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#1524 - Ron Funches

2020-08-13 | 🔗
Ron Funches is a comedian, actor and writer. His podcast "Gettin' Better" is available on Apple Podcasts & Spotify. On September 5 , his live stand up event "Awakening" will be streaming on YouTube and tickets are now available here: eventbrite.com/e/ron-funches-awakening-tickets-113410704470
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when it comes to life insurance, it's nice to get it right. My guest today is an awesome, human being a great person. Fuckin hilarious, stand of comedian, he got podcast called getting better. He God, what is a live event? What is coming up September fiscal awakening awakening, he's off his name is wrong. Punches will gain experience, double water bottles, water, one, protein J, not for around now. I know that you know last time I was in how long I will be here now. The premise that a landmark will be hungry, my wife got me all set up nine protegee make. Surely bloodshed doesn't drop?
and in energy levels. You are a man who has done one, the most difficult things person to do. He lost ton await the end in mind You are right. That's the hard part, yeah yeah the mob, aunt em of losing weight is good, but most of all the get to appoint and want to take a break and then once they take a break them all slides yeah debatable. Sometimes they won't take a break, but then I wanna get it annex level. Naturally it back on it always automatic Gooch main before we started part just Gucci is a guy has done Yes, he's maintained and looks fuck an amazing to that he was, I think, fella yeah. I one point time when he had bird tattooed on phases come here and now shredded negotiated at ice cream or use any was the lean right, yeah you're eating decoder Where were you don't reference man that is crazy? Wasn't do the other one
at Amsterdam. Would I get asked I kind of like him mid losing weight and that one you can find some real junkie bags of him yeah he got thick gang, and now she read it. Yeah, trading with rage and get me my wife all the time we looked at him and his wife, the pictures they take, what they do and only in that direction Would you give organism? My train about three days a week, sometimes two days a week and then on top of that and will do you no just different circuits back chess. You know whenever wherever legs and then and then the other days. I'm always transmitter hit the treadmill twice a day for two miles and twice a day. Really you do it twice a day in mourning. Thine own do much otherwise You know all alone, especially now. A lot of my stuff is sitting in front of a computer. Hi chasm in playing games on twitch and stuff, like that. So I feel, like all movement said that long ago start today, treadmill in the David Trimble, that's discipline,
unlike the African hated evidently a good boy. Would you like the results? Yeah? I feel the complements them. You know I was is doing as being the other day and Johnson GO from new girl in Khartoum. Him cartoon, like that's, why you know he's like a lead in man, dream body. Guy he's looking he's like that man is that you're lookin fuckin good man, you shit together. You know you by the leader own show, and I hear shit like that and unlike ok, I better go gale matter, Emily Dear, that helps raw airily. Does the positive feedback and positive energy? That's one thing that I like about what you do. You are very positive, like you're, you're, very warm and friendly, like all the shit, you do online your os Miley and positive and friendly it's cool it's got is gives off a good via like when I look at your unscramble Sir I've read something imposed its I rise on the good path. Yeah you know cause is just so easy.
Google, the other way and in her you caught up in what other people are doing and what you think you should be doing, which I've battle. All of that too. So I don't ever try to. Like all I'm his leg, everything very is like a course that go to shit over time, but lake. I think I choose to support my friends. I choose to support positive things, because that's what I can control and that's to me fighting against that negative, as is opposed Elijah's joining everybody in the four, the modem. But how do you feel like? Wouldn't you say like? Do you feel that, to like the field to fill up the draw to the negative mink as we all like you know. We just want things you known, so I wanted a Netflix special. I want to be a lead in the show. I want my own show. You know, and I've already do a lot of great things, but and that's why I have to balance it out cuz, I'm I'm having such a great position. I do so many wonderful things I would always helps me actually is talking to people like you were talking to
A bird top enter. Any comedian has been doing like twenty years, plus one I'm at like fourteen now and when I talk to them and then they are like oh hoedown, so the fuck. Now man like you, look at where you are and what you do over, how long you been doing it you're fucking aces mental, chill the folk owl in play. It out. Don't freak out that that always Lino haven't faith, that how is help me we're we're all stop right now, the unfortunately because we can work but the extent
A bizarre long haul like Europe to a ten years. People are taken seriously and if you really precocious people so looking at yet seven, my tabs motherfuckers good ten years, they go. Ok that guy's, a pro or she's really got she's legit ten years, usually so for fourteen man, you're cookin, now fourteen you how things happen you now you put together like real sets. Yet still you get off stage like down. That's that was legit those legit fuckin, it's a long road to get good stand up. You know like that. Eighty deasey song so long way to the top. You want a rock and roll. I was on stage or not about one stage. Rather, at the improv Once- and there was this lady whose onstage and cheat you could tell she's real
and she was just eating it, just eating shit up there and me and the DJ recycle. I just looked on my go. It's a long way to the top. If you want to rock and roll and then the dj play, as long as I went on stage on the way to the top. It is man, it's a fucking long way. You know- and I regret and that's were detained My mindset very early does not came from, not having money not have anything in Heaven, my son really early, and so I was I I need to make a need. Did it and then lying? I remember. I got on Conan for a time, and I will they were. They got what he promoting you gotta promote somethin, you know when we introduce you and northern I had to promote, was open MIKE that I was doing important up. Just like this is always going to be. A part of this is always gonna, be here those and be in digital behind the noble another day. So I got a learned. Not you know fear that
next day and just feel this is made. This is my life and, as was held me through all of this quarantine stuff that went back doing Weird zoom show them to my own life stream, show September fairer than people adapt yeah exactly exactly the best out it so far. Seeing his Andrew Shawls Andrew shots as adapted the best cause he's really figured out a whole new kind of a format is figured out. How do these like ten minute chunks on a particular subjects like rapid fire with images? behind him in his style, a comedy and its. If I recall a quarantine comedy does is no one in the Roman him guest here now, production value in its its without network notes, is without end its him being able to to still his voice. What anybody tell him what to do so, then, when you watch it compared to other things, thing on tv which now because, therefore, the scale
start very similar, you're late. Why the fuck? What I was there is so much more fun, shorts and so much funding than those guys. Those guys are forced to do tv kind of comedy for the internet and that shit is not good enough. Tv kind of comedy is okay. If you have tv kind of restrictions, you know that those restrictions that they have for language and content then get away with it. But if you can just let you know if you're forced to compete in that internet realm The internet is wild man, the oasis suitably forget full on wild west. You know this show you never do this fuckin show no one will ever allow me do they show anywhere else. The only way it would have ever worked is to have no one telling you what to do. The thing about those feelings at you. When you see other people do and stuff and good things happen and emulate. I want that. That's fuel, Thus the keys like how you harness the fuel used in third portal
we solve myself on fire which a lot of people do like yeah the type of time or you can just go. I'm gonna work harder, I'm gonna, fuckin, just buckle down on the stay, focused and I'm going to somehow another be my best self, be the best version you never deny jealousy. You know to me: that's like that's just lying down evil. When you say I honour I don't get jealous like I would, when I was very young, I'm ago. Listen red panel Oswald this view, and I think he wrote something he wrote jealousy, is a map of where you want to be, and I would like all by just look at it like that. That's that's! The Easier for me to swallow as a wise, we're looking one thing that for me When I first started doing stand up, I was real gels
I also I also didn't like comedy anymore. I didn't like other people's because I would be jealous like I would watch someone kill and why did not come up with that? Jug? Oh, my God is so much better than me because killing I want to be like that and then I realized, like, oh my god, I've I've stopped in joint common now, not a fan anymore and one. Things it switched with me, as I realise that I was. I had a very weak perspective on it, instead of being inspired in instead of being, like energized, I was wishing that they would do badly, which is a real common thing like you you see, sort is doing much better than you and you actually hope they fail near. Where we see a lot of people once you see them starts exceeding a bit I have noted in general, you stop seeing people we champion. You know they start building, although you ve made it as far as I wanted you to call yourself a sell out, but I love being inspired.
I've never had like I've always been inspired by many of our love comedy and I sure does comedy I love more than others, but I have always learn to go. Well, that's not for me, you know, I respect their crap. I regret the way they put it together, but that would not for me, but I was like that it like rat, whereas, like man you look like though Devereaux Record's are, then they always were sharpening each other by how good each Individual word and I look at comedy the same way or like oh, I see the maiden said I might like trying to steal it. Joke or trying to that, but I'm gone. Right off. I gotta raise my game. What that was one of the best things that we had at the store. Absolutely we are working together. You know. We have a show on to be you and me and burn. You know Eliza Whitney into Fuckin Ali Wong, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, bang these shows were fire, it was just and you had a warm up in the back I'd be in the back,
jump up down on cushions and shit shadow boxing and touch my toes and take a deep breath and you gotta, you know you gotta get your body charged up. You know that, MR and this that a lot and this that a lot of miss that feeling of being the main room, green room, get ready to go on who interest the hanging man, get the hang out you'll. Let me now, but for me especially goes so I was looking at it as I go. I'm goin the young guy on the totem pole here and it's cool that you know thing- the region rooms awesome, but when you're on these main room showed, you know like oh they're, putting me on here, because they also think I'm like a part of a draw in so the beyond that which you guys been being younger in the game than you guys and in the end they all fuck. I have to follow oh alley, Joe Joe. DE as in a way I have to follow them all, and then I don't have the credits, the head, these people are going to care about. It was the thing I've learned. Grave or be like, because when I got them I was like
they are on my side because I'm fucking good they don't anything else. They don't know what I've done now figured out, I'm good, and that is why miss so much. I was there once and I brought you up, and you said something to along the lines of Joe reminds you of that teacher that got arrested for having sex with a senior or something like that teacher you find out, tells you until you have a real world worth it, then you find out, he was ready to teach. You say I was crying out crime, but it's like that kind of moments. Man like to cut the camaraderie of the store, one of the best things about the quarantine, is being able do this podcast now guys like you on and have in all of our friend, come here and and to sit out and just at least
spend time together here and have some fun and talk, as I missed that so much man, you know, a look I love my regular friends and I love my family. I love my neighbours, but then com, not its work in different. You know My wife is funny shit, she's, planning, she's she's, as mean shit to me like to be funny like funny. Phoenicia makes fun of me it's fun, but that we have a good time, but comic or a different animal man. You know and if you not around for a while, I can fuck. Psychologists have someone who, just once a fuck around talk. Shit yeah just have some fun and yeah yeah. Someone is again there feeling hurt at once. So goddamn sensitive, you know, make fun let me please please, let's talk some shit yeah now, I'm. That is what I miss the mouse is this as being in the
I see and my friends in though the David took for granted. Might as well cuz they just Billy. I will see you tomorrow and now I see nobody ever member when we're shutting down March, and I was thinking like you know what mom's going to buckle down work out. A lot right. You know come June, whatever the fuck. This is over I'll, come back on the blaze. You know and then, when I realized that there will be a second locked down and then there was Let me know return, and here we are in August and there's no sight it's not going to happen. It's not going to happen till two thousand and twenty one there's there's no way I would like. Fuck like this is terrible. This is a terrible feeling. I can never would have imagined that I would have to worry about comedy clubs Golan under but they're gone under all over the place. Man. They did. You can't stay open, crazy, I was in the exact same boat, weddings and green, most of us wherever it is that okay? Well, I can, I can last I'll put it together
We did not come in and short term prison sentence, hinges, work out and Oh, my g d Gather become a lawyer, ok, yeah and in the same vein as that Lockdown avenant, something I've been in my brain Rosalie. Ok, I'm an outrageous because it before I was alone. Zoom shows none I don't like how it's fucking with my rhythm. I don't like how I'm not getting feedback, but after that I was like you know I just going to have to adapt and go. The flow and hope things change and know that things change in time, no matter what, but This is how it is. I gotta stop fighting starches lake
you know finding my lane in it. So I'm just trying to do that. Now you have a podcast. Luckily I felt bad for due to didn't yes for the folks, the guys on the girls it didn't happen. Tassels, like all of you, got no way to keep in touch people yeah it made in. That was exactly the reason why I started my pie, casket out, like MIKE everything, I'm doing as a guest in other people shit, like I'm a guest and everyone else is home and I don't have a home for people to come, hang out with me, and so I've been thinking that for a long time, that's the reason why I started my podcast and when all this stuff happened is like I was very happy because always been the two minds when it comes to comedy I love specialist. I love people who are just like. I do stand up straight stand up, I'm going to be the best fucking stand up in the world. Like I love being that competitive, but I also have a part of me there's just like I love new challenges of all types, and so I got into Voice act in regular, acknowledge of and when this they have.
