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#326 - Bryan Callen

2013-02-20 | 🔗
Bryan Callen is an actor, stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcasts: The Bryan Callen Show and The 10-Minute Podcast, with co-hosts Will Sasso and Chris D'Elia. Bryan Callen, Brian Redban - Date: 02/20/2013
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another good not gonna whistler son i was hard i need a need work on my whistling get awaited anaheim i woke up singing a jew robinson no i didn't i swear to god i woke up singing where did i make it up you i've out i was singing i was i come worst dancing and where there is the one that you say about my girlfriends by or on the internet oh yeah how's that dammit had that guy i saw your girlfriend we we were like gum addicted to that takes on when i wrote yeah which one is when i was dating trailer fixing the girl
what it how did it go fuck fun whatever was i saw your girls but but there was something more to it than that those on the internet it was it was whatever was like we're joking around one day and i said it and then we couldn't stop saying that we would just like repeal would like get we should have made that this was a drop of blood this is what i do when i'm sitting around doing nothing like an airport this stark on his this literally what i said here to row gun he is the man he's sure he'll make a stand he's got big brown eyes and strong angry thighs his jaw rogan is my friend he eats make heat meat and care and brain medicine
they sound break your arm then spot a joint and say men know who the fuck is wrong with you right now is rather like i was like a rhyme right am i did he call the editing we all have some shitty thoughts we ought to know when the let em girl has anyone that's where the song and i'd know any more comfortable i got caught in a is actual rogue after all camping time together out alone and i words mean brain pulled out his phone in these reading it deepen its note states how can we possibly have written that children life you have a lot going out the fact that you wrote that that's me procrastinating literally must be writing and unlike amateur at a song about joe when writing this
get a commercial are we are we park s apologizing is san diego brian whereas it was a show we have a show at the american comedy co march fourteenth which is a limits a thursday night ten p m show provocateurs a night and its side we can have a death squad a bunch of death squad comics i think twenty hence cliff can t very funny guy very funny guy involved guys very hilarious guys and a big surprise and a big surprise what is this surprise bullshit you have to build it up what days and again i'm superman tom march i believe you could do it well marge march fourteen i come to you want to do the same on there only by autumn will definitely go this line that week now and i'm in full sunday in montreal hammond captain i'm going to general jimbo calmly work sumatra authority sold out i ve been opted jimbo ninety seats
now he had spoken awesome i start our only for him and yeah i saw workin for gmo in like a thing i didn't programme first sets for it for him and like ninety three or something like that i need to know the three friends of them ever since and you do and use i alternate i do a thing in montreal in the next time and how i do jumbos i do it every time so it's either i do two thousand two hundred seas or how i do nine are you doing here doing you see their yeah yeah as you have seen there and just last year we had a u have see their very recently is a big market for you have said and i did a concert their big like theatre thing i'm like a kansas kansas do i got a hold another concert like i know have all that new material riah certainly three months in also eight thirty like ninety nine seat i love those little greatest club in the history of the world is the guy owns it jimbo is the nicest fuckin guy on the planet is just
he is what he is easily the harbor genuine a sweetheart loves comedy been in business it's ninety ninety than it does in fact can use e mail you gonna hall have you mean he's like as old schools again and this creates a great guy so i go to dive visited every time we went out anyway i glanced at most there was hanging out as bar shootin poor that's great teased pursed see this kind could just gonna packet and how i showed you know i think too that we're doing to show very solar wings it's me and i think i think duncans come with me what is it you have to tell me about i've never done governors what what is it what is the club like it's amazing governors alone i on that's really gone without either variety this friday and saturday club they re club yeah i used to do governors in the nineties it's like out right
we look forward to this oh it's been around for ever and it's gotta like a great reputation because it's so many really good luck on your comics right like can drive they contrived along ireland and headline on the weekends and it's like a great game right so they get like top shelf guys every week so it's like i mean every time you look at a line up it's always like top shelf national headliner guys like i know when i was in living in new york i saw a lot of great eyes there are such any such any perform la i saw a lot of guys wanna be driving in from new york anyway success of either this friday and saturday gonna love it next time you come on raven about it's fuckin fantastic i can't wait so that's the this shows we got going on and then this friday ideas and i are in the grove and anaheim people like one
the usa's and answer again so i was trying to do is show like in the same in the same area just for convenience sake so why that's the grove and anaheim with mad flavour a k a too so still some tickets available that labour is the greatest of all time the greatest human error message is enriched my life and so many unique ways they talked until it was happening caught everything good what's goin on what's goin i recall you gotta get you a joey fix day of what's going on i think about that i think it about like em where we return my written this book going clear about scientology and if you look at many religion a lot don't running religions get into trouble when they start i love you too go unclear or becoming pure of any high anything i'm sure side as it has its merits but that any religion when every time you hear anybody to that the pursuit is the perfection the perennial him being you gotta be all rikers we're too so complicated i was thinking about friends and i have that i really love are very
far from perfect people so much of what i like about him is the flavor that they offer which is that placated like like just just the fact that if you were to look at those qualities like independent the human being they would not be very savory qualities but there also there are seven the right person in the right order yeah because called chemistry it's just a mixture of of different kinds of people in one body and it's just fuckin bouquet scientifically quantify with that's worth with personalities we're out my god you can't it creates color i'm not interested in somebody who as you know completely monk like yes i understand that endeavour and stuff but i like people sometimes because of their flaws exactly you know it's not flawed on dot com is the beginning of the garage oh two years ago i use a code name rogan series of ten percent off get some money testosterone enhancing supplement brian
well i can't wait a minute what it's called t plus what this is a combination of all of the known nutrients the people have so far had success was so far and boosting naturally boosting your own testosterone the good thing behind that is if you're see if you're taking testosterone like if you if you start taking especially for certain large doses of testosterone your body will stop producing like the key if you like using the testosterone cream is supposed to like do it like every other day that's the right way to do it away your body mg give your body somebody still make some it doesn't feel like somebody else is doing the organisers going to shut down right this does so do the opposite of that work does is allows your body to produce testosterone more efficiently and gives your body more testosterone so instead adding to it it enhances your natural ability to create is so it off we're about killing you nuts right so
