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#253 - Andrew Dice Clay, Max Silverstein, Eleanor J. Kerrigan, Brian Redban

2012-08-16 | 🔗
Andrew Dice Clay, Max Silverstein, Eleanor J. Kerrigan, Brian Redban - Date: 08/15/2012
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my cup of more with the word pulled the live let me help you are really i thought that was it right with a drink or is it a reality one if i didn't see you have left it why am i going to do yeah can everybody just be starbucks why it's like days left let that gorgeous think pumpkin those producing this sad shoes for you know you know i got around i think that our joint but being around you manage their life is the iter twenty four settlement our why you say it's in the dressing room it was its euro fun fuckin due to be around and i have learnt that about you have really learnt that about you because we do not each other that well and now we ve become what i would call french lutheran beyond attacks
the text comes in all cats somebody like no no i have i have to do it that way also came so it's not like you know how they say when you tax level you can make the law the font larger of debt had i dont resembling a phone i don't use that are you don't use an iphone now very i use command he is located later a hard man could dollar three feet under water with all was one of those verizon ones and zeros one so i got one for a disaster you haven't a fight what a guy right and you're on the beach and running water i go on the need to call the cops and said that a problem and we want to fuck it conforms making to talk on the water i got it i thought about go in that way i tried my pool it's like i think of what do you want we're gonna cardio drove the joint job of sport
car or do you want to drive like a military humvee amelia two different ways of looking at things one is i will just assume that these roads are gonna be like this and then i get around our praise interest him it s fun or i can pretend that the ship the fan at every moment and other seldom drive and through the fuckin desert jacks like find raggedy need to stay alive i like an does little girl i agree with your trucks i do a most likely metal around big fuckin machines day bags there i gotta challenge too but that to me as an industrial sports give one of the new ones yeah yeah that's it will lack strike they run nailed that car they they really like replicated seventies muscle car they really only get it though i get listen dodge do me a favor talk make like the convertible version nothing nothing will be cool within that convertible yeah
think you re like where i would argue that that's good do this around yeah but what it does is only ten years i mean camaro does it they all it it's a fucking challenge i want the top down fuck dodge really learn yes on roof i mean that montenegro has on rufus our rules are not right every time helping less unrove you want to close it the sun's now beating on you through this little fucking what would be the wrong it open or not or eleanor unplugging when i'm done talking you start asked a question asked when i'm done twenty fourth avenue you know you ve got it all you now keep my mind acumen line the the for twenty seven corvette is the best american car available now we see that now give it to me that's too i like a big muscle knew this this they took the finally took
spending and zero six engine and they put it in a vertical zero six was the fuckin race car there was they took a regular corvette and then the zeal sixty five on our five horse power and fuckin racing suspension big fat racing suspension big fat of i almost slick tyres it's the craziest forever and now they're making it as a convertible which i started my that abraham publicists publicists he's got he's got that does corvettes over the years there were the quota ban in its getting out of their hard while it's you know it's also a plastic car because everything on these broken everything everything from disintegrating feet now can you write celebrating fee in a way that disintegration you well i think your mother my father is not what i closed my eyes everyone but my hand what way let it does now
all kinds of us and you are wearing gloves though not in its even worse when there were no gloves on big is like the jeweler out get out there and then they gotta like pop all did you really start wearing gloves better use of european wines like this for three hours did you really start wearing gloves because too many people shaking hands you are worried about and said it was an online shaken hands i just can't take sweating yeah you know i i invented away to shake hands without actually touching skin to skin no because a lot of people tat i mean look at me bill addressed us sloppy they are here with the genes that they look like they're gonna take care for shit added at panzas the walking down the street with the blood of gaza which on that the hygiene with their hands they probably get the thing is in there is crack have time and gradual and then use the keyboard right yet but you know what i'm talking to i know you know what i'm talking about why now utilise you shake a lotta hands will do so
with me when the inner disdain of people who whether fuckin pants buckle around their deck second there is a problem with that folks tat is just stupid and people said man so wrong do you just open much talk and shit about style you're being silly you know nothin sexy about it it's not style that is crazy when i hear pants it's not lazy it's in santa when i see a girl or a guy walkin around like they took a dump in their pants the lottery i wanted to say is something about it that just shows that all you have to do is get one charismatic person to do something and then every asshole wants to follow and so must have been just one probably ass black dude out of prison rice agnes pants and kept scientist france and that also in these fuckin dork want to copy that guy that's become like this thing in the belt buckle where they backlit
literally a buckling their bell over their dick like you silly fuck you can't even walk what're you hobbling yourself that's like this is worse than anybody can make fun of a woman doing by wearing high heels lisa woman high heels can kind of kick your shoes off if she has to one you know them as things are and how to get off but if you if you wearing your fuckin belt buckled around your dick if somebody wants a beat your ass you really don't have a whole lot option you gonna give you can eat your fuckin ass cake unless you invite make it work and by the time you get those pants off that goods gonna beat the shit out of you you can walk right up your last pseudo joey jelly jelly j my nickname feel lucky i thank you and we don't talk about with d j means either way their sunglass de facto the violence that the prescription that i would ask that you can get a doctor i don't give a fuck sunglass an idle i know you don't i know you don't it's
if those classes of permanent joe leavenworth asia me we will have to get em glass and we just that we want does he dies in vegas and it is one of the rare time tat i ever get a chance to go to sea i shall actually said you haven't said downward to cash only is it well it we had been about a year and last time was norton before that maybe i caught louis he came to the improv but you know to go out per on purpose we're gonna go he tonight we gotta go see a show a comparable me and norton and bobby kelly and anthony komio and sam robards and all my god we have a good fuckin time it was so fun while europe act was fucking great it was hilarious in our was just perfect old school dies and i think anthony seti goes he goes its beautiful is like it's still die to put its new light it's like these more dies but it is an urgent matter were well with this but we haven't gotten talking about the specially i put my home
idea was around when you give em all this new generation stuff technology all the way to the fuckin pigs are they walk around with that possess today one did it given that newest stuff but yet i want to put some of the classic dice stuff that the new offends don't know and pepper that and into the air that's why i think enjoyed it because you won't can somebody that over son is about politics to see somebody like myself for you you know it were certain brand people expect that and that's what i like doing what i mean you know all these comics today there are going to bullshit you know one thing they might assent on and then it's a media event yeah you know it's like the one thing i will i will let the media knows when my special is i'm not thinking of them i'm thinking people that really want to laugh from my brandy humor i don't care
how i say it i don't give a fuck what i say to them you know in a mad apologizing for a fuckin word out of my mouth and i love that now do i love that i think it's one of the most important things in common did the someone like you that says that because from my purse in our opinion as a stand up comedy fan as a connoisseur of stand up i never thought you got the credit that you deserved amongst comedians because there was a lot of backlash about your material where they were saying like oh it's sexist all its homophobic yet and die a legitimate style of comedy you're saying ridiculous shit and it's fucking hilarious and if you can recognized that as an art form that's your ignorant problem it's not that the materials at its that's the funny shit to say you get fucked up gay sets up the ridiculous if well what do you know that i medically sound advice i've had people walk evidence of any joe working
gus in vegas sometimes they they com certain peoples high rise whatever so people have worked out that they didn't like that i said the word fag they go he calls gay people fag and it's like what's the fuck indifference is the point of making you not i mean you're not making i heard you know you know you know you know these are just different words to say that they have an alternative sex style you don't give a fuck what they do i don't get it i want to suck they called awaited a fuckin bus station that's their voice but if i'm doing a bit right fag is the word i use it works for me than the word gay or queer alternative it up livestock they suck dec on each other and that's ok by me i don't want to suck dick and if i do i'm tellin you right now and have a hundred cox laying on my face right now if preserving our large if i want to cosette tell i am about girls you know i like pussy it's who i am
you have said so if i'm saying a word like fag i'm saying it because that's the word that works best than the act now marilla had the best line every wellbeing keg joe i wish i was gay just like you come out little argument is that what you could essential deborah such a silly my fucking hell yeah i mean it is highly germany and i always wild thing about comics like being on trot you not i went through it it's i know i went through it in a big fucking worm in this guy went through it in the time where the wasn't that many people doing and new sticking to your guns and keeping your character the way you ve always put it in a psychiatrist that's besides they did not know but almost you know i've done the therapy actually want my career took off i went to a therapist in new you to see how to handle my family because they got you know because it happened so quick you know from the council
here too the arena thing that parents and my my whole family was so excited little they talk about so i would be look i know what i'm doing but let's talk about other things right you know i don't want it to be twenty four slash seven about me you know what i'm on stage when i'm workin on projects i do think constantly i'm doing but when it time like when we came back i just got done shooting the woody allen movie that i'm doing and so the other night axes universe sitting outside in the front porch and goes was sitting with i value and he goes put on the you know the video camera what we filmed and i said you know what now at the time i need a few days just to be myself now wanted to stay on the movie and watch everything and see me more it's like you not just the ground and one of the most important thing to me that's all thing with fame that's why i love these guys go nuts because its twenty four seven of them
it's gonna drive you not if you're not grounded like i won't even live in the hills i need to people i need to be like more on the street like if i was in brooklyn because when you may you when you isolate yourself you know it just makes it just think of you and like the get my house look at my odd but i don't see any people run that's no good for me i got always feel people and that's also we come up with material because i hate must be absolutely hate random becomes equal and you just so you you're round people because you hate most people were well i like i hate you know what i mean about you know when you get in trafficking in you just make a move and they look at you like the fuckin street well you know enough yet starbucks indeed take too long to order a fuckin coffee there looking at you like does any note a fuckin menu that i want to fucking love em to death you know what i mean like gimme the thirty so why do i feel annick right you know
even at an airport why do you have to feel panic to put you i can choose in a basket that someone is looking like doesn't it the routine why do i got a rush every fuckin move right run up that's where material comes from then on stage i blow it outcome medically but in real life like i said you wanna club to head to the fuckin feet but you like being around them you gotta be around them gotta be around them out of their life i don't know if you have definitely a certain amount of it but i definitely decompression too you know when i lied to cigarette starbucks and i'm sitting outside and stuff fuckin core thing you ever get up and lay about six in the morning we can see the fuckin sky because the fuckin dirty smogs feet above the fucking aids
but my cigarettes the one knocking you out of forty thousand that's why you and you this anybody that don't like my cigarette fuck you and no horse you fuckin road in time i really wanna mean out there with me enough they see this issue it does get a look that's great cigarette is like lighting you wouldn't think he too would do you think about it if you really think i'm lost their passing where you can smoke outside lightly dick you i'll tell you how i feel about the fuckin law right now i don't know why i got in this mood the other night i told you just got dumb i was in san francisco doing the woody allen movie which actually lucy case and also what is the movie tell us what the movie you look like you too heavy roll out exclaimed the heaviest dramatic roll over real my life and we cannot do and scenes with kate blanchett like you stand and they go i can't believe i'm even working with this part like how to fuck did this
state they kick me out i got banned from every studio that was you i made sure to just destroy my career but she didn't did not like is you're always funny you never really strike you always funny you not go into this weird hiatus where people than what it was i who ages to bring my my kids up and who doesn't like that fuck them because their parents out but the thing is talking about the smoking with the night we got done me max we stand at the four seasons went to this four star restaurant to celebrate heads like champagne type stuff in it ended a meal i just lit up a cigar let it rest or on a mac looking at began but i've learned its right don't worry this hardly any people and then the weight
comes out by just a few months ago we can you do me a favor get me an ashtray and he's looking he got out you you can smoke and done with it you know ship and on the floor or get a glass of water you know my name and it just felt good divers cigarette and arrest around again well as a non smoker i tell you that in afghanistan but a restaurant outside when we discuss the outside i couldn't care less evident big restaurant that's not a wooden like it if there is like put i've never landmark in front of my kids but a minimum depends on where you rat the only i light up now and then is in a anymore you know because i don't feel they should have that law in nice and now i just now they should just we have in fact alone you with all these new laws to be impasse it's probably terrorism probably tell you i don't like inside you not all this shit about yesterday's part gas the thing having in the most shit about his tailoring i said
some guy runs in the field fuckin cops eternal chase a mug look at the cop blows fuck me out you can you can blow a disk chart tackle some do my getting a bit like a view if you think it's not a big deal tackled due to try to get away from me you never really tackled a do try to get away from here and not really if that dude as weapons or you can break parts of your body and tailoring looks fun i saw it and it if you want to run out on a field and fuck with a game in front two million people and all the assholes you know i think he's an integrated and it's a safe way to take somebody down recap sorry decade sorry dig it out there and i have on can do when a break in two thousand a cop taser we'll be tank and as far as that without an old set up put far criminality lookin boy now having a coptic days this way yet will be in those neighborhoods in nm want to have to get home to the kids that night you do what you got to do that's it
