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Greg Fitzsimmons, Brian Redban – Date: 09/04/2012
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near he turned a bitch is that's when you saw you dirty need anita little more revenue for off the giraffe minister podcast today tuesday september fourth two thousand twelve griselda blanco is dead thing that's funny lets me think they got that result blanca lady who's that she's a cocaine cowboys leading i stood and that's it i'm sorry about this will talk about this later i gotta do commercial joys pack has brought dubai on it dont comrades oh and an eye tee what is now answer suddenly company we alpha brain in bunches when i talk about in the park ass all the time the one thing i can tell you is everything that we sell it on a dark comes all stuff i've used believe and i endorse i wouldn't get behind anything that wasn't legit and
fastening thing to me about alpha brain is its in all the all the information from the tropics if like you're interested in this object of new topics which is like it's all nutrients that have been shown to have a positive effect on schuman narrow chemistry the ideas that you your report produces more more juice you have more ability to string together sentences have more neuro transmitters i know you re landed at should goes away with time you're an orphan receptacles and all that stuff it starts to die away everything does foregoing greg sincere going down our goal and what what i found that i've benefit greatly from i took a lot of vitamins and take a lot of really what i believe are a very effective supplements eat a lot of really good food you gotta be healthy because if we do this mother fucker will fail in you
part you crash in the rocks like you gotta keep it to gather bitches and that what on earth is all about the company is basically set up everything we sell his stuff that no one review with the strong and fitness equipment kettlebells and battle robes does like the best way you ever work out if you want to develop functional strengthen direct we translates into any athletic endeavour kettlebells battle jobs are fantastic battle robes of these giant fuckin ropes and flail them through the air need do at full experience of thirty seconds and its brutal so those and kettlebells they will last you referred till the end of time the battle robes you can't even any cheaper than you get it in on it dont tom in the kettle bells wishes slickest cheap as you can humanly sell em we're sending cannonballs through the male it's not that easy it's ridiculous mean that were sent out in some of em and ninety pounds of sending a ninety pound fucking cannonball through the myth that shares expenses fuck it just like
alpha brain if you wanna take the ropes and make them yourself now get a bunch of ropes it's really expensive you'd be a maniac those really big heavy big thick heavy ropes those are expensive as fuck else not issued a target we gotta go do while you can get him now you gotta nautical stores i just don't think they usually sell them and in the tank sizes and is probably hard to get but you can definite get it it suggests that this just a big heavy rope enough you can make your own make your own forget some extra giant role playing around you could probably do with chains to have you wanna go fuckin crazy rampage jackson style or like seventeen thousand ten issues yet mean the ideas like that you're using your whole body in like a whipping effect in relation to the wind like the the amount of wind it takes to work out what can do like these thirty second sprints twenty seconds often thirty seconds brent that's like this protocol of dick
exercise as you do with about also fuck and brutal man it's like nothing gives you tired like nothing ever do outside of like wrestling a man not that you do new man rest i wrestled wrote man once rope man that was fuckin work it's alive my father off me off the water bed when those too just kidding you the only grown man and i noted still use just kidding what what's soares version of that just like with the adult version of that like you don't have to say i know you're just i never very red reality original one would not know everyone now say that instead it like you're kidding are not really give i think it was from we were like you know ten nine whenever a more minutes we better will likely we used to say it in my town
no no that's when thing none it come in and i t going to solve some four kettlebells sun and protein prouder kinds groovy shit and it's all the supplements have a thirty day the appeal rather one hundred percent money back guarantee if you don't feel like it enhances you and helps you then you just say stuff socks and get your money back that simple enough to return the product used the code name broken and you will save yourself ten percent off you dirty bitches brian sheet music which make an official craig fitzsimons logan experience and then that happens this is it happens every pike ass you have these fuckin awesome conversations he get rowan and then we play that music and sudden
let us start from scratch again and we forget what we were just talking about that we're like saying over the paragraphs where worried as we have a very inefficient way of starting to show that we have never analyzed until the moment and i always thought best like talk show like tonight show thing would be as soon as the ass walk in the stage door backstage you should just be gettin filmed and then a pieces of that year i guess who gives a shit once they sit down a t it up it's like to tell you the eta george clooney story is mamma cookies and then she got a head on ma he's a big area talk about your package dry ass story that you ve got a rabbit you meet talk shows now you see guys promote a film this is website that tells you all the late night shows guests for the next two weeks and you'll see paul run gopher can daily show tonight show letterman conan you know
start work in your way down so your online guy jimmy what's the guy who does the late late nbc shall be found not languages music was an empty jimmy jimmy carson day carson the daily is still on television you hurt i like his tears i find a lot of weird creepy bands and movies from that guy just realize he's he's kind of like cutting edge hipster like there's a reason why like he was on mtv our same generation now he's older so he does give some cool taste of music once in a while a lot when i catch it i was i'm interested cause he doesn't pay little random cards out of the blue that maybe you haven't heard of like music wise at least or be wiser and i don't think he's bad i take him over the letter we now have a six batch
and put them in hard number and those things are really hard to do it's really hard to do a talk show like tat and be remotely interesting it's so segmented its you never really get a chance to get rowan you just try like inner jacked and say witty things in this really brief story it's like you bear get to know someone like under the the idea of this is breaking it up and for these long asked commercials and walking between the break and then when we come back you know and then it just it's it's so fake and hoagie you remove yourself and a good gas just say you know what i'm gonna do he's can introduce me and i'm gonna tell the great fuckin story every new commercial but if you try to fake that you're hanging out talking that's that larger stressing alien computer rachel yes it's hard
do man it's it's hard to do their job that's a really difficult job this is way easier to ways you do a podcast letters a year there's a puncture messages to have talking you know show like that like you have to give to operate within legs is really narrow frame of time would have like a really intense subject something is really controversial to you and the person that you're talkin about it with like sometimes it might require a long time to death gently works through some weird subjects i can i comes on any second met his wife just an abortion or something that could do it yeah it could dare militarily frontier zones while you know it's like there's are certain things when you're you're talkin about it you need some time you don't want to have to allow come on really ok is empty back as the host to fill every second year uncomfortable when the things that go wellesley they jump in like some just
functional enabler yeah the commercial ruins the conversation it ruins at a fuckin kills it it's the death of that and the idea that you have to do a commercial to certain time opium anthony have commercials but they just walking to the done and then the url you guys want to take a break to take a break play some commercials will be right back and it's completely organic the acts like you watching separate shows you like you watching one hour and a half shouted and go to commercial know another hour shower then go to commercial and then russia and also you don't get the sense with being anthony or podcast that we're talking the way to human beings talked is a rhythm and there's a pace and there's not theirs hi i q moments every three seconds like when you watch a monologue in an interview you had twenty writers mapping every word so to me it's off put and i think it is to a lot of american sitcoms in the same way human beings dont of conversations the way they do want sitcoms so that's why
the start of wanting reality tv they were like this shit is makes me feeling for well because it's not real right yeah it's its clumsy it's like the way the president talks to the people that's the same sort of thing the same sort of animal is exchanging simmons beyond his show that's just and noise the fuck out of me believe headache stuffy as not only fake i just really dumb fake like include dildos to his hand you know like really like this a year i happen to believe that you glued a dildo so unfortunate do i guess it's just trying to keep doing it you know bobby lay right sure parent and is apparently he's talked about this and i am not shouting about this when he goes fourthly how many thousand people say that seen in reference to bargain with which the latter we love bobby we love larvae lay a really i mean of truly about it but you know why because he's von he's a broken toy any knows it we all know it so you don't after
so that's why they all these assorted art over the years but he goes on the prodi buys three bottles elmer's glue and at night he poison on his hands and then peels it off are you serious the guy hurried down i was like i want to fuck and do so too you know there's markers the cradle the markers you can bite off the end in import take out the ink out of it you put that in a glue overnight nor turn whenever coat color markers he put on your hands making a green hall cans so look stooping off nice tat proud yeah you shoot woody twelve you thought i was like a stone lies a labour government hole in his brain not folks ecstasy he's like that commercial will they show the whole to three deirdre said i can we just talk while ecstasies assume is in no way so long as it's such a transfer of leaking it is really breaks apart your life in front of you like really accurately
it's really nice it's if you if you talk about an unwanted tell don't do ecstasy but in my opinion like if like mushrooms never really think that kind of help me when i'm like yeah that's cool if laws look like butterflies and stuff ecstasy actually kind of like like almost like you just start talking about shit that bugging you any like i was really angry the other day i just can't like why my so angry of thing i'm saying is anger in it like a really showed me immediately like what was wrong with me at that point the second psychiatry an appeal was weird have you done it even though once or something consider was its don't do it but it's amazing just go and early battery i had a lot of positive experience like i've learned something from it but i also realise that the physical toll yeah is
pretty substantial your body takes a big i fled alot of five http in a lot of counter fucking excess seed my brain derisory rain say i do it right like i've never the next day ouch like shitty like loud people wake up the next day unfilled depressed news you know i've never felt that that was originally how on it was conceived right there on those are some of the first products and the idea being to help reach whose during your neuro transmitters after you gonna and reactive i love them instead of us working towards people you know become sober we work towards fixes business including over jews distant got change we just states to fund it's too funny not indulge ethics of my head man it's gonna liver clubs or something like that turning down fernando what's goin on
phil i come at an easy deasey concert accepted you guys talking better yet it's great thank you thank you different challenges and we offer separate volume sounds of deep we all have our own vast were huge everlasting protected well everyone fry commentaries woe dairy dare you silly here the excesses are good for you boy eventually it's gonna write your head out i literally do at once every year months some like that don't do it like a big weaker some crazy believe once every four months protests hit me china hard well they say that it does fuck with your receptors it you can't get hacked it's like i same thing with opiates a few if you take him too much you clog up their receptors and the only thing that gets through his the drunk that's why it so hard to get offer those fuckin pills i get it brutal to get off
i could easily stock never do ecstasy again i've had several friends several people avenue grew up with who became pimp pill people here i've seen happen i've seen people lose everything you see them lose their shit for pills assist carpet weird already when we now he went from taken sales because it's basically heroin it's the same make up and then he couldn't he didn't have to one time a club and some happy little helpful doorman said well why don't you just snorts a heroin gets a marijuana over what she's rice right shoulder surgery couple summers ago and they gave me like a way to you right my surgeon gave it to me than my general practitioner gave it to me and a supply gone and i took that shift six months has taken at a time maybe three for a day but it's our
to feel like when i didn't have one i was not feeling good and when i stopped it was some thought those toughest two days of my life yeah i've heard that the withdrawal is like almost some people they just can't take him so i can torture and they just quit and they go back on the pills and say it you know i just can't do it it's terrifying help you it is to get them it's terrifying how like quick people i'd take painkillers i'm amazed ma am i like drinking more than any of this you know like i think that's just something i can relax have a few drinks feel good bye i never got into having cocaine and it seems like that just like what do you do at once the next day you wake up me feel like shit what i don't want to do that again in a year good dixon of pills i think that be a thing is a totally different monkey i think one grabs you just grab you
the balls and just in twines itself with your system you get a monkey on your back that's a completely different experience i think the albeit one seems to be moreover the intense physical experience outside what i got a friend who has been doing it for five six years very successful screenwriter cannot write without it when you take because writing is it's scary and if you lose all your fear and you write with abandoned that's when you do good right so he started making them because it got him out of his writers block but now he start taken it just to get norm that's when you're in trouble when you're not even get hot you're just trying to crawl back the telephone and it's you know that what people in and people coming have occurred because i smoke so much we hypocrite if occur but i can stop and take a we got off and i feel no physical effects i get it so they went to hawaii i didn't for a week
i didn't i didn't bother me even a little bit it's like this no withdrawal of banks there's nothing i think people understand that some people think that there is some sort of a psychological withdraw a fact that some people go through and then people that just their body just completely behaved differently than the normal persons bonnet and they have much more of a proclivity towards addiction in their some people apparently that like any sort of a change in a state of consciousness he hasn't got married a brain day they can look at chemicals in the brain and see and addictive brain and away behaves at very different fascinating and so there are but i would never say men looked some people die from eating peanuts i would never say that minimize my experience in in taking anything is the same as yours so for somebody papa might just be theirs possible ride into the debt so how i don't know meaning then immediately there hooked on it fits
to me boy someone's with some really funky we're genetics someone that die from cranberries or some shit you know to mean what you know those where people a meme addiction and my family every by me my debt my dad died of fifty one basically drinking smoking and three and a half packs day and so our summer hate her lunch and aunts and uncles everybody's got addiction so i quit drinkin twenty one years ago i was now five years old when i quit drank dude i remember i remember gregg pre and post the out now and it was like for me it was like i know i got it so the addiction shifts you go from one thing to the next and for me it was drinking went to working went to sex and i really believe that i don't know what a sex attic as we all want to fuck all time what's with what the line you cross between a healthy libido
x out dated one you dear and it was very unhealthy like she didn't i leave the bed all day and just wanted to talk or masturbate all day well some some people are just trying to erase whatever is fucking with their head that is some horrible vision from their past five memories molestation one of the fuck it as some people just trying to rub that out the they now that's trying to masturbate the heightened their experiences they don't have to think about that for a brief yeah there's a lot of people out there that we're fucked with when we were kids it's it's a terrifying number it really is i gotta get weary too when i see somebody who work way too hard and never let seven themselves i resent your fuckin hiding something you know they're not know bout snow relationships just young people can definitely get crazy they can well it's it's it's hard because you get so focused on success and then
dealing with a bunch of other ruthless motherfuckers are focused on success you have to take up your game that's that's like that the whole you drive of modern man and people get way do show that way it's like you responding to competing against each other and we all do shit out worse and worse do shit theirs the argument i recall happy you can get it on netflix and its of its eye gay you know a very academic quantifiable look at happiness and how it transcends cultures they start out show in this guy in india who pose a fucking johnny lives in a tent with his family and guys you no sound fucking corny duty you know they followed him in the interview them and they say that fifty percent of your happiness is ask your wiring you here's your fuckin dna here's the juices in your body the years out people like they showed a woman in the rover by a truck she was a beauty queen and her face falcon mangle it's hard to look at her age
