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Josh Barnett, Brian Redban - Date: 12/24/2012
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can it be it system no skin like you look if view shave your face and he put after shaven you get the splash of lights but it's ok i'm like how much worse you to be my balls its worse its exponentially worked a totally different experience what shaved you where you a man now one of those political that those blinks or what did i put on my face vice out you know that's good yet academics argo i go with old space allspice guy the girls base did you did a homo when slap your balls so i squeeze them tight because they weren't furious i grab them squeeze them as if i was somehow another going to stop the pain by squeezing my balls and i'm telling you you just going to give a girl flashbacks is from my god it's grandpa again empire old space on the jesus i did not know where you're going down
is dire and wherever i go in there is always going to be a bad bad bad laid eyes barnett i like this this sound of this team that sounds pretty awesome although at first i thought it was like someone's massive joke on like asians and cell phones turnover be rude there would be rudest fuck no system name but his taste is a thing doesn't mean anything what does tat mean is illegal technical term or anything like ping quinoa ping is if you send a package on the internet to somewhere when it hits the next server do you like the time and that's a paying recognising server that's like barbours of important went back in the quake days we are paying this error is checked to see like what you're latency you won't be able to fuck people act when they can't fuck you up annual but no matter what when you're losing your doing shitty it's like god damn it i fuckin lag yeah the lad got me anyway on its darker
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the budget is the job logan periods how many times we start these part gas often i never say i'm talking to you about an hour and so i would just say it right up a manly man a man of care after a man's man who likes muscle cars and fucking psycho music and is in intellectual dude guy you sit down talk to josh barnett lace and bring her home remembering bringing on home introduce minimum tell about raping and villages learning airily but if you lived in another area might be on the menu god being would make a good conquer view came in on a boat unnecessarily everybody else was done you'd gotten do you think you know what i would really like run faster you son of a bitch so
what's new view man i know you're gonna be one of the last strike force card right which is in january revokes you don't know johnny josh's former you see heavyweight champion king a pang crazy the other title suggests bunch of rapidly idle about scrapping titles i think i had smoothest penis head if we were going to have a manliest man board of approval i would have to have you on this manliest meant boy of approval you're clearly about his manly is again i think we can go to you and we can get like real when i strict like no nonsense i say straightened dude knows with a fuckin pencil again when you got this video over the ducas does broken just like you and me fix it right now faced with a pencil shoves a pencil does do knows it breaks it back and you see you see that crunching and see if you can find it because it's pretty following its pretty fucking funny
i am therefore for that boot jobs is too pretty much any kind general surgery did he broke breakfast sparring was it like not decided actually worked with he was doing snatches our balance somehow i managed to waylay himself right in the face i probably crushed it we are well he'd already mangled it good doing rugby earlier on and i think in college maybe some like that been directly for years so you need already known the pleasures of a broken knows but this was just out of nowhere cell
you know there's an interesting debate that's going on right now amongst people that are football fans but that are also realizing how much damage these players taken and it trying to figure out what to do about it and one of the more interesting ideas being presented is the idea to make him where leather helmets to take away these big fucking heart helmets that allow you to crash into each other full speed and just give you a little son that protects your skin and that's basically all you got and you can't have the same strategy can go head to head liked i can't crash into each other no pans leather helmets and the ideas they if they rocked it that way we would avoid a lot of these crazy highspeed collisions people be more realistic about it i think it would cut down on the high speed collisions you wouldn't you wouldn't have people blowing
to each other news aren't i've had argument with people that are big rugby fanatics for years that unlike look rugby guys don't hit as hard as football players i mean it's not just that they have paths honest their huge the run fast and those on the paths in addition help you to just like lay everything you got into another human being however me let's be look at these monsters in the east to in leather there's still gonna start smashing into each other i don't know if it's gonna stop from people getting as heard is bad or right the promise like the sports already developed into what right and to try to take a step back things on easily go a step back do you want to watch leather home though like patty cake and gradual his balls and there's a video this being played above do plans of the states and its itself gnarly
where this is some don't answer shit look you just open pathway might i'd like to say that i was just as easily wherever i could find germany's pensioners anywhere is just for the elevator away or whether it actually makes make totally makes sense if you can get it to heal in the correct position it won't be new is fucked up as if the cartilage is bent up and how to get my fixed i broke it when i was a little kid a flight of stairs my whole life it was fuckin needs are really the only way to really do it if you have a bad enough break is too to have like your nose and throat doktor go in and do the proper stuff to it but it's a fallacious coming back from it i didn't think it was
now why word ever to people like crying blood either eyes and that's pretty cool i settled said i saved the burghers i'll show you some passive one oh my god let me show you some crazy you can't even believe these are real i showed what my buddy tom made tommy's girl we were we were at the airport in my blue this fuckin booger into this tissue it didn't look real it looked like you came from another planet is blood clots obviously an insane it was huge first of all i mean i've got the photos of i've saved them and there is no way i was gonna let this go take a few i have to allow goddamn pictures and here i gotta go back to when it was which i think was about three years oh that was a gymnast picture of it and now that's my picture and on its back in the day i did it i would do i would add in its way
bodies boaters man something lean i never literally here could never hijackers you couldn't imagined this coming out of a human being i've put this on line on shore nor deftly did i put it on my twitter page o brien if you could find it joe romans bloody snot on twitter a bet there's a photo of up their designs stays imagining comic book villain of a burger unbelievable i mean i wouldn't be talking about this much if it wasn't really unbelievable but for it lays down maybe if you have a broken knows if you get the inside you know it's fucked up if you if you know i like may him had thought about getting his fixed place to fighting so that we can do it and tom but if i may i will get it that's only one that's it looks like like cars generic those like just pieces as unbelievable that wasn't one that's not even the biggest one i had some other once it we're even bigger they were so ridiculous i blew amount i looked at him in my hand and like you gotta be fucking kidding you feel my thinking like up like a potato
chip came out of my mind a blood giant bloody not show that's what it is like yet as we look at the size of that fuckin thing that thing came am i know what it is like calgon take it wasn't good was some i would recommend you try and it was it was unbelief well i would i would shoot those out of my nose like we hear hear a bunch of picture i really do i get my nose fixed to have i broke it a long time ago as a kid i broke the guy and really in this first runaway superbowl tournament and it just it bleeds easy now which is a problem so that they what do they do that caught arising they ve tried doing that the way i gotta get up i need a dark together that's impressive that's unbelievable i blew a hundred of those three hope you have framed in your house should i should just
or let what it in one of those lapd rotating picture frames library note i that's great i do i do that i will do that and put went up in here that's we'll do excellent over the four the studio so why you're on last strike force card yes is it january twelve in the wonderful oklahoma city be down there being the crap out of each other for the last time under the strike force banner but it'll be on show time as usual so people above the sea it what did you say like tim kennedys pistol he thinks that the oil man you know does does high level military do they tend to be a little high strung on edge but he was talk about how he thinks all these guys are pulling out because its last cart don't wanna fuck won't mean enough to them they wanted just try to get fighting the of say so just pull out the last strike force gonna think that was what you
genuine it was deftly saying that that's it's beyond the realm possibility you know it's like for me i look at ned men people love to complain about will you know you're not fighting this guy you're not far enough funding that guy not fight in i fight the people that they put in front of me and and you know they're like one who the hell's nand org i am i gonna fuck unknown on a fucking care you know what i mean just another fuck and victim that and no or what if it was nand or were juno santos i get paid the same right now so i really don't give a shit i fight who steps up and that's the way we live cattle you're fighting he is impressive looking i'll give him that he does look like he's nan door gill amino deal amino that doesn't sound austrian me but whatever is always possibly from batteries from these called the hunt so i mine i think that the han fired some master that's pretty intense share sounds like some sort of fantasy movie is looks like a big giant enter the world type
data is he's got a nice big thick brow over his eyes why is tat may strikes working gigantic looks it actually while they they shot it up you know tricks cameras two and twenty to thirty these incise guys smaller size of the heavy why these thinking likes you will curls ok and he's probably at the tiny legs while those tools and is fighting the you see how possible well there is to say so i don't know man but he is he's got some fights under his belt not the he's not like he's never been there before and these thirty six he's he's gonna come in fit and he thinks this is an opportunity fuck somebody up it's gonna be me there is look that's a big step up for that dude and that happens man a lot in emma may were guys that it will do its utmost talkin about danny los angelos ons brother first fighting of sea fight spencer fisher the bigger that happens that kind of shit happens this guy
it's a giant opportunity for him but really he should like if you looked at it like in the world of outside of emma maybe it was like a box thing that i would have to go through a lot more hoops ladders forgets to adjust barnett level true in and then the thing with boxing also that they they put their cars together based on how they come from promoted for the back end dollar or with two specific to the boats themselves where with them it may as just say hey we have hard natalie's gothard ironic let's just happened fight the abbe a guy like this i mean obviously he's got he's got a few fights under his bell but you know you're a former champion you're a big name both in pride big name strike force big name in the eu have sea like that doesn't make any sense like this is a guy that mean if you were banking you know if you see
like it feels like barbarism something like they're right they'll probably never schedule like this that women and we can make a lot of money of josh barnett we gotta move into a good position get him a big name fight is very few big name guys especially outside do you have saying that this burning energy as a few and you're one of em right now and outside the eu there's really not that many anymore you know now what is left to me now cornelia and an done he blew he says he was it was going to retire he's got thinking about it apparently one point time than he had a loss in his family and keys i believe these retired i dont really seemed going back if he does it won't be for some time i just don't think that fighting is absolutely necessary to him i think he's he's may be looking at different stages in his life and i think from
how i know how many ways he seems pretty content with the things ease doing outside of fighting and happy with family and church and things like that yeah he definitely doesn't have the same lust for it that he had like when he fought crow common like back in those days i consider that like his prime like the one of the first croak up fight i think i just to be here when after among the feet or dubiously walk down like one of the best kick boxers and emma may well that's a thing when you're fighting a good striker you you gotta fyodor wanted to we needed to put him on his back so we had to close that distance and the only way you can't just walk into immunity it tagged upper meaning he got cracked with a lot of good shot you already have yet to be aggressive be quick coming forward and then initiate those opportunity to put them on his back and every time i fought broke off i came forward to because me and if i want to put them on the floor i can't do it backing up and everybody
except the more distant she gave a guy croaker especially back then the more he would look for his opportunity land is kill shot that fuckin less high kick or just a middle kicker in our view is a fallacious locator too general great news last couple about looked real sharp but i think it was more just approve new himself that he could do it there you know i will i have the ability and i can stay in here and being a top guy but i've done this and i'm good and i guess his brother just recently retired also and then the item sylvia still out there and around i don't know i mean he's got a pedigree whom he has yell a pretty high record of of winds verses losses and our latchkeys trying to make a run back into them that light as far as being a top anyway well i ll ask is actually doing really well yes he he actually just be ten right he beat him
then it is disqualified were unable to knocker kicking a weird rule it said what is up one f c that is its mats ma hume's old pancreas propane grecian rules and in washington and they had this open guard call thing so there was likely i guess a deal with you won't you you're not supposed to then a long time so far and wash and bloom explain to people don't know we're talking about four from and most fights you can't kick a guy in the head when he's down you can only the body in the legs but in pride and the old school days you can do anything you could stop guys you could soccer kick me you anything and a lot of people miss that technique so there's open guard is where they allowed the desire kurds yeah stops as well maybe no stops maybe just kicks i believe is just kicks after it's been so long but the but once they call open guard than you're free to do you know i believe it was taken from valley to do
japan or something similar way back in the day but it was like if you're on your back guy can go and come around and socrates your head is the idea that if your youth rocked in your down is that it's not when would he not let you soccer offers i believe okay so if you like scrap even down you're hurt then you can't socrates garlic then he would start but if you went to his back that would be open garden you son interesting so only when the guys on his back because it gets the idea is that your leg in your hands or gas so you're protecting yourself that totally that actually is very logical did the japanese had a lot of very logical approaches to animals one of them that i really like was at ten minute first round yes that's a bridge oh fuck really separated them the men from the boy lock yet did dad that round was the endurance breaker
to end i love that you go out there and you just get it on some any you you have two strategies your wind in your and our answer but it mean we didn't stop a lot of us from still just go and non stop ten minutes man we just go for it and i come from a guy like me you started in the days of no time limits i mean right and bought you know for a guy like you also its sometimes you would work for a while to get to take down any failure to take down younger twenty seconds left them around the guy can defend sherbet if there's five minutes and twenty seconds right now and get a lot of work in on a guy in five p dot m really favorite mean i was one of the main arguments for not having three minute rounds in the first place is that you wanted to give the grappler sometime to work once he completed the taped out right but if you look good let us consider the exertion that they put off in a boxing round in a box and high level boxing runs really not even nearly as devastating as
level i may renard different because you don't have that muscle fatigue from constant aware and an resistance it's a different sort of conditioning or you can take a guy who's an excellent wrestler we got fantastic wind when it comes to contact and and and resistance and strengthen and balanced that way against another opponent but you get out there and you start putting always punches together and also his wind is gone got lasted because it's a different it's more akin to and mormon aerobic anaerobic just wind base then it's a different it's completely too yeah it's interesting how doesn't apply like a fitness does not apply across the board now none o n that's the thing is that the olympic the olympic committees
on all these these studies are committees whatever the other people can well over the science and the training behind these olympic athletes and that is you can do support specific training you can go ahead and shoe doubles with bans on you can punch with dunbar's you can do all this stuff to try and stimulate doing your sport but in the end the only thing that makes you better at your sport and the most especially in terms of endurance and everything else is to actually do your sport burmese your body learns how to relax as muscle memory it has near your brain understands all the movements in and dynamics of exactly what you're doing and that's how it learns to be as most efficient as possible and your support and so it's great in all these string conditioning guys have come out of the woodwork especially i love all the guys have no fight training or fights under their belt and they want to go and they train all these fighters with all this stuff they see it jim jones across feder now what
are barbell and these are all great you know systems that have amazing things to take from it but i can have you the best workout in the world but it might not be the best workout for this particular type of athlete and not to mention he can do the best workout in the world all day long if his time in the sport that he's actually doing is not being applied it's a waste you're not you're not going to really be able to make the most of it do you feel like there's a certain level of the game where strengthen condition is absolutely necessary wouldn't gets like a worry mcdonald athlete level like the legitimately you now mean this kid at twelve
three point twenty four freakish and in he's so fuckin i fled and he's doing these incredible strengthen conditioning work out along with always sport specific shit it's as a feel like i absolutely agree with you that the most important thing is technique and efficiency and training inspiring and timing and mid work and all that good stuff but there is also a they do get to a royal macdonell level where he's got roy mcdowell he has that as well you know he's got all the training the all the time i'm putting in in all the intensity and the drills but then he also given that that was high actually and officially named that loud that you see on fox card i call that you have seen on fox five speed is basically everybody who is faster more condition and eager beat their opponents well really what it came
how dare you know benson rory gustafson oliver morton linger they were quickly to the punch they were better they seemed better condition they push the pace higher and they beat all their opponents i mean they had great skill sets in great gain plans but they move hoover so my somewhat exit a year and had so much more speed over their opponents that they'd they just couldn't keep up and the athlete us his strength conditioning that's a huge equalizer crawled out toward say technique within strength if you're not strong enough and physical enough to pull off the ship to try we do then eying and work you know and as such an important point because a sort of denial in the digital community a little bit knows a lot of people say in our own way and by the way there's no disrespect i gotta elio gracie t shirt on right now i'm saying this and key work requires a lot of stress i've i've trained with all the with a blot atop high level jujitsu guys legends i answer gratia role that these dudes
