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#220 - Bert Kreischer, Brian Redban

2012-05-25 | 🔗
Bert Kreischer, Brian Redban - Date: 05/24/2012
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she sat there and we go live and then things are cracklin and then people are talking about is listening what the fuck no no one's thomas what to say would you just do it and we started right now starting right now as my second road and experience bog cast is brought to you by the flashlights if you go to your rogan doug net and click on the link for the flush light and then you the code name rogan ye will save yourself fifteen percent off so you or not shoot your loads are you trying to get rid of you'll see you self willoughby the money i used my near the naked eye to memorize always use a table with about gas i just for cinema man came in i was i thought my flashlight and
i looked at it limited sittin there like what are you doing like what do you do it like you have made a you know that's the thing enjoy when you taken on like the remedy for a weekend you feel like a whore like real taken on the road you now angela folliot like a chechen horror at the bottom of a coal mine just that was a great announcing was it's it's a little too good well women are very comfortable with it it's a little too effective and by the way this is just the beginning technologies can improve right twenty years ago i didn't never car and now we have a flashlight what would be the technology so do you think the robot fucked you thank you for sure always download something that like acts like the hottest porn star alive but only exists to fuck like know shuddered but when you turn it on it looks like a person wants to fuck mean it's really creed b to us but we have to assume
that we are we're not a perfect being the human beings not perfect it's not at all done being involved is just a start along the way just like monkeys were step along the way just like turtles are a step along the way where it with this this thing is still trying to advance and improve right so you can accept the fact that that's a part of the equation equation absolutely i forgot this analogy about jacking clay bodies we're gonna do we hate them in fact them i need i do sometimes you don't want all the extra hassle that comes with dealing with a person in just one to be able to get rid of some loads and if you could have like a fake person they can even make out with you and stuff like a fake person it's without the ideas i well what is as blade run armies is fuckin is this
some sort of human slavery or you do you really wish had a real person would have this inspires me will actually get real slaves in than they do have that the guy had that girl trapped on his bed and he was married he made her sleep under it we are seeing that the thing where was the word where the fuck was still she was like a she can i go to them all with the mission and then she slept under the bed and they just fuckin crazy shit or but that its that it's that stockholm syndrome my answer no more you believe that your capture is helping you out so i ve been a relationships like that there are fuck girl with start off with the mouth and then like as technology gets better the mouth get smaller and smaller and smaller than of a deed no mouth why would you do that does she have been brought in that like goes right through some issues release anyway were also brought you by car makers of our brain true tech in truth to export and
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i should merely in german the fog will gain experience powerful bert frazier i'm planning mine i'm gonna try to imagine ideas on the biggest possible leg it whether it be letterman like just slided in it but i want to make an uncommon gonna get awkward embargoes when ideas at night i mean nevermind nicky is a nightmare kamal sown in jail shit that dude is mother fucker i fucking bad guys you i've never been
sold to an entity he could leave me in a war is a fascinating do who is really is a fascinating guy you know when i really when it was really intense when he was talking about how he was willing to fight him in brazil s in it he knew that either he beat him in brazil in front eighty thousand people like they were gonna want his head what did he say about the brazilians you don't mean he said aloud shit is insulted nogueira whose you know whose anderson silva jujitsu trainer in a famous mix marshall fight arrow of a former pride champion and one of the all time grates it's like it we like insulting mohammed ali or something along those lines are insulting that would say muhammad ali sugary you know you don't i mean it's like cause he's not like a political figure courier bridge recent meals joke about monetary vocs no my favorite was lashing michael j fox on a new conference about
organizations and this motherfuckers trying to shake the champ how you go out shake the chant mohammed trying to catch up he's got you on a genius of guys pocket plenty motherfuckers funny way back children of your brain chael sonnen that you don't since he insulted minnetaki again who like like i great champion and you know end in brazil he's like you're he's a fucking hero you know any insult it is jitsu in just a moment there was a lot of land got a negative things we set about brazilians and so they found and people realise how like nationalistic brazilians our man i got that from that projects that i was they take it to the next level i've never been in a crowd that show nationalistic that was so wanted the brazilian fires to win and fuckin hated when the foreign fires one
play one foreign fighter one mike kyle was the only guy who won that night they ain't worth some fucking cigar wraps i'll tell him that you beat the energy in the crowd is so intense they love fighting in brazil they fucking love it man but very respectful very nice people very friendly you know it's not like there's a bunch of thugs going around like everywhere you go people are pretty chilled laid back it's a beautiful country i'd like to go back grant boast does not gonna put never gonna happen you can go me want go with me fuckin in her got under way because i'm gonna happen you travel like every fuckin weaker by the good does not want to see you have seen brazil and june of early with me if a victim i felt really must go through a chaotic say now comment on that do that brazil do not have the original how that would get you know what it's crazy man when you just look out over the ocean news like that of the view that they have like like especially in real it's like gum
so let the like so connected to nature unanimously and i dare completely connected to nature when you look at how rio is with the five allies in the hills and the city at the bottom and oceans right there and the way you look has like man they're constantly reminded by nature something then do a lot of places in america just don't have me art is really have that seem also building see mossy shit we made to something about being in the presence of something like mountains and ocean which is making us or just like wind by going to the top of my washington and the winds are like a hundred and ten miles an hour and you were up there and you literally i met my heart sank eta my asshole to be lifted off his mount my gone just see a bird could you fuckin immersion that's happened before people been taken off the sides klopstock yeah yeah they have picketed cars get tripped over by wind that we all want
we are selling me when i'm driving on the street and i feel my car getting pushed by wind totally parted there are cars that of course go middle never happen an engine storms of compromise off hurricanes yeah well you know in dallas the last tornado man they would do reset as they were flying in the air you didn't see it no no my god that was just this year this year doubtless be seen it probably video man you gotta show because it's just so i have a video over people's own hard to look at its just its it do you did to trot wrap your mind around something that could take a semi and floated in the something that you can't see an eighteen wheeler truck its invisible and its floating this fuckin semi in the air and the only reason why it's visible oz cause it's got us warm of shit that its carrying going around as good a swarm of shit inside of it back god dammit scary what do you do in that situation you pulled up in the wind issues or anything scary than seeing that final com
just knowing is nothing that can stop and you that but that thought we go there's no way this is gonna get transport company look at that duties flying through the air those i must say that blocking the semis that have little son of sam i several semis grow totalling around in the sky then dropping down from at least fifty feet high down into the ground you look at that look at that look it's our look at the sitting down and comes bang lange's lands on my right down a guide please look at those semis do so certainly we those early tea wheelers man on the south side of dallas still within ports look at that only there's link three of mines in juggling satellites will turn a grocer light pause those are like tools that are standing up the semis are like he sighed wholly look at that fuckin thing area around the mosquito area just to them
the mosquito it's so weird that we are so like so nonchalant about these things about tornadoes nato's and living in a just even the remote possibility that a tornado white hate your area like shouldn't you to that end where you fucking everything you do that should be factored you should have definite escaping into a seller like you should just be like well if it comes let's just hope did you ever see that joplin missouri footage will they show the before and after i believe it was joplin missouri is it a town that was literally erased literally a race to the top he ll come in the square scary thing is they come in the middle of the night man go to the middle of the night so you have to have like tornado warnings or someone's got to be paying attention they got to blow horns and then you got to get in your spent while the monster made out a wind rips your house apart i do they had in time error communities just vanished they completely vanished down to the foundation
that was a wind that wasn't a werewolf goes doing that and there of the half half puff and blow to your house and you billy we gonna kill that fucking thing we're gonna to get away from where it lives we you know but instead of being aware of werewolf it's plan it's a wind monster and we just sort of accept it if you look you live in the path of a fucking werewolf it's a win monster man to god it's thor you know ripping ours is opposed to god no wonder why is storms when when people are savages they thought it was the anger of the gods and no wonder why did you imagine you dont know words could not ask something like katrina we're dont know one its common evolve maybe if you don't mind reaction fabian action must be disrespectful words maybe reaction just the biological the sheer size of the biological entities of the human race
massive amount of waste that we put out if that makes a global warming and that really does pick up the intensity of storms and all that shit's debated i don't know if that's true or not whether now mean people have tried to make that connection when human beings global warming and the acceleration of these storms but i don't know where the status that is all i want to speak to them but its negative energy are collected but way how we're would it be that's if we finally it was true tat we found that once people get to certain fever pitch in the earth just has a response of the big gusts of wind monsters disorder like shudder beta fuck up why is it so fucking warm over here we are all here just be sunny everywhere sunny and beautiful you madge if that's what it is like gods death squad is tornadoes
just a sends them down every now and then please get these can't off my planet initiatives here joe it unless it cox workers which is the thing we're pino god created people but people just figured out how to get way too good at some shit way too quickly and the race between nature trying to squashes and us try trends and being human as a fucking bizarre concept as the race asturias right now as raises between us coming up with some sort of technology that lists lives us out of our monkeys since or the swallowing a southern a super volcano back that's some good champagne was great champagne fucking when we celebrating you're celebrating hold on hold on this wrap this up from a little my mobile phone number that fucking
concept is egg is but as bizarre to fucking god is just its with that separate us really is whether or not right so the reasonable i meant to say it but it was his nature was a system and it's like you know certain things got to highlight human waste of human waste cause a certain amount of disease which is does you know things where we fuck things up cause a certain amount of deaths almost like cancer with sex you lost me fell off the bike if you have sex then that said the planets way of getting back like stop having sex and you read the fucking bible and we're going make cancer so if you stop never mind and this is my god i think i kind when i mean like would have it was connected cancer the worst thing in the world connected with the best thing in the world kind of like the same kind of carmen see what happens rigour high is that the i think is what i think is that you have a paragraph in your