i think a lot of them has a mass added than shooting somebody i think a lot of massive amounts of pressure built up the we can't even understand as a person we doesn't have to deal with violent crime on every fuckin daily basis we don't know what kind of build up those guys by the way i think you should be fuckin mandatory they should actually learn how to fight in our i've met do in his were cops and i met him class unlike their first day my colleague yet son you're wiped out and you're a cop i you you better learn how to strangle some fuckin people like you gonna give you know someone might want to try it take your gun do you know that that can happen better linda i bet r u crazy going to go out there with a gun and a fucking target and you don't even know how to fight and i don't know how much they teach him now how much it's it's dedicated to hand to hand combat but should be your whole job hanrahan bad in how to hold onto your gun atrophy like all your training to violent storms there's a man i'm just aware
was that i'm just understand you tracy motherfuckers out there stock about showcase a little you just at the theatre than we are you just denver the pair mandate or in denver yeah yeah find us and how was it for us like interviewing you too i was amazed you now playlist now you don't use theatres which you know is all wrong everything you ve been working it's all frontiers are now has re you know this pod is what you could do for yourself you know because my whole thing is always been about accomplishment five years ago i think you're still in clubs now you don't these big theatres in just three years ago was most edwin club theatres in just three years ago was most edwin club and that's commendable i mean you don't know two three four thousand seed is now and then of course it s because you put in the work and yards
brown i gotta other thank you very much i mean i had done some theatres in the path aside and breaking limbs on cops aren't you going to concepts and that's a good thing i just want to help the cops now i know you do i know that a lot captain nemo may i know a lot of cops because of jujitsu so i've like when whenever but people shit on cops i've always been wanted defend cops that's that's really really hard job in i've talked to people i've heard horror stories cards are on the job and then not trying to be assholes but if you lived it alive your job all day people are lying to you all day people like you and try to get away with shit that's like as the time we are going to somebody there like when i was growing up there are three things i want to be doing what i'm doing now cop or an attorney i changed my mind on being a cop when i would take the train in brooklyn every day into manhattan what pricks people were just the fuckin take us see how they would just not gather the fucking waggle i don't want to protect these
the fact is i want to kill him you know i mean so tat changed my mind on that you know tony well let's face it my schooling just wasn't but he's got a good idea to dissect i like i said i don't fight with him hell it's horrible yes why i know how to break down like an attorney even though my kids when they were really little use tat like an argument shortcomings living in london sit down i go ok we're gonna have the trial horrible remember with the bathroom riding broke in my bed room in the house dead that i let the eleanor s eleanor elevate stay i don't know no and labelling valerie own right sometimes i call it valentine she salary its gets up i also wanted that was this is liable rack and my bathroom in one day angola who the rack i come in and it's broken
i gotta max i'm going to do and i go up who broke the rack nobody's admitting it so now the trial has to happen you know and i just break down where they were what they would do away with it is still in its still going on the trial still going on is eight years later i'm gonna get to the bottom of it even render punishment will happen because outbreak dead towel rack but i like that mac sustained quiet about he's not he's not he not right on his brother earning that would listen because early mac first of all may i now he knows it a great role the dice mill like her i literally literally you gotta ro the dyson life means my father's andrew dice clay that's fucking you already on awesome street from your job
i mean what does your dad do all my dad oh nothing there will andrew dice gray now lay because i can put it that way because i always brought them up that i am dead you are now look you are angry worry humble and you're very normal but still andrew mother fucking dice clay and i only row up having andrew displays a dad that's pretty sweet it's that forum that's not true they are preparing their doing the special with may yeah no i read measures on them do you read me but then they did you show in vague that the way how great is the riviera loving goddamn like it's as a cultural barriers that fucking and changes pictures and walls of wherever they have these photos from riviere from the fifties sixties it sounds
and he's like a history lessons in rather than what i agree laid there while acts in those all the hotel i love that point you know but there's somebody out there in the show room still has that feel like if you weren't there they actually shut casino and then also did they the multilateral oh that's right you know i stayed in the casino room when when yes thieves rearrange the values to stay upstairs in the two bedroom i'll put you in this room gather to flush all we got you in this unnatural rules road user of purpose is the best what a fucking great guy he was running the riviera who do the comments from the river in a cell phone i would certainly look forward to hang out with him but men do not fuck what that guy i've seen that guy snap on people holy it was some asshole through a cigarette on the carpet ensure rip of europe is a big fuckin guy africa hey how far can you do this
getting out and forty a mother fucking pasty shit pick it up the fuck out of any that guy and brings it picked a giant guiding brought it to ten immediately be could not be an asshole other people to choose will you could tell us represents a real live violence these are he's kicks it up to a level you know you see me that's not a bakers level he has a level of he's won't take it to a dark place aren't place great quick i no dice i can always smell due to it is ready to take it to defcon for surplus one of you don't wanna fuck with that guy has no bullshit he's a great guy though why i never had a problem with allows love targeted we such a funny guy but it's not a larry s garden could easily done stand up please do it now he should be doing that we could have easily been tireless at this great talk with europe when he was on sopranos like you know almost like that
we had years ago only about like why you setting yourself up for like an abc sitcom he was perfect for radical play a father yeah and now our nose tommy while his first stolen it now i am now yeah he's you're doing a lot of us i thought he was even though he played a gangster sopranos you could seize had a gangster you could see could be a regular nice guy he played the guy that he played was as i rarely do your actual different than him as a parent meets a really good actor now marina didn't do stay i told them when we did apprentice ago so you gonna hit the road i figured he did stand up because i have to stand up against what the fuck you don't the show then me what are you tell him what are you what are you try and for you to do and then he started diane diane now right after that he started and never came home from school to stand up some it's all i realize you know i mean i gotta be honest i'm a week away from shooting a special i know i know my shit down pat now but you start thinking
do i really know yet because once you're out there you're alone to you in the audience and that's gonna show or two shows film a minute taped to shows i really only want to do one but showtime won't do that too because i'd rather have my back against the wall and have to come out swing and they feel like it in a fight awaiting the cage degaulle fight you know what i mean this is to use in the making the special and it is a new year's eve special and you know should say where i'm doing it with doing in chicago what's the theatre the arcane a theatre kate a theatre raise our sale now he a theater and it's actually gonna be my last special you know and not go some an old man i'm gonna tell you know i got other plans were movies and i got a book comes by not this year the like into the early part of next year so there's a lot i gotta do so i just want to really do one most actual feel i really all myself you know and fair
ends and really just fuckin bang them over the head with this shit and i'll just go out a winner can i make a prediction make a protectorate you'd this special that you're doing this outcome in special in chicago at the arcade theatre will create the resurgence that will make impossible for you to not do no special like people realise how funny when you donors realize like it when people are starting to like remember how fucking funny hilarious some you shit was and what we went to see that special or won't do what whatever you did what version of media went about his own damn version is gonna kick people's dick right shit was on the one hand i write about my respect for use a comic because you you're in that that thing that i'm in the kind of comedy you do whatever we call out genre whatever
fuckin is sought ass it passed when you say it to me i believe you you know and you heard a lot about you know what i'm telling you that the things you don't know what i'm doing we gotta team up we gotta do some show i would love to do you know what i mean just me and you when i was an open micro do days to listen to your cosette earlier cosette my fuckin car list to another way to gigs i'll never forget this guy mike donovan in the back of the comic connection in and crying laughing tier coming down his eyes try levy listen to your the day the laughter died down your average your oppression of doing nixon in girls ass a cry and laughing i'll never forget that in africa that those two me like as an up and coming comedian i was just like start now and i was like listen to this like established boston comedian just laugh it was not which pluck and crying tears were carried out his eyes
so silly to him it was so what are you doing is you have that effective and that's where we be great together and it's funny anytime i wanna do shows with another what we call headline of oz it's always hard because of like egos we also have to home and unlike right you know just like we talked about fighting less time that you'd be the only guy comedy i wouldn't want to fight because there's no way walk away a winner in something like i'm fine now five m ro i mean if i had to i mean if you push the buttons and we all would be like a wild cat nobody's going home saying i didn't get hurt you know annie i so he's that guy so would be the same thing if we were working together that he would be the only guy them go and you know what if he's gotta closed the show let him clearly shown how could she was a lock and animal here you know what i mean it's you know most comics can't go on if the mate and also
so i don't even know how would work but either way why would i lie anyway and i would be honoured it would be so far and i wouldn't keep on saying we do not want to go on to you because you really when you get that first shot at the crowd it's like you don't let the pressure to close the show that happened when i did show that fucking bill maud this it s all tat and i want to do to shut this is the list the lifestyle united did over you know what happened three hundred arena shoves years now i'm going to tell you what happened did over three hundred arenas right this before computers this before it hard ticket sales so in two thousand when i was gone to the garden you know i was thinking it open that show for me and i saw a spell from belmont when he does is regular stand up he's a filthy dirty pig like i'm on stage like i say corbett
and i say you know why you ve always been great with me you know when you know when i come on you politically incorrect show with whether it was on mtv array bc we did it i would always doing any was great so i said so why don't you do i went back to the garden and two thousand so what you do to god and with me it goes well met an opening act icon that call it was an opening act i go on coins will co headline everything's equal and the bottom line he was afraid to do it i could tell and so we decide i said will go somewhere else in the country and see how work so we pick phoenix the celebrity theatre in phoenix some clothes the shall write jim nortons can open it go on at the end and bill and billow go on if the norton so today before the show my agent calls me up and his like i gonna call from his people saying he wants to close the shell and i just said you know what that's up to him i don't care i go all these
can guise of same it's unbelievable i guess he wants to go on after me let him go on estimate long and to tell you what happened soda nighters show you now i'm already onstage yoke and went up and now like i'm telling you i feel no pressure to close the show so i do to kind of before i go fuck in not and bill actually shows up as i'm doing the show and he sees this crowd going vulcan ballistics are now it's time for to go on end you know he sets up on the stage he said upon the stage a music stand with cardboard notes of his act so now he's brought on stage these broad stage on behind the curtain watching and he freezes i mean really freezes he doesn't talk i'm back they're gonna fuckin say somethin you know like i'm late
we get outta this stage and minute now now is in his dressing on doing whatever he's doin to relax i'm self and i had only gonna stage for four minutes for minutes it comes up but not a promoter comes and goes i want to give money back we gotta get this guy back on stage so in the dressing room i'm talking term as he's doing whatever he's doing and i said bell you know it's it's rock n roll comedy man just go out there and starts going up
steps and start screaming i'm a fucking my knowledge and i want to look at them and go what what the fuck am i could have been a leather romano analogies uranos so he goes and maybe a third maybe a third of the crowd is left right and this is all after every job daylight the audience is taken part you fucking saw s how we see him you run to the camera that he was building it set to get the tape i would have loved to have that can take in a show is making all the excuses and i want to say asshole why on earth would you whether one follow what guy that gets done the fuckin rose ball you're not of that kind of can perform but i let him off the hook because he was fuckin frazzled than it was just trying to save face your buddies
if our terribly bang esoteric items when i see him on his show with the politically incorrect i look at him like year we really know who you are i don't wait that's all look at this guy like like you got no fucking shots you just got no fucking chops unless it would see i would do a show with you knowing you're going in front of me knowing you going to fucking kill him because that just brings up to now i got a right now just like i like you a nice movie colonies movie i'm up against alec baldwin kate blanche kids allie hawkins he's a fucking cadmium nominees golden globe winners and i'm goin you're just going to have to i do not want an occasion better the acted the better my works gonna be the same thing with the better like norton was probably the best opening they have had as guy i got you because i will say eleanor to me is the best female stand up in the country she just needs exposure now but not would come on an fuckin slay the crimea
time whose royal fuckin day long he's the only show i went to over the last four years to just say gotta show and watch him work and i said two shells and he was just great yeah not often austin news fuckin phenomena he's a great great he's a great common today remain stuff and again it's the same sort of ridiculous fuckin exaggerated hilarious kind of standard com a very very dirty very out there there but you know it's it's a fucking listen i'm an art form a merely pisses me off when guys like you guys like norton or anybody who does something that's particularly dirty or crass whatever that it doesn't get us as much respect it so she hasn't you get anything as there is in ireland will not this is my point did their denying that it's hilarious they're trying to pretend like what the way is harder to do so it's better but that's not true just cause it's hard to make something clean and clever i mean it's better presented us not bad stuff makes me laugh