it's not gonna have the same effect as supplementing testosterone artificially i don't think i don't think it's i don't think it's a good boosts you that much only it's possible because you did you know especially view taken injectable you could take a big fat those who have a massive rage of testosterone going through your system we mean that's the weirdest things about when you give people the opportunity to fuck with their horns people were really indulgent things what about did you hear about this what is this did did you read about this this drug our guy came a riddle come to my second there's a drug that
turns a regular heterosexual man into a gay sex ass i told you about re equip the other guy who in france we have this conversation to remember greatest thing in the world yeah there's a joy does totally unrelated with regulating without his hide it adds medical let it get outta here right it gives you an idea of what we are about like we're just a bag of chemicals in the wrong chemical all of a sudden i want a bang the shit out of guys on a bus room john that's a really extreme example our address it is pretty crazy that that did they won that guy ones hundred thousand u s dollars i need more money than that if i've been bang in the shit out of guys and of not just places like bathrooms at a train stated guy natalie he was doing really risky shit into gambling and he was into gay sex would start going on line in like soliciting for guys to meet him and fuck em guys raped dumb and stuff ready
and he never did any this stuff before he took this manacling i just feel as though maybe the medication was an excuse i don't know man he it was enough that this guy one in court just let us stop and think about that if there's the right combinations that you get the right to last of nutrients whatever fucking guy you imagine if like asparagus which is like really healthy for you is really healthy for you up until you like a pound of right and then when you eat a pound of it it blows the gay sex switch in the rack your brain and you just can't stops what is it consign might is a we're so nutty as an organism are a mixture of chemicals i don't think that's that i've are removed from possibilities zaza like you know everything's a chemical cassava if you dont cook it its view very poison you'll die anyway ga food is a cookie than they figure strain it out you have you know what that's what people do when their functions
arriving to death ok that's a sign of peace both are really desperate defined so let's get this poisonous route and the shit out of an train it you know employers are forebrain bitches it's another thing we sell over it on it dot com and an eye and this combination of light i should get back that t plus thing which is the testosterone supplement there's this real science behind it and is real there's one of the ingredients are shown to increase it so the ability increase free testosterone and one study by up to forty two percent which spray significant it's probably no i guess it's not going to be what you would ever get if he took testosterone xvi take it you know you could you get boosted by a hundred percent boast about me you're in really low numbers boost by two or three percent easing and now and that again that's an issue with people did the ability to just drink jack daniels into
is always there you now you'll have that bottle and if your vows guys you can just drink that should die of you have jar of testosterone at home and the doctors is here go sam here's a needle don't put too much and at one time we're just gonna as always those guys those guys we're just gonna jam that fucker annan has run the trees all tat he had a rational proposes this there are some people that whenever it is well i'd gambling in lahti burdening body builders are are you know there's a guy of looking at the german as with my friend and i who do trains may is an obstacle but it always like fifty eight and egoism i said how they call you gotta see a guy ratios deck as thirty april he's thirty eight years old wives what he's a walking pharmacy spend a hundred grand iran on on everything from to attest to deck annabelle two eminent just have factory of so he just imagine a lot about a rapid oh yeah and he said
my buddy been around for if it with all the b was a top bible because look he said i don't care and mrs i see all my friends now i see what's going on with a kidney in their liver all that stuff from all that all those drugs will these mean bonnie building in its form that we see today it's i don't think it's possible without massive amounts of drugs i mean i dont want to say for sure because i have seen some people that got really big without anything and i you know for a fact there was a dune impress brian frazier very funny guy was a comic was a writer from bosnia rye bread frazier you just rights now i don't believe does david unemancipated he wrote on that issue is a very very funny stand up is a really interesting guy but anyway he was fuckin huge one point i mean he you just left he would swear he was on rights but he wasn't right it was on discipline the dude what he really healthy
the eu deteriorating supplements which is likely to pans also lays down that the matter miles down in your muscles and his janet cried some people are not lie awake brian is just like a super discipline guy and he was just he's a little nutty at of but he was fuckin huge and i knew it was totally one hundred percent legit like he was an unnamed enhydra while job brok lesson i have you ever see pictures of him those nice calls wrestler norm you wasn't even steroids united states frickin yours brian was in my friend brine frazier wasn't really a big guy hugest he got that big because of discipline and he was a really discipline guy you know he was i go very varied he was they type a galaxy he could focus on something and just fuckin go crazy with it and i am i drive for hours a day my train elected me i said i was gonna do due date at one point i thought i was gonna play that role that danny mcbride play the you know joe todd votes can hinting at that size he said but you gotta be a kind of look intimidating
amateur promise often almost forgotten my trainer hair gotta put on my fifteen pounds of muslin here is an article about about oh you do dear i how do you want to do that i go around just listen heavy in others need a lotta guess but give me that i guess i do lifted pretty i know but why because you want do much protein shakes that we want to do is look at em angle you're being sarcastic it goes yeah you're a code hangar that's your genetics act put a little muslin fifth pounds a muscle on you i gotta changer endocrine system are right if you want to do that i'm happy to ours i will not want to do there that's creeping those guys gonna fuck that you give you give you let's steroids and fifteen pounds in three months no problem but you still gotta eat commercials off the track arch on it when they die come in and i t use a code nay rogan save yourself ten percent of any and all supplements you dirty freaks were also brought you buy hover
hover is a domain name company i've actually use and misuse of mutually what you do a registered website tighter taber seeking let people now have an idea i'm an idea i had a dream and drag came to me and in the dream i started that's not it s not your rogan loves kissing dot com mode kissing brian you're not make me feel bad but it was very easy was very easy who manages worries me to to get who is domain privacy like all that shit so called but the way they have it set up as its super intuitive it's a good company brian did do you know about what the situation is with as far as who is domain name privacy right yeah they
but what happens when you buy a domain for most places you have to give your your real address because it's kind of like being erie you're registering something you know where it see how it has to be open for the public so i wouldn't want that you know you if you have but sniffer dogs calming want people coming up united jewish people at your door so lucky you you can do this thing i want you to say she people have actually will they bigger knows that they like some sniffing but as there is that anyway you know what people coming near door and suddenly knowing where you live at the public certain domains so it does it is you can have this company pretty on the domain for you eyes so covers your isolated so it hasn't it covers you your address in your private information through a company