Now I'll fuck actually illogical in business. It is good that I think that noise act in his work and life right yeah as a person in show, Business must have as many forms of revenue as you can really hot and you have to save her rainy day. You have to do those two things have been real lucky that I have weird taste, I'm in that weird shit, so I know cagefighting commentary and then I also have the podcast. I also have this stand up thing, which is just on hold indefinitely. You could do it right now. I mean have you thought about don't want those driving movie shows. I thought about it, he made its embryos in yeah. He loves the way he sells. It may sound far above
he's drunk the yet I do, and I will I do realise their horns. Yeah, I realize horns and people high beaming mug explain is due to you a foe, Actually, I've been done on Chris Titus because I know he has his own little production studio. I should call it little go the other somebody's gonna, my Adeline often produced studio. He has no bigger production. Studio. Any women's shootin, his own specials Amazon, is doing a reunion of the tightest show through it, and so I reached out to him and I'm gonna do like alive range or where we have ten people in the audience in them will be life dream in it. Now you to loans of timber, five people and get tickets that soldiers that God knows that my problem, how to stock up so there's ten people in the audience yeah, so duty detest those for you. Do you really know?
over, though, be way not lay you where you had waited. Billfold has but it'll be temperature, Jackson waivers and they have been. We wear masks and so veil beware met in the resources and be done. Man you know, Texas is doing that. Would restaurants you go to a restaurant. Taxes have really was a mass simple this, they space the tables out there, but it was a man could ventilation survey. The mask and then not have any problems with this. Draconian laws. They've institute in California, where you can go to the barbershop to know that every other fucking state in the entire union. You can go to a barber shop. You get a hairdresser, you get your hair done. I don't have an issue with that. Obviously I'm bald as fuck, but but I just think it's crazy that stood the restrictions at this state's put on businesses. It's forcing people to sleep, that's part of. What's going on in there, that's one reason you're leaving
I just think too many folks. Here too, I think. As I get older, I realise there are theirs drawbacks to high population areas. There is tension in high population areas and when things go south when natural disasters or an end, but we're dealing with covert things along those lines. It's a bad place to be men, just not safe. It's not healthy. It's not wise. Like I like calmer, a little calmer cause, I'm I'm my problem is not getting up for thing. Like I have a friend who lives in New York City and he loves it because, like I love the energy, the city over the habit and moving yea Marianna need that I got a lot of energy. I need chill, I need downtime, I need. I need a place where it is.
They need a fortress asylum issue, any relaxation, Anita Balance, and whenever I go to places there were more rural. There was like nature and trees and should always feel better. I understand about mean is one reason why I like where I live in the valley, lady and I have always been outside. We want to start a comedy. I start coming Portland Oregon when I lived in Salem Oregon and I'm just made that forty five minute drive, because I did like going into a thing doing my job and then leaving that you're back home go. That's always felt about Hollywood. Like I lived in North Hollywood, when I first got here and I just kept moving further out, then I moved a and C Mon Microbial further out when I went way out, and that is true lake does lifestyle is so weird if it will you, so wrapped up in other people's information and partying and engine this one. The reasons like I love,
got my old small town, canadian wife and my son, who you know better than who's, been my balance. The whole time is there. I started calling my son was already three years old, so he one was like you need to be feeding With this in mind, I don't give a shit about your jokes overhanging out at all, so you know I would like to be here and have you hanging out with me. So that's always that's one. The reasons I have been able to be as successful as I am is that I was, I argue about hanging about, ended lot of fear that comes irregularly. What were they all went before the group on before the click of a mouse? Hang it I'm a part. A click analogies like well, though. No I'm fuckin good, a comedy like me from that you ve never had a problem with the stress one of things about the story. It's a real meritocracy, the Youtube here people say, like you know, like there's clue.
They're in the Sab two. I think that's horseshit, if you're funny it and no one who gives a fuck you're gay straight Trans, why chinese black fuckin puerto rican, nobody gives a fuck. Are you fund? yeah and if you're funny you're in that places a hundred percent inclusive if you're funny you're in no, it sits it's your accepted for what you, what the country he bring, you know when you get on that stage and like that place up, you don't have to hang out. You have to be one of the you don't want the people at parties and drinks. They don't give a fuck, they know your. Yeah, I mean I've seen you murder in on you. When you can lay down the way you do you just accepted. This is how it is. It's a beautiful thing really. It's like that stuff that the artful of comedy. We all know how hard it is to get to that fourteen year, spot like you're out, and he knows a lot of people it at fourteen years, not funny
for whatever reason psychologically they ve not figure it out artistically than not true to themselves whenever it is, they d never found that, and I think I bet having a child in having that that intense responsibility, you know when you're starting out, you know being an open micro and also having a child, but will that is that is extreme. That's an extreme, Madame responsibility, I agree and afterwards, but with the others comics. I know that our parents, his will make fun of the laziness about a problem is gonna be late, I got to do this set at midnight and then I got a meeting at noon. How am I going to do and I was like well before I came to this- that I help my son with his homework. I got to get him up on the school bus at six, a dot m and then that you know I don't have any fucking sympathy for you
well well, things that I loved before the store close down was. My schedule was basically I would put my kids sleep. They would go to bed at like you now, eighth, thirty nine and then I would go over my notes and then I'd have said it like one thousand and thirty. It wasn't as perfect and then when I would come home, everybody be asleep. So just hang out dog and right each year to come. Now I talk to you, nothin man, just quite rested, AL! That's what it that's, what me that so that so big mouth so big you have to have it. You can't just be all about because I think Do you know me I'm autonomous how she was
he's a samurai from the the fifteenth century. You wrote this crazy book called the book, a five rings, it's all about strategy and and how to be the best at whatever you do and one a things he said is like you have to have the saint you. You have to do all things with the same intensity and energy like the you can't just be a guy just to kill people the sword. He was excellent calligraphy. He was an artist. He wrote pole tree he he believed that you had to have a balance as a person. Otherwise those flaws would show up in your sword fighting the maid. I love that that I'm always that strikes me hard, because I have always believed that in my army. From the day I start, and I was always like. Oh, I can never let my life give far away from my purse.
On that. I presented on state aid and you know I always did we turning ourselves up to eleven are what I mean by go from just my experience. My love a comedy. I go! Oh, when people get too far from there, Sana in any general way in their lying to you. It just arts falling are showing in their agony, shows in their life and I've. Always that with is what gives me material glades. Talk about whatever is active in my life, as opposed to being like? Oh, this is light. Could if I did, that admin step when I was twenty three is gonna, the fat stoner guy. You re right right, yeah yeah! You can get caught up in your act right. Yes, this look, there's a lot of examples that, though even successful Kennison Cason great example: Bobcat very blow them until very recently yeah he on this package talked about how hard it was to kick people. A gay man. Do that
cream things like fuck, you not return mad. I want to do it. He he got stuck. He got trapped. The EMO philips is another one. You know I mean Imo's like in the sixties. Now he's still got to do that, weird sort of thing that he did when he was, that was kind of cute? You know when you're sixty areas like man, you haven't a stroke like what's going on there buddy yeah Alan does still hurt. Make us such a tremendous joker, dazzle amazing, joke writer by do see that yeah, it's like you have to Canada. You can't just go up there and start talking catches, beer self! Yes, yeah, which has one point when united. So I learn that you get any two people start carrying less and less about, like. Oh, that's, a crazy as joke hero, and they want to know more about who is who are you right, yeah yeah, Doug another, but we're tunnel Kennison. He was a guy who got really got up and because his thing was part
in a key if couldn't go anywhere. That party it so guys line up giant lines of code for me like here, we go and his heart be beaten out of his chest and couldn't I couldn't sleep for a week and whose comedy was suffering like real bad? I was point to him as a great example for Indians of someone who was so good for a short period of time and then was so bad afterwards. He He was so good around like eighty five. Eighty six, there was light. The loud than Hell Days- and I do he- was revolutionary, like nobody'd ever seen anything like tat. A short fat preacher go on stage. Screaming, and talk in a scream and you ve been married Look at my back. I may like this is marriage. Like I was married twice. That's how fuckin dumb I am, and you would see him and it was this force in nature, but with great material, great insight, great points.
And then all of it went away and then it was like cheerleading it was. It was like weird like I never had this bit about drunk drive and he's like what kind of drink we're gonna drive and we're gonna pull it off. You know why? Because we do it every fuckin now and it's like what year and then he was killed by a drunk driver yeah, which is crazy. You, yes, I hate that I always hate when people who use their charm and they use their tricks. The push apart, false premises, you're fucking, why I think he was just try. I do it is to be any his brother wrote about his brother S. Bill wrote a book called brother. Sam was a really good book for someone is Tennyson fan really interesting. We talked about a pre openly about Sammy, stop. Riding material fell apart and impedes becoming a shadow of himself of go open Micro, Duenna Kennison impression with a shitty material. It is but it's a lesson for us. Yet you know, like you stay on your fucking game
it is also the problem when people know who you are they come to see, you then run punches museum illegally excel see you in everything you say I'm happy to hear you get your crowd in the problems. If you're only doing do your crowd, you could really delude yourself. I'll have to look like, but I think that's why but who a good light to go around all the difference by thy love to go around and do lake how's parties and the comedy store and my shows on the road house parties sometimes like we're gonna House Party to know they didn't you dumb as managing parties and really yet at the loud weird ridge comedy producers are usually our know what what what your life is, but I will take the money for this event and in public nazi you'll hear many. Do it at the House, how many people you know this is the way before right, yeah, daylight couple hundred people know.
In the yard, on donor inside both wow yeah, well there's a lot accommodate. There was a lot of common in L a strange place, yet I get invited to allotted yard shows guys would show him do coming at best. They talk Odin that tackle restaurant. You wanna kill cliff monies fluid evenings. She were grape see, beady, drink delay, yes good, for you know TAC, while at the local you some t save like that. We have plenty of that, but I got us for not by delicious right good for twenty five milligrams of C b D. Do you did eggs? He mediator, yeah bear air. My game gets under my wife. Whenever back his Hearn does one my daily thanks, not serving the so good for you see be so good for you just anything you do that.
