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2012-07-19 | 🔗
Justin Halpern, Brian Redban – Date: 07/19/2012
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the facts are some of the issues you fuckin also know buddy you're has an excellent fade it's perfect so old school justin what's up man haydn thanks rob i'll please thank you thanks remain so you were you the due to created the shit my dad says twitter account which became a cultural phenomenon as human yeah knows crazy how do you do that i will give mother fucker i was at stake my dad is always at all really stuffy says or do you can't use it up a little ballet on then i added it into the wonder and forty characters in twitter because i can put it sought his sentiments yea i definitely i mean he he would fuckin flip outcry you because he checks it like once every two months to make sure it's like stuff that he said i was how does it feel about this very that's gotta be a trip also near you york your likeness is
portrayed on television by captain kirk yeah that he'd that he was like the shows shitty you think i was out of sight i totally disagree but he didn't he ass he didn't give a shit about william shatter the tv showed ah he liked the book that are he was like in today's more narrating than he is watching tv have you ever thought about point a camera him does he want to do that he would hurl it to the ground he's not he's not into that at all you jesse really guy yeah so weird line though the current drawn you know you like depicted him yeah why was really worried about tell anything tell him at first for several months i think i too soon for my friend says like no business here says no more ashen bother him with it and then when it's like blue up and people are like hey you're sending a book as like why should tell my dad first when did you start a twitter account is great
a start in august two thousand and nine and by i think like august twenty first as our august turbine august twenty first ahead like threerd thousand followers it was not think it is vital and then probably like too waiters at a million we yeah it was it was like right when twitter was they remember the lashing could be raised to a million yeah that's bullshit was going on in and so is like it was in the news like given now and are now but but back then it was like perfect timing while it's amazing incredible so just out of the word of mouth basically people just sharing out themselves it literally went viral to a million people yeah yeah did i think like it it without it ten thousand one day when i went to eloquent better at ten thousand and then rob cordery tweeted it and then he liked we link like i like this and who was robbed cord to rob quarters comedian he is like and hot a time machine and the day o shell and south he's just like i m sure
yeah i'm sure you crossed paths in the subway he had like a million fall where's your something no one tweeted it out then i'll send the next day of a hundred thousand was past i going faster and faster people kept sharing it and then it was like i will what am i gonna do you know how old were you gonna twenty nine and it is what is this like me you sidney ok what do i do that we would it what do i do it this yell i was at home so i was i was writing for maxim living at home i just split up with my girl or sheets but i will need to be frank and and so i just like to know what the fuck is going to do was just sitting there devastated yeah i was like living in my childhood bedrooms really depressing yeah and then when all the steps are happening
i've been riding for a while and i had been up here riding in waiting tables and do all that stuff and then been right for magazines less cavaliers before that and in the sky reach out to me he's like maybe you could minos or maybe there's a book in this and so then i started serves a downright some essays about two stories i mean my dad than i have submitted them how many stories you have i stories he's crazy but for the book i wrote like twelve essays so like if that book with single based in like normal fond it be like nine pages but overhead but yeah i mean i that book was again around twelve or thirteen essays me like a hundred and sixty nine and seventy pages and i can't i just tried to keep ones that didn't feel redundant so is your dad just like always on about everything does he always have something funny say about everything is just that all day now he's not like he'll be just like quiet for two hours and then hills dislike explode on you
he just like a lot of shit pisses em off right now and so any does have a lot of people to talk to you cause you don't have any friends several my mom so he wants it though like he doesn't work yeah he really doesn't he's at he's like my besties like my best friend lives in tennessee i see him once a year i'm like that's it that's not a good best friend i think he bore wisely chosen that's that's meaning that behaviors cause i do not want have friends he just would rather be able to not say that say what we wanted unfiltered he always tells the truth so you can like losing friends long really you think you would gain em the ones he has two or three in their super clothes like their grizzled all guys that say shit like i'd die for you when will that ever come up ok so yeah but i mean leg he he he's so is always on but he's got really like interesting eager up in the south and but he's a doctor so like you grew up on a farm
armies and military like a tobacco farmer till he was like you know fifteen sixteen so you know i think he's got a unique perspective wow yeah that's a pretty intense life but he doesn't want to do anything publicly it doesn't one like be meeting you ever interviewed him anything you know i did for this for my second put became god i did i was like i was like you don't want to like him a lot of fans going to do it like nobody gives a shit about me like they want to see you do you want it like i was like do you want to do like a video interview or something that's if you buy the e book you get like you know whatever and he was like if it's you mean the camera and i'm michael what about some it around the cameras like fucking him out of here fine i'll run the camera and being utterly ass like me turn it on the camera and run over and sit in the thing and we know what is just as one of the person in the room he just and get along with people that well wow so he just grizzled old do like i feel like maybe that's how they made him back manner
i mean like the thing the weird thing is if you came up to on the street he be a perfect gentlemen you know right like he'd be totally couldn't be cheap and together we want to talk to you now real he's not giving every argue it just doesn't really want so he picks out a couple of people it is family and he's like this is it this is these are the people i talk to you they not talking about yeah that's how my grandfather was arthur my grandfather was really just like one those like scream at your wife doors get over here in just like not take not a happy i grew up with a grandfather who was he's a great guy but him and his wife fought like cats and dogs it was raising my grandparents you stuff fuckin scream at each other they would green image of it i was like fault for five years little monkey watching these crazy old talents don't wash big job you fucking flash may suffer
one of my grandfather like woe that's it i remember at a very early age gone well the relationships can go this far south fuck man i feel like people back then these did they based harder lather yes a little harder life we never divorces much as they are now sets leg is a totally different world man i was a dangerous scary world pact that now as it did they lived they lived third the world wars ii depression like that caution my grandparents came over here during the depression that's like that's when they arrive they arrive like right in the middle of the shit so the fact that they were saying at all you know and the fact that made it through and had family and actually this fella go off here and at survive on their own in the wild incredible i believe as i mean i know it sounds gonna like cliche say but it is a way harder existence you had to be way tougher urine be you had to be someone who dealt with allow more tragedy as for sugar for the most part you know just
you know ye i think the world was just a harsher more you no more animal listing place almost back then yeah why only abdomen honey any bullshit that's unfortunate man so many people from those really hard errors grew up without much joy now they like when he should disabled it's his grief fucked up funny like like my dad was a european tobacco farm when when he was ten he worked the farmer tiny fella a wagon and rolled over time and crushed his elbow they took him to the doktor the doctors told us dad he was like i can amputated arm and he'll live for sure or i can give him like these this medication and may there's only thirty percent chance it he lives he said his dad was like let him die there's no does our role in the world for one arm farmer the whole home this allows this like i was back in the dockers like i call and then this is a given this does it you'd wow
we have also had his dad said lenin die yea eleven does no room in the world for one on farm homely nigel think about when you're ten that you you you know even when cares about you your arm is broken and let him die will as these are crazy my dad is told me that story i like that so fucked up he's a hurdle talkin about he saved my arm like are you insane that's what you that's all god she's christ i've been watching all these documentaries recently about neanderthals you knowing about the to the people that are talking about like they're pretty much pressure that most why people have some percentage mere tall and imagine if you for some reason had to go back to that time and to mention hard that would suck to be and spears with fuckin raw
in animal and we would you just like take your clothes off and just walk into the ocean and drowned and would just give up but even want to get too today at ass he thought a lot about that as i was like i've i've alec how far back in time and have to go to actually be able to invent anything those our know how to anything works i just use jaws i would if thou the case here i'll just do it we would think men's do i really think you're at your survival instincts who kicked in but you know you wouldn't have this in any of this esoteric search for happiness is a deep search for our everybody has like i just don't know where i matt point of my life like ok you know why cause there's no fuck struggle you're getting through your day hopping in your range rover with a little tiny dog and there's no real struggle ok you're confused and you saddened you might be happy if you were chasing animals with a fucking point stick
you might be happy if you are running a farm you might be might be man i mean you can even see today like really shitty countries nobody's like should pursue a large degree you like nice rusty alas this fuckin stay alive yeah there's a lotta does lotto weirdness to this life the slices that we might not be set up to handle it you know we might not be set up to to deal with all the pressures that technology in society in all this informations coming out us all the time we went not be set up for that shit was like you're saying before we start like people get crazy when they get online but here some people do it some people it's like thicket finally lash out they can fuck the world bank like the world this is filling the world fox unlike everywhere they turns like this is not working out you know you you
looking at television that's not my life you know you look at it there were the reality is most people out there do not doing exactly what they want to do and if they want to be angry at somebody in all day the most of em work and if you're working most of the time if you keep your fuckin mouth shut you can't save what you want to say you can't you in an office the bunch people actually get sued for trying to crack jokes you can't say anything sexual you know if you do you're gonna go court being to sued for sexual harassment really restrictive environment and then they get online like you fuck saw laughlin familiar south drown in aids and it's like visit is concentrated attack on like britney spears or our anybody that's that's what it is like this just fucking this this little vulcan
no of hate which is pops out cause he's poor folks live a shit life i had was when and twenty minutes his first started getting popular in like a got i got a book deal out of it as i out replies the day i did in the sky had filled up cause you going five hundred forty characters between right he had filled up like fifteen or twenty tweets gentle all caps faggot this is actually right ads on top like he spent like cry like ten or fifteen minutes just do not stop vague there's something funny about that you i'll let you lad i try like i take a screen shot of set at all my friends that starts up ray bones group when a silly butch hurry a tweet that you did they it's your favorite one that you still like look back at my like man that was grey and that's like one in particular yeah me there because like for me he's he set him to me
you know i don't like there's contacts to it and love and this one time he if you like loves our dog more than like people on and he brought our he took the diet are you walked in one day and sit on the couch and he's like he's a girl i guess we're were banned from the dog park thousands who fuck what happened is i guess it's ok to bark and it's ok to hump but if you do that same time freaks people our heads it's like a lot of my dog is like angrily raping other dogs like air i lend my dad somebody having come to my dad say something about it like you wasn't what he said there was over the years is like that scenario further worries you were one of the first twitter followers that i remember that like was like cool like i found this this this
hilarious twitter and then my girlfriend i told her at her at the time and she was oh my god is the best thing every she told her again i just watched it like like become like something i i found myself and the girl to just being every wherever you were pretty much being retweeted by every single person i know at one point of view because of you like our you over it now are you ve begun to a point where you like i just want to write books now and our or is it do you are you still in love with twitter doing the twitter thing i mean i ve eyes like it it was such a lucky break for me that i saw just feel i mean it says cheesy by feels like really grateful for every nets happen so to me it's never like it didn't wear off and like i do this together this damn thing here it's like let that and made my whole career so right i mean to me i still don't do it as much but i definitely don't have like that same kind of feeling where it's like i'm over there
it rather like something that i really connect to if you must have been so site teetotally hit the lottery it was exactly exactly like hitting the lottery really well it's amazing what did you want to do before you did that you always want to be a writer yeah i had worked up here i waited tables and allay like i'd sold screenplay unlike could stupidly quit my job and had to go back to run out of money like i've been near struggling as as screenwriter for a while and then and so this is exactly what i wanted to do you know serve a gifted to me while and from there how do you get this tv deal has happened and how they did william shatner to play your dad and like whether all go a foul because its it's a fascinating that they found a way to make something it's really funny not that funny now it's true i really like that it's exactly what happened it's like design the centre for water you know it
like i wrote the book proposal and i had set it out just as a book and the book was just like our aid like twitter feed over with stories and then as soon as i got out there than network started calling being like we want is and i ever seen in my was screen writing partner say to him like how could we do such a network it he's says fuck every other word i can't do it at work and in than in those like wait any did you shut up and it just like do this you try i just i remember only on we sat with the standards and practices percinet cbs does we ended up i pitched it and we saw the cbs in and when we saw that the stairs in practice persons like our heres a list of words that you can't say or even like intimate and it went and it was like everything he says and i was like i this is
it's ridiculous is gonna sack having a conversation with a standard practice a person can be mad dang yeah like why aren't you kid it's really with amazing what ye cannon can't say who would people stand is like cable you can say anything yeah and the only reason why they don't say everything just their own discretion that's the idea that sponsors dont want show that in our says fuck and content and whenever so that but the sissy doesn't regulate cable yet crazy i mean it was i guess arousal like because after all that well we got shatner too to set to start i was like well maybe you know like killed it'll when coming through his mouth italy different but it was just like my dad's like unintentionally funny he's a crack and jokes really sitcoms you know it's like set up punchline set a punch line and it in a just didn't fit
