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Daniele Bolelli, Brian Redban - Date: 11/19/2012
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the job logan experience truck shortly slingshot genuinely talk too much i'm a rambling dude and when you want to have no script in front of me probably happen tat parasite disease should go look it up i act we need some time mon just do just do it but i'm probably wouldn't tell people could then they fuckin blame everything captain we could be the spokesmen for adding that be awesome if we were the spokesmen for that many people are infected by joviality joey has absolutely it he's out his kids about at joe he is he's had more then eleven cats in his house torrent downloader nobody has now decided eleven eleven yeah any wild cats to he has ones outside that only italy like feeds you get to touch those the of the
tat are the ones tat we have it he's got pharaoh cats to test your regular cats and pharaoh cats but the thing is that that toxic plasma disease one when people get that shit like you ever always hears about the crazy cat lady now everybody always hears about the crazy cat people that let lick live around all these cats and fifteen twenty cats cats really are hypnotized those people and them to deliver on their polluted shit task fucked up that's why we need to take the test we'll be the spokesmen swear it that's a good idea that could be our thank most folkestone imminent we're talking are you familiar with the old toxic plasma thing i heard about it but in our kind of late random bedsheet beckoned app and when you have got around there was about the extent and i got that's all you got really but surely super smart due to professor i think it man you take it i just fake it well that's what it is you very well read but is there almost too much things are too many things rather too much thing see my education goes deep son
can strong with the grammar is there's too many things to do no i mean there in this day and age like to really truly be a renaissance man there you are it doesn't matter how well read you are doesn't matter how curious you are you are going to come across subjects urges you have no idea just too much information out about any even about stuff do you do know about there will still be the areas that you don't know about you know what i mean is the nature of the beast but at the same time to me in a way doesn't matter because the real deep stuff is the same in any specific field of knowledge you discuss you know whether we are talking about martial arts or sacks or you name it whatever at the end of the day the big themes are gonna drop regardless of where you starts we argued on no every little thing that has to know which nobody will ever get there then who to healthcare as long as you got the essence of of the game yeah and you know it's like i think that's part of how religion got us too hold on humanity because there
that reality of all these different things you dont know and so much out there that its there was a by terence mckenna about i think it was his brother dennis actually that said it about expanding the field of vision just really shows you more of what you don't know and that like if you have a camp fire like that the bride of the camp fire the more darkness is revealed and it's not that you ever uncover at all it just it it be it the more information you taken the more it gets more and more confusing to the point where the real comfort comes and simplicity it's me like country music signs are so popular in the idea of embracing simplicity especially in this day and age it's pretty pop because it feels good to like pretend that you know like fuckin sir john wayne movie it feels it feels good to pretend that this stuff makes sense where the more do
look at life in the more you look at all the different variables and then the fact that we're finite beings just that alone is the ultimate mine fuck that no matter well you do now you have a short amount of time and the spot the in this dimension so the most noble aspects of religion i've always i've always defended the noble aspects of religion because i've seen it do good things to say for that have issues i've seen it uses a scaffolding for further developing a good ethical and moral behavior but the worst specks of it are always to the insistence on limiting information the insistence on slow the in it's not all religion by the way foxen and i'm not i'm not blaming all but i'm saying there's an aspect which nine o clock religion is an aspect of human nature when europe is of power and others there is information is coming to you so you control you know a bunch of people which by the way if you run a school or run you you're a preacher you're in a prison
the power you might not think of it as a position of town you might think visit a position of teaching we but your clearly in a position of power and its a very unfortunate that when human beings get to that spot where there's one person controlling another person or in in charge of light speaking more than the other people that they want i hope that a manipulated and if infamy comes in the contrary to what they ve been teaching they fight them fuckin shit tooth and nail and fortunately it happens even the lowest levels of academia it does just happen in religion it happens in when professor get challenged on in our longstanding ideas were proven to be false it's me it's it goes way we want to think that like when you go way back like galileo getting house arrest for saying that the earth wasn't the center of the universe you want again but that was then we don't we were now we're past that shit now not quite we just have enough information so it's boots way to predict to lock somebody up for saying
the earth is in the center of the universe but it still ok too teach and schools at the earth is only ten thousand years old you don't mean bless my my crazy there still billet there's there people i don't remember what stated is let's be nice and pretend we don't know what stated is but it's definitely worth warm out and these motherfuckers there there try to teach alternative theories to the theory of evolution and you know they're saying will is just a theory evolution just a theory this has been proven you show me transition airfoil to listen forget calling the evolutionary theory let's just talk about the thing of how shit got to be one is now you know when you we call it evolution call whatever you want stop saying a name that you disagree with the evolution maize lack of god who create the illusion if you just throw away that word what's going on
but obviously things are improving right in front of us all the time constantly weather social things was whether as the physical capabilities of human beings the size of lions in africa to get stuck on an island when when things have to get better or they have to get better at something in order to improve they do and it seems that's going on from the moment big bang happened to the cooling of these plans to the time where they could support liquid water to the murders of life is a con didn't series of of of complications are a constant process of things being more more complicated and that's just unavoidable so i don't it's easy seems like that's everywhere around us everywhere we look so you get it somethin saying maybe made is god and maybe the what god just plant seeds just like we do when we make it tomato plant we're not involve the entire process maybe the god is the seed planter of the universe but the
the motion and in the way that everything goes is sort of undeniable because more and more complex and when you have people that are in positions of power that insist on using information that's really fucking old in its nature to business if you are in a position of power anything that right and attract theo so i could ever knew if you don't want anything to change a new information can change and by definition than its bad did they use any of the dead sea scrolls does any christian religion and bring in granted there are less time i checked or thirty thousand different denominations of christianity so that's quite a true thirty thousand holy shit which one of the most sex you know that's what you gotta look at you knew that it was the isn't the mormons they seem like the healthy you dig there is there was this one guy very early
we stand at the car poker out this or somewhere drake name like that that i think second centre because diet you argue that the way to heaven when through sex orgies now that but he was against any kind of ownership including marriage cause it consider your owning somebody s such as fucked up so not only we keep our properties in com one by one the share our longer so we all have wild gorgeous in the name of jesus what year was s very early on was like i want a second set three so silly you knew how to live tat i knew how to live but can you these version of christianity prevail that rather than some fell at a bit awesome fact sunday morning everybody would be a rushing to church like crazy knocking on the door please let me back here the problem as it always gonna be some dude left out the known want to fuck enable those assholes were ruined for everybody else i think that the history of early
right there s man they come alone we say this is not got way why does nobody wants to fuck that executive i think and if you look like channing tatum at the guy there really handsome for ten to the guy you like does it feel it dave do i look like channing tatum he would never be proposing this money to sell dow worries raise each other's kids that's what mckenna proposed to we proposed that there was just these wild psychedelic drug orgies that they would take mushrooms and have these orgies and that before you know when they really couldn't edify who is the father because they were already being polly amorous as it were having sex with a bunch different people but me i always felt like there's a little bit of wistfulness in those concepts that i felt like you look at mckenna elect its probably for got probably washing machine he some concocted somewhat yes theories of things gone by the way things were maybe
dude maybe it's always been caveman club in bitches overheads and drag kinda holes to shoot loads enough because that seems like what it used to be i get some point time didn't really become a mushroom orgies etana i think he would have like that i think down to these dates every theory you ever years from anybody it's all about being able to led by third that's my music disease of human nature well it does no denying the the workings of the human body the human body requires a lot of different things require stimulation it requires that's what you will go crazy when you put him in the solitary confinement and it requires the human touch i didn't i moved to allay in ninety four yes i idea i was out here do not set com and i didn't anybody here and i really like work it was it was not fun is a couple of and like gonna set but is dealing with these actors was a real alien experience for me and i miss my girl
run back home in new york and us out here for a couple of weeks and this girl that i was working with on the show she gave me a hug like it was no big deal like hey hawaii what's going on i'm excited ass each gimme this hog at work and i remember it likes like like i went to the gas station and i feel that my tank you don't mean like like i was on empty now better like she go give me something by give me a hug and it wasn't a sexual thing it was it was a touch thing and i think we use we were so used to being hugged and so used to being so short so common you don't realize when you step away from it for a little bit but fuck i need the human touch when you haven't been hugged for awhile and someone hugs you feels amazing just feels great
just to get a nice hug from a person a guy it's not a sexual thing it could be a guy that's what's in it got me up when i moved to u s is that i was used to giving hogs women and men ran out you're a bunch of manner realized they would with its hand to ending between the three pats on the back what keeps thrust twenty inches away other why this actual or something like a fuck that already gonna give me a hug me i don't have my eureka and about the gun that ensure gunnar hips makes sense schema hug roma digging their yeah how the fuck out of here blanca wheels i'd like morgana twitter were on twitter gonna shows free hugs s house tonight we say silly shit like that round with how people there there is some wrong when somebody wants to hug you and you don't want them then summarizing the man no you
people want a hug you their bad breath you hungry legal keep your mouth shut the worse is the sweaty palms are sweaty here like a dead fish it so often the thing was strengthening cuz i system do these shows and officials are shake hands with hundreds of people because after the shows i wait in line and i take pictures there buddy i just feel like no it's only a couple more hours of my time and its i'm so fortunate so many ways it i feel like how in somewhat mean dicers gloves you wanna say peoples has dice where weightlifting gloves the funniest was when we're that say this is with great fitzsimons when we were in seattle and weird in photos again like you were taken photos and then they would come to us and made him would take was together and he was saying like how he doesn't shake hands he just piss bombs and so am i you know that makes some sense because i am touching all these people's hands as i did the next person went up to heaven be an asian guy in his girlfriend waiter at if this bump and he got a
you're the only one he hasn't done chicken their persons hand like each other throw me underneath the bus like he doesn't want to regulate and then i was like trying to try to get him back so what i do is what i would have her arm around the guy like like you know in gregg said i don't touch the person so like that when they do the arm thing i just stand there i don't put my arm around them so i would his black come on i put your arm around the guy let's take a photo here is that you would have to do it he really does it hugged me no no it's a then i started like moving his hand down at so unlike you touches but the guy's buy stuff it was her letters we will have the greatest i'm doing stupid shit we ve went for a series of the photo five years of photos where brian made a bar face in the back of the photo it's not a joke like there's that there might be a hundred thousand photos plus bribe me he's fucking committed to it
this is a new era of humanity the though the photo there's more photos today than they ever wherever i mean one day i bet there's more photos taken then the entire history of the human race your men history books in a hundred years just and sustainable your fucking like myspace photos from like the top like this purse who did this important thing in time this is t let her hey this is her website there really shocked the world yeah speaking a photos just so you guys know why we may seem good guests may seem distracted and we are right behind joe said there's these giant picture often with very very generous cleavage do you know that is why don't you i want to know but the this beautiful you're not america that's panel anderson and you got to be that by not knowing who pet look at local your eight years old see how she so yellow you know it's because of the hepatitis c s wife
opera and stop the biogas is actually the first moment i mean you're like forty minutes is the first sakhalin that my eyesight goes above clavichord you now balloons yeah definitely when i was younger man i would have loved them so that now get them and i say there were good look great everything but i can't get past the irony or that the ridiculous none of the fact that a bag of water under your i can actually get crazy outdo that's so crazy i've just just saying that i had a dream brian that we were at a stroke club and you you and i were industry club and there was a girl with a fake but and you captain dude she's got a fake but she's gotta this is a real cannot get a rover ye shall show i shall tell us and this girl was covered in oil and you were like pension her fake but like i can't feel in and i was and i was just shot how how odd it was no guy see my life you times
