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2012-09-25 | 🔗
Tait Fletcher, Brian Redban - Date: 09/25/2012
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We're on the air right now and I'm gonna tweet and talk at the same time. Folks, that's gotta, go that's how wrong here we go. I don't want to look at this fucking screen man, that's a good on here. We go, I'm gonna go with you dirty bitches! You do your t b. I t c h e s, H, T t p colon backslash, but goodbye hand. Take I'm a fucking throwback. I drive a manual transmission car. Ladies and gentlemen, you know why 'cause I fucking man and a man should know how to row gears. Ok, Roundtree yeah I've done that before, but it confuses the shit out. A friend had a truck, and I was like what Bill Burr has one of those he has a three on the tree for folks at home. Don't know what we're talking about old school trucks, especially would have clutch, is on the floor. Let me just do this commercial quick will talk about cars most parents is brought to you by a bunch of shit. That's groovy! Okay, one of them is death squad, dot TV, if you Look at deathsquad dot tv, that's where all the Dope Kitty CAT
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pensive YO them shits is very expensive, but all the all the supplements and we got more stuff coming- So that's it. You fucking freaks this week in Mean Carolina. I am in Raleigh North Carolina on Friday and I am in Asheville North Carolina on Saturday, if you're in interested go to my twitter page and I'll have all the details. My twitter is Joe Rogan and fucking freaks Tate flesh. See if Brian Redban band the music, Joe Rogan experience join my day job part of my night dude is bulletproof coffee that he brought here to explain this take Tait Fletcher Og gangster of the death squad from day one
day, one day, one checking the push up to that thing, all right, yeah, the crazy beard yeah. You got it for folks who just listen to this Tate's rock. It looks like it's glued on. It looks like the fake Rick Ross's beard you're talking about. I love how you you go through the front gate. The Red cross, when you got to is everybody across yeah Freeway Rick Ross? If you have a listen to those up, so it's my podcast, please do it just for your own edification 'cause. It's a fascinating scenario. Guy was a big time. Drug dealers name is Freeway Rick Ross who went to jail and had a freeway Rick Ross Task Force in the LAPD. His drug sales, part of the IRAN Contra Gate, all yeah yeah yeah. His drug sales were what's funding foreign militaries, that's where they were getting the money from the CIA, and this is all part of how Gary Webb expose this. In a book and Michael Rupert, who is a l, a p
peace department, narcotics officer exposed it yeah, I mean so this guy Freeway Rick Ross was a part of that was a huge drug dealer, making millions and millions of dollars right. Just crazy, crazy money drove around in a hearse. You know like driver station wagons and shit so like no flashy, no bling just kept it on the dl just raking in the cat. Meanwhile, the dude couldn't even read. Okay goes. Jail, learns how to read. Becomes a lawyer finds a hole in his fucking. His three strikes thing and gets out so, while he's in jail, some dude is calling himself Rick Ross and he's a big fat guy. Who used to be a corrections. Officer no way are correct. Actions officer is pretending that he was this big time. Drug dealer Rick Ross so now, Rick Ross set a challenge trying to sue them he's trying, but he's like going to battle they're going to the record is it going to battle,
with him over his own real name? That's awesome insane! This is a movie tape Fletcher. This is not a real word This is not around this. This world is not real, just 'cause, you can touch it move it around this mother, fuckers fake. This there's no way that's possible in twenty. Twelve is no way that should be possible. Some guy could be a correction, The office like it that he's like that everyone of his raps is there a rap that he has that's not about shooting somebody or having a pound to blow yeah. It's all about hustling he's how about the fact that he's got Rick Ross tattooed on his fingers. He's get Rick Ross tattooed closely. Dude he's got another man's name tattooed on his fingers and that other man is out of jail now 'cause, he smart than other guys are real bad mother. Fucker he's not some fake fat guy. Who knows how to make shit rhyme like wow, it's a crazy story. Man, it's really weird story. How long did you spend with them? We did two podcasts with them any
came back and they do. If we could do one hundred more man, they had some stories. Yeah yeah he's still fighting it in court. Very nice guy man he's got money, no, no, no he's barely get by, but he's I mean he's, I'm sure I mean I think I guess he did make money doing like interviews are doing like seminars or something like that, but I think he's trying to do it more for for like real benefit. Man is like do a lot of different speed, is for young kids and telling a story and trying to offer inspiration because it dude wanted I don't even know how to read. He was a tennis player like a really bad ass, fetish player and learning how to play Williams uncle. He was a really good tennis player, but he couldn't read so I couldn't go to college, so it's like you could never he's gotta get a screenplay I'm sure they must have something going on. We said short how to play it,
too short looks just like him. I'm telling you he's taller than two short, but he has two shorts face. It's kind of crazy or maybe Denzel wash them to play him. Thank you. Fucking play anybody he's badass. Yeah you're doing you do the movie with him yeah yeah. I just got on what is it? It's called two guns, it's him and mark Wahlberg and uh. We're Natan Our crew is all Navy seals and then we split from Wallberg. He was one of our crew and then we go to kill them and the movies us hunting them. Basically, What do you? What do you feel like if you are real Navy seal- and you saw these crazy, like missing in action, type movies and shit? What people do ridiculous stuff, what the fuck does it like crazy dude on films? Is that all those guys, the producers and directors we need this to look real. We need this. We want it to be authentic. What's the day to shoot it and then they're like okay, we're going
the car over sixteen times and you're just gonna you that you're gonna push it off and you just push out role other such something that, like that's ridiculous, you know and there's a lot of that. Just none of that matters. It's all suspension of belief. You know yeah. This is certain amount of that you do in a movie, though, and I lose level ten, I can never get to level ten and you move it. You know what, though dude is like you look at American Kickboxer, something as an mma fighter. You look at that and you're still like awesome and he's dipping his phone,
in Gaza in glass and shit. You like rad right, but it's never going to think was that just called kick box or just the John Claude Van Damme yeah yeah yeah. I think when you get to a certain you have to suspend disbelief like that. You never going to hit like that godfather level. You know you see like the godfather you watch that movie cool God. Damn they nailed that mother fucker out the way they choke that dude in the restaurant. The murders looked real everything. There was no sensationalizing. Do this exactly as much Gore as you would see? If you were in the periphery, you felt like you were in the experience they weren't bullshitting you at all. So by the time you get out of that movie like whoa, same things like apocalypse now forever. Yes, those movies hold up or the deer hunter. Example, perfect example: what uh crazy ass movie that and they had to take the deer one shot. That was their thing
but they're all getting tortured with the russian roulette and, although my god me to russian roulette scene with Christopher Walken, that is one of the most intense scenes in any movie of of any error today. If that movie came out today with one hundred percent hold up like maybe little bit of the music was probably a little coin, English. What's out there today that doesn't look good. Have you seen Expendables two now? I thought it's. A nine millimeter shoot your head, your head, vaporizes! It's like that kind of like bill of and you're like Why are we doing that right now, like what we don't? Do that see? I'm a hypocrite, though, because I like, like event, this type shit. I like superhero type shit, but I know it's bullshit. You know it's like I like that too, but I don't like that's miss you Moshi like halfway shit, where pretending it's real movie, but some nonsense happens. How come this do to beat everybody up so easy like? What's going on there
you know, these guys are making these guys look like skilled fighters, and this guys just taken I'm going to see Batman. No, I was going to see it, but that whole Colorado shooting thing comes scared. No, no, no fuck. You thought it will definitely about be scared, but I don't. I don't know, going to watch it without thinking what what those people think. I don't think those people at all I'm going to get in on the Blu Ray and where my shoes and bad you got to run yeah, do you feel the same way right? I just I I you know. I barely go to the movies, so I don't know I would have to hurt the box office that it had to it had. So that's a terrible thing. Think of why would you think that is all they would think of? But it also like highlighted how you could have three hundred million people living together, but it's so rare that something like this pops off to me, it was like it was. It was disgusting, horrible, sad event, but when I
really analyze. The fax was like man. We get along way better than people give us credit through everybody's armed every is hammered drunk or what you know what I mean it's like there's all that shit going on. There's all these variables and people are buying same job. People aren't doing very well, and still you know people aren't getting axed it's not like. It was back in the 90s in la where there's shootings on the freeway and shit yeah, yeah, I think mean even back in the night. I think it's like we, We have more access to the to the news now like from everywhere anything that's bad from anywhere. We get real quick. So we get a distorted perception of what in Iraq sing with human beings is like uh the model that we're dealing with his three hundred million people, which is just crazy that you would take individual episodes out of that and try to why it's like what the world is actually like, because just too many the numbers are just too. People, don't really know what the fuck three hundred million is, but you couldn't see it
about. Three hundred million is, if you got everybody in front of you, just in this country that lived would literally be. You could stand on top of like a mountain, and you would see nothing, but people till the horizon like That's an insane amount of people and they're making some shit choices and they're coming over to your house and their fucking put in some drugs on aluminum, foil and light it up in front of you and you're like what the fuck are used to in DIS, respectful light up, fucking crystal meth in front of with nice tits even was respectful. Well, it's just like whoa, what kind of crazy unless you run in here. What do you think about all that like now? We don't have as much outward violence like that, but you look at. Right now what's happening and it seems it started like it seems like prison as a template for shit looks like we're going to make sure blacks, Mexicans, white people don't get along we're to control, population. That way- and you look now like twenty thirty forty years later, like down the road
and even now, we like you within the Republican Party or like people, are hate hating, there's more the more divisions that are created the more easily controlled people. Are you know what man, I think, that's just human nature. I think People are insecure and they're always going to hate on the other team. It's part of our dna. It's part of our dna to look at Mexicans and go, oh, that's not me and look at a you know. A white guy looks exactly like that's my guy and look at a black. I like who I can't trust him. It's like that's another team, like it's hard out there and the best way to get through this shit is we form groups and we have loyal mother, fuckers they're down with us, fuck everybody else, and that's why people sort of they they gravitate towards that when you gravitate towards that, it's like it you're always going to have conflict
like, where there's a lack of enlightenment, is that a broken construct. I think there's a lot of people capitalizing on human nature and that's what they're doing they're, making a fuck load of money off of prisons and they're, making a fuck load of money off of making sure that These areas are not rehabilitated, so they have a steady supply of people to keep that. I think. That's absolutely true, a buddy of mine. His brother does like big. Like if you got twenty million dollars. He'll, do your mutual funds and set up your portfolio and all that shit. And I ask him: where's, all the real money going where, where people really looking to put put loot and he says in the correction system in prisons, cheese and those are the those are the futures, that's fucking kind of it's a little crazy and but it makes sense, then also you look go to war with the mexican immigrants that are coming in and we're going to need to house them now and so we're like ever since the nineties when they started doing privatized prisons, that became, a cash cow for people, and so everybody
so we need longer sentence is part- were never really going to get really legal because most of those fucking people that are in these victimless crimes are in prison for drugs. Like that shit that doesn't matter when you find out that corrections officers have you the unions lobby to keep things it's crazy or that I IKEA gets their furniture made by guys that are making twelve cents a day. You know what I mean: that's slavery! If that's not slavery, you tell me what is this steps and now has to be a slave. It's not not neutral to protect society from was like nope. Now you work. For now you work, I mean it's really, nuts. You know those Foxconn people, they're rioting right now, there's one of the Foxconn factory. It's like a two thousand person riot going on. They blacked it off from the chinese version of twitter they've like Dell. Needed images like their they're suspending accounts and trying to delete everyone's accounts of it because they can get into the internet and they can delete shit in China. They can like just delete your websites, which, basically, they can do here too now the govern.
Already done, that they're trying to sell well right kinds of things yeah? They want to have more and more power to be able to do that, but in China. What they're doing right now? It's it's stopping dissent, because there's a gigantic! This is the reason why this shit is dangerous in America and we for whatever reason we accept it and we think it's ok, it's no big deal, hey you're, not put anything bad on the internet. Shouldn't worry about it, but that's that's! What's ridiculous is when people have power over you, they fucking almost always abuse it. If you go back the Stanford prison studies and they did it with college students. They had college students, pretend to be prisoners and prison guards. People with power abuse sits inside a later date and time of day yeah like no time yeah and he's just college students in a simulation, and that is just what the what you can't have it that, You can't have people to be able to down the internet. The internet has to stay free because it doesn't stay free, then you're not going to be able to squash
you're, not going to be able to get rid of really corrupt governments, like the reason why all these people in Egypt, all these people in other parts of the world they're having they're having these rallies against their corrupt government is because they're able to communicate with each other, so we're assuming that are, people that are in power are always going to be fair and always going to be just an always going to be loyal to the good of the Can people we've already seen through Nixon we've already seen through that the evidence of that was passed about. That's not the case. Well, that's something! I ran the only way that they were able to mobilize the resistance. There was through twitter yeah. That was an they. They blacked out everything else yeah and that's the only thing that was free and clear for them and then, It went on to Spain and the Indignados that started off the revolution there, the Syria, that's going right now, all the news right now today and then he must now what happens with Occupy Wall Street. They fucking got a couple one hundred people they arrested. Even though if you listen to mainstream media, they say now that shit's dead, it's like wow.
