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2012-07-11 | 🔗
Kevin Pereira, Brian Redban - Date: 07/10/2012
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One is that its breathing space reading folks into the nose out of the mouth are you're about to finish. That's not how RO, a more grant like it's a primal and sad. Ultimately, the job Rob and express our quest for enlightenment just trying to get rid of loads. The Jerome inexperienced podcast has brought you buy. Big, again, riddle loads, the lash light flashlight is the number one SEC toy from men and has a very unique blend of shit. That was hold out of the earth and converted herbs and spices, oil and anyone petrol chemicals into some crazy, fake pussy tissue that is out standing. It really does work and we have to be
Steer and the honesty is gonna fuckin to fucking or eight, and if you're, not, if you know you're, not only not being honest with yourself, you not being kind yourself when you want to do you want to walk around fused all day. Do you? I grant tortured by the thoughts of sex, just some physical act that you need complex and why so, sir? Why I'll tell you why? Because you get this crazy, that used to be a monkey body ten thousand years ago, were essentially the same, except we're running from Sabre to tyres, argue that same body that same I didn't have vaccines enough doctors, they didn't have anything. Seed fuckin died off like crazy, so in order to keep population live, its engineered inside of us that we have to find a lot and you can do that and you can choose to do that. You can be there guys primates did it with frogs. You can do a polyurethane exactly where arms without advising is just body maintenance, ladies and gentlemen, and get away from this, easy puritanical idea that we're not supposed to discuss master
and men aren't supposed to have awesome sex toys like the flashlight. Ladies your vibrator senior dildos have been a source of humor for years, he d ha ha I'll, just use my vibrator, and that seems to be ok with you. That's Some sort of an empowerment but yet a man buying a flashlight is to be ridiculous. Ridiculed We need the fan belt car battery driven flashlight because they have fucking machines, but guys, don't necessarily you don't. Wanna do remember girls addicted to us trying to help you so much life as a higher than the aid and kills it grows they get addicted to that more than sex like that sensation is based is better than I did just slowly sliding any you getting its it sucks. You can fucker pussy forever. It is true, it is real. I have met girls, who are very honest about it and said another husband can't get them off anymore. They have to use vibrator and you, like what happened. I've. Never never! Actually with a girl, ass tat, but
scared of a man. If I talked to some girl, you know we're we're get to know each other and she was like hey just really in a vibrant, essential at you now ratify neglect. Have you seen my double tapered vibrating colossal kingdom? It's like you now that scares me she used to flying at high jeez now the thing that a vibe It can do to a totally different thing that's an artificial thing that you ve become addicted to honey. So I don't want that. So I think that I need anything other than what the flashing, the flashlight. The perfect, only think they need to innovate about that gotta jargon that now click on a link for the flashlight used a code name, save yourself. Fifteen percent off the number one sex toy format, so they go in. They do have sex toy for women now actually have Lila there, which is like some of them, the high poorest versions of vibrator for women's I'll fuck, your pussy over this day, going back to TAT,
if you really in that, really will break partition same tripling in summer fleshly isn't yeah! That's asking is doing now like a man on the street. The comecon reflection is perfect for the same travellers and animal he's doing men on the street with flashlight yeah. I know what that means: algae, Microsoft or really a run time. You gonna tell yes, I got once abnormal programme termination. Haven't you go fuck yourself? Listen. We love these alien israeli, where computers are bad ass. Now, like I'm, because ailing, where sponsors Emma may fighters- and if you really and games, men Madame not anymore, but fucking god damn if I was this thing, would be amazing. You play anything, is in high resolution high screen high frame rates complaint
Two and three d write fucking bad, as saw everything around that is driving Microsoft, Sucker vigorously, never alien, where it is not responsible for that run. Tenor wage labour force is in some way. It's it's hard to believe how like many viruses, there are four Microsoft for for windows when look at it online, like the actual numbers of viruses that exist. You go wait a minute. Wait a minute, wait, a minute you with it, but is this year. This is this is craziness. There are hundreds of thousands of viruses hundred thousands of things that you can get many of them each year, MEL based viruses, sure we just have to click on a link and boom you're fucking computers. In effect, you just want to chat with a hot single in your area. Suddenly, your entire email address his own by somebody in Czechoslovakia ass. I do some pretty
put it recently to my MAC, there's a program that Norton gives out in the app store. That's free in it. You know detects for male where ends and viruses and everything like that now have malware. Now, where and its end its nail weapon words like closer bunch of large russian bales adds come to me on the east. It sang it because I never have to do. I know it's not a word and say you know you ride, bottle thing. I've ever set up for either Iceland, the I have about an five computers MAX and most of them are just the dirt. Is MAX Everley, downloading, the grossest worse torrents and crap and nasty shit. I check I downloaded on all my computers and where the ironic and now not even one little baby thing: no virus, nothing people it's our last shit like people to when is MAC, get viruses to link just name one may one day
ever really come up with one company. We know all about tell us they. Certainly, we should hold this. That's what I was like a promo right. That's what has been quick. We were actually that's the problem of doing these commercials like this, they become sometimes applaud, cast in the middle of a commercial. That's. What they're kind of good will ensure an alien where events like hate that wailing, whereas and even our sponsor they just as a company called sucker punch, entertainment, discuss, sweet deal on these laptops. Did it vaguely to try to support accompanied it the ports ever may these guys answer a lot of becoming fires and school. I think that's huge So why in out but Microsoft, its academic, there I said it's, my measurement is to enhance our task and I have lived in a tablet, whatever their flag. Livery be tat, migrants
What the new surface you! Why are you mad at the surface? We need to start by saying that it is only natural that combining we needed a visa go, and yet we are so we're bothered by ANA Dotcom New tropics. I love unless you can try. This doesn't make him yourself on less. You can do that crazy. We also have kettlebells now and battle ropes. I just got my battle robes in the mail son. I should make a video showing a video of me How can out with the battle robes of did that, may arise and acted. It's not, that's malware bench of male were attacked and where, in its, if you ve never done kettlebells before it's it's, you should really for. If you can, you should get personal instruction. That's what I believe. If there's Jim, near you Crossfire Jim. What they could show you the right do it. I've had the very good fortune to have had a few different structures and have someone physically their makes a big difference
there's plenty of videos, though online. As long as you start out with very manageable weight and believe in not you can get a grip, worked out. I can still to this day no know I've been living here about three years with one thirty five, Tom Calibre and theirs is crazy. Work out this guy has it. I have no filiation with it's called the Extreme kettlebells cardio work out, and I've said this, and now is Dvds totally sold out everywhere. Really fine. Now and it's that good, it's this guy should be. He should get all that money and more for free. For me, it's it's! It's me. I'd. I recommended to everybody all the time, because it is one of the most brutal forty men at work out ever gets one thirty power can about thirty five October she's like nothing, the first, what time do you do it What's your activating, every muscle and secondary movers for balance are constantly engaged. Had you know, you're using your whole, but the concept by kettlebells is that you're using your whole body as one you as opposed to things like a lot of people like they think of lifting wages like no bicep curls.
Try sub extensions, that's actually kind of an unnatural way too, to de accuracy, and it actually usually creates imbalances. If you're, not you no real careful, you do a lot of quad exercises. You gotta do hamstring, anxious to Fiona biceps to try something new were also published about your back out as well. Gear. Your whole body as a whole is, better option using your body as a whole, and you can do with less weight, which it's a really amazing, that it does conditioning you're, you're weightlifting conditioning on one big group. Instead of the way. Most people don't like by breaking things up and set its way more fun, and it translates anything you were trying to do is physically. If you have a sport, you trying to do that involve strength, and I and speed and kettlebells will help you fuckin tremendously. So we just carrying out there's a bunch of great deals on them
were seldom literally as cheap as we can sell em it's it's really, though. I think what a ship em out dude it's ridiculous. The logistics of a small company went on it and I mean basically Boy been around for a year ago, they like this is mostly selling nutrients to all sudden goes to selling these fuckin cannonballs visionaries refused, but there the best quality you can buy. Are you guys drop shipping number? You have legal storage space. Now in your buyer, we actually had stored space, crazy thing. It's crazy! It's you know It's very that there's a lot involved in it, but what we are concerned with, as it were, selling you the best shit available and these Calvin. Are your kettlebells are the best kettlebells you can buy their Fuckin perfect my house. Third, there absolutely perfect and the last for a million years, their cast iron, you don't. The jam. You need a couple. These kettlebells and some Youtube videos and you will have worked out for the rest of your fuckin life, mean there's million free videos out their showing
all sorts of different exercises. People you have put themselves to these crazy cross, fit routines and is, hi we low Rep routines and is every kind of exercise I need to do is look online anyway. Times words that get the kettlebells. We have the batter robes and and when it comes to new tropics, any of the things that, whether its alpha rain or a shrewd tech support, which is an awesome, indirect supplement or take a which is a supplement that actually contains a mushroom. The tricks, your body into thinking that it's got a cold, so you buy fires up its immune system, thinking that the mushroom is like electric cold, but it's not used we're clock in your body. He ages giving embody something your body bill. It gets pumped up for a fight that never happens, and so you know if you'd come into account, Call me when you find a better chance.
Don't don't, keep your honor. I really don't keep your honor products and your card if it's hot outside by the way, because it melts until I get on it ball, and I guess you just taken as a whole and all other duff it up your take it or leave it like a sure. That's a video apples up your never eat it takes her is ass. All your horses mile homer he's, got a feedback hanging over arena. It's got a tongue, woe settled, fuck down kid anyway, use the code, the unbroken you will save yourself, ten percent of any and all supplements this. Ninety percent money back guarantee. If you order shrimp, If you are alpha whatever you order, the first thirty pills, if you decide that it doesn't do as advertised or do enough to satisfy you, you just say this ox and you get a hundred percent your money back. You don't have to return the product, we're way more concerned with making sure that nobody feels ripped off.
Way more concerned that everything that we sell has to be something that I am one hundred percent totally believe them, and so that's why we have. This second place is as easy as possible to get your money back right. That's at that kill the music given priority here. A free man out in the sphere of no longer and any type of contracts, Dj Brian, does in the libyan silly. Dare you there? You come up with new ways to be silly, lays jump. Kevin prayers here right. For sure right, channel elitism. We know for sure where the right now
shit scares the forgotten me. What has happened right timer this not live Jasmin public new stuff, that we got a hold of this new God powder. This new mothers creation is its up type apart concertina. You know what that is. Right I've heard it in prayer and urged to know a little bit about the Red, a wiki or two. I bitterly I went on the inner less. This is called sage. Yes, that's the name of this one particular stress It doesn't seem like parts should be different ones. Really have that much of a different impact, but somebody you some of em, you get a hold of rigour. Ok, what's this! Yet what the hell is that it's like it's like when you were you, you know you get tequila black out a few times and some others. It introduces a whiskey. Rather, this is this is supposed to be the same exact thing: it's completely different yeah. How is my wires to kill a different and whiskey is it because
most people want to say that our group is just alcohol and, if you're drunk on wine, you're, drunk and beer, It's all the same ye I dont, but it doesn't seem to be that what does tat mean? It's gotta be because of the trading of the environment like let saving only when you have to keep, I would say, you're probably, you probably know that shitty mexican restaurants, somewhere, I there's Marianna music in the background dry and your ear, although census combined, give you a very different drunk, feel right, not true at all about two key led multiple settings. You have to say that the same take Elsie vomiting like out high. For me it is dangerous to careless. Do it. I can't drink it. It's there's something like like malice seizure, making this it's like look at it may go like this is gonna, be four days of hell, yeah being drunk, man won a fucking, weird idea too. Take humans and they voluntarily inject something into this system: swallows out in a taste awful and all,
to be free of themselves, who are a little bit stated before, and the fact that that is the one that view and I can go easily and quickly and legally consume and then get behind a car like the wheel of a car and do all kinds of words, tragic step that has just murderous and torture is to society, and yet that is the one that is completely legal it. So let us that our system is set up this way in this day and age in the the basis of past pass when they could lie and what would but now we have all the information. The fact is that up like this, like you, mother and the fact that, like it, I dont give. I hate people call poles I hate pulling. I don't trust any of that shit. I never get called for a moment of anybody else that does not currently there pulling the nation, but the majority of this country actually wants it to be decriminalizing legalised, even with all the info and the political weight behind it right, not gonna. Have many timezone, soon yeah and in what you were saying about Paul's like who the fuck is answering those poles whose
people who still answer their phones when they get a call on their landline or when they meet their Kubi C and taken other workers original and take a pole who the fuck is taking poles really poles of must one most ridiculous things ever because all you're gonna get its people that are, busy and they just people that have nothing to give or take more likely that guarantee a media. Do the poles pots wax? What cause. I guess she, how does she not yeah real those poles matter in this world? Those those are the ones that matter now, man, I don't. I don't go on many poles, I'm not fucking filling notes No interest, no interest to ask be asked consumer question. When I went among students when I'm on the telephone and it pops up with hey if we press one, if you're, ok with three to five minute survey at the end of this call, I go press one goes in my head somewhere a flag pops up on a computer and tell somebody that my call
he's going to lead to feedback actually take the survey, but I go out of my way to save at Yale. Take the survival. Youth and of the column has become a random in the sister, probably I'm, I'm a ghost in the machine somewhere here number generated any just fucking with their number. For no reason you have there now you know when those cars or in the in the malls that you like it says like sign up to win this car, that signing up to become on the worst spam mailing list ever younger gang phone calls and like it. I like your business card and official at a restaurant there like you're, just you just giving away, or in fact that point we're saying please my tiny somebody that did that for a living- and he says, did they just make so much money to collecting, like hundreds and hundreds of people's complete, like infirmity
addresses everything. So what they do is they. You have to fill the shit and then he put it in and it's worth it for them to give away our car to get all information, but by the time they they get enough. There selling your information ran getting a lot of money in that car is nothing too to the amount of money. It's worth, thousands and thousands of peoples, and for me so who? How do you think they do you think they go to Volvo and make a deal. This Hillis organ, give your car aware and I think they go, and they they say this. Twenty thousand dollar car, this seventy thousand dollar cars going to be an investment of acts. We're gonna get why for their data? That now that's a done deal that is by the car and set up something like that.
The thing they do it through the car company? I think they just by that deprives go too sweet, promotional, discounted, private refurbished car some little universe and the competent bodies themselves will do that just to get collect data on people who are interested in that vehicle, unwilling to go out of their way to look at it, so there they're doing it themselves, there's independent companies that are doing at selling it to them right. But when you have on your Cadillac city as the show case in a mall and win that, I think I gotta think catalogue, pain for the known in some cases and again a bit simple at times. He I like it here like there's a new car that just came out there to draw attention to it. Then they might work something rather more, but you gotta most malls. It's just some. Random car sitting there is that when a trip to Hawaii and or somebody in the protest when you meet somebody, you dont like in this life when you're networking, businessmen and whatever the protests in real life, Protodyne life man, it's a real. I protest bright as a wall. Hacking and battlefield issues can help me out real life round her. What is it
the business card of someone you absolutely hate when you're networking and make sure you toss of in all those balls at the malls. Do you deny rescue economies of it? Yes himself, so read. There is this kind of on every body of a stack of my business. Swollen people know your awesome. I mean number one fan Bre Christ, yeah, it's a weird the people want to collect that much data isn't, if that's that's, what's important, reaching the most amount of people being able to sell them, things being able convince them to sell you sell, you think what the fuck do you think is. On Nigeria that makes them so good scamming meanness place in Africa. That's like really known for rising dude thinking that it's like a girl like this,
just a nigerian man behind it is like tricking this right or my bed that that the high priest of the land, or whatever has millions of dollars tied up in a bank account. We just need ten thousand dollars and a little info from you to get it out those kind of scams as well. I bet they have dislike endless pictures of a woman. I was that so they started so they can. You hear me here hear me there in ages, I love the people that set out with the scammers back. Have you seen those sites? Yes, look. We would really love to give you a million dollars and we haven't we're ready to do it. We just need you to get completely replace your mouth with delight tights. If you can get that operation done or put diamonds and all of your teeth and then record yourselves singing, be the theme to back them back to life for facts of life. That will make them go out of my way to do creating today to release any money. Oh yeah, real
and in Bilbil, sing, songs, record videos. Someone had em shoot like promos wearing specific. Like t shirts and stuff for his company, it's great scandal scammers. How many times have the scammers one I mean they must enough to make it worth doing time and time again and still we do it in the dna and at how many think or do you think, businesses in Nigeria I would assume so I mean if gold, farming and diablo can be an industry in China. You know like that gain came out on the day it was released. There were Botz in their communities and there were, as I listened to all the non dogs exact. What you mean so right, so that the two went see us folks when we were busy not having sex, we figured out games to play and the Oslo is one of them and you can buy there's a real money and a virtual currency auction house in the game. So you can use currency to buy new stabs and swords and pieces of armour and flair poison resistances, really intricate shit very important stuff, so you can use that go to get it, but some
We don't want to spend the time where they want to buy a brand new character, so they can go kill that whatever boss, so we are willing to pay spend ten dollars a real world money. So someone needs to create a bank for that and these they create these these systems, where they farm for gold. They do it in bunch against it and while the war crap into Indiana pretty much any game that has a currency online, theirs, secondary market place where people are grinding through the game. Doing repetitive, things that are known to give you a lot of currency, so they can sell it. On the market. Woe there's entire warehouses. Cyber cafes, you name it full operations where people are employed to just click. Click click through any given game to get virtual. Currency, so they can sell it back to people, inflated slightly bright played for I wanted to show where there was a couple that had a child and they were both addicted to some game I am or what the game was, but it was one of the saddest things in the world to watch this couple like argue over, who has to watch the kid while they were playing there.