yeah time travel and well tell me because this girl had like an arm bracelet on as if she was like a mortified or some shit and she had black hair she had jack i offered an oil and she is quite tan shared blackguards you is tat monsieur de things he was always is pussy jesus how come girls don't go the ten lines ten lines are gone they dal exists anymore you'll see him and porn if you ve ever seen pointy oxide us the hottest should ever under boob ten line per garfield looking down at the sidewalk screen garfield looking at the sidewalk asked the fuck i don't know he talks just imagine that to a value of god do you know new start now this three people in this room why wouldn't fuck you talkin about the previous year bring about it garfield
i think you have a hamster parasites and what else get that cap parasite hamster parents and our starfleet looking down at the sidewalk underbid that's a weird thing that girls can do what they can go out and they can literally their entire tit can be hanging out as long as there are areas are covered it's ok that is such a weird thing with us like you can you can your tenets of hiroshima where people paint their people paint their whole body so they're fucking naked pain on new tits her out and you just wandering around at a party and like guys with their girlfriends their girlfriends they found like a loophole for showing their tits knots look i'm not haider say it's a weird thing that you can just paint your tears were pretending that's clothes when it paint become close because it's not dick clause
that you can't pay you dick we should try nature you go to jail you can't just paint your dick and go out there will arrest you they lock you out for sure they'll say you're naked but a girl can be topless uncovered in paint and somehow or other we let that slide even if it's a pin like a treasure we like i'm a launch for two things on the field they are on the streets trying to keep people safe i dont want pits out if if its painted really well though like if it was a turkey gobbler some like that or you know what gets me yeah already like its cause art where our well then i guess is an argument that look i think if people do not get me wrong but i think it is that your love to do it you're not allowed to be top but you are allowed to be topless with pain on your debts that's the fact that part you're not allowed to be topless what the fuck is that i mean it's just like we have what suffered undervalues ward kapital of born but at the same time if a woman stopped us on the beaches considering decent exposure and you got there these were very ridiculous what what if we could pay painted on and we gotta strickland i don't think you can do that i think so
rescue you should try it you dig why can't you just need genes pigeons yeah i guess why not married well is it really gets down to the question of like how thin is close i get what point i was it not close when its opaque is a close i could see the outline dec if you were clear pants yolanda where clear pants like say if you are wearing like it looked like saran rap clear pants and i just see your cock balls is that legal cause you wear clothes you weren't clear clothes prominently these are unless unless you trimmed like i think if we had no pubic there might be we would have yours monster bush nasa bush ass hair everything you know underwear walkin around so are you read aloud walk around and underwear that's a question yeah are you i think so too you walk somewhere with underwear can you walk into a store with underwear i would think so can't you can walk you out of your board shorts and no underwear on
they don't even know me while this is a thin layer cloth between you and your dangerous dick girls we're bathing suits everywhere so that's underwear they allowed or banning susan restore yeah every store my ex grover do you do sweet we want new inventions of garden in a bathing suit because it is the lack of adding suit of garda that's i know you're classy i should marry that girl the naked story but expect a memory the most annoying neighbours in the universal are hard core christian fundamentalist thought out three x who made noise i dont give out their address online but i rather house right next to them technical i'll be nice plus they partly move by now into somebody else who gets stuck with deep but in any case these guys we're just by kinda shit out of me in they were in the in the backdoor cleaning their car it was like the way the house's worse authorities is about a full one foot out of my screen dora was opened in the back
sam mercer there was all the island is getting door but you could see inside because at the light on those like outweigh businesspeople after back into hell out of me with their obnoxious music as i cannot fuck play naked chef so i was cooking at the man right there slightest sound it i'll just kook naked and they are not quite pay attention yet i'm gonna make sure to pump the musical little so they look inside with one sakhalin from the time i did that they were out back into how's law behind them and it was like it when they watch there was i was interested to hear what the storage those arrested for that very thing in springfield virginia a guy named eric williamson was arrested in charge with indecent exposure for failing to put it any clothes after getting up at five thirty am to make some coffee any so in his house with his own fuckin house a woman in a seven year old daughter had cut across williams front yard and saw him through his kitchen window but first of all that counts
trespasser ray and in fucking colorado and parts west they could shoot derisory bitch so she called it cops cuz i was making coffee naked the guy got out of fucking bed and made coffee it's not like he was beating off in front of the window banging out of you and the kid that's crazy if convicted williamson could be fine two thousand dollars and could spend a year in jail and this is this is incredible this is two thousand and nine i don't know what happened but i think this is then once my favorite they are the other day with some guy you give it a two thousand dollar take it to a toddler who must be seen in its own backyard a toddler area today it is it did happen again it happened in october this year young in yorks town virginia and again it's all places words fucking too hot out those people retarded not all of them but a good good percentage of em right a good solid percentage
if you're in virginia good solid percentage of the people they are shortage so you know i what i said i think i heard come i'm a mouth like stupid by the way these incidents happen in virginia to separate town in virginia god people stupid it's fuck this guy was sixty nine years old he was in his house he was stand naked in front of window well that might have been different discuss himself creepy its again a woman with her kids walk in our kids and this dude it she said he made no effort to cover himself it was a clear view of the public why because you probably not even sure he's alive anymore sixty nine years old was last time anyone touched his dick problem all kinds of pills any like i just wanna be negative rather window i even alive there's somebody out there remain so it takes us closer
stand for the mirror some it's always some cock block in pitch hating with kids not to say the guy wasn't creeping crazy i'm sure yes but it's your house should be allowed to be needed it's fun about having a beetle is that every time we drive by kids they punch each other because it's u slug bug beetle in why you must go like slow but blackening upon stupors not on the way you talkin about never her the attic kids thing that every time you see a beetle yet to save in the car the bureau like slug bug read if it's a red beetle and any punch the person and i was so they punch you if they see the same car again right or if we see another beetle beetle yes oh it's funny because you see it when you drive a beautifully sea see it just driving by people you see it like every five people do
yeah i would recommend not playing the game with anybody who knows how to punch there was just like a school girls like when they got a class in and escape on drawing by rural slowness jeopardy schoolroom jabbing schoolgirls school by a patch of each other brian doctor you really need to go to a doctor though the idea that you're on a pod cast that scene and listened to by millions of fuckin people staggers folks at home right now this guy it does he understand that no one understands hammock gave girl and then you fly those airplanes and getting kind you know things behind a cigarette you know when you cut grass like someone with your brain we sense is that you're putting together the nonsensical and you say i'm like you know beyond partially to blame nurses maybe is partially my father why
it naked wise being naked illegal is that a religion thing is that even in the bible yeah close its awesome cos sectoral stuff is it's hilarious because special in christianity whose jesus doesn't really talk about sex i mean there's like one minor reference where people think actually was a joke and it was going to say the opposite buddy i guess he's is unknown issue it is never touches on the topic for all we know you could have been having orgies from morning to night or could have been i'll tell you that we have no idea this is jesus but what about the doesn't the old testament have some sexual references and isn't it doesn't forbade chris such homosexuality or was it say about and analyse the lines with a man who should be stoned right away i which may be tweet or put it in a different way because they meant that like if you guys you haven't sexist get heifer mental feel better
funny was decided by the hague misunderstanding and dummies came along are we gonna throw rocks at home and then that's its became that it was like if two guys you're lying around together like you'd usin if you weren't we really comfortable each other hi for us that serbia that should make you emperor of the word that should be out of the first laws bass yeah i've always said is to townspeople trans stop gay marriage and gay sex its people that are really dumb and people that are secretly worry the dixie delicious the set aside is its people that he has fucking fighting off the gay man and not winning their fight the gay with their just fuckin not winning the fact that you want to control anybody whose into anything sexually you deeds our friends that are into really big women like i want to mention names out tripoli but there's this guy he fuckin loves big women jokes but he loves a man like a girl walked by
to turn to twenty he's like forget mamma you re here he could he it but that's him you know i mean like and i don't have to do it everybody's got your own thing you know some manner intellect really big women really tall women some women in some manner in a little tiny ones like whatever the fuck your new man i don't care what anybody can but back in the day some someone decided that gay deeds are against gods way how did that that events originally start to its old testament guides us than anybody else existing nuclear christianity idea does almost homophobia does what it where's that exist you do everything a bunch of places that amount they also the same places at different points in time may be completely change norton dramatically by you do everything places an times that other than christian stuff like in a lot of a lot of chinese culture not exactly
only to order was a tragedy but the japanese oddly enough especially the samurai we're very friendly with just one he's our freaks that's a whole different things about saxons teasing play octopus is in school girls to evidence against him between the japanese were pan motherfucker down there they are culture was so so innovative when it came to so many different things the did that that that decision they are the controlling of the mind and all the different innovations and martial arts so much of it came from japan so much of it think about how small japan is in relation to the rest the world so really kind of shocking like butler judgment like this has a texas right not even debts not even the as yet this is fucking eugene texas i think japan as it might be like in our fairly soon all area comparison like one of our good sized states and meanwhile think about how much should come from their amazing it's weird how that happens
one spot what kind of religion when they practicing one into shinto and what is that based on she does like basically animism saw worship of nature spirits and stuff like that that the only even started calling machine too little in the way of the gods only when buddhism came around just because it like i guess we have to call our shit something furnish and what use this but these i wanna see twelve androids unless it was understood japan see idea busy on i'd eighty answer twelve hundred i detest lie that's crazy maybe a little bit before but that's it bothers me japan would these mean genera was six about five hundred before like twenty five hundred years where where it is buddhism originally come from a country india india a start out in india
they passed ass rule but we are things that today there is nobody's meaning india really and or like tiny tiny because what happens is well beside a moslem visuals into nor to destroy a bunch of time person though that shit but then weighing the ways and react to it is brilliant you know in the west when you know protest and decent comes out i've got the reason they kill each other for one or two years when both decent comes out into ism star checking out what they do and then they steal a bunch of their ideas they bring them back into their thing swift somebody's hindu they see the boat this is like are we already do some of that shit that only two sweeter allegiance so they just blatantly borrow from its and saw less and less people in india up at any need to convert was they could find room for that stuff we came into his that sort of how christianity absorbed a lot of pagans with like the changing their holidays like the christmas
religion like our christmas holiday and making that jesus is birthday when jesus is really supposing we boring like june or something or antitank figure out today but that even as is that increased idea they lie about it later to pretend it doesn't happen in indonesia there like gap let's their society i we borrowed it so smart the whip the buddhist sent a lot of fuckin cool idea snap why the buddhist what was it about buddhism there was so there's no other religion that i know that so intent on like the cleansing of consciousness and the purity of thought the idea of you know meditation and isolating the isolating your your consciousness to to to get a clear out all these in practical idea like material wealth i didn't need sexual satisfaction all those different things managed through buddhism that's that's very rare that an eye
ology like takes on such a strong and discipline stance about expanding conscious like how did that start what does it mean starts out does a mystic above trade and this little me i've thought about mystical techniques designed to take you to a certain state of consciousness that's why like the whole point of buddhism is not to become a buddhist is to become a boot you know you have to do this that these now like warship to die would eat it good for your well who cares how does that affect you is about being able to do the same thing that guided and so meditation in that science is one of those techniques designed to take you there to bring you to that state of consciousness and make the eu into a boat s action that's a fascinating thing because that should that sort of the case with an anything you trying to achieve when you whether you doing martial arts over the eu doing art or anything you're you're trying to find grown path through the example of others that's why
things that's like really important about being around bad mother fuckers people stand they really underestimate the importance of being around bad motherfuckers you gotta no like what other people are capable of what they can do and would it be like truly i'm in my experience to be truly inspired the now and when you find people that like jealous around bad motherfuckers or try to hold people down if you fine like if you have free in those four like ok just to you whoever you are if your cock blocker if you want those guys that tries to fuck your friends girlfriends or you you get jealous when you friend successful and you talk shit about behind his back any you stab but if you're one of those guys year just fucking yourself you see some guy and he's doing better than you you