that doesn't mean i don't have intellectual inflammatory comedy that shit is a legitimate fatwa artful i was just did not like a saving on all over the country prepare and the special service just a governess and you know governed you been there of a town everybody's then but everybody up in re club you so after the show the honest mark and james they say to me we voted you tonight the biggest left that ever happened in this room so i don't kid dirty clean biggest if that ever happened that's what an that's the bottom line learn and let me tell you on about third humans that's a dirty when when you're talking about everything that goes on in life in a meter cartoonish where yeah i mean eleanor came great because she's facing the hardest crowds to face rag i would think you're crowds of the other hardest crowds to face you m aunt em audiences real people blue collar people coming to see you
one core and they were right yeah i'm not the first time she worked westbury with me shoot up udo off to bring now because because what would i admire it about issues really dreaming businesses minute inner shut up she had seen him out of ten minute intermission impious trying to get it to say and i think that you defend my honour thing i am defending so but the fact that she was doing comedy three months and had the balls to face that fuckin crowd right was arrive rather regret back and now she those out and she just slays the crowd because they ve been the hottest crowds it's the it's it's like basic training when you open for me then what i could imagine or hear him that's it will you know what's funny because the podcast all the people who work with me road or all my friends from the podcast it's all jody as the irish sea anti trust rail and
the walls were dancing but i'm kinda the fucking puppet puppet little hope for when he says that day with the thing in these it ain't likening cried which i would like in practice genes one night he did i wanted to draw him such a beating you didn't put this hot into it and i said it would help iraq and i am waiting for the public to turn into nine devil whatever its list with the prayer and see people running from the shovel and he didn't do it the way i want and i was like i fuckin told you ran i got funding to sit in a room and watch you i want one of learning read the priority i learned my whole act eleanor going on stage it'll you're ruining that's went to live with walking out of eight people isolating and are never tabled that's right but that's how you even tell max i go when you play these places like bodies in this five people who gives off child i say when that is worthy because of being worked on
silence the last going to be using me and kennison were on every night back to back with one in two in the morning we were the less nor i when i got is before you ever came out to allay and the crab would whether was there walked out knowing they saw something special do you know in just one after the other well my parents who gives a fuck if they a real fucking like myself maxillaries button vignette together you know i say certain things when i do one stage very like you know out there and it's just for the effect of making if in other things like when i talk about the new generation pigs and how they are you know that the generation how you know there's a girl like i'd always i always knew what slobs women were in bed right on earth cos i was we as she is but put that right let me buy you but you know you know twenty is they didn't want to admit the pigs that they are today this
so aggressive it so much material to about on stage like when i get a free calling me and go in i went out with this girl i want that doing everything to get when i bang to rest she looked at me and said i used to be really good it is unthinkable we'll take it a jiffy lube you know what i mean the diner like not big because a girl twenty years ago would never look back at you and say i used to be good at stake in the next it know anything they would just if they even did that they want even talk about today there are almost giving you a fucking checklist of why willem won't do and you feel you feel like the check that the next day if you ve done ever think did and my friends gone cycle the girl you know that the call to like say how you doing today she's gonna call you back in a few and it's been three fuckin days like she did everything in care less about it sounds like a duty in fucker correctly not
let me tell you of uranus something the july wes proper limited so i went to a fuckin tunnel them between eleanor valerie you know one or the other half of the ark and loud i'm not even domo you can really be found impotent believe me i'm meeting my why involving door it was a revolving door you know tat tat even max they got the bang one of them that's you know we allah hag due note which with which was ridiculous and i remembered what some people is not but but what i'm saying is so i saw what was out there and and it's like you know they really do i don't care how good you are in bed a girl could just bang and guy in the net they forget it like me do have a one night stan that's how they look at it now it's definitely from world martyr out your word please age of information because the fact that didn't get on their phone a watchman taken they grew up on parallel album you can't stop and think
upon fuck and they have announced today at nineteen feel of date imposed the picture there s lips on the internet then that is it is their fuckin girlfriends on you know how to say like all the rest of the world while you know how to say been selling off i'll pick your b b in full he is all dislike the new authority think anybody says that's not not but you know how they do that like green is the new blow ds hall had become the new pushing a external slackened pussy it's like what happened to deploy stay below it out of control people have lowered out of control joe way they blow out where they want to fuck and then i want to get ever lower agnes gus thing i don't want to i want i want to get this issue but is not actually vagina boy luca vagina and then in its two thousand and twelve the designer pale ass oil just leave it alone where we wouldn't evenly morning after pill morning just have a thousand of them
you know what can i know it's gonna say she's got a big bang elinor was gonna be open in the show and chicago we talk about our goals are very tonight about and we have a way rather bands gonna be opening up to show also when i should go malaysia makes that baritone bright a couple of not just want to get some might think on iraq we got presence we just picked up the drums can re just got to traverse the visual ellie rocks flying think it so cool that you how the show we you know it's like you travel with family you know and i think that's a real important aspect of the road and that's one of the things that made it big for me is that when i do these shows like joe ideas are worth duncan trust
those are my family there my friends we ve been friends for a decade plus and we always will be so when we go on the road together it says it's your fault it's all yeah we'll have a real had earlier but united eleanor you'll want or how long do i know you know oh my god like nineteen years also twenty years further follows eleanor was the finest waitress ever communist or and everybody right to talk you know if i try to talk you and i know replied the everybody joe i was engaged in his flock and girl right and i will then he asked me to marry him i'm a fucking parking lot of the commonest or not this shit hollow around or why taller like this is what happens right we break up were broken up for six weeks while i get the cool because because i was having all these fights at the comedy store for like about seven months i've got united under a lot of pressure from the ex wife with the kids in
thing going on we have somebody with me i would get physical came there was one time i was taken this guy's head and from the store to copy it was crazy so now fuck it down my rarer and now shut up zebulon she goes hey hey guys have they confrontation now now but time is always you know since since the day i took off it was always and i love damas a comic he's agree is one of the great comics we would always bring up dead i'm jewish like like like like a joke and be good looking from brooklyn and have a fuckin attitude if he's not italian right so he would go on radio shows and say my last name like like this now i'm telling you what happened but ellen was really great friends with tom which is fine as now one night i've had a couple of things happen with dom where we did this dude thing i'd have to get in his face to the right and i'm out but without violence right right so now
couple years goes by now one stage in the original just work and our material on monday night i'm not for more than fifteen minutes and here tom and i won't make fun of em and he's gone when are you gonna be done here interrupting may now and you know what interrupt somebody that's done what i've done when not if the comedy factory outlet anymore you not even in my in league you know i mean and he's gone when you get a goddamn do yourself a favor get out of the room i'm trying to help you here just for anybody was gone and i did you know what you want me to come with stage i'm coming off the fucking stage and i come after him and i get him at the front booth at the comedy store and he makes the mistake of touching me slam against the walls his head breaks a fuckin maybe eight by tens on the wall and i'm going to bed his face they are but are you i'm some deep rent is easy jumps army and states jump saw me and then
buccaneers who wants to walk by may go on foot then you so now i gotta grab him by the back of his jacket phone back like the fuck would you even yourself in the same league with me you're a fucking club hack that's all you are i played the biggest fuckin places in the world get the fuck out of this place i drove down there that's right why now i'm in the back and i'm actually angry at her because she has broken up about five fights the department store it would only leaves a lower level than a chef let me finish so sleeves simone i got rid of but was eleanor because i can't live my hands to anybody if even touch me i can't have done anything so she goes she said let him work it out there finally i want to tell you what the fuck is that tell you what their rights are now so now the next morning me unknown or have the fight over this so you know leave slammed the door were broken up that's actually this goes by now
he calls me and says a move in new york okay so i'm actually going to pick up dylan who's hebrew lessons and me and max it talkin about i got all right we can let it leave the communists to let's get married let's just get married forget the fight you know i mean so we you know it like an instant ugo engagement and and that's how we got engaged will you you fought you're up we are sticking up what does that mean that way when you go in with a girl every comic world was calling that's not what it's a bad go look i'm your fuckin guy i don't give a fuck about dummies nice guys good comic but when it comes to end
thing between you wait a couple and the one on top eu pamela away every night during that ensue and not dumb you're not looking at a fat and have asked what i'm saying what they tell you two had a lot to do and i a smack late time s man are you why are you so i know i want my god you have you let us fight this out because he started not it first of all nothing i got a special personal shit and gentle it was affecting every night every store reverie as a one i quit i thought that would be better and then we did lived together for your but they work out our engagements fine i'm your sister wife now she's going to join the world on saturdays and his why you ever so please are one of the greatest guys in the world he was just let you truly you know that that's a bizarre scenario that i went out with him first of all i ve not illegal not over and put in by moving ass ridiculous it's not easy discordant out another shortly i wanna know jack they move i always stood eleanor was a nice girl never make moves towards and when i
we started coming onto us you know i was happily married kids now you know actually was baby sitting my kids in vegas when they will at once not but how today the dome was how i don't like to two i was like six max is sick there you know so i mean i would do anything in the world phone or where we all family i do now and boat but that came down i was just aggravated that out of arguments and fights i was getting at and economies data showing come back me up on the eye rarefied ps evan weapon against tom you know because didn't have the balls i got it i got it i got a lot of respect for me because after the fight all of a sudden here comes dumb into the kitchen and i'm stand next down or i'm coming down from the whole thing day someone to talk to you and unlike dom it's the biggest mistake you can make coming near me now and he kept common and in my mind i'm known if this guy has the guts to get with an arms reach a minute talk to
spot you know get out for two hours and you know and we haven't talked and but anything ever listen i love both of you and cannot dom ira like a brother not done you know i'd done can be a little hostile though came under its negotiating feels disrespected and let me tell you something if tom was a different way you know we want the same special with rodney see with tom i gotta history down because when i used to do philly is struggling comic i would always headline the comedy fact we outlined and damage from fear i was from brooklyn so so here here you on the club but dom a lot of times to open the for me so the way from then to the rodney actual and then i just blew up from the rodney special and he started right away with d like to me anti semitic bullshit because if you didn't he would have been the perfect opening act for all those arenas when i'm what everybody assume that your accent was italian
thing why did my luck and you know what i mean is that just get out why aren't you gonna do guy you know you think of you think of our already you know i'm not god everyone knows that you know what i mean if you are a decent working person with an added i immediately you're an italian but what was hilarious is like what i'm telling you know the words a giant motorcycle jacket with a cholera like the whole so he added to i've always had a certain added to write but it's it's the the it's it's a morbid work thing that kind of thing but for whatever reason look at how it in that way right yeah italians of people on our entire irish i would see arguments go on between two men may about my mother being italian you know and i would go no she's jewish she's my mother would know and they'd be like dice in these elections the guy's gonna you don't know what you're talking about this
we may have i like peppered to my mother i know what my money around where was this you know this is in brooklyn this was at a flea market that they turned a c is department store into a flea market so i go there like every saturday because i love to sharpen by caught in things and wristband waxwork shirts website i couldn't by enough of them and it was all booths and i love go and then this is what i was doing like nassau colosseum so people would freak out they are so all these fights would start customs i'd be around guys they would turn thereof attitudes on right like they had a like out dice die
raising in brooklyn for me but that's all we know you get around any young men looking to prove themselves in europe is what i have two year old silas thirty and go and rice you don't understand i know your mother for twenty five i could put i know what's inside was born i was bar mitzvah decoding anyone take or even i was born i wish they wanted it claim you i would like to recall you know but in this area but it's never it's not like you know you ever said you were italian it's a snarling ailing you ever hid now it's just for whatever reason they claimed it for like a little while later this hell declaiming sir i assume i'll let you know i grew up and enable that it was all draws in italian that's where i grew up with will it but that's the thing that disturbs me at living in new york i know a lot of jews who talk exactly exactly you weren't or not is adding that only italians throws roadmap it was dear rich guys there was the eye
guys would that were dead i'd fight would put the last of it all the time and then that's what i want my ex wife is irish eleanor was i reckon i learn irish stewards who bid i had a friend who had its finger bitten off in a street on and he added token i've only been he had its tell cut off to replace the finger and he had it permanently bent so if you keep throne is right he would shake your head on pc motor car around anything wrong you machine here that he would happening i would be like to take and that there was a hell of a box and coats joe like shot out the jeweler gel lay a great guy away joey hours now we would always classic awesome irishman from boss let go awry mightily i like if you made a movie about my friend jolly longshore men who is a professional boxer great boxing why trained a bunch of great boxes and he was a fine
