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#304 - Andrew Dice Clay, Brian Redban

2012-12-28 | 🔗
Andrew Dice Clay, Brian Redban - Date: 12/27/2012
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the guy he's already senior oh really made he saw you like seven years ago when we were there in a minute calm yeah that's right that's right we do that's right yeah right we'll start spot gasoline gentlemen andrew dies clays here bitches respect where's the dragon experience new year's eve you dirty folks it's going down in drew motherfucking dies clay we're all be how can i say showtime thirty a m pierre showtime on showtime is this thank you for your very sound does not gonna get knives on this already say you were very happy with really happy with it but you know i really stayed on it from beginning to end i had a concept you know that i want to do as far as i'm concerned the most like an ultimate rock n roll stand up show to really
ring excitement you now because like you you know you're very animated onstage you're all over the place you move you know you could do that life in you and that's like the one thing that always bothered me about comedians that they don't know too much about performance ought specially you know when the cameras are rolling everybody thinks that great and then the cameras turn on and they stand like a fuckin mummy you know so i really want to give a real edgy rock n roll special and you know as you ve met before my son's ella rocks opens to show eleanor care again you know who opened my shows is in the special which you never even see an opening act in one hour special and it's just from the second it starts to the second it ends its just exciting and it's fucking funny you know
and that's that's what i want to deliver what did you give people something that you know especially in the way the world is today the whole political correctness fuckin shit you know and i want did i make sure there is nothing politically correct about actual because you know one comics are being put on trial tell you know a gay joke or a black joke and you know now now the whole were what do you think you know when when tm z stop and you know what do you think you know you touch you know daniel tosh saying this i know it's a fucking joke isn't that the point we allowed comment on what goes on socially you know in the world swim is someone joking and being serious at the same time since one is that a real statement when someone saying something that's obviously ridiculous they dont really mean that you're so stupid can interpret that
you can you know why why we running for office it was only end the ideas that when when somebody something offensive that's a joke the idea is it somehow it's the exact same hang as saying something offensive about a person it's a racist thing or gay think just went through aid having an organic or somebody in name now we're for an effect that's right and it's an art form and people you know this is you know a time with people need to really laugh you know i really want that the new year's eve spot because i also you knows especially because that hurricane happen on these codes and i know a lot of people don't go out its house parties and i just want this stomachs two fuckin heard from the things saying on that stage listen i saw in vegas me and norton and bandwidth and oh yeah yeah red ban came sam
from open anthony show and we had the fuckin best time because that's like it's a rare wait for me to be able to go and just sit down be an audience member and enjoy yes at a great show in somebody that won't no matter where you noticed stomach vegas years ago for you know for the comedy stolen the communist or was it the dunes i got fired the second night you now language you know and you know is this you is this the new special this i love it yeah i want did uniting i didn't wear anything to intends as far as an outfit i didn't want to go with the elves see jackets you know it very street i want at this stage to look so
it shall you put on vegas was fuckin awesome i really enjoy that for this do not pay for it in vegas and around the country but i did you know this past year to twenty eight weeks in vegas you know just what did it tight because is good as you think you might be when the cameras are rolling like i said you were gonna fuck up a little you know you're not like i was doing this one where i left out a whole chunk of the big because i was so into like performing for the crowd that after the show was over in other producers were like you're not my wife use she goes you left out this in this europe but that was the warm up then the second show i came out into just annihilate the crowd in the crowd was you know it was bedlam it was in as insane as i was you know it was very reminiscent of my first special as far as the audience reaction the energy year we did
chicago i mean the ban kick das i made you gonna let you haven't like a resurgence it's it's a complete resurgence i mean just by the response of the p oh you know years ago you know when i would say certain things with women you know was the you know that say you know today when i when i you know when i tell them what piglets state but come thirty years now they got there first pumping in the air like guys dies don't ever an error rate people people more accepting a fucked up shit what while you were also people of change because a lot of what i talk about his sexual you and women of change they're the ones that wrote the material you now that you know you know in this day and age you know i had a call from a friend of mine that was with a girl went out with a thought she was a sweet girl you know they wound up just doing
breathing imaginable to each other and he tells me so i call on the next day you know you know to see how she's doing you know letting them know like it's not forgotten like i want to see you and she goes i'll call you right back and she never even called me again he said because i was the one night stand but that's how things have changed that they become so aggressive you know day you can't go by the face you can't go by oh she's got tat girl next door look you now and the next thing you know she's a contortionists view you know wrap in feed around the back of the neck where your bank you know what i mean that's what it did i didn't exist before what you know why i didn't have one like that you don't have any contortionists thing but you know i always thought a woman in the bedroom would you now in a subway wherever you might be bang and are at the time you know sing rome whatever a care because whatever you know one alley euro should
the kind of woman she wants to be like that she doesn't have the whole back because they always felt like a lotta relationships you know like i'm married now for the third time and i feel like relationships start you know splitting apart because people are an honest at the beginning about what they like how they liked baby you know years ago woman wouldn't let you know all these little things that might you know push a buttons and sooner or later she's doing it with some other guy because she's now afraid to tell you what she's about and you know i would always let a woman no just be the pig dead you are if i had it comedic let you know what i may be what you want to be i don't judge that y yeah slowly but surely everyone's gonna just be what they want to be because of your butt but when you when you were in a relationship and you don't start out day i you know that's where the problems good good right
yeah and also people grow in different directions in that happens to one personal get freaky area the first ones to settle down more you know what you know i always said a guy that's what the woman for bungee is in the audience ago what are you gonna leave just fallen hate all over again because it always starts out nice you know what i mean that a couple years later it's fuckin money grubbing up all the way to plaintiff the euro so is it possible break etching daybreak touching we're doing good my wife bill glass she seems happy she so smile and euro smile and when you whether yea she makes me happy we make each other is it is a matter of getting the right combination fire right to humans you know what it is you really do have to search that out and mckenna sylvia make like we ve never had an argument i mean she's latin right i mean it gets crazy sometimes but we always know that with tight that's what keeps
together i mean an argument happens with anybody but you now that you know you got all these are the things in the relationship that keep you to get right right yeah you have you just but that's it but that's what i told you know when no one amount stage it's a different side me it's you know it's you know an animal unleashed that when i'm on a stage i could just have the freedom to say the way i see it and paint these crazy almost like pornographic comedic cartoons for people and they laugh because they know it doing it you know what i mean they not you know when you see a couple on you you do you know with similar in that thing you say what you feel onstage and whenever you see those couple look at each other and laugh those at a couple years ago how does he know
does he know what an animal i am you know what i mean how does he know this but that's research in you got to life and you learn different things research needs gotta be research absolutely everything is research really i was with a quotation is recently and i thought would be amazing i may i always picture be amazing by she's always just really sore and choice as a fucked up and because urchins always on the floor and shit really yeah and i mention guy like you have to have a city like weekends where it says like we're all along and then when its it when it's a nice teammates all like scratched up and rash the only light they use the bottom of the channel you're always on their chance that's interesting to me i can i haven't it that while we do any chin work
fourchan work and as excellent what what do you mean with the chin because like when they do contortionists don't lie to me not disappoint us another i don't wanna really our photo any good mobile combination of louis walking around with me i did i represent like lots of times that i hold a photo album pool follow form photo of the church sir what are you doing out on their jim i would you eve that here she work she by a business where she works by ice sheet she she would always be in a better position where her face is always on the ground in our work go all the way over the glamour brown hair like this you know she's like seeing their that's her work whenever she soon contortion she's always honour chimera show some photos if you have a tv right there like this like what does she say that europe's uniqueness right here and i can't this kind of stuff where she has her chin right here this is a girl that you know that this is not heard discuss seven but
what right now he's just ideas usually only seven year also not at the moment it is no wonder that that woman's legs she's doing see how our genes on the ground you never think about big torsion is always have you you think about it if you stepping out ahead and you're in there you know i mean that's no good sides of weird position to put your body we that's not a position i could get into and in an instructs you just don't think about it like it like yea that their legs been really far back when you're putting up above your legs but you're not going like our eight now keeping this backwards i just wanna make it a meatball or so lonely little destruction which a check before you begin now i d it's easy that that's its problem a better than a chair with a hamstring paul yea it's like yeah if it was the opposite a cow don't pull my leg out money that our african relations instead that's funny to me yeah see he looks like a nice guy right
you know i'm saying it looks like a regular nice guy but liquids into bow you just gave it should he ran us in his defence it in necessary say was into it i don't know nothin you gotta go having right now it should be a cup the added the essence steady yet i have you have a steady and yet too was that even in mrs retorted video noted by recent looking this way this is called the web a web you got caught in the spiderweb spider web of retardation it sticks to you i'm data like oh my god i'm in this conversation i can't get out what the fuck i do want to re engage in trying to pull of yet another i like it now you know we're into something it's going to know why you're invested in this but what happened and its dating nets i guess the easiest medicine dating i should say date this voice trainers you know now i like
oh you know how much time we settle down you know i'm guiding now that's what a girl says that the sheep oh god what a guy at the six months well i'm starting to date you see what i mean yeah i know i'm just try not to jump right into you're on a very cool podcast here you can't use explosions like that again do you know and i like your friend was what am i supposed to say bang and a few of them outright num lock a fit to show you know what i'm marrying apparently over he drove allowed this way i salute all over this one before i came to work just for a good you know what i mean things like tat i needed to show your brain you gotta realize you never going back to the pod guess that's the beauty of this what you want you never gonna go back to being an accountant again this will never haunt you it was a countenance he used to sell computers egypt
is a very good but you know we had met up a little less is dumb ass well you're with them lots of rigour but a mess in no doubt that he's a great guy i'm domestic good way like but is what's going on i may not have one side of his master yang already has a right and pink socking asians making them p a little report what is already inciting mouth you talkin about dating and on the other side you showing girls you know twisting themselves into pretzels but that wasn't really all your sexual them no nobody can be yes what do you say that's what he say happened the brine you just retorted decent you got your own web your own whereat webs rap you're right william allow above him he's gonna his in his defence is a very unusual dating situation seems to be working
doesn't want to talk about money i get so what do you want to talk about the worry mary window about you we are we are i try not to be so like crazy with my i really try to stay grounded in what i do because it does feel a little crazy right now with what's goin on like you said research in the end will you seem real excited about comedy again to like you like you know what it is i have watched the lot of the specials em when i spoke to show time about this you know i
a couple rules because even told my director scotland toys i said look you know you're gonna go through something now this isn't gonna be like the other specials you ve done you're gonna you know your hair is going to change color because this you know you're going to go through it with me now you're gonna be a different man when you come through this and what was funny is he he when we were gonna do the special he spoke to joe ds any those you told me you know it goes today as it goes you don't think especially with dice what are you thinking it goes well i think he's great but you gonna go through it do you know he's crazy when cities they and i am because all the way from the performance to the editing i wanted to be perfect i want people like like in a
absolute because i really don't want to do any more specials like i'm gonna do the road now i'm just finishing up you know a deal with the hard rock in vegas long term deal and you know i want to do what i do on the road now what're you gonna do hard rocks anything you do at river yeah do malea militias do like two weeks at a clipping and go into what's vinyl it's a rock club like i said i base my act on rock and roll so like a certain setting you know it's not that big a room i was just there i was just in vegas two weeks ago it's grain that deny hard rock is great well i mean i just rely dies you know and you know with what i do and that hotel it really fits yeah and you know vegas somewhere i like to be a lot so you know on the road you know what it is you go into a couple thousand seats at one time a year but vegas i like doing like twenty weeks twenty four weeks
and made my wife just go nuts there we have a great time and you know it's like a home away from home right why did you choose vegas to work out your shows why'd you decide to do that not doing well i well i was i was doing labs around the country you know so i did that i did you know like the gulf is all those claret you know but but vegas was like a steady thing it almost became like my comedy store to us that the las vegas help for while working on it and then we went the river before the hilton then we went back to derive because i i i was never into the room at the health and to start with but you know you have you know i have you no investors
the show and you know we tried but the rib was a great room to really just work it out do as long as set as i want and really just make everything tight and developed the material with with an audience that's coming to see me so when you have the people that are paying to come see you you know the material is good because that's the fans now when you go on places like the comedy store are you going to get those people that you know you can go what did you just say i want to leave now right you know and i don't want to deal with that real audiences that's all there was a brilliant idea to do at the river for that reason that you get all your people there but also because the places so much fuckin history yet such a crazy o telling people that perform their thirty out from sinatra to sammy davis to work you know comics like milton berlin you know jack penny you know who firstly i wasn't ever even falcon into focus like i say i wasn't i was never that much to stand up
