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listen to me dirty fox among and send us once the end of world show their sixty eight fuckin tickets left their prey hopefully all spread out you're probably not gonna get to sit with your buddies but you gonna have to deal with that shit ok that's how that's how the world works if you don't get you shit together early and give the tickets you're gonna have to in the fuckin buoys for the show you have to just got get you free gone sit with some other people they will probably be wearing death squad tee shirts you'll be fine me honey band joey the fuck endears doug stand hope and more twelve twenty one two thousand two up will it really be the end of the world ever predicted anything right ever do you know that do you know that if the miser so clever where the fuck are they now exactly
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cigarettes please try to stop drink a fuck local water take yourself was don't take the other if you don't mind this boner piloted don't take it s not good no because i thought it was goods the guys that was awesome but look at the bottom right says one capsule for three days i had a boner for three days they don't do that will you know what that means apparently the way it works is this via agro but then there siam us and say alice see alice i almost will last like a couple of days so that's probably what they put in that worry when that is not a grey area through selling you they're selling you some fuckin drugs and their sneaking men with us the thing about supplements it's like it's really it's a funky thing because the government although obviously they don't do the best job of regulating the dangerous chemicals and in an actual pharmaceutical drawer
because there's a lot of on that why not being like really dangerous a lot of them that they pass at people went up dying from getting strokes and i mean we ve all heard those late night lawsuits where someone who was on x drug for you know during the period of this year in that year when it snuck through and something really bad for you supplement industry is highly regulated at all it's really kind of a wild west situation that's why it's really difficult when it comes to something like a new tropic it's like a really work is real there on a dot com if you go that is a science page that explains all of the clinical studies have been done in the various ingredients and what's good about them and what's been shown how they have been shown to improve people's test scores total evidence i'm a huge fan of it poker players a lot of poker players love alpha brain its another thing you should be doing to keep your body functioning at an optimal level it's not for one thing that's gonna fix it but it is another thing that will help you it is all the very
nutrients that support the the brains per day action of human neuro transmitters and even death mckenna was impressed by our ingredients which was very excited you can't coney rogan and save yourself ten percent of any and all supplements fox we have too many pot we have too many sponsors anymore and we hope for children with say somethin yeah i just got my thing for to sponsor how crazy that's exports outside because they finally get gave me when these samson yes threes which had been playing around like crazy with and i its grave man that fuckin big scream really is a big diligence game changer yet when you go online yeah game changer apple you fucked up you should just admitted that you fucked up and went with your screen yeah whose work and over the apple now steve jobs probably one of the biggest grand and you have those great about it because i am going to be using it as my my second phone is thy you if you don't want to like pay for it
lower year you're you're in its down to almost nothing per bright i think that the lowest it was like six bucks a month for having like just nothing so how many minutes is it i think you pay per minute when you're down at six buxom like when you're in a foreign country yeah so like you could just pretty much like while off the face of the planet with that phone if you want you know i know a lot of people of down to like no phone calls their delicate all texts may if you call them up they don't answer and it says hey don't leave me message leaving attacks i don't like to my voicemail i know like ten people that that rock it like that what ten years i would brine socket about unfortunately honey i'm used to sit and staring absorbing obviously this is something here
what they do they don't have a bad ass phone pretty much unlocked on things networks can pretty much just get a sweet phone you haven't any contract you go there any i think if you put in what is a ting slash joe rogan tat is rogan darting dot com if you got a rogue knotting dot com you first what say fifty bucks off of any of these really android phones they have the the note as well which is that samsung fuckin giant talented asimov huge it so ridiculous itself awesome tie them i must possess it like an amateur ipad in your pocket when i look at it i get envy cause people shows that coming to take pictures of me after the chosen there are so many of them have the note and i always go with you
what you're going to have met with a galaxy s three use the phone envy i'm fine with that downwards fine it doesn't really need to be any bigger the iphone it least lacking i'm sad t remember we ve had phone envy for so long in year lecture you would have liked the east seven fifteen where they kamikaze just really see eight with team like the motor all that phone or stupid phones i took a great african picture with that phone when the greatest pictures that ever taken my locker the hooker where we're working in downtown allay is not the downtown alive today which is what i work which i wear when they move into a neighbor gentrifying black loud black cloud awaited this woman was walking by and she was seated meatballs up and she had a wig on and she was overweight african can hooker and
i looked at her and she goes how you do i go it's a baby and she pulls the tit out as i taken a picture of her with a meatball sub in one hand and tat in the other and it's perfectly framed like if i was a conspiracy theorist i would say with this was fake this is obviously photoshop this never really took place in our effective i think it's on line right if you find it pull it out we have some woman's breast it's not even pornographic the worms disturbing that isn't it you could see i'm males breast why can't you see a woman's breast only masturbating you can see chaz parliamentarian breasted you know it s not ass parliamentarian has bona that's it i get on the theme of used the bronx i'll bet you could see his is what he's married no disrespect mr parliamentarian slip immense chaz bona who used to be you
be chastity bono is a famous daughter of share and that of sex change while there was like these photos of her walking down the beach topless because now she's man now she's got like a bit so she's loud walk topless so she has to taking advantage of the ashes walkin topless and she's get that's all that's all that's a girl that is a real picture pull that shit up all the well used rooms with brad oh brad i'll be fine with does not do it brian show them show them the meatballs up just amoebas seven i had come i photos perfectly frame listen you can you can photoshop one maybe copy that make a copy them just put a little blurry that only take you secondly the right and if you did you ever in
folks and listening to this are not getting a full experience but you could find what it what is the bid it would help if you just type black hooker rogan dago that's my girl administration and which are going to get one of those stupid for funds so that the things has a farce period there there are the best of the best android funds each by imagining aerial is on those funds there must be greater research so crystal clear then people would really say that faked it it's an awesome company they dont have contracts they have really reasonable rates and if if you dont use all the minutes in your plan they refund you the money and the next bill cats tat they knock you next bill down like it's
the best companies like their ethical they're not evil it's possible to run a business and not be evil it's possible to provide an excellent service which by the way is off the sprint backbone there on a sprint backbone so you're getting sprint coverage you're getting it's not like you know fuckin fred cell phone service it's like legit a huge nation network that's really excellent and its cd may which i prefer to g s anti assumes eighteen tee i have both eighteen t works better overseas most people second overseas but syria may i finally verizon sprint i found just seems to be a better covered that's where we live rogan don t
dot com go there save yourself fifty bucks you dirty fox yet at video games pretty bad as that employ yes kerosene game deserve our last sponsor blade slinger is this game that kerosene games we hope we want to make sure again as we said that anything we get involved with is something that you know we would actually use something that we would actually enjoy and something that is coming from you know a really good place there's a lot of video games that they make for the ipad that really do not really ipad games though it pc games that they poured over to it and the kind of suck a lot of the way that this this company kerosene games it makes blade slingers done it they ve made this game from the ground up for i paths an iphone so it's very intuitive touch controls and with the the ability did they have these processors for these
pads now and informs us like it's that was always like an issue with computer games back in the day was i could your video card handle it really like stunning graphics remember like playing quaking those games when video cars are first coming out in people s dual s allies where they would of two video card just a just a power the graphics well he's fucking ipods are so powerful now me you could see really amazing graphics on an ipad it's really we live in strange times you to say i bag i fag headed sharply the ipad goddammit on the game is called blade slimmer this is their first game it will be out for the android operating system in january or february and it will probably only work on like the more advanced android phones like the newer because android only like ice cream what is it
scream sunday or something i very much like weird names operating systems they constantly so as long as you have like the latest shed a problem we work for good one began to ms blades linger it's a fucking bad ass game it's only two dollars in ninety nine cents each of you know i think it's on separate that's right that's right on sale for ninety nine say also that i think the end of the year you should totally buy it now it's nice that's what the fuck is if you can if you can go home is personal dar you can buy a game that would be others yes that's amazing i didn't know that yeah think about that were you now was gonna dollar yeah like this is something that you will enjoy united homeless guys is undeniable dollar yes exactly and this guy this game
if you go to go to a kerosene games dotcom forts last played slinger there's a really cool pretty you can actually we can actually show it here and it'll look good as opposed to at my stupid studio which has shit internet bandwidth a new studio but the internet sucks a fat one so dear that's what we're here it's in point unknown tell the people on the internet where the studio in other words the fu no man i just want to talk to you anyway go there go check it out go fuck yourself ok honey honeys here are damaging video that relates in short put it advertising first come a burial second advertising whoever cursing games listen to me too tough luck and an eye ok you're selling a video game and you're gonna have an ad the front of it they're fucking you man
de ruining your click through rates i just have one so this is the game graphics actually which looks like to me almost like an x in a ps3 deserted he sensed his is a war may not help us on the real mary mary i know this is a four year old kid things we want to call attention to hear so that this is how this is just lego of like among those were its in view of the game yeah like a baby was a trailer anything yeah it's but it's cool you eat users your ipod to like swipe de certain signs when you're you're attacking and stuff like that but graphics are amazing it's fun game and they're gonna be adding onto it because if you know it sir it's a game that
i see has like a good future where they can just add new maps and stuff like that they really have the idea the groundwork down so powerful blitzer go check it out like i said it's it's a dollar now that's that's the latest so the very happy with it that's free until december twenty nine or so and then return it's normal price so right now alpha get it for a buck you are this is for selling people selling souls for one dollar system seriously high technical pony honey is he brian to the music has got the party started that was probably along ass serious will gain experience by our commercials along their wordy but we get him out of the way mr done it
but shorter than tom securing christine visit facilities pike ass they laurent marshals and ass yet every time i i count to where they actually start to show its like twenty six minutes they do the same style where they just start talking and they sort fuck around the engines and they go back the toward aids stuff while we're that's how started it it's a good way to do it i think you know they keep run a pressure me to put commercials inside of podcast and i keep home fuck the meme candidly casually now they bring it up in other say we would like you to start introducing commercials in the middle of the pod cast and they can be recording stick man afterwards but that seems seem sleazy interrupts the flow of the conversation right about i guess hammer gap i feel warm and overtime toasty smart were drinking makers marius arouse my boy just in love the shit just in front
in return we gladly hours shit makers migrant go why the cocoanut though one i just go what right with the make because he seven feet only over the fuck you ass far ass me i'm i would still demonstrate just once put coconuts makers use let him the biggest human i know i like cook zero him with a slow mover well may you might be able to outrun them might be goddamned when caught european lots trouble he said i have a friend there's a true giant really sweet a guy this is the dude how true giants is enormous in terms of the normal gabardine like he's just a huge fuckin guy that's funny people like not created equal now there's dudes like that there's a whole our tormentors six seven and he talks about that alot he's like it's really
because you know you go to like when we're on turkey at the holiday and is like an in the shower only comes up to my chest between my nipples like you know the whole he's big and tall you don't mean is can never find pants that fit him away he liked to to represent i was watching tv today in there was a fight from ninety two thousand and nine this semi shelt semi shalt used to be the k one grand prix champion of these one at least three if not four times he's foot eleven six foot eleven three hundred pounds insists like good luck greek or fight back he's a fucking legit giant i mean he really is a bit like small and mighty though what about that guy i think we know not ones is awaiting guys on how to fight together now to fight to the ideas of the small men with skill can overcome the big man it was no skill i still maintain that most most of the time that's accurate but a big man
skill is a fucking pain aren't the big one is likely to stump ones you would like to think that everybody would like to thank the golden creating well good looking women lotta people like think they're stupid nobody wants think there's a girl whose way harder than you and also away smarter than you that's two steps to present tat suppressed the that bitch got all aces sport with a bunch of aces boobs suffer it's not totally not fair but that's why they have to deal with everybody child drag him down i must yeah i would guess i guess you're really hard to be hot check to deal with large country women i've seen women get country with pretty girls for no reason like someone will come up and ask for directions or something like that like candy women just immediately going do you know where you're going like where are you now how much do you know this area men ladylike dismissed native like like that girls
do you want something from her by existing but being in front of she's not a sister she's not you know a fellow human to be that's like up some of these taking away from your value by their very existence i knew who got furious at a guy because he brought a really hot girl to her wedding and everybody was paying it to the girl went to so yeah she literally sir you know she was like yelling at him why the fuck did you bring them bitch to my wedding and mean the girl was like sweetheart she's very nice girl do anything anybody but just big but because she was there dress nice and choose apparently she was very beautiful and though the bride was furious like it took away from her big danged kept saying that that fuckin dead she took away
