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John Anthony West, Brian Redban - Date: 06/09/2012
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music bryan we're going to start this bitch rogan experience joe rogan podcast by night all day this ladies and gentlemen is a very very special edition of the joe rogan experience first of all because the first one we've ever done through sky type and two because it is with one of my personal heroes the time honored to get to talk to a man named john anthony west john is a an egyptologist but you know if somebody on twitter had a very great comment about you said that you're more of a proof reader for history it's more you're more than an egyptologist okay i i sometimes called depending on my audience i said
myself the real gidget tell exist a roadie tips hours and if you folks who aren't seeing online if you're listening to this only on the i tunes john has an office that is exactly what i would hope and pray his office would look like just filled with documents and information and books and it's crazy man look at all that information behind you you look like a mad scientist you look like alex jones this car yeah you're you're a mad scientist sir people have told me that yes i first was turned on to work by the nbc special on the sphinx that was hosted by choi alton heston which is a very controversial thing that that nbc aired right and it was a special on the the mysteries of the dating of the sphinx became absolutely fascinated by the compelling evidence that you and doctor shock presented to all these traditional egypt that
the rain erosion on the sphinx in closure had to have come from literally seven or eight thousand years earlier than they were predated then they were dating a sphinx not yeah probably more than that joan we'll get into that if we want to discuss it further but that was the most conservative date that shock as a you know as a bona fide the aids the geologist he sort of constrained to take the most conservative view but even had doubts of when he was saying it now he's is loosening up by a and is basically on on the same car as me in other words holding open the possibility that it may be as old as actually is thirty six thousand bc or even older and the reason for that is not fantasizing or anything of the sort of set the egyptians themselves in several in one in the in
the tablet steal a coup palermo stone because because the thing to do with the lamb because that's where it is and another papyrus very fragmentary called turn papyrus where the egyptians themselves talk about long periods prior to the beginning of what we call dynastic agent but they just called egypt it begins around three thousand five hundred bc where this is rule for thousands and thousands years by the natural which means the gods themselves actually means i take to mean enlightened or divinely enlightened human beings and then another long long period wherein is ruled by the sham so far which means that companions the followers of horus and the regnal that the names of these kings are given and the regnal dates of these kings are given an though both the stone is damaged in the papyrus is somewhat fragmentary if you come
shoot the years you end up with something like thirty six thousand bc which in fact is not casually chosen date be cause the week's itself as you know and actually as we go along somewhere along lump let's talk about this 'cause i can send you all kinds of interesting text you illustrations where maybe you can on your end disperse them into collate them into the actual video vodcast i guess you click so that viewers can see what we're talking about as we're talking about it anyway if you can do that great yeah now we can we can definitely do that before the audio only people this is a fascinating conversation uh either way with or without pictures how did you get on this path how did you send it in two seconds but first let me just say the reason why the city six thousand date is
that is outrageous isn't my sound is a because the egyptians themselves are talking not that sort of date and also because the sinks with its lions body in human head screams out as an astronomical astrological marker and if it's to commemorate the age of leo the last stage of leo is we have this links and the release chip is that this linksys site right so that it looks do e and so the last time these things looked at its own image in the sky before the sun rose it's only talk about the processional ages if you want to get into that weekend complex astronomy but it's anyway the law this time the swings lou did its own image in the scribe at sunrise on the spring equinox we have been about ten thousand ten thousand five hundred bc there are good reasons why ten thousand five hundred bc
not satisfactory in the the the age before that the age of leo before that is another twenty six thousand years earlier just the cycle takes twenty roughly twenty twenty six thousand years so thirty six thousand years would have been and uh sometime on the swings looked at it's at its own image in the sky i boot up being the spring equinox so there are reasons i mean as i said it's it's not just emphasizing that it's backed up it's conjectural of course we can prove it is at the moment but there are good reasons why it could be as old as that but invention a wisdom is that human civilization in it the the you know and the the the form of cities and such that that didn't exist before ten thousand years ago right well
it was conventional wisdom until very recently it's one of the battles that we've had that we've had to fight but you see flood story shock and i are writing a book not sending more about this as we go along telling the story of this whole swing thing because we put this is a geological to it's login the water weather into the strength of the weather into the sinks with chalk as a geologist in the specialist in these things took alot alot to get him on board mind you this is along it's a big long funny story but sorry won't get into necessarily right now here though since we have an open ended we have an open ended show and i have plenty of vodka in the freezer with michael on for quite awhile but anyway the
the the point is that it's a geological argument when i got shock on board he took awhile before he the acknowledged that add to be correct i mean who's playing sing to be heretic is easy i don't give a damn i mean i don't like people and i don't respect either their intelligence of their integrity and i have nothing to lose you know shot as a tenured associate professor of geology boston university so he is he puts the neck on the line it means something eventually took a bit of doing but he did it and we presented this evidence first at the at the you might call it the super bowl of geology it's called the it's the the the annual meeting of the geological society of america this was in nineteen ninety one we the stars of the show i mean they recognize the geological society recognize that this was a dynamite
presentation and so all the presidents they have science rest of the world and and so on and it was that the actually allowed us to get this thing past secretaries at nbc and then then put it out in trade prime time sweeps week and one million i mean it was nominated for best documents etc etc etc the broader sense forced the crack in the to pay attention to it and the battle has been going on ever since and actually funny story 'cause i didn't say it here but normally i can't normal respectable and we when we gave this presentation initially in nineteen ninety one the
the geologists were unanimously in favor of it they came to our presence makes it look as our display he said yeah you know i mean how could anybody have missed this well that's another bit of the story but so but the it ologist in the archaeologist would absolutely incensed by the whole thing and they will bonus all kinds of names and the with one woman good name was here but still be coming up in a book somewhere so who is it an egyptologist at boston university with shock teaches and oh yeah and earlier so we were being interviewed chunk myself by the world press really in this so this is ninety is ninety one yeah and at one point we were being interviewed by the guy who was the science editor of the boss include not seats is in essence hometown boy and so shop gave his
this interview and jack is we're good i could do ours is not exactly good cop bad cop but no shockers always civil and always that's in the land always hawaii even when it shouldn't be i have to worry about these things i can say whatever god damn please so kiss me with the science editor of the book we should explain before we go any further we should explain the argument for people that don't understand it the the water erosion argument this is what people are trying to ignore there's people that are still arguing that somehow or another that could have been created by sand and and wind this erosion according to geologist that's not the case most geologists are stating that it had to be water correctly
but now they now they've actually gone off the sand and wind thing and now it's supposed to be what's called salt crystallization in which the water water soaks through the limestone and creates chemical reactions with the rock and that weather is off and creates the weathering that we see this is actually nonsensical argument which will be addressing very shortly and there's an incredible amount of resistance to this idea even though the geological science is there really are they in agreement on this all my most most of them there were a few who learned and i'll get into this too as we go look at you see the point what's it speak your job was not this is not this is not just a scholarly quibble because for this to be water weather and specifically by rainwater
means that it has to have been there when there was rain and needs a pc there's almost no rain there now an inch or so a year the sahara desert formed around ten thousand bc before that it was for for child savannah sort of like modern day can you maybe even wetter than that so those things to be weather bye bye my rain water means that it has to have been there before before or during the time that lots and lots of rain was falling now let's take then when you were saying before this civilization according to the standard scenario civilization begins around three thousand thirty five hundred bc more or less simultaneously in egypt in samaria and china and india all of it is around that day but the swing she see is is really is the most spectacular sculptor unearth its two hundred and forty feet long and sixty
speed high and it's a magnificent absolutely breathtaking sculpture even in ruins and temples around it which get into somewhere along the line but ideally i'll send you pictures of around them are powerful stone a limestone buildings faced with granite but what's interesting about them is not the size of the temples themselves by egyptian standards the metal that big look stones that there that comprise them laying somewhere but in fifty and one hundred and fifteen skins each in set up in such a way that slotted into places into place pieces of a jigsaw puzzle we can't do that today you sort of the old they have charlton video with evidently have seen yeah now we have the sky jesse warren was the project manager of their building cogeneration plant up in long island and he
acknowledging he's fascinated by this does he says yeah our biggest cranes our biggest latter days trains could lift these rocks but we would know how to rig them so that we could get him into place so what this means is that not just at this length is fabulous statue is much much older is built before this was to be any civilization at all but it means that there's a knowledge in place that we with our brilliant science that you know produce hydrogen bombs and bobble mcdonald's and nerve gas in all these wonderful new developments we couldn't build temples around the swings so that's why they're also incensed absolutely the whole idea is if we if this is fine in week means that everything everything that these people have believed about ancient about the the unset human civilization is completely dead wrong so that
that's why that's why there is angry as they are an air force friend of mine said good a good line the flag is always happiest when you right over the target you know the things i learned from watching a documentary is i really thought that scientists and people that were studying the history of something as important as egypt that they would be we should just leave that sound on brian i guess john you have as a fan going on in the background is that your computer fan beautiful and we you would think that these people would be scientific in their approach to evidence when you guys presented this evidence that there was massive amounts of water rosen the the one of the things the guy said that that really disturbed me it's like you're talking about a civilization from ten thousand five in your it was mocking he was saying where's the evidence of the civilization what what other evidence do you have of this civilization and its
the way he sang it is so ridiculous and arrogant and it was so it was so soaked in ego because the reality is we don't really know how much evidence there would be left from ten thousand five hundred bc that is a long long long time ago it might very well be that the only things that remain are things like the sphinx in the spring some closure well there's a there's a good reason for that to actually shop and i are about to set off on a new book between us call dancing down the bridge of syrah and then the subtitle is caller in the scientist send off unicorns and take on the paradigm please because the prince of the sufi image you know so pheasant is the mystical aspect of islam and there's a it's it's a metaphor in in in sufi doctrine and in order to get to the truth in order to get to enlightenment men's the
and let's say the seeker must must what's the bridge of sirah which is described as narrow is a razor's edge and on one side chasm of credulity and on the other side is the your best of skepticism so to do this stuff you really have to have i mean it's very difficult easy to say you have an open mind will you be surprised how few people have an open mind we love some expert do this ourselves and when you say yeah you expect that from science they should be open to evidence but in they're not and it's so what is their issue they don't want to admit that they're wrong and that everything they've been teaching for decades was incorrect and it's proven so so they hold on to the old truth exactly but i mean in the way i have a little bit of sympathy for them even because they put in all of these years and hear somebody who comes from i'm absolutely out of left field me and and shop
who doesn't wanna have left they lose one of that movie ph d geologist and highly respected and the world geological you know that published you say you guys have a little wrong and but explain to folks what your background is and why your such a a rebel in this field well the ones that live with i don't wanna lose the thread i'm sorry 'cause i have no it's ok but when i'm on my when i do when i'm on my trips always ask we're going through the evidence and instead of taking half an hour the way we are now we spend hours down lettuce links studying every aspect of the geology and so on and they are always in how they see the buttons it has the evidence how can they deny it and this i always recount an anecdote that when i was a kid i read this long before
i was even interested in this stuff but it was a teaching tail supposedly it through one that this was me 1940s is the adjusting those in an anecdote in there that when you yasha heifetz the great violinist gave his debut carnegie hall the age of eleven i think this must have been forty four or forty three something like that i'm not a kid and at and concert was the then reigning violin virtuoso die named mischa elman you know there much of these days but he was sort of the and take a second enough today and with when was r2 rubenstein the great pianist about halfway through the concert women tend to i to rubenstein he said in here isn't not for pianists so
so with our with our science the geologists have no problem with it the microbiologists of the astro physicist let them do you egyptologists than the archaeologist it's hot so what it can be done i mean you guys have presented this evidence they've tried to ignore it but more things pop up that showed that we might be wrong about the history of humanity like go beckley tempe exact exactly we now have the smoking guns that our disposal we we have an arsenal of smoking guns can you see we have even more other than stan was in that video we presented there's a lot more evidence just from egypt that we presented in another gsa hundreds in two thousand again with the almost unanimous i sent the attendant geologists but not one unfortunately didn't have much yes there so it didn't it didn't get a lot of breasts geologists were impressed but it it didn't go anywhere but we now have we've had for a while