thing and the multi was how as i told you about by fighting you'd know via you dont know cycles like this known i delight in my wife valerie you know it's you remind me i got no known cycle but just shut up with them actually when they get the vaguest among with some aspirin but this is what that was you know what i was there was the make sure that she's listen to me listen to me when i say that thing to you it in this way out she like what we really do make it down she likes put in it together you know the mexican girls with the colors and get really beautiful right bath congratulates you have scored she's really beautiful i met her in vegas and i was just why blown up out of the water is very courses nice guy back you respect thank you every respect that complement its good compliment
but you don't say anything dirty about like when you walked away now i write a guy like you respect you to joey i never knew because i've never say nothin bout yours and unless she was beautiful another category in other government yoga you know a keeper with no you marry you should have paper later my view highly divergent beautifully stunning venusberg i want to get most of the world s most important man i've been around pretty girls before that weren't nice thing out of sight i gotta shit where have i wife assuage smart backs on my career with that you are doing we think i'm doing because she told me to go though it that's why article that's that simple that in that case relationships are always worth it of a settle for some sort of a weird combination of of that and then an enemy the you live with and so that's real you're crazy people you're real weird with that man and lots i'm not even on me and eleanor life even though my unknown broke out we will never enemies yet wall of evil
we broke out we had later i think a lot of fighting between people the easter off getting animosity may i just don't love me you know what i'm arrival acting him right now king when it comes to its courts conversational notices guys though guys but why you did that's ok with us but every people were listen to the path ass all the time i got dice interrupt you constantly making them once once we're just talk yes she goes that i'd pitch that right and you when you're all talking at the same time nobody could predict who's gonna be talking of what's going to organise ransom comes in your head you gotta say it you gotta go the flow of a conversation and that includes interrupting people we're not david mammoth movie i agree but he's saying i can't talk to you because you to our men and ways that we know where we may wonder i stay in your face haven't you that much bothers we only a little what our law the giraffe
guys around he wasn't oddly because i love what i'm trying to keep get em to not my love until i worry about that you'll need red and listen i love on these areas of great friend if we do to rob that's where you break my boys with the cigarettes because they knew not where i would what look i why only hung out with you a few times and i would sit down have the conversation with you now i do love you you're a great guy being around you love your act and i respect you very much as an artist i think the poisoning your body with cigarettes is a stupid waited not only that but you don't i am only going to u dont undesired its adele anyway though why did i not even low out again oh i didn't smaller the cane clinton for ten years he made me quick in small when my father was on his last days i lit up so many smoking a year you it's not about excuse it's just what happened i know but i am going to quit again but no disease not the weak it's happening
you know i know there's a guy like my earlier you you know what the fuck is best for you you're not a child and eyes i wouldn't ever tell you what i'll do i'll drive you ask him and max as well we want to no more on me with it but they also understand what i'm going through in but it also you know i gotta respect brion said something on the pot cancer the das had why do you like the smoke and here i love pretty passionate about how great a feel how much she loves it and how its great after me and you know what i can respect that as a human being he's got a right to make a choice in their view that choice but i'm smart enough that's why did quit cause i just didn't want to smoke anymore you know and i would hold in unlit cigarette i kept people smile the round me i gotta wean myself off of it again while i quit i won't even win it i'll just quit not over i bet i would enjoy i bet i wouldn't like attain rush stephen king said it was one of his his biggest cognitive benefits that are here
that the that smoking gave him rather cognitive benefits and that he recognised a big difference when quit smoking said his eyes brain was firing slower as creativity wasn't as is is rampant in our measures i would like to just at the moment enough me right now like cigars i see and i hate to go after a fat stake is children are i love it that's damien kevin james have murdered for consumers smoke some fat cuban cigars before it's a pleasure and its real buzz two it's a kind of weird mellow hi it's not a high where you're worried about driving a car anything like tat you ve total control you sets looks like but it's like who is the reason why i got its migratory gars for one it offers a guy i feel stoned make the reality we must find it does make you high a ball you know nicotine in its natural form like that that form of tobacco that you getting cigar furs well it's not as bad for you
involves used in shamardal rituals they use it in peru in the amazon whilst the rituals the shamans will below the tobacco smoke in your face in the middle of the psychedelic trip to it create bigger and broader psychedelic experiences i turn to actually instant maybe she's so it's psychoactive compounds smoke we know we had a guy on the per capita how united around your words that we had a guy in the pakistani rob wolf who was the author of the paleo solution and he said that people chew nicotine gum and it really helps the creativity so like nicotine itself is probably beneficial and a lot of ways and almost like a coffee does not really the real problem is a delivery method that's been to make sure that your addicted is the paper registered criminals chemicals that's mixed into the back that's designed if you watch nanda the insider give washed i'm only russell creates a locker eight antonia unbelievable it really based on a real story in based on how the tobacco industry has somehow
other conned all these politicians into allowing them to do what they're doing which is pumping thousands of fuckin different chemicals i think it's five hundred ninety actually five hundred ninety different chemicals or approving and research and that's what makes it has now thousands but hundreds but them that's an had seen him on a number of chemicals it's it's you think you're getting a cigarette you're getting like this chemicals shopped leaf that's dried out its basically the cigarette burning is inconsequential its delivery method for all these chemicals even call it a cigarette and kind is but it's the kind of not its current delivery method for all these five and ninety different chemicals and most of them designed to make you a dick
open i know you're not a college preferring run you have all this information yeah but it's just that i like that i read it just stuff that i've read look i've done no refuge morocco and i think you ve also retain like i've right only retain things that are important to anyone you you could ask things about things that are important to me they don't even go in there ever like almost like a retorts brain i haven't it's very like half broken like things care about i don't care i dont give of real ones especially once started making money i lost all my ability to care about shaded don't care about you know like people will call me to get me to do things i'm spoken i don't answer the phone i just disappear may i was trying to call them i tried my phone and i can't get it to heads like good for you but i get like a text a bit you know let me just call them rather than with the texting ain't never picks up now those because those are my car and may i have a plug my courses so loud it's a jetty three times racing cars when you
rising so that's what you hear the berger guys impact can really juvenile nasa nine car it's a total douche car if you live near the guy don't you like who what can a douche bag need to drive a car like this here i am i like works and how i feel about the odds in austria i love being my how a car with big american i like her it's a big american car will call again or excited catalogue
yeah you know now but the big cadillac thereon okay this once when the color money i only want or over the color money i gave one i got i got round it you shut your face i got one as a consolation prize my left i got a ninety five fleetwood brown which meant only where you got one is currently have you a nice enterprises i gave it to act out how technology adult enough to know how to take care of interest of our high you know me i m sure just break it you will
jerome as you cry mirror of this because you couldn't back up proper backing up and you know it is the same argument i didn't break the mirror and break up rang the bell was on her way and you got a cloud on and you ve broken off jump bags we tried to view the audience at home i can give a fuck about who crashed your old car no doubt but it did helium fishing wranglers rings that shit you take swoons every day if that was my woman i would say listen baby we're rich which is fixes shit
not that i don't know but i was so sure that's the drive away and well there also apply the way those those are very difficult to drown out at last he was ever withdraw the boxes ragged too big trunk tat i love when they role in this stuff and then they roll it out that such a thing ass he didn't i'm thinking leaving i filmed you know joe how i felt like i know a break it up but i gotta get this i really enjoyed when when i was working with the commission when you would do these he would put on these little shows in the back and it would be for your own amusement thousand what are we gonna do those just for your own amusement he would have like ok now you're gonna come running through the door you and you have a good lord netscape other shooting a deal you know you know and you know
would shoot it while there were open you know what i mean because it i'm gonna forty set was all here and help camera and it was now it seemed like a lot of it was just spurned the moment if you if you sort but it's not i'm really thinking about the episode ok so you know i wouldn't tell anybody what they were bout i would say this is what i need in sometimes like if we win the comedy store kitchen you know that be waitress that i didn't cast in the show so i would make the kitchen i see you happy the shot and she's like but my drink i don't care about you drink i'm trying to get my shot here like eleanor had a fist with wheels in the kitchen that time reveals a smack and i had again are you the only guy employs wheels these there's somebody else do you think we'll see him and never seem to ozanna were well he's gonna his website ease and is in vegas ease in vegas will you who is responsible for that club to these two have we claim that he got his stardom in fame after he blew off stage one night club
well i really doubt very well very well the wheels was sort of pushed into things years ago well we live by other people have nothing to do with somewhat so someone else wrote that forum where now he was made to do that we have we view is like a professional pool where yet he is we i don't believe that i'm on josiah we went to us so we worked in san diego i said ok play a lot of till suddenly on involving pool player i collecting loneliness by famous makers ever professional table my ass a plain tournaments biological so like this no suitable will wheels tells me that he placed professional poor says have always fuck around just played our game twenty four dollars later like dude
paypal for complete pool you re can barely make a couple of balls nobody's we're not a professional level nobody is a professional liar northern italy is dead and didn't trick me twenty we live games in well away still has no money of course well that's we'll lose a funny yes he's funny due to be around our money went out the funniest guys filling out in a good do not mean anything bad but it's a true story here you can fuck with me or the pool table we give if anybody lie about anything without was the most ridiculous should have any case they will you can play where when i went to vegas the less you times i would be like wheels who want to hang out at night you know any goes i can't you know cause of what i'm doing with a good what do you do when he goes one doing the inspirational talks he was hired from some comfort he put on a certain time five in the morning he's getting dressed in show up and do these inspirational talks and get paid for it and make us
a nation asking from the gallery what several view love o glengarry grandma hungary that's why you ve got his monologues still speech yeah oh my he's a junior my god and make a lot of money but not now then he's got is a real covering the etiquette he's gotta catering somebody called the can only king i heard is catering is very good but which is gigantic and alive and then just move to south carolina for a year and then i'm up i go what's going on it goes well we're in vegas i got dumont because we moved here and then he opens how many club and then he becomes an inspirational speak the next thing you know you walking down the street you got one of those meet drugs that he started wheels other wheels got a couple nicknames one of them is wheels one of the good didn't you see him area areas
a number one chef in the country where he is a good start but not one of them is due to the communist on its fuck yourself like donations character please don't be such a kid it's fucking cities are very good you know our good cook whatever the fuck he brought the cobbler story about it but i wasn't cocktails for him at one of the canal linking hire you were you shut your face and ass curtailing and he goes he goes listed i was screaming i go hey wheels we mourn whenever he does you call me chef
yes i would worry you shall i am i wrong would be of no use what he would do these professional were professor joe he would do these jogging like tardily he was trying to be there's nothing wrong with wheels like easy as a primary right not there they know it's a little flavour we were working party oh i forgot the salary or was mine did this party for some black cigarette that is new for years there's gotta be three black people cigarettes near but like all attic menthol my mom yet it was african americans there wasn't one white person their right and i show was blowing the camera right you know with with the camera just for footage because filming my shove ran wheels like yelling at me you gotta leave you know i'm getting it'll be wonderingly and i'm going we'll drink how am i gonna get my shot
if i don't show up at the park vietnam just filming us within throwing me out of the poverty and she's wager saying not real i was just rounding up like girls to surround him because he was take i didn't i didn't need your help towards what we really want this fucking with me the girl why do we really you see women while we violent i'm so like a team is making this now because it is a good one where they suffer hands when that allow they hit back because i'll find out tat we re back because she keeps put i hated me back then hit our job online please we works we gotta talk you know why i know national minorities like attend degree but i up to now and i'll take you re eleanor's wrestled if i have already allocated we see me wrestle idea what's your vessel professional way but i've got to tell why now because
could ruin like tat you know women are not brought the polisario yeah you know a breakthrough and unlike anything to be on fuckin tv what's wrong with you later in in eleanor's defence me an hour i rather a bunch of people from the economy story i went down and we had a great fuckin time reply waitresses comic every by big group to support eleanor and she was easy writers who play this motorcycle a boxer shall we go to type directly chick who would act
poor balls very hands like a fuckin roles and she's having doing a humble saw the ring i think i think it's better for eleanor mean i've known eleanor forever i think it's better for her to not take ourselves seriously so do its electoral theories but that's a you know you're charm your charm as you so ridiculously silly all over the top and then when i used to do this thing anything we ve talked about in the pot gas where did we talk about the toilet or ask for change everywhere and i was just tell her about when i go on stage people like taken i would have negative finger myself i will no doubt it was they got stuff is stupid is running gag i would today things you have this is what this what it was for you just how do we explain this an unexplained deaths do you want me to do it did i this is not going well acquainted you'd not is wrong apron resigned is what we do we will be go i hate i want i want to work it change for dollar four the meter did you change your mind
