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Les Stroud, Brian Redban – Date: 11/20/2012
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the you rob inexperienced pod gases brought to you by ana dot com if you gotta oh and an i t dot com and the mute button always up near need i'm not a new does the sad part about it you would think see this is my real laptop please john like a dedicated work machine i feel like that did happiness alien where love man i love alien where i know i support them they make some awesome park ass if you like playing video games did you make us apart cast said i may have some computers to do your part cast on fuckin shows overriding forty begins what is it that your brain sends out the wrong word sometimes i gotta do not know that that was the wrong word tv th sick gnats nothing yes it is thanks to i think i don't know i think it's did see i think my brains not that good
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where they found true blood lucky's house circa they use it without really film you be empress priest was ever gonna find out of even so well they're not gonna wanted to flood said the girl i shall say tonic above vampires just right you don't want that knife and fork cat scan of human negative energy all time fuckin vampires and shipped to cuba music size here is ridiculous will gain experience by my serve may i begin before we even do this pod cas may i just say that you are a bad mother fucker you could say you are a bad mother fucker there are very few people in life watch them on tv and watch them do stuff and i just went fuck that far
that like you on that farc and show you through some of the realist moments ever in television literate survival not that fucking english due to sleeves and hotels that jack your idea the real shit man when you were it does so in terms of watches show it just my mouth open just thinking about what the fuck must have a gun to your head surviving in the mountains the whole thing had to come from i mean when i you know when i first saw you offered it up call the network you know there were doktor said all actually do it they kept thinking has no their use to production companies somebody columns and you know what will set up a camera and we get these guys go an illness a normal and actually survive and that's what that's what i said if nobody donating like tat before i do that one when you went to africa
the hot air balloon watch that thing like five times and caught curdling liked hugging myself while watching what duff he's gotta hot air balloon and there's lions out there as you know this made it on the shore not but later on the show when i'm in member that those in the thorn bush shelter michelle the thorns whatever so that night i mean i listened to a kill go down about a hundred yards from me and i was that's a freaks most rigged out of ever been here it go down here the screams and an indian i think it was a jaguar taken out of a bun cuz it's a i'll hunt down the baboons go nuts and that was like real close probably one of the most nervous ever been holding a jaguar in babylon and there's no fence between you and now no wall this is europe in their environment their cat damn that's crazy who die so terrifying
do you it is but it isn't i mean it is you know what it's like you know we we're time of fighting earlier mean going in that could be terrifying goin in up against an opponent the universe is tough tough ass but we know but offer real and and also if your fighter will you here for that right well in my world you know i spent a lot of years out there so for me you know ambrose out my sister one time and she looked into the forest and she said war that has really intimidating to me and i remember thinking all i want to do is go right inside there there was a real four thousand so am i was really really comfortable out there it's it's not that other shit doesn't happen it happens and it's not that the danger is a real it's real but i'm just really comfortable whenever an abortion really really comfortable and so there reality of the danger settles with me you know settles i mean it's ok can i just i just know what to do
how much of the hindrances it while you're doing all this year also certain up cameras and turning a modern and doing all your shit you're you're filming it several different angles what i was you know that's the artist a mere i than the passion with filmmaker i'd get out and i got it's really when i tell a story right i mean from there and i'm surviving that's one thing ok it's cool now want to tell a story from the very beginning our membership oh god oh you know the camera be shaky like it's a guy you know just a home video and i and i said how would i do that i'm a good i'm a good filmmaker i'm not gonna make my film look worse because you know you because you you know i'm not enough movies unless steven spielberg to make it look as good as i can and so the passion of of filming comes in really strong when i work at when about their surviving because i got gonna walk down through a valley sauce i would like to go well i gotta watch this valley so i gotta tell the story of walking through the valley and i've got four
i've cameras will how am i going to do that well there's a cliff up there i could probably reach so i will put a camera up there and i can play off in the distance and all have one on my body and all that is about trying to be a passionate filmmaker an end i just one word recently and it has to do with the film making those really proud because it speaks to the full did it was i wasn't just a guy goin out sleeping on a shelter duenna far but i'm filmmaker em up making may a film but nobody else i'm actually really doing what i'm making some not you know set not me ass you are creative in all the aspects of it in the editing of it away you and you would be hung about like we gonna walk over here to get the shot and honestly i don't really want to go back home to leave that camera another crew pick it up like what else those other thing to just be an honest it all right if i'm gonna do is show like that i know can't tell you how often you have discussion saying will what you just say like this happened right
i know you know i remember one time in our look at i'm in the middle of the amazon jungle and i ve got no food and whatever wires flown adam loan for seven days and the mail the amazon jungle if you'd i'm saying this like executives if you'd think that's dramatic enough and get another boy because in my world that's pretty freakin dramatic and it will be dramatic and i dont need to embellish it so i always wanted to tell the truth with what was going on out there that's a real issue with reality shows its like it's this dirty little lies gonna left and right thereby creating a nut airlines are you know us all have no problem gonna records in all the time that opinion reality shows suck i dont know why they're on there i mean i do know whether on their causes cell but but what gets me as is what i dont get is how many millions of of north americans and people in the world watch him and
it's actually have oh did you see no now they're even scripted badly scripted i don t know i agree with you and i don't agree with you i don't think they sock i think so i think it's a new art form is creating creating this this gambling show out of losers or hear creativity that you read out it's it's different you know i mean this is so many like when martinet started it right if it was from arpanet i would be on earth as well because he started with survivor series and then i started getting these phone calls causes a filmmaker survive again when i realized i could pick my idea and i said i'll do it for real so burnett started it and you know what my pen in the man's a genius and then what the stuffy does he's totally a genius but thus shows a riddled with lies run and lies it you know are met to the public is to swallow you so so if this was really going down that's one thing but
and you ve got a member of somebody like a mirror to sing one time it gets really bad when you know you got away for the commercials to see some good acting thus it is happening with the idea that there is definitely some of that too i think it's an emerging art form are really doing seattle mind the competition shows i gotta guilty pleasure for like trading spouses and stuff like that the competition ones are cool i like that that is what i know though of about five men alot of people the doom and they do behind the scenes stuff and in their laughing at everything along the way as they do in alarm times it's i do this weird thing were willing to watch a person with now there's no reason to watch them once we lot watch him for a little bit we get locked in the eyes for whatever reason decide to keep following this person around on tv and i don't know man asked i've tried to watch you know i shouldn't name names gaza because it was put my own network in step with some shows like you know in the delay to the pond stars
i have read the shadow i sat up because i watch tv rights or watching them in a hotel room somewhere else it's ok i'm in a hotel room all my breath you put on and are put on the networks right and walk through the valley networks and i try to watch some of em i can't do it i am alone a milder motel room actually saying out loud fucking kidding no animal in my mind i'm law as people are watching this in somebody's watching this go on there gasping and it's really room and saw a struggle with it you knows plus i get cold a reality shows just revive mega called reality shown it wasn't really reality show
i got i disagree completely i think it's a reality shown the real sense of the word it's what would the new reality shows not reality shows they could should call it like scripted driving just got the eye bread or really bad actors who we don't have to pay much but will say anything we say tv shows yet like loosely scripted scenarios amene even though the whole of in that they didn't scripted they just added what people say you can get a script out of it you didn't you can figure out how to edit it together to make some stupid story or force them to go get pizza five different places and fell in when they don't have the ripe and they get started mad and like did it's it's really but for whatever reason that fury aiding feel you get when you want it is almost addictive getaway pudding infuriate healing yet might point you are a new more remote our new art form that thing is causing
from documentary i'm thinking that i'm a document here in a document survival just happens i really go out and survive it dry rather than i did but i get loved him with reality shows the problems that i had and i had it i had it but i can shark week and i have it with different shows and stuff i've been on is if you could try and do comedy then get a comedy writer that's what i because it's a lot of documentary and reality tv producers are like you know twenty six years old and thou because they got a job and their work on the new show and they're trying to be funny to me i'm at home gone this is like worse than student card films i'd rather policies do not film then than a producer who finally got job for company who gets to produce this segment and as such in this you know what they're sitting around going you know cool if and it's like it's like school comedy that point and i am in high school boys in a locker room sort of thing and i that's why can't do us what city and hotel room and i'm tryin to watch porn stars and try to watch the toward the chopper deeds and
about an hour but did you ever see my secret addiction know so i don't know what which showed it isn't what not now or you can order sure ok so i'm watching waters and i gotta say i'm watching borders and i know a couple of people like that to us watch in quarters and i thought okay really kind of sick and it is taking to clean it up and coming to i'm kind of an enemy retentive organise gallagher put some really organised and shit so i'm watching hoarders go and i could cleanup place up hinder watching it and tat was all cool and a one episode i watched and this is this is what really pissed me off as what through for me was the what the mother was the horror and then they were andret interviewing the sons and it was clear that most of the people in the family were intellectually disable so was the moment when i went fuck well like ok if i'd i the producer who the fuck are you doing
yeah i get when you doing you taken people who are semi normal but they're kind of screwed up a neurotic and you do ok get all that but you ve got people on their right now and ensure their intellect the disabled that's very clear you can tell their not met up and erratic or psychotic their intellectually disabled and year run in them through the horror tv that that that was the day i just about through the tv at the window pulled a rocket moment yeah i certainly she appoint their the way i was looking at is like the keeping over the current actions type of thing though that i feel are legal psychological it's no different than a soap opera so browser silly now and this is really too but it's silly with real people don't you think that's something that lot of those people need though in their life they need that big of a like slap in the face i could once you're on tv and everyone in your neighborhood knows about it you're now obsessed with that
it's right you're being brought to light so i think that's maybe some of these people who need to like the people of iran or the people are watching people that are on it they they ve gotten their life has gotten to that point where they actually need everyone in america to know that they fuckin sock another a horrid or maybe yeah i don't know i mean with the reality shows is a lot of this a lot of you couldn't you can see hold its culture celebrity right i was get must have made a conscious labour doing it to allay because just we this kind of weird you know and so now you ve got healthy it's one thing if you ve got you brad pitt and johnny depp scarlett johansson in the culture celebrity the kind of like for it in their like superheroes sort of thing to do but then you know regular people just messed up and their instantly thrust into the culture celebrity just gets weird julius creepy because you know how they all studio takes the camera cuts to another their bitch their sister or somebody like that and you can see them trying to project in that amateur way well i just thought you know na
feel happy orders you ain't gonna mess with my bedroom you know i really am i watch this it's it's very apocalyptic well we're coming closer to a much longer the twenty first yeah well that's that who's ever called a day right has ever been a title ever were anybody's ever said that going gonna be the day some shit goes down then it really now now never have never ever the mayans they were wrong the mountain they get even predict around them they just ran out at this like they ran on iraq was not only that the most recent calendars if they found actually go past december two thousand twelve it was just the end of this particular cycle that they called the long i don't know exactly what it supposed to mean to them but nowhere does it imply that means and apocalypse doom nowadays in area but there is there is a fact predicts not predictions but prophecies that that what it
can represent or possibly representative is shifting consciousness and that that is the big sort of juno apocalyptic that's the big the big shift here that's that's a weird word had a metaphysical ghana what consciousness a weird werden people think about like a shifting conscious like what is i mean could be could be a technology that allows or our consciousness to be elevated could be you know that we have access to some new medical innovation the changes the way the mine works mean that's that's that's that's a distinct possibility as well it's a woman you can feel it now the way we call the age of information yeah you know you know it's almost dramas mess with all the age of enlightenment because you know we're just we're getting in tune with a lot of things the whole the hawk i mean you know a big thing in my life and a big thing and doing survivor man and beyond survival rivals really big for me and this was the energy of connecting to the earth and feeling like i was connected again
the planet in the earth and the natural world and deal thanks to the ceremonies and things i did when i found beyond survival economy broughton back you know cause was survivor man i can allow that touch and and speaking little it's a little mad metaphysically its that's whole sort of thing but there's somethin to really the pod energy power of energy feeling it feel from one person to another you feel it from one inanimate object to another you feel it from the earth and saw a big thing for me is you know with all i've done is trying to get people to to connect with the planet again you know kick issues off work bare feet get some dirt on your fingernails you they civitas actually healthy for your body to sleep in grass if you sleep grass it's actually like physically beneficial and you'll be your body has a positive feeling from you wake up feeling great that's got enough if you get jet lag where the curious as to kick issues off go workup barefoot ideologues meal and it just knox jet lag out system
pretty after i've actually i find it rather one time and i don't know i felt great after so i have no idea this coincidence or not but but that's it if you want to regroup after jet lag which i get lax or online swap barefoot grasses oh hi irena grass fed grass law as eating will have relationship plants a relationship hence i think is we have to consider the fact first of all that if it wasn't for plants they wouldn't be processing the oxygen and other their daily clean the air the carbon dioxide put out oxygen right well that i just think of it this way we breathe out the plants breathing esprit that we breathed in thinking that mean us it's crazy pretty connected it doesn't have any more connected and i feel like there's gonna be something to touch it has got to be something to do to actually touching grass
live live plants and organisms like a rain forest like the feeling from a rain forest i guess there's gotta be something to touching all that stuff what a hole in the whole thing you hear about you know or go out to the wilderness and i and i get filled and that's what i feel every time i get out there's really said there's a reason why said that way because you here you know i got in the city and its like everything's being sucked and then when you go out in the wilderness and you you just that in you are taken you taking really good should any taken really good energy and i think in we also we wonder like how much stuff is common to us all the time whether its radio signals you know cellular signals wifi and is theirs ocean is all this stuff around as noise pollution and all that darfur is forcing you to react to it needs for its always coming out you when you around the place with no cell phone service you see nothing