all of the evidence in our disposal but go beckley tempe which you mentioned and i don't know how many of your audience will know that's serious that's the smoking gun because his this incredible site in turkey and shot and i have visited there and then spent about a week there that was discovered in nineteen ninety four and i hope will get the pictures of this up there but it was discovered in nineteen ninety four absolutely why accidents it looks like a big hill i mean it is a big hill and you never know that there was anything there and in ninety four the farmer was plowing the system is ill and he had but with the boulder and i'll get the bold early i ran the cloud back over the bold is it trying to dislodge it and it would put this lodge and they try to come nothing happened except they answer they dug around it and they discovered that it wasn't a boulder after all it was the top of a stone column so
they started digging some more now finally the cold and the archaeologist sorry about do you have the site and these twenty years fifteen years later fighting the turkish government just get some so in answer redress from steelers stealing their hill anyway once they once they got excavating that's this is one of the greatest archaeological discoveries probably of all time i from historical point of view it's even more significant let's say two incumbents treasure because once they stop that they they dug but the first of these and they found they did ground penetrating radar and maybe seismographs i'm not sure but certainly radar and this huge hill 'cause at least twenty two closely packed
stone circles like mini stonehenge is but not so many this central columns there a central columns to central columns in each of these stones circles and ringed around with other i mean everybody listening to this watching this will have an image of stone hands in in their heads so it's except not as these is massive blood van further further digging they really is that this entire hill one point or another exposed to the elements of course had been deliberately filled in reason nobody knows he's a lot this is acres of land and the thing completely covered and they were able to date the silk is the still has all kinds organic material in it and so the film eighty two eight thousand bc is go beckley tempe
self is incredible site nobody knows what it what it's there for who did it or anything is at least ten thousand be seen and though so so columns that i was talking about our ten fifteen tons they know that the law i think the limestone but the stones come from glory about three slash four of a mile downhill so that the drag these up now we're talking ten thousand bc is not those to be any civilization much less tools or anything of that sort so here are these twenty two of these down circles only four have been partially excavated not only four out of twenty two but only four out of twenty two have been excavated and all this time archaeology is an unbelievably with it's done if it's done fearlessly and nowadays it tends to be it i'm not so long ago it's just grave robbery but now it's really meticulously going at this stuff with teaspoons
so it takes them years new years new years to do it and i guess there isn't a gigantic amount of funding available i don't know who's funding it it's a joke open team that's doing it with a really nice really good guy you cloud schmidt german archaeologist who's in charge there who you he's not into the esoteric side of things is shock and i are but season solid guy that's actually office go he's pretty good and yeah nice meant it anyway the apart from the size of these stones and in the finesse that they got there it goes creating them there also a lot redecorated and they high relief it's called high relief in other words let's say it i do what you want to carve in a wild boar or a bird or in one case a lion or some sort of a of a feline you you cut the the stone away so that the image
brings out of the stone this is ten times more work than carving something into the stone and this is without any tools as far as anyone knows certainly any metal tools with flint somehow or another and you got eight of these things and they the archaeologists do not the dating of ten thousand bc earlier so that start smoking gun i mean we've been looking at this for a long time she had all kinds of evidence and some of the a lot of the evidence is really commanding but it's spectacular looking now it's spectacular look what i found sorry what i found amazing about it was that they were trying to attribute these constructions to hunter and gatherers and they're still trying to do that maybe they are hunter and gatherers i mean you have to your fool if there's plenty of animals and stuff around plenty of things
come to eat why should you go to the back breaking job a farming dispensable actually i have in my first nonfiction book i don't know if you noticed i started out as a novelist playwright screen lighter and you know i had a lot of things done never make me money was probably a good thing for egyptology but there's a know if you ever heard of him but the first book was called the case for astrology which is out of print now but put together all of the scientific evidence that says is actually something behind it it's not just what data by a booty so the in this in that book ice that's my other set my first nonfiction book but i quote hey is a wonderful acknowledges over conrad lawrence who was brought up in south africa we wrote a wonderful book bush probably still around bushman of the kalahari about his own experience and he relates how the bushman of
south africa the missionaries are trying to teach them how to farm and the bush look cinemas he said why should we from when there were so many mongo mongo nuts in the world whatever that why would anybody in their right mind either the your plow the land and cut everything down when then go outside your door and fishing until like so just because they were hunter gatherers doesn't mean they hadn't figured out amazing constructions the ability to make these huge cities and he's just new back and and in this last in the couple of decades i mean i've been on this quest for what discoverable swallow the luggage in late sixteen so that's nice if i've been at this for some speakers yeah something like that close to him and look in the last ten or twelve whole lot of a really interesting work has come to the floor proving the not only that lease in these so cool
for primitive societies that maybe we're not intellectually sophisticated they nevertheless had they had a precise the logical science and actually some of some of my pals involved in this evening of some of them that you may not know some of them they might be justin guests for you in an upcoming shows people really really get tuned into this sort of thing so becoming quite clear that that knowledge is all there i mean analysis there the groundbreaking book was you may know with his cold hamlets mill i've heard you discuss it do you know this is the yeah i've heard you discuss it you're right it's it's george so this i mean these are two impeccable is sorry in the science done mit this indiana and in health care second in the book is i think published in sixty eight but again
this is the thing you have to go through when you when you're dealing with these theoretical things i mean these are guys with all of the right credentials not like me come from have they manage the stonewall them and tried to and try to ign or their evidence that underlying the world's mythology all of these strange stories of window incestuous gods and all of this kind of thing was astronomy and astronomy i suppose is the something on handguns i can didn't go into that much 'cause they were in enough water as it was but there is a salute lee no point too sophisticated astronomy on this is followed astrology behind it least in the nowadays that busy looking for quasars and black holes in the and that sort of thing which have no meaning please let's at least in the emotional with philosophical sense but in the old days
whole civilizations egypt included where a tune to the motions of the stars in other words they there's a lot look at your on this why do you think that this why do you think that this culture that we live in right now is so reluctant to except anything like astrology why do you i would like to dismiss it so quickly well because because because this is a materialistic this is materialist culture that did lies anything that has any meaning i mean material in materialism which the reigning philosophy this is what everybody learns in school we get nothing esoteric and school is nothing mystical unfortunately the the the skip skeptics are basically rationalism materialism atheism basically is it's
it's it's it's basically the the religion of the emotionally defective it spiritually dyslexic and and in contemporary molique materialistic science value does not exist in other words it's it's it's it's it's value is definition subjective so we people are men because they can't find the meaning in their own lives in the wrong existence two two sliced now emptiness that nihilism appan everyone else but they call it rationalism or reason it's nothing of it is it is nothing but nothing
this seems to reason that we are bodies are affected by the moon and the tides and women's periods are and you know people behave differently during different moon cycles the oceans because they're affected by the tides it mean that's affected by the the fact of the moon can affect the oceans and we're mostly water when we just assume that planets are having some sort of an affect on google it's not how where did it all come from where did astrology originate from like what is the what is the bottom at the end of it like who invented it we we don't know but but we can say is that if if going back into the paleolithic now talking when we think actually those figures shock and i think that the figures the paleolithic the go back probably because logical and rational you can't prove it yet however
there's something and they can do a very good job of showing that that son that astronomy under under cleans the most mythology's that we have and since these guys since the ancients are not just interested quasars pulsars and these sorts of things it pre poses in the stroller and i can egypt needs once once i've even you know the most about it but the same i'm sure flies to lanes in india and lions and so on that the entire society is what best rated in such a way that that it is a tune these cosmic cycles and we still have is a reason why christmas is the day that it is and there's a reason why easter is the day that is it supposed to commemorate historically
certain elements in the you know in in the life of jesus christ but actually that's it's much older than that and and the the ancient societies knew what they were doing i mean when you get deep into leija you see that there that life itself is a kind of a magical it's like a magical recreation of the genesis of the universe in which by celebrating it in certain ways and set certain kinds of ceremonies and so on human beings are reliving the cost process and thereby accessing the divinity that is responsible for us being here which is not supposed to be creationism you see anytime time we tried to say too rational a scientist that hey the early is a meaningful life did all your creation that you think the world was created in seven days no it doesn't mean that you know god with big white
here goes up there in the sky single today i think i'll create mosquitoes there's nothing to do with that if it's a much more profound philosophy but it is not amenable to study by a materialist science but who's material is science is be all and end and the answer to everything only the material is say that they've got everybody including the people when you put the educational conned into believing their science is the only size the agents new much better and they did much better i mean all you have to do go to egypt to experi since these unbelievable temples in this fabulous art but something is going on that is going on now is one of the this is a big subject we won't even get into it in an open ended it didn't open and talk like this like this
this would chuck and i will be talking about it in the book that were that were planning this dance now the bridge of sarah and uh and in the video the big follow up to the mystery of the things that we walking to put together ending for which we hope to do as a c trickle release not just on television and someone but you know get it out in the theaters first and then with the videos and theaters and tv and all that sort of stuff you have to have like an animated dog or something to go with you to egypt if you want to get it in the theaters to get people to really get interested in the history of the sphinx and all that stuff that's going to be difficult to get into theater now it's silly people we have in this world see i mean we had our shows the mystery of the slayings was a huge success unfortunately my ex partner now deceased stolen
about two hundred and fifty grams from the till so we never made any money out of it and all that but he was interesting guy in without him without it never would have happened because he had the energi and i mean maybe i'm you know i'm i can i think but i don't i'm not a manifest there and he got the whole thing going so i don't i don't maybe if you had a penguin i'm paying when the travels to egypt and you get morgan freeman to narrate it no no we don't need it actually that video we can have it have a huge audience over the course of its lifetime it still gets young every once and it was amazing probably seen by i tried to figure it out probably seen by lee is two hundred and fifty million people over over than uh reviews that it was being shown internationally and so on people are really interested in this stuff oh absolutely expressive we don't need the penguins win street in this case we just
if the science because and the you see material is glamorous in its own right now we have all of this other stuff just egypt turkey there are these i don't know if you've seen this the structure very fascinated by easter island with maybe connected with these things you know the life of the easter island right yes yes no did you know that up until recently it looks they just can't these big figures that their heads sickly heads and torsos right yeah we're alone but i can't imagine why put them on ggs to two hundred figure it out they started excavating these things they're finding that their full full length so in other words they have built up around them twenty five feet thirty feet of silt and now the question is in this should be relatively easy to determine this is part of our big project with calling in zip
happy in the dawn of civilization the follow up the mystery of the strings because it should possible to carbon date the lower layers of of the phil and our conviction is that these things may date back again thousands and thousands and thousands can you have they done this i mean i've seen the excavations will there excavating but we don't know if we've done any carbon dating too though right bloody chilean who is the ambassador somewhere another anywhere is connected easter island he should be able to find out for and then not only as you see we've gotta hold this new stuff now it's really exciting the not only go back happy but have you heard about the bracelet the sounds fairly recently in turkey no are you
i know i know graham hancock's been on your show are you are you one is on that mailing list that he has i'm as the leader of the not sure i guess some mail ins he sends out i mean it's whole job definitely guys and he sends out just enormously comprehend list of everything that's interesting happening in science that either directly tangentially effects this whole lost civilization hypothesis anyway are you familiar with the object that they found the bottom of the baltic sea recently yeah very recently yeah big looks like the millennium falcon it looks like you know if you took the star wars spaceship millennium falcon and put it in the bottom of the ocean that's what it looks like they don't know what it is but they're sending divers down like i believe it's this week oh yeah i heard about that yeah and it somebody's angle is not that we'll see when will see when they when
figure it out because you have to be serious be careful about that stuff you know about shocking myself diving if you yes you but we are convinced gram six of the ones that we are in stock and myself convinced of that this is amazing sing places is in fact perfect not true wow really explain yeah we can excellent we can pretty well explain how it's done and we didn't want to think that that would have been a smoking gun but we're we're convinced that it's you saw those two giant you saw those two john pizza box looking pieces of rock that were stacked next to each other side by side and you know that look naturally it's a hard isn't it you know it's parts of describe just without having the pictures there but if we had time and had the pictures with me we we could show you why we're convinced that it is indeed completely
you've seen all the images on graham hancock's item i'm assuming yeah did you do any diving yourself a young man who is there for a week in stocks in there a couple of times and he's good it's in our own interest this as as to see the this is the evidence we're looking for but we do i think it is and we think graham is making a big mistake by insisting that it is well doctor shock is the geologist what was his explanation for how it was created how will those you see you go because the people who taking pictures in this silliness they're not trying to fool anyone they're just taking the cool exciting i'm looking pictures but if you follow some of those ridges that look so perfectly vertical and so perfectly horizontal you see them just kind paper into disappearances living rock thanks and when you get nose to the rock you see that the the corners aren't finished you see that the the rocks have been wrenched out of their places places