Can gain their debt. Children have died here, because parents neglected their flags and aircraft. Will the Warcraft yeah it's so frightened What what did you do is give the kitten Ipad, so they can farm along with mommy and daddy aeroplanes wasted process cycle. Get that kid workin. It's so bizarre, though the pole is so strong, and it's really like it. It's just like a drug. You could call it a drug, absolutely the addictions to video games are very drug like any addiction to anything condemning you can you, people will find a way to be addicted to whatever it is, they wanna be addicted to and it's just as bad, just as deadly justice caustic, as anything else isn't funny what a weird animal we are where we can get addicted to doing things, not just like not just sensations that are crosbie drugs, but we can get addicted to doing creatures a habit like, but how much of your life is on autopilot? you mean you need a pretty diverse life, what you're doing different things at different times, but the essentials of your life like some, some,
he will tell you that eighty percent of like a relationship in life is autopilot that you're really only living twenty percent of any give. Like long term relationship, because you establish such patterns with yourself and with your job and with your loved ones that that shit pilot? You really only commanding twenty percent at any given time when you decide to do something out of a norm that that was a step that was told me and I kind of believe it. I don't know. Eighty is right, but how much of your life is actually kind of on autopilot if you think about it, yeah. Well, I think for allow folks. Its is the easiest way to get through the two if you doing commute everyday, our to the office. We now some. People it's really an hour in the morning every morning, stuck stock everyday for Our some people commute four to six hours for data coming from Long Island ever see that that hall from Long Island into Manhattan Holy Shit. I did that wants I'm clock in the morning. Also, this can't be real as no way this is real. Everybody stop
no wonder why this sucks in the whole thing of toll, oh by the way, what a fuck What EVA Falk tolls are you ve paid to have this bridge installed and now going to charge? You every time you drive on yeah we're off the bridge, but we kind of like you pain, ass every week, and we appreciate you just going to keep doing it so tall. That's one of the reasons why men traffic is so fucking brutal, is your paint tolls all over the place? Tat to get in from long island toll from z. There's this fuckin tools. All over to me is, and it's just like ten bucks. Some of them. Yet, wherever ten bucks sign box, ten bucks to do go over my country bridge like that, is correct,
Rob should a bridge they finally paid for already with egg. That's the way you paid for it as well. I guess it's already paid for what you paid for it half the time as a taxpayer. It's a great way to generate revenue right, that's funny way rising. It should be ok to rip you off rip you off and fuck up traffic for everybody, because we want more hunting money and its I like in it to the tea essay like we paid, we ve paid billions, if not trillions, of dollars for this institution to erode our own freedoms, The group, as we paid for the privilege of longer lines and radiation, that's insane and now I'm well. They did a cup. By pilot programmes to like it was basically a fast lane through the USA showed that you to sign up- and some of you have to pay, so we had to pay for institution which degrades us and slows down, and we can pay extra to bypass it in a quicker way, while they need to find out that you're not a creep. That's their they're, just
education surety! That's the justification. Do a background check on new and go will cover prayer. You been federal penitentiary, seven times for sound crystal meth. We want to make sure you can still fly southward Crystal Meth in your underwear. You ve got baggies that show up on our scammers taped to your balls, you what explains the first of all those are feed. I e through my assets like a horse. I feed it apples before every flight I learned about it from brain having having a boy math taped here, Boss is no way to say, wait a minute where the fox had that get. There is someone else activists bag, Sir, it's a fucking way that was there man. I can't believe this is real. What's goin on manage guys, do something to me always level on cops when it's like. We found this crap pipe and your glove box? I haven't been note that is its got your shows on it. But that's that's a coincidence. If that's not even man, it's J odds, larger whole out of jail. Rob willing
if that is their names, that that's the method it cousin of J K, rolling out one Harry Potter, anybody magic. She was just trip on trucker math is of sign in Santa Monica Boulevard Hollywood. I was, I was driving on Santa Monica and there's a huge billboard. It says: do you have a problem with math that just shows a guy like a regular guy. Does his face, like oh shit, among math and among them like wow how many people are on whether they need to have a built in this European we're gonna help you personally, like Europe, met you're, not going to look up and go. Oh, my god, I'm the billboard guy. I should really stop here number realism over and then, when I go to the early, giving money not watching give watching pieces of your own face, fall off and like a public restroom mirror, that's cracked. It smells like here and when you look at that gap is met, things are
but oh my god, I'm on a billboard. Now I need to stop this. Is anybody do research before they do well looks like this is Cooper, addictive and completely fox your life, but I do get high. Is there an era with for math is like a first times and difficult experience, Linares era? What is ass, you gotta we airway to dine at work is awesome for any any experience. If had that, even that would whatever the fuck the actual chemical is four baths all Jenna. What is in an M dna, but two c b, I think, is weathers. There's some given that have been classified as bad salts or plant food that it's hard to narrow down the years that what it is. I was saying that the other day, but I wasn't sure, there's a bunch of different chemicals and they can now one you not at all that, with all your is about all this browser ratio, anything that debt, that that will cause somebody to eat somebody else's face is now about so that even on really one said that it was part was pot led whose eye upon how bout me just now- and I would add, munchies man- she thinks the guy was
fucking unstable? That's it and that doesn't make for a flashing news report, but well were magic. Power really did do that's the problem worth millions like listen. I know that due to their boots face, but I wouldn't do that. I want to know what the fuck Em Wolverine Papaya, like you, imagine a pub mean Maybe you make a fucking Idiot eat a guy's face, but I'm I'm a one hundred percent fuck sure that their drug in the world. You could give me that would change my mind about eating to face. Is only so high. They get and still be conscious. I
crush you weak bitch. You didn't fight off the urge at all, but a society that guy's face, but what, if they put a mean, there's drugs that could turn that guy's face into a candy by something? That's equally more delicious sure. I think when I bought a start screaming don't eat my face. It's me mark they're, not saying that this thing it is like your hugging me with your tongue. That's it. They say when your trip analogy screaming expansion, his eyeballs out, I think, you're silly. I say unicorn giggling like in no way be so high that you try been so high that I thought it was a molecule in it. In the cushion of my own couch and I was swimming through my couch cushion yeah. I thought my avatars diverges, closing your eyes and fantasizing Europe involving the life or death struggle with a guy's face in your right. But if I was a wasn't, you know snorting bath, salts or taking. This raises a diva whatever it was bought about that travel while badge of pop
legally wouldn't have I got upon. Nobody would want it. I arrow it is you did you? Have you used airway to figure out something like you're going to take and how it can affect you? What to do? Research on chemicals cause? It's the only reason. I've ever tried anything in my life years very well documented yards There are so many different substances eager research there to shit. You would never think of more. Glory, seeds and no San Pedro cactus, and you know how people prep prepare dead and I gonna have to get away with it, but it's amazing so amazing website and even for documenting things that are that are still legal. I wonder if the honour that websites, the shit and breaks everyday lives and jumped- and maybe they live somewhere liberal or with more, this is so we're so so grows how fuckin stop down. We are air space the idea of drugs. You know the idea. You volunteering to do something to your body and that being a possibility. Just that thought of you
the second possibility we getting caught in the process of locked in a cage, for a long fuckin time, depending on what different thing you decided you, and what color you are as well and neighbourhoods economic status, the real it's disgusting, so systematics Fuckin, that's disgusting, it's embarrassing and you baron singly stupid. When world we can go to sea, vs, You have it slave labour, its legalised slave labour and specially because the institutions and our privatized- and it's such a big industry that lobbies like it is it's private eye it slavery is what go down that sea vs from any drugstore emergency that any drugstore out that has one those little many supermarket type. Drugstores, you don't mean Do they have like like a freezer section, will sell ice cream and things, and then they have an alcohol lean aim, dude of hard core shit any one of those bottles. You drank the whole thing: you're dead, you're, dead, you're dead,
your dad you're dead, you'd and people have done it. Bridle done it all the time people thought people die about all pausing all the time. It's not, as many people die from probably drunk driving accidents me. That's pro It still alcohol related. Let's airline while relate the death of just drinking yourself to death that super possible people. Do that all the time it's written it was easy to do, and yet so you just go to a store. It's right there and parted. Leave and people people are having these conversations, and maybe it's only because I'm choosing to dial into the kind of people that have, conversations, but I like how long is it going to take how many people have to have conversations like this before there's actual change? People are crazy we have opened up. Money is one of the only double even drugs ensuring take exotics, as you know, piglike that they'll take satisfaction I'll, take the chemical version of a city of drug, but they will not
That is the one that that the government is elements is illegal. The I know a lady who takes annex and she won't let her husband's work as one who has been doing drugs, thousands bridges, exotics every night, it's hilarious man, it's Larry as they just did- is power but so maybe so do we need the lobby tempted to have that become illegal as well. Be now gets hurt happen on that and abuse it. Now. I think you should billet exact all exactly you enjoy. Dahmer enjoys annex he takes attics every day and he loves it and I love DOM that's. It makes them happy better living through chemicals. We have forty man he's given himself ass. I would never say that someone should not be able to do something. It's just that things have become obvious, like math have a good my story. It means anybody, that's not right. When mass my together about fuckin, I got on math and let me tell you something: did really looked my whole world, with clarity and and purpose.
I threw all the negative people. My life and I started running every morning now leads to you in your basement with chemicals, pins of chemicals and new jobs. And your mixing break, flew friends bath, dump your right outside coughing of blood, bloodshot eyes and uranium Margaret. If you happened across one of them billboards, you will turn your life around trying to buy fifteen hundred boxes of cold serum and listen. I get really bad allergies. Listen, I'm gonna need four hundred boxes suit affair and let's go though you don't look sketchy do with you bring your own brown box. If he sees me, sir you're you're scratching your own neck off, could you just be careful? There's a lot of neck under your finger to have every now and then people in like a world taxes, were there just making crazy meth labs? How many people have in the past like walked into a drugstore and just
Poland enough to where I have to show my idea. If I want some clarity and because I'm feeling a little stuffy enough, people have done that. I have to like prove that I'm not going to make a mess with an over there. A product to show your idea and an amazing It is an amazing that that's the drug you hear about like one of my wife's, France's talking with a small town where she lives in Seattle, and you go to this website where they like talk about the town, acknowledges websites very telling message boards what you what you think about this all anyone says name is. Rural places is math, it be great. If we didn't have so much fucking math I mean is math all over the place, keep away from the mass people like if you go into small areas like small shitty, you know low income communities boom, you got math It's like its cheapest laziest. There you go, but it's amazing how bad it sucks epidemic
it's amazing how about its imagined? They focused all their time: unjust, math, because there's no positive math reasons and Steve like what fucking with always marijuana people just spend knows that resource to go just after your here's, a different zero watched, cheese and John moving Corset right now, if you ever washing up sort of breaking bed now, where what show someone more likely to give fuckin shot and face the breaking back you deal with many people, you deal with violence, Craven better than if you show up at some. You know pot place. That's a dispensary cannabis care dispensary and you come on real guns, blue, What bullet progress on you know: you're, not gonna, get frogged right. You know you're you're, you're gonna trip over someone doing yoga needing keen. Why did you see that shit long meets with the cops are stepping on the dude when new step by step and on his neck? When he's down and in busting the security camera there really like, there's like you could make, I hate, there's totally
I like to believe we live in a society where of innovate. Video was posted, release, everything and end every ounce of controversy and look there's proof. Here's the videotaping, all it has done is led to arguments over context and how interpretation as those videos I disagreed. There has definitely been a lot arguments put goddammit fixed a certain its brought a lot to light. You know just like this. I totally get that, but its I'm just shocked at the amount of that animal analyzing that can go on when it gets in the way like some people are saying. Well, look the guy was probably trying to resist and pull back, which is why it looks like he has that's why he stepped on his neck. He was just a thing: how do you justify breaking security camera. There's no justification for that add so ever died. Young man wasn't resisting at all. He didn't do anything and those kind of creepy and I dont want to bring race into it. But I I have two when a white guy steps on the neck of down black man and though the distance, that's like what you did it to my son. I'd beat your ass right. You fat, fuck, you just stepping on, kids neck for what? Because, because yet that's
job today has not that's nothing in your job, just not a huge opposition, you not in threatened by this person in any way, shape or form you you might as well be walking in Norfolk and cigarette store. It's no big is no different and you know that Jack booted thug behaviour is no way that should ever be tolerated by any person who is a member the police force, because the police is supposed to be us, it shouldn't be us versus them. It shouldn't be. It should be. The cops should be thinking about their job is to protect our community. That's what it really should be to observe the laws to protect their community when they start doing shit like that. You're not protect enough and you fake p, shit, you're, just being a cunt, you not endanger you know, that's not a criminal at some kids, a volunteer he was living in paid. He was trying to figure out how to have the business worked and Ninos get not a college. Fuckin do those things to his neck, discuss Honda Desperadoes Manny, set up time when it was down stepped on his back and then its neck just decided to step on. Unlike you can
whatever the fuck you wanted to. He was here Since then, the than their there will be our there will be an equally as loud Cora saying that man was working in the drug operation and he clearly a criminal and that's their jobs to score down those types? I bet that fact I didn't train. I bet that guy that walked in that guy's neck and back never trained in his life. I bet he's, never been humbled and in a gym. I bet he's. Never had a tapout, I bet he's never done round you fat fuck Dummy yet or maybe he was picked on all his life- that's why he decided to grant discharge and about Amene could be probably not. Protest, didn't have what options so fucking stupid so stupid, such a they negotiate. He should either like sincerely apologise. Do something about our he should be fired. There's no way should be a cop with that country and was crazy, but my my brother's a cop, so I get crazy amount of power. Active from him on it, and you know- and I like to believe he's one of the great ones not a good one like, but
There's, no, there's! No justifying that. There's, no there's! No making that situation in that video right there's. Just not. I support cops on upset alms always do. I think it's really fuckin hard job and I think they are under after all the time, and they are asked to perform in these crazy situations and abide by the law when their own life is in danger because of their their own life is in danger. I'm a big supporter cops, but I think two things. First of all, I think they don't get paid enough. I think it should be a much more difficult job get. It should be a prestigious job. We should respect them, they should be honoured part of our community. We should we should look at em like what they are their heroes, and so they should be, but instead they not paid enough that they treated like shit there there treated like shit in the media, the treaty they ship by people, they develop an attitude in us versus their mounted, and you know it's just an unfortunate part of psychology teachers developed at attitude as well as a lot of teachers out there that started with no noble aspirations. Until we realise what
Five thousand dollars actually pays for. After a while, they get angry thing. They get bomb doubt about it. I think, should be positions in our society that are revered and being a police officers. One of a and b teacher is also one of them. You know you can be hippy all you want man, but guess what every people everybody is employed by the fuckin rules are needed. Com You need cops. If you need done these, the you know, there's no way you going to keep bad people out of the you know system. Unless you have cops, they should be an honored respected part of our society. So when they see something like this day should fuckin do something about rarely. It shouldn't be an incentive that thin blue line cover up here, suspended with pay and we're going to review, and it's bullshit should be outraged. They should be more outrage, do not happen. We can't its current move, maybe ETA Shit day. Maybe the kid says until sure Tupid, but you shouldn't do that man
She knew that they should actually, because you shouldn't be anybody. Who's gonna, write. A dispensary should be forced to smoke a joint first. Just because we tell you if you're nice and stone that's a good idea to step on a dude snack can be like that's a great lie, guys Greyshot, ear solo right, it's so wrong, easy collar too. It's really embarrassing and most the cops. I guarantee you that do not want to do. This this is upper or management of the fuckers in charge of making. These two its numbers man. It's all numbers numbers numbers members get your arrests up, get your quota makes your people are going to jail because we build more jails and we need to fill the jails. Its number incredible that we try to car shows a free country. How dare we, yes, I mean look back and subject were free enough to be able to say this in a rare at this time we got that amount of freedom. That's really. I think we can have a free country that makes as much money as we do you really care because the only way you can make
much monies. We do as its main as a whole as a country is like you, gonna fuck, and dominate all the parts of the world that have all the good ship and if you don't get the good shit from them you know like what. How are you? How are you going to how you going to run things? You got to get a little run things man who got to have a lot of fucking fossil fuels we going to eat almost like can't be like really cool and run a country like America. Right. You would never happen. Buddy. No one wants to hang out with the cool guy. They went out with a guy vessel with them. If they would make some vast rejected anybody to any any. We know any negativity at all. There was none of another negativity associated with our law enforcement. Now the negativity that you saw that video the negativity it when it comes to siding with alcohol over in unnatural drugs. None that, if you took away all that, then you know
I gotta be honest. I my my asshole post puckered, so tight as those police sirens. They started crying ass. I thought they zero it in on our ip address and I want to stand up and ask if I'm being detained and then I may get Mason FUCK. I feel like getting its and it should have gotten better. Yes, we should have figured out a way to make it better, but instead, with the age of information, seems like the tightening down it's like being coming more more absurd, but just wait to those you avian flying into this room information with a common your face, just letting them know that their listening sir, but just wait till there's? U way these flying into this room information with a common your face, just letting them know that their listening, because you ve triggered the key word. Settee, VA, yellow then slowly, who's gonna Lord, has already made for amendments to the auditing drones everywhere. I think they're, theirs and unblinking. On the gentlemen, there's a senator he's trying to get legislation passed to make it illegal for drug to be used to survey citizens without a warrant terms, and that.
Exactly the kind of protections we need to go for a really gonna have stealth drones of bugs they're gonna fig bugs reliable if they certainly got him now, if you believe in smart dust, you could have stepped in something that relate your location in certain key were, can is it possible to run an empire and do it while being nice? Didn't it? is abominable you're doing it. You'd want to stir the well oddities of supplement company, it's very simple, wait right now and in what I've years it's the empires, it's the called I'm sign up called Divina down, I'm on it right is, possible to run American and be like and not have Jack, booted thugs, re dispensaries and not have privatized prisons and not have ridiculous. It check points, and in no way is it possible.
