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Greg Proops, Brian Redban - Date: 11/21/2012
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we'll darker that's all products that we believe in go to honour dotcom com using code name broken you will save ten percent off any and all supplements for men all i'm done so not supplements familiar we'll experience powerful gregg proves great see i'm coming down dona saw some debate here jail you said the dickens before you the only person i even know that can save decades and accounts it sounds private right in their it meant we set lower the dickens i'm a loud is the dickens nobody's dickens anymore it's quite a good one it has got dick in it which makes it king right off chip and then any good sneak dick in
i cleared like showing ban and swinging a ways dickens because it comes back on you really if you see if you say to someone you know loud as the dickens they can't say anything of utility grandmother against children that's amazing dickens so strange its we that's where this was certain sounds that are like super offensive and if you sneak went out mean however that we still agree to that albania itself preposterous isn't it so fuckin silly and why grant words that much over your emotions and stuff like just to trigger a sound is enough to make you fuckin lose your shit and like protest to write a letter yeah it's like what we were almost agreeing that you did the height you can reach at your worst at your nastiest the way feel about someone is now he reached with regular language we have to reserve those extreme moments for what extreme word and if we don't do that we're never gonna adequately portrayed how fuckin mad we are true
so if you use it too much i guess that's what i'm guilty of that is most any other comic i'm profane and i will say forty minutes it's precisely those during the setting of a night club how many act its that's when you you're having a few drinks you're on winding and a new like fuck this man that's where it supposed to come out i think so too and i'm i had a jerk like a class digging in chicago cavaliers here zionism echoed you want to do this chicago theatre gig dean of the trip puts it on a stick it's gonna be there and what's his name sticks you know again dennis right sticks yet i am you know sticks with their new member state i do remember though he remembers it i've downloaded got to list and then they did out wow lay when you sell sticks deja vu mistakes has it and tat used the word preposterous a minute ago he had a proposal
his wife his wife was wearing a bubble pink and had a funny penelope pits heard you and giant lips and air wings and was was like a delay a cartoon of what a rock stars wife would be an account looking like like a picture in a cartoon and he does we know it again i've other do it and i am being interviewed by the theatre credit from the tribune right as artist night because there were no sunni stripper that so you know joe again what sort of a jockey no it's that and its full i and then i have told you five and i realize look you my act frantically outside i and profane in every sat up every year i'm gonna have to calculate only think and worked really hard to remove the profane from every single line in and the of i did at i don't think i slip that i get a jug about a bomb in the they were little more rich than that at one point and i went that jokes really funny if you hadn't com
and then they laughed at the acknowledgment tat scottish suck man that feeling though there is a nice crowd met i'm an intelligent act you know what i mean right why can't i lay five minutes a philosophy on these workers instead i oh shit you know you go to the fucking thing you know like eating really that's yes complainant yeah that's what you want that's why i i can't do anything other than the stand up like i want to stand up in any other form i don't want to do it on a talk show i don't want to do it it doesn't seem like that although i appreciate there's a different art form to crafting a really nice seven minutes set for get tonight show status of my dad that mean i know a lot of guys are awesome at that for me i can't i can't it doesnt represent me it doesn't represent nothing it's finished the other point of view i've done them over the years whenever the best way i'm onto it for four minutes i think i'm perplexing you know what i mean like work why
but i think you it's an awesome opportunity for comics they get seen in for the longest time it was like the best one like if you get on carson right carson have you come down next to him on the couch like you were a fuckin winner man in those you get tat comedy clubs from that does this is sort of a different time and now it's a very limiting thing and it seems silly it seems the whole pageantry of it seems silly the ban playing when people walk out and sit down and in this way your conversation in front of people i mean i know i enjoy doing them but there are odd art form does an odd vagary weirdness the whole thing that's not unnecessary anymore or there's almost have fifteen minutes about it it's one of the issues because i dont know that there are lots of famous chart shows on the radio there is lots of rooms variety shows and every other kind of show but i dont hearing about ones where people sat around and talked he seems to be a function of television because it so cool
as they say right that year because your kick back and detached and watching it and you can sit and watch people just go blah blah blah my book blah blah blah we shot a movie in ireland it was really hard that's entertainment that it hasn't didn't like no i would say steve alan kind of pioneered making it a thing on tv that exact format with the band and competent sketches and they ve just talk to it you know i mean it's variations within a theme everybody's done one like you say it's funny like in years show when you come on maybe there's music miss you like your whatever like we have theme songs versions on the pod gas but when come on tv and they boil a banner patent piled bother about about bought about joe rogan he's gonna be quaint huskies lie like really ok we're is big i should show machine
yeah what is that hokey fake thing that we do with that the hokey fake think poet you guys do and they give speeches that like fake that the hope agenda is it really ought to me the hokey plaything of this political speeches that now you're going back to the dawn of man or at the first person they got up in front of all right all right you know you like it it's been a craft for so long and it's been refined in so many cultures that the idea of putting forth this got the word sophistry thrown in the yesterday i don't i'm not what is outward its of means of false philosophies using big words like i'll throw and i yet you and back it up with a bunch of shit but it's not true at all that's my whole life exactly the guy treated me and said sad jazygae definitions of my show like lately i've been jim political ones like democracy and you know like let's talk about the and feminism things i got like people say it a lot you here at a lot but not everybody knows what it actually the d the defence
the dictionary definition like worse was to start with it right so he wrote about sophistry i wrote back what are you implying right just i looked it up you fucking don't you when in my heart that's a brutal one that's a clever person you can run its is clever fellows online someone they're always waiting out every eye i make mistakes and wage and people and i read the corrections people send me i called genghis khan india's conjugal colleagues i'd read this book said it was kind of pronounced like that and the dude wrote me who had lived in mongolia broke down gave me the syllable by so it's like genius calmer whatever oh he said is more complicated but like shit changes in like you know kitchen you don't like he broke in the hall like you i lived in a lumber tour i taught french or whatever so you never get away with them anything unless they come up with some why
fantasy that they ve committed to an email it doesn't seem like people would i trust that most people bored join me there yeah yeah i've always been fascinated by the noise is that people make in their languages like something like that like i'm taking come back in back and be a word and its it's so alien from that the english way of styling words so it so strong do this so many varieties all over the planet that's a really psychedelic thing when you're in another country and you're around a bunch of people and they're saying things and you don't understand like japan japan was very psychedelic cuz you just did another your other all the time pletely and then you don't know the key because you don't even understand one percent know anything about their culture either their culture is completely different than dogs inside things at weeks they down its citizens its it's very odd walking amongst them was really strange it was like
that's a truly different culture that just sort of evolved over there to think its island thing mean certainly could have been the there but the starting to figure out now that there was so much travel that even neanderthals were using and that they might have even been using boats before people before homo sapiens aid that theory and say that i think that all the dupree conceive notions about people not intermingling with each other in meeting each other are nonsense and the people intermingling with each other and meeting each other are nonsense and if you did it since people could make about basically and that the coastlines of all the continents have risen there they were lower tens of thousands of years ago and people lived in those places and those prices are covered with water so we cannot
and all the stuff that was there i know it sounds like a good but i mean so long ago that he had all honour and i you know they member contici in all that with a chick above from africa to south america privy could do it in nato read about in like egypt and they thought hide all sailed to south america times but when you think about like even the countries two doors or whatever those little caravel therein or whatever or not that sea worthy and in about three or four weeks they would make it and then they you know get in and you think if they did at everybody did it the polynesian went all the way the whole why which is not hear anything who betrayed blow to that right they could they took a genuine in and they gathered water on sales right at night with a gourd underneath
it drew down and that's a lot of water when all my on the road ah my god and they brought pigs one jesus run giant catamounts what a fucking crazy experience that must have been those people balls you wanna talk about bought you lost a lot of people on the way i take a while to get that establish yeah you couldn't just get that the first shot you're gonna fuck that so diverse the first time we are going to kill georgiana chips over there's a squaw is its south it's the pacific south pacific man squalus spoken i've seen some fucking crazy storms in hawaii now there that's because you know i was in new zealand in the maoist came down there and wiped out whatever was there before them the ages and then the way people came after them by nature extensively pop
and polynesian got around town there like all up in the fucking they were crazy look our people they make boats at a trees just chop a fuckin tree down hollow that bitch out navigating now they need the currents thing they could read the breeze you know yachts fuckin how are the air tasted the muzzles of storm had to pass that shit down from generation to generation to it that was stored narrow no one talks about that people talk about the explorers exploring which is is extraordinary but what of the people is settled why you or any thus far flung places like that is an undertaking in essence what for incredible bad asses and that's why hawaiians so tough yet air like hawaii like hawaii one of the last places where people have like regular street fights film all the time why do people you eat
