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Honey Honey, Brian Redban - Date: 03/06/2012
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now. To my mind, we all are we shouldn't be tolerated by the mutual friend running through the wonders of the internet. We ve come together, These guys, there's a guy named balls of steel to thank for us is out of show them. That's his name Rogan Board task whose names ball. Of steel and Bob, of steel. Sent me this there's something comfortable yeah gas little by little little balls of steel to be they don't know, how can we bring closer institutional, tiny ones, a lot of tissue? I really he said a message saying: there's gonna be a new favorite song whatever you know. I don't know this guy. I've never had any interactions with em. Like you know you yeah! Well, you know, I don't know, I mean nailed it whatever. It is. Maybe it's just. It was so good that he just knew that all someone had to do with here. That sounds like so corny. I it sounds its
like very show busy when, when you know when, when entertainers complement each other, because it sounds like some Academy award bull Shit or you don't mean like one that when someone see someone- and they goes while you guys are really good it doesnt does I go yeah yeah yeah! Even if you don't like I'm you'd fuck an actor room, you know sailor came out. I just tell you really loved you that movie, you can give a fuck about them. Only say this. I want to be. To be clear that it's not that in this zone with did you have to bring that the white elephant, like I don't know who they are really oh, what's your last name is Timberline that's how you, by the way, when you do that is people they know you do they displayed a lot. So this sends me this link and I go to in its you guys on top of a roof. I guess like somewhere outside of allies as lively Esquire houses, and we was Is it not the song angel of death in all our holy shit like this is like it was.
Really originals, like country, Sworder Tangier. It had a lot like a lot different elements to it. It's like the way the songwriting was really original and I was wow. What what the fuck is, this ban. So then I gone in over these. Have you to journey- and I just got in your shit- and I I I bought Billy Jack on on Itunes and that's all listen to for, like a fuckin weaken, a half of all seriously is thinking is one of the best cds I've heard in years. Its soul rich in so complete the thing, the frigate about us like how the fuck do. I not know who you are is so good. It is so good to me. It was preposterous that I didn't know and uncomfortable to say that for some people, but it was really no one cares about. I dont believe it's mad unbelievers dad. I believe you guys on the launching pad and I think the internet is there's gonna be a gigantic just from the internet. I really am. I just. I think this is its innocent.
You guys are too good and want to see the other night, and seen. Bans live for, comic is so inspirational. You know for me because, like one when you go see other comedians that's inspirational to, but like I already know how to do that, you know. I already do that when I watch someone do something like music. I have no musical talent at all. Nothing. I've never had a play. Anything on that saying anything so for me. Alien and some watching you guys jam up there and I no sense of self in the equation. There's! No! It's nothing like! Oh! I don't offer play that like that. Employee share- I don't know anything about me minor, so I can just like a just slack joy, its to me that one of the most amazing things to watch is a ban performed live Are you guys were fuckin amazing? You guys are really good this. This might be that showbiz thing, that's your just talking about, but it is not deck is. I feel the same way about stand of. Colleagues I feel like it takes the big spalls out of any the performing they because, if
funny, don't laugh! You don't owe me done plain people going to clap, come no matter what you do eyes like etiquette, but if it's not funny people, you just come up there. Well you're hanging, Joey DS, he's a good buddy minor afternoon. Is he he says it best. He says than a comedy. Is the hardest easy, then you'll ever do and what he means by that is that it's really hard to get funny. But when day a funny than everything's easy, You know how does a long as you stay in the frequency, then you don't. You know that you know. What's up, you know you know how to do it. You know how to do it right. You got to just make sure you we concentrate on what you're doing never disrespected relationship you have the audience size you get to a certain level. You can do it fairly easily. That's it means, but getting to that, or like there's a lot of shit. That happens. It's a long process. Do you go, I mean, do you go off, material in just kind of riff or european area. You ass, you tell them that free had it's my favorite time eleven when we're off the track and in the woods I love it. When my
at times I love hecklers, I secretly love hecklers Onawandah heard their feelings, but I love when shit happens. I just love the chaos of the moment and I think I think that's like where it that those that can can go off track and you know just bounced back and throat in there and it being something. That's totally. Cuff, because everybody knows when it's it's just repetitive This, isn't that what you know it also people, no one stale, need a comics. Is you know, you can only gonna keep your stuff a couple years and you gotta just launch into orbit in you guys, like you, you'll, be playing Ella River Fuckin decades. Scientist amazing you'll be plain that when you're, an old lady who used to buckle, then when you are an old lady, that song is also exist for every will, but there's like old bits than I have man where there were like my best bits of the time I can even touch on the useless well, then, time time change You know you can't just do your old shit in April. Goes up
for one if we get our girls like seminal, yell out something like good luck with our own goals. We also leave you now songs that we don't like when you tor, and you play the same said over and over every night and everyone's while you're throwing a different tune of your feeling, crazier, intoxicated em. You know people make a request in everyone's while will be crazy enough to play it and there's been many times. Were I've forgotten the work as you can see that you wear it seriously it wouldn't she she's with the Superbowl than the national anthem. Fucked up the lyrics. You forgot, I'm just kidding. That's tough! Now, I'm playing in esteem loosen the birds
emotions trampling on. I know she's driven out. I know what it is. I don't know what she's doing to get by, but it's not green tea in yoga. Let a lot going to be staying with Cassini had pdf. She red blood running down are still seen as minor should pull it out. Put it up, you need to pull it up. Christina Aguilera period, blood down leg photo editor, it's not face, I'm not! I'm not kidding. Someone tried to say with spray on ten my. What are you trying to make her asshole looked like midnight? That's ridiculous! You still way could be that kind of volume. I'm so scared. It still be scared of life for the life Christina have generally good girl get a beautiful voice. I'm not gonna say in recovering at a powerful voice. Pretty girl, she's hottest fuck was that dirty
song, which he held back in the days when I was particularly now and unlike the income meagre nationals, afraid come on over an egg, and I say that I definitely think that's Scranton Brian look at how high up in rich in red, that is, data girl they get such had done every three days and forms a river get home. You know your leg was exactly like. Probably wouldn't listen, I'm Goin periods, fuck you ass, a whole party move advantages, rads, listen! That's so funny thing: it's free to that's period! Blood broke. Did that your ass in the background Jill behind us now, couldn't we know? Yes, my way, my ass, so much money I can dream. Dare you know that we are now expecting great two thousand for accurate data jealous and wrote a beach? Oh, my guy. Do I gotta do call your by what
so one knew no meeting you guys through Twitter is like this. Like the first time, I've ever met a ban through twitter and then had the come on the show. This is a very interesting phenomenon mean is a really strange times. We live in really because we live in another era. I would have to hear, but you guys in the radio and then there's no, I would meet you less arena new somewhere in. I can't just tweet younger hooligans years. The shit can do in our near. That was our thing very bizarre, but back then you know, I think about this a lot back. Then there was probably opponents. I prefer every hundred thousand bans another would be without out with my ass would exactly what it sounded like, like. A tenth of many bands means we have a better chance, maybe out, and that does not sense as a true enough, medically other more bassa. I think there's
just months before that internet get out in the text. That will be the internet and text with his horse of it ass, a decade of you leading who ever listened to those they have like public access and they have like in a local bans, are constantly planet. Public access lot abandoned, Austin Texas to you guys from oil. I'm fearfully leven, yet some way from New York. He Massachusetts area come your key message, because what we do know I lived in New York couple places a city upstate Manila De Massachusetts as well. We might now either and you guys met how'd. You meet me like we class or some shit article. Thirteen of telling you what your names I'm Suzanne Santo when it was burned Jeff we Are you honey having a funny that, like you, you sort of like you know, you're Singhalese, things about our ban and, like you
The orbit around this this you know we're this community of veto see fighting and all this crazy, like you know, you're talking and how Christine regulars period were and work, my wedding, honey and you know, is commendable for you to embrace us with warm open arms with such a nickel safety by name, I'm a softly. You know I really am wrapped up in a lot of other crazy shit, but I'm try these nice possible when you're fans Bit Oliver name, but we think- and we can learn from aids- is like there's a lot of people on Twitter that Haiti life in a lot of people in the world that doesn't want to scratch. They just want to reach out to claw. Nobody took care them. Why? Because it complicated cycle of life and doesn't make any sense nobody's gonna place, and you don't even necessarily want to be in that place, but you're stuck
through circumstanced render them now. Did you yeah? We worked it out, that's not worth it. What do you do in that? You have no time for anything else. Honey honeys, tat performing, but their full time get tweet, so you'll be less of a dick. Now, maybe there's a chance. Maybe did you just say that Greek reply, Haider Hater? No, no, no basically said he was like Joe and she asked him where they came up with such a god. Awful ban name and I review responded, responded I just very sensitive I'm going to help you I said I M was inspired by your mom. We bound you like yeah, see. That was no you. We will that shut him up with, and this is more than he can't you didn't even know you can do this maybe just spoke is language. It rose open. You too, you know with us which is totally fucked up that's a lot of the world. I was hoping you see, Boma
oh yeah? That's your husband, rising and that's leaves the ass, an airline travel roleplaying. Those roleplaying gotta learn how to deal with trails. This is a lesson that this is a good put its good. You came to us before years blow up because we're gonna help. You tremendously is gonna, be a lot of people and they dared there what's called trolls. You know: trolls are right on the internet, the mythical creature, none of the people, the real and what they do is they say things to try to get you to respond. All you have to do is responding to truly you is think this is how low in the game is. The game is so low and it's like say anything mean anything horrible, anything ridiculous. Anything preposterous anything
toy lie- make up shit point out things that are completely twitter sensing, not unhappy. I will help you and all their trying to do is get you to go with the folk. Who are you and you know, that's all they want you to do they want. They want to get a re, a green light. I want to get a green like silly mighty sand out. They might San Jose, can Seiko a thousand tweets. You know it's funny, though a day when I did it and I felt overly emotional. Maybe that is don't don't media,
like twitter offline were busy in the real issues. There's too many people, they interact with your individual one on time it is impossible for one on one time to interact with tat many people, so you gonna like choose. We can interact with them. You can go back and forth at some cut face, but the only reason why you go back and forth privacy said something rude. This has only rude to get you in Thyssen, there's plenty before they won't do that. So just that's. Why blocking is awesome? Just don't argue with them. Just block is, are to do it's really easy to just fuckin go fuck, you, you will be blocked and people would block the law. My god, you didn't know that that you guys need you guys been treated at a bite trolls right now, dickhead stolen, easy executives, trolling alien, that's it Amy's! You don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the troll unceasing, sometimes traumas a tracking? You know Zella involved in that
You know you gotta, get a pretend you gotta get people Madigan if it what's getting, really get banned, fired up, that he's, gonna respond and and get really shitty within their difficult number com. You say that we starts going after some in our own minds about some ex girlfriend on Twitter and they all each. His escape to respond to this tragedy. The Disney Loan man. They do need loved your way rather talk. You would be both most likely if you actually met them but there's no fun in that be your friend, out there, making a mistake. We will give. You aren't credit card numbers, you he's virtually should be friends with a lot of people. That's does is a lot of people there to be friends with, but there's don't don't try to tame the counts.