Yeah, I don't, I think it is. I mean I think I do. You can still manipulate markets, the way that they do and I think it can still allow them back like. I think you can still it oh yeah, but give us a love freedom to where I don't have to have my balls fondled flight, a Vegas or not go through. Please check point, or let me sum up my part like you can You can manipulate the holy bore scandal that is beyond me right now. What is the London interbank offering rate it's like it? It dwarfs our little scandal that we had here in what two thousand eight two thousand six: what is their skin? So their scandal? Is it's a little tent? and told to the notion of to have it so there scandal essentially boils down to Barclays the biggest level, these emails and stuff, they, the the interbank offering rate is the percentage which banks will lend each other money, let each other money right and it's trillions of dollars in the market. That is indexed against that rate. Your home loan is probably indexed against at some point right. Tons of markets, trade on it and Yet that number the bank's call two guys and they were-
yeah we're we're lending money at the four point three today great all day, call in and there's like an index of twenty or those numbers that are average out from all the banks and what they did. Is they manipulated that rate they colluded, they call each other, they would email each other and say we need the Lee Bore index number to go up, but like a quarter of a percentage point, so they would all what numbers that were lower or higher than what they were lending money to each other on its convoluted I know, but what it would do is it in a day they could bet against the rate of the leave or number going up or going down. So I can place bets on that. It themselves and in a day make millions upon millions of dollars. Just by manipulating this and with every manipulation your mortgage might go up, your credit score could go down like it could affect so many things: internationally: why it's been for years, how long the news for babies been dead, there's emails that show has been going on for like twelve to fifteen years, but there's some people that is being its. They might have been going on in the early nineties and it was a total honour system reporting. This number there's no transparency. So all these banks got together and said:
the illegal it's like. They just decided we're all gonna stay rich yeah. Yeah we're gonna artificially inflated deflate this number to manipulate the market to fuck with me, but it's going to give us millions and millions and millions of dollars and that's what they been doing for years and its out the open. And yet I mean Barclays got a slap on the rest to like a hundred million dollar fine or threaten million other fine. That's nothing in comparison to what they may that's the problem with punishments these grand you talk about that poor guy! Spencer is public and go to jail for six months right and get us next stepped on these guys three hundred million dollars for making potentially trillions of dollars over the course of fifteen years, and no one knows does any jail time or anything. When, whenever there's big money, man is there's big craziness know you about this money, pounded drew situation or doktor drew became a part of an investigation, because who was it that way, doktor giant doktor drew our leisure to go. Settlement lose the giant pharmaceutical settlement. It just happened with several. In dollars
Yasmine, whatever that whatever was doktor drew apparently was involved. Doktor drew was recommend, being certain rugs that they were asking him to recommend they give him and gave him two hundred thousand dollars two hundred and seventy nine thousand hours, allegedly some somewhere in that range, create limited. They do those on those doctors, anyways people. Doctors are incentivize to sell certain drugs over other drugs pharmaceutical companies that Alzheimer's Timer cinnamon retreats yeah, but when you're a guy who's on tv like recommend using treatments and stuff and you're getting paid to recommend those treatments out while crazy, blurry area, as it seems to me, like they pay due to save them. You might not said he's gonna say I wouldn't have started to fight and believe in the product, and I ride in believing that number that money did not affect my opinion whatsoever. It didn't sway me one way, but that's tragic, as I want to believe like drew, was one of those guys that that
It's not going to have any scandal is possibly the one good guy right. This was to be the good guys. His penis works worms very unlikely that achieves he's a good guy. Many really is I've loved and everyone. I met him. I've like I want to believe you real. I want to believe in your magic. Don't be a David Blaine on me, while his stance on marijuana those pursuing we're we're, we talked about so much so that we can go and we had Tommy China, potash s area of courses, massive amounts of. We talk shabby question. Yet what when he was talking about a heroine did you think in your head, but how that's really t tell you know like it's like we studied Do it. It was really odd
But John reactor drew Tommy juncture. I saw doktor drew tie and often about relatives, acted rose and listen. I should we talk and shit about these drugs until I do them all. So just goes on a show, and that is no doctor. You gets high doctor Jones the same guy. After a month of I was gone, I will gain eating brownies general doctored. Rather every five days, doktor Jus would go a cleansing ritual and not so much better than like supersize and legible or thirty days de empty and Cale had locked up. Did you ever see only every at every five days? He does a new trip and we do a whole series of this then between is doing yoga eyes, eating really healthy, Judar, sapient rather luggage. Shall it be ourselves you manage if you could get doktor due to do on non lethal, psychedelic drugs. We agreed to any. Do with the optimum.
You fucked up, that's sweeps weak givens. Once we might imagine mom like examining. Did you guys? Did you guys watch porn? I did she had so I didn't I didn't type. Pussy was really. I don't watch it even I had no desire to she either guide it really fixed the baby steam out evidence you have like a ton of other kids, are reticent. None of her kids ago now that the whole thing just makes me incredibly, sir, like all, watch and technical train rape from Japan? No problem, but I do want to see the optimum vagina tackle train re Marino, then out. That's like telling me San is not real fuck you! Well. How dare you do? I mean it is real, that's real and that background casting couch as real as well all that shit's real. When I say it's real, it's not real. Rather, I mean it's magic real made its it
I thank you for your Ragin really became something you are. You really wanted to actually be next to like those those are a real giant octopus saying that could fuck women You watch to halt. I would purposely go to Serbia and take the yeoman okay line in the hope that I would see then technical modular. Yet what are we just school girls line up on a bridge, hoping the Octopus toujours them weeping softly with pixelate genitals. There was a spot in the world where there was an octopus and had like hand of dildos, and it would just pick people up and fight in front of everybody turns out that's what the lot that's, what the Loch Ness monster really is just a bunch. Dick arms under the sea and anybody that happens to be snorkeling on by picks up job thing I mean that's, this sounds like a japanese amusement park, its nose. Than like lampreys that cling to the bottom of sharks and eat the particles of food that they need
I am sure the video of the the clam today that was surrounded by salt and was using its clammy energy to move around a table, and it looks like a like a human tongue coming out of her in between can you pull out the other it's so bizarre! Looking and that's apparently how they navigate they dont have eyes or knows or anything, so they use their tongues. Navigate around. Then we boy ownership steam, those bitches, garlic, ahem, delicious, so good, linguine clam. How great is it to be on the tops of the food chain spitting out there? That's why I like that, show mountain men. It reminds me that we're on the top and it just rained fish commercial. Mr Mitchell, nitrogen? What's Moussa Madman, Wendy Ouverture? Nobody, prospector types ass, three different due live in the mountains, one dude lives at Alaska leaves his family goes in a Bush plain lies three hours to his traps and he runs is traps for three months. Just kill yes, cigarillos little animals and comes back. I want to see man rustled this guy. This is the coil you. How do you see this madness who they put the they put? The salt,
so that it would move along the saw some some people have said: yeah, that's what it is doing in this area, the only this I want to believe in a state of Israel. Is Israel to me as this town, while so like the way its move in a recent around? If you're flashlight did this you'd be all about it and thereby to that. I don't know why. I'm never anything. It's a viral for internet explorer, ten like whose doing is it is it who would do a viral need, as the optimum media is clams, so clams didn't have to be in the water they don't have to Now they do, they have to be in salt water, but have to breathe. I mean this. This claim is dying. A slow death you're watching your watching its last minute, how long take. This is by the way slot clam snuff porn is a viable in an advantage as pretty hot maintenance, rail, maybe shrill. I it seemed freaked me. Does anybody on snuff eclipse
Maybe it is real. The assault on the table looks pretty real likely to wear that way. Looked it up again. It was good that wasn't a lot of population around like that opening up the clan, which is the tell tale, seemed fake, but what I ain't that a trick browser what your love, oh yeah, absolutely in that crazy! Now you can go on video is gotten so yet and so easily edited that you can look at anything. Go that's probably fake they're, getting really close with game thrones with animals. That's the first time like wolves, looks like real walls because they usually so vague like blows the whole the whole thing off the fake animal. I can dream wolves if it came a throne, because I fell asleep the moment that show comes on really cannot do it gas hours. For me, I don't know, I just try tried on olives. No, I got all excited I put it on as like it would go. You're a doctor. I've heard where many people that I heard you just have to get through. It bow you guys but check this out hook. The first ever sociologists sucking. This is gonna freaky blood. If you got seventeen black mirror, that's what you guys you to watch this figure.
This is a clam, that's real! That's clammy popular right! There clam moving around using its time pushed around what a shit life clams clams must have been really country in the last life, but who knows maybe that clams fucking love and life right now? That's we used to call like really country girls in Boston. Those tough to coax chicks comes back then can have a lot more power back then we call the chick back in nineteen. Eighty, you read fight, you gotta go to war, so they weren't consular clams and I was like whenever Girls relics where I grew up in New England. So whenever girls really shady like ass, a fucking clam, there was always a coin. Just like on play. Clam is you're clam in this life as a clam some shit, because you guys decided to start calling on that too, which is great, I mean like Hitler. Hitler came magazine, clam unanimity The person, but we also say happy as a clan,
so maybe they're really loved, and now they just have a big wide stupid face solicitor smiling when they open up and looks over, smiling near that's what it is: really exciting. I'd like to believe that clam is on a permanent trip right now. Maybe they are you know, maybe they don't come to eat them, Let's go. Let's go crazy. Exhilarated get us a clam office at a kill it. The best thing for them is to be that's when they truly happy until that happens. They just they try to find you the only way they can give their love if ye them so you're, the Lands acre clam bakers, one wild orgy, and you have no idea man bad come session, proclaiming especially specially oyster commentary, Edam gotta, tomb and eat em that's they lived oysters, accounting, Oysters Watts
so you just like I'm living or shall I see things in a row really last time you done squads last time, guys you guys in arguments in a bar of brutal. You dont, like oysters, arrange your face laid off the power extra virgin since I've seen you you backed off your clean, I'm completely out of the completely out of a gene re having with neon pink waits that are like three pound nylon. Wait said: Jim, that's fucked my shoulder up hard core Kevin apparently got some dude to go a little bit. You go to crazy. I wouldn't I wanted. I got you. It's crazy. I put on twelve pounds in three and a half for and a half weeks of really dead, like really dedicated supplements and everything, but just destroyed my entire body of the course of that year. To take it slow. If you have a men lifting your whole life than all sudden you, you know you don't fuckin dead lives and squats never limit. Yet to build up to stuff like that, a new you do it, I'm always with a trainer like with somebody always showing you. How do around lesion posture
runs some motive, the majority the time yes, but my problem was that I would convince myself, even if I was collapsing in passing out. Clearly I wasn't trying hard enough like I could. I could squat more do so. I go to my own head about it and all that effort would have been so better spent like in Jujitsu now realise that I am trying to get better, so I can actually get into something. That's more of a Marshall out. What is wrong with you! This is just hurt, my shoulders. I completely fucked it up. You get an MRI into the MRI, they did the x ray, and so that was good enough and I tried to explain. I don't think you can see what you need to see on it, but do rehab. I've done better, like I've just clear to go back to the gym, but it's been a long fuckin process. You would just clear to be able to work out again anti of no more pain. No, I'm gonna have, while at that low wait. High rap on pretty pretty okay. Now is an awesome, shoulder exercise, COLA, Club Bell and it's not a heavyweight exercise. I use fifteen pound club bells. I use them in urban for a while and there's a lot of great exercise you can do with a fifteen packages are really weird officer
sing like there's dudes, that use like forty five pounder they're fucking savages these like giant wrestler due to can do them with these huge ones. I can't fuck with us, but the fifteen pounds but are not simply a tiny amount away, but is it exhibits linger over the head? Can export Capua plain you're doing like these things called she'll fasting and all it is like, old movements of the shoulder strengthens your joint, very good for I should like, if I did, that with a fishing wait right now I'll be ok but anything anything above like a watch battery, I'm gonna destroy my shoulder just cause. It's that it still that sensitive to overhead movements. It sucks such deal, that sense of yeah did you need to give them our I'm probably might have had? What is that guy doing? Is that some
what your time along those lines, but there's something about the background. They re guys at that. Guy is warming out before he holds the women against her. Well, that's all that is. It looks like a worker allay acts. When you go home at night, you know when the guys that flags and playing at times this is one that I do that's one of the club will exercise that I do. I know you bells behind them or that the clubs behind him yeah those big ones. That's like strongman type shit, that's like stuff that, like like, like what Indian reviewer seem like famous indian wrestling like India is known, like fur developing like really powerful men and rest, really back in a dive. Only seem like the lady boys that do the pull dancing that run up a large. What in the hell am I? What study there were lady boys we're having that's pretty cool rip attic? I wouldn't say that to their face Joe, but to you I was at a distance and they look like lady boys number. I want to start to so late. I've never felt more. Like a bitch. I work for the USA, but
no one in the Sierra build like these four guys. When you see dude do like a handstand holding another dude up in the air with one hand right, wait a minute get the fuck out in my ear, while five hundred thousand gallons of water poor on there and the ceiling in theirs lights in their eyes and adjust to holding a stoic goes and it's their third shows at night there make so straw insane I mean They must be on roids. There's no way, there's no way to do that, not all beach, so you think, like circuit sir desolated juice and pretty hard core magic like lie before you know what I need drug testing insert too, so I don't want to watch some juice heads holding each other. I want to know its disingenuous to the sport of acrobatic dancing. It's it's. The whole thing. It's wrong. It's not supposed to be stairway and it's not fair you and I want to compete on that level with them. We want to be served answers, but we do want to have the juice. That's not fair. I mean you have to hold a lotta dues over you had to get built like those guys, I'm not saying the Jews
you can get that big without Tuesday night I had a friend was total at natural bodybuilder and he was a fucking huge and you would swear that this guy did steroids. He never did anything. Is there a hundred percent natural just abs? and worked out like a maniac and was enormous, but it is by well is really hard to do super hearted. Most people are so especially for certain body types served by tops, it's impossible. Extreme act, morphs ever met like really thin people incredibly thin face and hands yet those folks, Heaven really hard time. Putting Wait and most of us are combinations of an act of morphine and more if he knows all over them, and a little bit amazing morph sheriff were slight colonies. Are people who extreme act more sick man ass? We were that's a tough but stuffed tributes wrong.
I don't know I feel, like I wonder how much genetics plays into my own ability to to go down that path. You know, like move sure you went too hard to what it clearly clearly, I mean I realise that this was completely my error, but I wonder deadlock doing it properly. How much change you can actually Do a lot of change you got to just got to be healthy, got to make sure there's a lot of sleep. You got to make sure you do the power exercises, but might make sure before you do any that, then you build a base royal people that their lifecycle. Ten years of lady quake world competitive like a capture the flag, I thought that enough of a base to get an of a and going to bees mode, but it wasn't quake one capture, that's why, set alarm to set up a tub and know. I told you this is to set up a tub of margarine. Next to my keyboard, I would get a loaf, fresh french bread on the way home and then it would get
instant, mashed potatoes with grave in put that bold next to it, and so I would be playing team fortress or woman Steiner do whatever would sit down, play. Click. Click click break off bread, dip it in the larger and independent mashed potatoes engraving than those my dinner for weeks on every day, the ruined your body, tat man, be big. Years years and years of agitation notice, a difference in your body. From for meeting the warming. Now there was no different. There was no nothing to compare two, because I was always a chubby kid. You know like I will. There was constantly eating in internet, and that was my life, so I do now. I have something to compare it to you now: now it so now. I want to swing in that other direction, which is so when used to work out. Did you just immediately dive in New York? Last year I got it was. I was paid out twenty twenty one years old. When, as I can you dear changes, I lost a little bit away, but, as I can do to change this, and so often like three Google searches, I created the ultimate the ultimate work out regimen, which was nothing but a small piece of chicken and white rice for
three times a day and running you two to three miles in the morning intuitively miles at night, every single day for about six weeks and law the shit on await, got dangerously thin, developed a body image disorder killed my Killed my knees from running running running the Jew, have digital German, saying girls, you think I'm factor what now habitat. Until I guys chatrooms mostly like what here, would you like me? I r L, really so what little Ella of what is, by the way with the delawares, we not really allowing you're better moving, no parking Ella nobody's become a throw away. It become ok that was amusing Ella well, but I go with a yeah, like a hand, needs to be the other way like if you're, really laughing out loud fuckin mean it. Yes,. This is my business, my podium, I'm how to make the the platform, so you put together this this God awful routine. So would you look just from you
clips and for me I was just like googling, like you know, literally like me, how to get in shape, how to lose weight, and another thing is folks: if you really want to joy, don't even Jonah Jim, very really when we're gonna make yourself. Work out at home made yourself because if you really want to work out you a fucking work out at home, maybe we're going for one month and if, after one month, you're still doing it, then waste your money and the jump up is how many people join a fuckin German than just never end. If you join and try to quit, they make it the most impossible process like China quit the army. Go forty or fifty you a lot for life a month to month what you gotta talk to Pat the supervisor, who gives you a form to fill out to mail to some place to get it information about the creeping us where the actual like they take the money out here,
account every month we had a debit hides yeah you can. We wanted to Asia, cancel my Jim membership when my credit card expire, that's, which is how to him. You know it sounds like I've got like six months left. I let it run it's gonna, be it's gonna, be quite a week's worth of work to cancel it I'll. Just let it go. If you have a wall in your house and you can get a workshop, have you got it all? You gotta Jim Welfare, for real? If you, if you have a wall, because I would say, of only a need, as you need real prop your feet up on something you do handstand pushups everything out, on the ground. You do pusher in the ground. He you can do. Try extensions extensions. You could do like like a form of deaths with a chair. You know if you dont have a chair go fuck yourself, but there should there's chairs in the world, you can find a bench we have. You can hear this pod. Canada can find a wall and a bench held. The world has to be on weight squats on one of the biggest exercise I do. We ve talked about a bunch terms, hindu squats. I do two hundred of
When I do my my strength edition workout is fucking brutal man, it's like I'm in pretty good shape. I do Jiu Jitsu on a regular basis. I take box on a regular basis. I stay in shape. If I keep working out this two hundred fucking body squat kick my ass. Like almost nothing. It's like the first one is easy. The second one is easy. You it ten, no problem, twenty, I'm feeling a little, but I can see, though the finishing line, and then once you get around a hundred, you like whole leaf where you're unease are buckling and sharing like seismic earthquake on the way down became muscles. Can't do it. You gotta Hunter. Girl hundred go, but it's it's an incredible work for your legs, my legs and never and strong feeling amongst springs. All atomic. When I do my kickboxing worn droughts have much power, my legs, but my bill
move, it seems like a movies. You can get away from thing. It's like it's the real way to strengthen your legs, the real ways now really like lifting giant shit over and over again, that's put so much pressure in your bank balance the real way to strengthen the lenses body weight squats, it's crazy. How good that shit works. We still. I ve really, why you big, but squats, your legs a little bigger than never gonna get you never gonna give those ridiculous power left. If there was a moment when I thought that's what I want to go for wait. Squats will strengthen your legs and major legs a little bigger than never gonna get you never gonna give those ridiculous. Anyhow, I left it. There was a moment where I thought that's what I want to go for. That's you know, that's that our lifter yeah, like I'd like to power lifting physique regiment, has training in short, burst like that, was really easy for me, like I, like that notion of just give it all for five wraps and you're done kind of thing right, but now I just need to be confident that the leap over a puddle on the way on my car, like I don't- have enough command of my body that I like I play frisbee and I'm like I'm, probably going to roll my ankle. I got to be careful now guys like
about. I went golfing in my elbow hurt like oh yeah, just that you now you don't you dare would just for maintenance alone. I think it's, it's so important to work out just to keep everything moving in. Atrophy because you see certain people get a certain age and like you look at them, and you look at some Jacqueline type character that just kept working out what he was the same age. Look how much more mobility add like it's almost like your investing in making sure your car works. The cards and work fuckin stranded move. Your body starts to shit out when you, forty or fifty or whatever you. That's that a lot of that can be avoided in the way could be avoided is to make sure you keep it up key bit. Working keep lifting waits, keep going to Jim key eating right, keep working to Korea. Just that's! You have to do it. It's not! It's not an option like for too many people's lives. Yes, a Jew, Salazar, they'd shit. You shouldn't even be living your life with that in consideration. It should be a staple, it should be a state,
along with the Edmund. You want to be healthy and you should be able to do whatever you want to do. But if you want to be healthy, got to have your body whole thing. I really believe that I don't see how you can have like real happiness body about it's fucking up on you. I wholeheartedly agree with everything that the key and life for everything is just balance right. That's all it is so your physical, physical being your its with you every day. It's your vehicle, it's your vessel so out, be bounced work and home life or whatever. If you're, not balancing the physical portion of anybody's scorn on hikes sure scorn a hike, you'll have to go to a gem icicle hiking, where I lived in Colorado man Fuckin hikes will kick your ass especially at altitude, you know you're walking up the side of the hill. That's that's a real work out, nice cardiovascular and how you feel.
