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Brian Redban - Date: 06/05/2012
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the jury we experienced by gas has brought about a flesh a lot of people like what fuck is that illegal use dream on than just comes onto that too scared i do the job france is brought to you by the flesh light and if you go to jail logan dot net and click on the link for the flashlight enduring the code name rogan saved a lot of money we found a fifteen percent to be exact we found out the joe rogan experience listeners who currently a slight are much more likely to buy them the people that are they click on the website much more likely to buy them than the average last year with many many many times which has caught crazy but maybe so
meanwhile much a fuckin twisted perverts here you're listeners are the listeners are all per for sure if you go to jargon that net is also link for our brain bullets brain joe heaven do i just need more i have now become you joe i the last since he came at last bottle at last battery morning all the issues that people started having about sensitivity we ve eradicated them i was one of his badge but it still has the same kick to it it's some you gotta have to go to ireland outcome for all the information because i'm not a fucking scientists animal little stoned but on it oh and an eye tee and went out the brain is is a neutral but it is a cognitive enhancing supplement you know it's a very slippery slope when you start advertising shit
you know when you start selling things and people know that the words that are coming out of your mouth are designed to make money and so they just assume that you will be full of shit like i can't tell you i'm a fucking assholes i've got a deal with online that say those fucking placebo yuri ripping people offer pursue it absolutely not a placebo there's no way neutral big would get to this point through the scientific community scientific scientific through the scientific community to the southern mcnerney doesn't there's no way it's these are not placebos they use them on alzheimer's patients there's a considerable amount of both total evidence research and more research is being done and particularly by us we ve got we're running it right now we're running some double blind placebo study takes months to do these things and i don't want to talk too much about it until after it's over but
the results are bad i'll tell you do not worry the results are good i'll tell you don't worry i believe supplements i've always use them i too every day i take fish oil i take related minerals i take multi vitamins when i die i don't feel it's good i dont have as much energy when my diet sucks i don't feel good either when i'm not eating healthy animals i believe it's very important too care of this body to take care of this vehicle it doesn't mean you now that you have to fuck and be a vague in and you can ever have cheat days and eat ice cream that's bullshit i just think the majority of the food that goes in your body should be healthy the majority if you want to have a burger want to have a fuckin burger man we're gonna going to live forever the majority of your food should be healthy and on top of that i am a big fan of supple integration is a thing talking about sledge lean is some new compound that's it
to also it's that some new one i just took it today for the very first time so i'll tell ya but i want it doesn't leave it makes me feel different i just take a look an hour ago someone i'm sure when it kicks commissioner should be those somebody that regulates all these to make sure that you should be able to take what you're taking in an alpha brain you know like bright and that kind of shit when vitamins you don't have to worry about that shed dubuque would you can worry about as when you get to know a compound of drugs and as our eyes like you know the issue that a lot of people have had with taking new mood which is another when we have which is a five http supplement and five http there are issues that people have their taking antidepressants soviet making an anti depressants essentially is giving you a bunch of dopamine much tone and rather and
it's it's giving it to you like the anti depressants are you're getting it from the internet presence and your also getting it from the fire rage teepee which is really basically a natural antidepressants in the world and what is really going on really going on is what's really going on as and when you depressed or sarah down the doesn't necessarily mean that your life is different but now all the sudden you're sudden you are enjoying and there's a big debate on that is a big debate on whether that smart and whether or not a lot of people are taking antidepressants fucking with a brain chemistry when what is really going on as there are no shit stage of their life and if can learn by these bad feelings and learned by the lessons they could possibly move to a ban place in life where you know you limit and all these things that are making you feel bad improve upon all these areas that you have real problems with and then you won't have this bad feelings or are you won't be quoted on quote depressed but i know people that have had thought of law man that have you
antidepressants and gotten themselves back on track and then wean themselves often are really happy today i have a friend that you know he was he was on the verge of committing suicide he said he was pursuer depressed terrible live terrible childhood we have very beasts of childhood but why when he got an antidepressant he got a shed together and then once you get a shit together he met his wife he fell in love he started a business became very successful this business then slowly weaned himself off the antidepressants and now he's very happy and these can that his state of mind was directly related his depression was directly related to how shit his life was but and under saved his life you know if everybody story was like that i wouldn't even be remotely skeptical and you know i would say hey you know obviously this is a great thing but where some sloppy falcon slovenly counts and if we find is any excuse to take appear on into xanax can deal i can't deal
there's a lot of them going on and was trimmed smile me out jumped i'm so violently trims by a pot of terms but i should kill you now no offense and right now i was it is it is not like gum but rip fuel refuel geo strategic factor in high school you won't kill everybody only kills policies but it will kill you i'm crazy arena ways to do that the idea was like took it yeah speed it is speed is it like just like caffeine espied remembering happiness be what is speed speeds a nickname four things are alex accelerants things are for fire your heart rate through the roof it's terrible digital on i on you just want at once i once had a heart attack because it was like like being on crank but give your heart is already pounding too hard and you just do is all about like maintaining your heart rate like it's all about like keeping a pace going
you know in and not wearing out like if you just try sprint real quick then you're getting attired in the gas chug you it's all about like and then the rip was the work for that shit it's terrible for korea i remember the bottle logo some legal right they d get rid of it they might have changed the formula because i think we have seen recently point about all this out for brain all the submarine stuff is anything that i'm telling you about is something that i use and i believe and that's it i don't need to do this i don't need to sell these things i'm selling these things because their legitimate because i support of because i use em i get the benefits from them i believe and then after all that we make money from them we may yet as fair as possible i'm trying and to rip off no one i want everyone to feel like they had a good interaction so the way it works is when you by your first order of thirty pills
if you don't like it you get a hundred per cent your money back you don't have to send the pills backing of the sun the bottle bad enough to do shade you say the socks get my money back there how much we believe that you will like it and you want to keep using it there's no thing better in this life there doing your best to improve your quality of thinking and the quarrel of thinking that you have when you ve done your best and you you takin care your body and improve your quality thinking you make better when you make better choices you think about things better your life becomes better i think there's no more important thing in this i've than maintaining the quality of thinking and that's what i use outbreak for and that's why i endorse it that's why i take three these bits for me personally to drink a major yeah what last one i used to take
but then i saw a game that slight headache for was like shaking shaky allows plan pool i just think you know your plan for something crazy allowing for would be great but what it the thing that i've been getting into areas the shrimp cactus what steps mushrooms supplement dude is a hundred percent legit i had way more energy than i deserved last night i was the last guy on the mat i'm nevertheless kind the man but i took five those fucking things it says take forward i took five i've read before class was awesome we're going over des just mushrooms this mushrooms and be twelve and be twelve you don't overdose on piss it all out but man it's amazing how you can affected energy levels by nutrients really amazing like i said i have eaten like shit for a few days and especially as i got older i really feel much more now than when i was twenty one us for twenty five years later berlin go work out and would even parleyed bottle
much better now just every a thing has to be in order for my body feels he would go to on its eye com check out all that shit check out all different supplements that are available i stand by and we got kettlebells kettlebells rather coming out there because very soon a definite answers yeah i think there are up on the website i thought just trying to figure out the pricing in the shipping it's fucking expensive to ship cannonballs cannibalism handles this way should indeed that whatever makes it heavy should be something that you could just buy at a grocery store the ebb and no one's gonna do that i wouldn't whatever wasn't like oh yeah it's just a bunch of pepper play the latest jail bill that's the most ridiculous i've ever heard they have something you fill up with water but again you can't make it heavy enough you know if i want a fifty pound kettlebell to train with bowling ball bag that i bring on the road of me if i want to bring another road because i live
bring one nita jim anywhere if i bring one fifty pound kettlebells i got one work out that i do with a thirty five pal gentle belts fuckin awesome that's a brow the work out and its authority upon cannibal you need to get him away cement target was one by one i just beneath my pekinese instead do you know you need to do for real you needed just take up something like spinning to do any of you got make my time there's people too full time jobs and train for the olympics man you get time too busy son realistic you really wanted to do something you join a gem joint agenda and generic name for my join joy german gonna like some classes got a hard core class where you you enjoy somebody else is making you do it and then its are you doing with everybody else no class it's really easy way to get a good work on it friend it's going to yoga class some wing till she graduate secondly your first person his lodge is going to yoga
cuz i don't want to do it in front of other people i want my own private yoga instructor in my bedroom or something you should go to yoga class with me to check everything it's your son yoga people there's some of our time is too many uncomfortable moments in yoga well was and castles when you talk to them they bring avoid crystals in energy and that's what where yoga across his delight it classes cross the line in the fucker when you start worship and rocks and the energy the come off these rocks and you start in us grid this sacred that unless you're fucking around you say sacred have to be fucking around or talking about like war someone that's it thus in the commercial gotta jargon that neck used
code name rogan click on a link ralph rain username rogan save yourself ten percent off our united vetches logan experience powerful internet's i gotta wear this teacher that i got from these kids in canada blue guerrilla radio they said how do i get it but the did this show and edmonton man the fuckin shows its own this many times war would do each other's shows and hang out after the shells so i'm like what does he know there is some sort of a weird dream or somethin this doesn't seem realistic doesn't seem like that in others it's
when you sit around and see you and me and this is how this all started you and me and a laptop to sit around and then he think of fuckin numbers of people now that to end this thing it's very surreal because to us were still in the same thing we should do the same thing we're still sitting in my fucking hoarders office boxes issuing orders of dialogue on bare sudan i gonna throw almost everything out it's like a lot of is like gifts from people that you ve got a crucial area around in a lot of apple products an unopened just that some thing over their yellows bag over there with an apple something stuff on there it's fun here or my hard drive crash so how to get a new hard drive yes or how to get a new i mac my she's been
acting all my max have been acting really fucked up lately in those two things at the data that are willing why the government one is the iphone as a problem that no one has been talking i haven't seen where the text messages are disappearing right in front of your eyes i could open it up in some way the text messages disappear i told you sent me a photo and the photo vanish right i look down and i saw the preview the photo and then i went back to my i debs in the middle of planned pools i didn't look at it and when i went back to look at a later it was gone that shit having me more and more and i don't hear anybody else talking about government the government stealing our tax my text messages they got a funny fuckin boring we really are the aguilar shit deregulation of the black gas occasionally smoke pot womb
you guys in the second thing is the flash on safari chrome and everything has been really horrible lately to the point where it's been freezing up my computer until i moved the cursor down to the toolbar and then for some reason i don't have to click on anything as made the curse down to the bottom and unfreezing everything it's really weird i don't it's is eating that's a memory issue and notes the government joe governments in flash governments and learn from flash they could learn a lot flash right because it gets a lot of those probably porn there on line or flash aren't they get the hell out of him too are still flash by lot of em i ve been switching over to each tumult five which simply be a decent that so you can watch online ipads yet once they realise that they were going to live out right it's amazing they should figure that out by now right it's amazing how how porn just evaporated before
as far as like as an industry my next door neighbours porn guy was my next door neighbor years ago down the street and i think they just repossessed his house something like that it's these guys like the word like i on the haug mean these guys i know due to the poor business were making millions and millions of dollars when they had incredible cars there these before houses these guys are making far money selling dvds the internet just took the wheels out from under them completely and industry that's like now he talks about that because there's some hidden sort of moral like judgment that you pass on porn tools like fuck em they didn't deserve it didn't deserve the money they were making in other deserve did they got it on the back of exploded women and they in blood bob i for whatever reason we make a distinction
legal and it's a business but it in need to be bailed out as much as cars do companies that we can't lose chevy but if we david pictures who gives a fuck but then the hip critical aspect of it is this is a billion dollar industry is it everyone using it to pretend that everybody's not using it is insanity people that are online that are looking at porn it's something crazy it's something like porn is forty percent of everything online something nutty like that africa pulled out right out i think i might read that but i can't keep track of all these numbers stop and think about that number that's a lot of god damn people in everyone's pretending this this industry does need to be saved the big they couldn't get any respect if they wanted to try to get a bail out for the government because economy when south like what the fuck are you talking about what you get
man will you do with no born we're gonna go by i think it's like everything there like look like you know yet porn is now not making money because now the access to being able to do porn is so much easier radio station dj start making as much money in their failing because now podcasting has been able to take to reach in easily you can do it at your own house now it out here on radio show and that's just tv that's like every single thing ever now because everything is now more deluded you're more and more accurate to what you want to see like i want to see a ban that's us two people are dead in a drummer still alive you know that that is the out there on the internet that you're finished if that's your thing that's your music choice we were before was kind of like whatever your pumped or whatever was available at the city shall write rayam whenever you are sold on the local radio station some uneasiness more scattered mountain like pouring is easier now because like me i couldn't now watch some girl that's a waitress in fuckin indiana lena puff
dodo in our ass ferrari you know i'm gonna watch that and when it has been my fucking i've never spent money on point in my life now i'm fucking spending twenty dollars a month sending it to hurt and that's what lotta these porn websites used to charge twenty dollars a month you're you're go to webcam sites webcam sites he's a real people he's a fucking killing blue collar even in your jerking off like like made america didn't like about how right you're gonna go by like normal locking girl hot normal girl zags ethics but she's getting i smile but once in a while i click on the africa check box on the very biogas and that you couldn't you know like what they can choose whites countries you want to see is to see a bunch of african women sitting around to go and aid and local area there really vital lesbian africa that women i've noticed they just probably due to rape and am less bow wow