but you know when you're on a stage that you know sinatra was on i did a ladder rooms like than vague as they did before they knocked what was the star us state did the status for a few years and that was one of the best stages because that stage you know you the stage that you you're on like this and then it had what's it called the runway that went right through the entire audience and then build stages like that anymore while i was lucky enough to lay some note valleys hotel i did for thirteen years he's crazy with those old vegas hotels that when their done with them they explode them it it's crazy because i think you know people i know a lot what goes on in vegas and like these people that just put the sahara want to make it like more a boutique hotel again
you know for high role is not a lot of kids you know not a thousand flaws up you know a smaller place where people really feel that old school vegas feel right and i also think vegas is really becoming a place for comment just kommeni for live entertainment because of recession you know when people come to vegas if they're gonna go to which they want to see somebody familiar to them right you now so that's why lotta comics moving there you know that's why a lot of you know you see people like share performing the engine guns and roses there you know it's that type of place now they want to see people debt that their fans of didn't want to see just you know a bunch of budgets bungee core dry jump at around three levels music you could probably do like a weekly show in vegas and never have to travel anywhere just make people travel yet but i want to
you wanted to you know i owe it to myself i owe it to the fans that you know have been with me all these years i'm doing this a long time so i really want to do that big tour again and i don't know how how you know the kind the rooms are do yet but i mean just on things that are on sale already they're going through the roof you know and the special has an aid but people know what's coming in ever since i did entourage i have this home the warrants in and they and i'll always get that when we can i see a comedy special you do in a calm special so i really prepared for it i really took its areas you know when i see guys preparing for specials but just fucking around on stage that bothers me like that i wanna be superstars they all want to fill you know the staple center but nobody's put me in the work to do that
and i know your hard work that's why i feel free to tell you this none than i know you give everything you got on stage i mean you know when you know it's way when i was coming up you weren't around right you know your head you had myself yet sam kennison who scream in his head and then one night i walk into the store and i'm like i'm seeing you know just style wise almost a blend of kennison me coming through yo but even more intense when you would scream it that's why i loved them i'm goin who the fuck is that the night i came in you will see what about you know you would deciding in your head i could tell if you wanted to just smash this guy's skull in and i'm going now that's funny you know what i mean because nobody came along
since you know like i do now called the data left died cause rick reuben who produce five of my albums you know he did like you know he he like he was the one that brought wrapped the scene is the one that brought the black rose and you know bat bans like that i mean he produced rolling stone albums and he said to me you know in the early nineties go you're the end of comedy there's no way to go after this and then he is this maniac onstage came came it in the middle of your acts i had a like watched where you walk you know because you would just you know this is gonna be musical maybe more and so you were so young and just your face was be read you know and i'm going he's i know this guy i didn't know you name because i just came walking in from the for ireland i go he's gonna
this guy in the third row and i don't know what all it's a comedy show but that's the shit that makes me laugh and then one night eleanor this is not even that long ago i was destroying somebody you now and in the euro general room at the comedy store and that's when you came up with i love dice mean and she told me i got does he really each goes he just love any loves when you get angry could see no you're really getting i was one of my favorite things at the common store to being the back i will but we have been the back talking and someone who yon a highway dissection heckler it's like you fish on you know like we're gonna tuna and we would all run in in the back and just watch you just eviscerate people when you would get really mean with it look at two because it really say see not fake on stay and emotional so fun doing like a great bit that i
it was great in the middle of it you know i we're guy you're out little bo peep i'm gonna get angry at that person you know and you know it's not even about heckling that person it's about knowing i've mentally heard him for years to comment but i like when i with great timing comedy slowly not ill of everyone on it you gotta stay with there but it's like you really want to hurt the person when men monochrome you know what i mean i mean now it's at the level where we throw people out you know which you know first i'll have the haeckel fight you did that in vegas you these ro guy out the guy in the front row work two minutes into the show the guy was so drunk he could even communicate with you you like this is not in the end i can't deal with that it's like why that drunk i had a guy i was a governess a few more ago do
remember this valerie with the blind guy yeah ok so this guy is just drunk guineas wherein dark sunglasses looking like a dice clone you know i gotta be fifty but the guy now i get back into the act and he starts in some more so you know you got pretty tough bounces there you know and i go into the act and he starts in some more so you know you got pretty tough ounces there you know and i gotta do me a favor get really just fuckin asshole of a human being you know i mean just roam the opt out so now i have to show don jamieson was open for me that ninety would sell us tee shirts at the front of the club you know so it comes to the dressing room and it goes you just made the greatest thing i ever saw in comedy i go why what happened because you know that guy you throw out it took number one for bounces he had like retarded strain
he goes but he was blind you know any was swinging his stick a demi ran he tried to run any smashing into a wall in it and around me was fighting these guys and he was winning you don't go on he's coming back in the room is gonna kick dicers s i mean that's comedy show is today who's gonna kick somebody's s and i ll go and how the fuck did i oh he's blind autumn in the guy you know i've had guys come to my show wherein the glasses and finger list gloves i am i getting older guys blind juno dragging madeline room he was starting to write them on the way out of the you know which is intertwined to me this way i get laugh a little you know i mean the audience always be to want to have a good laugh make me fuckin laugh it also don't tell me i went on tommy distorted a blank i really was laughing it was very enjoyable boy
the other side me was i went to throw the guy out if i know he was blind at a you know right how do you do it's taken a cripple adds that wheelchair so was he hackler what year was just put it was it was drunk and it will be and i wasn't oh here and stuff and i'm going ok s all face which is one of my new louis like headlines were you know if you guys are real asshole i'll tag on with that name i'll keep going s whole face and then getting angry and i go saying you're an asshole oh i know you ve been called that a thousand times in your life goes to the kind of person you are what i'm saying to you is i think you have a face that resembles a fuckin s all and that's what i truly think of you you know damn shit that you wake up in the middle and i will go take a week now tell you what happened meant that i wouldn't you say no no this is what happens with that see let's say it's a guy in vegas
randy s all face you know right so those friends with him now these bodies of twenty years in that night they don't come on s office let's go have a drink and it's funny the next day even even a week later but three years later when the corn your house and the kids are picking up the fauna go near put s office on the phone that's when the guys gone why did i ever say a fuckin word that show because now forever he's ass whole say that's a multitude solution ok you play that but i really think about that stuff i go what would hurt in the long right that's like some humbling chechen yet like if you got a virgin called away a little age on your fuckin asshole they don't then hear it because i've been club tell them and let him know they have a face that resembles in its home even if they don't just
now i know you know normally the ones i pick out have it you know what i mean i really look for a guy that i don't want to give a guy named that doesn't fit him you know what i mean so he saw what it has to have a face that resembles that's heckler herpes what that's gonna get it just teeth or you the fair and i dont there was another time it it's max was with me and this in the sky i was fuckin with eleanor on stage and his girlfriend i think or his wife so i come on stage in the minute he opened his mouth and liked mother fucker ran on wasn't onstage and what happened was start yelling at the you know the promoters of the shower go get that fucking guy and a room if he's bed with today is not going to let me get started but it wasn't good enough for me that they draw out i come out
back door and fight the guy you no longer show that well eleanor stone stage you know so i figured there's a little time you now and what will was yelling say your father is it my fault wicker forthwith things are not i think he unfortunately as you also said that in order to avoid face happy fear and wait and richer whose happy things is why is these with me for like twenty five years already he's either security from ease into what you're into you know what the fire you got you know martial arts schools on the east coast and his name's happy face names might milan drew you know but it's happy face everybody calls him happy here yeah you know cause i'll always i try to smile at a guy was throwing a mountain you now he's you know he's a pretty deadly guy and that's what i love about him being happy
i mean it's a great name while he got you know how they got you loved negative evasive the grave i have the worst also happy was yes good but ass we have exhausted holidays came first you're happy faces with me like twenty five years in the way he got his job was i would work out and jim in a golden jim in jersey and we would just start talking in them we work out a little together and east is happy faces about five seven you now but it's not that big you know but he would talk about his martial law school how is father taught him they both had the school you know like you know like father like signing followed in this what steps so he standing between the two arms of the gym which what animals these guys were like you know the type that bench three fifty hundred you know that writing guys so i said happy face ago
you know with my shows on unlike you know we're talking about him like workin for me cosette club soda canny whose like six five big you know and i say so i looked at happy face like he's the sniper you know they ve never see him come in i got but we don't like to hurt anybody i got so what i'm gonna do i'm going to try to get past you and you gotta stop me without hurting me and this guy put me down my est and even touched the ground that's how fast he moved but if first he's gone i don't want to touch you he goes i came to the meadow land to see you i can't go that's the aims you can't hurt me that's it and he did this move this this move army that just fussing about man you can always her few resisting her get hurt to scramble and that's right but probably damn that ninety with working for me not was the beginning a happy that's a nice name
and i love his temper when he gets mad it's a lot of fun to make him get angry that's fine talking about like could you didn't like the name like the murderer so now ass well yet he starts screamin about don't call me that you know it's funny situation you know it's just the name because they don't call me that you know people know why they call it murderer stop but he's happy face the twenty five years so he's happy but that's ways column the calmly store was always the worse place in the world for heckling because there was no crowd control what not however nothing nothing you would think like when i don't mind in boston and we were at stitches stitches is one that's why did my first open mike and i had been really inspired by you really inspired by
can a few other guys and i was i was really like looking forward to doing some you now try to do some stand up comedy and you think back then like what the but the face of comedy was like and what it's like now yes it's all like blank to me right now and i'm not pits and on it but i don't find in our flip around the channels to see if somebody's on start watch him for a few minutes but like i say these guys don't put a lot into their rum into debts no there's nobody developing a persona you know and those at a kind you might not realize it but you have a persona you know what i mean people come to see joe rogan they know what they're getting you know but there aren't too many guys it's almost like like like white bread you know this
there's no persona up there so even if the materials decent you know a lot of materials been done a lot of guys cover the same subjects i'd rather see a guy that's more entertaining that i could go to you can believe what he's doing up their right that's the kind of they like to say when we were in boston and we were starting out and will look at the face a calming the comedy store was always mecca that was always like that fuckin place we make the pilgrim and everybody go see the sea the stage where you performed kennison before every at your prior letter about it but when i got there and when i got there like i forget who was on stage of some road hack the place was half full and some guys yellin out shit in the back of the room and no one's kicking amount number and this was this was like my first experience at that economic bodyguards there that doorman com nobody wants to get into it only harris pete area would get down
we will get down he would reduce i once the tawny dan's knock em out really here you don't have condescending heresy eurozone dazzling starting again just want to come in yet nicest kobay tom i don't love you nobody's just this friendly guy right yet a kick ass it out iris gave me a hard time and he put his hands on him you know like you can't just walk away and he just gave on one shot me one fly and down the stairs really funny really enjoyable harris's it says are angry guy for whatever reason he such angry i took me a years to get even the tiniest compliment from that guy yet at the name of an evening in our native yet he just left me the world he like just got on his motor eleven i do have to save when the guy gave you props meant something i have for some reason it did wilder back well it would
to be a little more fair with them it's for the number are saying why you know it's like getting caught from him was like getting one from italy for summary it was going you know what it is because he was always there and so everybody before that's true in our view whether nodded to be impressed with your whether or not you just bullshit the crowd but he was also negative but also the comedy stoa why i think you know somebody like you would like it to myself was tat was the bad boy comedy clare it still is yeah you know it's it's like you say it's a free for all you go over to the improv which is a great club but its everything is run like at the comedy still nobody knows was running things madness and it was more man this then than it is now really i think it's probably way better managed now than it was back in the early days but it wasn't and when i came along new nos ninety four that's us first our perform in there and i was blown away but it was like the places crackling like that
magic of although set and we live in the walls and with the store you ever notice you could go there's some night you know the sunday monday nights in its is fun is could be increased and then there were certain nights when you come there like that just a vibe is bad just that wrong combination of people just like that that you go you know why i'm getting out of here it's just that bad fuckin vibe and then just other night just in jane great yeah amazing club you now just this i still love and i still of go in there still have gone on the stage you i can't go back because of the falling over him with them i dunno about love missy issue you did not allow back was never went back and never would go back when they they banned me for that unlike you guys are any fucking mind you but if you weren't ban then you won't be a comedy store i got banned or for that matter then me once for