fighting like a restaurant you'll be sitting and you guys all hey you wanna make you know their aggressive paragraphs you have debated getting a fuckin boat in a row out to the middle of the ocean hoping you're gonna find something those are the most looked out people alive with your little idle on your deck singing songs and share a hotline casting of the ash right finally going to catch fish waterhole dies find a fucking island and has no islands between hawaii and anything it's eleven miles from the nearest land ass to one five hundred miles going how fast to task and i regret that a cash the fuckin wind and have it at your back and just sort of floating around out there you know really gonna get like any good pace goin the link is it take to get a sailboat across the like the modern sailboats they can do it quick reading this columbus but to be the complete bore
that any sadie got over in four weeks and the last one and on the fourth journey and like fifteen dough to whatever and four weeks here in a fleet three four caramels aunt here the doctor says a sailor today would be hard pressed to make that kind of time when he's made time because that thing they set about columbus role of these shortcomings and you know his ego he can had reckoned like nobody in the business like he didn't use instruments instruments apparent according to this other fatima he'd take up a sexy and couldn't do a good reading and light veni godlike north by north and they expect the catch agreed on a key was that navigator he downed thousands of violence in the caribbean like he found every island in the caribbean real ship why yes just by fuckin sailing every night you're different place like ie
how much do we know about the the accuracy of the horrible things that were set about em like that the most recent stuff like when we were in high school we never really heard anything bad about columbus service missions but then when i was in college i had heard something about them there's something about bashing babies and killing babies and although the issue they did to the generally over argument was hung them you hottam you didn't want to see them around anymore well there's they certainly did this certainly it within a couple generations they killed every indian and the current there are no indians in the caribbean so the nigeria far in south america and central america you showed up and you start gang can people i mean what happened the day to day in that they find conflict with native americans or were they not a great administrator and ages was not a great empathetic reader of people like
his skill was that he had unshakeable faith in his mission right but everywhere he ran into with the indians itself it was he was contrary right sometimes he was beneficently gave him gifts other times it everybody bring me gold and but he s too where necklace to say they brought me into gold and you have to bring much a month ormond effect can be making a slave why not you all island of people and then fuck two thousand indians by some count historical count committed i'd rather than be under the spaniards million and this is where there's even colonists there's like he has carvings and fifty pounds this is the getting it at all then they were sending slaves i mean imagine other the high point of his life is obviously the after the first one they were about to meet new right and they saw it in the night and he was a dick a sailor and one of the other vessels saw it first and he claimed he saw the light at the same time there was a light on an island and they ve been at sea for like through four weeks in the gaza conflict
because no one had ever been over the edge of the world right right there the first boats that one the edge of the world like they were going west right west wes knows what the fuck you we didn't we china tat they thought right so they he gets back after that mission leaves a bunch guys there i'm not kidding on the first mrs leeds like forty guys in and has been you're off back to spain what happens are they all died a few of them all man they start they started raving the women and taken guys slaves they started like but the victim cultural exchange in the echo exchange begins immediately right there hammocks we'd never seen a hammock they had never seen a candle they had tobacco and fitting it is an tomatoes and you know it turkey's they changed the world right and that we europeans have you no guns and steel and
pigs and disease how long will it take today arrived before the indians killed them all well and that when they left and then went back to spain to those guys this kind of had a drunk village for a while and then the indians kind of got them and there were two reasons is ill so weird who indians he gave them programme on this scale that's the his legacy mass so powerful whether he's a villain or whatever and of course years ago and obviously in some ways but like if it wasn't him or whether this is a terrible excuse but someone was coming to moscow within thirty years every body came crazy how much and then the dutch and french and how much more gangster one part of the world was there was race baby they are racing and it was really feel like in like a roman ideal like for the bounty man bony for the glory of the how in the church and for fucking fine
ever you can and take it in our name and gifts with balkan nations the king and queen of glorious catholic spain welcome you now be joining us that's what they were and then sid always goes horribly always really wrong the greed they wanted galled even columbus wanna gold and they want to go and there's no goal the caribbean it was always those the scenes in the movies were guy would ride up and a horse with a decree open it up and then then figure out and they killed him and war what a bunch of crazy ass so it's not a new really stop and think about it allows the new and the old world came together that's what fascinates me i mean it's it's not and i think columbus's the greatest person armor it's it's the exchange this is the first big moment yeah the vikings came over there
and maybe even say that who was it some irish thank him over in a leather boat they said of leather both a letter about from ireland caught in the land and fuckin hit like canada leather likings you know because the vikings were mad sailors day you know they committed to north and they may some pretty fairly sophisticated boats they could go rose and sales right that you never becalmed you can flagging yeah back after resin jesus glitter crafty boats in the the dangers of course getting wiped out you know storm david take him laminate invade eight invade places they re like dragged him into russian and went up to fuckin vulgar moscow and stuff thing the vikings captured air ass he went up the sand as you were that time mr pierre just full of gangsters would show a big with belief systems and you know
shhh the usa that vikings are doubling the most psychedelic obama arab tribes do they know what mushroom they took yeah sure they do we could look at our problem i want to say that it was the am anita miscarry other would that one that always gets connected to religion and santa claus and all other reddened why on i want a little cap with a white talk now it's a young it's a big red thing with white spots over the mari looks like ours water yes mario brothers it looks like santa claus do you know the correlation between the emanated musk arians no please you gotta see this brain pope pushes p up am anita mascara and santa claus just for an image of what the money looks like if people have seen it before bright red and white and is it in the eyes of many people who have examined it represents santa claus and
the reason why santa claus has this red and white outfit cause that's the colours of the enemy to emanated was scary mushroom the reason why the christmas tree which is a coniferous tree has these brightly covered package's underneath it is because these mushrooms having micro rise a relationship with these these trees and there they look like bright packages and they show up there right shiny packages of red and white underneath the trees the way age ride them out they would either pick them off and put them in the trees so they would try and the sun which is just like your aid at the tree or they would hang them in front of the fireplace to drive them out which is exactly what the stockings over the fireplace and why the fucking stockings or red and white the mushroom did the did a pull up just start had an image of it riper yeah that's it right there at the others there's a bunch of images the older images santa claus with that mushroom you see that
oh there you go when it got you go back to like really ancient depictions of these mushrooms the older you go the more often you see these mushrooms around elves in mystery christmas cards and things on those lines these mushrooms around santa claus so it was a direct connection they were drawing fucking mushrooms and elves for christmas cards so point time people were still connected to this idea lost it the emma nina what you call em anita miscarry a mushroom there was this yeah there was to be the one the vikings are taken rather than there they have the tree worship and all that there is a scholar named john marco allegro who was one of the guys who was decipher the dead sea squirrels and he wrote to books about at one of them's called the dead sea scroll the christian myth and the other one call the sacred mushroom in the cross and its all about how the entire christian religion was based on psychedelic mushroom eating and
sex rituals and fertility rituals climate now he was now had made sex it was all that mushroom that this that mushrooms on the cover of the book the emanated miscarry mushroom that is mushroom like that they would find out about how to use it and they would find out about how to prepare it and then it would give them this unbelievable psychedelic experience so they here all of the of the waves of preparing at finding in apparently of very tricky mushroom it's it's it it's very genetically its variable seasonably its doesn't always give you the experience so you have figure out how to find it from what what area it had some of them will knock your dick into the dirt some of them do nothing but making sweat its weird mushroom so the ideas a question the so when you say all christianity you mean like european christianity where the mushroom exists or who did it
i've got a question so when you say all christians do you mean like european christiana me where the mushroom exists or did it exist in the middle east as well well this is for the dead sea scrolls were all found in kumar's that's where they were writing the stuff supposedly so in at least in that area injure you know and then they will take it is israel they were taking mushrooms according them allegro but see allegro was the only scholar onto the the loose alyssa scars at word hired to decipher debts he's girls he was the only one that was an agnostic he's what and ordained minister but then in studying theology he just said about this kind of silly obviously to some you just crazy stories and let's just get to the root of all this and find out where this all comes from by chance was he also the only professor that also took mushrooms the crazy thing is i don't think he did he was a really a straight lace collar how do we get to santa claus joe well
santa claus being how did it get all the way down to the one i understand that the colours in the tree and everything is he the daily give us this bullshit about saint nicholas routes from turkey and like like wikipedia and everything says he and others a couple different versions and yet one is from germany ones from either the siberian one the reindeer the thing about the reindeer the things about the ranges reindeer loved e emanating miscarry mushroom so much so yeah so much so that when they have shown rituals in the young lodges and they will have these rituals in mushrooms tickets step out to urinate reindeer will knock them over to get at their urine snow while yeah they love it they live in why the fuck these reindeer flying but dear lady why they fly the shopman who is red and white like the amnesia miscarry mushroom is sitting in a carriage and he's fuck
