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Matt Vengrin, Brian Redban – Date: 12/26/2012
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what was that we are live ladies and gentlemen but you knew that you can hear us we need to come up with a better way to start these fucking things you have to have like we've your live i think that's like tm shit would have to pay buffer like some serious cash we did backwards live we are then we would have oh yoda money we're fucked if we d'oh fucked if we don't the joe rogan experience podcast is brought you by kerosene games kerosene games is one of our newest sponsors and one of things things me mean brian sort of committed to and we started podcast was to make sure that we didn't never get advertised by anybody that we don't believe in you know just don't don't just take someone's money if you think the product is dog shit or if you would never use it yourself and so this so when we add somebody like kerosene games it's it's kind of a big deal for us they just seem like a real
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or something and then then it just started it seriously got so hot that i found it and i think oh no that's there's a fire starting in there i turned it off yeah that's the kind of an interesting thought like you're not is to blend everything right now i i don't think like maybe i pads are in a great idea they blame the iphone's you seen those yeah i was blendtec ads i mean they turn iphone into dust how can we can do that but it can't do coffee that's i don't know it smelled up the whole house not in a good coffee minimum had to be a friction thing yeah so like the the five kids the blades go so fast the the the beans smoke yeah right if you going to start a fire in your cave men and had a blendtec blender that's what you do it's all for celery though i'll tell you that fucks celery up salary and kayla cucumbers because there's water in it shit up yeah exactly this weird it's really what it is is like a ridiculously powered blender i mean it's ridiculous
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the music for this gets ugly the joe rogan experience are you okay bro strange feeling in the room was german i don't know what the fuck is going but i do know that matt how do i pronounce it ven ven grin that's very very yes right yes that's it's a tricky one props to you for not changing it thank you i people have bailed it's been pronounced wrong many times yeah it's funny like parents from other like really countries with very unusual last names like sports and egger the amount of pressure they must have changed her name into something that the american people can pronounce a sloppy asp is i would say so the worst is virgin
heard version many times and sold when when you were a virgin was that painful it felt bad that is a professional poker player and your friend of our friend aubrey's and alpha brain enthusiasts i guess you apparently he said that you help like fighters sometimes with their mental game planning yes i have two fighters right now martin and conley that i've worked with so i basically focus on getting them present mentally before their fights 'cause poker sorry go ahead yeah no please go basically like ninety five percent mental so i've found ways to prepare myself and you know i think with mma because it's pure competition and if you're not there mentally you know it doesn't matter how good you are you get caught really easy if you're not paying attention yeah that's subtle aspect to to fighting that i think a lot of people aren't aware of the the fact that a guy
and look exactly the same and be moving up but he could have lapses there's mental lapses that happen in some guys those men lapses sort of define their careers because they have a lot of talent but for whatever reason they can never put it together hello yeah i mean if you get caught with one you know submission just one second off you could you could be out you know you could be tapping and this the same thing with focus wives aside the both were kind of correlate and i wanted to do something new and different that hasn't really been done how did you get brought in on this on which the coaching yeah you know one day i was i actually was watching martin fight and i saw a lapse in his eyes where he was kind looking one way and then he was was kind of laksa days ago for a minute and it got put away was i was like which after paul thiago i it was yeah the after apology had a it was one of his first loss out of his three that he had three and then you had two wins you you which one
i don't really remember saying i'll look it okay yeah well anyway yeah i saw him kind of like get out of out of the moment i saw i can see in people's eyes usually is playing poker you can kind of see that and so i contacted him on facebook and we just met about three months later and i said hey i want to do this i've never done it you know would you like to be the first and he said sure that's interesting now when you brought up that you saw that to him did he resist it did the did agree with you like what you know because a lot of times this is a student it's a heart issue for fighters they're very emotionally attached to their work and so if you'll say like hey man and you know you got this you got to be careful with the way you keep your chin like you're going to get hit like you have to do something about yeah and if you if you say that like they'll get angry you and it's almost like they want to keep your chin up to show that you're wrong let's just there you go it is a weird thing though yeah with with fires it is so when you a guy who is national poker player up and non fighter goes you know as
far as to say that you saw the actual moment where a guy like martin kampmann who's a fucking professional killer is you know what i'm saying the market was about my the fund is so for you to like bring that up and for him to accept it first of all it shows that he's a smart dude absolutely he's you know he's a very you know aware guy and that's why so good he's been very open he he's able to step outside himself and and learn things that you know that most people wouldn't consider learning and i think that's really important for growth in our as a fighter or you know mentally whatever you want to call it when he got caught by johnny hendricks in his last fight but you know what man that first of all that guy could catch anybody like that we didn't work together his last fight we worked for really in his three win streak we work together we actually kind of had a disagreement on pricing so we didn't work together the last fight dude that's a terrible thing to happen yeah wow you guys have a disagreement over money
yeah shouldn't say that yeah we shouldn't talk about what it actually it was just the disagree not a fair to mister campament but that sucks any sexual tension no martin's a stud what can i say just gives in gives into the feeling i just let it go and stop cam and i'm a big fan of the dude yeah i love that fight with with some thiago silva where he was you know this is losing the fight and thiago she said take down the kits at nasty gal teen locks it in that's one thing about campament he's got a kid yeah he is very very tough just very tough and people sleep on his technique like his jiu jitsu is nasty as you do is just as good as his his striking under rated yeah and he was wrestling soon he has reached take down diaz is excellent the like like when he fought the dude out of a
militants camp camp i'm blanking on his name real quick i'll find it in a second but that dude some serious serious knockout power and he took him down it submitted him this is but german factories this is back and he's fighting at one hundred and eighty five drew mcfedries can bank scary power he's got serious serious power unit for whatever reason never completely put it together had some good winds but never completely could put it together but can't make caught him in an arm triangle put him to sleep and allison camping was fighting at one hundred and eighty five you know he's not even a big seventy nine is not it doesn't cut much now i mean you can tell i mean those guys like the really big guys that that get down to one seventeen you stand next to really want to yeah it's like how do you me and my damien myers gigant i that guys really big yes it doesn't even look like the same weight class sometimes i'm just like whoa what's going on here yeah thiago alvez
oh my god he is a the brick shit house you know and the dude gay all the way down to one hundred and seventy like wow is a couple of those t guys there's a guy named glazing grayson tibau here's another one i am not kidding you ladies and gentlemen he looks like he weighs two hundred pounds and he's fighting at one hundred and fifty five he's so fucking big he i mean he might get his high is like one hundred and eighty come fight time you know and then when you're one hundred and eighty in your swollen up with blood like when you know you're pumped because you're in like a brutal fight and you look at him sometimes you know how the fuck is that one hundred and fifty five how is that even possible it's mind boggling to me at least
yeah that's a weird aspect of the sport of them in may did you uh mentally coach him on that as well like the way cutting no no i hardly cuts no see you were talking earlier about you know it's hard to tell a fire you know that as a killer what to do but i try to separate the two completely because i'm a big animate found watch like every u of c four dot four years and i can't like as much as i want to chime in about technique or whatever i know that you know that's just not my field expert right exactly so right i try to keep it separate you know you you're just concentrating on them having a winning mindset is that what it is i want them to get a meeting with everything on their mind i want to get off their mind i want them to just deal with anything they might be thinking about whether it be what's my next i want i want them to stay present i don't want them to think too much about the past or the future i want them be right there for that and that's the only thing that matters that's my goal
and how do you how do you address like there what they normally think about like when sometimes like big when i've always seen with fighters one of the war his girlfriend problems when fighters have different problems man when shit goes bad like that and that can signify it like a huge skid in their career sure well you know both the fighters are happily married so that's not an issue for me but how i would probably talk you know it it's hard to get the off your head you can feel like that's taking over you know when you break up with someone she feels like you can't get away from that you know and most times just 'cause you never faced that you never really faced it down you kind of just push it aside and put in the back of your mind but the way the way to really do is just address it you know go back to exactly what happened and just deal with it you know as a man in new pussy yeah it's also very you cannot try to like you know what going to get my own shit together stop go get laid what you crazy ok i'm not
go fall in love but could get your freak on best medison ever yeah with someone who would also like to get their freak on with you i'm usually better that needs to be recognized that is mutually beneficial and that's the only reason why it's any good we don't stand their point of view and they don't understand are part of you that's true and just like medicine pussy you can die from if you take it with the wrong things yes you definitely and or just ruin your life and wish you were dead yeah that's sometimes worse sometimes worse but sometimes pussies worse than suicide how about that is like the red dye in the jelly beans yeah we all know that one dude who just can't keep it together when it comes to girls you know the guys a little chicks dominate their life and yell at them and tell him what to do and it's a it's a spooky thing when you see that kind of shit well it becomes really real for them right i mean like i try to think of is like it's not that serious really in the scheme of
things is not really that serious it is to them in that moment that moment it is we have separation anxiety and it's just as bad of course for women that are involved with crazy fucked up men to that are trying to dominate your life probably even more worse because it's scary physically like the threat of physical this is much more prevalent especially if they try to tell you what to do with your life and their life is kind of in shambles like a lot of people want to give advice you know when they when they don't have their shit together so this is hilarious but this is related on twitter today some dude sent me some th being on twitter like some do she comment about how i you know i need to behave and so i was like you know that i need to like take a dose my own medison or something like that one of you know one of those sort of things so i go and look at his twitter profile real quick and his last tweet was about how he was depressed coming off of a coke binge and and i
like do you think that like you should be giving advice to someone about yeah how they should think like where thirty seconds ago you were talking about coming off a coping come off your cocaine first yeah maybe you can say something that doesn't seem like the type of person should be given out advice i found out that liquid co you know how the liquid coke you i think that there they're also using it because girls could put it in them and squirting their pussies before sex and their butt holes and it numbs it down so you can just go to town on it yeah if you put it in your dick hole it feels like you have the biggest dick hole in the whole entire world like the whole is just going to slide out like a hot dog terrible just gave people an idea is it could you um allegedly did you imagine she getting so fucked up with regular sex you want to shoot coke in your dick
like yes just regular sex just not do it for me anymore men but i found that like tubes up my ass the hardest part is getting that first part like stretching your whole it like to fit the whole nose thing of the nose spray is that what you would use your nose nasal spray nasal spray and i guess it's saline solution so it's used for your eyes so your dick cries all the time so it's fine but then eventually their pussy and asshole is going to stop being numb and then going to be in a horrible pain they probably have infections and shit that's all we think about what we're doing it but like she can even feel this will joey diaz says it just cleans it right out children first of all joey diaz is not even a human so what do you say the laws the laws that of normal humans just think about what joe is done an here has fine healthy still alive and made a baby recently now stop and think about the average human being if they had to go through joey diaz is life if you had to go through joey diaz is life and take all the drugs that he took find yourself in all the situations you find good luck reaching fifth
good luck reaching where joey is you can't so he's not even human not if you gave joey diaz is live to one hundred people ninety nine would be dead that's a fact what if joe diaz was a robot when he goes home his whole body opens up into smaller little jewish guy comes out but hey i was going i got a baby working that's why his stomach so hard because his stomach is like a knee touched joey stop it's not like a there's some digital x the league give india you know you're talking with the really big they just giving you joy as you run enormous like phone are you saying it feels like you're sitting on a really hard rock i'm saying if he's on one side of the plan you should sit on the other the balance that bitch out that's what i'm saying that's what i'm saying okay
show is a solid dude he's not just not just fat he's a solid guy and his his head is gigantic with a a problem you try to lose some weight that's a weird thing with dudes like my friend justin giant dude and i looked at the size of his head like that is also a giant head like that was on and norm person's body body like like when you get like really big if you get like you know certain dudes they get like incredibly obese their everything grows and then when they bring their body in when they lose the way it looks very strange it's like what's going on like why is his head so big is it good i'm used to this giant bonnie and it's just unusual for me or what is what's going on here that's sad thing though when you see someone who's lost their marbles so bad they eat themselves into oblivion you know when you when you
about like people that get stuck in trailers and they had to cut a hole through the wall to pull their couch on and they like embedded into the couch it's fucked to know that people can go that far off the rails do you ever watch doctor oz i've watched it before what do you think about him he's not that bad right he's pretty interesting he seems like he's a pretty legit it's like a nice guy it doesn't seem like he's a bad guy as long as they're not like super judgmental and like tough guy like doctor phil liz on occasion you know i don't i don't like that attitude if you if you really want to help people's you need to get your act together and that that's not how you help people stupid you know that's nonsense you doing berating them on television but he doesn't seem like that kind of a doctor so yeah he's a medical doctor to actual real doctor i was i was just watching doctor who
i've never seen it before it got really baked and he has this thing like you know everyone three out of four people are super tired and there it's because they don't have enough of this in medicine or nutrient or whatever the fuck it is and they brought these three women this woman he said i can fix all your shit we using this one thing that you have to take everyday multiple times a day and they're like well it's because i have four kids have to wake up every morning at six do this do this and this and this a vitamin it's magnesium and end and the on it to get on top and magnesium because he said the thing is is that they they don't have it in daily multivitamins because it you be so big of a pill 'cause you have to take it all day long to get out of food and there's like certain food bananas spinach kenoi and all that stuff that has high amount of it in it but if you don't have any of that year just running on empty in your body has to like freak out and then we get irritable that's when you're just like like tired and fatigue all the time in it
if there's a way to have magnesium everyday easy but it seems like that's a big thing yeah i take it at night i take zma that's the stuff that that victor conte got also says is a natural faster on booster one of the most effective ones i take that every night i take it every night too and he sent me a case thank you i didn't tell you last night so i'm lying i can't say every night and it's great if you're sick forget and it's great if you're sick and see some of that yeah you may have you know tryptophan or we're not trippin met some some elstree defend is is that it's possible that you have that in there you know everybody makes their own little nutritional supplements sort of concoctions but um yeah zinc is also that's ah it's like it's a healthy mineral you know it's like your body should have it anyway and we should there's a lot of shit that we should takedown that we don't take most people just like barely get the amount of required daily vitamins in their diet and most people are not taking vitamin supplements
and most people not eating that much vegetables either like menu or rolling the fucking dice with your body you know you got give your body nutrients if you don't give your body nutrients it just fucking misfires and why intelligent people neglect that to me it drives me nuts be you can do both you've seen eat i eat shit i'll eat shit i'll eat cheeseburgers i'll go off also supplement the fuck out of everything and make sure i'm always taking vitamins and for the most part when i'm not eating a fucking pastrami sandwich i will like really healthy so i allow myself these like french fry being jizz and shit but for the part of meeting really healthy
if you really stone watching dr oz you're like okay this woman says she eats healthy as heck she has the greatest diet ever she's just tired all the time and the other girl was like no i have fifteen kids i'm i eat normal like i i i probably haven't haven't make needs print i mean these i'm not like a twenty five year old crack addict you know right and and and he just like blew it off like all right see magnesium what's the secret and then he moves on to this next because he's like i can't poop i i i tried everything i try yogurts i tried fruit and like that he goes well you know we try live culture yogurt and raspberries and she's just like i just said i've tried yogurt and fruits and stuff like that and then it was just like move on doctor who's going to doctoroz dot com and he's just a bunch of little fails like he is good advice but the shows is a bunch of little fails over and over again i highly recommend watching doctor oz super stone it's so wow nice i wonder if it's like collection of doctor oz's fails that are online that sounds and it's not like half the time is the people even say anything you can just tell by their faces there like i just told you fruit