Good when it's over bodies designed to do I hear from years and years and years of programming your hungrier, some duty, love cottonwood man in our member George forms. The first fighter that I ever saw that we would cut wood is a part of his work out because back then, when people are lifting waits site, do a lot of fighters didn't leave waits back then especially like in the nineteen eighties, like nobody ever really lift awaits when MIKE Tyson came along MIKE Tyson had a crazy physique, but when who will now it was all chin ups and push shops, and he he was a thick dude. A thick dude who was in in an impeccable candy and he really wasn't like a big weightlifter. But then a Vander wholly field came along and eventually fear was the first guy that show that this benefits to lifting way
all those guys before. Then they were all train and they would do like a body building work out. Then they go to. Germany could move their arms because their sore right and they get beat up so the train. I would tell them a bad fuckin way: Levant shouting down your Dan Round its that's, not what it is a guy sore. You know it's gonna make you faster for shorter, and we know that now. I know that if you use the throwing an extra hundred pounds without arm when you're not throwing it to get a little faster, you're gonna hit a little harder, but the olden days, man, but splitting would that's brilliant. I, like I see the crossword stuff or their pushing tot tractor. There's a pills, formerly higher work out that music have pulled trucks, who'd puller, rather a jeep you at our jeep behind me would push it and poet trap himself to think, and nobody else is doing that back time. When George zone that he was doing crazy shit. Separating the fat from the meat when you grill it that's the kind of crazy shit for was the grill. Why knows the grill?
Adam sent out of use that completely, but I'm saying that's how I genius he is man that you made a ton of money. I am. I got way more than getting punched in the face and family. Not more money off of a plastic dorm. You know like chicken and in in state cooker humiliated on eighty sunshine. The face amazing human being would he accomplished was very rare when he was thirty. Years old after, like he got me by Mohammed Ali in Africa. It was most humiliating defeat it just he wasn't the same after then. He fought Wrong. While so, when we fought to do they have any data set back was expected to win at all. Are we work? Yes, they thought it was. This is fight the fight with such a one sided mismatch most whose eyes at hunters tops and flew to Africa and didn't go to fight and steady, took acid, more x in mascot, swear around the poor and it was huge disaster for hunters career because he was supposed to turn the storing the rolling stone Mohammed Ali he wants. A beating George for
and he wasn't even their right, he's innocent and shallow. He missed the entire fight, so I ll just ran it wasn't like you could say: hey man, you guys gimme USB drive circular source of fighting for my job and tell the story here: Couldn't even do that. There was nothing so hunter. There was a huge failure, because he was an Mohammed Ali fan and hated Wanna watch Mohammed Ali get destroyed Mohammed Ali fans didn't wanna. Watch that fight this Ali was in the twilight of his career. He had taken those three years. Often really was. Never I'm gonna again, he was never the same as when he was before they took the title away from them. When he came back, he became more of a guy, would stand in front of you and take punched until you get tired and being a robot up strategy would rhymes format and after foreman, after Frazier had dropped, him and Frazier beat him in the first fighters. To unify the title after that, most people thought them holiday. Lee was just use, is not quite as goods used to be a sort of a step down, and he was slowly starting to fade away. So George
Norman beat the fucking shit out of Joe Frazier, I mean it was brutal Kayo, one of those brutal cares worry hit, Foreman Foreman hit Frazier and picked him up in the air. With his punch, She is like a little scared. The soup and punch out star appears above his head home, Brian pull it out because it so weird but poor, Foreman versus Frazier Kayo its Oh another run time ever problem run type, hey, don't worry about. It says the powers of brands is power. This podcast is brought to you by technology. There grows arts, its charging where he he hit Frazier hit him so fuckin art is this the whole fighter, just a gale,
I'm going out the wolves are bidding the pistons that sucks. This is nineteen sixty I may say that they want you gotta watch how hard forming hits eternal that working. Joe Frazier by the way, tagged, formative, bunch time, still phrases a bad mother, Fucker. Weird watch these you need to take him to the ground. Lucifer loosen the stand again. Frazier, isn't you crazy, Stylus, Bob and weaving winging punches alike? Think of as the damage that's done with each little tat to the brain louder, there's years and years of theirs when Foreman starts landing item Ah, yes,. He had so hard. He hates you just changes everything.
He would like to throw its whole body into a there's, so much power in its punches and it was the box or to a surprisingly good boxer, the reason why, like he was able land those punches, whose variant unorthodox in the way he would box he like Push guys off a lot. See how is doing just part of their yes push them right away from me, don't guess and then he would he would plata you the job, but then when he knew that you're gonna be there, that's when he would wing the big ones like right there see. Most of them were short punches like his job as a nice job. There's the Africa when he gets up for that's ridiculous power man watch how hearty hit somebody gets up. Praying and litter. He's literally gonna go in the air watch, the shit I saw my son go for their god. He's, winging punches Adam.
Nice chances that operate in a whole body behind that job. As a fucking events, posts amendments had rented a body. It's like in telephone pulled in the face. And I was this big weapon as a yellow too slowly, but surely is just chip away at Joe Frazier. Curse, worries and is being those who start. But the ways boxing is so smart just keep and offer the jack I just ignored in the looks and look, there's a shot God that Africa was bad and there's bow you that run oh Jesus. There went his first bike right now in its first date, all my from God. There were his ability to control is bow that Africa was incredible, they're going to keep this fight go and they don't give a fuck in the seventies. Did you want, Up son went up your dukes. That's me, It was this That's it arrogance. Not a continues. Do. Are you kidding me
How hard as I go ahead prince so coming out of this fight, everybody you know what this guy's gonna kill. Em rice gonna kill Ali like what did you do to Frazier? He did that to Joe Frazier. That's was at one round or two rounds for surround. Today is a first. So we know that the Frazier, what the fuck is he gonna do is illegal stands in front of guys tat, shot he's got this robot style on these three years back. Ok, he rope it up. The fuck out of George fallen stock Gypsy. The stoppage I'll pull that up to pull up Ali Cayos Foreman because it was beautiful, is one of the greatest moments in the history of sports. Nobody's gonna win nobody's gonna when he goes to Roma, he's dance in yellow and get the whole Calgon Ali boom by. I tell him like our kids, the whole crowd is saying: Ali kill him. Jesus he's got everybody convincing
George former's Fagin these with the white man thanks target is he'd, tortured, army, torture them and then, when he got into the ring, manages Fuckin box them up. Too much moved around tired amount and when he finally got entirely tired connected to hidden whether right hand and put forward a way, it was crazy. Nobody believed it nobody, but people are going nuts people in America or Fuckin screaming job industry is used for Represented something really scary, this big crazy black due walk around with german shepherds. This is the case of wasn't it right. There pull up poor bags, easy so eight rounds. He beat the shit out of Mohammed Ali do for eight rounds. This is the end of a fight. Looks like he's. Just
Ring in arms out there, they ve done a clean and there's the distance from them used to ask a brief blitz little down he's out from always documentary now I'm workings. This is a brief splits creation. According to the water mark on the Youtube video here, Bruce Blitz creation, expert, splits, Bruce Breath, you fuckin savage, so it has wisely, but he was gone crazy. They they dance, exact MBA was it was the beginning of the end of hunters. Thompson's literary career he started can form a part of that became crazy.
Unfortunately, when you said that was the night was sort of the beginning of the end for foreman as well, yeah yeah, those when forming had one more fight. After that, and I think he fought wrong while I think that's who have fought, but they had this crazy back and forth. Fuckin crazy war- and I got knocked down a couple of times and just wasn't: Saint George Foreman Ali took it from him, so they retired and then it became the priest and he became a preacher and found gods word and got fat as far right and then at thirty six years of age. I figure banana fighting for ten years. I think that's how long it went out. He just decides three hundred plus pounds. Faz fuck decides gonna come back and I remember reading about it being a boxing fan la. Why are we going to make come back? That's crazy! Good luck! I was thinkin come on you
form in the modern era, he's a giant factor and then also need just like collusion way and he kept beating people, and then he got to Jerry coats. Natural could see Jerry Coney. He got the Jericho and beat the fuckin shit out of Jerry Coney, pull that a broad public George Foreman Cayos Jericho. To make its cigarette about fine all undermine their editing get the Dubstep remix about fight actually pulled out one up with the laser. Do they consume George Foreman Kayo, Jerry Coney? I think it was in its fortys and pressures as fortys and he who was the oldest man to win the heavyweight I'm losing forty six when he knocked out Michael Moore and Michael Moore, was a fucking stud, he's a really good boxer form and hit him with one of those canned hams? Those fuckin of his it's just a hard for me to watch like I respect
boxing highlights when there from the time we're in a maid and exist, because because now you know you look at it and go ok, that's that's impressive again, because that was the sport not where they were the best at it, but nowadays, like the box has completely lost any ounce of appeal for me. Well tat. I prefer quite honestly, I prefer, Mme to everything, but I do like stand up fighting on. I do still like that. I prefer kickboxing. I like gum. It's. You know what it's Showtime, as once it Showtime they just solar cells to so now it's just called glory, that's the new. They they combine forces. They bottom Is it at all like a k, one or its just like be better than accounts can be the best fighters. It's all the bankers the k, one organization. After a while stopped paying people they would they had money problems for a while and then a new company bought them out, and then they did him a show. That is showing me that people didn't get paid from that either not everybody got paid like the big guys got paid. So it's showtime and glory
together, but mostly on America, don't even know how fucking bad ass kickboxing is real global processing mean we used to that Piquet. Karate shit in the eightys, which was quite honestly, means a lot of fun. I enjoyed it, there's a lot of very good fighters? You know that that came out of that. You know that actually we know Dennis Alexio and the guys are really good fighters, but this style wasn't that exciting and make people they had to like kick like eight times in a round. Otherwise he they would get penalized is mostly. It was just like sloppy box, and this is nothing like that. This is incredibly technical is later, is confirmed, yeah. Well you this Jericho, anything and George Form and is forty fear this Gerry Cooney had challenged for the title at one point in fought, Larry Holmes It was of murderous poncho knocked out, can Norton in one of the most vicious knockouts ever Ruth not a could bang big Fuckin white guy.
George women also open. He opened a lotta people's eyes with a well. He could take cooties punches to go that want to brood, God, damn joy form was about mother fucker combination, get up Owen, Benjamin he's gettin up tough, Jerry colonies. Gettin about that is gone. This evaluation- ok, never been clock like that like this, but it is one that I agree that a few little fault stamp in opera cut price, please everyone that we want a second one. We want to see in part again, those this is gloriously due to slow down. We are living in the far right. We need the following, as it is one that George Women's deposition left apricots him steps to his right right hands. He was Here's a really underrated boxer man. He said that guy was, you know a really
the interesting fighter, but Muhammad Ali took a soul in, but I was his ground game as ground years, probably about like James Tony's, no good. God is so good. You know they all could develop a ground game. Anybody could develop ground game. All you have to do is put in the time with the problem is when you go there, you going to feel like a bitch right now, you just got to be able to do that. Cuz. A lot of people have a distorted perception of how well they can defend themselves and you know you get in there- you're old, like I, my friend Kade weighs one hundred and forty lb and I'm not bullshiting. He might weigh one hundred and forty five he's very slight is very sick, but he's a black belt in Jiu Jitsu. You know and I'm fifty every them. But if our role with him, I gotta watch what I'm doing conceal fuckers Betraying one may not grown conscious mean that system The reality of Emma may, as opposed to you it's a boxing. As you know, in in in a in a a boxing match the fact that you're not going to
We see that in ever, gonna see a guy slap, a triangle and a guy in the middle of a fight right and I'll. Show you locked it in you missing, have fun here: you're you're you're only going to be able to hit guys it's great rise. I love watch in a fight were to dude, throw blows and their rights, but I don't think it's chess versus checkers, like I'm, not done not downplaying the new ones of the boxing aim, but there are so many more outcomes you have to factor in every single millisecond you're in an enemy match. With someone that's a boxing. That is true. Your blood has to keep that in mind. You never see the high level striking in Emma may that you see in like glory and K one. You don't see it. You don't see it at that level. There is not they're, not as good and one the reason, whether not as good as because they also have to factor and take down attempts. Rather they have to change their stance a little bit and they have to work there. They have to constantly be thinking about like if they throw a cake legally had taken down and then what
the rather guy gets on top volunteering, albeit with some. Madam, is this some? When you don't have to think about any take downs, then This can really can really upon shock. At I got some other punching and kicking is so exciting. Kickboxing man to either that's my favorite shit, the watch one when I watch dude leg, kickin, dude and fuckin flying mean each other in the face and drop and elbows on each of the minutes. Wild like how good some of the best guys are at just pure stand up and an mma it's real hard to get to do that. Good at stand up also have good ground right. You know it's cuz, usually when you get to a guy like a Giorgio Petrosyan who's like a multiple time, world champion won the best fighters in the world. Giorgio Petrosyan is a straight kickboxing. That's all that guy does and he's the fucking best, and he he fucks guys out there. Like really high level world,
Figures out their game, and you can't do that if you also taken Jujitsu class, you can't do that if you're also, you know trying to put on weight because, as you know, a hundred seventy five hundred seven provision in the next way classes eighty five, so you gotta figure out what the fuck do either dehydrate yourself or puts a mass on you don't have to do that when kickboxing is vital, we fuck away class. You are a lot of weight classes. And so is glory, is that as a new organisations, both golden Glory formed glory and glorious kickboxing authorization. They already had. Another Verde had at least one show, but that's fucking, high level kickboxing to me like one of the most fun things to watch by going to recommend somebody. Actually it's that's ten gentle, but I just don't forget to use the term ten gentle twice I haven't had cast, which is more than I have ever use it. Sweet gray. Where words I love that word and asked. If I would my I might use it in us something I wrote, but I would have to look it up. Tomatoes using it right.
