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Christopher Ryan, Brian Redban - Date: 01/02/2013
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listen you dirty freaks this is this is the commercial version the podcast for commercial portion the package and sometimes when we do this thing we say funny shit and sometimes we just get right to the point do you know why because we're allow we can do it if we want this is just a just does this does know there's this good things things bad things about that the bad things is here we fuck allow shit up but the good things as we don't have to listen anybody else and the only people that we work with our people that we actually like so if you hear commercial from this podcast it's one hundred percent because we are representing a coup company that has good ethics that sells a product that we think is legit and worth something one of was kerosene games cursing games is a company that we just started doing business with and there start up does the first game and they're making games directly for the ipad and for iphones and
starting i believe in february they're gonna be available for high end android funds as well to really cool game the first blade slinger and its it that the graphics are fuckin fantastic it's where it really what time now in technology where the technology of just an ipad the visual processing is just stunning and what they can do these things you don't use to take when i gaming when i was really aims with the house when i was really indicates that the game when i was a really into computer games had like us four hundred megahertz pc would like some big john stupid video card and i couldn't do anything compared to the graphics power that these little ipads have it's incredible they just can crush images so well that you can have these beautiful games like blade slayer
this game is made design completely for the ipad and i touch any touch such green device so there pouring it over from a pc game it's a game they ve designed to be intuitive with the controls you can get from touch me and the unprecedented visual quality minutes fuckin beautiful and it's a really cool fun games its filled with a lot of wacky nonsense you at your cowboy in the future and you get the fuck shit up with its like a buyer cowboy what the fuck is a bionic cowboy is he really did you really have cows zone thousand astute life whatever you're out there with this guy in your fuckin shit up and it's only two dollars and ninety nine cents up until january first i think yesterday i think whenever wasn't it ended its over budget so now to ninety nine but still very good deal and and company and did their call to work with so we just i don't know it's this with them
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this again anyway the the different products and everything we have had on a dot com is all shit that we use or that we know is the best stuff available like for instance we just started carrying gave aspirin coffee dave aspirin you like coffee really coffees good for you not nearly as bad for use you think he's a thing that according to dave aspirin is bad for you toxic mould and we bert cries from the show yesterday's on the travel channel with that that showed the thing is how dangerous ground it's about the difficulty in acquiring like exotic coffees these different places travelling and they were saying that it is commonly known that mould is on like ninety percent coffee that you buy unfortunately a lot of stuff is very bad for you we have dave ass breeze what he calls upgraded coffee and this bullet proof executive guy that's dave ass breeze whole ideology is to be bulletproof have everything
rock solid have your health rock solid your mind rock solid mean he's a buyer hacker what does that mean you gotta go to the poetry of exact understand it's it's all really intense shit i'm quite honestly a little you stupid understand it but i hear a brilliant guy and i personally have benefited from a lot of things and i learned from the guy and so we large areas coffee and that's the kind of we d like if we help kettlebells for instance i'm always preaching the use of kettlebells and functional strength and how it so much better than just go into a jim and is like don't bench press and stuff like that you'd be amazed at how much athletic benefit you can get from doing so strength exercises so we started carrying out research can kettlebells in battle robes of any kind of different shit that we think is going to benefit you physically and mentally you always do music behind these that noise agenda that crackly static things
cutting energy sector store yeah how you on the way over cossonerie talking about mould cassie but we're talking about my wife concealed it grew up in mozambique re ever there a lot of penal based food is there and there's a mould grows on peanuts that really fucked up your liver so they're really high rates of liver cancer well and shoe sanction things at something that's under a priest it is in the west because her so much peanut butter in here and that's all industrial and this of course there's more grown on that ship but it goes into the peanut butter who notices yeah i don't know what that survive if the wooden peanut butter making process some of it would near some like that supply arms those things that create mad cow disease these can they can survive like a thousand degrees for six hours something crazy i mean they're talking about these weird super organisms that can stay alive and really disgusting situate
since we know more created are human beings to be one of those or night things i ve ever been like the bad part of hong kong why have a whole peace that i did in the opening of one of my comedy specialists that if you looked at the earth from outer space if you were an alien completely objective to our culture or our physical body and you just looked at us you would say there this is this is a mould this is like a growth and more rights and had eight or surround yet is a big brown spreading thing smokes coming burns everything up and shit yeah if you and if you can have the earth comes in and takes it back it's just rebuilds spilled backup it's like a tumor that you can get rid of like it's like a crazy idea we but when you look at how much damage and devastation we really do to the world and it's not a bad analogy it's really if you think if you were objective and you looked at it from outer space that you might look at it that wet you make all believe those things infected with people
you're a fucking people prom on this has an allowance good to hear people problem on our planet it wasn't a planet but its working people where's your man you know the earth almost wiped us out you really get on with their neighbours can i will talk about the stupid commercial listen go to on it gets wall and press the fucker everybody fields about yourself get you shit together and and use the current rogan save ten percent of setting also make a sponsor correction if we did said something wrong yes yes definitely ok i think yesterday you said that if you sign up for ten you get fifty dollars credit and i think it's twenty five now that's what they changed it as if it was ten or is one of the girls were yesterday while it was i just have to be it would have to retain hold on a second that's gross i can't do that you sent me a twitter thing about thing i do and i oh that's right because you're on your cell phone you were talking about how bad europe yes yeah it looks good thing looks really good i like
like what i saw unfortunately i'm on an iphone yet can't do that yeah but i'm telling you man if you if you fuck with these new samsung galaxy s three is the first round of ever use that not just rivals and i followed but twenty five dollars credit now used to be fifty bucks why didn't they let me know that this entails cheap counts it's only twenty five dollars it is this made us alex stupid for twenty five bucks to really need that twenty five bucks oil its twenty five dollars times how many people sign up or actually exist in my opinions very difficult when you give people money off and then you reduce that shit specially you don't tell me you now like ladies and gentlemen i'm not telling you how to run a company can i use your phone you ve got an excellent service i support at one hundred percent
she told me that is twenty five bucks now you don't let them have my dumb ass publisher two days ago sent out a new version too the kindle erased everyone's no said they taken on the first review on amazon com from mr lange do not buy this fucking book they all my notes i'd i'd read two hundred oh no ice move harbour crowns well unbeknown to them we have applied gas to run but we need to play music before its official that's facto the job will gain experience chris rhymed coarser to do in this matter really appreciate i'm sorry we allegedly got you too high talk or that long
commercial gave me a chance to calm the out or doubts with those are good for you stumble through those commercials and sort of like it's sort of like when you have a car and it's a manual and it can start but you to push that bitch and then public sadly star at once it's gone here ok right that's what it's like so the commercial access sort of like a scaffolding rusty are our sea legs under us for we venture out into the pot world bright so wide thanks man you book if people are now it's called sex at dawn and it was suggested to me by my very good friend duncan trestle and i read it and i'll fuckin loved it man it's really really interesting stuff you know are you a use the yard the one one of things that i read there was that never before was the origins of the word yucatan yeah that's really fascinating stuff man was a misunderstanding and that what the with israel i in person who we ass it will lie in mind that
they were saying was essentially i dont understand you when you are at last and what is this place call right they were saying i don't understand you and that i dont understand you became a garbled sort of away what they described the area describing in indonesia and it's amazing because it sounds so authentic give you say well we went camping in the uk time it's like you you know you sound like you know you're like fucking eaten organic salads and doing the right you're out in nature but meanwhile we hear your add i dont know understand you that's where you are that's that's that is in my opinion like you look at the whole human race that's a good example of like how house grew bali his whole system that we operate under a word for it it's like well like that still the nay i could still america about that about their still indians we know about that's even more
to us when we name our selves after some do that nobody knows you ask indicated where america we spooky that was his name was that's the guy america's name like the only italian never did anything other than right arms and chamber aim as far as exploring you don't hear a lot about italian explore he'll celebrate columbus day although its incredibly clear now to columbus was a huge asshole do you know about columbus talking about like original encounters right when a harmless first arrived in its annual on the first trip he was he wrote a letter back to the queen explaining what this place was like that he and his men had found right and it's amazing to read because the first nine sentences are all about how great the people are how they they you know there's food they share it without thinking if if you admire piece of clothing they give it to you without them their credibly generous their incredibly healthy beautiful nicely formed bodies they ve got
fruit in the trees and all the fish they could possibly want he said we five hundred men i could subjugate the entire island why are however you two hundred or whatever was but it's just this whole litany of how wonderful these people are in fact it's even thought by historians the reason the people are called indians is not this whole thing about columbus thinking he was going to india right its act with that in this document that i am describing to columbus wrote cigarette meant there s hand they give even in the us which means these are certain certainly p well who in god in the us and in spanish there still calling the austrian yeah why raising why i mean we came so close he could have just said fuck europe there let's stay here which other people did other explores did it's very difficult when someone's
i want to turn around and it's very forgot one that's the culturally accepted way to live what is that noise man you have you planche like shamans shit in the background it it's a thought it was crickets did you know you're doing with no airbus was edge it turned on by itself i think like its honour it was plainly it the stuff the above computers literally yeah that sounded like through some dude in the background of a rattle yang dancing in some way maybe try to bring back the old days is that your rogan thing on repeating the background turned down super low the owl i mean be so difficult when you grow up in the environment of the fourteen hundreds of europe which was just chaos and disease in war and famine in all these goddamn problems and then to like abandoned that once you got here i think they probably couldn't do it i think do just so fucked up and then of the also a desperate
otto from a couple of months in a boat on the ocean you know that's got to try you fucking squirrelly your feelings about human life have to a road i mean they have to the appreciation for human life has to a road like really worst case scenario you take the craziest fox you can find people that are willing to get on a throw up of floating peace wood and yet a push out into this never ending ocean and it might take a few and some of you were gonna die now who's in whose end itself selection mechanism at work there you ever seen the hurt film again the wrath of god now above all you gotta see them with his alibi it's about the congolese two in brazil and in it the mainly the lead role is played by klaus kinsky who is the super intense too i am actually mick jagger was supposed supposed to play the role but he he got sick or had a concert there are some delay he couldn't do it so they running kinsky how many movies is annie jagger done
i know what we want is for another year no mick jagger was the first choice a real yeah i love that should i love i mean that that's a great movie but what was the other one june who is supposed to play hannibal lecter who was first offered the role and turned it down kitteridge jack nicholson woe engine that role with jack nicholson would have been different it would have been great very dear yeah you polly would have been equally great just i think such a different way you know i mean people go crazy what must be any hopkins relax no it must not be you know a nicholson first came to hollywood he was a screenwriter he wasn't an actor really yeah and he was living with this dude who wasn't act are trying to be an act of their share in a room somewhere a place somewhere and this areas it was told to me was the nicholson was so
unsuccessful selling stuff that he was ready to go back to kansas or whatever the photos from new york and as i think and his friends had just come to this addition with me man maybe you'll get an extra role or some just some money we read for the role and the producer said mr nicholson we don't need you for this but if we ever need you will need you very much you think about that in turn of nicholson he's always nicholls right you know always jack he cannot be anything other than jack this is an issue with guys that the key to a certain role like part like a sort of like a characteristic role like out but you know always has to yell now yes in like he's always gotta have a beggar preferably bliant screaming like when he played the devil that do jumped the shark the devil was it a piano rees movie
didn't you remembers advocate that what it was tat he played the devil might listen the devil would not be so fuckin for house the devil me stream and devils why devil winning be emotional and what real torture would be like wouldn't be some little fuckin or dude scream and set up comparison you shall reptilian evils gotta be redtail if you're obviously planned now rant you stop it devil again at the devil ass the devil lying to you trying to trick you into thinking that he's not that not that scary there wasn't those turns mckinnis idea of what what what aliens really were is it aliens would hide themselves in the idea of an extra terrestrial being that looked like us and walked like this influence
they ship they would hide themselves in that form as do not disturb us with their true identity should be so alien surely incomprehensible rain so that he thought that that's what they were doing when they were appearing in such weird so classic form you tell you with a little elvin thing a little graze with the big black lash around here is it this is something that they would they would hide in terence mechanic got me in a lot of trouble has a i was what is the last time i took acid i got some acid from a guy who sort of new the grateful dead and so the acid was coming from this you're a sore three seats or as they are and the stream so
ice i sit here i'll take some fine in the sky gave me all this liquid re ends i guess under some friends and whatever cause i what what am i gonna do with a hundred it of ass it was like thirty five or something and so one friend of mine is a psychiatrist and he's like fifty years something as in spain and he d had done ass it back when psychiatry would order it and deal from santos and they descended mail order and so he tried three it's an came back the next day and setting out its good it's clean its mellowed school so i was reading terence mechanical and all this shit about heroic doses right and i'd like to a bunch of acid when i was younger but i never like it been a while since i'd approach anything you could call a heroic dose in silence
this is the last time and probably in a trip pride i i'm sort of at the end of this part of my life i think so i'm gonna go with a bang and i took for hit so this stuff in it turned into a very intense afternoon and ended up with me a few steps from a psychiatric hospital yeah i think it was howard stern who had a story about taking acid in like losing his mindful a couple weeks they took too much you can you can get to appoint a psychedelic trip you question reality to the two like to the brink of sanity now you get you don't you don't know if you ve got to get back from this one year i mean honestly that's not a feeling that i've had much tripping and that's why i love tripping because i always felt it really had my feet under me and you know i was with people in
it went down which sometimes did i was like the go to guy you can give it together right i can always likes ok get down to business here i would like to be cocky think that we can handle it because we ve handled it before but then all you have to do is keep going what the level right go we'll take five it's ready ahead of what we re looking ahead of us and then you're a baby once again what thing is recognising where your limits are an approaching testing known but not ever crossing number disrespecting that's the way you write a motorcycle it's like do dangerous things in a smart way so i don't die but i like doing interesting exciting crazy things you know the problem with acid or any the drugs that are not legal is that we don't necessarily know what we're getting you know if you go to a vodka stores liquor store
other new by vodka you pretty pretty pretty well be assured that you're buying vodka right meanness we standard and one knows the dosage have a couple shot you're gonna get fucked up that's called are all sort of information that's passed on and super readily available whereas drugs is a lot of very sure sure ok you done this where this come from who got this if you're smart you again you take some pills somebody gives you is to do a lot of research whether at into research i wrote about research that is happening in the world of psychedelic right and people site gave talks at medical schools and denied go round and sort of be they the authority fig on this and so people always came up to me afterward like hey you know the deal with ecstasy really is a dangerous is not dangerous and it's always complicated because it's exactly what you're saying if you're empty amaze is one thing but which are buying in a club is if you're lucky partly em