dangerous diving there and i'm very very strong currents and uh i mean i have a master diver glued to me said so next writing brown but look when you go down the sherman shotgun i went there is very nice japanese building their financing whole thing was really interested in it and was we created to do it it to me wet blankets in the last day that we were there we went looking around the island in looking at the stuff and we went to a place about a couple miles from the actual yonaguni site and there the water's edge in the sixties it's a certain kind of shale it's very hard shale that is laid down in very regular horas tools but that is cross cut my
fault lines and it's like if you imagine a gigantic stone layer cake that's all he cut into pieces but then the pieces haven't been served and so what happens is that action of the wind and the waves because this other formation the similar formation was right the water the waves pounding up against the current running and what is that eventually the water the running water in the waves and tides and who knows typhoons and all the rest sort of work into the fault line with hard softer rock with no end and eventually they get it to the point that the action of the waves pulls away a big chunk of rock this is also down in layers of that flows into the water and again we're talking about thousands and thousands of years gradually the whole
the whole piece of rock disappears because it's all laid down in these kind of layer cake layer cake levels and so we when we saw this week we have our own misgivings over the course of the week who was the last thing in the world we wanted to you would be happier if you believe that it was an ancient civilization well we had it all planned i was going to write it up to the national geographic smith sony or something like that and shot was going to write it up for the the geological theological journals and all of that sort of stuff and uh young did you see the stone circle the it's like the there's there's like pillars arranged in a circle but you see them again now we're since we're convinced that there's no con text for anything there and and things that i'm not things that are man made have a context
and as i said when we when we saw we was still we would still be under thinking about it if we did not go a couple miles down and watch similar sort of thing being formed right in front of our eyes and more you're back there when we do this our next this next film that you want to will be one of our one of our sites that you assuming we can get the funding together that we will be you know will be concentrating upon because it's an object lesson both in careful you have to be when looking no i mean we have a stake in this too and i said well we have to give up on this i i had a moment a slight pang not much 'cause i really like the crack endemics but we had a slight hang of compassion for them and some
it comes along and destroys their paradigm which is us so anyway so young that's the only loony and then but anyway back to back to the incredible bracelet a couple of months ago they found the bracelet somewhere in turkey turkey's turning out to be more and more interesting there are all kinds of great places in turkey and the it's just it's a around bracelet made of obsidian obsidian is incredibly hard stone very difficult to work and they dated i'm not exactly sure how they did it may be in the where it was found you know the strata where it was found they did you do around eight thousand bc but the the it's a very elegant little i mean look like that much it's just elegant and beautiful and the archaeologist
realize when they studied it at the finish on it with some nowadays you could only do with the most sophisticated instruments lasers the something of the sort and moreover that it had a very complex and subtle trickle shape so in other words you can't do a thing like that hard to imagine doing some something of that nature that's rigorously geometrical without having the geometry at your fingertips so you have to have some sort of a computer a machine something has to you have something that you're built to construct this right is that result we don't know this is this is the contention of chris christopher done the note yes no one knows he's well he's he's a hi tech designs forget near vs but he's the guy who designs the
instruments that really precise instruments that do things like make this is for the space shuttle and stuff their instruments that you know caliber ten thousand thousands of an inch and he's done studies in egypt and finds that that's what you see all over the place that they're a monstrous piece granite when you put this is he's been on a couple sex with me is a good guy and he has his fine special instruments that well calibrated were ten thousands of an anthony places their son you know that i'm a piece of granite old kingdom granite and gray it is one hundred percent completely true and then chris is is fairly that in order to do this they had to add some sort of techno what did allow them to do that shocking and i have
i'm not so sure because technology is technology they have some miraculous lemon technology that we can't even imagine because you would have expected particular place like egypt where you have so much from the past jazz somewhere along the line we have some evidence of this kind of technology and you're done you mean same technology you mean something that cuts the like a machine something that can cut the marble in polish it down to be one hundred percent flat yes what is the conventional what do conventional egyptologists how do they say they built it they don't even say don't address the question i've been since there is no there is no there is no evidence for that technology they just assume that they did it by hand somehow or another and maybe they did but when you realize
the level of perfection of things in health class it would be today to do them by hand i mean there's just say oh well in those days everybody had lots of time and time was no hope not the concern that we could work on it until i got it right well that's the sort of a fudge and you can't postulate an advanced technology when you don't have any evidence or right there was another issue with the vases correct the stone vases that were made that we can't duplicate today maybe we could but we have to go would have to use look very special machinery to do it and there's no evidence that he had this kind of machinery these rounds the blahs is better you know the shaped like this and and they have a narrow neck in the hollow on the inside and there
perfect i mean they can you know they can tap into the inside and see the inside is follow that perfectly and weak we don't know how they could possibly have had what kind of a drill or anything that could have had to do this very hard stone they and they they from a very early period predynastic egypt not no not a later period they lossed the abyss see this is one of the strange thing some of the most spectacular stuff comes in the early experience right now is a terrific this terrific show in the metropolitan museum of art since the dawn of egyptian art and it's all three the last six with four thousand and five three four five thousand bc and they collected it's not you it's not they do a retrospective they get it's from here and it's in there and so on so they put together this really fabulous show it does normally you don't see much treated
disregard together in one place when you look carefully you see what's going on and you know what you know what you're looking at i mean if you were somebody who's not spent thirty years studying egypt you know that look there be really impressive bits and pieces that mostly quite small but if you have an eye for this and we've done a lot of study and ask a lot of questions you see how spectacularly beautiful these things are some shows on till august so anybody in the neighborhood make sure we get to the net awful lot of breasts but it's it's a terrific shell so you guys want to put a date of the civilization of egypt to somewhere around thirty thousand pc that's your idea right yeah probably couldn't be earlier we don't know actually we're are let me
my question is how did one civilization like egypt how did that one saying rise up and it it seems so much more advanced than any civilization anywhere anywhere around it like how did that take place so long ago we have been that much different to see if it's just the physical situation of egypt is such what is bone dry so this you know i mean since the thousand but you are your your theory i'm sorry your theory puts it in a time where it wasn't though your theory puts the creation of egypt in the time where it was lush and rained all the time was essentially a rainforest well that takes way back further but then we've got going exactly now we're talking ten thousand bc and who's to say what they have been discovered yet what was the climate in act lines so and the other civilizations you say has this physically physically unique
two ac listings on weather away i mean once they get covered up with sandy just there and plus you know in the old days this was a kind of blessing civilization in which we heart you have to do any work to get fat either the nilwood flood in the planted some seeds and i grew up when when when the flood season came again when a fairly populist on it was there was a substantial population there with nothing to do no television no american idol nothing to do all day long all night long and so they they they they the whole the entire society was put to work build these fabulous this fabulous who's the monuments and doing the artwork and so on so other places i mean i'm pretty well convinced because the doctrine all of this work in the last decade or sell proving
the cosmology in the two is sophisticated standing of life in significant significance of life in the geometry strong and so on with all their universally india and china on the other places just didn't have the physical capacity to build on that scale or maybe they just plain do it anyway they had other ways of manifesting this kind of so this kind of understanding this is another thing that is just not even taken into consideration by the crack a demics you don't need see the architects in a magnificent sacred architecture to express spirituality you could have a society in they probably are some that it express there say that their their spiritual longings
only in dance and at the end you would have no in society right that's very good point for example there are sacred dances the girls have worked when i do they have call the movements and boy you get into these things they're pretty amazing and yet we do in today but because he exists in lots of different societies but you need to build temples in order to express the egyptians dead at that way and the chinese and the indians did it too but not that early and there isn't much left of it but this civilization just spring up like this though it needed such incredible works of art incredible work you know that the the architectural designs of these these buildings we don't know we don't know don't well but when you see that was see that's one of the eye openers of this
very interesting dawn of civilization exhibit at the met 'cause i mean you don't have temples and they don't have you don't have buildings but you have very many instances of very sophisticated sculpture done very large stones i mean beautifully finished so they had it they could do it and as said earlier got exactly exactly there's no argument to back go back to typing it the moana these through island turned out to be ancient well i mean if if if you can date and it's sort of amazing that they haven't done it maybe they haven't i don't know about it but if you can if you can show that that's the earliest levels of fill that they had buried them up to their chest ghost
back let's say go beckley tempe time well then you got another instances tacular artwork at a time when there's not supposed to be such a thing i mean the whole thing is in the process of of turned upside down like we buy us did it's incredibly fascinating subject and one that it drives me crazy it's the the timeline is a fastening thing like where did civilization emerge from the when and how did it get so incredibly sophisticated one point in time ancient egypt and then somehow another all that stuff was lost you know somehow or another through the burning of the library of alexandria and the romans and the greeks and everything throughout history up until today so much information has been lost is is there a natural disaster in the middle of their somewhere did something happen to the human race word wiped out a significant number of us and then we had a re figure things out is that what happened well could be or it
stay there and sort of in a dormant state until it was time to to re invented an axe it does go further back for example when you're dealing with the with cracker dinia uhm they're very resistant to to interpreting their own data in any way that disagrees with their preconceptions but you're going for sure with the paleo the caves right yes it's grants alaska do you know the one the most recent one discovered in the early 90s close show they also in the same area you know that no i don't know that one c and what's going on that one and and this was discovered is named after the guy who discovered it and this is up until now the
spectacular the most spectacular the caves was the one that let's with the all bulls and the other one at a place called altamira which again is a very high level of artwork and both of those those of those caves are dated to around seven hundred in eighteen thousand bc on the basis of evidence in the caves will show they has the mo spectacular uncle the wall i mean it's it's is the it was designed by drawn by a whole bunch of a picasso's calculus stuff when you pull it up online with said and again please chauvet the e z six c h l you are right now pt yes it is wow this is amazing stuff you got it right yeah now this magazine this day date thirty one thousand bc wow is right
but they don't say they don't put two and two together they can't do higher mathematics in academia 'cause two and two tells you that at work at this level and i mean where are they getting the paint from what are they doing with their fingers presumably go into the local art supply shop and get get acrylic paints the painting this on the inside of the cake it's black and when you look at the level of artwork you realize that this is not done by primitives in order to to do art about that level you have to have your act together even if you wearing bearskins and you know right it does look like the animals they're chasing and it's all done from memory that's very impressive well we with shock and i think that because there's been a very good guy minutes actually
it forever for a long time he's at a conference that we did name frank adds who interpreted the whole bulls lasko as in astronomical basically having asked astronomical significance of dots and dogs on the wall that represent with the pleiades another constellations and i think probably correct it would surprise me see the usual explanation is all well that's magic because of these animals on the wall will be able to hunt them i'm not so sure i'm more inclined to think that maybe in some in some way or another star map or have some sort of cosmological significance and there's book for example play french member of the academy sacred geography event
grease no it's not one that's a different that's one book is another one like amateurs in other words not mine so whatever nothing that means anything call play those secret eliades in which we show that the illiot which is the most boring book ever written is actually a gigantic like military am and all of these you know someone's i was being killed in the world in the world you know that the heroes are here and the armies are doing all of this sort of stuff it's a terrible border read decoded storm that like there's like a planetarium in action some of nine thousand bc on the whole thing makes all of a sudden vivid sense this is the going through all that trouble to do all of this work t coded as a sky map now how do you the as a sky map
you have to read the book it it's it's it's complicated because the stars let me see if i remember correctly the armies represent constellations the heroes of the particular bright stars in the in the in the particular constellation and the elliott is all about this army is going here and then use going here and this one is overpowering this one and if you do so the best number its track sing the constellations across the sky because the the relationships of the stars in the constellations to each other change overtime so everybody knows why should they do that deal with the astronomy and this is now even getting eve the academics are realizing that you that astronomy plays this huge role in very ancient