that is a very well thought out but all you can piece together like five words paragraph and your brain scrambles and pick the five best and the worst is when you're half way into the paragraph in your what the debate it is the worst i doubt if it was a normal ah you know awesome i would look at you would look and we would all be edited all these things and like the bow our railway way fucking around you have readily give added value in the best of the brian glimpse learn that you may laugh so fucking hard cause there's something embarrassed your brain and a lot of ways is that like out whereby they were both very childish both about like a child heart and sway you're a lot of training funny i can tell extremity syria i laughed in a hotel room
and ours is watching over and over again the air is this really ridiculous with you call out are the best moment now the best my favorite one is when he goes by data magic glass even that one can see opposed and one and then i'm i'm listening and i go there call bifocals that's logical franklin had my dad owners banknotes about one of those things where it's a a belt that goes around relieve really fast and it has like these metal prongs that day i've just hover over the belt the the rubber belet so it collects electricity and then you have you put this old dome on it and the electricity that collects inside the dome and it gets off odd thing it's twenty thousand votes of electricity it makes her some like that i was and so he showing this to me and he's like we he's like he's too and i mean this is what he's doing on its free time is look at his all these batteries like lined up in
wires he's like i'm trying to have the electricity conduct copper wires and anything explaining like this whole he's like if i could figure this out we're gonna be billion airs and others like what you do is watch what happens when i turn off the light and he puts a he takes a metal hammer with a rubber thing any this holds out the thing in the electricity just shooting towards the hammer and in between you know the peripheral out now like the little v thing just electricity's going back and forth really really it's like a dad what the fuck are you need start smoking we because this is really of your high just going into this little fucking thing regenerated dome arbours had no you just just hold onto the rubber of that them get your dad baked didn't uganda edibles no it was we'd pop so need soda yeah you do now you didn't know it doesn t really do having a video assets why did you dose your dad because
i wanted him i wanted to see what would happen anyone has it happen happened he became very giggly and laughing and happy and it was really cute and i ve never told him video is i wouldn't you tell him what you tell me you know it was like i don't know i guess i wanted it does he want hang out of my house in california was in town for work and using get the same one night and he was hanging out with its having us he's you like a drink i have a couple just a used car journeys cut the blue right right he was having fine and then so we're sitting around and i think you are somebody gave me a bottle this huge somebody named the seeds bottle it looked like a champagne bottle but it was pop soda pop and so i porter classing katy portico sounds like daddy when some of this and i sent a kind of like i don't know if he knows what this is but he's actuarial how some of that and i'm ok
and then i just gave it to me and it so often unama diverse zena talking like easy does about how do you know rate perpetual motion or whenever he always talks about and in i then he does became giggly and happy and it was just like that this shitty grin the whole time and is a great wouldn't tell about this i give it a big seems like he enjoyed it seems like ebay you might be really is a real job he would have got drunk tested i would have thought he would get fired from his fuck man a bad i imagined i swear i've never small part of my life what cooler near here girls me i was only three weeks ago you were higher than for a long time ago i could never know my dad might have a fuckin ah why i just don't know why you in this town i now i will win when i listen this lane on how he would we becomes legal in ohio i will tell
imagine my only five years item so crazy did just tell him i was almanac urban area guys you're listening any no brain now let me tell me towns like videotaping law what the fuck did you dad do do when you are young you want or germany he made me look at his inventions and machines you darwin hours and hours on end i just sat there and watched did wire shit like this there's a picture of me like on a old school computer of your seamy tweeted or whenever and i'm just like playing on this old like what it was machine that's pretty much what i did like every night out go downstairs and watch my dad try to invent crazy shit and fix things like he's one of the guys that you could give anything and he would fix it like anything like that you give him a tv you give him a fuckin car he'll take apart the card figure out what's
within rebuild like that part isn't maiden more you'd build that pardon phrase it sounds like you're done my life might math better yet had to be a fund worldview daddy had aroused them forget i made my own after all he ran a reworked a fork close and shit hundred fucking works like love those eyes dude gotta matter all went on a rage who did bryant briarwood like an arrow re actually have my dad showing his computer machine here how he talks it's fucked i alright let's listless listen my dad talk about it this is him going into his workshop explaining his christy machine you would should you be giving this stuff out on the air services like a patent or anything that there still is this
sharp like this it doesn't seem like a lightning the light will probably work oh my god you don't like mr science crises there was so scared because you can see in the video but there's like blue light use of art lying among them over to the how are you happy people don't understand as this is in the dark and ok he's chauvinists guineas got it would look at blue when those tesla machines yes i did something so let's go is going to test them she's got it's not a big laboratory either now it's it's it's a little work space that he built the other that recently g built the whole we dislike tore down i like the sight of his house like like with us
when hammer and built that humongous workshop for him in the other day is accompanied by new cars by new cars we extended his garage by two to comforts personal married their divorce they he's been remarried for like out of fifteen twenty years on my phone thus a lot like you i guess the euro you like that you like the two figures shut out yeah he pretty much if there was computers when he was my age you'd be doing the same thing with computer to date and what do you like your creativity with computers and then just hear your mind it resisted all from high never sent railing that's raising as you know how that can be trends the government like the children of singers hooking just now really saying oda bahia smoke like kids are naturally i genuinely say my kids are naturally volley will owe percent like my kids are like they make other laugh like like how will digits five seven and therefore fucking funny
i think it's from being around you been around a comic or do you think it's a day is added as i think two things one is being around me and i'm car i'm constantly light did not always fuckin my goal for everything is laughter about everything and then i think os that i have a group of friends are run through my house and my kids i've been around and they try to make them laugh and i think that that takes up the usa look if you sit in about a certain nothing as mothers evil at all but you're sitting at about research to try to make the baptist breach two pretty easy laughing overly is always that right good job like it but it's not like i caught a vague did like sense of humour billina tom cigarettes and on a couch he's drinkin beers and my keys are trying to make a lap they come up with some funny fuck my daughter i this is gonna sell lie because i'm just telling you this yesterday this is maybe the hardest i've ever laughed at my youngest daughter my wife is trying to brag on the fact that and my unfounded we're having problems with developmentally she's not retorted but that sounds horrible to fuck i shouldn't be done
but she's not she's not she just a emotionally she's a very wild kid she's a spirited child again someone's trying to bring on her to a stranger and swear to god right now i've got island i have been playing cooties annesley this lady please sit right there really issues yet and i love what do we say when we when we lose a turn on cooties and ilo without messina because fuck your mother i fucking fell apart laughing at me no no no and i love you so i was go above your mother put your mother and i think i know is that i'm i'm on my way go knows they got started got started diagnose it like an hour ago and then i just then because you she's got a laugh she fuckin i will examine your mother that debt refiners all fuck your mother and i swear to you on both my children's life that is
what would happen in the m was like i don't know she heard that some of its isn't it that's the big concern amongst people that are raising children is your kids learning how swear and swearing and that being a sign of bad parenting form a horrible parents foolish it's so foolish the idea that you really exclude certain words and that somehow another this excuse a certain words is gonna make people behave differently is it really counts are gonna be kinds that is what it is you can't change things bided removing fox and in like if little kids they fuck it's funny what it is it is really bad bad of you over fuck you know view targeted guys like this fuckin guy who spoke of things will the footmen editor why like dude you're killing my head and i give you the way you're communicating is bizarre it's not tonight it's not
the bonn not receiving your information very comfortably but but this the occasional use of the word that you want to use in the right place and is reason why those words exist discussed some folks that good at using colors to paint with it doesn't mean that those board should be excluded so i always get offended when people say that it kitchens where like really you know i went with when is this going to stop what is this nonsense of bad words gonna stop you won't you started off young than that it would never be a big deal you know exactly the reason why in european countries like kids get to drink and smoke i will just in italy and they were talking about this all the kid all them alive big deal or how i want if i want so i want to hear about gettin fucked up and i'm as many issues i think a lot of our issues with things that people have like its forests obsessive compulsive issues or or addictive issues just a little game that your brain plays when you can't get somethin then you get
ni should shouldn't have and then you want it i think that this is weird seesaw thing your brain can play in that and part of that one of the triggers a that is suppressing people a brief look when we all know this we on new has grown up who were there slowest girls catholic school a black but when i was growing up this sluttest girls were the girls that actually had to go to catholic school they had to go to like all girls schools the academy was that is why they suppress this shit andrews girls man they made him where these old dresses and they they they told him mister away from boys and i remembered the idea to different girls they went to catholic school and they were poor for each leg and when you about age when you get introduced to a freak that way it blows your fucking mind they just couldn't
to get a hold of some deck because there were just told the stairway stay awake i didn't realize what their creating those women and applause it's like those its others its bloodlines is all irish in italian and all these people in the in the cavern that's those are savage bloodlines manners bloodlines of people have been cut and people with swords for thousands of years it's an old rebellion by cuban i was all tat the girls schools were cuban can keep them away from dec two animals egg mystic shannon ninth grade start danger i got her house collect from academy and we go do i go to house for a date lay to hang out in her dad won't let her fucking leave so she goes we just sit near down watch a movie any goes well beyond the kitten like a wall away right second he gets there she grabbed my hands are sucking my fingers and came in my pocket
for you but you ve got your money in renewable energies and wild animals because of bugging liven up until then i had no concept and i remember the mistake telling everyone a school of our nerve regular zone of metal tired regos entitled and i sat down voluntarism gives you came and privileges of man find dick and then i think that where i got myself humorous gazeta forgive to defend that nowhere we i ve broken you can't be the guide is a study you the guy that came in his path so by that suck in your finger she give your green comedy probably now i was cool up until then legos violent stud he shannon what's her fucking last they got a finer facebook