it may not have any idea may at all or at least it of a minor ingredient there's a bunch of other shit in there that's unregulated trolling nobody knows what it is in spain you can send it does he to allow or their guys in the clubs with labs little tested for you i just got i got some tested the other data smoked i guess i was the beginning of its smoke that means is like almost a hunter percent pure air and it it was now they difference from when i was used to take it was just like fall to the ground and melt is amazed right it's over different thing and you say it's dangerous shit that they mix in them acid ellis really like that too much because a trade cheap and easy to make lsd relatively for a chemist in fact i was the occasion fourthly in the sixty like don't eat asset and that was the government ghana and mass hysteria because whisky as i know camus but i've been told our steel like if you set up
i have to make lsd just make lsd the eunuch there's nothing can it be cheaper easier to make instead whereas m dna is much more complicated and there's money in mixing should in india lsd seems to me to be a legitimate threat to your sanity there's there's a there's quite a few people that have gone bonkers after big lsd hits it seems to me that if you dont have a good solid grip on it there's a it's possible for get away from you and you never get it back there they suspected that happened to the unabomber tat gives insecure was a part of the the harvard alex studies like that in reality studies and when he got to school he he went in hot for a few years to save up all his money so i could get this cabin and then start his attack on on technology but it did the thought was that they cooked his brow
there was a documentary detailing i think it's called the net things a foreign documentaries and subtitles yeah but a blip looked at a began but but do you really think you since he was insane obviously using you think so killing on this fucking people here but wasn't he operating essential out of the same thing that you and i were talking about earlier we said you gotta people problem on our planet yeah sort of like a sort of barbarism unless murdering innovators yeah that's not the way that that's insanity it's a hundred percent salary you know even if you thought that the world was doing something bad that there is something wrong with her wouldn't you work to try to change it why would you works try to kill the people that are creating technology well that's the thing if you think technologies the enemy i'm not i'm not an advocate for the universe for i think that that that's a limited way of looking at things because i think that look technology though the human beings operators the technology will always
constantly be moving forward were always gonna try to innovate i try to create better and new things but i think that seem sort of mentality could be applied to cleaning things up or using things in a sustainable way and i i don't think that it's out outside the realm of possibility for us to figure out a way to process pollution and make it turn into some sort of a clean fuel i think the idea of making hydrogen and are using hydrogen hydrogen turns into water you know which is what you know there's there's ways we can have fuel and energy in the future that we figure out right now but there's this potential in the future for cleaning up the environment cleaning up the air and actually using that as fuel is passing i read somewhere just unless we daily norway or denmark one of those countries is importing garbage from other countries to use as a fuel sore they don't have enough on their own garbage that's hilarious now we so far smart little small european countries like iceland
through other bankers in jail billy entered the lock and ass an an elected a lesbian to president powerful has there's the net trailer by the way i was is it now this not those numbers by sandra bullock no no no that's really know i was a documentary you guys been silly over there in a perfect you do then a verbal snap and advertising in high so talking about take the evils of technology there there took all that acid i went into this park with this friend and we rely on under a tree and my friend was like not gonna walk i gotta move ok you move man i'm just gonna stand this tree i wonder if she has spent beautiful tree domed over and it's a unique can see blue sky behind the leaves twittering and is just so nice and i started getting into the five of this tree and i could action
we like feel vibrations of the tree the energy vibrations of his tree and and i would like my own energetic vibrations with those of the free and it was like a fuckin brain orgasm it would just be like me and go out and i couldn't take more than a few seconds of it so that i'd like to get out of phase right and then distorted like zoellick with my conscious energies dancing around getting into and out of phase with this trees energy and every time he was like a fool brain orgasms amazed why so anyway i'd after like an hour her to this i was exhausted i walked out myself try to walk i got out i walked out from under the tree and i still heard this buzzing the vibrations of the treaty moving with me i turn i look back and right above the tree where these high tension power lines and the bus was coming
the electrical cables i'm out i thought i was making love with nature i was being fucked by technology is so do i laid what do you think was going on then when you are trying to tune into the energy of the tree near had always electricity going on i'm out of some sort of you know energy overload frying circuits in my brain they say when you're around certain certain of those towers you could feel it like you like it just feels fucked up like this we still when i was a kid we take gum fluorescent light bulbs and if you walked under them with the light bulbs at night they later get the fuck out of here they light up here that made the people they lived under like have superpowers imagined everybody would while live only that and take the chances if like one dude became the flash see comic books
psyche grow up your baby under electricity constantly just to see things in other people can see but now actually fox right it's not good eleven of those thanks so much i think it's if they ever shown that health was to be if they did i doubt there be houses in anything still but i think there are houses under ethan burbank it's fuckin crazy yeah the country they cut a line through the woods form they dont bill houses under yeah those things are creepy as fuck stupid way do it you know words i mean those are above ground but most cables in europe are underground yet why aren't these underground one on the ground will actually there would worry about someone dig in their near him have you seen what happens with fuck up and hit liquor gas line and blow up a whole flock you know have you ever seen those they they one of them had recently i believe it was indiana it was an unbelievable the destruction they someone
tapped into a gas line in the house was this devastated it just whatever happened it would probably pilot light in the stove or something you know some survey firstly there was no house there was nothing in the house next door all fucked up to what it was just complete splinters and these are like in our neighbourhood it's like there's palms everywhere just waiting to go off on high pressure gas being pumped into almost everyone's house recently woody allen and everybody school woody allen equity aren't fearful bombs everywhere waiting to go that is meeting if you're near a house that did that wouldn't you would start thinking how did that you and we think it at all but of your fairly close within a couple of blocks are now survive but then you stop and think about and go with the fuck man see pull up some photos man the indiana house explosion ago yeah the debts
often though that's there's still a house it's on fire unearthing but still a house in india like the house was gone no house these relate more need urgent and what would you so willy nilly with the fact that we ve got gigantic sources of power at our grasp the time electricity in every wall in your house near and very few people even understand we just so a cot turn lights which aren't and light switch off no thanking me while some poor farc has to put up those crazy cables and hope that it does give him cancer to see this book that you wrote is i would have to say a very controversial book was it you or was it bert kreischer that was telling us a story about someone with a bird about bringing up sex at dawn some i got angry and now i bought a long time ago in duncan first heard talk talking about you just got it i think he told me to visit you should check out this big man
as long ago as i bought it and then i started reading it and then i left it my car and then the guy i was dating at the time this what's this work i want a book to read and i am i i take that then of rwanda yet to emigrate that was prior really really bad idea i turn a because she read issues like oh my god this is so anti marriage in babylon and i relationship in and stuff like that she didn't like whatever she read so she had at me because of out and out of it you then she didn't know he just got up says is that why you reading this book likes you almost got nervous than somewhere no what i first really one of the first people that read the book was i guess i can say his name what the fuck what was his name he was a child there he was in nypd blue ricky schroeder i'm talking to we know ricky it is a fact
i now that it is crazy so nice guy but toaster stories that ok i met him right away acts i didn't know who he was startled we're on the same flight to spain actually london and then barcelona rank as he was living a burst of water for awhile and it has me what i did i said i just have about to publish this book i had one in the galleys their early the pre publication copies and we talk but the book in and he came back he was in first class or somebody came back their empty seats in here i sat and talked like most of the way the london he was really excited about it he was like this is gonna be amazing is really interesting here and then we talked about a screenplay his these like the yoke is there a movie and this and he told me about a movie he was working on at the time about arab terrorist or something like a anyway
so why he's really into an autonomous screenplay idea and he was i can't have incline in the lead and you know we're talking about who would and he was like superfluous ask so easily can i read the book can give a case that i've got this like one copy it's my last cobb but it'll be out in two months in or whatever but you can have this because i'm going skiing in france answer so taylor somewhere in a real and ass i was gonna get in touch with me right back in barcelona couple weeks never heard from the guy answers talking stanley my professor about this is only said what you know i'm going to see ricky schroeder and two months in washington at this event for veterans i'll ask him why what's up so he did he saw ricky at this they any sunday you met this friend of mine and you know you were really interested in others that what happened in ricky's wife according to stanley said i threw that book in the trash nobody talks to ricky about sex except me
well yeah that's the story i heard i would never repeat that story because its store that you heard it's really hard get a real solid story through more than one person knows just one person but not an ice then we can cut it out like cut out is alive relates life has always live well you know who knows anyways action and that we know what it was and is that a lot of girlfriends and wives have been not interested in the book and also husbands say rickeys very nice guy he's he's a friend family or myself of of hung out with him and his wife many times his wife's one lady now you said tell and i had cut it out i didn't i dont know who knows what really happened listen man people get in this situation is not bad you know it's your europe
look to a lot of people that have sort of a sandra bullock movie view of the world its becomes very disconcerting the idea of firefox it out now sex at dawn how would you describe the book what's the best description of it it's it's looking at the origin and evolution of human sexuality sorts it's sort of looking at how human beings behaved sexually for there were civilizations telling them what to do and what not to do now when that subject gets breached for whatever reason a lot of women will panic like if you start talking about what p used to do or dynastic culture and for whatever reason like the idea that somehow and other things were different one point time and you know maybe males would find that more preferable or maybe but whatever it is that freaks them out when a guy would read a book like that sort of describing
just basically a statement of pretty much fact of history a tremendous amount of evidence to back up the idea that there were orgy ass two cultures so what's wrong with saying that i got all that that becomes a real weird do did you feel a lot of that feel that you are able sure sure united and there's a good reason for that response in the fact is that women are in a situation now and have been for millennia where the only thing that the only way they could survive really was through a man their father or their husband and any only thing they had to negotiate with was their sexuality because the men can young men had all the property all the money all the power of the everything everything women was their sexuality so it's not
surprising that women feel threatened if the value of that negotiating chip is lessened as it is if you start talking about or dynastic societies right then you don't trade your sexuality for your food your status and how that other but the key is to understand that they didn't need to our ancestors didn't need to because the women had direct access to their food and their status and in whatever they needed in terms of power these are very yell at areas hyades but we're not in any solitary in society now it's getting better other women are still making seventy cents on the dollar two men for the same work but you have your a single mother it's tough in this this especially in the united states because you're not getting much social support so those women feel threatened if their negotiating position visa viii men is is threatened as it is if you start talking about loosening up sexual morality that's funny their negotiating position
really funny that's in that centrally is with a lot of men become they become negotiating positions it's a very sterling thing to see your friend sort of co opted by some chick made her way into his life and now is inside of him like a parasite working controls becomes really weird becomes really weird say yeah but it's also i mean we should never forget that women are put in that position they don't necessarily choose its not their nature in other words the guy you know what i'm a gold diggers or whenever tie him up you know a prostitute so whatever women who are trading their sexuality for something explicitly but we put them in that position how is that south some women don't do it when they i mean women do it to the sands you know like ebay i think it's all just a matter of circumstance and a matter of whether they are and how it turns out because a lot of women who obviously don't do any those things because they can work right for the
this time in western history so we have understand that's a very novel moment in our history so end you still gotta play in pakistan are most of africa most latin america the women don't have direct access to what they need so in the origins of civilization like when we moved from having the sort of small tribes people to larger sit he's is that when the transition sort of happened for women and women became reliant upon men and their jobs lessened because now there living in cities well you before cities even just just settled society so retire with the advent of agriculture which is about ten thousand years ago at the earliest and what's important understand there is that that's when the notion of private property really entered human society according to our vision of other stuff
so women work that that that affected women in two ways one way is that it became very important to trace property so you have to know who your sons were because was going you met petra linear rights it's going down the male property was passed others son so who are your sons while the wait another your sons is controlling this woman sexuality we went in there are no dna tests right and also the the time when people started breeding animals so it became very clear that one sex i could result in offspring so so this is very important even if you look in the bible what's the line thou shalt not covered thy neighbours wifi that sounds like something let's talking about respecting your neighbors marriage but if you read it in context it continues nor
house nor his servants nor his ox nor his sheep had centre so it's thou shalt not covet thy neighbours property and his wife is just part of property so women really became like they went for having nearly equal status to males in almost every hunter gatherer society that we know of two being property that's fascinating what prompted what how did that had they morph from these tribal societies of equality to these you know city societies well it's camp will obviously be very complicated talk about all the different things that happen but it's important understand that life human life be forced civilization earned agriculture and after agriculture changed radically in almost every way our diet are exercised patterns are understanding of interest
personal relationships governmental structure how yeah how we rule the kind of decision making happens child care sexuality yeah it's really fucked up everything about it but a society a city you know agriculture that was really the first technology it's like you don't think of it as technology but that really was when they figured out how to create things and build things and set things that make life more convenient for them or made life easier and then from then it's really been all about accelerating that process accelerating that process of invention and innovation which really started off with agriculture released and think about what we were like when we were hunters and gatherers these small tribes of very tightly knit people that had to stay together and lived off the land to the first city from that point on it was a one way ticket to nuclear explosions
as we have on our waited innovating in creating more sh sh author and safety so you can create better and crazier shit literally the first house the first the first city the first and since they set up that was a that was the first steps have you follow it to the pollution of the earth and for nuclear explosions and space shuttle all the different things that we ve done it literally all comes from that idea if we never did that we would be live in exactly like these people that are living in tribal situation in the amazon parts of africa kind of amazing i now see that at the beginning that you said to make life easier or whatever since it easier get easier right then it is yet exaggerate its easier right then but that's the karen people often say within why you know why did we choose to do this if you look as we are pretty strongly insects are done in the next book is called civilized to death and i tell you i'm going with you
so i really question whether it's made life easier or better in that argument i want to make a netbook but your people think of it as if we chose it as if our ancestors those like hey let's i'll just hang out here and plant some corn and you know what ever know what what seems to have happened cultures arisen for five different times spontaneously in different parts of the world and in all those different parts of the world in the years before by looking appalling residue in fossils and stuff they can tell that the years before the advent of agriculture generally attended to be unusually rich lots of rainfall lots of plant life lots of life going on then and then they entered a period where tightened up and there is much less rainfall and that's when agriculture arose so you see that pattern all around us