civilizations and the only reason as far as i'm concerned but i can't prove it we only it has to be that it is astrologically significant does otherwise who would care i mean for example hamlets mill up this afternoon going back and can go to a lot of trouble to show the very ancient misses far back as he go noah the procession of the equinox i was just about to ask you about that i said just about to ask you about that that's that's amazing explain that to people the position of the equinoxes is because supposedly because of the level of the earth there are other other license that i like better at the whole solar system with turning around by restart anyway doesn't matter the fact is that let's say if you look the way that this
now we're still in the aids let's say we're in the age of pisces see which means that if you look spring equinox if you watch wait for the sun to rise rising an hour before the sun rises you see the sun coming up and the constellation lines sunrise very last degrees of pisces and pretty soon they pretty soon be aquarius so the age of aquarius in the woman because of her other than the musical was now very gradually it's called the precession the entire zodiac recess is against the the sun so in other words it doesn't go you the strategy aries is you know is whatever it is april twenty march 22nd and then it goes
does aries taurus gemini cancer and so on trees this means it goes backwards so let's invite he's now and then soon be aquarius now that the rate at which cycle text exactly not exactly that funny five thousand nine hundred and twenty years so what this means is that for the sun poop recess one degree takes up the two years now how do they figure that out and why should it be important can you imagine looking at the sky how many people have to be looking at this guy for some reason or another and rely the sun seventy two years to go one degree there was a
looked at graham hancock had discussed once on an interview wish i could remember the name of it but it was discussing this this number seventy two and that this this knowledge of the procession the equinoxes has been installed in many many ancient cultures and religions exactly of has a net gets you into number symbolism and got gets you into segments on the show lets us know that they knew a lot more than we thought they knew just about the universe itself the constellations themselves the one both of the earth's axis a twenty six thousand year cycle they knew about this somehow or another ten thousand years fifteen thousand years ago that's incredible and you see it's this kind of thing that is rigorously exclude did from any kind of academic discussions until it's stuff down there
so this is exactly what we plan to do the current the conventional egyptologist date there construction of the pyramids two two thousand five hundred bc right correct yes what's that what's that based on well as base on the it's very on the reins of khufu cheops khafre cafe and so on and this is again this is very complicated because we're shocking myself and our colleagues think that in all likelihood that the pyramids that we see today our do indeed date from that period however and this is again formally easily provable they are built they are either superimposed or replace structure
that was there earlier and even the academics acknowledge that the he's a plateau was was a single template that some very interesting work coming up soon proving that that's the case so when this links was built there were also structures that we don't know if there were pyramids or not but in the pyramids particularly the second pyramid the copper pyramids associated thanks you can there are two different styles to the radical different styles of masonry in it the lower lower courses are built of the gigantic blocks the size it practically the size of this room well not quite but anyway massive maybe eight thousand ton blocks and piled on top of them are the much very finely finished on a much lesser smaller through
make sure that surround the typical of the old kingdom now whenever architectural history in el architectural historian would no contextual knows instantly that when see two different styles of architecture in the same building you know you're looking at two different the building it's as a rough exam suppose you have a victorian house but got a modern kitchen in one hundred years from now with five hundred now the archaeologist come and discover that house they will know in two seconds this is built in the nineteen hundreds the eighteen hundreds rather in the kitchen is built in two thousand and five or something of that sort so this is a given so when is the two different radically different styles of architecture you know dealing with two different periods there periods of construction and then there are other factors in this is simple red pyramid
i'm not sure which is about twenty miles away where the is bill then the interior chambers are in perfect condition of built over are in megalithic chamber but they call a plum you're tuned chamber but it's not a fun time the tomb chamber 'cause the stones in it exposed to the weather for a long long time it's an earlier megalithic construction we don't know the dating is but all of this you see is is evidence that we will be using an are zipped up if we manage to put the budget together and do it and there's the great history of people building on top of ancient structures that parthenon on the acropolis in the acropolis which doesn't get explained the the you know nobody explains where those gigantic stones came from and why they you know how they got into place massive monstrous stones and the other thing that you guys had shown that i thought was really fascinating was that below
ground when you showed the really ancient constructions a lot of them were uncovered a lot of them had to be dug they they were actually the the the ones that were under the ground under the sand with the ones that show the earlier construction methods which is pretty obvious that much like the sphinx when they first discovered it it'd been taken over by saying this is we're talking a really really ancient stuff you this is a bit different because it's cut into a hollow you to produce this drinks they had to carve claw the stone around from it so once it why they did the first place nobody really knows but one yes they did it once he just turned two soon the desert you leave it for twenty twenty five years without sleeping it out because everybody up to the neck again who was what who is responsible for cutting the face into the sphinx no we don't know we convinced
are convinced that it was re car because it's much too small for the body it's disproportionate to the body and it's well it looks in better shape for two reasons one it's a much harder outcrop of stone be it's been restored the head dresses and all of that would be looking at old photos of the swing states i can around one thousand nine hundred to south you see that it's really much more weather than it looked but they prepared the the the face and so on but i mean this has all kinds repercussions for example but you know the story the we were doing the video mark lehner reserves the the loyal opposition is it in in the 80s 'cause the sinks is supposed to look like the pharaoh khafre he doesn't look the least bit like the barrack opera with leyna did an early computer study when it back in the 80s when computers were still pretty primitive in which he
badcock for data in the pyramid sorry into the computer and then still proposed the results upon the head of the swings and said well a the swings his contra well yes this is sort of silly but it got my dress was in the new york times and i think the smithsonian all over the place so we finally got funding together to do our mystery this links we really how to address that because it was it was who is well known people say well you know it's been proved that the swings the face of contra so how this prove well i wanted to i will to actually use exactly the same message that later years but see elvis data into the computer improved this links was really meant to be elvis but the we thought that was a cool idea the
what happened that the elvis foundation wouldn't let us use the kings goods in that context and i think elvis would have been furious he would have loved to have been the settings but what happened then was like my criminal flores who's in it this guy is an xx uh race driver rebuild drove for ferrari three years in the year of course it was an interesting character he came up with the idea will let's get runs like the go with to egypt the study of these places and see if they really could be the same model upon the same human being and so some couple phone calls and we got in touch with named frank domingo mingle is the senior forensic that's tiffany in life easy and he came to egypt with us and this is more a long story about how we got to agree to go and he did study and and showed unquestionably that the two faces could not possibly have been the same then
the question came up 'cause when you look at the pro my love this links even though it's pretty rolling this 'cause it's been acting you know been very severely damaged even though it was damaged it's quite clear not only is a different face than that of contra but probably a different race in other words it really looks like subsaharan african things not even like not like in a different place which would mean it was done by the nubians who took over egypt and i will be in early you know earlier the nubians nubians don't look like the look the same light as the and the subs are so and in fact the the egypt the egyptian egyptologists prejudices everyone else thing they wanna know is that thanks is a is is this is an african african but in the in the earlier in the 19th century lots of people just
no there was no egyptology then the travelers is muffler ban nightingale and all kinds of people wrote very beautifully about egypt traveling in egypt in in the 19th century said well you know this is a negroid face and the needs of it was simply ignored that will anyway with fresh so we did this careful forensic study i think it's on my website i'm not sure i should send my websites jw god comor dot net and anyway it's in there somewhere so we ask him about it that but you know what do you think is can this be in african face and a mango isn't cautious but he said well he said you can't prove that it is but it is consistent with sub sahara now aaron
physiognomy and so so actually with that was actually my friend boris is very my partner very funny when he said that he's a boy this bad news for the the academics not only but first of all it means that you know there is an atlantis with it wasn't atlantis and second of all they were black not look pretty funny but anyway subsequently i did an op ed piece for the new york times and i carefully left out this old 'cause this is you know we wanted to go back there and do some more work and i wasn't enough hot water with the academics to begin with so i didn't mention anything about this sub saharan african swings but a few weeks later the new york times published the letter from a this is the massachusetts orthodontist in announces another expert is another expert in facial
thanks is and he come up with it not us he came up with it said yeah this is this is an african face so that was very interesting and now when we when we ride our book only right there how can i get cracking on the bridge of we will go into that and actually interview tracking down like lives in newton massachusetts the the who wrote that that letter see what he has to say about it but anyway that was is the thing about the about this head of the swing step it's not original to the to the it to the to the spanx 'cause it's much too small proportionately to the body and it seems to be a sub saharan african we don't know when it was re clark maybe the sinks six so we think over thirty thousand years old and it has to be re card and i picked up something the time in between
well it may be that know that's who was living in egypt at the time is the civilization of easy if you see when you get back far enough not much left honey this is why for example paleolithic caves he'll have a bunch of caves but nothing else else is doing along comes go back happy and suddenly the whole everything changes 'cause you gotta this extraordinary structure that they dated ten thousand bc so this comes up it is very difficult to create again hey look six zero what was going on and why are they doing working on the sphynx wire they like fixing the pause and fixing the e years and are fixing the headdress and all the did the different things that they've done to the sphinx that seems to me to be very confusing when you have this amazing ancient structure and they're building on it to like recreate that the toes of the lion and just seems very odd to me well
it is actually very odd i mean it really is when you get up next to it it's pretty crumbly and so and but the the jury still out if the repairing the repairs are not actually doing more damage than would be done if they just left it to the elements we don't know what they are doing it and i'm very often that doing it and it's a pretty botched up job it looks terrible mostly look pretty there's like little bill brings some of those yeah yeah it's really it's quite horrible but you see it's been repaired repair campaigns is not just modern the earliest repair campaigns this is another piece to the big puzzle the earliest her campaigns are old kingdom another the time with the slings less the time of the slayings was suppose
we built it was already weather well isn't that part of the hieroglyphs involved in attributed to one particular pharaohs name that he fell asleep and he had a dream that if he uncovered the sphinx he would control egypt tut the third the fourth in the bc and in that tablet that stila it was subsequently flake off the syllable of car name cough and from that they they they deduced they extrapolated rather and then will come from most of them the bill through this thanks but there's nothing that says that what we think is that it was the repair of this links because even we mark lane over the loyal opposition notes that when the strengths was first repaired it was already whether it to its present condition and he nevertheless says that oh well the
the old kingdom blocks that were repaired it would cannibalize from somewhere else is really a cockamamie explanation but you know when you when you're playing in their arena and they don't like what the evidence is they move the goal posts and if that doesn't work well then they changed the rules of the game is it their contention is the can a conventional contention that the sphinx was carved with that face originally yeah they even though it's out of even know even though it's even though it's let's small proportionately and the rest of this makes is spectacularly accurate fortunately will not only that masters proportion they they stick with that because it's two you know you don't until you dealt these guys other fields of science this call was not much different people are
particularly men very stubborn you know we are we upsetting the apple cart and they make a living selling apples well what doesn't make any sense to me is that that's their completely discounting the actual hard evidence of erosion there's a very different level of erosion on the face then there is on the rest of the body but that's ok because so much harder that's a much harder outcrop of limestone so that's been fully exposed whenever it was carb fully exposed it's not really weather much but more than it looks look at the old photographs you see the back of the head fairly severely weapon but nothing like the body yeah seems crazy right actually after dojos gotta to egypt with us i would love to i'm scared is in egypt scary right now is in a dangerous oh well not really only if you're like trying to run it no the this is the is a prostitute so it's not
the bill lying but only unrest is news so even under the worst of circumstances when the revolution was going on i was there for the entire revolution that i refused to leave with the group that i was with i lead search seeds if you know that and why did you refuse to leave why did you refuse to leave does the government said we were supposed to leave and said the hell with this with they're not after us so let's see what happens so we waited a few days in a factor in the streets and all that sort of stuff and he could spell a tear gas but nobody was after us so they were places we didn't get to look for the rest we have the time of our lives with we were only gringos in egypt and it was quite when used to you know crowds like the super to be there
the place was empty and we didn't miss a couple places but we have this fantastic time so maybe in the middle of the revolution you're taking tours on and and through the the sphinx in the temple man and all that yeah nothing had after us happy to have us there and and wow that's a dude who's dedicated to egyptology when you see and again see at the the worst in the revolution they were talking is there a million people protesting in a couple of different cities there are million people protesting means that there eighty two million lawrence so uh afternoon is not be until where is square protests going on with nowadays with cell phones is very easy to avoid oh my god that's us they like having us there were very sort where a source of incomes of themselves i'm still doing my trips actually and and you know