Information is fantastic for the body for the brain. I don't even know how to anxiety to start taking dvd, Maybe you do well its relative. I mean it and have anxiety comparative people have anxiety, see videos like now really relaxed. Ah, I see what's gonna yap. Now I like a good, see beady I'll, just smoke, says the Straits Ibiza. After work out or something you SAM gonna, do Grabber Edward Joint yeah Beloved makes him up to diverse moquin, then work out yeah, my trainer hate that, but why does a trainer is always look? I can always do you use more than we have done. To me, yeah
While I had a dutch kickboxing training for a while, they have a different way of talking. They adopt way. Yeah, they don't understand America, lilies wheels or vat it. Will you don't have to be? What are you eating my friend? That is those able what kind of foods that the Dutch is a weird country? Holland, because if you know, if you know this, but they have some of the greatest kit boxers of all time- all came at Home- real weird. I got a few guys went over to Thailand, start training in Thailand and fighting in Thailand and they brought it back to HOLLAND and then how and became like this gigantic kickboxing epicenter is great, and I know that in some of the bad as mother, fuckers of all time,
come from how it plays known for, like we jobs, red light, district and harsh rooms. That's why go that's what my replaces the visitor F four times. I've been Amsterdam, never been, and not even you know, you'll get just as good, if not better, we hear of in California for sure, but is just a vibe issues, the lack of it whenever being like. Oh you, dumb stoner, none of that I remember, I was sitting in a coffee shop in a guy, tried to sneak a beer in, and then they kicked him out and no drinking and of life, I like it it's funny what we chose
to allow not allow you know where I'm going in in Texas, you still Austin, it's legal, essentially they've decriminalized. The point of the cops won't arrest. Anybody for weed- you mean you, don't want you selling large quantities of it, but still not legal. It's still not legal statewide. It's it's! The dumbest thing to make it legal just makes zero, You know, I see, I see the argument for making alcohol illegal, but I would never agree with it. I think people should be would do whatever they want and went down the argument for we being illegals, the dumbest does men and we heard no responsibility that a fleet, but we have so many arguments that were not really good at it so that we will do whatever we covered yeah, that's the best. I mean if you look at what we're so bad,
America has so bad. Our response to covet in what are we ve handled it and allowed its spread with the worst I mean, I'm a big president Van Ness thing that's been, makes me angry as it gets as much of them is medium is, is go to my wrestling shows with my friends my buddies and now I'm watching japanese wrestling that I love and see in that they have full crowds all sitting there in mask just hanging out because they are a good at handling their Vulcan business. That's when it goes away just sit here. You like, I, will were all falling apart That is how it is. But then you start looking over at other countries, and I well know MID day. They figured some shit well, this virus, is so sneaky man. Even Japan has had a resurgence recently. So weird man, it's the weirdest fuckin virus, it's a significant you and even had a resurgence New Zealand had
for a hundred days was euro cases and then they just gotta they got about a thing was, was a force on like that got a month. One family got it one, trying to figure out how to happened, set down the city where there at sort of like their needs three years, one family, yes, one damn it for has sneaky Fox, will even up to take matters but probably not trade how it happened such a weird, weird, weird disease man. I know so many people that have gotten it now. I think I know about nine people, and so many of them have different symptoms. I know people that it may just got a mild head ache and they fell it shit for a day and then they were fine than another. People there, like Michael Yos, on death's door, you our but his when people ask me about that. There's extenuating circumstance like: if you listen and Michael story, he was turn the fuck out. The flu, although in New York, did shows, did morning
Radio did tv flew all the way back then got in a car with his family drove Vegas, how it is wise, moms family, hung out there for a while and then drove all the way back home same day and then had additions the next day and in addition, the day after that and then Beaumont hit em the means Isms compromise. Yes, he was wrecked whose exhausted and low vitamin d vitamin d seems to be one of the big factors gigantic factor. There was a recent study that Doctor Rhonda Patrick sent me yesterday to have to go over, but one of the things that she said was that in a series of studies it did when it showed people in the I see you for cover more than eighty percent of them had insufficient levels of vitamin d and out of the people in intensive care. Only four percent had sufficient levels of vitamin d, gotten your vitamin d, London. Yes, I do how much land a member state no eyes as well
then the bottle oil science yeah I'll Divines now is awful. What yet these of multi Yanza full see, then the multi be something called organise, Madame no so amino acid yeah that I do not have that happening, us, build muscle. Ok, I'm taking it yeah branch chain, amino acids, really good post work up, take it after yeah I'll bring it down. You I work out of a former, yes, we're gonna protein drink, you drink it. In that thing, what his eyes issues lay some bullshit is like metrics just regular man, I'm actually. I need to figure out a better powder, because I own
just got on it and he's got the basic like those who taste chocolate. Embrasure is not great, but I'm sure you can tell me some yeah. I find him to be the best protein powder. The most easily digestible have zero problems with digestion was like if I drink way our later. I guess it far away from people was on before it and no tuna PAMELA away, but I always have less of a problem with his death, Lithuania, it's the most digestion
for me it is as easy. It's also somethin I can eat literally. I can drink it rather literally in our reform. Work out of zero problems has taken a little bit of cocoanut water mix it up now. Just simple easy. You know I'm a user on kind, but there's a lot of good have powders out there in its its varied of absorbing its Bert, very bile, available for protein terms of plant protein. The tomb best I find plant proteins are p proteins, really good and hemp protein Willingham proteins. All better. With my experience look into somehow protein but metrics to lift it is the less likely get news of wool shake yeah. That's. Why do in a morning when I had my favorite breakfast, I get a rice cake that had a little bit almond butter and a little bit of apple butter and have a shake and Angola having shaking cake for re adjustment, it'll Ganz yeah. What what did you
when you first darted losing weight and how much did you were three sixty? Why so you you lost over a hundred pound again for one year now be one thirty. That's amazing was the ultimate goal and let it be around two hundred just keep stay in lean and keep Putnam muscle, but yet I believe that another fifteen per nurse you do funds bogus yeah.
You're at the home stretch. Yeah, that's when the vote was I've been on my wagon. I have a cookie. I have one and then I realized whack article. Eighty eight, the whole folk embargo goodies, though, can fuck with Peter. If I have one slice, a pizza, I just did the Monti glutton in me goes off. I want to eat the whole thing than apps Ain T miss Travelin. I do yeah. Actually I do something with it with my life. A couple days ago could through watch in some ninety day, fiance. And they were what is that you never seen now. How is as a show. That is how it actually is our whole complex of shows where people from other countries meet people in it. Erika and they get married near the merry with the ninety days was a mood to America, but it also women. Watching the other way on the record. Asian of AIR Griffin, web Americans, move to other countries, for there is significant and that's been insane beautiful man beautiful to wash together was
it makes our relationship look so much stronger, go baby. We never say we had this. We should start over, never lied to you about a gambling problem. You no major makes our legal albert watching those relationships and but there at the airport, and I would go on as pediatrics owners do that those diseases like out so they. Why are you getting so excited about the in these airports, like, I think I just fucking Miss The whole process. I didn't knowing that all I'm going to a new city, new people are going to see me. I might meet some new friends, but you know I miss that. Have you been riding right in their area. Well, what's as our what's your process, my process is usually from light every farmer from star. I cannot work on this look.
Read where I just break it down into love, hate in fear, and then I just gonna gets thunder, urges some have not stoned at all, not just place an instrumental music and I'll just write about worm scared about what I'm pissed about what I'm in love with and then I did take those topics and try to figure out jokes about what's going on in my life. That's interesting. Have yours onto our love, hate fear what what our where'd you get the inspiration to do it that way thing I just gotta from writing work, but from when I was in english class in high school real just about how you would brainstorm in writing a paper, it's a great idea yet mean help me get the basics down so instead of bygone renders joke about. This is like ok, I'm writing, though my wife, because I'm from him with my wife arm rain about my son, I'm scared about covert. I'm scared about this are those in the more specific I can get about
What exactly I'm scared of arm for a scare I'm afraid of in our what I'm in love with it and just a more specific I can get the better. The jokes are and so it's a lot of work that way and then sometimes at two in the morning, I'll just be stone and something to pop in, and I got to go chase down a notebook stoned ideas that this pop out of nowhere, the weirdest once like, would thus uneven. My dear that's the yes, Germany, I u buy, I am usually find that they, it doesn't give it to me. If I haven't put in that earlier, were right. Yeah it'll give me a gift for putting in, though the shitty work of trying to figure out. What is how the fuck am I going to break this down and then in the middle of the night, with some completely joke other other left field, Joeckel just pop in lb, fully formed set up, I'm everything every life, as is always the music for thank you,
it is crazy, like that right it is crazy. That's that put in the work part is what President Uribe Stephen Press feels the war of art to great book, real small book to its eyes to a by stacks of em in the old studio, not just hand about the guests, like specially comics. My trust me just read this because I want two things it's about is about establishing the with the laws of your work like the way you were you with your professional. You show up every day as a professional and sit in front of that computer of that notebook, and you upon the muse and now and whether another, use is real. The if you do the work it it it acts as if it's real Agraea. I believe that all the time I've been talking to myself lately. Just like, then, that's what's been. Given me what my health and my writing in my Mediterranean, whatever as you like
figure out who I am and what worked for me and then we, like you, follow those fuckin rules. Don't your rule yeah. Whenever you break your rules, shit, and go where I, even though it might look cool in my look a maiden in my bidding, or will this time by break my rule? It's fucking, they look, like is gonna, be but I'll get a budget money never works out now, so just don't break your fuckin rules and an ambitious is still as hard put em them in working on that. Do they all got to eat oh, I got to work out. I trust my intuition, I'm the leader, the fucking balls, I dont, let other people me I I lead, even if I don't know where I'm fucking going. I lead, and I just follow those rules. Have you had an issue like representation, like agents or managers, trying to tell you
What to do or die you into a way that you didn't think was you are now no not for me. I am and truly blessed in that truly but everything I have lived in one of the best managers in in the Falcon World Lake she's, amazing, she's, dumb married to the game she's my mail unable to true it Brian poisons wife and he's been my managers and before I moved out of Ella like she paid my fuckin rant when I and afford to pay. My ran like she's looked out for me every step of the way. That's awesome, she's take there's been gate. They ve been fucking Lake. This issue is going to series. They were making an offer on you. This will give you will bunch of money, but is not a ripe project. Less welcome pass. You know, and that was like in the past, and I mean there have been a couple weeks in took. We were both scared shitless I know she was scared. She lives about that ten percent.
Guarantee these and she was like now this. Is it she's like this? Will she let you ve already done parts like this three or four times you you, you can do this. This will be. Therefore, you were shooting for bigger things for you and the like. Believe me and in from you always been there like. I never ever feel like she's ever sold me short, so that she can get a jack ever. That's huge, its huge rare yeah I do. I do know that I have many friends that have really bad managers that give them terrible advice to take projects that are just short term financial gain for it's a sacrifice of law firm career options. My manages she sees the word exclusive in any gone to actually just like we ain't working with them. You will not lose a very body. You are day, you know ram. That's great! That's that's great attitude! Man! That's! What's interesting about today's climate, it's like
don't get a lot of real managers anymore. The almost get almost have like comics, who have two agents your agent agent and then you have your managers kind, acting as an agent of acting as a manager because are all desperado or maybe I don't really have faith in you, so they just want that money that they don't really think that you're going to be that personal, or a long career or that you can keep accelerating him and I don't believe in development, yeahs yeah. I feel again. My managers always been there she's, always kind at sea. Me two years ahead of where I've been out like I'm. Am I have that story about reason but I remember when I first was in Portland in theirs commercial that reached out to me and they wanted me to play a roach in a fucking and bugs commercial, and I was broke as luck and she was just like. No, she like cuz, we don't know what you're gonna be in the next couple years and that commercial could be around forever
a woman, and so if you need the money that bad I'd rather just give you the money for her. Yes she's Durban. I have many friends who, like they just are tremendous tremendous community instrument, a joke writers, one friend, comes to mind immediately in a voice almost like you need you needed them your manager and get a better manager, because you're doing you're doing your part and I, see that's. Why you're not getting more money you're, not getting more chances, you're, not advancing at things not putting you on these talking head shows like you're doing your part and I don't say a your fuckin like in o heal them. For me, I was like dude you're fucking, you crush me and I'm the one in the bigger jack lay what the fuck is, that you get your business in order have always, I think that from happening again, I have always been very much into the art and very much into the business just it's hard for me.