my big day then amazing had the whole wedding thing fuckin freaks me that that pressure of needing to be this huge monumental didn't choose a crazy but i gotta go to divorce immediate in may i do not go out i've noticed he told her the whole story my body terminal storage i was not there but it was a fascinating store it's like animals you know man i've had females female docks female dost not like other female dogs they just don't like each other doug world is fascinating they became if death if we were able to commute with each other like dogs were we would just be paying each other all day and an humping in public on the regular you know who that is the pre it's amazing votes to live then thence document is a dog memory bird s eye and larry brits pic is great he's like an awesome duration very
you know he's he's really he's really soon he is here he doesn't really bark at all he just like he wants scratch on the head are very good friends friend of a friend found the freeway in nashville and we move campaigns monseigneur the dog in my body posted out on facebook and said here we have this dog we're looking for a good home and he's got very long legs and kind of an awkward face so the name larry bird came to my knees and australian shepherd with those eyes barely forty five but i'm no fees then refuse just really stressed out all the time and shutting down gets very stress one van weeds yeah i bet will do you know it's like all the sudden he's got some good you know he's got someone who cares warm loves them female like that i had a female than i adopted and she he's not a garbage is when i got her she's ok remains yeah i took her in and search phenotype care but you'd have massive designing when i would leave showed no it do should free gab cushioning
the girls coming back when you you get down to that biofuels are starving to death and i found it literally in in downtown eyelashes eating a garbage cans they dogs they have access to so much joy the sins are so happy lucky just as bombed out too well i guess it's like humans to like if you get lucky you could get you could grow up in a really awesome household where you mom and dad love you and i want to see you all the time and you know you're growing up with people have sort of a sense of perspective and they they can educate you on the ways of the world and constantly give you love or you could grow up with a crazy fucking shithead mom and a naughty fuckin violent abusive drug attic dad and you're fucked you just fucked you were born into the wrong spot and is now when you did and europe entire potential completely changes because
your entire way of absorbing the world of even just dealing with reality is compromised by the situation that you were born into with no no effort of your own no karma behind it no nothing you just where their me unless you believe in reincarnation unless you believe and i wasn't no fucking events to support any that but the idea that people responsible especially babies are responsible for terrible things that happen to them because of things that they didn't ass life i'd have to say jesus fucking christ how behind the universe you let a baby slide you now know punish from some shit that some other entity had done in the past life it's overdose system it's it's us a super sad aspect of this world your life could be awesome orkney shit and its is dependent on who gives birth to where you are
we're lucky is file worldly i'm crying lucky you and i all of us here and to live in america to live in two thousand twelve in america with fuckin medicine and doctors international the shit what is interesting how they are challenges change as you write like it's kind of a it's weird as you know one of my best friends in ohio he you got really mad about a cell phone bill he found out that since like i don't know two thousand seven or something he paid t mobile five thousand dollars which is i think normal ceuta at that and he was like this is ridiculous he's like i want to spend money on other things so he said using a cell phone for three months he didn't have a cell phone he used a landline or would communicate through email on he hears tell me how caught it was but how like credibly liberating you know enough that's a problem kind of going into just like you
about how we ve evolved and light technology makes everything so easy everything you like you could you could take your things your house right now with your cell phone calls robots there but it's so interesting always been fascinated with people who could who incredibly resourceful with nature like boy scouts and stuff like that like hack like just go home make a fire right now like low but i i i opened sticks july whittled myself a coffee table with an eye i find that to be incredibly fascinating really actually from spare time would like to learn a future if anybody has any you wanna be some assistance i want to know how to i want to know how to make my own bow and arrows real hunt have you ever rum watch any low shows like alaska shows where they look these people are like a homesteaders out there in the they gather other food within the summer months and then they their fuckin freeze their dicks offer like heavy if you're in it
if you like you're talking about like like people like living off the land and one trying to survive out there is a fucking fastened it crazy in this is generation after generation like this the largest live like that there's a level of awareness and oneness with nature that i think is so cool you can you know some thank you know you're just like your you're in the earth and soon obviously i dont really genetics there is one that i know i'm really good at fishing i like defence show you are really yeah you know i'm good at not catch emulate the chinook ready for like bass pro master like i can hangman's should not really when master do i do to fix the fishermen michael following my professional fishermen here you can make a great living if you like a famous fishermen how hilarious this famous fishermen i think i think we should try you want start airlines tournaments when you're in nashville dislike some great bass fishing down that area in personnel
to this i think the world record from the south thing though that whole oneness like that just becomes part of their you know their receptive fact teases they knew the fuckin water they know about the fish going on they know they don't like that kind of tackle rat lore doesn't work becomes you know if you have a connection with this animal that you're going after trying to figure out how to keep calling them out of their world but chicken them with with fake fish and went off a ruthless fucking game fishing is he throughout this impasse billy beautiful wiggling sparkly thing that makes some poor fishes wanna go bite it any rights it is literally pulled out of the dimension he exists in all drowned a dimension that it can't survive and you can't move he can't fly around in it like you can the water like all the studies in air like what the fuck is going on and
this programme based bright and if its deep enough water they die just from the pressure just from going through the deed deep deep water to the surface the boy like they can't even handle it like what are you doing out here we're supposed to be it like seven hundred feet of water and is yanked those it is up to the surface lives like you're really you really do anything for me now syria there goes my fishing boner noblest inefficient is awesome love fishing but it's gotta be a fuckin a real free scout for that poor barracuda lifestyle lower than ours is aren't there were the rich they like if we adopt shellfish i think their finger tropical don't be thing people eat em they're much one has prevailed sign yeah you ever like did you i know there's like when you know a kid without like that and hark to sing a song then a budget
i got some semi they re fisheries imo i like heart and yes what do you have for me brain riband because in actual fact is if you want to know no disrespect to the maghreb pills in one of you but what happened at the old fashioned bonus i mean does good old fashioned well asked us our eyes killed a lot of them ok my uncle on anti depressants of a huge problem gettin would items on that boat owners but it's nice to have like that five hour boner when you just want how on earth and giving notice of abuse of vacation while you're like a thing it area you just trying to challenge yourselves really like how much boner olympic boner style ok that's that's marathon boner sex here's my question
your your partner i mean i mean are they having sex for eight hours cosette some kind of painful will he mostly sleeves hey rhymes flash issues that are swell played that's brien's gives them genetic come he tangle niagara cobra rape brethren be careful you jane can use its real urinary joke about rabies port rampage stuff out of a careful i dunno what things up a nose i posted on twitter above a lotta lefties uncomfortable does a funny thing lately where like hard core lefties you know what would they liked called cells progressives they will criticise stereo muslims and television and film like i saw these these progressives there were criticising homeland yeah that all the muslim characters are cartoonish
and it's like you and it's i find it offensive they like finding an offensive but it's hilarious that they would never do that with cartoonish christians like there was like you know a tv show and all the christians had god hates fags poster we walked around that you'd never hear progressions bitching about four medalist christians at a representative cartoonish wet but finance alice muslims it's like we have to be aware and conscious and we have to be like really sensitive to like these four people in their ideas i could do is there a brown like you have to be like really kind of them and show them kind but whack issues that are white and look too much like your relatives like fuck them you fuck fuck the christian fuck them let them be as cartoonish is possible but you have to be two percent about the way people who is it is it's not all terrorist is
if one ideology makes makes any more sense than another ideology of any these fucking goofy calls make any sense but progressives they don't want to criticise islam late we take these tunisia muslim characters ok that's how i feel about culture it is not causes and the other ones for being progressive his call for sure they did that hard core lefty stance is called mina shit that fits in doesn't fit and so when one becomes two gun control in these horrible fuckin mass shootings goin on lately everybody's answer is always gun control from the left and everybody from the right is they need to arm people to make sure that this can happen because you are going into an unarmed area and that if people had guns of their own they would know you know the deadly couldn't just do this and you know it is complex issue so it's but anyone from the left never recognises this
it's always it's always gun control you fucking and our people are you happy you know it can fucking believe this shit why do you need a gun where do you find a new hobby you don't need i find you how it's really interesting to discuss this topic think we just move national and that's a gun down their sons everywhere and i and that carry conceal weapons this one girl she's a review party super hot chicken she's always go oh pistol interpose like no big deal for her but i think that something that's at a later date i think that our it's really interesting feeling to be in a town in a community with that and where i see it is that like we four italy's horror stories like don't worry mom i'm safe but like our front like friends of friends getting shot people bewildering shot links all these different stories and others
a crime everywhere but they had they had this turn your gunning day till i try and reduce the the firearm pop population but like at the and the day like not pro gunnar anti gun i don't even know what i am but i'm just like i was thinking about it and unlike the bad guys and it turned their guns in you know and you know it it's a noble and it's a noble cause too to train elite violence of any kind but at the same time it's like they're already there and i just see how they could go away but i dont i'm not making that's like a strong statement now what you are you making a logical statement because the real issue is not whether or not which laws its whether or not people won't break those laws majority of crimes violent crimes of guns i believe in this country committed with illegal guns so it's already this we have such was the kid who was who is in possession of these currencies or as mothers guns i mean they viewed
about gun control whose violated a bunch of different laws before you left the house by just handling these guns and loading them and taking them out of them were his to fuck with so he was violating laws in and then the lot then the question is why do these things even exists why someone need an assault rifle those are legitimate questions does earthquake we really should consider there's no doubt about it but the idea that we need to take all guns away like it's like that doesn't make any sense if people wanted to look at timothy mcveigh did with a truck and some fertilizer want pinamonte they can people in a bunch of different ways with a bunch of different shit that you can get in this plans for it on the internet it's amazing we really stop and think about it how many people there are that there's three hundred million of us at least plus mexicans in this country and we only have you know this many crazy people weren't brunner shooting people it's it's really kind of shocking it's amazing we good
considering that the numbers is just when something does happen it so horrible and so heart wrenching and you know it it it fucks with our heads though the real statistics though if you think about how many people actually have guns and how many people shooting people it's amazing so amazing how behaved everybody for the most part if you'd just look at the actual numbers of human beings is this this is a crazy time to be alive there's three hundred million people in this continent driving around in cars getting stuck in traffic and the amount of people it actually shoe people's relatively small but when you compare to other countries with stricter gun control was you see there's nobody drops that's that's a heart but the issue is they ve already had that the lino jim it's like did you know that the question how do you take the guns mean you'd have to go the door to door you have to storm houses in like how would you eradicate the guns from our neighbourhood the way they haven't
many women have really have it so when you see like low uk gun violence rates second me i've never really had the guns even cops don't have em they do they have em in case of extreme situations like american world from london gets out when they can fuck a werewolf mckenna billy club but that's a silver bullet any like theirs i think these arguments on both sides there's deafening arguments on both sides but do you know the other argument as the unsung discussion is what was his kid on what's going on with his head was he medicated was he on who knows what from the time he was a child you know honey fuckin kids get put on ritalin do may fall kids get put on antidepressants like so a young age we we live we live range times of just manipulating with human nero chemistry and
especially when you're you're mixing things which people do it'll take illegal drugs with legal drugs and it's a psychotic combination in our zoloft and cocaine is like repeats famous for people going fuckin berserk on it try this killing it sir what's injury to know what was what was wrong with this kid worried or whether he had a mental illness whether he was whether he was made created what was it was obviously something fucking really wrong with him just to be able to do that just viable do physically what he did and shoot kids there's gotta be something way right i wonder and i was thinking about this the other day about like all these mass shootings and all the people responsible herman i wonder if there were to be an atom maybe there are unison i'm foolish i don't know but if the eu were to dissect there rains and literally if there is some sort of similar common thread of an excess of chemical
or something or like hitler what about it what i'm doing out though bad you know like saying that that there was a human race like there's a right way to have a brain and mean like like a blonde blue eyes you know and then when i see no sooner fine like a common trade like i'm tired nobody saying and i think that can i haven't made a lap running fighting unemployment rate of somebody that's fucked up in their head and put em assigning to get you back on the provisional give me some reactions of slovakia had such a difficult thing to talk about because it's terrific that's really because it still everybody's you know so painful and there i think that the day there isn't anything that we're gonna find are we able to fix it whether its gun control or anything other than trying to china could be community more aware of each other you know we're talking about all these things about like at your fingertips unlike were in a week we got up