We should not turn this part guessing you drinking game. Every time you think country has during going play a black. Ok like our kind of someone who wants to work out real yards apart as they do, where we drink a whole bottle Yeager Meister in an hour that sounds awful, but we have to finish in one hour. Can we can listen? We stop we're. Not gonna kill honey, honey. I love them. I wanted only Easy brown we can kill the hurt you know Joe Rogan is the angel of Death Valley just show that you guys up trying to keep because moving in any way possible awaiting us make more cities where you become a key, come out, you don't have to be grateful. Just keep doing you do it sets the that's rewarding, this is amazing opportunity to be able to tell people about somebody and I've never had a venue before before this podcast there's no or before twitter and in this social media there's no way
even like something like you have to wait for an interview and go off on this new bands. Amazing by the time you do that in the end, we gets no magazine its months later now, just book immediate love, you know it's tough, because radio This is a dying Bree we're not necessarily a radio band yeah. No, I mean I guess we could be. You send those radio. This is. This is the real radio yeah. This is a mean, there's not a radio station, except for, like Syria, satellite radio that gets as many listeners this thing. So it s amazing yeah, the wit. The weird thing about the internet is that nobody even saw this common. They just somehow and other well we're we're gonna do ass a picture as us any pressure, wherever nobody ever saw, fuckin file sharing and streaming shows and in everything free. What are they doing to putting it out for free? What the fuck and then
other model, the radio model just kind of evaporates and there's no cities now didn't you know cities, that's like five more years! That's insane! I remember when I was a kid and they first came out see these unlike what the fuck is, can get those things. Don't we already have Cosette s estate, but that can set a good enough. That's kind of something I M gonna masses- I am I'm a sucker fur- makes tapes are exceeding our really am. I gotta love it, but someone can do that. Label is only a playlist yeah, easy ecosystem. Quite someone can put that in your watch. Study of less be watches that are also mp3 players to have spite of miles and we see, despite if I may, have share with you now, I'm kind of spot a file literate right. Now it's great it's a pretty much like an extreme that you can you get Jos mix tape you can you make your own, like page, ran pretty much like a facebook page for bananas? It's ok! It's all! I should know about this. We should because look piles of steel is the garden looked up with you. It is clear that that's where is out of these out. I want to shake that man's he's, probably shoot and whisky right into his dick with Turkey placed her parties on my message board you be doing anything right, budget, savage, our blood. Several told me about spout. If I thought you learn about seven. Thank you thank you for both and that this progress in or this ass a George. I started ninety ninety eight and interests.
Took on a life of its own. Now it's got like millions of posts like six over six million posts the craziest most interesting group of weirdos, mixed with comments on farm, its basic farming, allowing them even keep sum of around. I have it set up so that, when their assholes or of the router someone that they get sent a special ed and then they get us, they get a pink name. Ok, by keeping them around just making them even Candia. I write about really bad. I get up please
got a good thing, but I need to get some iceberg figure out areas really asked and get up to raise your hand. Do. Why didn't you raise your fucking head than we can invest around gain? We're gonna have to become better at around in this. This is a hammer in front of each other, and you like me. I please have some ice. That's very respectful he's right, these Midwest boy away the new Yorker, your New York, Boston guy. What that's that sort of me to man? I was born in New Jersey and I grew up mostly in Boston what my grandma limit, Tom's river. We think my Bow Tom's River, that's where the former you see light. We champion Frankie address from college boy shut out the frankly. They loved attitude just losses. Unfortunately, very very close decision What's a rematch, I support you Frankie EDGAR, in your bid for a rematch good luck to you, good man. Frankly, there is at least Allah. The shrimp out
you are right: yeah tyrant, who totally Wendy Wang Lady, what the shit out of me that's cool yeah, but I got there because I went and took one class with the graces for he will know that is a form of hip escaping where you can get like a shrimp. You get on your side and he can Ben and kick like a shrimp, and the idea is to get out of a bad position. So that's what so, just let me know and with the so you learn viable woman. I did she brought me to this: the brazilian Jujitsu class, now shrimp and Oliver that's awesome. Did you like here, but I did. I do Do not get you free lessons. You want to train with my best friends, one of the best Jujitsu structures in the world. If you want you guys we're in migrants using on outdo here ain't here in Europe, and so on totally hoped you guys up. It's done. I dont like hearing a knife. This doesn't cut it anymore. No, it doesn't. You could learn some nasty guard and see the thing about your legs is a woman in our physical is not only a strong man. This is no way, especially a big man, but your legs are strongest fuck, you Lex,
carrying you around all day in your running. We think about what you need walk for hours. You know, try Walker, you fucking hands for hours. A woman's legs are incredibly strong and if a woman learns Jujitsu, I have friends like my friend Felicia, ok, she's, a woman she's. Really, It's a black belt and she's. About a hundred thirty pounds. She's ridiculously tat, like you know, I'm a much bigger than her and I ever really hard time like just containing her and holding onto she's. Just pyrotechnic is that not all of it and she does everything as a black box is so that not only do I know what it was that there was a showed member Ganem Seymour, but was like a porn star that had like a reality show and showtime. Where was like, you know his like, it was a real show about his life like producing, films and in a lively, his life, and you know dating items of what we're chow things you want to do as he wanted to start taking brazilian jujitsu jitsu lessons and have him role with a girl like they thought there would be. Funding have em role with a girl, but I dont think he expected Felicia.
Fuckin strangle him when they when they started Rowan. She fuckin manhandled him she's a little girl of five would five. Maybe you know maybe hundred thirty pounds, maybe she's package in this new, taken his brother break of an armed ornament triangle. Intimate was fucking chaos. It was over and over to overcome. This tapping, though, isn't it may mean when you're talking about the size of the dog and the fight here it is mainly about her and level. It is all about Billy strongly, no known until she's, not me, cheese of strong woman, but she's a woman. I mean it's not I mean you don't need to be that some have you sit together its tat. It's about her technical technique is out of such a high level and our defences are such a high level and she just she'd no exactly what she's doing so. She doesn't have to exert nearly as much force. Could she's always in the right position, and you know it she just happened. It was I'll watch because I've never seen like a man with no training go with a woman
It was a black belt. So is really intriguing: it was funny she ran right through homes in France like nothing. I wasn't even tired. That's like our friend when the damage is not black belt, but she's been doing for couple years. She beat the shit out of me. It's fun it. She tried wending the shit out of me. I shall totally jewish never honey, wholly death, masses of Russia. As I thought about working, we have a collective bends like the fact that we talk about trying to incorporate other ino various carnival acts, crappy black violence, mammograms, restarting restarting, with a basketball tournaments that will act as the tooth. Oh really, an o best, Volturno, frilly charities and it's gonna be its can involve a show, but like basically three on three like ten minute games, all these other and Iraq hers, but an initial decision have anything to do with the organisation that introduce you, girls in, There was no law.
That that's a differently but we're just we're trying to be as involved as possible in all these nonprofit things like arts, education is kind of our. The area will try to explain to explain what that was designed for those really interesting. Well, book to show a friend of mine who was looking the venue every Monday night. They would do a nonprofit feature. Different non profit and the proceeds from the night would go to their non profit and allowed us to choose in this group called coach art, which is a arts education, funding this- is all these public schools have literally no access the arts education. So I think there is drinks that that went to the door. Money went to this group culture What were we work? Not slowly is avenues, basketball, turn with us in a budget, you no other
angels bears, because I do I just wanna play basketball weight is one I just love it ask me: I love best Miller, its value wish or a big black guy. What we shall do that, if you were, if you were a big tall God, you think you'd be ok, unprofessional basketball definitely empty. I think I think if I just took a different path with this body, I go with the NBA real year because I think could be accepted or is it a lot is with a wave of your hand. Body expect. Is I've what's up with you know about a year ago? Back then, in all earnestness me, he said he sees anything. I got this great idea for reality show and its basically gonna be me for an entire year training. For the NBA
I could give you wouldn't who wouldn't want that it s. Something tat looks like me, could get and rewards. Are you why, for real think it for real? If you got how old you on twenty six and maybe tourism not today not to enter our money is going on, and I say it out there, they ve got all kinds of new things are doing now. Well, what has gone cartilage? What is it? You know that you're gonna taken your blood nerd, putting some sort of centrifuge. They take it out and shoot the fuckin That's right in your knee with human growth hormone, really shit, yeah Threed, embryo gonna, wait till you get is a lot of that. Go hang in there, fella think about freezing my theme into done. Ok, I'll! Not! Let's not do that! Lets take fish oil! You taken fish oil, none, the auditing, visual, very important for joints anytime. You have soared joys. Amazing, amazing, not just that's good for mental property
I found it gently lifted on as an equal or hearty falcon. I would feel Collins interest. Could you imagine targeted? Sooty, oh, but if you like is a vice cop, once you guys become famous once again become huge, which will inevitably happy I'm in now, and you still talk to me, but once you guys become famous, then you on a reality show when you want try to enter into the NBA. That would be fuckin. Some and then balancing anyone. Your schedule of touring I want to pay. The executive producer actively were actually looking for funding if you're interested hastily. So my mid range games pretty good, but I think I need to the beyond. The ark is really what I need to develop with myself. How are you with battle wrapping backing propaganda about Arap that might come up your musician again? You know then, actually pretty get any. I don't want any about around you up.
Lastly, I mean I'm can better, and I can't I know I know I can get to a place where we confident yes, I would say that if you, if you are a young white boy like yourself and you really get past, walks should come up suddenly come up this event, some situations. We have to establish a position What I mean about Susan's, very kind, it onawandah create a false image myself into the how good I am a basketball, but I will accept any challenge, but I agree that the struggle wreck centre ambergris missing. We meet those fourteen year old, who was fucking, but we also did lose to supporting or you do you and in the rest of the band. I wasn't even an actual young yankee. You always been of a big basketball family mouse repellents, you like diaries time. What do you think about the collection targets no for me or my but he's a wire reporter, I just
the game I mean I used to play on a soccer but Basque. Bob. I don't like it better. It's so fast pace and it's like this improvisation will mean a lesson? Is pick a basketball ever I'm lying you noticing, when you right or wrong bass, voice argon black. Did you feel that we want to know whether those that, without idea like we know, you, know us, above all, by improvisational when he said in a letter like real sorry but there is, there is a fine line between rock and roll and being a professional. Athletes are support them the big fat stupid like there's a lot of different there s, some working, I'm getting a second littered with heroin needles and before the tracks limits that are being developed in some warm up. Just like some seventeen gangsters from New York yeah on time jogging suits their in there in the mail all over it.