and even as a kid i remember hearing all the rhetoric about your jitsu in the gentle way and all this and you know no energy and effort listen i'm like that these issues are strong shit they do everything with a huge amount strength ever lotta technique but it the difference like the difference between this hen i hand though and this is back in orbit avi and this other fuckin you know black belt champion schmo from brazil is that blackmail schmo from brazil does the same of the hands of does my hands i like fuckin three times as strong as that dude right and he's going after it wrestlings as well as like snap in your head down clamping down on a gear teen and you can i at least on you and you trying to get your hand away and you can't i too lifelong of rattling strengthening notes ashton perfect technique no quite right but
absolutely strong given given an even playing field are given even techniques you know even on the technique side the person whose stronger faster is gonna play it better yet you know i always had this weary about hickson and one of the theories about hickson that i was out of people not hickson gracie was always considered to be the greatest of the good it clan i saw it doesn't magician on the air but also like we we more built prepare him the likelihood is that i always wondered raising physical space especially when it was young and he was still a perfect athletes but if you if you think about him when those days he got more taps cause he was stronger than any was like physically he was a freak like his great yogi he's like like a really an avid yoga practitioner though that we levison billowy straying body control museum i and watching the lad with people he would go hard fast they those clip from those sambo terminal by signing on people's lives and their there ain't nothin like
smooth wherever like just sheila out and catherine oh i'm afraid i have your guys like you think of it like a broken glass beat him you know from a death metal songs doing through somebody's body above that a guy like that exists i love that there's a guy that is the one guy that stand above everyone now you know what i've always heard not to create rumours and not to say that any of the people a four mentioned ever said as such either because you know i'd lately they ve never this guy would usually you never ever ever ever talks or try to alike run around and you know behind scenes i d like all but really he would have that kind of guy but i've always heard that from people that have trained with both of them that laborious is considered even better you know one that's it funny thing he said that i was gonna say laborious as the other guy that has that sort of let build laborious
i was like the most approachable friendliest swedish guy that's a chill due in the boreal even say about he'll talk about competition goes you know i just was unable to do as much in in competition is i've wanted to or as i was capable of on the mat semi he's not he's a humble yet rate forward nonsense just he's not a but he's not gonna bullshit about any of that he's not gonna sit back and start naming awful these excuses are but every ghost where you know that day i just knew i was unable to i know i'm like i should have taken that guy out and like a minute but for whatever reason they just in work maybe my head or this or whatever me he d he's not he's not some cocky sort are trying to make a give himself an hour two why he didn't reform as what he wanted but that's what reason why like that guy so much because i know how good he is our even watching him back in the day and i don't know man that was a really good match me like yeah you know was
it was our eye but what i heard from from these eta jujitsu guys like men the boreal actually that's the dude and people don't talk about it but that's the guy that they think is charlie shells mukoki was the first person to tell me that much but chainsaw yeah he tom it a long time ago and then i started asking around in i was only with blue builder pulled up another really know the great guys worldly said the other guy there was like that with him people don't given up credit to he said was travis looter he said travis looters a lot better than people given credit for it like you never really gotta shit together like conditioning wise and had a few injuries ravishes tough we all knew that he was pretty pretty talent when it came to turn his grappling sales on the matter mean he very underrated terry s be honest he put andersson on his back and did what he wanted to move all mounted him when we take the day before travis looked like a dead man i mean i haven't never seen a guy in all my years of being at the wagons and that's over
of years now more than now if you count the nineties he was dead nude he shuffled to the scale for his second attend like literally couldn't lived his feet george remarried up there and looked horrible i've never sooner guys lips were cracked and dried out like he had something so dry like a sponge he was still more than a pound over he couldn't make it he could make the way amber what the final thing was but he just friends writing whenever land data wasn't i locked but he wasn't a title fight and he was dominating somebody rana juice just i'm sure most of it was due to even cause he peeped out and mount was physical exertion muscles just they didn't have enough energy to power they didn't have any electoral i didn't have the minerals needed to keep those things go on and they just they gave up down one drive me crazy there's a lot of guys i've seen far
part largely in failure had been so exhausted and you know that it's up to you i was that's looter you know what i mean is coaches by out i think you probability tat bananas eluder looter in top form in that fight luther that was not sick would have gained ericsson silver a lot of problems may address there's a lot better on the ground and people thinking of years he's very wiring but ere i like looters mahler sailor like another guy that he would not understand like picasso who tapped anderson from amount monitoring and rather i think it ended up being mounted but i start up on the back but part of the reason why he i believe he tapped anderson and you can see that backs age photos from pride and airs and so upset about it and i know in my opinion why he so upset that he lost one he he's because he can't believe he got caught like that is because what he didn't understand is too costly is one of those do that
freak strength i unreal crazy like his palm feels like a pile of steel strengthening its earlier and i role with the dude and the guy who am i we should i can't believe how strong the skies zimmermann vernon rightward vernon white russell them back and i would obviously like eyes we frickin stronger new thinking then we're doing like tat rang ages crazy frickin strong and so guess and andor seventy nine upon the ground is a cool whatever and also to thank holy fuck king it away shit and i think looter probably has some of that similar quality of being a lot longer than people really understand i always liked travis from the get cause he was he came from them from the budgets who background but everyone like he's like me like leg locks digs at any time at the lions ended and always been a nice humble dude i've always doug travis let's figure leg locks were for folks it on for the longest time jujitsu jitsu guys didn't go for a leg locks because they thought that locks were sheep were cheating a week way to tap a guy
and one that i don't know what it was but put tat in their heads because it's like any irene irina wide sit let us be honest they said that because they didn't train it must the training that was coming down throughout the rest of the gipsy tree was not including lag lots like you're not really given a lot of precedent even if they were legal so there ignoring what rage you guys you good in the first what lies with adapting sure and they just day because they were good at that instead of accepting it and being like okay this is a weakness they just refit about it wasn't it also because producers get fucked especially he'll hooks mainly at an army time tat how many times especially even get their arms busted off to the through he'll look seem to be more daring it seems to me that you can snap your arm back and get it repaired better than you can fuck your knee sideways potentially i think maybe they demonstrated a vertical like type of brake verses like that twisted
i give you had an army twisted it and smashed and media or about the tenant instead of just go in one direction right that's part of the problem but also there's like a bit of a disconnect for people between their legs and their arms like me now nay they are more aware of their own position and how bad something is there isn't verses their legs and then sure some that comes to the latter of training area also one panam games a blue belt and bluebell purple something back in the day way back in the day back when you know he probably road there and a horse and carriage and he tapped bunch people leg locked in the whole crowd boot him that crazy booting whereby and bring this up is that it changed somewhere along the line they had to give up and they i'll go after like locks i mean is the most is the last
hypocritical are as they are excellent language he's the best he's is one the scariest guys when it comes to leg large because he's a fucking ridiculous strong dude and he's got good techniques sophie wraps ahold of that thing a colonel fuckin terrible situation is like is like like a solomon grundy again it is getting nervous i got him in and your your best friend hector lombard went out at that was selina actually you know is not bad leg locks actor hacked is very good at work actors it actually actors pretty good at everything he will only choose to use a piece of ass ours are for the most part i think that's more than mental thing than anything else by hector actually has a ton of tools at his disposal yeah were very underrated ground game if you was at length it is a video of him competing one of their novi grappling tournaments any he slaps straight acca lock in the sky and breaks let me hear it crack you know like you see that too
that is put in but that fuckin fire pole of man i e that we were talking about muscle ups again how do you do must learn hector come a man what the muzzle up my region well what you do you do like this and goes like this man i don't know i don't know it all angelo explain it must also muscle up as you grab pull up barf and so you go and you go through the whole pull up motion applying yourself chin over the bar but once you get up to that point you pull your boss all the way over the top of the bar so now you year in the bar is now you're wasting your you ve got your arms completely extended out it's ridiculous he difficult hard thing to do and an hector wasn't doing it like kickin his feet like a crazy fuck he was just like like or to the jungle fuckin fulfilling on himself around like this man that's a good and yeah like that you know you have to do twelve of them to prove it but you gotta twel suddenly edith fuckin popped amount egos i do political demand more than you did it did it did she was cries got that crazy judo strength he's got greasy everything
crazy genetics crazy brings out the world's when it works it's fantastic you know he's an exciting gotta watch man that dude he's got some fuckin freak power in his hands to he can eddies fast he's very our peace he's more about he not i a heavy puncher like that that heavy thudding he's he's a snapper yeah well he throws his hips and the things you know that all that that's one thing about judo guises wells like wrestler grass once they learn like especially arrest was gonna good power double once they learn how to put that same effort and energy into a punch i guess i with errand simpson and some sort of putting people way learned a spring into his punches you know once those guys really learn how to do that like henderson were shot evans were shot evans of red ridiculous right hand that a big shot having homeward tons and tons of power i think its timing is terrible though he often whiffs tonnes ponchas where i think he's throwing without thinking instead of setting up that strike that
looking for instead i think it's not easy and better tat now i'm sure there's improvement but i still think that that is like he doesn't lack speed at all super fast he doesn't lack power i remember watching the chuck fight and discord man he's getting tore part in terms of timing but chucked hands or so down that and that that right hand that right look he keeps throwing is got knocked out all over it like you don't wanna get touched by that whom he had been clapped him with it and chuck goes out like a light or even he gone top of forest and he threw a just upon from down on top but it had such snap on it boom toward forces out from the day i think there were shot of the jungle they'll find there were shot at you saw again stem who's this ass fight while jones but i wouldn't even know them last fight or any fight on mr wonderful didn't he did but even still there like i don't he still not he's not
timings better but he still vectors so many opportunities that i think he's missing in turn of our lining up good solid shots and and and putting his opponents away i still don't think he has as much comfort and just like he's not as at home on his feet as a strike or still as perhaps is as he could be while he's been training would spawn now you know those guys down the black zones with spawn and with that henry used to answer those guys they put him through pad work in all their rights because they feel davis fighting i thought that was like some moves by striking one of his best short me but i just think police moved what it comes down to is this not even necessarily the the patchwork he's doing or the technical work green with just a flat out sparring think it has to be a very engineered drilling scenario to try and awaken that potential and somebody a lot of times
for they think why i need to get better on my feet sums can a spar morn spar harder but actually you eat what happens is is its side the difference between doing shoulders and doing you wrote it or cuffs when you do your shoulders like every muscle group comes into play and often things like the rotate or cuffs the weakest link will you not gonna really draw up on that because that's not made for shoving you no wait overhead big heavy weight and and i stress loads so all this other stuff is going to compensate for your little muscles so they don't have to work nearly as hard when you ve got these big movers and place well when you need to work you rotate or cuffs you have to use a small way on purpose because you have to try and get all this to shut down so that it doesn't come into play and you can work just those little tiny muscles that often get over overlooked in over compensated by the bigger muscle groups and that's how you work you rotate or cuffs is not new small lakers you're a posse is you gotta do small weight because otherwise you're not gonna engage those rise muscles and other muscles gonna come in and take over which you don't want you try
to work on something very specific same thing withstand of work you can't go out there and just go harder and go faster ngo tougher sometimes you got a really dialect shit way the hell back on way slower and just start putting yourself indifferent mindsets and start putting yourself into a position where hey war what am i workin on here i'm noise retreating too much like so maybe you you cut off like a little square knew how to stay within it and you gotta move slow and light and just get used to getting hit and then rolling with upon citizens your slipping in your your head movement and has often o cameron work on my defences round and you're goin hard you just get your head harder one direction with the other dip harder swing faster but you know what you don't realize that you're actually over compensating your technique by your athleticism yes and what you have to do if you really want to work you technique you gotta scale it where the fuck
you gotta you gotta train the mind the eyes and the body all at the same time and its different in their this approach your approach is one of the reasons why your this many years in the game now exercised fight way back and super raw which was in the nineties right well when did you gonna make ninety nine why started career and i got ninety six ninety seven but this this approach to it this set of cerebral approach this is the only way you stay this lucid but this many years in the fight game that is the only way meanwhile gambler march that and fatima people are bad
so yeah cancer idea legacy that hurts back at him see we used to do a lot of flowing drills and things just weren't all about killing each other and we had a lot of time killing each other to trust me they're fuck you have to have both yeah i mean we we have a good balance in the problem with especially like so i brought this reputation not being ever keep spying partners and all the stuff you know because the problem is they come in turn your fight training and they get fucked up and i don't go to injure anybody but you damn right i beat him up so are you when you do and fight training are you going full clip born session ego seventy percent were usually eighty two and eighty to ninety now is now it's it's a fascinating thing the idea of how to correctly prepare someone for an mme fight and with you it's gotta be really difficult because probably not a lot to do to you gonna take advice from that no more than you at this stage of the game as and when no peace
gather your training programmes piecing together your stand up in your grappling how do you decide like how much time should put on this and how do you engineer it it's a balance you have to be very honest with yourself on what's necessary you can't just sit back and have this pride over an ego step over what what is important towards developing a training and i've got guys like europe paulson and there's paulson is a walking talking cyclopaedia fuckin people up and but he also has the nancy you start pulling from everywhere sometimes so he'll throwing these techniques and like david one i've never even done then too that's fucking really think that's applicable but that's just how paulsen is he'll hit you you know you say i must do its work man combo emil throw a thousand of matthew and but the thing is that there is kanzi valuable information and tweaks it can be made you have to be smart enough and an open enough and an end like present enough in this this time
training to work with him to develop all those skills i mean i have all kinds of tricks that i picked up from paulson over the years that are i know it wouldn't go any place else because people don't have that kind of back marshall background and even in i've got specific coaches that what i do is when i go train with them i really narrow it all down i do exactly what i'm there to do with them and then when i'm done with it then i have to assess all the data that i got from that training session and how that's gonna apply to me in the ring with my overall strategy what works best where my natural tendencies are are and under certain scenarios and just in general and and how to best incorporate it so if i go and i'll do us a lot training session often i'll have him meyer my coach and sonya will have me do in these sixty seven punch kick combos that involve me spinning and hook kicking and all this kind of stuff i'm never probably going to be able to pull that off
in the ring you know that whole start to finish with a bit of a double kicks up top whom span bank backbone boom boom like but there are pieces that i could take from that and use in a combination or uses set up to something else is set up to take down or as a counter also despite the ability to be more dexterous more able more agile and just have better body controlling balance yes when she has been doing gymnastics it's fantastic if i and a big son of a bitch who thinks their arms just pull off i tried to do it not dimension whose detour his body with years and years of training whores and alcohol maybe i would do more in gymnastics oven bedroom gymnastics yeah i like doesn't go there you shouldn't try either you can't you do
guard wrote pulling annie run out not really so don't know the euro europe leg lack master you ve known for your leg locks bought it in these are all fucked up these ankle as all i mean everything takes a price but not candy rubber guard bessie i'm just not thou have that kind of flexing that way and but i understand our working i mean i can do pieces of it and i can i can get down there someone like like victor webster or a raw ferny those dates from ten planet and go okay well while you're working this your angle is off here you need a player pressure very this that in a whatever and in all do stuff i'm at eddies just rolling with vague in those deeds i'll throw rubber guard ties shit on vic best my best approximation sometimes i come up with some pretty clever stuff somebody's asked me why all these fighters getting injured while these fighters getting engine pulling out of fights might because it doing sport where the whole
