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#225 - Urijah Faber, Brian Redban

2012-06-07 | 🔗
Urijah Faber, Brian Redban - Date: 06/07/2012
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more than a lot of people many be surprised lately especially i talked to so many people they get tested on the job they get random drug tests for like you people the work for but he's that don't want assholes workin for much been fucked up and shown up at work i doubt on mass which i totally understand but this guy income so high when i was there with joy ideas he got tat he's been tested twelve times in two years now he's a big pie too so he smokes that fake shit down and now like dashes so much worse for you yeah what's a high quality by the headshot stamina work or not utopia that cannot be good for you but vague concepts as acute smoke it and he and i say how long is lousy too three hours to sit there joan out and look at a wall and the sound of a regular radio jobs will test you suck fat dicks
he arrived they receive go to honour dot com au and an eye to use a code name broken save yourself ten percent off any and all orders we got alone stuff come into its own pipes down the pipes way from likely to gain experience by powerful euralia faber has joined us right favours on a fuckin world wind tour of the united states to publicity for his book for in preparation for his interim title shot and he's got coming up in a little over month right with senator i read about about you are busy mother fucker because i keep hearing you on radio shows i keep seeing you places i keep seeing all these interviews how much up a bus if you dont like in the last couple weeks been aligned then i'm coming off the show too so is filming for three hours this is our common home in four months guys damn before those java do so it's been
how difficult that psychologically for you i mean it's one thing to go away for an eight we camp but when you do not show it's like thirteen weeks ray and then you know you're thereafterward stone publicity it should be a brain were structure wasn't like the thing wasn't like he got up at this time in the meals at this time in this and i was like whenever you get it done some that like needing to have like zack moments in the days were fine for me you just accept the fact that this is what you're doing a been busy my whole life right risen difficult a busy you need money yeah it's more money it is there more publicity it's better better busy that is a you know that it's a funny thing that people can really learn from isn't in under the the attitude that you have about what you just have to do can really affect the way you feel the way you your day goes the way you interact with everybody you can do the same thing and have a great out about it and it really does like it's a choice that's why
a few choices in life you get you can choose just fuckin this scandal this was not being a bit about it yet i mean the bottom line is ever we'll get you something during the day so before pissed off about a little things they have to do in some people love all this shit they have to do it is a matter here the hired terminating in whether you're gonna be positive or negative about the whole thing and is busy i say because i know that a lot of fires about problems with a lot of fighters give real upset when they have to do a big publicity tours right before fights especially important fights if you like it detracts for training and where we were talking here about you know you'd do in fifteen minute runs on a treadmill fuck jump in the shower in these sleek amanda minute hardier take sue you though is this lake just enough to make sure that philip crap right the enemy
write another that's it that's a good worthy work out and you could do that i could do that dry three minutes if i need to take it up delay twelve and then like you know put running client or do it ever mean geek right tired and push yourself in a short my mother that's crazy work out man it's really it's funny everybody thinks you have to go to the gym work out for an hour and a half but now you can do some crazy shit on an incline treadmill a new dawn and three men yes i mean you can if you do it it hard enough yeah there's all sorts of shit you can do to get yourself exhausted in justly medley tapped like in a short period of time get a sometimes utilise that yeah so when you're on the road you just think like ok what ever i can get in i get india would you like hotel work out now there's a hotel we're gets better obligate folks all i mean really if we too will you go after this go get it right right russia might then i've got guys all over
all over the u s and all over the world now were enough i'm in town like within this could work out it hit me it's get a role at sparring it was always down here that's so true it's one of course things about work or for the u have see that i even get to do that you get to train like do if this a few times and demographic days train a few times and both gather that had ass cool do that's what it thinks it a lot of people don't realize about martial arts is most of the peace people that are good at martial arts they they went through a lot of shit to get good develops character and your deal with the majority of people who are really fuckin cool you know like john common coolest farc undermine some of these guys democratic cool is far they'll nurse this fuckin real gregg jackson when the nicest guys on the planet earth just a bunch of cool motherfuckers in this it's really amazing very very few people realise it they dont
the key to haven't a bunch cool people seven a bunch people their eager and check your white wiser and especially a guy like i mean you look it do groove busy look adela grady lookit phil nurse and in jackson always guys and they ve been there like fills never broke his him he's got a lump like a mountain on his hand fights and in rufus is from a fit and break as has just little compounds over time is built up i mean these guys event the wars why in prove write another bad ass an in their respective and here is the worst aspect of men as men than aren't shore themselves want to convince everyone around them instead they want to be the the guy walks in the room when everybody cows and fear because their secretly of fear themselves it's the weirdest thing the world we see a guy like that get their aspect as re thrill real gangsters don't flex much
they don't have the legal right of aspens real gauges zone after real gangsters whatever fuckin distorted word in the twenties twenty four essential become something different it's like some good gangster that's all cool from damage feels good to be against the other interested me i saw one of the best somewhere around one that they would let me come out to other songs and that they will only make you can't tell when a kid i tried it you can do we gotta talk to data have damn it feels good to be again come out of school ghetto boys have gone back to carry out the brass one too i can do and going back to kelly is it because you don't pay is that that it maybe like the robot
aren't you mean that's my debts that is my song we will hear the ass home back to colleagues would be the shit obiang therapy that shit when i'm not gonna write alley he had in his mash up have somebody mash up for you i tried that to date will let us goddammit dana we're gonna have to talk to him that's ridiculous gone back to colleagues is shit go back to catch up a key me small appeals tar said she likes the ocean fishermen collapsed why can you come out to their dana wide what the fuck did when i first heard of you don't see i wanted a forty love and they would not let me come out till they had become out too i figured i used to come out to but they're like i was like want to come out the california love and always makes it out right now let me they wouldn't let me in that i took a stand my first genzaburo fight and i told them i'm coming
california why would they have an argument over what fuckin music you may not know it's cool save allow me to read this was peter drooping bless his heart how dare you peter peter you would levick about account for about five km outside you probably tells him right i'm sure sure i'm sure about like look let me worry about what's school for me up guys the cameras you what sort of like become your party a thing it it's a pretty fuckin dope song to actually if i had to choose between which on better i like that's on better but it would be cool mix of airlines and makes it up here yeah well i'm micro advise come out till it one song i don't know why like mike brown likely comes out the simple man you had a wise you see always does one matthews come out country boy can survive that was part of the fund
in our job innovators stranglehold yeah fuck i love that song that's that's the song the randy came out to when he fought more call me a joseph was all upset me relaying those that is like ridicule three children item on twitter and everything violent mike willy nilly challenges when i use the cracker evades of comments you may think about randy jacket is mutually that's funny so fighter can claim the music personally randy can i could do it only wants monopoly that randy's forty eight so andy like ted nugent stranglehold that was when randy was young remain but he's at some other songs that's fucking bad ass jam that is especially when when you come out a black belt yeah lehtinen let people whose bar yeah yeah rainy couture if he had adopted that strategy early on in his career i think it has submitted a lot
oh yeah i once he started like really constraining and with normal anson on submissions at many he's such a and an expert grappling it would just have to go right to that from the beginning like if you brace like presented you too like right away he would be a super blacked out little we wanted to do as you have all our gallant monarch holman now can we i wrote about this in my book did you know it's called use your head whenever way you can add its basic talked about how is it a bar in vegas common his buddies we're like comin back in the day
one head buzzword illegal nobody gave a comment of a corner i say there is guys go and i didn t like displayed in law there is time to fuck with that big dude on top you had button share of that is a real weapon right honey i'll about had bought an elbows to the back of the head and strikes the bag of ahead war if somebody's got to god mean a position where they can hold me down elbow the back of my head but go for it i mean i've fucked up right right right he heard i man is like you get to them point were head butting in elbowing somewhere in the back of the head is like like the position here in prague eat you asked anyway they're gonna it he so it's weird we got a weird rule system in all its kind of vague and then the back of the head sort of changed it was a mohawk hawk i was there was that now you just gotta touched the ear just
ass the ear like one part of it has to be like here like some part of it has attached the east vague and it's you know unlike situations like eric silver winning disqualifying to prepare it was like now is that that cost chad a penalty data really year because that ref got yell that for during the recent who was maria amazon yes i use an awesome rehash some rough but he told us the deck somebody grabs the cage or deducting appoint period you know if it stops to take the right then he gets he puts himself in that position do in the bag call whereas i mean i won the fight whose about call somebody you know is one of those calls that you should have the power reverse here with some with instant reply because it was it was clear that the guy was hurt that you know peter was hurt rose her back wasn't clear you know when you when you looked at it like that it would should have stopped from strikes the back of the head so then you gotta play it back and then when you