How come you arrest two hundred fucking citizens that just want to go and talk about how come the banks are fucking us. You know that the real the real situation, is that this system is broken and they're just trying to like glue it. Keep like open it together, it's falling apart, so I couldn't tape and it's run. No, we got it, we got it got it. We got it in order to have it. We're gonna have to take some rights away to keep this fucking thing up on the glue, the top of it up there. It's you know, it's ah broken ass system, and some mathematical g in his first and foremost has to come up with a way of distributing like to do Bing taxes and a way of figuring out what money really is based on and what money really is just have something it has to be based on something and to be some sort of resources, whether it's oil and gas, or coal or wood or money has to be based on something it has to equal x amount of something because right now, it's just chaos and because of fact that it's just chaos. It's like people are
calculating it, do not kinds of wacky shit with it. You can. You can move things up and down and move Maura and the idea of stocks and dividends in banking, whole economy based on gambling that other business is going to fail. Shitty it's insane, it doesn't even make. Any sense, looks like at least in the grand home who is the governor of Michigan, and she was talking about Dayton. Incentives and people have so much surplus money to bring in Dell computers or whoever to start businesses. So we can have five thousand new jobs in Michigan. Whatever the deal is, she says, but the whole construct is built and based upon that Ohio doesn't do well, then right, it's uh built on taking and Texas has really great incentives, so they get a lot of like, and so that's a for a national construct, that's fucking horrible we've got to have states too, and then, if you look globally, it's like. I need MAC so in Cuba to do poorly for United States like it's like that whole conscious. This has to shift in a way yeah. Well, we gotta figure out a way, first of all to the idea that there's
This is going to sound, really crazy, but we can't have countries. It doesn't make any sense. You can't say that, just because you were born on this patch of dirt, you can't make your right over here, where there's opportunity, because isn't that what being a fucking human and a society developing is all about, the developing society is a society that wants everyone to have an opportunity to do better everyone. It doesn't just mean these the people that were lucky to be born in California. What about the people that are born in South America? They should be able to come here and it's going to fuck things up for a while, but we, will balance out eventually, and the benefit would be the entire human race if it's handled by brilliant people, it's handled by true humanitarians, if it's handled ism, true altruism, if the people at the top of the government really were explaining to everyone that we have to think about the future of the human race and in order for the human race to grow at the top,
it has to also grow at the bottom. It can't have a rotten foundation, and that's essentially, when you deal with these these parts of the city, where there's no getting out man. You're fucked, like this Rick Ross story. Twenty eight years old, can't fucking read you know like we get through high school. What happened this poor fucking guy, that we got that rotten system has to somehow another be fixed. The thing you're talking about two there's, not when you say it will be fucked up for awhile. It's like there's, not like a epic downside, yeah. It's like everybody, be fed, clothed and taken care of yeah, but we're going now, that's not fucking happening. Those divisions are getting greater and greater, and it's like at the same time. If there's no separate between you me, the dude in India or the fucking pop that he's fucking trying to make with his hands yeah they can we're all the same shit like those divisions hurt me yeah. They definitely heard us and there could be reconstruction money just like this reconstruction money in Iraq, construction money in Iraq, they could make money
by first of all, hiring excellent counselors. They could and set up business is where these kids can be trained and like trades and where you can set them up where they they always have a place to sleep, so it no it nobody is ever threaten their life is never threatened to never scared. I give you if you can't go to your neighbor, you can come home like you can come here this mother guarded twenty four hours a day. We have all you know arm concert. We have plenty of food come on in and is no shame in this and we're just going to have to ask you to contribute a little bit. You come in here and use a bed, maybe get a wash a couple of dishes or maybe go to put some stuff away or make it real simple. Do you have to work all day, maybe put in twenty? You know I mean like how it's set up, so somebody gets a value for what they do and then have people who teach them shit, because that's the same shit with well. First, yes, is that you give it to him. Nobody values that shit it s, so so they don't feel that merited. They feel lower self esteem, that you know what I mean the whole ship cycles. But what you're talking about is the people that were in PA
or had a desire to do that. Yeah. What I mean right now, you can look in somebody's in prison, get in there and it's the richest drug community ever and they talk about. We don't want drugs in the yeah, you don't yeah. How are thriving off you're. Looking at I'm scared by putting more public money into the d, a yeah you would you say it's a weird situation. It's like it's totally illogical like if you look at the way human beings have set up our society and the way we treat like impoverished, neighborhoods and the way we deal with ridiculous law pause and not you know, laws of victimless crimes or people like rot away in jail for the dozens of pages of pages of cases even recently of people going to jail for long stretches under questionable circumstances and this stories where people were set up by government agents- that's. The other thing you have to think about is like
when you're working for the DEA or you're working for the FBI like you've, got to arrest people, you gotta bust crime, you got to actually get things done and one of the ways to get things done is to talk someone into doing some crime, talk about it, doing some crime and then arrest him and that that's, not illegal and that's crazy, because you talk people into sucking your dick. You could people are jumping front of trains. You could talk a whole bunch of people, killing themselves because of fucking comments coming and there's a UFO behind it. You could talk people in anything. You can't tell me that a smart cop who it's a living being an undercover agent. So that means a person who thrives under pressure is really good at lying and manipulating people really good at lying, manipulating people enough so that he can hang around with the enemy and they think he's one of them. You tell me this but I can't talk someone and doing some shit. They would never do. Of course you can so he's essentially creating crime and then arresting people for doing that crime. That's
and paid people to keep doing crime the kid I work for this guy and and he maybe he crossed a couple state lines or something he ended up doing about nine years. Behind it, but the way he got set up and pinched was because his cozen, we For the police and they'd give him below and they and they fucking go and say just stay in the game. Just and so there's a bunch of dudes that are just pieces of shit that are like there. Like stay in the game, stay in the game and you know so he's selling dope. They know that he's doing all kinds of crime, but he's going hey Lyle. I need to get two keys from you and then he's come on over and comes over next thing. There's a there's a door kicker in, and so it's like that shit like that this little shit that I know from my personal life from fucking twenty years ago, what's really going on around big level. That's like come on. The people would not want to believe that that is the case, but that's what happened with Whitey Bulger, when I, kid I lived in Boston, Whitey Bulger, was the scariest guy in Boston. He was the number one gangster in Boston you're talking about it
who won the lottery twice. Irish crime, boss, yeah yeah, he won the lottery twice. I mean, if that's not just ruthless yeah, that Fucker, won the lottery twice. I mean he was just a straight criminal, okay, killed a bunch of people and turns out. He was working for the FBI the whole time, so the FBI would give information, he would kill people. The FBI would okay it. So that's like the departed yeah exactly exactly based on him, based on based on what Bolger yeah they just arrested him like in Santa Monica yeah yeah a little while ago, yeah a year, a hundred grand in the in the in a little bit up there yeah, and they were looking for that guy for ever man, they were looking for him. For life, live in modest man, just trying to DL in Santa Monica yeah him and his old lady. They got pitched away of fuck thought. People wouldn't recognize him like you can in. Actually got him, because someone recognized the girl really recognizes girlfriend all these photos of his girlfriend. They put his photos of his for where someone in the neighborhood recognize the girlfriend from some tv show, I don't know
I guess he couldn't get out of the country huh. Well, I don't know, I guess you. Fighting with the check to like screaming and yelling, and that's like it would turn people on to them. You know there was a some fucking, a violent altercation lot of yelling and so that, I got people to tune into them and then the lady recognized her. I think this I might be butchering this story, but the online is that guy was a fucking undercover agent for the FBI, as well as the number one crime figure in Boston, that's crazy and not just some crime, but murder. How do those likes massacres? How are those FBI guys not jail I know how are they not in jail if they're still alive? How are they not in jail house in an investigation, those dudes who was it the guy right after after the Oklahoma City bombing and that Kathy Mcvee yeah, but the guy that capped was like a white separatist or something up mountains, Ruby Ridge, yeah think that's before that. Wasn't his right after on the heels when they just want to vilify all the militias. Oh yeah,
think it was different guy agent, but because I think Ruby Ridge was like yeah. I was from ninety two is that yeah the Ruby, which is ninety two and Oklahoma City, was ninety man. I think it was ninety three or four 'cause. I think I was living here. When was the Oklahoma bomber? It looks like this. The real I'm sorry Oklahoma City bombing, it was originally killed that I arrive, Randy Weaver wasn't and they killed him and his kids yeah, Ruby Ridge was later. Out loud, I fucking conspiracy with the Oklahoma City bombing. There's all these news reports news reports, it up that the FBI pulled out many bombs more than one more double bombs from the building that hadn't exploded and if you look at the damage that's done to the building, apparently
the demolitions experts say that the building blew out it didn't blow in. So if there you're, saying that a car was parked that did that he, they're, saying no, the demolitions experts are saying. No, this is something that blew out it was. It was dead. From the inside and it blew outward and so there's a lot of people think that there must have been something more than just Timothy Mcveigh's efforts and wornall. The age is cleared out, your kids in daycare or something like that yeah, that's it! The agents were cleared out. They knew about something in advance. They they were evacuated and that's it which is really to sex. When you just think about that like, why didn't you evacuate the whole building? What the is going on collateral damage was because they also had to make sure that it actually happened if the guys pulls up in his truck and everyone's out of the building. You know in this fire. Trucks everywhere is like up this job and leave so I don't know speculation, but it was weird that Timothy Mcveigh goes to his grave without ever making a statement ever yeah but like well. The thing is that they would be the fertilizer bomb at
spurts. I guess there are actually are those. They say that this is not. This is not indicative of the damage that one of those things capable of doing it. There's not that much pop like this is This is some crazy shit like if you look at the building Half the buildings missing was like the whole fine. It just blew out. You know what I mean it's like if you're in a pick up truck or whatever you need for like. If you have gunpowder- and you put it in your palm and you light it poof it poops, but if you rap that fucker in tinfoil boom. Yeah, like you, are a pipe bomb like if you've ever fucked with explosives. It's like you need it wrapped in a certain way for it to go. It's not just gonna, be sitting in a truck and have a huge Magnum Magnum Nous Une explosion. Are you an explosive exor? I've got into that way a little bit just 'cause of my work lately, like I've, been going like how bomb wrapped. How close can I get to that like an avengers, that we had a lot of bombs going off down the middle of the street right, and so you had to get like within a certain distance of it,
I have found that about wraps and how they were, how they really changed the nature of the explosion, and I blew a couple things up when I was a kid, but I don't really know much about it. That's if that, we're getting that Brian. Now I just like to you look like an explosive expert yeah, you do it's it's a weird thing: man. It seems like every event that happens no matter what it is, has a gang of conspiracy theories. What do you think about the Batman thing? like, when they're like that kids are broke, college student, how to get thirty grand worth of fucking a student loans, student loans, that one right got so government funded that it is. His therapist was not surprised that kid, It was apparently exhibiting some troublesome issues, I'm not buying the idea that you could program someone to do that without spending a lot of time with them, and I've heard that this kid was in Volved in something you know there is in an area that had something, but he was a fucking
a Phd student, what a buzzing is a doctor going to get a doctor yeah. This is this is really brilliant. Kid who's worked really hard about. This same age is because of broken's well Kids were a lot of that was linked to anti depressants, so both in Colorado yeah, it's true, there's a lot of, year. You know what at Christine's in Colorado, yeah there's all of that lot of wackiness yeah true. There's a lot of these stories, especially Colorado springs, but there's also like not much air My wife is pregnant up there, man, it was fucking hard to watch her manage like she had the flu, and then she came back when we moved back to California boom instantly. She was fifty percent better, really yep yeah you're not really supposed to live with, there's that they imagine having a fucking baby man that would be crazy yeah. You fucking crazy, imagining that around by yeah yeah, like the whole thing that women go through, I thought you meant giving birth with that's awesome.
I would like to give birth. Think of these sweet. Imagine monster busy z parts. Can you imagine having it like a human come out of Yeltsin saying I've seen, however, I've seen it happen twice. It's the strangest thing ever man is the strangest thing ever, but the I have a lot of premature births in Colorado. Yeah, it's I think it's like one of the number one place in the country was premature births 'cause, there's no fucking air up there. I hear the actresses. Do it in Hollywood, a lot so that they don't get stretched out to get him a month or two before they're, ready to pop on just caught him output but does their explosive. Would you know Xbox X, rays e that is so crazy. Keep that body viable well, some girls do get like really bad stretch marks just genetics some girls don't get nothing. It's weird! It's like some girls. They have one when you're done son and they have young yeah. That can happen to you in the, We just got back from Louisiana. Everybody's got a baby.
But every looks like they're twelve years old anyway, it's like you're in ninety eight percent, humidity, all the fucking time. It's like you're living in in water almost like in an aquarium. You like it's just like a couple degrees off of the air just turning to water. It's like really good for your right: fucking, crazy, it's great you're! My joints felt great, really everything I got fucked shoulders and everything I felt good. I worked out day and everything felt awesome. Wow, Bush moved in Louisiana Death Squad, Louisiana you down! Now I don't think you want to do in New Orleans Mardi, GRAS Hurricane good is a locket good news right. Hurricane zombies out a lot of guys just murder and people yeah right actually for the they got a thing. They call misdemeanor murder in the the outside of outside of Louis of losing or in the in Louisiana outside New Orleans. It's uh. You have so many people in jail that if they don't fish,
like try you for something. If they don't officially charged with something in that within thirty days, they have to release you so guys arrested for murder and they just can't get to him. So they just they just let him out because there's so many mother in jail craze, and so once they get used to popping people. I'm I'm not a butcher that that thing, but I know that there is a term called misdemeanor murder, I'm at a butcher, whatever the the actual reason they let him out so quickly. Yes, but it not they don't get charged. They just crazy. It's crazy! It's crazy! This Well, there was a lot of reports of like really crazy shit going down in the post the days post, a Katrina like just the cops were just show fucking jack and people everywhere. Just taking people out. You know that there was all sorts of breaking in eluding and a lot. A lot of good imagine is it's like you drive around, like Bourbon street drive around the french quarter and it's like it's kind.