it's not as easy to get them together because i have to go through this explanation all the time but this it's time to go there isn't running at about twenty percent so if you think this will lead to revolution is good for business well no it's terrible terrible for business but good for the experience yeah actually i come info i said the next trip is in the next trip is in october and i have a mean you with your interest you you owe it to yourself to get the job i do i have a friend who's in the only ancient ruins of ever seen where mayan ruins in teaching needs that's that's about as as far as i've seen impressive that egypt is a different kettle of
civilization because this we know so much about yeah well used in you know so much if i did go i would unquestionably go with you the magical egypt that dvd series that you have is one of my all time my my wife would come into the room and and look at me and go stock in egypt again i guess he's sitting there watching this dvd series she's like how many of these others like eight dvds so i'm how many dvds is the magical egypt set eight it's amazing i've watched it the times i just go back and watch it over again but you know so she got a little pissed off of maine she was like enough stupid 'cause i was watching it in the bedroom and then she would come in and have to see sphinxes and shit is she not interested in oh now she is a little bit but not to the extent i'm up very obsessive person and when i watch your this the documentary the did with that charlton heston narrating
that i became obsessed with the whole idea of and then i bought graham hancocks book and then it was all downhill oh it's a huge i mean and it's really going exponentially now but actually i have on my on my list here i wanted to mention it to you because you have a pretty big audience and i have a understanding until offer that anybody who gets ten people together to go on and egypt zip gets the freebie well minus the minus the airfare and the block cheese that's it what we i do sir is we might buy out the whole thing by now your whole tour and then briony down to down to go to egypt i'm talking right yeah cohost my co host says fuck yeah he's down to go and will get all our friends together except joey is joey can't leave the country and will take a death squad tour to egypt that might be amazing
i'd be down with that it would it be safe to take children yeah normally but but how old are the kids really young two and four you know their portable at that but it can be done it can be done that's not what i wanna order yeah it's like disneyland you know what i mean the kids but that's they're not going to get anything out right spelled fourteen they do get something out of it but you can do is you know that egyptians love kids so you just wherever your hotel is you know you hire a nanny who plays the kids will we go out and looking that's not that will never happen but a lot lately let's talk about the the temple in man because that was one of the most fascinating things of that magical egypt series was how the egyptians the the
construction wasn't just beautiful wasn't just functional art there was there was there was a methodology to what they were making where they were literally in that one temple they near the human body explain explain that because it's really a fascinating it's like a tribute to the human anatomy it's not only the tribute today to the human anatomy but it's the stronger the lubitz the great genius with the unpronounceable name names meet a lot for example einstein is a great name for a genius of his name was many plotnick no never would have heard of them right but smaller all the luggage was it senior scholar and he really was brilliant and he realized it's a gun more i'm sorry you had serpent in the sky you read my book no i have not ok well serpent in the sky is called
god is called serpent in the sky the high wisdom of ancient egypt at the centre copy anyway uh he realizes he was doing the work on the egypt on the temple of had actually he went to egypt he was very interesting man died early 60s they never met him and he was a practicing alchemist not many of those floating around these days but he went to egypt because according to the and i only realized this quite recently i thought the opposite until quite recently but you see the the egyptian tradition percolated down to the less than what it called the hermit tradition which is astrology and magic and number symbolism and neoplatonism and all bunch of these other the plans no free coherent as in egypt and smaller went to egypt in thirty seven in know
weather to to see if because the the the renaissance scholars people reply jia dano bruno and kepler and all of them we're convinced i mean they took on trust that egypt was the sounds of of wisdom the greeks agreed with that but nowadays is that supposed to civilization is supposed to be started with the grants but it didn't great start most of what was consequential in or accurate in their in their own civilization from the egyptians and the very open about it it's the modern day kwaka demics that don't want to understand that because very interesting book called black athena the afroasiatic roots of greek civilization by and very fine cornell scholar called martin bernal and base leave proves that what we call him is really a
white supremacist eurocentric um invention together by the by the it's mainly by the 19th and early 20th century historians because they were determined to prove that real civilization began with the greeks because the greeks were swarthy little guys but white now if they weren't egyptian or semitic or book or anything like or sub saharan african like this thanks certainly not so so really history as it's taught even to this day is really a white supremacist con job so it really is possible that sub saharan africans might have built all that stuff well maybe yeah the good they obviously built that face or or likely built that way very likely i can i take a break shortly log yeah get yourself some vodka okay i wish i had some over here here a flyout fella
okay time you want to come to tell do this in person let me know alright right back with john anthony w west as john goes and get some more vodka fucking love it the computer fan i love all of it i love his your fan off off is every time he gets an email to beep every time you get a fucking text message or message from skype that should comes out can you turn that off turn off skype tried messaging or whatever the hell that is but everybody is listening to this thank you very much for being patient and then and if you're not familiar with this particular subject is one of my personal favourites and jons dvd series which is called magical egypt which you can still purchase online i think it's magical egypt dot i believe you can so get it on amazon and a bunch of different places but it is just fantastic it's really really entertaining stuff and it has to do with so
much of why egypt is so such a fascinating and mysterious culture it's really one of them amazing dvd series you can get and it's no one but i would take a guy like john who's spent his whole life being obsessed with egypt to produce something like this it's a real work of of passion and interest and i like i told him i watch it like a hundred times it's it's in incredible it's great stuff is he still gone we have an impact are you back they go okay all right i don't think you can get it on amazon you i don't you can but you can get it direct through me or through that website so you can go to my website and and get it as well i thought someone was selling it on amazon sometimes they do that like they'll have yeah i don't think it's on amazon and actually it's not me it's my let's say it's work that sets it off but it's really my genius partner do it's going to end gardner whose
responsible for that i mean he he was a guy making a lot of money in la as a 3d animator and he got fascinated with this whole subject sort of like you to let you know just to let people know and let you know 'cause you might not know this it is available on amazon dot com not only is it available on amazon dot com it's also available on amazon instant video people can watch instantly is amazon jacking you are they paying you for this john my partner who handles the the the the it's amazon my partner who handles the business side of things but i know really we've been ripped off before right you told us to get ripped off for the other one like but in this case i think i'll have to check with chance check in on i know that it's it's it's it's the whole thing is brings in no money no sacrificed for five years of his life living this extraordinary thing together and then p
will pirate it all the time and there's nothing you can do about it i mean it's really criminal yeah new people if you want to watch the match regions p series don't watch it on youtube or watch it on any of those places where it is pirated please go and support it because like i was saying john when you went to get your vodka so one of my favorite all time dvd series and it would take a guy like you to put something like that together who is such a way passion like not very few people are put together eight together eight dvd's get chance who did that really say i mean he he he got it going and i supplied obviously i suppose like the egyptology and we the third how to do it but he's single handedly reduced their shot at it's really brilliant and you know as i said it's done on a shoestring so it doesn't look like a glossy and production but it's beautiful it doesn't really i'm proud to have been a part of that
we're partners but credit where credit is due lemon left to my honda license i know i could write write the script but i couldn't do the production yeah it's it's really an amazing piece of work is well worth getting hold of an actually on on the subject of pulling his love the other i've been talking know any number of occasions about us doing this next video they zipped happened happy that's a lot of civilization and actually i should mention this because i've i you know non profit foundation that we set up about ten years ago but cool the ancient wisdom foundation but it's when quiescent but most of this time people would contribute now and again we use it for travel and resorts and that sort of thing but now i've got a really bright guy contacted main thing one of the fan
of the whole work and you know fascinated by the whole thing and he's really he's got the smarts and the drive to little altogether and route looks like so it's now it's now the website is under construction but we are now looking to those micro finance and macro finance this show and it's it's funny because it's been an idea of mine for decades and now it's become a possibility i mean years ago so you i haven't about it entire life to egypt and these things because i started out as a novelist and playwright and screenwriter we have a lot of things done and actually i think you asked me this earlier like i wanted off the subject but as a young kid how do i get into this started out i mean i realize that that the age of twelve or thirteen that i was living in a lunatic asylum everyone
it's called progress with i mean i it was madness but you know i couldn't put it together but by nineteen or twenty i knew what i wanted to do i knew i was in a lunatic asylum and what i today was i wanted to be little boys at the emperor has no clothes that's when i start not writing satires brutal satires plays and things that we've done is never made any money i'm trying to resuscitate some of that stuff no but anyway and then gradually gradually gradually i understood it was another the human beings were not always insane and one one through some music did the classical music beethoven's late quartets and month of their these vessels of sixty and then when i was in the army in germany needless to say i didn't list drafted maine i had a great time i was in germany my one and only portia that i bought to two thousand four hundred dollars from the factory talking about yeah well that's what it was in those days
and i remember driving as i was driving to france and early the november all by myself early in the morning we went to the cathedral of shaka absolutely empty this is before there was any travel to europe and and i realized it was an epiphany that yeah however monstrous the church was and is somebody geniuses built this incredible structure and then it took another view i still didn't put it all together it took another few years before and by this time i had my first short story published and i was living in spain on the island of the visa and and gradually grab understood you know there is another side to this and then all of a sudden again more complicated story but i i got interested in the girl jeff work and the base of the become all tourists that up then connected with my first flight
and we moved to england she was an actress i want get into the kurds left work and there the first the first fiction book the case for astrology showed up and that's how i got into smaller so not the late 60s when i got interested no when i really when i really got interested in all of this stuff we anyway please the but i always had this idea 'cause i'd i had brief experiences with but with hollywood i'm hum and you know the film the film industry and and and you side of things not the producers on to get anything that's really original done the way you want to done is neck who is possible and i had this idea of somehow are another micro financing projects
course you couldn't do it in those days i mean how you gonna send out a billion mailings or anything like that but now with the with the internet can get through these huge databases and so and so now we've got were pudding ladies place a micro financing aspect of it and i've always been good at thinking up good getting ideas exist that would do that what john just get on twitter you need to get on twitter and then get a kickstarter accounts what we're doing talk about now it's not yet a promise because we have make sure the lawyers that it's it's legal but we think it's legal we think we pretty sure it could be single but we have a a cool i came with a really cool incentive offer which is that if you put in if you
if you have a fit for a fifty dollars donation and you can split it you know you ten guys and put in five eights and one of them is going to win that but you put fifty the and not by you take ticket to effectively a raffle and then when we get up to fifty thousand we got up to fifty thousand dollars drawing and somebody wins a free trip to egypt with me so we think that that's 'cause i'm very interested in getting to the young people actually you know people gates will most of the people my age are dead anyway but but um but uh particularly interested in getting this message to young people and you know fifty dollars for someone could be able is is a lot but it isn't really a lot of we figure it out i mean let's fifty dollars ten beers are not very good bar or a meal for two little not very good restaurants anybody can figure it out in the floor and fifth
looks so we're we're putting this into place and if you if you go online i think the website is up already it's ancient with them think it sank wisdom ancient wisdom foundation dot org now go on these egyptian trips how long do they take in the standard trip is now i think it's fifteen or sixteen days door to door whoa and they really intense i mean i'm i'm talking what's going on now goes on all day long so it's all day you talking for one thousand five hundred and sixteen days yeah that's gotta exhausting yes but it must keep you up pretty pretty sharp egyptian history well not only that actually its last you see see egypt nobody in america has ever
experience the real civilization what we the progress what we call progress is the antithesis of civilization this is shiny barbarism and so yep there's an eye operation as i said i came to it you know through art great sacred music through this cathedral of shots and then suddenly that's how this was in came smaller and all of this study but what egypt does is that if you listen through the symbolist symbolist interpretation which was what lubitz put together otherwise it's just crack a demi egyptology come away angry actually because the experience this fabulous art and he listened to all this bullshit that they're telling you that has no connection with what you've actually experienced so so egypt is i often stock lectures off by saying egypt is like sex that gets every
it's attention lies egypt like sex well you can read all about it that's kind of interesting and you can look at pictures and that's kind of interesting to but so you experience that you don't understand anything about it lizard has like that once you're there it gets there's no mistaking about and and so it it's to me it's very gratifying tube able to be to be the agency for allowing people to have that experience and unfortunately i originally hoped have a little business with their their handful of people who understand symbolist egypt well enough to to retransmit but actually i'm the only one who does these yes well one other person could very brilliant lady full normandy ellis but even that doesn't have the intellectual rigor than mine my stuff