you know i think i got something wrong they could be something really wrong with you when there's some people they have to do poop transplants have you heard of this where you take my people put it in your butt yeah wait wait well yes yes back and forth i'm not joking i wonder whether they do it between family members that's a really interesting question but but it is true really is true they need to fecal transplants what do they think of next fucking saves people's lives man really yeah science is a motherfucker isn't it he's coming up with some incredible shit that just makes you go how did this even happen well i always find interesting to look back and be like oh well twenty years ago or whatever long time ago lobotomys were considered normal right how it changes how science changes like or bad yeah that's not good
i really do that anymore well i would like to think that we're way past that i would like to do we were way past the in the lobotomy stage i would like to think that the pretty much know exactly what does as far as like what the negative health benefit or you know repercussions are but then you the pharmaceutical drugs and out that's not really the case see like every week some new thing it's fucking yanked off the shelves recalls to do a lot of good though too i mean there's a lot of people that are alive because of pharmaceutical drugs there's a lot of people that they you know have illnesses and they literally keeps them alive i had back surgery couple years ago and the pain pills however amazingly i had both shit no after
i i healed up i got often but like before that yeah yeah yeah yeah actually i think no i try to get off of his will happen i i i tried to quit cold turkey am i got physically ill like my whole body just felt like i want to die and i was like booths i was like i better wean myself off instead so i just said like two and one half what specifically were you taking hydrocodone the good ones hydrocodone is the same as oxycontin or also oxycodone is what it's called and maybe it sounds kind of someone i don't know i'm not a doctor yeah those it's an opiate based hope it will be a base yeah but that will mess your butt like i can understand why people get addicted because like i said i try to get off and it just my whole body was like wanting to die felt like so you you get it gets matched yeah basically yeah kind of like you know that spiderman villain was that the black venom right yeah sort of like that like it just kind of
isn't it crazy that they just trust that people are going to have the will power to get through those i mean if there is it not it's crazy it's nuts that they're allowing people to become junkies like literally anything like that they can get a normal look there's there's certain people that could get addicted to almost anything they have it's a mental additionality it's a mental issue but there's a physical addiction is completely different story you're not talking about some weird thing like washing your hands are playing poker you're talking about something crazy where you've gotten your body physically addicted i used to the needs this too for its new system this is the system the system as heroin okay terrace runs on you know it's like you have some business check because a clip who's got a clipboard in her hand she's like leading a tour through your body we started incorporated heroin three years ago without it we die yeah you know so this is where the heroine comes and these are holes see this this is call gang greens would happen to be on tend to your holes you get some
hooked on something like that it's so hard for them to stop that's why it's most evil thing in the world to be selling things like that knowing that you don't have to you know knowing that this must be alternatives i understand there's some people that are in intense pain specially little to die you know and maybe it'd be good for that sure but for the most part most people most people don't need it shouldn't give him initiated know most people don't eat it yeah so how did you injure your back it was like a genetic thing basically like out pine pine idol cyst once i had to get it like a twelve inch portion of my back taking out it sucked oh my yeah it's all healed now but it was terrible for like six you were a foot taller than you are now i was actually eight feet in six inches three years enough like a foot shorter yeah they wouldn't let me play in the nba anymore you are so
this is this how you got involved with like like mind over body type shit in the first place because like that whole john sarno type thing was i know this guy or the old the doctor that believes is a mind body connection with back injuries and shit like that have you heard that yes i have now i remember what do you believe i believe that you do i believe it yeah i think i feel like i didn't have much support back then and i think that's what the back is supporting your life you know what i mean so for me it's real i mean i don't know that's how i feel at least so you have this injury you have it repaired yeah and how to take before you were like one hundred percent after that move like five months of basically nothingness i'm asking all these questions questions i i just discovered recently have a bulging disc i have a bulging disc in my back is not bad side sounds hot
it's not really bad like i can still do i can do kickboxing no problem i do all these strength and conditioning exercises no problem my problem only comes when i do jiu jitsu and i get my head yanked on to say that when you're defending from something it's because it's a like the middle of my back and it's also found out that my posture is dogs it most people's r s i'm trying to sit up straight um put you know it's like i sit like this all the time in a panic add an exact same way i feel like i don't like doing this 'cause it feels like i'm just pulling out my boobs all the boys to look sexy yeah especially i'm trying to look less do she not more do shit it makes me look more dishing like sitting straight up like i can be more chill like this but this is like way better for your body that's true but then someone said this is john sarno book and then i should read it so i shouldn't really shouldn't comment common i i read it but but not
and pain like all the time it's a weird thing to try to describe to people because it's like saying well it only hurts when i do digit sir did you say don't do do you just i know exactly you're saying but don't do jiu jitsu is not really that much of an option for me it's getting annoying gonna have been able to do it regularly for the past five months while this thing's been healing up so i'm trying all sorts of different ways but i i know it's a real injury like that's the weird thing like when someone says it's like you know it's in your mind man well may manifest design yeah i think it's like a may manifest itself if you're thinking about or you have issues in the area but who knows i mean that's really not as though because yeah manifests itself defending a triangle i was trying to tapped me and i'm trying to get out and i'm using my back that's true yeah that's what it where it man arrested it's alright alright i don't i just i'm not like being fancy that suffered sarno fans would jump in right now go kuma moon you're not ever given focus chance you said you didn't i will read the book and i will read book with a one hundred percent open mind but
can't tell me that that injury happened because of my mind or that there's pain because my mind because i'm not really like a weirdo and i'm not buying that shit all right i don't have this like self hating thing going on i don't have any tension as far as my life goes that i'm carrying in my back no i tried to get out of something and i hurt my back sure like this like tissue and it tears so that's what like scientists go fucking bananas and a lot of medical doctors that replaced disks they go bananas when they hear this shit like listen bitch you got bone on bone you don't have a disc anymore you're gonna be in pain period like no matter what this guy says in his wacky book if you have like a really physical injury yeah back injuries are tricky man they're the worst i think this is like what he would be saying and i'm not saying he's wrong in saying this but what he would be saying by saying that somehow i know that you control where you're injured and control like where you feel pain because of your emotional state where basically saying is that your
creating your life in your own imagination and your body is just one physical manifestation of you creating your own life which i'm not i'm not willing to argue with it may be very well the case if you want to carry the logic of thinking that your mind controls pain an actual injuries aren't real or are created by your own mind when you i carry that all the way bitch you gotta take that all the way and say the universe is something you're creating in your own mind because you're talking about physical reality being manifested by the imagination and your intent okay just because your body doesn't mean it's any less crazy voodoo talk that's still crazy voodoo talk and i'm not saying it's wrong but i'm saying if you believe that you really should take it to the utmost and say we're living in a fucking dream okay is your imagination how fast it in some sort of a representation of a true form but there is no true form behind it we're getting deep
but that's the only way you're going tell me that your emotions and your your your mind is why you have a back pain like maybe you get hit by a car bitch you know that's all possible to like like this idea that this fizzy manifestation is because of your intent and because of your mind because of your emotions that is even at all possible then you got to take that all the way that means your physical intent is probably controlling everything probably just controlling your body is probably controlling your environment as well if it's control your environment how much of it is everything outside of it is real it's a good question it's a great question i mean i put this on on line and a lot of people gave me a lot of really good advice so i want to thank them specially dudes on the underground give me a lot of six martial arts are calms the underground form they gave me a lot of great advice
on how to rehab and pallotti seems to come up a lot yoga seems to come up a lot in her book seems come up a cz well so i'm gonna check it out travolta back rubs travolta back rubs fucking uncomfortable because you never know what is dicks coming out you know if you would travolta would say hey let me rub you this which is what his move was do you know that there was one of the moves that he would do in the guy's wasn't yeah aficionado of travolta back rub lore not that i'm here in the guy and i see listen man you know what the fuck you were getting into if you're a professional background guy and you guys don't have like a website or something we can go and tell about which guys want to get jerked off okay if you don't have that by now and you and travolta's becoming you for twenty years that's on you okay you guys need to either ext at the job you know what he wants he wants you to jerk him off that she's trying to hurt you start pulp fiction jerk him off just jerk him off i didn't talk about my back rub i had the other day you shouldn't talk about i to talk about that
no that's awesome the one that was in a san diego yeah things can get close down yeah the one in san diego right in the border don't tell a story a story the story we can be careful but talk about illegal as this page hey and it it's it's made up on making all these different we have to say that every store we tell the lead from now on allegedly i know well if i say let's do it it's kind of cool shut the up okay just stop it right now i no that existed so your rum is who you work with right now look for his work on my own just calmly and i talk i'm talking martin a little bit now and when you started working with martin he was the first first got yeah i i just said hey you know i've never done this before i kind of want to experiment on somebody what made you want to like reach out to a fighter and devise a
why i love a number one it's like the purest form of competition there is i think right now so that's why i love it because i'm very competitive i grew up playing games and you know video games and poker is obviously a perfect choice for my lifestyle now but i don't know i just felt like doing something different man you know just just find something new creating something out of nothing so in my campus just like fuck at me like what what did you say specifically that really like knocked him on his ass 'cause like i said smart do smart dude tough guy very successful fighter like what did you say to him i told him i saw a champion inside of him and i wanted to be part of bringing it out so i would think you were trying to fuck me wouldn't you say that looks like hanging out with some like him and yeah let me come over and get like back just like back yeah and it doesn't you would just assume this but sex was going on
you know maybe martin kampmann just thought of it as a sparring session like this dude is going to come out trying to get some butt sex i'm gonna light him up fuck it and in the way all glenn he actually got some great advice it could be like in abc after school yeah he thought he was gonna get some free sparring in i told him i was going to talk about that on podcast about about sex yeah that's all of what we were very established and everything was as fiction yeah so don't worry about it martin your secret's safe with us did wake aerial is like i think girl it's got a big area he's boy rather no the only big yeah we will as our girl no this sign porter ricans have you a few few have you ever seen a man with really big aerial always ds yeah oh my god are you kidding this big is your face his area you could wear him as a mask on rob a bank that's cool yeah he's a big boy matson wearing
bike helmet with this aerial is on the sides what's the biggest aerials we've ever seen on a girl there was this one was a sad story that somebody sent me the other day it's this girl that was a playboy or playboy model in the seventies or eighties and she was like super famous very beautiful and she recently died in san francisco like on the street a homeless person and stuff and it just shows her like how she used to look and imagine her life going there in twenty years or whatever it will know it's fucked up somewhere in her life some guy probably if it if not set it at least thought i hope that bitch winds up old at home homeless and living on the street with no one to love are you know what i mean i hope she dies in a car accident oh don't don't answer i wish that to brian yeah yeah this how rude so silly that never should hope no one ever dies ever in a cartoon for the rest of time
it's great show you reptilian skin lady but whatever yeah put did you hear about lindsay lohan is like really pissed off at the scary movie five trailer that just has charlie sheen in it in limited something i don't give a fuck the cat williams katt williams is in this trailer in it makes me wonder if this whole katt williams thing with some brilliant fucking like marketing thing because if you look at it it's it's like a minute really wanna look at it it can't williams in it wanna play it look i'm a big cat williams fan and when i see katt williams get in trouble and all this shit that you know why that drives me nuts because i want to hear some new stand up i think that guys
a brilliant comedian he's one of my favorites so when i see him it it makes me sad like i can't i don't take any joy in watching that guy fall apart check this out if he's falling apart is it but if it's all fake good to see if it's a what do you think because i think he is i don't think i don't think you would ever like two that's his fans of was all fake door open front door front door shower door open no need for that bitch
and stop right now for a second step this movie could give you aids ok you might get aids just watching this trailer i know this is this might be the worst movie ever tell me if you think this is really leonardo dicaprio too of course it is i think it is it starts off so looney tunes and like it doesn't just trailer starts off really shitty then it gets kind of interesting that some of your personal belongings here so i can run up demon residue damon
office is at the bottom of this i was told to resume its track goes in your mouth the other one goes direct okay i'm sorry that one goes in your mouth and the other one goes in your i'd like to me which is a there's always some ballerina won't give up the spot when i was pregnant is jody healing security footage that the old owner low stop this right now this is this is madness this parts the craziest and this is what led okay charlie sheen is in bed with them the licensee listen loans not mad this is getting portrayed as charlie sheen let's let's just say by the way is this by what she had to do to get paid i'm not linsey that lives in this is lindsay lohan isn't charlie sheen as charlie sheen just paid like lynsey's taxes i don't know if you've been following that hold charlie sheen thing so maybe this is pay back shia and they have she has to do this film but they owner
because they originally sit in this scene that they're going to joke is do you working for this stupid fucking movie or something i'm not i'm not working for the olive garden or not working for this movie but then i guess they originally said whisper herbie herbie supposed to be on the tv and they changed it to record court sessions so watch this guy that's advances let's see there's nothing to be scared how far i gotta call you back ok but i guess that was hi come back from worse than this dude oh my god that looks bad horrible charlie sheen is the scariest thing in that clip like these these constant jokes too fucking up i've come back from worse than this like this constant playing off the fact that he's like this consummate cartier who rebounds like
to be like parody scary can't just keep you can't just keep doing that keep talking about being a fuck up with bouncing back like you're going to actually do something now dude that's scariest proof that is scary that's why i'm saying cary williams is in it and that what's scary is that people were willing to make that movie like they say quietly glued it all together and then like bomb this is this is pretty funny in whoever made that movies like geniuses just sitting there going to account in a money andy dick i need you that's pure madness that movie is pure madness that you leave that movie baffled maybe maybe the fuck do i know don't take your opinions for me latest gentleman but uh that that cat williams dude gets a shit together he does have a shit together i hope he explains himself i think he's a fucking hilarious comedian man go back and watch the pimp chronicles it's really
shit man it's fun to watch he was good man he was really good i hope he still is you know i hope you can bounce back i don't know what it is i wouldn't want to guess what is happening to him what happened to him i don't even know about this like shows not showing up on beating people up and shit sounds normal i don't know no fucking dude's hilarious i'll tell you that and i think you got to be a certain amount of crazy to be able to pull off comedy you know especially poor like that joey diaz levels or fuckin katt williams levels or even brian cole levels bryan callen's fucking crazy you know it's fucking awesome and do you ever talk to steven wright ever i was listening to his comedy the other day he is a larious course although alive like way back in the day when he first started making it before i was even a comedian i paid to see him live and i was like eighteen or nineteen years old i went to see him in a concert it was amazing he said
nothing like he was on this on an airplane the other day and you forgot to take a seat belt when he stood up and then he's like it was dragging this f this airplane around the lobby knocking people over with my wings good he had a great joke about working out of fire extinguisher factory couldn't park anywhere near the place just that kind of style yeah he was the guy that there's a movie that was written about or that made about stand up when stand up stood out and he was the guy that really like change the whole face of the boston scene because he got discovered when he got this car they're putting him on television all the time then all sudden everybody else wanted to get discovered too and it sort of changed it from but better just going out and trying to kill just be the funniest people you could too
everybody want to try to get a tv deal so he like sort of by his success unfortunately tanked the entire boss he was the first step in the entire boston comedy scenes slowly degenerating overtime i don't get steven right in my face though like you know how you get louis c k everywhere you go louis c k you know dave tell us but i don't see him at well one of the reasons is he was not nearly as prolific as louis one of the things that's so amazing about louise not just that he's funny but that he's so prolific like louis put a whole new hour every year and he's constantly writing and because of that you're if you're a fan i'm a fan of steven wright but was the last time i saw steven wright special was the last time you know down one of his mp threes this view a very rare 'cause he only has a certain body of work and i'm through with that i've already eaten through it where is it
