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Tom Segura, Brian Redban - Date: 09/11/2012
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Already live. Damn watch me tweet and talk at the same time. You know there's a lot of guitar players that can do that tweet in guitar yeah. They can sing and talk. At the same time me, I can't even type and talk at the same time, and I don't have to keep any kind of spell experience wrong. How do you sing and talk at the same time? It seems because of this thing I mean sing and play guitar at the same time, but they also play guitar and like keep playing the song and then talk to you about some something I mean like, like God, no man when you get down, they need to make it left and they're still playing the exact. You know some of their brain can do both it's like drummers, I don't get that were not drummer has like one beat on one leg: one beat on the other leg, one dude, how God dam impressive, is dices kid yeah MAX is a fucking beast, really, oh, my god we
mad MAX Silverstein. He came on the show with dice and we played a video of it. I'd seen him do it live when we went to dices show 'cause he does. He does like a his and does a song before dice comes out. So I knew that the kids could play the drums, but there's a video of I'm at the comedy lab next to the improv. Who shows it on uh I don't know whatever it was the fucking kids insane I mean he's not just good at the drums he's sick, I mean Well, it looks like a fucking professional. Really, oh, it's amazing man, the hand eye coordination is ridiculous. I mean he fucking goes off on this solo and he nails it. He nails it perfect and it's one of those one those moments like that. Kids, a bad mother, fucker that kid could be a bad mother, fuc write anything he wants anything he wants his fucking dad great job raising him and that that kid loves his father,
now. That is a beautiful thing to watch Dyson his kid for he loves his fuckin' kids man and they love him and they're. All empowered, like his son, is super confident, young and strong and smart, and you know he's fucking. Got a real shot, a real shot. You know without anybody's help, just from talent just from you know, The ability to play drums like that. You can do that. I really believe you get applied that shirt to anything and if you go to on it using coupon code, Rogaine give yourself some alpha brain and learn to function on my level son so same with people, Make fun of me for this alpha brain, but you can all go fuck yourself. If you take it and you don't see any results, I think something wrong with your brain need to go to a doctor. You define or you need to Tommy me
held up his arms and showed his throne throne finals around the scrambles guns around this room, What is alpha brain? It's really. It's all bets best explained on it. I'm Tom 'cause. It was written by sober people. First of all, second of all, people who understand science other than my level of understanding, which is repeating ship that other people understand. But I don't ever really understand people's evolution I think there is certainly a lot of evidence for natural selection adaptation and that it's most likely the way things. Involved, but there's some holes in it. There's some holes yeah, talk about having question for talk about a man. Well, I thought this way this ship roles. Here I want to, thank God it's I come for supporting us. We got hacked recently folks and we had to severely upgrade our technique system, whoever it is that the website.
Your faces with. I learn something new by the way, I'm passwords, if you use like a regular word as a password, maybe a number you know: that's ok, but the hardest thing that would take like Africa. Like thirty, two years for a computer to hack is, if you just. Three random words and put them together like Taco Bell, fart head, cap or something like that. Yeah yeah, and that way the computer will never just the odds that it will get to that point. It's like thirty, two years yeah, but then they just have a new computer search engine. They like yeah, what bitc and they'll nail it quicker. We just about the capital and lowercase thing. That matters really most things but Vionic, dot, com spell Onnit and if you go there and stay, is the eleven September 11th and uh. If you go for one more day use the code got your back and you get eighteen percent off of everything that includes kettle bell
and battle ropes because normally the coupon code, coupon code of Rogan only works for uh. Supplements. It doesn't work for the kettle bells in the battle robes the reason being is that we sell those literally as cheap as is humanly possible, but because of this Phuc up, because the fact Everybody feels terrible that this I got hacked or they do I don't know whether or not anybody's credit card information got compromised. So far, no one has reported any, substantiated fraud, I think they call it, but whatever it is, some scumbags figured out a way to get in our system. It's just, I thought understand the way they do it. I've completely talking like I'm explaining French to you, though I don't speak French, so I can never really comment, but As far as I know, I mean it's really I think
for a lot of these guys, it's fun to see how they can sneak into systems even if they're, not stealing, anything. I think the game script. Kids that are just really bro and they figure out how to sneak into your system. It's all against the hunt men they like trying to see how far I didn't see you after some hackers the other day, but you do I'll talk on pull limit yeah. Let me just get through with this. The so because of that everybody's very bummed. Out about that that your credit card information has been compromised. If you go to to onnit dot com, slash breach explain all that it's just an unfortunate aspect of doing business on the internet. We apologize and nobody nobody foresaw it this way. We've beefed up the security considerably. So hopefully again whoever had this. Please don't do that thanks. You don't have to do that. That's mean. I know can do it. Ok, we know you can do it. Please don't do it I don't want anybody get caught and go to jail for something stupid like that, and if that's, how you're making your money, how dare you go? Get a fuckin' respectable
We set up a bit you're, stealing numbers from offline. You can't do that. Man you guys, whoever you are. I want to give a shout out powerful shot. Also anonymous. Well sack shout out there right out of the hackers in the world yeah man you know, there's a certain there's, a certain amount of morals that are. Internet when it? how things get done as well. You know, there's there's a is a moral attitude at the internet and then I think more mirrors society than it does the shit that you see on television, Shame that you see in the news now there's a link anything goes down like the difference between like damn, we shouldn't do this in a car. Oh yeah, through this show Joerogan dot net. That's my website, where you go to onit dot com use, Oh the other phone yeah! That's not! For today, though, do not sponsor us like that. It's only a part time thing with the thing we're just trying it out and see how it works is the phone is phenomenal. The Samsung Galaxy S, threes
and is the share? Is it really sweet? Sexy looks amazing. It's really great, it's gotta see every now and then a little hiccup here and there. But it's really special. I need to phone it's a special phone. What's the quips about it, but it just seems like I think the my phone is a really well designed phone man tomorrow. It's the way is it tomorrow, then it comes out the way the when you, the touchscreen first of all, is better than anything on the planet. The best touch the quality of it feels better than anything. I when you have the case, Iphone. You just feel that metal and glass- it's like the sexiest piece of equipment ever, but you got to walk around with a condom on it because you know it's so breakable, but but it's still super duper. Fuckin' sexy I mean So if you hold on to that thing, I mean feel that that's a gene this piece of device, and so it's phone, is to always a little better than everything. I've tried the way
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the Joe Rogan experience. Podcast oh sweetness, Tommy runs in the Fucking house. Lazy. Gentlemen: Tommy that's going to have your body we're about to just talk nonsense and go through are some Tommy buns hits me with. Do you believe in evolution thrown heavyhanded question as the second right have bombed open around words is funny because I was watching this thing about in this guy was like this guy. I can believe that evolution should be taught in the classrooms and it was like a political ad, like
We would like this that appeals to somebody they like yeah fuck, that guy he thinks evolution should be taught this guys fucking asshole, like really there's that there's actually enough people that believe, like I'm, not a science expert, so I don't want anyone to think like wait, a minute you're about to not a scientist. I know I mean I know what point do you become an expert, because if you were just you and you lived in the 1400s you'd be a fucking science. Actually, probably right, maybe like electricity is God's way of showing you his anger, well. No, actually, it's just some ship, that's formed by the clouds in the atmosphere and my presidency, yeah fuckin' scientists. You could explain so much shit to these people will actually. I would just know it and not know how to explain it. Then it would be like You draw you dry earth round and they're like how do you know it's 'cause I've seen you would would work with those people.
Couple days, then you be so annoyed you like listen. You have to listen to me. I mean new king and I'm going to show you how to build an airplane, maybe like an airplane with a funky talking about get some would get someone I'm going to show you things you need. This is going to be straight like that think like a bird, but then with the tail up in the air's air draft from above and below people would go. Where did you get this idea from? I don't know man they just come to Maine to just come to me. You draw like bows and arrows for, like Davinci was like from the future and went to the past. I think the Davinci have too many ideas yeah. You know what people love to say when there's a guy like Davinci and I wanted to say it just out of instinct- it's probably like Aspergers so they just like. You always want to say something like that, like that, there's so where you could be better off with that, guy that brilliant and not be fuckedup like I'm, not willing to believe it. You know, I don't think that I mean keeping like. I almost agree that, like I don't think you could go to Davinci and be like How do you like your eggs man? He was like you know. Actually I think he would be talking about all kinds of weird shape.
Like thinking about what you would look like if you cleave due in half and pulled your and could he draw those two sides want donate your body like today, you like no not dead yet. Did you ever see that exhibit that body works exhibit where they take? by together, yeah, that's right, it's created is creepy as fuck dude and they were stopping us from taking pictures. Ever they told us our phones away, but I had to take camera pictures on the sneak tip, yeah yeah. No flash horse. Remember the horse: they had this like real horse that had been like most was that if you did this, if you haven't seen it folks, body works exhibit is an exhibit where they take a bunch of dead bodies and through. Some new method of somehow another coding with plastic and infusing plastic into the muscles. It doesn't change the appearance, but it completely stops them from decaying. So it's really creepy, give you different, actually yeah, so they give you like
origin while thus yeah, that's, what's really fucked up is dead. The clinical aspect of the dissection of the bodies on display was a little disturbing because it was almost like butcher. Ask it's like if this was a guy's base, You would want him locked up forever This guy would be one of the most horrific serial killers and twisted Fox ever ever, even if he was a grave robber and he did this, you would want this mother fucker locked up forever, but you can do it and somehow because you've involved plastic, which is that it's been like government sanctioned or something now you can just. Display. These dead bodies and people can come and pay like. Where did you these bodies, exactly I mean it's not even like under, like heavy scrutiny, some of them had like bullet wounds or something and bullet holes that exhibit even still around it's gotta smell by now. The one that I saw, I saw it in Vegas, it was, I think, was the Luxor.
Yeah an too much sadness for one day. At the end, they said that all the bodies in that exhibit were from China. Yeah wow chinese yeah. Oh my god, yeah! That's! very because when you're from a country that has been known to do some really horrific things to like prisoners and shitton, pretty questionable track record. Right, but it doesn't seem to be that there's that many of 'em in china- and so it's uh, or rather that there's too many of them in China yeah, but there's so many. So and in some areas the overpopulation has gotten to a point where sort of devalued life in a lot of ways. You start hearing the stories about, forcing them to only have one child, and so these terrible stories of families, drowning chinese girls,
So it's really horrific because they want a boy. Yeah means this fucking crazy. I don't know if that's propaganda. Thus I really honestly shouldn't be well outside of like outside of the major cities. There's a lot of like straight like out in the countryside, which is hundreds of millions of people. There's extreme poverty. There's extreme literacy. There's you know, there's not any health care or anything. It's just hundreds of millions of people outside of major cities. It's when you that mean that kind of poor I mean we have. We just haven't figured that out. Yet I don't I don't think most Americans have really like put that into their head, like that level at the level of poverty that it exists in other countries. We have a trim poverty, but it's you know that it's not like really what you see here in third, we have heard of it
poverty, but even just existing in a welfare state is way better than a giant chunk of the world. Has access to you know if you think about like what what it would be like if you just had a roll the dice and you wind up in Nigeria. You're, a baby in Nigeria, and it's flies and mosquitoes and malaria is that dude's got a hyena on a chain any like what the fuck would you most of Africa is fucking crazy so while crazy placement- I just got back from there, did you really just in South Africa all that's right. You would do gigs out there is awesome was so cool people were so nice brows were fuck an awesome and then I met other Africans. There were in South Africa and I learned like that's the destination like if you live in Botswana, Mozambique, maybe you go like I want to go to South Africa. That's the that is the crown jewels.
Because that's the most developed like by far by far by far and like when I was in the casino walking through with this comic who is from, I think he was from former Nigeria or somewhere. I don't know Mozambique. I think- and I was like so what's like your country like he was like man he's like you know how you picture Africa and I was like yeah he's like that's what it's like like his flicking open terrain and animals and tribal schitt, and he goes this shit right here. The casino the only thing like this in my country is like where the king lives like that's it there's no shit like this at all.
That's going to be so weird to have one city, that's like on top of the ball, and everything else is just as yet barely keeping it to hear their fairly keeping it together. Yeah it was, but it was it was. It was an awesome experience. People were with the crowds like so good, very like mixed crowds and just juiced for the show. So I mean, I would say out of one thousand five hundred black coat. Chunks go? If I can kill you understand american black humor totally, really they got it, they totally get it. They got I got everything I got everything, then. Why did you find you find them to be like India?
harsh material. Are they just? It was interesting out all the local guys. We saw a bunch of some south african comics and a lot of them are have very political material and because it's a very politically charged atmosphere. You think about that, like they got democracy in ninety four, so it's kind of like us. You know you just fast forward, like you know like the 60s and 70s really politically charged in America right and then and then there's like it's fresh. So that's what everybody talks about. We talk about politics and things going on, but it's like south african politics and then we go in and we'll talk about the mundane like just silly like observation, Ull ship and some of the local guys were saying the leg. That's so unusual for them like that. Somebody would just-
about some like small observation they made, because it's all about making an impact with like your observation, about what's really going on in the world or in the country right now. So everybody is a preacher. I mean there's a lot. He said that you can go to like you can do go to a stand up show in South Africa. That's all locals and they'll all hit on political should he said, that's not uncommon at all. That's in Is it funny? Did you find it funny? There's this guy David Cow is a south african comic and he was fucking yeah. I don't even know what like he was like. You know when somebody is really good and you don't necessarily get the reference you laugh anyway, like you, don't even like you don't know, I don't know what that was right right right. You still laugh just 'cause, it's just timing. It's funny. It was like that devastated the place. Yeah I mean he was
so, but he was all like. It was all about s atlantic current shift in South Africa, and it was like it was wonderful that would translate like if he did the Usi think it. I don't think it would only act would, but I think he's good where he would just need to figure out he's figured out well. That was something that never happened with the Boston guys. There was a bunch of guys from Boston that Boston, like no other place, does like local material. Like my Twenty minutes was all local material because you knew it would work. It was like almost like well, first of all, a lot of really funny shit about Boston and people from Boston Love, laughing about Boston yeah, so like everybody that was like really strong, had such a Boston centric, ACT like Steve, Sweeney in Boston. I'll put him up there with the greatest stand up. Performances of all time. Tell you Steve Sweeney in Boston in the 80s used lay them down.
Do you just boom like he was bowl, it strikes crushing with this Boston, material and he's just such a funny guy. He just such a funny guy and he had been in through the like the Hard Boston Club scene for over a decade or I ever saw him yeah. You know I mean he's just he was just a bad mother fucker and that guy you know when he would go to California, lose like a big chunk of his act or because you couldn't talk about that, anymore, it was so frustrating to me. I was like man, you could do that about anything. You could hit that level of comedy. He could do that with anything. Yeah the thing about that. We all everybody thought this by the way we all go. I was there Christina was on the the show to finesse Mitchell in bag, Mitch Fatal, brine hangar, and we all watch David. We're like he goes to stay.
