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Maynard J Keenan,  Brian Redban - Date: 07/27/2012
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your whole body will work as one unit does what kettlebells are designed for you don't fucking talk him up get the thing room hither hither music prime but start this thing it will gain experience joined today what the world's poorest windbreaker sovereign nervous document brian kind of the eyes and we had a mother fucker trust me it's getting and making more nervous as time goes on using it he's gonna have a few comments that are just getting my cadres looking at me it does it does look happy thoughts he doesn't know the effectually has unfolded how the fuck
you go from being a rock star to being a rock star slash wine maker what was the uses a whim did you have this idea i think the biggest the biggest hurdle they have to get over it i don't think i've ever really been rockstar had actually dabbled in the rock star stuff you know our american psycho but for the most part of which is kind of people on her voice can obtain a small town kid working in the garden so you think of yourself as just a human being who likes to do things that are interesting and this is what is interesting to note as you know the i'd done things over the years and just get get inspired doom are things and then all sudden axiom along the way somewhere you you make a few dollars on something i should go great that i can do more but even the way you did this is so uniquely you you know you didn't you didn't do it and sonoma county didn't taken established ordered orchard rather in and take over it you know you into a weird place he went to fuck in arizona
but think of arizona he's thing of kidnappings and end in mexico and that's the thing of nice t you don't think of wine vineyards historically almost almost every state that could actually sustain grapes than ever a beer paean grapes almost every state had vineyards and really and prohibition just through wrench stuck toll monkey ranch in that i'm good whole conspiracy theory regarding prohibition oh yeah what's a beautiful one real working today with marijuana yeah same people right so it's so that pretty much what they did is it just interrupted our appreciation for wine
as a daily and didn't in europe and that's why european wines became so much more popular than american ones right what do you know but they have they have some places in europe have had thousands of years of develop what's going on there on that particular spot it had just decades centuries of notes whether on the terrain on the results on the process so there so far ahead of us in terms of just understanding those things in its part of their culture its the ground in the soil and what what minerals and start with people who have not had any experience in farming might not know but the very wildly from place to place how do you find the right spot if it hasn't had a vineyard there before or do you just say this is a good spot lets you know you join the military you
the military you form a band in dollars you go dont that million dollars into a fucking black hole in the middle of nowhere and then well that was a wrong home you move overhearing you dig another whole how many times did you did god she did a few but there's a couple sites it just our working we ve tried that violence is basically at the like a printer they can actually print money that looks real and make sure you keep changing the cartridges so did you have to buy new land did you use a play value and warming we visited the right variety for that spot so if you're pretty if a pretty good idea that an error can consisting good grapes other that are gonna make the kind of wine you want a drink then it's a matter figuring out what bridles work best there and you're not trying to grow when i
grow wine and grow grapes and in alaska that's gonna be hard you got really hard pressed to find the right violet that i should grow there i am have canadian ice wine have like a lot of the american hybrid stuff like that i'll blow up gun norton in those kind of grapes that will grow in that extreme cold temperatures not a lot of daylight ripen than ever but in our area we have everything everything's there everything set up so it's just a matter of finding in that particular location that you dumped all your money into this land like it figure out what grows there it's not going to be it's probably not going to do what you think is going to go there has to be something else was going to take a lot of trial and error and you know forty thousand dollars an acre to find out so you have to try different grapes in and go through a full season and then test results it's more like a symbolic gesture the soil and in that and that particular time
and where it is and how its oriented north south east west and then try to pick the right grape for this before you put anything in the ground figure out what great might work there this is a natural resource process for years is something that you knew about already cause you're interested in it or you have to learn all this as you went along had to learn whether in the hard way so you know when you put the vine in the ground you dont know for we can let you if it comes of it sticks around the next year within you know you're at least you got that part she grew then you gotta it's gonna get the point we can actually train it to start setting shrewd on it so not to see fruit on that line you can probably push get some food under the third year but if you really want quality food in one i just left the plant really sinking find its way get the root system get the whole structure of it happy healthy and then that fruit on it on the fourth year
and you make the wine out other fruit the fourth year and then get to try it like in its fifty or so five years down the road after having placard those vines you go while that socks man flock and there's no other way you can do that there's no other like high tech dna not necessarily mean that you predetermine lance yeah if you have if you have it like a few in california nap availing you gotta vineyard over here and a vineyard over their chances are the vineyard right here in the middle of the public in a dual can then you'll know what to grow by whatever one around here you have a history but we have no history here in your guessing trying to make working and were finding now trial and error in many many dollars later were finding that the italian and spanish varietals in southern cone bottles are doing pretty well what was the motivation to do this in such sort of her from beginning manner
you you went out it about us is most difficult path as possible to creating creating a line it was where i lived and having traveled around the world seeing other regions resembled those regions and i can up on the contrary and you know been say one thing i'm want to go the other way just to the balanced things out so just looking at that place i just thought okay i have an idea it looking off your back porch why am i sad to this sounds like a when you try to see how many other vineyards and in arizona well there's there are now when i first started there is about twenty maybe eighteen did wineries now there's about fifty
the us model you said yourself after them i will look like what soil they're using whether at similar yours and you haven't gone not really me i had a guy from now you see davis come out in a kind of cases tail little button look at and good luck how to treat the soil in anyway do you have to match it or not in a laminate you have to make some soil adjustments v really needed but can't go in a perfect world you don't do any of that you just let it be what it's going to be so cuz you want to release that place as much as you can and you when are you gonna help the mines along their thirst nutrient deficiencies that you go you you'll notice right away in the vines if you're paying attention but you can also testword developed instead the under the binding sentimental see what's in him and what not in them so they'll be able to tell you roughly what kind of wine and produce no they'll just let you know whether the plant is healthy
so what are the eads nutrient yes so whether or not i mean we could plant like a sober complaint american hybrids there and they'll do great thrive look look awesome but the wines crap why men out an ordinance that's very rare that you have somebody who will improve with a glass of norton what norton as early yeah manischewitz adds equivalent the first time ever heard about an area making things taste differently was i had a friend who was really in a cuban cigars earlier you have this veto effie forget what the name in this one area of cuba is but it's a small area in our end it sets a few hundred acres jumped like that and in that few hundred acres they produce all the world's cuban cigars just whatever is in that soil may not another that much about cigars but i know i've had people ham uk here's here is three cigars that had the little thing he wrapped often trying out yahoo i like that one cuban
it's amazing how strongly are it's amazing what it actually does to elected to fuckin drug like if you have a good solid cigar like you i won't like i'm high right now this is something here yet motivated to do things we had a guy who yesterday rob wilfers nutritionists who tell us that creativity is enhanced by nicotine gun like nicotine is actually not bad for you it's bad for use on a ship it's in cigarettes right but the nicotine self actually so of positive drug too hard for us four edra so you you ve found this spot and how many years to take you to your producing what you have here today you have two points here today yet these that is the rosy that i brought this is the lately nebula jose this is from our southerners on a vineyard that we actually purchase was an existing vineyard and i'm county areas called benita springs vineyard so i've been with my exam three
three wineries produces and vineyards are more my my label i make these wines and harrison stronghold is my sister company and i'm an investor and co founder of that company and that company bought these two things then you're gonna southerners on us with his ears and strong vineyard coaches county ato and wilcox and then the benito things vineyard and grand county so this most of your focus right now making why you just very it will want to know when it comes to harvest time that's that's why i have to because there's there's no way around it and it's stats you know i'm my wife run lab and make them when his harvest time money so start on monday you gather up the grapes than start the process of turning into why certain its it'll it'll go on through will see our first monsieur whites probably around the first week of august so patiently back there to just go
ready earning ready what is the process of the fermentation process i know you gather up the wine get up the grapes rather smash em and then what happens now depends on depends on how you do it there's some there's some people that you do the hard you bring a man and you actually do stem the grapes you put him under disseminate sky like a big tumblr and grateful these hold these paddles knock the stems out the end and then though roll a die either a crusher that just gonna problem and put them into the band and you put them into a tank or you put him in a bin turn that way that way or as distemper justly whole berry and that's bonnac maturation that's more like a penal war process so they did these different results where they have a stem or not i think personally my my choices i do all my wines are the reds they do them carbonic masturbation with the whole bury can i feel like just the result when you crush him sometimes depending on the region
the skins and stands in the seeds seeds and seeds and skins mainly the crush him we actually have more exposure to those can other negative tenants canada green opponents and bitter that don't quite no they don't necessarily precipitate out how did you get involved and others is something you ve always been fast with just one day get into it and never look back it's i think it's good working in fruit orchards and my dad at a garden and something of this kind of fall into it a little bit you know we're like in the back of course you hate it you know what i mean you know what to look for the cut or if you don't want to like doing that stuff but let me look back on you ashley that was pretty that's pretty cool hands on you know when you see what's the food on your table and you know as a teenager you don't get it but later on hugo we may that are from ohio originally from while my mother i lost
i am also from ohio also left after a michigan what's going on people and we live and as i just as easily thank you for letting me leave we gave you detroit detroiters now northern ohio tanks fella that's why there is a move in detroit is can we try some of this stuff yes and our southern europe where you want do you i do still do a lot of art you went to college for a lot of your videos are very art based do pretty personally do any art stiller or real really ever into doing it i think it was more like the director producer like i was kind of into the coordinating of getting artists in a room to do things better as far as the actual talent i can i can i can i can play guitar i can barely dry
how did you become a leads our abandoned accidently i was honest asshole in the room you're the most bold the thought i had something doug you music member of course like everybody but i really became a famine i read this pc rode on hickson gracing why you know we just nailed it nailed the whole the balance of the balance and hickson absurd fascinating guy well he's a this very few people that i've met there you meet him in like right away you know there's something different about this cat hickson is in the intense guided it's so rare you find a real marshall its master a cliche term that we know we think of and in terms of like movies the one man who is the master who has it all in control not to take anything away from mixing but
i've actually learned more training with boiler porters his i hear euler and careless machado travel around i just i can't train consists they so i can't just walk into a dough joan just throw my gain respect not tat my ass handed to me in and not be able to do the show right right now i saw you i was just do privates i just doing what the guys who are as old or older than me so they don't have anything to proves was just like hey let's have some fun rather than trying to put an in their bell with high blood what none of the older guys would do that anyway the especially the mean especially when you get a black but level no one's trying to their very cool about it but i can't just walk in a room and dive into a class not it not at the age of forty eight going on did you used to do that did you take classes earlier on and i get injured you walk into the wrong place that they think for some reason you
challenging their manhood no sudden they do them in that point only wait like one thirty five so rolling into any any dodger rolling into your leg you know you might as well be somebody's child the real problem is that bluebell to purple belt stage where you just trying to get as many kills as you can and it's like anyone comes i will do this guy's only a hundred forty pounds of that to kill i'm gonna get this one not ignoring im looking for the photo of oil or so i can prove that i did not know do i've seen you ve i've seen photos of you and dave camera rio and be japan and i'm sure this wine by the way a delicious yet what kind of this is the roses rosy nebula theirs my oil addressing you just saw him recently one of his foot as for the sake of a couple weeks ago little sees hairline what are they
about family we'll talk about a family has had an impact on martial arts really it s an amazing thing that in the ninety nine these with all we thought we knew about martial arts as one family from brazil can have this monstrous and it's funny how like we now you know that and still seeing guys camping their new dance what sort of much much more room where dance much more rare than ever before now there's there's still a few whole doubts that are teaching some silly form of something yet i had a friend who was working with a band and he's a solid practitioner finally get it black belt and but you just know does security he's doing mainly director security and enough for these different tours and this quickly one you know he wasn't doing
