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#188 - Amy Schumer, Brian Redban

2012-02-21 | 🔗
#188 - Amy Schumer, Brian Redban
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you ready go for it i'll let me tweet this second sars slot people have to communicate with we really started to here we go you dirty but how do you did you really think we say hello here we go this house like you dirty bitches and you know why i type so burn because i dont want admit that any glasses fuckin need green i ass of old man eyes now h two p and people said george you write all that those crazy lines before the actually i do that i myself am like coda prowl creating things my eyes sneakers reference that's great well how did you busted out know your eyes of that i am directly lasher for me you do have along on for you we're gonna do to the reference wise do you have any flashlights at your house amy dude eliza lies
looks like he's he's housing into i have zero flashlight are you guys promoting flashlight or flash flashlights others saying well it's one of response i have no experience but i'm here and now for your situation yeah that's a totally different grim ever craving a faggot pussy like i've got well the talk and pull method rushlight report you take the actual fleshly out of it in his like this big fleshy thing and you talk it inside of you and then you pour out slowly it fills rogue it's kind of like anal beads for you but i know it's a second use of the flesh light but you want to make sure you don't take the whole thing in execute prodigal start telling me last friday let me show more being silly goose where we have two commercials this what we do one of us for the first time that really sponsor for our product you have one here i'd like to know i'm sorry i would have brought you want to call your curious other they get back i should start work in that outbreak brand boyfriend issue together like i'd be into him getting than those like i don't see how they benefit
oh why would you maybe see good watch em fuck somebody else if you're crazy ass i am maybe you could do anything it is thought that they knew spit on a matter that was has anyone percent of law is to make more time whereas there what's ass margaret for why do we not have a link that kind of a deer i will never know minded that you never know i'd try to anyway if you go to jail rogan now click on the link for the first light in the code name broken you will get fifteen percent of number one sex toy for man and our our sponsor forever from the beginning the progress when we're scrubbs what we like this is whittling come so far we have a room with an actual space now gammarus but from the beginning the bog cast these guys were with us when nobody was watchman listening whatever so if they remain there remain our puts by the responsible
and it's a good product sounds embarrassing is good for love mary i like it i gotta give way to a good inanimate objects loafing love for it though i wish you were i got twilight zone popular it's possible i those real dolls have you seen those really have communities of real dollar slowly and due to get their real thou see other whom emma girlish girl though she didn't know that happen i made fun of it on my website once at a blog and then some guy impaled me his reality
as to why he has this really is a really sad or the best choice her effect while it could have been echoed eventual control but it didn't seem like it was he was one of the guys that was in the community that was i was making fun of because they all their dolls in their dressing room and shit and unlike him what the fuck are you doing right here it's because you crazy and they were well that allow these guys are either disfigured something a really wrong with them and so it is very sad it's a fucking what i should die sound with fucking disfigure guy yeah yeah like some something like one nothing fucked up i had i think i can get in little apple what have you got a lot of bring all if you can't be like almost out like he's gotta it's just like one charming like a wearier armor board or someone somewhere like i can't i don't think you're in these something extra i think something missing like a limb is that
like everyone thinks i'm so nice and and i'll be kindly gross thou over fucking up but i get into it i think would agree stop or with the benefit you and some were yeah i like that i like watching porn like that like where i'm like with this make me puke like what i throw up understood so i get network this home finding my target demo i just like if you're disfigured regular you want to make me puke here come on down to the funny about love ah monsieur me you crazy use outcry the bristol don't commercials blue ass things you might get right at a camera does indeed i think of the flow that's too beautiful thing of the flow this we also by on dog com au and an makers of alpha brain the cognitive enhancing supplement i show you radio vitamins for your dome amy shoe you take my earlier really do i owe you take him forever it gives you like it's it's not
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the code name rogan any attempts on off all orders not just the first one is money orders in the future our approaches amy sugars here start the music now that i've got visually beginnings trying my does a very mild version of the song there yes like you weren't trying to hurt me schumann's protecting that has only recently where i think now i live in his language is doing as we are doing exactly as you find her view i did want to startle her lover you ever ready looking european justly behaviour fact that some serious aspects is usually you're fuckin aerodromes sally and new ideas and then it's silly with fade out now because he phases why why why why would anyone like minutes
now with you when you he's trying to like really unobtrusive and really sweden a pretty collages inheriting together you make him the best you make him the best brian conveying what art is for real if it wasn't for you here i thank ye you're making brian the best brine he can pass on my is this about a better version you buy for young i am i bring out the best any dont he's all right away from there trying to troll marry you how much i trouble you got some things that is playing a practical joke army right who know how guys discuss on totally ridiculous but you know how guys sometimes get divorced and the woman will get half a guy shit and then people will say oh man that's fucked up you know that she never told a joke or she never we know made one point you know how the fuck she could have his money but combination of people sometimes sometimes like a woman will come into your life and she's such a bad aspects and you
princess so much you will be a person well i think the flip side of those angle with chicks do not move now i think the vote when you start deigning somebody like i'll just like i'm the only super cool new girl let me just sweep the crazy under the wrath of awful mine eat anything of course you don't need to me my mom who i'm becoming and then you know the truth comes out eventually but i think you're like the best version it yourself first and then media are but that's why we still got you should be the you who you're pretending to be when you try to get laid if you do that day that stay that guy beat our god ass it is possible to be that guy working hard can link decide and work on the aim
you that you pretend to be when you try to get laid a thing that i dont item indeed or something yes it doesn't like though i won t you gotta do squats due to honest flights have lots doesn't give you kettlebells on big fuckin everyone's fifty pound or seventy pounders we got a really worked up spine than the core of this part of the island and keep your glaring gauge were and are core so i think the name issue more use like your muse website only you know this useful areas we know that these talented as fuck so when you're round her you ve got like this crazy respect because you're also physically attracted her legs a lot going on here this is the best
i want you to feel ass though you feel the same way the lawyer i am loving ryan this is that's not bad grounds totally lacking is had primarily scientists shining out your letter hers i know what is this a sure that's your right is so ridiculous now you know what i want to do get pictures of you in the woods near my house where the mount line in ho let's go near them they're my house is there's been form outline sightings my heart attacks are just now just sightings you know the attacks are usually on dogs and a lot of rabbits get fucked up and the occasional dear if they catch dear though the basically fuck up anything yeah they try to avoid people's months possible so it's really weird they ve seen for or at least one four times course it may be to say my most likely now i know the other place our you're what i survived
and the now nine ones really fucked me up there just like they scalp ear home after their her africa are so dangerous people who you don't have any idea of how strong they are when you see one there was one when i was in colorado they had a stuffed one like this but they have this crazy wildlife exhibit place where there this guy taken care of like all these different tigers that we're from zoos and all those big huge area filled with big cats but they are a stuffed mountain line and i was like two pounds horrid fifty two pounds but it's what when you look at that demand pensions that's what a freak show with its pause its risk is like twice the size of a man yeah there are enormous wrists and you look at the bones of the pause and you look at the fuckin head all of it just designed boxes yet ruin you yeah pay asthma cat is big as a person is essentially what it is it's a big man but it's a cat like this one pound fucking the one i sign i survived the
woman was trying to save her husband and she was jamming a pen into the mountain my i wasn't even reacting all my god what yeah jesus fucking christ here you'd have to break that thing he's scared linked to be outside by your house the little boat but our party are you know it when i got side some sounds like go outside it take a leak just to do put my mark or on the house that's not what i do know my underwear with a gun in my underwear talk talk to gather my underwear scientist group in little coffee cans inside my house and others put the marine you guys think we should have more secrets from art now it'll just listen my job i dont really walk round just fucking around but i did when i was hiking colorado i did always used to bring on just for yeah just what reason more
likely never happens but thought of it does happen though it be nice dearest shoot that can't those posters it say like just make yourself bigger yeah like this is gonna lose you say it's gotta be you gotta do somethin i now this would have riled killer is looking at you throw my friend at the mountains and i'll go get help yes covers only and i would be a good move playing dead menus push yeah better after i remember in the south park when the fucking actors have to save the world order you can save us you're an actor poetry play like you're dead immigration human she returned of it outlines eating your whole which showed you remember that that thing we talked about a while back where i said if you ever get attacked by line i would take a piece of paper and try to throw it like if it was a real cat you you're the guy you're stupid but somebody posted
amazing document is guided in youth actually seen it before where he gets really close to dig this this line is male liners girl lion needs holding a paper tipp toilet paper role the whole time it just holding it like in his right hand and unlike the cat starts coming up to him he's just like like about the throw the toilet paper role in the cat just kind of like looks over to the right and it like like using jerking off the cat
but nobody in one point like he got really close in the guy was like going to use that to throw it in the opposite direction he said that that would be like his own each a chance to survive it was i little toilet paper on my guard and if i could find the video try five anyone knows one time itself is only trances survivors too distracting with twelve yeah yeah i hope we have to watch me i hope somebody tweets me yes freak out while because i've never seen anything like it before it's because in their endless jake's either instincts are still a cat like work levy throw anything at a cat you know it will be up to the fact that we should kill all tat i love my cats and everything but i know the only reason why i love them because of the size difference i'm way bigger than i'm sure she wanted to fuck around if she want to fuck around try to kill me i could snap your neck do you know i'm saying we'll know that's why she loves me like you i'm big enough if the rules reverse my cavity me yet
you can be sure of a guy cats i dont there like abusive relations his second knew what they were totally when they need something there like me and then when the village fuck off others you can have a cat in a pit mouse you just can't have it to you how this can have a mouse you have tons of two terms what are their names you need to know i'm interested in personal creepy shit area with me here i saw a fixed here's a video spaz and oliver as again
others say that faces the king just an ordinary mould of toilet paper mama guys you bought it would at its head and collect fire so that they can throw it into his head hope with greece were all my look at that thing none of them have guns you look at this ship lie and look at the size of this thing i don't know it's lingered how it gets intense my for the audio listeners a bare verses alarming but bear in mind that i may have a bigger in aragon big man with a pointer yes of questionable life choices when yet appointed only anywhere it is observers oh my god oh my god oh my god look at the size of this its intense here for a second jesus weiss doesn't even describing music like it's just that is of a big killer a big wild killer i'm the cap with a sign that mike as a potential danger he remained with both threatening maybe i'll i'll do it i'll take my chances all my god this is terrifying can imagine that look at the size of its arms just look at that thing it's beautiful
