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EverLast, Brian Redban - Date: 04/03/2012
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your girlfriend honey come here. It smells like vanilla, I'm sure it's relaxing now isn't the real thing yeah, but I don't think you want to be relaxed on your fucking thrones with kettle bells around Sun and I let one go and throw it through fucka wall or something started, God Dam electrical fire be careful be very careful you carefully, given what the fuck you don't start light there, tough to do one thirty five pound, I'm a manly man, ok and one thirty, five pounders, a fuckin, serious work. There's there's a lot of extra. Incredible cardio work up to this guy put out a forget: it sells a video on Dragon Door, dot com, it's a great work out video and this guy. Does it all with one thirty, five, how Caliban you'd die and by the end of it man it's brutality. So what's that
That's the next level are bitches everlasting. There would place amusing when I have play some music. When I have some fun was other speed thing I was playing around with experimenting with you. Fuckin freak, one of my good friends in the music business, one of the coolest mother fockers. I know and one of the dudes that you know I think about like wow, I'm friends with Everlast. It might not be a big deal to you, 'cause you're Everlast, but when I was a fan of house of pain, you know when I first moved to California, to me, it's just cool as fuck to just sit here and take it with you. If you know you know how we do it man. I appreciate that man,
yo. I got also say man last time I came over here. We joked around about my twitter and there was like six thousand people on it. Man there's like sixteen thousand now and I swear to God at least nine of those ten thousand came straight from this show, I'm sure. Well, they didn't know your it's Og Everlast folks. If those are looking for him, 'cause, I'm sure it's about a fake number. Last night I don't know, I don't know there must be there's a whole bunch that it's hard finding someone on Twitter, that's correct. The real person actually got one of those little checkmarks. Recently, nice save me. I'm actually mean now. This is the tricky gotta get the look from the positive bunch of people. I've ever seen the dog from the Joe Rogan Podcast Podcast, it's crazy! Isn't it like? I was waiting for like. If so I guess you suck your hair is like you know,
probably someone asking it wasn't. None of that it was crazy. There are amazingly nice, it's the craziest group of people. You know I had a guy came up to me to show this weekend and the dude was actually crying. He had like tears in his eyes and he said that one of our podcast were me and Brian Cole and we're talking about what's wrong with you when you're a hater, what it's really all about? It's really all about this being dissatisfied with yourself, get someone he trotted Chobham down or you tried up attack to attack there are weaknesses or find their flaws, but really what most of that is comes from is a real, a feeling of unease about your own life. Absolutely it's all of it. Then this guy said that it changed his life. He said he literally stopped behaving. That way goes. I realized what I was doing, because I realized what I was doing right there 'cause. I never was just an asshole. It didn't even know why I was an asshole. I couldn't help being an asshole. He goes, but spelling that out that it was really all just me being frustrated by myself. He goes
I couldn't see that without you pointed out, but now I see it's so clear, it's changed my life he's like it just open the door that I can never shut again and then a costume built on reach we even overland you, your brain, is extremely kind yeah. If there's some, that's bothering it'll took it behind anything. It can and just tell you to ignore the adsense ads. It's easy just move in a chair, out away relay homey. Look yeah! That's why you're upset the Miami. Did you wrong? You know are almost always right, The mind is incredibly complex and none of us have a guidebook for it. No problem! Nobody really! You know you can. Join a religion or you join us in our culture or maybe become a monk or something, and they give you some guidelines that you could do it their way, but that time not be the way you know it's. The way is your way could be different. I was a lot of got damn well out of ways, but there's principles that you need,
it through, like truth and honesty and kindness they sound week. We talked about this last time that it takes a lot of strength to be a loving person to just be, but in Lyon, yet expose yourself and its as you know, the insecure people, don't want to think like that. One thing to think: there's something wrong with it. You fucking queer. We talk and love, ridiculous. You don't want more love in your life. Everybody should want more love, it doesn't mean you're, weak doesn't mean your wires and usually more than anybody else always been there like yeah, I know almost always, then they don't know that everybody can see it. You know 'cause I've been that dude I've been angry dude and did know that everybody can see what the fuck is wrong with. You may always able tightly wound Y y. You know why you look at a smack people. What the fuck is that all about up? It's always some shit that has almost nothing to do with. What's going on right in front of you mean shit, I'm forty! Two
man, and I probably only figured it out nine months ago. I think I figured it out last week. I don't know man, I think he comes and goes. I think that any any real feeling of figure in anything out to me is always like real fleeting, and I never feel confident enough to even say have figured out ever in our time is to me it's always just I'm just trying to keep my fucking head above water, like everybody else, just trying to maintain maintain, be nice, enjoy, there's no mastery of this fuckin thing. This is a ride on top of a fuckin seven mile high wave man just because the boat is to turn the correct direction. Does me we have any control of this fuck. You know you oh god, no control of this crazy LISA ruling on just got to enjoy trying to ride that wave as best you can and try to do. The best you can to enhance your environment is really what you got. Yeah enhance our environment, hence your friendships. You know right.
I have to ask that sounds like a goddamn ever less all. You know make you cry today, man, I bet you well, you made me cry when you're warming up man had to go out and take a shit, it's like I might have to drop some weight here. This is too good. What do you got for us? Well, we you want me to just get down whatever you want to do Did we have one of my favorite artists and a guitar and the Roman now get down. We always talk to be fine,
south and seer. Solving their law is bad. Swine, sour grapes, sweet Van Heavens, starts rad we're here she was seventy. She fell so soft she's smell, so clean aim was to her heart was pure so the day that it daddy walked out to look and foam man, and so much more sound sent him off the wall. Missus Merrick now. Do you glory the bottom? Ratsey Strasser story, random, stuff America would teach their Skye Davidson Blaze in San love. In my gun, in my last lay killed a man mortal combat and hang Salamanca. You watch me now so minutes have it. I can't cry eighteen months since ass seen a purple high, get it she now basic gab necessary chow with zone gonna die down below them is Mary Mary. You should have Ratsey cell random stuff would teach you can't bears back home. Current astray mean that any change, Saint Maur thing more gay and still am nay vow of friends left. We hang the way so heavy. May not. I miss going round the desert away answer my warm Missus, Merrick, glory, Ratsey Channel, so a story about a view. Staff married tat basket
with sky. Where did you get their scam scam? We do heavy has great observing wrote when I went over to play for the boys in Iraq. There must have been achieved I haven't been over there, but I've hung out with a lot of those guys on the do. When do UFC shows military shows, man, fucking, life different breed of folk man. God bless him. We wouldn't exist without him.
Yeah we wouldn't exists without em. I just don't like the people that are put them in is that as well, I was brought over there and, like I, had just released an album that was vehemently making statements against like the administration and the war, but when I was invited over there hum uh, you know they didn't ask me about any right now, and I really you know when I look at his most of these cats was trying to get some college money to go. I believe in something too. Well that's what to be menage, one one patent omen signed up. That's what he did. He left the nfl young people, like you know what I believe in this. This is real in our countries been attacked. Then, when he got over, there is one of the biggest critics of the wherever. What's he got over him and his brother mean, as is brother, doesn't believers friendly fire mother thinks they had him killed? I believe That need mean they are covered up his story about friendly fire. You know they pretended died in war,
by the time he was over there. Just you realize what a clusterfuck fuck it was. The whole thing is a mess man, it's the people behind it, though the people that are willing to sign up and beat, and heroes and really going fight, the enemy in their mind, manoeuvres, an incredible brave thank which is the most fucked up thing about. It is the idea that brave people get manipulated in the money- and I was you know it was shocking to me- was how young these cats were and, how much responsibility like carried on their shoulders- and I thought about myself at twenty two or twenty four, this guy's running a squad thanks- and I like you know, you know, probably passed out drunk Mars Irene you know
is given, do I went out and there they would damage. It was like the most appreciative like you did. Thank you so much just for going unused bananas. I was like I was. I was privileged to go and I'd go back in a heartbeat scary to be over there skills, so scared of being such a fact our place in the world. You know most people that live in this side. Live in nice cities drive nice cars exist in a peaceful state of harmony, barely even aware that there is people that mostly financially unfortunate. This point, mostly a lot of fuckin opportunities where they live at this point and they're getting shipped off to some crazy country on the other side of the world is just filled with death. Spare, like most people, don't even know like you know this guy that snapped recently and killed those people in Afghanistan. You know this story, they did like three tours. He did a Gangar tourist, not only that he thought he was going to get off combat duty. They were, they were dangling it over his head,
losing his house back home, and I mean I'm not making excuses for this guy, but the day of his watch, one of his friends get his legs blown off. Now I guess he just snap has never remember anyone, but he says he doesn't remember. Who knows some forty, what did they thereby manipulate the fuck out of these people MA? Am I not due to add only twenty days left on a twenty year bid with the Army reserve and then with when he days left, he was gonna retire. They sent him to our rack for a year and a half they can you do that come back again to what they send you once they get Sidney again, like you'd, literally work for them forever. You cannot quit. There is, pie dish somewhere in the day for us or hesitation option. That's insanity, an option we had to the fact that we allow that man, that's really fucked up. That's that's it! That's a nice did also you like this, I'm honestly, you know and
if I was young I'd still be saying this. You know I ain't saying it Claus. I passed whatever aid, but I think certain degree? It should be. You turn. Eighteen, you want to have certain privileges in this country. You should do your two years service and you know I mean change a lot of shelter which 'cause yet 'cause, every senators kid would be in there every every governor and president's kid would have to do it. It's you know, but that will never happen here. Right yeah, you know, but I I think in principle, then we'd have a standing army at all times of what, eighteen million people its renewal. How many people do we have that yeah? Probably what do we have now? I bet it's probably fifteen million now, maybe even when they are setting up number of US military, how many thousand, even over there I once but
go back any day now you like me, have a daughter. Doesn't that that's when you see like dude, you have daughters or wives, think about you being over there. I'm. I believe my wife was pregnant when I went wow yeah. You know it's weird joke you. I was listening to some old Howard Stern's. I don't have you been listening to Kenneson ship and somebody said something on the Howard Stern show, and he was like is that true, but he didn't have a computer to go like how many people in motor. So I was just thinking like how weird is that, like Howard, had no idea, there was no way for him to check that at all. He just pretty much like. I guess. I have to believe this yeah. You can talk all kinds of crazy shit back then yeah, let's get shadow he's having SAM Kinison on yeah. I listened to it today. It's crazy from nineteen. Eighty eight, it's weird when I first started doing comedy and because SAM Johnson to theirs the first do that I ever heard- and I was like one moment-
that's comedy two yeah. That was crazy. I remember when the first time I saw him it was. It was a shot. It was like wow, that's new yeah that to change the whole game. He changed comedy man, red heart, on the related stuff at the time that was, and he got away with it too, because he was a former freezer preacher that and the other way is like crazy that he was he was classic. Does he have a daughter's right or does he have any yeah? Well, he hasn't with his friends. Wife. Do you know that story out? I don't think so. Sorry he had a good fuck. The blanket name now Do the shaved had done Paris now here believe him. Call about Marla Bow was his body in his road partner. He opened for the road and upset I Kennison was Bang and his wife and even about it he had a kid with this chick and he thought it was his care, its Kennison kid. So the whole,
the time he's been raising this kid thinking. It was hers. It was his best friends wow his best friend went up schitt head wow, bang, his friends. Why don't we have that without a kind of you fuck and dirty bitch? He was crazy. You know they said with Kennison owes a head injury. That change is whole life. He was a kid he got hit by a truck said, comply. We any his personality like completely became a totally different person. We can reckless and loud wild. For that is like a regular com, sort of a peaceful kid, maybe didn't see another side and just realized decided it was a it was. He was going. Ham could be right, yeah he crossed over for a second or I think it's just head injuries in general or fuckin', really bad for you. You know getting your head. Fuckedup is not good for some people, it changes their personality, personal effort of dudes that became depressed. They got just knocked out once and then they started getting like pan depression.
All the time with really really hard time be unhappy. Just one concussion golf ball that I had another dude was fucked by a golf ball. There said for six months: he was just a mess six months, man, that's crazy, yeah! That's another thing! That's going on with these soldiers, you know the UFC is done a few of these fighters troops for the head and traumatic brain injury branded like em when those essays for it yeah there. That's that's some shit. It's happening now lie last. Before it closed. I actually did visited Walter II. Where they have all the cats you know got, it would die. Indeed, that does that will change your perspective, because there's dudes there with literally half a body an end talk like I wish I could go back as I got home. Is there and I mean you know that new, like David, it's crazy! I'm kid got to
artificial legs, getting ready to really new join D. Like you know, Crazy shit, no make your problem seem real, thus mall. You know, I think he that sense of camaraderie that allow those guys how, with each other to it, hits the hit a crazy level You know it's a level that the the average person civilian is probably never going to experience. Will the level of panic and fear and emotion in a moment of death, and then you sharing it so whatever seek. You got. It come to the service, necessarily like you in its yellow. You see Grissom saying, but if you're a guy was gone cry, while you're fighting with our that's coming out and you is gone eurobond over that kind of shit. Out of me, that's why fight camps are always so close to know. I am a man if I can't ashore martial arts schools.