hold on a second let me get it and she would dig in her apron and go in this whole routine pretend masturbate ourselves to climax its way but it coming near people try to rescue work it was fucking hilarious hilarious about it because it is what we did it it was what i'm waiting at home you know my shift dissolve eleven thirty would now two in the morning and she comes walkin in telling me that you're wearing captain late june everyone that during our foot out this is the kind of shit you would tell em go and she's helping comics with the personal buck and problems with that i'm like i don't give a fuck if the guy full of the cliff she waiting here i got a hard on which is really sadie as well as a brother comedian i appreciate that but
some may malaria shit and as someone who we are supportive of the fact that that's one of the reasons why she's a professional community now because we all knew she was so fucking funny as always when she was just a major risk of course you did yet we all we all know no one doubts that we knew you as wages and you would be like the funniest person hang around with backstage and and it was it was it was ridiculous that you weren't onstage and you would like i would i would always go to eleanor what if any they knew when on stage is actually funding should go ahead walk away and i knew the guys they watch this watch doo doo bruce manner now don't say one's job just do it when user ugly we win prizes do i do i can't do it i can't think of one of my favorite song joe gray now adopted an asian girl to help her with his iphone nobody
that which knows she's going back as soon as i get these apps now talking but she knows every comic royal rob long because doing my own material i'm writing which he has just made on workers now what was long as you have that auditing in your own head you know everybody is going to especially in the beginning alike and andrew ok you you run the risk of may be covering so we over a little how this is to pursue with hopes meant that with this is back when the oj what thing was happening right and i did this whole thing about marshall clock dead once she realized this was a big tv shot for her she's gonna open on she come into the court room with the palms and in the sky with the slit up decide walking down the fucking i like i won't ever latest the staring this fucking ass get in here for a while and build a tv career so holds
did something kind of similar to the algae so i can over time and i know he's not everything areas in and i go you know i i i like do that joke and it goes no dice we overlap and i started fuckin laughing because headwind guy says that deal it's just do it it's to fight you know like when you wrote somebody about a joke that similar rights debate to get old defensive becomes an argument the ottomans likely you know we overlap will you know like what the fuck do i just started laughing he so funny he is whereas but i agree with that kind of certain when we rented walsh and i over lamp on a flashlight joke and i know i know he didn't read no he didn't you wouldn't i've seen my bit and then done a similar bodies not that dude buddy a similar conclusion and i was like wild that's obvious thought
you know like you sobbing if your intelligent you think about it there's a bunch device to approach it that's one of them he thought of it i thought of it his bit different than my bit even those facing the same premise i felt i mean that's open allowing it's no big deal overlap but i don't care if any institutional rack right it's what is your particular take things i want to hear his take on an end someone else's tat the only problem is when you hear me around the problem is when you hear him like that night in a row like if he's middling in your headline in the end as the bit then you really can do the biggest kind of its so similar you'd have to bring it up hey i want to cover the subject has already been covered in beaten to death right lastly i turn so i would do it in a way like at the store where like i know what the other guy brought up but let me tell you something at this year at the store but like when you're in the road doing right show you wouldn't want that that would you would never want to guy like us as she does like this thing about anyone say you know what the whispered in the matter
lydia aim the old man ok it's old man though oh man liking ifor out of older man like old remember when they come nothing comes out of like areas like you know then unless it but he does something similar or something like now i say it's like air and then you're like what shit where did they go to a man like two days later on like that fucking glitter on my face and my all its old man rivers balls on my faith in that there is some stupid like justice there might i care about you know when you get all the knee jerk off it's like a three day process and then by like the third day when it only when i got his neck comes out like just fools or activity a carpenter you know it i asked that about that was holtzman holtzman about our yeah has made its second its old paint it's been the basement too long because
it's not the same call that are used to me that's why he had a bit about i am going to get there and i don't i don't want to do is doing to via y know what to say it also because i don't want him to you know to not be able to do their bit unilaterally by the way you we're holds when i know where i live and where is it like vietnam or something now marie they already know i heard you ve moved to vietnam right now you're holtzman when you just did someone's podcast like yeah i think he was on meeting sometimes there's gotta thailand thailand that's what china will get us along airless boy varies oyster emmy exists the case joe he's a nice guy i lowered don't that got the job just say it it's ok that's what i mean everybody you learned it like i was curious now so you both have a joke about it people coming term not like that and wells having done you know i'm gonna do maybe it's funny
only it because happened because it was like an old i was picking on one night night just went into it and every once in a while just bring about coming great songs are written about the same subjects in how many great sub songs you know cover really real similar ground these two fuckin love em cause great yeah you know and an income many that certain things sex especially is that which is always gonna be hilarious it just is and as long as it is extracted much of it out as we can think we overlapping allowed if we are not doing so now we definitely have a different point of view the now i agree i watch joe a couple months ago at the eight thousand i think it would be great and what are we lose tonight among senior show was so fun but you're so much more proposed just me i'd try to be a little more realistic you actually have fact my westward that i try to remember it ought to be an agent of disinformation yes you fuckin act was so funny
scrapping has chosen created don't go and i would not i would not like to but i just want to say that we were slap on the table we will fuckin howland me in northern and looking over the other laughing i was such a special moment like as comics as president i m hoping comics for twenty plus years the both of us will laugh and together like you know like this a brother and that's the best i don't get along with most com is that i think you do we the i know that i really gave out a lotta comics mean i give you credit ones and i don't get along with it gives you agree now i know that but i'm saying i just dont because i don't feel camaraderie so when i'm around them you that i do love you and you're one of them now obviously norton for years and florentine and i think i think you're i think you're defence you got so fuckin big so quick that it
real hard for you to relate to other people i think about comedy you know when but it comes with me and my heart mix i mean cannot about the comedy humming comics i'm saying you you became so fuckin huge so quick there's like this automatic resentment that's gonna come with it with a lot of people you went from being and a comic who was in with others you know there's a steady stream of professional card to becoming the biggest in the history of stand a comedy inside of a few years just one well and all of a sudden you do have sorted out and you know that it will be ten years stern and i'm sure it was a long time in short was hardware is what it is but it also the high hit so high that it was impossible for people to not get shot i ve got a lot of people get creature i was able to talk to you i'm not jones person
that is what i mean and their common listen i am honoured to be around people like you and honour to be around people i've done my right now i am i don't care how low but don't kommeni or how i am confident that i know how to do it but i am always like partners is a friends with doug stand hope i love that alcohol of state who i believe is the greatest comedians of all time i can call him up and we'll shoot issued on the phone and we love and stay certainly the other day goes you know i could click harmony but i can comics because i can never equating does not relate to fucking with of try to hang out with too many regular people i care for without it that is the phone call you know there's a world twisted in different ways joey arises differ the news like david then dont even if a text you late at night i know you get in excuse europe oh yeah i'll get you jack i had four in the morning let me tell you all wheels like one thirty in the morning it goes i gotta get some sleep because i gotta get up there was already hammock
resulting daytime pull up i'm saying in jail time it is great you know what i mean why i love i loved the night that's all i am i am exactly the same way that's what i do all my work i don't i don't get aiming done during the day my kids arrived they want to play this zone out so fuckin something's going on is noise i can't contrary to my office yes they do they i put my kids i get my work out so i do my bullshit and then went to everyone's asleep i do it after jujitsu so far too right only we come home to eleven and then from eleven on i want to start to right yes and if i call it the ray you pick it up oh yeah that's when i call open anthony all marietta me i only at law when i'm only wake all my which aim to do more often fuck em of those guys hanging out with anthony and when we were in great ages he just really reinforced how radio i always knows a great guy but i loved the fact that we could all pal around in a zone i said s innocence he's a
darling i rushed ice impressions lotta people don't realize doesn't lotta really gonna pro he's another guy always tell why are you doing stand year one this when it does the have you seen is fuckin awesome show his show that media those images give him credit this reason why we're doing this podcast today is because a anthony coming from the european anthem issue because air the started doing his own show called live from the compound and life the compound which he does unused dream he does in his house he has a fucking studio set up like a quarter of a million dollars with fuckin green screens and he could be like it from the colosseum and wrong disobeying systemic give me any of professional desk and you know he's do with his chin he was dating you would be run around the machine gun sing songs play in guitars withholding of fuckin m16 here
a crazy he's a beautiful person can love him he's a gambling added raising he's not idle evolve he loves to drink he's out to me he's a classic american character and i don't get it have to hang out with enough so that all of a sudden we were in vegas together and we stakes we went to work craft steak and had the most where did the fuckin one thing about thanks make up all these grave stagecraft stake is an m gm oh it's goddamn good oh jesus where the best though best is nine nice causing upon you can't fuck with that place like you get grass fed rib i do not pass go you what the grass fed whereby medium rare it will knock your dick into the dirt it's the most spectre that kind of me available in the probably in the entire western part of the united states that way i stay cows nine
taking us highness lady caleb so we went out perhaps take yeah been there took great we went to craft stake we had a great meal we had some one anthony like need those wines we picked out a good wine it was me and my my buddy steve who have not suppose like fifteen all of us his big group who came to see you it was such a thrill so fond of devising a show one and i get to go joe you are per farm we had such a great time we walk in right when maximus plan we want anything wrong how relax now about guitar so are you drunk you know you know what you gotta tell them about four minute because transport allows fuckin spectacular norman i wasn't serious hand that coordination son you went off that was like real shit you didn't like have like a half assed rum so you're fuckin full lie in man the kid was lion unbelief
its bloody leads to because it up i could do that your area that we get down there ready improv do we get to hear it go and look at the need to see someone someone please edit that and put that little part of this video on youtube you see on with humanitarian aid and walking around the house go and i think you know customs get it showtime
you know what i mean by it and this is the bands first shot everywhere you know doing the song you so gray outlaw and he's i don't know the solos there yet and try and explain every night we sit outside the house and i got max there is nothing you have the law for this solo cuz you have chops like i you know started out as a drama but my ability doesn't come close to what he can do tell us yeah i get jealous of his feet all the combination is getting idealism is not areas now it's like because these users both his feet like his hand you drive a stick its magic right yeah the automatic fill a god knows how to work the pedals like that one what workmanships no no he's just amazing and like when i would tell people about em on the farthest so they think well how good can they really be and then you see that which which
you gotta say it you gotta do is like baby set you gotta believe me i'm listening to it folksy of you hearing just the audio version of this pact has its like us it's an iphone camera so that sound quality is not the best you have to see it if you see it's fucking property when he it when he would show me like drum you're in chicago like like i am via yang we and accelerated the arcade around the arcane a theatre in chicago will amount to be twenty two and the sole actually started off only solar wing when i first started playing the drums at in play with a ban for like the first five six years of dry displaying since he's ten are and how will you now gonna be twenty two we gonna between two she'd been planted transfer twelve year here do your fuckin hands are ridiculously the vast you should get off the link charm you should start cannot and will not have fuckers fast speed to be a hell of a bother you don t believe it translates you you wanna number one can box and eradicated by he had led him a couple time now by
accident sort of not me why the hell went away when i would you know teach them to box i would say you know we'd go let hollywood jim sure you know that has about having ring gravity right no headshot at all so i would just protect my body and let them fight me good so now and then max would slip need now me right on the chin ones happened in my back yard and i went right down because you know when you hit the chain you see the stars and you go down i'm not expecting to get punched and face my friend unless you bite my friend i myself and then does it again at the jim and among the flow of feeling like it is all here i am on the father and my fourteen year old just knocked me well you know the reality is a lotta chicks economic you if you don't know the punching you if you don't know going to punch you there's a great video of a chick head budding a guy unconscious some asked the bar says some stupid or she grabs a shirt goes
nine august we encounter in that does work that doesn't work i don't know it was me what have i will not say and a little girl can head but a jet giant dude what i'm saying if you dont know its common in newgate jargon get now get that led by a little girls head without letting honest enough to break the body down first and then they go the journey not about of people in this professional fight they go why aren't they swinging it out they don't realize it's a skill it's a damn you'd be amazed at how hard it is to get someone did you ever do actual box i kick box i did a lot of boxing in the german i have three kickboxing fides buddy you'd be amazing how difficult it is to actually hit someone who knows how to box it's it's a dance it's a rhythm you gotta figure out will add a fuckin add up gum how to get him to move when the running because if you run it like you wanted you gotta see why is data verses leona cheetah the arbitrators is bad ask karate guy not rhine bade her up charge only just just caught him china flattened i'm not them out with one
