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#324 - Sam Sheridan

2013-02-18 | 🔗
Sam Sheridan is an American author from Massachusetts.  He has written three books: The Disaster Diaries, The Fighter’s Mind, and A Fighter’s Heart. Sam Sheridan, Brian Redban Date: 02/18/2013
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But, like me express its in through the nose and it's a lot of belly breeding. It's all about the drive. Gotta go Dixon Grace you fix it. Do the Sun pledge to getting continuity ass, bad ass? I saw a video them. Do not lie. Doesn't just like his father too pretty freaking out for the awesome I watch. Anybody means I lack the discipline to get this far down the road and the breeding and probably on a yoga yeah. That's what it really talking about its deep shit. Man and You know we had my friend Aubrey was on the other day. I need to talk about somatic breathing, which they do intense bursts of in through the nose out of the mouth into nose out and if you do it, like ten fifteen minutes apparently reaches like crazy. In euphoric state swearing, oxygenated very strange psychedelic experienced. Apparently
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there's an issue with them fighters where there are testosterone replacement therapy. Ok in there. Real issue is ok, will why they lacking in testosterone other lacking testosterone cause they did steroids. And then there not shut down. Because that's what happens when you do sturgeon, shut down, then you can go to the doktor doctors is: are we alone testosterone? You look at them and you go wait a minute what the fuck is going on here, this guy's a gorilla and he's low interest ass. What is happening here so there's that and then there's also people than started, get older like myself from forty five years old at a certain point in time, you're bodies is not going to produce the same level of hormones as before and there's two ways about it. You know you can either add test testosterone to your system or do something like this stuff. I have not started this, but I'm going to start trying this that this doesn't have. This is insane
This is something completely different, does have some agonies him in it, but it has magnesium s partic acid, which has been shown in actual clinical studies. It's a key ingredient islamic, but it's been shown in clinical studies that it actually can this one particular aspect of the world is still did frothy loads I believe that those who stay frothing long jack also builds up. Frothy loves long jack is something that people been using some a route or some shit. It's people to use it for a long time to to boost testosterone, so warm where the peat, with we beta test as some people, the vat great results were super excited about it. So we think that there's something to it. We think that this is a a supplement that the most important thing is that it doesn't fuck with your bodies, natural ability to produce testosterone which the ship and I'm on does.
My balls shut down, basically, as is done in a nice, not really because I don't take that much better. Take a gram. It's like what you put to between pace and a rabbit on us now my shoulders and shoulders near purchase schedule but test not too much, but but a lot as I want to be like this guy. I got my wife pregnant twice while on it, but so that means my boss to work, but I know a lot to do in their boats, not work anymore and their done in this some shit you can take like eight. She gee, I believe, the aching level children yeah, but it takes time well, but this is the others. This that's video, which you looking right now is to us and was more ridiculous until I stepped in because at the end of the video those and thank you to the Rogan boredom all my freaks and erosion board- and I forget which individual put pointed it out- forgive me, but it's actually in the current form. This was, which is the conference my area for private, enabling members threats, yeah
The video is like he's getting a stretch on, and then he lifts and then afterwards use at the bar with these checks, and they were pointing about how easy it was an old like all my God, because I wish you'd honest, Stephen Dwarf commercial worries smoking cigarettes by the way this is in black and white, which again makes it extradition does make. It actually do overhead, and I start your own Madrid, embryonic here's, your hotter pies, your collar, queer, the video at the end was him at the bar with two checks and the music horrible and, like all my gods, opera, it was way worse now, Stephen Dwarf commercialized, like can be involved in this Might we also had to remove the word swagger someone also pointing oh yeah. The word swagger was involved. I was that yeah Jesus Christ, you selling, whenever you while the new enhancing, like anything, a male enhancing. Yet a really would try hard to avoid the stick,
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Sheridan is here he's got an awesome new book, I'm fuckin pumped up I've been reading it it's dope as fuck. Let's talk awesome debate your eyes, because, like you, I think about, unlike you know, I can't wait to get into the Rogan aversion and the road and questions his bearing in mind what maybe as either whatever do that. Yet again, it's very important critical with we're back broke from a vacation. Sorry for everybody that got the Jones. I appreciate it appreciate the tweets the messages and everything nevertheless, but we take some time off. She was get lost. Little get out. The impression that up time off. I was reading the disaster diaries. It's it's really speaks to
like how I view the world. Very, I mean it was like you are like inside my head with so many different aspects of the idea of disasters, the idea of taking care, you, kids, and that that you're a feeling of vulnerability that you have now been father as opposed to the way you were when you are a young man, S Euro, whatever knock I'll, be all right on the books. Call the disaster diaries, how I learned worrying and love the apocalypse, and it's really fuck an interesting stuff man and you when you were really deep with this, you covered so many aspects of the whole idea of Sir viable in the whole idea of like really chaos situations and rolling you're adrenaline and relax how most p and most people are just literally gonna like shut off the they're gonna shit, their pants and shut gonna like shut off the definition.
Yet their pants and shut off, and that is a much more common reaction than not totally so interesting to see that, like you, a lot of people dont know what they don't We know what I mean. That's that come some one of the major in all sorts of things I took from his book was what stress does in all unite in a you been in the fighting for a long time and written about the fighters, mine and stuff. Shocked in how you know the coopers. Color coded wasn't talked about in the fighting no enemy, which notes shooting We explained the coopers and also in the book, the Coopers calico. Would anybody who, whose doesn't shooting will know about it? But it's basically Jeff Cooper was a very well known farms structure in the sixties, and he came up with this color code about your sort of alertness level, and you know why you're at home kind of off for listen to music or watching tv and then yellow.
You're on the street and orange you're in a sort of seeing may be possible danger and then read your fighting, and that was how he sort of quantified it, and then the Marine Corps later come up with black, which was the catastrophic failure of your mind. Basically like that, total breakdown? And it was just so interesting. This sort of you know I've been sort of hearing about this anecdotally I'd seen it with fighters in a guy's freezing. Which is due in dumb shit over and over again, you know it's not working, but they can't stop and again pushed in the face of that's definitely. Helping their near, but in the fact it I'm sure some of these trainers knew about it. But nobody in mentioned here there's this huge raft of data and researched. It's been dawn on arms X, on stress and what it does to your body and and wasn't really been utilised in the fighting. I think the psychological aspect of fighting is one of the most overlooked aspects and also one of the most important. It's you
You wrote about in the fighters my yet and is too great books for folks by the way, if your enemy fans, the fighters heart and the fighters mine both of em written by our friend SAM and you actually do so. People now usually fought yourself and why watched at just slip into the child's one day. I watch that video of you in the Thai camp. Here really amazing video is really cool, followed. You long for you were an author radiators a long time ago. The kid s call you lived in a tie, camphor like five bonds had how many fighter you have fought one time and that one do that. You fought was like this fuckin karate champion. Yet people are obviously got asked by you out conditioned yea. It was. He was. It wasn't a shave overcoat year the pace, and he was really good, though, where he not He was good. He is, but then I was he was sharp, letting our memory hijack need my defence. That was my first flight of any kind rang my mind so like it wasn't a guide, Amy and which are fights and in I had friends
for and they couldn't even parts they were so nervous or the couldn't kicked can only points there like robots. You know they got, and so you know I feel like shit, but my might involve should at all you for great man. I mean that all right now this I chased them around with my hands down here. I will not look like a plank loud and car. He caught you and if you watch the way he caught you, that was a season fighter that guy ADHD. Definitely you know he had a lot of experience. It's funny, you know Duke Rufus, just tweeted mean those like you. I really like that. Although a few votes, a great many hours, Iraq's through, is a huge, my tie van and it's a great video because it focuses on you, this guy, who wants this True, my tie, MRI experience and that's what I think that I find unique about you. Things are really always love to talk to you about is like you're, one of the rare people. I know they're, just you will just fuckin go in do something in you immerse yourself in these worlds that I like really
precarious and fuck and dangerous and you're you're really into doing that? You really want to take any chances in getting the full experience after that she did in this. This tie camp. You lived there for five five months. About six months via want something like, and I thought, the end and then a bell. But you had me, I think I do. I do love to immersed myself and sort of kind of do like almost Social Anthropology in one go get into these other subcultures. But one of the things I don't do is I don't really have adventures because I feel like adventures is You know it's when you run out unless it's when you wanna gas in the desert, you fucked up you fucked up and they haven't. Neither now you're in trouble, whereas if you play Can you do your eyes and you cover your basis? You don't really have adventures in due course shit, but it's not dangerous. Senor, not you know. I think that the semantics thing, because I call those advantages inertia is it is, I think, there's that is an important like kind of context and there's a lot of course heading
We haven't ten. Also think about. You know that guy who now have too much faith in their strength into the wild into the wild, can't listen that whole scene yeah you gonna get that into the wild drove me crazy, because this kid was supposed to be smart, while you're supposed to be smart. How the fuck do you not prepare for Alaska like you're either? This is clear here. In other thing is he was listen. I've read
Burke and I've thought about it, and I you know I have talked to guys about it, because I was doing all the survival stuff for disaster diary so's out with this kind Kansas who does survival school training for the Sair instructor. So the guys who teach survive evade resist escape school to that seals and stuff. He takes three of those guys their instructors and teaches in these skills is like fire fire making flint napping making little traps stuff like that, and we know we talked about Mccann, listen end and that guy in and into the wild, and I think what Motivated sort of the story was yet he was foolish, but also he made a mistake that locals make that so he ate something that makes you sick. It looks like something you can. If I don't think that's through it wasn't the reality that we started a yet no heed it with this. This is what happens. We got sick, but he was too close to the edge. So he was so he was so then he starve to death.
Because he was so weakened that point. So he will. He didn't have the supplies, and this is where cracker writes about, and this is what so, he couldn't hidden of the energy to go. Get food basically Bolivia once you get like if you're on the edge of survival when you're at the caloric kind of real right at the cut off of make of eating enough in your you're dying. All radio and then you get sick, your flock to unify genuine lousy have no one to help you, so he made a mistake that should have given them diarrhea. Because he was so we can kill them. Why any starve to death, because in the movie they made it out that it was something poisonous that killed them What do I know it was a bit it makes. You say it gives you like a little intestinal diarrhoea, whatever they change than the movie, why? Why do they? Do that as your hand, mother Fucker shot, but at the end, These are only some in the real life in actually start to debt, but I didn't know that part.
Yeah. I never read the burden, we that's what I'm making. I could be wrong this march or recollection of the incident, but in and how it went down, and I talk to this guy John Macpherson, who does this survival snuff in Kansas and there's a lot of plants that are poisonous. That look like added, because that's where that's kind of the nature of that will plants is sometimes that other plants disguise themselves whatever. You say you can make that mistake pretty easily. I guess yeah there's a group of old people that live in an old folks home and one of the Ladys when I picked mushrooms and spit cancer. More scandal is poisoned, much was cooked him up for everybody in they'll dies, law or punch of weapons. That again China, I think was America. Things of Florida sums yet know what has been. What his point was is liked it if he's trying to survive your trap and animals and eating the whole animal which was kind of interesting. Getting your neutral
like eating. The brain and eat re eating knew all the work he didn't know how to prepare the food he didn't. Also not. He didn't know how to keep it like Propria effective. Moose! That's why I asked him about access in the book Ass, Macpherson about you know what you do with Cacique in in the wild. He kills a moose and who does that he tries to dry it, but fireflies do it, but if you cut it just then enough so at all it is you cut strips of any need a sharp knife. You cut strips as long as it's under half inch or quarter inch in the boat, but it's like a thick sorts, thin sheets and you hang out to dry and you get some son. The fly as won't lay eggs in it and it turns into jerky scare do yeah they do that in Mexico, you're awful em they take these trips, it's weird technique, I saw a nasty vanilla. Show me leader he takes these. They take these strips of meat and
Hang them over a lie: hot sun right. Then they take them and they smash the mob right and this on a real. They put water in it and the rocket and behind much aka rent will. This is just to preserve to make jerky all you do is dry it and it's really not very edible. But it's me I will keep you alive and it's it's. No, Turkey that simple I can eat sore thing to something complicate and they put spices and that you buy it. Put gay just try it and it's interesting that its cooked meat is more dangerous Rami. It's not that dangerous. For some reason, you get that with cooked meat that to someone else gets into new died from whatever, but rarely yet this these guys would go out and they would have a big hunk of raw meat and they would hang in under a tree with a wet towel wrapped around it and one for the week that was their fridge. They will just carve up pieces cook the pieces in us once you once you heated up, but it wouldn't how rotten was it I don't think it was a bad and where was this we're part? They weren't Kansas Jesus Christ.