Let's get you experience, something really scary together and it's not as scary as war, but anything will saying: there's no atheists in foxholes man, indeed, indeed, so what else you got for us So I put a request in that. I agree with the who has an asset love. Your fuckin cover a force. I'll get there, they won't have it won't have the lead like do do do do do do 'cause. I only have one guitar so but Frank is doing with his mouth kind of talking about a subject. I'm hoping someone who's got a guitar hero. Do this one this one procedure? Imagine some of us pray
some spree. Some of us. Some of us just don't know where to begin doing. Hearted pledges Gach taken some and not backs measure losing you win some of us pre some of us, some of us live some of us just lab at this cry.
Broken hearted. Sarah, who got thinking like renew my room. Some of us can look each other in yeah sermon, Paolo staff. Some of us do so was tee. Just like we make hops outside the bank near bad. You just can always everything you bring worse, give some tea. So soon.
Most of us just don't know where hearted pledges gets taken, some backs magic. Can you win some so soon Samuel? First, I ever done one meter vague on my back.
That's the first time you dial I've, really awesome Amano Easy, ass, bad ass. I love that Do you sometimes forget, like the lira? Sorry that thing you have to kind of make shit up on the fly like like? Oh, I just picked up a corsair I'd kind of bring it back like it, usually which you know I was so. I was taught by some cats that showed me along the way. If you on the guitar, you know do it again, I go. Do it again? Ok, I look make it look like you meant to do it right thing. You know or just owning his own and keep it moving. You know it will be honest if I haven't mess up terribly out, stop really doing. I was doing this so the whole hold up man that sucks right there. I just really chop that to Hell, so we're going to start over and we didn't get right. Is there a time limit like you?
If it's like thirty seconds left in the song you're? Obviously I mean I didn't do that I mean it would have to be. It would have to be something you would have to be something that disturb my groove enough. Where I couldn't stop thinking about it, you know which, after twenty some odd years, it would take a pretty big bump in the road. You know you've been on the road like crazy lately, right you've been just doing yeah, I'm on a new. You know just I love playing music man, we've been doing a combo with live band stuff, and I just like I said I just did a run of acoustic shows and I really enjoyed it and you know you do acoustic, just you and the guitar, that's it. Sometimes. I have another guitar guys in when meat of cover like lead parts further. You know, Sir Simon, little counter you know picking, while I'm kind of things just to add to the song a little bit I was just in Louisville when we were there. The university of Kentucky is playing. The University of Louisville
in a basketball game is like the worst day ever they hate each other. Apparently they have like a state civil war going on, and so do you got to look at these pictures about polish it up 'cause, it's ridiculous, these dumb mutherfuckers. They got all photos, these kids, rioted, Kentucky wins, but students lose in basketball riot photos. It's on. Why dot com, Kentucky wins, students lose and brass Beriah photos. You can see that at this stupid mutherfuckers their all their pictures are all on the internet. They don't know anyway. This is not the same world that its empties yeah. You just reflect on, like man like use, as I used to love, shows like dead wood, and I really and if I lived in the eighteen, somethings man, I would have been a shooting a motherfucker cat. Now it is trying to do like Totale get away with their new name. Is catching Maine, you better be a good girl. She pulls her top up and all these dudes are groping. Aaron Shitan she screaming
they are wild in Kentucky different brands. Not can suck you don't Kentucky the university. That's America and other white rights of marital is also the black hands on that. A girl, cities and she's. A redhead prizes upset hits to close down a dog like this. Is it got blood all over him? He broke his hands open, trying to smash a windshield with his fucking fists. These bleed enough of his hands. They got a close up. This others heads face you damn isn't gonna do time, looks like cars on fire. You comes. How can we can't just celebrate? You shit heads, you know its money is actually that crowd photo right there somewhere in. There is a kid, in twenty years is going to be running for Senate and this picture is going to come up
as I mean he was there when they rioted and he's also listening to us right now. It's that little fucker right. He looks kind of like he's like the one he looks like a young Newt Young said: Toram yeah. Planet, Russia. Now I just wanna talk, but the stone performance of random handy is that a hundred NASA Sundays Logwood Mercedes Benz, It's amazing! You see that thing. A new under the other stupid forget when should have noise, the fuck out of me, everybody knew it was going to happen. They all knew it as always the crazy their Kentucky gentleman in his hand to his drink. It was over that could likewise like your audiences, like Psycho, and so it would be better. Couldn't couldn't be better audiences in on earth impossible Duncan got a round of applause and a standing ovation not now just run apposite standing ovation every show going on stage going on who's gonna, getting standing ovations. They couldn't nicer friendlier more fun, loving
shit, that's a fun place. Does the thing about clubs like the improv like look Hyaena clubs? Is they develop like? Will it like fans of comedy till I get it? I was not allowed places in country where you can guarantee you're going to see like national level comedians, but all the improv so you're going to get like all big game. It's going to come through there couldn't have been any better man. That place is amazing levels of shit. Why I gotta get to a show. I haven't been to one in a wonderment, time here in my neck of the woods down south how to lay down a a video I say, lay down 'cause I played dungeon beats over their jobs when I'm talking to musicians, man like to use their language. Lady lay down video lay down a video like that. Oh man, I'm saying like that bench down some a comedy: bitch, the age S, job
yeah, bro, I'm sticking with data, so you could go that you I mean. Are you already going the route the same? One is the reason this Louis Ck Guy just threw out his idea. I totally stole it. I didn't have that idea. First yeah, I was trying to get it and have it first. Either. Radio, edit internet music is kind of the same principle. I think he's a first gotta deal with comedy and now everybody is going to do it that way, comma essentially, but your folks, man, I'm going to tell you something about your folks man, your folks love you, I love them. I mean that's why catch like it's, you know. How do I say? That's why I don't really know why. So I mean that happens. A lot of folks. That's going to be hollering into website right yeah. You know what dude. I really firmly believe that when you put positive energy out there, you attract, like minded people are going to get a few cuts in the mix it's inevitable specially on the internet, especially like a ninja. Text form like when do I get to tweet shitty things to be born on our message? Boards of some of that line,
My thing is like: do you really think that stop my day there do you think that did he think I like slowed me down in my R8 real simple man. Don't ever say anything to anybody that you wouldn't say to their face? Just don't do it and if you do say it say it as if you would say it to their face. Otherwise there can't it's that so much if I say something, I'm going to say it to your face, like I got a bunch of negative tweets the other night, so some dude from the country music awards homeboy standing there with fake rips in jeans, like you bought jeans, or are you referring wrapped standing in front of a jet? the songs any good goods. Quite honestly, I said the sun was, I said, here's this is country, admits weren't, fictive genes, debt in front of a jet sing and assist shitty song and in the hashtag was that a country, but it is silly genes. Yours
bitch you're a silly, but if you weren't fuckin vague ripped genes period has even thousand while ever had fake rip changed a mine of might have bought some other. Did you ever used to bleed your genes in the basement report actual real bleach on your genes in the eighties? No, I didn't. I definitely have owned a pair of genes with rips and they might have been like a given me for wardrobe. One fear fact, but I had a warm, but it's I'm old enough now realize that's ridiculous. It is kind of a digs very nickel back by away, but I bet you it's easy to by mistake nowadays, because now they have genes at just look like their fucked up a little, but then you wash once they become regimes. You know that wording that the clothing as they do that then you have a good, but you you can buy it by mistake, going away whether jeez arose and the next thing you know you have some ripped genes here at the Rainbow yeah, but these do not lie where our history brand new fibre ones. If I weren't that's my new thing, man's got em. I love oh wait Chris becoming Wash, and these are not my card board Memnon software dying than a throwaway. That's Bala! That's hilarious! That's Charlie! My living monolithic discharges lie sergeant supply over in Burbank Mobility, and that is why I will ones all day long get a new pair everywhere on the road I throw like fourteen years ago. The last like three shows really here, probably selo such someone like on the basis of our Jim Shortages, CO lounge around. But do you actually throw mounted you give em like goodwill or somethin?
car, usually leave him in a hot yeah. I really wanted to do well in bright, usually on solar. I sweat so much like in those things man, I really like you know. I don't have time to watch him and I'm not trying to get him to goodwill. Like just loaded with my loaded with my dna, you know, but there's some people out there that would buy it bigger big as it starts tweeting hotel rooms across here, I'm leaving soon jeans here, eight Taco Bell earlier might smell great yeah yeah you should yeah. This is going to be. Dudes would be jerking off sniffing like a really really up on every throw another wave, five hundred and one for the stinky and my pinky. Ok. What I think you need to play a song just a curious of what he,
by the way that surplus store is really awesome. I go there to buy like sucking gas, mass and crazy shit all the time, but then I feel like people actually wore these died in a minimal. Wear like military, pants and jeans is what I wear is really yeah. That's my wardrobe man. Those are the best cargo pants fit so much shit. I don't need to carry around my fanny pack. I got a fanny pack. We will bring abortion catch me airport, very swimmer, Fanny back,
oh yeah. Here we go here that share common become ran, seems to breathe. Tacky, see it happen right there, your lab witness. I had drunk warden, I'm not gonna live and what's a devil more from the top
here that sharing common coming round may see the search since we now stoking up also risen, taxis, dragging demand changes. Ts now when I was just so always be good for novel pre. We but ass sad just last week with lower proud, rich see standing radically with big guy. Well, I knew I knew I could be that prison Brad just move. We state that damn that's beautiful cover,
God Dam, what a fucking song that is yeah! I remember when I wrote it man. It was really hot back in the day and I love it D. Nine man I'm so stone watching this. It is almost too much really. Aids is if it's it's like freaks me out a little weighing. I wanted to see this so close to me and It's weird that dope is intimate concert of all time. Yeah my dogs name Johnny Cash. Is that right to Johnny Cash, that I had a rottweiler name Elvis had a pit. Bull named Frank Sinatra: that's awesome because before I really got to know Frank Sinatra, personality still is Frank Goldman, but you better off having a Pitbull, easy or frank I'll, raise your tony Tony Bennett CAT named Skittles skittles, I had a mexican dude in Florida shooting at a cat named Jack Dempsey. I shouldn't right. I just gotta, say man and I don't care, I don't care what the
it in you can see their central I'm going there. Ok! Can I gotta go astray my mind? They might might oh yeah yeah blue zone. It is no matter what the kid there's two kinds of seventeen there's Lebron James, seventeen. It looks like a thirty six year old man right and then there's child seventeen right and I haven't seen one picture. It is kid that isn't a child. Seventeen through this dude ways without waiting by one hundred pounds, steady one hundred yeah, the you seen assassin do not pictures from what I've seen a guess and on that one on the way. Ok I'll wait of significantly regardless it at me. It is in danger of his mother broken jaw, maybe a black eye. His and I don't know what happened. I'm just saying grown man against a kid. I'm talking bout me against a seventeen year old kid. I need there's no kid on earth. That looks like that in the eyes. Right, like a baby,
like a child, not like a grown man like duties. Men like through to the right don't put me on my back and kill me. You habitats you. This guy might have been kind of a bitch you know I mean this guy, I'm just saying: Jected murders, murder tried to be a cop and as far as I'm concerned, one is stood. His ground at night is the one that's dead. Maybe, but maybe not you know his story is that the kid came back and attacked him and he actually is supposed ABC News, was reporting. Yesterday they've enhance the video yeah. I saw that cuts in the back of his head, which showed up on the background. I just don't see it is worth killing somebody. I agree with you, but his story is the kid was trying to get his gun his
real soldier not to follow dude police told you stay out of it leaving. This is a man who body was an authority. Figure was itching to use his gun at the bottom line and I'll leave it to town, but it's true, but he did apparently, according to the nine one one call they told him to turn around and he did turn around and his stories. That's when the kid jumped up. I don't know what the fuck is. True, I don't know what he could have said to the kid to piss off like that. If he did, you know, I do only agree. The dude was into in view of our future uses gunmen, but it also could have been that they were in a life and death struggle. I wasn't there man. I do agree that it's only reason it was actually. If it was a life and death struggle, they will get Grammy this. The only reason it was 'cause, one of them brought a gun, and it wasn't the kid that's true yeah. He thought he now had. They not been a gun there. The worst that could probably happen in the situation was one of the others got there. Ass kicked right right. If it had been, there was no gun at the scene right, but his deal
that he's trying to be like neighbourhood patrolman with a gun. While they would would be unwise to somebody. I was actually a map, a gun. You want to shoot. Somebody need when there's bad people out there as kid was not what he was looking four obviously, but I'm saying I'll but hold on a second. Do you know that in that neighbourhood, managing Commissioner? I got a fifty year old guy who got beat the almost to death with hammers and too, two hundred and eighteen year old, kids arrested. They robbed him. They beat the fuck out this guy with hammers. So it's which is not bad people in the world that you could use a gun with. There is no. I agree there wouldn't be a dead person. That is true, but that is this scenario. There could have been an easily a scenario, there's a very bad area where these people are living and there's a lot of breaking entries as a lot of robbing a lot of us you're right. Why, in the correct manner, just saying I see if they are? When I look at that kid, I do as well. I do as well, but it's just that kid. That's a terrible situation. Real muh fucka could sense evil. You know what I mean like the kind of evil. That would be too
the devil hammers that you could sense that Joe. You can feel that in the air. I agree Marie as doubting again if Thou Yoda his story here, I don't know, what's my luck hammered row, but his story is that the kid jumped on that his story? If that's, I hate tell his story yeah. Well, it's been it's been out there, but I heard him until his with his words yeah. I heard him tell his story. Did anybody else? It would be sat here in front of me and told his story, and I looked in his eyes and I believed him that's a different right, but do you understand what I don't want? His own ones talked, no ones talked we're getting all Nancy Grace and I see a little baby. I love you, I'm not even talking about it raised nothing else. I'm saying had a man that was itching itching to be a bad ask with a gun not brought a gun to a situation that didn't need it anyways there wouldn't be a dead right if a guy that's wrong, how they ask us, that's murder, yet some big John Mccarthy Type cop out there, nothing whatever happened. He would have said the king. How you doing tonight nightly I'm all good and they would have said, have a good
Be careful note of the end of it. It's it's a lie. Part of it is people that are looking for trouble and a lot of the reason why they're looking for trouble because they are insecure and it's it's not easily could have been with this guys deal. Is, I don't know the dude, I'm not saying I see your baby Disney definitely bothers me. That is that there's a fuckign amazing everything I'll be honest. If those pictures had looked like he was, a hood would probably feel a lot different. I'd probably be like YO man looks like he's kind of a hood, but I don't it's just looks like I kind of kid. It's true that is true, but you know I don't really have gone against the kid man I'm jealous. I thought he was gonna run into kids, though you know, he's Control is run issue, a situation where he could pull out his gun. Maybe you might be right or while I did you carried of Europe, you average police officer. I bet you your average real, like nor more personality of a human being police officer probably does not like the fact that all that they have done all the time. I would disagree with that.
