slave, no twenty five years old and they just let you free you figure out how to get a job in nobody wants hire you and every scared you and everybody prejudice against you and he has no opportunities, and then just start arresting you and making break rocks you fucker. You guys. Gonna fix us with this, isn't a better. This is worse. A whole generation had to go through that before it still got to the civil rights movement in the sixties. It's root crazy! You! It's not! That long not that long man I am I am sick,
You two years old and I believe Michael YO had on his page that a year that, like to the very year that born. Maybe I was alive for one year where was illegal for a black man and a white woman to get married illegal. It's like the late sixties I didn't know. Did you know that I don't know any stew, that's my lifetime! I think I think I was a year old when they made it legal. Can you find an answer here, Jim what he looks delicious much aiming at the other neuro gum. What does that days now? Smarter I'd need once so. To Ebay, You too, I do as well smoke a drank, yeah and then try to make good point, you were making great points here. We go. Ninety
sixty seven so when that year, I was born, interact Marriage United States has been fully legal in all US states, since one thousand nine hundred and so I guess I have high go man, that long ago, interesting history and we're still we're still get over it yeah its american Indians? Don't even start with that too! I'm upset You said you see their giant painting than I had other that Great Overton painting well that big white Indian, when you want ass. Yes, I got upset with the native american history of SAS. I don't know much about it. Can you Like me, love at first there's a book. They gotta start with this one. I'll get your skull ammo, the summer moon by this guy as G Gwen, it's fuckin crazy, is all about the command. It's not about how the Mexicans trick, people in the saddle and indeed taxes, because they knew the can
and she's live there in the command is going to kill him. They wonder buffer between refugees, so they gave him all the slant like Senor. This is a field or even reflected centuries, or bastards out to be slaughtered. While my God did it, it's the best book, I think alike, in terms of like I got a perception shifting book that did the best book of everard actual, isn't it I never thought I was in a red. I don't read anything. I read mostly magazines. I really mostly listener books on tape, but does this one is so well written, is so fascinating and they d people that figured out how to conquer the comanches. Basically with guys, have figured out how to use pistols. They had a change
There are changed the way they did battle Nero, go against them on horseback comanches were so good, a fighting on horseback and these dumb Americans thither. You know early Americans why'd, you and Allied would get off the, but they have to shoot their long rifle after horse would have to dismount from their horse pull out there. Must boom powder and I get a repackage. It takes a man's repackage and these into and we just fuckin them up, so they couldn't get ass a certain point in the United States, and that was Texas. That's why Texas oh fuck, and fierce today, because the Tec. This Rangers were the first people. It figured out a fuck up, the comanches. They live like comanches They made cold camps it in light fires they just bullshit. They survive dressed like like a regular people. They did where, whatever the fuck they wanted. And they figured out to fight on horseback. Then they figured out how to use a coat revolver. It was they were, the only people using the revolver. Nobody saw use for something that could fire five times Four ran out of bullets, so this guy invented this review, or when it was like. I think he was like
sixteen years old or something crazy, ended the patent kind of flow. Around for a while and he made them, but nobody really wanted them, but then he's rangers kept finding his command she's. The only had two muskets in their hands and one long once they had three shots and they had to get the fuck out of there. We can't beat these guys they like twenty hours. This is fucked up, and so this guy got a hold of a court revolver and then he goes hey either we just change the game. They started fucking up these Indians on horseback and they started conquering big chunks of land that they couldn't. You know that the Comanche for dominating before crazy story. Man, that's the best want to start with because they were so ruthless to each other. I will listen to it. I reckon I read so slow. I get tax and, as a result, titles in a movie I wasn't school. My parents kept trying to make me read faster than this is back before they solve yet a reading probably does work. You're an idiot it period and select.
Took me: there's none threes nuns that had this reading machine that we heard about sway yeah so we'd we driving our half to go this reading machine. What did you think it was before you got there? What the magic, I didn't know what was in it but it was a how old you time, fourteen Navy currently reading issue, yeah, and so it's a nun, very sweet and that projects on the wall? zero dollars and one cents at a time- and it goes by a certain speed- one through ten speeds in sochi- test me where I am the first day and I'm I'm level one. I can only read this absolute slowest and she saw I was upset and she goes don't worry by the end of the summer. You'll be on level ten, and I was like really so worked all summer and of the summer test. Guess what level I was on. I worked really hard. Yes, on one hand that her faith in God, Gerard base. I couldn't
and I still angry. When I read and I came to this day, I read like this to go back and then I go this way. I get words that I know how long I believe is. Sometimes it's a different anyway. The problem is nobody recognising you are actually a comedian. Those tribe irregular person here that it is a normal person, does the problem. What do I wish? I was there or my my eye ass. She was very upset when I like twelve years old what did class clown. But I wanted to be at that age. You wanna be cool liked by girls. You know yes, before she wound. Clown to me was was bad, I realized that's how they saw me as a tiny. They changed it to best personality, because I heard that I was upset about it and then my mother proceeded to fill my room with clowns. Oh my god, who was filled- and I was- I Didn'T- really have a voice back then I generally when it for whatever reason I just let my mother filmer of clowns, there was
on painting of a clown reading the Wall Street Journal and use crying like he had clown had stock. Some clown had like start alma learn very upset about what was happening in the stock market. I was so hi could remember leant Sweden's name. But how I was I was thinking
Was it loose end, but I know her she's nice, so nice person, the account of Robert Johnson is death, is pretty crazy. Let's hear it lost, it does look at the devil legend to its pretty interesting, but here he went down so he'd does recordings. He did were almost near the end of his life because it wasn't obviously lots of recording back back then hit. It says he travelled to a plantation to perform at a like dance party and he was poisoned by someone who he was having an affair with the only guys, wife Nick I didn't know he had an ulcer, so it is said he wasn't trying to kill and try to make him sick. The also made him really sick. He bled then the back of his death certificate. Lets. You read this part because its
pretty like adds to it a little bit this is. It was written on the back of it. This part right here in the middle. I can't see that well, as I talked with the white man whose place is negro died, and I also talked with the Niger woman on the place to plantation owner, said the Niger man, seemingly about twenty six years old, came from Tunica, two or three weeks before he died to play the banjo at a negro dance, given their on the play. Basically we say negro you stay in the house with some of the negroes teaching you wanted to pick up. The white man did not have a doctor for this negro and he did not. He had worked she's me ass. He had not worked for him. He was buried in a homemade coffin furnished by the county. The plantation owner said that was his option, or that was as his opinion that he died of syphilis. His sister than came got em out of that coffin tried to have is
looked into and no one really looked into it and that's about the end of that, and so somebody might a poisoned. This wasn't found out until thirty years later it is disappeared. Latvia, whites death, wasn't reported publicly. He disappeared from the stork or record and was an intellect thirty years later, some people founders music and they found the dog into his life and desertification found out all those Freshway after the fact so like this guy who everyone Revere's, is like one of the best musicians of all time: no formal autopsy was done At the same time, that's happened in all their real shit. How Joseph go away. Gloves on my rang and alive swiss cheese is it doing movies and clapping yea, so talented geometric, white guilt was like backed and must have a suffocating there was none, The ones who are aware of my primary sucks were then: what did we do
that's an interesting doing or I've just for the record. I wasn't Wikipedia there could have been organised and maybe the not most truth away, but right. That's why what place right. I didn't know any that man, that's interesting. I didn't know he was a young to yeah, but it's kind of funny. Man like that is where the just a few years ago. Jimmy Kimmel did he do chrome alone. Do you do it presently, and that is that was ok interesting. How would you do that? going back and cancelling words hard kids, like the context of the times different with Jimmy found plant. Chris Rock. I know you think it's offensive, but it wasn't. Universally considered offensive to pretend to be someone of a deeper race. It wasn't automatically thought of as you're trying to be racist. If you pretend you doing, you pretend you're, Chris Rock, if you knew Chris Rock Impression and you put make up on your face, makes you were gonna African American. It wasn't. It was
It necessarily racist, because you are pretending to be an actual human being right used to be different. Like we thought of a deer, We now it's a universally thought across the board. If your white person, you can't put black makeup on everyone's agreed that is right and elevated standard and we all agree to it right, We did it, but now that we are the only if you didn't now it's different. If you decided now, you'll have full rules like crazy. You know, that's that's really what's going on in back, then it wasn't a problem, people's attitudes, Funny like Mama gathers Jimmy found pretending to be Chris Rock. You could do you could pretty and to be Mister t when I was in high school when I was in high school, you get, make up all you guys have gold chains around your neck and you could produce ever do black they'd holidays. I hadn't deny either I got lucky given it,
but you're right leg, it wasn't thought of, as you didn't think, on doing something bad now you didn't think I don't think they thought that men that's like. Where does that? Where does that end? What we couldn't booking, not pretend We ll go as long as you like, isn't intent. What really important. I totally. I absolutely think it is important. I mean I I think intent is what's important. Is not should be thing when things become taboo and superpowers they become very dangerous. Just we because then people are so scared of saying that they want to say more and then their race is more powerful weapon to its and we don't have to let go new ones. You know we ve already lost her words, though it can ever say again even in in in jest, because they're so offensive them. Even uttering them is again incantation for an asking. You didn't call people too Your hats trades.
It's really. What is going to have that option? But the real problem is intent. Intent is like words or so, was to just be noises you make that lead. Other people know what you're thinking. That's all it's most debate and when a word becomes like a super powerful word or a deed, becomes a super powerful deed like a thing like that that doesn't really hurt anybody like black face like that You decide if you decide to be MIKE Tyson following you're, an italian guy. You know, and you had a fuckin faked- are to put on my of sovereign illegal champ. People would only think it's funny. You know. If that's your tat, especially if you're an actual MIKE Tyson fan. It's weird that its and its because the of their origins is because it out
Nelson Al Joseph in a shitty move at nearly the whole movies mean how many black face people where they are backed, and was it that big averred was, I know, there's a album cover with Judy Garland Black ass. She was in black things in an album cover. Oh my god, symbol like if there was none of that It was just right right if it never existed, if just black who did their music and- and there were just reckon- as is being musicians, and there was never a little while ago. Try to pretend is black and do it and steal their thunder. If that never existed at all, it would be a problem. I don't go to your problem, I'm not sure for the record and start without jewels, and I was just the first time it was. On film such the only thing we have to look at so have I not being honest, eighteen, thirty, all my job, so do, while slavery was still legal, why people were returning to be blind people on
and saying shitty songs. It's just they're, not even trying to look like black people, those where they they ve. They cover the caricature of our tune, yeah, that's, and that, oh, my god, w am age West's big minstrel jubilee. Now me as a per. Sin, just as a human being- and I understand a context- will be offensive about this and where, where we are today in twenty twenty in the progress for making it all that stuff, I just gotta tell you for me: as a person that is fascinating, I am fascinated by this? Has just the evolution of of an animal of a human being of a culture or were seen the people from that day. What years s like other British from nineteen hunt, ok, so nineteen hundred so, a hundred and twenty years ago, the evolution of that view. Version of a human being to our version of a human being, but we're very different from people that live two hundred and twenty years ago, and this is
a great example of how different we are when you see stuff from that time, like I understand how its offensive to people I get it I understand it should be offensive, is should be offensive. People were tree that what it should be, however, just as someone is like watching like you're watching a bird exhibited, weird behaviour long time ago that a stop doing it he'd be freaked out like what happened. Why they stop doing that? like how they, how do they have of how they different from the way they were back. Then, if you got two of you could fuckin have a time machine and go back and watch a minute, Russia, alive minstrel, show you and me we get high as fuck retire at a time machine. Could you imagine sitting there watching that crazy nonsense, like a white guy with a black pain overseas, be exaggerated lives and he's got one gloves: man, man, hey singing terrible songs. It done
It's. Where that those those things happen, but it's down would actually be a fascinating oculist rift, game away. There were yea if you could put a game like one as Oculist writhings. If you get a helmet on, and it would just transport you back in time not just to this place but like to Egypt, that about your in ancient Egypt and like two thousand BC with Cleopatra. Actually, she lives like the a these ten thousand a day. She lives in the eighties could Cleopatra set back, I'm rather good example. I went to those festivals, weaker Russia is a grand there have in this big here. You guys onstage and those people in all dressed up watching and I wanted so bad to go up in my now closed from backstage actually got back Sedgwick everybody I'm on the future and they'd have to continue to pretend
from the olden times and be like in the future. People make fun of when they do these festivals and their bunch nerds, who act like you, have continue to go away from the future, sir. They couldn't break character. Anywise too scared to death do you think, will ever have a millennium first of all like to have a single body very valuable, ever just having a deck, I'm an activist look at all the hashtags I haven't. You know what I think some version that will happen, I'm not having any These parties now well that's what I think about what's happening with us. This is this is a good way to look at it. We're talking about these ripples and and ups and downs and were experiencing a big crazy shift. All that, though, I think on the other and comes out better but then comes out better but I really do think all this this horrible shit Avenant just right now is a culture needs
Ben again be nice to each stolen, Well, it s great, totally possible. Taking a hundred percent be out, but I think it is going to be the outcome, because if you look at all these people there he's we marching versus the people are alluding all crazy shit. There, then the numbers are overwhelming. Most people are peacefully marching. I want people did my browser cup so that guy you know, I really got defence above him. Kadijah such a good cop and a good guy- and I just feel I caught the news- is just making things: they're gonna little overboard, brow the cancelled patrol. The understand us: that's our values are being police. That's how seriously when one of them is also far person this they have different jobs. They cancelled paw patrol because of the cap, part, that's barreaux, cancelled cries. The chancellor's show cops them.