It's. Why unfucking like he need to work like kind of week after week, right and just if he did that for just a few months he would put together a stellar fuckin' act, I'm sure Well, I think now, especially because the internet, the guys that are coming up over the next ten years, there's a lot of good guys, and I think that a lot of these good, up and coming stands up stand. The have had a chance to So many good acts, so that, even if in their in their area in their area is not so good, there's all time, roman mentioning names, but there's some places you'll go and like oh he's, the funniest local guy. He should have him open for you, the guy open for you any fucking deaf. Nonsense and his bad hacky tricks. You know, like oh, Christ, but if you that community, all you really need is stage time if you've got like access to '
You can watch the Kinison archives. You could see Bill Hicks stuff, you could see Stan hope you can see David tell you could see Norton. You can see all these different comics online. You can sort of get. What do you enjoy you enjoy- and I know you don't enjoy that guys doing so. Instead of thinking about, like the hack, stuff that's in your neighborhood. You have access to all this stuff, whereas, like in this the eighties. When I started out there was no access to that other than like cds and cassettes. It wasn't his immediate or moves way more difficult to sort of, create a scene or two you to get good without, like a good scene around you, yeah yeah. You know 'cause. I always feel like I'm only as good as the guys that I see around me on a regular basis and the guys that I performed with databases. Stuck somewhere, where you don't see a lot of good shit exactly would affect your game. Yeah It's like when I see someone really good like when someone Stanhopes in town or when I cds go
and kill or a towel or something you know someone. I really respect and I see their act. I get so charged up it gives me energy to buy or make things yeah. It definitely is that little juice that little the little squirt of just some push to get you forward. You know, That's like so important for nothing like seeing great stand when you're a stand up. When you see somebody great right at the show, your at your like fox I'm not fair. Watching stand up. Like I like, when I'm at the comedy clubs, I tried not to watch anybody. I don't watch a lot of stand up, but I do If the, if I know said, there's somebody there, I want to see you know or somebody I know, I'm like a friend of mine or somebody who stuck in those two persons really good. I don't sit throttle, shows but I'll watch that person, and sometimes it is like man, that's fucking, so excited you get pumped up about it. You, like that's awesome
like, like it makes you want to work like a watch. Joey Diaz. Do one thousand sets in a row, probably well yeah, there's. Definitely certain people but like if I'm like you know the improper, whatever the ice house and there's like all these comics going up. I would not I don't like sitting there watching them 'cause. It seems like to me it just I'm too scared. Of going there and then having that like something in the back of my head from somebody else or it seems like that's really easy to do. I get I get out get anxiety when I, when I sit around I'm just watching like a just comic actor, Not I get get like. I can't sit here right now just get like I got em like I got. I got to get up. I gotta! I can't sit through this if I think it's like, if I sit in this like a minute in and I'm like off, this is not going to be. This is not good. I have and leave. You can't watch bad agenda as we say and do it so you can watch like Louis K for a fucking hours, but you can't watch a bunch of like I want to say any names but there's
certain group of people that you know you've seen them do stand up and you never going to understand it. Yet there's still bumping around and you might be in the back of the room one day and they're on stage and you almost have a heart attack, locking up and out you gotta get out of the room. They will infect you I think yeah. Well, do you know this real thought behind that this sounds crazy, but it's the schizophrenics something happen. Is to schizophrenics- and I believe it's called Allah Frenyea and it's a a very rare, situation where people will go to visit crazy people and become crazy while they they visited them really yeah, and They don't know they don't know exactly what it and they think it might be firm onal. It might be uh It might be something in the way you interact with this person, but it has happened before where people have gone into visit, people who are fucking crazy and they all the sun
people like we're going to have to keep an eye on you and then boom. So it's just like almost like the association with that person, but it could be that they were just always crazy a spot. Nobody could we hold it out of it you're with them. It's almost like when you what's it called when you like Stockholm Syndrome, where you start, you start things, guys with your computer, but I mean like it's like you, there's a certain exposure to that person. That starts to affect you like on a deeper level. I don't know enough about. Humans affect each other. To really- and I was when I was in college, I was in Psych one hundred and one our teacher one day. We were talking about, you know you going through all the basics and then he gets to schizophrenia and he's like ok, he writes it on the board and he's like schizophrenia is the worst thing that could ever happen to you and this kid in his class in our class raises. And he's like yeah he's like I have schizophrenia. I don't think it's the worst thing that could ever happen, and we were all like how you just post office. Schizophrenic guy
and then he's like well, what I meant was there are different stages of schizophrenia and that the worst one is the worst thing that could happen to you, which one do you have do you have any like. I have like a less like you know severe he's like oh yeah, that's not what I meant but nice, if he really bad guys back pedal, I'm trying to find the name of this this thing, but that were words happen, poor serve the rare case of people who visited schizophrenia. So I can't I can't define so I might. I might be talking a little bit of ship, because I'm just repeating things that I think it was. I think it was turned to Mccanna Terence Mckenna, lecture, but uhm The idea was that one of the things that they think about some people, when they start to lose their mind, is that it becomes
terminal problem when they're giving off it's weird smell to people like this. This you know this. What is how would you describe? Fairmount hormonal smell against an people treat them weird there. It's a so people treat them out and they start thinking. Why am I out of my crazy and that that tipping point is like really not that hard to do on some people really yeah, because if you think about how you interact with people, I'm sure you've had times in your life. When Ben is socially awkward or you felt like real, weird or felt like real vulnerable special when you're young silly Billy Billy get one correct sentence. Yesterday, with Kat VON D. On that I looked over, he came in his pants three times. How are you doing today? So far, I keep on thinking about beautiful. I met with me picture of you hugging. Her was just suck. You just bless you,
I like he's like. Oh my god, like touching her, I like girls that think like that. Like the energycap thing she said about, you know yeah. I love girls that think like that she's, a very nice person and she's incredibly artistic she's about aspects she's really nice, too man she's, really nice, like legit nice, like not a bulshit nice, just a nice person, yeah, nice. When you see someone that's trying to do that. That's trying to do the right thing: yeah, it's rad bro when you get that from from Kat VON D from watching so now she talks I think so. Well we're trying to you. Don't you don't think this highly saying something like she's hydrogen? I said I watched her shut in one area of Russia. Look me in the eyes of allergies out slowly what she sounds like the main. Do it again, but look me in the eyes is that your impression for everybody like what Spiderman,
sound like impression do this that was fucking spot on really yeah deeper crashing. I'm a big Monday. I watched every episode of that show absolutely every Eddie Bravo episode that one but the other ones, Why? It's me, man, under ringtone, fuqing, Att commercial. You give me about. Trying to go ahead with that. I have the same thing why I don't change with anything. I just want to know if someone's calling that's all. I want to know Brian, I don't really give a fuck Sabaidee. I love you. Hey stop him! Taking your girl, you said Kevin Di love, you so not cool. Let's say you
even though you don't understand what it was like for little Bry yesterday. Really, you don't understand horrible you're going to hear my new ringtone, yes, okay, stop that, you really. I need to find out what happened to that froze you in twelve. Did you spend some time with schizophrenic missing yesterday? There was some strange moment when you were twelve and you just stuck there emotionally in that ring tone. How do you even know if it's your phone? If it's raining it's about that? How about I don't give a fuck You should sell ringtones mad because I was going through the ringtone store and the top ten ones are so dumb. Like SIRI recording was the best one. I was just really stoned, but there's like one: that's like a black eye going YO man answer your phone
That's what I want. I want a white guy doing a bad blackeye. How is it bad to see if you're in, like a really black area- and you hear the phone go answer your phone mother Fucker answer your phone pick up your phone bitch! You don't think my impression of a black woman, You think it was ok Ok was a little racist Jesus Christ. Big Pleat Lee. I only said that. I only said that, because it was the funniest thing to say: ok I think, you're racist by any stretch of the imagination, but I did I put myself I put with some people- thought was this tweet. The other day I wrote. I saw a black guy with Mitt Romney bumper sticker on his car. The Mayans were right. This fucking thing is over yeah. Like that's ridiculous blackberries, this pc and also people, are saying racist piece of shit. How is that racist
I don't know, I don't know enough about mom need to know if there was a joke in there about him and black people or well. My question is what black guys are relating to Mitt Romney area. I mean it's going to get you some more tweets. I need to look. I wish there was another alternative, because I'm not really hey with either one of these guys. This is, it seems silly to Maine. I mean I feel like socially Obama's way better way. He communicates his he's way smarter his way more moderate is more way more reason, or rather hang out with me more impressive, a fuck yard where I've whales armor, but Who owns me out is that it seems like fuc. Look at all the ship that got past while Bama was in office. I don't So how much of that had to do with them? It's so hard to believe that a young guy just a few years older than Maine, would be so well going to give in to this ridiculous idea that giving the
more power over the people is necessary to keep us safe, because I think that's just total Horsh it. I just think they want to lock it down there's! Slowly eroding our rights we're doing it in a very unconstitutional way and that's not the way your job. Your job is to do it within a constitutional way, and if you, if you can't keep us safe in a constant, ocean away, it means you suck at your fucking job. You need to get better at that, but we don't need to do is so everybody's fucking, email and listen everybody's voicemail messages and track everybody's movement through GPS, and you don't need to do all that. This is crazy, because Besides who has access to that information? Who decides you know, people could harass you, because you have different political, leaves them where you you're, you know interrupting their campaign. You know this is a lot. Things that someone could do if they have influence. If they have enough power over you,
by by being able to track your whereabouts. Listening to all your phone calls that shit is ridiculous and in fact that's happening in America, man! That's what we always used to make fun of the Soviet Union about that you everything everybody was in a spy and spied on, and so we never thought that ship was going on over here. But me The government just opens up the floodgates and it's all of us, and now it's so gross, and that didn't you retweet that somebody- I didn't even know about this, and it's amazes me that, like this happens, and nobody knows that they audited the FED and that they found out that, like the bailout, Um amounts were not even close. It was trillions of dollars in secret Balian bailouts, in that certain companies were getting trillions, not really not even like what we told they were getting like. Let's say fifty billion you're like Jesus, you got fifty billion. Now they get like one point: three
trillion dollars, yeah it's insane and that was like the like. It was in the news but like I feel like nobody, really, they were like, oh yeah, so what happened? I don't get it I don't understand how any of it flies. It's that mean the whole idea that you that, first of all, the idea that the only way to fix all this shows to take more money from office, fucking, Bezerk yeah. That is so bonkers- that stupidest idea. Ever it's like you're telling me that you just have to know matter what keep these defense budgets the way they Now, that's what they're saying essentially the same, like we're, not going to shrink that so, let's just concentrate on leave it alone. Why can some things off and some other it's giant chunk of money is being thrown at this ridiculous? situation is horrific situation rather, and now I can't fix that. That is just one As you know, we cut that a little bit I'm going to come out well, we've got no money for pizza in school, though yeah you know it's, the idea
You know when you're going to need a little bit more from everybody like no you don't. You need to stop spending money on shipping. We don't want you to spend money on what the fuck where's the money going and nobody. The thing is like not only defense, but nobody is ever really willing to make concessions nobody wants to give up whatever their cause, is whatever the committee they sit on just go somewhere else, so you end up finding a group of people all agreeing to not make any any deals like no just take from somebody else. Just not us and it goes around the circle and then we would like that was fun. Fucking. Nobody gave made any concessions at all. First of all, the only way we're going to fix this whole world problem is we're going to have to be able to read each others, minds, people just two foolish it languages, one step on
ever ending or never ending, rather process of getting closer and closer to each other languages are the ability to do it in expression, and you say what you comes out of your mouth. I know what you're saying I know you are you talk. I know you are going to be able to get past that that's what the next step, the next step is we're going to be able to read each others. Minds and until then we're going to have a really hard time with this fog of thing, because or foolish it and people misinterpret peoples, words and people are touchy and people don't know They're really mad, and you know, there's a lot of the problems with normal human communication and part of it is. I can only gauge your intent, but guess work. I can only gay intent by how you how you respond guesswork and- and then you know you put it in the computer, that is your brain and try to figure out if this person is good for my life, is especially bad for my life. This person, my friend, Looking out for Maine, eventually we're going to just read those minds, that's all!