it's a horrifying at the same time the idea of that thing looking at you mike is six hundred pound fucking monster that just kills things every day in africa as a list the second line seems to have regained his what second lie here's a second line the bag oh my god himself has angular oh my god skies alone with the two of us now narnia
he is fucking up here this is where it gets functional crazy seem scared you just stones here they put him he's on very disturbed him in a field where it good luck hears about look at tat thing like this like a fuckin werewolf moving out only oh my sins saying it's walking away all my guy then that is it oh my god i walked away jesus why that's terrifies heavy but yet tell them my paper theory is totally lit it while building a bridge theory so if you are you getting attacked by a tiger its and paper crinkle in the ball and then it right before you taxis
look you're gonna throw it it some is it the big the motion of it like you're throwing something was night they don't know what the fuck it is it i don't think it was that paper i think it's just a hack into the brain of a cat or feline it for some whatever reason they they they want that currently noise that that that ball that what's the union hand type thing it doesn't know what it is right it just spasms i live with the fact that every so lucky cats are stupid as far grew so argue tube every struck some scary there was one of those that mean you know shitty blurry youtube style video whose absolutely terrify just gotta be an hp version of that i as a hard man man versus wild pride male lion and it's off the or does it while planets so is like an animal planet dvd this rainbow man verses what is his mandate wild pride at another and verses wild pride jesus christ i want know that guy's deal
like me crazy i am that do they lose digging while you know what he's another one of those dude those wild i'm gonna get close to animal dude that have been passed bring up a lot lately we should really say rest in peace if he is dead because he probably is that looks like an old video and he's doing that kind of shape right i do not live anymore stuff i say i guess steve erwin sort of started that all off cause he was like real wild animals crocodile hundred dude he would get like up to a and what was the one with the thought that black there was empty grisly man has not as a brown bear it was the brown bears the big ones a black bears out that dangerous blackberry sir they didn't really tat people as much or kill people as much as the bigger bears the brown bear yeah he was that nutty do live in alaska and they said that he is essentially death by bear me he eats suicide it himself he wanted to do that suicide by bear he just stayed late he not
be there the bears are awake or super dangerous because they can't kill anything cannot fat enough to hibernate in ireland they'll delete anything he babies very babies are he caught the meaning babies and still stuck around her girl icing of his girlfriend she died to re and she died after she helped tried to help and apparently the video is there is a cap over the camera but the audio is there of the the whole event and it's like six minutes long yeah we only play like the very beginning nobody in play any of the audio of the attached to the in the in the movie his ex wife or as ex girlfriend whatever it is is listening to it she's listening to the audio and she's them they decided her and release of but it's a long audio too it's like i did not release it but it's a law audio too it's like bears kill you did you see investment dies
it completely different deal my cat you way better opt in cuba can have seen catches can kill you will kill you and tell you the first thing we have to do is gravel unanimous and kill you the syrian stays there not where he has just hold you start eating never was there any proof the wife of that bear do didn't have a penis right it was yes she was a real woman and she is so sad you know some some women get to stroked up with guys and they they can't find a man so they find some guys doesn't want to that is gay so is live in the wizard bears and shit he was crazy family guy you know man like is gay as you can get and i think you know for some dude the desire to stand a closet is so strong leads dignity so fucking crazy the willing to go live with grisly had this whole thing are you protecting on protecting these bears does the farce
we want to help them no does the sheriff to parliament to help them now the world wildlife you fuck you you motherfuckers and it was like yellin and screaming at the cameroon pointed them and then he would look like grew like constitute himself clear self up get back in and do it again took another take on diligently just taken a deck want it is probably i think that what is it we help them i think he was he had this crazy thing where like walking holding the camera talking about if he was just gay i was just gay rhino waves deodorant yes i could doing you're ego arrest but well gaze gave forebears that's just it was the most obvious arm gay like cry for help through said it is sad because that's it's fucked up that it's fucked up to do to get stuck in the closet situation man
the term replaced to be to pretend your whole life to be one thing when you really you could just say you're another and everybody else to love you you know it's like you don't have to i know do that on the closets homesick grow burke crochet using growth are we going to talk about that on the air has in its day area it i think we're doing it live on usually right now you fuck head how dare you time thanking our little really fucked they just start to fuck they come prematurely all over each other they were actually becomes burden and tom fucking
this all out for each other and that the idea of them fucking is so high that they never get it inside each there's no penetration they just come closer come trying times less gay just so that they could have gay sex there so gay they can't even actually consummate now now they just about that they distort twitching and coming on cells and so great to think i'm like a picture its family like wine his family's totally down don't worry anybody's cool they are the coolest brave europe birds kid you gotta know what the fuck up the crisis in the world are ready for anything it's fully breast for him they run the house drudgery renounce now you know crazy i could just picture those girls made game dress up for a tea party of course i'm sure this highlights the works you have two dollars stuffing of kids bert kreischer isa is another one of those dudes that i think the internet's perfect for
you know like people get to see the real the body known you give hero organism podcast you now you get when you get the total you know what he's not stuck unlike a visa fees don't let em where something is always whereas pre stuck to like seven minutes you can get the really know you need them but the burning experience to outbreak creations amy humor helen you dont kommeni seven and a half years you are you did that charlie sheen roast and that's when i read that's when i found out about you have heard your name before people so you really funny our boy blow up on what do it alone i'm a bad place you know to go up guys always every now and then some will have this conversation when you see a really funny chick you know like there's another once because as you know how it is with czech quality you know it was a check how many there's like i'd say whose it's hard enough to do call it to be a dude but to be a woman just to get off the societal boundary of you being the one talking i think
way more difficult for a woman yeah its weight more difficult for men especially meet heads and and insecure guys to accept the fact that a woman's onstage talk yes and then your subject matter is obviously going to be more no i wouldn't say more restrictive but its demure difficult for you to get out certain things especially sexual stop it you know and in certain things about judgments and in politics because people are reluctant to take the opinion of a woman why should allow people are its way harder i think for a chick yes to make it and be stand up so when you see a bad motherfucker come along like yourself you know i always get i am always very impressed chasm i know that it's harder for a woman to do than a man and when john atrocious rosato holy shit this chick it's fucking funny you had some real funny lines also argue oh shit generally like a lot of times rose i go you just being mean
you mean to each other and sometimes it's funny and sentences just while he's like somewhere creepy shit like store and about the attitude where are you going from its growth rate in the way you did it was all summon the fuckin exchange you got him with mike tyson we play that can we play the hour we got to play that if we can if we can find it if trying to find a help put it out because it was so funny mike tyson was trying to go back and forth with you you just don't have handled mike tyson though mike tyson used to beat a boxer it was really fun i was like when i watch that those like in retrospect jeez have been like i just liked man had manhandled mike tyson irony of working in the way girl bubble enough still to be like here come over here like mobility but it was like afterwards as a holy
you shouldn't assume take a joke i mean he's away calmer version of my time in the new as back in this fighting days but put but scary guy was still like yeah there were some unconquerable moments where they pretend to be like you can hear on your like that anybody where you will they laugh that it that's the problem if he actually makes bunches of people people laughed a set of uncomfortably and no one's gonna be like you know what i call that pays me you're crossing alignment yeah you know you used to be a professional fighter re i'd like to talk about my boundaries is this isn't a thirty eight years how do i gotta get only gather only let em grab your dick he grabbed my dad
you didn't get alarums on these are squeezing it you know and squeezing while the cobbler take nothing that now but that was like afterwards i can't believe that has happened but he did a great job i think he did even better than what they made it look like the writers are all kind of sweating if he was going to be able to deliver but i thought he like nailed it yeah well what did you think that he was gonna be will do just that i didn't know the writers have been working with him or a kind of like we hope he was like the wild card like he might just bug out like say clearly and coherent role because they have like a concept for him but he was gonna speak really intelligently and spout poetry and right now and but he did a great job well he's that's what you mean he was like a weird sort of a kind of almost like a ghetto philosopher when i was young i guess you would like mess up words and stuff but he would quote you all sorts of of crazy thing but he was a is a scholar boxing history
it and when he was a young guy he wasn't in inarticulate dry how much has changed but there's inevitable decline in your ability to function out again punch sometimes eating he had yet its inevitable there's a certain amount in oh yeah certain about you and no one wants it admit that accept that but then that is the fact tat i kind of to be totally honest i felt the only sort of remorse i felt that night was was for him it was like he's for sure brain damage and i felt like oh yeah i think you fuckin how do jihad do girl tat you now you were pan with crocodiles new hope in my eyes and ran aided in syria coming to do do we found o brien they're all a fake one brains are relying like legates dislike it like a screen sites and sow has it been that copyright yes gandhi censure hold this it's coming
yeah why would you want to have a bunch of people watch and see how funny those rosaria opponents clubs diana on foods relies alley bodies and what are the heirs say is it because they want to sell more dvds odors yeah they want you to see why do you go about avian ease up but they probably have once more on their website deep under commercial so there through that so archaic that we're thinking so dumb yeah the more people that would watch those videos the more people would watch those rose gets that simple if a hundred million people watch the video on my mother's awesome that another roses coming on poem they're gonna wanna watch as this weird thinking that you don't want anything good to be available for free online fuckin silly assholes how much these spay spend in advertising have fuckin tied all i'll come commercials oliver sitcoms
they're not going to let things be free online do you not understand that's the same thing in this way you don't have to pay for the crazy ass all very here here is a clip of it so he sure we're u turn girls were just making out with each other it would what are you doing with eyes why that's yes you having the other part gascoyne on the background i assembly's voice tat that hurts everybody's how's the mercenary noses every week in savagely lights is impossible for him to not do this brain we regard everything's wonky may want here every audio club it's the charm of the show got accepted it's perfect
in some perverse and we are doing our most drowns what a sweet lady one of the wages of the seller may that really yeah why she's a dressmaker now i'm asking i can understand a bug in worthy fad make your voice sounds like a girl crying every time you speak do you give yourself interaction darling i adds something might hear something you'll never hear gray tat too oh shit you bloody lower back tattoo on your face i know not whether to be scared of it or finish on it logan i gave it so its own
