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#250 - Joey Diaz, Brian Redban

2012-08-09 | 🔗
The Joe Rogan Experience #250 - Joey Diaz, Brian Redban
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Hey everybody: the fuck is going on Jody Jody's. What you doing over there what's happening baby, so baby experience, podcast brought you by on it dot com, it's and I t makers off Alva, Brain TRU, tech, sport, TRU, tech immune. I say this the same way every day. Now, there's really no way around that you fucks right. It makes it up to speed. I can try a guy's gotta on it. Dot code, oh and search around yeah use the code name road and get yourself some fucking Alfa brain over here. Wouldn't you like remember, take yours if you're on alpha brain. No. Now, if your kids- oh that's true, constantly distracted, it's you know. You're happy is great, but constant. Your place is very like I'm. Playful, like, like the whole
atmosphere of your house, has become what used to be devil's asshole to fucking Alice in Wonderland. It's amazing devil's asshole, that's buddy! Well, I used Thio, especially when I live by myself. I had ah like crazy asian art in my house. It's like most my house is like
RON. Is that Barack? Thank you, Chris yeah. You see it quite what the July rabble Jody is the thank you and is that blood on this shirt get out. Was that that you walk in it's? What good does the land? I know I loved everywhere you bought, but the because they like wanna, make a cabinet beautiful. It's positive energy. Now right, I used to be like like much mail me rate me now. Well, listen, ladies and gentleman. I'm never never claimed to be a balanced person. No, but it the first time. I went any other house. I'm like dogs- and I get somebody figured- I had nothing- there was all cold cuts in the bottom. They had been nothing when you live by yourself. What the fuck was your place like this is when you wouldn't even think of a woman, nothing! You live like chow.
Bronson and hard time you had. You had a house that you only use run more a pool. Everything else is wide open. You know fuck it just a blender protein powder and that's it you're hungry. I order food, I'm hungry, is showing up one time vacated, thus Miller, wiggly, Hugley Wadley, would hardly walk. There was so much food brought. It was four of us. He fucking catered. This thing he's like eat, guys, trays of food, so good, so good, so good. If he never been a Brian yeah, I've been avenger, Figley weeklies, you've been there with me, hardly walk is with. You know that I went to actually I'm I piggly wiggly ugly, widely is, is the the barbecue place? A man I I know I had leasing is love. You Walker. I've got an early he's available, a dog where I went with Phil Hartman
I went to that yeah Phil Hartman Man, the way he would look at pussy. It was like he was looking at. A beautiful flower like a girl, had a beautiful flower that she was showing him and very childlike as if a young girl had a beautiful flower like it wasn't Dirty he, the girl. Like. She had her asshole on his face and he had big smile on his face. He was high as I'll, never yeah that is like that is b, beautiful who's. That is beautiful and it was just so earnest and so like appreciative, and I swear, wasn't even remotely creepy. It was nice. He was looking at this dirty stripper and he was so high and so in tune that he being really nice to her about it. Who's really happy like that's beautiful, that's beautiful, but he wasn't creepy at all. He was like, if you were a woman in a you, know a strip club, and you met him in that situation. You would you have a good that was an enjoyable conversation for her. There wasn't anything creepy or dirty about it. You would
want to go out and buy some battle ropes after watching this and getting to this commercial of which there's, no, that that's the way our commercials commercials always work like that. This whole the whole the whole last five art yesterday, our commercial was seventeen minutes. That's part of the show is part of the show, but you still get it on get it on Itunes, yeah, it's so nice to have it on serious. It is it's on your most of it's on serious. I, like this part eight this morning, bitch, you see you Itunes, people, you use trained people. This is all you. You know you don't want to say who I was listening to, because I found out o n n. I t that we call him over again. I was a who I was listening to basil. I I'd find on my new car has Sirius radio, and so I I've been listening to this one person. I don't get Opie and Anthony seven listened as other channel, I'm sitting there going. You know what what we produce is so much more entertaining, but I I think in like our friends like are you, should fear and and and Tom's occur, what they produce on didn't say it say it no way it
no way okay, don't get even, but it will, but all all the things that we produce are so much more entertaining them. I just to us to us. I don't know man's. I I can't very specific. It's Ryan. It's really interesting to me. What's going on with some of these radio shows is because it's just the same every day and they're, just it's like a soap opera of people screaming it's good for this commercial or as a kind of a good thing to talk about. Yes, it's been very that I know exactly you're, saying whatever good, on a dot com and check out some. What is what are alpha brain? What is Alfa Brazing, Nutro Pick and one neutral, but Sars, the a controversial field of vitamins and nutrients being able to enhance brain function There is some evidence, there's a very detailed website on honor dot com where goes over all of the different scientific aspects of each individual ingredient.
It's like, I said it is a controversial thing. It gets a lot of people up in arms, but I I firmly believe in nutrition, firmly believe in supplementing nutrition, and I know it's aided mean I know alpha brain. Most certainly aids me. I I I absolutely enjoy the effects. It's not a placebo, by any stretch of the imagination, to make sure the people don't think it is the way we have it set up is. If you you order thirty pills, you get a hundred percent money back guarantee you don't even have to return the product. You just say it sucked give me my money back it's over and the We just don't want anybody to feel ripped off. So that's how we have it set up. We also have Justin battle hopes and kettle bells were started. Fitness equipment, all the shit that I use all the shit that is like, really the kind of stuff that you see like MMA fighters uses trying conditioning videos body weight like full body exercise,
movements likes clean and press, and by and hindu squats and Chin ups and things were you move your body around plus, wait. You know you, these Turkish get up. Seasons are amazing for your core strength. It's just are, is basically it's like a cannonball with a handle on it. One of the exercise is: is you just lying down on your back and standing up with that thing and then bring it Brown down to your back and then standing up with it again it is fucking hot. Try doing that shit with a seventy pound. Kettlebell fuck man, the ballot, a bitch out, straighten your arm out and you engage muscles in a way that you almost never do by traditional weightlifting. It's really a weird type of working out and I enjoy it and it's my favorite strength and conditioning exercise as far as like applicable strength for Ju Jitsu, and for
I think for anything athletic anything we have to move things around. When you have a body, that's used to moving it around itself around plus, wait in really awkward ways. You develop a very strong body and there's a lot of videos online. We have summit on it, dot, com, we're going to produce some videos and take you guys through a really good strength and conditioning workout. I think that would be a I for us to do too just so. You can get a sense of like what kind of benefits you can get from, especially if you see some of these, like really that dudes, that are you know like these, like Steve Maxwell type dudes that have been doing it, their whole lives that are in there in Maxwell, I think, is like close at sixty and he looks fucking phenomenal and he's a big advocate of kettle bells and battle ropes with these ours uh, you might have seen him Brock, Lesnar Usm and one of the countdown shows that these g ropes, and that you would like tie a ship down with forty feet long and they have. These capped end
and you grab ahold of him. You whip these mother through the air and you can do these different seek is of movements again sprints you doing for like sprints of thirty seconds, and then you relax for twenty seconds, then sprints in thirty seconds and whole The fuck is it brutal mean it is some old school caveman type shit throwing ropes around man. Throw ropes around it's a it's a real wild thing, then it's like all your everything's. Looking kind of together, but it's It's all like one big unit. You know your your whole body, whipping these ropes and they're all unbalanced and shit in your correcting for him all the time and moving him and whipping them left and whipping him right and it's fun. Wild man. It's it burns you out, quick, like you, would think. I could probably do that for half an hour, the fuck you can the fuck. You can three seconds into doing that shit. You want to die. It's amazing. It's a great workout. So go check all that shit out, use the code name! Rogan you get! Ten percent off of
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it's really stupid. It's the farms have limited production. They can't keep up with the demand we and we can't do anything about it. So I would just pay some american farmers to start growing hemp here and put people put american workers. You know to work, that's like a Mitt, Romney type thing. You know we need help. Farms, you yeah fucking twats anyway go get some help force it's fucking delicious. It is ah really the best tasting hemp protein shed. I've ever had it's ah hemp with this stevia to it, and it's really delicious you, the code named Rogan and you could save ten percent off it's not as bad, but it ain't cheap, but that's the Five pages expensive shared is expensive. Joey Diaz is here in height and a fuck up, strap it down Joey.
Let's get the party started experience Joe Rogan podcast by night all day people behave, people behave, add flavor is maybe what baby stuff going on a brother. I can't call it get ready for that, but this weekend, my mother, if you're in yeah, if you're in Cincinnati, go check out my man Duncan Trussell Duncan Trust is going to be a go bananas in Cincinnati. We can have you ever done? Go bananas that place is great fun places pretty that's great. I did that place back in the 90s. Not only did it once, but I enjoyed it. It's a real old school comedy club, a place Denver Paramount Theater this weekend, Friday night, you see one motherfucking fifty this this Friday, the best show, is going to be Joey DIA's, Joe Rogan and Brendan lost. That's what we just said. That's what we just said
no. I was just re entry still reinforcing you talking shit about Dunkin, again goddamnit. Let it go son. That's what you doing by saying that's the best show to go, see not to go, see the ones internet. No, this reinforcing that your guys to show, in my opinion, is the best show in the fucking world. I love all three of those comics and put together, I love reading was, I think, his left hand. He is like we just did the bones on last night, and that is a fun thing for me to do like it's fun doing the bones on that's health. I I think we did it last night with you guys. If we just do it, we don't ever have a guest really, which is you would have with somebody Randy, Licky and Davey Johnson yeah they're, very funny, guys they're very smart, guys, two of the cool sense of humor. You know, Brennan's Avery Funny stand up to very funny. I'm looking forward to this we're going to have a good fucking time off yeah. I can't wait to eat some lunch and we should. I love that stuff. I love Denver level. All that stuff doesn't feel. Where do you go in there right after the tragedy
I haven't gone to see the movie yet because I don't want to sit down, I wanna sit dangle. This is what these pull last people saying is when they got scared right so I think that that angle- or they never thought about that, but I just attract. He was a bad thing. It was over four weeks. So can you imagine that I mean you know something like that: hit close to home. What do you want when you start? You know seeing people, they're trying to do copycat crimes. Now, I can you send someone to rest yet Ohio in Ohio, and we can't get would like a nice guy, ammo lock and everything happens this guy. You know in those days the up people. This is where the real cynical people, the really cynical, crazy conspiracy, people These are the this is where they start. Thinking that the government is doing this and doing doing this on purpose, they they want to disarm Americans they. They know that everything's going to fall apart and they don't want people to have guns. That sounds completely ridiculous. But
if you're going to write a movie about how some super corrupt multinational corporations figure out a way to control the whole world. You probably write it like that. You'd probably, would probably have everything wired and hooked up like that. Going to jab Alex Jones, I am his witness in Houston at the UMC. He told me to my face, and in two years there was going to be TSA security at parks and movie theaters, and I was right there when he told me that he told me that to my bass was sitting outside the UFC and we're just talking about different. So if you wanna look at state, what is it? Is it because is it just a natural thing that you know because there's a lot of crime because is a lot of despair, the economies in the toilet? It's just a it's a natural thing that things pop off and and crazy people do like this. Or do you want to for all the conspiracy theory point where they think that they're doing this on purpose, because they've engineer the collapse of the dollar,
the world economy is going to implode and they don't want people to be armed. They want to be able to maintain power. I wasn't looking like that. I'm a very cynical person I was looking at is a business angle. You know what I can shoot somebody the movie theater. They gotta put security in two million thousand movie theaters across the fucking country. The neck is or yeah, but then I come to my senses. I wake up and I put the joint down then I go to. Bad things happen every fucking day yeah, but you know that's, they have a video they have somewhere every. That is, though, if you were government and you are evil and you were trying to control the people. That is what you do. You organize attacks and it's been pointed out. Or that the american public has tried to do. This. Are the mayor? Excuse me, the american government, have tried to do this. They at one point in time to the
Operation Northwoods was written. Where was an idea that they were going to fake attacks on american civilians to get us to go to war with Cuba they're going to blow up a jetliner and say there was people in it. They were going to arm. Cuban friendlies to attack was Enamo Bay was that's. That's like a real thing that they were going to do to try to get us into a war with Cuba. So when you find out about conspiracies like crazy things like that, you wow, like they would fake shit like they're allowed to think like that when that came out, that should have been a huge piece of news that should have been something where everyone demanded that should be hearings on this. It should be like brought out in front of the public. People should be in the streets like
screaming about this, like. How is this possible? How would they not prosecute it? They were really going to risk american lives and have Americans killed just to further their agenda. They were going to fake an act of war in order to get us into war because they thought they knew better than us. So it was this just one dumb fuck that just like hey this is my idea and then come on. Stop was signed by the Joint Chiefs of staff. Is the joints Chiefs of staff. Did they have a math problem at the time and they got like new ones like the next day. I think they used to rock it like that all the time. That's why, when you these conspiracy nuts come out and they say hey, we believe that this guy was brain washed and someone to hold of them and they did an experiment with him and he's like a manchurian candidate. It sounds fucking completely. Ridiculous sounds completely ridiculous, but if, if they were willing to do that, other stuff, Why wouldn't they be willing to do that? If they really could do that, you imagine if they
figured out a way to reprogram people. If it wasn't science fiction, you don't think they would do it of course they would do it if the government really did find some super sophisticated way when they can just say pumpkin to you. And you fucking snap, and why yourself up with grenades and run into a room full of important people and blow yourself up you don't think they would do that. Of course, they would that's a great way to do it. Get idiot is willing to do that for you and have him walk in and pull the trigger. It's amazing. I haven't really focused on the Cala Rado thing as much 'cause. It's just fucking negative, not anything. That goes into my mind my mind just tragic cradle. I want to know what the FUCK I want to know where the system went wrong now sorry I've been here before, and I told you about Colorado, we both discussed Colorado, but I've lived in new. California, craziest mother fuckers, I know or in the mountains yeah. Ok now, let's just leave
that you know I've been reading bits and pieces like he was going over cycle therapist or psychiatrist. I don't know now she alarm somebody. She warned somebody the psychotherapist. This is what I heard is true, or is this not true? Who did she warn Who does she worn and why weren't these people? Why wasn't this fucking lunatic contact, then? The other side of me says I understand we can't react to every fucking call the police guy up here waving a gun? Is he hurt? Anybody know we cannot respond to every call because of the budgets and whatever so who dropped this? This is a kid that bought thousands of rounds of ammunition. Right at a local fucking place to guns all legit, like I told you in Colorado, where you could buy a fucking bazooka You pay Hill Bryant is: does your dog you catch it get her out of there. She's in my fucking cat's litter box. Get right dude. This is what fucks with me. Lg said that dormant. This is what for sorry folks. So
folks, this is a real shot. This is how it works. This is what fluxes me, how it's really this system fail like this right got: Fucking Alberts, tear gas, wear the fucking system, failed it failed somewhere, and where did you get the money? They said that the speculation was that he used his scholarship money. Is that what it is yeah, I didn't know you could just use your scholarship money for other ship. I thought you to pay for school with drew he went through, but when you get a scholarship, but you like responsible for that money like say, if you got twenty thousand dollars for a scholarship, do you. Do you actually have to spend the money on the college, or could you like the bad or all of what it might gerber baby insurance that I got for myself? Well, when I when I was seventeen about baby Gerber insurance, but I guess it's like the Gerber insurance like I don't know what you did. You just do apply for college, because you get a grant. You got a grant. You gotta find out financial aid. You gotta pay back, don't give it to you once you got one!
long going right, give me what the you want right, keep give it to you, plus right all along the I I forget old, how great you have to pay back, that's so great, but all those little you got to pay back in the days. You sign up for college. Let's say your parents are that well off. You sign up for college. They cover the tuition and you reach you get all these grants available. T there's a lot of fucking money out there available tee straightforward. He was going to school, for you know, especially for what he was going to school. For this kid was a genius. Wasn't the cycle fuckin, something I don't even I don't know what the fuck it right. They give you the loot, they have the continuous you gonna. Do they give you the look bro I was taking college money. When I was going to university Colorado and buying cars with the curbing like seeing like a Volkswagen for eight hundred itself, a four month for one thousand, two hundred, that's what I was doing, my financial aid money. What do, is you sign up for eighteen credits and you get money for eighteen credits, but right before
school season start? You cut it down to nine and you pocket that genus the time they know what the fuck is going on and they send you a letter in the mail, the guy. This is gone except happy I'll go deal with the bartender in the coke dealer. That might be the greatest word over Gators. Give this give this genius g e t? U S give this see, I always thought it was Gators g. This is if you live in Florida and ate alligators this'd be this cocksucker, but you know I heard people call the Gators, though that's a Adidas. That was my friend Johnny used that term guy. Does it. We talk when he's talking about gambling money, my God
The guy is, I feel bad, for what happened in Colorado is a fucked up soon, but I want to know where he got. I want to know how he learned to light the fuckin smokescreen for well. He was a genius. He could figure that out online. Do they teach you this shit online, I'm scared to even fucking you could buy. You could figure out the plans to build a nuclear bomb online, literally yeah sure I'm pretty positive. I bet you are smart enough, you're, smart enough, you had access to it, wasn't their kid who is trying to build a nuclear bomb in his backyard, but there's a million right now they're trying to do that. But no there was a kid who got arrested, but I mean it's in the news: all that is building a nuclear bomb in his backyard. That sounds like horseshit nuclear button. I see so. You can learn all this shit online. How to wire somebody. I mean that thing he did I'm at home, where he wired his house with bombs and fucking liquid's and all that shit. He learned that online that you guys are fucking trying to tell me yeah this kid fucking. This kid was
dangerous, nut man. He tried to build a nuclear bomb in his mom's shed. There was a kid who really deep, but I mean like try did he think he was trying like it was using like real materials or was using like cheers? I see I see. No. He was using real materials, that's how they got pair. They have. They keep a very close eye on certain Antonio of the world, You know it's very hard to get and we know whatever it is, whether it's plutonium or whatever it is they use. Do they need to make some sort of a nuclear weapon. We know what that tough is supposedly and then we keep an eye on it, but Y Jesus Christ, my remix, I can get it. Anyone can get it if this fucking kid can make this shit in his yard. You know I mean what is he that much smarter than everybody else? Look I fuck. My world up was in the night. I was watching discovery and they showed you how to make speed on fucking this,
they had these kids, they showed you how to make steroids speed and something else. That's terra guys live right here in Sherman. Oaks is something they had like. You know like outlawed things on their faces and they show I cook them on the stove and stuff This is. This is ass. All they pulled him over. This is the guys name. His name is David. Hawley was seventeen years old. The just pulled him over. They found radioactive materials in the trunk of his car. His mother property was cleared up by the Environmental Protection Agency ten months later, as a superfund, an upside this mother, like only did I mean he was like he came, really close wow. He made his own nuclear reactor Holy SH. Yes,. He obtained his eagle scout rank in the boy scouts shortly after nature was dismantled. The boy scouts. Still let him have an eagle scout. I let him run
fucking party got true Fuckin, the scout troop, whatever the leader, his name was David Hahn. It says, while his reactor never reach critical Mass Hana track the tension of local police who, from redirecting terrace huh, be careful with that chocolate bar just so I guess he came really close. Did you see the whole talking for good pop? I just wanna, let you know later on tonight. So I'm just a regular chocolate bar Joey D has just participated in now. That's the one that you said it was the highest you've either got a podcast. Was that whammy bar from L, a speed we didn't just is known? I didn't need to be talking. There's no need for me to be talking going to be talking. I could just look at not when you're that baked our police, I'm just not well, we want. We don't want you to go into the water, the Sexuals.