phones do everything forests and nobody i think people stop paying attention to things like just the most rudimentary level of of human existence in and communication of just like really someone in being in in touch with them and i think some people isolated and more and more isolated and an idle fucking know you know i just out only speak for myself you know there's a lot of us and the promise we can't be looking out for everybody around us when we're not even in contact with them we re live in these communities where you know there's people that there's a guy lives right down the street from you to horse houses down he won't be able to pick him out in a lineup that's me fuck you know all my neighbours then a community of people that are based the strangers and their strange their community and that's not how it used to be there's something that happened to us when we invented automobiles and
ass transit and the ability to move along great distances we don't live and work close wee wee wee have the same sort of community the people did before they had cars and that sort how human beings were invented or rather how human beings develop they did we developed to grow up in these communities tries we'll stick together we are hunted together we grant we farm together we gotta get we raise each other's children and then when figure cars and just stopped just started like let's live in the second he sighed and which drive up crosstown i want to live in the suburbs i'd love to have our mountains and then everybody was able to just go wherever the fuck they wanted to and then they would meet for work or go reaches houses but the sun of community got further and further apart i got it this conversations with some my friends like why don't we like live in the same neighborhood man you know what do we do that would not be awesome you lived across the street from me i can we make that
and like let's like live it would finally violently basketball with you all the time now if i may like wouldn't it be earning an amazing if you get leg literally live in a community of all of your friends i don't know anybody who does accept like these guys this mixed martial arts guys in sacramento urea faber and all his friends they did situation where they bought a bunch of houses in the same cul de sac i think and they saw live next week just awesome right way to do it agree i think that be really cool but it's funny to talk about like tribal distance were were many of us have come from me i think we're with all come from you know that the tribal existence was everybody work together as you know woven into the same cloth but everybody had like a job to do and an end to hold up and were in a society where everyone sisson individually know for the most part and it's really trusting to think about if we regret you know to try to have like a communal type thing
again i don't know for we would have to if we lost our ability as travel distances thou would really fuck a lot of people up something happened in society was thrown into chaos and we lost our ability to get oil gas and that's not left sought that outside the realm of possibility you know if we look at the face of the earth like when scientists start like going into the past and see some of the cataclysmic events that have happened like into the predate human beings been some up some big ones like a lot of like a whole shitload of em and its really possible that one could happen and if it did happen we would lose all electricity essentially for ever for the rescue life would be no more electricity is no one can build figured out how to fucking fix it without any real infrastructure available anymore and you'd have a few people that's where survive and by living off the land you'd have few people mean that we could go back to that again like
one simple volcano one asteroid those and asked for the just flew by and the chinese get these rafts of it i am i retweeted it who it flies by every four years and it's over mile wide some mile wide piece of rock that flies really close to us every year or every four years it's a mile and a half lights are mile and a half want what's so basically what's gonna happen is times bird friday when the end of the world comes in got some stragglers which will clearly be the majority of the well turn i feel like this is a real hot spot for you know iris preservers to answering so we're gonna have to come up with the game plan of you i'll bring the canned goods and make sure the ratio is together latitudes sausage monitoring a lotta booze exhaust refractory many
readable came the address a problem and aboard games we have to be real careful it was to really make sure we protect our genetics we will really have their whole fate of secondment raises the natives ireland like hitler though that i have a lot of good points say this is crazy if you had i mean look if you some real engineering of the human race you would have to do some calling right it's like when you were you a thorn or rosebush and you have some fucking whack branches you gotta trimmed ambitious we accept that we accept that scientifically we accept that in the nature world the world of animals and plants but we don't accept to people we next emotions to the most horrific and fucked up amongst us and we don't want to kill them then you know we don't want to kill bad people we don't want to prune them we don't want to send them to you the electric chair is barbaric and lethal injections horrific
then what are you doing on earth why this wouldn't mind what tabloid porn looking for that asteroid add came up on this what some do just tweeted at us about the last thing you have serious killer expert learns he has the brain of a killer i talk about this year so that those eluded entering a guy who found other the heap past all the tests for being a sociopath this or psychopath which one s eyes get brings us up to those this article says i am adam lenses mother it's about this woman earth using this woman is talking about her own son was a lotta similarities we have in the sure from this from sandy hook and that's all these my funds come freezing here but its talking about we're struggles with hammond
the diagnosis is giving a mother mood altering jargon i just don't know how to handle a kid with this type of brain and that's when it comes back to talking about this a lot just like how do you approach the mental health aspect of this and in such an exact science psych have you treat these kids we don't even know what's going on if if the treatment is making them worse or better none of the grey area that were stuck it seems right yeah and we also don't understand why a person develops that way what what makes a person a sociopath what makes person a psychopath is it is it nature is it nurture everyone's different there's different as a gradient limb is like a spectrum of of different for these people just a little crazy throw cable there's a little crazy and then this but that literally dont see reality the way we all agree looks there's this people that use them sitting on the side of the road and they're talking themselves their covered and dirt and haven't washed in the year and they're not back and forth and having conversations like
what's that guy see in scorn army he's having a fuckin full blown conversation with people that only in their what's going on what's going on there and we don't as we know we know how to give him some drugs and make i'm not do that and we know that some wrong was his fire mechanism is fuckin noodle but we don't exactly i know what that guy see in tell us what you being might be lion whom they might be seen some share videos like talk about seeing dry so i think you're gonna take you know a considerable amount of mushrooms then you would know intimacy i doubt i say we try well i fear you pointing unless you want to do is get locked in your homework to do his way thank you me i am i think i take it back to imagine people born the brains are non lsd like that that guy from floyd that they are they wrote that song shine on you crazy diamond there that's apparently
bout a dude lost his mind on some l you get naked fuck up you fuck up again suzanne discuss got nervous and reach for the more no that's not nervous that's more that's straight i'm accessing my pleasure energy pledge to how it had found the booze and this applies ranging i do love it everything's fine guys don't worry it's you i condemn the monday loud existed and since you talkin about love and people like you know what actually i found this is really funny i we got it well we talk about booze all the time because bribe oozes ram not an alcoholic but i love bourbon you know i don't drink bourbon every day but i talk about it is that way we ve had a few emails here and there some some dude was like saw you at your show when you are on tour and you just looked so tired and
drugs have torn into people here and i was like you saw unlimited go limitless just go right over this again you saw me on tour and i tyres that is a shocker heat and kind and who hasn't little vanity was weary various levels because and i am not going to throw money the bus depot to be concerned run by its well you know from his point that there's a lot of people think that the life of a showbiz persons just fuckin drugs and barely keeping together and stumbling on to stay all night the you know but dude i know i mean at the same time i am fully aware of that side like i it does exist it totally and you know i'm sure she was it's like commerce when you're on the road and you're just move all the time and you're never in the same place you never in this you like your in lonely in a year there's just so much going on like drinking yo recalling repetition
oh yeah can you gonna different club every night but there's always and everybody wants to party with you yes but at the same time i i really i don't i don't like i love to drink but i don't like being wasted i don't like not being in control and i don't like losing my voice so there's a balance you know and i'm just feel i feel really lucky that i have a partner who is in a week we used together like if one this was slipping there that there be no be a lot too you handle but we repeatedly in the overly slipping down together a it's nice eagerly i wanted i am both cheap fusion i remember one time when we were really when we first started talking together then got really drunk and i hope he had been long here and i have here a rally pew easily i tied it in a ponytail so he looked like like a yoga instructor
like probably like a few days later i got i gotta get drunk and i remember i guy now we ve like my boots on and i remember the visually little hole squatter disguise town on its really that's really why don't you just contributed to rip called i now so what are we going to say i call you out really jail really it's called a you guys can counter each other that you know you're both in it to you now to do the right shit in and get it done you know you both in it to make great music and outside a lot of bans have an issue like there's like fire guy
that is our size international commanders the picture in that way you can see it weighs like with ice we had a block out the nipple because apparently it almost sunk cbs when janni jackson whipped one who knows what i could do to use dream but this lady with there it turns out i did not ask you to do this this was the universe give me a gift did at cern you now lies green the whole yes and no it did not to him he did not term yosemite blood it turned me on socially because i knew i was gonna pose this online people going go bananas was very excited i was like i have to show people this is going to give them great joy i think this is the part work and started to lose is mine yeah i remember how the member then at last came out with you do you think she's alive now because that was like two thousand five if you had a guest think of
health is not like me ball subs everyday i'm sure there's some telling it arouses do they think god motherfuckers forever let's get to know that was a real moment phased out there was a great great moment for me i wish you that i'm video that that would be who would be awesome de galaxy s three video yeah but ouch up should pursue me one of you knows pictures out there
one of them was a girl do you notice your pictures online video tedious you gotta loss that ain't even me my wait don't look not like the guy is not me that it is not made girl i'm telling you i was a big girl you know there's pictures you you got your video meat must obey your ambition of fair you little bigfoot you can you eat wake you that's good that's a cut of personal folk she doesn't give a fuck now that's a real to look at the chance you can't get it we got on a man fake tits on men always look odd and naples are never big enough and you know that that nipples the corrects us that's the thing about trainees oh by the way tell us what you know that don't you know joe people are people are pleased transphobia did you know that brian that's a new issue transphobia progressives are going after people that are trends phobic if you're making any jokes about trainees
really even saying trainees today a joke about aid we need to be more sensitive i'm fascinated did we already gives out buck angel the last time we were on here are killing or we might not have them all the time is never enough talk about book angels we we did we did show with him you too yes we did our differ in many i'm telling you the truth and we were in toronto toronto asia in canada and we gave a country or you can use shut out of people illegally in toronto countries as well say mother knew about is buck angel from drawing it was it was called idea city which is like ted talks
and it was a conference dumb for it was really incredible and you guys put muse we dead yet we were we're playing with our friend adam cohen we were his band so we weren't playing is honey honey which was kind of cool because i felt like we were dementia hired guns that's kind of former airplane being just seemed vanish in it but only when i go back and watch the videos i did not play well i'm not proud of my playing but i'm i'm fuckin working on it and i've gotten better so for the record but anyway we don't worry what good point though holding is that demands get he's really good oh my god you so that we get to see him and nationals yeah really obtained but anyway buck angel boxes the conference that we were at was a three day conference and theme was women in all the facets of like it was going through scientific evolution and you know in society and like there was anywhere from olympic gold medalists too doctor
whose end psychiatrists and lawyers and an oceanographer incredible woman doktor sylvia earl i love and then they had to different trainees transvestites yeah but i don't mean transphobia you know a keynesian trans i won't try to man just be you i don't know you can't probable twigs anymore adam at the guy the head of gravel different at zones name goes into bravo yet he made a twelve to try to stop me joe he had apologize to the twink neighbourhood twinkling unity all gregg had a man china i support him anyway so changed so buck angel you should explain to people know what a foggy socking buck angel as a very famous transvestite transsexual excuse me who's a woman but is is all does is as joe rogan and just a massive frame of of
man you know typical man but actually is a woman you know porn right and as porn holler and is married to a woman holler but which one makes me wonder does that make him a lesbian he does porn with girls are these guys which idea maybe girls that uses for what i did i did i did myself an unsolved and i was like i'm curious because i was really fascinated by book angels brain you know not do so i went online and i looked up some some buckings appointed and it was it was really really kind of miss me because i saw him in the elevator the next acres he was and i was just like oh god i'm so i'm so confused under skin is so when i did feel a gay porn which if it was just like it was just like it was a total shaved badge and it was just so it was like you
see the top frame which is all like looks a he looks like a lumberjack gotta go t whereas tat it up he has huge muscles and end he lives as life as a man so i feel to call him cause he i think that's what he prefers to haiti was greatly he's fucking cool like i liked hanging out with them but like after i saw him getting pounded by dude that look just like him in his ears medina i was others back on the right that's why that is so crazy look at him he's fucking huge really does look like a fuck that's that's big guy that's crazy brian added that song so that these you really go look for there has never been a better job if you go to that actual video you will not get their folks an estimated that mix but yet