the thinking is ok you ve got really rich environment twenty thirty forty years right several generations population levels get really high then suddenly there's a contraction so suddenly there's not enough food for everybody break is hunter gatherer societies tended to be pretty much imbalance with like every other species it with the food supply so suddenly there's way overpopulation most of the time just die off as you know in these five instances someone figured out like wait a minute this is where these things grow there is not of water but there's a stream over there we could dig a channel so generally the first steps of agriculture thought to have been irrigation then do they figured i wait we could take the seeds and put the seeds are here first it was just bring the water to wear the stuff was and it freaky when they are they keep moving the date of that actually happening back further and for further they just evidence of cheese making from one
thousands of semi thousand years they found evidence in the area near go beckley tapie where they might have been making beer ten thousand years ago it's of really fascinating like they keep going further and further back to when people actually figured it out but an apparently hemp was the first thing ever cultivate yeah pretty crazy easy to do stoner targeted the not hydroponic error in soil yeah yeah they figure out the whole closet set up yet these over someone's and you like why fuckin one so the hum is at home what's that late coming out under the door and door you go yeah that the feeling that you you didn't really get but thought you got from a tree you ve been telling you can get a weird communication when you're in a roomful we'd plan love i love growing marijuana
fourthly span its legal man and i had slants every summer on our terrorists that we're like christmas trees by the end of the summer it so stupid that people think that if you want it but if you want pot to be legal than you suppose you want overthrow the government not support taxes and you think we should be all hippies oh no stupid should we will tell people what they can and cannot do what has been clearly proven to not be nearly as dangerous as almost everything else in the world right so stupid it's so stupid at this point in time that you can have a house a room in your house we just have all these plants hanging out hitting and they show them oh yeah while our cats always would hang out in the plan lillian fuckers cancer little fuckin weirdos if you get to teach him those little were make yourself useful heat the worms
the first time i ever went to a grow room could not granted i was intoxicated i was under the spell the sacred plant but when i walked that room it was literally like walking into like a like a different sort of consciousness there was like a a different sort of a life coming out of these plants and there's like twenty or thirty of them in his room they were huge and i remember being in there going like this feels cry like this it feels like these things are their aware or if not a there's something coming off of them it's not as simple as you know this is a rock this dick i wasn't it i was stone but not like stone enough there i thought that i wasn't really here anymore was that it was fairly normal lives like i am right now but just walking into the room was well like this is this is intense and wonder whether that is people tell you that like you could talk around plants and actually mean
ro better about how much of that his horse shit you ve been a finn horn no united talking about that that's where the whole playing music for your plans and talk to them and velvet started northern finland i heard i'm outlines music parties bullshit but the talking part some evidence that shows that it might actually help the i haven't investigated it myself why not i went over your house and all your plants wilted am i think you're creepy fuck i'm saying if you go for some one thousand fuckin plants rods like genocide is places hawks i killed at andrews joe at my house like those bamboo good luck and who plants like they're almost it should not be able to kill on things that he has put in bottled water i still killers thanks go you proud and not proud side then they didn't die in life forms i planned cat
cats are weird animals i've been they they you they would make sense they would go and hang out the weed room sure they are on good yeah and pursue it looks like the jungle does look creepy fox trees approaching there real jack something twenty we haven't you now can i love cats are two cats but there are other selfish less holes but it's weird my cat is its big fluffy com sixteen years old but i put her in the yard and i was a bird in the yard and she fucking went after it and try to kill it i mean he can have him in the house given him cat from for sixteen years but he get em anywhere near a bird may go fuckin crazy will i still be they make that north as you have one of those cat water fountains i just got one
course thing cats love the water for using water itself also they play with it has only just sit there and put your mouth and to sit there and the new mont my catches like wiped its face and in the websites pause in on us playing with it tells gimme a lincoln amazonas powerful him there will be no about talks or plasma do nobody oh yeah that's a strange little thing that makes mice attracted to the smell of cap is what a great lucian eric work that had it removes the fear of him too strange and not that this the crazy thing is the numbers of humans in the end the planet that are infested with the stuff that in fact behaviour and that might be they said france at one point times higher than sixty percent they say they ve got down around fifty something now but only hopefully knows getting tested for toxic plasma they think is at least sixty million americans and have a missing its related schizophrenia they
it could be they don't know they they know that deserve support turkey and of our stanford is the leading iron and i've been trying to get him growers are mostly yeah he's a prime autologous he's a real interesting guys if he apparently is the deleting light in this this thing navies isn't same guy we're aisy beard yeah like hasidic jus look or not hasidic but just the adi wacky beard yeah there's a lot of video videos online talking about it about how he used to work in an emergency room and they found that a disproportionate number of motorcycle victims had tested for this talks applause really gathered and makes you reckless makes erect they should take more chances right here they don't know exactly what the fuck is doing to you and other non no exact look how much of an effect and has on some people on other people whether it takes hold their life you know but for mice it's a fucking dozens they just their dicks get hard for cat
as the craziest thing it's the craziest thing ever and then they go find them these rats and mice and viruses the videos of them pretty crazy i've run up to the cats in the run up to the cats dick crazy what's the doctors named found support scheme yeah he's a robber suppose key tells one of my favorite stories ever talking about humanity and all that he's for twenty some years he's been going to kenya and studying baboons there always the same he's been at the same place for twenty years and so he seen generations come and go is great book called primates memoir beautiful book about his ears in kenya and he's a great right yeah that's him and was pimp so he and her here he goes and give a fuck grooming yeah yeah i he shoots he's baboons with blowguns comic
and then he like gets about ranks on it yeah tranquil than in those blood tests on there is particularly interested in the neurobiology of strasbourg looking at like how different males in different points of a hierarchy experience so anyway so the story is that he's been he's wants rallies generations come and go in and baboon troop is very male dominated and their very them these are very fierce and they sort of you now they're nasty the females into each other in everything so in the years he'd been going there the messiah built a hotel for tourists and this tourist at his hotel has a dump and his baboons troop started going to this dump as there is good food there and the best food of course is meat scrapped of meat that are thrown out by the hotel so the dominant males sent tend to get that meet nobody else gets any so time they threw out some meat there was tainted with tuberculosis in the upper one of these
boon mailed dominance hierarchy got wiped out it was like a bomb went off in washington or something and so he was i quote now what's gonna happen this is gonna be horrible because when the males reach adulthood they shift out into a different they go out they leave their nato group and they go looking for another group so these new males are gonna come in full of testosterone looking to kick ass and there won't be anyone here to fight them off it's gonna be pirates landing honour and i with no man on you know and but when happened was the new males came in in the meantime group developed and much more egalitarian low stress way of life and when the new males came in they adopted this new way of life so five years later last i heard from him years later this group this troop of baboons was still significantly less up than any through true there is ever been studied is not a that serve mirrors america that if you get like point
in the military industrial complex with like sacred caviar from something that goes back to the universe i am not defending i'm just saying there is not merely because he was he was only after fuckin scientists and professor sees not if it is like senators you would have been far it's like that quote but no one ever want to get heard saying will hitler how cobbled good idea ability amene most people that are you know young folks people that have regular jobs people that are out there sorted tuned in into the world are very frustrated by the way this country in the world in general is run because it's real by this one small group of people or throughout the world that have a vested interest in keeping it running that way and in that situation mean no one's advocating the day by day but in that situation it really does mirror this babylon society where these dumb
neither baboons got jacked and then just shut the fuck out and right and the new people came and they also chilled the fog the problem with that i mean i tend to agree with you but i think i'm a there's a patriot act became say that shit what's the problem that the patriot act i'm just saying that right is i can get you in trouble yeah so i tell tell a bad story and you get thrown in presenting this don't you really also for the very good story double what s going to say is that i'm a little less hopeful then you are in the sense that i think even if the operational on of vienna the male baboons got wiped out we probably end of rape where we are because there are too many people yonder's too many people that's what
but there is some there's not too many people if everybody stops jack and each other and steel and resources is not too many people if we don't engage in the the armeniac our culture is essentially a war culture mean that's just what it as we were constantly involved these oversee conflicts can rolling parts of the world that we really have any business and we have military presence in something like a hundred different countries where we're crazy and that's a lot of money that's a lot of taxes la shit and if we weren't spending it on that and we were instead spending on some sort of sustainability i mean if you can get the direct proportion amount of money spent waging war spend that same amount of money trying to enhance the life of people that are in shit situations we would have been financially more beautiful world to live in and the same amount of money would still be circling around alec industry
didn't exist if it wasn't for war that's nonsense as just something we ve been told by the people that are controlling where we go and what we do but isn't war uniquely profitable in your destroying very expensive stuff whether it's the infrastructure of a country or your own munitions you now a million bucks apart for a predator drone strike or something like that that always needs to be replenished right whereas if you're building tvs or chairs are nor need a jerk off cans or whatever it is that in it if there is a certain number that you build and then like that's all anyone needs for awhile the so i think there's a built in impetus to below shit up because then you get paid to rebuild it that's the halliburton ideology exactly i don't know about that i mean it certainly seems that's something that goes on in that certainly seems to be
fuelling allow the activity that we do but i don't think that's necessary mean there if you fly over the country just one time you realize how much open space there really is no it s not just here this like that does that mean the idea of overpopulation is mostly based on the fact that eighty percent of our people live near water you now we figured out a way to make our lives more sustainable to make citys more sustainable to pollute less and had the people that are involved in all this nonsense of seas and dedicated to doing we wouldn't be is reliant on foreign oil we wouldn't be is reliant on these things that we need in these choices sure it's just we're just we're just in the were governed in a shitty way and were governed in this this represents i've waited where nobody feels connected to the actual decisions that are being made by vaguely connected who's being reprehended let's be serious corporations are being represented in the rest of us it was
zapper who said politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex that's really isn't apples really great quote yeah and that until that becomes too putin's actually get a say in everything that happens so the united states is to vote on our eyes till it this is the thing in other so many fucking people to manage this many people i think the systems that work are dehumanizing inherently dehumanizing i think that there is a question of scale that sea seems to be you know just so it makes sense if you're talking to ten people you know each of those people gets attend for your attention if you're talking to a hundred million people they know nobody is getting your attention right so i think there is some sort of a mathematical almost like a quality of life like alive
it'd quality of life and the more people there are the more people are taken a little piece of in the smaller the pieces get you know that's fascinating but then how come if that's the case and how come some people just fuckin live in high and the heart well that's ok you know we're talking about this operational on right the meat will meet in davos or whatever right now you know in switzerland those guys meat in the building yeah i'd characters anything i i've known some of those people not allowed i've known some people very very up in the world and their no happier than anybody else man you know i think a lot of them are actually less happy because happiness isn't about being able to buy whatever you want you know i mean that where's on it is unless you're a great neighbourhood and you have good friends and you know a good escort agency if you have all that norway and iceland commercial we cannot represent banana exports is yes
last year the idea that the richest people the happiest pupils ridiculous thee herzog of video that i really enjoyed up was life in a tiger happy people scholar happy viable life and the tiger i haven't about siberia these people that live up in siberia in the eagle hunters no no that's that's in that too bad actually siberia is the life and a tiger people are these trappers that live in this very small town with essentially dont use money they trap and take the money from trapping and that's what buys like tools and equipment and share in other use it to trade for different things but all they do is hunton fish they hunt they fish they grow food and they're they're so happy in the men they disappear in the winter to go trapping they take snowmobiles they drive like a fuckin hundred miles and a snowmobile and when they come back everybody's happy there these celebrations the dogs run behind them when they come back dogs or make it tough shit and these people have like now
mental illness or i'll happy there all like cheering and dancing and singing it really makes you wonder like when you look at us you know people were in their couch so bombed re so depressed for what would you bun doubt about like you don't have to do anything right now you are in a position right now you can actually relax see that's it that's it he's bunkers he doesn't have to do anything right the problem here there's no meaning there's no meaning it's like there's meaning in food when you grow it like you're talking about marijuana their meaning when you're smoking but that you i knew you'd trimmed new cured it's like you love if you make your own beer your own wine you out here on dinner whatever it is right i went hunting recently i killed dear and i've been hearing this dear for the past four months and when i e that i feel a sense of satisfaction rice like was a lot of effort to go like high
in montana camping outside and twelve degrees and i got this thing that makes such a much better connection then going to store and just a stake in we still have all these reward system set up from hunter gatherer culture that's it that's it in the problem that this sort of the ultimately destructive cannon at the heart of civilization is that it led us to where we think we want to go but it isn't really where we should be it isn't really the place that's gonna make us happy right like everyone thinks if you win them lottery you're gonna be happy look at studies of people who have actually won the lottery their lives get destroyed in short order because i don't know me i get her back them up that their hanging around the wrong people to stay in the same neighborhood they didn't change your name first thing you do you take that money going to canada japan toronto where nobody knows you already party you yet
its money man you just need an organizer you just need someone to monitor you one three hundred million dollars you we're gonna make you happy dude get em rolled and yoga classes keep his brain sharp nome crossword puzzle is gonna be we'll take care of you four hundred million dollars will take care of those duties they stay in georgia the chicken is locked themselves very far apart you can become a happier when you in the lottery show you took it up with a ripe it's possible but in general that's what happened now you can you can appreciate all joking aside can appreciate things unless you earn them in europe you know you if i joke about it when i was younger that the amount of work involved to become a stand up communion it's so so difficult to go from the beginning where you just sock to being a competent stand of communion that the idea of doing it all again is absolutely terrify terrify and i would
never done and if i had the lottery the latter are nos twenty one and a half million dollars where would my ambition railroad where and then with that gone also disliked the character lessons then failing in you know awkward mention is social situation all the different various little bits of information that use a sort of formulate your own personality in view of the world those wooden exist they would exist in a completely different form because you wouldn't be struggling to make your way through the world with insecurity like most of us have you would all sudden have fuckin thing one million dollars for me in your underwear and a yacht let your genes integrated yeah you just keep going until the wheels fell off but the other thing is you wouldn't really have any friends because if he'd if you if you're just a regular per and people hang out with you can be pretty sure they're hanging out because they like hang out with