The hazy you expect Jack the ripper to come out from around the corner, like that's where that motherfucker lives, like anybody, could get got there at anytime. It feels like you should have to have a passport to go. But it's beautiful everybody has so many other time. Everybody so fucking sweet there, honey how you doing it's like you can't walk down everybody's going to smile at you. Ask you how you doing and they're going to give a fuck they're going to be genuine. It's crazy! Friendly too. We had a great limo driver. He was the shit. This guy was really cool as fuck man, and he took us around New Orleans and he's from New Orleans, and he was telling us stories about like the one time and move out of New Orleans and uh came out of store and he's sitting there drinking a beer and the cop cop pulled up and cops like you. So you don't so yeah man, I'm friends, a friends coming beer, and he goes. Are you really so fucking stupid that you're drinking this beer in front of Maine, like you got? He kept drinking it and he's like what the fuck is wrong like. What's it he was where you from in Guy goes New Orleans and he goes ok. Let me tell you the way,
they do things down there. It's not like anywhere in the world. You can't just I'm telling this, because I know that you don't know because you're from New Orleans and I've talked to people from New Orleans before I just gotta tell you you're not allowed to drink in public, like that's a lie, to them alien, you could drink everywhere in New Orleans Alien, but really that's the way. It should be man you should be able to be able to drink anywhere. You want just You have to have another house somewhere, you have to have a house in uh. Do you have an idea about what life is like anywhere else and it's fucking number history, unlike did they just get everybody fucked up at the Walmart and put him into tighter clothes? and then get a party bus and dump them all off here, like it's fucking nutty, it's weird yeah guy gave me a laser. The old man wants want you to have this. I go. What is, is a laser pointer? I go. I go why you want me to have man, so I think you're cool. Do you don't want you to have my laser pointer? Ok, thanks man
had to give me something we wanted to give me something. I fucking love. You all know. True. There's a laser pointer, that's awesome like this. Is so bizarre a laser point and everywhere you go. It's like Strip Club BAR Strip Club Strip live, sex show, live sex show advertised in the street come on in watch people fuck, I don't have the heart to go in and I wanted to. I wanted to land like four percent of me one and I'm like I just can't tell you what it was a beautiful place to do stand up comedy that is a beautiful place to stand. I'm coming, I might have to type The next special after I release the Atlanta one. I might have to take my next one in New Orleans. This early in the day, they'll be too fucked up. No man, I had a regular nighttime show. It was great. You know every weekend they have a huge party like like they have the like a red dress, run. Everybody throws on a red, dress and fucking runs like a fucking. Half file. But it's like it's like a moving cocktail party basically happens in the morning. Goes all the way tonight or they had a running of the bulls that I did. It was awesome. I put some videos on Facebook, but it's like all these
roller derby. Girls from surrounding states will come there, though I'll put on red yeah, red and they'll, put horns on their helmets and shit and they'll have wiffleball bats and they'll, be the bulls of Pamplona and they'll, be beating mother fuckers. Everybody is dressed in white. I had on a two two. It was awesome big dinner tissue so funny, that's crazy. In a scene for a party there, man there's, I was in the Strip bar and there's a fucking mexican chick comes up and we're talking and she's again from two sound original buffalo cool cool cool. It's just like every is twisted a little bit there and she goes hey. I'm going to this. You want to come with me this weekend. I'm going to go to this music festival that my best friends, he's playing, and I said what kind of music do you like? I'm, like you know whatever and like usually with strippers it's like ACDC are little Wayne. It's like what like like something in that genre is what you think you know and she's like yes and NEO. Nazi punk show- and I said, excuse Maine Shop, sheep say that NEO Nazi punk show and like your best friends band and she
yeah I in your Mexican, I'm like I'm. Confused and there's no way. I wouldn't get killed out here, one conversation and then it would be just like a boot party on me, like there be fifteen little skinny dudes with fucking steel toed boots sticking my face in like that. These are confused folk. Oh that's, hilarious, there's a lot of that going on in this country too. They said this something like fifty percent of the country believe in the biblical tale of creation and that the earth is less than ten thousand years old. Fifty percent, I don't know how they estimate that, but seems low. They can't point to where state is either the show us Florida there like. I don't know well fly around a lot, I'm an unknown. You know I can't explain to you where the FUCK South Dakota is. He asked me to point that mother Fucker hello, North Dakota, but I wouldn't find that fucker either. I don't know where that shit is not barely know where Ohio is, and I love Ohio but like places
I don't go to shit. I don't know where the fuck they are. You know why you where the fuck is that n yeah, but try to find it. Is it I'm the same way I there's only a few places over this place is that I've never been like. Wyoming is one Montana is another one. No, never, but I don't know where the fuck they're man I'd like to go there, but I don't want to stay there very fucking long. It seems desolate, montanas, beautiful, I'm going hunting in Montana real over. What me and Brian Callen were going hunting for deer with this guy Steve Rinella, author, the show the mediator and I want to go hunting for ever I've been saying I want to do it for years to poor people getting annoyed at me for saying that, but it's true I I well I like I like I eat meat. I I should be responsible for killing at least one animal that I eat. You know you never killed an animal. No just fish never killed yeah. We grew up. That's all! That's all we did murdering puppies and shit that my first kill was a Doberman
kill the tone of my right elbow everybody in Michigan we grew up hunting, deer, shooting deer and there's so many I mean fuck. I've got friends that we would start the straight hillbillies man they'd stop on the side, the road 'cause, there's deer that get hit by cars all the time. Just steady, killing people they'll jump, The guts aren't, exploded, they'll go got them, take out there, are tenderloins and then bounce that's what a lot of people do crazy, found. The source is Stephen Ella, God that one on one of his shows they found a good deer that was shot and killed, and the only thing that was taken was the back. That say they just the back, straps and left the rest of the body and I'm like wow, that's kind of fucking, crazy, best part of the deer, but it's the best deal, but that's really ruthless. That's fucked up just drag it to a butcher shop. You lazy, bitch, you know: venison sausage is delicious. Do the whole thing is rad that I would take that shit like right when I shoot a deer just because the people that hunt with, if you left it there, like you, don't drag it all the way
camp? Hang it up all that, yet they steal your heart backstraps. They still all the tenderloins. It's still all the best part, all the best cuts. The me really yeah wow yeah group, which is a group yeah. Apparently that's a lot of it's common. That people find the idea that someone shot but couldn't find him because Sometimes you find him the blood trails get out so people will I put their own tag on it and pretend naked I've hit a deer with a thirty. Ought six right through the heart like in obliterate like found it later obliterates the heart one shot runs two hundred and fifty before you know what I mean it's like so like a gut shot, deer or something like that, they go fucking and then people go to random too soon, and then they jump 'em and they just keep running and you'll. Never did you see photos of Matthews in Africa. You want an african safari and killed everything in Africa, take pictures of it and put it on a like facebook, or something like that or his website, and there's just a scrape
easy like like action too. Well, yeah yeah yeah- and this is you know: people are really mad at them, it's kind of it's kind of a funny situation with those killing those animals that you don't eat because the so there's something fucked up about killing an animal not eating it period, but then they do donate the money or the they do donate the food rather two tribes who need it and so the who does KU the Tiger. That's true point: you know what I mean, but they didn't shoot. Shooting tigers. He only shot like antelopes and stuff like that serious yeah way, Sunshot photos, that's kind of kind of crazy, that's like, but here's the other part of it when you, when you go on these hunts, which is essentially like hunting in a fucking zoo. Okay, like a wildlife preserve you go on these hunts. The money goes to conservation, so
actually helps these animals stay like maintained, 'cause, otherwise the poachers and would be no way to stop all the people from you know going after animals that they can profit from like I know some shit like that was essentially zebra. Yeah they've essentially made rhinos almost extinct like some rhinos are extinct and they've gotten extinct in our lifetime, so this control old hunting actually keeps a lot of those animals alive. So it's really ironic there's two parts of that, though, for me like I go, if you really care the animals, then just give him fucking money. You know I don't make some fucking money, then dickhead. Well, that's the other thing is that no, you actually have to kill some of 'em, but that's it. We should do that. So true, you get Lyme Disease and shit like that, like the animals will start to disease themselves, if they're overpopulated yeah- and so the DNR goes and they count them and they know what's happening and they issue so many permits or whatever, but I don't think that's happening with I mean maybe it is- I don't know what the conservancy is in Africa, but you know in places like that.
Do you need to kill that many of them? I think they do in certain areas. You have to look in less, you have an abundance of cats, you're going to have to have something that controls the population and they don't want to have an pundits of cat right. It's dangerous as fuck. You know so in these wildlife preserves, I'm pretty sure they have to kill a lot of them. I think they have to do it unless there fucking around with his lions and tigers. Zebra yeah right. I think we do not enough not enough. We gotta sit clean pool yeah it's a little bit broken but it's again, it's a little bit broken when you think about the factors three hundred one million of us just on this spot. I think, if you look at uh worldwide. I mean it's pretty astonishing, like person to person how good we have it here. I think Marina gets better. We are getting then we're moving up like when I talk like I don't know. I talked a lot about like like lately, I'm doing this thing, this whole life challenge and what is that it's like this thing off this website hold challenge dot com and we started it
at a place. I work out here called Crossfit LA in Santa Monica couple three years ago. I guess there's a third year and start with forty people doing it and now there's like nine thousand people doing it, but it's like it's an accountability, program that speaks to. Nutrition mobility exercise of consciousness. What year daily life is like learning something new this week, kind of a holistic look at your life You know and just kind of tightening the game of like whatever it is for you, but you know part of. Like last week, was find out like you can't eat it fried in canola oil. You can only basically a paleo wish diet like no dairy, no artificial sweeteners and all that kind of stuff, Ann and and so you'd have a lot of conversations. If you go to dinner, what are you sweet, potato fries fried in or whatever you, if it's canola oil, no good duck fat would be awesome. Pretty awesome, but know so like that, but like doing it for
last three years and talking to people, and I talk to people about diet, nutrition, a whole bunch. People are hip to it now, whereas, before like three years ago, people are like mother Fucker he's a pain in my ass and now, People like oh yeah. This is gluten free, and this is your trees easel made was any kind of wheat or any kind of sugars, or no. No, we make in the back and edit it and it's fucking the conversations and let there does seem to be like a coming together of all these things. Well, that's it. You definitely were being more informed about diet and then the interlude and free yeah, that is, they don't know, harms and I'll. Fluting freed nobody's glued fail. Just ten years ago ever heard that away those really rare to hear about I can order pizza and now my phone everything is fucking gluten free everywhere you go. It's weird we're realizing the impact nutrition has on the real realistic. You know impact it has on your, health, when you see someone who eats healthy and you see someone who doesn't and you see the difference- it's it's pretty palpable.
There's no getting around it and when you try it yourself and you realize how much better you feel when you start do kale shakes every morning. This thing that I'm doing I got a lot of people doing it because the list to the show right. I can't tell you how many people are running this year, Sir yeah well, blender, okay got a vitamix. The blonde blend tech is supposed to be the shit. That's they. Actually, when did an Iphone in it yeah. This is a video go, go Google, it 'cause, it's ridiculous. They planned it fuck it this Nder so bad they blended a phone, it's a blender that can blend other blenders. It's ridiculous and the the is that it makes these smoothies because a great through a cut through ice like butter. So my friend has a nuisance yeah I love. But he says: there's there's different producers and one like extracting it up and then that ruins all the nutrients. Well, it's like a also hold or something cold. Pressing is good, but I'm not talking about juicing. I'm talking about making some
movies out of shit, you need all the whole food. Not just the giant check this. This Blendtec shit out, you got half a screen, so there it goes. My way. Look at this dark check. This shit out my wise there's, no sound Goddamnit Bryant Rhino because you get the sound off, it's not working! This is my favorite sticker over here old yeah but why does no volume? I don't know because there's no figured out bitch. I can't believe you're talking about the the galaxy is better than the Iphone huh, it's better looking to me for for for like,
going on with same kind of strict screen for looking at twitter yeah, it's all touchscreen, it's beautiful! I like that to be bigger 'cause. I have fucking fears like toes exactly me, to watch this he's going to blend a fucking phone. This is crazy. Shit. Man, he misses he better drink it watch this shit. Do a bitch hit the button. Stop talking watch this. Look at that. He blended a fucking phone into powder. It was a far ass, so it doesn't make me sad, but How incredible is that that blender blended, a fucking phone, in the power dust. Look at that shit gross! That's insane that how smart would you be? put, I put that's toxic as he up yeah. Look at that look without became that's insane. You know what that's what the universe is going to your iphone anyway, that
There is a perfect description while we can't find shit from advance those eight twenty thousand years ago, it's called the Sahara called the eraser of the world, which is glaciers. Glaciers are like set up as like. If the world was an etch, a sketch glaciers are the big shake. Could they come down and they literally smush everything in their place. When you're dealing with a glacier a lot of people think oh well, it's ice and it's the ice is no. No. No! No! It's a mile high motherfucking mountain of ice. That's moving and it only moves like a little bit every year, but it crushes everything in front of think about how big that is mile high, well n America was covered in a glacier that was a mile high just ten thousand years ago? Just Ten thousand about they had see fish that they find skeletons of in Denver, which is a mile high already, and then what is that was under the sea yeah, what the fuck man they found
it or Lake Ontario like that? We were. We were in Toronto this past weekend and you fly over it like I've, only flown over the great Lakes couple of times. So you really get to look at you like. Why am I have the ocean like how my house is the ocean in the middle of the country, but it's an ocean. You can call it a lake all you want that. Fucking thing is huge and that's not even the biggest one. This way bigger ones giant ass legs and what those are is that used to be glaciers and they melted. I mean it, you you wrap your head around. It really hurts. It hurts to think that this spot wasn't even livable one when you think about like all of humanity and like how how long like we're a blip but nothing like this isn't going to like so clinging to our house on the Malibu Beach. This is here forever. This is a family heirloom. You're on the most unstable part of the world, where we think it's going or it's to be covered?
nice. The whole thing is going to cover again to get the whole world is constantly rolling like that. Did you wanna kiss? Yes, they're, not the kid, the polar bear that came off of a cap in Greenland, I believe and floated to Iceland and took out a troop of boy scouts that bug he's the fucking polar bear on a fuckin ice cap that breaks off he's fucked. He floats he's at for God knows how long and it comes up on some fucking boy scouts and killed. Like I don't know, twelve am: something like that. He wiped out crazy. When did this happen? Well, I think last year, oh, I just had a friend that did a show in Iceland in there like this, oh, that's a beautiful spot, I'd love to go there, yeah, it's amazing, but fuck polar bears trippy they come out like crocodiles, are like great or like a predator, they a as a predator as a predator. We we we were in Denver and one
Times were in Denver. There was a guy, I think you were there. He came down to show he's a local comic and he's also, forgive me and forget: it forget the guys name, he's Fitzgerald Kevin Gerald, I think that's, it he's also a veterinarian, so he was talking to us about like little baby polar bears. They come out. He said, like aliens like the movie, the alien that come out of town at just looking up. Fucking get you pull teeth, yeah pull teeth, but there was a fucking just done on the la is. There was my load. It was wasn't that far out off with Santa Monica there was like a thirty foot, great white. I see babies a lot out in the Bay Likod at point, doom and shit when we go surfing but like their babies, babies are five feet or eight feet would be a bigger one, but a fucking thirty great white fuck you. You know they said that off of Malibu is one of the richest breeding grounds for the drop is more country.