for lying with all the relaunch of the shares mushroom how clear did they have to make the myth that these reindeer are high after it how clear lily s name john marco allegro leg it's really hard to understand i don't have any background in languages soul and listen a re reading how he broke it all down apparently it's very controversial yet again a mad yeah but the fact remains that this guy was a you know he's a legit brilliant scholar and an agnostic and if one guy out of a list of religious right cooks the reading ancient shit hoping to find on jesus's special friends list or way fire i thought if you do not out his watch and not only willing to consider anybody's alternative ideas on an office right but fascinating it is fascinating i mean i was in fact i do not know heard about the same
it and all that and i was at that little chapel a worry supposedly wasn't everything nose like you don't get a big santa claus winter time you know oh drink a coca cola feel the it said you need the leap is really other than he was the local guy who gave give some one yeah fuck knows where although stories came from so fascinating it's i thought flying reindeer word invention of what's his name clement more whatever who wrote was it night for christmas could then maybe but maybe i gotta make sure concept into something new about flying reindeer i think they need her story from europe there so many connections between this mushroom and santa claus it's almost like it's almost silly yet but is there's like things like it
think about you know like the pink floyd with advice it i know it's the same shit as you have said about somehow find something in anything that's that's so true but this one is really the whole story like santa claus coming down the chimney that's how the shopman used to get into the houses when they made the somatic rituals illegal valleys to sneak in because of what it was on the ground watching the door so they would throw their fuckin sacco mushrooms over the chimney and they would climb down into these people's houses yeah me this the so many connections between the holes a clause myth and that this this with this mushroom the ritual have taken this much especially in siberia which is the thought the north pole yeah essentially that's what people look at us
at the end of the earth no question if you live in siberia and you found a mushroom they make you trip your fucking what else leo topknot shea warm life would be so much more awesome i cannot share the trees and the birds and yeah that's that's what kept them alive they were there would trip there balls off every few minutes a desperate and always seem like the most desperate place i mean when when you lend your name too of the bad patch of land and ever his mind even when you get our guy i know my wife they put us more bottom like hey why we in siberia always cited areas always siberia you have any time is a russian movie like a james bond moving that russian spyglass sent to siberia out there and mean raising his eye yeah you if you could have a nice mushroom chip every couple months keep going
and dig does a tiny reindeer yeah they save the dolphins exactly fuckin how called us get up there really call hundred degrees below zero rights there are swimming in oil so they ve saved themselves you knew you saved yourself you're stuck up there but you know what there's a great documentary say that there is a great deal mary i just picked up i've take back werner herzog happy people life on the tiger i think it's and it's about these people that live up there in siberia they're all trappers by new apparently like they're like all hell see everyone happy there's no no one here all day running around exercising no one has any like depression no psychological disorders its
of a real happy culture and they they showed them all get together and they follow them when the camera and they they followed him to their their trapping routes where they would stay by themselves for months and years fucking really happy so she was required the together they would be eating and laughing and all happy at the end of the day if we really are temporary beings there there actually doing it right we're doing wrong what they don't ever come home ago i can't believe i got for passed over for promotion yeah yeah i use antics into wine i want i want i want to watch a fuckin real housewives falcon dexter now that i get up and they live forever in they probably drink moderately and probably are exercising all day every day in the reading caribou you know my reading like the healthiest shit you can eat like fresh game and vegetables they grow
fascinating there so five have seen i want but i did see one recently my friend and i can think of the bloody near that you might have to look at a brain it's about the caves in france where the other restart paintings autumn when they found like twenty years ago you know that had the horses that earlier ones it predate yeah lie in their in motion in aren't yeah one room is like one guys left hand like a zillion time the antoinette everywhere and it pops up a few other places in the cave and there on seven they found them by accident or less but hurts goes in case there close him off except for study and they said his crew goes on in here he sheets it and it is you know i'll give him with what's that india is it what they call the cave of dreams at it came of dreams but i'm always trying to think you know
suppose about your seeing what was it like to live when gangsters came up in boats now imagine now fifty thousand a hundred thousand two hundred thousand years ago and you were living in a cave and the much like those choppers in siberia and now you're down to you know you're in a boat you probably a fire maybe you have but to see this vindication of the drawings animation and the depiction of the animals and the imagination and to see this on a wall from thirty two years ago because the connection that you know it it is just yesterday and it's never different all this technical stuff and all the wonder of your phone in the alps that you can download is nothing i dont mean that you should not use it i mean the connection of of people like you say to what's happening as is a little more profound then and that's what always gets overlooked too as i go about was then and
people want to know about like a couple of years ago you know no kidding the eu should draw on the past but of course i do but you know really kind of fascinating to see that the human touch that's what gets it but i don't guy like you or a guy like me would be happy if all the sudden how to live like a siberian traveller no man are you kidding me i'm such as e but i am nobody knew it wouldn't we want to do the thing that seems to make you the most happy not now we're not a we're not like other any more nor can we appear ass you know then have a cell phone got into closer looking back is that what it is we we ate the apple man it's over this seems to be no looking back it's like we want to we want to drive old cars fuckin cool imaginary day sixty eight corvette people stop and look at his goes by second time machine you're looking at a time machine we want a but we will be happy back then now
it wasn't better it was just then but those tiger people are right now lily they are but there is an article five people people who live on an island in greece you purportedly live to be a hundred now it turns out of christine inflated there when the studies done years ago but they are living in the nineties in enclosed two hundred almost all of them and it's you know they go and visit each other they don't watch alot of telling the buccaneers olive oil they lightly have a glass of wine and sunset you know like walking around a lot of its helios fuck and they're all the negative there ass if the hell i bet that's big in and of itself just walking pills the villages there and you that's fucked the exercise animal don't realize like you you had to like it's not deny go in here that's the life and they do it every day to see your friend and they have tea or whatever coffee in the night they have vegetable gardens and whatnot news like they were describing the life and it was like the kind of thing you pay for to go away with your wife and a weekend you know that
that has to look at the mediterranean and drink wine and sends out a kick around in a garden of ballast parliament but tinted you'd be happy living there now i'd be senseless after awhile you'd have your studies right any now here you know your computer if it worked if it worked there but a remote island in the mediterranean that you to be intellect are either starting a called or doing some hard core drugs the silhouette it really like the book jeff riots rewrite the but that's a who's gonna rita trapped well you have to leave you have to get someone to deliver the books have you ever been following the john mccaffrey thing now you know what that is now john mc for is the virus king the guy who created mccaffrey antivirus well he apparently is quite a character and he businesses would this at the beginning of a start a business where he had low flying planes they would do
sport where they were fly like really low to the ground and maneuver around well yet the plane crash somebody died so he got rid of all of his assets in america and transfer them over to belize so he's and belize daily lives and belize and has a compound and belize and in that pound he could bath salts so you know these different chemicals that are being sold as bass these various legal forms of some sort of crazy drug their legal the by loophole oh he's he's like cooking them and like free basing them and getting them down to like the he's like purifying them into its doing all this has no no has labs he has labs in his jungle a fucking has photos and he takes photos of all this shit puts it on line and it keeps a blog onto for sorry ready i don't something left from the hinterland or something like that is the blog and just started the blog its fascinating because
dude is on the lamb cause his neighbour is dead his knee labour got shot in the head and his neighbor who he believes mccaffrey this neighbour poisonous dogs cats yet a bunch of dogs and bark all the time i shot him so he believes that we are not enough he shot he says he didn't but the belief governments as he did and he says this is not about that this is just thereby criminals and their other corrupt and they're going after him for no reason and he had nothing to do with it and he was fearing for his own life he thought they were out to get him before they shot his they think that he said they say they killed his neighbor to set him that's his take on it but there is no doubt about that the dude is cooking bass off peace is a seventeen year old girl for i highly doubt as he does his sixty two or sunlight that uses this is some deep
he's crazy and he is breaking bad yeah he's who is their character in breaking bad while he's a carriage to go look at it's a fucking amazing story because he still up now he still in the country is hiding he's on the land there they're trying to find him a triumph for murder and he's blogging at the same time it is any compound italy's in a seventeen year old governed cook insult audible they dig escape that compound got out and now is on land they don't know where he is but while he's out he's blogging i didn't even know that you can take a bath that's really have used them simply my bad you know the bath salts been overcome and you know that is why am here people taking them in doing committing dread black somewhat while it's just that it's they ve taken what summer norm of like math will some some intense form of narcotic drugs something and then
change but change molecule added oxygen molecule do whatever to it that they have to do in order to make it a different chemical classification then it becomes legal as long as they sell it not for for human consumption so they sell it is best salts so they sell it and everybody knows what the fuck really is what what is it it's some like drug speedy yet i think it is not a game to usually no no no no no it's horrible it's it's a terrible drug supposedly supposedly but now see anything mccaffrey was talking about how his form of it that he's been cooking up makes four hyper sexuality got she's yes he is talking about people rubbing their prizes raw now and then just having a monkey sex like four hours and hours so he just you picture this cracked out six