stars at night and it gives you this really unique separation from noise is this you know what this there's two times i found in a year in the wilderness where if you just do just standing there in the middle of nowhere and the entire forest goes still nothing's moving i mean there's not a fly buzzing there's not a caterpillar crawling it happens twice in a year the obvious time is january minus thirty five degrees celsius that it might have forty fahrenheit even you know bitter bitterly cold and i stood there and i've listened and and i swear at that moment it's you can hear the sound of the entire planet spinning onyx access you just hear this mon and it's really intense and the other time is in the middle middle heat of like june
everyone knows to stay in the wilderness if ever get time out their middle of june basically hot super here in all suddenly realized is not even a bumblebee it's nothing it's just you can hear the planet i think i've heard a critical eye the elder you came here the resale right that daddy's deep does fuckin deep how many days all told have you spend surviving outdoors like how many many episode to do in the show each was seven days i gotta go about what's forty times seventh about forty times he counted swell did did the argo seven days nor has it did the two new brand new ones it did last year did the two ten day do good she's ass the new but the new ones ban i fucked up i didn't know that it had a different name i thought it was still survive so i went to get him on the dv aren't i didn't get it in time
with a single governmental ten days and then beyond survival was the other serious budgets survive intended this environment ten days the one that i didn't get on the tv i have my doubts have survived man dvr so that all the old ones to miss the one in norway that ten days and norway out ten days in norway and it was a tough as an item i of my life yeah some you know what i do the journey sometimes from china travel coarser in i know roughly where i gotta go i might even scouted genetic army to be over the erika and i commend that i'm going to drop dead and i go do my thing i thought i had it sat where i was going to and supposed to go to go down amounting to go down the mountain down the side down this side out set up i'm going down there i'm getting lost and it was i was in the middle of the mountain and was dropping it was freezing and wet snow all day of drenched the bone both from sweat and from freezing rain
and i was crawling downhill on a steep mountain side the whole mountainside was just like ice and steep and ask and going came up the cliffs jesus i can't go back and in was probably you know probably the toughest how did you get out i just kept crawling literally crawled down the hill it you can see to tell when you see the show that it was way worse than i come back and look at the film and man who was way worse than what that looks like but it was yeah when you out this hypothermia right dear that's it elsewhere so how out of it one yeah when you i would this hypothermia right dear that's it elsewhere so how did you get out of it what i got down there finally made it to the bottom and i actually slept in between two rocks and got little tiny cooked up a little bit of food because i had some fire starting stuff that again and you know did pushups and sit sit up jumping on the spot and a lot of times in a survival situation when you were when you are
el the night in sleeping on the ground and you get that that up your spine and just sucks i get out not do jumping jumpin push ups not just to get you're just a flood furnace up gap and we got here yet up in an adviser to twenty minutes it's amazing how could be freezing cold but if you go hiking up the side of a mountain you you get sweaty gap that's the worst case right that you know i mean everyone knows my saying is you sweat you die it was a reason for that you know it really is true it's the worst thing is to be for thirty p m and realize you still soaking wet and in winter day i went hunting in montana recently and we spent four nights in the the badlands camping the missouri river nice and i never done it since i mean maybe one camping couple thousand i was a kid but we want the yellowstone the weather was good in open that there's no issues like maybe it rained a little bit but this cold as fuck and why during the we had all in own equipment and guns although we voted for dear of your dear
so was on it was for a television show steve or show all the mediator ever seen a chance i have his fast asia set but that was literally one of my first or probably my first exe variants ever doing anything like that even sleeping outside that many nights in a row and i'm forty five years old i have never experienced before until a couple of months ago i think i think everybody should in a way you know i mean at the very least you know we can be into what we do we can be into you can see we can be into hockey we can be into math doing matthew since we can anything we want but i think the term if you can take an hour week get out and just stand by a tree she had hot it'll help their crazy grid is crazy so you get out and a hunting situation like that you're here you'd therewith guys and you doing the thing but still you you just europe
around it right you're not you not underneath a bunch hydro wires getting you know zapped with leukemia inducing electricity you're here you're in the bush and you're getting the positive stuff yeah i dont those fuckin power wire towers freaked me when's your download things houses right next to it like you that's not like a good place to highest rate of an escalated rate of leukemia amongst hydro workers i used to do land surveying a lot of years ago running the transit and doing it the land surveying and i remember whatever wants him out we have to say underneath like the high wires recrossing or whatever and i i distinctly remember looking to the transit and feeling electrical shocks coming into my my forehead his own china you know mark the spot for the party chief sort of they are so i mean if that's happening and i'm standing on the ground huntley nor a hundred to two hundred yards from the wires and i've got left you coming up through my transit and into my forehead come on like that just campi
condemned good man has does not arrive it's like you're gettin stoned all day wow you can't live near that i don't know there's no science this behind it non conclusive data that feeling of being around nothing no no cell phone the word the weird thing about it is it's come invigorating like you dont need naps does one of things in me and my friend brian when that we talked about like we never got like tired we get we went hiking we got sweating we're out of breath for a second you know exactly hard but we never got that weird i need a nap tired get in the city this is weird thing that happens worry you know in the middle of daylight fucking over a nap right now would be awesome don't have that feeling when you're out there doing something all the time she try it in the arctic go the arctic in june and you ve got the sun twenty four hours you just you
like you is like all you know and mom alone i do my think something i think i'll go should seen over here would in starting a fire something a look at my watch he'll say for thirty i am why unlike ok up you don't you just you just stay up and you feel like staying up as a sun never leaves and used you crash eventually because crash but you can stay long term in the arctic in this and in this early spring is pretty awesome acts how many days if you stayed up i don't know they did you lose what when i was doing my things environment i lose track of time anyway it's easy there's nightfall but what i'm in the arctic used and i can tell it because the sun's over on that side of the sky but eunuch circles around like this all on why does is this over loop around the periphery the sky i will just think we're gonna get out of here man this place is gonna blow
it has what i would think that this is the sun is only up all the time we got you can't live here we gotta get that amendment before you this licence gonna blow sooner or later part how dare you bring that scare the shit out of me and december twenty first is coming really think that it was an earthquake predictor predicted the big one i think it was just the end of a calendar but there's a lot of people want to i get behind it and it becomes its focal point could mean that something had happened just because so many people are focused self a filling prophecy yeah pm as asked do bunch of tv shows on going out and like chicken or people who are preparing for the apocalypse and preparing for the last is no i couldn't i couldn't really at around it but i want to find people they prepare for why to kay where are they now they went crazy for a little while and then they said you i think we're just a little premature two thousand toilets really gone down so what about the duty
please two hundred billboards oh yeah i remember that any actual when a record and said if he if if it doesn't happen god is a liar i'd love to i would have loved to call him the next morning so i did we're still here i think that guy had done that before though he had italy it isn't yeah i think so whenever the same guy or not but there is another gotta did that shit she's follows things men when you're in a position like a person present alec specially geyser were preachers and pastor in anybody's in a religious position here in this position of like literally being the word of god from god to the book through your bath if you're around a lot of dumb people you can you can all the sudden believe your own portion is you can start thinking that you make sense next thing you know your by an billboards he told them by the ends common to give him a very specific date like do you have a
a plan b if this is incorrect or you use rohingya your you're crazy person you're crazy person just rohingya dies i'm in love is a lot of guys in that position that they carry a lot of charisma right you know it was a blank or maybe the rain maker is so much charisma you know you could sell you know fridges do it fridge astute eskimo kind of thing i've ever seen i gotta get me ass a good one that's a good classic movie i think it's called the rain makers bert lancaster it's pretty is pretty killer about that regiment he saw math fifthly charming an charismatic that you want to believe you and that's what happens and if you interfere livin in the pity eleven in get misery someone really charismatic comes long you know whatever he would have the same at my favorite one is when the charismatic guys call someone else a false profit that's my favorite you put all the charismatic teachers in like the ring
a cage match it would have to be like a roman thing though twenty seven in myanmar swords everybody should be dead there have you ever seen the guy he's got the hare slipped back i forget what his name is famous guys want always talks in tongues jimmy swagger now one of them less popular grass i forget his name he's he's on tv set every time you gotta check to me satan gets a black so there were a straight face maybe satan's is gay lubbers an unbelievable quote like that's enough like the fact that you are your bar is so low like of people who are gonna buy that line we're gonna believe that a good father for a park chosen yeah exactly but it was real was it like i wasn't a separate lives sketch there was a real guy was actually saying then give him money and saying it's a black eye they came up with it that the strategy for extracting money
where they were telling people that if they were broke what they should do is the church money and then god would pay them back like a hundredfold and they the catholic advertising that having all these people healthy success stories about how they were they had no money for the rat no money for food but there was two hundred hours they had stashed and they sent it and sudden they want a lot and tell us crazy story about all these great things that happen to them when so their little it's gone for people who are beyond poor of if they have not there this scraping together their last panting suspended as extortion is like an religiousness excursion i know that our member years of notes talkin he's gonna stuff in and learning and surgeon and all that and in the thing about like it if you take something like good jehovah's witnesses thing a thing about it is that if you're not in than you
are of satan so therefore if you are of satan than anything you're gonna say to me in the neck fifteen minutes is from satan so basically you just have to get in a single you're saying and then i will show you the way and that's that he part is how do you have a realistic debate with someone of dogma when there convinced that whatever that you're already connected to satan see you don't even know what you're saying anyway you can't it become it becomes an impossible situation satan is the gateway to like you're crazy like you can believe in god all day you can believe angels you can all that's cool but when you start in that satan is hiding in your basement are satan's the coroner or satan's come and you can bring up satan like no one say we found satan afghanistan were moving in right now thing with jimmy hoffa yeah you can't hey you found satan
can't say satan is influence and make your guy you're fuckin crazy we're but if you believe in god dear biblical god really you're supposed to believe in satan too i believe that leave its part the pack that look that up but he can't hear you can't do that and you can't you turning to reverend joe robe here robert tilton false profit that's the guy i'm looking at website about a false prophets and that's what they're calling robert tilton he's a guy who said every time you write a check to me saying it's get a black ass he was he was a guy he then took a video of him like saying a bunch of things they put fart noises behind it incredible running creature did you see that funny a very juvenile and seriously we find it it's not good for more than five seconds till you get annoyed with it are robert tillman
tilton tagged tilton whether th th area that's good already does it just from the from why this is so for i have seen all that layman's i've seen what layman's done under amazing my word will not return boy and they will go to that which it was sent and it worked but light joy in that but the nature late in the evening also provide and multiply at the opening of the one is an island every day i'm a child
roma bless you do i'm fuckin childish laugh at childish it if it was a cat that's why you like reality tv yes are you deaf problems like it's not claim that don't obsolete person find human silly things it's your job them yeah gas part of it that's made it a job yeah that's more like it i sort of she was so you see i mean so did i who is doing what i was doing before us doing nobody nobody i made it a truncated so long ago sleep under some twigs and start a fire bow and you will pay me some money to do this did you start out like just bang and say i wonder how long survive on my own with a few simple tools nor i was actually i was working much music in toronto much music city tv producing the network there an end and i was a singer songwriter rock and roll and play in the bars do and all the stuff and we're gonna signed rca was too well
and i got really disillusioned with all of that industry and i stood there and i was what twenty five and i dont know what to do and what am i going to do now is i'm i'm quit i'm getting out of this sum to actually know what i left music in it is because the music of the eighties socked so bad that i just said i i can't what about rehnhjelm jump ok van helen was well anyway i went to us that's right not only very alongside i pray you gotta go pre korea will that those other good was not the same sex answer huh each was on that man was it i think i think so yeah i was about video to will jump was just a little lecture they went poppy they got bigger poppy and i was released in all this was priests sammy you ve made a good point though there's not much from that error the outcome on tempests mode thompson twins eyes wandered co myself pointers to thank you business until a hearing a real guitar everything madam you know what i left the music industry just dropped it i didn't
i'm a guitar for ten years i didn't i member i only want to know what's come on the remember like audibly saying oh yeah who this new bumper and they go to sit in ottawa and i don't care about music anymore it's dead because rock and roll was dead and i was like city labour and so aye aye but i did more not later but what i because one thing i gotta say i regret is my mists programme in nevada and sound i missed all that as i was in a canoe i note maybe it in a canoe but i'm is that happening and i now i looked back and saw a man i was pretty good stuff go not i wish i had a minimal canoe as in a canoe i spent does where went soy i looked and i thought what a wandering forcing a thought was i won't do wilderness adventure and identity what tat meant i just said wilderness adventures throughout their near remember to love jacque cousteau and tarzan movies and assessed add for wilderness survival course in college and i went
took the wilderness survival coarse and amber college and trottel am i felt of what was it i never looked back and dogs letting see cocking white water canoeing everything i could it would be out there and i spent the next you know ten twelve years doing nothing but venturing and lots of survival to one such i that's i learned and trains just all layman stuff i came down of states and train johnny dynamic fearsomely then i went practice to lower down survived you know first classes and people and then with bodies and then on my and then i've been out on my own and that's you know and and to say that some of the best you i was lean and mean it fit i mean i was carrying canoes all summer long and guidance teenage kids and sharing our canoes because they wouldn't i was it was great times but twenty eight twenty nine by this time and i was rock solid harden alone someone's gonna take that and make it clear that they will i was so hard then every day
and it was empty love that's gonna be probably ask it to be a problem just said i know that's our here we say and so you were you just live like a savage why was your guide i wasn't and i loved it was awesome and em and it was about ten years that into that where just to read wrap the story up basically where a kind of got it you music again i was in yellow knife in the northwest territories and at worst stepped into a blues bar anita monday blues jam and i thought well used to blossom harmonica i jumped up a blue on some harper mustang sally and the minute stepped on a stage on man i've missed this and ass we started plan again as well but then you know basically that's right about aviance keeping my kids in diapers by plane the bars at that by start applying the bars william solo playing and in an you know then
is when survivor series hit did my interviews and made my phone call em survivor mankind it took over while not incredible man what think happened in the eighties and made music fall off well there was a few things number one was everybody was hung up on saying rock is dead thought was zepplin dinosaur rockin floyd dinosaur they were calling a dinosaur rock if you listen to i'll send a trial you or your listening to dinosaur rocky and an eye and so all synthesizer solos worn allowed to go on on ending leah had to have precise mean in any solos you know all of this fit into this synthesize stuff and we had to tom some twins and and and fly seagulls in holland and its that their words and bright spots in old sting was doing some great stuff and peter gables you too you know there was some bright boss but as a general rule the pop culture went to this end poor thing about rock being dead and then