martial arts of just doing his job and directing what was going on and then one of the artists was flying this guy in and paying him this money to do this kung fu stuff you know he's and respectful he's just letting that like and not my place even in certain ended up like you know is we like the angolan to getting an opportunity on the rocks when your travelling trying to train and try to do stuff if it's almost impossible it's really hard to do and so you know if there's any way can work into it at least getting to train with them then be great so the opportunity presented itself is looking like i also do you know trying to do a jiu jitsu would love to jump in with you guys at some point is to get a workout in or something and the guy basically said look i found you know whether responding to him so is like finding what look what we do is like you know university level that you just two things like canada
my body like ok so he calls he calls him his hands on the east coast i need a place to go train and this is what happened and hence also what bring them we come from what the fuck it down so amazing that like suing this guy is now he's gonna quantities and he's kind of basically challenge my friend and friends trying to be as respectful rules possible scorned the guy just kept going and going about with you now the disrespectful was that's how you know it sucks most likely it was and there's a video online of schooling animal oh video that's on line is its after like are they started they did some seven observers so fast finally hands look at going ok now you can you can't hit him you can't you can't you can use your arm like a catholic taking things away from my guy they like to make it
it is about using just destroying and as such is embarrassing so the guy was maintained this guy this money this whole time looking at this going what i've been paying for nonsense there's a lot of that other where dancing while for the longest time that was the majority of martial arts was fucker you know i mean most schools you would find in corners my friend my friend eddie had a guy that he was taken kung fu from the guy went to china to learn secret techniques under this deadly master the guy's was we in china he found his fucking car at the supermarket pardon lonely found a guy innocently fuck me
you're in china i am standing on my way to traps chinatown funded chinatown was up great it was awful for a long time all you had to do was pretend you just had the like throw some techniques that you learn from men you could watch john claude vandam move in kind of get a good idea how we move in his body and so to recreate that and if you are really crazy next thing you know you can have a school where you're teaching your own style of self defence as completely ineffective you wanna take its practical fighting where you're actually in oh you going in a bar same as will be drugs because you dear son don't show up immediately and found a six back in and we start train idea where are we gonna throw your chair where i now instead having lunch grab one of these dont use as much as quick as much i thought this back no measure was there would be that there will be
the one of the worst feelings ever a few dedicated a massive amount of your life to some bullshit and then it's just expose in front of you like that that happens to a lot of martial artists man i've met a lot of people who and where was taekwondo or whatever traditional martial art that had a giant hole in it and they didn't even realize that with my friend he was like he was a black belt i think type window anyhow he rolled into how do we go bodies place in saint louis and went ok whatever this is let me just show you just head is pass handed to unlike repeatedly ok i'm sold the hours like film type window before our digital and when i first did you do to theirs kid i'll never forgets purple adopted my age my size is nothing special about him and he's too mommy
class he would more me like i was a baby like i couldn't do anything to him i couldn't defend myself i be exhausted just fuckin strangling after tat those who so humiliating in humbling in ireland thinking while i was walking around not even knowing somebody my size could do that to me have no idea really had no idea of living in a completely delusional world of martial arts proud us let us remember that we have is the reason that we're here at all at some point during our human development we in instinctively inches accidentally realised that we can rely on our strength or speed we have to rely on our brain so we don't you grab the line and repetition off with a run for and find a stick and sharpened ugly teams stand in or take down the elephant with five guys
that now so when you think of martial arts in that manner you start to realise how important the mental game is as opposed to just the physical we'll specially introduce you to one of the rare martial arts were technique is really the most important aspect of of of the practice and when you get a really big strong guy it's actually a disadvantage for a strong guy to learn jiu jitsu because the best technical guys are always small weaker guys cuz they have to be tech there's nothing naked muscle of force whereas the big eyes they can get away with some sloppy shit because the fact there big and strong so they really hindering themselves by use strengthening that's there's no sport like that and no martial arts even like that mean technique is very boarding kickboxing but athleticism speed is equally important if you're very technical but slow really won't work jujitsu these guys that this sort of thing about rolling with someone like a hicks in origin job machado is they don't even try i guess
like their straining unmoving hardest slowly all my friend you're on your back again you better protect design because this is the one i'm going in eight seven what's he gonna do does it picks it would you that's a blackmail to pick an arm and tell them it's all right arm in arm bar and you like there's no fuckin where children might this mother firearms over there are you going to give me an unknown also needs over there in your tapping its i didn't know that there was something like that before and when you once you understand like how technical jujitsu is a really become so fascinating joshua skin is a famous chess player he was that movie searching for official released on on him and he sort of got disillusion which after after i got bored with it and devoted the same energy to and and he's gonna marcella garcia proteges now and he has
call the m m j j and marcel garcia jujitsu inaction and g j inaction dot com and its maybe i j j and it some thought the website he has broken down the way you would break down chess like it breaks down moves and as different in different transitions different move so you can look at it much more maybe analytical and in our culture it moved move way you know that in any word if you will serve his josh waits can now there's a guy there were other works trains out of our hands oh studio new york named john john donner maybe he's a beast and it just like it's like like the chassis why brain going ok this is this is this millimeter philosophy suit he was university student and it was bouncing that's what he's doing for fun
go to pay bills and along the way someone said i shall arts and jiu jitsu and it became completely obsessed sleeps on the mats i mean literally teaches all day i mean hurts a legend in jiu jitsu circles he's a this is what happens when a super intelligent guy its physically absorbed sport yeah he's just here he worked with a lot of talk guys like he's always in your saint pierre corner he's there's a lot of good guys come under his german these guys if good instruction in disguise suck in the corner in the corner some guy suggest you listen to them and i have to do everything i can and i crept the fucker you say to that is nonsense like you don't you better off saying nothing because you use your be putting illigant air of despair and idiocy into this into this cage they say such but shit but not done
remain donna hurts like super precise you need to hold your left hand slightly higher your chin talked shoulders up move to your right side if he's throwing the left first duck under then go for a single the single does not work it transition to a double have water three breath and woe motherfucker just got screwed you old you hear him talk and this guy knows exactly what i'm supposed to do if i could just listen in this guy i think i want to be attached to cry world the world of the entire regions and risk and martial arts that's would you know what people wait for the wrong reasons associate martial arts and especially social competition with meat head assholes dummies but the more brilliant mines in some of the most interesting people had ever met were martial arts practitioners because there's a certain amount of
circulation you have to do while under extreme duress and pressure and there's a risk involved risk is like physical health and all those together create incredible ward when you're successful in their the reward is amazing but downside is like mad for most people that the down is too low and they avoid it and that's the people that can can make their way through those waters of the strongest salmon again get up that waterfall to three some of the most interesting people that i've ever met i would have to agree yeah that's all i got out of your articles like this guy gets it is you you're seeing the essence of of what this is all about how are you doing you just know i said in mid late nineties i got injured right around two thousand and i'm only done it on and off now whenever i can when you when you're doing your wise it must be like sixty now today may must be well on pretty pretty organised
so i hear and make sure that whatever i can do whatever i can bring to the table as far as making things easier and smoother and and not getting in my own way it looks a lot of logistics and understanding my if i do this i'm going to undo in five moves so i always like i've laid things out in a manner you know i'm in the winery around six a dot m six hundred and thirty but i'm real up around the clock so you're a black brown why making its way trunks black building logistics black belt snatch understanding the process and not getting in my own way and then when you go from that mode into musician mode do you just do it on purpose on your schedule like whenever your time becomes free ok in starting in it's all over what does a little bit more emotion i love that more the randomness of with that with that you know you're going to have to kind of ride those waves a little bit but in a way when you have enough time bell you can force the situation you can
not a tablet you're gonna make my truck i gotta decent stereo in the truck and i got the tracks and i just that way nobody can the mess with me i can't get a phone call and always knocking on the door i just go park somewhere and turn them music up no pad and start writing because nobody nearing your world and from my house in the phones gonna ring i'm going to check my email ask a question area males in o stats super troopers on hbo software yeah that's why right when i was asleep i dont even start until level to opium everyone in the house has to be asleep when people around me are sleep to i like to think the neighbors asleep i think i'm not can i have any weird vibes from anybody everybody zinzi zone right now do you when you when you write do you have like specific times we set aside time to ready just try to do it whenever their credit is wim
we're just gonna do it'll be like focused periods of time like i'm at this week is gonna be dedicated to any same thing with training if i'm on a train or from an be doing just women are that stuff i will or somebody to be there because now i have to do brides of have friends over being a musician friends they flown out we're going to write this week okay i'm in my truck i'm over here and want to come in and we're going to track some stuff that didn't work back to the truck why are arizona that's right live just always lived i am i move their ninety five really why ninety five eight out of town let's not mine like it either and try to escape i looked for mortier basically december of eighty nine impatiently nineteen nineteen january and it just took a little bit of time i mean i
don't get me wrong i got a lot of this town things new things happened for me here just can set the ball in motion minors and i was doing a lot of things in my life before i'm of delay and there's a lot of children and things like that i'm kind of her done for myself and but then was until i was actually an airline a ban were somebody is profiting on my decision making the yes you heard about myself a lot of things that i was going to drink before i got here and then i fell into the band thing and that kind of got popular and that was why i actually stuck here for as long as i did cuz i just with in like a couple years is like this is not i need to be a small town when it got to a certain point of view the fame of tool you can pretty much have done whatever you want to anyway because europe mostly just touring any this had to be around the people when you rehearsing and prepare al qaeda yeah more hands on the net but the air for the most part that was that was the case but now and then and then
from ninety five two thousand i kind of balanced back and forth a little bit from arizona two year just because of the work you know yet when you recording into and stuck it can be there for any right you're on the road for pretty much and that in the those days it was easily six months after the area travelling but of course your younger than you can handle it doubt the the area you're out is like that took a haunted wild west town it's an old my as an old compromising down it's like a billion dollar compromise had this huge or body underneath this side of the hill the billion dollars were the copper and that was nineteen twenty is nineteen thirties billions so there is a huge or body like big enough to put a cathedral the hole in the ground that they took a cover up and use pick this area because to seem like an interesting you know like the vice of it now i am i had a dream now supposed to be out of fucking allay here
i just kept having this recurring dream and again there was a very specific images and place and for some reason i thought it was arizona and remember talking to hear about it i think think gospel spinners honor i mentioned the tim alexander and i said i'd benda phoenix i'm not i'm not habitat and described the dream and to my mind that is so because he's from he's from arizona and so he went ok i'll have to take you someplace we drove up there like rolling in other biologist gone holy shit this is the point and then i got up in a town like no shit do you interact with the townsfolk is that to me that's the hardest thing about and anywhere to get a fine cool people that i am the absolute troublemaker cousin in other areas too
was an old mining town a kind of that kind of turned a lot of that when i was like twenty thousand people in this town at one point we have working the mine like and then the clarkdale area in the cottonwood area and then and draw mary work in this mine for when a dried up and neither is the depression and wanted to know what kind of stuff it cannot shut down and dropped down like thirty people in this walter woe and then of course you know the servants sixty seventy soda draft dodgers and the people that you wanted to do what they wanted to do moved into this basically an abandoned town you anywhere near bisbee shrimp this bears just now i think is more on the edge of the state some weird moment a very similar very similar scenario signal the trust fund babies
if he's moved in going to take over the town and there for them for the most part the people it moved into the town are not the kind of people that built the down not the kind of visionaries came and went i think there's copper under this thing and then did all the stuff i more like those people and some kind of the enemy cause i do stuff heaven forbid so how are you a troublemaker in the town is anyone there they fear changing you know we came here to retiring and not do you make too much noise too strange just start from doing stuff bringing by discovering that her warm there are making one in there i'm bringing people the town you're what you bring it be only one people so you're the hell they gonna pay for your pipes in your electric and i call you gonna make your streets be safe
municipality not a camping ground you need you need funding the tax dollars to figure things out the best way to really fix your town is if you have something that some unique to your town and export he will i found it how dare i say you doing well for the town and they just don't like anything moving or any one to make them there's a handful of people there like the hat does a handful of people that are basically there there emma was just lay in the street and you can move them ok then you can kind of go down the street but if you can't move em you give up they win is kind of sale templeton your legs nearly idle that's my problem with delays at away is where my friends are and if i had to move to another place i'd have to deal with a bunch of food can people another nonsense you bring everybody with you which is also start a complicated get a correction