I want to go into the chocolate whole working great fights. As we take note of tickets right believable in the best amazing fights in a long long time- and I think I was thinking about it- I think they should do just as many a fights as they do Vegas, because it's really the same shit. The same people condominium go yeah, you know, I mean it and it was fun. It was positive and the fights with fuck, great Joe Lauzon Jesus Christ back comeback, recycled myself come back as Joe Lowe's seriously. I love that Jiu Jitsu he's a I love everything he did was awesome and Jamie Varner was awesome. Thank you guys very few which come back. He just didn't have enough time to get the commission for this fight. I think, is that what we actually spent weeks for we have seen you took on short notice. So you know it's. A tough fight, Joe Lauzon is a is one of the best is a dangerous kids, get a lot of tools. One thing I love about Joe Lauzon is with a match am up just by who little like if they match them up against. Somebody was a great striker dembele a striker. I know Joe Lowe's and it has a better chance of
This is the craziest really, because if you hit me and you get on his back, he attack you from his back. He don't give a fuck. He said he fucked up a couple people that we get glad to yeah. I got I was gonna jump in a screaming heap. Melvin keeps talking like the Joe Lauzon got lucky, but I saw it when something when someone wants to punch you in the face and they do punch in the face. That's not lock, Ok, that's what he wanted to do and that's what he did. You know it's no lucky punches. Just saves. A lucky punch is one of the craziest things. People get ever say when you rush in like that. Like he this face exposed with a in fighter. A guy is going to snap off a jam on you. I think he probably under estimated Lowe's on striking his striking Melvin striking, is so good and so fast he's so fast man. When you watch input combinations together, you go God Damn his technique,
he's clean, he's, got a lot of power in his hands and I think he just got a little overconfident and lows on his way to fuck with yeah like forty four fights of those on is a beast dude that was awesome fight. He smart, that's the most dangerous thing about Joe lows on. Is he smart? You know and then I'm looking for an Anthony pen, it's not Joe Lozano out in the first round, their fight, you know, and he has pots. Instead, I'm looking forward to seeing him fight again. I think again. Engine though, patterns yeah still trying to set up something up with him and Cowboy Cerrone of Cerrone gets by Gallard even if he doesn't nearby galore and still be a great fight, and my man got her cot check is out of gas. Ellenberger got a disk disk, but now they we call people always like why all these fighters getting injured well they're in the this of Denver. Their business is getting really good at fucking people up that's what they did so in the only way to get really good at fucking people out, but you got to practice fucking people up all day, while you're practicing,
Can people out people get fucked up? Did you fucking? How happy I mean it's? It's impartial. I was happy as fuck and I gave him out of respect. My switch I gave up mice, we gotta respect several blood by the public three pages and I'll tell you what, before that damarcus of friendly ask mark. It's always just right. Colorado springs. He age, Corp, caught him, perfect man. We caught that leg and dry, that right hand on a man. It was perfect placement he so fast like the markets, just just he just went out with that first shot and then switch tagged him two more times for the ref got to him. With a fucking, karate kid and bay. There was a great fight, dude LEO Toma, cheetahs, scary guy. You gotta, you gotta get you got to get a hold of that guy and that's no picnic. Either he's got great wrestling and great use of his body. He did sumo when he was a kid which sounds silly right, but they they're really good at like throwing people, often like certain directions and pushing forward and and planting yourself- and you know, he's he's got
amazing tricks that he does inside would like little leg, trips and shit like that It be interesting to see him versus look if he Henderson somehow or another beats John Jones see. Him Leota Machida versus Henderson. I would really like to see that fight. That would be crazy. I would love to see that fight ' 'cause they're, both kind of on the small side for light heavyweight leoda. Two hundred and one Henderson's usually somewhere around there, even when he fights at two hundred and five usually weighs around two hundred ish. You know, I think that would be an incredible fight. Henderson Jones is going to be a crazy fight. Two man, if Henderson wins, he's like the greatest mixed, martial arts fighter of all time. If you really look at if you look at it like as far as accomplishments, that guy wins two different. Idols in pride had two different weight classes and then they hold him at the same time. Comes over strike horse wins the title in Strikeforce he has
he's a knockout over heavyweights like fate or million Anco got knocked out fatal. You know I mean Dan Henderson is a mother, Fucker dude. As a mother, you can never sleep on that. Let's see if he figures out John John, if you look at the figures on anybody, man he's got that he's. I've got one weapon, that's so retarded strong. His right hand is so powerful and he has this crazy confidence in it and he can take takes an amazing shot, he's so tough, so he'll wade through some shit to get to you and clip you with that thing, and just the put the lights out. Man he's dead, Chris MAD Lib, you with these fucking dangerous and, I think, he's more dangerous at two hundred and five. Then he is at one hundred and eighty five, especially as you get older it's hard for a guy like that, to cut all that weight. You know, I think, when he doesn't cut weight and he's one of the rare guys that can do it fights effectively at two hundred and five, and I think we need
and cut that wait. I think, maybe maybe he feels a little bit healthier out of so many years of doing that. Shit man, that's like one of the worst aspects of fighting is the weight cutting it's sad it drives me, nuts, this the sport is always supposed to be about being healthy. It's supposed to be about. You know your body be tuned in in the best possible way for combat, but it's really not because the twenty four hours before you fight you fuck it up hardcore you. Suck all the water out of it, so you could fight in a lower weight class. It's this weird fucking, silly thing that still around it's, It shouldn't be a factor. It should be really honestly. It is a part of the sport it's probably no getting rid of it at this point, without some sort of a radical restructuring of the way people look at martial arts, but I think that it's almost like
this is not in the proper spirit of martial arts in competition. I feel like I feel like you. I have to do it today, if you're a professional because everyone's doing it and if you want to fight against guys your size, there's only one way to do that. You're going to have to fight against you. To fight against the scale as well, you're going to have to cut weight and you're going to have to go in because everybody else is doing it. Otherwise, you're not going to win you're, not going to beat one hundred and ninety pound guy. If you really weigh one hundred and seventy, if he's just as skilled as you, you know that two twenty pounds, even though it his organs up and might of almost shut his kidney down, he had to get re inflated with ivies he's, probably still going to be you because he's a bigger guy in has got more mass, especially we can get you to the ground and have more space more strength of more more to push around and when they re fuel themselves with Ivy's like they can do it pretty well, with the I v's were in twenty four hours. You know it's worth it for them, but it's bad for your body and it's unfortunate, I think I
I hate the idea that those people have to do that. You know sucks. What are you going to do? Its part of the fuck gave him saying: yeah we got to go to a rock star bucks, all right, jokes, they'll lose way. I number would be better if they all just fought their way class. I think, which is a, I think, a perfect utopia of mixed martial arts would be everybody fights in one of the they way and we find out what everybody ways we did just. Naturally, this is what you away when you're in shape. What do you? What do you weigh when you're like a like one dog. Fighting shape will needs to fight dogs. You know they used to am in. You know that right now, yeah the really light ones just the ones they want. You don't like these big giant pit bulls that everybody has today. These people bread these things to make them really big and crazy, but
a friend who had like one of the really small game ones. It was a crazy little animal man. It was a really small. They don't even look like they're, really small, there's, like thirty five pounds, three thousand and thirty eight they make she can pit bulls. That would be. Are you serious? Barely? Basically, you get a twenty pound. Twenty five pound pit, Bull these moments, but those little little tiny ones are crazy. They don't look like pit bulls like we're used to seeing him with, like the really boxy muscular heads and huge shoulders. Like those of the pit bulls you see on the streets, amazing, looking dogs, looking dogs, they use an angel heart to bite, Mickey Rourke, the two little fucking pit bulls in New Orleans Watch that yeah with a little real little one will look at them. Go that's weird! It was eighty seven yeah, so nobody really knew about the fucking. Pitbull was still stuck on government benches in german shepherds and golden retrievers blind people know, but when they made that movie when they sent the mob guy to beat him up in that movie, the Devil, whoever beat some up in angel heart. That's what he had these little tiny pit bulls that we didn't even have a big chest.
Fucking ran after him, you could even see they ran different like it was beginning before they started, give them juice and gunpowder. Do you know at one point in time the pit bull was like they were trying to argue for it being the national animal like instead of the Eagles, the representation of America was going to be a pitbull, pretty lucky yeah yeah. There's a movement for that I got was that movement like three guys, and you know I think it was for the leadership management yeah. We went through the model of the vehicle. I wish I never remember this totally, but I have a pit bulls in years? So I forgot all the propaganda, the moon. By the way tonight. We have an amazing show at the icehouse there's still some tickets left how many are left. I think, there's like forty If you have been there, the ice ice is like one of the best clubs in the world isn't
Joey? How great is that fucking place? Listen, I don't give a fuck if they did this show in a barn you fucking Momos na Moreira Tom Rowe Joe Rogan Doug, Benson and Fucking Red SAM ship dollars and cancel what the fuck you doing tell you grandmother sucking dick cause, six hundred and twenty six five hundred and seventy seven one thousand eight hundred and thirty six and get those tickets. Now I'm talking about Tom Rhodes, Joe Rogan, fucking, Irara and Doug better just go sure Bert Kreischer, just those four, it's like fifty and a blowjob to fucking, get the in so get you together you fucking momos. When you show at the ice house that should be sold, I'm in awe. County, but Yes, I don't know they gotta fucking get back on it. I won't get back till about one thousand one hundred and thirty twelve, I'm going with much place to lay Orange County name, Roscoe's tough. Do you like excited about a sandwich? Look at you! I'm not excited about as much as they do com, at the sandwich place now
beer. They have beer, wine, note booze, but it's fucking, sandwiches, old school sandwiches and you go down and you do fucking thirty minutes. They give me a little dull, no pumpernickel. Then they get the fuck out of it. You know saying that simple. I like it, take it like. Ninety one hundred people- and it's really cool, but on the way back I'll stop up there. I'll try to shoot the one hundred and one it's fucking hot. That's what it is dog this. Brutal. Thank God. I want a plane. Friday come it's going to be one hundred and mother fucking ten on Friday it was one hundred and thirteen or thirteen, or something like that on my way here I would like come on. Listen. They said that this July was the hottest July ever in the country, the whole can't ever. Ok, that's a whole country ever
they did they- they talked about it in la I I tweeted today are re tweeted because it was ridiculous. It's pretty bad when I have to leave my air conditioning on full blast at home. Just so my cats don't die yeah, yeah right, yeah, the other it's hot. As fire on the floor. They have a move, no beds, no not at the wrong floor. Getting that fucking cool at last hi, my bedroom, I couldn't get it freeze, it usually freezes yeah hold me to. It. Wasn't freeze a lesson of cold enough for me to fall asleep, but I got a clip to be like a form of like what the is this Usually I got the blanket on put in what you do. That's weird they glue, but last it was it's tough. It's been a hard you and you didn't feel the earthquake. Last night I was either flappers really and then ok. Well, I was driving home. I seen all the cop cars and then, when I came in people were on Facebook, there was an earthquake. I will feel that shit yeah lot of people called me a pussy
as I I felt it was an at the the ice house. It was like a huge jolt and then like a sway in that that the whole building me like this crackling noise, I'm like okay, okay, if I got it because this billings way like this, you know I was like in the Israel defense check check to you know it's not. If you look, they have those things already in the walls or retrofits. Yet if I got it, I got they have fifty. It's like the outside of a it's just retrofit retrofit retrofit ridge of it something and if I'm going to it, if there's ever an earthquake here, run the out of this building my collapse. Yeah, it might collapse yeah buildings. Now you have breaks, that's the it's! Not that the bricks of fall apart, but the shift that shift You hear that shit yeah, that's traumatizing it's a little hobby while is a brick building in person. A couple people are calling me pussies and stuff like on twitter me like your photos, you pussy and I'm like. Alright, you could be
in Malibu, which is a lot farther away from where I was at the United the earthquake and be like oh yeah. I do feel anything you you know, but that what I felt last night was jolting. That was like you feel I forgot. There's there's earth this. This is earthquake. Stuff is quite a weather, is even yeah yeah you get so files of the last in two days. I am only hoping that, since nobody ever predicts things correctly, the because you're saying is earthquake whatever that you're wrong. Well, it's because it's so hot, so hot in there right now. That's why the earthquake last night happened around ten at night or whatever, because the ground gets so hot and then at night it gets cold and that that con you know ship ship it at one, that's earthquake! This is make that I don't know if I like. If you, if there's earthquake, seasoning that's what it's made of like hot and cold Neil Degrasse Tyson yeah, I'm gonna try to get a deal on the practice. Neil Degrasse Tyson, the scientists we're going back and forth, give Mister wizard
wizard. I would love that Mr Wizards World, Dr Steve, to from uh open Anthony Channel, listen to show the other day on SIRI I found a white chocolate. Kills dogs caffeine in chocolate, apparently chocolate's caffeine, in the caffeine in chocolate is jacks dogs bodies. So don't give your dog Starbucks or cat. I can't give you cats chocolate. Even yeah, that's good to know, because my dog is something else. You and John Rollo most unlikely cat owners. Ever. I guess me to lot of people get off the John RA. All the time about cats he's excited. He just got something else to do it cat. He just got something else the billboards, I'm gonna go see him yeah but I got Baltimore SAM. So I'm pretty excited We we have another UFC in that area. We only Baltimore, USA, Baltimore. Not doing so good right. He don't
My first got into comedy. One of the clubs that gave me working for them see was a Baltimore club. Remember the improv down there. Did you ever do that had a good improv, they had improved down in this kind of crazy area. Where there's like a lot of different clubs, you know it's like this little. Little patches of fun places in this world, where people figure out how to do something right, but there's a I'm cool about when you go to a play, and, like all these different places, all empty out into a common place like a courtyard area. As long as everybody can keep their shit together, Baltimore. That's also, I think wasn't that the same place where that dude got knocked unconscious and they fucking filmed it and they took his clothes off and made a video. It wasn't that Baltimore. So I think it was they shot the. Why are there? They shot the wire that yeah. We have also duty fucking to how we do any fucking city yeah. They got some loud get the stadium is greater than the stadium. The couple times great big government is going to want to disarm, bolt yeah there's some crazy mother
doctors Baltimore Philadelphia. That's where those that's! What you give those people guns, 'cause they'll, shoot any Philadelphia, most vehicles, the stadium that they had a a jail in the stadium, the football state hi. Did you see that that that coach got, or you know, on my condolences to the guy from Philadelphia, the culture RON and his son died who's alive show a couple years ago, Bro who's gonna show that kid came to our show the kid who just died. There or the Philadelphia eagles? He things are was in talking to us in the back room in Atlantic City, that was when the guy TIM, Sylvia and what's his name, the coach from Iowa, the farmer. They will all down there with somebody who's fighting we would down at AFL. We've done it into a show that weekend. When I got off stage, he came up to me all juiced up. The kid is like dog. Whatever you need,
to cover. My father is the coach of the fucking eagles. All I gotta do is make a call bitch, so the update when I saw that I was like wow that kid, unless he has other kids, but that was yet the shirt he was very so my condolences to the fucking I remember, will looking down the crowd in Henzel Gracie. Was there laughing his ass off? That's the place. Yeah okay at that place, that was when the I fell. Enzo was trying to do with the FL. Thank me you want me. A lot of us are. We yeah, I have felt, was an interesting idea. Just you can't take the whole team thing. It's an individual sport man, the whole time. Something really didn't work like stand up. It's just. Do you wanna MIKE Bitch, and can't do teams a stand up and you come in and we tag team and shit. You say that, but we kind of do have a team where the team death squad- I mean it really is That's, that's is a team. You know
If you really think about all the people that we have in our inner circle that we considered by sliding secrets, yeah yeah do don't. Do I mean it's kind of like a team. You know I mean anybody is in cases stand up is not like that, but with us I think, stand. This is very much like a whole. A whole group of us were all identified by our friends. You know how Alabama. So now we got Denver this weekend, we're n. We got Vegas, Frankie, motherfucking egg against Henderson Donald OWN. That's a good fucking! I do Joe Room rate great down. You know me dog, there's certain people you want in your life in this certain people? You don't want in your life. I don't ever problem with Frankie. I go. I love great guy, like that love Henderson love this to fucking time when he
his legacy from jumps up, because I can't yeah his father is let the kids can be, but was never dental as Lex he's got legs for like a hundred eighty five pounder and his honor for just about got he's got weird legs he's he's just a bad fucker. Is it tough, tough kid man? He fights really good guys and they make some not so good it almond. He keeps doing it over and over again, you know. I also saw that fucking cut to my man, Mcdonald's Toronto, huge already some stitches that accounted for about Jesus Christ. I want to see a rematch of Pettus and Benson Henderson to holy shit. That was a great great fight and you know how much Henderson would get up for that rematch. But this fight this it's going to be amazing. 'cause I'll tell you what that EDGAR kid Frankie EDGAR find a way that fucker finds a way he's a little dog he's got a mind that is like he don't like losing. You know, and he comes back stronger. He comes stronger than ever. See you
the guide looks at the fucking rain man update dribbling, like what the Fucks rain man doing. You want to giggle, so bubble lights, you to fuck up is a bad month. I just watched him in gray me and second, the third one again you gotta be able to keep that pace up to man. You gotta be able to keep pace with him he'll drag you into some deep fucking conditioning water. You know that God can do that for an hour and a half he's one of the best condition guys in the sport, and one of the reasons for that is what we talked about earlier. Frankie EDGAR doesn't come way that guy weighs one hundred and fifty five pounds. I love it. I love it when he can win. I love it. He can win, but when he loses any loses because of guys bigger than them. It makes you think. Like man, I wish I wish you, could do it at one hundred and fifty five. I hope you can do it at one hundred and fifty five, but you know maybe one hundred and forty five is your weight class. It's actually close to one hundred and forty five. That could be one of the greatest fights and it made him against fucking out, though Welcome I've said that since day, one I'm pushing for it. I love it at one hundred and forty five in Vegas some
you know you can't count amount and you can count. No, no, no, no hello tell him out by any sort of a kid like. I can win man. I don't want him in my future. My past him look for you. You don't need that you fucking life man. I don't need that shit, my fucking life. I love the fact that if I see him- and then I see him six months later, I look forward to seeing what's improved. What's gotten better 'cause, it's going to be better he's going to be better, is going to do something better is going to have some move that you didn't that common some lead right hand that you didn't see. Companies going to shift is his wait a wait. A little bit differently is going to do something better he's going to have a little bit more conditioning. He's not like an asshole takes time off and gets fat for. Years is jeans. Those kids from down of the scrapping scrapping, because the other half is the Guido's and all that stupidity, but the other half of people know is those kids have to go like brick, Township dolce win schools in their group, four schools group for school.