african and what are they they jerking off with gourds or anything crazed now they're they're pretty basic and funny like the vibrator into the different countries are they look like the ones that they were using really did seem like antiques now i've would incur or you know like that well and then you go did i do on asia and all girls it you're either vietnam on vietnam where they're using bamboo sticks and stuff like that were there actually like japanese where they have these high tech fibre haters like like you ve never seen before that look like fucking dolphins with hats on screw how different web cam shows view watch if i do it every night it's my new twitter ran i could do it every time i want to masturbate now go to my
for games and i have no connection with these guys it's my favorite my free cams i fucking love it s all about five different people and how does it go if you go to my free camps it's the well one it's the worse design website ever in i don't know who owns it if they ever listen it s really spend the money on your website i should so fuckin crazy by just get this checkerboard of cameras and its leaders scroll down he choose what options you want you cheat click on one of them and then she's a free and what you do is just hang out no chat room i'm lookin at announces a bunch of photos of girls those asses sticking out these cannot be real girls yet was yet those are all oh no good you like homeward with my right now what's on line right now my bulgaria ok
that was our more yet these are girls in her own models online yet is it goes on life and then when you go to and yet you go to him and when you log in then that a seasonal previous governments everytime you log in to see a bunch of previous other girls playing with her tears yes simultaneously while this is bizarre bizarre in the thing is is you'd never have to spend money there you know ever but this is so strange what am i also when my favorite things to do is what you do is you put twenty bucks and at a time you get kind of like points you know and so my favorite thing to do as you can also spy on my private shows that these girls are doing with other people you know in
it costs more but you can jump in real quick and you just like what's going on in miss creepy room what what's this guide making this girl do you know it i mean how can you spy on private rooms it will say that this shows private and underneath it it says spy on private shelf why you could just sit there and functions ridiculous but that's not private yeah but if you know a going in you know you like whatever because it's a lot of money like i'll do it like ten seconds time like right when i know i'm about to come on i'll find a private show record i love it harder it is but i don't understand how they can sell it is private its living or was it you could beat compile a hundred percent private like or you could be like those mid private and so the mid private so what most people do because if it's a hundred percent private cars more for the person to do the private case can so there's some people want to get really freaky there are a hundred two hundred percent private or just go on offline on skype or some in a lot of these girls have their twitters so it's cooks then you could start following on twitter seen its its it
the new porn is still there in london is porn girls like sammy roads she's always on my free camps than she fucking puts on amazing shows and its i hate watching you some friends with polish cars but it's just like it as far as it goes super wind blowing in you know i'm saying but i creepy i mean that's crimes you did you hey look as i just said to new people if you ever see her online she's really good or veronica reaches on there all the time i don't watch her but i dont know i said no matter how much the girl make and worse thing i know offered from website called stream may which is the same thing brides kind of prefer my free cams good it's a better quality rye but dream may also has these girls they were under this one girl that gets together and they
we can now do shows you know four hours and night for three days now both walk home with like two thousand dollars which is if you're stripper of your if your feature dancing that's kind of way you make rather we gained but that's him yet a traveling dixon your mouth and stuff you don't have to go anywhere this is very strange is addictive do that's that's my next twitter it there i would like to add i been my free common people don't realize like we're we're talking about page after page after page of hundreds and hundreds of avatars all hot checks in the reply ruin in which crazy if there's a lot of old ladys there's fetish spring everybody than is one only a lover she reminds me like she's an old man from jersey like like like old lady from good fellows are somewhat that within the day though the glasses with a fish eye glasses we could barely see her eyes and i could show this bobo
come on you want to get in a private shell you know what it's like fish in upon doesn't have much fish do you guys do take advantage of your area is probably isn't yet few out your after a couple those girls old ladys yeah just as you don't see it every day is like a little had a girl's ankle and seventeen hundred you don't see it you know so like this like old ladys or there's you know like black really old black fat ladys the carnatic turns me on once in a while if you don't see that you're masturbated up every day some of these bitches adjust they just sit there and do nothing big joy yeah but that's what's course when you fight when you create account you could see re every fresh is all these avatars you can see who's doing why like legislating on click on the growth of dildo ownership muted everybody yeah how dare shoe yak as you have
that's where you have to create account because you can't shot into you actually pierre announcing a dilemma child so what are you are you well when you joe what he darted these girls are easy to say i've got out and take it out of garden and things like tat and it makes him laugh every time they like you i think you know i love guarded they all of the other what one of these days you gonna be doing this to a girl who know the show it's already happened did did you tell her who you are and it could have talked about this website before i say like all of garden and people like death scarred for life bitches and stuff like that i'm sure that's a lot of our lesson is already on the ship does it really hot i can't believe this is so crazy it's there peering into this world of hot girls taken off their clothes and then just sit around here the windows really small though does it asked being expanded theirs is five doubts on the right side of the webcam urgently just strike that shit do whatever you want decent screen no flowers
the name then there are fixed sweetie wise mountain there are a lot of marijuana use lie wise doesn't buy me man but i see a chick with a cigarette theirs black or i wish i could remember name on it and she never really shows a face too much but she is hot body enjoys has its huge fucking dildo just suction cupped onto the coffee table and the cameras always this her by just teasing it like this it's gonna take the whole thing in specially talks like mike i'm such a bad daddy do you i told this to happen it's like you know how they have those previews like if you will you click on some porn sites they have like preview you have to watch their camp a commercial for their carry site before they show the actual porn yeah they had you know you know they get different ones every time i don't know who is editing he's fucking things but why was this chick she was
she was a lease like i'll say thirty five forty pounds overweight she was a black as coal and the bottom were feet or from the camera something farmer fee which are really pink i was pink and her feet like block therefore the camel while she is can the shit out of her black black pussy with this deal it could not have been oh a least sexual thing it was it was like like hunting and shadows mean i guess it was sexual that's why you're into from me it was like what fucker like our a boner away you may think myself for a minute so what are you trying to do whose roots looking dangling year she offered me hu the certain girls we go shit fuck you you know you look you look at the guys they fuck on film in the things that people due to them and girls like drink a glass
call mortgage polarized lids open and shoot loads in her eyes that girl fuck yeah that girl that poor kid that poor kid doesn't know what the fuck she's doing she's a little fuck be on my free camps try to search for this name apple bottom teen that's the black check and if she's online just turn up your speakers and fuckin sit back and enjoy life i can watch this and do sure
two eyes and you're a blanket for your bounded in here just your watch is turkey would have your jacket makes him a boner beggar hey i've been sitting on its warm my field but so is the but is the profit but how do we make profits from the site the girls get a fraction of whatever money is donated to me i don't think it's very good i'm sure there's other websites that are lot better like my free camps that does not pay the girls as good as the latter the other website around this business nameless fuck me hard really if you find apple bonteen did you're gonna love it some did you just leave their camera and leave the room that shit is rude this browsers allow that without me hard how dare you fuck me hard sixty nine senior fuckin computer desk how dare you they just get lazy its problem
they probably live their whole day and found a webcam georgiana like money what a weird way for checks to get attention and some of them really fuckin love and i bet they love that every time they log honest thousands of guys waiting the beat after them yeah it's like i gotta became a trip and i bet large ships have shit jobs and they start doing this and reagan indicated to me saying you know how i mean just like doing podcasting from your house how easy is it to that you can just now have a job that you can do from your house and that's what these girls are doing are like why do i want to be you know we trust that chile's when i could find make twice much at home just fucking shut buckle yeah what a crazy rule the dice it is for a girl be borne hot such a powerful fuckin roar the dies because this really all you need for a lot these girls i mean all they need is the just to have the right bone structure in the right genes and and the right working
boom everybody diminishes like hidden the lottery i guess it's sort of israel due to but the dude still got go out and find him make something you can't be a loser and look like that there's no losers that look like butter christy in my view therefore none there's no losers to look like that no she's a porn star he and great but she was so harm she's the best example put out was it with some the fuckers are an end that silly offered is impossible to be a loser if you'll of ex ante crawford you really happy loser she's just too hot you don't mean could be a guy and you could be like the male equivalent to sidney really bone structure was hands and still windup fuck and broken alone easily you know you're not gonna be a loser if you look that good is to art
this society like values it so much somehow another some wealthy man will find his way in her life and merrier away but for a dude she does allow it's not worth as much is not as much of a row the dice for a guy to be born good lookin for for a girl that's all you trying to get done in this life not slanted that's all everyone was trying to get done ladies told you crazy to longer don't get angry at me what i'm saying it that's all you i love that sound of sand but i'm san fuckin big deal big deal be hot yeah you know a lot of these girls in these rooms are not even hot it all but that's even makes it harder because you later this girl looks like somebody that would never do this this isn't going that's high i love this shit i don't i don't ever been more addicted input to porn than ever in my life when i was eighteen i wanted to start off when this remember i've no man i think i've always liked anthony
opium anthony do you this website that i used to be addicted to that he's always talking about forget the name of those a webcam website pal talk how talk i used to pay for membership for pow talk in one of the best things is while the shows going i used to go on these girls we're fans of opium anything to see sitting there shoving vote by waiters on inner by all of us will be watching even while their walk doing a radio show everyone be watching should didn't you show me that once the tattoo place yeah you're shown where the tattoo player and you were a brush has disappeared when you're getting your tattoo and powder on the outer and then you shall we look at this girl with a fucking she do that this regular girls finger bang in themselves thing about the girl two fingers in her but holds like wall jesus there was one of our first brought broadcut
yeah we now in doing green rooms but that i remember sitting there just with my laptop is pointing out you how many times did you get the same desk webpages twitters twitter said oh yeah nice attacks twitter is facebook messages it's funny now all came out of some fuckin silly meeting at the opening of the measure a damn thing to name yourselves desktop but because somebody else named us were let were allowed to keep it have you heard the ban death squad having another bam of bans called just going really others there's this a song cod ban which is actually pretty good let me i am ready and i think it's there it's either the artist s name red ban or the song scott redmond medina or something why what years a man like you go tears yours now one of his van among partners malaysia
it's weird you very giver giver wanted thing again we had that had sung and i think some basic dubstep that some people are really did have a song it was only hidden one town now tell me and tempi in phoenix airs for whatever reason there was guys tim and mark shit why is always like so hard to remember now that's what officer was take for it there they were gray eyes and day i had a radio station down there and they played it and they really want a few people had ever played for whatever reason it took off in one town like i sold way more records in phoenix than i did anywhere else it became one of the reasons why i found my two thousand and five special in phoenix cuz i just had a bigger draw there then almost anywhere i was real weird
p in one eye sergeant stana people will i do song my i can't fucking thing i go out did that song because it was like it was broken up into like choruses splice it altogether was all done like in a new not gonna computer with what is a god its protocols to do it move everything around so was like you know if i just did about myself them in practice and actually like start singing i want to do fine fun and the idea was warner brothers executive idea his idea was if i came up with song then play some on the radio to help solve the cd so summers about voodoo pussy this was called really nanny probably find it it's probably not even writers because i dont think at cds i too am i get it put on itunes my first see from ninety ninety nine one
brothers was bought out by disney in the middle of my arm my time they're about records yeah whatever their records i think it was disney but did they went like super family values and my my city was dirty is far my cd started out with two guys fucking each other in the basement of one of the most amazing i'm sure everyone's heard it but it was one of those amazing skits ever it's one of my favorite things i've ever done because i knew that could never do it anywhere else i was i want my right something so fucked up and can't be can't be on stage to act it out it wouldn't be as funny as you want do it visually no i don't want to i don't want to actually see it i just it's better to ask just hear this and what is it is two guys who were gay but they try to pretend they're not gay they just really like lifted waves and it always wines of them focus and always like you
fucking great has its loud and muscular really what do i bet i believe that i give my cock in your eyes and it became does this thing me in brand counted it breakdowns other voice in it and the fuckers are name goddammit colleagues are still yes killing person for real you say that name all the time jokers took allocation but you say as joy the i was like an old garden between me and your ideas kelly kelly played my mom our mom my brains by so funny and die ginger lynn introduced stir vodafone annie on the city and i got to do a thing with her the other day i did dave's old porn with her games porn is first words david tell us so fucking funny man he's just one of those guys it's like he works
our man in between take they got notes no and shit and go going overseas and what's a good scene and what about this man you know and then you sit there and you will you watch these portions and they need like mr science theatre member that show if you ve seen dave's or more for those seen it yours a couch dave and you just kind of clowning on porn and real the difference between poor then and now so much more hair so much more here some we're here and it was like they were they were like all sexy the blue blood backed in one of my favorite
because they all had really nice big natural boudoir single natural yet moved they all kind of like hung a little they did it was nice gingerly in small boobs but they're really nice there weren't small there were i would say ginger small and medium and small but yeah and seemed like bigger aerial as were more popular back then org lately maybe growth areas have been shrinking for some reason the dvd nature cellphones could be radiation and kills these it's it's a strange watching like we were talking about whether or not society is change or their and our people have just more access to it now we see it more because a twitter but people boys fucked up and i say porn is probably the best evidence of society's gotten more fucked up because there was like very little dark porn back then there was even than when even slapping knows no dick slap bang and there is no no