do you know. Who's whose account concert going to it's going to straighten up it's going to be like a beautiful moment, yeah. I'm going to know you know all the creepy shed about people were going to death get past the idea that the only way I can communicate is through some noise- mouth noise and some text message looking at somebody, you think will look at the interface of text. Messaging. Look at. That's already got your you've already got this new way to communicate with people that are nowhere near you so you're getting a little bit of their information a little bit of their personality. Little bit of their mind, this little text that's coming in on your phone yeah. Well, eventually, that's going to morph into the next thing, whatever the fuck it is it's going to be with that. Let you ride along where you could tap into their consciousness, you can walk around with them and she said yeah. I don't that being outside the realm of possibility, I think that's totally possible that you could event
we get to a point where a person interfaces with some sort of an internet connection in maybe some sort of thing, something that you would wear in your head, that stimulates various parts of the brain with electrical, impulses or something that can trigger certain experiences if they figure out how a really wire that maybe actually have a king drill, some holes in your head and chit and put little little conductors just screw shittin too, but people would totally do it if you could actually work that probably right along with each other. Yeah like you could go you were real fence. If you are real freak, you know like those dudes like watching their wives fuck, other guys. They go like be there wife, while she gets, giant black. I guess that's the scariest big guys want big black eyes, the scariest or that's maybe like when it's thing it was not like are colds as yeah yeah, guys like watching other guys fuck their wives in front of him. That's that's interesting! That's to Maine
That's the real fuckin'. That's the exciting point for them like this guys about to drill my wife. This is fucking, awesome, that's so crazy! yeah yeah and they wanted to get fuckin' hammered walking that end in anything other than murder suicide. Can it I don't know, but I was just thinking you could never switch it. You could never fuck a girl in front of your wife and she's just sitting there brush your hair, really, you know slow and I don't think so. She was crazy, but it's, but it's not normal that a guy would sit there and get off on that other. No, it's not normal at all. Some geysers rail freaks, but there's everything you know yeah I mean. Should That's well put, there's everything. That really is what the answer is in weed really know that as much when we were kids, that's why you were subject to get accosted by some predator, because you never knew any predators. So we didn't. We didn't, have access to nearly as much information. Yeah, no internet really exposes you look yeah
kid knows about pedos. Now, Pedobear, you know, and pedals weren't, something that it talked about. When I was a kid as it was like you, away from that man he's a bad man, who's the bad guy that guy over there by the park noise yeah. Nobody understood. Why now kid Now you understand how many kinks there are like. There's all these. You go online yeah, sub categories of shooting, like that's a thing really yeah daughters exposed and so we're like adults now, but you realize that like if you look back on like fifth grade, you he's aware ten year olds are on like this. All these others should ok, specialty things there was always like like, but it was hard to find them like. If you being a weird freak. Shit yeah like some dudes, are into and they were. They were feet: magazines, yeah nice. I found out feet. Porno magazine with my friends and I have in the woods we were one
through the woods and we found a pile of magazines like in a plastic bag, if you found them in the woods there, almost sixty percent of the time they were porn, If I'm due to want to read magazines in the woods, there was a lot of people that would go and they would just go beat off in the woods great. I love that introduced that go to read magazines and they left their stash back there. So we would go find their stash, and so it was. And now my two friends and as they were opening the the pages. My friend there were two one dues from Argentina. It was from Cuba and we're in Florida or peeling back these pages, and this kid stops and goes I think this shit is just Dixon feet. Who the day, ladies and one of the first times
I never saw anybody like so clearly say what the fuck. And they don't really want an answer right. You know that when you say like what the fuck you don't really, it was just like Watt, bark like he knew I didn't know I knew he didn't know. We were eleven we're looking at like dudes jerking off. Yeah, I guess the whole thing I've been wanting that to be a thing I didn't know it was. I found the creepiest new fetish out yesterday. It's called belly punching, or it's just guys in girls punching other girls in the belly really hard and they get off on it I don't want to watch them. Yeah in the videos are just really I it's from Brazil I don't? I don't get off. Please shut that off that stuff, bugs main yeah. I don't get off on it, but I've seen it and it was like it was so extreme that I was like in tears laughing. What was the ball? Kicking? Oh gee, thanks, but so I saw one. I was like that's clearly that guy
come on, you know, like you, can tell this one. Was and she was like she was kicking, like fifty yard field, like lining up and T after he left his leg were shaking and then she's a guess suffers suffer in like fuckin what the fuck is out about on our man, but somebody's like some is not watch that, like the latter, watching that that is the most erotic. Arousing thing I got kicked once so hard in a tournament. I've been kicked many times when I get. Months in a tournament while my cup slammed into my balls and it I was fact my my ball swoll up, they were purple and they swoll up like it's. Roll up like twice the size of normal. Even if but I don't understand. I don't understand how the guy can physically take it, which spent do I have what give me photos out of my photo by photo, but I was only like one thousand six hundred and seventeen they physically like his like that. Obviously
Are you a hot like I was fuckedup. My I've been kicked in the balls and it's like I can't even I wouldn't be able to like. If there was a second kick. I just hit myself I got a boner on the way home, though so I was happy. I was happy that it still worked was almost like. My body was, let me know right away, because that was when I was like when I was like, Sixteen or seventeen. I will get those random boner. I could be walking and it would just get a complete heart on, like I don't know where, but the fuck is this doing here. School too it's like giving a blind person a gun, what, I don't know what you're doing. When you have a seventeen year old kid just walking around with a boner. I would crank out so many you're, always horny like that chamber immediately. What's really is that that is probably like biggest shifts as a huge
being that your life makes from no sex at all to boom the girlfriend when you're in your teenage years, which is confusing as fuck yeah teenage years are mass and in that you're having relate and chips. You're, making out with people and penises going in a girls. Vagina is the best you've ever felt in your life and she's on the pill. We can squirt it in there. I guess so confused you get so baffled you're. So fucking twitch just so absorbed in that person, and that's why you see so many people that age like throw everything else away from lation ship, because they yeah. It's also addict behavior yeah, we've all been guilty of it addict Savior is not just physical addiction. It's just like squirrelly thinking. Eric behavior is like some there's a lot of like different activities that shouldn't
really exist for our shity mines, but they do exist and people can't help because the fact that they have access to casinos there's certain people that cannot. Working, help it air drawn in there and they were like gamble. They wanted action. That's what they live for I've seen it it's craziness and they'll go these programs that I'm not gambling anymore, I'm not doing this anymore. I'm done then next thing you know I'm just going to try a little good handle it now. It's all about management boom back in this slide crazy in debt never get, and it's not it's. No, no drugs, there's no dealer! There's just just no poisoning, there's just fucking. This weird idea that you need fucking pull that lever and see those lemons, Lamon Lamon. Thank you so glad I don't. Oh, and then they take that money and go right back in it's freaking hot
There was a guy named White plains, Charlie. When I was a kid and I used to play, pool at executive billiards, he the first guy that ever met. That was an absolute one. Hundred percent gambling junkie. This guy didn't do a God. Damn thing for a living he lived for handouts and games that hustle pool he slept in like homeless, shelters and different peoples houses and had apartments the group will squirrelly situations and he would just come down the pool and go to the race track, and that's all this guy did that's all why did he was always an action he was. Connecting ponies, and it was so sad guy 'cause he was in his like 70s you know- and he was like you know just so really tiny, tiny man and people yell at him and they'd fuckin' treat him like shit 'cause. He was always broken. He would yell at them and but always loses money. Shot those guys almost had those mutherfuckers I'm supposed to have seven hundred and seventy five,
You know we have some number for problem that went wrong on. Of course, you know that would have paid two thousand and two thousand. Believe that shit. I can't tell you how conversations I have white plains Charlie or he would come in tell you ain't going to believe this. They got me at the track again. And I was like at the time maybe two thousand two hundred and twenty three years old. So the whole thing to me was just completely baffling it's like wow. Guys out of his fucking head for sure, This is crazy, like he just can't stop gambling I've never seen anything like it. I know it could poker guy like that. Just can't stop, but they cannot stop they get sweaty hands. I was completely addicted to playing that quake game. Hunters quantum percent, I loved it loved it loved it loved hours and hours a day. If you were talking and it's listening to you talk and you were born the shut out of Maine Black White. I spend time doing this when I could be playing quake and my time would be awesome as always, really yeah. I would not want
activate. I would want to sit in front of computer with the headphones on 'cause. You can hear like who's walking on the right hand, side it's on the right will footsteps on the left you have to you have to creep if you walk, you don't make any noise, but if you want to jump if you want to strafe yeah? If you want to run you make noise and I would get a date to wander, wonder hallways hallways rocket and people in the heads fun is Feist. I've been lost in video games, behavior, the real problem is, it doesn't make. You ultimately feel like you got anything done like. If I the same amount of effort into making podcasts or the same amount of turn until like doing stand up. Like you got something done you know, but if you're just out there fucking throw in quotes
where's with numbers around yeah. You know what are you doing? What are you doing playing cards? What are you doing? Something actually happening, he playing quick. I thought he killed. Everybody. Nothing really happened. No, ok! You just got just got jolted. Nothing was really created in eight hours yeah. You basically gave all your time to this this artificial experience, and you know adrenaline rush out of it was a lot of fun. It was great, but but ultimately nothing was created whereas like if you took that same amount of time, and you decided I'm going to draw a picture. I'm going to paint something write a song like an actual physical thing, manifest itself that people can enjoy or fuckin' rocket launchers. Lightning bolt guns and shared gunning people down halo. You don't get anything out of that. It's weird! your game halo used to be. I tried
step away. I literally force myself not to get on game systems that much anymore 'cause. I would. I would do that and I would do Madden and mad aaa to be awesome. One play like, Dodge Ball a lot I would play you could create a player. You start your team and then play a did you make white guys win, I would make my would make Fuckin' Tom UP four. Three hundred and forty give him a Dick ulous power. Absolutely I'd like Viking, three, two thirty just fucking yoked absolutely just Viking Viking, an army of broccoli, I would play the full, I would say I would play. I would do the spring thing spring ball and then play Fuckin' twelve game season. The the conference game and the and the bowl game and then recruit players for the that you can recruit and recruit them for the next year and funk and I'd played
Fourteen games in a row and I'm like holding on for the next season to start- and this is like in one sitting it's. Ours is not ours. Well, that's the same thing poker to write me when people start playing poker, don't they disappear absolutely the guy that I know that that does the most like. Not only do disappear, doing all that behavior, but it's also fuckin' losing his livelihood. You know like like ship fucking down it's hard it's hard to make a living playing poker. You mean you gotta, be super good. You mean all props to those Daniel Negron. Oh type. Characters have been named, Phil Ivey and all these guys who like here, but I don't play it- I don't like cards it's not that I don't like cards. It's just it's not something that I'm interested in doing, because when I was a kid and I would play pool the card games, would always interview. Pull action. Oh really and everybody will like Jesus Christ. Is this so card place or a pool hall like guys that would you would normally get bets with they wanted
gamble, 'cause, that's all pool halls were about all pool halls. Were was like hobby people who into just knocking balls around with their friends who never got good and then either tournament players are gamblers and so the tournament players are usually both tournament players and gamblers. So there's always gamble. In less a asshole came around with a deck of cards, because you can't you don't you can miss when you're playing pool, yeah. Now you can mess, you can hit play on a gaffey table or the pockets are weird and this guy. A little better than you do. So he knows what spots to avoid, but with poker you can. Does is not messing. It is you're really gambling you just gambling. You know you're using your intelligence but you're. Also gambling, I don't get boat, above the mind for men and really mouthfuls eating o cook not wanted. Thank you very much and that into a man be imitated by numbers and I'm intimidated by just like the game itself, never been seen as I can, awesome game. It seems like a real
or Bing game, though it seems like a very like you have to really be a bad mother, Fucker to understand the in and outs of poker and to have like you know, years use of intuition. I mean those are special dudes. They obviously have special minds 'cause for me, my so we so absorbed with things that required execution physical solution, as well as like Mental that's why I like quake 'cause. It was like this hand, eye coordination thing. That was what I was getting my rocks off on and that's the same thing with pool. So to me, it's like is a physical thing, as well as a mental thing. I felt like the real, the real thrills to me when I can combine the two things together when I could combine a physical experience and a mental experience. That's why I like jujutsu. That's why I like playing pool. So the card thing was lacking. The physical part there's no execution. I didn't have to execute, so that was, it was like way less exciting. I was like you can't compare the difference between when you watching
Gambling is gambling for ten thousand dollars a set of nine ball in every fucking pocket. He's put his hands on his shirt and blowing on his hands and putting it out some powder on he sweating and he's trying to keep it together, you're trying to like really gently control, how a ball spins and collide. Kids with another ball- and you know Make sure that you hit it just enough, so that lands perfectly for the next one all while you're gambling You know I mean that's what's exciting just sitting there with You know what card to pick stupid. Just pick the fucking car dude you win or you don't win. It's like it's, not the same LAS right guys. Shoot. Your nuts in a game of pool I'll, give you playing ten year plan to race to ten and he breaks it runs out ten games on you, you lose you, don't even get a chance to play like that can happen. That has happened really not to me, but it has happened in the past ten in a row, you run those things happen more than once there was
one guy who did it for one million dollars yeah they had a insurance policy, to see who could run if you could run ten racks in a row which had never been done in the competition before you could win a million dollars. It only been done like a couple of times, like Honey Archer ran ten and out on Francisco boost Amante, there were gambling, and that was like a legendary story, because Francisco Bustamonte doubled the bet after Johnny Archer ran ten and out on it was like this guy can't keep this shut up doubled then in the next game, which is really not and then the other one was this Earls Strickland guy who they had this ten thing where they were insured for one million bucks, but the insurance company didn't want to pay because they couldn't believe it had been done. They couldn't believe, like they found statistics. No one ever broken run out. Ten racks ever in any you know modern nine ball tournament that they could have on record. So they said. Listen, I don't think it's much of a gamble. Will better
one million dollars. If someone does it, they win a million dollars. Earl Strickland it. The first tournament that Jesus, I think it was. The first will be the first to the second he broke and ran ten looks like a demon, fire, and combinations on, the nine bombing was ridiculous. Sh. It was like movie schitt He denied him. I think he wound up settling, but he never got like the full name, and I don't really think you only got like one slash, four million bucks or something like that. I hope I'm wrong, but he's like one of the greatest players of all time and and he gambles and he does like those action challenges. The action it matches where they have online Dell have like just two guys playing for like twenty five thousand bucks, something like put up the money and then they'll they'll have like a gambling contest. You ever played what's the other one called snooker. Never played the same principle but smaller. Well, It requires some
printable fundamentals. You there's more room for error in a game pool than there is in snooker. First of all, because in nine ball like the chosen, bowling game nine bald the balls are all wild. So what that means If you missed the one ball in the corner pocket, but it spins around and lands on the side, you still counts you just you keep going when snookered. I don't think that would ever count. I think Snooker is like very precise. I think you know, and you have to move balls. I completely really totally completely understand it in the tables. The huge are tiny balls are tiny, are tiny, pockets are and there's shit and where certain ways we shoot it, it doesn't the the ball. The same way does doesn't a pool table like I don't think you can come. Ball down the rail. The way you can on a regular pool table, so it's a little bit of a different sort of a game but snicker play there is notoriously, are good at pool.
Like some like the top world. Snooker players like these english guys can kill Steve Davis yeah they. These these guys are awesome. Snooker players like world in world champions, come over to the pool and then eventually they start Ronnie O'Sullivan eventually start sucking up. The Americans really takes time, yeah Americans there's this. A few high level guys, but the european guys have such a strong team man. It's like there's, so many guys, like the Americans might have like the best guys of all time, like Johnny Archer, with the best guys of all time, Earl Stricklin them the best guys of all time. Shane Van Boening, one of the best guys of all time in one of the best guys right now, but that Europe is like there's so many fucking players. Killers in real, so many pool is huge over there man. It's weird: how many good guys in Asia they say in Asia, like this parts of Asia were pool, is fucking enormous. The Philippines, especially its enormous, like you go there, it's like one of their,
it's a like number one behind soccer. I think I soccer the Philippines in soccer. Makes, is a baseball. Maybe It would just make it shut up patchy. No, I mean I slip and slide again. I'm amazed by how sports like Culturale evolve. Well, also, how certain place is like so love a sport and do not give a fuck about another. Sport like cricket would be a great example of like it's big and some of the islands. It's huge in India, Pakistan, Australia, right. I mean that shit is like. Is it a gambling game? Is why it's big? I don't know if it's a gambling game, but, like you watch it, I'm like. Oh that's going on and clearly nobody in this country who is not from one of those countries, I don't know the rules it. I think it's difficult to follow. Like you see the number like it it's like a five day game. You know
understand why they're so has either do cocaine I can't get into it, but something Billiards soccer football like those. Are it's very regional specific? Well, I think you get into. Game and then once you get into it, you understand the skill behind it and then What you you it it's so weird and people willing to calling to things so odd, just look at the way baseball uniforms. Look like with fuck. Are you dressing like why'd you how to dress like that. For this stupid game you dressing, like you, live in a different century, what kind of stupid, but The shirt? Are you wearing what the fuck is with your socks? What the fuck is with your tight pants, if you were just uh, your dude, walking around with those pants on the street. I'd say get the fuck away from my kids, but because you, I'm silly game. You have to dress like a pilgrim. This is this games retarded beyond belief.