in rangoon constantly getting pounded it's like patrice as grandmothers asshole after a gospel bronze i'm just assuming she raised you does that mean you feel bad another produces dead now now use patterns my view and i love the trees and i want it larry i wanted him to think i did a good job and i know he did we hung out like after party in here i was like he was proud of our you know you did a good job i wanted to trees that you know like manner with do whatever the trees when i heard he was gonna be on the day says oh shit that don't kick me into the next year as i really cool i hear he's on my favorite comics as i shall i can't phone and even a second
like he'll call he'll call beauchamp everything who is who is fun but now i don't feel bad about about anything but that that that second launched you write that promise it will bring and i gotta corporate egg like you now have must me you must be getting a lot more standard work now know i'm getting we're on the road will have a blue make a lake maybe twice what i was making road before but i that's great you right away i totally to how crazy you that one video they had amazing it so this is worth it no really i mean bridges being on the road like you don't like to know how you know you were you bring friends desolate i bring irish fear or joe ideas are everybody arable i love i wouldn't know
makes such a devout it's it's a night and day goes from being a chore to being a lady fine but what i also realise i've always seen and hideous hotel we are now seeing a nicer down the road of the whole different experience it was like want to touch the sheep yeah yeah yeah haired with some assholes that party holland aligning the comedy kyle nay note a kind of like that's the only time i use that i'm a girl i had you tired hotel rooms i had ice the handers not not hotel rooms but in calming condos where they don't have doors on the rooms words with deeds i put in my time i didn't say it as a doctor's yes oil companies door now that's the darkest condo on earth i've heard more and more uncomfortable posts coil moments of occurred chapel really working you feel the uncomfortable of roads tank
road hacks and whatever poor lonely fuck allows those road taxes stick their dick inside of them and crabs ness ways i can say that no commonly contest that's the thing i bring my plan i bring my friend with me now the next one phoenix phoenix was a dark one too shabby improv those joyousness haunt back in the dark days of joy is he would pull the fuckin shades clothes you and even hear him you couldn't call him he would answer is pager was nothing going on with joey for hours come out to do so look like a vampire where the leg bell ago i've been furious i i've been in condos where that i heard the feature at getting fact and i was there they were going far now i was i was like trying to sell you you heard him up like reading so you heard him having more europe means a guy or girl guy i never heard are you to hurl a guy was fucked the feature was fucking ogre like a girl oh one of the waitresses
were they allowed where they allowed owes a guy guy give them my blessing why you guys go for aid did you guys like my new opening oh never yet those awful and then were was was it was loud i felt like it was his way saying like i'm that really you felt like that i did i mean that can about women are so funny like even just a guy getting laid will be like a message i felt like he was sending messages because this strategy laid there is the other why would you assume that the thing than men want more than anything else in life is to get laid why would you soon in him getting laid would be anything aligning male comics egos are bigger than like their cox for sure ro sure i think it would be more or less waitress no one under any circumstances would have wanted to bang this girl i figured more like hey i'm being loud because i want you to know if you want to join us you can copy a little that second of
you you say that but the guy was correct yeah and i'm sure he wasn't the first see even though he was virgin you know what he would say girls like now really pretty just willing allowing that'll do better than as were pathetic pathetic creatures i know now you understand what it's like to have a dick you know you talk to worm you talk to chaz bono cushions time
make sense now give that lady rank shooting opportunist astro tolerating sites is this year she can really talk about that shit or threatening this really has gone from both extremes or he now he had no mean talk him like what's what's annoying and and and then the sexual urges that come on because it just ass wrong yeah men go blank the good said they don't know what's going on but i dont know i gotta do you guys and i've been one in a couple relationships or i was always initiating sacks oh you now i feel like i've been supercharged on my own yeah i dont have a deck saw not like it's not rushing up against such accident
but but i don't know i don't know i feel driven by sex to using u driven by success like to get sex knows no i'm not driven by success i feel like sexually driven like a lot of the time right what i was saying those that if a guy like is is getting laid most likely that he's just doing way like outcomes razor you would you now but you would think that they were trying to send a message to the tenth nice how much of a noise like say loud he was like very everything do that weaken was really annoyingly he was trying to he will take his coffee onstage and do a lot of crowd work and just in many villages to ground you're gonna enjoy amy like it was like some annoying that i adona i wouldn't housing is wrong with wood with those these doing little crowd work like when you have
oh i'm sorry i thought you said he was the headlines now allows outlier oh i was confused because i thought you were saying by him being lao it was his way of saying on the headline uno like he was saying i should be happy i think he's like china out miss hall total miscommunication yet here all i would see their could totally see how like middle ass we have a real you know i was i was there headline in you is all we can try to assert himself like in the greener and change much ok please we makes dont have told you i'm sick in irish they try to feel good and be as it is in whatever on the roadmap so he would like to put on the tv what he wanted to watch what you were watching yang obi like big baseball game ouch oh really yeah i'm gonna get into like until i got an ego battle you're fucking will you i'd workin for women that's for sure and especially like ego
and try to be sensitive to legislate though i just want to be treated like roy retreat but i'm a doubling treated differently expectations on the road but like because i'm a girl bell think there's some expectation like not necessarily that i'm gonna hook up with them but that i'm a girl so they're like come in the green room like this past week in the sky was talking to me like i just letting me no like hi i'm from here and now as i like what would you do that to a tell would you do like would you come green room and try and lake paint your picture and give me your bio and placed the your house you doing this so you feel you wanna guy does us he doesn't like he doesn't like respect too you were a male comic like i would like to be treated like a comic like you
treat the headline comic while on the road right but they treat me like like a girl an geyser confuse like how they usually are with checks that's without a treat me but i think i should first be treated like the headliner that we can just speaking to me like i'm working with you right rather than like throwing me any she knew not even try to log dominate them you just don't i'll try to dominate you you don't want them just get where we here i just want them did really like normally and like they would treat any comedian four zero sum comic szilard volume in sheer agree room with with the middle and the opening for though it might get to that point just because of how much lake bullshit we ve had problems in the past with gaza we didn't know when we do that maximum comedy tourism and we kicked the guy in boston those well she's just subaru do she
talking shit about everybody weather on stage talking shit about me got really really drunk he was just a creepy ass hole and he was you know that what we do we have like i know i don't what time was i'm saying boss but it might not have involved seems like it would be at that might not have been there i don't remember remember the guy's name but it was one of those things were there was in tell me how to different opener local guy with a most of them were fuckin really good times the girl was hilarious that's why i'm at times he opened up in phoenix anyway this do just go third and it was is and i said to brian i think i said to you as it is the last time and work with no it's not worth age display sometimes i want to know if you carry out further to add another only going a measure to be polluted zones but it's like the club you know you could work out deals with clubs in our especially with each image we need a goddamn potash does we need the ideas we need this is the number one promote
tool for a stand up because it really i get to know you out as this kind of format how the fuck else is anybody get to totally get to know you i just want i think i just want people to get to know me that i want to get to know really i thought what about your stand up my stand up is becoming more and more me but it's just sort of an amplified version that whatever truth i want to get out there so i know you that's sancho your ear right like i'd we want of tat shows and stuff right you know that sort of to promote the comedy is well yeah so but in terms of people who really knowing me and like my personal now that i have to know your pa reveal well we i know you talkin about like the asking i guess you're saying weird and national inquiring shared right in your personal life or if you're one of those weird purple but offers up every little single detail yeah you now i understand we what you are saying here that that would make sense and i i'd feel like really intimidated by that like all this technology said here and like i don't even know how would the first step of starting points
our guy might wanna have mercy but i again you live in new york and yet how often you in our almost never oh really need them a dollar we gotta move any check this out suddenly found degree my letters whether someone is motivated was space and we are you wanna yard and dogs and problems you not if i like how to do that i loved handling we had a rabbit firemen man blue by you now i live in it and john or linda runs tyler i'm here in the agro way time as other sounds better you don't lyndon johnson i know right now i don't know blue by a beautiful saw blogger i just i live here by who kindly grove am farmland runs a blue by you for her there's only the story i want to hear your you're gonna be
oh my dreams are anywhere matter below island entirely wanting lack round music to your dreams so cold blooded do you have a brain tissue rocard and i want you to tell me a horrible personal once you to tell me what the right relationship would be i would make you wanna make don't fuck with it start buying please on five of my dreams are now look this is a beautiful voice but it's lhasa since i left my baby behind we know this song versus so tell me i just a guy who listens as a huge rod knows when to tell me to shut the fuck up and went to me that man's got so far like what you say you can you get that camera
these are you gotta to blue oh my god i wish i was a blue by you and by you love you about your thing blue buying does anyone know why you're dark star what does the lad was the lowest and diversity in los angeles a couple yeah i like coming on your workable months like a five m working on something you find it is because your friends are all back east or almost man's moved here all they do i don't have any friends in new york really well i'd like to friends but that what is it that you love so much money on came i suppose
is that what i saw my brain really hear anything like the worse than ever walked the face of the earth magnum well we saw on the next point kelly i listen to miami humor it's broken on point like it's like hearing myself i would to what is it seizing bride dont might arise and wonderful encountered guess just how did she say earlier i am clearly too much for you to handle you is beginning to show she's making you a better person you ve got to a full released cycle and now i've become the bitter guy at the end of every relationship that the boxes grow for national passenger i just don't get new york i'm sorry i just don't get i know that moment seems like them scary that moment in a relationship with your packing up and he's mocking you
saying like marking shit i haven't i would not like out with you this is happening right now this is the moment you ve got a full relationship cycle and rising all go you're leaving look there's a girl i just have one problem with people like new york you know that is all well i've been getting in the universe matthew if you were like i love i really love new york times square how'd you fuck with now like totally over me let me or whatever you guys have gone through evil relationship cycle and left girl like new york brow i don't see why so creepy but like i lay get there you know because i think people away a lot of them are playing at an identity whereas people in new york like if if there's like an old rich me