like louis if you're a fan you're continually refreshed with new stuff like every year you're going to get a whole new hour going to get all these interviews in between so it's like the relationship between the fan in the comedian like it makes sense doesn't make sense this i'm still fans with steven wright our fans up steven right but i haven't heard any shit a long time but if he was like a dude lewis that was like banging it out every year like an hour every year oh yeah you would hear bottom everywhere it's not but he's not hilarious he's awesome it doesn't work then sitcom with steven wright and katt williams they're gay lovers and and perfect because cat wins williams never slap steven wright he's diseases hall and stuff you know probably slap this much steven rosen dental williams smacking your face yeah video of popping at walmart employee eugene what cat said to walmart employee was saying to him that why slap he called in the n word and
that way slapping i don't believe that at all but invite if he might have and if we didn't it's the right thing to say if you want to get out of it yeah that too anyway back to matt go show a little bit random access but hey man i'm enjoying it that's how real conversation is you know we'll conversations are always go the same way do you when you when you started working with martin kampman did you come up with like something that you like wrote down on paper like easily i the ways to address it did you develop like a curriculum like how did you how did you approach it's hard to do that because it's just depends so much on every different person you know it depends on how much time do you want we usually spa i'm like i would say one slash two hour now but i mean like in advance to work with him before a fight oh yeah about two months in two months so do you all through like heavy training you're there yeah i mean i don't go to is jim that much i went to extreme for a couple times just kind of hung out and just so
does body language and stuff like that but mostly it's just on the phone or i'll go over to his house and what kind of and see what's on his mind and you know just try to get it off there and you are did you develop like a course for how do you how you handle this kind of stuff man i'm still so new to this i don't even know what i'm doing sometimes you know so you just have some really good ideas yeah about being able be in the moment yeah the bottom line is just getting them present that's the only thing that i'm concerned it's just getting them to the point where they're not thinking about other acts or whatever is on their mind where they can just be in that cage and all that matters is what's in front of them because if they go move if they like i said we talk about for one second away from them the moment they're gone they could get knocked out you know so what is that like can you now it's like what's what's a good way like say if you got something on your mind that's fucking with you what's a good way to get that out of your mind smoke smoke weed and deal with it smoke weed and deal with it no i mean you know that's a joke but i'm not as funny as you
ok you give it a shot yeah thank you yeah just just to deal with it most people like i said they'll push it aside they'll pretend like it's not there but for some people it's not that easy to just deal with things like i just i mean is there a tool you could give someone you know like that you could they could take away like own let me look at it this way now instead of like maybe a loss loss in the family a loss of a pet or something like that i know for a lot of people that should is like absolutely devastating yeah it's really hard for them to move on right do you what what do you do like if you're dealing with a fighter and he has like an issue whatever this coffin issue loss issue whatever it is how do you get him to like let that shit go you gotta get him to go back to that moment and live it again because they haven't got they're not ok with it one way or another they're just not ok with it so they have to go back and really go through what was going on so so you feel that
a lot of times when people keep things in their mind or distractions it's unresolved issues sorted as absolutely mostly from childhood actually yeah now the address that you say you like when you when you work with the fighter do you dress specific areas of the child i mean how far do you go with that well they it'll come up in conversation you know the one way or another they'll tell me like what the issue is and then we just go deal it i mean it's hard though because a lot of people don't want to do that they don't want to deal with they've been living with it for so long and they're just like you know that's the way it is for them yeah it's like it makes it difficult for them to sort if they let it go like that if the games over they let it go the game's over they don't because they're mostly they're getting something out of it that's the reason why they keep doing it even a traumatic experience or something bad they're getting something out of it whether it be people feeling bad for them or whatever it is for them they'll be getting something out of it until they can like let that go and end that
him and move on just gonna it's like groundhog day over and over again yeah when you meet someone and they have an issue like that and they keep repeating it it's so fucking frustrating yes it's so frustrating i went through it i've gone through it a couple times from my friends with drugs you know and or orono or alcohol you know someone has just got that thing where they little they'll get sober for a couple months and then they fuck up and then it's like like literally like they're stuck in like a any like what are you doing why you in this little track we'll track you know them also yeah i may as you know you can just go that way you can you don't have to yeah this is your crazy let her down and you're talking to yourself what would you tell yourself to do would you tell yourself to keep repeating the same stupid fucking patterns if you went to yourself for advice but that's a weird thing with people so a lot of people were good about giving advice
but their own life they can't follow that yeah no me too sometimes look i'm human it happens with me too you know for sure yeah you know yeah it's it's hard to turn that same you know when you look at other people you can look at him pretty objectively you're not attached to their success or failure you see them for what they are for the most part or what they you know what they represent to you but yourself it's hard to do most people don't want to deal with their own insurance in a later that's why people give us all the time because they don't want to look inward and really work on themselves and it was like a song that where they would on like zoom or one of those little kids shows the most certain person in the whole wide world is you and you hardly even know you remember that i don't i don't remember it either that barely remember i remember that line remember like what was i was like six go is this bitch down about i don't even know me i know manual you don't know you don't project your bullshit on main six years old
fucking know me alright the most important person in the whole wide world is you in your hardly even know you very difficult for people to look at themselves though that's that's one of the hardest things to do straighten out your own issues the thing about fighting is that the stakes are so insanely high that there's even more pressure it's because it's not just a loss like for other person like you say if you like to play basketball the one on one game with a guy and you pretty sure you could beat him but you fuck up some clutch shots and that is know it doesn't feel good he's clown you make it funnier we smoked you in basketball that is so much better than losing a fight the losing of quite the emotional the emotional aspect of it is so devastating to a lot of those guys oh man especially with egos 'cause you know look we all have egos one way or another mostly but with fighting it's like you
losing in front of that many people and you got to go back to the drawing board you know you're not going to get a title shot now for a couple of fights you know martin was right there yeah spell unless you're in a situation where you don't like the guy and you guys have a lot of emotions invested in the fight and then the guy goes out and kills you that gets ugly we can't do this one of the things i teach you can not think about that stuff in again the most known as to if you get a motion invest and you're done yeah that's so important with a lot of things it's important is even with art you know like you gotta you got to be able to let the expression exist outside of you know any of your own bullshit you know to let it just you got it you can't get wrapped up in this motherfukers eyeballing me bitch you really are you going to be the one who shoots first like all that nonsense can't exist in order for you to perform optimally know you can never grow if you are a few to execute the technique in the best way and to not have all this extra baggage attached to your your performance because
people understand is and this is a very important thing your mind and i know this specifically because spent so much time in sensory deprivation tanks this is a really big big big thing in my life is the the the two separate and get a look at what the fuck is really going on with all of your thoughts all of your intentions when you're by yourself with no distractions if you have any distractions so a distraction is an unnecessary element to a situation if there situation and there's all this ego attached with you in this guy fighting that did not need to be there you've you've added you might still be guy but you've added a layer of difficulty to this equation that didn't exist before and you focus resources on it and you only have a certain amount of resources and guess who created that you did
think about the isolation tank is that you really truly understand when your body is separated from any sensory input how much resources are going to that that also affect consciousness because if you have to deal your your mind is managing space as you're moving around like bumping into objects and opening doors and your mind is managing all this as well as communicating with people and you don't feel like you know you're in any way taxed or stressed but when you're in an environment where there's none of that going on the sense deprivation tank being at the same temperatures your skin your floating in there so there's nothing come into your skin your skin you feel like you're flying through the universe you do feel anything you don't see anything it's pitch black you don't hear anything your ears are underwater so there's nothing coming in and everything seems so clear it's like there's no distractions there anymore just your thoughts and then you
looking like yeah what the fuck am i doing like why don't i get out of this relationship why don't i stop drinking why don't i quit smoking cigarettes why do i keep gambling my paycheck away what the fuck in so i'd that environment those answers seem like so obvious yeah it will what you just said is is a way to put it there's so much going on in our lives we don't even take a moment to look inward you know we're either driving somewhere or were eating and talking to somebody or whatever we're doing in them were sleeping you know you never really have that time so being in the beverage textile huge i've tried it a couple of times actually down in venice at the float lab yeah they just just nuts man the dude who runs lab my friend crash and there's there's like there's a community of people all throughout the world that create these sensory deprivation tanks and there's some very good models there's i had somebody that was my first one i enjoyed that thing very much i had a great experience in that tank is very adequate
the level of sophistication and technology that this crazy motherfucker puts in to his shit crashes systems are like one hundred years in the future the amount of filtration that's in them the ozone and nobody no one else is anywhere near what he's doing he put in this jai control panel how to get hard wired into the room where the the tank is the whole thing is cool raise its huge is eight feet high and six feet wide nine feet long yeah i mean it's a gigantic fucking i mean he he makes everything to this so now that the newest versions of the tax they were the experience is still the same he just wants to sure that the water is as pure as it can be the distractions or is minimal there's no light it gets in at all when you when you when you have this experience on a regular basis you're really it makes it puts into perspective why people do certain things
they just keep doing the mama a momentum and impulse like pointed to a dunkin donuts are and get some fucking to horrible fatty foods and stuff your face and you just fill a hole for a second and then like fuck i'm going go to the gym tonight you know and then repeating this pattern but note that you're repeating it with actions that's what's really strange because actions also acquire resources and when you have an issue when you have something that's fucking with your mind allow times you will eat up the resources so that you don't have to deal with it because the pressure of dealing with it is scary to you so you you create this sort of artificial situation by actions that's why meditative time time whether it's just doing sitting down and cuts then you're breathing and just trying to clear your mind or actually doing something or even hiking where it like a lot of people think height thing is like a meditative sort of a breathing thing because you're as you you're moving all you you're completely concentrating on that in your life sort of goes away and the stress of it all sort of goes away is living yeah
you know crash should do you know how he's like he rents them out for hours so he should lick mix massage with float imagine just laying there then having another girl in a bathing suit just give you like a real time massage while in the flotation tank can't we like quotation tank that way that's that's really work that way and when you want to see her you wouldn't want to know what if she looks like gollum when you think you maybe that's one of things to get to pick up line coming yeah i don't think that you would put the tank only eleven inches deep like she can't really he would design it so you can breathe again another planet with gravity is different no design he can breathe underwater like like i have it's like it's a ramp like where it goes up to your when work to see if the right that's silly because of its a ramp they would
you would be sloshing around in there the woman would be would ruin the whole idea of a sensory deprivation yeah unless you're laying on like something like flesh light material all the way in the whole thing is flesh light inside like a blank feels good in your dick but it wouldn't feel so good on your face would be like what the fuck is this rubbery thing on my face flashlight blank you feels good in your dick because your dick is so crazy dicks willing to go into assholes readily wanna grow so i put it in my ass like yeah you know you dixon idiot your dick is essentially rubbing shit walls all over itself your dick is a fool there's a big prince between that like you know and what you're willing to do with your face like most people most respectable people not rub a shit walla wall where all the shit passes by you wouldn't take it and rub it all over your skin but your dick is like yeah oh yeah i love it baby for chris
i got dolphin vr beta often encounter a get swim that the dolphins and hug the dolphins and i know like i'm planning it out already where i'm going to put my head against a dolphin just be like fuck me right now fuck me and see if he can read my mind like have you done that yet talking about maybe done that yet no i haven't done next one with the dolphins at all be traveling any like hacking too little talk about like talking to the dolphins do you have a broken brain like you know me cannot like sat there took acid with dolphins would you try any many experiments it was for us wells gianluigi on lily are you on what is going on did you smoke through no i've been sick for three days i was sick you know for christmas and the day before i think you're still sick go back to the doctor tell the focus in your brain now
listen to what you just said listen to what like an irrational person having a conversation you ever go to the dolphins you but you're going to fuck the shit right now people what are you i'm saying like little when you first hung out with a dog or when you hang out with dogs you will sit there like can you read my mind and like you know like snow i know every experiment with your cats never do anything i don't tend to be doing it okay let's let's be clear you're pretending that your dog might be able to see you and and we'll talk to you like a doctor do little movie i'm not i'm not i don't pretend i don't sit around and go can i read your mind no i don't know why because i read a lot of books on dogs and humans and not once this is ever say anywhere that they can read your fucking mind so i assume that they can't read your mind and then when i watched like zookeeper that that's just bullshit alright
ok that's no i don't sit around and go fucking mister dolphin no i don't i don't do that so you tell me if you had a dolphin aquarium tank inside your bedroom in everyday you look that would let it go now would ask it where it would want to live and they would let it go like if it wasn't crippled often it couldn't move it just sat there and had to stare and look at i would shoot it in the head and the next life would come back as a tuna do they sell retired dolphins for pets that be awesome like you could keep in aquarium 'cause it doesn't want to move it just wants to sit there and rule but we still cool to be alive it would still want to eat like this happen a dolphin in your bedroom would be perfect if you were into that but i suspect you get bored because he probably really stupid in like the middle of the night be like crying out for you it would be like oh my god you know how bad dolphin fucking shriek sound at three hundred o'clock in the morning when you're hungover but if it was says happy noises no is relaxing but you're just hoping for a different type of down syndrome animal you're not hoping
like you know normal down syndrome animals or an animal with a disease for you it's like well it's a magical down syndrome animal that's happy all the time or we can clone him if they're doing cloning now animal cloning so i mean you can clone your dog it should be alright dakota retarded dolphin that you can keep in aquarium that doesn't squeak you know we're really lucky we're really lucky that people can't get other animals pregnant ok we're really lucky because if that was the case there would be people everything out there there would be people giraffes you would know how the fuck did this happen but it would ripped it would happen would they get drivers was they would if if you could up an animal and get it pregnant for sure they would be human animal hybrids all over the world of everything of guerrillas you would you would go how the did this happen over there when he was in one zebra some dude fucked a zebra roped it held it down shot not only that when it was ovulating shot a load into it came and not just fucked it became ok that's a big day
i mean we're talking about before the show like it when you know you've been dating a girl for a long time like if you're bored with sex like if you're not like sexually compatible you can get in those situations where you you don't even really want to have sex with them anymore jackie we're talking about like when you're pretending you're somebody else like why you boys clothes are so yeah think about some chick the used to bone but that's ridiculous you getting actual real sex but you pretend to get sex from a different person because this is only going to get off well this guy fucked zebra bitch ok as he didn't have to pretend you have to you know it's a zebra their shit all over its ass and that's right next your dick because zebras don't wipe their ass ever they just dump out these jai ganttic jungle shits and then you gotta hold that mother down and bone it and get it pregnant but they would exist they would be dudes africa that were half zebra they would look just like the navi in that function avatar movie
there would be giant zebra people there's no doubt about it man that would be exactly the right height to would be able to go at nine foot tall sort of human zebra hybrid they would planet would be half people half fish people fall cash for sure where we're going is due to fish i am at a hundred percent i know is that i have no doubt about it would be dogs would be ridiculous okay dogs would be like it would be like that and that movie district nine with those aliens came down and you know they had a figure out what to do with them that would be the human dog population because would be so many human dogs it would be like don't dogs have like big billboards with a deck in a dog with a big red line through it don't fuck your dogs because people would fuck their dogs they do it definitely fuck the dogs people have fucked parrot