but you that's the rest you take if you want to be aggressive it so hard to hit someone who actually knows how to fight its redemption if you really there's a lot of key players as i think that always bottlenecks peter some sort of i you know i love i got a bad luck i want to know more about boxing they should get in touch with me a little dice clay that is that my twitter yes at the real real days if you want to know about drumming getting it ex does comedy and i wanna go out with eleanor max did you get up suddenly jauntiness eleanor carried it i wish i was nervous i came over like an hour you ok i mean to do it yeah sure you didn't know yet but it was the world and i was thinking about maybe that it was made do we have a great relief that means probably get a good punch look if you hit the drums and hard i bet you generate some serious work and speed of somebody teach eddie
yeah but how us you can't you kids that's ridiculous now understand the new open rogan roy if you care to have actually been thinkin about enhancing cry so cromwell jaska it's interesting enough but there is but he knows a lot of benefits to taking one marshall lord over a combat a tory system martial arts like a lot of people think the comedy towards systems cromwell garson with those if you don't we do it every now and then you just want to learn some self defense like but i think there's a lot of time spent doing shit like street techniques and stuff like that that's really wanna not really come not now i don't think you do you really want alone you really want to we were really want to be good at what works on train killers not people in the street with fuckin ceta keys because in a real life situation is gonna be a lot of craziness going on you gotta be able to execute from memory
from training and how much training trinity really have taken someone's gonna why i mean are you really going to be maybe it's a good thing to know if you're in the special forces or something you gotta learn in a deal a piano comes all time but the reality of self defence is most times and things happen they happened one because one person's not confidence or the other person gets cocky because you're not aware of your environment and you don't have enough confidence in any one particular discipline withered stand up or the grandfather agency that a lot of people want to fight they dont know how to find fires the shit out of me i've been a martial arts my whole i've the lasting one do is gonna fight somebody because i know that some people it can do some crazy shit your body i know them i know people who could you would be crazy to fight but people
start fight to them mozilla fuckin morons is but i want to for me it's very important that the one who is capable of deciding where everything go yes i don't like being a position where i have to trust my health to some crazy asshole you know i don't like that i don't like to know that some guy get its own me anytime you want to just jump all over me and i don't know what to do and i can even defend myself i can't live like that that would drive me crazy i know too many crazy people grew up with too many complete fuckin psychopath to ever think that safe do not know how to defend yourself clear area that yeah it's like you i know how to defend myself i'll write you do i'd nicer mark wrestling match is in the best in her invent beat up people which i wow that's some we get some situations well
this one girl we went to us for we went out to this club and normally sunday night remember this was a sunday night and it's usually dead andrews like i always go here is using like a hundred people is not that bad we get there some kind of dead mouse dj thing going there was that there was like fifteen hundred people impact on our goal is are we can't go in here he goes now we'll be fine we'll be fine girls were throwing themselves at him i have added up with jealousy knows i may avowal of here demonstrate nice oh yeah good but you know how fast that i take that girl yeah but how pleased as she does she does security wanna go out yeah crazy he goes crave now feels by its you know it's it's nothing i'm looking for you know i mean really has no i'm serious even i believe even
single you know what i mean it's nothing that's ever thrilled me unless i'm out hunting i don't know that's drawn into a club filled with fifteen hundred people though sunglasses on sleep with certain and throwing themselves are you come on our common values and a goddamn italy even a goddamn glad i appreciate i wasn't it does hit me in that way when you get to lead that life what happened right back ever really a famous guy you gotta clubs you go out and i am obviously do show it's it's hard to go places you know it's very rare that here as we are know what night like going i like to dance with my wife sometimes and you know i'm very focused on her when i go out because i see all i'm watching the guise watching but when you do you have a problem with like people consume wanting to give your attention to take those like they never give up when they normally put me in one of those vip both she stands it was our arms like touching the booths like she's just hang out and she won't let any
and stop blood that is why when we went out halloween then we went aim club i think you know now was later and they had a dancing with my wife on the dance floor and he got these three giants these three guys surrounding us so we can dance so people than by them you know and you just have to ignore it again in a parasite where people are wasted we went to this crazy place first there was what those like ten thousand people plenty of its final shit we saw a lot of fights there we were that's when i go to night for all you want here was a fire is all that was a fetish ball that's right back any people thought he was dressed as andrew days clay and there were like where i had a hit somebody you could tell i don't remember the name of the hotel or where we where we were south something down near the m hotel remaining in the south coast are now but we were
walking out and we're walking fast because people are recognising a thinking here of dry and when i was young i know that he was right i got him i just keep going rang so other send this guy mean valerie were in he'll so he was walking yeah they're like little head of behind a little bit of of us so i hear this guy go die style oh my gosh museum salaries and are deciding on and he comes over and i i we recognize you know like don't touch me he touched them like this and he not them the fuck out it was his friend brand it's a friend of mine but i didn't see him come in and i will use passed him in the financing of this no i didn't see him and his hands grab my shoulder i would die just react and i hit em obviously that's where the gloves roof once you put your hands on me hard like that but he's my friend but their yelling no if john andrew as it happens i look it's brand but he had no it's my friend and i turn and he's going back and he's out on his feet i do know how to hit you know
why not random right brand what our high lunchroom and they did what it was but i hit him with aside punch in here i was told to hit him again and that's when i saw and i felt so bad and to this day you won't admit that he was out i was there any china like you ok you know how do you know my name you know you don't yell my name s eye you don't think dice you say is true you know exactly like a drunken this is what picking up why joan is what i'm picking up i'm here and a guy yelled dies in all of a sudden i feel this to handing some rather like that so i just fuckin bang the guy and he's got i'm turning around to really finish them because once sure you know you would react the same as you know we gotta think they will just grab tighten them you do that you never now if i thought i feel someone grab me from a shilling threw up in the various things is not
grab me i gotta do it and read only you know a high that's the one thing i don't have a holding me in places happened what are your plans what i say ok yeah sk crazy that's why we need just would just touch us he how does he way body you don't understand he was drunk and excited when you like i tell you did thirty feet by may he has in fact been problem drunks that is a problem with people who don't even take a ladder to shows did over realize it being ridiculous it's a terrible drug for four socializing it's the best jug for socialism requires characterwith dave somebody here don't have character they drink in their real ship bag personality comes flying out if you come over to me for picture and you're not drunk in nice i'll take a dozen what do you do it i'll if you're on your way to somewhere and need to settle the river people indicated throng where if if it's nice people out i'll take the shots but if there s all they put
hands on me if you don't i dont have a fuse i just don't have a fuse and i will deal with it he did something cool last sunday at our show in vegas here some guy he was coming up the elevator and he was kind of late and the guy was like man i saw you in madison square guard this guy went to boy goes out and when i was and he was right to say it while i was after his during his show like at the end of it he goes who's the guy in the elevator and the girls like that was me turn on state into picture took upon cry you so like you to join him in the pictures because i know that make the cameras you know oh no no i don't know what to do with it you know they were right play dedicated like my asian or bid to them you notice they were dead said i that's beautiful i don't know what do they know what we're gonna die shown up a table cool about it you know i gave some suggestions for new phones and
it has brought the guy up from the crowd cos i was in russia was late for the show that he was not some girl who's the guy that was at the god and stand up you know that's very cool the monopolistic uncouple pictures and of course at fun with them but we do or not i felt that i had a blow morph when i was coming up the state we do chosen then we hang on after shown take pictures of everybody but if i'm on a rush to get somewhere that's that's that's when it becomes a problem like in vegas like after the you have sees it becomes a real problem because there be a thousand people waiting latin my folks i can't i got go i'm i'm meeting my then they get the ones and they get pissed off i wrote something about my face policy where where i live for today concern yourself because now i'm gonna guy and i don't like i don't like to blow somebody off their legitimately happy to see me now but you know what a thousand people exerts really fuck and are not blow and we have hundreds of somebody goes dice we'd take a picture and all of a sudden the friend standing i go well how long does it take to two o was on the filming by accident that's why i got pictures of
get the fuck out of here i ain't even over their fans nothin i don't give a fuck who they are if you yet if i take a picture now they do it on purpose we gentlemen and the more time we know you know how many did not to get their little piece of fuckin footage i can't take it with another creepy guy puts it on online all the time it's like you know why take the picture it's a nice i get it but don't stop would be in in doing a fuckin age a film with me got it i mean he was like you to want you to want to be up on you too might not by you gary how you helping me and and he was like any would put it up this is dicers why well creepy didn't you know wireless like what you are in the public eye i try to be a school as i can with people but then get the s all when you doing like i really refused to do most meat and great cause there's always gonna be the guy that wants to put me in
had locked and he's always gonna regret it and what is why did you like to do that because you don't like look you you your guy like you got an attitude about yourself you gotta tough image about yourself so they want challenge you in front of their check if they get meet you instead of being cool taken the picture they wanted out macho you and i don't care who it is i don't give these fuckin godzilla you're gonna pay the price for that and right in front of a check out ok i embarrass you big you are i have no fuck in fear of how many times you been in because i've had enough problems i've been assumed enough and you know but now that those things a pass me i could move on to the neck group a site it is it is hard to just say is this run around that's why would laugh when i would see you like flippin out on people because i'm going thank god this somebody else business has no fuckin patient vessels in this is it
that will follow people out go home with them and argue with that about us i didn't know you the way i came to know you coming the comedy stole one night night here from the mine the stages guy just you during someone you weren't doing a bit you i'm somebody that you just didn't late was it was joe rogan mean i just love did seeing somebody get fucked in buried because you are trying to be clever you are trying to be funny that part you wanted to dismantle this person peace by fuckin p and i was just so happy in enjoyed it like i was hearing the funniest stuff in number we're done you got back into the act and kept scream and about whatever you in your bits and about you know you're a fucking this chick and and i enjoyed that but to walk into a plays and jesse
somebody self fuck and angry i never met you i never saw you on stage this was my first experience with you that i had to sit down and what an just laugh think going disguise enjoying destroying this guy with his check and i knew the guide deserved it while there were so many ass because he was germany's lock you too that was his big come back they fuck me till you want to tell me that outside you mother fucker you wanna be a big shot you went into all fuckin day and i was like what a breath of fresh air no one that would monitor the rome
nobody re bottle and it's one of the reasons why we all became so strong you know because you have no protection and brent ernst and sam tripoli we did this gig it's always going to have an earnest area we aren't we did this gig and urgency gets off stage after crushingly looks mingles comedy store mother fucker you know it's like that that was a jim for us when it was still and there were so many comments that places a magnet for douche bag guys and yell out and try to disrupt the act in ankara that night i do not deny the armor and thought it was ok to heckled you know it oda love would aren't the who is a jolly his brother no
now today only tony there always are neither i once were made right go on one night i go you don't understand it's not when you actually start the rollers skating pot it's u have to explain to the audience who tony really here you gotta get into his life more just got your on stage you can't be afraid to expand on tony's life before you actually show them what he does it the roma skating ring regret it about his history his family you know his likes and dislikes what makes them a forty five buffer don't regret goes on one night and gets in tony's whole life that the crowd isn't cuz this is my type of humor people look like a flock is this guy you still get in goes into a bit of tony rochlitz getting but it was twenty minutes
we got to the actual rowley before the music kicks in before anything it's a great pay off every only a great i m in we all know every tony you don't run aren't you such a good guy we working together the improv and he goes haiti woman and not do their bit like i was why would anyone not that's a best bet it goes because i was a real strong better mean regular monitoring all that but all please i want you to be is funny is you can be i am only a danger that hundreds of now with its it's weird thing where someone for what always and thank legal people want to acquaint filth people one a quaint other people's success with somehow takes away from you and i think that's crazy it's weird a disease that people have what you want the only person funny on the show and you know and i know there is a lot of comics it brings up guys on the road with a man they stack the deck they picked her up comedians up which is really not just lose to their audience members its roots but it's also like silk cowardly like their prodigious i know guys who