Define someone like your manager that that is dead. I got real lucky. I found mine when I wasn't open. My car I've been with the same manager since one thousand nine hundred and ninety one or some shit, something I think the house, like three years in the committee when I met him and I've, been with him and then he's basically not not retired, but steps back and then my manager Chandra she took over ten plus years ago or more might be Morn ten years ago now, and there is the best terms of like seeing the big picture and the same thing you're saying about your manager just looking at the business in terms of like. Where do you? What do you really want to do like? What's going to make you happy like this things, you can do for money. But what's what are you here for you? What do you want? You want you want. I like walk away from everything you do go on down great I enjoyed
that's what I wanted to deal with a special thank you. Can I want to go. We did it, we nailed it high fives, all out, that's how you want to be able to achieve those moments and get those feelings I think, I know this is unrelated to some people to listen to this, but I think that way with everything- and maybe you don't have a manager for whatever your goal is in life, but you can't have to think bout it as your own manager. You gotta think, like wit, what do I really want to do and are the step then, I'm taking or the things it I'm doing right now. Are they moving me closer to that? And if not, what the fuck do? I have to do different than what I'm doing yeah I mean to me that I have that man you're out of my vision, bored I have made you did that I want my mother. I was bored Maui as Joe was at the top of the Vision board within my show my own work and show about my son being singled out of a somewhat autism Megan in the Fuckin dough bears comedy why whatsoever Netflix should do but also a
Thank you would think that seems. I go really good idea for a show. I think that we found the spot will work an ogre. I gotta keep mum we'll talk. Where is that mom. I won't be Ladens movies. I wanna doom. More always see myself as light as Rick Moran as Billy Crystal tie of unconventional charm and lead in man, and I really need a buddy. I could do that you need, like you, know, Christopher, for you, like Chris Farley needed David Spade like the two them together. They played off with each other in a body who would you buddy, I gotta think about their think about that about their maybe Bobby Lee rapidly OECD easy for these crazy as fuck, I might be a problem if it gets to successful, he might sabotage go back on pills of elites awhile.
Why true lobby Lee in the early days when he'd like bring a knife to work aids is all sweaty in Chad airport at one time, and he just goes- the courtesy call him for you and I was like now and I have been Here- do Bobby, I didn't hear anything, you say no, no! No! It isn't. That has been the whole time. Trying to convince me. Half way does and then I just go sit down somewhere how can I go? Oh he's a fucking cool bully. How do you get it up where people can play around that? Like not you, but like we thank stir, foxy wit, you all the time no. I love Bobby amounts. They like eyesore, he's gonna. Be me, I'm saying a prank stir who fucks with you all the time and I like it, money no money, nothing I he just is that's who he is, and I love it he's a guy who needs a goddamn special I've been Yelena him forever. Now he has an excuse.
There's no comedy now he's got an excuse for Bobby is absolutely the best stand up comment that does not have a special. I mean he is What Jeddah headliner, as has ever lived on, that guy, crushing, when he's in the o, crushing you like that that he doesn't have a special is criminal criminal, yeah, Bobby fuck em mean he's just unique him, and that asked me the definitions and when you want to have a specialty of normal due for ever known for a long time back when it was crazy, but it's nice to see that he's gotten shit together is calmer and more stable dozen railways balls on you as much not obliged, but nearly as much
yeah. I got a picture of him standing in the middle of the hallway, with his pants down in his dick tucked in between his legs. The cycle of light does Bobby you ve all seen you said you meditate yeah like. Why would he do nothin likes? You know nothing special, just sit around doom, ten minimum annotation might get up in the morning, sometimes are guided some loud times or not, but I talked to NATO and done it. Carry is a rare, is tremendous writer, Rupert, Simpsons, Roper Letterman and I came on my pack has any just tell me about this thing that he was doing this acronym that he was doing every day, Mr Ali just meditate read or write exercise every day that was like money is rules, and so I was, I am in charge to adapt that into my rules, just as a way to keep their answer, that
part of what I do. Meditate read or write exercise everyday, that's awesome! Yeah! I mean that's a beautiful thing. If you could structure your life like that and make sure you follow those principles, you get you just get more out of your brain yeah engineers, surprise about like photons, you're bored and, like others too many hours a day like if you gotta go to all those work and Asia will in fact have the days gone yeah. I dont understand people. This is two thousand and I like what are you doing? What I want, hundred lives. I want to live a hundred separate lives ass. I, as do a I doubt a guy, I literally don't do things because I'm scared I get to it. Them, and then I will have less time for all the other shit that I'm already obsessed with and the same. I I am more lower decision for extended period time, because I know once I make the decision em all in and those like, I started playing
your games on wage into any local many nights on twitter? I shall old videos and make fun of people. Consider that's part of things that I miss was that matches watching him May I always I miss it being in the back room, making fun of this. Please liner, this to them. Oh that's good! You know, I mean that's what I've been doing, that don't wage and playing games with people ever Let me alone timed. It decided that they all once I do anything of books to stand up angling whatever I choose to do it. I go for force now you get into it right and then it becomes a party daily routine. Then you try to get better at Pakistan Yam anew the twitch thinking thing seems like you could eat up a lotta your day, just fuckin around, onto which you can
do you have a good chair that support tobacco pathology? I could use a better chair. I got it. I can show you re out down is bringing us very good. Yes, I like these good for the back ergonomic. Indeed, some economic involvement of our ban problems has covered. Oh, but I'll, be let us just sitting down old on yeah. That's why and again the two to trap treads the dangerous nature, keep myself up right move. So when you do this meditating thing you do it every day. Ten minutes, you start your day this. Why do you go to a place like quiet place? Your house were no one's round busy during their embed, make up the bed get everything together sit there day for ten minutes you they tried to from Sun wakes up for the neighbors. Wake up with their family doesn't seem to be as structurally strong as ours are your wagon neighbours and ideal, and at each of us above all day and in the way
do not even had a fight with it in the morning aware will come out in the morning. I love you It is like, he's not lay in a bag. Weighty, remember, and I do a well does a trap that some people get in, that fight break up, make up trap. Does it makes everything so exciting? Does the album high school. Yes, why, like you know, I Friday Super Jill Super, that's geological. The wedding was so chill like there's gonna, be a great marriage. We just got dressed. I got my son dress, well what my friend she got dressed with her friend. We met together at the plays the gauges over his dumb spill in and we talk to each other. Where haunted some paper as we ordered in from one of our favorite restaurants. We was ninety Davy
answer and we fell asleep and had sex the next morning when you were gonna, be there, did you get married during covert? Oh no. This last Friday, Oh yeah? Oh well, congratulations! Thank you! That's why so excited about a majority in committee, Let me show you a picture of attacking I've. Seen a pig's rover speed. What is it wasn't Bobby and talented yeah Box. Above you, wake LE way, yeah yeah, I didn't do comedy I'd, never even see you that's good, that's a bright spot. You always look back on the time you get married, your damn. We got married or one of the weirdest times the history, the United States, Yemen lean. Into what silent when shits all farm for it. I was actually like. We got, got engaged before it, of course, but I was, I'm pretty sure I've looked gunshot them Agamemnon than my twenties and how is it that in
or go to where I have my son and I remember leaving my home there not just will never happen again. I will you know. Any new will never happen again, but I was still a gunshot, but though it over with In the good times we go to me, we go to work and wherever and share with at home, where we just go on said what its some movie in Oklahoma and we still have fun, and so I know you The woman. I knew that I could trust anybody, especially when she goes down and It is a man she's out there like ok what we do, what we need to pull back on. What can we do know purchase as of and and then I thought I might have to go out of the country for this role for a few months, and I oh shit. I leave my son with her and I had no worry, and I might even you know when you
was with his mom. I would be worried you know, but with her I know, she's gotta know she loves him. I know she's got his best interests at heart analysis. That really was when a quick Daniels, like others of my wife like this, is my person, that's beautiful. I love stores. I think that's amazing, congratulations here. She special she special powers. I think his flow small town, canadian lady, so she didn't know how hush
is the fact that the start of your problem here- yeah yeah, oh She'S- figured it out for you guys. You know J here owner every working day were on our better. For you view, I wonder when this is gonna end the the lark down when we got to go back to normal, but you can be won the first in line for averting awaited awaiting the metals I gotta be somewhere in the middle as apparent of a shower autism. Vaccines scare me in some ways, but still obviously, but I do think that vaccines, cars authors, I dont boldly, they cause autism. I believe they can accelerate certain things and people who maybe are predisposed to Heaven to having it I'd, and I can only just tell you might I will tell you a personal story and people can choose to like it or not, but I just remember that
a that. We got my son hits for inspection vaccinations and he had been developing normally and has been chill and been talking and in all things and pretty normally, and then we gun vaccine me my ex wife, when we just remember he just kind of like was out of it and we even cause me my ex wife of big potheads whoop away oh he's, locale stony looks look over again. You sell stone in these out of it, but if I can never came back in so that was momentarily. You know the causes are there, but I would like this is that's the story. I can tell you well first, the first time I heard them nor a friend, Johnny Front, Johnny version, similar situation.
Don't I don't know. I know how adamant the people that make vaccines are that vaccines don't cause autism, and I know it's a fiercely debated issue and in fact Dr Peter Hotez, who is an expert in the vaccine to actually has an autistic daughter, is adamant about the fact that there is apparently different environmental factors that contribute to autism They think it all that takes place during the womb, but I don't know I don't know how I can never be like wild vaccine gave my son I did. I would never say that biologists tell you that story, you that's. The thing is if that story, if that was the case, how much do you think would ever get out that all these people, who have a similar story all have a case against the pharmaceutical companies?
maintaining just just wrap your mind around the legal troubles and I'm not saying that vaccines cause autism, but I am saying, is if they did there would most certainly be an effort to conceal absolutely most, certainly actual thou would be thou, be ache. Raising lawsuit could mean how many children are autistic in this country. Do you know I don't know by now? It is a lie. It's a lot in the question is the questions always been. Are there more now because fathers are older, mothers are older, environmental factors or that we are diagnosed sing it now we didn't diagnosis before we didn't understand it before me. The first I've heard of autism was rain. Man
Never the Dustin Hoffman movie. That was the first time I ever heard about it, even though it was. I never met anybody on autism, so I saw that, as I know, what's going on there, I never thought about. It, never had any second thought about it at all and then till my son was diagnosed and then had become much more aware about in and is still a thing that I get hit with cuz I'll the damage that we like. Ok, my son's got his high school is doing well and he's gone this class and then they had actually said down and go like ok, you know he's getting a certificate, but you know this is a real He's not a real high school graduate. Ah, what Go no use to graduate I'm almost done to go to college and the knives and go I always fuck, I have. We have a different road. We have a different life and actually Viz logged.
And everything is really been helpful in going through that it has been my won't everything spoken, weird endeavouring in that has been like one, no matter what my son wants to go to use ie away, so I'll pay to go don't go. You see, universe, just life classes or whatever, but now I've and they are more like ok, let's just vigour at a way for him to be more independent on his own, physically, financially, whatever he can do, he might not go to college, he might go to college. But again, if I make my show, I'm legally he's gotta be consulted on this show he's got this data. I just want him to have a good life. Basically course.