the one who has except one or two things you gotta go that guy's like he's crazy works to heart in exactly this because there is that right there is that there's a lot of jealousy that's misplaced because really there and poet is now as good a life as you have you know some good efficient spots right but if he is you start feeling negative feelings towards them because their successful that's that's bad for you man that vat is that and the negative feelings that you're feeling towards him the or fear will fucking affect you they will come after you what chip away or self esteem it would show that europe your mind will know that you are thinking of a like when you use like he likes i've seen it before we're a guy like becomes like real success at the commission i was always like some that we get a movie or something else a series and take off they see comics they like a locust fuckin he's gotta show now man fuckin guy goes meanwhile they were like buddies just like a month ago and this guy's somehow another that guy success is causing
this dude uncomfortable feelings and and so what he does is lashes out at the person whose successful fashion it yourself you gotta take your medicine that feeling you get when you know that you haven't done the best you can do that keep you from doing that again that terrible feeling of regret lash out another people just take your fuckin medicine and get your shit together easier said than done that that is it is said and done could then you have to do something that i don't know why like a beach about what somebody else is doing yeah yeah some the management of your energy that is the most important aspect of living this life
managing your energy and managing to keep it somehow keeping your thoughts keeping your consciousness your focus in a good direction in a healthy direction how do you do it i mean i was going over in my mind knows i am seeing that joe do you know from comedy to the podcast you will see in unlike their some you work out religiously you do all this stuff there like lead thirty how the hell do you it was twenty four hours a day stay in a semi sane everything i d like to do that's the big part of it like that and also for spock castles can be a lot of fun i'm a look at forty gonna jujitsu looking for work and i am looking forward to writing tonight you're right i'm looking for getting the attack later in i don't do anything i love workin for that you have see i look forward to the big fight to look for little fight to nobody cares about i love what i do you know and that to be the mine that thing that makes me the happiest in life is that i found all these things that interest me
we know we all have different personalities we had ferris here yesterday in thy mother fucker likes salsa dance i don't get it i don't get it but i loved him ferris so it's we will i found things that that stimulate me for whatever reason and those are the things that are pursue so i'm constantly motivated and energize by my activities other things i do like i've had job before and even a job like fear factor which is a great job still i would be like that i do in romance collecting a check you know this is not what i would rather be doing and when you if you can figure out a way to live your life where everything you're doing is what you want to do at that moment you know it's just that's that's a really difficult thing to to sort of manage i've been i have to say that we have to think that i know that i have worked very hard but i think i'm very fortunate there's no question about it has a lot of fortune and involved in that is now
there's no way it's all my work but his boat cause he's not gonna mean from can play a role but it's not gonna happen unless you do the work either it's because both ways yeah you know i think everybody has their own taken what life is really all about but but what it is for them you gonna find out why your thing is you know whether its studying ancient religions and or some people they could fuckin thrills out of combing the mountain side with a brush looking for fossils like that that really them to no end everybody's got their own fuckin vibe and if you want to be a hat person you gotta find your vibe to me is always been like the biggest problem that i have with any sort of total rotarian or any sort of like really strict ideology is that you cannot apply this rules in the same way behaviour patterns to everybody
because when you do that you lose the beauty of the freak like i was target which we talk about ideas today being my friend aubrey we're having a conversation about joey but how awesome as he just such a rare person like you she's such a rare freak and it sets out here so crazy do they can't get him in other countries could see fucking me back and dick now to do machine gun stoke it's crazy he's out you can go to seattle he's got warrants means he's a maniac but he's he's beautiful crazy this like of all this naughty life experience is both positive and negative have made this increase
boy person that you really the its achieves a joy to be around and he's a beautiful human beings like he's always huggin people everywhere it goes he's like your number one fan and now he is happy to see you like he's abacha it'll go the same places in its neighbourhood all the time assumes you walked in they all know i'm a jolly what's goin on joey what are you the talks are going to do that and they need to just like others burst of happiness can disguise around well you follow the tenets of most religions that as you know is fuckin sinner by the high stretch of the imagination right with the furthest exe nation of the term in all activities a fuckin sinner across the board everything is doing wrong accept being nice people smoking we wagon often his black it's crazy live when eleven cats and these you you can't
troll people and get those variables in naming the stuff you find within the rules is the ordinary if you want the extraordinary is gonna be outside of their own that's the name of the game but of course that threatens any institution is threatened by that and so they will try to squash it and i'll make it happen school acting out didn't want anybody who's not there thing about schools that it just by virtue of the fact that you have to sit there and do the work when they say you have to sit there and do the work just by virtue of that they control your consciousness and you you you relinquish her consciousness to them and that that's you up for a lifetime of work or you doing what you don't want to do when they were to do it because i mean school is not realistic on school is not about a look eighty nine also human being is designed to make you fine shown in an average way in this aside while educating you but that's them
that's the primary asked by mid sort of it to be certainly educates you more than not going school jonathan not yoga because that's the other thing is like when you we are paying the lecture elisa mazda crazy fundamentalist like no please give me back my school's anyway now but then but when you are you need then you get of dock shit about it and so you can see all the limits and all the problems and allow we could be so much better than it is in its frustrating when you see its limits while you are you're a professor of religion now entering general muster in general but you have you wrote something recently that i read where you were really seem like you just had had a really frustrating moment or he had a release yourself with your your writing about academia what what what did you say and there's nothing giving an open letter to an academic college and i am quoting to buck
fuck you and organise letter fuck you and your mother fucking mamma said is that what you did that's the end of the long glad very tense it sound so beautiful your access is a lot of people to go home i was like i was sounds like gnp they think you cite just pay which is ridiculous french around the same thing it well that's americans for you man avis analogous were some flogging fragile some shit got to be speaking arabic work in french and an apple with i think i told you that before diana guy you ask me how are you from as i come from a year from it in no way i was just in paris last week where i live on earth so when you wrote this and you quota tupac in an open letter to academic what was your view we have but what was that the but just tell us what the letter i was beast i was just for a straight and which is most of the time i not because i'm hanging out with students and students are awesome
ninety nine percent of my students at the right time and get out their fun makes good for conversation that's apart a school i like right i'm frustrated by or the rest the admin stray shown bullshit that's around i mean i noticed the my teaching students are always ecstatic man you're doing such good job sometimes like really cause i was only really should today and they feel like i gave you a crop that's good i can add is also mimic nodded but then i look in the next glass and they look at what a regular teaching look like and it makes you gonna shoot yourself because his dry as hell there's no attempt to connect to re alive there academic like it's only though that a box for the most part and the only reason why people that he duck at him stuff is because somebody's forcing them to because nobody's gonna go out and buy a book and spend it on saturday night in the programme we took a demon is that these populated ninety percent by people who spend or saturday night shining their beach deeds in devising new
is to squeeze or joy out of learning because that's what they do they don't do that is is it that they don't really want to squeeze all the joy of learning they just are not motivated to make learning more exciting is that i think is that today our day our joy less motherfuckers and so they transmit that to their students and they don't know out to sink in any other way and part of it is the institutional part of it is the repetition part of it whatever it may be but there's is part of it just the idea of votes is going to school for a long time yourself and you sort of get used to this fact this cold hard fact that you have to do things you don't want to do and probably that i'm sure that there's a lot to do with eight you come to accept the norms of liquor in any field wendy school you into the field and a right to more doing what the expert look like they are bicycle trying to squash your individuality exactly the things you are saying about joy in order to stop the makes you you that's why than we are none that will that's the bee squash in the name of becoming a professional
and so that academia does that as well you know grad school is a minor been tortured for the most part the world is gonna beyond news castors it's be but with no real opinions that will never say anything offend anybody out there just fuckin bullshit and their way through life until their ticker stops but to give an idea of our law the battery is about this stuff is that's exactly the scenario describing is exactly
happens to give an idea follow the barriers at the first day of glasses sent any semester i teach first day i love goin dora naturally by purse and i'll hang give out the syllables shaking hands with people not a big deal right all your duties but ass play for some music rash shook hands with another human being for two seconds hitch how many people are new class maybe fifty or something so many five minutes of a song you got two shook hands with everybody then you'll start before even start unlike ten steps ahead of us people know professor ever shook my hand and unlike are you kidding me that's the big deal that a one press play music and chickens before even get started that such apart while that sad that yes but i've seen it i mean i could talk to it some people firstly of classes they walk into a glass and unlike hello students my name is doctor and right therefore made a semester is over because he's like your name is not doktor anything you dig your
aim is jewel whatever is like you already put on the title and put on these big pertains to create a separation with you'd instead then my life for me be a doctor can i get an honorary doctorate so i'm sure you about doktor rogan xenophobia yeah it is as though any distinction mr sir you know when i city type window everybody was mister is mister mallory mr smith mr kim you know that's it was very formal de whenever you know they address you yes or no sir is always sir i guess that's that their mediately put step that air of them being above you very cultivate a lot of martial arts behaviour in its managed in a good way so its beneficial and you know what's good for you character but that same aspects of easily can be manipulated and we all know martial arts instructors who wound up regulating their students your martial arts as well should adders and you have been for a long time
we all know like there's always stories of like it's always like guys molesting student like a young team each girl that's like you know learning under or you know that kind of a secure i should like very similar to the type of situations where you would have like preachers would do something or poor profess right there's always professors at or bang in their students and scanned will arise where they give preferential treatment to girls who give head it's it's it's stories old timer i've got you my mouth shut about economics europe's beautiful guy got a great access take a little ass he went about they throw it out you son there was one of these is that both the weird i laugh or like an hour after hour there was at the end of a semester ivy i'm an easy greater as it is i give aid left or right and there was this girl who really need a horrible there was nothing i could do to put europe is like you really fucked up i mean you're getting
i forget a sea weed me which is basically you didn't do shit is like really and i kid you not like what do i need to do for a higher grade and am i think is that unlike still trying to check whether the right guy right and then i will push it looks eventually come on you know you dude dick would have exploded pants like a firecracker our data but probably let out from my big scholar carter beloved shouted you're thinking right up adequacy and see if we were would wait what do you think furthermore what you look like a part of this she wasn't shit so a little while she so confident wireline tortuous super hata whenever we knew refund you ruin and already married my memories of that she was in a wheelchair
dude how much leeway billy's chauvinist body yes she wasn't big she hasn't mixtures some wasn't big our size size why she was unhappy you that that was the only one your entire academic career no no i mean but that wasn't gonna hurt nobody cecily jeff that was the most legalism ass though is blatant and finally you know what i drive rousing are cool about it you know they are flirting with your buddies its full i did say that was so any wasn't even above thirty was i want higher grade that's it she and any level you them do you that's hilarious man do you who are you like cognisant of that like when you talk to girls like they have as unfair advantage over them as professor having button these i don't wanna be a dick rhine you don't wanna be eddic with anybody so i break the rules sorted what kind of like what you are saying about joey's like nobody's ever gonna hurt by me
landed i break rules to me doesn't mean shit because they must be stupid wrote if nobody gets hurt if i break them that re wired erodes the beginning because we bureaucracy ecstasy people employed so all that crap about you're not supposed to have your students because that would be the actual harassment or some shit i thought that ignore but at the same time yeah you want do not already anybody was how europe absolutely many teachers why not bang and girls in class out because of delays as it illegal about its high they lose their jobs do they really what she's like twenty three shit tough you can't bang your students not i mean it's absolutely legal if you're talking icicle or something when you are talking under age but none enron talking overriding to college student some correct economic plan or twenty its legal but so nobody's gonna put you in jail or something by your i get fired by universe relay gains the airport with russia's big to civic when she's hottest fuck no real life she's like pamela anderson look in on you like look i'm single see single guy totter some english you suck my our groundwater you should