My friend was out dude. He went out to the end point doom and says a little five footer it hit. His boat, like didn't, quite hit his board, but the tail slap fucking bloom, like crazy dude to that, so think of a little one. It's five hundred and fifty five feet long. But how big that isn't? How much force it just appeared to you little one little one, killing just as easy as a pit bull could kill you yeah. That thing will kill you, amaze sister so terrifying man, so scary, is you're out there in the water First time ever went surfing dudes like a big, the lions come up. They look like a huge fucking, Rottweiler, just yeah, and then make noise and shit claws and teeth, and you like holy fuck and then you know you see little porn, this is or dolphins or whatever the fuck they are out there and like this is fucking rad, I'm going to sit there. Looking like yeah does it feel to be in the middle of the food chain. Now I'm like. Do you a bunch? fucking salmon came up and just started fucking attacking me. I would drown like I'm not
middle way at the fucking bottom. If a bunch of crabs came up and just annoyed, enough to where I fell off this board. I would drown in time and they would all eat me like there's no chance, I'm in the middle you have salmon were trying to jack you and knock you off that board that you wouldn't be able to start. That would be done. A bunch of tuner came up and fucking walk. Will you be back? Tuners are big man and then you think about what do you wanna see lion yeah 'cause those big scary, motherfucker, sharks, love 'em, the yum yum yum. They dropped tons of great whites in there all the time Well, yeah. I don't get the serving thing, I'm sure it's fantastic. I make sure for maybe a wood surfer that indoor place in Abu Dhabi. I think they got like an indoor sure they do. Would you buy one of those places? I think no, I'm gonna play a Taliban guy. I think yeah. He was a little worried about that. One number of this I'll. Let you better not be like this fucking is of Muslims. Video
that movie. That's out! You haven't, you know. What's going on with you, don't know! No! Oh my god, I'm so I made him. Do you know how how bad Clint Eastwood fucked up what he did to forget him to go I'm a guy, made a movie with a bunch of white people with black face on playing Muslims and made it about Mohammed and Mohammed being like a pedophile, and it's like really blasphemous. So because of that there was a Jackson? American embassies back embassy in Libya got attacked. That was what it was from is on September 11th, and this one guy who was the american ambassador for Libya, was killed in a rocket attack. Like Then there's riots all over the world- and you know it was like you Tube- was cut off by IRAN and all these different places online where you could get this. They were all cut out like you can't get to it, 'cause because there's so much to and so much Revo over a video that one guy made. Not only that this is think about the fact that one hundred I mean, if you're being conservative,
would you say one hundred and fifty thousand iraqi civilians died because of the american attack, that's being really nice, it's probably way more than that. Some people estimated as much as a million. So it's a it's one. Hundred thousand, let's be real nice their freaking out about a bad movie, but they're not freaking out one hundred thousand people being murdered right in this movie, all these drone attacks. That was a little crazy pack. What's his name, if you find a video Brian show like some of the video of it, because it does look almost that bad, it's a terror! It's it's in and the other thing is that people think they really uh. People inclined to conspiracy think that this was all done by the CIA and that they're trying to get ready for more eleven. Just because exactly they're trying to get uh ready for this war in IRAN and the way they can
Sillett eight get the process moving along is to have these people revolt, so they may this movie and apparently the movie was made, and then they dub different lines into the people's mouths. Like the wolf, I said, that's not my voice and the actress who's playing a woman. She said I never said those things they dub. Those things in afterwards, which also sounds some of the CIA, would do just get you to act in one thing and then make it like fucking, ridiculously inflammatory watch you do it send you out, though, boom you got a movie. The guy. Who was the person who made the movie is apparently the same guy who was burning the Koran he was. He was involved in Doing some shit, the Koran is this: it is this the movie- oh my god that is the movie used and look at it. Yes,
This can be real, not look out how Brown is faces, but they didn't Brown's neck. So the pressures that goes the clinic we must go home now. Oh, my god! This is the worst movie. That's ever been made. Look at this beauty, a battle axe. You look at his beard, man. That is crazy. That's that's the beard ever that's the best fake beard ever because they didn't even try latest fake beard. These mother fuckers have Halloween beards on set the place on fire. Look at his beard. Dude! Look at that beer- oh my god! He just she had a cross on. He had to do it yeah. He just attacked this hot chick with a battleaxe. She had a cross on she's on mice. Well, we can try
What country are in there? This is an unbelievable that was the hottest arabic chick ever side yeah. She was a Christian, though. That's why she's super hot. I can't forgive that that was the worst movie ever just that scene. I couldn't. Even if the rest of the movie was like. You know, team. It was more realistic yeah. That was one of the worst movies. All time with the rest, the movie was Apocalypse now that movie still sucked you know. You can have a scene that bad ever in a movie If I saw that in the best movie ever, if that was like five, yes Oven, American Werewolf in London need to like put the five. They left their little kid put this in their fucking, a piece of, what movie is this his levels and that mother Fucker, who made that movie, is no Stanley Kuhberg? That's all I'm saying the fucking I had brown face only on his face and none of his neck.
This is a movie tonight, treasured excellence, Tait Fletcher. This shit is not real. This is a God. Damn movie we're living in a movie we're going to simulation shit like this is just little pieces of evidence. That's like allowing us to wake up and realize this is not real. It's not real. Take some really, but this coffee is real, did. This coffee is amazing. So what how do you actually do it? You said it was like butter and- will it prove you if you want a full explanation you got go to. Proof execs dot com, on the podcast in a couple of weeks to live, seems Dave, Asprey, yeah, yeah you're, going to hear yeah yeah he's going to be here on fuckin wicked. I'm such a fan, everything that tag is butter or bulletproof or fucking. I love them and guy I'm all over his shit yeah. He I don't know like there's him and in conjunction with the dude that wrote the primal diet, this guy Mark System, who you thought you should have him on his back. I would love to. We had Rob Wolf on Rob's, a good dude. He worked out at my gym, for what is undisputed when he was in Santa FE. Is old? Lady was finishing up a program. There try to get me to go from
well shakes to bacon and eggs. I tried a little while yeah yeah, yeah yeah today is a good idea. No those all this baby, yes, doesn't give you the same amount of energy is a totally different experience. It taste good you throw in a little bit of bulletproof, coffee and you'll have that same energy all day, long song, ridiculous yeah. No, you gotta, try. They keep drinking it all day. Its capital was wrong with that. What's wrong with that, and you crash the end of that, you do not. You know when you crash when it's time to go to sleep, and you know what I want to do at that time. I want to crash you just switch to Jack Daniels off the butter coffee. What evidence is there that coffee actually is bad for you is there any. I mean I know that if you go too hard, it fucks your dreams, here's the deal and you talk to Dave a lot about it, but he talks about the mycotoxins oxy. Toxins that are all in the blends of coffee and mold attached to coffee beans all the time and so, especially if you're getting him from Starbucks or places like that, like you ever drink a cup of coffee and then all the sudden, you feel like kind of down
because you're poisoning yourself well, you wanna be really careful black coffee from so I only drink single origin, coffee that you no. It's comes from a small farm somewhere. Do you want to really you become a geek? You did I've had coffee before then I get sleepy yeah. What is from friends 'cause I gotta. Eighty people have a dd. Also you get that though it's knowing got show it's the mold that is attached. The coffee with Dave Asprey talks a lot about it. Been proven. I don't know he's he's, a scientist geek. I saw that on his website was like more coffee must be mold free. All I know is bringing napkin tested. I that I Imagine this is what all I do and it fucking it's a tremendous differences with thousand so it's called single origin. If you get a single origin, coffee, which just means that you get it from the same farm, if you have a bland or decaf, coffee or your chances of it being mold infested are through the fucking roof to a percent. If you go to bulletproof, exec he's got a an article called.
Bad coffee makes you weak. So he elaborates even talks to him and talks about how to get stronger from just drinking coffee. Well, if you don't like the taste of bad coffee, the same reason why you don't like taste of gasoline in your body is telling you it's toxic. A date on coffee consumption goes back, for some studies show health benefits by others, those negative outcomes, this might seem config. The simple reason is this: bad coffee is good for you, bad coffee, bad for you to suck Sucka differentiating types of coffee when they run studies on coffee, so there scientifique, I have no because there's no static cz, a I Trent of ice coffee that I drink every day from Starbucks. If I play like me yourself, really yeah as much as it is when you use this is fun. I've never heard this before, and I can't wait to talk to me about this in the podcast. This is nuts fascinated duty, Bio, hacked this whole body. He talks about the one up twenty I
few points he lost one hundred and fifty or something he was any bio hack. His body he's analyst securities analyst in San Fran for a while and he's like. I just wanted all the facets of my body. I thought about how nutrition is affecting me and bringing me towards the farm. Super pharmaceutical answer so he says I wanted to get optimized in every aspect of my life and he just looked at nutrition and movement even is one of those machines. The first time I ever heard of it was Diego Sanchez when he was just off the ultimate fighter egos and it's one of those vibe. And he's fucking piece but he's got one that he's making that he's making a available. Like. I don't know one thousand five hundred bucks, something that's doable for the public. So they were like twelve grand yeah there expensive, but it's a turbo sonic keeps all into all incredible of that. I know like high end actors that use them for like, but they do mobilization with them. That's not the same machine drill, it's just a shaky machine. This is actually sound. It's actually sound that goes through your body yeah. It's very
The interesting thing is with the russian cosmonauts lives are using. It should or not so shaky thing. It is yeah, but it's it's actually sound. It doesn't make any noise, but it's a a speaker underneath the base of at the base of it is essentially like a gigantic speaker. I just use my head Tachi, isn't of the we'll say it's a really fascinating thing that it was the russian cosmonauts used it to stay in space much longer than anybody else was able to crazy without muscle at yeah. Well, that was the big. That's the big issue. Brian. Does it too? So he keeps that physique, that's right to Hitachi. So the thing, so It's a high like I drink, look at the faster and he talks about intermittent fasting on there too and like I haven't eaten today. I did a fuckin forty minute, workout earlier I've been up since six up fucking like not hungry. I don't get hypoglycemic and all that shit, but it's not that I've been calorically deficient that I've, I don't know how many calories are in my coffee, but a ton, I'm drinking a bunch of fat through my coffee, but Marxism, that's the prime,
blueprint guy. He talks a lot about it and the reason I switched over like that was because he talks. Sugar, burners and fat burners, and he's like, if you're getting a preponderance of your calories from carbohydrates, your body, the mechanism, never switches from burning sugars to Bernie That's only burning the glucose in your blood, which is why you need to eat every couple hours or else get sluggish and all that kind of shit, and and he says in you know, insulin is a storage hormone, so every carbohydrate it comes in insulin, shuttles at stores fat for when we don't have food, but that never fucking happens. 'cause we're never in four five days stretches of starvation in a and so we just stay fat that way and we get Hyperinsulinemic and we have diabetes later. Life in whatever or you just keep adipose tissue where you don't want it so, the thing he started saying he says you know, maybe what you want to do is start eating less than one hundred grams a day go into a state of ketosis kind of the way at I was talking about, but eating a lot of fibrous vegetables and you can eat a fucking bowl of steamed broccoli and not reach one hundred grams of carbs.
And eat a high fat diet. Like you get hungry, you want something to eat. Coconut butter like I put coconut butter in my coffee, a lot too or MCT oil like what is M c like like medium chain triglycerides, it's another thing that talks about fat conversion into energy and so like with this like a lot of different mechanisms that are going on that are making me stay, energetic all throughout the day and all So if I don't have calories in my body, my body is mechanisms already turned in attuned to eating the fat out of my body for Enerji, as opposed to getting hypoglycemic and falling out and needing to eat some sugar right now. In order to keep going yeah. We had rich roll on the podcast who's, vegan, ultra endurance, athlete poor guy yeah, nice guy, but the vegan aspect of it, but he was explaining the whole thing about burning fat. Getting your body to burn fat huge you have to. I mean if you want to be healthy. If you like and it's just a little bit of discipline. It's not like I'm ever feeling like I'm lacking something something like that, it's like you're so
waited all day, long yeah, that's! So thing about us with our diets. Man, it's like. If you look at the average person, go to Disneyland or something like that, but look at the average person when you see anywhere you around a giant mass of people, so many people or someone held you know you gotta go to go to the Fucking Crossfit games. So I was at the each holy fuck. I was at the beach and the beach was was brutal the other day, and I was watching these kids eating chips with their fat family. Everybody's fat, their parents and that's in California, where there's a higher level of like people aren't generally that way higher level of cocaine I don't know is that the cocaine, no there's not that many people in Coke dude have you ever done any of this stuff that makes it dude eat their faces, Brian Basalts now,
it only makes one retard eat a face. I have a feeling that is it good other than that you get to talk to much doing that anyway, I was that guy was down to eat so much face. I have a feeling he's been waiting, fucking waiting to blame it on basketball. We all know one asshole. Like that one one fucker that just he through vassals Basslet for everybody, he ruined the whole gig. It was weed just had the munchies mad. Just talking about that crash, the turbosonic site. That's crazy! Just us talking about it! What is wreck this crash? Some sites list I know, do they have a right to do. Let's say your son can say that you can't, but I'm just informing only a sense of wild man was while working together. You cannot put us in danger like that. Really you've, yeah, that's actually a threat. You talk about, let's crash a website, you're threatening to you to conspire to remove someone's product from business, right and the way it's defined in, like the Patriot ACT, I'm pretty sure that cyberterrorism now
like when are you going to be real, careful shit like that? I'm not bullshitting! You be really careful. What happened with the sonic boom site that Turbosonic Sonic is that the device that I talked about that she, Oh yeah, and when we wake mentioned it enough, people want their that it crashed about yeah yeah. Only fuck your powerful deal rose is terrible. It's not even at the site. It's actually it's amazing to me is like watching this. For the last few years, like we haven't been around each other a whole lot, but watching the explosion of a podcast like technology. Moves in like podcast just happened, how powerful they are, and then the reaching but it does into the world. It's crazy yeah. It's like anything, that's ever happened to me before. There's a big
between doing shows now right, post, podcast and pre podcast yeah. Like you, you know I always had fans. Those p right want to come see me. Was it just a totally, but I mean it's not like that's what art was talking about, I and as much like. How does this make it different for using dude it's retarded, it's that makes all the difference. Yeah! It's it's a great!
