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Aubrey Marcus, Brian Redban - Date: 07/17/2012
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i never know how to start these i never know how it should start it's weird sometimes do that breathing thing lately like you're getting excited it's being relaxed harmonic breathing in through the nose folks and then after the miles relaxing i thought you supposed to breathe it's like something you typing with comedy like a lot of times i catch myself doing that and i hear you in the back of my head just like breathe in and breathe out breathe end deep breaths and i'm like wow it really does work you can get stuck on stage without any air you fucked up and didn't plan your breaths there you go what the we pay attention you stupid also you've done that before we're like you can't even finish the sentence not even a fairly recently timed it badly you know why i pulled it off but it's like yikes for close to not anyway the joe rogan experience brought to you by on a dot com that's
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without weed and then i just go with the fuck you doing stupid the new studies about weed what about that was released yesterday that there again they went through it and that there is no signs of being dangerous to your body or anything at all the ld fifty rate is one thousand five hundred pounds you know that means that means lethal dose at fifty percent of the humans it means it would kill the week bitches so you'd have to smoke one thousand five hundred is kayla week bitches guess what you're not killing joey diaz with fifty five joey diaz laughs at you one thousand five hundred pounds you give him fifth pounds of weed and he'll just be running around naked screaming able you cock sucker you think you're gonna kill me that easy that's not gonna kill him one thousand five hundred and less he dropped it out of a cia drug plan it landed on his fucking head that's the only way with blunt force trauma is the only way to feel joy with read the only way art latest german are pow aubrey is back from the fucking
jungles of peru with another ayawaska adventure we're going to we're going to get deep experience join my day joe rogan podcast by night all day that's still is one of the proudest moments in my life here nick diaz say that dream by day joe rogan podcast by night i would that was one of the happiest i've ever been as an adult that was like right up there with fuck anything else that's ever made me happy that was so killer so you're back dude thank you how many times a year are you trying to do these intense psychedelic experiences well after this last experience i kind of got the message that you know there wasn't too much left for me to explore in this but you know i kind of see myself as an adventure you know and back to get knowledge and take right back and sharing it so when you say that did not too much laughed like i always feel like if i do it too much that i'm not absorbing what's
i always feel like any and if i have too many experiences in a row like two or three in a in a couple of months i feel like i'm just playing i'm just a it's some rice riding a ride i'm getting scared right i know i know it's it it takes a long time for the big ones to make sense to me yeah i think there's i think there's a certain amount of information that needs the kind of accumulate and you need to get farther off track for your experience to be really the people say that a real skeptics the say what information and what does anybody ever brought back but you know there are there is some anecdotal evidence of some things have been discovered while on lsd and supposedly francis crick on his dying deathbed you know said he'd lsd discovered the dna molecule yeah you know what man but unlike deathbed somebody might say i turned christian you know you're fucking dying man you just might be making shit up you know he's crazy dying mean why is deathbed worth anything you know we deathbed should be like they don't listen to that dude he's fucking freaking out right now he's dying
why did you decide to make up some shit about lsd in the dna ma i just fucking whatever i was dying i was tripping my balls off like what you like it is there like one thing that you could like if someone said what are you ever bring back at someone one i can say i can give you three things from this last experience that were pretty poignant life lessons that were told to me just directly flat out that i think will help me for the rest of my life i mean actual concrete thinks this was a very different experience and i don't know shit just go from the starter kinda hop in the folks who don't know aubrey had a recent one was but what is it six months ago the last well the oboga was six months ago and then the last trip to peru was a full year ago so this was the anniversary of that that first epic trip and out of the jungle the first epic trip you you went with the same guy that got it's called the dragon dragon yeah and you had some insane visions and you can say with flotilla
this is right and what what what was it like yeah i mean there is a the second experience i had the first one was just basically coming to terms with my own mortal death i mean every possible way i could die snakes eating out my organ sliding down vines that thorns every possible way that i could confront my death i had to go through he was even so it was even telling me is like your body is riddled with cancer you're going to die as soon as you get back and i was like oh that was that was the one that got me actually the thorns in the snakes eating me and actually the insects burrowing in my skin and exploding all that stuff like i and i'm cool with that like i can get over that but then it was like your body's riddled with cancer and you're going to die and at that point i had exactly but at that point i had to be like okay so if this is the end so be it and as soon as that happened i could feel you know the medison just kind of draw me back down into the ground in a deep sense of peace in a kind of conquering of of
of suffering that i had so you had to just sit figure out how to let go the idea that you're going to die which really is the one thing the fox almost everybody up to them whenever one evasive fear yeah that's i've had that conversation yesterday with my four year old it's very strange and they start to be aware that you know the people cease to exist yeah that's a tough one so that's why they call it the vine and death actually is one of the reasons is because i lost one of the first things it's gonna do it's gonna make you confront your death and if you're not ready for that you'll fight that needle you'll battle that that the end but you got gotta just kind of get past that first step so fortunately the first session i had the last time a year ago got me through that and then the next one i was just brought to what the shamans called the eighth dimension they call it out there that's just the paradigm that they used but it was just this unbelievably lucid place where i had to get me there i had a flotilla drawing smoke out of me and then i had another one that was shooting a beam of light under my tongue and then i just first hung yeah it was the weirdest thing i've no
i've since had some people say you know there's some yoga practices where you absorb something or another tree underneath the tongue but i knew none of that now and i don't know if i necessarily subscribe to that even after reading it but there is some kind of literature about money to talk but i just did it instinctively and this beam of light using to my to my tongue you speak this is sub sub dry yeah it's a very it's a very strong absorption site you can select the easiest way to absorb directly into your bloodstream so it was kind of an odd odd thing for me to do without thinking about it but after that happened i just burst into this other dimension and from that dimension i could see people that i will to see i could scan my body i could look towards the future towards business towards anything and everything was just perfectly lucid in this universe that didn't change no matter which direction i looked at and it was incredibly profound life
the experience in the last session did it seem when you were looking at like the world and all the different aspects of your of your of your world did it seem like something you're creating your mind no it really didn't at this time you know and and i've had i had some psilocybin experiences and some other different experiences that seem very much like an x plorer wishing on a ride through my own subconscious you know like going through the dream state processing bad emotions bad feelings but something particular about the dmt experience and the oboga experience experience transcends that kind of feeling like you're on a ride through dreamland you know that really is mind you it felt completely different 'cause i was so loose it i was so able to just navigate through a different space only the shaman was sharing that space the rest of the people around me were just these spindles of light that i could kind of see through and i had full off things to do whatever i want i even ran back to my cabin shot a little video where i looked really
we're doing a little bit freaked out but i was like i had to capture that moment 'cause i was worried that i was going to forget it you got a video you talking about what you just a yeah yeah we are experiencing currently well your house is parents and currently so i turned the camera on myself and i was like you know this is me them hate to mention it's a space of infant possibilities and i'll show you there something like that but but at the i had such freed to just do whatever i wanted in that it seems almost impossible to me that that was generated by my own mind so what do you think it is that i mean it is generated by your your own mind interacting with the drug so but does that drug act as norway tied to experience i think it does i think the what dmt does is it opens up the rounds of pasta but opens up the other dimensional ray where there is knowledge and information that wants to come and you know access your you know you want to receive information from those other other dimensions and how it can this too generally if there's a there's a translation gap
you know there's no rosetta stone there so it comes through generally is pictures and these pictures can often be very confusing but it's really trying to translate information that your brain wants to get access to and the only way it knows how to do that is to show you pictures so you explore these pictures and find answers from you know what i is another either the collective unconsciousness of all people or another dimension that's even higher that's beyond people that transcends people that's a wisdom older than people and i think that's kind of where you're accessing this information i think also there's also some component of your own of your own mind and consciousness but i think dmt in particular is is a pretty unique molecule that really allows access from you know some other spaces that are non self jenner it certainly it certainly seems like that when you're doing it but nobody knows what the fuck that really is what are you doing over there brian looking at cat pictures ok let's not do that it's very distracting i'm looking at you on the screen
if you want to look up cat pictures stretch us out so you don't have to be looking like a fucking weirdo cat stalker in the corner when you when you when you take it and you have that feeling though do you think it's possible that feeling is just a drug interacting with your mind to search like with the skeptic would say right sure it's certainly possible i mean you can't you how do you how can you rule that out and actually that's one of the things that you know and i'll get into that a little bit more in the second experience the second experience this one i just got back from i had actual encounters with allies like different beings that we're talking to me and that's the first time that's rap and like the last time they were giving you good advice yeah yeah they were giving me good advice do you think that that's possible that's like part of your personality that's definitely cost it doesn't cost you know i mean like there's like some area of your personality that the sub consciously needed to ensure that expressed and so what it's done since created the character sure it's going
guide you i mean i don't know look up that's the that it's absolutely possible and i'm not playing devil's advocate i just really don't know i'm i i i certainly it certainly has felt like one of a dmt experiences that i was wasn't in the same place as i am now i feel like i was in a new world and i def definitely also is kind of tweak by the fact that i was my if i wasn't drunk i wasn't in and i wasn't i wasn't myself tripping balls i was myself seeing something that was impossible it's a weird thing how that x variants hits you where it doesn't change your own personal the way you feel fit klay the way your mind works it doesn't change that it just it sounds like a doorway but i don't know what the fuck is really going on it's interesting interesting so i'll tell the story of how i encountered these beings and then we'll we'll try and figure it out because i had a lively debate i was actually down there with my friend boating we had a lively debate he was on the camp that it was just you know parts of my own mind for me i was
quite sure it seemed like i think that either or to be confident in either or silly yeah exactly consciousness is created by chemicals ok you need all these different chemicals in order for a human being to have a mind it's functioning and the consciousness of the human mind has manifested a physical reality that is all impossible to imagine me think of airplanes in the internet and television and fucking giant buildings and shit these are all come from chemicals chemicals have produced chain reactions they produce they've set into motion a chain of events that have fucking eating every fish out of the ocean polluted everything you know figured out how to drop bombs that incinerate a half a million people at a time i mean this is all come from chemicals why would we be tripped out that the idea that you introduce a different chemical and you literally change dimensions i mean the chemicals in this demo tion of change the shit out of this place you know and
has done it in the form of the manifestation of human consciousness why wouldn't we think that another one that you add a human consciousness might elevate you to some different place and that's what i think the real shame about all the drug laws that disallow these different explorations because you know at this point it's just such a such a small amount of people that are accessing this that are able to research it i mean lebron james of psychedelic tripping has not been discovered yet you know like he's like the person who can go go there and pick up information that's completely different and bring it back and solve some of these mysteries it's just you know you got to have a basketball court on every brawl every block to produce yeah james yeah and you gotta have psychedelic legal you know to get enough of people to get the the super you know the super explore out there and have access to it yeah and i think also collectively we learn from each others experiences i i know that you know when when i have had friends of tripped and and you came back and had a different perspective on themselves you know
absorbing their story and absorbing their experience and then you have your experience compounded with the information that they kind of gave you about their experience and it all builds up weather when you're just by yourself alone in a cabin in vermont in your trip in your trip balls off fucking balls off to you know it's like did you meet what was that movie into the wild is that what it was with kid goes to alaska and one of his one of his big things as he realizes he he can't have fun in less he is with other people like you're not you you can enjoy all your life unless you with other people like you the idea of going out here are jet you can't just be in a last
django this so beautiful i'm gonna be so happy now you where is where is everybody doesn't matter how many flashlights you have it's still not going to be fun there's a show that i've been watching lately it's called mountain men and follows three different dudes one in alaska one in montana and one in north carolina and the guy in alaska man this mother fucker is a trip this guy gets in a little float plane and he takes off and he flies three hours into the woods where there's no one and he gets there and goes to his cabin and when he goes to his cabin and then he asked to take piece by piece his snowmobile to take the parts put it back together by the way it's thirty below zero has to put the parts back in the day time is to put the parts on the snow machine together if there is then a he pending on what time of year yeah and then he drives twenty four miles on a snowmobile twenty four miles to check is a string of traps and that's what he does every