Be revamped. It's like one step away from a pirate, sucking out it's ridiculous and it's a ridiculous game. It fucking boring as shared it takes too long. I can't do it, you can't do it. I liked it. I like playing it when I was a kid and when you like playing it, you understand what the skills involved in hitting a ninety four mile an hour. Fastball couldn't really skilled, but yeah catching a ball. That's like over the fucking top of the wall, but who cares yeah Well, I don't like baseball. I like football by far my favorite snake woman, softball sports are awesome. I'll tell you, man? Anything that's hard is awesome. Anything you get into it, and you try to express yourself and show your ability to concentrate and focus through. All or through whatever the fuck it is that you're doing in any sport. I love watching it. I love watching competition. And I love watching. I love watching people pay off like a hard work, paying off
it looks like to me. I want to see that should all the time even tennis, I don't give a fuck about tennis, but I watched some tennis the other day I just watched it. I was like whoa otherwise really trying to hit that ball and he's really trying to get his real. I don't really give a fuck what's going on, because it's not my thing, but if I was a tennis head instead pull head. It's the same thing. It is because it is easily gotten hooked on tennis or baseball or golf. This is a fucking irra, a golden era for tennis to visit bad mutherfuckers playing, feeling like yeah, I mean who's, that guy the guy that beat Serena Ann the other one What are the other Williams name Venus, Venus and Serena he beat them both really man after he played, he played golf drank beer played one hundred seven, seventeen to one or whatever the fuck. This really yeah beat them both,
I don't know. I don't do that. I know that like I'll, do it I'll pull it up like it's a famous case Federer is you know like just amazed like Look at his he's, like one of the all time best way: alright goodbye far and his eyes he's like you. They could put him up there with Mcenroe as proud eyes out. He t devastating an incredibly dominates people. That's amazing, he's been doing it consistently now for just years. Men and the dolls also up there and what's his name, just retired erotic and everybody was like if his peer class wasn't so good, he would be. He would have one so many more titles, but he's just happens to be around were in this era of lakes
oh many, just absolutely dominant tennis, glares yeah, don't follow it enough, but I would assume that that is the case with everything right now right. I mean like someone is in the case of basketball. Town saw here is an example of one where it's not like the heavyweight boxing division. So people say this is just the an era where it's not as as competitive as big as not as many big exciting fighters. So you know we don't talk about right now, Now, as being the most exciting time- and I mean you know, boxing in general is taken a dip, but like people have always been drawn to the heavyweight division in boxing, it's the most, it's the one that people always like big, you know so the heavyweight boxers right now you know
yeah you could the Klitschkos to Klitschko's pretty much own. I mean part of that. You could argue that hey they're, not american, so Americans get excited about american heavyweights. Basically and those guys have been dominant they're, not american, but you know the division. Pretty much has a lot. Journeyman and they go up and they give it a shot and sometimes the belt switches hands, but it's pretty much klitschkos to run through and people don't talk about this as like wow this era. Right now, you know heavyweight boxers it's not a great. There is not a great error now, so I don't like Holyfield Lennox Lewis and then like other guy would pop up bow, would pop in, and you be like. Oh who's, this guy and it's weird, the two white guys lunch. It two white russian dudes who are doctors, this running ship. They tell you I went to this. I went to this boxing gym in
in Glendale, and it was a guy. There, who's trained a bunch of them and he said basically like those guys. They train like alright one thousand right, Ross is like yeah they're willing to do. Some shit then like, if my kids are not going out there like start that shit over and so like technically, every punch is always exactly like executed yeah like never off. You watch them. It's just like it's perfect, fusion in both not exciting before anybody has a chance to get good. They never go. Get him quick before it gets As soon as the guy becomes even remotely into contention and the guy the trainer guy was like he's Florence. He has this heavy accent and he's like telling me about like different he's like now. If you ever fight with the Mexican, you know they're, like dogs or just
ok, I was like: do you tell everybody that right she's like, but it sucked is such that foreign mindset like this is not. This is how it is just racism is just like he's like he's like he's like you, gotta take a Mexican down, 'cause they'll, never stop fighting and I'm like he's like right and then he's like the blacks, please just great, What was it like? Fighting black now he's like they're, just like he's like to talk about Floyd, and he was just like you know, technically just fantastic puncher like oh yeah, Floyd Mayweather. Does everything perfect perfect, but on top of that has out of Control, reflexes skills, providing skills and he fends trained perfectly. I mean brother, Roger? so I mean it's already had Roger Roger Mayweather was fantastic boxer. His dad was a good boxer about Victor Ortiz yeah. That was the best sound bite
from twenty four slash. Seven. That thing was so ridiculous that fight that fight was so ridiculous. He sucker punch that dude. You guys look at the referee and he's like Bich we're still fighting crack blam weird of Ortiz, two silly, but that is so and then I kind of gave it up. But then, like we, talked about what's his name, I like the way Victor Cheese fight, someone like guys crazy, yeah he's a tough just messed up. He just made an error yeah. What's the Filipino, I can't even think right now You Manny the Filipino the great boxes exist like those name, maybe greatest thing about accomplished, but he you know tat like he leaves the ground like yeah. Oh yeah throws is legs, it is pointless, fuck and powerful so he hit so hard. A lot of his power comes from his legs. He is a powerful dude, Manny Pacquiao. So far, murderous puncher.
Father foxes name. The duty broke both his eye. Sockets margarita the guy who is disgrace, freeze and plaster and as non goals. Yeah boy he paid that price comically. He paid the price man cause, but poppy I'll beat his fucking eyes and he his eyes so bad they had to replace the lens in his eye with an artificial lens. Oh my god, yeah unified, again yeah fuck yeah. He did yeah, he got back in there. Jesus Christ, in their fought Miguel Cotto and Miguel Cotto one of the guys who he beat or they suspected they did something to his gloves because he's fucked dude up like murderously fucked him up. And he never really did that with anybody like he was just knocking mutherfuckers out cold code. Oh no, no margarita margarita. They found the plaster and his gloves 'cause. He did it. Dakota though right did he did he did. He did the first time, but the second time koto stopped him yeah. But it was. I think it was like a cut or some shit that stopped
but margarita couldn't couldn't really hit his heart after they caught him with the plaster that scary which is to think that guy was like making his career. He couldn't rocks in his gloves. Look what about a mean: Dykehead yeah he's not he's totally cheating, yeah and getting away with it and giving you like definitely fuqing more aggravated brain damage than you would be getting yeah I mean he's hitting with Fuckin', casts on your face yeah, like that's, really shaking up the inside of your head. There was a fight and I think it was the 80s where a guy had old, Panama, Lewis, had pulled the stuffing out of a guys glad. I remember that it was this kid I believe the kids name was Louis so the boxer and then the other one was Billy Collins. I think it was. I forget I forget what the guys name was, but the poor kid like ended his career and
because he just got bare knuckle. He dies when he crashed into a tree. They think he committed suicide and the Panama. Red was Panama, Louis Louis was was there was suspended like years the fighter, another giver fought again and he denied any you no wrong doing until a few years ago, and he eagerly he gave it up on camera, really yeah yeah the boxer. What which fight about the fight that you're talking about, but they found that right away, though, but the box, the guy that was guilty of, like the guy who Panama was yeah believe it was Lou resto he he denied it was like. I did he didn't know that he didn't exactly like it was accidental. That's silly, you would know, with the first punch through his family, always had his back like there like you know it wasn't it wasn't on him and then on camera with his family there he was like no. I know what I did there just
devastated. That's a terrible, terrible, terrible thing to live with man. That's not just cheating! That's like! Oh, that's horrific man basically, you know ruin the guys life ruined a guys life, a guy who is really good at competing under set of rules, and you just fuck, totally hijack the whole thing on tv you stupid fuck on TV, BT, Gaia, no padding in your gloves. I've done so you just bare knuckle: crazily cheap, did you cheat Anasol? Isn't it crazy that still get all these guys every single year in every sport that all still cheat sheet an you know the Olympics. They took some. I forget. Some somebody's metal was one guy had marijuana in his system. Oh really yeah, the mother Fucker had weirdness system yeah, some ski or someshit. That's nothing Here I can see it, someone got kicked off, the team for weed was judo or there was a Judogi Judo Guy get kicked off test appointment in Hansing, ship and you're like how are you still like? You know, they're going to come out
There's a lot of different shape that people are doing that they've got away with in the past. I think, and they slowly certain a clamp down on that thing and Fuckin' Armstrong will design his e the crazy thing about Armstrong is he's only done. This one like it's a can you that's gone after knighted states? tied doping, those values, but that has nothing to do with a tour de France so when they say that he doesn't have the the eight tour de France knows, I say France, yes, sophist, I've been to the airport in Ballyshannon thought when he that they're saying that I'd like that United Patristics. They do, I thought so because Everything that I saw was he was stripped of his eyes. I've heard that he was stripped by these people that they don't recognize it, but I dont know if he's not so stripped by the that whoever the fuck puts on the tour de France is definitely did what they said. He d you think so
Jill, so Tommy Guns, one hundred percent. I do not believe in these witch hunts for like people that are essentially like heroes and super, like nobody accuses you know, Michael Jordan, of having done this. Nobody accuses you know Joe Montana of having done this. They do it because it's their his teammates have all come, come clean about it. They also, we all did everybody and then, when you finally have your chance, you finally have your chance to be like this. The lad. He's like you know what enough enough. Really enough enough. That's that I'm just tired of fighting this fight. Will you have a chance now? This is your fine. This is the line that the final, map of the of the race. This is when you go, I'm just you know what the man at
so he's been in his defense. He's been defending it for years, but you give up and let them dislike. Take your name and well. Do you know that he is past and I'm just playing devil's advocate here, but do you know that he's passed like five hundred drug tests? I do I do, but why Why is there a witch hunt to get somebody like that? I don't I don't I don't look. This is what gets me you ever see. A dude is like killed, life is on the is on the news, and there accusing him of of Why did you do it? Why did you do it and he's like? I didn't didn't do anything like that is not how you would react if your wife was killed and they were dragging you off and you were innocent, you would be freaking the fuck out you. What happened? You lost your loved one is you're a crazy person. You are crazy person that they caught doing something yeah so but like you think that they would go after him, though, if he, if there wasn't any evidence to support that, I don't know like like how
same like do you like for Lance right. I mean I don't know what they can do. I mean I think once is passed the drug test. He passed like five hundred fucking drug there there buddy, but but here's a thing: where is the evidence? What do you have? Do you have any of his blood and you can, through machine and find some shade that we didn't find before. Is that if you don't have that, then what are you doing? I think they do have it probably have, but if they do have that that would be now they would have said they had that if they do have that they would that shared on the news. They would tell you what it is, not something that can keep a secret. They have some samples. Some sample was referenced with some sample reference because he tested positive for EPO Oh was it that I feel like he had tested positive or something, but whatever the fuck it is, you would you have either got him back then, or you need to let it. And realize that now, with your new super sophisticated methods of testing, he might not have passed those tests before, but guess what he did. Let's talk and move on.
Leave the guy alone a million a ruined his life, because he did exactly what everybody else did he just was better at it because that's what happened so, but if they were, after all, you gotta be to assume that he is a real motherfucker. Here's. My question: why do they? Why does he have to tell anybody that he was? They were all doping and that's what we're assuming that's the case, we're assuming that everyone at the top of the list and by the way a lot of the doping does not necessarily even have to be unhealthy, like the blood transfusion. So that's not on blood. Doping is not unhealthy. It just is a norm, an inordinate amount of blood in your body. You have a much more easy way of producing oxygen. You you can process oxygen, better, that's why being dehydrated so bad for your cardio said. One of the most important things for in I out door exercise will That was, I think
That was funny. How would how would they describe it? It's some! I! I just don't think Any of am can achieve the highest level without doing at least some of that. If it's not blood doping, if it's not taking EPO? If it's not taken now some function roots that booster doktor on that are legal today, but won't be legal and six months from now when they find out about it. This is, it seems, like give. Everybody is doing it at the very top of the list. If the all those guys on his teamed up busted yeah, I can only make sense is that he could do it too. Right, so I just think that for me, the assumption that I make- and I again I realize that I'm not privy to any of the evidence or information, But the assumption that I make is, if all these guys say he did it that he worked with all his former teammates associates. Everybody says that and then the doping organism
and see, is so adamant about pursuing it like what why? Why would you do this? If there's nothing there or why are you trying to get the like Jen, that doesn't happen. People don't go after somebody. Just because do you think that's because, like prosecutors, sort of get a wild hair across their asset like we're going to get this guy and then it becomes like a competition, it could be, it's definitely possible and they get there You know that that obviously happened like in that Duke Lacrosse case, where the the the prosecutor there was like he made a fuckin' show of it like we're going to before even like reviewing what like the information and the evidence, and then he paid a huge price because he was boasting and trashing them before they even got in the courtroom and ended up fucking losing his license to practice, but I think part of that what he did before was from that charge. You got of like I'm, going to put these these rich and titled kids fucking in their play.