j howard marshall jokes i had this joke about about old do that that fact intercourse nicole elsewhere my favorite jokes whose have created jobs she hated it it was just about the email that ever was sent all it touches it's so sad watch his poor old man you know and like like he's he's getting he's getting robbed and this one is just here for his money and am i don't think he knows ninety years old he made a billion dollars from scratch and chances are he's a tad crafty like how do you want to die and then it was his hold destiny on our regular do a bunch dirty share i loved the bit but it was about all people she did not like it i think should ban we once for that should bambi wants or someone else to but little tree i've been to angela my kids were even banned from i had a thing with poorly years ago when i first broke up with my wife you know i'd always bring the my kids to the comedy store at night
and you know eleanor would hang with them you know so one night you know i mean dylan was now eighteen i was only eleven you know an enormously important in the communist polly had a hamburger join when he was twelve years old at the westward kommeni store sign or poorly grown ups and sees that age so he how many times i gotta tell you don't bring your fuckin kid in here you now and clearly said that like that but he was standing near my kid was this ago doin i forgot i think it was still simona go state take em outside you know i go you know like i was going to have to hurt him at that moment you know but i didn't you know but i got misfiring get physical you know you can't do that stuff but poorly told his mother that i through a glass adam so
ben me in the kids out my kids were banned in eleven in fifteen from the com which is so great i go and my son max love it because he understood it he was old enough to understand it and then one night mits he comes in and out was sitting with her and say no no that's not what happened i was right in the kitchen when it happened edinburgh glass a poorly she goes if anything you would cave the skull and you now you just do the glass in the garbage on his way and do you know her voice is why new that andrew won't do something like that you know you want gotta that let me hear you another road glad i would never i was never that's not what i do i could see hidden somewhere yeah well you're not crazy but i can't hit somebody unless day you now try to hurt me you know it was me like i just laid into for it and on the way out of the kitchen the backdoor through my glass and broke on the wall you know the garbage came there but polly was
out in the hallway was nowhere near it but it was you know we made up of course we're friends today and you know we laugh about over nonsense but it out crazy place you mean sometimes end show you would love this you weren't even out yet this is like i'm talkin like eighty six eighty seven so mean kennison would be the last acts of the night every night she put us on back to back and it was either he went on first through i went on first and like to end the show sometimes if he'd go on forever you i'd be onstage and you know once he'd get bored would at heathrow a chair at me on stage and then the whole fight would happen on the stage we call a ball would jump and you would just see who's ever in the audience christiania tomorrow they don't know what's going on they don't know it you know i'm falling over the front tables knocking people love in battle it just running added the plagues like what the fuck is that
like war breaks out there were so many great fake fights the comedy story that's the one then comics left do we love being guilder in dar barents dom viruses like king at that time last night about you he loves you to death he psyche springing up or how these do did you go on the road with you or i would have done i would put down whatever i was in i would put him in like we wound up doing this this crazy frank stallone movie and stop you know mexico we were stuck therefore like five weeks and of course may i may dawn do like alfred hitchcock in the movie was no call for alfred hitchcock but i taught the produces into it and that's where he actually her heard his foot you know how i got like a bed for he heard is for well what happened with dawn he always to fight me so so
one day you know he starts in with me on the say in its all these mexican crew members that don't even understand english and he puts his foot like there was a hole in the ground anyone got in a hospital laughed at a fix it in us to this day like you just move the wrong way and ease crippled you know we just falls down in and it was funny what happened was i went back to madison square garden in two thousand and it was done job at the time to come there because we really want to see it with my wife and my sons so he was the problem on the plane because what happened was his work down denial and the foot goes and he's in dawns emotional europe
so he screaming lying on the floor and laying airing scaring the entire flying and then they get him into a chair in the foot felt better in also we visited the cops were at the airport to question him and i go your job was to just bring them here that was to give you get to fly for nothing and get a hotel room bring them and you cause a problem on the fucking airline but that's down you know that's why do you think he was a practical joking with you now he was now the dial really like laying norms know now i got really goes his foot really goes visited broke food is it a lot and i am sure he liked ship something in his ankle many just we're gonna have you got what we're gonna do to me you know it turns into this baby oh yeah would do the road with me you know and i had it when he would do the road with i would just taken with me
would do the road ahead at that time i had a griffin with me i had yet so eddie griffin was like the real open you know and so what would happen as i'd give don ten minutes right up front so we'd be on a big yellow toolbars travelling the kind tree and one time he's on the bosnian like you know how he gets down on himself like almost like tat is not crying with tears but i'm gonna walk down it's because the crowd doesn't respond the way he want zero rank ass he would come out singing tie a yellow ribbon you know with the with the music over it and get the crowd clapping and so the song ends and then it goes into another one will go into like copacabana so now is on the back complaining about i got down to a ten minutes after they get the joke of who you are that this fuckin guph oh well now where were the jokes you know
and he would go well you know i went into the other cycle they don't want to hear another you already did the bit you had them clap now they got a clue berry manilow singing you know copacabana who gives a fuck nobody gets a thought you create the carrot new year's work in big goofball now given jokes but we had a lot of it and then there would be another rumble on the boss now it's him jumping on me in trying to kill me on the ball yeah he's his life is constant theatre with the constant dear that's u i hang out with every single day from midnight to about four i am sorry to drown bearing that's fine and you know it was a sterical with the movie we did in stopping day they want to be stay and film for longer than i i want to be there
you know i'm gone i gotta get out of here i got gigs i gotta do so they promise me about a lot of money you know in like cash and in turn you know do the whole shewed is gone they never giving it to you you gonna get it now i got done they can pay me we made a deal that's it you know and you know the crazy said you know i mean i never went through anything like this in a film ever you know what went on in those five weeks and so i ask you not to five weeks i've gotta hear how they're not gonna pay me you know he's just on me that and of course they give me the money and don had a tape it up you know
for my body like that movie midnight express did you really yet because it was a pot of mexico that we actually thought that the director was gonna have me stopped at the airport you now so you know i was thinking right how my get could you not allowed more than like ten thousand dollars in cash right was a lot of money you know so was taping it with dislike paper tape to my chest to my thoughts you know that when i got home i'm going you know through the airport on god they're going to stop me i'm gonna be in jail and whoever stops and he's going to be rich you know it's simple they didn't stop us and now i get home and i take off my shirt my wife sees all this money taped to my chest and she's going please don't go no they paid me that's how they pay you in mexico
i put down was just so sure they're not pay me for them it was just crazy was i bunni we we had one meal a day because everybody on the set was getting sick you know everybody was gone to the hospital well we had every day was we went to the same restaurant about four o clock every day we had pasta with saw us garlic bread and coca cola with purified ice and we will need till the next day at the same time because we figured we make it the middle of the day because we're getting that one meal we're not eating any of the food there while yet and he lost thirty he's he's gone i gotta eat something on this is ridiculous that we're not eating food but everybody's fallen by the wayside what are we gonna do we got much this is survival might for those be movie sets can be very far could sketchy and it was for a long time was file we must have the same food but i'm ok
i could do that i could eat the same thing every single day but you want it like twice a day but the restaurant with clothes like nine at night so we'd have to wait till the next day at four o clock next meal why wasn't just a water and that was it bottled water and pass the ones day was an images lizzie it was called the good life never came out and i always took two francs bologna always says he should release like pieces of it on the internet it was the craziest thing you know i wanted it to be a comedy francs the long wanted it to be europe because i would tell the produces i go you don't really funny movie you know comedy cells razor when frank would do a scene he'd come over to the director and go
how is that me goes well it was very dramatic you know and he's gone well it's supposed to be a drama and he goes well i think it should be funny we could put the movies a fuckin drama likes or he was flippin out we had a big vital that must be put a bit doses now want to just be like a comedy tenants hoppers in it it was supposed to be you know it was supposed to be it was supposed to be good fell is on a gulf was so dennis hopper you and his heart was announced that it was very real eaters in air can you find it anywhere is its on its i oughta be but it is it doesn't yet not online but no one put it on lie but won't even carried deems to yeah a lot of people were amazon earlier the angela vessels loans and yes central areas never made it is you never know shit netflix or something like that you make it was not my movie to sell but it just wound up the whole time in istanbul was drama you now put the movie star
you know you're still movie sets i've only been on one i've been on well to be movies but you know what happened we had a good directive at the beginning and then the producer who was an attorney fired the director and he d the direct now so now what happens is this where it starts going a little crazy an hour in i can't play golf i hate fuckin golf i don't have patience to hit a one little ball you know what's the park whatever yeah so i wasn't really good at playing the golf you know so we would make it that they make fun at me but i had some like golf material at the time we talked about hating golf so that the
makes me do some of that material on like the mass the shot like on a crane so he goes i want you to do that monologue every time you know and i go now but i'm not doing that monologue every time i did a few could you ask me to do it in the mess to shut just show you some talking and it goes now i want you to do that material from my act and i want to do it you know you're not paying me for it are you right and he goes you'll do it i'm not going to do a fucking thing you say i go and don't ever tell me what to do again endeavor in front of the camera which don barris is falling down laughing as he's making a little dhaka remove you with my camera because i was always he didn't literally sale do as i say get who ever learn about any any says if you don't like it you can leave so ok i'll leave i got down let's go in i had club sort of kennedy go literally because well my attorney we'll be into i go s hall you taught me to leave the set
don't want me in the movie if i don't want to do my own material and i don't want to deal with so don't fucking tell me what to do and i'll stay and that's it you know and what the unloved is no matter what the guy did you know for his main profession he goes you're telling you a director the guy that supposed to tell you what no don't ever tell me what to do it but that is only job right now is telling you what did i go here but you heard what went down you know and he agreed with it and then i decided to direct part of the special its but not the special the movie and because i come to set one danger like a hundred and ten degrees and this guy you know the guy directing was you a funny character was very low key whether the sombrero cosette was mexico and it was
hot and i go what are we doing today any goes i don't you know and i go do you want me to set the shot up and he goes would you please this is the director now you know just tapped out because i just want to finish the movie and go home and tell you talk that's like an impression of the guy so now and directing and directing the movie and there was a scene i directed this with great cause i was like a little at war with frank i'm on the set so i was shooting a scene that i needed don barriers for and now i decided club so can you will be in the movie or you know so frank is shooting a scene where he's like playing
khitai in his underwear talking to some girl he was with embed the night before so i come in there and i take the sound guys and like just come with me so now i get the sound i so he wines of shootings all seen that he's doing any doesn't know he doesn't have sound enormous sancho from this house you hear is screaming he took the fuckin sound guys you may do all these tags and we don't even a fuckin sound and that the directive is going well days is directing the scene right now you know why the fuck is directing anything it's not it's movie to direct a mean people will have we crash the golf cart which i got in trouble for play chicken with you know peter jobs and he's an actor he's been in a lot of stuff anyway so the into jobs and we're good friends and decide to play chicken with
of course and i turn at the last second and my golf cart gets completely destroyed and frank those flying out of it crises with me going what are you doing as would going towards each other and i'm going stick with me on this because i don't want to stick with you stop driving you know but we wouldn't stop arriving and i turn in this measure might so now i'm not allow you lay off car chicken year chicken to see who turns first you now having sword fights with the golf clubs i mean it was ridiculous what was going on beverly de angelos in the movie frank she's in the moors your war with france alone was just that i believe the movie should be a car in us i started doing like an impression of him on screen and us i could do really well the way he stands and you know so now we see the final kind because what do you do
behind me you know i got an impression of you because you're not supposed to be doing an impact you know me i'm the lead or the gang i got funny any costs but the movies not funding and of course we all made up after movie you know never came out make up with everybody megabit polly made up the back i have because it's more fun to have you friend you gonna make me laugh about it you and dahmer era ever gonna make up you know it's not that i'm leaving man at a guy like ira you know he's just stupid you know what i mean i really know i like baha i wish you guys with the work that what does nothing to work you know when you when you call them stupid that they have an issue can somebody stupid insane i like the guy two different things and why would you do i really sit here and always a great comic i think he's a great comedian but you know he's east just to better for me you know i mean you know
will you and him i've always had like this now agonized we always you know he used you know i came into to years ago and you know i would headline the comedy factory outlet so they would have him open the shows in and he would look at my character italian rather than just the brooklyn guy and you know my real name's andrew clay silverstein i went to andrew dice clay you now so like you know we want the same rodney special you now and he just fuckin jealous that my career went through the roof and euro and he didn't you know and the funny thing about tat was i might have even talked about the sun you show that he would have been the perfect guy you know what i was doing the arena as you know to open though shows yokels people did like i'm on the special but like i said not everybody becomes a mega star it just doesn't have not everybody becomes the fuckin beetles i'm sorry you're not but