Could you play black schools that are six for four in his Frankie EDGAR Wrestling? Is these cool and they wrestle at weight. Categories was the same thing. If Mickey wrestled at one hundred and thirty. Five that guy he wrestle against was a lot bigger than ST wrestling was the most ridiculous, the summers those guys from up north, the kids I grew up with, would go down south and they all over the fucking sure and eventually it's forty years of torture, every summer they gotta fight somebody fucking bigger, and they do it and their eyes now have you been down there there's a fight every fucking night. It always includes a Guido from up there against a regular die from down there in the regular guy always takes a the like out. We don't shows up with bodies or juice, stop take off the shirt. I've been training and those, is down the shore light you the fuck up and he's one of those guys. I said it to him all the time you still like people up and Mister Breakfast has to hang out down there. They all.
And then it would no shirts on the bold day breakfast how you doing how's the device that he's a guys that don't even work on their legs, don't even care, don't even care, but their stomachs. Don't care about their lights. They just work. Biceps their chest and maybe a little trapezoid. Is that hilarious? It's hilarious? with no supervision very, very complete, hold the How much am I supposed to put that on? No God just fill it up. How, Do you wanna get I wanna fucking my own to be fucking, you don't saying so shoot the whole fucking thing number if I shoot shown, it surely will more tomorrow. That's how they I don't read instructions they don't read! Nothing. They don't know What's that cycles, how many of these the thirty got like ten of 'em right or wrong? You gotta headache. You know that step entirely and they live and they smoke blower they fucking drink and whatever they don't have.
Only like we talk about medications and supervisions and shit, those kids down Jersey, don't Well, you know in other countries you could just buy steroids over the counter in, like South America, does a lot of places we can just by star lexical. Okay, kids go down there yeah my deep Mexico come on. That's not even South America. It's North America stood spell. That's called crazy, that's sixty five monthly for it and then that's whatever the it is, was a red band a hundred twenty miles, and we also had a flaw. What's crazy? Is that right here on that border? You got all this military. You got the the the the air for Spacer that was in the marine. What is down in the Marines have done this, the Navy's down that, because the maybe my name- I am- are right, it's it's. I bases on it, there's a lot of military down, which is a lot of water. I could put the whole military down. These Mexicans will dig a tunnel yeah, but think about that this all,
but think about this all this military and then surrounding all that military. You know what it is: some of the richest people on earth, other those people that live on that island, Coronado Iowa, not island, those air, some incredibly wealthy people Donald Rumsfeld, lives on that island bro. I think about wrap your head around that. So this is like super. He probably lives in like ten different houses all over the world with all the money he's gone, but this. This one area you go on like if you like, Google real estate like in like look in the Jolla the whole. Amazing, american, incredible, the most picked Tacular house is incredible, but I multi multi million dollar houses. Twenty minutes from Tijuana is hell.
Twenty minutes away. Hello, hello! That's not an exaggeration at all how you can get in your car and you can literally drive for twenty minutes from San Diego. It's crazy, beautiful though I mean he's been on there like on those islands. Like I mean, there's, there's no hello. I love San Diego. Let's get the crazy, beautiful San Diego on the Mexico side, as usual, Cross into Mexico, guys right there? That's fucking, scary. It's scary goes from five to dirt. Roach!
it goes from. There is an immediate lack of ah feeling of a net. Ok because there's a net when you're walking around San, Diego there's a net of society and civilization and culture and, like the biggest trust, trust people more like military base there to protect you I mean you know you don't have the police when you live there, you have like one of the biggest military bases protecting your there, so it's safe still to live there in San. Diego know that I know for sure, but I'm what I'm saying is that when you walk through the Tijuana there's this feeling, like the nets, been removed, yeah, like all of a sudden, I'm seeing all these beggars and all this weirdness on the street and all these people. What do you want Joey You look in leave your aspirin from my face, but it's effective, it's it's like! Is it out? It's it when you do cross that border? It's a very bizarre feeling that you're, only twenty minutes away from the place for all of the law doesn't apply. All of it is gone, it's all gone and I
have to live with this rinky dink set of laws from this the other country- and you didn't you know you might want to do a cop who says that you were speeding and you just got to give him money cuz! That's how they roll down there, and and who knows how many fucking people are involved in doing illegal chantan moving drugs around it's right there. Twenty minutes away, I mean it's way scarier than the ghettos in America. Isn't it wouldn't you say the Tijuana is scarier than most of the ghetto. Combo is five minutes away, but but what one thing. I know tons of people that go there Tijuana all the time. Do you run? I don't know anybody that goes to like Harlem all the time. You really know tons of people who go to Tijuana that they go there all the time. Well, I'll tell you what Anthony Bordain went recently on his show, and I really enjoyed that show. It was cool because he met with a lot of cool Mexicans like that live in Tijuana that were like sort of giving him the real deal on how everything went down there and took him to a bunch of different bars,
didn't seem to me to be as dangerous as I thought it was or is dangerous. Is everybody always publicize it, but you got to realize that it could get that way at any moment. It's That's your party in the country or shit it's way different. It's just way different and you can get I can do it one thousand times in a row or you could get unlucky and you be there when some drug lords trying to make a point like dudes trying to move product and someone's trying to block him. So he decides to light his fucking nightclub on fire. They do shit like that in. Do you want ninety one in in Cancun? There was a self coke on the beach through there. Really this I'll talk on the beach we we talk about sandals Tijuana. They come up to you and sell you fucking blow on the well. You know it's been decriminalized everything.
In the criminalizing Mexico, which is really weird, is awesome, get acid in Mexico. I am scared. Last time I was done by the way it doesn't mean it's legal, it's not legal, to be criminal thinking why that is still a chrome. Why that is when you, get caught with it. You gotta pay out the ass 'cause. I wouldn't let you go sure. It's not legal, my friend, but maybe, if you had a one thousand nine you may be. Is that with this and we look day can work something on my friend or something yeah. They don't want violence. They want to keep this business going and it should be an understanding that I just gonna give you a little bribery. Yeah but I would I would be down with that if I thought it was safe, I love every aspect. I love every aspect of copying and my dad used to go to Harlem. I go for the more I liked. Buildings. I, like all that shit. I ain't going to Mexico. No! No! No! It's not! I don't need drugs that fucking bad. That's a complete different ground that's a complete different room, you could go down there and I know people gonna get beat the fuck up. Ok, ready at Tijuana I've gotten beaten the fuck up. We have
friend from the count we have a friend that got beaten up. On friend who makes mistakes the hookah house down there? I don't know he went down and got beat the fuck up, don't be sure he had been up until we have a friend who went there. Where is this friend growing up? You want to get busy asian Tijuana ZA. Well one of those idiots. Here they were on that run. You know I don't want to go. I never went down there for drugs and I wasn't fucking junkie. I think that it's over the board with one thousand bad things can happen to you, yeah yeah. You should fucking house and bad things can happen to you. I don't have any more day walked around for a day so by white people with cameras, yeah, okay, that's a big day. Is it you and me walking around and all we need is one Mexican to say, hey and that the dude from Factor Fairfield, Inn awesome. They come over. Eight follow us to a party and we're doing and then you can them to new kidnapped. So you know I mean you're the one that turned me up: the stuff Phoenix yeah, for example a Kindle date capital of what do you think that that that come
the Phoenix from down there, yeah yeah and fee in Phoenix the whole deal with Phoenix is all about drugs. That's that they believe it's about the rival drug dealers, people kidnapping each other. Where kidnappings in Phoenix, then there isn't any other state and have it all those border towns Laredo. They fly and like shit on fire radio, constantly El Paso, you had people from Mexico shoot at the american side, sometimes too, which is really crazy. Like people report they're building got hit by a bullet from Mexico. I know people have gone down there to get value. Oxy did you mean, like I've, never dealt with him, but I know they've gotten on it, but I know millions of people going on there for the juice yeah. Yes, let me ask you something of the juice in Mexico. Is this mexican or was this,
juice that you get here and they just sell it over the counter? Mexico, that's the question I want to know. I have no idea like is this the deck of the problem? When I go to Germany that I get in Germany that you shoot it you get from, that makes you very large same b ball, not very a buncha health. That's what I'm worried about! You got a fucking Mexico on by sixty deep, also they deep ball or the ad block. Plus I don't know. I've never bought any pharmaceuticals while in Mexico, so you been yeah. I've been to Mexico, I've been to Cancun. I've been to wear I've been to Tijuana, but only very very briefly, know I'm one of the places I just went to teach need size want to. To see the ruins and Cici needs, so that was in my, but this before Mexico problems. Yeah
Then I did an MTV Spring Break thing from can't go out when I was unfit fear factor and they have that on tape. So we should know it was just like a here. Is this band? You know it would still be here. Comes this band, the onus is reviewing a white shirt, one of what I was wearing a white. A white shirt was because I'm so small we did Sandler. I don't think I did that on there, which are less. If I did, how dare I we're outside it's fun. It was it was it fun, but I I know any of the bands were back then even back then I still was in the dark. Still new bands it's so hard to reach me, you know like if you're trying to sell me some shit, I don't Really. I don't listen to the radio if your translation of the Ben folds I want to know if you would like Ben folds. I wonder if you like, like I've, been doing so far behind you guys think that every year a new couple of bands come along and if they're good, they stick around and there's no way you can in track with all of them. I just have someone: will
great song, we plan to go. Who is this fucking bands awesome? What's this song and so tell me and I'm like I never heard of him like. Oh my god, they like to have the number one album in the country. They've been the number one band for two years and I'm like wow. I just missed their whole. I don't I'm completely out of the loop. This guy named been foe. T I he used bank of Ben folds five and then he left the band and his. He has a cd that he lives in Australia, Australia now and his kids and family, and he moved there and now he just he released an album that he played every single instrument on on the CD and then combine them into one, and it is some of the best like new. Music, wise and some of what kind of music is it. It's just jam me, like. Very you know, a lot of pianos. It's jamming, thank you for if you've heard, if I play a song, you've got I've heard this before
He does this sound like rocking the suburbs in and show, but I bet I have no idea what you're talking about, but I want you, I would love to see if you got it got into that or if you hated it kind of like a grateful dead kind of guy. Never hate is, is that I just couldn't get into it. I just it just to me. It was just it was almost like. I was out of tune with it. I couldn't get a they have all the rest. I'm in this. That is to me. I, like I like working man's dead. I like on the mountain fire on the mountain, a couple songs. I went to see him with Santana and public enemy. I don't fuck around at red rocks, but they are a little. Their whole repertoire is kind of it. So much it's the That always startled me, though yeah the bold they pull up with a bust. They haven't showered in fucking six months. You know following this band, you looking animal, they really dirty other hippies, half of them and trust funders hide it. I'm saying like aw fuck corporations, but me that's how they living off dad's fucking credit card,
you can shower. Meanwhile, they drive a beamer, but they highly around the corner. Oh yeah, bold, is very unique. You know a lot of kids at the boulder in the Anti Fucking corporation anti money While your dad old, fucking pepsi- and you know, I'm saying, get it together- you dumb little fuck before I see it is a lot of that rebelling from this example from yeah. Well, fuck him to me why you got out. He had you ever worked the whole time when you buy a big bags a week. It's a little cut. It out is a weird balance between, like your, your parents being successful and your parents being a good parent, because parent is really successful. They probably have to work a lot if they, all the time constantly they're, probably not going to be around as much so they're not going to be as good of a father and if you're not going to give you going to dedicate more time to work, then you are to your kids. What you did probably gonna grow up to fucking, resent you That's what happens! You get a lot of these trust fund. Liberal, He was definitely he never went to another like ballet. Checking back
check balance on your account. What's in the fucking account put the general need anything. No, they shut the fuck up, cock sucker. I have a friend that I grew up with every time he had three beers, my father never went to another. My football games really look at the nice sneakers, yet you had a fucking. 100Zx and fucking high school, your first car and you still bitching about your fucking parents. You know they do everything bro. You cannot be the perfect parent. You cannot. Or you could do, is fucking. Try because somebody's, not going to be happy with your fucking job. I would hope You could teach your children to not think like that. I would hope that you would you be able to teach your children to not blame your parents for every little aspect of your life. It would be nice if you parents, everybody's parents, were around a little bit more, but what is that sound, you here some sound thanks, Joe this phone. Is that your phone joy? I think, but I had it off yes well, which are my bitches is caught
holy shit. Who was, it was a phone call because it was like muffled in the distance. It was confusing the shit out of me. Text from Joey Diaz, good idea to die. What are your ideas is texting at the movie theater? No, no! No! What happened! That's! What we're gonna do! We're gonna start tweeting like that, like a stripper went to Ralph's, O m g, it's packed in here out of when you call this number right. Let's say you love me right. What sometimes I'm mean like from my pocket, because in your pocket right when I go in there's a thing on the bottom that slides and it gives you all these excuses? Alright. So when will call you so I don't know what I'm pressing right, sometimes people call it back in your dog ice Could you send me back you to what you go see just text me? You at the Cinema
GPS, says I'm gonna Cinema, I would say I'm at the movies cock sucker for me later, the cinema right, that's the one. I always press is fucking. Cinema like that is a bunch of I'll show it to you. So people keep thinking out. Joey text me he's texting. I don't get too fat, so don't get carried away Cox office. Will you actually sent me a real bitch me out fucking? I had to ask the kids daughter and teach me how to text Iphone Release five, really she's fucking fives, I'm like I don't know how to text him took the time from Michigan. Who do you want attacks? She went through the whole thing pap she hit. Applications went to the What kind of phone do you have their Joey? What is that an android phone for whatever the fuck? It is? How old is that? One six months, six months, crazy. How much phones are progressing, how quick they can that the Galaxy S three that just came out and my my friend matt- has of it was around at the other day. It's amazing man holy is ours and amazing. First of all,
fast as like, it's really smooth when they know menu translate forth between the the menus and when open things up the speed of it is really fast and the pictures are beautiful. The video is beautiful. I didn't screen it's fucking huge then you start watching like videos on it or watch anything on the internet on it. It's it's nice to have flash to of interesting interesting to say, but they have some bad ass. Fucking phones last can eat my africanize, I'm it is getting worse and worse and worse. It's got to the point now. Where might might my computer- and I found out this- does it on the alien where this doesn't on like every computer that uses flash where like eat all lit up? A flash movie in the whole computer is kind of freezes for like a and then then it like kind of catches back up its flash. If you look your your your computer cpu monitor, and then you do that you'll notice. It goes up to one hundred percent from like ten percent. How was
dual core, whatever triple core fats top of the line computer like like that it can't handle fucking flash. I don't yeah, I don't know enough about computing and see if that's right and I eat AIDS, I don't think you can eat it. I think if somebody give you a bowl aids and you could be fine, so let's put flash on your fucking phone, it goes in that way a bowl of a tiger longest Scoopable aids. What do you think what color would it be say? Yellow, so why don't we loads? Why don't we enjoy like let flash onto our phone? That seems that seems like a good idea. It should just change the subject like everybody else go with the flow you fuck this fee,
I think, he's obsessed with what what's flash. This is a program that you run on the on the Android phones that you can't run on apple iphones. It's essentially animation. Web animation looks like little videos Youtube used to use it, but a lot of what these now is hm all five and they also have it directly. For the I see just anytime, you could go to you too video. You have a you tube application that opens up yet recognizes. Most new videos like pretty quickly it's like hey, my phone, also has a floppy disk in the eye from dozens of well yeah. I think I definitely. I definitely think that it works really seamlessly on the Iphone the like. When I go to Youtube videos and like that works pretty smooth, and it would have to be I would have to be really impressed with how well it worked on the droid to think about switching over just because of that I tell you the hottest thing ha this thing and MAC Technology, the high
nothing right now? I think it's cool is the new operating system operating system, New MAC Os has a screen sharing on it, so you just like you can just hit in any in any tv that has Apple tv. It sends your monitor the tv now so like if you want to work on a seventy inch reza. Screen screen on your laptop or whatever you just hit this button, and it will flip it to your tv, so you, So I'm sitting there watching you two are doing websites and and love watching videos. On my on my big tv brands, gonna break at our, move our brains going to break. Do the integration the technological integration is just getting too crazy. It's getting nuttier and nuttier dragon. I gotta give you something I forgot. I got a video for you. What is it all
oh, what is it pink? Floyd live at Pompeii echoes, yeah, they fucking go out and that are in that arena. ' Pompeii. Put on quick. Tell me what it is again: pink. Floyd live at Pompeii, just put echoes pink Floyd that it'll say live at Pompeii and click it up and fast forward the video to like two minutes pink echoes part: one live at Pompeii. It's got to live it pump at home yeah, but who the fuck Pompeii anybody know what Pompeii is live at Pompeii here. In this part, one is in Pompano no, I did not play, and how far do I go in, go in like two minutes into the video? Why do I do it but uh this is this? Will it also has a lot, can go to u stream and shut this off hold on second?