back everybody's i come on issues like maybe there i don't want that they should i dont know why they do it's weird when they have like rules like they just say this is just how we do it in this how it's written like that's nazi of some new technology the average per the average intelligent person would table let's look at a video so that way we can be sure this is a career defining mistake did did they take that away from football to her they reinstated i was a kid i thought there is always in israel play i don't know i don't fall for ball or another with autism but there's i got laid act i thought that you wrestled otherwise go arose about their eyes are blade football to i was did you realize my first love really from like third rate on up and i think i start following
law once again lay like a salary that it was no longer about watching checks that almost caused me my competitive type window career again president hands like a barely showed up away these girls lightly particularly with those are all those three evaluate showed every class wants all tandem instructors making fun of me with what the fuck you been better let me know it right about the same age pretty girlfriend file mere well that's all that's that's so that's a huge distraction for athletes it is well can be about the guy that the gets all hung up on checks deserves that giving i did see there's jake's it'll be like waiting on ahead of what you have to worry about this and that is that like the check that you have to watch out if you turn your back your butt you're gonna be on top of you gonna those the ones you gotta watch out what i've seen guys like actively go after chick like that is this
hard about you know some do just love sabotage i think a lot of it is guys also that are unsure in their life and their subconsciously looking for something to distract them from all the bullshit they really be handling about their own life i think it has to do with their moms could be there too like they're like going after there would be no how was your language arrangements said tat is tat you know what that's probably the this is my mom's like really nice like really easy going though is mine out you ask that happen but ask your high school friends early yet it's there that is the grand trap and picks picking the wrong people to spend time with especially illegal relationship our guy like you like i was reading about some guy killed girlfriend broke up the many killed her and another thing and you know what a what a terrible situation that girl she fucked up and gallop
worst case scenario one of the biggest idiots in the fucking world that soap and handle a break up here to go back and kill you you know what a fuckin lose like that that does like loser lydia look at her to me they what made her attracted the guy's gonna killer i mean it's like public islands i lingered a correlation there too could be but it also could be youth you know i mean i've done a lot of stupid things and i was young i dont really defined me they just to find that i know shit at the time that's the hold up the process of life is about you know learning from fuck ups shouldn't killed because she had a weird thing for like some thug lifetime dude i remember i mean i've seen girls get i was from a small towns like mexicans and cowboy there the seventh grade and you'd see like a girl this like take the wrong path next you know she got like a neck tattoo and my wife might the ninth
how's it right that tab way right now where did you grow up our religion the linking of lincoln where's lincoln it's like outskirts sacramento move their seventh grade and like meal country prisoners like seven thousand people now there's like forty thousand while we go out with a lot of crap like jumping cars out in the country we are travelling time we had off campus lunch and so he'd have you know in the springtime seasons over and all that kind of stuff we'd be out in the country drive around drinking beer on the roof in like doing crazy stuff in somebody called in the school and was actually saw your eye and will krieger jib cannon on the
on the roof of the car drink beers in this that i go back and other principle loved us and she's like we had reported your drink beer sit on the roof and like we were on the roof we're not drink and beers and she's like that's what i told you guys are medium that break where seven thousand people what is that like that's gotta be we're grown up a really small that's pretty small rank as varied but you know everybody right yeah zero i know are running off course see that's weird i don't know anybody my neighbor who know what though it's good though i mean is that a better i think is good mean everybody knows you know you can't be slime obviously i notice it's a real community here community in and i hear you're forced to have a conscience that's actually interesting i trust section from new york new jersey really really really now small town girl not always water but you prefer
would say i am prejudge character but i feel like over there like the girls are doing with geyser alike there are a different level like the guy's a gun on jersey shore lobby they have not gonna get daft and become like hardly a mild version of that which is like a full on version of like a player out california yeah d the kind of aggression that you have to deal with on the east coast is very different there's a lot of yes she dude yellow blade like all when a teenage girl ass like funny story some were gradually grew up those idiots east coast is a different vibe man's totally different they their hardened i got my mom here my dad call me right now good problem in belgium have
king as your parents there there will come a hippie is our area they are back in the day you know there was i made the seventies nineteen seventy nine my parents were on eleven to california which is like the college downright next santa barbara and they were going to college areas children you know my dad was at work and our jobs in the academic rest software like partner hippy christian commune our kids a hippie christian kyar had they worked out i don't know i was barely there who s design for the communes always seem like a great idea until some dude starts vulcan everybody's why in her it's always that that's what are we in so he starts i would agree i do we gonna former own communities gonna be beautiful the movie right now what's the movie that's all right now which is its hilarious though it's about like the commune like they stop indigo like get married nay like
our breaks down they pull this com oh yeah yeah yeah who the fuck is in there's a jennifer andean tommy member we're talking about jennifer asked him where we yes you i'd be a couple of words put that right is less of a jet over everything is there any better than nailed the females john room more than jennifer aroused and lock that shit out of a girl tat she was to take jennifer asked movies go fuck if someone says like we're gonna go to morrow street movie that check if anything given me erika merrill street in afghanistan is no i saw once in real life get a great character she's right there causes your enemy crony cox's there too looking very window now we're on it when i was on an be see i was on the news radio and news radio was like the red headed step child of nbc they didn't get any promotion at all until after was cancel that when it was cancelled then it became popular was really weird like through dvd sales and through
watching it like a late night tv but we would go these things where you have all the publicity things nobody lives us specially made over to give a fuck about amandas comments barely hanging out like a one point time my friend jos when the writers would write down turn on his shirt or not so i'm tired lou lou martin i don't know why called joe confusing the guys lou morton used to write down his shirt what the number was that we were ranked on tv he came in one day that eighty four fuckin before where they now friends was number one we were aiming for the president of nbc with his eyes like without fish that's all right in fact run if as the idea was run it and he was talking about after phil died were andy wanted more money yeah gee here at all i know the story of ever brought it up it is it's a terrible store in french rounded up i'm sure why
you know what you know you know any andy's anti smoking crazy but the thing that dick yeah i was also commented that guy's nuts would have wanted him he came is he openly gay another can secret no use he's out of absurd seventy one time a man of in the other than that for the first time was that at a hotel downtown in adela get you talk like writing yes be a lot loud hello we can where we see we can but both here to the great britain the recording people get pity me it was like were there at all just a little bar in his hotel and and with my manager and is taken it he starts like come on me like hard and
is like he's like i'm i like sand stuff i thought it was a joke in he says how old are you and i was like twenty seven executive fucking all i like my why this it is a fact that basing thicker than this get time unless he was with a band is have a ban others probably abandoned the the hard rock and i thought and i was the elevators it is like all men were big fan some bad there were thick every would ban it was until i come in and mimi the rest the been and he's in there he shit faced an aids like search chasing me around that you're taking a piss like the middle of day and he's wasting his like taking a piss and he like comes out after he's done taking a piss any like chasing me rather like commander fucker this and that
pants fall down on my bluetooth the hell's i'll be right out of their kids or something don't you get a bunch of pure cocoa and of those a secret juries lower i work with a guy for five years jenny shows you you were an asshole herbert banning them we got an appropriate the story i talked in the other night now it saying that guy of man i want you to come back on so barbarity forgot thronged with you he's such a nice what's wrong with you today so i said yeah but didn't you just see what he said jeez usa i initially with that for five years did the whole this guy doesn't why he never wants to believe that everything sounds like you're an asshole to me my do you know what we're like you crazy fuck heap knocked
my door in my room like english and i he goes open a diagram i was getting change i open up the doors justified he's like you're in their fucking our areas dick out use like attractive others locked up but it was eaten even have the fuckin didn't even get hard first look younger and are not even haven't doozy ass it is very easy to say that you are i can understand why it's gone so crazy we're not going to talk about a large backfires evened out your notes these talented mother fucker he was here is a really really funny guy upon he's crazy he doesn't mean to be a bad guy but he doesn't give a fuck which is an interesting because most people do give a fuck yeah so there's that element of the mean yeah there's a couple people in this world it really don't give a fuck andrew entertaining yeah in our knees definitely i really love i am i mean the duchess it's too much work
i wish him the book the best but it's you know that the one podcast gas we have the most plenty i talk about how attracted he was also attracted you viper guess yeah because you're sick fuck your rapporteur chemistry between you two is amazing that means that its real amazing vieira crazy person somebody that you know and you know that he's not gonna go crazy on you know when i say crazy about you mean like i said he i would still enough sony came over the sitcom can we mean andy decked start considering how to be the best likely somebody i went with i don't want to ever do a sitcom again though i don't know what's it's hard to get a guy like that a gig fortunately because he's made a few mistakes i need a clumsy went up or something i don't think so i think he is pull those dec on numerous occasions
yeah they're gonna come videos on youtube yasser graphic everyone download that would have allowed its on their had its from seems like it's from another country from it they played the episode overseas or punctually episode that's ridiculous vienna make bets on the internet yeah that's a while so silly bitches they got so greedy they figured we'll just sell this episode till i denmark or something and not aired in america or another yours is a problem with that because they drink that shit well that's where the thing about fear factor is you have to someone else to eat it in some other part of the world for us the servant marceau like and people in new zealand start drinking shots of horse come there would sell it at bars because it is a guph i gave a cup of tea the key lies and then you get randy like let's have a look at all