today he did it every day for months and he made four thousand dollars for thousand dollars for doing like the hardest shit you've ever seen your life this guys first of all trails will disappear because the snow will hit so fast that by the time we turn around and drive the trail back you can't see what the fuck is going on so he hits logs and breaks his skis like if you get hurt out here you're fucked like you know really your three hours by plane into alaska there's no one there no one and this fucking guy is driving around killing most with the springing metal contraptions it snapped their heads in and it takes their skins and sells them the birdman meanwhile the dude seems happy as fuck that's the crazy thing about it the guy seems so happy he seems like he's having a great time and you
we were talking earlier about people who are on anti depressants like what number of people are on antidepressants and how weird weird is when you're around someone's luby on anti there since you like i wonder how much of our brain is just fucking designed to be a hunter and gatherer and he despite the fact we've evolved way way past that societally the fizz your body is slow as shit to catch up to technology after sure i read a book by bertrand russell called conquest that happiness and he was a preeminent kinda nineteen or century philosopher and in that book he describes like a gardener that they had and hid in this garden he said was one of the examples of the happiest people he's ever seen and he lived in a very affluent kind of british society and he said one of the reasons his keys to happiness was every day he went out and he used his job was to hunt rabbits 'cause the rabbits would tear up the gardens so that was his daily challenge that he got to do and he was sad like every morning he woke up and he's like i was god damn rabbits i'm going to
and get him you know and that was that for him all he needed to everyday have that challenge and have the ability to meet it and feel like he was making a difference that's what made him so similar to your mountain man you know he goes out and he goes after those animals and he has that challenge against nature challenge to catch the animals and then come back and get it and i think that makes him happy but these people who have these jobs that feel like they are completely meaningless like what are you doing what are you creating its monotonous the same day is not a challenge anymore you're just clocking in i think that makes it easy more more difficult to maintain happiness well everybody can't have the perfect life unfortunately for society to work like the the only way to have a gigantic sis the way we have here is there's a lot of people have to do shit that sucks yeah they they have to and you get talked into thinking that you know you're going to get out of college all you need just get a good job and you're going to be fine no no you're not going to be fine you're going to be fine
eight hours you're going to be in pain everyday it's not a lot of pain but it's a mild pain it's a kind of pain you shoot up a post office you absorb it for thirty years it was mild pain especially when you make the releases illegal you know i really think going to be in that kind of situation is a lot of people that are well if you do you better get out and fucking camp on the weekends and go find nature again 'cause that's part of what i thought is another key is probably why your mountain man is so happy is he's connecting with the natural world which i think is another big key so you better go out and fucking camp on the weekends and every six to twelve months i believe that a psychedelic reset can be extremely valuable can kind of purge all of these kind of negative emotions that you fell and then you can kind of go do your job and check out and live for other
if your girlfriend for your work out that you have at the end get out of that job or bust your it was a dress grease press field turning pro or will provide get the out ocean towns are so happy every time you go to ocean town lights always happy and positive and people are happy you know like you go to because there are by nature does every day your humble by nature ever yeah i i agree with that i'd mountain towns like that too yeah they're they're nice people because our they're humbled by nature to do kind of humbling the mountain town since the cold weather start a button down the hatches do you guys need help changing your flat and now it's not that kind of happy but other ocean towns are always like laid back cuz like you just look at that ocean and go shut up bitch the important look at this this crazy puddle crazy puddle of water front in front of in san diego is there for comic cons and you were also so beautiful like i did that one bridge that humongous words that kind of goes around where it's just high up it's blue water
san diego on la negative ions off the water we have the weed i you do feel the with that that that marijuana laws or at least it's tolerance is completely different than what it is in los angeles yeah they have they have a really hard time putting up dispensers that we keep getting shut down and then like the like the people that work the doors are all ex military guys so they enforce it more you know it's like see how it just spreads like we could barely find a place to smoke a joint in diego near a comedy club you know at first we were like we're trying to go on the sidewalks and we got kicked off charges and yeah it's a trigger that is no way la so ridiculous right now it's like if the folks who live in other parts the
you don't realize how suppressed you'll you come to la and i mean and they keep talking about clothes a place down the big target after the big places that's what they do the target after place like oak street dam is another place and and the good thing about these big places those guys generate enough money to fight in court and so hopefully some some good will come out of it but you have no i see how many there are there's no idea there's way more than there are starbucks in mcdonald's combine and when here the ship with the raids and stuff it's all if you look at the the the the like the why they got rate it's because they were operating without a license you know they weren't so many places that are just to their breaking the law no no no this with that last one tommy chong said is right the one the one in in long beach with the cops stepped on the kids yeah those five
yeah then i have a license and the guys but the big ones they're getting the da is going after them because they have a lot of cash that's one thing and they're stealing their money they're going after they take their pot their money and you know good luck and neither one of them backed up and a year later pots not worth anything anyway stupid you know my time to go through the legal bullshit yeah here's a pot by the way i'm most of its failure to smoked the april we smoke this shit out of your fucking weed they'd resold it and then re acquired it well obama said that he was only going to go after people that weren't violating that were violating both and federal law that's the set it at first but they have a sense not they've not lived up to that because that oster damn place wasn't violating state law they're just you know there it's a it's a fucking they gotta keep busy it's an easy way to rest people not get shot you know go try the meth lab with such confidence yeah i know right yeah you step into a fucking meth lab dude you might get shanked your mind
dude hanging by his heels from the ceiling ready to drop on a cop 'cause he's like that's what he does some masked out all day he's got a knife in his teeth you don't want to do that kicking in the mass lab is dangerous to throw grenade at you and blow it up right in front of them the fucking right now they don't know what they're doing but cops when they go and break out medical marijuana store it's like you might as well be arresting babies nobody is fighting back you know me well the cops are smashing the cameras and shit the whole things did testing if this was a cvs pharmacy they get right down the street you would never about doing that meanwhile those mother fuckers dispensing oxy cottons on the regular people are coming in every day that are stone cold opiate junkies and cvs is just keeping them alive keeping them alive and giving them bottles of pills and some of them they smash and snort and some of them they smoke and some of them they just take
and meanwhile the medical marijuana place get on the ground yet plants you guys have flowers i think the biggest problem is the reason why it's not already legal as you can't patent pot it's just too easy to tell me she could do it so they can't control it and they can't monetize the corporations can't do it does that for sure for sure i mean there's no other you have to fall the money in all of these cases and there's just no other good reason except i guess in some cases like boca and i wasco i mean going to do that shit for fun i mean you can you're shitting your like it's a it's a tough tough not everyone is growing tomatoes yeah that's true even even easy even easy shit like tomatoes and that's it's fast also yeah celery growth bamboo grow your own bamboo bamboo grows like fucking in today it's constantly growing it grows faster shit we just make it cheaper be like be where to buy a pound for five dollars well the idea that you could be growing
like lettuce and i can come along and say can't grow lettuce if there was only two of us that would so ridiculous you like what the fuck are you talking about getting need from me and growing some letters there's only two of us it would be but if there's three hundred million of us you can come up to me and say you can't grow marijuana yeah i'm like what are you talk why are you telling me what to do ever well only reason why it seems like you should be allowed to tell somebody would do is when there's represent some giant group of people like there's a bunch and so this bunch has decided they don't like you do and and they haven't even decided it by the way you know it's like what what it is is a bunch of a giant group of people who are making money from other things and are worried that you're going to take away some of their profits with this plant that you want to grow so they go and they pay off the cops and they literally do they give them money and then they give paul positions money they give it to them give a millions of dollars
and they say we want to make sure that this position is supported and so they go out and they bust pot i mean it's really that set us tonight and even as great as the male species that have you know we can't grow that canada is as i have to source our help for this new protein that we got from from canada and it comes in just the male speech yeah and it's i mean so easy to grow sustainable for the soil you don't need pesticides the protein it produces is one of the most nutritious protein for it all the fibers you can use for clothes i mean it it's illegal the fucking curb here is a clear and it doesn't even fucking it's not even psychoactive at all it's illegal to grow a plant that doesn't even get you high because it's related to a plant that's you that's food even i mean for god forbid there's some kind of hungry
that comes from any kind of collapse or something like that but then you got a plant that's about the easiest motherfucker to grow that can feed people and close people like no no no no you do not want that because well because it's sister makes people out makes you happy yeah well they're sellin oxy cons by the truck load they got truck weren't maroon passing each other on the highway filled with oxys moon everywhere you go oxy's arts we got there nothing to some form sue tickles and bring a cvs app go on your way is that a roach in your fucking ashtray boy you know that pull you out and beat you river roach in your ashtray but they'll look at your papers and go what are you got enough oxycontin there to kill a fucking country i thought it would be a good a good skit by some enterprising pioneer to take a cop out to a cow pasture and find like a magic mushroom that's growing in the cow pasture and walk with the cop and
just find the exact point where it becomes illegal to touch something that's growing out of the ground you know just bring him come up to it i'm close to zero so okay this is a guy and then just touch it with if you lock it in what do i own this now yeah i and now i'm you know a prisoner can you pat it i mean when at what point does the smack you in the face and head up you if you pick it up by the term yeah well the whole herd yeah i'm not even touching it i've got a shovel right shoveling the i may just to find out i mean it gets so absurd at that point you know when this natural substance becomes it later they were legal in england for into really really recently but it's probably because americans went there and took too many mushy freak the fuck out random out of are we going stop this shit
maybe or they just had too many good ideas yeah i hope well hopefully that was the reason but i guess you know there's some there's the the two promising feels there's some pretty good research coming at johns hopkins at that one on psilocybin that was good maps is doing some good work some other people are doing good work but then the the church of santa die want a big case for ayawaska as a medical i mean as a religious current so that's kind of another angle that's kind of allowing some of these medicines to get in through a loophole 'cause you none of the native american church already got peyote approved and then this church of santa die may or i am the e d v i don't know their both single value dv but either yeah both are trying i think one succeeded ones in the works but it's an amazing using it as a tallahassee tv would yeah rosa break down something the vegetal it's just something like that yeah well for folks who don't know what these are is there christian groups that are from brazil and they combine christianity with iowa
it's it's a very strange sort of offshoot of religion they take the really high level psychedelic drugs and they sing songs about jesus over a friend who went and said it is crazy he said that was that there was a shaman down in the area that we were at who does that who combine who blends you know christianity with traditional jungle beliefs about what's the the beings that he's talking to sometimes you know it's some you know spirit of mother ayawaska or whatever and other times it's straight sweet baby jesus that is trying to talk trying to doctor that actually throw some people off i definitely prefer my my seven to be straight jungle believes that really begs the question then what's going on what's going on is is jesus real or is everything you can imagine real and is your imagination
concocting all this and is the magic nation sort of being underestimated or down played or it maybe mis characterized you know we look at the imagination is something that creates some bullshit something is not real something icing her imaginary you're making it a up they don't exist but maybe it's much more complicated than that maybe their imagination is a reality creating frequency maybe it's a you know maybe it's something that actually does mean from alum out of the imagination comes everything restaurant this computer didn't exist until somebody imagined and then made it so that it also could be that these these are really archetypal forces so like if you're talking about you know saying george st michael or jesus you know you're just basically giving a name to a spiritual force that has certain characteristic these are also giving him
yeah yeah women giving my face yeah yeah but it's all part of the thing there i think it might be all part the translation mechanism you know it's communic getting to you in the way that makes the most sense to you you know but let me let me get into the full story 'cause i've had some encounters with some entities brian do you have do you have the music might be kind of cool to q this up so you can get a taste of what i was hearing as i was going through this and this is what are they called a locker room courtesy girls you cut offs and these are passed down grandfather grandson and their songs that they sing while the i want because ceremonies going on yeah and they take the i want to go with you so they learn the songs while on alaska and the thing the song while on a ruskin also smoking nicotine aroostook a cigarettes which is the different type of tobacco yeah why does tobacco play a part in it like that they'll blow