Now you'll be all right. Anytime, anytime, you wanna go off on a tangent apologise for being an agenda which is the chair, Digital Posada, though it's just recommended to we recently it's a BBC like many series. Three forty minute episodes called a black mirror and it deals with a sort of near, futuristic, societal issues that will come about because the ever evolving pace of technology and how it gets intrusive into our lives, real, it's brilliantly shot directed edited it's one of the best things I've seen in a long fucking time. A black me called black mirror. There's three episodes- and I am has it and and reluctant to speak about it any further, because I know spoil anything like a cage adds a BBC us. I think it was gone for the BBC. Now a snare show, it would say it was a three tweeting. That's why I'm your letter three up? Three. Many serious or three episodes through many series it s like forty minute episodes there for nominal? I cannot recommend them enough. I've been shown into everybody, the it's beautiful I have
I can't believe you haven't aired over here yet think they air in India and the UK and we're just stupid. It's it's beautiful, I would add- is gorgeous here as well by labelling that satin mere is phenomenal. Outta the depth that why you looking at a mere is what came up. Sad, look! It up sat and black car moment. I type black. The suggestions are cock. Mouth lorry whole, it's weird brains, computer. This suggests. All these weird thing is, I was searching for Benihana. Isn't it popped up Mukoki right away, maybe see many series on future technology issues recommended by its amazing I beat above, I guess we can kind of dip into one which was you know that The Google glasses Uganda's right as a glass scare, so the notion of having every moment recorded of all the time all the time. What that's going to lead to people have been I got, can lead to freedom and democracy and whatever
I never really gave much thought of it and I, like the context of a relationship and a couple, gets in an argument where someone says what you said. Something certain way a little while ago and try not to spoil things and the guy so did I: let's look at the tape under both going back and analyzing the argument which causes them to analyze other things and caused them to go. You know that there is even the notion of up children suing their parents over decreased like wages in the future because they wouldn't show enough support during a t, ballgame or whatever. They were younger, like the notion that that could resist could exist in the near future because of the pace technology. Is mine, blowing yeah, you man? Could sue your parents? They did a shit job of raising you go back and show the evidence, and your father was some millionaire bank dude and just did spend any Tommy exhibited. Forty seven, where you didn't love me: let's go the arrow, and here it is its show. This is the first time that I missed the party the say treated me. I was too right now you can believe that ties us that's
right. It has has it it's absolutely happier this. This whole thing is not. Can it's not like it's gonna stop this. This intrusion, this integration, this The symbolic relationship we have with the machine yeah, that's that's fair, like that. The intrusion part is where like nonsmokers linseed as an intrusion at all their happily adopting it seems like it. I think it's going to be. The situations can be that's just what life is? It's not going to be an intrusion says, there's nothing to be proud of any more. It's gonna they come to that. Well, I think there'll be privacy for those who can afford it. You know, there's going He a percentage of the society that has enough money to hide what they're doing or make what they're doing legal and oppress other. I won't be friends with them by the way there Where are your rapidly climbing them out man? You're close, I need to get join a country clover, something you start a supervisor. They like me and now tell me when they are about to make, should go down the road of the twin towers playing golf by the way
black mirrors channel Foreign BBC. Ah my apologies, it's still brilliant channel for you, son of a bitch where you that specific with it, I just dinner, just tell people that being black mirror and then the latter issue for using Bang that's trafficking, spider have died or man used being. Did you like that movie? That was the idea to tweet it. I think that that really ruin my suspension of disbelief like here. I'm supposed to believe this. Kid is like crazy inventor and he lives in a world where people can hand, treaty vector models to each other and there's crazy, high end technology everywhere, and yet he is using being is and in that time get me start and then that tablet, when you think about that tablet the new surface. Well, Actually I don't know, I don't know, I'm not I'm not too mad surface. I got to use it before. I really write how it goes. You know,
look, I'm you know they're trying summit. It was funny to watch them. Try to present a product like apple though, and I dont think they have their presentations. Charleston Anna, yet rose rose up and then, in the guise of those other tests and like twice like twice, combining a set of a bed and this guy that was selling a case for it is like this case. Is the finest leather like a luxury car steering wheel like you would find on a luxury automobile? That's the leather continuity! Fine on my cock, strap right! Now, it's my Luis DE string moodily, since my balls with baton. Finest murder bees we caught the throat when they were young. We personally personally club to each of these baby minks is here: that's what they're saying if your ass off the land of oz of a child.
To her. Prettier hate cannot prove to be fair. The software is in beta, and so that's probably why from his haven't you don't, but you don't want it. Don't do a presentation unless it's gonna be solid. Apples really great at that you're, not that they haven't fucked up too, but in a great experience, just with all the with with arousing ten point six. This guy, I seriously bond, is why, during the email, it's gonna be sent to a modest job creation as whatever surface and, of course, people play games. I can go and play any of the interesting games that run in the windows storm now its economic reasoning, surface, for I can play the game, hide the surface yes, and no one can see from road for all of those and then the cameramen zooms in like right right at the worst Proteus entertainment, look great as well. Looks great, my Childs college fund. Now, why ask about? I won't see it again. Now. Why is a camera? Would you switch she's just a second,
What's the arrogant as freight are going to talk about, this are currently retraced. Wait away. Did you just put it back in which kudos on that produce arriving another one ready to run? Mrs? They must have forty back. They are adjusted case. This buggy piece of shit fuck up in the middle of my presentation, I sweat and they tried to play it off to you. Gonna call talk about it. You will listen, we're gonna, stop that from happening. Pay, no attention to the crashing on the server silly itself. Lily crashed yeah, so that that, but I don't I'm not mad at the product, I didn't they gotta, try something I think it in Amazon making smartphones interesting. I think design wise. It's just you know, like me, sit foresaw the Ipad here today, while helping sexiest fuck. You know, and this kind of seems to Us- I don't know it Matt Ages, boring and looked kind of like will. Yet this would have an awesome three years ago. Do you know the gentleman with a small ipad? That's the next move, yeah they're, making
no in their making. The note bigger is what is the lady sambo. The next model notes actually gonna, be a little bit bigger to kind of compete. How big the nest Ipad is. The Ipad must have fallen attached to it. But you get there should be. No, I mean you, can you use it as a fine? I guess it probably that's what they're really trying to build it ass? Wouldn't you wanted to be able to do everything? What if the note could do everything, but the occupied couldn't make calls thou annoy me one in Europe? now they may cause you're Skype. Looking Skype or VOIP, it stipend people like some fuckin hacker, savage for what it's pretty grandparents are skyping at this point that I think I don't think the elite hacksaw out there are beaten up sky give to afford, describe workings of energy while It is its graduate eventually going to be what phone calls are like you just need in that connection, we nets to an extent, that's what they are now just instead of Skype, you're using their cellular tower, it's just converting your voice to packets and blaming it around the planet. Again. Why I like mountain man when I mark,
gets in this plan flies three hours up into the air. Go on it as it is known, in a poor fuck he has to go back nay, look as to heat up water in my God, garbage, can does have a humble tumblr. Was to care if he doesn't have a tumbler, I'm not interested in order. Tumblr is it what's his twitter does have a twitter flickering dollar one longings, yet those plugs those tumblers Like where people want, when they got off, Myspace, etc, Need somewhere to go and express myself in a really annoying were actually where I think where people are getting off to go from Facebook now need to park. Yeah a lot of people are tumbling, really yam and it gives you that sort of personalization and all that man is the face. The thing is crazy. I think the less indulgent people are allowed to be the better So when you allow animated give files and all that she don't like my glitter graphics,
find me as a human being. I went to bed forty songs on a paid with glitter in that defines me people for years, wandered away to define the type of person is instantly defined when they have a glitter tag on their minds page four years psych, you know, did not return. Our did like the deaf in weird. I like it's like they tell you they like so many like come on real the guys that James Starr Frog as their ringtone and, like I see those commercial that, unlike someone is selling that ring tones were there were ring tones Ben. You couldn't describe a girl like that before they were glad. I tags you would you,
while she just we're in the works council you're an asshole same with acts, bodies, braver, I'm innocent same with every mode, driven hardened war or bought. My father wears a whole bottle of an end to this, like he has no sent glands. So when it comes to my house, like I think I've had people come over. My house no shit in three days after my dad has visited. They say your house reeks of knock off Portuguese drew car. That's my old man, which you re out. Even the real jerky know it's like this. It's like the chill water. He uses the knock off cool water. Like literally, I got some of that when I was a kid I remember put in love. This is really what I have to do to get laid. Through this guy did not do men get around doing. There did. Oh, if I, if I may now be great, Thank you, sir. You have such this congrats and a half on every time I visit you there's a new set up, waited he soon we're gonna be in lower earth orbit. Recording podcast like this is important, like so good, were branching out so happy for both of you congrats. Thank you we're having a good time
we ve been doing a lot. A comedy shows here ass to what one Sata Wednesday night for folks who are interested its picking up. He's as we speak right now added to the show what can be one of our Wednesday night Super shows DOM errors and Gregg fits lenses and I loved and our Asia fears, and so just right their son, get the fuck Greg, was so can I buy asked him to be a part of the first led up that we through it at Club Nokia? It is my belief that I've got me males averse what plain to the ladys and gentlemen again to Dunwoodie led up a lead up yet well. We created it on a whim this year. It's it's supposed to be in and sort of is a nerd carnival, so be it Is there is experiential zones that you can have like an old school arcade or cause play, or you know, modeling with with earth Magnets
pokeballs and just a random shit going on on the show floor and then on stage we do a sort of variety show. So there's a podcast taping, there's Vijay. My crown me to come out and jammed thumb on the store would taking it to ten cities. At the end of this year, in total, taken it around we're, announcing the dates next Tuesday anywhere nation of the around California. I think what we don't have to fly anywhere, not for this one I Portland, the closest possible fly out will happily fly out, put you out there and you can do a show the other or torture broadcast during it. If you, if I could figure out a way to book, a show that ninety absolutely good worth my wild go home, so I think it could have a fun thing would be to do with thought about doing lie podcast before and we might do there. But I think one thing, though we really fun to do is do half alive, podcast, half alive q and a session shares we can fuck around in part gas if we like, but I would like it if people could just line up and ask a question right,
we build that into to lead. I like the idea is that so many people do live, podcast onstage and you show up, and you just watch somebody talk, and that's it and I'm right, but you're there you're physically there. There needs to be interaction with the audience, so we play games with them. We give out prizes, we do Q and AIDS, isotopes unity and all my colleagues shows its awesome, but it became towards the same questions really too much double Dear, to give you a favorite stray please. If you gotta, Jos, lie podcast taping makes it as their only questions you shot out. That's all they got me, which you know it's a bad, but I would say like yet. You should probably youtube together Europe. Better there's plenty of descriptions of it on Youtube, listened to talk sure specially in other people than theirs great videos. Are you talking about it? You know when you can, you can see that, but it was sometimes it's fun. I still do it sometimes, but you do after every show, but it's their clothes strong. When you do that, especially as I would I wouldn't want to say no to no more questions. Questions would go on for
times hours. I've done I've done like an hour many than an hour and a half more of Cuba have done them more than once after muslim people. Let me go dude. I want to get out here, Verity dog, so I cut it way back. No, by what I like to do like between an hour in ten, do no more than an hour and a half and just go fucking balls out now and then, as for Q, and a just talk to people Many thanks go outside meet everybody together. I shall answer it, but the yell it out like on stage like that. It's like its it, I think, would be cool if it was a show of only human. I think that's what was expected. People would be able to end. They would be able to
actual microphone and ask like when we did not change. We need a national yeah. There was. There was a bunch of really funny ones that we did from the end of now, my special from land that we just did, but my one from before from Columbus Ohio. We do us one of the funniest parts. Especial was talking to people afterwards like to ask the step up the MIKE funds that have ridiculous question, but it's hard. Close on those quite hard to count that one of these gonna be gettin have the vision. That is if he could have an awesome show, but if, like the end of its socks, people remember the end Oh sure, you got a book and start off big and big. That's a big hailing for an hour and a half and of the last five minutes eat a dick. The show sock, while, if you did that, if you ate a dick on stage, I think that's quite a closer. It's a peasant whose their great sure yeah sure did you hear about the Japanese counted. He served his own penis. We decided that he was a sexual.
So we had. What am I going to do with this thing to say please why and how those people come over any cooked his dick he cooked his dick with mushrooms and I would love to see Yelp refused for that. He showed his dick in the bag. He had his dick surgically removed. First of all, the fact that he found a doctor that's willing to cut it. Junk and then give it to him. So he could cook it sure like holy shit, and who the fuck, you think you are, but the fact that you think you could just cut your dick and balls often not miss them. I think that's sick, Beyond belief, but I want to have you seen that you seem to be any pain Olympics video right with the guy's got his balls and a Mason jar filled with angry hornets senators shaken it around come on boys, you get May I spoke deepest linger in me like that, isn't saying to me, people goddamn insane and pride of significant easy. Does it work.
Do you think it works does a similar work. This is regarded as big room yoga. Yet we need we think about that We found a doctor when we first launched attack of the show it's one of my favorite segments that only six people saw as nobody watched our show. We first launched it, but that launch weak. It's crazy shit and one of them was someone yelled across the officer. Like your ascot served, I go like okay, we want We could you serve a web page to someone's asshole hole. We did the research and sure enough. You can We got a little usb web server thumb drive. We registered you're Ascot serve dot com, slipped to a condom and on live television, put it in a coma, Asshole and food. Up the web server in his call, you can go lie To his asshole and leave a message on his wall, which was likely sprawling on its colony existed lightly were has his career. Is amazing regret, however, that on live tv? How much of that did you show? We had him behind a screen silhouetted, like he's Ventura style in the document that there be modulated his voice, but I
standing right next to it. With this movement, a little microphone just war was brilliant. Ass God, Sir that's Larry gave us too bad. Six people saw, I saw it. Thank you because I got mine five more, we can have a reunion special. That was the feeling that was the beauty of dvr, because that was one of the few shows attack the show that that I enjoyed kind of like watching the news almost every day, nine as it. Let's call me up the day and in something that so I I mean I might have had like twenty episodes at a time and only watch like seven or eight of them, I'll take it by oil. You know I don't want, it was fun, show man, I really liked how it progress, and I was actually re sad to hear that you laugh, but I understand how it works. What are you up to now? The lots lots is doing a lot upon cast. You know any air conditioning, not me, that's what I'm getting into mostly as Hp Ac stuff. Now I can fix your air conditioning. I've been reading up a lot. No, I I left and I started a company called super creative super creative, that
visas are saying we have recreative now. Thank you, It was originally a little is like. What's the least creative name, I could come up with US airlines what we do, because I'm like spending weeks coming up with a name for double helix infusion studios LLC that were super creative, that's it will do so so created it and we we saw the show decipher which were doing now. I think you know what it's far enough along. We haven't actually put penda paper, but I'm doing a new mission in a series of probably Nancy. Comecon we're doing led up we're doing a whole bunch of randomness. That's a pretty flashy intro! That's them what they want in the most amazing enters ever. Thank you when I got shit. So what we do. What we do really well is hyper websites, so we can crash on is that has ever still in his assets words having served from right now, that's aware someone at by I hired Microsoft to do my my demo. I've there's a run time arid and try to do that today. Try to do what today tragedy that same stunted yeah.
Probably never built, but it was really. It was kind of. Was it was censorship. Wasn't a huge issue with attack of the show we were really able to get away with a lot, but there definitely came to point where we there's no way those ideas could even be what was like the the thing that you try to do that then they get shot and others where there was a lot that I tried to do, which surprised me. Then it got shot down like chaser greased pig in the studio. It took me like four years to be to do that. I wanted to, in the middle of an interview, have a guy come out, ring a cow bell and yet like swimming in the graphics role in a fuckin greased pig is released in the studio and we all try to grab it pigs, dumb, is lacking in the world and the as well? I had my moment on. Our thousand episode show I got to catch agrees. Pig in student was fucking, brilliant television, except for them but when I leap in front of a pig in a poke port piglet scared, it was a small little pain when all now I just feel bad. This pig isn't studio lights. There's people cheering, we got hey everywhere, so it was. We made the best of it, but it was it's the doing. Shit like that was that I stopped eating pigs for awhile, really
I am now, but for a long time I stopped eating and because I watched a documentary called something my brother's keeper thing, was about these two guys that were accused of a crime forget with the crime as what they were there a bit slow and they were living in a rural area and they ran farm and they, when they went to work, kill a pig. You could tell the pig knew what the fuck was up. You tell the pig was running away. Pig was terrified, they put that got up and pigs had a boom and he did, for the other packs a pig's. Remember that shit what the fuck is going on here when you come up with a gun and when I saw that I saw them like while Thou think smart thing smile no other. Incredibly sooner people go up, dirty, filthy disgusting animals actually incredibly intelligent, that's kind of fun I'd, that's the only thing that I think of when I think of as us being like related to animals and that we'd love animals. It's only to me, it's only intelligent animals, but when I
the pig as smart as a dog or smart. I go there. I smart thing and some people kill pigs is pat or key pigs, keep pigs rather as hats MIKE they're, probably smart right, but something stupid like a fish can suck my dick, merrily. You didn't mean to keep around actually feel connected to that fish at all right. I only feel connected to things that can think If I can win it in a midway game and flush, it down three weeks later, walk or how it should in the head and other browsers, go what happened that was loud loud, a showman along you were here now. Can you believe that they did? They got flog wrong like illigant? That's in most insane shocks me Charles Dupe. It me why you can eat goose, so any deliver right. So I mean how about like look. I understand the argument of there were. Certainly there was a percentage of farms that were torturing animals, essentially to make it much like the way
torture, veal to make it but yeah, but it wasn't even that man have you ever seen it the way they first of all the way. Most of them do it. They did the fuckin ducks actually hover around the feeding to because they want and when people talk about big shackled in their heads or through a wooden holding their using plungers sticks to jam it down their throats. That's the the propaganda and look, I'm sure that a percentage of farms were doing that, I'm sure,
people treated my shit. There's like you make that illegal. You know make the fucking byproduct illegal lie. Is it not ok to take that one piece, but it's ok to take the whole? What's that it's not! Oh! It's not legal to theirs. Organic fog was too where they don't force freedom. They just use the liver, sure that's illegal. To now, that's what I mean is, although stupid package, a hockey doc, is still you can still it doc gets dilly goose. You can glazed and hang him from a window. This actually made an order in the preparation of an organ illegal, it's so stupid because first of organs are so those nutritious things you can eat a liver is really good for you. It's like that's the reason why wolves go for the livers. Resuming cats eat your organs. Super healthy for your heart. Hearts are so healthy. It's really like really like MAC. Somebody thought it was just like that. Guy seven up his dick in Japan do you think and ensuring universal health, and I'm not I'm not turn nothing about the nutritional aspects of it. I'm talking about the concept of eat like there being
restaurant near future where human organs are served because their grown in a fridge somewhere out. A petri dish is that whatever of generic like we're, gonna slicing ear off the back of this mouse and going to eat it, but a liver or something else will you know eating parts of human round, Jacob Creutzfeldt disease who can cause a mad disease, the same essential that disease at Maggie went mad. Mad cow is somehow you when you feed cows, brain matter of other cows and that's what they do. They grind up every fucking part cow and then feed it. Other costs really saying disgusting. It's not just disgusting! It's like psychopathic! It's like they ve done something beyond horrendous that all aid they eat these animals and murder these animals on a regular basis, but then they feed them to each other and they feed them protein, which The way is not what they eat, man, that's not their food, their food grass, ok and then elements was reading corn and there is no, I think it's a fucking fat is because we feed and corn lousy grass. That's what the Knesset Pier
so we're feeding a mother cows. Will they get this crazy, mad cow disease, which is essentially natures way of keeping being a fuckin cannibal same disease, the cannibals in New Guinea get cannibals in new guinea. Yet these fuckin horrible neurological disorders where they have the shapes, that's fucking people. So I thank you. I don't think we'll ever see a human organ restaurant because I think if you eat them, you're probably get sick. Meaning only makes sense and other priorities are leave its brain matter that holds them. That's where they get it from this. Actually, this talk is exactly what I needed, because I needed somebody to tell me that I couldn't do it. This will be the catalyst. This is my motivator. There make it's a pretty incredible things. Petri dish is right. Are they recreating bladders now, Linda? I think they ve done that with them they ve created, bladder end and installed it into a person. There's no run time errors.