that format it all i think with hbo and showtime i think networks look ridiculous try to just only use limited language is who in with movies unlike what kind of a fucking stupid anti evolutionary concept that are we gonna pretend for ever that these words are forbidden by greeley weed two thousand twelve of the internet would get forbidden words you can't broadcast them and if they if you do they can come and take your numbers who will take your number so you know what kind of science fiction movies s certain sounds you can't make with your mouth there are legal even though the indistinguishable from in other words that you can get away with saying and everybody knows exactly what the fuck you talkin about but if you say with a certain sound certain sound that comes out of your mouth i think you're getting better it's but it still all the same you can't say count on television channels they can't see she's a cunt because sometimes someone's a cunt
can't say that you could never say them on television there's no substantive issues if it is no substitution for that word in the right context right form it should be allowed to use it do you think is the right word god damn think it would happen though i think it would happen like the right before woman becomes president that will probably go through the six month is never weary of legislation where we should be able to use all the words so it's so stupid it should always be about intent and what it was intent what are you what are you trying to say it shouldn't be about words should be well magic words that's craziness you're year artificially giving these words power and making them ridiculous and eliminating them from all discourse during the day while you're at the business you can't be this fuckin cunt coffee machine can say that as well that old guy that was a sullen winnebago remember that dude yes another viral sensation everything around the guys so my wife
because he's a vulcan those guards foresaw what a beggar deserves a fuckin shit fuck it can't remember this fucking piece of shit and of course i've my lines up you know he'd go crazy i'm really fund a watch because you look at those guys like this button down poor folk who can where during the day this delay its islands like real moments that's his enjoyable so when i see like a bull shady sanitized narrative each leg will how real people talk but how weird muscle for you because you would this is coming from your dad whose fuckin hilarious to you and you know so zones inspiring to tv right all this shit down to put it out to people people respond to his exact words that millions of em would do get onto your twitter and follow you so it's a very obvious that combination in the exact form works but there no no no you gotta scrub with bleach you just gotta keep
robin police until you have like this dead version of what it could have been so i mean that's they as exactly can so stupid so down to the same people you'd dummies the same people that scribe on twitter are the same people that would watch the tv show are the same people they would buy the products that their spare pitching in their commercials saint fucking people to pretendedst and urge you to do something different by not saying fuck it's so dumb and is i was especially frustrating because like the twitter feed had done really well and then the book came out in the book did like really really well and i was like so the two things that stage exact tree where are have done well and then the guy but we're going to change it and we're going to largely at fault just like anyone else i was like maybe i can work of course you wanted to believe it works you you hit the lottery hosanna tv show of course you i believe a word i mean
i'm talking total utopian society obviously by just gonna feel like that has to be one of the things that fox us up it has when when language is restricted to certain words that actually have magical powers like if you say them to someone without doing anything physically you say that people can actually lock you up and find you and do all sorts of things to you if you say them under the the jurisdiction of the airwaves that's that's that's insanity that's crazy notion and the fact that we accept that it's almost like except that except censorship in any form you're going except all crazy ass it goes along with being governed as well it's like it's important to make it all ridiculous yeah like this magic word thing might actually be a key component to keeping people close mind if you can really convince people that there are magic work it's such a dummy
my big on mine prison is locked you it lacks you up in logic to the point where you are unable to analyze the rest of the world like this complex thing don't say content you know it's like this lock idea this segment in your brain you're a box which you choose to only operate in it's ok it's funny took is like on regular basic cable tv like sometimes obey there you know hispanic station or whatever and they're saying their version of fuckin shit and pushing can't other ruined yeah they are but it's in spanish and so that's because we must feel don't understand that language then it's cool spanish that's what it is i learn spanish it's just so stupid man it's like that's why people are so turning to the internet not sweep that's a terrible sent but that's why i think the imminent has so much appealed especially the younger people it's like if you grow up with it it's
really hard to go said come after you go you know to style project our com different style products whose like the original right style it was one of the original like if it were something fucked up out there on the internet he would have and on its website if some new shit went down you gotta his website and he would have it whatever was like crazy village institutions like unity egg arrows although most fucked up things that do would have it you know out there if you want to look it's out their yeah that's the thing is like i think pretend like it's not out there does no one any favours snob in anybody these these fuckin stupid shells were not allowed to use all the words like enough already the fighting is it like it is feels is like you said especially day did some thought now it to others how many wars going on simultaneously
lieutenant words or bad is that so it's so anti evolution the so stupid that there's forbidden words mean that's it's such a dumb premise that like if you except that and that becomes a major partner society when you're talking about your ability to communicate that becomes a meal your point and then like women these words are totally forbidden get arrested form only if you use him in in one certain way if you cast them you can use them and reach the same amount of people who do not cable or the internet that's cool that's ok but but why it's always censored in one way and this one ways like really for you i give you get caught like news go missing conti cunt a lot of money from you they could find you you like your forcing people to hear that like the souls of something to that the fact that a plan it's probably like some first degree type activity they could probably like
it's fine you for a really substantial amount of money for purposely using magic words on on the radio or on television that's gotta but that's madness yeah it's funny when i was promoting this book i wanted to see a you'd send out a tweet that's like moated so that all of your followers will definitely seeks it your people login at different times and you miss tweets not that kind of stuff and so i sent out this tweeted is the call for my dad and then it had like by the book bulb laughter and it had like shit or fuck could i can remember and twitter is like oh we can't we can promote that we can't show that it might be your showing it to people already to subscribe to my feet like its shit my dad's isn't it the tide on the like you have a we can have we can't put something on somebody's feed that has any profanity but it's my fucking there already they are you following me i'm just making sure they cease it's like cats bananas like its it makes no sense and that's enough
like worried they're gonna get sued you know i hoped something that the internet's going dissolve it's going to because like that's what embassies and i'm gonna be a television channel five years it's gonna be nbc dot com its eternal and failing that the live television broadcasts which i know it seems crazy by its embassies not gonna have money broadcasting and spending all that money when it's gonna be everyone's could be on the internet you know well you know some shows i think will be successful because it costs a lot of money to make things like gum game of thrones that the you know that's that's all we need a studio you need a bunch of bad mother fucker illness has not brought wouldn't together saying right want anybody that's what's keeping the language what i'm saying it it's the language is only because of front live free broadcast in re abc cbs but
still i think you're i mean even for a network show if you if you really want i like it costs a lot of money to do that the outgoing say loss telescopes had lost you need you would you like a real studio to make laws so i mean they're gonna have to figure out a way to make money doing it that way i guess i mean what what do you think is going to happen no that's what i'm saying the only thing that's keeping censorship in and shit like that off of of television is the that those channels right and whence than you did they're gonna go though using their bid just are going to have how many lawyers they work they're gonna become an hbo cable a we're ear deepen the television industry you actually like can predict what would you what did you executive produce that shows a year later and it proves how does it work are we under that that i think either what's gonna end up by mean forth the i know but i think it's gonna a being where you can just subscribed to each channel so you don't have the this good shows people want and
gee you die while i think you know for some folks it would be advantageous to to stick with the way they do it now and like not swear probably a lot of people out there they probably like doktor quinn edison women type tv shows and like there's a lot of money and selling those people things but how do they do that have a balance that and have like good comedy at the same time if you really want to have good kommeni unless you're some larry david type genius that can create some like seinfeld you know most yes you show straddled down as to what you could have really said and talked about get em in the second news radio is what do i mean there's show was lucky crazy experience man they they snuck in and we all snuck in and barely by every year like this show like never took on took off at all until was cancelled then it did like really good like repeats
right but it was a perfect combination of really funny show like a super lucky position to be in our interests in realising that that's a sunday really enough like you have to have someone like that feel like promote you you have to get out there to it's a weird the world of creating a sitcom in the navigating the waters of where you are at in the line been so very very very tricky situation for six years now and they also pump like i know i was on a show loud runner show last year that guy cancel on cbs after two episodes of fuckin terrible shows disaster so more so bad it's scary yeah this one and this one was was like that wasn't really edges was was where it was a huge clusterfuck in and they spent i mean this has spent fifty hundred million dollars like in early promotion for the staff and then to episode just boom god it's crazy how they do that happens
others the that's why they're so like hands on about shit yeah that's why they're they're reno sixpence make a pilot man yeah that was part of a super expensive pilot once where they made fake jungle said yeah was by the same guy who produced news radio possums i'll overseas conflict i think was call overseas and does crazy exe pensive to make many had a whole like big fucking studio space it with trees and they had a pond data fuckin part it was so crazy like that we will do this in pretend i mean i don't know what a worked out a comedy yes was commonly loss not now was like i don't remember the premise the premises something like i went over there for one reason but i got stuck as i have a good heart or someplace mixing and i'm overseas whatever tat it was just that it's a vehicle
did the devalue add i don't remember why was i remember was like their workmen or friends i know what the was it we're over there doing but this this this that would spend so much money on this pilot i mean to to make this walking sat alone it was ridiculous it was so big fuckin fake jungle you know and like what how much is it going to cost how much is going to cost all the time we got to maintain this big jungle you have out there i'm going to drain all that water though as the mosquitoes are going to grow in it the fuck are you do that would mean you know when it works it bows emmy just bucket the money only find out like what seinfeld earned onawandah blob spot that dude made some money any go well like a real hit like a seinfeld there's that's like vague there
printing money it's just oh that's like it's crazy it's like www work that i came up to a little boy how much money do you want i want a hundred billion right here's a hundred billion wow it's it's so crazy that you can make that kind of money from a circle it's funny i was on i was working at warner brothers at the time when child she was go in bad shape their mother but also it was crazy you sometimes see him many was like bizarre that you solemnly communist whacked i found one time being on the studio door no one there though and i just fuckin cabdriver no my cough carpet sadly i know and i really want we witnessed this like but it was making so much money and i've ever people warlike easy going come back is it not gonna come back i'm like dude it's coming back we'll figure they'll make up funds gee i charlie she no comeback is making so much money for boats
interesting than they just moved on ashton culture and our boys i got school we'll take it and still really voting we like it or not the child is it doing good now i even heard it was generally yeah it's still means doing the right thing has shown great it's weird ashton kutcher's funding can act he handsome fellow break bone structure but i think i think they'll be like very pleasing to the ladys you know i think they like it they have worked out well they got you know charlie chose a little crazy turned allow those gals off like i want to support the shell but that charlie gene in his behaviour the conundrum you know i don't want to support that jo leinen in their own countries is subject to completely slugs he will you dead you derailed it where the middle of a good god damn charlie gene breakdown charlie troezene figure out what's really i was thinking has yet sheen fever i just something popped in my head
now and i was like oh i remember now we had a conversation of all these people have been telling me they would fuck george clean clooney like guys i we now and i couldn't remember who right when we went in waters i just remembered seem sharply said he would fuck obama if he oh geez the supposed to say that you are ready you can't say that do don't say that i was told i didn't say it out things like have sex with the press yeah that's one of those things that be you you're kind of like you you're not allowed saying that you could is it is illegal to state that you would want to like fascinate or do harm yahoo but i
it's probably rape in the but is probably in there to no no i think i think would say machines like same umbrella date that's like a terrorist threat dude i think what sam was saying is that that obama would want to have sex with them he was i may apply they came to a man like came uppermost colleague you're allowed to imply that especially considering the fact that he's married and young children while if probably illegal to see why that is no assault on where korea can fuck obama in anyway yang early them alone man i don't know i want to state for the record that i didn't i'm not the one it send it sam tripoli dead he shouldn't talk like that sets its heads people they go there's no need for that guy was i got around what does what kind of idea planting algerian society yolanda visa list under the heading of people said they fuck about chad dude
it's a small list to be surprised look by the time to get to me i'll just went fine people that said it i bet one out of every girl every two girls would want to have sex with obama maybe so that when you put it that way smoothie oh i for i was thinking play what would it be like when i was three and other night when he went out to where you have to figure out they now brought about by eighty percent the people would you say at night if you think that percent of the population of women would want to fuck a bomb yet if they if no one could find out yeah this be a lot it be a big number first of all if you if they both were like deserted islanders employ third if a guy eddie centric crazy fantasy situation about my build five ninety nine percent of fishing other here yeah he wins yeah it's like this probably some gay women fuck em up
sure sure story you know so the gay women there are gay because like every got em rats and ass all does those gaze there is as i call them give up gaze under girls just me too many douche bag so like i give up on going south park after else will do that they can do that see i think my wits i'm thinking is that like a bomb over to get one room at the w and if you get that the one that's connected to it you know and they were just both unlock it in the morning in the middle and then sam would come by wearing no clothes and start you know i'm going down on obama some like that that's what i think that's a little too thank you know you can ever drone fly above your head i want you to stop you really needed i think line and said sancho what have you ever this guy is trying to send up the river by talk of through his mouth maybe what is