jewish check on the upper east side like that's really who she is run people year alike by an outfit and there like this is who i wrote you know not everybody up my best friends live out here and there not like that but on minorities and the vast majority of people you encounter the higher percentage of a more more fucked up another little nation yet and unlike angry going into any restaurant like everyone's looking around and everybody just a totally different vibe it's i don't think it's all the people it's just like you know what i say about cops like most cops or cause fuck that the cops i run into most cops are good guy janitor knew no work really tough job but there's a percentage whatever it is one or two percent ten percent will you you'd make the number up or they're just fuckin kuntz they're just cut but they would be concept there were construction workers there would be counted it emerges that he also restore the just shoot a human being and anything that percentage for allies yet more
it's because the fact that this is a magnet for people they want showbiz vain yeah that's what it is i mean not only people who come here with a proof not arise dream butler who i wish you know and that is we don't know anything about it right but they came here and to become famous you you'll meet them flower stores you'll meet them and this this one is anything like i dont like those people and i and i i have legal weird mightily what i want from this stuff is i'm confused by because getting recognised and all that stuff is not i have an experience it has been i like i've gotten upgraded sometimes you know there's works but like anonymity in new york no one gives a shit if you are the most famous person ivy league you can ride around subway and people generally leave you alone i think as nobody gives a shit there i don't know i just like it more there so use me we'll give a shit there are less than they give a shit here that's ideal
so that's a matter more people just don't give a shit famous or about seeing someone famous sir and it's weird cause it's like i want to reach as many peoples i can like that's the goal but i dont like like i don't like hey ear i write i see what you say but you're gonna get them anywhere you're gonna get than they are setting any of that is a copy come i heard you say if you if you ve lived there for a long time and it is one thing that i definitely got when i first came here i was gonna totally move back to new york after my first sitcom was cancelled because i didn't like that but here at all and i wish it was my time ever working with actors ever in my whole life into this really bad said come on fox called hardball was written by two guys that were brilliant writers they work for the simpsons married with children but then fox got a hold of their circumventions stuck com
in the case of phase shot i thought it had some years it is really has it was like when the book the brilliant vision that they had jeff martin and kevin kern where the guys the brilliant in that they had became like up just this thing that had been fucked death covered in common like a glare owners itemised ourselves everybody this because no one to believe how bad it was these guys first of all that the guy's originally wrote really find really funny guys in the pilots funny it could have been funny a decent show but when they get just some guy used to work on numb coach and he was you know one of those turnout bow and arrows at birth were bare what were you there you know those fucking robot shows our it's like you get this programme to monitor renewed be real easy to make that show
one of the lines was i was on a desk with this girl and i go we're about to have sex and that the coach opens up the door and i go do you mind and he goes yes i mind that's that's my daughter your attempting to that's my desk your attempt the defile that's what it says and i say i'm not defile in the dusk under filing her there is a line and they were like approved that was like yes moving on to the next council we actually said that with the cameras on that's how bad the show had gone it was it was death side i was ready to pack up and i fucked up and got a lease she s a comes gonna go so i had to leave for a year and i still department of new york and i was like what the fuck i'm going to do now i just leave this spot on here and then i want to doing another sitcom afterwards but i was ready to go and it was my my thing was just dealing with actors who just dealing with it
there you go luzhin i really like new york actors well overall though you know i mean i'm sure if you it's like like compton everything else most actors i think are fine but it might be like thirty percent of em that you just fucking candy communicate case yeah but ties i've found that it was the same centrally in new york was just going to steal sizzle tearing out here what's the difference the hidden the high the way girls dressed for additions is different like i always look like shit i looked like newly homeless i walk in the room they like are looking me like issued apart cars and there are like perfectly flawlessly dress cool and i get to be like non threatening girl they all talk to the waiting room when in new york it's like i look like the other not ripening girl yeah they all talk soon we now in general everyone ask me questions like to the bathroom is i think they think i'm working
level of like kept beauty appear is very very hands like when you go to nice places and she girls now have perfect toes and expensive shoes and expensive bags they look fearful they're lying along there's a lot of girls and allay that are hot as farc look like that land it and that's one of the things about the commodity of like you know if you're all your cell and is what you look like good falcon loud here exists word has not and we age yet ten years wrongly take thou art manner yours heroin need that guy that's for us in europe to be frozen your exit yeah my exit present all of them we got to save a few really for live round isolate thought about this is the as that in case you know you wait too long and then you're boxes dry yeah in this way you can just lay about your eggs what's not no eggs left they also allow fall out of your a early and freeze out the other mere at the standing i did
reproductive frown joe and bribed the girl ethical terms like suck out those eggs juno girls you're actually store their body fat also to be used later as revealed actions in their face prison like a line and never never gonna start doing with your lips ever yeah it's unfortunate that someone trick girls in the fuckin with their lips the same way they did with their tents because the tits worked because guys really dont care when a guy draws faked debts even though we know that there's a guy did a bag of water under the skin that's making them pop out like that we so fuckin stupid any any movement and change in the direction tat you d better it's like if egyptian hieroglyphs thing it's like for whatever it is it's the shape of the woman's body even though you know it's horseshit but that is the door with the lips when it comes to the lips though we don't like that we can apply the same principles to test as you can
lips and that's they try to do it tried to make the lips crazy and puffed up thinking about he's gonna go with it the way they go with tests but they didn't they went well well well well well this is lips you can't do lips the way you do tat you can do tat are crazy outrages in gaza ye would simply be they do but you get all fish based on duty and they get crept out some above the lips yeah i saw ticket the genuine their nations bulging her hair she's not elderly but she's got up there and she really had implants and they were bad like that you know that stability of her skin was in holding up the lancet kind of fallen so nipples were up the rocks and saw i wish i could i couldn't stop looking i was just like end use blowdryer hair like make it lay out maybe it was her way warning maybe every memories girls who just like to take on rugged lesbians and it's like oh go fad and the oau find them it's just gonna let those rocks hang out in the bathroom
a girl just like say she had a hard life and she's email me that's ago this guy this finishes people are unaware chet extremism lesbians and are only into running into girls at about hard laws like you know tis you i'll hang up scars and shit they love it you like what's up and the next thing you want some written box in the handicaps that seventy percent of farms not as i know aren't alarms horrible implants like rock implants i wouldn't want anything fake on any benny weird thing the you're not just became accepted but fuckin shot up but i've seen girls that have got em like they ve their babies and then their boobies got all dehydrated and they became i can't move is and then they got their breast implants and they felt better i mean whatever its its enlargement is like but does make it look brenner uneven it's stupid it doesn't seem like it should make sense but it totally works is a trick let's like that dumb
magic trick of all tat i m are already what's under my shirt you know i know it's under their the bag a warrior ass all bobby while black who like big real tedious is big real duties to a man just that's the vegetation of it that is on a mud flap you know gives our testicles tingle he hasn't have to be actually real it's like a symbol it so it's so i comment in the man's mine this is that this is the man's minuses into your mind like from attacking people guys won't get like first by the way first well there's no way i could no efforts in every one bits how do you talk to other people in the world i think that's why faked its work that's that's why you mean that shape the hourglass shape of a woman there's a reason why that is like an iconic shape the hourglass shape whereas like for man me women guys with nice bodies but as a there's no
shape that you could like put up that represents a man's body too i think every woman has really is a different taste in men men's bodies but i think for it's like classic hourglass big tits shape that's on them like waifs these guys are broken broke they have broken balls they wanted that doesn't work try one of the reasons why i wanna hear that of course like to check that was is that's on sports illustrated like i love her body vienna kate uptown came up in his hero on our message board i'm sayin everyone is a body its she's got a spark whenever there is a threat on the message board for one of our podcast if the parties
goes astray and the subject of the park has become something that they are not interested in it all they didn't i posted kate upton picture ass my it's all kate opted it's hilarious it's really funny stuff like a gas like says something stube that i want to listen to them anymore just becomes a kate photo festival set was satisfying she is ten has like me now she's not like a meal i mean i don't like skinny girls i mean i like i'm aggregate difference i'm saying you know like i'm i don't find them attractive rain but everybody's different subjects like black eyes right lot of black eyes like fat what girls right rang out a lot of white guys like chinese girls like everybody's allowed to what your level of what like your ways like everyone i saw something today that remind me of one thing i definitely don't like in that's flat
this man's flat man at odds with what i think you saw i saw somebody stocking something at a store that i was out and i was like as i was there i saw you i like a linens and thank the event an elderly juicy someone who was on the balcony who was naked who paparazzi two photographs of no ok because as area money from the eu of sea paparazzi took four grass over the other were on her balcony would she was on her balcony naked and they were like from a long way away with a high powered lens they took pictures of the herd naked and put him all the entry serious there what made you with had that come up as some guys we're sanity her but talks were less than impress now she's a beautiful girl but no luck guys have to realise is a big difference schuman girls ass normally looks like
girls ass looks like when she's posing for photos right when chicks gillette walkin around like do like naked they don't even know the people are watching her ass i did hear ass his ear ass pucker there s arrest this fine this was actually imagine a twelve year old boys who is not here in this house and the fact that this person that was stocking something at the store was in her i just had to sit there ok you are what you get is permanent listen when you said his purse seiners stalking sorting out of sight or woody leasing heard and i thought it was a young boy stocking how can that are at our ass i sat there and just kept on staring at there was no ass at like you know we ve clue you while how about adjusting woman random and let you just like trying to bring you your latte who is dealing with this trick at starbucks so he's talking about someone was in the audience
buying something at starbucks well taken by employees start why oh jesus brion said a poor time they know you said starkey on i thought i say stalking you knew it i didn't know you meant stocking items like on a shelf yeah i've unlike what is he talking about the employ was stalking someone with a fuck watching him stock them and they have a flat ass where we're gonna crazy conversation is now exists that was listens like one low spanish things where you know you say the wrong word they want to shoot you know no brando doesn't happen but if you know what i'm saying you think you know the language used yard and led to one of those those fuckin everything is now being stella i was the first time so this person has a smaller yea it was it was not only was it flat it was like when there's indented asses but it was so small nearby you're mad at this checks that