Crazy. I don't know it's weird shit, but it's like he keeps it a little cool and then I had to do that. I didn't do that, but that one that's what I saw them week in Kansas and one is the temperatures in November. You know someone you home and omitted and she's summertime, so their analyses and his mother Fucker so they don't, they might have been or the mother had like yours then went ahead. This road kills not about someone might have been for no one was something he had done with some guys than they live primitive, so they didn't have any steel tool Jane. You could do that me now when I went to your home. We we hung the dears outside for a couple days, but it was only twelve degrees outside right. You don't have to worry about it, but the the idea of Light
Kansas summer, yeah, fuck and dear. Let Macedonia there with a tower wrap your argument for this, that the jungle that can be good very right. They say that the most important things to cook or things it eat me like bears and pigs like air, the kidney can kill. You apparently is like soup was, I think so real or something and bury you cannot eat is poison. Who will actually kill you dead? Who and its like herbivores or other illegal kidneys and other things you should eat them and other things and or liver me liver, something very Kenny. However, what makes you liver well if they livers like bears like some bears their data like garbage, still gotta, be real Carol. Apparently New Jersey, they just started allowing people to hunt blackberries. They have so many blackberries rating garbage is in getting streets stuff like that. But the issue is, if you get a bear, the spinning garbage scottish shit shooting this thing is the economy
either you Norman, I enjoy it like the deer. In Kansas, there there basically grain, FED cattle khazar eating the grain galleries, though so they have all the Catalan Shoes and it's not like hell- that's true yard and big fat, but there it's not like great dear me. Now that's right in thinking that barely alfalfa slick when the best foods reindeer led alfalfa, though a super health is like people, will grow a whole field about alfalfa for to make sure that dear come have something alfalfa disease grey areas is places called high fence. Racial yeah they set up so that the kind of like TED Nugent has warmly trap all these dear, unlike whatever he's gotten Michigan, you get why Michigan and one Texas since Gallic it Texas. I know yes, three hundred acres and nobody has in fact shoot vision, a barrel kind of yeah, but you know you have like a certain amount of space, therein there and they're eating alfalfa. So it's like on one hand,
smart move here on a prime for the apocalypse. Yeah I mean, if you have set up like that, you plan for the apocalypse. That's pretty dope apparent Amy thing about dear. You can eat a deer for a long ass. You shoot one dear you're good for like a month the right of every day, if you have a whole property filled with them, they'll be economic, there's a lot of like ideal situation, and that was that one of the scary things about this book was like not having the bunker right and an or do I built a bunker. Where do I didn't want Hannah Way of a minute man, sites or Montana, and I think what I got into really was that blacks? One issue which is you just don't know what the disastrous gonna beat you dont know if it's gonna be Ex wires Z in until you do, the bunker could be a danger, could be a crutch because her depend on the bunker. It's like your mentally hooked to this bunker, because you put so much time and money into it, you're not ready to leave when assigned a girl. I think one of the most important things that you emphasise in this book
is just preparing your physical body and not just by getting in shape by understanding stress and by putting yourself and stressful situations and making yourself sort of recover and and and and and handle that the inauguration distress idea. That was a really interesting point. The abroad, yeah, I mean that's what again, the military, and even sports psychology is about sport. Psychology is too much lower levels of stress. Could you not scared and die? but in an ever may finally, me refining Anderson server. You might really is the years I have. Some is conditioned black if you're in Rio and your fine, I'm gonna write the black read they they have that they have that chance. I don't know what they're saying but have a saying: you're gonna die, calling for blood and they're all yelling out. You're gonna die of Portuguese is Thy Wu Wu a day day, all fuckin these. Eighty thousand, I'm the screaming you looking across our guns and Anderson's over there,
I think you're gonna than might, you might might have her condition black reaction yeah, and we wanted to that a little bit but explain to people that can black is when yes, so heart rate in everything gets to a point where your adrenaline too high and run you can't think rationally. So your ear, make the lowest recognizes these things subconsciously or consciously, but you see a threat and your body, of course does fighter flight right. A boom fills you're new EU body with with internal and other chemicals and everything change everything change it. So you you're you're eyeball, actually changes shape and your fine motor skills really suffer because you know your muscles of fill up and you can have No trouble so tying things. There is maybe seals they. They were at the end of a really rugged course. They were trying to dead handcuff. These know what the placid zipped eyes these these, these other trainees and the guys who at pre threaded it had no problem the guys who tat and
spent minutes, try and could even other Navy seals no bad ass. What day it was just there were so Phil within genuine it made it so hard for them to even get there the threat that little money are also gross movements when using tax out those muscles. Yes very hard, operate everything our skill, total and then you're, you're cognitive abilities, sit down and that you always think of what New Brian story about. He got mugged any dialed forward, one right over an over yeah those trying to call nine when one in a way so like shaky that can and like my fingers when it work, I'm seeing there staring at my feet, Why is this not chip, why's, that what am I doing like rats actually really com and which is the paramedics all say that if it's a loved one, that's her and you're losing your mind. A lot of people will by cap to get the neighbour to call my mom one, because they can actually operate them. So. You think I'll be all right. You know, but truth is like people get some fucked up, they can operate phone. They can't down on one, which is, you think, would be impossible.
Does happen. We are. We are weird animal in the fact that we are we're conscious, yeah, so you're kind of aware of all the things that are happening or not just on instinct, but basically only other animal on this planet is just starting out in purely on instincts. We, aware of scenarios that have taken place before and the possible repercussions snares and those all raw around. In our run, mind a sea of possibility is in, and then they can shut and then the whole not having experienced with stress right we're. And then what animal would diffuses that sucks. The two ways do our training, which is ignored? Terry, you repeated a million times or sport. You do a million times. So even stressed out of your mind, you still can do it. Yet, where are you Movement is a natural Moreau, instead of the contrary, singularly ingrained in your very efficient nerd, Synaptic Leah, wherever lots of or you can have experience, and that's the inoculation again stress which, if you ve been through similar
things you know this? Isn't gonna kill you. You know I've always think about how important it is for fighters and fatigue. When they get a so exhausted and ease the lacked gas, it is filling their body, and you know this cause you? U role. When you did, you find an elaborate, it's like you feel, like you're gonna die yeah, you really looking for a way out and if you, as long as you know, your is, if you ve been it would a few times you know he's not gonna die there. Feeling that I want to die does not mean that I M gonna die, and so I can keep going and rest so arrest so go to them a may because they thereby their mentally so ready for that fatigue and that's all wrestling really is you noticed is meant, is managing fatigue and mean Jeanette push so and then also the exhaustion they give from dehydration. That fatigue is where I like the mental toughness yams from that. Do you know about this thing where they're going to remove wrestle? yeah now and that is that the neediest fuckin say yeah seems like it's all real political and just your feel, a factor, but it also like that
However, I will, by the way I mean as you know, races they were like. There's a villain, NEO Nazi background, the Olympic Olympic Games. Really, yeah. If you look at who ran it, let's you're that famous picture in the sixty those guys. One hour salute another wearing gloves: yes, because they didn't want their skin to touch the hand of once they meddled of the guy who's hinting at the metals, because he was an informed neo. Nazi. So he told them to put gloves now he worked they wore gloves didn't want to touch, that's where there weren't, gloves and the guys in the sixth. It's like one of them was austrian than that. I forget the exacting, but it was one of them. The forties and then his successor in the sixties warlike had these real, like NEO Nazi, like sympathies, itself. While the Olympics has like some in shaping this thirty. Is there a real vague about this, but wasn't there like almost everything else, but wasn't there
about a couple of years ago. There is a big scandal of bribery reason bunch, a thousand Ios, I'm sure you'll learn. You know me, that's all it's it's a pretty it's at all sounds like ruining the city costume, gazillion dollars and who knows where the money goes to developing. It bothers me also that the athletes don't get money. That just seems crazy. The idea that not giving them some sort of a financial, prize. What were you where's all that money gone, what they're getting an opportunity? They are your number one thing that yourself You know what you think fingers nowadays, the performance of the athletes. That's number one you're making billions and they don't get any rats Falcon create. See, I don't care what you call it amateur, but its amateur, its amateur. That sounds like slavery will soundly announced. I think that those same way about the inevitable and football idea they make it so much money right and the average working to combat it.
The college athlete praise. I mean I just couldn't get it, but it's like that doesn't the ideas that its author ran around yeah, it's approving ground it launches them into the night in the idea. Also, I think I get a little bit more with the inevitable aid because they should be countries in their education, and this is a side aspect of it and that education is building towards. But I think that the idea that the school just profit completely off the money goes to. Maybe the money should go to programmes, maybe all the profits they should go to the athletes instead go super me imagine how rich those schools we agree in their ability to school, learn anything after school. Does interactions prohibit music programmes, educating animated to pick it raises you get to pick and helping their community out. Think about the amount of money that the anti double a creates and think about how much benefit that could be for any community if they took like a sizeable
shock like fifty percent like what are they would like hockey player is just bargain for fifty percent was if they had more somewhere out filleted, NBA all the union to a man. If the incidentally football guys get fifty percent the people realize how much money is in college sports. I didn't realize. Joey? Nobody has explained it to my shocking, like the Penn state thing, this such scandal right no sense to meals like how did this not get added, that's crazy! Who would and then I found out how much money and state makes every year from their football programme and from getting donations it's in the billion year, what the alumni, the spat, Yo Yo insane, and when you, that high you're gonna get people that are doing whatever they land? That thing that way The amount of money. Half of it like was just like these guys as their professed but instead of giving the money, we're gonna give it to the community's. How amazing that we may end up with great keep those fat content
fatter, those mother, Fucker, rich bitches out there just stealing from these young urban kids with good legs throughout handsome kids, ass fuckers, they give it a shot mean. I get that, but somehow I don't know I sort of like the raising of the injury raid and all that stuff. That's true to lose out on young guy. Who was like a real promising Above all, I just balloon than any moment man in a moment the hand of God can come into no more, for you because your whole life actually Hannah probability Riah such a dangerous I am personally running into people full blot, running super athletes at each year, like a gladiator moving its liked. What unites us, what you pay for is that the attitude of what people want to see- and this is one of the things about your book about the color coded freaked me out- was The stories of cops with their guns on safety, with their tens exploded in their angers shot dead because their gun was on safety
kept squeeze in German. Nothing was happening. There's a video of a cop who is the same drop the weapon drop the weapon and it's what they call a stuck on a behavioral loop. So that's, condition black. So when you get so stressed out, your heart rate is a very, very high hundred seventy five, five from whatever it is, it's it's. You have what they called dissociation. So you start having perceptual use like time move slowly. You don't hear things, you don't see things tunnel vision like the con. All you can see the barrel of a gun, Ryan or whatever, and you get behaviour looping like people do the same thing over and over again. So, like other stuck in it, and then I club and turn opened the door right, door's locked, but they they stay there for ten minutes, because that's it that's the only thing or the cops upon their porn, trying to fight work their weapon, or is this a video this copy? drop, the weapon dropped, the weapon dropped weapon in the guise reloading and dropped were then he shoots the cup and couldn't get out of the loop and again what
thing about, is it makes sense if you're before cavemen like there's a wolf. You know you know my arm and I'm losing my my leg. Just keep it and what the rock like this you gotta just keep doing that like that stature survival. That's that's it! That's my best plan right, but in the modern world, where you have a need for critical thinking in a needs of like even those guys in it than the nightclub, Byron and Brazil recently, some those guys were Facebook and me in talking about what what works and what didn't work and how they got out, and you know guys and a lot of him didn't you know us it was there wasn't aware, but hundreds of people right yeah, it's terrible, but I'm not like annex I didn't really studied in death, but again the critical thinking, finding ways out finding in thinking be able to step back
and you're. Always another exit in the kitchen is always an exit. The kitchen in on an agenda and get getting too it is, is the trick, and you know, when you're in condition black, you can't get there. You know you, you can't that's the whole problem is like you can't think of it in you can't see yourself clearly enough in this is a thing that you know that people do call combat breathing where they take forty press for count, which is great. If you can think to do it, you know I mean, but again the problem is you don't know your condition black when your commission, black right and it's this its nature, Are you in the inevitability of our demise? Is in the back of our head down when all the sudden, your confronted by what gets year it becomes exponentially more stressful than it is for an animal, even though, in animal instinctively knows gotta get the fuck away from you. I don't think they can really calculating quantify all the possibilities and when we do
like this paralysis by now. Yes, it's in Atlanta, the adrenaline dump and the heart rate. What is a higher rate when you're in tradition blind depends? You know it's there. It's also specifically the person, but a hundred seventy five. So it's like wonderful, sprinting yeah and it's not from exercise it all sorts from adrenaline. There's actually makes it really hard to breathe. There's this thing called the debate, be so vague legal response and near the vaguest is a nerve, but the way it was put to me, which I thought was great, was I guess it's it's it's in the book. Did I like its mile Anita nerve quality, the response, so it's a Polly Vague, will theory Eagle. Basically, letters are until reptilian Party your brain right. You know, we all know that and there's too kind of Vegas that that, operate possibly in and one is reptilian one is mammalian rights, but if the reptilian one gets into it that can slow you down and make you freezing
and then a million one wants you to run run run run run right, so it's like stepping on the gas pedal and the brake at the same time as hard as you can, and that's what condition black is he think about doing that. Your car getting your card and jumping on the gas and the brake? raw as hard as we can. That happens, as he book is ill and panic in automobile accidents as well. Yeah people think they're, hitting the break in a heavy debt. Ass divert the brake by accident. When you haven't, you mean you, oh shit, the minutes of the herd hither right next door, really fucking close the did. The modern life they live is so soft. It so yeah the ability to go to Jack in the box and feed your fat face while still in UK are the which you, you know, you didn't build a car, you didn't designer. You have no idea how were an easy job at an easy place where you not stressing at all. During the day you just doing whatever the fuck you got it
sell insurance, whatever doesn't mean whatever normal stress you have from sending in a normal office, but your body literally is never taxed in whom the average person that doesn't exercise you. Reached a level of the human animal has reached a level that doesn't exist in nature. A is really an asian dish and aunt they can't survive on its own attached. Symbiotic later years cultural suited to our you can't make it even a dog can fuck and go out there and kill ran a rat, You know what are you gonna do? You live and I think that the what I realized that did not so I was getting ready for the end of the world and very scenarios, and I did work out and unite, did a bunch of different stuff at one of the important things about fitness is. Is it keeps your mind ready for the disaster you can handle in dreadful and better if you're, in good shape? You know if you ve gotten your sleep. You know that
A lot of those breakdowns happen when people are sleep deprived. So you know you know, and you read about people that have had in a panic attacks and a lot of it comes after. They have insomnia for a long time. You know so sleep not getting. His this huge starship yeah. What a strange animal yeah factor we need to shut off. Will they can't come most of them? Do right what a weird property of our distance shut off it, so it the world so stressful? You have to spend a third of its intention I had an we don't even exactly know why you need to do it when we were so confused on what exactly is going on during ram sleep, and we know you the aspects we a warm water. Lilies yea agree in the real issue. Is the psychedelic drugs that your brain release is? Why sleeping that's when things get really fucked up? What is
no one on when you dream and what happens again? If you don't get the dream of having psychotic break that they get crazy yeah when they ve done studies where they ve kept people awake for days at a time like people literally lose their shares, like gotta breakdown they become psycho. The forty eight hour, seventy notches, being tired, like your minds, are delusion wax fuck out does function right so very yeah and what is because a lot of stuff like they are doing a lot more science of fear now, so that they can put an electrode caps on people and chuckled about a airplanes and serve to they can really so to see what's happening. So this some interesting new books, like extreme fear Why is this book is pretty cool like it's about, but even a low jumping out of an airplane is sort of a controlled situation. I gave you show your pants cause, you're parachuting, but you're, not fighting Anderson Ilva. You know you know you're, not a car accident and its. You know it's not like the buildings on for its you're. What I love it
mean what I was like. The abundant remain and stuff z you get trained for in nobody's gonna hit you behind head with a Tibet for random units, like you get ready, and we're always worried about myself was like what, if I'm not ready, yeah and I'm just drive and home and the shit it's the fan, How long would it take me to adjust my reality to this new reality? Yeah varying prepared? Is such a or it's a relief thing too believe stress yet known you, that's what I wanted to go. You know what I realize was like. I don't wanna, be paranoid and be a doomsday, a proper, because I think some That, then, is a being counterproductive. Like you, the anxiety is making new less. Relax you're right, you you're more worried, you're, more fearful of your neighbors and you're, more convinced of like I gonna shoot everybody Why do people know that, whether you know they're ready to go, you know they get their guns, they waited others a lot of those folks, yandah the red it around
RO? We have large grocery store, yeah. Well, you know ones wrapped the range wonder belts who want the body You're fighting, they always say be first right like boxing be first and that's why I ended the book with don't be first like don't be the fucking guy who start shooting right. I mean because you don't want to be a guy like that? It's not it's more move and that's not the best. For survival, because people need each other, like primates in the wilderness, band together right by the best thing, the best survival team you can have the best is it is a team of, where it's right, as is the best into haven't you go bag, is a doctor mechanic and a soldier right. You know it's like you're, not gonna, do all those things yourself right. So I know what I was gonna work, get in. That is so. It was so important and now is also part of into the wild. Yes, that he would say hang that all this beautiful wilderness that he came to love really can enjoy without people right now as well
forget yeah that was very profound and because I am make have, I got a bit of a dance between many people known of pda and I go. I like one. The things I loved about living in Colorado was that it was like super quite rural and I could be around like, Virtually no one interest shown relax, but I don't know if I'd like that. All the time, I think I like that, because I'm always dealing with less crowds No I'll spend half a day of myself, but I think if you I've never gone a long time, but never gone in a more than for five days without seeing people, and I think I would lose my having I'd get pretty bomb. I think he can easily of a familiar with the vice Stockholm yea, I don't know vice guide to travel, Europe seen India, they have a decent, don't fashioned isn't don't vice does but yeah yeah. They have a lot of different.