to back on your face yeah that's kind of a cleansing ritual the tobacco part but i think it also has some effect on opening up the reactors in your brain so it kind of activates the ayawaska experience i think that i don't know do a little bit more research on the science behind it but i think the the team has some similar affected the dmt reactors what's amazing how many people are misconstrued met misinformed about nick like nicotine actually is good for you yeah like nicotine is healthy for people have bad hearts like it's like you could use it as a medication some circumstances it's just smoking it with like five hundred and ninety other chemicals is not so fucking fantastic smoking a period no one would naturally when that when you're getting a bundle out of the jungle i think it's a little different yeah yeah yeah even and cigars are different yeah so anyway so this guys singing
this thing yeah you don't hear it is tripping balls are so this is the first time i had kind of a real physical purge not too much to talk about as nauseous the whole time i was puking and shitting and it was more about my body getting prepared for the second session so the second session i doubled up on the cups and it's about an hour and a half in and listening basically hearing what i'm hearing at this point in time the shot things kind of rattling is leaves and singing a song and and then the experience starts to get rich like it did you know that i'm before and what appears to me is like a nexus of energy right in front of me and unlike last time where things coming at me snakes and eels were just charging at me from all directions this time it was subtler i felt like i was looking into like a black hole or hole what is that sound the whistling no the back row
that's the i don't know the cricket that's the insects and the giants the insects in the jungle were outside in the jungle yeah i mean this is the real jungle dude just yeah i know it's true is that highly sounds like at night i don't think ohio sounds quite like those insects in mean there are some insects in ohio is someone takes out here at night too but not so much you can hear mp3 player link so yeah oh yeah totally yeah hundred percent the i don't know ok something scarier about jungle sure i mean there's jaguars and monkeys and also anything like that no i did see we did see a taper though is we're going through which is pretty cool yeah there was little anteater guys but anyway so it appears to me is like an ex and it's nothing much has happened happening phone
google phone but it's like a vortex let's say like a vortex and it's kind this world with some different colors purple and it's just kind of waiting there for me so i was like well i guess maybe ask something to come through it because nothing really was happening so i'm looking sounds i i'd like to be you know if any out there on the other side you know please come to me and i say that to myself in my head and then bursting through comes this huge dragon like this giant ten is the dragon head was ten feet right in front of me and it was a silver dragon in the kind of medieval stylings and it had floor green and blue highlights and what was coming out of his nose and he was clearly a fire breathing type of dragon and he goes he comes right up to me and he goes so you i want to change the world and i go yes why and he's and he's like flaming coming out of his mouth and i was like what that's what i'm here for and he goes of
and laughs and forever reason i decided to take like never ending story and i just hopped on his back this so i hopped on the on i on his back and and he starts cruising you know and we're kind of cruising through and he goes so why do you want to change the world this sounds like i know it does right was fully never ending story and i go i go to help people and then i thought that was a pretty good answer any of those are you sure and then right there he likes shows me a cross section of my life and all my actions and what he me once is that even though ostensibly i do a lot of things to help people is all always a serious component of propping myself up my own ego my own person my own kind of publishing my own self in the world for you know egoistic and pride reasons and it just showed me this like lucidly clear you know that there was a mixture of of my actions
you know and it wanted to mess with all of us and he wanted to have me be aware that of where that boundary line lie and not to trick myself confused myself and thinking that you know what i was doing wasn't also for my own benefit that was like alright dragon like one point for you and then he said we're cruising so there were keep cruising and he starts really get heated in the mouth like flame was trickling out and he goes is what do you want to destroy any like swoops down and i was i was sure he was ready just fuck some shit up so it's like ignorance and thought he just going to lay the ground with fire you know and instead he goes should not be you want to heal i was like yep i guess right dragon so he was really like challenging me in these answers that i gave them which was a a pretty interesting kind of experience you know for the for this other entity to be
clearly you know showing me different sides and teaching me things that i clearly wasn't quite aware of do you work maybe maybe somewhere somewhere in the back your head were aware of your shortcomings or not not even shortcomings just slight bullshitting yeah exactly think he wanted to just carve away all that nonsense and then then show me the rest so the dragon i was still on his back and he drops me off in the woods right so he drops me off in the woods and i walking through the woods so you wait a minute how did you get to the woods though i'm on dragon's back full of never ending story match in the know how are you really in the woods you really in the way i am in the jungle but the whatever that you really get there though i didn't fly around in a fucking dragon did you well in my mind i did is not mind on a dragon and then all the sudden he drops me off and i hop off i don't know the details of how i got off the dragon into the woods under what was really going on why you what would i have seen are you on into dragon now
dragon what would i wonder what i would see if i saw you doing that would you just be walking and our big woody doing right just drag it down with me so much about myself you fucking dragon are you talking about man yeah exactly so anyway so i dismount from the and somehow and i'm in the woods and i see a bear and the bear has a big which sounds like a terrible idea to be tripping your balls off of the jungle wandering through the woods by yourself and i'm assuming it's night time to have is not time well i'm i'm laid out this is all happening in is all happening in my mind okay so you're not even move i'm not even moving okay now i'm totally not where you weren't actually in the way no no no no i'm i'm on my back in the jungle in the physical world and then in that okay now i minds i yeah now if my mind's eye so i know you're so you're walking around well yeah that's a little scary so i get dropped in a forest it was like a woodsy forest like a colorado type for different than the jungle an
i see a bear and the bear has a gold crown on its head and a bunch of gold chains all over it mister there is to exactly and the bear is struggling and i see kind of like a ghost of the bear like the spirit of the bear and it's trying to leave the bears body it's trying to like venture out but it's stuck and then the bear catches sight of maine and that's the crazy another crazy thing about seeing these beings it's like the bear like turns to look at me and like notices me you know it's not like he was waiting for me there he's like oh here you are you know like you just showed up so he turned to me and he goes i remember but or this crown in all these chains when i was just a bear and i could run free in the woods and i was like okay okay i get it and basically what he's trying to tell me was is that no don't ever let money wealth or anything tie you down and i keep you from your freedom in expressing what your real nature is and real
kind of like a buddhist sentiment that is that's a difficult thing for people to do it sounds like such a noble task when you're poor the real problem is once you actually get money you know one of the big things that happens to people when they get money as they they're scared of not having money so they start doing things they think like like they'll like especially i see this with comics they like start saying things they think people want to hear or they start you know like avoiding any sort of controversy that might get them in trouble our moving away from anything that might be controversial because they want to keep this money coming in and i got a career now i gotta keep keep my career coming and the bear becomes no longer bear and this yeah gold chains are looking like a yeah exactly the despair ask you for a picnic best he but you might have i got really didn't get real gay after that i mean i was right so i at that point like i don't know i somehow was able to like free the bears spirit after he said that and we went like
frolicking through the woods as well as your boy there's my boy after that so we like cruise around and then the final visitation from this being as i was cruising through the forest like open over logs is very like robin hood cartoon style little john and robin hood through the forest type of program and then so up and then all the sudden i see an eagle up in the sky and i like raise my consciousness to the anything was really was really like a dream states anything's possible you know so i just kind of float up to the eagle and the eagle looks at me and i'm cruising along the eagle says do you know how i see so well i said no it's because i see through everybody else is eyes and i took a moment to sink in and what he was showing me there was that also often when we try and imagine what people are thinking or feeling we have own bias we don't actually truly see through their eyes like imagine what their fears and motivations weaknesses even the people that we don't like we all
we see him with this kind of biased look like all that dudes a fucking idiot but you know if we really try to get into their eyes you can learn something about that person and learn something about the world by actually dropping all of your kind of own ego and really assuming the eyes of whatever else you're you're trying to look at whether it's an animal or person or something like that i've tried that try that with a lot of people try that especially with people that i don't like yeah i was trying to figure out how they got that special ones i had kids outside kids when i started looking people completely different 'cause i looked at them as babies and became adults so i looked at this weird process i used to see someone who's we can like you fucking weak bitch that's about right now i'm looking only did well what happened how did you get how do you get this spot where you don't you know any courage or you don't have any whatever you know whatever it is or you hate or you know racist whatever is broken on you how to get there
yeah and that's a really valuable way to do it and also i'm sure for comedy you know you have to put yourself into the laffer's eyes and consciousness to a certain degree to write i don't know man that i don't try to do yeah i just try to do shit that i think it owning the agree mean suits to many people yeah in too much of a different swath of people yeah in too many people have their own take on what's funny and what's not it's like what happens when you get a television show and then you get a whole slew of producers that have an opinion over what the character should be doing and what's funny and what's not funny then it almost always i mean and you know one strong voice sort of takes over it's very hard to express your own sense of humor yeah i'll try to express to sense of humors of a bunch other funds or other random people yeah yeah now that makes sense but you know i i guess so for me there was
three lessons from these three clearly seemingly you know different entities and so the other the question is you know were these part of my own consciousness teaching these lessons are were these did they all have the same voice know that ragga i sound a the bear and the dragon were close but there the dragon was really i couldn't even mimic that voice it was like that booming like you're too close to the festival speak here's based kind of voice and the bear was just like like a man bear man voice i don't know and then so as eagle is a little bit more normal but yeah similar similar voices that i mean get the one of those animals which once in this is for for pride yes did it i i find that's those themes recur with me over and over again just when i eat pot those those those themes of of reality you know what are you what do you what's your real motivation when you doing things what
is your what's your real experience with other people and how much how much of like to speak to you have with people how much was your fault yeah you know so i would think that if you take a hallucinogen you know i'm sure you have the same thoughts you know you try if you try to better yourself you know if you're trying to move your life in a more positive direction you're gonna have the same sort of key stumbling road blocks i think in the in the the mileage how much of my ego is hold me back how much of my perception of reality is distorted and that certainly me back sure so you think that a drug in a fit was just something that would make you see jesus or dragons you know that maybe that
what is like these themes and that it's spelled out to you because the drug thinks you're an idiot so it's like showing bare yeah exactly it comes to you in a way that you can we are idiots i mean i mean i don't mean that in any disrespectful way at all but when i feel one of the things that i feel most certainly when i do dmt or something along those lines is that i'm a fucking idiot that's one of them's the humbling experience it's very extremely humbled after those visitations because you that you got it all right and then it 'cause you someone like the dragon comes along and just like nobody thank you were a little off yeah so here's the truth and now come to terms with it you know like oh you can have it right it's hard to be in the woman you know that like the dalai lama doesn't even get laid he doesn't have it right at that now he doesn't
right yeah he's never gotten he doesn't fuck it doesn't fuck he doesn't get his dick sucked it doesn't get his balls and that's why is not an effective leader how are you fully going to trust it doesn't i don't think he needs me neither he can go fuck himself do you think like those crazy homeless people though that are sitting there talking having phone conversations with dragons do you think that's there's a big connection to actually doing that and seeing that an opening your brain up to that to that guy twenty it's a real good question really and you'd be disingenuous to to not address it because i think the that what we said before what's going on with those people in our medical idea you know the medical communities version of it is that there's a balance a chemical imbalance they have issues they've whatever it is they're psychotic there there were you know paranoid schizophrenic whatever the
the the diagnosis as we're going out on a limb and saying there's some sort of chemicals are out of whack there well it's the brains just a super chemicals it's in the inner transmitters and receivers whatever the the brain itself is the neurons all of it together motion around if one of those is out of whack you know an one of those out of whack 'cause you crazy or one of those that iraq cuz you're at the at a hot in the fucking jungle right he took some crazy shit which is a soup of some roots that fucking blow your neurotransmitter levels out of the water like she shit coming out of your ears i mean what is what is really happening there is it might not be much different than what that guys experience the bus stop well i mean that the the quality of content is certainly brain is a healthy brain can bring you back to baseline on a dmt flash in fifteen minutes i