up guys knew a national headliners do big places may bring up gas we shouldn't be allowed to ever comedy i mean in huge watches poor audience get assaulted with nonsense with nonsense in the fuckin though there the rhythm of a comic we'll see what i like to like when norton was with me a lot of times out of necessity simone you just working for me you know like road stuff so i remember doing the venetian ok some almost embarked there's a comic you know i had not indulge in four main norton strong so you know we're just backstage and we're gonna the show and that's when i look at simone and i go you're on deck because we need to go out and do you think because i want one thinking about the act that they have i just want them instantly to walk out and do that i did to max do when he was and you know cause you know you got the guy come on before you that's gonna kill so i like to take
no a guy you know too to sort of training comedy and a guy that really has a shit together that i'm back they're gone can you gotta aunt amp killing like when eleanor goes up i know the crowd ok i know they saw a kind of their great by the response he's getting because she's top notch right name so when she goes out there i know her stuff kills software ha unlike around another shit crown you know what i mean so you got a really be able to to no your audience before you get out there and the only way to do it is to have an an unbelievably strong open yeah good have somebody week if you have somebody week you can judge the crab by then new right you know what i mean yeah having a strong open is very important it yeah exactly at sets up the whole shall we be the people who don't do that are so silly it so dumb
it's a weakness doesn't make you look better than that of a strong and chicago data i will be showing we'd through brian ice age we through brian rebound stage in the biggest crowded ever seen the later without edmund readily you only when we throw me i'm on my way laughing you when you say it's redmond normal nay now read ban red back no no i get it now but i ve been calonna redman correctly whatever you want it to be we through not i don't want it to be one loves you wanted to be what you know changes name for apple chinese i read me now i'm gonna make it redwood foot somebody find redman jelly j may know buddy it's a rap double j double j rogan rogan minutiae double j you see on the road double j picture what what what all right get some sort of diamond chain some sort of platinum two jays together at article j j strong nickname i understood pictures because i've been thing
about it on a constant because every time i call you i'm gone can have a nickname now he's gotta have one i gotta find out the middle name everybody has nick o brien with technological namesakes a good but only by your friends land by a friend you don't like crowds israelis i if it becomes that big you have nothing to late i think you just started a revolution double j is a great name become juicy for short thanks we remain so call name feel like it the dice may come to saint charles ill noise dice clay showed i'm special at the arcade a theatre on saturday august twenty fifth of in chicago you need to go and shortly not if you're not in chicago need to get plain go unchecked the shit up and if you go to oh shows o s age o w ass dot com or you can call the theatre the number for the theatre is six three o six to seven thousand i'll say it again six three o neil
six to seven thousand it's not harder member bitch relax and the people are listen so why this is your first special and seventeen fucking years long of a new name for the special is if you name it is greece i know it's exciting limit special you're with me i know but which is called dyson destruct in the struggle to see a change i back change back don't talk about don't talk about you lay there's no reason because that's the name if you like a twitter contest to sailor then you know we could do so on the real dice clay sent me what you think
even though gonna use what i already now why would they do and what they are now what did they come up with one eye out well let me here let me hear what they get unbelief ok you don't lose some of the industry syllables pretty fuckin indestructible cause i feel i've been through a lot i feel my fans have been through a lot you know so i really way and this is such a role enroll vibe you know i really want to create what i would call you know the most exciting stand up special i've ever done that's what i want to give people how was it for you to go through all that censorship stuff when mtv banned you because you are talking about feminine hygiene products it was so always you know that was wet when my critical look like for the first ten years when i was when i was just doing the clubs around the country holding my act and i would get right ups from local papers they would write me up like in newspapers the hoodlum of humor rang like that
it was all it was a positive step and then they write about the act that the day after my hbo especially the dice me cometh the yellow the new york times but the headline the demise of western civilization i never nobly ripped out the ripple show apart and i was unprepared for because as coming up as a comic i wasn't thinking i wanna be a controversial comic wasn't anything i just did the act i wanted to do so was like almost like getting you know punch i didn't see it common so when all that media backlash happened i was like don't again i'm just a comic i'm not running for officer i'm a commonwealth there was something they felt like you have been hateful those like two no legal towards foreigners and you know what it was i wasn't yet was around the same as i and i was like how come that's arguments in rap music
it's ok i know that all came after it see all that heavy rap all the ngos like south park or kind virtual shalt came at the may so now that i survived that when i went through it was agreed that live crew what's that around the same time was around the same as our member you being connected to that and the arguments about how many wrapped songs of men even the song by now answer to demanding a reservation for that radio matters i let them sample me because they called me office and said the writing a song about me did defending me you now so we we allowed them to to sample haven't you you now and that is on raising out of date they want to me to present them what they want for best on of the year with them tv and they want to me to be the presented in
still empty one let me on it they still have did it let it go now david andy unbend me last year when i did onto still lay in a way i understand what happened because when i went on mtv and did what i did you know at a time when nobody did that and there was no beeping even my manager with the times and gallant called me up and said i thought that was just on my television lucky couldn't believe the language the banning for life was one of the greatest things that have happened you know i went from from doing one show it to twenty thousand seed arena to three shows that weaken you know i was i don't give a fuck and noticing it now today in our different today i don't need them anymore than not as important what you doing tonight show is not nearly as impact for as you do in nepal
that's a worry about if you did the anvil show it would have more because with zeus fuckin shit deleted head another comic that won't put on any ex that'll shine guidelines algeria chandelier i beg you gone longing and you know why you know you know i never did letterman either but i don't have anything against them i think he's graded show but leno was always the type like i talk about the comic settled like he was never a type to want to help his fellow comics so that why when it brings a comic on they don't become superstars ghosts number a lot of em don't even have the chance to be honest show like that yet so they'll do ok wait help nor no no no no it was an exception not that is actually knew you know and i was a lot of on the street stuff norton became a star before you ever went on little right but leno doesn't look
sit down like johnny would dare i say we sense ada create star he does it eats not looking so we will only give sat this fucking only cares about him trust me on that if you really stop and think about that if you are a comic can you do have a show we occasionally have comecon wouldn't you a lot like to promote from now on doesn't like what you do it i'll tell you something similar desert whereas leno knew me for years when when are struggling and he was already a big comic he was already coal hosting carson and when my career took off he would bear mouth meet two newspapers and i got hold of this fact bold ahead in the improper and i said trust me when i tell you this next time be talking to you you won't even see me come and you have opened you fuckin mouth i love that brush and he goes miller than it does what is stupid voice you not pitched i can't even do to save us all my city last year because neither does we weren't expecting to become stars that we and i got limit
so maybe you weren't expecting to become a big time guy but i knew exactly where the fuck i was going you know its guys like that that unhomelike because they really don't look to help even the guy they bring on well he just filling those five minutes like suppose he's always been friendly demeaning momentum shows cancer we both about the guy hump and it's ok i like i don't know this but what was the last time you did a little shit i didn't like a year ago maybe yeah when one fear factors back i do wrong paul but a guy like you who said series the series fear fact on the road wanna go on well maybe sway funny i'm not asking you go on i don't suppose right am i saw this guy anything this time i saw him i was doing this hosting this late night show with judged nelson for one day and all sense it comes off any goes a little to say hello and this was that they had a fight would amuse earlier psychology
say you know any standing on the stage no one's there and i'm just bullshit where am i so what are we doing the shown it goes we need to set up a global that setting up it's only been twenty years you know you guys know we're gonna do it and of course it never happened like what this is all want me to see him on his set you know like i get your hosting a fuckin talk yoda to me is old fucking you know what i mean that's just how i feel about when you don't help you fellow comics in your position like like casa years ago when he bring a comic he would fuckin huh was so confident about who he was right the anthrax he was just so confident tat when you bring on a rodney aura or any comic you know he wanted you to shut up guy if the guy shines got come on over sit down and eat let em shine even more it was i got given him too much time away for you run the show every night for ninety fucking minutes give a guy five minutes you know what i mean
swear leno in him a two different men right because you know adam and does it he brings on the guys what does it do it calling i am i think there's a few guys that no first of all tabs how few slots there are and how much competition and no one's more aware that j did you guys area waited in buying is an excellent volkswagen and making it look for other those old could i won't better now than because you have friends of song and let it got i'm out again always been nice to me an exact or exactly site i've never i didn't grow up with united in calais me i'll see him again i'll tell you asia off i dont valerio flag in jericho doesn't have anything out there that you could buy he's a comic book where it's hard to buy j leno cd its comes out only material why doesn't show
tonight show does a monologue and it shows outside but he recycles the same act for the most part apparently doesn't want to do a special because while we do i think i'm gonna cost between hang you know like can you read aloud for your part about enjoyment but it does row he doesn't know what i'm saying is he doesn't put out material which is what is odd in his his reasoning for it is that it would cost money because he couldn't do that act anymore enough to write a whole new act i thought that was really odd but he's not like when he was young and that's what i like about every i've found because with with all his fame and everything is still gets out there and it does the same as far as the lena guys i would have to say why he's a master at that kind of james bet on the guy that stuff never makes me laugh as much as your kind of stuff that idea why because i put it but the bright lights i see observational dolphins it's interesting it's funny but it's not reading but i go from what behind closed doors
excise values that you do it's ridiculous was summit yeah and i'm not ignore this is beautiful it's fine cylinder if i really where you show so silly itself fun like we had just grateful could you type is so much shit that you say it you were all images soul well like you that earlier with with no it when you will live that that yeah secular bit i know the bit yeah that's the stuff norton goes crazy was he knows there was absolutely no one ever no facts but a few aroused great it's funny you fucking you know no i love juries our values a great media nothing was great as an actor on that show if i had a choice you seen him are you are you that's not why regime of humor why because i know the kind of guy you want i know that's why you would come they may call you know i'm going to deliver what you need for your laughs yea i appreciated as you know like you
that form a really sorry real pioneer i'm sorry i didn't throw somebody out for you
trust someone we ate guided in one of the first two minutes i will write to the right yours you're right lower rising it was drunk asshole you like this not gonna work i can tell you right now this was it a gratifying moment yeah yeah i was the guy was our i had a yell at him member when he got up and walked out he couldn't you know what the fuck was even happening he was so sure that's why i want em out you know what i mean don't don't try to help me up there you couldn't worked attack not current geyser just so hammer this nowhere i thought i condom down i thought you know what the ban coming out that he would be cool and they think it's a joke you throw yeah i'll give him a chance you know i'll always conventional go sit in the code but about tonight i suppose that have gone out about authorities that get those what about when i went to the back of the theatre when the guy got they may locked out to go to the bank i went ethical right wing
no that was that with our guy in the back room and there was a guy in the back room got on my nerves some guy i get very already added is get this guy a year and nobody's second look i'll throw you out personally i don't care i don't know it like i don't know what you're not coming to get you and i went back the time i was nearly there they had security poland the guy i had oh you want to get a buzz this a couple weeks ago my governors and long island and like now and then i get the real s all that's a guide we our glass is like me and he's fucking drunk and be in and ass all sit up and you fuck out again and not draw you'd fuck out of here let's see what happens and the guys just jealous you don't even know what he's yellin so you know they got tough guys work and governance come to drought a guy out after the show don jamieson goes you miss degree
it is thing i ever saw it when he shows i got what happen because you the guy you threw out he was blind i go why he goes not only was a blind he was fighting florida guys here goin fuckin dice i'll kick is fuckin s a day and talk to me like that and these guys i can't hold them down they said he had like retorted strike in any swinging this fact in good time and swinging the stick i go away it's not like he had a dog with him that i could know he's blind all i know is he was a drunk ass hoe and he got what was coming to him you know what i mean but i would like to see that at least to get it on film that's great you to peace that i d filming anything why didn't you go take out his phone informed them fighting in so we could put in on you too didn't even see them coming to throw me out we're venture you're gonna have those google's on and you
need you to burn i i've fallen it's gonna be we're gonna phelim everything you see through your eyes are already with every working chips arrogant and yet is just no privacy google is google goggles is legit man they did you put it on a little small lands in a corner it's like your fuckin terminator it's like you have this read out you can you can get in again and every is gonna buy you could take photos make video you bear with abroad can happen if you think you're in shit i ain't what happened it's fun what would happen to progress and technological innovations going to go on now going to stop it you want a car you got to deal with the consequences of people wanting time travel okay because it's all comes from the same place it all comes from people figuring out amazing shit figure out amazing shit they never stop they will never fuckin stop ever and google goggles gonna wheatley do contact lenses which is going to lead to google neural implants an elite who knows what kind of the young is highly my retirement