Cool where line, but one of them they had was hindmost article. I think it's cool hindmost, Artic adventure and it's a guy named Heine MO in he lives up in the North EAST of the Lascaux, is like one last point. Oh that's, allowed to like keep a cabin up, their sort of like a homesteader Rome Situated grandfathered in an yeah. This guy's been up, therefore, since, like the nineteenth seven, these really fascinating they have. These dues from vice magazine, went up there and live with this guy for a week and got to see him shoot up air that was intruding in their cause. You hanging these caribou out from his cabin occasionally a barrel coming to Canada, a bare Etas dog allow. I also attach like really dark, dark shit and so is out there, while these there, whether there, the guy, goes out to shoot this bear, unlike in the middle of the night, it's really fucked up, like you hear running your shot, guns, goin off you hear the bare moaning. It's like really kind of Florida is Greece
We had found his staff and wants a grisly five because they gonna come for you, but he was up there at one point time. He said, I think, for eight months by himself rife news like I will never do that again. Rhymes like that, I was too much those two green yellow solo sailors get into that. They spend six month at sea by themselves and must finally get down here. You must be just so happy they communicate with anybody, Yeah, you not the I wouldn't wouldn't want tried and you know that I have a wife and kid to it's like you. I am like you so codependent retarded. Well, that's one of the interesting things about your book is at you and I are sort of very similar in that way that Europe, I want to say, felt involving books. I was aware of my mortality, but I wouldn't worry about it nearly as much as I started to want to start having children and in your case you who waited until your kid was
like a faint, basing acceptable age like ok, I'm gonna, the Amazon, fuller wildlife. Why, like that, must have been quite a mine fuck to be in that state of mind where you know you now have this baby that, incredible love for ran your wife, it's incredible lover and this man. We need to take care of everything and then all the sudden you're in the fuckin jungle having did how long we love is a good idea like six, you don't know I went to see was totally the Sousa, but he wouldn't wasn't there. He actually bit course Ebay, lucky in libyan somewhere else, Tony Jesus Mme fighter Jujitsu guys are a real free spirit whose yeah leave it at that we were Brazil, we're in Brazil wants a mean any we're talking about. I Alaska and turned to suit is just listen to us and he goes four can take that she is right now is due legacy is like this, too, is a gangster. Then he went on the Amazon would like forty dollars or less
like images were bombed, is where you can do that, and it's like sleep an outside on the deck of the ships for months to get the Rio it. So he came out from Peru. Why- and I was like that centre every great rip by about dangerously raise just crazy might not make, and he's mean he looks like an indian visa applicants gringo whenever book so went down, no went down, therefore, just six weeks it wasn't for thou, that's a long fuck entire Amazon. It was. It was it was a little longer than I you know I can like my old way of life's thousands of this refined Armenian. Wasn't I really thought through what she would mean, and of course no one used are taken care of a kid, and all that you know it's it's becomes look into the abyss, the abyss. Actually you write it like a deadly changes you so I couldn't stop thinking about. You know the kid and yeah, my wife and not being there of the big one head and, and that really was a catalyst and then seeing how these guys were so competent. You it's one thing to hear like: where are they
one of the forest and make what have they need within the sea. These guys go and make a backpack like a pretty good backpack, Adelaide Mark, shit like an end rip in its wrong. You know in an endless kitchen, action is, do you you're really be able to provide easily for themselves? I love that you didn't, give you a machete realized they sort of infantry at you. You are you gonna, do anything you're the gringo like swap backpack, don't touch it, in on you can't watch any everything everything is with the machete. Don't touch anything your hand, obviously, because it's the jungle and its poisonous instead, sir, you know what a fuckin crazy place for six years. Literally, everything around you is dance. With your hand, because one of how many things as pointed out things boys, but it's not a unit die. It's gonna stay and swell what you're gonna have minds and bugs and are even know what they are was called who was at all the trees, had a watermark com.
What you realize, as during the rainy season, basically the Amazon, turns into a see. There's dolphins, swim in the trees, this river dolphin swimming, which so the water comes up like forty fifty feet so of armies, trees is, is a watermark for a couple unfulfilled, with a really ceasing calendars, swimming and dolphins in the trees. Oh, my god, so you how can a round I was how high is the water market provides moves around, because you know that I was there in the dry season and in some places it was at the top of trees in some places it was in us. It was all over the place where you can. It was very clear, so I could have been twenty thirty. About yeah an end and they will talk about what happens in the rainy season and how different the landscape is, because all your paths are gone and earn a canoe doing everything you walking in The wife has to move up. The tree saw like the poisonous answer in the trees, so it actually more dangerous because you bump into true its directives.
But yes, goose exceeded. It was crazy. What was the goal when you went there? The guy There was just you know I I was gonna. Do this all the time was a biologist, who's gonna come with me and some local guys, and there was a canary that was unexplored. It wasn't really unexplored but about explain a biologist had been through there is, you know it was up in the Peruvian, partly aims on offer to whale which the tributary and there he was gonna, look around and do stuff so's I partially science, but then he couldn't couldn't leave his job. So, as me this for deeds. Three decades, and it was- Canada is basically coin. Would like three Hicks. Into the woods in Montana, like they were like I. What do you want to do and, unlike what does she tries wanted the only those with his dick around and we put the raft was gonna call, so you just try
to survive out there with his height and survived in you know, you have a solid monkeys than a trail that Europe now you're up the trail and an end. It was amazing you guys can find their way. They did. Map everything with the shadows at midday you, you can't see we're going so Whitman there, put a stick in the ground and then we have a snack and new wants to stick and when the ship, ok now you can go again the school, that's fucking! Why not bring a compass heart again well, there's a lot of stuff. How could it differently and enhance that is easy to get these agreements a green hell for sure what, if it rains workable yeah, no shadow. You suddenly a blue tarp knowledge, his weight, the fence, good voyage Asia, go how much yap ready with How much are we did you lose a lot yeah, I mean why
after a bit, we really come back, would like all skiff really gets Gimme your fatter, what happens in its body? What did you guys eat? everything we brought Deborah again like it was. It wasn't a perfectly plain trip They told me everything is fine, but I could have brought in a waterfall. The pumps boil my water the whole time, because they were like how we got it and they don't got it. I do miss, stop and Niccolo fired boil and then carry water in us. Caring watering, cope penal code, bottles that in bringing any deal now genes geez because they told me they had it off, it knows all the care where idea of all take care that it is the water like what stick It was a forty rights of these guys, their therein, their basically India guys, and they were like one of them was like so you'd better the ocean round, like he's a good salt, water right and he's like you don't drink it. Am I making entering the salt water cause? You'll kill you a kind of look at me like I was a pussy. I q is like
yeah you and then after a year I mean look at you. You're, like a drink, the water. You can ignore their daily to drink the river water. Yet it is drink, they grew up their difficult. What are they live to be twenty? How how the big is? Basically, some of those are the one really dangerous things: the snakes, a fertile answers like the most poisonous making the world. It's like. You turn your heart off, but what's it called the further Lance Fern, Effie, r and d? Lance? Listen! It's like a snake inelegant, snaky. You see one yeah. We kill one right by the care and work on my flip lapse at night right and they killed one within five feet. A camp you have to kill him cause, are so dangerous, and these guys all had. I am offering a bit died. This guy didn't die, but you know we were three or four days from the hospital wow, so you're just slugger draw not
The snake bite you in sometimes it'll put a ton of poisoning sometimes goes to a little at sore at. Why something? Can oh he's toughie surviving bit by rattlesnake? I didn't I just didn't, given the full those spaces be an older rattlesnake or it could be irradiated already stung, something like recently and the Bay you don't have that power to babies are more they don't they always do before those that's what they're more dangerous yell young rattlesnakes are the most annex XV regulated it is hit. You were there with the tears, a crazy photo sort of blog online of a guy who got bit my rattlesnake and then had all these patients to two to heal the area, an angry tightening, fresh, every body just rots away a lot of people all realise like when that venom goes inside of you. It doesn't just like. Oh, my God we sit for, while in nuclear arms Romany damage, we gotta get like all these operations. Skin graphs and shit, and really scared, or even further
it's like a heart stop or whatever the in order for you to forget what is called, but yet shuts down your cardio machine in this from the Amazon in Peru. Is this where you're, yes, always ended the headwaters Amazon in Peru, and then there's a lot of appointing the Amazon's in Peru and those of the Amazon so fuckin massive but grandam. Isn't it like being deforested yak, airy, scarier rate? no it's too and told him what was interesting to as these guys. So there was a we went to get some fruit and they were like this chapter in the treaty at the fruit right. You know like my mother, And in our good isn't, isn't that scene can account for me it in their defence of the trees grow faster eight years the fall tree, cuz it's in the Chaves and with the machetes yeah. But in their mind that you know it's like the the jungle is endless. You know like that's how they see the jungle and then you look at the pictures of the fish market in Cusco and the fish used to be six feet long and
all this long he don't mean an end, and in these guys wasn't like they go. Oh yeah. We have to walk farther and farther to get the tree like IE. Eight come down. And I'd like. Doesn't you know what I mean like rats in their heads? It's it's limitless and it can never be finished. I guess the psychology of living in an and someplace ice, the Amazon it's like I did And that's the last thing you have to worry about stuff go into what resources are their endless. Gotta figure stay alive. Even we there collapse by German. Now seize it, RO guns, germs and steel, and he wrote a book about why societies fail like that. You know which ought I got into a little bit in disaster areas, which was It's about why the Vikings had a colony in Greenland died out or Easter Island, for instance. What happened there? Aliens right what's an unfailing, but
Their heads look like that man clearly clearly. Is it possible that rewards engine aliens whenever Giorgio Sucralose is a good bodies but show couple times whenever he goes? Is it The ball is Gaga, like I know what's coming on, nobody gets rid of what is an alien. Yes, that is possible. This postponement everything possible man of if we're possible humans, are possible. Firstly, things possible. Do they know? who the fuck was honest around. Yet it was these Polynesia me. That's what so that look like pack rat maidens, which which are like these paragraphs, they collect stuff and they can sort of see. What's going on with the foliage, fossilized or whatever, and- and I have eaten background by the real it's delicious
our resolution, delicious, really like what every gamey like venison, almost no kidding where'd you get it. I was trapping them in Kansas and there like little beavers they're, not like rats delectable Harry guys so a pack is not lego. We would have liked, but does it look like a rat being rat. Yeah big Harry was their diet. The Yoke ass in whatever they find around, and they make these little maidens, which, which I heard maiden, unlike our whole November, took a little beaver lodged a small one like a two foot, high collection of sticks and a pile anymore. I learn how to make his little dead fall traps. You pull a peanut butter on end and he comes in and get some of the rock and smash kills him yeah. I've seen those dead fall traps online survivor man, yeah shit like that, it's one of those things is control account. You d like I, can give you the pieces and you never in a million years bill exits. It makes sense when you do at once. That's what's Ivan
explaining is like. I could show you and you, but I am now. I can easily do that. But to talk about it is like swastikas wrote you not see ass simple, but it's it's some its strict enough. I'm off survivor man, fans, I've seen that show less drowned, but I've seen him make those. I have no idea how to make here. When you have to make yourself all this stuff. I'm gonna, do once at least and then you sort of its like the nuclear bombs it's possible for you to do it right by four minimise, let Lester I started with with John and who's. The guy was once in Kansas, that's how we look for you know. Well one not only place one of the he came there early on his career, so disguise like an old school guys, but for what you did was you trapping pack rats a part of this book yeah it's in there, I can't couple rats and you're just learning to do it. You know I went out every day and set up a set up. In the hot sun, and it's like it's almost like. Even it took me back,
childhood and weird way like no usually build forts, freer luxuriate, Jos and in fact, your heart, because you get down and fiddle with in the grass anymore like? That is an excellent thing you do through its survival stuff. Was this kind of move back to a primitive give all You know, you're, not doing anything else today. You know knife congestion, your phone, like you're, not doing a email like you're gonna, make fire today, and it may take three days. Like you go out and you and it's seeing the kind of get into this other kind of time, no sense of time and effort, as will form one of the things that high most said, the guy who lived up in the Arctic read that he believes that the problems of society come from the fact that we were basically nature, hunters and gathers yeah and where we remove ourselves from that and put ourselves in the sea of possibilities of modern society. One hundred percent night you're crazy for yes additive, Fox aside a percentage. So yet we we were two hundred