is a little longer because it's absorbed by the stomach and so it's sort of a slower process i awski is an orally active version of dimethyl tryptamine which is the most powerful psychedelic drug known to man which is also produced by your own brain yeah that's the weirdest part about it is that it's in all these different plants and second grass and all leaves and squirrels make it now sure it's it's everywhere that is that there's a small amount and everything that leaves that they choose in the jungle but usually for culture corona which is one of the strongest dmt containing plants in in the jungle but actually there's other plants like the acacia plant from australia which has an even much the dmt content then you can make an i out of other different things like you could use a syrian rue and acacia to make a different ayawaska type brew and you have about that period you have a different qualitative visual experience well that was one of the things they say
the the idea of the psychedelic experience is that when you're taking it you're taking in the experiences of all the other people who've also experienced a psychedelic drug and as you do mushrooms you are actually contributing to the library of mushroom experiences yeah the the collective unconscious of all of the becomes the spirit of the mushroom with the spirit of the ayawaska that's generally how they talk about it you know where else at acacia bush is in large quantities israel oh yeah all the burning they believe that was the burning bush that mrs scholars believe this legit moment guys who aren't even psychedelic scholars 'cause those are slippery scholars those psychedelics so some a little sketchy but this there's a recent thing where these guys from some major university in jerusalem were talking about how they
believe that moses receiving the ten commandments from god and god taking the form of the burning bush was most likely a bush that contained cycle chemicals like smoking the acacia bush totally makes so many of those mystical experiences make perfect sense if you put it that you put him in a psychedelic drug perspective and that is the most obvious one ever though it's a burning bush they're not they're anything else it's a burning bush indeed so happens the acacia bush as the highest concentration of dm tom any plan and yeah and it grows all over the phone to his right where this dude saw god you know beth would bush did the it was burning it was probably that bush i bet if you burn the bush and fucking got over it and sucked in all thought you would see this same shit mother especially if you were hungry and you're walking and fasting or doing whatever goes off anyway yeah absolutely i think of great many of the religious experiences that people have had can be
the psychedelics including like mayan art and egyptian order is one of the creepiest things that i've found is that especially on mushrooms i have seen of bottle like mine things i've seen like a lot of like my imagery and like freshly painted my in hieroglyphs like you see that sort of imagery and you wonder what came first the chicken or the egg because you know these mother read mushrooms like your crazy i mean do they were living in the jungle where these things grow the look like dinner plates yeah i've ever seen them in mexico had one of the richest traditions of of mushroom yes sir you know that's why gordon wasson first found out about it and all these different shaman in mexico take people on these journeys to you know the spirit world using these these these fucking dinner plate sized mushrooms that's one of the interesting thing about the psychedelics and make it seem like it's not your mind like someone can take a ayawaska anywhere in the world the desert the mountains the city whatever and there
almost always going to have similar visions of snakes and the jungle and different being jaguars always goes back jungle you know how is that how is that possible if it's just solely being mind created seems like that's where it gets weird and that's why even with these beings like you know i was laughing with mitch schultz i was talk to him the other day and i and here to be a you know if the lebron james of what's that came along he could go to these entities and figure at what they do when they're not teaching people you know if they're real cause it to them whenever they appear they're always trying to teach you something to tell you something like one of the did they like hang out play around like play board games or what do they do in their life like how do you get to that point where you can experience more than just take sing a lesson and that would be the way to determine whether these are just ways that your mind is communicating with itself or whether these things have a life outside of this didactic purpose they have
it feels like you're popping your head in the somewhere not supposed to be it does really sounds like you like what do i do in here and then like what do you do in here yeah exactly so your back lower back it's weird that they communicate with you and sometimes in sentence is an words you've heard before it might be a delay in your inner conscious you know how you can like if you listen to your inner conscious talking and imagine drug just slows down your ability to receive your inner conscious and so it sounds like it's somebody else but it's really yourselves in your inner conscious talking yourself it could be anything it could be a lot of different things for sure you know it i think mom when the for is dmt trips that i had one of the weirdest things about it all was that the idea of being connected to everything sounds like such fucking hippie bullshit sounds like now
incense you know say we are here we are connected to everything it's i'm not feeling that you know i don't i know that that might be real but for whatever reason i don't really feel that i don't feel the subatomic particles i don't feel the atom i don't feel the cell i just feel me and i know that i'm breathing air but i don't feel the fact that the air is connected to the all these it's all a soup of things but when you have the dmt experience one of the things that it does it strips what whatever you're experiencing more you're tripping a ball is off it strips away the physical presence of things and it's almost like the world of you know here's the ground and here's the air and here's a tree and here's a building that world is replaced by a world where nothing has any matter nothing is any physical matter but everything is everywhere
everything is everywhere and you're in the middle of it and there's no ends and there's no beginning there's no roof there's no floor it's just one thing it's all a paw one thing and you're in there scrambling trying to make so have it and these thing come out of nowhere that are essentially constantly changing as you're watching them see not even sure what the fuck it actually is and you know it might be your own mind it you're my own mind trying to make sense of the whole thing but they're trying to give you information one of the things they try to tell you is to try to stop don't freak out and try to suck it all in we're taking as much as you can 'cause we know this is crazy and they tell you they love you too it's like it's always a big thing like love you like the one experiences that i had they sang like a child they had the song i love you six and a million five a thousand times which is like how a kid with yeah and then they would go look at this and they would show me something fucking insane
because something where you couldn't look at it like it was too beautiful to look at and then it would say it again like i love you so in a million five hundred thousand times look at this and every time they will look at this like i was cry remember crying because when i was look it was too impossible to to nothing could be that beautiful and every time they would say look at this it would get a million times more beautiful just taking my breath away i couldn't breathe that was like i was very a very strange what it it's very very very positive the experience all over was very pots so much of it was like dude relax really it lacks like this whole thing is first way beyond your control way big a new thing and it's going to be fine that was like that was like a big a big theme that if anything that i learned from it i learned that i learned i think the i got i think dmt made me a nicer person i think i learned how to chill
more sure it's really valuable that way actually that speaking about what you were saying that so the third time i drunk i didn't have any particularly crazy visions but first three hours i like the at the hot that i was in anything else melted away and i felt myself dissolve into the floor of the jungle and i was like the walgreens yeah the bugs in the worms were crawling through me like the air was it was like i was no longer a physical being and i was absolutely one the and i was asking i was like ed is the dragon want to show up just anybody want to come but nobody wanted to comma it was just like literally three hours is breathing with the jungle and i that and i was like it was just a really grounding in connecting experience but it was almost at that point i think the message to me was like you know we're done teaching you silly little lessons like you know take this be grounded be humbled be connected
go off and and do you know do your work do have always there to do ask his version of get it together business yeah it was it was just really so peace and so on but i remember you know all of the things that normally would creep me out the creepy crawlers of the jungle you know you look at the ground in the jungle and it's uh hi if you know there's a man trying to rent it all kind of that was that was that was in my body and i was just totally relaxed and disintegrated and that was a really kind of powerful medicinal effect the vine of thorns sliding down a vine yeah may i ask naked snake that was the up i was like why do i got of him he could like why does it take my genitals first what reason is shredded shredding them how much are you in you for you for don't feel the physical pain but you you have that kind of before yeah the horror of
your genitals being mutilated as lighting down on the line at the moment so he can get into but you get scott a you got to remove yourself from that kind of angst you know i'm just witness and allow that's the mantra anybody is going through any of these experiences just witness it and allow it to happen while whatever it may be but you know the last experience i did was the iboga experience and this one really kind of drew some counterpoints to those two experiences are so wildly different i think i touched on this last time 'cause i was fresh from a bogo but ayawaska will show you some things that you have no fucking clue what it means like one of the visions i had after the dragon the bear the eagle is on this viking ship and i was rolling through this see this moon let's see i'm like alright sweetie on this ship i don't know what's going on and then all sudden the ship peels out and head straight towards the moon so we're going straight towards this giant blue moon in this moonlight is like bathing me and then this purple orb comes drifting out of the moon it's drifting towards me drifting towards me and i
in my mouth and i eat it just and then i was like wow that was significant that must have done something but nothing happened no it was your idea balls on this that was it and then the whole time even to this day i mean the best explanation i had maybe it had something to do with like the feminine energy to move but i fucking know i have no clue so if that had any meaning at all or if it was just some random trip did you say the feminine do you the man why would you think the fifth woman i don't know when and i don't know i'm i'm so that's what i'm saying free super strong that said bart is i believe it is about and everybody loves that that that that feeling that way of distilling distinguishing things feminine and you've yeah who knows but you know but that's the difference between a bogo like a will tell you like hey what it doesn't bother with the pictures of this strange moon in this purple or but like yo this the truth like and it's in kind of your own voice but i
oscar will give you things i mean some things were very poignant and taught me a lesson like the things with the as with all these other visions that you left like what the heck yeah can be it can be a challenge and and some of that some of that regard but the physical experience you feel how connected you feel how clans do you feel is afterwards after that third session he took one of his cigarettes the nicotine the aristocats cigarettes and blew it like down my spine and like on the top of my head in a different key parts and i was like i wasn't even that nauseous that whole time the third time i felt very comfortable i got back to the room and just flock and lost it like i've not like i was heaving some giant ball of something from like the depths of my soul i don't know what's going on it hit my my now so hard that i exploded vomit from mouth and my nose and there's nothing worse than stomach acid and old i'll blasting after
your nose at the same time and at the same time my eyes are can hardly see there's no electricity in the bathroom is written notice they run the generator like three hours so then i have to like turn around and like blast some shit in the toilet too and it's like this brutal like savage wow now at at and that somehow it seem triggered by whatever kind of you know cigarette cleansing thing you did the next day because i saw him the next morning and he just had this big smile on his face and he asked me in his broken english and spanish you know how was last night and i was like what the music to back and just nods and laughs and pat pat me on the back and keep the tobacco makes you throw up and shit yourself i don't know i mean whether at the tobacco is a vehicle for some kind of trigger or whether it itself did something whatever it had i had like the most intense purge that i've ever had in my life like savage
that was his intention while doing it so was a it does have a different maybe it wasn't tobacco you know maybe that was what he like quote too bad it was really some kind of players roofing you son but it was it was potent and that's that that's something that i think that's why they call it the master medicine because you feel like you purge all of these different poisons from your body jesus christ it seems like you should be able to do that in america yeah so ridiculous you have to get on a canoe to do this absolutely you know all the way to peru should be able to do it for around she's been able to get ice hotel get a steak somewhere nice a reserve it's just it's really preposterous i mean that they think that people would be abusing i mean it's not fucking fun it's valuable it's medison it's like you do it with you know with with intention nobody gets through unscathed you're going to learn something yeah it's
i don't know i've never heard of anybody that has had like a real deep psychedelic journey that didn't come back and go while i got off rethink everything never know i don't know anybody that has a real one yeah you know i mean if you did and if you don't jesus christ what hope is there for you right now right do you god damn dollar if you're you know if you're able to do in cities if there was places where you can go get your shit together we have way more people with their shit together totally really the counterbalance it's like the way to counterbalance all of this you know living in an apartment and grinding and strip ended doing you don't realize how exact doing she don't like because it doesn't doesn't mean that every you know everybody can't live the perfect life but guess what is that you're not everybody ok the world is going to keep going as
as it always has with or without you it's going to be going there was too many you're not that important okay so if if that is the case it is possible for you you the individual then again this whole thing might be your imagination i might be a creation of europe station as you hear this i might not even exist okay i might be here just to get these words into your mind to so somehow another usig left when everybody see the zig right you know there's maybe have that attitude a rain and all that skeptical when not real i'm not real i am your real joe rogan goddammit your realign the influence for you to to stray from the herd you know you know how they there was an old debate you know that was that was a popular debate for a while most philosophers are we real how do you know for reasons and there's a famous case where one floss for someone