do you have friends in jerome the absolutely you have them already now you may i made a lot of friends or some really really awesome artist in a town like really good people and they all me well but don't get me wrong all of every single person in the town means well there are good people ashes personalities in a small town poet but still better than the insane of this hive this folly he already million hive i much prefer the conflict with that we have with our with our people and jerome over whatever the hell was it went over there on the five and the third one thirty four today we just decided to shut this rammed down wavira flown into ellie acts and you see the four or five and you see literally seven eight nine ten miles of stopped cars in you crawl india overhead ben and that they just let you go back to tokyo what the fuck is that this is craziness this is this which is banking on nothing going wrong ever in a place where moves air
yet here i am like an idiot i'm trying i'm working on right now my next move any minute now i tried calling for a little bit it's a long story but my dog by my online i came back yeah colorado the weird one like you go to denver there's that area we're almost everybody's missing an eye on arm around wheelchair or a walker that the weird like like a twin peaks but like on steroids area and you can go we have would have contest like ok we're here for twenty four hours whoever sea can count the most wheelchairs and and three points wheelchair one point for like a missing arm people come about delaying the sancho gone i got forty points really what area danvers it's right on that sixteen street prominent area right there innocent and send a town it's insane it's your ear you therefore if you there longer than twelve hours start going school color is there like testing
these things are they are these people actually in them i've never notice i pick denver because it's got a strong medical marijuana community so once you get used to the way they have set up an ally is can't deal with the nonsense of deal with drug dealers to become so stupid but denver set up pretty much exactly like allies denver and bolder there's places everywhere there but i think they called fraudster damage they have one area where its i think it's broadway with a slight bakery shops in the whole deal it's gonna good they have like a sensible liberal vibe in denver and boulders a little bit more radical but denver has like a sensible open minded vibrating they support guns they support hunting they support outdoors activities but there are also in favour of gay marriage and are also in favour of not discriminating in us it's it's a very interests interested that's why picked it but but scared net it's it's deaf
scary place in terms of all those things you just mentioned but i think it's i think all that stuff can changing their because you can't have so far one way and not have a push back and have them and have a community that is the complete polar opposite and it's absolutely there so events if we're just gonna come around the idea of living in cities i think it's one day not gonna be necessary anymore i think we needed it because everybody had to be on top everybody accepts what you worked and you know in order to communicate with everybody but now because the internet i think there's a lot of people's jobs that don't have to be in in the swarm and i mean there's a lot of there's definitely a lot of just change and general happening with urge the way we think about staffing but i've had like a had a week there two months ago or just everything just seemed like the gyroscopes were off i couldn't couldn't get anything right was like
had forgotten how to do the most simple things like not perfect example walk outside the change of tyre and a bit like a carrot and a candle like what i think it was a psycho like a vibe i think i think it's i still kind of feel a little bit but i was and i was called a friend to she's this crazy as i'm really she's like she does a complete underlining yoga she wakes up at four to watch the sunrise into the breath of fire and so she's you she's a complete coup ninth and i drank too cool later or we're onto something here but the sheet it's been a flash it asked back that's kind of over which he sing in her world however they said the other gyroscopes you just kind of off and the
guess i think the biggest thing she was suggesting has done some reading i noticed well like it's just more a matter of paying attention not letting it get to you not being like all twenty robins get all the positive greeny guy but in august i know that it's all going to work out an don't let the petty get you down don't let the dark duff sinking because it's almost like you're in a record groove you're in the light groove and if you let if youth flop over to the dark you can get stuck on that groove and it's kind of a downward spiral so thing i found its most difficult to deal with when you deal with a large city or a large population is your your costly getting other people's energy in their sometimes party take your own path then that's monsieur sanctions i get in the way you have the kind of just not hang out of fear just settle in calmly and just like weeds
route about the jitsu the guy's big and strong he's got technique but you had to take a deep breath and some love will know that one way or another to live and work out suddenly neeoka p fascinating a body might has a friend of the same things every morning does the bread fine she claims to achieve psychedelic states she says that because of all the years of practice sheikh it's just like as if she's taking heavy drugs she goes to other worlds and communicates with entities and has with which he describes is indescribable experiences she said if i told you what i could do just with my own breath exercises include do any of you wouldn't believe me right and most of my friends are in internet stuff into that deep then we'll talk about it because it's it's such an individual experience and and i had another friend who similar similar path and you know she going to grow up in the in the sixties enterprise doing and what do an acid and stuff and she had mentioned that you know
school for that the jumpstart for people who cannot get into that consciousness and then be thinking on that level but at the same time they didn't really do the work to get there so they really didn't understand what it was they were experiencing some went away she called spiritual theft but you can also do just right no middle this thing but you don't really have any business being there right carefully process what it is it your experience and recreational mushroom trips and so i saw you like harry worn and for most people are just that's without for them there can be able little mars of their lives but i cannot agree with that i think that some of the work taking that time and and really taking your time getting to those states heard ingesting your life in general in doing anything embedded it's really difficult for most people these days because they want what they want when they want it because her so used to getting whatever the fuck it as they want when they wanted to get it they lose their shit yeah and which is
exactly opposite of the psychedelic experience what it would teach you i think the approach is so important and doing the work in saying doing the work is so important because your treating whatever this experiences is go debate with a diplomatic respect and unless you do that you know i don't think you're really gonna get the most out of it i mean if you just go into it and try to just let it cure you or let it figure you out a letter you just we too blown away with the whole thing too they absorb any other right doing the work in one of the things that are really appreciated about the people there really getting the coon waning elgar's they all seem legit i have met anybody who claims that psychedelic states who who doesn't really seem like a humble person really see me and is never an aim where'd he go shit or you don't weird trace of bullshit that's it seems like this this
just what they do and i'll talk to you about it and i'll describe to you but this is not about the expense not about the psychedelic state of it it's all about like a sort of a no it's about knowing that it's gonna go in knowing that it's all gonna work out and we might not even be included in this form that were in and was going to work out and if you can let go of the fear of worrying about whether that's going to happen or not so you can just let go of that fear and just you know let go just appreciate what is at issue is don't worry about what can what would what may preaching it is and know that even if it doesn't work out it's gonna work out cause it's all works out that doesn't work out exactly stew hard pressed a rapport heads around how big the whole picture is you know when you realise that you know it what is it the woods talks on we are stardust we are golden we're billion year old carbon we we really are fuckin joining mitchell
john mitchell and whose crosbie still the counter agenda governors odorless that's her song brilliant sought and is so true this is the thing that people understand human beings actually made because storm star burns out explodes that this has to happen it doesn't happen you don't make those materials and human life carbon based lifeforms don't don't don't exist so even if it doesn't work out a works doesn't you know you can understand and are in the state that were in and you know this this real tactical technical actual existence we live you know you get caught up with the game you know you're gonna get him in the fear and as part of it to break is so it's ok but the ever known they get kind of wrapped up in i'm ever like last week the same the digital guy that was talking about todd here he's out of the blue texted me like so many other it like it's intuition like how's it going funny you should ask the spanish all week because i am
give you this it is hoped i brought it he seemed to stay i ended up forwarding it's a bunch of people going i knew but other people were gone through some weird shit and may i sure please so live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart trouble no one about their religion respect others in their view and demand that they respect yours love your life fact your life beautify all things in your life see make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people preparing gold dust song for the day when you go over to the great divide always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting up or passing her friend even stranger when in a lonely place show respect all people and gravel to none when your rise in the morning give thanks for the food for the joy of living if you see no reason for giving thanks the fault lies only in yourself abuse no one another thing for abuse
the wise ones into fools and robs the spirit of its vision when it comes time to die be not like whose hearts are filled with fear and death so that their i'm comes day week they pray for more time and leather lies again over and over in a different way instead senior your song and die like a hero going home that's fucking beautiful is like so across all my friends who wrote i had to go back to him where'd you get that he goes a homeless do gave it to me it's easy like please don't say it's our own hubbard we get me my lot like oh you know it off well it's like i believe i didn't actually it's i actually founded on line chief to comes a crutch tighter from from the shiny nation well he died in eighteen thirty why now wow
that makes it even more cool i thought it was a new age douche bag normally do some stuff on the internet and peace together that's perfectly well i agree with everything he said except for making fun of religion you go a girl that is i think religion ass to be made fun of because if you if you tell me things that things at a ridiculous you miss out a big part of what's funny about this life religions ridiculous backed it but made fun of the bright other than that of doubt doubt the shiny warriors he added did you know some homeless do we lost lost such a massive chunk of what those people had learned about living like this life of nomadic life of following animals and now following following herds of buffalo around and and learning about the action between mean you go thing about the the deep respect
native americans had for the animals have been killed and in its it's such a interesting way of life that they kept up for so long while most of the western world had already moved on in writing horses and kingdoms and houses and agriculture in these people are just evelyn around and live after landmines us so much wisdom we could have learned from those people and was wiped out too your time to think about that just i was just a couple a hundred years ago a belief in human civilization and there were cease nomadic people live in this area watching movies with my son a few years ago and was that like stallion movie now some animation and was pre kenneth sitting theatre just kind of
and it dawned on me and i'm can like the the curmudgeon with his son like me and my kid just gonna can you just enjoy the movie play his but i'm looking at gone this whole movie is based on this exhilarating feeling of like this black horse and this guy kind of helping the white man removing where since like but i'm watching the fucking movie in los angeles work and my son just like we you let it go when just enjoy this to a movie and get me more popcorn please it's like you rude against us means without the torres avatar you don't think you're coming back and that was the first shot obtaining you that the only dollars i think obtaining em and we're coming back and without obtaining that was the santa maria right it's our should have the beginning of the first wave of the fuckers
i tried to herself but it what does europe this is the shine all i'm really a red wine guy i love that resides delicious this is special drop we had we get hit with frost really hard and not early two thousand and eleven so you didn't have a lot of arizona fruit and our vineyards to workers so i panicked and i are yours and i source some fruit from right over the border from our our vineyards right down on the on the border on the ten is heading towards new mexico it's an wilcox and that so right over that border like another hour or so just pass will come is your mexico vineyard and this guy's out their great grower he's all these fantastic italian varietals growing there and there we and others a historic principle vineyard there so i pick these out grapes up for not much and i did this millennium
and your basic don't shown over foster primitive our set of straight up an italian bland delicious from mexico graves and its would you call it shine shut your own name is that a type of wine is actual table limits its a reference to the jerk the shit from shine all ok yeah why recognise the a new mexico is a fascinating area i think that's we're val kilmer went and grew his head footwear i was a magical space it's allows watching the goes in the darkness the other day and i was like there's a funny flock and internet mean where its val kilmer at its most bloated and it says remember when i was batman ella well val kilmer moved nor to new mexico and just bought a ranch and just grew his head ass what the fuck
happen but in this ghostly darkness like jesus christ i was a handsome man stunning music with some just decided yeah pills better and just moved him at the next i did a movie a couple years ago with represented junior the islands are crazy movie is shrunk a little he shrines gotta under control yards like you realize it's actually found my doing a kind elected there was a fun movie i don't know what it was that when there was a cause of some sort of a and involve letters yeah and arranged and a certain order and i can't remember enable yeah they all get we have to you became bodies with one of my biggest influences in one of my biggest idols is hicks how did you were heard you meet him had that go down well as it as you do you can adjust somebody can hand you a cassette back in the day it gets a cassette
it's a tape according it goes around and around right around the same time as the ajax but he got the cosette when as is to first releases and on the other oh just like absorbing all this stuff actually we are when we put out another record we basically thanked him on it and send him a copy of the record and he reached out and then we're just gonna hit it off we had all these plans in our earlier earlier today tool so we had all these plans that we wanted to gonna do something with him and we were we were still kind of a young bands like ninety three ninety four and we want to do together and then he got sick plans read out the window a kind of suckers right right when the time what we were small enough we could we get stood we gotta he'd do accommodate you in with a the an iraq man