Is there anything that help some does anything alleviates the symptoms I mean just the constant there be that he's been any like he's been. That is then, of these two. Seventy now so he's been in school since he was too just do indifferent, Reno from Pre kindergarten, therapies to voice voiced their p, and as this thing has been that caused it right now, he's got a lot of social skills, thereby where we he was before everything got locked out. He was innocent miracle project, which is also the just take kids from with different backgrounds and an increase in social skills among different outings in my son, was due in a play which unfortunately got cancelled because of it, but they send us a tape of the rehearsal in a book and was dope Kaluza day I got em found. I was
in this role and Israel's their upset, it was on my vision board if I'm gonna fuckin get this role and around in getting out piss off doing the same thing. For colleagues who do not understand their owners dynamic go good I just watching my son and all these other autistic teenagers do this their own production of a play. The silliest thing I've ever seen. My son is a thing in the sponge Bob things on another. Kid is hissing a Drake song and just seen them from being these awkward in there shall not LEO looking down looking the floor and then the moment that they are actually interested in something more. We know my son, here's the song play or are they know, their turn to say there lie them's light up in I can just now they're mine in be fuckin great at it and as light man, that's what art is. That's what fuckin? That's what I like. Is Shit about money about it means nicer, pay my bills, but I like this feeling
I give Roma and of watching my son. Get to do. It just makes me feel good. I'm sorry! This is We asked of known rambling at all man you're expressing yourself as a rambling at all, now I mean sometimes you need to be exposed to different things, just to put it into perspective, just how, fortunately, you are, and how fortunate in oh, how easily
really do have an how good we really have. Sometimes you know when you have ambitious goals, and you have your eyes on the prize. You gotta vision, board and fuck. Why is this happening for me? Sometimes, you gotta see some struggle to see people that aren't doing that well to realise, like oh I'm, all right, yeah, yeah, yeah I've been. It may very well aware that I'm fuckin do an extremely were extremely does one the best things I think about cove it initially I mean it is took too long. It's been two fucked up now, but initially I felt like one. The good aspects of having this thing where you are forced to stay home and everybody's worried about a disease is like you, you realize I hate family friends love once this is what's important malice. Other bullshit is like when, when the world is followed up
art, though the love that you have for your family, your friends, that's what's important. Yeah yeah filled their like every couple weeks and then than ever. I feel it is our turn turn at each other. I got scared yeah I mean to God social media, so fuckin, terrifying, now dive and others to pit of animals eating each other's guph, everyone, so angry, so much anger and then also it's like the worst timing. Ever right, tromp then the fucking elections are common. All this chaos and Joe Biden can't talk and that the fund Odin and November's around the corner and, like all my god, and then everything still locked up and, like my god and they're talking about drop and down the unemployment check to four hundred bucks that six hundred and they want the states to be twenty. Five percent states like we don't have the fuckin money like Jesus, it's fuckin, Nut
So I cannot. But then you know it's overwhelming to you guys go to the basics of it, the southern, I always believe, from when I was very young, and I think is something as the young african american manual. Primarily wages go noise at my fuckin back, I got to take Jeremy me, no one. My fuckin back? The government does not have our, but not at all. It is not possible We haven't been grossly overestimated, their ability to actually like manage something like this yeah which is in turn way like I'd, see what we see, I'm at social media of us eating each other and going at each other, especially anyone of that is considered of any stature I mean I see it happened just to you all the time right will come about you for one thing or another, and I lab
examined like he's just fucking Joe, the Father, who cares if he doesn't like video games, I only where the problem is that anyone listening to us yet yet took a chunk of what I said and took it out of context. I loved your games, that's the problem, yeah guy, but evil time, wait. I even talked about in that same clip and we wander putting the food version of it online cuz. I'm going to take him like a fifty second chunk of it, but I didn't talk about those people to do make a living at it a lot of money. There are people to do. From say in for a lot of people that waste. If you want to do something else, I give you try and do something with your life. You can find things that will waste all of your time and that's one of em. Yeah. Well I mean I live streaming in and I like playing games, but is also reason. Why do the comedy and do other things is because I think that the very basis of it there is
no stability of trying to make your living off someone else's product right, you're, playing someone else's game you're doing some is not yours, you know. So I any moment that can be taken away from you and so on that that's my levels where I believe in what you were saying completely, but I think the reason why people attack so much it because people who wear told her like you're supposed to be? Our leaders are obviously not, and then people are just looking for leaders. So if you have a big platform, just like all your leader, you're at you know, and that I happy Let me I was them when, when the whole George Soros what's happening, Brianna Taylor what's happening, someone got a particular just kept Dmme and being like. When are you going to talk about it? When are you going to talk about it when you made oppose about it anyway. He didn't know that going through amount, own personal shed, a friend of mine, a committed suicide that very weak in a home that I had lived in three years prior and I was fuckin it
what then do my own life, and so I was like, I know the fork when I talk about anything- an obligation obligated. It's me off, but then I thought about. I go. Oh he's not fucking mad at me. I give a shit about me. He scared scared, shitless and he's looking for someone to lead, and he was hope any would be me, but is also people look for an opportunity to get up set at you for not complying like that. There's a narrative where you're supposed to be discussing what it is in the news you, whenever going on, you eat, there's a narrative that you are your person talks, so you should be discussing these things. Yeah you're public figure, so you should do, should lend your voice because they think you should have done this.
Good thing, arrogance is like well. How do you assume, I think, about black with a black man like my life, the matter? Why do I gotta go around thought provoking all day. You know it makes that's coming up. The work takes up too much work in time. I agree with that completely. You should be able to sort, but whatever you want one, my favorite follows honesty, grams load of Duval, our air and little devolve through all this craziness he's just maintain in being load devolved, haven't fund like him, always always always light hearted having a good time, always laughin. His his instagram is one of the most consistently happy they end like. That shows his character. Through all this he's maintained his sense of humour and his perspective. This our our. Why were you ever? Let someone take that away from you, we're here to have fun the time so, no matter what the circumstances of a good time
not my says long ago, when I was another, will you man? I have a good temper but I will yeats of those you have to write- you have to go internal. I am really interested to see like how we recover from this really interested to seek his wherein such uncharted territory. This is this is new waters and I could go good or I could go on. In every single republic, every single empire that has existed before the United States is crumbled, all of them they all crumble. Eventually, my my fears, is the ones that are strong. Why we are falling apart are dangerous the dangerous societies that are dictatorships like China. If China somehow another becomes the waiter controlling Hong Kong controls United States, we got real fucking problems, our hands, not enough, that's really possible! Does it just like some fear? We say that says it all
time right now and as this is the way that it would these so called independent enterprises refused to speak on certain things, because there's so much money involved. As you know, we have that point. You are owned. Yes, degeneracy that thing with a world health position guy won't talk about Taiwan. Won't even mention Taiwan is in an interview, cuz Taiwan. China does not recognize Taiwan, they believe Taiwan is part of China, and Taiwan thinks it's independent, so the woman interviewer was asking this guy who works for the World Health Organization Taiwan is a wonderful job of handling. This is like click it disconnects, and then he comes back like you could see him reach over and disconnected shows we seem to have disconnected ago, but now we're back. So what I was saying was the China, while to China if a job, you knows no no need to talk about the need for this was keep going, so you would not
even say the word Taiwan and like this, the World Health Organization, like you, won't, you won't say the name of an actual country like really that that's banana psych like interest, you know of your universe, eight! I one forgets what you say now mean: there's there's been a few of those things: man we see your God, damn just so many businesses. Have a vested interest in in China and in keeping relationships with China and while Cove it is happening in the economic downturn driven by an option left me, I mean this is again the big game or ten cent is the big in the game. Industry is owners of about everything and that's one when the biggest companies and what are they make everything like war games.
I think they own fortnight now lay on a bit of pub gee. I believe they they owner, just they owned percentages of just about every company got down and China owns them, feel water like when transposing these got banned. Tiktok who wants here this place, yeah yeah, eventually, unlike on this, that the positive effects in a way that is it is but then Instagram came along with real, soon like their tik Tok rip off on whose views not, though, does anybody using real keep an eye on you visited pay attention that we were busy weak
you do tick tock. Now, I'm an no! No! No! I haven't you know I figured you could use you and be a comedian over thirty on Tik Tok that thing's not go with. It seems like it doesn't go off Some of us have a special basically the hope that Sir Cooper disguise Netflix special. Why I was recently that does the lady who lives in. Is she lip sinks, Donald Trump space speeches? Ok, that's gonna go good anxiety for It is there's many things and viral that I understand that is not one of them was settled. But she just saying what he sang but she's doing it like there's nothing else to oversee the stand up. Oh no! No! What does she do should just do that. So Jimmy can like two nights ago, why? I saw that. That's why I like they looked around and go
Oh, I don't know who that is. Maybe she's not good, but then I saw the Jimmy Camel things are. Then I go all. Maybe this whole time she been grind in, and I just did not know about our as I not looked at. What does she do she writers of them? I yes, writer, o shook a comedy writer like Google, says american authoring comedian based in your city first book, a hundred tricks to appear smart and meetings was published in TWAIN. Sixteen she's shredder neighbouring knows mean lists, might have a fucking Netflix special. It turns out Amazing. How hard wired is a good check. I'm happy for somebody to myself Mars. Netflix special was very good and his. I want these really stand upright. That's on his background Who is it s an alibi and then he paused to that late night show. But I talk to people that said his. His special was very good amphion Gussy, SAM Jays, certainly when I haven't. Why should I want to
which, whose Sanjay dinner I do yes, yes, he's right of her ass, an hour on ocean powerful, black Butch, lesbian, nice right. That's right! That's right! Yeah, great Joe Grandpa Matter Store, but yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, others live like meat was like messes up the net flash it might have a brother, the Netflix things so interesting because they basically taken over the stand up comedy special now air. They used to become any central. Really The com is central to the like getting people to watch the streaming online. Calmly, central specials, it's just not the same, and then they GEO Blog Digital, oh, do there.
Oh now, so I give you in the UK can watch and now I don't know why, that those more disease, that's a terrible decision who may that one than one higher than the people I talked to you're, a special that you did for company central. That's the the GEO block that yeah they deal black that enable so now it's actually is out on you to prefer you right now for thirty days or I was dozing, Obi WAN, Canada and UK can finally see it, and then I was getting messages. Baling Numb again, that's stupid. It's a brass decision not to confuse that. What we were just talking about her not have a stand up special court in a press release a comedy special that will be full of in yet dealing with issues of politics.
Rich and class. Another subject o o interview, sketches in motion, and it also writer she put wrote something pits on its get show event yeah, but it's just go for it was weird to me that two things were going viral She was just lip sinking things the president said, so it would be like the present voice to be her lips, thinking it and have been,
like. This- is amazing, like she's snipe cheese is saying the words with her lips. While he talks like what's missin some well, you know we. We ran a comedy alot. That's what we have to remember that my pal it is you no more reside here. I think it's also like there's a gene for certain things in like I do have a grateful dead. Jean people love the grateful that they love it. They love it. I listen. I go ok, I won't be mad. Just use you and I are different, it's ok, it's ok,
no need to be angry and alive, and now you get it now continues on Turkey in government does a good one knows that you didn't like what you really got it about my trotted. So I know what I am touch of gray duty let them call as Maggie issues they put our recently. I don't it yeah really is they went up the light. Twelve hundred dollars riots- likewise, that's out of my coldly price range sure it's a lot of why people do acid, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah those areas where Europe is one of those used for sure we were sure we look like oh Jesus You too, you know. I won't, though I was a very green one come on, they do were pretty chirping really weird, but
with almost comedy stores. Date come all. What's up with the bear. I think this through Logan Logo, a bare yeah. I've looked until one sucks, I don't know either is named after the there like engineer, who was one of the guys that developed LSD ethics but I'll pull up his name again? Second, one of the guys, but Albert Hoffman, synthesize, lsd right up here, so he's like a guy who worked with Hoffman. I when I looked it up said he had like somewhere in the range of like four million hits of acid response. Why? I wonder how many ideas, can directly betrays too that guy's work. The lot ideas will come to you through acid and ever done as it won't do it now. You start Micro, doesnt Ip Abbe up
interesting. I like mushrooms hours, sleep Stanley out, he's a clandestine chemist, an audio engineer, cleansed Ike, This is a key figure in San Francisco Bay Area, hippy movement or to nineteen sixties and play a pivotal role in the decades counterculture, so he supplied the acid prior for the CIA. Mother Fucker, five million those Stanley was first known was the first, not private, vigil, manufacture, mass quantities of Alice D by his own account to sixty five and sixty seven. Only two years he produced no less than five hundred grams of Alice De Accounting to a little more than five million doses, and his professional name was bare interesting. So that's why so they're, just like tied to Ls D, the dead adolescents and he's the engineer that in
yet the music. So that's why they say you have to be on that ship to understand this out. Yeah, that's what they say, mean everyone. I know who does acid loves the dead when they're on acid it about the whole is called the wall of sound sound system while the largest, I thought that was also spectre. He that's a different thing, but he is an old walls, fell Spectre cases when the creepy, as Hollywood cases ever. I remember when you get arrested and then I didn't really know who he was and I started to deep dive into who was after I got arrested for murder and apparently just that was his thing like pulling guns on people. But when you see me, the try was crazy. Wigs on you realize, like this, crazy motherfucker was involved with some of the biggest bands from the best music and he was a psychopath like the entire time.