I have a few yards gross were drinking this weird rum stuff. Have you ever had interests other music? And I you know I? Yes, I am actually moved away for acting. Really? I do really well for a little while, thank God, jogger, for that. We abandon their share right. You each wait, you how to be an actress ass, your way to go I work for a number of years and- and I just when I moved out to allay and went through my first breakup. Well, yeah, please toast it was very dark time or know that inspire good me is attacked on a few l bees I got really was saw when I wrote a lot of pathetic, so yeah who is like really show you write when your hearts programme but you know why it was really funny because it was just like a crazy chain of events were like. I played a couple open, MIKE's, here's my roommate was a book
at the time and I don't know anybody. I met my remaining curled logo retorted as eighteen nineteen called you. No twenty seven now, as then, seven years going, I don't find a man in my way I made my late twenties and bends twenty six and he's in its mid term young book here, while was all, but what do you think so up seventy positivity so so you just started going up first open and nights. Around what you know. It's crazy. Like my first show, I met all these people that I'm still friends with today and every time it just like snowballed and then I met Ben, like maybe a couple months later, and we started writing together and it really happy like We started putting some songs on Myspace. That's that's what I'm part, Have you ever thought about? Maybe you guys being the captain into NEO Part two, I love ass. I never thought of ass. A man keep us to get
you're gonna mainly terribly good. Today you knew I like Losberne, so you guys immediately headed off. You mean what would what's your impressions of each other I'm always wondered house lands that work work. We hit it off. His friends and I was my eye- was pretty green. You know like I've, always saying, and I play the violin since I was a kid and but I where the little guitar but then had been then it already written in entire recording recorded it, and you know he you showed me the way, the ropes, if you will so then what is it like for you, man, you're musician, you meet this chick. She could sing her ass off and What what are you how you had it? How does it become a band? May I feel like the bans, just happened. You know we're gonna go outside forces like this situation. Outside forces come around every once in a while asking publishes process along honestly, but the When we play at first we're playing some.
Songs that written answers and sang him better than anybody else sings. So it was I was coming and no brainer, I guess it was just like ok, this is gherkin thing and then we start a ride together. We just had a great relations. Do you guys? Did you have day jobs at the time? Yeah I saw barbecue whereas barbecue almost gathers those are my people place it's fantastic, but I mean when I like ten leisure, where I last stop work, you ever go to Doktor Hughley. Why we apply lies in Vienna. Is I've been who it's worth the dry? Its taste got somebody you couldn't give yourself like a good like day to prepare no food in the morning, a man don't fuck with breakfast. You gotta go right I go. I go therefore like a one p M lunch, breakfast sort of a thing is ridiculous. You ve gotta DC. Yet once you're losing as it was in. That's that's, but is greatest emulous similar the variables is so full place, so you were working. Baby was where we work,
I wasn't working at the time out. Just like I was like you know, little Suzanne yeah right, you have my money to you. What you are doing. I was teaching guitar and I was really lucky to be great friends with the producer name, Andy Paling. I was working on all these cartoons. I was like plan on this Cartoon soundtracks I legs, but that's where pm? Yes, yes, Larry! So I got to do all these amazing tv projects and stuff, like that. No, I guess I was in and then so you guys former. So this is what I want to know who, whose writing this stuff? You guys writing it altogether. Now we are first record was a lot a half hour, was Ben songs that he from his previous record that he recorded and now we we pretty much right everything together and them it's it's really interesting to, like Canada's worse the whole thing develop, because if you know we're we're
getting better like our musician ship are, writing are performing and it's like it's really cool too, to just keep striving for the next level, and am we write all the time and sometimes we write for other people and its become something. That's really. You know I can humbly say, like once you secure with it so much fun. You know because there there was a time when, when I said when I was younger and nineteen and getting started, Rob saw and secure about like. Oh, my God is assuming shit. That's stupid as cliche he's kind of trial and error have to go with it, and and now it's it's just like it's, it's like kind of a whole other entities like once, you write a song he's going to put it out there. And it's really really fucking emanating reward- is in the creativity right. The big reward is in bringing something to life. Wasn't there didn't exist and through you or collaboration, and whenever it is boom of suddenly
although I did all stories another all our stories in that's what I think that the best part is that their their true. You know it's. It's not like, I feel, like I'm playing I'm acting you know and that an that's. What's that's a nice part about playing music, as opposed to when I was an actress, is that, like this is mine in hours with there's a dead this to some electors, beautiful songs, but other people of written and the people will will sing them. It is beautiful, but there's a difference. There's a big difference between someone who wrote the song and sing a song, and so who is seeing the song that somebody just sold them or somebody got them to say, is a there's. A difference is a disconnect, there's something that happens in any form of, or whether it's great acting or great singing, songwriting or or great literature like what their lives when someone fuckin just now,
does it and when they mail it there completely tuned into it. You don't I'm saying it's not just I'm gonna sing a song. This weird gag. I wrote Israel our cells, that, even so, why are you go have AMOS they make. It is always a cool guy goes on top of share, those louder, songwriter guy. In a country in a minute like it disconnects disconnect between the work me, even if you feel it, even if it's beautiful you know, there's it's not white this, but but You think there's somethin appeal in about having just a song. That's good enough that can be universally applied boy. You don't owe me and then, and then someone who has a beautiful instrument in a beautiful expression. I completely. Can we channel that? I don't you say. I completely agree. I think both the US and I think they lighted the tributes in and covers. Or do you know that little remember that little care there was a video and he got on Ellen and he was he was singing a lady Gaga song. What's it gives names,
we ve dogmatism times. I know you do know the kid I'm talking to me. I know you don't know a boot either way I may get us again. Please help me. I gotta get some more. I did some questions casing in their proper rights. He saw and it's a cover, but it's eleven year old kid. It's fuckin really. Yet it's really brilliant and in that case yeah he's Tappan in even if he's not gonna lose I didn't write for so that it it's like again. It's like you believe like you run if it's true to somebody cause. I have, I think, some that Ben wrote and if they don't know about it, resonate with me in a place that I can. Why think this Id who was singing this song clearly was not believing the lyrics, but what these lyrics represented to him was. We all like personal emotional feeling because nobody knows about smoking, cigarettes and the paparazzi nonsense. He's he's not resonating what the actual
maybe he's connecting to the idea of this woman, Lady Gaga who's, going through this news, channeling himself through her, but most likely he's try to show how emotional and conflicted he is in his is expression. I'm just so powerful that you, you know you it it vibes with the actual song that makes no sense coming from an eleven year old boy yeah, but when I love that kid there, but if he was forty, I wouldn't like it. It's where's your own shit, you haven't, relies on the now now, you're already pagan kid I'll bet suck when you write your own shed and you you sing your own shit to me. It's it's are filling more connected to it in all. Sex That's why you guys totally! Fellow Ryan doesn't even like music with words,
Brian likes is like I have like colonies, acknowledges the happier than music. I like a doll or the ape. It sounds at school once in a while, you are you a jam ban. Can a guy. I grew up haven in love. We more by elbow you, mail them he's hidden, piss upper of adequate has the greatest songs ever. Do you know about the wean doing the pizza Marshall hold? It would just ain't piss upper over whether we want a song called Pizarro by winning wounded on allows arms ever it winded a whole album where it's like old school country sounds so depressing that wine is like every single one of their songs on a different banking pledge it up. I never heard this principle We lets you play there should on the internet, the course things about which I hope so that they do there there really like open about like you playing shit on the internet and the use of shit. I love that a certain point time. People have to realise that these doubly you're gonna ever control only be worth downloading airships impossible, but
you can control what you do. You will like it by it among people watch wherever wander like the man knows Joe songs breaking my bag in the best case border my window, I gotta tell you that the pizza story, because they were commissioned to write a song for pizza as I ween was wean, lies in they apparently an end. We gotta find citizen correctly. I apologise, but they basically they wrote. This tomb ended a b is on Youtube, so you could find if you wanted to, but basically they wrote this too, and it was
we're the cheese go. Others like global Catalonia time. I pulled over fees, I was to be like, so they write and then they re this brilliant song right, it's like witty and they produce it, and it sounds great so about this like folder. First Rumbold cows own type thing it is its anyway, Where are the chief go where the cheese go and reads out with a guy? Can you may get a little more ridiculous and so basically they insulted. The ban in the bank came back with the same song, verbatim, except for where the mother, fucking cheese and obviously was never placed here. It is on a commercial. That's where our worries.
Jeez, that's ridiculous. My god knows where the most ridiculous things over recent weeks. Great that you be my ringtone back in the day really drives. You always get the most posture shit. If you ever look for something bizarre, if you hear a rumour, a whiff of something in the heirs through contact, Brian Brian's get the inside word on all nurtured Let you know immediately what the fuck's cheese go. Oh yeah. I love without I'd love to bear the full of shit out there illegally Radiohead cells. Other shit, I'm on things with a future. Romania,
We talk, but at a time like this, so apps nature that were available on you get your car now someone's phones, still sing gaze on this time. What is this? Can we hear that ringtone? What is that with little bow with it to where everyone can? I call you irregular into Europe, ringtone, our manage your mariner talking about the Christmas on Spotify, We pass Christmas drop our guard lying about, avoiding why don't you leave your joy? Joking, listen, there's a lot of things. I say what people think, I'm really be serious, is theirs in saying that you have in your committee and to say that worshiped possible all the time you try to fight it as much as possible women would someone fucked up like fire on fire, and I really mean that do not totally romena Santa but tell me relax, but the Fuckin Chris. Jesus Christ, just get the word out there.
Here we have problems in the future. With a jerk may we for contact. You uncle orchestra me directly, take care of it see. You know these. No one can ever tell you what to do. If they do, it won't work. The only thing you can do, that's good is put right, out there. Put your music out there and keep going other stuff led them deal with it. Publicity stuff nonsense! Madam, I tell you what to do You know that's. The bottom line is Laana Prognosticated from the outside and I'll sit back and they got what you need to do is we think that the EU might be home
the third is something rather more uniform, as ever in whatever set as you like, Ben. If you just know, they give me a lot of crap about his hair there. What do you do? I cut your pending women repent tat with the Ladys, were not Anna guerrillas and bent and bent. When we talk about the Ladys inherited and you're a talented artists, it would be a shame if you got as far as your God and then suddenly in all falls apart, because if you look and are always jewish as we would like that- and I'm with you, I don't think so said just now about substantiated. My it's not good for my love of jewish people must immediately chain my axe appreciate that may still and listened to me, but I got this wire when I got there came another day, vaguely Africa and howling fired on hair by five years from you do whatever the fuck you want, then the other you get what you pay the pollen
thirty one by lifts everyone, whereas lips come on out of I gotta get to sidestep the my pants and everything anal play Jean. Have you would have varying? Has anyone ever given you any it'll bleaching through good move? Do don T, you know what I like about audio kidding by thereby essential I hereby so the black or the baroness with juice. Ladies and gentlemen, dear you make me, go there don't challenge me, that's what we're talking about this one. Your reason out of your answered ass now we're talking about remember the sailor. Jerry as far as intelligent anybody ever given you any preposterous advice as far as look or a manager, yes, please tell me Suzanne what have they done? You, those fox? Well, mother, I'm not gonna! I'm like your name name, don't don't Europe! I was told once to what
what I can go forward, those two it now too late. I got you bastard. I have on a site like basically you know like ice ever mentioned earlier. That, like you know, are and were at this level where we write together and we do like arraigned making arrangements with music and its it's really fulfilling and rewarding an end watching it do all these cool things like be under show holy shit balls push out, but also a few years back to when I was just starting out in like trying to figure out how to do things that I should work on being attractive. And funny and performer and and not right, songs and wet. My mammy reticence- and I was it you What do you do? What What is it I was trying to follow? You share this judgment have only now and I hope to God. Now we too have a right is threatening a lotta women, don't realize how many guys are interacting with them went too far from
No, I think you're gonna dominant fell, but I hope you will help yeah yeah yeah. You got. How allows Oscar cause he's he's way elder lifting probably way under israeli origin. Your eyes in your eyes he's out of the game in his eyes, presently depend in. He knows the idea of you who knows careful. He knows you're not attracted him, but his instincts will always be to be little and to try in some way to find something wrong with you, instead of like as a representation or representative rather of an artist like the we should be looking at in this light, trying somehow another to be an aid to build them, not like shoot them down a correct. This change that, but it just pump up all the good stuff, like you know like like look at them. Man, as you know, like you're, in some sort of a partnership with them and the more you can rise them up the better.