should be my lawyer but seems like you now just because your teacher somebody me what if you give her a bee euro four can be even being reasonable so their standard is you can't date while classes in sash as you know the sixteen we also atomic power the semantics of exit how'd you data traffic lower costs over gonna meet the next group a kids operators twenty three year old kid pretty rowan thereby caught blockers that's what it is now you can you really care camping student right what about and a lot of banknotes like through your game you get some decades or some really gullible straight deeds throw at the same time there are no sanctions noise to sell us unfortunate silly says fucking god dammit you wouldn't it be great if we just a teachers they wouldn't
anything creepy whenever you like way supper right now we're its we need something to happen is it possible to ever get to a position where you have an enlightened group of people that are teaching students in like this open it and friendly way where we actually have a group of people the come out these classes and can contribute to this it is our possible like you you you're in the inside rates because the point is for good teaching means it's what you are is not as keel that you pick up because you will read enough books or some shit it's part of his an extension of who you are and you do it in a certain way so you can design the perfect universe did a perfect college in a perfect each environment the realities it all boils down to losing their wired people their cause that's what makes all the difference no matter how you desire
it if you have the perfect sat up with their own people not gonna work that's his case with everything we have absolutely no it's always amazing to me like when you show up laplace and it's like one place and they like they specialise in cheese and you go there in everyone's cheese expert in their alex super knowledgeable in a really nice and friendly and it's like up a small family business and all the pieces are in place like how is this even possible how can how can you get this perfect environment even if it's just a small cheese store right and is it possible to get out on a grand scale at university but that's why even singles mole case is usually works noting that for generation with the energy of the people who put it in there amid the place amazing right rarely uganda three generations down the road and the same thing he's gonna be doing that it seems to be because they didn't have to work for it ray i need the it's sort of like us partially that impartial is also they are they probably date on they are not as creativity and honest funnier does not as smart order nodded
whatever and somebody else down there are these not gonna make us you're not gonna have generation after generation of perfect people and is its individual in that sense yeah i've i felt when i look at people and when i look at like that the greater sort historical picture that we have of the human race and you all these like sort of peaks in valleys and peaks in valleys of civilization in decline it seems to me like it's really hard for people to figure something out and then pass it on to other people with the same impact as them figuring out themselves so you have like all this all these compliments of the people that came before you like run water and electricity and but yet there being enjoyed by people don't stand on a little bit and really can't i can prescience the position of acts
hence in amazement that you really should be in this and in the end this two thousand and twelve arrows she no new measures for our liking postal colleague dick scenario somebody tried to his born after that and you have to explain what society now was like yeah you know we could talk into the microphone underwear like half a million people least than in across what exactly no wait because internet assumption was people donor stance how easy that can happen and we could go right back to way the way things were just a few hundred years ago there a small small skip but it's easy it's really easy its will what will we have a so fragile i think there is only see something like katrina they re sort of get us so where they see the sandy hook sandy and that the weeks without power of a thing open up a lot of people's eyes at this this motherfuckers way more fragile than you thank you it's a wee wee wee
have a very very fragile sort of a thin veil of civilization that we live under the illusion of no mean you ve been if you look at something as simple as i'll which we based our old civilization arise annoying that i now all i mean we know that he's not gonna last along we don't know exactly how long it could be a sanctuary which gives you know it doesn't effect as it could be with those but about the money it's running out affect your grandchildren gap bigtime there is gone but at the same time whether even got than such a good substitute and so is like we're running on this on a society where right now it's some of that train in louisiana somewhere where there's no unless somebody figure something out yo i think that yeah we actually had this discussion yesterday the idea of the race there's a race like the societies running out resources and we're we're living in this crazy sort still this barbaric conqueror sort of way
stealing resources from other nations but at the same time technology and the connected nests of human beings is reaching like epic levels that has never reached before it's what one of the reasons why it's making it so much more difficult to govern because it's really hard bullshit people oh man i got a story for you this is gonna be blew my mind the other day when i got this email i was speaking of disability to connect with people on a greater scale and all of that they are mentioned and i got an email maybe for five days ago when the very beginning of these really but it's the unseen that just started i got dc most from this guy needs rather without me he just thrown into a bomb shelter and she's just hanging out therefore that i am being and he has to say and i have enough food i've enough water but the what i'm doing to kill time in the meantime is giotto gun experience than contrasts of bond gusts and and my aunt drunken those bend my body cost and i was like really are in a banchorie negro in me so
flying and you're telling me that already blows my mind now it they later or two days or something i got an email from some guy palestinian guy who believes in france who tells me all about oh i like this thing you do that and then if you start getting about ready freaked out about my family in gaza super scale and do you know you may want to know that i'm doing right now to be able to chill out a second inauthentic out about the synergies and they saying to you on this ain't regardless ain't across it i like you
fucking kidding me right and one israeli guy one palestinian diametrically telling me the exact same thing oh i didn't even know what to say oh shit yeah that's exactly yeah with useful societies in the in this day and age i did the youth of societies in this day and age they day they have a perspective that really was never achievable before and they have access to two things like podcast and the internet website
there's that there's not much difference between peoples who used to be that this not only in that way i mean in us for like death does not it's hard to sell people on the idea of an enemy that you don't even now that you never met and that's the beauty of further bodies issuing a cultural level and drank ami level is the fact that yet nationalism is gonna go down where is butchered stato types about the people from across any border will become easier to nor repulsion i m made up facts that nobody get to test anyway because you never get to see them yes funny how like everyone scared of like the idea of the new world order you now everybody scared of the idea of one global government like remember there's this big thing mccaffrey on says m on cnn was talking about the marrow and that we can merge with mexico and canada and that's why the crash the economy in order for us to to come up with a marrow
we have one currency for the entire region like how is that fucking you any less than you gave fuck now you know really trip out about that because if we had one world government would really be any less fair than was crazy government that we operate under you know what what what would be different from bradley man there is the dude who really styles wikileaks documents if his one world government would he still be in jail with no act to people or you now naked fuckin cell wealthy different seems like guantanamo bay would be the same would want will they be the same if there's one world coming was like if we really want to call ourselves like the shining hope for civilization somewhere guantanamo bay how do we take these deeds and put blindfolds ottoman fuckin
cholera behind their hands in one or two things it strikes me up about well maybe collects me up is the wrong word after monitoring went animal but in any case the one of the things that we are to meet our negative example of the united states government people are you there flag waving we are the greatest gone through inert kind of shit or usually when they start finding out i know it's not all beautiful land used are finding out though we just up and to kill a few hundred thousand india's and leave a bunch of people land you know set up a military coup in sri lanka nato this shading let them in all of the ugly staff of american he's people sleep and there like the only evil in the word is that u s government and everybody else was against it must be nigh so he some crazy he's nice not just misunderstood the relays like sakhalin it's not all black and white phenomena there's all the good guys by the guy stories gets more complicated though that's why you know people
terrified of someone like that american taliban guy that decides united states is evil and join the taliban yet it's like people there the very simplistic view of the world ass shaped by fiction and fiction is ruined many a mind to the complexities of the actual real reality that we live in because most fiction is being distributed in a way that i don't think the human brain is designed to process like the idea of movies it's the human body does not know what the fuck do with movies and that's one of the reasons why there so amazing to us when you go see something like avatar and then you leave the theatre you have avatar depression that shit's real like people have avatar depression because they wished that life could be like it is in right now vienna where the fuck it is whereas nava yeah because once i've even real an obvious fact nobody is not real goddammit but its we
tat are atmospheres were set up to do that you know if i live in a tribe and daniel able alleys there i want to listen to daniel bellicose disguises got the information is the head of the tribe that's follow him and he we can learn from him and it allows us to learn things without having to fuckin risk getting by bores ourselves like we stand that we get the knowledge of that from you we and then we see things and we see things like some something happens somebody it's a shocking thing and you learn from it he said roma and all these different various things that were set up all these reward systems in our mind in our body in our and our on our human system that are set up disorder turpin all these different things that are happening in the world and placed them in a way that allows you stay alive the longest to breed the most effectively but when you sit someone down in front of a movie screen all those triggers and all those brutal ward systems and all those all those things that you have that have passed
human beings from generation to generation until they ve gone to this point although things that are set up to reward you for certain things in the in the material world are being manipulated by giant hd screens and t ajax sound and fuckin thickly written scripts and special effects and see july and then you know you really think that this fuckin good guys and bad guys out there or restart you know thinking does america and he's course don't ruin starting crazy and that's why i like more there like the last decade or to us television cause is changing the rules i am you go from your traditional good guys but nice story to now you have you no shores like decks their word a hero is the serial killer or brown or even something like game of thrones yad these everybody's the good guys are also
they do for randall seeks ok bad guys you hid their gods except that they do something really cool all of a sudden death throes you often is there more like life much more like life i saw a watch homeland last night nor is it pretty fun and good i had heard from a lot of people it's really good they said do that's like a movie every week a really good movie every week and i heard for so many different peoples i gotta go to give the shots i watch the pilot last night it's fuckin good that dude i don't know but should google it because another homeboys name whoever the guy is as the lead that i was in that stephen king movie dream catcher really good movie for about three quarters of the movie and fuckin false portal over itself shit or but the guy who's the lead guy is the same dude what is
name damien louis he's one of those guys you seen him in a million fuckin movies a million tv shows but you don't know who the hell yes you know what he's been in everything with our garden act as flogging ass off and it saw that other check what its clear danes who place crazy very well pretty fuckin good did show i just started last time i laced i've been addicted to the walking bad lately yet taunton cast talking about the son of days and world man and done of times we sit around watching all this amazing shit that people are producing begin enough tv but all of these is a bill inwards its tiny steps preparing you for the real straight to the day when in twenty thirty or whatever joe and i will sit down to eat the real tone on the way it's supposed to be done for television be the good they yeah i think we're doing and how to stop doing that
and doing i mean this is like this this this form the complete open free forum like a real complete open free forum right that this is what has been missing in our society for a law fucking time you could not get any mass mass distributed product with theirs television show or radio show you really couldn't get anything that had is this a few rules as what progress have and have the the ease of distribution the way they have mean like we're talking about guy in palestine and the guy in israel and is listening to these pod cast in a bunker fuckin crazy that this that did not exist before there is no way for those guys to be exposed to all these different ideas and expose us all these different ideas to that's one of the coup are things about what's going on with this this experience of power casting and social media for me personally is very much a two way street like i get
a lot of feeding feedback and a lot of information a lot of fuel from the people in social media like to just from articles to read or interesting points it's that someone might have whether they disagreed with me or you know whether they had an alternative point of view that i also want to consider this a lot of fucking like minded cool interesting people out there now event i actually without kissinger asked but i have to thank you to the land because ever since being on your part gus the first time and then jumping on duncans bunker stance on you really open on my word exactly to what you're saying realising that are a bunch of people around the world who may be you know the weird freak of the little place or d leave worded doesn't meeks with everyone else but thanks to internet you can click and connect with great their bigger warned that it
somewhat pushing dutch wit you know in many ways without sending to form by unto really makes me feel better about humanity finding out that that stuff is out there so it sir i don't know man i think is really blew my mind after being on your show the first time and then being right again and were beginning to realize that there are other ways of communicating beside a once unfamiliar weight than the effect that it does on people real effect you no real shame that people those are the best emo say when people try to stuff that happened to them how they dealt with or i'll something random though you saying if i mean what's on about cost a fact that somebody no strategy and now is a huge seeing for their life and your life is like the most humbling thing in the world in a year really is beautiful while we sit there at that impact your life you just make you thankful nebraska incredibly thankful you know i am thankful to you if if it wasn't for