Reality, while all reality shows that's a good way to show you what cops are most. Ups are doing a man most criminals. We gotta know about the like. We really the best confirmation that we ever got about Florida. Man came from cops, the that account. Like all those accounts, be twitter, Countenance Instagram account to show or the crazy should the Florida guys do. That most of them came from that area. I wanna it's also hard to even diff earth bring entries in the conversation cops and what their dealing with yes like you're, happy you're, not right. Side, like I M, for in a black lives matter. But I also want to introduce there's so much coming a cops right now, I'm in their dig up these cars tariff, by the way you go through around at house. You know, a lot of it is is bad. Trade than I can have training there, not either scared and they have a gun
and so when you start wrestling with some he's, got a gun. Suddenly, who knows who has the gun? It is from that point on it They don't have a whole lot of physical requirements on how much they learn. Martial arts or no gun retention or any that's not, and also now you can't you know you eat control the head. You get all the best he and I can't genuine anymore and look guy, who died era, Garner Garden, doesn't want to New York. He actually, we didn't die from the church. I think I've you'll think he did. They were sitting there were like leaning on em. It couldn't breathe yeah, but he was also you mean choked, but no but while not- and I was listen that thing an arm around the head. The unknown stays there they'll stay there. You have to hold them. You have to squeeze when you squeeze you reach over them. If I hold you like that. I'm not I'm not putting to sleep slowly choking it there
if a guy has a guy the way that cop at Eric Garner down, if I basically remember correctly, he was using like a gable grip and Radice wasn't a full naked renegade Chocor is choking on the sleep, but he was home this across it, and I would say anyone who doesn't think that that's a choke, let me put it on but how could you lie on the ground and I'll grab your neck? Like that? I'm telling you it's a joke. I could be wrong, but I remember the video that he did the chicken. What's he gonna ground, he let the key the guy I she didn't die from three other video. I think one. Your correct, I think Eric garnered died from a heart attack. They were leaner sitting on it, but it is also crazy zoos for loose cigarettes. But my point is: like If someone is holding your head like that, it's it's a joke. It just is you know it? Might it not? saw a full choke we're going to sleep, but if some
has you in a position where there, on top of you, you're on your stomach okay. So all their weight is on you, which makes it very hard to breathe already because rapid, arm number. There is always on the ground we I state is left arm in that one is not totally under the neck, so that one is see how that is that is that is a joke reality. I look it look at his hands. Sears hands are together. Let me show you what I'm doing here. What you this see, this Is one hundred percent choke one hundred percent there's an if no offence or buts about it? That's a fucking choke. Anybody doesn't think that. Let me put it on you. That's a check that's under the neck, that's worse than I thought it was that as a one hundred percent choke, I could be wrong. But if you go forward and the video I dont think that show he's doing on him and
I understand you didn't, however, very long, but if but here's this is, he should have done at all man. That's the thing they like it. If that is what caused him to die, and we don't know if that was or if it was the people on top or is the stress the event, or it was a combination of all those things, but that had a play, a factor that choking that dude and why overly cigarettes that the most important for that or look assets, creating a night in defence of of this situation. I was just making the point that, like sometimes when, if you take away from a cop the ability to as I do it all now. Their Nathan dinner. If someone a gun and someone is going after you have to assume gave them, kill? You don't do anything you can in that situation at that relations, not a good sign. About which is making the point that the reaction die from that that he died from their them? There are like leaning on a museum, but we don't know that though here's the thing. Man, though,
He's on that guy's necked, outcries, big, look at the guy was doing that go back to work the guy who is doing that choke, has some big ass fucking arms. Dude he's got some fucking strategy that guy's arm that's us wrong mother, Fucker man, all those muscles are ours. Elbows deck I'll, choked the shit out EU shoulders Buddhist. Try set. I am telling you if that guy is, is trained. In something that seems like is a guarantee straw as fuck. That is a rough thing to go through my friend, I'm telling you so I don't deny a key. I say if you seeing that you're deftly seeing you looking right at it You can't say that I will kill them because of that guy, hold on. We don't know how you see what I'm alive after this, maybe at our tat because of that thus possible causes duties on him like a pitiful and for what
loose cigarettes? It's fine crazies! The craziest story I want to make it clear: I'm not throw this story. My point, is dying. Are you not yet this sum, but we forget what things really looked like? I do it all time. I need to look at it again. I know it's like I have. I just thought I just know if you're in a situation where was obtained a patrol thing to say they bring it back. That's a troll all this motherfucker, he's got me. What happened they got me patrol was a troll, we can't leave me? You got me fucks, but the thing man, the coffers cops rears caught, but in mind there's something about cops. There was always marking these poor folks are getting arrested. Even the theme song that boys bad boys, what you're good
Do what you're going to do when they come forward? You D made it funny. They made it funny to watch these cops. Pull over these bumbling rednecks for those fuckin red plastic cops their beaten each other up here. A great show it was crazy, show through. One year's is probably the longest running show next to the Simpsons right of that. This is not at all those who are breaking news, twenty governor orders, all citizens to wear face, masks, learn all public places. Well. How did we go backwards outside our protests and no one say don't spread it. Don't worry whatever you do. Don't get your job back. You piece of shit, you guys demonstrating you're, killing grandma but protestors. Yes, sir, we are making a difference. There is also like cops. Were these heroes in under parades Frontline workers know where they are like you're, an asshole l, what It takes as one or two bad cops and there.
Two in a row. Now that Guy Atlanta Jamie's tell me a story that the guy knew that the taser that the the gentleman stole from him and ran away from home like pointed teeth around when they shot him. He knew that It and more power a renewed and already been fired. Apparently, there's video which had not, I didn't see an evolution photos after they shot him didn't do anything two minutes or one of them tried to help with the other ones. Are they stood on em? Kick them where they take don't hurt. Someone to do is the best example why we should have something other than the cops for drunk people Someone who's like a nice guy. Counselor comes in ox to use it only had one guy. I fell asleep in his car and drives you. Ok, we're innocent MIKE nice guy Hey man, you're right, you're, right my expire, maybe not maybe MIKE says, there's a man would give you a ride home, we're departure courier rugged. That's
give me your keys come back in the morning. We sober cookies were number call me I'll grab your pick, you up a rented car I'll, sell us. Maybe take that away from cops was dealing with homeless yeah. That's you're, right, you're, right right that that's a real different sort of crime that psycho system poverty, crime like there's something we're going on. If that many people are sort homeless, what kind of a war how fucked up is the balance of year your little community when seventy thousand people are homeless, like allay, has bolder but homeless inside of it really close, boulders, like a hundred thousand people allies, got more than seventy thousand and growing homeless people, so the entire. Population and bolder no house shall women Ella and their that tens under the freeways and staff the Mikel ten cities. I dont want those people who have to suffer
live like that, but I don't want him to live there either. You notes. Is it two two pronged thing? How do you fix that? I don't know I fix it, wants to get started its very difficult to give someone back their dignity, and You know how to do it. You also need one on one individual attention with someone who is like counselor a baby sitter, something to straighten the person and clean them up and get them to think better and get to eat better and get them to drink water? stop shoot inherent to the deck and get a job, and this should never seen the addictive the hurry Wednesday that's my herds, we get a mushroom penis welding things. I unfortunately googled that disease and a you. Don't want to you, don't wanna! Do it only one say what it's called, but its type, a gangrene that diabetic, Men get get infection. There will I get infection, they get
This horrible gangrene- and there are some fuckin images on this. Some things in Google will sensor of day, but not non grain Ryan Decks run deficits open sea Hama deserve. What about called was the the the type of gangrene call you should everyone should know No one should go. Look it up. I looked it up, don't listen to me, Do whatever you want to you, you just need to know it's a real thing and that then someone taxonomy made might have been met, some attempts to me that they heard it was because Harvey was shoot and co into his dead. That's what I heard so try me Twenty, primarily a circle of life. Forty eight for areas that at its last name things capitalism, so forty years gangrene and its gangrene of the deck and you have been warned.
Didn't slimmed down. When once you sign a little late, I have one of my phone calls. I just I was so confused. You need to be pretty to help get something injected by his assistance to forget his hard up. Yet I am surprised that that didn't slowing down from sexual assaults, that's boy now, I'm not at the moment, are very exact autumn. Looking meatballs sauces. That's! What's that tongue exactly know did is that our food Lee Rotten Asshole was thereby rotted out from the top of his dick to his asshole Stds scare. I dont even yesterday, but this is what happened. I look up and the area right above my put most precious aerial puff out of the doktor lady goes woody, the doktor. For What to say it. I was came out. I IBM of puffy pubic area and she goes
like a reception that doctors are very drivers to make. You feel like. Oh that's, fine com, if you like area, does all that so far our picture, proputty pubic areas come on it. So I like, is something she's never heard of now meaning go in there. It's a little waiting room and I go up to the desk and I will Kyle done again hoping she'll see the chart and go okay sit down. I got you and she goes. What do you here to the doctor for again and I'm like? I don't- have a puppy, BP, the carrier and shows. Oh, you talk to her yeah, let's talk like they were laughing and talking to her a we know that every year we were laughing all morning about that's DORA, puffy pubic area and everybody is hot, which men are worse than those nurse came out she's. I called on it and indeed walking me down the hall, which was why do you here to see the doctor for formalities, anybody blocking communicate? The sounds great
for now. All the girls are hot, you gotta puffy pewter area, and she is home to see this agenda some crazy. But it's because to get the best out of your requirement on China, not commonly yes, challenge for thirty our respect women, that's what it is. Your talents backed up, Let's get you Diane and hear starts work. Its way near lowered got the shells. Gotta work, your ball. Get out there. You have like a leaky, come container like your ear, Spencer, it's like exist yet too much in their overflowing, that that is a great porno, I want to add our dismissed. That is a great point, so the end of this story, the doktor comes in, and I am in the paper. The opposite looks down with me. Any goes all you got. A fat clay left, look, I got a little fat. I even notice that's all of this and I just waste. My dad humiliated myself. That's all have your view Bulgaria.
You are you're. Gonna die the reaction gains will there was a thing Robert Johnson, to right. They said that thing all. I think he had syphilis twenty murder What are the symptoms of sad, I said be. But this one we discuss this one too many times and the pirates what to do anyway. You know what is the term bigwig you know like yet know what comes from cause people lost. There were wigs from syphilis and it came these two french dudes. I think the wooded cousins or some shit I forgave sharper hell that's an accelerated still there, but they were yeah I can do. That is your name or reasons I wonder made them. If I were there s, no one cares about an idea you can do tat. To what away a little Mohicans nobody here, another you'll ever not be able to pick on it. So what is it Louie, these fourteenth and his cousin? So they d
Nevertheless, the fuckin hairs fallen out giant clumps of tee to phone other head local people at syphilis they rotted apart and that when their Harris fallen out, it's got a crazy way and the more money the bigger the whig, so the real bigwig. So all these other people syphilis too and then wigs became like a thing of fashion. Anyway, I bet back, then people just fucked everybody, everybody just fucked every Let us do well, no idea was rampant right this all these stories of, like hundreds, and hundreds of years ago were pedophilia man. Boy love like it was normal guys had like little boyfriends like famous philosophers had like a boy. You know who the hell do you like it and that shift in culture. No there's a good then irrelevant. For sure, but the catholic church disagrees yeah, that's a whole.
Old, illegally decided as a tax on the powder they used on the hair. Till I cover up the smell is what stopped it: the fat like the fat of the attacks on the powers of the powder became too expensive, the smell it Scandinavia smelt? Imagine everybody smelled like perfume, stinky, pussy s, hair was like a foot and they said a few over the floor. Stinky rotten, fuckin marathon, his foot gear, better of being very forward Is it a bit, but I was a kid. I would rather be someone who just got its duty apartment, who makes already a great whenever Lycosa then be a king back that you would be a king. If you back if you could just tell these people, if you like your Unlike Ancient Europe I'm going to show you how I live. The hour, in turn it on
Am I got nominal Watch TV, although their public is fuckin wig with powder casually leaning, so these dudes would all like lose not just their hair, but their teeth with Father get holes in their face and there's all these pictures Lindsey for terrorists as well as our clip dogma. Here we can show our own clip see that image that, due to head that His head was falling apart, like that, because of syphilis, it was literally, skin, was riding apart. That's how appalled, apparently Al Capone. As well, really yup thought a doubt. Wigs begin fashionable rikers yeah everyone in a wig wigs became fashionable, I definitely Lazo knows that so crazy lookin that is crazy, lookin, just a big hole. Were you knows, used to be, but people have black holes in their cheeks and shit each than they would die. It's terrible man. I wish I had someone off Jamie shut off me.