I gotta go to you. Stream is shut off of all got a cd, and I seen this movie as a kid on acid and the like somebody said to tell me- and I went to you too, but I how to watch it three times in a row. Where do I tune into a call two minutes into like let's, let's set and then just watch these mob fuck? Is I mean this? Is it's some greek statues? Oh yeah, this is there out there done if you had a fucking time machine this is really cool. If you had a time machine what culture would you go back and one with the Greeks, the Greeks was that how fucking cool was it that had that Colosseum, where Bruce Lee for justness only fucking things, I think that's Rome, brother, whatever same thing, the Romans, the Corinthians unconfused of who's, that Cynthia's in the wash that's where they became. The Romans became the Italians. The
When Theon's, who the Corinthians become white people watch, is it french, no they're the ones Jesus talk to First member Jesus told the Corinthians yeah I put there with white people, I don't know, I don't know I've checked it on my teachings of my youth may have but he's up yeah. This is this is a weird thing: why are they in Pompeii? They do a lie, but just just give it a minute. Listen to this fucking music, butt like on a steaming island God, it's amazing pictures of greek gods. I would pick ancient Egypt. I would pick. Egypt over Greece, but I think be pretty dope too, but I would like to know the fucking right when the pyramids were being built. I would love to have gone to see what the fuck they were living like they keep finding shit that keeps pushing back the date of civilization later and later and later, if
tools recently proof that civilization is at least one thousand years older than they thought it was that's a big jump. Twenty thousand years of big goddamn jump fine and stuff all the time Who knows how much stuff is still buried in Turkey. You know turkeys where, if controi turkeys, they found Go Beckley, Tempe, NG turkeys when they found. Factual in the exorcist yeah the two dogs fighting fucking world? And so you watch that again talk? I always talk about it because it's such a well made movie, oh yeah, when he's in Arabia in Africa, 'cause. That's in Africa. That's where the devil lives. Devil is in Africa, how do you know Hasbro everybody lives in Africa. Shits got Africa Brown at all at all. This whole party started in Africa. If you look Backlit off drive, it's not going to Africa. Will you Brian where's, your dog man,
You shut that door, so she cannot catch it. Okay, I just want to make sure she doesn't eat cat shit. 'cause, that's rude! It's grass! Oh! There was another thing they found recently man. I wanted to talk about this. They evidence that ah, mass amount of people were killed in London in the fifteen. Hundreds by a volcano. London, volcano deaths. I was in the middle. I was running out the door when I read this. And I do didn't get a chance to really look at it like deep in there, but this is apparently it's a recent discovery and what there? What they've decided is that from thousands of skeletons in mass graves in London's east end and they believe that many were victims of a 13th century volcanic eruption and then that's fucking crazy
they found. Wow, this is amazing man skeletons were uncovered. Next to this is a weird words field, Spitalfields spitta field market, when the news new spittle spittle square. What kind of name is that new, spittle square uh development started twenty years ago, so I guess they started digging and they found this shit a ten year. Ecological investigation by the Museum of London has discovered that the likely cause to be volcano. Which led to world temperatures, cooling down and crops failing resulting in a mass starvation holy shit. Ten thousand five hundred skeletons dating from the 12th to the 16th century were uncovered by the archaeologists, including mass burial pits
that had scientists baffled because the radiocarbon dating didn't match known events in Medieval England like the black death or the great famine. That's incredible! This is one thousand two hundred and fifty eight There was a colossal volcano in twelve fifty eight wow. This is amazing man. So this is a new discovery that such a massive global natural natural disaster. Identified in a small area of EAST London, that's incredible man. That is amazing shit. Yeah, we don't know too much. You know when they, when they really talk about history, like what we really know about the past man, we don't really know that much. We don't know dick. We just make a fucking assumptions. We dig, we dig we dig and every other week,
come up with a new fucking this. It's amazing! How much we're finding that fuck? It take a bar z that looks kinky to me too. I don't think that's fair and who gives a fuck you go to Mars. Now now thirteen dollars billion with all the shit you've got going on this fucking country Mars. For what who gives a fuck about Mars, I'm sitting there going is a pro gazing, this fucking tape they made this in Burbank. Well, this is what I think I first of all yeah they did go and it's awesome and what you spend money on: the scientific innovation for space travel, you're dealing with the cream of the crop of people that are trying to figure out how to manipulate space and matter and and transport things. And how to you know, I mean you're, dealing with the most the most knowledgeable
dentist on earth driving test for two hours strives and Joey. I mean I'm serious because what I'm saying silly telling you that everything that they do when they want to go to fucking price hikes to do fucking age, we got diseases, we got fat kids running around and what the fuck do. I give up the civic plans are Mars. Definitely we should pay attention to the first thing. You know what does it mean actually Chicago and explore the universe office they learn little by little, would fucking die in her dog this countries. Goodbye and we got time I don't give a fuck what goes on in Mars. I don't give a fuck what goes on Uncle and London, either in one thousand five hundred and twenty nine I'm going to search what's happening now, mother fucker, if you care about that shit, you got too much fucking time on your hands guy with fucking Mars. What I gotta do we got kid? We got houses, shutting the fuck down, you billions of dollars to go to model? Give a fuck behind us? Why don't you get this excited about the wars 'cause that cost one thousand times? I don't get excited and other shit because it doesn't have to what the fuck that
they've been fighting for ten years and I'm still paying five dollars for fucking gas guy did the money we're spending on the war is a billion billions and billions and billions garbage every fucking year. Now we gotta spend more fucking money, I'm going to Mars. It's bad luck for fucking Afghanistan, Norris things, a positive thing. The Mars thing they're going to get innovation out of this project is not need them in everything else. It's going to eventually lead to who knows what kind of space travel eventually we're going to? Have you never going to go and I'm never going to give us well, it got to do with us. That's what the problem with outsiders: weak ass, oh shit! They got nothing to fucking, do with uh. This is why I care about it. 'cause, it's cool as fuck when that thing lands on Mars. It starts taking pictures and sending it through the sky, and I see a room full of people. Who've worked on nothing, but this for years, jumping up and down here or think it's fucking awesome scores, and I pick up an envelope at the bucket thing. Alright, you're going to jump up and down for somebody landed in markets like a bunch of fucking dicks that they were with with blue shirts on his shit. Jumping up in Philly. That's their ultimate NASA is NASA understand,
so ten years ago, we hung out for years, and you would talk about the moon. Landing was fake. Now all send you happy about bucking Lawrence guy. Come on. Give me a fucking break with you. Are they all connected since the Pinamar Shores connect buyers that goes on everyday, its waste of thought? We got I think the front gas is five dollars attack. We got this mill proxy guy who's, a fucking comedy cock, sucker fuck from Idaho and Utah, where the fuck is from against Obama. Daughter, that's going on good days, his wife, 'cause she's. My Fuck it get fucking skinny, that's it. I mean what the fuck, what the fuck we only the president, we don't. We don't have somebody to both for the next four years and worried about Fucking Mars, Joe Rogan, really about fucking what happened in England in one thousand five hundred and twenty nine we need to fucking know what's going to happen in the next three years. You know what dog you're right, I'm about to have a baby I'm fucking scared, because what is he going to happen? Forty years we're going to have we're going to be getting fucked in the ass by Arabs by a bunch
white people we landed on more go see if the Arabs are jumping up and down death. Fucking wait till we get those wipe if they get excited like that about landing in Mars, wait till they sniffed this Arribas Olas there sucking my dick does my learn. How does my daughter have to learn Spanish, or does she have to learn add within the next twenty fucking years. That's why I'm worried about dog. This might have to go to school with eighty fucking foreigners order
that's what I worry about so FUCK, Mars bro. I wanna hear bout Fucking Mars and a bunch of fucking watch me fuck with glasses, jumping up and down 'cause we landed on Mars. There's a Tyler fucking mortgage is upside down this country. Fucking people stand actually, but are you going to stop doing stand up? No, I'm not going to stop going. So why would they stop pulling up Rover on Mars? So much much! That's what date Joyce! That's what they do! That's what they know level there are. There are creating something their art is creating something that can fly through fucking space for a year. That's great landing on your fucking time. When I get there haha and I think they paid main these mother fuckers are using my money to go to fucking Mars. They take a half of your fucking check, but taking half of my fucking check to go to Mars mother Fucker, you get angry when they take that money and they go to war. I don't even think about it. The war is something more than what we need war war
What how much money do we make by going tomorrow when we're gonna put a burger king on my mind, I think we need more. What are we gonna put on all the way? How we gotta pick up an envelope is marrying a Jew they're in a fucking Juliet's happy right now, but what's going on, this podcast is sponsored by ear doctors all across America, the conspiracy that black helicopters have hired Joey to make people blow their ear drums out that pissed off spirit. So many things going on this garden. Schools are closing fucking people who stimorol cities to clone human bastard and we gotta go to fucking bars to give a fuck, listen Joey. I suppose I support your hubris on this and listen, but I don't mind we gotta send pre puerto rican with a stabbing, a rab that needs to be done. I'm going to blow up a fucking building or three black guy, a stab in a Rab. That's what needs to be the war is money to, bottom line: the square root of war guy is ditas and we've all known, that devious. That's square root of money. I don't see
this and that's going to Mars, except taking a bunch, rich people in charge them to take, and why there's a cool, let me explain to you to every: fucking drone, that's flying in Pakistan and taken out Al Qaeda. If you believe in that shit built, I agreed by scientists and beautiful, and I'm with you, if you want to argue about keeping people safe, the best way to keep people safe. Look, I'm not I'm not saying that. I advocate drones, because I'll fuck load of civilians have died from the use of drone attack, but if they eventually get that should wire to the point where they can kill everybody, they want to kill. That's where it's the scientist that are involved in making that share the same scientists that are involved in making all sorts of love and spacecraft and aircraft. I love him that that makes a technology man you want to kill somebody. I want to see the bullet that only data, I just I just go like this and a hitch in your head blows up. I have get the scientists, but not
now billions of dollars to go to Philmont Joey. That is a tiny fraction of what our military budget is. It's a tiny fraction fighting for freedom. What does Mars has to do with us is a martian gonna, come back to Vegas Vague, essentially, that's a crazy thing that says you are Saturday MID. I wonder the is fighting for our freedom is that why were in countries that have absolutely nothing to do with us? That's why come on man? That's on man! That's that fucking flag brother. But what good would bad? We got kill someone's gotta break a fucking few harmless to fucking, make anomaly gotta break some eggs to make a few armor whenever they're doing it's a lot better than fucking. They're selling drugs, the CIA cells called a lease that make the money Mars and I'm not. What you hear is the big thing, Joe. I said every time every time they send something to like March or the did these missions they're also doing hundreds of experiments, and these experiments are our experience at that. We can't do you, know,
you, know it in a down on earth. Were you in a lot of these experiments, lead to other things that that do help us out like cures for cancer and and time travel? Let's get the queue list on Joe has to be a dollar. It's going to be it's going to come a point in time if we follow the path that we're on right now, where we might not be living on this fucking planet anymore or human beings might pollute this motherfucker the point we're going to want to escape and what do is going to send shit to Mars to terra form. Just they did in the movie aliens and they're going to put a fucking fake atmosphere on Mars
gonna to be a little escape. Colonies can actually be dead to do I don't I'm know what now to do it, I'm alive right now and when something lands on Mars, I get shit out yeah. I the to see that that looking at the photos like that that it like there been people that have like on looks like fucking that resulted well, you know Arizona. Well, you know it doesn't there's you know there is there's a real theory. That's a fascinating theory that Mars used to inhabit life that used to have an atmosphere, but it was hit by an asteroid and That's one of the reasons why they want to keep setting things there and get the test, because if it was a planet that supported life like ours, but then it it by an asteroid. We realized that we've had mass extinctions on this planet at least two of them that were caused by asteroids. You know hundreds of millions years ago and then sixty five million years ago. They know there's been some just doozies that have landed but
it's possible that one could land that just kills the whole thing and that's a wrap me ask you something: what's that Do you sell? Can you sell an asteroid, could bring an asteroid to check, set a dog I'm here to get my fucking money for asteroid vote for this year? Did you feel gonna write in Doug Stanhope? That's what I was thinking she was going on in this country. We could get a how people people get it goes on this country, Joe Rogan. You install intelligent guy, I'm a fucking, MOE Moe, and I know that those both of you are bums yeah. You just looking at my face and told me you're not somebody, who's running for press in this country. You and another fucking million people feel well. This is the real problem. We feel that way. They're going to have to they're going to have to restructure this whole fucking thing. The way
this thing works now. The first of all that with getting people to office is absolute horseshit. This whole electoral college that might have work when there was one hundred fucking farmers out there in the middle of Pennsylvania, and that's it that's not going to fly anymore, that's stupid. The electoral college is ridiculous. It should be one person, one vote. One adult one vote should be able to vote online. You fucks, it should be real simple. You should be able to register with a personal id number. Like your credit card information. There should be some steps that you have to go to often indicate authenticate authentic authenticate your identity and then as soon as they authorize. Thank you as soon as they get you and then identify you. Then you should be able to vote it shouldn't, be some crazy, elect, world college and you have to go to some place in your register and it's difficult to get in line to vote. You gotta, wait and get off work and you wanna go vote. So I'm going to leave now and beat the Russian come on and one thousand and twelve had a felony since one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven and there's still
locking up sending me shit. The vote that's funny well every year and they sent me jury duty, I gotta go down every fucking for months and argue with those people dance hilarious. They send me jewelry dragon. Then you do a background check. Yes, you're eligible for June do you believe that a panda you're eligible for jury duty. So I can you fuck to a fucking nineteen felonies and I'm eligible for the fucking. You had to pay a turning to get you out of that. Well, I had a lie because I had to tell him I had a movie. I was going somewhere else, so you gotta do what you gotta. Do you uh sorry about that trouble ball. Fucking me up. I think it's all right. I know what you're doing just having fun fuck? No, I watched I watch these little men fly through the air barefoot watch a little tight son and I watched the can't watch the back good boy. What's the gymnastics about it's interesting light when it's happening, it is a sort of what what I like about the Olympics is. It becomes like sort of a national festivity, a giver, but is like everybody's at home rooting for us and excited. Apparently the bar.
Sing team had the worst showing ever the boxing team. Didn't metal at all is really fun jobs like the first time ever. There was one of my medical bills box in the wonder. If that's what people said it, you know what, then I am telling you know what I bet you're right. I was watching wrestling today when I was it. A lot rests on was on the set yeah, so I didn't really understand what's going on, but the, but now when I'm with that the June, cuban guy. He hit the reference from the jury, so yes taekwondo guy, so it is the ref in the face. I saw this basketball game where somebody just like seriously just ran in the guy in pretty much almost punched through phases ball out of yeah. There's a lot of people getting fuck it up tight, I mean you think about the pressure involved in being in Olympics represent your whole country flying through the air or just trying to land perfect. All your life has been built up for this moment to practice
all for this one moment. Disk ruling yourself through the air flipping and Joe role is going to be a great fucking feeling it's gotta, be a great feeling to win a medal just got to be a great feeling to just be able to go to the Olympics fuck. It is the winner silver, whatever the fuck, do you think you could drop Michael Phelps off in the middle of the ocean and he would find a way to get to the shore. Do how long do you think would take gotta drown three day, seventy days seven days, I think: You could do two days no two days with a couple super athlete. Man he's a super athlete and it's saltwater. I just flowed oceans, got a little boy and some things brother, yeah? You show me the pool when you imagine imagine if you get dropped off, ok to your right in one mile an island to your left in two thousand miles? Is the shore and where do you go you go?