looks like a big do it yet and there's no there's no de downstairs but does he have like a large without list it is worth really really excited that yes this project goin i just want to reach out to your kids and let you know that i really had it have i was a kid people didn't understand me people didn't get that felt like a guy it was i got teased i got i wasn't fights constantly i was placed a lady aid i am returning to reach out to try to commit suicide enough barack obama me out i wanted to watch these stocks are dictating why large why you're acting like a little bitch you're insensitive this is more transphobia
you guys eve people i'm gonna throw up my vision pizza now that's why that's anyway moving on this takes every kind of people is made this world go round we learn that the seventies buck angel good on you go get that so then there was another transvestite that was ecstasy transsexual excuse me i'm using the wrong the runway vascular diseases timber tender inversion of my ignorance just a man in a dress look i'd which delivers sheltered life when you go and get you shit snapped move in the wonderful world people that made the commitment and will in the name of the other three were needed stored on how to like this all these hormone treatment for that undergo and have to get
every week every month thinks had already afford that it's good question a wonderful people's insurance companies pay for our boy a bet they do not that let's find out ok let's google i bet they do about this is something that people have been trying there's a lot of terms what are they return to regimes that are really really in a bad place they do not have the money to be happy cuban if they were just swiftly gender and i think that as a community we should be doing we have this brand name this character i want to use my ultra progressive dick wad what's the name like girls what everyone care medial shelly a man named shelly what am i look i was looking for insurance companies can request an exchange ok insure like a buck starve adjourn ass if it s eyes this could be good for everybody i dont know why said that's what's wrong to try to keep up with her
the target i think that why think i'm feeling warm experience company to pay for sex change ban when greens woman trap for thirty four years in a man's body wins a battle with her insurance companies that balked at paying for her sex change operation wow queens woman i love how this first of all this really shitty journalism really shitty now daily news you don't say wins woman trapped in a man's body wins about it with their insurance company now no doubt you say transsexual man who came a woman wins a battle with an insurance company you dont say someone trapped in a man's body how much maybe she's not maybe have with every couple we in weeks and go oh no this is just someone is fucking crazy you know is not possible not you ve made this like a huge judgment and painted this and you know a very biased way although she does the groucho
there's gotta be some people out there that have had actual sex changes and then tried to go back which sure people were bombed nine i remember this one this guy got really bombed because it can come anymore he realised that it was that was what nina story talked about nina story is a famous transsexual that was also at this conference the ever mentioned conference and she had they're gone how many surgeries bennet was like fictions addicted to plastic surgery he's gonna like sixty sixty times over me but she she did something that was really interesting she chose two to have her body be a canvas and she documented the whole change so the cheese is she has videos and there is no means stories to morrow darwin done and in its money because like you look at her and she's just like this unbelievable like she has
figure legs i just go its regional suggest a rabbit exactly in its it it's interesting it's not it's just like a fascinating visual and she was really intense and she was talking about her her power in her any change in this rail links the warriors and vision and in a story that desire the story i put another event modifications to check with the things you fuckin rudder lie a clear hierarchy concerts photos style incorporating pile and alternative rock jazz and so what i want to say about it i used to have a dick i think it's a different person needs a different theory find if you find it but an angel
what is that now you shall know about angels enlarge clytius is it enlarges guy funky ok i'm gonna look at another store ass right to do that don't you don't you understand it makes me uncomfortable it does not even listen no don't be don't but but that was what they both teaching about with that in mind i don't blame me they said that they didn't want to go with the full sexual transformation because the propensity of losing your orgasm when very high and he wants to lose that but i would like to observe that we still have a dick you know then again i if you want to really be a woman and pretend you're woman you're gonna have to give some up you're gonna have to give up shallow it's called a means she loves never think of a woman you know if a man wants to be considered a woman can have a dick okay
one is to call you shit you know it's really funny you guys i was tempted to tell my parents to listen to this when i was a previous too that we did here and i was like i bet today's gonna be different cause i feel like i've we think about education really you shores and many non arsenal that's anybody arsenal meaner steered mean a story we are sorry story ina story sabena arsenal sweetie were so sorry swim sure please go support nina story on itunes go by our shit we really were we apologise main arsenal i'm sure answered uncles doing great he does look like a crazy barbie doll type thing cheese the silicone diaries ok dad i guess that's his thing was really amazing body language is still has system moved like
top of new i pay you care feminine she sat down like oh she said that because she said that when she would open her legs to you that was her power energy coming out you power energy she's that was like her like opening up her bid her metaphorical whole metaphor goodness knows jerry days and i were in various ways we transsexual showed us the package wouldn't miss rather bizarre as well and she had a chance look at it too and joey said a bestseller way about what its mouth open it looked like someone slammed an apple core on this someone's cock it's like you in that mom is that bush and then pulse ball skin over the whole unlike stitched it looked like an empty hole where a deck used to be a weight it was it was it he added
and this in the council by two by the bye there were no less than four we're front will fake vaginas and turn their more towards the front than the real vagina a real vaginas tucked tucked would lay the theoretical vagina tunisia to allow more salty i come on what are you doing you're kidding you can't tell your own room where you could show that will that wasn't real it just looks like it was something sexual dude with his hand being silly maybe you guys can function exercise the horrible feelings and thoughts in this room and is it might hear with song this conversation is gone dark yet can we either it's pretty dark what somewhere another we was well with dogs it was like dog world dogs people we and on each other s quick
from what we got it we got the school shootings i think less dark place than we try to recover with humor transsexual unexhausted crazy we're gonna go crazy we're you guys brought up the buck cherry so that's all you got her at its back that james i mean grange because no luxury zita dunham personally you ok you don't have like a puncture story like tat cocaine song i don't even have never even done cocaine but that sounds great it he loves the cocaine yeah ok that you made a new thing as is liquid cocaine i've seen a lot of people having this lake liquid cocaine words and like a nose spray thing really sprayed in your nose no
where that is crazy and so had just looks like note nasal looks like you're doing like you just cleaning you know tat you just do oh my god said these people to scare him around in a person is at its core using why adder also for you it's healthy really a great and good for its like the easier it with a fuckin stephen door of commercial guys let's take back our ability to cook and public safety our freedom have you my commercialized even a door of my god it is possibly it possibly broke the douche bag scale it might have broken the douche bag scale brand pull it out please what were waiting for his answer urinate this is a video blue cigarettes stephen dwarf commercial blue cigarettes it is easily the do she is commercial in the history of the world he's in black and white ok anti smoking e cigarette take his freedom
man why was what what's his think how can we know these even orpheus he was in bleed ok without his got role does not meet a lot of movies but but he was in blade amuse the fuckin head vampire blade narrow it's been downhill slide into the point where no disrespect and he's like what about you fear fact guy we're just talking about reality here son don't get upset build in a private had done it commercial too that cigarette commercial paid me enough who knows but once you see it he just well aren't you gonna be really unaware to write this to ask someone to do it forget about him will you this way i'm tired of being a one stop with the music i'm tired of being a walk walking astrid it will do i'm tired of feeling guilty every time i want to light up
one i'm tired of being a walking astrid negative too i'm tired feeling guilty every time i want to light up i'm stephen door i've been a smoker poland and pauses susan messages you gonna see sorry up consider the stephen dwarf cigarette commercial have you seen is no i think it's the do she is commercial broke your commercial in the history of the human race i don't think producer camacho its fruits
the door for electric cigarettes nagging want this i'm tired of being a walking astrid negative too i'm tired of feeling guilty every time i want to light up i'm stephen door i've been a smoker for twenty years and i just found the smarter alternate blue eases blue lets me enjoy smoking without affecting the people arrested now snakily this let us not tobacco smoke that means no ash and best offensive vote i lowood weakens monica basketball game if you want to and how about not having to go outside every ten minutes when you're in a bar with friends the point is you can smoke blue virtually anyway so do i dont like is an analytical we're all adults can we take our freedom of assembly to their feedback loops way he paused way look to stop it with the music ok slick looking cool black he sold out believable it broke deduce black scale it literally broke deduce back scale its black and white for no fuckin reasons is no reason for its not just our choice and i'm gonna do this commercial but i want to be our unease no i want i want to look like caraway and to be honest with you i smoke electronic cigarettes because there's nothing wrong with smoking i wouldn't i don't like you tell anyone or do in public because i m unembarrassed put like i am i am satisfied because i'm not smoking regular cigarettes because i
but their bad for me walk out of electronic cigarettes that was that was one of the duties things and i am i feel like i need to take any to take a time out listen i support the idea of a lecture cigarettes snout words the idea of electric cigarettes i totally support it but that approach the cool guy on the not labelling someone's you get up there be like i do this but it's it's pretty image that are trying to betray is like this man whose like rugged with his like his double by the ocean with like siemens jacket on no i mean yes this fucking jack kerouac look to a mug he's gonna go right the great american novel issues so called be around kosovo local bar and they all known by name you know buck angel smokes meanwhile comes a buck angels pregnant mistaken the dwarfs loved archangel up
i don't know if i can only an hour they would come out it would be dragons hormonal that's where dragons come from replace societies figure out how to turn a man to a woman and a guy fox it and then it gets pregnant dragons born think i saw that game of thrones with thrones coming out in march it isn't who is spain excited amartya ok wait now the end of the world can come its unilateral title i honestly i'm gonna take back what i said before but what i think we're ok i think i really do we're ok we're but she airlines are coming well i think the only way to really here if you get a nice literally time go talk to did you there's that show this is i fucking love is i haven't seen it only we note that the so called on what a neighbour the neighbours or something where it's about aliens and they knew they come to life they come to earth s with the do have me are i'm not sure i know is my friend told me about it and forgive me if i miss miss
myself here but the show is about these aliens that come to earth and they look like people and they don't have very they don't have like substantial up today information on how to integrate themselves into the human society they have this likes words almanac from nineteen eighty five so they all give themselves names like jackie joiner kersey unlike very bird and worrying abdul jabbar it's like a six year old why kid and his name's karim abdullah if i could be totally wrong i've i've never seen a show but my friend was only about and i thought that was money that's kind of what the end that that's how come six euros and pretend to be black athletes dude yeah that's confuse a fuckin everybody before you guys just give a shot out to the float lab float lab in venice california the premier isolation tank
people builders and in the country there are there on the west coast of you ever in california if you're in san francisco take a flight down trust me you need to see what these guys are doing there they have like they take isolation tanks the next level they just stalin new and in my basement this week crazy you gotta come see it we're gonna make any video remember that we really must make anyone does this new insane and i want to take care of them if you if you're in venice or anywhere near it anything you can get there i think it's only like forty bucks for an hour in africa like that their very reasonable and without a doubt they have the best equipment on the planet earth this new one they put in my men my basements eight feet long in six feet wide junior frank going jacket yegg the eurogroup yet own party and a bitch get buck
lucky angel and buck cherry here both gather if buck angel got pregnant from buck cherry that might be the apocalypse we had to be in in isolation take with all the and stephen door yeah crazy patch punishment access gonna tap you know me i'm trying to be cool by the peach man i'll take what you're doing school at all is isolated together good for travellers and try to play games china been guilty about light
light up in a basketball game you know me man to go to the game hang out with guys have a beer why does your man vaginas military more let executive teamwork monitoring berkshire gains blob oh by the way i'm a book cherry thin dont get it don't get it twisted a log book cherry i know that crazy bids on that when i think about my ex governments like all of them that they can play like all my memories of every chick i didn't i was like twenty six rome together with a buck cherry song that crazy bets on just all my memories of every crazy one of em splicing altogether so respect buck cherry and respect of buckingham man if you really feel like you're a dude fuck it get in there are known you done a great job of looking exactly like a dude
if you were in jujitsu class i wouldn't want to roll with you you're quite big to deal with a horse power would you have i would do hope escape tribe escape you know what we get on saturday night as best we can inside trip we went to an amateur wrestling night in in nashville friday night that's all those things that are second one they went to one important point we blame will pass here like three months ago by default and it is that it an unbelievable thing so so spam it really is and it for some reason around like really big dude i like something happens to me were like call obviating i think it is i swear to god because i like ok one time las vegas with my whole family by the way because we all like to drink and gamble and we were at the rio and it was
