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#194 – Jason Silva, Brian Redban

2012-03-13 | 🔗
Jason Silva, Brian Redban - Date: 03/12/2012
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Shazam bitches pitches- yes, we're back four days are this week: that's how crazy, crazy. We living out here on the West Coast, Holla Macy, I just made at EAST Coast West Coast thing the jargon experience podcast has brought you buy the flashlight. There's no different way to do this. I've done in every possible way, yeah, I'm just going to say it what is the flashlight Joe? Please use your flashlight. No, I have not. I actually re used it yesterday is watching my girlfriend on camera fucking. Another girl and I use my flashlight watch Bobby just got a little but the whole rest of the world right there there's a lot of people not comfortable with someone that they think is their friend like little Brian Redban tell him about fucking watching things. Have you ever done? One of moral degenerate, degenerate! You like for society, have you ever seen ever this webcam shows? Yes, I have it's pretty cool. Pretty he sent me to to link the other day. That was was what the fuck the mother Lode and I go to the link and it's some cry. The campsite where it's all girls are topless or like playing with themselves yeah and it's all free yeah. It's weird! It's like
the gig and there's the one I use is streamate and you can go to and just have a conversation for the girl, while she's like sitting there topless and then she's like you, won't go in a private room for ten dollars and then you do whatever you want to in the private room This is all virtual yeah like this is like webcams and stuff, and so, but there was so many old, ladies and fetishes that if that was just creepy to look at like an old lady like it was like an old lady is like maybe seventy five years old. Let's get through this commercial talk anyway. This let it I want to hear about this. I want to hear about this, but let's get these stupid commercials that sounds too good to just below the adult. Did all the adult industry has always been pioneers of new technology, whether it was like home video. You know how and then like on the internet. I mean they've always been the first and when we have virtual reality I bet virtual. So this will be pioneering out. Yeah yeah yeah. Alright, let's we're going to get to that we're going to get to that. But let's get this Yeah flashlights sponsored Joe dot net enter in code name Rogan get fifteen percent off. It's a it's a the approach, the best fake vagina out, there really is way better than mass bidding. There were also brought you.
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This was back when they get in Jason Silva, come back to slang, more cosmic deck, your you said we're because we revolutionaries, I say you're a cosmic dicks. What about that wow? Well, thank you for having me back dude, let, although it was it was so so so fun things. So I had a great time to I. I just a shout out to all these amazing. We engaged listeners and followers do that that the response has been so positive yeah. We have a really light Julie, positive super positive group of people that fall show. It sounds ridiculous yeah. How do you do that? I mean how does that ever happen? I don't know, but please leave your authenticity men. Well, if it I'm I'm honored. If that's what it is, what it, whatever it is, I'm honored across man it when we go to clubs, that's the thing that the the waitresses are always saying that our crowds are so nice and that the tip really well and it just made,
you feel so good. It's like the most, the biggest feeling of accomplishment that I've ever had is someone who listen to the show once and said your show makes want to try to be a better person. This is the kind of feedback that we've been getting about our mind. Meld it's been insane like some people have created these remix videos where they have steak and highlights and sound samples from what we talked about, sent them to imagery and set them to music and that's kind of like what the creativity in the whole remix culture is all about. It's not about where you take things from it's, where you take them to yeah yeah yeah. That is just like. Oh my god. A bunch of those out there now there's so many guys that are really good at that too. There's so much creativity and most most of them have like regular jobs. They just like we do so they're doing it out of pure path. Yeah. Like this a kid who calls himself the paradigm shift on Youtube, I met him and
He's a means just really talented. In writing. He made this thing for me, the American WAR Machine, and I mean it's like it's. It's humbling, yeah tumbling, because you you you, you hear the words that you say. I think the right of the words seem just kind of obvious things that you thought of in several hundred times right ten when you this kid, put images, audio and music, and you see the power of an idea of the power of an idea to live on beyond its inception beyond the moment that it came out of your mouth like there was this guy. The thinking primate is the good name and they they did a remix of us, and I thought it was glorious. Honestly, I thought it was glorious, there's a lot of those guys out there, and you were we're super on that they do that it's one of the coolest things of all time, yeah so weird weird thing going on right now, man, I think the internet is kind of ushered in a whole new culture. I really do believe that it's it's
you can't get by and bullshit anymore. It seems a little trick, massive collaboration and cooperation, yeah and Dat recent example of that viral video that they made about Joseph Kony in after yeah, and it reached a hundred million views in a week you know and like and and and I think that, just what it shows between that and also the anti Sopa movement online. I think that what it's really demonstrating is just the ability to create viral swells that have massive impact with that not having used like mainstream media. Yeah just make a video put it on Youtube for free and have a voice in the national conversation like Everybody can do that and price points keep going down and down and down exponentially There's no reason not to think God what comes next. Well, this guy, I don't know the whole story on the guy who, orchestrated the whole Kony campaign and I've seen some criticism is about him, but it didn't really make much sense to me. I mean it seems this guy really is a war criminal and what this guy's doing by exposing that it's like yeah,
supposing it really a guy who's, done some terrible horrible things. Oh no, absolutely pressure. I think I just think the the success of the campaign. It's maze game, changing game, changing viral success. Who is going to invite a scrutiny that comes with that? You think whatever the controversy is, that the whole set great conversation. I think the real conversation is people democracy, social movements. Revolutions take note is this is how the join the conversation, how you get your voice, hurt, no need to like take up arms, no need to be violent, like you want to get something heard. You know have a good video editor and a good sense of aesthetic presentation. Yeah no, it's kind of amazing isn't it. You know. I saw that the tweets they started coming in. You know this Koni Koni Koni, and I knew the guys what the guy guy I I'd read about his his his movie. Africa yeah and you saw Peter PAN. It is about the hot, not insult and exactly the same as Coney yeah
computer panel kids and make an Armenian, isn't it horrible, though, that that actually is happening that someone there children and forcing them the to become soldiers, and it's just terrifying stuff. It's really really horrifying horrifying stuff yeah. I know it it's it's been a terrible, but I do think that you know we're seeing violence is going down across the world in this guest, Steve pinker any as a TED talk, the myth of violence. We might have mentioned it last. I will say that invite is down across the world and the chances of a man dying at the hands of another man of the lowest they've ever been now granted. More people in the world- and there were in the past, but proportionally the violence is a lot less and I think, as these pull the know. The rising billion in certain parts of the world coming online, getting smartphones joining the global conversation. All of us We can have their voices heard and the first step to addressing a problem is, you know, making. Awareness that the problem is there, so that the importance of it can resonate with people and so I think, there's reason to be optimistic
even the worst of the worst. I agree getting. I think we we automatically go pessimistic because things aren't perfect, you know we look at it and we go card wires, there's so much fucked up shit in this world. Why is there so much crime? Where is there so much violence? Why is it so much is. Why is war still here? Why is corruption still here, but what you don't realize if you really stop and think it's like this is the best it's ever been ever by a God, damn longshot absolutely who's driving on the way over here today on the highway, and it was a nice day here in Pasadena and there was no button on the highway. It was like easy traveling, so nice and beautiful and sunny out. I was thinking how fucking, how much it have sucked? Did you live just five hundred years ago to total just five hundred a blip in time like nothing? No, cars to horses, there's only many trails out here. Yeah, you know what you you need to see. There's there's a presentation by this guy called Heinz. Roebling is website Gapminder. He does this thing where he shows all the nations across the world over time and how the in
caters of quality of life in in from what tally rate in income and all these all these are the key. He shows all the countries of the world, even the worst of the worst are rising to the rising to why does lift everybody else and I think the reason that most people don't realize that things are always are getting better is because of the Amygdala Peter Diamandis that a presentation about this at the TED conference. Just a week and a half ago, and he has his book called abundance and he'll. Explain that you know because our brains evolved in a time where we had to have fight or flight mode. The amygdala is always looking for danger and it supersedes everything else, and so the media, gives us danger because that's were drawn to you know if it bleeds it leads and we're always going to pay attention to what's wrong, even when there's infinitely more things that are going the right way, because the media wants to just get viewership. You know the major media will feed us. What we want, which is to see all the horrible things, are happening across the world right, although eventually that's actually gonna be a good thing, because if we can see what's wrong, we'll try to address it and try to fix it,
even when we remedy ninety nine percent of the problems that exist today. Our brains are still going to be seeing the new problems, because that's what the brain does, and so the amount of time from us running from jaguars, to being steps into a jog one turns the key that the amount of time is so small. The biology has never had a chance to catch up. To is not. We have pretty much the same brand as we did a hundred thousand years ago, and that's I mean a hundred thousand years ago. Kind of everyone is yeah, the greeting in less yeah. You know you, you really go extreme, that there was no sophisticated culture, which is nothing under a thousand years. Is nothing it's a link? What the happened manic language, let we got into it last year we did get into a lack of Lang. We really believe it that just made everything changed, because we could exchange information. Yes, well, because one is because the moment that we invented- and this is where Terence Mckenna it gets Into- you- know- kids, cars, wailing and Kevin Kelly issue in his comments is that he said that when we invented language,
biological evolution stopped playing the key role because it was replaced by this. You know a cultural epigenetic type of evolution, which goes faster, faster and faster because it a cruise knowledge and it builds on itself- and it's not limited by the hardware of the brain, which would take billions and billions of years to change. You know, and so this cultural thing you know all of a sudden Each brain became a neuron in a are global brain of a crude knowledge and intelligence that was bootstrapping on its own complexity, which is why, over the last one hundred thousand years it has been, actually the cultural evolution has been accelerating exponentially it manifested as technology technological evolution, but most first thing- is that this telescoping nature of it gets faster and faster, so over the last one hundred thousand years, yet crazy, but over the last one hundred years, even it's crazier than the last billion, though they say that one thousand years ago no one could read silently right. There you go, they had to read by talking they had to,
say the words. No one could read silently and it was actually one of the ways that some guy, I remember, some religious figure Aquinas movies. I'm not sure proved that he was saint, because we can read knowledge because he could read silently and then he would recite it amazing. He would look. At it not say anything. Look at the scripture not obviously not reading, because he wasn't speaking aloud wow and then he would recite it wow that was his master of the scripture was unparalleled because he could read silently he was like the only guy yeah. I don't think it's that guy though so it's one of those other religious people. He may not have ever really existed might not have in Thomas Aquinas. I didn't ask SAM Harris if he believed that Jesus was a real human so that was then the site guys documentary remember? They said that he probably never even existed, because he shares all the same attributes as all these other gods and all these other cultures they all died. The same age are all born at the same like
but isn't it also possible that it could have been just a real person, but the attached all these other attributes to him because of ancient mythology. I suppose it just doesn't feel that it opened just completely open right, but I don't know Those are a real dude, but man you want to talk about one guy, just kind of dominating religion for like thousands of years. You know yes, like you know. If he will, he became a meme. If he was it wasn't, it was no longer a person yeah. He became a meme which you know and Richard Dawkins Book, the selfish gene. He says that there was this new replicator. You know just jeans were the replicators they could multiply and could over time that there was a new replicator that was born above biosphere, new kingdom, above the biosphere and the denizens of this kingdom or ideas, and so he said, ideas in the form of memes they're, like organisms, they've retained the properties of organisms, even though they rise above the biosphere. They replicate they
delete each other. They mutate they leap from brain to brain. Compare they compete for attention. You know he was crazy, and you know James Gleick, who wrote the book. The information says that the most the primary building block of reality might be information before before it before matter itself, so he actually says it comes from bit matter comes from, Formationen, and that information is really what's at the core of reality and it's just an insane idea and endless because that goes back to the whole thing about the power to change the world people ideas. Passions can change the world because ideas have done more than jeans over the last one hundred years.
Can I would always go on about the world being made of language. Yeah switch and it's really hard to wrap my head around. It now was that that was a real mind because who's, you know, sort of not really but wait a minute, because two people have to communicate in order to create something new yeah. And then you know, you think about infrastructures and cities. That is all actor of language area, without which none of this would be there. It's it's so hard to to wrap your head, yeah that and I think that the room yeah, I think that he was spot on and and I think that the reason that he was spot on his because what he went away, I think, when he says look at the world is made of language. What he's saying is we create a mental model of the world in order to understand the world in order to speak about the world and react to the world? We create a mental model in our head and then we label those Pictures in our heads, you know symbolically, so we abstract defy reality and they
for the way that we interface reality through the prism of our language, our thinking our preconceptions, our stereotypes, our culture, which is what they say. We don't see the world as it is. We see the world as we are, which speaks exactly indirectly to it. I think Mckenna was saying: reality is made of language. It's almost like it's like they say that, like even like thinking a happy thought will start to make you happier you know like. Essentially the world changes you become happier about the world simply by thinking it's so and it's it's kind of like new age and stuff, but like not really because even the ob active description, I think, does something to influence one's perception of reality, which is just how you interpret electrical signals going through your brain anyway, and so if you're aware that reality is made of language and that we're like co, creating it with our intention Think, of course, which is magnified with psychedelics. That's why I talk about set and setting being so integral to the trip, because your thoughts about the trip affect the trip itself, so thoughts become reality, but we should think of our lives as one big fucking trip.
Normal baseline waking, sober life is one big hero's journey and and it should be up to us to think of it so, and so, if we're all on a hero's journey, if we're all on an extended lifelong mind manifesting, which means psychedelic trip. Then we have a responsibility to sort of you, use words to map our reality. The way that we want to be authors of our reality of our existence to, a masterpiece out of life when the would willingly live again and again for all of eternity. So it's like like what we're doing now, our conversation, it's changing the reality inside the synapses of those that are engaging with us just the same way we're changing each other's reality. Right now, you know is different reality than where we were an hour ago were lit, really interfacing in a different yeah. It's it's universe, think about it. That way, though, you think we're just doing a podcast to podcasts in here talking shit, yes, but your.