pulling the hair and shoot loads of their nose and stuff like that like they're doing they do mug mean angered shit now in our like an this is something hard about slob raw your face and streaked mascara glass us here a man heard latest dvds one of my favorites i forget the guy i think is an inch morocco or some like fucking just like a man had like dragging her by the hair woe she's gagging he's a fucking oh do not show some not yet not show that is awesome apaches when i like the way i don't think i have any eve i don't give a shit about porn guys much like i don't ever do they account for one but that that every time i see him in a movie you get cited is cool he's either he's a coup asking is really very violent with girls screen dragging around by their hair doesn't seem to be a nice thing to do somebody that you wanna fuck
do you think some girls like that forget by their hair and an ever thoughts but yeah while they definitely do girls like being choked veronica were all those let me slap her there choice by slap in the face mc now don't say they have presented to you fuck and she did bondage with you have to start the alliance lie i would be like i don't want to connect me beat the fuck out of here with something the sexual seems like a bad idea i had a girl a wonder rape me she wanted me to a parallel she would tell me she would want to write me too but she would actually tell me that she wants to be the rapporteur wants to fight me off my come to this does not something you want i can connect with sexuality with my sister always wanted me to do why thus brian think they're on their behalf
the emperor and wait me no it's like said that's establish object because rape itself obviously is deplorable act but the act remains that there are girls that could turned on by that deplorable act there's girls at hand his fantasies of getting like finding themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and a fuckin pack a wild come out with fourteen cox and just force it as such their dicks while one guy back from my he's fantasies like there scared but the really be excited they probably think of themselves thinking about that you know they don't ever risk their actual physical well being in life by putting themselves in a situation where that could happen but the fact is they could do that at any time girls can just drive around your group a guys at any time and get on go hey boys go and targeted and the guy's a model we suddenly got he had loved you
it is not hard for a girl to find a cock to certain targets once they forget that shit out we're doing ones affected then it's gonna want you don't think they know it already please do girls know it already you don't think the notary course he whispered they have massive knowledge of their power women women have power like a superhero a hot girl hot girl in a bikini or high girl in a miniskirt walkin through a mall every guy stops and need just immediately there is one there is why because you know that if you are alone naked with her and she was blowing you it would be out standing and be such a great feeling to have that beautiful face in your cards any chance right seventy five percent chance that that that that growth is not having give good blow job that's not true at all more than anything more girls sucker blowjobs than are good at it by a large market martin didn't wrong girl son
it's very red a fine about blowjob is hard to find a bad blowjob if a girl enthusiastic if a guy enthusiastic just like if you're enthusiastic about her if you're both turned on she's gonna give you good head like you going pussy girl like you when you eat grass pussy are you trying to like you want her feel as good as you can make your fee or out of one hundred percent vets woman's goal to when she's boeing you it is now but i think maybe a more sensitive to teeth or something maybe just get some lazy businesses that are chewing on your side have you ever had a girl deal by did no not mad at me rising number i was
like you know expressly back in the day when you did a wide drugs is definitely start this grocery just gonna snap out of it in my view what they're doing and start by masculine flash back and chopped down your ball bag some guy recently got a bit on the balls by think it was a cop got beyond the balls by a young by a convict wooden leg over balls either is biting on through the pants like they had the guy like asia here think of that that should have man out she passed out robin be beaten the ball soon yeah does other people have done basle says no big deal i have a feeling that vessels are abundant indifferent fuckin thing words just how your body reacts to basle just like any other drug you know it's just like fucking you have somebody that's borderline skit so and they fucking smoke we that person becomes falcon psychotic that's a real good boy
through people are not people say hey man do mushrooms it's i don't know you fucking crazy i would never tell anyway do anything although i tell everybody they do mushrooms if train but what i say everybody i don't mean everybody i just mean everybody's not fucked up if your barely holding onto reality i don't recommend psychedelic drugs i don't recommend alcohol for sure i don't command anything but get your shit together go to a doctor find out what's wrong with no whatever whatever you do get your shit together that's more important than psychedelic did that fucking helicopter shit that everyone's blogging flooding the tweets with you haven't heard about explain its all the folks at home somebody's cat died in took to remember him he liked to make him our fears or something like that in so he turned his cat into a whole chapter he stuffed it and then made like his paws like spread out kind of like you know that's like doing a snow man in the snow and
one of them had like a helicopter fan on it and they said sara flies is dead cat around and at first i watched him horrified and then i was like this the coolest thing in the whole entire road i hope is catches i advocate just imagine bunch of cats helicopter flying the sky and that would be cool became part of that is al qaeda good sack yeah but if there is cats everywhere in the sky at all times it could be the on going down sunset music edwin had all dead cat like happy cool the cats everywhere this really is crazy but then also if it crashes and then it's like fuckin knows falls off because it hits concrete or something that would be disturbing those now i now i think of creeping while you're gonna need but a helmet on but when he had little fucking cafes and i the funniest face ever you you put a large plexiglas
dom over his head like he's a space cat or even better so now the space suit his is heading for ethically political ethnic or actually get the clear film companies that did the ipad lay clear films to make a clear armor they haven't armor for your kind words this like some kind of crystallized that's awesome that is awesome did you hear that there's another drone attack that killed some top al qaeda guy wasn't persian personally was it these cap imagine if the army starts releasing cat weapon maybe you imagine if like there was a country where like these flying pigs because like muslims would be terrified of house higgs flying to the cow live you go to war with india in the air the they kill
some dude in pakistan that's what this that's gonna fucked up man we're not really in pakistan but pakistan is the place where throughout all of our new a shit right eliza we can get away with it we must have some sort of a weird deal with the gun or the government won't say anything where's sending spaceships into their air i mean we're sending like some science fiction things that were controlling from halfway around the world with room control and their their launching medicines millions really crazy that they're allowed to do that you know look i'm a hundred percent in support get rid of bad guys and taken all the terrorists out not happy horse shit the list terrorists but this that's crazy will precedent to save the euro allowing spaceships to fly around launch missiles hell fire bunker buster fuckin missiles at these people that's what the cold hellfire daily now to spray
gets from the sky and blow you out of the roll out of the road it is wandering along you don't even know their their throwing a mile away in a rocket comes in fuckin you would disappear that's amazing pleasing that that's how we're doing more right now in pakistan that's the the peak of the technological war right now is going on right there and very few people are even aware of it you know you here drone attack that's here you know on on the on the radio or drone attack on cnn but you don't really stop and think about what the fuck that means there's a remote controlled flying objects that launches missiles at people and their work watching a camera through it we're on the world present and in launching these things it's incredible technology is used it's amazing what they can do now it then that one rational ram it wasn't there was another moment were life feels like a fake movie were a but these days
captured are shared and obama goes the news and talks about it well leave asked for it back that's what he said ass we're back hey another thing that we were flying around and remind you shot rockets out you from the sky yeah can you give this could so well we can do that again is weird they asked for a back you imagine if i ran had some shit flying around over here taking pictures of us something that's got capability of shooting missiles that's crazy but it didn't have any missiles on it right now that one didn't never seen anyone miranda's just well farthing go when i have you for our products about some of more solar power right probably you must have something solar have you seen that stir the new solar powered automobile
it's it's it's not solar power only partially solar powered be like stereo things along those lines the roof is a series of solar panels yes i have seen that fuckin beautiful carmen it's like finally got it right because these shitty ass fucking premises in these discuss something out by the way number nine nine person i've ever seen throw a fuckin cigarette out the window their previous you twat watching all you hypocrite tonnes its such i i know some people do it for economy i understand that it's not just but i like to think that the green and they're just pray i may i would buy one they would just be because i dont for expanding ninety dollars every time i felt my tanker yeah well this is this is a beautiful fuckin car man this fiscal look at this thing then take a peek at that look at those shea some may say
because the up they recall very cod parity recall them there was a fire prone hose clamp this was a while ago no it wasn't today that's crazy recall realized partly cloudy day though they surrounded by the january for this june fifth throve yeah it's a fucking beautiful car though so slow now i'm just so you stood the path of a car that quick now now i don't drive like an asshole but i do love the engineering the parts of legal a well engineered car pirate dice was that
comedy store last night you can go and pirate now he's gotta clay wears a pirate patch figure discounts at stores you what people say he says this is handicapped disease vat and if they don't have that there had been a good senior discount what he's been twenty four somebody i think i think that's what he said things are now handicapped discountenance how hilarious his idea only ten shirts and then let the breathing began he had his car he had a what's the charger not the charger but with challenges challenger idea was buick dodge dive jimmy car was amazing i merely want to allow yeah those are sir how much are those that right now and i think fully loaded there like forty grand and their beautiful that shape is just so iconic the challenger shape its just like you noticed
it's like my old barracuda but it's not gonna leave stranded every couple days those holes com this man they look so bad ass but there does the divine involved in them like they there it's so crude rum breaks there so crude i get hit the brakes me barely stop the car digs were ever now they have cars like new porsche the nine nine one which is the new nine eleven the new portion and eleven i just came out can stop from up i think it's sixty miles an hour to hunt to zero in less than a hundred feet that's crazy the ninety six feet the new corvette can do that do not less a hundred feet from it's easier the old days that should take you a mile who was sixty miles are not a minor but it would you be locked up it takes a long ass time to stop the car now and taiwan
craig subtraction control and older than the new shit you do now the old coursers retarded they're just useless to have unless you just a hobby is to love the idea this old mechanical thing that your switching the gears and all that is allowed people really do enjoy that but with a chance just done is they ve got like most of that old look and put into a new car you know they figured out they figured out how to keep that shape it's not a good shape for handling it's terrible the design is now it's not smart and that's it it's like a big heavy car tools like they're not that good around corners shit like that and not like a corvette not lay card is designed to do that but now fully defined regular driving their great gabrielle has one was yeah so was tom rain as either thinking about selling my card my car it's horrible gas mounting getting something like that i'm about to pay off my car finally in amerika i finally on this piece of shit right i sent you shit to greater by
get some like that or just get a really shitty small car like something like one of those little baby fee out sir with as you know like a tiny little cheap cars will do if you wanted to get a mustang if you wanna trade afford and dismay before we give you i never thought about it and for non ford yad them staying the boss three o two is not expensive it's not better than all the new the new mustang boss three or two i think is like thirty five thousand bucks and they fuckin fly and the new mustang g to just the g t the gdp is a fuckin really good car man the g is four hundred plus horse power just for the mustang gdp and it's you know it's a little bit crude in its design it has alive axel which is it means the back answered bumps around a little bit but it's a really fun carter drive why won't why would they do that about
what latvia which helps to helps drag raising it helps keep the power down they d it's not that bad but it is it's an older way of designing suspensions but they they may the best out of it it handles well i mean it doesn't handle as good as a card with independent reels rears suspension but mean them staying three or to the bar three or two it lap racetracks faster than that already our aid howdy space look car that every last ass you think this this bust the laguna sake boss mustang can lap racetracks quicker than that which is pretty amazing yeah it's it's the only have i think it's only four hundred somethin horse power but it say is a dope car it's like one of them ass bargain cars i think it some enough
what if you want to get a bargain for like performance it's you can only go american there's no bargains and as far as like foreign cars for performance yeah i got me in cars like on days are not bad holidays on day sir what the that all sports glancing there he but you don't get that kind of performance wondered plus horse power like again the mustang in that's that's deeds is not gonna get does not united get that kind of that kind of stuff you know it's like if you wanna a fast car that's a foreign card is a few japanese cars are pretty quick you know the three seventy disease pretty quick but they can't fuck with like this most i but then you gotta get like big money like like the nissan gdr which is like a hundred thousand dollars then then shit it's crazy because then the japanese have won the best production cars while the fastest best handling cars in the world but after you have to get right today
if we get that kind performance idea universal studios for my first time the other day did euralia and its findings i went on the first one i went on what was the terminator to ride which you know it's been a while since if he came out right and i never have i almost it out because they make you get in his heavy been on that right before no they make it getting huge room and i have no idea what if this is how you are going to go in and they are sitting there with all these people like and then the doors shot you're just like our aid this is where the gas comes out we'll get murdered or sent you know like that we couldn't leave and sending the resistance bad actor acting job like this lady comes out mug high welcome to whatever you know we are here in the future anyways all her ship off her computers behalf
ever since the right is so old they used to look like it was supposed to be the future but now looks really sad and depressing like a garage sale like monitoring and you know it and it's totally outdated and dumb and then this is like for we go into the next room i want you to look at this and they like it's a video that i'm guessing when the movie came out which was wet ninety three or something something that in all these things seemed really futuristic but now the shit that they showed you could do your iphone anyway this is so weird like imagine in the future your grandmother's far away and you want to talk to her about talking do on your wall you knowing your like i could do that on my phone now you know it is everything it was like imagine like being able to like control like a doctor can sit somewhere else and control an operation far away you can do that now you know doctors are doing they had now in it it's weird like all the ship was so perfectly
does do remote control operations yeah i think i think it's at the very beginning says that there has been successful operations where they ve done that from remote relic locations and stuff like that using advanced computers and robots that scares shit out of me tat scary solely open you open remote troll operating on so then i was really scared that because of re figure out how you know surely this right was unlike damned the scene oh what is universal habits but then you go in the next room you watch this really old three movie in authority was really good you know rival age and then there's this one point where this loss alive actors mixed in like like in the theater so like like i will come out like a motorcycle and then i d like a shot gun in your shoot somebody like a real live like magna coolly should that you can hear it sound like a gunshot and and then you ll like this you're off the statement looks like it goes back into the free movie shit like