But so it should all be positive in all be like reinforcing it, an honest and everything, but but still positive. So when a guy is a representative coming sheets and you a little bit like the interest to change what is selling to change, who you are wasting ones. But you know what all the powers regarding heritage that is true or not, and I listened to me- you gotta, stop stop with the modesty. Don't even talk right now, I'm serious! Listen, you a very pretty girl, very you're, very pretty girl. You know that you know that any also talented so for It gets an opposition whether selling something most of em are fox. Most of look, there's a lot of great agents and great great managers and in great representatives of artist I love my the death of the same manager since I was an open. Might comedian love, em tat? We we also love you Jeffrey. The cap, we analyzed aim is to every too crazy. Jeff Assessment, my marriage no motion. What's up I guess we socialists are going to bottom line as Mr Bottom unwise and translate this fuck. You
But I think it would be given our by adding to the power of happening your way with its, not just that it's big it's because he's beyond the the possibility being sexually attractive to what so big, does that it's gotta be the powerful. I wouldn't really would like the regular that thought process makes me really uncomfortable, but I know is disturbing, but I will tell you this that that those things when I was like twenty two and I needed a cheat, you any champions when you're just getting started in your kind of like bring that you do a good job and, of course, a person that you're looking up to says some bullshit lay back you. Yes, I think that in the long run, those things are a good thing, because a company you get over it than you, better. You know well she's kind of bouncing off. You listen, there's nothing wrong with who you are ever so, if If view of your person and an you like this, you, like country, music, you like dressing like this, whatever the
what you like, whatever whatever you're a training, is knocking your genes. Shouldn't be what you gravitate towards one time and as soon as someone comes along and is like listen dude, you know, You're gonna have to change this and change that and in what way, never someone tries to deviate. You offer who'd. You are naturally that adjustment enhance. You did not do not help, no, but I think, as the general attitude and approach show business. Then maybe art says this: is I don't want also to justify their lives? They want to add some ingredients- the soup men and you can get nowhere. Does mustache things instructing the things you don't be level. I love your family right man several times. Sometimes you have to take that hit Anne and know that you're smarter than that person and and keep going
and enables them, or someone should actually give you guided by that the true that's the craziest thing someone can. Actually, you need not be ass, but it's rare, but then again they shouldn't. We should me duty about air idiots but the idea that men, men always what we will address links are like maybe redress or with sex you Macedonia can you be more of a seek up, that's impossible We need bigger, Erin Aerial less. Can you get a tattoo around your area? That looks like a regular nickel for every time. I work with this check for culture. There name respects our notions, rouble, nobody, but yet Cutlass theses rubber cutlets. Their legs there, like a temporary fake, Boob, David in its clear living on a big slab of rubber chicken and he stuffy tense, used to be Some are another like its acceptable words like tissue papers, ridiculous, but these
I've had to wear refer. I know you were we I mean I I used to. I used to do some model back in the day. Oh shit whatsapp. Well, it was just the catalogues are about labelling and jumping off invaluable. Remember, wasn't even didn't gotta think these cheaper, you, CD, roms and the old bag over. Then somebody did a model. We now have to stay away at the shady manager, guinea, by others, their new aerial transition, no big deal with says I was a paper bono's young at school. We owe them totally dumb. That's not true! I dare you, how dare you zoo Landor playing out by South West End were apparently because you know when you when you play certain shows they give you things like closer fry boots and we we got offered. This position where they're like hey
you guys play the show will give you free close, but you have to rock walk on runway and well I mean when I realize this was a case. I really just I am as its you just can't walk billing age. I check out this working Jean jacket round. That's all you have to do, but I'm more excited for Ben to do it as I think that, like from a zoo, lander standpoint, oh yeah, it's just gonna be blue. Still, really truly in the chinese drop that you will be updated. Your facebook profile period, blood to Algeria and got away bottle. I wanna see, runway mine went to lie down we're gonna shoot together and the photographer said to Ben you have the most for Jesus eyes. I've ever seen- and she does referred to him for the rest of the day- is Jesus eyes. Well, yeah! I take an old Ladys,
We therefore like did you feel your lot away. Was unusual. There's a lot of people. The billions of humankind was, but I was carried someone and only two footprints rynason. Could you imagine, and I was getting your magic- you pulled her sides. Listen only keep secret Give me that I'm not comfortable with that. I am Jesus, I'm the long term cleaner and I'm back by humorless, I'm not humorless. I am a man. I also the Holy Spirit. Was this light modeling town tell no one. I gonna walk toward my car about for tomorrow. We will be giving the second covered. It wouldn't be that horror at my you know what you would do you you know, even if you thought that there was hard to pitch sailors are not Jesus, but on this new guy guys names ban the new
you know our Jesus before there was a cheese us me. Nobody knew what the fuck do. You know you couldn't say assume before Jesus birth, you can't couldn't say, praise Jesus people. What the fuck are you talking about? You know I could Jesus didn't exist yet but bends. I praise Harold ends here. It's been banned and that will be the new thing. Reproached ban who's, gonna bends out there to the sort of bans, but not much zoology cases out there too, but they re skate by man. You gotta tell you the pitched it you gotta start your own called the only land anywhere in our. I don't, but one looking for a plot. Listen, how much beard can you actually grow? Can we be real? You trimming that Ngos, girl I got to the museum, patchy and savagery saw. You have a full beard. He was kind of pc like that decision, making we very good call. What I would like without, like you comfortable, is something tat, looks like a little unkempt, something that goes over the maps in the mouth, where you really don't have an ego made it. I wish our for a couple of days you now you want to be generally be one. Do not give me. I want to state, given we are positive. You dont want
into a negative, but now I don't give a fuck might be a positive, its arms. Ok I'll, follow this path. Madge, if you like an agent for cop birth. Refer for leaders like listen, I think we're about about to get get busy with this cup. But what from you is more beer Milburgh our image. You go we're gonna. Have you ll notice? I mean really lucky that showbiz people don't get involved in car making because of course, many really good for care can be measured out. Baldwin want to start zone cult to be a lot of monopolies are women. These lining the our fault, when called right woman who wants him to yell at her and then hugger. Just some with some weird situation are out of a word yet deeming and then I saw, Sometimes it is very difficult,
I'm drunk, we see I'll, get their labour. This is pretty work my faces so red right now, because if there's like some sort of heat, Why building and left us from arriving p direction? I don't know The first showed Dunsinane shape mad. That was what you ask me earlier. They wanted me to ask you why you shake your head lost. The feed is this, is it is doubly one thing it cut out its immigrants, and send seems like. There's no video I've gotten several well the audio seems to be going now miss if Europe is gone. As you know, I don't know, but the walls or purple the fuck up a macabre, Crook Suzanne is wearing a lazy type. Sure Joe shaped his head. I'm holding a terror, Patrick Work. I could read around hand yet paragraph from it. If you'd like a first stop was asleep,
restoring Hollywood. Well, you read in terror, Patrick's biography. Why do I have my pants on my let's? Let's go back to one, let me call Brian and make sure that this is all really going down, because I feel that Jack. It says of all the people in line if you're, if you're watching online, it says that its on, but it doesn't seem to be on our continued. So. What did someone have a question was the questions? Are they asked me? They said asked Joe why he shaped his head, adapt our top down to her loss tabs. I didn't even tab out, but the whole bit about America I cheated before attempt. Would you go my fuckin freak employers vanished the feeds down completely crazy, there's nothing on sea, so you strength black anyway, my hair gross discuss how to deal with its share.
Go pay now I gotta go to have and thinking about me and bedding and get to know each other when Alcott, yes, I'm after you, so that you have a knife in your pocket. Oh, my god, you gotta give me in a tub I, like you, says a name on I like how you rock it. She gets up. I'm like the fuckin knife is a really bad. Why you did that this time, Joe legacy. Like in the middle of recording. It just stopped, isn't it I didn't say I've innocently there. Yet it would have saved my desk by doesn't say on here. I don't know: what could we rebooted? What are we gonna do think it's working right now, but doesn't seem new work on the side bro because I turned the volume on some. Should I read more terror, Patrick yeah man out we're back. It is Now it is back. Ok, Tony LEO became my next thing. You know when we have such a fabulous show. We have so many people that are trying to watch the same
sometimes shekels wrongly Joe S, eye perfected. It would always be it's always gonna, be on your viii. Muso anytime, like this happens, always go to your website. You're Rogan, DOT, net young folks should also know the folks that are watching this, or let rather listening to this. If you ever wanted to watch, especially the ones that we do with ice house, it's really pretty bad ass. We have a whole multi camera set up and switcher, and it's like a half ass, cable access. Tv but you can watch your watch envelope. People actually watch now. You are at least two thousand people right now watches to right now, two thousand eighty to live, but love me. But that's a small amount, the majority of them or listening to a number three format, the the pockets of the video progress marked as ten a fraction of what it is for the audio part cast market people. One was in the jail their car and traffic couple years, though I think I will teach you think so, because I think I was gonna, be time, we're commuting and that's why you
of audio, but where we come in and commuting become in, while people are driving like in others, there's there's a sort of place for all sorts of different types of entertainment. Undivided attention when you watch a movie but with a gas. We like travel with people, yes, we're on planes with people right now right now we're in cars with people. You know we're we're hiking with people were the jam with people. You know it's, it's weird sort of a form of entertainment, so it's so the visual aspects is tiny fraction. It's about five hundred thousand people that's amazing words. Our knowledge is a laptop and like we had a webcam we're just entering twitter questions. What would happen with its most funding of everyone involved? Tv should have already done so fund, but this is the only thing that you could do whatever do anything. You know we have you guys. Are there came up with my music, hey, hey you, Wanna Junior sheriff politically church monks, yourselves or brining any questions for them or you want to,
right back those gentlemen I'll talk to you, while they payment so tell me about your weight. So a hey! I, if you guys we, I just put up a new podcast today with a new Brian Cowen Podcast and we interviewed Jeremy PIN. And we went to his house in Hollywood, and it is a video of versions going to be up later tonight, but the audio versions on Itunes right now. So if you subscribe to death squad on Itunes, you'll be able to download that- and it was pretty cool, also if you live in LOS Angeles area. This Friday, Joe Rogan, is going to be at the ice house for the ice house. Chronicles and that's here at the ICE House Comedy Club in Pasadena, California, you can buy tickets. ICE House comedy dot com, and I can be Joe Rogan and a bunch of other comics images, pretty much. We talk, Laguna Green room style here and we do it as a because at nine P M Pacific and
ten o clock. The show next door starts in one by one. We go from the green room, thirty, wherever, where my argument Jesus pointed to commercial mode, no, never known or retired yeah we're on how fast it was always on it. It just that are worth discussing how we're doing great. Now, oh shit, don't you request We could display yeah idea requests. Do you know any crabby, Patty songs? Yes, I do. I take great zoning cravat and, given that the real songs, you know then cravat oh yeah yeah, that's I was on that- are really cool. Yeah! That's right! Wilson was always about Spongebob UK no smoke a lotta, we barely commander.