Watch this right now and then it came back to bite, 'em, so yeah. I think there is probably some of that people going after the big but I just don't see, I don't see them trying to do this to him. For no reason I just I I agree with you, but I don't know what the reasons are. If I fell like, if the guy passed that many drug tests yeah, I mean if an if everybody was doing what he was doing. If that's what they're saying well, what's he just he just better in spite The doping was, everybody was doping and he was the best he's he's a super talented actor. Clearly he's unbelievably disciplined. You telling me they all doped is that does that not allowed? playing field. Then it's like the baseball argument. They're saying this is like the asterisk, whatever era because like at first, it was like a few. Wiser than a few more and then you're like hold on, did everybody just juice for like this five or ten year period, and it's looking like a
huge percentage, where it's not even news anymore right when you find out that, like all the big all the big superstars did it, you know yeah album, all the home run records were broken in that era. When you look at Mcguire now and when you hear me talk about it and you hear you know just like broke down when he was described. What he did you look at. The best is when you see like when he was like in Oakland a bash brothers era, and you see him and he's like he's like six four and he looks like a fucking. Cancel two did a tv show with him? Did you really? He was in an episode of Hardball back when he's really skinny, super thin. He was young. This is the Heks, he turned into a gorilla. He just went crazy. Without working out, but look at the dividends man all of a sudden, he just over rising balls and you Canseco pirates uniform, it can Seiko was a master suit. I was well
and I was working rather in the Boston Athletic Club in his nineteen and Conseco is in town and you need someone to workout and they must have been staying close to the Boston Athletic Club. So they came down and worked out and that guy walked through the door was like Jesus Christ, right, like on tv with their silly 1860s outfits on they don't look that big, but when that guy walked through, like he's like three hundred pounds, he's fucking huge, I mean he might not have been three hundred, but he was like well over two hundred and fifty he was enormous. The
I remember the first time when I was like holy shit at the size of some like fuckin humans yeah, I was, I was in high school and I played in high school football like two hours north of my Emmi, I went with a friend of mine, unlike a recruiting trip, with, like his trip down to the university of my Emmi and we're standing on the field and the players run out of the tunnel and I'm looking at deeds in their chest. Like I'm stand at looking at the numbers now my holy fuck, I could never play kids. Get acts like this like dude that we're like six three hundred and thirty I was like these are fucking animals running around then. Do people like that exist one hundred years ago? I don't think so. The one of the reasons I think they might have like every now and then there was a God Who is the heavyweight champion? His name was Primo Carnera and it was
like legit giant, he was fucking enormous, but like the best guy and see how big Primo Carnera was, I think he was that with the biggest heavyweight champion ever. I think up until like at least like modern time cuz. I think there was some fucking giant russian dude, recently yeah. That was even bigger than that, but I think this guy lived in like the the 50s. I believe it was yeah. He lives until one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven So he was a seven foot one- oh my god. Oh my god! Oh no! No! No! No! No! Ok! Now this guy six foot the russian guy that I was talking about, is seven foot one his Nikolai Valuev, he's seven foot, one holyshit, so these guys were giants,
then, but Carneiro was only six foot. Seven, that's still a big motherfuck yeah Jesus yeah up until that time, user tallest heavyweight in history- and I think today like what are the Klitschko, you're, like six six yeah same sucking, dudes, the same size, so this Primo Carnera back then he was like a like a freak yeah I did um was it I did this fundraiser. He was two hundred and seventy five. This guy was naturally any any uh that was like by the way the biggest size of any athlete yeah through, like the like in the 80s like? I remember that, like lineman in the NFL were two hundred and seventy five to eighty and every team would have like a three hundred or you like. We should
around around the team and now the entire line. What the fuck is, that is, that human growth hormone. What is that is that steroids in the beef- I don't now. This is that what that is? It standard now everyone's three hundred and twenty three thirty what's happening. Is it selective growing? What is it I said? Cell phones is it. This is the First couple of generations we really understood nutrition made sure the kids have vitamins growing up and they grew to their full potentials. That would have been part of it is that I bet that has to do a lot with it right. I think that is part of it yeah and also
So if it now you have this thing where it's like your, they are like. There's more education on just you know like, for instance, sports everybody has like you can be like hey. I want to be this way and I'm going to program, you need Fuckin' three hundred grams of protein a day an you need five thousand calories. You need to do this type of work out and you're going swell up. You know you can actually set that goal and somebody can tell you pretty much manufacture it like in with knowing their science. This is what you need: If you want to obtain that, so you can execute that right, but back then they just be like. If I can, I don't know yeah there's. Definitely that, like you, definitely put on more size now than ever before, but I'm saying is that the actual number of giant humans has increased its Just like the ability to put muscle on it's like the size of people is just it's. More common to see these Primo Carnera guys in athletics. Today, these six foot, seven just naturally gigantic human beings
like that, so that's more common today, just is so what the fuck is, that. Why is it more common? Why is there two klitschkos there's two giant six foot? Six guy, or a box, and everybody up these two giant russian dudes. You know just think about how many those guys exist today, this how many giant human beings are out there there's a dude. Who fights in the UFC. Stefan Struve he's fucking seven feet tall man, kids, seven feet yeah. I don't think it's twenty five seven feet tall. You know the world is not designed for you when you're seven feet to Dan. Semi shelties another one, seven feet tall, giant, kickboxers, Jesus Christ, where the you know this. And I guarantee you, kids, that are coming out today. The kids that are growing up and are going to be, you know, come to fruition or coming. Do a full height, rather within the next decade, they're going to be even more giant, it's like people are going to get he ran bigger and bigger till we like start morphing you know we start supergiant going to be giants, there's no doubt about it,
well as soon as they figure out a way to engineer the body selectively, we're going to figure out, what's optimum size you can be, and people are just going to go. With that size. You write it like one hundred years ago there was not a fucking bunch of six hundred and sixty three, do you know how much the average soldier wade in the civil war, how much one hundred and twenty five pounds yeah they were tiny little dude, just Tommy as one slash five grader yeah. Is not the same type of human being that we have today as people. Well, nourished is everybody's catching fuckin' diseases. Push it all over everything. Babies are dying. Nobody knows how to wash their hands right. It's a mess that was a mess those are tiny ass. Little people those people lived in the 1800s or tiniest tiny little people. Now we just have guard and they're getting bigger Kilo, Neil dudes, I did a fear factor which and I have I stand deck height
he's a grown man, I'm a grown man. His dick is in my face, and he is just so different than me. Great quote: thanks yeah, I'm standing next to him. We do a countdown, it's hilarious, because it's me, you know I was like Shaq counting down. It goes through two go you know the people go and do their style. It was really cool 'cause. He liked to show so it was fun. Close with me for a date sure, but it's just so ridiculous. I'm like a little child standing next to this giant super nice guy, though by Jonathan Ogden Offensive, tackle. Sixty eight, like three hundred and forty played at and his hand he just like he just held to my little fingers. Like nice to meet you and he'd like to squeeze a couple fingers and I realized my hand, couldn't even get around like even simulating a handshake
yeah. He also had a conversation with somebody like, as I was talking to him like down here, and I guess so- it's cool to me he's like yeah man. So this other thing- and I was like I'm down I'm like down- I was like hey man, kid like, when your kid walks up to you and they're talking you're talking to another adult and you're right just hold on and you talk. Adult and they're like, but daddy and you're like just hold on, and you just talk over them. He did that to me. Like I was a child, then I just looked up at him and he's like it's nice to meet you. He like pad top. My head goodness it was not like a human though it was like a fuckin' superhuman. It's amazing. The variance know how much how much people vary in in the height and You know size like that, but yet we're still in the same species yeah, but God should kill O'Neill. So it's such an extreme version of it like a huge friendly guy, though Super nice guy yeah MIKE Goldberg, did a whole
he's in a shack versus with them. Oh yeah, he did a bunch of cool shit like that is gold box, Oscar de La Hoya- and you know it was kind of funny- did a bunch of different things you know, do you know the other comic Bruce Bruce. You know him. Yes, he's big dude big enormous got not that tall, but right, like three hundred plus pounds right. I sat next to him on a flight that I tell you this already know an never met him before and I recognized him so I was like hey man like you know, I'm a comic and he was like. Oh yeah he's rich super looking nice and he just this big giant. Looking. Can I guess where this story goes, where sleep apnea? No ok, now so uh in ten minutes into the flight got braids it. So we get we get delayed and first of all we're flying Ella Atlanta and then
and I'm going on to Lauderdale he's staying at he lives in Atlanta. I guess so everybody that comes on the plane, who is black, said something to him, and I'm like do you like? Do you know these people? He was like nah man like these people, just they just fans, and I was like, like everybody in the plane, had stopped and they tell us there's a delay. You can get off the plane if you want and some girl walks by and she's like you need something he's like God loves it like a candy bar and then she's like ok and I'm like who's that 'cause I got. I don't know if that lady just buy you candy man he's like yeah yeah, pretty much. I was like ok well and sweet, like I can't tell you how sweet guy is so we get, the girl comes back, give him candy and like just I love you. Thank you
He she goes back. We take obviously talking comedy an he's like I'm doing this tour with you know, I'm talking with this person doing shows with these people and I'm asking him what do you think of so and so, and we're talking back and forth about people and he's like. I'm doing. This show right now, where I'm doing some theaters with MIKE Epps. I'm opening like for him, but these massive theaters and I was like MIKE Epps- is a funny fucking dude, like just a naturally funny guys were just like talking so yeah yeah. It's like you know, like I just turned any situation funny like yeah, but ain't, no mother, fucka funnier than Andy Griffith, and I was like what like what you just say he's like Andy Griffith I was like. Are you not edit? right. Are we talking directly the whistle yeah he's like? Oh man, I'm like? Are you serious right now he's like you Andy Griffith Museum, I'm like what kind of question is that man like what
Had a question and he's like: oh man, they got the like the car from the from the show you can you could sit in the car and they have like a set like with the kitchen needs to show the kitchen. You can go there. You could Andy Griffith- she ever want them like. Are we in the? real world right now and he loves any great man he I was like. I don't think I like anything as much as you. Like Andy Griffith he's. I love Andy Griffith and I was like really and he knew he was like uh. I'm not exaggerating is like you know, there's two black actors ever appear on the Andy Griffith Show, and I was like wow he's like one was February, eighth. Nineteen, while the role of Tony, are you saying the right data? You just think I'm making up, but he knew they. Let these people know that he knew the day going to heat it up in Google. He knew the exact date and he knew the role in the episode and then he's like another. One was April 19th, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight, and that was when I remember when they couldn't find the mail
no. I have not seen this episode so far member when they couldn't find the mail looks like I swear to God. But he's like Andy Griffith Shitman. I was like Andy Griffith, Andy Griffin is a shock in loves. Andy Griffith man, wow there's a lot of people that, like their pay homage to the classics, yeah like this dudes, who are really get into like old movies and He shows- and I mean I've met like super ends of some things we don't expect, but that for Maine was so out of left field. I saw Carol Burnett the other day. You did then just look good it's no good telling me? I mean I think the lady is in her late 70s she looked Smile and laugh were talking to people. She that show was great. Sure interesting. We were talking about this. The other day like there was like a big wave of woman, run, shows back in there. Day with a woman was a star.
There was Laverne and Shirley there was Mary Tyler Moore. There was road. There was a mod member mod. You know and then there's Maude and then there's Maude bad on MOD. Remember that those are, those show that was like a big popular show and there was the older lady who used to be a model. Around the newsroom? The fuck was that Oh yeah, yeah yeah, I'm boring after Brown, Murphy Brown LAB boring gas hypnotic. What did they do to people don't watch that show for all those years. What kind of hypnotism pros a representation of five? using gang of 'em, but I mean that the era of Carol Burnett was like. There was a lot of Lucille Ball. There was a bunch of. Am a bunch of of like really strong women, comedian presences yeah. It's like like that changed quite a bit now like like the role that women have on these. Like you know, you have like girls Chelsea who have their own show. You know, but it's
personality, it's not like, like her being there. End of a sitcom right. Then there's Whitney Whitney, who had a show that people didn't receive. Onto that. Well, but then people said well, it's going to be tweaked and they're going to figure it out, but she but genuinely people seem to like her. She is has to find the right vehicle right right now. How many of them are there? These days is nice now get used to bay. Yeah will especially what well also where they need to know where the getting their shot. You know me like you know like how many and many people are getting the opportunity to have their show in here as the because the talent there's still talent is budget. Town out there, like you know, is definitely talented, comics female male comics out there, but they have to get a shot to get their show that seem to be like. That was an overdue.
I've in that area that you're talking about yeah like if you were of women, a good yeah women, but also, I think just comics too, like there is. There is an error of pushing the comic to get the show and here's the thing. That's funny that when you like lack I'm not that many stand up, let's say show right now right like how it works like bait, an extension of the comic you look back on that, and all of those shows were hits like the stand up where the comic was elite. A lot of those were hits. Yeah there was a few bombs, though I wish I was there for view yeah, but there's watched a few. I was part of a few but I had my own said: come leading islet fur and BC once our call dumb overseas hunting and think it ever in the air it anywhere even as apply you shot. The pilot yeah was super super expensive pilot, but the the thing about, like those Element deals they try to do it stand ups is that they would just
roll, a bunch of money at a comic and then get a bunch of like you know right it supposedly had some success on other shows, as against the wall and see how much of it sticks? You know, and I think that it's it's real hard For you to take the one thing that you're fucking awesome at, which is stand up something that you really can completely express yourself. Censored you you're producing. It directing it nobody's interfering with you guys at your vision. I have a jokester play out and discipline. You ever seen that and being on a sitcom set and then that difference. Is it there's a it's a? find beyond good sitcom, it's terriblr being on a bad sitcom. That's terrible, yeah, an it's! Not as more is not as much fun in size rewarding as doing stand up. It's just not. You know, for me at least yeah
it's fun doing like a cool sitcom, but if I had a choice between washing like the best sitcom ever or watching prior to stand up, I want to watch Richard Pryor, that's the best stuff. The best stuff is stand up, so it's like you do. It's not as good as the best stuff and it's just because they're paying you to do it. That was how I was feeling about it. The thing that you don't really love to do and that they're paying you to do takes all day, and then you don't have as much energy or time leftover for the thing that you do, love to yeah, I can see that. So. The only reason why you should do it is to get exposure for stand up. Yeah like I mean some of that, the comics that really like doing comedy doing stand up. That's you know you hear them say is like it's just going to drive more people to see. My show yeah that's how it should be that's. Why should be man? That's how it should be. It's. The art of stand up comedy, didn't get any respect for a while in the 80s, I think as a as an end destination, because everybody was like you gotta get sick, You gotta get a sitcom, that's what Jerry Seinfeld did not do your this guy did your pilot in terms of like your career, like I did
middle of news. Radio in the middle, while I was doing, is right now: yeah 'cause, it was the same producer so seat than that show spoiled as shit outta me man, because they were so good. The writers were so good, and they were crazy. They were so nuts. They wouldn't even start a script to like two hundred o'clock in the morning sometimes, and they would would show up and it would be like taped day or rather rum rehearsal and we would get like the first thirty pages and they will or the first five pages or whatever it was like we're going to give you the rest later? And then seen two would come down at noon and they would shuffle down barefoot and slap it down. They would go back and they would get to this state. Sleep deprivation and come up with is really silly shit and I suspect it was because nobody and inform them about the benefits of weed. I think, those guys first, they weren't stoners of those guys were stoners. What they did sober was brilliant. If they, those guys were high, they could have
but the most silly and ridiculous show in the history of the universe. How many seasons was that show up for five seasons: five yeah that was longer even now so just two short of syndication like the normal syndication length. It isn't, but it's episode short? We only did ninety eight, instead of one hundred into supposed to have one hundred so that they can sell it yeah, but it didn't become popular until after was cancelled really yeah became popular when it would air on tv, during like regular tv time like seven hundred o'clock and eight hundred o'clock nine night and she'll like that, when it was syndicated, and then people like this shows kind of talking funny yeah, just got monkey around back. Then man back in the day. When news radio was out. Nobody knew where the fuck you were if they moved you for, like Monday to Wednesday, you're done kid. Nobody knows the other thing like more to your point about the you know when you're, just charger stand up. It shows man you're talking about, so many people are giving their input. You know the executive producers, writers would get so many people. We should.
Do this. We should really lose that yeah. Well, I don't like it when you come out that way. I don't I don't like it when you do that. I don't I like it when you know, stop please I don't care. We can only do this. One way and the only way I'm going to get advices from funny people. I can't get advice for someone who's. A business person I just going to tell you that I think that approaching it this way when they give you a comedy note. That's just like I had a conversation with a guy who's talking podcasting this you guys have really nailed down your brand. Like grossly oh you're gross, that's the This thing, we've done nailed down are brand new. Like you know, what do you mean by then it's like well, you know people What kind of what you're putting out there? It's like you know. You really like well defined your brand What is that
I love you so much. It's like showbiz talk. Well, trying to right now we're working on his development deal, but we just don't want to sign with anyone. We really want to Developing is brand Are you? Are you a bottle of catchup you fuc Why do you need a brand new? Are you silly bitch? That defined, then you become immobile. He become talked into an EMO, Phillips type character, yeah as you can see, email Phillips he drives tries to do straight. Stand up like hey, hey, fuckhead, wire acting, like you pointed up, fan, Where did we ended up should head with this? We just standing there telling me about butter, get a move on when I came to see your fucking funky act. I love it. Man well not going to do it. Where is Judy Tenuta? I want to see your weird yeah. I'm here to see your internal. Did you ever notice? How do you go from doing that?
trying to do just regular stand up. I only give him ship because I know he tells his opening acts not to swear. Oh really, yeah well, I've heard I don't know exactly. I wasn't really there that could have been a bunch of bitter twats yeah. I don't remember who it was said. He got harassed for being too dirty opening for him. Man, that's might have been half wrong I can't wish I remember who it was going to have. That is going to get him back in here. Man had it said passive aggressively love, Heffron forward mean opening for somebody like safe, a colada How do I know like? Oh? No? No! No, it's not a thing like you just made it a thing, because you just hinted well the thing in Boston. They used to like always decide like headliners would decide who to porn, and they would They get him. Outta here breaks the fuc meter. It was like that was like the big thing they didn't want to go on and after anybody dirty yeah 'cause. If you
to have any sort of shock value to your comedy whatsoever, but that just means your colleagues on that good yeah. That's how I always felt sir. The best guys can go on after anybody. It doesn't matter. I seen it's just especially when people know who they are like I got a chance to see Hedberg a bunch of times, and I saw Hedberg in front of people who are fans, and I got to see Hedberg in front of people who had no idea who he was and there's a big difference. Man Hedberg had some real hard times on the road, because he had this like really low key hilarious. Act, but it was like really low key and when someone would be like fucking doing cartwheels and shooting firecrackers out of their asses and, like you know can you go on the road I mean. There's some dudes have this somehow Laborit fuqing close routines involving singing and all kinds of crazy shit and Hedberg would have to go on after those in bomb but then Hedberg started going on in front of his own audience and he would just destroy. He Get out of the head
and they would just just yeah. I saw that I got to see both. So I got to see people who truly appreciate it. When Hedberg was still on the unedited version of his presence. You get to see like an audience come play around for him because they, if you see it the aired version you can't tell yet, but if you get, I think it's one of his early cds that comes with a dvd of his unedited presents and they filmed it like with like a like a like these audience companies that, like what do you mean audience for and they just instead of bringing in like fans of his right, so he starts and it's just like not they're, not responding really, and he keeps saying this is the Mitch Hedberg, not so special special. I keep saying that and like they find you see, like there's like a moment where, like they start to like one thousand and fifteen minutes in, like they come around, we're off their Brian. How we are, we just fell off there.