right there i can't i don't have any data because to me it looks like it deformation which like i see her and i'm like this where this would hurt me less if i haven't seen your ass but i've seen it oh my god i am i ask this war was the terror of everyone's erratic matter what their ass his essence for effort there's no way should be talking about ways ass ever made their leave me that's why he's so upset because he had something any sees himself here something a season mirrors and men and mere michael jackson that's it that is what it is by you just we learned a lot about ourselves to our getting some actually i've been told by the many of my ex girlfriend remove do our part gas on a permanent basis yet you shouldn't we will live errors you gloomy a studio we'd make you famous array ok you you're a monster euro area here i'm gonna move are you guys you're throwing it away all we're throwing us hypothetical tomorrow if my bag trying or macedonia alzheimer's and i weren't you told her you were of you and every week couch
a bathroom for remember once he could easily read now let me guess spots of ice how everyday has i think you know what every radio show that's ever existed there was trouble stick a woman on the show that we need a balance it i'm gonna boughs and men resists lay open ethnic call them holes oh yes like that radio hold those guys are awesome there right there right but you are different link you actually would bring a funny female perspective tupac saying you totally be known one thank you you can i know it you know i know what you mean though it's like that they're like ok let's find the least unbearable girl and hope she knows went and not dwells usually she's hot and you know she sassy you know she can hang with the guy and we can and we could call it your step moms house is that link and inside a cigarette midwife undermines analogy i have one called your mom's totally joke
you guys included we include me in all jokes were now i'm so sorry i am moving out here you know you are not attack that's all it's acquisition you don't wanna be eyes is all about whether we should utilise friend medical marijuana oh that's right what are you gonna have grown parka show have i ve been historiae i've never been in store i was gonna take you right after we leave here will take you right into medical or really yes i'd love to us that's what those whose relieve you i like you rising this part by the way to this as we know the guy makes us you don't have to worry about terrorism the guy who actually grows it because it maybe my we you knowing early annex k be my we'd minor and we don't have to worry about this we because this week is one hundred percent not created by bad people can thank here in this research
at her welcome and vice versa do not camera you are put on my face if you if you wanted on camera though it's really bad for your career let will it what was it maybe she do you want to join the death squad that sounds good earthly stepmom house is gonna be partially zero nets at another inside your girlfriend dont in used to date that actually brokered i love her i don't love him although i don't know i was home sallies now i don't know him by was so if he could pay my bills are no better than you you know he can help you get me a hack well here i just heard natasha honour and guerrilla we early funny she's she's very funny and duncan in her are cool with the other gonna run i don't feel they get the picture
young friends right away like their community railway we told you that i think it's great and because there was a dog you fucking child i do not have very mixed feelings or somebody to problem is you want to fuck you you wanna fuck em again so just don't see them special nancy manure yeah we got a problem yeah you know what the human body is a strange fuckin thing you know when you when you had moments with someone and then also near in front of them again and especially the new ones around you know if you like you know yet you just for whatever strange reason just run of them somewhere and all sudden you're standing face to face and you want to give him a hug and so then you do then he has things now what's up we broke up for a reason
chemicals in your body are like in your borders will not u penis starts going we used to talk with you can remember that was fun right autonomous writers newsman rank county and then if you keep keep doing that over and over again you'll never get out a relationship so my thing is don't talk don't be in place of these are the break up of the same girl six seven times because they will always get other farc in five minutes so good and then they just feels like home happy to not be fucking a stranger yes happening before from a stranger and then on top of it it's will live in that its this weird thing that happens when you break up and then you make up like that make up a sluggish really saying especially your convinced that you're never gonna make up like you insulted each other said crazy shit to each other you know and then people get in like patterns like you could recognise those patents restart dating someone cuz they'll try to pull
shit in although insult you and say some creepy to you and you know what the fuck is this it came out of nowhere what came a network is that's how they rocket like every relay every relationship they get in its like starts off real good get really close to each other and then get fuckin nasty with each other and then recover recover i only one relations where we are now seeing each other since then it's been like pretty smooth sailing in and out that's the worst there's no dark you're feeling than someone who you so i tell i love you needs to make out with them and you see you know if you have sex with them and then all suddenly like ie ellen each other and angry word say and insulting shit to take back yellow i only had one like that it's been since then i don't i refuse to participate now i haven't had a relationship like that since i was in my twenties and when i the last one that did happen i clearly remember like saying this is
never gonna happen again i can never allow myself to given the sort of a situation where where every time i'm around this person there's some sort of like argument or debate at the worst or jockeying for position you know there's a weird jockeying of power sometimes that goes on in some common patients are relationships you know so you maybe you your your car prince triggers the weirdest parts of some guy have you ever had that happen where like the guy probably pretty cool with a lot of people but then he gets like i'm leaving i gotta think like you being a comic and being smart and quick those two don't that's that must be like issues with some dues guys work comics heavy duty you more complex guys only dated one comic we'll yeah i've fucked up her time to vote now we say no brain like i don't mean statements like that like i'd love to thank like oliver data come again until now it's like it's nice view somebody speaks your life my dad that does help about
want to date someone is fucked up as you really i don't think i've met it's just a word he was able to follow you fuck with somebody you work with you're gonna pay in the in the you see how many clubs like working at a place you're doing here do you know you're on stage doing you share near by cunning doing yours not persona but whatever they need you and stage and then but then like seeing something that makes you so vulnerable and you can't can't like you know in good conscience keep up that facade when you're lying you now you go home and cry socks i've only dated one abuse of crazy crazy ass all and i am i really was a common reducing i never did but we brought out those that you first worker i had anything out of the dark that's my new year's resolution that i feel like that i hope that i forgot
this year glow i do not have any freshness base just like i don't i feel racist i've never been with a black eye like why aren't i mean why ass my fervently zammit me reason since shoes i think she's a chinaman there's this guy wants you to hook you up his name is rampage he's a really nice everybody who wears a chain while you fucked wouldn't i probably were addressed protector and you'll be fine from that's what i want i want i rather like i want a meal is ankle bracelet more if we need like it's gonna lose but just resolve i'm not gonna cocoanut lotion i don't think i think it's hoboes biggest with dark girl so good chance you went down weirdo lay and i went down racist land i'm not now i dont i'd i'd like i really did make that is my news resolution but i don't know happen yeah i know people that are complex and only day comics and never works society not a guy
it's like high school years the same shows and rename will not leave out i think it's better in life in my opinion to experience things from when you close or someone weather friends or whether there you know come because whatever when you when you really close to someone you experiencing life when you communicate with them yet through a different perspective fundamentally different perspective if you're dating someone and has led to comply a different set of interests in a completely different set of desires like someone who sees life from a totally different viewpoint then a performer you're gonna get your you'll it'll i think like it will broaden your perspective the yoga i think and i give you our perspective when you day people that are outside of your line of show business even line of work i would think if you unity are limited hearing yeah fuelling a ceo and you're date seo checks and you get together have some ceo sex look i'm about three hours
cruelty little line are yearn stay and on their guides are to feel very incestuous like just talking about a link on your own denied by greater was only fog today before the laughter died and i was just like this is too like that when does the work stop and so but right now and by the way which is one of the greatest calmly cities walter fucking unbelievable we couldn't help fuckers are sites folks i don't know if you don't know there's this cd one clay was displayed by the way once through the park gas and i got his number one he doesn't have a cell phone and he doesn't have a voice mail at home he just hasn't
incidentally you either get me or you get me is that it now and i know it does it it doesn't have an answer me if he doesn't answer the phone that's you taught me now i love it and have it and when he was huge when he was at the top of the heap he put it a c d to be poured over double album of him bombing as he went to wander now already wanted age feels completely unannounced and you gotta understand folks when when this was happening when dice put to sea the place was feeling colosseum dice clay was the biggest he was all ass close if stand up comedian of all time i was there is no guy who had more success and he doesn't get alot of credit because it was really juvenile
first of all for whatever reason for some people it's like not good i'll tell you what i fuck you love dice especially when i was a kid i was with my girlfriend who we're like nineteen eighteen nineteen and we're listen into a cassette have andrew dies clay we were fuckin howling lad way before ever thought it would ever do stand up kommeni but i remember thinking this guy's fucking aware he just was going or every single fuckin thing go and forces beyond com the eyes of isa and norton security can you know gas treasurer used to be days the guy in the stories of details optional just make you lovedays even moved fuckin crazy so this is what he does he's as is on top of the world he goes
it feels to shows up and he doesn't out of him with no material it all year he just went up anxious talk shit for like two hour ruined every audience member oh my god what i've hacked people maybe they were like four people after the anonymous so crazy it was a complete sleepy non comedy any sold it and there are still some funny moment there is a growing worthless think there's a guy like donovan whose like a boston legend and when i was coming up he was one of the guys i really admire and he was crying laughing recounting dice doing mix then while he was no girls ass he's he's whose hip to mix it and that is our pleasure an hour later on in life is nixon impression and donovan was right racketeers thinking appears in the back room of the comedy connection crying tears recounting talking but how great the cd is essential
for a comic here any up and coming comic marin you must get the day the laughter die yet you must get that kinda firstly start new like want the crowd to lake and then you get a healthy like hey up and then and indifference creeps and but that's where i am now just total indifference well it's like guys and girls ugly guys and girls have this thing where they live love the girl but the girl doesn't love them back so every time they see an ugly or pretty girl they have this feeling of pain inside of them that that the connection with rejection so it's not that the crowd is terrible it's just in the beginning terrible so we grow to hate the crowd because so many times they punished us further truth for the man we love them but it's not satisfying enough where we have to get good enough to be buried in them he answered of guard them along
but an narrow listen hide my comedy journey now i think you are a lot and i honestly believe that there's a lotta comics that developed a sort of heat for their audience and it's really strange and i think the only thing that makes sense as they connected with bad feelings they connect there already with whatever net some reflection of how they ve put out their own energy and their own personality how people respond to that end their own material you know one when if they ve had bad said sir if they ve head like a bad things happen in the crowd and they associate that that bad feeling with everyone who comes to see them develop i've met a lot of old guys had been the business for lot at automatics vienna give a fuck with these people want to see them when i do very like either they don't like to show my folks get the fuck adding ay and they really do developed that sort of defence mechanism yeah i to be exactly the opposite i travel i