if you just one the lottery and people are hanging out with the on your yacht in the aegean sea video right you know why those people are there you that's true but i've heard that argument before about like being a celebrity people just like you discuss how do you know when people actually like you can catch helen people like yeah that's cause you're you ve been through it yeah if you come up in that world yeah well you can definitely the deal definitely see people in her bullshitting you sure i'm just one three hundred million dollars is going to have you can have some good friends i got an how are you going we celebrate action no someone's gonna fuckin look like you're a puzzle drawn away this won't get some extracts from money after this bitch people will look at you like that if you were some who just especially if you just got lucky so one thing if you're some crazy fuck starts landscaping business and owns a hundred differ
we know fuckin warehouses fill with lawnmowers new sending out everyday i mean you like pass your ass created an empire that's one thing like you respect guy you know those humbling yeah want immediately if they know the ear you know lenny the landscape king they they don't don't go after you but if you're some your lenny the fuckin bag you as working a lottery king the eyes working at sea vs and also stress the right ticket and they will go after you don't deserve like fund that guy you just gotta get your monies worth from every one of the girls in its really use em all day long beside girls they're gonna go after you it's business people it's a lot of people i kind of this business and we get started yummy times people come to me i want to start a bit and such a ridiculous idea but most likely that i'm not going in the business with you burnett starting a business together what the fuck are you talking about that's not how you may go to baggage there's money in there they have money you go and you sign out some papers you get alone
crazy as reasons thing years ago like ten years ago this guy you didn't when a lottery but he inherited like twenty million dollars his parents at a farming businesses and that is the lottery so inherits twenty million dollars he's like twenty four years old or something and he gets a few friends together and they fly to monaco and he's like yeah he's going to celebrate with a wild weekend in monaco with five or six of his friends four days later all twenty million dollars was gone lost it all the oh my god oh my god so they said to him how did it happened and he said well grab we had first and suddenly at the end my god oh my sums it up doesn't open while that is insanity well you can go and same gambling that's one of the the arguments for gambling being illegal i do i don't support that argument i don't agree
that whatsoever of em one hundred separate part of personal freedom but and personal responsibility but i've seen people get that crazy gambling i and it's a sickness and it's to exploit that sickness is like it's akin to having sex with a passed out for being drunk that's what exploiting that it really all excluding the gambler examining their zaireans second who's that second over the end and dislike letting them continue to gamble like someone needs to come i know because i believe in personal responsibility no but realistic if you were like even any ethics so we saw some guys about tibet twenty million dollars you now you would go hey yeah this is not tire can you move to my neighborhood latvia's my friends handle ok in wanting to play a little black jack thousand dollar and here there let's get crazy give yourself a fucking limit you about
twenty million dollars in a day stop it sounds to me like you ve got the same sort of career ambitions i have what is which is to hang out with really wealthy people and help them not fucker i had this dream of late i was gonna be like the psychiatry too you know like out just i'll be a site your psychologist to like you know george clooney would be much better off if i would hang out it is you know you say that it is kind of a funny thing but in in other cultures they mean throughout history there have been wise men that hung around great men that offer advice definitely is especially men who are like big business man and in ireland and back in the day you know conquerors even would would would have said with scholars and they were discussed certain issues was important to sort of be surrounded by people like that but in this so
of society it sort of gone the way the shaman there's no shamans there's no scholars in your midst is no you now just intellectual that you keep andy you know now we have google we don't need that guy anymore but about wisdom you know and especially wisdom in response to personal issues yeah right we have it i've s personal coaching is sorely asses has got away sound yeah renault surgeon i tell you what the modern rendition you know like people who are your personal called like rife coaching life could change the my example with life coach there's a guy who was i i am fascinated by women who our ways successful women who always date losers and i seen quite a few examples of it it's really fascinating to me you know too why
this weird dynamic when there's a really successful woman and a guy who is essentially a fuck up just a total fuck up with this guy was he was a nanny so really successful woman a male nanny and my friend who like knows the family was like what the fuck is that that's not going anywhere course doesn't it she up abdominal boyfriend and hook up with the male nanny so there the male nanny is living in the house like the big house where he was like taking care that kid's he's the boyfriend and now he's a life coach boy nowhere that a man he's a fucking life coach and unlike work like fearsome thuggery of foot and mouth that household someone is dislike that's like a guy is essentially like two or three steps remove from being a con artist he's managed to fit himself into this semi legit situation where he's got this for poor
few rich lady so is coaching has caused us to get job channels for pork and therefore rich ladys i've resisted getting close to their in like conversations at parties and stuff like that because i dont trust myself i don't thus my ex sexually nobody like chimpanzee rage you might say something i made for yeah i might be a he's he's grows i've had a conversation with a guy once before and it was just like well accuses he's is gross basis sweden chimpanzee range but you and i cannot grow now just going to say it is a certain people you talk to end their like if you ever like been around someone who literally was like a hollywood character like we were like literally just like completely fake i give point your pants down track your ass was in they're going to react to this is that was this guy is like this it was like this almost
i gave an alien there was taking on the form of human history so hollywood i mean he had that he had like everything you could ask where yet beads like wooden beaded neck listen you knows hairs a ponytail i wonder throw him through the universe is everything about him and then the fact is that i found this guy hooked up with the lady and in your friends with the lady now i don't know the laying it all now know that the delays is this all brought that we know like angela land cereal him this is openness look there's a lot of this story that i'm gonna have to get personal if i keep going any further yeah i don't i don't wanna yeah that's our rickeys i feel terrorism than ricky was unapplauded nine everything else that store i never i've never included is name untilled right now and we will tell that he would tell us start trading
i just don't want to get his laugh about housewife never let a red that yeah i mean i had a great time die that's why it was memorable like while these guys cooling use gonna complete poker with us and why did the basketball thing and he's gonna come i don't care if we don't do the project together we're waiting com and his wife so wonderful lady she just think we'll get to that together works a judging some time our reactions to the worker brian brian's alfred who didn't like the worker or do you like the idea of the moon we ve had so many really personal responses to it so p either you know they respond to positively or negatively but its very personal sexuality is very personal and the idea that you're fucked up because year your attracted other people rats very personal too because it sort of a secret that a lot of people harbour around and sign on tour around some people women britain has lots of women
to say that they had to stop every ten pages and mastery out what a good girl a good gray i did not see that when coming so to speak while i never fantasize to lead the way as they also master baywatch max and rule whether cheerio s it was afraid bit every ten minutes no matter what they're doing this one million that are just like that no matter what exactly that's it's it's such a an interesting subject because of that fact because the fact that our society is set up to sort of the create this image that gives us these these positive sort of feeling inside of our brain we wash them in a movie or on a television show or even hear about them and saw but don't necessarily represent reality but our brain
and is not set up for the media are brain is set up for the influence of television or movie our brain is set up to imitate successful behaviour and we're cell of the work we were set up to sort of learn from our environment but we have new thing now and it's sixty feet high and the fucking words are perfect a team of writers worked on what brad pitt was say for like two weeks before you actually said it mean it was like really meticulously done onto the exact comma and then its music playing why saying the perfect thing in your version of reality all the sudden has a new model in your version is based and bullshit sandro bulwarks life was not a sandra bullock movie right think about it every sandra bullock movies like this sweet thing and you know monogamy rules and it all worked out me and my shoes married to jesse fuckin james got what tat is over his body bang in everything like a savage like your friend with the old lady
our friend sorry the value they say you get he was using sandra benito now i bet he really loved nobody's damage dude nobody really loves positive about that do not abuse now though i had i known assume i only tonight that's why people hated him because he was like some unknown guy who's grew in the soup everybody's baby but we like them you know she how we liked it i mean she couldn't when you like a guy even if he's legged deceptive guy like that guy is obviously something about him tat she must have liked the commission must have enjoyed his company couldn't have all been fake you can say it was but what is it what can we do but someone's inspired around a person they act differently or act better is at stake to mean is a u r u fake because you're better as you fake because you know you like someone so much that you aspire to be kind to around them or nicer around them is that i don't know if that's vacant i don't know the dude but and i know that her life you know her
movies while these really beautiful sweet movies and give your warm feeling that sovereign and work out and then her whole life that life was she was he was fuckin that crazy girl with their fuckin tat whose tattooed on her forehead we talked about yesterday we thought she had used should nazi tattoos but there is no no he owes now she did not just w p on her right here on earth on her throat she has a little nazi symbol and yet there is like a lot of people have found photos oh really that might not be real you be careful but that's just show you two it's funny that the swastika used to be like a symbol of good luck still is in tibet and nepal they still use it now as bald i saw this guy in bangkok first hours in bangkok emulate eighties
this guy tiger i wanted open a bar that would attract tourists because you can pay more money from tourist obviously so he's looking old life magazines to try to get a motif that foreigners would relate to and he came across photos of the nazis and he didn't know what was going on do you know about world were too he was like completely out of touch with this he'd like the imagery so he did up his bar in all this nazi image not thinking it was going to attract the forerunners reich as he was in this foreign magazine opening night did not go as planned it's crazy because really go back far enough and you can rocked like you could get genghis khan shit and put all its accurate and nobody would actually dealing with that yeah you can go back to like alexander the great as you could find like some alexander the great member
earlier but if you have any nazi memorabilia in your house that's unknown that's a no no you can have anything you can have a hat a gun you can have anything with it s ass a can of anything like it's too quick to know even those nineteen forty seven i would arise when it ended still too close you may jim bridge earlier vienna reminded me of something i was thinking when i was watching your special which by the way i'm sure you don't need me to plug it but anyone who hasn't downloaded that thing should not consider themselves true fan i would that's out of it i asked at anchor man very low is really really thank you and then of course i put it up on bittorrent do it yet another if rate our magazine shows i jesse james mistress
the swastika these are really swastika in the center of the bird whereas it on her neck arrive as close wow that's dark that's really painful place right to get a tattoo rank was she's got one on her forehead man next year but might my point being that we have these where started for this the we have so we're system set up for being hunters and gather as understood hijacked by movies rainy and when then comes along like your book where it pretty much gis factually breaks down the history of sexuality and what i thought was really interesting as one of things about the word promiscuous and the origins the word promiscuous
that its it meant mixed and that we look at it as some sort of loose morals and some we have attached to this sort of judgment to it and in when in fact the idea promiscuity of today fucking strangers really didn't even exist and these culture right everybody knew each other yeah decades is back to a recital earlier about numbers get account does come down the wrong numbers at a certain point you u member robin dunbar's number yes did you get to one fifty re i'd heard about matters that before actually talked about it in the pot guess i have a real issue was remembering people's name right i can i can recall crazy shit from yeah fights that happen fifteen years ago while we're bright i were i have a really good retention of information but at a certain point time like i ran out a room for people's names and i felt i actually felt it happen now where it's like an people looked view
you'll meet someone you don't remember what the fuck a name is then they tell you and then all their their file pops up again he was on temporary delete and you'll all suddenly have access your billy's brother ok and then all his file like fills back in june strange to you like forget people's names as your hearing them like a party or something i says you unless i'm paying attention i try not to do that is its rude does that weird thing that happens when you you know you're a party in your meeting like ten people like the real reload and really hard to like put em all into a file you now almost want to write down ok bob assertion of the picture six thankfully isn't for then he really did then he bled look in his phone when he came back to target oh yeah yeah yeah bomb where we left but you can't take notes and our conversation to see but you're the nasa i was saying earlier when i was watching your show i was thinking so something maybe you didn't responded like you watch you like the way you prowl onstage
this i thought man that's a comedian who could kick my ass and are not think of any other comedian who i've real you know either half comedians now generally comedians or soda you know i thought when i first started working for the u have see i thought it never brought it up on stage and i thought maybe this is like really good people dont know about this like on stage i never current stage of ever talked about martial arts or anything that i've ever like physically until the you have sea became so big like in the mid two thousands actually two thousand five it was sort of annabelle appoint track but before them like never talk about martial arts and state we didn't fuck up the humor yea his i look like a meat had anyway and i just you know i look if i didn't know me i would guess like what would come out of my mouth i built this fuckin idiot what you gonna talk about protein
railway guitar or how much creating you take stupid outs i would make fun of myself so its automatic that i think people make fun of me or that they would discount me as median you know but does it the way i look like you know it's not that i can do about that my my interests have always been martial arts can't help it i mean i am still completely fascinating dedicated to the art of say call me i love doing it's my favorite thing to do and in life but i like martial arts to like why it's a weird thing we're supposed to like a high that in some way but as a guy and i think you view transcend my god what is what i notice them it's like while there's something inherently contradictory about yeah a tough you know baby you're alpha male comedian it's not funny because that's a guy you know that it's their two roles in conflict while you pull
somehow or another also like people the beautiful thing about haven't podcast like this is the podcast popularity came right after the seas popularity and with podcast essentially is nowhere to hide this is where you are right when they taught when you're talking for four hours or would we do yes four and a half hours at berkeley measure everybody knows you are that's that's you hear that guy that guy is good or bad you know at that point there hang out with yes it's edit it right must notify you do you have a friend like i'm afraid my friend john rollo and john rose great guy but one is scary suckin human beings version you fuckin life he's is built lies about three hundred pounds a solid muscles are ridiculously big guy and on his chest has a tattoo of an joe choking a devil unconscious and then he's just rightly man his arms are not bullshit and this may be three using john rollo but three my arms his arms are public three my arms and he's a brazilian jujitsu black but this is big giant to split
everybody who knows them when you around him he's a swede right out like a bunch of cats gentlest guy you ever want to be around so when you around them any sane funny shit you laugh i guess you know john but if you ve met john at a restaurant eastern laughingly legacy laughing but look at mrs labs that kills everybody in this place you don't say like one to get to know them then it doesn't matter these is big giants gary during he's john you know just hanging with john so i think that is allowed me to sneak in because i did other things because of fear fact you have ceased up people got to know me already so they right accepted a certain amount of the weird yeah yeah piazza committee any sort of always thought like you don't want to go job as well style job his clothes like going to cover a muscle fitness fuckin flexing and those like the end really i guess like you can't be illegal bodybuilder and be funding we hear some
well you know i'm u is interesting as i maybe in one of the reasons i notice it as i said the herbs live i've been living in spain for twenty years rights hiding outlining what fear factor or your see none of that stuff is like on my radar adam in barcelona on have cable or whatever so yeah was like seeing at all for the first time is interesting will you do in spain for twenty years grown weed growing winos panem joke lots of different things in i was teaching some english i was enslaving editing i worked as a in house translator and editor for the biggest porn company in the world for a while their whilst in barcelona yeah i had a gig gaza interpreting from bon extinguish if you can believe that for real level there i like some way jenner like the lady i scrimmage i've thinks it's exactly