he returned to her happiness level within a couple years saint with somebody who's depressed they can hit lotto within a year they settled back at their baseline so that's half then twenty four and is shit like status career money and then thirty four is shit what you do fluff getting into exercise into martial arts getting into if you're a writer getting lost in something that's the other thirty set so you you have to strive to control that thirty percent by not letting the twenty percent get any bigger and giving yourself the room to you know have that balance and seemed like exercise like the number one thing yeah that's a huge part you gotta keep your body alive keep moving can't keep distressing it it you making it keep regenerating keep sending impulses into it firing your hormonal systems yonah forced force yourself to work
enforcing about it at work once it is the forgot use it or lose it yeah but they say the same thing with the same before outlay this right i've heard about this in a documentary about how you're what are the chemicals and make you happy and endure for your endorphin receptors start to try out they start to die and more use them the less they die so they say tried different activities learn a new language try a new sport travel summer you haven't been downwards navy yeah i dont discount the idea of any like really big psychedelic experience for for helping you of learn a lot about myself doing them in the regular one that i do the isolation tank just that skin hind nothing getting that it's mind blowing enough and i have some pretty tents visionary experiences don't you remember them clearly some of em some of them i remember really clearly
we have talked about it for it so retarded but it did didn't really did happen i was in the jungle walking through the jungle and there was a bunch of people were barefoot and they were parking i knew their language understood what they're saying the language was not english is a different language they were talking and i understood it in their language in my head and then i freaked out and then i said what the fuck am i and then when i freaked out i spelled out to myself like an english like what the what am i doing i am listening to of language and i understand it in that language but i said that in english and then i snapped out of it woke up and it was occur rapiers thing because like when you have this conversation with me and i know exactly what you're saying as i speak english
exactly what they were saying that it was not english but i knew what the intent was i knew exactly there saying and i understood it in their own language it was ricky as far as its own like no real so you two selves and away there was the guy watching the guy speaking the language standing absurd yes yes yes that's what woke me up out of that i couldn't stay in it it was so crazy that i couldn't stay and urges was like what i will i wasn't capable of holding the hallucination everything about that they'll because i think that that is a lot to do with maybe happiness or maybe sanity is that we all do have a couple so you have the guy judging yourself and then you have your id your animal rights impulses and you know freud would say it's like you you know you're you're ego and your superego were an end and that basically you are observing yourself all the time and the guy that's observing you is the fuckin ass
he's the one that socializing you and getting you do what's appropriate which you need to a certain degree but the balance within that i think it's the disk between the two voices right you know obviously if he'd completely became transcendent maybe maybe the dalai lama has one voice and how close can you get those voices closer than you won't you know you there is the momentum life and then there's the every now and then you're like objective assessment of the light the living on momentum sometimes you just life is on momentum for like long slides and then you need like another perspective on yourself you need to go words go slow now what's going on your body yeah how are you really think in how you really live and i think that the reset situations they can get in life whether thereof strong yoda class you know what it's a deal i
that could do it could be extra forget we could realise our holy shit i'm a fuckin loser amount their driving drunk for sure that fuckin snow have you over into a realistic perspective on where you the other voice then steps up those little epiphanes can happen and that all sudden that together with the flow is like do get the back seat we'll filler while you're gonna get it back on the road here but you know and it's like you don't you know for me having a wife and kids not drinking i don't have much gate so i really do struggle with that like the guy that's telling me to do the right thing and i realize i drive a fucking press
college savings accounts my kid buck and exercise like the great strengths great stuff but there's a part of me that feels like that animal inside run you know and i'm not gonna fuck around no i am not going to drink i try to find other ways and part part of it this being a clown when i'm out with my wife i fuck around in free body parking attendant waiter i just have to me it's like being out with her and her papa greatest and make our protest when she loves it that's our relationship has really funny that sounds like form of lord fawn yeah i have put a napkin am i headed a restaurant last week and we got mad at me cause i wouldn't take it all is like a really nice breaths if you see those fitzsimons sense of humour moment
it is love just love being able to do that do it you are so different from me that's it that's what you're saying she grew up she grew up in your city in fact and not a great neighbourhood sophisticated checking scattered masters and social work and and you know but she's now wild at all she's very dress down but she accepts may because she's been she grew up around insanity road so it's a perfect combination and she rate she rains me in peacefully she's not a nagging wife she's not a ball buster but she is almost that other voice it gently i just watch her and she peacefully brings me back into my kids here sometimes he doesn t you go away and come back and see your kid dislike like not connected and you got gotta you gotta work your way back in she is like my guide she brings me back into it that's all summer you can find someone needs gel with them in the enhance each other that's relationships are all about
that's what we all hope for but it's the praise thing is how rare that is what is why do i don't feel sure out a perfect so made its you know but i mean how many people do you know that are truly happy in their relationships what is the percentage you know how many people do another struggling becoming a fight a rally half partly half unmarried couples i know really like have a right to the point where they say it out loud it's it's a thing i would say that you would agree with you i think the people that i come in contact words about have for them seem like nice couple that they seem friendly seem enjoyed shows company and then under this snipe ben each other and yo and they do it right in front of you man that so rude you know i'm doing you know what i'm doing to stop it stop it now do you see what he does you say it right this is what i do those relationships are ruthless to wash man because that's out
like you can imagine what it's like me i was doors you know this did you see that video of a basketball player who was a first round dry i d sooner brutal dude beat his girlfriend up and dinner can i yeah you as a of his daughter was in ms doyle isn't there a little girl there is not much like he reached over the fence known alone on this was in it looked like it was an like some sort of hotel or apartment lobbyists something that somewhere where they had a security camera wherever was he's is big fucking do big super athlete basketball player and he like heck sir to the ground and smacks or in the head and you watch us it's terrifying she's really little man now not a big person and here giant and apparel he just peter ass an day
sentenced him to a bunch of different shit man they sent two like all told i think he has to go to jail for three years now and oh shit yeah and he he just when he probably to draft a fuckin twenty million dollar contract see the video to the video is crazy collapses in the courtroom collapses there's no no no no no fell down collapse me was really fuckin intense it's there finally he realized tat he was gonna go to jail for three thousand years and what sucks about is that it the change the dude and that ain't gonna change any other domestic abuse put people in jail its i why isn't there more alike you know especially in the inner city where you see people with less father figures and you see more violence to the really make it a part of schools that you learn how to respect women how to respect you know
opposite sex because it is something that is cyclical and it is cultural you see a higher incidence of domestic abuse with poor people and you know should jail doesn't change that shit just cause more anger it's not like it's a great place where they gonna sit around do i was gonna find their spirits i realize where they went wrong on their path to enlightenment surrounded by did yards it's a mess the whole idea is a mess and then you get into the fact that this private presence in this country that that's one the most mind boggling facts about american culture makes you wonder like what what is it what is it intention for people running this fuckin place where they rely on how many years later one vacancies they got vacancies they lose money you're a fucking get some reservation people out there that's the cops either reservation is for the presence here it's almost liked at her here it's fun that like the police officers unions will
actually lobby in vote they like try to make sure that certain drugs are made legal they have oh shit short and makes sense from police officer news or not police officers doing but what they call them pvc what do they call the people that work jails corrections office corrections officers yeah then corrections officers they did the actually like use their money and influence to try to make sure that drugs stay illegal swinging its number one domestic abusers in the country christians are matters really get jesus christ super high rate of alcoholism i read this book of things is a terrible job terrible for them enemy i don't have any the indians corrections officers it's a terrible place to be to be just
please sir surrounded by people who locked in a cage your not and you walk amongst them all the time and they can just take a fuckin free run it you at any moment you live your life and constant distress yeah i don't i don't envy them by any stretch of the imagination i think that if you're gonna really take being putting someone in a jail and reform seriously eugenics to come up with a way better method than what they don't area this is reduced scepticism reforming anybody now there was i read this book about sing sing this journalist went under cover as a prison guard for two years we came out of it he divorced his wife he was an alcohol and he was living in a second one bedroom shack his whole life fell apart and he said that the
the alcohol is money inside he said it's just send it becomes consuming it becomes a challenge that you take with you when you leave work it's not you go to your job you finish and then you go have your life it becomes his mother fuckers and this and it each you up you become part of it yeah human beings weird as fuck trying to figure out our behaviour lenses astray or leads a stray rather and how we can try to get it back on track if it's at all even possible like hasn't as a group of us it's like when you look at the heated the just a massive amount of crazy human mental type behavior where we're just on our moment like here's the thing in new york where they had to recently passed something that makes rabbis have to get consent first before they suck your kids deck suck
yes do no one you circumcised a child the rabbi traditionally will suck upon the boys penis to stop the bleeding now yes yes it is true that is worth it i resist all jewish i dont know what sect of judaism i don't really care what they call themselves whatever silly people do this it's real they ve had babies die in very recent times because the baby will get herpes from the mouth of them the whatever furthermore eases euro cents tradition there's a guy like this is not a fucking video this guide defending it and he explains it in in the word the hebrew word which like means to suck like that seats strictly says that's how you're supposed to deal with that so that's what they're doing and you just discounting my my phone is that you're discounting that this fucking babies not going to remember this experience you know how do we not know that that's some nightmare in the back of his mind like consta
fucking with a good luck you does it not cutting the deck is where it start legally binding earned in sucking it's you know their tanager yeah it's it's tribal it's fuckin and it goes back to shit it's like you know that the american medical association no longer recommend circumcision in third world countries they do to prevent aids and other that's never got that power is getting your dick could prevail it used to be because the fold around the crown would always glittering he's gonna get aids that way welling i really anyone was so ridiculous things get infected more because as should the gets in there was no getting that's my point we gather running jawed people cannot wash the oh so because we don't have running water they're getting aids through their therefore skin yes which is true force can makes aids well anything that folds back arrive gland like a vagina basically relax way more diseases than a penis you know like men don't catch aids almost ever
from straight up sex with a woman who as aids but if you're gonna vagina you got a really good chance of getting aids if you have surrounded somebody if you have any i'm a tear in your virginal wall who were ceilings or floors for shame lines your lips slats do you know there's a doctor doesn't believe that terrifying when someone when you're too stupid to know who's dumb because there's this guy who say his name is peter duisburg and have read all this stuff and i know that he's a m professor of biology i believed university california berkeley psychology it guy and his whole idea is
hiv is not what causes a yard about this further scope president south africa of the same fact did he really are the biggest aids country and no other way i meant hiv before us like about events many disease i am way too stupid to understand whose right whose wrong they are because obviously it is a bunch of geneticists in a bunch of disease specialists who completely disagree with him and they tat hiv does cause it i wish i was smart enough to know what the fuck puss where it's ridiculous what's all she had happening in a minute molecular level it's all it's all guesses its but its percentages and if you say when we see these symptoms of immune deficiency is happening and people there have legions and are losing way then we often find it before that they you know that immune leads to the means and all of the outbreak of aid soap rwanda play those odd since will never know the actual truth through even his want do you think that's what they're doing
but duisburg are saying is that there is linked to partying when he says that its dude do like gum math and crazy poppers and email nitrates apparently those papers or unbelievably bad for young like instant brain can you just end then doing that partying on a regular basis i tat just relax your immune system but that evian it's why third world countries get aids more is because when you're malnourished and your system is worn down you tear easier you how your tissues break open and your immune system can't fight back as might so it's you know it's it's in a wealthy countries get at last because their fuckin there in better shape so you were you think he's at hiv something that can be avoided i think it is i think the likelihood of getting it has increased your system is worn down and your malnourished and you don't have enough fluids in you then you you tear and that's where the at you you have more
cuts around you because you're your skin everything is just not as elastic instead and that's all come from sacks then it's just completely sexually transmitted put appeal and of a giant and rub back and forth in some tears and then seeming gets in their bone shaggy remember when you were a kid you thought everybody be dead of aids by now i know why convinced we caught the way we get fucked who got scared memory do you ever remember what happened the first time we take an aids test yes did you panicky i thought again pad angles impairment terrific a twenty four hour wait a fuckin ballot i forget panicked i thought about some weird dropped nights on the road is a twenty year old in twenty one year old come on man i had i caught gonorrhea once maybe that's says ran a green when you has hurt it here
it's worse than any and you're fighting your needs urinate all bladder but every hour comes out you are ready to fall on the floor screaming nice and then one shot me asked did syphilis outbreak in porn air rail some do guts syphilis and then like didn't show his full manacles than jelly fatal the shot he took a shot and he thought he was clean ten days that's a story and apparently eleven days he didn't even we waited one day and then the next day he did a movie and gave people syphilis has its dominant here and have sex before the eyes of me he didn't even meet me didn't even get another check didn't even get another blood test to see if its illnesses to ah he didn't even what gives you dont have to invite my friend is ahead of the the venereal disease department of the health service for caliphs
like the whole thing is trying to get his view here you know so much about porn is ideal because that's this whole thing is like you know started using condoms out with him men and he said that the testing once a month you get tested which means station period for hiv is like twenty days or what where are you never really catching it and that there is one agency that does the testing for all the poor movies and its naughty then of a medical office it's not you it's not adopt and because the clinic yet but the clause all these play places down so they did their there are forced to go to like one place now i used to be really convenient that like that you should be able to go to any doktor get a test get all the task as it does the blood sent to this play yes these labs but do not letting them do that anymore so now there are forced to go to this once sketchy plays
instead it has always creepy people at hang out there trying to fuck with them and stuff like that in the end its also they have to pay for it the adders pay for the test themselves what fucking job that you go to that really first of all its a law you have to get tested to work if it's a law why the fuck are they paying for it that is a business they didn't get a bail out that business crumble here i mean there's i still making mon is like the very clever computer guys but you think about like the business of pornography and how many people watch pornography and then the fact that all the sudden known was paying for now like all show that all just went away and it's got bigger imports everywhere we taverns mitt romney gets enough wouldn't say number one profiteer from pornography yes it s mitt romney no close it's another mormon really who the merry at first
nay own more hotel chains so that's well born that's the only place people pay for anyway there the number one profit from pornography yeah we keep leave mormons people do pay for it so allegedly fed up so don't get that their skills clean no no they later there are the number one oh yeah i think they make if they're not number one there they made a fact load of i would say motels i'll fix what nobody they own married omens allotting chain augur faster sturdy pornographers the marionette appraising windows you found out they made like millions a year from pornography is busy spend on the road with weeping at the end of