Portions of your mind, the output of your mind, whether it's material or not, still ten creates tangible in ACT in the world because think of life, questions like the one or five or ten people that you might inspire to cream, some work of art that came out of what they heard in this conversation, and that worked of art gets lie since by a brand, to create a campaign for creativity that then the government of Finland adopts in there in policy for education for the following year and it should transform the lives of the next generation of students. The butterfly in transformation triggered by ideas is my powerful. Then you know, I think you know Vault then that none of the physical world, I think you're, absolutely especially in the age of the internet right. This is this
is the time where the idea is really can go viral almost instantaneously. Like this Kony, video, and this mean we don't even think, we've really fully examined the impact possible through through through information, especially with with the what are kids going to be men, whether you know twenty year old, kids going to be like twenty years from now. Just growing up. In that more Vanston empowered yeah way more aware way way harder to bullshit yeah, no teeth enabled kids. Just not crazy they're going to look back on the nonsense that we believe
today and they're gonna mill laughing at us, ma'am yeah. I think I think, even the way that you know how things are voted in the you know how people resolve issues. I think the idea of having representatives yeah so really air to to carry our voice to Washington is obsolete because we are posted geographical beings. At this point, we don't need somebody else to represent us necessarily because we can all represent ourselves and have a voice on like. If I guess people they're talking about how you know we could reformer, upgrader re examine like how government is run and how people are represented. I mean I'm talking like a little farther out, but there's this guy who starting this thing, is a friend of mine who sings my and used to actually be with students for sensible drug policy and now doing this thing called dynamic democracy, which is about bring conversation and exploring new ways of how the internet, the human extended nervous system that can
acting us, alright, 'cause. We love, saying that we are all connected. We are all empowered will how about we upgrade the way the world is run. You know like on a meta scale. Well, we talk about it, yeah yeah I mean that that essentially, is what the internet is doing right. The internet. I mean I've heard people be down on the internet and I I guess you could see some negative points to anonymity and there's a few aspects of pornography that are a little unseemly. It's definitely accelerated pornography. I'll tell you that things have gotten really weird man if you looking like what happens to human beings when left alone to their own devices and when allowed to expand in a in a contained market like there's only so many different things they can do so they they think you know, you know. The big thing is lately that I keep saying man is girls getting guy to come in them and they scored into a champagne, glass and drink written you like really or martini glass, really look just just because these digital tools
stand the range of our crew activity. It doesn't mean that people can't use that creativity in ways we don't agree with or perhaps in bad ways, because, just like we use the power of fire to cook our food, we used to the power fire to burn other people which always a double edged sword of any expand, an extension of human reach, but that's still what evolution is probing for, because we're all seeking out complexity, it's just going from single celled organisms, to multi cellular organism, to beings, to thinking beings, to beings who create technology and so on and so forth. So it's all happening anyway. So people say it's not going to stop it's part of evolution. But yes, we have to acknowledge that these tools are double edged sword and that's fine. That's or some people really like doing that. That's spa
able to write, I think, will be a woman out there that actually likes to get dudes to shoot loads, and then she squirts amount to a glass. It is very possible, and who am I to judge right now? It should be shit that you, like people, can do whatever they want as long as they're not hurting anybody else. Exactly it's just weird that porn is accelerated to this to what it is today. In porn was not just porn for a longest time you heard rumors of like snuff films or something crazy, but no one ever saw one diversity is not fail. Brian, Yeah I've seen snuff films. People die on the other or no real life yeah, it's disturbing, but I don't even know if those are real half the time now. I remember the nine inch nails had a snuff film without called broken. It was like they advertise it like is this bootleg video and you
It looked like somebody murdering somebody else. It was kind of like faces of death. Oh and that's terrible man and everyone thought it was a snuff film, but there have been real films man for real. There was a documentary on it, a while back um, that's terrible yeah and the guy who was the one of the people they were interviewing, was talking about watching this film. As he's talking about watching the film starts crying wow spring tense, uh yeah he's. Obviously, pretty fucked up by it, you know, maybe didn't cry, definitely had choked up. He was like just thinking about watching this. Well. This will broad spectrum of human behavior man. It's got a we've got a family again. I think it is going to be stronger. Well, is there a way, or is it necessary to have negative in order to influence positive? I mean is that I don't know if that's necessary. I think that was that has been something that perhaps has worked for some people. You know to you know what bat is in order to know. What good is. You know that you need to contrast, but it doesn't mean that we come up come up with some more novel solution,
It allows us to live, because if a is that idea that we need the bad in order to know the good, it means that implies that we're always need have suffering to appreciate. You know when we're not nothing that we need to. But if you look at things is being naturally look at everything as being natural, like Wolf behavior, be behavior, look at all the stuff is being natural and and and and and positive towards whatever their goal is right with their goal is to create this bee hive that they create with the goals create an ant hill. When you look at human society, maybe what we're doing is natural as well and maybe were so fucking chaotic it's so crazy because you sort of have to be to be working with technology that so far an ahead. What your biology is capable of processing. So we have this fucking wacky try Bible monkey shit going on. While we have nuclear power, while we have at
there's, there's a lot going on an increasingly people are moving into their own personal, universes and soundscapes, and when we have virtual reality, then we each become the God in our own universe, and at that point you know, an infinity of combinations and permutations of lifestyles will be explored by in a jewel individuated nervous systems living out in the other sphere of the interweb. You know um so who the fuck knows, but but at that point we won't care what that person doesn't their own virtual universe like porn is gonna to be awesome, it's going, it's gonna, be gross grocer, probably grocer. You like blue ponds, where it's like a tampon gets shoved in the vagina for a week and then pulled out and somebody eats. It I I hope I hope I hope it actually becomes about like composing and creating the greatest dream have ever dreamed. Well, maybe could be cool to make greater
art than we've ever experienced to create better at designer designer drugs that it engaged with our senses and make us appreciate art in ways that we couldn't before to merge with our lovers to become one with them. We use language to connect and say how we feel to one another, but it takes one to merge all the time. When you heard that shit you wanna do man. Would you like? You want to go? Hang out with your boys skinny, you can't want to go play pool, but if your boys want to merge your boys want to merge with you and your wife, we won't be playing pulled everyone. What is the boy wants to merge with your actions like hey Macon emerge with your wife too? That's weird. So I see what it's like to be here. If you want to merge with your kids, but if they can copy and paste your wife it's actually. I don't know what do they want to merge with the dolphins? They want to know what it's like to be: a Dyson Timothy Leary settle the fuck down merging with dolphin people yeah. What, if right, just get right? We have to define like once if we do create something that allows like the human consciousness to merge interface with something we're to have to like really define what's happening there. So people
like whether it's gonna blow around their actual interest. I just don't see you can see like Nancy Grace on tv, who is this man that he is merging with a fourteen year old girl in full, along with the you tell me that's appropriate. This man is merge. What does a grown man have in common with the thinking of a fourteen year old girl, like it He gets a little wetter every time, there's a dead baby in Florida. Every time something happens in Florida, she's like oh, yes, more programming more, material. You know, I have to say the fact that we see so much can defined, find nice things can Nancy grace. Please I love you, I'm not
picking on you, because I have to a comedian cages find one nice store yeah. We need. We need one with your programming. That's up. Lifting yeah is a nice healthy stuff that makes you feel good about Humana. That's also good. To have people go after bad people. Don't get me wrong there? Are you get a great topic? Yeah prevent the yeah yeah yeah yeah along, but absolutely as far as like what we project our issues, is that they're seven billion people on this planet and if you only want to pay attention and negative shit, you confined enough to fill every second of every day, every second of every day of every moment that you are on this planet someone's getting jack. Yes, but I was a. I think people are reacting to that by creating more and more really inspiring content, and I think corporations now we're all wanted toa align themselves with having a sort of ah positive impact on the world. You know they're, saying there's more to a corporation than just making money. How about, I hope so wanting to make a social it, but I think it is becoming part of it is part of our consciousness. Now increasingly like this is what you're hearing I mean you, Pepsi, do that campaign last year and they're all
they're realize I I my point was that whole, but I, but my point was that you have to manage your own interaction with this kind of information. My point was that if you so choose, you can be a when did all day every day or you can is not, and you can force yourself, two more positive places in the options available to both options available, yeah, absolutely you! You have to be kind of careful in how you manage your consciousness, because you, you really can freak yourself. The out. If you only chose, concentrate on all the negative things in this world too much information totally. You know and- and you you could drown in information, especially because the new limited resources, our attention, but I think it's interesting. There's no there's a book about this. It's called the information diet and it says that it's really up to us to take responsibility over our information diet to set up curators to set up certain filters to sort of you know it's. Have a significant
in how we interface with media yeah, and we have that opportunity now that we didn't have before when it was just two channels it was on or off now, there's a billion options. Curat author create an sperian information diet that will keep you Mentali invigorated. Just so you know, there's also food diet will keep you lot of experimenting going on too. You know, there's also a lot of people trying different things out and focusing on different things and there's a lot of MRS that seemed like they were hits like remember when everybody was into the secret yeah. That and everybody was convinced that all you have to do is think positive and just draw a picture of the house. You want your wall and one sort of manifest itself in yes, secret fans. Yes, I'm just I'm not have paraphrase yeah, but did you think that to an example like with the way you use, you said it is how probably a lot of people literalized the message without really thinking about it. A little deeper understanding how it might not sound like just.
Well: here's what here's the problem with the secret, some of it's real There is a certain amount, it's one of the ingredients in making something happen. One of the ingredients is vision. It's one hundred percent there one of the ingredients and you talk to anybody, that's sort of a great success and a good percentage. With them at least some of them sort of gotten their vision along the way, but a good percentage of them had a vision and followed it right pursue it, and it is true true, but there's so much other shit involved education, hard work, discipline right, it's not a simple and executing because they say yes, everything everything out in the world everybody's most magnificent artifact from the iphones are the jet engine. Actualized from a thought from a dream from a design, which means to say we, we constructed the virtual version before we constructed the actual version right, that's the same thing as visualizing, something into being, but the into being part is when you say: ok, I'm going to go execute on this. I'm going to go like
You know I'm going to move through space and time move my Adams through space and time ago, construct the thing and go lobby to build the thing to build the dream to actualize the goal, and I think maybe people who read the read the book without reading. As deeply enough into it what they thought it was like. Ok, I'm just going to sit on the couch and dream something going. Well, it's also the problem is that they're dealing with a bunch of people who have had success and when people have had success and
Now they all tell you the same store all I knew it was going to happen. I dreamed it well, but that's because it happened or how you know. I you know saying only there's a lot of that comes along the way you could have gotten so random car accident that got hit by a Medir Absolute, I'm not exactly sure if a hundred percent of your success is based on the fact that you focused on your dream right. I think it's a percentage of the set price excess, but there's a lot of luck involved there to know yeah a hundred percent yeah and to be there's a light and there's a lot of luck involved in every yeah. I mean I like the fact that each of us is here we beat out billions of sperm yeah. We already are. All of us are living against the odds. Every respect for lock, I think, is one of the reasons why people get lucky a respect for luck. You know, respect luck, is you know fortune good fortune is unquestioned an ingredient there's an ingredient in there and I I feel like if karma, is real in any form. I believe that, where the most evidence of it being real is that to me
the people that I know that of the most fortunate are also the kind IST are also the most generous the people that are the most fortunate will, because, if Wednesday will themselves as well, which is a very critical point with a lot of people mess up there, super nice to other people, but they treat themselves like shit. They treat their body like shit, no good, they don't go after their own goals. They don't change their own dreams, they let people abuse them because they're too nice I mean there's a lot of people that are not nice to themselves. You gotta be as nice to yourself as you are to other people total. That is a huge part of the equation that a lot people miss out on, like I'm, a good person. I'm nice people yeah, but you hate yourself, You hate your body hate your mind when you think you could do not everybody can do you do more for her for the world. I think, by treating yourself with the same kindness that you treat other people and it's a signal not too absolutely no yeah. Little food is fucking delicious, but you should meet yourself to death,
not saying you have to look like Kate MOSS in her prime, when I put that reference from where was that, but you know you know, You don't have to you. Don't have to and eat yourself to death either right now, There's a lot of people to eat themselves. To death. Like the human mind, I can go terribly wrong. It can go on a horrible path and just get stuck there. It's not yeah yeah, but the thing is when we have that problem with software software gets corrupted or forgets it bad virus in it. You know you know we can upgrade and reboot the system
we were not so lucky with our biology. What if someone did something horrible like uh, there was a you know, mall, shooting or something, and some guy goes in the mall agist shoots random people, and then you reboot him. Would you allow that guy? Do you think that's ok in a civilized society? Do you think we have to go to reboot into reboot him and that's a great philosophical question to ask: I mean that's that's a different case study. I was blame society and allowing him to get to a point where his software failed him, and how do we approach that? If we, if it's effective, it's real, do we blame the tissue? That's left after we remove his consciousness? Do we blame that tissue and say I'm sorry, this tissue has to die to make up for
Sixteen, who knows who knows- maybe maybe maybe there will be some form of life- that there will be an ethical dilemma like like a like a virtual reality, psychedelic experience where you take him down the rabbit hole and he has a Joseph Campbell, esque hero's journey and he collides with his own because making nakedness and then emerges rehabilitated. Maybe we'll have like sounds like I always still download rehabilitation. Yeah electronic I'll watch got use that as you tweet was that that would be a way to grab a criminal, and you should put him in an ayawaska session with a shaman stare into the nakedness of his own soul. This is my new show. My next show that I'm working on nobody's bought it yet, but I've got some hopes. It's called douchebags on mushrooms to show that was the lunch bags throughout the world and we just bring him somewhere and do some up with like grams of mushrooms. Let him see themselves, I mean nobody's going to die. I think psychedelic therapy is so spot on, like in terms of the psychic readjustment,
it can happen in a one session could take years with people. Feelings are stagnant, given it to people yet giving it to criminals as part of a rehabilitation. If that would be very interesting floor is just very fat and not even just criminals with people that have issues like alcohol as well. That's obvious. I mean they just came out with a study just now to set the L. As do you can help people get over alcohol is in one session yeah, to say about well, you know they were shit actually doing tests on this in the 60s in the 1960s, for the determine that five hundred micrograms was enough to keep or like more than seventy percent of chronic alt All patients that came in and tried acid, just from like looking the situation is completely differently being separate. From the nonsense of what you're engaged in. We can't stuck these weird pattern, is it's very strange because it's almost like a by product of our ability to focus on things right. We have this ability to become intense and obsessive focus on things in a positive sense, but there's a bite
that led by a side effect of sessions, a glitch yeah, it's a good, so you know can stuff to possible. You know it's all it's like if somebody gives you a ferrari, but you don't know how to drive a stick shift any sort of figured out a long way in your yeah jamming gears and things up sometimes working well, so you don't understand how to use the system, and they could be just that. You know when you see it kid that becomes obsessed with jerking off. You know you get him into a sport. Maybe you become a fucking world champion, he's just one of those kids that just whatever he focuses on, he focuses on insanely. Yes, a lot of kids out there, I'm not saying you waste your life play video games, because video games are awesome they've they did improve one's brain, but a bunch of studies about how gaming? Yes, according to what I'm saying, is that these kids any kid that gets really good in a video game. You can get really good at anything yeah. You can get really good at it. If you, if you put that kind of focus that you put to get awesome at
call of duty. You could really you know you could you could have a better life? You could, let you imagine getting tricked unification beyond. This is where you can play these games to address real social challenges in these gamers would probably find solutions to problems that engineers couldn't in the real world. That happening more and more now, to use the resources of gamers to gamify, a real world problem How does that? Work is well because reality, yeah they'll, create like some interface and some problem and there's like a game, and you get points for solving issues related to the home and some gamers discovered, like some antibody for some crazy virus like something Google this morning are old, gamers solve some illness like crazy, stuff and you're going to be seeing that more and more. In fact, they they did
this crowd, sourcing, crowdsourcing experiment about a protein folding- and you know the world's best protein folder is who can fold the design proteins in the virtual space is like a woman who does it in her free time in the UK, and during the day she was like a receptionist or something which is the world's best. Protein folder is used to do it on your computer at night, yeah yeah 'cause, you crowd source that would clay Shirky calls the cognitive surplus. It's always extra brain tv, how she protein folding. What is she doing? It's some kind of crowd sourced software sting that lets people like fold proteins it you know and- and you can figure out how to do it in the in the virtual space and it can be applied in real life in terms of the best one in the world. Was this woman in the UK better than other sciences in the world yeah? But she just lady with the regular yeah you're, going to find that more and more there's going to be some gamer. You know in Budapest was going to fix world hunger. You know like wow, look at look.
Look at like people like hackers, the acting community like you, these little thirteen year olds are hacking, yet Microsoft yeah. Actually it's really yeah. They have a thirteen year old back to your city, yeah, exactly yeah, the other bad yeah. Did you hear about the lowest sack guy? Is that how you got Lowell's yeah? He I turned. He had ratted out like all these anonymous guys, like twenty six anonymous, just ride it out everybody to the FBI. Just just because, like I guess, the FBI was playing dirty and was saying hey we're gonna arrest, you you forever, never never going your kids ever, you know know, and the FBI actually admitted to it an interview that that's that's what they use their kids. Against her man. What are the? What are they guilty of hack? You know digital terrorism, you know they were like they broke into some serious websites. Right I mean that's. That's somebody said recently: it was it's a higher form and terrorism so that
Cyber terrorism is a media higher than somebody your journey like well. I have a good friend this guy Mark Goodman, he's at Singularity University over in Silicon Valley, where they look at how these emerging technology lower. Well, this the Singularity university hell, yeah dude, you need to go home and I just did their executive program here in LA was at Fox studios, and it was hosted by the head of Fox Chairman, James James. It up listen. It was the founder Peter, Diamandis and Kurzweil they people from all over the world like the most interesting smart people, diplomats, actors, technologists business people to learn about exponentially, emerging technologies and how they can be addressed to solve humanity's grand challenges. You know like the homework there, everybody that comes out as to with an idea that can help a billion people, because the notion is that technology in our tools now allow individual is to know what what to do with at one time could only be done by governments. You know what I'm saying or or or people with extreme resources, but yeah Singulair University had an executive program in and they had talks about all the amazing stuff going on, but also this guy Mark Goodman talked about like cyber terrorism in new forms of obviously synthetic biology.
Used in bad ways and it's a conversation that needs to be had because human human beings have a good ability to foresee problems, and so we should start addressing those problems before they become a serious issue, so that we enjoy all the fruits and benefits that are coming from these emerging technologies but at the same time take responsibility for obviously what is a double edge sword as always or aliens land. First, before we get our shit together right well, then we got a problem. Actually, we talk about aliens. I have a fucking, crazy idea to tell you ok ready for this, you guys heard of the trend. Sention hypothesis. No, I have not so I just found out about this last night, and it was it's a hypothesis by this guy called John Smart he's, accelerating specialist futuristic over in Silicon Valley, that's right, Sention hypothesis hypothesis, is an answer to Fermi's paradox, which is if the universe is so vast and there's all these other planets that have added so much more time to develop intelligent life. How can we don't see it everywhere? Right, like that's fermis paradox, I'm told
and the Transcension hypothesis says that if you look at what's happening with technological progress, as we head towards the singularity is d dematerialization in miniaturization of of complexity, so that more energy per second program going through a microchip than there is in the surface of the sun, the most common next thing in the universe that we know of right now is the human being so complexity more complex, but also gets denser, so they call stem right, and so what is stem again tell me that what it stands for, so anyway I'll remember, but anyway aliens, brother yeah. No, no, but what happens is he says that eventually, this exponentially growing technology when we start talking about nanotechnology and putting intelligence at the nanoscale that we're to eventually create an artificial black hole and disappear into it
and slingshot into the future, because there's going to be so much density and so much complexity, so much information that eventually is going to create a rupture through space time and we're going to disappear into it. So we're just going to do that just by density of information by sue too many hard drives in one spot in one time, because he says that computation eventworks by shrinking things and complain to get smaller and smaller and smaller as the computer chips get faster, faster, faster, more powerful and look at the complexity. It's an Iphone today is one million it's cheaper million times, smaller thousand more powerful than half a building in size was forty years ago. So in one hundred years, imagine the complexity that is going to be in something smaller than an atom or even scales beyond that. So when our minds, when intelligence is residing on those scales bay, so they're saying that, eventually we're not going to call outer space we're going to go into the inner space we're going to go smaller and smaller and smaller in density, until we literally create the ultimate universe computer, which is a black hole. Does everybody have to do this, or can we can we opt out? Can people operating the idea? I don't know if I explained it very well sidelines: I've been
sing for years that, I think the people responsible for the Big bang there Well, there you go with the Big Bang Crippin birth from a previous universe that eventually achieved the transcension and disappeared into local, so reset button. I think that's why I was so fascinated with technology. We eventually hit a point where we figure something out. We press a button in there with appeared to a black hole, which is where it is a big bang in new universe. The whole idea of the big bang is really fucking amazing, because it's amazing that science ever would come up with a theory like the big bang. It's almost like they had to have a theory, so this was the best one, the? U, where is constant expanding? There's a there's. Some radio waves from fourteen billion years ago were defecting. We believe there was a big explosion, let's just run with this, and the idea that at one point in time, fourteen whatever billion years ago, the universe.