This is this, is this is Toronto? This'd me just going on stays in Toronto doesn't even make sense. When I hear this, it seems like a lie. Sounds like the super bowl. It was crazy. Dude for real is like one of the one of the weirder moments of my life, really because yeah 'cause, it doesn't seem real. Why is that? Like a technical show like one of the biggest ones, it was pretty big. I've sold out Massey Hall before, though I sold it out last time I was there too. So I was just amazing. Match is a great town. They have a big comedy community. There too, so
did a show the night before at this not to be named site where they have a weed, show and super secret. Only people within the community allowed. I don't tweet, nothing about it. 'cause. I don't know what the laws are last want to get arrested the night before the Wayans, not a good curable, so we literally landed at nine hundred and thirty called the dude up. Who runs the show, and we were over, that we drop the shit off the hotel and were gone so mean simply show up at this place. You will How can we go into the back door and it's just like this parties? This is people, drinking is smoke, filled, room and the iron Sheik is on stage. So yes, so add mother fucked, up Raleigh and Mother FUCK number one Greco Roman number, one freestyle! One freestyle hear him onstage like going through his shit, and it's just there's so much smoke in the room like look, it's like the room is on fire. Is the iron sheik burn? Well, I don't want to say
too late today, terrorism, while winning just one they have little in this place, I return. Did they have some good we got down to. They have good we in Toronto. It's such this good is California weed. I think it's universal. Now I don't think think what happened was when the medical movement came along, the California botanists got on it because they could be out in the open about it and they started to put not the name to the strains, and you know and telling you this is seventy percent to develop thirty percent indica and put all the different hybrids out, and then everybody else just ran with it. So now I think when you get good, we you're getting. What's it's good, California Weed or it's good Colorado. Colorado was right there with California, it looks like Toronto's right there to like. Then they know what the they're doing and the Vancouver has like a medical program. They have like a something Serra Old there. That's like where you came from the base. Yeah, who has the union, was a documentary that I was in a few years back that they've actually shown to the canadian Parliament the
they actually are using it to educate different canadian politicians, because most people don't even know the history of why it's illegal or what a big party play is in the economy of British Columbia, like they don't even know, but it's like it's a web holding the economy together. It's a big part of the industry. It's one of the reasons why Vancouver is such a wealthy place and people I accept that, but it's a fact it is a commodity. It is just as much of a commodity is living in an oil town. Just as much of a commit mean that money gets distributed back in the community and there's a massive amount of it is it's. It's tolerated in the weirdest way possible where it is and it isn't at the same time it's legal and illegal. It's the it's like they. Let it go criminalizes. Ideally, I don't even know how they say it, but you can't sell it. You eats like that in the bus people they find they they they will the things in the union. They found these undercover ones or underground, like places where they were growing it with
tricity running underground. They found those before in America too, and they also add trains where they had like train cars and the train. Cars were all filled with grow, how they're all grow houses and they just like hundreds of yards of trains, filled with weed yeah. I mean that the the demand isn't saying the and there's money coming in, and it's not totally legal it's but it's a massive part of the economy and the union. If you haven't seen it my friend Adam corgi did the documentary. Now, I'm in it to its. I go crazy. Talking about weed laws, it's one of the best documentaries as far as like explaining how ridiculous it is, but in Canada they watch this they're showing some politicians these fucking monkeys. We have an officer not going to sit down and be educated by something that actually makes sense. These ridiculous fucking people we running this country.
The lobby is now that that that even like companies like the from school companies, are big electrical whatever that they're that they're pushing lobbyists away there, the the the hundred senators that are bought by everybody, they're, like we can't we've art, were already invested, Sorry, like the bribes, aren't even count anymore, 'cause they're already there already. There sides already chosen it's the idea that just bribe someone and give it another name. Calling lobby is the idea that you can be in fucking office that, like that's, what you're groomed for Like you ask a twelve year old, do you wanna, be a politician killed that you know what the right spot. Weird kid. I love that George Washington, like no. I don't want that they like wanna, make you can use like. Are you what what what we're just doing? You has not paying attention yeah! Well, just got away from that stupid man, yeah George, is the leader that doesn't want to be a leader. You know yeah, that's George Washington you didn't do it, because if you didn't do it, some other cunt would do it and ruin the whole fucking project. Lee yeah yeah, but that was like unpaid you're, not like the whole.
Is like it's taking you away from being a businessman like a plantation slave owner that he was like listen, I got slaves to fuck. I really have enough times that run this country. I got wouldn't t. And I own a bunch of people. What do you think about that? Did you ever see the that Obama was first, black president and all the other, seven or eight, by probably seen that from the black Muslims, do decide to there's a website that is dedicated to, but I'm like Calvin Coolidge. How come I never thought of that before a power thing. You know I mean like my man. These I should have known that. Yeah. Well, is less of a do. Name: Calvin was white Guy who is Calvin? Coolidge is black as right to be a whole lives a little article about it on my website way way way. Back was like way before Fairfax ' Sir. I was in New York doing a club and I was walking on the street in these black Muslims that black Israel lights. Excuse me not Muslims, the black Israel lights have. Ah, they wear crazy outfits like superheroes, really own,
my god, you never seen it. Oh, my god. It's amazing! It's one of the weirdest religions. Ever they they make fun of regular juice. These so called Jews would take curly, hair and date. They stupid close. This guy was saying as well as dress up like a superhero, I'm not I'm, not joking. I mean they look like a guy who's in like a move like a Charlton Heston movie about like people who lived in the roman times, like that's how they're dressed to dress like digest? These crazy outfits pulls up and the and the like to read the Bible, you know say is on to he,
but you know, and then they would say what he means by that and then come up with some crazy action to keep the mud, races and the white man and, like all the different non african races like. How did you get that out that sentence, and you have to see some of the videos of these guys? Could you would swear it's a giant troll see if you can pull some up Brian, because a lot of people are not aware of 'em or do they call it black Israelites, crazy, black Israelites? They all hate, white people, the White Devil and they'll. Do all this and uh got there and watch these guys go off about white people Let me sit around 'cause he's, not jewish. Are you and I No, no italian Italian, I'm shit. I said I'm italian to okay. Ok, you ain't white, you, you white, I'm okay, I just. I just want to hear your your rap right now, but dude take a picture with me. I wish that one of the pictures still up on my website,
picture was me standing there with this fucking guy way thought this guy's got an actual bible. This man, this man, known as a you, are right. You think it's a battle between crazy people. Thing is no good. Let's not go to this one try to try to find one with just the other crazy people. Just damn fat, guys, like saying this twisted up the scripture yeah, it's like you, you are doing the wrong some crazy shit are the Jews.
Yeah yeah, look at the outfit sort of negroes in America. They do want people, that's what you get you get word to withdraw yeah got a negro who might even like that way. What's your nationality, I just I'm just a person know what do you want on your foot on the caucasian? Yes, okay, what your your your mind before. I tell you that what where's my will tell you that you genesis twenty chapter, get against the wall or do you want you want? No way, it is awesome, outfit all twelve tribes of Israel? No, I did not just say that. Okay, I'm listening well well equals West Indians patients, those have shit, written down Puerto Ricans Cubans, North American, Indians, the Simino India's Argentina and Chile, Colombia. Your way in the so called Mexican. Don't so called Mexicans? Who is this tiny? They live? They live in Mexico. Yes, he wanted to okay. So why do you have Jesus painted, like that's not the way that is the family that painting that this shot coming out and they're gonna get a whole troupe in it? Okay,
this guy is not a good representation of it better reputations. They read a predawn, they read out of the Bible and then they twisted up, but it's all basically the same thing. This guy wasn't spuit enough hate, they'll yell. He was barely doing hate. He was just doing silly. He was gone silly with it. He had like a cardboard Leica Leica Outfit looks like a fucking paper bag from Vons Johns, not Vons, shit on yeah. It looks like you tape tape. The trim yeah. I don't know why you have to have a certain outfit in order to read the word. I've always thought that was really interesting where people dress up, and I don't trust you when dressing up special. I really don't because that's not what you you know you! You should be able to go and do a mass in front of everybody dressed the same way you would dress. If you went to dinner somewhere, you should just dress you shouldn't, wear like crazy outfits and a treat you different if you want to wear a dress, if that's your shit, a velvet dress in a big hat, if you're that kind of gal and that's what you want to wear.
I think you should be able whatever fuck you want, but I don't think you should do is dress like you from another time period, and I give extra, speculated all the people down in the neighborhood. I used to live like all the dudes in the lack wool suits and all that you and the funny hat some are fuzzy. Yeah, cowboy hat someone really a Christmas, we're always fucking cracks me up, see those guys walk in and then you'll see you dude with the Bluetooth here in the 1840s. But your bluetooth like that's. Ok, though you gotta wear this uncomfortable shit all day long. They only wear that one outfit, then that's the only kind of clothes they wear and then I think those poor kids, you see these young kids are like fuck yeah. There stuck they're stuck in a cult but hoped they can met in Yahoo. Their way out of there, like all guys, Matisyahu and he was stuck in there. I feel, like you, just got a picture
yeah. Well, maybe, but that's not the one that is too restrictive, the ones that are too restrictive. It's like people got out of control and they had a huge. It's you that's a cold that is for sure yeah. It's failure, brotherhood all across there. That's just all cults personal good you're on occult radio show that make exact cold. Show's gotta pick your you know, don't get full Dum dum yeah well, also what we were talking about before, as people would naturally gravitate towards groups groups of like minded people, 'cause it with this everybody's fucking different this world man there's too many different variables that could affect people. So many variables That's why the idea of of a country is, you know it's kind of. Ah, ah, ah, it's almost like we're until we have evolved to next level of consciousness, we're going keep having countries, it's prehistoric, to be real hard for us to evolve. Past the point of beating a team, passive meaning a tribe is going to be really hard because some of the
going to come along is kind of try to jack all the resources control the area you know some. If you look at like, what's going on in the Middle EAST like how? Is this not blow up event? How does this not over boil? Will you look at that shit? That's going on whatever at least they have real food. You look what's going on with GM owes in with Monsanto and fucked in the head of Monsanto, gets appointed as the head of the FDA by Obama. It's like. I want to be on your side homeboy, but holy fuck. You know what I mean it's like we're just controlled. I mean they're controlling our food poisoning. Our food on Santo made agent Orange yeah. There are fucking weed fertilizer company for fucks sake, yeah. That makes our food that owns up if you eat any corn at all, it's Monsanto! it's all GMO, it's all mutated, not all of the wind. The way they shut down fucking farms they put a far next to it, and then they
consume that say: you're grown our they like the wind blew, and your is here right, so we patented that yeah and then they send a farmer's bankrupt and the bankruptcy yeah. That's common practice in India is a done deal. He said someone everyone, thirty seconds, commit suicide because they're they're involved in a Monsanto contracted. They can't profit from in it, yeah well, they're they're, still getting they're the only country that corporation and they're in a lawsuit there litigation. Actually, it's months out, though, because the egg plant they're trying on the egg plant the way they did the the way, the did the corn in America and you like enough's enough Brazil, one recently in Korea yeah the brazilian farmers that one billions of dollars from now. There is a cow. Those fucking brazilians know how to do me. Fuck yeah they do yeah. They apparently not so good at Jujitsu, but but they got fucking. They can cook some share. There's some suicides all over the world when it comes to the
It's not, though yeah. It's really scary, Monsanto's connected to two hundred thousand soon sides in India to one hundred thousand in the past ten years, the past ten years, in ten years man. I had no idea, that's insane. Three hundred twenty five days a year times crazy, that suicide were organisms are dying to recreate themselves like it's like everything like we're like biology wants more biology and like- and got- you got a you got. Preservation is a gene in you and we're dying like that, like fucking, what you're talking about suicides there are you talking about the american soldier coming back like epidemic nude, it talk about it, do today kills himself that was in the army, that's crazy and it seems like something we should address. In that mean you think, about that three hundred and sixty five days a year. Ten years is three thousand six hundred and fifty years right. So
Three thousand six hundred and fifty days, three thousand six hundred and fifty days, two hundred thousand people commit suicide. That's amazing, huge! That's amazing! I mean that's almost that's a lot. That's insane, and that's just given hopelessness. How much hopelessness can I give to a gun kills himself is not like fifty a day. Seventy a day or something like that. I mean it's crazy in the wrong guy yeah, I'm number wrong. I've been questioning, I think even broken down, though someone broke it down like how many minutes every three minutes, or something and indian commit suicide because of Monsanto. Well, India's massive first of all, there's a bill and people bunch of extra folks there and Monsanto's, like fuck, am going to fucking thing to hurt some way listening week, bitches to kill themselves, so we're just going Jack. Am I don't know what the deal they have over? There is, but I know that there's, in places in this country where these these they make deals with people? You have to buy their shit and
she buy their shit like it only works for a year. They have like suicide seeds that that don't work, and then you gotta buy it from your strung out on him. Yeah you strung out you can't like the old days farm we used to take his tomatoes and then take some seeds from those tomatoes and plant those seeds and make more tomatoes that shouldn't happen anymore, they've engineered that out of the equation, which is really nuts that they've twisted. Twisted it around their twisted life around just so they can maximize the amount of money. So you couldn't make a lot of just selling, see you just read the months one of the Monsanto headquarters. They all vote on what their cafeterias. They voted. No GMO Foods in our cafeteria. That's is that awesome like we're. Not even that shit, that's hilarious! So then, what is that shit? Those are the people that know the most about that food. So what book is that well, it gives tumors to rats like they just released in studies now that show that it gets fucking, rat's, brain tumors. It just shows you gotta, be more proactive, know more about your life. You believe the government you deserve to die. You like
It's a it's like, if you say, Fletcher law. If you look at, if you're looking for somebody else to be reliant on, so you can get your health and your like the it's fucking, that's one way of looking at it. I think the way of looking at that I would choose is that there's, there's gotta be a way that these people can profit, that everybody can make a living and do very well by selling a legitimate product. Doesn't fuck people over? We just gotta figure out a way to what is that in the evil we gotta figure out a way to stop people from pudding, money over humanity and that's what the from like that documentary the corporation. Do you ever watch that with the basically that? Well, you know, that's not we don't even look that way. People vote and they say, what's going to be better for my taxes, they don't say: what's going to be better for the homeless guy down the street, well fuck, the homeless guy. You know that bitch needs to get a job. What his problem is that there's a lot of stuff that goes on with that there's a lot of mental illness doesn't mean I'm just saying: that's how people look at it. You ever see this document, I'm not inclined to a once. Yes, I have, I think, once you get
be like a dude and you're pissing yourself, you're on the street. Like the you back to baseline and build up again God, damn that's an effort. You know I'm not saying do it we're going to do that yeah, I'm not saying we shouldn't do it. I don't know what I that that guy, but something went wrong created that dude we need patch. This fucking thing up one way or another and having a company like Monsanto around and helping shit now and then what is that like, when you talk about like everybody country, except for like three countries in the fucking world, the central bankers- Rothschilds Bank, like you, think about like that about like why Hugo Chavez is outcast, outcast and treated like Castro is because fucking. He said: I'm not going to sell my natural resources to the World Bank and, let's watch my dad like when you when you back to go it's about money in control and you go how much money you can draw like well home, how many more billions do you need that? What what what is that about, or or like you look at the thing where they were, they break the oil pipeline and how
Burton comes to the rescue again fuck, you how to clean that up? Nobody knows clean that up, but you got a contract to clean it up. It's just more fleecing the taxpayers so we're paying for our own imprisonment like and that's the real rub? That's the whole game here is: how can I keep the american public or all the public scared so that I can make? you pay for your own imprisonment. How can I How can we spend the euro so that the World Bank info in Germany can buy grease? It's not just taking corporations were Jack countries like crazy, it's and it's all from it's all. Based on someone going. Try to make money right, that's only thing that everything is based on it's not even money. It's it's like it's sicker than that. It's like a junkie. It's like, when you tell me, is a dope feen and you go if you're absent. If you have one that's too many, and a thousands, never enough! It's like it's an insatiable lust for power that they crave because you've already got opulence for forever. So what is it
it's just like we were talking about with the prison guard experiment, it's just human nature, when Huma get to a certain point where they have ultimate control over people. They look at the regular people with disdain. They separate themselves from everybody else. They it becomes a team of them. You know these, Blue blood weirdos, who wear fucking eyes wide shut, masks and go around the fucking each other in the ass. Can video tape so that they have something on each other or whatever the fuck? They do those it's just like anything else. Man, they just have much power. It's too. They manipulated the system. There's a rig system and and there money down from generation to generation to generation was there was unenlightened. Person teaches unenlightened children to remain that way and it goes on and on and on it doesn't match up to the model of information. That's out there. Now it's it's! Not it's not like we're living in 1500s, where it's really tough, to get worried out. No one really knows how the fuck anything really works. 'cause the whole the whole countries in the dark you gotta go to library and books. You can't you know, there's no cars,
that era to get something by in that era, it was almost like balanced. It was normal, but now it's imbalanced because everybody knows it's a hustle. It's not like. There's no confusion anymore. Anybody can go online and Google the stories about Monsanto. Anybody can go online and Google lobbyists and find out how that whole thing works. Anybody can go online to read what people are saying that I've actually read the NDAA and what a fucking crazy thing is that Obama passed this any. I could do that now and this wasn't the case when this sort of style of government was born. It's just if move to a point where it's gotten too big. Well so funny, though too about people, because nobody cares like, after the Bush administration, the the robbery was obscene and blatant.