bad news and it was also horse urine you never said wasn't horse when you're in june this year it was actually cow urine though i never said donkey yearned because we have to tell the truth i wasn't document but it was donkey com was cow urine and donkey cow who is the test dummy for that like allow that's that's really crazy we had seen anybody rapidly is entered a cow does work at it we had some people who work for us that had to actually do it as well as the contestants and if we are to get people to test to see those possible so we appear and they would only get a hundred dollars to drink like twenty four ounces come and i had more money on them so i gave them a few in a box out of my own pocket for do it when i was just like this is the craziest fucking thing i've ever seen as nuts i had a view spitting on harsh yeah andrea summers you know that is
blonde diego her boyfriend he beheld deal how are they do since use fifteen seconds away from winning are really yeah why can't remember what he has to do with pot they ran upon now you know this to make people that i did a hundred and forty eight episodes holy people higher for you to have such most time most item it was it was like six eight people you have to remember every week for done the and then the next week will be a whole new people not just my memory back or just a race rats like there's a thing called mars number there it is is a thing dunbar's number and what bars number is its looking at what does that language we probably should play this too because this is they're gonna be we're going it soon i assume we that allows the donkey come absurd going to see what
like the size of the bucket that's and fry them we can show that if you want to watch it is on tv is on the internet the three to others twin he doesn't want yet the twins and there's brunette twins and then to do that were twenty was a twins absurd that often how many cases four hundred and twenty seven is by the way it's on more than one oh yeah zone was on twitter with that i saw earlier it's on a bunch of different formats now i know would come out eventually but man windsor awesome yeah there very hot of war disturbing i would love to have one i've kids have twin boys out hate to have two girls yeah i now have either were everywhere they also unthinkable fuckin them here internationally the heart of its we have this on think folks if they want to find it it's out there we just do what you like just flask
right wing drinking the and i just don't think we should i dont know what the legal status while the stuff is and i dont know what my position is in and now the lash just guess i dont know what my position is that might be illegal for me i might get sued or something the yacht the show was cancelled because which is a good thing where the shows cancer because it yeah because they would people people have drink dog amid essentially they had a real hard time finding advertisers in the first place and then after this guarantee z though they were pretty events it's gonna be brought back for that one out with this internet video league maybe it will be made will become there you know a man i'm happy it's done i wouldn't do it again i did it i m done it was its to its actual job he said ass i did this this time i'm totally serious because i did try i took six years i've tried again narrowly back to europe
well you might make some him about this happy childhood zoo like grew up with like holistic medicine and low apple side of vinegar that gonna shit air was starting starting out was basically a hippie com you know like oliver seriously enough free speech did christian like everyone lego yoda church since like people like region after this guy like people crying and stuff like that but more highly what thou must merrily trippy as is called new hope new hope church didn't last night i mean that that my family my dad side is first did my dad's personnel
american from holland and there really really strong christians on the dad side of my mom side is not so much you know my kids like not not diving like that so i think it was like a mixture the to my dad you know like in a group is a first guy first guy from his stand will be in america unlike in the seventies kaliko a wild childs like that men like born again soon after a certain amount of time so they spent like the early parts of my childhood were in that environment and a kind alas sum this up lasted you know throughout my my life but it was my parents got divorced nosing kindergarten so that was late then i went back to one side can have any one said really not now while that sir there must have been an interesting childhood to go from that how do you go from that to being mixed martial arts fighter
well the thing is about the mentalities is basically encouraging you to do it over the heck you want in owen and my parents are like you never had any mapped out it was always like my dad's like super proud of anything that we ever had done and my mom's leg in always pushing you to be you know the best it whatever you so this just what i was drawn to always used to watch the boxing my favorite movie were karate movies and end in all that kind of stuff in and how many kids grow within it was my brother my little sister my little sisters thirteen inches more so to me my brother really which was team one who was born my provide citizens was born when i was there ok i swear i swap the air so what are they do now my brother listen
sacrament oh and actually he's he's is an interesting case he actually went to college scholarship and had like complete mental breakdown in the age of twenty one well yeah so he's never really been the same it's it's kind of i actually my book i talk about it like like the whole affected the add an over lives and everything but you went away on a scholarship was like the cavern the football team carefully wrestling team went away to a christian school got recruited by this church called international church of christ and was like china lives is perfect lifelike not thinking about sex he was eating less sleeping last he was giving like twenty five percent of his money that is working in normal cafe norsemen time unlike giving his money way in having a breakdown man we really know exactly what happened but he's he works or my with my family when he can't like the evidence being canada
oh how pill battle for us how many years ago this fourteen years ago my senior year in high school jesus christ so he was a bad mother fucker and then blue a fuse like he had the red line too hard to many times you wouldn't know
after what happened i mean we get a call and we got a call from his boss at workers nord stream and then a family do staying with we checked in and they said the he's been he's been he's lost when awaiting a hundred sixty five pounds in high school wrestling hundred sixty five pounds he's a hundred and thirty countries twenty five hundred thirty pounds had been like wasn't smiling was like washing its hands obsessive lee and my mom and my step dad and my pop and in his wife all jumped in a car on new year's day ninety ninety eight in drove to allay in brought him home why yes who negotiate if you read if you read the chapters a chapter out of my book the talks about this life's hiccups and uncontrollable stuff and it was it was pretty crazy man also some good stories goes after
thirteen years you know it is what it is you just cannot deal with you know what life gives you and he's a funny marfa he's funny his five it he's still really tells her is unpredictable unlike the you now likewise so easy a different guy oh yeah hundred percent so like such a fuse blue and your brother's gone and there's a new guy then pretty much well there and its it's been a trip man in my little sisters thirteen when when oh she's why was thirteen when she was born my brother's two and half years older than i am so she's never really she's early remembered him as i grew up with me not a mean as my older brother and everything else is mainly a modified version then i mean he goes up it has some great times than hasn t bad times could establish the in there's nothing i can do about something like that one is not like
counselling issuers physical aspect of the mind and will understand my mom doesn't like the car schizophrenia that's basically the the matrix of what what's going on is just anything the day demons like i don't know what it is they fell in that category wrong and he deftly as different sides what time of heaven that kind of you knows it's a friendly behaviour so it's this unpredictability man it's crazy you live a wild crazy fuckin life professional cage fighter do you ever wonder like you know i know that just from obviously never never fought in fought in but i know from seeing all the fuckin championship fights and have seen all the high pressure situations that have seen by the toll that it must have on your psyche for a lot of duty is pretty fuckin incredible do you ever like see your brother and go you know diseases
possible this could help to make it a blow refuse to admit it is possible for anybody you think so oh yeah yeah definitely i mean i think you weren't no no no you here walking away that life in general he never leave the room violently sister that was cooking for cargo puffs i got caught tat my life before grace to my bed denial i might just be a looser successful crazy not only those that were made brother should get in a comedy it sounds like every median irresponsible hilarious he's deadly as lou lost his ship because work was to fuck that soundly comedian man said he's funny is i do understand of comedy you're northern california plenty of places to do it appears to be my bribing there's theirs is is an interesting katmandu and we all love and
i figured he eager definitely he could definitely have a couple moments of reports of videos of monotone actually ok it is does he work he does works periodically but it's it's just when the king has its is unpredictable there's times were he'll go like a whole year were things are shaped form too much stimulus happen or even sometimes a year in any discussion it so it's almost like he really did red line has brain yeah yeah we don't know what happened in winter is far as you know when you when you see you guys like the highest level of any any sport especially when it comes to light gum wrestling or anything words like super ultra compared and you hear stories of a guy like dan gable you know you're serious about a guy who he was a little crazy was hazy a mean that i paid the price for physically today's got hip replacement and his knee
shot in oh yeah for sure you have you ever read up on him about his sister nor that horrible shoes marie yeah murder by our neighbour arrived and maria like that and to heed that was what drove him yeah he was the agreement that guy was possessed heresy videos at him when he was younger only talk about it like he's fucking terrifying i was terrified i wrestle i resolutely easy davis and we spent ill we had a couple different terms were in iowa and we were and i will use retire from coaching and wasn't competing just old debt gable and were in the room working out and he's in there and a full sweat suit with put up in his drill a double legs on this dummy against the wall just drawn back ban it gets on the vikings i just push himself on the honour on the stationary bike and is gone crazy no one else is in there
of his hair a guy's your leg he's on fisheries crisis that has he's never let me go ever i think drilling legs how old is he like sixty yeah lease jesus christ their sixty you're old dude shootin doubles drilling with sweat suits on way you get a figure if you get your inner and repetition of the same way as if i'm not working out for a period of time it is doesn't feel right right you're gonna mean it feels where's try like so be was smoking cigarettes were you know whatever else their routine is become like you don't feel yourself unless you're like putting your by a little something in high in the same way at all feel balance and trust myself a funnel work out hard if i if i work out harness like my brain is able to react to things on an even field whereas strasbourg stressed ever worked on a couple of days and it's all built up