you know going off on that how you have no you don't know that you really don't know that i'm real whatever and he takes off his glove and he slaps slaps the guy across the face was like was that and that not only not debate in my a needed that guy in his imaginary wars star on the faces you get anything done that's because that's the only way you can effectively combat that argument it's a weird idea man when you think about your your trip in your balls off and i will ask and certain people are seen jesus you know and then other people seen jaguars and they're seeing things scared over thing the thing that they revere these i am i'm not convinced that imagination only has the power to create things than manifest in the real world with actions it might have a secondary power and might be a have an actual power of creation i don't know what the fuck happens when you leave my house i'm pretty sure you get in your car and you go to your life and go and do your thing and hang out with your girlfriend and get in your car and
pretty sure you do the same thing but i'm not positive yeah i'm not really positive about any of this and i'm not positive that as you move in a certain direction that you know you are the same person every step of the way you are the same you there might be an infinite number of views with every single decision you make branches off to another you in another way in another version another real in all these realities inter with each other and then we meet you know i sometimes you run into someone it's like you've been on a path and you've been on a journey and this mother has been on a different thing you know not the same as you less you know less self be self objective level less the self analytical and you know maybe maybe self destructive and then you're around them it's like how did i ever hang out with thank you we're live we live in a different world kinda do maybe kind of do live in a different world maybe your id idea that time as this one flat linear thing in the
we're all sort of living our lives in and this one sort of band maybe that's not real maybe it's like just like the dmt dimension maybe it's just a fuckin great big giant soup of potential universes that are constantly shifting and we just flip back and forth from one to the other and move through them
yeah that's a it's it's so hard to say i mean i i particularly like the paradigm that the shamans have there in which case they describe you know all of these different dimension on dimensions as the layers of an onion and each person as a tooth pick that spears has all the different layers of the onion and so the year occupied in your consciousness on the first you know tangible layers which encompass the first through the fourth in a space and time basically that's what you're conscious up and then the fifth part of the two big as you move up to another layer that's the dream state that's a collective consciousness and then the sixth and seventh dimensions does have the the disembodied non human entities that you interact with like the floats that i found
from the seventh they would call the dragon and then this other these other things that you see now the people singing your child songs and those are beings of the sixth dimension and then the eighth dimension is this kind of oversight dimension where you can actually manipulate all the dimensions beneath it and see you know see everything it's like the highest vantage point where you can see in the dimension of imminent possibility where you can basically do what you're saying with your magic nation believe things into reality from the eighth dimension imagine things into reality has anybody ever had an experience from the eighth dimension where they imagine some reality and then manifest it and then wrote about it yeah i this is where i yeah the shamans shamans do you know have and that's where they say they got the idea to create alaska and they get these they get these messages in these different herbal treatments and you know it's from these eight dimension teachings that they have but you know again i think
there hasn't been enough of that but it's because there's not enough how people who have the skills able to do that to also not only get there but then communicate the idea to a mass market you know it's just such a limited swath of people who were able to access that dimension a and then be to have that to cross section that with the amount of people who could then think of something bring something back and express it starts to get really small numbers so it's so funny how many p people who are productive members of society who are interested in personal growth who are all disip then get this shit done would never consider doing drugs to further the cells they would never even consider the possibility yeah it sounds like bullshit it sounds an excuse to do drugs but really the greatest leaps i've personally experienced have been out of psychedelic trips
for sure absolutely you know i was watching that i watched the rakers wild documentary transcendent man i mean that way an it occured to me he's always looking for these different technologies to answer some two basic questions one he wants to conquer death and two he wants to kind of revive his father's sorry i mean those are big overriding forces he also has a lot of altruistic goals and he's an absolute genius no doubt about it but he's overlooking some very basic technologies that have been around forever and these technologies are the psychedelics like i really truly believe that you can look at those as a technology and the technology of ayawaska can get him over his fear of death and show him that you know there is an eternal part of i'm at everybody that's going to extend past the this meat sack that we're currently walking around in but he's ignoring that technology because he's bought into the lie that this is a drug and this is bad you know and any iboga technology could get him direct access to the memories of his father
so even if he wasn't really talking to his father i haven't made up of decision is the weather you're actually accessing these people are just converse with their memory he's at he's going to be able to access the memories that he's trying to bring back through technology he'll be able to access them and be able to communicate with father and maybe i own have yeah have some cathartic piece from those from those experiences but because you know some body in their higher knowledge is that these things are illegal in the united states where you know their legal and different places but the legal here he's completely ignored those technologies and it's been a not something that's really sad for his life may be good for all of ours because he's been rapidly pushing forward other technologies to get there and so he's advanced humankind radically where maybe he wouldn't have a feed out of had access to these other things but it's really interesting how a genius like that can be so focused on one area and then just ignore something that's so right
there in front of been around for thousands of years well almost impossible to know everything about everything i mean it is possible to do everything about everything and you a guy like that is obviously very driven and very successful and he's a he's a guy who works very hard is a very no nonsense sort of a guy yeah and i think the guys like that they look at drugs as being a way to derail yourself yeah i know it's a self indulgent sort of self destructive activity propaganda yeah poor fools yeah propaganda it's a bummer i actually had another thought this is kind of changing the subject a little bit but i think i have my start my own version of the singularity i think you know he has a very kind of technological kind of view of when that's going to happen when man and machine becoming english obel and you know i i follow a lot of what he's saying i think that you know i think that nanotechnology could eventually
take over the immune response abilities and the computational responsibilities that we currently have like i'm i'm fine with that but i don't believe that's really the singularity 'cause i certainly do believe in any colonel part of us and i think that the real singularity is going to come when we advance to the stage where we can consciously take that eternal part and choose which body we want to be in and whether we want to be in it or not so that whole death the myth of death when we die and we think it's all over it's really a transition when we transend that and we can just take our spirit and say ok i'm going to live in body for a little while then okay i'm done with that body i'll take that take my spirit and push it into another body and so that consciousness never experience is the memory loss never experiences that lack of connectedness with everything else i think for me you know that is
that is the true singularity and i think that singularity would come when the really push the advances in this kind of psychedelic exploration you know i don't think that technology maybe we do have to extend our lives another five hundred years to be able to get there you know and technology can help us extend our lives for five hundred years or whatever but i think ultimately the big advances that are going to take us to that complete paradigm shifting level are going to come from you know manipulating molecules like dmt and how they interact with the brain and transcending and being able to esther these altered extra states of consciousness i think that the technology is sort of a psychedelic experience is just a really slow moving one but it's a what what psychedelics do is they dissolve boundaries and they create the impossible in front of you and that sort of humbling the ego and provide you with a limitless source of information that's the internet
the internet the internet that is psychedelic defined the internet is psychedelic you know it's it's not a big hallucination so we sort of mistake the concept of what it what is psychedelic but the nology for sure is changing everything and providing people with things that to them will be regular part of their everyday life but just one hundred years ago were impossible in science fiction and insane you know and then it just becomes normal and you just get used to it if stay alive for a million years what is this going to look like i then i i mean i mean it will look psychedelic it'll look like a god damn dmt flash the world will look like something that we any rapper heads around we all have google goggles on and were walking around breeding each others or as you know there's new scanners that they're introducing at the tsa that are going to be able to scan what you've had to eat that day like literally the something like
that for that for like drug meals that are smiling for everything okay for not only that will be able to tell if people are high they'll be able tell if you're intoxicated if you're drunk use your own pie whatever they they'll be able to scan your disaster yeah that's what it is this lack of privacy is no longer a problem but it's now reality it's it's slowly changing from you know like what are we going to do when the guy herman can read your email to everyone's going to be able to read your email you know it's there's not gonna be any information that you can share or that you can hide rather it's going to get to a point where every thought that you ever have is able to be accessed it's going to be ones and zeros at the brick in the wall it's going to finally reach the convergence that's the real technological singularity right the idea that we all converge but there not not with from malicious bad parent running now i can show
well we have right now yeah well we got to figure that out that's that's got a they've daisy have to catch the up because the only reason why there are malicious parents kiss their ignorant they haven't had rest experiences which is why i've said before like you should never be a fucking president or any kind of leader unless you've had a massive psychedelic experience people say that that's ridiculous i mean to the uninitiated me saying that is like that's rogan be and certainly you know he's just talking nonsense the cage fighting commentator electric stream the unknown would know rationally do you like you who the are you to how to change the world once haven't improve the world keep playing the same stupid see what see what the fucking dragon has to say about indefinite detention we'd love to see barack obama just a fucking hut filled with barack obama george bush junior george bush senior wolf ulewicz thomas failed and they were all ayawaska they would puking out little demon
by the same on texas state of auclair yeah well i'm actually that mean they'll be nice to each other for a few hours and then they have headaches and fucking nuke somebody for it then the serotonin will deplete themselves in the fucking more cranky than ever but if you got him on like a real session of five five or six session month long arc journey i gotta leave him out there and at the end of it how do you feel mister wolf it's just thinking about all the millions of deaths they've caused it could have been avoided all the babies rack with and they may not they may not come back from the jungle they may feel like they just fucking can go for a walk until a get some gets sacrifice himself jaguar probably wouldn't get dick cheney am i going to do with this old mother fucker
jaguar display this money was the people that are that old yeah this is poison old cheese burger eating douche bag price monthly house mass how a band that smells to jaguar yeah couldn't be good on his second heart the caymans we get on the when are came and delete yeah yeah they will right there they don't get that big though do they not too big they're not that scary they they can get like ten feet ten feet yeah but i see on julia ten feet could carry but they're not that they're not that aggressive did not like to talk about not like the crocs it's weird how parts of the world like some part just develop too much cattle they devote too many on animals too many who've animals also like alright bringing the monsters i'm to get the monsters have to chase down these fifty mile an hour running cows and kill these fucking things everywhere you look that has too many kyle's too many you know too many whatever it is whether it's antelope or one
buffalo is crocodiles wildebeest wildebeest you're not going to al's there's lions it's all like it's almost like nature goes stop just as you fuck you fucking cunt one stop stop fucking and eating grass all right right bring it in send the monsters but in you know the amazon there's no cattle you know so they like have little crocodiles little ones will came yeah snake reno grampa fish snakes no we don't have like herds of cattle wandering through the for rain forest the f to minimize now is a very you do get a very balanced sense you know like bracket nature got it right there when you're in the jungle you know like every inch is covered in life and the life is all kind of working together it's pretty it's a pretty cool it's not as when you fly over the areas that have been chewed up we we flew in a bridge
bill there's areas we fly over we can see where they've chop down big swaths of the rainforest and it's like wow that's no joke like that's a lot like they've cut a lot of fucking trees down man and that will rain forest not growing back where they cut it down i mean it's not it doesn't grow back there it doesn't it dries up and that's it it needs the more i mean it's like a self sustaining sort of an environment the rainforest is and when you chop it down it's not like it just builds back up but that ground gets dry there it it counseling exposed to sun it changes everything it changes the whole ball game it's really it's really sad it's really kind of fucked up how many years would it take to grow all that back eventually it would grow back seven and it what is actually mean what it i well i don't know if it would i mean i think you know
where the nile valley is used to be at one point time rainforest the others to be last to look at it now it didn't grow back if he came fucking sand the desert and weather patterns might add something to do with that but i was watching a fucked up documentary on neanderthals that may or may not be bullshit seems like it's bullshit according to a lot of these science people have debunked it but it's really cool it's too bad that it's bullshit because he wrote this thing about neanderthals with that we sort of i think the words answer per more fights you sort of give animals human characteristics right and he compares a human skull in the end it also it's really fascinating that that first of all you know we have it we see images of neanderthals they always look like people like they kind of fact okay yeah exactly but