By Think Bessie back then even now, art ever businesses can kind of high those people right. They don't I Oh, it's hung out were among their done comedy, like all other guys, a drug dealer and gave us, but not necessarily Jesus by virtue of his wall, of sound as a production formula to make records, whereas the engineers was an actual like wall of sound of physical sound amplify speakers that was touring around the country to o o make noise to blast your face. Okay, so he had both called something. Ok, so he had developed something for touring that they called the walls of her own. Oh Jack, shit about music, depleting instruments, no, never played piano. When is very young but no yeah, that's another one. Those things were feeling if I got into that in start playing guitars and like that, like how long
that seems like a long road yeah he had shoes, yet it has to be your passion and never I picked up an instrument always felt real foreign, never felt at home at all. Its, but it seems like a dope thing to learn here like I wish. I could shred I'll break away. Something on piano is, in my view, no people to fall in love. You complain about. I be sufficient kid you down some plays and you just start playing a right. You walk into a hotel and there's a hotel lobby. Has a nice bar there with a piano we sit down, please melody men, thereby stars gather unaware, they think you're cool. That's a thing, but that's like that's an animal house will do planet guitar at a party and never that seen the magazine.
Now you can. You can tell I with the anchor. I know you're talkin back, that's an old job, but I am not big animal sky, yea, stills guitar from smashes moment ahead with it, but the night in Smash monad with it broke the guitar here. This can I get a volume job polluted she's, listen to this guy plane is horrible. Folk, music.
I can't hear I now before you too will have an issue for those words or find it back in the day, and this is what everybody wanted to do. It deserves the air miles, yeah private eye young time. Call it it's a classic, that's what it seems very slow. Now it is. The problem does allow. Those moves are just don't hold up, try to watch pork easier day, Nazism rate movie. I saw two terrible things get announced yesterday that pilot Projects- maybe they won't get made, but three men and a baby, make and then a patent. Your fresh, Prince Reboot, but a drama not accommodate Platt. Let's by can't they just come up with new ideas. I agree with this inhabit a show with his a comedian who has not tested kids, that's great automatic yeah.
Like a Netflix thing, or maybe Amazon, Prime. They do a good job. We I was MRS Maes or have not very good, especially the first two seasons. I caught a kind of soured for me, the third season, but it's a pretty good representation of stand up. Let me not a not part, not perfect, but pretty good, pretty good, like close enough. When you go home that is funny hearing you that you was that show how the aid, by with think that you will was there, she was I Does this fire? They don't really does go away. You know what I like powerlessness is. What have I got a girl? You shit, I do when did you get
get on a ninety Davy answer on offered. No that far think about it. I, like of unbreakable commitment that domestic at a funny fuckin show thou right. Yeah, that's a good shown! That's like thing. I, like eight seasons, yet as one means in so bleak now. That's the Tiber shit I like when you can take bleak things and still be so funny. The bleakest mean someone who got kidnapped and forced into a sex called in a fuckin bunker, and then, fifteen years later she gets out with a super positive attitude is facing all the modern world dishes. Yeah great. She says: you're, amazing, yeah water Tina Face show to that lady. She figure shit out. She tiered so warm. This vision board this ultimate vision board. The ultimate thing is a show and movie
testified TAT. Is there anything that you have made manifest? That's actually happened because this vision board yeah. My house was- on my first major vision, board things I put that one? I didn't have a house women in my apartment and what it does for me, just kind of refocuses may give me the direction set of his being this guy, who doesn't have his hands on the rudder, the or whatever the fuck thing that serve the boat. And so, like a thing I want to get this house, and so in order to get the house, I had to stop just Lake not paying attention to my money. I had to stop just buying random sneakers. Every week I had to start being like okay, I need to build my credit had to pay these old bills from when I was twenty and didn't those off, because I didn't think I'd ever have fuckin money. So who cares? If I skip out on this ran, you know I'd go back and undue all these things so that I can get to that ultimate vision of getting the house, and then we- and I have at my house- were too years now, fuckin love it puts it
how to be on Reno, nine hundred and eleven in there and ii tape that I don't know if I got cut out or not cuz it's you know six minute, quit everything, but a lot of things I put on my vision board end up happening and just ain't. You say that you have to go unlike redo things, you fucked up like what made you will what brought you to that decision. Is that if I wanted to move, a lot of ways in my life? The same with my like dealing with what my ex wife and things like that I had. Go to, I had to start. I would trusting anyone out that anyone who wants to hang our major because I have a little bit of money or because the middle couple shows it in that and wishes or dick like normal people. Doing fuckin know me you know so, but that some people dead and sometimes That would happen. People will be hanging out with me just because they thought I could introduce them. Fun party of some one else cooler than me, and I had to stop looking for that,
in being so worried about that, and I had to go and do just a mindset, I think threat browser relay walk of life. Many people talk about this. I had change my mind from survival mindset to thrive mindset of like oh, I am ok, I'm fine, so I can go ahead and just take care of this business. I'm going to get more work, I'm going to get more job because I proven myself is a fluke you know is not a one, is not a mistake that they made in hiring me. May I am going to be here. What made you like? What word? Where did you come up with this idea? so to correct your mindset. Was it just like realising personally that the way you're looking at things was wrong? Or did you read something or images? Mostly there things I forget him better, but I wasn't getting happier I had more money. I had anything I could buy video game, wise, Alaska them, bunches eggs.
But I was happier have so lonely who still like. Not doing all the things I wanted to do. I was I was chasing things just for money, you know, and so I had to just kind of take a step back and go like okay, like don't just chase everything thing you see, figure out what you really go back to like when you started stand up when it. What do you want? I want it when I started stand. I was a baby to pay my bills and do the things I want to do and that hasn't changed. Was this a gradual process yeah Fisher, Frazier like a couple years, so you just realized was like you're sit in hot, didn't, would not from reading anything's. Just from you recognising that something was wrong. It was me: where can I then was wrong in me. Am you watching the people around me me? What watching people with more success in me. Me watch just see,
that, like, oh, like ok, I feel this way and I have a little bit of money with it. But maybe if I get more money, I won't buttons meeting people with millions of dollars, Emilio Holy shit like some people's still don't have shit together, no matter how much money they have and some people know who exactly who they are They know what they want their. There were happy within themselves. And I wanted to be that. That's it's very interesting. You recognize it and made the adjustment. That's the sign of a strong mind. You you're you're, able to recognise that the current patterns that you were operating under weren't weren't. They were filling your needs, so he had a light assess but then also move forward and make a change. Does very difficult thing to do is difficult, but coincide with weight loss of rights will be after the weight loss, but that's the weight loss
kind of gives me. The motivation for you know, like my whole life, has been motivation for every other step. I take you know a guy came from just being college. Great drop out son, or when I was twenty, he was diagnosed. Autism is twenty three. I don't have any money. My ex wife was, moreover, albatross around our thing. Like you know, I have full capacity of my son, so it was just like I had a figure this shit out and once that we had a little apartment, opening of the ok. Why further regulation? Now I get my health together, and that was a big ones. As my my daughter, even so much as a unit of so many people, I tell all the time to die, exercise diet, exercise, you need to lose weight, you need to get it you're gonna, die. I tell this to the people all the time and you know how many in my fucking patients of anything about it and then you that's it. You're the only one that I know they have talked about this who just done
Do diet and exercise, so you ever saw just let you have a strong fuckin mind. So I do tat the heart: no, they won't If I can do that, if I lose a hundred forty pounds fuckin you know I work out. Throw up in, might give us more train or he would you buy. Aren't you threw up this key reeve? Alright, let's get back at it. Yeah, you know where that timetable people throw up enabling and maybe that's enough for today. You know he would never push here. He taught me day. One is that you're you're, very strong man and we're gonna just unlock what you ve been covering up with bad decisions. That saw so true, your doktor said, and it's so interesting when you think about the goals. People have like one of the major goals. If you asked Americans like what is it, what do you want to do besides be success, will have a family have a career, they want to lose weight,
but what I said at the beginning this park, as you ve done one the most difficult things a person could do cause you didn't just lose weight. He lost up fuck load away and kept it off, and that to me is so It's such a it's. The craziest thing is his like: it's not like gaining wait right leg wait requires you gotta eat all that food, like you, gotta you got a really get after it. If you really want to gain weight, man, you gonna fuck it put on that. You know you got to be there to eat you gotta get it done. People have no problem with that. You know, but the night eating you literally asking someone to not do something? Just don't do something and its harder to do than to do something. Now and then the exercise is maybe even harder to do then do not eat. Those are two really difficult things to do that do both of them in order to really get your health in order in order really whose way everybody knows it, everybody knows it, but nobody does it.
One was a trick- was the trick? Was the direct, no fuckin trick pro? There's no trick chickens the world through that door there we exercise, it is just like a door idea and that that's what my wife said, terminology they go. You went from she's like you are a guy who did negative size and now you're a guy that exercises they did no part of you that gives I've got all. This is hard. Why am I doing this is like this is what you do, because this is what you do in the hardest part is making that transition, because you go through that first three weeks and you just like Africa hate, does why the fuck am I doing you're looking at me back. We could go to James, you looking at other people to know mother fucking attractive and this yeah I'll never be like that. You know Guy get rid of their. I hate that I hate it when I see that in comedy could just Moldova Musa going nowhere come from, and I had that it myself when people really
exercise. I don't know and they're so fucking proud of it. You know I'm just like wow. Okay, we'll see you in ten years. When you change your fucking mind, and are you just aren't successful? So you know now you're dying yeah. Now, that's all I will tell you and me like everything, I've done it might well, that's my process and I'm glad everyday. I wouldn't change. A thing going, I would do have done, is told young, maybe like a motherfucker. If you won't be successful, you just gotta be healthy, so just get get at. It says better for your brain to man. You think better. Getting I I very fortunate in that I got in the exercise of working out very, very young and I've never not done it. But for me, if I don't do it, I dont think right. And I think it's it's also. It has to be because I've been doing it so long that my my brain has this requirement to burn off this enter.