christmas time and all of a sudden all these chicken deals came out with santa claus and i was like oh my god and i got pull on the stage couldn't do anything except up because they pick me up and there was an old magna disturbed changing their arms and i would like my dad did your dear you're hormones are firing a kid you're right i'm a real like i'm a real i'm a real personality kind of girl so the whole thing i think just that the actual visual is so is the two issues to my system of like a big dude words like picking me up in his shirt zombies where he's here listen greasy but when you willing to let it go like except the fantasy of total fainted total magic bike honest motherfucker yeah i mean and are now in my mind he's probably hung like a few mouse and i'll find you might know waited rationalize i was the gathers nothing this is this is all wrong so wrong but there's some judge your personality the big dude of but the big dude thing is such a like crazy
phenomenon of you could go into a parallel dimension which could never be accessed again and chippendale guys could just run a train on you but no one because as long as you can just let it go for like what is allowed me doesn't even exist and after it's over you go right back to the moment we thought up that idea you're the onward memory it's all good you know if we had some deep talks and they held me afterwards i think i'd be cool stuff to find deep time now check announced a probably lavish if those guys are listen there's podcast right now the gaunt brow okay if you were my shoes you ve got to tell you that a magic my second got me go in i was into it any more i digress anymore whereas we were at the the amateur wrestling i in there was one of those do than it was like he was not obviously you he wasn't greedy tab choice muscle meat for me but he was really interesting and there is
a personality i would i disagree by great aid in our choice muslim meet uniting hurried to find you have like it's all like two he wasn't i said are you looking for like a brok lester type character like what is your great not charging them is but i like that romania's progress for europe to have a chance to see this is now my advice is not my and rang so needs and like the russian dude and rock yeah he looks like a liking like he looks like into that you know come here on a boat with a fucking jordan is half hearted pleasure meat products are now i don't know but while is my fuckin you'd be like experience
we ve got to show my parents to listen to this to christ they don't miss harnessing honey honey we really apologize listening we didn't you didn't mean to pay an unhappy light they can use is all just play we're play this internet heymann in real life i would never talk to your daughter like that it's a beautiful human being in respect of very much but odd cast we gotta take our shots for entertainment that's where the whole gang bang went to train chip and nails in the pan dimension thing came from i don't want that to happen and thinks resemblance to happen but afterwards where this
i think everybody knew what to do because i was just like i was like our high they pick me up a road that figure though i'm tall yankee that doesn't happen very often villages manhandled women want archer that's your dna krajina so why do doesn't want the opposite a goddess unwanted children terrorism upstairs liking for girl picked you up and carries you upstairs to fuck you we learn defeat is how may have happened all i don't think it's ever happened to me yet mrs rogan life is young things happened a crazy man is one woman carry him you're about to do are you a girl rather carry you ve been not no sexual sense maybe around town just rather than a few backs i think well yeah that's it really confidence symbolism fell backwards in manufacturing
especially around he was having radical holding you and two more of your friend he's a big two more your friends easy you picked up three people in evil dot although the lady was on the smallest she was very what's a small side a hundred pounds crop is becoming a five to her that's a lot on like that to add to what do they do not use them footbridge wow that's all this to some big humans other happened honey honey we're gonna play for what are you saying radiohead was ok dad yeah no sadness covered we did toby upload obviously this is a song by radiohead that we wrote but
me we're gonna go yesterday that ok a bit more time watching tv used in your eye how can guess the strain
once again my me then you could
those really cool and has very cool a different feel weird a really interesting take on that's onto you know we pray that is a dual which with a really we played with my room this very talented musician been with any play we get a little trio style and he played mandolin and things was kind of a really sounded bluegrass is it still scare if it gives me when you think like you guys performed so together they owed thank ye have almost like a sort of anne s p and it comes to don't sound together and you know how like ebb and flow of each other dislike when you like it
son like that we have done is a dual before and you were just doing i dont want to sack bless us but we wanted to know what i mean especially if you're gonna cover radio song you wanna you wanna do it some justice i think that was like a be minus you think are those green fuck national judges of egg i'm sorry i'm sorry what send a really good radio they release all their should on they do it in both now as i did they did at least one other items on i think there was a first big ban to say name your oh really wow so they do that they just say like put up a pay pal account my fancy can give us about creating new a stimulating largely noise limits do you think he that will make millions of dollars to the area
we shall try do you guys feel a build up do you feel like you're crowds getting larger your twitter followers are getting more getting more attention to feel we're gonna crews and right now because we were working on this so we haven't been going out much women torn endless and it's it's etc what way it is because we're not be we're not torn you there isn't that creating new stuff do you when you do that how do you do take time off road and need just like say ok we have to set aside x amount of weeks carried how do you do it well citing a we keep trying to set deadlines we were set deadlines so we're gonna be recorded by late february but we still have a lot of work to do you know we have a lot of writing and we ve done yet we ve been so funny less time we're here would do no kickstarter stuff
and in between we ve been making other reward saw the people donated can't say they arise i gotta hypos man i'll tell you something that's larry is it's been it's been really really fun and in a lot of work but like the act oh it's just the two of us like nobody's helping us with it which is really really the truth and like each person like half you know ninety percent of them we dont know who they are and that its cool feeling like you know someone gave us people giving us five hundred dollars or even twenty five dollars whatever that the case is like a really raising feeling and then like to write them their haiku and to like it what's it always really coy are you are you saying it was we're almost done and couple shows you know things like that you're never really were just writing it's real cool and you now these people are always can have this connection which you now it's now it has been a good thing to see
his name's now we already know the name let me address as we had we are you know where you live like a really bad ass when you stop and think about nicely to sleep on your couch so unusual you know really stop and think about it how often does a ban get to do that mean throwing stones number no chance do that when they are coming up you know it's just to do that now but they hung out what the hell's angels and no big deal is such that we need to do is we need to get a motorcycle gang behind us and i think that's just like straight to the tip top jackets like people just be careful i mean i sense a bad just kidding i got my make joke through this kind of weird maybe terrible thing did the airport security with a knife to mail just tell me the exact yes i did i had i realized it was in my jacket pocket wouldn't carrying a knife or determines gift again grazing give you may have to children when you're a gigantic for life
now switch policemen can become protection yes i carry for me on the time do you really yeah it's it you know why making the language is a really hard open showing you walk to your car you want open something yet will throw down your coat nothing i don't appreciate if positive heavily armed as fuck do you know i didn't really think about it as much until i moved to national and i am alone while the time so i never met i'm fine i'm totally armed i've a big dog just pull their pants off suit unflagging loan lowered when did you start from the beginning zoos please to up to my right sesar the supermarket i will fight to the death if i have to tell you know like our euro
you ve got death can hard livin in nashville is better worse different i'm going to say better better in the sense that from a you know i'm here to play music lie blake you get so much more for your dollar the very affordable town there's incredible musicians on every corner that are welcome being an inspiring and helpful and like we we have all these friends that help us with like just getting integrated we are i really like it it's funny i was i was too red van earlier he's ok do allows like you know i'm good and i love away i really do but like the minute i got him a ten i was stuck in traffic i was in a mood we are just like i wanted to get here i wouldn't go pick up banned across town and like it was just is funny we took so long video i left at twelve thirty i don't know there's something about nashville that i really that are our productivity like you
and you have more energy i gotta wives yea like four times a week and we think serve so yeah more time more time much maligned eliza armies somewhat slower there doesn't it's a smaller town there's not many people we know fewer people you can get around easier yes ben like a mile and a half for me which is nice again you get a move on to new plus one move right next door nature that crazy but it creates a little well i can't write in order each other yeah means by were i couldn't tell you the last time and when a day without seeing like a whole day as i feel it feels great think you really great i think you really funny and you're so smart and talented and good looking you're beautiful what a great body that ok you're beautiful scott do you have to resist that deal to resist
we should talk about a foot long term have to resist romantic urges ivy understand no conversation is going gave days no need have no fear friends revisiting his like its though to have a man woman sort of equal partnership like this in a band that works and nobody wants i'm pregnant homely cat got him soon i'm ready for that you know i mean you guys been maids really good friends skype its that's where position for a man or woman to be like really friends is not in this day and age because it's you know it's different it's difficult in a lot of different ways because he now for the significant others that we debate the nets like that's a big one cause we're over so closely we
creativity together is a very intimate thing so we know it's it's it's a rough road being a musician in general because like you either date someone in your banned or you date someone not in your band that you never see where are you with some one that you see every day there's like this like fine line javert data guys like a flock and ben guy never now and i would very much like to see you how why when i want to date someone you didn't like my best friend labelling ago those unless you with a jimmie dale i might make some reparations use when just those guys from that night for these relay will be as was rightly relationship let me tell you listen that's what you're looking for what can i do to fix the world he try to have a good time cable either due to establish toby a star new community now you can get your freak out with a bunch of fucking shaved dudes the problem little baby oil and a big party
of suntan lotion in the air right had it so funny like is all ten fellows how does that if and when go chief is like it's amazing i couldn't get a ten mile i know i've tried didn't didn't work out what nothing we're gonna turn i burn this year we have dark hair i do what is your nationality italian pop aside my mom is native american indian in european her we will live forever and being alcoholic kidding does not just the case like do it runs in year community absolute let give court of first of all whose family i want to know doesn't have alcohol is a life blaring people by morning on this i really it's it's true like every every culture has there physical relationship to it genetically speaking
and i believe that the imo lightweight as much as i love to drink like i'm i'm tired good after to drink some i'm pretty warm my voice my volume gets louder you know just about clothes off to cure you go for a party i was alive go up in the most fuckin classy turn away brows that's because laugh or the most classic unaware that anyway that i said that well and it was not offensive do fine died is easy to make friends and national yugoslavia meeting enjoy warm it's an unusual town is near and it's it's never realized how few jelly was illegal nashville and it really is a small town we go out we were there two weeks and you got your seeing people that you know and you get across town of fifteen minutes and everybody just cause a hang like a big sit on the porch beer drinkin community yeah
i think that when towns get too big and there's a lot of great things about i like this a lotta mean they're so many great restaurants of so many places to go all my friends of yours i love ella but i really like smaller towns i really loved livin in boulder i we love portland really of national nationals ban ass and there's like i'm a better vibe disliked like oh the frequency in the air is less intense it's not death metal it's like fuckin piano views i cannot remain dislike you can relax a little like the frequency of the actual city itself you go to new york ok new york is it's red line ever we got back it's this simply be able there's no way to avoid that it's a crazy fuck in town you could take you in our to drive across that stupid island you know a whole our easily easily which should take you a minute in which to you one minute
so that kind of stresses gonna definitely affect people socially and you don't get that unlike a place like national and that in itself is better not to feel that the pace of everything the or in also you can get more i don't know if you take advantage of a you get more complex because there's not this constant scurrying did you feel it get to at least i have felt it had to do in a way yams like getting getting it get to hear giddy and nothing exit many of you and i feel that i feel that constant scurrying you know i've had friends like eddie bravo he used to live in west hollywood and he liked living unless hollywood z felt like when you live there he was like a faster pace where is doing things made him feel it yet get up and get things done tat the lash it i need i do now that's kind of like you have to get up and get things done then you can't get there in time because you have to wait at that the difficult things that you guys do any wean covers
no don't we talk about a rope last time we are hearing today where did she owes at eight whether to jeez go that's great i love cheese of cheese you know it's a sad thing about cheese oh no joke don't don't think tell her fucking country people allowed you to use on pasteurized milk to make cheese you have two pasteurized american homogenized boil it down and kill other stuff and makes a cheese tastes good of cheese in europe now in france some non homogenized cheese and france from an old lake maker some mother fucker really knows what they're doing you can get in america mean don't get me wrong places and we used to get some earning might easily delicious cheese placing beverly hills like the straight cheese place and i know they pray it's probably a cuban cigars sort of thing like you can get cuban cigars begun a no people they gonna know you first they slip either not home
dies non pastoral fish which means you have sixty countries access in los angeles do you ever have romilly reject bra milk i have yeah delicious it's ok in itself we now all milk with cookies you cannot go warm or little kurd was a bad ass straight from the tooth getting on the lap of an elderly man you better if you get some bad ass cookies ok some really good like nestling tall house tight bitches like what is it what is it with you the airport easily nicely tool house cookies it launches type so fucking nuts in among the young those he's there was that this like a fuckin famous cookie chain their amazing cookies god account
ok all i'm famous aims now by sharing savers a pretty good but there's like cookies eager like they're always at the mother or make a mrs peel mrs fields we only have asked me another one take a few of those just kind of a lot about modern chocolate chips and you know what i'm going to find a mrs feels in this area in pasadena we're gonna go there after this focus so well and cookies you can go yet harlot look what happened out my my calmly special comes out tomorrow as gentlemen tomorrow it comes out on joe rogan dynamic generally net available we have a problem with the amazon thing it's it was possibly ready today but it's not so hopefully to be ready by tomorrow but if not the pay pal thing will definitely still be ready and i like it to be ready with amazon if you do that one click which is awesome by the way i'm a huge amazon one click proponent so it is beyond joe rogan dot net it'll be there too that's what it's gonna look like you know you get it internal your nonsense and the