Best day ever brand, who wrote this Spongebob songs, Annie Paley, we went to his wedding. A few years back in Kansas were becoming in Kansas and at his wedding we performed some Spongebob song. Others say visible Ass Tom Kenny, the guy who does the voice of Spongebob Road air and profound changes in economic, yeah, he's the voices Spongebob yeah. You guys watch a venture time also of your hearts in it. You will love adventure time. Ok, it's the cartoon network. You guys get on Itunes is its adventure times by Pendleton Ward in its is crack. You will watch ass, a million. They talk about the empty if it's just like an adult cartoon for kids, it's great donors, hey brine. Do you want me to adjust any these microphones? That's good causes, we want these fine. I just want to point out to you. Guys are the first ban that we ve ever had perform overly high gas. Please is an honour for us. This is so
So, if you have any other bans on the show, can we put them through some sort of level of hazing? because that would be really give a board when everyone had only one who s grandfather clause, those ever last because he already talked about it. He wants come on and Fernando Fair enough. If you dont want to fund the grandfather and using a lot of us ever lash out and shouted the dead mouse Debbie, I shall not be real, do maybe real after we did. The last podcast be real, wants to do a bunch of what we're do back and forth we're gonna do with their studio simulcast his his his use dream. My use dream same time. Right will do all that, so we're gonna. Do that real, so interested Yes, on the other hand, driving back to that's cool on them, very nine capable does exist. This is gonna, be there's something this minute can run for public
no, it's it's just online or in now. This should they gave me Armstrong when they made him fake. The moon, lilies required this thing family level. Please do. What you guys go! British thing too: go back to you, that we are not yet sorted. Lay right playing thing back to you. Ve got your recorded back to you, this new song. We know well, now it's been around for a while. We never accorded it.
they made. Man now rests upon my head. I work it's coming back reads baby. When it's comin back, they say they re honest now,
No up sound like dirt gives rise to Jane. You come back to you. Thank God. You make it as an actor that didn't work. Horton, sometimes go wrong.
Poor. You sometimes for shit to go wrong. Come on man that was beautiful was amazing, got down. I was awesome, guys we're fucked, potent combination, man, I've heard that song. That's all! It's never been released its things online anywhere It will there's that there's that that ask warehouse, video is added. Does we haven't done like an audio recording, we'll get Bobo easier than their shows? You came I, but I heard it before that it must be the escort because there's two songs on the escort hosting right: that's the angel of death and that one of the angel You wanna hear that one is well we'll play that for your later. Later, we would make me wait for them to leave have eyes. So now we can bring about a man, while Asia significant more than to Shakespeare get crazy bad idea. This is so you guys ever unusual friendship, that's cool! Little French are working
sort of friendship. Yes, it is unusual for your best friend it's hard for a man and a woman to be friends. It is but it also. Is it it's a great balance, you don't mean. Yes, if I weren't right, yeah, yeah yeah does, and I feel really look because we're wrote like incredibly like our communicative skills largest just were very verbal, were very honest and I think something I think two things with bans is being able to be like afraid sometimes and talk about it or like fucked up about something, and everyone has any friendship, sure but part of the business too. I mean it's a friendship, enemies and more dynamic and more more problematic it totally and if any of its it's a lot of its you know, there's a lot of emotions woven into this business too, because your creating things in that there is a lot. Of attachment to that end. We just talk a lot you know has ever have issues like we're like you want to pursue a songs like I'm, not really. It's not work in we
We really are on the same page is far as like what works and what does in and we ll give there the tune that one of us brings to the table, we're not sure about. It. Will we'll give it a good try before it doesn't work, and it's always like. We just know you we don't. We don't fight about songs like that. Bodies that have in advance and then always seems to be. The giant problem. Is the communication to ban members that jockeying for position, especially with dude, like four dude, ultimately gonna be some dick waving contest between Ban may see. We wavered takes each other according to them. At the beginning of the sitting of Friday night if its inevitable right, I mean it's. It's a rare thing. When I was explaining or would rather was. I was, as you said, we spent a rare would like to have this rare friendship because have managed rare that a man and a woman- and you guys really seem like genuine friends- is not new.
Creepy shit is a weird thing. When you're hanging out as noise, it microphones money ever hang out with someone and there there's a guy in a girl and someone like someone, someone doesn't like the other person that some weird fuckin thing going in it for what it whatever he's mean, it doesn't seem like a real friendships like this. We're working partnership or the guy's creepy or the girl creep you're someone's creepy here, though, is that, but you guys have like this, like really. You live both creepy, because this is easy way about you, and I mean That's that's a very difficult thing to accomplish in this life, especially young. You guys are very young. You use it twenty, eight thirty thirty six, twenty six in all the EU, twenty seven and the one in the late, twenty, the motor woman man. That's what you're really young men to have your shit together this well, you know b to be bodies like this and so collaborative you know of any weird ego shit that says a lot. The Badia I mean- that's been a big part of everything we ve done well. Talking earlier by what someone had said to her. You know similar experiences.
Obviously never the same adjectives, nor was pushing me to be like the attractive. One but you know this there's a lot of getting over ego in this situation, which I think is only serve both of us in on a mean, like just as much as that things happened to her You know I tend to fade into the background when you run is a beautiful woman, singing she's a from person, bubble, love above all by and you know being able to be comfortable, not not feeling threatened that. Gives a shit about what I'm doing our care. You know knows what I'm doing. The ban has been something that has been great from me. I feel like to get over that here I mean and not really, you know be too invested and what people think they are stand about our relations? Separating powerlessness is ever get an horribly about Jesus completely fall apart. Certain point time: I'm tariff regarding the perfect little elaborate sort of a situation really is beautiful and that's when, when when it sinks and it works
obvious in what you produce what you produce itself, so fascinating, really compelling. Thrilling. You know anything will thank you and you know something. That's it, really important to ices comedy and having fun and like there's a lot of serious elements to what we're doing: because we want it so badly to be our life in our career in unity. Times are tough. It's like me, no one, selling a million records right now and that because, if we did but you know we're working our asses off and in its very rewarding and like. If we're not having a glass if we're not having a blast in there's something wrong, and even when we're like broke his shit, which
totally are we're. Having so much would you don't know the right now you're is legitimate. Will ever be impossible already, my going downhill when the success hits. You, though it's like fuckin respond your tweets anymore. You know it's gonna, get you you're in the euro in the perfect position, because, because once you become famous and once everything takes off than people go, you look eventually. You know it's like fucking me dream now. So I can have the same. You know what you were right now you during your romantic prime geyser. Remember that just another Bennett Abbas and the one on the road and try to make ends meet. You ever heard that Boston song. Now we would just another ban at Boston on the road to try to make ends meet sleeping a car I forget, fucking land is sound, but the point is that it They did a show, a guy came to the show and they got discovered you guys like right there, when the guy
The show annexing now you're on the cover rolling stone magazine with MAD Tb, who was I will now, but he's the Hunter S Thompson for two thousand twelve, that's pretty cool, www writer. Now, ok, I mean a little over me inside around your bright bark died in the day he died. He wrote an article called death of a douche bag quit the data guy Day he died while he didn't give a rain of stones here. While you know he was not lately my lady was it an accidental death or walk? No, no. He dialing caused by Bart Item that cross sector and in our work matter. Maybe you ve found our order or its calculated move you the way. But that's the thing is people were a lot of people are so upset about by parts politics. They didn't seem to mind. This happened. They died like that sounds like wow like wild metabolism,
mother fucker heavily. We did our three hundred thousand gave a city pretty dinner hour agree with matter you beat. I would have never done that, even if it were my worst enemy Oda never done that, but it guys want to do that whole. We share that guy's got balls and I guess the point is like you know you never given Farina countless because you're dead rank work for good for evil, where there is right. You neither me yeah you, you know what luck we should all be. We shall be sorry for all shitty things we ve done while we're alive, but just because you're dead as members have to re, examine your existence, rail for your own good for the good of your own history. It is better to keep things were. Well, I don't know. Maybe you should re examine, because then you have this ultimate Beckett, but at the same time, if you were in fact a douche bag then decide that you cannot terrible fiddling with the change in the afterlife, at least here in the cloud you hanging out with harp deeds, and why,
herbs and they haven't. Please hardly on a beautiful, haven't, doesn't get a violent violence really hard to learn and when you're learning is a shit its eyes and when you ve learned it anyhow practice, it sounds like shit if one of the things that are real everybody music is, it makes me made me remember how much I like songs with violence it's very rare on. My beg to differ with you. I think I like this now this embassy in beautiful instrument is a powerful there's. This thing to a violin, you know I mean there's like, is a reason why the devil went down a Georgia such about our song and it's not because a guitar drums, it's a fucking violin man, it's a violin battle. That's a violin battle with the devil is Charlie Mother, Fucking Daniels. By the way, a violin battle with Satan, though come on man is not any more than anybody would say something wrong with the violin. Doesn't understand life.
It's not there's nothing wrong with divine land is what some wrong is the application of the violent the violin when properly applied at a word, properly applied when, when it's, probably Belides? It's beautiful, see you guys use it a lot easier, violent alive that is, I think, a wailing when using the banjo a little bit more, but it it's in there, it's it's woven in there. Little threads of it. Do you you ve, got kind of like a little country, sort of a thing going on like there's a lot of country influence to look stuff. Yes, you know, I think that the yes like angel of death is a total throwback country, tune silence. We speaking what about let's get wrecked, but that
that's, not country, that's more, like Rockerbilts, Canna, unforgeable wagon road runner or really feel like. We blew it on that song a little we do. We were trying to reward a guy or the courses and what it should go. Please shut the fuck up hurry now arising out of your mind, we're intoxicated enough to tell ya. We really feel by noting listen, there's a lot of jobs that have recorded on CD and then like a month later, how do better my far too late and other gone, but we cannot accept, that's it. That's is of observer. That's what my favorite songs. You guys have love! That's on eighth, but you know it's funny he's Bob Dylan River shit happens, it sounds very Johnny Cash and getting well. They don't like the way. The writing is. What does this Sancho Bob deals, a hundred fifteenth dream which is on this brain?