I have a lot of things that use if it would be not a lot of friends in the cops they don't want to pull that out. That's for God Dam! That's what I mean. I mean in the sense that you know the thought of using. It is actually very foreboding and not something interesting at all. I have friends that have shot people before and he talked him about and it's not a pleasant memory. It's not a good thing. You know I've had I asked the thing on your belt. Sting you ever really want to have to reach for how to conversate with a dude just a couple weeks after that asked you to do, and you see no just start at the start and get back in the swing of things in his head and I'll just deal in fact he's like I'm happy. I did it because, like I was a piece of ship, but let me tell you that fucking tricky thing taking a man's life yeah, it's crazy. I would like to hear the duty list. I wouldn't Haydn is, is, is, is doing more harm than good, while his brought by the others real issue. That was the legal issue mean this If he is innocent, if you are innocent, you really should shut the fuck up until your lawyers get year. You now get everything in the press broader, and this too many
channels right now for prosecutors to go after people that aren't necessarily guilty and there's a lot of people behind bars right now that if they had better representation, if they didn't open the fucking mouth, seen in this guy's case, but if the guy is innocent, he really probably should shut the fuck up until he actually goes to trial or talks to the probably let him go. Larry king is largely due to the report now appears. Morgan fiercely, that is a living at his brother, was on Pierce Morgan, the really yeah I did. I miss that yeah his brother was on well, I didn't mean to go there, but I just know looks man. You went there because it's a part of things just kind of bugs me. You know it's like I need you know. I just like. I said: there's theirs to rip seventeen year olds- and you know, if you wipe you, if you miss a neighborhood watch Youtube falls below. Enough, the community. How do you know that wasn't a person from your community, you must not reproach. Them in a manner that was excuse me, sir or excuse me
what's going on, I mean there must have been some real rude schitt and if you didn't bring a gun, nobody would be dead. That is true, but that's. My biggest point is that if the dude that wasn't itching to use his weapon didn't bring a weapon, there, probably wouldn't be even anything except the kid you know that God scraped up in a scuffle or a man, they got scraped up in a script. That is true in this situation. You know but yeah this guy, I'm talking, but that's not necessarily what this guy was looking for when his arm doing his neighborhood watch he's looking for people like these two kids, one of 'em is eight. Five foot, eight news, we're wearing a blue denim shirt, beat a fucking fifty year old man with a hammer. You know that guy's fuck, The guy is severely fucked up and will probably never be the same human being again it. I wonder if he dies, they'll pay as much attention as this kid that got shot because kind of fascinating.
You know there's a lot of people that are real squeamish about talking about black kids, doing something violent to wipe. I got no problem with this though you raised him know. You know I mean I know you don't like. I said I admit it openly like. If we looked a lot more hood, I probably would mentally feel different about it. That's just natural way, your mind works, I'm talking about our culture, I'm not necessarily talking about you. I think in our culture. It's it's interesting. We all have a little bit of that regardless yeah boliva, so they were also everywhere looking to catch. People in a gotcha moment of racism would love that We would love to find someone who especially a safe situation like and to be honest, the real problem isn't even MRS Zimmermann, the real Is this law called the stand, your ground law? That says, if me and you were in a place? Basically- and nobody else is around- and I say you attacked me and make it look that way you could chew can easily kill you and get away with it for when it's just two people, man, it's fucking hard to
what the hell happened- exact, there's a lot of crazy fuckers out there. They can just tell lies man, there's a there's. A lot of people out there that are completely sociopathic Lee. So if you give them an opportunity to use their gun in a situation, that's like a lot of people could start disappearing, are falling victim to you know self defense. I wonder if people would like actually move to Florida just so they could shoot people easier. You know just starts arguments wind down here, man, I wouldn't doubt it went down to be with their bad. Florida is one of the weirdest fucking places in the country. It does feel like you in another play a man too weak. Some do another improvement fought lottery. I like going down there. They know how to party. There are a lot of fun people, but it really feels like on an island somewhere in another country that it's like subject to: U S room, but no one's really watching it looks kind of like the wild. You know still 80s down there in a weird way, yeah in a lot of ways: yeah Florida, strange kind of when the whole place
built on cocaine money. Man literally, like literally there's a whole. I using the cocaine cowboys lions right, yeah Miami downtown Miami's lagging literally built with kilos of cocaine mazing. They just poured it into the cement. It's amazing! It's so ridiculous when there's more banks yeah, but apparently in Miami than anywhere soldiers, money laundering and thou left, and right that, if you haven't seen cocaine, cow voice Box, we've talked about it before you must. You must, and you must see it see her again. Yes carried out what to do with the grand. Are there the godmother, the godmother whose alive this bitch is killed? Who knows how many thought wow and she's children his animals Elsie made like five hundred mill in jail and she was a debate as big city. They would try to killer a woman. They just let her run shit. Oh my god. That's crazy documentary
yeah! I think Miami is the closest to a foreign country we have in America outside of Puerto Rico, which is technically sort of America Right Isn't this, I still don't they debating that recently Lang, whether they want to become a state finance come on the estate? Would he give a fuck School there an ox about flags, though man we gotta get a new flag. People, my harbor, some resentment? Where would we put that extra star where the fuck is that going to go? I don't know, speak. You know that's going to take like some sort of mathematical, seamstress type, two fingers weird shaped like Hawaii five hours in a fucking plane over the ocean. Yet still, America Landscape. I had some alaskan come to the last show and they were telling me like hat. Who do? How do I Tipp you after I get off stage, and what are you talking about? I'm well, I'm gonna tell you no I'm saying like oh, this is my first comedy show in its most insane thing. I've ever seen in my life and it's I want to tip you right now, don't tip me.
The fucking time, but it was so weird talking that he seemed like a like. He was from a different country. He was talking all this other things like about. Well, especially, they are yeah. I mean it really. Is it's not attached right? I mean it's just my joke. If it's not attached is just some ship we stole, that is what it is, or bar yeah. Whatever anything different barons. Would you ever go of Indians from somebody who starlit whisky took manhattans like seven bucks. Did you ever go to Alaska? Do comedy, or do you think I mean I thought you were people there for yeah. It's pretty Douglas stand used to go there all the time, but they just got to be too stupid for him. He bailed after awhile. He couldn't take it anymore. I did get pretty nutty up different when I hear man hell yeah. They did six months of daylight six months of night, that's yeah, there's everywhere in fucking, grey Eleven ninety place ridiculous he'll live replacement, lavender here, Sir necessarily supposed to be for fucking for raising for a good chunk of the
like death freezing like an arctic style freezing asked us. I couldn't do it yet. That's that's hard. Even seen that movie thirty days of night, a vampire movie, pretty good, vampire movie man, they the vampires, go to Alaska because they could just fucked Blood for a whole month does a light out for a month. That's gonna, be there. Sing a shit. You know I mean you think Seattle is depressing Seattle, the first time I went to Copenhagen and we landed and we went to this place. We heard this legendary place called Christiani. I don't know if you're familiar like a place that squatters took over. Apparently they were legally the space. We a little section in the middle of city where they they can slang, hash and weed, and they just kindly other squatters, but every once in awhile government goes in there like tries to rate it and they fight him off. It's crazy. This little section is called Kristiania. How big is it's tiny couple? It's like me, six blocks
of land, so it's just that it's all within like a gate and it's like it looks like be community like looks like Blue Lou Gardens and this nap. Then you walk down this row and they got all these sheds setup and their slang and we'd there wow good weed yeah. So, like I remember, we got some real good way, went back to the hotel and smoked up news about seven hundred in the evening in the sun will still out and so bang we smoke weed. Just weed knock me out. I fell out. I wake up and look at my watch says three. I look outside it's light. It's I was like man that should knock me out from seven last night, so it's three to next afternoon Jesus Christ. So I go downstairs and I'm talking to the lady something about something at the desk and I'm like yeah. Is there any where's a good place to eat she's like surged three in the morning, she's like it's not three in the afternoon, but that was very good. That blew my mind is short. Circuited me that was one day like it's
food, near where I went up to the room and, like my brain, was having a hard time processing the thought of the sun being out bright as hell at three hundred in the morning. How long is it bright for it goes down apparently for like an hour like between well, then one every night it kind of goes down. It doesn't ever go all the way down it's kind of dust, and then it comes back up. It must be so happy at certain times of the year. This is like summertime, an back the winners. I don't know if it's different, I don't know if they suck the opposite out, but it was a short sighted to me. So what am I point is like six months of something like that would deprive fry your Boardman, a pretty sure they do in Alaska, Appreciate Alaska, theirs, moments where they have like almost perpetual sunlight? I think they just have like an hour where it goes down for a little bit and comes back up. I think that's the case up there too. Egg is pretty far up there as we that they would just decided like not have things open at three in the morning, once bright out just stay open. H m. Also, why don't you do and hire somebody or if you had it is if you have a business, do you know that beer? the reason why shit is closed because you can't see outside without lights on. That's why she's, ok,
How did you could see outside lights? I keep should open you do a man would do you read it labour! Here? What do you hate money, money You need to sleep. What is your favorite place authority ever of every country to go to a movie big vantage in Japan, just because it's it's it's the place where I feel the most foreign, yeah I mean it's like. I honestly feel like a foreigner, and I enjoy that feeling like being different one kind of yeah, even though it's got the guy's a you know more about it. I've never run into anything. Well, there's one sushi bar. They wouldn't serve me because I was guiding like really I did. I went to this barn and I apparently they do just wasn't that they don't serve guys doing it. This way, Why forget the moving along goes as recent. No, no, within a decade, but like eight nine years ago, early Brian, I just want a couple of weeks ago. First, not actually longer, maybe like fifteen years, one of his changed. Now.