so was kind interesting and then have to more thrilling screens i'd go around you and this is an old rights with priority i do welcome the ninety three but the treaty he's coming out at all sides it was really awesome and i guess there's a new transformers ride there that just takes to the whole next level and so why is there a spider man one did that too i don't resentment orlando orlando and are now and then there was the simpsons ride where you it was a virtual rollercoaster where you know is one of the things we do thing moves but you go into this like fucking dome word dome is a movie and it's really trickery if i wanted to shrimps and do that cause i think i'll die and go to heaven because it go into this huge room you like holy shit that and then eve like you're going through this role because there's parts where they maggie a huge maggie would will they try to grab your roller coaster and spray like
be powder smell so he starts smelling baby powder you're like it's fucking bad ass with it i always scary like for illegal little kid they will your old the fuck you know was scared but i was thinking of other thing that's good i was like holy shit it's one of those elevator drop rides where you drop because i live i thought i was gonna forget users weird how they can pull that affect off while showing your screen and then moving things array works and i wasn't even stoned if i was stoned i would fuckin be you should go some fine man i got it sees impasse now it's only twenty dollars more what was the big one that they had they had the one famous one there was the jurassic park have they have drastic i think we did have drastic night i parked it there s a park yes they must address the desert jurassic park right nobody water road one still there which was fucking creepy to see a universal always that that is the jurassic park one water seen in
you're like a law no the movie water out there who are living in a world that is still there they ve king kong one that's the one in the jaws one is the one i think i was pretty new or is it near one within the last couple years that's they re did it yeah it's the new king kong from like four years ago or five years ago here i don't go to i only want to those two because it was when i went on a sunday how many king consular ben there was the original one wishes fuckin os to watch today everyone today the original yeah yeah the one in nineteen eighty four was my favorite when i think it was nineteen eighty four that was favour one further dino dealer enters y yeah jessica lange i like that we act in a damn see no sense yeah those trip and jessica lang played abroad there was just did see enough to fall in love with a fuckin giant guerrilla right you know gee i did see enough well goodbye it and believe it
this saw the latest one was fuckin incredible the latest one when you go back and you see like the newest king kong compared to the oldest can call the oldest one is like while what a window into a different world they ever see is it comet tromp unless that old yeah really really say fine moving to credible what they the future self denial yeah navy was so amazing will even like the old alien like i'm fucked site prometheus common others we can but if you watch the original alien no one there on that spaceship one a bunch of whack ass fuckin fake equipment that everything was all whites and shared and and the monitors this shitty little green tent monitors because essentially this is before the user interface the graphic user interface dead but would think of ass computers today everybody thinks i'm a mac or a pc and clicking on things there was no
looking than anything back then we're people understand as the first computers when when the movie alien came out they were like it was obviously green print screen you work downloading anything bits in those like ninety seven nine or somethin right there is no downloading there were just think these weird things that sat around in laboratories so they never predicted you know like not even remotely what that the future was gonna hold they didn't see that even didn't see anything common didn't you see a little scared crazy when you stop and think about what a big difference the graphic unit user interface is played the ability to click on things and just when you look at a smartphone like i was looking at that big giant ass no note of that note as way new iphone yeah linking the neither do i found now it's like its payment the stream but the whole thing's almost offscreen rail yeah but it is a bigger nobody
green is making me look at your iphone now it doesn't take a pat even like what some writers and other funding now it's mostly it's all alike from wall wall up and down well that's gonna be nice to meet that no i mean the note is cool because small terribly in the end i think i'm pretty sure my money is all on the apple is releasing a smaller version of the ipad that woman kind of compete with the note they i use it also has a remote control for their new tv that will come soon road but so that that that will take over that but i don't think that no as if phone is i think ease the dumbest thing ever like i saw this person use it never seen them hold it out it looks like like like they're gonna break there he can watch the tumors grow in there i and holding it up to their heads the fuckin thing is enormous
but it looks beautiful a man's find what man i got an animal i got this new ipad they looked at the latest one with the rise in service on it in this that makes a huge difference can snipers ipad with the service on it but the hot spot feature is faster than my high speed business class internet at i just got that's incredible but you'll get to use a little bit of a before they fuck you and what you would think that but i used it pretty hard core and if you don't really know unless you're downloading movies i downloaded one movie i got an email that's that's the one thing you can download it but if he'd everything else it's that's ridiculous have an ipad any download one movie and now i got your factoid what do you mean i'm fuck that's the whole thing because if everyone downloaded one movie all this time then there would be that that there is not much internet they needed fix that that's ridiculous that you use when you use mobile internet its offensive how much a cottage
to expand wi fi so it hits everybody's we have wifi everywhere not cellphone everywhere every bees gonna be dead we could put fucking huts on all the helicopter cats you know it spin it's free wifi for the whole city will just sit out there in the middle of nowhere and you spoke about this websites probably blocked joel that block their having they did block at they ve tried out analyses analyze it is up to those happy when the going gets my website from due by the edge to tat choice dangers for your wifi desert there's a good argument for that but we don't know what the fuck is happening with all these different wire signals in the air people can say nothing we're adapting to them but something going on men and women are shrinking when you can send you know aerial if when you can send it of images and ones and zeros and you send him through the air and there's something else that picture
receives them that is that's it that's crazy thing you're sending a signal and where this ignores just in the air it makes us is that hitting me is it all over me when someone's like wi fi in like crazy near you or you getting pelted by like random information as it makes its way from the nfl from the internet somehow or another into their computer where's ago and from was is passing through your your dimension at all i mean that is like some entered dimensional fuckin transportation of meat the physical objects of a piece of paper the print and you turn into a photograph you just got from the internet and that is a way were something physical just gets created it wasn't there before sent to you and printed up like that is that's a crook the thing man it's really crazy we can just do that and we just don't even think about the factors television signals radio signals and
internet signals itself and signals are always different signals going on i don't offer affecting us i have no idea it might it might be that we would all feel a little bit better if we didn't it be interesting to buy there's not really we place in their world that you can probably not have you have to go to complete zero signals someone really sucks alaska and articles are making and arguing the alaska herself emit an energetic say that they would still probably have some kind of signal bad up there and i get least satellite or something maybe maybe satellite doesn't work everywhere it depends on where the satellites we can receive it like think you can get xm radio in hawaii pretty sure i am a rented car there once announced china listen to open anthony worthy cadillac nose like looking for the satellite button personally by knows nothing go on
you know i don't think this shit works here i forgot to look it up though i don't think it does but i'm not sure but you know get online which is whatever but he's gonna do eventually echelon where you gonna have you people's they're gonna be selling phone or rather radios that come with your car that connect to the internet allow you to download podcast if you have a ford you already have sticker this the new ford's have teacher at built in fact mad man i want that so bad it's not that's the thing i hate i hope if if anyone at designs these forwards in these awesome new cars at these new stereotypes have these acts like sticker it's called sink for forward i have that but take there's no way to up read it so i can get that shit and with that fair that's what i mean you going get it if you buy new car yeah you have tat they haven't this for releasing your hardware in series so like you have like us version one two three and you can
like it's not like an iphone we're like you so great and can upgrading can't you that in its really makes me magazine i can't what am i terra that's lack the computer in europe come in your car should be interchangeable an upgrade of allegedly like something a pull out put love a new one in there just being cheap and ate their night there telling their software developers to move on to the next stuff and yang abandoning that's almost a leak should be illegal because this cars the mccarthy two thousand eight well it should have been able to adopt it in three years so yes it is kind of fuck that's like a planned obsolescence really is the fact that its though the computer itself is an upgraded herbal how long we expect people to compete
you said that car because we really think about like although that the different law was moors law for computers right we stop and think about how quickly computers become obsolete you're like a mega having a classic court that add a black and white television in it yeah come if what the fuck you will thus does knucklehead though that like those really classic cars that people they want like classic hubcaps than when everything they want to time travels thing go back in high school factor there fifteen year old girl
i see him all the time in living burbank that's like that big boy their weak second leno were driving around in a fucking fire truck waving out you like is health fucking burnings the previous suffer how weird is a j waves at everybody out he's a nice guy he's a nice guy i see him all the time of the work in the streets and he we want an evil area there was shit all over him on the radio today and stern and joan rivers oh yeah i haven't heard the rest about general funding she's ruthless badge is still fuckin sling and he john rivers are still going to war with checks its aware ass man she still struggling so fightin she's like seventy nine seven years old and she still stand up inertia still obsessed with workin river menacing heavier met genie mccarthy now yeah matter once i met a really nice i start doing a job was it a joke about that i heard a genuine mccarthy
it's gonna get her breast implants taken out i set a slight tire was job in a fog in arms to that tat i would you want to put a beggar megan like no talking she was on howard stern yesterday and i forgot about it you know cause a marriage and carrying you discover great she's dead me mary jim terror at the edges dated maybe i thought they married now there is separated and she was on her stern is talking about how much i mean she's a dirty girl and she was timely how much masturbates how much needs car that chick and then you go online europe which you look like now need good or twitter unlike holy shit she still fucking heart is how he's a nympho and she lives in the valley somewhere so what he signed it and he to find out what she does she was a park get what that j mccarthy you pull it off i don't so by you never know i dont think you pull out half the girls you pulled off already right true yes
why not her wanted to make bleat fancy when i just go full on confinement brothers movie where my mission is wednesday line i thought there would be a bigger that's it that's hard i think is another factor libraries for any mccarthy true you need to i don't know guy you know now i think maybe you know how many started now norman he cast up stand up a long time ago some of those guys that's interesting stand up gets him to the dance and then once they get to the dance than they just become an actor why did you do that i was i did you eat you do comedy store shit with my men were you there at the same time period is home or no he was there a long time ago he was really young and he was there with kennison he's a door tests and was allowed or yeah the time i got in the stand up kennison only at a couple years life left he die and when i lived in new york so i think it was
probably ninety i wanna say ninety two and died some will and those hands so still haven't made my way out to ellie and marin got in deep with with kennison when he was a kid and now he was hanging around with someone you know he got i got to see that the crazy dark coke years i've got to see the chaos and all that shit that story about about kennison father and carlo bows wife's childish so fucked up so fucked up and he thought the deuce his daughter for the longest time dna tat reveals a sound kennison kid you just think of his wife just laying their latin fat sam climate top of burnt shooters loads inside of wrangle what kind above fuckin friendship that day of what kind of a world where they eleven in what kind decadence and dip have what kind of hollywood kay
ass was go on genocide was just bang and his friends best friend opening act wife aside and shooting loads indoors it amazes me that do was gonna lad a fucking pussy like he was on the howard stern calling in iraq for girls in his bed you're you're amazing ba you're not amazed when you get pussy now well i haven't one as i don't know seem consumerism guy i don't i would not very attractive early i never thought kennison rag was i guess he was bigger than i thought he was you know back in the day i never thought it i'm agar com oh you mean big like physically or you may be ignored notoriety notoriety was huge yeah she hadn t that could i was in india the calmly scene i only knew when it's on tv and i hope that the big eyes were like robin williams and you know aims later they were all big mechanism is huge dude kennison i found about about kennison eighty six and all my friends know about
and everybody knew kennison when i want to see kennison live abroad a bunch of my friends everybody was walking side to sickness and live with tennyson live saw i saw carlin live before ever did stand up i got to see carl love i gotta see carlin bomb really he ate ship and it did not work out it was not it wasn't good he would he got to this weird stage in his life the ladys business before i done comedy and i was with maybe i'd done like an open mike night may want or something like that but it was me and my roommates and we were out in new hampshire we saw him at there's a casino up there and they have they
shows there and that was the place where everybody would go up from boston during the summer we all go up to her to this casinos in hampton beach i think that's it i remember way we were we're all therein george carlin had this weird thing that he was stolen where he will he just have a gun notepad and it was just reading off fuck this fuck that it was his whole and fuck israel and fuck this in full whole the whole bit was it wasn't really working in i was weird like the resolve as energy and there's all this in a push into it and it was fascinating for me to watch cuz it like this is george carlin mean george carlin is like an all time great comic but this at this point as life it wasn't morgan out there that night i don't know what it was but my friend looked over memes guy falcons socks
i was like while i can you say things i dragged them there they weren't canadians and i dragged him to go george carlin and it was he was eating it was weird and i you know i stopped listen to him for like a year or two and then i bought he had like text warning explicitly lyrics i think was one of the cities which was great and i was i he got it back was almost you know i just had a bad see he did so much stand up everyone has a bad setting and it wasn't just a bad said it was a bad it was a bad sat like not that night but set out the way was written who said he went through a period like our know how many decades where he made a new our every year so because of that he was so fuckin prolific he would essentially like right a whole new monologue along monologue every year and to do that
you'll have something to say after all those years you got to hit some stumbling blocks along the way and you're going to hit some you going to have some awkward moments like if you are if you go to sea like lucy k this is very possible that lose work on new shit right now you know i mean like he's always got new shit if you do and it so hard to maintain the quality so hard denoted every year a new our what the fuck man god damn you wonder how many you would have to start doing things like specifically to write cereal universe astute yeah exact go to you gotta go enshrining where once a week now just stupid jesting material absolutely yet any kind of cool because it makes you do more things and unita to wed sore because you still enjoy outside you're gonna do some cool ship i won't let you ve done that data like don t always how recently it was something recently that it did i well know that was