at home is the record naval record, and it's just like is that where I was we're just turn right that song literally, Cyrus when what is Bob Dylan Son's name again, Jerry opened up firmer, coupled wallflowers we're yet peace, his kids were fear factor fans really, and I got to meet him like way back in the day when few factors on tv, you know I wanted to meet males are wholly shit, I'm meeting pump devils concern and that I really like those as two. By the way, I think there are two problems or fuckin May wallflowers yeah. You want some really great yeah. There's Y got one of those ex girlfriend songs, you know, or you see, countless into gas. It's that one person in your life and like boom, like there's one song, that Dude put I can the sting does this thing of the past, everybody's got a sting or more, the potential when others is up to us to
You know what man I've got pretty eclectic tastes. You know I will I like a lot of old shit for some mean old, mean like seventies and Sixtys Lung American Rock. Now dairy cats, shyly lotta like let it scattered a loyal on us in a like a lion like all my brother's, like a lotta like a lot of southern rock, like a lot of what I think is legs like it is a bitter does less tension and more rhythm to a lot of southern rock that I really like you know. I love love like letters, let's get her when they got big put out some of my favorite shit, because it was
about getting the fuck away from people from other stock, taking made like ten song Ghip a fluctuating people having every song was I gotta be free. I'm a free bird every fuckin saw was just like leave me alone. But I can change cabin go yeah, I've! Never that's why they call me the Breeze Sea like over and over and over again is all they weren't he's getting tugged done by a billion people, but they still had that another that southern rock flavour. You know that that is I got a twang disorder. You know, like, moreover, rhythmic think the lot of the southern Rock NEA, as to Eileen Rave on last Andrea he's a shit cod. That was one of the issues. I never learned a play like tat, but he was the guitar here, guys. I really connected with the listener, was records. All the time
doing Texas Flood term man couldn't stand the whether he had the lie version. I couldn't stand the weather. Will you you listening that? Please everybody go get that Stevie lay raw raven lie with double trouble. Ripen was couldn't stand on whether with this when it, though the old one, it was like an eighty three or something before they. Doesn't remember what it was, but there was it. He had. A bunch of live versions of songs were really amazing, one of whom was food chain Have you ever heard him do voodoo Charlie I've? Oh my god, it's one of Best versions of look, I'm a huge Hendricks fan. The reason why we we call this the Joe Rogan experiment, hotel rip off, which it me every because one other It was a huge Hendricks ran, like always need, like the only guy ever took a song that Hendricks did and put it in a different place, not necessarily a better place, but a different place with Steve,
by which he had so much respect for Hendrick suit? I was the thing I think an open respect of his innocence. Music videos, like Hendricks posters, likely loved Hendricks. It wasn't like there was now it does no like swagger Jack and go on like this is his version of it was when did Stevie Raven Pathway? Many five, you don't almost to drive him. I was a limousine driver in Boston, sharing almost had to drive him twenty. My in twenty somewhere other and the huge touring, the Dep Jeff Back and Jeff back. Out in the van, but Stevie Raven wouldn't get in any limousines. He would take cabs, so He like it's weird he ate like being in love. Us is like this is creeping money. Getting gaps dislikes talk to people in smoke cigarettes. That's cool in whatever way then examine cool. I met you gotta check out, you know, get caught. Junior you'd like
are you gotta check out he eagerly? I urge every once in a while Stephen was one of these guys who brought blues to a point where the mainstream could really appreciate it and get. I feel like a car You do know right now. Gary Clark, too, The real deal I got into female singers. When I was a kid because, while was doing martial arts competitions kickboxing, I would look for something that was like the opposite of that something that was like calming you now, because that's really cool now. Well, I think I read the book a five rings. It's a book by this guide me emotive, massaging whose a great samurai and killed like sixty two men and one on one battles, she's, a sword fighting in Lanka and he wrote this thing and it's called the book of five rings and what the book a five rings is that it's a book on. The live life and its basically all about balance and one of the things that he propose. That every samurai should also be an artist. They should be well
first in poetry, and that you should be able to express yourself. They should we note holes in your ego, she'd be no king, Senor Game and so when I was competing, recognized that might you know, as a man, you re a biggest insecurity when you're especially, is like a weakness, any sort of weakness, whether its low ice evenly literally think that sex like pleasure was a weakness. Now we can solve this, isn't what I wasn't even louder. Fighting was it. Supervision, desire. Discipline is exactly what we should be able to Israel was it was. It was the the not just desire but pleasure, like you, dont need pleasure, pitch, get out, run, run, hills and us now, and so this this this book sort of introduced my head to the idea of relaxing some, my caveman bullshit and appreciating like the feminine aspects of things. So the first thing,
Are we getting into was like women singers and sold like like thing goes like eighteen, nineteen years old, when I got into like Ricky Jones as this night she's a jockeys in love. Do that's a great god. Damn song she was a bad ass pitch, She was a bad ass banishment around I'll fuck. You are you kidding me. We play you're, no good all the time and they showed good. We pleaded to the point I got mad at him. I got time abuse diameter aspects here: ass, a big nipples haircut like that about it. I brought it up, but there's a lot of guys. Man when I told you you know what I want. I tweeted you know like this as the shed in I'll check out this video and I put when your videos up.
Called a homo by at least two hundred people deserve raid, the this volume terrified there's something about a guy liking or something week in soft, go alone corals. My lord, bullshit pussy. You know at every every every strong man every like you when you get sick, you still get the fuckin sniffles strolling worries you gotta bunnies, and you know what I mean. What you give you could act of. You can be as tough as you wanna be, but when you're sick, you get the snip oil and you may not like it, and you know the answer twice a day if you're lucky regular, take your neighbour the broccoli doing my innovation, in the end world. Did anyone who the fuck do? You know It takes a there's, a certain amount of time that you need to live on this light before a sort of accept the fact that just go
enjoy this and realise that none of it makes any fuckin says you know. I I don't want to go backwards here, but you were really that you really impressed and inspired me when you were talking about this book of five rings and and martial arts and its responsible for this new thing that our values Does that remove them? Lusatia says we note of what is really beautiful. This guy errand delivered over from grew tattoo in San Diego did, but it that's what it is minimal, Miyamoto massaging, but I've ever seen, I think there's something. That's it. It's true wisdom, when you can have a balance of calm within within. Arena of and was a war that sounds really tomorrow, but like when you're in battle in the in the proverbial sense. The Fidgit slam petition pressure, but like in life in general, United, because there's a lot of shit out there, all, especially if you're doing some like that or like even when you play a show like where you have to you have to
who centre yourself and it's really easy to want to just die check the pool for water, free, Diving United mean like through easy to just go in situations in any capacity in any facet weather. You're, going to work or you're in a competition or you're playing a rock show or you're dating, without without point that is sometimes a fuckin wrestling mergers GAD, I'm late twenties. I know
but but serious, early, early late on its thinking, man, that's really nice. Eater rhodium yourself entered call me old in the co. Without it there. Let that bar you gonna, take you think. I'm sorry think, I'm sorry fashion with the condition always came. My ideas of chasing down like a balance, came at a purely selfish reasons. Initially, it was decided. One get my aspect that simple selected to to compete better. I feel I felt like I any. It amounts myself out a kind of a weird way to approach it, but to mean something it made sense. Psychiatry invitation. I did that as well, but there is like a thing of those other stuff that need to be addressed as well we have even competing your whole. I mean well, I did when I was young one hour when I was growing up like in high school. I did mostly until I start doing Stanhope Colony Comedy and that's when I was like twenty one and twenty
So when it, when I start doing now, then I just like completely abandoned the idea of competition. I was a sort of doing that at that point, the momentum I've done it like so much when I was a young yeah, but the there's a lot of shit that comes out of martial arts that is clearly and directly applied to two to art. Any form of our universe in its from that moose actually book, you know The idea that you there's there was so much what that's fascinating, but that book was this guy that lived hundreds and hundreds of years ago He was basically a man who would go and have one one battles to the death with other men, so He could have no weakness. You can have no imbalance in is in his thought process and its ability to two. You noted two to objective. We look at any situation. He had to really be aware what is strengthened.
This is our had improve upon himself This was his approach on ice, always like who who faced Crazier shit than this guy in Life sixty one on one sort battle if you're fucking a mad, but I think it's the moon thirst into our plea. Oh, I think it's amazing that someone who so successful at all that stuff was so focused on accepting the integrity of himself You know I mean, because why you so yeah exactly like then if you aren't repressing certain avenues yourself, I don't see how that would be an unsuccessful think. Why think we we a lot of us no human beings. We require something to imitate. We require someone who leads by example and in times were left in situations where that's all peripheral, like the people to lead by example, television or movies units are how much that's bullshit, but the earth
examples that you reach in everyday life. There not dare not good not good examples of people, so you buddy. What you? What are you imitating mean of the tribe imitates? You know the big buzz of the hive. Even if you look like Japan, it's perfect example. I just got back their super polite. Ange Alien, culture or everyone's nice and everyone's height height everywhere. You go everyone's super polite and you like well. How did this happen? How this happened because somehow another they they engendered this type of thinking and a gun? Above then everybody just copied everybody else, and then it became what it is. It became what it is, it was planted, it grew and now it is what it is. But you know that's not that son. Easy to pull off a Japan is unease the people of Japan, but it is what will we need one of the things we need, especially our young? We need examples we need other. Need someone else to imitate we'd someone else's we need someone that shows its one. We love heroes. It's why we love the great here was a
movies mean Joseph Campbell stories. It's all the idea behind It is all that we need someone to aspire to, so that we realise the weaknesses of our own insecurities are are our own dissatisfaction with whom we are now. You know tat it is too much. No. This is the main notices to throw some light on. What I think is an interesting, because you, your perspective, going to a place like Japan, you you're going there as a success, one retainer, you know I mean, and that also not not to challenge you perceptions at all. But your perspective is someone who people Environment are looking to please as well You know, that's it. That's definitely good point, but really I sought amongst everyone everywhere. The way out. I really I've watched a lot of people. I sat up. I sat down the hotel lobby for a long time one day just watching people interact with each other and they were there. So polite amazing and everyone's likes
rightly bowing to each other. I hate everyone's just really trying to be sitting accommodating the security at does. The arena could not have been politeness they are easily by far right brand easiest to get past the security. Also remember the albanian understand it. Brian was with me when I have these passes and supposed to be, like you know like to sling alone, and I was a big pass. I know what I'm doing and what I'm trying to move the guy through my keys with me, it's ok with me and they do just didn't know what the fuck man in America. We do it all the time. Everyone knows everything you know it's cool, but you know in Japan, they didn't know what was going on sound like it's. Ok, it's ok Asia is weird. Communication did understand, English would cut up, but they were so polite. They just let us go by its is because but it's not me now. Nobody like would bullshit their way there, but it's much more in common than theirs. In Amerika we can never. Just Guy come up to go, I gotta go to the narrow click