key to the sport that though the end game is breaking people's bodies and then the practicing an all torture how do you intelligently approach it so you get through all the training but with his life no injury to your body is possible do engineer that'd use role the dice i mean how i think it's a little of both and there's a lot of factors you just can't account for somebody somebody just roles in your leg someday i whatever arise does not that's been coming up a lot lately and dana talked about it that were shot evans had a pull out of a fight the actual fight where show gun lost the title john jones i shot was supposed to fight shoguns but diego sanchez was wrestling some dude and accidentally club it see that's that's just alive that's very kind of you guys ability student that's better regulation will our marriage i know i shouldn't in one thing that i got from japan doesn't always made total sense to me at a cc
ebay and four million refugees jim with other people that aren't wrestling standing between all the other fellow yes and keep him from running into each other we do that ten planets and by others that that's a nice thing that logistics is come on you gotta be smart with your training and sometimes i hey look look at this fighter he is completely beat down wore out an increase in oh yeah you could try and get him to mentally pushed through all this kind of stuff but guess what that must have tv there and he's he's right to be injured right now he had changed draining the change draining that's where intelligence comes in and that's what people don't understand about am amazed at the you know i've had people like right these really stupid things his knee jerk reaction all these brain dead now lay the shoah knee jerk reactions have i bet you ve seen us we ve seen this amongst people but when you know you really break it down in
in order to really be at a high level and competing mme you managing a lot of shit mentally emotionally physically and on top of that you're trying to piece together the the game with the most consequences of any other gain that that the game a fucking people up or getting fucked up does the most consequences emotionally most consequences physically anybody thinks losing a basketball his heart has never either ask you could go out there and go out and as a team losing would say the nba championships sucks i mean but it really is only a real mother fucker if you had the game when inclood shot you were actually inside right the the key and you through an absolute and you blew it now that is way that's really that's painful rider that flows that's closer you can get that kind of thing to being a fighter and losing a major fight on national worldwide television that
that and even still like it has closed it has to be the championship you have to lose the abbot entire championship to do that and hears the what they're the thing that also why doesn't quite get to that point four for that for that basketball player versus the fighter because next year you get another chances we do it all over again and while you may have blown it nor cities like fuck you you suck whatever blah blah blah no one picture ass yet did so so now you go and compound the fact that not only did you just do something that you had it all the card yet all everything in front of you in this was your chance now i did you blew for everyone but somebody beecher ass to make you blow at union just go out there no you got fucked up and you lost either mental management of all these different things the physical task of actually fighting control in your energy knowing how to pace yourself on top of knowing what to execute and there are so many dimensions to execution is opposed to like up
living standard like a basketball game rob arriving six hundred dimensions i so many belligerent fourth dimension my third my background i when you're adding in i mean like how many look i watched croak up today versus random we're watching best a product was going off on twitter did the fuckin best pride today was insane it was dan henderson's second fight with vandal age like one of the greatest fights of all time that was awesome and then they showed crow cobb get knocked out by random and and i was a man like that is where that wrestling dimension really falls into place because ok so worried about that take down that he gets clipped with a big punch right where he probably would not have got clear that was just a standard stand up ply exact words makes it all some random men are engaging the fake and then he came i knew the kick was coming that's me through the punch there's so much intelligence and strategy and consequence in a month is like it's such a highly charged game that when people like say things about it like
brain dead mongoloid being should have each other since i am there's some but it's such a silly point of view it is in it or any less as that is using any time like i read something and this this really got to me there was an article on there's this new thing on vice called fight land yes guys on their likes to interview musicians about what with their fight music be any need some guy it's i got producer something and the guy just essentially dispute we are about how stupid fighting is in fighting is redundant that's what idiots do and that's where we progressed with that's a regret can we progressed pass adding another uncultured i you know society is unlike me that's what animal do animals and babies fine unlike fuck you do you know only i'm sorry that you're a lopsided individual and that you actually the physical of the physical part of your brain in your body are basically defunct
you throw that away and you think that somehow that makes you a superior human being because actually what it makes you as it makes you a defect you're the kind of thing that i dont want to be out there leading to make a better human rights because you're not gonna because you ve decided to throw away a part of it is essential as a human being in and fighting doesn't have to be angry violent animal estate just two dogs and cats going at it you know that kind of thing hast can be so much more than that and it doesn't in any physical endeavour is more than that and can be more than that and its it was just such a shitty narrow point of view that i thought well as for someone who suppose be so educated to say such a thing i could really got under my fuckin skin like mad like maybe beat him up i'll ironic but i just thought it was it will most likely that it will look i've i've been in the presence of people who have called me an idiot for doing martial arts or for even working out you know of it like you know the people mark that you take care of your borrowed horse
it's just a defence mechanism because their smoking cigarettes and another rotting themselves away and so they there's some weird justification that there's i get in intellectual argument for the finite lifespan of the human being and why fuck with it anyway why and why about it what are you what do you do when you try to stay alive forever what you don't eat and greens and taken your vitamins and it would have taken steroids when you try to live forever and the eu that attitude of lino that there's they can't be bothered would exercise like without as one of the damage things you telling you an intelligent person you want me to respect your opinion you have these cynical points of view some things but yet you're not taking care of your meat vehicle right what are you retarded a thing that hold the brain the computer them all this supposed intelligence and wisdom and all that filter that you have to do everything in dispute out anything like that you experience in the world right is exist within this you don't just drive a car
can ground and thrown away some of you before if your car works take care of it ok changed the fuckin oil stupid and when you you deal with people that somehow or in other words it's hilarious that is it is like a whole section of humanity that thinks for some reason that they issuing anything physical and sweaty and that they are a superior intellect the end if they're not judge right a person like yourself or anybody he's doing something physical as being in inferior intellect you're almost automatically get categorized oh you're a a marshall largest oh you you fight q under law must be dumb or that's great i can't wait i'm glad that you can push a broom bedridden somebody else now it's like no asshole has not got nothin to do with that and while yes i could out broom you but then broadly i'll fuck life by probably either way gabled wrapped her head around what it must have been like to be in like was the biggest arena
played an angel tokyo national loud or stadium ninety three thousand went out there were bob sap and called out nogueira rain for ninety thousand fans in japanese peep holy shit who did you fight i didn't get i think i wish i could allow is bob's coach i want them and then i got this the centre the rain called nogueira after beaten bob what's the biggest crowd that you ever have was it fifty thousand at the tokyo down when i thought you should keep a harsh defending the king pancras belt for new japan progressing ultimate crushed to i was work after five i think was sixty thousand monterrey lodgers centre in toronto out for the young with georgia here and jake shields and that was insane its and i was not having also to add two i fought for like fifty fifty five thousand people i follow the same card where the auto made is his debut so i knew that kid when we are
only way we can converse was through japanese workers he didn't really speak english at the time and i am speaking the portuguese and in that car by fought fino fifteenth in front of fifty thousand plus i followed the same car the whole coggan wrestle not well you know how to fix it up with the pro wrestling is walk right that was a big thing in japan right like they they would they would mix in pro wrestling and then they would also a pro wrestlers who'd fight shoots real mme fights there was a real want to try and bridge that gap again and you know it it's the right individual and it takes the right kind of planning there was not really a good amount of planning put behind giving those wrestlers prepared to do it it's really a lot of british shoved into these scenarios where yaquita what now just by their just my japanese europe your as it is i can this is your ears chacha is your boss whatever like if he says go do this and you you really are
do it and i seldom arrowes if you're a big time pro wrestler like two dakota and you're you boss com to cut it was a huge programme yet my big handsome japanese mother fucker right he went into emma may and he had a couple of fishing rights for the form of calm and those fish is now let's go common is damn terrible actor love my home and i love the hammer he's the original however to my man hamleys he is that a birthday going to really their love the fucker do he's due to hang out with love like i tell these got amazing stories for days is gives greater trick with he's a good do too out with him when he was the champ in august of georgia while we went to this crazy club that was like it was like it was a house like someone had turned a house into a club i mean it was a mess about those like in the nineties when it was the champ casa the godfather ground and pound
love comment yeah but his fight with the codex clearly fucker so here's an example so i find oki bombay like two thousand and three it was proposing to understand what we're talking about we're talking about fix fights we're talking there was a few fights where they had predetermined outcomes because they wanted these big japanese superhero dudes to to win and there was a couple of them that were kind of obvious i'm fine fondness and oki bombay cardan kobe stadium and that was a combination carcass another lives this cut this with all the guard was all file eminent this was all sites and i fought some sheldon i defended the king pancras title against who is the former king a banker sky before me so we re matching semi and on that same card my friend fellow new japan professor at the time at still as you'd you gotta fought fyodor and here's the thing he got pushed into that like for weeks out almighty tried
attitudes as they are i was as you know i gotta do it they want their really want me to fight him so to make sure that this guy the furore basically fight on this card and they have a match where people are gonna be all interested to see it because i'm another name i'll do it and so i did my best to help him training even paid stitch there who was there with as my my cut an quarter guy to go to wrap his hands and work on his cuts to and i did that i couldn't cornered gotta and there wasn't i oh my god i'm just eat wasn't he one he's not fighting any we use a spar and russell and grapple and do all kinds of stuff went to her all the time here we are always workin out together but that's way different from training for a fight trying to fight one of the absolute best guys in the world and then only three weeks notice it scrutinise the trooper man he's a real fucking awesome dude but
is it not pushed into there's a different attitude though there in japan shogunate what it's called shoreline i means can beheld so that's basically the attitude is a view something she d goes down whatever reactor start melting down and you as this technician i'm just gonna go in there knowing you're gonna basically your committee here you're gonna die and you're going on you shut that thing down anyways children i kept beheld well that's hard for us to understand well that's why tragedy hit japan like that and people stand in line don't about orderly taker each other but if we really it is in that that was another thing like that culture around the world are all different and the way they operate are all different so like rather crazy
it has been going on the u s and and people are gone ramp unlike rabbit dogs throwing out statistics from this country in that country in this country all about different things and you can't really compare us to japan us to the uk us of every but they're all different cultures and uniquely can compare america to america and the way that we and our people are educated the way they are government system works away that that thou populace is divided up in the land that they live in the type of philosophies if they carrying the culture the drives them makes them you need to tell mary and no place else yeah it's hard to wrap your head around that for a lot of people they they think that you know if we have the same access to weapons as people do in other parts of the world and we have the same results but that's not the case because if you look at parts of africa where you know it's we ve got complete total immersion in crime like you look at liberia and the amount of guns and
violence and stuff like there's parts of the world that are just violent than that she's murdering each other every day just about this apparently south africa even the them what you think of as a civilised more developed parts of africa in terms of society and are like just like city and modern type infrastructure not here to dictators to bricklayer that in one way living is better than say you know and aboriginal right when i who gave us usage saga about technical right yet so either and those i mean they're like these people do you know the bmw has an option i got this rum from south africa whose tell me about this down reason the baha one thousand and one of these guys working with the company i wide open was telling me about about living in south africa and how bmw as a factory option at the dealerships and i think it's a factory outer release its only offered in south africa europe
w you can order an anti car jacking package and you want to hear this anti car jacking packages yes k what they do is they install propane tanks into cars and they put a set of burners along the bead decide trimmed down there below the door so if somebody comes and take carjack you because it is so prevalent you hit this fuckin button and flame shoot out the fucking united and iron you charge them to death i love that and you know what the cops they come rolling up in south africa like up another one wow i needed at that and have you seen airline pull up i don't even look it up a little feverish i don't even know how true this is but i've seen the thing roland around on facebook and whatever about some female doctrines i've ever because rape is of such a thing oh yeah loud irate conduct they make that incineration advice with barbs and yes it does do you imagine living in a society where you
after where as a woman and you have to wear a condom with spikes in it but to protect yourself from rape yeah its videos that much rape go and what the fits basically like the jungle how to close people can get to your leg behaviour another thing my body from south africa was telling me about is a one point so he he did it in so they have tricky ways a cardiac again down there so he does he gets carjack and he's not in his car in a way that he can hit is burners and kill these fuckers so they cards secondly they run off and whatever the show up the cops chase them down and shoot these fuckers but in the midst of that were they they leave the guy now have to leave the gotta go check track down these dude so my friends just sitting there they got here you go made his hannah to some issues on guide if these guys come background to shoot him well
so there is years at least call of guns the cops just gave him a gun and told him to wipe this do we allow here's a machine gun hold your ground early fuck here's the carjack ending of vaccines before its creator my goodness oh my goodness any disease god bless you bmw oh lee fuk why don't they from the back door they have ways of trying or they gonna do this on somebody somebody get cooked my god that's amazing is the cause fucking thing i've ever seen in my life and that's what people are living in what have you miss that switch what have you texting while you're driving that switch look at this ok hey i'm sorry let me have the switch real quick wake up his gun in my face oh no
it's not a flame thrower that i'm up our pain you smell this while you need bulletproof class two they probably for that can imagining a correction your cards blow up journalists i do not see bmw so so that's what i'm talkin about and that a you know it's it's as it is cultures and societies are radically different everywhere now we don't necessarily need flame thrower you know things on our car i mean via out there are probably are parts of the u s detroit potentially i don't know a lot about trader the choice was was basing its post me we have real bad but i mean that is a viable show me that could be necessary and is not because i want to run around flame throwing people for freedom although i try to be most things for freedom like you do a good country music background and about buckles big and are sometimes get some trying in the background for learning
for you burn you lack eagle inside my heart from jesus the bad guys so the army but how about this think about all you drive your car you get your kids whenever in some asshole comes up he wants to carjack you and let us be honest once and meet somebody starts polygons neither any type of weapon he wants to do harm to you before for his own purposes you have no idea what they're going to do oh he's gonna know is now you don't always just going to steal your shit you have oh clue i mean there was a report these do than like i was mississippi was the girl bad news ghetto area right it was like a gnarly spot where these folks we live in an apparently these dudes carjack some little couple and took him back took their card there she took em back
to their dinner to that residents weber were worth where these these nefarious due to stand and then torture and rape them and kill them and then through their bodies and attract and dumpster so wasn't even enough to just take some of the car their possessions our belongings it took like this boyfriend girlfriend and fucking mutilated him and did horrible shit to him then kill them and you're like can that's the a thing is that you don't know what somebody whereas ill intent for you is is really has up to do so and that people talk to me but like all what happens if hope a gun on you in my life you know i mean i'm not trying to bargain my life verses a bullet over a wallet with some money in it or whatever like that she's not important but i also think and my head like you have to assess the situation and it might become absolutely clear that this guy i do not have any intention of letting me go there's a lot of that old or you know some impose a knife army i'm like i got i hope never
why i go because if some pulls a knife for me i'm going to murder them if i have to like stop until he's dead because he's gonna fuck a knife i dont know wars friends are i don't know anything about what's going on i know that the minutes a weapon gets bored on my person they intend for me to die whether they actually dont have the guts to go through with it or not or maybe they're just they just want my belongings i don't know that shit i can't read minds i just know someone wants to cause like to kill me take my shit it is a real there's an a mindset that a lot of people have where if you concentrate on things like that you could serve manifest it and if you spend all time worrying about people attacking you then you can invite that shit in your life there's lots of over that really i leave that and they also believe that you know really that the evolved way to be is to just never never get into any sort of an altercation with anybody and try to keep society as civil as possible and symphonic as many laws as possible