think you can overreacted things cause you your brains looking for some fuckin yeah it's gonna get rid us pressure has been building up a weird it's weird it's weird the way i mean it's just routine its legs is like as they can also need everyone not by any means like an oecd that personally like i set out on that great structure get i'm good at like stick in the game plan but like i could sleep in the car and the scar see that i could sleep on the florina need like go through a routine but some people like need to have the little things they do rather they don't feel right right am i think is just about assert on energy that have exerted today or other can't sleep right rules like that's interesting think that that is a routine thing or do you think that your body just requires that because you mean you're you're embodies essentially race car yeah
i think my body requires i mean i think i have a certain on energy that you get out if i get myself thinking about some too late in the night more you know like watch sparring or watch some mamma the garment of fight i am devon rating right that's in romania to time that shit out yet you gotta time i've been blown it special by private vegas his leg i just found myself not getting enough sleep by our yes i do not want to go to bed but how let me get up in the morning do you ever sleep in the hyperbolic chamber i know you ve used it several times as one of the things i really want to ask you about cause i'm kind of fascinated by the results of the high barbaric amber pre spectacular gather crazy i've i've got in there and slept a couple times
we are only where do a certain amount of time a certain amount of length of time you know it's like an hour and a half for this certain had she country minutes an hour for other types of tree is a dangerous sat dangerous but i mean i think it it's it's something that can kill him ass the little bit like when you you and the the hebert chamber nice face you it now but when they do they change of of wood the pressures and learning it feels like you're going up and down and plainly can feel your ears like clicking like that you're gonna blow about and when they bring the pressure back down you can film popping and stuff like that also some you can feel something's happening but the tributes thing about i bear chamber was you i saw gonna when i broke my hands against brown i broke my right hand and then i dislocated my fellow the left and sells a crazy fight and really impressive fight on you're on your behalf because you boy
your hand first round the you a new one back and you like i broke my fuckin him then you like they're both shot and then you guys welts elbows and kicks do this but three fuckin rounds heart well you broken whitney both in the first i broke the the first one in the first round of four out of that in the third ran it does my thoughts while anna championship fight and you know any fighting you know the first guide to take your title in this crazy fight the end up away to me now thirty five year dealt with
thirty five when you decided to drop down a thirty five you this is like your home now you don't you don't feel like i'm like at a hundred thirty five pounds this like the perfect amount await you caught fervour you're you're physically big as big as anybody in the division yeah that's that's the thing with forty five people understand it's like you get a lot of new people is what they are understand the history of interest that when i first started fighting has funding any casinos there is no sanctioning body outward shoes you can meet people on the head i saw you find one another so fine a king in a cage and to see no back to those seen us and then and then there was no opportunity for me to find
thirty five pounds i would have i was only hearn forty eight when i first heard fighting us fighting one fifty five the night i made a stance that i'm gonna fight one forty five but that was like making a stand do that world champion up there and you know after that it was like i was good enough to be right there for another title shot i was i was able to beat the next contenders in and be competitive enough to to get this house ass an i'm never going to turn that down i couldn't under thirty five a long time ago right outside missing opportunities i want to fight jose although if i might brown right you know these guys even though their bigger than i am how much bigger was older than you i talked to him he said he tries to stay right under one seventy one fifty four while a lot of fuckin waiter at night but only one sixty six in the ring with rage and i we were about one fifty three one before while my found big dude he's getting smaller down here goes
under frahm to make that cut you get older its harder and harder dehydration frank yeah what is the body what are you coming to get to thirty five cut about twenty one pound jesus christ and when you're you know we talk about a hundred thirty five pound result in that's that's a large percentage it's not like two hundred and sixty five pound or cotton twenty pounds that's a lot rock lesson or cut twenty pounds to make to sixty five that's a lot but look at the size of that motherfucker and then look at the size you your cutting you d hydra no shit out yourself i mean well i've got it down the sides work out so much my weight fluctuates leg you know five the eight pounds in a day anyways like depending would have had to eat what my work out too like and stuff like that so i swing like that like drastically and who is so just about tricking your
howdy yoke is like how much sodium you have in your body how many electric lights and select that what was going on digestive lean your stomach so view like treat yourself a race car when it comes to the training thing what you're down await you can really like europe just for work out go on empty and then either go back up from their or go back down from there and that's where the tricky part gets in that's where i ve been doing it for a long time and have an advantage because i know my body in now it's never put on seventeen pounds after when thirteen hours when it what percentage of your body is at a high in thirty five parts i'm an idiot do we have but even ass branded do he looked in germany have my good vietnamese american body over here since the tawny please their arsenals like a massive amount of body weight the adds its le abbe
too much on the evidence of the adulator the first time the first summit did i put too much weight on and then i eat much during the day the hours before the fight and i woke up and i was like bloated and i was like i didn't eat but luckily like an hour before i went on a sort of your normal in those against music aki while how much of a pain in the ass is that that whole process of rehydration yourself and trying to feel healthy again because i want a man engine that when you cut twenty one product when you're on the scale that day you must feel fuckin terrible yes i've seen you guys were they look like they're ready to die there's aromas eluder why stop and i drink that cocoanut before they also like you need of it matters i'm gonna get this lecture lightens stuff in my body now your barely hanging so crazy it's like event in and of itself though the weight cut yeah i
there were travis looter miss weighed against anderson sober i've never seen a do look closer to death travis switch out all the water the moisture sucked out of his lips his nobody was completely dehydrated and he wasn't even walk in the scale disaster you'd miss the weight it was coming back to try to turn to try to make it he shall falling he couldn't even worse to shuffle in this face was sunk in and then equality so i can't do it again down is no idea you have another hour you have another out like trudell lose the ways i can't do it now we had one or a guys in brazil do that he here any hope from alaska and he got down do like less than half a pound over but that have i wasn't it i was in the sun in the worker with him for life
seven hours my guinea getting out if i give them pep talk about like he's moping around like shout of ice and my work did you had had a mental switch you is three pounds overdue in this as it you gotta hit a mental switch now and start moving can be sitting in the saudi hit me moby around here like you want to lose what you gotta do it so that was pushed to get him to lose at last three pounds you get down a little bit over half and it was like nothing was coming off again no spit company easy that is so scary man it's so scared the your bet basically bring yourself on the door of death and then you gotta have a cage fight twenty four hours twenty seven hours later see i feel like i feel like it's not it's not that bad for me i could twenty one pounds from where i'm like heavy like super
but when i hear leanest prime when only one day when i went on what i'm trying to watch my weight and keep my weight within within like a striking rage i'm not one fifty one fifty two fifty three maybe and then back down like forty eight to fifty three you know so that's what so at forty eight the lowest thirteen off yet thirteen off and then from their there's the cat and unlike real smart about so it even take in and things like that have i won't drink water like a lot of guys do this whole water flattening i don't do that was i do because up out of water with the same amount as a pound of gator aid or or coconut water or a computer or some like that you getting sick that so of homage a pound of fluid i'm gonna have something positive come out of that some energy in something that is my body submarine
with you now that's very interesting see don't drink a lot of water you drink water and all the other stuff as well i drink a yank fluids with purpose and that helps me get the most out of have little but energy i feel good when i'm when i'm cutting wait all the way to like the day of the the actual way in and then it's like ok the last four pounds really sucks but its leg it comes off and then i feel fine right out towards sousa gets back enemy there's really know how to manipulate your body do use the same principles i mean there's something go on with this where guys drink a massive amount of water up until now these it is is the same principle use just with composure cocoanut water unalaska a massive amount of fluids i wouldn't say that still so it's like the union dehydrated for me they're having too much sodium or not enough sodium right so if you have enough sodium you get he is much fluid as you have your body that can retain it is like the us moses were unilateral filtrate
go to your body wherever the sodium intellectualize wherever needs a fill in your i that there's nothing drawn the water in your body disco street through you so i kind of go with that like all cut down on sodium quite a bit but i have like sugars i have like like some searching makes it that i make myself with a black licorice ginger snaps will have like a bunch of like home and stuff like that care of chips so there's like sugar in there but there is also like some proteins and fibre and then i'll have cocoanut water and cocoanut meat from the inside of baby cocoanuts and then i'll have like a little piece of fish or like smoke salmon something a little bit of sodium in and then you know what a regiment fluid wise it's like kabuki is good for you digestive
it's good like helps you break food down and keeps things probiotics probiotics him with the ogre yes i have like that kind of stuff and then egg whites and aways make sure your buys breakdown muscle and you're getting all the rest of the run everything through you and it's kind of like your bodies not taking up any of the floods that you're putting it just taking one needs and then you're gonna go lose it again and then you can either go up or down from there is