as soon as it has seen a year later there was things kind of blew up a little bit and there would have been a for example we play several shows in california area whereas tenacious the open force but we were big enough where people in the honors like this should not the stage of throwing good them when we had we felt like david crossing a gregg current do stuff in front of our ashore open the thing just getting pelted would stuff now you know that wouldn't happen now because they know who they are but it was so happy was tenacious yeah now people are brutal man why did you love that's brain does effort engine you are you offline us what happened we have long yeah just froze are you kidding me
no but let me inform the into we're going to do was to recording are you not even online do it just computer computers restarted but i mean the other routers down you have no internet connection still record i dont inner our favorite anyway see eye to eye mac assets we gotta go back to that i know rock the lot of people are going to miss us hicks talk i don't want to i don't care you give the rebecca s restarting what happened at a time when they buy views i think i can repeat myself ass i have done that swans found limitation to me can you buy
this like here knots angeles anywhere like did it didn't have a little like you don't let him put up all his garden spot you just did it's either mission lines pasadena our mission has some of it but the definitely everson royce and sober like wine tonight we're doing were pouring forth once the at everson rise of cool
the place right next door is is a really nice restaurant in wine place cardinal war in asia is a matter that i thought for sure you gonna say the settlers this is like a great place to have fully and can get almost as much as you want awesome it's really nice of you to check it out it it's like a like our finest hour restaurant but they also have like they collect wine sego therein it's kind of than they they have it's like it it's like a legit place for wine and it is really nice people family on business small place really cool great weight staffed right next door love it we're so fortunate placed the ice house and protein is when the oldest comic clubs in the country it was established the thing in nineteen sixty or sixty one looked online indiana corbies gonna come to the eye so that's crazy that's ideology in a car you know who's here m baluchi were right now devolution as we speak like this week a while
was a true that you went to the army because of bill murray stripes yeah is at its head fuckin dead that's larry's what did you wouldn't you wouldn't believe it was the it was the tip i mean you get about a graduate from high school i'm not really sure what i want to do but i know my my my my my dad say well if you stay at the house you rather getting a job in paying rent or you're going work around the house and do stuff to pay rent or you're gonna fuck get a job and in your own place and i'm like i don't even understand any those words you just write that doesn't make any sense to me i would really really good ready to go to college i was the under gmo for the most part and then i school just bored in on this didn't really nothing really made wasn't really inspiring so except his glass i mean he's a here's my high school teacher news awesome where the kind of pushed yoda push you to learn
so i use of china through what i wanna do and all sudden i know i want to school but i could really mind you know my grades weren't gonna be get any kind of grants or any kind of scholarship or anything so looked around one the army college fund that looks interesting you're right you see right on the fence a catholic three your commitment and mushrooms do that and then you know you see strive to go it's not so bad the mother if i ever see that guy what he's been here bars lately i spend bar tending in new orleans there was a video that somebody posted second crazier cinema slipper mickey and the like are we back on you know still not will the computers the internet's bag i told you were back yeah we will i did the man show a thug stand there was one thing they like let's do the man show and i in iraq go to iraq would do show in iraq
so there's no fucking way i'm gonna pretended that's no fuckin way if one person who joined the army because that show a want to jump in front of a bus there's no fucking way i spent but i spent three years in the military i got a lot of it and no i will not go back there is something to it in absolutely well i knew discipline yeah i'm you think i think partly it was growing up lots of violets challenges growing up and then all sudden when i was actually away from all that stuff it else may with people we are familiar with me was nice to be i wanna be setting where i was actually excelling and achieving things anonymously there's things that were meaning that allison i was shining in way but not yet of my people back in the words from knew anything about it but i was
where they well the discipline and resolve and doing a difficult endeavour is so important for a young man you know and this one of us themes we brought up on this part ass many times as it is is no come of age rituals culture and more and this week i was thought they were retarding when i was young like you know when these fuckin idiots hangin themselves by their tits and or you know but put their hands and a bullet and in our lab bins like what the fuck is wrong with these people by what they like i'm eighteen a man done no now really you really need to go through something you did you need you know you need to have me that's why so many cultures have either psychedelic expire it is that you know young people two or would we talked about this yesterday you'll poisons worth it so it's not a psychedelic cuz it's not in their area so they take something that almost kills them and then when it's over there so happy to be healthy again alive at least sort of realize they've gone through a tunnel they made it through a passing life they reached and actual new level
it we're missing man we get out of luck in high school and then we're just lost what panicking lilies terrified going to starve to death is clinging on the first job or the first opportunity for some sort of security that we can you know that a good thing that i could ever think about having sort of some sort of mandatory military experience for most united states citizens is to twofold why and so people can understand what the fuck the military is really all about right is nonsense raw chicken hawk bullshit when people support this idea of sending our fuckin train killers to these places where we don't know anybody and fuckin them up in the name of justice or whatever the fuck this we would get a better idea of what that is no be harder to pull the wool over people's eyes because it so easy for all these people that will have nothing to do with shooting anybody ever to say
support the troops and support you are heroes near the reason why we could be free and nonsensical statements that meet the reason why that shit flies is because we got a nice blanket this blanket of security the usa would have the fuck it is thrown over your head you know you don't really have to think about the actual horrors of military we force people to join and i'm not saying we should but that was the only benefit that we get out of that is it kind of get an idea of what reality really i think it sir there is and there is that fine line if there's no way to really kind of know to really be able to direct experiences really is an individual and an individual thing there's gonna be but the figure out a way to make that work for them in terms of being lazy i got out of shape and the army when i when i went in and also because back when you hustle this is the way that you raised when they when i went in there they want to people in so what really pushing
but our and within a period of time and we didn't have a lot of army conflict going on so it seemed like everything is sorted itself out and why am i going to the military other than just getting a college fund out of it and then fucking off but you know so they were kind of like can a lower the standard of little but they're gonna get more people and i think that was a mistake but i still learned a lot about your wishes from eighty two eighty five i came close the joy and eighty five on the other the high school they had an army type window team they would just shitty easy just job they have paid a train and then give you they told you they're my data transfer with it if they did a basis which would meet you like oh you want to be a math maker oh that's a great cause you're an artist awesome bringing down with sign up and get you there than like you get the boss you drive on the way to detroit and they get you they undergo we had at once for that's that's all but you know we can do you can run on
bullets fact do that computer in the national team is go barbie clayton outta the u s army to use the one who is detonator think about doing it was freaked me because he was really religious and where i was eighteen hours sitter godless loser than i really religious people scared me like i was the one thing of scared of competing against was religious people when i was a wooden scared black people at first so i'd be my first black eye and then it was it was religious people because i would see them sitting down the greening the bible before they fight about mother fucker do scott kahan decide like he's got to be honest i don't even fucking know it's in the bible and i went to catholic school for one year all i can think of is his fucking guys can have jesus in his side is going to kick my ass but this
clayton guy every time he would fight he would be would sit down a read the bible before you got there and he was on the u s army team can real close to falling out through its footsteps he was just a couple steps ahead of me in the tournament scene and i was i was looked up to him so it's like maybe that's the move into the army and i look back on it now and that the weird feeling of indecision that i had when i got out of high school is makes me so sympathetic you know and that's why whenever anybody tries to criticise the actual people that are over there the actual troops like man that is correct you know will there their they're the one is actually pull a trigger didn't like man you don't even know what kind of momentum is behind being a part of a machine like that and being a twenty year old man or an eighteen year old man you know and wanting the respect and admiration of your peers and your fucking
you see i was telling you wherever the guy is the head guys telling you that they'll give you an extra leave if you kill a guy with a knife and have you ever seen those guys describing this there is a video want anybody looking to right now but as a video call dumb american soldier throws ways his metals it's one of those veterans against the war video were this guy talks exclude extremely candidly about time in iraq killing civilians and mean its intense shit because you know this guy's not proud of this and is swallowing his words and he's talking incredibly honestly but it's fuckin is chief officer where the fuck it was the head guy told him they given four days leave they kill a guy with a knife so they had an extra incentive to kill a guy with a knife america fuck yeah fuck you freedom who its editor thank you know everybody in some
i think i think you're right about trying to figure out a way that have some some more perspective on them just putting the situation putting people situation where they have tat kind of go through that for themselves and can discover you're in a warrior and like that vicious that kind of becoming a person mailer now just trying to figure out what that next last step for separating from the nazism and becoming in person and you know too can we can talk around at all you want but at the end of the day there are monsters in the world most of them are us in you know that's that's what comes in here we are we have the capacity for amazing wonderful things we have the capacity for some horrendous awful things as well and i think part of that having that warrior awakened in you is is more about understanding
the monster in you and understanding how to keep them bay and understand how to keep that in check so that in making it a global global perspective and i am in no way am i a hippie or you know illusion about like we're just gonna have world peace someday it's not as not the case you know yet you're gonna be struggling with our inner monster forever and some you know there are monsters that are just out more in areas the reality as we have to keep in check well we lack any sort of a logical use guide for being human in a way we are essentially go on the experiences of people before us and occasionally we get wisdom like that poem that you read or that answer excerpt don't you read which is genius and brilliant from a man who lived
two hundred years ago but in a more than likely get a fuckin moron for a dad pump bullshit in your head until you're eighteen than you leave and you like these folks nigger to try and take our jobs fuckin kid is in eighteen oh eureka here's a shovel job for you or your quitting it it's it's it's a weird thing i die or your nephews they keep morons are allowed to raise more eyes and you're allowed to home school them to you allowed to sit down and and and teach him the same it attic nonsense that you learned and and and keep the same pattern of fear and an ignorance going it's very strange it's very and there's no way to cure that either i mean who is any man tell any other man until we have some really incredibly sophisticated ways of measuring competence that art rock solid and you know like like a litmus liquor denied usage you're a joke about if you know you could find
you're an idiot is easy to find out if you're pregnant you go and look something and look adding i'm a fucking idiot there's no is broken you throw them italy a pile of idiot detectors up to the fuckin money well shit fuck and throw it down and grab another one until that happens how do you say a man can have a baby how do you may say a guy in our country the family and teaching its own his own values you can't i think there's anyone that would want to get on one thousand nine hundred and eighty four but the i think in terms of like say for example health benefits if if you go into get some kind of fino something for your cold or yours just basically sick nato europe earlier on got chopped off ok that's we understand that but as far as the general health if if for some reason are you going for that kind of general health stuff and they just i think i should go to run your credit card statement to see if you've been to mcdonalds lately you've been at mcdonald's review
reckon coca cola is written candies or hidden in a hidden in the fast food as i know now you don't get i've had this idea for a long time that the way to strengthen america is really to make less losers so any time there's any sort of a situation like that should be some resources dedicated to pulling people out of that in a really enthusiastic way the same way this resource is dedicated to rebuilding iraq after we blow it up i mean there should be a way till like people now the infrastructure of america needs to be rebuilt to the infrastructure of humanity the infrastructure in the age of information with all the all stuff that we know about what it what what's important about being a human being wishing to vast resources into that in developing human beings in that way and if you're gonna provided with free healthcare should also provide them with some sort of an education and in some sort of a will
some actually acceptable form where they're gonna really absorb it of the fuck you do in your body stupid and taxpayers should be paying for this and you know we might have to put you in a state where everybody it's big macs familiar force you into someplace you know you'll have to move the south dakota exists the big macs day you wanna be beaten big macs we can still be on the government nipple i was writing a story one point that kind of like that worms some detective any such realising that there are some people this keep disappearing you know it's kind of a missing persons case and a kind of trends in like a lot of mist people and users looking over and i cannot put the ball they got their faces up their and all these people are really large and then i'll send the trend in the disposal sci fi thing was like actually did it the aliens have like kind of infiltrate of the government they've like