Yeah I mean it would wrought re through you. It's really spooky stuff, We got rid of everybody as an enemy. He doesn't like vaccines against settler militia. Man, I had this gentleman doktor Peter Hotels, he's a vaccine advocating doktor is an expert in tropical These is are not just talking about covert and stuff like that, and you know he gets very angry and people spout miss truths about vaccines like you have to look at good and the bad. I give to be a real honest about what happens with any any kind medication, but with vaccines to my god we fix so many fuckin problems. Because of the way the polio anymore? You have to worry about Parkes anymore Smallpox chilled everybody. There was so much so that was just killing people until they figured out vaccines. It is people who are
aware that his dear they don't really really think in other fuckin did their rightfully distrustful of a corrupt government? That's why they hear about vaccines like it's fuckin bill, gates, try and put a microchip envy letter. Is that idea about Bill Gates, Emmy that naturally Theo here, spent so much of his money map and helping people sought. Mappen bill gates became a bad guy. He spent So much of his money, not enough bill. You fuck em, you do they get sixty billion even with fifty billion I think it's good INA gives us kids minds. Could he's telling you that telling them that he's giving them until the moment fifty billion on live like I'm in a daisy video, I'm just gonna get a yacht Am I have gold underwear? I might have a bottle of dominant Chan, son, big temperance, your wages drifted, aerial, yeah, that's the number. I don't know where you're good now, because you have to have good luck
and you have to have a lot of things planned out these these fuckin crooks out there are not plan is at the number. Fifty billion. When you can relax. I don't know what a number is you relax, but at that number I'd say yes, I think, but even then, either Fuckin do those phyllite they need more than their lot, when all those other dude there You are got yachts. Jays. You got a fucking crucial forgot that there was someone what about come on man? This is what I am talking about. The ability to do it just the other, but here's the thing man, the real thing. This is appealing because you can't have it. The only time that feels good is when you do other shit. It's hard of hearing doing that everyday. I swear to God, you won't be happy, yes, sounds fucked up, you gotta trust me. Human beings, knee puzzles. We need to solve things need games to win. We need things too We need books to right. We need things to accomplish. We need goals that we set. We gotta achieve em. If you don't do.
You're not going to be happy and it's a big problem of people to the end of every day was like big pimping. You would get bored at eight people for the weekends when you must your ass Monday to Friday, fuck and put the pedal to the metal by and then you know, I've been youth, you little rich kids, there are disasters, is it's really not ass? Terrible, even I think you do really sad. Just given a huge house, you should be sitting in this big house by yourself. You don't want a huge house, man, not if you're one dude in particular give you back. Eleven in one giant cassowary after your bad man, come on man? What is only around otherwise familiar heavily everything hangs out Robin Thinking Even rather they found that he's, like men have to keep rescuing this fuckin guy I am, it does have the sort of care always live, imposes on fucking. Wait this robin a bad fan movie with the,
Alisha Silverstone that was made in those years was I ever Batman. Rabanus cause I audition for that. Others. The gentleman whose, on that cool Jacob show I know that right you watch negroes in a year I will freeze your guy by right through the balance that guy was Robin. Oh, he was Robin where they lived in Granada and these on that cop show with local J Miss Browning s day, going back to Kelly is my fuckin playlists, hey work it out. I like that song. I really keen small eels tall, she said she'd legs, the ocean, it's a very good report on when there's a great work outside I play a rocky music so far too much trumpet. For me, it's a lot of trouble to tuna. De, I get really pumped up on a trumpet, though. Well, if you are running and Rocky came on yeah, I would see the but like a reg
in the regular world, you know I was to railways, without ever got like, I think I think we're talking about something and then we have under our work out music and I'm fuckin really get into something important, yeah really possible. I hurrying on those to him so glad you do this policy as we have been having a lazy or are they actually are out on me? I don't. I can't yesterday was my friend Brett Weinstein's he's an evolution. Biologists and want a smart for. Can people ever met so goes from him to this group. What I feel bad the listening here, so many small people that nobody wants people do that, I'm an idiot, but I'm Lydia alarmed and and ultimately been smoking, which I don't approve? This people like fun, we have four where Americans goddammit I got in and that's right and I bought a surfboard that came today and one certain you go and servant I serve now. You should get a lesson.
Don't. I know you can't daily wanting to survive. You can't know their deadly can die. If you ve never served you right, you're right, but I do know people have told me they almost died surfing. How did they Are you guys here with the fuckin wave and brought under that in doing so? Get back up do come on man, just takes him and fuckin rips him and half in front everybody in Euro Wake and you're in the water, the scariest thing. I ever heard anybody talk about what the ocean was not just that this guy died. San Diego waves? There were all training for like a triathlon and they get bitten happy shark in front of everybody so you're, all foreign half online great white just takes him and fuckin ribs him in half and run every and you're a wake and you're in the water, and you are hundreds of yards from the shore and the guy. Next to you just ex below did without a sea monster just jumped out and ripped him and have an you know.
Lud fuels shark frenzies, you go real slow. You still can't really even swim fast at your fastest you're fucked try to maintain a certain pages. You know what a run on gas yeah right. Not to be in your last splash around like well, my friend Peter it here He swam those waters shortly afterwards is prepared for some crazy hawaiian swim. We swam from like Maui to the big island was there was a distance he swam, something really insane from my way to the big island I think emit swam to Lanai as well like all Try to do it all in one day. So. Is there a shark infested waters tiger sharks all around the Hawaiian, the real aggressive We're gonna go swim after each tree, for swimming right, where the guy got they have by a shark like a week ago. Why would you do that?
Can man announced people different people are different. She come Sir, for they did absurd are you scare sharks harbour sent you because you are potential, pray, gamma, pussy, I'm not I'm not in the internet eaten by shark. I just don't think you have many options for survival? If one tries gets you and I know under as our lives our speed euro fast, very quick, so gender, water, think of seals. Gonna sell you out push towards a shark. Doesn't I'm worried about right, surf with seal just how do you get roaming on forest yeah? like. Oh, he loves seals. Land is Kyle his body to see a really the seals. Just data aren't bunker and they catch you. Dmz catches. You kicking seal into the water tansy shark snatches today, did it did. Assumes you get you to the get me now papa
see, and you have talked to the Thames most items you guys lot of more comics seed run Timothy Airport. There are usually pretty cool good guys. They just do a job. You know it's just a week Look it's weird and not be famous in the sea. Famous people who worked on the phone. Try to have a great life, some of their own at home, it seems like, but the pit Do people in all honestly the they've always been pretty respectful. If you tell him, you know, I'm too exhausted. I can't answer this complicated question. After I just flew all night, you know cuz! That's what a lot of it is, but it's coming out of the airport and you're high on edibles, which I usually am course that's all I'm flying and I have a Starbucks in my hand, I'm listening to Jimi Hendrix and some dude asked me. You know what do you think about glass matters and woe loaded question right here in our anything any any important issue where you could be like you know what What do you think about it? Biden are trapped, but what can answer my gonna give you highs far called
to Starbucks. It is unworthy kind to be the third world, especially you don't expect when you're flying you gotta, just except the fact you're fired right? It is sit there and you sit there. You listen to music or you'll, get a move on your laptop it basically just sitting there, Shell in York, you except where you are, and then you get off you get. You can use walk, and that is a question about life. I think about life, I'm just children, I'm trying to not I think this is my not think time doesn't like I'm gonna do a podcast. Let me wake up and get ready to apply or about to stand out. Let me read my brain up now. This is like getting off the plane. The words answers ever I don't want to fuck, I'm SAM. I think people go to you that you could hear podcast degree for answers. They will ask the candle generous something different than there and ask you: I'm not Francis trust me, I'm a guy that can point you to people that might have answers, but are not the answer.
Will you write a wide range of knowledge, though? Gambling doesn't glued together right. It scattered it's basically inoperable it's great for bringing things up on our part Ass is not great, really real world applications. Here. I just have weird facts that about the command she's stored in my head of science. Things such as does completely useless. It's not the whole reason why we here, I don't know why people science, bank data science, as they should be, it is It's amazing that we make actual discoveries that I think are even more magical than religion some of their stories and people don't it was like to sir a leaner. You're, something not cool people, think without science you would just be in the let's pooping in a whole new Dinah. We well, I think things going on simultaneously, we have the buyer logical needs, ok and biological needs mean that, like me,
and are still in some way rewarded for being like big. Strong physical specimens like a big football player in some elite athlete biologically a woman's body Tell her like that is a man to breed with I'm going strong offspring. There's no events are about about. It is what it is. I know you're right so because of that these guys have the resource. Is in the band with to create all the things they create dumb guy, to get a lot of pussy ain't vent and shit. Asia I'll tell you that thinking that were does an app that that makes me handsome I'll, be zooming in accordance with their car now and hey, I relax, meet and discuss my jaws slightly bigger on I just I get a whole new. Personnel. I realize I developed dislike new personnel. The face
This was given by the other hand. One of the reasons why you are so funny is the perspective of life that you have coming from. Someone is not totally happy with your Parents know no. I was just a very tiny and didn't Go up in my sister wanted assistance, and I was born. I was constantly dressed up and make up is a girl and she called me and I deliver a girl with. I was girl. My whole. I've had women dislike like on, may just tell her to do and I ended up. Like my I took it. Happen jazz with my mother. I don't want to do that. Oh my god, TAT hour, I went to get the tabs using a guy. Like one day, will see you on Broadway M or thinking I don't wanna. Why they cannot raise me to be a woman. This sounds like beginning of a biography of a serial killer? Yes, yes, sounds like a website. I still haven't just tortured by your mom. He really
Do you want to play baseball that go fishing and she's like I am at our raise a gay man? If it's the last to me, I remember my parents found a nude, mag, don't even know their women in underwear under my bed. My dad was like I got all relieved, not was everybody gay, but he was like I thought you were gay did want to have a life. Probably right I mean look. I'm built like not a tough man, I'm not built I am proud to be one of year. Softest friends. What did you say? I know I do in a prison work out the and now I'm gonna be huge by ETA, that what are you doing trust me you up with luminary, ass together and shit. I got bricks rather than duct tape. Guerrilla duct tape, really any lifting of ex yeah. I'm gettin I'll, be here you really could do that. It could. Actually it's get another does muscles.
I read a story once or there's a guy was talking about how to become a power lifter. He was explained people what to do In parallel to one of this piece of advice, he was giving is get a manual labor job, It was literally saying: are you? Are you really strong? You want to lift it night after work, but you want to work all day like picking up bricks and Shit Jessica, This guy is like his strategy for being stronger power lived was get a job carrying rocks. Although I dug I bought all these flake is plants. My front yard, like thirteen of em. They're, like you, want us to help, you dig a hole MIKE. I got it. I swear it. The dirt was so hard. It took me about three hours per hole, I just did executives great, exercised great exercise and wholly cry. My doctor doktor Mark Gordon. He does it he's bones podcast before he actually does that for exercise guns, backyard, just dig all yet dig a hole gets pretty much area that I got. What do you do with the holy ghost nuff fill it in just digging
do ineffectual and, as we say in a project that size man? He realizes that, first of all, when you think about digging a hole like honestly, as someone I'm I'm not a I'm, not a but I understand a exercise when you're its Smart word for knows exercise. When you hold onto a pole and you fuck and shoved into the ground, your leg in and you re yeah. That's what I did that's our work as a real words out I and its work out the works. Everything works. Your whole bodies, Lucy keeps which legs and switch the way you pull the thing you gonna use both sides, your back. You don't do this way. It yourself. A shared in this shit and depending upon obviously the size of the handle of the the the shovel, but you can get a real work out. Shovel man, just fuckin, chauvelin things, the ground.