you're old dude hanging on the seventeen zero zero in the jungle on this front insane drug concoction that he's cooked up in his own lab and is a brilliant guy it's it's ok brilliant guy gone mad it's really it's really fascinating is that ordinary yeah lily i'm let me pull up what this drug actually is too so we substituted catherine owns of similar effects amphetamine and cocaine the white chris resemble legal bathing products like epsom salt and are called dassault's salts with the packaging often stating not for human consumption and attempt to avoid the prohibition of drugs but chemically have nothing to do with actual bath basalt so this is something they ve created a lab its they figured out a way around some amazing man people are rouse people are so grows they spend their time to come up with some new form of math and an engine
release it in some legal loophole and like laugh all the way there's a fuckin demon people who sell that our demons yeah it's the isn't that all the people have second give us and go furiously mental and kill people by people's phase and live in chess eight they said that that guy they said detested positive for marijuana there was one of the things that they were saying which i found hilarious because that is what they didn't say it's is really kind of fuckin creepy that insane the new report that they can't really test for basayev like me most bats ass they don't they don't have like they don't have a marker for the night there bunch indifferent when two different kinds too so it's like just because like you didn't test for heroin or didn't test for crystal meth of method whatever is that doesn't mean wasn't a bath salts like they very wasn't on basle say settings on marijuana but that's like such that shitty reporting like you have to tell the truth
it's hard to find out on this rumour or than not the exceptional was that he wasn't on dassault's and that's why he was so sorry yeah but that that's not what they they got when they they did the course that the chemical hassan m after he's now well it doesn't show up it's not gonna be bryant doesn't the cops should it killed the guy ray that the one that we disagreed when the girls eating the guy's face you didn't think the cops shot him was it yours at duncan s down compose a dungeon my duncan didn't think the capture the shot most likely to face man has got ordering somebody army its murdering so loudly dallied dad it's such a fuckin creepy way to go about it even summits i think that cops i'll shoe you does me a mould school yeah it's happening to me when you put it that way please go ahead and shoot they're gonna jesus christ seeding faces might be so this john mccaffrey guy who is actually
not a blog while he's on the lamb so this is crazy government and belize is looking for him like according to him he had to say soldiers to his house i'll know no one cause he's got money yeah i don't know one always how it works pleased and a haven for ever for people from the states has a really ex pat confederate not everything is a drum runner kind of i think you can end up italy's socially like one as wild places on then i don't i've once but i didn't really go to like you know smugglers co decision ray so fascinating is largely amazing when a really smart guy as off the rails waiting for delegates till i appealed of giant around have you ever seen the descriptions of the gates home oh yeah right in saying credible way and everything
back to the maximum you can just go brewer and shed floor he puts a clip on when he walks right and as he enters into rooms they adjust to his liking yeah that's fuckin hats gangster that's funny i answer when you're bill gates though anything less would be ridiculous now he has to do the outrages william randolph hurstwood rebuilding and giant house yourself how much he bent his toilet crashes all the time his twitter crashes toil toilet crashes why because because it's always it's like windows and steps it's all prizes toilet is as actually toils showers adopt honey it's got a virus he someone though like if your computer footsore and having him in the house i think would be super handy because he would be like element is possible yeah ineffective we know you going fuck can my emails not working like a day he's asleep by mac the number of viruses
this computer viruses that exist are fucking terrify you really stop and about how many ass old out their figured out a way to crack into people's computers of how many hundreds of thousands of people did it and i still schools of air he gets scam emails payment from my friends open ria yeah yeah yeah yeah i've i'm from me i mean for me this as a weird it's crazy how you doing there why does anyone i was sitting there maybe i was crazy crazy i didn't know what i was doing there it's i saw like emails from my website also housing possible arising out of nowhere it actually says we need look anyway don't click on but the system the idea that someone can do that let me ask you something about his john mc everything would you want to end up
riding wild and some tropical place at the end of year can ever in fun now it seems that no novel yeah that's seems like you are just trying to burn out do you trust fizzle out yeah tredah you're real the end is nancy use gonna got guns blasi rubbing you dick raw by some hokey bass odds bang in seventeen year olds i mean it's pretty why that's the stuff of legend its that's like those things are if i did didn't know about it i'll be angry if you knew about it you tell me how i want to know what he's doing right now is a crazy guy and he's a fucking really rich guy do he saw this company to microsoft for over a billion dollars so it funded yeah crazy asshole had like this compound news low flying point i asked me to stop and think about how
fucking bananas you have to think of course someone datum dies and then there soon i'm so he driver can bolts here he's nuts man i don't know be killed is labor but it was nice down it's not it's probably pretty always did colonel kurtz thing every yeah why think when a guy like starts zone thing in a small country and picks a seventeen year old as is his companion that's right here you're you're really your god for a low bar son yeah you now that that out of bounds that's you really old for a seventeen year old man that's coming year old for seventeen year old if you're twenty five that's kind of crazy why is one of stories that i just some i'm fascinated by people off the rail when when we realise that these patterns that we file that we don't have to follow them and oftentimes people to say fuck this and just completely and exit the normal train of behaviour
why don't you just gotta lotta fascinated by all the dictator's chore because they don't there's no they kill people personally in front of other people and then go this is how goes and then that's how they started a gig and then you take over and you punishing you whatever yeah we're always fascinated by the ones throughout history and in the most recent ones like hussein and his son then to scare the shit out of me when you the stories of what they did and you know that although stores are not made up no feeding people to die dude is its oldtime stuff they they would take the people just random people and like girls were about get married they would steal them from the guy throw the guy freedom to dogs fuck the girl raper and then feel dogs trying very hard indeed shit like that i'm regular basis dogs they were eating people yak motherfuckers man i mean that something can happen in
in the human mind where it allows them to become so vicious and detached from other people suffering to the two to the point where they actually enjoy it like that scares the fuck out of us absolutely and that power that that informs all that you have so much power that no one can from gainsay you i'm gonna do that yeah and if you don't like it that's fucking crazy that we could go that way it's it's like what they human brain needs o a really good directions manual you know a really good one day you have to i get a degree and before you can live in
who really should we should take all babies in quarantine them for the rest of society and raise a razor so that it can be they will get their kids amity and the kiss amateurs mushroom farm and while wild the kid is going through school the parents are being reconditioned reprogram yet to learn how to fly like rain and then run in the jungle later with the young the i think there's probably a bunch of cultures punch ancient cultures it did a lot of mushroom if you really look like cattle worship and stuff like that psychoactive substances were instrumental in almost every to be boring but i just read about in the columbus book did china india and cease to be a book powder a certain seed and and put it in a pipe and blow it up each other's knows and have mystical trance experience psychedelic experiences what was the war was the stuff
if i could remember i would tell you joe it's some seed that grows on the islands in the caribbean email you later when i go back and look at the work with the spanish took took did it and their ceremonies and how they danced and what they wore and how they conducted these giant things the priests and they were taking drugs in front of a woman who don't you blew up your nose once you got a big hitting each nostril you you know you have theirs the cultures that have done that too they take like tubes and they stick images nostrils and they'll down below stuff into jim i really like and it's like super painful experiences and that it goes right your brain and apparently it's some of them were dm t based surveillance some of them are having i think it's called a coup hey is those nasal blast drugs and the problem is with the deforestation in the amazon that like these people that know how to make that stuff and no exact
what the law behind rise there going away character being too being pushed out there's so much logging going and it's really it's any amazon is wrong breathing in all the psychoactive drugs or their that can help us and hear us and make us at least have a good time at it wasn't connection i the whole continent with chick psychoactive jobs are without doubt weed and you know but definitely mushrooms and i did towards each needs over the professor and it was really cool cause they you can hire a local professor and he one of the things that he talked about that i never heard anybody of like a real scholar talk about was how active actively they took psychoactive drug and he was talking about how this was that they had a chamber he said would go in here and they would take various psychoactive drugs and he thinks said some or mushroom some of them were some there was a router
the that contain my surgery ass those of a few different ones they figured out could make a trip but they would have regular psychedelic rich and to us that sounds ridiculous can cyclists and stop all apples which need to do is to go fuck and school and you need to get to go to college getting a job where we dont understand as there was no school before this you're talking about p that literally created the first structures as far as we know there were like tat near them the way they were inspired might have been through psychedelic drugs it might be that these people were were given these ideas through these drugs and that's why they're so similar to other cultures with also you psychedelic drugs and make these crazy stone structures that mimic the cosmos really fascinating i like it it does and i think it that's why such an integral and and profound that's why one of the religious culture tale i wasn't a recreational thing like let's go get fucked up day
the indian societies are completely prescribed by religion the drum one off in the morning and everybody got up and people want to religious school increase or the hierarchy and and things you're talking over those taking the mushrooms i think that the intuition they they derived at the very beginning when they first took them and how they were to refine it you can find out which ones did we there are relates to the creative process and that's why they incorporated into their sis to me now it's amazing europeans just don't you know it was out by then by the time they met in the middle ages its so there's a savage that alcohol these causes and guns and liquor very guns liquor and conquer that's a totally different attitude than these two psychedelic cultures with your comments to come to she's no yeah sure druid certainly get a gallon and oh yeah definitely that mean there's a lot of mushrooms in europe apparently any i think anywhere where rains alot and then if it doesnt honor