i guarantee you if a person get a parrot pregnant there would be people parrot hybrids and it would be flying around our cities all day snatching purses and throwing shit at people shitting on you yeah for sure if people could make hybrids with parrots those mother fuckers would be like prisoners flying in the sky dropping rocks on people's heads killing them shit i guarantee there would be a person pigeon you would look at it and go how the fuck did that even happen but they will be half person half pigeon like a foot and a half tall fucking pissed off and fucked up feet fucked up agent feet and shit if people could get everything pregnant we would get everything pregnant we there would be people trees that be people melons and pumpkins there would be people so in order to bring users that are more the rings on what would have your loads got it we duplicated everything it wasn't just human beings you like macbook pro come over henson daddy's lap with a sperm just reproduced everything is saw to shoot
sperm on a water bottle that makes another water ball right next to it like one of those pods in that movie enve the body snatchers is growing under the bed trying to become what it's you know i find the time machine i would suck my own dick and and my my and my own pregnant and in a circle like a cartwheel going down the going down the street like two mirrors looking into each other forever it would never end eighty two mirrors facing each other to oblivion of you blowing yourself in a spinning circle like you're in one of those cartoon wheels going down the hill like one guy holding another guys foot or a dog biting its tail a dog biting its tail is the perfect analogy is rolling down the hill that would be you sucking your own dick and fucking yourself in the ass and a giant circle a spiral spiral fracted katamari and we could grow up with his face goes on and billions and billions of light years like a huge swirling galaxy of a zillion trillion brians sucking their own dick in calling themselves in the ass in a giant circle of impossible reality gym ad
hey that's not a more impossible to believe that a galaxy itself no there's no way a guy could be sucking his own dick and fucking himself in the ass flying around a star but a huge gigantic balls of gas and or water and or rock yeah that kind of makes sense with molten sze sir enter is shooting live out of their tits yeah ok that makes yeah that makes more sense in a dude flying around sucking his own dick bone himself in the ass now that makes just as much sense is just as ridiculous a whole universe filled with a spiral of brians a trillion light years long all boat is less than half as spectacular as a real supernova so i'm really impressed when i thought there somewhere and then a pass for your performance i'm going to totally do what your your friend does with the that that's the stripper pants i might shave like down like my swim trunks down never really thin layer and then when i'd often comes up to me i'm just going to
see again you don't make sense when i said make sense what you're saying is crazy no go fuck adolfin son dude i'm going to put my body right not going to let they're not going to let you are going to see what you doing to rest you do you think that happens i like this guy going to be a fucking website dedicated just like they have sex criminal websites they're going to have guys who are even thinking about fucking dolphins it's sad enough these poor dolphins are kept in these cages they wish they were out in the ocean chasing fish having a good time with each other know know that we have to contain them in some shitty little spot not even let them kill their own fish which is part of the big thrill of life and some asshole thinks it's cute to try to fuck you yeah joke but i just found out their nipples are inside their assholes did you know that the babies feed by putting their nose up that dolphins dick and it's like fucking shoots milk out of its ass and so like imagine yes so imagine having the best upgrade to a butt hole ever having nipples and sign up now you're doing material so you can't do that i saw you do it onstage
where are dolphins nipples in asshole you're probably what the fuck i am just enjoying the ride men know their hidden side slits of the mothers underbelly seat you got to read it's a bottle books there's but we don't know not how how does the dolphin feed the how do baby feet under these they don't feed other butthole dude no they don't i know that i did the dolphin experience at atlantis last year and they don't even want you to pet them around their blowhole so you better be careful really they get upset i'm not going to blow hole why why take take a bullet when you have the real thing there's there's no brian is slits in the underbelly of the mother and she releases these nipples dolphins nurse that way you don't know what you're talking about now you're talking crazy yeah well that that person is probably sam tripoli he probably
you off the skids that so dumb you could all you have to do is just google that i saw you talking about that on stage i was like you know what they aren't i know there that i would know i would i don't actually brought me to like a science page or something like i have a on a twitter link okay it's not real son look is a picture of a dolphin of female dolphin nursing look over that city i think it can nurse two different ways it can't do it through the asshole dude stop it it's not healthy it's not a dolphin upgrade you just trying to say that joke how dare you i wonder if this is true no it's not true brian don't wonder jesus christ guys like you are walking here see here is so you know it's often enemies are located in its in its the calf sticks its billing to the whole of the in the baby nurses its mother that you're on the onion dot com okay stop it no they don't you can't you would know that it was on what the fuck facts dot com are something i think those things a lot of times people just make that shit up
i really don't think you can oh shit i don't think i just don't think that you you first of all that wouldn't be natural doesn't make any sense that you would want to be feeding near fecal matter why would nature ever set that up yeah you're going to eat right near where your mom shit so you cool with that otherwise you die right now every everywhere it says they have nipples in these slits hidden inside a small underbelly under the no question yeah website that i'm looking at says the same thing they have these nipples they're hidden in a slit in the underbelly fake dolphin nursing fax going on the internet everyone it's just people think they want to find out how dumb people are they want to find out some people are and whether or not people google things probably an experiment and you probably just led to this disinformation campaign because you
talking about it on stage for several weeks now without ever gold doing it even once they're saying the exact opposite but i believe you because i am also seeing more but you're saying then look at the web sites that are saying that you can there are on their ass uber facts who's writing uber fact often reef dot co anybody can contribute to these things and sneak them in there there's a lot of these little silly twitter pages and websites and where they things up on person i've read a bunch of um like oh my god what the fuck in your ass fax you know there's a lot of those that are not really facts they're just trying to get retweets and they'll say something crazy they get retweets and then they'll like you know tweet out we're giving away a free ipad you know what i mean like they get there's there's a there's a bunch of people that have businesses that are set up just a i'm like getting people to their websites and getting people to you know so don't make shit up so
i don't think people would lie about dolphins seriously you know i think he would lie about them but you didn't think that you would like to sneak up behind when i asked one of you touching rub it rub it around the outside type shape you know i just think we feel good to have you touched a dolphin i am not even touched it too it's like raping a prisoner that you can't understand what it's like he's crying and you like he likes it meanwhile his language is screaming out please stop fucking me that's what would be like if you had sex with a dog like if i touched a dolphin does it feel like your cheek it's like plastic it's like yes it does like hard plus i feel like a dildo yeah no i've never really felt that dildo like a wet suit maybe you've never felt a deal never even ever lived i've never lived i'll try it later i go clearly never touched it still down there have you ever seen one over chicks house i'm actually only twelve years old fuck crazy disease yeah he's impressed the way they feel i mean you know i mean it gets this canticle still like what it would feel like but you know the difference if i put a dick
hand and then i put a dildo in your hand like which one of these is the real dick you know you feel electricity right through dick do you feel like totally if you have you ever spark with your dick i want to be different cause your blendtec blender far is throw it in there and find out this shows gone off the rails in into the woods gt22 to do back to positive thinking man today to see less with rob you gotta learn how to talk english so that people understand you don't even know what you said sorry i'm eating one of these on it buffalo bars and talk at the same time fuck did you see the quinn tarantino movie no no but
we're good jamie said it's fucking off jamie says awesome it looks amazing man i can't wait to see it yeah it looks pretty bad quintero tina's a bad motherfucker he makes the kind of movies that people want to see like fun crazy movies where nutty shit goes down did you see the hot end up seeing the hobbit yes i saw that did you like it that was it close what time did you close the bag i grew up in our in our in yeah my wife knows me she goes you know sleep or i don't know when i was told yeah you gotta get your points up i guess that's a new game that you get your points like how fast you can fall asleep in the hobbit and i could have had to record it like eighteen second i couldn't go to sleep about one slash two an hour in you know the problem with all those movies is i hate saying this 'cause i even make fun of people say that first of all read the books and i read him when i was like a little kid and they were like part of me growing up you know some watching it and i know that certain shit has to happen so it it takes away from a lot of the drama of the movie 'cause you know all these things going to happen it's like okay well how are they going to happen as a po
is to you know a great film that's entirely original so this movie is an adaptation of the novel that you've already read so there's that and then there's that there's so much to tell that it it's a long ass time to tell it all it's just not as enjoyable when you're watching it in a film form then if you're watching it in a movie so like there's all this shit that happened that it's just like yeah it looks really cool but it's just some shit happening like the scene fighting the ogres and i'm like spoiler spoiler alert fight but after i'm like oh i get it they're going to be fine and let's just like watch them cartoonishly have this fight that has no drama attached to it at all and there there was a lot of that but the special effects are fucking stunning what they do now is fucking stunning what frame rate did you see that do you see that the one i thought yeah the high frame rate three d and people that complaining about that go
lock yourself go yourself are you really complain is it like that fake for the team please they were like this is going to ruin films for ever it kills the entire film a creepy to me it's as fantasy movie you fuck stick suspension of disbelief isn't the point well not only that this is the most suspension of disbelief e movie of all time it's a whole fucking you're following to do with giant furry feet in a wizard ok jesus christ are you really saying it doesn't look real asshole it's not supposed to look real stupid fuck face it's supposed be fun and it's way more fun when it's in that high frame rate 3d version it's bad last man when i was over at my friend's house for christmas her brother was playing call of duty in 3d i put on the glasses i was like holy shit yeah those three d tvs those air not we had a three d laptop that alien where gave us but we know i never played a game and i d on it did you play me i play portal to how was it sweet
but i mean i also have 3d tv so i've been playing call of duty in three days and who gives a shit man the technology for those things is and really really powerful i saw a 3d television recently at one of those those those high end fucking stores the audio visual store yeah as we were on the road we walked into one of those retail stores and they had this crap easy fucking set up where it's real only thin glass and that was essentially the entire tv was it was really weird and you these glasses on it what do we want monsters inc is that what it was mom is it in 3d and it's just like wow like it's such a overwhelming experience like there's so much more visual input coming your way and like this added dimension of it if they could just
it down like that like the perfect way but like with a really bad at like avatar avatar i think was way better because of the 3d avatar just came out on three day by the way we have a 3d tv it just finally came out so everyone can buy it used to be where you only could buy it if you bought this one hundred and fifty dollars see i feel like if you wear glasses in your house you might be an asshole did i love it i got these new ones off amazon there just generic for like twenty dollars that's charging by usb so you always have him charge just put us like putting on sunglasses while you're laying in bed do you think one day we'll look back in the day when will laugh about the days when they used to have to wear glasses to 3d highly fucks but it will like it's ancient dated technology i mean essentially we're trying to distort an image if you take your glasses off and you watch the hobbit it's craziness it's like it's barely barely see what the fucks happening it's gross but then the glasses on so somehow or another they need this distortion and it passed through just a simple lens just a little simple lens it's really close to your eyes in order to make it happen i don't accept that i say nonsense
i already know much least crazy fucks in the hadron collider people they're doing some nutty things but they're going to be able to figure out thirty three d
he is going to be i think eventually it's going to be everyone's going to have instead of a television just going to have like one of those help me obi wan you're my only hope one of those little things that she stuck on rtd two and going to sit that bitch down and step back and it's going to make a show for you right in front of you and everyone is gonna be doing it everywhere so you're going to be like in the parking lot there's going to be an average people are going to throw advertisements in front of you and you will get that fucking thing out of here you don't want to see this hologram thing you're going to be walking down the street and you're going to watch like see through people have swordfights right in front of you i can be tough is not a real person who post is that a hologram hologram right it's going to be totally pokmon shit big fucking dudes can at each other with swords right in the middle of a fucking intersection people driving right through them some pudding like ufc fights on the road just yeah yeah right where people are trying to walk through head kicking each other escort guys like in vegas weather like flipping the tickets now there's going to be interrupting your fights with like the girls like fucking blow jobs to other guys yeah trainees
yeah it's going to be all over the street going to tranny sex out of a hologram people going to outlaw that this is i'm trying to walk on my kid to school on the fucking looking at trannies banging each other right there live with the censorship be there be like a smoke that you threw on the ground that like blocks the hologram or something well it makes me wonder like is there like the internet is the only place that we've ever had in our whole life where there's no censorship the internet is just it's the wild west and it's free how much you like to spend on the internet a lot a lot most people are on the internet for at least an hour a day you know mme or so if you get a chance to be in front of a computer at work and you have a lot of shit to do a lot of people online all the folk in time how much different is then real life and imagine if real life had no censorship at all either in real life you could buy all the drugs you wanted to get a gun whenever you wanted to get a car where you even do everything that you could do online you could do in real life with
no no restrictions whatsoever so like how many tricks when what you what it would be you wonder how much regulation do we actually need and how much could just exist under common sense me would could you allow someone to really stockpile a and i huge ammo dump and you know have ah armory of vehicles and tanks and shit like ah man you gotta stop doing that you know would you have to knock on their door and go what do you what do you doing over here why do you have a b one bomber the fuck's going on got a stealth fighter play in your backyard bitch what do you plan on doing man i live right down the street yeah hi nice to meet you your kids go to school together i think yeah ok cool where are you are you an army what's what's happening here should you know should there be like any restrictions whatsoever and if there weren't if you look at the way people have sort of learned how to express themselves on the internet i think the internet went through like a real bad time and now i think slowly starting to like level out where people are less and less tolerant of assholes less and less taller
patrols trolls and less that dude that got busted that was like read it you know about that story with a guy doing a lot of creepy shit online like because that's that's what got him off like put posting fucked up pictures and saying fucked up things about things and these people found out who it was in real life and they contacted his employer and he got fired operating under a pseudonym online under a really different name than his own not representing their company in any way shape or form but because they established that it was him they went after him and decided that his actions and the way he was behave being outside during his own free time they could fire him for that regardless of how well he performed at work which is really weird but it also sends a message it sends a message that well you know we're more concerned with humanity then we are with this idea that that you have these irrefutable writes like yeah you have irrefutable right but if you're posting pictures of dead kids online
might you might be a piece of shit and i might not want you to have anything to do with my life and just because we worked they're like i should be able to remove that i should be able to stop that so in that sense i think i think it's sort of the anonymity is slowly slipping away but people that have never been anonymous like me or brian i think it's it's you turn off that way you're better off everybody would be better off for everybody if we all figured out how to treat each other a lot better online and be chill and i think people because there was repercussions for a long time they just they had a mix xperience that they should have had they had the ability
to affect someone with nothing coming back your way if the no no social repercussions and that's like not normal for human you can't do that in real life right why should you be able to do it online were not to set up for it and i think this is a total it's such a totally new experience that i think human beings are culture and i think all cultures in general went into this completely ignorant to repercussions of it to completely ignorant how was going to operate and what the effects of human beings and human instincts are going to be when confronted with this completely non human scenario the ability to communicate with people who don't know who you are and it's not just communicate like you yell something out from from a hill but right detail shit about them you know and send some mean you you and the letter to them and then you could do that in this first and not have anything come back to you and because of that because people have this unique ability to reach people like that it presented this thing
it hadn't been resolved yet in the human body and in the human culture in like so our ways of resolving conflicts for one on one i've been pretty clearly established you know the way people show and shouldn't treat each other it's in the bible you know you know of your brother and all that shit it's like it's all like the idea is look this is the best way to operate a world we have to figure out how to resolve these conflicts when they when they appear well these conflicts had never appeared before they literally didn't exist in tar generation and that's something that is a scaping a lot of people people are not they haven't really truly wrap their heads on the the insanity that is the internet and what it's done to human culture but i think we've sort of wobbled it and i've got a way better handle on it now i think that you see way less and less do she shit wade weston people that would just want to be assholes it's less like i think if you could see like distichs on internet trolling and douchebags on twitter and stuff like that i think it's slowly tapered off i really do guess