Stop it on a whole is a shock in it I mean it's all shoulders and neck and back. I want this. Guy feel some satisfaction that I put in a focused trees. I got some nice curbed. Oh yeah he's out there dig in holes, and I understand that a condom. One significant charity work where people need holes in the auto go to do well, seizure man? He was a nice Green Lawrence stare You look good, have love ban. Will my visual pleasure I'll tell you what I did. I got some some quotes on turf, thick grass. Some paper about that, hit us they look at it ass ones that have that the whole side yard was all tat. Is a beautiful house that it was it the good turf. I was it really good, turf, hello where'd. You only could tell they told you
mean what you got on it. You can tell, but it's still beautiful, but I don't like it because I want. I mean I'd rather have like a bunch of patches of dirt and some grass, and I want the fucking earth there. I don't want a plast, to pay that pretends to be a player. I can see that get the fuck out of here plastic to pay that pretends to be. Plants. I want grass if you saw my earned MILAN as long as your long brown do. Don't I go along with that of the others. I mean Would you want to do your long thick grass? I am I'm getting a quote it. It's a good price, I'm monitored, because I tried to grass- and it's been May I can't get these weeds to get out of my face, be imposing what Didn'T- I didn't want neighbourhood as vague grass, where to go. When I take my dog. Is a nice fellow, I'm sure the note no army s instead house of fake grass, an affront my dog, pisses
every time, doggies like that. What is this? Yes, pisses Bush. He steps it like easy, looks down his feet. You'll stop flock. Is this: this isn't even grass he passes. Every time we walked by. Actually, how do I get the dog crap out of it? You came to the dark rabbits. Is forever in that it becomes a new thing to do. Do. Bacteria and bleeps hosts I'll, be patient. Zero for the next coda covered I mean I'm sure they make it where you can't tell, but you it's not nothin's grown through that man you're covering over those that a picture of my my MILAN and I think it did feel differently disaster. I don't give a fuck I like you care about my long now really put some time and do it or don't I've dont cover it with some plastic put so much time is too. I want it to be, I may put just I don't know they do. Cares and you Ellison. Isn't it strange, though there like a garden, is so much more pleasant, then just plan
they see a neuron like a gardeners like I put this into the ground David life. Look nice a glance the ear tags cool Have you ever had a salad from your own yard? Now Weirdly satisfying man. Weird is weirdly satisfying orange from a tree. That's great to an orange from your own tree. That's awesome than my neighbours. That is something of Allah glow. You can grow the lad s. Growth, tomatoes grow, some bell peppers and some onions girl that stuff may together. Little Balsamic Vienna Grat grow. The carrots child from our parliament is out there. Has. I grew. This thing is a crazy you're that I think baby carrots were Baby Harris, whatever their carrots, that is made small This is really little. They pull another got actual carrots, nay shaved and small. Oh there's, no baby counts
I know I don't know, maybe trawled. That's a people assholes telling you to baby care. It's all grandpa care, I'm wondering they shaved down. Grandpa care man, I added. I guess it's hard for you put away. I go all got this way made my whole families, giant barrels and then twig legs like and then they come The thing up. It looks disgusting from constantly fighting it and I use my neck there's a hypocrite story. I woke up one day Here is a dream I was having out. Well is now turning canal Abed would come, I'm turning the top of a coke. Can the top off wrench kicking off sick Where can I wake up? My foot can of Coke bottle of coke? It's a dream. Had oh, I wake There's so expensive really bad lot of are so I wake up with my hands. After all my head, I was twisting bonehead.
Does the doktor Idiot alma Go M grows x, Ray Mine, my neck, and they put on the law and the doktor was rubbing his chin. Looking at my neck will you do want to die are confused. Looking at your skeletal yeah super confident right and everything looks normal right and he goes Jonathan calls another guy on another book. Just like looking at my neck and am think I'm dying if you're a doctor and some guy comes in these a patient and You say: well, it's gonna, give you a little x ray and checked to see, What's going on in there to axe ram, and you can always weird bones: he's not supposed to have his entire spinal structures, totally different everything's different holdings different and the doktor look setting knows what what's going on here.
Ngos shut the fuck up. This is another good porn causes from another planet. Infiltrating the nurses committed blown they'll sarcastic. This peace in a galaxy again I love it. So he looks it and the lawyer Jack women, show the lumber Jim this issue has been podcast great porn, Thomas scribbling, some poor writers, soon a lot of great hopes of those funds, I texted Tom, so girl detection. Did I put online at home? I tweeted? Is anybody made covert porn yet Thompson? immediately immediately text me a photo of this lady with a fuckin covert basque on and some guys gravity ass, unlike this is crazy. So then he says real link. I go to it. It is a covert porn. Like two days after locked up, Cape Verde gets up. I wonder how many views
and this year's with millions of views now billions everyone's jerked out there to get on the merchant. That's the pistol. Has the thrill, yeah like a fire of luck and during a pandemic this kind of hot women they covering up anything they covered up, even though these cover their ankles. We're like magazine, those ankles, ragged sleigh goods risky, should rank of his horse another covering their mouths air, there's a lot of power but again this is the change of culture and we're talking about imagine living in a time just few hundred years ago, where women to cover their ankles, you had you You have a blacklist sickles following Reynolds, Lore, crazy People were so animal listing. I bet men were so out of control and disgusting. Kind of had to obscure the shape of your body or they'll. Just try to rape. You man, I met, hunt
five years ago, like most guys, raped. That's what I think I better go back like four, thousand years ago I get back. I think rape is like insanely common insanely come like don't talk about Genghis Khan and this is dna in like something like Firefox, does anything else. Asian people, the the per of men rape DNA gets spread, yeah as in all all of us thought the balance? Is the scientist? Don't get pussy salute I'll, get destroyed? and so they figure things out, there did those S big gigantic football player, deeds there's just fuckin storm. I'll. Does I rather like a fuckin sandstorms thrown dick all over the place? Those guys you invent anything now, there's like you almost need to have no distractions, and the best way to have no distractions is known want to fuck. You. Well you're back me, nobody wants a state is right, but when you think of like weird sort of
anti social behaviour, Pieper people getting locked into an online world people getting disconnected from human beings. All of this is thus not a good trend. That's happening more than ever and then with covert its gives wrapped up even more as you have to do it. That way, I feel like I went full circle on the beach. Stuck alone. And now I was lonely for awhile and am I'm fine off? Maybe I'm trying to say that's better care about their right, read about that door, them psychopathic surfing! That's right within the same thing at a zooming surfing, looks like it's so fond its even being terrible at it is self on it isn't, while the cell phone I waited. Finish. My next story out your high were superheroes design. Folks cypher, Rita. I went off an alien autopsies, sir. It's
a great story. It is I'm a summons, listen IP like what happened to your neck right. The guy doktor turns me does. I was like what what is it my dying and he goes you have the neck of a seven foot. Man of that story so very long neck, clear why I brought this on I'll, never know. The time of my weird body, dont now you're, looking at my neck, normal, I'm hunches, I got a hundred years later, rather earlier I want to come back as a handsome. App also makes my shoulders big and storm is gone spur was just used successfully treat some disease. What I bought crisper, How many stocks by Judge Whisper, Tesla good Moose? What was a gym? Three bothers like ok stock grow!
rice Krispies, it s a lot of money, you have, I crisper enter you found out about FUCK Bro, but it s all paid out would inherited diseases. Success we treated with crisper, so This is But the real fascinating thing about crisper is is that their goal, to be able to cure a bunch of diseases through it, and here it is up to people with bait boys. That word beta, Sol, lad and thought. C mere and one was Nickel cell disease, no longer require blood transfusions which are normally used to retreat to treat severe forms of these inherited diseases. After a bone marrow stem cells were Jean added with crisper something to date. Looking edited their bone marrow stem cells, thus foregone holy shit, the police
miss. Eyre results demonstrate in essence, functional cure for patients with beta. Thou see me and Circle cell anemia, a phone. No cure, so they figured out a fucking cure for single cell man. Yeah, I think this is that were raised. I think you're gonna go to your doktor with your genes. Yes, I think what we're looking at now is the tip of the iceberg. Tip of the iceberg? D: the beginning steps of this kind of technology there going to be able to edit p they're gonna be able to make you the rock you gonna, look like the rotten shrink, my neck they're, gonna, shrinking and another of your body to match the raw seven feet tall. They have to be the rock a seller rocky years ago is at my Jim goals within the two thousand and one like early young rock the phrase got a stack, a hamburger spike. Twelve hamburgers, you say he's a normal.
You don't realize how enormous it is until you see, man in real life feel like all crony yeah, but in the future, but that's an anomaly to be that big, like as big as he is and handsome and so charismatic for all of those things, are an anomaly for them all to be together, but what, if you could just edit someone's genes and turn him in to a specimen, like the rock be real weird man are, you think, take it it now you think so, come out. I think they're gonna look at how you are lucky that Jesus son as marriage for confirming the background their birth house determine covered with real sweat that he earned he'll american you Pansy Ass Fox. It's a great American. That's ever lived I mean either give my tufted to edit broke my you're jaw liners now the images inject you it's fuckin.
Saunders, architectural or the whole thing. They have mapped out yeah. You only want to map out your frame, and then you just shake like to remember that. Movie with some goddamn it. When I remember what it does is of Vietnam Movie, a real trippy movie with the guy that was in Shawshank redemption. What was his name o crap, the White guy TIM Robin TIM Robins, ok, timber. And was in a Vietnam movie. Where They, they gave the platter Jacobs That's right. The the idea was that the whole movie, I spoiler was kind of like lsd or some psychedelic Deuce dream the government game psychedelic and gave him this crazy, induced fucked up dream, but you that's how you go so they would put you
some fuckin cocoons, handshake, less lsd, people in Jacobs, LAD and then and boy you come out there. That's what's gonna happen, there's going to be no exceptional people he's gonna be no people that are a different. Everyone is gonna, be perfect, but then it's gonna be like Given that J G video, everyday doo, doo doo One's gonna get ball, I dont believe that's gonna happens. Gonna have been willing to fuck it up going to fuck it up like we're. Fucked up the environment in the ocean future here, reflective everything like we fucked up everything we ve ever done. We're gonna fuck it up, because we fuck up everything fuck up everything, and then we figure out what we fucked avenue. China unslackened re altogether. What's next, as Jacobs, I deny in this we will for sure Volga, because with the has the car and their their solving vision. Now, they're going to put this in robots a little walk round. Your house hundred right could make your sandwich and we did it. Robot, girlfriend her boyfriend that
Make you laugh is is has always information. Does these? Were you all this she's nice? What we he's gonna, and then, when you want to be alone, she goes into the closet and turns up what is it? new relationships. Well depends if you're better, not. Basically, the same thing is that he's retarget about you go. You can't live in a daisy movie forever. You can't have the fuckin hot made the just sucks, your dick anytime. You want Williams relationship with an actual human being when now wait a minute I'll talk in Ireland and the robot FUCK Doll lady, but Joe literally, to roll grand robot fuck. Lady, too big, a bitch sometime you can throw ran out to the point window rid of different gloomy, real. You wouldn't be Their decision, you, you wanna Human, its Kyoto is gonna, be annoyed with something is not a human. It's gonna be too easy. It's like playing a game quick with God mode on? We can't be killed he's right over there. He aboard part of the fund as Inga shot in the head. But it's like a chess game of chess app. You go to the higher level. Now you
real, though you know it's not real until you don't and then, when you don't, it becomes effective again, but while no, it's not real. You never going to accept it. Why you know this? Robot later to suck you don't like suck my Dick Roma lady. He can we get hard such Miller. We know you assholes suck your uncle is its spicy. We don't want that man. It seems like you want that, because he can't have you know what That is what your talk here and again, a beautiful woman whose, like wherein lingerie, who just does whatever you want and it's like, but here no person to do what you want, you can programme are too big act. We like, in your last pain, furtive spear regular person as soon as you get a regular personally could be from the south blondie look at you and a good relationship with magic, guys who can't get laid Dat is wage. I think we need to remove part of their brain, so they believe that robots, real and not against them. I shall end the robots programme to make them better person. Flora, Grat, wrote,
this programme, to be almost a great woman in life, is inspires you to be a better right away. You ll see, what's gonna happen? Yes, we can do that, but they have you organs. Heavily morons or the robots have to be way better than they are right now they have to be like the dissimulation has to be better than actual reality so that you initially submit to it. I disagree african taxpayer. They talk you into like listen all yours, what eventually this going to work out new benefit for right? Now you get submit to leaving all of your consciousness. Alternative recreated dimension. Don't worry, your physical body will be safe in fine, which is we can offer you five minutes travelled, here's the pros! You never have to worry about your bills again. Ever is paid for in you live like a rock star for the rest of your life and you stay alive, the same amount of time. So what are you doing? Do you really want just fucking straw go and get beaten by the cops and an fuckin lose your job because of corporate in this
downsizing, don't give a fuck how much pomp multiparty this fucking cabaret. Would you like? Would you, do the hard way or you want to stay alive, the same amount of time, but we just connect you to a machine and the memories of life that we give. You is far more exciting. It's amazing you're, a superhero here, the king in the world here on top of everything you like your Doktor Manhattan, But it's not a area like that. You can have a something a little in between, maybe not maybe once hit, the switch they say, listen just try. It destroyed you can get a free weekend. They give you a free weekend, a hundred percent and they use it, get everybody we again and everybody gets it everybody at the first it for us MIKE worked like working at sawmill. He doesn't anymore, he wants to be Doktor Manhattan. It want to be one of the watchmen He wants to be on Mars, just jerking off, What's it if, when unpopular on Wednesday. I pick the Mars jirga package. Do they want simulation,