i see their point of view but the real problem is the randomness of life you know i see their point of view too but i think it's pretty obvious where that type of concept goes i mean it's like i'm killed while the union not liking but now of a sudden you take away the ability to be though can any kind of her the personally any individual that you want to be all of a sudden you become some compared to some fucked up and ran novel we can't even use where i anymore it's like war that why would you want a that's yeah maybe peaceful but how is that that's the fresh and of the human spirit and in like that there is no growth in that it will not only that your allowing you're doing a shitty job of preserving your own excellent genetics by allowing some cunt bag to take you out of course when intellectually you made of decision early in your life to prepare for something like this so that if something
goes down you're not physically completely inept and you get to decide whether or not you get injured or not and if somebody goes to do you but we harmony to understand that you're a train killer boom you survive and they don't whereas another person the same situation you think you're smart all day but now you're dead yeah ok you're smart enough to fuckin stuff from getting your asses pummelled the death on a street in the thing is it could be a simple as a whole from an excess right he put out jerking off now not off the guy that guy jerking off no heed the guy from unisex in excess he killed himself it no e g died it was autocratic association is one of a slow trust me i'm a goddamn x or that may be so but up leading up to that point he was drunk as fuck apparently and gone the case was somebody got shoved and he fell and he has had on the curb and the ripper cut repercussions that was he received brain damage to wear
couldn't smaller taste anymore really and drove him that's all god has way yourself but that was it simply falling down in his hand he could hit his head on the curb like the times and who knows how it could turn out you know correct brain damage it there and kill them or taken done just given him a crack and you know needed stitches it could be just a a goose egg how long did it last form like i think that with apparent for how many years i don't know but i believe it was a permanent thing like it wasn't coming back that's so he couldn't taste anything tat or smell jesus christ how would you know like what policies was actually was described me as part of a huge issue was that he love on so much he could never tasted woman ever again the poor girl went yeah that's a horrible fuckin thing to think of but that's also to show you that the randomness you could fall off you could fall from no ten thousand feet me you should not open bounds break every bone your body and live through it i mean fuck
that the human body is pretty amazing what it can go through i mean i should be so an example of that is a fact fifteen years and all that fuckin shit i've been through and yet i am walking talking moving capable human being still and being physically it does help within it and all my fight training about the few accidents i've ever been and where people have hit me and my car's all that all at sparring all at times been jan and being in those fellows those fighter flight scenarios are intensity shit world slows down to me and i am completely cognisant aware and capable where i if you were a person that they did not train and home your focus new physicality in your mental fortitude you just fucking you but i don't know what happened and they just flip out and they wouldn't be able to be cognizant are aware and that moment to know that he was without found dead he committed suicide apparently i'm wrong
thought he was a erotic expropriation we really big on europe on your chosen a off and on a wide it's my thanks there was no i i'll just how i wrote the family of mr hutchinson i thought a voice the head is that it has been suggested that there was no evidence that found it maybe was one of those like richard geared gerbil warrant rumour thing to some spread we reiterate that the era of europe that are above your end are none the less it shut itself off when you jerk off with a gerbil up and that europe will now i don't need to need to choke myself offline beat off i'm fine with reg reading a regular meetings always worked well for me quite satisfied i'm pretty happy with it myself i am a big fan i dont very little fund any need to improve its like one girl serpent like tongue he's in oh it helps me here blowjobs guess what it now it really how it's just a new thing it is the only thing that make it maybe in your mind it's like a second my cock work like this we had peace jewellery like i had a couple girls at about pierce pussies unlike one any better the weird thing about the peers
hung is they let you know that down sucks cock that's in a way tat green like any girl who had three years time and doesn't sacrilege there's a target shoots loads gonna fuck awesome girls that cereal girls don't have to cancel out i've they're not down the fuck i mean if a girl does not like sex just put a goddamn target back of a girl doesn't like given hedge doesn't walk around with a barbell enormously laguna yeah that's what you think about shoot modes on that you know what you're doing you dirty bitch you know what you're trying to do goddammit don't pretend any girl who has a tongue rainbow little who doesn't give head is an asshole you're a girl you ever tongue or your guy you're a guy you don't you read with a time thinking about that here i was a tongue ring you don't eat pussy go fuck yourself about that you silly bitch for our europe because he anyways you're pretty low cumbersome besides
there's a reason why smells bad ok that's nature telling you to get the fuck out of their not the only one funds on this this watering hole because i thought a battle of loads go and railway that snatcher right now there is no way to cleanse this thing right out of this is a bad news deal you need to get out of there isn't funny that what's that smell it's like the smell of shit and the smell of dirty pussy man that's debatable i'll tell you a yeast infection smell is just as bad or worse sharpen and it's like this sort of this gets on your tongue you don't need you dislike and want to flee whereas shit makes you want to clean it up there you smell shit you like your mother and i want to clean it up i want to be gone like it's gonna isn't ray what lysol and kick it out the door aragon down a growing smaller dirty asshole some girls they dont yeah you i'd stay right there ass we ask paper towels
sectarian terrible thing we're trying to construe and eating pussy any smell the asshole next door just stinkin up the bog but you don't want to give up because her pussy doesn't smell it's really small shit you just want cleaner up so you know agencies is take a little bit of the machines is control of this little hand over it paul america were so long and by the way this is the moment we lost over female us in an hour if you hang in there god bless you want to turn the ship around we're gonna bring in particular that we're talking about the asked me stink are and what you use the below pat on instead of something proper and here look i'm just slow down there trying to do our job i'm trying to get to the bottom of that the horrific smell like
he and i were no women give uncomfortable but the subjects of girls are you're really mad at me for even broaching the subject i got out it's like a rotten squid like rolled in a pile of six month old catch it and then by the way i'm not talking about talking about the woman who has that would never do that i'm not write a rude i mean i probably let you know you got it will issue but i wouldn't be like really grath now you gotta be cool about like baltimores fucking weird shit the best thing you can do as i look if there's like some sort of a b you think i said be if i can call do play about it ok you're not going to grow in the us and has little poop are totally don't know flipped out about a goal in the shower and get back to you know and then you know probably this chicks and we re going i got only demand give her a hug you believe that who cares were returned the other girl likud exactly other girl brian you'd never categories rome like you feeling it across the room
you know that european artists she's like a painting out of it but even if you re talking about the subjective of sticky vaginas with a girl whose vagina doesn't think you know what they like stats stop double stop stop it's like you bring it up candy man ukraine is named twice a year some that are most come flying out of her vagina stephen link with look what's that we during its values everywhere it's nature literally telling you to get away like the smell of luxuries infraction is like its repulsive like it's making you fully legged like literally makes you just doesn't than the kurds coming out how dairy hard i stairs the air yet i think that with peaches on how come sometimes that cheesy stuff doesn't smell bad at all you know even care which sometimes girls just get overly horny and they start producing like yogurt yeah something i think it's the beginning of the end of it
is that what did anything it and others also that cream brown grows ever creamy white stuff a day they start some more than other than its it's it's a component it's it's a serious it's like eating flog rock i hold a girl i did when i was a good way europe grow day when i was a teenager would get so wet it would run down her letter yes what literally i mean all the way down a few below her knee sorties bubbling and you know it didn't even make any sense of microsoft here on what the fuck is going on to adjust it was all pushy loop like the slippery injuries is blocking guide you know there is a thing about there's a problem with no problem but just one thing if tina you get the i've had a few girls at just it's crazy wetness i like to think it's all attributed but i'm not i'm set such a fuckin manly study that meister i went from my hands on the way i like the cat of the way on the bed
as important sometimes we fuck and throw the animals are the rule that out can get to the point where that so what you gotta be got to wipe away many gotta clean often keep goin because there's no can't feel anything it's just like they grow girls that just goes overboard but fortunately average at gigantic cox is an issue of perverts always fight it just fucking just stretches the whole thing out they drink pity alight sedate own unity hydrate wasn't i was thinking to myself because i thought when i get a car folded up i want a lot of people but when we're gonna come up to you to show me like john let me say how big your cock is where it was just a joint when i was eating his girl obvious i didn't know any better was like in eighteen nineteen years i didn't know that everybody wasn't like that and i didn't know that one day you know like a lotta young girls they get really wet but then get older and you realize oh wait a minute that was like as well as a girl ever got ever and you like oh that was our prime like her baby
in prime was when she was like sixteen seventeen may she's had listening i know you like that yeah because with women as the brain like if they didn't want to come in come in some girls come right now there's there that's that's which is a trap we believe that they should mean that would mean they it's up to them really an i got girls say to you now fuck you you didn't disease you didn't maker her you she can make your just can't trust me there's some there's some girls as technical difficulties it up you know you know me i'm all right but honestly like a lot of times it's really and she's not comfortable a hundred percent she's not she needs to be or even she's not comfortable with her body enough to know how to sensitive i am i get in there what are you want me to releases miracles are they too tight you want me to let you out of the basement take its integrated in high school i could
so use about growing very irresistible when your hands were little backed and you're a tiny you're gennaro enough if i can i can at least karate chop i'm a little bit i'm good bigger well it's funny how one girl respond to one thing within each other another girl in the fucking angry will you know when i get a croquet habits of uniformity here's something now maybe this makes sense or not but so i i was in a relationship for almost eight years and i'm super loyal do don't fuck around don't play around that's my thing when i'm when i'm in one i'm in one when i'm not i'm not and i became newly single and so on first i think it all not do at the time at the time just new doo doo doo newly single so first i'm going on i'm trying to go out of town every and people like eyes so the checks that you run into her aren't you just groupies everywhere you just fuckin everything all the time you just got our pornography yeah actually in a way i got tons groupies straight men who
form a barrier around me by me all the fucking things i wanna buy me all the shots want to fly like pushing girls out of the way i can't get a single he's a pussy because it can get through that wall of cock surrounding me and so are you ok every goes i might ever you're lying you fell full of shit like here is just such a playboy mike up up up up up up up up up ok so so at any point i finally start defining you guys at their down like their cool they want to read books go for coffee re our children or we're talking about the new operating system honour our max throw their of all that the dog achieving a bad absolutely and so i find some checks at a coup the respectable they're not assholes or whatever work were i cool it's fuckin hang out and all of a sudden i get so getting all these girls and want physicality light oh yeah held up whacked
smacked around second thrown all over the place they came my ex government and i'm like i started for i'm talking about boys and make it because i'm a big physical do mama fighter like i don't think there's this way necessarily with everybody way and they want me to do she had ever done of course i am more than willing to oblige while you have to but you do judge them now now while i mean i mean every one every person is different and you can definitely tell them that the difference between ones whether they are killers psychological phoenicia is going on here and on the just they see me as that's the facilitator of of anne s weapon fuckin apparently a k a the good ones i guess those are the ones that give free not i've had plenty of chicks that like getting no the shit rag doll out of em but were awesome smart normal getting just good people like the rat in their bedroom habits don't necessarily are always an indication of what somebody is as a person that's
always like one of my big issues why people always being such assholes about gay people it's like i don't give a fuck what here her does if their gay at all like how is that that's right they are information of all these different things and who they fuck is only one small part of it it over it it is a dumb persons argument you my job as you the dumb or you secretly worthy dicks are delicious those for two reasons why be upset or my dick seems to be very delicious as far as that is how to exploit why care ever guards keep finding these checks but i've been told my neck place i'm my dictates famous haven't told the famous though you dictates fame yeah what else tell you that all those in managua people getting soap super angry because the sound levels are not equal pay
what what can we do to do this and we can do about that brian glinda constantly complain about their ways complained that this about european out of one million people listened it there's always can be to people that tweet you but the sound but apparently there are large spikes if you have some show while you're always gonna be the origin have you always have large spikes is if you have some people actually deals with it you know just more learn about inviting children while you know and here's the thing like anybody that's that as completely cool and love something they often don't say a fuckin thing but it wants to a negative piece of shit like by their spoils for everyone and just she had all over the world with other negative garbage bull shit doesn't otherwise they want to talk there is at least to say want to be heard them say that by their also is a lot of i learn a lot from the criticism that we allow does not apply now with a broad brush across i know i'm just i'm just saying i need qualified myself can learn a lot a lot of people share their people said us about
the show and me as a stand up and me as a commentator and me as a comedian i said that are so twice its i've learned a lot from deuce bags like its it seems like you wouldn't because there in county but then you got to say will even have a point where even a tiny point they can say something i don't even then all you do is figure out what that thing isn't take that away like other you ever witnessed fix that weakness not a cancer shed sure if they do say shit will then it doesn't mean anything anymore it only means something if you really feel like there's some merit one percent even some of the down this just most asinine try that gets thrown at you and it's it's not always easy to do but you realize mean it is possible to learn some way from all this shit you sometimes it isn't anything learning necessarily directly about you but this could be bought seeing what this person is doing being on the receiving end of these things and you can look back and you can think about what how have i done nothing remotely like that right in my own life how how
have i ever acted in such a way that you know it is on that same level of like two shabbiness this guy's during the mere or why is it that people or are exerting this kind of like terrible attitude of the other an enemy there are so many things that you your brain can go to where it's an opportunity for you to to expand upon who you are as a person there's something from i'm not saying it's gonna change your life but i mean even though some dumbest worse shit that's ever come away sometimes i just go material out of it you just focused our red ribbon on people whatever in its heller and it is still serve me a purpose i still got some out of it and a deftly does broaden your understanding of the possibility of human beings and you what you learn a lot about like what why people act the way they act and here's the big one haters like people who really do she are all failures it's a hundred percent across the board no one who is
really brilliant at anything is a hater they're just not there might be a few jealous like sport and are a hater they're not gonna go out publicly re hater well yeah and with a view to be truly excellent something you have to be concentrating on yourself and power shit you can't be worrying about shoot someone down shipping to me down so like you are taking the opinions like if you were one of those guys that gets in battles of haters old time online you know you could do it for fun if you want to but what you're doing essentially is your arguing with like summer biggest failures as a human being that exists you see the personal psych amino i'm i'm just gonna drop out a high school get my g d and gradually early belarus if you love me but even if they get a job somewhere it doesn't matter it's like you're you're socially unsuccessful it goes that guy that was he lost job what's his name you know i'm talking about the red it guy who he was responsible for like someone like the most heinous fucked up shit on red dot com
the like of under age girls like you know in the incident the positions and like the way some dark shit and there is like a rude online while they found out his name they went out and they got up and they contact it isn't oh you're and then the other guy fired and then he was on some television shows or defending it saying this is a character that plays on line in that it gives them freedom as regards two onions far both like you know what i don't care if it's a character you when you're just reading a bunch attacks like you can't tell you how can character or not and in its there's no way to interpret that when any com and goes on stage and no matter what crazy shit was doing he wasn't trying to really fuck up people's lives you may be sure but a show and he sings you know cartoon theme song or actually just lip thinks i'm the whole time ok you're mad you emails you spent your mind to go see it but he didn't ruin your fuckin life he didn't cause you sums near difficulty he didn't do something as in fact did what the united
impact you in such a negative way that there may lead you want to kill him on theirs there there is to be of an enemy forum the same thing that fight for all your arm they would just everything which is nothing but negatively negatively negligent horrible ass shit there'd be people portraying or maybe for real i got it races personalities there'd be able digging up stuff on other end just all of which is to be nothing but to be horrible to each other and other fighters and people like you why why live your life their way why spend on their energy and truly i've seen of the day you haven't got anywhere like you been swimming in place you haven't improved your life you haven't any further along and in trying to accomplish something for yourself at all while most of whom are twelve now you nice agatha sad part of some other thirty two maybe even fifty amateurs guy who got not the reddit guy he was dying children sign why would you why spend because there's there's clearly clearly
there's something lacking in his life socially somehow that he never came to grips with any these using this anonymity no doubt this and no doubt it is that they have a voice it didn't exist in the past and in the past they were the person that you know when they would be dealt with socially like in a one on one situation if they ever said anything anything remotely rue everybody we elect fuck you stupid look you dumb fat fuck and they would be shot down by over but in lash out at you without any fear of social repercussions this brought something really that really distant went off my head i joe comedian yes comedians throughout heinous shit sometimes for you know but jokes are jokes are jokes and you fuck you you you throw us you give out as much as you got but that the only way that you throw out as much as you got you know in terms of