The latter, you know, like sort of a bags, probably good, safe things, start our before something that pumps right now before they actually make out a heart right now, I'm sure they ve done it, I'm sure they ve done it. Put it in a chip somewhere and popped, opened the chest and see if this powers it. Let's see what happens, we do this surely have man, tubes chimps the death tested on. I bet they really angry Q. Imagine what a fuckin shit life it is to be a smart The champ, which is probably what smarter, champ or person went down syndrome, is closed. I would have no eight. I think down syndrome- is such a wide spectrum of syndrome. Their lord knows right because Corky had a very mild version over from the facts of life. Member Was it facts, another buzz, I wonder years or was it knows about life? What was that the greens will know growing pains is the one with Kirk Cameron and
So I said that I ask that quite like girls, because I know that's that's all I want to get in all caps and my twitter feed for the next three weeks. Vows life goes on row for you to know, Corky member growing his wound, before Cannon, became one of our most also he's really lovers. Eliza banana shaped the way it is a sign of our till. I can explain that shit joy. It was on a plane with Cameroon recently and he was sitting there looking so sad and depressed and because it was one as things where I was for somebody else to put like their luggage up. So I was just standing right next to him and just sitting there like looking at his phone like looking past his phone, not even looking what's on the screen and he's a there and then, like some woman, came up to him and he just looked Evelyn like did those like little but it was so weird being too he came imagine every day. The guy is fighting off the gay every fibre of his being. He is just clinching his teeth and fighting if
you really want to save her. Camera is what you do if you're a big fishes in his lap, employer, cocoa and he'll setoc along, like a baby to its mother's brass, would have been an appeal on adversity, security, cities, doing just fight, not the gay tooth and nail law on Fang funny to me, hundreds of people who are most outspoken against homosexuality are just look at our laws and gay look at him he's so, obviously gay you can't get any obviously gayer than her camera. Is anything wrong to be an obvious now either I mean, the guy to be happy. She just come out of the closet, all of em. Just come out who other towns arose Scientology. Sir years whenever you know that all find it's amazing that Tom Cruise already has a new ukrainian beauty. And it was housing sure of him and her holding hands are ready in a magazine such an obviously stage. He likes
Metalogy are bad motherfuckers cause they're, still rock and an old school in two thousand and twelve array they put in story lines there creating like narratives. They have a whole fuckin problem. Indeed so, like like a whole area department that, like figures out, I had a handle that there's like the waiting time a girlfriend and we need Tommy girlfriend who isn't gonna newsroom. That's it there there that the fact that the news court, but we spotted K, holds New York. The pictures in New York Shit need time with a hot russian right right now and Tom, ok, you're gonna go on Ellen this time and jump on the couch and you gonna say you're in love and Europe fifty one picture career. Jump on that women's couches and put on all things seat in there that the videos of them like people trying to go into their welcome to the public kind of festivals and then coming out in aggressively swarming around people in sorrowing. What's your issue, what's your problem, what are you hiding woody afraid of its that
That's scary, shit. They love the going too big to everyone. The culpable bigots, yeah, Peggy, you're, a big it scientologists, fascinating organization to me and it adopts People though man no doubt about, I have a neighbor who is a scientologist who's on nice. Fucking guy man he's a great guy and he did help him. Man hit did, tells you all the great things that I did for him and how would they help his business, help his life and help his focus and this man, so I can believe in it who you tell em differently, Kevin Pereira, nobody, nobody, Joe Rogan, do you think how much of Tom Cruises life is surrounded by scientologists as he just like in a Scientology by my regular years. Yeah. I think it is either you where's the pig how made at the meeting you know like he's the one that's like the deepest, then I think I think, there's like a group of I'd, probably like six main players and he's like the one in the head.
These are like you just created your own Fuckin council of doing less seriously when they meet in their hollowed out. Volcano ever seen the videos and build our full he's like one of those powerful guys ever is. Can you pull up the video of him in the you know the Scientology video, where he is it a video there wasn't supposed to get his ex post me lay like a conference are something Ryanair has to be an out of nowhere. You had said Tom Cruise Creepy speech Scientology when it whatever it is that they had it set up and season they had set up in this. Some like a whole was oratorial of people that will I watching this right was now hearing, along with a shudder, my remembering the rights, and I think it wasn't. He was an annual meeting like a seminar like you it through that when they offer you a time sharing than you, gotta go skiing port.
Eighty alms you poor, she didn't she sign out like I've, always her always heard a sign of devices. I not horror, and it's like large errors. When you get this much monies monitor career, to come back to be relevant in L and guess what man? That's the only way to do it for a lot of these girls in these, bling girls. You know they're doing pretty good if they're, okay- and you know five years- goes by and she's nine who pass? That's it silver? so you gonna make you gonna bust. A move before your fuckin rice runs. Avatar socket sand out of it, when out of our glass. At that time, the old rising. I get right what I feel it is a similar measuring devices, rice and some cultures, I'm sure there are made you gotta be summoned figure that has meant way too much time, thinking about ancient civilizations and ancient culture? To be honest with you, it's real problems. It's a distraction,
from thinking about current events when you think we're gonna wipe ourselves out or upload ourselves into the machine, so it doesn't matter how soon it seems, Look it's gonna happen in our lifetime. Yeah seems like the leaps are coming so fast. Did you see it hearsay screening devices which. A more rapid and he's got a metal, he did it he's gonna meddling out a metal. He won the religion. I've never met a more competent. Although background giant podium, tolerant a more compassionate being aside of what I've experienced from L, a rage, and I ve met the leaders of leaders.
I've met them all, so I say you sure she'll be we are lucky to have you a beautiful. Wasn't his beautiful wasn't around busted on like a boat in international waters having sex with under age. People get ok, someone, maybe not, but I said he with made its very good luck to update the wiki. Can we just get that he doesn't even the one man there's one where he was appearing, my tape right, yeah yeah, that's the one I recently found, but I thought you were talking about that was beautiful too, though he's beautiful the what he just so charismatic sign up for five years with ourselves better than help my career. If I just had a inkling of of the possibility that maybe he would hang out with me, if I could just right cultures,
They got a music like that once you know these tools and you know that day work. It is not good enough. Just to ok, traveling the world, beating the people that I met talking with these meters, the various fields they want help and they are dependent on people who know, and you can be effective in doing analysis. That is our responsibility. To do that. It is time now is to stop an idiot uniformly. Jumpy beautiful you better, knowing you better known, and if you don't, you know, go learn black! Oh that's the option if I dont know what she's a sun, even the end of at the end of it, is what I wanted to hear way says that if you stop by an accident, you know you have to do something to suicide is in
and video hereafter. I skipped, don't don't make me get my big car for good. That's fine! You intend to me. I love that usually possible music. I love the love. All of our religious mission. Should you choose to accepted? Your fell to harass is love, the conviction, love the fake actor intensity involved in it, and I know that, Just think of I've won more our this and I'm gonna fuck. Everyone she's got this light.
And do this waiting for their prepping there right now like a horse that knows he's on the end of the trail and get back to the feedback there. She knows twelve do than the back warming up lapsing there. I've done everything I could every day when I think about those people out there who are depending on us, and it does make me Sheila its work for help, get the spectators in the playing field or at any rate, in the playing field for out of the rain of his great you're there with us to have the answers and we have weakened about all the help. We got you in a dead pill latest Jim. Please watch the whole thing because of so much glory in it. So much awesomeness retailers, but you know what
it's like we, we value charisma like that, so much that a guy like that who can step up and tell you what's, Technology can do to maximize you then you will be a better person. It's not if right, you will be a better procedure very much. The reason you're not right now is because you have enjoyed come onto how crazy do have to be to be wearing a metal to wear. A fucking olympic Gold Medal bigger than the olympic metal. The date they said was the Olympic Metal Mega Ten percent because this is important melt. Those olympic rings into one giant metal makes get matches eyes? We make it out of the gold. We took from the feelings at Auschwitz and the special evil goal that we have saved up every been irradiating insane mean things too. They have later years, one fuckin pile of
all the gold that they know was made in and gotten through. The worst circumstances, like black beard, fuckin pirate sure we know he murdered babies who is going to allow this is the gold. I want mould into that. When will you get what you want you watching a slight? I thought your Tom cruise screen Saver kicked in your photos. Are they have? No, isn't? Ok. Stop right there back up a second thing about this real quick. Look at him with Val Kalmar now think about what he looks like, which is the fucking same. He showing him those that Hillis there inside him in this photo Val Kilmer looks at it. He sang I'm good, The elbow hastened grumpy no continued to age, whereas I'm crows had a got to certain point and then just stopped because he's been eating from a human, liver restaurant. You don't know about it. Yet, he treated as human liver restaurant because in the cradle freezer, especially pigs is organs target as in love with Katy back in the day. Meanwhile, what are you thinking about their cock? That's it was thinking about cock.
That's easy is ready for an actual ailing for Kirk. I actually want to say on the record that I don't think he's gay and he doesn't want that because in my name is brain right. Over anyway, United States aims red ban, and I disagree with everyone here- instructors and inside that would you do if he doesn't, even if it doesnt want cock? I think you should try it cause. It might be his thing brain. Would you do a five five year stint with Tom Cruise if it meant unlimited wealth in career success? Five months, let's just say five months, my mom pound, I've, sex or just hang out with- I think you have you- have to either stock or be fought by Tom Cruise. One of the two has to happen for sure and limited wealth, unlimited wealth, sure and success which doing career success. Five months, Tom Cruise Sex life, absolutely not you wouldn't for unlimited well now what is unlimited wealth and never have to worry about it yeah, but could you by like Jetson, share
Certainly a moment, if you imagine your blood, all euro, you let me go fuck. Your bundle was worth tat much. There was like there was a way you can negotiate. I'm sure it is the Sun Sultan out there somewhere now he will think of it. That is like suck your dick just for dinner and like really I couldn't get an unlimited wealth and get a better agent we're trying to exact Efron there. Maybe man don't let me get entering the eyes. Don't look at us, don't how many guys do you think our in Hollywood that are in the closet that are forced to being the clause because they play action? star. I think I think, there's a think. There's a shit, none them and I also think there's a lot of guys who who bombing in its their guys you go gay for pay like you aren't gay guys with life. I gotta take a deck to make second ends meet. Let's go right, crazy! Some pages of lower standards filled the let things happen next, maybe I call it adventurous fuck you for putting a label on anybody who might do that out there. Anybody at all, if you want a good, though it seems like a company like Scientology, is fucking awesome to having your corner
It seems like they I mean I don't know we're just totally speculating in short, what role? If any, I feel like as an speculating by the way whether nice actually get you might distort raise certain concerns me crazy. I just the notion of a Scientology too, to beg if I were to join it as it is a d list struggling actors. Web celebrity type vowed to join Scientology and kick in hundred grand the first year Maybe two hundred grand that's gonna buy me to a certain level where I'm in meetings with people who are heads of movies, studios and making decisions, and they go look at this young gentlemen here who's paying in and he is he's playing the game. Let's put him in that movie, given little more because we know is going to contribute to the church and always going to be a ambassador, but how much that is how much they actually control. That's the big questions like they obviously control Tom Cruise, because he's really successful mean you look it Tom Cruise Tom Cruise has been in a bunch of really big hit movies. So that's why they control him. That's why they handle his business costs is a massive, invest, sure he's worth a ton of money, but how you know he's that
guy, but for the already there you know I'm saying how much can they do for you? How much can they get How much do they get Kevin Pereira help? How much could they weasel you in how many more than adequate hedge, which is in it? Maybe they give you a hulu wed series unknown me mission, impossible five, just seen a hook I'll take it. I mean that they can help me out on a certain level and as as you grow with them, and they help you, then you contribute more and they help groom you for that. So they are essentially like a form of italian agency for some, I'm sure for some they're, probably a beard agency for others there, a talent agency do not, I mean like they just offer different sort of? What do you mean you're in the church? Now they have your secrets, they audit you. They know all about your past in your history. That's part of the initiation processes that you divulge everything to them, so that you're the one that we, how good they are given cigarettes. Amazing, too, pretty fuckin way. I mean thing about how many deeds that must have the fuckin side scoop and we are here at Scientology, are committed to a mission
that was an amazing like whether a group on unjust gay misuse it s like an egg. Just came out of the woodwork once one guy came out. Why? Why? Oh, no, he didn't I'm gonna get mine to resolutely. If you're stepping forward, I am wondering, are paid to think about money. Money must have in exchange? Yet while they suddenly started withdrawing other lawsuits- and you know that I don't know- if that's ok, maybe they were frivolous. I dont know better issues come out, come on I'll, do tears. Other get- I mean, I'm sure, like Anderson Cooper recently came out. No one has ever did that matter. I mean that now the bill, a care suck. You know it's not funny to people. What's funny that people straight retaining their gay right or rather Gabriel demonstrate that's running right the actual being and allow gay people, but its aware. When his fuckin, obviously gay people, Cameron. Undershot, whenever there is a legislative setback and, like you know, being gay and gay rights movement,
like you, can so easily draw a line. That's parallel to any other time, there's been a debate involving marriage or any other discrimination suit, and you go Yeah that was wrong. We were wrong about discriminating. That's right. We were wrong. We figured that out and yet here we are discriminate. En masse in volume loudly and openly. It's. You know it's a platform for some people politically, that in that's. That's, ok, right now, hey without him, with all the knowledge and access to history that we have worked with Well, religion is always been the big mean. If you want to look at one thing it suppresses gave you all. Nothing has press gave him whether religion, Almost every person whose against people who are gay being married is religious train as is that it's not an ideological viewpoint. It's it's. It's a religious viewpoint, sure what's work from there the ideology that that relate, that that act is is negative in any way is connected. Direct record religion,
for no one. I know that's an eighty four, a myriad of societal issues, though from religion to abortion, to whatever, among them the main think people say what's a political issue. No, it's actually a religious issue and one political side. At times, absent flows will side more with religions. Well, traditionally, republic, aided by came Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan started shut off. That's where the big slide in this country came before and religion really was separated from politics. It wasn't a big thing, but really with IRAN reckon they went after the fucking religious right. They knew they were a powerful force. They knew they could rally up and make a protest, and they could do you know they didn't good day with the house's pavement handed, the pamphlets tell every Sunday beam the message into people's heads that allows like fuckin, mindless drones and neither of purpose to live are happy to be a part of that organization than they were in locked in such a pitch I would, though, like I gotta figure out for me
My spiritual parallel is because every story that I read about you know everything from placebo effect to it. We spiritual people he'll quicker, because they believe that they will heal quicker. I gotta figure out the proper in a healthy way to unlock that without me, because I'm such a sceptic about everything I didn't help you that with any pill with any drug with anyone, even just positive thought I'll eventually since myself that it will not work law can help you please to the leaders of ready conquer. This can help you ve turned Life is a simulation and its For your own benefit, you live in a future sex the future, what people take orgasm pills and most breeding is done through some sort of Kinetic manipulation worry just fuck and recreate people in laboratories and has no sex. There's no meat you'll need steak, You don't talk, you use your brain and it's beautiful. Leave organised an genome basically evolve past the point of physical violence and pleasure, and also today, things that are essentially just tricks of genetics, but it's boring no one's going to
exact music, fucking terrible. You can't go on get a good steak. So we have decided to incase arc. Justness in a simulation and assimilation. As we are in the wrong twenties of the technology age. We live back in time or things were crazy. We, too good store and by a fuckin six hundred horsepower card just drive through the speed limits. Fifty five miles an hour wink Wang. Meanwhile, you can go by a shall be Mustang. Six hundred fuckin horse sober the matrix, but we gotta pay for patches exactly on paying we're in its that's part of the fond of it all is that everything is corrupt and ridiculous part of the flood of a bad man, movies factors, bad guys, Okay, part of the fun of a of our life is the fact that yeah we do live in this ridiculously corrupt society. Yeah. When you, when you raise your voice and you you stand up and you can tell people, this is fucking. Bullshit that does feel good part of the game. It's all part of the fun and
reality it doesn't. It doesn't matter at all. You you're a simulation and you probably will never die you. Will you will live in this simulation enable Fuckin black out one day, you'll wake up in the middle of a fuckin some sort of forest fire with your friends and you're. What you're working in the end, blazing he trying to put out the fire and that's your real life, because you, you know that the view work up in some new reality and then he's going looking salt yet it'll go on forever raised. Does no ending you don't get a break. You know you don't get to sit behind us early gate some day and reminiscent figure out if it all went away. You wanted to well next time. I want to come back as a baby. Knowledge is one big thing never ends. Believing that doesn't make me feel like my planner fashionitis is going to heal, quicker way Put yourself in a different sentiment. Not let me go to decide with your mind. Is that take control this video game. He got his sight your mind to be the hero in your own story and that, if you work
to be the hero in your own store in the story can be fucking bad ass. Well, with a hero do right now. How are the hero get ashore? gather too long, I mean do any to invent dragons and dragons and hover boards set to. Maybe you could do that's two calling if that's your calling everybody has won, but whatever you calling is you just gotta decide you're on the story, but with a hero do through another heart this Fuckin air conditioning, sucks yeah. That daggers really don't mind. If I can let him in here, just we can look at in checks. Things were the shack, ass Jesus Christ, I now know me like if you can just walk in the background, you know doesn't want to come back right now, the audio visual Google. I think I would rather have we done what time is seven two hours. Fifteen June, keep happy too, if alike,
did come in here and the guides pretty said Leon behind swampy. I hear tropical birds kind in my teeth right now it is rough. You could well a boat through the poor. Air conditioning is trying to do something. Were there to us. This places fill with holes. You look at all these doors right here. You could see straight through there's no right insulation in this place, sir, this fuckin window right. Are there? The sun comes blazoned down those windows and it's a hundred. Sixty agrees outside and there's rabid bats in Pasadena. Have you heard about that should now what do they on a rabbit bat in Pasadena. Another warning, the residents in this particular area where we're at this is viral marketing vat. Marketing for New Batman move it? So it is. This is leading up to COMECON. Can you imagine the sons of bitches humanity, are manipulating. The news. They have a me little shrilling, we certainly Bethinks will it mean, maybe not releasing a rabbit bad, but somebody with sing the news report about it. Who certainly do that? We're gonna Bio engineer, some some rats and give them a point,
then send amount for the New movie Willard, her pretty sure we don't have to sit up and we're gonna its they did. They really attracted the blood believe blood in the street. All come out will kill him, although that would do that at COMECON any dead just released a patient zero at COMECON to promote the new resident evil and let him walk around another one. Guy COMECON. If you meet him, you get a free t shirt, but will also give you as you like these zombie aids. Have you seen the giant rats they found in New York City and some of them they found the Bronx. Well, apparently, it's it's a type of rat. That's like Fuckin Leumi. Google is its prizes here, but it's it's issue. Huge fucking rat, like so big lucky you, you look at your weight, unlike pomeranian size or like clydesdale size. You don't like, like a Johnson, really like one, those dots in New York, it's on a fuck, it's crazy man. It's on a spear and
There's more than one of them live one of em. They killed whether sending like inst exterminators into the sewers with spears to kill. These rats says that guy killed it will pitchfork gathered there there that delay plants are not a rabbit or fair enters on others, a rattle rat, its apparently a type of rat. It's not like a regular street rat that people have had as pets and released, and apparently they get fucking big man. That's right to think where people of always, you know, heard about rats in New York, city ideas, rats, size, Catherine irritating. While there really are yeah others, those are cruising around surface streets. That's not like miles! the ground in a sewage tunnel or something those guys are running around oh yeah, they were there and houses and share in other digging their way into people's houses. Jesus yeah there's some other there's another rat, they found in a shoe shop and it was insanely bag.