now i have like when i could do shows people come out that no me mike it's there it's mine crowd so what it's my outside its ways just like you know we're just gonna have fun you know it's ray i feel a very open when i go out there and like just like one someone like in life i give them the benefit of the downright agenda and i'm i'm into a but but i know i feel like i don't need anything from them right now where i am i'm not lake unlike please laugh or please like me and i'm not like i know you're scared at our youth as an intelligent person when you are involved in this sort of a bizarre line of work there's there's a self analysis that comes with creating new material and a lot of time to start looking at this weird relationship that you have this strange group of people seeking their approval on doing isn't i'm changing i am now em there's that there's a weird like there's a theirs
everything that goes back and forth when an intelligent person and your analyzing anything we sort of insisting on the approval of mass amounts wrangle which is your comedy is totally more so than like music beer but like ok but before you were saying about being a check and in my limit thus like manner you can talk about i didn't want to say limit what i said it makes it more difficult i think i'm more impressed when a chicken skirt the issues of sex or politics or or any any position with thirty or or to make sense here because guys don't want to hear a girl makes sense that they haven't figured out ok well that's not what i meant that makes total says that's what i think i've been doing icon sage about sex tough talking about like bigger the female experience
were it not for the sake of shock and not for the sake of making any be uncomfortable or lino china belittle or alienate the dude it's not like that i i and i think that i have found a way to like make it acceptable for people to die just a bit you have your smart it's it's not impossible but it is more difficult but about in that way out but i'm my reason for saying as i so i'm paying pension to the experience of the audience is having like i i if they're not laughing and caught with ray i'm not gonna be like why don't care that the path them on rum red by that now react to it but i just don't feel like lake you know i just know where i used to have her job didn't work i would sort it just tap dance to the next one billion gravely this'll and i just you know that i think just from bombing so hard so many times leaves you because you lived out all your fears on rage year
yeah the moments of deep bombing dynamic i came up to this but it's true the bar bombing moments are clarity moment yeah there and i think that that's where people develop the the bad relationship with the audience i think that's it's like a guy ugly do pretty girls so used to getting rejected the eu food these boots were always lose boons even learn where you will serve to restrict i think that it is a natural thing for people i loved year one of the videos or where you are paid out though that if a female hackler you you were like i'm not you just like really explain the true to her like i'm not i think you're like i'm your boyfriend or like i'm not trying to fuck you like you i'm not going to act like what you're saying is interesting not not
there are those who your words but i learned what i learned from that isaac over the absolute truth is like the phoenicia like you you didn't like insult her whatever yours like here's a situation i didn't have you not fascinating to me yeah like theirs and i'm not gonna pretending orange sing like because i want to bang you like just shut up we had a woman in various couple weeks ago that was in vegas to the one i think you think about which vegas they just go the deepest hackers usually on matter ecstasy recycling laugh at will fly there i prefer knows what the fuck they're doing in vegas what there's a girl last time we there she stood up for like ten minutes for ten and ass you like standing up in the audience why destroy her what was then our law are told exaggerated and ten is a bad name issue and seriousness kind of magic back but now she was dead enough for a long time screamin and yellow that may switch is crazy shoes
pretty and she just thought for whatever reason she just could be run in this room i think she's living infuse she's into coyote ugly to anytime you just stand up and start a revolutionary starts flare barodia somebody the devil went down to the dual this area nigel jerry dancing you're like that's not
whatever reasons it is really really would be the centre of attention he asked causes mass of commotion i now like talk to them like i talked like i talked a toddler obviate do you feel like you need attention i guess that's more like do you needed to be from me or maybe the people your whether your table maybe what is what blood you yeah this definition could he drank to me so look at this one thing of behavior what what is that what is the catalyst which start this ass we have had molestation let's talk about eve you somewhere never come and get you what can we do right now raised by dog or i'll just like a move to make an honest say like don't talk to me anymore and i discover its like because i think it the way that it is a struggle also for me as i gone stage i look like very amish like i look not threatening and i i think people react even no matter what easier like i'm assumption
to teach her like a who clearly mrs randle nonlinear america i looked like an american dollar but also imply apple plaza you'd have like the best tasting apple pie right i'm yeah step is if i looked at her and its adoption by we got some also help and then i go up and unlike my policy that sort of thing is like in a step teacher swiped a sort of research authority right away and be like this is how does this this house is gonna go you know i must think that's hard to mean that i bet i think i would have imagined the guy's would be or like totally scare i don't know i want to know i dont get hit on very often or like if it had on it'll be a guy coming up after the show who will listen my stuff i do a lot of stuff up like the easy
so they develop i've had a guy come up any pages like assume that there are like going home with me like i'm really i've had a guy can often be like hasten the marine and like i drove two hours to get here in another way cells yet as i did i don't ape and a knife i like as i like to thank you for i like signed the city and unlike ok thanks in these words where we going on my own knowing ranger like where we go a year or but no and change ring chicks just as much as guys aren't our hands with me and our like let's go somewhere where's the next location for jesus cry and they want a party with the order they want to have sex with its checks i hope both i can only hope lonesomedey girls want to hang out but they're all like and if it's like a couple they'll be like i dont have amy i mean on their labour the girls are pansy isn't you know they feel like i'm sure
they feel that their your friend they know you write reva they want you to like them and they want you do know that they get it brought together so yes so guy definitely i have to like i did the sheriff boxwoods and this guy was like can i can i can i take a picture where i'm pretending like i'm gonna grab your boobs and i was a word and i was like now i'm but let's seeking my picture and he ruined on facebook use like that she left me and i wrote back to him and i was like like that's the only time i ever have or ever will re backed anyone who writes immigrants who i like i like bligh i like the block button on twitter block happy but that guy was like why did you feel like that was okay like i'd i said will take another picture and he's a ghost
you'd be like limp and really would have done it i'm just like hollywood enzymes i'm on the road by myself usually like i want some inbred fucking weird out survey like oops sorry i grab them by accident pretending your tits how fuckin crazy swear it i'm just like now i m not alone then i'll grab and driver joe girl i've just picked me up for a picture guy asked me if you could pick me up i will do to save you can i carry you what did you want to do pills can carry you in the picture here man like you i would you hey that's so we was so where it was a big guy tools like you like that i think you have to fight for their positions and let come up with our european support we actually carrying me we're gonna have to wear fighting you crazy ass all trying to pick me it will have no boundary air and then what next thing you know it's never enough never enough so is
with the average whereas would never asked did you pick you up and carrying i would however ask imo with its it's an artist just makes up for the first time you ve ever met them even though you know that their person they ve seen on television or whatever it is you have just met them you crazy ass you angry answer three seconds of space time is this going to occur you in sacramento shit got thrown out of a child she was talking in drunken loud and she got punchline at the punchline prices the ship and she was like amy let them do it you're a stranger bad sleek shoe by was giving no barbara or whatever is again her out of here crazy drug asshole you gonna let them why what i always wondered too when people go off in the audience occasionally i will always wonder what are they on
this day and age i always wondered about like what kind of where's restrictions they are and where it comes ranking at the same time because some people did this is a complete disconnect from rio re absolute utter disconnect from we are and will be like they're not to be mean they're trying to like they think there help isn't your homes and they let me tell you afterwards i helped you show your great right those good i'm goin over each other now i had a guy the punchline lana over the years was like yelling and he was like said something like i cannot lesbian i mean i've called a finger but i'm not and any like yes you are you ve you'll fuck anybody in any and i don't think he was trying to lash i think he was trying to be like i know you're whatever road but then everybody's who when they put the lights on and it's like they wanted me to like trash the sky road and society
nobody here now they put the lights on em they put the lights on the crab so that you can see here while did you were asked them to do that i don't think so the video online it's not gradually related what why did you do that that's their solution being where the loads like here you can see him now he ease of it why go after him and i don't want to do that i want to do like my draw my jokes on working on the road that is i'd rather not have the interaction at all that is a problem especially when it becomes really funny to than the crowd thinks it's really good thing that has happened then someone else s favour pie asher they enjoyed elegant trusts that fucking idiot i can see how though the club and really got to be fought and but there's other than one even allowed to get that i love those colleagues gotham gotham police
say don't fuck around now that place there all excalibur running that you're all fuckin savages neighbourhood tell them you guys alone they are with their waiting to power those guys professional new york amy you learn all know will have a signal the other animals than o fuck around there might there waiting to hurt those guys are beautiful tat their freedom of thought in places perfect its perfection i hardly guy there why are we like and i are you dialogue on them i love god that's why i started the next time i wonder what the hell am i doing in the donor brian where my doing hadn t the manhattan zero fancy pan give a very nice in french guiana boots i know you know so well
are you in clubs just as much but yeah i think more sometimes even but its intensity about it's when you can't do five shows can't do a whole weekend you know like thursday friday and saturday sunday and if i can do that i have to do a theatre gonna want i get bummed out if i can only doing one show talents to hunt or something like that in the air but does the best shows rising like two hundred make is that i might fella you listen how i'm tellin you if you had about gas he'd be packing clubs everywhere i've heard you stand up you fuckin larrea saint just whereas two instead of as you are rose thank you you be killing them oh my god a pike has ten can stem eyes houses my pack has i wouldn't know the first thing to say i really start times are talking ship or come on you can be the whole on our show i love with your introduce shine you could
be my email the desk one for yes so beautiful with only beautiful because you're here council well there's effect but on that day oh by the way are in front of your amy there's a low brown thing tat neither low rubber thing right there oh this isn't it its thanks you don't need to fake ass all may and i would be concerned that this was perhaps a real have legislated wandered away from so this is an african americans ass it is because of february ers know another child the ass all when grows at what will we do some porn star pod cashier when girls have a gaping asshole they use that to like plug it during the day so did their assholes just not like mouth brief shut the phone you know you know like no cause it sometimes that they now you're not making this crazy asshole
there you have you seen this as on may i please thank you enjoy silly please enjoy did we also joe he is still she's very strange that someone want one nice in your hand i guess i guess we're due to surmount finger printing be her as can be somebody's since we know those points which i would brush brush up against barely too slow a letter on here is that you want a burger began