that leaves the expense of that's why they do it so much it's on the expense they don't question you for those forty dollar movies argo many more they don't mark anything they don't give your title on abilities moving worse yet they can't give you ten on a bill that they had no a long time ago that was a most when you bob good i'm assuming you dont any more what was your thing what section real and sharp didn't never have a say never really guidelines to specific it's in other thing about poor is different you won't see different people you know you know even if one girls really pretty aboard i started off girl girl only i don't want any girls in the picture a gloomy just pretend that were honest slumber party economic view bessie b f f ever
well this is something i didn't send an average value now like i have had sacks boatload and resolved to girls the rush it was an alien to me yes with strange but they were happy usually i'd like to see a during my club i need a dream cracker casting catcher those are the best those who hilarious or the the was it was a bang bus that use yeah that'll over people would just fuck you get in the car get upon us our holy shit my fear now it's fucking machines having this lesson that kid that would care that was in some but what movie was in the kitchen done a porn when he was young you d like a bang brothers jonathan yes for project tax yeah yeah what was historian he did i think was a bang bus how i think you just turn eighteen or something like that
he's a john jonathan came a thing it was written lasting where now but using a movie project acts and he's a big chubby nerdy kid with glass and he was in a movie where he thought i think his first time too like for girls and in a bus and he the funny part was though is that it really he wore girls i think it was changed if not for him and if anything was a here that a huge hogs that's an act that areas like so weird that like i actually knew him before it like that we have item on a few part as i didn't know about it and said ignoring a guy and then finding areas in foreign and then seeing is keep his heart without having with me with simon racks from mtv he was like when the original vitiate idea doesn't need ie has another name now yeah he has a ban now dirt nesting yeah exactly these goodies fungi good economic five his that that was what song the aid is that what it is
concern about the eighties fuck normally go crazy crazy drop it into the pot cast but you haven't he did some kind of just masturbating but i think it is a big hit within the man we're gentlemen came out like after he was famous no i'm going crazy turn remember this focus on he's crazy what's wrong with you today you're subduing ecstasies are much too late breaking your brain man you somewhere a wholly brain but in fact machine cheesy brain fog machine is i can't fucking machines that come i think it is in its actually robots that's what they're like really high powered like like you know like any other shoe in and out of them like eighty miles per hour in it control like their tied down so i murmured someday sinner got ya gonna fuck you hard and like them through a crazy jane i downloaded it and seems i read your pussy that's a good way to pussy are broken
so machine robot metal deck fuckin stabbing you hear now well what if it goes a little too hard and determine the vibrator you hold the other and that lots of mature why would you linen the machine fucking they'll be real careful shit in which crazy is that the people in those webcam sites are now doing it because they have like these i guess you can easily by him now for your home i'd like a portable one that just like or they may come from like a hardware store by like there is one girl that she just as i'm getting a like that data is like are mono twelve inches maybe like a huge dodo an it gave in giving a blow job to it on full blast you see it like hurts her throat get bigger like a snake eating of watermelon in it in its it it was like you're gonna hurt so you're gonna break something you're going choke and you're gonna to crack neck neck so crazy and which weird is that what is like them
with the algorithm in your brain that wants like when you talk of active like i used to love asian chicks got into them i was never like a mummy suck your feet jirga but i appreciate a nice pair feet specially at an age one but she's put them out there so then then i move around the casting catch and i started to wonder on a deeper level what is it about my personality or my brainwaves that attracts me to a specific thing and then what is it that has so broken down the social order that people risk onto machines fucking it's like the flesh the softness of humanity has been stripped away and all its left is the violent part fucking have you heard of this new this discussion at harvard they ve created a cyborg flesh its source at our request that we can give way right yeah exactly i mean but along those lines like this is like literally step one do you u creating a robot
that's gonna fuck you meet robot this knots man fuck the flying jap as is pretty intense shit made the sideboard flesh you start with a three dimensional scaffold that encourages cells to grow around them these animals are generally made of college in which makes up the connective tissue in almost every animal the harvard engineers basically took normal colleges and wove nano wires and transition stores to the major efforts to create a narrow electric scaffold the neurons heart cells muscles and blood vessels within grown as normal creating cyborg tissue with a bit incense or network is this the pie a movie is in this is reality man this is crazy shit this is like cyborg flesh like
figuring out a way to replace your skin with robots skin i'm going to see you in twenty years from now and you're gonna be a twenty four year old handsome man asian they're gonna take your whole body and slowly replace your skin with some fuckin robots can i'm gonna have to get these two young gregg it's gonna be wearing away what about the hare talking about their ear fuck i even if i could grow my hair out go back to shaven seals freeing feeling to rub it through but
it will stop you from getting certainty weeks a hard life there there they ve created in efficient asking why this no no no i'm saying this step to be a robot you know that is your sex slave well that's why you know it's all male scientists and the women there like israel trying to fuckin dead defunct i ran aground commented at night exposing others such as italy totally throve bucket paid did moment she never going to get the fig pussy laboratory only fire while they sleep finally think they ve got when she comes out and if they designed like a garbage dispose of the procedures for the values that little dick alarm it back
he's a phoney though such a positive you say that little red tag is deepening in your at your door graduation living now on a high the stump this this this thing is really complicated i don't think i even understood what i just said but what would it seems to me is that this is a mean did they're going to beat they can create flash the very figured out how to do that they can figure out a way to create and meet in like since you are a test tube in farm yeah they ve helped now so it's just a matter of time before and the meat is replica dna is it is it green understanding on too stupid to answer back where i got out i guess the big the big turn is getting it to actually reproduce itself dna like a dozen human exactly but it seems to me that if they can replicate one aspect of the thicket figure replicate meat
it's just a matter of time as if we went for the model t ford to the you know two thousand and thirteen corvette it's like it gets better it's better it gets better it gets better when i'm doing this now this is what they're doing now this is going to expand into something else audibly freaky this is gonna be incredibly incredibly freaky this is cyborg tissue when this is it you could make a fuckin silent ok we could make a cyborg like this is step one when they look back in history when life like battle star galactica fuckin for real and we really are fighting off these intelligent robots we created this will be the day or people could this ngo wait what did what did they do what they make what started with this and then goes from this to what and by the time they tell you about this
far they along on this will be the ones telling you about through cyborg loans clones will be telling you about cloning we won't we figured out a cloned yes because a guide is key i'll tell you about it yeah and the amazing thing is that you you look like i went to the santa monica problem the other day and they come out of the five story parking garage with a line of cars at two different stations no human being like your literally collecting between five and ten dollars every fifteen seconds all day and night you can't pay twelve bucks an hour to some fuckin guy to have a job and that's what happen is that they talk about employment is is tat you know the unemployment rate is is high well it's not just high because the economies not to a good it's their slicing jobs with machines everywhere just stay at even with the job rate you would have to be creating x number a job and with these cyborgs what the fuck was who's gonna have a job anymore
yeah who's gonna have any sort of a manual labor job i welcome the cyborg friends i think i'd rather enjoyed paying a machine and talk more than five zero entirely the marquis de gets faster to its more convenient it's faster yourself as a problem or so crazy because here's the problem they are going intelligent if they're going to be intelligent they're going to be able to be sentient which means they're going to have their own will they can do whatever they would like to do first thing they're gonna do is make a better one of them they're gonna realise what we did wrong what was stupid about there's this is shitty thought about this a good person would let's redo this better and they'll do that almost instantly about why let that's the big question in all of this since nineteen fiftys when they started talking about robots and stuff is can there be a sent you a moment can there be that transition from something been programmed to something that can cause
el itself you know we really horrifying if there never was a sentient moment but it acted as if there was one and i just ran around like this meat puppet programme just fuckin gun in holes and people here could it did know what it was supposed to do throw in the towel pour some water on a meal stop now it gets like a cell phone years electronics and maintain a thing twice you probably have that covered that whole get wet part it else the level of the already know how to do that with cell phones they dislike some product a dip it no they did yourself on this product and you can like literally drop in the ocean pull it out try it off and like your existing self and bringing them they do this yea send in the cell phone they take it and so good and some kind of crazy polymer that doesn't have the word polymer i shouldn't be allowed to say it because amendment no two apollinaris whatever
plastic ship about that some awesome supercool plastic shit bodily hand a ladder from getting through to the electronics and somehow another i don't understand it's weird yeah but they there's demonstrations of online i can remember the name of it but if you're so curious you will google at the edges you can get something bigger cock and it never work on him i don't think you feel him he is much like every tell you in the shower with your girl you gotta boaters like my so so so near so you never waters are gaining on the hood of a plugin chevy it's like fire and second the cake that is one of those the nicest qualities but those all american muscle cars was
big long giant hoods when you wax the car and then it reigned in the water beat it up on that thing and discuss wipe the water off yeah those fucking cars man those were works of art agatha shea this mustang i saw tat i was over burbank and what will awful birthright disown upper wherever cbs radford is that's burbank i can go no studio syria setting and now they were this debate is don't be shy yang miles check this lakeside more feel some kind of special cat it said like california across the board vision what is a tough one additional work when it was it was look like a sixty eight mustang but it had these are maybe a recognising the two never seen it's hilarious to me how i give you doesnt have some fuckin crazy car like this stuff
are you purity convince me you have to look for i had writer job on which our citizens on the other side of sixty seven maybe i don't know but it's got scoops on this side by the doors the lines of those karlsruhe so beautiful and it was a three fifty like special edition sat on the site but no i bought for had writer jabba too i was just over there and if i get it on parliament because i be commuting second cbs radford venice and what are you gonna get i think i would get the challenger dude goodbye it's a lot of grass yeah i'm gonna gas but you feel like a fuckin man when you get there i've gotta rumble of the engine i rented a mustang in my life in the back you rented second the likely that really love convertible my staying in shit we said you just tell me about i have won a lover but yours different style
life is a different lots of different experiences that gdp five hundred its five hundred and fifty horsepower aluminum block engine as judge the forge e t engine put into this wobbly ass convertible body ass beautiful ass fond it said the most american dick hard car of ever driven elmwood market black i want my drive everyday but when i travel it is fuck it's just i don't even think about plan anything except seventies raw car yeah causes there is room both of its rights lenin scattered all the way i got a big letters gonna kick when i bought this so this is the kind of music need to be listening to simple man is perhaps the most moving rocks on other telling his son had been man's fuckin grades the battle the ballad of kurdish low yeah
they have they add some classic should as a second underrated there's something about dude that guy's kin for whatever stupid reason like really viscerally connect with the sound of an engine of a car and you know that kind of like you know eighteen seven these nineteen late nineteenth sixties classic roger did the ball together into one really like guy centric experience and i don't know what the fuck it is it's really weird like i've tried to assess my love for the rumble of an engine before like wide so tarred with me like i get a shriek like a little child on it here
good engine whale just fucking love it it sounds awesome here but it's stupid so stupid like wouldn't be better if it was completely silent i guess that's what i dont like about the previous that's totally sire we would now be awesome groves for one thing in this fuckin stupid life too not just make a shit load a noise everywhere goes whenever ass we know it gimme a precedent has a fake sound when i'm afraid if the seller adjust plays on the inside of the car will do you know that they have a bmw that does that in the bmw m five has the sound of the engine transmitted through speakers it's really cover cheesy move that with its essence and it's an automatic you worried double clutch it's it's an automatic but the best way to drive it is to use the paddles when they try to go to track it's it's an amazing car i mean it's not does nothing bad about the car it's just that the decision to make the sound come to the stereo seems like cheating like it sounds like what it sounds like they had to make it a turbo
because there's all these new crazy gas efficiency laws that are coming out it's really hard to make the same like gas guzzler type engines and by the time think its two thousand and sixteen i believe is every car is going to have to be above thirty five miles a gallon that's gonna be in this you standard so i got cars like these mustangs and show you won't you will apply them to send a few years from starting up you can get anything retarded in a few years now because like emitted by the way that the shall be the jetty five hundred somehow another doesn't even get a gaskell's attacks you know i don't know how they set of a few it's a huge vitiate but they figured out something make it really efficient near the supercharged you re sand at what was that the car you can bring on track that got better mileage than previous a bmw entry when you bring a previous onto attract the top gear did this day they
a priest and the medical full blast around a race track and all the bmw to do is keep up with it in the bmw kept up with it easily and got better gas miles and the priest it because a priest was fighting for its fuckin life or as the bmw was just like sprinting will you haven't i the press is designed to save money stop and go throughout its not not not for highway yeah that's the whole point of the brakes generating extra prow right the outbreaks help rebuild its jotted down john lines yet it down shift thing now so you actually collect even more it'll de celebrate the way if you down shifted would collect that energy when you get a poacher soon as i get this job i'm gonna find out the next week women will never understand these conversations bobo understand fuckin handbags dear we get a handbag conversation with missis reed summons you now not at all like today we just she bar we just went to a big wedding and she borrowed
bag jewelry i felt like sensitive do that's furthermore endure ass unlike look go shit she shop for two fuckin weeks were i didn't find anything i go into a store and it's very simple i need a shirt i'm gonna this store i'm walking out with a shirt that's all attacks pants this door walk christmas shopping gotta by some for the wife this store common out with something two weeks going in and out did not finally that boggles my foot she had the best affairs ever caught because they had no clothes keeps on leaving it all these guidelines no like shooting i live here she found a friend that had addressed them of that fact we had some areas so what is live usually wailing lumberjack shit yeah she's into flannel timberlands similar learn
gotta hey cleaner air she would she were his like skype big too social where thirty four he sat down and out genes not tight i but you know i got a good fuckin party man i swear to god i had sexual danish god dammit your bodies nice you know i checked all the two eyes and she she initiated she had no galicia this has given its full details i mean you know in the liver walked in music want it and it is ok and a music player now i was i was suddenly see i was on my lad and hence on the chair in the living room and she fuckin lap dance we would know music and then we threw down on the couch and and then she just walked away kept on doing her shit stuck will it be funny of greatness why didn't really have sex at all any more but here
i can read and always stories but it gets crossed up and it doesnt realize he told us is what many but it was the little different before accounts they said the same thing about our walk away do you imagine catching someone and crazy why the best marriage ever find out as it was sad ass i saw a little bit of this movie with kept kevin now james fuckin good rounded act i mean i my kids watch when all these movies and not only does it do physical comedy but his face can do so much should even a drama he's a powerful did his here come the boom movie here comes the boom movies comin out in october and that's a move we plays a mme fire he plays a guy was a call our agenda yet it's fucking great in the us can access or you can take this silly high concept movie i got and actually ground it enough to make it funny yeah this movie anyway he's he's about