what i meant what i missed when the whole grinch movie came up came out and i started listening to pearl jam only recently i was like going through all this old stuff what good will to suggest rap music suffered as yet all my camera the treaty will have enormous reprogram a chick is gonna kick ass rock blue solo for five minutes on alive that's always doing he's doing the almond brothers he's doing cream is doing zeppelin absolutely and that you know so i'm i'm actually now i think musics awesome i think you know day matthews re lamantine adele you know after all even say lady gaga you know pink mumford sons are i think to some great stuff out there today but in the eighties in the eighties outside i couldn't be more disillusioned with music while have you ever heard of road kill goes choir no i just found out about does i just listen to this one song thing it's called only remember the name of whatever is
is there a new bandits i got this really sort of blue sea banjo field too great vocals like really interesting songs his others guys like the black keys of course are lacking in harmony never really listen a much better harper bends cohesion especially at too we are taught you if you're gonna go down the spiritual road you know bends and explore raise a spiritual explored says a lot of words in a lotta lyrics where they take it down that road anything about lies larry was one of those famous stewards of assigning i get a rubber you gotta see sixteenth what is seasick eve seasick google seasick steve everybody should google see sixty listen guys the real deal jack white pull them off at annoy found him on a street or something he plays heavy slides zizi top like blues on a broom handle with a wire and the guy is the real deal he's just and now he's playing at the wheel isle of man brought can't you complain of thirty thousand people go man seasick steve
how old is that do and that's a real guitar but he's got like one that he plays with a broom he's got this bad here look at his leg is guitar strap its strength plays with john paul jones is based player you play with dave groom who fired firstly seasick stephen so you know
i think now like the music that certain like what's coming down a place i want to know what happened to them in the eighties where to go wrong how did they get from weirder how did they get from leonard scattered to some of the ship that for some of the blame on on on the edge because as much as i really like you you too you too much i love you too but the you know started doing you know sort of not skip guitar solos no noodle ing no ripping you know and dumb and so the whole whole group of follow up qatar players came into this and then clean that up even more in and see you ended up with all these really little precise little nook at we lost the rock n roll or we lost the shredder you know i went ass lives at the sound of you to create fantastic and where the streets have no name and that is a brilliant that's one of the greatest songs ever that just that our that fuckin song guph
i hear you though this the other stuff is missing even like bruce was louis dancing in the dark amene bruce opera is what we do and you know what happened but accordant cox's videos yeltsin in shit he's dances white to assign piracy for culture there was the abc stand totally do you get to do a reversion about now and i would like for the while they were trying to get all the details some common they were trying to make a call to dance for the longest time they try with sire fever that work for a little while and then why people quit quickly got away from it when they found the good bars and just not dance well there's only one michael jackson man i mean i thought michael was a genius it you see what you know what i love i love entertainers pure jean kelly elvis the beatles michael jackson daily wroth and quintessential from it so the other night i went out to sea acts arose in vegas guns and roles is right and dumb do you know what she
iconic he did is move his voice was right arm is put on a bit await like bottle did but just like bottle he was kicked out his voice he played all the hits it was what happens to those guys they just go bananas they just get to famous was actually rose type characters they just get to huge rock stars and then they go bananas for a few years and import together again i don't know i don't know some of them do not know what i mean when i called out often listen to like welcome to the jungle sweet childminder he opens to join when you go back and listen to those you like jesus christ mean this guy could have been put now shit like this for twenty years if so how do you keep it together and still produce this kind of shit i kid there stuff was fuckin fantastic mr brownstone how could they
how could they fucked up alcohol or drugs women and cap egypt too much my too much he went on it but you don't like it happens in the centre right now peter frampton goin out not to know of my friend danny danny knows peter at all but peters out doing his is his it becomes a lavish julie interviews and seven just too young all the money throw used to young in order to handle it it's different because now you come with like bookkeepers and people like man is so much different back then i just read greg otto real but a great red it's any i mean i i literally read it as iraq and roar with complete envy from page one to the end like a man look at sea because even like every four page and we just did the music man it was just about to music we played for free and all these parts is just about them like yeah twice or could us the rapporteur great red it's called my cross to bear whose about him on the phone
yeah and if you hear this greg i bought a mean harp want i want to complete a beacon theatre when you play in their adding jump on station blossom harbour the god said harp you want to sit harmonica you ever met him not connected with not just read the book recently and i just i just you know it's like i mean i i know i sound like an old rocker but you know so last night i was it ass caprice cooper town in phoenix arizona because i get to play the crystal putting sometimes and he's got rock foundations great foundation what else could produce restrict its last there was a boy the bands and i was listening the battle the bands and they're trying to compete for one spot to play in his christmas putting concert and he's gonna isthmus pudding that's because the outcome for christmas putting comes the big rock chauffeur for a theater and you don't bother pro go to the solid rock foundation so these answer babbling about last night you i'm watching twentysomethings young young twentysomethings and even younger playing it up and you know what i said i thought is cancer
iraq iran they were this plan rock and roll and actually i was like thrilled about look check it out with a guy went up there and he was ripped off blue solos image and they were doing things and he's these are kids neural kids and airplane rock and roll i was very happy last night you decide can it be said certainly for that particular type of music like it doesn't need to it doesn't need to be synthesized it doesn't need like we eat doesn't need to win over producers emotion comes through that music through that raw guitar and here in a real jerome see and a guy really hit the base haven't you know having i got a ban like the black keys like there's an emotion that comes through watching their stuff that's so rest and it's not like i did better than you do do you know that fake weird noise it's a gift
have to reproduce the noise you not just to keep doing with instruments like instruments exist expressing a person's movement through through guitar through the drums yokes seeing this person's movement and as soon as i know that you're just pressing some buttons and its creating that music that that sound becomes weird or my contention is that the thing is you and got lost in the eightys the thing it's missed is me is live musical performance you can do whatever you want in the studio with ato tune and you know guitar garage you get out loud guitar garage better what you can do anything you want with protocols and logic but you we create that live unless you gotta show up a gig and are also ontario a month or so a couple weeks ago and it was rocked by and i ve been playin my my big my my more sort of nice stage stuff with my life
film footage from around the world and i do survive remain question and answer but finds it for some reason we got booked into mavericks in ottawa iraq bar and add a blast that you not now by the end of that night i was almost in heart attack territory was drenched with sweat i blew my our monica like crazy all night long had a blast people in and you know you can't replace that you can't replace great live performance with emphasised pre programmed button pushing crap you can't do it you gotta be good age that's what separates the disunity stars from the hackers but then again i say there's some electronic music that i think is very artists to shudder it's not some saint well i don't have an hour rock lever a groat your pink floyd i think really heads vent fantastic muse you know absolutely you know so it's not it's not exclusion rhyme something however wrong in the eighties kisses some supper threw up on bed you know i don't know cause
bans we're getting signed in the eighties that had never even been on stage you know and i steely dan they there there's god grandfather never that there are cater an exception but in the eighties you know no means play people to perform its kind interesting because that sort of one of things as happened with the internet's forced life reform is to be much more frequent if you want to make money because they cannot sell the kind of records that these to be able to sell this incident internet swallowed everything up ice a good thing i mean old because i love the stage like i said earlier i like entertainment i think it's a good thing too and it also prevents those like mike myers movie scenarios where they constructive fig banned you know i mean that's it seems that it would be like myers movie or something like that but that's like a lot of like milly vanilla e allow these bans they create like deeply put together these like artificial things in a very like comical cartoonish sort of way and people just aid up to twenty what you think of idle the idle
where can i make it out of the voice makes a tangled only watch them i've only what i watch american idol once and i was vs that a lot of people their showing were crazy they like there's other idea like what was good was there were nuts they were like seeing their voice should be fuckin terrible was almost we're doing it on purpose there they do that's a preliminary right that's luminaries shows when it gets to the end i mean i have to meet you get to the end there some talent on the stage shorter there is an end at so i said more than my sentence the reality shows is the competition chose united those i've never minded for some reason it seems they do all the reality stuff around it for the for the you know have enough episodes leading up to the last two but but then when they get to the town and the performance you know it ends up on some pretty talented people living sprinkle yeah i think is probably because the fact that there is a more
as you can deliver your musically i found out about so many people just because of a youtube video like someone would send me affix your twitter you gotta check out this ban saigon china the bat and in some of our main i'll give a fuck about another why every now and then you go well and so then used are retreating it next thing you know you watching the numbers on the this the hits just go ten twenty thousand thirty thousand like feet people start telling each other about it like it real becomes like a viral thing if it's a really good song will let me know and let me know this is totally shameless but i just found out this morning that my song arctic mistress is number ten on the on the most download in hindi download this week i don't know what that means it's called arctic mistress that's its powerful word arctic miss it it would be was might you know recall take on the art as as a mistress as a seductive woman and so on now that's beautiful govern ac song so you can hear in iraq stations but many my point these ac mean our contemporary you wanna hear it
dennis office work at a hearing on their backs this phenomenon can of late today i put the point being you know i just found that i was like what's that mean it's not as it was to ahead of adele burundi downloads among ok awesome it rejects helen but i dont know what it means but anyway i just i just plug gets idle keck do you doing music more than you like doing your show yes there here you don't don't don't misconstrue that to say that i don't love survive america's i don't piss on the fag i mean you know survivor man opened a lotta backdoors for me a mean including gonna play without cooper stephen stills tommy show that wouldn't happen if not survivor man you know so i you you open a lot of people's eyes and that show that sir for me a doubt that's like its forests pop culture girls that's one of them there was one most revealing shows error because a lot of people have this
distorted perception what they would do if they got lost in the woods just go frisian catch some fish like a mother fucker was always good vision and i i get that all the chosen dude man how come you didn't like take down oh dear you take down to deal with a spoon and a piece of string in all these islands how commuting casual bunch of fish ok here's a bobby pin in some thread you go catch a whole bunch of fish sets its peoples yeah but on the other hand what i always pointed out was any but i went out there being you know just an idiot because anybody could do what i do i got some survival knowledge is no question and i've got all that training for sure but also am doing things at anybody could do you know the thing the way i survive is still eighty percent on seed on shady thy not physically impressive you don't have to be an incredible shape you don't you just have to write your shadow skills not not super impressive in terms of skill set adjust just here's what you could do
i mean i m really good at the fireball so there is one of the ways that in all the twenty percent world psychic at the robin hood slaves together in one area that's not so normal for everybody on the street at lahti other stuff is just what anybody could i tried to do though once and it was it's really hard it is not easy to start a fire with a stick like that i didn't have enough for the little kindling it's all feel it's off i mean i'd like watching your site kicks and the continuity of the other day i can't do this up and do my tack second my legs that kinda i know you could just market teach you the firebug it's just that skill set you didn't get it and exchange let's do it our teacher throw psychic teach me to live i live in the woods cook to food what's that
first time you did it did you go out for a test run like old i'll do two nights about myself in the woods and then eventually kick it up to seven mean for survivor men so now i wish i knew i could do so just worried at what but before that had you done any trial runs indeed done any like not for survivor man but in learning survival yeah lots done with as i said when i would classes our friends and i went out of my own for sure and when you went on your own did you do the same thing you did in the show i give yourself a scenario like a broken by can you have to dismantle the by not so much i was for the show no i just i just went out i go out i can i go off in the bushes and do my thing just just survivors all wilderness he i wasn't trying to create scenarios i love the scenarios but my snares or fund my favorite for sure was the the hot air balloon because i was just a freak yes like you were gonna lasher rocket at the lie i was glad that i know i still have that its wounds promo clipper something it's always in their because just at that moment just
cracking down on the fuel and just shooting like a twelve what flame in front of it yeah that's pretty rocket i was bad ass as i'm ok lions bring it on bringing europe funding and hang viability lions man you need that of yearning and outlines hulu that's so frightened barbecued zebra i heard you on open anthony i think it was where you said that you think you had a sas squash experience tells or if i can get another guinness my love sick in italy where it we're not why should fanny dammit you should be alma wacky is when only one or two controversial for alcohol companies i should say not so my mother undertaken by miller light that's what was i love you delicious sewed so tasty what we ask our big thick footman you said that you had more than one year two new squash experiences when when my
second wife and i were off livin in the bushmeat we lived for the bush in the bush for a year and would you like us like five years ago no metal matches no plastic alone we like in a couple of rigid traditional aboriginal living out there and i did a film about it not we were when we're out there there was this moment where we in a where we were but we were in legal shelter shelter were out by the by the river and if one of those quiet its work and hate you can hear everything just clisson quiet and i hear a large pete also two feet walk towards the tent now i know what bear sounds like when i hear the northernmost sounds like it and i know their feet might line up and all that sort of stuff i know those sounds and this work a very large i would say it was like a very large man walking in the forest now that's is that a big deal well yeah we're in the middle of nowhere like there was no roads for in a hundred miles so there
should not be anybody walk in and it was walking in a came closer and closer and close it was about fifty feet from the tent wished to this day i have done this but i got nervous and i did what i said the same thing i do with a bear i just got a yellow moreover here you know not timmins sensible shelter and and i stopped and i wished i pay my head out around the corner and then turned and it just walked away just a little bit faster than it came and that was it so that was that was episode number one a big big man walking towards us in the middle wash and at no time was dark second time was one i told an opium anthony and that was i was in day five or day six of filming survivor men in alaska and dumb film this scene as forty because we just looked at these clips recently in i had forgotten something film the scene where i was in grass up to make a bet so recently we were looking at the footage and