then you should have told the bliss in my friend how will you keep is fuckin shit do self or are going to wind up in the air on time obey maybe it's dear no material in the dress you have been a burger the dude and sticking up on your desk disappear this is all giuliano remember why can't i like that i don't know what i know that since that he wants to have he would have sex with but nothing i had to be mutual not even i think i'm just trying to be funny and i don't think he was successful and so they say it's ridiculous sexual present how dare you but it's ok to say having six of bill clinton right now right yes but you know you could say leg your girl if you'd like to you do i don't know why then he s clinton's ducks and there's a little executive trouble you don't think everyone keeps them hush hush now they know what happens when it gets out you don't want that you don't want to be lewinsky ski
no i had so crazy like even today like you say your neighbors i'll come on the dress a guy that's a boom shylock lock both what a knotty time man what a strange time in our world where we think got so deep sensitized that everyone in the world was able to get the information that there was com on the dress and then she stopped on its cock does no question so everybody talked about the whole country the country so she sought discard can come on the dress she shop with made it was a national dialogue the time ever that any distinct sexual act between someone of royalty a present of the united states of america was evening aging with some sort of sex but outside of his marriage and with a twenty year old chick ditches works there oh my god he's a vote stir like this isn't a guy in a bag and this is a fucking press the united states
going like straight mick jagger on this that's incredible row if you really stop and think about it you know it's funny i never thought of it like that but it really is like that's a changing world the basis from boston has that story but like exactly the basis from bosnia moreover those pervert more yeah man we our whole world changed it was like ok ok what is really going on as people don't give a fuck really but they didn't because used when a good job as president and they like illicit everybody heard stories about john f kennedy and about the most these guys in order to get to that position you gotta be some kind of a freak you gotta be some kind of a crime a guy that wants to be the head in the leader even if it's for the right reasons even if it's like with complete
good justice and grace and you're doing all the right to get at the very top divert activity twenty tip top you're gonna be a little crazy you just got dear you're gonna be even want to be there to even want the guy run shit you gotta be to be the guy says is one of the three hundred million people but everybody sit the fuck down because gonna talk now only me two three hundred and i'm your leader of the leader of the leader of three hundred million people what are you talking about how is that possible this is a crazy position to be it you have to be crazy person to acquire their position you have to be crazy to chase it yeah if you heard any of your friends be like i wanna leave three hundred million people like you're fucking psychotic narcissist be out of your fucking mind get out of here stupid it just it's almost like the job only eggs yes for people who are like real lives superheroes are really going to try to change the world and people are completely foolish
like that's a southern room there's no rover anything else there is now a middle there it's like people who are even a real person they just go into the inner game play we tried it almost touch hands you try to like see it like that but try to see how much you can keep it together like how crows close again anticipate each other's movements that are their due to budget lines tapirs that's what's going on that site is it's it's just takes a huge eager be crazy here that the idea that you're gonna run that whole giant mass of humans that's not you gotta be grazing negative terms that because even the dumb smallest decision you make every day affects turbines and these will we all go gray like almost into the first couple of weeks by tat the fucking pressure of you
saluting people on your end up fuckin air force one in your flying around the world and you re as the reality of what is really happening here the body counts in here the numbers council how much money in the defence contractor budgets and this fuckin crazy isn't that craziness that using drones and now you gotta go on tv and pretend osama bin laden just got killed not hungry you know that girls all ballade shut the fuck up i had been dead for ever those those what about dumb as things ever area what year anyway drownded em you really did body we got no pictures because we don't want him to know you really think that i don't believe it i say you always believe the opposite i say in english many things on now and i say horseshit the reason i say horses because there is so many people there were saying like i was dead already there are sound and whose under go
dialysis they're saying may i like a big fan kitty and in those of the people that have said this photos they the using that they say there's one video the guy watching television in his is apartment and it's like about its looks like osama bin there's no that's my friend i know this guy this guy doesn't he looks like you everybody looks like you when you get to be so you know i mean they all ugly osama bin london a certain age we get crazy so i got it it's just a certain look mozilla distinct features and a fuckin giant beard that's widow jail you but i have my own beard when i grow a beard out covers your whole face it's like this big crazy mass of hair and everybody with a big crazy massive hair looks pretty can similar you know most of it just crazy here so that this is not some have been more than this is my friend i know him of his house the other day i don't know if they really did both think would be a story that if i if i do you know
wanted to release the fact that osama bin laden is data would hold onto it for a while then pretend maybe they needed then neither shoots while the people there though not saulsby shootin else that's what's going on and then they then there are like oh we got em maybe to be what they were just testing out some new fuckin ways to jack people when i you know that two helicopter they like logo got some good news and bad news the bad news is we crashing a goddamn good as we just killed osama bin laden the heather dude on ice there waiting like we need we needed time we're we're gonna break out this in just use it is gonna gm free prize scaliger special but precious dad and can they open up the fraser dogs for others frozen obstacle osama bin laden take some pictures with them come on man throw open the water ok cool are i believe you
to show me anything that was aware thousand years thing to me was like they were do is crazy thing of a cat like searching for years and years you'll get em they're like then though i you know that we are given the water like now well i was really frightening to me was when all the people were cheering like honest i am in like dc knew the capital and they were going jew who as and i was i was like wow how many of those who were getting paid do that first of all is it a little like professional cheerleaders that they brought in from the most communist schools possible that i sent them in got everybody fired up about usa usa you it was packed in the voting is like it they were they were they wanted to show it like on cnn and self within everyone's i get the most drunk frat did ever really come on just like doubled bird era just in europe one becomes a sorry it becomes a you know cultural events
you know i am one of those whenever you yeah it's like though you know the death of our enemy that's a huge the huge ticket blah now we also i just wondered who do you think he'll biggie i i think he's alive and tupac saliva live in sweden a like the way thank dude logic reason you put together are you are you like politically active at all if you look at this obama on mitt romney by action yeah we like you know i have like well by view is on it i would think like i'm i'm never like informed enough to like engaged would like it if somebody gets like crazy that i'm always how you know did the defence contractor star this situation if you motherfucker yeah my relay like with sport the biggest they lie like creepy is like around
his country might be one of those guys who like just like son you a mattress this like yeah you'll love it like anything you want to hear he'll tell you yes i'm always like almost has no shot he almost has no shot because of the fact that is going to come out when they start the debates you know the real rhetoric and hate starts fine when it gets closer and closer to member his dad was born on a fucking farm like a cult in mexico yeah i know that's ok because i had read that and then also lies that was the first want to told us about this problem was a daniel below it yeah danny illiberal early was telling us about that that its have these places where they decided they wanted to keep polygamy go on so they moved to mexico set up shop they had call communities
yeah that's where mitt romney dad was born it's crazy it just the other the other day he was just like he was like listen my it was talking to describe as it might ads from mexico understand where you you guys are common from sort allows a nice girl i bet year periods is a little different yeah yeah you're out there with fuckin would pedro and in corn into flower tortillas look out here it's eleven crazy farm where everybody gets to fuck hundred women the air with the word like advocated delara i mean we're not hey man you know i think it's palsy ass move to move to the country and set up shop the mormons decided do that's a palsy fuckin move imagine how much you must like having three wives fuck it i'm moving advise us off that's fucking that's the old way the old way they can't take it
the gods away here it is written this really it's that that's the one that's so obviously showing its panned whenever you lady i want five wives or unlimited about awhile come on man what's really go and shows is pimping trying it ever like i've thought about it tat i ever happening mary love to have like a harem you know like the way the sultan of bernard allegedly rocks it i always found that to be the most fascinating married any there's no he has apparently this you know when you talk about like fire five hundred or whose let's get the most money i don't even think they include royal families i think like these guys have like unreported income i think there they're like their beyond our calculations of what's possible when it comes to wealth and what i've heard some people do that have like this the money listen what's not say any names at all i heard that they will go
and paid like the highest women on the planet with girls or professional models they just paid insane amounts of money like any girl good really beautiful girls we have posed nude somewhere and interests he'll find them and you say offer it to em they offer some crazy money and so they have to do it they all they feel like they have to do in the next thing to go there and they are part of like a disco the guy has his own private disk and so it's fucking bad ass took as you talkin about someone with insane amounts of money like insane wealth everything is gold gilded perfect craftsmanship the finest food supplements saddle ran and he goes down there and this is him here the gap is gold underwear these movement through the crowd and he's paid all of these women essentially to have sex with him and his choosing whenever he likes whenever he likes he just chooses to you my fly there and never fuck him yeah yeah
you might not like you he might not be into that he just wants a bunch of em there that are unbelievably hot and depending on who you listen to or which different dude who is rocket that's why they would do have like thirty women just waiting like penthouse patsy very like fucking like ledge hot models matters i e the top of the food i wish the wish that may would write a book yo just like you i talk about being a bawler i mean i wrote a book like that let me tell you how i rocket hasn't enables book labour day disk chapter one is what you would do if you had no fuckin trillion dollars wherever this guy has he's like to pay them a half a million dollars a year is nothing nothing read this thing that said like vladimir had like he just collected a bunch of hot chicks and ham play like horse polo naked like ours
all play wuerzburger just make it he's an animal you don't get to be a girl i put unless you ve been apart share yeah you ve been applied some shit that's a manly man he's a scary do now he doesn't match of pollutants mad you for some shit how fuckin trippy that would be terrifying to you have to go to think other side of the world you gotta ray you gotta to the philippines come a kick boxer kedo fucking you better bitch you know be hang around that guy's man are you now e depriving he got to where he was just like straight bully power what he did but you scared shit out of me yeah i'm arrow in o matt damon had a really interesting interview where he was talking about sarah palin my daily damon is very astute politically very very well read guide like surprisingly intelligent you know you see
movies you think is always a really good actor but in you hear him talking like this guy's very very well read and he had this great analogy about sex pale and being legged disney movie and that all sudden this woman yo with her moxie is gonna u now stand to the evil russians now and like you know i do in the like i need to know does she really think the earth is less than ten thousand years old are really need to know this yeah yeah you do need to know what you need to know that the changes of decision yeah there's one thousand years ago nothing there's a lot of people think that that's the new worth idea we i mean we're talking about millions of people a lot of people who might be tens of millions that believe that when sure believe that i wonder like these changes your decision taking on everything yeah yeah they're so god it up it's just
such a its such an extreme like belief to be that got it up it's one thing to have an idea that you know to some sort of feels it is forced to control the universe maybe there's a gold we're all attending to maybe there's maybe the next wave of understanding after this is over and just like a psychedelic experience it'll make sense maybe maybe maybe maybe but but your ideas crazy your idea but of what to do in the cloud in any tied and they came back from the dead what the fuck are you saying in man seen the dead museum out here and in employment no i did not know was there was one in a moment i was gonna go to the one that's on the other side of the country airline kentucky it's supposed to be amazing did there's when i hear is not as good as the one over there how did you like it's pretty inside the so it's tyrannies incised at its like it's like jesus right
dynamite or on of jesus right as jesus riding a dinosaur like a sculpture it's like jesus ride the veto chapter in its in pomona yeah it's like it's like you see i think it's in promoting how many people are going to see that the leg ass guph you know what i was there do not seem like like me in a couple people where there is a guph and then it seemed like everybody else's like cunning and do it it was like a thing like you know like a non profit organization just about like jesus writing dinosaurs and said it was we we hear why so crazy tat it was the people were injured man they're like fucking edges road that jesus road dinosaurs how dare you
i like that they were like cause at fur before them a dinosaur bones they were just like you know no problem like jesus live ball blood and dies or bones came in the needed to come up with an answer so i like that they want with i get jesus just like rhodium second i would agree with that mouselike marriages was scared kept him over in a pan or somethin pony our theory so spooky it suggests it so you're that you can get people to believe something like that it's we're the no matter how many scientists who have these elaborate descriptions of how the earth cooled over billions of years in matter chains tender atmosphere change in different forms of life and their mass extinctions and here's the also record no not that i know horse shit bad scientists i have a book written by people who swear that the world is flat and the sun seventeen miles away
i want to let that one influence me i think it is all stems from just people being freaked out about dying for sure that's a big part of it man it's you need something you know like i have a four year old daughter who's started to ask questions like what happens when you die you know that's what they said they start thinking and it says idea for a little kid and it's ya you know the idea of having a god is very comforting one for four people it's almost like even if it doesn't exist it's a very useful tool because it actually does provide people with a feeling of relief you know if you can it's like it's almost like if you can suspend disbelief for a movie to suspend a little more jesus and just kind of go along with it and it'll provide you with like more work where you can you know you couldn't make sense of life kittle kido carry you to whatever the fuck it is when it ends so late