his friends get a proposed and he's tom how great marriages he's trying dragon drag and then the guy sees his wife cheating calls she goes well what do you do you know about our marriage he goes and gets a fuckin hand jeff from a tie girl every friday and it all falls part in our need and this guy wants to get married we realise is every married person is spinning another fuckin story about their marriage and to me it's like you either stay mary like getting divorced you should never do until you need a divorce then you should get a phone in the fourth but to live a lie in a marriage why not kid you're not alive if you do that yeah some people just can't change they have a real hard times is moving on to the next day i have a really hard time just changing very difficult some people s why things in this happy movie it talks about how the pain the thing that you losing your job going bro even get kicked out your house its net
where's matter you think it's gonna be in and the fear of it happening controls so much of your actions it goes way right away you experience it and you're in a new reality all the sudden i got no house it found another place relating to afford you keep on getting out of sync with us for some reason your camera i'm trying to face lashed i knows that it flashed yeah i'm trying to fix during one of the audio i'm a bee i'll be a man of mystery but was weird is like me and gregg would be talking in it answer like five cents on the way so why was i mean you were an indifferent world didn't show is truly chirpy twice i fixed at once before them and started having again we're really yeah
this is because a switch in this latter problems which the windows we tried to do the podcast windows the itunes version will be good please german gug it then audio version and as far as the video we give it a shot way what is it we we're broadcasting for the first time today is what it looks like you see i think the ethics at last m eastern happening this a first and we're broadcasting the video portion of it off of a windows computer why for why because we have one we have this alien where computer they gave it to us we figured will try strangest when armilly you due to different y know we do it through a mac and things makes it up when we decide to see what would happen and apparently dismissals and one with the sets of fixable it's probably the power of the laptop is trying to handle three i webcams at the same some gas really got a weak ass bitch when we went from it
i mac which is like topical learn to those three the through three webcams or taken it that's a gaming laptop those things are they have said for power where they obviously affix cards yeah but would not have anything to do with the information coming as a key year i mean you're doing three webcams i don't know it's the power of powering as it's the wrong one you know i should have brought that big giant one and we should try to that one can doubt one is much more powerful than you think that would be a triumph yeah that's a lot of shit but your computer we're trying to do this technically were a mess i'm trying to do a two camera thing back then i'm doing what our special were shooting backstage with multi cameras and trying to stream it live before i go on and the directors all on top of that shit now just like you know i what would you be doing in the stream
why were you just you know backstage might my two best friends that i grew up with two biggest fuckin troublemakers some shooting tarrytown new york and these guys i can even getting what they fuckin dead is one of them is the town judge the other guests fire chief these towns are at so so that special is going to be me they're pulling up somehow illegally getting fired truck and pulling me up to the front of the theatre on fire truck and then at the end there leading me out and put him into the police cruiser chair announced so i want to have all my buddies back instead i used to fuck around with grown up all the troublemakers and just right up until they my name announcement on stage i just wanna be fuckin around and laughing that's a great idea gonna get you really warmed up sort of like when we do the ice house to the pike ass we do it for you show exactly the same sort of thing the approval spired me to do it actually it's quite move
think about it does the guys it put you in the frame of mind you know that made you a committee in the first place yeah you get into the rhythm of man and am laugh and do that to the audience yeah daddy's when you get a group a guy's a cop love him or funny it can get pretty fucking great have you got a group a guy's a couple of more funny focusing got the guys that their laugh keeps keeps ago and then you get the guy you're all shitting on and you all know that i am a bit like a guy a beta for guys and they all have a role exactly it's worries who is it who is your guys grown up well my two best friends when i was growing up or to jimmy's and they were both a year ahead of me so they they were graduating and they are both tradesmen one jimmy's carpenter and one jimmy's an electrician to israel normal guys i lived with one jimmy jimmy did tillier great fucking guy
today i talked to every now and then i really don't get to see him that often i saw him when i was in boston when was there you have see him another friend jimmy jimmy lawless i said about them together the area we are now than they brought their kids it's crazy in jimmy lawless brought his kid sister so weird in his real name is lawless yeah it is a great guy do he's lawyer has been my body since we were like fifteen as it just like michael i'm just media eyes too great guy well you know do the thing that i have always said about that life the living that life in boston is is hard life to live in that whether its it's a hard i place to grow up to its people boston how do i get to stream blue collar work ethic to this like a lot of that up there to there's a lot of people that like when i was in high school i felt so lazy
like ten do that had landscaping jobs they had their own like like a series of lawns they would cotton and they were higher in people and this amount kid was driving a brand new car we were in high school year what the fuck you always had money this kid is incredible figure i felt like such a lazy asshole figured out how to move and hostile i do so much that it in i grew up in newton newton upper fast there was so much of that their but newton is kind of right and wrong side of the tracks isn't it will my side of the tracks was just we just lived in a really cheap house in a pretty decent neighbourhood made it was cute little neighbourhood with the house the piece of shit and my parents bought the house so that we could be in the neighborhood so they get us into a good school the atom because we were in jamaica plain before that which is really shady the area where a yet made me up and salaries down j p if you wish shady as yes and crazy
live in there just a couple of years i was a tricky place you know no nothing compared to like real buttons compton or anything like that just now but there was that whole leg italian irish laying you you had j p you had not dorchester but wes roxbury actually but west roxbury right next j p and it was like you weren't rochester but you could you drugs there you know there was just like people that it got just enough money to get out of the really should neighborhoods made it out like j pay you we would go into door faster and late at night by food at places and a member at this place they were servant like staking cheese sandwiches and it was open really late at night and this neighborhood was marked this is like it was like you were scared to expose your money before
you paid for it is you thought some of distraction from you like there was just some do some wild crazy people there and they had this thick plexiglas between the the server in you and they only served if you like the slot and they gave the guy the sandwich and then the guy says that'll be x amount of money in the guys just start scream hardy page you by the fucker you trying to cheat may you motherfucker and electronics let it go medical let him go let him go just let him go saddam go adage sledges creep out and then is hoping that he didn't just blast them open the you didn't catch a man on his last day as you can if you finally if you live in a big city which fuck i guess you can anywhere but you just one in the summit on their last straw like that guy just run into that guy and they will have the sandwich thanks take it easy
that's where you gotta have instincts you know you can take anybody in a city you know you take somebody's not from a city and you put him in a city they don't have that instinct don't let him go walk away or challenge this time for us just to save to challenge some sometimes with sometimes people talk too much and they get themselves and trouble they don't know what a real fistfight is like they don't know what a real there's no rules out there that i could stab you like you know you know this guy he might be from some other country where the stab people on the regular i mean he my fuckin shoe you you don't know what you're doing while fighting people do you get avoided at all costs avoid it yeah it's a slit i do think channeling all can be a subtle thank two like when i you know walking through new york city all those years if i been inside low reside late at night three black eyes from the other direction not to be racist but to fucking reality is kept alive you went every black eyes walk a pass me too bad neighborhood you fuck across the street that's dangerous you gonna walk right adam you can't make
i contact with your look away this of subtle way that people know how to live in cities and if you if you fuck that you become a victim like exponentially more yes absolutely that's what i mean by challenge what you mean by that degree with that definitely what i meant is like people say unnecessary altercations i run i just take off as long ago as you are probably get out when a god racist what i just said no because you're you just admitting that why people are scared by people get a black we like you i can t i mean if you wanna be fuckin totally rid myself of the ongoing yes i am thank god physically more black people can kick my ass but i think dismal white serial killers interesting
and when you re you're going theory i think oh why people are just as creamy you're crazy i think by fear comes from what i look like think that oda as a white guy who's not big with receding airline i think i look like somebody did you lose awkward who's that you could fuck with more and i think especially for black people i in the end it may then it's not true in my head in my fucked up view of things i that their seeing me that way on putting that that's could get you in trouble a black eyes i immediately think that you never got rob i got no thereby guaranteeing reaffirm wake up i made to vulnerable and so
sadly in future to white person in an asian person than a maxim so you have a multi racial profile of people of offending don't you put that i'll burma from should have come back to you like the secret and you just hanging around in chinatown late at night till it gets rob air drunk not our pants down whom i know you ve forgotten can you get me directions totally lost here i'll give you money how many days rather doing that right now how many dudes are out there just fake drunk agenda here i'm so drive out i might just do anything right pertaining to pass the gulf welcome a car comes over and she's a new report does not good let it go how many times do think cops interrupt blowjobs given night in los angeles
to me as it is they don't even hive i mean you see you see prostitutes bobbing up and down i wouldn't say prostitutes are saying so i'm just being some just get crazy in the car of your we have seen people do that i saw a girl given head while driving down pacific in venice driving home from dinner at my wife and where are the red light and i point to my wife and the dude is dry and ass you ve and all you see is this head and their higher than a second only to the top of their head bobbing up and i look at the guy he looks at me and i'm expecting a fuckin a thumbs up now just look at me look straight ahead heads by an end to this reality is boner this was five or six years ago to this day every time are driving down pacific it that's bodyguard the tyre yet i guess about me he was probably scare the you gonna try to hearken and ruin his blog is panicking affair the conflict the i'd i conflict is losing its edge that's porn star so mr de luca bonatti was there at your age i wonder what that guy did at dinner because like a fine
if i'm on fire dinner united but they're not gonna my head and get laughs whenever there are driving home she might hold my hand that i get some sense it there's gotta be action but how good was he a dinner that she fuckin started by went up and down on him i don't need those dinner the one that i saw i saw was in the middle of days oddly enough with kevin james lowering the idea and there is and he was right beside us and in the cabin spot it first and i was like holy shit and kevin was gonna hit hit the horn i talked about a hidden who's gonna applied the guy saw us and gave us a thumbs up nine cents gabriela the guy saws and what like this pointed to it and it was pretty funny it does my closing that member for fucking years it was like a ladys you never seen this before but here's what we do and it gives a blow job and then i just start popping my
in the air road doing that i close i was an old reference long years fitzsimons old man at fuckin killed why did we go back and think about some of that shit you sir when you were a kid you go work of no jim florentine just put out a cd call my first note book and it's just that he was so embarrassed used to do we found an old notebook went out he did all of a club is put down a city on its own many there really is like i don't know why do we do about is really it that's a larry is that that will thus i'm brilliant for everybody allowed to below those falco material blows yeah but further well it's brilliant well i think it's it's interest it would be interesting to people in the same way that like you know you here that the life bruce springsteen those these tapes they're just call them the tapes the album when he audition the first time he drove in from new jersey and a fuckin broken down and dough brought his acoustic attire
and then started playing mary queen of and saw and all these amazing for concern were acoustic with different cord structures different pitch is and it's like it's fuckin it's not as good but your riveted because you like well this is the fucking sketch that led to this masterpiece work so i mean not that that would be the equivalent withstand a but i think it would be interesting for people to hear maybe the what was the roots of set they already know rather than just a month shit you never did again year for sure yeah i think i hear it like after the fabric this is that didn't make the cut piazza this is how the bid the evolves the promise when those intermediate steps get online yeah you know when you know the guitar to get on the youtube clip something like that and or it you know you see it and it's like the beginning of it's like growing there always throw growing up to a certain point that really fragile time for a bit
your first day of the first few times you doing on stage not if one of those got online blake yeah that's that's stupid because a lot of around you're talking around the joke you haven't figured out the bare bones construction of it you and you're describing the joke that it later will become yet a very good way of putting it and what i think what a lot of people don't another watches stand up companies that why you're doing it oh you you you're you barely even thinking about what you're doing you're almost like riding it you're almost like when you really lock it and you know that feeling you get when you really killin yeah you're in the flower you don't even feel like your pa we like you witnessing it all happened that's exactly what i said about the happy thing that that's the flow yeah well that's what you know the whole idea of being in the moment completely sand and locked into
how the universe is expressing itself through through whatever the fuck is going on through their stand a colander from music through car racing livin fuck it is man just that that done moment when it ah works out you know and you can stage this nights you come off stage exhausted those night come off with twice a year it is when you went on it's like you just soaked in all this energy and you just fucking around i can lasted full day we just buzzing still here it so too weird gig you know and though the weird thing about you and i say we ve known each other since we first started in others not that many guys from our little group as you me maguire tom cotter tom caught up three finally america's got talent powerful tom carter good luck to loki body i mean is this you know not that any guys from that that
small group of open makers that we were in like the aid think of open markets dislike classes i does the class of eighteen eighty eight is a class in eighteen eighty nine and we were the eighty eight guys yeah anyways and every couple years it was a very different brand accommodated will come not very different but enough that you could detect it yeah there's challenges and trends and what was kids name who was a maguire no no the guy who was a regular at the at next comedy stop a sort of like nicht apollo but how he became like their regular guy fancies finally as shit i never left boston no i forget his name kills me he still am a killer too he is a killer that's the thing about boston is the guys that have figured out the sort of
formula that works in boston but are also an original voice its it's amazing how you can you can destroy when it's a match of a comic verses a certain locale like you take somebody like david cross and put him in san francisco book locked in they're gonna go for long rides with him you go to you know houston with somebody like you know would bill hicks wise you take a southern ag you put him to blue com a guy you put him in north carolina but you take guys like nicht pollo where this guy and you put him in boston unassisted its explosive what happens like the man nor members name it's driving me fuckin crazy and again it is really funny guy but he just stayed you know i'm sorry does well like in boston paul nor dizzy that's it it's a beautiful that's it and i remember that kid was like the class i think of eighty nine i think he came a little bit of euros ninety one he was really the avery knight or maybe ninety gas because i was gone but i think ninety
ninety one and only two god might have been it might have left at the end of is ninety one ninety warrior definitely he was really really fucking funny i'm sure still is the guy was he was really good let's cell edgy the website and i am bone when he was like a hammer attack due to hammer you over and over again with another one has noticed punchline another parts like that started rapid fire boston style it's like the the the crowds and boss who are so high that you had to develop this like really energetic like rapid fire style yet be leaning forward the annually are you had a con can be up there was no sit on the stool get the fuck off the stool cheese is sure and entertainer yeah there weren't i'm you start work on the road and you you learn the value of a nice go get us water
and let him sit though killed not bother to throw away on a horse attack you but it's also that the unified it very irish saying is that you don't deserve to feel good or have any pride and so boss is about stripping it away from you so every joke is about you know i yeah i go to the fuckin tall both in the guy i had a twenty goes get change no dad you're fucking job your job is to make fuckin change i give you a twenty you it's just like any fuckin entitlements yours is just fuckin knock old ways not the shit out of you a media and then there was no dissent one hundred percent right there with i'll know entertaining and other cycling issue cambridge was an odd sort of a club do member