engineer the seeing this the corn products saga of syrup and their basically like the garments like gaffer offer whatever technology will will take this animal feed our people this and the aliens or harvesting the fat people rocca ships tailor our their rocketed alec no oil where fossil fuel like what kind of harvesting why not urge people we had this i said rob wolf yesterday the offer author of the paleo solution brilliant brilliant guy bodies talk government subsidies and corn the reason why it is so much corn out there and corn syrup used in so many different things and so terrible before it's like in it's not even economically feasible is like governments actually paying these people to grow this shit because there's not a lot of profit and growing like somehow another some hustle has put in been put in place in the direct result of it is a billion fat fox and its harvest
you're coming to get a sucker supplicated put us in a fuckin engineer the twist would be on the and the like dollar seven there's a very large families and their not being harbours and it was going to say that just their genetically that's that's there that's their genetics they had the they haven't been fed the corn syrup so they're they're just being passed over so it has nothing to do with actual like large people it has to do with people that are specifically alike gorging on the current serve well if we really do and counter area alien life and that alien life actually eats biological matter we're gonna be fine just the same way pigs in fact the same picture fuckin smart man in theirs i stopped eating port for a couple of months once couple years actually nightmare it's pretty rough time i saw my brother's i can't talk to you anymore i can't talk to you anymore have you ever seen the documentary my brother's keeper it's about these they would they were slow they had some sort of a mental retardation and they ran a farm
and one of them was accused of murder or something heinous and they probably most likely depend on them because they were slow mobile these guys we're on the farm they they want to kill a pig when they pulled out the shot gun pig saw the shock i was in the pig is back in running left and right trying to get away from this guy recognising the gun and freaks out and following gets in shoot and i remember thinking man pigs are falcons dyke being pigs because you could shoot account front of another cow and then the other cows barely react like look don't don't have a problem with my shootin pigs can fucked aliens are gonna treat us like argue respect in my mind though my my pig brother bacon did like apparently the slow cooking method rob wolfe was explaining is the shit you supposed to put a grill electric grill on two hundred and cook for two hours the bacon becomes in saying yes that's an hour
the comment that the crispy sounds great fuckin asshole sounds like like he said be like an indignant incense almost the whole house would smell a beacon for two hours while cooks that's your way to become a fat fuck twitching but if there are aliens and they are a million years more advanced and sticking to eat the shit out of our worthy spoke law further we have been stuffing ourselves with all this fast food and governance with great catalans pussy grain nearly neither people those or did so that had they finish him on that shit it's legal nascent fattened juice inertia phoenician but you still working on a perfect circle it or we ever going to see another then offer while you were working on something and then a kind of dissolved into we even know what happened but you never know as always there's always possibilities maya
girlfriend had a perfect circle tattoo and i always had to look at it ever did you ever get on how came right on our butts every time an angry comforted let's go back to where the power without man we were talking about hicks you guys put hicks on thanked him on a cd because you got a hold of one of his two sets in you and join it but you never used never actually toward together but knowing closely we rely on it it was basically a plan we were kind of setting in motion in mid ninety three
we are talking and that's when someone he came down and i was kind of part of what he was coming down transfer over gonna do comedians and rock musicians like that it's a weird combination of bob tat gold wait did a lot of work with nirvana the open up for them we haven't been here he told some hilarious stories but of just how can shed adam scruby i'm fuckin murder in their eyes yeah felt buttons yea wise friends with them when they want him to go out there so gay actually approached their dave across a couple years ago hey man we're gonna do another showed no i would say no do you know i wouldn't want you dont want to eat dick and rock crowd it's it's not livings lighted with coins and stuff is weird combination it's like you not providing them with their there to see you you ve gotta turn amy might work i've seen guys do it and pull it off and it works with puss over
because it's just it's just that the nature of that project with disability its assistance there's just all this different stuff going i got film and you ve got you got video and that an application you ve got we want to we had the neo hammer opened up for sale on its ass you know so that's it and then in the middle of our study would combine interrupting go i forgot a joke and the audience out for a minute and then wander off from the text will take my drank in my chair and sit down in my spartan tickets for us it was suddenly guys did we you the video inside of a trailer it's over a closure conditions of my pearl grey is that you really your airstream design your personal so jealous i want to buy one so bad it was argued by getting one as a portable podcast studio and we should do that and then come to people's towns and do because we could bring out of a four g g
still you know affords connection for verizon is pretty goddamn sporty if we just find a place that can support each show would have to have a we would have to have one for each show like would have on track for each out because it would go over our data as it would have to get like fifty of them we would have to get a sponsor and will this attain ting wants a sponsor us in a new video some new rather cell phone company maybe we can do that school so would you were when you got any hex for me i was young comedian living at boston and i was working at the comedy connection i've been doing probably about a year cycle project nineteen eighty nine would you live in boston eleven newton davis square how did you our goal is to work at boston centred on enlargement really is not there anymore nice some awful something persons gray place grow up in a tub place die
and i felt like i was dying there yeah it's it's like the people are cool there smart it's interesting it's cool it's a real town but it's too fucking called it's just too fucking i feel like it's like a kind of theirs collectors a parallel between san francisco and in boston anyway as far as that bitter cold takes an fran every day sun takes an frahm all day i like sand friend maybe a hundred times better than boston but i can i i guess i'll take that i just san think the just france just change like their licence places so you're doing wrong think they're doing wrong they just now
a regular doing no matter what you do you did they go over the deepened but they go over my preferable and the girls go over the lefty deepen which seems weird coming from my a cage fighting commentator type do i don't you know i like people that are kind and i think that even if the people on the left are doing the wrong way and even the crazy and self righteous and pretentious i think that's the idea behind it as they're trying to be as kind to his many groups of people you know in an offer a commensurate environment for as many groups people as possible so i support that even though i think a lot of what they think in this nonsense and doesn't go along with human
sure and behaviour and i want to offer them sometimes grabbed the neck and shake him like a fuckin child to go that bitch do some squats of fuckin stake your planet bacon set up bitch gonna have a fuckin shot a whiskey let's do this i just bought in the system boston is liberal in the same way to become angry others definitely some through some irish anger cold i got really in trouble wants i toward therein like like one of my first comes back and boffins back back in boston dry can't capital the world rickets like not as many as early on as you like yeah we're not we're done capital of the world it's hard to find a good one in boston when you find a good when you cling to linger cork in the ocean please keep me afloat please
i saw hicks at the comedy connection and i saw him because he was on the rhine dangerfield special and i you know i was a spy comedian somewhat see everybody was on a rainy days feel special when they came through town and bottom as well those pit stops with such cargo boston you know those places where people come through and you know you you'd guarantee that they would be in your town eventually and hicks went up he went up at the comedy connection the verse i'm actually saw him was at next commie stop and he went up this guy was incredible hack the guy was like cop donor oaks cartoon smoking part make them all the most hackneyed obvious premises and he was ill and honest filled idiots nobody knew who hicks was me and many fifty other companions in the back of the room three hundred people who were in the audience places pact by
twenty minutes in the show half the people have left in me literally cleared out at least fifty percent by the end of it it was maybe a hundred people left and it was fifty audience members and fifty comedians and we and he didn't give a fuck he never ate with its one joke would go wrong for me i'll go a tale span our panic rob rush my jokes i would say fuck too much i would just i would i would not have any confidence he's in the middle of this bit about how satan fox davidson not remember john davidson was a host of that's incredible was now one of them was like the internet before there was the internet search you it's the demon with his thorny carcass fucking john davidson and the ass and john ever davidson swells up any off season because he's pregnant with loose
baby and he shoots out oprah winfrey or her elder rivera depending on where hicks was that and so it's a standing on stage a shitty so he's pausing on i mean it's fucking nimitz man minutes of just just raining and people just getting up and leaving and he looks up in the middle of us usually clears the room and weird laugh in and i got to see him bomb horribly but yet still kill for fifty two hundred people and then i got to see a minnow kill the whole the whole crowd but what an interesting guys like was doing something that nobody else was doing amazing whose it was injecting nome chomsky in an unknown and fullest the sea mckenna and it was like work well
well i don't even like when i first saw kennison give us it was the first time ever thought i could do colony i thought so these guys roll up their sleeves talking about did you ever notice and light well i kind of kind of could do that it gets caught it could do that if i had to do that but then i saw kennison in you knows falcons came down and he was angry and it was funny knows laugh in those like maybe that maybe there's a comedy for me maybe i can find my comment right and then when i saw hicks i was like this guy just flipped the whole fucking thing on its head now it's now it's you know it's about eating a philosophy of life and that there is a possibility outside of the direction that we're going in and it is possible for the human beings and they d you know that the human civilization to rise up and and and be about love and be about understanding it be about internet
she'll curiosity in and to be free of judgment of his cousin take a media this is the crazy shit i've ever seen with it's almost like his jokes were an afterthought injectors philosophy into the audience i think that's absolutely so what loved i kind of like you spend a little i spend our time in that little comedy world for while is very always very inspiring to meet a watch commuted like him basically just stick to their guns and finish their act without getting that nervous sweat and i was always inspiring due to see that in its always my favorite comedy clubs to go to where the ones that in all yonder if you're sitting out front of the man's chinese i get your tickets to go to this free comedy club then because if it's a good comedian on you can like take betsy outcome
the rooms gonna clear and we have to remember one time here andy killer did a whole thing we brought everybody he knew can i have like a little you know side seats with all the comedians it he had in his sleeve and they a whole like debunking come comedy like a hack hack class and they had already come up and just do like the hack thing in front of this audience in this dusty all these people that just kind of one tickets from you know and got ticket man saint isn't it just i don't understand that's funny why's that hack that's funny like and then you know that whole thing when i feel like an hour and a half of which is in the back of the room just pay myself watching them both to this and then some do gets up after them at their act and does everything that they just went through and the audience is like both that some forty gonna have another very and then dave across gets up
this clears the room ass he slid opening lounges general assumption resist yoda danish english list finally saw it it's not that funding this whole table a people just get up and out the door like an unjust every joke that he said it was like we're watching like if you just set off a bomb there he just set up a bomb the hair her cleared the room david crosses rarely credited but in my opinion the watching it all happened he's the originator of the idea of alternative comedy because i saw him do an alternative coming in eighteen eighty eight he was it in boston catch in cambridge he would go up and he would do i remember one time it was doing this this exercise video where would teach you teach you how to stretch so you play the exercise video restricts that i really do feel a stretch and it was like doing this long and people like nervous giggling and not showing we're not sure where it was going and never one anywhere and never let it was amusing
and i thought i felt he was like a better version of what andy coffee was doing any kind we'll get up and finally colleges and like red the great gaspe cycles has can in fact funny how crucial it is now it is now so delayed reaction like witness it has great long term absorption cross was he was funny why was doing it was it was weird you just so silly it was actually funny wives do it do you like well i i music because i'm completely unmusical have any skill i don't have any talent i heaven i don't understand i see those bars that might as well be well tibetan we know sands
i dont know what it is and so when i see someone perform music when i am in awe it's like to me it's a beautiful wonderful experience do you feel the same way about comedy because you don't do comedy idea you watch comedy and get a free sense of enjoyment they might not get from watching something you actually i generally enjoy more scripted like a film calming when i see a group a guys who have figured out not a formula but there's just the there's a rhythm a comedy and they have actually created a character behind not that actor bring something to the table that you want to look at and then timing in this scenario words clearly there just play acting it's ok we're just playing dress up pretend still laugh because the writing solid but the what they bring to the table with the writing a silence so like you know when you're seeing things like them
super troopers it's just like those guys had to have a lot of fun making that film because everything was just like the writing was perfect it's a quotable film it's like every step of the way it's there every every scene is quotable and they're just having fun and then you see in almost almost we'll thorough film affect those guys just yeah and john c riley's like just a master s bringing his things the table making your script come alive the great that's me as i can i and i look at that and i go fuck did you do that i have no idea how they did that and i have no idea how to be funny just some watching them just like nail these things out of the park like you could put all script on the paper and showed me i'll just go which i start like was this funny one of my favorite all time comedians is mitch hedberg and one of the reasons why measures one of my favorites is because none of his stuff it's funny on paper it did make any sense like you see he was
somebody asked me do i want a frozen banana i said no but i want a regular banana later so yes now if you saw that on paper and why is that funny fuck is might have put it is juggernaut you're pretty close but i i love that i love that he redefine comedy in a certain way too because he he made the first of all cause a heroine act and he had only queen comedy i mean was stuff was squeaky clean me where he was gang green in his leg could even if i get a in the same vein too many times is really strange guy and is material was also the end if you loved mitch hedberg was awesome but like mitchell would go on after these guys it would like saying and dance do song parities and you know that close with a rap and he would eat dick he would