It's, so small is more than the head of a pin everything at higher universe. That is that is that, well, that big going the other direction- and I just remember the stem acronym- stands for its space time matter and energy space time matter in Enerji shrink wise in the stem, then space, energy and matter. Okay, my bad, space time, energy demand complete compresses as technology progresses right, so there's less space in less time and things are smaller and less enerji going through that matter and also less matter. So that's the move towards density the reverse big bad. Give me fucking headache. It's it's really ridiculous. If I was correct, I'm not the only one who thought this up by the way. I think they were when you look at you know, look at nuclear bombs and they just nuclear power in general. The fact that you know where we control of our power and major cities is controlled by these nutty fucking nuclear.
Explosion that they've contained in an explosion with nuclear reaction they have contained in the sand. If the power goes out like it goes in Japan, everyone's fucked, you have to run everybody to get away from that, it's doomed for one hundred thousand years. That alone, just that alone makes me like wow. I know I don't have any better options. No, I don't, but this is all you guys, GOTS you guys, I mean in the 1960s and 70s. This is what you figured out. You figured out how to make nuclear power that if the power goes off, it just eats right through the earth and then everyone blocked anywhere near you know, but isn't it? mind blowing what a mind. What my things can do low. It's incredible 'cause when I think of the scale that we are like how small and dense a mind is a thinking being the amount of synaptic connections inside of something as small as the brain is as many galaxies as there are in the universe. Like that amount of complexity in something so small is what we are, so we say people say, oh we're so insignificant. I think we're like really significant. You know what I mean like where the
being edged of design. Well, then, that has emerged from the universe. I agree and I don't at the same time. I thing yes, we're very we're very significant if it comes to change on this earth, but the earth is just so God, Damn small in the big picture, is ridiculous. To say that were significant were so but I mean if it just. We really go talk about the whole universe and literally playback the evolution of the universe in our heads capacity capacity. Understand events that have occurred over deep time, not just let explain it right so on the internet, we're creating models on the scale of that universe. The universe you're saying so much bigger than we are we're. Creating internal models of it inside of our heads truer fitting the universe in our head. As far as broad virtual conversations about it are that's what I'm crazy, which means it fits in our heads. The design fits in our heads. If we understand it correctly, the smartest people in the World Einstein among them could probably contemplate it in his head, and you know people who takes
Alex say that they experience the entire universe it once. Maybe they do yeah, they do. Maybe it's all inside of mushroom. You see the whole thing just got taken up on yeah. Well, the universe expands outwards, but it goes inwards to you. This is the scales get smaller, there's an entire universe. Inside of us, ten trillion trillion trillion atoms and fairly the skills are tough days, go smaller, there's in most Adams, it's just space. Like you ever when you look. Oh yeah. You already told me about that. The other night, most most most of everything, is mostly empty. Space. Most of us appears mostly mostly empty space. Patterns. Have your car in and just had an integrity. Is it so it's insane to just even try to wrap your head around how complex the whole thing? Really it really is, which is why people like sticking to neighborhoods watching the same shows they were Anything that calms down this bizarre, our feeling of never ending complexity. You know
but it's impossible to understand or be in control of your universe. Well, it's frightening to live in the mystery to live on the edge of knowledge to live on the edge of thought. Well, there's a reason we call it the edge 'cause. There looks like there's a ravine on the other end, but I still think even though, as individuals some of us find that frightening and to each his own as a collective. I think mankind is always restless and never afraid of the edge. I think and kind always pushes at the edge and that's what makes me ultimately so optimistic about humanity, we're still here it's getting crazy and look at the stuff that humanity is talking to itself about about bombing IRAN going to it's going.
Both ways I did do was correcting global organism, so maybe we're just self we're self. Correcting. I agree with you. I don't grow. I can share in your optimism present continually fascinated by the stupidity of the human race as well as that halogens of it. I think you can ignore. All of you cannot ignore that. There's a lot of dummies out there. Unfortunately, total big percentage of the world's a fucking mess right now, and a lot of big percentage, but I just think that what is a mess gets magnified and brought to our attention. Well, it's more one percent right, more than one percent of the world's mass, I would say when you say you think about Iraq, Afghanistan, what's going in Syria, which has happened in Libby what's going on in Egypt. Well, but I what I may have about this that are very exciting right. I mean what happened in Libya and Tunisia. Don't don't get me wrong, but I'm saying if you're saying it's a mess, there's a lot of movement right, yeah! We we are than one percent and I think a hundred people in a room and one of them is crazy. I think we live in disruptive times. Yes, yes
ruled by these accelerating technologies, but I think and it's like going through the birth canal. It's like it's like! You know when Timothy Leary says that we're about to, like you know, shed our skin. You know we're in the larva, stage, we were pre, Larvell were Larvell and then we're just about to spread our wings potentially potentially That's where this conversation comes it. If some new age Hitler doesn't step into the equation, fair enough, but but a good conversation to have oh yeah. Of course it's uh using when you really look back at world war, two that it was such a short amount of time. It's terrifying hard to wrap your head around jewish. I know yeah, it's. What did you have family? That was my family fled from Europe on my mother side, polish and russian there was a Venezuela ARI interviewed a bunch, wasn't his dad in one. I want to say: let's see yeah? It's it's incredible that that that that could be your grandpa. That could be our lifetime. That's within our within our grass frightening wow.
You know this chain of life is going on. The holocaust was happening. World war two is happening, mean storming the beaches of Normandy. This, like the most savage shit in human history. You know cutting people don't machine guns as they run through the sand. I mean that is that's our life. It's some really truly amazing. When you stop and think about how crazy that seems, yeah yeah. There was a really interesting article that I read it, because obviously everything you're saying is very upsetting. It was in Foreign policy may just stop talking. Did it's cool? No? No! No! No! No! No! No, but there was an article in foreign policy magazine was called the end of war, and it was of those counter intuitive articles that you read it and you're like ok, there's these interesting academics that are saying yes, this was tragic. Yes, they've been horrible things. Yes, these numbers. These scales are horrific, but put it into context over deeper longer time and you. What you see is that
things getting better less wars happening just before we couldn't cover every war. On tv there were too many conflict zones in the world he talks about how there is less and less it's just it's important to get the other side, No, I work that we don't forget, I'm sure that it's better now than it has been ever but as a I think, human beings as just naturally, we look at the errors, and the issues that we have and we see a lot of 'em that are sort of legacy, that there aren't corrected and they've been going on, so long like bore me. I remember when I was a kid I was. I don't know maybe, like I think, was like eight or something like that when the government pulled out of Vietnam in the Vietnam WAR was over, and I remember thinking like it's good, with done having war risk, is now people realize that we don't like war, no one's going to go to war anymore, like what I remember, as even as a child, with the
idea in my head that I was watching the culture evolved past war, I had like a real sense, especially when I think, when your child, because as you're growing and you kind of experiencing life and it's being sort of explained to you along the way through experiences- that you use start getting an idea that that's how the whole world works, that things get better overtime. Things get smarter than improve, because that's what you're doing you're eight years old, you're smarter than you were. When you were five right. You know I'm saying I mean I have a significant leap over. You know who you are when your ass. So I think that's how I view the world- and I remember in whatever year it was ninety one or ninety two when we desert storm what year was that ninety one right, maybe whatever remember might be in eighty, nine, but whatever year it was. I remember watching that happen. Remember me and my my buddy Jimmy that I used to live with my roommate Jim, to tell you what's up too we in front the tv and they were showing missiles like firing over into Baghdad and remember, watching it going what the fuck
and he looks at me and goes where war body where war like with that didn't even make sense. Well because it seems obsolete compared to all the great things that are happening in the world right, the massive collaboration, the massive cooperation. You know, people doing things increasingly for free for one another. Online people coming together, people protesting against dictatorships twin you're being used as fuel for dissent and discontent. I mean there's so many encouraging trends that, whenever user kind of contemplate the fact that there are still bad things out there, you really well you up. The contrast also makes you realize why there's aspects of us that are so obsolete. We need a firmware upgrade, but we're fucked we're getting there. What is there to university is what you need to go. Man, I'm sure they love that do need to go yeah we had actually will. I am, was there really yeah and then he did a talk in a panel? We had this company that does a wait. A minute. Wait, a minute wait! A minute will. I am gets to talk with singular universe him in the head of Fox. What is he talking about? Had it well because he was out by not using these technologies and hot overrode, the creative in good use of these technologies and how we can do to spread these technologies to those that are less less
lucky than we are and what not, I'm sure you're talking about nice things. I was cracking jokes and we saw two paralyzed people walk bionics company, who makes these like Exo. Skeleton, though demonstrated two paralyzed people standing up and walking mean it was. It was that play intense I've seen that variable exo skeleton is fucking nuts yeah. That's like something right out of a Marvel comics mentally right. It looks like a trailer for a movie that takes place in the future. That's showing you how we got there like archival footage from the future. It just totally makes sense right. I mean it's. The future they're going to figure out where they're going to figure out artificial bodies, eventually absolute for sure, going to be able to put your head on someone else's body,
unofficial avatars. What isn't there a wired magazine story about the man who wants to build the real avatar? Could you imagine if they get so good at surgery that they build an artificial you and the head is open and they just have to sew it up and stuff. Your brain in there have like a certain amount of time when they could take your brain and reattach it. I think they open your the Goodnight Goodnight Mr Jones Boom cut up next thing: you're gonna be twenty years old and invincible. They could open your fucking brain, sucking out real quick and then we have a couple minutes and they screw it. Into this new brain. We turn it on fire out. Mister Jones, you here is Mister Jones. I think I thirty seven seconds we're good we're good. You got a new life Jones made the trip into a synthetic body with his biological brain by the time that we can do that, we will be non biological in the sense that will have far greater in human intelligence and sentience residing in decentralized non biological substrates. Do you feel like that about this scale? You feel like
I've never felt like we're going to go to other planets. I feel like definitely are. We're definitely are going to go to Mars in less than ten years. Would you like? He left she lawn musk? That is one which was saying no. They let me in office to get that. Yes, Newt Gingrich said, if you let me in office by the second time, will have a base on the moon. Well, we don't need governments for that. So that's the difference of where we are now it's going to happen by private spaceflight. It's going to be detected. Techno philanthropist, like Elon Musk, who have the vision and the resources to make it happen, and there if it from the emerging technologies, because something that was that the car it was impossible. Twenty years ago, all of a sudden admitted miniaturize is infinitely more affordable. We're going into space and then we're going to send artists into space and why transform the human can. We have to decide like who the art of socks. Last thing you want is shitty poetry from outer space. Well, imagine you know it's got a like real analyzing it philosophically a podcast from space, how that would influence your thoughts
your ideas. How about we just get a green screen and put some space behind me, and maybe that will work and will pretend to be the same. Massachusetts DMV Nasa suit Brian my mind in the truck. Here, yeah yeah! I don't I don't know man, I don't know what the future holds, but I I think the big bang machine may come before space travel. I mean I'm just guessing the Big bang machine with yeah they, my press, the Big bang bunch for before we figure out how to get the other planets. I hope they're, not man. We have to at least figure out how to back ourselves all if you fly out there in alarm, we fly out to Mars and it's just like the sheet is parts of Arizona which is with the shittiest parts of the Arizona desert. You like you know what the spots like this, that suck on America. I could it's driven there. I didn't have to fucking fly in a rocket ship to someplace, with no air to see a shitty part of the universe that I could have seen in Arizona. I don't know it looks like the rock desert areas, where the structure no one but rattlesnakes for one hundred thousand fucking square miles, Dude
fair enough, and I think that those that go they are not going to swim on Mars is beautiful beaches. I think they're going for the feeling that they will have when they look out that window and see another celestial body they're going there for the wonder list, the all they're going there for the all there that their religious feeling that well then getting off on God Bud that does that really, if they really do choose to give up essentia, essentially years and years of their lives. For this the scientific adventure, I mean that's what they're doing it's going to take like six months to just get to Mars. That's a real here and there's going to be a lot of one way: tickets like you're, saying yeah, that's a real hero and who knows by the way what the fuck happens to your body out there in radiation in deep space, how unhealthy it is to be in the atmosphere, and
what do I do that you have to do some sort of a what? What is it called when you change the atmosphere of a new planet, the switch Terraform Terra form yeah. They have to tear form yeah, so they would have to build machines, actually create oxygen and yeah and then hope it stays stable. Although, but you want to go a little crazy made a little farther into the future. That will be done with Nano technology, the fizz Freeman Dyson says, will be able to have the entire buyers fear of the world, decoded the genome of the entire biosphere, everything that's living on planet earth in something that's a few micrograms in weight and a lead and scale. It will be able to send those. Now to allergy instructions to self replicate- and need the universe. The whole out. This is a physicist talking about this. Like this thing, it's not like some, like you know, hippie tripping this is a physicist whose at once was probably hippie tripping and visited, makes sense. When you think about all small data holding yeah they'll sell, you know little little hard drives now and what what they're gonna be like mean they they have they've they've
got computers that are small as a grain of sand now dude. Some computing is going to be doing super position, which means like being one and zero. At the same time, what is going to be super position? Does anybody? Do you understand it? I know expert, but superposition means that you can be in motion and still at the same time, it's just an added. Yes, two different places at once, something like this particle and a wave at the same time, and so it can something can be. At the same time, I am in two different points in the universe, as I say it is the end. Can you communicate? This is not a horse right. This is all this is all proven right. Please at least accepted in the quantum physics community. Doesn't that make you want to toss? All previous note things about reality aside, yeah look at something like that and you go wait. A minute. Wait a minute: yes, the very foundation of everything that we see touch feel observe no exist is illusory. Yes, it's a god. Damn program yeah
There's really didn't go far enough. The matrix so far enough. That's why I was so brilliant and that's why inception was similarly on those same the same there's make a friend is a shirt. It has these two guys sing a chair and one of them says, are we just graphics on an imaginary t, shirt and the other guy says that's ludicrous, but you could extend extrapolate that to us yeah. Are we just like two dudes in some virtual simulation that somebody else is playing with and then you're like nah and then it zooms out, and it shows like that, were playing on some screen for some
else's internal? If you, the game was really because what's happening right now, yeah I mean if, when you, when you're playing like a really good game of quake, you know you know you. When you're in the zone you're, not thinking, hey, I'm playing quake, no you're you're locked hopping in moving you're, a part of it. We can see in multiple realities. Do there's no doubt we already do it with flat screens that are not even that immersive and we can lose ourselves in right. So a mess is artificial yeah. It could be just so good. It fell yeah, which makes sense for a lot of where I lose it so many times that the world feels like a piece of fiction that the word the the readout when a guy like you know what it would want to I am. I yelled shut the fuck up at tv when that Anthony Weiner guy got caught with taking pictures of his dick come on man. This is should be writing. This is sit com. I'd get mad. Well, you know what that is. Yeah movie about a guy, that's criticizing the screenplay of life. Yeah starring! You would be well it wasn't it was it wasn't. It wasn't was criticizing. It was that it was like Cohen brother
S yeah. He was so preposterous. It seemed like all this and when it will come on the guy name, Weiner to take the six picture of his to the just lose money. Internet clues are everywhere, man will roll roll. Your boat was a. Well, the last line of roll roll roll. Your boat is his life is but a dream to dream yeah, but the early american life is but a dream that They had a right, make something run. What is a site that not to pursue the dream? You've you somewhat of a life is not the person we drink there that there's clues everywhere yeah for someone to be the high when he wrote that yeah the disease is a ring that song yeah I've written lot of shit high then embarrassed about yeah like you're one joke yeah. True, I really did write that that's funny. So what do we do to sort of? I mean I guess what we're doing is what you're doing right now and what we're doing what we can do is in
creating memes yeah, and we can. What we can do is retreat things that resonate with the absolutely talk about things that they will you every time you re tweets, something's. Other thousand mines are the ten yeah attention potentially bear enough, but six hundred thousand is a very big number. So, even if only ten, if the tweet that you sent out triggers a butterfly, if in his thought that opens up a whole new stream of abilities for that person. That will that's really transformation, so it natural selection playing out on a faster and faster rate, because things are happening so you're creating artful changing the world using the power of your mind somebody listening to this might invent, might invent. You know some new poem that becomes the campaign for some brand that you know of transform the world, like, I said the butterfly effect, but were talking scales and on numbers where that's possible. I've seen the engaged inspired audience. You know, interface with you like I've. Seen.
So it's like it's kind of they responding to you two men. They responded to your ideas and your passion about it, and you know one of the cool things about having a podcast is someone right now could be anywhere. You know doing some tedious work house or whatever and then in a certain state of mind and The conversations for topics that you brought up and the way we've explored these topics all sudden their mind is fucking racing. You know, and that is that is a real cool thing. That is a really cool thing that we could do something like that. That to me is one of the most satisfying aspects of this that you can.