by an way too stupid, though, but smart people do Eland us again, Isla? He thinks we're in a simulation, ok, so you're, smarter than boys. Italy's. I should say this well put words as well. Are these very? open to entertaining the idea that we're in a simulation and that its very possible that weren't simulation. Yes, I think it's a factor of what actual life is. That's what I think women. I think what what we're thinking of us being in a simulation or I think me We need to look at an even bigger, like maybe that's a factor of what life is that life always has this weird fucked up the act quality and always feels fake and its if once a certain amount. By the way we think not just Sancho to physical tat just like when people are Matthew, feels terrible
you said something to work to a guy in you. You regret it. You gotta go to the next day and see em you gotta run in early October. We feel bad feel bad people feel bad when they have bad interactions with. We're we're not just like we're, not just what would definitely not individuals that are disconnected for everyone around them. If people around you bad feelings, you feel bad has no getting, That's so there's some shit going on with people its weight. Further than just just like words and look at each other. This, like energy, is being transferred back and forth between people. It is has been defined, get well I'm definitely high those really hard for me to follow, but also lay found recently. We are pixels the smallest, the plank length. Is called ragged triangle, so you literally could make this. You act
you don't touch anything. You know that you never actually touching Adams. Don't touch me that's, another this theirs. Things that are disturbing, but touches you, the judge. You will you You could say no one ever if anybody like no one ever touches well, I can imagine, define the you never actually, whatever beats anybody up can touch each other no solved Israel. Now little car accidents are real because no one ever touches anyway. I'm still further care about my long. But I do here do not a plastic. The point is they're gonna make robots, robots and I don't know who which sex is a good question three day answer which sex will be more mad, the females got these guys, who have these Second, these robots that are their juggernaut. Anyone who they love this and our or women or men me mad, because women are toy satisfy this guy. That's like what happened. I work what The ball of them would have all the robust women shows where seven foot
I can do to tread locks, that's what I wanted and that was it the most popular robot? I thought as for Ladys, are called opposite Kyle just giant super athlete. Big dog fellows with dry locks, rob those would sell? Well, I mean workers be so mad. Everybody would be mad. I'm not a lot to do to be upset. You think about how the old people Worse are saddened. Lonelier their wife die, their husband died and then you can give them this fighting dick. The shy I do dear huge belying, I am with scars on his face com- is shoulders of dried blood. Splatter arm and listen will a fox your grandmother who listens, could do it so hard listener to and he wants to know about stories we get so hard when she crochet see it's hard rock. Just imagine got your grandmother of Fuckin Viking
robot our door with a gift. He shows up like Wolf around his shoulders. He shit you grandma here, yes, yes she's right. This way is dragging a fucking acts with them. He walks in the house. I don't think we're twenty years away from this a matter. I don't think that's ridiculous, ridiculous, whose his of thing man, if you think about what, what make someone attracted to someone right, if you say okay, well a guy would be attracted to a woman who was a great personality and fun to be around she's got a pretty face in a nice body, but that some illusionary code. The same reason why woman is attracted to a big giant, strong man. That's good genes like there's some evolutionary code would have they got in there. What the crisper unjust, broken monkey rich touch, it and you only sexually transmitted dying people? That's it
they can send you talk cats award, he's gone I'll, fuck fast, yeah cause. That's your thing and fill us round these dude live in this cancer wore their dying. If some hot robot lady that they program or that some listen this programme, the original bang directed to the that person thing valued, ruin that person's life, but a robot, yeah robot, big yeah, big wireless, but what of the robot so good? That's really indistinguishable, from a person than one is a robot have rights we gotta get on this robot? where'd. You get it look man we can make that mistake, ass human beings. We ve already decided that other humans that aren't like us are not equal to us. What have we eventually invent? A fucking row by that has all the characteristics of us, including it feels pain, has emotions and we decide that it's not Have we not learned
from all of the years of hard that we ve inflicted upon our fellow man where they get a now. Do the city's sentient robe so we got to try to make em we're, not gonna stop. I was going to the scene and ex mark and when that lady, just sleep, lives when she. How does that? Alexander seriously, as with any less open the door, he knows gonna suffocate in their yeah he's pounded on that big, thick plexiglas. You know it never getting out and she is no motion walks through the helicopter. What, if this is a simulation an hour, this has happened over over our job is to create the machines that then, like our purpose we find out is to create the machines that makes us
and it just happens open over these little me beings, capital, smart and then they make us again and then we make an early universe. I headed a joke. The did a long time ago about the Big bang theory that, like one of the Big Bang theory, is just like what people figure out what they get to a point where someone in food tastes like fourteen billion years, they get support were some thing an event. A button oppressor planet recent time and then there are sent around staring at it and one dude would like oughta he's going out. It is on red ball and no one's ever touched. His turkey's, like fucking opera, bone rightly abundant in the whole year. Verse, explode and then contracts and thence it's all over again and it's a big bang in every four seeing plus billion years. We figure. Make a big bang, I mean. Maybe we
if think about what we're doing and what we used to be or do they were when our sovereignty, but comanches in that crystal? There is a big deal in eighteen, forty to someone. You gonna to make a revolver Roth shit. Now you keep going way way way way way way way way in the future wise. A big bang button preposterous. I think it is now and it may were clearly missing. So much information like the Big bang right, What are you anyway? More information? Did he used to be how small right, The whole universe was smaller than the head of a pin in the gut, and I got guts are right, a lot, but it just doesn't see it seems There's a huge peace. I put that story right up there with Eliza and the two bears oh yeah, same story now who the fuck knows what happened between lies in the she bears, but boys we got some. We get so dad. I at least the she bears at zero. We have We have the sound it's coming from four,
ten billion years yo whatever it is. Thirteen point nine billion years ago, where things were missing gravity is where it was is that go well notches Alec? What about dark matter? Explain that, matter and dark energy splendid They don't really now. They know what it does to know the impact it has. No, that's what I call a dark matter, exert their dark on that front, interviewing my dad on tonight's episode of triggered. We covered many topics, but only one thing. I really want to know our aliens real, fair, give you RO lowered failing because this is the only thing I really want to know. What's going on, we ever open up Roswell. Let us know, what's really go he's terrified of his dead, regional entities are for it. It's coming out tonight. I've got a big, they got us they're gonna throw the goddess aliens. Now these fuckin, these people got us a tunantins events. I do want to say
They cut it off right the very changes, if it so important to tell us what this suspense disposal the president, this isn't about ratings? Are you an alien? You think aliens are here and guess? What are you Would he baseline just my imagination and hopes and dreams. I say no way and I'll tell you why. First of all, the people understood how far away things others argon you so right. People understood the idea of sending a video from a phone to another phone in the matter of second, do not. Crazy. That is at sounds impossible. It can't be done that we first well what's a video, but how is it made and how does it all through the air and land perfectly Kyle's phone airdrop. What the fuck is an air drop. All those things do not this disclaim. What I'm saying don't die, evolution in two thousand and you issuers smarter to sell every guy. Was a little bit. Nobody discredit road,
the speed of light? You? U physically, can't go faster because you, your massive infinite, so we had to our closest stars for light years away. It takes a second for light to go to the moon and it took us most a week to get their going. Eighty miles an hour, you're really going for for years. I just also, if you gotta go that far. Aren't you gonna, say hello and you're not just going to be in the sky and is now well you everything. You said it's very good, very important. I dont think that All we know about propulsion and the ability to travel through space and time is the same rights. That's a civilization has been around for thousands of years longer than us. So if there civilization out there and I'm not saying there is, but if so, I believe that there should be a me. There was a recent thing they were talking about their doing so an equation about our own galaxy? That said, there might be as many as thirty six intelligent life forms in it,
two planets occupied by intelligent life forms in our galaxy. So really know did just gonna of gassing, but you, assume that if it happened once in the rights at us from stances it could happen again if given enough time and the why doesn't get blown up now? If what we know about people in twenty twenty mean we have we're talking about setting videos through the air and fuckin space access, shooting people, the space again document the space station in theirs, crazy shit. We're doing that didn't exist at all a hundred years ago, so we went thousand years from now how fuckin bonkers would be the inventions we gotta assume that each invent in exponentially encourages more inventions, the branch off of it, but it does, and always me when you look at what we started off with As you know, the Wright Brothers, admittedly very quickly, into propellers and jet engines, and now we're rocketing moon, this
and so we are like own eighty, five or flying cars, because that was the trajectory and I just went well. They do have flying cars, they just don't use em and they're, not very good, but they do exist. You can do it, but the ones that we were imagining would be in the is totally didn't and probably means that flattened off, but but is also problems of everybody. Having a helicopter. You know, helicopters were supposed to be the next form of transportation when a helicopter invented it was invented to people's others, cannot replace the car in the villages. Why are they so that they be so loud? Is fuckin twat roselands fuckin helicopter won't trafficking, but that's I think it's it still doesn't mean we can't do it. You could everybody We have a helicopters, is not practical people can afford it can't land, the sky can be full of helicopters, though
the goddamn road is filled with cars would be dying, could be slamming into each other left her riley. How would you make clear lanes and paths maybe could be done? Maybe you ve done that future. Maybe it would be more efficient or more energy efficient or won't. Go be electric, so fuck up the invite. Men are something earlier, but they can do it I mean on the alien thing, a hundred percent think there's life under their plants majesty found every star. That they ve looked day and they got yes. Telescopes have planets around. They didn't know that until recently, so then you have to meet To buy me more chances are of life and its. We're not only that we will use our tourism. The pictures they have of these plants are dog shit. Then nothing, then nothing. You parity, like you, see pictures of the moon, and there are some pictures of pictures of planets and other gauss it Do you like ice or why you get like a speck or they just stayed the recognized by the way the sun wobble. Sometimes,
Fine. Yet if I want the star is- and they recognise that there's like a certain kind of a wobble damages coming today, kill em wriggled out girl, so they figure out that a planet circle in it, but there's no real good photos like we have photos of Venus. It's insane right. Thank you see the like after or Jupiter Jupiters photos are amazing man, fuck pop a photo of Jupiter I would either TAT, was a girl's, adder man, so that's it photo that we have just a man imagine if you floating around near that thing, and you could look at it and realize here's this lifeless massive object. That shares lie of shares, a solar system with us. I have a telescope on in my long icons hey, Saturn's Rennie, relaying legacy, jupiters I'll do you're one of those guys it's eight hundred and forty five million miles, but keep pull up the Jupiter photo.
I remember there was a an event that happen more. What year was but of a giant asked Lloyd, slammed in all and they realizing oh wait a minute. They pay their way bigger than we thought. When that happens and asteroids slammed into Jupiter an explosion was larger than the size of the earth yeah. They have pictures of that. I think that's true. He added my domain and now you're right that man, like that's the impact we need that big planet. How it change the color of the stripe? I heard that, were we wouldn't be here without Jupiter cuz it scooped up, allow the asteroids yeah. Apparently it's so massive that it sucks things into. It said each. EL nine nucleus hurled material into space, which literally Lord scar when it fell on the Jupiter, got it so amazing to think that disease in normal
Matt, you know like Miami sized Rocks realities and they get to slam into us and then everything's off everything's off deal. Actress d, the power, the lights, the son you can't breathe You know if you're anywhere near the impact of dead instantly anywhere near with hundreds of miles, then, is among the atmosphere. Here you burn up just from the heat of it. Do so fucked you so triple have a fact that that Vulcan your time earlier votes, one! That's what The ball is route, that'll kill everybody right. It's called Dara, so revolt It's a volcano, they didn't realize was a volcano until like this these satellites. I believe they just thought that was like seismic fully active hot springs, a beautiful, so pretty damn convenient and then one day is that the actual impact on my kind? He could see the impact. Look at that watch over here.
And bring back it up back. It was us through this. Here's out hits the gravity breaks it up. I think before it had, since it has a bunch of old boom boom boom argue that so that exposure apparently was the size of the earth. Fun of gesture navies aliens, brute finer vesture There was an explosion size the earth. I think we should check enable were saying just in case they should not check. I don't know, I'm all right, but I think it's is somewhere in that range, but that he had ass man. That's all I think the red dots about our size, the red storm and the thing is manders. Fuckin, holds all over. This planet hell, yeah things hit here old time, just like no rhyme a reason to either it's not like you and hit us man really really close to five g nationwide, I don't give a fuck those rocks or flight nowhere and by the way, if you really want to see an end to racism, it'll be when
a giant rock is coming from the sky was that, then you realize how stupid it was to care. That's it I'm going to happen what we are trying to feel deaf racism thanks ism, any kind of discrimination, homophobia always gotta, seem so stupid. We see a rock flannel sky I I've been so distract. Did I don't they can even knock those things out. There was little exaggeration says one group of astronomers estimate the object to be sixteen and a half to sixty five across seems Us Rebecca where the slogan. Did they say the explosion with some? I thought a massive now here with us, It isn't what I sing about the size of exposure, because that was the thing that they were stunned by their stunned by the actual size of the IMF here, even though it is a gas giants are or how the fuck it. Even what is what is happening and what was happening when it has, if there's a hard core, the bottom, probably right, even know how stupid way.