you'll find one that black strict but no i i can't think there's something i did recently that was really boring i came to think of when it was by remember thinking like well that was kind o doing mushrooms and a shitty hotel in venice oh yeah here that horrible nets should move eyes dog i kind of material from gas would what janitor others it's like on stuff haven't really tried out too much by liking about how bad they entail like you can tell you know you're in a bad area were everywhere you look there's evidence in raw like that you know they're just like all these tags i've kind of build up in turn megan two sets and things like that you i've been doing more niven i've never done i but using once a week i try to do some crazy they gonna get him the castle i went like i've never been yeah have never member want to go there just get joe my friend zaga jujitsu a magician era
these eyes invite me to go there but you know what you have to wear like a jack in china and there's always is reaping actors there that you know that you're i heard like the epidemic other somebody weird there you're like wise person here like who like some guy from the eighties known even that like us it was his name thank you i want to say it but i dont know what his name is made someday you'll have while really like patent back i share i saw that stephen baldwin assuming kevin costner for when castor has apparently he owns a piece of some company that eggs a machine that takes will oil out of water pretty surreal doesnt transfer that last big billy he donated or someone else who that pretty crazy
will you stop and think that somehow another kevin costner is a part of this i don't know how you got to be a part of the story behind died a robber might have been i bet they paid him a fuck load of money for water world water world it wasn't like who was one of the biggest budget movies of all time at the rhine and made them lost leat most i guess on another lost a modest but it lost a shitload look that should find out of that but i remember when it came out god what a fucking the idea this movie sucks i never watched the whole thing was tat they get film a whole movie on the water that's all are to do just a gay or shit out there you got it equipment out there in the water get wet and fact arbed drop in europe cameroon the water out of its own stupid and the premise sucks anyway with however things water now very kind in the future you know like where earthquakes everything fell
the walk ocean or something like that he would be one more sharks thousands did we weigh more sharks they would everybody would be jakin sharks and all sorts of things be dragon grab and people poland amanda starvation shit octopus is good evelyn dragon of underwater debbie alot of that because people god will barbours kevin costner was on the set of that movie hundred fifty seven days working six days a week for a movie that long asked for a movie that such a big fat bag of decks here we got widely considered to be one of the biggest box office bonds of all times although it grows two hundred and fifty five million from a hundred and seventy five million dollar budget this does not factor in marketing and distribution charges or percentage of gross that theatres keep which is up to forty five percent
the film came to be nicknamed kevin's gate after heavens gate and fish tar after ishtar to mega bombs yet is tat a few limited allowed either did you ever watch that yeah i think a watch private when i was a kid i don't remember it was a warrant baby and dustin hoffman around you know fuck it was about and what was the other wanted this there was a big bang the other one we are doing in anyone heard of but it was called heavens gate yeah i think that was a warm baby movie too now let's chris christophersen four walk in and john hurt you got a six point five i am dv her but just bought a pretty cool cover poster never saw that ishtar member ishtar was a bomb and it was that not just the bombs but everybody
talked about what was soon became a massive bomb like oh i got have you seen ishtar what a piece of shit i didn't see it they were the same piece of shit yeah million as a kid i used is tars a reference is something cheaper shitty link i would say things were that's like ishtar really got ya like that was meanwhile like super expensive probably because they have to pay dustin hoffman and warm baby right now how much kevin costume four hundred fifty seven days in a piece of shit movie we had some guys from my fear factor stunt guys it worked on and they were saying it was it sounds pretty ridiculous the idea behind it man gonna make a fuckin movie where everything's floating stop it you silly pledge with it the best one i wasn't even than the best one was the postman
did you ever see that now i never was a horse literary him on horses it was in the future after the shit it's the fan kevin cause there is a fuckin here oak as he delivers letters to people man oh my god dude it's so bad you can't believe it's real and the acting is so bad the actor is like abc after school special acting there's no way it seems real that's like shit mom get out of my room just does not seem does nothing realistic about in the premises dog shit here and you did you hear about four can teach q an ear yeah yeah crazy the you have c is going to make their new video game with yea and apparently teach you bought it yea i bought it from teach you enough about its key shut down are set down the developer they
did it shut down their office yesterday e3 to close down and they didn't have a booth at this year's e3 because i was originally some gonna u three tomorrow and i wanted to talk to them about you have c and all that crap and there i can we don't have a boost for meeting at a hotel and mike world so down by then i think you know tat you did a really good job with our game and teach you five universe saints row and they ve been in rome just released day a map pack that i am right keeley who does park ass with me she's in the new man packs of actually combining video games with penthouse now which i thought was cool that is smart yeah but i think there are their blues and a lot of money man that the usa game mozilla game apparently there was making good money now are you gonna be i do know yet are you gonna be doing the ie eight games of this matter as i am sure of roma do yeah it's upon the deck but it's it's worth it in the long run the the finished product there very thorough like
do we do we do so much tell you don't get too much repeat like words like there's all sorts of different versions of you know things that you do and in my transition like armbar danny bar trends from the trial to the arm barley all that different gonna stuff like we ve them all individually in know so there's the so many moves you can do it's a crazy the you look at them that thing that were control these monsieur figure that out like down here and up there and laughed and push this and push that it's it's its of fuckin it's it's that don't you gonna like took a lot of time to figure out all the moves that you're you're your guys capable of doing cause you so much at her so many different submissions and ponchas kicks in and to know what button is doing what the exact same moments fuckin hard man is a lot of lot involved were now lay its with ie
we need to hold out from reminding because they they are that the big pimps of the video game industry and laying his hand on her they hear exactly my fucking plans are yeah i would have to judge but no date that that's cool delicacy aid does make the best sports games like people get yea gets a lot of shit for being like their monopoly like buying out and killing all the small companies and shit like that but yea i'd they do makes important kick ass games like a tiger scoff fucking mad in football right now i mean they there they only some of the biggest franchises so it's bad way better for you for you have seen a video game in the future i think well dana's very excited about it when you told me body was saying that these guys the basques and they can make the best came its funding is easier had recently said they're gonna have a new and am again you know no one knew that i was going to the the say but everybody was like all was probably going to be a mma to write the second version of it cuz they had an ea mma game with like fate or in it and
they're gonna use that engine or if they're gonna buy out that huge q and you start creating new engine could now be interesting that's good point in my just be a restrict emily windows ie eight may looked and looked decent blood man the fuckin fighters did not look like the real fighter i think they rushed that game they were like oh shit we can't we got it we got release a game now you know i grow up i think they saw a wet winning when you have seen the heat from your see those guys fuck work that's one thing that really puts in perspective when you hang out with a guy like clearly be go to the epic game studio went down there or if you go to teach you and you see like the hours that we put in the video game pretty minuscule mean i complain like six hours of say i got his rock but the reality that sounded the song hard job but these fucking guys are working those hours every day and then when things don't go well just get laid off you know it's like they just poured
years of their life into this company this goes away there now sucks any such that because it is it really like you your tongue out the other at nice house chronicles about by earth from the show i just in martindale recently got rob the other day and energy god you knew this got robin that beat up in fighting the kitten and that's it happening more and more often the girl the other day got it on sunset just like like somewhere nice to and during the day this guy grabbed her sharp through the ground starch ripping her clothes off in people thought like oh look look loose funnier die video being should film because i know this is fucking serious you know and random guides such pulling our gas threw down the got hit her over the head and threw down the grants are ripping closer middle sunset that's a lot different than someone trying to take your money yet like definitely
by waves answers people going crazy we're going really it's it's amazing because when you know the economy's down and everything's down you know crimes up in it really it really seems like that time around fucking states getting bad here now lay at least it's getting a lot worse if you follow wanted it that twitter fees i think its weight way ho daily i think it's what as we heard daily w e hiv daily or some just sit there that's all sky does all day long is today what fucking crazy shit going on in our way and its scary do guy he's gonna talk about how do you know his person and we're not online right now just went off again it's tablet the solar we had an issue here at the roman compound with one point in time the router tap fuck it up have after rebooted twice a day so today we replaced everything and yet the same thing happened
twice a day you are sometimes sometimes i do have to rebuild a toy had sex with a rather was shit now so i replace the there and it shut up you mean they have a cave the rather they give you you you had replaced night or your and my house as the system and there's either jack's all throughout the house online anywhere and then in those when i bought this house airless wasn't that big and then now we set about wired but so there is in the garage like a big box as all this is why is going into it in this giant began router that runs everything its unnecessarily complicated but that's the way you want to have it if you want to have a house it has if you want ethernet port in your house you gonna have to have it they are all the wires have to go to some why don't you let your wireless you can but it wasn't what work for though house it you can get as little repeaters we're throughout your house yeah i've never tried that
we have different stations we have stations at the house wanna make sure it's a signal to there's nothing more annoying flitting wired fleeting wireless signal we have two fuckin yes it article account if you want to get it likewise you should just have like you know like time warner on one side of your house u verse on the other side of your house and have like all of them so like whenever ones downing beccaria this is going to be decided i'll send you something else or you could testimony while at the same time so which one last yeah that somebody huge hazardous of a good deal to buy what did i do much free time i would do that finally verizon out here i give rise and internet out here to fires no i mean on your on my phone works verizon updated for the longest time out here i couldn't answer a phone call on verizon but now i guess of them outside from outside i'll get confident i'll answer the involved here you'll forget it can do so
as to bars ritter yeah it's good for texting but is for bones it's pretty ridiculous have you heard thing i mean it's on in for wars dot com i think so my number real but not that endorses all horseshit they get a little crazy sometimes science has five million farmers are suing monsanto for seven point seven billion dollars that's pretty incredible five bill five million farmers seven point seven billion dollars which what they make a month but that's a lot of fuckin people its chicken scrapped yeah they say that a farmer commit suicide because of because of monsanto and some fuckin ridiculous ridiculous rate i'm trying to find it here in the articles
if something crazy like every thirty seconds a farmer commit suicide dean thousand six hundred and eighty three indian farmers just in two thousand and nine committed suicide well it's it's ridiculous so they're all suing fur much as six point two billion euro seven point seven billion dollars i think this is an america's has gone on i'll suicide every thirty minutes while that is what this is primarily hard define red chickens it's not again since the seeds man santa is there they're trying to patent animals but right now it's mostly mostly seeds but they're so i think they're terminator seeds they now there are only good for a certain amount then they don't make seeds that work so showing got crazy they ve anybody's ever let them make these fuckin horrible distorted versions of life in the first place
creeps he had a thing about pending suspects do the sum p in the pentagon apparently downloaded porn one two three some people in the pentagon there were work their download kiddie porn it's for research brow and the there's some in our investigation but they won't turn over the records could they say it's would compromise national security so the the pentagon is allowed to young people in the world apparently that are alive to watch kiddie porn as they can download it and look we know we know and trust us this is all about the united states government and keeping the beach and this security of our fine nation do you imagine washing kids get fucked by adults as part of the security of your fine nation and you you can't you can't
now what do you say it's part of a research project where this guide downloaded it or that you know what they're doing that and that they have some sick fuck that's a child molester and they like you know they will give him a little child porn if he gives more information you know it i wonder if child porn is going down lately because of the other trends in child born well yeah you now like that nowadays that the school i mean the old thing what was school girls japanese school girls all relevant mrs way crazier than i thought pentagon checked all wow penny on suspected of viewing child pornography thought what ok this is crazy in two thousand six immigration and customs enforcement agency which conducts internet pornography investigations produced a list of five thousand two hundred pentagon employees system
did a viewing child pornography five thousand two hundred employees so the aim to delays are there to credible i wouldn't have thought there were that much weight with with wet with website is what this website that i'm reading right here in boston dot com this not a conspiracy website at all around relapsing the suspected of viewing child pornography and ask the pentagon to review it but pentagon checked only two thirds of the names unearthing roughly three hundred defence and intelligence employees who allegedly had view child pornography on their work or home computers iris hurt the deed its investigative failed to check and additional seventeen hundred names on the list defence officials have revealed in correspondence with senator charles grassy republican a vile probably they found out that their systems were hacked and all these employees didn't miss look
child porn and then have with their searching all like no we just got hacked david that could be and then they could you know not want to bring that up ray i want an exact that exactly very possible it was probably some like famous goat see two year old pick of his prey something stupid like the other is kind of a number of yad outside every employee yeah gave a doubt i mean how many employees is thereby five thousand seems pretty bill it's fun i humbly employs you're gonna go home that's a really do point that prodi's knuckle has never think of ass well we have a show tomorrow yeah now show tomorrow i and friday the s s book in the little room so don't sleep ass they saw a quick at something like eighty five seats depending on how many people come homage
what how many employees when four thousand twenty four thousand that's what is a ten percent how many was divided we saw thousands in that saying one fifth of the employees arts are addicted to child pointed at the outset that state that's right and that we have twenty four hundred euralia five thousand ass data how to talk to burbank that's pretty ridiculous i wonder if that is the truth and one of one of your nails and absolutely what isn't that's why they depending on the sandy thing about it they just realized that they got hacked war imagine if the government is in full traded by kid fuckers and it's just like just like that again yours galore if you had a how many people in the vatican got busted for kid fucking how much them vat got vatican child born to our means now be something the sums and you can write vatican child porn you know you gonna get some day vat again