that's rising starring cambridge rate is fuckin club ever maybe tat was a great cloud that was run by a sigh around in romania where he was user quiet character but he loved domini he later type of you hated me but when you call me he i you go in and you audition for the guy you do ten minutes and the end of it he tells you right away goes now or yes and he said no to me and i don't give a fuck i've always had very thick skin i go well i'd like why because well i can either tell you know or we can go into back and sit down i can tell you exactly why i said yeah that's going to back first words out of his mouth far as i'm concerned you're just another cocky little irish puke that was the beginning wow that's fucking racist yeah he didn't get races of me but he said that i am everything that he hates about comedy
because what you do is everything i hate about colony and i said ok what then we don't like the same things this week we stared our he's like a big guy thick mother fucker has a big guy i didn't want a tangle with them and they want to have to scrap what but it was it was intimidation moment it wasn't a comfortable moment i didn't like it it wasn't like this is a smart friendly guy who should be managing a comedy club influencing comedians air thing had this heavy left is banned too thing had this like a harvard social out last barry criminals would sit at the r you didn't like what you are doing he would yell shit out at you like you is like the dean of the club they were best friends and i love barry criminal he's a fucking brilliant really political little guy but back then
his drink a lot and he and those guys we're on a mission to create a place that they thought was fertile for this type of comedy i was touched forever did stand out with a friend of mine from high school de rossa real nice and we're we're just buddies sitting in the club and your boy kevin meaney went on stages before i ever got onstage myself kevin meaning was on fire kevin meaning was a fucking car wash sure do russian car russia and you didn't understand what he was talking about his big pants where big pants p ball and you'd car laugh and so ridiculous and i remember leave in thinking guide i knew he was foreign cuz seen him on tv before but i like five five tonight shows that year
but i did nothing like seeing them long now it's such a completely different experiencing a guy like that lie because he's like the silliness is not that contagious when it comes to the tv but when you in front of their dude and is he was fucking rush hour to describe i summoned that same club probably on i don't off with the same weekend amongst our era but when he came in the place was fucking jammed here and he went up their sweating at a bow tie in a jacket i don't care and to this day i say when people say who's the desk me i say nobody has ever made me laugh as hard and one set his cabinet that's a good statement i stand by it i believe you a hundred percent i might i might i it's too far of a distant memory if we were to say that mine was just as good but i remember being blown away how funny i was just so long ago in everything s heart and it was he silly and he
sing that's all i don't care and that was this theme he did not he was gonna be this ridiculous a rip fuckin torn out of a character taylor retorted thing in this area no other tallow tell everything i threw can actually crazy it was like a little bit of an element of that mixed with a guy who really understood stand of comedy he was free where are you my wedding party real is one of my ushers while he i grew up in one town over from him and my dad i got him on stage is very first time is my dad was big radio guy new york why kevin was a waiter and waited on my dad and it would be funny and my debts should you stand up many whose friends with the guy catch you gonna want stages this time i remember when we were open makers i thought that was really fuckin cool like holy shit fitzsimons
actually knows kevin mean like you actually knew cabin me you'd have problems when you're going through things you'd ass i kevin meaney questions a member a several times having conversations where you are dispensing like wisdom that can mean he told you about stand there and we were talking about like how can i may signs her nose early years we have such i'll pull line blubbering fuckin more on a bare internally we neil your way we're going to okay i wore it was you know is a time when i really needed a mentor and he wasn't he wasn't gather brought me in the road open inform all the time at which is more like you said i could call any time and he's here is a guy who was this hot one special hbo miss dunkel buck comes out on the money in the world and i come out elaine stay with a border chrysler cake that's the kind of guy was fuckin beer as you know underneath all the silliness he was a concern but if simple guys with advice on comedy
specially respected because i could see sky was gone the distances what doesn't guys heart was gonna write flail out which he used to this days you know he's still out there fuckin bang it out that's also now he's out of ass i was getting there is really very about every thing it has no i didn't i didn't know that it was one of those things arose logo father thought at thirty straight here lotta people had been married to write when mary what do i give a fuck what am i the inquired where the kid nobody knowing that married he met a woman out now lay fell over there and call me it was my baby sitter who live next door to me growin up woe fucking where does that woe how old is she sees proudly seventy years older than me a harvard mba real fuckin successful type april
malady and yet that my dad died lie on the wall the to be a fly on that wall that's one thousand nine oppression really somebody's gotta dodo stuck in my eyes to be a fly on that war is he currently every i don't know man we were trying to get a campaign have him apologize for closure my question was on the actual with him some was done any said jean simmons treated him more horribly than any human being he'd ever met this line bert said that it was to cite demoralising because he was a huge kiss fair yeah whose a huge kiss fair who just literally and if you know vert luck i'm no bert since i knew i met him back then but been friends with him for a couple years now he's just a fun wild dude at you if you misread him you might go look at this annoying guy man i'm trying to relax before my performance man
and so he apparently was like super route bert which we can have well we can have that that that's not a surprise of any kind of known for being here he is he's known but i met him and he was really nice also makes me but that is not the guy who treat different people different ways different status people get a different well worse than just being a douche all the time i wish i could have up a personal experience this year other than the positive one but meeting him was awesome he came to my comedy show him and his wife and his kid his kid got my shiny happy jihad cd from itunes and really liked it so is this thing fucking up again brian it's kind of this came on board with it it's kind of walking we must wage about was what your work anyway he was really cool because our values they came to new years of the improv was fun but when you hear a story like that where someone's like super rude to a guy like bert and like man it's so hard to hear
because every now and then you're here story man amid patrick swayze once used you to bag was he really are you really annoying which one is as it might be that you might be really annoying and somewhere along the line you might have decided that the upset you feel is and how many i mean have you ever had like those weird like people feel slighted as officially slighted people whether learning for it because we're still retailers and we all want to go back to our town or back to our friends and go hey i met your rogan and they're gonna go really what was it like the truth is he said how do you u shook his hand maybe that three words and then somebody else it now they got it they got a fucking
pulled from that a story for their friends so if there's a hint of you being dismissed it i was hearing enough gonna blow it out because then they ve got a connection to you or of key was the greatest fuckin guy in the work which i never want to farms that can't beat me up tall i go hang out and want to know the second greatest or diana we're gonna be the guy that i'll take a picture with you but you know what don't put your arm around me why your girlfriend figure out how to snap of photo when you found for the first fuckin time when you senator hug and people gregory i dont you there fell a big hug worthless
i don't like the armpits gives bears little guy we're old sweat carriages deal man says what it is the on going on you and obey your girl can smell abetted some sort of a primal thing to especially homeboy does knowing deodorant give you home and you're on your wife spy fills a huge conquered some men on you man you shown horse he doesn't know she's what the fuck you why weirder primal smells like mean isn't that doesn't which puts women on the coinciding menstrual cycle fur mono things are i believe it is i want to say it is i might be wrong but i mean how prime who are we women get around each other there there minstrel cycles all coincide so if they all get banged they all raise their kids together so the kids have friends here and if no that's my theory is another thing about how you sperm counts raises ever look at houses the buggy doing hobble what are you doing i'm looking to see what the commons are while i'm listening the comments here but this year
sperm counts goes up when you're travelling or something course they are ready to conquer and a new land your body noses sat around its normal smile a new year you dig it's hard when you gotta pick up your spear he travelling a war going to kill and lock sweetly only three days how many people are program that way how many people from the life and roman times or programmed to kill and fuck fuck at the same time somehow must be really hard to work that culture out com culture down they were talking about the amount of violence that we see on a regular basis pretty fuckin minimal reprieve horrific in certain places but in america pretty minimal compared to what it would be like if this was the sword fighting days he out you know like on a regular basis people have deal with some shit that we couldn't even fuckin begin the wrapper heads
yeah i was really about power it was what can i take it he would do it with swords who would one and was sitting with sword to shop everything up and take all the people take the gold fuck all their women i mean naughty shit world well i was like in nature you know you destroy your you know if you competing with somebody for of a food source if you're an insect you you will start to kill the other insect or you will find a way to destroy the foods for them so that they die but in some a thing of the past when people get into tribes especially where they become really synchronized as this tribe this is this is us and we're going to go after them and they never even consider the idea of taking them into their ranks are being like a listen we're just going to go plunder you guys like to come with us
oh wig we could be a big army we could get together although taken the slaves they never take him on his equals com it has a lot of slaveholding back then i mean among conquered and you fuck the women and you took the dunes and sir you're late i mean how many people have lived a life like the right that was free for many years to that i'm should go in this world the old testament the whole fuckin book talks about slavery like it's not even a sin it's in actually the seventh commandment is thou shalt not covet thy neighbours wife neighbour's house my neighbors donkey or thy neighbours man servant it's a commandment that recognizes slavery jesus christ wrap your fuckin head around the bible very rob you had around that it's funny how people choose to believe and like parts of it yet and the wording of parts of it as if it wasn't translated from aids
he drew to hebrew to roman rhetoric and let you and it's like you're gonna tell me about the subtlety of the way he said gay people should lie together in two thousand years later my favours and people tat two biblical quotes on your body you really not supposed to do you like it says in the bible you're not supposed to turn to my yeah but i don't think she's a minute that much i think it might fall under the first commissioner as the second about thou shalt not have grave and images you should not have representation of god and i think extension why we hiding why do we have fuckin crosses would you he's is hanging off the wall that your isn't that the kind of covered by attention on a second commitment we want to see is fuckin bloody corpse so very strange practice to look at that all the time the idea that you're being reminded of the deity the one perfect
being that existed over thousands of years ago and since then his followers have reverted to pedophilia fuckin craziness and fear yeah i did comic that has a cross on his arm and i dont friends with them but he always wears like like those like the ban things just to cover cover it up join oh really funny you get remove gagging to cover up maybe still likes it uses hiding from common well could be that some people here ashamed being religious lot of fighters get religious it's like he gives him something the really lean back on you know something strength and i have always said that i don't have any fucking idea when there is a god i'm not a religious person but i leave anything up to the idea of possibility i think anything could be possible anything
well then did your definition of god but i think that there is not so power this orchestrated the miracle of you know likewise regenerating dna all that shit you know to think that there is not so i can tell you that i know how big them when is gonna me at what point the sky for fifty years and be right gimme fuckin break court would have whatever you want to call that i think that i always use default nature is god relevant details later one went when i know more well it could very well be that there is an intelligence to all of nature that we're just not caper modes of turning into it could very well be the trees and all sorts of different parts of nature have some sort of intelligence it just doesn't translate into words town translate into certain noises that we recognize with certain images and certain meanings
it be some other form of intelligent since its super possible that the reason why exist in is ever changing world in this world is being more more hostile to to people a kind of recognizes us as a threat threat you know you have to think of this system has gotta be prepared for everything ok there's a reason why certain animals eat other animals and certain diseases kill certain percentages of the people is like crazy corrective system that goes on earth and we agree with that of until i get to people don't ever want to think that earth could ever look at us like way we might be some fucking cold that it has an the more we pull the fuckin fish out of the ocean and throw our garbage in it and the more we pollute the sky and changed the temperature of it and thought the whole balance of it up and in of artificially change the levels of sir
things in the environment we should suspect that the ruth is going to respond to this change accordingly it's gonna try to push back mean if it is intelligent if there's some real method to the whole idea of this whole thing evolving from hot ball of rock and and then somehow or another acquiring water and somehow i know that a truly regulating unrolling we're matter elements and more life form the i just keep going on and going in and it's all its you know and it goes back to liked turn of the nineteenth century there was a lot of so social scientists in england mills new talked about population truly controls of wars disease that there is an actual healthy number
people would have beyond the earth and because of science we ve been able to just completely fuckin hyper below that number of people to the point where we ve staved off and natural correction we haven't had war in any real war time we haven't had any for plague and long time you know the plague and night during world war one one thousand nine hundred and seventy kill one out of three people in in europe included while the war and the plague together as you know we if we had that now you people with they lose the ship people can't even imagine a devastation don't think it's possible whereas now quickly it's beyond possible its way overdue will there is a super volcano warning today somewhere when i have got i want to say i want to say somewhere in the south pacific i don't i don't really remember but there was
a warning not to travel this particular area because events of volcanic activity maybe someone allow let me know what the fuck is on twitter but we had a couple earthquakes itself foreign lazo hundreds right was ultimately hundreds no shit yeah will through an area yellowstone where they have found thousands of earthquakes year thousands you should address yogi barricades and building a fairy bobo but would look and geiger killed by a barren alaska and that's where you're going the hard the guy who got killed by the bear was out there photographic standing near it closer than what they tell you too he was within fifty yards like you never get within fifty yards if the yards that's that's films are yep the aid should be far spock they should make us because most likely you'll be fine but if you
you get too close to a bear and he decides for whatever reason that he hasn't eaten in a while and i might see if your edible if he's desperate you can judge a desperate bear especially late in the year like when it gets close to like december announced those barriers to walk around those are dangerous is there not stuffed yet they are not ready to hibernate that's a grisly man guy got got there he went wandering around out there after was like posts season when they were the most of the healthy bears already and harmonization might be added value all two in the morning when the bars get out exactly you're not home last chance last year as for romania you didn't get laid and now you're gonna look for a fight and ass it would have to fifty that one would oh what is it a fast food poisoning mcdonald's it's on the corner that those whether hotel there we sustain go to find your whole number the place worked at the comedy connection it was chain
yet the thing was annulled but like no one really the windy there was mister lorry and known brian is where these are brian walk there and almost caught a fanatic twice and just waiting in line everywhere i go you know i didn't like boston the first like three two times we went there because we kept on going to that comedy club in that area via enable they called the combat like one bad block and yes it's awful namely the last amendment would somewhere else we stated this really nice hotel in there for me a moving authorities actors and by with them totally different experiences i'd be in new york on here we were wrong we were at the connection and fanny hall was the kind of guy wasn't there is a wilbur but the connection was yet the the wilbur is actually like go to a cool or set you know it's a beautiful environment never like that but that areas not that's not the dangerous area was when we were doing stand up people our stand of the fuckin they like four seasons there now you know it's it's a gorgeous area when we were
