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2020-10-14 | 🔗
Comedian and writer Tom Papa is the host of the popular podcast "Breaking Bread with Tom Papa" and the author of two books, the latest of which is "You're Doing Great! ... and Other Reasons to Stay Alive." In addition, Papa is also the co-host, along with Fortune Feimster, of the Netflix radio program "What a Joke with Papa and Fortune." It can be heard daily on Sirius XM.
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is a very good friend of mine, a whole area stand of comedian and one of my favorite people on the planet and I'm just very thankful that he decided to come out of that shit. Hole known as allay it visit me here in Texas: please give it up for the great and powerful Tom Papa the job experience Tampa welcome to Real America, I'm glad you gotten out of your liberal, Heidi Whole come here. We can eat it, a real restaurant, it feels the same. Does it yeah would mean felt the same feels the same We too, a restaurant in Vienna, is thou in real life. Is now restaurant or not a restaurant feel the same way as it does now. I just walking around allay feels the same. Is this place kind of this now you're just same forgotten here. What are you
propaganda comes here and now also the differently, not I'll. Tell you what the different even seen. Ya'll and locally No, you know what I've found. I'm here tee with you by way of Denver. and then and then to here, and there doing the same things pretty much if a little more indoor but ones mast up, I was doing, but there is less anxiety in these words. This is why there is in there lay others they keep. The pressure turned up to scare you to get you to behave. So you do walk around feeling we're trapped in more nervous Yemen, it's not Based on reality. It's not it's not wise is not here de what our reality for any fat and kicked in four days in the year. But I don't give a fuck anyway says: why did they give that guy? They gave him everything he's I presently member state works. They have
thing. If you give him everything, it hurts short fat old guy, but he's getting stuff, that's very different from what you get just walk into urging care and in Siena don't go to urge and currency echo to see their cyanide hook. Kevlar he's got nothing they were like. Is he getting things you can't get? Yes in all seriousness idea sure had resigned, because the first thing is a trial, It hasn't been approved. Yet there not just having that out at cedars. Is that the FAO, the worst thing that Remy Dividend here now I say that not everyone can get that comes to veer, ram, desert remedies. We hear anyone can get that rent. Anyone can. Then that is what is the other stuff they gave. The other thing I got was like the plasma related right therapy. You can get that everywhere. Now. Why can't you be
you're, not the president of the court, and maybe the liberal media is trying to keep them from using these day six if they can get buying into the White House ever think about that. Are now wait. A second I unwarily last night I literally was. There is definitely so much confusion, because the that site is. Wrapping up the fear a hundred percent may be at scarier than it is so they can get him in it to be and the other side is definitely is hitting from from Trump Vandam. Don't worry about this thing, so it makes it looks like we did. A good job in the economy comes back and all that stuff. So I'm likes this cognitive dissonance like what is a real one
watch Tucker Carlini made sense for a minute and then at Amazon. He made sense for a minute and I was like, let me lift off into the satellite and let me just look at the world. You, let me see, what's happening in the world list, that's not involved in this election. Spain, France, Moscow, Netherlands all opened up a little too much an hour, all putting restrictions back. Everything spiked but if we want to look at other countries like Sweden because they opened up completely and they of less cases and now they're back to normal. They have no masks, yodel barred, no one's. I was a small countries, while the country, where I mean look less people
they they live in different sort of circumstances. They have mostly small villages, re other than Stockholm, but yeah there they're fine, I know, but if you look at Spain and you look at France Rank at Moscow, I mean these places. There is no political agenda in these places. There is no political agenda, it just they open, happen they. So let's go all open and the cases skyrocketed and now they have to like bring back a little bit. It's this virus is a real thing eating all these extra humans and You know these humor. What the fuck are, you saying the virus is a real thing eating all these extra humans yeah. What is that? What do you mean? a way to describe it. Is that, while the desires and that's how I would add, eating all these extra humans, we have extra humans right now. We way too many humans. Well, it's the truth. You know. sometimes you MOSS, that's growing comes up we're just up to the edge of the walkway. You, like that, looks pretty rare and then it
that's going over onto the brick and starts come. We are the moss and we're covering the bricks now and something showing up and scaling us back a little bit, for there was an experimental virus that their working on the one hand, what is it well for lab and it got out we didn't. Do you think, that's where lockdown says restrictions will remain for at least another year be other restrictions are very different. There are solutions, are for a really large gatherings, but you gotta restaurants, you gotta, bars yellows polite. There still restrictions, the virus is of real thing, go all around the planet and it's gonna be a little bit. This can be till June. By the way I heard in Denver, how did you know that endeavour, whether the people who told you buy now backs of fake? So they told me that this pilot was talking to the show
said. His doctor of some note was saying that all of our pandemics- I have lasted eighteen months. Despite what we try to do, restrictions no restrictions, it runs its course. Eighteen months is about where the fire starts to subside ego back to nor, historically, historically speaking, and this one end, because it's a hundred years and between pandemics nobody's around to it Give you lessons from the last one swimming all the same mistakes, and if you go by them, it's about June from when this I restarted we're talking about June when we're back to normal, which is key. of upsetting the kind of nice also that you have an end date- you know it kind of later. That's annoying. I gotta wear mass and do all this stuff and be kind of messed up, but till June that's canonize. I could maybe makes some plans. I can make it a fourth of July. How many businesses are we going to lose between known Juno? But I think the
real. The real issue is people putting restrictions on what people ten can't do. That's the real problem is you're, basically giving up your constitutional rights and there's there's no real protection for you. This way right, there's no real. Protection for your business is no real. Protection for your livelihood well even because, even with all this year, we are still dealing with other kinds of horrible deaths and other key of horrible things go along with economic despair, sure how many people are gonna die because a drug over doses, director general soon as yes. Yes, these have to be factored into they totally do and I really get the feeling like. But there is a there's, the caught the middle ground, basically the millionaire narrative in this box narrative. There is the route there's the truth, and I still I sought in Portland. I saw it in Connecticut. I saw it in salt lake. City. What he's a reformed and always places and They are all wear masks their businesses are open. Yes, and
that's bullshit? That's how you know a long time ago. Yes, there testing, they ve got the mask on very distancing like eight restaurants, but you know it's capacity are performing comedy clubs, half capacity but here is not just because my comedic draw. I dont think I dont think that that scientific, because There's aerosol did need the viruses carry through the air now yeah. This is pretty much been confirmed, yet they used to think it carried through droplets, which is the reason for the whole six foot social distancing space. They don't think that's the case anymore. They think it's airborne yo. If that's the case all that social distancing stuff his horse it because it's in the air, but not if Europe Social Distanced and have a mask on that we need a social distancing thing doesn't mean anything anymore, gotcha. What what they're saying a close with a mask you, but you know, in a mask a lot of these mass of holes in them. Well, yeah.
by a lot of these mass like easy. These paper, mass of people out with a wire there's an opening in the top is opening didn't aside, is allowed us saying it's not a good idea to wear a mask, and maybe it reduces some of the drop with uncle our set. Maybe I'm not a scientist. Neither you I but I am saying, is I don't know How much? I think what you getting is you getting a lot of people that are healthy and they're going out. And they don't have it and then giving it anybody cuz, they don't have it. You get away with it and areas where masks and it's good to be caught but I don't necessarily know if you were in a room filled with people would over a new unless you are an end, ninety five mask knew it was a real mask. I don't of those fucking cloth master gonna help you, I think they work. I'm because look you you look at these blue, I would you based not on I'm sing it on cities where they have the mask as it as a thing and they made it the mandatory that you wear these masses and the number of road everyone does everyone everywhere
everywhere. You have to wear masks the whole control now, but it wasn't. I mean this was fits and starts, and you know people screwing around all sorts of weird shit. I travel of protests were a big kick in the virus. That was a giant to write my horse and there is a lot of people out there with no mask not just that they're just Bompard a bumper with each other right next to each other and screaming right now in the air exact specially nighttime, they think the sun kills it like almost instantly. That's not yet been studies on uv light, Nouvel Kills it almost instantly right, so sunlight and even simulated, sunlight and kill it all, look any proclaim its you're playing the odd scant right you want do all the things that you can
I want to steroids trumps on. That's what I want him to day. I want the vaccine. Lighting shifted, the rock outlines. Do Jumanji gave him the more the good stuff, the really good stuff and shots in the ass. You see, I wanted a rumour in Europe. Can you got a shot in your butt cheek? I do those things worked, that's what we need to bring back asked she what shots do they give you in your body I don't know what they were number and you didn't want to go back to the doktor. I have only man take your pants off it make you cry in front of your mom, so you stayed healthy economic problem of money with the abuse the sitting in your ass out of your car window to get your backs Heaton Harris everybody's is like part there, but bred up for their driver side window. So look all of this. Kind of like it's going to run its course. Although certain what you can do things calmly, also revealed Trump, has been treated with deck. Some, thus sown
m suppressant steroids that can cause euphoric mood. Changes. A motto of theirs is tweet that's him, since it doing really is in the parking lot. Since then people of posted online about their own experience with the drug, interesting and amino suppressant. That's was interesting to us like these. They that one things it happens with this disease is you you actually dont want the immune system to react to violently to the disease. We have already done that. aggressively to the disease of the given understand the logic behind their cause. I'm stupid, I got to read that article it was complicated like you that it made me think how amazing the human body is. This immune says, like their stages of the immune system. I get a richly comes out and gives you a dose of stuff and surrounds the virus. Then it goes up and then it ramps up and then reboots and then like sends another part, is like four stages of what your immune system does and because it has to be rammed.
To attack this virus. It could actually hurt you more than the buyer will hears us. What is deck? Some methods sown do decks. A method zone is a core quarter cup, corticosteroids a hormone that decrease of the bodies, natural immune response, reduces swelling an allergic reaction. Symptoms of medication treats a number of conditions include asthma, ABS, Crohn's disease a number of limb. Farmers, it is used to treat covered nineteen because serious cases can provoke and eggs agitated immune response will using a nor a large number of pro inflammatory, cited Keens in what is known as a side, a keen storm of her that as amino suppressant decks method zone is thought to help reduce the likelihood of the bodies over reaction to the virus. Researchers found deck Samantha Zone to significantly reduce mortality among seriously ill. I e Capitalize covered nineteen patient scientists have said it may prevent one in three days
patients on ventilators well interesting. Yet so they gave him they through the kitchen sink at it immediately and a work. Yet you, the president, made state, you should get everything they possibly have omg in at this by Fuckin with here is that in these times where things are very unsure a lot of times, people like to say exactly what you need to doing what's happening: as long as people do this we're ok bazaars. We wear mask we're. Ok as and I'm sure, I'm not sure, that's the case. Ok, buddy we're all gonna get it. That's what I think. Well, that is within that is the reality of what I'm saying that doctor saying that goes. Eighteen months but I don't know you months mean everybody gets it. You're gonna come in contact with right,
and some people's immune systems just beats it that's what cat that's what I kind of after looking at a globally last night, and what that doctor said of this time, which is total hearsay but seems to make sense it was it made me think. All of this is noise and us all freaking out what about my job? What about them asked. What about this? What we do is real, isn't nodded at it, and it's all we're all freaking out and it's gonna run its course either way, despite how crazy we get, this virus is going to run its course and in a year and a half it's gonna cannot exactly was when you say it you talking as if you know what happen, I'm guessing, but did, but seeing what people do you just sort of laid out? They did the people. Do this a cocktail parties, like you, say, yeah, while we gotta do that. This is how you gonna go yea and you feel comfort via of colors comforted by the. Then you go home well lack. If I, if, if you say, was if you say to a room full of people, I feel I can get you some
everybody? There knows what to do. They run away from you got to take zinc. You got to take this. You got right out of chicken soup, you know you had do you got to get ginger, this is ginger drink. Everybody has the idea and that's why, I was trying to say, like we're all trying to control the universe, but this thing's going to run its course. It's going to happen, we don't really have that much control over that's insanely, contagious, Seventeen o caught it, giving a guy right home, ten minute ride home the windows open and he got no mask. Neither wear masks guided. No, he had it. No symptoms, no cost grandma. Nothing gives our right of ten minutes had an email at that. the guy who's, the guy call them afterwards. Couple days later, it says I got it and then sentinels like flock and then a couple days after that Santino I like Fouche E, he looks like a little guy from the Bronx kind of makes me feel comfortable. And he's on the in the administration. Part of the Trump team
and he's saying please just where the mask. Yes, but you know initially didn't say that and the reason why I didn't say that is cuz. He wanted to make sure there's a mass for first responders right, the problem with that mean that means you lied. That means he's so something that he knew wasn't true, I'm not perfect. Everybody lives, he said. Something new wasn't true because he wanted people to react in a certain way, but then they still expect. He still expect some trust him. after that we are not saying you shouldn't trust. I hear you, I'm not saying it's wise or unwise, but I'm saying in that circumstance I wouldn't have recommended he do that. Of course not I mean the idea was that we were panicked and he thought like look if I tell people
everybody get a mask. There's gonna be this nation. Why short of a majority of mass a hundred percent, though the I read this article of countries that have done better than other countries, South Korea, New Zealand? They have advantages about isolation, isolation and ends. Garlic have stuff and fewer people, but the main thing that they were saying is communication. Tell people the truth and they'll react accordingly and is Kanzi hysteria. Ethnic puts trust in the people. are giving you the advice. So if he had come out and said, mask are important, use bandanna and leave these for the health care workers. These are very important that these people on the front lines get it that would have been so much better than we would have. The discussion is about abandoned as useless. They look cool, though not really look better than the plan,
If you weren't in a pandemic in your weren't abandoned, refers either a douche bag or bank robber about we pulling out or on your neck, they literally eureka your studio, fifty percent or suffers and Van or your guys in the ring. I got a lot of guys. The gunners could bend down is run the now because the shells comply hot shells right linear collar. Burning that I, like you, I used to wear it when I resign. My motorcycle, I would wear a bandanna up for that same reason: tat Road stuff that makes you walk into the bar afterwards. You pull it down to bring about a you. Look like a bad. We take that settles disposable paper thing and put it down you Nick no one's. Looking at my friend Jeff, whose doktor he said. That's the worst thing you can wear so's bandanas is, as you said, Kaufman. So better the thicker than they'll protect Timor. It goes, but you really want a ninety five mask yeah. That's the real
I've been in my travels. I've been on for five round trip flights and I've been wearing the pay. Berwin that disposable one year the paper ones are, ok, is honesty, did their easier to breathe and which makes me suspicious, I now that's! Ok! I guess saying that I think it's airborne. I don't know that shit is blocking that much I wear the been dad, I'm suffocating so then I put on the disposable one. I'm This is good. I can go all the way to New York like what he thinks larger the virus in, Aaron, aerosol or fart particles, because a guarantee, may be suspicious to be counted as a hard fart. There was I got on with? I got on the tram in Denver and at like eight in the morning, and someone, let a media. I mean one of those Le Zani efforts and
These were all in masks and everyone was horrified like out anything. No, they didn't have to usurpations privileges. As on through the oh there's. A couple I met I contacted the lady next. Then we will give an I roll dozens and tell it There was an US, but somebody let it through, and I give this parts get in through Judea fire on the point that was so bad. I wrote a story about. I did fucking, it's called happy pills, it's probably still have their internet somewhere was on my blog, but he wrote he cut off That was so bad. I was in the middle of like thinking about. I was like thinking about life in people getting older. Also thinking and I was listening, Jimi Hendrix in those high end and he cut this part in this way. Behind us goes. Oh, my guide levels.
for my share of phasing in so the worst summers? a powerful you that, if a far can make it through pants, how can a mask Turkey from the virus. Exactly that's what I'm saying who wrote this article, partial, like Yahoo news thing that far particles are way smaller, apparently christian men, dot, doktor, Mcqueen thousand Doctor Mccoy far particles are small in the virus. Yeah. That's why Bilbao chinese thinking
far Paul jewels. C4. Three s age is a rather small molecule with a diameter around. Oh, my god, they violate the they thought they ve. Measured. Forty at science by comparison, viruses typically range diameter for much more much larger, a covert nineteen being about sixty to one forty and am, and what that means. What is meter nanometers? Ok, so farts are smaller. I got the virus is one hundred to one thousand times bigger than a far molecule whatever virus goes through farts away. All I go back to that. because they explain how and ninety five mass work together that and ninety five masses, cable or filtering. Ninety five percent of test aerosol contain the average particle size of three hundred and em
basically and ninety five mask as it tight. We ve packed with multiple airs, serve as a barrier to larger structures, like viruses or simples, simply spittle networks that that stuff works as a reason. Doctors, where that stuff all sorts of battery Keith Robinson once good pound comedian. We were at risk because the crescent radio city music, Well, it's a steadfast goes yard. Irregulars array place huge two floors: what the there's no ceiling over the first floor, dining section. So it's just like fifty feet high in the air. We have this big dinner, the stake dinner. I mean it's a massive place with you ventilation like you could do, show there now for it in the middle of a pandemic and everyone could be safe and he, farther on our way out of their crop dusted the whole place
other tables worth putting napkins over their face. Really robbing silverware and was tat is bad, just heartsick. What was eating usually as all the other case. What's that it's a mixture of things when you mix broccoli in meat well, poor Sinhalese. Some means following that up now, it's disgusting now, but I was I was, but by the way I leave the reason I started like even looking at, like the perception of it all and trying to look at it in a global way, because it is confusing it's it's. This whole thing is very confusing it and that were in the middle of a election, makes it so confusing cuz I was using whatever little information they have to. There age, but is also the confusion of I'm. In L a I go to allay acts Joe. I could have gotten their five minutes before my foot.