dick so bad that the club owner would try to switch him with the middle act and say listen to middle ax been doing stronger we're going to have him close where to give him your money and then there you know his your comment will be like a big problem it wasn't a so that you know he was not a funny comical is lately the wrong set up for his type calmly whereas it's a delicate environment where you can guy like kennison it didn't matter who went on before him when he storm that given this fuckin room has changed the environment is change hedberg there was some glasses on you know and it just goes bear never play tennis against the wall there relentless
you just start gig and there what's it would be a slope build and he was one of the rare guys that would have non sequiturs everything was being non secular every single bit i'm sorry what is drawing on the wall that's a vagina child withdraw like in high school maybe who enter the ets brennan wallis's drawing of way he thinks barbie looks like in its way the parameters of medicine we had we had an artist on whenever as high as sorry i didn't mean interrupted but i just kept screaming at me for this all places a giant distraction flashlight right here our former sponsor fuckin cats all over the table super mario brothers behind you put a mannequin to storm trooper helmet run pausing you're somewhere was run run positively there's someone she's leaving yes yes it is a way
well set up we have here what is what that fuckin painting man that's why they want to ask you worse yeah burn that thing if you look far away if you if you look at it far away it looks like a naked girl who had a closer look such shit thanks to this long fish it only that for humor so i have two questions for you plan and its regarding anderson solar i want what you think is coming next of a cigar are you on the inside of that is it what's happening most likely it'll be one of two things depending on what they can talk him into an anderson is in a very rare position where he sorted gets chooses opponents for the most part it'll be there you know the basin like you don't want to fight shale son did you talk so much shit he didn't want to do it but he also did because he was to silence so they just had a financially motivate em it will
most likely be either this kid chris whiteman who's the best up and coming one hundred eighty five pound or one of the best he hasn't fought a lot of guys but he's i've heard about stammering pretty solitude just destroyed mark munoz sues also a top ten contender in the way he did it was so just complete and total where he anticipated olive as moves countered almost strangle them three or four times the furniture pretty young theater i asked in a spectacular wrestler so it's him he might get it but he's he's a bit of a tough sell because there's a lot of folks and mainstream they don't know who we are ass he saw more of someone who keep he can be anderson self i mean look who the fuck knows what's can actually happened but it may be possible that he could pull it off he has the right set of skills but he's not known as well but the option is if george saint pierre boots cross conduct ok then
then they have some fuckin crazy sousa is that the guy that i mentioned at the end of the fight when were saying when they're saying so ignatyevna fight him anyway john jones jones rightly i said he doesn't want if i john jones but john jones really is a totally different way class not just anderson dabbled in the two hundred and five lb weight class but really he makes one hundred and eighty five pretty easily he doesn't have a problem making one hundred and eighty five and john i could never make one eighty five jones is six foot three tuna and forty pounds to thirty least when walking around and then he cuts down to two hundred and five slowly you know over is camp you know cut probably cut losses the last you know i'm probably ten pounds in water weight he just away bigger guy he's way bigger and he's really strong wrestler statistically he's a nightmare and apparently they have a mutual admiration for each other this can it can be bypassed
with the right amount of money both gus probably agree to it is the right amount of money was on the table but right now you know they both does they did their admiration for each other and they're probably number one and number two pound for pound fighters in the world right now people would like to see that but honestly i think george saint pierre and anderson are more of physically the same size the closer george has a struggle to make one hundred and seventy where's anderson is he makes one hundred and eighty five pretty easy george make one hundred and eighty five and b v same size and that would be an amazing fight it out i think if if george can get through carlos candid and i believe they're going to fight in the fall dependent george recovering from acl surgery search yeah that too george gets through that and everything's cool that and if he beats carl's continent which is enough in causes really good he's very tough but if you beat him then they go to pray
ugly dallas stadium proper doing that big giant forecast sixty thousand square somewhere beyond rome's looking towards the next in looking to see with what happens next cause i was there was a pretty amazing medicines and he's a ninja mean he really is here a real master marshall artist in a way that like what what he does does maybe a tiny handful of human beings on the planet who can move the way he moves inciting going back to some of that in that respect state we were talking about before i just it's really watching him watching him operate its it is jordan at us at its top up of his game as justice this panther this this art this ballot movement just a fluid there and
connected and i think a lot i think a lot of that just seemed like a lot of missing from the u s see these days right here any mixed martial arts form it seems like there's that others though awesome gladiator go what tutors bang it out but there's that are then i just come in from the earlier days of watching it be that the bracket sister were you have the kind of second and get through three days in one night the old wrestling days what anderson is is so much better than everyone else that you get to see that or whereas like you see a couple of issues that are really close to each other go out if you don't they don't have that that that the giant skill level above their opponents whereas anderson like when it comes to striking annexes the most accurate fighter we ve ever had inside the ox garlic no one has been as accurate with him and he's he's so
he's so fluid in the way he moved here things in his opponents donovan realises dunham until they land anyway what he is the master of like sneaking shit in really unusual dude and the reason why he is able to do that is mixed martial arts as a whole is really only been around since one thousand nine hundred and ninety three and we're seeing its constant evolution of in bananas represents right now what's possible the further the furthest evolution of the game as far as its ever gone the reality is in here individual disciplines he's not as good as the best guys thereby eta kick boxes that right or a better jujitsu gas and that its like one day
we're going to see a guy who can do to anderson silva when anderson silva could do details on it i mean we haven't seen yet but we're going to see a guy who has hickson gracie jujitsu and bought her heart type strike right now and when that happens my man and that's enough all its did this sport is moving in that direction it's like constantly accelerating process and right now it's the only people that are successful are the completely fanatical and obsessed king by sheer athleticism right you see basketball players that they probably worked out as hard as they can didn't you know maybe not but but they're good enough to get by i have enough gifts to get by an approach asking about yes tall and arrogant when you get enough when you get to the top the upper echelons of the ultimate fighting championship there's no rule for anybody but the fanatical there's no room for anyone but the obsessed in the roaring mcdonald's of the world these like young guys that are coming up that are just insanely good and every time you see him there much better than they were six months ago that's the future
that's the one that's inspiring tat because it's it's definitely that that scam that weird spoke of her i feel like it's more interesting to wash because although i don't have necessarily the frame of reference for what's actually happening when you actually go back and look at the tape and goethe click by clicking oh my god exactly we are talking about john and your corner just going this gas than this it's it's a chess booze its millimetres and with garlic action is no one to tell him to do that because he's that guy you know anderson really doesn't have it me he has guys that coach in my time coachman jujitsu when it comes to emma may hopefully to appease the letters and what to do knows exactly duties at the top of the mountain its beauty two why someone who is at the very best of the like did the p the apex of whatever that is right now you know whether it's fucking recycle racing or whenever it is gymnastics when you see a guy at the there's
quote from the movie vision question said emily matthew modi member that moving good fussing movie man are you laughing i know that's why my laughing ass a great because i forgot all about it i haven't watched lately held out we should watch it now we should was a girl's namely the girl to black hair was hottest fuck membership moved into his house and whose cut costs elinor panties many of us just alone he s end there's some seen in the movie where the guy is google that now the kitten top now he's like one one of the top wrestlers he's about to face estate champion restaurants huge thing in his blood way by and is working as a delivery man in a hotel is working as a room service guy and one of the cooks and the hotel in him have this conversation about the guy see paler or thing was let us see some incredible soccer game and see
guy do something that just for that one moment you you joyce in that guy's movements in his ability to do something astounding and one moment like it raised the entire group of people that were watching for one moment we are above the apes we're above right shit shocking monkeys linda florentino shoe so hot series whatever happened to her sex change she's no she ass she actually doesn't look that better now you gotta google thought over only mean for being i'll take it you know about it you understand you can delay i am one and of course the room don't see that everybody's good i apologize linda long vessel storm susan dogma we don't even know who is in dogma see dogma in dogma i win
i don't think i'm a good let's do the old man so so has to john g volta greece have you seen greece yes i said all that i have not given wherever zena varying greece did you rejected i think is one of those dangers can when buying and every on my friends will they got we knew of greece like you know what i've decided i'm never going to see that that's how i am decision about the doors movie in greece have adores movies a season finale of lost was mine never seen that when he wants us all things and an upside like the season finale he decided not to three doesn't know wise why did you among you got me enough you made it hit me with enough nonsense here looks you you were a wise man what did you just bring up as an example lucy indoors reason why no doors moving just one
things are just all of a sudden just didn't watch it that's right before val camera went to new mexico grows head there has got him he became jim more so for a little bit and his head apparently like on the sandy was like some method that he was like you now being jim morrison a great job of democracy in john malkovich the job market play jim or in the words of the marlon brando why don't you just try acting she's a mass now pass us talking to a friend of mine like we're somehow jennifer asking came up and then we can establish from brad pitt off into angelina jolie and john void used to get on the phone and they have full conversations father and daughter in character
that's a crazy bitch ok she's broken he's broken he fucked up raising her she's a mess now exists pass us talking to a friend of mine like we're somehow jennifer asked and came up and then we can safely from brad pitt off into angelina jolie we both like we can apart from one dude how crazy is that how how brad gotta be kind of signal i just kind of gone it's just for the press because this means you say that but i bet she fuck the shit out of him i bet she sent him for in a sexual rights that jennifer ass and is completely incapable of a bet she's way too self control like self conscious who controlled to you now to reserved angelina jolie had billy bob tat tuner fuckin arm sheep fuck billy bob thornton tattooed his name on her arm and and carried his blood in a vile around her neck
beaches lope down gently in a joke these got some big old member then so that will have any you up member those just luck in great those you i saw ass this is and i think for some reason maybe i'd lindsey lower i care i don't care what kind of though a rope she tugs i just i think the crazy just completely outweighs any of that europe the drama that attached to any other stuff a thing is just like not a part of my friend tony always said it burst though he said psychotic an erotic next door neighbours man
they really there so close to each other i could see the the craziest girls i've seen the craziest kosovo did it was about the best this is lindsey low hands because some big ass to marry you seek upside deep cuts would have time to wait spinning hotter than a naked pass plan foes when they pay when said again you can see we have spent as this is a different story now this is just here just just remember the course with actual initially gus big ass to see this is a different version man i'm telling you this is a different version because the other moments more things angelina jolie gas on a big ass tidies it was like more rhythmic i think these guys bit them
the problem in the rap community common accommodate unity which is printed relax i didn't i was a big huge vandams leary six months until i saw hooks and then i went what the fuck you guys doing saint jokes but an in england no disrespect bill but i think you probably seen mostly in that comedy world the beauty of hicks was that was his world he was staying in that world this is his whole purpose is to do this thing where most people during nick that period of time were there were their heads like them with other eye on the johnny carson position oh yeah do this and then you do this and you get a show and then you do this thing and you get to be johnny carson someday like the subject of shakespeare like watching i will try to be you know do you think he's trying to get their position in the family are shakes and all that aims but i feel
larry was we want to lay on him as far as i mean abiding that style doesn't africa's out as it went on what he ended up doing with all of that he ended up becoming making his own thing so even they gonna make it clearly this clearly carbon copy that but in his defence i feel like you know back then there was war you know your turn make your make your way and i think i will give the uno given that it was an early you get a he could come up with his own shit but i think i know i had the same problem for many years but like just let it go i let it because he's very funny yeah in some of them watching the rescue me there's some there's some tasty business is the movie he did the man where he was a burglar any stuck in this house john love it's in homes one man you can easily in spider man
he was in spite of the fact and spiderman sociologists stupid wisely in that maybe somebody the dad i can just get anybody else i'm not gonna find out you're fulla shit i'm sorry i can appreciate that he does well something spoke until it he's clean about being full of shit the first placing go fuck himself and call him out manage that i'm gonna get him in delivering the same room in a minute decent corrected two guys y know with three guys were nowhere that were when they died rich jenny because it was so crazy the committee committed suicide and kennison because he was my first influence and then heck cells at the club in connecticut hartford connecticut minnesota comic when the green room this girl came and it goes bill excess died neda he bit it was like overnight