and little canadian bishop convicted for child pornography boom how easy so simple it's not amazing that you know that you could look that up so weird you just look up vat again porn and there's something some canadian bishop he they they got rid of em they booted em out so wasn't that you know the vatican had child porn it was that they got rid of a guy who had child born but then there is the whole issue of the guy was the actual pope himself ratzinger in our ratzinger pope benedict whatever the fuck he has one when he was a bishop or whatever billy name they like to give himself whatever the was he was in charge of following up on cases of child molestation and it's clean clear evidence that he he's
i too he tried to divert the investigation and wood like really slacked off on it and then got rid of the guy like a aided and get rid of the guy who were they were going after they had all sorts little things they would do like they would a guy would get busted banging kids and they'll just moving to another place like that has been standing protocol the catholic church for the longest time whenever someone a cardinal gets caught and gets in travel they just move to some other place is right bizarre man it makes you really wonder what it's all about major really wonder if at the top branch of the catholic urge when they're all alone like are they thought you fuckers bring like a bag to end in there all around and big certainly empty the bag of the child's life comes out of something really fucked up like they kidnap one shout a month
what did you hear about the child that was missing from the polar child now you are in the pentagon list wasn't there was that there was a ok here's a child sex investigation yeah this is that there is story where a former bishop said that a girl who turned up michigan missing was was taken by the vat again and they they used or sexual having killed her my guide suffered encourage yeah fuckin strang vision so whenever they look at these things and these probes they find out how many differ reverends we're fucked up the church previously insisted the crimes of the late reverend massey l a see i e l were his alone
he was a long held up as a model by pope john paul the second despite credible accusations later prove that he raped and molested his seminaries christ had over nine hundred priest while jesus christ the sky only y hear this died in two thousand and eight a year later the orthodox order confessed tat he had fathered three children with two different women and then he had abused seminaries this theirs there's an arrogance and allow these dudes have when they become priests did they like there to everybody kisses there ass of you ever been to achieving a catholic church now have long been omitting go to one i mean catholic church very creevy aids very it's very strict very strict that give you giggle and catholic church still smacking if i really not that noise they don't want kids to be kids and catholic church in a scary good about the church jet baptist churches and everybody's laughin giggling little babies across they'll smack
maybe a catholic church nobody nobody wants little kids crying out a catholic church there there there it's like harsh environment in the priests are can't you father father everyone's talking to the father in everyone's like real nervous to be around them so they especially the old ones they have this arrogance about them which is really strange like you you're just some creepy old queer fucking weird outfit i can't allow the closet near in spain of nonsense nobody's kissing your ass you ve gotten confused and you do believe that you're above everyone else idea weird fuckin sense of entitlement and and strange talking to a lot of priests obviously not all from a lot of priests but the one who gave the eulogy for my grandmother's funerals approach example that he was via gin blossoms all over his face this poor far you know
those broken blood vessels hammer alexandria zubaydah shit life and also this this fuckin dude it's all for it was obvious drunk so is the want of married my sister same thing gin blossoms hours others are right on the crisis what is part have those now those who gets right now you're throwing all due to the dance after work but anyway my grandmother's name was josephine and as they're doing the eulogy he keeps collar geraldine he calls geraldine like three times and someone steps because its josephine her name was josephine so he just what i miss in a beat josephine and he doesn't say apologies many there's a bunch of people who are sad because in their mom died and these fox you know these guys given that he just completely phone in the said so well
geraldine darling they correct them instead of saying i'm sorry i made a mistake her name was josephine on general means my apologies instead of that he just changed geraldine we hear geraldine who died not charity josephine josephine huda it's like founded in the sand he just said like the words in the order no emotion behind it know nothin nothing everybody take it easy w drank no pussy no fun no riverboro gambling little children's mouth support and i wonder how many of them are gay and how many images miserable how they want to how many more just shoot themselves lad what it wanted actual numbers and assure over more happy don't get crazy twitter does it think that people get fuckin most angry at me
is shooting on religion shutting itself allow some only shitting on specific acts that you get a job you gotta tribute them the religion but this these are human beings are fucking kids kroner religion growing up that religion also makes me like i see i see religion as bad because i grew up lou which is like i guess you know we had a starbucks and stuff and our during a starbucks starbucks neutrality that coffee place like a starbucks really i mean it was you know a lot that's it you're social thing a happy i was good positive it was like it was it was more relaxing and shit like that line on virtue in the cafeteria wasn't too college is all about guilt if you look like if you think about the the churches that involved with the most fucked up accusations the catholic churches at the top but at last the and there are also the most repressive the most oppressed the most sphere your head with guilt
an anxiety and software ring in the failure to that the feeling rather that you are a failure and there you are inadequate and that you will never measure rob and new euro sinner in the eyes of god and then have any scott it was horrible first grade i did a full year catholic school and we want to when i was like six or seven in determining our regular basis all the time and it was how leashes it was discussed since it was all like terror all you could think of as every day before school you like falcon camp i have to go this place just as torturers ways to drop off your children where they just go when on your fucking neck and sakharov all your happiness how do you like a vampire man really weird a member really clearly remember being in them class while the teacher doing something crazy they were talking about something crazy i like you guys
not like how you even say in this like listen what's coming out of your mouth this is complete wheat nonsense i wonder fuck are we doing here it's kind of weird you almost got some kind of weird you know like some kind of that's like now you might not be molested but you as a child you are exposed to something that probably positive at all over europe as an adult mental molestation end a huge percentage of catholics go through that shit man after two kids went to catholic school didn't have a bad time but most of them a good person to of them had a gruesome experience the sole sapping they just talk the life out of you and that's why catholics are so crazy they bounce and i can't suppress people we ve talked about this before the catholics girls girls that like jenny mccarthy provokes everytime you my horny she was twenty one all girls catholic school man all girls cattle
schools produce the best slots really thereof and walked away that they have to sprint for dick as soon as the light turns green they don't get to see dick all day at school and flirt around with them and make friends with them to pass notes in class no all day it's it's boiling pot of pussy this big boiling mass of astrid gin and female hormones and then the light turns green they run out the door and just die on a car like a patriotic soldier and a grenade to give way to gifts and dick in them this poor fuckin girl that i did in high school her and her sister were both the biggest pigs and they fourth went to catholic school and then there was another one whose like approved who went to public school it was really weird it was like for some reason one of em they started her off in public school and i just kept her in but her sister
they had a little money her sister was a couple years younger so they said well we're going to put we're doing a little better now we're going to try to put her through catholic school and that grows the girl i dated oh my god she was a freak she will as a focus freak she would anybody anybody who tried to fuck her she would fuck them shoot this bridge was crazy man i told you she was a girl were my my friend was fingering her in front of my house when i got up in the morning to deliver newspapers they were still up come in or the night before party and they're parked in front of my house and i slammed my hand in the hood i don't remember what i said something halfway t but i like jesus christ my all my expectations for relationships were shattered by my first to grow friends right away because one of them was a complete slot they could not just the deck alone a dick was like kitten with a ball yard you can't role bali farm a kitten they just fuckin pause
up and he died on that ship that's us she was with colleagues in the other one was really manipulative the other one like now you drive an hour and a half to see her and she's like i'm not in the mood in issues like really creepy like she wanted to be one always decided what was on tv and always decided what music or listening to two yeah was it was it was a weird selfish thing she grew up an only child and her mom was kind of a cunt so is a muslim and wasn't happy aromas like a big woman and she had a bad opinion of man or so it was a lot of weirdness in that house so i got to see but i gotta see comedy but pretty in nice in us most of time times country behaviour occasionally and then super whore and so is like jesus christ relationships for disasters like right right away like the first couple years of relationships to me was like what's the point not that i was any fuckin prize back then either i mean i was completely crazy but the it's funny how you can have a cup
crazy relationships why you're young and it completely shapes you you know that's where you get your ex but that's where you form your opinions of what relationships alike like ours relationships as an older man you know when you know i was like when i got you like you know my late twenties and like thirty were like the really people like you know you enjoy being around i don't you think that was possible when i lived in boston i thought you know based on my own personal experience and spasms legacies shit you gotta do to get some pussy and then run way from those quickly go find your friends those those maya might might take plus if you're trying to do anything else while your kids you don't really have the time for a real relationship you know if you go to high school and you're trying to pursue something like it we should proceed sport or tramp being banned or anything you try and do we use throwing
of your possible energy at that your dear time you have for relationships is spreading i feel that we re now almost like i was watching that old movie howard stern private parts and he that movie was taught at how to part with his old wife beth were beth like those eyes or whatever his new wife his path or with his old the girl he data before i dont remember ass allison yes oh alison was like you know there's creepy that another year we know is but and with anything again every time you only you know have time for your radio show in blah blah blah everything at nothing like sharing and ass the same or how i feel right now because i'm putting everything in one basket with doing podcasting and all that crap why do you do the listen man you're doing really well now and you you want on the road with joy ideas did stand up and had a great fight the second little baby it's like a little baby it's like a little you know loss low project that i'm watching grown blossom enough enrollment and any especially with interesting when i have people like take over and then i can make
i come into the room like you know like our shit look in the camera i even on that person that provide yet while the shit like that whereas i people you haven't taken over a stone and data be friends are just help me out by from vice like doesn't that but that's why a good example of like were unlike you know i feel like i have to have some kind of quality control right and you know that's like a little baby i created you know is like it's i told you stand that i totally understand where you're coming from i just think you could get their easier for you with less of them now i've been cutting a good good but on the other hand we ve been doing three geronium pine gas into ice have chosen how so it's like i'm even morgan art and we're killer though it's too it's too i feel too much of an obligation to all those people that were meeting because a sounds goofy and it's really hard to talk about without sounding like you're crazy or you're an egomaniac but i feel
like this is something bigger than all of us i feel were the ones who are responsible for broadcasting and were the ones who worry that do you where the voices on the podcast but this gases resonating with so many fuckin people it's it's so many people come to the chosen it's not just hey we really like the show it you changed my life this showed changed my life this guy came up to me the other day in edmonton news tell me how he's much nicer to people now and he just he takes the time to tipp more and be nicer and its changes whole way of life he says my life i'm more successful now because i feel better now and happier now because i would never thought that being nice people like on purpose and then tipping like being nice and generous would make me feel so much better here is minimal i am sure people i'd like to eat really did say my life i got on a point of my life i wanted to kill myself believe has really have like shook me
yeah look i've had moments in my life when i have been happy when i felt like shit and then i have now what i could not be happier and these what i look at my life would have change physically in my body will actually have gotten older so thinking about my past and might you know might make history of martial arts and all that my but my body should be a mess i should be in pain all the time i should be you know you don't mean like i shouldn't feel better and more happy and vibrant today than before so why do i move one of the reasons why is because i don't have any negative shit in my wife anymore i don't have any people in my life i'll have a bad job but on how many negative thing any things i'm trying to avoid and when you don't have anything you you're trying to avoid you have happiness takes a while for people to recognise that your there's a direct correlation between your state of mind in your state of existence and if you both the women line you get to them online you can have a good fuckin live
to be rich riches bullshit that's not what's important you don't you have to do you have to have enough money she not to worry have enough money so that you can feed yourselves legal take carrier your family that's where you need when you crazy one you know whom stacks of money and big that's just another form of obsession you might as well just be jerking off until you put blisters on you dig that the key all this shit is balance the key to the whole thing is bound and it's a constant struggle if i if i slip for a couple weeks but don't go in the tank for a couple weeks if i don't write for a couple weeks if i i can go a week without working out in time i do anything where i should throw off the balance and i don't do the work that i'm supposed to put in i feel the difference i feel feel less less less capable when i sit down right again i feel less less viable when i train i don't feels good when i go on stage but that some fuckin very rarely i don't
hardly ever take a week off i stand up anymore it's like i can't even even one week i have to go up and and and and and and kill it i have to go up and throw my new shit out there i have to go to record it and go back and listen to it do that i feel like i'm wasting something i feel like i feel i have been given it was incredible opportunity and incredible moment in time and incredible just very incredibly fortunate and fortuitous role the dice and i feel like it insulted gods if you enjoy you know you you enjoy that but then you neglect it and you let it rot away when you got are there you know i'm saying it's like when i get on stage now and i'm when i'm at my best and you know end kalen and people came to see two shown come out to the show and they say god my stomach heard and it was the finance should i also thank you so much we have the greatest time
you know what one i think something and thank god they had a great time that's good boy i'm so happy at the neck i think is i gotta keep doing this i have an obligation like this it's not it's it takes a long time to reach a state of proficiency at something takes an even longer time to develop an audience it take and even longer time to actually gets a message out there that might change people think and when you combine all of them together that's what i when i say that i think it's bigger than all of us i don't feel like it it's something started and i gotta keep going is no way in i'd be was don't ever stop the bog my at i i think i can i don't think it's legal and i think that the laws of the universe wouldn't allow it you know that sounds pretentious but for real but that's just that's the hunter percent honest way how i feel about the whole situation i feel like we we we lit a spark and we started something and now we're like