and look at look at that and my editor pointed out we look in every i'm doing my thing and you see me stopping and go and i'm just looking and went back to the two or three times i stop and i look i forgot that i did that we saw it on our outtakes so to speak and stop and i just keep looking on the bush anyway finish my seen and i turned the cameras off and i'm just sort of standing there i hear the sound you know for some thinking grizzly bear of course absolutely that's what i'm thinking and about fifty feet away its ruffles sort of running in the trees rustling in the trees and here like that way louder writer my spine and then he did it five more times like that
super super loud not heard moose and bare of her bears grunt will that can make a wolf how but i've never anything like that before my life other than a zoo with the great ape exhibit right holds to me you know there's two ways to ask a question joe you can say to someone him in to believe big foot to hard question to ask because you know you sit around the part as i do it then i'll be losers that's why the question the other the question is do you think it's possible dinner vast expanses of forests throughout the planet that in tiny little pockets of maybe six species six members that a bypass a gigantic pythagoras ape could exist that's very intuitive insensitive human beings and doesn't really want to be discovered yet is responsible for hundreds and hundreds of physical audible anecdotes two different way to ask the question and
actually presented that to discover channels i shall recently said why don't i do superman bigfoot went on i go out there and i'll just go now you have a girl and they had their down with it we will try to make that happen right now are you gonna go back to the same spot i thought that that was a tactical arm or something like that unalaska i thought about go back to the same spot but there's some spots in in b c and in a thinker washington state so good a few so that mean so what am i saying do i believe i don't know what the answer is i don't know i just know what i heard when you watch finding bigfoot do get dragged out their bed man looking for i know what you're asking me your ask me about a reality shell eta i'm watching and sleep now really here comes another episode of what was that
squash oh that's a squash and then you see nothing category of catch commercial every single every says the same thing i know let's lester the nights are cameras cause that's gonna look scary it called finding bigfoot not we're looking back we're looking for a unifying shit every episode it's like what was then they cut to commercial will they know when their put net together there was nothing it's a tv show the fuckers and so i got i gotta with a friend of mine at the network we got a bottle of scotch on and i said if i come back with something that makes a hair stand up on the back your neck to bind the scots to me i've come back when nothing i got so we got a bet riding on it i don't oh i'm just gonna go out there and i'll be alone wasn't there some new stuff brian there some new by adjusts averted listen to some big foot sounds and deciphered it is really recent seas see if you can find eggs they like they played these sounds that these hunters made
say you're gonna be like information bigfoot sound now they ve had that's one the most compelling pieces of evidence the only one that really makes any ten in my imagination is this i hope that they have recorded it assorted scary attire but the hare went up on the back of my neck that day i heard a great ape is what i heard the sound of an ape i mean an almond alone in a mill laskin alaska home of the apes yeah well for four people who have never flown over the pacific northwest or alaska and do you think they really get how crazy it is it people dont know people don't know how fast it is out there i mean i first want to kind of come up and environmentally speak against you no clear cutting and we'd all that's too on the other hand i've flown i mean for hours not seen anything but trees and so it's all if there was twelve ask watch living down there and lets say they were intelligent enough that they bear
read their debt so that's a question why are how come you never find a skeleton i've been in the woods for many many many years i've never in my life come across a blackberry skeleton and sixty thousand of eminent area alone never once seen a blackberry skeleton nature so efficient moving i found one most one time that fell through the ice in the spring other than that dear you no other than that so if you ve got twelve by penal apes that that live and they bury their dead i mean you're not gonna find a skeleton define what do we find we tracks we hear sound somebody gets rocks thrown at them somebody see somethin we got you know at times it is someone see a mountain line we know there so many mountains yeah like blue have so that's the thing is not like the game camera trap photos you think someone would have taken some sort of a game trap photo whether it some stuff i mean if you can google some of that when it comes to beg for the photos i've never seen a photo kidnappings always blurry and out of focus and if their release
couldn't hiding they live in the forest highly tough to get a bead on them that it might even know what it is that's gonna might even just recognise the technology in the tree and satellites i'll stay away from that allows right to mostly like me it's just a sexy idea just very sexier i plan on got like todd standing as a real is real cool gentleman is his whole life is is is researching bigfoot squash for the purpose directing them and you know when i go out probably go with him the whole point is we're not going out there shoot em tag them or goin out there to be gone their turns if they eggs whatever they are and let it but but the only way you can do that is is my way which is what there alone a merchant long time animation and so i hate to sound like a marketer but who else to do that but survive do dear the fighting that i felt but what to you it's it's a very different thing though the news to me saying this is sexy to me to you you
had an experience like you ve had to separate experiences and one that was like that sounds king terrifying a bear i make a noise like that now bear a bearing on the bark sort of thing but not you know hoop and open open open like that he bears and add five times in a row the exact same way that you wish you just gotta flashlight on it just to see what the fuck were you know the thing was my camera was was twenty feet away and i want to turn it on so bad but i didn't move at him of a muscle the whole time and then finally moved is when took off and i heard you speak crashing and smashing and go into the forest and it was should ran right after why when i went down to where it was really our i i gotta go see that that would oblige shitting me am i was we i got scared when we were sleeping cause a deer came in to camp dear
made some noise like often stopped its feet elsie vulgar dear i do mean steers what have you found out a big puts just a bunch of murders that are hiding in woods you know like that's where they live now they they ve just that they live in the middle woods and so how they may i got as whoop war whoop sound because that's what them trying to think across all yes i get the fuck out of that could be something could be and then you like those duties from swamp people they can make some noise they can throw rocks they could from makes him noises to wear soon big puts a serial murder and theirs
tons of cereal murders of shots at different theory just now but i'm out now straight school gay as saying things you talk about cereal murderers who live way off in the middle of nowhere we're going up people never go awry astrology nobody can live you know i've been told you know that means now that's a good idea trolling you know do appear cereal murders are gonna be the angels conversely sucked in montreal have yourself with hair he turned his face we like it or not considering it is if i was a serial murder it's a good idea and you look like a monkey i get it and then you breed with other ones and female now use you make people you it scared of you liquor euro some kind of animal are the gore did bigfoot get other cereal murders and makes them as bitch yeah texas chainsaw masker with big foot the adders king pin monthly ambrosio me that back he's had sex with all these cereal murder this guy sending up limp over the pacific northwest he's gonna try to capture one
canvas order there you gotta go in thank you gotta do policy environment and quit him be there for like two weeks on your own in the middle sitting on a tree how long are you go out therefore like if you were if if you could bring like you and to bring an animal is it smell right like carrying alarm or some of the carrier your your items but like how long could you like a live out in one spot i give you if you went to the pacific west wherever you think that this is the highest incident of bigfoot sightings and you went wandered through words how long can you live out there with what you could carry it what it could carry well if you're willing to hunt you could go you know you can you can really go endeavour if you're willing to hunt so long as you browse you get hungry did at source by dominus be applied but so i did a book will to live and in that book i wrote a belief is like you locate will to live heartbreak and i m right and i did all these stories of survival in and one of the stories i dissected was actually chris mckinnis
the into the wild guy the john john ten movie elevator soundtrack course outer and you don't he wanted he didn't have to die mania god and swimming with lack of skill but there are men and women in the who go out there and as long as you got the skill set you ve got the ammunition if you take he took down emotion than the moose spoiled that was ridiculous didn't have to happen but i didn't know what to do down one moose you kind of covered for the year least six months right so of eating so its indefinitely for if you if i've got you know a rifle and ammunition while otherwise if you talkin survival its brutal if its survival i have no idea is you know you can you compares pretty quickly even if europe's roma yeah his the kid from that movie he went and he was exley in like a mobile home or something like that right if at all bus buzz buzz i die there unfortunately very tragically he did
tragically because you know he was an intelligent man create a man he didn't need to die you know but we use so i said in my book in these very very charming you know alaska doesn't give a crop of your charming and has a good point i believe in yourself are you want but if you're delusional feed off race at a few donna how to cure me like a man if you don't know how to hunt you're gonna phrased it to learn those skills it's like it's a ridiculous proposition just go out there and try to figure it out as you go along with it in the beginning conversation i tend to play it down will goodnight night and i say look anybody could do what i do i still stand by that but that doesn't and it's not brutal out there is mean that its that it's easy you knock worse thing is three clock in the morning you try to sleep through the nights at three o clock for clock in the morning you you don't want i mean when i'm there every time on day three i wanna go home
do stupid i why am i doing this you know i could be you know my by as the crude bromine is out somewhere it hotel having to be right now you know and i'm sleeping on a ground freedom ass often shivering and socks and i'm tired and hungry and i miss my kids and all that your blubber all this stuff comes in and does nothing there's nothing the thing about when the copycat shows all came up there's nothing about survival it sucks you know i mean what i do a survivor man is can't be brutal and can be very hard and i shall i do with with a wink my eye was some wit and i have some witticisms and i've got skill set and i'm teaching and i'm filming but it's still socks no matter what it still very very hard and when the other those came along and try to make it look like it's also you know this or that are funded its be the reason is it there there are three in the morning sleeping on the ground like i still am i still on still there are three i'm sleeping on the ground not often hotel you know working over the score for the next day and sleeping on a ground socks you
you you know you feel like you get the shivers you spine and it feels just like you did when you are eight years old and you had the flu and you just your cry and you will have a home and you just want your mom to bring some toasting peanut butter that's all you care and does what it's like when you're out there in your shivering in europe five year old man still sucks she's right that's in survival will travel is different because i can go out there with food and a ten i'll be other forever ass beautiful then you're connecting with the earth but surviving is different so if you had like a camp sites in a tent and in our various necessities fishing rod rifle he could just be out there near river winds water he be out there ever gonna wanna would you would you enjoy the without
what no i mean even with a woman with a woman i mean i did i'm in the first year of marriage my second wife that's exactly what we did we spent a year living in the bush a full year and you know what it was fantastic say crumbs grief how did you forage for your own food we yet the only good forest growth there now what do it now i'd go out now not enjoy times now but you know i also love yuno sushi in vegas to suck so i mean i like i like both worlds you know i like jumping back and forth i love my music and rock and roll but i love hopping in a canoe summer equally at home as i am in a dog new as i am going to new york and watch and shall be it seems like you you found the sir that's crazy balance it is good i'll like you know what i was really young a watch two tarzan movie one time it wasn't weismiller miller was steve razor somebody like that and
at the beginning the movie happens and you guys in a suit and it's like new york he's like this high end lawyer or something he's got babe on his arm and hand all comes in trouble in the jungle and eighty grabs the staff in this woman goes aren't you can lead to how can he picks up a boy if in a loincloth knows this is all i need and it was tarzan enough it goes off into the jungle is and i thought that's cool thing i ever saw my life a man this guy like dr and asked and martin and swing from a tree so cool and here i am you know now do in playing survived for man and you know and rock and roll and i love jump and between both worlds in school i do is it charles kerr whack zone the guy's name was jack airline no no charge corral rose corral used to do those i think it was first sixty minutes was anyway he was interviewing this guy who was a trapper hello alone in alaska and he lived there for like six
so the year and then it would come back down if you know somebody would stay up there for a huge periods of time with no contact with the outside world and he said they want to start to do that i can read animals minds did you get little loopy when you're out of town for a while and you know a lot of times i compare me to dick proenneke wilderness man in the wilderness or something you know i think what was fantastic use obviously an engineer mind and he built this great placing is out in the wilderness like thirty thirty five years twenty wayfarers something like that but in my mind gino if you live in society behind for twenty five years has got to be a little sound we mess and sounded i i i i think and i've known trappers lot of friends my trappers and i you know i trapped but you can get pretty lupi there are few even in survivor man for seven days my when my gaza
could you say i always knew in your lasted hour a day bundy five is like all this is the day less loses it look at his eyes you know and that's only five days you know you so you out there for a few months or a few weeks do you get a little lupi if you're alone you're not alone at all changes but if you're alone i think you can you can channel little i like that show cabin fever mountain men of you have seen at us i heard it saw the promised but i would be interested to know how much of it is bs it seems legit but one guy one guy lives in alaska and he's a trapper and this guy does is just run this trap lines all day with a snowmobile ends up for months and months at a time it's fucking crazy you want thinking about what the hell that's like sketch flying in plain he flew as for hours over this vast wilderness for lands and the spot that he's been walking around for years because the same spot and as is for cabin set up these built log cabins ease constructed these various places notice
barely big enough to store like hides in a bed and he has a little of the stove animates encourage its escaping society right it's shunning society and the fascinating part about what he's doing as you think about it that while he's out there he doesn't know what's happening in the world he comes out in the world changed comes and you don't nine eleven happen comes out and something else happened comes at a war would have done so those guys don't know they literally dont know anything is gonna it might come out and and also stuff is happening in the dust has settled and not even ever hear of what happened while they were gone because it may be doesn't matter anymore by the time i get out of it that's that's why though have you ever seen them via peace on that guy that lives in the arctic hi mo our high mo his name is a thing it's called high yeah hi most arctic refuge and its a guy who lives way i think it's northeast alaska and he has
this cabin it's like one of the last ones illegal ones people are allowed to live out their homestead eliza and he's he's out there eating caribou and fishing and he gets it gets for aid traps and he gets money for the skins and peaceful vegetables are one of the hand that he gets vitamins from and different supplies and guns and stuff like that and he's just out there with him and his wife and a lot of these guys they they re if you talk when she interview them talking didn't want much assistance that's not for me she added in a less now for me in that where they they end up as of alaska while he was too talking about this great satisfaction and it gets from hunting and fishing and ending and being like a hunter gatherer he's i like this peeps men have it's a core of us we want to see what had so many people like survivor man i think a of times because it touched on the core of who we are we can have on this other stuff like you got in here in his studio right now but if you're
after long what matters food water shelter done those three things water shelter over and over again and when i do what i do these guys often live like that you're bringing down to that you know you down to brass active sam this is it there's nothing else matters and so people watching oh yeah i lost it all it would be what's jobs doing and what got who's in it all now you have to do is get a warm get some water and some food that's pretty it in anyways that's very freeing if you think about it you don't worry about rent payments or else you just going to drink but then what like every day the search for food i think you'd get tired of that shit real quick long for does it's time you guessed it gets old real faster so i mean you know if you're good and you catch a moose you know that's it that's a big as a spiritual moment when something like that happens but you know when