so in usually have to pay extra for that and this like when you sign up for a domain name on here it automatically is included with the price yeah it's it's it's vertical beneath the same company that owns the people that own ten so we will be applied there ethics and their trying at the same thing with domain rate name registration in astronomy non evil company it is possible you know and i love when i hear about it i love when i hear about companies that are trying to be ethical and they're not trying to make too much money that i'm trying to rip you off and i'm trying to tie up and contracts and i trying to get theirs to be made it doesn't like everybody's acting like you have to extract the most out of people possible and biodiversity is placidly i for her described as it if you know and ethical business is somebody find out something is being done in incomes long does it better and knew how to pay a premium for that are you now man that's how you make money you can make
there's profits to be made in but the system that their bucking against and is quite a few cell phone companies that are bucking against that now is cellphone contracts long contracts give roped into whose people people hate it and you want to get it very good you might get a new funds available new network bosnia and then you have to pay them right it's it's kind of creeping so that company than the same ethics is how hover operates so too cool company and we like working with them hovered comforts last rogan you get ten percent off of your domain name registration aren't redone commercials thing why have we have we have zack we have launch we have taking brine council dirty folks will gain experience you black ass my were full brian challenge a man may
beer and then j are to be here with you my brother always always fun when i come off stage anyway i am and people ozga dude i listen to the children i cast like they think that that's a great because people it sets an experience robotic especially young guys it's kind like their thing and they think that in a way they all come to me like there are the only people plans that are actually listening you that i feel are waiting there this is an intimacy that they're gonna have it's kind of cool there as i do just so you know i listen to you on the hook and i guess thank you it's a weird little fraternity of freaks it's it's it's not it's actually a lot of just young men looking for positive example any sort of you no direction would exactly what i needed what am i looking is jesus growing looking for someone who's older than them to be told them the fuckin truth about life about
securities breeding and away they feel as fine totally knowing i walked round my feeling inappropriate because of young carnivore and you know just in a kind of want a lot of sense i mean just like i just having an appropriate form saw a time you know as a young guy gone i'd monogamy those two that cause huge debts one of ongoing striped club hawkers compare to bang i can i can i what do i want to put a kind of face disease because he's drinking weirded water found you know what all those things that you can have these impulses like i always hang out with some people and they just seem so civilised and i just i felt like criminal i'm like a disability no i've but well it's really knew not a bad guy bunnies imagination but it's like we're saying earlier than the commercials which a few listening this on serious exam which it is sometimes the parts missing is the people that we know that a flawed like the people that we know that are fucked up like that they seem to me
most enjoyable to be or half a year and that but the key is not evil not even a sweet like exactly like joe ideas is fucked i know you gotta be ethical yet be ethical as a person you know that ethical meaning you know taking no account other people's feelings and writes me i got a major but island you and i are bonded on one major central issue we always honest with each other more waste or even we lie like we say so they know each other like i'd like sit libya my marry you those in there with them we go i if you ask me a question i said yes and then like like three seconds ago now really you yes i wanted to be the test through you know as long as you're honest how you feel it doesn't matter it doesnt matter doesn't matter you you can come to your friends and just be like i fucked up locked up madam you know i feel terrible even if you even you did something terrible i give you fuck your friends girlfriend like our something crazy which like in yet
you have now now i never have but if you came your friend and went dude i fucked your growth i'm a scumbag punch me in the face of a bad guy it's really easy to forgive people when when they kind of our just honest with i fucked up i made a mistake right i ran a mistake i am i'm weak that's really gonna hate seventy four that there's something very liberating about yes i suppose it when tiger woods gave their terrible speech about you know well i you know i i buy take responsibility and so wrote about it i was a tiger tyre good up in front well then go have a body i've had to be pursued my whole life and i feel bad what i did i am paris my wife i'm embarrassed everybody else and i am then do the best i can try i'm a flawed guy i'm a flawed guy these impulses it's really hard for me and i'm to try the best i can be a better person and that's all i can offer meant i would have been like you're being a human being you're really talk enemy like like somebody i can understand
because we're all way more forgiving i think them than we give each other credit for because we all know how we feel inside we're all flawed yeah you know i think yeah i think that one of the things that people are look input in that are not flawed you're good that dishonesty that yeah if you're not really yeah you know really looking at yourself accurately like buddy that i've ever man that's a con man like real con artist he always seemed weird and fucked up your way so when you're lying to other people you're lying you you're also doing something to sally zenos talking about i like it i mean anyone in particular probably just started talking like i don't have anybody specifically my my word is talking about which is starting to malign habits and when you take shortcuts you get away with them when you're younger and you think you get away with them the truth is we just we're talking about this before
i guess there just aren't any short cuts will they fucking then impede your develop when when something goes wrong you have to address it address it and that's how you get better everything that i've ever done we're fucked up on it may be better at everything done it just some people know that want to feel it yeah i'm sorry about that that comes from also learning how to talk yourself and being nice to yourself yeah not being too hard on yourself like this is a marathon not a sprint you take it easy on yourself ended also comes from building up like a database of you being a good person you have to really but leave and yourself as a person liking but mistakes and fuck ups and things that you do along the line those are like hugely important they really are because when you're wouldn't you develop as a human being near a young person trying to make your way through life you're gonna come across these situations where you do not know how to behave correctly whether it be
of your emotions or there is because of your hormones you're insecurities whatever the fuck it is it's very possible feed a fuck up and make mistakes but those mistakes are huge ship all of those dumb things those laughs when you shouldn't went right all of those things can be as long as you don't kill you you can learn a lot from them aside i built a guy named billy under a long time ago who produced a you know a true romance and all those movies in and that i'd written something in and i said i'm trying to read script but it socks and is it brian i know a lot of academy award winning writers and i don't know one of them it doesn't have a trunk a trunkful scripts that are all shit they took him a long time to get that stevens out of our written interview needs than twenty six movies basic before sexless videotape he had had five flops five terrible moves immediately learn how to make that movie by just