shit this is greatest a date that every time after sex like more spooning going to bed i always have like one arm underneath her head and the other i'm sure when media put in her mouth like the suck raw and so should sit worth i found out that she liked best after an error that you're like a better like on the nose like myself out she would suck my thoughts until she fell asleep and then like i have a grandmother thumb arrogance wrinkly and some issues i know is high was like like he's around my baby y know you're fuckin thing made him at least in my if we look at my has asked the cleanest one s and sometimes like we drink like you know like cranberry
as our whatever and like i would have like a stain thumb and it was kind of embarrassed because you can't really wash the stain of the cranberry offer your thumbs you'd walk round me our at them we know one do you know that guy julian assange from wiki lease the gods and trouble and is a good one can i be onto the actual aluminum wiggle exists and know the story and he's really crazy the red and this guy released all these documents but what they're getting a mind whether their prosecuting among ocean is having sex with a girl but he had sexually girl with a condom on and then while they were sleeping together he apparently stuck in without a condom and was forgotten what out a condom and she charged him with its sexual surprise as our surprise sex like for real that's really that's a real thing yeah i'm not even joking and this is
like literally why they're they're making this guy like live under house arrest and constantly have to check again and hemming that it's the the ball busting of him for for this one thing is is extraordinary it's like it's really confusing i come much there go and after this guy but it's really not about that course it's about the wikileaks always was regularly wiki laces and organisation they got a bunch of documents from someone was in the army and a lot of it was a very controversial and it's horrible shit like one of them that they put out a video call collateral murder and it showed these guys that are in these helicopters he's fighter jets whatever the fuck there were shooting from a thing was a helicopter and their there shoot non civilians and they shoot none the day you know they think that these people have guns and in fact they have cameras and they they open up on these people and they
up to those people that were putting kids in their fuckin minivan and when they hear than they had two kids in a car they go up should mean bringing kids of them anyway like that was like their responsibilities should have been bringing kids like it's not that we had a cut him down what these fuckin fifty caliber rounds now it said they shouldn't been bring in the kids in the first place what i'm gonna do it is what it is she would bring a goods may decide their debts de in being able to take these people out like video of israel a soldier lie and put this video out in those really controversial people's sense terrible from around this is that it should have been released and then it turns out that there's a fuck load of documents all kinds of shit that they didn't want to have release in this kid had gone hold the stuff and and pass it on to wikileaks in this kid is still in solitary confinement this gives not julian launch none of us is i forget his name he say
every one is no whimsy i'll look it up so they said in the u s government decided to go after wikileaks examined is basically fuckin come through this dude life bradley manning's guy's name he's he's still and i believe is in solitary confinement i think he has years finally they caught him and they just stuffed him in a sound and that's it it's really scary ship the julian assange job is the dude who leaked it
it was a website lilies julian assange is the guy who ran wikileaks and he's the guy who league dollars information ok was really crazies and after lisi information then the sex charge comes up with the one export him out of the country i think to norway will they have this crazy such laws like they have different loses its people have weird laws and rape this with its a feminist i believe and i are actually written read this and had to go back and read it several times just a really rat my head around whether or not i guide i heard them right then the state and was that they believe that if a woman has been tricked by a man and deceived by a man into having sex and talked and having sex then that's rape of every grover attacks ever every girl i mean is an amazing they use you can do you should have the right if you feel deceived after the act after the voluntary act of intercourse and should have the leg everything if she does
if she just that you're a good i mean but to call that rape is crazy that's a nice deception but the sex was voluntary so cannot be rape and just because you feel bad about something that you word coerced into doing that wasn't illegal nobody come really that's my point i don't ever want to be good at it and i ve never been good at it sees but it's not illegal it's sex rape the illegal so you can't make sex rape you're turning it into rate it wasn't rape there were tricks yes but it was thanks you you had voluntary sex i too call that rape that is anybody that would even think that that would be an acceptable idea is an anti human and that's why human i will go in our or else goes far to say that like i believe a medium if you had me to put it down i believe that ray is when a man assaults woman salt woman and and make sure do something makes her have sex when she does not want to end
do believe there is a great line that were date rape does is involved the jubilee their guys that that force it the woman saying no but they do it yes and i believe there is also a great line where women are drunk too drunken guys think a badge mamma do have been reduced my whole life and i know that happen at present have done that and they any an egg lies they walk you through the night you like several rapier me but but but the truth as they would you do that you like whom you did what a guy maybe i should report you so but i do believe that his unending this is not the subject of airlines art about because it's like i went to college when the word rape became flip floppy unlike chicks are sending a rape when they genuinely didn't do you know i mean like the word rape was a buzz third it's a women were using the word rape like thrown out their right and then i think right right after that is when comics gotta hold the word rape likes heiress overman and made it a joke and took it that's why
sarah man of fallen always or that chick cause she took things that i think would you go about with my friends and as a woman said the most stage and i thought i was like fucking gangster do this with a fucking roles devlin gangster she's funny man jamaica supreme court judge whatever she says is right there should be a like there are women a million on what am i talking about words human beings have to have the should together in order to be able to judge people it's been pretty obvious of the system that their judging people under right now just so flaw in locked up and don't know no one saying that it should all be dismantled and then that's what's going to have to happen going to have to do it have to dismantle the whole system to make an anything fair you know cream court justice supreme court you crazy fuck and laws jesus man i herding honeycomb of bullshit ira chris rocks each other one time a kind of fuckin redefined everything then i'd have like things redefine for me within the last few months
so big man like so big moved about ego and my ego is is that concept of vigo ever understood i fucking now understand but chris rocks had something about was sadly not live racist unaware heard it on and he was saying no its not racists but there is a short hand with it to white guys have that a black anna like don't have like to work as a lawyer michael and sacred farley there's a short him they have that a black it is not borne with we heard that women's what you mean by shorthand okey like gum like likely never got into a meeting with a bunch of ideas and you just kind of you understand them and like we're not going to die goes mad about the fucking diaz fight fight and then the also knew him a short annual meeting you like we have something in common we can cut talk without
we know each other without having to re you're not saying we re induce love doing shit like guns when they play golf together and stuff where exactly two white guys look at more than any other black eyes let it too but what happens is you're shorthand come from the people you grew up with a guy know why dues who are fraternities like i don't even need a fucking word than i could tell you what they do i can tell you how to act when the cameras on on you today i can tell you anything about them rather black jews my my shorthand is based on like pretty much like the deuce a party with a new york excited no brothers right and like i know le godfrey already tony woods that knife tracy morgan like those are my that's my shorthand so i see what you say so you say and that is that one guys ancyra live have more connected nests right they always harvard wanted colleagues there already
comedy they all had the same comedy upbringing like they all had parents that's probably either divorced like their part of the system right law making michael's being ahead wish christophersen as a kid from brooklyn his shorthand wasn't there so when he met lawmakers he didn't hit another like i mean ultimately you know like when you meet a network executive can know what to say and what not to say i know how to act and nowhere college shirt if if its bright may know not too because i'm wine have done i've had to deal with white men my whole fucking life i quit wrought never if he d why men gum guessing this speculation based on an interview whose i got a cop or a job like on the premise that you never arrested but you know i mean like when he saw a white men aims of madeira place his average bargained with my dad or friends tat right those guys are running southerner alive running heads of business that blew me away that counts
of of of racism not being how people act but just being like as communism shorthand like you know like does very students to prioritize fucking genius mannlicher blows me away consistently because where he sees lifelike i was this here and also one of contractors and whose like his contractors ike putnam though in this house then this is the direction negroes rock the rot the windows twenty thousand dollars and has put his house i'm sure must pose redonda this why are you doing here i done it your egos attic and just no anyway the window on its initiative story so he puts a window in the twenty thousand acres hey look our computer when i ll give you the window if you let me fucking point my tv show or whatever and like show that i'm doing chris rocks house chris rocks hike man if i show family i'm putting in a twenty thousand dollars window into a house they're going to want to stay in that house like i can't just fucking put that on tv
where i was like white book and put that shit on tv could my ego come and if you like fucking ban let's go what i mean why we sang before the you're having a problem with you i just m m genuine you you're not you and i are going to ask you to go back for fifteen years and try to connect you of that ok ok you got a lot of work i think on yourself that a lot of you haven't done so you know what people just go when people say like the u sharp robots comics and was the year in which opportunism succumb unless i get sycamore yea and then you just you i was in a plane you just can't we try to slide in what you are doing casually like also go a bright young doing a thing with them like and then and that to me is fucking it's so unhealthy delighted accept bragging so brag it on you i like it so
in its so disconnects your heart this is what i ve been thinking disconnects your heart from manatee right it is it what it does is it put your brain in it cause your brains are starting your heart goin him and were hurtin in your in your hearts like why he's got what he's doing you don't want to show you to shut up fucking starting also me so you you hear other people talk about the stuff there doing an you want a pump yourself up as always egg yarmouth had to do a better hand cards like i let you try to what i'm try to one of them i had a conversation recently the friend and he's a nice guys comments and i ran a domino said hey what's up and he just went on this embarrassing run about some development deal on this and if it doesn't go out i have a buyer and did the and they ve said that this is their number unlike what really enough
and then if that doesn't work they are going to develop will and it just when i am i a man i am i good to you happy your hearts connected to him there's gonna sound good just capitalism she'll india music and the benelux goblet told you that today is your hearts connected with him when you said how are you doing you are genuinely asking see his head was connected to you what is his geronium he's got this going on proved him see like keep i left the conversation on that perfect i think one of the nicest things easy too
puts leaned i start fucking well under the table i'd like doing a lot of different things i wanted to have my whole entire identity connected to one thing whether it's one thing in my life whether it's one thing in what what my occupation is i just think this this there's a lot to be gained inflexibility and in our and in being able to do a bunch of different things and not having a rely on one have been able to like not how to define myself you know what the fuck do you want to do you know to worry about the world of comedy or worry about the world of them a may whereby i just do my shit we ibm that's you and then there's that you are not the average of people you have it i think everyone we can do it i think everyone can do it and i totally agree that none of you when i heard you talking