It's a gas giant just against get just you know. I would say that real Casale arousable was questioned me I'd like what you jupiters aghast a very My work can be checked, Venus hottest. When it in the solar system and its not the closest, because a greenhouse gases as pumping at our atmosphere. Here we are, not met on the surface of the Venus gal things are. I do noticed, more fires, while the climate, certainly shifting, in but here's. This is my point. Not. That is anything wrong with recognising that we're doing irreparable harm to the atmosphere we deftly are. But we also should be aware that, even if we weren't this mother fucker is not stable. Now, it's not even. If people had a zero impact on the environment, absolute zero, we don't take out, we don't put back it's perfect, it's a perfect balance in harmony, we're still far
the day before that there were still fox. We need a wrap, your henriette, I suppose I could be worded that way that it wasn't ersite explosion does say that a moment to compare they told her son. Look at at a toad. Was I clean size, you son There is an error in the air nice now I now have a settlement lean set off my bridge, all the time and I was burnt on those buildings, downs, cleaned everything out which ones word down other from the riots l the no working is great for the air terrible for the economy? Super good for the air? If you are it for its thousand and our colleague after by Tesla. What hear you would doing a Tesla alarming one to right. I guess Has it been long? How much are they pay us a lot good opinions with he keeps making its Maisie, my own yeah. I just want to keep making cool stuff and succeed that roadster is fuckin vaporware, though son money may then coming out port
there's no your goddamn words. I want the roads, will have on our. I love the truck but where's the goddamn roads, everything above they re coming, This is about. It is old. What is this, I can both as a portion of new Tesla rose there next at Porsche. Take him, that's throws there could be of Sea Javert machine does look like it is look supercedes real. Is that really the roadster. The hour has, as it has the roof on ass. I say God, damn it's beautiful, that's gonna have arrived, from the back. I think that is what it looks like the hair of another cgi. Since my eyes, but anyway for me I could be tricked. You know what I can't be tricked by though model cars would When I see a photo of a model car, even if its purpose did so weird your breath. Know what that is theirs. Thing going on the microscopic of the shadows and write something you do not call
of whatever it is unlike ball share. I coffee a car, but you know what I mean How do you know that a model cars vague, but you do I haven't honestly tried- Jimmy Janey doing very well cars, google Woody on your lying Tesla. Oh, that's right! It lives off the ground once that's not zero to sixty and one point one second, that is, that the data that some debasement with aggressors, with the thrust of what kind Let us not just talking about what I just said. I may just been two hours: Jamie saving us it's hard here and read? At the same time, we would like our model cars you might along until it is Russia, let's ways: parables favoured fun games or picture rather of a moral car pull I'll pay for a real one thousand. Nine hundred and sixty nine corvette model car with C that that sounds pretty reasonable. Also because it's a plastic car like the corvette, is actually a plastic via
maybe maybe they'll be better to Germany also or pull up a real one. Didn't know most if I can find a photographer that does magic and see if there's a man just quality but just gimme a regular one. First, just give me a radio at first. It too. Basic off of because there's some public instantly you'll know, and I dont know how you would ever described as other people Missy thy known. They think that's, that's a real although I know that car that's actually real car, you, son of a bitch that's a world that is, is for as well make a bigger gangs are my Dick Rocca, that is a God, damn beautiful, That is a generation. Three! That's a generation! Three corvette, maybe, like I think, Queen Sixty seven, unlike in this early seventies, that one's got the side pipes and they get an extra wide body kid on it. I got wow, that's America fuck here, don't go away for a guy.
Recover our son come exactly ignore. Now, go back, go back! Here's the thing: it's not does that one's got a bold white stripe right down. There fuck knows that's ebony and ivory. They lived together. Perfect harmony. Alas, no less that, yes with side pipes and fled fucking? That's it! You don't get from a letter. Marital is feeling an engine in Poland on shifting gears. You don't get that. Don't get the wildness. You don't get any Leonards Kennard Goin on you have head, you just get out, but it's still it's better. It's If I had to choose like one car to drive the rest of my life, would it be a hotrod every day or a Tesla? I do it. Take the Tesla. I remember the hot rod. It's going to be always awesome, the fastest Tesla. It's amazing. Although these are never going to the gas station as such a polite again, so pretty obvious pull up a model? Car? Ok, that's my car! I don't
it's hard to tell a without hearing wheels fake, but it's a shitty photo it's hard to tell us not the resolution's, not we're good go to model car photos. I have that's why they slew, I typed in and tenacity coming up how these counts. The tragic you one sided, I ll try model car sixty five Mustang. Let's try one of those causes problem with these is like its programme, as many miles out of item talk about them, shows a lot of Iceland has got it. Amsterdam account someone's. Oh, yes, someone must I know that I will have a cooking greenwater, the box, that's a fake one! Ok, they could tell that's a fake shrilly, Smart guess you speak too, though it's hard to tell dollars, figures fuck now, but make it larger. That's perfect example actually look like something up, is like now player who hates.
Here's your letter that I dont know Jamie, look at it. What is it I mean where it is in the middle of the way. I don't know man, I know its little. I weren't you put it People around ends and tyrants, even issues. I think. Even if you see g I'd people onto that picture, we'll abnormal size. People in relative jack are just keep it still for zone it. Even if Fiji I'd people on that, you would still be like. I don't There's something about the perspective here. Here's one of things, it's because it's a photograph right. It's not a digital form draft, as you look at how blurs the background MRI Jana Little a little bit that conditions, then I was out in Accra could do with a camera, but I think that's also you recognize perspective.
And you like, just by the way, the light is playing off that thing. It seems off yet does have a force for till ship perspective, which would normally happen, which gives things a miniature look. Yeah. The gate mixing with fake read that that might be a car that they made look thinks it's amazing. What happens in your subconscious? You re revenue would learn it. There is no other. Does that's a shitty picture the Anna you really. Can I wanna be lurking ceramics yeah. I bet that the design due to serious into those fucking things miniature cars deathlike killed. It If you live like little displays of or on their house, would you like to see my anything you collect? If women are into does nothing were one day I'll kill, you collect acts, does anyone know ones around and make the rooms Oh my god. Either or they once through, that star Wars chemo the two sided
late Sabre authorize, mall yeah. I remain the Argus Stern, just stand up and I come home he's on his bed going well well well grown man both feel happy the year with an eye felt him if they came to him in the middle of the night. I said: listen, you don't have to live a life anymore. You live the same exact amount of years, but you're going live as Darth Mall, every time we would have to change your live, as I assume now look at dark time again on a switch this up. No enjoy life, I'm havin fun, but I think I enjoy Disney this like weird challenges to life as part of its fun about like the part of what's fund as overcoming the things that are not fun and sick figuring your way through problems in getting better at things and learning things and criticising yourself in all that shit go ahead, If you go into the matrix mantle it's over
Don't ever I there. That thing, I don't think, is right about, as I think you can programme the matrix to be annoying and hard on twenty percent. If you get a programme to be law I've just fuck it up and make it live. Life is now and then, like that's the natural course progression. That's the only way to keep empty to keep things moving and have a good and bad, you have to have all the things together. It's the only way things done. You have to have struggles, otherwise no improvement gets made. You have to have trauma the wise love is not appreciated your eye of all those things. Yeah yeah, let's say like a rich That's the thing that people load the mouse and might be a rich son. Absolutely on his arrogance. It didn't have to work, for it is a piece of shit. He's mean people in his miserable. He didn't do anything to get a miserable fuck, I'm the happiest working really hard, o Brien and when it's done, like when you make one of those videos, and then you get a bunch of positive. Back from it. That's gonna be amazingly satisfying it for free
also. I heard beds growled without last one wild Kurds that Kurtz fuckers. He's great and we're doing we're working on making a show, and it's like we're working so hard and no one is even asking for a bit. So it's really satisfying I feel like about the money just keep doing those goddamn instagram videos, if you can just keep doing like its undeniable, it's so good, There are those who so good so mean is put out Oh yeah, others, bill mar ass. For I mean he didn't want to make an idea, though my getting gangbanger came on this programme. Lisa impression socks must ask what am I supposed to do? Sit there. Listen I'm on your side with that one he was in Brussels by the way, it's very it's very funny. He should be laugh and that it was aware and minimise either. You hate, summons impression. You have to pretend you like it does no good saying
can't lie. You can't say it's not good. It's really good will lie with that. You, when you said all its play it he was like I'm leaving. If you please, Brenda leave your plate at and by the way I want it I'm gonna make your mind. I like having a nemesis Garfield's gun sales. Bill. Maria, like I'm, really live out of what he says. The ranch that he's been doing during covert have been the very best in others, it's that he does the beginning every show I have on their great man. They're great is doing with no audience, but they ve been really funny and really good points. It's like you, actually ramp did up during this Denmark is some of those beginning. Show ran are excellent. These great writer says me: they got little rate writers, man, it's a it. Is it enough to treasure that shows a national treasure. But, mobility, get gangbanger, my that your video, you caravans, all these things together exactly but also the act like era
yes, they are better of Hawaii exist. He went out to Hawaii within his private play. I guess I don't know him now in his defence. I'm sure I was invisible to him. You forgot me, but, like you, have a division, two dinners and, and then you kind of got did know about the videos and they told you he didn't and then you anyway listen, listen visit. I get it equally. I think in all do with all due respect, I think he's just looking at the wrong way. I think it's funny and I think it doesn't make him any less brilliant doesn't make a show. Any less great in show is great. I think we both admit it knows that grants are brilliant there. Really! love is Rance. I've, I've tweet a few of them out and said they bravo. I tweeted amount it pained me today: the video where he was getting gang back her heart me? I didn't want to do it should so funny man, it's so funny. Coming from a guy's, a fan of Bill motto was laughing hard. I love that you,
showed your wife and you like. What's wrong, there is a is in us different tastes, different strokes, yeah. It is, but it's also like come on man, if you lighten up, it's almost are funny. I want them in this I'm fine video, I think part videos there's a place for them. I don't think there's a place where some people don't like many. I hear about there's a place for a good part of the funding- is that that movie, nor bit with Eddie Murphy Nearest I saw two nights ago is amazing. He placed three even the movie I got in sea. Does he came out? Two thousand seven. I see it there's Norbert Eddie Murphy is like a nerd character. He pleases it's a wife and then he plays This guy own as Wharfage plays a chinese guy. Dude is amazing itself the funny parts. The moment we hits the big laughs
holy shit. That's him in him, the Irish. Its Eddie play in the wife, this enormous woman who rescued him from a sandbox boiler when he's a little kid and basically kidnapped, There may have become her husband and she has her broke, one of her brothers, Terry crews and the other brother. Attitudes are built, as I Terry Cruises, big fuckin, giant, dude, Superman ACT and they're all like China run some scam on this. Lady in normal, has two fuckin step in and save the day. Dude tell him you? Can we get these so silly? It so fun like I laughed so hard at this movie. I so are the kind of movies that I want to watch now that are just received. So silly me away from. Can we get there? tomatoes on its product. Three percent did they can suck my dick, that's a great movie, it's a funny movie.
Run tomatoes. Nine right, I mean they're wrong. I wrote you a journalist, writing they're wrong, sacrificed the secret planted our through the fire gods. Watch, nor does it get a nine do assholes, but castles nor the hate life grandmother, listen. I know it's funny. I laughed hard that movie. I left hard we're. Looking for it to be something else I mean the movie is basically concern is like is really funny man and in the Eddie Eddie Murphy played this racist chinese guy, who would say races, shit till then Zimmer there, but it's him saying it. It's not a chinese guy for so and its in two thousand seven, so it flies because he probably couldn't even Eddie. Probably couldn't even get away with doing that today, like people get sobs? They didn't realize it was Eddie, saying that two Eddie do, you think, will
ever get back to openly where we are brothers, but like the union the creaking do some other culture- and I can tell italians- you can do this, but make fun of Italians. Irish people, english people, you just can't- might make fun of anybody that we decide is disenfranchised or recent. Immigrant and lips a gallop, and, unlike Asians, are, would like running America right. Can there comedy where a white guy does Asian. It can be that right now, nobody here, I think that too I think again, Listen man, a black guy, can do white face with zero problems, yeah as big as was never an owl Joseph, for why people probably parameter fuckin dancing with a white gloves on it. Is that its back, add on top of everything else. What's I would
a thousand hours for an oculist game that puts you and me in the front row we bought The headphones artists to Bianca Apple foxes like Israel, Shell, it's in a tent in the middle of Kansas and the early nineteen hundred, when you Oh my gosh, I call myself I'll give you know how this thing turns out. That's one of the last places, if I go through time or put iqs things on, would be What languages do really uncomfortable do? Dorothy was happy. She got picked up by a goddamn tornado. She was happy there the land of OZ. I get to see Ruby slippers that her poor life here rather than munched molesting urge is getting like the real might out the other. He is that's heard you around like face. Oh my god, that's normal. She went black face with buckwheat hair. She Dublin, I just that's crazy. Wow.