making those mistakes if there are no exceptions near i well and if there are i don't i don't care that's right that's right maybe somebody figure out a way through life without fucking yeah but you know either even malcolm gladwell outliers has taught my mozart in we i say well mozart was making music sit at six he he's very rap music so exactly said his real his real music that we listen to didn't start for ten fifteen years and of glinda he was eighteen when he was making the musical you can listen to yeah maybe not or not to shit on mozart or anything like that i think but i think it's it's the the mistakes in the flaws in the fuck ups and life there is so critical for a sense of humor is so critical for understanding boundaries and limitations of the really critical man it systems suck when they happened man bombing on fucking terrible but would spend one like the biggest
x in growth in my state of career of come after like horrible like no doubt is devastating bombing or else like all my colleagues group and then when i regret pull my came back like way better i go much more focused on what i had done led me to bombing these few i have like some peak bombings in my life i go back and i look i'm like real like life changing bombings like for electing a meteor holes in my past portages ate a million deaths there and its for ever live out a few of those about one of the biggest one of them think probably the biggest y ever had was after jim brewer jim bro and i did a gig and i think it was somewhere around new york city nan you add or one of those places and we had it works together all week and it was i should not have been head
was not really ready to headline by was headline in like a really didn't have forty five minutes i just didn't i had stretched out it was not good it was it was like the beginnings of me headline and gray and brewer was first of all rate is guy in the world so fuckin pure so in the mall madcap yeah laugh when he's like a disease of funny areas as hell hilarious you need such a sweetheart he's such a good guy well a whole bunch of factors contributors bombing first of all i had decided to start dressing like very nice i'm staying why did i i i had leather shoes although i can't i can't i can't get my funding lower literally on ice holes like i can't i gotta get comes with physical owls like i'm in leather shoes was a disaster i did that club shoes club pants nice thin shiny belt
guy was so grows and i was i was i think you know i just slipped ridiculous i always look ridiculous but i looked extremely so i was trying to be an brewer went up in front of me and again dish he caught this gear he is due this bit bout coming home history it was bit was i him common home fucked up and his mother was just wake scream and adam and is it was like demonic noise is gonna face years donald duck when he's like i'm not doing the bid justice because it was fucking how larry and he was he was inches super kill mode you know sometimes a comic just hit that has hit a freak super kill frequency eta just laying down laid down and i was backs agents like i can't fathers i'd cannot fathers as like i'm not gonna real followers i just who i knew i couldn't fowl i knew i can follow i didn't have that much i didn't have that much
good material and like guy by the way my act structure back then i sucked i had to do it in this order i go to start out with this yes yes the offload nails and into the woods dead i had no flexibility right so i went on judges i got it was so bad it was one of the worst bombings ever i can figure how to be funny i couldn't relax knows tailspin i wish tat i have the first i'm after the amazing paper i gotta find i wouldn't i wouldn't need i would show it to people because it is important that there is some videos of me succouring rascals comedy our do that they should have been activated retreated that's your way you so weird you are a boy that's the first time i ever saw you destroy was and i had actually never seen you know a lot of comedy and i always like seventeen years ago it big comedy store at the main room there was this like nina hardly in some other
like porn it was i know i know it was it was it was it was blue monday they called it in what they did was they would show like a bee porn movie right like it was like not really porn yes you know i mean i was like they would like like dry and start the air pretend obedience in index going into vaginas river but they were denied it was the first time i saw your tiger bit it destroyed i was like what the fuck because it gives it was all these girls in euro like this young animal you just like you only sluts either lonely the ghost like my such as islands anymore slots having their great you know however that i won't ever that way what we say and then that was you were just off it was crazy man i fuck integra bit would bring the fuckin house down bill was hard to get rid of retired to it a bit isn't it that did miss my bedside because it was a really important to me there was like my first is who you weren't
yeah i was my first like bit that at the time at least really represented how i thought about you i wasn't really ready for my feelings of letting go of everything i did on my first special like now more especially i just let delirium why get people i call out and want want it and i'll do it sometimes but but letting i'd go is colic saying by our friends i had really good experiences around that like they did when you do i would do this running butter better i would do you know what could punching a cab death that shit was like yeah like i remember feelings around it and it was so much a part of who i was and i remember thinking our primary care i can't believe this is working and then you have to just let it go to reinvent yourself you know is insisting its instinct anything i guess maybe novelists feel that way or something you i bet they probably do cause
you let that book out and even at an early stage you can sing the same shit over and over again that's cool too you know i mean but that is not our gig argues we gotta come up with new shit we yum i admire it and other comedians so i mean just seems to its smart to do what you admire and other people if i admire and other people's agenda too i think constantly coming up with new stuff sometimes i think that is another thing that that's almost i like that even more like like have a day where i come up with an amazing bit comes together my days i'm just like i feel like i did something special but you
it is also something we said for doing a bit for a long time where you get them on the fucker down to a samurai sore fold that steel and hammering down still yeah it down to the u carve there was some bids that i had by this time i first got an album that i have been doing for six seven years and when get em dig you just get a timing thing with a bit you know how much fat is in the bit and how to cut the fat words all rather its own rhythm it's exactly like music song fiona apple said that you know she would see my bits and she would say you know it's a song doing is working out the words in the rhythm and and figuring out where to place emphasis on what word how many words to use and that that is actually what you're doing you know you restructure it sometimes and and so on you start with a colonel of an idea and it doesn't come to you in its full kind of form for five years which would
love because come like that mystical notion of its always existed you ve had to keep mining your insides or whatever to find it will thus like the idea of sculptures at this debt always gets issued on the wet that rock just get a deal that make our lives and our citys idiot exists i gotta get all this stuff around it away with his the way where it is worthy of being as is its does simplify eu simplify and actually get down to who you really are as opposed to view trying or pretending to be and inspiration comes in waves representative to how you feel about life feel like when i'm appreciative of life and am happy and i m thankful when i'm healthy and i'm just a good groove socially then speculation just sort of flows in and out of my brain i am constantly coming up with new ideas and much less troubled but if i'm troubled about anything if i have any meaning