that's it that's a gig that's on my razumihin that's crazy that's that's a fascinating gig year whether the way what is just interpret like plo yeah it what happened was there's this film festival called in edit and that its independent foundry so this one year they doing focusing on films about the origins of rock and roll what rocket jazz blues in the delta rights like old time delta guitars delta blues guitars and also the origins of hip hop in when in the seventies
and so they had a team of like twenty spanish in translators who were great understood english very well but they couldn't understand these black people so first they call up this black dude whose friends with with one of the translators and he listened to the stuff in he couldn't understand either kisses british so one day i get this call from my friend pinkies she's like christie understand black people and i had a black girlfriend for a while that she men on some conceptual level yeah i'm a shitty dancer but i understand that you drink like court forty five centuries the browser you get into the role of a joint vote was so method translator nurse she gave me the dvds and all i had to do was just city and they would like ok in this part what you say there are you of my group like here
back to my environment ok ok good and they may do the spanish even have to go into spanish that is whole larry that's really funny wow i've had lots of zyobor thing it just like thrown in some vague translation costs for them to be silly let him get bored with it i was i did a good job that's hilarious so you were over there for twenty years and did you for i mean everybody says the original over their officially you really you just visiting her more or less i'm i'm basically on its sound so hollywood man i'm here pitcher tv show that some little lady i'm gonna do i'm getting kids some beads and put my hair and authority there done that i'm going for what's a tv show about he say about sexuality sex drive is it like one those history channels
well and we will see what happens but though the ice on the show is developed to show in vancouver the summer with a friend you a guy you may know actually or at least it did you see i am brutally yes he's the director ok what's his name pete mccormick ok he also did a great film on mohammed ali called facing ali have seen it that's all all the guys who ali far yak about him exactly heard about a million i can't really depresses me watch an old boxer slur depresses the enemy we have a problem with it with any any old athlete that's got issues robot is re sudden want it it's a great film it's really moving that's very touching visits you know you go into a finger i went into a thinking oh gets about boxing it's about macho tough ass guys it's not manage about love it's about charity i mean
allie you still like set up some of the fights like the not not the main contender fights but between idle about you know we fight someone for the title but you know that i guess not gonna win its rattoon much while he he scheduled some of those to help do thou like he heard this one guy i think is his son had overdosed and his wife committed suicide he just had this horror is gone through this horrible period in his life an alley would be like set get him he's the line talk to his people and so he do it to give these guys a neutral cassia kenny morton was like living in his car when he fought alley muslim yeah it's a really good movie man it's really an end joe lou jeff frazier s jealous joe frazier like crying at one point talkin about alley why very interesting pizza i said to peat how did you get caught
he repeated all it's it's just the people being interviewed but they're so vulnerable man it's really it's a bureau film i said how did you get joe frazier to be that then about our leak as he hated i'll write you know and impeded now i said don't look joe you know like yeah you know i know how you feel about the fighting and all that but when you look at alley now as a man just as a man how do you feel what do you think you know and that they are not really brought it out of your free why ass it said it's amazing must be weird to go and have conversations with someone about a dude that you fought is fifteen years ago and you still talking about him and people still want to know about it now in your scams really twenty five years ago ever it was me thought there was a long time ago one when did they fight if on the seventies right yeah well
fighting from the early sixties i think wasn't he in the olympics in sixty issue maybe i think was sixty seven seventy was one day they better i'm out there so so yes we are talking about forty fuckin plus years ago is now and joe frazier recently died there he died within a year in an interview but anyway so i developed the show with the whip with p the idea of the show is to try to get same tone of sex at dawn so it's got some scholarly haft but it's also funded till it needed to be there to read it to be so it's without being juvenile to be playful and in an open and by air without being bbc professorial to bees scholarly so it's ancient aliens but with sex you'll see that you haven't seen that like if alien squirted the alien scored not yeah
an ancient you actually turn your microphone and say that might what time turning your microphone you actually still tat was a good idea now you're ancient aliens is a show that fascinating show bob you know the idea of influence of aliens on culture o re ray i also believe the way we should mention that the guy has that one due to pass but open yeah yeah yeah unfortunately if you were she was only a maybe forty episodes ago interviewed maybe less phil copans and a really nice guy and he he passed recently he's regular he's an author and he's regularly on ancient aliens and unfortunately he found out he had a type of rare type of blood
answer and within one year finding out or a one month rather finding out about it he was dead while real scary state that it was six and kind of bacteria infection or sent my first yes it's parenting pretty rare but really nice guy really unfortunate and the first guy you ever died who do this package was the first one is done the part ass now not with his anymore grazing nice guy talks it wasn't him forty i don't think things thirty nine yeah sorry i was imagining a guy in is seventy easier yeah that would be cool but ancient aliens it's really function
because it's they they go the what if rout most of the time figuring ready deep like georgia sucralose is one of the main guys and his friend the pact has been on a few times and as for can be crazy hair of euro saint i wish you wouldn't seems you're out there in spain hanging out with us fiscal beeper into this this partly goes is it possible that pay for it is in the end we assure you they'll go deep into the is it possible if your high you watch that show any goes is it possible my goodness where we going i think bigfoot could be neanderthal while they the pressure that if there ever was a big foot that it's an animal culture again to piss agus that really did exist if you missing the images of it it's pretty fascinating because it was essentially exactly what everybody describes and describes ask watch and it lived in asia and
humans came from asia we know and we then they did that one of the ways they found this out was could they did it the testing the human genome because a guy who was a mormon a devout mormon was convinced that dna testing could prove move that the the mormon the book of mormon was actually in fact correct and that human beings did come from jerusalem and that all these are these american indians when the loss tribal jesus so they did a dna tests are not actually muslim or from siberia near there a lot of what you're getting you're getting american indians is people they came across the bearing structure well coincidentally that area of the country is the highest area incidence of bigfoot sightings the pacific northwest the upper alaska that whole way down that's the the only play not the only place in the country but that's like that that's where it really started that's where people really started seeing these fuckin things and that's where they would be i mean really kind of makes if there really
was an undiscovered primate it would mean that the rain forests are the pacific northwest it's not outside the realm of possibility effect even jane goodall jane goodall convinced she actually said she was convinced that there is an undiscovered primate living national this too many people stories seriously they have sour that these things of made man maybe maybe they existed and maybe they died off but if there's a small amount of them it's not impossible that they're alive if you stop and think about like how rare disease see a bare amount line and fuck another's thousands of the there was like one area where an animal existed what is a lot of areas in this country where like it's these only the only place we can find blank you know it's really hard to find an alligator outside of florida and you know the the south area you know you don't find alligators michigan now that's that's a condensed little area boom there's early alligators are this is where the climate is perfect for them it's not outside the real possibility there's like a fuckin crazy monkey that no one's ever found
it's my most likely not the case most likely people are forced to buy problem is there so big they'd be top predators and it would be hard for there to be a sustainable population of them in every stroke vienna however we all know the term that we don't know that their carnivores these like being plant matter just like elephants gigantic still worry about the viable genetic material out how many of them were i mean you think about like dear like less aid dear each other so infrequently you never see them nor could they continue as a species we have less drought from survivorman what the fuck was that we had less drought from survivor madame and he told us the story is that too big but sightings oh yeah what's it was fascinating about that guy's is one hundred percent budget is not full shit at all and he didn't actually see it but he was in his tent and he heard something big walk enjoys in alaska miles from nowhere
flew in plain mean hours by plane from everywhere you now and he heard something by people walking through the woods something really heavy and then it was like fifty feet from his tat it starts going makes us crazy primate noise and he struggles to gauges scrambles to get his camera and then it runs off and so he doesn't want to fuck it as we know it was really heavy and it sounds like an ape out it's not likely to you if i haven't found these things they finally footprint turn i don't fix things you call now in a tree and some kind of land creature walking up to get the owl the owl freaks out flies away and others nea could be but it doesn't sound that loud and it doesn't sound like an ape would have you know you less where there are all shit who knows he meant it had some fuckin
from that he found a log and criminal laws off i'm not saying that it's it's legit but if you see the scientific depiction of a gigantic pythagoras put paula there's some there's one on mine but they have a reproduction of this thing and lived alongside humans for sure them i'm a hundred thousand years ago but it could have been alive more nat sooner than that they ve got fold bones of this thing in like a chinese medicine shop was the first time they found them and like some anthropologists had gotten a whole these bonds like what the fuck is this from and they they apparently from their realize that there was a it was a primate tooth and it was a primary tooth that didn't fit with the other known species and saw that initiated the search for the samurai but when you see the image of gigantopithecus it's centrally exactly what a big for this now where does the aquatic ape fit into the aquatic aid through
is the theory of like that's a gigantic pemphigus right i mean that's a real animal ok that's from how long is apt ultimately a hundred thousand years or more recently than that it gets sketchy it's funny law like a rang attend but by sin enlargement by yellow rank is too heavy to swing from trees yeah and it doesn't give a fuck now imagine how strong that thing would be if you stop and think about the fact that a hundred and fifty pounds champ as strong as a five hundred pound man what is a two thousand pound primate what kind of strength does that mean a garage le can literally rip you apart like tissue paper what does it work in that thing and blow to nose and yeah stuff you up its ass in little piece that's a gorilla can do just shred you down into little tampon size pieces and stuff you up his ass
this thing ok yeah is recently as one hundred thousand years ago that's fact but there's some their speculation that they may have lived much more recent nan minutes lot of different you you sure you know there's a lot of different species where they thought it was extinct and they found out then the gay there's one coelacanth that crazy fish the legs right in looks like it looks like prehistoric fish out rang weird like extensions to its like fend rang did pulled went up from in the forties gap we're like always on these things were long dead but especially ridiculous when it comes to the ocean so little of the ocean and we really have a firm grip on but they found the tooth in nineteen thirty five in nay apposite harry shop was fossilized bone and that's that's the i guess they use them in traditional chinese medicine saving grinding up these fuckin boundless thing forever
chinese medicine with so larry s chinese medicine is elsewhere your penis bear gaol bladders no mean what is that is that in the ship is address psychological share things out there doing is necessary a placebo effect there may be some effect in some things but i mean come on a tiger penises and get out there making foreigny will yachts mrs think it well it some there's so much of that need for faith and belief in fate in the entire chinese culture especially regarding martial arts like china has been around for a mean think about how long chinese culture dates back there thousands and thousands of years a very sophisticated culture they have the most dog shit martial arts in the world there martial arts are almost entirely useless really they have very few martial arts where there's like legitimate techniques that would work in a situation of train fighter because it hasn't been adapted they're not good rather just like clunky like like like real
fool like your pretending to be like animals surely that is not the way to fight it just doesn't work you know it's like this like this established like now because of the ultimate funny championship is very clear parameters of what is and is an effective against the best fighters world there's no kung fu and that these are gonna roy nelson it says the country fighter really just knocked people out but isn't a lot kung fu about fatal blows like ripping your eyes out or taken your your throat out chanters early work you can put people on the eyes definitely no doubt about you carefully read some straw tries that's it so hard a rebuttal throat in i like to think that you're just gonna go in there like a fuckin billy jack movie patrick swayze road house you know there's gonna be punching interface where you holding onto his neck you it's not that easy is crabs on his neck and pull it out
then you would be doing that all the time the elect another kind of us all that ripped the balls finding work either name kicks him in the balls it hurts but if their filled up with adrenaline the going to attack the idea that you gonna debility someone by taking the balls you if he's a pussy but a cancer i tell you you say you take me in the hall debilitate and i hope i notice no would also never be an attacker or solar would have to ask you d better chances tickling the person and with a chance that's a lot of people i think probably if you are if you are trying to tackle them they were don't fuck fuck fuck every super ticklish icy particular set answer no he's not the size of the actual size a gigantic pythagoras relationship to man g blackie yeah i think you're going to be the guest blacking is the the actual full scientific ok i was nineteen thirty the aim this fuckin sturdy bitches
tarantino's going to make a movie about oh no you didn't i saw that movie last night would you thanks very good movie man is the use of the word so prevalent in the movie it's kind of preposterous at a certain point time you like ok really did you have to say this many times but reality is have you thought about like that's probably how they communicated is as an authentic as it gets but that aside it's a fucking great move yeah let's go some really funny moment he's about by the four p m almost every one of his movie gigantic giving is blocking the ridiculous you creative forecasts for nineteen authority did you read in in if your river in the book we talk about draped romania which was the disease of black slaves who had the pathological i or not to be slaves anymore
so where is a medical condition they wrote about medical journals wow draped mania that's hilarious you wanna be free or suffering from draped romania is credible you u tweeted something today that i want to discuss with you is there such a thing as sex addiction oh right now as it was in an article your treaty ass an article by marty klein whose sex therapists for thirty some years what is already have marty says no really no marty says that silly introduce him to some girl that i now changes my enemy yeah but but means there's obviously psychological addiction yeah what he saying is addictive personality types and it's it's not about the gambling or about the video whatever it is you're addicted to that the jerking off in front of your computer or whatever it's about a certain personality or or
different personality types rider highly susceptible to needing that sort of stimulation over and over and over again and it could be anything nickname line onto the good luck on the playing cards sure yeah yeah it's weird thing with human beings where again i think we're going back to the reward system set a sovereign we're hunters and gathers for being successful and one of the things that got us to be successful is persistent spreading this crazy laser beam persistence of chasing that animal and focusing on an animal and generating fixated on acquiring that animal but that can be like for aces fuckin for asia spoken borys advisers like that same intensity sort of found this weird path where its not being fulfilled old lie modern everyday life of cubicle existence enough sitting there in checking your emails and waiting for the fucking clock to strike five second run away and have your few hours of freedom
because we're trapped in that sort of lifestyles all these reward systems are not being fulfilled and their sort of manifest cells and other ways how else can we get excitement we bet the house on some fields but thousands we had if i could do something we need it for fire kill up we need to do something to get ourselves excited edward abbe if we were there's a quote from edward albion our book when he talks about how sexuality is the only part of modern life remains somewhat on domesticated you know we're like monkeys in a cage like that we just sit there jerking off his word there's nothing else to do and that is something that people they'll start their day off by just finding something a jerk off too like us every day it s not a small amount of people that's a lot of people like everyone between every man in excellent fifteen to twenty years and point in time i mean there's so much