you what are you tell her aunts very interesting conversation i i tell her that no one knows what happens when we die and that some people believe that you go to heaven and and then we discuss what would haven't be and then i said you know no one really knows what happens but people hope that you go were and everything is beautiful imperfect so my wife is explaining this and as actually becomes more more frantic about whose go that it becomes more more ridiculous what you'd know it haven't you get what everyone rights even you can watch it starts off like a rational sort of coverage then i realized what am i doing she's for like this is like fuckin serious concept to try to digest for a four year old and unlike let's go over
potentials for what happened would be that seems like a better way of direction is just as easily become a star in like you know in your thirteen disco hey net star shit you're not you you waiting thirteen and by then shall be pregnant brian ok you got to talk to them before their thirty brian's ladylike it's like have at a point where it is water it when its young and then leave in the sun for while thirteen kettle thirteen that's fucking crazy shit i told you wasn't really hope there's no way i relate there's no answer so just say it's a star and letter believe that should become a happy that's funny my day i my dad when i asked him that my dad said i was a little kid and he was like it just darkness forever well yeah my mom told me i was like traumatized by it and i went to live go into my mom's ruby like do dashes stages suddenly darted threatened
like he does a now and she's like sam coming here and tell me doesn't you don't know nobody knows he's like i know that's what it is instead miss forever and they left the rapid rise doesn't fog in the way that some lerius i think my mom said you just go to sleep any just not wake up my stepfather told me probably nothing can you probably at the you know he was the one when i was seven years old when i started asking these questions i was really religious until my parents got divorced and i went to catholic school for you catholics good is wrong the religion adam had now i was like this is crazy total one hundred send horseshit and then down a year later we had the conversation like what it well if that's not real this jesus moses shit sutton some we made up than what happens we die cycle
probably nothing probably descends do it i can't remember a crying that hard when i was like a little kid lie in my bed whimpering whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo just a terrifying that somehow and under this is gonna end they were just stop yeah we're safe with me i was like i would you like panic attacks thinking about it and just be like what do you mean forever what the fuck is forever in darkness i know what the fuck does that mean in it's weird everybody loves going to sleep in love gonna say you know you get a wake up and you're willing to like stop for a while cuz you know you'll come back but nobody wants to die my god he's epithet but the nobody's paramedic and he told me that he had to call you today in this like ninety five year old dude who was like riddled with cancer hat instead of having to do not resuscitate used he was it was like full
bring me back full code like any the abbots brianna i'm like dude that bummed me out so much cuz unlike of ninety five year old duties like riddled cancer isn't real die like i would be so funny reach happen all the bad guys like mad i wanna go something more afraid of everything but that is something that everybody is afraid and if you not probably life is miserable for you to the point where death is favourably you must be sick something's wrong an imbalance whether to behavioral and balance or a societal and balance with her you know somebody did you wrong to the point where it broke your brain i don't know what the fuck it is but if you really want to end it for yourself terrorism is a different place debate than that like like out of my really afraid to die like i really as i have just my heart z whom i know what i mean i'm not i'm not i think that this cause of mushrooms i've had so many the where i thought was dying i have as you know it is is this has been
and by the block them right away i deny it would be awesome if there was something that you can believe so wholeheartedly that a comedy down like while not worried about it if it ends work fine we just go to this guy just like you not worried by gone sleep in order work honestly because you know you know i gotta know where i'm never worry about going to sleep when we go to sleep from great awake up beautiful if if we have the information that we have about coming back like we have about sleep maybe it's just then people southern moron got things you think so i think if people new like once you died it was like fuckin shaken it s edge sketch people would you really clapped out things i would hope not i would hope the opposite i would hope of tv if that first vote free people out just to know that you definitely would come back that would just be
such a trap it be so scared to try again and also like what if you came back in a fucking terrible situation what if you a like you know living on long island just balling out of control in a mansion and then you come back and you're in uganda you're in the jungle and you know you have aids you have a big bloated belly like that could be you too but you got just some crazy lucky roll that dna dice that you here in america in two thousand well just that alone you wanna try this again you gotta you gonna play fair you gonna take they spot all over the globe where do you come back and come back as who are you doing you on the same trip every time trying to get it right is that it yeah we're gone odds year like in some fuckin titanic china slick involve drinking water from lack of all puddles warm brown puddles of water the people
happen that we get in your water fuck man it is alas spots on the earth that are just the shit role dies to be their yeah big time we're lucky southern california so lucky its delusional strike of whether here so incredible all the time that no one ever ass a deal at night there's no storms to stay indoors from this no shoveling of the streets getting snow out on her just a giant astern worried asteroid of an earthquake that's coming towards that we all know is going to happen all roy i learnt gonna die warming like we know that there is a ticking time bomb i heard a vague as i grew up in san diego and the ito you if i got anything when you wrote it like the weather's perfect in yeah give earthquake every now and then but like a little bit a shaking every two years japan just look at a recent tragedies lately that just destroyed i'm just tokyo was pretty much guy like you did that
but i don't know if they would ever recover they did that country as a whole is pretty much fox and then i want to talk about it by its pretty much these right i don't know i mean economically no i mean i didn't focus she may areas fuck yet the area where the meltdown happen rarity c and mutating animals shit bunnies bore no arms or ears are weird shit is going on around in going just going to san diego you go by that naked gun huge tit now react area has like look around their michael shit you know that it's just takes one earthquake nash it's fucked you didn't you think about that when you went by and i absolutely wholly thought about that as well but as you are buying look at that
and what would a naughty place to put this right next to the ocean even fucking crazy and insolent assholes you know why did put it right next to no job seekers wrongly enfiladed without it with ocean water to cool off and an awesome now waterglass right back in the ocean that's what they did in japan they fuckin poured millions of gowns of ocean water on the the actual inferno of hell and then poor that water right back in the ocean its unbelievably toxic i mean it's fucking guy jack everything and the like what we gotta do we gotta do we gotta do a tough shit everything went as far going on in there that you need millions gowns ocean son they made a son it's a little baby son and you know what nuclear power is did you know that it's just steam they just that those nuclear he meltwater make steam and that powers all these reactors that's what that's like that that's that's the mechanism
hide it producing laboratories idea about any i know i do just figured will somehow take that nuclear energy put in a wire issues plugging it do i know it's like it's the same sort of idea in the force behind it i think in esteem behind is what what powers the generators essentially it's a nuclear reaction that they can ever cool off can't like can't shut off to put his take their every if the fuckin thing meant melt down you're done you just have to get away from you can't cooled off it that's like there's so not the headlines we can have wind power where we have the windmill spitting or we can have this fuckin thing that's impossible the closure of this son that have been apparently they had a backup plan up to like a certain amount of the earthquake and the far exceeded that this is like a really ridiculously powerful earthquake and they lost their backup greater and so they knew they had like eight hours we got eight hours get the fuck out
he kept fix it what are you talking about how again are human beings that they would make something where that could in passing i ever happen and not have anyway you would say ok before we build it do you guys really know how to shout dissolve dessert ok and what happens if that happens and what happens if the power doesn't go back on then what happens are there no advantages to earth we don't know one stops it goes through the core and it just keeps going and probably come down the site or something they'll know never happened before that and they were ok well built it will say so as good and crazy son
i'd go build that how many guys want ability to build a few hundred unjustly moreau let's put on your fault lines and shit so let's at some eggs to allay that's adsum earthquakes to others fires people that we have here that's added to the nuclear share that attitude the fact that we don't have any water as a result we now have any act are electricity's fuckin gun do we live in the damas place in the whole entire now vegas this is the second does second them is what these vague fresno resonant buckets man i've seen some soup that such a lot worse in pasadena yeah while its ricky that's for sure we're or certainly susceptible more they find out like you to argue is a consulate and covering these lost cities now like that they found a few of them off the coast of spain and one of them they think
the atlantis and found one recently there was i was underwater as recently as eight thousand five hundred years ago this is like crazy old stuff and it's in a pool pottery and old different fuckin we're finding out that like shit happens and goes wrong all the time on this planet you know it's always hit by rocks from outer space and it's fuckin volcanoes the blow up every now and again and the earth moves and giant thousand foot high soon armies wipeout miles in and then pull back and that shit happens all the time in history we for whatever reason are willing to gamble that it's not it's not gonna happen my watch ninety days that's it is eventually gonna happen minutes in of waiting for did we know we ve helped on too many times probably by now but the just the asteroid
number alone when they find out how many hundreds of thousands of asteroids are hovering around inside of our solar system like what the fuck are you talking about it's not like i heard this like a hundred asteroids and others like thousands of citizens and thousands of these fuckin things just flying around one of em could you sky merlin towards us we ve been here before many times and most likely that's responsible afford them a bunch of different weird shit where they and if these ancient civilizations and they don't stan how they were sophisticated back then i we ve stacked up some pride grass and been knocked down a few times that the very data vote i think it's like they're like twelve thousand five hundred years ago some minor scientists or growth is a bunch of people over the country or of the world rather that are agreeing that there was some sort of an impact that happened then cause do another course samples they find
some sort of glass that's only created in like nuclear blast or extreme impacts or you know things along those lines like tom goose girl like that and if she has to happen like some crazy impact and their finding a lot shit at twelve thousand five hundred years so they think it's really asked whether we have a massive meteor shower twelve thousand five hundred years ago it might have fucked up radio fifty percent of cities in the world you know but back then think about tat thousand five hundred years ago indignantly how does that information get to us if ever it half the city's did get jacked by these giant rock from space who people would remember that story what would that story be about a time they figured out how to make paper again you know i gotta feel like it alive for that you gotta remember that's like you
the one time we got here with the error i remember that you think aid to people that survived even knew what the fuck happened because maybe it's just like dumb luck you know like they probably a bunch of asteroids came down a meteor shower just fucked up there bobo baby maybe some places like it just didn't hit them so those are the ones it survive than they had to go and look at the rest of the world that would be equally freaky no it could happen to you any day do get if you in a place where you didn't get hit but you heard these crazy noises in the background but you in your tribe you're you guys you're fuckin cool nope whatsoever and then you venture forth and it's like lord of the rings everywhere you look is burnt down and smoking you like what the fuck everyone's dead ever you go is just bodies just pieces of hands and feet and fuckin head because everybody got hit with giant rocks from the sky and pulverized and but just a huge grew
so people smashed on the highway with big rocks boom would be almost freak year than dying to know the disk just happen a few hundred miles from you and you you know you get on your horse and find it and see how nutty it as you see i noted the damages and know that that could happen the sky i can just all the sudden beaches come a swarm of fiery rocks yes like that for science anything to explain any god adding i feel like everything people saw back then there like what the fuck is soon mansion mean how weird is it that when do we become so so conscious legal we become so aware of all the possibilities and our environment meal was slow gradual process for the human brain evolved right it's not like we were ways the smart right from the gecko somewhere along the line must have been that's religion is really all about fire some sort of psychic training wheels wheels psyche you you're not quite ready to
grasp the whole dignan of us are so it's like let's give an ideology to believe and that puts on the right track because this this fee of god and love and everything to then it's totally the right way to do it totally the right way to laugh at so how do you need to get there do you need to get their through yoda within you go yoga you go yoga find that spot kid is baby jesus more your liking yeah like singing and really go with groups ok go that way you know that it's like the psychic training wheels as we get through this this weird spot get through this where's by we start to awaken see how fuckin crazy world is unreal i sometimes the sky becomes of a white with flying rocks there are on fire fuck it's getting nobody's gonna stop that
those sudden we ve got caught a meteor shower that's well that's just what it is you i imagine year there and you see the flying rocks firstly you'd be after you run for your life than you like will obviously somebody threw that at me that's gigantic that's actually bag bring added value would be attacked by gods haiti's chasm braga you know like you throw your caveman or whatever you throw shit rocks wonder if thou was like where the origins of of hades and and hell fire and all that shit came from a wonderful was aunt you know you're a wonder like when when did they first figure out the idea of how was it when they first saw volcano made again make sense of you
if you're fucking k person you shall volcano hell totally makes sense you like you do not want to go there you will fuckin burn for ever made it looks like yeah would burn forever if you could exist in somehow another not disappear instantly into the lava and just have that feeling of being burned by love her ever poland was terrifying thing a person could ever experienced will definitely imagine you know it's ten usually you know anything about sites you see a volcano a rubs and then some shit comes out of it that just decision its everything in its path you like that's probably the bad place park movement we will all realises the yellowstone volcano is one of the biggest volcanoes an earth it's a super volcano yellowstone something called a caldeira volcano and they didn't even discover this until i think like a decade ago i think when they started using satellites to map things out they realise that its creator and that yellowstone
things like three hundred kilometers wide or something crazy like bad act it might be six hundred kilometers lobby three hundred miles yes not only is it active it's a super volcano which means it gets up to a peak in the peaks below the whole thing explodes and just leaves behind a whole it kills like a giant percentage of everything in the content because it's such a huge volcano i mean it like becomes like almost like a nuclear winter type situation i think it fills the sky with ash and i it's it's but such a massive volcano that you really could call it a continent killer and it happens every six eight hundred thousand years and the last what happened with six thousand years ago yeah so is that did happen and there's not a goddamn thing we could do stop it if you still decided blow and it went called there on us and fuckin erupted on us that's a rap for black most