Thirteen someone engage them in literally put them on a little bit of a mental journey with a start to hold anything about these different subjects. Absolutely nano technology start exploring it due to sing a bizarre to do some of the regulations that used to go and look them up again only fought so many people ask for book recommendations after our set yeah, I'm like so many yeah. I've got eventually like make like a thing on my website, my favorite books. You know this favor documentaries, there's a documentary thread on the message board. You know, that's why I'm such a big fan of Joseph Campbell and the sort of money as Well Heroes Journey, but he think of Heroes Journey. We think so literally so we're like, obviously a geographical journey like if you go on a safari. I you climb Kilimanjaro, you will go through all the, steps of departure from the ordinary, overcoming obstacles having a catharsis in realization and making the return, but we need to uh by that metaphor internally, this podcast session is a Joseph Campbell. Esque hero's journey person puts on
headphones and it's due to the prince and who's the princess. Just wanna know we don't need any heroes journey, know, but think this is the heroes journey. It follows the steps it's a dip. Archer from the ordinary were partaking in conversations that are maybe not your everyday conversations, work, overcoming obstacles in the sense that were challenge preconceived truths and questioning ourselves and asking difficult questions and thinking new thoughts. So that's the uh tools and then were transcending in overcoming the resist things that we have to change into new ways of thinking and then we're having, hopefully, the catharsis, hopefully sometime during this journey, we have a moment of profound realization that changes us both and somebody listening to forever, and then we make the return, which is to say I loved. But I want to share that with my community. I'm going to eat it, I'm going to facebook it. So if you apply them for the hero's journey. You try to make parts of your life. Significant here is general wake up in the morning to be like today, I'm gonna depart from the ordinary gonna put myself in uncomfortable situation:
going to send those boundaries. I want to have a new realization. I want this. Data means something and then make the return chair right. But what, if that day, you gotta like a bunch of shit? You need to get done. You listen to this podcast I wanna get because it could happen in your brain to write. I'm going to read this book tonight. I'm going to check out this interesting documentary. It is definitely a day. Is it expose yourself with different things during a loop? That's why I really get into finding bigfoot I've been watching a lot lately Brian That's probably it's one of the things I have. Why is just a waste of time for your fuck waste time, but I'm trying to write to new material new material. My doing my special by the way it's confirmed it's going be happen Atlanta on April 20th, at the Tabernacle Theater and most of the tickets, hold out for the first show, but we're going to a second show, so we will have the first things at eight. The second show be one thousand and thirty, and the second showed tickets will go on sale. Some this week, probably today's Monday, sometime probably Wednesday, I would guess- and
it'll be me and Joey Joey, Diaz and Trussell Trussell and I'll be recording my my news comedy special and releasing it Lucy, CK style. That's brilliant- brilliant brilliant. Going to be in New York to at some point, yeah yeah, but it's gonna, be there. Are you doing here, let's linked yeah? What day is that I'm going to be there all of April man? So you are yeah yeah? Actually, I should tell you this 'cause. This is really cool. I mean actually fifth may fifth. Ok! So, let's link okay, but actually next Beakman I'm heading up to our this week at the end of this week, I'm heading up to the Bay area, because uh the 20th, I'm speaking at Stanford Design School and showing some of my crazy ex Magic videos, oh wow, and then on the 27th of March 27th, I'm speaking at Google, I was invited to yeah. Let me show you some of the videos and then on March 28th, I'm going to be speaking at the economist ideas Festival on innovation at Berkeley
what will be sick all all about showing the videos? It's about talking about inspiration, creativity, new ways of packaging, disseminating ideas? Then I go to New York and on March Thirtieth and speaking at the PS, if K Conference in Battery Park and then in the Senate, making people memorizes stuff because most of them won't. What was your website? Where is there this all yeah? Well, no, it would not come yeah. If you go to this is Jason Silva dot com. This is Jason Silva Doc. Yes, but the best thing honestly is twitter. Twitter act, Chasin underscore silver S. I l v yeah, if you can't find it it's on mine, talking about this podcast yeah that we to keep people updated on all the toxic can then April 20th the National Arts Club in New York City, and we speaking well that's amazing. This is all because of your videos introduced to the internet, which are really amazing, and if you, Google, Jason Silva Vimeo, there's a whole page with uh.
Bank of Amman videos, I'm a nice high quality, visual too yeah. I I love the NEO gather mazes very high quality, looking to go full screen with it on a large screen great. They get it in the design it's made for, like artists, yeah yeah, the meals awesome we put all of our podcasts up on him. You know we also put a a video blog up to put that on video. The meal was well yeah. I I think that's incredible man that you've getting all this was work just from those videos popping up on the internet. Yeah did you get started this? When would you yes? What is your back rose for like education, yeah man? Well, I grew up in Venezuela and I would I would talk to my international school and of course, after that as well. I was in film school at that current tv, which is Al Gore's tv channel. I like the last five years, but it was really when I left last year that I want to do my own content. You ever get massages with Al No, we go to no, no really really did now get have some massage side. I don't know but, yeah. The short videos were just I wanted to like apply in principle. What I was believing intellectually like I wanted to make content that was mimetic because
I believe we live in a world where short form content disseminated through the internet can infect people can transform mines minds. We don't need the sort of the old gatekeepers so so to speak, isn't and so the reason short videos are easier to consume through small devices and this and that and you don't ask people for too much of their time. You know I see that's a big thing well, until you've run them over like you and then people. I know that people love to listen for like the podcast, because right, but what most people do, is they listen to what they're doing other stuff? That's the best way to do it. That's brewing yeah, that's brewing! Well, it's it's a real genre. You know that hasn't really been addressed before yeah. I know I love coming here with you, because it gives me a chance to talk about these ideas in a space in which is what is which is bigger and people are are listening to it, but you know it from for my situation to initially get the void. The word out about the videos. It just worked to do them really short, but what I think respond to them is whether or not they're into the ideas of exponential growth and technology and transforming the human condition, people or into the idea that inspiration needs to be reinvented how we package and disseminate big ideas needs
be examined because we have a new substrate, the There is a new substrate when we invented the printing press. We came up with the format of the book and there was like rules and parameters, and this is how it works. Best television we came up with the sitcom film. We came up with the length of time that a film should be before people get restless in the theater and so on and so forth, and I think, on the internet, we're still figuring it out yeah. What are the parameters of work? What are the lengths of videos that will do is look at the statistics, get the information to find out how long people pay attention to stuff. Is that and- and so I straight away that I did when I find long form, documentaries available on Google, video and Youtube so yeah not allowed the people, people don't do it yet on their screen. We have more. We have the merger of tv and with the web apple tv and stuff, then 'cause then you're on the tv here on the couch watching tv watching web content and it's different experience. It's not just the snow,
screen right when the screens merge. I think we'll have you think, that's entirely going to happen, you don't think that it will be still have the separation of computer and television. I think software software is going to eat the world. That was a great article. So do you think that, like networks, like NBC Ab, that's like legacy, it's all going to like be like Vhs tapes, someday yeah, I think we're to be interfacing. I think the apple tv thing is coming ISM feeling that that is going to make everything intuitive. If I read an article yesterday from Nick Bilton Times, he was saying that he gets anxious, He looks at his cable tv box because there's so many buttons that it so complicated and he doesn't know what input is connected to what this than most of the stuff. He doesn't want to watch it there's so many over and he is that he looks at his like I pad everything so neat and you can press it once and get what he wants in real time and we are living in that direction. I mean, if you go check out HBO Go is really cool. Awesome yeah, I mean on your computer watch anything anytime on demand all a few years,
so subscribers, while premium beautiful experience, I think that feature You know. Another thing is the future, which is in its still clunky today, and I can't believe its so clunky. Like the other day, I wanted to find HM a show on the channel and I'm like I don't know what the channel is. I have a thousand number some like went through each tale. Like we're, where the is this channel, you know be a search and seizure. You know it's, it's gonna, be Syria, it's gonna, be it's gonna, be a turn to the cartoon network. You know it and that's all you're gonna be anymore it. The room control alone is just such as like. Looking at an old pay phone yeah, when the UFC moved to fuel tv when they're having some fights on fuel tv out of five fuel tv, it took forever right fucking luck, yeah good, yeah, good luck! It sucks like six hundred and eighteen direct, especially when you have like hd channels. Now, you half the time, are you you're watching you're, not even watching the hd channel and you're, like oh shit, how long I've been watching this there's so many channels now mode? It's amazing! It's really
that's why I think the Apple tv when it does get released? I think that's that's going to change everything I think everything's will be on the card. I think you know the NBC going to be around, but they're going to be like any other channel. It's gonna be like you know, your channel you know like people like shows, though they like, like lossed. They like things that are going to be produced by a production company that you might not be able to replicate. You know the home user, you know even with the incredible software. I think people will always want the premium experience and they're willing to pay for the premium experience I mean I don't care to pay. Twenty dollars to see an Imax 3D film in a theater and be completely immersive. Experience like that. Did you like avatar. I was Did you feel any avatar depression once you left you so I think that's fascinating they, you love it. That idea like there's a great book called the art of immersion by Frank Rose, used to be a wired. Who says that the future
sort of immersive storytelling in an example is avatar. Is such an immersive 3d experience and he says we all long to go back to Pandora, even though we've never really been there we miss something that wasn't really real. But then again, everything is not really real right control news, but more and more dude immersive experiences like that. Yes, we're going to we're going to get sad when we fall out of the game or out of the movie or out of the virtual space 'cause it's in simply becoming more interesting than reality. If people got avatar depression. Really they got depression that they weren't one of those blue things because you wouldn't want to have you wouldn't want to be living in avatar? If you are human, you just little fucking bitch, I think, is just so pretty that got jacked left and right yeah. But humans like didn't even have a chance in the avatar world. You can't have Habitar depression, you essentially of depression, about your species, eat Don't want you want to be one of the na'vi.
To be larger than life, but added that can be up. We want to live that lifestyle, they're living the love and honor, and I was little I used to give him the I Indiana Jones Depression with Indiana Jones and that I used to get sad. I wanted relief for treasure in my backyard and at that of my life, to be as fun as Indiana Jones is. I remember that feeling as a kid you know, I really remember, leaving films and and wanting the the luster in the awe to sort of come home with me right. Usually we you know is that a max, and you want the idea of avatar, though, that the culture of avatar was missing. Everything that we're missing, or rather the culture of avatar the culture of the Navy, had every thing that we're missing that our law society that are materialistic ridiculous. You know society where we're not society responsibility for our own actions. We all act collectively as a collectively the group or corporation that this truck double life this
bible life were all these people like the forced to their own weight and celebrated and loved each other yeah, but that trial that tribal life. That supposedly was so advanced, I mean they still had hierarchical systems. There was still an angry boss that told everybody else. Would there still warriors like they hadn't, really and send our savagery in fact, but they're happier than secretaries there's an interesting thing that occurs while had mentioned that he thought it was really interesting, that you use the world's greatest technology. To bring our imaginings into being to make that movie So then criticize technology in the movie, so you is the most powerful computers and digital tools to realize that dream into screen, and then you tell a story inside of that technologically mediated reality. You tell a story about how bad technology is and how we should all go, live in the forest again, not really what they told the story about was about greed and about the willingness to fuck over cultures and kill room entity.
That is also but but a lot of people came out and said it was an indictment of technology. What was mineral impossible uranium, or something like that was some stupid fucking name was like, was call Brian. I don't know when they saw the movie once Obtainium in obtainium. Possible to obtain something along those lines like? Oh you, silly goose, there's a great term called Compa Terranium that I recently I think it's when we left all the matter in the universe or in the galaxy into computation, so all the atoms we can put comp patient everything and then becomes a computronium. Well, I'm not sure if I'm explaining correctly but yeah this idea that a civilization will eventually get advanced, that it can leverage all the matter in the universe and put computation into it. Heart is all of matter and energy in the universe. What does that even mean good use everything in work. Well, you know
there is, you know our computers or both of materials, and we put computation into those. So we could put computation into the stars yeah that yeah how the fuck would you do that? I'm not a physicist, but this is stuff that you can find physical articles that you speculate about the Now diary will cross the scale and then it will harness the energy of its star. Input computation into matter and terraform other worlds, and yet I mean it's: it's. I mean with the world. I mean we already do it inside of computers. I mean computation complexity inside of a microchip. The only other thing is complex. Is the brain. You know what I've nothing else in the universe. Has that complexity I find fascinating when I go back to like some nineteen eighties and one thousand nine hundred and ninety science fiction movies. I like watching like what they
not a computer, is going to be like the movie alien. I watch that again the other day, one of my all time, favorite movies, an amazing movie and still holds up as far as like the excited about Prometheus, though fuck you man, it's not a 3d trailer death eater, anything Ridley Scott comes up with him down for, but the first alien movie is one of my all time: favorite movies, but God the computer looks so fucking wonky and shit, and- and it was fascinating that, like you know, when you look at like Some of these older movies that we like they'll, take place in two thousand seventeen, and it's like nothing, looks anything like today. Everything super futuristic flying cars and shit like when was blade. Runner is supposed to be taking place in how far in the future was it. That's a good question.
I don't think it was that far I'll do it. You see anything close to what you would see some of the little flying robots that they showed at TED this year. I saw some of those two thousand choreograph choreograph flying a little helicopters that could do a dance and go around obstacles and objects and they're going to have hd cameras and they can map rooms. The Google self driving cars two one thousand miles, they've, driven with zero accidents, a one million people a year die in road accidents. Okay, a one million people a year when we switch over to those self driving cars which we already know after two hundred thousand miles no accidents there are only gonna get better. That's I mean that's what cars are going to be, of course, self driving cars, just like airplanes man, but then you guys are too unreliable, never be able to go sideways around the corner. You can do it. Sport trac! You have to go to track. Yeah it'll be a sp, but not in a place where you can hit a pedestrian or hurt somebody else. You know, of course, that will be that's, but that's yeah, that's coming man. It's amazing! Those Google guys their genius there there, so no one saw them coming I mean if
there there was a Skynet in Skynet, want to sneak up on society and just sort of into great itself. Completely I mean it is Google. Is there like a website, Googleisskynet, dot com or something like that yeah? But I think at this point their ambition of don't be. Evil is so stunning. No trying to think that I love Google. Don't get me wrong, but I'm saying it's amazing. With Google maps Google Fucking voicemail in Google Gmail, in all free all free. That's credible, there's a whole book how everything is dematerialising and it's becoming for Free used to have a camera, but now camera doesn't exist. 'cause! It's inside your phone used to have like a notebook to write things down that disappeared, because now it's all on your phone, which everything is dematerialising and going into your device. If you seen this new device, that's just come up with a new droid that came out this this Samsung Journal. Oh
Who do we see nothing? No dude! It's fucking! Five inches is the biggest one. Ever it's like a cross between a tablet and an Iphone. It's amazing, beautiful I've got the battery lasts about thirty five seconds. At full, brightness, you got about a half a half a minute.
That's pretty speakers at that New Ipad three has a rich, the same battery life, but yet the screens H, d and yeah, and that's exponential growth right yeah, that's about it! The battery life on those I pads amaze me like I sold out the first batch already do this at the demand is unprecedented. It's pretty shocking how long you can watch a movie on those things, much of three four movies and you look at it's not even like halfway up to speed with the battery. I can't wait for the I mind you think they're already working on the I mine was that it'll be like a synthetic mind. You know, I don't trust the reckless. I trust I can be for the high car. They need to make cars so yeah, hi Carl they'll do their counterparts to Google's self driving, Android cars and then apple leases. I Kerr choose a how long before we see self driving cars on the street. Very, I think very soon is because Google already has and driving in California and there's been over twelve thousand miles, yeah driving California right now, like yeah, you can, you could be rear, ended by a final version: zero accidents and two hundred thousand miles on the b. They literally is on the map, the map, three dimensional maps of what's in front of them, it's insane they can see like they can see you're making notice people walk over just accordingly, it's in the seat
freaks me out even scene. We got on this through the idea of robotics and flying drones, freaks me those are those things that walk that have like one thousand and fifteen legs and you get kicked him and they had just you know when it looks like a dog that you immediately sympathize with that thing. Man, that's incredible, you should see the TED talk. The head of DARPA gave a TED talk to and she was the most poised elegant, articulate attractive woman. Doing that the people from Loste, because the defense advanced research, magic, dharma, DARPA shoes, amazing she's, talking about dreaming the impossible. She actually reminded me of Jodie Foster's character in contact really like elegant poi. Is our ticket. You actually felt comforted to know somebody that intelligent seeming is like running DARPA and her friend lock was unbelievable. Balloon talking about dream, the impossible and we have to challenge what we what is in order to dream about what could be, and you know and she's speaking on behalf of the agents who has invented a lot of stuff, so it's kind of amazing they invented. I I don't know
a lot of stuff that we take a short cutting edge stuff. Are you sure pretty sure, if you don't? How can you be sure 'cause? Because if you read about dark all the time they do the advanced secret research project wow? the work. She showed a hypersonic plane. We still never got the aliens we didn't get to alien. Now we want to you when it took me like you about transcension, why we don't why we could never see them. Fermis paradox, so I don't think we'll ever see him Only when we build our own black hole and go into it then will meet him at the end of time. Well, is it slingshots you, it's not possible that they could just be like roaming through this universe then, because that if they did that, that would influence our evolution us discovering them and being influenced by their technology would be influencing our ultimate Saturday will get butterfly effect and the thing that smart says they wouldn't want to do that, because that would be akin to incest to influencing us in some way and then changing the how we unfold Devil's advocate that this is through our understanding of genetics. Right, it's not through there,
is there a thousand or a million years more advanced in us? Maybe they know a lot more about how to work that shit right? Maybe that's what he said. So maybe it's not that they would think of it as incest at all, but they've completely gone past. The idea of gender and application by means of sexuality is just what we have to do the bill replicated from the primate form, but they wouldn't want to replicate their technology. Alien large almond shaped. I form right wouldn't want us to replicate their technology says who I mean? Well, maybe maybe there's a some sort of thing that will lead to the most diversity and, if we're not influenced by them, they'll be more diversity because we'll get there ourselves it's just going to get. You know the idea is well anyway. That's what he says the ideal that people really love to share when it comes to wacky alien theories. Is that aliens have genetically engineered human beings in the first place I mean I mean you can't unproved that so that's a problem right, you can improve leprechauns bro. You know why can science yeah? That's yeah! That's the thing! That's the dog thing we're watching those than
This thing about this, this weird looking robot things and it moves. It has like sort of like a raw like an insect like leg set don't kick it, it adjusts and it doesn't fall down. Yeah look at suggesting to the sand in the water holder, walking on the beach, and if that thing starts saying hi to you and smiling and ruling, it was totally probably know what I'm saying to put that thing on one more. Second, you know what I'm saying: I'm saying that thing storm out of the back of a Jew, giant, battleship and missiles flying off of it. That's what I think they make one of those fucking things they make it to send over to countries. Could you imagine a whole army of these fuckers
heading into your town, shooting missiles. I tell me some imagining them as pets for this tour of only rocket launchers. On that bitch, it's always a double edge sword. I have to admit it's always double edged sword, but look at people start riding on what do people start? Writing they become the universe. They will become the new horses they'll, be our little pets. Look at the banking institution, it's worded it stay on that. You feel bad for it. When he keeps it, you feel bad, so human yeah, but think of how quickly you feel bad for it. I do, but it was amazing. Is this thing adjusted and it seems to be adjusting the women seem organic. You know Totale Bio mimicry, going to have one of those were going to ride them like, like, like a goat down the side of a mountain he's going to be like you know those crazy goats that can then really strong and they don't like climb up the side of mountain riding. They never keep playing. That goes right. There she playing yeah, they never get tired, they don't have eight yeah, but then
probably run on solar power to yeah, I actually solar power is going to get to a point where it can power. Everything right course do we get ten thousand times more energy from the sun than we need. This thing, slow, gentle, a better way better ways of capturing that energy I'd be pissed, vows run the stupid thing right now. Bill come on free and really that's it has on gives us free energy to have you run yeah for that, for that you know how it's going it's is making it through assassinating. That is incredible. It's walking through the snow and there's a bunch of different designs of them to I've seen other ones that have like many more legs. That's crazy! Look! Yeah! This thing: robotics man robotics, is gonna, be such a he well robotics and a I the intelligence by rice. Look at that down to the bare skeleton thing yeah! This is incredible stuff! Folks. I know we're just talking right now, unfortunately, for a lot of you, folks that are listening to this on Itunes, just Google, it which they, Google Brian. So they could watch this. This is Boston Dynamics, but just say new big dog robot, new big dog.