others living in small groups. So if the human history is a book right, hundred and we're living in tiny little family groups. A hundred gathering for two hundred pages of the book, and then four paragraphs is the modern world. You know I mean is: is noise for progress is just civilization and then, like the last sentence? Is the last two centuries So that's how on like unequipped, we are on our evolutionary scale. The handle cars you're running a nuclear power plant where no yet twitter stock market. All that shit, like you're, just intuitively, like your gut reaction to all that she is not valid. In all I mean like you, your reaction to a person is pretty good, like you're good at reading people on getting like a feeling. He makes me nervous avoid that guy, but
the big system so, like all those like start, my guys out of feeling like you're lucky. That's all that happened here yeah, it's a very strange situation where, obviously the world is changing forever and are by allergies is taking a long time to catch up, and how does it work does it have catch up home link. It does now. Do you think that's what autism is? Do you think that's what a lot of diseases are? Is it, though, the bodies like scrambling to try to put out a way to survive yet strange time, sweet, random mutation and you know with evolution, is mutation. An adaptation adaptation due to them into one thing that I read about autism, was that the b, the need for emotions like when we become symbiotic with machines that its Nor I didn't need promotions is gonna, be essentially removed, ran like we ve already are
like a lot of our reward systems like through the reason why hunting and gathering is so exciting and so fulfilling is moving. That's was necessary, surviving view of you. If you fish forms the other feeling when you catch Aphasia caught any real it in you, it's very late, for going to live like really, prime. Oh, yes, it's a weird thing. When you know you ve made you ve got an animal that you just caught in Arizona, get provide you with sustenance very strange sort of dislike. It goes back. Electric here. Yes, very electric. It has in its hearted scribe those jolts in those those positive feelings that you get from that hunter and the thing eventually, when I don't need any more Everything is like using that japanese guy that figured out a way how to make stake out of humans feces. Delicious delicious? Stake, I'm not joking, or am I just tweet
it somebody tweeted it to mean I retweet regulating fuck and believe it is true. I would even go at the stake for our try like unlike risotto. First before I went right for state as me, or. I don't know, I can't touch them right, yeah, I don't know another but idea crazy thou. This does I figured out a way to actually make me out of the protein there's enough nutritional value, let it in your fees, were. Seventy, like your feces, is pretty good because our it or so rich. You not taken all that crystal value outer waste that you should be the I. So if you are starving your new feces will be a lot less nutritional but even then the mean our fishermen, but this amendment I jet asked of tracked. I'm just saying I'm just saying, but I don't know its necessary to control has led out a shit budget as a stick. Its direct.
Either worsening Abidjan item, when my toilet paper rules fell into my toilet and inactive like the biggest shit ever on top, and then I stood up really, oh, what nodded like the in there all twelve members and aided now I'd, give a hole in your decided to just opened up the lid in its absence who ever used before MRS Shut, the lid after it fell in the toilet, already open up the leaden sat down with trains bonding yet like dive in there, and then I put in an empty now but wrap this plastic containers. You know like where you put the boat wipes in empty- went by the way it was too small square chicken harvest water. So listen! You girl, worse, Google, that show that the aim is to this is from daily tech dot coms, where the article Google Japanese a delicious newt, nourishing stakes from human theses and you'll get this article. It is really crazy. The trophy
oh sewage service in Japan serves over thirteen million people, approximately two thousand two hundred square kilometers area and This guy they approached this guy Mitchell Yuki. I kinda his researcher from animals. Yogi I share that guy, I'm ok, Yama Laboratory and their ideas. They put the problem they had too much sewer mud, also known as human excrement, ok, and so the excrement is a breeding ground for scores of bacteria. So this guy came up with this crazy idea to make food Out of that? No way I mean I mean denying awaits good right, because we can have food problem
if we can recycle everything we give us likely now? Let's do it tat in the first idea is what the guy does a first step as they cook the bacteria and kills the bacteria, and then they extract their proteins via separation, technical and soil protein is added to enhance the flavor. That's how you know, taste tariff to make your food tastes better this and shit until stuff on yeah, it's even finished, with a red food color to give it a company You will, you know they. Dont Mcdonald's dies their meat to make it be translucent translucent? What's a fatty really is that, whereas there? But if the White Hamburg me dies- I mean That'S- could be an armaments cookie. We can now be seventy snobs that there's a website. If we go to the website is where they take a cheeseburger protocols that just let it or a heavy, what happens, let us set out and it's fucking never rots, but the shell,
I should like to thank her letter examples of eminent flickered twinkie there. Maybe I should go to the radio carbon dating an ice. It takes much. You know that twinkies sharing a bad act is actually twinkies. Don't last forever is a mess. I believe hello. They last like. I think it's a couple months after a month or something like that after the there's the sugar throws off. Why didn't you one try, because you had some of the last week. Still how take. Why so has put it to you I still have a hundred dollars. You take one and put on a plate and see if an incline, all thing? If I don't get me started, buying, have you guys got dining at would remain. Vine is program that Twitter, just by a member about a year ago, somebody at on one of these pike has asked what he thinks next, what's the next winter, I said, video twitter is pretty much what it what it is doing just by this company called vine in its legs. Seven seconds of video and you just pretty much you can you just do seven seconds,
could do stop motion article seven seconds is ready, go to to Do it. That's enough time to do some stupid young emperor which cause it loops it, but like an animated, give so everyone's making pay much animated gifts, but does it with the sound. So many of you, just girls, ass, has been torn up. Yours is leading the way in this kind of and six seconds I need for you allowed porn on twitter to some girls do like. Sometimes you go to their profile on all sides Hocker mouth isn't because they have not been found, while large mother, It is pretty lacks some of the best. People, though, is Brody Brody's fucking whole areas, the vine. How long is this enough for its just like we re much got big in the last couple weeks, and now it's blowing the fuck up. Say something that's fascinating man and what it does is loops the brave new world. Well, it's
and I have not seen any further back to our strange, strange fuckin, wacky culture where or getting more and more ink interconnected, given people little seven seconds, glimpsed your life over and over and over again too weird stuff. I d have to prepare for it's. Like they do, the real question is: what's next and are these instincts in all the these honey. I gotta they holding us back, or is it inevitable that things change is a good that they changed? I mean the question really comes. I think you know they're not going change unless there's a and you know and evolutionary advantage unless there are selected out like yeah, because in all the Eu Pinky toasted and disappear Nada. None of us is like most guys without pink. You don't really like really good looking and have a lot kids. There's gotta be right, an evolutionary pressure for that change or I can feel it. We remove all the evolutionary pressure because who created the perfect environment for ourselves and in this
guys it s more to me that they have. There still are subtle pressures of work, it's just I know there is not the same sort of pressures that exist in the natural world. We started all created. These contain environments. Cities were perfectly suited for this environments very strange, and it's it's confusing because as science advances and you get to the point where they have now technology, the heap your body alive and eat all the cancers in new and in Rome and be able to genetically engineer you. So you look like a super athlete and then going to be. Change your mind and make you symbiotic connected to electronics. Political will in your brain is gonna. Happen mean Google, glasses is just right now, you wear it, but how long before it is an insect plug, it mean when is it going to enhance our glens? Goes there also considering Nanda, considering contact lenses that show you information on the lens right leg out some? So the blue to their something contact lens, will they build a communicate, wirelessly and you'll? See fuckin images on your eyes.
You know how long, but when one is ash what is it going to be a reality? As this is the true story and Pierre about robotics like taken over, you know Bob LAW that Algeria about and you and wonder if there are certain point words just cheaper to get people to do it because before tee, perhaps not I value at some point but exponential yeah. Well, that's true right, especially in its that's real issue with certain countries that dont value human life this this countries where and it's always the countries that have the most people rain so is like we hear about human rights violations like China is like a real twenty one, comes like factory workers and she's is so goddamn many people working in a sort of what he showed me, brats divine! That's what it is it it's just like a quick animation thing, and it just has sometimes it had sound. Sometimes it doesn't, but it's. Hide onto the point everybody fucking doing whose everybody like you're not doing. Look at twitter. Have you done it?
I'm all. When did you start doing about four days? can be defined. You are you just started doing yeah and you just making little videos for fodder going that ever since it came out I'm already not even using instagram anymore. It's it's. You jump on it right now and people argue really good at it, like I will say so, is really was a phoney at it and you could become the next to Twitter Champ. Run. Astern started, and I know you want to hear it, and I know I just started tweeting. Finally, fuckin gonna hold of it somehow Why? How can we can't get SAM Sheridan? What's arrant fighters I'm just trying to get at whose Hampshire, and because you got a new book, our men talk fighters mine you new book is deserved this assessment in as fuck man. By doing it, I am I am it's like forty hours talking, a guy who works there is again is clicks for people at some point twitter, finally collect from a little bit outwards. Amazing, you know it's. A most amazing thing for me is retweeting things I get. A cool shit
people, send me and then retweeting under its which in man stags my purposes. He sends me three times a day, the naughty issue. He finds. It says little thing else as part of like is: is gig and dumb between that and the shit that I get from. Who's on Twitter. It's amazing the access to new ideas stories you have that they have that change is one of the biggest change human culture. Over the last hundred lawyer, when you dont, by combining inviting us back to a debts to adapt change, is one of the biggest changes in inhuman culture its was here that the authority of information that you can get stuff you know everything can be in India, and get all the information that we can get right here. Yeah as long as there's some sort of a connection to your phone, some sort of of even a fuckin to g. Now, if you're in subsidy,
country, just take a little slower there, still gonna be able to act in a database in especially with Google answers for questions just at your service, the Duke right there. It's fine track Tracking you about everything, that's your, but whose tracking who or what are we gonna do? How can that's why we're tracking them to so much information like you feel free to track where we think it really interesting that people are really concerned with privacy as they should be and there really concerned with the government interfering with their their privacy as it should be, but the fuckin head of the sea, I ain't, got busted right That's what's fascinates me right by the you're, not in all your emails or our line of the brother Maitreya me that portrayals, who is the head of the spooks? Ok, the FBI and investigates home, and it's all there. You can't get away with that by one up a bunch of fuckin grunt. They weren't look willing to, like
away like they wanted to bring that out in the open b, I doesn't like the CIA Ike. Isn't that crazy? You think that everyone is in the same team in the FBI yea there in the same team. I feel it or not. This Paulie so much gets fucked up. I pick contest. You never even know about like major diplomacy like this, you like this this net and the wrong chair funds meeting you like they walk and, like we don't know our war because that I got the wrong chair. You hey you. Why am I on the corner of the table? Don't respect me? I should be at the head of the table and my child should be go up there. You don't even know the pissing counters factor the FBI, it doesn't get along the CIA. Unlike you, mother fucker, how do you expect me to be patriotic when you can't who are running the whole military industrial complex? Our goal, after each other and over policy
it's not largely traverse poison gas by two thousand. It was also about Libya. It was about Benghazi, it was also about them attacking like the way was handled, the tackling of the. U S embassy, apparently in that was part of the whole scandal I went down. Was they felt like they? They did a poor, of handling that whole attack on the? U S, embassy and somehow another it's connected. I dont know how we civilians will probably never run exactly more. Firstly, nods is pedestrian and boring people just why twelve outputs but it's it's all about the fact that there is no privacy anymore right. You know everything is recorded in Of course you see all the videos are. The media are right across the ass. I you know out the Russians have a lot of dash counts because of insurance for because Russia, people just fuckin slam on the bridge
her father? You hit me all right, so you apparent superadds airline and Russians drive so bananas and yours, when the russian driver is. I think I tweeted about it or humbly talking about it or something rushing driving videos are fuckers are amazing. They are animals. This too, I really loony driving videos out there and I want to generalise, but I'm gonna suits the Chinese which we have had on the show before and Russians railway Chinese for being fuckin completely clueless. Like someone told me, novices joy, irrational fears if it's not racial, it's it's more racial than racist, but would it is that the culture, the chinese culture, because there are so many people, interacting with each other, that their comfort bumping into each other s. It's of their imo culture populations obey you get used to it.