you have me go in with stuff like we were talking about i'm a happy man focus now i'm not worried about turning it the next meal do you where do you live now without giving out you how much element and basically live in psychotic country inn ontario for people trial of muskets and i've got my off the grid places well but i'm sure you know i wasn't raised by wolves and i don't and i don't live at we did it mtv cribs came up and we did did my place and so i did tongue in cheek show of my bedroom it was basically shelter in the bush data with a little fire going inside master sweet but i live normal you know i live up their normal and eleven off the grid place to do yeah pretty cool actually solar panels and when generator and condemn whereas that's a hundred hundred acres in northern ontario as well you just do you built like sustainable home up there
yeah i mean i'm not crazy i built i had someone else you don't want me rebuilding and giving it acts in a tree i will make you shelter you throw it an angle removing per annum screwed the precision not into procedures and absolutely not so yeah i didn't i didn't a film called off the grid ok strange i've seen clips that online i've never seen the actual movie though yap issue watch i will promise but you you said the sub d like daughter visited every now and then install has met all the time do when you go up there's plater liver caveman greater play guitar get on the hiv good job and down the road and people over but if i d bring food with unity and fish where no no i've actually you know i really am now i really only hunt for survivor man what i'm doing survive romana hunt but i had time to go out actually meant but it will make best friends all the time and our textile industry stand no oh say stopped actually me then a forum follow me can you dear coming
but i don't have much time to get out there anymore and and and do much hunting or anything like that so ten new you know inviting me let us and when he visited dogma of you ever die with religion no no not at all to neutralise the crazy life he he has like two places one in michigan and one in texas their those like a high fence operation yeah so he's and all these trees and shaking hands out nominate animals just run around in these like got his own like person playground till i shoot deer yeah he freaking ontario every year due to the hot fair and he freaked out on ontario because they stopped the spring bear hunt and he will you go on a rampage and nobody go to ontario anymore which was like people get really take off about finally see the world because we stop the bring the spring bear hut now it's only a false fall bear hunt but he still comes up i think for the father will they do that
because they they count numbers mean it's important to where there was a lot orphanages happening to make as you shooting the the mother bear in this way with a new spring cobb who hasn't had a chance to really get on its feet at least in the false had the summit to wean itself and to do it i've been a lot of it was that as well as numbers who knows site the science behind at summer right most of the time right so why again upset about that i thought about what those his whole things being conservationist i don't know at an ice because he likes hutton taxpayer in ontario he was hunting period shows fascinating to me he's always like thank god and the government fuckin thanking although me in the marines and shit cricket shootin dear with arrows all day please have a good time now i gotta tell you gotta staring agent he's gonna sixties he looks at me but besides all the right wing rhetoric is digital crazy like obama's purposely trying to ruin this country its little money but the whole shootin dear with arrows deluxe fund as fuck
guys doing is doing you know bruce through sleeping is expressing himself honestly yeah yeah just dumb the young the dear any aspect of this kind of fascinating mean here he really has great joy does he have essential haven't seen a spirit of the wye forget it had news canada show fearing to watch induce for over with arrows he he's bad ass you mean he's like what the limits are for how many dearest was killed he gets more because it feels the quota hell's spoken tags tat new genoese shoots fuck dear but there's a lot like hunting shows and like you'd say what ted nugent as honey show it's probably not is like good is like a real hunters with done he's a real fuckin hunter amis like ours there's a real golfer in armenia and asia is a kick ask offer you know there's a different guise academy that's the thing about being an artist being performer i think you you you know you what things with pretty much will go
do you know any hobbies you know the garage woods paintings you know i'm in things like that it's like we always surprise i will run would can paint too will ya you know it's not ok perfect say what so me a survivor man and the whole thing of me plan my music is like that why blue harmonica on all those shows us to say to people the little wickham i wonder only here man i don't just do fireplace that's what you do know harmonica does what are you are you fucking dragged and amp out there with a life raft you next i d pull it out by bob van gogh like an hour's where the battery and need chose to play voodoo child on the beach gesture that would send a message way from my truck so confident i'm in surviving blue and my schedule reflects egg way when we do it yes please what's the name of the song you gonna do you wanna go gonna do yeah you ready then even set up cases jenny
had these are showbiz man that's a awesome subway danny waste as waste see that's how new of a friend danny's we danny waste is a brand new freedom it just madame here in her studio and good friends of good friends of mine and a phenomenal guitar player of too many names dimension but we ve got a butterfly aus cooper name of you name if you go ahead in that meddler evans and so good and now that meddler lurie accelerate back so daddy's a phenomenal guitar plainer and and i've just my friends of them i'm just here next i would have mother actually like that miller's as our shown vegas others arose he's a good fun it's i'm sorry so we're gonna do what is the name of a player i'll just play any undertake the headphones on ok choice nice tat too so that they are to be written how does the renaissance man man of
skills can live out in the fucking woods by himself and had a jam poets
we are very close down on gatherings and why do i just bought a woman with a nice tat it could be across a chest she could have one on allays slip away went
like a warm and where the noise tat stirred largo alarm and out a member may do so with a nice tat you could be ran across her she could have one let slip away like a warm and where the mass scanning a married man do it's a model will be used one is aware that its scope ecstatic though
if i was a trigger let you ve got bar you plainly in our hearts i would think man the because they say you'd like those gotta songs like ideas in a girl's head and then you get off the stage and she can't believe how could you music sounds less trial survivor man what rock is all about isn't it must be its it's very compelling you know someone who make awesome sounds its incredibly compelling people
you don't i was told you earlier than those that i read the gregg almond autobiography he was talking about cities and he had no luck with women whatsoever and then he started to sing the second his son on stage you got this cuba long blaanor due to new start singing you know stormy monday and on all that in our advice that was it great fuckin songs whoops even so the later stuff like i'm no angel that's a gap gets arm and that's jack i had some real soul to his voice absolutely now is a voice of a man who had real life experience is real regret subtle here yeah that at the book hopefuls no punch you know it's a life of drugs and alcohol and redemption and women and men is a lot going on in life of handouts p o man don't know so much good fuckin music man
i'm a billion was one of the new things to musically is coming out i didn't i started listening to assert that the serious satellite thing jam jam some i remember the name of the station jam on and they play you know widespread panic and government mule and almond brothers would dare trucks and and a plan all the stuff and that's new stuff and an efficient and its great news is it because went from hack noodles too pro top players now you know they were hackney rulers back in the day when they were starting now the great their plan really super well in the worn hands in all these guys it's great stuff and i miss you know just some latin somebody go i'm sure danny sat his share of just you know shredding and cut him loose and going in you i do the same when i play with my band and in my guitar player in the oj god bless me a great players really creative but
he'll do the soul and i know he'll do solar based on ok it's time to end the solar and if i'm here a great night and i think he's got it i'll go now not done and i'll turn my back to my onstage and simon you not done cheap for compliance and keep plan and i just go you got it you went to the chop novel past it yeah when you grudgingly go off we had a steamer avon andrew dice clay believer not his son max is a credible drummer and we we played a video of him at improv and hollywood and it's ridiculous how good he is a mobile does he twenty one is very young he's been playing drums his whole life's i mean he's fucking incredibly like like a professional on the inside blockhead saying kids these days right i mean man they're starting yonder equivalent you got twelve year old sweaters yeah you didn't have twelve your kid shredding in the seventies
yeah way more listen to analyse each internet learn how to do everything now what i want to learn new track i just go ok let's see how do i play that song i just youtube it and there's some guys in their going and then you go to this cord and what you dont know is he determined it and put a cape horn and you're going that's why does that crazy we were for free with strange times it is strange but again joy keep coming back to the same thing i mean you know i obviously you and i both like fights rightly that the usa will act like like the marshal miss marsh was all that stuff too that is a stage its real and its right then and there and rock and roll or good music if not rockin what's good music right in the country i don't care what you got pop then there is when it's all in all it comes to you got that this drama guy you're talking about man if they can do right then and there is an awesome it's nothing like it and that's why performing so much because with survive man and beyond survival in shark we can all the film stuff i dont know for months and and
although now it is little quicker with the website and stuff like all we loved you episode last night but when you ve got people in a crowd and theirs thousand people and you got ninety minutes with eight thousand people a lot of energy and lives right there you know that very second you know a win them back and pull them back if you thought you lost them for a second and that's contents oliver stuff stage yeah what it certainly intense what what people don't understand what mixed martial arts a lot of people think it's brutish hey you're they think that its thugs are in our view assholes hard for them to wrap their heads around it but they really are artists it's yours expressing yourself and you expressing your you when you watch someone execute beautifully inside the to me when i say beautiful and that's it because i'm running out of adjectives i'm saying it is beautiful to me
to me when i watch like a great performance inside the afghan it's like a work of art and its dedication and focus over years and intelligence and learning and adapting and changing and modifying and constantly assessing until you build your skills up to the point where you have extreme competency in one guy like anderson silver inside the octagon i see him here putting on a fucking show no no no one more clear than any than than anderson there's never been more clearly apple is last fight he called if the guy was fighting stephan bonner called him to come to me and he put his back against the cage like come on hit me
stood in front of other less than seven gonna throw punches from inches away and just slip term and cracked and then through on the ground and need a malicious it was a masterful ballet of violence it was a beautiful performance and artistic expression mohammed of who anderson solely is yeah he's a fucking artist when that guide but people have our time accepting the concept of an artist attached to something is violent as damaging a person but it's because they're looking at it wrong that guy it's not a violent act in the sense of normal violent acts were somebody find someone who picks on them or starts a fight with him for no reason it's a contest of great significance and repercussions that's what it is you looking at it as violence because it can those techniques can be used in a violent acts and even though violent and its description it's not an act of violence in its an act of competition and the expression of character that's why
the best fight moves souls changed lives dude start jogging me and it just you see that expression of character when somebody really puts a training camp together and really develop their skills to the point where they're at a manny pacquiao level or you know something someone like sugar ray leonard was that that kind of shit that's art that's all i agree with i think it is a thing and i think scene kind of passion and people in a matter what genre therein you know we could you know is is hugely motivating hugely inspirational every single day odds swords the circling it back but every single day alone in the wilderness i would sit on the edge of a leg about just film they three of survivor man or whatever and i would say to myself whatever it is i do let it salt and being inspiration of somebody's life and an effective in a positive way then i would stop that and i think it don't be an idiot less you just you making a shelter hookers what's inspirational about that and then i
getting these emails from people you got me through eight month on my back in a hospital bed watching her shows my son and i were strange but because of who shows we got back together again i left an abusive relationship because you shall because my shows i'm doing is building a freak and shelter and so when you connect to those go when you got liquidate the fights is well it's the same when you see people embroiled passionately in what they do in passionately what they do like silver so many others you can't help but be inspired by i think and affected by it that's a fascinating i think those people that are saying that you're change their life it's it's probably the governor i get close to you that's normal norman i'm a canadian they don't care about that i think they don't try to close this again and you me most certainly changed people's idea of of how a thin like our attachment to surviving really is like how little we really know and how much will depend
didn't on this whole system that we have set up the cities and and deliver food iced i did a show once i'm i'm sorry discovered general love you but i'm so embarrassed by the show we did which was surviving urban disasters and primary because i didn't produced a shy and an eye and i regret it to this day and it was all about how to survive and urban disaster re awfully about them up with water that sort of stuff right you know if you are just also too little to tricks and tips and now nowadays you can bet every time there is a hurricane sandy or anything like that phone calls from the new centres of all go onto an interview about we know what people need to know about surviving through the stuff you known and it still amazes me to this day though just how lacking in common sense i think most people are you know like while hurting coming income think about the same things survivor minimizes shall their food and water rusty get it about what are you gonna be openly call of duty that night
yes shelter food waterman unfortunately from a lot of people that seems like an abstract idea it doesn't seem to be really registering in their head the idea that you could have no food and water like their whole life it's striven supermarkets go the stored data through go the restaurant to erode the dear it is absent track heretic every once in a while i'll do you know one of those corporate things not take some people are bigger one one night overnight reckon you know people go for hours without food hours without my son will say i'm starving and i say do to you that iran fathers i'm starving to death i think you ve been four hours without our doglike relax no shit will the longest you ve gone without eating probably ten days i guess one of the few pine nets and thing thrown in there may be a frog or two sided with that's that was one of the very well know that was actually before survivor man really with the new shows why
so the new shows in mexico i got a squid i found some clams and some like that in a norway i got the dear carcass a few things you have found a deer carcass yeah well it was one of those things where i mean i knew there was hunters up there i mean i knew them might i knew there be hunting going on up there i knew there would probably be carcasses left around up in that area where i was going to be so so i did it i wasn't set up but i knew that that that potential was and sure enough i travel around and found a hunters cabin which was part of surviving right begbie any is doing it could be he is part of survival seventeen and be stupid if you stayed outside i argue that no eyes ethically wrong to go through that window i just freeze out here and there was oh dear carcass there's also someone had shot it and left it there are left to the euro the daddy take some of it out it was all other meat was gone was just the car godsons so that is a lot of food when you ve got a liver delivery as like tat big norwegian dear liver while dear livest list
very proud of that show that was the first ten days when the norway when does frogmore toad tastes any different why don't i would not only toad actually only tiger really haven't had toad at all so coming rather i don't know i not sure if you like her is it does mean among taken when being as far as how they are the relief told you drive also told you dry land to dry and amphibian frogs or water amphibians but deeply both thirdly the biologists somewhere going their skin so wrong probably we can have no i never heard even told you mean to tell me no i i grew up with a lotta toads in a highly and i dont know i didn't even by anybody kissed him alive but i don't see how many must create anyone become a prince i don't think to night it you just get like that's what i'd do if it gives it a frog turns our differences over the frogs legs that's very carve out makes a greatly delighted as they do tastes like chicken i think people iter but somebody's gonna write in someone's eaten them