was it i was in a hotel in detroit flying to europe the next morning and i woke up in the middle of the night like just bolt upright whatever time that was my camera with the time was like a basin with awake and then god next morning my pager member got a message from duncan his manager and it was like bill asked last night in the time that was quoted and he passed was when i woke up in bed woe was pretty creepy yours stung hashing via worthy was through detroit to tap me on his way as a dude i'm sorry to make it go to detroit it's probably a really quick trip when you're in cyberspace is probably right next door as regional were unprepared to find out about as i found out about this problem because i had an awful nightmare lonelier i was one of those kind of motels where you get them
for your car right up to the outside is kind of like the two stories you can walk through the the breeze way between these things and there is like a hundred p while their innovation bawling their eyes out and there wasn't there and lay the fuckers dream about i called i called his manager the next day like i had a dream about bill any goes can we talk about and no one could nobody knew yet that he had peccary at a cancer i this fact our dream and i call this manager and when what the answer is clear dream about ill what's up he's like you i can't really talk about it where do you believe there's no way that was coincidence no no way no no way what is that what's goin on
there is a reserve dimension that is next door neighbour that you can tap into that i have no idea what the fuck is that yes or no but it was it was pretty and i have a couple moments like that with him over the time that's one thing like when you dont like just yeah of course welcome i never have never had anything like that happened to me but i absolutely believe it's possible there's a weird it was a weird time they see the most probable form of any sort of psychic phenomenon is the ability to no one someone's looking at you they said this to you thickly prove you know you can people stand and have back facing a group of people and they can statistically tell with you know certain elements are guesswork but you could show a graph that people can tell what people looking at them if there is that if that is possible as valid than there's no other things are definitely on some level balin and its energy
have you ever heard of the work of rupert shell drake he's this guy who believes in the more for genetic field and peace is dying like research showing that dogs can tell in their owners are coming home he believed if there is some sort of a frequency net were all tuning into that all of our consciousness connected some something the grid and new can recognise when that's emotion recognised things and things are happening it's just a matter of us being sensitive enough to tune it in that some that's really one of the weirdest things about and a human beings you don't like it no no it's not doing that and i think you might be doubt if he does he'll be ok system ass he now it s a rescued from columbus her i want to believe that we are slowly but surely moving from the phase of a grunt
to language to written language to internet to psychic ability to communication and i want to think that its but i so much room fucker you there's so much room for fake psychics barrier sweating story like europe can bank that means that there is no reason to lie about that it's not like it's gonna make or break my career so what does sound cool it sounds pretty cool better to bring about a party especially if you're front of a fire touch me everybody wants to fucking claims psychic everybody wants to claim so hard trust be anonymous general shirts and i think that the problem with all of that is that we're not i probably on some personal level were not really allowed to completely be able to then in rely on and although i do firmly believed that each one of us has taken up really listening to the the into it side of ourselves to kind of you to follow your heart and know what path you're supposed to choose because
nor can i have a role to play at the axe and you can have the leg a happy medium between like making yourself happy and making sure your foot phil but also kind of doing doing your part they work the intuitive is such an interesting point because you're intuition depends on your respect for your consciousness it respond it depends on your respect for your honesty about your own actions in your own thoughts and your own ideas find that when i am the most at peace with my own actions then i am a much much better in tune with other people and of people were completely shit my foreshadow mycalessus guided not know that he's foolish not know that no one's gonna by this time he's lying to himself what is and negative to in a way positive reinforcement for his negative actions some winning yes even as an additive yeah that's gonna reinforced
footaction in re4 that big when i'm most honest myself as one i'm get the most intuitive offer people i had one framer from brian cowen and you he was like the word sky for like being involved with friends that return to be crazy idiots and thieves and nuts and worst the worst connections with girls and and i will go the us like a big brother emails i was yoga he's right about you dont coke don't go was near him like now powerful yeah if you wanted to come down tonight maybe someone won't show up but its mad flavour a jelly diaz brian ban the man to my left josh mcdermott our good friend from that show thirty in to the ass well ass in may
ten thirty here s how she s doing it never experience experiment with any drugs did you ever do like mushrooms or anything growing i know this is on the internet people can hear this be careful what you said just now she says crisis is just like a hot house after you looked at me like i mean i mean with me i just slit your sterile far younger whenever it like a ninety three i always thought would allow the polluter and i was really a hippie kind of back then in tool was one of the most used be at nine snail fan growing up then it became some hippy and i remember seeing to wonder why am i not limit was so exciting ninety two i'm moving on a ninety three them by letter i was wondered that because i mean special euro or videos sober you know i just the visuals on that wishes to you now amazing when you're on mushrooms but did you ever
play with any of that kind of psychedelic stuff never never never do what it was some data fibonacci sequence and now you're on drugs he's such as beautiful beautiful what he s you can't fake brian meaning is just that that's who he is yeah there's no was suddenly you did to sequence i believe it was flogging on breakdown really now it was one of those song one song at whatever it is you can find it online that that that the fiddle you see what i want a documentary about at once where these they should pine cones and pineapples and sunflowers and always have been show that there is some sort of some sort of a mathematical code to nature right and i think the funny thing is like people
myself actually trying to like forest those numbers on a song it's kind of its kind of funny it's kind of clunky because the song is that any song is that so in an economic for that is driving force the additive it's like it's like you know my kid oxide luther square in this back the every we think is that so that like actually like right your faces or force them into a song is as little sophomore so i'm i'm reprimanding myself for being silly all use not you you i thought it was in all matters to the the order of the universe and indeed it was silly at all but this is a fan and i enjoyed it but i just short for fanatic and i have to go and that's why you know you look at someone with a nose job and he wrote the fuck is going on here somebody ruin the sequence ruin the fibonacci sequence
you got to make you got to make lemons out of lemonade you got to you got to make soup out of the ham hocks in the beans that you've been given it just is what it is when you really fine now that there truly is a mathematical sequence the whole universe is based on it it's one of those things are really makes major step back and go we are man who might as well be fucking caveman because even though we like to think that with our forty connections and our satellite dishes and our cars we somehow another have elevated from the biological so it was still so base we're still so stuck in that though the right of the mud in a week that we don't we really really have barely wrapped our heads around how complicated insane and diverse this whole thing really is the fibonacci sequence to me as well as real real mind fox it makes it just pause and there was a pause
a physicist recently or theoretical his says that was talking about when they study quantum mechanics they find that there is some sort of an embedded code to it all that is not just an embedded codes and recognisable code that is you used in mathematicians and they said that this fuckin the whole universe is a program gets programme whether you call it is whether it's a biological program or whether there is intelligent design has been done by some engineer like from prometheus movie whatever it is there's a programme to this and that i can it i was always playing around a story where are you actually the only way to time travel would be to somehow connect indeed the base of your dna and there is actually a time code in the dna and yet reset it so that all and you just end up in this other timezone but then you would your software be compatible so this whole script fell apart just before my eyes was young man
if you did decide you again going to another dimension and you go into the and the other dimension you would just be engulfed in complete madness cause you don't have the tools to deal with that new right that's like networking liking gonna grow even entering you like oh i forgot zero like marking time didn't kaleidoscope it till the end of time it's like that movie either the twilight zone episode when did burgess meredith was all just all you want to do is read and just leave me alone and he's in the inside of a library in a nuclear explosion happens and everyone's dead but he's surrounded by all these books and then he breaks his glasses fuck it is through every this downward spiral of inability to perceive his environment i'm worried about him nicer
i was worried about it for the first five years i know we're gonna we got this is worried that we got it grew came right now and i knows exactly what he's doing the only way to kill their hang you just start when you start slurring you gonna get nervous but he's ok yes it is always looking at him he's got monitors to everyone is now looking at you looking at you through mind and what you really need to think about the fact class now over is playing a soul now show tonight at the thing the ice you'll be up there is medium scale well you just now you should come tonight i'm working yeah you should let people invite themselves away you don't get rejected no mercy pouring lying united the railways are you if you want to go see whereas in its every summarize it's an old opacity to down the street her i've her crazy stories about you it is
signings i've heard it shows this shows shows you ve done we tonia entire backed the audience entire performance have you done i have really awful sensitivity to flash wash cameras rushing so if i if the you just can't people control themselves i just said i i can't i can't focus on what i'm doing selection go into a convulsion so i really have to like an epileptic convulsion i can't finish the set so i'm sorry i had to turn my fucking back to you i didn't know that was even real till my friend jim's wife is epileptic in my message bore would have these avatars that would fly allowing an that's basely nobody's business so it's like will you knew i asked you if i can put the king
maybe he told them having when i suffered seizure me mother get right over your face two reactors and you get the asshole who's who still in the nineties nails from ninety two and he's gonna do the flash thank as he hates me and he hates you for leaving them its abandonment issues that you and he said do you know trent view do work with him ever my we ve met several times bobby more than women several haven't talked him for the real his neck val kilmer grew his head i haven't seen him for a while it is got guts walls is huge let me start by building up here i think that was i think he did start lifting but item it's a weird thing for musician right is a good one point time musicians were always sort of one of my favorite vacancy almost forgot this is you some guy jumped on stage hip toss them and they too
back and continue to look like he's ready for you got it adds or right there with what was that about what was going on there in you obviously you didn't hurt him so sensitive to use friendly yeah i was i was my stage that gives europe very eager choked so beautiful you give him like that the arm around and we are you you're not gonna do is vast so beautiful but little of a thing is the guiding even try to fight that i'd look he throws arms up the airline dick against is as is both bridling yeah he's like cod is the best i'm gonna have a baby whenever to obey i mean gonna have a barely painted blue it's a pretty rare situation where you got the perfect
started fan i'm gonna have a dozen implied hard and he'll coup was it for him though you were singing why you has back what do i think that's that's as there is not there is no footage online that can it shows that everything that we have had a guest singer come out on that song read it right during that so like not only the kid like have to deal with bit me doing that but he had to sit through this other singer doing a thing too
so you just held them up the back control heather i wrap the court around and continue things that slacks semi would go on to the thing you used to look at me was talking you are this is going to say that no mother i get my backroom do zulu pat on the back and is aware that the security they want you to leave you alone back then no she does the guy coming out to sing it's it's hate them a friend of ours like you resist goin on seven sixty the sea back back when you didn't get sued for shit right yet is that happen now you'd be you before i can do and would you not do that now you probably all night you out
just do it anyway i mean i don't know you're doin yard he could be crazy you never know the guy the killed dime bag and i know i did it once when i don't see words for your job i didn't once when i was younger at a wing concert and now i look back i cringe is thinking the fact that i fucking got upon stage and they actually had to stop there's like they were in between songs did you read and then i jumped back into the audience but i was like it just makes me sick to my something i was like a team around in a weak currency but i can imagine doing that now familiar
only benefit was right next year billig do it pussy had to hire that's man we're going to show go they'll be fine man this happens all the time it's like some bans like like it like i remember my mighty bastone worse the nip slip force nipples lives mighty mighty bastone you still almost welcome people on the stage and i remember correctly so i think that's why i did all bans are like this it's a social event it will do in innovation channeling convey a thing jump on up what's up with your music napping on itunes is at something licensing bullshit crap owns cipher asking questions like
it's in matters of foreign perfect circle or on items are they are what the fuck are you talking about son why i recently went through a thing where i saw it all my cities a lot of my cities and barrel relying on digital media keep em now higher quality now is seedy much higher quality while now that they got there's a new version of like mp and before i ever they either that are pretty solid it's a pretty selling and it all depends i to fight all it all depends on how you brushing his there's ways to do where the new digital formats are actually pretty bad ass it just as good as he d com
it's you would never know it is a different line especially when you're listening to it on this fuckin thing i got a port landing episode like the foundation is all speakers you you one of those artists that emerge through the digital takeover of music was that like for you to watch that half and we're all the sudden your shit was on line and you know the go through that you know the whole the whole scene with what that means something i'm just gonna try to fight in there's other people it did it had to do whatever they had to do to embrace it there's one thing i know for sure you cannot load my wine hitting that's right