being comedian and then pushing boundaries and sang crazy shit sometimes whatever is because you wanted to take as much as you get rough and that's the difference there they don't go out there and say some rude shit you even you're tryin if you're doing the right thing to go out and stand up and say something that is against somebody's or some other groups are because even if it's the wrong thing it there doing you need to stand up as some sort of amateur against it because it's the wrong fucking thing is not good to do that means you have to be willing to accept every negative thing is going to come with that and be okay with that and be like you know to do to go out there and stand up for the right thing then she might come my way but this is something that must be done even if in a social scenario of your automata everyone's pot shouting each other you know in and in its it's in fun but to say something to insult somebody else even in a fine and adjust way you can't do it if you can't fucking it can only work on those people who are all fuckin around we're saying or bullshit to each other as
a child's any and and and it's what's funny is there's always a chain in town when that i does it from everybody's a sponsor them because you guys like you can feel they should they're saying and being able to take it and the workplace they're coming from its like it could come out their mouth the same there's a different energy in your end it that's what you turned omen and nearly four key pieces she shut the fuck up and it changes its leg it from between you and me refund on each other he serious and it was just joking around with everybody else as long as he was involved in a joke but we realized but it's like you re you can real you can you realize that they throw out that thing they can't take it either and so they should really be participating because there
just isn't isn't in the same vein well that's what the thing about being able to hate on someone especially a public person like a judge barnett type character which as you are apparently wonderful to do your anonymous because if you're just some anonymous person you have no repercussions whatsoever you know so much about you they know which look like they know the fighting vandyke right i was watching some battle on arose a twitter whatever the fuck it was i was reading on them and my sight of josh thompson was arguing with this guy gee i'm the guy was bringing up like me and my friends we laughed out loud watching you get k owed by you words please fight again so you can laugh again and you get knocked at home why am i this this piece of shit like that is like the weakest move us a human being to go after what you know heard a guy right away you know is a devastating laws to go to after that when you're just when you and i am completely someone put it out there they expose themselves to all the glory and all the other
sadness and difficulty of defeat he went and dared do it and you d dare to do anything besides sit behind an this thing and and and really accomplish nothing and try to take shots somebody who another untried who are not there for trial to accept and put himself in a position where is precarious and is different then there is no guarantees and he knew that any new that everyone watch in and he and you also know as a fire you go out there and you lose your opening yours but all of that for people to come out there and used as a weapon against you because of their shitty personality exactly and so tat to do that it is fuckin we course don't argue with them because they know ones paying attention to what the fuck do i have to say anyway so when you respond you give them exactly their look about a another important yeah and you know i also think that this is not going to last i think this
an error in humanity that we're gonna figure out and aggravates it's already been too long task and i dont know when it's gonna end if it does and both sort already has with this red it guy i mean it's they can track you down they can find out who the fuck you are if somebody is it decently motivated right you know fur like you or i or brian eno you you your your feet get a certain amount of access to us you know you're twitter you're on facebook he now people can be right threads on the underground you gonna rita you know that there's there's a certain amount of access that is how it should remain soldiers brian though should they yeah yeah now come on there's a certain amount you mean you're you're gonna you're used to it and you can deal with it but when it comes them when all of a sudden there real name is exposed in their employer is like all the sudden like they then they realize like look you're union ever changing game ok and this anonymity that might have enjoyed two years ago really doesn't exist anymore and guess what
you're from now on be reduced thoughts okay so keep it together people together every taken all this stuff from on a dark that may even come sooner try to be a better person you fuck head and that's what but don't understand is aren't trying to be better people buys what's killing this country as it is people the human race period human race period but it varies from place i think here in amerika we have a very specific case like i've saying that at its it is specific dozens americans the way we use our technology the way that we are progressing regressing as individuals and there's there's this huge concept so so one thing about people talking shit about folks is that you know of course it is the anonymity but there is also this prevalent attitude that i can go out there and be as much of an asshole i want
you know you're doing about it you can't beat me up we can just fight me like neurotic nobody actually think that anything what will happen with all while sue you you should be able to you if someone talk shit you in your problem may find it should at least be a bit slap him a little i totally wine and my thing is like even if if you're being outwardly with so many people lack common courtesy anymore just the smallest things and if you do something that is discourteous in a public manner and you upset somebody at will most people just fuck and take it but if someone goes hey fuck you for doing ex wife that's not cool instead of won't be unlike our right either i'm sorry you're right that was fucked up i shouldn't have done that and waken up or be mean like we know a fuck you understand ass also fight dealing with the amendments that i get there ass beaten and they go about their way no no no it's always like they just pushing that barrier because that boundary book and crossing that line because they think you can do anything about
he catches you know use front of his speech i can be as much ridiculous i want is only their own doing anything to you and it's ok fine and i've had usually it isn't these things right out where it happened to me i turned on and i you know i tell em like a movie theory no fuckin cellphone and then on on the cell phone talking on the middle the movie there i'd turn around our you fuckin on your phone in the middle of a movie fucking kidding me and i look gonna go get off that fuckin foreigner i'm a brig and haven't shove it up your ass and i say that because what's all its anna moving whether that but also very appropriate that's very appropriate these rights when i i i pride myself on being if i say some shit like that after i've set it there's no turning back and if i say i'm gonna do it
fuckin do it because otherwise my word is meaning would you really shove it up there ass he might be where they shouted up there i would break them a little like a bad baby thrown across the chair may be honoured by the hour there gave aid is wanting lamp though you probably just scream and pick em up and shake him yeah if they just my lamp they has completely fetal position i take that phone break it slamming on the phone tell him what a piece of shit they were in the latter go but that's your moon folks like listen gotta go whip thats not go live and if you can start crying cry i go limp all the time it's went went where right after i'm done they are very i think this is a very important subject and i love you brought it up and i think this is a really important subject for the young men especially of this era that are grown up now just be enforced fed video
names and not having any character about a heritage wasn't just leave a kid with either the portable the portable gaming system and you know i love games i gained a lot when i was a kid and i loved it but guess what when i'm out with my parents family functions well i'm i'm not sitting in a corner completely bear reed into some electronics the whole time being fuck that like you can't let your kid do at shit yeah oh i just definitely and teach him that doesnt really good human skills but the mine but what concerns me is a lack of character building things if you're not involved in some kind of athletics then to me if you it's either that or some other difficult intellectual pursuit but there's something that has to humbling need to suffer being not having been able to have some of the push
be able to realise that you and will will fail and learn from the failures objectively when the most important things you could ever learn as a man is how you fucked up and how not to fuck up again because you understand the pain of fucking up scientists and i do it to and i want things is when you see rich kids kids grow up with character one originals unwanted veiling you fucking yeah they get a cook all her life the things they hear them when they don't understand that the reason that their evil to created it is doing this are do that or have all this little successful shit running around him is because they have all the facilities to do in the first place it in half a strive and struggle and fuck and you know oh you up i've got money to cover that fuck up dummies who are pro to be from america like they did something twenty one thing be proud to be from america because we have an agreement that where america and we're not counts we all get to there we fuck and strive we try to make the best shed and be proud of that but to make it seem like
your great because your american when you just fuckin born in a lucky spot like that's ridiculous and fuckin bullshit is new you're not your country exasperated you if you're lucky enough to be born anywhere you're out you should be proud of our europe but part of being problem having pride and that is by being a fucking good example of a human being and representing that culture to its fullest that's it not being proud that you're from a fuckin city stupid now that's ridiculous be proud of your own personal control over your character and your contribution to a huge too or silly unity on immunity is to be a big fuckin all of your cell now that's the big problem is no i've said is over and over again is that the biggest resource in the world is children children will become the adults the future obviously and the the more access to information and how building exercises in the more we can make them great the better off the future is going be for everybody course but that's the most neglect
that aspect of this world is amazingly i mean how many people are just out their pop and kids out i don't have the education or the money to support i mean they don't even to me look at it as they dont understand how difficult and how important raising a child is there's also a disconnect in what we call culture is a disconnect innocence because its society started out where everybody to stick together can you go on a hunting parties and then you know you'd be growing food or taken care babies and they were to be collected you know collection collectives where are you everybody would put pile in their food everybody to stay alive or body to do their own job everybody knew but encountered on everybody but it got to a point where there wasn't fifty people anymore now you have walls and others a thousand others two thousand you dont even only spoken people so that that this disconnect is in place where you you have all these people are supposed to be like your comrades any brothers and sisters but you did you fuck i know them and then it gets that's
get to a city and that's when you get to a country and that's where america's is weird thing i look at the way that technology is influenced our disconnect from each other your burying your phone everyday of every of every second of every are these people do not talk to anybody in line you not actually conversing with the people that pride the services that you know that you're supposed to go to in life he like the postman the the personal supermarket why do you not conversion to say hey swipe car do at every guy ironically it's also connecting countries internet connect countries disconnects people that thing is that the internet can be used for so much good and it can also be a crutch to turn you into a shitty completely non community based you think that you're getting the same thing by being on facebook or twitter and all this in that now suddenly you're interacting with people will you are interacting with you over there is not the way humanity works in fact house reading a thing about how being misanthrope like deliberately not interacting
society on a regular basis can be worse than being an alcoholic for your for your body in your health i am just simply not interacting with other people you did make sense romania just hear your dwelling on negative energy and you're not getting any positive warp from humans which is like one of the most satisfying things a person can get is like from other people you see somebody write something nice to you on line all that that's cool if you have a one on one conversation look somebody in the eye and they say you know what i really respect you for the person you are and i am really proud to know you that as a way different effect on some same is like people want to centre messages about important ass shit like oh sorry about this and the eight whatever or dinner i go did you hear that someone so just died label fuck gimme at least a phone call yeah like a text is not a meme the cheap way out it is that
because you really your ear or it's like all i want to bring out with you with even a phone call or do anything langleys show up somebody wants a break up with you and send you text message you got off light i guess i want to talk i have gotten on call break up that was actually welcome without was that was that was really fucked up my pleasant way was to me also because a make aren't you worry when we spoke be like best friends for how this shit can charge back she eighty god can even look me in the face and be like hey what's up it's over bitch camp we know all of this policy heading in that direction manual bobo bonanza this vagina this out yeah it's the the lack of development of of human beings like what were they tested and where they have to develop character that's like one of the big like one of those that have the most decent
pointing aspects of our society and our culture is that we'd never figured out a way to cultivate people correctly that way only that you have the andrea we can do it that's it that's why should we have plenty of money and putting resources to do things it's and it can just start from the smallest thing in the house with shores to digital gino just being stern and your word and empty and leading by example i mean the opportunity to give children those things to help develop them male or female exist every single day and are completely at our fingertips if we want to choose to participate and taking that kind of responsibility for bring this child into the world and trying to raise them to be a loss of human being and contributing important part of society and helping show by example what a good person is a drop that starts the ripples at super important what is it
people they obviously they take on that task when they're just trying to get supposing look people under their there there in this situation they try to make do and they fuck up and they you know they really don't have their own should together but i think as society what we gotta there is a real problem in that we we haven't really addressed how to prop up the properly make use of our young people i think that its beauty to have freedom it's beautiful to have the ability to choose whatever occupation you want but i think that like the steps that you go from being a young man livin with your parents to being in cars to being independent there so secure our and massive itself like them i really am out my out here now ok now i gotta get an apartment and what do i do now while you're gonna make sure you're gonna get a job with a good ok good you could do that how do you think you re going to college girl called you spend on its actually you know
i mean there still is huge myth that you need to go get a four year degree and all that shit will you know not every four year degree is actually worth the fucking two thousand dollar used for yourself and debt like sometimes you're actually doing a disservice to yourself and putting herself behind the could be just another college graduate workin a fuckin shit job that kim barely pay off their loans you realize what what is it where is it worth putting money towards you know i tell people all the time that this sort of unsettled whatever even in au pairs our kids you ever think about moving along and extend their graduating sent in a fucking to figure out getting you know he probably isn't he or she is going to really know what they want to do yet likely but if they have an idea find finally the universe here whenever school that at some point there need to be up and then find the appropriate junior community college that that transfers well into that fuck india and they do that because you need given their get your shit done in writing a book
education i mean if if you really want to be true about it you have to go to college to learn anything you can work and read a book you can t yourself may mean with like the internet like iraq and about there's so much information and knowledge out there that a person can process now of course having one on me you never get that necessary but having interaction to help guide you upon this with their own eggs science is invaluable but the actual knowledge of the facts process just gathering knowledge i'm getting understandings that fuck man you can you could become a lawyer
by going my library or the actual process of gather knowledge for sure is you know it's much easier now that has ever been before the real problem is that people don't have good guidelines now far as behaviour as far as getting things done and as far as positive thinking is one of the things that has been a side effect of this podcast are completely unintended and we never sought common was that only and people are meted out to shows it changed my life allows two hundred pounds a drink tail six every morning i work out every day are jujitsu it's like thousands of working people and what they say is that an almost too to a man i never had any body around me that was talk in the right way as that it wasn't me i just know that i potential its not i have nobody that motivated me and then
sudden someone dead and now i'm look what do you do when you sleep in over there did that use nor sleep and savagely there was no i think it is not enough it was you now if i could i mean you know somebody was breathing and didn't like it wasn't him i wasn't recovered i've got it works as a frightened about about you that sounds with murder alot of women have called than we do it's my open i didn't tell you what you were and if we take that as you go hey would you were crazy bitch than italy a dirty her iron us mars will you don't we all have our preferences that's when they get big dick and storage
together they give it you're right you know why i just like i said you you want you want people to be a certain way you want to make a difference in the world start with yourself goes from their waste are we solve lead given example that other people can follow just like the examples that you followed me everybody is where they are because they learn for some and creative and almost everybody to a person learn somebody when there are obvious and i have some of the men that have been formative in developing who i am as a man in life and i tell people some of the stories that came to her to have any people my life and some others and some folks specially allowed these these men nowadays and better and i am going to speak about women because women unmannered them totally different sets in the way that they develop and their apples and oranges but the men will you say a man illuminative did on like a man of mars where women i know i'm from mars are they from your answer as a safe warrior in eyes the god of war and death in blood firing
you just need a hug you had a look at the start from their these these men will look at me that their way under developed in terms of trying to talk to have that well rounded understanding of being a man you know i haven't the all that the all facets covered and autonomy stories about some of the people that there are many major to making me the man i am in their like their eyes get huge dinner place and i can't believe it now that's how terrible that's fucking horrible that's how could you know what's not actually that bad our aid you know and i'm change any of it because it made me the kind of person i have it and i like who i am and and some of these people were hard as fuck this been some people in the past that were hard as fuck that farmer burns character who used to hang up get by his own ably hang himself from his from his neck yengeese stare