internal bullshitter arguments with friends raising its makes its has a big in that's very much somehow i feel and creativity and on my ability to expand our ideas you become you become very sensitive to i certainly do if i have anything i feel like i'm lying about or not i haven't closed and end by us open circle in my life like that have to take care of it immediately i think away that's kind of why the value of doing one thing really well kind of makes everything in your life come together like you you can't you almost can't do something at a high level you you know without taking care of the other loose ends in your life here that that cover the that's kind of one benefits i think of you know you said something really similar we were together the last time we were in vegas and there is that with some talking about something and everything and and i said to you you know what you think of that
and you said it was great you said i don't i don't leave any room in my head for that i don't that doesn't i don't i've learned to keep that out of my head that's a beautiful thing to think about because that's an option that a lot of forget i forgot it where it where you said i and i went that's that's i was like that's that's something i you know what i could make that choice i can make a choice of not having my head in the first place yeah i'm i'm i'm pretty good at it now i use it of dipped in on it ever ever since i was a child and when was younger it is much much harder for me to like sort of stanch and not obsess about things i think among things but now can like work things out i can log in exile the deuce baggers saw attempt you're just locked out you don't there's no i'd incorporate you into the experience of life that's probably now that's probably call peace of mind yeah
yeah well you know you you know you are you know you know who you are if you're a self evaluating if your constantly trying to better yourselves use self judging all the time which i know you are and i try to do as much as possible any weird freaky criticism stands out in its like any any creepy ness stand out for some form of programming and i think if you're a happy person and you surround yourself with good people and you are all working towards trying to find some path in each other's i've real com so very rarely are they really are but i don't know when they do exist what they are where they came from what you can do to stop them from ever happening again what what you did to maybe draw them into life but don't let who operate them into your thinking here that's another interesting point is a lot of sense we drop draw distraction into our life because it it take
the pressure off us in a sort of or you don't realize you draw focus from our other things because you're intimidated by the process yes intimidated by the process of creating by the process of doing whatever it is your path is with your an artist of the process of starting your are well i a guy was older said you know you can even use fatigue to your advantage fatigue is energy it's a form of energy said you know if you know glad writers will we'll talk about while i'm tired i'm gonna write about a care to whose exhausted you know i'm i'm gonna i'm gonna put this exhaustion lot act as a sock about that and acted her jeffrey cameras awesome said hey you're tired you tired that might just be with vulcan characters today what we're doing an audition yawning and being in and not getting up your might you might just get the part you know can use whatever if you
can learn how to master sort of whatever you're feeling at the moment and use that to your advantage well the most important aspect i think of one of your energy is you can regulated a lot more than you think you can you can regulated by choices you can regulated by the enthusiasm for things you can regulated by your attitude food you put a nearby in every your attitude is a really important aspect of it than the the way you choose to direct the frequencies of your own mind and if you're counselling conflict like sometimes you have to look at the angle and what am i what am i putting out there what you know maybe i should adjust my own signal because of attracting so many do the eggs and while there is there is there is a huge difference between critical thinking knowing knowing what what's good bad for you you knowing the meaningful difference between things and being critical so loud people just are
blindly just generally critical in their coming in everything their first thing is is a is a mutual criticism right rather than looking at the situation looking at what's right in the situation and other praising that or indulging in that or just knowing that that over there that is as good as this over here that's critical thinking you show you be positive in your mindset which should be but you don't wanna be some people are so blindly positive that day they can't see you know that disaster looms ahead right you gotta know that critical thing he's very important what's not important is overly critical tracking overly critical thinking gets boring cynical like nonsensical constant negatively oh jesus fucking christ who wants to listen to the right you know in some but i understand that this i want you know that one guy and work you're always in ignoring i'm because when you around me tells you but his foot heard eying he's got
you would have as me with those people i know i'm thinking of several people that i know who are pretty sector were pretty supposed successful when they show i get it literally i'm like are now we can t ever get tired the minute they shabata depress now this guy just showed his face through certain but that when you talk to them you just really have to get away from their presence like their drawing from you wondered what it does is that quantifiable could you put stick or on you and people could like know for sure if the person that around legs ain't gonna round already don't they they put it they put a stick on themselves tat you have you noticed people like that after a while they just get left alone on a couch somewhere i know a guy who is to come to parties would see him and he just i would notice that after a while pete he just end up being alone land and talking to some girl who didn't know better and everybody would just be my he was kindly kryptonite it was i can like people would seek to cut em if you spread bugs
and you're a bunch of ants and they just gonna run one side it was really just think causing hot i think that i can come over anymore he kind of socks yeah there's room there's this weird fucks out there in this world this the broad spectrum of human behaviour as so much room for strange evidence it is a habit earning success can become a habit you learn how to learn how to talk to yourself properly and how to take care of yourself and sustain your energy that those are habits that you can get it ya think when you run into really photo people oh with almost all moments the childhood look what what will happen in new programming that you were unable to escape you but i'm a huge i'm very interested also though in in some people are able to put change into context so they can like its colleague when you take jujitsu from a really good teacher who breaks down a teacher
supposing the bedrock before he teaches you all moves that there there is a way sometimes were somebody can kind of though the one the greatest things i ever heard from me that helped was i heard someone say sports like i said you most people have a primary question going on their head and it usually something negative doesn't help them their walk around all what if what if i'm not level what if i fail and he says you can reprogram europe mine to ask yourself a very very empowering question where the answer your looking fourth gonna win hands you it's gonna cause you to reach in it in a positive direction as opposed to a negative direct acting as an example you you establish what you want to be in you go what action can i take today to get
do what i want to do or who i want to be somebody even just ask that question can put you in like i think writing in a waste can like that to you that's all clash you know when you're focusing you have a goal or when you focus now have any sort of endeavour that your pursuing you have purpose to you it's your existence you have like something that's leaning new towards prosperity you see an accomplishment of the head of the rainbow inanimate s eyes and why when you when you have like things that you're trying to accomplish you learn about yourself along the way and a lot of people grow up in life without doing things like that without having any challenges without having any goal set having any guidance without having any discipline without having any and by discipline mean like someone telling you to do pushups like military style yelling at you i mean the the ability to make yourself uncomfortable to get done what you know needs to get done whatsoever