west caused a huge shock of a countryman is it's done dude it's a fucking removing it's the road that movie vigo mortensen it's that shit that's the only times ok to say you'd fuck obama yes then you get away with anything then you get to where they lay down might have happened in a lead to a lesser extent to our ancestors very possible that might have happened that might be with we know what when they find of these crazy structures and shit under the ocean them be what happened to people that got shot yeah you got imagine because also like you know if that should happen like seems like crazy shit happens every like fifty thousand year like that like it's gotta have like i said we will probably gone farther and technology than mere two steps forward one step back yang i buy agree they know it's him when you look it up a building's you know some of the crazy egyptian buildings and she like how the fuck they do that and if there really was an ancient civilization figured out how to do that like
ahead of us you know i don't know that that seems like a lot of ways seems ahead of us the construction methods the giant stones they moved but it's pretty clear that everybody gets nailed you know it's no way can avoid it the little things like you know that soon army that killed everyone in thailand and i was too to us is a huge deal you know to us humans thing about the numbers the body count but to the world population it's not something nothing would she sits it's it's weird how many different things like that could happen in mass scale like frightening scale thousand mile of fuckin i think it's forty five thousand miles an hour asteroids that's that's like but the speed them also traveller you know that be a mile wide five miles wide it's like it's crazy they do i even if you look like the plague as reading this really solve these it killed three
this of the people in europe would have that have the now hold i just like people would go beyond where do we go bananas the thailand with such a small percentage like three out of four if people in europe every three out of five you will die while what what happened was it this was the like something that was transmitted by rodents yak as the fleas carried all the plague and in the room to get the on the boats commemorate they run a claw across the ropes the please come out and by people jesus christ and zeb everybody than leg and other applebee's of aachen scariest up where did you know that guy in where the fuck was that he got tested a guy god bitten by an animal and he got tested for the play a thing was a cat any tested positive for the play use like pacific northwest yeah i want to say is that it there's been a couple cases of the plague like in california dude here what are fought
you know that's like some old school pirate shit you play scurvy connected to boats right look what the fuck man the plague really must have socked fat live baghdad where he felt so that people die from the plague everybody for now thank you all the time all the time yeah a lot of rape going on probably tons private peeler assholes it is dying and when people died easier and quicker their public way more country the last that long it's fuckin gonna cut out and they probably were much more likely to commit violence on each other their prime much closer to animals far bank tv can go and still rocket seventies you'll be happy in the seventies yeah a reality the second we have in the seventies i would miss my phone number a lot
i miss being able to call people i we we never met this interview man i never spoke a word to you until we walked in the door and said hey what's up you know it was all done through you know texts and emails and all that chat fascinating couldn't up in the seventies even just like you ever like try to go pick somebody up at the airport forgot your phone yeah you thank you my as well just turn yeah go so we're what we accept it so weird probably do the sixtys but o earlier sixty your interesting you get some cool cars you could do you could be driving a brand new nineteen sixty four mustang holy shit be real you know this is a fucking real brand new sixty four mustang you feel what it was like to have one of those things back then thou might be fun fine you know so much more than that it would be stealing you can be able to fuck every check you meet
i have just keep talking to target of low enough to be like he's a path that i have to go with him here the answers that i seek montauban data quality black fuck charlie man's charlie sit the fuck now intimately some shit about the future as this is going to happen to me pills each take and you'll be fine even if your life is shit about i like about earth knowledge you drop out of nothing you tell him tell you will one day be ruled by pills control your emotions and then they can lock you in a cage if you see their own words out by did i called a thousand this exceeds the sixties would be an interesting time to go back to without the knowledge of today would have the knowledge imagine if you knew like political shit today he'll candidates can you imagine how much you are about and which way that you'll get it
it is better you don't have to stop it now it is it is vegas you can i bet they fuckin kill the present you wanna bet pitch and i will take your money in vegas are taken but then those back six ebay is resolved gangsters and shit show you how to kill for being right delay listen we no one can he's gonna die we're gonna be apart how stupid fuck we're gonna wanna make driver go really slow in dallas yeah that'd that's different need i want to be a part that party sixties though it now death they kill people back then they had problems with like j f k are of care they just to assassinate them up behind them in front of a bunch of people that up that's it ye shall ailing who are use running for president so we just like walked up to with a gun and shot of to day i was
a place where they did it we are we found some fear fact is there river is that some hotel in downtown i think that they might be turn it down they bilbil was really upset about it wait let's hear no eight bilbil was really have said about those any cell rice so dead on as always leave is like because no has anyone any idea history itself that was back east you couldn't fuckin tear that down a per capita african parking lot there he goes would be like if they were plaque there so you could know that these were the shit went down so true but now i d like every candidate was chillier whatever it's this is it's a strip club now but now it's like yeah they down if so weird here place have you been a skid row i have well laszlo first like when we first weeks up here i was trying to go to a lake your game and i and i made a wrong turn out suddenly was like fuckin twenty days later like you i think like so pack
is was never seen just the concentration of insane you can't believe it less if it is there that it really is true can't believe unless it's it's staggering you think we're exaggerating there's no way anybody what'll it they ve become a tribe yeah a tribe of homeless people and theres many thousands of them i saw the nicer nor i saw something and said it was a hundred thousand homeless people living in downtown jesus jesus i do not crazy that sounds you that's like an arm hundred that's when talking about man skid row is weird we filmed some fear factor stuff a lot of it in downtown i lay on buildings we do things are people across buildings and shit like that damn we were always like right around the corner and sometimes we had a like do shit like that was like right there in a thicket things and so you go round the corner and like it when you leave work if you went on a corner and took a left and they took another left you're in a zombie movie
you really are like you fucked up you're you're on the wrong street and people are asking for money in their touching your car and you ll want going on i don't see any of that in san diego by away and now we are military presence is by us the marijuana shit with so much stricter than it was like not even the body guards or bouncers of the every club where all ex military or somebody i say there like these look bought you burn up its work we hear they gotta relax they gotta relax on that every but that its good its there's this guy and bad in military presence it would be more good than back to let them smoke we soldiers is worked we will be elected by soldiers to have their billig listen everything's can work out obviously fucked up with slowly back up what we have to show tonight if your little yes live right now either still tickets available so you can still get down here that the ice yards
super show like we always do these whoever's in town and we got our issue fear doug benson dom ira dove dove david of jesus fucking christ if you never seen dove he's very very funny he's fucking hilarious very unique too he's he's i want my favorite grass watch in dahmer whereas what am i all time ferrets horse team jason debo brine advanced going do my favorite joke you don't mind but we do my favorite which do you know the joke came tolerable examine why but no the joke that joke yeah that one have a new and then i'm in love with do that too but i gotta get out of the joke that's i love that job and that it be tonight if it's jeanne box at the ice house ten o clock show and and i have i'm doing like half hour forty minutes at the end who are the kalesa get drunk and how who are the comedians a u like would pay to see now like the your favorites
pay to see anybody good man i love comedy i mean i don't have to pay really really cause you know of most guys again like asked them though let me come into their show but i'd still loved goes we like we just saw dice clay riviere in vegas i fuckin loved it mammy and brian we were like little kids we how how fund was that show great so much fun zack me what i wanted it was we our were hanging out and dumb we're in vegas for the usa and was friday night and i was free we didn't have anything to do an opium anthony you know sk i am ever don't know jimmy norton and anthony coon we were in town and there what are you guys are worse i shall sam robert he was in town and so we all went out to dinner together so wow dinner we go let's go see dies you show so we tax dies dice text back we go there was like a blue like little kids we're like we get to go see a show like i've got to go see dies at the riviera i was so happy like i fuckin
to go see like a good shot i didn't have to pay for it is they took me up i would be happy to pay to see that those really fun oh i'm it when i was first start now before was successful it was really hard for me to go see too many comedians gazette would like i feel like a guy i saw that i really want to know i want to go on stage now end and then i would be like it out by other people's acts like i didn't want to watch people do better than me but then once you get certain little level comfort you realize why he became a committee in the first place because you love watching stuff and laughing at it and since then you get to figure it out again and be a family so we need those like the first ten years of my comedy life was like a cycle of like slowly figuring out you just have to like enjoy it like an just laugh at everything in a don't just me you're a struggling comedian does not enjoy common com is the best form of energy that's why you like in the first pillar i know don't not like if as you soccer
by the way you know you know about this theatre or or not by steve car leasing yeah from open anthony what happened you know i don't know i gotta i got an email from iraq and but there there's a memorial fund for his family i'm his age yeah i remember last time i talked and small the dollar erica the of the address i tweeted if you wanted everyone a twitter twitter eight by boat tell people that are listened to this on their phone where they could find it yeah it is that see well that that addresses go find me dot com slash the h zero each w which makes our sense baby go to my twitter eyes
sorry dban are going to joe rogan's twitter where i'm sure he's going to eat it right away okay yeah i'm going to retweet it right here what it says on on bryant is i'm very sad about this steve was a great guy and today's date is what is it the 18th so if you go to brian's twitter feed on the 18th logan anthony know he was a really nice guy i remember you had the really cool tattoos he's a really cool guy i had this sucks i i don't know what happens parable news yeah yeah i saw sam's email he sent mean emails well and he gave so u r l i believed in me yeah nets that though one i just twittered ok but do we can give it out to people i just you know what it s just did it makes no sense to take back slash and burn to numbers and work so it's well well it's on my twitter i retweeted it's on brides and we're very sorry to hear that he was a great guy and hopefully in heaven
or darkness darkness dad would say that's that's fucking disturbing heavens better haven't sues it better socks man i hate here and show how will we hope for you is very old at all for use forty wasn't now using things in his ear he lost a ton away right how are things out here but also out of the air but looks like they ve almost recycles that's great there they're trying to raise thirty thousand so many open visually stunning i guess that's good that's awesome thanks thank you bride for bringing this bringing the average production or how it is that is above all though as so i have i have some an update of the past episode when i smoked moth poop and a little bit of orange for as an orange stuff came out of it i found out that it was
actually shit so i didn't know for sure coursers shedding of its eggs are stalinism youth he smoked this is the problem with the kid that ecstasy today's gonna ask you the same sense i don't know whether our cause i think i need to call us mom and say mrs read ban we gotta situation here yes joe brian's ran yeah he's just i don't know i think i thank you things much much more than anywhere else i don't know what i did and ties ankle love where we're gonna get a bag dude i did ecstasy ones and i couldn't read the next i can't believe you do it so often i dont do it i found it every three months maybe
that's a lie or months for me that's terrifying how i don't do actually do de molly which is better better wait i have a bad i had a great experience in a bad experience great experience it fell really good bad experiences the next oust useless i was dried out it's like i felt like i would literally had been dried out like my brain like was a sponge was out in the sun that seems like that's the worst part for me it was me think everybody's different and i have bad sleep apnea too so i think i'm always a little bit depleted you know it comes to shit like that if i back down i wasn't on top of it i didn't know now we're like this mouthpiece that keeps me i have a big tongue and fun that you don't need to know all the shit about me dude okay my point was maybe maybe that hindered me from coming back as good get very good sleep but it was hard for me to about back mentally i don't think i was the same for sex
days the next day i remember feeling really really stupid like think and i went on stage and try to remember my act but it was it was not good these are really mediocre she wasn't a good child i remembered for like three or four days thinking this is a fuckin terrible idea i learned so much about myself because like i'm never do this again yeah ii one time i went college my neighbors they used to sell weed coke and everything like that and i played baseball in college and so i could never do any drugs he had dragged us all the time and i had this fact of injury again of tiny tuition from but anyway they gave me this shit smelters everything and dragged us anymore and i didn't know but it's just like you said sprinkled coke and something else on it woe yet i do now has done us morgan weed and so i smoked it as site go out of my fuckin money like a new wasn't we'd like ten minutes into it i was like my heart mahars been super fast and i'll get a sweaty unjust one half
it's either our legs perfectly dry arouses dripping sweat and for the next tuesday i thought i was retarded like i couldn't i couldn't think through thoughts like use free yeah i've never done coke but the whole coke culture of getting really high and increase rushing through the fuckin bottom is so appealing to me i don't understand it scared the shit out of me i know that's why i like because i like being caught up so that's why i sent thing i've never done coke cuz i know i'll do it and then i'll really like it and every everybody and every time i'm with somebody who does coke they're always just like looking for more coke in relation to sit and enjoy your highly likely that my man i'll go like this for a month but after a while that that feeling of oil of import ye i at least for me i was yeah the socks why why went to keep on doing something i wanna keep looking for an i keep on spinning like a hundred dollars every oh hours you're an interesting dude brown and that alone
people don't realize like you you know brian is now isn't it does not allow willpower you actually do you have a lot of willpower you lost insane amount away really quickly you lie like seventy or eighty pounds right humming power did you lose member i think it was seventy five have seventy bounds any did it over a really sharply at times yeah formats and it was really shocking to watch him just shrank and i was i what were you when you put your mind to shed you can you can get things done but most time he just decide not to put your mind to face the land mine too much too much now what did you do to resolve their weight so quick i just white way watchers but i did have the points i got hacked wait watchers did half the points and then i just did a lot of zero point things like all vegetables i just eight vegetables non