the special something that i paid for it entirely myself lou the uk style i did essentially exactly what he did on release in it for five bucks i think what he did like by setting that prizes like really smart i think it's really and in a loose when the best colleagues and the country is why would you asked for more don't put dumpy plants and how to stop that know what it is it's my shop but it's available tomorrow and then there's like a whole thing explained that i paid for it please don't steal it out of course certain people are gonna steal it you're going to but it's i think it's it reasonable price i think i think a sort of model like lower talk about radiohead what they did in allowing people to pick the rome i think subway my shifted doesn't play missouri
its concluding look at look out the quality is dare you know it's great positive image video did it that the same people who produce the usc shows that my friend anthony giordano he's a director of it and he's the one who did my last one talking monkeys and space to we in our real excited to do it this way for a couple reasons one i think it's the best way to distribute thanks online and do it direct your fancy having to go through comic central or any these other fur comic like to have an outlet to release your stuff this is only a few options you could do an hbo thing or showtime thing or an unlikely unfortunately you have actually sit down with people when you do that and they to decide what you what they like about your material with they don't like and that shit that shit is whack and that is like the worst thing about me a comedian is when you go to release your stuff and there's other people that have a say or want to have a say in the actual content it's crazy it's that is the
the damas conversations i've had people get upset the dumbest shit it's really it's it's mine bog its unnecessary and i think one of things that is really important about art is whether its assent of comic or someone who write something or what whatever it is a law an individual's unique point of view i love seeing the way a person put together you know whether it's perfect or not if it comes from you i like that like knowing that you rode all your jokes i like knowing that you thought all these thoughts the u printed all those words i want to be connected with your your thoughts your creativity your consciousness and to do that is for a person to please their own shit period it's a band release their own shed or a comedian to release their on shit as soon as you have some executive type characters interfere with your creative process you're fucked you now you just are they does
they're supposed to be doing about when they can they will get their dirty little we fingers off you shit and they fuck it up in and i guess it's not necessary anymore because of this hard gas we ve essentially cut out doing most radio shows amino occasionally do radio but it's not like every week like i used to have to do it i don't have to do as many different interviews can talk directly to the people that enjoy what you do and the disease crazy times you know this cast alone has changed life chains brien's live changed always live duncans live joey's live change our lives where were we in a weird place right now and i think smart thing to do is just keep go in the same direction that's why i got this new studio set up and that's why we're releasing things online like this and that's why we're all touring in world continuing to write material in your special by the way is outright now you can actually buy it this
it is right second i'm not supposed to say that because it trying to get everything in order especially get the amazon shit corrected but if you crazy go by it downloaded it's supposed to be up and those who are even how did you know but tomorrow its official so way for tomorrow if you like fuckin women your presence in the morning if you others those due still believes in santa wait till tomorrow if not go fuck and get it right now five bucks please don't steal it paid for this cause like more than a hundred thousand dollars to film for expensive but why did professional style yeah no i didn't fuck around and we did it at the tabernacle in atlanta which is a beautiful historic theatre it's an amazing amazing theater and it was important for i have been at land on a couple years it was important to do it somewhere where i hadn't been for a while to cover you know too
i don't i hate get me now some people wouldn't fuck you coon burke vancouver trust me i want to come back to back over i just i haven't had a chance so that was an atlanta lana sort of a situation that was really cool too we will do it in atlanta and atlanta is does not get enough credit that is a bad ass fuck in town i love atlanta and its one of the like the most diverse like racially diverse towns it land is whilst places we see a lot of black deeds werent suits like a lotta like ayrshire fanciful clothes and driver like it so it's weird thing it's like there's a lot of like black professionals and lana it's like the yard the level of interaction between why people in black people it's way higher atlanta and that's that's awful the real problem without delay i'll allay is first of all like kind of segregation second while such a car culture that people not really it's gonna subways new york people mingle black people mixed with
people everybody gets together people from different also today economic groups are altogether that and now let us not the case in a way this like a lotta haves and have nots slot separation in everyone's driving so no like on a train with a bunch of you know young kids so it's a different sort of a virus i think we miss out because of that the idea that you know you get a little more little less crime that way and you know it's a little say for their way be miss out on a little bit of the whole experience of being a human in atlanta it's the flat are mixing going on it was cool like someone a black eyes away check so long as our budget why do the blank cheques tools is an interesting place i dig atlanta but it was really cool place do my special tabernacles great yeah it's pricked up and nasa namely special its life the tabernacle does
the creative and i couldn't come up with a better neck all added my wheel house i search i found nothing decided just release it so taught from tat he monkeys in space to live from when i read my good names do you do what you release especially stop doing immaterial y yeah i mean maybe a rare occasion of someone yell something out i would do it just for fun you know but it's over gonna let such ago move on the next material that's why for as well what people want it takes a long to release this to we founded on for twenty in april so part of it took that time because i had a new website that just went live last week and it takes them time to get like a professional website design company to build like exact which one in other words is that the website traffic been so crazy that it's gone to a point where i needed something that was like a little bit more robust and a little bit more functional none of what in a bank
bring the podcast into inward were work in a totally new podcast website now that's like the next step but is this the whole podcast thing is does this scan so out of control it's almost like our brain if you feel about some way i do i was filling a warlike on a fuckin little boat on top of some crazy waving like what we need to do we need for fucking rafts of kashgar rafts now like when we when we buy shit for the studio its own like what like what we need in more or less shed we need more of that shit and it just seems to be kind of grown on its own it we're just kind of keeping up with it you know this is a part of it so now these shows that we do when i went around ass people company guys listen apart ass it about a year in it was about fifty percent and now said a hundred percent now it's crazy and we're haven't the fucking time of our lives twenty guys is much people join it we
yet these emails we could be tweets and text messages i get these emails every day tell people people turn us rather that the podcast changed their life and change the way they think about things and the conversations we ve had with people like dennis mechanic today i talked to a guy today who told me listen to five times already came out yesterday you know if such a crazy fuckin conversation we we are just as you are we are growing with these conversations is well there's no other way brian and i would have had the opportunity sit down those people and how these conversations with them they would you be willing to commit a somewhere and sit down for three hours a day grey ass if i was you subdued lived in a castle somewhere but i need to converse with this man bring him to me now the only way you can really have it has to be worthwhile for them too so they can get their message so it's this whole thing it's been a real symbiotic exchange so
when you guys i can't say it enough people keep telling me spock has changed your changed my life i i've heard it before and i appreciate the fuck out of it every time and there's no other way to say it you know we're we're blown away by the sultan we appreciate as is like love he's gonna back i had to have had the time of my concern is that dirty dancing yes member there is to put baby in a corner so joe rogan dot net go get its available on pay pal and i think amazon and hopefully amazon's ready by today was possibly if it's not should be around tomorrow but that's it or go fuck yourself or not care honey honey hunting which like playing at its height would be joining us this friday at the end of the world the first time with ever done show with band ever really no pressure nothing never it now please be awesome you guys i believe are the first people to play live in here right
yeah yeah everlasting second year referred we came forever last public libraries left and right to leave early leaped up and cherries hide what why wouldn't i think you just can t my career culture again no no no we consensual era and nine jerry by shakespeare haven't is on your please we love you guys in the people that contact us online love you guys the people that we move talk to so many people to say thank you for doing this on the honey honey not as motor and their awesome i call it so great it's i don't know what happened man but we have the coolest working people in the world that are connected to us i really dont get it i don't know i don't know i took place it's an amazing lack of douche bags staggering that the actual douche numbers to cool people numbers it's crazy it doesn't it
anywhere else on the earth creating utopia it's pretty cool we appreciate it was only we appreciate you you guys are awesome ear incredibly talented and like i said before we do whatever the fuck we can to promote you guys thank you speaking of i want to say that we have a show in cleveland my hometown on twelve slash twenty six that's the day after christmas at the house of blues in downtown and i feel like it's like only half right now a powerful cleveland everybody's in an area where have mining sorghum play for nice nice chunks when you go to a headlights at how only play for i mean do seven minutes seventy seven have that's it number i like to do that on stand up to when i do more than a pilgrim testing people's paint there their attention there was enough to them and much more you wanna attention we talk a lot terrier there's a lot of this year because like paul stanley type banter
unfortunately only from kiss and those that you then it can i thought it was a guy there was i dont know how to change to oh no you know monsieur brian hopeful seven that up paul stanley introducing for kiss before play that didn't we tried that its policies now pass stanley is often call stanley talks to the audience is there is the only thing you great no you have to do it you have to have a totally fucking cheesy party i talked to the audience is short video port state talking and playing with the audience at a kiss alive thirty i cancer
that's we citizens but what that's just that's peter chris would pass daily does they made see these out of it the dude who ever you why that's made those cities are forget you name thank you very much sky sent me a stack of em they're hilarious it's all passed down from in between songs job it's like super duper he's getting you with a laser is get some guys go laser pitch mock come here schmuck now you know you know people know you're an old jew when you you're calling a guy schmuck and you'd have assured on try to run that wine and arms dealing talks in the audience that's is so they could get rid of some douche bag is that it was amazing about that one was
that's another one but it's all may raise our way anyway my point is i have no point that's my point my point is he's a hell of a showman that pass daily some guys will remain a lot of money those just as we are you goes fans what kind of music deduce into grown up i listened to i a really really old dad sources like classical music and music twins and third then how would you know he's superfluities ninety one we are holding here i'm twenty seven holding shame and this was before see alice five hour bars ran for how was your jars forty eight years younger than it was easy bless your dad that's why then have served in world war tune pacific ins in storm the airfields of paperwork
shit and these are bigger he's her head amazingly shit mark jappy your dad is a hero it that's why i got a boner twenty years check your europe we gotta get outta here you don't look asian at all either occasion he's russian he's a mail order broad easy tucker my mom and dad fox so you listen the classic shit that's like the others like we start you know there is an opera caught a magic flute now gone over this is mozart north africa the magic flute played every single weaken through speed blast need blast like use plain ac deasey but why every we get over there and then
did he get you in and playing music no not really neither them did they didn't really play that much but i don't know where it started budgets decide i wanna play violent first prevailing was six dropped it and then a surplus drums from their owners cuff freaked out about and go so from asia six he started the violin why i can't played at all any more now was a shame feeling actually would come back if i really time you gave it a world i think he's going to exact not navigators hasn't even you can you can but it looks like them i gyp just about rocky there is no tomorrow what about you how'd you start well i listen to a lotta like juxtapose with my folks an italian restaurant so i grew up with a lot of like jazz
rosemary clooney in frank sinatra louis prima and like that i like that a lot and then like regular like nineties rock pop like scorpions i'm not my mama's into rock set there's not a rock set in the car which rocks it oh god would have with their song hold on it'll come to me red bans maria it's there is a god come hold on but there's there's rocks at yeah we're how does it go yeah you got the new than anything and bananas nan song was that song is so there is that like went my mom was the more sort of contemporary culture my dad noiseless new journey together and harmonise
you got to harmonise again own eyes i remember actually stop it was crazy and i'd be like you'd think he'd be like no union down would sing journey together i am i dead played some some acoustic qatar did you really like jethro tall lot and use you know he had a banned in the seventies building a moustache and affirm well your dad's already heard already hip that guy who the hell bottoms i hope not but yeah corset sure he did theirs they had there's all the pictures of might might my dad grandfather my uncle's nay they look like italian mobsters like they just everybody has like every he's like together there's like tailored suits and like glass it big glass these measures will be of no return elton john glasses totally is totally gay the seventies russia confuse psych they got disconnected from the mother nipple of drugs
you in the sixties there had acid marijuana mushroom in the seventies what we do is last day sober man station whereupon the lot of kwairyo eludes pills pills confused motherfuckers where pointy shoes bell bottoms picked up buckles when my doing on what is i feel i have a background dunes for the most part had such there is such a like wardrobe wise speaking there is so much more of an effort put in to what guys would wear on regular basis because it enough matched our problem people online you pretend to be something you weren't you gotta go somewhere where the outfit and in whatever you could get someone to touch you jesus christ what away i d like to have to dance men are essentially junkies and there are their bore into this world junkies and then they go loud as young men with is full