Maybe we have heard this sushi roll cats that are just like I'm not giving you my fish yeah, I remembered sixty years ago, and you can't have my fish. How old was it do anything he was alive back then? I don't know, but you know all the old enough yeah the weather, but a fucking crazy thing for a country to go through to imagine if we found out the Chicago A disappeared in the middle of the night and I'll Chicago and feet disappeared boom in Ireland. A second gone. How would we react to some country that just took Chicago in Phoenix vaporized? It just vaporized five hundred thousand people, whatever fuck it was worth knowing tat. I ever did it start crazy. It's dark,
really crazy. If you ever look at all the different weapons that are live like that, the United States has all the different nuclear warheads you've seen like a map of like Russia's nuclear warheads, United States nuclear warheads, IRAN supposedly, is working on some but Israel gotta tonnage shed. Pakistan has nuclear weapons in here nuclear weapons. Again, I ran, can have em what everybody's got. You know they shouldn't have him, but nobody should have Am N Korea's got him. It's really amazing! When you look at how many of them there are like, if you look at a map of the United or the entire world rather and all the nuclear, you could wipe out the whole planet complete many many times that same, I don't know how their we're gonna fix, though we have to stop those things. You know from being,
don't you have to trigger that? The law of averages says sometime, whether it's now or one thousand years from now, some of that she is going to pop off yeah people believe that that happened in the past. There's a lot of people that believe that there is at one point in time people had figured out nuclear power and we had there's like evidence of giant massive explosions and parts of like the Middle EAST and stuff like that. I think they believe was Lebanon or something like that where people believe this one of those old, ancient civilization, Atlantis Ideas yeah, but some along those lines. You know that they think that at one point in time we had figured out nuclear power. They know we figured out batteries, they had batteries, they found in like the pyramids and shed, which is pretty fascinating. They figured out some shed, but I doubt they ever had nuclear power. That's pretty preposterous. Is the aliens man d aliens Dalienst do if the aliens comes at a good, their birthday the aliens on already here. Didn't we didn't we, my alien technology are in your early, you,
alien technology, all your heart, yeah, titanium valve for a firmly believe, there's daily in technology here, dog busy. So absolutely, how do you think that works? They just give us a little stuff and tell you know, or you know it, you know. Ok, let you know or similar to something of you know some things that got left behind and just got studied in properly looked at. We like some terminator, where they got the little chip in their life backwards, engineering, everything you know, I mean you know or it's something that we already have, that we just take for granted like birds or something like birds are the aliens the whole time. How wide the array of the conversation I forgot, how wide the span of topics get on well, so I think that it's just like having a real conversation right, yeah. You know among stoners, yeah fuck yeah. I think if aliens are here- and I don't think they're giving us anything, I don't believe that I did. I don't know if we've ever captured any alien craft and back engineered it. It sounds sexy, but it also
I don't buy it, there's not a big enough sleep. You know, there's some leaps. You know like the transistor there's a few things in the few look back at like, but it's all pretty much documented how everybody figured out everything and every step along the way I used to think before I looked in that may be. There were some shit that their army learn from as well, and that may be the they figure. But now I don't think so. Did you sit on our cars yeah? You know what I think man, I think if we have had some contact with an alien life form, I think there's so fucking far past us that they can pause. The earth and sweep and then disappear again I mean, I think, we're dealing with some other fuckers food or yeah. We can see that will I wish they would eat some more of us too many of us in Autumn shit, it's there should be a test, and if you know you don't passage ass, you get fuckin turn into barbecue,
Logan's run or yeah, but then you don't want to get people to miss their family and their loved ones. I don't want you to lose your family 'cause you're, a dumb ass, an alien, came and ate you. I would have to be fighting with you against the yes. Well, that would probably turn most duche bags into you know, probably more respectable people anyway. That's true right yeah. If we knew that there was an alien that was watching, they were going meet you if you are a cunt yeah. That would be good incentives and I'll be account, but then it'd be suicide by alien people. Just just Conte off Fuckin' run around right there with his lose it for a day suicide by alien man, girl breaks up you, I'm going to look into his side by alien and people see the right to demonstrate fuck, you fuck you throwing rocks and shit and everybody watches because they know what's gonna happen. Alien show up Edam get up, and what was it was this whom? What was this will make great pets,
yeah yeah yeah yeah. We will well. You know if you look at how we treat everything, that's intelligent, that we don't understand like dolphins and orcas, and even primates like chimpanzees, retreat on leash. It put him in cages, and should we don't we don't necessarily enhanced her life went out there given chimpanzees laptops and showing him how to spell. You know we teach him a few things to do tricks for candy, so we could figure out how smart they are, but that's no different than studying prisoners. You know that's like psychological test prisoners. That's all that shit. Is it's really funny that we would think that aliens would be any different than us? If you look at every single intelligent species on this planet, you know even semi. Intelligent, they all take advantage of those underneath them killer. Whales, eat dolphins, dolphins, eat their babies and chimps eat. Monk he's more cuts of all life forms on this planet. It seems like
God's we're. We're were hoping that if there are in enough there it is not an alien life form, the superintendent. You were hoping they're, not their better than us their way better than us. We're we're trusting that they at their shit together. I'm not trust in anything. I'm just saying there that we might have learned a few things in the last few years offer some shit. Trust the alien. As far as I could throw 'em, I think, but you really think we've learned things from it back engineered alien technology, I'd like to believe it. I would, I think, I'd like to believe it. I can't prove it. I believe I can prove it. I wouldn't. Where do you saw me like my life depended on it? Would you swear to it? I'd say I thought? No, it probably is bullshit
on my wall. I have framed the daily Roswell Daily record or whatever the newspaper is the very newspaper where they reported that they had a crashed, UFO they've recovered. It they've sent the parts of it to Wright, Patterson AIR Force base. They thought they had something man I mean they put that in the paper there was a crash. Ufo wonder what it was You know I really wish. I talked to G Gordon Liddy about this shittenou had G Gordon Liddy. I mean there is an area. Fifty one out there you go now right now come to bug, Wichita kill you you dont site, but I ain't romanticizing. I just know look at stars there's a million of them to think during some other life forms out. There is just you a little bit arrogant, yeah for sure I just don't know if it come here,
maybe not might be really hard to do and why we do our even feel like this is even if you want to get real stoner like, and you know we can be like well, maybe if they were that advance, they wouldn't even need these ships in all this crap did travel interdimensionally. Well, you know the real theory that trips me out is that we came from Mars the real theories of the reason why human life is different from all the other primate life on this planet. Is that what happened was there had been the device men of lower hominids on this on this planet that were like, reaching close towards being like a human being, but hadn't quite gotten there right, but we were existing on a completely different planet Mars Mars used to have
what are Mars used to happen now about to face. Is it appears? I don't believe it all that I think that most of it looks like bullshit yeah. Most of it looks like tricks and shadows. If you really pay attention to the high resolution, photos and the experts that have people want to see some shit, but most likely it's just tricks and shadows. There's a few objects up there, like the pyramid. Looking things that make you go home, but there's some natural things that look like these things called yardangs. That look like there's like a look like a face carved rock, but it really is just the natural stone structure. Did you read the book about all that? Graham Hancocks book will read his book about it. Rise against women are from Venus, men are from Mars, or that's not that book you servic. It's there's a lot of dudes who believe that there was at one point in time a civilization on Mars that made its way to earth many many many many thousands of
I know one as I started happen. The finer like primate chick think we're. Then I think the ideas that were them- in other words, I think that the dough guns in Africa a whole tribe and that's their their entire mythology. Their entire tyre mythology is based on the fact that we are a tribe from cars and that we came fuckin with vat. Oh yes, I have to go. I won t have to do now is fascinating shit man, because we don't think it's possible. We yet look bad. We put a fuckin rover on Mars man, we flew a fuckin rover, we're taking pictures from Mars all day. I mean they have all kinds of cool shit going on high resolution, close up photos and we know that we can put space, and we know we can fuck and send an object to to Mars and if we can get some
space to stay alive and in a not cook them with Gamma Ray burst from giant stars exploding out there in the galaxy, which is very possible, but if we can get them all the way to Mars like six months and they stay alive, they got enough food. Do they can do it's called terraforming where they can build machines that are big enough to actually an artificial atmosphere on mice? That's like that's possible, even within our lifetime. If there really started dedicating ourselves towards that's crazy shit, man maybe spent somebody's billion. Is there yeah fuckall this warship? Can you imagine if they really did establish a base on the moon and a base on Mars? Could you fucking imagine how crazy that would feel. To know, as kids are all told by now that would've happened like most kids, we were told two thousand and twelve, oh my god, it's going to be jetsons land out there. Well, that's the big argument against the moon landing. You know, there's not a whole lot of arguments against the moon, landing. That makes sense, and this is coming-
I argued it. I've said to people, I don't believe we landed on the moon. Does ridiculous. I what the fuck do. I know I have no idea it's preposterous, but I do know that it hasn't been anything from them sixty nine percent cheaper than sooner fast. I'm not really are behind you want, but both the moonlight, it's a fascinating subject. You know I I think most likely. What happened is they did put people on the moon, but they faked a lot of the there's. Some of that footage, some photographs, it look fake, as fuck is even a guy
J Wiener who made a documentary about it. There's something called a front scream projection method of filming things before they had a green screen and dumb cook cubic used it in two thousand and one and his idea is that that's the same techniques they use to fake some of these videos. He has. I believe that, with that the moon landing was a hoax, but what he believes is that some of the video is is actually faked. Preposterous. Yes, and it's really it's it's a fascinating subject, especially when you consider the fact that we know They definitely fake. Some propaganda photos from earlier NASA had these pictures of Michael Collins and he was attached by wires. This thing like doing training exercises and all they did was take that and they cropped him and put it in the like a black bag ground and they said he was on a the exact photo. So we know that that was a standard practice. We know that
is at least some shenanigans going on for sure someone decided to take a photo on black it out. So his idea was that it's much more likely that they went, but you know first of all, you if they did go you there's a lot of radiation. Is shit you're dealing with your you tell him you're you're films, Gabby Hunky, Dory out there too, and fifty degrees on the moon with all a fuckin radiation. Can you put your your film through the airport mental detector? It gets fucked up known specially back in nineteen sixty nine, and these were like regular, special hassle, black cameras that were in a design for the millennium, but there are no different than the cameras here on earth there weren't like super insulated or something like that. The whole thing is fascinates me man, I can I get trip on for hours. I wish I knew a dude who is really really
smart who didn't believe it. You know, but I don't everybody that I know that doesn't believe it is only marginally smart and the really smart dudes that I know believe we went to the moon, so fucking surreal, tough argument right. You know I mean you think we win or no, I don't know, see, this one them things here? I was convinced we days those days when, unlike my biggest things like you as I, why haven't we ve been back? Why haven't win back once in sixty years. What has adverse seventies almost fifty year here apparently, does that make fun of me about this, and some podcast called the sceptics guide to the universe. I haven't heard. I heard it's funny, though, and I would make fun of me too, especially if I was a scientist and I actually knew things you know, but there's certain things that I find absolutely fascinating about. Conspiracy theory, an the moon landing is my favorite one. That's my number one one test case mine, that's a good one too.
That's a good one and AIDS is not real that man that's a good one. I never heard that. That's a fascinating one! That's that's one by designing Peter Duisburg, whose biologists allows us to do to bring verses of flexible Rosalie bricked himself with it would go. I don't know about. I remember when I thought I remember back in the day some doctor actually said he had something that was supposedly AIDS virus and pricked himself with it. No, I don't know if that's the same guy. This was a while back though I'm going to read you a quote from Bill Clinton and we can get off this moon thing, and this is one of my favorite. All time quotes at anybody's ever said. In regards to a conspiracy theory, this is Bill Clinton. In his book
he wrote just a month before APOLLO eleven astronauts, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong had left their colleague Michael Collins, aboard Spaceship Columbia and had walked on the moon beating by five months. President Kennedy's goal of putting a man on the moon before the decade was out. The old carpenter asked me if I believe that happened, I said sure I saw it on television and he disagreed. He said that he didn't believe it for a minute and that them television, fellers, could make things. Look really weird real that weren't he goes back. Then I thought the guy. Crank. During my eight years in Washington, I saw some things on tv that made me wonder if he wasn't ahead of his time. The fucking president said that don't fucking press, it said that and all they did was leave a real, vague opened yet thing that you shouldn't say that Mister Clinton, that is not fair. That's him he's having a laugh about that right now. He said so he's taking the pits on everybody. Man he's a troll.