bleeding lot a lot of shit out was in a member when i was in costa rica was set up to do the costa rican survivor man show and before that yo started and we're standards little hut and that was upstairs i hear this person woken up the steps the bigfoot lessened costa rican bigfoot now have at least not in the jungle and finally freaking me out so i take my flash that i go around it was flawed size of us of a like us saucer pan and he was going up steps what club is this massive costa rican frock you were scattered gigantic dennett that that would be a good meal i loved hoods loaves dictator would would you have eaten yeah right forum a week later what else foaming survivors preventive tolerated kill that's a big fuckin now you practice they don't look good on selling a hollywood fags is anybody died from frogs
well and they also they have the poison to progress in costa rica what is a deal i get this the poison on their skin you touch that do your eyes you're dead oh there's a lot of shit and reinforces designed to get rid of people i now did you you stayed in the amazon i'm sure the amazon attired thing about the emma on his son just so much now that's poisonous and it's not you know what it's it it is not the snakes it's not the spiders not jaguar it's not other creep chloe's it's the ants every time is the answer answer the worst the jungle cause you're just to so many of them and they all hurt like hell and the bullet ants are worse the bullet ants are like you gets done first of all its bomb is like a wasp and then it's got a big teeth on the front in its about two inches long
what it does is it sinks its teeth into you and then it shoves its bomb stinger india and they say it's like taking a scorching red hot pair pliers jam it into your skin squeezing as hard as you can twisting as hard as we can and holding out for five hours that's a bullet in job staying here and you can go these they if it's the one already people and different they actually have a coming up age thing where the young men take a glove build a glove out of twigs and they this trap on the glove like thirty of these ants and the near thing is you have to show your hand and yeah we played on the positive side ass i believe we played it but yeah we hence it's insane the man like disk the eu must have to have the tolerance six are those things can bring a full men vulgar man down i think the guy the show that i want to thank the host tried it and they d
no really i guess she hasn't with some english guy let himself get jack by the bullet ants if i remember correctly a bunch of young men doing it as a right of passage that's not what i did beyond the cdc the serious beyond survival noisy ok so you gotta check because i was you know that was a series i did where survived around the world with remote indigenous peoples and i did ceremonies are get tattooed with a stick in a nail where was i enough by the meant why in sumatra tat you and us to stick in a new aspect and i did voodoo ceremonies seats ceremonies trance dances all the stuff i did around the world and dumb and we did the plant medicines enough in the amazon jungle the income people in the eye what went on in that it was very very intense serious account number i went to the serious but in any event it
showed a lot of these crazy i ceremonies and combined with survival so there the split the distinction was it may between spiritual survival and physical survival and said that they learn what what's their spiritual survival in the jungles and desert in places like this and so they it all was these wicked ass ceremonies where they are connecting to the ancients and connecting to the earthen learning how to survive but doing all these things you know as well and so i got partaken allotted mommy's into the mouse pretty and intense so that sears the reason why i have some citizens behind the scenes crap at their ease beyond survival it did very well rated very well the problem was it and put my name in the title and others horribly pretentious but i said look at when she afflicting the dial and you look at the screen and got all the different shows listed and you
beyond survival but you don't see less droughts beyond valley just go on and you can watch yes ass true you don't have late if they'd said less transparency revive all the survivor man fans what a gun k that's funny that that's like an ego district thing to say an audience its rice then so supposed to say it it's like one things were year you right though its unquestioned for me personally if i saw beyond survival private but if i saw less drowse beyond survival it also reminded us like that for them with you could have like you know u s podcast or something something progress joe robins names not in a psycho made i might listen to my check it out and i see oh it's your romans you have see podcast i out we should totally do the protein suit the problem as the shit i can say on this park ass onawandah connected with the president s and then sedan half so i told myself download fuckin ruin it
stephen was the one that by the way they did the bullet ends glove yes stephen did is on an unwell boys are jack i'm crazy that wild boys and he also he sat up and i remember that but it put him in the hospital yeah it's fucking weird have you ever encountered a brazilian wandering spider now you never know oh my god really know i'm gonna brazil in samara jesus do the brazilian wanderings party gotta look this out because despite its stings you and first what gives you the most believe will be painful erection because it george you're you're production of nitric oxide and injected in some sort of venom form from this spider and you you get like literally die with a hard on like your whole body stiffens up anything where do survive it's the most toxic spider known to man and if you do survive through yeah if you do survive your dick dead forever sexuality is ruined it sky
the brazilian wandering spider its unbelieving be a lot of lately they're trying to figure out how to use its venom to make the next hard on drug taking to make something that was curious seventy i agur right and dig yeah that's as right baby i took some spider tonight wanders on the floor there it is right there is that it that mother fucker will he'll you with a boner sk i explained that so don't think i'm crazy that's a mean let's take a look at the spider scientists are still not enough sure that only objects on women you're back it up is it i'll tell you about what it does demand who's on the spot and scientists little bitten by this based you're gonna win with a very painful known lasting erection and scientists are still not entirely sure about the effects on women the male bright actually mistakes the chemicals in spite of venom chemicals that the male brain normally use is to trigger interaction
symptoms now consider this visit wider has been doing that kind of thing for millions of years man is only just designed a drug that does brutally the same thing now is that his way too obsessed with donors says there being a terrifying fucking will die die with a boner that's the thing i mean you know there's things down in the amazon juggles where brazil india that its when i was down there now training off the what on whom we learned survive you tell a story through interpreter he had shirley was blogger hit a monkey up in the tree clad climb up the tree to get them sixty feet in the air and he just so the cannon rights he just barely grey he's just brushed a caterpillar and the electric jewel was so powerful
that it jolted him right out of the tree and down sixty feet oh my god and he didn't break a single bow and his body but he spent weeks two weeks in the hospital and his entire body was black just went black total black does bring everyone lack and they found one entomologists that was in brazil that had an anecdote antidote for that caterpillar i mean so the stuff it's in the amazon jungles just bizarre against still freaked me i i go down and like i said but it's the ass le loup cross the itches thinking about if the answer always gets me yeah my friend brian cowen wanted to be a naturalist and he spent one summer vacation worse or trip rather serve in school where they went to the rainfall and they had to sleep on these will faded platforms they would cover the posts with like chemicals to keep the ants off again
said when you were up their sleeping you could literally here the ants walker threat at that there are so many other that's what you mean that's like a fuckin it's it's not fun does nothing fund about trying to sleep in any amazon you able through that shit i'm not i'm not even sure how i did the shows i did do doubt down there can sometimes think about going down again to do like it you know ten day thing and i think man oh i was just like lucky the first what time cuz i need to get down there and one wrong move and i've got you know a fer de lance snake or a spider or a poison dart frog or a bullet you know and of and i was sleeping on the ground the whole time re solitude you didn't make any kind of structure anything we i slept off the off the ground by about four and a half on pools of you know the answer of care their answer above your head at all it was walking from germany tree and big big big those
boarding after so big you'll get sixty in a nest on a bigger and i saw a man at one point six in a row i thought i gotta be nearness somewhere girl somewhere i gotta admit him in the amazon jungle and on the other hand i love the amazon young us or something or what but i just love the jungle it must be scientists are of a lie europe dangerous now really beautiful down there see that aims that are rather ants can actually take out elephants and then if a sufficient amount of ants find trail to the elephants ears they will literally climb up elephants leg and eat him from the ears climb into his ears and just start eating his brain at all the other sounds that's all the craziest fucking thing i ever heard of my life but i know
ants if you're lying on the ground like their certain army ass though you fuck you up people die from you don't think i get bitten by couple army ass i was too i saw them going across in a stream and wanted to film a stream of aid and i i i i put the key we're down and about three or four inches from the stream of that no big deal is walking across in front of my lens and i get this cool shy of the ant scorned by i literally put it down justice barely touched the ground i swear the ants from over their jumped over jumped onto the camera and my hand like google books like how instantly bit hands like didn't start attacking yeah just tat these are only a few big s army ass to so on the other hand we had some ants come through the hall one night beforehand and in the way that we they were going under my hammock and what we did was we took a fire and we we scrap the ground in front of them with a fire to break as they all travel on pheromones
on your pheromone sent right they follow each other on the pheromone trail and you have to break that trail of fire and we were guide them and so they made a new trail because we guided them to go over this way hut that's out by the way on which has just using the fire thing like a saw pheromones that's why if you ve ever seen venom israel siena's youtube videos of the spiral of death they lose the scent of whoever the fuck is in the lead and they just spiral around in a circle until they starve to death yeah yeah brides phrase spiral of video of aunt death spiral this is gonna freak you out i ve never seen before this it's a rare occurrence apparently but they ants get confused when there are there they lose assent and they don't know who the fuck they're following and they get in these they look like her means they getting these spinning hurricanes of ants and then they they spend in the circle until they all die till the despatch around
fuck and fascinating man it's over it's rarely filmed it's not that that's it right there look at that there that's essentially that looks to me like a galaxy it looks like a hurricane you know it's cool laziness if you ve never seen it you have to google it because it doesn't even seem like it's real it's this insane amount of ants and at the top in the middle rather in the centre there is so many of them that their piled up like many many times over like ten twenty adds high and they're all just tramp each other and why do they think they think it's because mental thing is largely error yeah there's an error and they don't know what they lost their send their fun seriously man billy doesn't know the way i know the way guys you to know i'm just me it's fast thing to watch the glasses suggestion and error that nature that's a thing i've been really super fortunate with all the film worked it i've done is as has been done
the beauty that i've seen you know the andes mountains the amazon jungle studio bigfoot stores to freaked me if we go beyond such fifty foot away how we're ape while you sleep here in his tent jesus rise when you're in alaska she visas that's the that's me the ultimate if i had like one one question that i could ask where i could find out like one truth about the world i would ask about big foot he could talk to come on dude is there anything out there i would be a really you know i would ask about this light i would ask the relevant afterlife maybe if i hadn't weaken towards unwanted dirt on the scotch man i wouldn't want to know do i need to do is big foot real and you have focused on how to go you efforts for big foot but the right up there with me both would make me equally happy you see that new the meaning of life have you ever seen sir
new footage in denver denver yeah where they actually like the television channel went down to actually check it out yeah yeah that's fucked out we don't you yeah but you know you there's a lot of military shit you're not in denver guess what did andy don't tell those people nothin you know when you find out that there's the other the idea is that in the next decade is can we thirty thousand drones flying above this the city streets thirty thousand in this country do you not think that might just start that now i have to wait till ten years verity have like permission to put drones anywhere they want so when i see when i see something floating over a city but people film it might its powers government showed their work and i think a lot of that stuff is pretty you know if you if you don't get caught up in it conspiracy there is fascinating listened it lots of of doing a long drive from tron throwing georgia george of coasts and check that has actually on at one time we really has like a collar and did you ever talked art bill no
such as george he's the oji there are bell shells were special i ve never questioned and how fuckin crazy were called i'm a werewolf really for how long he viewed but how did you get bitten where were you tell us your story teller story my entire was in romania hunting trip it's good i am radio like two in the morning drive at home in a long dark night noodles listening that stuff in our past and had he introducing deterrence mckenna away because one first hand mckenna recordings of ever heard was someone had taken one of the art bell shows and put it on mine in sight from the nineties and was terence mckenna from hawaii on a bus wireless radio spectrum internet connection is really fascinating so our bell
like some really interesting people on a as well as whack adieus who will i plan com patients backwards to finally hidden meaning in what i am trying to say by when they bring in those mit guys and in some of these big thinkers and it's pretty fascinating to listen these people talking now this is so and so on is like dinners as eighty is ten thousand you know what you call it in america but but does just super huge intelligent people and we fastening to hear them go through in the covering all different basis of conspiracies man still doesn't sound like a wacko you know that get the phone collars that's a different story when you get phone collars yeah well margaret of all there is an alien not proven daughters it will call he had a line if you could call that line if you are from the future it would give that line out of europe
i'm traveller there's a time travel if you ve spent time you're just asking frazzle ok come on man how many times travellers are they really they need their own lie than they did you find it gets you in the erika man you line was busy the whole time was busy long time i've been calling for forty seven years it was busy can you go back in time to when it wasn't busy and don't you have a good time machinery is one one shot deal if time travel does and yet you you're going to be able to do it all the time so your one yet one shot at it and then there's no time machine if you go back in time seen ass a way to think about and then you have to use where are you go which area going on a dinosaur you know that like the sixties what would you do if you could do or say if there was a time machine that could put you for one week in era the paleo with the jurassic like you could you could live at one point on could humans live the dinosaur air was a too hot how was it i don't know i think you know
see that the new version of king kong everytime i saw a dinosaur movie i always thought the same thing come they never show really big ask killer checks and finally when they did the new king kong they got it while this is like a finely that's right there it that's what it would be like you'd be a human and you get eaten by like dragonfly because it in fighting this begs or i don't know i think i don't i have no idea which others have showed his pale you told us right now just like rule in their eyes gone man is idiots donor what they talk to it if you could go back in time with a fuckin camera film you surviving around dinosaurs tat would be the dope a show in the history of the world they invented time machine with five years promise me you will do survivor man jurassic era you would really benefit wishing more than anybody except people would like steel gold and hide it someplace the no it isn't a few people benefit the most will keep it ethical you if you would
and if it more than anybody yet able write a fuckin dinosaur error and make up a show what would you do you hide and ground to hang illegally to hang over the brought us or ask as their like we know their gentle the arbiter sorting bases can i see little headway sleep in private steven spielberg they were nice deposit weren't though now they probably heritage steven spielberg many wants make aliens nice airways nice with that the t rex in jurassic park i will never forget that scene where the kids were in that truck he rex comes over the fence and the what's really amazing and i was like when the first movies every really utilise see gee i to the point where you got a realistic sense of what an animal like that would be built like and what it would be physically capable of it so hard to think that it was all over the planet they had a bunch
different times you know our enormous actually right now you nor the tunnel donald digs they ve done they ve only actually found ten percent of what they figure actually existed and at length ten thousand dinosaurs that they know about but there's hundreds of thousands of mammals on this planet about so they're just scratching the surface of the isle of what was he accurate i dont but i think this ass humans we walked in dinosaur timing the bottom line is a big do we just before the other guests too quick but i the fact that this people possessed a study that an gimme that information i am so appreciate that because a village to me to find out how long dinosaurs there's a scene there's a sea right there with the t rex god damn that was terrifying it seems so realistic man you just