so i'm almost the only show in town but it's very satisfying to me to be a go to the openness experience to people and also invariably the area have very interesting people on with expertise in the number of of distance lens that are relevant to egypt so no trip goes goes by without me without me learning a lot myself i mean i and sometimes very important things so it doesn't get tiring and yes a lot let's look physically it's a lot of work but really good shape for my pizza john i wanted to ask you a question about the more recent idea that perhaps the blocks in the pyramid were not cut from stone but
rather made out of aligned stone concrete have you are you familiar with these theories yeah that's the data that's nine shop that's you looked into by geologist and and it's wheatley untenable and the you should know better is a polymer of scientists something of the sort shock is looked at this very carefully it would be as much work the pound stone into into powder and then put it into molds and see the stones are all different sizes so you can't do it that way when you look at the stones you see at the at the block that was called a numa lytic limestone which has lots of little seashells in it looking like the shells on the like cockle shells and they're all intact so it's it's a silly theory and but on the surface it doesn't sound the service
so it might be convincing that was convincing enough so that somebody friend of mine put together a channel of geologists who don't i have an axe to grind it's not as though there it's not as though there either or just are archaeologists who have a have to taking the thing they go there with an open mind to look into it in i know it's you're not and it would be just as much work to do it when they get it himself says will take a month to produce a line unblock and cure it well enough so that you could actually use it so no it's not so just silliness well it's incorrect incorrect somethings things are silly and then see z the alternative side of the argument is this irresponsible as
academic side because people get notions in their head that it sailed built by having what could be built my arms i can't disprove that but but there is unwilling to let go of their fantasies as the academics are unwilling to let go of what are not fantasies with their timeline there incorrect timeline incur actually develop theories that has been there are being and have been round solid this proves night people like ourselves no john there's also an issue with the area underneath one of the sphinx pause the size make charting has a deep revealed that there's some sort of a of of room down there some sort of a there is there is some sort of a cavity or chamber we don't know i mean and and you're casey is one of his channeled sessions of trans is whatever you call them
said that that the it was a chamber beneath this one of the differences so basically underneath one of the laws of the strength it the secrets of atlantis now our seismograph tells us that there is such is a cavity there but is a question that comes up all the time and i say why can't they excavate well we are the geophysicist who did this the work of the shop was there but we are guided names the becky was a geophysicist you know who does they like an underground radiologist you know they the seismograph produces a reading if you were me would be to meaningless like the next right was meaningless to you or me the radiologist can tell you a lot of a very you know just press
information from an x ray so with uh with a readout from the seismograph and and the the time to becky from the shape of the of the readout looks as though it is a chamber more or less rectangular it's under about fifteen feet of bedrock on top of it and there is actually a chamber with tom didn't even know about behind in this thing so rough cut chamber there's a block and pull block away and then i will the rope ladder you can go down into this rough cut chamber where there's nothing and nobody had been able figure out who caught in a lie or when but there is but chamber there and on the on the seismograph read out the this looks the same in other words you get certain colors and stuff like that looks the same
is what you get under the pull of the sink so the becky who what is neck and alliances will this looks like cautiously like there is a chamber that the problem is getting in there because it's below what's now the water level the water table levels of the you can't really excavator you would be an enormously difficult and go under water actually you go under water you mean as you drill a you would dig into it you would actually go under water but in theory you could put down google fiber optic cameras but if it's all water in there you're not going to see anything anyway to actually excavate it would mean going in there with you know with huge months water out as fast as it came in and this links is the sphinx is that would be almost impossible right the swing it would be possible but it would be dangerous because the sphinxes
in pretty rough shape as it is in pieces fall off it all the time things like that so maybe one of these days who knows if the theory takes this is the truth you know the powers that be real is that is that good we are among other things to to try excavator and see if there is anything there meanwhile for me i'll stick with the geology and the the pieces of evidence i don't i don't give a lot of thought to the seismographs says there is something there yes have they detected any other undiscovered ruins or any undiscovered to mean areas that they would like to explore in egypt or they did do they pretty much have the entire area mapped out yes well they have the
there's a complex question i have pretty well mapped out because recently i think the woman's name very interesting satellites flying over a gun i'm not sure if it's infrared or something that that gives you infrared photography that that's as you wish something underground the photography only goes it doesn't go that deep you know goes one thousand and fifteen feet something i think and and if we're correct if there is anything that that's really completely buried it will be deeper than that and so the so the photographer the the infrared whenever as i see him the inference doesn't let you know about that but it ought to be there i mean see look but for example if
and we're not sticking above the ground you wouldn't even know about it to this day yeah that's true right yeah but you wouldn't know it please send then why would anyone bother but the with these different new technologies certain the ground penetrating radar and seismographs will tell so if there's anything there but they're expensive and thousands of miles of desert and this is a slow process where the flyover tells you but something now know that there's that is that there are lots of buried sites but is there that close to the surface the chances that they that they're going to they're going to support the answer no what we call the lost civilization hypothesis is not not necessarily commanding our room our purposes
it doesn't even matter because we have we have an to go by anyway i mean go beckley tempeh probably this easter island stuff and the magic cool bracelet and search the other things in the room megalithic sites in sardinia with some not to be believe the nobody knows about this treasure trove of nicholas sites in sardinia virginia yeah they didn't just invent sardines this is wonderful architected there it is huge behind shaped stone buildings really amazing so we don't need that all we need is that all is that is financing to do our units do are are are are some pull up to the mystery of the swings and ideally what we want to do really is to get it into the theaters then go into tv and and
web and and all of that stuff well you know if you see if something has a high impact like if you see a lot of video like viral videos that have been released online that have gotten millions and millions and millions of viewers just by word of mouth i really think that you know video on demand as well is another great option yeah it is a great option part of the problem of course is that you must notice do you have ads on on the show yeah we do yeah the the ones that we now we know you don't see any ads we just do them at the beginning of the broadcast of the old the flashlight at on the on it the nutro pics add those are the ones that we do we do those and that's it and then we have some some other sponsors that we're working with in the near future but they're all done just by me talking real
i mean cuz i'm blabbering on here forever and there's no ads no we don't have to have as we don't have to break any of the conversation that's the beautiful thing about it we get it over with him beginning we mention a that you think the sponsors again at the end and it allows a full to our intensive conversation especially something about ancient egypt i think the man is that it's such a it's such a complex sort situation to try to figure out how the conventional wisdom is saying that when when did they believe languages invented about fifty thousand years ago something along those lines they don't even know just guess work right it really is guesswork when you get back that far the only thing if you can see that you can see hey as a trend is that the more they study the further back everything goes and not only the further back in terms of time with a further back in time in terms of sophistication you see i mean actually look
go beckley cafe which is i mean i hope you find some photos the or i'll send them to you too so interspersed with with this talk so that people can actually see what i think a lot of people google along with the show so that's probably what a lot of people are doing right now but yeah go back to do it that's fine too so would go back late at they were talking about ten thousand bc now you know that five arms the span but from jesus and julius caesar to us pretty crazy that's pretty crazy nat wrap your head around that show them ok but still doing that thirty thousand years three times the time from go back from go beckley tempe so you see means that we have this totally skewed vision about
human civilization end of ourselves basically you know this block lunatic asylum is not is not civilization who am i right mind would invent the bobble head doll click on american idol with the reality shows this is insanity it is insanity but it's insanity that is achieved an incredibly high technological level of success right we it seems to be a technology sort of a a civilization as opposed to what egypt was which was yeah we don't know that's what traveling there so in this thing because they also had a technology i mean in sure we couldn't build the pyramids maybe we could but it would probably need more expensive than than a space program and they did it ah
gently with these and they did it in an era where we don't even attribute them to having metal tools that brass they're not even copper tools and you see i don't know you love me there's not much emotional impact from the bottle had doll whole disneyland for that matter if you walk into the egyptian samples and this happens on the trips all the time because like sex give experience that you really don't know what it's like you go into these temples and on my trips now it's easy this is quickly no tourism there but otherwise i go to a lot of trouble figure out when go to places so that relatively few people are there is important you know i mean it's like trying to listen to beethoven's ninth symphony on in the super bowl you can't do this
if you get there and you have to place more or less to yourself the emotional impact of these things is is breast taking and i feel you i got that from walmart no obviously not this is garbage that goes on this is factset loss that are obsessed with sex logical rubbish and violence to really stupid violence our setup is obviously very different than there is but we imagine ourselves to be the more advanced it just they have tv so we like oh there are fucking idiots you know they don't have the internet will like well they were in advanced but meanwhile while they're capable of these massive constructions i wanted to ask you about the sarcophagus in the king's chamber and the evidence that it had been made with some sort of a high speed diamond bit drill well that's that's that's kristins theory that that we talked about
like i mentioned chris done before well we don't know i mean increases see chris has to be he's not a new age my composes step son once that is very good composer and i'm talking about all of the new age music and and the album covers and he said it's all a bunch of airbrushed unicorns and that's become a metaphor but you have the floor out new age y kind of way of looking bad things of course is not a new uh the kind of guy and it that's his field and he you know he interprets it that way except there's no with all of the stuff that we've discovered in egypt there's no evidence whatsoever of having that kind now technology now this
of the lost civilization is the idea that graham hancock's idea that you know there's there's a missing era that we can't place when when do you believe that took place in relation to the time line of egypt when was all the information or allow a good chunk of it loss and they had to start from scratch well we don't know because you see there's enough there not much with scattered around so that you can say maybe it was neverlost that it was never manifested in in the sp tacular architecture for example something before about the red pyramid dashur that's built over aruanus megalithic structure but that megalithic structure is pretty considerable it's sort of like new grange and certain of the of the megalithic structures in england and scotland and wales
you know this is not nothing and then there's this strange i've got phone circle pretty ruinas called not supplier nabtaplaya in in southwestern egypt west abu simbel not far from the from the sudan border this is doesn't look like much but even academics acknowledge that is astronomically oriented and there's a lot about it that that puts his date they dated day made it to about six thousand bc well ask comically oriented in six thousand bc means already that this ticket astronomy must have astronomy back then and then there's a interesting guys random line of physicists and and
oculus phone number this is the evidence and interpret it interprets it in a much more sophisticated fashion that there there are indications there or at least there they are referring back to a time of about sixteen thousand to sell bc even though the suns google itself satisfied release dates to about six thousand bc and then we gotta go back like go to the bracelet now we're talking ten thousand bc and the brace we're talking eight thousand bc so they this fabulous painting the right not rhinoceroses in a day there's lions thirty one thousand bc so how much do you need no there probably living intense i don't know i mean we weren't living in condos but they had this knowledge and this uh industry at their disposal and they had it out of that ass stickley early so
just don't know when they lost all this stuff we don't know when the egyptian civilization either but it was a slow erosion where there was a massive decline and somehow or another it's heard of coincides with the end of the last ice age is that it is that a fact as well yeah well we think yes the that's when the sea levels rose three hundred feet i mean it's it's a chaotic time then when all of the nine in the woolly rhinoceroses and all that of that go extinct so and shock actually has some very interesting and very interesting theories about not just shot other people about what made it go extinct maybe some sort of a plasma strike like a gigantic sun spot type event there's there's some pretty good evidence for this but anyway disappears i the sinks is the sinks and go back
it's maybe after that this links is earlier one of the one of the jackson's we always have to say well how good the strings with the evidence of this amazing early civilization and there's nothing else well there is something else there's lots of other stuff with water weathering and things of that nature and easier but not much of its spectacular go beckley tempe by that spectacular so we don't know are there hieroglyphs that detail any of the construction methods that were used a little bit there there's one there's one wall relief in nothing to do with pyramids know no absolutely nothing and nothing to do with these things i mean what about obelisks no well you see here till that's something a lot of people aren't even aware of how spectacular those are
well there are plenty spectacular there's one relief in the temple of ed full this is very late ptolemaic temple of between two fifty bc you know when roman times built in stages that shows the pharaoh with a rope around another less pulling it well it's position by himself let's not meant to be taken literally unless it's where small malabo but it needs what you see is what you get so when you see evidence i don't necessarily like is there in the in the there on the temple walls love you really ignore it is because you want to believe that the aliens built everything there is there well pulling the obelisk oven is a theory developed it's the one favored by the age of colleges at the moment i mean even