You're in Asia, like you have to accept that this is the way they are there not being rude spotlight. Tokyo can like that. You ve been there. I didn't find, then Tokyo found will be very polite, but apparently to China, more you're, you're right. It's thick high density working people touching, but The idea is that their use to looking straight ahead and not looking too laughed and looking to the right in their culture also rewards or sort of encourages money. Your fuckin business, your eyes are nominated as not wandering around and discipline gaze well that sort of applause, sir driving the heroic blinders on a sort of go where they were trying to go now abandoned this. This sort of way looking at the world does not work when you dealing with cars when I'm have to travel again brings rode back to my book, which is really nice because, Dwayne unawareness was one of the things that really got into a situation where this is exactly that, like paying attention to your surroundings and it's a huge survival trait. You know it's like,
the military train it they talk about essay, all time, training or a say, and they do things. But you know it's that natural thing like you do in a parking lot: right, user, Are you not the freeway kind of space thousand music on the part of Europe what's going on in the creeping around at your situation, where I know that's kind of a difference, your book also covered how important one little mistake can be in a critical situation, especially in a fire you were talking about. You spent a lot of time fighting fires in how you go left when you should have gone right and you're fucked, trapped and in India only way to find out is to make that mistake so lacking a fire of like a lot of things, but fire supplies the test first and then lesson second right. You know which is so you we you get tested and then afterwards they go back and they break down all the things you did wrong or did right and you ever
talk to learn the lesson, but at the time you just get tested and it's past felt like you'll ever died, and it's just and that's kind of the way fire in a while then this ban and we go back and we study tragedy fires where people died like thirty mile or swarm king in this, while those names, but you sort of break it down scientifically what they did wrong when its birth, regional, hindsight twenty twenty until the easy. But the time Yeah, I'm facilities. I really want to hear about how those two cops lookin for Dorani, eight shut up under the cars in me. I really want to kind of- That kind of thing I'm interested in this way that sort of people dont know also there was this been sued. Man, hunting, delay and stronger Charles torn to wonder at our quota. Yea looks like agriculture affair,
How could it is my view is huge by trying to seventy and not fat like pretty bulky s wrong after look, India and he was like X, x, military and very dangerous, and he wrote this ran on Facebook and killed him cops in there finally, tracking down but till the cops family to his daughter, her daughter s husband deem guy killed. The cops daughter and her husband, you know that the guy who is representing him trial should idea. He was. He was very very. He doesn't know about his faithful, not even another story, man why a lot of people don't know who, but the name was driving everyone's like odious and none of us airily. It may mean that is a lot of people are sort of vaguely aware of rare that, but the It was like everyone, but he was not. If you don't know about the cop shooting up har, they shot up this issue to coerce, shut up two different colored again it was dawn so color,
everything's, monochromatic adorn it's hard to see, colors blame for that, but they shot up a car was too physical Ladys, and so there s a little newspaper newspapers it for I am and they shot them this autumn, and then they shut up a surfer, a white guy in his truck. Nobody died than an orphan, they hit the other guy they shot struck up. So you wonder how happy they are yes. Lapd is terrible reputation, yeah, Also you sort of sea in its very their people. Still people though human and you see what stress, does the people you know it You see shit, it's not there and you know it's a sort of amazing love to kind of sea, the after action report they come up with still day ass. The people to get out of the car put their hands upper. So I think there is a star average at you. I think one of the guards, even just rammed just don't even like that's the mother fucker. Yet that's
no it's it's like confirmation bias and all that shit. You know what I mean like so scary, the eight all people being in control, so dangerous and cops. The truth is in a people's I've, never firearms a little bit yokes. I spent about three weeks straight training farms as one of the best farms fuckers in the country's guy Tiger were keen album, and you know, you have to train your ass off to use a gun successfully in an obligation like you because of what we talked about. The stress would stress, does to you in and cops the most police in that they have the budget to train a couple days a year and they never get a train your hand Hansel it the date. They really don't get paid enough to shoot. Swatting geyser differently, Capades shoot enough. You know and ammunition is expensive and Barbara, but even
cops like they just don't shoot enough. You know so would like the idea of arming teachers is fine as long as you're going to pay for them to train and train a lot. Like they go to train every month. President Prodi has them out of their life, and in order not going to be able to do it and it's not going to work. You know it's pointless, it's more dangerous, because then you have guns or someone else can to emulate. There was the whatever, but it's like it. It's just you. This is a fact like you have to train your ass off with a weapon with a firearm because again its complex motorcycles, it's not intuitive and even that doesn't guarantee that you're gonna be able to perform under stressful situations. How'd. You condition yourself to perform under stress with situations like what is, if you were going to say our dialogues That's what the military and let's put bullets, pretend the into the world's common rush aired and has its own branch, and this I'm sure ranch you can figure.
We're trying to train people how to did you're going to come up with a military. Does you do as much as you can in terms of noises smoke. Fear unexpected things happening in and and and realistically recreate these scenes? They find people are shooting at human targets. The targets even silhouettes, that look like a person there, much better at killing people in battle than at their shooting at just the crosshairs, urges that balls. I so you have to condition that's what they have all those houses they walk through and you know you you train in France- a Swat team do and Swat team do Great, because they train and train and train a train train and then they can. They can accept. You know it also swat members. There probably been a few of those by the time he gets to a certain point another career right. For our doors, that's not his first! You didn't on this a lot of times and end and even those guys they can get so hyped up. Did it make mistakes? You know what happens in an
entire was tell me that, like there was a police house to walk through the for shooting and there was a for foot by four foot bullet trap. That was behind the targets as a target and a person They walked to the door and have drawn shoe to stay and guys are missing the trap from like six feet away. Well, so there's just one: and the shooting the air or the shooting of these cops. You know I mean it's, not you and me was never like all in automated slight day day and in this whole thing the knife being better than the gun, you ever hear that one now so that such as they call it the taller rule the tool, a rule which is a cop in Vegas in the eighties sort of timing. How long it would take for a guiding cut you with a knife before you could on holster in and get a gun out and and presented, shoot him, and he
that from twenty one feed are less, he was gonna get you before. You could get shot off. Oh so they call the twenty one foot rule. So if a guy's a knife, he's closer in twenty one feet. You get a suit him or you think you think on guns better I wanna gun, but actually because its it doesn't jam, it doesnt screw up. It's not fine motor scale. This is not a fine motor scale right. This is doubtless a simple yeah. You know how to do this. You're born you're. Gonna die. No one had a hit somebody with a knife and enough was away. Even how stress you are. So that's one of the reasons why they actually say knife is better than the gun in a lot of situations is I did a huge. I did a long training session of knife fighting which is. Do I get nightmares? Nightmares, dude nightmares! It's terrible! What happens once you start getting in select the awfulness of getting cut open, yeah, it's awful and Jiu Jitsu. You know it's like. I have a knife
It doesn't matter you two black belt underscore it's just starts going and you never. You can't turn it off. You like it just keeps going as long as its sharp. You know it's it's yeah, it's terrible, yeah Callanan. I talked about that came to butchering dear yeah. Well, you how quickly it opens up with his razor knife. Protein YAP plot flashed a sort of separates yeah. It's not difficult to separate the essential parts of your body is like an uncooked egg. Here, it's not like our warlike. It's like that's what your skin flesh wig and that's what these knife the knife stuff is about. You like you, don't look like a punch. It me I don't just cut your arm and like that, I go and I shaved in a huge slap askin off your arm, and now I think it will now. What are you doing like now? Your mind is you're getting about me anymore yeah, but we also say that some of the knife- it's very easy for them to punch interface because you're so concentrated that knife
in Bosnia, hunch, Interface, like you, you really work is done it. You won't even stop it. We use the deuce like sport like last bar with likely where these little like stun, blades and wisdom blade. It's got like a little shocked to legal ethical, beating, second electric- and I fear company, makes him yeah yeah yeah they crackle money, they created a cracklings. Almost scare this is it was the sound. It sounds like a lifesaver surrounding the beating. You, like it's, not a big deal, but it's the idea that you just got chopped and when I was doing in fighting it wherever in the world is when you dont have a knife and he does is it just lamps slaughtered? If you like- your hyper ventilating like China, time the job and I am like got so- I got him down- took his back and I had a knife in one hand ass trying to get the choking and it was like had to let it go said, couldn't hold that knife
Actually, I think I had a knife and he was gonna, take it away from me and I started tokens unlike other given something like I had. I couldn't I had to stay with a knife because it was so devastating that to choke was like he's. A shitty can z noses luck. I can't get him in fifteen seconds. He's gonna have a knife and he's gonna start. What are the did? Did you like do like when you have an eye fighting class? Do he's a rubber knife, de rubber knives real knives to destroy. You can have techniques that you lawyer, yet one of the scream out. You know so it's well, it's from Filipino stick fighting in the Philippines this famously the place where you know this was like an art form. And they were invaded by all kinds of sordid people so that the Spaniards came in the Portuguese invaded and then the Japanese came with so that they ve been exposed all these styles and up
the name is economic policy. Is the people the knife? So, in its very in a part of their culture, also they were enslaved fur three years in a mean they were longer than men has been a country. They were a colony of Spain and in the U S and a lot of so they ve got their system? And so they really term knife fighting into a high art, and I love me scheme is really thought I should get really into. Does a scream our filipino arts do they have any say in our or happening to do a boxing thing in people talk about mania, we are doing. What is it that there is a call? I don't know, what is a portable screen, but basically it's all part of this industry was even a spanish word. You know the people, I think, there's a filipino movements that kind of reclaim the art for the arts, The whole nature of its very democratic, like it comes from everywhere, and it's got all kinds of different terms and it's very, very, very inclusive. Correct me if I'm wrong, but where the Philippines created by a Chinese, and Spaniards.
As I made clear that it would be worth it was a spanish colony for a long time and and they were invaded by everybody, liked tat they were islanders. There was Micronesia wherever stuff, that's the real fucking problem. Man, that's what we sort of limited more than ever before or is people invading people just taken over their land? We ve sort of the slow down quite a bit still going on. We're doing it but like if we look at like what you used to have to deal with the world was like Sidra manhood, nobody shows up. Yes, he does something like death gap. It wasn't like if you were an American, you could just where there was no Americans. Obviously, but if you were an Irishman, you could just sail away to Fiji, they would eat you yeah. You know you couldn't just show in Borneo. They were, kill your they talk about how dangerous in Papua New Guinea that their people that had been contacted me they talk about how dangerous strangers are like dangerous to meet new people. It's like everybody's on regular. What did you hear about that?
fishermen there were killed recently, no yeah, that one of the last uncontacted tribes and these people day they fucked up and they want a sure they were drunk and they were in a fishing boat. Think it's I want to say: how can you get any wanna say it's. There are some left apparently there's someone Central America and South America in their old new guinea. The story was a day. I've gotten drunk and they washed up on the shore ass place, yeah they they were. They fucked up in these people were there and they just fuckin. They killed a man tat. That this does one analyzed drive there, they dont and they have to wait until they want to retrieve the bodies, but they have to wait to these people move to those are the island. These natives, because of the governor, they can have to kill him. Men run and now the like, the last of these tribes and these
these poor drug fishermen just fucked up and drifted ashore, and they just jack them aid and again that goes back like what most of human history ban that yeah me not this small thing where you get in the subway and as people. You don't know right behind you right or that you don't even speak the language. They understand the forces and its vile and there you know their cleaning, your room, well you're a weird or whatever yea knows I'm in any hotel we even crazy about you know you go to one of those things students do when they stay oh yeah hostels yeah have your dorm room for lunch and other people its language, yours now, you're sleeping I mean that's a modern society, its fascinating, and so in that sense, its money. Safer now than ever before? That could all erode immediately with one asteroid, yeah yeah,
There was a great alone this tongue, what the Ashworth didn't you you follow at all like the history of S royal impact acts or little bed a little, but I mean I'm kind of this actually haven't yet not Clovis, but actually you know a little bit on and of em into a mere things more yeah. Did you see the new saying that the russian scientists, Sir russian astronomers, have found that they believe this one's gonna hit. Ninety three years from now know they think they found one. That's a real mother. Fucker! That's gonna, hit that russian shitless airy. Yes, it was a lovely little who explain to people in May. Not have you know, make get much later, the rush which my russian meteor impacts there. The video footage that we're talking about early with a cams, the video cams, these people than their dash camps. The one word it s like bow right was brighter than the sun for half a flash eliminate than we reduce. This is what the others I think is about.