was in europe a night you know i fall asleep i listen to show when i sleep i put a plate all night long and i just have it on repeat so i hear it all night long greatest things if you don't already do that that i'm telling you what is it greatest way to fucking listen upon podcast because you feel your hand friends in another room in your safe i on the road out seamen better when it's you wanna podcast and you hear my heard me talking to euros i would like all and i'm in my own dream with you and i may be so but there no like like i was a city talk about ego destroying ego with drugs with with with getting into the tank getting runner ego and as a member and i started thinking about ego and i was like where's my ago i saw myself fuckin arguing the people like not arguing but being argumentative being difficult about ego bay shit like someone satan
i was grey host on this show my crew and i'll be like in my head my head for the girl you better than him but i have not yeah so i've been doing a lot of work on my ego and trying to like i'd didn't from our last night but not on this shit i saw our lessons when you say you doing work on you you know what you mean like we ve done biting my tongue and i'm letting myself feel the fucking disgusting feelings when you you gotta tat when you feel like when you feel like a knock your statement is directed at you like last night some this is the bags on only one for example there are mine i'm begging you set examples of a really bad example but are he was already saw me fucking bite my office i started saying to afford to break a start to say something to break and then i went i stop myself allow what am i doing that and argues what am i saying what am but thinks it's a fucking stupid this is stupid so that's what i'm trying to do i'm trying to be more correct to two people by their mama heartening
he was saying as a human just what some of us him and how what are you up to come if you hear that you're like what do i do i have this going on at this going on now like oh my gizzard good them while in recital tomorrow like not like real shit you know while in acting as a human being when you have something that's your occupation or something your obsessed with i think there you build up a lot of stress when you're pursuing something and a lot of that stress can be evacuated physically and that's what a lot of people are unaware of like i guph around in an hour and talk to people about about your gun and guph on younger people but yoga is like a brilliant way of managing your emotions and your body and end the idea the word centred i hate the eye i hated it i hate crystal ta
you know saying i hate you know about my yogi i'm going on a retreat there's a cleanse by the way i hate crystal i hate crystal talk i trust me nuts i hate i hate it when i know that it's you're just that you've accepted this this new age ideology the sooner and there's a lot of yoga talk the goes along with that but yoga as a practice is brilliant practise it's fucking hard to do man but people they like they owe you you work out you're doing yoga that's not working out the facts not man youngest hard some of the worst ass kings of her hand jujitsu was when i did in the morning and encourage it to night the extra beat i'm fuckin bait in know i didn't i did it it like i can fucking do yoga in the for digital factor not man some of those poses a really difficult
and they're designed to like ring all the stress out of your body and they they humble you you walk out of there when you eat you have to go through physical exertion physical exertion like to the point where your body is failing that is very humbling and then when you get a speech at the end that's what i love about yoga did you get into child pose we're just land there and they taught you men i changed my life really will ya i was in a relationship i wasn't happy with this is probably ten years ago right before nine hundred and eleven or right after but is that area and i was in a relation i wasn't into i dead did not love her i didn't even like her and i was drinking a ton of bucking as bad as i now i mean i've gotten back but i was as fat as i am now night and one morning i was up i was just fucking angry and depressed at like six or more my buddy corey called me
like haiti one go you're gonna fuck yoga macaroni yoga he was too good work up manual enjoy it did yoga at the end of it and i did every pose with integrity i like did them swelling up each laid down in transposing this dude fuckin sleeve and tat too is cool mother fucker like just walked around and yoga pants and his ike what in any talking to cross what do you hate your life today what bothers you and gentle because unexhausted unexhausted i am tapped out physically my brain just went fog and rachel he goes you can change that and i was like a kansas to hard migos decide to change that today decide to make that decision today and tomorrow will be better you do that right now and i was like i guess i could break up with her just go yes you can you can do that nose like i could bring up other unlike the dumbest thing was in fact bring out of their way up
big fucking god bless us like four issues like one is that we should have been thought plague but yeah i fucking we had a vote i was nor damer we were like data like couple years we are living with no no no it's like a fuckin broke up with her literally and i was like the whole thing about that one class was ike lose weight man i can lose weight i just know how to lose weight you gotta work out like a beast you healthy that's the way to lose weight fuck a book start losing weight i got one hundred eighty five pounds do i was a gangster brian if you pull up my might my facebook page it on my pham facebook page of mercosur i'm saying on the joe you'll see this gear at all waiting for your reaction of what you think i love my seeing a super healthy for africa met my wife good place fucking fell in love changed my life on the happiest man in the world
i think it's attributable to that one young to fuck us reagan guy speech that one dude and isn't it funny like i hate that oppression the wings of a butterfly can be the first steps in men and women become a herd came theres many wings on me my girlfriend of mister mc governing gods also fuck my best friend who gave me the clad set so that y know so that of talk to me what is this she firm about one thousand russia she's talking about roma who had been taken world like any new amendments friend while you best friend function girlfriend it happened to me in high school and then they went to my graduation like with his family with her family brain go to my pictures i know your and my thanks go to my pictures on my fan page from singing on top of the braves array out that's it and you'll see known that pay and then just scroll through an you see one of me shirt less at the euro are you fucking
getting me so so this was the wings the butterfly this turned you one of the many wings of the butterfly you don't you have a few uncomfortably dumb but this is a big one o brien what will your wings my wing dismay winds gimme some moments where you went well this is what i do for now on
i am really good at committing to shit like one if i like to do something and real good at like throwing my and entire brain added and becoming obsessed with it it's probably not health is probably like a lot of success i think and this is my belief about like a flax that a lot of success in f lennox comes down to almost like a psychosis you know like there's did like a real high level of anything there's a certain amount of almost skirt crazy behaviour to to get to this incredible position like michael jordan or in our mohammed ali or any any like elite highland mike tyson in his prime and this is a madness you know and i
from the time that i was a kid i was involved in martial arts so we'll see like it was like a choice that i made when i was like fourteen or fifteen and that was a choice i was on it so i was like twenty one enough but when i realized that i had to stop fighting and stop teaching and just do comedy was i was talking to a kid his name is jonathan i wish you remember the last time we were open mic together about six months in a comedy i'm still dabbling in and i still have my feet and all my other world trying to find my place and this dude who i done open mics with truck six months goes you're really funny and this kind of petered out after awhile and also and i couldn't say anything because i knew he was right owes yeah i couldn't say anything i couldn't say think as in my head you know like if someone says you don't work hard enough my my instinct you know is always to go fuck you but i
oh as a person whose you know benefited greatly from very uncomfortable criticisms therefore like some of the biggest growth moment you can have was where someone just knocked you dig into the dirt and as you know the fuck is already state and then you step back and so i recognise early onto you now to be able to step back and objective we have set went challenged like that so little neck i said that i said i wanted to go that's it tat things say because you know he was my friend but i was like he's right ah i couldn't say anything so i said this is it fuck this i'm a bug in professional comedian amount haven't one foot in the door i closed my eyes i quit my job must be young people's teaching take window bars university and i had a school in revere nautilus plus desperate i sure sandra crusher do you're a fucking oh yeah well you saw the picture jesus do there's another
that's what i met my wife it's incredible to care kin are you there you stud you were each of somebody i was looking monster you get dublin to examine with you load of that our fucking gangster want to see it it's all my facebook what is my facebook page by sooner based on the man s birth type his name she's gonna buy facebook hey like me why you re one of them has put their picture up on your mirrors and fucking get up to an i'm trying hard i'm really try and hard and you could do that i'm trying hard man i'm joe i'm not i'm fucking around i have my fit better try to sit around twenty thousand steps day i found out what are you crazy thing each area i get them zip its scale have you got that right has been explained to people if they don't know what the fit but i won't fuckin money fit bit you hear me i talk about this thing off
fucking time having they have any money do you use and it gives me a bribe many times higher than the average that did not operating at that three of us we're like fucking purple egypt's so i guess i got the sybil this figure is fucking culture yours does your calories your your flights of stairs you walk it's it's the best thing you put in your pocket is walk around with it it just keeps you active culture coast near the days did you have a butterfly moment too costly to get a flip fit you know it wasn't you'd be dead ass it is i bought it like can like i was kennedy and i brought it here i could february here to the other studios adam i had it brian was i call me get one in a bright got one any email me here's like him follow your fit at that moment i was like fire killer i swear to you i started like and then and then all this day there was a death squad page i guess
and they were all like fuckin and i was like i'm gonna get glenmont you guys do this would you both be interested in getting in shape upset brian in writing by member states on let me i'm really krajina if you don't get your life in order now i'm gonna fuckin paper when you're thirty nine that's only a year away i know let's talk about started today like i'm i'm trying to fix my life health wise now well that's certainly good because you know gonna end at last year's depending on how much poisoning it now depends on how we can work and allows so fucking good watch poison feels good we put our goal what kind of come come about drink is becoming a lot you know what else people is still not a volume real podcast your fuckin this gas yeah those other project supposes forget targets they are good
on biogas and although i find out anything you want to know is here this big rose like looking back i don't think dancing any part gas to get on the internet is gonna but on this point kashmir moments on this project i talked about shit no mike and then you lay down you like smelling this is joe and his friends into it this is joe and parking lot ok let's do this ok and he just left swing withdrew this will celebrate and another bottle eleven brothers i run a diet or some i'm on a diet chickened out the hiding behind me i shall pay that party stuff so another reason already stuff it's fun gross doing it on sundays at new taiwan they do they have moses so this is what there's more celebrating grandson and i say this and i say this in connection with what i was just saying and i say this to a number of times up said this to you so many times that it
i have stop saying it and i thought a lot and its reason i don't call sometimes when i want to thank you but this podcast has been like changing for a bunch of us putting a lot of us should have done this have been fantastic as this has been one of the greatest experiences more lives of professional careers and because of this podcast your boy wrote a book you wrote a book i got a book deal son why asylum book deals coming out in the year and it is because of this paragraph and it is like one of my coolest life achievements ever it is something i'm so proud of it is it is something i will dedicate this next year to it more than anything i'm working on that's enormously look at look at if you're going to talk about yet so put a but i gotta thank you man because i got the book deal not only recently erin interesting do in a book is because of this pact while unique