people painless answer this guy used to drop you didn't issues to hang himself these to drop like i don't know how many feet it we're emine wasn't it wasn't just when we put this around ok i'm ready go now he would drop a catch and selfless fucking neck in this was shining and neck these guys the rustle back in the dayton catches catch can stuff our does any type a wrestling and have nice wonderful spongy mats and if you did have any sort of matt substance that you could use it was probably some place it was quite ass so you know their rest on ground grass rug carpet type shit you know i mean that's the snake pit in england they used to wrestle on a carpet throwing each other cheese older roads jesus christ but that was his egg pit what lows out a famous catch for yes that's a very damn there's a there's a couple different schools of submission style grappling and
the earliest ones in america the called catch rustling or catches catch can and it was there was you professional wrestling and one point two right unlike theatrical professional wrestling which is like entertainment late they use to these do a lot of agenda could pentagon or you could then it could be it could be either one line is a lot of gangsters fuckin hole that i learned from silvio pimentos whose black belt and urging the bell jean about loves all that shit right so silvio he was always like big united crazy net cranks and are all these different things like maguire these in jujitsu is that but they are some guys use you see did you see damien maya's victory over rick story now i didn't we submitted a manifesto
but he got his bag couldn't get a rear naked and returned it into a net crank elsewhere fast locked out of it was a terrible angle legwork aloes like instant tap ones are you u has gonna fly off sure enough i mean there are wrestling is wrestling and and there's that's all over the world people are styles of developing on digital his weight is the most part because of the rules of the sport of digits you because you know often sport will predicate what how your training will be developed as you want to be the best within this confinement but that doesn't thats not say you can expand upon anything with the human body you wanna be a dynamic be as dynamic as you want tyrian the jake eighty brutally philosophy the means but the bone i mean there's no reason anybody can do that for themselves but
i love you know what's his name shannon whose do how we take an objection and jake shannon is a great historian when it comes to address awesome dude all around very when it comes to our even political stuff and cultural stuff in these brilliant do and the ship that he puts out there in the world as a whole not just the catch stuff is amazing shit yeah greece is a really good dude binary eastern what he really loves like the history of catch rationally and because of heaven is put out books and dvds and shit but some of the photos that he found it maison like the techniques it they had that they were using like triangles they were using the through using half guard that using the lockdown from half cars or they were sweeping guys with these positions are used in all these different gear teens arm in vienna known the first i myself locked them soon she could soccer was doing it to us in any m c back in the day and he used it as the submission version
so you get lined up on a half guarded throw the locked down on any would extending you basically put like a calf crank so that's how i first this is back in like two thousand and one if you got sideways on its like a heel i don't so that's how i learned as like like a tricky little submission and corsica was full of our unity gay yeah that's what i first found out about locked down and then and then i saw eddie you know he came across and he used it as it as a position or tool to keep him said furred for using his bottom game in terms of his reversed is reversals in and setting up you know isolating that leg to use it later into different applications but it just goes to show you can do million ways and then armor billy robinson who is from the snake pip in england where that whole term like those how he's billy robinson is a peace from wigan and wigan that's when they came for the term catches
you can get it anyway you can and billy i wasn't which are also referred my love life there they had the snake pit over their billy really started this place and just only the tufts of the tough these fuckin coal minor these these now we did wrestling on hardwood well here's another sport these to do there called purring lad they would do as they would yet doesn't yachts than involve kitty cats what about them putting on have these boots with studs items on the bottom
and it would kick each other in the shin i'll get the fuck but not just like free form but back and forth i go you go without somebody's quite yes how big the spikes forgot i know too big obviously it's always too big a dislike zuri photos of this shit i believe so go and look it up but purring purring php r r p r i angie i hurrying violence undertakings in england so anyway what's wrong with ngos it there's no policy over there i guess i d exhausted that opportunity and snorted too much call i guess makes me want to kick each other machines must weird heller so polite today sure enough but the the only time i remember being in a town with the u have see we're over in england our member appear were the fighters route trying to go grab shitty do whatever and people are causing like fuck you might want to fucking go
whoa dude are you kidding me as is london guess just over nothing yeah while i you lookin at me funny fucking knock you out right well sometimes look improper leads you go out and looking for that sure enough brightest member people coming back to the hotel over and over again we like jesus christ man everyone's try like hardest shit trying to fight everyone was this the tito or tcp murray day yes so this was actually before emma may had really made its way to angrier and there's an interesting they didn't really give a shit like who any these mean all american bloke rosemont to fight him but isn't funny as above for ever make came there because now that i'm amazed there the attitude is kind of different problem i'm sure there's plenty of brits eldest want sluggish up but so so these guys unity these catch wrestlers another go out there and so billy robinson who train at the snake bet he's a catch rest or an amateur ressler i remember he's doing a seminar out santa monica any shown showing this drop down sort of this this
leg hook single egg and turning a drop to happen and you come back up and unlike just now billy right now there's a stooges you guys commerce overseer and that's like his number one entering everything you fucking does right now not crazy even though you ve never tried jujitsu you ve never seen marcello trust me billy robinson were seen or heard of marcel garcia it's just moves yeah well built marcello techniques fairly basic it's just that he had hid it so well like the arm dragged to the back was ready please stand the way he did it was so is it this purring oh my god and a very good photos is real these mother fucker don't do this shit in spite of that they give up on the spikes honour their spikes around their ankles a bargain about jesus far when it is not enough for around you start doing really stupid she trusts me i grew up in boston know what's up so there we go so why
this guy grew up doing that as well when they weren't doing i don't i don't think billy robinson was doing permanently with smarted map chrysler adjusted the fact that move are moves in ino he showing somethin from one knew no angle and cited by the way now there's a guy to that right now is winning well i think it was really interesting when british in kicking champions jesus christ this estate this is its pussy shit there hey there pack in their chins with hey this is fake these frauds look at ease arrives take these frauds away it was really interesting and emma may when our sakharov came along because there was this one style of submissions that everybody was sort of gravitating towards a lotta people gravitate towards with shoes brazilian jitsu and then there's japanese do others really kind of funky different sort of style did like similar technique ex but gunnar had his own little flare to it and it turned out he had actually been trained in catch wrestling he was a robinson yeah that's
amazing story the sakharov for people weren't like really fans of emma made they'll never gonna appreciate how what a bad the fucker kazoo she sakharov limitation of sakharov a shit about it you know i know how bad ass he is you know about ass he is alive there are plenty of of serious and may fans know how the g8 sakharov was and how much about of like mister kara got like a sprung fuckin cat on the ground like just able to turn to bound and no to any positioning and can get us afghan up back in the day when he was going through the system at the you'd have you ef i do and should stop caressing stuff where they would sometimes mixing shoots works on the same deal an issue four votes to download music get real life a long fight but these roaring arising wheels predetermine bright and these are all under professional wrestling rules they had this last point thing with the rope escapes in getting soup lax and knocked down and whatever but no back in the day not only did at two cod are used to beat him up because the coffee
to be a legitimate like fucking i had a fallacious kick it was a good half way and he could fight but tamar are used abuse the shit out of sakharov ah ah the time there was a few times are they go there in the ring in professional arresting they would go legit and can tamar when owning a camera was the man so what happened headed sakharov le he graduated many grew up she's got better of course content fight the first you have seen japan yet when he fucked and so vera and they this similarly it is like what the fuck is they started a back up again later on the matter on an island and fight again it was craziness it was like boy just the emotional rollercoaster must have been under heeded just beat him he went on after tat co financing which had never been done before no one has seen a brazilian jujitsu black book at tap yet it was like the new thing so let me maybe someone had i think maybe you john louis and andrea had nearest thing maybe paris had tapped jean louis steadied tab
do you believe in our minds and run it and when i was out of sight i know you'd tell me socket them one who saw tat was on his back and forth in areas like slapped why his right leg came round is left in socrates involved sought those and open guard was there was a boy who was the first allergies in japan to blackmail to get tat might have been conan minded they will arrive it was that it was not a high profile one you that's for sure will then was that there was before maurice font conan no after after maurice it already but you know our key bottleneck and somebody out as you know the kind of a given but the idea of a gene some guy lose especially to a non jujitsu fighter yeah they noted hatch about her and i say get that i'm i'm seeing people be like allegedly what you bet i don't have about how do you do for grappling my boy and i we train every catherine ok ok and we'd role i fuckin annihilate him and they get so pissed and upset and with his pony baloney
catch her there are but you know that that's a wonderful ass to humanity it i've got the ability to up to us to truth into the world and an end be honest about shit and you know with all the faults and and also great things about it most human beings instinct is a gathering lie the fuck out of it and just making skews the chain shit around because you know is not good enough to just to have things exist and have it be true now we have to go in i mean especially shit like religion politics issues oh let's make a book and caught the words odd so therefore you can't fucking argue against it you anything that happens is that while the how it works got word are you a garbage and then but essentially have a book is compiled of other books and you decided to leave other random shit out just because and then you know it's gone through the hands of all these other people and all their other genuinely from judges who it is because the basic idea was human beings authorized civilization
shit when they lying lying cared for you know obscuring the truth does a lot of guys that don't have belts that alike but super high level like matthews little cost levels and one everybody we said chris lycosa presumed youtube maternal but apparently like i even given it to us impress sheets presented to block progress ninety seven about are we not now we train with those speaking of a bunch catch wrestlers that integrated fighting academy where was that we are not without any annapolis that's was jason god sees place you you're such an interesting ways do because you were there like during the dark days like you were there like like you were there when the no regulation you were there when you were allowed to wear shoes you know like south africa open and that still here when some on fox princess that you know as i have developed as an athlete over the years but the biggest thing is i develop
my skills right so i'm not most of these fighters and ass i say this and i say publicly they have most these fighters ago from the system let's say they get good enough they say again you have seen as you you have seized as the standard example excuse me so what they do is they get to a certain point and they get to skill wise and then they just improve their athleticism into such a degree without get into the sea let's say say their successful guy there they probably have about two to three year window if they're good enough to we like to ought to get a title or be attire contender after that good about two or three years and which they could tensely get a title or fight for a title and after that than there never them declines in and they may still be successful enough to be still viable fighter in the eu have see but even that about as but only about as much as five years and after that from our is done
let has dropped enough that they don't have the skills to back it up any more most these fighters our athlete the other fighter for the most part and leaving it a big statistic about fight careers and them once you get the seven years the drop off for success is astronomical the idea of people going ten years or fifteen years like myself unreal i guess almost unheard of and we're not without would you go from aged twenty two aged thirty five nineteen thirty five nineteen where my against a pro and at thirty five you still amongst the top heavy weight in the world any those motherfuckers out their walk in there right now if you you had to woods i mean if you had to retire for any reason would you start coaching
cuz i think you would have a lot to offer i think you're you have them just bit the fact that you've gotten through fifteen years as a very high level you know i mean from your time and prior to today me that's a lot of goddamn it's very high level guys you you have a lot of shit that you could teach kids could cut out like the use like a lot of people that are being coach and are being crushed by people who don't have nearly the kind of experience it you haven't you see some mistakes there make it with young tower sure i do i see a lot of mistakes in terms of coaching is not even about technique necessarily a lot of it is they they create a system they think that everybody has to fit within that system and then there is no there's no wavering from that system and the thing is not any every these different everybody's in individual and everybody needs be coach differently i've had i have coach the the years and i've coached people the world championship fights i've coach
but the world titles i've had i think i've got more women at one time ranked in the top ten and some are most mom rank in the top five the world their respect away classes than any other cochin in a daily fuji was mainly fuji juno marquez shanna basler we're gonna hit on the economy so are you are you want you is what you want to do when you start fighting no have you i was thinking that you didn't know that's why i was saying like a real shame because there's no guys who are fighters but have also like taken the time to really sort of intellectually right down the properties of creating a fighter i dont want to be a coach like that i just don't because if a farmer a coach think of it more like an old school boxing couch maybe monies old ketch cultures where you only really ok someone proves to you and after their worth giving that kind of time an information i don't just look at it is on
gonna show you some move by the way this move came from this coach came from that coach came you know how many hundreds of years of development came behind this do you know how difficult it was first someone to their original person down the line they get this thing to me with a ship they had to go through and that to live their life and haven't harness these techniques and give him time to me the hearings are precious die i understand but when i see a guy like you and i see you know you at thirty five years of age mean totally respectfully honestly mean what he got five years left ten years left if you you re not endorse i'm done you never and i mean with today it was of nutrition and training methods who knows and with skill but when if a guy like you got a hold of a john jones type character
you could take a mother fucker to the next level you know to me or even if you if you really started like approaching it less eager and as an urgent ok john jones is normally aegis using that bad motherfucker you buddy anybody could make him good yes and no yes and without a doubt mike winkle john has done some making things i'm that yes i don't doubt without a doubt is brilliant without a doubt john is a prodigy he's a very intense powerfully and been john jones besides is physicality which is obviously very gifted his mind is very powerful and i think he would be great figure it out watching other people no matter who was coaching he he's the kind i was going to excel no matter what but haven't a guy like winkle john whose brilliance i can call me really differently for talking about taking somebody that doesn't have taken that middle the pack i and that one and developing them into a world champion where
gonna get that evidently but it depends on me and that's what i'm saying is everything that's how you guys it's old there's a lot going on right there isn't much talk in this assembly about who i would coach you just be like the ones you shine is now i want to coach i would kosher person and i feel personality integrity character mentality as well as for reality all matches what i think is worth investing the time into so you would do that but they would have to be like special people came to up the mountain top when you're alone fuck chop in word and then you make em like professor right and united on car carbon some runes into their body seeking to do like we go chapparal style still wortley still works a mac danzig hours at a few people but is now because the man i that's one of those guys abba shit turner respect for i do have i think regos oft on
he saw unknown to the summer these guys out there the claim to be enemy aficionados there's no man other ass a hole in the wall i really don't know and that those people out there like rico whose wrestling is fantastic whose mind to fighting is great who this attitude is all right you know you want to get in there with this and this is what you want to do i can i can help you with that i can show you if you're gonna fuck it slack off fuck around whatever you think you know better than i that fucking then take off on tunisia and he said eggs we'd all day air date is air day after day and he will show you all fuck your ship and i'll i really respect mac danzig a lot i like mac as a human being and he's really exist easels rump ala dude i love it i know he's grumpy but he just smart phones always carried me i mean he's always early i lie to me too he just has
tolerance for dummies master why do they do i immediately and stand fuckin idiots but mac speak so highly of rico you know and what regos none is open has ensured yeah but i just as a coach there is there so much investment that goes into their that it's not some i'm i'm not saying i won't coach the availability is there and the possibility is there but i just i got a lot of shit you know not what i'm done with fighting whenever that day comes which is gonna suck in its own right but i got shit i can do with my life loathing than trying to accomplish irene model well but underwear modeling proud little that little bit lobotomy got to do a lot of adding but i think we can make the most of it i mean prosthetics are pretty impressive dont go prosthetic but the law there were big smile and fuck a little little chubby little term let it swaying gives a fuck your jospin
socket but the easier than i was just so much just yet never watch appoint two guys go look dick in this girls like working as paul she's already inanity so unhappy about it it's like an easy gentle easily annexes it's it's more like convenience guy with a little bit like maybe there's a benefit that lecture she's deep thrown happens in us other impressive but it looks like he's out when a guitar and she's like this is this is not straining their stressing me one of do is a giant cox feel more pleasure because as more pleasure dismissed more yes like more more skin is getting clear like other girls giving you a blow job when she goes and deeper feels better than if she shallow right on that way some mental commodities even checking in feeling it hit the back and she can go in someone's been really we believe this is the idea of an alarm sums one second your dec