keepers of the flame and everybody adds to this fuckin thing it's like people constantly tweeting things and sending things and offering suggestions and and oh come into shows and being enthusiastic and in pump money like you man when he came to atlanta when i when i found my especial later how would what the fuck was that wandering around those people thousands and thousands of people everybody's friendly everybody's happy very specific vibe to all these shows and something that mean already we're talking about europe and canada and its pilot crowded it was great animals like they were also man was last time we had a shit crowd is not happening anymore it's like you're getting the same type of people everywhere ago given about de why shore sure i don't really know i know but i'm just for the point that like you can't
is it true that you can i gotta canada after ever do you are yes can you imagine that though like for you ain't that black hey no more fucking unit i just i just got it job kite area salary cuyp though would suck you would have to hire a lawyer to try to get in then you'll have to try to make some restitution but they just don't wanna do bags up there at insane yeah it's insane but i understand that canada is solved falcon nice people so nice up there there there insanely inflammatory with their nice it's like it's like jesus you really real slow down down and good governance not you don't even realize it when you when you're when you're around like especially big city americans it's so rare that you fine like really outgoing friendly people and then you go to someone like calgary or something like that everyone's friendly you gotta coover everyone's roundly you know me
a friend of mine was talking about that in a bar that he were they were doing stand up in vancouver at a bar and girls like hey where you from why you're talking to us what's going on what are you doing here we thought it was a trick like their hookers or somethin girls are just saying hi coming up in saying hi girls of american anti that's rare there nicer up there man didn't have a conqueror mentality then all of this matter occur gear that debt when you're from the best you know and you could talk all the shit you want about other empires but they can all suck america's dick there's never been anything like america as far as you know we are lucky you know it's far as me i guess you want to look at that way we were born here and this is crazy machine but look like empires like the roman empire the persian empire any empires that like try to conquer the world nobody did nothing like what we're doing
and word denying that were an empire or like right in the middle of it military presence in over a hundred different countries and well i guess you know we're just just try to be nice you know when you have that kind of a country and is so much military power and the whole kind of like think about the assholes just act like douche bag because their team wins eloquent acres when the championships and do dr announced you would not want bitch with noble world pitch and union another lakers are playing with fire going home disputed number one for what what happened while very they choose the lakers very live and allay so their number one now that's where a lot of people are about america being a military power there's a lot of fuck has in this country that are at like that they act like extra cocky because we're giant military power as if they have anything to do with war bitch we got the bombs bitch
back draft last night man let me i didn't get a curt russell yeah any members like how paranoid you were to open your front door for like two weeks that the whole moving about fucking backdoor out i remember the sitting there like that catching my door requirements spear he made a movie about fire gone through doorways really factors a shit about backdrop now is what i'm saying is like got everything think about backdoor aspect of winning come up when we were left back draft the fires gary's factor it's where that we have this thing that we control and when think about it just light it was going to buy it anyway you go think about how irresponsible people are and then think about the fact that we have fire in our park area fire your pocket it's amazing there's no way more fire then there are over this we're just sinner you're talking like a fire that's crazy we're so stupid back and burn a whole city now
fuckin stupid we are in fact you could go to a corner drugstore gimme ten of those this kid tenable liquor store gimme some lighter fluid maybe just like shit on fire everywhere it's amazing when you we think about the potential for damage world a shit that we have held things actually get damaged and special with fire have you ever been in a big fire will you around when the yard the bigger brushfires as you may see any that i have been here in label enabling calabash when efforts made out here that's all that's writers and members we ever get evacuated limber we were on the road i think their romantic comedy tourism like that yeah i was there in my experience at the time had to pack up the entire prior men in could she got have actively that's right that's right so bad you know she's a site where do i go and have no scariest evocative man when when we i've been evacuated twice
and where i used to live in colorado let burnt down to near not the house but that area burnt down to the last like something like its hundreds thousands save some and insane amount of acreage too got burned down the reality as once those motherfuckers get started especially out here soldiers i am your hours without i should start by reason of its thirteen june first is the time where we have to have brush clearance so use was to clear out all the dead shared in the brush and people get fine for that it's a big deal because some asshole doesn't take care of his long in need the brush pile up and all of a sudden you ve got a really danger situation of anything flies and lands on it that's what fox them up is this fires they start in embers flowed through the air and then the this will land on some dry grass and poof there's a new fire and that's that the ep center of a new fire and it just fuckin the wind takes that bitch and carries those flames in that light to try
on fire and the embers from that fly up in their catches some other area a flood and pain he asked man are they gonna circle woman drop water ottoman shared have you ever seen him scoop down and again the water yeah because when there is fires in burbank is i us experience when it burbank there were the fire at the hollywood mountain tears over a year ago and i guess a big water scoop for helicopters on the top and they sat there and watched him scooped out a beggar big pool again like swimming pool and when i first came here was a big fire in hollywood hills so fuckin really nice area the hollywood hills and we were watching it from the virgin mega store there's that little area front we're like wolfgang pox and it still is there appears to be there were what's in there watching these helicopters drop fire this building and i just kept thinking like what a strange world we live in where we take something like fire for granted and here it is eating its way through the earth
energy source in everybody's freaking out drop in things on and try stop and really inadequate really ineffective like takes a long time to put out a fuckin fire there trying but they these giant for complains they have to go around scoop up the water fly over a blue it's like they shoot a little tiny water load on the fire and then right back to it it takes a long fuckin time to actually put the fire out and most likely some houses gonna get jacked and there's nothing i can do about it in all those houses inside of them have electricity this other crazy power thing that we totally take for granted his fucking pulsating energy through the wires of the house that powers your internet and bows your fuckin lights in an hour would suck tremendous cock if we didn't have it or it may be and poorly amazing i would be amazing could it be really be fresh more be would have saxon hard to get healthy meat is to kill him
that day it's annoying as fuck magic to kill fish and and animals that day is only what you hold it would be about hunting and gathering once you the electricity is really difficult to store things you know it's hard you can eat out to go with cattle and then you got to make sure if you kill it you eat all of it so you have to many people are here whose working or make sure what he's doing their part get a pieces animal kill another one tomorrow morrow and how if you lived in a place like california and it was the summer time how long does an animal last once it kill it i'd better give it twenty four hours i think twenty four hours year i think it would be right in his in twenty four hours man maybe not in this heap when it's like ninety degrees outside i gotta think that animals gonna be a mass well if you wrap it up in e commerce you first in my town ass calm the new preservatives let your username i try i tried to men and didn't
as was destroyed com it sounds like it it's cool when even preserve no space that choked in mixed sat at the fuck are you saying so tomorrow night we are live at the ice house at eight thirty and whose online observer guy brody stephen our own sizes tony hinge cliff rainy lackey pointed out a moroccan funny man like it has got some great jokes he's really good now is a really good writer he made me laugh jeffrey hired him by reason are you ever tried in particular those jobs the guy's when their raw writing when they do in my gum rose and so i thought that's what this is comics that make a good living just doing writing and punch up stuff like that
where does i don't you realize the spotlight to my good friends pete antonio both help us out of almost every ice house cargoes are both from a high honor like it's weird that an egg almost feel like i'm like getting your positive organ yeah because of their president higher but kind of growth the saying you have stunted emotional development maison you're gonna be children forever together is a weird thing happy you you you sort of like where you grew up that the answer to hire like living like king and i went by some people you hang out in all these boston comics speaking of which billboards due in part to us next thursday so make sure you get up on your rss feed knowledge and of billboard i love billboard to honour fees are still manage teacher i doubt it they are given up on i think they ve come back to steer costs are a lot of becoming back the stitches because a realising its current nature yeah he's always been on fisheries minister
darlin for a long time but he does his commercials like he does he live any does i'm in the moment like he bill would break for commercial in the middle of his podcasting it at several points by radio death a radio form yet is toad hop so he doesn't have to like they don't need to like splice in ads on him in his ass get out there and a matter what if stitch or takes the feed and sends it his adds get out there so it's not like i'm serious for example where are our are showing most serious they cut we are in every time i hear that is where a weird strange it is always haven't on either in the stern obediently general turn on my card this year myself tajima confuses the fuck out of will yeah it's weird when you don't expect to hear his in herself that's really weird sounds like me wait tat has been now a canadian dealers news often get mad the old ones i did
it was changed about you have better podcasting because i'm not trying to speak goofy and stupid is when you do that is almost like like a girl you now that's at a party and no one's plantation tours you do some nutty i'd like i act like i was acting like our act like you know drunken hang out women like friends instead of drawing like all people listening to me actually talked you don't mean right what they knew how to hear now here somewhere that happen to me last now if i wanted to talk about this kind of the same way i had this weird thing happened to me the last two days where i have been given and silly and fucking really high energy and like really happy like giggly happy that i was running around poking people straws last night like a little kid in it and then it just went away in and get back to normal and what was that all about it felt like there is some kind of government up in
on our market it was valuator tune in new frequency is where there is it was like have i've been going through like a long time the oppression and that which is like a bump out of it you know or something like that we would have i've been like you know lack something you might in my head or die or some guy just had whatever i'd like a normal c for work they felt like i was likewise i felt like this every day out fuckin love life crazy he should like that every day i guess i'll buy they hadn't even explain i like you can't likely widely taking a look at my database and tell me what was going on there were a lot of it could have been a lot of things all at once but was unnecessary and came out of nowhere or mean but that's probably good i was great boat and i got renewed you can always villa smells like you want good feelings just come to you instead of you will have heard about that
how long ago was one of those things like holy shit man this is crazy i feel like a fucking like i'm on ecstasy right now for no reason and fell down one i mean it's weird it was a that happened last night and i chilean giggly for no reason like i was sober running around been crazy ha was great so why i'm certain of this new studio by the by where i work on everything right now saw started a pricing out equipment in and in getting everything ready in place i was gonna have a raw cement floor but i realized that sound wise so i certainly did so i'm gonna go with both rubber rubber before you like we haven't i can in jim a room where airlines should be funded be comfortable with sound be great for sound maybe pensioners that should in my group am i a gem yet the drop weights on the matter
about idea that we have we drop some phones should they won't get broke ray i was actually thinking of going with some office carpeting but that rubber for my be better recycled tire for although its content clean not fond of clean so don't be given on my phone rubber for what about like a war that they use in like a good nature i got racquetball in its own rather balls hard hardwood floors nets equally room a rag tomorrow will you want to soft things with the carpet absorbs and you want to put us if on the walls like corollas joint he's got like these big cloth ace broadcasting banners there are framed and absorbed in other their framed in this is like screen printed or silk screened onto the cloth and and then it's free so it's his banner several d places that absorbs the sound
but it might actually be cool just to have just done i like those those sound proof little calm things you know them sound like that those panels like individual little cones and like an unheard of cones egg cartons exactly protection in the wall but i'm trying to find and this is where people out in twitter verse can help me i'm trying to what's the best office chairs these are cool i like is these are all right but when i sit back on i'm somebody get this net ones if you wanna get the best ones are those of us from nineteen thousand our net one's mother ermine mailer how there they are they hack that new mainframe turn it back on because our phone went off went off now i got rid of that feature was a good future this is a super schoolbag ass if had internet can some problems we ve had old phone calls yeah that's it is as old goals we need to talk about trailer reaction
are you here you can you let her go son the way you should look at that relationship is that does not may lie in no way should be able to fuck grow i don't really have no problems are there she's fine ok good beautiful but whenever craziness you gotta you got say yourself why of course there was craziness was fucking me be crazy does you gotta look down my girls go crazy yeah just u centre crazy and is she did she wasn't she has to be crazy to reforming universe birthright she'd be fuckin some giant supermodel do runs praising identity websites that good is that what it is how dare you you going inside inside knowledge for folks at home this is again just like the old man s handling adele was listening a fuckin million eva john o brien we does o brien tee shirts made me keep promising those
so anybody who has any insight is too like what's the best most comfortable chairs within reason i guess probably those gravity chairs from relax the back those it becomes get all massage chairs from spencer gifts for doing too much noise you'd be in the middle of august the did it into the air they might make of it now and then a quiet me there there fairly quiet if it there's a water besides there's where you like lay any headway sticks for those things are ridiculous gives elegant engine it pushes although water around doesn't know what your pomp government as must be must be allowed as far cocoanut nappies and mechanical thing some spinning around one of movement forcing all that water through but i think gum they they have some other chairs like these gravity chairs lean back i think like more than a thousand bucks age there's some there's gotta be something like a deal chair that's like comfortable i dont know
his chairs on the way to go and i love these things are no initiatives are really at it seems office chairs over the most support right i think i was just on the way to go i never mean couches and other kind of chairs always seem like i've tried almost everything we started off with couch moreover the cow that was why i was now a super whack yeah do we some of the couch seems like you would work but it's annoying to sit on the count you would be the best damn the ultimate was asked why lazy boys that is ultimate right debbie been your lazy wyatt i store the aid they ve done a lot of good shit with lazy boy what will it would really be the best way we can all how lazy boy i have a laptop ran on our lab foregoing aside we ever a fucking little places where drinks and we could easily do that then for going to do a white man would be most how much is the lazy boycotts ass much let's find out a lazy boys start off prowling around three hundred bucks even but you mean getting some plays a boy did lady