like ariana bad day but we very different looking than the air tools the then there's also much larger eyes and they're much higher on our hands are like where are for it is yeah it's we either look they would look weird as fox if you sonny and it's all in front of you it wouldn't be like there's a dude you know it's on his way to the movies would be like what the fuck is going on there right and this guy made them out like the other thing is that uh you know we always assume they have white skin and he made versions of them like artificial version of where they had black skin like a gorilla and they were super muscular and you know his ideas that it was we were at war with neanderthals until the intelligent humans figured out how to to overcome them but like look at one of the images this mother fucker put up his idea of what a neanderthal face would look like well yeah he's like they would have been
gleich like slit eyes like a cat so they could see at night their eyes were much larger than ours they were using tools and they were intelligent they probably hunted it's like avatar if pull fucking bad ass but it apparently there's very little little to support this guys theories and it's is most likely gone cell we then went like super sensationalist with all this but it is kind cool does work was a terminal chain of its own in the evolutionary like the branch then you have secretary homo sapiens happened earlier and the neanderthals with some terminal node that died out right what they will one also from neanderthal to anything else out click role we let's see it's of i don't know it's very it's all very sketchy but neanderthals involved in europe homo sapiens involved in africa that's all you know but we also know that a lot of people have a certain percentage of the inner tiles in them so we don't know what happened there
and we've both or bowls but if they look like this it would be pretty freaky if they really do look like giant how many how many people wanted to fuck the blue avatar chick i mean people would do it for sure yeah for sure crazy blue bed especially if you could be in that big blue body being dude's bodies she was sexy man do something about how to ask the duffy yet how many people got depressed after they saw that movie and wanted to live the avatar world know where that is it was definitely idyllic deluxe but that was like a real issue with people that avatar to pressure sure we still long for that that sort of noble hunter gatherer existence
no we still now and the and the connectedness you know that's a try we have a we have no sense to drive anymore really yeah you know we're so just as a client arrives we yet yeah fred it's a couple friends and we don't even live near each other he has to drive a and i see him four days a week he tries it like an hour to get here yeah exactly no we might have got a walk we're nowhere near our friends in the man's that so you know i think that's so important and so much of what's what's missing it allows people to it's so fucking off i saw i was just going i was walking through a tv and i hate seeing local news shit and it talked about some do to add his wife like chained up and was like beating her with a hot frying pan and i'm like oh i fucking hate hearing that 'cause it makes me so mad but i'm thinking like you know if there was a tribe if that meant only exists because he was allowed to live out on a farm and nobody fucking checked on him but if you're going to try and she doesn't happen you know it's like where's your wife i haven't seen her for ten years here fucking missing
screaming your hot emails like you can't there's a what kind of septic do tribe would have taken care of that guy you know i've been like you are sick dog go back to the source like you're done done you know that just doesn't happen there's no kind of and that's extreme sample i mean easier examples are the people who were bummed out and depressed and can't talk to anybody or can't do anything or can have that social contact i saw something else on that i think it's december dot com site where this woman started a a service where she's charging like sixty dollars to snuggle for like now are you know in like a new yorker so you gonna get raped but people are so fucking isolated from other human contact it seriously depressed sixty dollars to snuggle yeah i just want that snuggling some people need it matches teasing if she's hot out doing sixty bucks course she would do it but you would try to fuck her maybe
it's bullshit maybe the hookers yeah they start going but i know i know that about a cop like up if you take a baby monkey away from the human contact of the of the mother monkey you know they can't like hung up on it they've done studies about that and the monkey gets it's terrifying it's all fucking out you know i think a certain amount of contact and interaction is what our species is made isn't it ironic that the larger the species group gats the last contacted has really yeah each other i mean the you would think that three hundred million of us flag would be interacting with each other all day long constantly ever get away from each other it's almost like that techno lindsey is trying to bring us closer to a tribe technology by dissolving secrets and boundaries is trying to bring this gigantic group back together again as one's one individual unit like
tribe but i think that there's a weird problem that we have with the fact that technology is just fucking taking off faster than our biology can catch i agree i agree you know and i don't i don't i think it's real hard for people to be happy and in the reality of today's world because just physiologically personal monogamy you know how people struggle with monogamy how many people struggle with you know the idea of sponsored billy of being a parent how many people struggle with the idea of the you know the fact that you have to sustain some sort of a living in and in existence it all seems like something you don't want to do but yet this is what everybody's doing everybody is getting the house and paying you have thirty year commitment to pay that x amount of months and you're going to work on their fucking take all your your house away and everything is paid will go to nothing and your fucking do i mean if you look at the way a lot of people are forced to live this life it's so completely
and totally unnatural but so completely and obviously designed to keep this machine moving in the same direction cuz keep this machine mass producing technology mass producing innovation and moving it faster and faster and further and further i mean that all mentally everybody is like a little worker bee trying to push their segment of technology further but that we're not not have guarding to you know i mean you're starting to see the the casualty you've been around for a long time and fill those with antidepressant tell him that i can't keep him in the system keep him going to a certain point people are going to get fucking fat up again and i think that's maybe what this whole change in consciousness of people are talking about i think it's that
i think that actually may be real i don't know if it has anything to do with what the mines were talking about but you can kind of sense some difference happening now well i think just the fact that we're we've been bombarded with truce for the past you know who knows how many years now yeah we're constantly bombarded with reality in information and this is just such a strange time where there's no running from reality where as before people could just sort of live in the dark or go super religious or you know they get blocked themselves are the giant chunks of what really you know makes the world tech i can't do that anymore now it's it's all sort of people are becoming to empower there too to fill the information to her name slowly starting to see how it's balancing itself out in the financial world like people going to jail like crazy yeah and lawsuits are coming down like crazy that you can't hide information the way used to you couldn't that that bernie made off do that
i got a rock that shit for a hundred years back in nineteen ten you know you going to rock that shit until the wheels fell off and no one would have suspected comment but in this world and today's day and age it's like it's not that easy yeah yeah it'll be interesting to see which way it goes i think there is a urine test i don't know if you could rock that shit one thousand nine hundred ten i mean they would probably call him either way i think that i think there is a yearning to get back to that kind of community sense i mean as you said while you can connect with the massive amount of people online i mean so much of the interaction is also pretty up too you know for user had exactly so any you feel it's not like interacting with the real person where that where you would never say that to another person because you would see it hey even if you were stronger and could kick their you would see him get sad and there would be like you'd feel bad hopefully unless you're just a fucking total monster but you know there's this check and balance of real interaction versus
interaction that so three lines yeah i have feelings that you get from talking to people when you decide not i mean we will and honestly lash out at someone with no repercussions whatsoever yeah maybe even to the county fair that's all it's about you know there's so many people out read it's just stupid people out there you know and you really see a house certain there yeah like if you go to like a hometown mid west county fair now a lot of as people just having fun man there's a going to be a few decades but whenever get large gatherings of people there's always a few decades but this is not most of the people go to go to county fair in ohio is ohio a different world was totally different rather laws angelus but how is it different world as far as the county fair just just go there i guess it's been a few rodeos and that's pretty friendly people yeah we just like when you experience is that each honest the dumb this the the the the caveman type speaks
is that lives in certain areas of the united states where you're so ohio is mostly it is that we're saying there's a lot of them cuz they're not a lot of so when you go to a state fair in ohio you think you just seen a lot of it is because i mean there might be columbus there might be cleveland there might be cincinnati but there's a whole lot of other space around those areas that you are like who lives here i think the majority at least eighty percent of their cool i think you so dealing with a small group of loud people that you know come a problem almost everywhere and the law i'm a probably what what what i'm saying now is a whole eggs and hate their life and what i'm saying though is that if if you see these people that are just idiots a retarded on online that are just yelling out client foot blah blah those are the same people that you see is that you know the worst the worst you see those people in real life too you just never see him because we're here in los angeles well not just that because you avoid them because you got a good social circle you know
you know where to go and where not to go in every now and then it crosses over and you wanted to hang out with some morons are getting stuck with some morons that's why i fucking wish that the states had full autonomy 'cause i think he would start to actually at that point where federal government could give up the states could make cool enough laws and have a cool enough system built together it comes out yeah well it just they would you know people would be attracted the right behind people you know like they could be like a message board and people and realize what they would get less do you have that sense a tribe i think would come back you know there'd be a unity between the governing body and the people and they would be i i love my state like not just from some strange patriotic pride like a don't mess with texas so i think eventually you're going to be able to walk up to someone and like mouse over them you would be
like put your cursor over them and you'll be able to read all their information hopefully they'll have like lion mother fuckers with recursively hopefully will have yelp for people and you only see oh aubrey has five stars he's a really cool guy we could take him anywhere and what you sell a california is only letting five star people and if you're a douche bag you can't go and this guy shows up well i'm fucking good cruise june i'm a good guys long as you're not gay and trying to get there and you see he's got two stars like come on there's people on yelp that i don't know how they got on there but there's people on yelp and there were people revealing people like as if they were a business really but his people on the head that's funny they haven't check to see if i was on there but well you should be able to review the person that's reviewing and if the person reviewing only us two stars your their review shouldn't karen racks and counseling because she's a conflict of course she hates me she hates herself to his everybody can account for speaking of hate i don't how everybody would just fucking cheat that system
you know this daniel tosh situation to know what happened with happened talk about it we didn't talk about this this is what's hilarious this woman wrote a blog about this she wrote tosh point or whatever that guy yeah he's getting in trouble for this he's forced to apologize this and this woman wrote a blog about it a complete any delusional blog by the way he's asking this what daniel tosh did he asked he asked what is this she said oh i would find this is daniel tosh the time i thought it was just some yahoo who somehow a gig on after cook i honestly thought he was an amateur because he didn't seem that comfortable on stage and seem to have really awkward presents fucking useless fuck idiot writing a blog anybody can write a blog so this this dummy tasha is asking people like to throw out questions so
they're throwing out you know i think would i talk about and someone says rape and he goes yeah that's really fun yeah what what what's funny about the humiliation the violence you know he's like saying ranting on things the reason why great business fun right and so some woman yells out actual rape jokes are never funny this this this dumb that wrote this blog yells this out so he says wouldn't it be funny if you got raped by like five people right now which is really funny it doesn't really mean that what he's trying to do is he's being in your interrupting with some self righteous horseshit so you're saying rape is bad is that what you're saying oh jesus you're gotta fucking comedy club you asshole and this women rights this she writes his whole fucking rambling self serving article about this and now because of that he had to apologize for him because you joked around about rape yeah let's raper
well she's gonna get her mind raped by the internet i'm sure 'cause it's so beyond stupid you know like we were shocked we couldn't believe it demanded speak to the manager to manage to speak to the manager is what i said we we talked about the ice house chronicles she should be fired from ever going to a comedy club against they should take a picture of her and comedy club in the country should agree that this fucking dummy is no longer allowed to go to comedy clubs put a picture you're not allowed to come to the door you blow your radio wessel that's ahead it's an agreement when you go to those places just leave that behind it there laugh go there to laugh at the taboos that you think is so sacred that you can't even touch you know things that you're afraid of things your fears death any of this stuff if you go there you laugh you talk about it becomes less serious after that i feel more bad for dane cook who has this as a fan poor guy imagine this being one of your fans well apparently dane cook bro
crash was just joking around and said dane cook is going to live tweet while my show is on just joking around and pain got so much fucking hate mail like hate tweets right away and then bert kreischer started reading him so a lot of fucking p that heat danger like there's a lot of negativity attached to being that dude and he just got bummed out like in told to please leave him out this old house really i cannot sign whenever birds show aired yeah if you tweet about you know dane is going to certain for a certain number of people that's a free shot you're allowed attack dane cooks like segments delia ya and that poor fuck he is a he's a fucking with the concentric circles of varying colors red white he's a duck
the target item yesterday built his karma right david i haven't heard anything that everybody does their car member everyone tweet dane cook that he has beautiful lips everyone tweak dane cook that he's a big sweetie he's a big cute mickey tarson it's funny that sucks and you know twitter is pretty up how how that she can turn on you and just ruin your whole entire say what's fucked up is that you know any we can sort of be anonymous and you know call you i mean there's a lot of pictures on twitter of fake accounts where it's like a hot chick in a bikini like please follow me i'm big fan and let you look at our profile and it's her repeating that over turn over again they like a business yeah and they'll they'll do that that and they'll say oh my god i just entered into this amazing contest for a free jet ski or whatever the fuck it is you know and there's a bunch of people that run like there's this one dude that i know that runs thousands of fake twitter accounts