I'm the only guy gone through security. I'm walk right up to the gate and get on the plane like no wait at no traffic going down, wait at all, that's unheard of and island in Denver. It's like it's twenty eighteen act. That big yeah, that's real America Tom. You know that I'm Tellin, you lived in this bullshit liberal, communist marxist phony state. It's a nation state controlled by a dictator, Nay Gavin Newsome. He wants you to be poor. Why would he want me to be once more hair? He wants. wants to use your money to growers, hair thicker. You ever see a sexy shot at risk in this exhibition, yet you yourself sexy shot Who is the woman that gave the that he used to date has now I'm a Trump although a wife, she s, the downright juniors girlfriend, is his Ex wife yeah. I know
idea of yours. You relax San Francisco aid together before you ruined San Francisco. There were together, There were their laying on a bear skin rug. Oh no! Oh they call the New Kennedy's Jamie's you What who picture? Who, would you do that? That's why you Jimmy can will use the. Why would you do that is their hilarious? Who, who said yes, What serious politician imposes on the floor with unique The kind of wants a wreck a whole state, we ve got about the lock down. I have to say when he was giving the speeches in the beginning of the lock down. I like the hearing them, but it sounds good here. Handsome man, he looks very distinguished. His voice is good, but raspy draconian laws, these draconian enforcement
the way their handling and assist. What state do you think is handling it. The right way like where do you think it whose who's got kind of like it down Florida? you think they're like bug. While this guy floor doesn't give a fuck this european Jimmy blacks answer, is you can do whatever you want? We could do stand up, an arena Florida I'm not kidding. I now know social distancing no mass require now what happening that their numbers they did this what two weeks ago, their fine everyone's getting stronger and younger gone. Back in time. You never get any older and you never do they look better than they have ever looked after the only one. free and a small country that the most american people in America, freedom is kind of overrated. Don't you think, listen to this fucking You think I, u beaten down. I understand you. Have a mortgage gotta stay in California. We try to swallow the Kool aid. Now I went out and in sperm like chunks, look just I rainest swallow it and this
Junkies, sauce of Gavin knew some use seconded down your pipe right now, but there's no difference. Look! What's that nevertheless restaurants. You can go to comic clubs, tinkered restaurants, Gotta move can only go to comic loves. You can't get a retail stores. You know to retail. Soon you can go to retail store in Malta does no one outside entrance. What? Yes? Maybe it's just that, Yes, you can go to like nor its terms because they got an outside entrance. to give you half incise I've well I've changed recently. That's how it is the whole euro area. Now you gotta come get a move on it's amazing, how began to show that the Jamie I told you we can have in mind these these done. His is gonna fever I just got test. I knew you are negative. I want to test your forehead. I want to see if you got something else. I want to see if you have a fever, what is difference between allay- and I now ask who is honestly because I was kind of trying to figure. because I honestly all fucking around people
scared here. Yes, there first Father way friendlier here: yeah they it's just, it just seems more relaxed. You can work, you can go to work, you wear masks worked right and it I mean. I'm sure there are some cases, but deaths are weighed down everywhere in the country. You know that you mean they used to be climbing and climbing climbing. Now it's like it was two thousand and two hundred eight thousand people. Now it's two hundred nine thousand people we with three hundred and twenty million plus people, it's a real the small number of people dying from it, so they have the remedies better. They have the treatment to different treatments, better yeah. It still socks. I want to get it, but everybody that I know those guys kicked it. Please accept, Michael you and me Cleo, is in a bad state when regarded, he was real.
Run down right, but broken down yeah he had been traveling, allow any has low vitamin d, admittedly wasn't taken vitamin d which apparently a big fact renew immune system. I do feel like that. That's probably like the places that I've been there they're not ignoring it. It's not Florida. You care not ignoring Florida. I using Florence, really ignoring it, did governor all bullshit aside the governor put a charge up and who sang the issue. you that we really need to concern ourselves with his people. Seventy plus, like seven, refers to the ones who have a significant risk of dying. Saying everybody else will really need to. Consider is the people that have underlined conditions and we need to you know those people. This is what should have been done all along the people that are high arrest. You should have been sheltered right, but shutting everything now is an economic disaster right, that's whereat, right agent and like they shut the com, tore down there, trying to shows outside in the parking lot with a fuckin snot shield,
front of everybody? Now they had a big glass shield in front of the audience and they still said no outside. Oh, it's ridiculous and you have a restaurant outside, but you can't do stand up in the parking lot, the store. I dont get that at all, because there's no there's literally no there's no difference and there's end. I know I've performed in a lot of place. I was in a casino in Connecticut Amino at once, where Mass, who wins doing the right thing there I'd rather catch covered, the Duke see no and dynamic. I would not proud of it, but I am not proud of it, which, as you know, I had to go see my family, Mohican, son, Sun and I mean doing the shows with so great over the key
many store documentary. I got to see it for my radio show get to see all the way through this centre to me in advance to really good tabby, really great. It's there's a real deaths to it. Your part is amazing, and it's just amazing like what you did for that club was you everybody can a nose like how you had such an impact on it, but actually seeing it. You know, or with the whole time you see them, but seeing like that in a document array style starting with the minutes.
CS of it and getting to now man made me want to kiss you read on the lips rat appease threatening money. Now she's is Jamie. Really is ya, hear it really is such a great because to have such a historic place that was so bright and great and then really decimating fell on its ass and you're, really the force that brought it back to this was like it was, who just great it was so great and watching your son I was really really cool on thanks man does have is where do make a cried, lunchtimes thinking about Missy yeah? I know yeah I've heard about the old days, but what it was like come there just to be a paid regular there it's you know that such a polarizing place, so many people have a negative impression of it, because it such a difficult club and there's someone- killers there in a lot of people, just didn't feel like they got the respected they deserve there, but it's not the case aegis.
It's you needed a higher level. It's hard you're going you're on a line up with fifteen murderers. Everyone's killing in front of you and there's a lot of people. Would go there and they would have. like sort of mediocre sets and they would be absurd, they had a career like they'd, be on television channels are doing things here and the commission are built You know what I'm spots for years like what the fuck's and they would harbour this terrible. Resent anyone talk about it like years later, They say you know: I'd approve myself their place. He met. Everybody had approved herself that everybody- I don't give a fuck. If you're on a tv show, they don't give a fuck no care now and it's it's not it's not an easy place just like that. take the booking of out of it getting up in performing in any of those rooms. You gotta, be Even during any you now we have to be good. You have to learn that room though others rooms, tough, yeah, it's a tough, whereas the exciting thing is the people
do come through in the people that are coming up like Laura Beads, like any ladder. Men like all the others. Young kids are common, also greatly Mc Caskey, and then you know you have these people that are, you know, they're there and established in looking to break through, like Tony an inch cliff the guys who are killers yeah, it's there. So many of them, and it makes you like it, you can stick it out. It really does make you for some people like they like the use. He be they liked these places where they could go putting everything was relax. Supporting it was loves you, it was a lower level of comedy in the audience, was a little bit more enthusiastic about laughing and nobody's no one's gonna bomb is isolated darkness to the store, that's undeniable, and I think it comes from being Sera nightclub because it was Bugsy, seagulls, nightclub and people were legitimately murdered there. I know that is a hundred percent, a fact both were murdered at the commie store, who own Syria's
was that Latvia's Eagle Bugsy Siegel Siegel own Sera. Do there? old school pictures is old, school pictures of cereals and are amazing. Will you could see the stage where we perform on, but instead Jerry Louis and dean? Martin, honesty, yeah doing a lie, show now. What is that? Because there are places that the place as a magic to it right there are places, then just undeniably succeed. there's other places that never really get going, and I'm talking about, transfer tallard. Just like there's some there's a magic to certain. I think spots things have memory. Rupert sheltering believed this. He believed that is an intellectual. I forget what is actual discipline, as is in a biologist. What is was Rupert shall dregs mathematician forget what exactly does, but he has his cards.
apt that everything has memory, and here I believe in this thing called more more for residence at all. These things are connected in some sort of indescribable on measurable way, but probably butcher not, but he also believes that things have memory a type of memory, and this is the reason why people who want to live in a house where some was murdered. Yeah. You don't want a buyer Karlsson, Buller brains out in re. In Romania, there movies Stephen King, William, Christine yeah, read a book book books for growth, I hate when people say that, but it really area it's more of a red. That of a book is way more in depth and just it's a slower process of the kid who wants a cargo and crazy and some in out someone died in the car, the guy, the guy owned it. He hunted the car so great as the story that someone seismic, also great know things definitely yeah, but you wouldn't want you wouldn't even want to buy an Assholes car
The view you had some person was really means or a shitty person you had by their car like around their car. Now like when you they look like when you go to buy a car by house sees there you walk in, and you know that if it fits you yeah, that's a faint shorts, a vibe get it out. Is there something there was something beyond what you're see yeah like if you buy a house and you meet the owner and you get along great wisdom. Euro friendly, like that's a nice, violent yeah erika, would bought MIKE's house a hacker love story to and that's the thing with the store. There is really a long story of show business yeah that spot in its it is. It's got many edges to it, which is just like him the thing that I loved about the store is not just that it's is this historic place. Were all these great comic started outlet. Kenneth in richer prior and are all these people made their mark there. But it's it's. Also.
A place where everybody worked out there it. So there's failure in that room to he has the potential for failure. It's not a place where you film, things all the time and everything is perfect and polished, and now this you work, that's it it'd Jim Ray. It's got edge to it and it's got you know. There's people people went up on stage there to draw they went up coca bright say they failed day it out and fights with audience members who now yeah it's it's just it's got it. Got so much humanity to it. The coolest part I think of the old crew was watching the gym, carry stuff, how you know he was kickin ass, an pretty successful in killing in the room, and then changes is act and socks were a long time as easily the impressions and going into other stuff, and I mean the the balls of that
in that room, just see him in the hallway this picture of just sweating ethnic, just a line of tat. He doesn't know what he's doing, but that they supported them, and let him do that in that room like that, because you know when you there, people are thrown fast balls and ruins gray, and everyone's curling, when you ve gotta, be humble to get up there and really stick to your guns and try your shit and suck, and when you saw the old guys that aren't really round in what was it TIM Tom or send us, I want to hear you saw, you saw these guys, though he said, was like a killer kill. It seem like to be realising all these can come in waves. There's these guys If you dont know any better like you might not know who Rick Ingram is right. You might not follow that. Motherfucker! strong. Some ninety four miles an hour right down to tie up there with your new notes, or you know you might go on after Sarah Silverman murders or you my own after Eliza Slush near gets a fuckin standing ovation you that places.
crazy man, I know, and it it was filled with good feelings and bad feelings, and there is a lot of emotions. There's a lot arguments and there's a lot of attention, but the last you years was the most camaraderie the most to the most warmth and supportive that I've ever felt it. There are a hundred- and I think I tribute that to the internet. I attributed the podcast because I felt it was a time of bounty. There wasn't a time of famine and in the past it was the everyone had this famine mentality because, like if you gonna sit com, I was trying out the same part of fellow. You took some for me. Like farmers, one partner, Sitcom Tom got it or if you were trying out, for a game show or you trying out for a talk show here and is in a five of us, are out for one of us gets it so there's this weird creepy competitiveness
and if you are on a morning radio show and then there was a guy, was across town that was on the radio. The same time you weren't is buddy re like we're friends, and we also have podcast, and I tell people listen Tom harbours, podcast, Listen Tom Bob is radio, show raising a fortune Feminine Tom Popper and on serious here, they're, both great camaraderie. This different thing now, library, we support each other. I dont think of you and fortune is being competitors. I think you'd be my friend. Oh you should what fortune says about you and you know why railways are only in very fortunate now. Are we getting here, but there's none of that in this community. Like everybody does everybody's part, it has great that's a great and It's never happened before. No, never been like that before no yeah I mean when we started guys help each other, before a little bit, but only if it didn't hurt them right now
You don't have to worry about hurting you. It only helps you like. If I help you, it only helps me because people know you're funny really go all I can listen to Joe, because every time it tells you about a comic. I know they're funny right cause he's telling the truth. That's arrest, people on its I've. Had people ask ok. I can't do it. As you will get real educated I'll, get to have two high spirited myself. I've changed my phone number, that's where Jamie comes, and he spoke Now- Jamie insulate, good luck, didn't through Jamie Jamie's, Fort Knox, mother, are you getting through that war, I think about the Jamie every time. Something technologically doesn't work. I like Amy exhibits, I feel for you figure it out, but as far as well getting through to him. We get to the show he is the least approachable
I remember I remember when I got a pilot or something and early on and Geraldo greater, all those my friend said we all went out to dinner, with Sdn Manny from the comedy seller and Gregg and his wife and myself and my wife and great of me aside, and he said dude. I have this I this is how much I love you. I am genuinely happy for you. I know people say like I'm happy for you so just, but it was so unusual to truly be happy for other comedians that he had to take me aside and say no joke. This is I am so happy for and he didn't have his own ego. Involve you didn't have any of that at that time you right. I wasn't a new regulation to be, and it was read- is only a few friends that I had. That where we were real tight like that, all throughout calmly, like Joe ideas for sure, arguing there always Duncan
So is ladders guys it? It was real tight with from the begin the grey was or Gregg Geraldo notches, someone's just such a smart person. Just an interesting per and I was really lucky, I knew Gregg from New York, but we also work on the set together because news. Radio was being filmed right next to him. when he had in law right we're on the same set out so out, hang out with Malta would go out in the park in modern run, a normal knew each other from away that's or from New York. You know there was a fun time, also the John Merrick Show. Was there too and pretty? Surely I wasn't Lenny Clark on the job market show itself. pretty sure Lenny Clark was on that show something it sounds familiar, but that was there too. Was it Lenny Clark Physiology? I think yeah, that's a hard one. Good luck spell that Lenny Clark is on a tv show such as content
Robin Generic gotcha- yes, okay, so many was there too were trying to remember, but I didn't run into Lenny as much, but I read it and also you know who else was their Joey Lawrence? Really yeah Joe you used to sit in his car was fabulous hairs. I was so so jealous of his head as those right. My hair was really like, struggling and. sit in his car and he was like fuckin twelve years all delete it. There's Lenny Clark, Yellow get em. I love that Motherfucker or a force and ran functions. That's not right, son of a bitch like so much older than watch. I mean really black, so they were we're right next door and Joey Lawrence. His show us and so you'd sit in his car? He likes, you know like fuckin, twelve years old or something be any add, some verdict is probably twenty.