doctor i can eat anymore vegetable did you feel good worked out will you are really light like that jovial yoga remember i felt the same as i do willingly didn't feel any better now remember fail going like all i feel great you were exercising a lot too though why won't you exercising five four days a week fighters are we got a lot for you what shall we do now wants to see i've done it twice in the last six months those great delivery when i walked a lot you islamic don't really be funny you should say that stage i was finding those we good delivery you haven't exe just ask me that execs in question today and as like you know what i walker probably a good five miles this last week in that time a comic opera but i do a lot of that shit where like oh
i mean i do exercise i may i one move your body from one place to another without equipment or hey how is it that our but it's not as it gives it is we're moving is body unassisted view be the first amongst us too to give in having one of those fuckin those those free where you things what other things sideways say we are going to write i wonder how long do i want to go on a cycle in other words those guilty pleasure that i haven't done yet you know like i just want to treat myself to a single haiti whenever you really never done we are amazing they as i add elevating all their super cool is a gyroscope they are the only issue with those things as they when they were shut off they would just shut off and people just fall on their ass and see how you really get jacked like old people like you know fell and got fucked up the new ones are just
bad at the new ones let you know they like beep and share the way you know it's dying get off me that's what i honour what they didn't guys created em he drove off a cliff on one i think the guy round yes he fell off a cliff on one year whoops what that man imagine washing their happen and the beginning of a coin brothers really here the guy he's fucking zip and are on the pacific highway wave the people stars followed check his text messages and run as he types of two something inside even remotely fucking funny new ones are amazing i'm hungry ella well classes you watching flipped tum tum tum tum tum tum punk
and the child will eventually made it to check these new model tired start juno apart at nice things the other dope is pursuing kevin james used one for that paul block malta movie and then once he use for that he decided to bring them with him when he does any movie because like the bats we'll get around on a big sad especially so he he had a couple of those shown me and him wished to go round the boss in common with those so funny how fast it is gas they look as fast as you can run max speed twenty miles dr twelve miles an hour there they have ones i think that cops use that go faster i think i'm thinking of those yes there's one is what is it what is a person of fast person run like what are they like thirty miles an hour yachting close to likely you saint bold what does he do deadly closer thirty allows our it's not funny person was a car they wouldn't be shit no gas fuckin
thirty miles an hour mister snugly car that's annoying knowing when you have to go through every whales in hungary i can see how you're on the highway economic thirty miles and i like the sceptics oh that's you running full gallop the fastest here hurling his body against gravity any time people are like ours such an amazing athlete i'm like i can i just african bear run like certain flacket property is like a fat slow bear big giant ass fuckin animals yes things look like when they lose their hair known to me bankers there a bear that has some some in a form of mange probably there's pictures of liquid no hair it looks like some creature and like got a never ending story or something it doesn't luria a habit i believe the essays educated i looked it looks like dark crystal actually yellow you that's all
i gotta come on now like a cow strangers that hope i had a dog had made like not that bad but giant patches of her body when i found out about rescuing a giant everybody would like that that apparently the where the tube macabre they think the myth comes from tools coyotes again kyle and have maisie lose all their hair and they look for righi they were really fuckin gravy have disappeared the final coyote with no hair you will go should i m s pay for us rose i was that still in use no way it was a cut again where we don't coyote with mange means and you know that the images we if i was a thing while those like monster quite type shows they were trying to say like someone thought they had a tube cobbler that's what it turned out to be turned out to be a code that it had the mange when they lose all the hair
in their body they just look really freely as it jumped at no hair to have you seen that yeah that's one of a man who is doing on the other there's a champion has no hair to that one is really frightening pull that up the chip with no as crazy because you re start to think like how terrifying it would be of this things the by your d like we probably would do if a guy low with you probably bite you guys actually looks like a girl i can a gross gonna look at that horror wait you see the full images body is enormous to his muscles are fucking huge pulled out one up right there look at the cook that g he's us look at the size of his fucking muscles day that's like yeah the chimpanzee this muscles are ways stronger than yours so that lead creepy looking beast has probably
strength of a five hundred six hundred pound man maybe even more if you like a ripped five hundred years time the august superhuman mean there there's much stronger than us they even he can hurl his body through the air grab a whole sections one arm swinging his by their side they are seen when those guys get angry in a cage and hurl themselves around duty i live right by the zoo in san diego my goal timing pass all that a wild animal park that's also you are huge and went out at the monkey cage and the sky was just like being on the glass trying to get the money to pay attention to some stupid and them he came up like it was as like i don't know what it was was like a bonobo or some like that and it just it just fucking rock the glass once put a crack in it and then like also like all second yo zoo keeper people came in and ship like it they look like a monkey that looked like a hundred pound monkey and it was so far
in strong that put a crack in the solar glass yells chimp we shouldn't russo monkey trimmed the people racist they'd the angry makes is incorrect their ok i get it it monkeys or tails just as we all know exactly like a monkey soon but i was enchanted we're opposite chimp chimps are superfluous stronger hundred pound champ fuck you up yeah fuck you up man imagined like those guerrillas that you think that's what the greatest will scenes in any movie ever was when the gorilla comes out star run in shit and plan of the apes movie where all the chance you think they're about ass though we will have all battles see who's that look most fucking bad ass an march emblems to make friends with this gorilla that was not i was surprised how much i like that movie love guerrilla movement guerrillas crazy i love it its primal along know as i'm not there is actually terrifying i'm totally rudy for that guerrilla the gorilla comes angela disclose crazy knowledge him
like oh shit he's gonna kill you when a think about a man he's fearless animals is falcons super animals that are gonna take over downtown manhattan there still terrify the gorilla love to see is i know it's impossible i would love to see how much a huge guerrilla could bench press our they could throw around some insane numbers if you look at their body structure it so ridiculous like a big one like a big margarita what are they way like six hundred pounds somebody i ate pounds imagine how far stronger thing was being theirs strong that they don't even have climb in the trees to hide from the cats jirga cancer can afford the guerrillas done is too much work ukip tussle with a gorilla you might i win those they have these two their face to really thick skin and they are so much bigger than you man this so
and so strong and so crazy weird they have little decks super we humans are the primates largest penises and it's all related to how many sexual partners are our females are likely to encounter yeah the the relative them is a patriarchal set up where he's got a harem and girls are all monogamous there's no sexual come titian between him and other males he hasn't he's hurt his harem so he has a little dick it has now big dig worth ships have big dicks little chimp bitches freaks of brake on with human beings they found that the more promiscuousness actually in the animal kingdom was well the more permissible the females are the largest testicles are of the males now as you anthea as their specific sperm that go after
kill other sperm is their only duty to go after intact sperm of on but it turns out that was a kind of crazy speculation or at least it's mostly agreed by smart folks in the know about the subject of that probably bullshit or most likely bullshit but fascinating nonetheless to think that your balls which is fact that do you develop more sperm when you run whores that's real man that means since i was a sandy estate i share of gigantic crap you really were sending or stay filled with slowly girls say state is like yeah it's like if you're too dumb to get into like a good school but you still wanted a party and fuck a bunch of people one were anywhere girl you and sean's go movie haven't we pitcher you write it no adieu who knows what's a good name just in turbulent we could do it now we can make this happen do you want i while i was at the as at the zoo its we had the sperm thing and this monkey was in the corner gesture
off in the corner of the zeal but in all the other monkeys were in a circle talking group monkeys its talking any smears it on this one monkeys face in any runs away right it's all my alma iqs us so she isn't freak out were to the group monkeys its talking any smears it on this one monkeys face in any runs away right and so on oh my iqs so she isn't freak out or like go crazy get upset she just calmly wipes or face smells it and then lakes it and she walks over to him and puts her ass up and they start fucking yeah so the way he got a fucking was to come in her face real quick that is to me black cats as big black cats are the scariest fuckin thing i can say even for whatever reason more scary then tigers because
tigers you like almost feel like you could never fight back gray and if you get attack by jaguars like man maybe my belittle live because they're not that big there may be there to honour pound yeah about but look look at the muscles on that thing may come on nothing would argue that a jaguar fucking achieve nora they're they're they're both leopard and and leopards are black to like what the black once when they are is like he actually has spots on their just its most of his body is a spot i bet they vary a little bit o whenever something a car alarm right they look so bad ass it such a freaky creation by by nature i mean look look at the two just a physical form of this thing just designed only to kill yeah really
strong really fast and wants to attack things move in front of it like a ball of yarn it's got such a kill dry he rolled ball in front of it jumps in the balkans is she's written back getting the dig into the she helped him yes today marriage around as is reaching down are now trying to get it in billing ashes and bulgaria restrain writers readier o o you need to grow where daddy in writing to have harem let me help you back limited size of his fucking arms cheese rice met here we go he said it out the lounge lounge style is like sitting back and he's got his hand on her shoulder diverging or no it is when we hold on their own here the size of its fuckin body he shot off
she knows how to properly do you hold it in there and get make sure all come gets a new vagina years arrogant as what she's doing isn't yeah she's keeping the common the vagina on some some sides of this in los angeles the size of her bones like her hands up look at the size of the bones in the hand that thing fuck you my god it would fuck you're lucky this eyes of that fact untiring is it's crazy the daily like vegetables too guerrillas are increasingly aggressive saintly strong and they d like brown clearly how do i get here where they get their protein rum you big as muscles wound believer not most vegetables have very high levels of protein specially leafy green vessels
we just think of protein is only being associated with animals in eating steak so but there's a lot of protein and kale kale some massive amount of protein in it so does broccoli if you eat like mad quantities that stuff you can get all almost everything you can get from me except like the weird shit like aggression and i'll get the this summer aggressive you get out the eating meat running to something i really do firmly believe that some something that happens when your boss play process is the fact that its eating animal protein that makes you more aggressive i really do believe above is there any part of you to that if the end the following felt photos that gets you kind of turned on
running go while you don't think that's tight ensure that give us can waving there's no way that could be loose look up painful if you get it cleaned out really well done like unite in my view i am i feel so good might be worth if you know if you could look over the horizon way fuck that thing i mean look it's basically like a flashlight how big is that that's about that's a she s like humongous pumpkin it's it's hearted i think this small monkey channels with each other and what would you do if it was detailed and cleaned up abu in athens detailed is that what this is about it is rare what a widow weird animal baboons looks like dogs order yeah you know it's gonna pull up another picture of a baboons head man
baboons they ve also figured out how to raise dogs have you seen that now baboons or so smart they d they actually he'll puppies from from the mothers and they raise them and they raise them as guards and they they feed them and they keep em around so that they can sleep and the dogs dick or on the dog brass buttons going on yeah that's fucking amazing fucking credible man their smart enough to realise if you keep dogs taken when their puppies keep around they lock india and near the daddy just keep feed them and then they d bark when some shit comes around i was watching his knee your show the other day air was all these walls were hunting you're following them answers all these wolves and they were it was if they were in between these two mountains that sir funneled into this one little place so all the walls gather all them leave but one one stays in this little like funnel then they scare up some animals animals run down to the funnel than that wolf that's waiting there for my jumps on right so means they like me
the plan and somehow nonverbal told one of the wolves you stay here and wool scare pray that i'll run to you and then you fuck it up she's like it crazy like how are they communicating like that like what's happening to me his baboons weird look at animal male look at their facing scorning they leave the safety of the cliffs reach for food with a lion monkey chickens have asked really weird ass my ass one has the feeling of up to forty opera and forums high fruits reality my steps out of liability granted when times open materials but it's amazing they fight on these wash out with a shudder somehow flash she got crazy she daddy's better she man she's really she simply like letting him now
ass you fucked up he looks mean what a creeping animal hammer baboons travel overland in large groups for a reason there are predators here leopards hyenas and cheetahs face serve rig you up in the true they did it the gods snouts enrich insects holding avatar yet so although we avatar shit look at that then it seems conscious nay
company but it looks like an animal that another army a baboons has also made camp on the sabbath war jesus christ spell trouble package travel hamadryads baboons bullfight overflights why is oprah doing gloves baboons like oliver he likes the baboon ass his please i they really are like avatar creatures man here it is our plane the command of olaf's aggressors i'm so happy that africa exists but it can suck my dick i'm not going to go in there that is a crazy spot man look at others thousand their business while we're lucky mad we make you mad if this is like north dakota humanity like you drive and in north dakota yes as you fuckin packs of riband it
would hyenas would it be completely hilarious like giving our aim show came in there and just built like a toys or us like a restaurant and to see how long it latin evacuated country like all that guard in africa the baboons man this is insanity unfair factory has done some kind of weird animal shit it's everywhere we avoided most dangerous annals accept bulls that was the dumbest episode that wherever there was only too episodes y ever protests and what we're doing always just jack and people this battle is ruthless retail her that's fucked up life my floor and death to it is only too episodes of fear factor that ever protests i said we shouldn't do do not shouldn't do about like i was like while you're serious one of them was writing a book i was like