the great comic and because he had you know he started going on radio shows and say my real last name and unlike what's the problem a jew from brooklyn can't be a tough good looking guys that the fuckin problem you know unless some italian well well the the name clay where their company that's just my middle name andrew clay self esteem what my parents going so well when you ve decided to just go as dies clay why'd you decide to do that andred dice clay why why do seem was mean more you know original aim was when i go on stage is this was funny because you know my original act was like impressions are just put it to you that way you know don't travolta runs alone and jerry louis our voters and so each of us is the best travolta on earth no one nails it well thing about travolta or is that you know he had those brooklyn carrot
as you know we were similar looking when i was seventeen years all general and i was just able to dome and i was echoed turned to vinnie barberini alike all right so u s me vinnie you know where your homework veni was your homework were that was the that was the whole now not now you came on the mai homeward boom boom a dog ate it took i can't believe it what do these travolta but after the impressions when it came to the comedy store after i d i got a shot on don kirshner rock concert and i did that whole act but now about the acting thing and i was thinking well nobody's gonna buy me to do travolta wrist alone i gotta develop my own state the sound do you know what kind of nuclear arsenal of a joke you have in your
in your we'll house if you just did it with you do an impression of travolta and have some massage bit you know what that impression how good their bit i know you know what i'd do it in that lack of courtesy two to vote i know you think he's very talented you don't do jokes about him my god what a fuckin crushing weight you would have you ever had a life jeremy impression is is really good and then with the situation is so ridiculous him just wanting to get jerked out while these guys him saying let me massage you it's the whole thing is great meaning its ripe for comedy not hate me guy i love him would you like me to dig martens and to make a little could see you got a little prick what are you know why don't ya bodied zella me me tell me that you bring setting a massage guy and then styles your world than slices of britain
good night i got assume about i just feel he's been through a lot i've been through them and is also the issue is one of our greatest stars so i can't do it is that's all areas is a great actor no doubt about it but is also a freak let's get and jerked out by goods is no question about that either that seems to be a recurring theme in hate me good men should be will do whatever the fuck you want to know what it is a lot of guys were blown just cause he's but that's what mother you know the problem with women were maybe that's why he went to the guys i just don't know how to jerk things for you man you try to teach them you know i mean some girls you seem to have a born in ability to do a correctly so i was just get it squeeze hard
play arrive oakdale i'd say when i hear your thing is my wife i squeeze hire somebody when you get their legs rap behind every is settled down look at amidst the date not by the hair reach any judge giving it a day but now i love travel dilute you know i can only do impressions of of people and film that i really love right too bad again do why didn't you tell me a little less i wanna do it that's the east i could come up with trust my leaving i like that's a beautiful thing would not leave me alone even if we were tight now nearly one impressions i could do a couple i want to see one of your shows now i'll send you my special gift to give the five bucks and willing to pay you know only in just you know i gotta
hot for people that live i understand you're so even like what i really like you were saying you know i mean i don't i don't hate the guy you know that they're all guys i dont like you know what i mean i mean just don't like for many reasons you know it is on you know jealousy would overcome him i guess but out on the greatest dig in the world you know dude these arenas because he is italian from philly i mean i did the spectrum three times you know what i mean and he would have been great in those rooms so i would book lenny clock and lenny clock wound up and left again i did the universal amphitheatre and lennie calls me up and he goes you know can i have some people come to the show and i'm going lenny that's what it's all about without people come to show its six thousand people you know right then he winds up i don't know if you know lenny it's already about he what they gave him a sit come gotta sudan that and that didn't work
any wound up on the sitcom with what was it a frazier frazier i think john america where women yet we played a cop now when he was on the jailer catch operating but it might have been an edge red britain do that you're running the panel elude you do the i am db for linen clark by the way lenny clark knob lenny clock wound up what a huge korea what one of the finest kind one nice to know but i'm telling you it was that night that it all came together for him lenny clark gimme some great fuckin advice to like my second time ever getting paid to perform i opened up the lenny this guy that i was working for now normal fall was booking gigs in western massachusetts how these little one night bars at this place called jays and pittsfield man
chooses and i got to open up for lending is after lenny had been on hbo and i got to go and my clothes are funny moment because his brother has a great guy but still books clubhouse giggles and saw tat might clark is this he just a great great fuckin guy i never met him but always in red he asked me invite reputation is like pal you pretty funny but you're gonna have to clean it up a little bit that really is like you look into the right warrant out madonna bit you know that one is just too much are you know it was just saying like for his rooms you know like where i would work but then lenny comes off stage those kids was fuckin o area always shit flatten madonna bid was flacket how s the heavy bar an accident like i just got all don't tell them to stop doing that big
ok well i got a gentle erika catch it was john land geocities lenny should lend you should know that because it was next door to us war filming news radio he was over that he fuckin isa john merrick i was what he would say i'll fuckin horrendous it was to work with that guy eddie great liner was lenny was top not stand up like before he was ease or other guys that won the rodney special yeah so you had lenny clock you had they had a fellow spot so they put barry soluble in europe that is not look very soul bob is a point in time is pretty fucking funny see it was pretty fucking he's a funny guy but when we did the rodney special you know how he whispered we'll jackets so he shows up with a motorcycle jacket black and he's goin on like two before me was lenny thence mobile then carefully for them myself then bill hicks
i read in bob shameful and so he comes and wearing a motorcycle jacket and go is what we want on the show tonight sunlight not a jerk off an arm while you know over go look at the guy's wherein rodney in rotten goes so what i go away swear on the show and then rodney me it you know he's gone back come on man no demand because what are you gonna where on the show and i'm stand right data goes wrong and where this jacket run goes few hit it jack man you're not on the show okay dice with the lever and of course buried took out his little baseball jacket was the end of their didn't you trying to do it till egg all these latter janet you know when i prepared you know just like i'm talking about my special now right i'm really prepare you now gonna do a half its job when i'm up there and when rodney special you know about at about six months to get ready for that
and every night i go on at the comedy stolen careful with two fuckin people in the crowd i'm rehearsing i'm rehearse in the act that said job to joked joke you know how are we in this dom i rarely just fucking around on stage unlike these guys just don't get because i know when i would be informed that camera that the only thing i needed worried about was playing the people and the people at home i don't want to think about the act i want them to be on automatic pilot cuz your nerves get to you and you want to do the performance now and these guys would just fuck around at the store they want rehearse it you know and then they show up to do the special in everybody's nervous and i'll never forget i walk from the regency hotel i just want to feel new york and i was in my outfit for the rod numb when a belt buckle you know this i can dig
out the song and come walking into club i get the glass is on it rodney goes had he is how do you feel man in our rodney railway ago tonight they pay tonight they get discipline and rodney grant day hey oak man you're ready tonight they're gonna get discipline did you hear that and he just got such a kick out of it you know and when i went on it was like just killer first show out of the box did i need did that that rodney had those specials introduce so many fuck in committee but you know what that's if i do more as far as comedy specials that's what i want to do now i want to put guys on that i think a great go around the country find the best to grant and deliver those guys to america that's a great idea can i spoke to show tat there into its but first i gotta do this
and really i think people just gonna be fuckin thrilled with this thrilled with the unresolved allay rocks just rocks the room which was scary to me because when i or the audience you know you know my boy just like like comics now you guy i think we used a teen cameras you know for the shoe so you know you you know what i'm talking about just the pressure of you now wouldn't induce director all the people involved in the special and you know my it came out you know eleanor introduce them and they just rock the room in the crowd went nuts because i'm worried that they're not gonna let him get started you know what i mean and they just rock there i'm so proud of them and direct gonna be it the whisky on january twelve so people that want a great ban that's breaking ella rocks could go to the whisky on the twelfth of janet
this is always hard to get yourself into normal performance mode when you do an especial outside its when all the everything's ride this one i got two shows to get it right sometimes that pressure can be overwhelming and you want to know something i only wanted to do one and here is the people at short time that were smart enough to go no you doing to couple then there were right cause i fucked up a few times and the first one yeah it's it's always hardly just i wasn't this i was i was excited about it though you know it's the nervous exists man you know and then you get that first laugh and you just loosen up but i was just so prepared i mean like you said you came to vegas and saw the show and saw me work and on it and you know vegas crowds aren't as great as crowds around the country
yeah that's another thing i like sort felt like the comedy store right in other words in vegas there's a lot of variables go on this gambling drinking fighting with did of losing the fuckin money now you are to shout ten at night you know you're not even in the mood for that shall you know so the crowd you never get that full and up crowd that you get like when you are on the road doing the concert you know that their just coming for the concept so when i got to chicago and you know i hear the crab before even come on that doing the dice die style gone right this is the real deal now so yeah fuck a couple times and the first taping of it and you know and then i got angry became it's me you now for the second show and adjusts i just delivered the way i know i can one of things and help me in i think would help you to do in a pod cast helps you one stage tremendously you get so used to talk in a piece
he had so you should doing things like live there when we do when i did these the special in atlanta i there was the law naturally it ever felt being onstage stage a little the tabernacle i'd always had a problem with it we're like on one another one taping something idyllic stephanie tight reducing our really happy with the outcome of your performance for i was a hundred percent how i always am a hundred percent or even set of rules on state aid like this is the most relax i've ever been doing all of these things is ideal because you also prepared i prepared i put a lot lotta sets in to prepare a lot of writing in to prepare i had i had all the material like completely down and put it was that the audience is so fucking enthusiastic so that's what you they're so far that like like i say that's where we do parallel because we both drew a crazy audience you not be
let a really out for the hard core comedy you know what i mean so you really delivered it then well i am so happy that there's still guys out there that are doing anything controversial because i think this is so a strange time when it comes to carmody you know it's been so many from the tosh thing to the tracing morgan thing to you know just fill in the bank of ever any comedian it says anything called the gilbert godfrey thing when he got in trouble for allow of shit it's like point time it's broken if you keep going down this super ultra sensitive fuckin stupid path yet and they'll be nobody's gonna be enough comedy and by the way you just say in what you dont like ok you're saying you don't like it working don't listen it's really simple if you're not into what creasy more it would say our guy like you would say will then no fucking listen don't know is rendered hiring you too you can't tell me that its bad you can't tell me that its real you know it's a joke he's a fucking
that should be our it's like i say these comics are being put on trial and in others it does even a bit i do when i use the fag word body i think the last thing i did i did an interview for a rolling stone like three weeks ago and the guy ask me why i used the word fag you know and i said well did you lose into the whole any any listen to the whole shall we watch the whole show and i said see where i go with the bit what i'm really doing by the end of that bit is is sticking up for the gay community is what i'm doing it lines up about like you know when the guys we're running train of president whatever and it's about the whole marriage thing you know i don't know do the bid on the air now you know but i got that's what the bits about i go and if i would say you know catch gay rather than catch
i go fag is a funny word you know i mean and for people that don't like it what don't watch my shop it's funny and that's why i'm on stage but if you're gonna talk about anything talk about what the bit really you know turns into you know not not a word have you ever done anything any you're old material that you look back now you like i wouldn't do that today i wouldn't say that you know i i i we don't have many regrets on the material you know i dont use much of it and special i do a couple classic bits that's what i call them like today on i was on the morning allay and you know they played like someone is midget bit that i've done for years but these are new fans you given some of the classic stuff to give the mother but on the net you know out ninety eight percent new act you know i've updated you know how i feel about different things and
you know like us they will live in a different world technology will live in a world where you know women today are brought up on porn god for they don't have a you know a profile shouted at bleached out asshole i on on their website or whatever they feel their not happening you now stop you know so everything is no but it's got tat you a real heavy bite to wear in its got the anger that i like to bring to stage i mean i couldn't like you i mean when i see you screaming up there screaming yes but not as an end like that with that's what would make me sit out and watch i wanted to see how long can you scream how long can put that energy out and you get back then you were gone like two hours you could do and just go he loves you you know it was almost like it was it was more it was almost like you doing a verbal work out you know what i mean
it wasn't like right i do a b c day and i'm done you would just go and i'm gone kind of any what is this i taking too that anything like i'm watching you today you know you don't talk about like the different it and everything that you son and i'm gone he's taken something tat could really make i'm thinking maybe i should take some of those fuckin vitamins because could really gulf for a long time what have i to hop volume yeah it's anxious about take environments is deftly about which really important not but i mean the energy that's what would i love because you know when somebody's putting out that kind of energy hits watchable you know if it's a good point that you were you brought up earlier we we didn't touch back on with the the idea that there's something wrong with you if you're moving around or like putting out a lot of effort there was a time and comedy were guys i didn't respect anybody didn't just stand still and just say it your words and like what you will