but he s somebody's ridiculously expensive car that I can never afford any be playing his own music. So his door open and he likes it, jam into his own music, really love is only is absolutely that alive argument. It was like how many girls will see throw themselves at showing more like their plane, is on music re beautiful. I never hear that could be ever I I have sat in a week. seven like this very- is that aid he's like graffiti in the back and the big jacket Jackie looks like Madonna hate me hastily guy looks like without it he's got this wise. You have a short time around his waist. I feel if you could give that distorts filming hand that shirt off to somebody is illegal, look
see Joe? That's why you're never heartthrob, you don't understand the intricacies lotteries and was never high. Google. It and you know, but the die is adorable. Two different look with ease I love picturing. Heaven is it Carlos listen. We was on music and we'll be right. Well, look at that. Living life, Livin a veto Loca. I remember that when Gregg was doing that show he had this guy. That was running the show who is just We didn't you know anybody from allay who wrote shows, so they just matched him up with some guy I I became by the seller and- and I met him- and it was just like you know when you meet people who, like they just don't give a shit like you, could tell you just getting paid and just The pilot he's gonna have fifty more easily than twenty five and used we were like you know, you surely do this were gradually whose like yeah
And you just new and his eyes, like this guy's, not really gonna help Gregg well people don't know we're talking about, but we try to explain that there was a time where you would go to the Montreal Comedy Festival and you get a development deal This is like everybody with cash in girl. Get a divorce Medea, then you they would try do a pilot. I knew so many people that lost there. mine is when they got deals to do a pilot, I had a phone call. This guy monogamous his name bodies. It was terrible comedian. He calls you Missis, hey, listen! I know you got to show that you workin on right now, but I'm telling you my show, is gonna go to air, and I want you to play my brother. I what No, it's a smaller share, but this shows guaranteed air never heard, of course not, and he starts to tell me how he's crazy things like that, like there's a guaranteed pick up, and if this and pick up their NBC universals got second position and they're gonna pick it up like he was drink,
the cooler and it was like the craziest conversation, its heart in the first time, around nothing ever happened ran nothing, nothing ever happen for him and what I mean nothing thing I mean that went away. Then you never really understand of career, never had anything who was not. but the conversation was so bizarre. Does he call me up in the middle of filming something, and then he was telling me listen forget that bullshit yeah I've got thing. This is gonna, go its people and Ngos. It had so many people. With a logo. I knew someone who all the sun had an assistant. Why do you have an incident erect like what you too? I don't ever, not honest regret it. I tell people dont consistent, do less shit, relevant Lena sit. Just do less think Sarris that to surveillance is smart. Lady, that's that's the movie. I do less thing needed fucking assistant, like what are you doing, some people like its they egos,
broke his neck. Lay know that famous people have assistance- Saint Joseph Pad, which I come in writing, but it contains Conti Latte top gave coming up the stuff for them do, but the problem of assistance is sometimes they teach you like David Spades, yeah. No, I know fucking. I try to Canada stories that coming the killings who close way to close yeah. Maybe David was nice to me, which is probably not that stretch to say felt a little the mean no, and I am sure this is just a kid misconstrue Just as added My guess is that we are serious about Syria. We was just chunks just checks, but that was it at a time. I kind of just missed that time like this. When, because that was the way for comedians, was the second yet was
the Roseanne, the same exact others, everybody everybody on down, convinced that was what you needed to do. That was the formula, and so you would do it and then you would get our show and then hopefully people come. see what common clubs that's my strategy of like I was hoping. I could get a special, some Where was open. Someone would come to see me a common clubs. I had the I had the thing where I just never thought I was ready for it like he will say. Like my first pilot, it was like yeah, I will say, and that, like guys with huge egos, would be like I have. This is my thing: I'm gonna make here's, the thing- and I was always like I don't know if I'm really people might think I have a huge, yearn enough, because it seems that I do. But honestly, I never thought that any and I was doing, was gonna work. I always thought it was gonna be cancelled. I never thought like I did jokes about fear fact be council. The very moment was on the air.
I'm doing a show is not gonna fuckin, last ray or their second dogs on people making them eat animal dicks. How are we gonna do this, or even news radio like that was there was a great show till cannot check your ego, because I was only one of eight people and the other people, especially Phil Hartman Day, fully, were much more famous mayor, much more talented like it was an it was like. I had an opportunity to do like an apprenticeship I had, opportunity to learn what it's like to add an item ever taken. I took a few acting class. Private lessons when I have gotten a developmental, but I never acted, and then all of a sudden, a couple of months later on tv, like literally, is very little preparation and I'm sitting there next to fill Hartman TV show that if you watch those old news rate is it looks like it like that, because my character had to be kind of like
innocent and stupid, and and- and I was like really and conspiracies- which they made that self, because of me, because I really was really and conspiracies the contour my character that way, but why was there? current he's really happen and like even While I was doing well that's what's wild about, it is a lot of moments. In this area you acute adorable fresh, faced twenty seven zero, that twenty seven Then it's it's we're because you get into a situation where you have to be great at it. While you're learning like bad is a but the thing is it, but you are surrounded by good people in its also it sitcom acting Ratan stand up is harder than that and I had already been do instead of a six year, but where you did, where did you believe that you walked in their didn't? You think this is good. Is gonna be harder? No, no! You don't that's tough leaves, I know, I know it is, but when you first showed up on set weren't, you scared like now
No! No! No! I thought it was easier for your yeah yeah yeah percent. Yet was definitely easier because you could do it again. Like you didn't furtive alive audience if you fucked up like we fucked up all the time. We were laugh about it. No one to do a retake rag. I was always laugh and when I would do scenes with Andy Dick, never keep it together area. I try to keep a straight face and I would always crack he was so funny man, so self, destructive and so crazy, but so fuckin, talented, any dick is literally one of the funniest human beings have ever done anything with self, but you can't afterward like your can't anymore, you just crazy Biddy, but so talented, and when he and I had this weird sorted dynamic on the show and we have these holy area, seems together and you know, and he wouldn't. I was so hard to do.
so you'd be able the like fuck up and laugh and then the audience actually get a kick out of it as they get to see how the sausages may right, they get to see the behind the seniors, you're breaking but way easier. If you ve herbaline, they give it to you redo. It a hundred times ease. You know it is yes, but when you don't know it, yours was the Re Romano role rate will sort of I took the Re Romano role that someone else to see what happens is re got fired from the pilot they brought in another guy. For the pilot jack, I did the pilot there's another guy in the original episode in his radio, the played me and then they fired that guy and then I entered into a cattle com. and there's a hundred dude audition for the part, and I want to getting well that's good development. With then be seated. Do my own show, so they can use your contract and put you in that
yeah. So in the middle of the development dealer trend. Finally, writers we're talking about different projects and they say to me: hey we have this show we'd would like to look at and they showed me. His pile, which is fucking genius, and I just come from this fog show, which started off really good. The riders were hilarious yeah. They were really good writers, their role for the Simpsons. They wrote for married with children. They were excellent that, but they got fucked over hard. They brought in this producer just RO in the show and all these network executive should get their fuckin spit laden fingers all over everything so hard, that's! What's so hard! Is that any time you get that many people on anything any organization. The idea you ve got that's where the luck comes in all those people gotta be cool enough ruin it. It's just something. That's waiting to be real
everything. Will you get a lot of people together to create an art peace, good locks? Half sometimes it works yeah, but you know that's like way. The great directors you know like this soda works in the knowledge that their James Cameron's. They end up working with a lot of the same people all the time, so it does. That is well yeah, because you can do you, you have some control Laura Universe! Will you also no, how each other works, and you are a common goal done it before. You know how to do it right like or you have these people that disease a super powerful figures Cameron, room just takes control of everything. I've heard by James CARE, grab paintbrush Jimmy that fuckin thing. You don't know you don't like paint the war. Just like he's, gonna vision. If they let him do it, you get avatar right right. Otherwise you get fucking
Bunch of the people, and then you get one of the more recent star wars moving his breath. It might get a bunch of people trying to add this and that uses the word Miller and Blair Lameter get dodged the adoption, and that was the guy when back to the drought or thing when I that guy. I knew he was one of those guys. It was just like, and then it just ended up like hell, it's not Gregg will, after I did news radio I did have development. He'll do no show thing. A man at two different development tools add one and another one afterwards, but I was like real soon Howard, because news radio was so good and the directors and the producers and the actors, and everywhere the writers were solved. Fuckin good without lips were really. I would read this other stuff and the like. This is horrible. Here I can't do. It also puts the risk of the the crew. The we had were hard. Part
here's, the were really fun. People like me and fully and more in and in some of other folks, and we would get hammered. I mean when, after the show, how to show film we go to the lake local bars, walk to local bar or we drink on the set we will get blasted like they were partiers supposed to Foley, love to drink and was was like. There was a camaraderie too that we say, and we always felt like we're outcasts, We never made it. You know, yeah that show didn't become famous really until after was cancelled. Yeah. I remember thinking about writing. In getting some news, radio scripts for my agent were so funny, brilliant, a walk past, higher legitimate genius aylward tight, but what holding to be in that kind of environment is a lot of times. You end up like playing like a dad or something, and it's like you. You had like your brother's your community brothers around you like that's like
pirate ship. It was like the pipe Iraq a little bit like we were doing a show, but we knew that we were. The underdog, never had a good time slot when we had a good time slot wants it put us long like after friends once and we were like number three, holy shit, we realise that's what it takes. You have to be our after a really good show. How long is it on? We were on for five years The last year was the year that after Phil was murdered, last year was, with John loves, took over the the Hartman spot and he was really good friend of fills in. We know he had done an episode before and so She probably the only guy that we would have embraced to do that, because it's just like he, he sort of fit that that grew up God. The toughest he's sofa, He knows you're, funny cat. There was the only year that we thought that it was gonna, come back like every
here without can be cancelled like first year does not gonna make it were a rating sock. We made it back and then the fifth year, warlike crow, do pretty good, cancel the weird they pull the plug on what people decide cancelling don't decide, cancel unless you're a giant hit unless you're like modern family someplace. You really ever. No, no, no, you don't know, that's a fucking great show, modern famine, our guy ever watched it. It's really got my whole family got into it during the lock down dahlia cod. That good shall solid rate writing friend well written. I now so well amaze I audition for for a role in it, and then it was kind of ok, but it was I what's his name, the husband every I'm space guns name, but I is one of those were like,
additional or something. And then you want somebody who got the wrong you like and then a good move that that I love at O. Neill too, my great eyes. I mean with tee to have that character. Sadly, those two great areas like Mary with children in is, I know so. Everyone on that, solid and the story lines or so it's so good. Did she of well made show a fact that has done that way in that fight with no audience is incredible. I now you know tossing Amor. That means that there's people that are really fund that no funny yeah right as you can get in that situation and have somebody that's funny enough right. They don't have that level. on what they know is running, give wash, and The biochemists meant no one funny. She doesn't even really amazing, so phase YAP renovation on Netflix, I figure who the girl is red, headed girl, but cheat the girl place, can we Schmidt
Titus Andromeda us the gig is fuckin amazes, ok or so good. It's a hilarious. Show me a and it's a crazy show. It's a girl about a girl gets kidnapped, brought it to a sex called and locked to a bunker for fifteen years, so she gets she gets released and she has no idea how the world works, but she super innocent but really positive, ratifying the reign of its great, a really good show MO of those characters. Eureka. What about TED Lasso, using that when that that some? Oh, it's a steam, not Jason, Sedateness no, no you're centres, it's I'm gonna apple, so good similar Canada, one. Those apple only show yea. Those are weird but coups, watching them I don't know I've. Just one seems like its catching. This one seems like yeah and he had
kind of characters is wide eyed and super an optimistic football coach. It comes to England, to coach soccer. Accept that as a good brandy. So positive issues really just you can't break this guy and he says it's almost like a dumb optimism. It's great he so good at it. Everyone on it is just too much good stuff, too right now. I now. Oh, we know it did on Turkey about yeah watched the social dilemma. Jeez dude, now, that's a must see. Kids, I heard its depressing so he got a little real realise depressing Tom. I was in you everything you gonna be fine. Where mask I live com. This pressure. Trust me gave a nuisance. His delicious we're all gonna, be fine We are going to be fine. You think we exist on this plain and this plain only who that's heavy no now, because I've done law drugs. I think this programme, not
there's. I think, there's something else out there, which is an unacceptable right now, but Social dilemma makes me very concerned about the future because all these technologies in all these people that have invented other stuff that now or very unhappy its really fast, Let's see them discussing their own creation, see. Outsiders are also technologists. Who didn't it didn't invent these things worse seeing the patterns in these things and understand it from you know, really educated perspective, there d sings. Could we thus have a warlike people getting more more divided. It shows in the film how social media has made people are more polarized, far more divided than ever before them the red, the blue and the literal outside its disturbing it? What's the most dangerous part of it, and can it be corrected Well, there's a lot of dangerous parts about it, but the thought bubbles that the fact that these people get in these these bubbles,
of thought where everybody around you think your way and everybody thinks a different ways: the enemy yeah. This is a really dangerous part of the reality that we live in today, because it's not what we anticipated. I thought the internet and the age of information, and all that we experience you right now would bring about an understanding in a nuanced perspective, yeah in life, and always it could be able to see things rather people's perspectives more more easily. Because it be more readily available and it would be. more encouraged for you to seek out of information, but a bunch of factors that happened. At the same time, All have sort of made it worse than ever before in one of them is trump, but tramping such polarizing figure and what whether or not you know whether in others,
justified and how much of its justified and how much of it is liberal propaganda and how much of his republican propaganda? Wouldn't you look at the way people feel about him and the things they equate with him, like the equate white supremacy in and in an tight immigrant mentality and, in our view, a phobia in all these different things they think and in a lack of empathy in which is probably accurate, writin resenting, if you could say anything about trumpet one things, you'd say that's negative, is he seems to not be empathetic. Doesnt seem to care about other people right. The way you want leader to care about people you don't hundred, you don't buy it re evil people die like when John Mccain died. He still never at any empathy for the guy and he knows just yeah. there's so many in there. So it's so easy to look at him and even though, in his mind, he's got to be a tough guy to people coming him he's going to come back at them, but
This is like sort of the mentality that someone takes. If your battling trolls online, it did you donor, stand like you, as the president you're supposed to be here in this rare position. You can't be responding to individuals, because you're to beg. You represent a different thing: you're, not Donald Trump anymore, you're, Donald Trump, who is all so the President of the United States. Yes, and if you don't just the way you communicate with people and bring people together and my things at Obama did brilliantly was he made you feel like Amerika was something you can be proud of, because that guy's representing you this really articulate super smooth statesman. Who seemed elegant and he seemed like composed and when he would speak briefly regardless of its policies you naked, would, regardless of
The criticism you might have, that is, is administration. The way he handled the role of president perfect, the perfect, a plus a plus, no applause, no pettiness right no Mean Feat called Tanya Jackass once we might lead, is how president might have fucking made tromp be present. Well, you that that White House, responds daily shit on Trop, yet uneasy trump go in. There is one more thing, you'll, never believe, which is present United States, but the ones laughing and he's just glaring up in these areas, That was a moment that psychopath it took you up on that challenge. will you take someone that has lack of empathy and doesn't really see the responsibility of the office in what he says, and you combine that with that technology? that's it that's! What you're asking the guy! That's a dangerous combination, your handling, the relative to change. Who he is at seventy three right right, our so seventy two whenever we was when you got it. Seventy one
having seven only on your ass, can, a guy in the seventies to change who he is and and the thing that made him successful. The reason why he was in all these rap songs are giving up Secondly, a rap music in the Eightys and Ninetys trumps name was thrown up all the time. He was that guy he was a guy with the big old letters on his flock building the end fighting with rosy o Donnell and yes, you calling egg. That's the all that stuff, but that that was ok, backed and for some reason like he would. call her terrible names on the corner branch or because he was ever shall envisions elaborate Letterman yeah, but he was famous for being that got right so that guy became president in there's always a polarisation. There's, always a group of people that hate the present then vote form you want to fuck up and they want to fail and one everything do that he's doing to be wrong, examine one. Matter, Obama everywhere at hand suit. Some other yeah it was like is the greatest violation of the,
and they made a big deal with this bumped his wife get like. Why do you ve outrage party? You fucking care about this it's gotta my suit on look good in that suit, but it's So things are, there is doubt right. There's trump as a figurehead which accelerates everything he's he's gasoline are already raging wildfire. He loves keeping the temperature at maximum, once everything at a hot boil, and if you really feel it. You know that that that's the thing of that office he could com this situation down, could make you all relaxed. He knows how to do. It is even like that exists. He's like the only one whose comfortable with eggs like ever ever go out with a girl who loves to fight she's only comfortable cause, that's the way she was raised and they get mad. If you know what, if I bass that's her, have he wants to fight he'll, bring shit up until you,
the bait and there is a fight on and then they come down and you're you're having a nervous breakdown. So it's not all his thought. No there's social media in the divide that comes in this where the social dilemma is in place here. There's a divide that comes about because of the way, the engineer, these algorithms, which is really disturbing so whatever you're into it finds things, essentially some because it just wants you to stay on more, he wants you to engage more. She wants you to to pay attention. to the things now. Horatius fear did a little bit of a study on this little bit of a test, and he only you tube puppies. That's all he would youtube just you two poppies just just to see what happens and all you too would send him yeah, it's puppies right, all they would sell. They would show him, although I would suggest, is politics here. So this idea that their engineering outrage
is a lure eyes. Ingenuous, cause rule with a really doing is finding what you're interested in and people. I have been shown to pay attention to what they disagree with far more than what they agree with. The algorithm spits. They disagree with exactly because you get engage with that. You get angry which has over them part of me, she was showing how things that people disagree with things that make people up, sat right, all the things that people are much more likely to engage with Theodoric fuck, you fuck, em, liberals or fuck you, you fuckin, races, and went right, sir. I ran like it's this thing. That is a part of being a person you seek, especially when you don't feel like you're, really you're being her right here at home and you sit on the toilet and you ve gone through Facebook, and you see some shit about what the fuck and burn the flag. You motherfuckers and you start start making these messages you're more likely to do that then,
seeing some beautiful story about these pants and adopt this kid and they give my home and he asked Parliament like that you're not going go some way to go. For you, let me right down all the amazing things about what you're doing terrible thought you gonna? U can get mad or if you are on the left, you're gonna get mad because the wildfires gonna blame Maintop and climate change. All these different thing, yeah, you know, look kid! Your outrage going ya need so many people think trumps responsible for the wildfires. Listen folks, those fucking ff. Fires were going to happen, regardless of who is president. Now, whether or not he is putting in policies is going to protect people ten twenty years from now right, that's a real argument its, but the fuckin fires that are going on right now are not because a drop it. it's a long time to turn that battleship knows absolutely I'm. You know its eyes fault that I'm not saying he's done good things, the environment and a seminal say he's not plotting a future that you think was the help out these fires and the few right you do.