digital format not yet ninety we have those foreigners that can play out your wine slowly with a phrase used that sounds retarded just lie that years ago that sound walking around with a phone that's not connected anything that funny jade leno has one of these three d printers and a sharp and puts a video online of him making parts for old cars with it like an amazing mainly just run through a scanner next thing you know ask is there it is that's the beginning i'm this y know i were actually anxious tears worms his problem is its ok psych all the problems in the world when was the last time you were at the off garden of i'm better you motherfucker
i did it i would have to go there for me to be my first time oh you have never been that snooty as it hard to find good restaurants in arizona yeah where we are there's a there's a there's a handful of pretty awesome places but there's not as many as we would like how far you away from phoenix to to our warm sun worth for hours will do so and then the other area of note is sedona right that the us and china has a like even sedona has only a couple places that are really good for you that just for the small i just cook myself i just do my own radio we ve ever on gardens and orchards that is a cool thing we have a cook i just start doing that this year grow my own vegetables will have like a salad made out of her own vegetables to something cool about that there's something hunter gatherer and it's anybody and even a bit in a big city like this if you have us one of those apartment that had like a little bit of dirt near you you can make your own food
any any square five square feet of dirt near you and you're in this community you can grow enough stuff that you can get with their neighbours and trade that's my ultimate goal you do the garlic and i'll the potatoes tomatoes and you train you happy when i see a guy like you like that do something crazy extorted vineyard you know that that to me is fine more complicated than when i ever wanted to accomplish but what i want to accomplish and to find a way to live sustainably of one peace a liar land amounts were there it's a farm in small family farm or what you livestock to as a romantic as it sounds is not necessarily that feasible in there is there is a lot of draw there's a lot of things that just now nature will nature will school you it's it ends really coming down to collaboration really does come down to two matters you're a cultivator but like also community you have the kind
work together make any about work and that's that's the reality of there's a lot of yoletta then that romantic knows like i'm just gonna go out of the woods unjust and just live off the land and you're gonna love a very short life that's work comes out that's where the car comes by the land so they re like that's definitely possible to do those kind of things was poorer quality life and longevity longevity of life the collaboration and are actually fitting better that community that village and really really work hard to find that though isn't it it's hard to find some like minded people that you can joy but it's our members already happening there's enters entire there's entire even where we live in arizona there's entire communities that have other garden garden communities and making passes now that are from one hundred percent arizona we so we can grow weaker the flower can actually make past history that go with the wine which we also grow but the things we can't
and what have we don't make salt in others experts this as you would like to have and that kind of thing so you sense of being your back the trading trading it whereas what other communities and that's great but then just all the nutrition that you just get me another basic fulfilment of that homegrown stuff it resonates on micro fibre level in your body yeah it's pretty bad ass an aerosols tricky police took as you guys don't let the rain get a little bit arraigned at a matter of making sure your pointing in the right spot where the rain gets too these terms the sisters yeah do you have to others george carry the what rainwater figure out a way to move it did some if you ever thought about living somewhere where rains a lot is like a better option i just like the arizona just or i'm supposed to be
i grew up in michigan so that's pretty much i still got those mosquitos and dear flying dude humidity i scanned my body doesn't resonate my place and i just get attacked by every bug and every creature known to man and in places like michigan in seattle washington's not in in arizona free unclear engenders are scorpions i see them now and then i've seen the rattlesnakes it's none of that stuff bug me know that none of it goes after me my dad lives in michigan you know he's in michigan like none of that stuff bugs in the deer fly the mosquitoes and stuff like bounces off from its fine comes the arizona immediately gets bit by a brown clues a wall by tiger chased by a fuck rattlesnake like all the arizona just like what are you doing out bid by a brown reckless s no joke there like a big hole in his leg mike
you have yeah discuss there's nothing they found with arizona is jaguars coming across from my next thursday there was a shocker monster class with a car jangle now not the animal its leopard in africa right jaguar in south america thinks they ve started the sea jaguars in in arizona hunting republican sir no not yet just after a pile did you set a jar vile guy that's gotta be a weird thing representing you state you know when you knew tat it would be of marriage and the guy is a fucking gotta makes people were pink it's an answer it's its wonderful state to live and bacon it's the last state of the union where the forty eight state
what kind of the infants and and of a kind of a mavericks so there's all this unresolved like archaic shit that goes on there but there's all this amazing beautiful stuff as well that we actually get to do good we're not kind of a part of that goes like this is how it's done we ve been here for two hundred years it's actually work defining our way and away and cylinders there's the good and the bad goes with that and there's probably more bad that ways it but i don't i'm not expect tourism i mean and a good there is on that note the wine dream generals was met with like that's know that's its outcome all its wine the religious rite in the the conservative republicans initially were like what are you doing now we ve changed some we completely change the agricultural and and landscape of that state with what we're doing what the vineyards to the point where the governor god bless her
i should go on record with the municipalities and said support what he's doing get behind him that's all so i too have a conservative person whose i probably teeth little or anti alcohol or by christopher have somebody like that we already know her story like to have them support what you're doing is like you were definitely making mark and thus a beautiful thing if you're governor wasn't a fuckin moron that's scary john she said if you ever seen some the debates with her holy shit where are they two questions and she's locked up and stop talking like you're not allowed to do that now loves darting and then still one whatever that means i would support you it's an amazing is amazing thing to witness to a kind of the naysayers coming around like you have no explain to them over and over again there's like these small communities in europe they whether whatever storm you throw out mental careless
the dictator whereas in other small communities there are small committees would grow their own food and when the cornerstone of their of there economic stability is our vineyards and in all something that like takes dedication and time and focus and commitment to long term thing and then everything around it can then dane itself based on that being the hub do you ever recognise how unique this is for someone who was achieved your position as a musician and you know how someone had so much cultural influence to have this sort of radical change and just go off and start a vineyard and and and become a small local business and aid the community like that emits a really kind of unusual departure i mean it's only departure if you only looking at the part of my life that had to do with music if you're looking the part of my life that came before the music you know i was put out the military i was
was accepted the west point become an officer and i chose not to go to so to go into the arts so i was in some way already doing these kind of things in a way to get your military and you got your politicians i was kind of part of that part of that structure to begin with organised sports military ballet you shall see if you ve pocket pool you ve managed to really be your own unique individual you re really managed not find a pattern to fall into but rather fall into the pattern that you felt personal drawn and you can look again going back to just following your intuition about what you're decision on me when you're standing there near having to make a decision like when you receive that appointment in your head i'm going ok i'm am going to be an officer i'm gonna go to west point when i get out i see i can see my future always to the to the end in oakland rates of minor knowledge colonels in charge of
divisions in afghanistan so that would be that way what i'm doing right now i mean i can say that for sure because i am not near labour day dedicated sort of that those guys are in that kind of vision but as far as that part of that corporation part of that company that's what i was desperate that's my path laid out in front of a sort of sea then go i can be a part that whole thing or i can follow this feeling in my stomach right now and go i think i'm gonna arts that actually make that decision and have all your friends in your family gonna go what the fuck did you just do that was long before you never heard about me and i know that that's what i was supposed to do and to follow that against anybody else's advice
you know that's that's a strong a strong statement when it comes to following ones intuition do you realize how inspirational that is meant to to a guy like me or two with specially two guys coming up that made you know that they have a vision they have an idea and they see someone like you that they admire that has done that and really has so obviously carved out though the eyes that they really wanted to live based on their intuition basing their idea with somebody people ever actually do you recognize that influence make that's that's a huge thing for four it's always gonna come down to what you want you in his side for you my old back and now michigan i went to a church i did little church that's summit disappointment but she had an interview a minister pastor i should say and others i went to this place is a guy made this guy made sense super low key
awesome speaker he told stories no judgment i mean there's one point i was having problems and people are thought that it was way to end a kiss and alice cooper talk to the procedure and he call me in the army i come went into his place anywhere he shut the door it was all about this ban is leaning as us what can they do he just listen to all that stuff then he said kissing you know and you too can you say that with your pants on nothing like that like her and it was not just like was just an intellect so what is it about this like resonates with you what is it what is it that like inspires you about it telling the story goes i'm a storyteller like that you like to tell storage still more stories and i started writing poet i started writing staff based that conversation with him
so you know out about and they used to tell a story i thought was very pertinent you know you go off to camp and you from experience there and you come back and ever you experienced out there whenever whatever camp that what do you want to metaphorically and you come back to the general populous had ceased he would always tell the story about moses coming down from the mountains and having his mountaintop experience and then coming back down the rat race to our people he's a change person something different in his eyes and he's watching everything is happening and there's no possible way he will ever be able to like explained to his people that he sees daily what the fuck happened as they didn't happen to them had happened to him he saw it just ass the color mean oblivious life on there and not be disappointed in us and his friends and family and community because i didn't see us not it's not their they didn't they didn't experience that buddy hasta like not
yes i can understand that a i has to go through that themselves if they're gonna go through it like the other thing we talked about what kids going military having that like that you're on your own in the jar with the answer from the about that kind of thing you're talking about that coming becoming an adult he would tell the story and it was very important a very important lesson for me to go ok you're on your own with these decisions you gonna have to have these things and not have basic and get it so dont worry about everybody getting just as long hard at folks though to have that sort of confidence the branch out independently on their own with their that vision that if a terrifying it's terrifying but that cellarway really finally on path that's so hard for people to accept and so it's not what people want to hear it seems it's so terrifying to be completely independent of all people around you giving you other advice but so i want to do it
and if you see now that's that's that's how things happened you see something does not being down or you see something that's you to have happened if it now and go do it it's gotta you gotta be honest with yourself as well till you have to actually know what you really truly want other people talk themselves in the things that they want because there's maybe six ready in ever in all they could see connect the dots future dude
very much for coming on his back ass an amazing is yet an awesome story man you're you're bad mother fucker you ve done a logical shed in those really phenomenon we enjoyed it nor have i am really sorry o brien wrong with society was nervous around him its natural i aware pant pants next back it was tat was kind of awkward but i got i got over it thanks to the wind the wise fantastic get a hold of it is this you have to produce yes and the other one working murchen vineyard birket vineyards and they can get them at most fine wine shogunate available more yet we have a website i ve no doubt crises dot org we're gonna start taken pre orders but but near problem living in arizona we can't ship during the summer at all just gets too hot and everything that we ship goes through phoenix and sit in a hot truck the hundred ten degrees overnight so there you have to wait two october to ship stuff well but we have some so how does it work handsome
awesome stuff coming out on now and i'm gonna be available this stuff first week of august for releasing october awesome so that's when people is your stuff available now or is it you have you got a limited amounts that go to places like silver like wine or mission lines or candle wine merchants the lot of those guys have stuck to weave distributed and in across around the country a tent we're only in a very of just a handful of states we just our production is so low again people what they want but as to the wine there's only so much that's gonna come off this site and we have very limited amounts in it's a very special thing so we're not gonna we can't even if i wanted to increase their production as somebody since we're never gonna have enough to adjust it basically grocery store around the country it's pretty obvious so you take great pride and satisfaction in your work i mean when you're talking about your wine you have a certain like you feeling about you like this is something you you really happy with
it's a very fulfilling endeavour is of an art form that's like no other and its connect great servers special being there are special beyond some website i really enjoyed this park ass very my standard much for all this and jake's everybody for tuna in thanks to areas where a four hour sponsoring all these different fighters follow alien where mme on twitter and that's hey hook this up with this bad ass laptop and rises well thanks to honour dot com au in and i t makers of alpha brain new mood true tech sport true tech immune and bone strong that's bone supplements on eu bone strong case often kettlebells and better robes use a code name rogan save ten percent of any and all supplements coming soon we get that hemp protein shits coming out soon dvd these instructions on how to live weight and get all fuckin mainly and swore all that's coming
thank you to james maine names can get in my twitter piece of our principles for was over episode your and my direct one is the atom jacob ok beautiful tat you re much thank you everybody we'll see you next week with the tito ortiz oh i'll issues day yes and we also tom rose my friend the great tom roads comedian we on thursday souci gus next week they re much said you see the nigeria to europe
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