above all i feel a little pressure have your booty precious support if you had the feeling is back up what is different ngos different you fingers on girls ass often they clamp down on her well well and every ass off every almost every wouldn't you rather than a guy back like a grab that second thing i think so yeah you know one guys like sue today that i feel today when you get older mike and all their immunity be facing any do thou about moored stoke the fires were all this be bored whenever i canada's ass subtle brown assholes disturbance it might not be a total means what mean honor that's a black ass all the blame officer a really tat person not necessarily bore no one's that like the chickens i pointed out it was it was a black
say sobriety didn't pull this out of some girl was an actual it's a real job lahore it's a real but we have a version real does but listen doesn't availed of these top level ipod iphone attachments in it or you can but the skin is what the real dolls made out of yeah that's not as good as functional no it's not like i have a patent in technology jail nicer light of our reaction and innate emerge away better firstly fills way closer to vagina yeah a plant limiting item close that's why you get you by any kind of fake the giant as a guy and its legs it's a joke as they reflect a barbie doll chunk like that data peace where they make barbie dolls out of the carbon in certain areas where it feels like can you make the flashlight tighter if you aren't you it what it's pretty tight its stretches around your dick it like a judge yeah ok you know i mean it's for the most part most people at imagine
everyone is meted out thank you everyone me me me this is great very touchy subject men and women the china's somethin taken over some artificial shit for four years tell them with girls riding equipment and sticking serbians inside there what is new and now it's your turn now it's finally you're the men sexual revolution of ro ro i was scared of all that i ve never dollop honey i'm u nevada vibrator but how do you feel about this crazy rick santorum us all not to like your judgment anywhere you that maybe i believe whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa i love santer apparently you accuse like not even into birth control things women shouldn't have birth control that the state should be able to do so what is on his way of saying he likes point i'm putting always based on it
yes as users of either he's a tick our using either i don't believe it then he feels like that he believes anything that he's saying if you like you just completely plan again here don't you what do you think goodbye pages you got a stranger bag when i had just like i'm airs would some were super religious and they too they wanna like they wanna either challenge gay marriage control gay sexuality or whenever they get like real freaky with like controlling sacks and morality and she's like that i almost always go go because they are almost all germany are uncovered as being wildly gay the sounds like crazy thing to say like you know joe rogan you're an asshole for saying that no i'm not you know why i'll tell you why because i'm not i'm not saying that you shouldn't be religious i'm not saying that i know a lot of people were all those super benefited them especially but about substance abuse issues you cannot say that
christianity or religion having good church and a good association community association to that belong to this religious and files religious tenants and i couldn't help there lie i agree but for you now for a lot of people are just two fuckin stew yeah basically give gives me hope and it helps amount am i gonna do it but but if it's just cuz year for airline retired in somebody told you to believe me do then i guess i don't really know what i'm what are you saying i don't know i just think i'm i do want to blame the pot but i just like don't you really rare or talking about bread sticks and soda of garden brain you had to is that what we were talking when you're there you are family it is arguable bloggers guys
you'll be the free might like a personal three way mine stop right there when we are arriving and we were following you you all that we are you a brief moment where we know as german conversations are like you tossing a ball back and forth to each other i took you have gone and i completely forgot what i was saying what i gave you the ball i threw them and so are you you used to do through through the ball back to me and i am like i'm not sure you can have it again and you said out loud that damn circle have that should have kept that ball and i wasn't hang attention the o brien like watching rerun i'm sanford you don't want to be the kobe bryant of podcast one pushed the ball off as much as possible to very important area serbia beautiful also make a joke
a minute opt out but i love you i love you move years like the ring higher move year i come on we're gonna be best is ice has i subdued my rate joke i can't do it anymore people were getting mad in the audience i had been raped yeah she's nobbut that's funny thing they taught me ass it's like murder and babies has not found the talk about either have to beg to differ doses subjects i just i can't can't find a way of cancer funny but everything else i think this brief well it depends on whose gang rapes when due to getting raped its let's go especially assholes one battle array mean men are getting raped by other meaner man you are selling advice ancestor right area that was the latter's easier rape as a yes last good rape show on television was not then i'll make em like these a different way of owning a guy raping it's a whole other level yeah raping someone when you're in a cage together they just
impose themselves when you so much they sexually impose themselves they make you suck there do they not in your mouth even though they just want to show you that they could do that fuel how horrific that must be the mother it's not me it's not even design if that's what you wanted to happen booty you know like you either have to guide pizza fuck how do you view the best way to not get the fuck me value is the sucker deck landfolk and yes you can take that much time are you that tibetan rape ceremony seems less gate against italian to a stick and lead a bunch of guys array is free to that means betting that up i'm getting a bumper sire mean meaning it turned his actually referencing tibetan while their vulture funeral fear where they tie you you're dead body to a stake in the vultures come down and eat you it's fuckin way one
many watches language are very ably my family and a lot of times the voters will leave the head on last so a lot of the photos of you see it it's just like us elton like almost exactly from disneyland and then a person's roe head attached to its law not only that you really high level guys the high level guys take it to the next level and they bring hammers and then they smash up the head and they smash up the bones and then they stepped back again the vultures come back and they all should devour this stop bones that's when you take these you're taking super day when you're hitting your friends had opened with a fucking hammer and they open them up to with knives like open the meet up to get the vultures start i was actually talk and add to this the phone with my mom and i was telling her of a wider lies suspicious that you telling alive now
someone like you said i will i will call i will call her i'll call right now live if you don't believe me but now i swear to god i was driving over telling her about this and then she's like it you know this is like the most disturbing thing my mom's ever heard in her life because she doesn't have like internet as much as boy i feel like i'm telling you this and she's like i have to sit down really soda uses the teller you today on the way here you should tell her to fuck and going to the link not an entered its email etc this is new play something about moved into whereby when you think that show just look at it she said a real bet i think she sparring say that during your cougar letters good sense is not his bride you do member the cougar in in austin texas no did you get the accidental cougar oh yeah don't tell a story i think we ve told a million times but pretty much are you
but those took up yet the one will you didn't know how yes and so there is as waiters that was like really flirting with me at the strip club i was black out drunk and like you want to tell it while he is thus was reluctant now these analyses she was enough in their work i think she was pretty hot we're ok she's pretty and so she was like being really flurry like massaging my back and everything like that and i was his wasted and issues massaging my back and i'm like just fucked up and then suddenly this other way there's comes up to me or stripper or i don't know who it why georgia orders ladys use a patron of sousa patron it was just like an old lady they had hung out at strip clubs you know they would like creepy older ladys smoke cigarettes and i don't like face of an ugly angel and and she i thought that was this the girl tried to kiss me on the cheek or some like that night i was that hot wagers hot when i closed my eyes
i just started like fringing her and ngos recording it on its phone ended i knows his way before you good record things now you dig them alone i recorded on camera camera hammer yet he recording a camera in an eye denham every eye like backed out notice it was a heard the one that was around me look like eyes they saw a ghost like i always like white is a ghost family is how the yeah yeah i was like it was over
brian was happy as pagan shit he was sitting back with his arms stretched pie i'm drunk stoned is fuck he just oblivious the well any heavens huge smile on his face and the wages comes over and she was really q brian sets of finally he'll clapped his hands together having a good time and again i learned a bright and kicks back any literally he's so hammered and like fucking nickel back as plan really lao ass right is laid his head is leaning back and the girl comes over and kisses is cheek and she's fucking old biker lady like its own rose haggard looking she had short like yes you out of its vera on going heralds though the older one that was there that the cougar she says she was wearing a vast splash subsequent gm yeah she using enters the cutest ya no maybe like something she was she was she was like late late fifty's
when you say they live their lives it s late if these old biker lady sits down next to bribe cuddled with them rubs up against them he liked puts his hand on her she kissed his neck he turns tor and it's like watching a deer get hit by a train lydia renders when she stuck out her weathered cigarette grave tongue it was like a fucking bitch and in the movie predators like something you expect from out of its mouth she was tongue in brine always so nasty and whatever tattoos it she had honour had long been blue thy mother time tasmanian devil shootin might ask a horizontal other will make an outdoor made out and on oil beneath i'm filming and i'm gonna look what the fuck is going on so the video is like look look what the fuck is by killing and he can you hear me you know look
and then the next day unlike did did you get that video it goes do i deleted the answer that we want a line knew that it was too good it was gonna get out and i would like to end with devastating they would have been devastated i would love to see no i'm today i agree but eight years ago whenever fuck it was i say you were really ready for that i would love to have it would have been devastated i would home i have done my fucking mighty you wake up in shit your pants and cold sweat just wake up think about it just shut your path that woman was horrific now be so awesome i have action it's in the shining when jack vincennes making out that women are also turns into an old lady that's like round this at sadie buddy you know i love you know i want to say so but i don't want to see it again i would almost we live with that i feel bad about everybody was gonna take you
i'm cougar huh joe here just here to protect him that's usually rely mood she was a snuff love agus rocker checked in trying to resolve through my game with the cool but this in there somewhere out there that nobody wants a sucker feet there's some dude wants a sock those dried out old calloused hardened he wants a sub item this summer other man my pretty nice for me i don't know it was that leg with elegant hispanic early rather other out i was in southern getting awful abusing the book a mormon do go demagogues and something that is the end is it just a made its come here to los angeles finally provokes you don't know it's the mad stolen tray parker musical its common to los angeles
like those guys have time to do that now there ridiculous denying through some some people they like put out like that their workload is is it so says you're one of those priorities you have eighty five year linked to making now these it's easy jobs everything i how i figured out a way to just too vague italy's and i were in their eighty thing everything i don't like see by us on on things like matter our interests the answer to our man you're like the sexes limit their online in your fuckin disney trap was the everything i do is super easing it's like it's his skin through mean comedies within its difficult because you have the right material but then when she got it down once you have your set down its supervising really really difficult thing about comedy is writing a new stuff and they too have said that the travel but that's just