how would you lose like that perform like i would see a guy like maybe jim brewers good example was really physical stage and i would see like that that the physical aspects are moving around was really have it enables we have the bureau and larry us and any comic that doesn't believe that is a real reform and when it comes for that when it calls for that rather having read what anybody bushes pay so little but if you know him they do you remember what it was like a thing amongst comedians if you d like didn't respect guys who like put forth too much ever when i get to the comedy still because i had some that time with the cassette tape so my music on tapes drive all to write and do like do the grease lightning number i felt like i felt like the the serpent
what the comedy store right because comics would go you know this is the music store not the comedies and this is the comedy still not the music store and i go because you can't do that how does that sound you know you just can't do that and you don't look like this to do that you're not ugly guy you know mean so you should be doing what you'd i had argument if the argument with com x i go well you know what the club on it thinks i am funny this is a weird thing amongst comedians where they want other comedians to be doing their kind of comedy it's ridiculous is like a rap are going up took place jazz and get mad at him from profile likened the fuckin flute yeah but you know sophia comics is not a lot of ryanair you're telling me how i agree look i agree i just don't feel they back each other up enough that's why it's always good like when you came to my show i was thrilled because he has now the comic that i respect coming to see me perform it's almost like you know you know
natural natural going to see sammy davis you like they back each other up with a year is very important to me i think i like a first of all as i've got an older and been doing a longer and longer the more have appreciated the art form of it you know whether its i'll bet you do or the style that even seinfeld member fan of any style of good like you i love god love gaff again gave against fundamental areas else there clean and like anybody can listen to it you know i love that styles well what i just love the art so for me comradery between other comics like its huge huge huge but what i also like is is this i get a kick out of like the non camaraderie of the clean comics two guys like us the like they look at us like a cool then with a clean gaia and seinfeld always had his little group a guy's which i think a hysterical him larry miller you know paul rise very clean you know
may there you know that there are similar in their styles unstayed why think seinfeld was lodged that was legitimately him there is a lot of guys that came up that we're like sword now it's legitimately him but that that whole group had like a certain stuff like that too but i largely millet just kill someone's though what i'm saying is that there's a lot the guys that became seinfeld like there was very seinfeld like observational guys that i don't know if they would have been that way if it wasn't jerry cause jerry at a very specific style that allow those clean guys imitated that style really clearly and it's really know seinfeld i love it he's still a kit kills me why i love him on tv i mean acting on me i think he's one of the finest did you ever see a stand up yet stand up i've seen a long time i saw some old old even the improvised very either very pleasant to sound out the way you know he's always shocked by thing
very bright guy to yeah yeah i don't like to hang out one years really smart aleck not now i love em both in our we used to do like the high it together and everything and you know there was a story where we did a private party and you know i was in the guy off me like a thousand dollars to do a birthday party you know in the higher and higher go over to larry and i said will split the money you you open for me the birthday party you know and i was this big mansion and i think this is the guy that vented our sex wax for us airports and so we show up and i see a bunch of you know five year olds you know and i'm going to call the guy i like you really going to help me do my act and let you guys know that we got a clown for them you're for us widow insides oversaw the adults and lerigo up and on laugh and does act
you sitting it was like a windows living room step down living room so he's sitting on the step and he's watching me any laughing hysterically you now and afterwards in a mass gonna go you see my act every night why are you laughing so hard because you know what a stupid man you are and i got why he goes you using a twenty thousand dollar bays as your ashtray i've already took because the big vague that was next to you you don't know where to put his cigarettes so you putting them in this vein bigger than me and he goes and i couldn't stop laughing everybody was looking at each other every time you flick just cigarette in this vein he goes europe very stupid any justice delivery would make me laugh my balls
now i love those guys and i go larry most got it got me into a comic strip when i started out that's where it all started with the monopoly judges you know i have always hated that that whole idea that there's like a waited do comedy and then is an easy way to do kommeni because why is that what i would go to see a guy like you or watch a guy like joe ideas why that i laughed so hard like what time it is something wrong macleans balls out what it is balls are now i understand but why is anybody saying that the something wrong with that like that's there's a weird you know things it's all the way home grown ups you don't i mean like these are very clean guys you know of size i like him as a person i like him as a comic book they pray you know these guys it actually the college and i don't know how to talk to them you know day you know it's a different mindset education wise i understand all that but it's really adds its reservations it's like there the reserved in
tight where is when you see someone like you or someone like joey diaz or saying something completely outrageous they can't go with it they can't just relax and go with it their restricted there their they're pulled back is that what they think they have something theirs they just can't lose you can't be small and enjoy good dirty joke with that's ridiculous then you obviously not smart enough because you should be laughing at almost everything you could possibly laugh let me say one of these work and clean mother fuck yourself three hundred arena shows and then i'll give it up when it's very hard seminary if i mean i did over three hundred of those seas and nobody you know is ever going to top that ever three you know i didn't without like i don't it's an arena officially fourteen thousand things go anywhere from fifteen to the biggest what i did was twenty one thousand five hundred and it was a forty one minute sell out always the brenda burn in jersey
i mean the delay for my sold out in a couple hours money one thousand fuckin people will pictures zoo in a hundred thousand you know at the rose ball with being the middle lack for metallic or and guns and rose so what we have between do in these incredible arenas and then slowly sort of backing away from comedy a little bit it was it was a slow thing though i did the arenas for about six is to around ninety five and that's when didn't go south i mean you know at that point in the movie it was sort of non existent you no other than be movies because of the backlash i stand up in the press and so there are no big movies coming you know if the fort failing you now but even with the arenas i would do cut down arenas like ten thousand see tonight and
that went on for a while you know then there were five you know you'd in this day and you do five thousand seats today that's on real solana you know i mean rock band you know it's a different time it's a recession it's it's just a different time so you know when i see a comic doing two thousand one thousand five hundred two thousand and six maybe two thousand five hundred seats that superstar them for a comment you know i mean think about it two thousand people night coming to see you is unreal too pretty where i just you know i always had this thing in my head you know because i was so like i say you know my education was like non existent i mean school was just moreover play to go and hang out and play the drums twice a day you know and if it wasn't for the drums and muse i probably wouldn't have a graduated high school because school just in interests me you know that's the bottom line
you know i wasn't good and sports net there wasn't a big i just wasn't i just wasn't but at it and you know but a time i was twelve is all that was into all this stuff from doing impressions to playing the drums too you know that type of thing and when i got into comedy and i saw the kind of guy you're talking about very straight managua jesus you i just want to be an actor and use the comedy stage to develop my acting jobs and end the dice thing been so i decided whether from them stay in this game and be a comic i want to create the most visually exciting comic people have ever seen in the world ever you know and honestly you know when you see the special and i got great respect for you and what you do but you're gonna respect the special
because those back that you know that but i mean you'll see what i mean because i deliver exactly what you know all these fans i've had through the years wanna see from me and i like giving them what they want to see i don't want to come up there or clean up with maybe you know not a tie but you know what sport jacket and just black pan unlike for what you know what i mean this is how i like the dress i look good enough to dress in it you know so why not just deliver what they want to see and just pound them over the fuckin heads with the filthy shit that i could come up with because we're living in the filthiest time with the filthiest fuckin p all you i'll yet the backlash is the strongest since everyone up put up but i don't care about the backlash anymore years ago i did because i dont get it you know because guys came before me everybody from euro eddie murphy rich prior guys i i'm gone what am i doing any different than them
you know what i mean and so now i'm at a point my life where if you don't like me who gives a fuck for you you know i don't give a fuck if you see tomorrow that i think about if a writer rights of journalists writes me up like a bad right up like well what do i give a fuck do i noticed person do i care what they fuckin slow they're the ones writing me up because it's not it's never fair geographical asked for them it's like would a jazz critic review a hip hop concert now why would they doesn't make sense for someone to be you know a comedy critic it's like why you know there's a lot of different kinds of comedy i e just because you have a specific taste a person days does mean the other competent consequences not for you but i come from like i said like i like dealing with you know i love seeing the incompatibility of people in the front row
i love well it's live performance and that's one of the fund and if ass if you're old clean up day like you know i just don't think i would have any fun i have fun like watching a guy like you said like gaff again are watching the guy like seinfeld but it's not the same kind of get but seinfeld one of a kind but it's not the same kind of fun stomach kind of fun is like watching that guy like you because watson guy like you you say the most ridiculous shit ever one of the things they want how will and i was how it is when i came back stairs backstage afterwards and was talking about you like i don't do any research like we're talking about what the hell does have calamity it's just about a fuckin limit it was like how you would just like breaking down the whole process as i do know research like i've only i claimed responsibility not if i was running for office i'd have to do a little research for comedy that's why try to lenin and that on the data left died that it's just about funny right i don't care what it is right just be fucking
funny and i got my rules like i want you to bring up a disaster where people get killed you know what i mean like fun john travolta you have strong rules i do have strong rules in that way you know like what happened with the hurricane there's no jobs for me when it come yet stuff you know because people are getting killed in this families that a morning these people so it's like we do i have the right to make fun of that you know so i try to stay away from that kind of stuff but when it comes to sex it's just sex no it's ok did you ever feel like at a time the you ever crossed the line nodes luggage ever say anything whether it's about immigrants are gay people or anything but i'm not gonna go when it comes to people like you know you know when i make fun of asians and column chinamen just funny it's funny a word then asian you know i mean minimum chink it's funny you know it's a great word
those are angry chinese do though starin at you why you talk you know what i'd do it right to talk about fat girls and sometimes i get six in the front row and i'm gone so how much does the fat girl i talk about half the way the night because i've had some beasts mark in front the double her like my livelihood fat girls love me because i talk about them but you know talking about a check that big it in the bedroom falcon iran you know it's funny you know cause no girl in the crowd is going to go on a bigger than an eastern king looked at me right themselves like little room because i'm not looking too heard em i'm just looking to be funny right you know and let them live too fat girls are allowed to live they are but there are particularly welcome blubber starts to juggle and they don't pursue like off at a girl jokes though in my experience a really
they hurried my crowds like they really like it there gave literally rolling fuckin oil i'll you know i've had a girl throw itself on the floor start rolling around that i'm looking sterical it happened once she's big it i've i've had a heck of fight would an eighty six year old woman really that i had to come into the middle of a crowd on new year's eve and just where was arrested kiss it in san in town texas got ten year end this eighty say she was like i know they're not whatever part of america followed a map that much with the geographical shit but it's not but you sounded southern you know what his heirs on your taxes year they have that wang tonight and she's likes it was like one of those skinny she was eighty six or require emmon slap in nay gone you dirty mother fucker you are red dirty
jesus filthy is made that was one of my greatest haeckel in and it's something i didn't get on i wasn't filming bad twenty seven you now yeah i've had some great haeckel fights and pays where where they would actually look to throw lines at you right you know rather than just in drug eu flag is was passionate there were several or the store so the worse places ever for heckling before as well because no crowd control and second while because hollywood is always filled with people that are unhappy they most people are not achieved dreams here the majority of people are share i fail yeah the majority and you get a lot of life
wanna be actors wanna be musicians one year if you're at the commerce don't go what what do you do well and act to feel what that guy quint up a super style the place it look it is possible to live on to piss on there's a lot of that bitterness that's in the air and there's a lot of that in the crowd is one the reasons why such a good place to work out is that was known impressed audience they will impress with i get heckled other guy in a wheelchair and he comes there i once in a while but he can't talk or move like he has like one those where he just as like a computers and cellphones in front of front and them put him right in the fright any women has cell phones and lends itself everything but like a fax machines his hands were gay like his hand one hand works to move and one hands is pushing ipad buttons and stuff doing things but he talks for that he doesn't know tat you just give more like that it's a wire stage they put him right the front row to the whole shows as well
but then he could he'll say something that that means like he's soft a non stuff like that needs just fucking saying these horrible things time i didn't like that he's a track while you were the blood bite but no he's like he's just fucking with you fucks with every single comic any sits there from like like seven o clock wherever that that that open might show wait till i want why one until you come out i don't know they ve been drives you everybody could cause a club like to work the new stuff sucks when you have a guy that you just have to hand though rather than working material well that the other problem is when someone before you doesn't deal with the hackler and then you gotta go up and then it's already out of control is there really feel like that's part the show here and they like continue bullshit and also let's be honest at the comic store there's a lot of fuckin people it did that for whatever reason there still doing stand up but they checked out a long time ago showed a sort of going through the motions and it's not very good material and for whatever