And that also the kind of exercise I do is so intense has so much aggression that, if I don't do that for a few days that shit stores and then then I'm not the nice person, I don't like me if I work out for four or five days. I don't like me, I'm not another nice. I can get edgy real quick, but if I work out every day the nicest person I was just it's a grill simple, like the body has requirements the mine has requirements. Have you don't give those requirements? It starts to malfunction yeah, there's something I've thought about it as very young, just as our society that we kind of Miss labelled a lot of words like work, work and play and when, when those things mean- and I feel like a lot of things- that we consider work aren't work at all their busy work there like a wasted time. They're. Just U spending time in a place,
for a set number of hours, whereas wife consider real work is getting yourself better, exercising reading meditating to me. That is work. That is how you actually get better at things ends and that's it. Can I look at it? This is my job. I work in entertainment. Even didn't work in an attainable manner, but the fact that I do main jobs are what stay ready, keep me here you go and make your Iphone were good and have a positive attitude, and if I keep it that simple everything else is fine work. That making sure you do that work for some people. It's an alien concepts! They never really developed that habit, but if you do, if you just, I swear it God and Betty. Listen to this. I think I can do that. If you just started this left right, foot left right foot just, do it please to get going just get go and once you get Goin so easy to keep going, it becomes momentum so much
harder start from vamosed stand still position, but once you're doing any you kind of like how worked out every day this hey. I worked out every day this month or hey. I worked out for days a week past six weeks, like fuck man, you got some more Aunt em now just feels good you know, one out of three days in thy, like I was gone around doing box Johnson tire pushes nine Asher, I was walking, I was walking walking and walking and doing some like vices. Girls or whatever you know it, you, doesn't matter where you started. You go all in right from the jump. When you said Ottoman, lose weight did or did you vacillate? Did you now once again, my Mama decision and I make it so was the disease. It was made, it was more like ok without my hands. I will do what my train or says, and that's it- that's been the crazy unconcealed, then late recently, who talk about other clients in a black line. You know
You want to do this. You don't want to do as we didn't do it. I go all I I never comprehended that I could tell you. You know very well that I, like you, I know I'm tired, forget you know I thought, oh I'm paying this job. So I just listen to you, you know, and but I think in that way, it is me having a good attitude about it. I know, I was in it. I was in it and then later came the thing of like oh, I have to mentally now undo like the fact that I was still want these things. You know it was easier to just not doing it cuz. I need to check my health I'm going to die, but once I got down to the healthy it was late. Okay. Now we have to deal with the mental aspect I went to like over eaters anonymous for a couple of classes. I didn't like that, what is Alex it's like other, hotel Artemis. Basically, it's the same book that they read from ya. So I think they just need to get that shit change and get that shit together, cuz it doesn't match up
They re Judy's like things back on reach, my lowest moment. I lost my family. I was living in the train and I was like long enough. I can't relate to that. My lowest moment is that I took a bite of a donut and then put it on top of the trash and then came back and got it and then had to put it deeper in the trash I need to work on a different kind of addiction. Right, though you don't really lose your life, this anyway. You know come along, came the slow you lose your life weird where you lose your physical life in these start telling member mentally the chain. You're being well. You know I just don't want to do that. I don't want to. I can physically go scuba diving, they won't. Let me at my way, so you know I'm not interested in any of that, and you know it now I would do anything. I want what progress in school for a few months earlier think about gone.
Tomorrow. Maybe you have me gonna Crown college idea. I moved to anything clown car thinking about what is that talk to me? I don't know much about but he went, he went GMO Neighbours, Marceau Gray, and so I was on a hill and I was like man. I think you would kill it a clown school, let what the fuck is clown school at. What do you do that? You did a lot of water bits and proper Lotta knows how can get better Some tumbling tunes IBM than that, but you were so. Reference would tell me about progress on school like what was this because you go full David, our tat, great reverence, never go full David arc. It is killed David. Our care documentary yeah, I know about it- just wants a trailer formulated, motherfuckers killing himself like the eyes out there doing deaf matches.
Hit in the head with like light bulbs and shed like okay. No, I didn't want to do that. I just been a big fan of two things: my whole life d and pro wrestling, and I decided I want to do it when I lost the weight. I was not aware of what my body was capable of any more. You know. I was still be like pushing myself up four things in my train or below what the fuck, like. You know, you're much lighter than you think you are it's fun. And so I have cited old habits yet the old habits. So I decided to go schoolboy okhinnah me through my body around lemon juice, many fuckin squatters. I can't let me see what I can do out. They make you do like the body weight squads Holly. Carl gotcha type work. Only I one day they were just man ass. Any man is delay. Three hundred and seventy five, while others have fun day the next day how it was or was Workin Bathtub Day Epsom sounds so my party wait squads, we're fucked you up. Anybody tells me that neither like a Jim to work out of my life
to me, show me that you could do too hundred body weight. Squats you dont needed Jim to work out. You could Philip amazing leg, muscles just body weight, squatting yeah mean squatting. There I'm such a barbies, Fuckin, that's work out, forget as you do, hindu squats, where you lift your heel up at the bottom and then push up tremendous for the Quads yeah Hindu squats are interesting. It's a you start off like this right and then you drop down. He picture your hands behind you as you drop down and as you drop down your heels go up, and then you push up and come back up to here and then do it again also think a sweep sworder. Yet it's the thing about it, as I do want to record the thing about it is as you go and down when you go down your heels, come up like down here my heels or up yet up like this. So it's like a really works, the top your quads leader quads, where it touches the knee tremendous Maison exercise, and it just by
yeah. I was the first one is on the road and finer Jim. I asked squads of time, but Hindu squads Hindu, push of regular push herbs and China BAR you're good you're, good, even anything, but if you can get other shit in there to dig out you kettlebells. Did you shit like that? I need to get some kennel don't I don't have currently when I was going to the gym a lot and I'm so I had everything there at home, he's gonna have up to fifty pound unveils any to get men trying to buy bigger dumbo that fuck there so expensive right now try to buy some sixty five, partly ones? Jordan? seven hundred dollars. Seven on about seven hundred dollars pair, that's crazy, that real yeah. Because everybody bought them out and gets all quarantined up, and then it shipping and the weight of the shipping and I'll. Let you Seven hundred bucks for a pared down bells, so a moon.
Your presence, the outer, always gets rocks to accept excellent vanegas, ambiguous Fisher, Citronia, Jack and train as as healthy and put together. They can like forty forty one, forty two in any form of the Us Congress at an act grows, it still maintain I'd turn. Fifty three I'll Catalonia say yesterday, yeah, I know happy birthday. Thank you. I thought about by. You saw them again aerial I remembered then I recalled I gave a hug insufficient news and where a man forever, happy birthday, you, your fuckin, I'd, think out. You know I texted you the day I found out that but think about just junior year ownership of your own, shed the longevity the how make that go back. I look at my part as we just to use deep and
what made it so far, but I can still do somebody like go back and I'm watching old episodes of you and it's like episode. Five hundred and sixty five, you know, and I'm just like men, the longevity there's. Just as part of this is what I do. This is my shit now and I told you to Thirdly, the fact that you own azure and is your than you lies in them with it, is a huge inspiration amazed, just one measure, I tell you that thank you, brother, like I said before, I really love what you do. I love the energy that you put out a really do because your enemy, is consistently positive and friendly. Like I love that you do that, and you put that out and you, like you, say, hi a people, I hope you doing great other and I'm I know it's a seer in only of big smile and like that's, that's giant for people. Man to have a place like that with a good to engage is consistent, positive vibes. Great, it's all mean you know, she's, guess where but less good. For me when so much better lives. Gravy. Compared to my childhood and yeah things I and through might have you no good,
single mom and she abusive relationship and also share in just never heads structure. Knowing you know, blood thing up air and my household, and now that I'm due I literally do what I want to do for my life. I know my passions sure everything I want buzz like man I can ever and I get to work with my fucking heroes, you know and I never lose sight of wonder sites like all your fuck. Why aren't you theatres. Yet your pocket didn't theatres and do you know I'm still? A fan first ensued. It's easy for me to be happy for people, because I'm I thought this is doping. Says to me just begets other success. I don't look at and go. Oh, I couldn't get that I go. Oh sums could come from do yes, yes, it's it's! It's just about maintain their positive mentality and That is really putting out
positive, vibes like what you're doing really does change people's lives. It really does you know I mean, maybe I don't feel it yet, but a guarantee you a lot of people that look to you for that positive inspiration. They look to you for this happiness and they just like you eat you, give that you give the people man and then they get. It is like a little seed. You give em and grows, and so are there body? I just got an email from this guy. I'm doing this thing with, and I didn't I didn't know too much about him. I know he was referred to me by this other guy, we're doing this jack together and then censor the this email that basically, after we're done with this thing came man. I just want to let you know, like I didn t this before, but because, you view unless near podcast. I said this terrible job. I quit my job I moved to this new plays a start from scratch, start doing. Jujitsu loss. Wait, I got away our job now have a family,
a a kid, I'm a different person and its cause of listen near podcast and realizing that that you, you can change your life and you can do things you want to do. You could get a push yourself and you just got and feeding off, energy of hearing. Someone say that that actually done it and recognises this different tree. You and me, there's no difference between me and the next guy is just I've done it and you can to that's what people. Here you see someone like Kevin Heart. You go back as an alien like I'm not like that. I can't do that, but you know that's not true he's just a dude he's a dude positive works hard, and if you do that, to you will get successful you will. You will find your fucking groove people who haven't done stuff for the people who tell you you can't do it. You know, because that's the reality that they lived in I've never met someone who's truly been successful. Who turns around and goes?
openness, but you couldn't do it. We know because they know they know is working, is just putting in the work and then it might take decades. You know as twenty three hours, again on Twitter shown these old videos of mine. I saw my special and then I had some I found this set of mine for when I was three years in, and so I showed that we show, we're make environmental look at me. Look I'm em dress the girl you can tell these are my only good pants and they are good, but man, if you didn't have that you wouldn't approve she, where you're out now that so important that that's that's all? There is a message for people at a struggle and right now, like this struggle, fuckin in joy, it suck it in take it and, first of all its fuel who's gonna, spire. You to move forward and become more successful also like men, you can look back on these days. The suck You are experiencing right now will be delicious in five ten years they gonna look
get me amazing. Enjoy it yeah. Now I get text messages. I got text message the other day for my ex wife sisters We are so proud of. You will get you in your movies and is a man. You may then a new doing so well for your your ears, mine, my nephew and, as is late. This is so we come from the lay they used to call me the inward amazing these to talk to the earth No, not really is sometimes just you know, gatekeeper up the data. What's going on what our sun make sure that their relationship, as is still strong, me and her now you know she just three hundred and if I was in her position, I win like Everything turned down. I have never been a niece,
damn like the as much as you like to see some people succeed. There is. There is a certain amount of satisfaction in knowing that you buy past all the pitfalls that other people fallen into. Yes, but if you had some non non fun relationship issues with them, yet a truly at extra ain't, I still at my Mina, my son's mom. So I was your love for her in and I want her to be successful and I want you to be happy, but I'm very I know I want the awful It's awful to take happiness and other people's failures later but yeah, but then that's choices and yards like also like you can learn a lot from other people's failure to Lily
Much as you can get out of people success. Man look at someone who you know that, just sabotaging the life left and right, you can learn from that to the thing one of them you were talking about that? I think is so important. As I taken ownership of your fuck ups taking ownership of the things you did wrong and trying to rectify that. Trying to just you don't want to repeat those patterns, recognized him develop development getting better evolve. I think that's the thing. You know through space, a social media that lately that we- don't we don't allow people to evolve we'd all out on the change we hold them jail, name statement that they may ten fifteen twenty years ago and someone's an asshole today, that's fine! I understand there is okay, not fuck with people, but to judge someone over things. They did ten fifteen twenty years ago, obviously case by case basis by each year.