Did that? Should the cell records to sell books it, oh god? you're about that. Do that said that Jimi Hendrix manager kill them. We heard about that at last, Next, I think that's also another by my book. You think so I thought the two. Until I looked into it and the way he died, he drowned in wine. They said he nine sleeping pills in us in his mouth and while them and will lose it coughed up a lot of it, nine sleeping pills and literally drowned in wine like that's what killed them like. Like he was taking in wine, while he was unconscious, really kind of fucked up, if the manager really did kill the guy, it's absence fast ain't. What he was ever do of Brooklyn dancing. Oh it's now. Is it really a barrier this sum, but this guy, who was the singer from the animals now Eric Burdon bird the guy? I wrote that Eric Burdon and the animals, the original animals,
some guy, I'm pretty sure less on the guy's name? Maybe it isn't? Yes, what Robin hold on no tore manage That's gonna. Google me roadie. Now Rona gloomy. You talking about Hendrix, murdered, that's right, how in New Orleans
when they caught rising sun? No! No! That's all. I just know that part James right. That's the dudes name, really James Tappy right. Maybe he wasn't the singer. Maybe he was one of the dudes in the band. Ok, I might be wrong, but the video they showed of him. It looked like he was the singer. It's pretty fucking, fascinating shitman, but a lot of people who are calling bullsh it lot of people calling bullshit, but then other people believe that it happened. One of the reasons they also believe it happened as his manager was a notorious criminal, apparently Hendrix. A really scary manager. This dude named Michael Jeffrey, and he even had Hendricks Kidnap- wants to show Hendricks how much power he had. He
wow kidnap him and hold him for three days. I wasn't familiar with all this. He saved Hendrix. He came in and saved him and he said like cc, you know without me, your Fuct Ann Hendrix Girlfriend apparently hated him well Hendrix Girlfriend was thrown off the roof of the Chelsea hotel. She died, an Hendrix died. This way, they're both dead and there's a big life insurance policy, apparently on Hendricks, and that's the knock that this guy say He says, and this guy James Right wrote a book about cookies. Travis Celso books could be who the fuck now is the manager do still around now died the plane crash, Dinah Playground. Allow me, as makes me wonder, though, live came out eventually, like he might have stuff, told somebody or wrote it down and as Well Journal book. Apparently, the manager was a scumbag and was always broken, always owed money and was borrowing money from the mob, and that was part of the problem was that the mob was involved in all this and he was scared to come out and talk about
who the fuck knows if, if, if it's not true fuck you in your ass with a broken body, piece of shit, you made that up. That's true, but you know you'd after you'd have to be a really fucked up due to make up a story like that or you could be in a bad situation, is needs cash, that's too bad to sell a book or really handle dislike for the person you're telling the story about, even though did Stede may have been dead since, like one thousand nine hundred and seventy something I think man I wish. I knew which really do have fancy myself, a pretty big Jimi Hendrix Fan and am totally familiar with any of this little girl throwing didn't killed in him die. You I mean I was you know we heard the legend of whom dying on his own token, on his own vomit yeah I use it all started, because I have a thread on my message board where its called the things they got wrong on the podcast,
we're always high targets, shit. We're were often incorrect like to look at it every now and then in other funds. Maybe some shit- I don't know, but sometimes people write things and they don't even bother Google on they. Just you run about those deliver. Research it at all. Like you said, we were talking about Hendricks and I'm a huge and expand and out we were talking about heroin once on a show and wise it. Somebody great musicians, love Heroin and all these people, like periods, do do you want He was arrested for heroin is arrested, video shoot up heroin, he wasn't a junkie with started here, but I mean the crazy thing is like. Why would you even say that all you have to do is just Google it just Google, it are you sure you know Jimmy so well? But that is that's leftover. That's the internet. The internet is going to fix, eventually, but this is like some leftover legacy ship where people can write. It should be like you know, there's spell check, it should be.
Geniality, you write something got a message board and Wikipedia yours go fuck yourself, stupid. That's not true! I just showed you underlines. This is an incorrect statement, it's. The internet is going to cure it, just like those fuckheads in Kentucky, there's, stupid, kids or their photos or blasted across the internet. Today the internet is going to carry all you can't it used to do that so overtime in Ohio, though, like Ohio, state, big, Ohio, state, Michigan Games and shoot like that, they would, they would have you would walk down. The street in cars would just be on fire. There would be like people would be a life dumpsters on fire, and then they would bomb whole entire neighbourhood with gas. So, even in your house you're seeing their fucking eyes watering and shit in his head, like a rapid towels, your head. It was always this lobby, with some pent up energy and then
to blow that shit out, and these dumb folks have been doing it for like this. For so long, but now everybody with their cellphone cameras and shake you can't just do it. I'd say it's over, so getting away with Shin is just over. I mean like I don't I can't even see like don't don't get married. If you plan on like me and like a cheating worsen, eventually someone's going to put you on blast, somebody is going to take care of your business, for you, there's no be there's. No, you gotta be integrated today be integrated with the hive. You know you know when maybe you can just google it up or who's talking into it or Facebook and look in whatever there's no privacy, no more, especially when you bought. I volunteer my information, I'm here and I'm doing this and here's pictures from hearing right. What do you think about people that are having to give up their facebook information to get job?
Have you heard that yeah I've heard about it? I give up their facebook password before it even started, becoming a story I used to tell like my nephews and nieces like you would see somebody ignorant, shyt, they'd, post and I'd be like YO. This shit never was away yeah. I do be a time on a day when a month, but he's gonna look to hire you and all these will have to do. Is Google distant bang? All that's gonna be right in inner. We organise section four here I tried to get rid of my Myspace I've tried before, if they're holding on for dear life, you can't even delete him, I'm serious man. They were supposed to send me email instructions. I gave my email address. Send me email instructions. How do we feel like we got lost in the email? You know what they like to look at girlfriend from high school. It's like holding out. She really believes that this whole wife its thing that shutting Gonna work out, she's she's gotta, hang their facebook. These they're not gonna last facebook is nothing. Come on. Myspace was huge two years ago before that not even come on my he's coming back
I believe I logged in the other day gee, I did do I looked at it in God knows how I had that bad about the country music thing. I think my managers still deal with it, though then 'cause there's parts of the world, where I believe it's still viable how things like like Russia, I think still messes, with my space was just people viruses, it's just a good distribution method for computer viruses, what the they approve them. My dogs name was Johnny Cash, right. If I knew there was a photo from somewhere something about Johnny Cash, so how to find it and the only place was on my mind, space yeah. I forgot I had fake band on Myspace, and I found like, like seven songs, I wrote one was called Jujitsu and it was all about Jujitsu and all this other kid is called Java lamps. It still on there. That's remember, Myspace, remember we're going to do is for ten foot screws yeah. Did we what we one time we were in Denver?
It was me, and my boy Eddie Bravo and my buddy, Tate and Duncan an Brian and we walked by a wig shop. We just baked fuckaround wandered through Denver. Great number is a great town, and we see this wigs so is at risk and suicide. For whatever reason we decided body, big, crazy, wigs, so all of em are these wigs and we pretended to be a band and the ban was called ten foot screws. After my comedy show, we were Eddie Other went on stage. We introduced him as the lead singer from ten foot screws and he had the odd hyena. Let me use a noise like you would go back and for them and it gave out flyers, saying that they were free tickets to the after party and made up an address like team street. No point love which is made up. It was like you had to take. Something was going mountains have leg. Is everybody was like tat their this? I have had them and they will,
for the whole week a bad. It was this. It was really ridiculous weekend, but there's a thought very funny. Video about it is that video outer. How do you find that Brian Josiah, seven ten foot scourges, Google, ten foot screws? I mean that there were. It was real, some really funny shit. They happy. Auditioning to be in the band member that do they got him to get on his knees. I'm not doing it justice. You have to see it. You have to see the video I'm going to check it out I won't be so fun of you for you. It's like you know. If you're, a bunch of friends, pretend to be standing committees and address like us, and we ve done Giles some on the shit get life on earth yeah. It gets weird right. You go like for long periods, this weekend, come by no ads. I still go out for a month or two. You know like you know at the time you know. If I got to you know, if I can do the weekend thing, it's so why the acoustic thing Lisbon will become a kind of convenient people to dig in on it in its ease
to do when I can travel quicker and move fast. You when you say mother time, is this zero legate. Is it logistically more effective two months at a time like once, you have this stuff out there, your equipment just keep moving. It is not the idea you just kind of move from one town to the next visit, because it's too difficult to fly all the way or suffer evolves more around weekends. I mean like music, BOM Bom play Wednesday night. You know I mean I play Tuesday night right into town. If you know it's, it's yeah most commonly does revolve around weekends, but there's a lot of due to do like off night gigs. I do a lot of oftener gigs for the USA can sometimes will do like a fight night and somewhere Omaha Nebraska or some shit on a Wednesday night. So I'll have a common show on a Tuesday night, but the music more of an everyday things. It again such as you know, it just seems like known as that's the travel band man you gotta keep moving
loading yeah lion like a whole ton of gear. Just gets old. Man gets old. You put it in a trailer. You I mean you gotta still downloading unpacking, so you just drag it around when you fly it out there once and then you drag it around or you can bring other times, will just roll the bus up here to la and take off from here, and so now, when you do acoustic, all you have to do is fly right now I could fly more more. I can definitely get around easier. You allowed to bring a guitar in the plane. I mean, if not in these cases are built for underneath really they they take a beating line taken. Meaning did you see that Ursula Video, United Airlines breaks guitars to check that one I've seen it Brian pull that should have one. You too was kind of how you gonna bring me, also banned that make made us long about it because they they were fuckin thrown a shit? I don't think I remember areas about this. It's actually not a bad song, it's not my kind of music, but when you were when you think of the context of how this guy had created and create a music video
airlines on my way to Nebraska leaned back thing in the ground and passenger said see me my god. The band exchange best described as chair of the actual, though we reject these three points, show complete indifference to me. It's just
how many eleven million, so get united. I think they did. I think I remember correctly. They ended up paying eyeing him. Can you guitars and honest? yeah? I think he wouldn't take it, though I think he wouldn't take the money. I think they offered it to him, but he said no. He was upset that it took so much and so long for them to pay that they should have just paid him like a normal person should get Will you think a stipulation might have been take the video down to a better word, and I bet that's exactly what it was. Of course, I wouldn't Gottfried out when he gets our beds. Village publicity, eleven million Youtube is slowly shit. Minority gigs offer their exact years. I never heard of the guy, and it's a good. I mean it's like that. It's not necessarily my kind of music, but it's a good version of that kind of music. It he's a good artists and then
I checked out his stuff online he's getting some sort of like a folksy saver Herald special com. Yeah he's like a folksy type of a character. That's funny! However, you never have you should get broken, no had clothes. I used to run with different cases and this actual guitar the case like had a hole punched through it like. Luckily it didn't do any damage to guitar, though damn that must have freaked you out I that's what initiated I've had this probably about ten twelve years pearl. Unless there is a John Paul, derivations, canadian company. Made her maid guitars another just love this guitar. So when it is, how many delay this up Ray Gibson like doves and hummingbirds too, is its special woods accompanies different woods are used, I don't know dude it's like you know,
but I wouldn't even know they like cars and on how the hell they work and his plan we'll drive on my display of one of the things it fascinates fascinates me the most but acoustic guitars is that it's organic like if you look at that thing, that's just some lacquer or some clear finnish oversight. Beautiful natural. Would you know, I love that. I love that that was created by a craftsman. That's not something you could really do with just you know a machine in a hole, punch and spit it out. That's that's a real piece of craftsmanship. You know and then just write up here if you're going to get someone to camera- oh angel right there, Our mother of Pearl right is abalone or mother of Pearl mother approved wow, that's fucking dope. I love it. Yeah, that's yeah! That's not just a musical instrument that sounds good art. That's a piece of art were in a lot of my songs on it. I bet yeah, let's hear another one
oh before I do this next one. I just want to say one of the reasons I asked you to come on this week was I made a pretty probably now to my daughter's was born with a disorder. Cod cystic fibrosis, aunt em, get kind of heavy honour. What get involved in the fund raising tip burn and I'm actually get involved with an organization called Csf Foundation or see a foundation see if I'm not, if you need any facts about what cf is, but like, basically pulmonary and respiratory disorder and we're basically kind of process all wrong, and I'm no genius with this. My wife could explain it to you perfectly, but based we'd it are you develop a whit, much thicker, mucus in your lungs than normal and laughter like my daughter, takes treatments to shake them loose and what not an essentially you know that develops over time and kind of constricts. The breathing leads to you know
an early demise for allowing and what not and they're doing a lot of really good breakthrough. Work right now, like seriously like, could within the next decade get a around this thing. It's all, prime. We find it I'm going to be doing concerts and some other things in the future. But right now we have a team. I tweeted you about it and you retweeted it in the link sure you can find a lincoln, throw it up on the thing, one more time we're doing a little walk. You know I mean just trying to get a little kind of thing started and uh. You know this. Next song is kind of a learning, my way myself learning about this and how we dealt with it and it's sixty five roses and its causes. If I roses cause when children try to say, cystic fibrosis often comes out sounding like sixty five roses, so a lot of the organizations are our kind of revolve around that theme, but this song is just it seemed fitting title.
Many bit of wow sensors seen him smile spend too long baby. What went wrong somehow it got spoiled him when he went bad, how to get back to the times that we had. We were both young. Not spirits were bold. Now we're just saying green. We act like we're old. We can't even talk it out that one of us walking away when you rating I just turned twenty nine Spreche out the coffin girl you so fine. The future was bright in the world. It seemed new with some other woman, but I was thinking you know how it hurts know how it feels to know how it is the heart. Never heals was so busy screaming
Joe you the worse than we say, we've taken our lumps. We took a few blows. We hit a few bombs side. Our fair share of wolves tried to see good through all of them and put on our smiles and rich and we're not saying gotta be itself gotta, be strong. Gotta be right, can't afford to be wrong and it's hard to shake the blues. When you read and bad news everyday
worry too much for one coupled bear hunger. So much for one person to care with food and our families with food, not friends, read pain, frustration, hands, hope is a chance. Hopes, dreams hopes the drug mean the hopes of vaccine race against time. I can get down on my knees and upgrade shout at the devil. Not cursed law promised them everything. Hacking afford that sell off my soul, Atlanta, seen Chad to be ranches, travailing prayer outlook stare at those beautiful eyes. All my problems seem to be melting away.