the book dick has an interesting do there's lots of meetings you know this better than it has your u man you know that a meeting showed up because people heard this park out i appreciate that it's beautiful it's often hear word but it would not mean meant anything if you weren't downturn i do see that i appreciate that because you have said this your number times what man distinctly this i mean the whole reason the whole thing came up as this fucking parkhurst i can watch how can people heard this park ass they were like him in her that machine story on just podcast can you do a book and this is the that from your podcast tape not passed all another way of looking at it is how lucky am i that i get to be on a podcast guys like you have such great stores and make people want to listen again so because your egos and check that fucking really we to say joe but i will genuinely not its northern sweden mean to say is a hundred percent how i feel like i think
we're all real lucky you know this podcast has been a lot of fun it's it's it's we got a connection with people that we never thought would take place you know and i respected and o brien respects it now and i know the people that going to show the the we are all aware that this is this is really cool we're all rail aware that we have really cool we have legal it's like the impact of the regular show and yet you just someone out of my fucked up office is bizarre it's it's it's like showing up to san francisco when the first dues ike haymaking just he keep a secret it's fun in connection with people that we did a show last night s house and it was fuckin amazing incredible places pair we we we saw that out unlike one days notice would you said we're gonna do a show there i was mobbed with the coolest fuck and people better research or less noble ass amazing
audiences at what is a late night show too we did at ten p m show didn't you know i didn't get started ten thirty day were totally changing that whole entire ice housework we're bringing that funding club back because i mean a lot of the comics ass i said like ice like doug benson i used to love coming to the ice house but then something weird happen and in just like that and i started getting kind of differing wasn't that to go to anymore sake but like tonight is like that was one of the finest times every one of the best crowds with ever had ever and it is it's almost like hard to believe you would assume that you know you don't think that people have really that different crowds you don't think that people like being you know what i mean you feel like well chicago's different than new york and new york is different in san francisco but what's been what's changed recently for us is it everywhere we go the clouds have been amazingly really nice people agreed enthusiastic and you gotta go how the fuck does happen like
can you pull that off i would is no one ever thought that there was a formula for doing that no one here there was a formula where you can go and ensure that you would have a huge percentage of the population that kind things long same way that you think be nice to people be generous a mule when you think about where we think about the way you think though can you imagine you found those people that when you go hey there the blue collar the door they found each other will know shit like you mentioned that a bunch of people that are indeed he mushrooms and i may fuckin spiritual lake vitamins being held they like although people do you showed up at once and you're like shut the fuck up links and love comedy like love good fucking friends good stories enjoined each other like there's a camaraderie that is this network i think everybody likes good comedy i think i can't you are good comedy less like it's funny unless you why those assholes will be will enjoy bag like some people enjoy counted it's not good for everyone
i've ever heard on your part ass i don't think i'll be there is one exception is a comment that i would welcome policy genuinely that's a large statement there that we dahmer era ass i got that's enough he saw he was our lives are not olympus but he's like one of the gods that deals with light traffic or whatever like he's a woman the fuckin twelve gods and integrate com he's his pockets i listen on repeat whereas embossings thousand boston and i was like i'm going to bed alison dams rovard over god man he was on tuesday too you did too they do yeah he's talking monster man like everyone i claim you couldn't name one comic there i will say it out i will go this far is that i've become friends with them the majority people that have done that are regulars on this past through this passage
we d as right again brian ari that doesnt know my number friends my life has expanded exponentially friend was like that just to have those guys in my life you know tat dark at my house you the day the man gave we're talking about fuckin duncan shit you not duncans brain works and you tell him something and he was always thinking that is this right coral young book like theirs and then you like whole yoda sonorities exactly what they are buying a guy you know like i hears bosom i heads like and have already and looked out all these people in your life yeah we're very fortunate man we're all very fortunate you know it's it's been really interesting it's like iowa you know i'd we try to do some stuff before we did that these other things called joe shows what we did as always and everywhere we would go call out jellia jamb assembly about being or not did not
however you say this in that knows an agenda that is lousy mainly osha jamieson is nice i'm never call her out for being a whore how dare you she's nice lady where'd you get this from confusing not wearing i ll just show you end gems jem jameson just right now now when there was an already james who know of it was jenny jameson explaining to me eat pussy maybe i'm teaching it wasn't calling around my innocence we like genitalia she's vehicles is very nice lady you know she was not herbert ginger lynne was on david tell show last i did david tell so days all born that's a fuckin fund chairman
really you ve ever done i know why you laugh you can do it if we do it but i do know tat day david tel aviv scholars bodies gone you stand up his college friends not gonna call he's going to a casting call for it but i think you would look do with any kind of common about love to do a dave but and i doubt would be self down let you into my house now but i mean that's my feelings we go down yourself per annum verdi's really cute amusing but anyway you know just to be sitting there with dave rifkin otto goddess gettin coke dicks was really fun to really fun and then gingerly came on watch the videos all school where ash is one the the the originators of the mountain more porn she's right up so you could do if you could do a tour right dreamed or no money is no money is involved you and three comics three or equals
not like can bring joey i'm not to do as i recall battalion like three fuckin big name draws who would be i wouldn't are we being how would i do you have to have a gun pointed out your boat it's like guys that i would want to work with i would love to do a tour ok i would love to do dan hope you norton me and who was she is at its height ideas is now one of the marking monster that would tell i ve talked about doing some stuff together which totally do that me a talent stand up would be a lot of fun on the road to louis you god while louis way busy man he's he's super successful right now he's so busy with his own stuff and to give us time to lose redesigning the entertainment business yemen mean the fuckin guy produces is owned calmly special changes the whole game everybody including me following suit now produces his own fuckin show at its laptop directs their rights i mean i'm not asking i gotta do shit
i sent a many male asked him into the park ass he said he would some day when he gets time but am i push these decades busiest fuck i love haven't a guy like that out there i think it's very inspirational yeah he is far as me the more solemn and any comedian and not even like material wise divided his gina gotta makes me laugh the harness stanhope stand up fuckin seen it before it again absolve it's good maybe maybe my maybe like out and i'll put this up their treats his last cd was great is our special elephant in the room fucking also the other was really good and stand hope cd a guy bought it myself i purchased it as we had his humour and a fucking listen to it and i was i feel loudness not what my wife likes but i had i was like i gotta tester bringer of a letter here this track cause it's that fucking funny these amongst is encountering
or is it not airy was yesterday yeah that's right he did dave show i gotta call him up who wants a fuckin get behind gary whatever the fuck his name is the guy from new mexico former governor of new expo men are substantial stories that i tell you and some was really crazy o sitting with a group of shit disabuse all of swimming with was sitting with a group of chefs gary johnson sorry this stand up once you get behind our similar goobers chefs at a restaurant called campanella honour libretto and they were talking about their turnover food their turn about this grey restaurant on fairfax called animal have you ever been there he was talking about it apparently is i guess i've never been there i know it's amazing i did they have everything they have like veal
means they have the kind of expensive open i've heard it's great so they're talking about like gossip about food and what but good food lazard eat and then i said to them like this is really cool so the green over common club and listen to what headliners talk about what comic i should look out for and their lagoon comic should we look out for a nose like that's a fact an oral question so i know who you are who you guys like when what in one of the guys go we love doug stand up and i was like i can see that come in just because there in the corporate world you don't mean and i was like really man his last special we talk who likes to be in the corporate world how many people are in there that are enjoying that lot that's just whether at their stock you now that shit existence the weirdest thing about our our whole society our whole culture is in order for it to or the way it is right now we learn storm by fuckin soda and get a car in just turned the key
dr at someone has to do some shit that they dont want to new areas i have another thing chin every fuckin mortar to me i said for investing in figure out how to make robots do everything then even that are you really going to find a guy that wants to program that robot to do everything is it going to be a job that he has to do it sucks mean there's no way that everybody can live the life of birth crusher it's not possible someone's gotta be out there half minute bert there is need to be dug right from mozilla we gotta think of argument may i join genuinely look up to those guys a bill fences sometimes gallego like i'm not shitting on my existence at all not saying that i have a hard but sometimes i do miss my family and i go man like i'll have a choice i have to go to scotland for two weeks that's great gig to go to school of two weeks are gonna leave two weeks back to back with three days off but it does so
you miss your family ran and sundays you look at the guy build an offence in your like macy's kids every fuckin morning and he's like unknown gives them notes on it was very like a man you gotta like i do this are you getting that for you show your notes unlike what to do of course always on i mean the applicant annoying i'm i'm you know what i am i should i should write a book about how to get through the corporate world television like not famous television but making television and just because it cause i get it man a totally get it i could get when they go we need more information i go talk i i'm not the despite the fact that you're not megan comedy though the group s writings when you're making comedy and they get the news
like i yes it was way easier for me to have a bunch of people that eta bunch differ opinions on how some should be done on fear factor right and it would be if they were trying to deconstruct my stand up and down when you start if you have done a comic central special suggesting over material with them had their go well i d do it either due to i want the first one to do pat bottles i'd go over it with her like she read it back to him ecologist fucking and on the bottom was eight not one laugh like silence because on account of my shit she does understand it course no laugh why would you i fear the pebbles the most person budget recite she's like card the groove though for i never forget her first things as i was doing my name's bird anything in hot sexy name bert bird bert lego europe because well the beaches are right that you really busy up each agent