and they don't have any talent for whatever reason and you'll see them go on stage and then these hackers and eaten them up and then you have to go up in and back clean up in europe and i am sure you know that generals went around i do go on i always make like there's nobody on before me you know and just start from zero aren't care if somebody had a fight with somebody in the crowd and not going up data like it like it's like you're saying like just one comic you know like the whole the whole line up is one comic right you know getting into it with this one person i just start from zero and if somebody sets up then dice mean comes out and hopefully i handle it right there and then the commissioner was the best work out for that place it is it's the greatest i've got a lot of stuff you know i used to get up and very murphy there all the time missy would use me to note to go on after him ass because nobody wanted to go on after him there and that those kind of things like an honor yet at times
and you know that's how you got to meet some of those guys like you know murphy was always like and i didn't understand it at the time when it would be like nervous to go out there like on a monday night in the main room and i go what are you nervous about that all he feel you know i didn't get it because once you have that fame now you have to live up to it and i do not i was just excited about going on after the guy you know i got to follow prior with the story the burn incident and everybody was coming to see him i mean you had sammy davis sitting on the floor with his legs folded you had bert reynolds there was sally field yet narrow there was a reynolds and i will come up there like i was playing a bowling alley and just go into it and just make sure i kick there s every time missy put new on after a strong acts was a big move for everybody big move for me and one other the guys that i have a i followed you a lot
are you a lie in the early days like ninety fortyish why when i first started come and there she would throw me on after your fault prior lets you need an animal one animal and now that it's it's good for you to go on after someone strong because you realize you can have fluff in iraq and of any bullshit get right to the funny stuff you gotta give impress them right away get em right off the bat hold onto again you know it was like it's a good exercise in learning like especially when they love the guy before you would be up fucking destroy
and then some unknown person has to go on after you that's what she ran that's where materially great yes she would break the right guy for that aren't lawrence he's gonna go after him a lot and if a followed my daddy i found when martin was in his prime i'll tell you martin did not have as long primus alot of people did for whatever reason that he got into movies and canada new is much better than i love him he's like one of those all time forward in whole areas and all my god he destroyed the main room at the imf the communist or one yet just eat destroy every the place and i had to go on after him because he was just funny just to look at em it's funny you know what i mean and he knew it any play off of it is one of my favorites my fellow rank amateur when i had gone out because naturally if it's one knows nights in the main room where with that guy's already enjoy
laser most people got up and left it was it was like maybe twenty percent of people staid and even then i would just like to say he's out there now he's doing is he doing it he is i mean i don't know how big it is on our no out the schedule but but he was at the store really work and stuff that's great i hope he can bring active form you'd only was when he was on top of it you know what he's he's great is great in the movies i love him i love eddie murphy you know as far as you know raw comics girl but martin i always loved him the best because it was his actions on stay and he's a guy that knew how to play the stage all over the place i mean i loved his first special you know i always your first years at the store what year was i came out there's still it was it was the beginning a seventy nine february seventy fuckin seventies holy shit and you guys we live in that house yes tell us till i was bought that place couldn't have a big enough yard for the dogs though
there is no yeah there's no general of i look i lived in six years as was created house you get some fuckin history too it's crazy house that's the only reason why i was thinking of models like business such a historic everybody rob and used to come up there all the time you know that some of the big an anchor and i won't even talk to these guys i would never talk to a big name so pretty unless they they would talk to me you know and because i know what you're thinking the minute you say hello what movie you don't and what's my part right i would never bother even one robin would come up they just stay away you know and great talent but one looked at getting is facing a well i'm doing this are you if the follow him too with the store will you knew intuitively that it would be annoying as fuck you know that that's what gets me when i got there you know these guys you know they crossed the boundary a lot at times
they wipe out starts with the pictures and unama comic and you know they want to be buddy buddy and once and i can't i don't work that way yes some guy hit me with a fuckin sales pitch the other day after a show colombia it only down from the shock but i was taken photos of this whole line of people and this guy just start rattle and after sales pitch and i mean he's going on for several minutes and arms just listen and i just get started on adaptation and after a while ago dude stop a girl i can't do that stop another time for anything and i'm devlin aren't going to business with you don't even know use crazy but yet think oculist sales pitch was just ready go like this is opportunity but that's also what were you not misdirected energy italy that the new generation see that's what gets me like you know what grow up and all you do is looking down at you phone you know when it finally you hit that age where you have to start communicating face to face with people they dont know how to do it right you gotta shake someone's hand it's like shaking a fuck
limp fuckin deck yup you know i don't even know how to give a firm grip yeah i guess that about what is that a number of serious that says something about somebody's character well if you say how you doing you know it's like unlike what is that it's for a lot people it's not globally as ills i'm tellin you didn't want to be manly i can handle it said about the amount they just don't know how to relate to you unless they're texting to you right or e mailing to you they just don't know how to have conversation yeah deftly allow that go on this will lose a lot of people that are growing up in a society that is more and more encouraging people to control themselves and to call themselves i do not have as much fun and to be more conscious of how other people gonna view things for the our society and personality in school they want to put him on riddling you know i mean it's the crate they want kid sitting like mute and you're not a pretence
school is interesting it's not interesting like the whole policy of breaking a child down getting them sit in position and absorb information that they don't find attractive that policy is conditioning someone to listen and be a fuckin drone that's what it is and the best way to learn by far by any stretch of the imagination a best way to learn would be some sort of one on one instruction where you know you get to explain to them things over and over again you know the answer our questions but i wasn't i work when we went to school at least you could have personality in that clear today if you're not just quiet and sitting there like a lion you know you're not a good student that's mad sit this the quaint and sitting there is the madness
the manila rehabilitation to sit there i remember when i was a little kid they would meet one they sit down you'd be all the sudden like your glistening something that's not fond at all why don't you just gotten damn running around with your friends and i wonder what even goes on kosovo phones in the eye pads and warmest shit they bring to school now it does anyone you know lady dear kids tell you with that stuff i'm sure or their listening to music in class with their head yes what must it must strive to teaches fuckin preserve yeah it must then you know what this is just wait till they get those fuckin google glasses and in all the others glasses the common out with it you wear and you you're seeing things in the glasses like e mails and website its gets glass like yours nice big ones is a bigger scale but you see i see all you shit up there he could see all your photos you can be fuckin flippin thrown by using your finger on the air i'm not joking nobody
it's crazy certain class like this you literally show what you'll be able to do that and do that in front of your eyes and make the move and you'll be able to pick ones and reaches going to deal with that are not going to have to have rules that be a collar elegant no touch interface law be like finger movements it just be doing things we finger me fuckin insane and that's just the beginning you now let's see is going to keep going further and further until you get something implanted into your fuckin eyeball they have consequences to now that's enough for me i don't believe in our contacts i never did with the contact lenses they allow you to snatch tax not at all nothing i just don't believe in believing glasses of earth do you have legal allay six issue could you go i do not know until you wouldn't unjust near sighted alter it ass i tried away like sunglasses that people could see through in other and that you could see me go reggae air
so near sighted means things that are close to you have a heart does things like kind of far away so see things close fine yeah but things are i thought there was a time when you farsighted that's where you can see things right here that's me man jack do you wear glasses now son bad i mean i can like i can read my pretty batshit isabel s really rather outweigh where's my dashing now can't you does glasses i know wait like he can actually like still look at his phone i can look at my phone you talk about you're exaggerating imaginings their tax sub bigger stop doing that he put out you special are you going to tour
as you know the new euro yet ask know what i'm doing right now i'm going to see form any good at this great writing again you knew you totally with big it that's what i've seen before and tuna because law not unlike a mechanism that that's good that's good that's even better that's even more fun now but i don't want to just shred people you don't have to have a pod kissed on three week will you don't want to be on their when you and i talk when shred each other we wouldn't each year but i'm seeing a wooden automatically be you not liking the people use assuming that its best because i don't get along what a lot of people you don't i don't even that's realise this last stage will unite what was gone long enough i think you had a big part of it had to be that i was a huge fan when i was a kid i remember us but a psychic brought up last time but the first time we talk because you know i'm starting to know your history a little with it the tv show and stuff and that's why i spoke to you about the road you know i was like you don't go on the road you have a sick come on the air like what are you waiting for right
in that i think that's when you really started going out there yes really wasn't closer made but it was natural it was very good advice and i didn't even think about it and also i was this assuming that i would always have a sick com role which is really dumb because like why would you assume any those things never last in our last april i viruses but but what so we go on the road that's when my stand up really got allow battles the one thing i could tell with you when you're on stage is you loved see that's the key and you never lost that love for it the most worrying thing on another special now it's fun it still fund are you gonna do or like now with them trying to write a lot a new shit right now saw mechanically forty new minutes of new start a gang of stuff in the no book that have you actually asset and write a re onstage by do both i do a lot making up on stage shall i go going you'll have an idea but there's a lot of it that actually sent from a computer right i think that did you get the best results i like both alike
writing sitting thou writing things out and then i like performance a little more about the right it i just think that when you take a lot of time when you sit in front of a computer take a lot of time you going to come up with more possibilities than you will in the moment you know again the moment is great too but i think it's not an evil in either or thing rather i think for comedians i think it's important to both right like sit down and actually work on your shit by yourself and to do it on stage just add live and fuck around that i have the best results that's all his tail like young guys they say what she liked to write on stage like to keep doing deafening keep running on state but should also right you should also sit down right isn't that you get the most daddy i can't i only do it on stage home against iraq come up with stuff not that i'm a genius with a dozen but every night you haven't you not ever sit down like a notebook whenever we now we're not and what i love is
then i finally to give her a little credit she doesn't want beyond the error anything but she'll tell it a bit like if i come up with something and it goes a little too long shall explain why it's gotta be issue really gets it you now and i'll shorten the bid up and i'll be onstage and i'll kill with it i'll be like out a fuck does she know crochet she wants anything but the limelight you know what i mean and it's like she just gets it out showed you don't understand what you hit this point you don't have to go further with that's it that's the job ended there and because of latin background it's like out there but she's normally right ninety nine percent of times it'll be killer so funny thing would stand up comedy like guinea you never know like where the bits gonna go when you first started you start at
but my address and like i would never listen anybody about what i do want stage specially a non comic and she's not a comedian you know it would be like look when i'm on stage to me david stay out of it you know i didn't become who i am because i was listening to my girlfriend's right you know what i mean but she really gets it and every time she comes up with something and i will it kills a normal jailers me a lot of comics like to work with the people they like to like noah chris rock when he would do especially work with a team of guys that's different nicht apollo and they would come up with the bits and work together the palos a good comic yeah but i don't think any comic that's a really great and i think the polish great eric i don't think he's gonna look the right better rather than he has for somebody else whose true it's it's just in your head you're not going to come up with something faint
ass we re writing put this on the side on the main give quit that's why i also believe and being an original like that you know it comes from you yeah i think so important you know when i hear that a guy had a bunch of writers help without an especial it's us that's why you also and i got so if you know with them and see it thing way when you steal that you know that i was not stealing material but i'm talking about when others are writing it feel yeah it's like how it doesn't feel organic coming doesn't but i don't care that doesn't bother me i don't think did a musician should have to sing his own songs that he wrote i don't think that a comic should have to tell i think of one of your friends right to job creation we'll do it on state wheels actually comes up with great stuff does really get there's nothing wrong with that but i but i feel like you in here me so well if if i'm doing like a bit on the hairy bar
you know what i mean you know verse out the bald monkey whatever the fuck they want to grant today you know like i'll just call him up and start coming up with stuff in hell just add these things and i go why don't you do that for you one could see such a peculiar character he's very well when it comes up with something for me you know i'll just like do it and kill with it could just be what i did get me banned from one tv show here will cause i listened to him there's something wrong with lady like feels we'll try to tell me that it was later were easy you naughty stone he's got an entertainment company blue light into time anyway catering company artisan that's very good at it is what's so not some over the commonest or we're back can only care loved that i am saying this to you now but but he really like i when a couple years ago
and i had to do another morning show you it's getting heavy into the technology stuff about the phones this so i'm driving they talked to me he goes all i want you to say if you bring up technology is that you don't have a blackberry and the only thing you want black is laying underneath you and it's got a big fat ass and the only thing you want buried is your face in it that's your blackberry you know so i do it the way he tells me to do it and you could feel the s stop in this its eight in the morning to los angeles some i don't believe in the phone thing you know i don't like those blackberries the only thing black is normally underneath me what a big fat ass in the only thing buried is my face in it and then it just quite