half mast right now i'm ready if he had the girl like we go so far and they start like pekin like the stomach ass at all over your mouth agreed during the porn movies you didn't among girls no terms i've gotta relax this africa's fatal begot these grosso throw up on your dick violence hope but some vehicles good actually amy blossom what have they done if those girls don't they don't wash their diet and probably like all anorexic multi lines of legates weird cat food all over it are you talking about cats maybe i different girls in the light of everybody who hate guess he dates cats party cats catherine yourself finicky youtube a place where where we come with us before we go on a blow jobs in a small dick
the things you want to talk about when you contact me about come on the park gases others craziness it's going i would always school shootings now and not just school shootings is the oregon shooting salams in a more and all this shit we're way an interesting thing about them all one that's coming out now said he was confronted by an arm civilian and that's when shot himself and that's not something is being talked about very much why would they that work with the agenda at hand of why any no that's that's part of the problem right a huge pile is that we ve got media that wants to just create knee jerk reactions and emotional response as they don't care about trying to deliver a whole unbiased story they they ve got an agenda to try and put a rift in the populace at general at large in its that's fine an irresponsible one is terrible i was listening to
come on about it was either msnbc or cnn and after that the horrible sandy tragedy one of the teachers boyfriends of a year they found him and storing gave their full in his arms gone why why i don't want this is completely why it's just giving more prudent prudent credence to you want to do some crazy and be fuckin famous forever here's more publicity we like you eat and everything else fuckin better do than talk to guide our i knew for a year and like you're some guy some doubt was wifi for a year ago i was crying again even measure big deal enemies albania maybe he really did fuck and you know he was super torn up about it whatever but it doesn't matter because why are you on tv why the news finding that to be important to talk about why should we be dog about something more important like why is our culture
evolving in such a way that people are acting in such a manner whether their shooting people or fuckin staff i am or rubbing oars carjack income and take him back to a place and raping and towards real like what the fuck is going on y a wise immediate lars do is gonna shit and then the other thing so other channel i'm sitting here come in years and i hear they're talking about how some republicanism oh he keeps me throws out the word assault weapon like seventeen times every every fuckin statement he's got to make he's really trying to pin me a pound something home
with his lingo and then there is the rapporteur goes on after me no talking about this guy was gonna know probably working towards creating bills about the ship which will probably back ended with all kinds of ship had nothing to do with it they always do always you know it's just fucking absolute tantamount line its absolute fucking lying irresponsible and should be absolutely on allowed so so after that there is this report goes on about i you know something about you know people going makes it often common about people go on a gun shows and just now you know just willy nilly buying firearms in that just like i just couldn't fuckin take it anymore didn't bruno true prove it s true didn't he got a gun store as a gay character didn't i haven't seen the movie i mean but here's the deal it was an bruno's on the shy and who knows what they're doing shows but now the p
can you can't buy people have sold but eventually i could see in a fuckin shady us but people also guns not again show they get some other way i mean fuck so here's the deal i am a lifelong hobbyist when it comes firearms i was that it was something i heard it from my dad who is a big time obviously say obvious i reload meaning i make my own ammunition by bullets of different weights and shapes and sizes i by different types of powders that have to burn at different rates in all this shit is very exacting i buy brass and primers and i match all this shit up based on recipes through the ammunition manufacturers that that that sell this stuff through my dad's own research on certain you know and the thing is
every firearm that you're doing this for it entirely different you can have three one thousand nine hundred and eleven forty five all the same barrel length all the same manufacturer but they're not all going to shoot the same and in one load is gonna shoot different than the other other some bullet waits depending
bear lengthened mean amount of rifling two years does not a gun not ok and i knew i grew up not only with that that might at inherited from from people in his life and the hobby of of target shooting and an gunsmith thing and creating your just being just a nerd about guns like like i'm a nerd about cars but he was a hunter when when he was growing up that's it you did he grew up in the fuckin woods of some of us out western washington he was a logger from as early as he could he worked and paper mills he's been in the forest all is well fuck and lifestyle most and so hunting fishing game all that kind of stuff and i've been out there in the
to them since i was a kid going hunting and am catching and getting animals cleaning am dressing i'm going to the whole process and i can tell you one thing fuckin being a hunter and being somebody that had spent so much time and in the wilderness and anon though on on the ocean and boats fishing and all this made me appreciate nature like a gazillion times more than i think anybody that doesn't necessarily i think nature is something that is is overlooked huge and i don't think we ass humans sometimes really understand the vastness and the impressiveness of mother earth as a general and of being out there in the mountains and seeing the animals uniting when your hunting i'm just be involved in this whole process and just knowing him and then taking an animal and going that whole process of all the care and responsibly that comes to to do this correctly and then serve this meat to other people
and when when my family didn't have money when there broke his fuck them the animals that my dad had caught help feed that family that my the other they're all broke livin in this little apartment and nor seattle him on it they go out there with their tax they get there there there there elk are there get their dear they would they would catch fish they would it grouse although you know fuck that all went on the table yeah you know and that was a big part of that that grown up for me and so i've had gun responsibility i've been shooting since i was a kid and being responsible parent is why from the get like one guns were always locked up their ways and safes i don't know how to get these fucking things i'm not allowed access to this shit as a child or even as an eighteen year old like then it happening like i didn't know that the combination to my dad's gonna safe until i was almost thirty years old you know what i mean
and other than that even if there was a possibility let's say and i didn't know because it was never spoken about if there was even the potential that there was a fire armor safe for home defense it was somewhere that's saying my parents room but i know about through the fear of fucking i wouldn't step in their my dad had me so afraid of fucking with his shit or anything in their room as a responsible parent that never happen i knew fuckin way better and the idea if i'd ever if he'd ever found out if i've ever laid hands on on that he wouldn't around it will you put your subscribing sounds like an ideal situation to grow up and re someone an environment where you teach them firearm safety and respect for firearms and appreciation for fire absolutely the real debate is not that though the real debate is the fact that if the guns are out there it's not just you and your responsible reference that are going to have these guns it's crazy mother fucker in canada
get in his nutty mother that he killed shirt and took her guns and shot up all those poor kids absolute that's the where the real issue comes in its like well how do you stop that from happening exactly and an eye and through through all the some time spent you know actually having firearms is a hobby ire and i ended up working in the industry of selling firearms and buying them through a threat shop in washington and i can tell you everything that went through that shop everything that was ever done i had to go through the federal programme the instant criminal nationalistic criminal background checks system the next and i repeat i had a call in every fuckin thing every single time and this whole thing was insistent in per in in the system for reason and i can't say that it's perfect i know it ain't its effects are federal government
there is no way that it's perfect in fact in a reading the information on next they like to claim that over in a sense being put in and ninety three that eta over a hundred million checks in the last decade leaner more than seventy thousand denials of firearms to in the hands of people at a shouldn't be but the problem is that you look at them the stuff and what the things that they might deny you for sometimes there is that the simple issue of i'm a conceal weapons owner europe or permit older in washington which means already had to go through finger printing eye to fill out all this paper work i had to go through a process to get approved get mike it's your weapons permanent and when that meant when i went to against or even the one i worked at if i want a purchaser handgun which normally has waiting period because i'm a conceal weapons permit holder and i've already gone through all these extra checks i feel at all the paperwork like everyone else had august filed with the serial number the gun with on purchasing and so on and so forth and and i still go through the next checklists like everybody else
but because there was somebody in california who had a similar named mine every time i would call in with my so scared number flax or weapons license number like all this different information data for at least three years i was always put on hold with every firearm i bought and even if included a rifle which is normally a same bathing after next i every single time because they would always see that this summit another class oftener and they were always in the thing about it is the fact that there's a whole put on the could last anywhere from three hours they might call back or a three days it wasn't having a whole that was that ever bothered me whatsoever psych ok whatever it's just that there is and why is this not being updated like you're being given very specific information about me as a person so i want my family to have this databases can be used to try and be responsible about having fire
not in the hands of people that i shouldn't be why are you not updating this enough to know that i'm not that fuckin guy and eventually three years two or three years later down the road of came about and now that's not the case any more from a far as i know i've above her purse the fireman a long time but and then when it came go in gun shows which i have been a member i've been going against us as a kid my dad would go then my uncle and you know and then especially when i worked for the gunshot i will go there and help out it shows maybe if we had a table different stuff you go to a gun show on even as a concealed weapons license holder i mean anybody that comes to the gun show you pay your admission bowman come in if you want to purchase a firearm and let's go to the washington arms collector association who runs all the gun shows in washington you have to go and do another line and fill out and have all your paperwork rounds of the same in every state i'm not sure and i cannot speak for we state but i know that me growing up as a working and being a part of the washington collector association and and
i'm gonna they're gone chosen you have to go get next check well that's all well and good man but and how do you stop the b this kid who did this in connecticut mean he violated a bunch hit branches are already start on that leaving the house he started off by murdering his mom yeah if that's not good now it's not guided wired is a guy murder their their parents in the first place that's the problem and in the thing is that you know he he went any chose to use the tool of firearms to go off and do whatever it is that he decided and i still can't figure out why the fuck in the first place did he go to us once you children of all things like i dont understand that that so now like what did accomplish what was said meant what was trying to prove i don't know there's to mention there's even stuff learning about the internet where the dad's of not only this
sandy hook killer and the killer from the batman movie shooting both somehow i have something to do with banking and financial stuff that has actually been done proven won't know they're not actually going to go to the library scandalous as they were there trying to save their both going to be at the library hearing but they're not but yet the batman shooters dad is apparently some citys analysis whatever kind of guy the what he does create these algorithms that are used in banking did at the sight all this shit and figure out this shit out and what it is as if the shit that he creates these algorithms these these mathematical things are the same things that you used to figure out the labourers is as is being is that i bore scandal shit all the line has been down of the rates being so it keys involved or maybe even just a cursory way in terms of figuring out the people that are cheating you at the banks and then
other guy the dad of sandy hook killer he's apparently works is some financial institution of some sort and his division has three people underneath them that are being indicted for having being a part of this lie bullshit and using the falsified ratings to how many people involved in labour scandal news and possible just coincidence it could we not my sin are saying that this all is necessarily related and i am sure that there is fucked up parenting that you ve got kids that are being medicated to death and who knows what he's taking because apparently he was mentally ill and and there are drugs out there that they will give our kids and they will give people and have them walk the streets fit some of the side effects are suicidal thoughts homicidal act
just ridiculous your view jamming all his medication down a human being and you expect them to function within our society like anybody else while the real issue that the actual numbers the citizens commissions on human rights assisi hr has said that out of the last fourteen recent school shootings all of them were committed by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs was in a hundred nine wounded fifty eight killed it was also at least twenty two international drug regulatory warnings that have been issued on psychiatric drugs causing side effects of mania psychosis she's still any violence even homicidal i i think a big big part of it is that it's not everybody you know and as i torrent for a lot of money that around that shit that it does them a lot of help some but there's a lot of you can't drink also right is not they drank undergone in antwerp see bombed see the switch go off they become an alcoholic everybody's got a sort of different set up and
some people these things are not good and when you when you're talking about those numbers in you could i've seen people argue and it's really fascinating the people that are like really opposed anything that might be fuckers in others a lot of people like others do there's no cause would you just say you're talking about people are fucked up of course people fucked up or on drugs does it mean that drugs are causing i'm mad you don't know that then that's rewarding but it's a weird thing underwear chemical companies have your brain but this this sort of pro science stance that a lot of people want to take that are people that think that there's a lot of weren't tinfoil hats and looking for conspiracies and look for a nonsense and everything but man like the same type of people they want to downplay the possibility that
of any sort of vaccinations have been damaging to children pray that's over that's another weird one the people to want to data is weird and address i think the strongest argument for all of that as even potential and i'm not talking to that i wear tinfoil hats running on that but something i stated the ipod touch non earlier through our man kind we fuckin lie we lie and we'd sheet r r populous constantly over and over and over we do with religion we do with our politics they constantly no you have companies if they go and they deliberately destroy pete the environment their chemicals in her shit they know they're doing in and they know that is destroying shit and i just know that they can get away with it and they just lie and then all of a sudden boom there have somebody comes out of the wood work and makes them accountable for and then they backtrack and they tell a whole bunch more lies they feed him a couple of scapegoats in keep on the same bullshit and they never have to pay the price for we have all these politicians and go out there
i try to feed us all these lines about how there you know their this their part of that site and this other side is wrong vice versa split us as a populist a guy nay they they claim ali great things are gonna do you know they do nice tricky wonderful shit like hey i'm just about to get reelected so now you're gay marriage great i totally support it wanted to say of four years ago you piece of shit yeah you piece of shit you know what you're going to arrest hairs her some crazy more one in ten in the united states take antidepressants should they be about in all good question tell you something i remember having is that number how many is that one in ten that is one hundred million people so what is that thirty million three million i think no forty million three hundred and thirty million that's insane it's not thirty million people out their walk industry our foreign prozac annexed to whatever and i remember i remember going through a really fuckin bad break i'm not that long ago in just fuck
diane and since having anxiety for the first time i've been around that shit a lot of shit down in my life i never had this fucked up anxiety and our am sleeping and i'm gonna looting i'm having a hard time in getting full d brass although this shit strip clubs yeah i definitely did strip clothes i have some little bit o beds like a little bridge a bridge to having as i but the thing was that i knew that i could probably hit up somebody get a pill regulation it away and to me i thought that's a fuckin cowards well that's not the way to do it because going through this shit mean some it's something that i need to do took to be a stronger better more well adjusted man i need to go through this and deal with it because dealing with it is how you make yourself better in the future so you know you go call instead of getting the vacuum flew instead of getting vaccinated scenario buying those adapt to it so you go to depression
have you know some solve it or i get depressed again and i am not saying that there are people out there that that whose chemical balances for whatever reason have gotten all twisted up and they really do need help that's the real issue is when i knew that the but for me i could tell that wasn't the case for an analysis vulcan are broken that's what it was and it was not a few poor jasper our swedish inside your killer this as you know in a fighter again by the massive thea the idea is that you know it's not either or i think i think that's what design yeah he's too very funny but i don't think you can ever be together i can't get over the fact that he likes guns its creeping although scary somebody a smart is him shouldn't need a gun to fill it man be may lose the gun just shoot loads and her aunts
asked now hide my guns in a hole in the back yard and pretending that kind of propaganda is locked up it's like you know i've i've i own quite a few firearms and most but for the collection of it like i'm a nurse you know and that's the people than in inhabit all those those evil gun shows fat baldi socio awkward there's nerds nerds nerds nerds people the by all the assault weapons that everyone wants to go on about all these crazy solemn though he's crazy capabilities gunners nerds that's it that's who buys ease thanks to the only people who can afford them or rather interest to have a well that's not true because there is always crazy he's such a huge the small amount of crazy people that europe there is a small about that people really don't understand when it comes to the numbers of guns it's like there's like appears morgan i thought he was go on this crazy rant about how you know america as a love affair with guns liquids