i mean i was in morocco and i didn't get the day were i'm sure they had second ox but you can eat tat she shall whenever you know i mean if you really want to help oh yeah as a mind altering you know experienced its ease doable everyone i think in the whole country is access to you know not amounts of key thin marijuana and an association and different grades and different places and is there not a booze culture like they're a dope culture and that doesn't mean you're nonviolent i think that's always many jokes it's true you know that stoner stone commit violence but i think rosters and gangsters disprove the theory that yeah you can rely on still fucking hawaiians milk powder the usa has they'll get high b
yeah maybe they're nicer than they would have been if it was not the we certainly they're gonna stop after and get something year though they won't kill you you won't be it a death delay you love the the hindus had something called sohmer which to this day they don't know exactly what it was but it was so important to them they had all these these beautifully written tax on how sohmer compared to all these other things better than indra than brahma all these different things sohmer was the the best psychedelic drug and no one knows fuck it is really to this yes it was so important to them but it's written of written of but they dont know what it would it what was an inside of it there was a common a tory thing i like they know that their there was pete people would mix things together
sometimes it would make certain psychedelic they mix in depth things go even bad ideas like people of mixed mushrooms and i was gone apparently that's not a good idea that really fucked you up but they they don't know what the combination wants you dont know what sohmer meant by ever it was it was to them it was unbelievably profound it was like it was one of them important things that existed in the world and we don't come on back is this dynamic question if i could tell you if that uncontrolled was some argue that in an i forgot the name of the plant at the tiniest snorted up there now this been so many throughout history but for us in this day and age its fastening to me that we're them as far as we know where the furthest along without any catastrophe with if we ve managed to evolve culture to this crazy point of infinite and information
the distribution of it instantaneously and you we still at this day and age ridicule that idea we re sure these incredibly potent creative inspiring experiences mind and life changing experiences and as a call we be little them we we meet get down to like a joke you and if you talk about it you're a silly person you're not to be taken seriously you know i've had conversations with people or they know they said well what has really changed the way you look at that life the most and my psychedelic experiences and you like you just said something fuckin you did you learn to do and heroin your do you smoke in math and run into wall like you're an idiot like oh god yes you do you really say that like it's not even something people what most people are ignorant to what though that the true experience is really all about an
aren't too how long they probably been a part of human history and what they ve probably shaped if you mean there's no that's trail i don't know though i find to that there is a huge resistance toward and i talk about it sometimes i've done them and once you ve done them and seen the alternate reality that exists in and kind of come in touch with them it does change your point of view because you realize that everything so fluid and levels of consciousness and not just the one horrible one that we're stuck in all the time now were prodding each other there's no very low resistance it's a real uncomfortable idea for a lot of people joe because it fucked up there well ordered life for their belief system or whatever it is their going for and am people prefer faith based so which is weird you may because zaire logistics
well i mean why our generation and gas is much but i i i hadn't i consider it is much easier the idea that second doctrine shape so many ideas but now that you mention of course it's true you dont need an alien invasion you can get an alien invasion in an hour and twenty minutes ok seven grams go in isolation tank you'll have a fucking alien and very well in a needle and yet it'll happen in your brain it really you it'll be real like whether or not it's actually physically happening who cares little habitats the subject area which is a loose nation says who and who cares ok because either way it's happening whether whether not you want to say i didn't really wasn't really happening or whether you want to say that you really were experiencing something that was real that you could only see while you under the influence of the mushroom but it's real and around you all the time which ever one that is either way you have the experience and the experience is incredibly
careful and and and and beneficial to you as human i think it is because it opens up your mind i think people are terrified to lose their ego you know mean quotas if you're eager dissolves then you're in in another state where you you can't control your motions and then the things that you're repressing and suppressing came rushing back and for some people their tenuous link into reality at all times anyway and push like that threatens and and like you say it gets luncheon with heroin it's it's not actually you know like we we argue that marijuana is is a mild hallucinogenic and can you know therefore safer and fund or alternative to being drunk necessarily or bubbled le as louis armstrong said what it's worth its worth a hundred assistance worth a hundred assistance year once every said i don't know you oh you i said it's better than a hundred whisky sigh
he always considered it a friend and assistant which i thought was very funny but psychedelic so like if you say if you check psychedelic sir people go into your a gigantic more if you smoke your potheads you know when i found out i am as well but it will then i found out that you were when i found out that you were the one who actually did you introduce doug benson to marijuana that's the ledge if you saw that werner her time maybe it's written on one of the cave was theirs is theirs a patrick of dugan i stylized of course you can't hardly recognize as you can see my glasses it's from hundreds of years go and dug and i went to india good the pacific beach improv if you remember that no i dont where was this fifty eight we had just finished doing arrested friars now we em
we're playing any he claims he hid smoked forbidden got high in one and the like it had some so because a lot of times you know you have to get high a few times for kicks in and then right but we at him and i remember what i remember is the congo is near the beach and we are just fuckin davis's you know you just go to the beach everyday high and the moon we weren't at the beach we would watch empty bees beach party oh my god i remember him lay on the couch laughing hysterically at one point and kicking his legs in the aeronautical let's go get this talk as news like did you know i like it is that stupid right rail weekend we less looking and then it now we got these sites are working at the embryo that doubtless way started and i guess the care free lifestyle that we are living that weak city himself so hard because of its beguiling poetry creating real as an independent saw he could finally taken towards unjustified its enemy wants us on the road like
addison taxes or something and then the guys what what nice follow any we by that peanut butter and like cereal that you'd see on tv and stuff which made me laugh cassandra sentences go you know like you come back with like what a shot wish you'd see on television that growing wonder bread and and he's a nice fellow anyone he would run and what not and i was late i remember what year was was i was watching they need a hill hearings on tv and there was a raiders game that we gather niners gaming there's a fire in these paying you could see the fire of account you was ninety ninety anyone someone there why and other cowed smoking weed me goes you can look pot african day proofs and i let me ask you something whatever his name is ghana again let me ask you something who kills every night you have your programme while people
i was bored jihadi trapped in the congo there was no it was one of those ones it wasn't near anything having a waffle hours but if you wanted to be technical about like a comics time creating it's all day so they watching tv and you you could be scanning for something that inspires you enough to be a next closing bit so you're actually working so even when you're lounging working i have i think dublin dad hi i'm and dad and if i wake up in the middle of the night i go i need to do a thing tomorrow i have to think of this and then i think of that you know i would argue that the creative process you can saturate yes that works better if you now yeah it's enemy s joy in a also working hard makes you not go dry that's true it's a muscle yeah i think did the is there's like a vibe get into when you really writing a lot and that vibe sort of like adjust it did it becomes like a part of consciousness
i didn't know the more you feed it the more you you do it i think that's what the thing with everything they ever knew everything that a person does art form or glens instrument that if it isn't an art form it's not important job goal true it is that the idea of the the processes something that's always been so fascinated me like i love listening to how other people do it now especially com like some of them are just fuckin they just sit down and put in the time its put in the hours in know and some to sit around and watch things all day and scratch their head out of the internet just poke around and pride you know it and then some of em they just they just write and stand up for some people write and blog form gently love when you think a joke springs fully formed from your breast and you the thought of it it just comes out and do it and it's perfect can you go like people always say no whenever whatever the beatles how did you write that song and sometimes not go honestly
sat down and you know what i mean yeah i had it i didn't write it i came out and like everyone's while they'll be a joke that you think of and its asked the right one it may not be like genius or anyting it's just that feeling of when it that you're your subconscious pushed it out and you weren't fucking with it in any way and therefore its perfection is different than something you worked on job this this weird thing of again it goes back to the ego this weird thing of what whoever the fuck you think of your self as you know this self defining sort of image that yeah you put up as like sort of a wall protection very nice and when you wanna take credit for the idea what what would the way creativity comes it comes when you're in the state of light like open when europe to receive it when you really thinking about things i completely all your resources or on the thing not about the bull shit not about like
trying to craft and image on states that are trying to formulate something that you think he's gonna make the back of the room laugh instead of that it's all coming from like a true openness and then they digits comes i guess you sometimes it's just like moments in all these these bursts of ideas will come to you and they are just gets from the universe may hit you like waves and canada write em down cried off in your giggling while you're writing it's like a gift for thinking the right way or gift for approaching it with the correct respect like real rising that you are the lucky ones to build a two into this is not the easiest fabulous person who you know is so awesome because i know you're the lucky one that is found this ability to tune into these ideas and you should praise these ideas and honor these i think it's true i think it is pushing yourself to think of something i regret