Nobody cared. Nobody cared that he didn't really have a grasp on English. No, but nobody cared. Nobody cares about Mitt Romney. How crazy he sounds. He's like you, can't roll down the window on an airplane, and so you can't get fresh air in the plane. Something's got to fix that yeah like that, like that's insane you're insane fucking person you're nearly retarded and your from one of the highest offices, but that's not the crazy, but the crazy part is there's grips p, people that are on your side because he's white, so he's a businessman he's white in the face These are businessmen the fact that he's been raiding companies and fucking, but what he said of jobs that video tape of him. Recently, where he's going yeah the thirty six percent of Americans that are just taking from the country they're just tabs on the country, and we gotta stop that these are people we're paying in tow into all these social programs. That's who he's talking about is the entire reason. Shit. Well he's talking about that. He said what he's saying that forty seven percent- apparently I didn't know this, but forty per se- seven percent of the people in this country. Don't pay income taxes, they make enough money to pick up interfaces and it was like those
people? I don't worry about those and they still pay taxes, the palpate property taxes right hey! You know this is a all that yeah yeah, but he was trying to say that they don't contribute so they'll never will never vote for him and everybody is like what did you say: crazy, ass, so crazy, like you, can't concentrate on them like, but you can't concentrate on half the pub click on people, yeah, and a half the people. You can't try to talk to them and explain to them that you can help them. Well. Like he's an elitist, clear and elitist as it can be, I'm not into but Obama's done. I don't like it. I guess it makes. It makes me sad that summer that really had the first black guy president who is a liberal who's brilliant guy, who's, who's, Harvard educated, and this is the result of the National Defense Authorization ACT. All the ridiculousness that's gone Wiki League make anybody a terrorist. You got zero rights in court. We can hold you indefinitely, all of that shit, dude and like and for him
at what I was hoping for, I'm hoping the second term. It is you just play ball, the first. That's my that's my fantasy, which I know isn't true. Chris Rock has been saying that, like you know the second terms- and you do some gangsta like come on well see that's what yeah. That is really the case for why you can't freedoms, freedoms taken away, are never returned, it that you give away some freedom, it doesn't ever never in the history of the world hasn't gone bad and I'm sorry retards, it's not world war, two freedom or your great granddaddy in world war, one or something you fucking asshole. It's people that came in carved a fucking country out from England like that, freedom that was fucking bought with a wholesale clean slate place like that. We don't get that shit back and ever since then it slowly sliding away and those guys that built it back then they knew they knew that this could fucking fall apart, so they put a bunch safeguards in place and essentially lately the politician
and cut in those up and and and selling those down the river and all without the support of the american people we haven't nobody's even this or that no no one for it not only is known for most people don't even know what's happened. I mean I've talked to friends of the like, really politically active, supposedly and bring up the National Defense Authorization act it because it's not on CNN right. They they think like what the fuck. You know what they get to keep people off CNN you thing you to listen to Jamie Kilstein or you gotta, listen to fucking, you gotta go to other places? For that you know even BBC, if you go and go online, you can find information about that, but BBC Aljazeera, all that shit. You know that's terrorist yeah, this mother, fuckers, it's a weird man, we kind of weird world we live in dude, it's very weird it's strange. We had this woman a common on next week Amber Lyon she's from CNN. She seems interesting, yeah, very interesting she's, going to she's going to break open some
massive she's going to well. She exposed massive censorship at CNN. She kind of told what it's like over there and uh we're going to sit with her next week and they'll treat her like well one after that thing about with the family, on the train track. But it's too obvious at this point. It's too obvious! It's too! It's too obvious that their censorship, when there's issues, especially like the National Defense Authorization ACT, which is really an unconstitutional act, it's horrifying. When you read what they can do in death, detention of american civilians who essentially have no recourse no right to trial, they can just detain you have rights anymore, it's like the whole idea of this country is innocent until proven guilty, and the reason that is the case is because there's a lot of people that got accused of something that weren't guilty. Is that
think about trusting the TSA. The guys at TSA then walk up on, because that that that's who is going to force the stuff in our our people, like that, like that indefinite detention under those rules, ideas ruling they they can't control what they eat they can't control in the thing they're flatulence is, is, is more white, spread than mine, and their idea behind this is that what they're doing is preparing for a fucking arab spring type of rebellion, we're gonna, we're gonna, be ableto. Have these things, so we can legally do the things that are horrible and immoral, but since we wrote them down on paper, we can do it now, so we're gonna. Do it so we're just going to set it up nice and slow when we change the country and literally turn everything into a police state owned by the way we're gonna have drones. Do you mind if we have drones, we're just thinking Pat Labs past, that we know what we're doing don't know where we'll have thirty thousand of them floating in the sky? In the next thing? I was talking to people last week about this and there, and the thing is, is like with the people that a vote for whoever your candidate is whatever, but the people
they are so easily fleeced in the country you go. If you know they would pass a law, it's okay to fuck your kids. Now okay, you can have intersex intercourse with a child. Then there well, it's legal, at least it's not illegal. It's like it's such a fucking battle cry for numbskulls. Well, they passed a law in New York City recently saying that rabbis have to get consent from the parents for the Moyle sucks on the kids, Dick after circumcision, because a couple kids have died over the past few years because of Herpes so? These asshole rabbis can kill you when your baby? Yes, Herpes, can kill you so these. Now by assholes with cold sores, are sucking off baby dicks and giving them. This is not I'm not making any of that part of it. So they pass a law. So now there's a law that says we have to just get the parents consent and you could still do it. You can still suck a baby's dick, because it's a religious practice because
is a religious act and they do it because it says that in the Torah that you know it's supposed to do it with your mouth, because it's the closest thing to it and because saliva has antiseptic properties, because this is how people lived thousands of years ago so when they perform circumcision in the traditional method, url yeah, yeah, there's plenty of antiseptics, although put in pure element, babies, dick after you cut, it seems rather cruel's body is going to be. Toughen him up jumping up that boy He scared, pure l, in the dick. I don't know all that shit, that's out there, then what do you do with it? What's a recourse when you've got like there's nothing you you can't make that illegal! First of all, but you can't you can't fight a second baby dicks. You can't you can't fight that. Well, I just so disappointing that a guy, like Obama, was the one who came up with this, so that I want to or not just came up with this rather but approve this in office? He had a stand. He had to do a JFK there. He had to stand up for that. If you're going real president. You have to stand up for that and you have to expose
the public and say look. This is an issue that I cannot sign and this is why and make a stand, and say. Listen. You guys can make a lot of money. But you can do this, you can Plenty of money steal your plenty of controls. Why don't you talk about that? A state of the union address, you know what I mean. It's like, why isn't it wait, why isn't everybody? Why isn't it? Why isn't it a huge issue, then? The whole thing goes back to me yet So you just turned off my power, though really yeah. What went off my laptop before my laptop is not getting any power. Oh now, it does She wasn't working dude. I I was getting no power for some reason when I turned it off, but that which is probably now we'll sign the connection, but I just turn that off and back on and now it works. I didn't touch it before that it wasn't on its magic, probably mag shits going to well. This is a building. That's super crazy old. This place has been here since
in nineteen sixty one really yeah, so the electrical system in here is really wonky. Was the was the cannabis shop was that here before you guys are they came in after you guys only when they were here before us. We've only been, I started, a bag did my first show here in ninety four, but we've only like hanging out here on a regular for like what two years, probably two years doing, shows here so that you know this. The weed store was already ok. This whole area like very weedy. What are we going on this area? Yeah, it's real, weird like where you can get away with certain things where you can like teach people how to grow and shit have hydroponic shops and they don't come down on you, but there, is like, but then you go. If you were in San Diego, you can't rock that shit in San Diego and Palm Beach they just they're closing down in palm Beach, trying to stop.
Denver. They stopped to put a moratorium on that can open the more there are so many I was so crazy. That is awesome in New Mexico. They open them up and they said they they legalize it for MAC. But there's like ten prescriptions, They won't give anybody a card and then there's not really any. They don't think it out really does seems like anywhere where they go. The dispensaries es have to meet these criterion. Ernie of that kind of stuff, and so they're like nobody can be a dispensary or maybe anybody can or they're not sure. I think it's at thirteen states now think thirteen states out of fifty have some sort of medical marijuana program. The interesting one was Rhode Island, a Rhode Island said they would use their state police to fight off federal agents of the came down to close all the yeah Rhode Island, saying you're not going to rest. You run island citizens of this. I was like wow Rhode Island. Like gangster with the FED good, because they were coming in just arresting people who are not violating state law, which is unconstitutional, which is more shit, was a reason why it's set up this way so
the federal government to come in and say that you know we're superseding your state government. That's the reason why there's a state in the first place, it's so the federal government can't do that. Is that the only time starve, the only time that was supposed to be where the federal government has power was when we're in a state of war. So a constant state of war, all the time yeah, which is being a constant state of war. So we always can cover the cities like there's real problems like Sacramento, where to mammogram, if yeah right there with them that are bankrupt. That now their pensions of all the firefighters they're, all the cops that have retired sorry, we can't fucking paper were bankrupt like who is that fucking accounted yeah like like you, just stealing so much that the state is not that the state can't take care of this city? That's bankrupt! It's a major metropolitan. Like that's crazy, there's like three in California right now.
But we're gonna go ahead, send federal money after some some smoking weed weed was really important. Is that we police Afghanistan, we're going gonna, make sure that everything's okay over there there and their training people and the people were just turning their guns on the american troops, just gunning him down like thanks, so getting freebies, they get to give a gun and they just gun down american troops, and it's happening on a regular basis now soon, I'd bombings and all kinds of craziness over there. We have this guy Shane Smith, from vice vice dot com on who told us interviewing these guys, who had kids strapped with dynamite they're talking kids, how they use kids as devices to detonate bombs like a vehicle yeah use it as a d vehicle for delivering a bomb. That's a child! I mean it's scary shit and we're like well, we need to be over there. We need. We need to keep that place in line like what, What kind of job are job? Are we doing
my place in line if they got children, suicide bombers on the regular like is there anybody that doesn't love their kids, everybody that has kids loves kids unless they're really fucked up? It's not You can't sell me on the whole thing Afghanis they just don't like their kids. That's the way Afghanis are like that's fucking, silly, it's like in North Africa, where my friend had gone merchant marine boats and they go dude. There's people just their fucking limbs cut off, and I thought it was an epidemic, but they said no. It makes him better beggars like in and so they'll disfigure maimed children, because the best place you're going to get in life is a beggar. That's how some places in the world are, and so the best there's so frustrated and so fucked in Afghanistan or if you want to talk about anywhere in the Middle EAST, where that I could little strap bombs under people and go it's like it's, not crazy people. Other people that are so fucking frustrated with their empty position. They're, going to kill themselves like the two thousand people that are doing over Monsanto in India or they're, going to fucking try to make a statement while they do it yeah that
Fucking crazy shit, roll, the dice being born there, imagine being born in Kabul, and what are you going to do for those people yeah, a couple guys with m16, are going to take care of that problem. Really yeah yeah. It seems above their pay grade. He ain't getting now bitch gang going nowhere right where the fuck are you going to go, you're born in like Somalia, who, what is the best you can do, be a pirate I think so. Yeah, that's the best shit right, although there's nothing else going to starve or you're going to be like Tommy Lee at the club, like I'm going to be a pirate, this kind of be away figure out a way to have an impact on people to the point where politicians are forced to recognize that we need another sort of the reconsideration of the way, we're running things that we need a like, a like to sit down and like really plan
This thing out corruption that we have it's not it's not that it's necessary, it's just scrub, is necessary. The way it's run right here, you gotta figure, figure out a way. You can figure out a way to get the internet wirelessly and through the air. How can we can figure out a way to navigate humanity. I figure out a way to make things fair for all those that unfair is what they like. I know, but is a funny, that's the gist that want they did they it's like they were, The cheat codes, the video game yeah. You know I mean they don't want to actually play the game to run it's amazing. It really is amazing. It's it's. I mean you look at like cast. Let me look at what happened with like he's like I can take a look Christy from the error and give it to everybody for free the Phil. You can yeah and then all his shit gets destroyed, like that's crazy. Tesla apparently was really. Nuts too, though, yeah. They say that he had well. He had a relationship with a pigeon. He was in love with the pigeon. We don't we can't judge not judging, but I'm just saying I think, in
order to have the kind of mind that can create so many things mean Tesla was involved in. Wasn't it tell me about that, though, about like when, like he thought that sex was such a distraction that he had destroy his sexuality yeah, like that's a guy like a fuckin, wicked genius, he thought of the radio like they could do that like that guy, what what is destroying his sexual? How do you mean, like that's crazy and that that was an encumbrance like I'm sorry, I'm thinking about science too much to think about my dick ever like that he had some sort of relationship with a woman that really rectum and it was real he was really twisted and confused by it and it really fucked him up. So there was a quote that Tesla had destroyed his sexuality. That was the that was the out that he had destroyed his sexuality, which is really fascinating man. I don't know what that means, but I guess he made a conscious decision. He liked said you know what this is. Obviously, this is a problem. This thing is fucking my life up and he was willing
put his money where his mouth is and stop. The ball flow scientists who he, made all kinds of shooters on like monster garage that what's his name, show and wrote for like scientific, american and shit does all kinds of different, but but I'm an experiment, and I want to change myself into a woman and did like a home made. That would be be a fascinating one. For your show. This lady did did a homemade sex change and became a oh who's, like yeah, yeah yeah like with no, I don't think, did any hormones, maybe self be hormones administered all like so surgery too crazy. I don't know if it's a self surgery fully, but but it doesn't feel the same and it smells the all. They said that Unix study a study that came out ah study over eighty unix from the Choson dynasty, which ruled in Korea from one thousand three hundred and ninety two, two one thousand eight hundred and ninety seven. They looked at the
only record of unix lives and compared them to genealogical records of other men of similar social rank and the researchers cross check their results with other royal records and what they found was the average lifespan of a unit and a unit of someone has dick and balls cut off. Was around seventy years? Fourteen to nineteen years higher those of non castrated men of similar social standing I'll give up fifteen What do you think it is? They were just like in less danger. Less stress this prob dealing with women. This dealing with so much of the stress of chasing pussy, say really about in your heart. These crazy. Well, how many people would even get outta bed really if it wasn't for some pussy, at the weather to go work or whether to go make money. It's like it kind of draw I was a lot of us guys to get out and do stuff
yeah. I becomes the main motivating factor for a lot of people, especially early in life, and then I want to help like Unix are what what were they made you next to get taken care of. There are some dance server to write and so they're taking care of their like on welfare. In a way there there is a completely socialist unit, so they don't have a any stress about money or about who's, going to steal their pigs or any of that shit right. Right. There probably mean it said dynasty, so I'm assuming that's like kings right right. So the interesting castration, which removes the source of male hormones. Crease increases span and animals. Try it guys I tell you what man I had my dog fixed when he was five and he changed. He got real time. Every the time he got lazy just wanted to lay down Who is sad or sad to watch a sad. He
is always horny and shit. So I was like. I think I need to get it fixed. It's just poor, guys, like you, you know the doctors tell you yeah. The doctors will tell you it's important. One point time is his balls were aching. I thought he was. I thought, there's something wrong with him. He was like going on the stairs. He was right matter buddy. So I want to take him to that and the vet said. There's a dog in heat, your neighborhood and he was his death. Involves were hurting so bad because the dog in heat that he couldn't walk downstairs. He would deep- and I was like this poor- guys- tortured. It's not got steady, pussy around him all the time the vet didn't give him released. Today, the match. Is that's what they do all right, telegram yeah. Well, the vet supposed to suck the penis in the Torah cuts it. You must submit jewish bad image if there was like dude. I had a really just things for that. Motherfucker has not came out. You know the knot in the penis, the dog that connects him to so they ensure into fashion and fucking. It came out. Pat
the sheath of his skin? I just I looked at that poor fucker and he's just not happy at all. I'm like good luck with it. You know I just gotta wait till the swelling goes down. I guess it goes in, but it's like you could see it almost tearing. Skin back to fucking go back in. Like you know, this is a funny thing about animals that crazy desire to breed in bees, especially in honey bees, the mail honey, He has sex with a female honeybee and his dick explodes Ok is Dick lodges inside of words, breaks off pops. His balls literally burst his testicles burst and his penis breaks off inside her and he dies. He liked bleeds out the honey bee. Driven to fuck, okay, fuck and when he fucks he dies. It's amazing honey bees get like one shot at fucking one shot at killing They get one shot if they sting you the stick there. Is it rips off that from their abdomen and they die?