you guys are crazy it was we had an old stunt team and when that in the early days of here factor they took their you're stuck eyes rough do you know who i am someone's gonna get hurt in no way we're gonna be arrive at somewhat get her they were related like way more chances so they put people on these bulls and i go he mario as these safe i go these are fucking who man how know there's going be safe as well training balls than that given that aggressive mcveigh no they're training but you know i think they just think they're both the fact that thing is huge like a bull is another avatar creature yeah bowser ridiculous his job stupid fucking cunt of an animal with huge horns and you got to ride it and it's locked in a cage they going to open up the cage you can hold on to this bull got a year at the dumbest things in my life as a guest is totally role it dice whether these people gonna be ok and that's exact would happen over and over again
flying through the air and everybody get launched awfully just you're gonna get launched hour period and you make it stop yeah you might get kicked in the face you might have get your whole head reconstruct yeah that's not a joke could stop on you poor cow we go sizes dick gets sean shared dirty bastard will the size of that fucking ball man's a meltdown get the size of them bottles on that boat again eats grass eaten and he's aggressive as fuck aggressiveness or from eating hey yeah fuck you up is huge get a giant deck needs hey what was the other lundy protest in lisbon who's the other one gather fear fact epps there was the donkey seamen on the donkey they i thought those dumbest thing ever give you a drink how don't care because road doggie natalie
the volume of it was like twenty four ounces it was such a stupid amount of covers like there's no way you can do this this is not right you can't do this and there likewise ass standards and practices and we could do it like ok what's both sex as a term in six weeks bolsa exam what is becoming a google damage it has a lot of crazy shit ok most promising geisha you had don't be lower than that if you do don't drop in a keyboard is their power yeah a onto the back this door's locked greece fifty the cause worried about you but if you the emperor and go straight the dead star babies out of the way the other were powerful powerful just in harper cool do the southern california kid we hope and sending a regatta be this weaken this weekend
when calgary bitch adhere to show soda the first show sold out the second show this and tickets left to the ten o clock show it's either jack singer concert hall i tweeted it today like a the link is it so stupid it's one of a million correct along links but it some if you go to my twitter today its today is the eighteenth of july and it's this friday night so it's to nice for now it's me i should fear and duncan uncontrollable ferko sold out and then we gotta ten o clock show that still has some tickets available then as you see the next night powerful calgary make it should happen apparent canada of care i did that's why you gotta go and she has a fan coover yes good spot private view ecstasy while asian chicks mountains skiing
and how much you have to stay if there was a red headed asian that i think that would be the best combination to haunt the average because i saw blonde asian in san diego and it was such a weird combo there that's it that's all air if belong bleached blonde or was it a free your nature it was it look like white hair like look like matrix that is good guys are familiar to shoot bleached it why he it when it is really cooks a blonde girl that look like an alien to get down those cubes does but all hairs she hasn't kept up with is it you don't have hair they don't know that they were they were designed to get rid of the same coin airborne still live here is due to different kinds of asians by zog stab did stand up does the whole bit about asian porn hear about it being like like rat hair cyrillic love what he says rat whiskers if i mean they they have cubes but they don't have like arm pit hair
is usually order or face area you never really talking about cubes also now i was talking about san diego is one of my new fireplaces go hang out american calmly company maybe realise how what a great spot that is like that whole area the low hang out area was at that area caught again member where are the bars webs com with that very necessary district that's columbus you're you're san diego gas lamp galileo through such a great spot man words therefore we did some shows the american common accompanying we're like what a nice areas like everybody's walk around like really cool i like they and the ideas hotel by the way that place very nice it's that ten year fifteen years ago that was like skid row really read them all thing that's where that's where i like more republican government
now that's why i like like cancer of government that's why that's one of things i like about place like san diego and its military presence daily have way less bullshit going on i am san diego is like even even when like they'll be some at the bar saturday night though we guys let loose in the recent fights and stuff but it's pretty well policed i mean like in this knowing ever let it get to be where skid row is there would never therefore the allies get rose rhodesia it's crazy i think that would nablus and asia they would never let it happen and is some bad things about that like where they keep trying to close the pots opt out and they arrest people for their really aggression by alcohol after midnight he sits at a bar aggressor about that but you know what that's how you keep a nice community sets it's true that's the only way they could make downtown work now downtown was crazy before then while so what started to change
there is some developers came in and were like listen we're gonna pump a ton of money into downtown if you give us the permits will pump the money and why and so our government now our governments all fuckin scenario but but what's wrong no longer tell them councilmen stuff got busted for like oh yeah shunted raised yeah so we're broke now cities actually callin thanks when did he get sued the there he handed out contracts to do to strip clubs oh no he didn't really there's a bunch of shit a beautiful yes he was wrong and an old school old corruption style they were was trading contracts basically for hookers woe like the strippers would you know like he go they fuck stripper and all kinds of shared and then he would hand out controversial issue to the sunday is literally a king became alone those eight and setting out a good racket there
now do everything find something less kill good place to live a guy like that run and shit he's gonna be happy on time so that yeah tat they totally like revitalized it and so it was just these one group does one group or developers i just started but the money and then an arm then with all its main suddenly learn from kosovo that that place bore the american the company is really awesome yeah on yet echo is that brian's that chicken unlawful cries twenty four jesus right next door to it yet so fuckin sweden a man and his lot big police presence there to allow cops was tons and that is by the way who just good case either from duty yeah but no no place to smoke we was annoying that recent events have lots of illicit anywhere in san diego recent about duty yeah if i didn't really or they treat it like it's like cocaine or same psycho
what they gonna federal bigger federal anew in india there have to and they do really yet how bad no like well either ain't nobody but has been arranged tat are my body was smoking a joint on the street stupidly he's drunk so smoking to join and street and use in jail for five is he had like all kinds of charges up on em like oh they lay like bullshit stuff like intent to sound suchlike like suffer he's just a guy smoking to join on the street i was saddened allotted joins us weaken them try to o one can big conventions come in then their chill they play nice nice comecon united angry about well that's weird a croupier cows in jail for five days for five days is couldn't figure out why they eat like they kept saying he please i wonder you broke says i feel is when do i get out there like i'm not sure they like held him for five days was
do the cause they just want to make a point i mean did so they don't even charge you though that is hold you he ended up getting charge a camera to get charged for but he added he added it was a big fine like a shitload community sir it was like worse than gettin a deal i wow that's great just smoke in one joint logos us maybe like a year and a half why box andy's ice rules in a legal right like yeah external aid and the state of california because data california is really when it comes to drugs especially when it comes to schedule one stuff which means schedule on means that doesn't mean most dangerous but it means that its it has no medical purpose so like the thing about marijuana is its lumped in there with a crystal meth and things that are useless its laws clumped in there with like the worst drugs the ideas its there's no value but then say you're too is cocaine schedule to as heroin khazars medical uses for them yes it's fucked
yeah and he's been using this hemp well shut and these psych i just user religiously a changed my diet i said federal crime even under the state you know it's legal it's over the tricky situation like d i can always come in and bust these go marijuana places federally clia federally it's a schedule one drug still the case occasions insane minutes at this meantime the first while tommy chung giant or for our show is perfectly ample that he's been using this hemp oil too to treat cancer he has cancer the prostate air and he's he's ninety nine percent cancer free only and he's been using this hemp oil shit and these i just use religiously i changed my diet i started healthy and boom sons of bitches my and the federal government would come and make my cousin is of farmer brooklyn accurate data
by humble other oh jesus liane real he's a real but he sells to like dispensaries and staff so like kind of on them of any sort of he didn't always but he's he told me is again at any time the fixing of inherent thrown in jail i be so crazy and they take all your money yeah and they just whose one to do and anybody that's making a noise like they had that show we'd wars wherever that show tat yeah why saw that i might they're gonna and bone they got busted red acid elder so got but with a guy who made it was one of the guys they were featuring shows you how they run this big medical marijuana dispensaries and when you run i mean i think there's something somewhere in the provisions where it's like you're not supposed to make like a lot of profit and so like when you are a part of a big medical marijuana collective responsible for even a lot of money is coming in here tonight make sure that it goes to places like goes to all you have to give some way charity payer employ and he can
make a lot of money off of it and when there's millions of dollars made they just assume you're making a lot of money doesn't matter what you're doing with the numbers whether it's legit or not and they're a pain this goes to beg we taken out and so they just go after you and if you have a safe place your money and the fucking good luck in their back they take your pick they probably sell it what they do that its if its legal estate mean who knows who knows what i do that we need them me why would they burn it when it's probably worth millions of dollars they would you do here yeah what does happen all ipod pot good question tommy chunks as they still it what happened like they get a huge drug bust crossing the border burn they burn it may burn at the they do in mexico and other burnt mexico they burn a coke to burn em they burn that another do anymore was one was a mile shows with anthony bourdain forget where he was was that some south american company country where they had this giant bust of cocaine and he was there while they lit the cocaine on fire
yeah and he was like you know like thereon call the cops and throwing the stuff into like this ditch and then i would like pour gasoline on it light on finally i would not want to be anywhere in any shape connected to that fucking event that looks like its passing some drug dealer some serious fucking money and you going to put that on a tv show a fucking that man a badge desire that they there's a thing in the short time magazine a couple weeks ago about this the biggest drug dealer in mexico like drugs our guy in one part of the usa they said that he was having trouble figure get it to the u s so he just kidnapped some scientists and had them build him a submarine to ship for in co oh my god we're dead scientists from carry where were they said but like you based described decides disease like hey build me a coke submarine almost gone could you imagine exact fucking job
and are you going to get out if they're going to let you free why would even let you free build him a coax of rain is going to let you free you're in once you build the coke submarine you're in as long as you keep producing shit for him maybe i'll keep you alive if i actually going to run out of shit to do when you know too much insofar as they are a fuckin cook she goes underwater mean that's what it is the out it's it's a real live cope machine the crazy thing is is like how much money is he making that he's dislike arose workers but this year to couple mill copy would probably more than that probably many many many asked submarine mean have to bring in some serious engineers he'd have to bring in some fabricators me what start for the scratch like how you going to do this where you going to get the submarine you start you really going to build one man that has job what's gonna propel this thing we re using for fuel igniting an underwater you know what you're doing
haven't you need subject release specialised education to build up submarine array that's note small achievement now you have to call some other people do not know how many i wonder how many scientists he kidnapped that here it is because it said that it said that he had built juice giant tunnels underground that had like bath in all kinds of shit the tunnels got found out that's when he was like i'm so sick and tired of like building these great tunnels reveal the submarine imagine out terrifying it is to being a submarine filled with books mike in the ocean filled a coke and new totally by the way illegally there you're not supposed if there is any point in time they its light you up with missiles from a distance also to deeds made it
under duress so that might be of a high price of hoofs it might be a bomb at my way to get the water blow you can't you may mill the fuckin sub epidemic proch till the guy for sure imagine sub blew up yet i shoulda dilated punctually anyway there achillea blows up that's the thing is i give you too well working for a drug cartel you're gonna die if you don't do well enough you gonna die terrible job fifa recommended to anybody its most chaotic idea ever you gonna get involved the world of international drug selling you know it's like the movie scarface humming a future did we like crazy tycoon drug dealer deeds that movie inspire them really bad wrappers de where were they the of the latter was adam larry kirby enthusiasm we had crazy i killer yes the wrapper guy swell of funding
episodes ever is really hilariously nicholas over the top wrapper do who love scarface yet scarface on twenty four september this house it was so perfect what a shit way to make a living man term cell coke no it's gonna end psych insight you're on a train and you don't know when it's gonna hit the wall but notes can hit the wall but until it's the while you can party yeah well that's a they said they said that so he lives sky assumes a chopper and he lives on the top of like a mountain somewhere in mexico that has just like guards all around it and he just has like whores flown at length he has i call soccer flown into play for him all my god jesus baby visionary catholic go out to dinner yeah what he searched sir royal families it he's like a royal family
exclaimed why would what we're talking about earlier very similar yam in why wise exist that's where it gets really cute his prohibition the reason why organised crime exploded in america in the the early days of the twentyth century was because alcohol was illegal for a few years and during their prohibition that's when the organised families that were seventy i'll call got strong because they were making a fuck what amount and then they once you have money momentum momentum recruiting crime people getting rich and there's a lot of money and selling booze people want to boost the government was fuckin stupid they try to keep it from the people and it became chaos and that's exists who's going to mexico a big what's goin on mexico is because of the drug war and because mexico is a poor country that's right next to a rich country and the best way to make money when you connect to the rich country is seldom illegal shit the best way is there some shit that i have that you can't get
you need heroin funny i have heroin and then actually you know that you're selling you what you need that it's just why in the man you know like hustling there right next door to the machine what is a machine need the machines cove you gotta get a coke and you don't even need to be like their product is so good that you can have a fucking retard sell it and he could sell out of it or take on even need talented like virtually the whole ferryman yeah once coke gets lives with the cook rule starts ban people want more more and more any chasing the dragon with it that's that's a dark thing when you want someone chasing that that coke dragon two different things jason the heroin dragon the heroin dragon seems like two people actually having fun like that heroines freaky to me because it seems like like when you talk to people that have had it and it had the experience i could sound so beautiful it did it doesn't seem like it you know it it it remains at one point in time almost almost