the glass is what we change where the judges and just real like it was with the boat was real like that going through it and about one stage and i was like are you fucking kidding me observe you know that's funny and bury cats the whole time is arguing behind me and he wants a love mike he wants love my cargo no i don't want to fuck off microphone ma am he wants a parking lot my sound an alarm mike baron one allow my bilbil anywhere i love my bellamy i got very cats manager one at the time it was him that's weird working affair i fired him in an elder how many guys fired him law chapelle did he was here manager at one point then he like oh you money or something s yo me from money for a long time he was it was he owned company there was called partially those come bottom
a comedy by your colleague near comedy and are not new york entertainment day they got a whole nay sourdough and people money from college gigs paid me eventually but it is not guy he's is enough i would say that our say it i'll say it he's out about guy not a devlin not be my manager right now but everybody's martyrdom who words who else far think about the avenue clark listen being fired two ilo working day chapelle j still has an amazing disdained to have no no the environment well aware tat i tried doing cook fired yeah yeah yeah yeah we talked about it joe we talked about podcast we i asked when they came in
but almost thinking about myself i turned a blind eye to when you start talking barbaric chances do you know about the the what what returnable oh yes that was how i did my country's special with bearing on anyone somewhere love wise eating why'd you do that nor do i gotta get to the fuckin i tell him hundred arguments decides that you be better off the love my look better lobby should want to sue i love your person at bay they do i sure you'll get our impression i do at a really great very impression if if you know bury i do a great one like you ve worked very because like brian so you be me ok and okay so far off so we this is exactly how real bury works or guy brian tell me about europe i can't
what would you wouldn't brightness their horizons no no no the point is heat he listens and he never speaks so you end up telling him more than you'd ever want to tell anybody so he go he does not like okay well you know the new turn that back on him then i was a child i was going is phil i don't air form to stare them he did give me the best at best fuckin invite he's given me the best pomp of speeches and best devices in my life tat i never took away without being the best advice he ever gave the first development deal i got was i was doing coming six months isn't can i give you some advice papa moussa ghana goes hold on for a second and they just goes disappears and is always comes back is like give him get information dont give it my oath i mean he goes exactly hangs up unlike what the fuck and waste your saying manages handle things
stereo direct and they basically we say and do not tell anyone you ve got a development deal just listen i wish i d i wish i'd done that i made a bunch enemies like starting in comic sounds like fixes exploitative nobody'll everyone's like new york the door knows with their crazy enormously and i would like this guy so i will listen to him but i didn't i'm not a given from get information give gum information kind of guy you know me john i'm pretty fun so why not you fire khazar he didn't get me he'd get my sense of humour now like i gave up i did a prank call you got purchase by new entertainment i did a print called a new way of one time which is called in and it was there like voice mail for the entire five hundred people person company
and i went and i was like it was like weed if you leave a message in the general mailbox and i had that and then i go bury its bird i'm fucked up pick me up there i know you're listening to this pick up the phone found their brian and are you there you were grab it brian vocalize brian grab grab it and then bearing really upset his do you can't do that papa i mean there's a finer adults or care mosaic goose jump bury i'm a fucking comic you gotta get that music is not a joke you were hammered i know it was a fucking joke like i do i really think you're sitting by like a real answering machine at new aid like gets upset as in a guy i know no but he has no no no i don't begins drinks i know it against stringy like the tempi improv he is
no i don't i wouldn't have always asia bordering you'd never for my drinking who was no like mine his wedding owes hammered a shortlist of sitting with bobcat with bobcat jeff grew ass john demand you remember him john you re alien rosaria unlike unlike unlike that table that we reflect zaka dude he still roundly blocking all his fucking us i run into him so much so john as you and i are the berries wedding was the best because every was fucked up except for bury embarrassed trying to micromanage everything so like you any and all i was too much of fuckin stone talent some me jeff ross and john imagine go behind the stage smothered joint we all get from joint and then john s goes don't worry i know how to get in here and he just opens a curtain to get us to
ballroom everyone's having the ceremony opens grit media frozen him walk out and were onstage with his without berries grandmother eating a note and i was like so then we all go sit down forget amphibian volume everyone starts everyone starts like you like personal note right i'm sitting there too i want to say i wanted either bobcat or jump ross and so fucking hammered like right i'm hammered everyone's grown up and saying special words frank colleague who came up and did like like six impressions and three minutes and like you i its first three minutes a thunder he when did it like every comics coming out his was a wedding and i found it adds value but it was actually get a different time at my colleague variant doubted reliever gonna people gone up and really did out of love
five minutes at your wedding pillars upon which i find it was a fund money if you were not bury body hack it's their right this is gets even better this gets even fucking better okay so body so everyone's go contained words john imagine goes up says word jeff roscoe's up and says words i think i want to say bobcat did i dally did though knowing he is i'm sitting in between him and bobcat and jeff and one of them starts going you talk like what i cannot save them totally dick move right i should not be speaking it all right talk say something so i get up one stage grabbed the mike right when they start playing the voice mails from australia from his wife's family who can't be there so i just over off if you need to do here and there like a meme issues was on it was right and you kept talking because i am so fucked up are inheriting right so that fucking i get off stage of state but
hack it gets on right after meat is to blame for canvas males right buddy hacking is on he's more fucked up than i am and there's a fucking there's a piano that's all ngos and budding accurate and typical body hack your voice because time is fragmentary ano off and there like everyone laughs and he goes on being forgets areas turn off and everyone else even articles dewar offset narrow announcing an honor he throws his drink on the piano right electric piano if it goes like we see sparks smoke comes out and the place falls on the ground laughing right but he had goes that's what i'm talking about we applaud it is also very through a front rank on an electric piano and bury had to pay like twenty five grand for the fucking piano so at the end of the wedding berries like fuckin worth cavalcade yet
on shit who was a great wedding i would how much they have to pay them in a lot of foreign where tolstoy programme but put five grand words up cover my story buddy hack it's a bad as in fact with georgia involved but a body i don't even respond him he's a gang study responds hold i'm fucked with it i guess i do he's it was a very angry do he was he was met by a few times i was on the sauce seasonal comic sound bilateral my i want to know my couch fascinating it was like really sky was clearly feel immaterial i never got jugs yellow i'm a year tat s all and also why we would like a gentleman zoos ago still jokes that's ago still jokes but a guy fish we have a virus abounded like that exactly that's how they did it but when a guy
responds like that is only one reason than mean psychologically speaking why would you be so adamant about the idea that you know that this this guy wasn't a thief and that you know you never heard those trucks were like what are you saying like and then the other check was there was like he made them his own he made us jokes azan i was like wow with seems like you made you made those joe joe like wow like you made him your own wow it's all areas less coming to any was not the arts that for us by the way by the way the judging with this is a very constructive and by the way the judging was complete total horseshit it didn't matter we do people that we voted for the didn't get in and people that we didn't vote for the guide in they had decided the producers all got together and decided how to how to put people on
i remember i did last come any two member do carry walked off is a judge and who else did madame because dan adamant didn't elements very funny comic and he should have one but it just wasn't kastl like he wasn't one of the guys are looking for that so ridiculous tom their ideas of whose cast one who's not you know it so funding whenever you get a bunch of people like i'm so used to do in the pot gas was no one tell us what to do but to watch like dave tell do a show today and the guys i can you said can you move this the guy asked me actually asked me can you can you push your right pant laying down a little and as i why what's gonna puffy in that one spot and like all my fucking god they you go what kind of weirdo micromanaging you're looking at puffs on pants but that's how they do it man with an ironic shall yeah exactly does job moorish shown is like five six different people all yelling instructed in all trying to pieces thing together its way harmonious mony us than peace in it together on your own
the less less is more within it like do you feel like that with your show dear feel it with both the congo it may i should take the reins and this bitch and just figured i'd do it myself i d ever feel like that do i do but i feel like i would follow up would like our well like i do and i dont know if i could set us forever and i will definitely for right now the people are working with right now and i know that i am all brushing nobody is talking about executive wise executives the ones on work with really seem like they were doing have you ever good career ladder you fuckin really screwed so so what they're doing now and went and i'm not doing birth conquer anymore i'm doing a differential when you doing it's called triplet ah yes that's a good idea great it's a fucking what is so great show we go with fuckin take people on vacation like fuckin ridiculous vacation we owe them out of vacation
we tell we don't like we go to like them all america or will find in there we go them all american we go who was going to mexico and people go i do with great i'll show you what to do in mexico and taking the cargo and i'm not gonna make you go stay at the resort i'm gonna take you and i will show you real cool shit doing so the viewer you watch it go shut up i'm can fucking by racing like i can do that for the day i can ride camels on the beach to a tequila tasting like this like we show you the coolest shit to do in the cities ideal fucking job ever valentino imaginative you get you get the best vacations want russia we're in cancun drive lamborghini is ferraris and mercedes forty miles an hour on open fuckin roads because we found an and you'll find it too when you watch it the company that has paid off the federalist to let them fucking drive these cars a hundred forty miles and on operates oh yeah it's do it's mexico i mean that they know the way work they teach you unattractive run attract for that like have today
and then they taken take out to tilt the loom and you can just air these bitches out and seeing that video online the guy in a mercedes era and yet i regaining he goes sideways around a corner yes yes and we actually have you not say do you think that's a fake video like and i think it's a fake video a cab ill give my things very quickly one of those videos it's like wine wise guy just a recording the people did i now know that all the time and it is likely that we will leave it shit that he was barely going fastening loses control in did you notice that like you just can't you wanna go like super fast he disliked kind of sped up as like how did he loosed troll of his lamborghini that bad and then when how it was placed in between the two cars it's like this is some kind of weird fake video like michael whose behind it though who knows amber gain well but i would say you probably got a good point but lamborghinis are notoriously hard to control of four wheel drive cars
that's a funky call they really are to control yeah specially because it's all like salaries paddle lie might not be see that's that's the did this the guy argo the one the crash and the guy order you keep can still get him with the manual the guy you know he might have like overhead the guy sonny shifter humane ones i'd ways now to tunisia israel should have some and he might have had the rig it might be real but i agree with you doesnt weird it's the ambitious as its where they said they saw last night from my fur time in immediately i looked at it going how did he just control that vast said it wasn't that fat you weren't going there ass well ass a lotta anyway when you going around a corner yeah you know especially like how little last it using street tired but a card