success now it's like at one point it was difficult to find something to masturbate too but now i mean it have a computer i mean i have friends that won't they they will have like a computer that doesn't have wifi the wifi little the break it there are just as they make sure they never go online with it like to help you another decade take it she about and the time if you have a spot your house we can get wi go there and right there is otherwise you fuckin computer is right there that's the portal was a seer anytime you want you just press a couple of years ago blowing i like woe it's like it's so prevalent it's no one ever thought that was common no in the back in the day when i was in high school and you had to get magazines and when vcr tapes came out it was a shocker but now it's on your phone with theirs book called erotic engine that argues that every
ants in communication technology you know back to the eighteen hundreds has come about because of the desire to see and broadcast see it's fascinating about the poor another weird soda offshoot of the constant technology progress in our the regime's that's leading a sea and then that's exactly the model we are talking about earlier it leads us in these steps always answer to what we think is gonna give us pleasure satisfaction or something but in fact it maybe leading us further and further away from the thumb true happiness yeah then it's so simple the idea is that we are all very much like the size of all this and we need to sort of physically and mentally and emotionally catch up with the amount of progress that technology is making it
it into this new paradigm in fine happiness within it that is achievable unreachable and i think it is a thing i certainly think that if you give people enough i think people inherently need especially men difficult tasks and their life they need to work i think work doesn't mean doing holes but it means putting your effort to something and finding a result in that some sort of that's how you become a man as they become human that's how you learn how to sort of navigate your way through the world is bite trials and tribulations trying to achieve things or to accomplish things or to explore things whether it's just your education delving into education and you become more you no more introspective as of that and more understanding of yourself and your you're sort of footmen industry world we live in but if you don't have that
if you know if you don't have pursuits like that's where damage people come from that's where a lot of what's fucked up in this world comes from us it people that aren't being led in a way that's going to develop them people that aren't being guided in some sort multi step process for understanding and for her figure out who you are and figure out how what's the best way to interact with people what's the most harmonious way to live your life what's the way that makes you and the people that you come in contact with the most happy and that's why you are just takes a long time to figure out how to become that and we we live in this weird society now where everything is operating on this crazy amount of momentum and ease sort of just hop on the escalator and walk it has its going and that's your life and you you very rarely have a chance to stop and calculate and am and formulated
implant around so much of our behaviour whether its financial whether its governmental or whether it sexual much of it is based on like these silly notions and moment the momentum of the people that set this whole stem up way but dont really exist anymore urine see again we get back to numbers because i start to think it's less in terms of the people who set it up and run it and more in terms of the internal logic of the thing itself the society is the organism and we live within the organisers right just like so many different bacterium things live within us and your youth you give yourself as an individual as do i but you don't you ve got the dna from thousands of different organisms all necessary to your life i started we're inside this almost like that you know when romney said corporations are people they're not people but their organisms they're alive they ve got their own
logic in their own needs and they don't give a shit about us re thereabout making profit which requires destruction of natural resources there's nothing within a corporation that gives a dam that its destroying the planet just like there's nothing within a path it and gives a dam and its destroying its host but he needs us in order to fulfil its destiny it needs our creed poverty in order to fulfil its destiny i mean if you looked at technology as well as a life form itself you would mean we don't think of when we think of parasites like the toxic plasma parricide or any other sort of parasites that invades we think of them in organic terms if you looked at what technologies doing to people like wow that's very parasitic and an us too it is well there's like this we you could call it symbiosis but it's also parasitic because its polluting everything whilst being creed
he did rights altering behavior you can make an argument that technology is bringing us closer together in technology is bridging boundaries of justness an area spreading information at an impasse begin also make an argument that separating people from human interaction and its even in its like favouring the ones and zeros and and and a numbers over actual human social interaction that that's what i'm saying that that the process favours the process is designed to satisfy the needs of the macro organism not the microorganisms within it so here the needs are not important in this process the need of the corporation or what's important you know no that's why i think we're we're less and less happy that's why i think we're civilized to death because we're we're moving further and further away from the things that make life satisfying i agree with you how do you feel about antidepressant i feel that their like sort are like draped me
i think a lot of people are quoting code depressed because their unhappy as opposed to organic you know sarah tone in euro levels that are miss aligned i'm talking about pete i think people are fucking there of course their miserable their lives are meaningless there you know we you talk about the things that really make people happy number one on the list is living in a community of people love you that's the number one thing you did what you mentioned earlier you know with the lottery winners and an ass society becomes ever more fragmented and in a more americans are living alone right now as a percentage of the population than ever before in our history that demonstrates how many people are annoying whenever you want to watch it where we want walk round naked who gives a fuck leave me alone
you're talking about how we get caught on the wheel there's no time to get off i am i dead that's like the central inside of my life was when i felt that i felt that momentum sitting and i took a summer off college i hitchhiked to alaska and i go ahead i did it twice therein back twice jesus cry from new york to alaska how leash well what are the odds you picking up a wrangle humanitarian alaska the guy's a holy shit me to hope we like each other we get along with the longest belong is ride you weren't guy can't remember probably
i can remember it was from you don't you take the fairy up the inside passage which is up the coast of canada and then the fairies don't go around a mainland elastic as the waters just out of control there is i think how to chew gash mountains there's a suit to drive you have to go up the alcan highway through the yukon and then go across horizontally to fair bags i think that's like twelve hundred kilometers or miles out of number but that would be the longest ride a woman picked me in these two other guys up that had met and drove us all the waves like three days wow what a crazy lady great lady issues p w camper van with too little kid what year was is this was a thing is the second yourselves eighty four wow how crazy she was a wonderful foods and redouble camper was she picked me up first because
as i had been with these two guys in some guy pick us up down in moved in the town i think was skagway in the town where the paradox nor china had shouted and some guy picked up and drove us like twenty miles into the wilderness and dropped us off and said watch out for the bears he's just a dick so so he just drop you have liked to be an asshole just drove us here he was a little guy and he was like a fuck you guys you know he was it was i don't remember is a long time ago twenty miles but he left us in the middle of nowhere and the only cars they came by were coming off the fairy right because there's no like row that went into this town so so we're stuck there and and says i worry we set up our towns we had food and shit we were back in alaska weird self contained so we turning to the river and i had some acid we trip these two guys never trip before in their lives seed is like
if we can get a wireless trip balls well what are we gonna do we get away to wednesday till the next very comes out right so well like a three day so we tricked out in very interesting anyway these guys i had a lot of adventures with these guys i went to prison with one of them that summer jesus christ man that's a naughty life here but anyway we decided he's going to pick up all three of us so they walked up the road and let me get this so we went i waited for the cars and jerusalem susan finally this woman stops and and i knew my bodies were around the corner so soon as i got in the van has like hydrocarbons man i've been hanging out with these really cool guys are met them in order and then we come around the world like all other they are and she looked at we had smiled and pulled over ok so the three drove all the way to fair back she sat in the back of the van with their kids played with the kids i had on their heads she too little kids yeah yeah crazy she was great when a chance she took
while only lady we and our kids shoes i what do you have a van get in your lady susan while were glad it worked out than you guys we're crazy wonder now dismembering family in the woods man i had my lucky hitchhiking shared you know that's a bold move to just go out there and hope to get a ride what's the longest step like stood out somehow you days i remember outside of white horse this was the year before i was with my friend mike we're outside a white horse where they like to two nights at least we slept by the highway and then reared his i swear this is true of the next day we get up we walked up the highway a little bit got hurt set up and everything back in her backpack and walk up the highway a little bit and this is like tundra re designed if you ve been to this part of the world you can just like flat empty its arctic desert essentially another scrub whatever
and work out a little bit and we find on i wrote a book that had been there for god knows how long the pages which really tightly curled from the spine you know like some sort of bizarre shellfish somebody healed it down he was a bible wow so we'd lit this we'd littered on fire and we started dancing around this viable or who are like you know just not try and this truck comes buys pickup truck and and at first we like them you know the sun was geier and yet god re they back up to us in its three guys it's like a dude in his fifties from new mexico something in his crazy ass nephew who was the twenty three and his nephews friend and they are just a year who like real real bozo dues like they were pissed off that everything
more expensive in canada they didn't understand the money thing you know that it was different dollars they were pissed off that the chinese when let them bring guns through canada there's all the stuff they pick us up anyway put us in the back stop when we cross back into alaska got on and kissed the ground to be back in america so they picked this up we burn the bible channeled them i guess it was you channeled like one of the best exam bowls of weirdness in america has assumed grew patriarch retard exact that's fascinated toting yeah that was your vehicle to get over that got us out what a strange lifestyle is to just fuckin hitchhike play places and not exactly know who's gonna take you or what's gonna happen and only counting gathering
not really it's cow i put yourself in a metal box with a psycho you don't you know you could take a while gas in me you'll be ok you might i met some site goes a lotta cycles a lot like homer sex guys and a lotta jesus freaks like what happened with the craziest thing that happily hijacking homosexuals first getting life coach them behind rigs well done the homeless now i gotta say that nobody knows where we're fine they were they were you know they were alone they were lonely guys who are hoping and there being and i guess allotted do that the others like the survivors the yeah but like i am now get on and at that time my best friend was gay and certain re comfortable era so did you bring your best friend over to blame for the ride it will actually he came to alaska later that summer but he flew up he was he was a professor and the school when he should have to prostitute themselves either just firm
maybe they're gonna get a ride or not blow the pilots get gas get a flight out of it and you have just arrived really but i'll tell you one of the more memorable hitchhiking things was i was coming back and i was coming from montreal down to new york i had friends i wanted to see new york's has come down that that highway that goes down through the adirondack mountains you know very desolate canada empty country and i always had a knife in my right boot whereas hitchhiking just like you say things can get really weird and i figured well at least i ve got a knife and liked and stop the fucking car right right it is under my genes and aid these army boots and i always had it in the boot under my genes son out there and the skype pulls over for me and he's like crooked military ex military looking dude in a real fit tattoos the whole thing
and he's like yes of where he frowned when he done at an inn and within two minutes of the conversation sissy like knives in says it in that like he's not asking he's noting i said here ellie knives i guess any city i noticed you ve got one under your boot there on the right side up trees and i'm sitting in the car has he noticed i've got the knife in my boat he said he i noticed when i picked you up i said i like nice to any reaches to his belt buckle ngos and pulls out a knife that was in his belt buckle another knife is like right in front of my face command the score be really bad you know right and i'm looking at it and i say this is really nice knife he said here in my like he let me take the knife and wholly unlike idea well the school a senior the catch and get another one here in naples and another by now i'm like he's not gonna kill me too shown me night right
the guy was a prison guarded attica well drove me although any new york he was a prison guard and the thing was he's a trained trained unnoticed shit like a knife under your right right the sea the bulge in that i mean that made such an impression on me because at that point i i stop carrying a knife first of all because like because those deeds are prose and i amateur last thing i want to do is escalate the situation right and i just really made this like you know i think i'm getting away with something now there are people people who know what look for their always one step ahead he it's tough like getting in if you ve been interrogated by police its heart because they they ve done it a thousand times
yeah yeah i got a question wants is anticipated thing question once because i knew a dude who knew a dude killed somebody was a weird conversation exotic conversation found with eminently the cops want to ask me but what i knew they were listening to his phone calls i was i knows can interesting to us well he tapped it's fuckin that's gonna crazing luckily i don't know shit but it was a weird sort of a situation like what is left is it legal to know that a guy might have killed somali exposed to go right to the cops like you don't know what they're not someone's foolish it are not really what is supposed to do there i think you're safe but that insight that you get caught up in this momentum what happened that year in alaska first year was i my entire life plan
changed because i was like on the track to go to grad school right away i know a guy was on oxford who had meal set up to the rocks for do a phd in literature which is what i was studying at that point and you just go writing and be a professor teaching literature in unison college by the time i was thirty with ten year in all set up in vienna and i went to alaska i met people who blew my mind to her really kind and generous and smart and deep people who weren't intellectuals right who had no idea who nature was thirty whatever ends my friends back in my sort of high iq friends would have scoffed at these people but in fact they were happier they had a better life than my miserable arrogant professor france and it really made me think about what where i was going in life and i said okay so here's what i'm going to do until i'm thirty i'm not going to get on that wheel i'm not going to go to grad school and we're going to get married on
a career i'm just gonna float around the world crazy shit meet crazy people think about what i want to do with my life but don't start till after thirty to give you an actual number is to say at least till thirty like no commitment your commitment is to not make a commitment until your third there's a lot of shows that are on the air written lately about alaska right of systems shows with chelsea families just families in survive and laughter and they show how villages would villages rely completely on nature obsessed with these shows it so fascinating to me it's there so compelling this chase of food in our whether it's their growing some food there there collecting salmon on the river there the shooting animals and cutting them up and freezing them and their just since everyone just goes nuts for four months stockpiles of food and weights and the whole thing
visas for eight months really weird lotta backgammon yeah i don't know what the fuck they do but essentially they barely you shower and clean themselves for eight months they're talking about clothes about like during the winter like you barely wash your clothes cuz you can just freeze instantly it's forty below zero how do you keep clothes wet you know what you do go out to them because they hang their closer to i did try good luck with that is step outside its frozen instantly there's a guy who lives in alaska and he's a cue maker and he was on the phone with a friend of his and he took a bucket of hot water and it was so called threed took a bucket of on the phone with em i'm much to do this for you i'll throw otherwise how call it is he was the hot water up in the air before needs the grounds frozen it was ninety below zero somethin fucking crazy see if i have to leave subsistence i don't want to do it there but it's so
various like when you see these people that are in a hunting a blue or hunting black barony see the landscape their travelling on how few people there are one of them was this family that's related to the singer jewel do you know the singer julia and her family iceland now our family i think i think the family is originally from mark sweden or some shit and then when hitler was storming europe they decided to move to alaska and start the subsistence level singer jewel comes this family shit yeah and dumb pressure hope examples but too to watch the show worthy this families like living on the same pete piece of land that their grandfather got in like the nineteen forties riots amazing stop really really interesting stuff now they're just out there they have cattle and then the entire year
is a collection run this is run around collect hey around collect animals freeze them collect fish and there they have nights where they don't have anything to eat and then i have to get up in the morning go trap rabbits and you know it's like like that is a nutty fucking way to live man meanwhile how much different is it that someone living check to check you know and the being on a subway with a bunch of other crazy assholes are watching someone get pushed in front of