for me i think it's always going to be a good supply always you know just like there's always going to be monkeys throw shit at each other you know there's always but i think better yeah i've even had people online on poker like talk crap to me and say how they're going to mess me up in vegas and then i see him at the table and they're like hey i'm so and so like they're trying to be all nice to me and i'm just like way to say can you just you know you were talking shit to me online now you're trying to be my friend what's going on you confront them i don't but i should poker players are like it's a weird way to make a living man lot i've met a lot of poker players and first of all they're all like really intense dudes everyone is like an intense and like like roll there although very focused you know like when you're having conversations with him there's no dumb professional poker players just doesn't seem like you can really pull that off are they
i don't know about well dumb how like the most ecologists like no no no no we're just intelligence in general there's a big difference in my opinion between intelligence and education i've met a lot of people that are really educated but stupid as fuck absolutely they just repeat shit and you're like wait a minute you're not getting the connection to ride that doesn't fucking work there's no thinking on their own it's repeating shit but then there's a lot of people that have like barely a high school diploma sharp as fuck well you know it's just said that there was a kid online that didn't graduate high school yet he made millions of dollars playing poker quinn tarantino didn't graduate yeah most so we're just talking about the django dago dropouts is your god alot of people i mean there's a lot of success with people that i know even that just didn't finish i mean i dropped out of college with one semester to go i didn't finish college yeah i did three years at u mass boston and the only reason i did it was because i didn't want people thinking i was a loser i didn't even come close to graduating i had ah
a lot of shit that i like if i wanted to like first for all is taken like elective courses was take whatever courses i wanted to because i was on like have a thing like they had like different programs for people that had jobs you know i forget what they call adult yeah secondary education remember yeah because i took a year off and then i started doing this and i was barely paying attention there was barely you know i've learned way more through documentaries that i did for those three years of showing up at this building to wonder what the fuck i'm doing with my life i was just talking about this the other day i was like i was like our college is necessary anymore i mean you could take your iphone figure everything you need to figure out about you know french or spanish or anything you want to learn you can do it online that's dope about college is that college gives you an opportunity to be excited by new and different people and new import points of view and i missed that yes that that aspect of of college to socialize yeah i couldn't go anywhere i was i was well i could but when i did graduate high school so my competitive taekwondo days so from
eighteen through twenty one was like my most competitive days like when i was completely dedicated to it and the you have me going somewhere else to go to school was like there's no way i couldn't i had a really good instructor in a really good team is like i'm not going anywhere i'm not i'm not going to move somewhere and go to school for what i mean no the fuck i want to do i had no aspirations whatsoever but i got so tired everybody telling me you know what are you doing after school you know for awhile i would say i was training for the olympics 'cause i was trying to make the us olympic taekwondo team and then i gave up on saying that when i start kickboxing and i started getting beat up and i was like oh man taekwondo have some fuckin holes in it man so then i stopped want to do that but the idea that i was just trying to find some other path in life and figure out what i wanted to do like is terrifying to say to someone because all i heard out of my own mouth was all i'm a fucking loser and i'm always going to be a loser i'm never going to figure it out
to be able to take care of myself that's all i thought of when i said it but today shit man you could learn at least as much online as you could in a school most likely more because you're have way more access to information than just the few books this one guy subscribes to you it's basically just someone reading out of a book to you yeah is what it is but not only that you can do it all day every day wherever you are the kree the thing about online especially if you get a big phone like windows tablet phones or something you could fucking read like web websites and books and you could do it all day long you can you have as long as you have a signal that can come to you you have access to like pretty much every question that's ever been asked if not the answer a slew of different competing answers that you might not even get especially goto like brigham young university get one opinion you're up with the mormon i'm saying you're gonna be careful that's got to be fucking the most devastating thing for like religions the access to and from
more people are finite like i remember when i was a catholic right and we had friends that would choose because you know i live in new york when i was a little kid i was living in new jersey like that area the east coast is filled with jewish people i didn't understand what a jew but i didn't understand what it meant i would just hear someone say oh is he jewish yeah he's that's mister feinstein and his wife a above blah i didn't know what that meant and then one day when i was in catholic school somebody they were talking about like different religions and due day is got brought up and someone said like the priest said something about the you know that the jewish religion i was like the jewish that's judaism let's get another what is that where judeo christian and i was like well well well what wait a minute wait a minute zoo more than one version of the story like are you are you fucking shitting me just that just them telling me about competing versions of the story if i
could have gotten online when i was six and googled is religion bullshit just this is gone and through every fucking piece of information which by the way when you're six you could fucking read kinda you know you could probably actually do this i could figure out if you could ask like dad what does collaborate mean you know you like there's a few of those you have to throw out there but basically you could get a pretty good idea of why you shouldn't pay attention these crazy fucks because every one of their story they swear by and every one of the stories is different than everybody else's fucking story someone's gotta be wrong you know it's funny my friend stephanie she posted on her face together a picture of two people with reading you know bibles different you know beliefs and it said oh yours is fulfilled with bs2 and she got someone from saudi arabia that just went nuts on her her you know and just defended his believes blindly you know alive arrest me i should do a whole bit about how israelis
palestinians are like their arabs and israelis are constantly at war but they look so similar to each other you know and that was because they were sneaking over and getting forbidden sex and they were have an angry like you know angry opposing religion sex you believe the crazy shit know you'll believe the crazy she's did you see the episode of curb your enthusiasm where larry david takes back palestinian lady from a chick joint is not okay well he's with me he's single now larry david yeah i don't know in these yes in the show and the show yeah yeah how you doing that is interesting who the or does not show brands kind of finish yeah the time
friends are trying so now he gets new checks and she's she's sitting there can i swear on this fuck you fuck yeah can you serious she's saying did you really just ask i did ask that is going to talk about fucking off she's saying she's saying fuck me due when she's on top i like it so yeah well that's sort of an old bit like we used to do that there's a black guy that used to do about how like dating a white girl and making her say fuck me with your nigger cock and then sam tripoli says it every other podcast sam do that to every like every podcast would you like to say that he likes to say that word you think she's being edgy is that what it is i don't know yeah that that i do of the opposing get it off spending that has existed for a long time attention forbidden fruit forbidden fruits the black girl in a white neighborhood oh yeah oh yeah were silly bitches when it comes to forbidden fruit yeah know we want we can have what do you do
sing to tell the fighters how to concentrate on their diet when like cortana like i said just put it in but as far as like not thinking negative things cause a lot of times like that's all they think about is like fuck i wish i could eat fuck i wish i could eat no i haven't actually done with that yet i don't know it's never come up i think that would be something like you know mike dull che iss ah one of the best guys at ah getting guys to make weight yeah and he's also like he's got a good mindset for like coaching good mindset for like not shooting with you and straight now and he gets them to this like compleat were eating healthy foods are not killing so if your body is fine and i like yeah i'm fine now he can fucking tick tock tick tock yeah but if you go on one of those spirals it's like any other spiral if you get into that fuck i wish i could eat spiral fuck i wish i could do this i wish i could have a cigar fuck we should have a cigarette at the moment you that you put yourself down that path i seen people this motherfucker he started smoking cigarettes again does cat heard its foot stop and think
that he was like looking francs you so much fucking cats got her foot what i do man fucking cats could only now this is crazy it wasn't because of that like i said before that cat in the bathroom with the litter box come back in a couple of days it was a ton of shit and that was the thing that snap break bowl of food a fresh litter box lock around the kitchen go to palm springs for the weekend somewhere back tab figure this shit out would let it do what it would do if we went to the cat emergency room out there in the wild oh it doesn't exist well i guess then cats you're not supposed to fix them does your cat for no reason the midnight like foreign morning to start going wow yeah what the fuck is that they're calling system updates they call out they get bored they do it at night sometimes but my the boy doesn't do that the boys really quiet the boy doesn't really do that but the girl she's first of all my girl cat super folk and needy man like now now anytime i'm near you met yes she's like
game time in here i don't know that she only does that to me because my wife my wife is allergic to cats so she can't be like fucking with this cat's the cat gets mostly affection for me so when i'm around now now now now now but at the mill the night you just hear my wow wow wow i gotta open the door and go shut the fuck up jesus you needy bitch as a cat father clock they don't seem to understand as well as dogs do now wow wow wow this is not horny she's sixteen years old and she's fixed ok so that's not the issue she just the needy bitch now wow most computer to get on keyboard you don't have any mice in this house
it's funny watching babies crush ants they don't give a fuck about ants that yucky killed death my little two year old just crushing ants and then it goes like this with their little bodies just your finger and they're out of her consciousness like she would never do that with a mouse like you couldn't stop a mouse and just like kick its body into a corner somewhere oh look at this mess you gotta clean up but there's a certain level of dead body where we just tolerate it laying around and that's ants you can't do it with a roach you gotta clean up a roll i wrote your big disgusting now fly you gotta pick up unless you're a dude if you're a dude you watching tv water fly like oh yeah i got i'm fucking like on a table you might like might get up in commercial wipe it off flick it but like a roach that's big enough where you gotta care but like when you get to like mice and shit like that anything with that's got hair you can
skillet caterpillar clean it up what is that why do we don't know when we have obviously have a detachment based on the fact that it's like out of sight out of mind thing with little tiny anthony crush it but the other thing is that like so many of them it's hard to give a fuck about them it's true there's so many ants that the mass of the weight of ants on earth is a about the same as the weight of humans yeah google that go with that that's real i'm not making that up sleep tonight yeah of course it's an estimation because we i haven't been asked to be on a scale have you made a really counting this who is is there a census where you have to show up somewhere account or the girl get to mail in their own way because then we gotta start adding pounds all over the fucking place because no one's honest right those boner pills were made from ants made from an yeah there supposedly those boner pills like what are they called again hot rod six thousand or five thousand hot rod five thousand but suppose
there's ants in them that you know they extract ants and i'm thinking wow so that means there's somebody like and farmer has the ants and then selected by this little ant farms you're making boners stop first of all stop you got do before you start talking about this online google and find out if they actually make this shit with you yeah it does i mean why would i have you i wouldn't read about on the like oh i guess it's ah why would you read that a dolphin as nipples inside it's because i can show you five websites that say that no no no you could show me one website that has one article and they all copied it and put it on their website i looked it's the same exact story verbatim eight ok well this is on the actual bottle so unless they just decided to like bottles that yeah okay that's it says it has ants it's like something ants extract it's an ant extract type in x and that's what they're calling it man it's fucking cialis
you know that the brazilian wandering spider that's what they're trying to figure out what that thing why it causes erections and they're going to try to turn that like the next super viagra you heard that shit the brazilian wandering spider it kills you and gives this unbelievable boner before you die most people die of it but apparently if you live your dicks done it's just like like taking an engine and just redlining or just you know hitting the fucking bottom of the attack on there and then it just explodes just the engine blows out yeah so most people don't live from it but if you do live your dicks broken they're trying to take that as smart people would i turned that into a but i don't know man that sounds dangerous here's an extract this one's just called another super and it's it's
you can buy it for thirty four dollars and it's just extracted ants and their widely used in asia to promote strength sexual vague or vigor big walk into powerpoint anti aging thing so so we have all these ants there's so much fucking answer boners i don't think they're the same error knucklehead i don't think we're talking about the same ants i bet that's a very specific type of ant was the fda have to sit by fifty percent ground raw and fifty percent in dexter you could say that down draw ants in ant extracts we aspect that means they've good with taking a bunch of ants and extracted it said the egg each button that's on sending each pill you take it's like five thousand million ants probably our little boehner's all adds up in it in allergies that they have celery and celery juice all together in the same bowl right the answer and the an extract so there's crush up the answer so the ant is like the hard part and then the extract is like the gooey stuff that keeps it although
yeah i mean my pro does nothing coming to create a salamander pill tomorrow that makes you live ten years loans they are able by the army i may give you when it's hot duncan swears by it now you know i wonder what like when who writes these like this is well like supplement critiques and it's like all talking about how hard cock iss yeah oh i've huh this stuff before though it's called yuri como long folia and it's supposed to be a natural testosterone booster also the stuff um i think this stuff has a lot of shit in it is that probably would give you a boner whether it's the ant maybe that's why one of the things that's just one of the ingredients of this but that long fully oh shit that is supposed to be a testosterone booster there's a few of those is like something called tongue got ali that's supposed to be a natural in this tribulus which everybody knows which apparently varies
be widely in like strengthen efficacy i think it's sort of like garlic or you know like some things like you'll you'll get garlic and it's that strong and sometimes you'll get any like holy shit this is powerful garlic like the way a tomato tastes like a beef steak tomato from someone's backyard versus one of those pale tomatoes i think you get same sort of shit with a lot of these supplements i bet if you could get that stuff like from the plant instead of like some ground up powdered bullshit i bet if you get like tribulus i think tribulus is a root right is little root i'm not sure about if you get that shit right from the tree it make your dick longer crackdown crowbar i found out you shouldn't take any of these pills if you do ecstasy at the same time you could like fuck your shit up really did you break your dick like that part your heart your heart up maybe your heart bitch might be fun but that seems like the best mix but
yeah that's what eddie bravo calls phone or flip to see it is crazy what you to take these nutty pills no no it doesn't say you should take all israel and hand axes or any of that stuff because it has any kind of the or so out you're not supposed to take that with ecstasy there's some real dangers there that's yeah it your heart a bull google it would say don't take ecstasy i i really learned it on air or air it whatever the error when the really yeah okay erowid yeah i still did it but whatever that's while you are living on the edge and your wild man well let don't take viagra with ecstasy ecstasy don't mix but i know so many people that say it's awesome yeah design things they don't know you shouldn't be doing it well you shouldn't be drinking yeah yeah
that's a lot of kills you yeah your use most i don't usually talk about you know what when i'm on ecstasy when i'm on x yeah usually don't drink as that much easier just drink orange juice and water and gatorade and tons of water and i peel i'd there's several dangers in combining viagra and ecstasy first of all ecstasy is a powerful mind altering drug that impairs judgement when i talk like that means i'm reading something combining it with viagra encourages people to engage in unsafe and risky sexual behavior a brian's whole life okay so you're saying that it's dangerous because of that public officials feel this combo increase the spread of aids and or other sexually transmitted diseases first of all if you have a real medical issue here's what happens first of all you don't say that first so i don't believe them is that saying that first means that the most important thing is to stop but sex that's what you're trying to do you trying to stop aids you trying to say that people going to get sexually crazy and sexually risky okay that is not an argument you can't tell me what i'm going to do you can't tell
you know i can handle being drunk i don't drive when i'm drunk i don't get fucked up and go but fuck okay what you're telling me about ecstasy is such a touching drug that when you have a raging boner on top of it it's pretty dangerous i don't think it's dangerous thing is dangerous at all i think it's dangerous for some people just like cars or dangerous some people if you give him a cellphone they text 'cause some people have titty fucking self control but i don't think that there's no there's no like argument medically in that i mean there might be this thing called priapism and priapism is like the boners that won't go down that's just from taking ecstasy are viag are rather that you can get that in a viagra situation like the fact that you're on ecstasy that doesn't makes it worse because now every time your dick has like a heartbeat your dick is a heartbeat and then you need to have some swallow that so few people have that problem with that those boner pills where they actually have to go to a doctor 'cause if you have that that that's like action that you have to go to a doctor for right
