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2012-08-16 | 🔗
EVERLAST, Brian Redban - Date: 08/16/2012
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the german association podcast has brought litigation brought out they get my brain is crossing signals were now exists thinking of radical feminist associations gub gub brought up sometimes up talking about something you have to have done it twenty times like these action to the park gas i go on full on autopilot so i don't really know what the fuck is coming out of my mouth until it comes out my brain goes way what's so wound full autopilot there to reopen podcast has brought to this episode is actually brought to buy a guest sponsor and which is audible dot com and if you ve her gun audible dot measuring audio books it's the shit it's really amazing website you go to audits dot com ford slash joe
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yeah we're talking about feminism and feminists that are angry it such a cliche the angry feminist cliches a funny one take every man ever men shakes his head all jesus not one of the it's a stranger strange designation b rough on twitter for you done now they're like we need to be alone labour fans matter but they need to relax we need to be humans you know i think people completely misunderstood podcast the day and i got i got a little shouting it was a very important issue for me about the the of censorship and i offer my eye on you know the whole story ebbing area in other tosh story so for people didn't allowed tat story tosh he said something to a woman the crowd was just spawning till you're fucking around the crowd said something i wouldn't it be fine if she a rate by five people what
someone said you should joke about rape he goes and ran about how rape well yeah what's funny about rape in like all the things that aren't funny about rape and she goes actually rape is never funny so he goes one would be funny five guys raped her that's funny i'm sorry it's unfortunate and it you like that's not the best kind of harmony and are the best on accommodates there's no victims are what he gets out clean we're all rate jokes once fifteen macerates this look rape is not funny dude it's it's just occasionally it's the right thing to say it's if it's like you get comedy is an equation what's what the ten move there are today with the ten move is the ten move is low maybe funny if somebody raped her nets that it's the decay open
i'm a musician and i feel like you gotta on your stage a comedian has to do in a wholly different way like literally a community of if they if you're sensed weak coming is coming at you from all so if you don't make that job if you don't show we are ok here it is his why i really don't want to do it but if i heard a hiss you know the question of whether we have the right to or not as is too stupid question of course he did it's in there is an environment of stand of comedy and somehow another this is he has gone so goddamn oversensitive it wasn't like half of the jokes and bore rat rate jokes yeah i'm sure rang elsewhere as its dude getting raped nobody cares dusking you're oh yeah you could say that i'm gonna rapier any guy area is pretty much nathan i mean it sucks if it happens but you gave me permission but it is not the same in it and we don't approach it the same so we don't understand the same so i think whether they're asking for if i understand there the other side statement is that they they were they
they want a higher degree of sensitivity from people and say that they're not related because this about being sensitive about someone saying something absolutely preposterous for humor it's not about being set in that in that environment though a virus scan of comedy doves in art form the only way to do it correct is you gotta go balls out and what he did balls out he said when it me if we know why can i have a point of like their whole aristocrats joke leg is a good who can be the craziest stupidest this is outrageous yegg ridiculous dumb who can go there that jokes style a comedy indeed the idea of that joke did that that really complete wrong she like we had display in the park ass yesterday that doubt over the top that's like a legitimate art form and for what just because you don't like it doesn't mean she gets so fuckin shitty about other people practicing at our vote in when you step in and start saying things like a guy shouldn't have said this certain
to one certain person in the heat of the moment i think that's craziness and i think that's that's straight fuckin nonsense so all these people getting upset a mean that its they get the wrong impression i'm fine everybody being equal i am for much humanist i dont like women more than i like men and i don't like men whether i like women i like nice people i like women better than i like men just for the record do there's a lot of amateur really pretty like what i'm trying to say is we should all we should be humanists which this idea of masculine s that's fucking nonsense imagined start putting them on twitter
file that owes a radical masculine us bitches would start to tackle me he would think it be fine just started tack and me they were just go away you have small penis i'm sorry about your penis not working or whatever it is five fund something you you're insecurities you're fucking problems with your father i'm not here to deal with you find some reasonable manner joe the delay with one person for the rest of you like everyone else diet except a female or a male who would be willing to be obeyed dude really yeah sorry mom i don't know one another person than the whole world yet the fuckin with one person or the rest of your life no other people in holland era this woman or a man and this is either you know george clooney or the top of the line female like my usual mad at the top of the line female that what matters is her personality for you to deal with a lifelong proposition the motion things that she's a easygoing person actually get along with
so that would be the ideal move is someone who would be down for fuckin get for algeria has a say your wife suppose it s obvious i think you have to worm you'd have to really decide how much sex you wanted for the rest your life i think that's pretty importance was really about unity of one percent whenever you i'm gonna love you my wife my wife you ve got it so obvious so obviously can't say it like one of those well i love my wife my wife the best it what's his face a gradual marks talk show you i think i was betcha life and a guy came on and where you from bob and the guys like you you have kids in this
i've got six kids in the gaucho mice marshall wow and those of my wife graduates i love my cigar but take it out of my mouth every known for back damn that was no one could believe when he said that what the fuck what did you just say you went crazy you crazy out show he was about to show where the word with the secret were passing croatia with such a bad mother fucker he was that dude was ahead of its time that dude was way ahead of its time do not get grouchy marks have down for those full to startle take down is north deck let i really gonna will revert gradual marks with that shit you fuckin smart dude man but the idea that the idea that the way that you know i think not joking about anything is silly didn't you could tell comedian it can't joke but anything
when you absolutely no they didn't mean they absolutely don't mean that someone should get raped that's not what they intent is supposed to be what language is conveying that's all it's supposed to be what is going on in my my you're pretending that you don't understand the subtleties of the conversation you're playing stupid so that you can get angry and i think that is fuckin maddening that should drives me nuts they know no one really wants anybody we get raped so you're playing stupid youtube pretending that it really does mean that contributing to a whole culture of people believing that damn bitches settled a fuck down calm down dan them whose do this disguised that i was gonna rape
three wise lady you didn't i see your point and joe the beginning at the park as i was when i was on audible this model with thing came up in this chapter is like i am i'm dan from audible here to help you and really my start texting owen i'm sorry for what i said would you say no and i said i was kind of report did you will say that it had did you do that while we're doing the blackest i feel bad read it when i did i was like man until stone was a really bad idea sudan i did not mean it yeah they would have dared listen man i think has an asshole swing we feel comfortable and then we got a really dumb argument whether now rape is more worse than murder what's worse raper murder the halting of so stupid which would things worse rape or murder or lowered added the flag carriers stupid who would win behaviour blade maybe i better already have been murdered
yeah no shit right saved a raven till after ibm are gonna gotta die eventually members here we go was raped actually to see the day when i had my recent physical was it a bar and ass it was horrible where did they have to death a dig in europe so you go check your prostate and see how it works i feel very can't you wait till you get like acting at sixty my dad said that when you turn sixty have to get a tube in your penis in check your penis hypnotic remain shack outperform sixty while i think they want to check to see if it's all swollen fucked up in there that's while ago lot of dues have to go to the bathroom fifteen months sitting good camp before it can be and they say that you have you beat off though you could avoid a lot of that love do just quickly enough these tap
who are these people who are not being by the way there's not a scientific diagnosis people you i hate when spelled pseudoscience i'm not saying that that's a fact it as what i read on the internet i'm sure that was written it was in a sentence i buy absorbed it s an hour they go they believe that one way to stop prostate problems of masturbation enlargement of the prostate there you go so do to beat off allowed than i am that problem withhold their pay so if you see a guy pan all keeps get not just do a common give pouch away or google jerk off to think about whether we give our scarce sneak often with the sneaky pouch the city is out
flags and economies and ignore the patch of cocaine nagy pouch you take the home is can you go to the bathroom and you know it comes back with a lighter than away now have your own sneaky back when you have a party and you know there's one due to just has just enough coke for himself so he's trend sneak off and do it but he has wanted by no one is in airbus is mother fucker on coke like what's going where they don't let joey diaz gets so fuckin mad if he finds out that you did like like here here i think you will say is now someone did it to him in his apartment and whose trial pretended wasn't too calculus you're comin in my fuckin bathroom you come out all geek tell you not offer me none it's weird thing when people are sneak off into their drug and quiet as one who is bad news
luckily i always had a little bit about hard issue too so i never really got deepened evolved into any of it i never factor tat when i was really young and then it was like all i gotta problem gambling probably a good idea to stay away from coke and math it seems everybody that that gets into it i really enjoyed the shit out of it in our waters must be doing something really wild while it's happening it can't wait to do it again fuckin terrible for you but i have never yet this house on the highway headed back from kelly's roast beef no i told the story of former metallic again and this is what our member of cocaine there was a that is right next to us the dome light was on and then some people move around the black sea and ass we're drive and up to them i look over and its girl doing coat and she looks at me and she goes and they had to me in my mind was coke it was coconuts
unlike some girl is like scream and fuck you'd sticking to fear me and the other car didn't say a word nodded respond i just i just looked at arnwood wow fuck that drug my last summer day coke it wasn't maybe seven years ago and the good part about cod is that it's just women love it and so like i said to you like one girl like i got some cargan wanna go to the bathroom in doing that we are at this party and she brought like seven of the hottest that we this payment sat in the bathroom these girls is like fucking like going the bathroom in front of me and is interesting we're doing but like these seven girls and what have they also have blown you without without having to give you learn it yet i would have been a good part of the store down would you be sad that you did coke and then you can get it now like i've never had promptly don't you know what i said just the other day i never had a problem with ever getting a boner in any kind of drug that's a lie actually does the one time i couldn't do it was on ecstasy at the peak of exit
do you have a really small penis just fires up at the moment because it will take a lot the loading seller this next won t urge your memory instantly ard from one little member those old john holmes movies we're home we couldn't get it up no member that most of the john holmes movies who is always deal would like a half rubber snake because dick was huge it took a lot to get his deckard in those guys we're on coke i give you talk to the people that there were no dune porn back in the day has gone guys rocked acta they're mine there trying to fuckin camera ran in its if you want the old porn did david tell us a show dave's o pereira and everything and if you sit there was a poor land times due to have hard on problems due to like it you have always hot chicks blown on sarcastic and there was thing happening this must be for that guy the most frustrating video like
two measures is always video of you for some just sucking you're completely limp dick on camera these hot three hutchison lights cameras guys you stand there aegis he i couldn't do it in front of all those the worst part having just like the camera guys and you have to be a sociopath mammy stuff you yeah i can deal with it tat one the most fascinating chapters and porn was when terror patrick married that dude from the bed what band was that it was in bio hazardous and then do start doing pulmotor are you in this little about what what what what are you an outrageous talks about me did you have a mouse not the psychology of no but you know it
great book acts as a really i read it through the goods interest you really read a book i've really that's the book iraq that's why i can't remember as brief does right before that you were not organise an ever lashes huge cock went right into anything do you think you could ever do that you couldn't do that why did you do that what that do did not start to import whither she so ridiculously though she taught you know what she was hotter video of men and women i would see her after midnight if i have a bunch wow and you knowing it was it was i was about it its awesome she looks hotter now that she sat a baby i think like her body is insane now be she's got like just mark hers she says may do she's out its revising she's eyes fog thumbs up to you
son of a bitch you son of a bitch allow time when she's a nice personal matters is virtual but anyway this do just look down sardine porno there like it's kind of a knotty move man watch me the sum creepy about their right to other story in the book is i was fuckin around with their bron you know i guess she took it more serious than i did my wife read the book of zella not she from she was like everything you said is what she said right last it was always basically i mean it was you know booty call basically situation but i guess on her and it was not you know more than that or something special dead men whenever like i get a call on a sunday morning and its dude evan who are known for years before that like woke me up
like declares love for announcing whenever whenever i got a phone call habakkuk as he woke me up like it's sunday morning adequate doesn't you just call me and like the clear love for like up this new for your point girlfriend right now like this it's corneas held its in the black man my work now i've read it she told me as i everything i said is in its current is now there s pretty phone goin to do that is pretty corny that was the end of the like is told you would want to do that if like dude was your friend you know and yet it was sunday morning i was more man of and woke me up on a sunday morning come on out there when you fuckin cameras and it funny like automatically you become like that's your choice automatic you become like you never caste system in society that site that's a fuck you never really get over the always used to be a porn queen