what kind of error most girls were given to link pamela today with the first she talks about me you know a nice girl was all the don't stuff your ass she's she's only shows why you're here that's what i'm saying you don't worry dimensions you don't under she's not built for big tits you know she's put our plan scotland or your eight and a half feet wide you re you're you're eight inches eight may have not why feet wife you measure with broad when an adapted structurally telling you look at it have you seen would kim kardashian has done to her ass i don't apparently this new video arming and some some guy on youtube and set it looked like she was wearing a diaper filled with pudding got another ass larger now no doubt
i don't know why she quit she probably had i haven't decent showing how old are you shot i mean i don't mind the reality or video i mean don't fuckin movie she made she was on the money wouldn't be great watcher fuck when those giant super athletes to forego i wandered away leaving the movie behind even movie she did like nobody really ask talks about it enough you know me because she was an average work great work why an actual attention more job not what i'm saying is she really like with cinema now that you get a tv show well she thinks it dad gotta today but there's more money legitimately commercials like four sketches when you go to the airport and you when you go to put your fuckin while in the band eli ways are downright rather her sufferings extracts this morning new i went to see the end you got this is really really strange that's really strange watch look at her ass i mean it doesn't even live real like watch watch when they they focus on what
jack jack it's ok what's that what the fuck is that the fuck is that he's wearing a diaper filled with pudding awry ever no other bribe where europe politically motivated slow motion she's don't don't get me wrong i'm not hate and do this part the boy part you wanna get past this year that we want to go to the others not this part how did you come here on this is this is work it's great low motion let's look what's going on there what's that that's not even real that is now a real man she's doing something crazy because it doesn't match ledge she looks like the penguin in their batman movie dude it's not real because
upper bodies not changing her arms on changing she's stuffing her ass like a turkey it's just raising this its absolute complete madness because the way she had a beautiful body to begin with you know what it is to get so back did that they can't do enough like when they blow at their lives like betty boop you know what i mean by that you know what the fuck that's that none of the worse the don't work looking one does eventually very young girl so made it doesn't need the shepherd tits work does work we're have around my rather shouldn't do it should get back to me when i have the frame approach right i should i do have the floor i would probably have giant its appropriate thirty a double the answer i bought up by far the biggest class on balance i was checked on any mandrake work that's how big but little crutches in front of me and i walked like the wheelers we'll just she always talks about but that there's that three hundred apple marine hunter
gary rascal s threat hunter abreast of someone acceptable is that i would have ever man would prefer natural brass breast of someone acceptable but there's nothing there were the asses wrong which i m going i am doing some crazy i don't care especially when a woman can have really nice legs just for workin out that's what we know about you but i learned how to ipod elzevir either remain check out this ass katy parity of those water parks ice her she lost her sega missus ware here let me get to a rate which should be have emerged here she has big bobby soon that's photoshop its night there's there's a lot of there's a lot of those i will keep there's people i would rather pool and look it up
you know what this matter where we think are the same wage i think that first i dont think i don't know why that that has happened she's out swimming with scientists about propensity for they did it on purpose to try to get more people go see her movie the box office returns probably worked with the expected so peter would find out more about caveat now that we ve seen her ass his movie by buying it either i love all of you i don't buy it but i enjoy it its a scam inasmuch ass well ass like that i'd what the world did kid and i ve already i'm sure but history newsroom points can i but i just showed what did he ask what one had to galileo has a pig mostly how i was going to get fuckin russell croak wasn't the original daringly dishes the new guide dip in his dick gaining all these filthy fuckin slobs did his wife gave me a spray tat she has
come on let me hotel maria hey are you enjoying she took a picture of me and put it on facebook what does the hair and may god just idle on mondays mary is painted she's unbelievable but she's like just praxis you got the spray and why that it looks collectorship paint your orange yet not if we really tent in the back yard the day and at times she put you shut shut up you shut up i'm trying to promote valerie come on please do you believe what i got an extra time no girl i'm nice enough to put around you show just ten zero revive a man you gotta know when the talk i do know as high wednesday we're doing it asshole so you know i came home on saturday for you know with max and so she had like a barbecue with the spray tanning but i was allowed to film a look ass they liked gotta get undressed miss panties comes out
is there a penny not china ikea and film this i need the footage here right because you know that like the one thing eleanor's got going on you know the back ass they were guided on twitter the says kim kardashian actually got an x ray of her ass to show and prudence robot she did that his name is right well you know like that she's just eat too much ranch dressing i'll say it again ryan i mostly now there's no way it does is my wife what s eleanor how come has never picture of urgency with the picture comfort its iron man found your wife's elevator ever find dumper you see what i mean and so it is amazing moreover there is no luck at it like i thought
why is there any oil is shit you told us about it you know your life where there is only browser so goddamn pete i thought i was dead you're seeing my nice body and a photographic formulae lie i told you as online and now you're looking at it that way up there i don't care i join the picture or you do care i worked as a proposal that just stay with the fuckin facebook you you wanted outrageous beauty is pain right graham you wanted on a pc daddy without them in that a code cost did you like the olive garden internet i had no shit why no girl i knew it s not a lot of trouble shows too much animosity too much history between jars too much cross where were you don't realize it's pod cash about talking saint matthew crazy an unjust
we got allow that's going to help will you come on by marie you just overlap oh you will you just overlapping is just over that gets fired yet our fire fire you no man come to saint charles illinois may i look at times national the archives the theatre on setting don't steal my employs saturday august twenty fifth the arcade a theatre go to o shows that's o s h o w s dotcom all or call the theatre at six three o nine six to seven thousand you wanna be they're gonna be there for history says this is at last shall i say bull shit because it was anything like what s on people gonna fuck and demand you produce
at that time that retirement or more or less what land on touring allow goods if that's what i really wanted to listen that's what i want to see man whose fuckin if they want you in vegas was say it's i'd i'd i'd love that these guys like out there it's so important to me it's is as a person who loves and a comedy and has even if i never did stand up again in my whole life i'm a fucking fan of and i love it going to see and i thank you i really really was angry and dont think i love that you guys were there are now with your fellow come to see you you know it's like exciting so you know that what that show was for you in the guy we we do know that performance was about you and i couldn't care less if everybody else left the room fires me up creatively when i go to show like the last time i saw shop before yours was nortons and it just gets me so fired opted to perform to write in i think whether we really comics really feed off other comics and we get it
by the comics so the really big sit down are having to watch a real shock was really a lotta why not manage wants it thank you and thanks to eleanor france wrangling wherever dies as everybody knows we would like to ask you why everybody knows we weaken works yes we lit up well we all love each other and eleanor really is i mean i don't know how much better you god when i saw you in irvine which was more than two years ago the exam almost while february be secures yeah i was really blown away i'm in your really prefer but you know what it was like you saw so much shit commented the best you saw so much yeah you saw so many old dying road hacks that would do the same act for decade after decades nixon oaks and shared money it's too thousand its two thousand and people do and jobs before nobody knows you for it is with his back when eleanor was workin maintain and you know you were its awesome that you don't comedy because those beautiful the watch and stay there and i was like finally
email that after thank millions ideas and the poor and without andrews how and all the little should she always want to do comedy and she's graded we gotta do any of you than ever and was she goes on wee wee pounds each other you know in the current sign of a message about what's going on and it's just so great to do have liked feeling that i know my open is going out and killing right and it's just somebody that happens to be family to my right and then of course now lay raft now we gotta play rocks and my boys adjust vulcans laminate i've been trying to tell my comedian friends of hate the road and like you gonna go out with other friends you gotta go the only way to do so i want to do it you're wasting your time you go out and you ll work some local headliner who wants to blow yeah yeah they step on material and purpose it mean that have so long my friends or do gigs and a guy we'll see their act the first night and secondly to bring up the same subjects on purpose who try to kill their best bits
they want to have a better certain you you know these guys you re brooklyn very spoiled being with andrew ibm it very well in that he lets me do my own thing and the girl i always tell just feel just immunity running i never give rise i never give her time i just say when you peak just get off the summer say right now you guys bull together need a pod casts no fucking easier would be solidly disowning again i went on and i found you ought to listen listen you're on a plane you're in a restaurant you where are you are you in your hotel room where we walk you haven't argument turn on your iphone turning fuck i followed a record the argument and the just put a diet
versus eleanor and put on itunes and aid time you going to get an argument you record dice personnel and have it a fucking long running gag real arguments can't figure arguments but there was one dollar goodies even thought i was gonna get yelled out for just talking at the same time not letting somebody brian cowen crystalline and we also have this ten minute podcast rina they its lieutenants so what you got you'd never know what kind of an argument you're into it might be a half an hour it might be the pilot s my one from above but it's for your own way more may you gentlemen you for noise you'll die servers i'm about that that's that's not i am you're right marriages of my three north lila the plaza that's right on the bank you don't wanna try my son went to talk and when not deny versus ellie you denied all undergoing going then it's a thread of the brook tell my
these are not my bread at me and i'm not gonna be quiet for a moment here your ex dice we do not show really appreciate your welcome joe a long time fan it's an honor to be a friend it's an honor to have you on and i feel that i am exact way we would love to have full death squad support of the dice meant i'm at the saint charles illinois go out there folks by those tickets i'm telling you when the bottom my heart is a comic there's been a comic for almost twenty five years that was rate fuckin show in me and jim norton too long time professionals and bobby kelly long time professional we fuck and howled we had eight times and you gotta love love him he's a great guy you're gonna love it go out go out and see it gotta o shows dotcom go to the kate a theatre and the show times are seven and nine thirty p m so go by some tickets dirty bitches and support the man thanks are thank for supporting our podcast thanks to alien where four sponsoring us and given us is bad ass pleasant computers
and most important sponsoring us rather providing us we're computers but you know i'll use one if they giving will i'll get you want a game i use they they would love to have used their rum they supposed this would what's important me they sponsor a lot of fighters lots and lots of other little face yeah me too i was at a ladybug not on our coasts looks like an alien dice model that's a lady bug it's it's a great computer if you like to play games they want to play games its literally like a desk coptic computer excuse me s top gaming computer do you carry around with you we did most laptops they don't have the the horse power to to deliver like high speed graphics sewing like games i really like shooting clobbered like you could go to myspace and everything tell you email your friends
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supplement what job rogan yes did you know that certain substances have been shown to increase the fuckin strength your phone son go this autumn and about the guy you know kettlebells i'm like a couple of them that's me oh you sell your brand like role well we we someone on our part owner and on a dark double j kettle bull kettlebells kettle bowl cattle but its cannot get all oh you haven't you mcdonald credible i think i thought you know give it like the law briny sally silly silly a badge on a dot com for supplements use a code name broke it try out new hemp force protein powder to answer questions no am force will not make you taste positive for th see you could take him force and has no psychoactive substances whatsoever but it does have mca which makes your dick hall
and raw cocoa which is a powerful antioxidant sweetened by stevie able so it's all its only one gram sugar preserving and its flocking tastes delicious and its really easy to digest it's it's not it's not cheap stuff it's expensive but i as quality stuff that we could see can i ask you something about that that's doesn't have like that stuff that you should have no there's no artificial sweeteners in its written by stevie which is actually just a plant extract but what about areas etc stuff no no no no no it's i would rather than what we were it is the best plant based protein powder you can buy and it's the most easily digestible protein product it doesn't give you bloating i love way protein powder love like muscle milk and also the delicious but they make me far man they thither they will give europe loaded feeling sometimes it's not the same clean feeling that i get when i have protein proud i think it's one of those easily digestible but
if you're interested in any other stuff go to honour dot com for supplements user coding unbroken save yourself ten percent up for battle robes and kettlebells that code name does not work because we seldom as cheap as is humanly possible there the best quality athletic sports equipment things that are available and that's all we're we're gonna sell if we sell it it's the best shit we can get it stuff that we would use ourselves and with the supplements a thirty day or excuse me out for third first order thirty pills one hundred percent money back guarantee you don't even have to bring back the supplements you just say i didn't like our brain that's it you're done you're gonna like it it's fuckin awesome gotta on a dot com au and an eye to write you dirty for tomorrow the great ever last will join us in a mature nighttime podcast with brian's best friend on controls on was the dirty budget soon and don't forget death squad friday at the yet it's right super shell ridiculous stacked gregg fitzsimons dom i rarer wealth
joe ideas jolly mother mucking d as tony hints cloning and maybe a special guess and maybe espresso guess end made bitches friday night were weren't top form these shows been fuckin spectacular never had better ice house chronicles i never had better shows we have the time or fuckin lives here in pasadena and it's mostly because eu may we have to show up but if you guys didn't send us so many positive tweets and if there wasn't such an awesome group a human beings it needs us at every city all over the world it wouldn't be nearly a swan so thank you all we appreciated out of eu embassies by
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