where people like you that i have these interesting conversations with i wouldn't be able to do this either vote just me by myself out i repeat the same stores with guests at geneva myself as pike s would suck now i believe people to talk to an that's part of the beauty of having a podcast is that it is if you look at when consciousness a sort of a like almost like you know those the com programmes brains you know where you know what you do have thought and all these branches off a thought la comedians use them to organise data right organise jokes and an end sideways and stuff like that if you are you look at the issue when consciousness as one big sort of brain what we ve essentially done by having hundreds in hungary of hours of this sort of open minded is sometimes silly but honest and and and and friendly discussion is that you start this other branch and then boom these
these things blossom off of this branch whether to duncan trestle podcast or the ideas podcast or thompson girls progress with his wife christina whatever it at your podcast these these branches break off and formed their own branches and then it and then it sort of attracts this group of people who get all this positive energy from these discussions and all the this positive feedback is this residents you know that you get from from these people that are that are really feeling like excitement enjoy and joy meant that these discussions and it really does improve their life that in that like creates like a horse it's also a sect of conscious you know it's like we all know that what what we accept we all know that this is good for everybody we all know that there is a way to of life we could be as friendly as possible whenever
you can and now it doesn't mean not calling people on their bullshit either by the way they need that and if someone calls you in your bullshit you should go it's too fuckin medicine go you know what you're right i was a deuce there i fucked up i didn't mean to do that it wasn't my intention that's that's one of the the most interesting things about having a forum like tat of the dead the ability do that duty to create like some big just network of a few beings are connected to each other yet which is a really are literally throwing iraq and the report's effect you can't even begin to see them and when they do come back at you it's amazing three likeness stories you get are like no fuckin way really our conversation in that particular day at that impact on it's weird man they really mine blowing it's totally unexpected too that's the weird part about is a sort of happened completely organically just like this part can happen completely organically me before his pockets of just now weird
stand up and out right blogs aloud and you know and every now and then we do with the two like a thing i think we do not just in tv where we would put a laptop online and in look through the web camera gooch is stupid but this sort of slowly but surely turned into what it is now and now when i do this shows and i mean all these people that say change their life and in this case i don't know how it happened i don't know but i obviously have an obligation here it's obviously a lot bigger than me so i gotta keep to keep his ball rolling that's the way to actually know some people would see the exact same thing could be like god damn i gather that affect them but i am so cool there silly
susie i try to first of all i try to bring as many other people through like the way i describe as like we found a whole we found a hole in the fence what i'm trying to do is brings many cool people through the whole as possible and that that's to me one of the most important aspects of of the position when you when you're position where people are paying attention like they're paying touched you you should point out some stuff that you ve seen whether it's really good bans are really funny people really interesting things so my my whole approach to it whether its twitter or anything is silly pointing out the things that i find thrice in any event i find interesting and i mean even that speaking of changing lives how many doors do you opened our way for somebody yeah maybe you know is exactly what we are describing airily somebody was also my what their duty car are sensitive they need that break off yeah one moment that open wondered at makes sanctions stuff at the fort on the other
that's with me too with all of us we all agree that we all benefit from from opera penalties and its super important to provide opportunities if they're there if you see you know like if i see some like you the so fascinating interesting guy like eu people need to hear you talk joy as you know in any on any these people that i bring myself around i think gum this is it's a very strange time and there's no that many people that have that that ability this other many vital that have opposition that sort of that sort of like a johnny carson for the interview internet in like johnny cars introduced to all these comedians to the world that plug it went back in the day man if you got on the johnny carson show it was fucking gigantic for your career so did you ever hear like a how he was like a kind of a jerk to most comics here we need to look at you you wouldn't yeah i did it i heard a lot of that yeah but also heard that it was amazing to a lot of people to makes me
under like what were these people like that he was a jerk too i don't know you know i got just used him as an example because he's he was always like the guy who influenced comedians the most like my help communities and ronnie dangerfield another one like ronnie danger for what he did was he figured out that one of the best things that he could do with all of his fame was introduced the world all the comedians friday so that's how we found out about dice clay that's how we found out about sam kinison rodney dangerfield was like the best at helping other people out and introducing the world to all these other talented people that goes back to what you are saying you know somebody may get jailers there it is like you argue popularity she's gonna take it away from me you're a competitor only to squash you and dad sooner delano dumb precisely ended site feed in india i have had those feelings special when i was younger man for sure i was jealous of a lot of people that were better than made things is just because it was dumb and i did
stand what but with the sensation was in my mind right and what sensation was my mind it was a drive to be better and instead of being better i was trying to belittle the people who were better rhino and elusive that's a lot easier arousing layer it's just i just it was an incorrect way of operating my mind right that's all it was and the problem with that though is that you find yourself by the way you operate your mind and that's how people get stuck in patterns so that you define yourself by your past actions whether then if there fortunate and undesirable and embarrassing those things that those things hurt you write big time i mean that's it rather than having the bowl serfs just owning your mistakes in a big deal has anybody makes mistake everybody fuck up and that's that because that's when you learn stuff you rather than dealing with deed like hey man whether i learn something from you are you learn something from me is a win anyway you're noise
you mean the morning away when you fuck up because you're gonna learn from it and then you can move on and improvisation human being people get stuck over the embarrassment or i messed up i i need to hide it i need to squash it and you know to see it and he's like right then you're going to do it ten more times because you don't with it now yeah barring physical limitations like you know your heart horrific injuries whatever most of what you have in life that you go through this very difficult isn't opportunity to grow you now it's hard for people to wrap their heads around now but we all can do better
saying that every horrible thing that happens to you is as you know you should be happy for them no but you can turn it into something that that that motivates you and benefits you it's really hard for people to do it's really for hard for people to just put in the fuckin work and its hard it's hard to feel good about that you know it's hard to feel good about putting in the work and doing difficult shit but that's like me funny because you get either the people looked right rationalize everybody she'd that that's an he's all its everything happens for a reason and seen the name and i just want a bunch of interface is like come as i really like it's all about positive thinking yet let me give you some positive i come on man ruth i shall i go babies dian dry by do do exactly what happened the baby was thinking positive there's some meaning that there is no fucking meaning that those guys space me off but at the same time the brass save a cynical oh it so bad and terrible there's no meaning
anything all this shit like that just as self defeatist if not more so to me like a knowledge that not everything makes sense a knowledge that bad she tat bends for no good reason the good people are knowledgeable you deal with heartbreak tragedy fuck everybody dies doesn't get any bigger than that and move on and you know that without necessarily saying that disease it's because of some deeper meaning is maybe because of nothing but what can i get from its now what what can i learn from whether it up and for good reason or she tourism word we move from here yeah that's one of the hardest things for people to wrap their heads around like an objective look at their situation a lot of people are really gotta give advice but it all they couldn't give themselves discourse is that like the worst is when someone's an idiot they want to give you advising you come on man stop manage your own fuckin situated dumb ass them now i can't do that
management of the human consciousness to me is one of the most important things that up needs to learn in life and one thing that they don't fucking teach you inside that is why the craziest things about school as that they don't to how to organize your mind and how to defeat negative thinking and how to courage positive thinking and build momentum with positive how to reinforce those positive things right things down there are doing well celebrate them with each other in open pass milestones and is a reason why like belts and martial arts like exist for thousands of years you ve can feel good when you get about i remember when i got my blue belt i wanna fuck and television show okay and i didn't know the only thing i thought about being on the television shows like as a kind of cool on tv its greatest good money i feel very fortunate but it didn't gimme the rush that i got when i caught a blue balance holy shit i got a blue pound jujitsu and donald
i felt anymore you know like well i got a fucking was beaming that day i went home ozark cited wow i got my first pelt like this is also my goes like a real positive feeling of of moving forward that's something that you people decent people need a desert man i need a little something to do whether its writing or whether it marshall lard or fuckin just become a marathon run you need some will you push yourselves you can learn what you can do that only thirty can be anything because it can be a physical these had been committing intellectual discipline maybe even boat which would be ideal but its applying yourself the sun think is having to face the same challenges regardless of which specific feel look i maybe somebody's not bunch interface when you're being that our something when the point being you're still gonna be dealing with disappointment with the learned in with a is gonna be easy oh dont like your work is going to crush you and they might be right now they might be right or they might be haters find out a lot about life dealing with people
through your own discipline and people that are in similar disciplines it's this disturbing that aspect of education is so so lacking and so crazy when you really think about like engineering society engineering the consciousness of a society which is what education is really supposed to be about really an essentially me you're you're you're my ensure that the future generations are capable of contributing and that's what you do and the funny thing is that that's usually there are exceptions but that's usually the last possible concern when it comes to academic environments degrees while the students actually learn is like stewed i mean i keep an eye out of people shit number gaia you see allay wednesday telling me he had a ten year throughout java there and he was a professor and she was like you know this is a great gig if only i didn't
to teach because he was primarily wanted to research and stupid i can you make a drawer and ellen do is seeing and do that are weird and interacting with students bothered him and that actually less rate or than you would imagine you know there is actually a lot of those guys were really comfortable in it by love documents in some moral graphic him they turn indication and were obviously which goes back to my fuck you under mother fucking mama those are the people who kill fun of it but is that it all schools is at harvard is at the highest levels of education where do you find what like what's good you can say should you not say we're u teacher provisions relating to multiple places a growing outline of what i'm not saying i d shoes but honestly is not even that personal now
the canyon trouble for no i mean really say about mother fucking mama in order to pay a big deal you know what i met disaze his is the personnel in the sense that it could be damn it could be somebody out other faceless bore a growth is an entirely new know what i mean is not even like that single individual if he's not that is another wonders like so the lack of passionate disturbs you a lack of a pursuit of excellence in in up in teaching and that you think is more common than theirs exceptional teachers but yet her fairly rare exactly and i mean you know even exceptions even a lot of exception if you guys like twenty percent of people who are good but also lets actually goulding teaching environs which when you think about it you're reading with eight people kind of sad which is awful but even that outside upward at well you know so i think of it in terms of like people that i started out doing open mike nights with how many of them have gone on and actually become professional comedians right i we know out of all the people
i did it with three right end two of them i'm still friends with chris mcguire and greg fitzsimmons is to two guys that i started out with it actually became professional comedians right in a tiny number compared to the amount of people that we actually knew from those days there were attempting to do it so if you can get twenty percent of your students and those students become proficient in whatever your teaching whether teaching history or wrath maddox what are that's pretty fuckin i'm sort of thing is thinking about the comedy example imagine that the people you started with there's no testing ground there is no peace laugh or not think it's funny or not so your curry is not shared by actual feedback whether your good or not your career is based on a well you step there too stupid academic hoops like getting the jobs has nothing to do with actual teaching scale it's all about other
that you research how good research i would your cv looks have you served in some subcommittee you are you spent in it's not gonna shit it isn't that to encourage people to innovate and to keep coming up with new ideas and that the researches maybe it is always learn things are no sign that scientists i dig it i see the point of it even in a lot of humanity social science the reality is that the so called researches stuff rate than india stuff academic language daddy the other people are gonna radar eight other experts in the field that you might as well damn right i'm a andy's design almost to be missed not something that's communicable