i know my way was a new model that's a big nevertheless yeah she never did no triple x plea i it's once people watch a fuck you can see your body that's all one no problems they're problem its people watching people fuck is strange and i have always tried to figure out why it's real weird my thing would be mostly how you doing i couldn't like nobody that like mice if i had a son within sixteen years later when god knows you know how available all that shit is going to be so easy now to find porn your kids coach shows how to you at twelve or whatever like wire all my friends pointing at reassure me pictures of my mom's likened dig that is just to reckon handled yet i would to deal with for sure but my my real question is it's really why are we so weird about our bodies and sex once the thing that most people looking forward to the most elise most dudes i looking forward to
more than anything most of the motivation of a most men is try to get most amount of pussy possible the best policy are the best wife the best girlfriend they want to be bad mother fucker in order to do well with that that's that's it weird that desire when you really stop and think about it how much it consumes and then you get to be around forty and you start thinking about on the shit yeah but what's crazy aziz like unless you got married they like twenty percent nose into people that really freak out on us why everything's fallen apart no middle in your life you have too many questions that remain unanswered they didn't so their oats enough you notice lack i answered up more say ninety nine point nine percent any questions i had on now those levels i answered but michael is why is it so weird to wash your fuck if everybody wants to fuck why is it so weird it's so like
it's way weirder here than it is anywhere else in the world it's totally it's all our hang ups that we've been hammered in that the whole like golden age of the 50s in the modern family and all that been hammered into our brains and and like you know sexes ernie in rotten and not ratan but dirty and lastly in and should be conducted behind closed doors and not talked about it all and only four fornication owned cream soldiers that all school we still come from the generation that believe that really believe that yeah they were when they ve landed here i guess that's what fuck the whole thing up so many religious freaks made the journey because being religiously persecuted in england which england is not new early is religion as really just on the whole as america is so when the puritans came here i guess they
shit stuck puritans name because they were hard core online oblige a nice oak so curl living a puritanical lifestyle middle doesn't make sense of that's why in two thousand twelve we're still hung up as it really because that that it was harmed by those people know but in all this i'm sure that's been many people that have reinforced the psychology for their own benefits and you know i wonder with all these cell phones now by time kids get to be like babies of today grown women and grown man we're gonna have like there's gonna be provided you probably gonna be able to access people's memories probably gonna be able to why why porn in some sort of a fuckin three dimensional virtual reality were goggles you put on a new you live the scene people going make their own and you will find people fucking we're gonna have real problems is gonna be no privacy skin there and when that
i mean i i you know i got my little mac you know up i start keeper sticker over their camera die whether i'm using do you i'm fucking around our believed that you're somebody could turn that motherfucker hot interests are watching you hundreds of hours you being off specialists phones in the microphone on your phone i but i'm sure there's some make it a similar turn on camera turn on microphone what's going on right now they haven't done it yet i probably gonna do it yeah probably you just gotta lotta me beat enough good luck and credible yonah release that you creeper was so strange because we were close you know i think we have a totally different attitude if we were naked less tried out my eyes what is this a weird thing have we we ve evolved win what kind of fuckin animal evolves so the point we could barely exists
best in the world without being covered by somethin barely if you just walk round naked everywhere do you think you're fucked up you know make it through the you gonna get sunburnt your skin as weak shit you're gonna get bit by things will get all infected and job tears easy my bleed to death we have two where we live survival show recently where they had like the two guys they were survivalist but they were kind of opposite spectrum dues like one was a total fuckin happy one was like a marine tools we have never wore shoe and he never hearings i only more short and attained tat like that's how you know he did his thing you know i mean it
you could adapt readopt back to being able to live like that but it wouldn't be no instantaneous butting it would sock it would suck ban would suck are there's no fun and looking for bugsy while you walk in barefoot and john you're famous quick matches shoes are nice it is nice that they would know how to survive if this shit hit the fan but this should at the fair where the odds you live in what are the odds eleven the shit really hit the fan i mean you talkin about extinction events you talking about the the real potential events things that have happened unquestionably documented all throughout history word they ve there found super ok knows and also fuckin a meteor impacts and this all these records of them they're they're discovering just now like twelve thousand years ago they know there was a huge media shower that hit the world because these impact ass exists on the same day the same strata i gonna dig unmake core samples exists in the same area all throughout the world about twelve thousand years ago some big
fucked up twelve thousand years ago giant fuckin asteroids come into this guy millions of people dead probably i think when events it happens you're lucky if you get whacked that's right you may be right right people's dogs you wanna be running around right over here five people so soon that ship on the fact that he also would it wouldn't even takes i'm not crazy just listen i keep telling people at the lights go out there like that power just shed now obsolete we're last summer's here i think it happened how they might be it man i might have to make a run for the right now and i have a whole about how little we know about the power but how much we needed minutes so important we don't know anyone thinks about the factors essentially i warn of nature that pulses through your fucking house all day and i was in new york city when that big east coast blackout happen happened man that was like crazy like tension because you know the whole city thought it was so
the next wave of whatever was kind adam judges because you don't get no news you don't get me in walked around new york member just because we knew i remember what happened i plug simon hotel room something plugged into the wall few seconds later the power went out was like i did i overloaded my room or something and then i go out in the hall and out come downstairs i realized for consumers that we went to tire square just look at everything that without it was crazy man how an and then work let out like the streets were just flooded with people with the create the funniest thing to me was like instantly like deeds were outside of their little bodega sellen models water for like three times what they caused by eighty seven dollars for a bottle of everyone here that we utilise this matter i am and it was crazy you know and as other have you ve done you walk up the street you see like two dude whose just direct and traffic because nobody else ray it was crazy
yes some deuce looked forward to shit like that's legged stand the street unjust till cars where to go let's go that people can go crazy exact would be my fear that everyone just be like now is a pretty you know of an airline of it was a pretty coming to their with tension like what what happened what go everybody was asking what happened was going everyone's unwell somebody cellphone work but and i remember thinking now that they are really like you also has analysed the lights go out i was that they were sound and then you'd walk down the street to the daily that start selling food for like almost half off because it spoiling dressed up as read like anything in the fridge cannot take place but yet i urge bucks for water flies real quick real both mentalities out he's with breakdown quick show it would get tribal you'll get lord of the flies real quick real the only way cities workers of this power on cuz if not then it becomes detriment that becomes waiting people and no resources you're in the country at least you can efficient
you're in a city where you going to eat your food what the fuck it where's the food man there ain't no food coming in and it's instant wait because really needs to be like pushed in constantly we get this we're crazy he'll sort of situation we need to fill that motherfucker up with something we can digest keep moving cities range it so if you were in i really and then what about when it nobody's picking up the trash everyday through you both angles going on at the same time pretty soon is nuts insane i was there and in harlem when they there was some sort of a strike with the garbage man so they didn't pick up prowled tying dude and there was not bullshitting seven eight nine foot high stacks and garbage bags on a street so you would have a narrow area to walk into a left would be nine foot high garbage flickr
working half a block was insane and lacks were everywhere big fat juicy rats run and everywhere and you like what people are living around this like this is insane right under me going pulsing undermining its a junta has ever happened inopportune side of the upper west side of the ever heather garbage strike i don't ever in earnest seven these are some there was a city wide one that was pretty famous zone i think so i don't know when you know this was what what was causing them not not pick up the garbage know what it was but somewhere in the nineteen nineties the early ninetys like maybe ninety or ninety one vaguely remember some about it but it was crazy i couldn't i couldn't bully and also what the fuck you you would want to get out of here quickest possible some shit went down this is the worst placed in me crazy why the fuck did it get like that everybody stacked on top of it
just keep going straight you know if you listen to the other internet and the holy luminaries and all that neither we're all in a perfect area firmly newman's wipe us all out because we all live it's it's like nobody lives in the country anymore right have arrived people's utter the country day i've never understood the hay although you are the rich people go to the country's hamptons day never understood the whole rich people want in a white people out thing i ve always felt like you were a rich person you would need to buy her stuff whatever you selling whatever you need people for recess what are you doing you going to kill people that seems like we're going to make your money to make any sense near personally a good also saw us that recently that was right they say the world's overcrowded and whatnot are overpopulated populated act
be driven but i'm pretty sure i saw staff somewhere said all the people in the world would fit in the state of texas yeah well i quit like something with like albert like elbow room like you know when i'll be able to stand in the state of texas like all the people on the planet right now how crazy that is why i know i saw it somewhere if you look at us and compared to any other animal populated really every single part of the world we figured out a way not just get there now budget america it's like really like that's cause a gang of he will eat cause a whole gang of people and in the middle you know come on we do we tore for eleven now we know i mean there's become nothing is not people were but it's much more or less yes and it's a whole different kind of life there it's like i've always found it like going five years backwards right like when you step out of the east or west coast just not in a display of where the sands like they're there anxious and quick to be
yes i know we like we like what's goin on will slowly make moves on the things we like kind of thing one danvers one of my favorite cities because danvers like part city and part country its part like mountain people it's like a big community amounting people amount we would again have wasted and nowhere is this is this is good and what good we got some suggests alone will against what is good reality just killed and elk quicker way here why we got a round you see how many algonquin for an ocean this is a good and i don't even see notion i am i am a big fan of the ocean i love looking at it but it can't fuck with the mountains the mounds of some crazy you take you take mountains before ocean all day son i'm all day if you ever been evergreen colorado mountains with a lake than that like any mound what a leg everyday last few years i play the cup of vessels in switzerland one come macho jasper s tool is pretty famous and in the settlement called the blue balls festivals hilarious but is in
they called loser in man and they're both on lakes which is what matters the crazy packages lake and i can live there easily every time on their like needs and need to be born out of control with a private jets swiss francs i am and indeed we over in switzerland do in it the problem is man to make that kind of money unless you're entertainer europe somewhat scale fact or less unit tino you sound something we massively elsewhere but he had no money to why they keep it pretty i didn't i came in i want you come in here five around julia what place man when i used to say it looked like a trapper keeper remember those like those things you haven't school that you put your notebooks immune they would have the boys like a beautiful picture of like a mountain and scenic you know lake that's what i like the positive colorado play i was ridiculous unbelievably beautiful you'd look out the back window nude got completely let me stay here at this is crazy heavily
people are to be here which is too silly you're in the mountains literally in the mountains by you around there with everything you see him porcupines everyday and dear all day all day i was getting area back here up in new really all day yeah pasadena has been man they had mares jubilant people swimming pools recently seen out like the live somewhere that this view because we are talking about craziness mass i like the live places that have resources like other they like ok we'll have things went really bad i can walk right our backyard marked down that mountain and go find me a deer is the arrow why voice at ted nugent is live in the best you know what he does he has a high fence place where he s like thoust acres now often stand in these could is actually got wild game running around its whole fuckin giant ranch and he d sets stands he's got like feed is so they know where the animals are gonna come late and is essentially shooting fish in a bucket and he asked to shoot a certain amount of them just to manage it because
got a certain amount of land like you have to monitor how many do you know how many keep your how many dear you have but that is way healthier and way smarter than going to a fuckin supermarket i mean to see the animal before he shoots it he does although butchering himself he makes it cuts of me he grosses vegetables like this do does need shit that's really the way to go he's got a gun he's got guns and he doesn't need shit he can eat from his are always run out he got bows and arrows uses the ball is now more than he uses the guns these bow hunting man the he's crazy fuck when it comes to war but a title when it comes to like living your life sustainably that motherfuckers gotta nailed when it to his he's right about hunting like you could people are crazy to think that hunting is bad because you want one of two things you want either what hunting or you want to be hunted because
the only way you keep the dear population down you have one of two options either you gonna hunted dear or you're gonna put mountain lines out there they eat dear an aging needs dear can eat you mother fucker earlier and eat you a lot easier to do once in a while you're here about it back here like other people that don't why rising medium sized dog in smash telling the magyar by amount shock yet again those pasadena bears and looks at home these are not these are the gay bearing its term for gay due to a hair you fuck each other they were attic bert craters everywhere bears that is the google search it's really hurt if you did lloyd's re harry bert will you pretty fuckin harry to mr you'd make a good bear got on sauce tourism heavy squats beer you be a good bear i would be so bear in her cubs words reconnect assemblies poorgrass law that crazy which
but you this is you know pasadena is only an hour not even an hour an hour from our head our heads in right now forty minutes away forty five minutes away which is legit wilderness i mean that alarming years pass it in and then there's out to dinner which is obviously the hills above pasadena and beyond that is just while mountains wild mountains remaining have been on two miles from from here in the woods tat death through the edison different sort of area pasadena is and the rest a valet they said the word pasadena was was in the twenties making movies and shed like a resort town now that is under there was a railroad they went out dean and like all these rich folks had their little i kind of like sword like hampton like kind of thing going what is the atmosphere like now is pasadena i know like capacity as more crime now that i think it's ever have for dinner like the beverly hills