It's gonna get to the point where cockroach it out of the sunrise disguising the size of this. They found this rat in a m in a shoe shop? in New York City, we are holding back. Listen to shovel the size that fucking thing it's a cat insane and meanwhile theirs as many of them as our people. Right: Cities are many, and I love they. Don't ever figure out how to organise the wife one rat was killing. You show your pants. Sir I've spring elements. I see a spider, the size of a dime looking down, but the reality is their eaten, something right. So there's gotta be it's like, so that up with set up their part of the ecosystem is his right of appeal Nobody in those fancy towers, what's ever think about,
What what is what is prey for that route of eating other giant referred size of agencies? Diving will certainly each other I've. I've had rats my garage each other. I killed a big rat once left the body on the ground you got, kicked, kill them trap, midnight. I didn't feel like. I was waiting until I clean the traps that often clean tomorrow I went out there tomorrow in the rat was gone everything but the tail there to eat them. Jesus state is bones: dude state everything I mean it's crazy. This it has left a little bit of skin and some, like you know, parts of their feet. It was inside just enough to identify the body. These are big fucking rats. The rats- and I was an insane own- a time in the hills in above above who's. A lot of rats up their goddamn is a lot of rats and coyotes. Everywhere I mean you want to their just those motherfukers that they just keep checking in with mother nature to see if we wiped ourselves out. Yet looking around now now lighter still on the average
people here yeah we're waiting, we're waiting, rent we take over again. Not daisy add you guys have a nuclear each other. Ok, I won't crews back and come back. Our hyades will run towards the blast when there's an we're blasting gonna run towards it to start Fuckin just eating the first thing they find first, first I personally find have you have you heard about this? It's a game called daisy. It's an add on to this is very real stick military simulator Arma too, but they they. This guy made like one guy, is making a little Indy game called Daisy, and you start off in its online and Europe completely defenceless and helpless, and on your own as a small zombie outbreak in there's a lot of human beings running around and you very quickly have to figure out what is more threatening to you have to get you. Gone. Did your food at your ammo like try to me and you can meet up with random people and talk to them, but nine times the ten at random persons in to future in the face and that's what's so insane. Is that, like they built the simulator where it says omby outbreak, but just like the reels omby outbreak would be the real threat? Are your fellow human beings? It has nothing to do with design these. Will you now
in fact, one guy blogged he was in a town like clearing it, and these dudes cannot a bush with automatic rifles, and my camouflage and the average lifespan for this game is only it like a handful of ours. Must we will get an they surrounded by people Killion people Achillea, because they can't yeah exactly they'll. Take her supplies once is either you're gonna have to really take care of your character and be healthy and try to build up so this guy's level of a city and like six, do it's pop out. Put em at gunpoint in they said gonna kill you. Unless you become our slave and a guy fuck. I want to lose my character and they said. Listen. You just follow us around for a few hours and ascending to cities to scout, for us will Then you have you get attacked We have to be our slave into what we say, or else we're gonna kill you right now and I was like all right. Let's do this, they need a meal and post for photos. He was like a cat I'll make people to this, and he said that at the end of it like that, he went into cities and scouted form any really felt like he was one with the group after a few hours and then they key went and they went till I clear a bus and it got ambushed and slowly one by one. They were all getting killed and he felt so bad he's like our man. My group got killed and he clapped quickly. I d
fight with a group of online captors, Stockholm's, Andrea, yeah, but in matter of minutes in the virtual world of like well all right. I guess I go along with you here we go where you could say that guy's idiot Well, I mean what else, but when its choices the game of those that are so much valued. Joys like twitter, lady, I performed so out of someone to be a cunt anonymous. When we can have that, that's that's does work. Does it work That's all all online games. I that's why? Twelve year olds call you with continuity bag, you every five seconds, every ongoing that just veneer of anonymity lets people eviscerate each other. It brings out the worst doors that human beings, while whenever you have no consequences for your actions, rights so weird, than that we figured out how to do. Is that everyone's getting connected in doing so. There's gonna be some sort of a weird period. Where still sort of work in itself out with his anonymity and in
action at the same time, not sort of where we are right now. Yet we have both anonymity and interact hyper interaction. Hyper connectivity really can't even take place anywhere else mean. How else could that even take place except the internet the net in the natural World Devereux. I say I mean through like an old failsafe. Will I get a glory? Whole ended adult feeder. Even you can fuck somebody else and not knew who is on the side of the debate could, but they got that. I feel your teeth. Stop, stop stop, and even then this consequences. Surely at about Dick. Secondly, will you know it's one? Is I've worked dick and glory because, with this world coming to Fuckin twitter, you are useless. You dad was right, but I have found that like win, win, people will tweet something negative to me, which is constantly. If I reply
if I spent half a second to reply and let him know that I actually listen to their criticism or you know, I'm sorry, you thought that what I said was terrible, but here's liable everywhere, just that ounce of attention actually makes people apartment. Certainly there are trolls she. Certainly, there are trolls I've been I've been pleasantly surprised at how open people are once you gonna call out on you, gonna be Dick right now, but I do respect your opinion. It's really funny. Yes, I'm People as it is possible tat a lot of time to just trying to get a reaction, certainly, but there's this dismal our country. There are just jealous till the just the fact that they know who you are you don't know they are so they lash out at you just because of that they see you on the shows, like he's not even really a geek, I'm a real de kids. They love the geek test. Lover who saw Sylvia people love just like things, go. I give you ever gonna fuckin website that reviews cars and it will go on about how automatic transmissions are for fags would have liked.
Automatic, Sergei they'll, get angry that you don't shit, you don't even get to put your hand on a knob. How gay is that? Really you get so connected to the road sector means vibration, anything to be angry about anything to relate to anything. You know how many people are mad at us. We're sitting on windows today. Tweets. Are you mad? I just don't understand what a rough time around the guy we all about. I love it. I recently bought a gaming laptop and was like tweeting out about it. I'm like this is great and you know not only did I get from the MAC fans, I got. Oh, you went back to windows, you're running windows, machine. That's mistake, then, from gamers who should be. You know who should be supporting anybody, he's playing pc games of laptop all of us.
Love Dick in your eye right? That's why you went for a laptop cause, you to get a tower like you build its, and you know you have water cool it, whatever you don't even overclocking, and at some guy, like I yelled at the inn, video the graphics Card Company B gave I was having a problem. They weren't supporting the hardware that I body spent thousands of dollars on a machine and they want officially support the hardware. That's in it yet, like you, couldn't but a driver for it first world fuckin I am well aware that, but I was again and I tweeted it out, and I had so many people are like Dude download. The Linux distro driver had enough file fuckin right, here's a five page tutorial and how to do it fuck and get it go on and on like really that's not that's not worth my time or money and that's how your choosing to just eyes me. I appreciate the people are appreciated. Orderly. I used to be one those guys, but when its computer
How will the union's guy was a code or like four for sure, but no did you do it? What is the most impressive peace across Europe? Well, I should say that I guess I was more load, balance and stuff for like verb for routers and stop so I would balanced way packets were distributed in the debate. Is that an eye espy really, so you worked in an iron p. Balancing pack. I now is one of many yeah jobs to do that. Would he do work go into go instead, I enough when I have five, but you go into files and basically look at the way packets eroded by ip address and packet type and you assign priorities to them and you make sure that the servers can talk to each other. So one servers and taking on everything its distributing this sort of network load against everything else, but I've been that was there was the rhythm every that there be phone tech support. They would be writing visual basic installers for windows, three one and dealing with when sock errors and all sorts of creative when the barrier to entry to get online was actually pretty fuckin differ. What you were you online was the first year.
When I was a no win, it wasn't it. I don't think that's I'm so you have may I feel, is a privilege to have not experienced the internet through prodigy or AOL at first. I use something called the knowledge net. Prodigy was for serious people. Prodigy was for luck, reverent for private. Did you really customer service Ok, we're gonna, pretend that were calling and Kevin you're. The call and you ve got an issue and nuclear. Brian you, the customer service, is actually call tat, which is a company that rounded prodigy cause through them, and I did prodigy and like that, with this little back, when call centres were handled in the? U S still right, so you call ready to go Brian. I want to know how you gonna fuckin greet me to be greeted the customary member needs to be a spill hello. My name is Brian and they might take a master one. I think I'm gonna take a man, sir. We're american expresses the preferred method of payment. This call may be mandatory insurance purposes by a supervisor this brain speaking. How can I help you
you can write American Express right off the bat and preferred preferred sponsor, would settle about their prey paid for that. Little sure, there's a kick that, while a max does early like, if you feel a certain aiming cards, get you early access to certain Ticketmaster events. It's all one big promotional, kickback madness it was crazy, throwing alive event in seeing just how that that industry needs to be disrupted so bad and what were for livelihood is like ticket sales and we wanted to meet. We were, we were charge. Charging is essentially a seven dollar ticket for lead up. That's what we were asking which turned into a me five dollar ticket after convenience He's processing charges the house gets there like everything on their ticket greater than dollars, and it ended up costing twenty? I mean that what I have to do that when I do concerts and in certain very the others, but after feeling that they have to get paid to whilst they have a theatre from getting money. Well,
the theatre, the theatres, getting a very small fee on that on that ticket for right, they're, getting a very small, an opportunity to make their money off the door and are often of a parking enough food and beverage motorway whose fucking? U them, why you know they're still partners on some of our lead up tours. So we haven't completely divorced ourselves, but I love what Louis UK is doing, we ass going completely independent and saying that their certain com, is that own venues and in some areas they own every fucking venue. That's worth a damn and there's some bans that have exclusivity with those venue, so if they tore they have to play in one venues and use their ticketing systems. It's all designed to maximize their profit, make it fucking impossible for you to make one as a small event in a big venue and it needs to- disrupted and the notion of a guest You can kind of kickstarter something, but should be a site or service where people can demand an event in their area enough enough people demand. Then you can. You can take bids from local venues economy to disrupt that
Also, you not picking a venue first trying to guarantee a certain number of ticket sales and then going on sale and trying to drum up publicity. Ike, I could see your point in that. If you are doing this, you can force bands to pay to charge much more but because the people they have contracts to keep steady work come in because otherwise and how much steady work is going to come into these theatres. I don't know how that business really works. I think it I think it's I think they have have russian say half the time. I really dont know that the numbers, thereby those metric shake out, but I believe they are purchasing venues. Nevertheless, and take an agent like they own the venue bills they don't. They have agreements with like like a talent agencies, we how they work all the sometimes
yeah, I don't know what specific I could get into yeah it's, but what you? What do you think specifically support should be disrupted? You think that it's too difficult to control the market is evident as yet. Well I mean it's your your locked out. If you want to play, if you want to play a certain type of genuine certain cities, you have no choice but to go with a certain ticketing agency that has their own built in fees and Rustam, and I want to take an agency has a deal with the van to have an agreement with the venues, or sometimes they own. The venue, but don't you think, that's because they can provide the act? to the venue is not the idea behind it, sometimes, but also as an independent who isn't signed on with that. You still have to play that game. You gonna meet you. A choice. You literally don't have a choice in certain areas with certain venues but I think need to be disrupted is the notion of we're going If you're gonna go tour, you pick your dates in your clothes, probably based off a metric tons of data or off of Twitter ran, then you say: we're gonna go to these things and you go on sale and you have to promote and hope you sell those tickets and hope that goes through. I think there is a big starter style model where people can within like you can pick an area
and so within you set a radius hundred miles two hundred miles. I want to throw an event Describe your event and in its people like on face or whatever, where they donate money to spend twenty dollars on that event? For you know a little extra bonus and become an avenger list of your brand or of your tour, so I made a sign that more people when they are incentives to sign a people and then you can you can with the demand is in an area first incentivize early adopters to raise publicity about your event by giving them kick acts or or stickers, or extra merger, whatever for being an evangel in that way, when you launch the tour, you already know you ve sold x amount in those areas. Can people have committed suicide kicks? four touring. That's an interesting idea. That's a great idea. But I wonder if that's what you want Sure I want to do in order to ending spending and again these said it live there and I was doing but here's the thing you know what I started to do it actually like I started to do it and in just relax, have too many plate spending right now so soon wants to do that. Also, I hope you ll get outta that service and if you want me on the Advisory board peculiar, but I just don't
I got a lot of place, So parliament, having great away it is, is the big venues, a nice poyser, all locked up, pretty much yeah pretty much And yet have to go if they there's there's ticketmaster venue? So if you want to play the sort of any european Ticketmaster, that's happening, didn't know who is the? and tried to Seattle with the four hurl J programme treatment starting up and they were they mean they they did for their fans, but you know that's like Radiohead saying anybody can release an album for free online. It's like what you can if you ve reached a certain size right. You know if you, your pearl jam. You can fight back against Ticketmaster. If you're trying to throw a comedy together or together a nerd carnival and give you know you have to play by the rules right right right, while that's interesting in its while trying to run of conventional unimagined who'd, let a thankless gig haven't much assholes but I'm fuckin shows your place, really cops pine
Well, I mean that's part. You mean that we are paying for someone to clean up their venue, you're always paying for that. It's not like you know. That's that's built in That's why the venue should get their charge if their thrown the event there than sure you're paying for them to stop. People too, it up and make sure microphones, work and lights work and that's what you're paying for but seventeen dollars for a convenience fee. Would that there's nothing convenience convening about What is the convenience Vinos? It all depends. Is it's a sliding scale on a certain price ticket, its there's a built in fee plus a percentage, so you have to price you, tickets at a certain way. So you don't have a fucking everybody else over and you end up losing money on that front. Sounds like you have your more successful. They saw more tickets. You another problem, you can Yannick money, you you can't you look. You can certainly make money, I've ticket sales, that's absolutely sure, even added controller and asked her and how those companies like lock everything down like this will have
At one point, I think they were a very convenient and they were sort of the only game and then they than they started going to events in doing you know deals with them. You're gonna sell your tickets through Ticketmaster. Nobody else and look for online unreasoning were great and customers loved and then once that was entrenched, author deals and deals with people who on the venues had then they lock out a cue power I mean I think it's not another. Certainly companies that are trying disrupted light brown paper tickets there trying to do independent ticketing for events as when I used the last one yeah, there's enough stem cell abuses that there's there's a lot of companies that are trying to disrupt that space, but to throw events at certain venues granted they're nice venues, the great venues rights why we chose called Nokia me with phenomena great and I loved everybody that work. There was great experience, but it's just unfortunate that you do. Charge. Seven dollar, for something and because of the system, entrenched around it. You end up charging twenty five that sad that hurts. You know, that's that's triple what we want to charge. You know right, stolen towards our box. Our complaint
so led up, is gonna, be like people going to perform. You gonna. I wanted to be wanted to be a carnival, a true carnival, honest. I want you to be the place scheme aware both tired when weird are you gonna, be a weird hosts to put on that thing? That green suit, with the question marks on the like, like either like the government or the island, is selling you things in this house about the question mark two faced guy? Well: how on earth? Let me pander to you for an hour. You gonna have to do something to stand out as the promoter. Perhaps something with feathers. Would you be one? used in a way a boa. Absolutely I would for. I would rocker, I would rocket belongs day, and you know how many guys, who are the host have to like. Where do something flamboyant like have a cigarette, a cigarette holder? That's him! These housed, see him with a cigarette in cigarette holder. He's our host
we're we're opening this year's tour. I'm microns common alongside a play drums of them for little bit of his set enjoy real now he's MIKE Mike Round, is a phenomenal. Dj is one of the guys at spend. Those visuals is closed. The Olympics distorted the blue man group. They have proved the jailer you he's the test Jesus. I would, as I think, I think so I put money on our party. Absolutely. He does remixes for oh you're, gettin hypnotized by firstly to Roma. He he's, one of those guys that will cut all the trailers for official movies and films and stuff, like that, all the remix trailers, but we're opening it up of that old. Hbo eighties thing now like HBO would play ball
every movie red flower, the city of London, the letters were doing that and remember that only got it out. It's when MIKE favorite agree so good an end. The documentary on them making that is brilliant. They were like they invested so much money in building a little stop motion, animated town that the camera could fly over and they Compton the average family. Watching tv like what gathered Round Watch HBO the camera flies over the city and goes into stars, it was a beautiful cease and analyze. If you need to explain to me how you don't like game, thrones, Zadig donor, stand you unless I gotta give it three episodes, because I watch the first one. It was a lot of talking in a lot of people say the same thing I did took like five episodes for some people. I know I know I was in the minority opinion people got have set about that, but those people get upset about windows users. This to this defines the air Christmas get around kids in the old time rates, bus, unopposed, yeah, we'll just about what it was built in Geneva. The build up your ago, some due to the studio rocking almost lying vetoes nation must ensure at board it misguided as euro. Go it s like we're, really rectory period right. I gotta tell you that I have forgotten about that on one hundred percent completely. That was your laundry though, like to bring a battle of barely remember. Great tat was something that had been erased from my mind: fuck yeah we're bringing that bad for doing we're doing a hard core electronic, a double base, just atmosphere ex about yeah. That's openness, remake fuck, yeah,.