to take into consideration what here's the thing everybody's applauding Newsome for Say, that they're going to eliminate these gases. In powered cars by twenty thirty five. Finally, you camp, but here's the thing was unite both have teslas, but here's the thing those batteries dont come free. You have to get lithium out of the ground I mean they're, they're they're, fucking littoral states military coups. There was this, about seat, see there's this is that there is a thing There was a controversy because Elon Musk made a tweet and I think the tweet was something we'll coup, whoever we want to or some crazy. We are responding to someone you saying that I think he was just like being edge joking around here, but it people saying here it is- We will cool whoever we want Ellen Mosque in the overthrow of democracy in Bolivia. They probably Schweitzer down in law. Is that many projects around? But the idea is that lithium, which is a primary component of battle,
Batteries, you're gonna need a massive amount of that shit. That shit is called conflict, minerals, conflict, minerals, one reasons why they call me ask, as these fucking minerals are in the Congo there there enough understand reared all these places. That are you know it's there. It's lotta people vying for them, like China, trying to get in the car diamonds yeah it's what its little sketch here than die. raggedy a whole lot more of it right and that you need to get back. It's not like it's a free ride to get batteries near, but you know you, so you lose democracy in Bolivia. Italy's there's! No more fires is the. is better or worse, everything's, a little even worse. I don't have to figure out how to suck carbon idea there. Figured that out. There's there's like small scale versions of these things that look like it looks like an air cleaner, that's the size of a skyscraper. Oh,
yeah I've talked about implementing these things to actually extract carbon from the atmosphere. What about that soil documentary to see that one where they are that oil and terrifying, like sucking like if you, if you he'll the soil, you'll, heal the earth. Well, regenerative farming is the best way to heal soil there are some people who are experts on regional farming and regenerative, far is essentially what they're doing is farming the way they farmed thousands of years ago or hundreds of years ago, the way you're supposed to like right, ruminants animals eat grass vision the manure actually brings these these these nutrients back into the earth that acts as fertilizer for new plants to grow me rotate the crown it's supposed to have a carbon neutral effect. Winston correctly the prime is we adapted. This world, where you want to a jack in the box, get a cheeseburger five seconds and there's gotta be cheap. Me and cheap meat comes from factory farming. Factory farming is universal,
regarded as fucking disgusting horrible. So that way you have you ve got trucks and you ve got I was fuckin the animals in their eating terrible food and it's all gross Yannick from top to bottom. It's horrible horrible and there's a it. It's a new documentary on ethics forget the name of it. What he kissed ground kissed the girl and really good because it's kind of one of those that actually gives you some hope you like, while this isn't that complex of a solution that could actually what is their solution, whether China do retracted, under farm yet exciting about regenerative farming. Those I dont know if it will work at scale like we Joel South and on a few to move gentleman twice, we had won a few months back. There's a guy doesn't give a fuck about growth of ours by the workers, older fell. Farmer health is just healthy. Is an ice? drinks out of the trough were the cows drink because he says he gets that biome into his he's got. You really wants
he wants. Bacteria re doesn't washed his hands. haven't I say he's that's why I feel comedians have kind of in strong was were travelling in front volleys people you're, holding MIKE's literally grubby begins her all of US argument of prisoners, yeah most prisoners or asymptomatic from carogne of ours, which is fascinating yet because they just rounded by Germany will retire. You would think they're so stressed out like here. They are in in jail. They got a stressful life, gets God button there there everyone's coffin ivories mouth and are fine, but you I know your immune system, you know it gets written tab. It goes to work by the way, what schooner, with harming wanting he's fat and old and he got corona virus. When news jail. He nobody her people, because it is rarely in the house- and I am ever
above all we hear about him and all anymore he's the one who started at all. There is a rapporteur who just get sent back to jail for social, distancing, violation about that sent back to jail back to jail yeah, what he he shot at Chief Keith that we shoot him. That's Rosa these shot, Adam Daily didn't shoot him they sent to jail than their release them, because the corona virus here- and they got pictures of him at a party- have a good old time and social distance violating so they put it back in jail dummy you met I didn't go back to jail for violating social distancing rules. Well, this seems, like a special case,
I know where you get out of jail for shooting out somebody, because you might get a cold. I mean he's a young guy to approach shaken off like that exactly just play by the rules. This turn it down and not just those is Laura Bill. I stay. I know you like party and but can give a mask where mask when your party look up hollowing mask. There are sacred right. Exactly this banana Bethink knows pretending This is due to cash, six nine excess souci. It could be a like that name, headed back to prison for party stunt. Although Corner party stunt their corners social distance violation, what would you think I'm been sentenced yet apparently so He might have got out early while you is being held caught on tape, partying with a large group of people and Brooklyn apartment soon after April release, Manhattan federal judge by the book
the decision to have a party after receiving social, shows, social distancing, orders and astonishing stopped, and he ordered coup could to surrender to U S marshals no later than two p M October, fifteen safeguards dazed party. So it's only the sixth on boys got nine days. Fuckin have a good old Tom haze. May we need face tattoos, why they will have all the cook? it's gotta know where to all dude. Are we gonna faced her too in your our age? People frown upon the delay, yet I think you she was audible, losing your mind, maybe get a little nice starn cheek little this a little training or one like the embassy. Thing. Maybe you know what have you got your lips done, just real subtle. Like came you look for dark, What's going on the Ridge Tom what they rose this way, like all son, your lips, a dark Africa here, Jeff were shot achieve Keith he paid
Someone to! Ah we wait according to Mackenzie confessing to catch you, six nine paid that guy right to shoot a chief Kieva. in an attempt to scare the rival, rather seriously injure him. Instead, coup DE opted to outsourcing shooting to someone else, but still plaid guilty to us with a dangerous weapon in aid of racketeering, which is a maxim prison sense of twenty years, he's only twenty years old politeness but spend the next of decades behind bars, so dining out are the gang relating he was. He has not yet been sentence, so he was being held with a bunch of other people who were like back up in the coarsest out, so they let him out just tent like on bail today. So I d like well now you're not out on violate, it he's gonna, go for a long time, I'll be out another face tat before he went in. He should get a raft and on Cuba,
good you escape like a viewer had to go on the run our can you get busted for something? Maybe you didn't do it, but then the fuss is coming for. You would have been possible to escape the law for the rest of your life. Nowadays I was turned into and who knows things, and he was telling me that there is technology that they are working on their it's going to. Let them here fully clear completely crystal clear conversations from satellites you're gonna person, a person coming to you in your house, running conversation with your wife, they're gonna be able to hear you from a satellite. Did you are tune into your house there going to be so bored. I'm sure they will be, but not to Tuna Chief Chiesa find some crazy shit. but these really likes? Yes, I don't like, with GPS, take a pin point, a house and listen to that conversation. No one tighten that's my point right.
They're closing in on everything and you're gonna get to the point where it is not to be. There's no hiding it's like that. Tom cruise Movie Minority report, yeah right. I got it when I saw that movie was likely. This Zol definitely coming like right there, too, eating eyeballs, because TAT was like a future crime ready Kenya right you, I wrap them, for you did Sir well em. If you really believe in determinism, you know: do you real? If, if you could get a computer, can devise a computer that so powerful that it could actually anticipate individual events criss Cross, sing and compiling together to create a specific result, and you knew that would force someone's handed do something I mean it's not completely side of the roman possibility that one day at least they dig figure like they could figure out alive. Glee hood things happen and right: yeah.
And they were you, gonna run Bolivia, don't go anywhere, but come on. You get those oceans to school. I walk into the ocean. Please stop breathing go to jail like what was a win that when you rat on the mafia, you gotta go into a house in Arizona. They do that Why was it relocation or yeah, witnessed here Acacia Witness protection when this protection right? We had about worked rang showed Sammy. The bull Gravano did that he's had a podcast now he's up explicitly. Yes, he's a third next to Hillary Clinton, she's too, bomb number one number one. What everyone should apply to us now: witness protection, you'd think but yeah acts to catch. You, six. Ninety cities, like I'm comin out he rested on people yet. But what is he doing? Z in witness protection at all nope? Now New York, making music videos pass him like yours, literally on the street corner, passing out of cities
with I guess it is that's how come nobody is it also saga map the youth on the move is spot. He said is that houses where he got rapid on shore. Crossing. Rather him he's around you Rat Butler B, how long for he runs out of money, but it costs a lot of I too have a kind of security he making it gap can come up with some new beats now you're the first hour to Canada to it. If I was to get a face, tat too, I would get now a little bugger right and early my nose peace ears very attached, dear scared, buddy off pretending to airlines will think I killed it now there than gang members would be like no, you did and they can get me. That's true. Good call. You dont want troubles, mainly cost travel on tunnel star Nietzsche. I like the start right here when the upper cheekbone area, so tiny star, wouldn't papa to answer questions to be convicted. Rapers Harvey wine seen before
new sex crimes, charges, oh boy, eleven counts and Caliph man is causing sexual assault in a state of California. Were extradition? Proceedings have been put on hold. Do the pandemic eleven? How three more accounts? I guess I added three more counts of rape and others, true crimes involving two women he's already serving twenty three years he's gotta put us gotta, go defend himself more. You think you have done in his cell, who just boas brains out because he doesn't think is get now at this point is charged. Keep piling up is in jail, jail, arisen, breakers, Bro he's in Rikers. Now he got covert, money was in jail and they didn't send them home. I can't get healthy, does not record, but he is, and jails wasn't even rikers, though one point maybe before he got send to be Wendy Correctional Facility MAX
security can in New York, New Buffalo man, oh man, and cause he's in jail yeah, but never mind yourself of that. As you go about through your day, Bill Cosby such a he's in jail for a short amount of time is a new which is interesting. Issue is only in jail, for, I believe, is in jail for one of those things that he did. I believe for a short amount of time. I don't think he's in jail for very long. I think he's in Jeff like ten years of them. So what is this three to ten and state prison Harry the tense it'll, be so he can get out on parole and still be alive, but ya, he's almost blind to next year would be all he was next year September. Twenty four twenty eighteen! You still want in many did anything gag hold strong yeah. He seems insane. He seems completely insane like he was out at a barber shop before he went. They put him in
and I dont know if he was on parole or on appeal or imminent peril on bail or appeal, but he was at a barber shop like with these guys. They made a video of it. It's so strange because, acting as if nothing had been cause, we interviewed he expects to Sir full ten year sentence, rather than say sorry she's. So just at the barbershop like acted like he wasn't go and he was holding court. The TWAIN courted barbershop and he's gettin. They were talking about liked pans like work. I was in what band and share Dune Talkin trivia shit. It's probably doing the same thing in jail. I wonder about a baby's, but he's got a lot of fans in jail. I wonder how is treated in the air? I am sure you know that time is the barbershop play some of that Gimme some violated the original, ok get that sweater. Auditors, hello, friend, stocking jazz. Yes,.
That's a lot of broadens older brother Tom, and I personally Alonzo bones are rather have you any money on. It was in battle. for one year old and court, Talkin Bout, as we scroll who made this this post cosmic yourself, bill, Cosby, hangs out to Marco's, hair artistry and they have to putting quotes barbershop. In brackets, in yesterday, with friends, January twenty first, two thousand eighteen look at his hashtags go eagles. That's crazy! That's weird! Wow category of weird story
no man, so he thinks that it was just. He was just with some ladys it's his in his head I do when I was on news radio we heard about him. We had heard about him, drugged people, you did rumour. It was always a room. It was always a thing. The people heard they knew someone who knew some I knew something was always out there. So when handle birth was on stage, he was talking about that. That was not something that was unknown. Now I mean he said in his sat right now: googly yeah and then that's what starts at all, which is just bananas. One set that someone film their phone gets up on you tube in areas like wait. What and everybody saw the industry woke up goes. Has because be Veil Cosby, like their house, be show our dad racket like their jello pudding, guy, that guy he's adorable guy
I wish you could we read a person's Mauritania weapon with which Hannibal who I wish you could read a person's mind, You really want a really want to know. I want to know sounds like those satellites are going to do it here, The word is yeah, but I think I'll think we're too many decades away from being able to actually read your mind, you think someone was convict. You have a crime in India back in the day would covered this. What I did that Joergen questions, everything show because of F Mri summarize functional magnetic imagery and the think. That's right terms, but basically it Sir reading the mind in in like patterns and they decided, This person has, I think, might have been a woman. Was convicted of a crime because they had functional knowledge of the crime scene. Now
This was in another country. I believe it was in India and I talk to a neuroscientist in America and they said you would never accept this in America because Functional knowledge of a crime scene could be obtained by just examining evidence like a viewer, Charlie If someone charged with murder said Tom, I know you kill that guy like what and then they show you. The photos argue have access to the information you have. You have that in your head, like thinking? Oh, my god, someone killed us and now they're blaming me: how could they think I did it and you could possibly have functional knowledge of where it and in what happened just based on someone describing to what you been charged. How do you find out if someone has functional now, don't really know dislike in it. No in ITALY, people were charged that were seismologists because they didn't warn people in time for an earthquake that took place the eight year because there are times the
now that I'm not so they charge people now in America you could never charge a size mile a bill leave their see. That's true of those in ITALY Ask your google! Why she s like so may or may not be real? It seems like early like other century, like a cheese, allege that you have done why rain blows a wedge. national? You know, seismologists and scientists over the world were aghast, gives legal mobile, but what you can't fucking cha are people with now warn you about something: is unpredictable italian seismologists cleared of manslaughter? Ok, that's how I came to their sense. Six scientists do not cause death and two thousand nine, but which crazies that that actually went to court. So these poor guys, I defend themselves in court that
They had known that this earthquake was calm, and that is our Donald. Isn't it that's very thought, Molly Earthquake that guy's, ok, that guy match I pay he who's the guy with the Geiger counter. What does get coming we're both atonement did away with our committee should have told me but I will I look like a famous italian film star who Carl over Donnay, how but still I could you go out there and I got into a taxicab in Rome and this kid fell out like Twitter to Europe, Kid was just like that. Can vote down these in my cab, any call this family- oh my God, made me get on the phone with them. That's pretty close rape. What do you think? I think so? then you should be mad. Looks at these twenty years old and new and die tomorrow. Dolly is older, but he's here
What we do know again make that face once in the bow back, thousands pretty girls because that's for me, smile with lips closed, is close very very this kid losses. Mine he's like they don't like it took me. The all rights convinced me, someone didn't have a phone on or they couldn't google, the actual verdant. Looking at Eu Protocol it off right right, but you go find em. I like that one. pointing at the glasses, like is a bad. That's me and my side Loughborough the word of God alone, as you broke. I wish we spoke of timing, We learn that
It's all you want to breathe. Underwater lazy get an app. I wish I could do something. I don't do right now. The people do easily I just do I make my brain can handle it. Do you think you can learn all language ass? I could no way, but of course I could I dont want to. But of course I know you're living your life here not going over to ITALY in gas. You could which require a lot of time. A new law, a real reason for you to do it right. Look if I had a wife and choose a challenge, we talk a lot of shit. I'll. Just the way you said it, so you don't need to learn the whole language like it. We don't know the whole english language. You know a good portion of it and how to talk it with it, but we don't almost talk with it. Apparently the Russians are really hard won. Learn. I took that it
freshman year in college design as hard as you think? What are the writing? It now said little a couple blocky letters, but this would Daniel did us beauty, it yeah it's not as complicate yeah, there's something about it. That's they say the English is much harder than No russian yeah I've learned if the other ways really it ass, interesting Russians of our term learn English. English can learn Russian, but right right, I only took over semester in the guy. Let you take. The test is made times as you needed to pass, but really it wasn't that mine blowing here really, I think, just the language itself, the written language. We really are. It's really cool. It's fucking cool look here is really cool minds, daughters, studying Italian in college now and it's like every day You have to take it five days a week. Now, that's how you learn it yeah! That's the move right! If you do an immersion school and you have to teach, though they did, they teach every kid
yeah in the language and they don't speak any English or go live in Rome similar zone kids went to a spanish immersion school, oh yeah yeah, and they learned You just learn! You know you speak Spanish. I do it all the time. There's that thing off I wish I could learn something that other people, the heck attacker babies lazy but have not been well. Listen. I've been, you could do it. I don't want to stuff go and even require many hours a day, many days in a row, probably for years before you got adept at the end you it could be done, how long until I was like a get by on a trip I can't believe you no idea he loses rosetta.