They die, they die, they die when they sting. You like gives me consolation. Is that crazy, though, what what a ship design man? What is that? What you are elephantitis. This is a sketch. Remember your testes and you can roam. What is this from from member Johnny dangerously or whatever? It is classified dangerously clock? Oh, that's funny! That's what it's from you are. A mad researcher serve How could you remember that this was my favorite as a kid cut it off. That was a good movie, though that was back when Michael Keaton was like the man. What happened to that guy? did, you think you just like move to Malibu and just I feel like he got a little throwback from Michael J Fox always got those confused and maybe there's a Well, one of them was Batman, yeah
it's hard to remember. Even Michael Keaton was a good batman. It was a good guy. I thought that it, but I just watched it like four months ago in a total, he wasn't that goes home, yeah doesn't hold up, wasn't Jack Nicholson. The other job now ways that jack- and I give you know the Joker I watched one yeah and might and Michael Keaton is in that one too yeah. It was a bad man more than once yeah. Likewise, if you see the picture of Val Kilmer with his, head the size of a pumpkin, and it just says: L o l, I used to be about I eyes any live in New Mexico. Does he's got a ranch out? There apparently gets mad at people for going on his ranch go fishing on his ranch. It's like New Mexico is like Hawaii kind of like you. Can't you're not from there. Like that's one of the questions like if there's beef with somebody when you're on the road like there's where you from like, is like we're going to
right now, right, you know, I mean and and not like if you walk around like a lot of at night, like that's, if you're you're, going to scrap of somebody, it's just going to happen and Mexico's can not like that and fucking. He lives out in this place in redtone, whereas, like I don't like you want to you want to like all families, old families, it's the same families that have had different families and their all kind of that's, that's the community, and he, I guess just pisses those people off drive through crazy and the whole deal or parties really. It seems like very unwise, like that's the indicator of how fucked up he is that is not even aware of the danger that he's in yeah, I got a. I think. Some bad demons in well he's a movie star, a big time movie star and he's living amongst like real, humble folk folks that maybe make twelve grand a year yeah like and he's kind of flying it around. That's a fascinating and loaded does does
we have does he have like handlers or security here. One of my friends used to work for him an would procure ship for him but I don't procure shit for him like I don't know exactly what what his life is likely statement procure shit for him. What happened he just decided to like take is a movie star money and just check out for fear of my son. I did a show called fell in that he was the star of, but he's like absent the whole time and then I saw him on some indian, in Grammys type shit and he could barely get sentences. Yeah there is like watching is like watching. Bob Dylan performed is just like those sad man, oh wow, but they are talking there in Bob Dylan can't get sound. Last time I saw him perform, it was like just slobbery drunk like Bob Dylan come on, really Bob Dylan gets hammered. He was where was this is on is on some big award shows like the Emmys. Are the Grammys or something like that that
Rather there's a huge black woman that was singing backup that ended up taking taking really is embarrassingly. So. Why have I not heard this Bob Dylan Drunk Dylan sings truck. I've never heard this I've, never heard a bad word about Bob Dylan. That's one of the weird things he's one of those uses like you know, you have to have already had a couple of drinks. You know, let's get my break. Ok, Brian! Go to Bob Dylan singing drunk on stage on Youtube yeah, maybe just all, too tall or it could be. Who knows certain a certain level? It I'll see how drunk he sounds. So can you get some volume? This seems like a fake video. What I say that, because it's alright will see was Brian I'll suss it out. Do you know how to get noise out of it? This time?
he's got nice just not letting up, and it's got what's the tip off that it's fake Brian. The here goes, that's just someone being old yeah, I think so seen, but there was something else. Well, if you go, Will it there's, apparently a bunch of Bob Dylan drunk uh? one, so tell me about your kettlebells. What about you know I want to. I want to know. Are they shaped like monkey, really really
can tell you that man just because I need to buy kettle bells for the gym I'll, give you some ok yeah will get you thumb through on it, but it's the. The cannibals? We have are the the same ones from Troy. You know those big fat handle yeah, yeah yeah they're they're excellent, although she What do you still would have that kettlebell yeah I've got across to the energy to Jim, like my Santa FE, my tenth Planet satellite is got cross with Jim and Santa FE. You gonna train down here where you're, where yeah yeah, usually among down at Scott, is usually Don and pico worse, yet he's at like peak on the Heaney okra. Yeah I don't get down on the planet: West, L, a hollow dot, com, west, la a students, so many different Do this? How many? How many fifty I don't know he's got a lot of different now I want to go see alders too dude. I really want. I haven't seen all the time it's at a good moitie gym too, which is a nice little nice
he's got a lot of fighters there yeah. I gotta find a good moitie gym someplace to do some weight. I need to mix it up a little do? You want to spar what I want to do, then, why did you just get a guy to hold chads yeah, that's good drills to just the just. The cattlemen's dome is not good, for you know. I know too many do who uh, who are getting a little weird just how many of you know that don't quit soon enough yeah, you know yeah, it's um, it's a tricky thing That mean you retired for folks who don't but was on season two, the ultimate fighter, three thousand three hundred and seventy three Michael Bisping's year year visit Take was on that and you had a couple of fights after that. You like know lot. This is yeah. You know he just get diminishing returns after a while, and you got to make that choice. I think and go what what is the
get off here, and even even if you're, really getting really big big payoff like like Chuck Liddell money at that time, or something like that. It's like what is the payoff of whatever kind of happened like like thinking everything they could've been knocked out a couple and times and there's time after that, where you know that you're not annunciating, you're, not or you have to really think you have to really put thought in to your mechanisms to get the words out clearly and you're like, but you can it clearly, but it's just not going to a mall, and you know I call at like when I thought that I'd be like holy. I talk to Jordan about it a lot and he's like yeah across proposals. I'm like me to like every morning we're doing crossword puzzles after sparring it's fucking, crazy, dude, that's what that's what George Foreman said to really yeah. I don't know that it helped not George for but my you know like you, you wonder you but that isn't like you would talk about it, always rang in my head. You know they don't no tell ten years after the concussion what the
images, and then I start thinking about residual damage like not even knockouts but dudes that are just getting jarred. It's like you getting fucking jarred. All time and like even this. Wrestlers man. Like our football player, everybody gets it's not just people with head trauma. That's directly, it's like it's the gratien, your body in the shaking of the head. You know, I mean I know stuntmen, that habit too, but yeah. It's it's a real dangerous thing and it's something to really be cognitive about to go what what is Often, where do I go from here and what will the rest of my life being and the big thing I think with fight especially, is like here's, a bunch of dudes that you know there's not everybody? That's a Kenny Florian or something like that. That's like, and by that I mean like a career,
in law. Perhaps that that he was going to have right was the law student at one time, I'm not sure, but you know he doesn't want a highly educated fire. You know I mean that that are out there and now yeah he's got a great job as a as a analysts and all that, but he also has a gym in I, as on German. Always right has rather ugly right. He I think he opened the place and and Beverly Hills to or is going to all right on yeah. He knows what to do. May twenty four is a really smart guy, but there's there's that kind of thing. That's only so many guys, and so then you think you know all these guys that were working construction or that were working as bouncers or whatever. What? What because now, I'm a fighter, it's kind of a heralded thing you get in people like in the store and they go all look he's a fighter and like what are you now, though, and that kind of getting to the root of yourself at the end and going who am I without this or or if you move to a new place like a new city, and you don't have the same job, we don't have the same friends, don't have the same. Girlfriend you're broke like who are now without any money in your pocket without without anything that like and really get,
the base of yourself as a human, and it is a scary question. I think that that is the re. The guys stay too long in those sports is because there like will fuck. What would I be without this and to me that always seemed like a prison like I never wanted to be in a position where I was going. Well, I'm a slave to because I don't know what else would be possible and I'm like I want to live in, that infinite, possibility that anything's possible. Let's go jump off the cliff and see what's down there. You know, apparently, Bob Dylan was in a motorcycle accident. Really and he was talked into by his his band and to get in speech therapy He was in sort of denial about slurring of the words and the motorcycle accident. How dare dice? That's, apparently the story online. How do every for, according to some dude on my message, board named KM design, my apologies to Bob yeah family thinking Bob, but I think a good guys that created probably some demons, probably getting lit up every night, maybe
get drunk and he's got a head injury. There is a great publicist, maybe- and maybe he was hammered he's like. I need a good excuse and while I'm self orders, I, like France, saloon I'm a victim. Well, I remember clearly when crazy man had the the the most accident, where you hit the fuck his name, the guy, who is always crazy in those reality, shows the older guy. Lethal Weapon ABC had a legit serious impact with a curb in his fucking head and almost died and his change shape. You look at his face. Pre motorcycle accident post Motorcycle accident, one of his eyes, moved up or moved I saw God, fall out of a car today. Oh, there is they're taking a right off of Olympic, and I saw the door was open on the car and then they go to start taking the right and I see a hand reach out to grab the door and he
the corner, and I'm kind of looking back and boo boo do, falls out. I was like how does that even happen? This is so where the they asses. In the last week, I've seen maybe three or four people fall on the ground like I'm driving and I just see like a woman fall three or four times this week. I've seen it like have you noticed people falling lately. I guess it's just like a coincidence that are like we should call so we should. We should have fallen, just have to do the Chem trails. I don't know man tower quality. Bravo see sees as a falling conspiracy to its orbs, something in the air trails, making people fall
I don't know I mean: do you think that there's really think there's a conspiracy that people are following? I don't know I'm just saying like this week. I for some reason I've seen so many people fall where I'm just like driving by like. Should I help this person there's there's like an ambulance right, terrible photo of a person in China today that was run over by St Street, flattening truck. They were get protesters out and the guy It stood his ground like a paper yeah, they ran over him, hold off, swap yeah. It's horrific, like Tnn, square all over yeah it is. It is yeah. The in China, they'll still run over man. Man get in, you know, they're, not quite there, yet no year course tonight like that. Yet here, but as long as the government keeps passing shit like the n d, a that surround the prince around the corner, the flattening you with a steam roller and now and now you can't we can't even you can't occupy Wall Street goddammit. Let's say you can't: he made that a felony thio peaceably
protest without a permit yeah. So now that's a felonious act to go and assemble to protest corporations which are fuck government is simply a shadow for anyway yeah yeah. It's it's weird throws me it's like how much she can you. How much can you just enjoy it and just live life and try to you know to be cool, pull in your own community and be surrounded by Europe? You try. To only rocket that way, but you got I always think these mother fuck just come in and fuck up your shit and think that they're allowed to like you really aren't that much connected to someone who lives in Washington DC you're, just not there too far away. It's really crazy, but someone who's got a boner for you in Washington DC, that has power, could do Do, use it and find some reason to fuck you over and come after you, especially if you
we're involved in something that they've written down on paper, says you're not allowed to do, or even, if you're not and you're opposed to that thing publicly then you're will fight in another. You know they could do whatever they want to get behind that, and it makes me think those p. Just haven't had like some steam. Broccoli in a steak will get you a good rib eye medium and go and help some people will feels fucking better than helping people like go and help as far as like, like we can show people down and how we can control. How about you help people there's an arrangement there and then, when everybody does better, everybody fucking does better and it's a fucking universal law. You cock sucking it is, but the problem is you're dealing with people that first of all, are completely unenlightened. And again, their operating the people that are in power, now: Obama, who's, essentially a child of the internet. I mean internet, I he he existed before the internet, but he's had massive amounts of access to it. Since the 1990s, when it was around so he's, he's basically grown. We not grown up but grown with it, but the other people
like if you look at like a Newt, Gingrich type character, Dick Cheney, those guys are operating on the old way there are. Creating the old way of corruption? When you can get away with shit like IRAN Contra, you could bribe off judges and figure out a way to sneak shit under the door and change the laws. So it makes what you're doing legal and That is the way they've been rocking it since the beginning of time, it's going to take next generation coming up. It's going to take look at this guide David seaman on the podcast who was congressional candidate is a congressional candidate. Is twenty six years old, and these you know trying to expose all the bullshit that's going on in in in in pool in and envelope with lobbyists, and just it's so much for a young guy to take on. If you really want a career in cleaning up corruption and you actually live and not get sniped, you gotta, you
had a file or whatever else they put on you. I mean they make him whatever you know. That's the sorry, sorry yeah, the glories legal. You know what room and we'll give you five million dollars like we have that that's easy money just get on get on, get on board. Yeah can figure out a way to compromise you, nice and slowly. You know nice slowly. They, this is low. Could they do that with M Kennedy? They brought him down to Cuba and got him some hookers and Shit and Mary Bob Filner Maryland they paid for Marilyn went down there later, like I think, you're making shit up in the dollar. I see that face. That's the on making shit up. It's only one thousand from now that you have that expense. What do you think of one thousand dollars is worth in the Marilyn Monroe Days is: probably, could you get a car for? One thousand dollars is that six grand really well, they were talking about, was like a brand new Mustang. Like when the fastback came out like sixty five, like three thousand five hundred bucks or something like that, you Mustang 19th in Let's go in nineteen sixty three three 'cause, I think a fastback. If you got a fast
or you could have Maryland for a week like that's pretty comprable yeah, I don't know what Fastback or Maryland for a week now you need a flashlight in a Mustang. Pretend need you kill yourself. You'd be like. I can't believe. I'm gonna have a fucking one thousand nine hundred and sixty gotta have a flashlight. I could have a v eight, I'm going to a flashlight party tomorrow. Oh, are you really fascinating. Are you going uh talk to girls there brians this text. This is going to be there awesome girls, big old booty, honorifics Cody that roller on film proof that we that men don't give a fuck about skinny like a stick figure type chick that thick legs and ask you very much at least five and a smile? You never not have a smile, oh yeah, and what she's blowing guys she smiled. I've always wanted to meet her.