acid in israel is crazy thing is there's always a lot of movies getting shot cuz none of the houses are the same they're like spanish style next to a colonial style next so they can like make it like anywhere in america so it's called like older like houses from meanwhile we would people that made em like hoo hoo how did they get in milton here but what they were tell me was it pasadena was where the studio producers and people live with actors we live in hollywood hills right that's how they work out a dna is what i'm talkin about unlike in the twenties i believe we were like kind of that twenty and thirty was like a little resort area we could see those houses that are for sale on line and out dean and they got someone really old houses nearer the century houses yeah it's crazy shit man that's a good area yeah i love that they like animals right next to colleagues the hearing was it all to dena where the lady had the mountain lion sittin in her front driveway probably choose taking pictures of it
it might have been out i think it was yeah i was really recent is it wasn't off to dean it was real close to that with some ladies are fucking driveway and there's a mountain lion just lying there just chilling having ass i just enjoying himself just chillun ermengarde most of the summer though do you ever think about live anywhere else like any other part of the country i like nashville nationals grade nationals like in and you leave you dropped amendment anywhere outside of like downtown and you're in the country the country you're in the country and i want you back door and shoot stuff yeah you can shoot you guys like i went and sat with this one cat and was playing guitar with him one night again cuz he had a little guy you know exactly little something for me you know i'll take off find guitar together and he names like if we go outside some guy is again the guy he was when the place and
for sale and i was like an hour like twenty five acres and langer in our house and all is three to barnes and much easier godlike say and like in my brain would like civilian like tat six million only last ass pretty good prices now may i second six hundred thousand are you shiting me am i have i have to do that one day just gonna extra grant grant grab a ranch machines your you know it this is great asheville north carolina open up there have i don't know i've been particularly about north carolina many types of only looked at online but apparently outside this like red cool spot in the mountains words small population lot donors lotta i do like musicians and like really cool people and their living like one of the most picturesque parts of the world like those like the mountains like that
furthermore north carolina look around i do sir ridiculous eggs trees and share the same kind of property there now you see out yeah mandate them with short asheville itself it's probably a little more expensive but outside of it man can get giant chunks of land man you can get just beautiful set ups houses on lakes and shit can shoot your guns or if you have a certain amount of acreage there's a show mounted men and i watch one of the duties in north carolina pronouncing these measures for its dish
yeah with your interest in this subject famous showing tvs is the one where they hunt gaiters swat swampy and a perfect example of why counting should exist of those guys in junta gaiters they hunted every year gaiters would be eaten a lot of children will be a lot more gator advocate its insanely that's asheville i mean i mean that water is paradise at their it's fuckin paradise i mean i would have to see what it would be lying bailing out think about living in place so that our lay in unemployment jetson hang out them hedge fund time on it i would have any age if i thought as enemies you know their bar mitzvah apartments were played you know i mean i'm just trying to get down and be your home you know many relevant come agitator though some of that by advice at me you know me help me get into the family getting stuck in my chips but it's slow glide i'm looking for that hedge fund do as they like
ever less on smoking dope where you are and what you dont want their money both of you at the money that you making over their heads for money that their money smells like blood you know bilateral by a lot of detergents you know it's really gonna buy me a mom sounds crazy but when when they start making real engines for cars and a friend of mine how a press and i know it's the future i know it's progress the thing makes no noise it's electric is awesome on gas uses less resources goddamn was boring as he drove away i was like listen to what the fuck that sounds like are we gonna do not enjoy driving anymore as it really gonna get to that simple i think they're still always gonna probably do it just for the others can be one company i portions of amerika were always gonna make engine in one
if they'll be allowed to because they put in all sorts of crazy restrictions on them as far as like the future like what you're gonna have to be able to do as far as emissions so i ll companies are forced to go to turbocharging because the emission standards are so high that they lose the thrill of what an engine is like i wanted whenever you can only get car envy i love that fucking college drive that out he commanded we could for a week or so afraid of car it's gonna get and a real clutched thou a real manual transmission by their little muslim battleships want the paddle sifters its line not collected in los angeles it less inhibit canada can have if it's gonna be the only call you drive obscenely yeah and i'm just cobb was an impulse by man it was i went into the spot bmw cuz like they are jacked up there's price on the seven series and i was mad i was like one for like eighty two like a hundred and ten or something else a man
that was an ok and i go just become just that was discussed look at some other things i looked bunch other cars could an and i looked at it badly like rallies other cardinals did everything uses weeks ass to me right boring and then them this was rowed dealers volleys cars it's right here actually mention of but i'll be fine but to get back out to wear my car was added walked back in through the outer dealership ness when i saw the datum all white our aim in the corner i just went overlooking analyze that's cash arduino kicking off start talking to me and he a black on black one out back i got a biased korea should show it to me man you show it to me you want to spanish i was like i can drive it is i know i could take you for a spin don't you know i was like all the outgoing well whatever let's go i got time to kill took me first band to
up until we're back where the rose ball is an intelligent car over and got out and try to kiss you didn't i was worried oversight board the car over many both the girl brows i what do you do it and then he got up guys i feel glad you could try to car and i took it out the smartest thing your data that took their carpet like fifteen minutes just went nuts did you ever had a car like that before not that no not like sport i like that i was i had to way back eight fifty first came off the bmw i don't know i'm your lackey fuck with what you then i drove the sad drove seven series for the rent on the rest of the time i was really like a dense what i do not always have a truck and i'd have my being milo bmw seminar will your cars made engine car in that lay out is the best lay out as far as like handling feel and balance at such a great balance on rails man the engine is actually in front of the rear wheels sold it just write like a fuckin tree
just ride lodge rain is for its immediate cessation i've got the aid on and get the ten because ass the car they had right there right ass they give it to me i want to go right now realistically you don't need that ten and if you want it always in eight cylinder over ten solar but there if you wanted to is a company that puts a super charger under the eight and makes it more powerful than the vitelli doesn't that much and it safe and they know what the fuck there do not even a very lonely like you're saying went away growl yes sound there all night the supervisor will add a little extra one accused the little boy me alive yeah yeah i tell you i have one of those shall be g t five hundred mustangs you know those oh yes it's one of that one of the new ones and the sound of it alone i swear to god it gives me a smile it makes me smile when i hit the gas shift gears to hear that engine roar if i think from men i don't think
one has ever like fully documented it but i think there's like a physiological thing that happens when you here like a strong engine i think there's something happening to you buy it makes you actually feel good like an animal growled i think it's probably produces testosterone or something read that look i've read that you you laugh and right now i could see it probably doing something like that giving up movement of earth and i had a dog i was taking it out now satan corners doing thirty forty five i hit on dry do i was i all where we had as it does a button you hit on it with the shocks fill up with fluid so you don't even leading magnetic suspense aegis is like was i've been bringin rollercoaster man is this it is this
yes it's called out our aid and they have a visa version of ie ten version and actually a lot of people think that the ten doesn't handle as well because it so that a bigger engine and is a little bit more earlier way last year the engine and the eight is smaller engine and loud people actually enjoy their car more but they started to put a supercharged zalm so they jack up like five hundred sixty horse power either insane insane actual tyres like crazy that's great i love managing love someone invented it such a fuck you know you get a good car and took it to that level that's like a spaceship will out like man as bad as gar these cars now like the intellect is shelby like shall be cheating five one and have a new one that sound that six hundred and sixty horsepower it's a fucking predict this thing to own nobody should be able to just go into a store and without proving that you know how to drive a goddamn race car and then get a car stock off the shelf with six hundred sixty plus horse power engine but you can go get it
you can go get it right now you hit that at its exciting willow goose bombs and if you don't drive it fast like you guess smile on your face why you drive that women will never understand that they just while a good look at hair in their cars i shall clean car something something they do and it is on a different level but the ones and i want to be in that car and then when they know they rather be a net garden the guy with the rested upturn cell that's true what i'm saying is i think this like especially muscle cars to something incredibly masculine about them something something that i don't think woman lever complete tune into its a beast you they sound like bees controlling a beast you're harnessing hundred horses worth of our five
therefore resolve about twice egg is the little boy in me alive he's playing with fuckin for an ice powers foreign and or scar any aluminum car with all we'll drive but but rear we'll drive characteristics can only ever gives three percent of the power of the real where's so just house corners shall i put anything in sport that shackling on is extra even with this crazy it's fun i mean more when you think about technology and you think about how much things of progress to one of the best ways to look as cars because cars today you can like of cars that goes zero to sixty in less than three seconds and that's normal in get him it nissan ok that's insane a nissan on zero to sixty and two point seventy two point eight seconds that's me blowing it so hard wrap your head around the fact that one two three sixty five miles an hour that's insane car for regular
to build a by and then make it better every year every year it's faster every year they got germany they have this course called the nuremberg wring its like the one that the benchmark a performance cars because it's always turns and twists so it is a real accurate representation of how fast you could drive with this car in the real world and those motherfuckers go around with insane speed is videos of them online i watch him for hours on end a watch like there's a ferrari four five eight on the nerves rang here's any shown to from the cockpit so it's all them round seven minutes and fifty seconds seven forty seconds so for seven minutes you sit in there with them though the youtube on full screen or do you know how could could you not appreciate that i sunrise neared something different you around corners like slightly sideways controlling it so while the watchmen
i spent most of my summer in europe's every time we run autobahn house was had my car eardiston just stop register i opened it up over there to ten that back oh yes or no over the mountains where there ain't much later mayor guy looks like one sixty so the two has a beautiful man i start getting real jittery like the highway cop is going to see me or so i'm going to turn into like a high speed pursuit on the news and so i just got back there days are on the way out man with with the advent of drones eunuch unable to get away with that shit of drones and night sky muttering people speed here we go on you you got your video during a hundred sixty ya you will be able to fuck with it mean this does no way as no other good luck i have that lockdown if if there really are gonna be thirty thousand drones and the sky and ten years as their said surveillance drones responded fuckers are gonna cut back on all the fun
well that's what about the city man all going to have it out there too everyone is more is easier probably to notice probably this u these low mosquito micro bad things that you see every once in a while pop up with us noticing her there was really creepy about some cars some cars lately without even even knowing it they keep a data log of how fast have driven it it's like they can go into it and they can like acts and they can find out like it what do you do an asshole you gonna hundred fifty fuckin miles an hour we want track like what are you doing here i thought we were going fast they can finally from you can where you were from your from your location to secured you're carrying around i have all your whereabouts little black box somewhere and that am sure there is specially fear could anything pass anyone have you heard of this sum this new thing that was released by wikileaks called trap wire moment come on
about the story he's coming on the twenty eighth of things anyway the what it is is they ve figured out a way to take all surveillance cameras from all over the country and work on through a centralized the base for they were written literally store all of the formation and every movement that's happening in cities and in areas they ve got a complete massive database on everything that everyone's ever done for like that a few years ago i started to do it in these in the end these areas and there they are putting it in a centralized areas without letting anybody know crazy i don't know the but somehow another they're all linked through you know homes land security whatever the fuck it as its whenever organization is taking the feed from all these different places but their amassing a database of all of our act it is also time without any even knowing about it and what crazy about that is that this is just that this this
marks an ethic rights it marks like this is what their thinking they would like to monitor us all the time so they're doing it as much as they can will eventually the chat technology is gonna be better so was technology gets better they're gonna have shit everywhere they gonna be able to take a look at every where that's what they do it so they do you can't stop them has condemned we can stop that can make for a lot better those videos like this hidden camera videos like a look at this person and he fell down and allow more cabinet is you can do a lot of whack you shit why you're at work in this way you can go back and review let's see what skippy got into today you little ass all junk another so it again i heard there was a study recently where they put these cameras on cats in the day they found out that cats are they murder way more than make that originally thought like these catches did not but like murder animal squirrels birds oh yeah insects and they just our kit would beg to go in