You're denying the existence the existence of evolution- you're, not you denying that people change and that people can get better and I I just always believed in acts. I've seen it in myself. I seen it in my friends in the people around me that so many people they truly some people dont want to change in and they don't ever. They never will. But I met people who warned the best people in they pull their shit together because they had to yeah. I agree or agree wholeheartedly and I know I've grown and become better person to and through all that, our work- and I almost don't fault people that feel that way, because it's it's fucking hard. Today, man, you know it's less hard for us, because we have this advantage that we were kind of moot we're moving. We already had momentum when this shit his and we were in a business where you know we're very fortunate that when you, you well and show business you can make a decent amount of money could save some of it. You can put it aside, but there's someone
people out there. That have no hope, and I understand the bitterness and angrier stand at all I get, it would mean this is a fucked up time, so fucked up time, we're like half the country can't work and when you have that you're going to have of just a disk Toby in perspective on everything. That's what you have people today and I just want to come out of it. I really do and when we come out of it meant a hope the back sir Preciate, where we are. If we get to a point where we can all gather and go to comedy clubs to go to restaurants and movie theaters in normal shit, like we used to do sporting events, you can go see pro wrestling live all that shit man, I just hope Aphelion enjoyed yeah, and maybe we well- maybe maybe it will be like will be better because will recognise, I came and they all go away now we know, can all go away, is learning to minus to respect the audience more into
I am clearly nothing without an audience. I'm nothing! Nothing else, that in always go and like every Toby, I need to give these people yeah. I'm sure you know shore and so just try and be me we were aware that any chance at all those great like I've as like. Ok, I did this one show where they eat Isabel stage in a screen and people can see you and unlike office. I gotta get on stage again and I would be grateful for it and they asked me to come bag, and then I slept through it and now who, Madam vice president I would like now. This is like getting back to normal. That's for me. I did so stand up. I did a weekend the Houston Improv, but it was like Manna can catch covert. I gotta get out of here. I did one weekend and I did all the right things get the fuck away from me bore a mass did my show got off get out of there. I didn't take pictures and hug anybody, but still I for one. If I got it
What if I give it to someone I love yeah. I got really high the next day and I got real paranoid. It has given to people and then I was like I can't do us yet. What do the same mindset that a couple of eggs on the darker still and am? But I want you to think they were. I won T stand up so bad I want perform. I want to fill feeling of people applauding and her room, but I just fuckin cadets ain't, same but what, if I give it to someone and a you, know, I'm healthy and that's fine, but I give to someone and they give to their grandma. Their grandma dies as they went to his ear me. Do some dumb, bullshit jokes! I can actually exactly but at a certain point time like what do we do if this is normal forever?
Covid doesn't go away in this is just a deal. Does just how things are then? What do we do? Do we decide, then we'll fuck? It was just how comedy clubs people going to get at least going to get up. There is no cures, nothing you could do. Do we just live like like this. I don't think so, then, down there that doesn't sound good. So the question is always like. Are we live in like this, because we're waiting for them to do EL up enough hospital beds and made waiting for them too valves some sort of a treatment. That's responsible that really does work well. Is that what's goin on use of wheat. I mean we're all hope and for a vaccine, but if there's nothing, if it doesn't happen which has just imagine it doesn't what do you do some born dime, we're gonna, have say: fuck. It we'll have to get back to work, to work and get back to life, yeah that'll be aware, live I dont want there and then, and about them and who you brought it down, but now I am about it in the is like
horror movie, but here's the thing man there's more than one version of this disease right now more than one there's one, India that so different from the one here that, if the develop a vaccine for them, It's in North America won't work for the one it's in India, and this is it's possible to this thing is gonna much more like the common cold, like a lot of other viruses and spread all over the place They don't have a disease prevention, there's no way other than keeping your body healthy. Keep your music strong. We were not gonna live like this. My we can't live like this forever we're living like this temporarily. This is the idea, so we have to like That is a possibility that we need to take into account. Centres means life can be different. Me law, people, Glinda lobby, wear masks about people. Fucked up teeth are very real. Ok, what the mass aimed there's been at me,
I got you set out from Japan for when I went to Japan for two weeks. I only as far when you went to Japan for two weeks was it cold no carrico levy, which is where mass weather fellow ill, you are, but that's a polite thing over there right now. That's why they d, did an amazing job. They got to a point where, like I think, the entire country on a thousand deaths, which is amazing, but especially if you cuz people, consider the size of Japan. That is not like super populated by. If you consider that most of the population that Japan is in just varies, dense area they. Tokyo is every one right on top of each other and they never lockdown. They kept work in the entire time. They just war masks and they have a thousand deaths it's pretty maize, everybody mine is a political commentator and whose, like you need to look at this summit, is article explaining all things. Japan did. They did spaces, they follow order. You know they they their polite.
You know if you go over there, I wasn't I've. Always Tokyo wants, but it's like amazing how different their culture, like how politely are and how they vote. You know like on the streets like everybody that zone garbage everywhere and hunting picks up their share. You don't even its rude to walk around and eat, go. Take it to the proper place. Get rid of euro trash then go about your day, crazy yeah. They have. They just have patterns of behaviour and patterns of like good they're, just the what they accept or what they expect rather from society from people, and they all agree. You truly discipline yeah. If no one, if you haven't gone you where you can travel, go autonomy, I can't wait to go to other countries again, I want to go somewhere places. I can't wait once the shutters if, if the shit ever lives up
I got I just want to go. I want to take as many weird cultures I want to go to Bali on see what that's like going to go to. Indonesia. I want to go to work a lot of the Pacific islands. I wonder the Philippines and want to go to a lot of places. I've never been to have just seen and videos or dislike, and I wanna go to Egypt. Let's that's. The thing had been taken myself in the head about like. Why didn't I go see the pyramids I do. I need to go see. That I'd like to do that every person, then I'm friends, were shots when he went right before covered everybody that I'm friends with them. And there they like Perot, like this shit changed my life. I get so big, so crazy, like what the fuck is this who built this? How did this happen? What was his culture? Like the fact you got all fucked up Cairo right there, next to this ancient civilization that so far more sophisticated in the structures like it's a one of them. Things where I think perspective shift
places very important to go to just it could just give you were so used to like not LOS Angeles or Boston, and where are you from middle These cities in this is the zeal people live. Then you go to teach Anita any go! Oh shit, like war, the Mayans doing You know these motherfuckers are doing this shit one thousand five hundred years ago, like what is this. How are they doing this? Why were they doing this? What was life like back? Then? You realize like the pattern that were is just the pattern, wherein it doesn't mean as the only pattern and human beings follow it, just how urgent it just like you were talking about Japan. That's a different pattern there on a different pattern, their pattern they got into this really discipline pattern being polite where in a mask our pattern is chaos but more, but also our patterns, more creative. It's weird thing about
our pattern over here in Amerika. We do a lot of wild shit, but now we create a lot of good shit. You know, if you think about all the movies in the art in a comedy in the music, all this shit caution as well continent only grant them. I lack a structure in from chaos That is why we have so many forms of art that are created here is my jazz is created here is way hip hop has created here of comedy invent again here. It is it's like that is what's interesting rise like you got a kind of have both of those things he got a kind of have Kay ass, but you also kind. I gotta have some discipline, two decibels as one of the reasons why America's done so terrible with this this covered reaction, we were the worst at it. All the big countries we are the worst year it's crazy. When you really look at energy we'd all as the world is your leg anyway,
Don't wanna, Americans right now, you could hear in under developed nation method, but you're fuckin idiots aegis. You guys! Don't listen! You want to have like a big protest We don't wear mass Luar, Falcon Freedom and then just thousands b Oh down the street, saying we don't want to wear masks bill gates, the devil, FUCK voucher, like people crazy you're, while people, but they come up with some good shit right, such a conundrum. Pardon me, but I love America, aluminum fuck american flag behind me. So reason for the love. America, genuine love, a concept. Of the concept of I you know, I'm the grandchild of immigrants, my family all came over here from Europe. I love the fact that these people, where we're like the ancestors of these people that decided wherever they were, they just did want to be there anymore. You know,
no not may come up or Or realized: hey, that's data, that is for sure the most fucked up part of America Right is the most factor for sure how started slaveowners wanted to be free, but Also, there's a beauty that people don't see nothing, but a lot of there's a lot of like an everyday white people that I talk to. It is a little bit of fear of this. Just like this black anger of people being like not only
likewise matter that we want you reparations. We want everything back. We want ino, which we also we greatly before, but to me what so beautiful by America is. This level of forgiveness is built into her structure to the fact that we can have that history there you know horrible history and then there's no other country that free those people, and they live their right next to their oppressors? You know and then Enders forgiveness. This balance and there's like Oakwell. We just want to continue to be a part of this lifestyle and we want to succeed and have our own freedoms like you and I'm tryin. Didn't take off,
We are now widely lays it's beautiful thing that there's this leg forgiveness there and that they want to see the table yes and also the amount of creativity, the comes from that culture and to stop and think of that right, like through pressure, diamonds, are created and just look at the black american community and think about all the different form, of art that not just a rigid needed with black Americans, but war mastered by them. To a point where, like that, given rock and roll, like Jimi Hendrix, is the greatest guitar player of all time I mean you go, look it stand up, comedians mean, there's there so many musician, so many so many artists
some. So I mean that's the crazy thing about art right like so much of art. Is this dead, dynamic expression that comes from pain, yeah ministered? To me, the beauty in the alchemy in our is to take your traumas, take your pain and in turn, those things into your successes in Europe, in the reason why you have finances amazing, yeah and I'm hoping that, through the mean this obviously racial relations, or in this really strange upheaval right now in a bad turn, a bad spot, but there also in a spot with as a potential for growth, when you see these black lives matter protests, but the the thing that gives everybody hope is that people are together, walk down the street in unity and that they recognise that this is. This is unique moment to make things better does unique moment to take a stand to talk about things, to recognise those problems and,
though the brutal murder of one man, this irruption, that has existed all throughout and not just North America, but it spread throughout the Globe decree. Time and through crates crazy times, often times on the other end of it. You get a better world truly. Truly, I look. I choose to look at those positive, because police brutality is not a new subject. You know. Oppression is not a new subject by any means, but the reality Jane to it the amount of allies mountains. Where I see I get so excited when I, all these young. White allies. These people, these millennials there. You know that people kind of make fun of an they're, the ones in the fuckin streets. The first there therefore commonly known as is bullshit. We don't. We don't do this any more love that to meat has tremendous progress. Zombie We know there is million man Marge years ago years ago, when I was a child, newer, marges about this type of things, and before I was a child,
No that's a sitting on the valley. My mom was those marges gettin bid by dogs and sprayed by fire. Hoses and now we re to the point where I sit at home playing video games and us in my white assistant out to protest for me. That's true progress. You centres is out to protest. I did. I could show you a picture adage test him after he came back came out. If we come back to my house and after swab who knows trust there, she's ready, sir, it's hard to be saved a large measure of again? Yes, she's print, really thanks I'll errors and also say that she did that cheat. You protest for your buddy on airplane. Our final worries, no wars are Man Louis was wrap. This up and tell her body where they get your podcast social media. All that's left these go in our pockets, cog in better work.
On fancies. You can find out wherever you find you even the name, getting better love it come on the best is not about. We are the best. Is the fact that every single open day we're trying to get better and sometimes we fall back, but we'll try to move forward and that's what it's about great guess: COM has been on their stone, colds evolve and spin on their yet Google and they got my life's dream events if timber fair people, Gary reset Awakening, yea and common events of timber. Fifth, so P, M, Pacific. Now you need, I wouldn't you know you ramblers, one that is best and lie that's towards innovation. Japanese zombie life Criminal Youtube and go get tickets. Iran pledges that calm beautiful. In a minute, Netflix Yoko hoops in deadly plasma because the one, and only Ivan both criminal August, twenty first, that people want Jack, o query, would love
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