you're a standard diet what than when you get down to a certain point we cutting yet this is the zol you eat yet pretty much now makes it up you know egg my diet isn't very very very a ton from when i am in him not cutting way obviously eat more or less and then like consider the sodium thing quite of it which is like a trip that's gotta be aware fuckin dance isn't it yeah it is but you when you know your body i mean i've done this since we remember cutting weight in the eighth grade did know what i was doing and then i didn't get wave my freshman sophomore year than junior and senior year than all through college is there a way to cut it out of of the sport or is it just a passport forever you could have you can have like a two hour awaited by but due to still try what would happen if this will happen in college with me as you start
you're a real sick diet and in cutting way and then you got a season work it's like six months of the year or you're cutting this way and what happens as you just start losing muscle and you downsizing your body anyways so this is better because athletes are doing it two to three maybe four times a year and you can this train just specifically for that fight and you get to maintain your muscle in your muscle mass and things like that can bring her back but what happens in a long season or like if people needed downsizing incomplete within a two hour period those downsize or muscle so it would be like this same thing so dues was still lose weight anywhere did lose weight will be of more dramatic time and they certainly that one i just would suffer yeah they are the twentieth go away and right before they compete the monday everything does our yet they were and right before that's not head trauma the thing about
writing that makes a dangerous head drama the fluid and rain here that said that none of the deaths that have occurred in boxing of occurred in the heavyweight division devour occur light await divisions real india and the idea is that those guys rocketing weight and under the guise of getting hurt like john mc clellan lose a famous way countries to cut a lot away in other that that place part that's not the only factor but it that it plays a part i actually went to a speech the doktor in sacramento gave about that and he had me as a guest to listen everything and it makes sense yummy your body is held in place by one of your brain is how the place where much a fluid yeah and if you're losing a big percentages fluid from your body some of its really coming from your head do you are replenishable davies i do
yeah i heard about a bag and have this was out in the first time i made thirty five i i did too which are thy vienna like almost two bags much now doing a bag and like a court what a crazy process man's fires it's a totally different thing we're trying to trade on while you're concentrating on professional cage fight against a train killer did its nuts but you know what it's it's to stay competitive why because when i got into fighting they i told the guy's owes training with i said i wanna go out to fight one thirty five and there like we don't have one thirty five in oslo around forty five hour how one forty five but it will i really turned out to be some good for me because i was competing when i was healthy i judges felt like fighting i can imagine going to a season like wrestling
wanting to get in a fight when i was a hundred and thirty three pounds here he did not feel like fighting anybody you feel ag lag right go ahead take girlfriend of my mind there are others that are reared and think about food etc a bad thing in during adolescents to that kids go through it yeah wrestling is the fuckin their starvin themselves while their growing she added set rest until the eighth grade and then after that even know did i was to be cutting weight as a freshman sophomore because our team socked in and it was like a desk on a theme any reason so late just go where i want to do now is very funny when did you decide that you're gonna make a transition to emma decided they actually didn't they did an interview with me after my senior year in college and they asked me what was neck
for me and i've never been a guy that has planned much you know just gonna like this guy with the flow whenever i feel i do i do it but i remember said i think i'm gonna try out mix marsh lars there's actual article in the newspaper like that the college newspaper i think we're try this this mix more words they out you know about it there was a legal in california and i started coachee you see davis's he'd been like seven thousand dollars a year as a full time job while lessing tables at seven thousand a year at as one of my bed i knew was a lot of money but it was the more money than i was used to you now
and if you like i was working and i start a little business called toppling coaching i went got summah like a little elementary school group kids that i saw training and then i had some camps that i dare put onto the college that i that my coach let me put him under my business name and so actually was working like sixteen seventeen our days in addition to training i was doing my full time gave you see davis now coating kids afterwards and then i go home and bus tables at this little bar called egg and my my rent was like two hundred twenty bucks a month living there while anna yeah i was crazy man and i start fighting that time i have emergency teacher credentials can assert teachings him you don't be a substitute teach a little bit but i think a fight with four hundred fifty bucks or five hundred bucks two hundred to show two hundred a win hundred bucks for selling tickets and i would like to make that like a week
you know and i was like my monthly salary was was ass i that's that's why he the switch wow crazy holy shit and what uses two thousand three you were held i was twenty three while so you'd like it is like it was moreover financial thing that that descending into well i could get a job many of these are gradually for major university i can imagine at a job it wasn't a financial thing was like a not worrying about financial thing you know and i was like through this is awesome i was like my first by minute and a half amid the most five hundred bucks i didn't tell him all about it i didn't tell about she found out like i said i totally to ease leaders had the little tape i know my yes to show you and i and i sat down i put the tape it she's like what the heck consists of twenty three this point i've lived out of the house and i was a team around and she's like
please tell me and i could do this again and i like gonna cut a smirking and she's like you i will pay you not to do this she's dead that's gonna be five hundred bucks per minute and a half that's what you're gonna need a baby did you have a lot of striking training and up at that point was robs rustling now but i thought i was bad ass tat which is an important look see if you look at my my second fight my first by a tried to hold it together it came out southpaw and i start fires rate punches the guy came to take me down and mice and it ended so fast i was like abba
like an hour afterwards like i wish it would allow longer i voted on this issue that add there so i said next but i'm just gonna strike and i had this guy who was like had been training quite a bit knew what he was doing but was just not a tough guy like i mean if you look at him and you look at me judge books by a cover you knew i was gonna win you now right so i just kept saying for seven minutes i beat the crap out of these guys it's horrible and i it's like a cat and mouse like punch now try to help a mob like red rear back like this and run adam with a like like a fierce don't haymakers that's crazy and
you were going to write on training how much striking training had you had by them like bout my first fight about a month a month but are not real training just like no one else into throw punches unlike worker myself and then you just worked with yourself i'm just like i always i've been i've been invites before right i knew i could hit hard the heavy right hand and i'd been a huge boxing fermo less i know it look like right guy now so i just thought known we ought to be upham like there's no way really anybody's habibi while that's pretty fuckin confidence was like when you first loss it didn't hurt but i was little disorienting i went
it was against thyssen griffin were fighting a parking lot of casino up in northern california and it was like it was like hot out and i went in there in the first round i do like superman punch and then i need him in the face and a hidden inside trip and i brought my head the outside in the kingdom glad your challenge guys we're having trouble occasion they were lazy and so they took the black covering but didn't put the padding over this
you on the bottom of the cage so i did a head dive as i was taking thyssen griffin down and yes slammed in the cage oh my god and my head you sorry gushing blood arrogant seven staples after the fight was eight seconds into the fight so eight seconds firearms blood's gushing now my face i've got him in a gdp of shaking my head like this i'm tellin herbert ref in on my her my a bus it open or a blue your sunlike that sea breaks us in a in a gate imposition and i was out of shape i mean i was all this commodity and ted williams comes in and i i had so like three hundred taken his house make money this time was so and take its i'd solid three hundred tickets again here is eight seconds into the fight and the doktor comes in who and be an event and ted williams comes in and he the doctors
look at me tadeusz is uk and areas that are you ok the doctor says it i'm not sure you tell me you know and then ted these fine he's fine fine they just started again then i don't remember i would just gone crazy is like a wild ears like her says one of the best fights guys i've never seen it was just like a knock down drag out back and forth my jujitsu instructor at the time kasredin did make it to the fight i just have my striking to that i gave her no more and i didn't know what was going on is like a close fight the first and second rounds ah you know who's fry one one four rounds and might my coat you gonna knock about i don't have any knock out like any strip zoos knock out at this point so i go into the a third round and you do like a jumping right hand and he throws like a straight right round the button drops me and i didn't go out but i was like like get
pounded on in the rough called it you are probably so fucked up from the first shot she hasn't you able to fight three rounds that's a tidy their borrow metal yeah thyssen i had had like a little beef after that for a while it was this kind of like because he thought ass making excuses i got it eggs cause i was telling the story right yeah i get seven staples in my head after the fight this allows like fight like a while the animal is like his guys from his home town centres making use of my i understand alas the fight i'm his tone what really happened not say now i get a fever anything i really hit my head and he was huge about forty pounds on me what christ so wild west man of em away yet out there the days when those king in a cage events were pretty fucking nuts ma am indian casino power what's it would do if it rained went wild yes what the fuck is that that was them just not wonder give money back to people
they had a liberal i were a casino in the pouring reign the and it was a plastic cover so guys go on trial throw kicks in just fly through the air land of that is crazy a lotta people didn't fight these factors on going now would have in smart i wouldn't i would have gone home but i would have wished i would have been the most stupid stupid shit when like you were when you hungry try for anything you know just hungry for fur fur success the air like willing to do anything for it even you see that these levels is not the that should fucked up mean that's why i'm one of the reasons why you need regulatory bodies need someone who can we go no ass all you're not gonna have a fuckin outdoor fight in the lane what do you do of lightning comes in that part of the battle yet no noting at least there in the rain they should be able to fight in mud yet hours or something it's too to animal listing nowhere