that uncontrolled there's no fuckin brain it taught us that well it's hard aegis you have to know how to drive there's a great video of two guys in corvettes and this guy behind him of films and their sugar land not chauvelin woodlands i think in texas one of us and they take off the light one guy fuckin completely loses control t bones right in front of him and then it's liz a real video that's the super real cuz it the guy that watching videos all right let's see what these assholes do yeah and he got what that guy's gonna be filming everything from now on i would like very much on film and here's another thing always think about when you look at these videos it's like you know the majority of people you know like i'm a little different if i were to a filmed it below different georgie people you know when you're you're in a car you're films he's your iphone your steering you're doing all this shit we're going around a corner he was really good with making sure he caught every single thing that happened while
driving in filming and adjust too good of like ok yeah you got the money shot where in reality with private this fund be flop and around looking at fucking ceilings and a very good plan it's like a kind of forget that yes it's filmed on a shitty camera it looks realistic but the money shot was recorded perfectly everything was recorded a little bit too perfectly and as somebody does that kind of shit it's it's kind of like i know without the reality is that this is just some guy filming at you had been filming his girlfriend crotch if you know like it had been just like yeah maybe but if that had been you you would have gotten the shot perfectly you have my there's a lot of use out their yeah you got to realise this guy is a guy who's filming things well by just having a guy who's like no who knows who knows but thank you
it would also be the guy driving there was film i think it was i don't i saw last night i don't remember some guy showed it to me at the show asinine yes douche bag other driver like that do our cars out there that are super powerful they're getting more powerful every year that's what's really not every time a glamour gaining support are they gonna make a more powerful last year was five egress passage nails hundred knowledge of the car driver tease i mean you can like i try to explain the bureau drive and whether a young girls like us this is a once in a lifetime experience that this will never happen again and that aid become a superpower and start buying up them bitches what kind of car wasn't your drive the fuckin some two thousand dollar one it's a limburg india martial law go where they have been tore it was black event adore given two doors and no one had the paddle
yeah the pedal shifter sound those things make dates is elinor demons i heard you and i say i want to say that by us moses you know like by listen do you enough i don't love you said this about cars but i did say this on tv and i definitely i could hear you my head saying at the car barked at you i love you say just verse of like they would fuckin like and i am here at barking at munich back in loved here i'd love to hear it because a manly sound and cars lambert and for eyes the sweetest tones like exhaust tones got up here is like videos on youtube or people just have lamborghini exhaust no i was that crazy i think they're like some of the twelve right there's no mercy like a retrial
i'm a horrible husk simon pal i knows that embarked emmy candlestick fuckin beastly cars but there's some michael vick dog and between my legs like why would what are you doing with that crazy really in the state in the states what are you doing you can't drive around two thousand under bows under miles per hour jail over a hundred miles an hour will you really that's what they were saying the guy that started the company and in cancun saying i had all these cars but i was in the states and i can use them and i can't go to mexico once and some guy you know you have a barefoot rallies you drive it of you want why did he have all these cars rich and socio
now he's so heated and is that it has a business there as a business he decided to take all its cars that that he wasn't into or not driving send can't coon pair federalist and you can just take him out for the day when you gotta go with like you you gotta go in a group you can't just it's not like you just let labour gate area but it's fucking fun i've never driven anything honour forty miles an hour race raising cars it's fun gabby very directive fuckin do all we can to get your body to go fastened its postal small you feel achieve forces when you going around corner and you make we won't corners of seventy miles an hour that's fucking said yeah like put them perspective what you doin interstate taking corners attach it does when you make your real face like you there's no cool vase run you drive a car that fast do make a real it's like that that like i did s like i that's what i do when i do that's me did you feel a rear and sliding on euro x it was raining oh
strives for the morning it was raining you have to be careful with a car that's got down much power to stamp on the gas you know like like like that stupid car them how they shall be the mustang i every time i had second gear i can't you gotta make sure you don't stop on the gas too much it will get sideways on you and second gear a worse yet berger i shook and car i guy doesn't mean that that that their ads at that guy in that very in our view a volume dragnet girls i should like to say that though but some a lotta people buy cars and they don't necessarily know how to handle them when those ass an goes out on an idea would not be able to recover that car tarred man it's hard and sometimes you dont want to let go steering or you don't want to let go of the gas either sometimes you have to give two power oversteer you have to you have to fight it with the throttle you know you you have to keep your foot on the gas cuz if you if it snaps
but tat is graph and then you know why you're already and eternal it you didn't even get fucked oh we drove that's entirely on a car to those cars are meant to be driven like that like portion notorious for like devil we're we're biased sailing an engine in the rear when you're gone around corners like sideways you're dealing with the physics of this engine hanging out back it's like sixty percent of the weight is isn't the assent of the car so so if you had a friend who came to your was like manna just got a big deal i need some i wanna buy a car so one car would you get with depends on what i personally would signal did the abc asean animal z right has the calmed fella that you know lady is comfortable car no he's in a who is a dame cook because i'm never forget it comes at your ordain what dane talked about his montserrat it was eleven
i'll never forget excellently wasn't montserrat i think it was apparently no ass soon ass the marty i so like like if you go in time and give dana garda pick up to buy for like hey man this is your first like there's a tree if you wanna billy and a well engineer car you can go wrong when a porsche they're just so well johnny accept your first porsche that you had that those on the ship has a foreign ones with nine one or more what information it was called a ninety six nine six six it wasn't a six point one where you just called avian due to find out what you with the other on cod that add five problems with it in two years before i got rid of it
to courage after egypt you had the best car after that i wish you still have accurate and assets aki and i was like a fuckin match box car and i was told car they're coming out with a new one you know accurate ready to make a new annex comes onto doesn't thirteen they headed in the avenger as member the gas cardiac gets in that's than i was a prototype yeah yeah you know i know that shit are jaguar urging girl cars because i saw jaguar vertical the other day in a girl was driving and i damage so beautiful gaza is awesome exports there's gotta be beautiful jaguar but there's a superpower the new ones they have these ex chaos as i think it is they have like some beastly fuckin cars now the gray cart fucker i would tell but most for most people say does get well engineered car just really want a race car other with the best fuckin car and right now is in my opinion dead serious like for the money
b was the genesis the sunday handing out of the one that looks like a mercedes outta it is a rather rate really looking car it using adage handy puts out handy and i saw the great fucking car especially this one this one they basically taken the design elements of mercedes and lexus there though at best carson and essentially be made the same connachar it's real fuckin similar and they do our it's a great mean looks like a mercedes looked almost he's getting all the shit a mercedes gotta just and like whatever the thing that makes the diversity ninety thousand dollars well it's it's very high and they said they said it's very area comfortable to drive and they're really reliable cars to think about honeybees not like it's a shit car young other reliable cars just as much so as any other car that's in that price range but that's a pretty nice but nobody four thousand dollars a year since
visually wise i don't think it's anything special but neither is the lexus legged alexa sell us for sixty i think it is the new and whatever is beautiful car but real sedate it's all about luxurious transportation in those cars like alexis those cars or so and peaceful i'm loans like yeah if you're into their manners i get alexis those lexus those lexus ford oars i like the most relaxing com they absorb camps they stay not handling cars so car
go on a corner on the gas and get a fuckin good feeling your balls care about gary valentine when we were working on the actual had green lexus from this whole thing was it joe you did it with a member here and he had a green lectures in this whole thing is how silent it was we got the car what time are be or members of a country that got robinson ranch me guerin having his brother and a few other people so what i'm gettin valet we get in the car and he just shut the door and looks at me as party how fuckin quiet as its car was prepared is prefect quite rightly oriented gets put in driving the volume totally drawn during our time is that mother fucker he d never might burden my burden might burden we will remember mike burden comic from l a hung round the communist accommodated in broad terms europe yet now it teaches crop problem a guy but my burden is my favorite gary thou hast
fuck him and i know that we cannot carry on went on after caddies fucking funny so one and we decide where we do the show we rap on thursday and said we gotta promotion of drinks and i said a year ago we should vegas and it was like let's do it and we look it mike burden and and which ones that that's my partner you know my father so so we got him it's got henrietta let's get a fuckin vegas and might bring us now i want to go and we'll come on patent go these are gonna go getting us talk there's the you need to go in
i want to go i got a spot of the holiday broth fatality improv so here you fuck you guys work on burden to go back to santa monarchies overcoming the time go back cinema can get my shit a meet you at burton henry's house and we go perfect so we go and on the way to prescribe henry's house we decide we convince burton and burden goes back and i ll go and i go bert this great idea won't you hang out in the back of my truck hide and we'll tell bulgaria that you're not going and then we'll go on the interstate will surprise and mobility gary look it's common because there is not whether this backing the shit britain does it's great to a paradigm shift we get on a burden henry's else britain gets in the way back the truck back with the beers are an expedition at the time and he hides back there and we wait for fifteen minutes also gary valentine shows up he shows up because bags he's hold him his hand
the open them back see door like the middle opens hops india's where's burton unwarlike he didn't come any shuts adorning us let me take was wrong that motherfucker and we're like and then he goes and i'll tell you why shouldn't be a comic anymore cause he's not fucking funny and as we drive we're pulling out as i see might burton stood up no wait back and gary taught flanked an fuckin minutes just talk shit and all i go hey gary damone passing year bearded back and he turns ramming as a burden than turns back does he was when we get if you tell me there was never meant it was the logging move all those never and they taught me it's got henry's out the front carry them dynamite of my party signs back and taught like ass it out
like to have you asked about i re burnt out a burden to burden are these teaching crop magazzino yeah is guys on training centres is a really smart do companies after many folks problems from a guy's jewish right yes there is really sort of system of salt france based on a lot of different marsh slanting rise i do it's your slab now no let me just whittled down to what i heard it was a gay is jewish bits lab he asked right hu from some dizzy germany now cropper guys like fuck from a guided listen to this progress that to my daughter they have class he told you slapping no fuck never mind i wish heads this appeared only bird dog settle down part now