A thousand a year of these little ones, and then then, the the rocks of one third of a mere across explodes with five hundred tonnes of dynamite, and that happens forty times a year three metres across the Rockets, with the force of two thousand tonnes of dynamite MIKE and thirty metres. It's now asteroid and then, if it, if it hits it's two million tonnes of dynamite, flattened everything within six miles at a hunt, meters. An asteroid is equal. The eighty million tons of dynamite, and that was what hit nineteen o eight and flattened twelve hundred miles of the force in Siberia. Is that that prove Then that's tongue brisker, anglo school. Yes, they don't know that for a fact. I think so, and then a half mile across The creators nine miles wide fireball that is twenty five times larger than the sun and
seven point. Earthquake went when it hits and would cause nuclear winter and in civilization, but the species would survive. Then the next pieces, one up six miles across plus is the end of everything. That's like where the dinosaurs, we got to write it- gives an I like how it distorts like flickering like it s like a flicker, almost yeah, that's a little Maybe that's a little baby. I've had that I've seen one really really close up. I seen one they don't care about that died out like a shoe you what you call shooting stars- and there was apparently one that was filmed in San Francisco as well yeah, something- and these have nothing to do with that other asked year- that he has really close by yes, two to forty one inside the outer rearing. So that's our closest fuckin thing is and of and now
one is a mother fucker. If that were hit us looking, others damages that that was a big one, but one that can this went crazy, just how it looks. It looks like almost filter rights to yeah. Look, it's brightens the whole thing. It's amazing! every like swerved off the road of words I did to do. It is a good example in combination. Lively great, never has all of em in one long, video. Yeah, this is strange times where we get the document this, whereas before this happened it would just be mean we wouldn't even here think about it. We would have no idea that this even happened in Russia just ten years ago, and I think that actually really does contribute to the paranoia jar because, like you, ve seen the footage now of right, the sooner army at Fukushima, like you, ve kink in take it away from it, you know, and then eleven you ve seen it come down a million times in this assistance. It makes you it's like you'd like to think you're, sophisticated and and that you don't believe in advertising in the Dutch. It does in fact you, but
fruit is like you're very simple here, and that shit works on you, Vienna, and you believe that life is essential, will you tell me why I say to block you believe: she's great rocks come from the fuckin sky and drop on things. Food. There was there's a innate area in time about thirteen thousand years growth and am fascinated by because I've been made another stuff about this. What it looks like nuclear glass, this green glass, they found all over the the earth at about thirteen thousand years and they think it was a series of meteor impacts about thirty
thousand years ago, all over the globe. How I found the stuff, it's it's really cool. They valid big were around for their stuff and there's yeah oral history. Oh yeah! Well, that's that's what they think is you know that the the ancient history theorists that follow sort of an alternative timeline for I believe that there has been some rising and that accounts for at last, in a lot of different other men was dry and then the broken they lack went in and yeah flooded or never Well, there's a bunch amount sure there's been a series of cataclysmic dissolve yes, but they're just coming to terms now with this prolific, nation of this green glass all over the earth and about thirteen thousand years ago so is enough to kill a lot of fucking but about a lot of shit, but not enough to kill everybody and burned into the collective unconscious. This can happen, Yet this these impacts that we saw hurt. Four hundred people didn't leave behind a screen shit. As far as I know, the pencil amid the toilet,
bigger what you're talkin gallon this stuff was the same stuff that is created when you have nuclear tests arise Greece is required, is where ass by this impossible force, but apparently it's all over the world and thirteen thousand for here, the sound than does sideways, just an it so coincides with the end of the ice age right which it might have been a marked change, climate sure sure RO some crazy shit, we're way when we surprise at all. They also think that it might have something to do with some of the mass extinctions that went on driving time. There's a lot of confused just like what happened yet we now ass, an things are moving men hunted, em out or yeah, but I've heard that that there's a lot of people say well, that's crazy. What you're talking about guys with spears and hunting out their digging? Aren't you gonna wipe out these motherfuckers really yeah? I know
Now I don't know opponent, I've heard asteroids of heard other things, but it's weird to think that Society we have now and so permanently. Here we are yes place talking through wires. That are and acted too, the whatever the fuck that is in Sensus Audio file out to a million blow, but the think that this could oh yeah, and your trap at some hack rats with rock. You know it's it's sort of funny, because you never you don't think it's going to happen. You don't think it's possible. It's like Will it be on the freeway, where you don't think an accident and possible? I can sort of feel like you can never happened, then you know, and then it happens in and forget it. You in California, earthquake insurance, gets is expensive right after the earthquake, and then it s or an cheaper and cheaper, because people, but actually injures going up the risk
when people are buying a forget in earlier. We want, by its human nature, were we're simpler, does. It's a myth that man is a rational actor you're, an emotional act or a new rationalize. We're trying we're trying to figure out had a rationally quantify bound is rational and inhuman, yeah yeah. Now totally, the idea that we have access to the events that take place in the lives of billions of people is just too nutty. It's like what are we supposed to pay attention to all these different events? Anna, attacks in media ears and sharks and fuckin. All this shit is happening, cause you're, dealing with an insane number of human beings and insane number of lives total. So if you look a life I bet I mean, I think, we're. Probably we weigh safer than ever Some were also we more can paranoid, yes, we're taking into account shit, that's happening to people that are impossibly far away and exactly that they actually agree a hundred percent or one of the safest times to be
may be American, yes live here for a world, and yet you know reporting being human nature you're like we're trying to scary stories and words onto the shark attack, even though you are much more likely to get fat and dive diabetes there. You know that's, what's gonna get your car accident, but Europe's word about our. So I think our biggest fear today, the most likely fear is human sabotage and one by human sabotage, I mean, like men, created issues like car accidents or drugs or or No things along those lines like do you know how many fuckin people that I've talked to, who have kids, that are hooked on pills, roaming, apparently in high school. Today it is yeah. They heard the Angolan is like drug dealing, Riddle and as a whole and, after all, is a big one. Oxy cans are big and I heard about
letter, writers, use it yeah draw to write their stuff like screenplays instrument here screamers. Do it here's the danger to that. Which I think my brain what's happening with theirs John, lair, wrote a book called imagine about how innovation works and he's been here, he's a guy who got discredited because he made a Bob Dylan quotes, yeah. I heard about that. I totally yet he got but the books action are bad and that it was too bad. Did he do it's not even interesting? Look. It's not even the good part of the book and know what what have I think he's pretty arrogant, dude but the Yom, the The thing about innovation, is it like you, caffeine, howitzer, innovation. After all, future innovation, like it helps you folks, yes, but you innovation needs to be in be broad with your mind, that's what happens in the shower. That's what happens and walks
or your kind of squeezing out you and you may be desired. Sunk in your brain makes a connection it wouldn't made otherwise reaching through you're. All your experience and it's going to look at this would work if you just thought of it, you can't when you're on our role and care even caffeine. You can't do that because your focusing focus right. That's why coke people are so hard to talk to the Russian. We specifically people some people, they dont they're, not like abstract or fascinating, and all that is real, linear and obvious. Ryan. Repetitive emporium may get me out of this. Wasn't people I do find it cook like they feel after the king. World and that the people we have to watch or ink and caffeine can also have the same sort of euphoric. Chatterbox, while oh yeah, I love tough caffeine, but I think that, as far as like stimulants girl, that's probably far as I'm gonna push it. I've done
hold with the idea of trying at all, but never jumped, seems maybe a little fuckin effie. Why heard what these guys like? That sounds great, and then I read this and we are keen to their like this. It's like the monkeys, Paul ride like does it does affect price. You pay for tat thing. Tim Ferris calls it the biological free lunch says: there's no by riot relaunch libraries have something has like a very powerful action, is going to be an equal stairwells reaction, yeah and what he was talking about was some it did not think called provision of you heard a provisional yes, but how will this guy I've heard of it, but tell it's a smart drug that a lot of the sort of Silicon Valley dudes apparently are on because doesn't seem to have a discernible side effect for some folks. Some people get rashes needs from somebody biologically doesn't die for them, but for other folks like this, like more fuckin superpower, road super makes you like, like super energize, your mind works. Really,
here, but not speed rather, but it's real sketchy like were whether we are going to have rise yeah I've done it a couple of times inevitable dynamite. My way is going on with this stuff: do you like it can super strong, really adds its really powerful. Like I took it, A pill and at last you six hours in your answer to a weird way to cause you not apt like a guy, and I just don't know, acres jacked up on coffee age, grain, if you have to derive really have to drive I've like I want hesitate to take it. If I'm in a four hour drive around I'm worried about sleep at the wheel, consumer will not sleep, but that we also take the stuff run if it jazz with your by but its than, but it's a tricky one like a lot of other than job about LEO. I want to get it. I'm gonna get a postscript for it, so bad just because I have to do so. Many times were- and this really tired, but I'm working the study of its assets, lured to infer Coke like you
This point will be fond of us awake. Have you ever tried cat? Do you know what that's that's stimulant that those somali pirates try any somali pirates who do it I'll do it sandy of theirs? rational, good idea, good grip on reality, work out, and I like their shoes, the somali pirates, that's one of the things that they, the issue is that their jacked up on this cat and FED Amene plant right this african and famines arrears on Africa. Words like this It's gone round. He I cheap its role. Cheapens up after you have our side gave me. That's all life. However, I think about the guy when no legs shot his girlfriend, Historiae South african Guy, the sprinter linkage printer,
his name is story because, like the most Afrikaans like Dutch, named, restoring and is from Pretoria US, that's fine and many a path for currency thought it was she they thought he must occur for a burglar at first, but then they realize just how can we you're going to South Africa now never. I was in a kiss, I sailed across the the Indian Ocean and quit his job and I got off in South Africa. Failure will Zat I've been living in Thailand right and fighting, and I went back to Australia gonna blow across indian ocean doing what is working? what kind of job, but what I was going to make on a friend of mine wasn't taking his little thirty eight foot hands christian with his girlfriend, who is a friend of mine, so the three of us for once again, my god, but things you never really seat. When you say that you only see anybody because you're sleeping he's up and in his sleep in europe- and I mean it's not like you're. But the three of you were on a boat for five months year:
my five months, just do the only people you saw no, no wait. We got Africa, we separate three or four times rice. I stopped like Mauritius and reunion. So oh, you know one month with, twenty days whether what did ye with food we brought for tender, can't food get fish but you're tons of canned fruit and stuff and rice, and whenever water it is fine and you couldn't handle it, though, when you want to go to work as ready gotta there. So we hit Durban and I quit and ponder on South Africa. For me won't see dude and Try Indiana euros go places. They die really easy from bugs.
Nice words are stored in the story from people being separate, knowing how dangerous alive it's crazy because, like this girl who became my friend, you sort of like adopted, be for some reason, a turban she'd all these cars because she has or docks unity, because its notes dangerous place door, dogs and the maid came in the wrong door on the wrong day and the dogs killed the goddamn made she was in their fighting, the dog's turn a pull in the black made. These dogs trained or attack like you and she got shredded and the dogs killed. The maid that was like. Oh yeah, that's what happened in ITALY night. You drive around. You wondered lights, you don't stop! Oh my god. This is where I can create gazed yeah how much more dangerous to South Africa like Detroit either it's getting there
like this are the color scale you have restructured as South Africa scale so closely to South Africa. I would do Panama and in Panama City programs, like Oh cologne is apparently more dangerous and it was bab as long as you kept moving bizarre. I was accounting where she stayed, you would get jobs. We are that we had won the guys from vice on that said that Karachi, Barbara, apparently chain Smith, is that the head of vice awesome guy, we're gonna want a few times a love of love that guy's amazing he's been all over the world. He said, Karachi said your life's work,
Twenty bucks breath in higher hit manacling for twenty by re routing decides this can't be industry. Millions of people in need these pull up into shoot people and is happening more whereas away it's in Pakistan crashing Pakistan missing Rocky Pakistan, yet never really did mean anyway, yet lotta butler, you most large towns in that in Pakistan in Africa, after are dangerous. Yet when we look at our life that we have today s society, I mean look at us living here in LOS Angeles, the greater LOS Angeles era, so goddamn cushy compared to some spots in the world and what it used to be again like we're we're talking about. You know what you're come from, what you would have been normally dealing with, and it's just you never hungry you never call of food is five minutes away like if the apocalypse
so the people in the Congo Gonna, even though yeah right fry they're, going to operate as you say that to date, no one I did a part of the book I went up to the into it up in northern. Can it is still the igloo in the sea. Ices like that and again if the apocalypse comes like yeah they'll notice, because, though began ass, you know after a year to that one of the gas and I'll be back to their sled dogs. You know, but the other that they're fine. What did you do with any one of them? I did dumb. Just bombed around for a couple weeks and did pets you're all they got somewhere FUCK Africa form of. I would go for longer, but now I have a kid do anymore, but but and I did the sea. I suppose I did like we build igloo did little sled dogging stuff, which is, which is Now, when you build an ego, how comfortable I mean how cold it was about side, how comfortable is it actually inside the igloo? It still recall,
We know in your. U have to raise up your bad a little, because otherwise you melting of the ice, see that you put branches down one of the things about surviving really cold is, like you know, conduction. So touching things will Saki Daddy, you see. If you can you gotta get off the ground and put something between you and the ground or you know you were the one boots have a relief. Soul to keep your feet off the snows. Ok, no rest. Smoking and so I based on our own, we touch her eggs, your melt into your body and warm and arrive up into any each wet and wet will kill. You saw inside the igloo. I think it would be like a round zero degrees, Why are a little bit below, but but outside is twenty three below and and there's no vegans in the Inuit communities. It's almost all hunter, no gather, I mean they eat. They just hunt, hunt, hunt, hunt, Hunt
have to write yeah they don't they get. No, that their supply by the canadian government now and there were kind have been forced into towns- is actually really depressing because, as you know, there's no roads, they have the internet, but there's no roads today that you have planting effect for grand final Montreal so that these kids grow up there they are. This contains twelve other people and they have empty thee and they have the internet and they get movies and stuff, but they really can't leave not sparing very hard to make enough money to leave, and so there's a lot of it and its native american community service. What Tristram those problems are, alcoholism and all those in this did not being part of the culture that stuff.