so they promise yeah get like fairly good at it like ninety days or something you have to put a lot of time and do it, I think you'd, better anything else. Being retired waste, there are things with the brain like this, if you like when you're, like the our team, it's much easier than when you fifty. I think its younger a thing is really young, we're really young kids. I may think about how quick kid speak. English right, like my daughter, what are my daughters with speed really young, she was at one years old. She speaking to full sentences. There was really weird like she's, really smart yeah, but one years old. She would ask a question tat: but is this? Why is that in this global right? There is the one one imagine you speaking full Italian in one year, yeah that'd be crazy. That would be crazy man. That would be fun yeah. I want to be able to handle myself in a restaurant yeah like really will be able to talk about the world. Welcome at Google has these ear buds that will trans they will translate languages in real.
Oh yeah, so with this Google app you can someone can talk to you is honesty, speak clearly like clear enough for what it did to trim grab re. They will be able to say it back to you in real time will be able nor can I can appreciate the pixel pixel buds, pixel, ear buds see that's cool. That's true! That's really! I note the it's interesting right, but did there's arguments for both Android an ample near one of the arguments for apple or one hour, four android. Rather certain rules on how to tread. Let's say help me: speak Spanish, to launch conversation mode on the translate up when you're ready to speak to someone in another language press and hold the Airbus and speak in your native language good afternoon. What are the menu specials today? One aspect of it
Goin has Bessie and ass. The men knew I owe the phone takes over our own under the language, reckless translated when they're ready to respond and when the oars and response the translated message will play directly into your pixel buds to learn more visit. The Google organ. That's belongs in ITALY. drug transaction getting better. Why go game? I there is not on time when I transcribe, just in my English to my text, were nails it well. Google is better yeah there much better out and this I use my apple I have an apple phone and I have an android photo. You didn't, I apple follows my primary phone, use my android phone more to fuck around with anything, but I'm fucking around with a few things on it, and one of these is how well it picks up your voice,
Well transcribes it so here's the argument right, apple is much better with your privacy, there much better with your privacy like when you is apple maps. It's not sending your data to anyone it's one. There is why apple maps is not as good Google or better, glaring it it's just better. They just that it's they're getting data constantly from you getting data from all the other drivers, sharing that data there compiling that data and are also sending adds your way to the profit of this to make it profitable. So because of that, because Google is just sucking up data constantly. They can provide you with better services, so there an amazing search engine they ever, but there was one thinks about the social dilemma. The search engine gives different results based on where you are like say. If you type the using,
climate change. You right, climate change is, it might say a hoax or climate change is a terrible red, depending on where you live, like you, just wait, I'll ironing out of him right. It might give you one thing, but if you live in Waco Texas, am I you know and based on what it thinks you want to see. That's crazy! It's not good! That's not good! That's why reinforcing people's dumb ideas sways doktor GO doktor go, does not do any that stuff it also. It gives you things it it's it's. It doesn't send your day somewhere in the protection of privacy. So you put climate change. Is I'm doctor not put six with dicks. Well now I gotta know that duck put whatever you want. It is The results are not curated just giving you the most applicable results for the things you're looking for, but it's not
doing it in a way or its cure eating it for your own interests like if you try to find things are controversial. We ve tried to find out in the pot. Guess before were Jamie. Will google something and I'll know it to be correct, but Google will not show that its correct, because maybe the correct answer is not politically correct. So you have to go through several pages and maybe even have to google it a very specific way rather get to the heart of the science. Behind what wrong with the consensus opinion. The consensus opinion might be wrong. That's the case with nutrition. Things is the case of out of a lot of things, regarding, like anything, controversial, anything we're? U, where there's a political motive to the way the argument, one where the it's so amazing, how deep you have to dive to cross reference stuff to really trying assemble a truthful in its weirdo hard. So with all this stuff give due the end, you have all these people from Twitter and Google and stuff who were saying like what we did.
Facebook, it was horrible, and now we really kind of f things up do they feel like they can also correct this problem. I don't know if you can put the ball cap on the bottle, and I dont know Genie like him. I don't know you can do I don't know they know it either, because they didn't think it can happen. The first only they never jack. Dorsey was testifying a thing. It was before Congress and he was saying that twelve years ago we created twitter. We had no idea that this was gonna, be a situation that we had anticipate. We know no one ever saw this coming: go back and yeah, see the early twitter. When you would member you would do the it would always show your name front of every tweet. Yes, I believe at Tom Papa is having pizza right. I say what you were doing was really weird: how people use twitter yeah, you know em, but it was like not political. It was just
He would just ignore, knew what to do with it somewhere along the line. People started figured out and arguments so that we just These ruin everything so great. I remember when it first came out, it was like we have. There would probably never have been slavery if there had been twitter because who would have exposed it so early in seem so hopeful. Of course, all the scummy people get it and then just a proper well RO in it. It makes me too because it makes people more polarized, makes more aggressive in reinforcing their idea with the truth. And trying to stop other people and you seeing so much suppression of other people's opinions and expression today, which is so strange idea just it's one of the weirdest times ever to to look the way human beings communicate yeah because of the tension. We were talking about this really. We never really finish the thought, but you got Trump then get the pens
like many of the economic collapse of all these things happening, so people for their desperate their sad and then you ve got looting and you ve got the riots in new cigarette racial tension. You ve got violence, you ve got this anti police sentiment It also leads to more instability in this treaty, more instability and in the cities and less safety and fear. hearings. I fear of fear of police fear. Gangs, fear fear of anti for fear of white supremacist. Fear of everything is all this fact: fear and am happy to arguing online yeah, really literally addicted people, the people attics writings, air justice. addicted. People were gambling attics just as addicted the people that are sex, attics their addicted to twitter here and there are there mentally ill people and their constantly engaging in conflict right and they're? Coming up on people's person? You don't know you you're, interacting with mentally ill people, death or or people from other countries.
trying to incite it assume you reacting. Mentally unwell, p. because almost everyone yeah, whose using it in that way, is it in one way or another mentally ill, or you put your phone in the drawer and you go to the park and all of a sudden ever you get charged down and then there's no card that you wanted to defend the police. Everything comes down and goes away. Biology rose you're, not in your not living in this way Reality you're just living in in real life and you're not participating in all of that. That's what we would all hope for the problem. Is there so many people that are doing it, yeah doing Facebook or Twitter or our game when it. Whenever thing
their arguing about its spilling out into the real world right you're in the parks being all Zan involves in a flash mob shows up that organised on twitter annually. Less athletes happening here with resist all sent a minute ago. So one thing that I wanted to bring up. We talked about for the podcast that I actually read a whole article about me, we're Talkin Bout, the whether not Chris Cuomo was really lifting a one hundred pound barbell. Now I completely forgotten even talked about this until I stumbled upon an article on line about it and in the article that actually referenced us talking about it, on the part of separate and a penny? Wasn't they think? I'm quite stupid for believe, leaving the crystal are now really had this One hundred pound barbell die now that it was lifting it looked very light. It did look very low, but so much I thought was how big is Chris Cuomo? That's a good polite thought. He was bigger than he has cited
the amendment, yeah he's only eight hundred and eighty two power, which says he's six two hundred eighty pounds- I don't know, that's accurate, that's here that this power things to one eighty very well he doesn't leave thin guy doesn't look that many without that makes him twenty pounds lighter than me? Ok, very unlikely that he's carrying their dumbo right like that, so the Annamite. Ok I gotta ask the people would actually know so I I sought out some people online, and one of them was Rob corny the podcast before he's world strong. Is gay. Oh yeah, I know that guy he's ILO him lover dude, and I think he one recently a poem four pounds. Strong man title, I believe, he's not a big guy. Is it? Is it plans tank, but he's only about five ten but fucking guerrilla strong yourself.
So he says to me I say to him if he ever seen the thing and he says I just watch the video. I think it's fake Ella. Well, it doesn't look to be bracing hard enough for it to be actually a hundred pounds. Good ploy, you guys gonna Wishy washy and is he's he's a real expert right. So he's an actual strong man, so I'm pretty events, so then I asked Robert O Burst, whose also in Robert, is fucking, nor yes, absolutely one is strongest man world he's a Goliath, sit next to him really less pownall jeez? So he says the picture looks possible because his elbows up and stable, but the video worries at his desk, showing the weight off him sit around out. angle. That would be the smallest head of the top of the bicep, taking all the weight and it doesn't even phase him said. If it's
He'll he's stronger than anyone, I've ever seen, user, DUMBO I'd, say it's a forty pounds way with a one hundred pounds written on. He said lots of it The famous winters have fig dumb bells, and leads to increased. I hear me and Robert O burst bottom call bullshit, so I referred to deferred that it does. When he's sitting in the chair at that. Yes, there, it looks very low where s eyes a hunter, need to pass. That might not be true cause. I bet if you go to Google, what my weight as they pray dont know what my weight is either a hundred pounds a lot, but a hundred Egypt as for manage six were too is not a gorilla like Brennan Job, ok, branch, I was doing that I go in. I bet you could do that British, barbarian shops to and in seventy pounds to an sixty plus power. Yeah he's huge is huge area, but even then, like even seems, light seemed issuing. I fear
I visited look at it close enough, and I also I don't I'm not a lifter in that sense. Like I know right, I don't live heavy way: it's her like the heaviest. Should I ever lived dislike. I might squat couple hundred pounds for wraps, but most of us should I do kettlebells rise. Oh I'm doing like the heaviest ones. I do like ninety pounds or maybe, and has rare, usually I use like a seventy pounds, can about fifty pound kettlebells, depending upon the exercise, their not heavy rain? I'm doing like functional movements that use your full body. so I'm not in that lifting world. But if you wanted to talk to like you'd, have to talk like that, like City Fletcher, you'd, have to actually goes power lifter due to really understand, There was the ones it so it's a little uncomfortable that I'm sitting right in front of you and I'm not in the list of people that you're asking, because on my Palatine there are three and a half pound waits that sit on the back of a seat and for once in a while, you have to take those out and curl them. Sometimes two in one hand mind you and
it is quite a work out. Ok, sues to underpants says he went from two eighteen pounds to a pretty lean two hundred pounds he cut out, so they cut out bullshit cut Darien, bad sugar. Twenty fourteen cutback booze so is two hundred pounds is by Fat plummeted to twelve percent. Ok, so I'll then on his stuff, though right but the seas is taught me. Then he's he's my weight. That's not does know ways handle not wait like tat. I came here and I wait like that. Can we see the video Jackson man I wish my jacket on. I would be showing what otherwise shows up Rigel Junior Flex. His arm in that chair that he has to of mine. Does he real on his left? crazy left arm so much bigger than is right, because he's got like problem when the best left hooks not probably well. The best left looks a human beings ever thrown him. A good was so his left.
Bicep is gigantic. So much bigger right round about the bony Flexi like Jesus, was just like alien head in there you see there it is. He does have shoulders yeah what that move when he does that? Well, that's not that's kind of braced that's a so heavy hundred families is is this is where am less go back there when he's doing the little hammer curls, where less likely to believe this one right here. What he's doing that he's out even start aiming there's: no anyone at all in his back everything looks to light. Just doesn't let out again I don't know, shit is not my world. I could show you a video of a guy like that broadly Martin, that data to write you in one hundred twenty pound, dumbass ogle recycling, great writer, outliers wrangler thing Brad lized he's a giant who is rarely Martin,
Bradley my enemies rally, Martin takes girls, he puts life rates on bars and then has girls hang on the bars presses on tat love, these enormous he's a Youtube famous lifter right, but all completely This cleaning impressing a girl, but the dude is like with like six three. six four guys to seven the easy all my enormous he's, a good man, he's, huge legitimately huge man so again he's struggle and there's a video of him on their with honour, bound them bills. While I get my people do that when that barbecue nobody's, when he's doing dead lives like sizes, mother, fucker, you so much on the bar, you look at him in Riga, ok, less its rules for people always say it's fake. We, the bar This guy doesn't have fake anything. Goes NATO faking going right, that's We live in a way that way is moving when you see the size of him to his, it all makes sense but his trial.
That doesn't wiggle when he points out something nice. As I get asked, like everyone You know you wonder about stuff like that. Look at him do analogous aerial. Many ask experts and experts like there's critically oh burst and rob. Can those motherfuckers no yeah, that's pretty bad ass, but what kind of a person with fake await you think people give him fake waits majesty one. You deliver more on a k, this wait around. What is that a hundred pounds? You hate took a video stronger, is a system which running round even going. I maybe it's maybe now is that there is a system which is doing it to make him feel good. There was a guy was how is like a royal some royal guy or something, but he would play pool with guys and they would pay the guys to lose, and so he would. This guy would enter into
poor tournament, Sylvia and an like yours, ok, there's a decent player, but guys like below shots on purposely. You could tell someone Hazel IRA College young eel. Thirty we share is the girl greatest basket, weird, but apparently this is why these rob. Can you tell me that there is a whole culture, a pull up the deuce name, there's a whole culture of people online who do this with fake wait. That's probably why he was talking about that. right, yeah, really fake followers and fake way down people just trying to get some credit This is the guy Brad Castle Barricade. I know that I follow my know. I I've seen him get caught off guard fake waiting? I am really does cause he's a bees monster as well. Right he's a monsters whether monster and he's still yeah he's huge by
the legs. Yes, but apparently people have asked him to do now. Mrs, according to my friends, in the power lifting world power, People have asked him to do show up at meets this double whammy scenes, but chicks. Examines underpinning our comfortable lyceum is so not necessary, so not necessary, water, that, while Europe Wide World strongest almost get worse worth strongest curious if you get that arrive, needs to show the way robs a married man? Is knowledge, did you, but you, sir, but away there? That's a real problem in that world. Apparently like people, fake waits, which is really weird, so they do. They think everything they think how many followers they have. They think how much weight slave guys. You know someone.