yeah no no no it's okay even since on the commercial boners made last up to three days well that disease though that pry up is um the erection which is the technical term that can kill your dick just like the brazilian wandering spider can kill your dick is the same thing the exact same thing in fact go into the jungle well if you can o d on viagra like say it little weather is a check and your bang you're dying to have sex with her and you think tonight is the night but you're so scared that your friend that you're never going to be able to get it up 'cause you just going to panic you know you know what i want to take six viagra just in case this bitch is so hot and then your crazy ass which by the way exists i'm sure some duty summons on that i'm sure and just why did they want a dick that's purple just an angry purple bursting like a ballpark frank one of those ball mark franks that you like suspend not like an amateur would do it in like burn the outside noah slow cooker where that mother fuckers greasy and sweating and just getting
big anti that's what your dick looks like and you start to slowly see little splits in a seems we have thin red lines around your cock and various places 'cause the skin is fucking bursting like a stretch mark and a fat lady stomach after she has three kids inside of it and they pop out triplets in their skin has to go back to normal that's what your dick looks like that kind of stretched out crazy scar tissue where your dick it's just barely holding on like a fucking balloon that's being pushed to the limit is got up that's thrilling my story was he's an ecstasy the the blowing up dick is too much is going to beat off right now imagine you on viagra in you are you're fucking peaking on ecstasy and you have this crazy rock hard boner and you're in a water bed with this guy that those two medications might my car you too like this figuring that dude
that's a dude rather yeah that's a strange look this guy did i pulled up has long blonde beautiful hair and he also has a dark dark beard and it's put that online give the dude props who's is the put that online rhubarb powerful rhubarb with the wolverine avatar so you know it's got some taste powerful x men fan and this guy has a some sort of a g string type thing up his butt crack and he's very well milton looks very handsome perhaps like a middle eastern or or spanish maybe a spaniard but like a thick weightlifting dave navarro i think it is a nice with thick solid and tight as the underground would say yeah he's a that's a big boy that's guys got some horsepower to his fucking so you're an xc with viagra in a water bed at a fucking w looks like we're going to fight to the death that's what i'm saying that's what i think they're trying to say with this two trillion not do the fighting to the death that's what i think is going to happen
if you insist on pursuing this line of action sir we will have to fight to the death the only other thing is that ecstasy causes high blood pressure and dehydration and that viagra only worsens those effects but all that since to me is you have to drink water like don't be stupid sometimes when you're on ecstasy it's hard to even drink anything you feel like you're going to puke it back i see you know what i didn't hear here i didn't hear strokes i didn't hear cancer i didn't hear any of this shit that would keep me from doing ecstasy viag are at the same time i heard i heard kills you you're kind of a pussy that's what i heard that's what i'm getting out of this if you die from ecstasy and viagra together you kind of a pussy not saying you should take viagra and ecstasy together in fact i'm saying you definitely shouldn't take viagra an extra cd it doesn't say nothing before partly i'm saying shouldn't for spiritual reasons i think you know when you're involved in that ecstasy feely touchy thing it should be non sexual it should be that you can't get it up just enjoy
as a human being everything doesn't have to be about sticking your dirty loads places brian okay have doesn't have to be we all about you shooting loads all over the place how he let it go pal just be in the moment hold hands with somebody okay i i i masturbating and i used a paper towel to clean up and i just threw it on my coffee table and then my friend came over and we were watching a show and she goes like she sneezes she there's different connect connect this paper towel and make sure it i forgot that was the load paper towel and she's like oh what song is it got over here nice well that's a nice way to get someone to touch your come if you're really into that yeah great my come dnas on her hand if you wanted to come bomb somebody sp and i calver he's the chris calver this can out behind where
there it is that's cause fog manager so that's your tattoo it's exactly like pretty close he just made in a physical form with the third eye you can see it like that is this and by the way this position that this thing is i didn't ask him to do this but what's hilarious is that this is exactly the reason i got this tattoo is because i had this car crazy dmt trip that really like made me reassess reality made me assess my life and one of the most huh bling aspects of the trip there was an infinite series of these golden buddhas that was flying
in front of me and trying to explain like positive energy and life to me and um i turned it into a tattoo and it literally like looked like that in the d m t trip like literally looked just like this thing except it was made out of some strange kind of light and there was no borders to it if that makes any sense it does shouldn't d d m t has it's very intense like also got 2d sort of thing that happens sometimes where everything sort of seems connected on one plane but then you realize that it's just this crazy sort of fractal thing going on and when that was happening in that trip this is what i saw i saw these things just like everywhere would a medium minos high as fuck kind of question is that i don't know you can't you can't convert who knows when you're done
alex so much different shit that's going on like for anybody to say i know that this happened i know that that happened and i have said those things you can't be right you know you don't know what the fuck out and your interpretation and you're on a crazy drug man not going on there you know i wouldn't really bank on any one possible answer to any of your shit true do you want do you play a lot of professional poker do you take different things like before you while you played you smoke what do you and we'd depending upon the area i'm sure of course only where it's legal yeah it could be tricky getting some weed and some spots or i could be ah i would say i mean alfa brain the last year i've been taking and i found it to be benefit definitely it makes me more clear you know what i mean like when i take i just feel like my thoughts are just clear their clear
well if it if feels to me that you you're getting like what your brain needs in order function best yes seems like that nutrition wise how many do take usually just to do take it before right before you do an event like how do you do it like when i play online like on sundays is the biggest day for poker so i'll take it like when i wake up like when i'm making my shake or whatever before ever ufc for yep is here should only take a maximum away now nurses do not exceed four capsules in twenty four hours i violate that too she say four would probably don't listen to maine but i do if i'm doing like a ufc first of all you have sees its lot is going on like when when you're watching a fight and especially when it comes to describing ground positions it's really hard to coordinate your thoughts like ok he's got his right foot in this position now what he's going to do to finish this off just gotta turn his
i going to get his left foot underneath his right knee and then like and i have to get this although i have to get it all out in a way that people going to be able to understand why the fight is actually happening so i i kind of like manage first we'll have to see what he's doing so i have to know what direction he can do and what the counter could possibly be and then when i see a guy going after i want to get the audience excited i want to say this is where he's in trouble like you see this this is pulling down on its neck and he's in a bad situation here and if he could get his leg over here then it's over you know and the alfa brain and any any pics i took that nero one ship before i took out i noticed a difference i noticed that i could get sentences clear clear my thoughts for my thoughts my thoughts it seems like they formulated easier you know just i mean there's have isolated a bunch of different shit that improves your memory statistically proven like you can see people have taken it and then people have done double blind tests on a different nutro pics it comes to memory enhancement and there's like prach
the term and a bunch of different ones that are really interesting it as this caffeine caffeine has performance enhancing quality yeah as well absolutely 'cause you're more jacked up yeah there's some shit going i mean that's why you can only take like in certain i think in the olympics and i think even in the nevada state athletic commission they have a limit to how much caffeine a fighter can have in their system yeah shell son and actually said his hip to that because he does it in a pill form to make sure that he never takes more than you're supposed to because you could get like star bucks like this one would be a venti if you have a starbucks venti and you compare that to like coffee they're going to get at jerry's deli this a big difference difference mean pence who makes it too i mean it might be just different you know put more or less in there the starbucks ones have insane amounts caffeine so you it might be possible to actually like piss hot for caffeine if you drank like a bunch of if you try i wonder how many you would have to drink
only then tease i bet you could only drinking a couple before you die now drink that shit all day a folding dave foley got to the point where there he was drinking so much coffee a day that he had a drink it black because he was can several quarts of half and half a day why dude i'm not bullshitting he used to did you ever fuck he loves it he loves coffee he used to drink it by the pot to get him back on the podcast i'm missing i'd love the fuck out of that dude he's a great guy there's um there's a wise in the caffeine kant listed for starbucks beverages apparently people want caffeine content is variable in starbucks currently doesn't have any quantitative caffeine information for all
all of our beverages we intend on adding caffeine information in a future upgrade i love that way we don't have i'm sorry i don't know why am i shaking why am i shaking if i know to my coffee i don't know i test it i wonder if they even tested like they knew they'd probably tested and go what the fuck the close the door like this place on fire kill everybody that saw the results like we got a retreat and figure out what we're going to tell people before we come back at starbucks not only would they not tested they should find out what equipment is used to test caffeine levels buy them all out and burn them blow them up okay 'cause it's really clear we are redlining people fucking gills we know we're doing a lot of stuff yeah apparently there's a caffeine database you can find out how much different things have in it and it's all about me grams per fluid oz and
like say like if you would go with like a red bull it see if we could find red bull here some of them are crazy man holy shit there's something called five thousand one hundred and fifty juice okay it has six sixteen thousand grams of caffeine per per per every five hundred fluid ounces hey i live mostly off just a trend today and you know coconut water but doesn't make sense but second that doesn't make sense how is it five hundred fluid ounces that's two of course it would be much larger than this is everybody else is like eleven fluid ounces and six fluid ounces so this five hundred fluid ounces what are they doing the measuring it for a jug does it have adam so stupid why the fuck that even get included i can't even believe is most people can't do the math to get it down to where it needs to be on five hundred so we save brian you have a trenta
i have it yeah i i'm pretty good on caffeine nowadays they are usually just drink a trend and then you know coconut water and water most of the most most the time now but i've been on those five hour energy drinks a lot lately is there anything negative with drinking mode no because they're mostly what b twelve yeah no the twelves water soluble you pass it out if you have too much and it's not dangerous is very healthy b twelve is a really good supplement more people should be on a b twelve is great for your muse system be twelve is just a good all around energy supplement it's so good that like in people that work crazy hours video games sometimes like those guys that have forced to work like sixteen hour days like many days in a row and they're trying to complete us people on sets they give them b12 shots it's like super super common they give you intramuscular b12 shots you know wrestlers do that a lot of wrestlers do that before they compete will take like an intramuscular v12 that's so it's that healthy for you so it's way better than starbucks right 'cause starbucks
i mean although it is delicious and i'm drinking some right now there's a lot of fucking caffeine in that bitch a venti starbucks good coffee ready a regular cup of coffee that you would get at a diner the average cup of coffee in eight ounce cup of coffee has one hundred and eighty milligrams of caffeine a venti starbucks has four hundred and fifteen as tested in this test so i don't know if you know this test who know i mean it might have been one really strong batch i don't know how many batches tested i don't know if this guy just made all these numbers up and put it on his websites which is starbucks just sell a caffeine free decaffeinated coffee that they add b twelve to one of that is a good idea one of the things that you you have to remember if you say decaffeinated decaf coffee has caffeine yeah just very small mouth no no it has quite a lot in fact some
people say that there are decaf coffee let's let's find out like how much it has so established that a tall okay let's just a tall brewed coffee from starbucks has two hundred and sixty oppose you know apparently as this guy saying so let's find out how much cash bean decaf hasn't it because i know there's some in there and it's not a little amount i think is a lot how much caffeine i can't spell who told you this what the fuck facts dot dot com does decaf starbucks app no i know it i know you can't get it all out on it needs more food for this studio i'll have some sign in what you want more those buffalo things now is it how much caffeine does decaf compare contain it must there's no guarantee this caffeine in there
so you play a lot of online poker's have you noticed that there's a lot of ah cheaters online is there live programs that i mean is it even fair to play online nowadays it's a really good question um i'll just address that by telling you a story when i was in college i was in the library you know how they have those cubicles with computers in them i walking by and this was just when i got into poker and i looked in one and there was a guy playing poker so i was like a knock on the door and see what's going on knock on the door he opens up he's playing on the computer that they have there he's playing on a laptop and then another laptop now that wouldn't be that abnormal however he's playing the same six player tournament on all three so he essentially six cards out of fifty two it gives you a gigantic advantage so yes there's cheating absolutely so he's play
is three different characters he's playing us yes exactly so there's six people it's called the sit and go so six people enter and then top to get paid their legal what he's doing no absolutely not so it happens it happens a lot caffeine content of decaf is much less it says to label it decaf it must have at least ninety seven percent of the caffeine removed so that leaves five milligrams as compared to one hundred one one hundred and fifty for six ounces of brewed coffee they're saying one hundred and fifty the other one i think sort of a little bit more but i think it's variable obviously and is they're talking about six ounces so that's that's five milligrams is not very much so it's definitely not but if you're sensitive to caffeine e drink quite a few of those you gotta think five ten one thousand five hundred and twenty like it started now you're starting to get to a point where you might feel it but it supposed like one hundred which is like a regular cup of coffee or more so two of
i mean it is broken the online poker because you could pretty much just gang up on people so like a single new person sitting there you could just pretty much play all the other characters fucking rule the game yeah so the problem is with games and with with smaller tournaments when you get bigger terms that have ten thousand players in them it's not such a big deal but yeah there's definitely some cheating going on and i've i've had multiple times i'm like there's something fishy going on here what about bots spot an issue not really they can beat like low stakes but when you get people that organized patterns good players that recognize patterns are going to know you're a and just take advantage of when you're uh i heard this has been done i don't know if it's still being done but that say if you would go into a room and it was like a six person table like they're allowed to have artificial people they're allowed to have like they could run a bot that's playing you i don't think
it's it's it's allowed no no i don't think it's allowed i think when the sites find them they they shut them down okay so that's that's just misinformation if someone says that they played against three bots and one other dude it's not right well they may have then but but it's not like it's not legal yeah you're not supposed to do that where is it legal to gamble now still not legal to gamble if it's american web right we're not allowed to play poker in their own homes against consulting adults you're not even allowed to play po poker with money right we can do that still but only only in vegas and casinos in casino yeah but what if you're at home like you you allowed have a poker game with a bunch of friends you have like stacks of hundreds on the table you getting crazy and drinking is that legal well yes the way it is like if the house takes a rake it's illegal if you're just playing your friends and you know it seems like five bucks you say will play for five bucks but if you play fifty thousand that's why i think as long as there's no rake being collected really yeah is that true actually i don't know that for a fact
sure that's where i feel like you would have to pay taxes on that shit and then it's illegal you still have to pay taxes you have to you have to clean up that claim it yeah that's another reason why they made it illegal here is because the taxes were just they were not being paid by a lot of people it's based off shore was based in ireland and and costa rica the three things i mean isn't that a the you know iris problem the what how could they deny the entire i mean it seems like as a technology issue how could you did deny an entire industry they weren't getting paid off it's about the money they're not getting revenue because the sites are based offshore so they're only getting revenue when people pay their but why don't they just allow people to have sites on shore and
then make the money from that and then later yeah and then say if you have an off shore when you have to pay taxes on will get you listen there's a lot of things in this world that just don't make any sense and i could fix so much and i know simple logic logic hey listen i mean it's it's incredibly terrible but i have to play i mean i like mexico i'm right on the beach is beautiful is a lot of dolphins swim by but is that where you live right now yeah i live in mexico i have a house he lives there too right jc still live in mexico city i think so so you live in mexico near the beach don't say where because they will come get you yeah i live right on the beach it's beautiful i love listening the waves as i go to sleep so awesome i miss a lot of a lot of things about states like the law yeah blah the food there's a lot of things i miss you know have you ever seen any crazy shit living in mexico if you seen some things that may go ok we're not in kansas anymore yeah one of the first days i was i went for a run on the beach and there's like a cliff and
kind of secluded on one end and there were two people just bang it out right there hanging out sexually so yeah it's going to it's fine that was fine but now as far as like weird things i mean did you watch yeah i let him finish i was looking right in his eyes what i'm saying is you know you don't see very many like crime situ no i don't put myself in positions to be in that i basically stay in the resort the whole time i mean i go out to go get food so you live in a resort basically they have like pools and tennis courts basketball court and stuff like that so you just stay in the resort base that's your wow so you're like living in an apartment that's surrounded by a whole another country that you don't venture into basically well i go in like probably i would say twice a week are you what school next pattern here like an official expat i wouldn't consider myself an expert but you live in mexico i have a house in vegas i don't know so so i rented it out while i go to mexico and play wow that's cool so