look it's it's ordain out our guns is doing what the other what people first of all you got to think about how many people are not doing it because there are so many armed motherfuckers in this country it's amazing crediting ironing like gonna walk around pulling on some piecing when you get on the highway any see a traffic accident it's amazing how few you find they are there are millions of cars flying going sixty seventy miles an hour all around each other at our future and they aren't hidden each other i mean what what we have to realise is that when you're dealing with a society a complex society like what we have now mary how complex credible numbers the number of p but is absolutely stanley you know i read something recently like america itself is like the only example of some we cultures and raises mixing how does he like you got a european as for the most part almost all countries are pretty much homogeneous right with a few exceptions of feed
ex brats and people from about in general like in america we said you know i know everybody of any kind of any religion of any faith of any creative any color bring him altogether and to take all these different cultures and some quite different you know when you say from a real culture too in a book before becoming an american say early stages of american how even vast irish could be from italian and how their brought up and on their upbringing so mean fuck me as so many different yet we managed to put together this country that has survived you know have remained hundred so years it has and has done so pretty amazing things yeah without us trying to all murder each other all the time i think there's some issues that we definitely have to be addressed one of them is this antidepressant thing and i am not saying that people should not be ike as i know people have been on it and its help them and change their life and saved your life you sure but maybe you should know fucking gun when you're on it because it seems like
lotta people that around these things and take guns that's what my powers that that's not listed as one of the things about next but probably not because of i'm suitable industries that and you know under the guise of the hope you know patient confidence already now they say in the end the satirist that you know they can make an you're you cannot have a again a fear of honor indictment fur crime punishable by imprisonment exceeding when you're all these different things illegal aliens agitated now here's the one it's even similar to being on a presence in all this is who has meant agitated as a mental defective or has been committed to any mental institution ok that's without arousing commit you right and so you know by under them probably the laws of medical confidence therefore it's like oh we can't just tell people this guy's i'll jacked up on my four four different antidepressants weak just say or will you can have a firearm based on that alone or i think yeah actually probably sure if it was really to be honest my
one thing is i wish that there was a way we had a licensing system to get your firearms like you have to get a car like you have to prove you you have to take up like tat you have to prove competency after prove understanding of both the mechanics of the fireman self how it operates how to take it apart how to understand tat care about how to operate it i agree allotted safely and then then then once you ve passed such certain amount of testing then you can be given a card and then you me you know go out there and by a farmer i really think that absolute one hours but i also believe that that we as a populist or so irresponsible even more so with our motor vehicles that it's not funny that though how easy it is to get behind the wheel of a four thousand pound car i go out there and kill each other is ridiculous and its way too easily available to anyone and people love is the hot button topics and it's easy to get people fire of about something has gone you don't need those but we need cars
great life seen people say you know if you want to fuck did another you know you will you go you gotta go hunting gonna fuckin hobby have actually seen people right now that's the answer i've seen people say i wish that the animals were arm to what you were saying all about licensing anything that all this all well and good but here's the problem that kid it was not it's fucking now he went his art is male many girls it's illegal use of the guns which is also the case with the kids and columbine rightly illegal but you know right they murders anthony install them yes so you're always gonna have that problem if those guns examined also potentially let's say that mother had gone through all that training and in an additive in doing so locked her guns up well you know i didn't do now you go and really far you trying to make someone responsible parent whilst of course right by them saying as i e when when people are forced to do something through responsible means to actually acquire the improve himself came
full of owning the opportunity to be responsible like that and trust me in on me talking about having government which i already think is incredibly irresponsible and those things for its own reasons create more mina licensing you know i mean there's always a concern like ok we'll need just decide that nobody can ever pass and therefore no one can ever have why there's some the regulatory bodies and do their job at a passion lay offers france insufficient game fish and game does a pretty fuckin good job and spent the money he's all from hunting tags and you know that that's what pays for conservation ever as well people stand that fish and game does a very good job of managing the wildlife ice europe is one of the most efficient like them and how the hunting tags or even read ray relegated out there to the populace is because they ve they ve studied the herds that room and all these different animals and have had it been getting sick or how healthy they are how many infancy vat and all this and they calculate
many tags they can allow to give out and others even for doze okay well you have to go to a lottery to get a dough tag to go ahead and be able to hunt dough and so that's kind of that whole figure is come up by by being on top of what's going on with the animals yes knowledge is based on people who are actually they are concerned about the environment right and not trying to get no one's gonna rich offer that is our passion hunters they want to conserve the environment anders love the environment and of some of the most environmentally responsible and an important organization in the world are full of basically hunter and there's a problem that people donors than when you you advocate against hunting is that while if you are not the top of the food chain that you'd better bring somebody and he's gonna do the dirty work because if you don't you gotta have all these pray animals can be running ramp and all over the place you have to do something because there's none of food and the idea that if you don't them they're just gonna be ok and peace
and live with us your crazy they're gonna slamming cars they gonna die of starvation and you're gonna have a predator population increase where's our responsibility as human beings on this planet and our involvement in this planets ecosystem to manage that we have to we have to work on managing and that's the thing but i mean but i think they should be more difficult to get a car i really bio grameen it's like lagree is seventy we think of it as a right seventy six thousand people were involved and fatal crash is now i didn't die but that seventy six thousand fucking people that how many of those who have been solved by not having irresponsible bullshit is in no way should be a lot more difficult behind the wheel and i want that kind responsibility i would love to see that the first summit when a firearm and then even besides that if you'll etsy take all the guns away if we have people that are doped up or i can crazier whatever and they're gonna say so the batman guy just walk in a theater with an ax any fuckin nailed three people he just three people died for no fuckin good reason rather the ideas is not thirty three
he doesn't have guns is not real rights that way and i'm not gonna give any examples because i'm not asshole like a lot of the media well where they'll sit there and say what a guess what this is how you made x y see your how you do this and give fucking information on their people so they go on some other wacko can do it but look i could sit here with you in private and tell you at least three different ways i probably go to kill everybody if yeah now in this way it would be and the problem is think about it and the thing is why we have to solve the problem of of our populous murdering the rest ok but you and it's a rarity in its a total rare thing as it is like a few added up all the people that out of how many we haven't on in america versus how many are you know something under its still i mean interest pierce statistics game we're not it's not like still a fucking super rare thing i'm sure there's a statistic person i can tell you the likelihood of you actually being involved in a shooting at all in any way
in amerika so let it boil ok let's get out of there is growing at a couple minutes left for china to a pumpkin three three hours were useless what what is the best and then i mean if it arming schools noted arming are definitely not that nothing it's an armed guard and for all that shit than other countries from happening i had us i went along garden our school i guys i think there should at this point and i don't think there's anything wrong with an armchair now we had armed and armed police officer we had an officer on our school and at my pretty nearly score we don't have shooting y know i guess we did have a shoe and got shot the face eventide by some little aging answer kid woe but and i waited a girl gunshot raised but you know and that was fuckin super tragic and the key to all that also is that she hang around all these bad fuckin do in these bad news we're doing bad shit and in units like if you as i like that damages to shoot anybody right
the iranians come to shoot her specifically in its dislike it and then why do these kids want to live this lifestyle whether run around should each other anyways eminences laptop tyrants radio lag isn t live education every now and then and ends up in this girl getting shot and stuff so pointless what we have in our solution if you that and our aim rhetoric about putting garden and i in front of all these fuckin schools like that doesn't change the problem would if we took all the guards at work or for the d have them guard the schools kill two birds are more frequent if we just put one of em in every school so you and maybe these people could not only this being the score stand around the garment maybe they could also be an influence on people as far as i just being i hey guess what i'm here to defer you but i'm doing it as an upright fuckin citizen and this is why it's important what
would be like a volunteer sort of a militia type thing is i would mean the southern like that world doesn't like that but even if it was regulated i'm cool with that i'm just saying that do one further my mind my point where i'm getting to this is that it's not just the having an armed guard here's the thing that that helps change this from from people just blindly shooting each other in whatever community we are having a fucking community anymore no one's responsible when i say responsible there not just once but you don't just responsible for yourself in a community you keep an eye on you got some crazy fuck and psycho kid keep an eye let other people know like hey by the way too these acts really fucking weird right now and we need to be aware that what are they you know now carried out work everybody just my mom's house nowadays that's that's my example they just want hand to come over wash all laundered you everything they don't want to see or be a part of the process and made all that happened anymore think that in a random sort of a big broad way community is definitely the answer i
that what's going on now what we're talking about with internet trolls and in our people getting expose realizing the anonymity slowly slipping away i think ultimate that's going to lead to a bigger sense of community because we're gonna have repercussions for our actions dogs are gonna have access to each other in a way that i don't think we ve never had before i'm hoping that this is a stage of humanity i think we are really involved in some sort of a morph metamorphosis a growing in development because of this technology and because of this sort of connection that people share with people and i don't want to be highly live in society and i don't want you know overstated but i the feeling that i get from people to benefit from the show on the internet of things it people benefit from reading things and being exposed to things and lectures and ted talks and shit that they really about actually lead to participate more you know a thing to listen it's another thing to do
no show and staying around back and bubble and never participate there s your community you need to be a party or may need to be to know your fellow man you need to know your fuckin neighbour unita united if you them you're a part of this now of a sudden you not just some random drone that nobody knows are ever know another human being that they interact with other human beings and now you're forming this greater and stronger bond look out for each other yet we have to sort out somehow or another feel a need for that and as an aside as a society figure out how to engineer that that sense of community again and i've been trying to get my friends to move on the same block but none is mother fucker move out to my neighborhood we're gonna have to buy a patch lana do it caught style but i really think that then you know of one to be the best way to live as too like have mostly friends like neighbourhood instead of being in some neighbor who shared with strangers we're just how most of us live or even if we're in a neighborhood fill a strange while we make the time to make them not strange because that counts
what can i do for using right life in a country dog you know get out of my driveway foot phase i just move into a new place and at some point once i get it all put together i want all open house in my own little area like invite all my neighbors combine fuckin shit is in the area of terminating pancakes about not gonna go out there and fuckin wander up and down the streets let you got some good ideas just barnett which need to do is be a fuckin leader you need to go out there like dark josh barnett school for how to be a fuckin man writes a ripple in the water that that be the drop in the water the starts the ripples man it's the best thing anybody can do and start small but it gets bigger and it really does well you starts by example now it's by what you doing just by being you despite haven't character being a fuckin man my third small and gets big like a category i just found out that you are in what my fair videogame beautiful connemara guess i'm the wrestler of euro you can call me up how how'd you get
active miss your second category game too i don't i don't know you know they just fuckin they'd somebody doug me that was into the game and they put me in it and not to mention as a game called no more heroes it was on the weak even by on the ps3 now even and the main character looks like johnny ox will but everything about the dude is based on me other taylor and about the idea of this guy goin out there in fighting the carriage finding some dead assassin on accident grabbing his weapon now he becomes part of the assassins guild and so the thing is he's now number ten so we just start fuckin fighting them all killing i'm just to get the number one undoubtedly play this game what is it this is the way you roll up all the junk and made there's big giant ball of the arab you're one the character i'm one of the characters you can you can see roll up into this big ballot for conciliation
every game of all times it's weird that you're in it a powerful added incentive we have used the phrase amused way simplify that's one of the more complex aspects of his life our full josh barnett thank you very much for join us brother always a pleasure anytime you want to come on again and taught me i don't think we really got to the bottom of this because i don't think i can but another what's your insight especially as an intelligent guy and a euro you're allowed to fuckin enjoy fighting and guns and allowed enjoy these things and you're not guy you're not a fuckin a blight on society you're not a criminal you not doing wrong and i think that is to be represented as well because in you don't throw out the baby with the bathwater ladies gentlemen to free domain ray ok it's not safe enough cliches it's it's does there's a guy and the problem is just part of the prize us people with a problem of god bless you whatever that means jihad allah asshole i'm alive
what else can i say that's nice josh area lorgnette josh yes praise odin isn't german praise odin josh l barnett on twitter that's be a r and d to tease no age fuck this didn t you have undoubtedly an power causing barnett here my bow god you imagine with that for our neighbour that's too many letters i don't fuckin manly man like you you don't need a many letters something touches josh i know about that and unknown josh's tougher than you the toughest you maybe the toughest shot from the planet are us joshua out there i think you bite it it's really safe to say which is due to prague castle the toughest joshua on the planet earth about as i can given the fact that on a bell buckled that's my tree what the fuck that you two elements
you two reference moment i found in about two joshua tree you oh my god you're fucking weirdo go to the doctor please go to the doktor my special is available joe rogan dot net five boxy dirty fuck last night in the great great great i love how great it was fun like the hd it's fucking hard core we used the same guys positive image at about the one that yeah you there right now with larry you rest rest in the special i doubt if i bring our name right wasn't really dig it out merely i gotta go that guy don't go fuck and rape i was due to brag lester rape joke and brought in just born it just because he was there is in the audience it's called out he's participating called add living ladies and gentlemen i add flavour to the stew based on the circumstances but it's over
but joe rogan dot natalie mice gathered it's fucking hilarious i was in stitches i would die in all time together that's not alive everything about the seller is i do what i can try my best later germany usually have somebody get molecules loving you know that death now thought good i'm happy people in the band dude johnny davy from job for a cowboy if i can hear me on this day he came up to me that at least at the shows like to raise her yonah on past i ha broke in the area fuck you i owe you listen that my boy rob dukes of exodus huge panniers fuck you come on the show powerful death mental wellbeing in heaven and you will check out josh barnett in the last few months because it will be history that will be the very last fight in the history of these trading thor's organization it is
over after that it's what is a genuine one january twelve oklahoma city chaz i'm on show tyner gi arena in oklahoma city any will fight nan door guilty air mo girl yellow mina earl of me no girl gets a typo horses i spell gee you ve l em i and oh yes you should not more bout me no no that's it judgment of innovative small and pay the fuckin man do thanks are coming on it was very enjoyable conversation and you got a lot of interesting points but a lot of good shit man and it's good to have it like you out there man represents people also beat the fuck area thanks to who dot com for sponsoring our upon task go to rogan darting dot com and you'll see self fifty bucks off any of their crafty android phones like the gods three or the samsung note to too that a shit it's like a fucking tablet i get i get fuckin
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does that they have no one's ever been able do that's amazing thing about dos santos pillar are so afraid of fighting among the feet now probably just like we talk about the croak on you know theater was going to take him down if you won't get in his face and sluggish them out and juniors guy great feat which is tough but kane can do came had enough if he if he's smart enough and an end if you get the right meant mindset he can put equal jean on his back and once it starts it'll look it can can you can keep doing right you can't you get that timing down on us any you pick up on that that shoulder movement for their job comes and you a guy you overhand right and start rights then you go right now to take our you you pull him for some strikes and then he thinks exchange balmy get him on his back i think another interesting aspect of kick could be of cane can take him into the fourth and fifth round his teens known for his legendary cardio he ink and he's still not gonna be successful unless he gets that take down that timing down doesn't get that timing down no a
powerful words from josh barnett ladies and gentlemen that it be that you have see this week in the twenty ninth of december which would be going on in m gm fucks painful ask is junior dos santos dos and i'll be happening live on paper view all we will be back on wednesday something make miss mary i wandered on this happy hanukkah and whatever time goofy shit you philosophy we love you and i was that the world is an end our thanks for coming to the end of the world shows for consent ethic power in the gray it's my life thanks to honey honey judea ducks dan hope it was it was an epoch evening we just get started vetches will
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