However, this is him lifting, I think so, hot spot fake waits. Why? How can they spot it was. What do they say? How do you know? That's why I guess there saying how he held it. We mean it maybe like that. I don't know. the power electric get deep into this too, because away you're. So somebody thing they do. They put like one fake on one real one, one fake one, one real one likes to echo marshalling right: they want some resistance and he's either question that looks like a public Jim, so high get them fake waits into that Jem Ear, not now think I followed him while yeah I've seen people call him out hope for years. Bread cassowary because he's a basic has been like a twenty four hour: fitness bringing an stacks of fake plates. But sir, I just take a picture of the exactly that that that would spread its so weird world the world of how much can you left the hour there so into it?
it he's got, aren't learning italian, see that looks real man. Look at that are bending, does vague or seen that's fake at this videos about how to spot it. So like we're, Why were we not arise? They might be saying that legitimate. It's weird were I don't know how much I can lift her mother. You know how much you bunch I know that your loyalty, it's good, move. I don't know I've ever known. I was Jack enough. where the genuine intimidate me yeah it's a boy. Recently a picture of a fat comedian- and you said, don't end up like this: no, they do not yet have housing here, is pretty porky. Did he ever shirt off on stay and I must have been like a teetering, teetering weight at the time
Are we discussing weight, loss zone or maybe a little encouraged by fetch, Amy India, while sending you lean? Ellie weren't? Yes, and I have food for you back in no way be get you in touch my security guy who get you into the studio I'll get some help me the only me because I'm an after a while I got one this year already have to ship some of that meet back out here soon man, so so, yet a cooler than I d ever a freezer at your house. Now I just have this tiny fridge in the garage, maybe get a freezer. If you get a commercial Fraser to fill it real yeah, now nearly one than eat meat. My house really so says me in the dust why you're the man, that's right or dominate they all tired, sleepy old home? Yes, there in their anemic? No really! Yes, yes, they won't eat meat and it's so like we know it did they want. Do they not eat meat for health?
since khazar visa. That's not working or is it was an oral thing. Animals sympathy, Emily yeah, there's love the animal and she saw my idea of taught my daughters the same what happens to Elk if you don't eat em, if what happens to them air, yet wolves, Edam, they're, not heirloom, oh yeah, of course. Course, and it's funny, because when you say that not opposed to their not opposed to the dog eating meat, the dog to die like like they re literally Ashley. Is there any meat or Alec cause I'll make it and like I'll, make a steak and then there's always some left over in the end is like encouraging and now because the dogs showed up in our life. In writing. Sheets meat. So do they go crazy? We really feel love, and that is one of the best things too few dog liver, oh yeah, oh my god. Marshall, my dog Marshall you'll, meet later today is the sweetest. the world's ever known, loves everybody, but the wolf in him come
smells liver. Oh yes, it's like wild eyed. Look freedom liveries like twitchy pieces deliveries, because it so pact it somehow iron and in his DNA understands that liver is like the number one thing it's the best thing to get, but so great then why don't you now, an alpha? The owl feeds deliver o real yeah. It's their evidence, that's Marshall! With a little bit, third, I found he wasn't paying attention. Those calling only wasn't pay attention and I see instead, out the window and theirs a bird that I think I think the bird flu and the way I was her conked himself gear and so the bird to sit there and marshals just weak and hard this bird eventually the little birdie, eventually flew off
Modestly, inviting man minds at my sister has: has two dogs to hounds and she's head a chicken coop forever and the chicken and there's like twelve years old can also taken us? Oh yeah, and she still is using eggs kind of you not just part of the family in a way it has been there for ever and the dogs Somehow someone left something open and those hounds ripped apart, just lived with it like the for years; no problem, no nothing soon as they are. The opportunity can help them sign could not help himself. My dog Johnny actually broke through the chicken coop. He figured out a way to get inside the chair and he went the rampage, a killer, eight or nine of my forget. Oh, my god, I Tom I got home, there's just bodies old place. I had that time. I think I had twenty plus chickens, so there were so many chickens room to kill a while for me
to figure out what was going on. My wife screamed out wise Johnny in the chicken coop and ran Spock, and I ran or like as it just they don't you. Bill is well FED yeah just for fun methods for ships and gives you just ties, areas killed What did I tell you the whole story about him where he was talked into killing chickens by a coyote talked in yeah baby down in the bar. There is the thing that happens with coyotes, that's really amazing their clever clever in a very specific way. This is what is happening. Might my chickens when female chickens don't have a rooster? They lay eggs, but the eggs never become baby checks raw. So this will people know that are vegetarians, like you can eat eggs guilt, free because eggs will never become a chicken rang like people want
Look at it. Like you doing some harm to the chair, I right, but if you have pats chickens as pets and you just let them free, range they run around? The Bugsy grass need all these different things. They give you this incredibly nutritious eggs and the union have to work, It is no bad karma. No one's getting right, they drop out ex, but every now and then the chicken will decide that this egg is going to. That is going to hatch and they'll molt and the other thing it's called brooding as us up and they'll start picking their feathers off their body so that they can they have skin on the egg and they won't get off that egg and you come near them. They pick out you they want to preserve that egg as they in their head. There confused Why they're not having? x ray a little dinosaur brain, so I had to take them in a separate them from the other checks and you had to put them in a smaller container where they could sit on the things we have to put a perch
you put him in a container with a perch, then their legs clutching the perch and they sit there in a smaller chicken coop and then they would actually get over, and then you let him back in their it again. Otherwise they would damage themselves a packet themselves and Israel where you that is weird when you say they decide. Does that mean that the eight all eggs could make us pick this one out. Well, no known they have a feeling. I know now is going to have it no, not date. No eggs can ever become a chick guy the only way I can be a check the vizir rooster got. So these chickens is female, checked by the well known to us he has been here. I am sorry that the Iraqi and had an egg in the egg became a chicken you're eating it before beginning. That's what I thought: that's what you get a feather and if I play Euro thought into it until we chickens. No, we realise this is brooding thing where they have to haunt the per so you have to basically take them. If you don't, do it, don't go through a full size,
like thirty days of brooding and they won't like any other eggs, and so they get real weird right, but they also they d damage themselves. They pluck all their feathers out shit, but if you take them- and you put them in this small container for a number of days, like of forget how many days it is Del eventually get over it and the abnormal yet so we did that, and I, but this small or container on the outside of the large, a chicken coop, because it for whatever reason in bringing inside it, has put it outside of their The coyotes became friends with Johnny Cash. Johnny cash. Mastiff knows I'm fuckin tank ray is a hundred feet. pounds head like a fire hydrant damas shit. If you didn't do it, I only the super clever and the coyotes was his friend. So the coyotes hump, the fence and hang out with him and he had to suck has occurred, is way too small him. The Cairo only probably thirty, five pound sure, but the coyote got him convincing.
buddies. So the Cairo to good, come visit and Johnny would see it outside the fans who, and so one day to sit on body left. The gate open were in my the way the house was set up, dog, could stay on one side and the chicken coop is on the other side. So it enough to worry about him because he so wrong he, it literally goes through the chicken coop, which eventually did he pulled the chicken fire apart and just slaughtered in their butt before he did that the coyote convinced him to go to the box with that one chicken was knock it over. oh I'm sitting there and we are playing games were plain like sorry or something in my family, and I look a window- and I see this fucking coyote with a chicken in its mouth running across my yard. bounces over my fence like it doesn't exist, I mean it's on you. You can't believe how graceful there I now six would fancy sectors. Big bang
found God with a chicken? Is enough? I'm running change them. You, mother, Fucker and then I go over and, unlike how did you get the chicken governor with a chicken coop ears, and somebody had let Johnny over that site and he's destroyed. can cause the small looking at me like about his helped currently, so I welcome what did you do and then I realized? Oh, my God, the Coyote trick TIM, into knocking this thing over and then it stole the chicken hanging out with them. The coyote told me you'd want me to knock it off was in another coyote. He wasn't. It was an intruder. In his mind, the coyote was like my other dog was like his frame re right. There were buddy. Let's do this commitment we clinically, but you didn't even know what we're rich mineral murder and womanly doktor boom and Joe said. I should do shatters box and caddies like thanks, sucker why bounces smart, but I was I mean I spent
rested day going like what did it do you didn't know, he could do that re account did Irascibly, or did I just think. Maybe we work together. There we could do it did no look. How big the thing is. I think I think it proper break. This did it Stan. Does it sizes of that my wife was walking. We have a new dog in the house. We have a pug named Frank, new addition to the house when you get pranks like four weeks ago, my rescued at my daughter, my would one daughter went to school and my other daughter replaced it with a pug, and my wife is walking the black lab Bela and Frank, the pug just walk in them on the sidewalk and she ran into a coyote in but all the street coyote pretty big one, and she said she was making noise trying to get it off and she said he wasn't moving. He was just watch. He was like sizing up kind of what you're saying now. Looking at Frank, this little edible pie
but seeing my wife in this black lab and he she said he was just trying to figure out what it did to how What could he do and my wife's making a lot of noise? and a push him away. Look eventually, he went a little earlier. There's rank winner will face it's a great name for me. Is a durable yeah, he's pretty great they're, not that bright, yellow they eat those things all day long. The entirely snatch shows up from yards all day long. It's a fire dog named to be like come on Frank as they are talking to a guy from the fifties. Yoda, Frank Sinatra, Frank Sinatra: janitor, isn't frank great talking to Frank is great:
What do you do? Mri Gray, that in the office he lives easier for Frank. We ve never had a pug before a really there. Cute dogs will face. Look at that failure. Them hilarious they're, not that right to keep moving from Fuckin guy, always media nobody's gonna are going to come and take Maria Manfred Gray Comedian, shady lenient, Craig median she adopts pugs. She has like five at a time only adopts them like at ten years old, like the end of their life, when people are caring for them. How big Carter, how big hearted she is. She brings the minting, cares for them to the end of their life when it has about a hundred dogs. Are her Fortune house touch you it is always go? Dogs is always adopt in this assembly. Pictures like this new diary. How many times you have. I went to her house
they did a backyard saw that they end up thing penal him bill and people were criticising her for that backyard stand up social tested everybody, hopefully Thrall Comics but he wore masks and surely see boylike you're, putting people risk. Snooze, vest professional committee You were saying what yes, which will no one's with money, that don't worry I'm making a living, don't want anybody to do any dates at all, even if it's just for our shut, your trap out so grossly your truth. Whole risk, shaming thing, my guy do not actually keep we risk. That was another thing in the article sorry to go way back to the pandemic. Another thing that countries that have done things well, they dont shame people into their actions. If you give them formation and let them act on their own will
take twitter aware, if you shame them, ends and yell at them and were better than you and you tell them what to do and you're gonna shame the shit out of them. Then they all rebelled. You make trumpery right. You'll rebelled you're like don't tell me what to do. Yeah, that's human nature, man Please varies between grouse. Let people go perform. I win performed in in Portland Zinni, but to give you any grief for doing shows no wait till after the show very well how, after becoming the coming for you, talk to me about the waitresses that were almost losing their apartments in Iraq at work should talk to me about the people subsiding there I anxiety by going finally getting out of the house in hearing comedians. Listen, I'm radio stuff. I think you should be able to take risks. We are almost seven months into this thank near and the idea that you're supposed to stay home until as a cure is fucking insane and say it's it's untenable. It doesn't make any sense and obviously it's good for you. You can navigate it. You can.
We have this water, you can do it safely. You wear a mask. You take care, you healthy, take right indeed, and vitamin c drink a lot of water, get alot arrest and when it was for years. Asked it if you're vulnerable and you don't wanna, go you don't go, but if far, if the men, if the governor of that states is ok and the mayor says, it's ok and the club owner is doing all the right things and the staff Is there in the people show up? We have all decided as a collective that this is ok, we're adults right, we're out their bungee, jumping or riding balls rather dangerous, active Asia. We should be able to do that in the other argument. The argument against that, of course, is that you're gonna transmit to some one else. Don't fuckin do that? Ok, if you get yourself tested. If you haven't vulnerable person in your household don, do anything risking answer, but you can be tested now it is past. But you can find out a hundred per cent and tromp kicked it that seventy people mainly to get the same shit. They put the rock on due and found the furious.
And you are mad rush through walls, the rocker covered in his eyes the most difficult things me and my family ever been through me. While you like come on son of mine, you look great watch your instagram the whole time over the fledge, because you never supposed to overrule things. My family overdone, I'm a giant rock Van guys Jack told you so inspirational he's gettin after it. If your lazy is three people, you need to go. Look at Cameron, Haines David God in the rock go peonage of those. They will get you off fuckin lazy, ass, a sure will be holding law. That's frivolously, listen, it's not! It's meant. Tool. Strength is an important thing to have and is something that you can you you can. You can grow you can you can cultivate? Yes, it's a thing that you see it other people, you admire it in a lot of people. They like
to pretend they dont admire it because they don't have it in themselves, and so they try to dismiss it inspiring, but those people Huggins and campaigns in the rock people that are constantly Kevin, aren't as other one to constantly selling always getting after it was one of those people are very valuable to humanity. Guy really are and guide the others, but people who are really consider themselves in the actual or at least intelligent or It is or whatever they look at those peoples. Like they're doing something frivolous and that, like maybe perhaps my support of it is just reinforcing the the meat head part of me that I enjoy, which is true. I am a media plus. The fact was that fly around it, I'm a meat had, but likewise cars like the ball hunting. I like meat head type, shit, ok, but I also like to read yet I also like an intelligent things. I like interesting discussions but- and you get mode to work really her mind is the hard part. getting your mind to force your body to do so.
Things when you're mine starts concocting all the excuses, church We cannot, but all these different ways what you don't have to do, their clever. It's a sneaky bit. She might easily clever and you gotta conquer you gotta cocky inner bitch. You gotta figure out a way to tell that motherfucker to shut up, and you start work and once you start sweating and things moving along you eat you. you get how get a sense of satisfying that's right. Exactly you had you had one post literally, I saw it as I was doing a poor over coffee in the morning before my radio Show- and you said something like my inner bitch- want to meet it. And just have coffee and skim the work out. I was living together. It literally making the gothic tat. It was a hard day. Sometimes it's hard you gotta might for me, and I was very silly talk about working out front of you anyway. But as long as I know. What I'm doing it in the day, if it can be right out, the radio show whose I off in and go out like. I just have to know tat. He is gradually. you can have it loose like so
time in the afternoon does not work. I have to know it Exactly that's how I am with writing as well. You have to have my writing and I have to know I'm writing today, at three p dot m. I will show up. I will flip open that laptop fucking fired up. It's right. And all you have to do is show up in just show up. There is a great book on writing rituals, always different writers, and they tell you it's just what each author did an anthem painters, something rituals of the lily, and he told me about this before I think I have. I should just I'll get you a copy mocha. Then we, my mission, it so great. Just you keep it at your end table just a kind of like pop it open, and you see how these be. Just that day Some of them are really decadent, some of whom were really puritanical, but they had it well. The best one hundred houses hires Tom there was a bearded man took me and Fitzsimons eating Hunter S, Thompsons ritual and put it into me:
pick a religious? Aren't you think we can play that you allowed When did you play that because I'm in I gave him the rights to use it. Wheezing happens if it's kind of an interesting experiment He seems like a nice guy, it's weird, like waiting get away. They can get away with Malone's, whose, though May I certainly alone, but let em you our voice, but it's me in Fitzsimons, reading, honour us, Thompsons schedule it yet a writer com, visit, I'm a writer like observed what he did in the day and was his ritual do it every day played his peers, his daily routine. Three p m rise three or five. If a regal with morning papers smokes dunghills three forty cocaine, three feet, the another glass of Chivas another done four hundred five p m by the way, first cup of coffee and a dungeon. and what have you got cooking force?