are you know though weirdness that we have to deal with modern society year whether the fact is the stress levels much lower end suppose gate we're talking about earlier one of his big points he makes about stress he wrote a book called why zebras don't get ulcers which is pretty good book but he makes this big distinction between chronic stress an acute stress right and were evolved to deal with acute stress the like you now sleep not not eating one in our own there's no foods he got the next day and deal with that what we're not evolve to deal with is chronic stress you now sitting in traffic every day in a waking up to an alarm clock every morning you know that all this stuff on the subway
today it whatever it is one of its we're not of off to deal with that that's what wipes a sound and makes us crazy cancer causing the shetland pony the kind of stress that we deal with on a regular basis of the stress of not wanting to do something but having to do it all day and being not satisfying whatsoever rang like the process what you're talking about earlier the process of gathering food creating for growing food and in an catching fish or whatever very satisfying rights like it feels great that's what we do for radiation gatorade lancashire that's how they live we go nourishing we go hunting you know hiking in the mountains that's what they're doing day to day yeah of course they're fucking hap yeah you're there are these people on darwins boat to know about it i think i talked about it we talk to her sex at dawn
jimmy jimmy york and there were three adolescent fuegians indians that that the captain of the beagle had picked up on an earlier voyage these kids and they took them back to england so they could be educated in england and see the glory of the english life and proper living properly and allah and then on door on the voyage darwin was on they were taking them back to tierra del fuego they were gonna teach their people like how to come out of the woods and live properly in ireland and so darwin knew these people really well and by the time they got there they they build them cabin they made a garden they got them all set up and they left them that's ok we'll be back and three months they took off they were mapping the coast of south america they came back three months later the coffin was banned in the garden was completely grown over and nobody was there so they went looking for them put out where they wanted to see them and finally one of them came back and went out on the boat to have dinner
darwin and the captain and they were like what's you know what happened why are you wearing what'd you what's going on he's like man it is late you said why should i farm there are plenty birdies plenty fisheries say forget that farming shit you know like all everything we thought you you abandoned in a couple of months to go back and live in the mountains you know than it looks miserable to the british riah but for the people who had experienced sides they were like fuck that man wearing this silly uncomfortable shoes and clothes and dig in the dirt there are plenty of fish and birds stuff the year when you see farmers you dont think like happy good time singing around the campfire think that's stoic existence right rising in the morning and milking the more out and death and the plows and it looks like death whereas like hunting and gathering is fun
yeah yeah inherently enjoyable why because that's how we ve all yeah but gardening is fun gardenings like you got a fine like this like citizens like a middle ground garden and being a farmer and there's something about having domesticated animals it's pretty nice too short chick ends and in other have eggs every morning the super fresh and if you ve never have like fresh eggs that there really is a day once in the way they taste like an egg becomes run over chicken you eat that day they deserve it's very delicious if you could have chickens are be any killers bitches an item two of the ship and tell you were killed only my wife was raised in mozambique and she's got the sun restore grandmothers farm which is like rural mozambique is rural right and they had they had a dog that was eaten by a tiger and shit
sir said one day cassie in irian amsterdam's beautiful spring day by a canal and these ducks or paddling by its just like you know that for me or painting is only an cassius looking at the docks really and talent i said what are you thinking she said i was just thinking how great it would be to grab that in the front break its neck and got it and plug it and stuff garlic and peppers in you know like she had this whole thing like the way your grandmother used to do you know tell ya the income she's she's in charge of know it's funny how people eat meat but yet look at that and a very well known as being a distasteful thing think this being like then lies yeah i mean i am ashamed but it's true it it would be hard for me to kill him do you think that these ideas have you ever considered that this is a part of
what it is for the natural progression from the the ape from the ape that lives in the forest to being the sort of enlightened aware thing with massive access to information and somewhere along the line we must separate cells from the hunter gatherer instincts and reward systems and one of the ways to do that is with antidepressant and supermarkets and now it is a slow push away and that we have to fulfil these weird needs and other ways and that sort of facilitates the great machine yeah i mean i think it is essentially a struggle between the interests of the machine and the interests of the organisms that live within it and so i at what i'm hoping mother not that hopeful but i'm hoping and at some point our intelligence allows us to conscious we choose
own interests over the interests of the machine right i mean it's what you are talking about earlier developing sources of energy that don't destroy the planet in developing ways to interact that is respectful of our individuality and in a developing sexual mores that allow people to to get pleasure in their lives i mean i was my friend the other night was going through a crisis and he said it was it was christmas eve rates are everyone's with their families all his friends were sorted out a touching he really didn't have anybody to hang out with and he was going through a really hard time with a fan members have ended up in a strip club paying woman three hundred dollars to hold him well that's the kind of world wherein you know its people are touch starved babies are touched on a lot of a massage will tell you it's not even about the massage it's about being touched right so i think it's
point i'm we have to recognise like wait a minute this is going in one direction but the things that actually make us happy are not out there they're not in that action and the only way we can slow it down or stop it or even change direction i think is learning to have far fewer people on the planet because the more people furthermore that the more that and spends faster and faster and faster and the only way to slow down fewer far fewer people especially in other countries united states probably the best country in the world so we can keep our number that very high so keep having as many kids you like china i shall you mexican immigrant that's a weird so weird thing to say the people they were they people get very defensive when you talk about reducing the number of people
well i'm not saying to kill anybody allah there's no other way to do it that they can't live if they tell if someone we're all diamond we're all gonna die i'm dying attrition we can let it go with the turkish but the what what what's going on with health and nutrition and science and medicine is like prolonging lifespans and stretching people yeah that's an interesting but if it becomes infinite will mainly there's there's talk especially if you're in the while companies extend lifespan lifespans barbara degree believes within the next hundred years ago there lived a thousand years old you see i think a lot of thinking is based on on faulty assumptions maybe not him in particular but there's a section in sex it on where we talk about the lunch every lie you know which is that most people think that human beings in pre history these ancestors we ve been talking about only you know thirty five or so somebody's thirty was an old purse will know over six hundred using corruption over you know he was exceptional
so so a lot of people are saying well hey we ve doubled the human lifespan why can't we continued it but it hasn't double the human lifespan is sixty seventy seventy five years even in the wild rarely seventy five years but you know we're not going to there's no evidence that human lifespan has doubled ever so that this thinking that we can just keep you know increasing it isn't gonna work what he cinema semi text is the lamp fire lab i though you're tried tell me some secret message yeah me to get rid of guests lose how dare you this is a fascinating staff in an i'm due it is also possible that as as you know i would not like to go back to being a monkey i would not like to go back to picking cow patties up and looking for bugs to eat we have
to the point where we are now living in the civil as a civilized society which i enjoy enjoy the internet i enjoy television and restaurants i enjoy cars i enjoy going to the moon i enjoy a lot of the aspects i saw i don't necessarily by the idea that no one is happy and that's impossible to be happy in this environment is it possible that which is simply a matter of catch up and that we all must sort of moral and move on with the times just as we have in going from being mahars with no houses to people with houses two guys with car snoring mean that this is just a natural part of the russian of the universe and then the idea of hang onto the pound such nostalgia for the simpler times is really kind of silly ran that even our notions sexuality our notions of communication and privacy all those a sort of ancient and their there really there only applicable to world where the internet doesn't exist and as
this internet get stronger and stronger and more and more pervasive which is obviously doing it's gonna eventually get to some point where it's ridiculous to think that you could ever live like the people i got i hear you man but but that arguments very similar sang look you know you the sort of whole listed food you get it whole foods people can't afford that in a lot of it's bullshit anyway even if its labelled organic or whether free range it still the data so you know we should all just deal with it and edith mcdonald's because that's where we're maybe there's a practical truth to that but problem is that just like the body if you dont give the body the exercise patterns the sleep the the nutritional candy and so on in a fire or not that it either solved to want whatever you think about whether it however you're you're
vanity or your sense of life has adapted your body still won't respond to it currently ray you're still get sick and i from it so there is a level i have referred a cardiologist who says to me i don't feel stress right i don't feel it has like do you feel it even if you don't think you feel that you still feel it and you you're a mean i'm arguing about stress with a cardiologist which is a good thing to do but he's genome we ass to his that's the point you know i think evasive traffic stress exactly well ended sticking a catheter absurdities you know artery did fuck around with their heart and z oughta be stressful you know its intensity and then intensity is stressful you know it's like people having great things the idea stress is always sort of has a negative connotations rain but the of its intensity it's like whether anything if you playing a video game stressful right may next
system is being taxed you're looking alleys graphics you moving around that is stressful it's not that negative that's you know you're redlined shit you know your system not necessarily set up so early to answer your question i think that's a legitimate argument for sure and illegitimate critique of all this sort of thinking but i do think that there is a part of the human organism that they can't adapt anywhere near as fast as societies changing so to always be stuck in the plasticine and the only way to deal with it is to understand what that environment was like and try to adapt your life in important ways bring it into into sink without way of life i completely agree and i don't mean to suggest in any way that people shouldn't sort of manage their consciousness in a more valuable way or in a more more look up a way you know
what what i'm saying is that when i look at the progression of load the ape like creatures that we must have been at one point in time to what we are today me what is it going to be like a thief thousand years now hundred thousand years four million years from now we're obviously gonna be something completely different we're we're gonna be move if with we exist in the same physical form it's gonna be very odd it's gonna it's going be in something's going to happen and this really seems to be like a matter of trying to enjoy this thing that you're trapped in this dimension that you trapped in and one of the ways inherently that's is i think is very important is to appreciate the physical and because the space with people i want to say intellectuals but people to fancy themselves intellectuals more the drew intellectuals because it intellectual property is taking into account all the different variables and and understand that the bodies of your meat vehicle has to be tended to in the proper way in order for you to get the right
healing from a friend part of your negative feelings with your mind is got to be connected to this thing is carrying you around her but i think that concentrating on that is thought as being based thing like i'm not important it's out just so rudimentary its sights unnecessary etc so a bush we don't really need a concert in that but we do we do ass sexually as far as the stress that you get from everyday life of input now i'm a big believer in the sense of deprivation tank i wanted my basement and i've been using for years and one of the best things about these sets for defamation tankers that it offers you this environment or nothing's going out you like literally nothing no sensory input at all and did so hard to achieve that anywhere else in the world but when you're in that tank there's just nothing you're
loading through space in you you nothing's coming at you and it's such a reach heart so much better for me than sitting in front of the television for an hour or sitting in a couch which of them things to do to relax it's nice to sit back and just verge out for a little bit but that environment is something that not enough people experience environment of the isolation tank john lily no no he was gone before i found out about it all i think he died no one actually but late seven these may be eighty i friend stanley knew him oh yeah fascinating do stand you should meet stanley sunday stanley knew everybody stanley was this my professor grad school and we have this together one day when i first started and he's in then later i got an old saying in doktor kirchner would like to meet even come to his office would i rang go talk to him and he's the sweet old guy
and he says listen you know your life sounds pretty and anchored you know you ve got a lot of freedom in your life brazil in two months would you like to go with me now expenses paid you know the people who are inviting me to brazil will pay for my assistant to go wherever forget let's go so what to brazil was stanley ever how long ten days or something an outstanding stanley is one of the world's most renown experts in things like telepathy alter states a consciousness chauvinism and dream interpretation all this kind of freaky deities firstly stanley crippen r k are i p p any are super cool now in gaol haven't what do you think he's eighty he just turn eighty whereas birthday party in berkeley a couple weeks ago you'll ellsberg was their stand graph i mean stanley tripped with timothy leary he knew tat he knew allen was seen others
oh like intellectual sixty seven these hippy intellectual seen stanley was the young guy he was the like in house psychologist the grateful dead for years hung out at an inn how psychology ass he was just he was you know what he was he was what you're talking about earlier we're like the prominent p we just have a smart guy hang around that's what stanley seasons the smart guy huh smart with grateful that this brilliant move yeah how do you like that around with you when you one of those brain when you yes hoops more dude come around with it it's joe ideas for you joe ideas represents the oracle is the impossible knowledge that can never be achieved is not to be a daddy to acting as it today tonight tonight and they can induce he treated something today about like this is his last day of having no responsibilities while crazy so this this book
the information that you you you put out from it how have been received of you i mean it's obviously very successful book but have what kind of criticism have you had to an end with this in its been interesting that i would say the response has been ninety five percent positive which is not at all what we expected we are expecting fifty fifty at best the negative criticism has been get a sound like an asshole saying this but i think most of it has been pretty emotional it hasn't been arguing the intellectual points made in the book it's been just sort of freaking out like one of the first reviews was by an economist they make mccarthy offers negative reviews shoot reviewed in your blog and she just said like she is she first about said it was written really poorly and viable by but then she said he
beings are not like bonobos you know how no this and then in bold because we're not like bonobos that was her argument that's a silly argument he asked at the check is worried that a pussy another valuable just recently been married someone later probably was like totally clinging to the idea of monogamy but you know you're not discounting the idea of a happy monogamous life in that book at all what you're doing is just talking about the real history of human beings and i didn't find it i was i thought it was going outside heard that with the resistance about i thought i was gonna be much more controversial and it was with it not not really much more but i thought it was possible based on the reactions that i had heard from people but i thought it was pretty fast well we're not arguing and this is a point i have to make in interviews all the time
we're not arguing that there is anything wrong with monogamy just like we're not arguing that there is anything wrong with vegetarianism right you can choose to be a vegetarian and it can be smart and healthy and ethical and in a very good decision but don't expect it to come naturally t just cause you ve chosen to be a vegetarian mean bacon suddenly doesn't smell good anymore right right so you know i understand you're gonna have challenges if you take that path it's an uphill path and the reason it's an appeal path is cause your ancestors live like this so to me there's no advice implicit in and we got a lot of pressure actually from publishers to to make it like self help cannibal real area they were really into that without they were talking about before we started recording about dealing with people and dealing with publishers anybody who wants a sort of like direct your vision of what ultimately
a book is your art meannesses your ear take on your work on this particular subject some we'll come along and say you know what could be more entertaining you ve decided make it a game show yeah it's there down the game show about denmark where someone approaches recently one or two maker and illustrated kids version wow jack channel i would leave orgies how do you do cartoon orgies spongebob square pants type dude would like this are now please let's just say other reactions like one woman didn't believe to solar really exists that my we're sure and i conspired to make up a female co author to obscure the male privileged fellow centric genome perspective that's funny so its value that sort of thing