half a million times but to think of something new when you're ripping the us is how are heard that really high like on the podcast i it i'll just attempt things sometimes that aren't that funny china you know like disconnect so that your your kind of china autumn attic right if you can do do pocket entirely by yourself yeah why that's all i talked to the crowd and i do it in front of a crowd always wow so long as life well i want to live i when i would ask her what do you do that i prefer it makes me more perform perform more and also an element of sums are where where do you know you for asking i met the bar live it should i forgot to six
marla but you know i and i do it all of our what i love that children less hollywood its own agenda before the bar living lu lu bitch lingeringly bitch lubeck she out lou bitch bar lubeck john l ye be i t do to see that sounds so an awesome it's fine and take it back runs a bar that backs like a nice low stand gregg proofs will be performing their you're doing your fuckin podcast forever i've on its latest me i need only watch this now i do that lie then like this this week hampered london do it in dublin this week and london england wheelings part in dublin and the nineteen done this the theatre in london on the second item come home and i gotta blooming in indiana the attic which is for siberian s club and energy to pakistan i try to do it every place person go and i don't do live i take questions on the air never in l a very much i've done it onto that much better on the road always one part of the show as people get to get up and ask me questions the shows
smartest man men the world it's a joke counting unsmirched nonetheless you go on the radio like sore you rule the smartest man like two biggest digital world like who did it obviously here obviously i have an attitude and i have some kind of comedy so chicken and then i also to email questions and i read them and i dont rhythm beforehand i just that's great i read them on the air so it's you know people write me and now because you know it's but it's been a couple years now that it'll be like proof god bless you know dear pupil of the sun you re perpendicular you know like right we're trying to think of these lengthy so that parts fun now we get back to the audience and then we like and then i'll try to answer and air so i got one once when i oh and it was a great question
i can't move the matter some short once a woman in any case it was a beards period never question mark beards period never run billy question mark and i went that's not a question that's a series of extremely short sentence and then winning maybe twenty five minutes on this novel that i would right if you were with me and how see now and get high and the whole going shopping in having a barbecue drinking later in and then that's why wouldn't where a beard exemplary scruffy it and four day and i'll be trying to write my novel and you'd be refuting my novel as i read it to you first read it you did your precious and upon demand whenever this came out of nowhere i have no intention of doing it to me the jumping off point right and it was the shortest stupidest thing
and it was only because i said like beards on and like i said our hats yeah what is it there's a few things i think men should wear likewise hats beards and why hats i don't i don't look for people look in it i say where hat so what if men one we're hackers is so full of common their hair this that's what came ass guys who were based by not judge mental about right russia's work destroyed i have a headline you ever had out right now here legally said that you are here at ted also you're also your show like if you were going to go out with a girl gee where your base gas why would address yes actually that was exactly how to i don't want them to like you i like that like em listen high very easily and like the look at people if somebody's bother me no one a deal done i cut them out i get that those an extraordinarily well well ok
it my game is wrong it's this is game is being him it's like yours your game is you but game is funny when you share the people who are arguing you're your game when of the show i am bound to shit on something you love and what's wrong with their why does nobody has such a hard time with that everyone so damn sensitive it's so silly can't laugh at someone making fun of you that your beer penis silly person geiger so that's how we do it in its great fun and i get the become timescale people ask questions i have no idea what you're gonna say and that sounds amazingly i've got a couple running jokes that develop evoke devolved out of out of no you know i just shit and i like to talk about and one of them is for some reason the negro leagues right i'm a fan of baseball and i started that's agile page niggers and night i play scotland a year ago and why they don't know what the negro
are you a guy at the end of the show urgent questions he knows what about satchel page you like you know you cry le wheelchair goes down my cynical face you ve made a connection podcast is the coolest thing comics have been able to do in my entire career no learning cooler than i mean i love the stage you now you can't pull me out state right hambone better mean podcast bye bye am long mile is the most creative outlet i've had the most challenging right do by myself with the crowd has been something think i needed to do for ever and i dont didn't know that i needed to do that that sounds amazing doing away you're doing it sounds really fun because it's like people have a choice see different ideas explored every week and and in doing it live in front of an audience like that gonna see riff and just completely
go off the cuff and knowing that it's absolutely completely off the cuff that so far i mean i read pounds in newspaper articles in wine and i share in annex one right right right reggie part those two questions in the body of the art the pot lasting thing is done this only thing that's like in my opinion is truly complementary to the stand because a really gets us need to see the way guys brain works like the things i love about guys coming on that i haven't talked to before like you like me we might have said like ten words to each other than ever that it comes i highs and a man has one on everything coolio is it when you get to compare and and and and like see the difference very inspiring to listen other people the creative process let's it is i think it's
been on so many different comics podcasting that's the other funds for deployment chemist is its given the audience something that they never had before when we were young and we then listen to carmody alms or even guys get interviewed occasionally on tv or the radio in exchange of ideas between comics don't fuckin hearing you never fuck inherited it was never craft now he save money things radio yeah it's an audio format or whatever largely but except for the camera who's the girl you have a low asters remembers sophisticated fuck i look at you value and hug you again could you magic we had they audio of like kennison having the conversation with hex like that's why don't we didn't get that we the this is the dressing room for the world finally and theirs
got a funny people who can express themselves in this format and that because it's like you whenever the there's enough rules that make it work as its mike's and its audio and it has to be a certain length it can't be seven hours you know unless you're making a right the fast bender the thing those people listen to my work a give him really long ones we do like three hours all the time i've been i do an hour and a half to two and the two ones that i think are little long this just me and i could write me so after me now come on after now you're really yonder dude year like yeah but people say to me oh i love the long ones because i drive three hours or among the train for two hours why'd you do fucking our in ten minutes i needed one hour already eight minute then i think the other is really cause at their free i tat
really cool save integral like it's a bit it down the connection that we get to deal with this tv is wonderful one day i'll be on it again but i think that the connection that we deal with this is just a different thing altogether complete the great it sal me yeah and you get to see the deuce really like you neat one sure you do to you do you work live on time but i need my pipe cast way different than i would approach stand up stand shall i go i'm backstage elegant my notes of drink whatever go on do it and then go back or maybe movies out if you google podcast i got in the audience before the show talk to everybody and then sometimes after the show too so it's more like a town hall meeting rising starts its not gregg proof this coming into the building arriving have met you re an
you go to england and english people sometimes our little reticent they're not ready for you to come up and go high said this is your punishment you have to meet me before i go up there and then name you now and then but after what they're like that was really different yeah he came up and talk to us and i don't spend a year with every diego high things coming our you and but i touch every that in it's made a huge difference to me as a performer like that connection is something i never had with the crowd before i was never the touchy high five anybody do real no i mean i'm lovable obviously i'm i'm almost always irresistibly engaging joe you found that over the last two and a half hour spit and your audience of course i think filling up right away you had a film a broadway date the great idea though is contrary to the the standard
that they would always sat preach us which was you know magic keep up you need i wanna see though let them see you see the wizard of oz yeah like i started introducing my friends at the shows like many scenario our first and i would again i would get on the microphone they would go did you don't think it's better to hear your voice for the first time in your statement you stop the crane the thinking that all that income to see you again disappointing are glad to hear your their land that you support the other people and it makes it makes a connection yeah it does instead of no place jobs and colleges and you cannot say c c c writer you re an elevator i love lammert i really do and i like to dress apple lie in everything that that old paradigm of old paradigm shift where it's you now
were saving is the special tree bought the ticket to see you i know your plan i saw you sides you are going to join you know like it's not that mystifying like we're i mean because you have to have it stands works kazaa that's cool i think he's gonna remote control now touch him some of our own remote controlled i'm interested something by those who are anyway i do that and i never what agenda before unlike upload the bell ass in brooklyn an american in january on the nineteenth of you listening there's not three interview people was nice why i'm i'm in i've done this a hundred fucking years and i can't job crowds anywhere in the world in a like i play around the world but i don't get a thousand people ever you know unless i'm with you someone huge but you get tat many people to come to the park cast and that's all it was and i
our forty five or do we know is long enough to second charge people twenty months or whatever and i met everyone before and then afterward i talked to almost like everybody they wanna talk and i state for hours like babe ruth and just fuckin you know hey and it will give you pitchers and they talked you need shit i thought you'd never cared this much before were now at his middle aged you know on that and i love comedy gino they mean absent i wanna be a comedian and not that idea never want that but you really know joe my you know i did the first one the mountain ryan who produce judge benson show jimmy cardoso came to me in you and you show another what do i do and they well you will know no less than the good people listening and then i would just how not to do interviews i'll do it a man a audible show previously like the old days we were over funded on the web otto