regular audiences because that makes you look cool and learned a note of that and to meet at the exact opposite of communication master you no communication mastery staking really difficult ideas in translating them in ways that anybody can relate right right making them digestible so that any from active a walk of life you can see a connection to your life deasey staking at the exact opposite direction is making it we are then this pseudo intellectual game for nerves with walk into a library forty or so the one never saw the light of the signing and always battles are because that is essential it's really difficult to take advice from person who's not living a healthy life secular you can learn certain things from them but it should really be like the idea of like the idea of a samurai this hour i had to be a well rounded person yet understand calligraphy in our work
and in the that having that one well rounded unit which serve you in battle because you would be a person of character and clear thought better of it and that's what the location should be rail but it's not yet that's what percentage of teachers thinker really innovating and trying to provide a better learning environments trying to look like you must have which produces a you are cool will get a you know not enemy dirt to love as there is a fairly high number of people were nice human beings will mean well there are bunch of of noxious stuffy moral grounds but there is a solid number of people lose made of nice human beings there does not bring everyone makes so they are not bad they are they try it just day or delay very dear ability to light some third no light on inside slim side is very limited he's not because they are bad is i don't know whatever the fuck there not be
is almost like there for months is there any sort of a universal standard when it comes to like say getting a phd and applied mathematics or in whether it's english or literature like a standard amongst all the universities a country or does each universally sort of get together with its scholars and and sort of figure it out themselves this is what we think we should require of them in order for them to be be to get a bachelor's too aids is every there i'd its board there are certain general standards that are expected and then there are each school can push its policies in certain direction so that are both things exist but there are usually not based on them on actual or i don't know what you're saying in making you about three one being that's not the goal of relocation is giving you a bunch of knowledge about stuff you didn't know about which may be useful and some people will be able to take a lot of heat them become in
relating to something that actually apply to life or maybe it was less crap nets invading your head for no good reason there is no connection to real life a lot of the time you know what i mean that's the biggest problem is you're remains even when it's good its authority call game that's not designed to change how you got up from the seat and walk through class oh you are as a human being i you feel is not designed to effect now is purely about knowledge for knowledge sake we generate that some good sized many thoughts are some major limits right there to so many fucking things to know and learn if you just just learning grammar language education logic mathematics the eu starts going over the various disciplines and de various things at a person can there's not enough time in your young life to really put together an accurate piece of the world and then go out and be a part of it
the weirdest thing about school is that when my most of my friends that gradually to cause like right when they got out there was like one of the weirdest times their life were there fuck now what now what were bare fuckin been buried in books for all these years and trying to figure and now out there okey dokey like here here those here goes nothing it's almost like it's it's real hard to get a realistic view of the world before you're an adult right i mean before you got actual experience you know what i mean do asked offered her then being stuck in his intellectual game and i mean i'm an urgent i love to read like crazy i love to know sings about two million immigrants objects on fire from advocating anti intellectual ism far from it but at the same time to me rio intellect goes hand in hand with this and relationship with your body with a certain it's about small boats you know what i mean it makes you mix up more complete you want being makes you better
not all you know if you are an athlete and near smart barley gonna be a better athletics not only at the other stuff so i urge you to watch homework that's right fuck up retrain if you are a nerd than you know we leaving this idea that your thoughts are you know you read it is normal that stuck in your head that's their acting machine of the bodies so that will you are physically doesn't really affect your call business which is essentially what school that's your acres i mean look at our people learn you go seeking to these regions comfortable chairs facing forward your body want to stretch a more yonah chicks are managing you can't are supposed to stay there listen these tend to some bustard up there was going blah blah what's the alternative being degree dean more consciousness affecting consciousness in it so abbe seeing that our about giving a lot more importance to the body to physical
sperience as not only as your to our self be somewhere which is not about consciousness is about movie maslen shit which is nice but is not the same thing is also for sizing out through a whole variety of physical discipline you can affect a mine you can affect spirit if you wanna go that far you can there's equal natural midway is different sings whereas we have these men maybe that's all knowledge is about knowledge sake dared relatively no connection to your body and a very betokened natural to actually blind and knowledge in real life which to me is missing the point is that if knowledge is not if it does it make if it doesn't improve the quality of your life what the point here and it doesn't i don't mean just all we need to make the car that or some stuff he could be intellectually but over the quality of your life because it makes you happy because they make you relate battered when other human beings well that as an effective life will i'm talking about
knowledge not just about in the year seventeen sixty three days i've been in there is no time to lean key tweets why what's the point what lesson you can learn what can you get out of it for your life there's no eifert what's however and i regard is it because just too much information to give people they don't have time for that aspect of part of social or because there's a bunch of factual seeing you need to god and they are less controversial you know there is no argument about a factual stuff whereas when yard supporting quatrain to indicate somebody there is also an element of why are you are you a human being look at something to offer to somebody else or you some guy in a position of power was trying to force he saw more subjective thing on people so what you tell me is academics and academia and generally needs more mushrooms that's why do my word what i was saying to us when seismic here and they need a fresh perspective and a psychedelic outlook i think a random mushroom thanksgiving this year too good move
if i wasn't my kids i would do it i'm in san diego semite stay and extra day paula don't say that man that's funny in san diego they gotta mushrooms different dog throat near the fuckin during base last thing they want is mushrooms and military does the last thing you need and you're in the military's mushrooms you need amphetamines and steroids you don't need mushrooms right ok wrote that you want to come home safe mushrooms are for later less roosevelt when you get back i have talked to a lot of deeds who are in afghanistan who listened to the park gas over their allotted troops listen a pike s over there and that it sets a weird conversation you know i've had a bunch of em with deeds after shows a girl ass a man
you know you don't even know but you guys kept me sane when i when i was over there that's another strange responsibility for people that are you know in it in such a tough position like to be over at war and to be providing them with some other thoughts so listen amphetamines and steroids and t pain children run and create a shit we just stuck in its like the running man to get through it before the and land do you what what do you think about these ancient aliens motherfuckers that want to say that the original as sources of humanity was that we were created by aliens does it seem ridiculous to you i mean sure it does but the same time just because is ridiculous doesn't mean it can't be throw flatter what i totally we exist there was covered guy some astronomer was talking about the likelihood of life in the universe is very small very likely that were there we are
alone because they searched for five hundred for search five and different planets and they found no signs of life i thought i was a dumbest thing i ever heard of a smart guys mouth because this five hundred he said he found following they found nothing no you you you search five hundred and one dummy because earth is one of them and earth has life so you found one which is fucking crazy we are crazy the fact that we exist at all and that we have internet and then we have google on a phone then we can fly in tubes the up that fuckin shoot your thirty thousand that's what i'm saying on son imagine describing to somebody who doesn't know anything about it as i see it sound like alien tales why i wish to talk about it on stage that you try to rapidly trap knew how to run the fact two hundred years ago if you want a picture something you have to draw it like that is not that long ago or even around that time is for that
in any music the only music you ever hear his life me was it can there's nothing else because you can't you know there's nor recording device that you can press play and go yet now have gigs of music on my phone in our it never fails to trick me out that i can go to my foot like have an ipod anymore i'm gonna have an ipod that one oh oh i have left over one but i have phone becomes also your eye but when i go to the gym i play my phone and there's so much variety in their there's thousands of fucking songs and phone mutual trust in the word or bodily inside your phone we can wrap are stupid heads around it will lose its it's like what else about the rise and fall of these delegations like we were experiencing and were benefiting from some we don't even understand a little bit whereas when you were
living in the pioneer days everything was pretty fucking straightforward and i had to fix that wagon wheel and that's what you got to do to take some wood on the metal and do this and then put the wheel back on if you want to shoot a dear you got a sneak up on it and this is how skin and this i cut it into and if it's fuckin hot out you'd better smoke tat shaded turned to beef jerky otherwise it'll go bad we knew how to manage all of the things that we had in our environment if we didn't we knew a guy in town or did while not a blacksmith but bob is now go to bomb gets more issues you know it s like a number that movie the unforgiving the cleanest when moving seen him like out on the farm with his fucking kids like trying to trying to farm at fault flat on his face trying to push pigs into a pen that's that was reality everybody that was the only way to live that's that's all listed in you knew how to make all the different aspects of your let you understood how a gun worked you understood
you know how to sharpen enacts not amendment no four compress buffy finally understand i've never even thought about trying to understand wireless but i'm on a right now i've never even thought about it a tempting for more to gain any sort of an understanding of it i mean so much this is so beyond anything you can neck weekly or under because you have to understand so much of physics so much it's like forget it ok works i press play what some were civilization spoiled do you think the debts two stage though and that one day our brains will catch up with all this shit like they say the human brain old in size over a period of two million years at some point in humans evolution that's what separated us we that's how he took off from the other apes desire is going around mean rob examine when you look at the speed of technological innovation off nonetheless thousand years the last hundred you know when you can see there may be under fifty electricity phones cars
planes tv radio computer into all of it is it's my blowing really cause it's all in the span of just very few i mean i remember when i was a kid in italy and i'm not like these old guy was like you'd all back in my time or not i mean late thirty send remember when i was a kid the if i wanted to find out what the nba finals i would call the one italian magazine to cover basketball day i talk to their friend in new york were given them than you who's in so maybe two days later when they open for business i get to find out who won the nba finals if i don't make a call i have to wait too long for demanded and we publish swine nor won the game and unlike at there was what twin five years ago or something thirty or so are you kid women now you can be in some hole in the wall somewhere you have internet connection and you can watch it live in it it's insane it really is
and its changing now it's getting crazier crazier and it's not going to stop and this this what we have now so amazing but it really is the tip of the iceberg and one of the side effects is going to be a complete the lack of privacy that's sad affects people have to understand sure like enjoy privacy why cant might eventually it's not can exist we are slowly a married immersing ourselves in the aid that the mass of humanity as like one super organism that's that's really where its ongoing and it's going that that's all andrews going to go away through technology and in technology eventually biologically will be a part of our systems will both have some chips inside of our body or will have some implants that we install into people's buys and quick and easy way and for people that that did that said all that's crazy site that's not gonna happen look at
what anderson's tits ok look at what she's accepted she has accepted bags of water under apples make her tits pop out in an unrealistic way you don't think that you're going accepted ship in your brain is gonna let you see the future right that's ridiculous you're gonna take it you're gonna get that operation you there's gonna be due who are stupid as fuck and there's gonna be dues of brain jobs and those do that with brains there be running shit though be fuckin flying around in private jetson ferrari and we're gonna need that fuckin superman live in that country cause you don't ruin and you're out death shop and woodland enacts you fuckin dummy and this guy can read your mind is guys gonna fuckin little pieces silicone a base of his skull and he could see through walls you're not gonna take that you dumb you're addendum you're gonna be gonna be back there with the monkeys who couldn't figure out how to make fire right others do fox through still in africa swinging from trieste that's to be us apparently millions of years ago puzzling
have you seen a new shit were they founded a people were that human beings five hundred thousand years ago were using tools and using flint flint tipped spears and arrows under thousands most the most recent discovery which pre dates what we thought human beings used as tools by two hundred thousand years that's insane emmy saying i don't even know what human beings five hundred thousand years ago like you're talking to share with you man i wonder what they looked like man bet yeah i mean how ape like where we half a million years ago meantime when did it when they know that neanderthals notice i said tall like a true intellectual with my three years of college they know that they didn't they made they dare not only what made hence but they also where navigators they want
most recent discoveries is that they they think they flew they sailed out the islands on their own without our homo sapiens the neanderthals it figured out how to make boats this is didn't really there are just a few decades ago deal around until relatively speaking not that long ago so they went extinct like maybe thirty thousand years ago or something and they were around sees maybe two hundred thousand years ago but that lot of dying shared by almost against avian send down there tell at the same time its yeah that's not manner sir the interior weird lookin dude they were like five feet tall two hundred pounds solid rock talky as hell turkey is flock they all looked like who some are perhaps he had thought yacht but not with that head he has a human had their weird heads like crazy for its heavy i saw a documentary where they were trying to put like like clay and