we believe a lot of people don't know even how to approach getting successful to a lot of people like young guy a nurse i don't really know what to do with their energy like they don't know what to focus on and i always say just follow i'll try to ask yourself the right questions and and find somebody successful kind of follow their ample sometimes i can now and in the end this also the issue with the word successful it what a successful and if a guy has a medium income body as a happy family he loves his job that's a successful out no that's a success first i would weigh rather be that person that guy whose very wealthy and completely are both failed relationships left and right see it all the time why does a lot of thy medical aid to focus its required to get really really rich a lot of times makes you a fucking crazy purse i was with does david kai this guy we met it was a neurosurgeon and had an mba is very wealthy with this trophy girlfriend next i mean he was well good looking guy and anyway
start towns about women athletes he was and how he was a narrow there's gonna be a vast and doublet they listen to them and they went at dublin for sex this guy was good piece lost he's completely last year is exactly what it was he was a grown man who was probably thirty eight who spent oh life throwing out all these incredible like kind of accomplishments right just like so he could say it is nba and he was a neurosurgeon and he had money and it is good and evil and actually and he was come polly fuckin lost this guy couldn't systems can he didn't have a friend in the world he saw me was like i want to be friendly you and not to do it by telling you about myself the whole night we were like i'm fuckin allergic that sounds like a real crazy person but sometimes it takes a real crazy person to achieve excellence yeah it is it's a really funny bill birthing bilbil was on conan o brien and he was too about lance armstrong have you seen a brand now put up
forget awesome bilbil was kind of any the echoed my sentiments exactly on us all lands armstrong thing about how in out in order to be like the best fuckin cycle ur dude ever like you ve really got to be some kind of psychopath you know and and and bill had this head bit about how you know everybody knew everybody was juice and it's really really really want to save money a guy lance i'm showing so fuckin crazy way as social balance when i see i mean he coming after people what they need is terribly threatened people eighty eighty two he'd do apparently when i hear you destroy people's lives with those lawsuit you just come after you and try to destroy you and me while they were right they were right that's that's what i mean by not being honest and being on ethical i mean you can if you wanna do steroids everybody's doing i'm i'm not gonna if europe wants to be in the tour de france and obeyed doping and stuff that's one thing if you're going after people for telling the truth about you and try to destroy them for years
and your has come back and then eventually admitting it while he's gonna be in court the rest of his life at their yeah because he's he's got a lot of eighty admitted i guess after the statue limitations was over but these still thyssen meant that do listen taxes and people in taxes there there like real men and they don't like bags that much and a guy like that jason that's good that's that's my friend wills assets that guy live in ok you got you guys have the watch go to go to the vines what what we're going to find whilst assholes vines just follow him on twitter he has a bunch yoda look up the you have four one sees the funniest jet well sassou also has serious called farting benjamin go to hand fatter dotcom that's his website and i will tell you you gotta get em they on biogas to me one the funniest people on the planet do require call them
we rejoice operator you wake up in the morning get up to require you'll enjoy someone that's me they re not just checked it out in his vices muslin i favour the azores lovers who google please have other that's worth ok limit for the folks listening listening this not doing you you re like ok that's the last of these fucking stooped
podcast others do these stoner retards are ruining my brain is visually thing lays gentlemen you really have to resign when called we treat russia is ok how did you were the only affects where the scientific comforts ass it does everything with what either by demonstrating that we just on ten minutes i guessed what is our part has progressed from this new with his mouth is doing this i got to see he's got like sound effect machine that's from the actual movie that or whenever there by the way he's ridiculous you have let you see in these three hundred thirty pounds ridiculous that lack does my time he's like so latona speed i gotta pick i got a picture of calves i have to show you he's a freak did the bill ok his bill birthing side and they laughed so anybody from canada in doing me
some may be raised five or ten million dollars for cancer research that's what that lie did you write that locked out the sun no it wasn't a cancer was annoyed and i hated oprah was interviewing them and acted like she was dumbfounded get this guy would do this like he's been in show business for thirty five years and she can't like wrapper head around some guy doing whatever it takes to get to the next level shoot for the first five years have like midgets who wanted to bearing the male man's boyfriend she didn't want to do it do it but she didn't have the power to say now so she wrote it out
and then she could make good decision see better show what she stood heads of those little he's a man what is this thing i've ever was socio path on a basic we got our basic if that i was working for corporation he probably would have been porn stuff in the water supply doing god knows what alone the pike these actions are needed not hurt anybody but top twenty
like all tested positive annoyed so our roy did up guy beat you're right it half run filthy sport always meticulously he doesn't represent cyclic are they going return all the money that they made offer that guy they're gonna turn in their yachts they're not gonna reverting back very nearly there was no great segment man solaris said so right on the fuckin money if you get a team cocoa not comic see other clips for common billboards hilarious and such a good point too that the whole thing so ridiculous the tour de france in itself so stupid long crazy by gries that by the way some doctors by the way rank her name is by the way brian cowen its eyes out right by the way that one of the things that they ve
that is their doctors that believe that its healthier to do that race on the drugs than after drugs the like it's a gruelling fucking pace right that's really unhealthy for your bodies incredibly devastating into your body if you're unites every kind of your body you can recover bet they they literally get so created adele sleep dive retorted frontal sleep on the ground because the elite trans apparently on the ground from like the the actual dirt or whatever they help helium helps helio yet so they sleep with their legs on the ground it gets craze yeah people do that with luck injuries like the long grass and other people tom you fuckin idiot go to a doctor that's what i'm going to live my feeling about about acupuncture where they do you like if we put a bunch of needles new facing you lie there for an hour your headache of away i think can pill has that's out we'll take couple aspirin yeah i'm a mud sold or unsold on acupuncture i've done it governs would you think i don't know