talk about elbows the back the head do you the rules the way they are now i do think that that that everything's good or do you think that people should have like needs to down opponent nurse i think you'd like to i think you should be only needs a downturn anything kick a guy wise down because i mean this is a fight the thing so intriguing about our support is that this is what really happened if you mess with someone and they know what they're doing here this is what you're gonna have to deal with and the is still that but you know assist it's like one of those things were you gotta you gotta look out for people's safety but you know what people abusing the rule it puts the all of a sudden like put your hand down it's like you're too bad position he should be able to have to react your argument i've heard that's against stomps and soccer kicks in the ground is the cage feel like you're going to have stomps and soccer kicks on the ground you should have broke
so you get slide and the robes to avoid it you shouldn't have a spot where they can show your head up against a soccer kick you in ahead writers it's not natural the use but they should be able to move around you shouldn't be able to use the cage as an actual weapon which is an argument that at least in pride they did they could see the kick commonly they can move they can move if you're running into a wall you can't move just getting its object you could say while you should never let yourself get into that position but seems almost you're using the cage in a way that it probably isn't that safe yeah i can see that but in reality and always go back to and that's why i always get on domini because this is really like the gladiator days were it's like a simulated the debt dominic crews for folks it on knows your last last time spot was it was very close decision a lot of people so you could one lotta people thought he could well very close fight and you guys were set to fight in the rematch but dominic recently blew out
niece and i are gonna be frightened edinburgh yeah you we criticise dominic starlets i point fighting i made his you can't really criticise them too much on the fact that is not at all i feel like he could have potential to finish some guys but he doesn't go for that and this is really a simulated fight or mean this fight to the death is indeed says the same thing it's like if we fight to the death in a hood win right you know an end at at at that on that level like i'd like to see guys try to finish around right now not like play by the rules and this in that light like tag somebody in the gate looks like you hurry of and i feel like dominic has potential there do some damages does no howard is try to finish its a mentality thing now we this this style of fire fighting were you just go by and get points but but still win i mean it can be effective forgot
and yet in the atmosphere offer mean how do you how do you make a distinction like when do you decide whether it's about its all about being as entertaining possible or its all about winning like seems to me that there is like i just don't feel like that's winning so do you it's not honorable to try to like disappoint your way through you're telling us a dynamic for example not is not dishonourable i mean he's he's china's he's trying to damaging maybe this doesn't have it in a modern no but the remix fun of the size of his hands and always makes fun of the we didn't interview when he used to say i got a better chance you know cuz he broke his hand that's that's something is not needed rearing there's really do about ever i mean
taken in any way but i would say you know though the purpose of sport is like to finish do damage grab you can't really knock a guy who's really great what he does you know in any is triumph i guess if you get a guided the crumbles he'd pry finish me now but i like to go into the mentality of let's do or less brow is gonna try to finish me i'm gonna try to finish brow and it's gonna be till the to the read you know it's not gonna be like peter patting and insult like their doubts regarding a certified that's got me so that i was looking at it and it's crazy its leg he as i think he has more fights an idea he's got thirteen chaotic echoes he's got sick submissions and he's not like nine decisions not got fourteen submissions seven t care
is unlike for decision do you prefer this fight mean if you had a choice between this fine if i were down accrues i want this i want to fight that fans want to see and i think people afterwards i prefer this fight but beforehand will prefer the directory site so i want to give you what they want to see in you know dynamic and i have a history that we need to solve and stuff like that they also looking for defining him but as far as an exciting fight goes this is gonna be a tree if i it's a funny thing this dominic thing because i've never seen you be upset by an opponent i've never seen you trash talking opponent you know you usually pretty easy going guy and when i talk to you about your opponent you're pretty analysed go about their skill set but but does some about down a cruiser gets any skin yeah but is it did oh you know the history of us but i know you won the first fight we caught him to give more when i when i when i first summer met him was after he was just being an immature little punk
by this i mean i am like open to be cool whoever i never at the guide or known from adam that can it shows me as an enemy and in the real world the guys in my town we're gonna do you know we're gonna do some sort of battle you know or he's not gonna do that you know and we did and it still go away you know it's like the guy's got a chip on it so i really believe he's jealous of me for some shape or form and i have sat there and talk than before in like he's like complain about seven he's got a lot better because i think his situations got a lot better is anymore notoriety not more money and things like that but i think he's jealous you now address the gets on my nerves like did you get plenty of greeks have gone on life get it she's meal perceives it be native well is it down or is it just a that's how he gets himself fired up to compete against someone i don't care if you don't care a mantle careless
what is more it is to be a dick had to me right you don't be indicative of period how was he vienna dickhead did he do ok so so the first time we thought we sign those posters you know that story were you sign everyone takes home you certain not oppose her that you put up in your jim and right at the yosemite cherry important people and he was pisses face was in on the poster there's four title fights at night and they put all the champions on there and so he starts signed his name over my face the posters that everybody thinks home and so like that started it and then after the fight a beat him and then i've got friends
say diego's you no help and promoted fight san diego and i hears dominates run in his mouth and like talking crap about me i thought about the guy you know he's got my poster up in his germany's you know defacing it just like talking chasse unlike what is this guy's problem like obsessing let you get a broken heart on for me or something you know like did i could give to shit about this but you farm again and then we farming then i thought him again and i felt like i did more damage in that fight and you know that the events prior to that fight kind of let things set things arrest with us because we had as it were forced to spend time together in this whole kim pendleton thing we did this crucible unlike their like tugging at her heart strings about the military and like a put us it is crazy
work out and like you know that's where i actually get to get to know a little bit better relies like i'm the guy the guy's coming from a place where he feels like he's been misrepresented he's feels like he's under paeonies mismanaged jesus that and we actually had some good talks and cannot put the the beef a cyber i feel
like there's still a little jealous isn't the earnings of goods actually still active fuck em up oh yeah and vice versa that's really interesting as there must be a very strange thing be spending so much time and do you're about to go to war with it it was we who inhabit like slip through the cracks it was like new pr people and the marines setting up this thing that was gonna be ape like a partnership with the usa in this in that and no one really understood the fact it he and i were fighting in a month and a half and they're going to have us working as a team together like going through this creed
z crucible we did a third of the crucible which is like that like the initiation ceremony where they put these guys to hell for fifty hours and no sleep in all the stuff phil davis rich franklin dominic myself had to go there like ok we're gonna shit he's gonna meet these marines whatever the next thing you know they're like we're going to this obstacle course which is smaller obstacle course go to meet the drill sergeants and there are like you know they were not crack in a smile on this and that this have a certain ruinous this dislike short but intense whatever it's got obstacle course then they throw backpacks on us and we start our day marching whether your address and all this stuff then it goes the next year now you know it's like ten o clock at night we been there for like nine hours this getting like pont by these by he's very easily crying through dirt carrying ammunition stuff like like dominic heard is he ran gut
heard his knee tripping over barbed wire and he asked security we're all jacked up he had like his shoes in this we have a huge blisters on his be in a hurry myself a little bit i had a broken hand at the time and it knows be doing this at a broken hand it was like a we can have old this a little fracture and i did i climbed the top of the rope i did the poems it at all the stuff because i don't want to tell my router that i had a broken here oh my god so it was like when it was crazy that's ridiculous what is terrible idea who the fuck put that together is slip through the cracks all new workers in europe and now i do it my time i got the middle of it and everyone the mill of it was like the marie they're like preaching about it eric arrows leg stood what movies has just said bill was laughing and in the end the guys i feel you
stopped laughing right now you will the blow of blood and niceties chance laugh and the other guy says the other joe sergeant feel when he says stopped laughing he needs hide your teeth and then i start fucking laughing i'm like bus up laughing and in others they like that fate funny mr favor there's body some funny about americans die war in on like this is like the right beginning while we're getting lake this is all that so that's a moronic sense you'd we had to do tat we had we had to do something were we like we're doing these problem solving things we communicate like one guy was the leader and we had to light get these like big buckets past the robes and follow these rules like problem solving like munich as a team so i buy the anything it was like we're cool then you know we're like he's asking me advice about stuff it s real
here vice versa added together vice given gives of sharing invites will use you just as you complain about his mismanagement and all this kind of and i was like did just sat with the same self he's like i've been fighting so long as you i was there i bet you when you fought charlie valencia for the oh you ve ever meeting i remember meaning and whatever it and it was like he like i'd i'd i'd this night at these films i've himself my did start feeling sorry for yourself do disease i am i on the right track i'm like a year on the right track chill and their that was it and then we went our separate ways in his back to be it enemies what strange thing that must have been prepared for a title fight with a guy going through this single browsing horse is like a bonding experience that you don't want to have some yes you do you think it's funny when americans are dying at wars and everytime everytime i think you're funny right now this is funny