you have to be in mexico to do this yeah i can't play like if i was right here and i tried to fire it up it wouldn't let me the ipo be blocked watt wow and not only that but now there's millions and millions of dollars that's doj has seized from full tilt poker that's just sitting there we haven't been paid that back yet so basically did was this shut the sites down it was i think it was april 15th something like that they shut all the sides down if you had money online back went to the geo and now you have to you have to ask them for your money back and we still can't get our money back wow creepy creepy government it is very be creepy fucking government man i'm just baffled that you know against other consider consenting adults i can't play poker with them well it's just it's really gross that we allow grown adults to tell us what we can and can't do when it comes to situations like this like that is not
and that is not that's not a tax issue because it should be completely unrelated how how you pay your taxes should be your personal responsibility based on what you're actually income is absolutely if you want to hide your gambling income they should be find out will you only make fifty thousand dollars a year how do you have a three hundred thousand dollars car so let's go online so this motherfucker place poker all day and he's not reporting his winnings like i'm all for the and i think everybody should have to pay their share but you should be able to tell me what i can and cannot agree that's stupid i agree and then you can see like you can google anyone's name and see what they've won it's just it's out there it's all tall public because when you cash in a tournament it shows an online yeah you know what about it didn't know what was the full full tilt poker later busted for fraud who got busted for fraud absolute poker absolute poker what would they had a guy that basically could see your hole cards like an admin yeah he like edit some kind of
not very computer savvy but something that he could see every card at the table and what he was doing was he was just winning these insane amounts of money and not even trying to hide it for example when he won a tournament he made a call at the asked when the last car the river came out with ten high i don't know if you play poker not basically a call that you would never that i've never made my life okay right never this is never good and he was right because you could see the guys cards but it's like how you're going to be that blatant about it if you could see that why would you not just michael the a little bit yeah i agree exactly look you know get third instrument once maybe you're out in the gym for is an hour is the the the thing man there's like the great there's so much gray area with with poker and law so he's he's not in jail well there was that guy was trying to run a nem a organization as well that bo dog guy calvin there was a yes yeah yeah he had this whole thing that he was doing what he was
in these guys like fight on the beach and you know it's beautiful resort in costa rica or something like that you know you put the like fights like on the beach i saw his house i was in costa rica golfing is on a golf course he's a bar he's a ball was a powerful baller but he's forced to live in another country he can't come me so he comes to america would be arrested arrested and dana white where they had like this big go back and forth it was pretty hilarious twitter or long four two it all before yeah it's like on websites in interviews and stuff like that but he had like this picture look and he hit of these built bowl billboards was to be like him in a beautiful suplex with girls behind calvin arbors that's bulldog fights like what are you selling man is selling looking like a pimp you know without sex he's selling like the lifestyle you know like that's what people are fascinated by there not just fascinated by the fights in their fascinated by his lifestyle but he was forced into exile of online gambling right yeah i mean and the crazy part about it is you can still gamble on horses
we can get on the lottery come on the lottery scratch tickets are available at every gas station and that's cheap it's poker is skill i've had eight years of i've had one losing year out of eight years yeah but that's yeah that's rare that wasn't it yeah three people make money playing poker three percent three percent that's similar to professional pool and fighting as well yeah the top guys how many yeah and comedians pretty much everything and pretty much everything yeah right make sure this is real money yeah ditch diggers often so like i think they all get the same amount some of them dolphin sex doesn't make sense but like how many times do people hang out with dolphins and not fuck him probably three how many successful that try to fuck them that would be what it would be no because dolphins wanna fuck back to shut the fuck up stop read can i talk to you can't engaged brought you back in the fold
most poker players what do they do to make a living that's what i do it's only thing i do but most don't most i why i can't speak for everyone else i know that there's probably maybe you guys i a name that make good money there's guys who make stupid money and they have like they they're always into crazy bets like they'll play golf for one million dollars or something yeah it's pretty normal the top one percent that is so fucking crazy it does play around golf golfer one million dollars but that's so normal isn't it we do those guys for them yeah yeah i don't get a million dollars have you ever had a crazy bad about something like you know who's going to lose the most about away or take the longest shit or 'cause that's the kind of things that they do right i could ship the longest complete shit ever we bet on a lot of weird things like we bet one time we better guy that he wouldn't take a shot glass full of like steak rub
so yeah he was allowed a little water he did you know that that guy could die if that's all salt i did not know that i think if you eat like a pound of salt you could die i guess the shot glass is not a power with that shop class the submit in that state grabs like more granular yeah it's like it's like space in between it's not as heavy as like morton salt right i give you drink a shot glass of morton runoffs that would be impressive his flock has day grubs not quite yet heavy like up that's a like if you can say in a pool for twenty four hours things like that stay in a pool for twenty four hours who did that i don't remember his name but you take probably got in the pool what about the guy do you know him the famous gamble in vegas that actually got breast implants do you know that story i think i remember seeing that awhile ago here on tv he warm for a whole yeah that was the the that was the bet i don't know him personally is any legendary is that guy legendary care so what's his name
if he is in tom is name had been on the show poker after dark no i have not been on the i was on on one of the s p n world series poker ones on him exactly what is the what is the like most success you've have a program you mean like most wanted a day or something or this one like you know ever one hundred thousand dollars the one he won one thousand dollars looking there name brian zembic i've never cashed in on one hundred thousand dollars bet by getting breast implants for a year yeah eight years later he still has them are you serious you keep him see i think i would keep him too i think after a couple months you'd be like dude it's fucking high i had a really nice tits boobs are off i don't think that's what it is i think he probably does it cause he's nuts as far as i can tell you most i've lost in a day it was twenty five k wow that's to and that really sucked but
the wind was two hundred and nine in a day two hundred and nine thousand she's luiza what did the first thing you bought did you buy any i bought a lexus nice nice with cash i have three fifty nice it's quick that's a good car to this like stepping out of line yeah i'm not getting crazy didn't go bentley no no you bought like a sensible car yeah it's out there right now i love that cards it's really reliable i love that's the thing about lexus man those things are bullet proof that i had one of those big trucks those qx whatever the fuck it was amazing man there's so well designed to they have that new one they have the new version of the ls they're they're big flagship sedan it might as well be a space ship i mean it parks itself yeah i had a button and like it parallel parks for you like that is bananas since the fucking thing actually parks for you cameras in the front cameras in the rear you know all different shit that makes it run perfect
so it's amazing how that computer controlled all these things oh my god i can't wait till five hundred and ten years from now we'll be the google are the cars driving around now trying to suck yeah you lose all your fun yeah that's true driver so if it's true it should be that you should have the option to do it that way yes no way water all over the place you that we are not as it is on the table it is be able to have the option to either have the google car not like being able to almost like ride a train like i just wantto yeah it could be fun for long trips like a five hour drive to just sit there with your ipad watch a movie it would suck that he wouldn't be able to avoid all the other crazy assholes didn't have good cars it's true you all that's true switching lanes and shit making you hit the brakes you probably sitting there with no seat belt too you get in an accident yeah i know what the lag is and what if they ever figure out that this accidents are caused by the google car that or caused because the google car couldn't respond as quickly as precisely as a person could or there was options go kart cart rose the shitty option
done with engines bro i like living right now yeah i like this right now yeah i think we get to enjoy this well allegedly i took that car up to one hundred and forty oh allegedly that's scary fast that's like that's a wheel fall off fast no well it's interesting because allegedly also took my old saab up to one hundred and it was shaking but yeah this was clean it's big different than those japanese engineers they're not complete names and they're not playing around this if you're seeing that one crazy lexus they far less lfl buffalo elephant yeah yeah jesus they had one and when i went to vegas to get my car service they have one in the showroom i'll just like to half a million dollars yes yeah i think they stop making him though and they only had a certain amount that i think they made like three hundred something how much was it three hundred i think it's super duper expense
but it was just weird that it was like performance wise it wasn't really much better than a nissan gtr if better at all you know something where they race those two i think and it was pretty comprable yeah gt rs one hundred thousand dollars car and it's a monster and that's another same piece that's an insane piece of engineering and it's also something that apparently nissan doesn't even make any money on they just wanted to prove a point it's really kind of a country move that i put out a better car cheaper and like dill it there like your prices are way too high we're going down like a good luck ferrari how much is that thing three hundred thousand dollars they come up with that number i want to know how they come up with that number how much it costs yeah you ever seen it ferrari factory those are artisans their big difference green like a ferrari and like just you're going to buy a ferrari you're going to buy something that's made by like craftsman like leather stitching the dash is done by hand the car's engine piece together by a bunch of specialist they all do it in this gigantic beauty
will clean warehouse where they eat espresso at lunch and take two hour naps and these are like artists and they put together these machines that are not just beautiful not just like perfect engineering but sound amazing there there can construct it like there's like a feeling to them like like if you're into watch watches and you pick up a rolex and feel the automatic time and know that someone like put all that shit together there's something to mechanical things that are created by the human hand that makes some like really special to us yeah and you don't really get that with the g t are you do i mean it is designed by manta put together but what you get is like this feeling of his crazy techno logical marvel like you get in and you like the you know the the lights come on the the the the the the engine revs up here the turbines like whoa hi this is a spaceship this thing is a some some crazy piece of the most advanced automobile technology available but it doesn't feel like an old ferrari like if you you know
start up and he had a blonde woman and you realize some italian dudes built this thing and stitch these seats together by hand you know when you pull see because someone made all this shit you feel that steering wheel and like everything's mechanical you moving the shifter and hearing the clickity clack there something about like man created things that in my opinion is like it's like art in a physical form that's functional that you use you know and there's this whenever someone tells me like odin lloyd cars what cars stupid me tamia cars just get you where you want to go okay were driven a shelby mustang do you know what the fuck you're talking about you don't you don't like that feeling when you hit the gas and your bull and you feel those fucking tires squeaking a little bit because they're trying to get some traction because there's so much fucking horsepower then you're not alive man you're not alive you really pre s gotta try it once at least it's a good feeling it is a good feeling
amazing especially when you do standard because then you really feel like you're part of that they don't make that lexus outstanding standard even though they have time i can bring it in and i can actually do up and down with the shifter but it's not the same 'cause you know you don't have feet that's like being a little kid in high school does not to drive a stick shift and you pretending you such shifting the gears in your own that's exactly what it is and it won't even actually there's there's things in place where you can't act it'll it'll gear up even if you don't because if you take to a certain point so it's not really real yeah yeah it's bullshit is bullshit my m3 has that they have a double clutch it's nice and it's great for traffic you know it's it's way more efficient than you would ever be with the clutch so clutch is kind of stupid in the long run but is that mechanical feeling again think of shifting your own gears and turning your own stealing steering wheel there's like a thrill to that they like it feels good it's not even about speeding you know like have you ever driven one of those like really old porsches it's like nineteen
70s like sixty nine seventy seventy one is really tiny little mechanical things they have the engine in the back it's all screwy hit too much gas you go side with but they only have like one hundred and fifty horsepower they're not heavy the really light but you everything in that thing and you get out even you going forty miles an hour you get out of the car with a big smile on your face like that was fucking cool this we've lost something it takes a lot more to get us to that feeling in like some crazy technological marvel lego alexis yeah i think it's more like you're actually doing something in the car is not just driving for you know giving yeah you're engaging moving it along this car i mean i don't even know what some of the buttons do in there you know it's just like
yeah when you find out about traction control and stability control and like they literally there going around a corner of one wheel starts spinning they'll hit a apply brakes to it and like only break one wheel and turn the car this way to try to balance it out it'll turn out of fish tales yeah it's amazing especially that gtr that gtr is incredible for that like all the guys to review it they you know though like joke around about taking on a racetrack just trying to throw it into the corners and a car it figures out how to do it and corrects itself which is really smart you don't want some asshole on some one thousand nine hundred and seventy porsche oh that's going to fucking kick out sideways on every time it goes around a corner and gives it the gas you don't want that you want that asshole to drive a gtr but then in order for him to get his asshole kicks he's gotta go a lot faster you gotta go a lot faster one hundred and forty you gotta hit that game feel that fucking thing pin you to the back and that's eaten oh i just
i have my i'm leaving my car here because it's the kind of sticks out there you know side a dry my roommate's car is just such a treat to get back here and drive this thing what kind of car is it the america or that you're then this one yeah my room is his of like the corolla on like a ninety two i think somewhere in there you know what drivers car well i do out there because it's you know pushing we do that scully drive in mexico yeah drive that's a good move yeah because i don't want to track detention yeah are to be sent for you meant like here oh yeah yeah i was like people have nice cars here now here is fine yeah in mexico if you have like a mercedes or you at target i think they say the guy that was like helping me move in like the landlord is like yeah you could take your car here there's there's mercedes and so etc i saw like one mercedes in the garage i was sweating the one dude i would be around the corner look i'm looked at everyone stares wherever i go in mexico so i would just imagine how it would be if they saw a spaceship so how
how often do you go like out you said don't really leave the resort how often i mean grow every now and then grocery shopping like all you want to leave to go grocery yeah but that's like just highway and the grocery store and then how it backs up the bill to go there and is due to some browse machine guns shouldn't all yeah they have they what that there's guys with machine guns all over the place the this yeah yeah they just carry around machines like it's no big deal yeah it's crazy that is be the case no they clamp down a bit from what i stand it's more of a pool is more peace now than it was a little while ago well like when i i would go in the first time i went to mexico i think was pre two thousand i think i think i might have no it was when i was on mtv i was on this thing for fear factor and we did it so it must have been like two thousand and one or two thousand and two it was pretty much safe yeah it's pretty safe i think a lot of the things that they show here just like the worst of the worst and it's like you can find that anywhere right you know you
look there's murders here too yeah none again it's just they're not publicize as much as they are it's hard to get the video the video of those guys put out with their fucking cry the narco music over it will show people getting machine gun they have that all done this videos of them chopping people up with chainsaws yeah they've done wow really mean shit yeah that's not right yeah we got to figure out how to fix that problem everybody read about iraq and afghanistan we lived next to one of the craziest spots on earth look they can't get clean water man it's crazy we got to go out and refill our water we can't use the water in the sink really to do the mexicans use it yeah but you get sick for a long time if you do it but eventually gave eventually get used to it which i mean develops a good bacteria it goes back to that fecal transplant shit what you need to do is get a mexican do this shit in your butt and his fecal matter will bow it's out your ecosystem i'll look into that
it's a real thing man we were talking about earlier i actually googled it and it's called they call it fecal microbiota transplantation also known as stool transplants process of transporting fecal bacteria from hell the individual into a recipient as a treatment for patients suffering forum from cdi which is which produces ranging from diarrhea to sudo membraneous colitis colitis is not good anytime someone says he got colitis oh previous terms for the procedure include fecal bacterial therapy fecal transfusion fecal transplant her while the wrist is involves restoration of the call the colonic flora by introducing healthy bacterial flora through an infusion of stool people need to eat better active someone came up with this idea yahoo someone produced sitting there one day and just say i wonder if we can put poop in someone elses button fix there
well they're starting to understand so much more when it comes to bacteria and healthy bacteria and there starting to understand that it affects mood it's affects behavior effects so much and it wards off diseases and improve your immune system and actually some bacteria aggressively fights off colds and aggressively fights off when you come into contact with certain different in a nasty things that can actually bad it's like having troops in your body don't don't viruses just mutate and come back stronger though well they kind of you don't take your fucking mens truly don't do all ten days if you're one of those bitches like dogs and hope who openly admitted on the podcast that he contributed to the creation of a super aids by not taking his fucking full z pack yeah he's one of those days i have felt better i stop taking it so so if somebody tries to tell you that that they took