yeah it weighs heavily onto the yeah they had a bunch and i got to do one and if they pay me good money in the whole thing and nobody listened is no one had phones and it was two thousand until two thousand were real innovators nobody had no one even mp3s you may make the ad ipods bet it you'd have to down you know my stepmom now have some sort of a deal with them when he must even melted achieve five minutes of new content i mean to you i didn't every annexed me steve i know they wanted you to duty at the time i found was crazy though to permanent damage new stand up so i jumped for fucking five years when i got will obviously do not like an expanded but let's fun and have drinks in right in supporting can have a we all agree how do you handle photographs before the show at the park nobody really wants to do them before they kind of want to do and i'm sure it's usually i think i've it feels like
smells like it at his stanhope show as much i mean after all do afterwards after yeah yeah me i line for a fucking then it will you i always say hi to i have like a pig line a people of course they love you jack i don't hear anybody else that that doesn't love here in that you do not like you to broadcast for sure stanhope show em you may now be so lucky that i do it at almost every stana show unless there's something going on regular you know you're like a gentleman philosopher you know you you you're you're now is so important for you ve been doing in its the combination of you know the tv and all that this is the reward you know like you're saying rewarded by gas yeah you talk to everybody who show men they want to talk to you that's important me why yeah i know because i think this is a reward i think this is just as found like a real cool spot to expand
right than the combination of of all your thoughts it just fortunate that something came along that would lend its i to someone who has so many different weird ideas in their head you can't ever do in the like a radio shack haven't caught up to us we're still run in wild restoring that unlike man this is still gangster pirates and everybody thinks it's all you know the thirty something too who cover us already hip to the jive that they don't realize that europe doesn't know about purchasing at all the whole world doesn't coming up there below went up and you know what else is happening podcast or feeding other park finding about like we have had so many guys come from this podcast and then start their own and then we help pushed their plant emily it's your enemy amazing area soon reach people yours circle is you know
they always say every sea needs a club house in this is the clear answer this is the icy are singing yeah the ices such an awesome place too because it's been around since like nineteen sixty one or something like thirty and fifty four they have this hasn't been unwilling if you go through the ice house like you step in that show room that's a feeling like that place has been performed in for decades feel it sounds crazy i know it sounds crazy but there's a venus in that room man that's impossible we have ever show there tonight joe ideas is going to be there sam tripoli adam hunter the guy got me in trouble for saying is joke on affects you have sea fight great it seems that i mentioned have already who else do you have some other people get some solid fucking performers tom cigarettes gonna be here to let you know what i mean is that so not tonight tonight at ten o clock so am i for three hours then nobody word just british childcare
where where it we got a wrap up soon because brian has to head down yeah where he is going to night i gonna work to ninety brian is with doug benson your body tonight at the american comedy co it's at eight o clock tickets still available american common code dotcom surely not and if you ve never been there s an amazing little club i have not been there what's it like saying goes a beautiful place rise and great what's alive at comic companies a real low ceiling tight seeding o downs glared at a very solid i really wish them all the best and apparently the postcode madhouse comedy and here i was was that in old town yeah bulgaria where people walk american carmakers gas lamp and where the other place it's shit san diego awesome it's really of about ass many ages just when he twenty years ago or one hour fifty years ago when i first started
that was a rare giggly always did there was a million gig scenario i was by the way i'm fucking they start on san francisco right yeah yeah and our gigs are old area nor the unknown organ reno that i started my a business career in san francisco as well where fishermen's wharf i was eight years old i had a magic show really yellows my sword starts sweet did i said a magic show i would let somebody gimme a magic show like a thing little top hat and should go out and get get donations traditional why will you let me in san francisco yellow some cisco kid from eighty seven to eleven cool fastening times was right when the vietnam war was ending really interesting in san francisco that young of my life during that era in the seventies really you shaped my yes i do i all did a lot there was a lotta especially with my attitude towards gay people
never understood i grew up with gay people so like to me it was always normal and by the way was always something that you can make fun of zones you're not being a dick about you can make fun of everything and this the idea of homophobia i didn't even know it existed until i was about thirteen or twelve twelve hours in florida hang around my under the dawn my it moved florida we move from san francisco to florida and this cuban friend of mine is dad through the newspaper on the table i kept fuckin leave the shit he was so mad and he goes they're gonna let these agates mary each other arouse our twelve years although like what the fuck do you care what what are you nuts you're going you why you care guys want a marriage italy would it was weird goes like this poor guys like his broken or something like this is my friends dad but when an idiot and that and we're thinking
me a while to realize it but also while people are way stupider and florida than they are in san francisco it was like going from a completely different world separatist goes in a very unusual plays poison to because i've never drop the attitude from their than ever the all the all the information i believe in is from there i doubt it was a it's a huge rude awakening when you get into the world and realise that in it that way and in africa it's amazing how places like san francisco evolve like you have these weird pockets of like really smart people and really cool people and its it's like the whole area that the tec area with you know like worthy of those stewards live unlike polo ato and atherton ratified that that that areas filled with intelligent people amazing to hotbed of interesting intelligent people it's weird and therefore the demands are different you're gonna go to a place and they're gonna have
she's an old bread he had excellent cheese and awesome wine i realize it's also an economic thing but it it's it's a cold old thing too the sensitivity like you say i didn't i didn't realize how redneck ye the world was and then i used to say it ll years ago and staging played in england and stuff i'm always looking replace that's not redneck but i never find i dont know if that soldiers but you know you're just gonna run into at its is going to happen this gonna be a young lawyer so can i not only emily they're gonna let faggots mary what it was chris clearly what the punter descended shocking to make you a raging cock yeah why we said the people that are worried about gay marriage the really dumb or secret were the decks are delicious does no no other option that site why why else would you care
so it is about killing one but you know what i think i read simply as i don't ascribed to much the last election but the last election did was definitely afore on that as well as about two million other issues but not was an issue that can take off the gay senator in wisconsin and theirs sexual congress first sandwiches hilarious lie that's austria is also a buddhist from who i really interesting and i think that really speaks to what's happened i hope it's incremental but it happened i feel like the gay marriage things always been like sort of a beach ball tat gets tossed in the air to people which is why no its resolve no ambition one result remember two dozen four was not sent you imagine they indigent
like you didn't do shit about abortion or anything else he actually didn't really do anything about any social issues other than making a wildly angry was he the first guy that will let you really clearly see that the presidency is not real and then decisions are being made by other people well i was an old enough to be with it i mean i was a teenager at you know young beautiful teenage needs like a slender empower as i through life in my adidas like the one in the background i've got a long way to go certain grew tell you too i'll do michael mcdonald all day long and yes i would i went to watergate let us look early teenager and i remember it and i remember the cynicism either as a twelve or thirteen fourteen year old like ok to present
we brought down the press has this power the respect that that guy in this country the ending of the war and there watching late seventies where we thought we were going to have equal rights amendment we thought black people were gonna be equal we thought indians we're gonna get a piece of the by and then reagan came along and all that kind of stuff do you still got washed in the you took mushrooms bath and everybody they be media and the corporate entities in whatever that was that was i think when i first i was only nineteen and twenty when reagan got elected like to me he was the first one i thought you're you know you know you're not up to the job mentally yeah that we're gonna have to do it and you're just gonna be this sort of beautiful mountain of you know reassuring being frozen creepy moment because it was the morning in america remember that such one morning in america that's what he called his presidency because
carter how did you bad recession and couldn't get anything gun and the democratic congress to fight and then it kind of all want to shit by the end of the term right and the passage ass they had ridden who now live elegant happened right whether our aid and got them release diabolical in any case having said all that he called like his first term morning in america like we ve been in the darkness after it was clear that twelve a revolver again fourteen years repellent residency in vietnam was the route of what had turned everything whore will the corrupt cia and the drug dealing and yeah he had entering such an obvious narrative well and then like so bush for eight years of snatching grabbing making illegal war and fucking horrible fundamentalism and an narrowness onus in the national dialogue and then you know that for years people cannot gain in the last election was like
here again that the big paradigm is am shifting the right direction while something's gonna have to happen i think socially certainly in the right direction or what republicans are going ahead and race gay marriage and medical marijuana those things are going to have yeah well it's a boy it should be legal marijuana because you know what a benefits everybody you don't think it does because you don't know how to use it it's really that's but it's like saying that fuckin saws shouldn't be legal because some people going to cut their feet off will be no and it doesn't necessarily mean a crime wave doubts these marginal dad it's gonna be less crime that's when i say we're gonna be nicer it will enable our status ed marijuana unquestionably increases sensitivity it changes the way you feel about things and makes it makes makes more sense it makes food tastes better just changes the whole dynamic of life and when something like its introducing new your system it gives you a new sense of understanding and that can help you and push you to evolve your personality that's it can be a good thing
and even like when people talk about paranoia like they taken the apparently it's not thing to be paranoid every now and then just get an accurate assessment of how fuckin vulnerable you really are and how lucky you really are and maybe just turn that around and use it to two too to be thankful in the end of the push out positive energy because of that fucking paranoia don't be scared of weed is what i'm trying to say they need it caesar don't fear the river he doesn't no the wind no i don't think that's what they said i don't know maybe no are seen as now it would have been a better song there's not how really powerful songs about we'd except perhaps songs gift to go to cyprus hills you really want to get up or for cinema hears it thats wildly one jim about array for five feet long a little bit heart but not too strong gilbert but not for long if you're viper what is that fats waller who's he