Orange JUICE and another dunghill for thirty cocaine for fifty four cocaine, five or five cooking Five, eleven coffee, Dunghills, five, thirty get more, ICE in the Chivas cocaine at five, forty five, six o clock smoking grass take the edge off. Today is a day three hours at seven o clock, cabin for lunch, Heineken margarita's, coleslaw, taco, salad, double order, fried onion carrot, cake, ice cream of Bean Fritter Dunhill and for the rest of the snowcone, a glass of shredded ice, which is poured over for jiggers of Chivas against the snowcone. It's okay, nine, p, dot M start. Snorting cocaine seriously, says ten p dot m.
eleven pm. Chartreuse of an order is cocaine and brass, Levin, thirty cocaine, etc, etc. Twelve midnight Utterest Thomson is ready to right and left us down a twenty five: six: eight chartreuse cocaine grass shivers copy Heineken, pull cigarettes, wakeful dunghills Orange. Gin, continuous pornographic movie, sex with champagne, dove bars Fettuccine Alfredo because here too sleepy a twice sleep? Oh my god. I can't believe I shot himself. I can't be poison. Serious pay, hip replacement, man can only that's that
I know that all ritual throw that much sand in the engine for the Black Sea going to seize. It was sad towards the end of his life. Couldn't talk like a famous interview with him on common o Brien and he had lost his ability communicating Zaza, whereas others are very other worse day. He would just was so common eyes by alcohol or drugs is- is he couldn't talk anymore? That is the worst. That really is bad. It's there was. I was looking at that some. This video David Lynch talking about TM, you Norman, to turn up though meditation yeah- and he was talking about that
the people that are in pain that are drinking like that in taking the drugs artist that are doing that stuff that that ends up killing the art and that, if you can find something else for your brain, that gets you away from those things you you'll be able to create, but that all of those drug fuelled alcohol fuelled artistic endeavours and artistic lives all just burn out deadening they just? U buy you ve killed it. If you ve killed a part of you, that's gonna be able to create and its true, although stories on it and in western obstacles. Is he doing great yeah tell develops socket, see, honestly, I think that's that's a generalization. A pretty. I think that drugs and alcohol can be tools. I think the problem,
man in short, birth, the inclination that people have to excess and is often what leads them astray it's, this inclination just keep boozing and keep logging in the year after year, day after day, eventually, your body felspar right does why I'm doing sober tour, yeah, hasn't gallons nice. We feel for cancer, by yourself or no known stones. There also but I'm a sore and it worked out outside work out every day for the whole month really that's like What is your normal schedule? I take days off the normal, take a couple days off a week, but I just been forcing myself to do what I would call active recovery, so I mix it up so like days. I just do different things and different days, and just I'm just trying to keep going why things have been come real obsessed with his this thing called a rogue echo bike. You know international air dine bikers yeah, you do you you're handles, and
You you basically its win, resisting it ethically lamb yeah. This is like the most brutal version of Oh yeah, it's a really rugged, tough piece of equipment and am I come obsessed with seeing how much I can do on its really weird, like I started doing these two bought around so do like four rounds for sounds. Are you do eight two bodies, which is twenty seconds of sprinting file by ten seconds of rest and you'd ever cycle of eight idea? Eight times how long a far it take foremans to do a two and a half hours, a sprint, No, it does just time out just in time because you're not going anywhere you're right, I'm gonna like Peter S, brain It was an I'm on drugs, your you do that it takes format and I will do that. I started off doing it Just do it like four times, which is sixteen that sixty massive like sprinting, which is
it's difficult and then move did up to eight and then I moved did up to ten and then I moved up the thirteen so now, basically at fifty two men. Well uh, sprinting and resting sprinting, unresting and stun raising for my cardio yeah, but you you just resting recover and then I have this day of dread. Where I know too, I'm doing the airline buying right and then I started working with my head and I start saying: ok pussy today, gonna do fifteen deficiency. Fifteen sets each ones for minutes, long, ready go, and once you get through one ok thirteen more ago, fourteen more ago, you know yeah thirteen, Well, let s just keep on and then when you get to, seventy feel the finish line common and you get to sex and the five and you're fucking job. I'm drenched with sweat right and I'm I'm I'm taken liquid ivy and these big to leader bottles and I'm chugging. It is become praise.
it's just the starting with the hard part is to dread. Yeah, it's the dread of trying to find ways to avoid doing this because of its three days a week. Sprinting honest thing: that's amazing, good for you, but my heart, my legs are getting big lion again, beg to what are you doing in Palatine. Also, why do I look down on you I hit our lawns ass. I had a sixty one week streak. the seller can one weeks and sixty one still alive. That's amazing! It's good humming as we can you doing it three, and when you do it Are you following the same course now due to have a different instructors? You father work does its great early like one instructs the this guy Matt Wilfers whose he's not partying on the bike. There's a lot of it. I went to their different soul cycle kind of a right. The inner girls flirting in that will bring like a coach
he's like just dialed hardcore he's like a high school coach kind of thing and he's just all about tuna hitting the zones in doing stuff in anybody keeps coming out with new ones. So like every week there's he drops, like you know, sixty minutes or forty five minutes Just it just keeps you met, keeps me motivated, keeps me in and it has music. So you go belong to the music abuse and he's cap coach new he's coaching he's telling you crank it up. Let all that's alright! Exactly exactly. It telegrams, awesome big. They also have a treadmill now to write the air tat. There was a place, We will work in Phoenix once and we went to Jim Burdens Data been Phoenix. I went to this Jim during the day. They have these cardio machines. The were exactly what I always wanted. I said why can someone called with it audio machine where, as
you're running your doing like a video game and so like so yeah like fire in your left hand, and I think what you do with your writing it. But it was like a lip to go machine and you, the only way you went forward by doing this screen in front of you, and you were shooting P2P appear when he would turn it purely appeal and you your children. I forget what soon. I think. I think you are a tank shoot. Never like other objects level. It wasn't so sophisticated where you had like there's there's a thing that they're doing well. I know there was a concept at least where they had visa. goggles, and you had this Omni directional treadmill, so you be harnessed by the waste and they only directional treadmill would go, anyway, so you would run laughed one right need shoot at this, and she did that, but you'd actually beginning anxious. A clear yes self propelled, Omni Directional treadmill could use a self repelled should now do we have
call. The rare runner at the old studio- I miss it, it's a really it's fifteen percent harder than regular running to set the subtle slope and your pulling to get it to go and as you get it to go like you keep out of this place, it's it's very difficult when it's really good, though, like run and on the beach like in the sand on reach, pretty fuckin good, it's not cool the same as that, but it's really good idea, but anyway, the point is its. If you could have something like that where it's difficult to do, but also fun you put on these goggles and you're doing halo or something around wake. Yeah you're running down the hallway enshiu things mean literally work out. You would get that we really cool. If you get it behind you and have likes someone's come up behind. You really get a ride out random because think about how many people get addicted to video games. Video games extremely dick sure of you yet addicted to something that actually gives you
yeah, well you're running for five hours in a debt yeah the gray only way you're good at his game. Despite drinking a lot of water taken vitamins eating clean mine, gas, but still it let's make it what they think, they're really close to doing something. You ve tried that game beat Sabre, you're swing it. Yes, six when John Car Magazine wizard that have their ramped up grand, maybe if you made those waited till you're actually did not wait here. I've played that, for I can our two you get pretty sweaty if you're doing good, like it, fucking up every thirty say. Would you remember women that we put that boxing game on and I was I was whack and all these opponents and I was getting tired
it is a good worker. I get time during dance dance revolution. If you actually know how to box a little, you can fuck those guys up right so that it can become a mayor by pap, duck, wandered back, but you're actually moving, and when you get hit the what light flashes land that is pretty cool. That's pretty cool like if you could dial that in and be like go against Thyssen or go against yeah. No, I mean like go against ITALY like that they will definitely have that someday Frazier to every area. The thing would be cool was if you could actually hits Thank you. You actually had like a thing in front of you that you would here like a heavy bag right, because right now, it's not that way right now, it's just ere she, just wing in air right when he is a popup. What were you when you add the models on heavy bag in front of you? My heard you see it and you might hurt yourself the problem that is like if you, if you swung in you, thought that the bag was here, but a bag is right here you might like.
you're really really depends on. Maybe well. Maybe you really really spongy bag. I go a light water bag, that water is ever hit a water bag, the really good, because they don't they're, there was way to them, but they don't have the same in, but sometimes people have a problem with actual heavy bags, because the impact is so jarring on your joints. If you hit hard, especially like Roy Jones, was here yesterday, he was talking about. He hits he's little paddles and instead of like regular met because he hit so hard, I keep doesn't hurt his hands so's I wash and it so he just weapon into these paddles and paddles offer very little resistance. It just make the slap rye just for this
Agnes of yes guy? So if you can have some like Dat, maybe or it was like, if you hit it, but it doesn't, it's not hurting you. Ain't got light like it just seems like the fun part of it of like you being able to go. Its legends yeah. I like that. It's gotta be smothered indebtedness on their own. I just found this out ass. They made also it shows you the spots to hit yet another who or what you would want? that's a great idea. That's a great idea AG look like it set up Ray Well, the bags actually virtual right so like there's a virtual bag, but then a physical back, so the virtual bag, with what the goggles are doing, is picking on the actual position of the real bag, So when you're hitting it even with his fate gloves, the distance is correct. so you see the way this guy look at that with the video. The widest noise punching a wall always put that's a MAC, a war. But he so there's just doing that for reflexes. Go back to the backyard tone, though, the bank. Now, if you can make that square
She always hitting it like. He knows where the bag is he's he's hitting it in the correct distance, so It's it's showing him accurately, where the bat Yes, as he moves forward its representing where the bag is pre dope yeah there get there, that's gonna become pray them even thou, be able to run like against Carl Louis. At every pretty cool and make it a little fun, but the Palatine format for my thing has been it's been good, but if they could combined something like receiving find that out. directional, treadmill plus v are game because they were the thing that they were doing. I don't remember what the game was their working on. It rang a pressure was in beta. They were just trying to figure out how to do it, but they want to do it like Quaker Doom or while those three shooters way you be running with a plastic gone run down shoot at things. It seems like that's like
the jobs of the future like getting kayak and you're, going down a roaring river. I know to be like all that running through their like the mountains and yeah, that's probably where the gems are going ahead or how about you running and like wolves or chasing you. You're, honest treadmill. Turnaround viennese years is the best looking when I saw uses a couple different ones. I remember that's an omelet directional treadmills. Well yeah. I remember the one I like the one. You talk Muslim Concave, I think great, whose circular ok, so this established in the same way, but the way the ground moves can go all directions. missus gardener salute were looking about that so dope that these treaties, Was he harnessed into that trap known now, his avatar looks like a robot,
Also it does for tracking that thing on the back right. So it seems like is that so awkward they just need to get better yeah, it's the beginnings are really what you really could get is like Emily S. Shopton, look at that yeah. So that's what I'm talking very inception, he's walking down the street and inception etc, a treadmill. What is yet that's a trend must be a little trap. That's what I'm talking about something like that. We draft into an omelet directional treadmill Alex like you'd, fall off it look out up that is, are we strapped in? Yes, I can't kind of move anywhere I'll get in there, Come on now is how bad asked is this If you add ankle weights on and wrists waits what a fucking work out, you avowed be pretty we just it would work out so much you would die. Because you re so in charade, you be so into
You come back in the exact a letter like would have turned its back. What's going on here, you'd want for like ours and our right got really. The booms that the arm so gonna lose out I mean that it you can figure out a way to turn your addiction into something paused right now talking like the best way to do it, for those video game, guys is to become a professional gamer or you can actually make a shitload of my professional games, but if you can figure out a way for regular people that have no desire, do that to use it as recreation and then get fit all people got fit with danced dance revolution. I dead, no joke! No, I don't I was exhausting. I was like little My girls were little at the time were Anson. Do that thing it was like. I had to sit down the couch? Sometimes you go to an arcade like a boy or something you want some due to an expert that shit, oh ok, you're, river dancing.
guys know those emerging. There is a funny wasn't like a mixed words and move. You figure it here. Evidently good at that emit dance dance revolution in the arcade like real. trot. Was it a sailor movie, I think said whose and savings but you know that stuff yeah you playing the we when we do the we in our task of together your move in with this one can hold your I was gonna see around when I look at the agenda. First, when I showed you said away two thousand pounds consuming, it's gonna be an issue getting them into a place where you could use it. This is a little smaller, even though this is called silver court. I guess, but chicken holding her way up where this is. Why do the rest stroke she's been icebreakers, hung up in Air doing the breast is wild at school, can walk. Envy are, I feel like the next step? Is you're gonna want to be able to jump, and if you can't physically jump, you have did Joe it's. That makes that back out there
Why you here jump in land on rang the bell my goodness there get in yeah but just because I'm tech, it's a perfect Saddam Mesh, the perfect mixing of a healthy, dignity with an addictive activity? Rang, like you, can turn a positive into a negative about the negative has always been for me. Yes, they do just a mass of waste. My time I get blazing with video games, I can't fuck with them a gaming. I talked about a link with the new place like Google. Turkey is going to bring the video games like no, yeah just a little bit now now I just its to me: it's like a cocaine, act. I came in one day when I ran back room playing with you're in a frenzy as they always gotta wait over here this evening. I would like to look at whether so fund the other so good and are so well I mean it's too good,
too excited. You know really it's too good and you had really high tech, stuff, yeah yeah, the grass everyday just amazing. What they can do today with video games, is so special when, when people get shot they expire You see blood splatter all over the place and in the end they didn't look like people either regularly ogres with like mechanical arms and so that they may have happened. If only you could do, For twenty minutes and be satisfied, yeah, please it be good. While the way to do it would be to make sure that you get exhausted, doing it right I, so they re, even only play because you're running this on directional treadmill, and if you do that, like put put like ten pound weights on your arms, ten pound weights on each arm ten pounds each bro you'd be beaten down five pounds even a pound, though I know it's on each minister made. You stimulate carrying the guns you running around in the game with did retired.
Right. I'm a real good right. Give you a real metal heavy metal gone with a trigger here like a fuckin. Can it don't? Do you do with something kicks body? Armor apply to pack have to feed back the whole deal you get hit you you get zapped a little bit Have you ever seen? You know it's sandboxes know. Dude sandbox is a very similar situation? It's a vcr game that you go to a warehouse and they have it set up. So you have the parameters of the game and you put on a happy feedback vast you ve our goggles, nay hand, you guns in these different things, and then you go you? U Duke it. I was zombies like this one Deadwood mansion, I'll see you find a dead dead. So this is. This is what it looks like. I've done is a bunch times my fans,
its relies on its awesome with your family. I you do it you, you do it together and you have fun you you got me since, together you issued aliens Zalm, you feel like you're. All in that reality I mean kind of its obviously fake, but it sure it looks like that like when you see the video. It looks like that, but it looks good. It's really cool it, Sir we discernible exists, is Deadwood Mansion, so desire. he's come by that union, Ganum, Download, Google them due to freaks out and you get a shot gun. Apparently that's the new update. You get a shot gun with the dead wood mansion, but the run
you fuckin gun them down. Look it up! That's why they look like a global like this one guy like you there you go down and she's out of the game, and you know she's going out game. You can bring her back to life. You have to hold onto her shoulder any recharging with your energy. Its way we grew. So you when you see them when they're down the black and white you grab only to bring back to life. In my view, would you get killed? You see in black and white, you know you die, have not gone by and wondering who have you have your kids? Are you ever gone with them to like a vcr haunted, so does that exist to me. I can't do it this year, obviously, but right click on Of course, they re living, really Creevy Walker on an entire place. It's made, for will they had at universal. They had a walking dead attraction and they had actors, and so they are people like full on walking dead make up in, like some of it was like
mechanical and some of it was a haunted house. They would come out real. Personally, I want no, no, my daughter lost a flip flop and I had to go back for managers. Will you have the lip was roughly ten dollars, broader unitary Jews, too scared to go back, so I had to go back and get it and our me going. We re everybody thought I was a thing Bobby the people. I might just walk you through with it glittered with his lonely. The pieces carries one year, the scary, dad. Oh, my god, it's that guy from ITALY, so funny with his name again: Carl Overdose,
it's got a thing is that there could be coming for the keel, we'd museum, and I got the and I've abbot found. The flip love came back like a hero. Why would a low bothers would be in a hero and twenty two? I got the flu plump. I did it. Man. I feel like I feel, like things up We get weirder before the correct themselves. Rising like this is the constant narrative having a good time, and it goes fact covered. I didn't really thinking covert. I was thinking like Ellie, he's coming or Halloween decorations, coming the life and hunting is down? Some of it is another there's a couple more curve. Walls waiting for us well, tromp again Well then, I thought was like, while this movies lit the air like this is
raising the simulation. Whatever we chose like if he dies. That's what I was thinking. If he dies, Nancy Policy becomes president and pants and policy are battling over who wears the crown of God. I now me now is really what would have happened. Pants would have become vice president. Would it become president, and then he gets what happens when there we owe a month later is the election. Then the elections not going to be we're gonna find out November. Fourth, who the who the winners it's gonna be weeks, It lasted a landslide, but I think you're gonna see away. and so, if it's a landslide, then you'll find out that night. That's true? If it's not a landslide, then it's a landslide, I'm sorry if it's a landslide within person boating pride, but it's not going to be gonna, be so an email and bowers you don't know. I don't know what you know, everything
You told me already, you know what I am to pretend that I don't so the conversation keeps going. What do you think is gonna happen whose things going When I don't know, I don't know, I mean they're saying that binds up like sixteen point. Five arena we ve been through this before write. Em is ninety six percent chance that Hilary was gonna. And so I saw it. Any Biden is up in poles. Poles are only answered by people, so fuckin stupid and always have to take and it gets Hilary right. Here's what I say to people have you ever respond to read it now, you go, no one with a wise, really trade or people who are dumb bodies be present at the grand What does the numbers would argue mark how many people you don't know? We only kill me here with flat tyres in white neighborhoods,
do go to waiting for triple x out we get a retired to us whose opinion polls, I've never even see the pole. I don't know, I don't ask me, Nepal, I don't know anybody has been asked to poor. No, never I don't know of people. I want more choices. oh yeah! That would be amazed at what I want. I want better choices. I don't I don't want this polarization I hated NEA. No, they should put together teams of like mixed this more people in these four people of mixed ideas and get the best ideas and then they're gonna run as a platform rather than as an inn. eventually, I think initially the idea of representative democracy in the idea of Republican Party Democratic Party was a great idea, but I think the problem: is people form this loyal to this side and this blind loyalty wine loyal to thirteen, and then they have come from some bias and everything this that team said. Does it's good?