hey, hey, hey, lived in something I love about Suzanne. She lived in Tokyo, which was accepted in several. My guy has a model yeah. Dare I I am some russian friends. Why was I like? You know it was me I was seen, I was so you would have found. Let you go there when you were sixty nine parents men's. That's why the fuck- I'm not by my folks. Let me move to New York when I was sixteen to law when they know this. It's like those there's details like they. They they were with me for the top may appear again. I'm sorry, but you know a culturally speaking for furry Japan. There was it's definitely thing, especially when I was that young going over ten years ago, Jesus I'm old,
It has done with no, you just were there when you were a baby, but man say like over ten years ago with its very well, but you were fuckin. Sixteen, I was Craig Wise, what's about what who's, your mom thinking to scare. You know where I loaded arouse. They were really know. My parents are really amazing people. They lose very supportive. You value being a monologue, Japan, not that they ve, always just they ve known that I have I've been driven with things like I've always had things. You know, like group, doing a lot of musical theater and I sing acquire and I played an orchestra and- and I just would work my ass off like this- but I loved, and they Are you tribute a lot of my opportunities to their support? because they were never like now. You can't do that you're too young. They were just like me. I wasn't universally minded, they aren't you. Yeah, they still are. You know the eye. I they live in. Higher, but they do you know,
awaits it's. Ok. We have got a lot. I gotta have even whether they do what is your dad do with my family and the restaurant many China strongly. I make my grandparents started it and workable angel when this crazy journey, to be a model Japan at sixteen years ago. I started locally in Cleveland. I wasn't like values, city department store of growing up, and I long you can usually we like totally mortifying because I'd be in like a dick sporting goods that in a sports bra and I go to high school and arose a swell you're turning Bro, unlike for athletes jackass, but they ve. Let me they. Let me go I was sent scouted by it. An agency when I'd previously spend my summer in Chicago when I was fifteen, which is so funny to like The agency was like there's gonna, be
chaperones and you guys they're gonna live in like a models apartment in there's people there and like I did whatever I wanted and I was going to bars NOS fifteen Jos crazing. You re wrong, but you know earth I am I did I didn't. I in our still a virgin then. Just now real had heard you know, I have three daughters, don't worry, I'm not I'm not known about. You know I didn't do red dot and how I talked to start talks on ladders, zebra as two sisters. Three names me three sisters for your old man. Are you? The old is the ongoing. Oh Jesus Christ. They given up by then of course say that you go seizes crisis, dig elusive euro baby number one. I want to tell you what I never made that fucking trips and throw in the towel. No, it's not even that is to take been terrified of losing your Bobo time. They got down the you. The letter free to pan sounds areas live all. I heard they're nice, people are provide good luck over their kid
Was it a long as I'm amount? You stayed there. I was therefore the tomb, they all summer. Basically Wow, regrettably, ever happen How do you know that a lot of creepy sit ass? What nothing that was like nothing that was Danes sir bad for me by dislike in enticing, I gross enjoyable. So I view this is the funny part. So I figured sure we should do so So I did that on the one and only time that I've ever done. Ecstasy was in Japan, and I was with I was it incredibly beautiful professional boxer from New Zealand and,
so we basically like we did ecstasy drove a song rhythm of this no known we made out right. We ate we ate popsicles and watch the matrix and later as an adult, I would back I'm like a globally if I gotta get raped or something we had totally let you know that was it. It was totally innocent in, like literally when I got plans there are really good Zairean, Japan, Dr Ecstasy, still a virgin everything's good up up up up up like a doll, gonna messages, you can look kindly everything's. Something amazing gave you money trick of you want to do that, You don't have to wake up early last year me that counterpart, actually than we do,
doing what you guys have like. What's going on now, if you guys concerts, Conan, big alot of shows, you were saying that you are showing Santa Monica the uniting us about Europe come and shot at we, while we have a lot of things coming up, but you know it's funny. Newport folk festival, people listening and there are asking us to talk about that. But yes tell these people shut their pie hall. What you re talking about is currently honeybee band Twitter. Ok, all the information should be in your background, put that should upon your back, what you wallpaper, you know was so and people the view entire protein, I gotta honey. We banned our is that it is our view that is it everybody was wants you to like really focus on their thing, though
Well, you know we ban and we ve got a week summer. That is a great possible, though there are great we're fuckin pumps. We'd know we have. We have great stuff chemical plants out by southwest was next. We set sure that they just like they don't don't pay for plaintive goods than previously. No one active Richard is never easy is on his work, but you know I use it getting PAM good time reason are ass. I am sure you are, but isn't that a little odd itself I set my friend Duncan trustful Hindostan comedian got invited to self possession. West and he he had. No idea that this was the case, and he said this is the postures fuckin thing of all time. It's like this, like a big financial success, now think anybody, and so he made this whole video of Hitler screaming and is like yelling people and in the you know, you don't know what the FUCK Hitler says unless you speak: Germany, german, german,
turning to the country and use our so he's got he's got in subtitles in English. All the different things about can you fucking believe us up its was works Thus, it is that they just fly. You mean you, they don't. You fly out there Let me give you a little drawing room ticket United, at least during our gravely. I give you bottle thing crazed vein. I wouldn't bother me: that's the Burmese, somebody's daunting bottles, but but they by myself was, is kind of like a Morpheus thing. It's like we're we're playing, shows not none of them not shows replaying, ourself myself, south there, people who have come a venue set up itself by sir. Oh, I see so. If you know it's a gets, a crazy thing. My friend Doug stand up. Please do that with some do the Montreal Comedy first of all, the money Comedy festival used to be called just for laughs. It was like the big industry festival still at sort of, and he would do just for spite and do it the exact same time that they would do it and do his own shows in town just sort of piggyback
it's funny. So is that sort of like that kind of thing like now everybody like gathers tell me, but all kinds of shows happened in it. I mean it's a convention, it's a real cat like that's what it raised on and that's the reality of. It is a convention how many people pay attention to that aspect, but all these people one from the industry just comes in and wants to showcase. I would be cool if they just pay for your plane ticket every night room. In luck. You know if you really want to operate on the idea that it's a huge publicity campaign language on you for martial arts, sweet move, no one wants to pay for shit, thumbing mad as your friend the internet. As your friend these companies and my friend the internet, surfing the internet. We'll get here! Your information, you music, your thoughts, your ideas, you best shit, delivered. Better than any these fuckin crazy people in some weird town and want to fuck and put up tents, that's about it
God, we haven't. I haven't slept in a tone tat which guide, but we ve had some crazy experiences with days in outside of ending up with what happens the days Denver Denver to. Basically, we pretty much band like if, like we're more stock like one or drive and like eighty hours or whatever the fuck, and we get to that point were like to stop anywhere doesn't matter days in dont go ever. As far as it were, is never what Brian no days in drawing up a word. I want to say that I have stayed in scar Asians before I've had no issues when, when Thou Joe back in the desert. Ok, what has changed you say, but I dont think you general is how many days of you stated. Will we fundamentally tormenting Gimme Authority bed too for two now? Ok, this, have to judge no you'll like it. That's a Nielsen number, but to tell your story out of a hundred percent
buzz outrage. This is like it was a crack house. It was a days in Krakatoa does happen. Occasionally I mean you're living illegally in August. Why don't give a fuck a good lesson? First of all, allow me to say it's really clear during the ones you know like ass old run this computer and for sure that's my military spheres as we had, we ve had we today's in this, as in Denver. First of all, Then the men in front of me booking is rheumatism, was buying condoms with loose change. This does not of exaggerating when we got up to the room. Somebody was in our room. Somebody knock on the door were to seventeen and then scurried off Joe and then, as we realise that this is not the position for us to be an we're, leaving some dude in two thirteen try to pick a fight with me out of the shadows. Fucking came at me
What did he say? You ve been out of some of the moment being pussy, probably at an I shrimp, no I just go dear. You Jerry Bell. I was the only positive Joe you needed. Teaches you listen. I need you goes to inspiration. Ok, supports radio songs, burst, sweet move. Listen, I will do what ever you girls need me to do something. You know Then why did you have to change this experience? Blue reprisals? Actually does human train goes on music he's fucking boards on a railroad tracks were Erika is creating problems here, o Brien. We need to make that shirt we keep talking about it. We need to make sure the brains Brian, because he does is every podcast sort. Oh, I got in ways that some completely obeyed and only his
Ohio mine to figure out. Why? Because your play, the angel, does anyone here it's gonna, be Sherman, happy I'll, go this is the boss with any part. Guy knows a lot of blame at all. here we should do that. What the sound of a violent me to my phone like my ex wife, remarried y know, did you ever play. Violence. Play a trumpet pursuing keyboard
do you have any of us like play along with us. I don't have any and I dont know how to play anyone on now. I'm gonna, like other dogs, if I play like this there going to be like, can I play up to this guy? you play when everyone now this. How do we make this thing were so I went to the application up now. That's, accurate enough. I had begun I can tell the difference the machine name, but a man have you guys been back to a higher lately. I went back to her. Oh for a month over Christmas and whose awesome, Put a show require great.
I mean the Cleveland area is the flat still around like a mare, anymore, you're, evil that drunken drowned in the river yeah, so that as well, when I met Susan, where the first thing she does tell me about how she met through carry and she ran up the true carrion said: Hydro carry I'm she's here. I just want to tell you that I'm really proud of you and everything you leave when I love you so much and nobody pimps Cleveland harder than Seligson tweeted bat. Like I tweeted out human, he read. Aren't we drew here. Is one of the nicest gas nice, especially in Hollywood. He's such a great guy. I was around in wanting to use the improv I'll, never forget what it did. He there was some kids that we're like just start now: they're like open minors, and someone asked somethin what it was. Some someone as some sort of a say can related question and drew care. I made a point of like look at him in the eye. Go, listen! Just
one joke every day every day just make yourself right, one joke then the way you got seven new jobs just right. And it was like, like in the kid was like, mystified. I call it shouldn't drew carry out. He was an open micro and true carries going percent just write one joke every day. You can do that right, wonder sit down by one joke, big smile on his face and he's very Our summer is listening to me and then it like, I was the one who is a babbling idiot, like I, I kind of through me off that like hi. How are you have really warm and also to go by the path was totally insane, which is good news it is almost inaccurate. It's it's possible. The lady oppression in this is crazy. World is possible. There is ample, do carry made a sign, recently. The do I mean hat like when I think about
sitting down in writing a joke. I don't understand you know like it feels like a meme amidst stupid, because arrest song seen us a symptom drive. Like do. Have you been through that peer? We sit down a road joke a day or you every single I'm right something well what, Do one of three things. What one is I start, despite just responding to people on twitter and light looking interesting things that people are tweeting, maize or some weird fuckin thing. A guy eaten by a crocodile and this this thing, been here and then they got some new way to develop sperm in a lab, and is it there's always a little bit of that? So I'll do that for like maybe twenty minutes, and then what is I just I just write like s eyes to sit down and in whatever it is, I start with it doesn't matter. I could start with talk about. You know this is why it's good get drunk and I'll just just start. Just whatever the free comes out of my head. I just need a starting point. I need I need to somewhere to press the green light, and then I just start writing and as much as comes out as possible.