But video and it looks like a spider when you're looking really it's a uh, it's the one at seven hundred one thousand hits on it's a must, see, you need to know amazing yeah, it's mean what what does the future hold? That were not prepared for what is the next step. You know, I mean the internet, I think caught most people by surprise, yeah. Well, there were in the underside of the robot, oh my God, Brian just put on a robot dog in the thing is moving around like an animated dog this it saying the thing is There was a guy at TED that showed his. Oh, my god. That's the same that dogs insane know what this guy said. None of the there's going to be there's gonna, be more of those kinds of robots and the more that day, interface with us and they look cute will be, will start with it. Doesn't matter if they're, conscious or not, is right once they cross a certain kind of percent,
We will bury that we have in there. They seem real will start to interface with them. Is there going to be? Are we like your dog? You know when you come home and never come home. We have a conversation with log, it doesn't matter better start waitresses at the feedback. Exactly will have the same thing with robots yeah as long as we can get past the idea that something that's metal and wires and that thing can't have some sort of a soul because you're interacting with it, you know if you're in connecting with it is also plan to Seoul in what is your fucking computer gets needy. It might well, maybe you might want it to get needy because it will make you feel like you're. Maybe that's a part of like what it's like to have a robot fucked all that a road locked all the really good ones like like they're, really dangerous, like this picture, might be your house down, like you can't fuck other girls like she's, really she's going to be the best hottest, robot fuck dolls. Ever the robots will supercharge whatever you want, and that's the only way to make it hot. The only thing is, she has to be super jealous. You can't just let you just
you're, like shit, I mean why aren't you sharing your location service, those spots yeah she becomes. She becomes a robot and angry psycho jealous robot and that's the hottest sex you can get, and so that's why everybody just accepts it. You'll be able to get whatever you want. The robot robots are going to be it'll be asian robot, fuck dolls, stonehouse, no questions just take care of business son right. They always be the exotic asian robot, fuck dolls, yeah. What you know, there's interesting. We keep talking about all these exotic. All these exotic technol stamp thing we were talking about? Asians sounds. It sounds hallucinatory, even though so it's very quickly, merge you and it just you back to that whole thing about computer. As the modern version of the psychedelic. I just want to say if you're, an asian girl, I'm just joking around these are just jokes. I just throw things out there. I don't mean anything by him.
What do you think of that? Like the toll Timothy Leary, you know what is computers are the l as the of the nineties, like people took drugs and they're like we can expand our minds and now computers expand armor? Well relationship is very fascinating to me it's absolute fascinating will right now. Just think this. What's this interface is happening right now. This is all live right. You know right now, there's only two thousand people are synced up live with us, but eventually this. This feel Yeah of this conversation- and these are these ideas- explored yeah, I'm going to branch out to about a half a million people right, so half a million yeah mine and our house here, real our thoughts, yeah and then at half a million who knows how many people are going to just you know. I read this Tony Robbins thing once where he talked about Tony Robbins, actually very positive, a lot of people, think the Tony Robbins full shit 'cause he's kind of like made along the way, I think, he's brilliant. He sees that we've got a lot of very, very good points, and one of them was to change your life to make huge changes. All you need is a small change in the direction and over time,
that small change will lead you so far, apart of where your initial direction will salute Lee. True, the idea is that if you have two cars in two parallel lines in one of 'em just takes a slight turn to the right and they keep driving straight. The one so I turned the right is going to be. You know hundred miles from now is going to be way, the fuck away from that other one total and that sometimes really how you have to look at it? We specially, I mean I'm a super impatient person. I want things now to me. I even want to go to the supermarket. Would you don't have any grass FED beef writer sleep right, but I mean like what, at the help
postures. Is it that I think that I can just go to a place and they've killed an animal for me raised it on grass only killed an animal is plenty of meat. I could feed my family. I can stay alive from this vote this food here, and this is the way that you play any because they didn't get the shipment of organic meat that they will think about it. We have no grass FED beef, you fuck, what about when you're having a Skype conversation with somebody on the side of the planet and you're just like taking for granted that you can see their face, they can see yours you're talking in real time for free and then like all of a sudden. It might freeze you like, oh god, it's freezing yeah, why is, is pretty computer freezing wise but like think about what you were just enjoying two seconds before I'm totally for granted that we assimilate man, he done it, adaptation, yeah, that that is what it is. Is there a Tatian? You know its. It's it's amazing, though, that we have this urging this push to make things bigger, faster, quicker and that
urgent push is also responsible for one of the reasons why people get a custom to things and right and want more yeah. I used to call you toward you quoted Mckenna, and you talked about how something about the astonishment did not give them to the astonishment interest on the debt give into it. Put definitely seek it out. Yes, I think most people he's talking about the empty, though yeah DM the route, the but the truth in the empty, a miracle to see around the empty. I have not, but don't you think that, for example, it's astonishing that you can do this podcast and reach half a million mines very rarely, does one marvel at the astonishment of the things that occur every day that Iraq, how many hundreds of thousands of aircraft are flying through the air right now communicating with one another flying safely, individuals in other Toyota, to the world
We don't experience that astonishment. I don't wake up in astonishment. We should yeah you're. Absolutely right. I mean if you had pulled someone out of the cave man error and put him in modern society. It would be justice psychedelic as a lot of p, o t trips, yes, yeah yeah, exactly- would be so bizarre in and outside of the what you conceived of just seconds ago for has being possible right. You know you take someone from you know, one thousand years ago, five years ago, a blip in time runs nothing to the universe. Put him! today or put in a great movie theater. Making much Harry Potter right is pants right. She has been imagine what a girl right out of the city off bucking dragon. What does Harry Potter Dragon right on fire out flying to the floor? He would just dive in the ground showing redeeming Iraq heart right. That is so amazing. I mean the fact that that is. That is that we would come in the morning we'll think about that right, because that just is we're on to the next thing yeah on and on to the next thing to be looking forward to or to be complaining about, yeah- and maybe that's the part of
our evolutionary makeup that makes us always probe the boundaries of the adjacent possible and always want to keep pushing, because maybe if we were, Astonishment of all, we've done wouldn't keep her were obsessed with innovation, human. These are obsessed with innovation. You know every year, sports cars get faster. You know you getting to a point right now, where, like regular cars are doing, I grace track number. Yes, it's you know yeah. I know we have speed limits, even though we have that we still push the performance terms limits, I'm fascinated by by sports cars. Just because I'm I'm fascinated by extreme engineering yeah. You know the vast needed by the idea that there's a bunch of people out there that are trying to get something that handles faster as better g already move right at our cry sticks that right and the newest nine Porsche. Nine eleven goes around the track as fast as the nine hundred and ninety six cup car. So the ring which is like this really twisty any track in Germany really high end sports car can go around
today at about seven minutes. Thirty seconds, seven minutes forty seconds like nine hundred and eleven a real high end car, that's with race. Ours would do just a decade earlier right, So it's getting to this crazy point where regular, modern streetcars aren't like, like fucking cop cars, how much faster do you need these fucking things like you know, but you got it. They run. They have a Bugatti Veyron RON. It's like one thousand fucking horsepower. We do it just to do it. Man. Just that say it is to see how much complexity we can pack into it, how much performance get out of it. It's like modern jet engines do operated half the temperature of the surface of the sun. This is for the water jet a nice view. I mean I it's it's insane. Okay speeds of five hundred miles. I mean to have and to remember the speed, but jet engines are really feats of engineering and medical data.
I mean in a we would everyone's scared of flight she's crisis, thirty thousand flights a day, okay, yeah happens, it's incredible. It's so safe, it's amazing, so so yeah, but the way it go. It's so terrifying, just slamming into the fucking rainforest and well that's why I love Virgin America so much dude 'cause. They got brand new planes, they, really rock brand new state of the art fleet Well Cosmo list. Other airlines in this country countries have fleets there. Twenty to twenty five to thirty people. Scaring the fuck outta me right now. Is it going brother, listen that doesn't make them any less safe. These planes are still certified and well maintained, can't arrest. Nonetheless, on Virgin America you're getting a brand new fleet of shiny, stated Yard Tyler to with the best of everything with internet, no you're, not getting a brand new pilots, let's say, do
we're ready. It's just it, but it's nice, you, your it's! The year, twenty twelve! You want to fly in an airplane that was manufactured. You know in the last year or two or three is is it makes you feel better when they're shiny, there's less stress fractures, it's yeah! It is kind of interesting thing about air technology. Is that we essentially the same thing: it's really one of the only industries and is the same technology. You know the same day, general principles, but the engines are far more reliable and far more advanced than they were before, but when did they started getting much better oh well. The same Moore's law that applies in computers, I mean the engineering of a modern jet engine in the computers are a lot of these jets. From, like the nineteen seventies and nineteen eighties No, they they make. They make revisions that are pretty much like entire do model. I tell you why you still worry engines change everything yeah I for one to work as long as you don't update the software right right, but the it's kind of it's more fun to go on the new ones. They have far more technology in the absolutely not that robot dog. You know what that's going to be in the future check the screen out right here. How crazy is this summer posted this on your message board but hold on episode? Two?
attack of the clones. Here we go my god. That's not a robot that know that augmented reality placed in there what yeah yeah, but I meant there at ads. You know from star wars, yes, robot dogs are the exact same thing. Is an Adam right yeah! You know you're totally right, I mean it looks exactly the same. So what is but that's just they added that yeah. Somebody just put a funny video together there was a yeah. Well, that's amazing. You totally right yeah, that's exactly what it is. Yeah is Brian, stupid, fucking cat clock. How dare you oh, is that the cat clock yeah? That's the famous cat clock, he likes cats. He likes things to me. Yeah future of medicine? Man? Are you excited about that yeah? Well, I'm excited about the idea of keeping people alive, long enough to figure out some really crazy shit. Oh yeah, the idea of people staying long enough to over populate the planet kind of freaks me out, though
How do you say? Well, I think that most people cluster around only like three percent of the surface of the world, which is a city states like cities. I know the world is still mostly point and it's mostly water and technology is more a resource, liberating mechanism, because scarcity is just contextual. Things are only scarce until you create technology that makes them into things that are abundant. People talk about water wars, but the menu not worried at all about overpopulation, oh man, no, not at all. In fact, the more developed and educated people become an in developed nations. The rate of having children goes down, different like Mckenna, has the best pure against overpopulation population, is to educate our people and put more in technology into their hands, but also also like the salinization. For example. You know once we technology that this is called the blue planet. It's a water planets, mostly water. It just needs
you convert it, but today they have anything right now that can do. This is why it's Israel has a lot of these Desalina Zation plans. Just gotta get more advanced. Just like solar panels is just exponential growth once they hit the tipping point where it's actually cheaper to use those technologies and they do it the other way, then it becomes, it will become the main thing. No, it's normalization, but you know we do create. You need to create incentive. I used to incentivize people to innovate and were such once they will probably dry out the fucking ocean will probably pull all the water out of the ocean. I don't think we were imagining water. Imagine, though, if we're so greedy, we use up all the water in the ocean. I mean nobody predicted that we would have polluted the ocean in the way we have in just one hundred years, and we've done incredible trouble. Fuck, Ilya Nanotechnology will create synthetic biology, allergy that eats the plastic and will yes where's the evidence. Never having taken place in the past when we ever fixating there is that there is an express contest that the X prize is doing to come. It does something with plastics, the technology you do to clean up oil spills or something like that
yeah, like are you crazy, urea that eats plus other? Like that? We know what it is. You create incentives by offering these prizes like to Million dollar prizes and teams around the world will spend one hundred million dollars to win ten million dollar prize, the isn't that, where swamp thing came from for what swamp thing number the Marvel comics swamp thing from a contest now note from some poor in some biological should to eat up some? Maybe I'm- and I don't know- maybe it's another, but the you know the other of your example. The X prize. They were the ones that did the ten million dollar prize for space yet which became virgin galactic. Well, they have one now to create a device. That's the size of like an Iphone call. The try quarter, ten million, so you can make a device that you can spit on or you can your blood on and they will diagnose you with the equivalent I'm a ten certified doctors with greater accuracy than ten certified I swear to God. This is their new contest. This is their net two million dollar ten million dollar prize that they just put out its tricorder X prize. Is it possible to
going be possible and they already have things that you can put on your iphone that you can spit on that will like measure your measure, an analyzer. Good yeah really yeah. They already have spit on your Iphone and it gives you information to it. What's it called? I have no idea, but people. Google spitting on your Iphone medical wow I heard that that stuff is going to get a lot faster, because now that biology is becoming information, technologies and information technology, we're going to the same progress well is so cool. When you have contests for good along those lines like with X prize and the fact they would come up with something along that really yeah, and I mean I would love to believe you I'd love to believe that someone's going to eventually figure out a way to get rid of that giant patch of garbage. That's in the Pacific ocean. We shall yeah. We shall that's a big issue. Yeah! Well, people talk about that a lot they're very concerned, although it's not it's not actually like the size of a country's people. Have I think it's the size of Texas? I don't I'm not. I don't think it
Julie is physical, size of Texas. Well, I think that they're so small. No, I think the you know how it is it's all caught in the current there's like a voice vortex, that's where all the garbage piles up and all the garbage. Let's look at it right now: okay, go bliss, real, quick, powerful, Google, ah Pacific Ocean and Garbage patch Pacific ocean. Oh, it's fucking huge holy shit wow. Although many media, an advocate advocacy reports, have suggested that the patch extends over an area larger than the continental. U S
Recent research sponsored by the National Science Foundation suggests that the affected area, maybe twice the size of Hawaii wow, that's fucking big, but that's a lot of trash is we well. I I I I I'm pretty confident that we will create nano technology that will literally eat up the garbage. That's how we'll so that's how efficient, but then, when it, when it runs out of garbage, tend to be hungry, it becomes one thing it doesn't want to die. Man does want to dine out, so you know yeah, that's what I like the premise to a lot of comic book monsters. It's a double edged, sword fight. Yet, as we better come up with a way to kill those things before we feed them, last click. Well, yes, look it's important to look at all the possible uses of technology for good and for bad. That's why the conversation needs to be had. Let me ask you: this progress is not stopping when I think if we paint beautiful pictures of how things could be
We inspire the people to make sure that that's what we actually absolutely. I completely agree with you, and I think you know the way you're doing it in videos online is really cool and it's very exactly well the way you're doing it is amazing, but my question to you is what, if we kangaroos evolving, what if we kangaroos they had found some flower there's a psychedelic flower, they started eating it and Kangaroo started, building houses, willing, weapons and shit. Like some, we saw some kangaroos welding. We saw some building. We would we allow that shit. I think we go in the kangaroos asses and you'll get the fuck of here with your armor. We might, we might make other animals smarter. Who knows, do you think so we might give them so then we'd be battling for resources. I think we would just jack. No. Because you know we don't even when I ran out lately in power, would have kangaroos came up with a new x before I read, have cable just start fucking mean really super smart man yeah well, but I don't think that the resources will be an issue
It will be harnessing lusader enerji from the whole galaxy is an infinity of reason. You say that, but what, if an asteroid land Australia right near where the gruza ransom are and some spores from this asteroid contain a never before seen, mushroom, rapidly, accelerates, evolution and within, like one hundred years. They surpass us and then what kangaroos are smart about? What do you do then? Brian? Whatever? What are you going to do with your fucking cat clock? I will create a time machine and take the words what, if out of the dictionary? Well, then I'm take a time machine and take the word like out and you will never be able to say anything why have ever bitch listen. I believe that you are absolutely convinced that someone's going to come up with this. I just don't know I just I see I see it. I see it happening man and I know our brain. What is the current plans to fix this now to fix?
the garbage patch that we're talking about yeah well they're talking about creating some kind of like algy or bacteria that eats the plastic. I think one of the big guys of synthetic biology is Craig Venter, who also spoke at the Singularity University thing He was seeing in terms of the future fuels and the future of like cleaning up like chemicals and absolute, going to be using synthetic biology, wow yeah, and then we can program life to do whatever we want. You know, so we can it's like you know just like we can. You hang which describe anything. We can just author instructions. You know in here you have software that write its own hardware, see that's the thing about pro damnable life. Unlike computers, you write the code, the code manufacturers, its own, like phenotype, right right life jeans determine its physical attributes, so the software writes its own hardware into existence. That's what's really exciting about like synthetic biology and programmable life, especially if you give synthetic like. If you give some artificial intelligence access to 3d computer,
and three d: printer astute apps, all my god, gonna Garrison, Razi, unlimited intelligence, unlimited houses, it replicates itself and yes, three d printers and but just the concept of three D printers well having it aware of. Oh now, I can improve upon this design of any printers and within with trillions of time, more ram than our brain yeah and instantaneously. Well, you know what Henry here is like ten thousand years of progress, and we need to believe that it's coming that Henry Miller said the day that men ceased to believe that they will one day become gods then they will surely become worms wow. That was Henry Miller, so he says believe mankind. You know for going from ape to Superman. You know smack in the middle, in a trajectory between the born in the made. That's where we are men, yeah, yeah, we're in this. In this world stage we were sort of conscious and we're aware we also animalistic and challenges weird and savage.