raging hormones and it's this massive quit to figure out how to get someone to touch you what oh how what we have to pretend to talk of certain rights tat cut my hair a certain way let me just get that figured out for every man is struggling with that from the time we're young or sixteen one thousand seven hundred and eighteen the conversations we have is all about how we figure it out how to fucking get them to like us well that's what breeding is all about if it wasn't for that sense of urgency to be three people on the planet the only reason why we do this because we are junkies which are so crazy just get rid of the loads just kidding in their quest summary dutch ray and so they go with bell bottoms fucking
fusing wardrobe things that takes like ten years we will go to fuck are we doing here what the fuck are we doing these things look stupid it's fucked you right man fuck bell bottoms pants are still here ok pants worker everybody's cool with genes genes of round since fuckin but casting sundance cato the same genes are you where there were genes down they work canvas which is interesting most clothes and pants turn like the minor days the tabloid is actually made with cannabis there are made out of hemp yeah most cleverness yeah well before the the before slavery was illegal that's what most shit was made with the they made more clothes with with hemp and more flat tags and sales all i made with hemp because it's much stronger than cotton them eli whitney came along and made the cottage and then it became really easy to make shit with cotton and then to do
coordinated was invented in the nineteen thirties in the nineteen thirty's was right after prohibition for alcohol had ended and they were trying to figure out what to do with his fuckin drug enforcement agents there were no signed go after alcohol and won the things i did was a concern effort between the sky william randolph hearst that own all the we also owned all these paper males and cover of popular science magazine had this article hemp the new billion dollar crop and so everybody was switching over to hemp because they create this decor decatur which allow you do effectively process the hemp fibre that the stock of the plant which like credibly useful from paper and close us it allowed you to process it without slavery allows you to process it like an economically effectively and so we ran off her sir print all these articles about marijuana and about how marijuana was causing blacks and mexicans to rape white
so that's all they shut down the hemp business it was all about hemp as a commodity wasn't have now protecting common interests zone can do is protected paper because he and pay nels it was also do pot had an interest in it because departed came up with chemical composition from now on to make ropes and previously all ropes had been made at a hemp so there was no i just wish its readily available online you just like it's amazing that that is very impressive it's just memory solidarity look you asked me shit about important things like where you taxes go we know that we do want to know you should know will be our overlords are lying to us but that's the only reason why still legal today or silly
is now it's gone from a textile and the you know when the issue was like nylon now it's gone to pharmaceutical drugs the influence of pharmaceutical drugs the only reason why it's and then there's also would profit from it being illegal alike prison guards unions actively spend money to try to keep marijuana illegal for papa private prisons they they will actively try spend money keep marijuana legal costs you want to keep to present stocks and so they make money not raising private prison union prison guards union spend money to make sure the drugs daily eagle that's cute is an acute because they make money i mean literally is like slavery mean if it wasn't illegal those people wouldn't be in jail they'd be free so you make something that they do and you spend money to keep it illegal something enjoyed it doesn't hurt anybody else use
spend money to keep it illegal so you can and slave them and make money from the fact that their locked in a cage that you own mouth conservation that's amazing airy we're gonna look back on this day in the future when people are when they have full access to everything including thoughts and all all misinformation will be accounted for and corrected we will look back with great shame and how stupid we ran this world we will look back at it with great shame at the people that we called our leaders and what a group of fucking monkeys they are when you see them arguing about the fiscal life and all other nonsense you realize he's are incredibly flawed human beings from a different time in an error and they're all trying to appease these fucking monsters that put him in the position is these
these corporations late spend millions of dollars and a sociopath ec way to try to profit from these fucks representing them we're gonna look back on this in would i be really really shocked that we were this week can we really shocked there was this pathetic with our incredible access to information that we're still as wonky with our our system of government in our system money and welfare and and and protecting each other and are our sense of community and willing to go and wars we're in a look back on its gonna be shocking just a shock lying possession i dont know what they're doing you know i think that its it is it is a joke to see how how the world is run or a country or whenever sometimes not all the time but you know i don't think that its it goes like under their radar i think it's just like politics and selfishness its stamp and its also completely out of control
so big with the system is so interconnected there's hundreds of different organizations is more than a hundred different countries there's all this fucking artists there's a certain amount of natural resources that they need every fucking day his soul much is going on there so many different connected issues and so many fuckin human beings so it's like people were born into the system as completely chaotic completely out of control completely corrupt and it's like everybody agrees everybody looks at it and says it's a mess but no one knows what to do and they try to work within the system to fix it but it doesn't seem to be working so it's like our off are we for two completely fall apart come up with some totally new or slowly soda chip away at this horrible problem than our ancestors have created and left us with that's the real issue is like
you and i and we whenever we didn't create this world we didn't decide to invade afghanistan and we say we are going to war with iraq and its none we we have nothing to do with that the fact that some human things that somehow or other represent asks wrong as one patch of dirt together is dirt raising and its it's been crazy it was crazy when the romans did it's crazy when the greeks did it but is even more crazy when we do it more crazy when we do it because we have we have the access to the information that allows us to see the wiring under the board and see what's really motivating this whole thing and see where this is all going from an it's embarrassing embarrassing to bursting with there were so dumb to this is that these are our leaders it guys like new congress really think they could be president embarrassing it's embarrassing of a guy like mitt romney can have this incredibly horrific record in business and still put himself
as a business man for the people and almost get elected but just crazy at a obama can win the nobel peace prize than thirty thousand more people with guns to afghanistan fuckin crazy we're crazy shit circumstance certainly it's a sitter this is like an endless it's like i'm not was the thing the gordian knot or whatever we are talking about whether it is a story about alexander the great news is not that no one can untie assistance endlessly complex not and you can't cut it actually that's that's what he did you just slice it in half and stored this gordian knot of her the gordian air em you have these people i don't know it's so for some of her the u dealing with this infinitely complex situation and you still have
when's that are trying to solve it yeah so i don't know i think sometimes there's sometimes this lot energy put towards you known defaming the people in power and saying and it and i'm not i'm not a supporter of a lot of people to talk about the systems of government but i think it was interesting like this last week started get back on this but the the shooting thing and then there's a knee jerk reaction that comes from a place of anger with a lot of people and i think that ends up just being wasted energy more people to start spouting off about how things are aren't the way they should be and reacting angrily it takes away energy from changing individual lifestyles which is the only thing we can really do right the only thing you can change how you live in your life and your usage of these resources there are basically the reason why we all these difficult situations because
where we live our lives takes up eczema resource from you know afghan jos we have to go in there and take his stuff and create a complicated situation we can't get out of i m just railway now known i agree with you in a lot of ways and i think that i would hate to have to be i think if you were elected president right now be fact thing anybody would be people either good intentions i think they're so many things you have to deal with somebody sure so much going on and you know as much as you want to be the voice of reason you live in a fuckin crazy world the pakistan still exists ok so fucking completely disconnected country with nuclear arms and a hate for india their next door neighbor and there they mean we had our shane smith from vice tat comedies talking about how leaders upon the world have like said they want to strap themselves with nuclear bombs cauldron destroy their enemies grey
and this is two thousand twelve is a reality that people a deal with you know that's why you need maybe seals you need the army you need the marines need em it sounds people want it didn't work thank you that's real didn't wanna to you you do need a military fuck me in a military man unless you want your ear we'll be wife raped in the street by chinese soldiers and i'm not saying that chinese want to do that but i'm saying that that traditionally has been what human beings have done that's what genghis khan did that's what the romans did the greeks did people been taken over people from the history from the the first time people started writing things down it's a fucking series of stories about peak people taken over other people that's what everybody always done and if you protect the people then that's more like you gonna happen because we really have involved enough to not do not have it happen it would be beautiful ever but it was all peace love and but the reality as if you actually pay attention to the news there's a lot of non combine type shit going down all over the world
you need a little bit of a military the problem as you get a military and then you have a much people to decide for themselves bitches overhand and we gas oil money go two thousand twelve point to this and that this bitch and doesn't do any good and we did the only thing to possibly have as somebody maybe you could listen to me and run for president and makes sense that's it young the young people the only people who can change you're not gonna change new gingrich that all goofy farc he's not gonna take mushrooms we you do to newgate change newcomers level of free can have a heart attack often drown himself in a little crazy here no way to know that's no way to go this is business
pointed us move we ve had a conversation with a hundred different people hundred different times has no i dont think that i've really get so uncomfortable talk about these things because i don't feel like i'm i've informed myself enough to have a strong opinion but my instincts and just agree with you that it doesn't matter whose president it's like you're you're fucked because you ve inherited is a mountain of shit you know for centuries i think that unfortunately and am i got forbid but you know i don't i don't think that you know i think it's going to be something huge that's going to change everything i don't know what that is i don't know if that's something catastrophic i don't know if that's the aliens coming or whatever the fuck i put something else would have to happen for anything to really change think it's happening right from her face but these the internet
oh yeah there's an alien added aliens the internet did the this this alien entity that is by humans that allows people to connect an exponential we grow together in some strange way that would never be possible without it too access to information that will never be available and no one i'll come and no one saw it coming and it's a fact it's an alien factor created by human beings its into the earth its ailing into to any the systems that have been set up before as far as natural systems of natural selection of of of rival the fittest any those so that this is an alien system this my accosting how if if the if something happens with what you say broke if the none of us have the know how most people like if if the if i get knocked down i mean like you lose all access to knowledge
mean look but you know what if you're europe jugglery slit your blood falls out in your done announced just had i hope the internet regular that's all i'm saying nothing can have a belgian avoids culturally my bows and arrows analogy and i'll be cool to our blood joe which ones are the good berries and the bad berries you know that ultimate fighter star with that broke his penis yes let us not only related magical re l b apparent he had a girl happen up or down on his johnson and she missed related her exit and re entry and it was tank to tip snapped is penile by was in the hospital for several days gettin is shaft repaired and who knows if ever totally recover
we don t or would ask how that's our ultimate firefox is that tended muscle dictates use national optic did she issue visually detention in favour were i've never broken it but i have a couple of thank you hey baby hazardous you gotta copy i got it is you can't let us triumph but doesn't know how long you penises ride you you gotta you should hold firmly unto her waist and control her exit and re entry yeah yeah be careful you have a good grip on waste and you gotta do a lot of kettlebells till you wanna be up until she gets crazy you wanna be able to control that thrust it's very important in loggers would like to be on top there's nothing wrong with that folks don't get wrong by you men protect subpoenas protected penises a firm grip on the hips to be a certain point where you are in danger when they passed
you know how long you deckers won't give us she on tax issues are the azure like announcing up and now that's the only way to bring back if you spired that fucking that is so i went online him he would know you were doing then you'd stop why you're doin it you would do it it's the only way to break a deck grosbeak top i think that percent of all the broken decks of come from europe another you off the bed fall yeah those guys gonna go does hey that's inaccuracy of would you do trip landed on his dick it happened and then you broke it that dick i don't think that's happened duty tripped and landowners to me i didn't you jitsu ones are used to not we're cup and my god are you convinced story and you love the store got need in the deck like on the deck flattened my deco bam really hard but my friend einstein incidentally is greater
anyway it was my fault was trying to pass my guard he slammed is neither my dick and i didn't know i was her i mean i knew it hurt but i thought it was ok and you know it's like a man and you know you sit down for a minute or so and then you go back in when that when he not in so much pain but then when i went to the locker room after training i blew shorts on or blue pants i didn't know i took my pants off my jocks trip was red with blood o my son my dick had been bleed in my job and then i peed in a came out my dick it was bloody so then adds figaro ok do i overreact here or do i treat it like a treat my nose my nose like gave my nose is important to me my nose bloody i would go to a doctor so that this is one of the things you have to do when you do jujitsu on a regular basis you're always getting hurt so you get to know the difference between a torn acl is a cramp muscle in a cell