put music on this you son of a bitch i know it's doing look at that fuckin thing i'll still watch a movie just fine just for this eyewash as we would like a movie rules nothing is so evil looking the idea that this this plan and had a fuck loaded those running around at one point in time when we are so like you but that asteroid hit the yucatan we are so fuckin lucky could you imagine about this year on the fucking highway and this thing steps up and flips a cab over in front of you has hit in the gas slight people who live around mount lines ago well you know we have to respect the fact that they were always hear fucking do but a killer dinosaur son there's gonna eat everybody was
lucky those things aren't here anymore we wouldn't be if they were that's why i wonder people try to bring back though if they were here and we killed them off people are so dumb they would try to bring him back to pull the drastic thing what they're doing that thing with crocodiles and florida they were almost done there were almost no scary monsters like eat dogs and jump up on fuckin aboard walks and snatched eggs from six feet in the air and now the rainbow crocodile population and that their eaten talks now in florida here one of em pulled a dog of six foot dark jumped out of the water and snatch this dog right in front of their friends but we haven't we had saltwater crocs him for we have sought whatever oxen in get crocs unfortunately all around me the efforts of the everglades there were on the brink of extinction but you know you're not the python to write ass that's stare huge problem down there that we should the picture of the python eating the alligator shiloh ten times and shouts could it so it so
rob you how to run that its eating a fucking alligator like that's crazy snakes are ip debts that jennifer lopez movie or the movie anaconda bacardi i like they literally lug mean not quite the pre fucking close its eating an alligator is now get on its body which basically by appellation if it contains an like that it can eat you fuck agony what i was doing all the shark we chose we were down and we be diving with all the different sharks i tell you as all the sharks in the world and then there's the great white shark and it's a different beast altogether is just like a big truck big boss with a mouth on the front and a thing the great whites i was an occasion rammed it was eighteen foot great wake him up and all my time when you see the other sharks coming you get that classic soda shark movement you know side decide movement when a great white it just so it's just a big feeding tube in the water and it move slowly towards you and it
the one point i was in i was in a solo cage and and this eighteen footer we call it the megawatt on it it came and came slowly slowly slowly up slowly and right towards me and just all he did was like bump my cage like a little bump with his nose but of course that is eighteen feels like bam crap in all and throws me back and i and i in the cage and i had this much space i had like four inches in front of my face that i can actually that's all the distance i had as wide a great mouth great white mouth like right there four inches and funny you're flourishes in front of my face showed that shooting the great white scenes for shark was one of the most exhilarating things it's its internal guide and all the shark divers out there but they know how beautiful is to divert the sharks of a handful of most of the speakers written on the backs of most of you have said a great white hands that a great weight the fuck
wrong with you man have we not learned enough from the crocodile hunter but those are staggering what's all i mean it could it was a stingray the goddamn boat mean that side he really handled everything dangerous yeah crocodile remembered the picture is feeding a crocodile as homeless baby yeah how's he took a lot of heat for that rightly so that's crazy you're a goddamn twenty four dinosaur in front of you and you are also holding a baby i'm going to be dogs and hold their baby now the yeah you know you got another dog get out of here this guy's gonna crocodile and it's his idea it's number just wandering words oh shit i was with my baby us our craig about what to do luckily i had a chicken through the crocodiles way instructed not escape luckily i had a chicken novel that a crime
sometimes those really big sharks can break those cages campaign where we had one great white that they were bringing in so i could film with a camera man i got can't we're trying to film is great weight and big fella and they were bringing in close to the cage and dumb they do it with a rope and and fish head and i suppose to let the great white get a hold of the fish had because then all how a break loose cause he's got the big thick rope in its attached to the boat shirt the great white gets a full by on the fish head and so we are now in the water in a cage with a great white and shimmy around and the great white gets in between the boat and our cage so we got it sixteen foot seventeen for great white shark that is this wide as he's in front of me i mean that's a thing like you know though the course of these pieces credible and you see when you under the water he could pretty much take me in one gulp like one gulp and they could do
that's amazing thing of a great white shark is so powerful and so he's in between the cage and the boat and our cage was held on by two ropes for goodness so when the water with a cage a by two ropes and the shark s bam spam crash if you google anything shark me i'm see it i forget which one it was those of one at that wanna times i really super super freaked out like this is not kid you know she's gonna break the ropes and we're gonna cages gonna sink to the bottom and we're gonna like here's a gonna blow out as we go down and the sharks out there so i wouldn't have to hop out of the cage where the great white is almost say eyes and same long could you stay down there each one to the bottom yet scooped out you know i think we were attached by what they call hook aligns cheese boat aligned to the boat so we wouldn't you say what a snap you would have now where the blow out looking way oh my i tell you what happened to where we were filming that this wasn't on the show i went down in the solo cage and they they slightly
the slammed the door throw the door down above me right and when i go down and they through the door and it pinched my air house so their lowering me with my airhole pitch and i'm on a ban am punching as hard as i can at the top of the cage causes now clicked radium punching because they're lowering me down i got nowhere we're i get a great white go around dancing all around the boat and finally they pull me man i they i or that they opened the cage chaffer jumped out just torah strip huge into they enter the guy who did i just doubt almost yard so it's just uncommon threw him off the boat into the sharks actually jesus christ was but they are going to have you on camera so they saw that you're freaking out now tat we were coming at there is lowering made my so i wasn't even look at where we want to chechnya was well that's me right there that's gonna get that yes you are there still got the scar
that's just really a little reef sharp right i mean they're not bad or correctly so that mark the camera sharp goes right up as early as at the news got his hand his mouth has an underwater sid and lower the biggest danger we face is the shark that you don't see so minded dr should have ended up series transfigured but thanks to chain male suits their able to preserve both i want i gotta get married my head and thanks i want him to narrate everything i do joe roving took a massive don't before coming to the podcast studio thanks to kill shakes in protein made with hemp it came out smoothly frothy loads all over her face in a world that cows such easy but the videos was awesome that was what happened to the guy how'd you get the shark off his army to pull
so if i thought you weren't chain male janeway area yonder doesn't that works with the reef sharks it doesnt work with lemon sharks tigers or name those because they affect the worst of the reach actually us maltese so now my still hurts also fight is that brian's like where the glove and have any great wine as that will take your leg apparently there's a lot of them off the coast of san francisco now they're are beautiful beast manner beauty we also animal you go down and swim with a great way to changes you life look at the size of that thing are you lot of catch those as i work what's out there was a u could shark fish at another great when suddenly the rules we ve been hearing but others dolphins getting murdered and is a master somewhere somebody knows no results the donner when i wasn't i manner by people or by the gulf of mexico and when my sharks people yes i mean was in murder rascality arrange way lobby in areas like i'm a machine supporter of recall baron and it's gone the cove which would showed all the entire japan where they were
slaughtering they still and they still they catch the dolphins and you for marine parks and they slaughter the ugly ones for food and they just still corral them is that also work with the rub coordinate africa rob stuart is mine he did the film shark water and which exposed shark finning i gotta spoken sharks i actually live with some joint ventures when i was doing the beyond arouse here is a live with the sea gypsies for awhile and they were in their off hours they used to be their shark centres that this funding doesn't bother monopolies watches the dolphin thing i mean it's fucked up the utilization long live animals so bad in as it's fucked up scary shit and knowing what we really need a man like you and wipe out the wolves either at you need them right in india my about abuse and less on lived around them then i would go jack and i have you ever had a wolf incident no i just started to scare me over the last couple of years a minsk
basically all animals my entire life and through streaks socket aching i'm taking you out when i do survive amount bigfoot yes dude i will fucking gladly go with you love for battle put you on the other cliff you can sit over there on that rock would have do we get to bring and so we now take started i dont yeah i do i don't mind the idea of going on the words and look for big for the future if you really believe there's a spot where there might be something and it takes less than two weeks death that's according to an ultra z just at tat moment of like shit what did i'm just thinking about how long it would take how much time i could take off work and stuff you know we could shoot we get you to show yeah now where which go if you had your choice you would go to northern california we're not the big thing said pc canada bc cannot go where you fraud already in which is alive that's alaska but i think there be no she good luck there actually but
using these areas with as moreover when will we debate i think so people who steadily transferring their order is this workshops are therefore not all of them but not all of them but most if not all birds and by the way i'm an enthusiast you know when i say that there are crazy i'm crazy to adjust done not base my whole finally the lugano us at finding bigfoot i've been hunting sas squat for twenty five years later ok that's that's fine i think i got you don't even know even hotter for twenty five now you need to get out there today on tv show now that's that's ridiculous indefinitely to take a different method that method of for going for one night without tamerack row i think adding the survivor men math it'll work when it comes to yeah do it every day that alot of it as it was at all to do what you do you know and live like that will see course of it if it like it happen real heavy
maybe like agent you have you actually did finest ask watch you'd be change alot yeah people forget you go on a tour like the fuckin like buffalo bill wild west days like the guy shattered jesse james yeah somewhere now if you did the better flex brother would you if you if you did find it like what would you want get what you want to get a video or full you would never shoot one night post if it was me i'd like to get a very crisp and clear and obvious video movie i believe that you'd have to track you know what would it came to the skunk ape they didn't believe about the skunk ape i think it's the philippines of vietnam they didn't believe in blue honours massive ape not an amicable years ago they got actual video all it is video footage and arabic there it is there it is you know it's got a skunk ape it's a really big chimpanzee yo even google camembert where
but it's the same situation nobody believed that it existed it was considered to be a myth a legend this gigantic champion them there was a skunk i thought that's like a nickname for bigfoot yet is apparently it might it might be as well but this was to do with a particular chimpanzee ha that's yeah i think the yom there's a nickname unfortunately skunk ape and then the scanty nickname is very popular it's in reference to ethical animal from florida now this was i think like vietnam maybe maybe vietnam field trial find it now appears that looks like that stuff you got going on there yeah that's what all this stuff is this when you look up
skunk because i remember when i was really in the big foot i remember that was like one of the nicknames they they called it the florida don't keep in this thing they didn't think it was real till then things rather silly caught fish as well mean they thought it was existing extinct for something like five and a million years in the school of them off the coast of philippines in new jersey you know it's big huge she now or that the the giant squid and then a couple is it go japanese trailer brings up a squid that's big enough to eat and kill a well did you ever see that video that they got on one of the oil rigs it's an under really deep deep water video of this squid that looks like ryan howard the squid looks like a crab it's the weird this thing ever it's a squid with like grab like appendages put pull it
privacy if anything is real urgencies oh it's all have some real it's from its just a weird type a squid that we didn't know about and they still think i mean so much of that of the ocean is not discovered to get species they have they said what do they call me squid crabs crab like squid about that crap like squid here what you do now we set up do not attempt to resettle right for gas was what is this when i believe mrs my ass since we're talking about conservation right here a damning yapping radio yonder ok here you gotta get to set up like a recording we never we do not very rare that we have that motherfuckers you actually musical tat this is the thing you could see it right here sit on my laptop what this less
you can see it it's right here look at it it looks like an alien it is at the fringes thing you are sadly all that's a real thing gets real animal it's just an undiscovered squid you know that's the thing about everybody when a camera these things we can start seeing some pretty cool stuff courtesy of the shell oil company thank you shall not do in god's work hopefully bubble we're getting camera yassin bobo he needs to be proven correct helpful and what is this song sir well so this is so am i actually gonna use in future because i haven't really play the song lie very much good song on a new city are recorded
recently in ottawa we did sort of full ban and we can iraq it out and really got a great reaction but a lot of idyllic allow the material i doing you know me guess sternly be called earth music it's because you know i combine honestly may not survive in jungles in deserts and forests and the big thing going on and connected to the earth so a lot of them right about that that certainly is your feelings around my songs to write but but you're in spired by your experiences absolutely in the wild powerful news items citizen this is this is some called one giant far ok and again with a word to say do their job to us
hum the dolphins she'll the whales bloodstains stripped from your sales farm the forests pharmacies landline and strip my with ease bridge farming chop red fines will nothing left behind this world is smaller now down ignore the bitter truth is not one when it all wrong tell me where is my wielding so tell me to hear the song of the sea stop living blindly say stand down walk away revolution is charming soon children's day while this world is smaller now down ignore the bitter truth is one me when janni wrong wrong is my wheeled and saw the sea free the dolphins save the whales breezes of philip yeah sales love for forests far trees mother why should a stronger now the bitter truth is not one tell me when i'm wrong is wielding saw me is wheeled and saw how do you fuckin serious musician document this is gonna be this home it's gotta be
is it and now some like such a cool thing for you to be able to do these gigs and you don't have to do it as an unrecognised musician he could do this again people already love thirty years from survive man than they tune into it and you get to get that wave of people that appreciated from that but you know what you're that's that's a tough as part is can i people think you know hears us environments coming into town to the local hall balls you gonna tell stories as big as he groaned speaker and trying to people understand i'm gonna knock your socks offers some kick ass music in a minute blow your minds my monica and i'm gonna tell some stories from survivor man intimate q and i owe you don t do it to men i break it to go and between a song of ambling any questions and like you know what's a good please please ever survive man and you know that show when and and and i get right down and then it's like a woman of rock and more than one again and we start up again now i think we need a reality show about you
to follow you around doing all that as well as a survivor shit how can we don't have the well that's let's make that happen yeah we're gonna have to do so having reality let's try go and do shows as well tell me why you can do something like what are you have one episode where you do a kick ass show then you have to go live in the woods the weekend that complaints like that i'd eighties that's exactly what i mean i i did a concert in them we went down to mexico mexico to film survive men ten days as is like wild suggest weird where did you go to mexico i went to tiburon island also caught shark island actually cause the hammer and sickle dallas for those shark episode that no that was for us environment ten days last episode of shot now when you go to mexico how how dangerous is it for a bunch of gringos of cameras traveled around mexico us no problem at all in if you hang on the border towns its problem but that we just went a downright where we had to get too and everybody was very friendly very nice whose no issues what so so