up and stand up it was the combat zone you'd walk over there there would be hookers who is scary you'd see people smoking crack you would see peep show boughs and they slowly squeezed all that shit out that was like our one c b airy herb i could always park on a street because nobody would bark on the street and i had a piece of shit because your i went that's mass so many fucking just were you which is used to it the other area around next man you got your your fuckin cargo broken into all the time unless you ve got a spot on that's true warrant on warrant and street when you would go around a little side area where the connection was the old connection and go down to the end were nix was every known any catch spot super fuckin lucky here that whole areas gay bar no do you do i do it do yeah how much was the cover him like a really hard willem infringement
why are you wearing a backdoor line fitzsimons cheeses but the idea that area at one point in time it was there was too play clubs in the same theatre where the same area where the connection was the connection and above it might my car caterpillars member that my car yeah he had some sort of a comedy club it was it wasn't for a long time it was in the same theatre that they used to do the heads like some long ass running show one of those wow you talkin about above the original comedy earlier upstairs they had some kind of a nuns you when i was not yet unknown runners non financial bologna sense idea that sunsets none sanity
and then down the street you had nix which had three different rooms as they had if the yards away at fifty yards away they had an upstairs and then they had to downstairs one small room and then one that was like a disco remember the devil row a dinner really make it do they got rid of the disco after whilst too crazy but guys would do that and then across the street there was the fuckin duck soup at once now the wealthier duck soup was does the idea of billy downs and paul barkley had this idea to put a super upscale common club and put it in boston right there in charge more money and have only clean committee and it didn't work and then you forgetting dick dorothy had a room walk then across the street and through many more there was the comedy vault which had been up back
yes and they did fuck and room was used default was still there and he would stand in his little fuckin room there was a bag and it was a sweet little rooms gray robot i mean it is you're talkin about within literally within quarter of a mile you not even three four five six yes comedy rooms and they were all good that's ridiculous we're becoming those those annoying all due to keep repeating stories about the glory day what people to understand just how that's by the way that's a meme what people understand i would say that when i don't know exactly what you are saying is that they the scene was just is to us now today looking back on it as you see what's around today it was such a spectacular seen just released most amazing seen from developing as a comedian well you look like did you read a book outliers no it's this book about how people like bill gates came about at a certain time they had a certain gift that way
it necessarily a good thing like i think his mildly ass burglary he was born he was born in santa cruz area just as the tec was exploding and he used i think of santa cruz whatever that they use college had the first like mainframe computer has a tina sure he was going in there in writing programmes while so he was the beginning of a wave with the exact personality type and he carried it through and something that you can't do again and like howard stern was an outlier with radio he became the guy who did all the things you weren't supposed to do in radio bad mouth other people be dirty dude he's too eager to do the promptness dangerfield literally like people like me my english largest saying in this matter and then rogan just signed with his talent god given fuckin you know a weird recipe for what matches the demands of that time and being in full the explosion that happens and i believe that we were very much
the outliers spot of stand of comedy by being vos and at that time it was a very unusual environment for sure it's sad that doesn't exist anymore it's when france alameda put out that documentary when stand up stood out here and it's really interesting but i think he kind of nailed it is that the scene was fantastic until people started making it when it when everybody just wanted to be funny you're one of the first ones now you i remembered your rug and only because nobody's back they're gone but you joe joe moved here dude he's too eager to do promptness dangerfield literally like people realize we lay english largest thing in this matter and then we'll rogan just signed with gestures and also to rogan just got a hundred thousand our deal with disney and we knew every detail your fuckin clearly nobody had done nappy nobody from art class had gone anywhere really accept like you remember bud friedman came to boston and did a showcase to do evening at the emperor
and we would like them for months we were fuckin obsessed with our set an outcome people got out of it and and that was our closest brush to show business until you all the sudden got on this i can track and it was wow you can do that from this so you ruined every there was real everybody thought for some reason that the only way you would ever get on tvs of your clean and i thought the only way i would ever wanted to comedies if i was funny so i did i knew it wasn't good and it because i wasn't good my dirty comedy wasn't it was bearable causes lie not as it just not as it affects not only is it offensive but also bad it's bad inoffensive which areas are worse yeah well in the beginning i think i think you know it taken it took a while for me to figure out how to do it right had a do shit that i actually doubtless funnier but i i could never do it clean i wasn't gonna try i just like no by just i've i fall bob scratch together some little five minutes here and there but that's
crazy like why would i do that why would i limit what i'm thinking about why it seems like that's like step one to fucking yourself you know but i just lucky that worked didn't have to work could scare off into the fuckin woods and i could have become carbon that's the roaming around that time that there was no road map for another outlier as it's like you're the free replying pioneer in the sense that you're breaking the rules and yet you are rising up first two than anybody else because things change their becomes do you know the needs and demands of the market place for whatever it is you do dave chain for we'll be there dynamic and that in the end its why we have this you know very vision and species starvin isn't it and as i've also felt like when when anything happens to that's good then you actually believe that good things can happen so for me it's like believing that something good can happen like all
think of was well you know if i keep working at this more good things can happen like i'm on a role and i dont want to stop this role and so i think gum in a one euro a young guy and your life has been a car like half sketchy fell with a lot of failures all relationship failures all just different failures that you go through and then you're stage then you tried do comedy like just china make sense but that aspect of your past you look back on your your life of being an open micro and that though the wild experience of in trying to fuckin do that for eleven it doesn't i feel like you doesn't mean doesn't it feel like it's a lie you know it feels like you're you're accessing memories that were copied a hundred times over and they're real shity and you like i think
it was this guy larry repartee yea allow approach here and i think i wore shirts that had zipper is going down the arms and i think i had a mall it and i think i did a joke about what i do and girls allowing me and none of its end and i also look at it like limitless fucking energy cash i would taper reset rewrite it and i would fuckin dr media we would drive all over the fact that it was there was no limit and then i get up at the crack of dawn and do fuckin banquet wavering and then i would go a dish and for some cold call bull shit down too i mean do we not like now i gotta pace myself my battles back then it was no every fuckin battle i'm in somewhere along the line i think as a stand up comedian you forget that was a terrifying time like those times a guitar what we're terrifying but might have been the most exciting moment of your life i mean did
first couple of sets that you do that good that feeling when you like fuckin shit i think i'm onto something maybe what do you want to write things down everywhere you go because it i went to college and to me was like i was told what to do and how to think for four years there were tests on a set of information i was supposed to learn and internalize and believe then you stand up and it's a blank slate it you think would believe right you make that work and all of sudden i felt in a way like that made me grow up in a six once more than i didn't for years in college because it was all my creation yeah yeah let's one the most important things about really finding yourselves and something down and be able look at it and go fuck and i got there i did that i got this is an actual thing that i did a curious put i put it down and then you can move on from it so easy so much more
please get more momentum you every the war of art and steam pressure albert let's go the war of our now you tell me about that do they're gonna copy for you yeah brian reach by the way our on the air thank your rogan fur one of them yes i've gotten asthma in ten years you too full eminent mispronounced the name aerial car milly aerial carmelo pool q and i am i am a pool just an attic my whole life and i haven't had a pool q and about fifteen year sir under that shelf was to books cm it's the war of art corner can you reach it or your yoga doing damage find it i'll give it you have to show remind me there it's the right there he just can't reach over his impossible down the gender oh yeah he would already be circular it only wish now by ok don't get it
no no no no it's no big deal if that's the most as regressive doing and on the other side sir i'm asleep you don't worry about it totally cool with it really happy with your big deal community by next to none they go does it work but a bunch copies just given me i just get dost thou love it break through blocks and when your inner creative battle thank you yeah it's a great book it's rebook fora like creativity and
sort of getting past the road blocks of procrastination i'll fuck yeah yeah yeah somebody chauvinist must be very interesting work it out you can read and then meditate on each thing yeah well we know tat an ethic the guy provides an ethical he's got a new one call turning pro which is just as good i've just got into the vizir very inspirational do you know i i love hearing about due to work really hard i dont like you and by guys who become crazy and become obsessed and become unhealthy like they were too much but caring about due to have like a great work ethic i can always like whenever he about lucy gay putting out a new our every year i always i love here and that's a inspirational tomato philip get like some energy out of that like who looked is i think that's policy it's too much for me it turned out i did i did mine and i did another one in a little less than two years and that's why i was doing like a lot of the ufc steps while i do last ufc stuff now that i did before so it was while i was doing that but
feel like i like to have been around for a while i got here from a few bits are fucking too i mean it's not like you write a free standing joke and have to write another finding you you find something and you explore it and you extend and everybody in europe chalked it's ten minutes so yes string together six allows you got an hour and i i know i know their sight more life to shit sometimes would like to put some stuff on a special before and then writer retaining like are you motherfucker the punch line of punchline comes out in other tagline changes the whole dana gorgeous gave you tagline they took a bit that was already killing and download really i get this bit about how we waste water in this country how we just have fun with it some kind of europe we have water part we ve fountains which just shoot water and the like but you can always water cannon dana's tagline wasn't there what do we do we take money we don't need and we throw it in the fountain
on top of always killing that tagline just like instant applause but so true that's a perfect like disk option of like ridiculous opulence a giant fountain silly dipping your feet in sit front talk like a kid with on his lap and it's it's like he's pissing heresy those pissing out of it i saw a house in mosquito once in santa barbara that was these people had like they must honour museum or some shit but they had a fountain that was so big they converted into a swimming pool was fucking huge this huge gorgeous fountain was a swimming pool these
who have like three fountains houses ridiculously that monticello area of santa barbara is like some of the most gorgeous houses of diversity or i'll tell ya perfect whether all year round looking over the ocean your wholly sure any time in that part of the world you go down below san francisco they gotta think all the seven miles drive which were like pebble beach golf club as earlier and i really do think that there is not a more beautiful i mean i haven't been to like tuscany i'm sure there's places but i feel like you can actually ford to live place along the code the jagged california coast where the weather's fuck imperfect all the time it's just peaceful people and i sort of feel like to that teacher jenks school what do we do in living in a fucking movie we're going to learn how to bake bread i lost it to be faking shit sorry that's cray
when there are some places like carmel like you ve been where those were clint eastwood wasn't my mail is right below room talking about always regarded ass right there so fuckin beautiful so beautiful you get from the rules on content online art galleries and like cafes that are fucking international and its back but it's one of the things where hope you like why people because that's all we got here rich white people year that's a real white tone right old why people at all public colonies would type yeah yeah he sets of crazy shit outta republican iceland as models for sure right well it's like it's tough because those john wayne type guys they come an era where you men were manly no simple it was black and white and assist a different world now and he trotted you you can't shake and he was i going to not be that guy but the times dictated different more layered approach to things i think he's missing a substantial amount of what he used to have as a young man
far as his intuition on how to do things correctly ere he just doesn't seem he didn't seem there it c mon big struggle limit that whole thing where his brain and john void yet how many jobs have your beer ruhmer shelf it was there was something weird about it in the disorder crazy talk about him being a conservative and sodas and we just try to let you know i hate play our cards closer to our vast like what are you getting wrapped up with are you do really believe this narrative do you really believe this or you actually paying attention to what you're supporting by being there pretending to talk to a chair like if you talk to the present like that he should beat the fuck out of you you should box your ears are you to talk to the president that finally dishes tat whole fuckin thing was just negating was putting us here our real here's our plan for the economic covering specifically all it was was tax cuts and more shit we're gonna give you stuff that adds up to negative and yet there selling it bye bye
sickly dismantling what already existed like thing was a negation there was no positive energy about it yeah some weird thing to watch us all play out to watch this mitt romney guy and to see this whole situation it's really weird it's weird it's weird watch it play out his paul ryan dude is already been busted lion also shit he said he ran a marathon in less than three hours that's like world class may could they d timed it and it was for hours oh four hours were given me i go over and the new yorker did this peace last month about this guy who's a serial marathon liar i need a website about raising money for kids with fuckin down syndrome part of this guy's a dentist in a small town in michigan who everybody loves and he's got this whole ripped to be in this matter someone who's gonna run in all forty eight states in india the continental you essen and he's gonna u can do a marathon each one is can oppose this is results well
start to be a couple questions about that he hadn't they do so pictures of him in the middle of certain races were and if there is a fearsome maranon contingent that debt trap every single marathon you wanna things they have as these chips and you have to u have to hit we have i think three chips during the race to two percent the rosy ruins thing right for so and jumping in a car yes owen put em so they went jack and they looked at the chips he fuckin hit all of his chips in every one but then these pictures of em indifferent outfits theirs this is where there is no page there was one race he actually made up why has just made up a raise no but he posted waiting while they have in san jose marathon nobody responded so so he posted ten wit ten people that finnish a certain type made up the names put em on the website and had him is the winner of the solar so he's so anyway they unravelled it and it was more like day was peace was just about how people can get
what is a common you lie and you have no you have no guilt about it socio sociopath like this is a sociopath about marathons everything else in his life was totally fuckin straight up good guy except disgraceful and so the point being there was very clear record with paul ryan of how a lot there's no discrepancy there's no you know absolutely ran it for hours in ten minutes said that still pretty fuckin good really they say that average i think that's pretty good forget it looks like that second the minute mile were amazing in what way the marathon amazingly through yeah it's a hard thing to do the main anybody runs twenty six miles
but why lie about the time when for hours on still pretty fuckin good he's trying to pretend like he's like a super athlete were that's the problem is that if he lies about that means it's a characterising the period what if he's lie about that what else is gonna lie about his numbers for the economy are fucking joke they ve been debunked by by partisan committees in congress because he introduced this whole new economic recovery plan and looked at and they said this is horse shit this does not add up but he had ever republican lined up because he was the new hot shit in when congress when he came in ass a junior senator what is his strategy or his philosophy that he's gonna do it's different loses idea well it's real aunt an rand sky so it's pure free market there's no regulations and you d you know that it's letting capitalism basically dictate everything
and it's about getting rid of the safety net entirely he wants to take apart medicare he wants the entire new health care programme taken taken away he wants to private ties social security which again has been shown in study after study after study is a war case now you're taking a fund of money that people have paid into very nominal broker what with service fee you know built in point four percent or whatever and you're saying ok everyone grab there's give it to a broker who's gonna take five percent your bloating this one in the three because they ve lobbied you that's all that's all is about banks want to be able to get their hands on this money and crank up commissions in may the investments for you that's all this boils down to run into a due to one of my shows who was in iraq war veterans and he went in he actually volunteer for the army and then right after you volunteered