going sprays every time they go out of the house to cats have never been a character of ours felt during work on the creeping dark oh yeah i saw kits for me it was also one time i was many many years ago and with some broad she had a cat and as our colleague from the counter and jump up onto the top of the list shower door which is liking own like jumping on i was being but twelve feet above fewer gymnast german twelve landing on a balanced mean perfectly well that's what i like you i don't answer i say to you that means it was half magical they think you fuck you up like i'm not some are run and jumping i stand in air and springing up to some shit and i was like now that wasn't down some magic will she i have a rod i'll iron railing that curls on my staircase this wrought iron iron railing is only about three fingers wide like maybe three my fingers one my cat walks it
walks like a tightrope all the way up to the tat when i get back then i got nothin here he's a twelve feet above you know hard bruno stone floor so mother fucker healthcare his children over you're ready to do this on gaza old like like you know be tales about cats and that used to like sit on the chest of children and suck their breath out a girl they when lily deadline babies because the warm when they lie on the east must monitor them that's like that she's real they turn that into many are full but could you imagine if you find yourself by using mother during and so scary man that's so far too small asked why don't i mean cancer just to dams marty creeping cats a robots we just don't know it and totally like really don't give a shit about you unless they want something from the air they want to be pet all the time they were costume assizes or fucking there is funding any bravoes just dinah realises cats accounts now that he has kid
he loves the sun so much ma i tell him you know he's taken me about you how much he loves bunny how much cats and like a that's all nice and good tracy little man what do you have a son did you you re the killers chasms hammer trust me obviously jug around i have cats i love my cats their creepy but i love em but man now is like a fuckin cast they make noise when the kids asleep on purpose to trying to wake him up i keep i try to keep them out of the room so they go in their knocks it over let them knocks it over and run around the end of the hallway feel like they're fucking with and he's realizing it is like oh my god i'm living with a bunch of tents cancer crazy jealous little twice i would get a cat like by lived like in is there something you know sir i am i keep a chemical outdoor indoor cat those are bad for bad news for further for the sake of keeping off any you rodents and whatnot you shouldn't fuck with outdoor indoor cats the simple reason of parasites
i would now doors can argue law allow shore or all indoor even i would haven't they serve no purpose like as justice wriggly appear for me i'm dog i guess been a dog well you know feral cats people traditionally had among farms in order just mean semi pharaoh's to keep to the rat population down because when we have a farming i have a lot of rodents but that cap site shit is no joke man lotta people have real proof bombs in their life because this cap parasite and it's it's it's affected ass of a modern europe massive amounts the merit of not it's all call at all so plasma it some they're just discovering it within the last few years and one of the things that are discovering as it leads to a disproportionate amount of motorcycle victims so thing it affects our judgment and it also they said there's a lot of soccer teams like like really successful soccer teams come from cars these were they test high with high levels
talks are plasma is it makes you reckless and make men apparently it makes them more aggressive and may perhaps even generate more testosterone but essentially to fuck and parasites that you get from cats it is completely were re the way you're you're thinking is like david as one as an article it's written on one's fast any argo by a neurosurgeon who has it and he knew the sun was wrong it's totally in when you having to live with it but it affects you judgment comes from fucking cats and its creepy it's a behavioral changer so cats it from rats and rats what happens the rat gets it and when the rat gets it the rackets actually attracted the smell of cat piss
so it's surrendered itself basically said i wonder you write to the whole seymour like ebonite chauvelin had ended herself areas and its real i mean it's really scary that is like him night sham on going and we all sit around through thinking about you know how arrogantly we're gonna ruin or killed or take over the world takes his one cat parricide doing we're all screwed man you roaming the wrong one and inward let that aerosol eyes while they say that cities on a plane fifty million people are affected by it in this country alone crazy fifty in brazil it's like sixty percent in parts of france at one point in time it was as high as eighty percent now down to the fifties but fit three percent its half the fucking people have his cap parasite half of up changes your behavior was locking in knots there's a guy named supports key i gotta get him on this podcast i have to talk to talk to have you ever has free tommy's a professor and
specializes in it and it's crazy any trees and one who has a great video facts up those glass so plasma andy toxic moses gandhi i think actual fact in terrifying man that's why outdoor cats can go fuck themselves you gotta keep away from those creepy just then they might get you with their their dirty general now like cats and among the police know we're did that would have crazy scholar alyosha yeah and we'll get along crazy that that do you get you can figure out a way ted why an animal's dick so gets hard when it smells the cap piss the of its murderer could you imagine that some previous hats and most deeply should at her that's physically and spiritually jesus next that's freddy krueger nightmare shit right there somebody's somebody could just
spit on you or transfer fluid are breathe on you and all of a sudden now there are agents at work within your body to make you behind differently so as to the killing view by that person would be made much easier that's awesome and a whole species like cats going near cats like what the fuck cats the one thing that wants to kill you all the time and natures i kept your people that we want to go next that's where we're gonna go next curve please mother tongue smells like it it's almost impossible to imagine that that was an engineered emissions top and go who the fuck is working behind the curtain here that's engineered seems like if you want to point to some sort of intelligent design of the universe i think things like that are compelling topics not
shirley evidence but compelling topics when it comes to the debate there being some sort of intelligence to this whole thing what the fuck me too how does it randomly happen like if we could go scratched a chicken and a week later it's that our doorstep cooked like waiting for us to eat it yeah we just some powder out there in the field and it is has urged to throw itself on a roasting grow in and feed itself hard dick wanderings what they're stupid black rat dead eyes looking for cat peace with a hard on time kind of world is this what this happened look how many videos are there are those of the cats doing hilarious shift their bodies you can watch those my daughter watches those for an hour and as might be aliens dude they might be i think they're robotic their technology why just think they're super killers i think that
nature needs clean up and in order to make sure that the limping fox don't make it there's cats that's really what it is and their there then the little ones that's what i've seen them like the devil picked it up and walk away catches got up on two legs and walked out is the most was the name of educated people cat walking thriller cat thriller cat dug up for it tat wait for it ass silly though there that their natures clean up man there there to make sure that that its have to learn who when they went when somebody domesticated a cat who decided didn't have any shit in prison a box was a great idea so we can keep the house if you can keep it as you have to have placed shit do not yemen has you go in the toilet enough
yeah if she has those bald cats were there all shaved and she's trained to just use the toilet argues that radio they are not letting it out of the house because as you mentioned are things that her cat seen no wonder whether tat goes with traumatize does knew no it's a cat cadres of the person they can't talk does know what the fuck is up yet where it have an animal shitting in your house to gross fuckin nasty i'm not download any more i was only love me rag about show up at some tricks house or some out smell and smell awful there's a letter boxes grouse especially if you lazy no clean the piss out and you walk in you have that ammonia smell like what are so dangerous for you like the date that there was watching animal hoarders on netflix which is one of the worst fuckin tv shows and the whole entire road
we ve ever watched it there is even one kind it had like over like ten thousand rats against his wife died and then he bought a timid for some reason she like rats and then they just thousands and thousands of rats one thing is the ammonia there was this guy that owned i think ninety cats and i one bedroom or something like that and the ammonia was so bad like the toxic level with something like crazy like twelve percent he had it like ninety percent like his air quality was just all ammonia wow crazy that's crazy just like your orders sometimes with the wife he made every once in a while some of you have so much stuff they put like a flattening like get out of wasting watch animal horizontal freaking out they find dead cats all the time now we're the love you will do that i'm just storing animals in the house need more animals are just even junk the edge or a book is crazy guys can throw out old and new owners once like me
table gets to cluttered i start somebody's gotta get thrown out man that's just live out refreshed myself by got rid of all the magazines in my office i have like a stack of magazine stack maybe they're gone some stuff is like maybe two hundred risings i'm gonna go we have a lot of my own memorabilia and things like that i gave everything away that's beautiful one of giving you know it'll impact them more than an impact you never ever last memorabilia in your house this new things by us i've had it all lost it all had it all lost it all the couple times so it's like i'm really attached to like not being attached that is the best that's the best story had it all lost it i got it back stories the best or people love that the lower level than fuck up i do allow people to cause i know that's what i do i love people they can figure things out or that get through adversity or that go over a hump or that get thrown away
ball they figure who hid it next time you know its debts though the most interesting i get up the next day yes still gonna i remember like in the middle of my troubles much i was having cousin you know i quit house of pain don't record my label didn't even believe in hawaii our ray i we went over there and then you know i've given up where i had the tax my account writ me offers and taxes lillian cancelled my assurance so like the perfect storm of late years of heavy time for your hard thing to happen to you right now would it's a perfect movie though and then the bounced back well the back was cut a lucky lights on tat was not luck to that song is tremendous man that's it you know that was resulted like i say it's on with you coming out ass soon ass i wrote the song and do play a little bit out again on his out will put a lot of other on god damn that's a good song dude
that song that that song had their hearts i had some real feel and there was a lot going that's on there but i remember like my accountants it was tell me to file for bankruptcy and all this and i was like you know what i ain't going to do it do it cuz i hate you i mean god forbid haven't really had to do it but i was like i pay my debts is the way i look at it i just letting you know screwed or by this guy i'm not gonna tell ten people over here i owe money to screw you wicked right because i got screwed i don't play that game green paint since cairo tricky situation i just remember the day i got a call from my account as you know my new accounts that was then i broke even like that everything paid back that's my medical building was paid and no are you could start when some money back to make took like a year wow some people takes a whole life
people get a spiral man who is cooler than carlos antennas anyone ever live that's cooler than that guy he's undeniable that guy right there's pretty fuckin have you don't get me wrong become moment carlos antenna what was it like work with him cool it was like i've written that song i'm but we've gone over the story a little bit last time i rent a song and i had it but like whitey ford sings the blues was done and don't sign i live and move we talked about airport i was actually unit which was what am i like better than a bucket listing plants area grown up as a kid that's why
learn about a lot of music someplace and doing we're doing like today before rehearsal or something and somebody comes in the rooms i kill carlos santana's in the building he's looking for you and i'll i get the fuck out of here kind of shut up like literally like thirty his later carlos antenna wants in the room while the guy who tuesday s army not ross had taken the liberty heard they were looking for silence he took the liberty of sending them a saw santana one of the song it was the way i stand in the way story told me it was the first song chosen for that whole project so it was cool it was an honour and i was like i got this song and i was lost from my second record but it was i can just seem like an up to linen nash tank fuck am anticipate deal right next to carlos mother fucker and tat i really like you know and he was adamantly
i must say to wear beg cousin implies like some kind of vienna really want to be involved one it s all for his record you like you i want to solve for my record and it was almost like i can't take no for an answer how to raise and then we know he's been real cool about let me know how much he wanted that's all then you like your buttered plundered by my santana so right but we could do ten who is like made it through better than that guy he's made it through better than any of em if you think about all the people from his errand generation they're all dead and he still relevant stick around for gas dick around and still below with help man is music and eyes away to the cindy black men then member then drummer these two reinventing cravat his man check with me and ass his wife she's nothing seamen drumming with him to think twice for her very few people like hit that coup level like that call
santana level you don't like carlos antenna sums fuck around with you you got your own problems now it's not carlos for sure how do you do he's out there playing guitar shut the fuck up so what you wanna plasma figure had written a guitar ass i do look at the twitter do you know who played here radiance now naumann ass we really love talkin to you man overnight but we love targeted plus amusing more acutely aware europe come here we talk about ninety different things and even i might even say i know what s work does too gary those places
after new rigour god and call me god gonna love gives gonna bring me then very low god when i'm gonna grow makes me gotta database smith play now stop daughter again sang a double standing again women in that way gonna be argued father's name down reactions why my mom and i got me she got dubiously jane had got guts and trees away my bank got the sound that i'm saying in the german miss beautiful
the guidelines are in and i sense today when made songs or that's fucking bad ass man you know you you're stuff has such a nevertheless feel to it now if you really nailed your sounds you know like no that's gonna play that suddenly i heard that song i would say nevertheless that's an everlasting sounding nonetheless gimmicks who have the right for other folks advertising is i've gotta keep their man got it right for yourself man to you you know you have this unique blend of and had all these life experiences and health problems and being fucked over and be an up down and man comes out in your music god damn it comes out good thank you has a desert does a bad ass
i can say that this matter since coming here and doing there said it did did two things it made a lot of people aware of like me playing acoustically and it also freedom like us i've been doing shows like there's a man that's beautiful behaviors we couldn't be happier magnify its i really appreciate that sound i think there's something real intimate about we that its need say it's better but it's different you know for me it is it's it's great because everything starts now away i sit in a room with you know this and maybe a draw machine maybe i'll come over to beat it's our land but most times in acoustic guitar and meat i need man some of the greatest arms ever and when the lights go out i still be able to do exactly now it's beautiful man