But that was a normal thing. It's like they decided that I guess they decided that they wanted to put black people and films without putting actual black people and films and making them famous silesia. We got word around here, make. Why people like you and everyone's gonna know like did they know what our jobs and look like in real life, or was it like kiss in the seventies I have a problem with kids: Gretta remain college loved kiss you would. Often in our little tea dorm room and they so it is a college words, zero degrees. I have a windows open up to get up, there be breathing frost and he would bang this girl ages. Loved kidney take triple despite acid instead the sun and come back and then wonder he rearrange furniture. So I come on in the door more album and he put the refer
Jim for the door is like a rearrange. The apartment, unlike you, can't put the the We can open the door, he was so high anyway, I associate kiss with him and never never like us. What that guy Himsel, though Jean oh he sells pasta, sing his ass. I have to disagree. Fuckin songs, kiss at some great songs. Come on in love me over the sun has I wish I could play for you get pull off. I know tubes and death. What can I do? That's a great song, good song, on a rock and roll online. I had already every data like that's now now tat bad. I guess I have two which kissed Roma. You gotta, let it go. Man is grave and I had the total opposite. My uncle was an artist for the very talent company
They are the advertising company that did their album covers also, as my uncle worked in the place, can return. Remember the name that this Paul standing right here, genes, him and son. Old, school branding was so good. This is like kiss alive two days. I know what the fuck this is son. You know what the fuck is going on this great this, the great fuck me meant, but for me it is locked me into their time, so you can't sheliach as then they'll charger royalty life did we had Gary Clark, Junior did a cover of midnight Ryder CUP. Or of it, and we play the collar and charge you for that. It leads to forget. They just take your fuckin money. That's I can navigate the song even a cover which, by the way he needs to release the Chinese are released that I needed. If I do anything for you,
I need to talk honey, honey and Gary Clark Junior into doing another version of men gotta be before you die. If you heard a template for ya when I was a little taste of money, he's fucks these fuckin thieves, fuck one than they did on the Instagram yeah. They just so distinctive, so good, but it they fuckin there like you too, copyright claims and all kinds of dialogue. We can't show parts of films if it was up to me. I would start off every podcast with Clint Eastwood talking to the comanches. These are my words of life and also my words of death. These are my Lord. If you see that the Outlaw Josie. Well, so this is them. This is a small club in downtown This probably like was our. Who is us,
my friend Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe there, a band called honey honey and that mother fucker behind the guitar is one of the baddest ever. Do it. That's Gary Clark Jr it's! I just thought about being how long it's been since I've been in a club. I know right I'm doing here the next weekend, oh yeah, I'm doing the improv. You they give you a restriction on people, Spain, people's mouths, your big closer, that's, I was gonna end no man go have some fun. They don't have like a restriction number of people in the rumour that seventy five percent capacity they They they trimmed down only twenty five percent to stick carousel folks get your vitamins in. Get out, sighing, take vitamin d where foot and mouth Do it. You gotta do is ensure that day is important. One huge huge, its huge for a lot of things. It's huge for muscle developments, huge brain function, it's a hormone apparently as well according to a doctor.
Rhonda Patrick's is Lisbon on my part, ass, for this was explaining. That all these people that were in the intensive care unit with covered I am percentage em like more than eighty percent of them. In one study had in insufficient levels of vitamin d, only four percent had sufficient levels, and so then she told me that seventy percent of the United States is deficient and vitamin D. Seventy percent on the sun as much exactly only twenty nine percent have sufficient vitamin d, which assists like bonkers. Only twenty percent or not known skinny, twenty nine percent. What was it I want to say, had insufficient, not twenty, I'm fuckin, then the numbers up but there was a very small number of people like it was seventy percent or deficient. There was a certain number of people that had insufficient levels to the point where they,
or vulnerable their mean system was vulnerable and they can get more disease. There was a large number fuckin up. The number them all low on day every time go outside man. If you don't go outside and not take it you're, not gonna get it here. I do take it, but there were there discovering is theirs who does a lot of things have interact together in your body, could be healthy. Have to have a lecture lies. You have to have me. No acids, Yapped Vitamins gift of all these things and when one of them is missing and one of them severely missing one, a really important one. Like vitamin d, the whole thing gets thrown into why and you get vulnerable as part of what we're showing here. There's this a metabolic volume. Ability that a lot of people have, and it's not just that the virus is scary, but it's all so that people have really fucked up immune systems, because not healthy. Cuz are not getting a vitamins and when you find all these athletes that catch this disease and shake it off like it's nothin
Ok, we're talking yesterday about these NBA players. It got no symptoms, it has got it in their fine. I know a bunch of people have got it like that. Like Manna now I think this, this is showing vulnerability and people's immune systems more than anything, we should be really concerned about that on top of being concerned about, Brain disease goddamn, we got us information on how to strengthen your immune system. Yeah, diving that vitamin d by Good Tipp, it's a good Tipp, but it's only the the iceberg. The waters important drink, a lot of water stay hydrated have a lot of lecture lights. Have vitamins all the basically pot make sure get high at least once a day. So you can sleep, goods be scared autumn, theirs, a lot of shit goin on. Maybe we only here and one side. Guy the doctrine. Awhile knock on word, I feel pretty how they are used to. I was diagnosed with silly actors is unity the dog to have to build more finds. You
I'm scared him. I should give you my getting arrested with you would bill Marty. Its swing like money right? Why don't you yet with cocaine. Ok, variable here, Cocaine into your cock, ok, you fuck it so good at such a good impression Anyone says it's not a good impression, come on and may I do a lot impressions. Don't do not all day some early pretty may he learns pretty weak, but there are members bills, pretty good, it's very good! we have just had on the detail in general. Is her way everywhere? That's her voice now see her span. Any other way shows Those noise is universally. Does that because I think she's alone? Aren't you answers or self like what you get some shoes map and she's gone
Watch him Jimmy cherish math. How weird where's can anybody things? That's a superficial aspect of our culture to the Euro on the that burst generous now, Caitlin Jones dumping do that that than the weirdness of it not saying that she shouldn't be. It will do that. You absolutely should, but the weirdness of that sort defines like how crazy life is today. It's like you're, seeing these little, hence really getting close to the end of the game. The narrative, fallen apart, the fucking ploy it's weird where weirder you like? Oh my guy, when is the big, reveal his olympic and then at the end of it aliens MA You watch that new now, there's a new footage or simulation of the car, is really that thought. The lady stopped in front of him, but her him as Britain. The time by losing out She just ploughed right through his teeth and pushed her mood.
After grant and died on the here, and now I don't know this simulations river. The one I saw in the new theory is that pike shoes are from not today. What you're doing with the lady in front of her her didn't slam breaks, it was like they were coming to us. There are slowing down for libel, betray our progressive. I feel saying she keeps him she says you are you're here, but she was Bruce back then yeah. She was Bruce. So what you say about that Bruce Day gathered we can't drive, have anyway woman wherever that's what happened woman of the year after that yeah yeah? right, priests in really weird family feel that not good there mom Diana. Then there like how the speech of the women of the air the imo pretty upset about that I mean
I don't want, I don't know the actual exactly, but it looks like a pretty bad but weird how rarely its disgust? That's what we will do it came at such a time. Will you you where transfer back. If you said anything about or about so it was like the perfect timing for murder was committed. Four I'm getting away with it. Everybody was so enthralled with the idea that she was blue before, unlike those things around re, yeah beauty call here a brave and in my case, and also that was Bruce, I got you could even say really gradually Bruce anymore and supplying didn't. Do it. Kalen endures. Well like she dodged the bullet. Proof timing, Gunnar
Korea someone into a hammer across traffic? That's a good! I wonder if that was what pushed her to come out. You know what can manage assume, let's stop Religio before that she doubtful What was that our long hair or make it up or just man, we don't know usb homophobic or transfer back? but that that may have hurried things up. It might have been the cattle and I would have its area of. I did that and I was transgender red pump up, that appointment. Imagine of theirs like a pr guy he's like I got a plan Wall anybody really does everyone in your family, with a vaginas Miguel Automatic terrible. Jimmy guy was fucking now anyway, rousing get. This party started that action. Hush hush were at my garden, it's funny about. Do you know how easy it Oh, I know Chloe made a video issues like where matter she she kept doing that
they didn't say my Larry, I'm a video others also lots of various. I saw him as I look they go. They must have it's it's humor and they will take it abuse for more than a decade. Now I I think, might so cartoonish dagger I now and then, when you make them make the noises thing gang Thirdly, ah my two girls, but it actually quote. I saw somebody else, What are they actually said? Stop calling people Karen's, massage dynastic It's just a convenient way of you saying Bitch, really You keep people just kids DOB. They can't stop her,
killing people. Now I can't stop telling people what to do they cast out their life is a fucking mess and they can stop correcting other people. It's gotta feel good. You gotta get some charge. Atavism. Imagine can't call people Karen, I know alike in a really nice people, so FUCK carries a great the hair cut. I love your angled haircut, but doesn't like women the names Karen Non Road that oh yeah actual Karen's, but if you complain We're care. Skinnes, just discuss, take around someone's don't call women Karen causes a carrot, That's so dumb, you so silly like you. You laughing at all. This is not. If you name is Karen, like you get why you're upset for all these years, gated by four fuckin, whatever reason care and became the complaining white lady. Do you know how was it first, a Karen was patient. Zero have no idea.
Being a great name for a perfect May. Maybe that's why it just seems perfect. Who else would be Parents call how energy area Helen Hell to old right Hellenes mean Caitlin or Catherine talons owned by Ireland, Jenna forever Nokias, columnar daughter, Caitlin. Now it's like this is too risky. Kalen Caitlin is like can call you kid. Madonna right right, begin, Are you kid Caitlin lay down at our heritage and and other they did she may. I think she loves him as a courtyard nears. Could you or something like that? I think she had a real name and one point diamond she's phone. She is, I don't know It should be nice not just like. I don't have enough information to anything like that, stopping eyes. I hear rumours and I let people near now. That's a good move, just spread the word let the information that is not stopping anybody else. Now, it's not,
matter. Even with all this information is available, we shall look something my should do these fucks way. Would they don't even do their bidding? Theirs? not a conversations. You ve not us: where were they you think, You have a conversation with somebody, but really there just checking if you agree with every single thing, they're saying, and then you get this venom if you'd diverge from its really weird, but I've had a few pumpkins with the so that an EU diverge from their ideology at all they get there. I mean that raids. That comes up. Surprise me a times like a coke feeling of your saying the wrong. With the subjects may black. Laugh matter. I mean I am I pose a cop and suchlike I have a little while you are in a position where you agree. I think, with a lot of reasonable people that what that guy did was
horrific hundred yeah murder are awful and good put him in jail forever in those definitely raises minutes. Something definitely that we will then also no issue with that. Guy in the cup of apparently, you know about that. The work of an early work together and then they had words they? They can't be here because the cop was apparently very aggressive towards customers and they they got angry each other over. So this is a personal thing waterways, but that said: defining the police. Crazy, that's very dull idea! Mr underfunded now It's also the job. I just know it too. So heart you imagine going to our people are being assholes every day all day for decades, and you ve just it's just a. They would never do this, but I think part of reform should be. Meditation I mean they never did us, but it you wake up and when you put a bold professed on you their work is the family, it's egg,
I'm really a mentally anguishing, and this is not just a different reason not to do what I think is great what's happening, but it's just I I don't. I personally get when the pendulum. You know falling too hard get away against police. When the vast majority and my brother, just like a really nice, emotionally intelligent guy who just he suddenly being spent on his savages like his appeal good but These people have been very short sighted. What is that? Indeed, the police? You need the police just into better trained police yeah. If I may, I didn't have guns. A big. Ok had taken their guns, but even then man, you can have bigger stronger people taking shape, as you know, have guns it is not enough. It is good, you need a police, you just need the police need to be better funded, then you'd be better trained and they d, like all of us, need to get better I think the police, who today are probably way better than the police of fifty years ago, but still we see what some of them have done to peaceful protestors,
while letting looters get away with it is digital systems, broken its there's, no eight on broken its huge mass end up, like you, said a little while ago, ironed out and stuff, Minneapolis, going to be an interesting case, study cuz. If they do defender, please I don't. I don't know what they're going to replace it with how they going to redo it. Their redo with more money, but it doesn't seem like going to. They should pay people more money, cause it's a fucking, horrifically dangerous job and they should train. People much better and they should train people more often than that, because you view get into a situation often I mean you know, I'm jujitsu, probably you need to keep training to be calm. Yes, guys, copulate mistakes have because their free yet our draftsman running the up a decision. They don't they don't have any confidence in hailing themselves and also their physical confrontation, with some guy who's been thinkin about punching and for the last three minutes sing and whence it pushes Cobb once that punishes carbonate. No sir, no Sir
think I was gone fascistic, I'm on a partial motherfucker. I must wait for my time boom I'll, send you in a physical confrontation. You don't know what to do and I'll get it if you get hit first rubble and also there's a gun, and if the gap has a gun, then once you are wrestling Never know interpol are gone, and then this also sociopaths are you guys were cops sociopaths. They can't wait to kill. People can wait a few people here. They want thrill, didn't anything in regular life. They want to be able to kill somebody and blame it on. You know this person to criminal or whatever is there a real people that want to shoot people that that's a part of life too, and we see videos ban, so videos, people, shooting people, cops. Shooting people for no fucking reason. It's horrific I think it's just a symptom of the job man has its it's. It's happening all over the world it's happening whenever it seems like whenever cops, get wrapped up and they have a lot of power in their hold him. A gun, there's person in front of him and there's some servants
no you're gonna fuckin rally tat, I might get shot like a shy whether our guys, asian or european, or black, he's got you shot by the right guy, the rights situation, and that's what the statistics show statistics show that, although there are these horrific cases like that George Floyd case, where you get to watch it, there is less of those than they were in my two thousand fifteen. This less does. It means good, but is less black men are killed by cops now and what was before, but one is to men. You know, and when you, when you see that part of what you're saying it's not just racism, we are also seeing just the abuse that comes with someone. As that kind of power people in their own as a simple minded fuck head and you ve, given them the kind of power that cop as some there, some bad bad fuckin people and there's front this bad people do every job men's bad people at a construction workers was bad people it or cops.