This right now? This portion is only for the people on Itunes and Stitcher. So this year rate review and subscribe? What happened the internet unplugged you silly. He might not that Itunes listeners with uh yeah. I change in the house. Is our internet down here. I think internet. No, it's not! No! It's not! I just checked silly. Just me and Tommy will talk for Iphone Itunes folks when get everything we're wired out that kid and figure this whole thing out. Yet I think I gotta to one, the next set up. I have to move to a more robust system. Then you have another. Do you have a set up coming like some you're going to do this, I'm wondering how much bandwidth it cost to stream. Something like this like what you stream does.
Is there a way to handle this outside of you stream, like I won if you throw the right resources and is it possible for someone to run their own streaming, video type server or is it too bandwidth intensive too expensive? I don't know understand all this should I definitely understand, and I don't understand like how much actual data gets transmitted in these flash files. I don't know, I don't know how it works. I definitely don't know, but it some it's unfortunate that it crashes times. I would like something that never crashes, I just don't think that's well, but you stream seems to crash or connection. Do you string crashes or eastern producer crashes literally every four or five times right. You say Brian well, I don't think it. Does it too much on the MAC. I think so, I think, that's what it is. We need to go back to the MAC yeah,
yeah. I would definitely be using a MAC for this right now I got the stream will try that again will try that again we get back with Tommy buns going the Iphone five. I am you. Are you ready I'm going to wait in line? I just do now. You know what I'm going to do, I'm going to go to Radioshack 'cause. They get them in nobody. There yeah how's, that I don't know, but I have one near where I live and every time they like you know, we have like every new release that comes up for everything comes here, but nobody lines up here, well, they don't have Att, though I don't think that think they have sprint to do they. They have t as well. Will they have iphones? Now sprint as the Iphone but Sprint didn't have the, well either way, I'm not doing the fucking line.
You are going to do the line you gotta love it now. Why wouldn't just order it when you get to playing with yourself while you're in your line? That's fine, the pictures of feet, that's fine and you can just lick your look. Your face, yeah thinking about your Iphone, I'm excited the pictures of your dick you're going to take with it it's gotta be better Amick function. That is going to be like a thing where you can drop the like press the button and then drop it to the floor. So it's easier dick It's like a million pictures as tumbling to the ground and you'd cognitive linguistics in adventure like you, jumping off a cliff and like almost grabbed a dick and SIRI saved, I am, are get oh yeah, I might have to get in line I'll, do whatever I have to do I'll, probably get the bug and then just want it badly I like it when I do well on the way in line for like an hour, no may half an hour. Half oh I'd like lessons tap out after we just think about how long does it take? How long is this line this order, if you order this ship it to you, but you get the same
when you want to immediately. Will hold me over. Is that Samsung Galaxy S3? I want to see it then yeah yeah I've heard good things, yeah I'll, pull it out. Let you touch it did have somebody at a show. I want to touch. It. Take take a picture with it in the green. Look beautiful, it's insane and you know what else we can do. It can take a blast of photos. I can take, are really ten photos in a row high speed, yeah. It does some weird thing where you can jump up in the air and will capture ten different pictures. It's amazing like if the deer that I got my backyard, which, by the way is your photos of jokingly, went to the bathroom. They were going full on running fast, back and forth, like for no reason What are these guys doing? This run around your house is surrounded by crazy, dear yeah, but this is like the way they feel comfortable 'cause. My dogs can't get less and then animals who cares
you're lucky the lucky that it's not legal, shoot em yeah. Would you shoot him there's a problem, there's a problem with beer: it's not a problem in my neighborhood 'cause. Nobody drives fast, it's pretty quiet area, but if you You have this many deer near a main road. It becomes a real problem, people all over the world dear ministers, Fuckin' really common way that people get injured and gasket fuckedup fuckedup? I think ruined it from deer. That did you think about how big that deal was it that hit the windshield. Let's break your fucking face man and if the thing still alive and kicking again and glasses, flying your eyeballs and it's a motorcycle yeah. You literally have to kill those things. I have to kill them and there's a Peter people. Don't want to admit this, but this one of two options: ok, you eat assume your position at the top of the food chain and deal with the problem, or you bring
something else in and you're no longer at the top of the food chain, because that's the only way you're going to have to deal with this issue? What do they pray everywhere? So you either eat it or you bring in predators? That's all you because you really gotta shoot it or you gotta, bring in mountain lions and wolves. So they propose that we just let dear just explode in population. Well, they look, they don't want people hunting, They don't want people hunting, but I don't know what kind of ideas they have. The stop the population growth, because if you don't manage that shit- and this is something that you know when I was a young man. I thought that, like deer hunting like wow, why would you ever want to kill a deer? I didn't even think about the irony of one cheeseburger, and not in wondering why anybody would go and kill a deer like it didn't even make sense to me, but as you get older, and you understand that you have to do something about the population. If you don't do something about the population they like rats I think that's how every there's going to be a disease. There's going to be problems because every popular
it needs to be put in check. The cycle has to be the reason why the world so Fuckd up right now because there's nothing that eats us, like the main reason we can just dominate? We could just run around all Willy nilly and nothing puts us in check, and if that was the case with dear, we would be we'd go twenty miles an hour every, where they'll be jumping in front of your car. Everywhere you went, the only good thing. Is we've never go hungry you just pull over a lot of gun bomb blowing stupid. Fucking things in the head start a fire and just start you could eat. You would never starve to death, but they would be everywhere and you wouldn't get anywhere and people would die on the highway every day because you just hit one of those fuckin' dummies give it. Here or through your skull, they fuckin' funk you up by the funk. You up man, deer, Jerky, love, it looks good, so I have a box of it Yeah again, I buy venison Jerky in Elk, Jerky yeah. I feel like a man when they eat them with filling out amount, and I'm living happen. You are to jam fearsome, Killin, fiercest fuck.
Deers living in my yard. Bro, I'm like a wild person up here or one person. Careful about wild, though, and I respect that shed going to keep it in line. People are things that you shouldn't, there are ridiculous, your ridiculous to do something. You're, ridiculous and dangerous? Ok, it's stupid! It's not like! live forever. If you don't shoot them and by the way, killing deer is one thousand times better. Running some ridiculous factory chicken farms, often everything into a fuckign box where it can't move or just think about veal. Think about how they raise veal and how many pig farms or pigs or stuffed right next to each other and ears are just running around man just running around. I would like to do that Actually a lot of bow hunting, it's cool, but I don't think I can actually I'm not. I'm not good at stomaching the tell me something that you really want, like really yeah War is shook a pig man and not I've been obsessed with it from
at the time I saw them. First kill a pig with a knife yeah, the dogs hold the pig down and they stab in the throat with a knife that show- yes show it's a hunting show it's about. Pigs in rural Texas, pigs and taxes are fucking huge problem, Wild pigs are like literally like destroying millions. Bakers, millions and millions of wild pigs, so ridiculous infestation to the point where they're shooting out of helicopters yeah and that's one of the things they did on big man. This guy gets out. Fucking hell, top gun shooting two hundred pigs in a day? Well, this is the disturbing that was serving, but the most recent episode was way more. Mr disturbing he's going. He goes hunting in Argentina, and he's trying to get pigs like these big giant pigs and there's no so he shoots off box and he shoots a fall with a bow and arrow in the thing screams this horror, sound and it was really fucked up man. It was
It was really weird to watch Is he nails this thing and it just let's out this horrible horrible, screech and then you realize it's not going to eat that you're not eating that fox. Like you just shot that fox 'cause, he could shoot that Fox yeah. I was like oh wait for the pelts or something Jesus Christ. What do we do we live in the fur trapping days. You know, you're, not really a fir tree I guess it's worth some money, but you just shot that thing 'cause. You wanted to shoot a fox yeah. When I lived in Colorado man, foxes are cool, as foxes are badass that kind of cool man, there's a what's. It called coyotes that run around the the Griffith park. The coyotes are different. Owners are creeps. Coyotes in my big dangerous creeps. They are there dangerous creeps, but foxes are not dangerous to people at all. Coyotes will attack children but Fox
fox is are coming pack very clever, they do coming back and they come in packs down from they come out from the hillside and you'll all of a sudden, like every few weeks, I'll hear that it had like a maniacal barking dog, the other always in my front yard, and they like play with my dog through the window like my dog, will bark and then that Coyote will come up and just likes yeah, that's stupid What I say about them is that The only reason I don't kill us is because they don't think they can get away with it. That's all it is no kill anything else around us, including your children. They will attack your children with having a bunch of times I've seen I've seen a dog running like trotting a coyote. Excuse me trotting down fountain with a dog in its mouth: oh yeah, oh yeah, so they they didn't. They snatch him right off of peoples. Leashes people go walking around in, like nice, neighborhoods like Brentwood that go
walking around with a dog on a leash and a coyote will come and snatch that motherfuck often run rats out here. Man just walk on my power lines and you're just going from house to house you just see. Tumblr rats watch it oh I had some guy. They had a lock down some house in quarantine it because some people caught some horrible rat disease from quarter show! Yet, in other peoples? Houses- and you know these people had a rat infestation in their house and they taught and this disease only. It kills like twenty to fifty percent of the people who get it and it's incurable. There's no cure for it. So these or catching this horrible incurable disease from cleaning up. Bush it houses Jesus
that's everywhere and infestations used to see those rats on the power lines, and this is when I worked in like a big corporate building, and so I talked to have the guys would come into the office is in the kitchen and like set traps into this stuff. So I was like hey I've, terrified of the fucking rats. What can I do about rats and he was like? Well, he tell me the options and he was like he gave me these, like gel pad, like sticky, gel like it's like. It's like a big rectangular thing and you just place it he's like they'll, be running and then they'll just get stuck in that and then they just rot and then they'll just die. So I was like alright, so I was so scared of them that I said fuckit I put it up on the roof. He's like put like a little peanut butter and they'll just come right. There cool, I lay them out. I come out the next,
They are from the roof. They're down on the floor now, flipped over and shit on is like the rat pick them up, flipped him over and shit all over them like fuck, your trap, real, I may just they were just kicked over. It might ratchet alone I had that really bad mouse problem when I was in college and like so bad where the mice were just like, like I would take a blanket off, my couch and mice would scurry out and goes so when you have like an ancient infrastructure, that's been in fast like New York. City's infrastructure is really almost no way to eradicate them. Which in less you would clean every person out of the city and then just kill everything alive in the city, otherwise, and even then you're probably going to miss if you are going to be in crack somewhere hiding those evil cuts. There's more rats. I think there are people in New York City, so we had one. Those traps, but my mouse like I was like one day. I was like what's that noise in my kitchen, and I hear
like, like just shuffling noise and there's like this blood, and there's a mouse there. That was like biting his leg off and I don't know what to do so. I grabbed like one of those scoops that you uh for the broom and I threw it side and I think I don't care what's so. I don't know what and I just never went in my backyard anymore. Rats are discussed yeah when you get anywhere, but this rats you just gotta, get the fuck out of there. This is you can't win you're not going to win you need. Shop in a place that doesn't have rats like that was a monoxide. Apps yeah same house makes sense. Jesus. Christ would have shity house, I've got attacked by rodents and poison brain yeah do speaking at poison brain this nude sports illustrated, I know, you're a football fan. Did you read this Shitan Jim Mcmahon? No, I know he's not doing I'm not doing well, man Jim. When I was a kid. I was not a football fan, but I knew how far to Mcmahon was. He was a super famous football players
Dan's needs to wear and she hasn't had super bowl, shuffle yeah super bowl shuffle, while he apparently has dementia and his girlfriend takes. Pictures of them together, because one She's worried he's going to forget who she is because she Is it slowly? Slipping away like he'll, be he'll, kiss her goodbye, and then downstairs just standing frozen 'cause. He can't remember where he was going I think football is on the verge of changing dramatically how the fund can you that's there, talking to him. He was on the sport, show they were talking about it and he said leather helmets might be. The rule like go go to leather helmets and have no head contact at all but that's not going to work. I mean it's like who's going to accept that yeah Oh, I saw the oh, my god unreal Sports on HBO yeah.