some aspects of the lost that you gonna get funding re rank is it's such a mine blowing really beautiful thing when you do get to trip but it eventually aurora roads yeah a buddy who did a lot of heroin and in college and he like made it out and as you know most reporters like that fuckin evil dry hey it like when they talk about the dry dixons he's like man heroin was so great he's like i can't do it because it is locked me up like it was so great it's supposed to be like the most beautiful loving feeling ever put to it such a trick because its horrendous and body horrendous it's really do dress in what is a to dutiful i found out on us maggie not to carry selves like the drug may should he thought he is weak fucking comic large methods in lahti codes from grinding your teeth and star god
fucked up how many drugs there are that can jack you legal or illegal it's amazing how many things that we become physically connected and you and it's i don't understand the physical the physical part of it i can completely understand like people that are obsessed with things and get gambling addiction and things like that i can understand that kind of addiction but the physics addiction isn't it doesn't i don't have that that that gene weather is for alcohol or cigarette and i don't have that but i know people who do they can't do anything they can't have that's one simple sip of wine and then next thing you know they'll beyond this nutty downward spiral whether doing shots and erratic control and are saying things will never remember i mean that's that's a weird but fuckin aspect of being a human scary genetic partly genetic what's the benefit of its weird yeah i don't know
and what's that was a drug that people are taken in there like people's faces off basle that's right what the fuck is bath it's funny that the cops are trying to pretend it was a weed look at that guy was out of weed and he said that he's just an asshole doesn't matter what drug is taking us out weeds when you eat someone's face as he was a crazy person could be that too we could not doesn't have to just be either there are vast salts aren't detectable because it's not exactly they'll never know metastasize exactly don't let us have a test for it because it's all but two different shit they they apparently change molecules and kevin prayer was explaining to us scientifically they can take any sort of a molecule only changed by adding an oxygen molecule doesn't necessarily change the effect of the drug still affected but it became it becomes a different trip strap biennale is one some people doing wacky shatner divided over the counter it places can buy it i another coca bats arts cassinetts its has not for human consumption taking us back
that's how they get around selling rare era the housing market sort of sort of but you know salvage just plant have years thanks albion yes what like i don't know because i don't think i had a really away because of mushrooms i've talked to some people like ari who like thinks he might have lived like a home and another dimension and then i'll say that again without coughing he what he felt like he lived a whole month in another dimension and then when he came back his instantaneous like it was like you went in and out here for five minutes and he remembers me stop the most of the time in that five minutes as a month long journey that he had these families and create friendships and there's a guy a sense of loss when the trip was over because you would never see his friends again sally yeah she wanted to say that a man who had a long talk about really
because every time i ve seen him do salvoes not what you don't know me like maybe he didn't tell you exactly what happened in this fuckin freaky little five minute trip i didn't get there at all night tat going he was drowning and he can people are looking at him and stuff you're not conscious that scientific it depends how deeply go and do it like when when i when i've done it i've done like the forty times at sixty times sylvia and what it felt like to me as if you ve ever done like a whip it like a balloon where its at my mama one like an elastic whatever three mass five minutes it was like that but of mushrooms you're just being thrown into the most intense mushroom trip or ass a trip ever and then it goes away and like five minutes and then you just feel like shit for like hour two hours afterwards you just kind of feel like a crappy like worn out when you got to take a lot of it and you got to do is go to be strong and going to do it the right way it's going to be heated the certainly i didn't crack lighter i didn't get it right i got
swear i'm so i had an out of body experience just really simple out of body experience like i was over my right shoulder like hovering looking down at myself and it would martin waves onlooker myself and wage for love that only lasted five five minutes if you like is longer than five minutes now now now felt pretty quick i didn't feel time i don't think that's why i am surprised that he felt said dab because you casino really i don't think you ever even think of time you just feel like you're dead yeah i'm pretty sure it's all right i don't mean i don't i can't believe i would fuck up and not think that maybe somebody else but i'm pretty sure was are so like a whole like month long friendships that's my salary you maybe this man maybe it is needed it take it at the right time you know who i tried hard to make for friends and nutrition man maybe not really reaching out why you tribune i think
i think it's possible that you know you different salvia that's different potency to take it if you know who this is mike salvia from this is what i did it this is u here wait this is actually you his shelly travelling heritage use are you taking a shit hangouts and cuddly shells i wasn't a water slide or something and i thought my face melted off yeah jake how you feel it me too we'll stop those who played a before have we of you and i will do allies online money or other friends those ices chronicle i wasn't there dairy nor a map you ve seen this before have showed a tv really don't think i've seen really arizona grossness i've seen our sorry when you about these children so that good legal bigger than that
legal suddenly has only well than it does now rihanna recently go anywhere whether slowly starting to sneak out but it's not scheduled it's not like schedule one is only going to sample marijuana he had started and make it legally illegal rather but they didn't know there's some other shattered states legal to some stuff it then now about that's like five myth oxy damosel trip to mean that that's legal by the east we owe the bite on mine is to build up from our research chemical companies not for human consumption bill abide online and it just blow your fucking mind you'd go to another dimension totally legal that's not the ivory human consumption the thing if you use it actually in violation of the law by virtue of the fact that its chemically relate something that's illegal really closer cousin someone's illegal like what scientists sidney i figured out what you often asshole science a asshole scientist crew basalt bag it alice
that their work on the cure for aids guys like nope i want some scarier math so method even met people would tell you to equip path salts we just getting weirder and weirder as a society have you heard of gender yes does our yola it's not like a wives down its fairly horseshit a drug that they make with poop i undertake its fake yeah like i wanted it to be real just thought it was real to i thought it was real too i think maybe people have tried it but i don't think it worth his while trip you out since i would urgently melon shut down your drug of choice boy when you want about like how bad africa suck that someone is willing to believe that because you know you stay in detroit their smoke in their own shape but now that stop negative
other sniffing water to get high in detroit stop it but africa you i love you probably are yeah we beg the figure out some way get fucked up there you immediately assume they were right it seems what i'm what else am i supposed to believe they have rejected it ass he spoke the shit you ve seen in one video african fish farming where they have like a pond filled with fish now run in with baskets they everyone runs and everyone is how runs in into the into the water and catches the fish with with nets and with their hands but she's let's start thousands of people and they run in and they catch every fish in this pond it's a shallow on the catch them all with their hands and baskets and shit they do it all at once who is it does not work powerful del herrera come on in that they run into
yeah it's crazy they run in have you seen that brian the video the dude in africa they run into weigh upon the fish for it pull it out because it crazy if you could find it went says they african african part fishing with their hands village the very jenkins xavier chedcombe bernal see you find it lucy it and now that's not it you know i never saw gerhard area homo africans catch with their hands are you bringing ursus again search if this where's the fucking asteroid attack and in world all just like back till i basic civilization like africa's going to be like
second new york because i was gonna do anything i know they could still to people in the congo that like catch fish by hanging from trees ocean yeah the dama lad you sir don moreira just in helper just in helper in denmark sweden denmark irish shows up nice and early for the super show which will be taking place in less than why our habits damn relax you ve got a cocktail you comfortable you got no book the mother can never stop writing legislation gentlemen never stops he's a pro yeah when you anyway you to set so and let me let me in this black ass will start ice house chronicles and while i have to come back from a break but just you have a new book out its call a sucker girls yeah and tell me why these are girls assuming handsome could tell the level of the cover and i said this doesn't make sense i can understand steadily over crazy dad and is very entertaining
what are the as italy surveillance print was this would be a sucker us there yeah that was the original title narrative also takes place in the past it's all chronicle that's like nonfiction story my dads and a lot of them i'm not stupid he's in it yeah witnesses basically like a bunch of stories everybody has about you know you fuckin shade problems in this then you know losing your virginity in june worry about running out dad stories resource has been very good deal with tat in a dry it out i know i might have dried out there were very few words every year arrow i feel a little more there and hopefully will need there were nearly war here s my genco well you know
as a guy trying to make it as a screenwriter what a fuckin awesome break that was for you the whole thing was so that though that so fortunate so interesting when stories like that happen i love of when it shows that there is a lot of like really talented funny people out there they just never do anything with it there's a lot people out there that are really funny really talented but for whatever reason nothing clicks for them they they can't figure out how to make that connection to it manifest itself in the real world the ashes they become these really find people that have jobs working for you now whatever company an insurance company or whatever it is whatever reason they never fucking figure in their way into the river they never never rob to the bank gas didn't have the balls jumpin yan i mean for me was just like it was such a crazy break riders lightning in a bottle and then luckily i sort of in doing that
heading for a few years so i will you know lenny you my shop like when the air while we take my bad surfing aliens here i'd that board it's a beautiful it's an awesome store i'd love here and stories like that were some just is doing something good and just by virtue of the fact that other people tat other people and spreads in and then everybody hears about its i heard about it read it in any publication or anything ever like do check those guys larry us and our go check it but if you have laughed out loud our fathers gas funny it's funny out happens man for real organic occurrence it's been it seventy like it's funny to his leg after the tv show that cancelled public amos would so fuckin passed away
i got a tv show in the air for right down fuckin shit are used stupid i go i'm happy that everything again like nothing you know there's other above me out of that great attitude and are so important to for success in life to have that kind of attitude and just enjoyed and appreciated worker enjoy it and appreciated something people in the something happens and then goes away from them they can ever appreciated everyone did it yes neurosis trying to get to the next level or stay on that level or at the next things you don't feel like it drowning showbiz is a very we're world man everywhere the air it so funny tuk is like it and since then have worked on a cup other shows man riding staff other shows in staffing and i'll sit like that's how it is like every writer i work on the show if he's like faultless so to snow this cancel this is bullshit i hate this year like did
two years ago the weight and tables like that's kind she had a job like sitting around vague and dig jokes reflect and twelve hours a day for a tv show you're a writer on a television show like is there this guy that many more prestigious positions in hollywood besides actor and producer writer creator the sent to prison the creative force behind a tv show that's fucking huge does a lot of people to do that yeah that's a massive you still fuck completely shit skinny cancel this fucker patricia it's our we would appreciate shit i really is yeah lotta negative content and plus income in hollywood it's also seems like unlike you are you just road this you know this opportunity and you'd capitalize on and made the most of it some people get failure after failure after failure after failure after minimal
success minimum by the time they have a little bit of success there so i condition to failure they show worn down by their spirit is broken yeah they brought in cheeseburgers coordinate who'd you fuckin savage look at you you don't play games fucker cow cow socket any got wing still brien's like you'd die can suck my dick that's what you just said islets wrap this thing ups o brien can have as food some people want to follow you the actual you it's just an underscore halpern twitter yet so while the other one shit my dad says is just shit is still shipment my rights and is there anything else or website that they should go to
check out an excerpt of the book it's just i second girls book dot com just go by the bulgaria and audible why play games there we're the fact that our also gonna froze go through the audible anna was done at the beginning next week we have for cod castle was that all about so the your site is your website is did i have website ok so twitter got that covered yoda facebook page i don't know aren't you don't need it is it over overran thing you're better off nowadays at the tumblr a tumble hopes for glitter tags that's why just animated gifts of dragging us better than face the wings of dragons carrier i don't use any of them anymore our aid waiter listen to dirty bitches fucking chose over going to take a little break will be back with the ice house chronicles you want to listen to it you want to listen live and watch live will be on ustream
channel you stream dot com you dream that tv for last joe rogan if you want to get it in audio form it is only available under death squad on itunes and desk waters whole podcast network that brian runs that's his shit on the side and its also are gay little nickname for us damn errors in the dust cloud to write down even write that down on contacts right down tax deathsquads at the so when you die my rare represented death squad you doing all right bitches if you're around tonight we gotta show in about an hour and be dahmer david of irish fear doug bent advance areas and tv hasn t by brian red ban and was so we see fuckin dirty freaks very soon thanks thanks for everything thanks we're all the positive weeds and all the you whatever it is that you guys do turning to the show and and and saying that you enjoy it is
best motivation we could ever possibly how to do it it's a very unusual circumstances we sort of stumbled into and we started this one this situation what we're doing a spot gas is not planned out at all but now that it's come apart of so many people's lives i definitely feel obligated we're not going anywhere so i want thank you guys thanks to dot com for sponsoring us go do oh and i t use a rogan and save yourself ten percent of the supplements does work with all the other shit liddy over there while talking about supplementary fries shut dirty french so delicious when be awesome if fries are good for you that's what i need to get our honoured scientists on now they wouldn't be the same as the fries were good for everyone feels good delafield put away i want it or not there is i mean how do i gotta show in our lives gentlemen this shows over cookies some kettlebells i get you free gone
just and how are you two fuckin man thanks are thing coming i ve ever need anything you need us to promote anything i'll go by his book is work i suck a girl available now go get it on amazon united on a kindle put on your kindle or issued by a hard form that more money with an art form the same that's gets paid the same so go go digital you dirty bitches savagery i will seek i soon thank you buy
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