we haven't got any response at all from like the christian right do you know who i was hoping would get really offended and freak out loud voices but there hasn't been a peep out this a bit of intellectual bigotry involved in any things anything masculine like anything that is a masculine treat or masculine masculine wants or needs or behaviour patterns is almost were rife for criticism like right away like automatically intellectually smethurst you know whether its aggression or sexual needs or anything like that automatically intellectually dismissed in o neill strauss for the name was he he wrote a book called the game oh yes ok that's powerless thing i interviewed him on my podcast and then i said to him like you what do you say to people who say you just teaching losers how to manipulate women women in any is like interesting you know how much time do women spend learning how to manipulate man right but i
some do but some don't you know some some pride themselves and just being real but yeah but wine is women are much better at at dealing with relation shall say relationship skills ring you ve got the cosmetics industry if god doves magic surgery you ve got to get out of here riles in the fashion that's all about attracting male attention right and wrong email attention i'm not saying women are using it to hurt men and necessarily but i'm saying there is huge industry around helping women deal with man and he was saying like the first time you start talking about helping men deal with women it gets dismissed and the way you're saying it's true but in my opinion what he's doing is like poor shit the temporary fix what really what you need to do is be a bad mother fucker figure out a way to be a real man you now be a real man i always say in corny we're saying it but it really works
be the hero in your own story if you were living a movie and you're you're the guy that everyone admirers and he will up and this is a situation how would he handled how would you handle each individual moment that you encounter in your life of you you're the guy that you would look up to how would you do with it just didn't actually alaska they go that's what i do that shit yeah but seed not everyone can do that you say that but i'm not sure if that's true that limiting sort of thinking is very dangerous who are you who am i am i the type of person they can do to my the type of person that fails and is there a dick between the dew and is the difference between the two focus and intensity believe what is it the genetics is it circumstantial what and i'm not exactly sure so to say that not everybody can do that i think but it can do it i think everybody can do their own but don't you think it's a mix of all those things yet in some of those things are out of our control you know i mean i feel very privilege i grew up i had unconditional love from my parents they had enough money that i know
i have a really got into trouble they could bear me out and they would they sell their house they do whatever to come save me you know when i over those stirred rector motor cycle in thailand or some stupid shit so i felt free to do things that i think a lot of kids don't feel you know hey on your parents is dead there's no money you you don't have that to say fuck and i'm going to hitchhike to alaska grant and i wrote an essay in psychology today while ago of most remembering the seeks got shot recently was constantly was asking him at the first i might ever met a seek it was i've been working new york and the diamond district which is all crazy period in my life but i quit that job and flew to new delhi one way ticket to new delhi and wanted to go see the world right so i had about fifteen thousand dollars in cash in my money bell because someone who told me that you got a better exchange on cash hundred dollar bills then you did with travellers checks i had all this cash right i was going to
travel till the cash ran i figure to three years was my plan so i land in new delhi i go i get this a little room and in all delhi near the train station and every night i would sleep with my money about under the pillow because somebody told like the locks on the doors are ridiculous and somebody told me like watch out people come in and now you get the early careful saw him my money bell under under my pillow and i got this ticket to go to cashmere very early train it was like a forty our train or something to kashmir and it left at six a m or something so the night before i packed up my backpack got everything ready on the morning i did do his wake up fresh meat and got right so i did i'm sitting in the train station waiting haven't chai it's you note almost five thirty or something the sun's coming up it's already really hot and his beat of sweat rolls down my spine and i go to touch it where's my money back i left it under the pillow
i checked this is like five days into my advice sure chris is gonna go see the world you know intrepid traveller dude all my money is in this fucking guest house near the trains so i run with my backpack run back to this thing gathers the seek the owner is awake by this point what are you doing out i just ran past him the door banging on the door people inside speaking hindi they won't open the door i don't know if i go down to the front desk and he's like way what what's happening with you i said i left something in my room so what he should leave i said some papers i need some papers i left very said what kind of papers and my indian accents that and i felt like my passport i left my passport oh my god you left your passport in anything else and he's looking at me like
there's this look like he's not unfriendly the sky but he's not stupid and he's looking at meal in a way that and i feel like i'm being tested in away yes and when i ve come to those moments in life which i have several times my ins it is just tell the fur country frank just naked you now lay naked don't try to play my thoughts i gotta say about the knife in the boots you're better off undefended in a way and i said by left on my money there he said all your money how much money i said about fifteen thousand others still at fifteen thousand dollars to have a fifty thousand dollars he reaches under the table hand me my money about her oh my god i look at it i don't count the money but there's a stack hundreds in it
did you give him one eye but he said well while i'm looking at it he said the boy who cleans your room found this he makes about seven dollars in a month guineas new job so i took a couple hundred zone i handed him turn i simply give them to him to the boy and to thank you in any said no no no you offend him you can't do that wow says what can i do he said you know give me i don't know what it was five ten bucks or something and i'll have a party to honour him among all the employees why he says now you go get your train and be careful be careful with your money so i think back on that guy i think back i saved my life because i look at myself now as bad as i am this again sure sky went all over the world i've done this i've done that and i always came out of it ok and after that i could have put me on a completely different crack right because my parents you know collect a week after leaving the country together
borrow money for a flight back to their basement that would have been a different light so i guess what i'm saying to use not everyone's lucky nodded i say yes and no because i say you're just basing the or the whole in all events on what would have happened if you didn't have that money if you lie that money you could have gone on an equal adventure if not greater it could have been more severe actually fulfilling because people actually help to you and you realize money is not important you know i can barter with my work and who knows and you know your version of why you are willing to take chances in your life is based on a version of having a safety net my version is the total opposite know my father my mother having when she was young she worked all the time knows ever home and i was i was raised by war so i essentially figured my own path very life and rejected the normal notions of what you shouldn't shouldn't do because i saw these people miserable and i want to be like them and so
i think that water seeks its own level and i think that curiosity in listen and our desire here to see things and experienced things it sort of it it's part of being a human and its weather that's nurtured and if it whether its nurtured because you are ignored and you develop on your own or their its nurture because your loved and you have given the freedom to take chances i think through or it's like new york pursuit is what it's it's what's fascinating whether it's your life's pursued or mine or anyone else is where they find an interest and they study at are they they d chase it they they have an idea and follow it you know i think that what most port in your story was that fuckin cool guy and that you can do that too and that we can all we can all like have these acts kindness the sort of you aids later you're still describing yeah it's you need a complete i agree with what you are saying and in my life i think
important have a sense of gratitude yazzi keeps my feet on the ground and to keep reminding myself like you been pretty fuckin and you didn't do anything to deserve it you just were you and so when bad shit comes don't forget about the right don't start feeling bad for self gazelle now something bad happened well you know fuck you you you know you're bad account is very yeah yeah it's very weak here with the army just stop was living where you live being canadian you know just living in america living you know living and of a first we're country living in a country that has fresh water no living in the areas where you know you have to worry about these armed gangs going through town and shooting everybody for no reason and no one even covering it in the news because there is no fuckin news that's a big part of the world i said that the apocalypse his ear this move your slow and it's not everywhere it hit spots and if you were in liberia right now you think it's the apocalypse
thank you live in a mad max tyres dirt roads and rapid crimes and one dollar prostitutes and its chaos murder and cannibalism you would think that you are in the apocalypse for them than is now there i you ideas compelling that you know there's too many people and i i really wonder how that's going to be worked out cuz that's the one i feel like we can work out a lot of social things cuz i feel like young people have accessed in asian away there really was never possible rennie generation prior so i think if there was ever a time where the momentum is gonna be at least slowed altered or stopped now that time i gotta say i you know felt really hopeless about western society until the last for five years and there's a glimmer of feeling like people really want change yeah you know and i think before
now wanting change that badly depended upon things going so far into the shit hole that you know it's like revolutionary civil war kind of craziness and now things are like tolerable materially but i think there is what you're saying there's there's something to happen in the consciousness of young people i mean you look at it happen with acceptance of same sex marriage for example its like a steamroller yeah ten years ago was nothing it was you know it was it's like things are catching flame really quickly now you're ridiculed if you have an issue would seem so chairs tat rang exactly there's no argument for an that's happened in ten years you know i dan savage dan savage that he's a friend of mine and end because he he basically is responsible for the success of our book craig that's what i did everything that was some will the ever book tat here doesn't books what is what does this famous one i could
to the few well i mean he's a sound advice colonists yonah there there's michael i got a right wing crazy now this is dance avenues dancer did you probably heard about what he did a rick santorum were hinges you don't know that is so rich terms since this is like seven years ago some in terms of something about how you know if we homosexual marriage next thing you know mentally marrying dogs and trees and wish it so savage who has a now surely syndicated sex advice column come savage love the most red sex advice column in the country it's in the village voice in the alley weekly inciting the battle every alternative you know and online the onion he started with the money he says ok we ve gotta like find and a definition for santoro what what is sent more i'm so he asked his readers to send in crazy definitions for santa
and then he had a u people could vote and the one that one wise santoro that sometimes that fraud see mix of lube and fecal matter that sometimes results from anal sex he said tougher web page and then has his readers bomb the web page so you google a great now google santorum that's what you're gonna get why so this guy's political career was the hun thine it was like the most brilliant information terrorism ever wells in terms of career was done yet more because he was was found yeah he's a guy's not isn't antigay guy and he also lied about a marathon running time oh no no that was yes zurich santorum carbon o known as all right all right all right yes and tom was just crazy antigay marriage guy but i dont think answered on if if
now there's just as theirs is there's a faction of retards that are still alive in this country that you know what cling to these like simplest values in other things how the murders produce moon woman like merit for marriage is ridiculous period for many women it's all stupid one i let gay people do that stupid shit do that's what he says but when i was a i raise him there was a reference ran right savage sound yeah dancer dates when he cooper he's married to a guy named terry kid oh there why he was responsible for the the book success yes that he just really pushed it he he he read it and loved it and then he'd like in his column read by millions of people he basically said
by this book you know you know you were talking about the acceptance of gay marriage and we're all that is the point right so my point is that ten years ago dan was radical he was way out and the fringes right you know he was writing this gay sex advice column the cracked everybody up but now he's mainstream like he's on the coal bear report five or something you know he's yet he will had a profile in the new york times there hasn't changed at all he hasn't changed the language he uses the things he talks about the political positions he takes this stream has changed here the eye tribute that the same thing the information that people have access to now they they can't just be as flavoured by the ignorance of their locally area as they used to be in the fifty sixty seventy zero nineties whatever one to thousands came along people has had a completely new perspective and we have to really take into account that that's a decade word we're dealing with today
gaze of internet influence maybe a little bit more but now really it s pretty much a golden like ninety two ninety three that's about the first evidence of the internet's interaction with our culture you ve got mail and it goes from that to what we ve got now and we're seeing like real changes look colorado and washed in state making marijuana legal right and what the fuck is going to happen there and i think that the federal gum and eventually is going to crumble under the crippling weight of the ridiculous way they run the system believe it's so fucked up that people even people that are doing it a certain point i'm going to be like we were being ridiculous like it did the information is all out there now you can't keep running it like this and pretending that we're a democracy and pretending we're government all about freedom with this is fucking crazy corporate chaos
with its got em it's gonna settle down and then in bought away everyone's not happy again making billions used to fuck and miserable share this this method of controlled and and financial the acquisition of financial where it's not satisfying for anybody you know any it certainly not the best way to have harmonious nation you know and i think that possible i think it's possible to have a great town and its possible great neighbourhood it's possible had a great block a great group of people that you hang with then it's possible span that out further and further if every one had a great community and all those rate communities combined and all treated each other's it as equals and as is as as fellow citizens in this this experiment called life if everyone had that same exactly the same idea then a great neighbourhood could be oh world i mean it's it doesn't seem outside of realm of possible if it exists in the micro why canada exist to the macro its
so you should be able to and the other that seems to hold it back is communication and information so there's the language issue there is the cultural issue but there's the access to each other that's changing as changing at such a crazy is that i'm a much more hopeful than i had ever been when i was younger when i was younger i looked at it like this is fucking nuclear war waiting to happen is raising a zombie fall apart but now i think that people understand the world in a way that unprecedented yeah yeah i think you're right it's it's probably entirely due to the internet like right now i'm i'm working with some people to set up a website for the exploration of ethical and on monogamy right so it's it's it will have a dating site component to it but it's also just about community forming a community and we're trying to do is have it be it an online
unity that also have regional meetings where you can meet people face to face but it'll be set up along the principles of a bonobo true so females will be respected and you know value there won't be any like hassling of women and especially women who work openly non monogamous which attracts some attention but also like it yeah a lot of portion of the profits if there ever any profits we gotta bonobo say whereas in congo and so you handling dating site based bonobo monkeys were people get to act like monkeys apes apes a monk cherub sale yeah right of monkeys better what do you know about ennobles yeah sure you know the only thing that they don't do as the mother does in fact the sun sets it but that's probably the most important sure it's fascinating now that the mothers of the sound because that exists in humans so we talk bonobos been freaks the one thing that
don't do that shit's happening all over the south right now minds moms their kids for sure till we got to get out of here we're at the three hours and we turn into a pumpkin innocent man that was a really fun conversation and your book is amazing i'm really enjoying it it's called sex at dawn the author is doctor for mr ryan say again doc christopher ryan and you can now you can get this on amazon candle i have it on a knook you can you can buy the actual physical book of you one of those fuckin hold out to a dark day when needed paper do you read talks are to use your kindle of of man scandals of the ship mammals those them and if you get which would you have you have the version of it on whisper sank on amazon words read by someone don't you doesn't it just what i mean do not whisper sank is whispers it is a young amazon has the kindle fire and they have
audible has a application for it where you read it as a book and then when you get in your car it sinks up your smartphone and a actor reads it as an audio blank stagnant picks up right where you elaborate on the gods it's it's brilliant but only the book is sex at dawn and its chris ryan ph d on twitter and please fallen please by the book it's fucking great you will enjoy the shit out of it and if your wife from you know you force you have son ok you know you have put your foot down you gotta be a man yet again get together got to reclaim your your ape heritage thank you very much brother was i really really fun thank you very much thanks for supporting the podcast please gentleman and tuning in and thanks for all the positive tweets and messages and facebook pages and high fives out there in the in the great wide world of reality and please follow us on twitter ban are you d be any good death squad dot tv if you want to pick up one of those super sweet desk won t shirts with psychedelic kitty cat strapped up with bombs
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