greek instructor neanderthals face nip compare to human beings sapient right next to me out of so many prominent features front the bow and like they were a totally different fuckin thing but they were real close real close to us they had they they cry the mediterranean in boats a hundred thousand years ago is an amazing there are some people still think there were swimmers by the way but this other people their city they found they have found distinctive like evidence that they they had made it to these islands yet there's no way swimming that's insane maybe that gun while everywhere crocodiles you're right you once again hit me but the now that's freaking neanderthals were actually the first ones to do worried or bodies so they are the first species that have real for their dead before homo sapiens down as far as well
i mean a lot of homo sapiens sees a lot of the evidence that we have deeply gully where we could like the stuff ass the hand their thousand years ago we really dont know a whole lot about you know what i mean there's like you find a fragment of tuna from three hundred thousand the earth and find a legal finger from sick so putting together there's a lot of a guess work all about this stuff and that's part of what's to fund about it is that every other data new articles coming we can utilities them make its the change that is like the staff that we thought we need until yesterday scratch that that was bullshit we actually now oh that what you just say like you know five and thirty years ago the dove have other townsend years ago they use done towards whereas before without a lot less that stuff is constantly changing my one of the theatres up until as far as i know still current was that demand there does where the first door to bury their dead which is that the report says that some nor newman species or letter related to us
not as could do the exact same thing would be crazy of humans learned how to see fair from the under tools if helms it means humans as they would actually were human there of saint wrong but what they did before us supposedly right but then other people to think that we have observed them you know in this this to difference we have thought on that one of them is that we enter bread with them in one of his and no we just share dna from the get go and restore better at understanding that now yeah they say that basically down there doesn't arrive illusionary deadened there's no cross over which you are being is only ancestral staff were exactly or instead the hat be now there are no sex and argue almost have been safe use and down there to lapse as induce fuck dude that would deafening fuckin neanderthal check no doubt they could get some there in the middle of nowhere if you like hunting elk with a stick and you find some
near the tall chicken she's ready to go again commands designs on him and should not have travelled before cross come through where we are on the road for days on end than after awhile for state after state you see the average woman being beyond the bounds when suddenly you see a true under pound the woman you're like when i got there so hot asked its relative you make an adjustment knew you have yourself a harem near tall checks that making big thick babies to make it fixed wrong ones hundred thousand years ago these guys were taking both as far as twelve kilometers that's pretty incredible that's that's really incredible while actually some of em even forty kilometers sum of a made even more ambitious journeys that says amazing and am that's why how the fuck did homo sapiens occur may not italian just occurred but if you really stop and look at us right the flashy weak ass bitches but very very clever
in comparison to all the other apes is one a weird sort of a journey to the girl from whatever the fuck it i mean i don't understand the creation of species i understand the evolution wants to me she has been established for the most part right with what currently understood about that sort of trial at my head runner but i don't understand the emergence has a frog just become a frog how does a bird who wear it where does an eagle come from you know like the buzzer some steps along the way i'm sure they were the problem with the fossil record though it's that there's not enough evidence lynette behind forty really peace and accurate most shit doesn't become a fossil people that like people that have never really thought about it and understand how difficult it is to make a fossil like you have to have some sort of a cataclysmic situation where a volcano mudslide or something traps the people like us
amber sap napkin trap million euro bogs we learn a lot from that but most people the year nature just orbs us most animals nature absorbs them this mostly leave a bear a dead bear in the woods like you come back in a month later there's nothing left i mean that's life at history books are always the thickest you you know you go through the first to wander thousand year these three barely two pages then go in the last ten years and are like three books think of it he's not because is any more interesting is because we know more men that's what it boils down to i listen to this lecture once i think is i think was another mckenna one where he was talking about if you had a computer of sufficient power and new understood whinever your balls and you understood you could you could programme the all the measurements from a sand dune and
that sand dune you could get a map of the wind and you kid you kid literally get an accurate representation of how fast the wind was blowing and for how long and how create this from the mid this mass of sand and i always wondered i wonder if the watch as well we can do now is so bizarre as far as exchange data and forest figure things out of communication a wonder if it's possible to take the results of life on this planet in what we know of over the last you know twenty thirty whatever it is a hundred years of accurate history and what what we know to be one hundred percent true in some sort of a gigantic mathematical programme extrapolate the past from that or or make a calculation from what we know and literally be able to get accurate representation of everything from single celled organisms tat dinosaurs all the
to a human being and recreate that in a way that people could actually watch that could be the kind of thing that three hundred years from now standard we look now like fleet as mustards didn't know about that of course you can do that stupid yeah well they'll probably laugh at people with like us exchange to write i gotta go and get your dick i did wine just got going to the sexual centres press the button our we a black woman hold on nuclear like a fuckin like like fixing her pocket on day that's beat if we can if we can make people look like women right we're gonna be able to make you a woman one day you know unfortunately this is gonna be
some unbelief both manipulation of reality come up in the future before datum imagined and can you picture when they finally figured out very rarely stick robots that look like you're months and everybody can buy like the hot this possible sex partners on the planet for like five hundred bucks authority it yeah and the people we never leaving the house you know what i mean is a society as we know it will come to an end once that sex toys would be perfected because no one will believe that their mouths if you have in your closet ten of the hottest women or men or whatever the latter which party when you're fuckin party and they will either as i'm and gave them a real robot roma do little guy what look you're willing to fuck a flashlight we now want to fuck a robot dude would have someone made you a robot dude with the perfect vagina everything else
accept the fact it looked like a do but god vaginas persons now when you add fuck a flashlight astonishing contain it into a nonhuman tube exactly does it look like a guy so strange we had a duty on the other day whose a robotics expert daniel h wilson fascinating guy great conversation was really is feet freaked me the fuck out man there's we're talking about like when's the first car gonna cut his legs offer my legs are really it really made me cringe when he said it was like he's right that's gonna happen like there's gonna i'm a point in time we were talking about amputees you no one in the olympics with special prosthetics then one day there are going to have legs that are better than he human you can laugh a german legs they can have some fucking awesome like they came up with
artificial skin cell that was a it was a it was mixed with steel or i got to understand how the fuck they did that let me let me let me google this real quick but it's the beginning its artificial human cell with somehow another fuckin steel fibres woven into it yeah it's i don't know how i don't know what the fuck they did i don't i don't totally understand it but dared their able to create artificial else now send their did it's not like it's not always like like flesh like thinking they can do it with during materials like they think they're going to be able to cross skin based on spider silk or spiderwebs that's bulletproof way yeah in the future they will be able to replace human skin with a bullet proof substitute now come on
making now cereal not yeah absolutely serious there they're trying to mean they ve they already figured out a way to make certain animals produce spider silk subject tax one day were gone data with i'll i that think like jap the project praxis like they would have to be like all magnetize so the crash into each other yet really closer to maggots and wall you fly army flying cars yeah that's why reasons why helicopters never took off when they first made to help
they thought that it was going to replace the car nets that was the idea but then they realised its people to fuckin stupid for that right now there was a big helicopter crash in manhattan some billionaire guide died and turns out he had a five year old daughter in his lap and whose kicking the controls to make now should kick the controls the helicopter went to a fuckin tailspin and they died woe whoops that's why helicopters carapaces cars and i mean shit it's a miracle ready when you're driving on the free when you look at those people driving adder really were not crashing into it their every sack on that already amazes me especially when you go and see what fuck people put on twitter page many houses apes dang array lane fuckin dumdum is that the path of the education system or is it is a broad spectrum of the human mind in their some people that their born ditch diggers option b laughingly option dammit is coming from educators german a very smart guy thinks this ditch diggers back i was hoping for the best
is there a way like we can give them that what is that stuff from limitless movie was that anxiety that you give people my fuckin become super smart it was like a lazy better than he wrote a book and like a day and became a billion a kind of like the matrix up or approach to learning by your plugging the thing in your like i know come for the exact the bumble you know the brain ship that we're talking about earlier the guy gets a brain job maybe that's gonna save our discourse and we'll just make robots to ditch ex what did ex six without may not only the single verdicts very dick oriented showed great so happy to you contributed to a your here you're responsible to fuckin group environment you have that
so we have a nice idealism state prosaic sums given where aids folks there is evolution everywhere even here on the pod cast grind red ban is catching called for not gonna call for this a good thing that nice it was called out we would also welcome to everybody's everybody involved this podcast has benefited from saint things run called for i think the world use a little more uncalled for shit all right everybody's everybody wants everything to be beautiful imperfect and called for right sometimes now this fog hiccups we're figuring this thing out as we move along folks no one no one's got it down to science than those buddhist monks even get laid ok that's how another buddhists wrong they're wrong to everyone wrong you know around no policy that several simple have you ever had sex yes isn't an awesome yes it is there not having something awesome
view live your life and you dont experience something that's one of the best things you can experience here send the best parts about this life the ideas well it consumes you and you want to be free from that this and stop being a silly bitch is stop being so it but doesn't it to continue its like someone who's you know an alcoholic saying that no one should enjoy why right that's not true because someone you can have wine and then they get laughing i have a great conversation have sex with so many programmes have sex with you know i'll jetsam millionaire does not allow with wine folks in this and that means like the litmus test of a healthy really joan is there it's about sex and warming gases ache but even that there somewhere i would join the mormons before join any other religion specially oats
wanted at eight was rocket i would go down to mexico and join up with the mitt clan up guns against cartels least they had a bunch of wives mean seems like no one can figure the whole monogamy thing that you look at the divorce rate in america think now fifty one percent and four primates its zero it's zero monogamous primates and zero nine if that were the only ones who put together we keep together will keep you get a flock and united together for a hundred years and you die but if people lived like be infinity how my what's once a rigorous wills ideas come to light and we have endless existences work will we well you know what in back then will bite we get to that point i bet will have some sort of an artificial reality where the people being showing more than regular reality anyway
maybe some world of warcraft shit league and plug your brain into the matrix europhile simulation theory fallen in his wacky motherfuckers scare shit man em cause it's based on mathematics their finding out about google it because i don't really understand it but their funding these mathematical equations inside string theory and their self correcting and freaking people out because other very purpose of your
so correctly thereof there there finding this type of self correcting computer code that dave they ve they ve known about since i believe was like the nineteen fortys and their starting to find this in the equations string theory it's it's really flocking confusing because you don't understand do you understand mathematics like the understand what you're talking about when i say the equations of string theory falconer no idea i mean math me is one of the mysteries of the universe i'll go out to add my had to subtract to do stuff that actually use anything else him that's lost anything either have it are you down having i think i've heard your brain that's mere active or not you think nurture thing from childhood that like you you like this
people get stimulated as a child and they start pursuing that road and then it becomes a part of their national existence it then becomes normal i think it's your how your brain thinks like fear a certain way thought pattern your night you you don't get it as easy as semi gets more number driven like architects like architects we look at an architect most of em understand all this complex crazy shit but then you try to talk to you a minute just the most spread why decided that they only understand architecture kind of thing now yeah maybe while eyes i certainly think if you if you look at the human race as being like one big crazy giant organ you think that everybody would have a part in it in order for it to keep progressing and then it wouldn't really work the right way if everybody was the same if ever it was the same really wouldn't be damaged innovation nothin nothing would get done so
it almost makes sense that you're gonna have you no mathematical prodigies that can't run fast and then you're gonna due to a really awesome at of space and distance and i hand coordination but they just so it putting numbers together they sucker driving or whatever the good example but you know it seems like if you if you accept fact that human beings the only way we work as we work together the silhouette me fear a loner of yoletta those ted causing ski guys live in the woods drinking your own piss nobody trusts you hey you know what but why would i trust some guys up there on the mountain top and never comes down talks people we if we accept that we all