i gotta say today at dinner the army was listen to us thing i was talking shit about wages joke about what kind of crazy shit you're cats must have seen we likely babby we're friends were buddies we love you will never we're not talking should evaluate don't get oversensitive that's right things like a comedy based podcast yeah but we would like the entire shit about and she's too sensitive and she's been on our show a bunch times no if even if i make fine it's always always with love oh you make me anytime man it's really is a tough to find angled outcome and i like it like a dick mozilla's as nice as you i'm just not just the edges have been worn off man by this point you in what twenty thousand seeing asshole well i remember meeting you you know where whatever many years ago was and those right away you seem like just a normal dude you know and it's a weird thing when you listen to someone's music and even
for so many years like i knew who you were when i was barely getting by it you are playing in my car i was driving around jump up to area my car when i was in my we're about to actually value syria the twentieth anniversary really that's awesome with remixes an acoustic furs is that what you are one of those that have not fighting is out loud how you doing an acoustic showings like this do stars job and i was like i laughed at i prefer and then lay a relaxing serious as they do to happen in the upper dynamite hack their version of agenda that kind of cooking limitation of the man i've been cool if somebody else did i mean it's like jump around is so goddamn good that i think it's almost like a disservice if you don't do it
if you don't even if you gotta bring out more equipment jump around like you can't faria no more equipment show someone else and at most my boy you another gown and goes to get one of my favorite part about markets this is a duty for the in would all he's come out to jump knows when those back pipes go off in the beginning got down that was a good jam it does what it still see it stays in fact here downloads like i'm amazed that like all you fuck yeah that's one of the autumn graves work outsource ever ever if you lift and weights and you listen that's and get extra is its paying for their car outside as well as to make the case for bridges the verbatim rigging occasionally eggs fine vegans are only allowed lobbied eggs right
thanks so crazy as an embryo besides we in embryo it's been fertilized i think it was i should think that every it could become a potential embryo not even if they will think lamb every day the delay and i share out of a mine argue i know but i didn't know that low hums now like when it comes out there's no way could ever be a baby it is just an egg and it's done i give you she laid this act that is a useless egg it will never be a baby check so when it regular checks and it asked me fertilize so they can one every day and with when a male chicken comes in and lay some dick to work then there's a baby in that egg until the male chicken does not she's just lay and does so there's no may come along and does so there's no males around the neck guarantees is fuckin did obesity dud city yeah any separate them anyway because otherwise they pick each other's fucking eyes out conti little animals what's
chicken look tastes like that's been fertilize is it even better is our name for it like deluxe egg now called pollute in the philippines we used to serve on fear factor and was funny because my philip what i got way big chick it's like it embryo and it's it's cooked its half could well it's not it's not like solid cooked like but it's still a gooey inside but i mean there eating the bones can see the little document we served people this but my filipino like all that's balloon that's my favorite it get me on your advice as you are aware that the forty five would have been if like just randomly that happen where one guy was understands and all my grandma to make that other tat what would we would horse penis as we would never see servile filipino person balloon but we serve to a lot of other people its larry's like to think hundred year old eggs beside really
hundred years all but it's a fermented agnes they dig a hole and they put him on the ground for like weeks or months or some shit like that of the eggs term black and they have a guy jelly serve a weird texture termed a fucking discussing but people pay money for them like it's an expensive delicacy somewhere that's what i call tampons girls forget about you know sometimes they push like a tap on too farrakhan a balloon upon like somebody like i had in me for four days and start to smell right whites no fucking hanging out with you gotta clean these girls up many girls are lost leave given about life days you forgot something was inside you from four days i was day in this girl long time ago and those finger and earn i i pulled out a piece a a on the she knows and their rights and she told if we had a lot of you so embarrassed she saw bash them so embarrassed i'm like
why would you be embarrassed and like you you got you know you have to put up in there so someone got stuck it you didn't know why our stalinism everybody's is involved as usual i was only twenty one was not of all back that wouldn't you say did pretty evolved while you reactive there were twenty i've been i might have been like what the fuck is what the fuck is this we're just come from maybe maybe you clean it just because they get very glad you like it what do you mean i want a job i would have been the weirded out why was it was it just clean or was it like you she pulled it out now clean she apparently pulled it out and left a piece of it in their broken which where's really dangerous woman toxic shock i don't want you fuck that i guess it's eyes bad whatever it is it's day that's four days of leaving a tampon than you think so it's gonna get you the brine of data your friend who hang an alibi
fuck is wrong on their usual your high school girls like everything on it and sustain the airline supporting this we're together data is a really nice personal care what she says she's always been a very pleasant personally i know you now people say like i just wanna foger knowest fucker we're friends with nice programme parties a really nice person and she's funny you have only check so she likes to going right what mr casa for my life when i guess your podcast we just we're just so horrible like will be like hell is doing today unlike occasions we have on and then we'd both space out and we're just really we worked well together were very stacy both of us it is shut each other off to their will you doing too much anyway man you're all fuckin stressed out chill out not just on a list of some ever less music pay have acts
i've listened to his album more than i think any city i've ever had ever because always at my car and it's always a to see to because it's it's good there's a lot get songs on and that does blown smoke up your ass and being thing is not part of a man to go well i got one got one here i'll play off my last album which actually started this thing last week and i might have approached me wrong sounds kind of angry when i did sony atv music group or something twitter you could find it on the timeline these guys like i'm able nedda put on two thousand eight that's not items for nobody knows the reason why no dennis i'm trying to get these dudes attention right now you're put this out maps caught love warn that goes to whitey fort so god did it independent like like deal one of these publishing people interests has been kind of like how come i sat up
we got a push this exact yeah there's a lot of shit as also the house has frozen my folsom prison cover on a really yeah it's just its is purely a right nice name a red tape its likeness because the saint aware so like last week us it i tweeted like hey everybody these assholes a record there needs to be on itunes unlike apparently people got pretty nasty quickly that's what i got a response from somebody at the companies then at first they were like oh that's real professional and i wrote him back like real professionals like you guys would like a fucking me right now because you don't have a record of mine up that i've put out you known for years ago go back to me so i'm sands respectfully request these people to get my record amount that's fucked up position there's one person in european working on my behalf a camera their name it is time that we have an undercover operative in the in the in operation at the moment you know but knew so
is it just in competence as it will be little by that i buy a tribe conquest industry rule four thousand and eighty which is record company people our shady this is as well this had died in the industry dynamic get the record but this from it in the sun i originally wrote when i saw like imagery of like kids in palace throwing rocks at i can always really like you know armoured cars and the countess was like lord the mentality of the oppressed and how far are you let yourself be oppressed and started come to the conclusion the songs about a lot more than just that though it's it's about kind of like what could be going on here soon and i mean so disgusting my hair
stop stop gap
god that's good to us and those that is one of my new friend it's on my nature that is fuckin albums god love worn a ghost waiting for sony hiv music group cadets shit about nine tonnes please me when i was listening that i was thinking i need to hear the shit again right away there's a video we know that mean that we do not need to get it in my car on the way home need to figure out how to get it on my phone again in my car i will have to download that i can get it off i that pisses me off at that violence is a different version on the re onwards gun drums stand that was good is one who is revelling that's a great song that has that has everything it has everything man the second debate is fantastic to it's very though the way you played as is very
unusual sounds like an acoustic song i'll beat it up like a drum man it's kind of my thing is like i was learned i was learned i was taught i was learned back in those learned how to how to how to strum the guitar but like to cheat this hand like a drummer like that's the down that's the that's the chicken the snare kind of way my mind works you know when you were in the middle of the i'm no any musical turns to need when you were really going out man was like it was both a drum and it was almost like there was a beat to it as well as you know here and the actual sounded the cords patsy beautiful the words of beautiful so inspiring man i have no musical talented ass we say this like music to my ears like magic like you do in magic i get the fuck you
like you make it all this crazy awesome noise mean it is to me it's like i'm so musically retorted it is like a form of magic so inspirational sources another one our planet
romania was river the people always nags this is another one of their record not just keep it in their theme for the moment miss said is seven still mass killing scope anymore
has really can now is on the same album yeah so actually a route my father died actually why oddly enough those other than a reference to him is not so much about him but except for the feeling i mean you know it creates for me just about fucking everything in eyes every day is that when you when you write d try to do that alone do like right things that are not necessarily about what you're saying a lot times you no one and like you know i mean your lay out it's the same it we even within kommeni writing or lay out of a certain amount of yourself within something and in an unknown use it in a car and you know it in context to make it something else right right it will become not because the emotion is where we go after you going gone right you it's all about emotion so like you want to
into an emotion is i want to recreate that emotion have to use a piece of it to do it but you don't wanna trying to tap into something the music and do my music is such a weird feel it does to elect really like changes the way your whole body feels a good thing we should really stones here i feel like i'm trent like an hypnotized or some right now you think so what are you talking to someone does not as job changes subject that's a lot of things about cannabis cannabis and the connection with music you really are a hate being that person go do to get drunk try it but if it wasn't for weed i really i think i would be now on a lot of the levels of enjoyment that are possible because some levels of enjoyment when your high and one of them is listening to music when your high and new listener like comfortably numb you know
do you have some old school pink floyd in your high and hear all the subtle nuances the song that you never recognized before but it's just it over in a wave i would like to refer to as the highest common denominator you know it's like when we all then intelligent moment like not do you know there's a lot of music they cater straightly based nature and base yeah yeah then there's that music delay really inspired to do what we're talking about like find that emotion find that thing in really accurately described somehow or other ex person says fuck me too how did you know that about me how did you know how to say that about me like when you do that in a song
joanna dummy half the reason the real barely last come from other fuckers you're like owes me i know exactly what he's talking about and so i can write about when you know that you you hit some certain lyrics and people just go oh that's my fuckin song that's my song when he's playing i saw miss certain songs that become your song man i just want to hear that the eu they give you a feeling you know mac remember been a kid i grab a high school and i was at a friend parents house is have a low backyard party everybody was laugh and everyone is having a good time was like i've had not gone too complicated yet still only eighteen
and sweet home alabama came and he had a little boom box and don't don't turn oh don't don't that fuckin saw a man who was right away it was like we were smile and laugh then waken me is talking shit what that's no levels damn song doesn't classic
i used to do of course know that was a some areas this you hang out with nebula we always say a lot because you know lives lads and you like that do this this is like dana white man i'm wake up in a different place every fuckin day of his life and i mean i can't amount of travelling workin yeah there's a limit i gotta be home yes
a drama car once in a while you know he's got hit the isle of barley and talking about you know no valid but it's not a large room we were discuss this with him stupid at the roofs around rousing or girls in seoul has an ice did well to two years then we had the bright green olives and you re not about a mile about him which hits delegates discussing what fuck to you how about a little respect it tastes like black licorice vegetables yeah love it sounds good more via hard to grow to some places where they they relate them much nutrients with their groaning stupid olives also grown out of a dirty here with rain gas oughta people in greece and then the efta like treat them before you eat m unless your dog my dogs eat em right off the fuck ground costly now it's like you creepy bitches then they get diarrhoea now you know that doesn't help to me dodgy no diarrhoea when you eat algae
yeah but i'm not gonna like some shit on the ground when a dog eads olives they found on the ground you that's possible what gives you diarrhea the problem with the sun sets kinda resembling a stir in the bank they later while he asked two questions one and the other one is do you believe in bigfoot already said who killed already we already than that one but deeply and take what is a good one the funny thing is i just watch the in depth show or one of these things called site fuckin like about
this shows like his city has returned when that's all about connecting like the ancient world would like aliens right and one other ancient aliens is our common history and one of them they're trying to say big foot is possibly as some kind of hybrid fucking leg i breathed aliens any possible drop a foot and let his traveling entered dimensional leaned that's why we're never catching him guess he's moving through portals of time and space that we can't possibly understand good bay in fact looks like a shell didn't this guy die the guy who like said perpetrated the whole big for thing and like i found all these like class and things he made me notes and what now am i wrong about that yeah yeah there's there's more than one person first of all there's been a lot like a big i remember a few years ago a guide died near like he says everything was a hoax yea and there's been people that if i checked out after that episode see this year have them people that have done hoaxes is no question about it has been a lot but it is not one guy if there
been hoaxes there been hoaxes all over the fucking country and all over the pacific northwest there's a lot of shit in the pacific northwest where it's like monkey canyon ape creek a bluffs it's a lot of apes shit and one of the reasons is because the pacific northwest coastline it states has a long history of bigfoot sightings is it people are high fuck that you see a bare walk on two legs that's possible who the fuck knows is passed there was a big primate they used to live in those that's part what doom oh yeah that's what i will say is impossible to say at this point really ah the technology iphones this that never nobody's caught afflicted do have you would think down only stay out of it even if they do catch flick it's like is like