All players are coming again, but they are of efforts in that they have this. This guy, I feel bad. I forget his name, you play for the saints and he got a less at like thirty, four thirty five and basically they said this is the first ever like time. We ve ever seen that this term matic just head door that there, the severe head trauma repeatedly might be a cause of ale ass. We ve never had would never shown evidence that something could lead to a less what his allies stand for it. So the long of medical Termini Camp pronounce gradually. But it's it's. You know it destroys your muscles any living. It doesn't destroy as it
two way. Your muscles is your brain, so you're, totally aware of how you're physically just break evaporating and like they show he played in the in the first game after Katrina, New Orleans was just devastated right in the soup. At the Superdome was used to house the city's residents, who didn't have a place to go, and I never know if they weren't even be able to read. But they rebuilt it. You know, got it all cleaned up and they had their first game since Katrina and it was like a big deal and he blocked a punt that just like set the place into is like one of the craziest. You see the other clip of it's like it's super emotional place goes nuts there so excited to have came back, and so he was that guy and he retired. He played like eight or nine years in the league and was, like you know, retired and looking forward to the so his life. How old was he when he retired he retired? I think, like three thousand and thirty one or two years ago, and then you know
retired thirty one may he was just you know had is run by. He wasn't. You know he was a special teams player like he had a good, a good career and but it seems like there's plenty of years left in your athletic career. A lot of a lot of NFL guys are three. Four years because of physical just sent you just don't make the cut yeah like a lot of times, you'll see guys that they were like bacon trip, and then you know their way by this team picked up by this team. And I'll sudden there they don't twenty nine, even and they're like they're. No team wants them anymore, like they would so crazy? Yes, you wear out you wear out, I mean it, so I can you know those collisions men and they asked him during the thing they're like how many times where you knocked out during your career. He was like twice, you know where I was like blackout knocked out and then how many times did you have like your bell rung? You know where you're just like Holyshit and he was like hundreds,
That's why I didn't practice. Those couches and those count to practice counts everything counts, and we see you know junior Sayow minutes. What do you do? So do you tell people they gotta stop playing, for? I would not want my kids to play football. Tell you that I would be reluctant. I know that, like the one thing the only way I mean the thing that most people agree on is that the proper technique is is not being taught from a young age. Now people are no longer like you look at old footage of football, yeah they're, different caliber athletes and stuff and they're, not like the monsters but like it was tacked. It was more technical, tackling people. Would you taught when you bend your knees? You put your shoulder into basically somebody's chest. You rap up you tackle. Those are the tackles that rarely do you see that,
resolved in, like some devastating had drama right now, it's an end. This is now like meaning the last fifteen twenty years. It is like you see, helmets being lowered crown of the head into the other person's helmet, just head blows, people or fuckin. You know the throwing shoulders helmets and and forms in the people's heads, and then you see them like just like with like they were car accident man like they're, just they can't handle it, doesn't matter what type of helmet you wear yeah, there's, there's only so much punishment your brain can take, and I think that this very few things in life that hit you as hard as a football player. Does I just think that dude, when you look at a three hundred pound guy running at you, full clip and charging into your body while another guy hits you over this way and you collide together and the guy goes unconscious like. Is there any
What time in life we see a man completely armored up just get knocked unconscious. Oh my god. They have helmets on, they have big armor on the shoulders and they get knocked the fuck out at the end of the real problem now there are there more on top of it cuz they have to be, but the real problem is you look at like 80s and 90s. The guys were now four thousand two hundred and fifty you're seeing a lot. Like depression demand, shot a man shall then using all high mercy and always different debilitating things take place. Those guys would get knocked out or you know they would get like a severe concussion and it would just be like you need to go play right away now, but there wasn't like now, there's, like you know their finally doing like if even have a sign of this you're gonna be out. For this amount of time we have to have tat, whereas those is played with like full concussion syndromes. Krutch means that, like their brain just went, there's just shook inside there
and now they're fucking playing again. You know it crazy that they didn't even know it's like. They got just shows you how recent not just the science of brain trauma is where they really kind of understand what causes real problems, but also the idea This has a sport, so recent in in the human medical. You know a encyclopedia as far as like things that happen to people. How often did they have like judgey or or a look at a very specific group like people who do this one thing who all come down with traumatic brain injury like what the fuck is going on. What is this one profession? It's not welder. Does that, but being it's football player thing with this whole idea of a football player is like one hundred years old. I mean it's, not super new, So we did in the medical history of like things that you shouldn't do that are fuckedup This sort of hasn't really been fully fully entered, but neither as fighting man I mean
looking like in. As far as like people have known about punch, drunk boxers forever that's always been. The box is stuck around too long and that the horrible store reason the lips of the words You know stumbling slurring out of their mouth. It's terriblr terrible stuff, we've known about that forever? We're going to see that probably from MMA fighters, if they're not looked after death as well mean I mean they're taken shots to the head as well. It's all knowing when the fucking get out yeah. It's all about you much. You know, intelligence as you can. Risk is much as you need too, but no more and then get out when you feel like it's slipping away and you got gotta treat you got gotta treat any real like head trauma, a concussion like a really serious event like something to just be like that happens. I get really really serious. Well, I've heard it dudes get now
down training and then go to fight and then get to hit with small shot in the fight and they go unconscious. Because they were really like walking around like halfway knocked out already yeah. Marvin Eastman fought, Travis, looter, Travis, him on the end of the punch. It was like it was really weird it didn't look it look like like you just shut off who he him his whole body, and I was like that, doesn't even make any sense, but then he talked to the people that trained with, and they said he got knocked out twice in camp for that fight, which is just fucking crazy and he was probably right back like the day after fucking taking Shaw yeah. When I wonder, if they're going to be able to fix that wonderful is ever going to be anything that can repair, because the thing about brain condition, I think from impact is that their degenerative and that just
these box wrestling. They say that something happened them ten years ago and they start to feel the effects ten years later and why? I think you know, because it's it's so unnatural either to get like the Roma expert, absolutely like most people that have one occurrence like that: that's the one occurrence they have for their life. They don't have that don't go through that hundreds of times. You know you have somebody. You know everyone knows somebody or a car accident I'll fuckin'. It fuck me up and that one time that happened- and I had headaches- you know for fucking years and I went to this type of therapist and I got this type of treatment once not like. Oh I, this is the kind of thing that happens to me every six weeks. I get just laid out and can pass out because somebody devastated my head. Well, a lot of camps that didn't know any better. They thought that would toughen guys up so guys were getting knocked out in training all the time 'cause they would go. Full clip and training
like really common in a lot of camps. You know I don't want to name names but yeah people, they don't don't treat brain trauma with as much respect as they should. Yeah they did a lot of things hooked up. You know they used to not believe that you should give like a football players: water when they're like in August J like to toughen you up like during practice until like two one slash two hours with no water. It's like ninety eight degrees outside, but they thought that was like the smart thing to do. Which it man they did a lot of stupid shit. There's a lot of people out there that got out of their brains, ruined because people didn't understand now, but comes down to this now we know now. What do we do right? It does, it seems, like you, can fight Nemo may and get out of it without brain trauma. I dont know if that is the case with football, a really down. There's some guy,
is it clearly have made it out? Ok, but there's guys, I think, there's going to be this wave, this wave of guys you're going to see where it's not just every. Once in awhile, you hear the news of somebody going to be just dozens of people that have severe You know brain injuries from football, so they should get rid of the helmets yeah, that's what they are it's been. Yes that is work. It's a very bright suggestion and people think it's silly. They like. What are you talking about, even more dangerous. It's actually not man. It's also one of the arguments about MMA that they should switch to bare knuckles, because you can't punch it's hard to really problem. Is you cut people a lot easier with your knuckles, then used a lot of advice would be stopped because it cuts elbows and knuckles cut people the most. Yeah, but you could punch a lot harder if you got a little gloves on if you got padding on I mean
The helmet is used in football as a weapon. It's just like we you talk about the the that the gloves your hand, wrapped it's a weapon. It's a fucking, solid, yeah, it's protected by all these pads. You can brace it against your. You know your name everything in your run full into somebody we support man, it's a. As a human, being and mean super at super impressive. If that's how you make your living, you know a God bless. You You know I'm saying God bless, but if you not another option menu might want to not slam your body into dudes as hard as you can 'cause. It seems like that she is bad for you. That's pretty! There's definitely good argument against it. 'cause like a fighter Anderson Silva can go through whole fights and not get touched me. Fox guys up and doesn't even get hit, and you look at it and go well if you're super, talented and soup, technical? You know you can fight and not take that much damage all Anderson's fights
in the Shell Sonnen fight? Does he ever take like a bunch of punches and he still looked fine at the end of that and brain? Why do you think he's alright? He's fine he's fine he's one hundred percent fine, there's nothing wrong with him, but he's also he's delicious he's dishing way. More punches, delicious punches, delicious, take sponsors people up so hard. He going totally different confidence level than them he's on a total. Different like striking, speed wavelength. He just put beatings on dudes man, and so because of that he's not like taking much damage yeah. But then you see some other dudes that he's fighting now. Some guys he's fucking up and you gotta go man how many more fights like this and this guy have yeah and every fighter as sort of decide on their own. They have to reach this sort of stuffed shrimp.
Going to come to him. In fact, it is time to dip out yeah, especially if that's how you make a living sure how you're going to pay your bills in the not to mention you know the the rush they get of being like in the game. You know being part of like prizefights, yelling arena and people are screaming when you end it like that. So that's a rush. You can't compare to anything. You do in your regular fuckin' life yeah There's nothing like that. It's a hard thing to fucking put down it'll, be super hard to find something that can come even close. You have to be like a fighter pilot or something yeah. They say that that's a lot of people are saying: that's what ceo like he played in the NFL for like sixteen years, which is pretty much unheard of, especially like it's like a linebacker, and that, like he just was like he was depressed about not getting the rush anymore being like in the games
We also had considerable brain death. Yeah. Definitely that's a thing. Many say that brain damage you see once it fox with your pituitary, your brain stops producing the right amount of testosterone. You get depressed from that. You get that there's a lot of different factors that can lead to like some pretty severe dip, yeah range from a you know. It's one of the arguments against testosterone replacement for fighters. Actually yeah is the Matic Brain injury argument. I don't I don't totally completely understand it, but I think they're saying if you get hit in the head enough, like James Toney, was an example of it. You get hit in the head enough and your body is not going to produce testosterone same way, yeah, but then I've heard other doctors say in this kind of makes sense to me. Well, hey man, if you can't produce for staff anymore, because you got hit in the head so many times like, maybe you should stop getting hit in that that's a great yeah You know it seems like that's the things you stop. First yeah like yeah. Don't forget about like trying to do any
sing, to supplement your testosterone. You gotta stop getting hit in the head. 'cause, your brain is going to stop working, it's just like yeah many times. Can you car with a hammer before the engine breaks, it's like enough, you know, there's a great footage of James Toney sparring like a few years back and he's like he's pretty out of shape in it, and he talks shit, don't hire time, that's boring and he's like he's winded. He's a bitter faggot, impair langleys, hiccup souls, I'll, technically talented James, Tony, his shoulder roles and his ability to die figure out where your punching block you and cover you he's a brilliant box or men. Few go back to early days like when he knocked out Michael Nunn, James Toney's of God Dam animal man. He These are power, punch out tough dude, and he became a slick, ass boxer. He just did have the same motivation to training that likes
other guys if he trained like Roy Jones Junior TRAIN, oh my god, and what a fight that was Roy Jones Junior was fucking great fight. He would have trained like Roy Jones yeah. That was too bad. It's too bad. He never sort of recovered from that. Did they fight again? Did they ever fight again, I don't know if they thought twice. I don't know, I don't think they did. Why do I feel like what do I feel like they didn't, but James Toney. I was one of the only like major guys that ever tried to, get in I'll get in MMA yeah. If I randy Couture, how did that go? Didn't go so good. Randy go tour, just grabbed him! through him on the ground to strangle them but media tly. Was it like a ten second thing: uh yeah it was. It was a joke.
Is he took him down with the low low single government angle pic, I guess they were trying to plan it. They were trying to plan the second fight, oh really yeah, but I think James Toney might be a heavyweight now big boy yeah. Well, they say that t yeah. He said he they might do. They say Tony's like two hundred and forty pounds and Roy Jones finding, but he fights it like cruiserweight, sometimes or light heavyweight, some studies not going to drop down. I've been watching Roy Jones fight too. It's depressing it shift. I know it's not it's not like the old days and it's not just like the old days getting knocked out a lot. Yeah I've. Seen them knocked out a couple of times. You know he's a good analyst. He's actually good analysts. Yes, I don't know why he doesn't just fucking. You know he's not a man, apparently If you listen to the internet, that is another one of those dudes didn't pay his taxes, millions of dollars.
Well you know when someone tells you you don't have to pay or someone's a shity, its financial advisor or you, you got everything covered and this is never going to go away, those guys don't have good accountants, man, I know kind of peer money, gotta pay. I don't think we should pay as much as we pay, but I think you got to talking back and you gotta pay again, I get a little pissed off when I found out about a guy, that's been living on high on the hog and it was millions of dollars in taxes. You know 'cause like we should all contribute. We should this mean well this Obama argument that everybody is upset at him because he said you know. If you run a small business, you didn't build that you didn't build the infrastructure, he didn't build ST, that's what he meant like you didn't build the streets and everybody was upset by that, but in a lot of ways. That is true. I mean we do need to hey everybody needs to pay a little bit of something it's just there should be. Some sort of an accounting should be able to find out how you're spending the money shouldn't be. So God Dam open, we have to give you money and then you do with a few special if you're a guy like him, feel like
How much money did that guy give them right phones over the years and taxes, millions and millions and millions of dollars, millions, we have like if it gets a certain number and you should be able to. This is what we did with your money went over and we is all your millions to set up a base in Kosovo. You actually set up a base over there that'd be really cool will be excited to know that ship to like what did? I really would you think about like what Roy Jones, see this stretch of hwy access? Not done that's going to be your ship Is that Tommy Segura stretch of the highway? It's not done yet. If you Look at them. You know a guy like Roy Jones. How much do you think he made? it was it had to be. I want to say uh huh my would say, that's not that's, probably accurate, probably around there so one hundred million dollars. Let's get super and say you have to pay forty eight percent 'cause, that's like the highest. You can pay without shelters and all that stuff that I'm sure are smart person would figure out or a good accountant. So let's say he paid
Forty eight million dollars just go nutty and use that as a number. That's insane crazy. Forty eight million supports an army somewhere, that's like what did he What country did they overthrow with everything your Roy Roy so we knocked out virgin here with that body shot, and I see a jet signs missiles in Chile, yours, Roy Goddamnit, really this is twice in one podcast. Does powerful. Duncan Trussell doesn't obviously watch our podcast from other Vacher Hump day in Duncan you could just get sent Voicemail son. I tell you listeners to come, see me this weekend. You could, you could say where you're playing but don't tell them to come, see you guys just gross ok, you could say if you would like that kind of see some comedy, but if you like, hey man, I was meaning it like that. You know: hey man, if you like comedy you live in the
like Orange County, maybe area. Where are you going be this weekend? Tell me by improved. Only only three shows only three shows winters day today and Friday, and Friday night. That's, it was a fucking. Phenomenal club have fun there, so you know if you live in that area, there's not a whole lot of ship going on other than the movies, and there might be like a bowling alley or Someshit. Come see the dodge and be there dodge and coyotes, but they do have the improv in the improv is fuqing. It's it's a great club in every. I think they have like top level talent there. If you look at the like the improvs roster, if you go by there, what a great thing is to have in your town like if you know one week, it's this guy, the next week it's Tommy Sigur the next week, it's ARI Joey. Is headlines improves. Now too, it's just it's such a great thing to have in your town and that Bray Emperor was one of my favourites. First club ever worked, yeah yeah, since everyone run a fund
places tremendous it's so good. Joey was doing that dirty night there once a month, but I think he got a little too busy with those little different side projects he's doing some step. Yeah but Joey Diaz and it has a new podcast, too lazy. Gentlemen, if your big Joey Diaz fans, it's called the church what's happening now and it's on Itunes, and it was like top four like right away course course is Joey. This is the one that monster most fascinating human beings ever he's a monster. We did a Santa Barbara this weekend. Holyshit is at fuckin' fun. Where do you do it? That would allow the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara and there's a lot of celebrities there. A lot of celebrities, man yeah just a bunch of celebrities, live and that's where we saw Carol Burnett but yeah. A lot of celebrities live out there, it's beautiful weather is never it never like is not perfect. It's gorgeous out people are nice. It's like really nice houses, old houses houses like around from the 1920s. He should like that. It's just.
Gorgeous gorgeous primo place to live man beautiful beautiful place, and if people see like a little bit more chill. There here were so trapped in this fucking. Beehive yeah. It's so crazy and fast that I think that I think that should gets away from you, man, I think we're better When is a little less people in Santa Barbara Man, fucking They need to train a super train that goes from Santa Barbara to LAN like like ten minutes. You know what you say that Bro, but you know what Duncan and I did we made a podcast I'll, give it to you today, so we can upload it, but we just said you know what let's just make a podcast. So I clip my onto my arm, my Bmw as one of those little coupled or things yet, and the three least engine and german engineering it as a sort of coupled a thing, and I click my phone to it and we just did a part.