this is funny when when they now preparing soldiers stupid and would try to give you that authentic experience husband who is a dead through so is intense the greatest bilaterals over yet we all went out nedda had a good dinner of like that and now those last dominic guy who now on good terms while in enemies ever since that back up so this is before the rematch this before the remit and how many times you drop him five eight times i hit him on the chin and he dropped three times three times that should be no it's it's she should be that john in writing i have i have long haired next to my father and i can have my hair lose because every time you know inspiring i there's all times you guys dress you slip in yemen and such like that behind his hair shakespeare you now regard as these judges and i want to get started on time started his eyes to go get let's start
does the job you nuts i guess it disrespect roy i won't do it but i'm not gonna start on it because i see all these judge all time and i dont want them and realising its mia but like the communist some of these judges the you know i've never wrestled there at a junior and judges who never done karate never done boxing it's like wire was my wife in your hands and why because you ve got a commission doesn't want change what's what they feel like the arduous and place it's they would have to admit they fucked up here didn't let these people they won't do it amended its mind boggling is a fifty fifty chance they should they should have to review fights and have to explain i mean it's a big goddamned deal yet you you train for you know a week's plus for a fight after every fight they should not have to only judge but explain why
going on explain why you thought that this was better than that i've been so tempted to grab one of these judges i know doesn't know anything and asked them on camera ask them a fool interview of like what is an omen plata what makes it what makes it work makes it not worth what is this is this a dangerous position when is it become dana's when is it and just like see where the rack did i travel i don't wanna say any names but one of the guys judges told me that a woman judge asked him what is what is this guy doing i was attempting anymore so that what are you doing and she had to ask what are you guys doing i know that you know what it felt like whether it's gonna hurt the guy when there's just or we haven't you know when someone has begun in america and it's all appear new like you think he's gonna be ok i guess i just can't twisting his arm and then the guy poles it to the body and you gotta know that that's better than want to get it to the body that's that's like a near submit
there are so many guys out there they could really use those jobs is that really what are ya murali valencia for example my good buddy whose an accomplished fighter been fighting for years nos four inside out if it was a veteran you have is a lucrative job now it should be so what would a great judge would be jealous everybody knows it feels like to get punch no other yet inevitable better if you get hit on the chin you know we're ricardo romania's doing that now that's right that's why actually i agree with you a hundred percent it's just this people that in they might be able to never of boxed and judge boxing but you have to study boxing and you have to talk to experts is there but i don't think it's possible for you to know what the fuck is happening a cage by unless you you have some martial arts expiring right now out of a lot is grappling mix maria mixed martial arts a lotta grappling that what does that say it's fine
revenge rights although beside looks like fuckin hieroglyphs judge you ever watched the key the cage glad challenges of now or is it just is not even a z it's not what used to be here as it back when i was start when i was glad shouting king of the case that was the only other show in town right it was like the u i've seen them in their whatever's in japan i still watch small fights though i still hd now has a lot of ice now organizations that come on then you know you get to see like a brief comment edge science fight and i just saw dave branch and anthony johnson there's a fuckin do get away carnation ever see daddy burning up away class keep missing any to disguise anthony rumble jobs is incredibly talent guy weighs about two thirty issue before it begins
cut down to one seventy six grant a lousy huge i saw and walked through the hallway once in a hotel were all i think it was in denver he was so goddamn bag was frightened you know who it was couldn't believe our like that dude is like a heavyweight weight amazing he can make one seventy it's crazy why the reason i ask as i remember cause it's cool that you do arches fights because i don't ever for i was in the doubly sea or the usa i remember you say and some in recognising me and in life be unlike ever seen you fight this now which i thought was the cool thing in the world because it was like this watching you know and as binding as i was at a you have seen sacramento and i had a fake pass made from my buddy vinnie the hook i think that it was the best ever is it sack and i got in with the pass and then at his belied streets you act like
on the place and i'm in love with dana right with data on the red and all you guys dana's i hate you have a good time get oh my god good timing i discharged into the little circle of my fate ass our data was like because i was just point where i was making it a myself in the law the smaller shows that you know made a little bit a sense that i was there you not anyway so people really question too much like you did you watch this couple when i was on little paper views in the south but i was the first time i think the icing unity in a cage i saw you i think i saw you live once and i have seen on tv those back when my friend but on the king you own a piece of candidates so he s had tapes later i saw a wholesome eddie was doing commentary backed until this ray finally the ideas i know i know i
the us is walk around like a day is having a good time again but i guess maybe you're right you did belong there look now you we're hats right moaning five reblong there have of course absolutely now while what is the date of yours you fight with brow its july seventh july seven yeah that's the up the same card anderson silver chelsea rematch out that's gonna be a crazy card yes him there david moved our card which is often gas can make it one of the biggest cards that would be a huge card large ghostly does a two monster pfizer right there how did the how did the jaw jones shot evans i do that you pretty gonna be review i think it's really well i think they were surprised at how well it did i think it acceded expectations john joneses obviously on his way to becoming a huge superstar others that's that's a rare gem of a talent right there you see a guy
and training for four years and emma may and in a choking leo matete unconscious rack god damn you his wrestling pedigree was really good yes you know what a scholarship to iowa and you know because is sorry is fairly instead and now but he d could have been a great resolutely to wrestle i know dad says no dabble its impressing maize how god damn good striking is and how good god how quickly got good and it was great it was great when he fought stephan bond earning forego smile he was in striking look good it but it but become insane they know he outstretched show gun out strikes rampage and makes it look easy and that hide in reach so too hard to fuck with man that's crazy to have you talk to him since situation his i haven't you i and further kosovo now crash into a pole apparently yeah he's here
he's been hard to get a hold of life is is changed is number all times like the heroically talked him in a long time not since i've seen him in person but add sorghum easy young guy i will i i didn't interview and they read me this thing that he said like a week before an awe oh i wouldn't everyone here is created it makes me almost makes you feel like you didn't our purpose is still i like add the story is like why would you be like dear i want so happy to do this because i will never do you i then like a week later do you forget i think it's pressure man i think especially if you're you know you're young guy in you don't you know he's incredibly talented and success
be overwhelming to a few years ago gone from having to be a bouncer to take care of your your girlfriend and your new baby you know when you're really worried about your feelings you decide to start fighting from that just a few years ago to driving a bentley fuckin world everybody wants a shake your hand world is stepping forward to john john to shake his hand see him he's got a glow around him an aura that's a hard them in germany at hard right you're invisible is it hard for you you know it is not hard for me because i throw myself with the same people like you know my dad is an extraordinary em all my buddies i mean like my team of guys we start together you know joseph was map in the massacre at our jim in an amateur when he started chad men as i retreated out of college and teach error could out of college media nicosia
school bodies and i have the same people around me and you guys all out you have a couple of houses and the all live close to each other to year over overtime and started change now is guys you're getting older get more money in getting married and get an answer to stuff but we have left it'll commune there was there was really cool called the block in and there is a tight knit group we ever we're a charity golf rapid ensuring alternate secondary or we have that's a week after my fight we have your bank will we give out awards unlike give speeches everybody together i really written everybody gets dressed up the big difference as a whole jim everybody trains there's only if the whole team and then whoever wants to buy a dinner to come in and be a part of it and now we as everybody desert there the little parts in and we have like houseboat trips amidst like a real tightening crusoe way it's hard also when you got a guy like like due diligence offer example who just start trailing too
years ago and have a bad day these taken the crap out of me you know it's like hard to get on it horse right right how did you start this whole commune thing how to do this the block how did you i thought i saw once and one of the countdown chosen was like that it's fuckin cool what a smart thing like surrounding suffered a bunch of cool guys you train with you all live together right it was it was basically site i talked about first graduated college i started the little business toppling coaching for kids and my coach the time lenny ski allow me to run a summer of summer camps further for the college through my business and that gave me like forty thousand dollars that went in and out i got to keep like three thousand amateur something like that but then i that establish some some credit and history work history in buying my first house when i'll make
on paper seven thousand dollars a year we call any last shit you know what i was husband i mean i was always able to make money and i feel that with all my books is to help pay the rent and then my buddy tommy whose back that work should be full time we knew each other in high school in college he was just graduating in and was a job where he want to buy a house house opened up next door him the body but that one and i saw you better about the house next door that rather buddy sanchez who started out as like my nemesis in college like we were enemies like two into as you know you he's like put me out of my senior year in college only gonna make me try competition we live in and i called after he adds up come in and taken my spot it you see davis living with me retinue room while that he starts managing my jim we bought another house there together i put the down he makes the payments and he started little business