after you go right. Did you imagine fuck? I don't know which way to go, but you don't know where the island is. You don't know you're in the middle. All you see you could get in a spot in the water. Where all you see is water. Could you imagine that decision go laugh or go right? How do you trust your instincts? How do you not? Second guess yourself? detune yourself into true north. How do you know where the fucking landed about those fucking Cubans? Bro? Oh yeah, all the shit and tell him that you have and they have systems like this people. I've done it and then failed and come back and these guys, like the people who come over and help you like this, what you gotta do you gotta go down, yeah, leave it with the tile is high. You know this or you just don't get in the Fucking Ocean swim. They have like a whole process. You have to go in the
that is not the blondie song when the eyes I am one I wanna be on bo uh, uh uh. I think about you know when you that's why, when you have always said to me and Nick B s whims whatever they found out the trash. I got to tell you. That's one of the roughest waters. That's one of the coldest water one of most shark infested waters. You could be in a pool and it's sixty degrees right, but once you jump in a fuckin ocean, I don't know how
hold. The ocean is dirty. Maybe it's called thirty, but I would be ice, but I didn't know that it fucking make you slow down yeah. You know it does something to your joint into you to your muscle contracts, your it's too yeah. Oh you getting cold. Water is really hard to breathe. It was you know that dude who's, ah W W E star the Miz. You know who he is and I think he was on like real world or something like that. One of those shows, but then he was a pro wrestler and came on fear factor once and I'm telling you man, we had a lot of people on fear factor, but this fucker was the most fit guy. We ever had on fear factor period like no doubt he would do hundreds of those body. Weight squats and he was a wrestler and like to do- is like in serious serious condition in cold water was fucking freezing out in cold water. This mother jumped into attack
and did all this shit and moved all this for two minutes and twenty seconds, everybody else had to go up for air and go back down. Go up for Eric, go back down this to just one just jumped in and did the whole fucked, while it's freezing cold water smoke to join his life problems by eating wheat grass and running hills. Let me tell you something when I drowned at the. Why that time, that's how I almost drowned, because that's what got me what I wish. I had the why what happened seven years ago, I thought along his yard, Bro why'd. You never told us this until the bid on stage have never told Lori Bro, you never told me, you know when I was embarrassed and I went to the Y one day and I asked the guy to train me and I got on the treadmill. Like only do three minutes one piece at me now I was talking to you. I quit smoking and being out lose weight He can't he was going to hurt your joints if you walk on the treadmill he's going to pool and like you're a genius pools once I would go early and go a training pool, which is ninety degrees right, the water during the water or you could. When you gone, let degree war. You gotta, look at you, you do a back shit, you're, flipping
the water. You like fucking splash, you thrown aside kitchen through him much like Mohammed Ali, but one day I went and it was fucking the afternoon. So Olympic Pool go sign in I thought you know. I will swim for two weeks get up Do this. I got this, that's what I want. I had swam in bold in the Masters Swimming program. Federally just could a couple of weeks to get the ship back TI. I didn't know bro I signed up and I jumped in the middle lane at the YMCA in the olympic pool. That what is like, fucking, forty, two or whatever it is as soon as I hit your roman everything just froze and my that little legs woman, but I wasn't moving out to spin around in circles because I think once the water gets cold, it's even harder to maneuver. In there oh yeah, I haven't done in awhile. Listen both your body freezes up, listen, bro, embolden, I'm the witness to this in bold. Is she does that class outside year round? What master master Swimming Program is done outside oh wow,
when you get there on your bicycle, they shovel oh yeah, so you run from the floor so that suppose outside. I still gotta change inside in boulder right. Those crazy fucking wash walk from that hut to the pool there's? No, they just part the fucking snow. You know that they make a path from the pools. Heated to pool is heat it so just climb in the pool, but that's awesome the pools, not that even the jacuzzi. This is boulder. You know this is Jane. This lady was crazy. It is even if the water is heated still a stroke and when your head gets wet pop your head out and it's ten degrees outside, even if the water is ninety degrees, it still sucks. It didn't see that fucking steam coming off that water bill, but I jump into this. Why now in the middle and I'm trying to get out of their challenges to mexican kids like Mister, can we help and I'm like buck yet so they try to pull me. They can't pull me up, so they will get. You will save you and they go and they brought a hoisting
or hoist is what they put in the middle of the thing they wanted me to swim back into the middle you're going out with my fat little orca body and they were going to pull me out like they pulled orca. That's a hoist right and I'm dog I'm drowning. Here I can't go back to the middle and constantly they call the ambulance. So the ambulance came, but I didn't sign. I am paying the one thousand eight hundred I ran out of there before I happy. I got the fuck outta there before the ambulance came as they were coming and with the thing I was walking out, and I never back to the wife for about six months. I was so to embarrass almost but the Hollywood. Why bro wow just on bad just wanted to that water and it was cold and my lungs just fucking froze stop. How often you working out now four, but on that swimming? Did you change anything about your diet when you, when we did that MIKE told J pop yeah? But you know I like to dole chased up, but I don't like I don't like a lot of weird vegetables. I never have and I'm not gonna eat him at this song.
Not going to really fucking. I eat a man, I what what I it done. That's really been good, as I finally got the spark of water in my kitchen, and I don't drink soda, so I could see it in the water. That's that a lot more, you know water, You gotta get in your head to water tastes, fucking good. While it tastes good, it tastes good. You know it's not like Cole I wanna eat. A soda like sometimes warrant is better than a soda like he just in your head, the sodas like the naughty thing, but a meatball sandwich. You got to get a beer with you, I'm saying we're gonna get a sausage sandwich right now I gotta get a Heineken. You know that things that you gotta get a cocktail with or flock of some hundreds and taste good with some has no taste to art. Well, when you're talking about you for enjoyment for food yeah for sure
but like as far as like a clean taste. If water was rare- and you know and may very well be someday and may very well be someday that Argentina, our future generations, we fucked up so bad that water becomes like valuable. I looked up, but you can only drink soda. I did look up what you told we were in trouble, as far as why they're leasing out these rivers bro yeah, we we discuss summer for water. I think they least. I don't know how many fucking rivers in two thousand for bottled waters for bottled water. It's so funny. If you think about water, because you water, new water, hasn't been made for millions of years years. So, like we're fucking, you know drinking water that Jesus pooped out at one point you know the the water just gets recycled in recycled and stuff, like that. It actually comes here in asteroids to come here in comments, yeah, see a comet flying across the sky. That trail, that's trail, that's melting ice. So we get
really small amounts of water from world the earth from the earth was born. You know we have been hit by you know many many different asteroids and many bodies from outer space, but very likely been hit by giant slabs of ice from outer space and that the water that we have on this earth comes from the planets and that Everything in this world is extraterrestrial because the whole the whole planet has been created by things that have come from other planets that have been sucked into it. It's not like you know, wasn't like there was a thing and it was the earth and all the thing the earth was nailed by asteroids, the moon is created because it was hit by another planet like a lot of shit, has hit it and comments have hit the earth apparently and dropped water, and that's like where all the water comes from yeah, but isn't it like? on fire when it's entering the earth. It's just too big. You know you're talking about a piece of ice, that's who knows they fucking miles wide and it actually survives reentry and I mean, did you try to wrap your head around that try to have?
I hope, your head around a piece of ice that can survive reentry? How big does that have to be? This? Guy is falling only who live in boulder. You know you do all that. You smoke your dope and you go to a lot of things. Let me just something that might not survive. Reentry entry might burn up in the atmosphere becomes storms, the fuck knows I don't know how many of them actually do land, but I do know that the water that we have is from a lot of it. They believe is from like Pennsbury of the idea that comes from asteroids, so you can almost say that our waters could be being ingredients added to it from from aliens. Well, you could be when the water did come here. Water did come here could have had biological entities frozen side of it. That's how they give us. The firmware upgrades is from fucking comment water. There like they were gonna yeah. Well, that could be that that's what asteroids are is like. The reset bought software updates. It's a reset button. Let's why they had to get rid of dinosaurs. They got too crazy, like maybe the dinosaurs were like a good idea to be like tigers, we kind of keep control of them, but still maintain some sort of a civilization
t. Rex just got way too fucking big. You know this giant huge lizard just running through villages eating people, so they had to just Jagmal start fresh boom meteor impact one of those geniuses in bold. I took a course from time. Revolution. Just some shitty three credit thing. This guy was saying that the world was a lot fucking, bigger and circumference diameter. I mean but over the years before you were saying all the hits it's gotten down it gets smaller. That's when he was fear, that's what his theory Is that theory, whatever this is twenty years ago, right right, but he was saying you think about it. He goes all these with the bottom. He goes even when we walk around bold and all those mountains with the bottom of that that was bigger at one time, yeah these people, whatever felt that it was big, You just been getting it for the la
million years. Well, it's really creepy. When you look at the moon, because the moon is not anything up there, just this one surface color! You know it doesn't vary that much. So when you look at all you're seeing is these fucking craters? There's no app! sphere, so they don't get burnt up. They just hit it. So you just see, don't whom do everywhere. The whole thing is just pockmark like like that dudes it's from what such as names almost guy yeah. I mean come on man if. If that, if that's how many are coming at us all those holes that are on the moon. If that's a major coming out, some of those are big. There's some really big craters was the last time we got, they don't know, but speculation has been most most recent big one they think was about somewhere around twelve thousand years ago. Tend to twelve thousand years ago, 'cause they found all of this, it's a type of molten rock that occurs during nuclear tests,
and it also occurs during meteor impacts. I found it all over the world at the same core level when they do coil soil samples, then they go down to between ten and twelve thousand years. I believe it is somewhere in that range. That's where keep finding it over the earth and that's also significantly when the end of the ice age sort of is like if you it's sort of coinciding with the same time. Like you know ten thousand years ago, you know that's why people were making their way across here from from rush the Bering Strait. That's that's is the the whole ice age of ten thousand years ago. Ended abruptly and a lot of animals died in mass extinction. Events like woolly, mammoths, Saber tooth TIGERS, died in mass graves and the speculation is that was the last big meteor shower and that somewhere around ten to twelve thousand years ago, you know
most of Civilization- got fucked. So we start all over again. A lot of people started all over again, and that explains a lot of things explains a lot of ancient buildings that nobody knows how the fuck they build them. It's most most likely that we went on a. We had gotten a very high level of sophistication. As said we they, the people in a bunch of different shit, but we went in a totally different path once we rebuilt and the tarp when we rebuilt, was a little bit more lost and became more technological in nature, but you can deny the shit that they built just this to stuff they built in in Greece. You know just look at the Acropolis and the Parthenon and think these motherfuckers built that ship, thousands and thousands of years ago, on top of some shit that was from thousands of years before that might have been a super advanced culture. We got fucked up by me as I get a little fucked up all this stuff that they have in Greece. Now with this also greek mythology medusa
clash of the Titans, I'm just asking you guys when the fuck was clad, not this shit. They came out with the original, with Mark Hamill, whatever that mother Fucker time is the original. I think what it is. I think, if I had to guess with the greek gods were all about, I would have to guess have to have. First of all, some sort of an explanation for storms- and you know We don't have to deal with too much fucking weather here in sunny California. We getting pretty soft because of that. But if you live on the EAST coast and you've been anywhere near hurricane, you know how God Damn terrifying mother nature can be if you're living in Greece, I'm I'm assuming they get some sort of storms, I'm assuming their leaders would have to have some sort of an explanation of what the fuck is going on and I think the form of expression in the in creativity. They figured out a way to create Thor and Zeus and create this whole, mythology behind it, and it was probably just
to calm everybody. The fuck down, keep everybody together. They probably have some sort of an explanation. What is the lightning? What is this? and then Thor he's the God of thunder. Okay up there shooting lightning bolts down he's actually in a fight with his brother who's. A dick, his brother's name is Loki. Loki wants a run, shit and he's an ass all right. So what about gladiator then this is that wasn't that one odin and is Odin it was that was uses around yeah. I'm gonna ask you does that he was a graduate as role as the roman gladiators. Like you know what good I was. I was in yeah what face the actor give. So he knows was his last great movie right. That was
just one every day, yeah that was the bad guys iconic, that's like that, puts him in list of all the folks name, Russell Crowe wrote that puts him in a list of all time greatest movie stars. Yes, the the handful five or ten dudes he's right in there is a great because the man I love them, amazing. We love. You know. I know it was great in that can't that cigarette movie, the Acsi insider. Yes, you will that's he that I can really abandon himself into apart he's one of those few dudes, those foods that can really obici knows that too right view side. Yes, the Chino that was which you know plays a reporter from sixty minutes. So that's right, I have his boss was glad and whatever he's good yeah, I still appreciate the fuck out of a great movie like that, but it's man, it's just it's hard. It's hard to find a good one. It's hard to find him like that. You know go back and watch like a movie from the 70s when they were really like art pieces. You know like they had big art pieces,
like Lamons Jerusalem on Steve, Mcqueen and watch that recently have minds. Is fucking? Nobody even talks for the first, like fifteen minutes of that movie, it's a bunch of shit happening where you watch them this guy living his life I mean he's driving his car, he doesn't say anything he goes to locker room, he doesn't say anything. I mean it's like watching everything go out there. It's telling you a story without a single word: fascinating and I think If you're going to use the visual medium of movie. That is one of the coolest ways to tell a story, because you don't I mean that is the something that you cannot achieve. In writing. I mean if you say that it can never live up to the writing. Although this is we're showing you things with no dialogue whatsoever, you know like paint
that's like one of the best ways you can create with a visual medium. You know to not even use. The word show me some shit bait me into this conversation. 'cause, you know what's going to come, where is it going to go back to the best movies when were they made? You know if you watch the best songs where they made when they didn't really know what they were doing yet Lamont. If I put lemon on for fucking red band, red band will throw me out of his house, because red band is part of uh you know today we want to fast like if you watch anything from the 70s. It's a tough luck, hello. I don't get the guy father's easy. The axis is easy, but how will best was warranted? They are not. I have twitter attention spend all day that and that's what you have to understand. So we tell you you know I watch your movie, the they were great movie, the friends, the coil with a crazy fucking movie, and it still
with the wrong people in the room we're going to go Joe. It you gotta change it before I found some fault. I learned that from Anthony Bordain too, I was watching his show on Boston. He did a show on Boston. Now grew up in Boston side. I was excited by it pretty interesting. He decided to hang out mostly in South Boston, hung around and like like weird little place, to get lobster sandwiches and world boxing gyms and shit, but then they brought up that movie. I had never heard of it. Robert Mitchum movies from was is from the seventy three. This movie create those and if you watch him with a lot of character, actor actor actors, but those movies pieces of summer. We. When would we discuss this when Charles Bronson comes out and he goes did you bring all? Is for Maine no one horse. You know too many fucked up fucked up is like yeah. Well now you brought one too many yeah, oh yeah, one two that takes fifteen fucking minutes that scene, go Joey changes when he gets the train, the bell rings, the crow flies three guys
walk this way. Three guys walk this way again, make sure if you want to go back to movie bad asses all time great movie, bad asses in opinion. No one can fuck with Charles Bronson. You can't fuck with Charles Johnson movie bad asses, legitimate, real movie, bad asses. You know, as far as like, like a guy who you really believed, I believed him in hard times. Okay, you know, but Clint Eastwood little Bit, but he did comedies like every which way but loose, and when you do those it's the little the the did. There is a little something lost Charles Bronson never did a stupid comedy. That was not funny. You know.
Still one has Stallone had them along with his mother, yeah yeah yeahs stop my mom will shoot yeah I was going. I don't know what was on it. We're Russell do it down. He was a cop and yeah Dale and it's one of the worst movies of all time. The dialogue is so bad in the movie with him and Kurt Russell that people like to replay it they do, it is, like fear, are of as a performance art because the the leader exercise every the though the words rather the the dialogue, the one he did with his wife Nielsen yeah go ahead. Happy anyway, was at cobra cold. He had do. Crazy is because this guy again I will use a gun. I wouldn't have the oldest guy you get. It's got a glance. You'll might gonna be an old car. He had this old box car and he's like racing people that are in like modern cars. You know catching them and come on man only males old torpedoes. You know, what do you make good movies revision? Faced was good yeah. The song was from alloy
The Flash Bush yeah that was his first was for. Henry Winkler was much filtering. Let ring outside. Let me talk to this yeah. You know he talked to God most of one. When he was the fighter, not rocky, it was looking Stallone he's. He can act, his fucking ass off. He It does a lot of shitty movies, so they pay them Lena Dick. He made us along with arm wrestled. Oh, I don't remember that, because this kid top was that over the top, what was the one where he went to jail and he broke himself with the car hit the kid from King of queens, they had the car yeah, the italian kid that used to hang out with Kevin James and that there's skinny kid that go. Look it up. He did a movie that came out. I was in the halfway house, nine thousand one hundred and ninety plus, I don't know, it allowed the movie where he goes to jail, and then they work on a car. Remember they worked on a car and the car was fast and it brought him back and please
please look it up, because I I'm not going to make it look a brahmin look ahead. Please wanna make it look up with what did you even just say just go to fucking Sylvester Stallone and look at one thousand nine hundred and ninety and see what movie came out and you can see the thing we're talking about it. What you put on my glasses- I can't do this. I can. I want to know when you're in a movie is because I don't care enough just because of if you think that that movie you take it, bad, the one with karate with the kid the bounce, you got a long road house yeah. That house is amazing. Roadhouse is bad. This is right. It's not bad road house is so bad. It's good! That's why roadhouse road ass is my favorite hotel movie. If I'm flipping through the channels out of respect, if road house comes on and keep it on, if I'm the Johnson or any other movie, comes on I'll I'll see what else is on I'll? Just keep changing much Melissa, but not that day. This is the way first movie that you leave on, because it's so bad when he
the wire when it takes the guy's intestines and he flies out the door first. Well. Why would you watch that, because I'm high and I can't find the remote in a hotel room lock? I like a lot of friends of the mexican so mexican. So I gotta watch the lock up lock up, thank you. He works the car and then the warden tell if you fix the car I'm going to shut you up parole off, so he has the get up toward it's like the longest cause. Yeah trust me: tried to watch the new Aryan. I tried to watch the New Sherlock Holmes Movie and we were like the fuck, is this: what do they do? They do they just put this together in a week it was
like so clunky like the flag. Want was clunky. The dialogue was like Sherlock. Holmes is one of those characters that that that was cool. If it was a book you know back in the old days, but now it's like hey. Do you want me, which was already boy they it up? I got the yeah Robert Downey Junior. They got it right. The first one I thought the first truck comes movie was good, but this is the latest one was like: what are you doing this? Like a parity? It is not good that that that new movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger Bruce Willis all expendables. It's going to be awesome, you things worse, it is so if you want to go see that kind of movie it's going to be on his looks, or I never saw the first. We got to know what that is. That's that's like I'm, a champ driving the muscle car. It's just crazy watch like I saw the preview and ours was a. It goes back and I'm like. Are you kidding me he's really, of course, he'll say that manager in the theater and he gets out there any locks in LOS struggles. I'm back you go specially. You
14u live in still think about that. If you were fourteen, you were back in Ohio. Would you not go crazy for this move? It would be like who the fuck is our own sorts. I don't give a shit about this dude, you always in the shooting. Maybe it's on HBO that one time you know like kids, if you watched Terminator right now, you're like who cares, but I got transformers with kids like carbonators? We Arnold Schwarzenegger Good, but I it's good like that, will not think that's good. I watched Superman the other day and I watched Batman with B, return, Batman or whatever the one with Michelle Pfeiffer and Danny Devito as the Joker. How about when that was horrible, are almost awful to. Why was that Michael Douglas, Michael yeah, I don't know I might make you can like make the think in my head. No Michael Keaton was the best, but I mean I like Michael Keaton. I watched what it does the biggest pile should ever. I can't believe I ever thought that movie was good. How can I watch Superman was like this? Is the dog miss cheesiest fucking move.