in the studio and you felt it you now and of course my publicists was told he could never be on the show again does even know it they think they're gonna get if they're bringing it ll areas but i was just so into the joke arriving there then i didn't think it that bad i'm going well my cursing you know it's not and they yet and i don't know it's you and it's andrew dies clay with eight in the morning when when people is shaving in getting ready for work nl there is a black woman on screen with me right next to me there looking like what the fuck is this so so today i did this other you know fox news i i was nice you worry about them sabotaging your set you up or like ready
you know that's going to shows there are always very cool with may say always feel bad about the blackberry joke i wasn't looking to offend anybody i was just looking to be funny write to me it was a funny they should and we also need to say which they should ban him they should understand first of all that you're a dirty comedian you ve always gambling should i be shocked by the but i'm also an adult debt should be listening to my friend you know we need to do this joke on the well radio tv station on scene it being for people too for i think its wheels fault i think we could blame wheels it out like but rarely lame on whose people remember that time when you want cnn weather guy had a common down ridiculous but it was great that was also a good viral video fear because people like it was clear you know that
it didn't make any sense of this go saying that you like iran's jim for awhile well i just did another cnn thing that earlier on saturday that actually alan duke was the interview and tom green produce tom reign the comedian yeah yeah here he added with digital camera others interview ice great and i can't believe was hit you know me i'm always doing the filming one and he's holding this heavy camera anything he just becomes a filmmaker at an envoy you know he's really great i'm good friends i loved it rain spinelli www them back in our brain yeah yeah yeah man gee that's good that's tough guy named thomas j so you guys did another who is the guy did the original interview with you one will you you're the guy in the garden interviewed me was basically saying that guys like you know that was it you know that guy
a mistake he paid the price and that was it because he is a cnn reporter dead had no facts about the did that here it is here that turned his back
for while you actually we didn't alarmingly you were running a gym tell us about the hunting jim aren't you going to examine some going to be what you get your bag is our research we weren't you aren't ridiculous i come on cnn undergo don't even though there is talk about you know we're running agenda now not running a gym well you need a town of jesus fucking christ what is known as the two seconds anyone i might do want interview a guy won't stop but his father get right answer with little thank your own money that you yourself well go back we're talking about art hardier load valuable system all i feel you and on the art carney situation lego gun that's it you don't manage any career he might have heard is over you how could you
is ass someone and say that your research shows the ode to joy there was the internet back then what you want to know something what what was crazy is and the guy no it that the next night i was at the beacon theater and it was all of us all it was a long why we are not trying to pretend that you you know that you know why and away from stand up in the eu when we're doing it and we're running a jam allows you the way i would put it ago his mommy probably didn't like me so he was like gonna get me far too little cocksucker wonder where they re right now tosh point where he is he's not delivering newspapers that's where he is going to be really good does point and what is that guy's name i don't even though as i know you you friends with tosh i don't know i don't know i watched show very very funny idea but be an interesting thing yet we need to find out homeboys name the internet will tell us hey
twitter whose red guide was as working hours in doing so we can get em look look out focused its maybe he'll be gotta interview and you could play the you have us together they would be to intervene waiting for giving instrument to apologize he wouldn't do it maybe he'd be sad for what's africa nominate the deck up millions ahead that short it it at least twenty love it i love it i was great because because you know when you do especially cnn which as you know is dead new news in the world how don't you have some facts right i mean you have way more facts and this guy of ahead you know your comedian while he was what he was doing was just sort of judging you as a joke in his lap harry our northern areas his paid the price it wasn't that little bit about diminishing you marry
you guys you weren't you were a headline guy like me for a while you pop out now you're coming back for a while you know actually running you were running it tell us about that i never understood it will ever body wants it think that just have to have all of your information in you have to have all your ducks in a row and factors to be on television this is not the case get out one of those shows never declares opinions and then they fucking fire you may happen a million times before this guy really paid i think even he disappeared but he probably sucked end we that there was a shitty interview like why would you talk you like that this is an asshole because if there any fact checking because because like i said he you could this isn't a guy that would be into dies out is also but even if not dont these guys
everybody has a lower that fake way talking in other sort of fake on television way of talk when he came out i could tell something was up because i was trying to like you know little pre not a pre interview but you know how you do it before you said and he was like ignoring me you know and i was actually there with with eleanor and happy face he was ignoring you because you don't want to and i could do i could just feet not that would no cameras on us but what we do want argue until the cameras on maybe get like how don't you even when you do a talk show they come over to you for a few minutes you know the house before you go on this guided him wanna talk and i wish was was oversee to tell the story because when you sitting there doing the interview behind you you know it's in new york and it's just a fourth law of people with computers on a desk
eleanor said when you first cursed she goes you talking about a couple hundred people on this floor with computers everything stopped and they all just looked but their computer and then continued and then everybody like leaned forward to go is this really airing right now like they couldn't believe it was airing and then we just like ran out of there and got in a cab like we would like we just robbed the bank while cnn is not broadcast television cnn is not held to the same restrictions of the fcc imposes on envy you see beata urgency that's cable so when you're on well you can say shit we can say whatever you want it's up to whether now you're advertisers willing to still support you why you do that you are bringing any laws but if you had done that unlike abc nightline news or something that then you would have broken the law and then than shit if they found you like that you did a willing immediate slip up like
i just fucking oh sorry you know you can have one of those situation but if you clearly like like this fuckin asshole we are clearly like that today i think is like that's a serious financing so you're corner million dollars and i think you can do the person say you can get a lot of trouble to remember that the earth and put the way you did it on cnn not on heater are net i believe has now when you did cnn though that was it was like to student hbo like the same thing really this just sits there all day everybody has seen this just everybody has seen about another half a million are going to see it now near the silly fox the rogue in part it's very funny when you have a guy like that those guys they kill me those button up guys thus on em does not the guy that's what it turned into if they have a hundred
de started slumping package is still a jerk off well maybe sales ban is not anymore never forget you're forget feels bad probably going i regret that that happen little yeah well must via maybe were mushroom trip somewhere we went down to peru does brain cleaned out possible i don't like him i was gonna get a fine now we want you to find on the internet you know you can do to vote what i love this showed its so relaxed baby you haven't got time here sulphur mrs dies clay missis i climbed the battles on go on there yet it's cool that you guys that you have this like happy touring thing to if you guys are happy together in vegas having a good time like you bring your family out of the kids open for you know it was your friend i got nice happy its little group
you know the wives the whole thing i like you do in vegas too because i always wondered whether not somehow even those that aid is like a workout room now i love that but now i'm actually moving too hard rock in vegas what yeah but what i meant was like i always wondered like if you went to vegas like which have to have the same act over and over again could you use you the first guy that i heard of they like used vegas like you said like the store to go there but it's a terrorist town so every week you get a different order different convention i don't know why you don't do it more europe i should probably should so many colleagues a move in their living there you know what i'm doing it february i met the man ebay the big room february first and it's the day before the you say it's basically this they they kind of i've done that run to where it yeah but i can't sell amateur gets so that they cut in half and there are even cut in half is eight hundred two units eight hundred see
i know the room i've done it alot now it's one answer now the room is like sixteen hundred sixty thousand mean now so what you re talking about in the mandalay bay they got a big chauvelin none other doing it in the event centre where our own fights it's already have the file you doing it now they cut off half the room to do the way and sexually no even hath room it's more like a third of the room has a humanitarian places like i think it's like close to four thousand here but you know tremendous following yeah now its wits it's a great place but i'm saying that that's what i usually do only do like what would you have me have you now and thousands people shown a fee yeah we ve done that before they are not a couple times though be great yeah did we just want to make sure it's fun our share in office
our internal here is others now and areas wouldn't indonesia is supplying i sit on the board as an advisor for ring sit on the board of the deadline club is a career advisor for brown university anything good in front of a cat that's that's a strange gig hope he's happy what alan a l l a and share not c h e r n o f is he on you never got me down never got me down on a stand alone do you know doug stand hope as friends with the real jake lamotta i loved doug stand hope though stand up in bisbee arizona soldiers jake lama jake lamont comes over his house play poker that's correct those are the two of us to get a stand up of surface hysteric we did a show at the wilton together last friday them the end of my encounter show and i was
stand up de as me in a band was really funds quick raising the good shouts again it was fun here was that was the ban honey honey therefrom if i had been a how it gets few times really really town to ban the like almost like a country is kind of like rock each country like they play a lotta banjos and should the girls a tremendous voice guise of great songwriter great musician really cool people too so they open up to shove they did like force for songs than tears when a lady s doing great couldn't be doing better he's killed him everywhere he's doing it still ryan via church of what's happening now but he's also i think he might even be they now where i play at the river start he's there there talking to him by doing something i don't know whether or not he's decided whether or not he's gonna do it i think he was trying to make up his mind with an odd he was going to do that but i think it's great idea for him because it's a quick flights for when a fly lizzie burbank it's you know what it's the best gig there right now in the country for com
you know you make it sound very appealing i just the idea of like living in vegas sells it you don't have a livelier you could just you that's right so we drive it all the time we don't fly will drive it and it's become so regular drive for us it doesn't feel like a long time we do in four hours rats the best tempt like was the best time to go to have any tips i went to drive in there but anywhere between twelve and one i m no anymore no doubt in the afternoon you fuck you get a rug too is it only if i'm home at night a lot will get home like five in the morning is getting stuck on that drives i've been suck gonna drive no but i could go away when everybody's you know at work so one the go into the hard rock that is in the new wing in all those those new no no no it's it's where it's right near where the joint is in its way
first come in like you gotta you're right it's right in that area no exact whenever there is a ban there when i was there yet well there room the active vinyl is is a rock and roll room where they put like new rock bayonets viktor you how many seeds you know well it'll seed about four hundred and you do that once a month you yeah i'll do it two weakens l a month or two forty weekends so we like a week in a half then we come home i gotta start doing something an unintelligent is trying to do in january ninth and trying to find a room for a owing to a comedy show their with sam tripoli but but there are so many car you could use the last act we that harry basal just open there is alas rectory night in the tropics can really the was connected yeah it's the last factory then you know how rebates all right now he doesn't have basal town he's not
do you know if you know he is he's a common really don't normally actually open for rodney for like twenty years and so they just open this club maybe longer vow about six months so open like six months were aiming frantic with jamie here it's beautiful here it's you know it's a good sized room yeah and its doing well can it and there's a lot of comedy clubs but that would be one debate does vague is have a comedy seen they have alone might nights or anything why you have a lot of undue you got a lot of clubs then you know you get the bread garrett room you got my a factory where you got it does a common cause bright at the riviera downstairs from the starlight theatres you know that it's the
you're a comedy club right you have said that you know i know you know downtown there's a lot of clubs i never go downtown books the river these is not steamship running or no thank god no way you keep that after this problem now now it's it's just the riviera books if i don't know that's the big guy in the surprise what was his character and sprouts bobby bobby bobby is steve shurippak we ve known steve like for emma is avoid was ever an actor he mused the guy who ran the riviera you know what i would get crazy let him till because i think he's a town and he's really likeable you know when he was doing sopranos like one less unlike with the new show you gonna do because even though he played a gangster does this lovable guy and i ll go and buy you gotta have an abc sitcom after this year the father or three it's that some right and i'm still waiting for it because i love that guy
so it's hard for all those guys to transition from a show that that member bullet but but not all of them see a lot of them were real tough guys like just from from real life guys that have been in jail you out some what were real act is but but even though he was with the gangsters he still has like ability you know that he could a transition very easily she finally may i might still their rearing the sopranos again are really do you should try to find out if you can do to the the riviera caught calmly club good spot bigger room you want i want lake hundred like a small hundred fifty i really common club that's easy i could probably help you with that what is it what is the rivers hold as a whole the hunter de maybe more the comedy club colleagues about three hundred does it ok and then the place
there's who you were dead holds like five seventy five was that the place where that mark marino used to have a frank marie needs to have a drag queen she thinks so yeah there's a guy doesn't couple thea at it's the only theater i saw on the red does also a thousand seat theatre just like that and by the way you gotta use up the word drag queen while you can before they decide to decay of all its two incense inadequacy twink anymore do you know that even gay i'll get in trouble for use nor twink i'd like to have heard so the sec universities it ranks twink in the yeah community at like a small hairless sort of boyish looking boys and that is why did you have to say that to me and then the arab league the people and in the audiences you nobody would twink yeah exactly that's the new thing in the big guys bears yeah now they just one be called things