We're gonna turn ourselves into the most beautiful artwork we've ever made. You really think so. Definitely the aliens land first are the aliens I had for so you don't believe that societies ever get to the point where they travel from one place to another land and affect things that doesn't know. I think that they do, but the trend sentient apophysis says that by the time maybe they reach the edge of the solar system at the edge of the galaxy. At that point, all the density goes back into goes into words into the nano scale, so it's kind of like we, the complex. The kind of goes into itself and causing makes a black hole and disappears from the visit universe! Is it possible that we should look up the translation, hypothesis 'cause? It will probably explain much better than I can, but isn't it some of what you're dealing with something? That's here all the time, but it's in another dimension, hyperdimension string theory. Yeah I mean there are, is addressed in that article yeah yeah, so you could even back to Mckenna and say: oh so, when Mckenna talks about hyperdimensional beings will the transcend?
hypothesis says essentially our minds yes, will break through the visible universe into other dimensions. It's like crazy stuff, except it's like written by a academic scholar, yeah, so no aliens in flying saucers, just landing yeah! That's that's what he says he says well yeah will go to other planets, but that's like early stage stuff going to other. Mine it's over the next. Like fifty years, you know so ever get invaded were essentially may invaded by young punks that the really high level. Aliens wouldn't bother right right totally. You know every time we do that the microphone picks it up. Sorry, man, it's fine, it's good, but you know Yes, I was going to be upset yeah I do I'm sensitive to people is complete. I used to chew gum catch, a gun might be more. People like due to fog and sipping can sip drinks. If you get up here in the south, people get mad
I guess, if what you got to think of is someone. That's the reason why we put headphones on, like we usually do this conversation, but if you were in the gym right now, you would hear that I'm sorry, Jim, not least, sorry, sorry, everybody just wanted to keep everybody happy it's all incredible stuff, and I guess it all could come true and come to fruition. As long as we don't fuck it up or as long as some gigantic natural disaster doesn't happen as well. Right yeah, you will take any, do you ever daycare in consideration. Well, yeah I mean the super volcanoes shit like that. I think look we have to be paying attention and we be cautious and we have to be vigilant as transition towards what promises to be the most exciting time in human history. I mean we're already living in the most exciting time in human history, but let's not lose focus. You know like let's address the grand challenge, humanity. We've never had such tools with which to do so, and I think it's like an opportunity for us to pull
or mental cognitive surplus, is together and fix shit. Yeah absolutely do you think we'll ever get to but we can avoid asteroids sure you think so. Yeah yeah, but it will get him down. Yeah look at shoot him down. You think she went down with lasers, a single laser with blow it up. It's going to everything is turning into star wars, I think the enemy will do. That, though I mean some asteroids are miles wide. We get. We already have lasers that are pretty powerful. I mean in nuclear weapons to them like in the movie sunshine. Well now the issue with that is actually that makes it worse 'cause. What happens is instead of one big impact. You have hundreds of thousands of little ones. Well, they're, not even little. You know you don't need any. Think that big text red giant crater in Nevada? You know it's one of weird things about all planets me: every planet we find is littered with impacts, We live in a very volatile solar system where we
been inhabiting the Goldilocks space for the Goldilocks and at the time we've just been very, very lucky, like I said all that we were talking about this. All of our progress. Man is the blink of a blink of a blink blink of a blink in terms of cosmic time. So it's like, it's, not that we were lucky yeah, but it hasn't been that much time that has passed you lucky a couple million years in the inevitability of getting hit is coming. That's why we gotta progress so that we can thwart that, They just found a very recent evidence of an impact, a big one about thirteen thousand years ago and what's really fascinating about. That is all the ancient history theorists all point to that point. Time is one being the end of the ice age like around that time, the end of the Pleistocene, and also also that's when a lot of people point to the the possibility of like an ancient civilization like Egypt falling apart and rebuilding in the same area, sure sure sure sure when they, when they hypothesize that something went wrong, it's always around ten thousand, twelve thousand thirty to a somewhere around there. I, like you, know that Eichel's yeah. I did well the ideas that you know: human life.
This point, like the reason why there's the myth of Atlantis and the myth of you know no one, the Ark and the epic of Gilgamesh is that there's all these giant disasters just that frequently hit. You know, and you know, if something hit us today and wipe now we're wired to look for danger. Man, surely we survive so cautionary tales embedded in our culture are just alarm system. Sure and it's kind of a race. I mean it's kind of a race between technology awareness progress and the ability to at least predict yeah hair slightly for natural disasters, but some of them, like called volcanoes and things along those lines is not in you could do man, it's just nothing. You could do when it goes. It goes and less you can figure out a way to throw some ice cubes on the on the lava. May we keep it from fucking blowing sky high. No technology is the only way I think that could be addressed. You know that's the
but that's that really is the craziest technology. I mean self replicating things in a nano scale. It should be mad that you'd be able to throw those into the lava and they would somehow another Freshel everybody. The fuck out yeah change the structure of the molecular structure of the love. I don't know if that fuck it freezes up the planet to send to another. I say Jesus Christ, Javen Jason Silva. What are you doing? The butterfly effect issue is always that is right. We don't careful yeah well, no, it will have super computers that can map out every possible possibility, trillions times more than we can map out different scenarios in their heads, so those guys will be able to pick the best scenario. They'll make mathematical projection that will be like okay, there's, a one billion and one probabilities of it, and this is the best one. Let's do it, you see and so much time. Thinking about the future and thinking about all these possibilities is it? Is it possible that when you do this, or is it difficult when you just not to not to ignore them Doesn't? Is it hard and you know, is it like? Is it like a sort of a normal thing to sort of ignore the present when you're concentrating entirely on what the human race is?
going to accomplish well You know how they say that it was phrased very well, but you know I don't know if I think you know how but we always talk about how human beings need a purpose purpose by its very nature implies a reason to look forward. So we can't help but look to the future. It's what we do. So your purpose is to create a purpose in to put the idea, purpose into peoples. What gives me a sense of purpose is a collective feeling that, like wow humanity, has this unique opportune to sort of map. It's road beauty, Julianne and we all have a way of participating in that and what a wonderful sense of collective purpose is. Just it's more interesting to me than like, oh well, my purpose is to become you know or get this job, or do this thing it's like. I want to get this job and do this thing just like everybody else. I want to survive, but I'm in the mood for cosmic purpose, cosmic significance, your cosmic dick slinger did. I say it's the same reason that religion always appealed to people for the same reason that
and can live for a few a few weeks without food a few days without water, but not for a second without hope. It's just the human condition. You know the minute we lose hope. We commit suicide, not the minute. Sometimes you could really suffer for years just before you pull the plug, but when you lose a complete hope, you won't even wait around if you're waiting around it, because you have a little bit of thing of thinking that things might turn around yeah I It's important. I think it's important to look forward. I think it's it's huge. I think it's the only thing that propels our progress anyway, because if we were in a stupefied low staying in the as in we wouldn't do anything in the yeah. Of course, I'm what? What do you see happening in your lifetime? I mean we are right now in two thousand and twelve. This is supposed to be if you're. Paying attention to time, wave zero novelty theory to see when the shit hits the fan. Well, I don't I found recently. I've talked about this recently wanted to bring it up with you 'cause. I know you're Mckenna fan as well. He altered the end date to cope
side with the end date of the Mayan calendar yeah. Maybe he was of the people that believe that by creating a social movement around these ideas, you more quickly actualize those ideas. People were so upset at me for bringing this up. If somebody posted on my messageboards and I went and read in the apparently his initial club with the calculations was November November of two thousand twelve, he was a December moved December. Twenty first, which is the you know the end date of one count, but then somebody brought up to the day. There's like a internet meme going around work. Do you know calculate Leap years to the mines calculate Leap years because of he didn't. You know all this shit all happened seven hundred years ago yeah I mean I don't work- seven years- the specifics. I have no idea what the sciences, but I think, what's interesting, is if you create a viral swell ten times the scale of the job, Coney video with some beautifully produced message about how mankind is using technology to create a glue
the brain and address the problems of humanity, and it seemed by a billion people by December on Youtube. Then the id Yeah becomes reality, because this is what we've been talking about. Ideas are just as real as the neurons that they inhabit. So that's what's crazy. It's a self fulfilling robbers prop will differ. Joseph Kony, video, a man we we talked with this, but I remember when it hit twitter when I saw it when I saw it's starting to appear on my timeline. I start thinking wow, what's going to happen here. If this is yeah, this seems like a very orchestrated campaign, yeah and the idea to make a terrible person very famous, so that he's he's a vilified more yeah. What it genius idea- and you know that is just sort of tapping into potential tapping into which no one else has done before. No one else, We're done that about a terrible person yeah! No, no, it's very yeah it's interesting so interested it's brilliant and then just the you
of media and understanding its power and applying it for savvy social impact. Criticisms of this call a video, because I know there's a few of the criticism I think has to do specifically with with with the nonprofit operations right angles, but look again at something. That's a whole other conversation, we're not we're not experts and we don't effects, but I think was interesting. What they've made with the video. What that video means about the future of how messages get spread. We are seeing. We all realize. We all know where we were when the Coney video hit is one of those things. It's like something has changed here and we're all aware that ok, this is a new paradigm within our lunch week, not even paradigm shift, you know, it's really fascinating is Obama. The Obama campaign is releasing This is where so, social media, brilliant savvy. They understand aesthetics in that campaign there edit. The director of an inconvenient truth is about to release a documentary like well made film about Obama and that's going
part of their campaign media materials. So, instead of like an ad like a normal attack ad, like the other guys, are doing well, these guys are releasing a film made by a talented film maker. Brilliance of that spiritual It's probably gonna go read. Thank you, Leslie Viral. As the best campaign video you could have ever done. What is that gonna come out? I don't know the dates, but people should google the I wonder if they like trailer under it can be free or like Louis CK. I wonder if it's going to be like a Kim Kardashian Reality TV show where you know that they've created the plot along yeah Obama is about yeah. We got you had a car wash now was like the mexican food. I don't want Mexican you going to be washing the cars. Could you imagine if they actually did it they produce it like a reality. Show would be the most Oh shit, ever I haven't seen it. I wonder what it's going to be. Something tells me it's going to be a well made film with beautiful music and it be nice to see him talk outside of that fake sort of I'm giving a speech voice yeah exactly
there will be like a documentary that followed him and get behind the scenes. Well, the thing I'm giving a speech voice is very disturbing, because it's too smooth it's not reels two Hollis did not it's not. You know I mean, I know it's prepared in right and beaten down. I don't want that out of a leader yeah, you know what I want out of a leader is. I want I want to know that this is you who this is you this isn't I'm being a strip dj. This is an on the a M morning, guy on the soon coming up next, the same voice when you hear a man give a speech, and then you know what to do this so that way of talking that is so God damn fake. It should be illegal. They should be able to stop you from making campaigns and speak. Is stop you and go. You can't talk like that. It'll be interesting to see to see how it comes across and speaking of politicians that you see the HBO movie about game change what is it what's game changes about the Mccain OBE
when you picked, I can't watch anymore. Sarah Palin stone. Well, it's Julianne Moore was so good in it dude. It's pretty. She looks just like her yeah, but like The film is so upsetting and really well 'cause, that shows you the theater of what a lot of politics has been and also how obsolete it is and how accurate is it here is well, it's helping docked it up for fucking dramatic effect. You know you need to see a man. I think we both enjoy conversations, and so you still get the message. You still get the idea of the reasons that she was put there right and her lack of experience yeah well. That became painfully obvious right here. It's presented in a and you know the way it would be Like a film scholar, you know explaining something to me it just it just illustrates how wonky the system is.
That could even be an option or how could that be an option exactly? How can it be that we as a society would allow something like that? Well, you know it's. What I've always said is the real problem. Is that there's really fucking dumb people out there a lot of 'em they get devote to and the problem with dumb people? Is they don't know there? so when they see someone like Sarah Palin, who may not the smartest person in the world but way smarter than them. They can't distinguish between her and Stephen Hawkings when Bill Tyson speaks. He sounds just as brilliant as Sarah Palin, because they're both way out of their fucking league, most people can barely string together a sentence, and so These are the people that went into her 'cause. She represents simplicity. She represents, I think today, would fashion fashioned things and huh. Eating well, she's, family or God safe danger with her she's dangerous, but because, but she's also familiar. So maybe that's why, but like fuck?
do you like today, man, if you have access to the internet, you have no excuse not to be on Khan Academy. You have no excuse not to be watching TED talks. You have no excuse, to saturate your brain with knowledge like it's not like. There's no books around like the book that's ever been written, is an internet click away, and I feel, like ignorance, is inexcusable. These days. If you have an internet connection, so it's kind of like I don't know like it feels like. You know the tools are there, but it's up to us how we use them. It's going back to the same message and I think people really they need to need to get on this right. They need to get on this. The representative government ideas gotta go It's that's not necessary anymore. We can all instantly communicate with the you know the government and we can instantly decide what what we I agree with yeah we can. We can have our voices out already that we have senators and congressmen in the other there in this position, where they get to vote for the district shop up fast idea. Yeah! That's a ridiculous idea. That's not even that's that's not see everybody looks at it. A democracy is, if, like you get a say, you get to vote, you know
que se and shit you're gonna, say and who you pick. Who gets you in a position? But democracy come on line. Man like the holes. I never said he needs to be revamped. Yeah they need to throw out. All represent. Turnout is the worst. The internet needs to be vote on a new constitution on as a result, yeah, and there should people who have jobs. Those jobs are to carry out the will of the people not to represent the only hold the people can represent themselves. What is somebody gonna make it Joseph Kony style, video about legalizing, marijuana and people, say click here and play this to say yes, and if it gets a billion views, they'll have to legalize, could already seeds. Just Google, the union man go watch the movie, the union, the the business behind getting high. It's documented that I was involved in the the the my friend Adam score. You produced it was like so I was like four five years ago. At least we did the one of the best documentaries on the already behind the illegalization of marijuana and the reality behind how big of a business is and how many fucking people use it. Dude I have,
that that I have members of my family that benefit from its some additional use and they benefit immensely. It's been like a miracle for my. Ah Well, it's one of those plants, one of those substances, one of those elements of our culture and society- that if you were again, if you were looking at life as a work of fiction, if life was a movie and there was some plant in the movie that was incredibly beneficial, not just to the cult we're not just to let stealing a sense of camaraderie and people not just to for making you inquisitive mean. A turbocharger for your imagination, making sex feel better, not just all of these things, but then it creates a superior
is fiber that you can make clothes out of its way more durable than cotton. It makes a much more superior paper and you could put it in an area and it can in four months it can be ready to process. Where is it take fucking years to grow trees in the same area plus it out, produces the trees in the same acreage by something like four to one I mean it's amazing: it has the acids that you can live off of. You can use it to make fuel. You can make him boil, it becomes preposterous busters, but it certainly isn't a video that slickly produced at the Coney video that gets a billion views. Let's do it, let's do it, you and me, do it ten minutes. Did you cut your special table pumping up on Twitter new bill in California, DUI Bill that they're going to make it zero tolerance? Do you
a I. If you have any weed in your system or in a marijuana and marijuana, he stays in your system day six week how they do that. That's like saying, punishing your brain drug two days ago, so it pretty much make anyone that smokes weed. Well, that's silly! They don't they're not going to pick it up how to get a urine test from you when you will be able to download what they would be allowed to do. If they pull you over. That's so ridiculous! That's you know the real the real problem with that is. A science is not the same. It doesn't marijuana is not treat people or it doesn't affect people the same way that alcohol does period you go out and get high and drive around, but I'm saying something can drive high in there fine, and that is a fact, an hour. You might not want to dress it, because it seems like it's a taboo subject and you know people Wanna dance around it is not getting drunk getting drunk is something that really severely impairs. Your ability to operate machines
Your ability to walk your favorite nation. They are very different things very, very, very different. It's not a good idea to be in any altered state of consciousness. Why responsible for other? And that's why we get the self driving cars? That's why the Google self driving cars are so perfect, so you can be baked. Is fucking at Google Car, just Google car give me cheats and Chong to the MAX yes completely filled with smoke, so they open up those side going door group and everybody gets a contact high. Yes, and it will be the self driving car. It's perfectly safe. The computer that doesn't get high. Did your Google fanboy little bit right? I'm kind of a fan of anybody who pushing the boundaries of the possible discourse yeah. I'm a Google fanboy. Yes, Unlike goes all the way. Well, bro, I'm Netflix net, sir. No! No, the courage that domain. Then it was the other one that no okay, dammit Netscape answer browser Netscape, Netscape search. You do another search yeah. There was like a search part of it. I think it makes sense. I thought it was always the browser I didn't end. Well,
that was the earliest search engines before Google. There was that there wasn't the first. There is what I always search engines will prompt of EI. Remember Elton number Alta Vista hot pot. Remember like remember like this, and so how did go away and how to google to storm the beach out dated men? So how did it made? It is like natural selection, it's like winning because, like winning the game, Microsoft has tried so hard to this whole being thing. First of all, why What does that mean? What are you saying, Google Bing? not bad. It's probably the second best one. It's pretty good, but why Bing? Why call it Bing? Why is it Google? Google, because Google is a number dude, it's a very cool numb. I really do have until recently, like a term it's a gigantic twill yeah, there's like a million zeros or some shit. Well, let's, let's find out what it is. What is a Google here, because we should inform people it
It comes from another term at the. I don't believe that the word is Google. It's it's a abbreviation of a term yeah Google, it's g, o o g, o l yeah. And it is holy shit how many? Oh, my god, one hundred zeros it is the wow Google is the large number ten to one hundred. That is the digit one followed I one hundred zero, what a great way to make a statement about the depth and breadth of your capabilities by using a number like that, it's kind of beautiful and how perfect yeah what exactly script Shin. It's perfect for Google, that is, Google yeah Google voice mail, Google, fucking maps, Google Jesus, I'm so excited to speak there yeah we're going to talk about. I will talk about creativity, I'm going to talk about innovation, I'm about operation in awe. I'm gonna talk about using technology to render the impossible into existence. Then I'm going to show some of the videos actually
my friend, Josh Kaplan. Actually, who set this up is a huge fan of your show. Oh, that's awesome because he loves your podcast. What's up Josh Wooten, he set up the invite to Google so thought. That's amazing that man, that's incredible! You know. Google is known as being one of those companies that really treats their employees well, That's like we could invite. A couple years ago we were in San Francisco. Maybe year ago, some someone from Google emailed me, but I lost in the shuffle. My email gets clogged sometime, like. I just can't find any because you get a lot of crazy because you must get a lot of emails in general, huh yeah, but but one thing that I was fascinated by wanted to see what it was like in there 'cause I've always thought like men. Why can't someone make a company where they treat their employees? Well like? How much more does it cost to give them really good food? Take care of him.