without question need each other then you cannot think that it's got a sort of health must have some sort of formula to it you know which is why like i was felt like if things got bad things got overpopulated or things go crazy i get this we're gonna be like disease is gonna be some spring backed zones can be something sharp tries to stop it i mean of course that limit the less growth doesn't exist in nature you know what i mean is just you can you can all the he'd gone for so long before eventually you heed your limits and you come crashing down and just now going on there
animal species ever that can out street there it's a resources it just doesn't work right is you're an outer shit then we're is mired so we can keep come up like pushing the limits because we have a new technological innovation and allows us to get more out of less space and all of that so if played a game well but i mean you can only played so long before eventually you dont come up with something but he learnt in the next two hundred years and then you're fucked and when you look at how many people there are and how many people are used to being sat crazy son rio we ve grown so quiet it's nothin like we had doktor peter duisburg on who was the hiv guys says in each area doesn't go right who signed the population africa tripling the publishes tripled over the past like twenty or thirty years would have argued spend this started measuring it should not even the longer but if you think like something like the entire population of the united states in the year eighteen
there are also two under barely lover two hundred years was about five million people it's not even older filet today you know what i mean is less than the entire population that that was the whole population of u s less than a lay today a brightness this fact we don't know what's going on thirty asian you son of a bitch have assumed there are this hanging out right next to it did you ever zol you're gonna check on the noise yes what the hell are these people but there's exercise like thirty asian check on the nice we got a nation was energizing behind a check on the noise the allows for some of us ticket they're gonna mouth quickly stubble giggling brain through duty for these podcast people what we ve been talking about for would interrupt upsets computer theories and
lay self grech there's o population problems relating to illustrate why millions that what you said at two hundred years ago by millions in the year eighteen under falconer that's insane has alot though you really stop and think about it that's incredible they come over and boats and horses five million of em but it's one that's after one thirty hours of colonies agents and wish you started a very beginning a really talking about so you people is i don't know man he's one of the single verb population is one of the things that nobody wants to talk about me mrs uncomfortable because what are you gonna do tell people they can't have how many kids they want the brown a very nice thing to do and at the same time you kind of have to at some point because you can't possibly keep going forever as eugenics is really horrible subject you can't never bring that you never bring the idea that you need to call the population even oh that's a natural part of nature said the strong survive
in the whole chinese malta laugh if you have more than one key towards russia had is effective money is not exactly the most democratic thing in the universe and also not good for you your ideas of humanity right you look it when we talk about like human its violation and poor living conditions acutely china's like right up there on that list of ass he looked down at your chinese made iphone what a mother fucker that is what our mother fucker it is that the minerals that came from that came from even worse conditions is poor fuckin kid dig a hole in the ground and that you need that shit in order to make a cell phone and while you're you're googling in manhattan sit on the corner looking out the window you now you you're the chain what's had to get that phone into your hand its dirty at the very end of the chain definitely it's fucked up ban and we don't do anything
that in northern ireland as well we need to get those tradespeople more money if you check if i'll give you give a thousand dollars a month you know it insane and i heard of that still that still knock and allow them to get the fuck out of their and improve again there the their stock that's why it corrects me up when i see we met with the big giant diamond ring of engagement and shit and unlike ok that's about what twenty seven major young kids or twenty eight when it is yeah and not only that that shit's in warehouses i've got that though the diamond people to get that shit locked down there so brilliant diamond people they have managed to get people to pay for like stupid little shiny rocks and pace incredible money i remember that commercial that these two have is three years salary or three months salary a small price to pay for a lifetime like three miles for iraq i want you to work for three months one pool
three months should be like a house ok old homestead in days if you work for three months you build a house threem and for a fucking shiny rock holy shit which by the way you make it just a shiny looking the exact same away and you have to look through a glass to make sure it's not your regional but not it's not real it's one of my favorite things about the rap culture is likes big giant diamond around us necklace diamond chains and diamonds other rings diamond other teeth into diamonds in their ears like i love the the bounce back from poverty to extreme health and how you know how flashy they are swear to me why most fascinating aspects of humanity is like the really over showy rap guys like throwing money on each other and staff
for our asian osha flexing their diamond rings excess fuckin love it man loved check its is itself ass in ending and then there's our people that are like of old wealth like prince charles right you know who would think that would be garish me save your right and beyond embarrassing love to see a reality show where little wayne how to live with prince charles low weighing gets prince charles highs funded a good play polo although flame prince prince charles talks any shit little windows know they can save you you know they can save you right who we talkative no one
the jealousy that it of you where he's talking to the guy together in an interrogation of him there there this for some fuckin subpoena someone there d questioning him and the question the guy's asking about you stupid question so wreck he gets gangster with a guy and he goes you know he can save you in the real world he can save you you know and the gaza where are you threatening me oh no not at all slightly no it can't say it's like gets really creepy has get tat on his face and fuckin giant rang sign from the street you have our people in your school that come from varying economic background i you see the difference between people that come from like really poor countries and major american really appreciate shit out of it more these sloppy orange county there
living in urban there her life never seen are all it man i mean those there's bullet that's what makes it found you get people officially community college it's also because you have people of all ages you got people literally every religions can call you name it you know so you find your sword or from the guy coming straight from society that tells you i'm sorry i got in your late but there was they lock up my blog is they showed some dude under my house and your like fuck ok that's what you come to school with and the wine was like straight out of beverly yell soldier it's like it's hilarious like really you guys seeking the same class seals compton due to hook up those beverly hills jackson usually not so not some take a trip to the especially when they like in school now experimenting re launch why experiencing some from a different culture mean so amazed by these urban environment robin
that is the third theme to today i think that maybe i need a jerk off for these projects the the more satisfying aspect of teaching for you is what its interaction with people that's interacting with students is fun you know that's one of those moments where i could really somebody pay me to talk about stuff i like which people work all are you kidding me i'm in which tat he did i wish this is too good to be true so you're doing out as well with your pod cast furred for those who don't know it's called a drunken taoist and doubtless special t you fuckin embassy under educated americans and you can go to itunes in its in the philosophy section right where its debt i got me up day in philosophy after web results were like for a few days where number whining philosophy granted the fact is probably the other three people in that category are people were broadcasting out of their money
maize when discussing the subtle differences between egeland aristotle but still it still thirsting something that was fun that's amazing and that's it to how many weeks it was like the second that is so you know then you got the bounds after a few days it goes down and all of them but for a few days were like number one like shit this is us itunes how do they measure they have designed majority and things they have it by episode so whichever app is that i think he next week at the most heats so of course all the more recent wants there to be more popular one because the more people listing a week and then they have a general i think baltic history or some seaward a measure the average off there are so many but i don't know exactly there's a drastic sir subscribers new subscribers right you comments nude in downloads you know it up is crashed i turned his fucking right now god dammit apple i think application are responding
rather not afraid to your snow liberty i wasn't son of a bitch i'll keep should also i'm tired of them would they updates scored how things work fine stupid step change things and allowing the government to look at my emails see my dick pictures i set myself more dick selection board folks loggia we might have got a little high before the show not allowed some of this might be silly never happens now why would you not words daniela belatedly ever that is one advantage though that you must now with the ladys is that acts of chicks love a varied european french english someone those lines but tallying woof sprig right very unfair advantage i must thank the s wicked that is with us it went there good grade look eminent look under philosophy sure yeah right now do you know
i didn't like in a few days i see philosophy i see religion spirituality science and medicine it's on their side and culture society in culture and i think we deem that data that seems life yet how can you have society i mean i mean we can have an end the may part gas and it could be under society culture that was actually too funny thing of defer mainly in all their precisely i'm under society culture the german experience society culture socket is this the the tags that are ridiculous because they are like it's about most of it unless you are really dedicating a vodka specifically to one issue it's about life what it boils down to as it should be right now this should be the young the name of the pod cas again is drunken taoist and i can't find it in here what i can't find philosophy is there a specific sector
these are important in the it s philosophy about it yet aircars it's a sub section of a sub section the i was for a few days first in a sub section of a sub section but i'm nothing more desperate dope what number you right now i have no idea was like seeks a few days ago but that some short abounds now as we haven't got a new one and we say son we're gonna change that shit for you we're going to find it can't find the word is but it's drunken taoist tee a oh i s t you heard me that's a spell makes a put a link up to it on twitter and thanks and i thank you very much man another fund and fascinating proxies weakest drunken taoists daniele able early you're a good man and nearly always gotta talk to their allegiance is ever anything we can do for you have anything you want promote please let us now take you two everybody tuned into podcast thanks to all the positive
energy all the love and all the information you guys give me in a feedback and all that shit we're going through this altogether i will not be able to do without you and i would not have the same feeling without all the love and other the deposit of rio trends in order that the positive response that we get we appreciate the fuck out of it and i know brian does and i know everybody else does joey and aryan can we talk about it all the time when we love the fuck are you guys thank you very much thanks to all the sponsors you know who the fuck you i'm not saying you anymore goddammit but good a squad dot tv that's brian site and that's how you get yourself one those sweet psychedelic kitty cat tee shirts that i see at all the shells now i saw him in montreal dogs fuck and also most it's beautiful night when i look out there in the audience and i see those death squad shirts nome and i'm no one the family and with family guy gets mother father analysis that was his long long game and i was his chair
made from a long distance i've got to be a san diego winds davis documents and that powerful american comical beautiful and i will be here with you ideas wednesday night the night before thanksgiving at the ice house comical we gotta ten o clock show great fitzsimons is gonna be their adam hunter who wrote that choked trouble of taliban effects there really in trouble cause the commotion and i set a joke that adam had a really funny joke about martin callanan and said from behind a fine flock and show you i should have said it because as in our children listening at anything about i'm an idiot comedian but people what bothers me that people called it homophobic and that is not a homophobic job ok i would and it's because anything that's gay if you mentioned something gay its automatically deemed to be negative a joke about you not even supposed to joke about things
gay or gay sacks or anything any one that's gay because if you do somehow to negative i say fuck you i see that stupid that is absolutely ridiculous everything on the table as long as you know you have good intentions and my attention was only make people laugh and it was because adam hunter is a funny dude and he'll be on the show wednesday as well as like has had great fitzsimons joe ideas sam tripoli is gonna be there and will find some other cool guys that are in town dad local stand ups but ten o clock fifteen box at the ice ass good eyes how calmly dot com and come down to see us and brian red ban has been added to the fabulous austin texas show at the december first large eu funds you like cod i want to see him in person and so excited fashion care about his loads
crime is lower than the we're gonna get time that's december first at the movie theater in austin texas and i'll be there would show ideas and duncan truffles coming as well so it should be a hell of a fuckin show its yeah we're gonna have a good fuckin time texas and that's where we're set up camp rogan that's where death squad survival camps gonna be we're gonna have a fuckin fenced in areas people live animals in there folks fuckin unravel and special again so i found a shut the music off i will see you guys tomorrow with less stroud survivor man is going to be here tomorrow yes i'm very exciting a very exciting very brasilia a very exciting for you put your and my own fuckin language that my language goddamn not claiming less drought from survivor man in he's gotta bring is banned less
at least some people to play with him cuz he's he's got some music that's being released and and he's just an all around cool motherfuker i can't wait to talk to him and then wednesday wanted one to five guys in country greg proops is going to be joining us and that will be our final cast for the week before the lovely holiday of thanksgiving where we all celebrate syphilis covered blankets and good night every body it's over kiss your mother your neighbors you dog spread that love you sons of bitches
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