What is the main for occupation there? They do in others. There are some linings support staff in explorations ports of some tourism stuff. You know people got their indeed trips and then there's hunting gathering is so, do they seldom high and it is they do some crafts and stuff like that. They do me Harv carbon, This offers probably their lead to hunt anything. I think whales, the ever limiting the whale quota they can take, but they hunt polar Bear and they hunt see. The barrier. I don't get you by the other day. They eat polar bears and in a way that we gotta Caribou observed no, but I think its dual but data. They hunt everything I'd like to play there like getting. They stopped the land like death, midst, kill everything cause. It's not this as well, and this guy he's sixty you'd born in a here's one egg right,
as a stories about his mom having to kill a dog to survive because they were they were starving, so he comes directly from absolute survival, starvation, the edge of it you know, and so of course they kill. You know more than they need an they put it in a storage for further village things don't get bad because a zero degrees outside. So you just have the ground at the huge advantage. You live in a freezer and you Eskimo, means it means people who eat raw meat in the indian light is it is? It is slow? The word. A kind of little bit its they call themselves into it It just means that it's not like spic bad, but it's your energy. If you call em like Jap, yes, don't even kids without the regulars like this spectrum, like with obviously nigger being, the worst when it s except for black people when they throw it around and each other with fine, you know that's fine or wrappers or whatever or quintet.
Do you know? But if you go from that to like guinea like Ryan's we'll call each other guineas and some other big idea doesn't cracker. There's Ex Canada, but not a guinea is like actually it can have a sense of an endearment too, but cracker doesn't really, I guess, and maybe crackers worsen get but they're, not that effective, well and always Eskimo in that line. I don't know I don't know, I don't think it's, maybe even its Milo Neck is there is a logistic, illogical, historical, so the Indians, when they were introducing the French to these people there, like other people we Rami Eskimo, is the in the Pre crow language, something like that, so they wiser ban doesn't seem like they call themselves right. Ok, yeah. So it's not that bad, but they just on the day. I was started. If you used the word in you at your and ass, I was just trying to hard really has he any people that are lot organizing a mouse? You fuck, but I didn't
Someone told me that Eskimos learn is that we get to the point where pretty much everything slur getting in outages. The guy was the head of. Bravo had to apologize The word twink now yes and he's gay, what's twink mean twink, so weird gang. I like a skinny gig, looks like a little boy. The contents here apologize using the footwear is barely damage wake. The twins got offended nobody is and again. I think a lot about this sensitivity. This ridiculous over since today is because the fact we're not dealing with real survival issue. So we look for things to bigger about yet you think about sports slick, entirely sports, it's like because you know have survival concerned. Yes, so you watch I always think about, like you watch other men to sort of you know because of the cave, things. You don't want that guy hunting with me, don't want with me, but that's the whole thing like it's. It's like we're addicted to watch me.
It touches? Everybody will have a genetic predilection to watch. Men do shit because it's gonna survival impetus right and You know, that's all it is like it. It's like it's sort of absurdity. Now I am yet it's it's the biggest thing in the world. Sort of them, but yet it's also sort of natural limits, this kind of bridge between our civilization and run our ancient his yeah restrained prowess yeah keeps us active, it keeps us in the next year which is it and observing gauging the Graham interactions, gauging domination engaging Does it torrent of what we value very strange,
it's what's really strange. Is that if you look at it as a pattern, as he said, you know about the our modern civilization, if you looked at the book of the the history of the world, are modern civilizations like one sentence couple paragraphs yeah and if you look at where we're going and you see This sort of these strange trends and raw. Look it s a hundred gatherers ten thousand years ago. Look at us is- or you know, wherever wasn't in history and look at us today in Libya. What is ten thousand years ago. Now it's it's impossible to gauge s too confusing it's too alien and there's a lot of people that hate sports. There's a lot of you that hate jocks and meet heads the idea that dominated culture, that sort of left over thing. But what is the alternative? I wonder, what are we gonna? Do we gonna be? What are we harmonise? The alternative is very it's it's very confusing. We, talk about synthetic skin and the ability to react. Brain cells in in,
laboratory. I mean what are they? Were they trying to mitigate Megan? No try brain they're gonna make a lot of electronic bulletproof brain when computers, when, when artifice, will telegraph to start building or other artificial intelligence. Yes, that's That's why you're also fine we'll get crazy. They say that that's! The big worry is not the invention of the artificial intelligence. It's what the artificial intelligence does. The ants become sentient, is that it will improve upon the design that our fuckin measly brains of created and improve upon it. Ten thousand years worth revolution, evolution like couple of weeks, like they'll, just average or populars robotics? Did you then the original? Will Syria blurb he liked the book is awesome beyond are fortunately Steven Spielberg decided not do. That knows. I am and do some other fucking stupid peace shit over that no one's gonna like about a dog or none, and what did you just do was his eyes glowing levelling out. I guess
will pop. Also you worry about, like its are very I robotic and fear. Was it was. It was interesting many, I think they wasn't really interesting, robotic the story was its good. I read it without the pact s, so it s really cool so as Bruton Forum and then, when I found out that the Big Steven Spielberg cancer production and the Brown I soon to us, because it was too good assume the right. That was a point where Spielberg's aware tat. Now everything is for acts idea. Why think a lot of those older dude, this George Lucas cars. They get so much money and so much ass. They hit the spot where they made a million awesome movies and then lose Patty S. Dairy and my wife is of is a mixed movies and whatever theories is kill, you kill yourself to make something really really good it. You just kill yourself right. You sacrificed family in your your health and everything, and then
a sort of, don't want to do it again and then so you can it. A little bit less and everyone still like, I was amazing. Nobody fuckin noticed that I didn't so I'm going to keep doing it now and then you start phoning it in because you like, I want to have a regular life. I want to work eight hours a day or ten. I don't want to work fifteen hours a day for three hundred days and not have a life. Yeah dad motivation to two pushers, especially I think in the world of movies. I think that's problem. Lee there are one of the most difficult endeavours to make. A giant blockbuster film like to make an avatar is a guide. It was telling me about James Camera names like go James Cameron, such a douche bag, like I had to work with them on this movie. He's such a cunt also,
Thinking about like how lazy this guy, knowing it probably be Heavens guy work for you when you're a guy like James counters right and I'm going to make avatar everybody, I am making this we're doing it. My way, we're gonna do this, because I know you don't know why cause you know. What's going on two months ago. We saw to work with you because you are do something amazing like it I mean that's where it takes in and it's it's. I took a hundred percent agreed by people that guy's stud dude air Cameroon is still mother follies snide. So many awesome here. He basically you know, and you have to that and you have people are like, because people want to do the easiest thing Ok, so good enough, really could see. His intensity only exists. When it's your idea, you don't have that intensity. We are working for some, you just don't debts and when it's your baby, that's what it's your life, what its everything, otherwise you two serious, maybe hit.
And he's at ten me my seven not going to tell you I'm going out and he can. I want to pay the price and the fucking guy wakes up. In that regard. Jesus like an asshole, the workforce yeah course like he's. Trying to do something good and I'm just guessing, maybe is in actual somebody, listen, there's, no, no, no, no, no words shares and he to repay the entire sigh, the boat ass, wrong, color gray, the good years. I was a legendary about taught me. This is ridiculous, but, like Tom Cruise gets the wrong sandwich and he threw it at the guy, the assistant- and it was a Tom cruise such a dick, so did I'm carrying this a hundred fifty moaned movie your job is to get me the right, balkan sandwich and you're not doing it like right you mean like go get through Spain, which, like it's all you have to do today, is bring Tom Cruise rights, namely fuckin confusion here
Krueger, I'm gonna, do we have a lot of shit, call off here, Ray Scientology and my sexual life seminar confused because diggers your job? So I do, I feel like there's a lot of time. You hear that about people when it's like that's also again, it's goes to what we're talking about earlier. It's like this is an artificial stress that we sort of created at the end of the day. It's just a piece of entertainment to fucking hey it's not running from a tiger. It's a mess, Goddamn it? It's not. No one should die, making a movie exactly Do you follow the walking dead? Like I dont follows. I know I know a little bit about it. Does it's only pose Ojala Rosy was my favorite books that in itself, when it was pitching this book, again it is a little like all these new Yorker before walking dead comes out. There are like zombies, nobody's read this you're crazy. How zombies or every everything you know, there's zombie poor. Now, I'm not surprised
This e g I porn the people are creating and that is so close to like it's like right. It's pretty obvious that not really people, but it looks enough like real but you could beat off to it. I mean you're, not gonna get confused, but this sum war where its appallingly omby leads the way in lots of things, techno, fuckin monsters, bang and checks with a big monster Dixon, like who is this japanese design, the Japanese in America Hanky? There's this weird sort of zombie thing: that's going on They have a there's a movie. Now Gump twilight yea, oh man is with us. I was in love with a zombie. Yet what you're going to the point now, with a zombie genre you getting into like you, have fizzling out. Will you have you have to do the next thing right, which is when does the unforgiving of this like Alice, like unforgiving kind of like ended, the western and away like it? It's like the goober, most perfect West.
Never made driver movies autonomy to the best of your mate, but it's like. What's the western, he'd do western anymore. It's with horror like you make further westerns or you do it's a typically here and I feel like the zombie genres, its headed that when you know I have a friend, is making rosy that with Brad Pitt real. Curiously, that comes in what what happened you like, I am legend. No I think the e zombies heard it because guys and Zambia, customs are much scarier than sieges armies. That's interesting! I see what you mean yeah they deal with the weather mouse then those preliminary so little fast and there's something about it. It doesn't quite red were even see the gray. Yes, I think if it had been real wolves, odorant more scared, really yeah elect pretty real. Did you they lived real that they behaviour that exhibited is not nearly the balls are much more concerned, survive
all you know they lost a few words to these people. They probably steer clear. They went, on them and living hurried down her magic pace. The movie aids this in that the way they were separating them from other people found like where natural clever, but I get, I guess, what they do and assume the right in something fiction and I'm willing to yeah yeah, go in the right, yeah, I'm willing to go in that right. Zombies out the gay off on Opie Anatomy this week show what the gay often Anthony Open Anthony this week. The other leaders ya know what it on you got to download Youtube downloader off audible like last Wednesday. I think it was. They had a gay off the first annual gay off. In today's Clayton Studio and what they do is they take for married guys. They bring their wives and these guys are haven't and gazed up before ever and they have to do gay stuff in front of their work. Eyes to try to win twelve hundred dollars, and I got to the point where they ended up, bringing like this guy from Craigs List in that
as a gay escort or something like that can remember that a dancer and at one point one guy, jack and I'm off with oil, while making out with him the other guys putting his nose on his. Asshole and was a guy with some of the most funniest shit. I've ever entered ice clay lasted like ten minutes, and then he got to the point where there were taken each other, because this is pretty good and then the next one was like someone like out at the mouth. Guess he's a cop out here. He just left nowadays impression fabulous what am I would have so you're combination of Gotham Delawares and dies, and that's another thing I knows Opie does. If you listen to any episode that interlaced Clayton studio Opie. Has this movie here now kind of like a kind of like here Tina lagging a little it's a little east coast on it covered bad. What's fun cyclic dies, Oh you know when you have Dyson
where we have minutes, it's almost contagious, absolutely I don't know. If I want to be in the room I do to jack and he's of mouth kissing, I want to just given the tickets or whatever the fuck they're, getting. What are they? What were they? Babylon was only like twelve hundred dollars and they got to the point the way It got so horrible that their wives were yeah, that two guys tapped the other two were like I'm in wanting to otherwise deal with that. Most of them were like It's hilarious is funny couple not creep delegation there even seen porn before and then I see my husband do it and I declare the palate. In this, though, that the happy elephant, what this house in its way, the best videos, every good. If you go on Youtube and look at it, sets an elephant, that's having fun in the ocean and it's like chow Jeanne waves in its like it. That is having the time of his life. It is just a super pause,
help in such a strange animal, because they're really intelligent and they have an amazing memory. In always people they make. That sort of connection two elephants in memories, but you know because one of the ways to train an elephant as you tie them to something to their leg and you put a stake in the ground when their young and they know how much strength and always remember that the cap move that stakes or even though they get big in and the much stronger the easily pull free. They dont because they serve remember that, but they ve done. These reintroduction of elephants haven't seen each other for over twenty years and they go crazy. They run grab each other. They recognise each other right aware, even though the US fuckin elephants are basically the same. The various authorities was, I'm told these species- Jesus. I just I was engaged in shooting at a resort actually,
don't tell me to ride in a buffalo and puts one silence I watched is one of his honey shows we shut an elephant, might well really did, and they were talking about how it's important to shoot. Elephants, because there's too many of them now make is the structure of the environment and the crowd of that year. They have to call the herds that do nobody wants a hand at though it's tough, this the dear thing to go about conversation about dear and their likewise figure can ever shoe to dear, and I don't think I support hunting because you could always just like listen we're raising cattle for food. You should see cattle, ok, but we
they gonna fuck, those dear gonna fuck, and then what happens? We're together, you know, or raising every land, basically raising everything you are raising dear to just a little more indirectly yen, and certainly like the EL population out, didn't smell cunning Colorado for the book. In that you know, you have to kill you killing females is there's more female and male. I'm more. So they need their front to keep the herd and balance and support what you really should do. If you go, hunting is killed, babies well, because they may not survive the winner anyway, were about meat, just go and wasted. Adding in that so use your tag. It's well. That's really hard to do would kill Bambi right. That's that's the real, tough one, that's what he should do. Yeah again in the ten new did source What did he kill your bow and Arrow HANS and I don't know like what limits there are tag limits, but he shot three during the day. I don't know about it for many minutes on his own bird. It is nobody, I don't know, but I guess he's maybe he's doing you know like
regulation measures. One of them was like this little baby. They jack with a bow and now my will actually both money somewhere, let's get into it so hard, not dear, not like sitting in a stand: LE deer hunting, but, like l cunning, which is you have to pursue, you have the right track. You have to close, I shoot it would hear our fifteen twenty thirty yards and as opposed to one hundred two hundred and you gotta, do it most of the time by yourself. Right guide. Who can tell the guides us still more sense? You make him near mess, you know so that deed eared at your survival, your chances are more better. The more people like that's why it's really hard to watch Elk BO hunting on tv You gotta have a camera man, they're gonna, get everything current stop and on twigs and hope that the new guy there was put donk snap is born, goes off years par barbarism.