My cost like a little more, but wouldn't make the atmosphere way better and they can actually so he she ate it. Yeah I mean that's like one of the most important things is that the environment, the positive totally nobody wants to work around somebody does want to work there. They also understand about creativity and productivity comes from allowing people to have distractions. Yes, so it's like they have ping pong table right bean bag and all these things, because you know the it beep and some people might criticize I'd just actually no problem- makes the employees much more creative you're, creating spaces in which the free association in their psoriasis can fire. And yes, if thats creativity is about that, and I'm sure there are, you know, they're or judged, or at least evaluated based on the product to not like they're, not gonna, be paid off, then actually in the wall. I got this job, I'm just whipping part, and that's it would be. That would do that. I first played right, so
comes a release source rather than it really traction and distraction as a resource yeah. These are the post industrial revolution, companies yeah. These are the most admired companies in the world. You have apple, you have Google and people are looking to these companies as examples of how to run businesses how to have social impact, how to make legacies, how to not be evil, and they stood out like this is a new model against Corp of corporations are going to be judged Aponso. All the new entrepreneurs now coming on line there. Getting inspired from these companies want, maybe the next Google and change the world. It's not. I want to make the next will be rich. Now. To change the world? What happens with like Google, video and stuff, because I know they came out against Sopa and the stop online Piracy ACT and they kind of that all fell apart, trying to read but with the new strategy, a new new new act. Well, I think we need to. We need to all have a new conversation about content ownership in a world in which everybody has the tools to make mix, tapes so yeah. But what about Google videos and stuff like that? But if someone has a documentary in the documentaries for sale, but you go to Google video and there it is you just watch it for free.
What is no? Usually, I know you you do what Radiohead did, which is where they put their album online for free and they said, donate money donate money. If you would like to pay for this music, but if you don't, you think that that's tell people who want to sell Dv Ds should deal with the fact that people are stealing their shit. They're going to have to ask for donations will know, but I think that we're. Just it's an a lot of which, more because what happens is everybody is gonna to be making content for free away in the content, for free is gonna, be just as good as the content you charge for, and I think people will pay because they appreciate your content, but I think it's gonna be harder and harder to like impose, well. How would someone like, let's say, for example, see if there's a documentary on crocodiles? Okay, I tell you about it. Oh my god, it's crazy! You gotta watch this. Now you go to Google video and you find this document or crocodiles how the fuck going to find the production company the website going to
it out. You gonna go to Google, the name of it and then you're, saying you're, not watching the website watch and you too yeah. I mean if you really wanted to avail said he had it set up where you could. You know what you could to donate if you like on their website yeah well, no, they can so they can do a a you tube channel that supported by ads and lots of people watch the movie they'll get money from the ads that they have a page and- and then the description they can say we're putting this movie online for free, because we want to share the ideas but at for donations of five dollars of you and I'm sure that a lot of people would give it a lot of people would witness well, people d is so though, so do you feel like that is, and then there's the odd. The other argument is the people that wouldn't as well, I kind of see their point of view because they would they would say, listen. I would never bought this in the first place. I'm not taking anything away from them. I download it because it was free, because I knew I could watch it and I didn't like it. So did you ever know when you see a bad is going to want to get your money back? Yes, I mean there's there. I can see that argument as well. You know I mean it is. It is a weird it is a way when it's one zeros and it's just being distri
did through the internet. It's a weird. This conversation is only have a price because of scarcity charge for something something because a rare commodity know it alls people things have a price, because you will you I mean, like there's no scarcity in art. Work I mean you're. Not you know when you are you might work. Is yours right eek? So people pay for it, because it's only you did something, that's unique to you and if you have an audience okay, I say that's one thing, but I think that increase but their scarcity updating them for their efforts. I mean it's not necessarily just paying for scarcity. It's you're, compensating someone honest. Because you were f, as you appreciate the efforts, but I think that it's just the genie is out of the bottle. It's just too difficult for immaterial material things to be contained. Do you think that, ultimately, that's going to lead to sort of a decay in the idea of capitalism and that you know and everything is going to be released and everything is going to be re examined
are getting in there like real high end three d printers and that's how you order things. You just order the formula or answer your manufacturing as well yeah and then there's the key. Yes, then, those those people get scared and lose their jobs and will have moments of panic and all of that transition. Yeah will change everything, but you know It's like eighty percent of the jobs that people do today didn't exist. One hundred years ago there were jobs that didn't exist, so there will be new things for us to do. It becomes a real problem when people hold on to the idea that they need to keep a job, because jobs are part of the old way, and that is also one of the reasons why marijuana still legal. It was at a recent article that I tweet, if you find it a couple of days ago or just Google, the statement lobbyists are getting rich off keeping marijuana illegal because that's what's going on man, there's lobbyists that are doing this through police unions. You know, there's a lobbyist that are doing this and there these guys are making a lot of money off keeping marijuana illegal. There's a lot of people that their bishops yeah well there.
Business is to arrest people for pot. I mean that's part of the job. It's probably keeps people paid, that's part of what keeps a strong police force, but figure? But I think that in the country where most of the population of this point wants it to be legalized, there should be no bread tape or bureaucracy between people's yell and it being changed. I think it is also most people want to be legalized. They should be like a like button on Facebook and if a hundred million people click, it should be legalized tomorrow, and I think that will eventually yeah that's that's dynamic. Democracies are willing to get, but I think well. One of the issues is- and I think this has to be stopped- is we have to stop treating police officers as glorified revenue collectors because that's what they are, and I think that's a really disgusting thing because guess what firefighters in place, and I hope we never have to fucking use them. I hope those guys get to hang out at the firehouse all day and cook and work and do fucking ups and shit. I hope no one ever has to write. I hope. No one ever
what to do with fire- and we like the same thing with police officer right, it would be great if they never had to take the guns out, never invited them. The issue is they have quotas, they have quotas, they have to reach. You no idea fuck yeah, especially with speeding. You know, I've talked to French, they have hot water, yes, absolutely yeah. They have to make quotas as far as giving out tickets. That really raises a red flag that static, telling a firefighter that you're only going to get paid. If you put out a fire, so there should be looking to build fires. Imagine what would happen if the entire country decided that for one month which would fuck up the entire system? That's all we need is thirty days, everybody in agreement where nobody ever violates a say law. As for speeding or driving traffic or stop light was made a viral video Florida got everything every couple you don't break a lot for a month. Every couple get fired, it would be cast wow yeah because They would lose all that revenue that the count on they count on us, never evolving. I mean it's really factored into the budget.
I need massive system upgrades here. That's a massive system was the idea that you have engineered a system where we can never be good. We can never get through because you, in your cops, need to arrest a certain amount of people need to pull over. Rather a certain amount of people put out certain letters tickets this, It relies on that for revenue, we're going to have to radically change. Everything will radically change. You know, but there was a time when you know somebody's life was about making saddles for horses because know 'cause everybody, horses and Person was really nervous when the car started to become popular because he couldn't make his horse carriages lucky for him. Lesbians are still around. I still like horses- I wouldn't say lesbians, I'd, say women who used to like men but gave up. Now, though, I don't know man. I live right in the equestrian district and I see him every day and summer. In high. These are like spoiled little girls that date like rich guys that by the models and shit you gotta fuck those girls, hard man, they ride horses all day they used they're, not impressed by just like regular sex. In giant animal all day, you must feel so feeble. You know
I'm saying they get on top of you Really this is it. This is all you got here next level of man. I always feel bad for the horses. Man. Let's chains are yes, I'm like no man yeah. I don't like it. It's gross, it's gross, there's a lot of people in my neighborhood and there like super self righteous Slow down, you could be like twenty eight miles apart the speed limit, twenty five going Twenty eight slow down slow down just big big, bold icon are fucking crazy animal. A weird thing. You're allowed to just ride around animals in twenty twelve, so once you come along and you know really just go to a farm somewhere, you can't be just you know, I don't care. This is the question in district. That's ridiculous! Still, Burbank! You crazy fuck! We doing riding a horse in my neighborhood soon we want
eat animals either I'm really in depth, convinced about in vitro meat meant issue engine someone is going to have to eat those fucking animals. That's a problem, because what happens, then? What do we do? Eat sterilize them? What do we do to keep them from just being everywhere like in India, which is you know? What is it like if you drive everywhere in his fucking cows, are like rats in New York City? Just in testing the landscape and we can't eat him. Somebody has to Ellen Breault we're gonna do introduced, tops we we were. You know sometime this world's breed. As many you, I mean that's an option. What, if we just let them go all right. If we let him go yeah, I need them anymore. We let it go. They gonna, then, if going to be like Buffalo Buffalo planes grow that issue with going to be everywhere. Some man, I don't know, I think if we want to stay human, I think they're going to keep going to keep reading. I think we're going to have to get predators. We have to make some robot predators, like those dog robot things that only just go out and Jack cows interesting? They just do it to keep the population down. Who knows man? It's going to be it's going to be. You know, draw
this joke is, they have to add something to ridiculous for broke the new scenario. The new scenarios will common will find new novel solutions to do email with them to eat meat? I eat meat, not everyday, but I'm a flu. Materion Flexitarian inflexible. I know I I eat meat, but I just I try not to eat it every day. Do you ever consider the idea that what you're doing is harmful to the energy of the universe? You eating animals that river fuck with you ever watched like food anchor. I try to have organic food, but I still you know like a cow grows up in a hippie community and then get shot in the head still gets jacked. I would like to become vegetarian? It's just it's not the easiest thing to do. Logistically, you know yeah. Now you I always find it right now: you're going to get a swarm of hate mail from right now from sweaty little vegans vegetarians. There warming up their little fingers
well I'm a flex. I mean not not his, and you tell me I get on your an open minded person eating food twice a week is already really good. You're, making a that's a beginning. That's decent beginner place where you know no, I yeah. I think animals are dumb and I think if they were smart, they'd be killed us. I think we have issues, I think, we'll every animal. None of my where our empathy and make enough to alleviate suffering even cut even suffering if it's not compliant lease. I completely. However, this is a cycle of life requires predators and we have sort of can completely hijacked that cycle of life, with the idea of cities and civilization and with a big metal boxes, working, drive, thru and stuff
ARI and be ten feet away from a ally in killing a gazelle. I mean we got a crazy we're game really ours. Men were complete game, changing species for good or for bad. I think more for good. I think I pressed with that with us yeah. I am it that I am disturbed by us. Island shot much more impressed with us, though, but but it's nice to just kind of took marvel at ourselves a little bit. I think we have kind of a it was called the guilty cosmic comp. Where we feel like were small and insignificant. Now I think we have a big role to play. We keep playing even bigger role if we pool our kog resources together. I agree, but I also agree that big is delicious and so steak and but for that you can grow bacon out of like stem cells and protected, kill another animal print out, some bacon you're never going to be able to recreate venison Never gonna be able to to reduce the wild. No venison is dear me. Okay, you could tell they. Recreated is a delicious game. Why
flavor to tell her that shit now, runaway ones and zeros? Do you think they'll be able to figure that out yeah man? It will be like in the matrix where the guys eating the steak and he's like. I know this is not real. I know it's made of like code is like I don't care it taste delicious and it puts it in his. So you're going to be satisfied with that. We also it's inevitable right, it's inevitable will do it. I mean what're. We tasting anyway, except our brains, interpretation, something going in through senses that are like creating a software that goes in real time and tells us. This is what this feels. Like, I'm glad I got to experience life with no answer machines. I'm glad I got to it, Is no cell phones were you so you could see the contrast, absolutely absolute, make your appreciate it yeah you are now. I I'm. I appreciate a wide we are now, but I also appreciate old school stuff. I appreciate I appreciate a good steak. Hello. I like a good steak, hard wood, coal top world news. If
hey man, great game and hooking with fire. Cooking with with fire was the technology to yeah. It is yeah, so yeah yeah I mean look what the appendix exist. It was an organ to break down, fibers might mean we eat and all kinds of crazy right! Wasn't it back in there wasn't any was there we lost its use in this? Quite a lot of people. Have it, Have you ever got in your genome tested to see what I've been twenty tall? You are twenty three and me the yeah they were talking about, and it's not completely. I mean it's not it's not like. They can understand everything so monkey. That's what yeah but don't technology yeah, I don't know what it's one of those exponential things were eventually they'll. It will be one hundred percent. Tell you everything about everything you have to right now, at least it tells you do you spit in the car somewhere in you? So what do you? How do you do it would you do? Is send you this little too, because a twenty three at AOL dot com, yeah
It was weird I will tell you if you have like a pre pre condition of some sorts or if you have the likelihood of developing something like high blood pressure. If your genetic profile says you're going to get Parkinson's or the percentages of a chance of developing something so for people who get stuff, that's preventable. You know they're like oh. I have a seventy percent chance of high blood pressure and I can start addressing that now. I'm told that I'm more likely to get it in another person. So I can change my diet now, because some people are just kinetically so lucky that they can eat shit. Nothing will ever happen to them. Those packers yeah. That's always the case until we all upgrade our jeans, but for everybody else. This is a chance to see what some of their vulnerabilities might be and how they might address them. So we start to hack our biology. How cool is this idea that also was hacking our biology, we're upgrading ourselves by hacking in and get back door. Are we short cuts enforcing? Are we delaying the inevitable brilliant next stage of existence
we see in this life mean that may be on to something else? The something after this stage is way better and that's the natural progress. The natural progress is to move from this to the next? Well, that could only be the case. This is a drag Curtin less simulation in. We went really waking up from the simulation. If this is a lucid dream, if this is limbo, from inception. You know that you spend eighty years in limbo and you get old before you wake up and become a young man again. But if that's the case great look awesome, I fucking hope so man, I'm just not for we convinced so I'm going to fight for my survival as passionately as I can now, because I don't have the evidence that there's anything else with no evidence. It's pretty hopeless, that's fair, very pretty vivid, it might be the big sleep eternity on both ends white. Any of the universe is eternal, why can't we be well? I think consciousness probably goes to sleep forever, but I it's, become a part of is it maybe consciousness is really a tool to create action. Maybe it's a tool to move
for me all right, there's, no doubt that it is, but it's a tool it found out that enjoys it. So it went to percent elects blow job enjoys itself. Let's enjoy myself, get drunk we're self referential. If that reduces feedback loop, we know that we know that we know and therefore consciousness. If it was a book or if it was by like emergent design, it is DIS I did that it likes it so sure it likes like you know it likes free time it likes to make art sing, songs, not everything that it does is to build things and to be utilitarian, and some things are pure pleasure, like the robots, in blade with pleasure, of being like being alive as well. There you go so that could be what it is right,
yeah Rutger Hauer member, really liked it he's bummed out yeah, crazy, kangaroos, kangaroos kangaroos, who eat a flower that came from another planet. I'm telling him as super intelligent kangaroos will not be the shit of kangaroos started yelling at you for fucking, polluting kangaroos started talking English, like really quick with a couple of years, and they were catholic school grow out. Amazing about kangaroos is that they continue to raise. They have that thing. You know the pouch with us probably a little babies, but it's almost like when the babies born it's almost like not ready to be born, and so they came in there and it's kind of like well. They live in a terrible environment. I mean they have to protect that fucking thing kind of amazing. Well crocodiles, crocodiles everywhere: kangaroos, that's a bad spot! Australians are shady Fuckin spot most venomous snakes. They got all kinds of shit that can kill you and most of the country. You can't live in most of the country. Nobody lives in the liver on the coast.