but any cohen the guy who runs bravo got in trouble you for i apologise for calling someone twigs he had a leg in these gay he's gay guy up a gig i had to apologize for using the word twink i mean that is god damned tracy i love you that guy treaty either trainees it didn't wanna be called trainees anymore i used to conference we always my job i go you meet the girl your dreams re like i would start off i got you know first you get these bisexuals what does that mean you either such data you dont suck deck right what are you up in the morning i gotta remember the shit you know flip a call and heads i want hippolyte tailed bulls across the known and then i go now you get these other things these trains testicles you meet the girl your dreams your wine a dining put your hand up lescaut yelled in a fuckin tree trunk did out this is
with the guy said okay this is how crazy people are today any common who's the guy has his i guess he's the head of bravo i guess he's always on though shows you those like acting as we want to show you what this is what you wrote on twitter no joke i just raw walked right into one direction greener my guess one direction is a ban the blonde it was short less he says and then its tweet hashtag wholly twink so he's kind the blighted the blonde do as a twink is like obviously is he's like a hot little piece ass and he had to apologise for that miss used word earlier i just meant there cute i tried to write that cover up to that what we ve been told even in oak as we talk about comedy but think about that so ridiculous gatling everything you say now you gotta you know have an apology ready wit dinners twinkies did you call a press conference get behind a fuckin podium
i'm sorry i called the little hot boy twink twink is a contentious word and is sometimes seen as a derogatory definition referring to a certain type of homosexual thus andy experience crazy twitter backlash concerning his common what our group of cod we have which is this just a bunch of silly counts just silly dumpy pena how can people get made of that word anymore i'm gonna use that word to the wheels fall off i will never give up under can't you primer dead hands afterward can't allow i apologize to like who would like a pink of twigs advisers twigs you have to apologise to the fans i guess of the band that's what he had apologize for using
but the people were upset that the word twink was a derogatory term but its being used by a guy like me concierge it it's it's silly its scope and i shall not take up its twinkling entered there so it even in the craziest culture even in the harshest conditions are most of my family's italian if i called some crazy guinea and you got mad at me you can go fuck yourself as our races it's me i will tell you mostly mostly guinea it's a source of all sorts of problems with me biologically and they did they did you can't say that is it's fuckin stupid this guy's a gig eyeing consummated twink if there is real with that there is no hope for the world look that's what i'm saying people talk you know what everybody like you know we can have that it has just fuckin stupid or read up and running you know you say a little thing a cute little day he was looking at the guy probably look i mean who dresses bedouin andy natalie its lebanese dressed perfectly every maybe
i've watched you show workers we watch or those crazy you know housewives the miami you see them right yeah they fight daddy only ones worthwhile today five euros cuban vetches this their tropical hella mondo that you can understand you know i mean like when we go to florida my life will catch me just watching mattel amanda when all the dressing rooms you know now least understand what the fuck they're saying it's amazing that just following idiots around camera has become awesome entertainment but some of those i could take it sometimes it can't yeah there's media because it's you know although shows its about the fight now you know it's always about the firing you know i watch me i went to see restricts bang in all of these days is alaska shows a bit crazy alaska kick for the last couple of months dislike for five different it is about people trying to survive in alaska fast
any shit man watching people out there just trying to catches may salmon is they can freeze because they have to realize that it's gonna be winter for eight months that's all the watch and so i watch that and then i watch like the real how i have chosen they look so stupid because issues are so small alaska shows like i gotta to your hair you'd egg and compare will your life should do you know well you call what i've been doing it and you know anachronistic and then the one with the boy friend just as fuck in every thing behind back we love each other shut up and fuck somebody else are ready to start a new story line here why we're gonna turn episodes of you fighting with the guy that owns night clubs about other checks didn't you know what you are getting involved in deduce up fuckin head for a split second already year silly bitch
that's what goes on with these girls it's like just stop the eighties now feel bang somebody else already well it's just that that would even be entertainment people that we were really is so much pleasure it's almost like seems to people get out of their cars and start an argument you gonna watch it when i watch the difference between no shows and these alaska shows the subsistence living shows that we are asking that we do but i do because its humans i'm just watching humans in alaska live their life and so i am delighted that my miami live their life to eliminate looking to survive to the problem is not what i say is that all other there their natural needs have been taken care of as far as like gathering food having a place shelter being protected piano women i don't have to worry about that that's interesting so wild because they don't have to worry about that shit then they concern on this bit said unto me and i'm gonna come i'm always fuckin drunk that every fuckin show every we're gonna get angry of reality shows every one of them you know well let's meat
breakfast in their opening up tom right you want why we drinking at breakfast because you don't have to go collect caribou and all that that's right you not cut no hold in the fuckin i is you have to go out there and go shoot a bare otherwise you have no meaning a freezer that's a completely different situation that interesting what do you know i can't feel bad enough a girl that's living in an eighteen thousand square foot home you know linking liquor for breakfast but i can feel it every know the little alaskan guy that my fall through the guys i feel like if i had to choose between livin with those comments in miami living in alaska i would live in alaska i'd have to go to miami thing i don't think so if i had to live with them if you live in a house with those people who live in alaska it still is this a dumb there's some dumbness there's so much where you would just like i'm gonna have to hypnotize you people start from scratch
that is only one way we can have to raise your mind and i'm gonna have to programming home and get it you have a library ecstasy joan attain show you would like us it reminds me of you the way they explain everything happening what is it i shouldn't have been around there but i was wondering what's that see that not only next albums there that i always forget the exact she now to be alive i shouldn't be alive like other members i d been around when i worked there they decide what a beautiful day i'm going to climb the biggest mountain in the world thinking you know this is gonna go off without a hitch guy what a cut through his fork an arm to go get stuck in the rock and amid a movie about a country with a sad fact now but i have you watch the shown talking about yes you have seen explain things like i always go back to salt is all in a minute
oh there's a mineral that lady still probably sitting this a months i never saw a guy gets at all what was a monster through is a monster all night is a monster in the audience whose motto washington was like a middle aged lady right now now she's like late thirty's overweight angry then you won't even looking at her and she was like talking to somebody else about salt and which he called again now she was to tell them about how text also goes for you then he's just sitting minden is on business and all over the rage in its it was like a show of the state it goes what the fuck are you talking about what do you know about anything like you know she knows nothing about anything he goes up fuckin mineral you tell the story every time because i loved because you didn't see your face that
the beauty and i explained to you that that could have been a problem all night night i always hoping that poor that parliament is interesting you know that do you know when she was telling people about salt but you shouldn't have any salt in your diet and i was like what the central minerals stupid equity talking there start and then you got an through a cigarette then it was rogan mean that she but i wasn't f about i wasn't that that was when you know my other thing i know i bring that up all the time but i like the way you break things down is what i'm saying that's why really like on the show like i've been around here but i was like this break it down like everything that's happening tat a person and i know you really understand those things that shows a bad show so you think i like to do want different shows with with the same guy like it's the same host of a radio show something i love to congratulate them on their wives pregnancy knowing there is none you now and after second time the guy would be like dice you you said that
last time my wife is pregnant i go now what would she have the baby he's got you she was never pregnant we don't even want kids they get angry about it and i'll just stay on it every time i come on but that's purposely will you would have these i love to exact people these lobo gags at you would run at the store we'd have to people like acting out certain things videos abraham cameras so you'd like get our stage and there was like play going on can hallway work and what is happening you gotta see those tapes and turn what do you do with all those tat nothing this is what i think the pilot has to be i just love filming and this is what i think you're part and tom green always because we have because its film something and unlike for why all i do is film cos like stone that should do but electrically ere it somewhere put it somewhere out how what how the ottoman this be if you had you just say about humongous box it takes behind you all random and each pod cats at the beginning you just grabbed one put it in a kind of gave like
commentary while it's gonna like oh this is from you know the comedy store obviously the see what's going on here well what would i don't know that's that's actually funny but there was sent to those tapes you know no it's like when he goes joe it s because what are you doing with that and unlike a film in the show but there was no show but yet i was making it a show and i really just love so when i come to the comedy still united stocking weight in the show is going on the original room i use the store as my set you know and like the newer comics at the time like like steve rent is easy r e bobby lay these would like that new generation of comic summit so i would i would film all these guys and they couldn't wait for me to get there because they never knew what they had to do and i would tell them exactly what i need to say you know
i would say her right you wait four seconds and you say it exerts like dating even the choices how to say it is an act of why don't you do something with it all or mayor though but it's u we spend so much time we were looking forward to it you have no idea how i like well one day i don't go release it ok wonder what my son max as you know we we gotta digital lost tapes we gotta call em and stop putting things unlike you too have them edited into little cost but always scenarios going on how many hours of footage thousand thousand just madness i have this this because i did i'm a lot of stuff career why's that does this young filmmaker name's john maya's and ease he's putting together logging all my footage now to make you know documentary movie that's i film you know all the way back like first it was well you know the big show
was being on the road all of it i get my own life if that's how i started with pride sing just filming myself without a crew and despair so comes out this my eighth night new year's eve is monday night right now is this monday knowledge it own time what time is it ten p m ten p m and so it's over at eleven it's one hour shown so set you davy hours if you're not gonna be home of your our party and set you dvr check it out that show that i saw in vegas was fuckin awesome wounded at best communists as i've seen a long time last tenure see you read bad we fuck and how old it was really fire was it was just a little on night with hang it was we had a great time was old school dies and it was you know anthony coup me jim norton and see it was we had a great crew bobby kelly was there too late enough data you made me like love dec
colleagues i didn't know em up to that point is the best and which has a nice guy very very and of course i had a fuck with him at the beginning and what you can get a picture for why in our we don't know each other like why would you want a picture of us like in a book and then i took like twenty of them with them you know he loves you that that show was fuckin phenomenal and that's gonna be the base this aims that as well you know it's it's more intense than what you saw what i thought i mean the same area lot of the same besides fuckin great great great stuff and its legacy is old school dies it's really like going back to some of your earlier it keeping the voice tat they would say and just a pounding on p bull aggressive i'm in their native yeah guy pretty aggressive with some guy in the front row that want to talk when i'm do you know film and as you know the threatened him but i left it in you now
because i know people watching you gonna look ngo he's threatening to chop this guy you know great stuff it's great material if it's even better than that than the shell of us on very good we have because i still had months if the eu were there no other bits came i appreciate them in a really appreciate guys who are disciplined who really work at stuff and work in putting together a real said i know you do and i love the fact that you really into doing common again a love of fact wanna talk to you about your excited about it you see when you bring me i get pumped up when i'm coming it's very fun we get pumped up to have you follow dies on twitter it's the real dice clay one word the real dice clay on twitter everyone else is a phoney homely funding as you go into a lot of that even i might what's babe the news i again what's a call yeah andred dies cliff show my age
is there another andrew duff clayton yet there's phone he's out there that's one say so we have the name that's why it's andred dice clay official but introduced dot com to yonah you did so but official so there are you wearing diego pound andrew dies lay official and it's the real andrew now the real dice clay the real dies clay eyes would it whether and if you can't find it is go to my twitter i just retweeted it just tweet it out there so they would sell iraq's twitter do you know they rocks the ban so go far those two you folks ass if my brother dang low on new year's eve it's gonna be awesome i may have a happy new year s in two thousand there eating i'm so excited to see out there just fine i'm bringing lienemann would lay down again the cheerful thank you very much everybody thanks for tuna and thanks to on a response from the show oh and an i t use a code name brogan save yourself ten percent off thank
to death squad good death squad dot tv define future calmly dates is linked to pretty much all of us and then right assurance in front of friday show at the ice out yet at ten o clock tickets are unsafe ice house commie dot com lavish they dug benzes name you know it so he nick referred kevin christie tony hinge cliff and we got a couple surprises couple surprises then what are you what are you learned later what are you headline that every friday now know this freedom in vegas some doing you have seen various but you're always bring that up do you normally do them yet we do the ice has all the time we really know what i'm in town i'll just come there was a kind of area we do a proper cost friday i won't be there the seven not even a buddy you go on stage i won't be there this week none this letter saying i always see you bring it up here we ve got a lot of times and weekdays lot of like a lot of wednesday night stuff like that but i will have some other weekends coming up i think of the ice house as well because i got a few weeks off in january
we can then never played if you ever want to eliminate either it's a beautiful beautiful it's like the communist or the other continents i guess now there are the owner sweet and everybody is like really happy to have you there and the crowds of phenomenal they like their pasadena like then i like city people a little bit more relax their that in its loose fuck grab their fun if ever preserve it you love should other place are are you right will see you next week with a guest to be named at a future date but we got a lot of fun people going to have a good time thank you everybody for two hundred and five cast thanks for all the positive feedback about my comedy special i appreciate the fuck out of paying five bucks for it it's a beautiful thing get so much support and so much love and we centre right back at you are right to go fuck yourself and i'll see you next week
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