There's some area yeah Elk is a gigantic animal yeah. I don't think a lot of people realise how big the arm, but there was a large that we state in India they had an Elk head on the wall and the horns there are longer than my are right. I mean literally it it's. This thing was Massa right. I got twelve thirteen hundred pound animal. You like I got a female elk for this book and issues six pounds and it was with us Christ, six hundred there how much we meet was. That is, I think, I've royal. I don't know I didn't you know, but a lot here, three foreign at that point, Much with three hundred and fifty pounds me. Did you stop it like? How did you yea it yet, like basically, L cunning in where I was seven Colorado, you have to like centrally run like it's, because their only coming out of the very specific time and your scent is so destructive to the Dell built it
the issues they smell, you would all they're gonna, be didn't, think often never come back. So you don't go out and told there out. You don't go wait form, which is what they deer hunting is more you gettin a blind and wait form you actually look where they are and go up and sneak around and no, I can run through the measures taken to a town where the winds blowing. In short, a hunt hunt the wind see how the wind blown with you, and I. And I knew I was withdrawn Yeager, who is Chuckie Agar Son Chuckie Acres, like the fight about island rocks Peter
yeah, conic water Kerensky, with whose roots was a Chechen age, yogi, Agar, so dawn. Yeager was Vienna. That was a point near Vietnam and we become friends longshore the whole thing, but he is sought. His son is a big hunter and also on Iraq and Afghanistan. Vat and you know they were in it in the trenches. That's not all told how many different experiences did you go through to register. I don't want your ten ass, my that inside it did a by the network. Do a sort of you know have fun with it and keep it light and an interesting and not dire and sincere and sort of answer all you're survival.
Are your needs like one of its main max? What did a stun driving school? You know like what are some of the things about stunt driving? You didn't know like any fixed. The Ebro seek and pump the e break. So getting the rear wheels to lock is how you do all those tricks. I, U buster one. Eighty and all that stuff is, is by pumping the e break and they fix it seeking pump it like a break or even the one step on and on and then United suffer stole a kind of learn how to steal old cars with allay ex elegant bangers has who's this guy. You know- and you can't do anything recent recent ennobled older, let years like good years- I stone but looking ninety three civic great, He's grandes dear pop off all the beastly pop up stuff in the steering common you reach in there with them like a leather men and were ordinary almost it turns our key really yet
yeah, and then you cite for GM cordial Science, which is something in the column, but anything after you know it's. They have like electronic fail, saves and shut off some chips in the keys. Did this book writing this book change? Wheel of yours, yeah. Well, I learned load meals is so much stuff. I didn't stunned build, became a myth busters for a lot of things. You have things I thought were true warrant true, like about what I thought to be able to do, or what realities of certain situations were what was more shocking. Stress. One really was the most my boy and really changed the way. I think about myself. You know what I can do. I cant do an but personally, I don't even know the others to adjust its. It all goes into the mix of like trying to understand the world, which is what business one things I thought was really fascinating. Was that this book
a lot of it seemed to emanate from where you grew up you go out of town in Massachusetts. Aware of its explained the story- did they they were attacked by the India S, a hatchet marks on the fuckin houses. There. Still, there is a group of essential old, dear field Mass, which is like a little bit like stir bridge like its partial half, the town as it is museum, and because it was very famously seventeen afore. The Indians in French, came down from Canada and massacre the whole town and marched off onto the captives in the winner away up to Canada and eleven it is crazy, but people were tough. You know it's again like you can you can compare the toughness from seventeen o do now, but but but So I grew up in this town, where you're there were a lot of the Indians had hacked hole in the store and shot the guy
through the door and these stories, or can I want, I grew up with Navy blue recreations as a kid I remember like in a guy's as Indians screaming, the night running around and killing other people that were dressed his colonial all. Now, unlike when you're, in a recreation figure in a recreation, but when you're, like you know, five years old at its X, Ray Nicolet D so like that, I recall a real, as is that I was like kind of, prepare Indians have over the wall. My whole life, you know any with working with fighting stuff and with the with everything yeah. Oh, I love that that realisation that you had the book. I found a really fascinating and I just couldn't imagine what it must be like growing up in a town where there is real, clear evidence, hatchet marks on doors and shit gaming. If you knew it was, it was a long time. It was right, but still a little kid you like, I would wake up and there's cornfield I'd. Do they come into the corner?
I d, like you, know that they came in the winter. It owes ridiculous, but you still it gets in the air. In these things. Again, you were simple animals, you know you're afraid of things sophisticated on how you deal with your fear. You think you are. We enjoy using a movie about something you believe it. Man and later You can say I'd system of, but you know what a big party you does not know that system a movie, a big party, you things Jude sharks are in the water and they will always think that John, you know I mean there's a desert. Does it does a deceit that goes on with people just a movie muffle? But you are fold yeah Sworder somewhere at some level. I believe it's possible on some level some, the the idea of living in a place where you knew massacres took place. Was your town supposedly haunted? Oh yeah, there goes around unaverred, delicate,
but I have rebel yeah friends, you in conversation you believe in that yes I've never seen it right but I believe, as we would like, psychic energy and so forth, I mean I've been in places where I was in an island in the Pacific. Those actually Malcolm Forms is private island. Did. The guy was sailing with New Somehow we stay there and it had been numb. It was a small, and near not too far from Fiji and the Fijians had come in the night over a hundred years and everybody on the island to declare war on this island and eaten everybody off the island you could tell like some shit had gone down like there was in a quiet, eerie, bad juice. There enough.
For sure, and also like you, those towns. That is it because you knew or because they may be able made em equitable for myself, but it was also like you. The innocency ruins in young women in Mexico is that they are felt the same quietness there that I kind of feel like there is there's so much we don't know. I mean just now. What you don't know me. Let's go, My whole theory in life, boys there's a lot that's out there. I think there is psychic residue in things like up new people. They go to it, you talk about mean and thereby sure my would be something I wonder, because the issue is always a. You know, you're going out what yeah, but it's I mean- I'm not I'm not necessarily sceptic as much as I am just always asking questions, but the The psychic connection between people, I've heard like arguments about the phone like you knew no person, you gonna call, you think it about them and in the Koran today as hanging around with a friend of mine- and I was I
did we open this door and I had a very obscure lyric playing in my head to nineteen. Seventy song and this mother fucker behind me starts right and I got what is using nets on and it goes to goods on going. The good side of wild using nets. Argos outsiders in my head, I go. I was singing the fucking words that sign in my head, for we walked the door. You said the exact lyric. I was thinking. Be easily coincidence, but God I mean it's a popular saw, and I also think there's like those things going on that, like it's in other brain waves and energy, we get you SAM Harris student here who goes to district. We saw the possibilities, the probabilities, just luck and you're connecting all the significance to luck might be right too
I don't know, but men as also freaking me out. I thought the exact words that this guy was singing behind me rather from a fuckin song grieving for decades ago. You know like isn't that a lot of songs, which we now that's a kind of crazy, give you signal. Yet no, I think there is forms a communication that that you know emotional. Pheromone sense. What dogs are seeing with dogs are hitting off of the cap that comes in lies now. People today, for they die creepy Fucking Canada evokes Slovakia's Isaak in your soul out stupid knows this, smells you give off and you're going to whatever. I think this is this. Is this more than to the earth and Heaven and Hell Rupert Sheltering believes that everything has some sort of a memory or the disease, gotta theory about everything having some sort of remembering that ideas of memory,
can t you know. We think the memory is ours. We have a memory, animals have memories and then set, but what would the he believes is that actual objects may also contain some sort of information about what's already taken place in that area, and that's one of the reasons why, when you go to his story places a give yet strange feeling, let's not about like said Emma sure, sure, that's impossible like didn't. If something really bad happened somewhere. That might pick later on arrival. I think it's I think we're more sensitive. You know, there's a great book. Gavin tobacco wrote the gift of fear, which is all about intuition. How do you in and you should trust your intuition insert situations? You know I don't if somebody freakin you out, don't try to be nice. Them, yet you know I mean like there's, there's a reason: maybe you don't see it, never it away, but don't force yourself to be polite. Anyway, it's a cool book and I am a big However, in that yeah I dont know why, but make maybe as of my own personal success, with following that right that I have trusted my intuition, like implicit,
my entire life, like this, the one thing that I have trusted my entire life- that I don't think he's ever fuck me what the danger is when you trusted for systems that a case that there are two big rang like you're, never gonna run into a similar patrolman on. Oh that's, never gonna happen, but you couldn't stock market, You know you mean you're hurting you couldn't in other situations where it's in party boiling over six hundred that you're just not ready for Intuitions, not good. Designed for something as complex as this debt systems is too big yeah, I think that's it because it's sort of along the lines of what we ve been talking about is that our own bodies are not designed for this world. We are living in the possibilities it created by the world. We live in an end, your instinct right sort of like plugged into something like the stock market. I got a hunch, you don't have shared phrases eager to go and have a hive. You might be right, but you might be deal whether something is impossible and also you guys who picks machines. They pick stock markets. Socks at random do fine. They do just as good as Mozart, rovers sorts But but but your intuition is really good for personal relationships.
Yes or things you. Would encounter on the plains of Africa right Visa We trust height yeah. You know, why is great heights, not certain situations and allow terms you talk about Picking up a lot of silent, cues or queues at are your conscious mind is not picking up like the cop who He know something's going on anyone. He walks into the store and he's, numbering that he saw a guy's sitting outside with car running and cigarettes or other something cute him to the fact that there's somethin hanky on you. Maybe he missed it right consciously, but subconsciously. He's there, you or the energy, he can feel the energy. If is trying not to but get busted I mean who knows what vibe there give yeah yeah it's that the whole broad spectrum of senses is very strange because
There's been certain. Studies show that there are some intangible qualities and we can pick up on statistically, like they ve shown that people can tell when people looking at the back of the head, More than fifty guess. It's like its statistically significant get significance here that we talk about the hundred gaze. You know, I don't look at the atom. Until you're ready, because it can feel you now and dawn sometime and these snipers we'll talk about like you, you have to look down, and not only do you have to not look into target, if not think about it. Yoyo blankly have to go on a log in MILAN. Among those with a gun For this reason this is a fucking awesome book. I'm only three or four chapters in where am I a material? Where am I. I think, I'm naked into the wilderness. I guess I'm nine in this John, the fierce, and yet
this fucking great stuff. Thank you. It's real page turner, a really enjoying shit out of awesome. I guess what I started reading this weekend and I've been glued to every night. The disaster diaries Bum a man's SAM Sheridan, now SAM Sheridan on Twitter, you gotta go to fighters, mind. I know drug, and I can remember that shit. I care remembered either, but when you type it into twitter, if you type TAT sounds Sheridan into the search to find fighters, mind that's when you want, doesn't have a little. Do you have a little Chuckie thing? Next, you name verify your ass. I am sure that MRS Jackson, I know not verified and my very never get. No biomass you can. We get Wikipedia page, I know was Wikipedia behave on your words because too many people tried to make me Wikipedia page and then it just now. It's like they think it's spam or some you think down. I think someone Wikipedia Fuckin hates you. That's what I think Look I know you better data have a wikipedia of that's bill. I got three books and I get the people that one bit wound book of stars
porn. Together, we porn if everyone whose abhorrent star on Wikipedia and murder you do like a solo both of us and in the backyard. We'll get sounds like the only way. If you want to make it look we're talking about their lives here. Do you, MRS internet survival? There's only one way to go and does not make it this weekend. Math labour- and I ok Joe ideas this Friday night or going to be at the Grove in Anaheim If you go to my my twitter, age or my website. You can find the the information, but the Grove and Anaheim. This fighting me and Joey Motherfucking DS we didn't do take today was attained tomorrow. So king Gos Rogan Diet, com and save twenty five bucks offer teens devices that are free, beating and a hook up tomorrow. Calm down accounting is settled. A cell phone company to be worth worth awesome cell phone company totally completely not evil and other,
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Ex go now following which only twice as much as Cross frontier everybody. Thank you very much. Sam Amazing bought your brother you're, always fascinating. I've talked to reduce laugh at any time, and we divide this book eve freaks. It's a great book. You'll enjoy the shit out of it and if you're in Emma found, you must, by fighters heart in fighters, mind are both fantastic book. I believe the tube books written on a MAC this is the best book I've ever read on disasters, the fuckin shit. People tomorrow, the colossus Thomson went on Brian Cowen through Day, Dana White Filing Dana. Why companies does this Thursday? Because out of we gonna big, you have seen this week and I quote: we love you and we'll talk you soon. Thank you
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