Smile on your face. Everything is ever Greece against Maggie down man. It's beautiful man had it. How did you change from being an essential like a rap guy? You know when you came out with house pain, you were like a rapper and you became like this blues dude along the way, and now I think you fucked a lot of people's heads up with that Whitey Ford Chit. You know, like a lot of people, didn't see that coming when you came out with what it's like a lot.
Through live wo. A lot of it had to do with you know, good friend, just encourage ing me once he heard me doing it like I used to always play guitar and stuff on just kinda, low and right little ditties and I was recording. I live house of pain and was accordance with why man, and he was home, produced, reckon his gun, Dante Ross, and he heard me strung out what actually become what it's like just in his living room, was playing guitar and was like what is that. I know you like we're going to record it and I trusted them enough to believe they. Okay, let's go for it and wow. And then you feel, like you were pigeonholed as a rapper, that people wouldn't accept it or we We think Lama remember the label, the label, do they they they were laid in dating, but they thought I was really fucking up really. Are they thought tat? I was really doing the wrong thing god. They thought that
that I love when people are wrong, like that, I love it. So as an automatic and then I've just fallen in love. Writing songs. You know me, I think, on the time spent as an MC in writing lyrics as a as a wrappers help me learn how to craft words in a way that, the songwriting is that much better for you because a lot of rappers, you know one things that rappers don't get enough credit for is the complexity of their verses and compared to a lot of shit that you hear from just singers and writers daylight, an entire song I just did Amber, might use that many words into one verse, You know I mean you can't not always well, but what I'm saying is you have to learn to use the words and use a lot of them and some not always well but like look at Nans, but you know like when you can be even more. Thus directive about how many words it becomes easier and sore and assess like all. I can choose less words and say more because I'm saying in an unplanned this tomb with it, you know. That's all,
that's an interesting place to come from. If you really think about it. That way, because there's so many more words in a rap song. Let us, but not enough, like a soldier boys on. Do you consider that what a soldier boy so on the things I'm familiar with my hands are arduous kind of labour, chance right Maria thing, yet its work shit. It goes like that gets stuck in rap genre that I mean little John made a career doing that he wasn't. A rap rapper had like come up with good catch little phrases and have like eight of 'em on his own yeah. No, but people scream out when they're drunk in a club, mother, Fockers, India, goodnight goodnight yeah whole song, like that Haiti we want unsold way with their cast it I've been doing it before him. You know right. So what are the label get money aim what he gives my good for you get money money what it with the label say.
He wouldn't say much. I was luckily a kind of a big fish on a small able. You know anybody polio, sign your fuckin up kid, no higher than that in the warm me aside, its only blatantly what they thought. They were the words with each other, as we don't think we, then you need to choose whether your wrapper singer, the order to different projects. They didn't think it was one project, that's lair, I was doing this like that, like what it hams I went to New York and was doing I will I quit house of pain, basically and thought I was over. I was just saying music's over now. What I mean I mean really come on. What am I going to do now? I just was kind of down and my buddy called me said: screw everything to Hell with labels and come to New York and make some music, and I went out there strictly to make hip hop record. So I made all these hip hop. So every all the hip hop songs on that right, before's record we're done. First, they were done. And then the other stuff started happening, and we were just like just between me and weaken our like. This could work if we piece it together right. It makes kind of sense. You know and
made sense does yeah. I remember I heard what it's like an hour whoa this mother fucker. You didn't a crazy chance, God it was the best shit you did Unama, huge house of Payne fan. I love that, but I like your singing better and I mean jump around at all, classic period and always will be the Louie of the nineties when Markets Davis he's too New York City with one of the things I loved you come out to jump around with a fucking killed on some other dudes need to come out to that man. That's a that's a Bob fight music. We need more irish fighters. I remembered TAT the one that you teamed up with Santana when it with a car put per year. I don T know is one of my favorite day and that's what really made me go fuck yeah. He, your yearly Yet I was there was a good hook up. How do I mean? Did you two? How did you meet him? had ever come across. I was kind of crazy incurs.
Basically what happened happens. I recorded that Hawaii for record. Then this heart thing happened and I again surgery like emergency surgery and woke up from it and found out that you know I had cancelled my medical insurance because I have my account at the time rip me off for like couple one hundred grand in taxes and so like. I woke up from heart surgery, like with my house like basically on the blocks and the government calling me for money, and I was in my house. It was in Laurel Canyon in Mount Olympus. It was on the hell. You could see the whole city and house was empty, except for me in a chair, and I was wings were little apartment. I it was it was. It was git, humble tat. But I was spending the last night in his house like looking out as the sun was going down and I had a good. I started a rain, the song all you.
That's what that saying! Hey now all you sinners, the lights were going, but some was going down sitting on all the lights of the city were coming on, ok now uses which relies on the crew. This thing is, I just told this story at one of these acoustic things. Some mechanic I realized recently that I never really talk about much, but I want. I was in the hospital after this surgery, lake at nothing hospitals, kill more people than anything from my areas as much as the surgeon save my life in his thank you know that the hospital damn near killed me. Would you do didn't you dont rest in a hospital? They tell you get resting on his, but every every on the minutes. Some is common in a stick in a needle in you and it's never with its and even in a great hospital- and I was great hospital- is probably one of the best hospitals in the world. It's still like it, nurses that do these things anymore, there's like sub sub,
sub nurses like softwares assistance, all they do is come and take blood from everybody. He goes around with his tray everything, but every man you're always getting poked and prodded and doing something, I'm not telling you what it is and, like I even get explained about the thing taken in my chest until like two days after I woke up like I was I was going nuts from here in the sound. I thought I think I told this story last time about the tell tale like I'm, not so, but basically there's you hear that all day, all day cycle noise to me now, but yeah I by take my pulse, just put that should up to the did you ever heard. This need to hear this that's, that's real shit right, so one of them It's like I was only. I only stayed there like six days. I was supposed to be there like couple weeks.
Like they. Let me go home cuz I was going to. I was losing it. I was going to dice. Nobody will let you sleep, it wouldn't let me rest and I was losing. I thought I just I was convinced I was going to die in the hospital basically but the night before they. Let me go, I was losing it. I mean like that, tears where they just coming out of your eyes and a woman came in this nurse and like was the first person actually just touch me with some just humanity and care and be like odds. It's alright, sorry, so right, and so I was in a sued me enough- that I fell asleep woke up the next day I was able to get out of the hospital. I got home couple weeks later, when I that's what I was and I was like. I want to go back and think this nurse and I mean listen to no at my people. Take me to the hospital cuz. I was
like walking around frail, but I guess something can I get something this person she didn't exist in exist didn't exist. I don't know that you are the guy the angel, a new. By the way you said it the way you said it was setting up a ghost or not. Well I mean it's about the song. There's an angel, there's, a monster live sitting under my bed. That was the noise of me of me on what is this? What he's starting that was the noise of the of the heart of death and then the angel with her hand on my head was the woman
This is a great fuckin saw today they are. My hair was black. Is that raising these white weird things of agents?
that is a grave. Let's look why now wow? That's crazy! It's not seeing that yeah! I constantly have to dye my hair in my that's what my kitchen just looks like fucking, like where you splatter a little bit on your toilet or on your on your wall, and so now it just looks like there's blood everywhere in my bathroom, gotta own it man! I can't I can't just for men at main. That's it! I mean what am I to do with the beard? Man, that's right, the Ivy Lange's at any rate life. He likes it a lot get in there with a brush and do the whole beard among I earned every one of these men. Indeed in than I know are afforded suit is, like my rob, had heart surgery that live eight life. So far, Madame good. Here that song? No in a store, it makes it so much different, so amazing! So me How much are far as you do that you were that? That's that
the root of all fucking brilliance and creativity is a mail is back pushed against the wall. I just fine his back. That's the best shape. That's rough, think about how good that got. Damn song is one of your best songs. Ever I mean you got a lot of great fuckin' songs, but that's one of that. So that's all timer bro, that's timer, and when you think about where it came from, you know percent Hannah anymore. I haven't heard from him in quite awhile But how dumb is your old label feel sexier money, but rather not in business anymore? I love you and that's so whoever the Asol was. It actually said he was a bad idea when that song came out, boarded that do feel stupid. A lot of records man is that guy still in the music business that fucking dumb to give you should it has now rely. It's always amazing. When someone who's he's he's awesome. I really do pot cho protection.
Oh he's like turned in one. He may I mean I made him good forty million dollars man so well. You know it's a lot of money, so you know something I feel four million records. I'm sure. That's not counting the House of Payne Records, that's another, probably three or four million records. That's a lot of records! Sun moon, recital some of our more whether I memorized needs and that you don't want to be number one man. You don't want to the by those outcomes, I, like my life, I got I've always Toby by, like the the music things in my face man. I really do fuck yeah. That's why I say about Steve: what's his name 'cause, I'm going to the olive bar like right at the Ralphs down the street after this and get me some olives and some crackers and like nobody will bother me yeah, you could sneak Steve Miller. Nobody knows Steve Miller looks like the person alive. That knows, the Steve Miller looks like they could be anywhere. Mick Jagger can't go anywhere. You know not that Steve Miller
ever reach the status of the wrong stones, but pretty goddamn, successful, hey man, I admire, keep looking at the olive bar. I don't hang out. We might live garden. Olive bar at Ralphs, like that, where you have all the exotic olives, ok get out. I think I've heard olive garden. You just heard dollars, like I said, I'm bar no, no there's olive olive bar also they're like just a place. That's an olive bar, it's called off in time actually, but I always call it the other part. Oh it's a restaurant bar, that's in Taluka Lake, but we don't know how far is all into our lives and stuff. It's got everything it's like a little whole foods mixed with a bar might have to go check that whole foods in a bar together, but the restaurant like that kind of food. You know that it's good place to pick up. So that's where the actresses hang out and discuss it there and healthy, and I'm going to do what's up. I'm the olives man lives what's that about.