make some good couches and everything now lazy boycott bow two thousand five hundred and eighty four dollars lesbos voice store do lay that shit no no not that that's that's all it's cool his sheep for hake gotta i think it's lays lazy boy there and there are lazy boy larcom its allayed dash z dash boy we just got a regular lays waiting to the latter and dumb check out these check reclined this is what the sites their sites get crushed or of its us too but once was too much to people to people and everybody else online was again me open up a separate window here they got so these lay recline all these recline air lazy boy recline are ok how much is this bit right here let's see this is in cloth should it be cloth or leather leather blue leather boots for cows right
by the way are you silly bitches on my website form that really think that i'm when i say fuck all the animals that are really want all the animals to die i'm talkin shit folks degenerate talk share them is what this is website sucks ex figures zoe meant for modems walking a terrible terrible they show their stupid things like add to my favorites doesnt tell you about them since show me your chairs ask me saki website lazy boy you have it blows get off your ass and get a new one or the other guys are lazy there have just to counter what do you want to be the official chair of death squad west you fuck ads you have to come up with some them better than ass well they have some good products they look good websites sucks so hard it's hard look at them lazy boys
you think that's people listening to the bar gas there doing do you have it i mean three thousand people or so just go right too lazy boyd outcome at the same time it probably is how am i type in pain lazy boy are you know there's one i want ostrich scanned because ashes counts can't you birds well these are dope my picture ok i just found it look here son look at us like this we ass if i'm saying we all got those yeah you can have like little fucking who is to seek it smoke we want you cited a lazy realities lazy boy double were kleiner review i might not be a bad idea and maybe have the table where it comes like we're going to dislike pour the table out or earth like so twelve hundred bucks for the regular ones and then nineteen hundred bucks
for the ones that are and leather and that thing looks pretty fuckin sporty do easy boys and maybe have without really been when that be annoying now after i got a couple hours would it wouldn't would again annoying laying down some he thinks they lazy boys are just like this when you lay back what does it matter more comfortable you have your feet like a gentleman you think that would be a good thing for podcast seeds though sakharov i got five lazy boys than we decided to blows well with any candies have one of those who like me with a lazy boy nobody else regular share invite me over your place and sit mean a fuckin stables fifty dollars chatter what you got some sacrilegious moonlit death squad eastwards call this one this why the death squad is its ease this one is a thorn in fifty bucks
bad as a cloth sides to it pretty typically i think that we might run into is thy people falling asleep we get bore how those bitches that could write a sluice donors could be the issue he added you mean just if you if you had to ask would i rather sit down for three hours feet up in comfortable bouncing on his office chair
yeah you're gonna shoot me if we went to bed we could get single beds each have a single a bad because all lay there that's the move now you do any haulage we should still have our own little boy if not run around like a nap time we're ever little blankets and each person can have their worth adding that the unit fans make and would have liked the red being coil there's a week you too have conversations legate camp yeah line about let's go hey you guys really think goes for real or we get the one where we each have our own fucking number with ill temper punic where we have an although they know the blow one of air one whatever the fuck around with their fuckin country the white was like the one we will act goes up yeah those does the timber products are the ones who form the memory phone that's a good stuff the ones of the blow the air in it like you get it harder softer and what your number is thus i had one saw discriminative like that that hospital bed ones where you can put it up and we can all like we're in a hospital room to doubt be the commitments
if we all had like hospital beds and we had like oxygen could just going pumped into us where we are laying their talking here they are this website is gonna keep me from mine a lazy then you didn't go too lazy voyage store thinkers one here nine thousand really like that had it may we get some sort of a deal with lazy boy always realistic contact us we'll talk about it will look at you back into their fuckin will blow you back up again in less will get a real website desire to call you all at you this oh shit you got goin on here we don't even cecily bitches you don't even have prices i just prices on your website but it will cover nonsense is that store locator store locator why there's a website and you can't buy shit from your website that's ridiculous private has a shipping that's
two thousand that's two thousand three very came ship kettlebells about being a headache merging of having shipping big old lazy voice but we can shift kettlebells without it being a headache assist a pain in the ass but there's this country's causes a lot of money but there's this companies rather than that ship big stuff like that creates common idea like restoration hardware they sent ouch is in the detail all the time not job should be driven wonders amazon has lazy birthday everything is aren't they do what from a different seller the theme shipping as for a lazy boy well ok i found it dude when you go to amazon look at this sweat this right here this professional high back leather lazy boy will you this distance this is what we need dude i have it there's there's no footman
support doesn't saying we get those we get separate leg supports fan as are the same you get nice ass fat lazy boy for this one is an export well thank you the same thing tat mother what were you like you know think comes out at the bottom of the chair and you're like pretty much laying down near she's the bomb yeah these were kleiner so it's called the that's easy really do have to get a reply here get this is free though this lazy bore chair the presidential high back swivel chair that looks pretty fuckin sporty looks cool to that will be agriculture to have in their thousands box man you look at the wheel this this i'll lazy boy by vila go look at this one that's called awaken bird bonded leather rocker reclined brown which is a big old puffy
lazy boy chair that looks fucking comfortable for us to examine these hidden before god will know that means i like which one is it it's cop that look this one coaster fuel costs furniture try tom burglary top green leather recline or that that right there man don't get three star so this replanting comes with china if if you had lazy boy requires that do think that it would change the overall one of upon gas and make people like to like comfortable lethargic man we keep the receipt joe falsely man well village ideas press freedom but some dog point more one fuckin pennant teller thing benefactor angela nor how angry guy we played pendulous ran we waste my time therefore reduce angle
why you and somebody talk besides me fat guy around here i can't find there's some pretty good ones it seems like that might be an option but we have to find a place where we can sit in one of these things that's funny was one place that that chair i looked down it was nine in a box in this place the same chair lazy boy presidential chair fifteen hundred bucks bed and pillows ben in belgium just get a huge fucking bad water while we all lay down like hey peace that we all have our own though being bag pillows and staff and me i can bring blankets like raves style i think this the move i think this high back presidential office chair is the moon dogs sorcerer twelve percent hotter do that but this looks so sick this presidential chair looked so dub though it i got looks comfortable and a whole
studio filled with them i think that's the perfect compromise like that is over comfortably that looking super uncomfortable when a stiff chairs reacting speaking reclaimed back the agent reclined its wings back now just rocks back that whole things connected monsieur why were you say he doesn't fold at the at the joint yeah yeah you lean back back i don't do that impartial partial to this are you try this out somewhere i think we just need a silver what are the silver bullet trailers and we pimp them
for he had the studio anywhere the fuck we want well we can have a mobile studio it's not a bad idea to also have but i wanted to have one that while because none of space no have you seen the piglets their huge the silver what are they the eritrean trailer algeria there's muttering look let's go good airstream dot com should completely give up the idea of a studio and just get a trailer look at these fuckin trailers he things are fucking raising and you can have this anywhere you wanna go like if you want to go to focus san diego if you want a fucking i do the idea of having something you could bring with you like something guiteau with you but really if we're going to do that why would we get a studio will we get a studio bus ride my view it is to have like one of those mobile home things not a mobile home one of those called are these
or people travel across the country those big trucks mother fucker esprit dull but doesn't have a car park and that's why did we get acts we card at aunt in it we get our family how big is inside of you it's humongous they have all different sizes they have sizes that you could people people live in these things but how much does one of those guys looking like the legalese these are pretty fucking huge feared them don't move would be due to get one of these as a travel thing and then we go on a tour we go we start in seattle and we down seattle san francisco seattle portland climb you could fucking pimp this bitch look at this shit he attempted out of it podcast studio yet that horse do if we got this whole thing out i got it all sound proof got at high tech i know i know companies that actually do that humanity now she got a car accident lawyer podcasting how bout that would suck and who's gonna drive our friends or assholes do we get your fucking driver did the music
guided by the other cities yet again hi tech i went a bad in the end we can just go anywhere so fuck like or will you have a show at the are you kidding improv you fucking practising right in frame there would be pretty dumb yeah you grab people i mean that's like having a studio anywhere you guys but these things there toad what you really want is one with rearing will it dry right he's got or coach the thing about this though is when your tongue when if you get toad if you have one of those that gets toad than you even talk to the god it's driving he's is taking you there you're completely closed off in a whole another area so you don't have to hear on the phone have to hear him yell in russian that's what i'm talking to the big ass yet wrong alone they haven't i we're looking at one says the mercedes benz one within was echoed that's called a avenue or interstate touring coach by air stream and he has happened the inner state which looks like
streams on the same server as here there is huge and i'm in this shit's like a fucking house the i need it by one ensnares smaller one amateur reasonings there's a small one you can live in did that the van basically he'd be like it revenge bad dude because i'm only home supervising the hammer somewhere maybe get winners you don't want to live in a van why not harry to give upon life i'm never oh i'm home just sleep well you should get a secured apartment somewhere safe place where i said to the animals for lunch hour i can't get apartments beyond howard is if any one in our way once a fucking cash
and was one cat tat i need to get away with the old one right at all as room it's just it just doesn't want to be around anxiety and be body dog at another cat and via a hate those mixed up the chair the cats life what did the other two are fucking like buddy cop movie in their goal the other could again they love each other in this one's just like i hate you guys gets away happens those old cat like nuclear and make it a helicopter and be done with it why haven't one can have one cat its fifteen and one tat its two isle of both of them you have good cats yeah nice capital school but the two year old fox with a fifteen year old relentlessly she's eyes you need to get out of that kind this was done take more buddy buddy where would you
by the way i don't ever bring your fucking dog over here is my profound go crazy for olive groves oh my god soon do you bring it over next embryo nice hair cut some bow louisbourg very did it would be gone if you won't get rid of it i m sure i really would there we go acted promptly if you really want the girls would go nuts because your dog is so friendly and she so small my daughters bulgaria's held on a year and a half but it's got herpes from an extra no son dollar two herpes right out the bullet out of that peace has deteriorated drastically since we came back cuba cairn of sorry about that shit going down earlier ladies gentlemen were really gonna have to fix our issues here but that's got west should be open and crack in i'm trying to get it done we're in june i want to get a job done before july our
how to figure out whether or not we're going to do a big vegas show at the mandalay bay in july if we do do it it will be full desk wod ari and joey hopefully and brian or come down to and maybe even doug benson because dorothy dogs plant poker down there because you just ass for tickets yesterday and must come down i'm doing doug's ipod in vague ethic that's the likud yeah yeah yeah you don't let's stay for an extra data do dogs why do that i can't say i should die but we'll get things craig and i ask you to forgive me so our tomorrow night the ices calmly club the second stage in which is only eighty five seeds if you never been there for those shows it's the most intimate and i got some new shit i'm trying to work out on and i want to do some question answer to just in an effort to control it some new shit it's is the period of
for me words the most nerve racking and chaotic is unjust get around in writing a lot but but it's really fun in one of the finest things about it is doing these ice how shows exists the crowded of course it's like its support environment to fuck around in practice and try to stretch out and come up with stuff and everybody is really enjoying em we're gonna do i'm on a regular basis folks most likely wednesday of every week and a lot of a more friday i'm not gonna be at all the friday ones burma be of most of the wednesday ones and that's it we're roman bitches we got more common tomorrow we are or off because you got some going i'm gonna e3 but then we have the ice has chronicles that tomorrow night it starts at a pike us right eight the shows at eight thirty ice house comedy dark on thursday
is not john anthony west john anthony west has been moved to friday thursday is now you're right a favor so thursday you're right has a really short schedule and he's in town and he's going to do it live john anthony west going to do it through skype is going to be our first skype podcast video de thalia video and audio so he's going to show us pictures and tell us things so it'll be a little weird for the folks that are just listening but we'll explain it as best we can and if you don't know who john anthony west is he one of my personal hero is he's an egyptologist a fascinating brilliant guy who is the produce a video series called magical egypt which is one of the most comprehensive video series on ancient egypt in the especially like the hidden symbolism involved in hieroglyphs and in those of the construction of their thereof there there pyramids in their their temples and other different than me really amazing amazing stopped i cannot stress enough how promptly to talk to this guy
cuz he's just an incredible source of information when it comes to egypt the guy's been involved in studying it his entire life and he's got just too brilliant work out there can't wait to talk to that dude so that's urijah faber on thursday john anthony west is going on friday and i think we can someone on saturday dude saturday i think some sums at one on saturday may or may not be happening outside of someone who couldn't do it any other day i'll let you know get out despite our shut the fuck i'm talkin about here you know what i'm saying that's fledgling stuff from unsure about this might be ruined in me fledgling in our brain together battling for dominance thank you but if the turning into the podcast thanks for everybody who thanks to nobody came to edmonton this pass we can already and i had a great fuckin time like i said before i appreciate the fuck out of it and there's not a moment where i'm taken any this for granted and keep this bit rolling
thanks to the flashlight responses our guest go to europe and not now click on the link for the flashlight enter the code name rogan and save yourself fifteen percent off the number one sex toy for men thank you also to honour dotcom makers of our brain tumor tech support shrewd tech immune and new mood wheel kettlebells and protein powder made out of hemp and raw cocoa and markets coming soon and got a lotta good stuff on the horizon and now that's all for today you dirty bitches so we'll see you on thursday with your i favour and then friday will be john anthony west today if you're wondering if you somewhere in the future and you stumbled upon this part cast it is june fifty two thousand twelve women if i said two thousand wealths learn through thousands while aren't that it by death squad sure go by death squads you're gonna death squad on tv and we gotta my
maxwell death squads showed a new one that's coming out it's fuckin dope it's a chip with a gas mask on it it says death crop death squad of health and welfare didn't ross going to have those tee shirts that maxwell made or excuse posters at national made for chicago and atlanta where to turn those in a teachers because so many people requesting him and there really cool posters and its available on mike maxwell art dot com mike also be there tomorrow night he's coming down to work to thyself to answer you freaks we love you we're all in this together all of us is unlikely it seems although it makes no sense we are all part of something much greater than ourselves one giant fuckin soup of things spinning around
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