again they i just saw someone yahoo or some just in the last couple of days about a guy who says he caught the best picture ever of the loch ness monster and it was like a little kind of spine and even in argolic says look like it was a manatee years anthea and if the loch ness monster was real even if it was a real thing it wouldn't fuck with a like a great one shock great white shark which is a real thing is way crazy this stupid loch ness monster the loch ness monster that kill any but in those jack jack they had it i found the beaches in santa barbara unless the loudness is a dragon joe it would have a dialogue with the dragon over their lives like fire yeah like you just said there's nobody no evidence that's dragging look here we would if it was a unicorn but my point is that we want to make sure that game thrones willingness losing relation graecia walter it's up there i retired with right so we got into breaking bad recently labour for this new season starting like danny boy has always been trying to tell me that's a great show i got so bored on my last tour traveling i downloaded like all the seasons and they
a special deal like thirty bucks and you get our forces and like screw it up by asked i watch and i did not stop for like six days the eye watching breaking that i have to get back to work as i did it from this whole right tattoo my rights leave the whole time i did it aaron delicate overgrew tattoo college boy he wives do not listen to rather the whole foresees a nose like god damn this is it this matter does not having i haven't let me down yet i'm waiting for it is this nice it's a good show what is named brien christians and handle the delete actor yet my goddamn like the do the who places the young the younger do was in one of my videos many years ago white trash beautiful their status what is it what's his real name forget so i suggest we just had him over studio the other day i am assuming you have on any of with friends naughty show but at the last second his manager said that he can't do it so you just have to sit here bats
why has the use in some kind of bullying campaigns is not allowed to do any adult themed podcast until liquors it's like it further kids and studies and sent we're contractors bullying have to do is sex erin something weird how they like they can decide what your personality should be like they can decide what you attach vey widow using one of my videos play the truck driver yeah white trash beautiful video sauce jesse sniffing fuckin math and their do yeah that's unusual shop heard the wires really awesome too but i know i love that show i mean but that shows over you know that might be the best shall ever never watched it i got wash their cup labs and apparently gets really good at and give it the first two seasons i kick off really hard and then they go off into this other ten and where they almost lost me at that time like when they went out to hold him apart city and like did a whole new store any kind of it almost felt there
grab and the whole earlier shed but it all comes around into a circle is one of the best endings i think i've ever seen little scene i won't tell you understand it ends well like doesn't leave you like is like they're always felt like a complete project item i have to get to a now dammit it's good everybody says you have to liar you have to get a nice gray eyes i just love that they can do shit like what they can do a game of thrones now and you can make like incredible special effects for a fraction of what it used to cause can deal with the regular computers now i should johnny ass his hand in my video will nourish shake his head came a pound like barber thrill in the most impressive video we got problems when i made a song i like you know unlike serious about shit i went to see the i went to her and went in
really meant what his son just to be like learn ryaku discos out makes it would hip hop with the cyprus he'll be right and i got on on the version that on the record so i want to be you know respectful as i could see you know jake ass yet legacy sought took it to them and i would like oh you liked sign loved it and then when i was thinking i did do the video we came across the stuff i am i had known about it but i've forgotten about it they had just released this dvds access of the johnny cash variety show and so on it started watching those i how great would it be
if i was on the johnny cash and there was just behind you are he had his own he had like a variety showing like they let us use the footage ran like germany that some they could easily be like hell no you can't use are they really mean that so i always like these are like the style to share with you this morning it was argued over there the boy is are you it's all about feebly you can do so with this there are many building cause i was a dark as the technology is there you know would you when you love to be able to perform for crowd like that a real crawling damage is below there are the very end made him sit next to each other
any any gives me a pound i always felt like what would it be like to be able to go back to nineteen fifty cent do stand up and just fuck their brains upside ways i have no idea what you're doing like why is this guy saying what what are you talking about just cursing you'd be imagined doin i do and i was worried you imagine if you did jump right in front of a native fifty screw it up how to do that i don't know i sat next to a dude i sat next to a dude and gave him what he was wearing a black jacket and gave a pound and the next thing you know it's johnny cash gimme a pound background as it was crazy
that's cloud outlook and support as they would it was light was good also forest go tat showed that some major onto the old johnny cash will you think would happen if you went from nineteen fifty crowd did jump around digging didn't you be able to get you like you were back she cried in a garden if you don't know here pop okay so there was no amalgamation of here but there was no what the fuck you guys we're doing bagpipes in shit it was all rowdy just job obligate they were like you in an alien sure they'd be frightened by the sounds that the song made first of all there we find that frightening just the way you're barking out the lyrics on the queen with a crop really what the fuck did no there was no braggin music back then allowed to leader of the pack room brown imagine you come along with jump around
i am it's funny have culture just sort of evolves and changes and its to imagine it ever going back to where it was in the fifties or the clothes they warn the seventies really that sheds it's never gonna happen but you could see we're back then that was what was up that's what was up exceed all laid out exceed all moving forward which is tired the old shared we need something new gets more more complicated what would we live in a fucking weird maze of humanity man human beings are the whack you motherfuckers wall tyres broken machines out there snow manuals everybody's gets ferrari with no fuckin owners manual worlds grinding gears run and ensure he shall we figured out how to use the mine correctly yet another one for i got his maze you need man i do this i gotta be like joe you gonna joke for me
what they would play here you do any other kind of covers i can really butcher some though withers pill this is bad bad guitar plan but i like dishonorably since you wanna come in now
hey where the term used guess she said my father snakes grass where'd you stay some samson used to say david you yourself said used again used to say what you know when we get there ever live while i was
no one in my ear of that's beautiful man you know you ve you ve no twenty his science like no such lovely a valley days tuesday she bill with it you ain't seen a check out still bill the documentary about him is really good is used to live but he don't he he met here studio this house he makes music unalaska waiting all release it nothing do these lines music on wine is the sense in the music business great what about other people would love to hear it i don't know i didn't you know i got to read watch it but i remember it cuz i want you and watching on the bus where you getting high and watching for a little while watching a little while but it's like his daughters in the business i think he's just amy his son
i'm sure he's catalogue makes a lot of money man that's crazy because you hear his size everywhere else movies that use me song and anal sunshine and lovely day and i know sons who is he in what is either you a man will pass the stair me down when i looked at you you the ground her size or every move everywhere grandma's hands as a classic got a song about it the eu now veteran called i can't write left handed but a guy lost his lamp right arm why in war and care i left handed crazy deep songs i like that you know this is all the hip hop heroes i have and then there's liking cats like bill withers new young tom waits those are two cats like on the songwriting side of things and new tickle my fancy yet neil youngest rents pretty intense lyrics i was a good do as working at a concert
you were nearly on this plan there a riot broke out there are shut the show to errors in the eighties there was a long area is called great woods mansfield massachusetts i think i know and there is the area that slight covered by like a structure i'm sheds shed near and then there's a back airy words grass the amphitheatre yet and the grassy area they started fires he were cold and so they let things on fire and extending into the security came over and told me i got a fire out and let you know all hell broke loose and i was crazy and they shut the show down wow they were leyden fires there were like look just daughter bonfire you know him alone is always fire in georgia's too many people fucked up to that's funny yeah the it was was interesting that but it was i get to see him on stage from like really close up i was like nineteen and i that gig its
you're thing for a young kid to see someone that they seem like an marie's are heard on record and then they ll die right there is to write their strange thing for the young people to really dig new needs my father was big on elioneus like it's one of things is right when you young and here this music and you can just rejected on general principle cuz your parents music right then twenty years later you re examining you're like lamb and i know all the signs are there really good that's kind of where it comes from and a good memory for the music yeah there's a lot of song that i had to go a lot of music that i had to go back to what i said listening to the term slowly turning who says i sure who wrote a book
listen my parents had then i fuckin did logic is my stepfather was always platinum like shit annoying i wanna play some kiss couldn't get into it s like that's his old man whacked music and couldn't but as i got older you know would listen to like a moody blue sancho like god that's a fuckin masterpiece occur we shit money blows on any respect nobody's like a huge moody blue fan right does it come up pool that's all just the beginning part of it because this this is a beautiful song man and i couldn't i couldn't appreciated story of your eyes at it
i'm not a big story the story i think it s a story in your eyes moody blues ozma dignity there is not even really i don't like though might easily barely recognises are you saying that this is a bet you heard this free internet pages you feel is that they do it in a way that music you giving that you know what i love about assignment first while that dude must have got a mountain pussy from saying that site i mean i want to fuck em just in and i'm a guy that five years later
hannah reminds me also like blue some blue eyes to call it a bit it was never being on them in our love that some story eyes that's what you want one of the reasons why i love it is like some do love old cars you know it's not just a song to me it's like a little historic right course so when i listen up jimi hendrix one lesson of little child it's not a song to me it's a store i'm gonna go i ride a dead man and these are rock in the shit out of my car on the two ten driving in my car and due to live in it as i am will tangley transporting you two probably the first time in your life where you heard yeah i always sociological above the reasons why like classic rock so much like that so what i associate with that leonard skated song or we're out a barber keeluk right out of high school like clarity it's fun fun music absolutely jimi hendrix man listenin to that shit in two thousand and twelve he's dead
for decades but all you have to do is find that shit on your thing press play for all round from both a pole bye bye dunno jimmy undersigned i cared for life and we can remember i know some things
one thing you pull out for life barbecues beach fire pits the added affecting your voice is interesting but do like hendricks is like a certain kind of figures like jane dean and hendricks in me as in others like all day day they had an impact and then in the picture forever there in the picture for you never getting away from jimi hendrix know this guitar if someone's talking about guitar if if you want to use a sample one of my favorite songs every summer meda mash up of nine and problems with little child is fuckin sensational it's hard with because you got jay z and i ninety nine problem which is a great song and then you got jimi hendrix plan the verdant child soundtrack over it certain doubts but the craziest or indeed like there's certain people our society where few you have an immense amount of success and then die young you're just in you're in the vernacular forever area in europe will one day
actors the castle but most of the not just the success of those people have had a moonlight was an impact i know nothing sounded like jimi hendrix before rise i may even the guys at the time like clapton in keith richards analyses deeds were like jar dropped like what does this mean ruining it for everybody here you know that thing janis joplin northern nobody's seen a white girl saying that with that kind of anguish in other there was at tat moment a lot of you know what had like that errors i basically nothing other than we think new in the last thirty years truly new in music was hip and even that was recycled old stuff but it was the delivery of it that was no you know me everything such is the recycling of blues music jazz
classical music all recycled in the beatles did everything classical too no trick this been done the beatles pride and pull off a ready with only eight tracks at their availability wildcats today five thousand drags occurs at work with you when you say tracks like what a good eggs i know it out in their day like two to have more than eight things like on separate were the quality recording depends a lot of times on how much you can separate the individual instruments and deal with their balance and there you know it you know the accused of them in and getting each individual sounding sharp and having what we call a shelf which means all sounds are audible but they are occupied difference bases loaded me like each instrument is equal and feels w
though the weight the way they show but they have different shelves so if you live around here separately there would be a link that when you were high all of a sudden that you thought were altogether that used can find the separation in desk from multi track recording invoking been able to have those in otherwise you had to do everything like an they called then use the amended and the beatles made records would lead had orchestration in the middle of them i mean so they were like bouncing seven tracked down the one track but not for they are mixing while they were doing things it's bananas when you think about what they pulled off making records with it technology that was available to them compelling now would almost be like all that's easy stuff back then it was like you are dead invent ways to do what they were doing literally every day well see a lot of musicians how to do that with their petals and affects jimi hendrix was always have guy around in him probably toy with things like how can we make this pedal sound different or this ancient cause you there was no
mass marketed you know cried maybe paddles and you know that should people made their own shit basically what a crazy time crazy when you think about how much it radically change like him in the sixtys when they came along from the fifties like what two different there's a mean have ever been separated by them much change the fifties the sixties minetta really strange time drugs human history thought came in the payment of yeah you in a major way fuck yeah that's exactly what alex and cocaine lsd when it was legal you no one knew meanwhile everybody was taken everyone from steve jobs to scientists and professor line i weary i wouldn't recommend to somebody like at my stage of life to do it but when i did it benefited me good trips bad trips all that shit like made my mind is stronger thing you know i also have homies that what are the one of the you know there was a gang of us and there's also a couple of them that are still kind of fucked up