Are you focus on and you decide that this teams narrative is correct in here? You subscribe fully. To the ideology in the other people, the enemy in the other people are sexist and racist or the other be bore Marxism. left this or what it would have we decide is wrong with the other people. Could you imagine unthinkable? I'm gettin, as I think the promised groups It's right, rom is identifying in any group whether exactly and T worth proud boys or the fuckin whenever they felt figure out. A group pigs pick a group, the idea identifying with a group is terrible idea. Terrible horrible idea. Could you imagine being so Oh all in with either party like? Could you imagine that you're just blindly following everything they say just me,
because they're that colleagues, I know a lot of people. I know a lot of people that are all blue all all they do. I knew too up and down in the seas on people's twitter page. I vote blue across the board. It's like you, stop thinking. It's just no stop thinking for yourself. It's ridiculous in the air. The idea that only bad people vote Republican is ridiculous to it's. Our only bet DOM people are weak people or bad people. Vote Democrats ridiculous to end this narrative gets reinforced by the fact that there are these two opposing teens right and they have to pick up it's also reinforced by social pressure like your neighbors new friends, those forward, while also the industry that you're in certain industries, it's it's frowned upon, devote left wrist, certain industries, its frowned upon to vote, and you want to succeed in their business, and so certainly like I mean you know
its hand, has job in Regos and point getting softly. I do I think it has to do. I don't think that's what, whether reasons. I think that I dont think if they would go out on a limb that I think Trump is going to lose is because people just can't deal with the anxiety, but it's like we're saying earlier like eat, you can't be a hot boil. We ve been in a hot boil for four years, and people are exhausted. They just want to go to someone com just calm, the shit down just com it all down, while in an ice. If there was some one, we thought was gonna calm down. I don't know, I think anybody, but Trump would comment honestly, really MIA put Romney input put or anybody else dad. I think anybody think that of Romany was, but is a much more measured much more guy jail compared to trump everybody in the fighting was against Obama. He looked like some sort of we're religious radical way now. Remember I do I deeply
get Romney the fuck away from us right, exact, Omni, Mitt, Romney, vote firm tat. Are we a no go areas Quaker or some shit? I, whereas magic, underpants summers, magic underpants hung at aunt em and there is a poor man. No, I was just Vietnam, in just a gentleman who has a nice family, you just mellow in a really nice called we're gonna, be in a car, words are the nicest called member. So now there's the kindest swedish people there so nice. That really said Emily Oriental. I got at all the call members neighbors. They were so kind of friendly, a hundred percent. So nice delightful! Yes, I'm not good a genuinely nice yeah. They believe the dumbest shit, talk to them about what they believe. My goodness me like. Who cares? God bless you guess I'm a mapping friendly Joseph Smith,
How old fourteen he found golden tablets can obtain the loss, work of Jesus and only he could riddick as yet a magic rock. That reason I don't care about that part of it care about how he acts in the parking lot with me. Let s It is down in SALT Lake couple weeks ago, and I was driving on street and others to do with white shirt with ties are the clipboard what Andorra Door outlet yeah, let's go out and do it. God bless him. I now exactly Worse things in the world, and that is worse things the world in a hundred percent, and I don't care about what they're into just listen Milo it out, and I honestly do believe it. You could take almost anybody. That's in office, and random, and I want to be more mellow. They may not agree with everything that their do it, but it will just turns temperature down and they don't think people think people are exam asked it nor exhausted. We can't live with this at this pace at this level. At this
so you think this is all because I think a lot of this when you go to the back to the social dilemma, I think a lot of this is going to happen no matter what I think Trump is a particularly polarizing figure, because he's got that fuck, you attitude and You come at him. He comes at you harder and he's. Is that a bachelor rights, it doesn't know doesn't help bathing sought, theirs, soothing from handers now, but I think that your job as a leader- but I think we would be polarize tomorrow, what right now Ultimately lines drawn were definitely polarized, but if it's at top, if at the top, you had a real Republican just saying chill out, let's go to work on stuff it wouldn't buy, whose you mean exactly this heighten. Thank him. Example alone, the court member other than other than Romney is there anybody out there the stands out of someone that you would want to be representing that side on case it was kind of normal guys, these normal MIA.
he's seen. He seems measured. Yeah, like he's just gonna, be a grown up to speak out. Just get me a mellow adult it's going to do the right things, and I'm waiting for Dan Crenshaw Crenshaw Ease, the reasons behind TAT several times alienated seal loss, denying combat where's, the hatch. Now he Texas, since Eustace Greater sooner super like reasonable, intelligent, rational, well thought out really enjoy talking to its good, really enjoy talking to an end in France alone am always necessarily agree with him. Nor do I I think there's think there's a mean this room for disagreement, but the way communicates is very rational. Yet very sensible, very large and end. The man is like a legitimate american hero, the guy the ear, that guy in that office shouldn't be as frantic and suffers. Anybody on the other
edges! You know what I mean like men guy: it's gotta, be that measured adults. The country takes in all of those people and make sense of it and translates it and leads and keeps us all united. The Uno makes everybody. You know the most upsetting part of this run has been just turning Americans on Americans. Like nets never happen in my life, where we're making each other the enemy and we're not. You know you knew touring sepia, and each other's throats. They just want to raise their kids yet make their money live their lives were not the enemy and painting other pain seeing other Americans as a threat as a foreign threat. What he's doing so upsetting who's, gonna trump how's he doing
hi sailing Other America's a foreign threat. Yet constantly says its constantly says that the left is just out to destroy and those people I mean I mean everything he says is painting it that way. Not everything says where shore Termite pigs had renewal bitter. Well, I mean it's always inflaming, and it's always he runs as is now This is no foreign powers, the enemy, it's the others in this country, Russia. To take China's the enemy does thank those relations with China. S true, and I think there are real issues economically with China. Yeah, I don't saw in a word it it's all above our pay great ray. I dont understand any of that. I dont understand the nuances of were a couple of times jokes layers right above well parts, but
Do you know when somebody is turning us against each other and he likes doing well. He certainly lacks the battle you know and that that was what I admire. Most about Obama is that the way he commanded respect was just with grace the waves we hand himself at press conferences, the way to discuss things very relaxed, even when he was attacked. You know he would he be measured fate. It was a statesman right now cool just keep your head and an equally and makes us all come to us that we need really legitimately, if you ever. If the dad in the house is an alcoholic and he comes home, You don't know who's coming in that Dave's going to attack me or is agenda, yet the everyone's nervous. That's Conaway! The country feels yeah dad just comes home and he's home at six inches has dinner and watches the ball.
and just sits there and, like you simplistic way of described me, I don't think it's accurate but better, but it is an analogy. It's in an hour. I think we all need to get our mushrooms. I really do think we, One last time you two rituals couple weeks ago, a couple weeks ago, mom been texts are some more than a couple weeks wage. Do it. What was the atmosphere my studio, I did. I did some during the most postmodern podcast you did. We did mushrooms together. I didn't know that early yeah? I get equally in the middle. The package we are pursuing our gotta. Listen to that. We, I think come people need something that connects them to some sense, that there is something more to life than just just what were experiencing in front of us, I've set an evil and someday began, adjust ritual. We need something something that transcends train Sudan to meditation. Now I'm not kidding. I know your ended,
but always results with the early? it has a relieving labelling. I see what you say you guys over there, just drinkin Provence and on his couch. The girls awesome complain about. Rob s lie and where its human Frank on that a heavy and ranking in our making bread, but it is that thing you're talking about is the same thing that drive that drugs access. It's the same thing that religion runs after but out any dogma without any leaders who now any thing in its clarity. It Jessica just kind of a sense, a growing sense as you do it over time that there is a bigger consciousness that there's something that is more compelling and more uniting with all of us. Then then what were shown-
the surface, but I've been doing a lot of breath. Exercises breeding exercises adieu these wonder I enjoy the most Zeke. Put. Some kind of trance is six long seconds in six deep breath like six. Second deep breath. Six second exhale- and I just do this in a cycle, so I count one two, three, four, five, one, two three, four five six and I I do it like. I try to be his eyes. I Cambodia, the most important thing, is to get it rhythmic six seconds in six seconds out single. Second in dude, it's crazy, like I'll sit there and I'll. Think ten minutes is gone by its forty five minutes later I'll check. As I said, a timer when I do it in and I just side at a certain point time to stop and it's it's anxiety, scrubbing it's like I'm cleaning my mind of extraneous bull shit that cannot discuss things are not nest.
Sorry that are getting in the way of like yeah noise crack. Living life noise, like I'm very, very busy I do a lot of shit. I've got a lot of things going on and I have this mine that tries to find things to think about a lie in bed and I'll get a thought. my head about asteroids pillar or something nutty that I don't need to think about right now or I'll. Think about the volcano under Yellowstone and like what happens, if one doesn't wrap like how does one deal with that and then all sudden it I can two hours later and I'm lying in bed consumed with this thought. The brain goes after at the. For me, the best way to stay present is through these breeding. Anxious, as I found like it's a great relief to me, it here in that's where squarely anxiety, scrubbing jams, rubs away. Yet it's kind of its very similar. The way I describe it,
Yours is you have a mantra right mantra and you just keep repeating that mantra, and it just gives your brain a que, basically that it's allowed to it's. It's going to start thinking about this and going and going a little deeper and leaving all of that stuff up here, leaving all of that dates and anxiety, and what all that stuff that you're thinking about it here in the world that you need to think about. But it's just giving your brain permission at a little portal to go to a different state of consciousness. I just kind of hang there and then, and sometimes you're still busy thoughts will still kind of come in for twenty minutes pops off and you come out and it's exactly what you described in your scrubs, your nervous system. Free reset He resetting the computer. We operate too much on momentum and I think thoughts and little ideas, maybe anxiety little with they cling to you has you're going.
long island there stuck with you and then you got all these things are stuck that, whether its now bills are relationships or struggle, or you know what commitments things you have to do the things you have to resolve things that you're in under the new you ve decided that the requirements of you LE things all these different things focal point to attention here, and they even carry them around like weights and what that with the meditation, does doesn't make those disappear, but it it makes you able to carry those gas there's a different perspective in carrying all that cleans from me. I feel it is my boy, rain was like a cylinder was standing cylinder. It would have all this shit stock to it all over the place that it. Maybe I don't need to be aware of all the time it doesn't help. No right well,
these breathing exercises for me allows me. I really do go into a trance rue strange and I like the the fact that I'm doing a bit ass exercises. Well, so it's meditation, but it's also breathing. It's like both things are happening this times. It is an exercise aspect to it. Cuz breathing exercises like when he sitting there might like this is what I'm doing. How long is it going to do? I keep going keep going I'll. Do that, for
five minutes were exactly that: pay right, an e when I'm doing like that it does physically me into a trans yeah, but it's also an exercise for my long right. The other breathing thing is good Tevye near you need to do it because it is a lot to carry for all of us for every single european mines, pretty light all the things you talked about any language. It's all pretty light about the bread. Reds gone well bred is bread. Is meditation lubber radio activity in a craft like making? Oh, yes, bread, it's like stand up, it's like you're, always working in perfecting the craft and letting your mind go and just deal with that when you're doing that you're, not thinking about anything else. In the world,
need a long way off right when it comes out of and cut into it and then put butter on right, then add as asked it is that the best like right, then not right, then how much you I mean it's pretty close like a stake. We, let it rest the I let it rest Helen you some people say let it rest like another couple hours who are those fucking people, What called bread people are so demand that are filled with bracket rarity vows. I've still got eyes like China might see, but I warn bread, though so good. So there's only one, I warm breath and wait for it cool off friend my gave me this butter that he got from that. He found here that he had had in France whole my guide butter from from ya this button on that and was just Francais, so I've been doing during the the pandemic. I just keep baking bread and driving it to comedians
seen every comedian, you know and delivered bread and livered red words. It's become My little else. It's nice, getting out of the house and you go driver Sally. One hang in giver of bread. I miss Argyleshire Leslie Jones and hang with her and give her bread and is running Rabelais feeding, people, Bird Tom, beautiful its aid? Is there really cool a cool? It's cool thing to keep is keep connected, giving people. I'm making too much of it all off any doing any that like twice a week, As for law, you still doing it for a pot gas as well is still doing. There are still doing the breaking bread podcast. So you making bread doing that as well, all I dont do it now for the package we just talk and eat we're doing something where you were making bread. I was vague, yeah, my Youtube Channel. I show people had a big bread. You still do in that year. So how often do not that often I haven't done women like a month or two. What the fuck are you making others bread
I just get it Rowan. Well, I want to show them doing you every not it's. The same thing will then talk during it does show, but you talk about destruction about trump people get Not less every channel, but he likes round me. What's what's what this guy, Ronnie Fan, NEO, liberal neo, liberal, good, dirty, liberal avenant, cock anymore, when a serious look at them. I am now in your starter. I remember when the church was new gooey fund, the new ban name ass, your body here I like it, listen we're due to three hours. The weirdest time warp, it's very weird. It's a weird as it highlights by is about three hours when we are in thirty seconds they will be, and how about that? So cool three hours I miss having eaten away. I miss having me in a way to
and it's where because, like you know, I mean the store, it's gonna. Work will probably feel more pronounced when the communist or opens and you're not around, because knowing that you not there's a little weird well, but I like that I can just get on a plane and come here. I like really curious to open up a club out here. Yeah yeah, you must come I'll, come any time you want! I look, you know, that's not gonna start come and I've met. Multiple stages of things are going on here, when, in the stage to at this late stage, three positive answer age, they re will be the club and then stage for will be a gigantic ranch. Where our run my psychedelic com, I then don't tell I haven't I mushrooms and how long will the goes along got talked me in ten months. That's Murray Plan R. He gave me some women. Tv show, I wouldn't trust, are as much I stuck inside and who knows, what's in there, hills hillport,
Ask your machines and lie with their sole. They, like five years old now, and they haven't. You- think they're good triumph at just take a little bit to limit to cap, to walk on the house to Tony money. Just give her beauty, hugs clean out the pipes yeah clean out the pipes oh yeah, just eggs were on it together Gang Rawlins again when every week and then yes you're the best you're, the best Tom Papa you is man. I do miss having your own admission, bread, Elsie Common, but we will keep doing our love. Love. You too, by everyone, see a thank you. Friends are tuned to the show and thank you too policy genius. If you are in need of life insurance, had the policy genius dotcom right now to get started, you can save fifty percent or more
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