However, they put Richard Pryor Superman Tool, one of three or four think it was. But super metric here, like a part, was like prior, like this one girl Lois Lane, like he pushed over the edge or something like that, and then he, jumped over the edge and then he went and got her got her, but then he's like they didn't explain like he was Clark Kent or what is the name, character, Clark him right. He was Clark Clint when he jumped off when he supposedly like changes clothes while he was falling and then put his clothes somewhere and then like grab. Hey is like so many dumb things like that. Well, Superman is supposed to be on the move, faster speed of rights. He could do that, but I know it, but it was really horribly done well, I'm sure read screen flying over you're just sitting there like this, so fake. I'm have. What out of this movie? Is that your your guys are obviously not flying right now it was that bad. So anyways you see a thirteen year old kid watch that movie he's never going to get into that
yeah. Well, one thing that kids get today, though, that they never got before. Is you get a history of cinema like in a full full like they get to see a vast difference between, like King Kong from the nineteen thirties, and a movie of today, I mean it's a it's amazing. If you watch, if you're a kid today and you watch like old movies, they it's gonna be a real mind. Fuck like how stupid were people that they thought that was cool we've seen it a little bit, because I remember when I was a kid growing up. I was really into special effects from monster movies and Harry Housing. I think that's guys. Harry was in the same whatever the guy's name was. That was the animation dude who did like King Kong and Rick Baker. We did all the shit, for he did american werewolf in London and, like really cool like special specs type shit- and I remember thinking like it's amazing, like from the 1930s to the 1980s, like look at how much better they've gotten through the 1970s. Remember thinking that, like wow, they were terrible back in those king Kong days, but you look
now and through our lifetimes things have reached critical mass they've, gotten, really crazy to the point where you're seeing official like everything like you're, seeing asteroid impacts, alien invasions, all these different things in movies. That look incredibly realistic. I mean incredibly realistic, like undiscernable, like you, don't know, what's fake and what's rail I aliens the other night, it doesn't hold, no. No no did moving the suspense still holds up, but there's a scene where the fucking spaceship is flying through the clouds looks so bad. It looks like a Saturday night LIVE episode. It looks like tunes is the cat is driving the spaceship missed. It didn't even look remotely real. I was like this is so fucking. It's so takes me out of this moving like it's so clunky You know the other night I I want to do common. I got home as I walk in the fucking door. I salon to see who's on Letterman who's on whether it's the first thing I do and something
scroll down, HBO and it's mister majestic. That's when they break mister. That's when they Charles Bronson's water balance, I have a friend, that's that's. I have a friend, that's a big Charles Bronson friend, I called Michael. It's one thousand two hundred and thirty. Here in California, I was going to go to but I guess not mister majestic suddenly looked he's asleep because dog, what the he gotta stay my favorite Charles Brown's, going to be killing white people and I'll call me in the morning. He just hangs up on me with that. I timed it. He started beating up people at the sixteen minute mark. Classic. The first thing he did is he hits do in the dick with a shotgun, his boy and then the guy was playing music on the speaker and he shot up up and it to get them sickens off the thing I fell asleep. It was too fucking slow yeah. That was one of those movies that was great in nineteen eighty, how to watch it, but you watch it now and it's funny 'cause. When I first moved to Colorado and Aspen, they only have ESPN twelve one station and it was just getting started played that movie three times a week,
it, was a six o'clock movie. So I watch that I was broke. I would watch every night so I know that movie front and back it's just you're right just times alone, hard times, death wish the mechanic mechanic there's a couple movies he made are you know story. I heard about what they did, the magnificent seven and they all the cabinet listen dog. We can't let this fucking Yul Brenner. Steel are fucking. He were Americans this guy, the fucking. What we did we make the king and I yeah, and they were like- are you kidding me? Where is Yule Brenner from you will bring his light from some other country is so this is an american movie and it was you know, Steve Mcqueen, James Colburn, Charles Bronson, in the language torture, this mother fuck, so they would torture me now they would fucking abuse, am Qual him up from Formosa and try to wake him up in the middle night with gonna get you hang up on me, yeah man. They they got together like dog. There's no way this mother fucker is gonna, come over and steal his movie from us. So
fucking with him. Really. Would you read this? I heard it. I heard the american talking about on tv that would sound by uh. Fifty one time wow you know you get enjoy, see Scott insinuated, George. He's got one over he's, like dogs, you guys going to let some foreigner steal. Your movie fuck this mother, Fucker, versus got got got. You know he was a fucking. He was the lit he was. He was in the hustler right. Wasn't George C Scott gotten hustler, no he's in the one about cards with Steve Mcqueen, the Cincinnati kid look up the I think he is yeah. He always it does have the movie yeah. He was yeah law. He was always a heavy, a pretty sure yet is he was yes, he was always a heavy those farm in the second reason ' 'cause he was in. He was a friend of mines, are like brother in law, or something like that. Have you the trailer for the new Superman Movie, a con man is still coming. There's a new Superman movie that comes out in two thousand thirteen real Russell. What's his name, Russell Crowe, so the guy that was in gladiator plays and dad and it's
come home, while you can't beat Fucking Marlon Brando's. Bad. I I yeah. So that's that's the way that the the the good part I thought it was really good, Superman J as What's his name, Gene Hackman gene Hackman was good yeah. Thank God, Superman yeah. He Bert Gordon George C Scott played Gore George, these courses at the hospital he played a heavy. You owe me money, yeah he's always a heavy he was great movie, that's another movie, the hustler nineteen. What is it's a thing of sixty three or some like that? That's another movie! That was it's! It's a well! It's like you got a like really have an attention span to watch that movie, it's a different sort of thing, There was a lot of subtlety back then, like a guy like walk in and like look at the clock and then look at a guy who work there and the guy worked. There would go over and change the clock, they wouldn't say a word look at him, Jackie Gleason looks at his watch, looks at him and the guy just changes. The united mean it's like. There was like subtlety to movies back then well. They gave you imagination. Idirect are in the 60s, seventies and
beginning of the 80s he gave you he nature mind run away with. You know what I always say that seeing the Godfather Marlon Brando goes down, the director would have showed him mmm. This director pulled it back and let the wind blow and he showed the fucking things from fruit shaking they didn't show Marlon Brando the beauty of this. He didn't shoot, Marlon Brando straight. He shot it. This way, Somalia and it was dead somewhere in that corner that you yeah you already judging like. Where is he he just died? a time where is you're trying to look, he didn't give it to you that was, system that was artistic. It was a different. You know that guys, a great fucking directed today. We have a few couple directors but that show you that imagination, but when you leave there fuck shit, you had a little bit. I think, what's going on now too, is that there's so much money involved and make it a movie and there's so many different people involved in like their opinions, and you know when you get one hundred million dollar investment in some crazy ass movie unless you're James Cameron, where you could just run the show.
The guy like every go, because James Cavities Logan tells everybody what to do is an asshole, that's. What he has to This is the only one way to make a titanic. You have one guy who's powerful as fuck with the crazy vision, otherwise you're going to butcher it. You know we're not going to make an avatar. You gotta have one guy who put this whole fucking wacky thing together. I think the Expendables is art. No, it's a marketing ploy, it is eight fucking guys won't take a pay cut. They gonna make two hundred fucking million going back at me. How far to say that, but it is our children's road house, that's what it is with this stupid. Ass movie is going to be all these movies that are like really fun and ridiculous, even though they're pointless going to be a little funny shit that our kids laugh at like how stupid is this? It's like. Have you ever watched missing in action? All praise be to chuck Norris you ever missing in action. So there's a guy that I'm horrible movies, but there are they are awesome in their horribleness all respect the fucking home Homey made some good movies with Chuck Norris.
Chuck Norris made. Was that one cop movie that it made was that was super low in Chicago yeah, so in Chicago pull that out? Yes with that other dude yeah yeah? Well, he eighty three call silence code of silence, that is because Jim Movie Lumbia he was a bad mother. Fucker in that movie. I put his performance in that movie up with anybody up with what he would complain to legit God, but you had two more barely even use much karate in that movie. He like he had to kick a couple of tasks, but that was a real moving. The pool hall he's the first guy ever before Steven Sagal and that movie that he put the who born in the thing and started hitting peep it relieves the gal stole it out for justice. We know where is Bobby Lupo later on, but double check, but please tell me the name: noises earlier movies. This is code of silence was in eight thousand five hundred and eighty five. That was a good move once before: cold asylums, baby invasion, USA Delta force that garbage
oh actually, those air after it before that. I'm sorry won't lone Wolf, Mcquade West at what's before long move, Mcquaid was still karate movie, because that was David, Carradine Dean and Chuck Norris would go at it at the end, in the big fucking ultimate finale karate scene that you knew Chuck Norris is gonna win because it's his movie. There was no drama in that big for that movie. Oh there's a bunch man forced vengeance, silent rage and eye for an eye. The octagon unlocked the gun before the city. What what about that's? One thousand nine hundred and eighty a force of one that was a good one. That was a good one of what's the good guys were black. That was good. That was a good one. Fuck some people up in the beginning, yeah and then way back the first movie ever had was sixty eight, the green berets and the wrecking crew. He was like the guest was like had a tiny ass roll and then in seventy two. He was in the way of the dragon bitches.
And that's that was it at launch time save the beginning bro. He had to him. He had more long, jevity Kassig Alley, you tap After the Brooklyn movie, once somebody shot Bobby loopy like I'm not putting up with this fuck, it's good guys, wear black, that really long as good guys with weird I'm really good for looking his career there's like a couple years, we didn't do any movies. He had seventy two, seven thousand three hundred and seventy four and then seven thousand five hundred and seventy six seven and then seven between seventy five and seven thousand and seventy didn't work, and then he did breaker breaker, that's what he wanted. You know know know: that's only sold tank sudo and why was he fighting before seventy two really yeah set up before Bruce Lee that he, let me tell you something about Chuck Norris. You know people joke about Chuck, Norris, Chuck Norris back in his day was a delete, real bad mother, fuck body and fun way of the dragon. He was a lid shit, bad mother, Fucker back then the level of
martial arts back then you know there was a few guys that were representing at the top level of martial arts. He was one of the many or kidess he was one of them there's a few of those guys back then and Chuck Norris was, is legitimately see. Benny, I get happy he's a. I got every time I see Benny. I get happy I'll. Tell you if you mention the Bell yet Jim is right down from that guy too, but you see at the gym everyday. Let him get you in a headlock. No, is you at the gym? Everyday? I don't know, I don't know scheduled by the way I stop by at each school. Last night I gotta tell you something round. The rowsey's vet a fucking stroke, she's, a beast man she's very funny, some tap a dude. I was watching her like he first or he was teaching some high level shit last night. He was on a roll last night. I went yes say the daytime last night yeah. He was he's not on a roll lately, he's been on a roll, but last night. He was teaching some high level shit there and when she passed out foot over,
his powerful legs behind feli. I love great arm boy. There are bars, are nasty she's, a strong woman, guys she gets ahold of your arm. She she knows. She doesn't just know how to get an arm bar. She knows how to correct as you're correcting so she knows she knows to anticipate like, like here, for instance, like this is a way to get a person in an arm bar. You got to extend their arm like that. So if you think that someone's going to try to armbar you, the first thing you do is turn your hand this way and the Turning in this way is because then straighten it out. You force it like to do what they want. They want to straighten your arm out, so you turn it like that and then go like this, so that way when they pull on the arm. It's going to go with the joint it's going to be, and then that's their job to try to turn it back around she's, a master at adjusting that armbar
and making sure that once she locks the whole that arm, she rolls with them. She flipped some she's like if you watch her fight with Miesha Tate or if you watch a lot of her victories and one of the girls he dislocated her arm. The girl said she didn't tap in arms jack. She jacks everybody's arms and she's, just a master at adjusting as soon as she locks that thing up. First of all, the speed that she locks it up is nasty as fuck. Her technique is pinpoint everything's per. And she's a master at adjusting so once She grabs ahold at arm. You start flopping around, but she knows where you're going to go. You know why 'cause she puts arm bars on people every fucking day of the week, so she knows exactly what to do. There positions that when you get used to you know how a guy can get out of him. You know the defense like if you first learn a rear, naked choke and you've never choked a guy before God gets a hand on the ten day turns, and next thing you know he's out, and you don't even know what happened. But if you,
a good at it. You know what a guy can do to get out, and so you stop all that shit from anticipated, anticipated and the more you roll. The more mat time you get, the more reps you get the more time you spend actually choking people do better, you get it. There's just no way around it or Rhonda is got to that point that now point point that someone gets to a certain moves like with Cody Mckenzie. Is that crazy guy Tina gets people in with Rhonda? It's that nutty armbar man she's got a lot of other techniques and her defense is good too 'cause. Miesha Tate is also a bad mother fucker and we should take out her back and she got out of that shows you that her defense is good as well, but- we should take fight next, I think so is Sarah Kaufman. So I love Miesha, Tate men. I follow on Twitter. She, I love women's fighting man. I didn't use the love women's fighting does, but now it's so a different level. Yeah yeah. Let me see what is her should say next opponent alone, I saw a great movie to watch last night. Whilst
looking shitloads of weed it's, the most trippy is fucked up movie. I've ever seen it's called a funky forest okay hold on a second. Can I answer that question? Her name was Julie, Kedzie, that's it that's what she's fighting mutates fight, Julie, Kedzie and it's a strike force and its August they're fighting August 18th her boyfriend just found. You have seen one right now, Brian Carroll. Well, I'm sorry she's fighting, also Rhonda yeah that they bought a browser. Fighting Sarah Kaufman that same night is that same night yeah. Can you please check? I think, that August something I don't think so. I think I think Rhonda's fighting another time. So there's two strike force yeah. I think so, I'm not sure I feel like Rhonda's fight is next is the next month. I believe. Let me check though Ronda around so what happen trying to get high.