hey can't be wrong all the time and my answer and egyptologist named will be published she um which talks about how they these obolus which way hundreds of tons we somehow get him out of the quarry this is really in we're is it doesn't make any sense when we're in egypt and you're at what's called it's called the unfinished obelisk in s1 and here this block of stone that they were pulling out of the rock and they didn't make it really interesting reasons of develop the fault line but had they got this block of stone out of the red rock it would've way one thousand two hundred tons that's that's big stone and somehow that we've gotten out of the quarry onto raft survival probably in the flood season and drifted down the nile maybe
luxor who knows we don't know where it was intended to go and then they but somehow or another had to get it up into position and according to recordings they did emoji by pulling it up a gigantic rampton it was set up in such a way that with a kind of you up the ramp it come up the ramp with with this bottom at the top part and then gradually lots of people with ropes the surprise how how precise you can be with lots of trained men with and they would gradually pull it up and and it would go there is a kind of a deep shaft that was construct it was full of sand and they gradually pull the sand out from under an old these guys pulling with the ropes with i do believe you're up into position good
very exactly place down honey days and how they get at the last minute when you're there all of makes sense but it's it's fascinating i too figure out if this is how it's done we don't know but all we can say is that they did it that's pretty damn well one of the things i thought was really fascinating was when they had to move some gigantic stack choose they had to cut him up and then replace them in a new area they they had like cut giant statues in half i mean talk about ng incredible project and what you thought about that just an archaeological standpoint that's not symbol it wasn't it was not used they were this is a temple cut into the rock things and the the floor statues of ramses the second where skull into the rock faces
self in other words they were integral they would not freestanding statues so when the aswan dam and they would have flooded this fabulous place they got together a whole bunch of mountain ninety million dollars i think it was unesco got it together and they got all of the engineers and they have to do is they had to they they had to move a whole so they have to around the temple and then they have to cut the that is enormous is there sixty five feet nine and then they had cut them into floor and move move the blocks 'cause they moved the entire pull up to the top of the hill where where they were not built into because the water would have covered where they were that's abu simbel so yeah they to cut but they weren't
freestanding statues but still it was a model you know it pretty considerable modern engineering yeah otherwise the example is the statue of the collage will figure of abrahm says that the basis of shelly's lomas amanda yes no i traveler met land blah blah and this is a statue that plays ruined it exploded in an earthquake somewhere around julius caesar caught but this this originally weighed about itself thousand tons and lake down the river somehow and that's amazing enough but then and they get it off the boat in other assuming that they're moving it in flood season on giant rafts then they've got to get the rafts we gotta get this
thousands unblock off the raft and move it into will be actually moving at on the flat there are i'm talking about before what evidence is there this one what's limits from what does the term relief showing jude sledge colossal several on it and then what lots of men pulling the sledge over the over the land and somebody in the front pouring something maybe some water could slick mud actually is arguably slippery and you can pull things this isn't really what what you see is what you get you can deny that evidence when you see the evidence in front of your nose and say oh willis it's aliens dropping things from look up this is something i'm sorry the evidence is there that's the evidence but be careful about the evidence up there are
see symbols that look like a helicopter example of bobby does not alex this complicated subject yeah incredibly complicated subject now no no subject of ancient civilizations would be complete without a discussion of ancient sumer and the fantastical work of zachariah sitchin i'm sure you're familiar with all that stuff with it's your your take on zachariah surgeons ideas that you know you have the auto gnocchi came from another planet for a lot of people don't know it's a pretty cool razi stuff that state that human beings were created through genetic engineering and yeah well i i think actually i'm i'm not a sixteen any and and i find when winston wouldn't sits in our i mean i can't challenge
his translations from the from the sumerian um i just can't but there his translations and unfortunately to the best of my knowledge i don't know of any of the you know samarian experts who bothered to take a look at his which is too bad i mean it's irresponsible by i do know that when he's talking about egypt he's totally off the wall totally and from that i extrapolate and do not much care for his work and when he gets into explaining with the gods were um that there there alien there were there aliens as malignant as ourselves who enslaved that that a primitive human race created us and that the gods of egypt and everywhere else are really just a liens that have been misunderstood by pre
to this is really stupid in malignant let's and here's a bit of evidence that one of the egyptian creation myths concern the god before there were any gods the god called a tune who eggs lists before there is existence as it were and he creates distance through an active masturbation he creates the first all of the polls polarization the first female in the first male is without biblical vest well no this is an ancient alien this is a section section esque interpretation what is it that the primitives store an ancient alien blocking off behind the tree and decided that this was how the universe was created
salute lee nothing to do with this in other words gods of egypt and the gods of all other civilizations including those who sometimes think of primitive represent cosmic principles they are not p they are not aliens they are principles and they are scientifically scientist don't like to see their butt butt when you do when you look at egyptian mythology try to and try to historicize it as it where where you find it that you're in a is this is a ludicrous exercise in this i'm concerned the whole notion that we human beings the creators not searching some others did create the cathedral of shotgun the builders the temples of and so on or somehow or another deluded deluded primitives who were who were enslaved by aliens
who then found a way to set themselves free are there alien backgrounds and commemorated them in all of this wonderful architectures this is real stupid and it's not is it stupid it's it's malignant it's malignant in the same way it's the opposite winnie darwinian evolution let's no in other words of of it it it it deprives human existence of all meaning and that's it but not in science does modern rationalist science deprives have any meaning in life and in fact they're very proud of it you should read some of the stuff do you do you contemplate how we were created or how we burst out from the lower hominids how there's all these other primates running around that we did sure that we did i think no evidence for that there are lower their hominids and then there's us and further back you go there we are
so we just this this is a session ask stuff except it's science that we have to have had that we have to have them more and more primitive being responsible you know that gradually became us not being eight and became and what do you what do you think happened chill day and go back looked at the ends and someone on the line yeah for two seconds actually actually john can i hide on our list in fact one of the reasons i gotta i got i would say like that's more than a lot of time funny story not how i got hold of shock because i developed the i developed the string theory all on my own i'm not a geologist and settle months in them in the libraries working the geology and convinced myself
put together the whole theory of the water weathering and then it just sat there for ten years serpent in this guy was published in whenever it was seventy nine something like that and nobody paid any attention to it and then i had a friend who would win teaching english in cairo american university in cairo and he was very interested got ahold of my work was very interested and one day we were having any the talks boston university and when they were having a dinner and he said you know the symbol is the your instance i think really important no this is and he said well how do we what can i do is an academic too you know to help you and i said instantly i said find the geologists to look this the water weathering this thanks and i laughed i said i knew from lots of experience
finding an open minded scientist is like finding a fundamenta who is christian who loves his enemies and and he said well i wait a minute this young guy teaching with me anyway one thing or another lead to robert shock and gradually gradually at first he was interested in the evidence he didn't but he didn't want to even i'm listening it's supposed to know his name and finally 'cause he was up for ten year and if any he thinks you're looking for a lost civilization and update your upper ten you're not gonna get your tenure anyway eventually how can i met and as i said i can i i signed not evolution evolution is a fact with darwinian evolution by natural selection is our probably the greatest superstition ever foisted upon the human race what do you believe happened would how do you believe that human beings came to be i do but i don't know how mosquitoes came to be either and
the darwinian explanation is so explanation is we untenable but what what's on tenable is that human beings were of all through now or accepted progress through natural selection that's on top that's that's that's where the key six weeks shock and i let me let me go back to active when i met up with shock and soon it was very a cautious meeting i mean he was he was involved with his loony heretic maine and we will not really well and having a discussion and and i gave a lecture he organized a lecture for me at boston university for the pack faculty and interested students and then that way well this is what we're talking now eighty nine and then i went back to shocks us for dinner and and is the subject of evolution came up and he's not so
geologist and geophysicist but palaeontologist as well so he's evolutionary hypothesis and i mentioned to you know who stephen jay gould was no healthy low alleys they died not too long ago but he was everybody's favorite he was everybody's favorite serving geologists and biologists he was sort of like equivalent of carl sagan you know he was right sure yeah well he was sort of the carl sagan of geology and evolutionary biology and using the new yorker all the time and all that sort of stuff and evolution and i said what do you think of stephen jay gould and he's like he's a bozo
that somebody i could talk to who realize that this guy wasn't even literate but it blows and actually just without getting deep into this 'cause this is this is our next book after we write them if sarah is really into this is that i hope and so darwin book not evolution let me just give you a little clue use the language yourself everybody does natural selection a lot of this is not science this is the the equivalent of george orwell's newspeak it's science week if you look at the two words themselves natural selection is is is voted as the means whereby things automatically by a series this is a quote from a very famous current evolution
darwinian daniel series of lucky coincidences produces mosquitoes in us and all the rest of it this is posed to be the agency for this is natural selection but if you look at the word natural if you go to the dictionary even the great big oxford english dictionary that i have an look up the word natural this natural does natural mean accidental or fortuitous means of the natural world so this say that it's natural means that it's accidental and thing to do the word natural doesn't describe accidental and no nowhere does it connect or suggest four hundred and twenty eight this and then you look at selection this is also selection selection presupposes choice and purpose the let wheel does not select the the number that the
all is going to fall on people are so the nba draft i thank selected for running for office it's choice petrol suggests higher pickle order of the most sophisticated purpose so to call example process natural selection is a con job if they how to describe it actually ach daniel dennett does a very good job he says evolution is nothing but a series of lucky coincidences they called the whole theory the theory of lucky coincidences it would stop sounding cyantific we don't know how these things developed and the the much derided who sells the intelligent design people also i used the wrong a bit
use the wrong language because intelligent design suggests a designer and then you're talking about garden of course they're not because they're not going to be talking about god and getting away with it and in academic circles but in fact that they go intelligent creates they'd be to the mark create everybody is built into the universal structure it's it's creative itself look we're in the middle of the ourselves so it's very difficult to discuss this particularly because we've been brought up in this in this paradigm of of science speak and actually after the bridge of seren shockers as much into this as i am and he's you know he's got all the credentials behind him we're going do a book i stink called it's like if i have my way darwin darwin's uh
ddd dde dates are darwin declawed darwin dethroned a system the scholar deconstruct the cargo cult of the west it's fraud from beginning to end it is not science evolution is a process this this this is demonstrable the manner in which it manifests through those natural selection is a total fraud so what you're saying just to clarify is that evolution is real but the process of natural selection due to random mutations in some you don't buy you think there's there's more of design element to it all it more it seems to be acting and responding in a creative and intelligent way that's right in other words it is creativity creativity before anything is created in other words it's it's it's the matrix in which
sings somehow or another and we don't know the process involved but it's it's not it's not it probably is not random and in fact there just you know there's a ton of stuff when you get into this i have a folder this live on on now no on evolution that sock and i will that's how can i will get into one of these days and i hope pretty soon somewhere along the line that it can't it can't work that way and the deeper they look the more they lined up and i just had today actually you should like hancock and get this his his works within steve detwiler's yes that he sends out every week of interesting articles that were there was one just to the right maybe one of the science things no i get all the time announced
the intelligence the intelligence of plants actually communicate with each other and so on another we exist within the creative matrix it's not that stuff just happens in all of a sudden there's intelligence is that there is intelligence and we are the result of the intelligence not that god one morning and said well today i think i will create mosquitoes it's that somehow that it's like imagining things well do you suppose the cells in our body have any idea of or my body of any idea that i'm here i am talking to a guy called joe rogan for three hours about these subjects i don't think that something knows that they know so that's nothing like us we're cells in a in a much in a prodigious
intelligent and directed organism and that's the sleep even though you never know it from listening to the blah neither could you know that priests in them alism all of these imbeciles talk about this is act what's the basis of all of the religions however corrupt they've become with the function except in its its hierarchical and it's organized it's up us to do our best to do it let natural selection is is as i said it's a linguistic fraud it's spin so this is where it gets really crazy because where did how did the human animal emerge if the human animal didn't emerge from lower hominids and we we existed in this form from the beginning is that the supposition because they
absolutely proven that they've been lower forms of human beings other other different branches of the human tree that died off the but all for example australia pithecus is a a bunch of different ones from the past they supposed were what they quote on quote early man you don't buy that it's early we don't know where they lived within themselves earlier they're assuming these are primitive beings when i mean we we going with us thanks and i'll go back like that be on our show but i think that the primitive the people who produce chill day and as i said earlier really all right our level of development is in news you can't tell as the send earlier using earlier image of a of as dance as a cnn lightens an enlightened society the expressed itself only in dance and by dancing experience