i mean it didn't apparently it held my back but i don't think there's really nice where's my does but look at the this round stuff comes off my love i don't think you're through those needles we would want me at my feet swell one millville lawyers when they hit certain parts of the feed the area that do you know what your brain with light up right so them did since i couldn't figure that out when they put a needle in your view no foot that court bond to liver or something on the part of your brain i guess they get stimulated when your liver produces whatever it might be would would ignite that's gonna interests have they know the down especially gonna build where are they doing to their like electrons in your brain i have the how can they ve know what the fuck is go oh that's that's the big question when that was what was something about the special where they decide has had an august emma iron you know minimal yan and when that put those parts of the brain lit up
and they had a neuroscience goes well that is the part of the brain that you know controls liver function or whenever so they really find it when the errors that something that we can't western scientists actually can explain we can explain why they have a graph of the feet for example that when when you you know when done properly you can put a needle in that area and it'll caused you'd it'll it'll cause maybe you to have a diabetic effects or you might pay more or you can numb parts of the body you know with with niels hitting different meridian points that that's interesting that's kind of an interesting thing where you go and then you here they these these these ain't these accurate your masters who say well when you when you at the right meridian point i know because it feels like i'm holding a fishing line and a fish just tugs it so it's more tug so when i can put a needle and you feel like nothing you you get to appoint with you
where would you know you hit the morning point because there's a little to electrical how are these worrying points is this fucking is this factory is i don't know but by having a placebo affect sort of a thing we didn't know is real well the d the if you talk to us captain western scientists will say that in fact what acupuncture does is it produces endorphins and endorphins can have a curative effect at least in the short term where you don't feel the pain anymore so just like you the little needle yasser you may get a euphoric feeling or a lack of pain because you're you're producing endorphins that would be one explanation that i've read but the other notion is that their there may very well be something to stimulating the whole idea of a backup and a west trainees medicine is the notion that you have energy blocks you have you have energy mass is that way treated properly will release ok so so there's a clog if you will of energy
were happening somewhere we know about the human body no horse it again i don't no enough but i do know that that that i do know that some cancer research is is looking at the idea that we may me we may very well be to be for i can remember how they put it into context but the idea that tissue irregular cell growth could very well be the the equivalent of a traffic jam so there is a stop of some kind of flow in that area so looking a cancer rather as a traffic jam that needs to be unjust and as it to cut out there's something wrong with that flow that that there is body of western thought based on empirical evidence that suggests that that is something to look at that's a theory that they're looking at if that
the case that that is somewhat in line with the idea that there is a blockage of energy and acupuncture helps release that energy bits essentially just needles that go into skin right they don't really pantry to nerves either in your bendings on the sky i dont know enough about it i don't know what i'm what could possibly the island the idea is rather trinity re s does electricity as like basic like little chinese micro lord chiltern what are you here is here's what else adjunct here the very idea where when it would attic electricity but you but you know they say is only supposed to be do i think so i think because it's a big metal point collects kind of like a small very micro charge in each one yeah and i'm never heard the that's in that then makes more sense the needles would be but but that is true anyway that's western that that you do have electric current our body that sorrow and so idea is though what a chinese socrates it take a child a child's very flexible child
like a baby smell sweet as perfect digestion is very flexible moves around that idea de there is that as you get older and you drink coffee and stress and life and everything those those currents get thrown off get why they're not is there not as pure and so the idea is information isn't flowing as only as it does when you're younger and acupuncture helps to change that if you actually look at what a lot of western sizes are talking about is that the body is a conduit for information you cancer the forefront cancer risher search is actually about getting for whatever reason when you're in the womb you produce different cells right you produce cancer i mean colin cells and heart cells and things like that way you get older some people for whatever reason that mechanism to produce cells again clicks back on ok
all of a sudden you're forty and your bodies that will produce common cells while you need that when you're in whom she had to build a corn now you're forty in the body whatever reason those let's make more collins thousand off you got colon cancer the idea of some cancer research now is how can we do to scramble that message if the buyer he is telling itself to produce sells it does need in the colin or in vienna the pancreas or whatever is there medicine there's gotta be a way we can get that we can scramble that code and get it to shut off so the body stops sending the signal to make irregular cells so irregular saw growth can be shot off by scrambling that message before it hits when it goes comes from the brain before it hits that actual so now that's really interest there is interesting so this is a way of regularly being the bodies electrical charges at the idea of having a superpower and current yes so the flow of
trust in your body and by i never heard that brian that idea of mild static electricity you getting in the air one is guys online was saying that he he he did it rubbed his hands at fingertips on material synthetic materials said it was the most powerful generate a static chow i urge them then stimulated some points i don't know i don't know enough about it i think there's a lot different kinds of i think some focus on the actual charge in some actually focus on my nerves or or that the bill lawyer specialists legacy i should go to china and goes in talks these real chinese doctors the warm surgery on you open surgery on you not using anesthetics but actually using just acupuncture why none that area was really up oh my god how goofy or those i pray you to a hospital you fuck will you
is it a guys come now that a single every party wild tv antennas run out and about work common nonsense is that now i remember seeing this i'm dome was pretty wild and i turned my favorite acupuncture scene of all times when stephen cigar was in a coma for itself the best is a cop linux you give your himself a little acupuncture his course he's an expert in the ocean medicine have you ever have any interaction with mr cigar yes of cinnamon several uses you at all and i say hello to him a congratulations tomb after one instances victories look he's a crazy person but he's a legit marshall honesty at least as an kido practitioners really well respected does no doubt about it is you know his character making money megan eleven but he knows a lot about martial arts especially about i kido he's got i think a guy anderson silver
things that make some special that he's really willing to incorporate all sorts of different things to his game that are very unique an unusual and a guy like cigar has on this i am going to take a lifelong marsh artists and he might have a technique or two or more that in that innocent and never heard before that a guy like anderson is such a good marshall artists could incorporate in his game like look knows front into the faces so innocence over did it is about that the bottom line reality is no one was front kick into the face of a start doing tat arthur said that that anderson survey is like certain martial arts nerd like he just like that with theirs it there's one fight were used his elbow any any kid the guy what twenty four yeah adrian he'd been practising that over and over again i told you the story about how you this is coach like you talk to add sores about his oozes manager his coach was tomes stop don't you never know