i remember which branch i said the album i might be wrong or right after you i think exactly the air force right after he volunteered nine slash eleven happened so right afterwards he's going to war and i had said that one of the first things that the united states government did was they printed iraqi money just fucking crazy amounts of interest flooded the market with fake money
that's how you crushing economy is that amazing like you know wanted to crush our economy they would just make just put millions and millions of dollars in the streets if he would go crazy when i'm by ferraris rose you be worth nothing happened here giving that's a couldn't happen here yes look did though the economies are based on anything that's what the idea of a gold standard that's why it's poster makes some sense and the idea though that you're you're gonna be able to make something like a dollar bill that can't be reproduced by somebody with nefarious means gal course they're gonna be able to figure that out man that this technology gets better they're not gonna be able to hold after that whole printing press thing people gotta figure humming money to this day the i forget what the iranians iraqi currency has blighted dinar think yes exact it is the low raided currency on the planet it's like
hundred thousand per one doubting whether you do then do you have to start from scratch you have to start the wholesale without a well you gotta go to the gold standard i mean it it's you gotta find something to tether it too yeah and then by then the military in the streets in you're fucked scramble it's amazing is you're talking about mesopotamia you're talking about the most fertile the or regions of all civilization and its box zone so amazing why i think did the counties of the world i think that they just been around you are here that's where civilization was invented so that that area these are the same assholes who develop there to my son was six thousand years ago they just stayed there everybody else let these people are fucking crazy the throne roxy people for dancing let's get out of here so every other civilization branched off from that one part they stayed get
yeah they got to store i got a double decker i'm fucking renting out the upstairs to my parents do you want when you go back to ohio do you relate to townies or do you think that ohio's like a better place to live to go back into our loring by i mean if i could have mongers housing you now people live great everyone has my sister has two kids works hair styles but she has a huge house and a huge yard so just seems weird and easier and more comfortable boards nights a stressful it's not it's weird its variation arisen in areas where you good house variation in the honey what goes away you can get anything and everything was like when you walk car at night and when you do certain things you i magri failsafe out there you could just sit there and just have money in your both in your hands and walked your car after going to a movie and no your shit remember dude from their video that you made the dude
until that when a buzz videos but away the heckler drunk heckler columbus maybe that one do that was awesome video you make you the way added it was so funny it was just do was so ridiculous but we missed the best part of the story because this guy who has shirt off my comrade show screaming yeah yeah yeah i can most days hugson was linked with the most ridiculous shed of all time whose just like so hammer do so crazy we ran until the end of the night for covered in blood shirt lists to somebody beat that gathers guy and i data like i'm sorry did we would in fact need now out don't eyes like shit yes this dude i was in nam i was in san jose of do their fuckin club in san jose anti improv yale back in may i was supposed to do it sometimes soon but the show got moved with her
i was gonna do the friday night before you say he always like a fool five hundred year old ancient now you know three charlie chaplin perform their cheese and you could if you need me this meeting of five hundred years on making sure that there are people in california five years ago stupid i now what would they asked facts do not stand up shop is not weird that just five years ago there is no people and you are a europe like talk about iraq is like thing how to finance a history at san jose improv as one of the most beautiful interiors the inside and the feel of it like it feels like like a season perform and yeah yeah well worn room and they got it runs a gm is fuckin trade and gray anyway freshness bowler yes bad by the fucker now that tell good due to he he goes boliden just fox people are apparently apparently he's like legit world class bowler go to vegas and people gamble in vegas you know that you're crazy we're out their vocation let go ball a few frames they start
can shed in here he comes over he knows how awesome until he knows how to play their ego and starts getting involved in a big gamble with some knucklehead the east come back with like sick money from ghana vegas any such as fucking cool guy unabashedly the real cool just a cool guy yeah he's and yet many went to vietnam three and a half years came back did is when one one hears the navy and now he's like yeah i get a hundred and twenty bucks a month and fuckin benefit because they all the benefits that you promised colluding laying down the beach hospital get get your glasses dental all that shit gonna do that at that's my what the fuck you get pray you got a war you put your from the line for the country you are fucking taking care of period
that is the biggest travesty happening we heard some you have seen fights we did it for the sum is too for traumatic brain injury blues called and was their building some huge thankfully how to raise money for it so they d have c4 raised a lot of money for about one of the things i think i was crazy that there's these billion dollar deals that these people like halliburton and companies rather like halliburton get billions ideals and in it somehow or another is not the money for these rehabilitation centres like that's insane the fact that they can profit off war me out and not be giving anything back in the form of some least it i'll do what what a charities doing it do that i'm in your profiting from the chair ass stepping in that's exactly why it's privatized because the u s government allows itself to be buffered from number one if there's a rape overseas it doesn't it does not
processed in u s courts the events tat they ve got all illegal people work and the jobs they tit tell these girls in the philippines halliburton through another agency that they get in there get a job doing hair styling and they're gonna make forty grand a year they take em off in their work and fuckin bird king in the mid in the middle east sleeping fuckin tankers and hey you off the money they had to pay to get over there for like five or six years before they make a dollar not declaring its fuckin slated slavery word they insist that you haven't written down somewhere so it's like ok to do yet somehow another it's not the u s government because the u s governess sub contracting to halliburton so that you know anything of any kind of lawsuits to come in don't data tat the u s government and so late so they're not paying out to the soldiers because they have no relationship they figured out a way to slavery without chains just make it so they can't leave the ass may mean you might lose one or two every now and then but you can get him back and get different ones and its
a terrifying sort of situation but that's like a lot of what's goin on apparently in part to the middle east in life bye dad did gone on in summer construction cited i think didn't vice do especial by the attitude of ice things do by brings in people from i don't know i can't member country it is but they bring a man on these they're not even the there live work visas that are like a week long the second year down with your work your gone you dont earn your way in and so did something like you know three quarters the work force is not from that country and they just heavy sprawling fucking perhaps the people live in and kick them out as soon as our no no coverage and accidents whatsoever is barbaric
fucked up too because again they were talking about the towns of the world so they really still our rock and at the same way they did a thousand years ago several thousand years ago they really are rocket like that just rock in it like that behind the rules when they re they do still still have kings there are some peace once dude who were we had brian on the podcast the other day david seamen he has and this is real name powerful desire is a great guy that is his real name and there was something that he had on his twitter page it showed how cnn had some stories about the arab spring uprising in bahrain and they decided not to air it and apparently bahrain is fact people start to make you two videos of it
to my mind because there's not enough interest in others some everyone's where saudi arabia everyone's aware of you know what's happening egypt everyone's aware of libya but in a lot of you are not aware of our aims is still trying to keep this one locked down in my everything else is going on there a rift fucking footage penance his government controlled media and their dunning people down there trying to stop a civil uprisen yes it's her roof ec stuff man who risk stuff and there's really graphic videos and bilbil on law and our interests in the irish spring ended about a year ago people even though it's gonna syria's worse than any event in people aren't even fuck and track and that doesn't like we we already had egypt we already had libya where we got our phil will people too our stand the park lips is here it just hasn't reach california but the a of urine bahrain that's the apocalypse friends or getting their heads blown off right next to you by sniper rifles that's the epoch
i mean this is a civil war people dying in the street the government's gunning down civilians i mean it's crazy this and what about the places that like egypt now has democratically elected do they really isn't the muslim brotherhood they were voted in an hour and then we're gonna one of their not as bad as people thank as they say that sound rather the sound scary you know what that is why those things where they can a sneak in they get an off as everything's cool i pretty gets a turkey thanks giving two years later the women are often fuckin potato sacks i wonder how much longer can work with the internet with the distribution of information that we have right now it's gets harder and harder to convince kids of nonsense is harder and harder it's not the same sort of animal that was around we grew up we when we grew up you know even if you didn't believe in god but made no sense you had your battery one hundred and one with everything and you know you believe it is real i did all that shit i was supposed to do even if you don't have a ton of faith in it you don't have
access to it were we didn't rather have the kind of access to information the kids out today could delay of a question by aiming wisest skyblue they google wide skyblue me kid just are growing up doing that now so they ever have a quite you you can't just bullshit them yes not your assuming the internet stays as free as it is now in use just by saint google you know so many people get their information from two portals you got wikipedia google and if those you know google is part of a multinational corporation and eventually they're going to rain it in because of corporate sponsors or because the same pressure cnn gets to not put out stuff about brain any big company is is ultimately going to be affected the people that are running it did you hear that some of those led hacker deeds hacked to us on an fbi laptop found the names of a hundred of fourteen million apple i owe s nose asia they found information on them and similar lay station three they cracked into that data
sing out all those names it's fucking crazy and xbox you look like you're not challenge and they said you'll never crack the woozy their playstation three xbox to challenge the hacker is basically to and i was just think they know they can get you anything but the the what was scary about it was that these you know that this whole hacker thing like really wasn't really recognised here i mean when like when you see like that guy kevin mitten you know like eyes you know the guys who say you're really famous hacker here he was a guy who had one when we entered they offered him a job eventually end one of the big companies who do language called phone freaking were you on foreign freaking you argue you figure out like how to get make calls a box there would say the tone down the line this is like this want to like the hacking systems like back when die
tone phones came on line when diet see before dial tones we all remember when you were really little kid you had to spend that dialogue which is really like aliens people today but when you dial the number you go down a large it was ridiculous and then they came out with a dial tone situation but would someone realise somewhere along the line is that either is a computer or something air facing on the other an that's responding to the tones and those tones represent a number so they find out what those tones represent and then we can fuckin do whatever we want to have access to free unlimited a long distance calling is very back then do you couldn't get long distance long distance was hard yeah i give you dated a girl and she lived in the five away like our cheese receives where the fuck over their long distance he out any any sort of state crossing state wants long distance does will a long distance call your fuckin parent scream at you re long distance could be ten miles away number used about
separate long distance company to lay out i ain t bad spread and my long this that's right sprinkle reminder do you remember when they used to have it for cell phones were long distance for cell phones was like super expensive raising dilemma that we raise these uses calling card which met you at the punch and about sixteen numbers before you put in the number your calling yes actually yeah i remember that but this this kevin mantelet guy start do and then eventually went to be some sort of a full own hacker but to go from there to be able to experience what's going on right now must be like really incredible to to witness where there's a group that he is actually opposed to there's a group that identifies itself as the some things they are an international web of hackers did get off i'm doing it and they ve done every time a little sick has always called for
one of anticipating i don't know of any second anonymous really does he came out against anonymous because he for him cracking the codes was about science it was about the art of doing right and these guys are much more into sabotage they have a political agenda you know the they out corporations and they blackmail them and so you know that the bottom line is you're never going to get the talent on the payrolls that is gonna be out air because their independent minded bull their anti establishment people need no they don't want to be in a payroll because they don't there i've told what to do they offer they offer this guy job and he went to microsoft or one of those big companies like six months they basely while i'm off the streets they want them in house and he just got bored left without was the big issue was that why did the f b i have these fourteen million io s users information why they have that on their laptop like that's like what how much what what to what extent is
spying already going on almost every american civilian we got a pretty fuckin crazy do feel like when you're making a text message that you sending it to the government as well i saw my dad they seeing me talk about falcon farts naomi like what have i am not worried about anything i understand we now worried about it but i do understand that giving people that kind of access to information is not its not cool but who are they why should we agree that they should be the ones who are allowed to look at all this stuff and be fair and this data i think that's nicholas it's ridiculous to allow someone to be in that sort of virus its position and not yet i mean look at looketh anonymous or look at any of these hacking groups they those five when they had one people act like you know play station assuming that
if you were in the right circles you'll be able to have that file you know and you can all others when you try to say like it's it's if you wanted information they give you wanted all this information you yourself could get it right now if you went online like give you wanted all these people's ps3 names and numbers are oh o s six formations you know the fbi our line also there aren't any websites that you can download all this information off there's torrent websites where you can download soul information some real absolute so what are these websites is hersant does fbi like guy he his job could have been like going to torrent websites and downloading shit you know he might also had leaned the beast and three d you know on his on his lap happy now who who knows who cares i mean like it got a single you out there they're going to single you out i look to divert conclude we appreciate your
you not want to get upset at the experience who gives a fuck i'm not doing anything wrong but the problem as you give people too much power and they fucking abuse the airline that arose psychological like fish save their set up indoor system did not supposed to have which powers was like a whole checks and balances system and make sure that people don't get out of hand because they do naturally if someone on a sudden can check your phone summon all sudden can read all your emails they're going to yet my lot online is right now that seem safe because there's no imminent regret but you see gallic rick perry become president of the eye and say i know they're gonna go out and we want the christian values protected in this country and they're gonna start going after the guys who put their dicks online and you're going to be fuckin how can we rounded you're good they're gonna turn away when anonymous his way more intelligent than the government you know their hackers are way better than she walked coat
take over you think that that will eventually happen that's a fascinating idea the idea that the civilization we takin over through the internet and that the is because everything is gonna be run through the internet they figure out some way of having a constantly changing code you can never cracked and they adjusted nebulae wealth and then if you ll songs you keep you should together they keep everything rulings move even look we did for us to know the court i israel it too i rand's internet you know they fuckin blew it up they re but a crack every you know we're talking about the most intense firewalls that there could be put up by a pretty wealthy country i ran and they got in there and they fuckin destroyed everything and i think you're right it's gotta be a fail safe in place for every country and an overall scheme i mean there's no way somebody's not had the foresight to put that stuff in jail
canada is it's kind of amazing when you stop and think about the ultimate goal of all this stuff is to connect us all in some really fuckin strange way the ultimate goal of wireless technologies that there's not going to be any privacy in a decade from one exists it is something that we look back and when we were kids you can be a month ago i went to rents this six foot like rumour whenever two years ago at three hundred and fifteen one thousand seven hundred and eight here's the date you're going to take the date the time i wanna see video and hear sound of what happened in that room now that you will be a bay eventually will be well you know the idea that has been proposed is that if you get a computer that strong enough and rapid ahead on this is really hard to fuck and absorb that have you computer that strong enough to record everything that has happened