that your shit is so good that you took it out and put in someone's body and healed them you know that it might not be lying sounds like he'd be a bullshit artist that sound yeah nope and it ended so how did you get involved with being like like sort of an expert on positive thinking or mental concentration or did you just get it by renting yourself and then i met want a poker game awhile ago in la we're running a poker mla as it already should fear no and guys taking me under his wing show me the ways of life really how much gay sex is involved alot alot a lot seems seems like just given none no you know it's it's it's been it's just something i've always known in my life just there's there's something i gotta learn you know i gotta learn about myself learn how to think how to feel how to be man i mean
there's a lot of time like for example with women i would know talk to a woman for till like college i was scared of rejection and one day i'd use the hulk music brain yeah we're gonna need you to repeat this story okay so what you were saying basically what was that there was one a really big break up yes yes one really big crazy heart wrenching breakup it wasn't really that big though for this story for this though that's right with the hulk music when i'm trying to install while brian pulls up the hulk music the internet here sucks it shocker go ahead tell us look i wouldn't even go up to a womans oskar rejection and one day i was sitting there was like why am i scared of this rejection and my myself like if i don't go up it's a no right every time
and if you just close your eyes and jerk off in the bathroom it's a yes it's like you pretended actually happened and then you can talk to wear without needing something without being such a needy bitch and you probably not being more successful yeah well look that's one of the things i've learned is like everything created by yourself you're as confident as you believe you can be or your as weak as you believe you are i saw your twitter it was really funny dude text message to the wrong wrong person yeah and so he he text messaged you got the wrong number and this is meant by the way girls don't like it when you're needing yeah exactly well he texted he texted me times three times within an hour and i was sick
they're playing poker and i was like man stop annoying me and i was like you know what now i'm just going to help this guy out listen you cannot text a girl three times she's done with you after the second tax probably yeah even the second tax you've given up your card you know what do you do need unless you're just having fun and enough to worry about anything you're not actually playing a game of trying to catch the pussy you know if you could be friends and you could send three text to a friend sure but let's be realistic trying to get some pussy blue cards same as poker right you get crazy throwing your money on the table and you're fucked yeah requires discipline well in the beginning i went broke three times broke like and it's on the street no well i mean i was still living with my parents so it wasn't that bad but you were living with your parents and you went bro no no no i mean wait hold on let me think that is a long time ago if you're to make up a story have it made up ok paypal when i want to hear you crazy fake
broke with your parents i went broke when i was in college in college so like when i was i went to plattsburgh upstate new york and i went broke like three times during that period i went broke student loan my first so like and then i made six grand back and i went to vegas and i made i made some money but i is like trying to be that cool guy going to clubs and spending all this money and i went home with like two hundred dollars but every time i went broke i rebounded within a week and i got back i had a nine thousand score right so you been addicted to playing poker for a long time you're talking about like i once a day yeah you've been at the wrong term right you've been a an extreme enthusiasts of competitive poker yeah well the way it went was the first year i learn how to play i was playing eight hours a day seven days a week you just
yeah that's the way i am when i do something i really put my mind to it i want to be the best yeah there's just no stopping so and it would poker it's like much like with a lot of other disciplines there's so much you can learn that it becomes really exciting like the more more effort and focus you put on it the more you read about it the more you improve and you see that improvement it's very stimulate you know it is an and the great thing about poker that i love is it's always knew new things always can pick up something new every time you play that's why i love it because it keeps me learning new things everyday and growing as a poker player you know as a person well it seems like it would be a fun way to make a living too as long as you actually successful but that one year you said you have like one year they did this last year data soccer bag one yeah well most of the reason was because i lost my online income because of the black friday poker being coming illegal so i couldn't play online so i was just spending money without making it so is that why you moved to mexico partially
i make more money do you find yourself a little seeing you read it down there that knows how to speak spanish and get you out of a jam no no i haven't i don't i can't speak spanish at all what you living in spanish you can't speak spanish most there are part of the problem most of the big restaurants and stuff speak english so i never really have better we're right next door we got the cash exactly we got the guns now they got the guns now so they have a lot of guns they have a lot of consummate that was one of the dumbest ideas in the history the human race was that operation fast and furious you know that is when the d a decided know what we gotta find out where those mexicans do with these guns him a bunch of guns and track 'em so they sold them like thousands of guns called operation fast and furious yeah it's real and then some of those guns were actually is to kill a us border patrol agent like that is easily one of the dumbest ideas in the history of the or one
of the most clever ruse is for oh i was just so stupid i didn't even know you can't sell guns whoops sorry won't happen again i was actually working for the good guys are now selling the bad guys guns yeah i figured we just watch who they shoot and then we have 'em you get it we about two thousand guns over there no worries no big deal guns are legal over there in mexico all turns know will illegal to own as like a citizen like what about rifles like hunting rifles i don't know about that i think that would be a gun right i mean do stupid how you supposed to kill your food you have to add it is to rely on someone else to kill for them apparently beings are already dead bro there alive up bitch you started going out there maybe you do but yeah it's really interesting living out there man it's it's a new world so you move there just to specifically to get around this law yeah
are you in trouble exam that can you say no no no no no it's legal to play there it is yeah it's legal so is it legal it so you can say like if someone says hey why you live in mexico you can say look i i'm personal poker player that's i make my living you pay taxes in america yeah on those ill gotten gains yeah it's legal in house really it's i don't know it's where the actual house that you sleep in is settled in that's what's important what line of the dirt is yep it's on here you can go to jail if it's on here they'll take your tax dollars that's how it is you get shit for going back and forth like that you guys look at you funny not really i mean i just say i'm there to surf and relax which is true do you said say that you're a that you live can you look in the mirror like passport does it say you live in mexico united states passport yeah so what do you say yeah i have a vacation home down i just say i'm vacationing yeah and you know
it's not really a hell of a big deal when you come into the u s but when you go into mexico you don't want to say that what's the deal with canada can you do that in canada you could do in canada yeah you chose mexico over camera yeah like the beach dude dream is true i guess we do you see those photos of kevin prayer just was in kobo and their photos he sent tweeting just so beautiful so normal fucking gorgeous however you might just know canadians yeah absolutely i thought about it you know but i just want to go somewhere make a bunch of money and come back and live how do you when you have we are professional poker player like what's the long term goal do you like you try to be the best try to like stockpile enough money away so that you can get through a bad year yeah yeah for example i bought a house last year you know i just try to have some money with a financial advisor i have some money in my bank
you know i just try to diversify because there are rainy days where you don't make money so you know i fortunate that i was able to make enough to not have to really worry about it when black friday hit and you know i could live it's funny that everybody calls in the poker community they call it black friday black friday is there is there any work being done to try to fix that yeah it's going on i would say about a year until it's legalized but the problem the problem now is that they want to do it state to state where you're not going to be able to play with the whole world so you're going to have is not going to be able to make as much money as you could against californians but that's the television listen to take the cash that's true that's true on on sunday they have a two hundred dollars buy in which gets about four thousand players you can win a quarter of a million dollars where is this it's online jesus and you can't play it if you live in america correct to try to go could you go through a proxy proxy you could but like a parochial but not a state you could practice yeah you could but i wouldn't say i mean i wouldn't suggest it you know because of
they catch you i don't know what they would do so it probably arrest you right i don't know well that's what i said the law with poker is it's so new that they don't really have anything set in place so they could probably take your money probably isn't that funny they can't take it if you do it in mexico even you're paying them the taxes on that if you do that you want to hear the worst part of it is that well finally they just remedy this but for a bunch of years you couldn't carry over losses so let's say you made 100k one year but then the next year you lost forty when they're not giving you one hundred back so it hard to survive sometimes well that just makes i mean it's just based on a yearly thing yeah you would think that you would be able to do well because like for example if you're a doctor you're making around the same each year right but if you're a poker or you can lose some some of your in you know now now you can carry over though they let you now carry over oh you do now you can the last within the last year i believe oh that's interesting so i should say i was told this by somebody the same i told brian that dolphins
inside the but no this was a a so i'm hoping it's right or else i'm screwed he's a producer there are distributed disinformation yeah make sure you check yeah i should just saying you never know man you're right it might be fucking with you it's true next thing only trying to claim shit and he's trying to get you locked up maybe he's deep inside he's working from the inside like that show homeland about i haven't seen it yet i've been told to watch that though it's good man so you said you worked with campman and you work with kong going did you work with kong for his last fight with franklin so well actually i work from his last fight before that against coat oh yeah more extensively for the other we talked once we didn't it's sort of like still in its infancy stages do you plan on doing this as a business i want to you what would you do just make different
grams based on different guys and how to just play it by ear and try to figure out how what we can do to fix them yeah i mean well the the thing is it's it's like i said it the difference so much from person to person so you can have kind of an idea of where you're going but how you get there is going to be different based on everybody else and what's going on in their head that's pretty cool did you know you're obviously a guy who's sort of figured out in life that you can carve your own path you know you don't have you're not living you're living in fucking mexico first of all let's be a big hint no poker player and i'm just gonna go mentally coach fighters yeah well i mean that's that's fun way to live life i think oh fuck yeah without a demo i think it's so important for people to hear that people like you are doing that too 'cause so many people think that life is just the sort of mundane series of events that you've been thrown into and there's no way to get out of it and you're going to be stuck doing something you know along these lines for the rest of your life like you can do anything you want and i know it sounds corny but
one day i literally woke up and said you know what i want to work with mma fighters and i and i took action that's the bless one i think i think that most people are lacking they can think of great things they want to do but as far as action goes there really is malana people are waiting for someone else to come along and help them you know that's why it's one of the most annoying things i bet you must get this as people that have requests for you to help them like start a business or requests for you to help do you get that condition investor you mean as an investor and burn to come yeah i don't do it anymore you can't yeah you gotta figure out your own pass on you know and coming up to so as a list if you took this and brought to a producer like i got my own things to worry about you got find your own way don't don't try to get a bunch of people that fucking make your business by donating money and stop you to set up a structure yeah you know you need to just set up a structure for how you're going to get to where you want to get and that's the only way to do it there's a lot of fucking people that want other people to help them
that request like that can you teach me how to play poker all the cheeses that seems easy it's like do you realize how much time it takes to get good at poker i asked i said do you understand that you're going to have to be completely immersed in it for a year can you do that with your time yeah eight hours good luck and if you don't you're going to lose exactly so you never be a fucking professional goddamnit it's very important they'll do to have guys like you to have a conversation with someone who's living a life that seems like a crazy life like yeah like wow how they gotta figure that out how do i do that it's so important for normal folks to hear stuff like your story like if i was eighteen and i heard your story it would be great for me i i'd be like oh okay well that's possible too yeah like maybe you don't have to do this job like maybe i should figure out if i could be a poker player guy seems cool is having a good time like just the idea just put the idea
of you being able to accomplish things that are unusual things you don't see around you it's not easy it look it takes work and that's why most people i don't think do it because it takes a lot of work man it takes a lot of work do anything yeah to any be a comedian to be mma fighter to be a poker player anything and everything it's that's sort the key to life find something that you really love to do and just go fucking crazy with it and the key is to not be stopped going to hit road bumps some people just you know say ok well i'll try something new but you know i hit road bumps and poker to when i'm done broke you know you you didn't i thought about quitting every time you know and i just said you know what i'm just going to get better and i actually with the way i did it was i message the top ten ranked poker players online that's how i did it i said listen i'm looking to get good will you take five minutes out of your day to talk to me three of them said yes those are suckers
i screwed up i wouldn't let this guy in take all your fucking money what if you come in second place and you you come in first place and he comes in second he's like what the fuck you certainly can't do it with a large group people but i definitely try to take like three or four people under my wing you know time that's cool man yeah i mean if i think it's important brian under your wing now i've been life coach so much this week i from so i can even say and with that gem ladies gentlemen thanks once again everybody who bought my special my comedy special online if you go to joe rogan dot net live from the tabernacle i couldn't come up with another name figure out what another name would be but it just never came to me and i don't think it was important so it's live from the cold 'cause i filmed it at the tabernacle theater in atlanta ga and i think if you play this music distracts me and it makes me confused i don't know what to do now live from the tabernacles available drm free that means you could download
you put it on whatever the fuck you want you can copy it you could put it on your watch tv watch on ipad there's a bunch of different downloads you could get to you can also stream it there's a lot of different options available to you by with paypal or amazon it's only five bucks louise a style louis i think really sort of changed the entire way that comedians are going to be distributing their shows in the future to self promoting self funded and that's what i did i paid for the entire filming of it all hired like a director and my friend anthony and his big company positive image be able to do a great professional job on it so i'm really proud of it it's a i think it's my favorite stuff of all the stuff that i've ever done and it's really exciting i'm it's a an awesome time to be comedian i'm in my my replenishing material phase right now so it's really exciting i'm doing a lot of sets and having so much fun coming up with new shit but the feed it's been amazing it's been the most positive feedback of any thing i've ever done online ever so i just want to thank you guys
and thanks to everybody that sends all the cool beats in the facebook messages and all that shit i appreciate the fuck out of all but i can't thank everybody individual one at a time but we know that you guys are enjoying the show we know that you guys are enjoying the stand up shows and all the other shit that we do and we're very happy and we're going to keep doing it if you want to follow matt online you could follow him he is on twitter and his twitter handle matt then grin v e n g are i n so it's m a t t e v e n g and your website too i do but hardly use it but i would like to plug a charity book i made it's called poker with a purpose it's on amazon did you do that just to get checks no do charity poker know i but i did i did give one hundred percent of it we are charity i didn't take this beautiful that's all we got twenty of the best poker players in the world the writing it so that's
and is it an instructional yeah it's basically there's way i did it was i did like different facets of the game like three bed you probably wonders in terms with three different things of poker and i did three people to do their opinion on it so you could choose which one you like or incorporate whatever you like into it is mostly just one person writing about it like like know it to be fact fact that's cool yeah and so all these different people put it out and it's available through amazon and it's just since we we're giving this to green world dot org where they plant is all throughout the world so yeah we just ten dollars is cheap and there's amazing information and a strategy book that's beautiful and it's called poker with a purpose correct and it available on amazon dot com thanks again to kerosene games for promoting the podcast and go check out but leadslinger slinger their newest video game
their own the first actually they're working on other ones but this is the first one playing next you son of a bitch you gotta the copy is it for a couple minutes blade singers available till december 29th it's only zero dollars and ninety nine cents it's two hundred and ninety nine normally normally so either way it's very reasonable three dollars for an awesome video game that you could over and over again until your dick falls off so go get some sun and thanks also to on it dot com use the code name rogan that's r o g a n and save yourself ten percent off any and all supplements right you fucks the map for beyond the podcast pleasure thank you all you freak people out there in the in the wonderful world oh my goodness tomorrow we're going to have andrew dice clay on you just text me back these are the kind of live updates that you get on this fucking podcast
i will see you tomorrow anything else then i'll be at ice house chronicles friday with a special guest that i can announce until thursday at midnight so tickets are on sale at icehousecomedy dot com it's going to be a podcast slash i'll tell you you can't say who it is but he might have been in a movie that rhymes with super fruity alright fuckers thanks a lot we'll see tomorrow at three p dot m with andrew dice clay halo
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