That is happening more more more more more people, moving to cities, men most of the population, lives in cities and will continue to live in. They found a reef of ancient by ancient, like simple organism shit that is like so moments the six hundred and fifty fucking million years old, some insane. So it predated the the idea of life on this planet and they found it in Australia, yeah, Australia, it's a crazy spot. It would be fun to go help it yeah I've been a few times. I've been to Sydney Sydney. Twice. Great people realize right here, nice people, man, no zone over there man. They got real cancer problems like all over their billboards or these pictures. They have like these skin cancer campaigns. So there's photos of people with big giant stitched up scars talk about getting everyone's getting chunks taken out of him, but you go out there in the in the sun with no sunscreen on you get fucked up
forward to wear sunscreen yeah, it's another level, son with no ozone layer. This giant hole in the ozone was so long to get there right like seventeen hours or something not quite, I think, fifteen something like that. It's a lot want to go, but you know what, if you deal with that just one day I mean you know what you do. Is man get a bunch of podcasts, get a bunch of podcasts, get a few movies on your Ipad and just zone out, and just goes in and say this is what doing and don't freak out and don't feel like fuck. I gotta get up move around just just deal with it in a big a deal and then once you get there holy shit, it's a beautiful, beautiful countries was so gorgeous. It's so amazing when you think that the people from England cause that as a prison colony at one point time, you know
What a what a silly idea estimating now all their actors win all the awards when it was so good yeah sterling, a british actors manages to make good ring and ups to his few against him. Jeffries really funny stand up from lost trillions, yeah! There's a couple: Americans do really well over there like Eddie Aston Arch Barker. They go over there and they're. The arch barker's enormous over there, apparently yeah yeah, and they just really really when I was in Australia, was talking to people like we do. I'm like I'm a comedian. Thank you know: Aj Baka like immediately well, yeah yeah, it's a it's so close to like it's nothing like America, but you could totally hang out there, but you live there. Now you would have to learn a language. People are very friendly. You have no problem to feel slightly alternate universe. Yes, because every like stay speak English, but it is just another one. The reality, it's so far away that they drive on the other side of the road right that freaks yeah totally that whole England
is a trip Alice in Wonderland man. It's like. Why are you on this? So I traveling is so cool, though, for shifting people's sense of like reality. Oh yeah expanding your consciousness, because you're emerge In a sort of mirror world, where it's like well things are kind of the same, but they're a little off. So it's like reality has shifted a little bit. I think into traveling is cool, to see like a culture like Australia, where you know socially, you know is really kind of like parallel to America. Like really similar, I mean not exact, but really similar. Let you go over there and you meet an australian guy who's. Your age chances are, you have a lot of things to talk about comedy will be very be different, but not alien at all, yeah yeah yeah. So it's kind of interesting that that is happening on the other side of the planet, writers, like sort of some sort of
so you made your there in modern civilization and they're like these people live here and a dream here, and they wake up and they go to work ice cream, they've been living. There are higher lines with a whole different set up priorities that have no bearing on my existence and that I didn't know about it till it came here and what really makes you trip out is when you watch their tv shows, and they have like really popular tv shows. You fuck never heard about our little winning. I comes out. The girl comes out. You know who the are these p right? Everybody goes crazy. Everybody goes crazy. Number one show in Australia. My right, I can't believe they're really all right now they will sit down to get drunk. It's amazing. It gets. U purse Dave. Also your images you from your reality, only unhinges you little bit. The one thing that I consistently get when I go to these places is how uptight America is You know when you go and you especially Australia, there's so fun and they're so easy to hang out with and so generally friendly. It makes you feel like why. What is this? Let's responsible for this level of tension in America what is this don't know not everywhere by the way, of course, there's a lot of cool people in America will be wrong. I get a lot of douche bag dummy tweets. Like would you
looking to move to of girls, do and viewed America's other hate America stupid is that I love American. I think America should be awesome. I mean it is awesome, but it should be better than what it is it's possible for us to improve it. What holds us back as fuck heads like you that well just bear with me, is whether any this guy there should be. No reason why the cutting edge to be uptight about things, particularly like social issues, and we need to like completely legalize gay marriage everywhere. We need to legalize marijuana everywhere tents and tore him, because he disagrees Rick Santorum. It did have a really interesting point, though I gotta admit I mean I am always a hundred percent in support of gay marriage on you know, I think, be able to whatever the fuck you want to do it? So it's not hurting me, it's not a scam, and it's not hurting me. It's not like you steal money, and it's not right. So I'm cool in support of that, but he had a really interesting point that Rick Santorum, because he was talking about Marriage- has always been for over one thousand years, been defined as a man and a woman,
now all the sudden you're calling it marriage, but it's a man and a man. Can it be a man and two men, and I was like oh shit, like he just Lipton on its head, like you really did, was a really good point, because- and I was like well yeah- well, why can't it be two men? Why? Why can't my kid to two men, men get married to a guy. Why? Why can't everybody just bang each other? Why not? Why? Not? Why not yeah, but, but he was in the women in the audience, were saying. No, that's a different scenario. Ui talking about a couple that Salaam and he's like well know what, if these people are all in love, there's three of am But if they are, you know, can it be two women in a man? Can it be two men and women and you know he just fucked him up man, he just fucked them up. Not you can say that 'cause, you know he's really right, like first of all, as a little freedom issue, I'd feel like you should be to do whatever you want. It's not hurting me clearly get hold up a clearly gay marriage is not hurting me so do whatever the fuck you want, but if you want to call it marriage like, maybe they should call it. Maybe should be something different. Maybe it's me,
but it's gay marriage were gay married. No, like me and my partner are gay married, you wouldn't be able to say regular married well we're triple married. How there's three of you yeah? We get it, but what would you call that if you made that legal, what would you call that domestic partnership world domestic partner once they want to call a married, is my whatever they want to know, but you know, and then they get all the benefits of society and they want to do tax stuff together and all those things that people want. Why not corpus? It's gonna have like hundreds of employees or thousands of employees. Maybe marriages should be able to as well so one hundred thousand people in a marriage- samir you're down with like there could be many nations state for Mary Hyo polygamy, but I'm no, no, that's different, because those are getting mama. Minors involved, coercing people and imposing reality, tunnels, and I have a timing access to other media like different. I got a time magazine home and there's a guy on the cover is one of those last holdout old man, Mormon Dude, to have a gang wives and still rocking. It is one
good, nine wives and he's got forty six children what the fuck, what should be thrown in jail, what the fuck man it's it's, not good! yeah. That's great! Did you know that a lot of those guys we talked about this before who it we brought brought up this, that they went to Mexico, that a lot of Mormons were traveling to Mexico and they were having problems with the cartels they establish these polygamists? early start in Mexico wow another having problems with the drug cartels and someone assassinated recently. Remember that remember who brought it up. One of our guests brought it up and wow. I had no idea that was even going down right. They've set up these alternative communities down in Mexico. Yeah. Do you ever think about that like, but if somebody just I did like turn Costa Rica into God. Damn paradise, everybody said he's trying to do it at the world's all fucked up everywhere else, but here's the deal. We have a limited government we're going to establish the best, Schools pass. Libertarian utopia also see a social
care possible the best healthcare, the best community centers. Where we you know, we have people who are set up to care of street children in yeah really create us. Is that they're trying to do it? Where there's a guy called Pat Tree Friedman, who had this thing called the C Steading Institute, which is organ zation and their back by like Peter Thiel and everything Ryan Island yeah to make these artificial man made islands where we can do practice, runs of futuristic versions of governance and can be in international waters, but now they're doing. Something with the central american nation where the nation, given them a chunk of land to let them set up their own autonomous zone? Where was his words in Central America? Does? Is Nicaragua are about a mile or one of those but they're gonna they're gonna, try it has been all these articles about it and they're going to test out, futuristic, cutting edge forms of government The only thing I worry about is is one of the beautiful things about doing things in America. Even though you're under the shadow of the military industrial complex, is that it's fairly safe? Yes, you know it's fairly safe. Yes, yes, you you,
You know, unless you're I mean where you going to recreate that. We're going to recreate they're going to do it in open waters. Do it in international waters, one of these somali pirate dude, you hear about that shit every day, yeah going to get a bunch of peace. There's a lot. I think loading spot out there. The big concrete float in jungle with what Paul security, guard patrols, the perimeter they shoot pool in the head, fucking take over damn it, so we gotta be ready for war yeah. I know I mean I think this is obviously logistical things have to be addressed, but it's a very ambitious idea, gets very ambitious and a lot of you would have to have guns. A mode probably will have to have laser beams right, get that trash pile and live in the middle of it. That's not bad that thing people coming but then we're going get your water from your water from the ocean desalinization. Course. It's going to be they're trying to do. Dean came in who invented a lot of these water purification systems, man that you can put in like urine bacteria in,
affection, like poison almost into the water, and it comes out like ready to drink. While I have this new unit that they're going to be taken to like rural parts around the world to these little villages- and that's like the number one cause of disease and illness and thirty water right, but these things that get these small little self powered devices and they last forever. It's like Dean Cain and his water products, water, filtration stuff, people should google. How far is a genius? I don't know he already has like this new design is not going to say that let's see how far they on the island thing that artificial island, I don't know, I think, funding they need funding to build it cars, so they're going to pay for that
like bitch. Well, I know your lan therapists who internet age billionaires they would be happy to see it would have to be a lot of money. How much would it cost to build a fake? I own? I have no idea, probably a lot of fucking money, probably a lot of money. I was watching a documentary on the japanese airport they had created, and that is an artificial island and an artificial island they've created. But there is slowly sinking into the sea, so they have their elaborate system of lifts that as it sinks, they raise it up to keep it level. It's fucking nuts man. What a mark full of engineering. You know what engineering is this a magnificent when you think about it? It's incredible. I love looking at engineering in nature and comparing it to engineering made by man, and you see how they certain patterns that align here we are with like! Oh you know we thought of this, but then it's like, oh, but it matches this pattern that nature came up with two and then you realize that a good idea is a good idea whether you came up with it blindly like nature or whether you came up with it consciously like man. Good idea is a good idea.
If it works, it works. That's that's. What's amazing, have you ever seen when they take a colony of leaf cutter ants and they expose their entire underground structure? is filling it with cement technology. They have their own technology, that's their extended phenotype. It's really kind of a fucking disturbing thing to watch, though, because it's kind of ant genocide, you're like looking at me, they basically cemented everybody in that is very sad mean it's a! I don't really give a fuck about ants, but it's crazy, they're willing to just submit the shit out of their houses just to find out how big the houses yeah. If you haven't seen it folks, just Google it. What is it brand leaf? Cutter ants, just pulled out. Video up is sounding to look at just pull up leaf cutter ant colony exposed. And these these scientists say they found out that not only do they have these intricate structures, but they have
hence set up so where they bring in, like a fungus, is and things that are that are that are that are rotting yeah, there's at the inability to the the the jackasses to rise out through the air. It doesn't pollute their little tunnel you're, so much emergent intelligence in the design. But you know the most amazing part is there's no one in control yeah, it's all decentralized. It's all a bunch of individual local interactions happening simultaneously. That together exhibit emergent phenomenon, an emergent complexity. It's like a pie. Wall Street, the hives exhibit Self Organization that emerges when all these billions of bees are working together to create intelligent behavior, but no individual be itself is intelligent. Yeah. That's amazing and now they're saying that our neurons are the same. They were not like a singular consciousness, but millions of non intelligent neurons that together create synchronous like transcendent effects. That consciousness emerges from the interactions of trillions of neurons, individual local relationships happening in different parts.
That's how it makes sense, yeah yeah, so our brains are like in colonies our neurons are like the ants in the ant colony, and then us is the emergent behavior. It's what comes out yeah. I've always said that it's ridiculous to think that human beings can ever be separate, because that's the worst thing that could do to you in prison. The worst thing they could do to you in prison is separate you from the general pop and put you in solitary yeah. No, we can talk to you you're by yourself and that that's crazy yeah. Well, that is cutting your arm off. Yes, it's it's alien to our our goal in permission on our desires on the earth, one hundred percent yeah. So it's obvious that we are engineered for reason or at least for feedback, yeah action. Yes, interaction on the back. Everything is feedback loops to every yeah. Well, that's why these kind of conversation so exciting? Yes, so exact, because you know you be you You turn my brain into an area that you know might not have gone into, and then we start
expanding in that area. There's a book by Matt Ridley called the rational optimist and he coined the word idea sex and he says that is coming together in open liquid networks. Open channels of communications are akin to genetic recombination in nature. It's Jean being in the primordial soup mixing in completing each other interacting- and it is all a giant else- happening right ideas. Yeah ideas are intermingling and having sex with one another but they're creating more changes at a rate that is, I heard, of financing pool. If we could look at the interactions of of of human behavior and thought and and and language, if we could look at all, that stuff is like numbers and and look at it is like an g and something that could be quantified instead of looking it is our own product instead of looking at. It is something that we have done we just look at it entirely of its own. We will see a completely different picture way. Well, if we take the long view, where Caterpillar man, where Caterpillar about to become a butterfly that's it. We're done we're, making some crazy fucking cocoon right now we don't even know what we're doing with transform everything which is buying,
so it's possible for the caterpillars. Did it caterpillars do it? So you know it exists. It does it's not beyond the laws of physics for completely have radical self transformation. You fly and blew my mind again man, you blew everybody's mind again, just podcast. Essentially, I gotta think we should stop right there. That's about three hours. Oh, that was our man wasn't about three hours somewhere in there two hours, forty minutes or something like that, again brother. Thank you, man, you're, very, very stimulating talk to thank one of those. Are you sure you got these conversations and it just walk out? It drive home just going to fuck. Thanks for having me man. Next, you're so awesome at like passionately. Infusing these ideas and thanks brother thanks brother, you, you have like a way of you know like when you get write up about shit like everybody around is like oh yeah, yeah, yeah
thanks. Ms Infectious, very fact thanks brother, if you want to find your twitter, is Jason Underscore Silva if they want to find you online. It is this is this is a bill but dot com and all all of his upcoming lectures and all is there anything that people can see like there any places where the average person go and buy a ticket and watch you perform live the economist ideas, Festival happening in Berkeley on March. 28Th is an innovation, and people can google economist ideas if anyone can go to that, you can buy tickets. For that, and you don't have to work at Google, yes, and on April 20th, going to speak at the National Arts club. They have a website. You should be able to look it up. I think it's about like dreaming unlimited or something like that, and all New York City mission is on. This is Jason Silva DOT, com, yeah, nice tweet about it all the time. As the talks come up the Pfk conference in New York at Battery Park on March 30th, you can buy tickets to I'm going to to University of Pennsylvania April. Second, actually, we found this class on psychedelics and visionary arts institute
keep doing what you're doing. I love it. It's very exciting. Thank you, everybody for tuning into the podcast, thanks for all the positive tweets and messages- and we love you too. Thanks for everybody who already bought tickets for Atlanta April 20th, it is The first is pretty much sold out. It will be when I record my next special. So if you want so, there will be tickets to the second show that will be available sometime this week, like I said probably somewhere around Wednesday, and I got a lot of other shit going on in the future to Louisville Kentucky that soon, when is that Brian, any ideas that Chucky Sergiu General March 30th through April first is Louisville Kentucky and and we're in her Mosa Beach is actually before that March 23rd and 24th at Hermosa Beach, the comedy magic club, one of my favorite clubs ever and then four hundred and twenty in Atlanta, four hundred and twenty is when I'm going to do my specialty so cliche
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entering the code name Rogan Save ten percent there it's over it's done tomorrow we have Aubrey Marcus, formally known as the artist formerly known as Chris, who is our friend who changes fucking name, that's how hard he tripped going to Peru did ayawaska and change his fucking name. You know I have a. I have a friend who did that to my friend lying yeah, that I'll ask ok, fuck you up son and Aubrey. Just got back from Costa Rica, where he went through a series of ibogaine experience in his name. Is optimist, prime now he's Mister Manhattan and we're going to meet him tomorrow and he's going to explain to us what the fuck is really going on with this crazy universe. We're living everything that has not been covered today will be covered tomorrow and then on Wednesday. We get Matt from hoarders is clutter, cleaner on Twitter and he's the guy who cleans up the crazy people's houses, and I'm really fascinated by that, because I got a bit of a hoarder in Maine. Just a pinch, you do as well yeah so we'll find out what the fuck.
Psychosis all about Jason Silva. You are the man, Sir, you are the man. Thank you guys! Thank you! Everybody! We love you dirty bitches two shows this weekend in Pasadena 'cause, I'm gearing up for my special freaks, so this Friday and Saturday Friday night, when we do it Friday at nine hundred o'clock Saturday, one thousand and thirty ICE House comedy dot. Yes and it's the annex, it's a small room, it always sells out in advance. So if you want to get on this shit ice, most comedy dot com, isn't it yeah one Friday at nine hundred at nine doctor at Friday, one thousand and thirty on Saturday. That's it it's over! God bless America had
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