And then I have to go back and so dissected and then take chunks of it and then throw those chunks in and then those chunks become like it. It all condenses it goes through your filtration process. It becomes like. Don't don't don't punchline, and sometimes know sometimes like you. You have to go through like long set up things and for like more complex ideas, but for the most part, that's what what it all wood would stand. The bulb comes down, for me, but whenever it is a different way, writing I mean: do you think about really? When is it? Is you only enters when doo doo doo punch? Yes, are definitely a man with a very important timing, assume report in its very intuitive thing in requires. Allow repetition, requires you doing the material many many times too short a gauge. What feels false about it? You know, when you have an idea like a lot of times like Brien's De La stand up to and back me up on this disease. Its bright, actually good person talk about this with, because he's he's relatively sort of new to come
he too. Each be tried it a long time ago, and it took a long time often in really jumped back in so doing, like Bayer shows with us and louder shows here. So he knows what it's like so so time about writing jokes, yeah. How I just pretty much something and I thought that I find funny like I laugh enough- that's pretty funny like and so Friday. I write it down in my notes and then later just kind of thing. I actually do it the wrong way. I'm gonna think of like an idea in my head right down the notes. I remember it and then right before stage, it is kind of gaucho like array of my talk about that What do you know? That's not the wrong way. You say it's the wrong way. It's not the wrong way! Cuz, it's a pressure feel. Situation that sometimes works. I wasn't a sit calm in the nineties. It was this call. It was called news radio and it is one of the most interesting things about. It is the guy who created this guy, Paul, SAM's, really brilliant die and What things he would do is they would not write anything to like three in the morning
like. It was like a tenant They knew that there was gonna, be a table read, but they have. Shit things went out and their farming on each other and playing video games and then Three in the morning, we like fuck wit Right this way would write like night, the percentage. Maybe I'm gonna be really honest. Maybe eighty percent time be absolutely fuckin, brilliant, representative would just they would just do they were too tired. They couldn't get through. This is how it goes guy anyway yeah, but it's that press The pressure of forcing is off into a situation where you just gonna, go and talk about something and try to figure out. What's funny, sometimes little things blossom So you say it's the wrong way to do it, but that's the way I've done. It It is a good window. Yet another thing is is like taken these little things and then combining them fighting like like what I've been doing lately where I finally find something funny
they don't stage, and I find something else funny say onstage and then I've tried to find a way to act, but those two things together on and make a bigger one. It's kind of like that's like mine, That word see their efforts in us, and you guys, I think, a big part of is that we need an audience. A practice is very important: a practice. I would ask hundred for today is so important would you know, that's why I'm like, so I always like. Go away out of my way to thank people and wait after shows and take pictures and people like I can't even practice without them. I need them for the whole thing What I can do is right concepts that I'm pretty sure funny, but I need them to be there to craft it, because, as a rhythm that you get in when you can't people's attention is very different in the written that you have when you're alone. No, you have to sort of like treated like replicated. He knows you're sitting alone, but you guys can come up with a fucking awesome saw here and there
watch it at people an authority die woe like that's impossible, for it to me. And again you can only have like rough drafts, Europe's onstage, some some. You know the ideas of how it's going to work in these sort of private mean you're, some punchline, you sort of pre, establishing ahead of being probable or in a profitable or hopeful inelegant this is money baby. You know you know and insulting you drop them if they don't work has also allowed temporary seems, like you feel, like you want this bit to work. Are you should rise? It doesn't work. You dont want to give up on an area, and this also sometimes we say at once one time in its history. The perfect moment where the stars have met ITALY aligned in the rhythm of the room is correct and it's just as they wanted to laugh at the right moment and they in nailed it. But a really wasn't. I shut up, I'm gonna, let you go
I feel that would songs. You have songs, you get to a certain point term. No, I guess this is where we have for the smaller yeah Fisher. We let songs go alone. We have actually You never got recording is kind of. Like the end. All I've got that's gonna like the brick walls. Everything gets thrown up against and if it doesnt past, doesn't make and we ve got a lot of songs that have we played, regularly live and then, when it comes down to recording it, which means like confronting which are actually playing that doesn't make it through. What is the young, the issue, the guess how? But let's get right the curse now, the course of the cor is. I think I think it's the guitar playing really getting up now. It's you know where it will. I think personally, could we liked it at one point we're all over the moon about it, but work
Just like you know, we're talking about jokes, changing things like that, we were going a little more we're getting a little harder and legs blues kind of any. It's a little more. I don't think kitchen cassettes really insulting, but it's more like it's almost like it. We need to make it a more mature. That's what you like their record was a rush economy. We had to make a right, so we made this record and you know just with jokes or in developed. Yet we then that was something that we we did and committed to- and I don't regret doing it at all. But you know at this point you know- given sometimes marinate or whatever would made the same choices. I think that's a part of the process. I completely Canada have to have stuff. That's out there that doesn't really represent, who yard today, otherwise you're not moving
there's a lot of acts at Sir, a certain point in their careers that it becomes the older stuff. It represents like the best example until they're not embarrassed about at all. In fact they look at it this down. She lay like it's back when they were really put together at a funny thing, sir. I know you first with that's life right, it is, but I like. If I have to go on how to live, I would I would make the good stuff. Come afterwards. I think in the progression of the universe I mean that's, that's that of how it all works. Well, that's rything working allowing it's good to be truthful with where you're at, like I listen to our first record the other day for the first time in a long time- and I was like
you're like I was embarrassed in my way like in my weird, like Ito, just analyzing myself, meaning out. I was actually done this business and I see it like this now in my voices better now, and but you know that again, that was that was my truth at the time and I think in in and from a goes you so deep in in life in general to be truthful, where Iraq is a really rewarding thing, and you know as an artist when you look back, it's really easy to be hard on yourself, but you know to give myself a hard time is, is wasteful. You know it's a good kid yeah! You don't wanna, give yourself a hard time about the past, but I think it's a that's a big part of why what you're doing right now so good? It's like it all sort of like this sort of thing
paste for shed that doesn't sort of like really resonate with you or just fake Ennis or force in this or that sort of distaste is what leads you to enough to greater heights like this gross feeling. It's like it's really. You know in order to have like such a dapped, what you're saying what you doing you have to have gone through like a full spectrum of feelings and thoughts on things, and I think that's what your your music resonates with, like a lot of thinking like that La River song Man, that's that's another song, The site. Did the lyrics I like it it it. It speaks of someone who's thinking, you I'm saying it's not
You can say certain amount of words in a row and it's just a song on a few things. Rhyme and and then neither clicks with my head- or it doesn't but there's certain twists and turns in the narrative, the certain twists and turns, and how you're describing things that just you know as a as a as a person like. That's like that's what you hope that you can do to somebody as a person. You hope that you could put some out there, whatever the fuck. It is it's your your apple cupcake, sir. You know, I'm saying you get the message back massages when those I don't know where you, whatever you fix a car better than anybody. You just hope that somehow another you knock someone on their ass, like that Ella Riverside does like hell. Lot of your does. It's that that represents to me is just like me, a molten Musashi saying once you understand the way you see in all thanks once you see once you see it in one thing once you understand it broadly, you see it in.
Things. Laws. No idea said daddy Everything is everything that manages crazy. The too, I don't know, maybe I'm just struck. Therefore, I can hardly ever means, if really you're, very emotion, emotional, armament period, you much your well! Ok you're, just your dear you're, totally indifferent show that the new are well. You know, I think, I'm an old man, and thinking a lot lately about the idea of just the idea of sort of interacting with human beings. What would it really all is how how bizarre it is that there's a certain there's, a certain thing that happens when we connect with people and a very positive way and in its his sort of an accelerant and sort of a feeling of like everything, is moving in
direction and we all sort of instinctively. No one that's happening, and that's like when I feel like when you guys are here when, when you know when you guys are here in your playing music and of my colleague Shelly, we put all this together. We didn't have anybody that helped us out here we put all this together. I met you guys. I talked about on line. We talk back to each other laws or steel hooked, it all up. We we go back and forth and then boom blood for seven. Thank you because on the real guys, if you know what I think you're right- it's not like it's kind of like theirs is fabric of of interesting connection between people that the more you kind of certain let it happen. It's really an interesting experience in life like People come in and they can everybody's apart of iranian absolutely
in hundred balls of steals out the animals, both steel, we're looking for. You is actually able to go back with art about it. With that in mind, this a hundred way more than that incredible bans, gaps in opposition, plain credible. How many guys, like you out there beyond words, about an ax out there, there's none, but there's only one Ben Jaffe and I'm sorry I'm going to test this man is a one I mean like if you're not a stand up commonly found the first, I'm looking for a smart guy more you can look like moose actually said. In trade on that number will be a great media and if that's what you're calling was how you, if you, I really think, that's really what it s a mean: everyone in a year, you certain did essences the various ingredients of your personality might leave you in one direction or the other, but I really believe that, if you had chosen to be graded aims, he regretted anything. If you, if you hear national about, why- maybe not make me a bit more for you at all
Thank you, everyone. What people call tell anything specific thing, I think, is a focus. It is a little bit, but this is certain duties that are talented in a strange bizarre ways. In a physically talented, especially like athletes are some I've met. Athletes like there is no way you can't tell them there absolutely. Equally talent and gift that they're, not normal people. They can do weird shit, they can jump through the airway higher than anybody can run quicker than anybody the graduate stronger. This is no getting around that, and so this is a certain amount of like physical and athletic talented sentimental like vocal. I can't sing all I'll, never be also might vote. I'll bet, you have a voice student, I mean that years. There's a difference is not a difference. Actually, I think fit Really intense and I'm by another kind of like a kind of want to say this, I think when people have these these gifts in life, whether its
F, lettuces them or to brilliant mind, or you know, martial arts or acting or music, whatever there's always an opportunity for an awareness of the other people around you and in how you connect to them with these gifts, and I think some people there's it's a closed door and it's just their gift in there, maybe they're ego or whatever, and then there's the other people that just understand that it's all part of a bigger thing like this. I think, there's a reason that you were able to reach over half a million people cause you.
What say- and you know you're, not you not spreading bad things, your ear you're having at you have ideas, and you know what you son is really interesting because, like in a one on one competition sense that there were the only problem with that is the life. A lot of life is competition and in competition law times it pays to be selfish right. You know, there's a very interesting way of looking at lifelike in in terms of looking at it. Competition or looking like it as you have to be competitive, but at the same time we're all somehow another part of the same. That's a weird sort of a differentiation that a lot of people. I would really difficult you know it takes like a lot of life. Experience, sort of put that together If you're a person is like our competitive person, especially at a young age, it takes a lot of conditioning to get past. The idea like looking out a hundred percent for you
Only for you like everybody else, could potentially be an enemy or an opponent sites. I think for do you. Do you find there's a lot of competition like amongst fellow bands and a lot of work, weird shit that goes on? Like you know, I think if you look at it like you're already at all you leading with a handicap. You know, because that's not what it's about four for me I'll for myself, I must agree with similar, but I mean it's: it's not What a bit of a polar did this little bit in the cello worlds. That exists in all mean that the world that we get to do what we want to create the music that we want the world that we have to survive as busy. C mon I mean, and that is a competition, the bans that if you were potentially to call them competition are usually people. I really admire those there there's a shift if you're going from a defensive standpoint, you're already gonna lose in and I'll I'll feels
That way. That's like that's a weird way. Live your life, you know, and so, when you just embrace like like inspiration lanky, I love that you keep saying that we inspiring that such an honour- and I feel like that about people that could one could potentially call our competition, but I dont view them that way, because I respect them. My friend Paul moonies, still communion old school, so used to write for rich prior back in a day or so great guy things like Tom about young comedians wants is like go, be entertained, gotta go beyond tat. You know, and I didn't even think about that to Paul said that and there now. I like consciously go, look to be entertained near as rose success. You guys are now I've appeal, I guess what you're saying the ability to be to compete without feeling threatened because that's not well
Bianca fire can be a healthy thing shower. I think it's a very hope. You know I mean it as is listening to your old shit, that sucks ethnic group, because it gets going TAT fact shut ill dammit. You know it's this. This does good amendments could. Nevertheless, fuck em, I gas supplies. Player angels ass. This is for you I think I am no new. Mary Mass inside
It will just. Man same as a quick and the sea is where
any time keep your hand on your chest. Don't let me whisper in your ear
yeah. maybe the mid,
with this: just that you're in a sleeping, keep your hands on your chest,
and keep our eyes on the prize. Outstanding, outstanding, listen, the eyes you guys! This should have been an honour. What other foreigners who was
gas we ve ever done. There was amazed yeah, it was really fun, do also serve our talk too much shows hammered with great. I got a little monkey their grace. I said some shit that are probably gonna regret it, but not a spot it on my new cherished year as part of a little. But girls do what we can do this. It is spent so much fun, so really been an unusual exercise in the use of the internet and you and how it all came together and so satisfying really interesting and I'm so glad you guys came on and anything we could ever do for you. If you ever have anything you want to promote anything. Please come on anytime you're. More than welcome you guys have washed you guys, really cool cool people, wish enough about the best and you can get them online twitter at honey, honey band.
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