had to figure out so what i did was excited i was gonna macerated said that no you did andrea wearing charted it now i went home and i was like if i have a hard on absurd dick still works and some good so i got a hard on jack laid it looked like an embryo it look like like the inside of an egg no no that's not it please help me that's not eugene now how much as much as is now god because i'm ready for that and it came out in that way when a peculiarly for three or four days and slowly leg less and less sounds like a cap touch an intimation not effect is no pain i checked my temperature no fever everything schools no infections has earned took a few days that was added healed up pretty sure it's ok and i made a baby's instance it's all good let every you mean
i think i made balsam my babies since then so it's a hundred percent fires but it was so scary but it didn't look scary it looked normal on the outside that's while so confident was like chinese take until you felt better until didn't that's a crazy thing just blood was coming out of it tat is bizarre whilst others are when you get me that what is that others from under no its not please i didn't put it online ashes but it was really weird but it was it was also i was like really questing my own judgment is like protection really just jerk off after i broke my deck fuck is wrong and i was like sitting there looking at the sank again this now i didn't get a medical sort of way i didn't like sit in front of us she really had a stern look anything like all medical shit i'm surprised thought about some ex girlfriend something get the job done put who was
you know a clinical opera i wanted to make sure that my dick work did that disturb you would need a heartless talking about weren't gloves when she was on our era shows rather but a preliminary glove and put his finger in area nina hardly on dunno she is no school porn star from like eighties she still doing orgies bang and peoples its old i do know that where do you said that she's all right i'm sorry what she likes to would people wear gloves she wears gloves she wants them to wear glowing winter like mittens yeah big christmas so where do you think about the gloves did she she wants them to be clean which ones are both to be clean i don't blame her i mean are you you don't you don't want any
things are those mighty ration photography audacious my ass you could show my ass you stream but you can't show that the hookers too there's no you're real but you talk as well but real you know what you guess we're gonna play another son about two i kind of like where this is going to play one got dick tissue croak issue that has ever saw diction tissue reset no why is it like some going on you know i don't know but one played this what's on this new song and it's like ten can we talk about doing my job it down we get slumbering is now who says things is actually kids look closer awesome there are some might i love em to fund
the little girls are right little tiny girls hang out with everyday big part by day is hanging like you like yes there your children like no question but it's not just me children it's also a little for you old individual who happens to be a girl and she's experiencing all these girl things and i wanna do i find the fuck we're not gonna go see that anyone can see that shit but whatever it is it she wants to go do like we adequacy grinch you have to make do it will it get excited with her like do you want to go carousel oh yes i be so good i want to write a unicorn do you think the unicorn will be available like i bet it we did she say available oh yeah wicked smart crazy smart but it's like you you get to see things through the eyes of a four year old girl really interesting fascinated to credibly faster you mean honestly i love in a death she's amazing i'm so happy just having children is really incredible experiences it's really
harder wrap your head around it and i don't recommend it to everybody and i dont mega amended people were in bed situations in a relationship or stressed out but it but if you got ducks in order and you're in a good place within person humming a is a crazy experience here you know when you guess it's gonna be hard ties where you can hang out with this little person that you literally love more than you love your own life what you would sacrifice your own life in order to keep them by the very strange thing it's like as an air tainer i'm sure you guys to relate to this especially being around a lot of other entertainers you guys are very balanced but not a lot of us are you know a lot of us are very me me me me me you know and it's really hard to get past that is less selfish ideas out there in the world of art and creativity and won the things as oh really freeing to me is to actually someone in my life you know have people in my life not just won a gang of these
people that i literally love more than i like me what more for them than for me in that i always thought that was bullshit i thought that was people said because they wanted to hear people go ah he sauce answered if he so yoga i really want it out i mean it sounds like worshiped but then when you you understand the actual relationship between apparent in a child it's not just a little human beings a little human being that is a part of you mean they they they literally if it's not you could never understand it unless it's yours they did logical switches they go off a very strange so your hole in your whole feeling about love in general changes when you have children and my whole outlook on human beings because
once i had children i changed the way i looked at everybody i didn't i don't look at adults as adults in the more i look at adults as babies that became adults i look at adults as like these bundles of potential that slowly but surely became a grown up human being when he planned by the baby plant babies eaten lemme have you given you're babies lemons yet clemens that item where it has had its day they make their face than they why don't you i got a whole community have been easy women
it's ok because it's not painful but it is kind of crazy you know he cares gettin tortured because like they still ate it didn't wiped her mouth they discover that was alive kids a pussy i kid freaked out from a wide lands and valuable work nosegay we had a walk twenty miles in the snow just to get alarm you feeling we are in the right groove now but what's as well it's ok didn't it it kind of call it got a weird name i am not sure of is were going to call it but the course what you going to do now and it's not water are you out to do that like spelling not even named not really now so did have a chance to hear songs
in week maybe maybe you can name it joe that'll be maybe we'll ask the people on twitter on stream maybe not maybe maybe not when i will not guarantee and shit but come up with a perfect name imbalances angle holy shit that guy stick sixty nine cos blooded found in i found the right maybe balls of steel can balls of steel where are you you introduced us my for we are all balls of steel bloody bows bloody balls of steel shallops dunk atrocity artists to ease the boss steel hamilton lance armstrong to form a true it trio do you mind
as a consequence area vendors trio its tribune once i want to see a tree et quartet sense by the trio we also believe that next time we can signal more so all away the working title which you going to do what as you know ladies and gentlemen on twitter now is the time to be heard balances are listening care in judging you just kidding we're not accepting oh baby fast now right
nine i see monsieur nay
amy hi the key thank you everyone
xo now please now again heart
ok yeah a real power scrape too that's bad ass pay another one or more oh shit my folks yes professionals in bavaria
will you please rise would you can play with god of love s camp silbury hill had been rona things off rising as a bummer capital lyrics outside but what does sounds bad i wanna hear god alone that like that's us pointed out there we never played it lie before it's someone do it like its listen we love you do it make it happen ok i hope you guys just except us out their location oh god love if there is
you got me in so tat s land the flaw attracted tag gown we now know tee makes me sad i know now need a blue and angry do in my hands and knees it's me love
namely a fan friends my services since has misgivings teeth i have to throw and i gave em at ways raise your name pay your tat even though they do in my hands and knees may we
and we reasons could i ask for more as well waiting for this feel confused like a train out of flowers yeah a quiet zone so
so what you hear me stand and pay matter do you need me you tell me that wasn't a bummer at all that was awesome that was awesome got it
about the ballad of buck angel somebody someone now that is really no than undeclared rosty rags glenholdt on twitter suggested that balance change the idea i want to hang alabama fucking do without cairo buggy angel which one of you but i've already hung out with bugs angel and we come up with such a kindly under very urgent very very softly genuinely we're just these areas was exactly ones knots of barbarism that that's dredges problem down as laptops did my trainees but not that kind of slow strong
on the other which you have theirs than theirs different ways dislike no pun intended you're ok you more compatible with the men who want to be women than with the women who want to be men those confused me more marked tat s a pc way works looked at it like will judge as a man where would you choose we have rather substance where would you choose would you rather be of the man who dates the man and who used to be a woman but is now a man ok or you know i guess i mean personally joke i don't really know how to get such a question would you rather me i'm sorry repeat a date which rather date a buck angel whose clear very manly but has a vagina like a little too little time boy twinkie type
yeah situation i began who becomes a woman you'd rather that right would rather have a man who like at least looks like a woman listening a manly vagina having ryan or angels truly and i am truly but not really really is a woman has a vagina would read that or would you rather have a guy who used to be a guy but want to be a girl is a value girl but really looks like a girl lizzy i wanna talk to him are the oil is what are we gonna talk about really need that don't you ever branded what's goin on really want out of relationship we want to listen to you ass a dog man dogs listen to them
he does he's got larry bird and larry buried i gotta king once maybe larry by any just talk to anyone need a relationship anymore just drive larry learn in your life and cut out the complications out man swing tweets a short lives there are transsexual right now tweets are little gay of fellows who are you know fairly non muscular and very boy like what did they column in china oh yeah however of any talking about airline pair that one is shitty little mine felt like his city like twenty so that our role and about how to introduce that one about action contrary theirs in i read that will be the improv in hollywood the night before the end of the world show jody it's gonna be there most likely gonna be there the seminary their forget there
yeah you're so there's only sixty tickets left for being for the will turn with honey honey honeymoon alarming arms she can come too should you guys one without landward ben come to you fuck i sure honey ready then was she can come ok there is no honey look honey you gonna make out both of you will do that money has no power hills no fear of making that would get pelleas irksome like us under the influence for three days the kids randy am ready ladies and gentlemen if you're in the present data area brown rembrandt given out bright red back to the main still dioxin bracky loads wary of fourteen dollar margo reader nato yet this mp in
ruined it again you son of a bitch i settled fuck down this show essentially is over the fun when it got dark brown but it was there is good news for you know if it wasn't for you guys we probably would never went down the road of musical guests sparingly dude balls steel what whatever it was with us in the fuckin stars for us i think it was a friendship it was mean the guy if you don't know the story a guy i messed poor sent me a message person has said this can be a new favour band you guys playing angel of death on the top of a roof somewhere and allay there was an acoustic version of it he's just for good and then i started i think my little toy ghana three thousand exxon us homage watched a bunch your videos and mc caully shit cancer
awesome and somehow or other we all got together and now we're bessys it pretty awesome i like what's happened here guys it's beautiful you know this what one of course things about the internet is the ability to connect people the other cool things occurs that's not agreement being facetious that's the problem with the ability to people some people do not fully developed than not ready i know not to separate from stalkers at all because that was that's like a wrong place to go from but i do want to have a little shout out any thank you to all the amazing death squad fan i have come to our shows there some incredible people that we met on urgent runner be thanking to death squad during our travels and think about how we have acted the squire keys ever think those worthy comedy i dont think i would know well then without we call ourselves a death squad either so why do you call them the death squad we were the opium anthony show i was in two thousand
so some show and o b one walked in i walked in would take fletchers pig giant dude from the ultimate fighter motive hours and eighty bravo whose blacktop brazilian jujitsu and oh because o tires jerome any brought in the desk wod like like these people that we're killers and we just as a joke started corners the death squad because we ve said that and then brian started death squad podcast network in the sort of spread through that embraces sound the death squad t shirts and then people showed up we are aware of these death squad to insurance and now people like put hashtag death squad it's up hashtag it's crazy brine does like death squad shows they called it the commission death squad shows its was crazy thing that sort of just grew and became weird
had girlfriends piazza like our gang you know they were approved i give it if you're and ask why we pay much approve of your comedy yeah do musicians be introduced download does one of great guys salad i've had a death squad uprooted unanimously its analyses we voted right now companies are being so happy and success though it's a noise but we don't really mean that connotation of those words to connected together like death squad it became something else and even though it has that name we not think of any is not deaf involved in those no squad it's like bunch of silly happy people now ironically call themselves that's correct yet with a highly tomorrow ladies gentlemen will be our three hundredth mother fucking episode where ninety nine yes goes routinely nine in joining us tomorrow will be none other than the great joey cocoa d is allegedly or two
sakharov you never know it joey you never know what's going to happen part of the fund in its eyes ok beware zero you never know if he's night joe ideas his wife is about to hatch but i'm a new joey democrat backing of female joe ideas will no doubt be the funniest grown preschool come out to joey cats are gonna babysit the kids and i got a crack and jokes right away it's going to be very interesting we will be with us friday night at wilton honey honey joe ideas doug stand up and may ask me listen i got all these emails from all these different people saying that come from all over the world we appreciate forgot that and where we're very i did and i'm so glad we dug out about doing this problem in two thousand three first part in our shitty version of the man show we said we should have an end of the world party and would do
joe rogan dot net my calmly special thirty out supposed obstacles not talk about until tomorrow but a bunch people have already saw it on twitter while this podcast was gone and said they loved it which i'm very happy here i'm very happy for it i don't i would never put it out of sight i worked really hard on this is like a good solid year of preparation and then it was a long time to set up the infrastructure to sell this and indeed to be or the distributor online what louis uk did is a real game changer sir change the a lot of people especially the certainly the way i think about it released things like this is never even an option or consideration until we start doing his pockets so thank you very much we appreciate the fact that you guys we're all in this together it's helping me as much as it's helping you guys i swear to god i don't believe in god and i swear i swear i believe in odin and sent him praise praise owed
this gentleman zone i don't believe in god it's that i don't i believe in and nobly if he was there i wouldn't be shocked i would be shocked life itself fucking god is in operation joe could be god could be the the guy who programme dissimulation could be some artistic in seattle fuckin laptop fox look we love the shit out here for sending positive messages to you take him in and do with and what you will and will see tomorrow
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