but it is worried about like the violence in mexico they they should just overblown man and you know what happens when the media gets hold of staff and you make it sound like it so crazy insanity well you know people are getting killed other places too you know it's it's it's where we went was just fine amendment it would rocked it was great my loved olive mexican it's funny people talk about like third world countries and places that are devastated by poverty and that they do not talk about like some distant fahrway land you tell them that in detroit forties seven percent of the people carried in detroit that's not the middle of nowhere and assign third world country in detroit forty seven percent illiteracy rate whoa this that this is not well mannered now there's a lot of nothingness got this autumn i think i think if my eyes really got open for mamma travel you know i think people should
travel you know and you should see what else is going on now well because what you go hang on sri lanka flouncy what it's like it's a different world funds that is on the other hand you could also watch britney spears and sri lanka such has its messed up you know i remember being an in thailand and going down and the stillness thing and there's brian atoms coming across the speakers and like wow really have thy follows in thailand while i am in thailand in us thailand's last refuge for the scumbag in this country this world rather his one right age where it's like ok to be a scumbag scumbags get together legislative found a place where and they party every foment forget they party every day i have a bunch of friends of gonna thailand train because his labour camps of malta camps will take guys as it sets an amazing experience as in thailand doing some stuff therein distrusting and then now run every day and every day i ran actually went up and ran back to the mai training campaign cigars and it was a bunch canadians are so good
survivor unlike now really here i hear coming across the river deeds were there there do they get the tattoos now because that was seen on the thing down there that in that starving yet there romance fans and that is in thailand at amoy training here is that style of tattoo that they do similar because the there they do a tap taps threw it out it s much fine ship upstairs needles and things like that they enjoy and ends in where i did in indonesia was like a rusty nail reeling nasty it did you affected no but but i i don't know if i did really it i guess i didn't for while i did and went down and then they rubbed off in the streams tat hurts so rubbing grass and stuff although written leaves and things and in the end right after they done it what is the young worst like infection or disease is there anything the you ever caught why you're out when their error yeah you lots but it's always the stomach the stomach stuff for meaning
some fucked her nest i added i had one one time some parasite in a member state would it would leave these long snakelike liege lesions all the way around the roof of my mouth and my tongue will be a massive white to eat with a strong and i went in i checked out of doctors and dentists a final this doctors third world disease specials named keystone in trier or poor guy great doctor and and i go in i opened my mouth and he looks comes only looks at my mouth and looking only squint in his eyes he does i have never seen anything like that before ass such a scene in a movie ma man you know people this guy's a number one third world is as you don't know what this is i'm script that was last those like a year long i was painful a year long lasted well until i to him sorted got the pills and then gave me some big horse pills and finally secure every once in a while though i feel i feel
in my mother i wonder if there somewhere it ormond stage yeah because everyone through i feel things that are not there like that she's so there was a guy took i shouldn't i should judge you put this on my facebook sometimes you took a photograph of my tongue and that when it was put it up mass and put it up on twitter they had descended to the doctors here here as here it's it's it's bad here collect look at and i shoot a terminal because it which it and you know what you know i talk about the snakelike legions and the river my mouth that would happen overnight so imagine that's like you go to bed you ruth was fine wake up in its like a snake or a worm has been dancing around the roof of your mouth all night is that what was happening was like moving around your mouth i still don't know it was just ass law so that that was yeah we were the parasites with a pill how now they were just big i didn't ask man there are huge so getting parasites him i might digestive tract and that's stuff that
what worries me even now you know to this day i always get travellers belly to if i go somewhere and now because of this i like this like a hair weave yeah i did that one time i was in sri lanka and i was on the bathroom floor in the fetal position you know coming out both ends in the most pain i've ever felt my broken lots of bones but that's most pain i've ever felt and was just parasite digestive parasites so that's it duff nobody sees what about there being survivor man you know that don't you what does it show the the enemy within or something like that there's a show about parasites it's all about people who don't know what's wrong with them they firearms down a pair of hands are fucking mass of paris has grown a nest their brain i start doing wacky shit seeing things hearing things they find one actor and remember that time you went swimming that leg in africa one shit krona here scary stat scott to stress that there is more
cells on us that not our own that our arse so if you add up all the parasites and all the things walking on her skin and all the little critters there's more cells making all of those critters that are inside and out of us than we have that our actual own body that's insane also join us one time x i was my theory is that every once in a while you blake and yet scratch your head recently scratch arm for what for my theory is that well that's one of his little critters like hook you like bit year or something you know that's exactly what it s because you crawling with stuff man you really we're just for if he might go microscopic we are right we're losing we really are like an ecosystem totally and that's one of things people people understand like one i was talk about the benefits of probiotics unlike you gotta keep healthy back during your bought acid office for grapples it's really important asset davos is very important that fights offering worm tat is it's over
aggressive bacteria acid offices and as is the computer can butchers really get for those well keeps keeps you from getting ring work but the nobody really thinks about the idea that you have like this whole ecosystem going on your body that you have to support education twinkies like getting ahead of support this ecosystem i'm a huge i'm a huge believer in fast in closing huge i think you know that that the ideas this is as long as you're eating pizza or that awesome the lawful i had at your peter peter placed around the corner prison as awesome hand up that some of the best hamas eric laughed so if you're as long as you're eating you stomach is like work in its ass off and when you cleanse it's just like you stomach just goes thanks man right thanks dad i needed and they just it discourages stomach a break and i'm a big billy
go on in the mornings you know what i'm doing well i'm gonna more as a warning for why till i get to the stomach growls not a good thing you want the stomach to grab because when you get to that stage its now working on itself say ok you gave me break this morning you didn't show big an aids down there so tell you what how but i work on some stuff that's been sitting over here in a corner for awhile and adjust its use system you know it's a cleansing and fasting just revival as your body when i when i would do i do those points but with so many programmes right one of the ones i liked was called eating alive doktor mats and out of vancouver and i tell you by day six of this eating too clans i felt like a prize fighter now walk around house you know one hit on the bag specific and i feel good in orbit i stopped you know shocking my stomach and pushing the hell out of my stomach were beaten crap
yeah well there's a lot of stuff the people eat that your buys really just not designed to process this the whole idea behind the paleo dataset greens and especially like the modern grains it's really not supposed to be like eating giant piece of bread now but it is a good pass and dress sort of ashes i mean so yummy fried citys ricotta you know what i crave what about there were fried cheese fried cheese i think it's because i just my fat reserves start to diminish and i think i want fat so i start thinking about pizza and i think about that member states drooling on dave we're thinking about that's interesting so when you're fat starts getting diminished your body stood craving fatty thing i think me in my case anyway that's seriously more why i crave pizza day for well when i work out a craved meet like when i ran away it's just i travel i really like i can wait at stake yeah cycle body nose like look we have we had activity separate
in building and we need to get that get that stuff you break down you tissue we need time to build up quick what is some though like that if you had to pick one place where you would never go back and try to survive again where would obey you know i think i think i really love the desert but it's my least of places they cause most inhospitable is just try managers dry and cannon i know i always remember feeling so uncomfortable and sand in every crinkle of your body you know whereas the forest where the jungle even those raining all the time you know your just walk round and nothing on its felt great but cold is harder but but its findings it being in the deserts of the beautiful i like it aren't like i love the deserts a gorgeous are beautiful says something about you surviving in her sleeping on the sand and you're sleeping outside walter you get sand in everything
were you aware of the mixed martial arts fighter evan tanner no really fascinating guy very very interesting guy is a really tough guy to swell and get leave he would decided to go on some vision questioning went out to the desert and apparently he lost his water or something got this we one of dying there was no real as colleagues it is even for a tough guy like that get than if you what you don't you like your life your life hangs on the balance of water really it's but water mean i'll go i'll do that ten they survive man with just water if there's lots of water to drink i'll be fine i get over it really it's fun not an issue in all water is as it were you at what are your energy levels like hell you totally drop yeah oh i'll shoot a scene or call about why should a scene i'll do the fight and then i have to sit down think i'm sitting down for like two minutes and a signal as twenty or longer
just sitting cause you could become so lethargic so that's the problem without food and the problem of food is become lethargic you lose your energy it's hard to get up and do stuff the problem water is that you may last ten days without water but after three europe basque case anti europe geared up just think of the migraines that come through you get those in tense migrants from lack of water and stuff so the last seven days of your life on the planet if you're going without watering and dying from dehydration are a horrible and that's what when life rafts end up drinking the ocean water making themselves crazy you know literally say i'm gonna go to the store and they'll walk off the raft was hence you know what that's waters so when i do my survivor man shows and everything to do survival to me the very first question is why my fresh water coming from although factors to be dying of thirst in the middle of an ocean it's crazy
its it is crazy it's it's you know alain babar bar prove that you could ingest some scientifically and very specific ways but but you know if you donor freshwater common and forget the last year there was in mexico and i was on the oceans edge and i had to go away and land fine one how much water can you drink out of the ocean well you can't really is the proper answers you keep you can't you could take shot of water out of the ocean every day if you're drinking freshwater as well then you actually getting some salts and stuff and minerals but but if you have no fresh water you just you can't you gonna make yourself even gonna even business of how crazy that most of the fuckin water sultanate that's most of these giant bodies it's all salt yap at all the amount of fresh water that exists like under the surface of north america russia intense you know last question do you believe in those vining rods where do i find water used is that they work
i gotta say it it did shit that i was doing and they were in my hands wheeling unlike whoa whoa whoa it's like when those weird monitoring or crap or crap i was doing and am sure enough and then we do we found water does not have to be a very light stick these our copper rods kite nordic that schools battle we first started talking i think it's really about energy right you know you can in an era in an energetic sense to everybody i think that's what if you bring someone you know if someone if you brought cement and your life its costs for some new energy right you know and i think it's just a such a small manifestation of of energy skill set you know just you know the energy through you and and these wires like this member story said about about doing land surveying and i'm like hundreds of years away from but all i'm going to tripod on the ground and looking through a transit i feel electrical shocks coming off the transit that's article energy we set up on man lines but the work the earth
you know the world has all this energy and i think that those dividing running that's all its people are tapping into associate like basically there's lots of other sources a signal that we just haven't been able to figure out how to detect yet that certain aspects of nature giving off like like underwater water or underground water i think i think that that again i'm being ridiculously vague but i think that we simply have flowing energy cutting energy can be stored like a and so on but where is the earth is a whole matter a fling energy water is like the physics manifestation of that energy but you can see it water moves and flows and stuffiness like more vibrant energy all the time so i think when you get an immense metaphysical stuff you have visuals human beings who who can connect into this or that can explain it who can explain it right all we know that weird shit happens and stuff happens at you that it is really difficult to explain whether you europe fully in in the bible or
the koran or atheist em or whatever it is you whatever dog more non dogma the reality is predict hard explained some shit that goes on and my personal donation is just that there is a god spirit of energy itself the universe its justice you know it's all nothing that way i mean i let my life a survivor man by being really super grateful for what i've got a grateful for abundance and griffith kids for health and the more i grateful the more i get it the more come back to me all the time i'm what i always say thank you about you know i'd like i told you my stirrups vermin would with that be thankful in the morning or help me too yes you know nepal that meditation called pick prick whatever you want in my case it's a matter being grateful for what's goin on and i know that it works that when you are grateful being joe rogan and having your show and doing things you do guess what you get or that you get more joe rogan more you show more the things that you do because you show in the universe
grateful i am who i am grateful unless stratum grateful that i was survivor man still am and i am just get started with music i'm gonna start it sounds so happy but i totally does of course sounds hippy but so what i told at some point you just gotta go happy everything on an example listen man thank you very much has been awesome podcast and of people want to hear you music what's towards the best way to work will take it or by dick and go to less drought dossier right you got itunes and invalidity a for germany is a need because some do nameless drought in the states took lester i some of it shut orbit celestial dossier and get all all my stuff there and dumb and you know i thought about come on i thought you know if if if the pair
throughout their you know i know there's a lot of scouts a lot of young people that love my stuff and i know i got a little potty mouth while hanging out with joe rogan going to happen when you're here but the reality is i think that you know the fact that i've got fans from like six to sixty is been blowing me away and now i get a chance to do the music so did you need us asked lastra past thinkin about while you're in the euro and the wood and we who i am idea mean think about how you have why are there today show bigfoot dude should totally hauser podcast they'll be like you just musing about life by yourself in a fuck intent and like with that we don't have to edit for a television show you can do like an hour of it to a background sound of just did that atmosphere that europe would sound so like a relaxing podcast ants greater arms i want wants am thought of it our friend dilbert does his podcast totally by himself and our guest tomorrow gregg proofs i guess apparently he does his podcast by himself to comedian yeah it's very i was addicted
whose life as i am addicted that was my structurally funnels editing survive so you could do him and he could be on the tent making podcast account to do if you think about it yeah can i do you just don't release all of it now so just do it straight up yeah just better decide like twitter make little fuckin opening this is the western part as you know and you just talk about where you are happy my opening like that nafta you'd probably to better than i can play layer monica sonia reopening the yes he could definitely that there could be a and today you want a leader i was
ladies and gentlemen last you can get him on twitter neil less stroud on twitter get him on line less stroud got see anything going i'm glad you about ground here tomorrow i'll be in san diego what does benson tickets there on sale right now and american comedy godaddy com and i'll be with joe in austin december s first at the movie theater she's gonna get crazy joey ds is out for that gig i'm very sorry i cannot in good conscience tell you did but dont controls in and brian red bands and is well joey apparently is gonna be doing a television show and they conflicted with this so work
that's august first in texas now august first december first went on that next year will be there on sport again december you know month it is less droughts musical harmonica hypnotize me to the point where am i wrong ladies and gentlemen i have become a mole rod tomorrow night at the ice house calmly club it is joe ideas gregg fitzsimons tom segura me adam hunter and sam tripoli soccer view and find out about any future shows that brine might be participating in good it s got to me and from there you can so by a beautiful psychedelic you can t shirt this i is over we will see you dirty bitches tomorrow maybe if bless you keep a real stay black
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