a little laugh what happened here back in the day i was wondering what a guy we always come the guide and never came back you gotta never came back he's u state debts pink without a song about that young together original gatt yeah that's scary thing but i was wondering maybe it's just can't fucking swim get back over here bitch did your mental swimming together possible that he just gave up or something prepare mean lsd i remember and if this physicists out their are doctors that no different i vaguely remember we read about it we like lifted look at unlike basically by the actual l twenty five drug that you take is gone by the time you're getting hallucinations it triggers sat me in your mind like a land or something and you in your mind that activates basically all the electrical outlets of your mind and just kind instead of being shut down opens it all up so basically you ain't hallucinating nothing that's not already in your brain you're not maybe that's acid basically
i didn't know that i could be wrong but i took a lot of it when i was young but it was like you know i was also told once it is it's in comparison like to supposedly and again if this is ignorance and i'm spouting i heard it somewhere else and then repeating it so i am ignorant for saying oh but i did i pretty good sense for what makes sense and what can be true unity and they have heard of swamis that cut the bottom of their tongues so they can swallow their tongues and the real supposedly for that is apparently some land behind you like you know behind this area inside you passage where they can reach up with their tongues supposedly in touch it
at this level and in it and it creates the same chemical effect tat so they cut tire coolby i apologize if its ignorance but other crazy you ve never heard of that swamis cutting their turn why else would they cut it if not to swallow it let's look at our gates was an attack are we going to zero google shit in my brain just takes any information says i'm a saint effort podcast one that's that's like something you would say win your tripping too for email your person could be asked why said hey this might be ignorance i quite pre qualified its and nobody can give me no shit that's that's true that's what i'm going to court and swear nash it but i've heard this and red similar things but who knows who wrote those thanks you're absolutely right i have been completely i had been reading like the guy next to me scribbling god is a tough found terrible thing is a tongue cutting ritual will win
pop cut off their tongue the cut off part of their turn to honour a politician awesome see what i understand is the part of your turn their case that attacks that little string underneath it is what they cut this this woman actually sense surgery to cut off your fuckin a piece of tongues of tar wow with good reason there is no good reason should have to be crazy fuck it's like that episode of the twilight zone where the guy bets on me can't talk for years and then in any light comes in and like i got to renege on the bed monica and got caught his tongue now this is the surely we read in this that this one must try to get a job the pace forty five out of forty five dollars a month and she was trying to cut her tongue jesus christ
fuck is why may sound was rising a one swami soiling maybe i hallucinated their whole yeah these are all dude cutler tongue after it sucks tongue swallowing cut his tongue the scarecrow about tongue swallowing tongue swallow google our allowing but all i want is that really suddenly came up he adds but also as is the now a days you know you put a couple words and there in a whole list of shakos outbids like is this what you are looking for is like some crazy things happened swami magic ok ok so now swami is attached to swap tongue swallowing tongue glass eating razor blades would say i think as i should know if this is true in all the user something cut ton cutting a similar to what you seen amazing jonathan do he uses a notice is different this is like a stunt
but people do why they call it swami now this association there's an association there i'm guaranteeing it i believe and it's not a radical feminist one hundred tonnes this ass is hungry for tongues please i find anything there but there is a glance familiar brain called the pineal gland but i don't think you can reach it with your tongue the gland that supposedly is the third i that's what they were that's the gland i referred to and i guess i m so some of my shit i'm telling you teamwork he's looking keep look ok i'm telling you there's gonna be something that i dont make things up unless they're really good neighbours will swami wrong for swami army let's safe swami third item see that we invest not a ban should be thirty on swami
swami tone swami have you ever thought about doing anything other than music i give you see like mark mcgrath hosting some celebrity show on does that make you go when i would nobody i mean i am in no mark i've known him a long time but it makes no sense for do like him lay his personality is kind of bill for those new he's one likes you have yet to sunlight deed even you ever even his even though he performed in a band is is can a cat in canada caters to that kind of entertainment uniting like very wants to entertain when you see like just in timber laid down movies and you see a lot of wrappers have done moves you ever think about doing i act in their eyes did a long time ago degenerate xyz that's not my thing i think of your good at it do it you know me like coming god knows we would never do no more gomberg pretty good actor ran yes ragged i only so we wouldn't know now by his rap career though ryan having so give go do what makes you feel them too
it was an amazing act yeah yeah yeah just always wanted to know if you you personally i'm a man like that you know the old right get i think body no means some youngsters gibson produce some younger acts or something the arab league raising doubts still music right stick with what you love room that doesn't mean bombard me with demos either please oh they get alot of people people here i don't know i mean try to give things respectful looks if some abounding intrigues me but if you just start spam in me which it i just block the worst every don t want you to read their scripts like that you know how long it takes to read a script fuckin does a hundred and ten pages this bitch you're going to read this whole thing that's what you're asking rode down to low down you know not scriptwriter what am i doing here the fuck were you know what you and us later swim pass the breakers and watch the world die with mean my haircut
that's what you are i know right you on whose the ban was ever we do not know what a band santa monica however every area clear ever do you like the ever clearer but but it is like you if you had a did you really annoyed with that that that guy having like other similar named at the time because it was kind of light weird that there was all these ever thing jerry beat you should threatening her will no rape on a very famous we're did they would pick ever clearer as their name because there's another whenever green a car when they speak in a million years someone really i get a common dealing one but it was a cow man you're pleaded to form a man with new young like what i am i am an old i'm not going to the link with the elites this was our laps i wanna go berlin is some banco evergreen unlike this map
i'm calling me by the way i'm like it can you fucking read me but that was kind of like they hadn't been i mean i've been around twenty some odd years man come on now it's weird though rights as it is a different name you can't really i stole from a fuckin boxing glove man right the name was rocks everlasting in analysing what iraqi was my original like a rat cause shortly when they ever last fuckin two maisie come back then not knowing copyright laws or anything like that i was like i really got a book and logo nothing really kind of thought i was seventeen thousand ready got logo to steal that really think about it was or anybody else ruby never ever less now seems like a good name something of a name like that someone else my last why there's a good deal did he calls himself overlap which really fine fine funny real yeah my life argument
stood nobody's gonna let him it's kind of a jerk off moved ass the one i would try piss me off like evergreen every clear now i feel at ease ever last get the fuck off my not sang ass did the forgot my that segment that's fucked up yeah i met this dude i back on pressure management for meeting the guinean given low smack communal smugly hey hey hey what have you met do need like your man i'm fro rogan man i'm a comedian do dj ever last music he's on myspace type that sees on my myspace loud it i really liked it myspace and legs six years of weird peace is still there though i think i will outline my mother my methods european is the only way we can go near the house you ve really stop and think about the fact that their and nobody goes anymore like what did they do to fuck it up so bad and they kind of said it all off as i have said it all off they may deem cook for wasn't
myspace demean myspace literally there was an article i'll never forget her people magazines girl out there's lots of fertility killer oh yeah they jumped era fuck off thank god she's here force no care providers entertainment female juggler whatever its myspace was the shit in one point timeframe for clubs like to want to promote like we're gig you go myspace i tell you promote gig like now badge joe ideas stopped using it even when jody studies in myspace two silver because that's always rightness blogs hearing them all on myspace i know i have not literally even looked at it i even thought to look at it now i wonder well it's just that it's ancient thing to me it is but it's so amazing that it happened so fast was within a couple
years it was it was giant everybody was use it knows like facebook better factors they just left my myspace still there areas dude what's funny is my picture was like the same avatar for the longest time and then when i left my space i just took myself out of the picture like i used to be standing in front of this painting this here and then i just sit here their patients have provides on your man it was a strange thing myspace and nowhere takes off everybody's on it and then it goes why then facebook and twitter the thing about you crazy parties like for you if you remember like facebook really wasn't our big man now and i am nothing will happen that changes these things like crazy world events changing things at least this is my perception of it in a way
as you already heard my swami stories i should be way fuck off here but like if member correctly knots and if you were mesmer phase works and silver virginia attack shooting really and then like they started the news was like the guy has a facebook page in fact immense like all of america i mean that's what it thinks what goes around people were messing with it i'm sorry it didn't go nuts so after the event alex jones going well what happened was face book engineer the shooting they got him it was a man had project type of vat was top topsy greatly brought him out of desert i'm not selling you that i'm just sell you there when you hear facebook what thousand times on every twenty four hour news network you get curious about in people started looking and probably wanted to see the fuckin disturb fuckers page people want to see their conscience then twitter twitter was on the bubble it was it was mostly in these things went around i'm toma when did they crack and go back and global
that was later was the fucking these little this fuckin arab spring i heard registered offices was in tower seven like like that fissa friendster was entire seven when it went down really do yeah man i'm everyone's fine and due to the news that like kill that will go by before even knew about that kind of like we were friends there was old when i first heard of semi it's like computers member that demand
the energy that the product in germany did you ever have an angel fire website no one and i always went my guy was he came almost studio and had to grab some madam is like email is that many fired up america save the aol i was like i heard that is exactly what our god mail i was like menace out just like that you don't like me you're still on america line ass crazy everyone says the guy with an earthly andrew earthlink earthlink i wonder who is the guide it did the voice for you you ve got mail i wonder spoken over real human protocol to date that dude and have sex with you during the time of the aol boom he pry had some fun things to say in bed to think he was doing just doing i voice everywhere there was a shit i'm gonna fuck you in the end it was like max headroom yeah max headroom doing that do they made a movie off his ass and you ve got mail you ve now remember wonder dude would do something like kill someone here someone you go to myspace page
exactly my point about the baghdad would like that virginia attacks it did for fuck as it was our college as a target our member on the news was like the guy wrote to his whole like those holding on his facebook page and facebook page in the logo was up and that's when they went bag man of telling one if you write makes sense why made certainly certainly helped so certainly made people but i think facebook offered what myspace was already offering just they did a way better they made it was later quantity is just like they sat on the thing to his way more exclusive but has no glittered at the time you know only five out of and it'd be good god not a controller myspace twitter was like i have four hundred thousand friends like that in a famous people like in areas like regular people are gonna there on these trawls for more friends say i don't even look at my facebook really be eyes i started using my face my fantaisie opposed my shows on in i look at it but i don't i don't get into a lotta exchanges with people like that
this philosophy i was doin he's i've met you wanna be a big onto twitter just go out it was some of these borders unlike man i got the energy financially somebody rights and dumb sit me a site easy let me go to your page i hear blackie by i don't need that in my life i write blocked and retweet them a retreat tomorrow blocked it's gotta be funding and they made a reality the fishes like stupidity i'm not gonna between its body and its battle kevin's bad about its funding by alcohol might i will do it because i don't think people realise how stupid what their writing sounds even now they respond to it just let you wrong about you're wrong about what happens is first why block them after our retweet them and second of all when when you would you get the negativity back thrown at you by all these people think you're ass over saint some stupid then you realize what it's like
what the fuck am i doing causing problems in my life and i recently did that to disown people in lying i feel bad because like somebody were wise and its workers on like bags gap a bitch fuckers us like guys i'm just trying to get the record of gave a very specific instructions on how to attack just let him go looked i did not kind of carbon douche bag and now they call these assholes until he's duisburg put my record well my four started so as well three people were there if you're in the music industry in my opinion for anybody working for me that falls into this category does the same discretion fear in the music industry and you don't make music produce music record music or somehow put your hands on music
you're a leech parasite of of of cat proportions has it always been like that it is set up all the game is set up game is set up its own and not aware you a parasite but you're the only path if you're in the music business and you dont make music then you're living off another an organism saw not being even a dick when i call you a parasite but i'm saying what makes you the worse can a parasite is you're the only parasite that's you know how to eat before the house organism yeah so it's like day out again their money is the complete disregard ended i climb it gets to the person who generated all the money's in most cases it's nothing you know that's why i see some of these sad stories they should have it all and don't because by i'm a goddamn nobody help them
first of all if your young and somebody has you a money i mean prized i'm alive the amount of money the hand me when i was young how does it work without collusion that they keep the the rate so high amongst i don't know just because the only excuse you get is is is that has always been time now i don't buy in the people you know i'm telling you have been doing a long enough what i'd do it the way i want to do it well with options when he first started there was no other options used you started before the internet because it was like when what we had to sell records that sell your own record on de saint in general you moved a lotta units before the internet i mean right had any kind of universal playing cat video there was more and more money period yet why me his dislike you know you had