I there's a movie called funky forests, the first contact and its whole areas. Maybe you have the opportunity, and so it's crazy. No, it's just a great movie to watch when you're super stoner on mushrooms, it's the. If you go on, Google are on you to be, can watch clips of it and if I showed you it, you fucking freak the fuck out. Okay, it is August, eighteenth yeah same card already. Okay, I thought I knew Charlie School. Is that that's crazy? That means it's gonna, be too big woman's fights on one card. I thought there was space it out a set up. No, that's all I saw it too. Well, you know. Batman. The reality is Rhonda is such a badass that there's been a lot of attention on the women's mma movement. Now there were there wasn't just a year two ago, when Gina Carano stop fighting when she stepped out and ran down. The other thing is, I want those like stepped up the cyborg like a bunch of time. So if you never seen, if you don't know what the
we're talking about. There's a woman named cyborg. If you were a chicken, you were fighting. What would be your biggest nightmare, so you biggest night would be a woman who is not attractive. Who looks like a man is built like a man, and she knows how to fuck people up, but I am saying that yeah want to go to war and that's almost exactly with cyborg. Is it's fuck end? She tested positive for testosterone and male hormones or whatever, whatever she had taken whatever banned substance that she had taken. It wasn't it. I think it was anavar, but I don't remember, but whatever it was it some sort of a steroid, which is what everybody accused her of everywhere anyway, so Rhonda Rowsey Center, you have a dick you, Dick she. She said a picture of Carano Gina Carano Cyborg did Rousey said that said that you know that is a cheater, so she sent a picture of Gina Carano with her face. Busted up after Cyborg beat her up and she said you have a decade dick, which is pretty fucking funny, and it was just
If you really think about it. If she really was cheating and that's what she did once she was cheating like. If she really is, I mean it is really not that many we talked about on the podcast. We even had a doctor who had Doctor Steve, call up and explain it to us. Is it possible to look like that without I'm sort of enhancement. He doesn't believe it is, he doesn't physiologically possible for a woman to be built like that, unless someone along the lines been taken, some shit. Like, if you look at those really fit Crossfit girls, those real In shape women, they look fucking tremendous, but they look like women. You know they have good arms and they have you know their thick and they have like big legs and everything like that, but they have a much more feminine look to their musculature. You know this certain level that that some women have gotten, and you know farmers one of them was the joke used to do about the the the whole no was arc was retarded boy owner which part of voice to look at a woman on steroids and tell you something right right there. Ok, you could see it soon. As you see the knack and the fucking jawline and
her upper body was, I mean she had traps. Yes, your tracks going. Okay, so I mean I understand what a woman burns. Fat attendees get small and it's, but it's for a woman to have muscle definition, 'cause. They have an extra layer of fat and all that stuff. But you could see so in Quicken Ologist, and I could tell that bitch did something. She did a lot more to see what is, gnc shake and a fucking weed a pill, you dumb saying she did something well, she could have took in that used to be legally gnc like she could, like she could've some mag ten or something like that. Was that stuff, strong strongle yeah? It was ridiculous. Gnc they banded they they used to have. I took it is called mag ten. I took it is you are in hire working like it? If you were lifting weights to notice, if you did it and took and lifted weights. I think I think the way that we take it. For other reasons. But otherwise the we. I don't remember, but maybe I did take it working on just wanted to be yoked,
I remember we did not really doing anything yeah, they got rid of it because uh it was like a steroid, it's like taking a steroid and I'm not saying you could get big without juicing, but she was at the point where you knew her face started, looking like very mad to what's really crazy, there's a video of her from her first fight ever. If, if you go back first ever she looked like a woman, she had built very differently. But like she, she she still badass she still going to war with some chick she's thrown down she's a shoot box fighter. But She looks like a woman. Her body looks like a woman, it's kind of shocking the difference, because she looks scary! Now she looks like you know she would fuck. Did she come back? I don't know you might not ever come back. Who knows you know? I don't know? Yes, you, she's got to go after under run yeah, but I mean they have to when she comes back, then she has to have a hearing to try to get her license back
you know it's not as simple as you come back like what what should come back he's due to via you do what you do the suspension, you're good. I don't know if that's necessarily true, I'm not just the stole subpoena NACA. You have to get license because I think that, like chill son and when the to fight Anderson Silva. He had to get license in Nevada, and that was a part of the thing. It wasn't just a chill son and had been that he had been banned for x amount of months. He also had to get licensed. So I don't know I don't know the whole process. I think I think this some there's a difference between a woman doing, performance enhancing drugs in a man doing them. In my opinion, when a woman starts in introducing things that just don't exist in that level, ever in our body, you know it's different thing to that. Then a guy taking like testosterone replacement therapy to try to be like a young man. Again, it's really kind of tricky. It's
it's! It's it's almost like you're. Ah, you can't go down that slippery path. Is there like? We talked about with weight, cutting thing. If everybody has to wait, cut man, man, that kind of fucks things up, it would be better if everybody didn't have to rake wait. Cut would be nice if that was the reality. Well, if women's taking male hormones. That is a mess that ruins the whole idea of the woman sport. You know if you, if you have women taking male hormones you day, there's a that's, not women, fighting anymore! That's a hybrid! That's! A a woman man, hybrid woman with male hormones like your the whole tree of life out there lucky in that this isn't just you trying to reclaim lost youth you're, creating a thing: that's not quite a woman anymore. That's what that! So you're adding some shit to a woman that doesn't belong there, and I think that has to be taken very seriously. That's horrible woman been doing so sad, so sad and that's what they have to do right, because that's what that sport demands. 'cause look it's all about
body dysmorphia at that point, when you're involved in Bodybuilding, it's just like when you a woman, you know and no disrespect to anybody who has this year. Your are too big and you're crazy. You know what you you just get like a thousand see season, though, like I want to get another two hundred like what are you doing? Stop it, like have you ever seen those videos on these people that can't stop getting bigger and bigger tit implants? They're crazy! That's that's how bodybuilders are and they get body Dysmorphia, and they just it's not about looking good like if you go back to like the Frank Zane days you go, to like before steroids. You know that guy was in tremendous shape and it was proportioned and it was all about making your body sing hard to get your body in proportion. Then it became about steroids, and then the Arnold Schwarzenegger error and then forward. You know into the like the Lee Haney era. It became about these cartoonish ma mistress human beings
it became straight Tom Platz. It became straight body dysmorphia as soon as they figured out how to add drugs into the equation. Everything got completely wacky and women. By getting wacky too, which was Frank, Zane, there's a woman who lives down the street from me and I won't say her name, but she was a very successful female bodybuilder back in the day and now she looks she's. She looks like she's paid the price for it. Man, it's sad. When you see her, she has a lot of masculine characteristics that she shouldn't have She looks like, like she fuck. The hijacker system, like she just she morphed herself? Now she morphed yourself and turn yourself into a man. Basically, it's fucking crazy man. It's crazy! Like she where is makeups, tries to be women e, but You know what she used to look like and what she did to herself. She turned herself into some sort of a masculine creation and even they get off the stuff. They still maintain some some masculine features. It's really strange, the body grows, everything gets big, you know it's
very unfortunate thing that someone decided that that looks good for women, but they take in I'm crazy. That makes you closer to a man, because the FED woman is of it says it's beautiful to look at a fit woman and to the, except that a fit woman is gonna, look different than a fit. Man is craziness that woman, a woman who is in great shape it works out, like I said, those Crossfit girls that sexy as fuck man. That's got. Girls have incredible bodies, but they look like a girl. They look like a woman who is in great shape, you go to Jojo, see see the chicken egg goes. It's crossed right, my god, my yeah got a body that don't fucking will Rhonda Rowsey doesn't like the fact that her arms real big like when she came on the podcast like? Oh, I was going to see him all yoked. You know like
to cover my cover, my sleep and we were like what are you talking about her body sensation, also it's sensational, but shall but great girl, but she's, but she is so strong that to like a guy who doesn't exercise or diet doesn't workout, like Brian she's, very intimidating, she would fuck him. She wouldn't ever. Let him be on top like how we going to get on top with Rhonda Rowsey you're, not she's gonna, she's gonna, give she weighs one forty five one, thirty five. Now this is what this means for uses ticklish off on the ticklish spot now and no matter what to stop talking to waste your great legs to do whatever you want to search. You know what size! Last night I was like: yeah yeah she's got incredible body of sixty five, but that's a woman's body. You know chance, though, there's no doubt about it. That's a woman's body. It's not! It's knows nothing creepy about that. The only time it gets creepy is when you do creepy when you do. Could be shared, that's in your body starts looking creepy, there's just no way around them and you can't male hormones and the beast feels like sexy woman, like that's just weird, but they do
kids in that bodybuilding world that, like those type of checks and they get into that man, they like it she's a freak. My girls are you got to see a quad honey showing your quads and they did have this fucking spray, tanned legs, it's like black as coal and that flex their dirty painted toes, you'll, see some striations in that thigh then like. What are you doing? Why is that there why you have this? Why is there no fat on your leg? What can I see all the fucking ligaments in the muscle, fibers under the murky, like I've, always looked at them? A little plastic? It's all tiny asshole gets flat, yeah the cheese in you go to suck the tip. That's hard right away. You gotta be fucking tripping 'cause when they, truck juice, and they get the anything in here is guys get for doing like close grip bench presses and all that distrust get a little fucking things inside their chest. That's discuss
and had also they have little titties. I looked at them like I've, been to one of those contests. Years ago my buddy competed. I went, and I was watching these chicks come look at those look at their bodies, but at least even could just save. Monkey. Could you save the monkey because all that well usually row row row? He shrinks up the clips that we can share the clip grows. Joey you ever seen a welding right grows like a due to grows like a dead dog, a list. I pull houses, checked pants off. She got a little tight little hammers, I'm I'm telling you it grows like a dick you've, seen it online I've never seen in real life. You know none your life. I've never had dated this one girl, who is a bodybuilder when I was like twenty and she was, she was from New Hampshire. It's bitch was looked out. I was twenty one. Doing comedy she was first Ross. Its first girl, as ever about that, but I know the state I die This girl wasn't like that. She was natural. There was a nineteen eighty, eight, whatever
I don't think too many chicks were doing it that way, but uh. She was. She was just so fucking down this girls crazy. We had sex, she was on her period and she suck the blood off my dick. That's how crazy this bitch was good girl, here, but you're on your period. She just looked at me and start sucking and I was like whoa god. Damn that's a that's a rare girl, my fucking faint, that's around, like that. You see like lick the clots and everything off your dick, like the big black blood clots there was no black blood clots, and fortunately it was just a lot of red, but she didn't give a fuck dude. You know what she starts sucking it. She was down when you fuck a girl in the muffler, and you put in a fucking who first invented that you, like I'm, happy she's my girlfriend on my sad. Why am I sad stuff it up a fucking. Whatever is good, you should be happy. Did you want to do that? Did it feel good that she get off on it? Then you should both be disgusting.
Cleans not that disgusting, you gotta wash it all out, though it's gotta go to work. I can can't just casually your asshole and have shit on Dixon issue. That's never happened because I blocked in faint I wake up and beat the girl merciful for having a dirty ass. But that's a scared me like that. I fucking like that. I'm in Seattle, at the bottom, the girls pussy and worked all in a girls pussy. While I was at the same chick, I found the cold either way. That's the aluminum foil, her asshole that same check with Seattle, and I was drinking you know Gallo brothers, wine cooler and I started rubbing the bottom around a little monkey. She was a stripper and I pulled the little and I started working the fucking bottle inside a little monkey. I show you know a dangerous. That is that's how Fatty Arbuckle killed a girl. Fucking story, Fatty Arbuckle Fucking is my a little monkey right and I'm down there like the fucking click and next door. Here the.
Function of the bottle had suck the period outta? Oh round vampire blood from blade shot into this one? It was little darker, but he was just disgusting bro. I fainted because I my mind. I cut it with a bottle of no. Like I cut this, you fainted for real, went down. She had a walk with all my god yeah we fucking animal. She didn't give a fuck I'm in about a month earlier I pulled the fucking little aluminum fallout error, as well as the same ground, Chicken Seattle that was a year and a half of funny great freaky stories. So many things that you stick in a girl, but you know she was a fucking. Savage, only live What have you been a savage and you really like you're. Not? Are you trying to do shit to us until she breaks up It is amazing how much people vary in like that girl that would suck the blood off your dick, that's so variable, the real freakiness like when you meet someone what they're down for with or not. You know
you ever date, a girl, you just you just start dating and she jerks you off on her tongue, while she's looking in the eye and you whoa what we just started hanging out in your opening. With this, like damn where the fuck is this going. You turn me on to something the animals called you four in the morning called your cock, sucker twenty times, because is one of the most devastating things I've seen in my life and I'm not being funny right now, but and how you sick mother watch that shit is beyond me. I finally watched that Sasha Grey Video that you referred to me when the twenty guys are fucking up and she's got a dick in her ass, but the funny but the video is, is extras in the video and then stand around jerking off with their decks waiting, and I'm sitting there going chilled Logan is a fucking lunatic for making me watch. This shit. Shot gray looks like they beat her like she sucked and fucked twenty guys, like you, sweat and that's all sweat,
it looks like she was in a workout. There were punching her she's, a fascinating chicken she's very smart. Have you better? No! No! It's interesting, though I've heard her be interviewed. I've read some of her interviews, but she's definitely definitely very smart, but so is Dana D Armond. You know she's smart too, which is weird just a tool. Know, Dana D Armond, the girl, that's on our podcast before she's done a lot of crazy shit too and she's there is a nice girl. She was on the other, the other night. She was saying she put things in her ass and then, while she's crazy, I re go to retweeted one over lines. One time it said someone asked me what is the craziest thing? That's ever been in my ass answer: cat toys, which toys, r us anymore cat toys, crazy crazy, but she's, fun, she's! Look! All I give a fuck. All I give a fuck. Are you nice Do when I meet you, are you nice person mean nice do? Can we get along and I meet her she's, always friendly? You know
judge she's nice she's really fast, it's nice to be around. I bet she's, very nice mama being worried about it yeah. Why would be worried? I'm always worried psychologically. When I see someone do one of those crazy move? these were. You was, is fifteen to jerking off in your eyeballs? like what is that, like dogs? and I was I was really disturbed like I'm like this- is crazy. That people tell me I'm dirty on stage. You gotta see this shit. This is have people but there's a market for that, like I didn't invent that, like I just peep, porn her in the fucking and that push it up. I have almost cried and will start crying like. I felt that fucking emotionally wait until you have a daughter and then you watch it yeah I watched that. Why would you watch that with your daughter, Numb set scene watch it with your? Oh, you know me. I'm saying think about the fact that you have a daughter and that your daughter could grow up to be that girl by the way I was but but here's the other problem she likes it. She says she likes it. I don't I don't want it, but
If you had to tell me hey somebody offered a SAM, Tripoli, a movie and he's going to do it and he gets to fuck. Fifteen hot girls. Sam ship would do that. Is it bad for SAM Tripoli, if he's lying there in fifteen girls are showing their pussy his face? Is that bad? No? It's not bad. So why of bad that she fucks twenty dudes bad, really, because in our mind it's badly. You shouldn't shouldn't like that. She says she likes how much do they pay like such a great any idea where I would I would I know more than anybody he's friends with all those check now days or not. I don't know nowadays they're not getting the not getting that much money like such a great for sixteen now I know a girl that just for sixty bucks for that I know a girl who wants Jenner First Anal, her first anal. I know the girl and she's like a pretty new up and up and Comer, but you would think you know for com where you think you should get a lot of money for her first time, but it was like one thousand dollars. So how fun is that up and Comer issues?
nothing coming you know, she's fucking she's got scaled the great heights. Let's come with it. You, though, yeah, but I'm saying the idea of like where you going to go one thousand dollars to get fucked in the ass but but this is like that's the whole bloody years ago. House of people see yeah a lot more than a thousand one. Second, what if it's good in box that this is no no no bonuses? How do you get out? What you are yeah white, making born your hair and make up you pay for your fake tan? You pay real every year. Yeah, you can't figure out. You pay your your hands tasks, but cleaning yourself to it is called one thousand dollars to get fun over the years you gotta take an animal to you. Gotta clean out. Your bottle is what I don't get is how guys are still guy porn stars 'cause. You know that that
it has to be like zero money guy porn star. They must be paying them a couple, one hundred dollars, at least for a lot of guys. Man like I know, dude have done porn and there was like you know. I don't want to work at Fucking Mcdonald's, so I could do this, I'm going to five hundred dollars like there's this from desperate people out there and they some girls on film. You know like a Tyler, our friend Tyler night we had on the show, is fucking great, normal regular, dude and he's out of the instant things, writing books, writing books and he's got an actual real job. Job is like a like a corporate, but he diploid from well yeah. You probably couldn't make money you make money. You know, I think you make enough to pay your bills. You know you can get by if you live cautiously and you do a lot of fucking, I don't think you're getting rich unless you like a face. You call me or joy you busy is happening not really. What's up, listen way to come on, you fuck, this chicken come on their face five hundred dollars. Six up there, that's not bad come come on somebody's face, but to get
fucked in the ass for one thousand dollars- that's just wrong. I would want at least ten gs- fifteen gs Well, the whole world changed. You know the whole world of porn completely changed. Maybe when they stop selling dvd dvd sales, appeared. When the internet came along, they just disappeared. They dried up completely. Remember in laws. Orwick was like saying the sky is following, because I figured out a way to download things off the internet that was back when people weren't even that good at it app Napster file, sharing and shit like that now. But since the fucking game is over the games, so there's no more money in porn dvds anymore. It's probably I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised if it diminished by ninety five percent. People write those they used to but now nobody ransom. Now they can, they can sell them. I guess to Directv and like cable, we can buy videos to go because if you flip through those late night channels is like
bucks a movie or something like that or nine dollars a movie and they're always there. They always have video, so someone's buying content. So I'm guessing they're selling something to someone somewhere, but it's nothing like the roaring twenties of porn. They had that they experienced out here for a couple decades for a couple decades. It was like, even though It was not respectable. There was people that have these giant ass, fucking houses and drove Ferraris, and the neighbors are really well who Zach I always in porn, he's in porn, but it was he was so rich. You didn't care that scumbag was living next door to you, but this guy was- porn guy, he would drive from Ferrari and he was making millions and they would laugh at all these people that weren't in the porn business. Listen, we make it you buy it. I sell it, you pretend you don't buy it, but you do buy it and that's why my house is so big baby. Well, that guy doesn't exist anymore, that guy doesn't
now. It's like these hustler dudes we're like sticking a camera in a girl's asshole, and you know it in in in filming. These are audition. Tapes or girls can meet them in and conference rooms and they fuck them on the couch, and face and make him sign a waiver- and it's all like you know, gonzo style like that's like that's like. What's big and porn now, and it's like the the movies that they used to try to make. You know these try to make like porn movie devil in MRS Jones was a porn movie. Behind the green door with Marilyn chambers, there was a porn movie. Deep throat was a porn movie. Deep throat was a porn movie. People went to see it like there's a video of photo rather of Johnny Carson waiting in line to go see deep throat. Deep throat is pornographic movies. That chick was sucking dicks, but it was still was a movie and it was an artistic movie. You know that shit. Doesn't exist anymore, that there's no. That was back then, when, if you made poor- and it was like- you were the only you have the only copy of it to sort of get see.