So you gonna, you gonna have this. You can have the v J, you're gonna have what podcast or going to perform well right. Now, I'm just sort of leading the night like we are epic meal times come with us for most of the tour highly in the guys, we're gonna mealtime, brilliant Tube series were guys like make like nine hundred in calorie burgers and pizza or they'll go to every fast food. Restaurant get one of everything on the menu role it up into a deep, fried dough thing and eat it and put Jack Daniels all over it. It's brilliant! It's a great there's, epic music. Behind it. The cuts are great: their buying forty pounds of bacon at the supermarket, filling up the shopping, cart like and then making high caloric things and just eat em. So highly came out of the first one and we interviewed him. Then we brought we built like on you too yeah. Syria was better than or man versus food
I don't do man versus food. I do I do without you mentioned dream, for you know I do how kitchen health kitchen, how schedule is about as mainstream as it gets an outspoken love that shouts and when my parents, I left Gordon Ramsay, get pissed off about somebody's risotto is the greatest moment in my life. I look for them. Make an fuckin horrible must be for those due to good or you were gonna restaurant, some shit, restaurant. You can work in the same shit. Restaurant forever. It's always been shit is forgotten. Shitting me love and everything about it and other goods package, and I get a kitchen garden of that. A lot of every single restaurant on kitchen nightmares truly believe they're, not gonna, get raped by Gordon Ramsay and in their just crying in the kitchen, got eyes powering into them over the other. We gotta good, salad, we're going dressing on a salad. These are good Croton. Where store the salad trunk, my car, with what we vote, we put ice in their once a week. We get new, let us and they plotted against vine mouldy thing. The fur Dreyer s fur looks like cats mix with how much of that staged
it none of it stage. No doubt kitchen nightmares, definitely not staged. I actually planned stars and stuff is stage, but I mean how many she do disgusting restaurants. Are there and allay alone that have seized in the window, where you know, there's just sour cream under a pilot dead cats in the kitchen like that, should exist right. That's! Where restore that's we're grandpa! You do what you have to do to get it be referring to the dairy queen with a sea one. Yes, really was my first week ever smoking pot and we made it. Rip five. My walk to a dairy queen with a sea because I decided to normal blizzard was our fuckin holy grail, and I shall myself senseless stingy literally that oh yeah immediately when I what we walked back, we were sober, and I think that was
well. That was a track and then immediately everybody who wait there through other guys like later brow, governor one gets everybody just just screaming assholes us. If the really go out of your way to get to see its use, really gonna restaurants, I've noticed that's not to be racist or anything. I just that. That's what I've been, because I am like addicted to looking at the letters and every almost every time I look. It's always rise and restaurant, it's like a b or as a people, beat the drum for deregulation on everything. And yet I would need at a restaurant of half the restaurants about in believe that there is a solid blue letter in the window. That was somehow certified. It's always looking out for the fact that you don't wanna. They wouldn't want monitor what goes into our food and how its maiden, why it's me by people who are against labeling foods like those are ass, a whole fanatically modified food psychedelic. You can't put that where the fuck do, I put it on the little their fighting it now their funding into the new Gm Foods GMO scary, stuff, Mansvelt re means of it can certainly help people sure, but some of
is real experimental? I don't what the fuck gonna happen. Fifty years with a shit we try to mount a couple. Rats rats did all right. How do you think it states now cross pollination of other people's plants in their there? The genetically modified plants are getting into other people's crops and rights we're getting sued for eight months, Otto Corn or yours, you're seed flew across the other highway, and now I have your trademark corn growing in my field IX. What Monsanto created agent Orange created, DDT like they created some seriously scary shit before they start Fucker, with genetically modified. Well, that's really scared! That's the really scary shit! There! That's crazy! There and what not only that there were speculation for a long time. They bought black water in a black water. If you mean exile, exile, I love. How can we really need to change change yet again? The agency or something like that, something along those lines, but they were sold by some one in the speculation was that they were sold by black water, their sole through some private corporation, and I was the agent with
with Monsanto bought black water leg. Why? If they bother on mercenary group, because you know there they have they face some serious resistance and other countries always better India, where an indian that something like every thirty seconds. A farmer commits suicide in India because he owes money to Monsanto. Hundreds of thousands of farmers have committed suicide because they're involved in that they can't pay off and they just get fucked it. I don't know why they have to make these deals Monsanto. I don't know the intricacies of the corruption and how it's pulled off, but they develop this
They should ship or these people that's where they getting their seats from they have either seeds from every year. Right in on. You have pleasant it that a sell em, like bacteria resistance, strain around up, ready style strain and they put that in, but it ends up killing. Other things runs up, generating its own problems and other get a bite, a solution from Monsanto as well. It is not how that I'd process works, are they bury them selves and that I don't know, I don't know, there's a lot of issues to it. Mary go and read it. I get sad, my just stop brazen it and go the thanks. I it when you hear that every thirty seconds of farmers committing suicide because of it, then what Brazil. Brazil just suit Monsanto brazilian farmers want they want billions of dollars. Billions me. What does that mean? I mean they does it mean that we have to get a fuckin present, they get good food one less. It means one less caviar ski due for somebody at Monsanto, whose hearty cut billions of dollars result might not be a bad place to live in the shed his friend I would be down. I love Brazil. Now, let's go get a fuckin book on Portuguese do speak.
Don't you do dashboard, he is, and I told you he wears a bottle of your car- he's deaf ear, what you guys, but he's got a thick black chest, hair with a giant golden eagles and crosses dangling into it real Yannick rate PET Us dash. The amber alert is strong with him really love me, he's he's full on Portuguese and shouted with bread rules at his mouth does here family dinner. As you been to Brazil, these from the AIDS or islands, as I saw a whole special Anthony Bourdain, went their great cuisine, possibly amazed amazing! It's it's boats! that I need to take, but I want to take a road trip to bring it so many Portuguese moved Massachusetts in Rhode Island. What the hell's out about was a proxy Just get this. In the first place, you fly into massive amount. Livin fall river Massachusetts form We're Massachusetts is doing.
Let me underline area gaudy, beaded sweaters, now that you want to go but different put spots and what island is like there is like home towns where people talk Portuguese and Rhode Island like wounds socket. I think that was, it would socket, was potter, Rhode, island where you go, and that was like a porter portuguese. Fishing, village, crazy and ever God are you like in tight like your heritage? Are you really in touch with your heritage, in your roots, in your ethnicities and other JANET's, where we have to allow shed a three hour somehow gets too much time on the. Audio and fox, and on the other can say on the audience and like I consider that to Jesus Christ we rambled forever. I would look better wait. We sincerely, if you will, let's figure out if you wanna come on and do if you want to try your your idea of doing like a q and a kind of thing. If you wanted to that one of our show that you're something that nobody would they would have to be in our weekend. I have off certainly of imminent. That's the problems, most weaken them doing something,
but I'm trying to do less this year have done less this year. I stop doing. I don't do all this shows that the US anymore I used to do all the paper views that I would do the spike show. And then they sold to a fax and fox, and they have these fuel shows so I don't do any of those. I would do fox and paper view This all like there's a show tomorrow night, there's a there's one: it's gonna tonight in San Jose, so they did that the way in rather silly The fight to more nights are missing. Now I'm gonna go to wit, you desire. No, no, no such I'm trying to travel less India. Do are you doing that, so you can what're you focusing time on. Are you from somebody on their part? some colony? It's more fond of me. It's like that that the pod cast one thing has happened in the pot. Gas is somehow or other. We ve developed this gigantic group of people that are really into the pot cast. The rabbit I'm one of them, and they were, though, thanks. My absolute, I wasn't, do every fuckin time thanks, but so we owe them and how we were linked. We mean they
Rene stars assuring were the only ones who can make this package, so we owe them to keep doing this, and it does not feel like like an obligation to me. It feels like a like an obsession like a fuckin love it. You know like it's like yesterday, we atomic charm. Today we got you tomorrow, get this out of cash guy from Adam versus the man who obtained his last name right, but it's fun. It's it's interesting, mhm learning a lot about, learn a lot about fuckin human beings and learning a lot to listening to different peoples, stories and experiences when if I may like what you think the overall take away has been cause. You chat with some diverse groups of people and, had you know had some interesting topics, a conversation that that repeat themselves from person to person visit? Is there a coup and thread that surprise you at all, or is it pretty much what you figured when you are getting into in terms of the way humans think operate, communicate
it surprised me how much positivity can be generated inside of one group. That's what surprised me is that wasn't intention. It was the intention to start this thing and have all these people telling me that a change your life and they become this- really pause. Person in their decided to cut out all the negative bulshit in their life and try to get a job. They really want, try to be healthy. I never expected any of that awesome that is been the most shocking storyline to the whole thing. This is how I live. My life and I've lived my life that way to try to manage my own reality until try to to try to live a happy existence and what I've learned over the years is that the the nicer you are to people happy? You are the more nice people year round too happy with your life will be, and if you all just come at the neck on to my life, I think we all have, you know had shity moments where we just didn't: have good control of our most
state of mind or our attention level, whatever the fuck it wasn't made you lash out when you should never insult to someone when you could have avoided it, whatever the fuck it is that made you a country person at the moment. We will we've all done that to it, so we can all know that it's possible aspire to hire, stated consciousness to hire, see behaviour a higher level of behaviour and that it makes you. At a person and enriches your environment. Like we all know, the one person like everybody, has a friend, that's like a joy to be around and he's like Joe ideas like a life. Party type, did you want to be around like as it makes you feel good, that's good feelings and you know we all should have something like that. We all should have you no aspects of ourselves that we put out there that people like and that they do the same, and then we all benefit from each other. We I'll get inspired by each other and we all grow together, and I think to many people.
Out there in this world thinking. You know I'm going to be walking through the baddest mother fucker and I'm going to fucking, be the man no one's ever sold as many tickets as me, and no one's ever told me Javert is made downloads is me or where it your shit, sucks, because a either can't make it myself or be I'm trying to make it in secure that it's better than my short, so your shit saw your tastes ass, a lotta music. That is amazing. I dont, like I know classical music is amazing, but I don't listen to it the only time I ever listen to classical music that I put in the background of keys when I right I'll have like a little classical music. In the background I feel like I'm into it, but for the most part I like I, like rock I like old, school rock Zat plan like the door. How do you feel about Dubstep into its mandate,
SK relaxes doors is on to me. It's like its new metal to me. It has the aggression feeling that old metal used to get me to me. It's never get. It sounds like forty room buzz, raping Robocop in it's, not that I don't like it it's just that I prefer saw sure I got prefer like the battle of kurdish low. To that you're not a mean and they're. Not if I have to listen, I gotta listen to something should tell us and everything I don't have the time. I'm saying I feel even poorer. I love the fact that you have the balls to fuckin jump off that show due diverse success will show you the starter over the creator of thanking you either the just bail right in the middle of a tough decision, I'm sure, but it's the right one you're bad motherfucker. Do you can do anything? You want thanks man, you got in wonder probably private off the internet anyway, if you ever need any help ever promoting anything, they ran vague at the drop of a hat. You just let us now both will come here in the middle. The night man will do. In fact, we need to appreciate it I thank him and always pleasure. We'll figure out elite up thing will fix up market will make something happened. You
dirty bitches comecon, cyberspace. Collagen me, I will be there Friday night, the COMECON, Ruby Irish fear Brian Ban SAM Tripoli and why
look up. If you can digest, they should probably plug super creative dot tv you, finally to our twitter account. It's can explain it. If you want to follow Kevin on Twitter, don't try to speak directly. Go to my twitter, find a link. P r right are a and then follow the but we're doing Flash mob beer parties at COMECON of us on Twitter, I'm in a tweet out our gps location. For like an hour at that bar the drinks are on me, you so silly legally man follow insane. So, thank you for that, because of our please I'm so Friday night in my comecon will be at the american Comedy Company in San Diego. That's what it's called merk, merely cosmetic on company I'll, be there Thursday Jovi their Friday, and we have not issue Saturday. So, yes, takeover answer desk on that he may not. He shows, are very fond of you never been to wander awesome and this one who have terror, Patrick, the great terror, Patrick there,
That's the end of this fucking show his house tomorrow and tomorrow night we have a super show at the ice house. This will sell out is in the main room. So if you want to get tickets, go to ice house comedy dot com, it is DOM Ira Greg it Simmons Army should fear Brian Red Ban. I can I go to knock Ryan, Mervyn Ryan Nervous and meet cheats and yeah, and it's only fifteen bucks and we we hang around afterwards. We take pictures and we do a pot gas that goes on. While the show was going on. We will be in the green room. Preparing fuck it around and we have a progress with all the complex gather. In my opinion, one of the best part gas. We do. It's called the the house chronicles and it's only available on death squad.
What is our label on Itunes for all of Brian's, Podcast Brian, as one of the many different progress, rather than doing about nine cheese son? What the fuck are you trying to do? Take all these people's time Coma anyway, a lot of very funny about the ice house. Chronicles is my favorite. It's just a great hang Real green room. Experience is what it is, its US and all our favorite friends who are fucking hilariously funny in every time. You point out, like I just gotta request for Tom roads who wanted to come to this one. It was hoping we had one on Friday. He didn't nobody's cause he's an area that people are hearing about, only want to be a part of that there really fun and nearly available on Itunes under the death squad label so go they're. Gonna death squad, dot tv sulphur Hitler, tat Charlie chattering, mourned, Graham Trademarks. Now this is the higher prices when my higher primate shirts. This is one of my sillier once, but I haven't you
company that I never talk about higher primate. If you go to hire dash primate dot com, it's all like monk, he's and psychedelic drugs and got some new designs coming and I got a bunch of new things happening and all that will be done when my new website is done, which is also the answer to one my new comedy special be released. I'm doing it the UK style all be done through my website and at all done when my website release city within the next elements are right? That's it dirty bitches thanks the flashlight go to Joe Rogan net click on the link and in the code name, Brogan saved yourself, fifteen percent off and I'm alone, so I can color for men. Thanks to Nike dot com makers of alpha brain here's, my bitches plan, I take the ship for anything. I do that's important because that smart of my own, I need help. I need coffee. I got to mountain dues here. I'm not you are. My friends will see you tomorrow with the star of Adam versus the man, a very controversial and militant sort of internet around that I love the fuck out of so we're. Gonna have a great time tomorrow, as well. Next week,
We got I got a lot of things can take us later. I gotTa Onondaga Youth goes code, Name Rogan, save yourself, ten percent off any to supplement and go get yourself some kettlebells. So you could be a manly man. How
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