It is then the problem is when they fuck up it's so public in such a big deal, because I have some Corepower right. They their position so crazy, the guy who has a gun whose literally town you gonna fuckin round, to listen to him. I know the time in life. You have to listen to a man tat you get on the ground with this. Guy is actually working for you. He is working with your tax dollars. You pay for the police. Those crazy does want to shoot me and I pay em islands weird. You know, because it was a regular guy tilney get on the ground like why you know cause, smell. We fuck you like your regular got, but because he's a cop No, it's still regular guy. He has always pay. To tell you what to do. It's. It's fucking, very strange, which is being a cop, psychologically varies a lot. O is and was strong able to do their job, that we need hey. I'm while it just like who now- you're gonna, be a carbon. I grab somebody come forth and say that
government needs to say that at an eloquent way, like you guys, are looking at this wrong, we need better people winning but more money into the community more money into that these force more more money into train these fucking people, we need to make everybody say for the way to make people say for is not have left, cops and less funding. It still have better cops, better pay. Carved, maybe even more cops and more funding and make sure they never fucking. Do that never in any abuse said all you instantly get rid of them any abuse it all everyone's where nobody camera. No exceptions, every altercation gets review any abuse gets reported and you can't do that and if you don't know a handle. Someone without getting abusive, then you're you're doing an effective and ineffective version of that job and you're you're probably day just to other cops, because you gonna leave it in that person's head. Cops are assholes cop, strictly shit, cops hate you. Whenever cop does that, for no reason he doesn't just fuck over that person, he box over the people around us that video all the people get mad at me.
And that's what you seeing today you're seeing this probably even though its less things are happening to folks because of bad cops. More people are seen it than ever. Yeah. So our idea, what a cop is just way out of whack right now that town, in Seattle with heaven there. There was no police and they just took over its festival. I dont understand upon There is then how they are like keg scram, the cultural like I can't go, and I didn't want me play on sugar, I'm sure that will last called the Chaz zero. Yeah him his capital. Autonomous own court Chaz. How did they get take? Leave cops in the cap, let thy words that moment well, if I, I guess it's because there's none of cops are not well funded, were prepared for this bad government. Bunch
people there are anarchists all organise got together, did something chaotic business. Fled people. Panic they gave up powder these folks they were browsing and ideology that, on paper at least, seems put sort of admirable given power. The people you know getting of corruption, getting rid of some of the bad aspects of capitalism, It is all sorts of parts of it that sold people on the idea, but it's not good. They not only those buildings. It didn't build them. The Kansas take em, you shouldn't it because, as piracy If some it just comes into your neighbour and takes your house. That's pirates hire you changes. Let these people take over this blog. There goes the people's man. We know that money, Well, you don't have to allow money, but you can stop other people from using money fuck just like we don't stop, from trading with tomatoes, if you want to fuck and trafficking the three tomatoes you gimme that camera as unlike ok good deal a euro to do that. But you know how to tell people can't use money, so the devil, your whole zone, where there's no money like a come on man. This is a step one to fascism. You guys gonna make your own fascism and then
The video I saw of this one guy was filming something, so these other guys came over and beat the shit out of him. I'm like a great, so and you treat one of your own, the same way cops tree, you got ravage label has gratulation here, but there are then she gonna make up police. They will call that, of course, there's going to be people the patrol just like that remember the guardian angels, yeah I was in traffic ones, and there's a guardian angel and is doing like Duffy, the little baby, arms or God, and why does a crazy this guy's protecting anybody from anything? I'm looking at him with my friend and if you look at his mother fucker- and it looks to me those doubling double fingers stared in the Winchell. We did even say anything. We didn't sailor game. What the fuck you guardian, Bro say anything like that. We just looked at him. Also look at this motherfucker this corridor, because the guardian angel he's out his other. Protecting people gave you that little bird
gimme the double barrelled when angry face, as are you should never job, I shouldn't be standing in the middle of cars patrolling like WWW patrol, Where will this isn't your near Serbia and then Main guy was on a radio show, and there was some sort of a scandal we're lucky. He said they stop some sort of a crime that didn't really well. I think I remember that when we were there, I saw my tvs x on a local news there. He sellers but wasn't there some that's, I think think so. The other them so's it's where they have a t, shirt on and the brave men walked down the street and do that we do that. One do has like chain. Male kiss brings rubber.
Data Jean Simmons, wrist straps. That's cool idea, preposterous on what about like just their prey. Since making people think twice about crime. You see a girl, oh yeah, here you know soon superheroes in Seattle, walkin around a couple years ago, right with us different, those guys, I've seen a fight. That was what we talked about, that those are now all of them. I would say I don't know how many of you have to try and stop crying These guys were actually trust outcomes very strange. It was like organised visually these unarmed organised vigilantes they had no power to do it in order to your ass. Is that sucks? My God gave the double failure like I just think you might be a little bit jumping the gun. Your measure of a cop did that we saw a cop in trafficking, lose fucking. I was stupid, blue that is a virtue. You'd be like
the guy shouldn't be a cop right. So why should this garbage a guardian angel? I think we should do that. If that existed, we should let them, but they disbanded yeah. Luckily, do they fell apart, but that's probably what's gonna happen in a lot of these, the police. Free zones can have weirdos, who want to be fair, cops where raise wandered? giving people the finger for in their current, and whether there is a lot of people. I did the donors and the importance of the police, you fuck it up. Man, you're, fucking, everybody else too. We gonna Collins breaks in your house, if, if there's no one to call he's gonna be morphine, regarding your house, oh yeah, if they take away their guns from cops, amene mom I got bank robberies will be successful. One hundred percent one hundred is as yet. I still call was going to have you for robbing jewelry store it every day,
forty seven fraud, so Donner it so dumb like the. If you this should be something it gets argued where there is a meeting. Will you show all the interactions at the police I have had with with the community all the interactions, every single one of the biggest detailed and documented, and then you say well how many these were negative and you look at if those like three or four RO strongly negative ones. What about all the positive ones? What about other people? It will protect what about all the robberies that were stopped would have been all the call the crimes that were prevented. What about all the people were arrested that were murderers and rape is another? Are you gonna do Now we just pretend that shit doesn't exist because there's all these interactions of the copse have and then some of them that are negative, you're right. It's not no insane It's not true, maybe there's a throw it all out like if you are arguing that, like from data from a data perspective than here in a meeting, and they like look we're, these! These are the bad interactions and these all these papers. The good interactions, cable
Actually we need to stop that from happening. How do we do that? How do we held? We eliminate, or at least radically reduce the number of bad interactions it work on that you wouldn't say defined the police. That's like a fuckin virtue, gesture. They look at me. Defend religious plant flowers. Yeah may be a Europe of feeling. It's called that to cause traverses or gets attention, be they said reform the police made them. Ignorant and they really mean to define that is just simply apple, exaggerating fund, specifically maybe they're gonna roof the red. If they give, oxytocin before other jobs than have dues with clubs. What nails hanging out of them. It's gonna be dues with baseball bats wrapped in chain. Male like that. Deegan dude from Dagon from were walking dead was Megan Megan, that's the name rent the mean guy kills people a baseball bat
fuck- that guy right there's gonna, be everywhere, guy, even controlled Van eyes, as you have people take that everywhere, you look, you know I get a gun, that's all if you take away guns from cops than everyone, has to biogas, exactly did it's terrible. You can't do this. This is such a dumb idea. And also you can't do it in a city where that thing didn't happen either isn't even the same people one guy was audible person and and another goes a horrible, Percinet Lana. But there's a million cops like you, you can't know how many there are probably there, those million exactly as yet there. Fucking cops. Man gathers hundreds of thousands interactions of that are not good that There are happening all the time, especially with the protests and stuff there's a lot of interaction. And look. I think everybody got the message I think to this. George I think everybody got the message and the people that are going to flare up that are still
behave in the same way like that guy who shot that guy in Atlanta they get charged with murder. Man, railway right away, right away, felony murder! He get the death penalty that guy any probably. Should he probably the way shot that guy? If he really knew that that guy had a taser that didn't even work, debts, murder, that's good! What's crazy! If you watch the video the guy's compliant, I know for twenty six? Can you just pay over. They don't paperwork. I can you just yeah he's comply He we want steeds want some beginning get intimate right is not what he said, Did he say something along those lines or that we are that it should have done that there should be away the UK. Ticket someone- maybe even the licence away, but like get them home, don't fuckin put him in a cage like they did so. Stupid and they shouldn't be allowed to drive. They should definitely pay a fine. This deadly get in trouble for driving. Intoxicated for sure.
But do you really need to be violent with them and lock them in a cage? I don't know if that's the case, that guy's case. The way that guy was interacting with a carpet seem like he's just was fucked up, and just wanted allows suddenly just one year because that's what we're talking about before, like when a cop has to worry. When he's talking, the guy. The guy could be like super kind and just thinking about punched him in the face like if I was in situ, and like in a movie born identity movie, and there is a cop. There was interrogating mean. You said something to me and he get kept closing in on me. I'm gonna have to knock this cop out. Ok one moment a hit em. So I'm going to be really come lion. That's I would do yeah. I would go well, sir. I definitely didn't know that that was happening. No sir well in the past tense of know where we got to be able to do it with or not they don't know you're going to do it. That's all exactly like that. Last night, the sky was just being really cool in the cops like I just checked, you know search little bit he's again and his dad
show the actual last moments, but It was a young man, picking ease no doubt eyes, were summoned to pretend that can there be nice to you and to show you the Cubs watch. These will make him watch him say like this could happen. But you know it's fucked up, do those reading about the they comanches to enact the settlers to that we have always done everything's, fine, everything's, fine and they fuck em up. That's like an old trick like has written this horrible store. About or listening to his heart will story about these comanches occasions is people's houses and came in this one. Their food is selling our food and then people fathom and then after the aid They said. Go now know her go by moose know her like that forced to people have their own house and the people just didn't know what to do. Did you like with run they just start running across, feel they got about a half mile. The comanches found them in one lady was pregnant. They cut the top of her head off again they sculptor from the ears up, so they really cut off while she was alive,
all the skin from her ears, the way tat they remove the top scan of her skull. They cut it off and took it with them nay they shot or for arrows, and she survived for a couple days and gave birth still born baby brother. Oh, this is this is what people were capable of in eighteen, forty right, so just that's where the same thing as those for you where the same thing and when shakos fuckin completely sideways. I was watching this thing in New Mexico, where this one kid hit this guy have the skateboard and then pull the knife out on the guy and the guy reaches out of his fucking pants and pulls a gun and shoots the dude down, and I'm like. Oh my god. This is at what those like take down. A statue, rallies, fog, p, our losing their mind. How I mean it's not that kind of horrific violence is not that far removed from that shit. That was gone with the the saddle. In the planes. Indians is not that far removed. Man like
couple incidents away, nobody thought we'd be seen that, on a regular basis, people haven't gunfights on the street adieu getting attack by it. Funny, fuck lights them up with a nine millimeter and drop some lively scream and who the fuck? When, when did you We see that that's pretty rare. Now, like a new video every couple days of something crazy happening, well now we ve cheered, ever went up I may have been hilarious the past hour. You were good, the entire can react. We didn't have anything years, three hours, three tall, my eyes. I reach twenty relax anyway, sorry, Jamie come up brightly our home its awesome This is really fine, always eyes. I thank you and I want to take this home you taken on. You can have another one. You weren't, oh yeah, do refreshing We actually have led giveaway bags, because here in California, this one thing marijuana, legal, twenty, only good things yeah rushed out.
Yes, oh yeah, they looked at the crime rate sense. It shows you how fucked up our government as they can't bow Economy, even though that we'd money Is it helping at all yet sovereign them get rich? All that we funny thing about how much more money is pumped into the economy in these five towards can't manage it. Let's go to the town which Seattle our challenge, has no Chaz out yeah sure it's just a communist start lives there. Well, I got it I gotta go on things. I'd love to challenge Carl down again, ladies and gentlemen: Rogan everybody always Van Degen brothers. One thing yet enjoys by very above I. Thank you friends for tuna and into the show, and thank you too Casper and their fantastic match. As you can save ten percent off any mattress order or get twenty five bucks off when you
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