So gonna get it, they have to get it from you. When you made deep, So there is only one way to get deep throat. You gotta get it from the guy who made it is going to make more copies of it. How do I get it didn't? Even if there wasn't even Vhs tapes, though you could even see something again whenever you want it too. That's why, when I saw star wars when I was a little kid, that was the thing. You'll see star wars like ten times I saw star wars. I think it was like ten or thirteen times or something crazy like that, that's what everybody did you know why, because you couldn't get a dvd. There was no dvd is there was no voice to help me was, was guns all over yeah. It was over now we're in the exact opposite now. I'm sitting here talking to you and all I have to do is go oh yeah. Well, when we go, Itunes, real quick, what the godfather did order and I'm getting it and then, while you're talking, I press play and I'm watching the godfather that quickly I mean it's ridic list, the saturation when you want what year did you go to New York,
uh. I started coming in eighty eight and I met sosp in. I think it was ninety I met Sussman. Eighty nine or nine was the ploy thing still big in New York, Forty second street yeah was he had landed us yes, staying as yeah, it was dead. It was scary, it was, it was a dangerous world back then was a different world. The eighties forty second street was was dirty man. It was you didn't, go down there and it was. It was like it was like Warren Theaters and it was hustlers and hookers and yeah yeah. They have those weird signs and the signs would like say like what dirty movies playing. It would be right there as you're driving by there was a lot of 'em peep shows, and you know my friend we used to go to peep shows when he was on crack. He said that smoking crack, because you could never get a you, can never get a hot on, but you are always horny. So I'd go and he's fucking dirty bitches they by buying a glass, and I pay him and maybe, right in front of me with a tear, the ass and I'd, be drinking off and I couldn't get a hard on because but I'll be there all day when I was smoking, crack
somehow another like people that are smoking crack like they get on those heavy amphetamines, smoking, those things they two they want to watch a lot of porn. It's like a big thing from like math people like a lot of math people like to watch porn, I guess it's, just they just want to go super dirty, they're, just dirty. You want to get your dicks yeah I never will like porn. But when I asp in boulder- and I would pick up chicks like they would like porn and I'd say get it. You know I'm not going to watch, I'm just listen or coke and fucking get my. Fix up when you get when you get cocaine. Evil evil was horrible because that So you get your hips moving. The the chair guess she's talking to talking about sucking your dick children, your hips start to move the way I like my things, will be gyrating. You just look it up on you, know I've seen girls gyrate in their chairs, while they cooked up wow highway. My fucking, like a savage like just get all fucking. I, like that shit. As far as
I would make a chicken chicks did some Michael. She was sucking my dick that did God you understand me, you get freaky, you think things you want to do, but you can't 'cause. You got that dick Why are you so freaky, though? If you did not work? I just I don't know what you just wanted. It's like a new experiences to you want what you can't get. What do you? What would happen is because I know you have a common thing for awhile. Would you would you get into you get a hard on for you? I never had a problem making hard on ever with any drugs or anything. I think that's very hard to believe. I think once when I, what was sick, make I tried to masturbate when I'd like a temperature of really high temperature, and I couldn't do it once when you're sick. You can get it up. What do you consider? is your up like if I get black drunk, I have a harder dick. Then, if I didn't have a drug,
okay next thing to get black up drunk, I'm gonna take a picture you're dead, so I'm gonna get it hard all right. Okay, you defy the lot of physiology. That doesn't make sense. I don't no! I seriously like I can. Almost everybody has a problem. Not only can I have the biggest heart on when I'm drunk. I also last like stupid and long amounts of time like an hour and one slash, two, that's normal! That's because you don't feel as much that that happens we're going to, but I think that's normal when you're drunk you don't really get off that good. But I've never had not such a difference. Man, people don't smoke, we don't even know it. Fucking feels like you get high, the woman You know you just especially look you really love a check. You've been when there, while you you like really close you're, not fighting is no bull is no animosity, no weirdness, no need no extra need, that's a hovering over every fucking conversation. You have it's a lot bad relationships out there Joey Diaz
but if you got a good one, if you got a good one, you smoke weed with the lady and make out have some sex. I tell you it's incredible. It's feels twenty times better. It's like no bullshit. When you get high, you just hang out with the check, is so much fucking better even than drinking training. I always fucked up for me. They got that fucking, my brother shit, but, like I, I don't like the white tile like alcohol, like whiskey, breath 'cause, you know what that's a chick. That's going to make some fucking mistakes were going to do something crazy. You could talk her into some shit. I grew up in a boy like I like it. If you can keep it together, I like a good drunk. I don't mind that I like a drunk. They can keep it together. All right if we hang out with a drunk tonight, you're gonna hang over Chrysler love Birds. I love that guy my drink tonight because I've been drinking he he came on the PA. I guess yesterday and I was just thinking what a positive guy you know We were talking about this whole death squad thing about all of us. One of the most beautiful things is the friends that we've made and that we've formulated this group
really nice people. We can trust. All of you know like Burke pressure. I trust that God I love, but I I I trust him to to like always be nice. I trust him to always. I was when I log on he's always great to talk to he's a good human being. You know, there's so many good human being Bryan Callen same way. That's okay! He's a! great human being I fucking love Bryan Callen. You know, I'm saying give me five brand. We and our brand. We formulated our brain, and, what's that from, we made our brain it last Friday yeah. What was that from the improv? With that kid? Who is oh yeah, that guy was fucking beating, are here in target nonsense, fucking showbiz terms to us, we got trapped. Trapped in a weird conversation between you guys really have established a brand. You know, I think you guys done an amazing job of establishing your brand
qr speaking words it's crazy, crazy, because I wish I wish that everybody at one time got to see New York City in the 80s. Just to see that, just to see that, let me tell you used to go to those peep shows as to kill time. I worked on 52Nd, ST and street. We thirteen. You go to get to see a piece of pussy. It was the branch is first off where they hired a guy to go in there with the maps as you walk out and he's right in there with a mop and that mom picks up that load of sperm. You come on the floor. There's no tissues in those
basis. You know when I was a kid. I fought in a really big karate tournament: Madison Square Garden, yeah yeah, Aaron banks in there there's a big karate tournament. I was like, maybe sixteen I was still in high school over there. I don't remember, I don't remember much man, I remember there's a lot of fights aren't definitely got tagged and I had a few times so my memory, the weekend you didn't go with peep shows no. No. I didn't do any of that back then, when I was, I didn't even believe in pleasure. Back then I thought that if I needed pleasure, I was weak. When I was sixteen, I need more fucked till I got my first girlfriend. Then we started fucking like rabbits, and I was totally right, distracted the shit out of me for a little while but I didn't I tried to avoid sex. I wouldn't even fuck my girlfriend in the school 'cause. You know I used to teach at my martial arts school, so I was going. I was in high school and I had keys to this fucking building in downtown LA in Boston, rather not even Downtown Boston, but this build. In Boston, I would teach their I mean. I would go there and also. I would also like to go there, because I had a I had my car back then I will
to go there and work out when I knew that everybody was asleep. I had this crazy thing where I to workout. When I knew that everybody that I was fighting was asleep. That's when I would go there two o'clock. Three o'clock in the morning would start my workouts and I was dating this freak bitch, and she would go with me. She want fuck all the time she was dirty. She was dirty. Just I dated one. I did it a few really dirty girls when I was young, but this one was just down down Dtf all day this crazy. It's amazing when you first start fucking, you like fifteen, and sixteen that's why I was love that song night moves that Bob Seger Song is remind me of this check because me and this chick were just awkward and we were in love with each other supposedly, but not really. What it really was like we would just go on these horrendous fuck rampage is to try to escape our reality through a relationship through intense sex and
just the awkward this growing up, but that night moves song. I'm a pussy made me get left back on the sixth grade. Tell you about the six great weekend. What is the sixth grade? Twelve right in the sixth grade? How old is that I was in love with this girl New York? Twelve, schedule a fucking, cuban, chick and I'll follow followed downstairs. The mother was hot and every afternoon she would say that, because you know I don't know why she go list like a date yet, but we can't date till school ends that's on my mom's is like a day boys, so we have to do and I hung out with her brother. I have brother, we didn't like each other and I reacted I, over to my house, I put on earth wind fire can't hide love off the fuckin, the live album and we dry hump over over to that song I would suck a little funnel titties and then finally, they had those little funnel titties in the sixth grade. The best was my mother hate it when she would be in the room like my mother would come home and what time? fuck is she doing here? Will open it yeah yeah, exactly respect me.
Yeah was the open the room shit in one day my mother paid one of the guys in the bar to go over. During the latter, my mother in her I'm I'm I'm helping the girl. I'm here in this shit in my backyard fuck I'm trying with this big trying to help with this base. It also do outside here up my mother paid guy like fifty dollars again and tell a what we're doing in there, but the latter fell The other thing is to the hospital you broke, like a finger drop off, the ladders notice, chicks, pussy bro, but the first time like it was like she told me I couldn't kiss like we couldn't make out his shit to, but this is crazy because we weren't going to make out to the day after school, but she was, let me like a little pussy and I'm The first time I smelled this pussy, I was like in the sixth grade. I fucking just went numb. It was like my ears before Michael Corleone e sheet shoots a lot so train, but it's really his deafness from your
I didn't know Joe Rogan, my head was hot You know, about my hand, did it smell like this? Your face gets all red for the first time you can be a facebook get ready, they remember even a pussy, and I was done dog done. I had to eat a pussy every fucking day. That's what you did every day. I talked her into coming Do you think that started your worldwide lifelong obsession with pussy this one girl it sounds like it is? It sounds like it's a positive only harassment stop. That was in the sixth grade. I was the sixth grade and then what happened was we got caught? play hookie, so it was like AL is love. My parents told us we could. Hang out with each other. No more was fucking crazy. I was going to burn the house down everything and I got sent to summer school because I wouldn't do homework right. Well, I would think about. She would eat her till six. I would go home buddy and then we get on the phone till two in the only you know was fucked in the Donny and Marie Type share it. You know I
My parents didn't let us hang out and I got thrown. I was supposed to get to summer school and a third he thirty, so fact that had to go over there instead to eat a pussy, because that time she let me stick it in there a little bit fingers and I would go fingers and like all that, but now was she touching your dick at all. No, I was such a catholic little fag prude then really want touch. My dick is real, my dick. I didn't want it in my life. Did you get boners? I got boulders. I got big dicks. I wanted to fuck, but yeah six those days and when I was from the endless, had Taysom guys from the age of twelve What about seventeen if a girl grabbed my dick, I totally get just to leave real. Is one of those fucking momos like I didn't want blowjobs like I was looking for a wife really yeah, I'm looking for a woman. I don't wanna check that sucks, my dick that mean she's, a whore the first time I got my dick sucked bona fide Buddy Lewis Denado. I still remember he's like dog. I got this massage place. Can I come up there and help me? Do security like I'm eighteen dog
how much are going to gonna pay music? I can't pay them, but I have to check sucking Dick, so I just in a blowjob, so I didn't tell him the truth. I went up there with that new security dog. I still going really takes into sucking dick those whenever you want so this chick took me, back. She had long another forget that she suck my dick and let you go, you come in my hair dog. I left there fucking define he's like he's like go ahead. You gotta the door for a few hours, three showers, I like Bro, when I was young, I I was approved, I was very prudish. Did you come in there? Oh yeah, who you kidding, I'm not that much of a fruit. You know when somebody let you come in their hand and it's their idea, what the fuck I'm coming in. But I didn't like it like at that time. I really don't like that stuff. I don't know why. I don't even know why it was really weird I was. I was approved till fucking along long time. Then I didn't give a fuck
Well, you probably saw vice is saw so much vice as a kid. You saw so many things that you would like. I'm going to avoid all these problems, I'm going to avoid all this shit that I see around me. I see chaos. I see dead. If they C los I'm going to avoid all this device. That's the only thing that makes sense. If you don't want a girl, touching your dick you're, obviously rejecting bro, I didn't want nothing, nothing you wanna fuck and suck, and it was I was the captain, but then let's Is it captain yeah, but you didn't want them to touch your dick at all, but you didn't do anything to them like? Were you worried about do something like what we worried about. What was it about that they were dirty if they touch my. If a woman grabbed Dick she she was she. She was crazy know how like people, who don't smoke, pot, look at people smoke pot but lately they say hallucination they. The devil. You know that's why I've had some conversations with really rational piano, so I've had that we tell him you smoke pot and they blow a fuse like they don't know how to talk to you anymore. You see like the hiccup in their system. What smoke pot
What happened with my girl years later mean being that girl became really good friends that girl that we would dry. Humping is right. You know and I think, like two years later, we became a good family. We were fucking backyard buddies. You know we had. We share the backyard and I had a friend of mine who stole bicycles and he would always put them together going to drive this for a couple of days. Let me know it take and you driver they come back or you know the steering wheels fucked up, you gotta, whatever he was a mechanic job right, so he to gave me this tends to be with the love boat. Take it take, it would be the worst think. So I take it I'm playing- and there was a bunch of kids. The seventh grade that I got left back. She was now in the eighth grade. I was the eighth grade and she was a freshman, that's what it was, who all plan on the same block and she took the bike some go to the she threw the always the back in this in New York. It took it going to the store. This was a black that was search. What do you call those black culture, sacs called the sex in the middle has like an island. Yes,
So I was on one side of the street playing to win football and she was riding the bike. This way for my friend started running at her steering is loose, but she I thought we were going to fuckin. Chaser right, we were chasing to take the bike away from like well take the bike, but the student, move, don't make a turn, so she? giggling brown, so fucking she went to make the turn she flew over. It landed. We got up. She went home the next day. I walked to school and they're like come in. For second, remember your girlfriend she's, incredibly vision. She landed on their head and got a blood clot in the middle of fucking. Note she had a shaver head. Let me see how good looking this girl was. She still won homecoming queen with the ball fucking. So what they do they have to open our skull. Open opening skull in the weird thing was that she was always flat chested after I bumped her head hurt, it's got gigantic, bump to the head, made hurt it, but it was be bad because our families were mad each other, and I remember one day her brother was like
Dick didn't like me and him his father came on my house like to talk to me, but my stepfather was in the yard. That's the first time I seen him pull a gun on somebody in Jersey, like I've, never seen him pull a gun on somebody in Jersey, that's the time you want to leave with that. Forty five, these mother got back in the corvette and I turned around 'cause. They knew my dad had a reputation, but Jersey. He was like nine jerseys his house. He don't want any problems, he would high his guns in his yard, so there wouldn't be in his house. We were out I'm older one, also plane. We see the White Corvette Bro and I go that's the guy New Yorker, just follow my dad looked Maine me even has it just went right over lived Martin, Scorsese movie dude that was fucking crazy. It would be a good Martin. Scorsese movie Mart Martin get by the way Paula Haller, Joey Diaz Halab tonight tonight it's almost sold out the ice House in Pasadena.
Going to be a god. Damn spectacular, extravaganza of a show we got Randy Lipkis is hosting this bitch. We got Tom Rhodes all up in this motherfucker. We got DOM irrera holla at your boy. We got SAM. I believe we got Brian Red Band, who else Doug, Benson Log Bentsen's local right right. Sure take a nap update and want to drive. Yeah birds got in our bird, takes the fun yeah get a car service, so you can just throw down and me so we're all up there yeah that's like an insane lineup determined this line up for fifteen about five feet box. It would, I would re show and by the way we do it all the time and it's fun as and we love it. We love, we love, doing, shows there in Pasadena and when, like joe- and I have a big show this weekend in denver- at the paramount theater. These shows get us fired up for it. This is like uh. This is how you tune in is how you tune up last week was fucking incredible man so is the improv man. The improv is fucking incredible Friday night was amazing,
and Amy. Schumer was great too. She was awesome man. She was awesome blow fucking death. I couldn't get him till the end. Didn't like me in the big really they want our regular people yeah that that clubs kind of comfortable. For my for me, I I always do that's so sweet. You know what it is you you start off first, so going up. First is always harder. We got. Our first is a weird thing. You gotta get to get him in the groove they're, not Liz Weiss. Other asked me: I went up there to invite us. He was sick and he was sick that I would have to confess you. You would stop thinking about the last set you have there. I don't know how my news, because of that club and because of my last set there, I have at ten minutes of clean material now. Well, that's good! you should always have just to yeah. You can just whip out there that in the back it's not even just this don't know you you, like your comedy, is so weird Someone knows you, then it makes sense, but it's like there's so many comics that that's the case like when someone like now,
your Mitch Hedberg what Mitch Hedberg used to bomb all the fucking time. If people didn't know him, then once they knew him, then people to see it. You know, but you're a fucking, weirdo, dude and people don't know why you're throwing come on the wall in a hotel room like the fuck is the city at doing doesn't even make sense you know you're a grown man you're, not twelve years old. You know like saying some cute see shit you're, almost forty and you're talking about throwing loads like spider man on the walls and people like what the fuck are. You doing. You know I'm saying so until they know you from the podcast. That's a tough pill to swallow son once they know you like most silly Redban oh silly and also tonight we have the ice house chronicles that goes off about ten ish. We usually do it about one slash two an hour before the podcast, and if you want to tune into that, it's going to be right here on this mother. Fucker right here on this, you stream channel bitches on a Friday night, paramount deed, eight hundred o'clock Brendan Walsh, Joe Rogan, taking off the fucking, Joey D is ready. Iraq stone to the gills and and with the Mandalay Bay Events Center, the whole Fucking Deathsquad Squad Crew, the fly
Jewel, Trussell Joe ideas in my man, the fucking head, Joe Rogan. Where else we we had a grandly Bay One's going to be big way that the Mandalay Bay One is we're doing the Wayans. Ladies and gentleman where the Wayans are for the UFC its seats, like, I think it's like three thousand people, that's what we're we're doing when they block it off for the winds that the area we're going to do comedy, and it was the idea of Mandalay Bay because we used to do that. Theater They had was that what was the show that they lying king, the lion King and they changed that they're doing a new Michael Jackson, type thing building it up right now. So that thing is closed, so it was their idea to do that. So this is the first time we're doing this we're going to do the Mandalay Bay Theater, August 31st and again it's always fear Jody's Duncan Trussell if you're not next next Wednesday, in Nashville, Chattanooga, Fucking Atlanta Fucking, which again Mississippi. I tell you what I'm coming in
Nashville, Zanies, Wednesday, eight hundred o'clock, six one, fifty two million six hundred and ninety thousand two hundred and twenty one get your fucking tickets. Now a couple of am left, we need to paper view. Joey Diaz story. Storytelling shows shows that you're doing put that shit up. Shut up. You know it was like number twenty nine today on Itunes. How many of those are you done so far? I got five: the one that we just tape, I got a problem with the one before wasn't that good, so we scrapped it and their audios and their audios young put them up on Itunes is fucking great. That's beautiful, testicle test. Ninety nine! What do I give a beautiful, beautiful people to get this this ones? Good? It's a kidnapping story. So,
first, may I have your heart o okay Louisiana. So it is it's ten to seven right now on the West Coast and at ten o'clock. So three hours from now we will have the ice house chronicles and you can watch it live on this. You stream channel the brand things nobody goes to know they watch. It live tv for certain jobs in for life. I know I'm around do rely, love you guys, relax. We love, they love all you guys! Thank you very much for all the the positive twitter messages and all the positive facebook messages you guys are cool yeah. I made a commitment to start using facebook. Again, I'm going to write like longer blog posts and shit and just put him up there. You guys this shit. We have the coolest crowds in the world that come to these shows and don't think we don't appreciate it because we talk about it all the time Brian talks about it all the time I do we got in the phone after show sometimes, and we can't believe it where the luckiest people alive, and we appreciate you guys and we support you guys, one hundred percent, the reason why we're doing this 'cause we do it and we love it because you guys love it. It's it's all feeds itself and it all marches on the beautiful
life that we live use the mind, ladies and gentlemen, find find the direct path thanks to honor ANA dot com go to an it. I t use the code name: Rogan, save yourself off ten percent savings off ten percent off a alpha brain shroom tech support shouldn't take immune shoot tech support. Is this shit if you workout hard? Take it son, it's about quarter, steps, mushrooms and b12. Take a b12 supplement if you're, vegan, otherwise major brakes drink anyway. That's it said this week see guy guys soon we love you guys uh. Next week we got a whole lot of people, I'm not sure if dice Clay still doing it, but I believe Jamie Kilstein's coming in we got a lot of shit happening. Folks will see soon. We love you guys. Thank you
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