while i was a song writer from harlem in the twenty cent thirties i guess he died but one too pretty young and he wrote honeysuckle rose and he wrote a hate you cause you feel too big in them he had about we had sunk so do you so much about so much weird shit i was gonna say you do i mean i've never heard about j mccaffrey and you're insane story and who dissected the dead sea schools whose an ingersoll as john margo leg row allegro i cannot think of a later visages repeated subjects to death to me it's so funny when in explaining to summarize never heard of a fork some such a dork that's all i think about this right and i think you should i think about it is funny get on these like crazy paths of knowledge and store weird shit that comes out people and is looking to fuck you know our former people say waiting at things which i was think is funny because the answers easy because i am learning about it will for some people get stuck in a bad situation where you ve shown up and you work with a bunch of dummies but it's a good job
so you're you're on that fly like every day this talking to dumb uninterested people whom board people you know and then you go home or do you watch tv like you get something it's hard to find a good conversation sometimes it is it that's the thing about the progress that makes its own ends i mean a lot of weirdos and people come to my show or sometimes specific thing they want to talk about some two hundred more general buddy you there's no lack of there points of view and yeah you know of interest people are throwing things at me all the time that i should talk about that i don't know anything about you know right right then we get string theory and david foster wallace and you know this unknown and like i don't fucking know looking in baghdad it begins its work in order to try to learn and they sometimes but i dont also dont want to be
a person with a little bit of knowledge about something you gets everything wrong gets more annoying and then my usual pedantic i know everything about everything right if you are if you pretend you know more than you know and you get shot wrong it's your shot down immediately teeth by a million people are not good you can't do it you should just google it should google it well no one can google anything that's where i find so funny about the inner webs everybody has a phone on them all the time and yet no one look up nominal click the first link yeah well so if you're asserting something silly there this is i don't know the real exciting time i think this is the ability to to have things like your podcast now we could just it just gets release down to the world and then just except you don't new viewers and do something like this and i'm sure there's gonna have a bus people would download it now from itunes and they get hooked on it and i'll say it said it's such a beautiful and and neat pass
you know it's also clean it's like direct to the artists great groups takes it gregg proofs puts it online you download it you're connected right leg with one step and it's for you putting up there and you can listen to discussion can fast border you can burn it you can talk and send it to someone else i'm sure he will deal with you every once in awhile this guy from like sweden or something and i don't he found me he's on facebook he'll doing ex would there's like needs behind a part of it and they go that's really cool i wouldn't have thought of you have videos of rats have gone on with these like really become these really inspirational videos madeleine spliced in music and eyes in our speeches and fuckin crazy shit man and scientists people it connect to something on the internet so we live in strange times great prove at an amazing on an exciting part is like i'm ready for a lot of the old stuff to go away
i think i mean i have tradition obviously i write with a piece of paper in a pen do you really know i feel like a king right as fast that way so i slip away from me but i do who write it down before i go on state because one especially new stuff i feel like a vital physically write it down with a patent a paper i don't remember the same that is i've that's exactly what i can say jus identical survey of every comic i've talked in two or three years every club lead i make everybody get their book out and show me where do you keep your ideas and everyday gear book look what your lessons on a minor on hotel room stationary thousands of them peace thousands of newspaper i know why did you away deliberated on the phone yeah one i write it you know did it today but de ruyter hawk the phone no in the end i have to put it on a piece of paper and read write and i just think it's a mental that's the really offer support of performing i have
no note lists of set less on my phone but i'll go to it right before i go and stay sometimes i want to make sure that i remember some new shit i'm workin on but when i read i go when are you going to that like trance i can do that so much better when i'm typing because i can words just appear i got can type in a second whereas is takes that can you remember if you type now but but i can write better so i get the trans out and i can get more information in autism ready but us and then i go back at a much tougher right that i remember very well how laugh it's over my old shit and then i got carried out that gotta keep that partner zoning remember writings out of five hours of writing how much they actually remember but of the active actually griping it into a paper a piece of paper the something about that that's like it is really like residues of stores in your memory ass i got we humans doing it that way for so long it's like
it doesn't matter back where it's been five seven ten thousand years since people started writing i think it there's a real profound connection with the paper yeah have you thought about releasing those like me you're like with especial when you really suspect shall release your notes as well while no i haven't one term budget to fund fun article four filter magazine the guy never germany's it how do you hear me fumbling with my notes and that's it it's all different views her geostationary so i asked my wife to picket because will also be the article just i want a picture of these stena notes settlers and i said to my if you think it ought to give her the folder full of shit respite for random ones it was one from paris when from minnesota one from a place i didn't remember being a lot of algerian and somewhere you now and then there was unknown and then it just sad like clinton
you know what i'm not like you know corn whatever the fuck was on the list olsen twins and i kind of wednesday the list is the article on just one like yeah i was doing jackson paris you know i work i suppose it's always ninety two when i the micro to michael whenever you know like they eat there's a weird insight into kind like what's going on exactly then with all your settlers because the different note you make on mister i dont there is not much to be garnered from i mean i could probably remember seventy debts in some way i think might suggest something might be cool like if i was a fan and i like you i definitely to see my old like maybe they put it up on his iron or something if you just put the photos online wouldn't ever see that a website called letters of note and there's another one something of note but i've noticed but if to each other or even though think is one could lists of note an m
the list of nedda different was that famous europe or any but you know notable like the one area so enhancement because i read it on my show of lies monk you know heads different mental problem comes in south you know if you ve ever seen and play like you playing an exotic get up and walk around on the stage now i'm really yeah and these extraordinary and then it was given drugs and that in quite work out any ways of genius and he who could both compose and arrange an extemporized and his band was gioconda putnam now having to deal with his hands in his personality right like ass he wasn't like a regular guile who lets go i'll be there five we had two cannot be pushed around two places but then when you could play is so you wrote a known like and on the net it's is how do we just tonight sharp ass possible underlined but in my view the jammer think is something you know because all this girl like really broken down the thought you have before you go on stage like about the band and how he wanted the band planned and learn
and i would even that out sometimes in the end so i tend to show how just to night sharpest fastened by yeah right so this list of now and there's letters have now and then and the last letter of notes and one centre jimmy was jackie robinson won't you pension or a dinner at ike was speaking out right and jackie was an i don't know yet are you out of them was an executive chock full of nuts coffee right like he got a job in the corporate world because he was an intelligent capable and famous person he became an executive a chuckle nuts and so he went to this like banquet and eisenhower spoke and there was a lot of black people there who are in business and i never said you ve gotta be patient right your child come and all that this is the cities while el jackie read him a very respectful letter but also pointed about your patience you know
and i'm not doing it any justice was juno do dear mr president having recently lunch you're out i have to say that on behalf of my self my raised at that time for patients is long past you'll find that over the past a hundred years we ve enjoyed nothing but countless indignity no right right right and then the repast the next letter eisenhower wrote in back dear mr robinson thank you for your letter i take on board what you said and i profoundly you know well why why this exchange in a very civil and highfalutin language not i wish that we use now but like formal letter writing language the idea very explicitly expressed that he no longer had the patience to it that he felt that why should anyway and why should i have to go to a dinner with president told them the way when even the first fuckin black eye in the big leagues and they get a job and in business in
you know china run is life and jerry her eyes in our like u world you know one day schools to be integrated and you won't have to drink it another facet and you know you don't want to hear that those kind of letters i think to mere like fascinating letters of note and listened motor quite good if you want to just you if you read everything on it that it's it's too for letters people and do that's fucking bad i will but nobody rights letters anymore in future it will be your settled if note an ear emails have no any urge blog note the probably be a letter yeah it's going away to the physical act of writing is going away if i didn't have to write my settlers down or occasion like fill out a form when i go to canada so i thought i really right any idea i mean i've had my cellular creates an erratum computer i write a book to because it's funny greg sure bad motherfucker your god modification work alone the parchment
thank you my lightning it was fun i wish we had more time but we don't now i ask for your area as you just do a scan man yes please thank you very much ladies when does the under the show tonight i sales county club in pasadena jody is sam tripoli gregg fitzsimons tom's a girl adam hunter and me you dirty bitches can i ride minor yes we'll ask for eight a continent one hour right now alive and should it is tonight eight o clock the barley the junk santa monica boulevardier find it boom find that end tonight in san diego california at american comedy co it is mother fucking benson and brian motherfucking red back and that is a what time show eight o clock their bitches and no undercover cops that shit's greasy we'll see you fuckers an ex we next week we got shane smith we got monday dont entrusted with christian in the new studio and wednesday ari mobile workers should fear paula
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