gravity is legit legit forms of funds how my generously yum you know i got you now that like street stuff i show you correct applications of techniques in self defense actuation as opposed to like just doing jets you just don't take boxing some long those lines it's more applicable to like getting attack has its but it's all the basic techniques of all you know all the effective martial arts you know they did they go over chokehold go over arm locks the goal for all sorts of different it's not just in our self defence there they they incorporate all not a different thing such a system of you now taking like what's the most useful martial arts in a real life situation that's what it is all just seen others room for that i am we have the school that in our people say what you like i've had these arguments with the so called like street defence people and i will we learn is how to defend yourself on the street there are no rules on the street in the
the mix martial arts dough joe you know those rules are while ago we appreciate that this but with no will there's no rules on the street so that's why i ask us what is different now so i like trying to buy you grab your ball or something that my might take is always been that the most effective techniques aren't the techniques that work on people dont know what they're doing and all the techniques almost all of them in that you see in so called self defense courses the only work if people dont know what they're doing liked the grabbing hands and pulling in you you ain't brand my hand bitch you know i'm going to be a wildcat we got we got some crazy shit going on right here are you grabbing me just holding on to me that's nonsense when i see any of that self defense nonsense i go there is a reason why this does work and the reason why doesn't workers whose doesn't work on killer you need everything you need to do in if you wanted to learn true martial arts you should learn what
works on killers learn what works on the best fighters on the planet learn what works on my time fighters learn wars on hundreds of fighters learn what works on a guy who knows how to fuck people out but he's been training at it years learn how to deal with back i don't learn how to deal with some do white pulling out your keys and gone for his eyes because most likely will not get the fuck out of here get close enough to do that in other words the learned had a would do what works on killers that's my opinion so i know i'm not a big believer in self defense courses i'm a big believin martial arts i think if you want to learn jujitsu you should learn at thy budgets where you know if you get a hold of someone who doesn't matter that's it you u own them now that's your world and he strangled them and you get to that point and that's it that's a beautiful tool to have in your tool box it's a beautiful thing to do to to be in possession of martial trials were saying you don't ever get that if you're in self defense course because first volume
can i have the amount of proficiency and doing these techniques like me breaks and attacks of the broncos you're not really doing them full blast and training against people who are resisting so a lot of what you're doing you're drilling repetition and you might get better at completing those movements but the odds of you doing it on a guy who knows how to fight is pretty fucking small anderson silva type dude will knock your fucking dumb off your neck and it's that simple you know you're never going to get i got him let you whose like you gotta get it that way i my opinion so wrong from god it's a good way to work out it's a good with a train you know it's a very effective system martial arts duma you worked with marshall at the love laughing school he does it did he talked about mars you too to know he does jujitsu yeah like while gradually tucked aluminum but he's is definitely an he said that exact same thing that it just was like a nice set of
abilities to have in place and that he gave became more relaxed wrong people yes he never forgive smaller roller but smaller and he just never felt like can never get hurt because he knew how to get out of it while you so did her you got always be careful people is first of all those knives and guns and gangs and sticks and in aid can her like the idea of a year invulnerable now needs walk through any bad neighborhood crazy you know but the less leaving you certainly have less apprehensions because you know that you ve reached a physical proficiency when it comes to defending himself the vote
do people have ever reached so some ship goes down most likely you're going to be fine horrible rude awakening which most people don't know how to fight her into if they if they get in there with a guy who knows how to fight they're in for a terrifying awakening of what's the difference between someone to spend zero time training on a fight and some of those dedicated a lifetime of doing it is a different than regular guys going to own you and it's a terrifying feeling to get owned by someone so we get on in the street wool specially to get industry in you're the one who started it oh thank god video that dude oriented to kids were though it's like a masking care with his soft pulled up to his knees and yes i like it in the end there are common and then they white the waking clearly nose like some sort of asian defence it lay starts to its steps and kick in practice and the girls ignore na street fight to prevent only no there's one annuities acknowledge our man i knew that kind of shit no foggy vice just regular rights is all my is all my as one
they were fights are favoured in all my youtube aids i favour did it that fog in one of the first people to discover cabo slice other beautiful thing about being around people not fight is very rarely and fights its most people not a fighter fuckin pretty com they d get all that shit out in the gym you didn't shit out in a controlled environment we have a desire for conflict we have a desire for an old come things for there's a desire that that all that shit can be erased and jim you are raising the jim you deal with off on an even playing field instead of being over only by road rage or overwhelmed by disappointment in your own personal life in existence and when it whatever's frustrations that have been building inside you percolating fucking up your physical existence the moment you're in any interaction you're acting unbalanced you know walking down the street curb doesn't staring at our spirit of fucked wrong with you as a guy from yet
my woozy do i saw more communist curbed staring cars what i'm saying he's probably trains chick was just stand walking on in on the sidewalk and i was like an however there are met out the chicks gettin street fights with their deeds together fuckin throw down together government fuck than aben hassen dna like a movie right street the some on those lines can imagine i've never been able with a girl they went south hard smuggling you never been around a guy and what's up with that every bit erratic or otherwise to fight score i should ever man girls want a drink unified swim that's on a scary things you can ever you try i would imagine you'll have a track that when you're younger the lot of me how they want to secure tabling a dog
ours is good behind the scenes stories about you fucking dying to talk about behind the scenes yeah like just like just like they're gonna fuck em now why do i say that your ego is attic noted alone over it has to do with violence some no no don't say nothing pilots about you being a friend amounts leg i realise that one of its bad people dont our lab goddamn only one finds up draw my brain something's wrong with burke ryan's here what's wrong what happened with the we thing you can't smuggling from games anymore candidates gonna be sneaky ok live in industry and has some sort of policy we have vaporize there's two of them filling a hit you why do you nurses rubbed his picture because you know you guys kimball lateness totally their property what oh booger with you for andrea investors that's i'm looking at that a more viable algiers inspect really bullshit stuff
do it had on about the fault lines things that make you go mister gasoline so next week in the park ass with a chain smith base nectar and the great bobcat oh yeah secure way we will have a great time are eric some auburn hair is actually was spoken a child is known berossus outta bed bear bobcat led them berries closet is this liberia under at a closet that he rented out in a dump sure am raising this right bought we read in a closet in like boss university or boston collared rain and bobcat rented it when he was like sixteen while yet bob bob castle bury for ever just another bossing comic people realize he made on the big screen anal and made it in a sort of almost like a hollywood guy with his origins or in boston too
money is falk i was body that's always been fucking larry severs here the cd meet bob emmi eighty bob and unsafe hamper is made up of hamburg somewhere that he's great he's he's great bob bob bob tackles where i grew up like with bobcat being character it's really would like gonna like with the than like that's so i wonder if he kills weird about the one that's a workers like j j walker like when he got older would reich hate when people would like hell out dynamite there was i hate it i hate it cuz he wasn't doing that anymore now he's just a stand up trying to make a living and apparently he didn't like that when people that's what they say i never did it right i loved it in one asshole did it say dynamite dynamite measly i don't like to do it but that would be weird there because i mean that's what kind of got everyone to know who he is yeah but after like ten years do you think
can stop saying dynamite and minimum balloon about it even worse than that imaginative bobcat where you do like done yet i bet i worked with him they stop doing that right yet what he was doing amount or no i don't know maybe it's like a go to think of it with a joke like subtly is he still those anna still do stand of course diseases they stopped for a while and directly to study is a direct in chemical demean drugs kimmel i think yeah there is direct the man show directed directed movies hiv now show as well and he did the world's worst outages a great fuckin movies in that no but i when i saw i voted to eliminate longline met his eye herdsmen movie that he's gonna come an american dream or some of the world's worst robin s plays a dad whose son guys from otto expectation erotica and he brighton a suicide note says he killed himself zuma deal that and because
the suicide note the kids writings become popular while in the day he's doing all the writings and the data was one to be a writer it's a great fucking movie it is a great movie is new movies called god bless america and its at its very island and it just so we play the trio looks awesome with a mere formality funding turbulent drawn and do not nice when how can you when attack by some things with bobcat we are now past present and future ex wife you know others hunter don't you promise me now know that may not be a problem too late
a u turn in this region thanks to everyone who came out to the ice house comical last i'll fuckin chair and i shall certainly really amazing we had a great great time is so cool people do that on wednesday night i don't really like john enough we talked about this and i think about it we should just take over wednesdays from go on instead doing friday was is when all the comics or in town lunches you're never we can do fridays too sometimes i like do on fridays and moreover keeper freddy's opens up the off guard bitch but either way the be doing more shows the ice house it's great place and and i gotta develops new material now before me special hey are you releasing their special again linnea likely their building a website for announcing now taken once so parliament till i got august september that release a jealous go in a mushroom trip so we can get new material as you can hear the mushrooms anymore i will do this has become possible so anyway therein it comfortable situation it gave you see
degrees in a hotel room you and meaningful now now his hotel and mature red story guys let's go look at our property joe yes we're gonna look go look at death squad west also known as higher primates studios thank you to everybody to india and supply gas thank you to the flesh life for sponsoring our podcast and if you go to jail rogan that now click on a link play enter the code name rogan get yourself fifty shut off the number one sex toys around this year that brian is displaying in his image is the machine sure hope i am the machine the bert kreischer if you can get that at burberry dot com hallows your boy baby needs new shoes come on seven and you can also bert when you get it yet you do know punk soon now started and on the road with my bottom bodyguards with your bodyguard in bodyguards ever went so i've been doing pious answer them because you go for your tv show the tax evasion places we get bodyguards bad or no one is
now that's coming i wanna get when i get a little time under my belt i gonna also i'm sam i'm fuckin seventy five pages do by august first my book so i'm a little overwhelm so i appreciate everyone that emails means has start your progress working on i'm working on everything ok and fairer crochet your fuckin savage cuts galicia complex you joe that's it can dirty freaks we'll see you next week thank you everything we appreciate it all thanks to dot com au and and i d make of our brain new mood shrewd tech support tell me you and next week we launched the kettlebells let you know what i were iron out all the details right now and so you see eyes and goodbye for now
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