the highest levels of creativity see this is the thing that most of these scientists are are seriously this it's human beings there on creative nature and they this trust their own emotions one other creativity you listen the dates open for tessa walk samples of egypt that tells you a lot even you can't necessarily explain it i mean we however we are in maybe see also the certain of that the essence societies you know how with that we are there from the beginning we're only made manifest however that happens a later date this adds totally no evidence that you know they come up with lucy or something like that we don't help we have no idea what went on inside lucy's head and heart none we do know that sixty five million
so we do know that people alkylating rationalizing basically what they're doing is they're rationalizing their own emptiness we know that sixty five million years ago there was a mass extinction there's no flowering plants before that there was a completely different sort of an atmosphere completely different animals here what what happened there mean is that obviously if most life was wiped out current life that we have right now exists post sixty five million years ago yeah and i mean if you follow this stuff which i do every week there's a new theory about what happened sixty five million years ago we don't know and we in in fact we don't even know if there were people then there's there's some pretty in tell that dog to settle down add dog to settle down or i'm going to go talent
what's what kind of dog is it do the awesome play just goes against his dog we should rap this up too but i want to ask him about how many how many minutes are we in about two hundred and forty five i want to ask him about the theory before we take off hey there is what's up buddy is that a bully dog no nancy is hastings a description greyhound an ancient egyptian greyhound while while you're egyptian to the bone son look at you it was the dogs that got me interested needs it to begin with that when i when my first short story was published fifty seven i went to the island of the visa not in the in the mediterranean and this dog stayed sure there i want they got me interested
i wanted to ask you one more question about the development of human beings are you familiar with the work of terence mckenna yes will you familiar with his stoned ape theory yeah and i don't go for it you don't go for it i just theory for the folks at home is the doubling of the human brain size occur for a period of two million years which he coincides with the rain forest receding and grasslands and then the lower hominids coming out of the trees experiment in a new food sources and eating psilocybin mushrooms that's that's actually it's funny because for somebody who did a lot of a lot of experimenting with iowa osca which i've also done actually he's he's extrapolating and trying to make experience sit in darwinian theory and he should know better than that 'cause smart guy so you're you're feeling i'm sorry go ahead nine
i'm i'm more inclined to think you know listen to the virtually all of the ancient texts talk about eden like state northern light and state another word we start at the top and the generate and to me this is not this is this is not difficult to imagine i mean this is things the great here comes along and everything this appears you know we tend to think that everything is like technology and you start off you know with the night one thousand eight hundred and ninety two mercedes and suddenly we gotta know we're not at two hundred and thirty ferrari we youtube for example it seems to be and its height at the very beginning with no period of development we don't know so it's just so it's such a massive mystery and your all your years of exploring it have lit
we've got you to the point where you like no one knows and any talking about is just nonsense well and you talking about it is though you definitive terms in definitive terms just so crazy we just just playing don't know and one of the things you can depend upon actually is that who are you going to take your lessons from the guys who invented the bobble head and in the atom bomb of the guys who did shots and temple of luxor and the and and the light quartets maybe i'll go with the creatives any day 'cause i am one myself nothing until it's gonna like
how long was a period between the decline of the old kingdom and the time where they discovered the pyramids which were there was no one living in them when they were discovered when when when of napoleon's army marched through egypt there was no one living in the in the the the payments like the that's where we lost a lot of information is ever far as anyone knows right all to live in i'm so i'm in that area then there was no one there were and they didn't have but that area oh i mean it was all farmland around there there there in the desert but just you know come few one hundred yards below with the spring says is all the valley so yeah so it's all farmland and everything somewhere so the my point was like what time did it all fall apart where was essentially the sphinx and the parents and all were stop being used for what they were abandoned and then people to come back to and go well look what we have yeah that that you can look so to put it way to live in the egyptian religion died huh
shortly after your first second century ad there was no longer being practiced although the knowledge percolate it down into alexandria and you know dispersed around the middle east the library of alexandria you know this is a hotbed of of of intellectual and philosophical activity always i mean alexandria was always there but the actual egyptian religion as such died somewhere let's say in the middle of the third century ad but as i said earlier than the hermetic disciplines in alchemy and astrology and magic and number symbolism and neil all acknowledge continued throughout no throughout european civilization we noticed the the renaissance the the
figures of the renaissance who are always credited with the with opening the way out of superstition and so on you know and into modern science they did on the way to modern science but they themselves believe that their own knowledge and kepler discovered the laws of planetary motion he said i i've discovered the i discovered the secrets of the egyptians it was a given to them that that all of this but this advanced knowledge was available in egypt but it troller who actually this is one of his great great great great contributions to human thought it would swallow prove that no mistaking and they had it and it came out of nowhere and they had it and it came out of nowhere and there was nothing before and then all sudden this incredibly intelligent civilization no no just too crazy you keep going back and going back in the they go back
all of a sudden they come across something that this proof is everything they thought the floor look show day this is wonderful this is spectacular part in the cave how would those people living well enough television sets the bobble head dolls but if you can paint like that yeah you got something serious going on inside you and who says they invented it you see the further back you go the more tenuous everything gets recently i've been some interesting studies on flint knapping i'm you know in other words cutting flint to make to make different kinds of tools well this is this is actually a pretty advanced art and they're finding flint tools fistic ated flint tools that go back to one hundred thousand years what was through their heads that they're doing this stuff we don't know what was through their hearts they
discovered this is again only the last couple of years dance see the travel was going on between north africa what's up with cyprus and some of the greek islands it's either one hundred thousand years ago at two hundred thousand years ago so if you follow this stuff the more the or this discovered the more will you become impressed that that some kind of advanced knowledge was always there and even that is based upon that eh this is the only way we tend to think a technological assessment what they know we don't know what was going on inside them so we don't know how intelligent they wore and that the possibility is that they were right front this intelligent from the beginning maybe and and and it is the question of intelligence it's more a question really a bit of experience i mean how much
intelligence do you need to but six to be moved like the dates open so you don't think about this stuff it says we're brought up in such a way divided by this iniquitous church of progress of hours to think that you have to be able to do complex mathematics and you know all kind some stuff in order to be civilized and then even even when you have that point of view the further back you go you see but they haven't cosmology and you see that they had a geometry and they had technology the producer go beckley tempe and show they so so the whole so the whole darwinian paradigm is x good when you take all of those things into consideration it is it possible that did the dart darwinian model works if you just take the time line way back then people involved over hundreds of thousands of years a hundred thousand years earlier than we thought well that that's what they say
but why should it in other words in other words what is there in the is there in the nature of the hydrogen atom that pre supposes that that things are going to get more complicated and sophisticated who says well we say by our own designs on earth our own physical you know our creations life that be accidental maybe why should they not be why should they not be let's say i of plan to it just as for example just as we grow from the fertilized ovum and we go through this complex process of gestation and then were born and then it what are what we're gonna do with our lives and so on who says that's an accident yeah who says that we're not acting mean to begin with how do you prove an accident see these assholes who have creativity in them i determined to make the world
sound as meaningless as they experience as bland and passionless anas device in this is deliberate because they know any better and in fact they hate creative people for the most part well that's one of the beautiful things about your the did the the title of your dvd magical egypt it really is really is and and thank you very much for coming on the show today menu of explains a lot a lot of things in in some in incredible detail it's been an honor to get to ask you questions because i have been a huge fan of your work for many many years now and i love huge fan of that deep the series and i would love to go eventually the ease of with the sunday we should do that we should figure something out of the body that eventual yeah talk about it and get ten people from your very very extends the store of people to go and you can get a free trip i do
we can make that happen we're going to do it one thing 'cause i have a list of things that i want to talk about one of them is i don't know you know do you know gerald celente is no the trends analyst and he's very very interesting guy is a college but much is working with him is i'm cold writer and executive editor with friends journal and it it i mean he's it we forecast trendy probably even more accurate over the last thirty years than anyone else and we put out heat with we put out he puts out really something called trends journal and it's be interesting because what he says coming up is not pretty and he's right a lot of the time and i mean i i tried to tell people that they really
because i'm talking the esotericism and the ancient egypt and the you know the meaning of the real civilization in general does gerald is between us and we've got really very high level people working when it's a brilliant illustrator and we put out this journal that play we i mean this thing is coming unstuck in a hurry and out of people individually and collectively for florida they're going to unprepared and so we tried and certainly think it's are you talking about a collapse of the economy the end of civilizations that kind of nine the end of civilization as we know it very likely yeah unless unless enough people act together and they probably won't so me thought blood eagle my goal and where can
get this newsletter it's a journal look up zero or google up gerald celente celente c a very is the guy's a real is a real slash wrestling at that excite well it's agony some alex jones all the time the journal the journal is a really interesting publication that i'm very i'm very proud to be a big part of it will check it out and your website is j west dot com and you don't have a twitter yes and find out about the trips and all kinds of other stuff and you don't have a twitter yet not i'm on facebook but i know but my daughter is looking after it for me tell your daughter to get you a twitter we needed john anthony w twitter will populate that very quickly
we are much should give you the daughter will be legacies 'cause as i said we read we are reviving reincarnating are are ancient wisdom foundation and by the way i should put a plug in that before we went up because it's i'm i told you i mean we're pretty sure i can't be at promise yet that that we've got this incentive thing going and if thanks it was dot org they'll be some information about the projects that were involved in and and i really do believe that that unless unless enough of us of humanity goes back to recreates the civilization based upon the ensign principles in other words we're not going to rebuild it's again among the flyers errors or anything like that look the principal we need the one issue civilization it's it's based upon the quest for immortality
about the notion of the immortality of the soul which i absolutely believe in and we out that no civilization is possible so so the prince rules of egypt and the other ancient civilizations are are founded is the principles are eternal civilization is passed when i said we're not gonna mama by our parents again but without not understanding and without an understanding of where we're heading at the moment there's plenty of scare stuff out there and a lot of but most of the scare stuff doesn't have the the antidote built into it and i like to think that that we do i think like they could this conversation we just had is one of none of despair but of the possibility of renaissance and boy and it's something you know it's
so let's say a spiritual doctrine it's not something you believe in the police is useless it's iskra gilletti you do have to do it well john i think also there's disturb just the ability to spread that kind of information and knowledge to people and to be able to do it in a form like this it's very rare and very new and i think that the internet and this open access to information that we have on it is one of the best hopes that we have for turning this whole thing around and thank you very much my friend thank you very much for doing this i would like to do it any other time with you will eventually have to work some kind of a cruise thing out and will i'll go down the egypt and get our minds blown with you thank you very much so really appreciate it take your job take care brother i pleasured by that we've done that for me man tell me when we're off skype ok dad for me man that was amazing holy sh that guy awesome that was you know i mean the
you need a guy who's out there doing something like that to get the kind of information out and just i'm just so happy that he exists check out his magical egypt dvd series it will fucking blow you away thing due to the flashlight for sponsoring our podcasts go to joerogan dot net click on the link for the flashlight enter the code name rogan save herself for ambush and off the number one search store for men thank you two alpha brain for all your cognitive enhancing function needs go to onnit dot com that's it we have text shroom tech immune alphabet and new mood a five ht and l tryptophan move enhancing serotonin boosting supplement it's all good stuff it's all one hundred percent money back guarantee for the first order first order thirty pills try it if you don't believe in it you don't like it you don't want anymore safe suck get your money back this is concerned we are with making sure that people do not feel ripped off but instead we provide
who is something that i one hundred percent believe in one hundred percent take an we stand behind it we don't want anybody getting ripped off it's the shit i take it everyday i take it before every podcast take it for every comedy show i tag a boggio jet so that's it for this week of the joe rogan experience podcast but if your fucking podcast starving like dude i heard you talk enough we're going to be back brian as well are the ice house chronicles tonight night what is a june the foregoing june eighth friday night if you want to listen to it on itunes or any other place go to death squad tv is the icehouse chronicles and you can subscribe to it on itunes and get that but it's all of course for free like all the shit we give you guys 'cause we love you big kisses and will see you soon thanks everybody for tuning in aruba durtschi jihad
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