and when he wants to spam something out he spams up the same message on every single this is why i found it out i went to one i went to yes i knew that he was scamming people so i went to his twitter so let me look at his tweets that look at some of his tweets were responding to people so i was like well what is your's ponytail in that i would go the responding pages responding to himself he's writing the same and all these different pages they all the same message and then i i i i follow the chain like a few dozen times so i gave up but i just kept finding people and i'd go to the other one and it was the same thing it was same messages all the same tweets and i was like i wonder how he has this automated is like the program is it hi n there's not a spammers use it when you say certain things like if you say magnavox or whatever you say so you got to sheba though the us
i give my best to cheaper prices in town click here for more information you know a spam from twitter yeah there's there's robots to just sit there and look for certain key words in that time lines they sing and stuff like that you hear what you're about that the most the biggest russian spammer from a from a few years back this huge russian spammer and russia told him like he was somehow operating within some basic rules so they could go after legally separate they kept town to stop any as i got off lucky guy so i can every is making this load of money they found him beaten to death with a computer oh my god you can look that up but i was like alright fucker if you forget where you're from were fucking russia yeah you know don't tell me fuck change your stop if you in russia you better hide that beaten to death with his computer i have totally different rules over there for how they deal with shit you can't just get away with stuff like that i wonder how they deal with hecklers
i mean they have like rush's stand up comedy in our in probably hearts that i had a i had a funny story stripper was telling me about she had some russian stripper friends who she was and she was tripping with and some girl something something wack happen like she got in trouble for giving a handjob on the floor the strip club or something like that so she's bawling in the in the room in the russian stripper goes up to go to those you want to cry you fucking cry alone get out of here like that spell viking that's just the russian way you know it's like yeah you can get your shit together hard hard hard i give three hand jobs at the same time one with stop crying and then i send money home to mother russia yeah there's a part of the world that are cold and dark dude
living over there and so i have i have a few friends of dated russian checks and i always feel like like the the getting swindled always feel like something weird going on like do something mercenary having here there so fucking hot well this is i know a guy who's russian who's gay for pay and his boyfriend he straight but is this russian guy and his boyfriend is this rich gang guy and this rich gay guy buys am nice car far is put some up in a fat apt i mean really takes care of this guy and it's so that he has sex with them i don't know what they do they blow jobs or whatever i don't know how he rocks it from the guy straight and when i found out about it and i'm like damn mother fuckers like a russian whore he's like he's like a mercenary dude
willing to suck this get old guys dick you get the feeling that there's some ferrari some kind of harshness of life in russia like even when used to see fate or fight you know just the kind of calm this that he came out there when his imposing physical violence is bad comments like whatever he's been through so watch pucking scarier than the giant that he's about to fight on the other side of the ring that and then you get that feeling from from everybody else not everybody but a lot of the people over there like life is so harsh that would what you think would be until just yeah they're not really that concerned with really that concerned with fights yeah just a fight did you see his last fight with pager his oh i didn't know i miss it would not rudahl subaru he it's almost too bad that he's retiring now because his stand up since he started going to holland his standup is really improved a lot and got a lot better his he he threw some pretty high level shit at pedro his out first he had paid
staggered just from the speed he's really fast for a heavyweight it's not a big heavyweight he's like thirty but with a high percentage of body fat if you had him lean he would probably be about two hundred and five i like that and he moves like a two hundred and five pounds are really fast two hundred and five pounder so he this brother was fast as fuck too good hands two brothers a lot bigger though he but he lit pager his know up man he hit him with a leg kick and then he fake the leg kick and through like a superman hook and cracked him on the jaw and then just unloaded on him on the ground it's hard to watch man because page on his oh is one of those dudes
around for a long known to her yeah if you watched a highlight reel of all the towns page of his those has lice turned out it's really hard to watch and you know the gilbert duyvil fight the you know the josh barnett fight there's a lot of fights over and over again we're pager his us been really hit hard really scary knockouts i mean how many commander it's that's where begs the question i don't know i don't know that i think a lot of money and a lot of science is trying to figure that out with these concussions that they're trying to explore is they can figure out how to fix that that will change the price finding world totally no people don't have to worry about brain damage anymore if they can just sort of stick a needle inside your ear and inject some stem cells in your brain rejuvenates itself people would do extra shots though to get smarter to be like
look at alpha brain i'm going to take a chance on overgrowing my head but what if that backfired turned autistic or something to be a little scary i wonder if they're going to be able to eventually figure out a way to regenerate brain cells because that's a real issue with people with head trauma is just big parts of your brain just are not the same anymore after massive concussions especially if you've had multiple concussions and like football players and especially fighters in training that's the big one there's a guy who died recently in an unregulated mma fight and he got triangles and tap from the triangle and was no head trauma at all in the fight went back to his locker room and in watching some fights and then someone heard some moaning and they looked over and he had collapsed and he of dying and they brought him to the hospital when they did an autopsy on him that he found it was a blunt force trauma from about a
go so it's something that he had some sedated sure that's what they decide the way it wasn't from the the fight they would do what they were pointing to something that happened in training yeah week before and adrenaline dehydration a little bit of a blood restriction motor travis leader for marvin eastman marvin eastman has didn't got knocked out twice in training he got kayode twice in training and so when travis connected with them it wasn't like the hardest punch in the world it was weird you a condom on the end of a punch and marvin just went completely unconscious like instilling was like whoa was one of those weird ones yeah like what's going on there same thing with forrest griffin when he funny and since over he had been knocked out twice in training to this that's great those guys are crazy that's crazy begin ko twice in in you gonna u k out again i mean it's it but you know you sign up for a fight you know you sign up in this we supposed to be doing and if you get kaelin training man that's just tough yes you just suck it up
get out there and fight it's a fine line between having to believe that you're going to win no matter what and then also being realistic and being like yeah probably bail on this well very few guys no one to bail that's the hardest part the hardest part is knowing when to walk away and everybody wants to walk away with the win you know the hardest part is like figuring out what the fuck to do with your life next 'cause when a guy is trying to be a fighter he really doesn't have a whole lot of uh tions i mean that these you're doing one thing you know and why you're doing that one thing that's all you can concentrate on it's going to be your whole life period and then all sudden it's not your life anymore now you got to find something else we also got a match that excitement level in pasco i mean how are you going to do that this is the most amazing spectacle on the you know u verse is another man while millions watched and you know the triumph and all those emotions i mean you'll never be able to duplicate that yeah it's almost impossible unless you become like some crazy downhill ski
dude we drop you off of a helicopter and those guys are their fucking minds how long did you do your recent this recent trip like was it months ago or weeks ago or it was like two weeks ago i talked to bob reading yeah they did they don't have it up yet so they don't they were asking me about yeah yeah okay i'll just tell you folks we're doing a show wednesday night nice house ten pm main room the room yeah tickets will be on yeah probably ari's already have anything wednesday night definitely me and definitely bright yeah we're gonna be in calgary this week to allow me not you brian doesn't i don't go to canada and everything the camera do you wanna come cans for calvin klein fell for her next time i go to vancouver coming but we're doing the jack singer concert hall in calgary and fur show sold out but we're doing a second show and that's all sold out but some are available for the second show it's me second russell and
horseshoe fear and that's this friday night so it is it's about as close to death squad you can get without joey diaz and brian but joey this is not going to make it to canada and it is a very very strict laws about criminals and when you got kids napping with fire arms yeah so does the like yeah i know was a long time ago joe he's like listen i'm a different guy now i got eleven cats two months they will let him in so i'm sorry i'm sorry i can't i can't bring joey dheas but you can always sneak in and hang out with us where we're at the ice house all the time we've had a bunch of commit canadians and english people people from all over the world come down and hang out the ice house which is really cool because the ice house is one of the oldest clubs in the country it started in nineteen fifty one minutes who's that white fifty or sixty one it's been fifty years so i don't know so that's not even whatever it is
i think it's think it started off in the 50s and then the sixties it became a comedy club there was something else before that like some sort of a jazz club or something stupid but either way it's an amazing old club that's run by some really cool people they have the nice just wait staff and it's in pasadena and we do shows there all the time so we would be there this wednesday and do you ever there friday i haven't decided yet see what casual but what we usually do is like last week we had yeah but i do have them and we had greg fitzsimmons dom i rare ari should fear is that kind of line up it's like all our friends that are in town we we have them come down you do have wide you have one friday at one thousand pm is it in the main room with a small small small rooms pretty dope to the small room was only like eighty five seeds it's like super intimate they have two rooms at the ice house but it's just like there's so much history in there like the other day i went in there with tommy chong and we were in with their teaching child with
yeah we teach in china with tommy chong i really did when you get so you get high with tommy chong man that is cool as fuck yeah and uh we went in there and it's like you could feel when you're standing in that room when it's dark and there's no one on stage and there's no one in the room like you could feel the energi that's been transmitted in that building like that place where decades decades of stand up comedy has gone down so with their this wednesday night and you can get tickets at ice house comedy dot com just click on the link for death squad in a pro is even up yet just call them until you one and yep another so you take it they'll figure that shit out use your credit card you dirty bitches i shows in san diego are amazing we had jim norton stopped in for once said yeah norton didn't even want to go up so i'm like why don't want to run these but i wanna go out here so crazy like go up these fucking people would love to see you course he went onstage they went crazy yeah american comedy code support that com
the club if you live in san diego it's amazing we're talking about medical and once a month now doing a desk well down there or something yeah the club is the shit the american comedy club company it's called american american company and it's it's it's literally like the perfect set you walk in low ceilings it's set up great what's what's the dude's name from san jose yeah william h macy there last night he was talking right out front the front door like a came out yeah he's there for that show yeah is that how to comic con for what is this show do you see this is gonna show about a loser family yeah i can remember is how they're breaking that was also there though it's staying at the hotel next to the one i was laying at the whole the whole cast was there well in on the hotel we stayed at sons of anarchy was in the i want everything that when we pulled up i had to like ask them if i could park 'cause it was like a red carpet thing going on yeah i was like is the valley still open now like yeah i'm like ok i'm going to sneak by the red carpet
fucking card market is weird like bowl things were going on at the same time it was still actually a hotel and they still have this weird thing going on met beetlejuice two beetlejuice two ever met hi the other really really tiny had the you know howard stern's own no never met him how those interest only did meet him at the airport once i met him at the airport in atlanta i think with all you know i i i was there with you there yeah yeah yeah i never said anything and we just saw him or something talk to it is time to talk and got a pitcher with you as i can i get a picture of you guys you do what you gotta do and like all right we call that a san diego spree about as well as live there except for the the miller everything military we dan i don't know the hot blonde thing is tons of blondes down there for some reason yeah what the fuck no no no no no no i mean that's not a bad thing but i didn't notice it's really that there's a lot of blonde people yeah i i was looking around and like every single person is blonde hair so counteract mexico it's like
just terry there gravitated towards that area they don't even know why it's a gene pool balancing out situation but yeah san diego is a fucking awesome time and i love it there it's one of my favorite places to go but it really is bizarre that they have like la jolla has he's thirty forty fifty million dollar this giant estates overlooking the water twenty minutes from tijuana yeah that's one a minute drive to deal while i'm out we had lunch tijuana people came to the show you know i don't know is that easy just drive over it i made the drive time but you if you live in tijuana you could drive over to america and just see a show absolutely what the line of the one you're going to cross the borders i would they keep you from just stand i guess they if you're a legal citizen on the enjoy your week
i don't have a visa or anything to control you just just hop over we met a lot of people from tijuana there's like five or six people at the show that came from tijuana there are fans of the podcast it was weird i was like damn you escape your hairstyle back i like it down there i wish we could live down there it would be yeah no no well it's always run i like that let island they going on awhile yeah you just go on that island there's is playing playing softball at this park in your house on this island is this well then i wasn't beautiful the islands one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in the country i could tell yeah that island has some insane houses on it the the the that's where donald rumsfeld lives while us virgin smell fire and brimstone as drive over the bridge lot of rich industrialists and all sorts of fancy pants folks live on that i'll yeah i don't i don't know that's a that's a real rich spot sandy