this is all my book you love my book by the way is its money better so here s the name of it for everybody that the business the book the books laws of the regular i lost the re launch of the ring yet it's all these it's all these theories about community and personal credit in positive that's the only about real it yeah awesome so not just the this is how i you know became successful it is right there and are so so sanchez starts this starts this company in one of our garages like maintaining beggar property lawns next thing while he's the large company in the u s reign over that is just take doubt can't you just becomes like a crazy lawnmower guy he's is knowing longsome hawaii two i words really anna indebted you like thirty three thousand or thirty five thousand some stupid
over there while has all the block we had all sorts of stuff is come off the block chad mechanisms and the bat blocked e g dilatory waidelich thirty guy creates zalm became and say it out there how many houses is for houses right next to each other and then there's one house this my college buddy that's about block and half away that's so bad ass to have so many people around the count on all down to you now in asia we train with you know arming count on us awesome its causes me some money over the years like being the bank for these guys now he'll doesn't always appearance of aberdeen it built some did aided super solid i mean our team now is one of the top in the world in you know is all part of that poland the german you now if you need to go we have no food you're one of the houses and sit take somebody this is another particularisms everybody's actually contributing right everybody has a place in a function in a part of it now
you do you have a germ you have your own jim set up and what is it jim called its ultimate fitness ultimate fitness and regularly you can go and train there's while its legacy of classes and share your we outlined we have quite a few quite a few members like four hundred members and it's been round five years now it with a groan it's got a great reputations pre bad do you you're the one who's managing everything like you to make your own training scheduled put everything together you have i gonna make coach who handles like when you gonna do my tie when you gonna wrestle when you're gonna combine them d of someone who analyzes you we have like we have a team schedule and then i have my individual coaches like i have a duty to coach have master tongs my stand of coach
we have set times with our team we ever team practices that are pre structured and we have an individual suffer we do outside of it so i'll do you know the set practices which are the their proper axis three days we can the morning and then two days aspiring than we have today of judges to and then everything else the kind of mismatched we have a wrestling class for guys that need to do more wrestling you don't have a person who sets it all up for you you do it all for yourself you you set your own strong strengthen conditioning schedule ordering a guy for that i ve got a guy i've gotta individual coaches for everything i've gotta rustled dunning my strength and conditioning guy he's my physical therapy and how do you decide like when you go to him when you do my tie how did you do it by your body d do it by what you know from your experience i set a general schedule and then listen my body outside of that so if i feel i can you do more or less i'll do more or less but like
that is a general schedule that i know is always gonna be there and then if i need to take a day off i'll just let someone know or if i need to do more i'll just call someone up and we all kind of do that same thing at the team you know it's like we have all these different things available and hit him all that's what that's what makes our team really unique is we're training or european i'm a fight in your in town like you just go to practise out it's what you do very trains nobody takes time often gets fattened stupid you can't you can't anymore i hear tat everyone has to be improving to write the biggest gave later isn't it incredible for you to watch when you started fighting till today and see the how crazy the sport has become mean i remember when i used to watch you know when i saw your fire to king of the cage or that back a day nobody knew what the fuck cage fighting was now whose trade i was like embarrassed it wasn't like you could pick up jellies
checks i like you can put on your gauge minor other things pieces share i got an idea human dog eat that of a deal you better get they get to know you better now it's like yeah now i saw this video charlene thereon and she's talking about how much he loves you have seen us like how i saw the other three did you tweet that no no no no it's on the underground it was might have by a lot of people tweeted i think because the video was her on the corner o brien show and now she's talking about how much she loves watching fighting and he could see conan like is a little bit uncomfortable whether there is when chick start talking about like fuckin savage man being the fuck a guy like conan like her does anyone know do you he doesn't want them to be coming out of the mouth with one of the most beautiful woman in the world lands try compressor that's mother nature though it's a bench goes back to the old it makes the wounded the world
at low distributed by the water hole river beds it is what it is that's how you come up with the name of a male alphabet while i was a human development major and i just studying all this different seven school and i just lightwood it represented unites the tick cultural anthropology physically apology and all these different development classes and stuff like that like my whole study was just about people you know and in things and how things happen you know and i remember learning about these bird sectors is theirs is like certain type a bird where these three birds land and the two sides kicks they all do this dance together and then the two psychics kick rocks in the middle wondrously a word about it like this guys might have their opportunities of thy wanted the steps evidence their turn and they talk about like these packs a wars at work together as a team and then there's like that
the big macho guerrilla the there like a spreading is seen in there's like the little sneak dig monkeys gaza looking rather gets his our ban were like all these different crazy staff and like it was just interesting to me about how in humans there's this alphabet every category there's an alpha male ballerina theirs a male rigging gay do there's an alpha mail you know whatever theirs is like the top login every category is gonna shoot me of how they are but it takes like being smart being lookin be persuasive been you know hard working and being you know all these great things and i figured that's the shit it is honest and its approach i mean that it would have but he is trying to do where as you know you you can you can name in a bunch of different things but yeah it is trying to be the alpha mail in its bid the connotation the word to sort of changed lately to it's gotten it's become a tad do she the word
we are now it's like to do that so alpha like people every rag i knew from that you never heard me say that's people say that an on line a lot like to rag on you for something there that so beta you're a beta you're being a agenda and like it's it's a very right car region i mean i say that because we have a alpha brain it open itself up to criticism that is where you don't man you're usury alpha mountain mother fucking shit deeds and i mean it basically ezra kazanovitch whose it takes all that's it takes like intelligence athleticism hard work dedication and you know the guy's arise the top in any thing are you know made up of that same stuff whether it's like the top right at the top journalists the top anything they are but i think that one of the most difficult task in the world is the one that you ve found success and i think you're in one of the most difficult businesses on the planet earth it's rough has not physically and mentally taxing it's it's
financially taxing when you're getting going and that's that's the crazy thing actually what about that i've got a new thing that fill davis native starting called ever made draft and we are working on it for a long time but its basic gonna tree opportunities for these up incomers it's like ever may draft is gonna take a guy like filled davis's national champion and start farm is clear when he's a kid give opportunities alike china is a kid me like these the top ever may prospects covering all these different amateur sides of gypsy wrestling i think we should even cover some soccer stuff and there are so many sakharov leads coveted by kicking yeah there was no use your legs like that but they need to start with you sir finding like the next time your words and abroad james and michael jordan of our support and watch grope his kids when a guy like phil or a guy like in a judgment
susan national files or lance rosa national fires wrestling didn't have to dishes among laws for the first four five fights before there's an opportunity there right developing this whole website were were we're we're having criteria we're having like profile we want to create some yourself and your scouting unlike cover events of kids from youth all the way through you know the international rustling that's ascii jitsu kickboxing in amateur leagues it did it's gonna be crazy we have up a temporary set of right now you can check it out and what is it emma may draft doc emma may draft our camp iago workin on it's gonna be sweet one more time your book is laws of the rain laws are the ring and they can get that on amazon diana actually do in assigning tonight at boards and nobles and honey to believe in right now to go to the office we gonna have to get the fuck and terrible highway of five o clock in los angeles
so barnes noble huntington beach seven o clock go meet your i favour get your heart broken to jobs really fun it availed thank you very much great fuckin stories and best of luck in the groundwater can we really that's gonna be awesome one more little plug here to my guys i'm workin on this new brand of equipment and lifestyle stuff called torque we're gonna with all sorts of new bad asda so keep your eye but for that toward one dot net is makes right now we're gonna have mats wouldn't have gloves can be awesome and what is your main website torque one dot net and my partners actually the guy that serbia s end james it is incredible business many sold that company for a lot of cash and he won't eat just loves over me and so that's gonna be rockin from here now boom and make sure you follow you re on twitter it's your riah faber you could spell a bitch google it if you can i'm tired explain things you people due to the flesh life response on our part gas natural rogan dot net click on that
inimical nay rogan save his fat aims and thank you too on it dot com and again and click on the link on joe rogan dot net entering the cook name rogan entering the country rowing sees me enter the code name rogan save yourself temperature off we will be back tomorrow with john anthony west i'll be the last pod guess at a week but we also have the ice chronicles we did one last night it was fuckin awesome and we do on almost every time we have a show here at the ice house there are available if you subscribe to death squad on itunes and there also available usually on my u stream but sometimes on red bans as well so foul red man get all that information that are indeed be a and on twitter and go to death squad dot tv and pious self a fancy new desk one teacher area guy when those brian i can show people era behind you in the storm trooper folks do you see that shit
the spray sporting we have eliza friday legislation is common who come and we have just markdale same tripoli randy's coming of age cliff owen johnny rotten come into is gonna come in sudan and i'm trying to get crisper were to come and hang with us as well and sit in the pot gas the ourselves chronicles the it's free you can watch it again on this you stream page mine european or you can download and on itunes under death squads only available in a desktop so subscribe we'll see dirty tomorrow with one of my personal heroes john anthony west the great egyptologist we're gonna fuck injected upon my shit then we'll see you later on that night the ice house chronicles to my knowledge by
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