In that case, good olives are disgusting. It's funny that I love the album by tall is, why do you hate all of their growth? Have boils fantastic for you. Did you always like olives that you guys always, I think, that's one of those things that come later in your life, where you started liking all of us or something no my dear light on one thing: I just feel like it: we achieved Alex authorities grows, loves, I'm sorry alike. Anchovies. Now I like them. Making on crushed in like flavors. I couldn't just say anchovy, though, like I'm not opposed to some of those things used as ingredients. In other things, all you half a pound anchovies in a cell wow when you put it on like a big, just hunker bread and make a sandwich out of war. Thank you hear doctors orders to stop faces and eyes and all need. They told me, stop eating sardines 'cause. I had arsenic poison wow. So I was eating. My sardine sardines urges, you know. That's in terrible judge too will do some grape juice yeah. I was like I was talking to my wife. Why don't we ever give her apple juice and it's like 'cause, there's, arsenic in it, and
Google, it haven't german grape juice and acknowledges the the metals, the heavy metals as though its pollution, that's how the yeah that's other sardines absorb a sort of labour comes from the pollution yeah. If you think about what lobsters are man lobsters are the dirtiest bottom feeders of all time they taste good, delicious shrimp to know exactly they used to be like in New York lobsters were like poor people, food, it's like they were so common. These till I get him out of the Hudson River like way back in the day. They would serve him at bars there. That's like they would the big thing that people it's her and that's be like normal bar food, like instead of a burger, you get a lobster like poor people. Food easy to cook
boiling water people crack it open and meanwhile, fuck look at would floors that used to be for poor people yet carpet. If you had money, you know her now, I'm ripping out carpet in in seeing this would floor that did that the judges as glue and fuckin hammers staples in it. They don't give ash cloud. Then there, like sauce thing was a carpet is nasty. It's like. Virginia Fuckin clothes? I mean ass. One of the things about, like you know, I'd never went this cystic fibrosis things. We are to be She can't get cold. I got to have your daughter, never had sniffle. By that you have kids, do you know why monitor their diet, like all is well, as you have to I mean actually know, know, know it with cystic fibrosis is like it's a constant struggle to keep weight on. So you're saying that you're putting your loading up, fats and and stuff like that, yeah, it's it's absolutely. Our daughter is like. Actually that's her only thing she struggling with was a little bit of weight were trying to get you,
which is like that stage where she just sold two one slash two Rambo. So I said yeah and her appetite just isn't huge and it's like you know it's a constant battle to try and get the weight on her. We have specific high caloric foods. You server his load a lot of things. I would extra butters and olive oils, and in you know my wife is constantly we have to, different things like what we eat and wait what she eats. You know like she gets full fat of everything with the highest calories and we try and eat more of you know: lower fat content server like Kobe, beef and stuff along those lines. Will she starting your daddy right for awhile? She would only eat like two things: man, macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets and now she's starting to develop actually tastes for other things like it's like a brilliant day. We can get her to eat a burrito and seed like likes it like you get these new things does starting to get more interested in food. Hopefully
but the treatments. What are they? What do they do right now are now she's doing very well. She has no mucus in her laws or longer function in ninety nine point, nine plus you know per se, and which is awesome, but she still we put her- are not in a vast, that's hooks to a compressor, basically just kind of pilot wheel, shakes or you know, and basically what the the premise that is when the music mucus does form in these. You know people's lungs it shakes at loose, so they can activated a lot easier. So, besides that she did little Albuterol, like you know, kind of, like you know, seems kind of asthma right now. Just for us, it's all preventative at the moment right, our biggest struggle, like I said, is Keaton wait honour just that again and tankers she's no spare
solve a range which is very thin and she needs to be heavier. 'cause it'll help the lung development develop that much healthier. You know, Brian, your friend Mc Chris also was involved in helping yeah I've been I've been getting a lot of messages about me in this dude should link up somehow that's right, he's a great guy and Brian just did a podcast with them and tell me what he say: Brian about cystic fibrosis. I know that he's he's consul he's been he's here. He's like, I think it's I believe it's his niece, I is, has it and so for the longest time he's been doing these you know, shows and he's been doing Ebay auctions and stopping to be giveaways website. Also, he has ways you can help it, the cause, and I asked neither day how much is raising he's Emmy. He just you know a white wrapper, nerd wrapper and he's always, I think he said, and almost a hundred thousand dollars. He is a nine ways I listen to that. Our party apologize
and that was what was the name of that policy and when he got we haven't made an aim of it, we're thinking Muff said or how to if it is going to be released on DES God in the next couple days, Elsie everyone, India, now what we are asking in the in the actual purpose of what we should name in writing in a lot of things. But when it is it's a comic books with me, Ryan Keely, talking with comic books, we had a guy that worked at Marvel. Actually is a point star, penthouse pet. Did you know this or the artist we had? He works on both Marvel and DC. At the same time, he does like Conan. Batman is awesome and stuff like that, he's better, but we're going to what's his name and she called me: I've got Dan, he doesn't think hard drink drink and draw, which is a new thing that will, with I'd, try something they did. I really popular app that's on the Iphone, but he has been doing if at all,
Where is where you just go, and you just hang out with a bunch of people and you all just get drunk and draw at the same time, and now they have it citywide where, like these guys like meet up and these artists and they just sit there and meet each other and they hang out and started drawing schitt a drawn on an Iphone, or you know the iphones just an app to get him together, but with the popularity of that, that's something that he's been doing. What I was saying is that there's a popular app right now that you're pretty much playing win, lose or draw with each other, and that's so big, right now, but he's been Urania having. Yet it was a pretty larry. What unites us is so bug it doesn't seem like we're finished la I'm, not even sure ain't words on their oh yeah. I know it's like eight words, I'm confused so he he's organized something when they get together and they draw yeah like like, like so there's a lot of yeah, there's a lot of cities that are doing this. Where you go to like these bars and just hang his name's Dan he's urban barbarian at Twitter. It's got drinker
and it's just cool. We just hang out and get drunk and meet people, and you draw, and sometimes you have the little missions and stuff- I'm not really sure how it works. I haven't done it yet so everybody goes to a bar and they just bring paper yeah drawing yeah it's their drawing and it's really cool. If you go to use twitter page, he has a bunch of shit like here. Let me show you something he's dying like a madman, drawing that he's done. No, it's gonna blow your mine and they like hell sounds like it would be hard to find so many people that are really into drawing to get together at a bar. Are there many people that good at it red drawings, Hardman? Well, it's gotten so big that it's actually it's in multiple cities. Now it's actually catching on pretty big and with a slight cartooning karaoke or something exactly it's funny. There's a really good way to put it here. This website check out this drawing. He just did the other day I drink her draw of the dark knight. You know, yeah, that's what I did when I was fifteen, it's crazy. Shit yeah, imagine doing I'm getting drunk him well, you're, obviously not going to do it. I would
Do it I still draw dude, I just draw a lot: that's pretty good he's very good, obviously yeah, but now I mean if I was in the comic book art if I was like really into drawing, would be a fun fucking thing to do. I'm sure a lot of people find going out and just hang out with people, that's pretty a lot of people find going out and going to bars like oftentimes, is pretty fuckin born in this guy's. A huge fan of the jury, arrogant, Rogan Pike Ass. He was at a big fanny, was so happy to be here at the studio. Other thing he's a big him. A may fan eyes it, but we have Mnmc Chris on the show it's going to be released next day or two, and it's probably called something like the warp zone or Mufe said, or so. You need to get at me too, oh yeah, but it's not one image that you were just showing the one down right, yeah right. There yeah, what is that this is looks like C. Urban Barbarians Gallagher Liquor bottle in certain urban Barnett. That's that's his twitter name. He just tagged it by you. If you go to a website, here's one he did a madman, it's done a lot
video game covers he's also done like a lot of different random things, oscillate movie posters and showing the sounds of us yeah. I used to love comic books, man, but I I've tried getting into missing adult and for whatever reason I will tell you the walking dead ones, pretty fucking good, that's right here. I just can't get myself to the, but you know I did, though I did get an app on monitoring the walking dead on my ipod, you care than you. That's how I read it. I got out by the way I got the new. I let me now that the new I've had three over here to do otherwise would he do that violent men among younger, because I wanted there the forty hot spy? It's crazy is that I do speed test on it and it actually faster than the in twenty dollar internet. I have here at the studio. The speech was quick, quick. On my ipod than it was hung upon sucking charter business grades.
I don't like your ivory here. I got the horizon of Ipad, yet That's right so right now on L tv network is what it says on there. I have additional hot spots, and now I could have all my shit on that, of course you're paying for the bandwidth, so they don't have like unlimited bandwidth. I have a card that list of rights and our dinner on tour would do with the Iphone. Sometimes I would just make my husband I kill you after a couple of days of that they start hollering messages at yeah, yeah you're, going over right. It's amazing how little bandwidth you can actually use. I got a 4g card. I put in my laptop. I downloaded one movie in there said: I'd use seventy five percent of my bandwidth for the month, so they send you messages yeah yeah! The secret is just don't do videos, but if you do anything else but videos, you should be fine. You know like even Youtube videos, it just wait till you get home because you're going to kill your stream is not as good, though right upstream upstream was faster than that here, real. It was a
screenshot of it right now. I could twig outwitted later, but that's incredible. So you really happy with that. Yet it's called the screen resolution. I didn't think I was going to notice a huge difference, because this is the retina display and stuff. Like that it's totally notice board, when I hold up both my ipod to end the Ipad three together, it's it's night and day different, so that that was a bigger than I thought. It was speed wise, I don't really notice any kind of speed difference. It's not overheating a lot of reports. I've been saying that the new ipads overheating, because it's got like so many dual processors in the retina display and all this ship I haven't, had any problems with put it right over your dick and go scroll here. That's what happens right. They get hot, kill your sperm, and you know that you know there's a big thing that a lot of people don't talk about. Is generic batteries exploding, and I didn't know about this until I went on Amazon in the. If you look at some of the it's a view like by a generic camera for a cam quarter,
the battery for Caterie these cheaply. May batteries explode all the time real in somebody even like, like commented me at something I was talking about in the past, I do don't buy the cheap version. Look what happened to me and he showed me his pictures of his bed where he was in his bed. With his laptop and he had a generic battery in it and it blew up in his bed and it's blackness all around his pill. The cloister that actually haven't you and he goes yeah. Do don't buy the djinn, don't buy that generics it yeah they do. Pull up. Man you'll hear bout batteries blowing. It was actually a case for your Iphone. I'm sorry, my laptop. It was one of those battery extended battery cases and I was going to buy the Mofi one and then he's like, but then I was like well, I could save fifty dollars, but is generic one? Is I don't buy that year was Roccanera morphing one for a while I'm broke in Did it really? What happens? We're just stopped working and rob
a few times; no, never dropped it or anything. But if you look at the comments, that's one of the biggest things for those mofi cases. It's like the thing breaks off. We have to charge it or stop working. So it's adorable! It's not that durable. Have you seen that new phone? It's called the galaxy note. It's five point three inches and it's like this bet. It's enormous. It's like it's a cross between, like a tablet, found the coming up with another I've Ipad. Supposedly that's a and b that, like that, like other smaller version like a seven introversion realized, but it's not a phone. You know like an and along with the idea that says a stylus and you could write on photos. You can write like I'm with stupid and put an arrow and then put that showed up on twitter mean it's right on the photo. You take a photo with it's like eight hours I've had. I can do that on my phone right. You can write scribble on it, I'm a killer on the Iphone. Do. How do you write with? What do you write with? You can use a lot of different programs at the one I use on the Ipad for doing that. Exact same thing is called ten oh hold on. Let me look at you
stylus these your finger. I have a stylist, but I never use it if you use your coat fingernail, it's a card pin pinual or something like that, and there's also one color box hd, which is my new favorite drawing. So you can do the same thing. It's just want to just take a photo or take it from your library through it on their tweet, some dude auditors, Louisville elsewhere for two whole seconds. I really thought I was an acid, the guy This camera news come and help me with this. This phone might does not attend and that's how the camera? That's not a phone with the fuck. Is that, like I really thought I was on acid, the phone was so big. I was like this is beyond looking glass, I'm Alice in Wonderland. You know I'm like looking at a table that the size of the moon. Let's look at those things like that can be re. I think the Ipad or the Iphone five when it gets announced, probably in June or or so I think, that's going to be something similar to where it's, maybe not that big. But I really think that it's probably going to be from wall to wall screen, maybe a teeny bit bigger and skinny behaving somebody
like the size of this. The way it is not a whole lot of people complain, people that are really into media applications, and you can always get an android malpractice that time so that new ice cream sandwich the new operating system on Android is pretty fucking dope dude, it's pretty wild more people using androids now than are even use an Iphone, but I think the app markets and honest and the malware market is through the roof way, more fake shit and malware, and viruses and nonsense for androids everybody who oppose the sunlight Instagram for because they apparently just let Android joint Instagram were posted. A picture is a cause for thought. You internet users and it was a toilet with a bunch of gold that was pretty toilet with a bunch of gold fixture year. Here's a toilet with a bunch of gold fixtures suspect or are you and I don't get it Android, the toilet, with a bunch of gold fixtures. Oh I suicide.