These are all mustangs for sale. It doesn't really say what it cost back. Then, oh, wait a minute. If you do like a price, circa, there's a bunch of different sites in Martinez I don't know who that is, who is Missy Martinez, minute you, know, like you're, ahead of the curve kid he's got the ones that just moved from Arkansas have been here three weeks: Kayden Kross you her she's hot. Yeah I've seen her before SAM Tripoli, SAM. Typically, the hottest was he going to be there with the twins. Yeah, I heard Brian Cole is going to be. That seems like a bad idea. Why is Brian? Was it about just so many hot chicks he's going, go crazy, he is a handsome guy, he's going to kill him with his comedy better. Looking than Bryan Callen. Really really. Are you the next in line Brian for Brian to take me to olive garden. Oh it can happen and what's to happen, when you get that tape
going to have to have a sensible meal, we have butter, coffee and will happen. Yeah. I've got, I don't even know what happens behind those doors Brian and you've ate at olive garden. You have a soldier with his soldier and hiccups, ok and one Soldier was trying to scare this sold. Out of his hiccups and the way he did it was shooting him in the face that would work I guess to cure the hiccups yeah. That seems like the worst excuse for shooting your buddy ever and he's charged with manslaughter This is just murder now, because he had a stupid excuse. He pulled out a gun in order scare him and stop the hiccups and the gun went off crazy and he blew ' 's brains off if feel like. If you make that poor decision, we should put you in prison anyway, regardless if it's find slaughter whatever, when you think about these guys that have been over there. And have seen action, you know if If you ever seen some of those soldiers against the Iraq war with a
they talk about all the different shit, that their commanding officers told him to do and right first guy gets a knife. Kill gets like days off and like kill people kill people with knives and go from that So, like the regular world, that's true! It's a different thing. You can't it's uh! It's like you have friends that were like in in black water or that were for Recon, Marines and shit, and it's like that's a it's a different thing that they live with in years. I think maybe maybe never six years or something before, like my one buddy, didn't want to shoot himself in the face. Like every day afterwards, like He through, like that you're that you're, your your your young age and you're, asked to do horrific, unimaginable things for a cause that then it comes to. Eventually, if you're thinking personal, that we're not even supposed to do that This is unjust. Isn't it amazing? How are depictions of like if you look at like the at depictions or you know a romantic movies about war.
Very little of 'em, dealt with the real horrors of war? Look at our Fucking NEWS, I mean if you go to Spain or something and look at the news, there's bodies, there's body parts there there's the horror of what death is an here in America, we don't have any of that stuff. We got why we have nine percent unemployment in Spain. Has twenty five percent take out? Why that's why it's bad? It keeps people out of work, no idea. If you wanna see violence on tv and reality on tv. You hate America, we're not ready for that. That makes sense or you would imagine what it's like for people that have this like. Well, I've talked to a fucking guy. I talked to a guy was at the ice house a couple of weeks ago who came in to only about uh. He actually joined the army to try to pay for school. Then, a month later September 11th happened, oh yeah, so he shipped off to Iraq and he was telling me about
what an insane cluster it is and then how one he first got there right when he got there. He was like yeah. He was like well Yes at least we're coming over here, getting rid of a dictator. You know get rid of stopping something like September 11th happen, and then his commanding officer said what the fuck are. You talk, about we're here to get oil, that's what we're here for like is commanding officer. Broke it down for him on the way my stepmom was like that she was like well were given freedom to those people in this, I'm if that even true tell the mom in Minnesota, who just fucking got her boy back in a bag about Iraq key freedom like he doesn't know who gives a fuck. These are dead. People like
what we're gonna push freedom medic at the end of a gun. That makes sense. So ultimate irony two is because we we got that guy in power. In the you know the idea that this dictator, how do you have a dictator because dictators is back and then Noriega's as I'm not playing ball missile, going to kidnap you than a sovereign leader from another country? We we send in special ops and kidnapping the only place with also the day rockets in a healthy way is places like like fucking la and shit. You gotta go, you gotta go where it's really cold and no one wants to go and those people are down for their country like that, you would never have you don't have fucking food, that's bad! For you. I mean you can eat shit, but it's like there's, not there's not conspiracy to hurt the populace, it's like the government is for the populace there. I think it's 'cause, it's small enough. There's only like three hundred thousand people in Iceland or something like that is very cool. You could throw bankers in jail. They actually do shit like that. Well, I just watched lawless fuck, what is that rat, it's a movie about moonshiners and during prohibition-
Tom Hardy's in it. Oh yeah, that's good movie. Do it is fun man, but just come out, I just saw it last night. I haven't heard shit about that. You hear anything about that. It was good you're going to like it and fucking like the way they deal with the law. They're like couple show. Come through you're, not trying you're, trying to intimidate us and fucking the brass knuckles come out and shit, and it's like it's like. As long as your righteous everything is cool. Well, yeah will honor that bad. But if you try to get silly, you want to start money from us all right, we're going to talk with a bat. So as that's how people live back, then If there was really a time where it was fair right, exactly exactly we look at it, you know it was like good is it bad guys? No, it's bad guys in other bad guys, it's all back! It's all bad guys and that's no we're the end that where we are, as far as humanity has ever gone. What we are today to
Amber or what is it 27th or something? Twenty? What is it? Twenty five or six December 25th September: fifth two thousand and twelve we are today, is accumulation of error upon error of human error learning and improving upon that and society moving forward, Texas, logical innovation, conquering different countries where, at the end of that line, this is like as good as people have ever been ever like right now. Capable capable. We've ever been. We think this the most information access about all the and people, all those fuckers. No, so the people that have turned to sand like the Iphone what about all the other civilizations, the people that got whacked out you mean yeah, I mean I didn't know where the most advanced they didn't make it yeah. I wonder I wonder is been other civilizations. Do they keep finding shit? Did you hear about that? That studies telescope your religion, that dude a black guy work for NASA,
Tyson Degrassi, yeah, yeah, Neil Tyson Degrasse that mother Fucker is bad. I'm gonna get him on the podcast trying to get off going back and forth with them. Dude I'll, give him a foot massage oil or dry. If you wanted oil, I would do that. Emotion is nice for sure I mean my hands are like promised on jerking off of them is like torture. I think if there was oily advanced societies, it's very unlikely that they reached this level, except for some of the giant stone construct that's the only thing that makes you like really step back and go man, I'm not sure about that. It was intercontinental, but the same instruction existed in different continents? That's crazy, but he was talk, anyways, listen to that dude the grass sort of grassy dress. And he was saying that they have a telescope. That's like don't know if it's one hundred or one thousand what he said Times the Hubble telescope was that they could construct.
Would be ten billion dollars and that they just wouldn't fund it, and he said to put it in perspective, what ten billion dollars was is what, from nineteen fifty six or whenever NASA was created. What has been in that program since then? It's been about that or what one month in Afghanistan is, is ten billion dollars, but Don't fucking make this telescope, which they say they think they see the origins of fucking time that you could look back through space and see the origins, but we don't want that. That would upset the apple. Why is there a good contract to be made in building that thing that ten billion dollars was is to build that? Wouldn't there be like a company that can profit off of it. You gotta get him on. He would be fascinating him fuck. That is an amazing thing. When you really look at that number like how much money that is and what it is. Really I mean in these guys are talking about, the president and whoever is the nice air against, whatever president is, there's trail it's about what it doesn't even mean anything to me. You might as headphones say. Wear like in I like, ok, cool,
yeah when you get to like be thirteen trillion yeah it's insurmountable right mean is one thousand four hundred thousand ampules in debt. Like I don't know what any of that shit looks like ok, yeah. How is it that work again? The federal reserve is it. What is the federal reserve? Nobody understands only I think they understood it until the crash, and then I was like that, so you guys don't get it either. I gotta bunch of fucking one hundred dollars bills with the old school little small head. They still have those something. Do there all in Louisiana that I'm thinking what is all the old ass money that's around here, that's just buried and in mattress is like those are mansions fucking everywhere. But at one point in time, is it worth anything like when your money goes out of print like if you had some civil war error, it's not good anymore. It's gotta be in real good shape of his good 'cause. I watch pawn wars yeah, but even then someone has to to buy it know. I'm saying it's not even go in the bank and go hey. Can you give me one million dollars? This is my million dollars in nineteen nineteen? Oh two
totally different money back then it's weird! The gold still has value in that way since it's like, since it doesn't back into thing anymore, really yeah right. Yeah. What does it mean? Well, it's still good for things conduct Staying like Savannah Hockey, the on not good as a conductor good. If you want to have better looking teeth, he could bring him up. You ever thought we're going to go yeah. I got this much space right here. I was thinking ten platinum or something right after the side to make dope that we kind of feel great pirate like or your career would be fucked up like as if look text. Cindy Crawford's ever been micro like being more fucked up. Looking would be bad. I would look at. I got a big old pumpkin head and tattoos everywhere. Your career wasn't hilarious. People are so funny, but what they think will and won't ruin your career like they got it figured out. I love that line those that say that tell you how to do it and never did it your soulmate such a chart of territory. The whole thing if you want to live a different life than get up, go to work, so I can go to go back to your
merry go to church all that shit take. You should go super crazy and get some breast implants, lady that I'm talking about she did Brian. Why would you even say that that doesn't because, while I thought a man wanted so attracted to me already that he wants you to be a woman that he wants me to it? But I was not stand in your had a relationship with to you would be the woman. Now you know that's the most of my. Are you kidding me bro? We can prove that right. I don't know who you think coming through the door to help you well, if you want to show up for the job, we'll know where your love lies at the dog, Kate, Fletcher Fault, eight twitter least german Tatum Us Maximus on Twitter, and
if people are in Santa FE and they want to go to you, Jim went with the gym undisputed fitness undisputed, find that undisputed fitness dot com or cross that Santa FE dot com and look for Tate. In fright night, it's a Santa FE, powerful ten pledges to Santa FE. I sauteed in fright night. That's a good god. Damn movie does a good Muslim on how fun vampire movies like it was a real vampire, not some that can go outside and sparkle. Yeah yeah, I like it was real good, but the big things coming up do that Arnold Schwarzenegger they just started doing for Expendables. They did the trailer yeah. It's called the last stand and there's a awesome there. Some all some shit that I did in there yeah. We can reckon myself like it's fucking, fawn dude and that's in the fix that in the coming up in in January. No, it's not. They just did the trailer for all that during expendable yeah yeah. What is what is the name that moving the last stand? Wow yeah, I heard about all sorts come back to Film- is a good, is a fun. It was fun to do a lot of who knows what it looks like after they did. You hang with them. Yeah he cool shit dude he was funny. Is I mean
he's got jokes about Maria he's like really like he's in the bus were filming the scene and at the supposed to it supposed to be the terrorist, like my boss is supposed to be calling me and and their rolling, and I don't know dude when like the way, I look like I'm nobody and like when they're like to have a shot fucked up with you. I would be like mortified, you know right he's there and their role and they got it going and everything is going good and edited it out and the phone rings and he's like hello, Ann says: Maria. I told you to never call me here like right right in front of production on feel. Like he's he's funny and while he's a fine, so he sends and attended and rule laid back to sex everybody at ease he eats in the cafeteria, with like he's just a cool guy. Well, he's Spang and House made ask keepers and maids and shit on the regular. I heard him back together with a really hot. This right heard I don't know, but he's super kind manner. I don't have a bad thing to say about that: dude
he's an interesting cat. That's for sure, and all his people were super cool man. Really everybody was dope around they're, always defective of sperm, constantly. Why is only coming all the time? Not all the time? I'm timing, timing, timing and I'm not about I'm like what. What do you call me? Mister Schwarzenegger, Arnold, the governor, like people that are in office like they're the governor, the president forever right, then I'm like fuck that anybody Maybe the governor Arnold, that's a whole establishment unto itself. Man there's a boss is a brand or certainly a brand huge. Alright. Tomorrow we got Ian Edwards. Ladies and gentlemen, very funny comic from New York, who is now living here and look. Hang delays be with us tomorrow and again this weekend, I'm with Duncan Trussell Joey Diaz is a know. Show some new thing came up that he had to do so. You can't make it, but you can find him mad flavor contact him, told Joe Rogan. I wasn't doing that. Fucking gig um
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do spider goodnight shut. Second man,
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