it's got a lot of rich areas like la hoya hoya is gorgeous that's where the comedy stories that's an amazing town beautiful then when we used to stay there i feel like i always figure out can i live here whenever we do like comedy down there but like i live here it's like two hours away what could i live here i could just say if you're lucky two hours yeah four one slash two remain took me four one slash two to the show no doubt about what we talk about a lot of stuff before yeah rafters up here yeah so the latest latest news in the on it world we got the new alpha brain formula which is just a slight tweak on the old alpha brain formula basically the recalling mechanism remains exactly the same you have the who perseus cerrada as the ceo cholinesterase inhibitor and you have alpha gpc is the raw source of calling to raise your siegel calling levels and then for the dopamine mechanism were using
l tyrosine which is the basic source amino acid for l dopa instead of me can periods much more you know research behind l tyrosine and it's just seems to be a preferred ingredient for that and instead of the supplemental gabba we switch that out without the any which is actually why when you drink green tea you don't get that kind of hyperactive feeling that you do from coffee necessarily because green tea contains natural l theanine which is related to the gabba mechanism and kind of keeps you from getting too hyper and that's again going to temper that
in a very a little bit manic a fact of the mental speed and that kind of focus that you get from these the acetyl calling and then we added phosphatidyl serine which is grade ingredients got a couple cool studies with foster title syrian wonders which was measuring the accuracy of people off of golf tee driving towards a whole hundred thirty five yards away and found statistically significant improvement in a double blind study for the people taking phosphatidyl serine as far as hitting the ball straighter and what they what they found is that it just helps reduce mental fatigue it's a natural nutrient that's found in brain cell membranes only use it to rape tom ira tonight yes you said max by the way max that really one of the best will place a great instructor is just raving about out for brand yeah you sent me attack lasted about a loves phosphatidyl serine as well he's been using that for a long time so he's the super pumped about it so well it's it's it's fascinating to me that this is a new frontier
for a lot of folks you know a lot of people aren't really aware that there are a bunch of different nutrients that have shown that they have a positive effect on your brain function absolutely absolutely and then i guess every s remains the same a c eleven are proprietary antioxidant the comes from the rain forster cat's claw that they concentrate some the alkaloids and really help you kind of clear way some your mental fog and then the book copa and the b six to help us help round out the formula but getting just great feedback on the on the new form and again just a slight tweak for any of those who via been fans of the hold for brain but definitely just a little bit better on all fronts and then we have the strong bone and joint formula which we came out with which is new and that's focus
around the the mineral strong team and new england journal of medicine study from two thousand four showed that the people taking strong team randomly i had a forty one percent decrease fracture risk as far as developing the bone density and that's because strong team is one of the key minerals along with calcium that's found in the bones and a lot of our processed foods have eliminated the natural strong team content so it's you know one of the theories why so many we're experiencing osteoporosis is because the natural strong team that generally comes my foods were not getting him anymore and then lineman mark deficiencies are calcium channel yeah general mineral deficiencies and so we put a bunch of other trace minerals in their put some pretty traditional things for your joints msm glucosamine hyaluronic acid and just make a kind of balance formula with the angry strontium which is best in a lot of these studies do have it in conjunction with calcium so we recommend taking but you're not supposed to take them at the same time because i'll actually compete for absorption because they're such a similar
thank you so you take the strawn your strontium supplement and morning per se and then take a calcium supplement night so great formula for you know people who are in kinda active sports or if you're getting up there in age or just want a better a better general bone and joint strength and flexibility and then not some exciting new stuff coming out we got our help force prada which is fucking delicious like really good just very simple the best tasting protein powder i've ever had and it's the best for you crazy thing is about how less i fart on that yeah totally credible i i do with coconut water now see to has this new version that brian scared of this is a call to verse is like like coconut legs will be and above the a coconut shell it load your mouth but it's the coconut with paul but
cheetos not a sponsor but there are friends so while we them and alienware we we we talk about them just they're scooter cool new hook us hook us up alienware her to supper some cool computers and see well keeps us hydrated but i make i make shakes with the hemp force and see twenty and it's and no gas not that i would make i would make these fucking muscle milk shakes which tastes so good but would burn holes in his seat of my car why was farting on the way there yeah just like cheese and a lot of
fun night at like home why don't you want to fart farting fun there's a lot of issues with whey protein digestion i mean if you if you aren't careful they can create intestinal talks email which is like a sludge that builds up in your intestines and actually prevents the absorption of nutrients beyond that but it is a it is a very balanced kind of protein it's just really tough for the human body to kind of metabolize wears hemp on the other hand hemp parts two thirds of that is made up of a compound cult called desperate which is already very commonly found in the human body so there's virtually no allergy or digestion issues plus you got all the a mega mega threes and sixes fatty acids in there the g la just a super protein for you and all we did was add some cocoa which is again another one of the original super foods you know got a bunch of good trace minerals chromium and and a a variety of other things
an and maka as well long traditional use of mock up being able to boost libido an also contain a bunch of nutrients that support the endocrine system and a little bit of stevia an gotta fucking delicious drink that will free furious real good for you super healthy easy to digest like everything about it i love it's my new favorite all time protein powder and no gas brother sorry about that brian in the beauty of stevie i love stevie stevie is interesting stuff if you could have too much of that stuff though if you try to like a spoonful of in your coffee it's almost drink yeah so strong it is really a and stevia them to favor so well gavin is not necessarily good for you in charge of it really yeah i always thought it was it sounds like herbal and shit like have a little agave a mighty base
it's not that simple sugar does course serbia yeah like really sure well that's up it tastes good you know look again moderation but stevia way better for your body way better it's just a little jazz of stevia but the stevia in hemp force it's a it's a delicious combination the combination of the marker the coco the rocco go under the hemp fiber altogether or that's good that's good that's my favorite but that shit up man you gave me a tub of that stuff i kill that in two days i was fucking drink it all the time i had two in a row 'cause they were so good but muscle milk's pretty god damn good too but for me the fart drop off is really worth it but i feel i can work out quicker to the guy would i like whey protein but a lot of times when i they get a feeling a little slow for like an hour and a half because he likes got all that blood and they're trying to deal with that yeah i wasn't absorb easily it's no
not nearly as easily absorb is plant based protein with hemp protein if you're looking for another type of protein to probably the second best i think is a combination of rice and he protein together they're very complementary protein those are pretty good they don't have the extra nutrients that helped us with the a and that's part of the human body but that's a pretty good one so he has a lot of issues to plus you don't get stoner red straight stoner credit from eating ham protein we show bitches your muscles from came from hemp came they had to bring it in from canada 'cause there's too stupid to grow muscles this kid even grow yes but here in america to legal will still way that's one of the really the most hurtful things about this retarded government and they'll know hamp by the way henry for me the first car at him you know we we talked about this in the park this is a video you can get online it's pre dope have you ever seen it brand new hammer so if you hits the for
the hammer hammer the the this fiberglass that made out of hemp is strong the hammer just bouncing off of it bring frank i wanted to get a corvette let me just throw this out there see if anybody knows how this could be done i wanted to get a corvette and then get the body panels made hemp how hard would that be to do with that be really hard to do somebody tell me did you ask that last week yeah i did but no one no one said and responded they probably got too high anybody who knows how to dougie the resources that you seeks you if they really did know how to do to do it to get back but i just want to know is there someone to respond me on twitter if you know is there a way to do
because if there is a way to do that they'll be badass i like that mustang better than i like that corvette yeah but i don't think you should get a red car shops on i'm i'm in love with this new mustang there's a new mustang shelby that's coming out it's got i think it's it's i think i said it wrong i think yeah it's six hundred and fifty horsepower as not six center forward six fifty six thousand one hundred and fifty horsepower in a mustang it's a larry is three miles per gallon no it actually doesn't even have a gas guzzler tax because it's it's not naturally aspirated as super charger on it so it's a bit we ask v8 but it's really efficient and then on top of that it's connected to a radical fucking supercharger that is we give you this mad why paint over the roar of the v8 but i'm in love with this comment this might be my next shit
i just i what i wanted to do i look i like i have a mustang i have a shelby gt five hundred convertible i like but i'm not really that for them not really that cool would convertibles just too many variables i've seen too many cars will bow or on the highway and like that doesn't seem like a smart thing yeah because you have a metal roof you know he's probably should have a metal roof but but i love the idea of getting an american car that's a fun car and if there's anything in america does right it's make muscle cars some last shit we do right when it comes to manual and i just love the fact that these guys are really going for it that they really have made a six hundred and fifty fucking horsepower mustang i mean i almost feel like i'm obligated dip something like this cuz they're they're so silly that they made it that's how i feel
about of the corvette z are want to feel the same way about that do it it's so silly that they made such a crazy car a feeling obligated because of i was a kid i was like man if i you know for something like that of a friend of my by one of those no yeah that's what you should do you should buy one of those if you have enough money i got one the challenge i love it he is yeah challenges of dope car it's against american muscle cars i figured out to make it right there fun to draw they sound good you the sound like they're alive they have some fucking passion to him the last thing we do well when we do a lot of shit well we have the best music we have the best comedy sucking if you disagree suck it suck it yeah england has some good music in england has some good comedy but that's about it the rest of world king suck my dick ok you know
japanese make a few pretty bad ass cars you comedy is ridiculous stop i know you invented martial arts but you comma he's going to go out the window anything to say brian before we wrap this up brian did something yesterday not good for his head and right now and i think i think when i smoked it we just kicked it back and probably yeah i'm pretty pretty good right now i'm sure when i what's more sell the around is that the the you girls i thought he had a girl come here i felt a field only anything more now that's it i've been a super active on my blog so if anybody wants to keep up with me warrior poet dot us and you have a podcast i got a podcast just had a podcast with mitchell to dmt the spirit molecule is really cool conversation i keep and about an hour but that was really cool so check it out you can see the links from worry put dot u s
nice beautiful all right and we got several podcast this week tomorrow we have bobo from finding bigfoot i am fucking very tired but find that mother fucker already come on people if anybody is going to find it finding bigfoot's going to find it in this james bobo fay and he is squatch are on twitter if you want to find and he's he's tomorrow and i'm site because i've been addicted bigfoot since i was a little kid i've i can't timely documentaries i've why some books i've read of justin this guy seen a sasquatch allegedly did you since you see the south park about about the the big foot watch the i should really watch south park about everything so that's that's tuesday wednesday we have justin halpern on the podcast he's the guy who wrote my dad said
and he wrote the movie and he's got a book called i suck at girls it's his newest book and a very fun so he'll be joining us that next week we got honey honey immortal ten bob walls and maynard keenan i go that's all for week four days in a row of chaos at the next week yeah we got that we got time rush we got a lot of shit happen and you dirty bitches jack singer concert hall this friday night ari shaffir meet duncan trussell come get your freak on i agree there still tickets available for ten pm show thank you to on come go to onnit and if you want to buy some supplements use the code name rogan and save yourself ten percent off week i give you this sort of a discount on the battle ropes the kettle bells is because they are as cheap as we can possibly sell them ladies and gentlemen and the best fucking quality you're going to get these key little bells are made out of solid mother iron and long after you're dead argue
largest will find these bitches at the bottom of the ocean and trying to figure out what the fuck they are and they go oh this is what my used to get small as fuck good yet of the go get go get yourself on a fucking workout program we have all sorts of different you can buy them in packages all sorts of different packages for beginners and for people who are a bit more experience there's is a hundred different more videos on youtube of different kettle bell techniques and there's a lot of v deason and stuff is available as well we're venture gonna make our own dvd when you get on that will probably talk about that as soon as we shut off this podcast okay so we got to get to it all right we love you guys much love everybody we will see you tomorrow thank you everybody for all the positive energy and all the positive tweets and all cool mother fuckers that come out to these comedy shows and it's overwhelming you for sure we have tapped into some sort of a vein of the coolest people on earth and i
right you know we hear from all you people that we are contributing to your happiness and we are heading to your positive energy and make no mistake about we feel very obligated very connected and and and we were all part of this thing we're all this thing together we're just the antenna and whatever the radio the thing it keeps it moving ironically shades i'll see you fucking freeze tomorrow keyboard your parents unless you're going to use it
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