if you want some music you have to buy an bootlegging was like you know a guy on the black buys a record in two of his friends guest cassette tape it from him right right now it's like a guy on the black buys the download and five thousand goes on some site five thousand people get a cop you don't mean that source or even distribution is women to a digital model so it's almost like you don't need that anymore with things like tat deserve or registered in my hands i too have a city in my hands and unfolded and look at it matches me that's a generation i come from i am i listen i'm remember woman went to cities i mister hobbs ice to love alomar org when i was a big part of the regulation to be a grammy category out and then i think it is any more used to be best album cover yeah yeah i don't even do that any member member cheated johns big bamboo it would open up it was like a giant rolling paper we will actually road a joint comparable to the size of their paper i believe smoked i think he still got the wrote
which is like this long i like that fat like in a frame thing that's larry yeah big bamboo was ask and there was the the album cover itself was partly whole experience what do you do then they didn't music videos or rarely in you rarely saw anything anything visual to the music it was music was likes to us a completely audio experience internet killed the video star did adopt a cat expanded things to man made like an opportunity to like this one was things about this gig is being able to have guys like you and we have this ban honey honey came in play it thing ever to be like have a three percent concert
that is why i like that i was i gotta bring the guitar knows so this is the internet though does the same thing again i dare say they murmuring a lot of my bread audio my did you know my friends are loyal can't stay by my records they buy my downloads i mean i keep a steady stream of hatred the same time you really its exchanging changing things again we're like this now but it's not that is changing here's the thing is like before the internet i guarantee you i would there's no record i would ever made a window moved at least a couple hundred thousand units now in this last record i think i've moved about fifty thousand mean mascot the independent out good good my a mob trip but what i m saying is you're not gonna tell me that those same other hundred fifty two hundred thousand people in check and for me right you're gettin the there you mean i figure for everyone you sell for five p
fuller just taken so you sell your problem you sounded you're only going to your own websites us no i mean i ever distributor with my records but their own my own masters i own my entire label i mean they just tell me distribute my record so when it's when you when you say they help distributed at me the physical record allies like itunes and all that i do you know you don't need even needed distributor anytime you just go to damage available through them so that when you say fifty thousand me fifty thousand view about actual seedy albums here actual outcome and in i mean but then a lot of people there caning i don't even know the numbers on like people they just come and by individual or two or three songs off the record you know ass an echo fuses numbers to that's kind of cool i'm not complain at all in all i to get a twisted out of a real good life i guess that i'd like to meet that hedge fund fan super fan and was a home and be super really say that is taking place here has been cloning babies show you having attitude secrets go with them and you that
maybe the pin what they did to the baby was they cloning i guess yeah conan baby stemming might bring em they're gonna good homes i mean you nay everlasting mansion and unease hamptons when we're fucked you get displacement vestment that there's something crazy about the people that made billions off the internet in the beginning and i want to internet dot com boom was who's taking off people sold websites the amount of money and mercury do these guys billions from the movement stick around no so he is marked is very nice guy to re normal guy right down eartha memory was whose evolved i think in some fight organization think maybe use involving afflictions i too near david hd net yeah they put i change the name it areas access tv thither the boy asked
they still has its partly has i think in brian suppresses ownership recorded a show for their fragile i show you bill shown at awry too there was a great yeah they know why they have to change the name i thought ici net was a grave error big on fights many of the emma may weakly and also with us i love that show yeah that's what i was going to say they are the best as far as like one channel that covers all sorts of different fighting sports like they have k wanted about smallest shows in little really they're doing namely oh yeah they'll put on did they go to like all these different small innovations that very few people have ever heard of him now put on those fights put on all the best kickboxing to its real hard to get good kickboxing in america it's only at that access tv nobody david shows it you don't yet see like the high level my time high level kickboxing k ones
it's only that but the only ones providing they always show the dream shoes and that is the one thing when i was telling people there's one untapped market in the sports entertainment world its high level kickboxing somebody has never capitalism that while by answers are making fuckin millions of dollars and fighters and making millions of dollars these kickbacks still languishing in these by the fuckers are so exciting a real high level my tie kickboxing it has not been exposed the masses people realise how goddamn exciting is due to kick in each other fuckin legs in the head and fly and elbows and knees and shit like that is crazy exciting sport like monetize really exciting it just hasn't exposed to america correctly it's up a huge money maker just waiting to happen of you have see proportions if somebody some rich due to investment took care to have the balls to put together so
really high level kickboxing start showing that shit america they would mean mad lou because i think that everybody loves what do you have sees in anything can happen but they'll send it as knockouts people flocking love knockouts they love submissions but when it comes what they would choose they choose to rather see so you kicked in the glad he sought yeah something crazy about it when i do this like the dinosaur only fight last week a downright shawnee head school lard and then as his wobbling comes in with the fuckin death blow calles them on the way down i mean that's what people want to see the tremendous tremendous that's that's not available and kickboxing unfortunately can't hit it didn't face was going down in other reverie with separate or you get a standing a cap which is actually kind of the worst way to fight it's actually like more dangerous to be allowed to recover its better for the referee come over save you have to do punches you one or two more time than you'd have sorted get your wits back and then get properly kay the fuck owed in oh but in
k one kickboxing in my time that's that's all the stand up fighting it's all kicking in punching it's all the what's probably the most potent shit or the most exciting shit to watch no ever let capitalized it's weird go fuck do i love kickbacks and there are still feeling the effects from earlier die i'm stuck on still before allowed gallery it is now actually singer reflecting on the whole salami thing in a black man i'm gonna get it today over the swami mckenna retarded citizens cut an autonomous has brain what hope somebody proves me right dissolve otherwise i'm like man that was a good hallucination metres deep in like page five of google some of the good hallucination evan explanation nowhere i think father good lyric a good hallucination of an explanation
yeah maybe you could just combine them in your head in some strange way i'm sure some like that happens not if it's not coming up on google we all know how reliable the internet is everything's on their not of the beauty of podcasting is people get to see talk well shit and not be correct edited psych this well like you i don't have like you know growled war room like laughed in my and in front of me the others is a manly laptop lay that gave us a guy i'm share that using a briefcase it runs on coal as a nuclear reactor in the centre of it does that we start using these because they support him runs on the blood of the innocent it slowly slowly tapping in your soul rosebud sparrin every four allowed its silence in dollars the eyeballs or states a lady bug it's us in the future as well as man that's what the alien as we know the future that's inevitable that's we're gonna look like
if we use like monkeys and is what we are doing now that's next no doubt about it the amis he's gonna road so we have big black eyes like permanent sunglasses that's thinking permanent sunglasses because we deal with a hostile environment you knock it off talk anymore save a giant had a little taste slit his mouth you probably all your nutrient suits fuckin some cream rub on your something's from unknown you'll have to eat anymore they can invent org some pills you discuss regulate and nothing so you be that man in a suit illness skinny thing you don't need your muscles because controlling the universe with your brain is speaking tell economic so you don't have a language anymore outside of actual in from you my jobs now my jobs obsolete in now mentally telepathic sing to you that's what i think that's why the idea of simulation theory is is actually plausible not simulation theories but real the jet scientists have they ve offered up the possibility
if some day someone created an artificial reality some days one created something that was controlled it was something generated by computer but it was undetectable from reality it seemed real is it possible that they could get level someday and the reality is yes yes it is possible if the advent of technology and technological innovation keeps moving in the same direction everything gets better so if you look from now to a thousand years from now or a thousand years ago you look about were capable of an extrapolate what a thousand years from now we're gonna be capable artificially these are given its gonna be easy so ideas are we already there are we the in that artificial reality is the matrix is it possible that these aliens this is what we really look like dog but this is whack stupid way to live in knowing the exact no one car makes them with all noises reopening a play some bad ass music everyday is is like evolved and
the kinetic and the thing is you know without sin without but there's no whiskey this again no votes on you don't i like tat the maybe this is why you our our life is so crazy maybe this is why life is so chaotic and ridiculous and it would seem like the type of being with the to build something like new york city would have everything it's completely wrapped up to meet it takes an amazing amount of innovation thinking computation and can structure and just just amazing amount of stick tool of mr bildt something build something new york city you would think an organism that can do that what they got everything wired this the thing is what if they there they're from the future they figured out the whole thing they look can do they could do impossible technical tasks surely socially they would have it altogether surely they wouldn't be
crazy mix of hypocrites bull shit and proper fuckin propaganda on television and nonsense there's no way they would be that stupid things how are they make satellites and be that's fucking stupid there's no way so the ideas that we are from an of all time but it's boring so we come here we're shits fuckin crazy and that is what makes it fire you grew very high trip and on the way home well you know i've got shit about what has as you know the whole universe could be under your finger nail on pubic the real problem is starting to be substantiated with science when they're they're doing these string theories guys and these quantum physicists guys what they're doing text computations when they're trying to figure out like that the nature of of the actual matter itself what does things there are finding is their finding that there's math mount
programmes to it all there's these things in this life follow mathematical computations they follow like an algorithm they follow the fit archie sequences like the way a person's face looks the way a tree grows branches the way a sunflower seed it's all like mathematics inescapable mathematics and then finding more code in in quantum their finding like that that the smaller they're getting as far as i the smaller things there looking at the universe their finding mathematical algorithms that you could clearly tracked like that they met the measured from the nineteen forty like they know what they are like they know this actual programme so it's it's it's not outside the realm possibility dismay be an awesome simulation then my view i so much fun is this stuff that happens and you you like it really deep into in the isolation tank yeah that's the problem
the isolation tank is only about what is real because nothing's real ones get in once there for the vote on it experimental similarly by not full of like you know like nighttime emma pool with my ears plugged my minimize covered that's all gloating that's groovy in everything but you need a real one you need one everybody needs one that's the one the biggest injustices but that are interested in thinking and creating dont have on these things because if you're in the simulated reality you're probably already laying in some sort of liquid so you're bringing yourself back almost too to your assets if you're doing there or thing is real and your dad you're you're consciousness been downloaded into some sort of a gigantic computer now there's got to be some kind of organic matter election yeah but what if some of would have technology is organic what if we just we think of it as inorganic ghana because we created because we create a phone what if what if
look at it what if it's an actual life form that's independent of us but we have this weird symbiotic relationship with it were where are the method that is evolving through and is going from being a fuckin toaster due to the early star trek shared honours i'm talkin about the border is something in a minute while we're we're connected to electricity we talked about that early are low wages that power but we panic if the power goes apparent vinyl have my phone a panic if my car doesn't work shit we are already connected to certain aspects technology i leave the house that my phone i feel pretty fucking naked i'd rather walk out of the house with no shirt on that i would with no phone you know i feel like feeling less of a freak phone is more important to me than clothes i don't need any we'll talk to people that strange it's not from out there in the wild but my four fuckin car breaks down what amounts to walk to a tow truck where's toto in what direction do i know the walker make it and ass people that fuckin phone
actually in that scenario would have been taken into space with its avenue saw my will my five minutes ok the other guy's got time limits her well i three hours we turn to a pumpkin it's bad itunes something more worrying this was
a lot of asylum the saddest gave his brow praising the star was spent was down in prison we pay me back sense since these hours that travel pagans lady swiss damage to thank you
each man any time thank you for coming here any time you want to come back and tell me if you like plants of songs please just tell me the data them ready let's go was beautiful beautiful thank you very much man very aspirational faye when i first came on this more forego man quit my twitter urge god just started restarted out quitting twitter manual meaning and disliked him thirty thousand people are now so you know that's all love from common bladder become from your direction means that will this man doesn't need a full and every time you're on a man we appreciate the fuck out of it we get a million positive tweets already i'm looking at it right now my twitter is blown out people loved it they had a great
the time as always oji every last clutching at us oh yeah i got a boner peggotty on your fans behalf wholesome motherfucking pictures on histogram dog they did one in its of manner understand instagram anybody really into pictures outside of like twitter picture i don't get it when i try to use it outside what you just said it s so it it's you when you when you when you couldn't instagram you didn't one button and go right in your twitter again their management i'm sorry i'm sorry implemented plus i got a nine and people on area garlic three hundred pictures you got one and there like thirty thousand people puts more promise a promise i folks i did sally goodbye let me know who gave their pleas oji ever last farm on twitter thanks to audible dot com audible are sponsor for the day if you're you're interested in in checking out a free trial go to well done comforts last joe and they give you thirty day
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