Just on my phone- and it sounds great- I mean it doesn't sound like this, but it sounds like total. You can hear what we're saying and it's kind of cool, because it's like our first podcast in the car but yeah that you do that, it is an hour drive, so you go with a buddy. You know you going to do a show in Santa Barbara you, and we need to start doing that man, you know, but branch out you can do shows everywhere now you're at the point. Now Friends come with me, Sacramento Brians at the point he could be in professional stand up comedian he's like right. There you're right there if you just push right now, you're your professional comedian, like you can do that. You have built in audience like you'd, be crazy! Not to do it and you really would be, would totally be crazy. Not to do it 'cause. You can do it. You get laughs. You have some funny shit man function. Let's say the joke. Is it gives it away with that? One Joe. I love that joke. That's a great joke! Man! If you just kept chopping away at it an and did it all the time and you could go on tour, you could do. We could
Now your shows like that's. Ultimately, what It would be awesome if we came in and were promoting, your shows were promoting. Your shows. We could all be doing shows like all across the country of course, and This is like sort of a platform come here during the week. Everybody folks around everybody goes as their ship on the weekend would be awesome, but this now this using the podcast too, you know work as like a promotional platform stand up, comedy shows yeah, so maybe create is fucking thing ever it's awesome people get to know you Tommy born they do. They cannot like a similar tonight, show couch in general and on the character my cleaving or can account. For my part, gas is the most fun, though, that I have during anything It's cool that you do years with your wife and you actually still like each other. We love it man. We love each other, we have the most fun if you guys really want to find the best poop podcast I've.
It's not just poop guys, but you were against. You were just recently and we've got to get you to come. Would love to. I would love to I'm doing Duncan's tomorrow, but I'll do yours one day next week. Ok, actually I'm trying to get rich roll, who is the vegan activists believe, is saying you gotta get like vegans. So we get this but he's an athlete, and I got MAC Danzig also, which is on Thursday, who is another vegan, and I had a friend of mine have a good lunch today about that, this is in response to like vegans, who saying we need to get someone to do a counterpoint to Rob Wolf, 'cause, Robb, Wolf, had the pay LEO Diet Guide daily author of the paleo solution, coffee bay, in an egg, said that change after back everything. Oh my god, I want to blow you like. I'm eating Kale shakes every day, trying to stay healthy, and this guy says coffee, bacon and eggs. I tried it, but I'm telling you it's not he's not correct. They have this head
the feeling of like it's like, let's get the cigarettes for you and it doesn't well that's where the coffee supposed to counteract, but it can't fuck with Kale shake these kit? The my morning, Kale shake is just it's either that for me or hemp shakes. That's all I drink in the morning and I have lots of energy like plenty of energy during the day. I think we, I think we have to be careful about how much stupid ship we put in our bodies, and I would rather I've no like put nothing and then stupid should not that big in eggs is necessarily stupid, shed delicious delicious, and I think your body processes, fat and all that stuff. It can process all those things. It's all natural, but it's not as doesn't give you the same like clean feeling as like starting off with a vegetable shake yeah. So I'm going to have this guy, I'm going to talk to head school, you know he'll. He because he wanted to express himself, he wanted to explain what the fuck is wrong.
With all these crazy mediators. We had. We had red band on an we also, if you guys go to your mom's house podcast. If you check out mine, we also had Yoshi on tell story of when he ate Joey's banana bread fucking a class. He or she has a bunch of crazy story about when he actually I'll put ass. It is, I have all their story to spend too. He was at a friends house and a duty, and I drop her and he didn't know there was acid in the I drop in unity to clean his eyes, so TAT in Japan. Who's in Japan. For, like eight draw, lots of acid in his eyes, which is like it's unheard of. Somebody told me the other day that Joey Diaz did that to J more like that, like at a party tricked him and in saying that that was acid and Jerry Moore was like freaking out like that. Some other comic told me one of its turn a long time ago. Yet, like a long time ago, you start another cancer. Young done about say more is gonna, be mad at you again by itself.
Mostly. The story goes that Jay Mohr was really freaking out because he was fucking with him, though yeah is fighting with them all the time it wasn't asset but like Jim was freaking out because he was like. Was that really acid? Was that really like? Well, that's like what we were talking about the cat. Don't remember what the phobia is where you there that people really wish. I could remember the cuz I looked up the word than I thought it was not snot Alathenia, California. Is that when I said already that that's about the crazy in your random kind of thing. Yeah that thing you know I mean kind of makes sense that if someone starts treating you like you're, crazy yeah, that makes sense and you're like? Oh, no, you start to maybe, like you start to act in the behavior that they conditioning unit to act in you know I mean I think, most of my Ex girlfriends Jesus. I totally control them praising lignite and ignore created the men and sick to print is inside of them until today, don't feel good anymore.
And then blame everything on them and then what else the move, get fat, that's good! so that's how you get rid of. Am So anyway, I'm going to offer the point of view, because I think she visions enough and there's a lot of people, but it's such a big deal. Why can't people just eat meat if you want to eat a little vegan like I considered vegan like I'm eating italian tonight, yeah, they don't know, that's, what's fascinating about it. It's sort of lifestyle choice. It's you know, you're, making a decision that you don't want to do anything that's going to harm the envir. You don't want to do anything. That's going to make your footprint larger. I mean, I see the point I just interested is going to kill the animals, the you have to kill them or less you going to that's sterilizing them at birth and then who the fuck are you to play doctor yeah, you can just chop off a deers balls. You gotta kill him I'm going to bring Fogata Chow that day, I'm just going to eat. This is a little shit. You son of a batch
and so you don't do that. One with the smell of burning meat is to like a person, is a super hardcore, vegan, probably nauseates them. I'm sure you know, they're not supposed to have honey Why not? Cuz bees are slave I'll fuck on that man I got ten. On vegans in my new new hour might be ten minutes. That's great news, so there's so much silliness, it's almost like being a mormon. Vegans like right up there with being a mormon like at the end of it. You like wait, wait, wait what bees bees Bees are slaves, it seems so extreme men. An. I saw guys who like trying to encourage someone from to be vegan: hey don't worry about that man. Don't let honey stop you from being a vegan, I mean hey, I don't I don't use it, but don't let that stop you I don't use it, I'm super ultra perfect vegan man, I'm so used to honey. That honey Van means like
These have souls man like. Why put him to work? Why why, their work man I mean. How is that any different in which he accused Carlos Mencia of doing man? Ok, he just taking the honey from these beings shut, your fucking stupid face. This whole thing is stupid. Lucky block you telling me that we can't figure out honey is delicious yeah honey is awesome. We don't have to make it these dumb cut, let's make it happen, we steal it from them yeah. The way we steal it from them is with smoke. These fucking stew, gas and then they blow smoke out and then you scoop him up without Kitty litter shovel and you put him in a box and you close the Stupid box buzz around for a little while and then take all their fuckin' honey and you hack off those little babies that are growing, and then you get the fuck out of here. This little embryos that are in their cut all that shit out, that's not necessary. Just can't do that honey. Spot let's bear likes is the high.
That is all the embryos in the honey all together. In the same thing, I think so I don't know 'cause. That was always there fascinating. When I was a kid and I would find uh beehive on the ground that you do that and open them up how When you see them in the little shuttle, the little fucking punk, they mean they're, just like the alien they just really tiny, their miniature aliens yeah, especially if you watch them look up other insects, specially wasps yeah, there's a crazy documentary where it details this one wasp attack where they came in and killed these honey bees was an enormous wasp? They were way bigger than the honey bees and it just comes in and starts cutting the heads off the honey bees and these this one swarm this like a thousand Fucking Bee colonies was killed by like thirty of these wasps and it's fuckin' tough to watch man. These I mean
like. What would we do if these things were our size? You wouldn't do jackshit I had wasp, I got. I walked into a wasp nest, one time like in where one was and they just liking. It stayed in my arm. It was fuckking and stabbing and the thing about these two I found out that the queen has a stinger, the Queen Bee as a stinger, but she only uses it to kill queens. Oh yeah, they use it to kill verge. Queens are usually listen when you You find a new queen like when someone's getting together and putting together a new queen, you gotta Jack, that bitch. I shall come to take your spot 'cause. It can only like one queen the nest, so they don't use it just on on queens when they're out they'll fuck up queen embryos they'll flock What are they? What are they called? What does it feed us? What is the term for an insect fetus idea? Bro, Is it inside an embryo rather right now, whatever the bucket is uh the infant inside the honeycomb, they stab them in the side-
That's how they know when they've been attacked by another queen, like she knows, there's a hooker in that box, she's going to just stabs it with her ask so that's what they are their stingers for their stingers, not a stinger that injects venom, it's just a sword sword to kill the babies. We're so lucky there little man were so lucky they're little huge evil, fucking bees, We need to figure out a way to get honey through little robots. Little tiny, ass, robot bees, we should make drones that look like bees that make honey and how about we make drones and just look like bees except their way stronger and harder, and they come in and fuck all the bees in front of their boyfriends? Imagine it be like robot bees with giant robot, be dicks, like dogs like a sled dog size based on the wall and just
shotguns an fly. Swatters everywhere, just yeah big mace fly swatters if they did stab you just like goes through your back the fact that only yeah size of one the size of a softball would kill you. Oh yeah, just fuck your dad yeah disembowel you from the fucking eat you alive, Shitman make babies in your body. The movie. I want to see that movie Tommy buns you're the best. Thank you. Thanks be on anytime man- I'm glad we're going to do. Do a mean in a non sexual way. I was thinking that you know man was last time, did a podcast with Tommy buns. I want to have you on soon and I also want to come back 'cause. I have a new album coming out. You, what are you doing tomorrow, night tomorrow, night tomorrow, Wednesday night, you want to do with us sure. Done, ladies and gentlemen. So now tomorrow night at the ice house. It is Joe de as it is bright, in Cal and it is done
and Trussell an it's Tommy, mutherfucking buns and I Brian Redban will be coming down to actually smoke the peace pipe with Duncan Trussell. It should be an epic desk. Lot event, ladies and gentlemen, so come on down and if you want to fashionable when you're there. You you're want to buy a desk one t shirt and you go desk desk1 dot tv What is what is money go to It all goes to support the death squad, podcast network, which is on Itunes. If you go there's a bunch of different podcast, there. There is the icehouse chronicles that we do at the ice house, which is uh one of my favorite podcast of all time, because it's us It's all of like the guys who were in town that combine do shows duck standouts benign Tom roads comes, I was on a transit girl has been on in Edwards being so many so many funny comedians in, of course, Aryan, Joey and, and we We put on these once a week twice a week sometimes- and it's like really some of the most fun shit that we do. We get
fuck around, and we get to loosen up before we go onstage and make a podcast at the same time and make each other laugh and then we've been doing the shows at the ice house better, like literally some of the fun of shows that that I've ever done in my life and the the club could have been cooler It's it couldn't be a more positive, karma space. You know the ice, it's been around since, like the nineteen sixty one or something crazy like that yeah, it's an old fuckin' club and it just the you stand in the room, the the comedy room like when the doors are closed and the lights are off and that place is oh yeah, it's got energy from fifty fucking here's of comedy in that place. That's an unusual place yeah. I love that fucking second stage room to there. For some the little rooms awesome, the little room might be the best little room in the country. It super small, its tight knit but they're all like right there and is to tears, which is really rare in a small room that little
comes amazing. It might be one of the best rooms ever for coming up with new shed, Ok, I'm coming up with new material, absolutely which will be doing Wednesday night. Ladies and gentlemen, with Joey Diaz aka mad, but you gotta come ditch, maybe I gotta feeling pretty sure yeah well. I think I was at the dentist on my medicines like worn off so now. I think I have like this. Green or something going on. What do they have to drill? trying to get came, undone new out We can go on the cob or something now showing them too. I gotta tell you not to time. I want to go pee. Where can people go You were you at this weekend, area improve conflagration Thursday and Friday, Thursday and Friday Tommy Botha Tom Cigarette COM has all my the list thing you can. I can send you. Notification tat Tom S, e g. You are a dot com and get far Tom on Twitter. Also, as a g, you are
hey you dirty bitches and your search young cast, not ass. Paca, the new top dog shirt. I love him check it. It is also why tomorrow I will be doing the Duncan Trestle family. Ours are not know Joe Rogan experienced by gas and then Thursday I'll be back with MAC Danzig. So that should be a lot of fun and Wednesday night. We arrive at the ice house and this Friday night, I'm in Sacramento with Brian Redban, SAM Tripoli. Rose in this setting. It's sold out so go fuck yourself. So, unless you come and then I didn't have you, anything, no, no, no! It's just in and out yeah just one and it's justice, to just drop into. I never get down to Sacramento. You know it's a it's a cool city, but I'm are they over there and I remember what the name of the places it's like, that Crest theater, I think
yeah the Crest theater after it's really nice theater, we will find out, and then next week is the week after that is Toronto. City Hall, and I understand and that uh some ridiculous scalping going on and that people tell me that the sort of like three hundred dollars. I something weird the other day about the one of your shows that was cancelled and they charge like play some out of money extra for some reason and then, when they took it when they, when the show got cancelled a debit and that didn't get the whole amount back, Would you hear this told me this, somebody in Columbus. Oh, it was one of the guys, from so there's like a cancellation fee or something like that, even though it wasn't there, they didn't, cancel the venue cancelled and they say it was like something like this guys. Like Adam. I need to find out what the that might be correct or correct- I don't know we'll have to find out, but anyway,
Oh, it's listening! Thank you very much for everything you guys are the cool as human beings. We've ever come in contact with you know we talk about it all the time I mean Aubrey talks about when it deals with customers at on it, and we talk about it when we do. These comedy shows were lucky as FUCK man just whatever we're sending out there, the fact You guys are picking it up in such a positive way, an responding in such a positive way. I mean I would say this without sounding super corny, but it's enriched the fuck out of all of our lives. It's made us feel like we're really connected to something that can really help and change the way people feel and don't don't think. We think that is a in any small way. I think that we ever take it for granted. It's a it's a weird thing to about it because it's the it's
very strange situation to find yourself in when we just started doing this. Podcast just walking around and you know thinking just going to talk shouldn't put internet, maybe people would giggle and then having people come up to me. Like everywhere I go telling me now. I've lost fifty, I started doing jujitsu it changed. My life started reading the war of art, so I didn't shoot myself. We hear that all the time. That's the scary one! It's one of the scary ones, and you know people that said they don't Have anybody like us near them, and it's not that they don't think? Like they think just like us, they are they're free thinkers, they're open, find it. There try to be nice to people. It's it. Just some times we are defined by our environment, but no, you Fox now we're all connected by this crazy thing and uh. Podcast is a big part of it. For us, We know that it's a big part of it for you and we don't take that for granted in any way. We love the fuck out of you guys. So thank you very
Thanks for all the positive vibes, all the positive tweets, all that good shit and I'll see you guys on Thursday. Alright hold on much love.
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