tony travel will be so much different if you had a podcast as my and rare your friends must operate by four or just hang out and california smuggle out a weed and just do shows here locally deck my getting the girl business in the movie we decided fuck new york new york socket he threw all you stuff in a bag and that's right for you leave new york it's amounting they go he kicked the door shut shalt menacing play chump next thing you landed like in the movies snatch remember when the dude has to fly back or from london to new york and mad yandah get some fucking diamond deals permit me then i think it would be like pretty women but like in reverse so like a month from now i'll just be like ogre pants less noise i don't u money had only may design or the grand station as but it really i'm ok can i have the money answers on the street in my underpants just
your brown when i first like you i am i can start shooting myself brine jesus christ i'm just not out of a job i remember the first go to new york there is an area of new york jimmy norton no it is how sorry i am sure he knows where it moved here i think you ve got me down there is an area that was like near the ship arts and shared it was a real creepy area and you drive if you and they're worth occurs everywhere was like night of the hand and it was for him it was wordy second other yes at times were used to be like sounds like see out or what is jobs mother fucker with the inside jokes the air was so bizarre because it was like it was our shipyards in hookers everywhere we nortons dream really weird village people actually there that that's that that's a real place this lobby live never experience they don't know their spots where they there's always they decided
workers just can i that's their amsterdam like ana well i entreat some yea neurons as the scariest place like that that i've for her green yeah yeah we're what i've seen and i want to call baltimore like i saw some some shit for sure but neurons i saw the scary should have ever seen with hookers instead i would never thought the baltimore was like a hard core sort of a place like the wires aerial anwar you i won't i grumbling arguing i grew up in new york and as an city constantly nothing ever happen in baltimore i got robbed every way imaginable my car held up again point our charm minutes cross it was lake began its its second it was now there are no everything but i love baltimore but it's you don't want to go to centre mugging baltimore these number calmly club theirs improv remembering deliver o speaking of that all sure he's almost growled man baltimore this sunday i think
comedy factory about as i remember let us remember that year you know what's your washington dc was ass i was saying i don't got about whether off if i'm going to the sunday david shot and if we want to see my comedic starlings so you're gonna be wearing baltimore sunday i think it's called during my merrily get it is that the old improv you think so it's a great is not in the actual spaces right next to it were the improper use of asia because i know the power plants and those of fund more spot was lines that that was coming up when i was in school and we are just the horrors around the world seems like a bug way from gay street which is like the enough stirrup club porn drug fire families who go to college its web what john rollo a shot at the jar rollo is this the podcast he's from baltimore got giampaolo too weird accented baltimore accents
can sort of city what sort of country knock you ain't kill you they it's bad just getting all these cannot sunday apparent everything do thou art they can do is our air amerika can that's why i will support me do you have an album we're huh get it i dont itunes with cultural heading cut nice too i love the album lima it's my byron now but the problem was about a mile up there covers os and what is it it's her baking like cupcakes and she has a black eyes is dressed up now and this is the one where the lady didn't want to do the make up her mind while could she thought that you're you're making fun of violence i
so but like that's my favorite things you do like mrs ries you arranges games and i would we're in that brings edge and i'd put two black eyes on her and pubic what have we got into sewing with each of us off the hook up once i we saw john ham like john we forgot that we in fact ourselves like with syria is we're like johnny i was inertia and recovery were all beg your feet the vulgar we get worse and worse every game like we would if we get our hands on crutches we would do anything why we just thought it was self i can find people were horrified by us is that we got you understand or chrome you joe guerrilla i think so i will i ve been a dick had my whole a worthless dick my whole life i always has an incident engine did you have that you know like them breakfast club shit now is me and on hesitant speak english and have saturday detention by regular detention here did you
you make it snow from your dandruff onto a pitcher d no now dandruff under a patient dirty going are you take it i am only now i'm not gonna move here anymore that outside the breakfast club where there is no further on saturday school mouldering while it is important to you and us yeah i know it well fuck i wish we saw dandruff yeah member she's there like she was the failure to make it snow eyes even worse it was like the disturbing thing for that that was the most did you see dandruff like i think yes and it was yeah that was snowing on our house that she drew from her failure in this apparent i remember that those important but i dont know if i actually why's that whole movie all the way through me that's one lesbos pray wives like twenty minutes shove off and then went back and watch the other twenty minutes in their time
opera never finished in only those movies i don't know it's never ended amazed to frustrate me when i was a kid and when i was when those movies we're coming out all those sixteen candle very weird time my life is i would get annoyed at any any like feel good luck where i if i saw where i was going i could enjoy i had i couldn't enjoy any sort of horse shit sort of happy need any kind of moving where it was hot did those that's really darkshire though i'm sure really yeah yeah the guy the dynamically verbal i mean i just if you saw like a happy ending coming i saw fellow he was written throwing was i was really soon superman you could see the writing i wouldn't you wouldn't even enjoyed like comic book movies back yeah but that that movie is like a and yours the nerves the pre knows very yeah usually are like the others is the bad boy
boy like in a movie his dad was like putting likes it that's out on him and who is right read the girl molly long desired yelling i've done everything it was really dark how she was kind of vilified just for having it's like she was doing something to everybody just by having boobs oh here's maybe for sorting out adjustment like but i was just remember i was i had really like super critical taste back then very was a year when it's my life why would i was very critical about myself at this point in my life and so i was really critical about like everything i saw entirely in the movies who just a weird time for me i would you really movie fucked socks relays comedy nerd you know i became a comedian before that i was the only i was brigitte prior nerd good listener richer prior tapes my girlfriend but then i really started doing because of friends talk me into it and because somebody
to me sam kennison first emptiness and bitter ever heard was done for me by a girl a nineteen year old girl i note with the air you know i don't know why i know the story but i do know the story i should just pretended like i didn't know i probably so little yeah you measures on the bilateral sober i think be didier language even hearing in emergencies she was so it was so of such a funny bet them grow wasn't even comedian did the bit in the parking lot i wish i could come up with some that funny right and i was like she did it enough javert s that you live with him just there her quoting and yet she we acted out she was hot who is really yeah she's lying on his stomach in the parking lot she's like now you mean life gives swahili ass dad ever ass wow and he's like a short fat guy that's doing there like he's wearing overcoat its whole areas and also a while back
but she's making me laugh i do an impression of the guy you know that's when you know your shit whether that girl is pretty good issues supervening i precondition is in any case especially that one aligning somebody well known try and help me party like she was so such a preposterous singing she's talk about lugging fuck me in a core pianist for folks i don't know the bidders kennison added a joke about homer sexual necrophilia acts that we're paying for a cup hours undisturbed but the freshest male corpses been arrested for as he hid this whole bit about the guy being honest lab like oh well i guess that's it now i'm dad going to go be with jesus and then he starts rocking back and it shows in my eyes you mean life
luckily ass even have you ever so fucking great bids this gross doing this on her stomach in the parking lot my oh my god it's hilarious she nailed it that's the one where she has now removes bromide touched his surprise sheer here as we have heard about the hypotheses dragging on the floor i can still see the that was what when i worked at that health club it was a really important moment for me is that when i was eighteen eighteen years old i worked at the boss never let a club i got to see bobby war no yes them's hockey player i'd never seen anybody that had like more than ten knee surgeries
i've never seen professional athletes whose needs have been destroyed near i got to watch this guy like walker runs he's a legend in like boston legendary hockey player in one of the greatest hockey pairs of all time and the poor guy could barely walk thinking like fuck man back and you have to think about them when you're eighteen years all your spry and you're all fuckin bouncing around like a little rabbit you don't think that look you eggs and get so fucked up the ante be like one of the greatest hockey players of all time and still you ve taken so much damage so many surgeries that you know your hobble in along in agony every week while dark shit it's weird i just a second this guy police football and i was like you're probably like don't you i asked ass it don't you guys die and using yeah yeah well i hope and i was there i read it it after i said it but i i just it was a really would your question like you just you ve choice like theirs
free surgeon with internet stuff you know now you are you are really fucking yourself so weird too tough good you know any any guy that chooses to use his body for any sport eighteen weeks make a living just off your body and we're like a battery left let it get via our life in fact you're so how many how many guys get to be boorishness off how many huge like i'm gonna be the expedition now meanwhile the islands are against thousands of unknown gives a fuck it's like who's gonna be the next lance armstrong guess what nobody knows about that girl go into that fucking bike racing trial you're famous we're like an only derived to ride i just gotta cortisone shot my hand i like running while i run run run an idea i was on my values like now start out on second you know that's just a pain thing that's the you you're still injured yeah no i know because i started running again fur like three days i ran like like i used to and it came the pain came back like i had
we got a shot and then i haven't run since then so it's been and hasn't her me where you home the prince in europe yet ran under them like it's a muslim a hip oda yeah we're muscle yeah i wouldn't got x rays gary shit i knowed pierre had hip replacement that's fucking dark now the x rays would totally fine but he was like john shouted cortisone rising ok and i was so excited them hidden hurt dollars worth over them so i just it doesn't hurt now but when i was running again into one if you have to get an iron here have a crazy tonight i'm not getting a privilege not just an iron help you know you know they do they saw off the end of your bone or yours it is the literally saw it off and then they screw this fuckin spike that goes deep deep deep like a foot into the bone with artificial over the foot
other measures are totally crazy internet but they screw this fuckin long pipe into the bone and then its is artificial hip socket it's on the top in something doesn't line up so good like one leg might be just slightly bigger than the other leg because of it and when you walking out this little fucking hitch to your stroke that you'll never get away with like you'll never like walk normal for the rest of your life unless you want them to open you up and resize it again i'm gonna get hunting or an official etc in summer that's just you know there's gonna be able to develop artificial everything in the future they they made a titanium bone for a woman who had some sort of bone cancer actually lost or jaw created her titanium jaw and apparently it functions just like the regular job it's better than her all giant started employees is slightly heavier than the old job what the fuck is going on that's actually persons jaw that they ve
where have you might be out of jail environment it is not a safe place you have some where you have to go don't you do thank you very much commissioner thank you thank you you may laugh so many cares supercool in do as many times you can whenever you're in town please call me and let's fuckin do this i will thank you ever move to ally for real brian as a whole network of these markets called the day of the line and wherever you want when will put you on immediately and will we put you on immediately i'm telling you you everything would change a fucking all your clubs club dates will change medical marijuana licence will get your car onboard thank you you hilarious thank you very much and really really cool him you on your awesome to depend outlays gentlemen like i knew it would this podcast was brought to you by flesh lay the flesh it is if you joe rogan that click on the link for the flashlight entering the coding
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