in this world like every person that existence world every business has been created and put all of this into a data bank and its trap allayed over a period of no more than you know x amount of days or hours did computer with given enough data giving the knowing the characteristics of always be which eventually they'll be no room there ll be no limitations when it comes to processing power and no limitations when it comes to store space you literally will be able to store everything than ever happens and that computer with just a few weeks of data my be able to go backwards mathematically and tell you the absolute accurate origins of life on earth that it might literally by studying things not just on a the level but like on a subatomic level this might be enough information that they could figure out pretty accurately what happened like how a human being even came from the primordial slime how it got to be a human
it might be able to show you the other the birth of culture and it might be able to show you with it with a supercomputer like what's caused all of this like what how they distort cause that neck was this like it might be something that you could figure out mathematically well it's amazing is that how slow evolution is i mean you people thinkers it'll i mean physical evolution take so long you you can't even wrap your head around the amount of time that it would take for hair too grow on your no yeah you know i mean it you're talking fuckin millions of years of time for shit to really happen so it's you know you know what's crazy not always man one of the things that are denounces out in some instances it takes place much quicker than the expected like in the congo the congo's a rare spot because it used to be grasslands but then became a rain forests pretty quickly and law animals got trapped grasslands animals like antelopes stuff they got trapped in the congo and some of them learn how fuckin swim theirs
animal that's an answer what thing it's called a dagger and it swims in each fish they can go into water a hundred yards amidst fucking crazy this is an antelope man minutes adapted and evolved and if you look at all of these animals that exist is a bbc congo documentary that i've brought up before if you can find it online get it it's fucking sensational it just shows you all the freaky shit that's in the congo birds and lizards in the fuckin the fish that come out of the water and walk to the next jump in the minutes fuckin knots man that's its really really weird spot in this world and what i now costs is called congo to bbc documentary on the congo but these fuckin things of this is only happened over a couple thousand ear and so they wonder like when this antelope start swimming in eating fish like it before i was out a little like almost like a little tiny dear you're running around but now it's eating fish like what
fuck man like hell you wonder about a guy like you know they get that nuclear power plant down the coast here and eight they talk about the changes in the fish around is this a certain man a heat that emanates from the power of the ocean and they say that has been a change in the looks of some of them jesus christ haven't i we're dinner is wondering what would happens if you eat meat if i think will be really bad for the fish to get all that radioactivity but how bad is it for you to eat like a radioactive helmet so i say don't eat all fish stony fuckin tony soon out of the efficient lives and dies very quickly saddened because the long at around more there they're taking in target is is it specifically what's the metal that you arsenic one of em no mercury mercury yeah the long they live the more mercury goes in their system i had a test for high levels worse net for meeting to me sardines no shit yeah i like the authorities wish you much candidates
comes to ask how so disgusting but i enjoyed it i smell why try to make me feel bad characters rosier tunnels breath went get it i did roger dials tv shows of tb shown over while i was certain ice yeah yeah she nice gimme beheld in everything she's into conspiracy theories she had heard a huge yes ice on nine eleven choice to talk scum it's got a valid points hey show is honest i respect actions and of any wacko rate or on my side you know i'm all i'm one of those guys it out listen to anybody anybody tell him any crazy conspiracy theory allison for the most part but i when people just really region and she wound and she's you know she was on our show that elizabeth ample bag is like they're really hot check has subaru power again they would go to we're about like tat
seven nine eleven conspiracies yeah and she also sets she didn't she defend what's his name melt gibson not really she says i forget not fall on the fence but sort of lay way more than i should again like but here's the thing about i think being somebody who is an altar an alternate lifestyle person where is you have to depart from the status quo too be who you really are and i think with that you get some clarity and some truth in your life that you can apply to other thanks coherency here's would have because she's she's different so i think once your label different freeze you away that's interest yeah well she doesn't have to conform and she's a big lesbian everyone knows is lesbians powerful she a lot of money chicks liker subjects its customary it's a tricky situation pierre had brightly we freeze up chosen unfrozen kids came back
ask your video that's voodoo frozen lotta people watch the video as many we just whip it's probably do way better footing even have it do you sir i just released day i guess i was audio only of garden parker s calm ready of garden by hall has got that's the name of the fog actually recorded lighted the garden is pretty stupid they let you do we have to show you the day in these people broad brian breads this law of garden of garden bag is became the most ridiculous repetitive so silly but by the way how awesome was that fuckin show our raising did it both friday and saturday night with doug stan open in joe ideas in a hurry so much fun we we were supposed to do chosen vegas and also yossi and various whether the
their cancelled so we we moved into the ice house tat you do go up there much besides when you do my shows that you do weakens there have never done it my like i've loved you ask them said one of them clubs ever so perfect sister old season place shortens fuckin like really low ceiling agreeably tight tides lie but now he's perfect perfect right i did i did some sort of a show i think george lopez hosted in teen ninety for those of us on our way to the ice house wait it was only for you six with an anti shower they did this for a damn he was he was twenty and i was stage at the ice house two and some tv show yeah i did show i think george lopez didn't know your i hosted a very low tino club tourism nothing more now we waited up we waited the shit out of it
still not a levy nausea that areas go a little at san jose is like a we brought in a lot of white boys yeah runaway kids the writings of age they said it is a totally different vibe to the club now to be been doing allow shows there which is great in our though the waiters and the people who work there always complementing the audiences zone ass their yeah we bring in a nice group if people were supermarket and don't think that we don't appreciate the flock because i know people that are scare their audiences and they don't hang out there on the run from them again you know it's nice you know like after shows we were always there talking with we had many nights where we stay told one thirty in the morning now remember the lash monies did out there and i was really nice an orderly they sort of like people lie down came and took a picture said allow me just sail but there was a lot of it is cool conversations tat the guy i told you the iraq i who told me about going over there and flooding the economy with money tat whole really
think was just a young kid just fucking fog up joined areas in this crazy my first reaches what it was about how he was there and he was you now talking to someone who is like a sergeant some guy i've been there for a while and say well you know we're over here to fight for freedom now something i was what the fuck are you talking about because we're here to get oil enabling white we're here for the oil we gotta control the oil that's why we're here they built a pot of a pipe from kosovo there prepared for this year and he was i and your members in talking about like talking about how you remember said there was this like a shattering moment in his life was like holy shit this is in a moving now this this this is crazy he vote here for some naughty ass fuckin war while every fuckin war man every war that we ve ever fought but another reason yet about one in a whisper
the people who joined after nine eleven there's a lot of people to join that really thought there we're gonna do a difference there really thought they're gonna go straight fuckin war hero style and may claim america young that's true every everywhere we ve done it pretty much except vietnam i think the reason why they had a drought people here because vietnam's super unpopular war that we probably never could get off today it just with the the internet you would be able to pull off that sort of golf tonkin incident they would have to actually have a real event there they ve done that before man will hitler did the nero did the levels linking an illusion fanny they say that it is good that happened twenty two months before or we declared war that was it that was just an excuse we use because we were in emerging nation we wanted to be one of the big boys and it was this war going on and we said fuck if germany wins ribbons
applying we were making a ton of money supplying the the allied forces and if they lost we were never gonna get they owed us fuckin billions in debt they law we weren't get that money we wouldn't it to hedge our best and make sure that they went the right way yeah so we attended the lusitania was the reason we were going in a bunch of them africans run a fairy ship they get sore let's get in there and they played wait on the heart strings and will before drones and missiles and high speed aircraft and all this shit that we have today you had you strategy to win a war and strategy much like in chess involves sacrifice okay and there's no way to win a war if you're not willing to sacrifice some of your troops unless you understand that you're going to be a shity general and you're going to make even more people died okay so the realities of war that you do something unbelievably horrific and make sure that a certain amount of people die apart
up to now the final word said by marlon brando he says do you think we're gonna this war and he goes we came we vaccinated a bunch a bunch of kids who who'd been infected their arms with their legs have been infected with gangrene ever and we inoculated them and tribal whose came back and when they found that we got it machetes off the limbs of all the children and that's in essen marlon brando went like that's how you in a war when you're willing to do that you whenever you gotta be willing to take it to the very very the highest human level and that includes doing horrific things your enemy if you have read the accounts of what the american soldiers did to american indians native americans when they were trying to clear out land they did some horizon this thing would wear like women's vaginas on their hats where the average american soldiers yeah there's a lot of accounts that shit what is like hair pieces
just put it on their hat you know just like they have a fucking cowboy had just stick a woman's pussy to their hat they cut of an indian that they butchered our like a mirror the native american i should so vague mustache or slow i got a gun into this this weird sort of native american fascination thing for a while and i was reading a lot of shit about how he it just the different ways that the the the the people that migrated here started just killing them i am in and how like these like people had no idea what the fuck was common i mean it's really an incredible amount of people were wiped out over a short period of time and it doesn't get nearly the amount of attention and respects like in our culture this it deserves genocide yes slavery gets a lot more work is it was a joy ass before that we kind of like stop that sort of at the same time but
do you know it's really in horrific thing you will stop and look at the actual numbers of people have died or people look at the germans and i still got you know the stigma of patsy determines will stay with the germans for ever but what you don't look at is you know what great britain did around the world where you talkin about africa india you know what they do people who died in the name of manifest destiny or christianity you know the british are truly the per capita have come more atrocities than any race in history and yet wasps in this country it doesn't get any better they are the most heralded there's no decent racist jokes about the british troops of your teeth as our bad not bad at all it is as to their big medina because a bigger head so that their basic your heads i didn't the report by aids
well what what's really incredible that we're up there byproduct of all that craziness other being and pillaging and sword fighting and shit it's all come to you native americans being killed and people tracking across a bone here we aren't we were at the very end of the time where the the coast of california the united states the last bought the people settled in the free world here this is the new worlds final chapter i mean if you really stop and think about there's no unless antarctica defrost and we start moving cities up there and if that becomes like the new cool place like the perfect rather less than two billion lend you know l a sudden greenland became now iceland became the because it's warm the fuck up and they were this hot checks when everybody when it became like them the fastest growing economy in the world for a while we have allowed accept the fact that this whole planet spins in a weird way in
it goes through cycles were shake it's really fuckin cold air and when that happens in your spot you gotta move you can't be we can't be like plainly dedicated to one spot at ridiculous because you look at the history of the world find these men who don t v in montana these giant sharp teeth from his fuckin eighty foot long monster shark that used to live they find them in montana that means montana was the ocean you can't just say to both the origin to you can't goes away it's gonna get you you got it you can't if you live in and malibu you live in a fucking dream arise people that live like on the water good luck car uri at the edge or you that confident the edge is gonna stay there give put your finger right near a fan everyday life down living in a later oh yeah you re out exactly but i think that if the real the real thing happens like that like something that the water comes this foreign you know we're dead word
dead will you look just like i was down in mexico at easter and we were in you know south coon at home that only a razor yeah exactly problem that was you know we're going to snow days and you go down a hundred feet and their showing you in the caves all of these fuckin did you know that the ocean basically there was a sooner army that landed on that area and it took thousands of years i think for the water to drain through that land again an end it was just was fuckin underwater there there finding hundreds of cities in europe and in the in the oceans their finding the remnants is on a constant basis and like you know it's happenings i said hundreds but it's really been dozens and are really has been like super frequented defining more more these ancient civilizations and are underwater gonna it's it's just gonna happen just what it is that the earth doesn't give a fuck about you ever they used to be the holding of like
the law city of atlantis like now there's about a thousand of the slices they went underwater yeah there's so much underwater shit there simeon and by the way how much is underwater me like would you get like ten thousand years for the ocean changes we can never recognise it again how long's it actually stay with all those waves and should happening how long before that stuff is unrecognizable i want a lot are we going to see a sand covered in sand and shit fuck it ships are out there what a terrifying waited die that must have been given a boat hidden iceberg and then realize you're just fuckin days by boat from anywhere hair out in the middle of the ocean i do and i went this book boarding yesterday and i went too far out in big fuckin waves low so i get fucking slow first i'm going under these giant waves i mean they dislike seven foot waves and start going under them and then which you know we can do but then it was fuckin
sucking me and i'd spin so i do it like three or four times and i'm trying to go out past the waves so that i can get my air work as i get me and i look around i'm fuckin like fifty yards out and i just start so then i finally catch one i take a little bit then i go under flipped around and now i can touch the sand but the way there are still fuck enjoy and so their landing on me and i can't get under the weight so it's fuckin hit me into the sand and spinning and i take it up so long story short i finally fuckin just scramble and is a lifeguard waist deep common at me and he said no you're right it's like you gonna fuck em and the thing is i eat my wife do how much people watching my family all my friends and shit and there are were you scared and i was like i didn't have time it never heard to me because i'm sure it's like when you fight if you stop and our
scared for second you lost your fuckin ability to problem solved yes and am i back is on fire today i realise how fucked up i got was the only way to stop the films to get over it now mean that fulfilling being in water it s getting like tossed it you know like aids is saw its if you haven't had an experience like that we have to really operate under extreme pressure can be really debilitating some people just immediately give up its really scary where some people find like surprising resolve so weird thing about human beings like how much you're you're mine is capable of doing five men and people of one way or the other wrap this up because we're running out of time it at three hours you stream turns into a pumpkin with three articles on finance we did it again i wish you every time fitzsimons i love that spinning
fine but oh yeah i mean as far as like people that i know you like europe there like one along this people still in contact with my life feels good it's great body tat we can also find principle definitely powerful look at him i went to bed when is it tarrytown new york september fourteenth at the music call for let's do this as a promo code till till the ninth go to fits dog i'll get tickets pudding fits dog and the promo code when you get you take its ten dollar tickets tell your free tell your family got a jam this place to shows on a friday night i'll be doing that monsieur i've been doing for three years and now it down i'm ready i want you dare to share with you look very confirm my friend you a greater rocker all i feel regret that was a very fine sent up has been doing it like i said twenty what do we have twenty three years now do it sounds of our eye some like crazy old school skills son so go check that out where you website again fits dog
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