I thought it was funny as now I'm Rock Iphone, because I, like the lenses, my buddy and rent. Oh yeah, show shown this. He was showing me this and I'm going to freak the fuck out. I need to get one of these friend of mine's father invented this thing called macro lenses. This case starts with the case and has this like handle that you can kind of make into almost a steadicam kind of thing watt and you just screw in there, but then a wine angle in a fish islands bill into the handle you can pull out. That is why there's two of am take my word for it. You just pull it off. You snap it on, and now you gotta crazy fish eye lens we're taking pictures earlier within its per like dirt inequality lenses. Actually, I was, I only saw those, but it will be real. Had one of those it's his buddies, dad it's a friend of ours,
great see you got the lux model with the handle and shed his didn't know how to handle. He probably just doesn't use it like I'm always on the camera running around doing stuff for Instagram and look at the Instagram, which I love it I just signed up today, keeps me outta trouble. Man yeah just today signed up doing all kinds of edges: Og Everlast on both Twitter and Instagram come Holler, Joe Rogan experience on Instagram as well. Here's a question, your picture by the way the first photo ever upload on Instagram. The one I took today is that right in this studio got damn. History was when you need to attach my name to hold you over there. I don't know how to use instagram in the comments just put at Ogi overnight. I'm a noob. I just don't understand. Why then I'll? Follow you right back I'll, be able to think I didn't. Actually in the comments I said, I think I started twitter yeah for total. Do I have to do them both know. It's also involved on both they got will then it happened it already or you wanna do one more song. We got the funk out. We could do one more song, it's two one more song hold on
We are more and more people to each other's skype. Lotta, positive, Andrea, diverse verse, you put that in the air, and let me let me take a rag off of that Muhfucka right there and I'm going to make it happen. I'm going to go classic on you. Sugar, cookies, joint barbershop things. Sugar cookies are having sugar cookies. We live here, yeah yeah will lie here. We go these gentlemen, the one and only Og, Everlast Oh yeah,
man and local stole beg. You Jane the hair on his face during general out there who main yes, man would expand. Shaving his eyes, get a child. You plugging slabs out. He replied, you have had while a married man would slang nay, man, it's lie. Mary man is lying,
it's locked a guy named so bad dream. I swear to God. Damn man now stay calm down
you ever had the man did too there is a new man. Lying ban is living. Men lay seen rich man may seem good man sand seen itself man. These sad man, green, heard, an honest man
the good side, bad downside of never thing between Lake Silver Spoon, drink from the Golden CUP smoked finance, green baddest times, LISA covered signs for Brookdale hard. He knew the demands. We start
MAX Van snack, sound, hey early phase, one that there was a lad max allows this year, that is, crime, laptops shared as well as pay. You knew we fast. They say we need a gay gap ever had. Well, then,
it's a lie, namely its day, gave a loud, powerful, Everlast dude. That was awesome man. Thank you very much. I don't have anytime dog I'll come back every week. This is too much fun. Dude you're the best
and having you so much for the so called you wanna be rights. I think he's got a bromance go away. You know gotta gotta do to bromance to put the wings on it, though, but the wings on him too. You could totally do this way. More often people love you. I love you, I'm so happy love came through the podcast man and you know if you got an extra buck. If you don't it's all good people how to do this again, I don't know the link offhand, but just hope that job tweet it out again and see if they have dot org there's a great strides is the name of the organization where the Schrody family team, that, you know we're trying to get our team. Obviously the donations, but even if you know, if you just sent them a donation, that's fine too, but we got. You know. This is a little walk. We sponsor every year and as you know, we like doin,
and I said I said I got I'm hitting you up and a lot of other cats. You know from in the future we're going to put together some advance and really do some I'll do anything to get this thing wiped out in the next five years, and then I will move on to the next thing, and this is all a lot of reasons privately financed yeah. There's no government funding whatsoever for it, man, it's complete private donations, and it's also ranked like as one of the top charities in the world as far as getting it's the high eighty percent I'll on how much every of every dollar gets into the researchers actual. Does it when you are so closely or you know you so closely involved with something like this- is as good drive you crazy. She like that Coney shit, you know when you made your now know, because in Armenia it's not a horrible thing for everybody to jump on the bandwagon of you know. I mean the back businesses. My roses, such a rare. Like thing, I mean psych, my money in order, brought my daughter to have it both, I and my wife had to be coordinated
carriers of this. We had no idea cause. I've, looked back three generations of my family and generous your hers and has to be at all. He has to be both. If there's one of us, they didn't it will it work, and you know, there's If I have more, children is a one in four chance that that child will have cystic Rosa sets out. That's a Junta thing, but it doesn't bother me men is room for every. You know everything needs help. I mean like out other. I met the disease scandal involving call. Did you know that guy rate off alot of people on highly huge percentage of the money went to him and his organizations that where they found of naked industry Myers crazy? That's a shame! That's for migratory general is is like look man. This is this is my priority. I don't expect a guy out there who maybe he's we're dealing with a child with something else, cancer or now syndrome. If I expect them to disarm, do him up now, I'm saying hey you gotta, after extra fifty cents in and missed in five songs, for you today may be touched, yellow some you I'd just here
today from throwing it down. So we're a couple, one thousand dollars from complete strangers, and there was a lot of one dollar. There was an you know what don't think that does make a difference. If that's appreciate, I know how hard times are that one dollar debts? That means- not anymore. This people give five hundred dollars. I was trip and I was like these strangers man and and I really wrote on twitter- the kindest strangers is overwhelming it's beautiful times and it makes them feel so good to people. Don't know if they're never donated something like that. If you really wanted this is something we could honestly believe in and there's things going on right now. This thing can be it's a genetic disorder. So technically you can't really all you can do is treat it, but they can treat to the point where its nullified and neck happen in our lifetime in these kids won't be dying in their thirties, and you know you know up until recently that the median lifespan is thirty. Five, that's it that's what I read instantly when much I was diagnosed, but
it's changing every day right now, because the science every day is getting so much better. So we don't know now, because we haven't what these effects have had on these youngsters Massa I mean I guarantee you that would delay spans already means being increased daily, but this thing could be like put to bed honest within the next ten years, if the right money and in the right found in its way things it's one and it's like such a complex genetic thing. I am not trying to tell you details, but exhaust sound like, but is things that attracts the most brilliant minds. It's one of in puzzles that the most do they want to figure out. As far as in the medical field you get, the cream of the crop and, like I said see up dot. Org is one organisations I eighty eight. Eighty five to eight never say, senator dollar is given to the researchers is knocking it's chopped up and knew they'd their document
when the best charities. In that sense, that's beautiful, see, F, F, dot orphans. We're gonna put this greatly derives. You know, there's walks all over the country to you could start your own team and and raise your own bread, and you know if anybody feels like doing it. You know- and I said we're going to have concerts and we're going to do all kinds of things, but right now that we're sponsoring this walk, I'm in cff dot, Org folks are going to put it on twitter too. If you forget it from today, if you're listening, you could put a direct link to the Schroeder family team, so you could dedicated or like in the name of Layla, are beautiful, healthy so far, young daughter, Anne hope to keep her that way. Yes, we'll throw that up on twitter and will get as many people and thanks for all the love and Rudy. Last time I came on, I got more love. Never ever I've done a lot of shows. I've done a lot of things that I've never seen the reaction. I saw it coming on this show. This is a beautiful group of people out there, man, beautiful group of people that have tuned into the show- and I don't you know- I don't know how it all happened, but I've
will very very fortunate. I think Brian feels the same. You know it might have something to do all those cookies cookies. I think I think sugar cookie word modifier man real hard to tune into it. We're trying real hard to tune into it and we want to. We want everybody else to tune into it to together. I believe that we can truly be a better group of human. All of us. Can we as buyer each other? We push each other forward and if you get enough people that thinkers The way it doesn't. You don't lose hope you do know that there's people out there that got it. This also people bear the got it right. You could find them. You know you could live your life like a goddamn episode of Nancy Grace and only look for the shittiest things every goddamn day, really freak yourself, the fuck out. That's that's true and real.
You could live your life. We need possible together a lot of money man and make a network, and just have it be the Good NEWS network, but yeah, no shit. I thought you would be a huge success. Man yeah exactly we have seven billion people on this planet. We concentrate on the most horrific thing, there's a lot of good news. Man, you wouldn't know it you're right you're right, and that would be the Good NEWS for you. If you came home from the end of the day, wouldn't you just be glad to be like? Let me just see some good shit happening in the world turn that on exactly for forty five minutes, exactly we were constantly afraid of danger. We have information. That's coming to us from places will never physically be yeah, still worry about it and ambition There is good news from those places to that, we're not being told I bet yeah bad mother, fuckers Cupid the dark right Joe could answer.
Quick me and Joey Diaz are going a short little Midwest or what is it is now on sale. It's may 17th will be in Columbus, oh may, 18th will be in Cleveland. Oh may, 19th. We in Pittsburgh Pa Deathsquad DOT tv right at the top of his death squad, mini tour for other links. The tickets mean Joey Diaz, that's awesome! This is your first time on the road like with the comic like Joey, just you and Joey just me and Joey wow, how much time you going to one thousand five hundred and twenty, and that Joe is going to go off. Yeah, Joey a lot of those little five hour. Energy drinks, those as well. It's going to be fun. So what are the places just sits on death Squad tv yeah, that's y dot tv were playing the woodlands Tavern, the grog shop in the Mullins in Pittsburgh, Don't bars like it like legs, Stanhope style, we're doing midnight, small many man, ass old ass, the rapes does refer, you can I was where was, I was ants or we were somewhere and we,
going to a restaurant, and it was like you know, had a half a bar like we were in really good restaurant to. I think it was in Chicago in italian spot and like a comic, just started, like I guess, they're having a comedy niners. If you caused in his dislike, got up and running eating dinner, and I don't even think people were expecting comics to be there like. There may be, was there girlfriend and they just went at it now, just like man, I don't think I could do there. That's right businessman trying to get a laugh out of cats. That is like got a mouthful of food and like looking at you like what the hell are you doing here. I've done that said. I used to do a waiting room. I did it only once the gig was canceled, but it was waiting room of of a restaurant, and this is the first day they were going to have. It was a huge restaurant and what they had. They had two big jai Gigantic Places the Massachusetts like down by the cape. They have these giant restaurants. There, man, like preposterously big, did it again boom drink
and in the middle of it there is like a place where they would have a stage for a band. Speed would be like waiting like waiting for the table would be called an just go on stage out of nowhere. I mean I remember if a dj introduced manner what happened, and I tell telling these ridiculously fucking dirty jokes. You know strangers and right when you're about to hit the punchline Johnson table of three year. You're too was ready. Can you come to the vote? It was on the Saint Pierre system. My PA system for telling jokes, was on the same PA system as the tables that was, that was one of the most ridiculous light. Had Azra been business. Anybody who gets somewhere comedy man, I like is recovered and fight. Gay man, you gotta, have a particular yet ever particular sickness. Like a fight gave it you're, really truly talented. You might only have to fight two or three fights in some real shity organization. A common EU propaganda like early on due mainly while the
what you should never get out of a shity situations. You should always stay in the muck, because if you ever get to soft and get to? You know only preach to the converted and you don't go out and do like some sleep the place and rang seed. Second, Diego yeah, there's a there's, a very real vibe that you get off a real small crowd. It's a different vibe, especially small crowd, dancer totally different thing if I were to stroll into a bar and start playing songs it's not the same, even if its total strangers dead, like you know like I was a dead call, just show up and do it it's a total different breeds in your hand, would be way more accepting of show music in the background and listening to you playing with them like engaging people as a community like directly like. I want you to laugh at what it's saying: it's very arrogant too, and most people, you see a person there on stage and your first reaction is: why should you be the guy talking? Who will you that I'm going to give up the position I'm going to back and just let you run my thoughts with your loud amplified mouth. It's offensive,
you're, not very good at it, and when you wanted to just go to a bar and have a drink, and some fucking guy was not very good. Is up there saying about Shitte jokes mean that's how we learn how to do. It takes balls of steel, mandatory every retard, doesn't matter how good you are. It takes balls of steel to fry, but it's a fun. Gig Joey Diaz says he said it's the hardest. Easiest thing you'll ever do that's the best way to describe it. I think, if you get good at it becomes easy, it becomes fun, but it's hard to stay it's hard to stay good, trying to stay in that frequency. You know. That's that's true of a lot of stuff yeah. It is right
right, if you don't keep it moving yeah and flowing yeah, I always feel like that yeah. I would take too long and don't write some music. It becomes very hard to kick start it and get it going again to where it's going to be a level I'll be acceptable, and that's why I buy mannequins yeah. That's how I do it Brian. Have you ever read the war of art. I don't think I'm great book about killing procrastination about making you making you get, gets done, do our jobs like something I liked reads, really small shore book, it's it's people, even people that aren't artists. It alarm it get you motivated to just get shit done that you've been procrastinating. The way the guy puts it Is there a Stephen press field and he wrote a bunch of books? Is a pretty famous offer a lot of like his store oh novels and stuff. I think my Bolivia is famous for, but he's he's also famous for being, like really prolific,
he's super honest, his book about how he was a fucking loser up until he was like forty years old and it just like he couldn't couldn't fucking get it together. It couldn't just work, he couldn't he just kept failing and then finally figured out how to just become a professional, how to really become a professional and fuckin' work. And when he did that everything changed completely changed and he's like super honest about it and super honest about what holds you back, the resistance he calls it resistance. Like the lazy procrastination, all the self destructive shit that people do to avoid doing things, they know they should do the way he puts it is really quite and it's very it's very buzzer real small too, if you're, not big, the war of our will get. You can use nice in small towns everybody man! Thank you. Everlastingly always come back again, any we're just gonna.
To do more of these Bryant transmitting will have to do at least three a week. You need to do like you know, even like I said, bring somebody into the next time. You want to meet some of these cats maps, and do you tell me anytime, I got somebody that you want to come on man you're getting ticket. Always I got a few folks that want to come onto without no we're going to make some should happen. Folks were gonna, make some shit happen. Alright, yes, You heard all your folks thanks. Terrible things in a flashlight gotta Joergen not now click on a link and entering the colony Rogan savers up some money on new jerk off toy. I use it. It's fuckin want my way actually said that sounds like some guy, that's cool. I guess you're gonna jirga up it's like you're crazy. It's way better than regular masturbation Phuket solid ground, That is the first one for man. That's a puzzle is really good for
Sometimes it's really hard right. I got some questions. I ask him real, quick sure we have time yeah absolutely. Is it disposable or jar? Yeah? Well, you're gonna, throw the weight jeans! Man, I'm saying it so how many million record like one of these things you get like a certain amount of uses out of or just clean it after, while you kind of want to probably get a new one. Now, in my opinions, 'cause I mean I push it out of a middle. I don't want him anymore, he's a savage though he shoves it in corners of couches in Fuckin', assaulted, he's an animal man right now looks like a wildman. I said it has a lot of blood stains yeah. You look at him and he's very deceptive he's quite violent and sexuality. I've been scared of him since I met ok thanks to an atomic microphone, sound good yeah, I mean, I think it's a really good thing: no training either this fucking crazy bastard on dot com, au And- and I t makers of our brain new mood. Shrewd export interim, take me and go check it out gotta on a dog.
Entering the code name do and you save. We have ten percent off all orders, not just First, you dirty bridges. We will be back at least once this week, most like twice, while likely twice Jim Jeffries going to be here on Friday, and I we're going to have one before Friday. At probably Wednesday may be with me friend, DOM Irara. If I can talk him into it, one of my favorite old school comics and a great great great friend of mine and a brilliant comedian die. Hopefully will get him. Are you dirty breaks? A I'll, see you soon. We love you very much, and you know the Fucking Sea.
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