we had a practice it at home in his white right that's what you told me i told you this story yet jago is tell me something about that to an end i think it s becoming legendary because is it such a crazy situation the andersson did it i've never seen anyone do like that before he's aesthetic generating sideways and upper cut elbowed this do tony frequent whose real good finer and just blasted amount without when shall we you know i'm what s interesting about like these guys that i notice it anderson when he was looking at some of his old fights football is major improvement but he was about one sixty when he came in at usc when he was probably no no no no no no no no second oh no no no no no no he for the year sees always fought at one end if not you know you have see i mean cried yeah when you are fighting back then i think he was on one seven they do or something we are probably the lowest reforms in the mid sixty hour we which is just as you know smaller when you talk a harsh he was he was he was
our back he walks around one or two o five eating now mean when you walks around like a bet if he's fighting light heavyweight a bet he gets to around there even lighter but or either a middleweight who gets out of there even lighter before i start his weight cut but i think when he's fighting at light heavyweight i bet he's quite a bit heavier than that but isn t twenties or sub now he's a big yeah how's is probably like i'd say when when he fought when you fodder stephan bonner he fought it took five and i believe he was like two or three to a force those like pretty close sudanese fought to a five now three times you know he carries the way really well nigh doesn't look fat and looks great what about border how must respond our walk around he's much bigger much bigger than earnest but you so he's a walk around that it's like i don't think anderson gets heavy in between fights so i don't think i've ever gets bigger than like two o five wish you know i mean
i'd say like if he trying to get fight it too often maybe he might let himself go up like two twenty i do a lot of power lifting cheshire yet a little just a little size i don't know what a management astor only he would know how to correctly approach his body that's one of things about him so he so good at preparing his body in only recently said said he can make one seventy easy yes really so we can make seventy eagerly i believe them he said he can make one seventy i believe we would be would say that unless he's got pretty clothes you gonna fight yes pay he wants a fight csp at one seven ethic of so so the fight is maybe hinges pierre him general omens john jones was one proposed fight but him and gnp at one seventy would be fucking insane and it would cement anderson silver as without a doubt the ballast mother fucker ever if we could actually first will even get to one seventy year which is how are you going to do that i don't know what i do
obviously he gets to one five fairly easy it doesn't look drawn out when you always and he looks great yeah it's another fifteen pounds what waterway rhino that's a lot alot away a lot think about with fifteen pounds water feels like view caring for what is it to gallon jugs how much is a gallon how much weight does a gallon have jamie and yet is out of water what we can say out announces think about what's one gallon of water way how much does one go about i'm on it now how its syrian took brian carry you can't how much it is eight asses three him three thousand seven hundred and ninety grams eight eight point three five pounds eight okay so there is a third point is essentially we're talking about two gowns water that two big jugs of by
flood stats a lot that is a lot of shit scary that's like you'd die ice weimar second way nice is literally have dreams of being in the desert is that it is the worst it's a terrible experience ah you i didn't find type one determines or for the same day cut them because they didn't have wigwam symptom of the rising back then we used a wrestling we way in the morning at all you need to be hydrate i'm drinking water it's it was really dangerous to that in no it back down for head injury is dangerous you take like saunas guinean die and shit yeah kids die every year rustling trying to make way so crazy ended fucked up their growth can i with the high school with hid his brothers all them six one six to sixty days like five six five five sixths not because he cut wait this whole hush career was just constitutes waiting he shrunk i mean
the duties like always sickly it was like you is poisoned is whole highschool care he had no motivation for school no motivation of the class is i would run into he be our slack john i gotta make way it was fuckin brutal everyday its two travesty really is you know the kids should be competing at the away they should want to try to do certain things like that where they can encourage who can use i know once i know a nice guy believe you can't use any kind of sauna you're not allowed to use any of that stuff and an ice yeah but even that even just not drinking water for twenty four hours yourself out you what are you doing my group have rehydration pills are good when you blow your period is the honor everybody's like it's part of sport it shouldn't be really shouldn't be because wrestling really should be all about is finding out what is your real weight what's your wits weight when you're in shape what do you weigh one hundred and fifty and there's a one hundred and fifty and we'll make it between one hundred and fifty and one hundred and fifty four
during its thirty forty one forty seven or whatever the fuck it is acting as those technologies we learn more about the human body and were able to measure these things like football look at football we're starting to realise that those head cracks are actually really causing major long term damage spiritualistic dementia and stuff like that scenario are you favour player and you're like the zack i didn't mean that have strongly sixty but i don't really like it anymore i got an end by the way as are the way i count i asked in either ethically if you know that you're player as a concussion but you're the game is riding on it it puts it it puts a lot of pressure on everybody play i want to play nobody wants to play but if we can actually prove scientifically that's bad for you now you're dealing i guess the affair is then insider moment right with two different issues because you talk about grown adults you're also talk him a professional athletes who make it the choice choice and they make a substantial amount of money for this risk is about take whereas a high school kid
is literally fucking up his high school future right he's fucking up the way his whole life is gonna be he's he's here first steps of his life literally can be fucked up because the curtain wait all the time i mean when does that during their restless ease india i that i'm telling you this kid had no fucking energy do anything his job was always slack and way wasn't wrestling you would get low fat in between those worried about his weight we never really like a crazy or even in the off season zenos can have to cut wait next season but he would when are you walk around danny been like normal look like a normal dude i came back regular steve's back then progress one season is slack job and the winners runaway whereas this impasse in africa luton so called ah that's why that's why our dies club message gets very cold buds beautiful you know in the good people up there the real humans lottery lao real humans up there yes there there's no one is very few people china poppea script and now that
hey listen they're cds live in their lives bands live in that good or bad good or bad as long as they can keep it again i wanna things i really love about them in the road and just gone different parts the world country i mean just just appreciated oh yeah definitely i think it's important that we get a broad spectrum abroad a feeling of all these different communities different ways vessel rocket and there's a difference tat correct me if i'm wrong like like a long island where i'm about to go or the work of failure you know when you gotta when you got out of these places the east coast there an aggressive gene is much more aggressive whim then then macho then say the west coast are like you in seattle san francisco even canada you go out like a long island i've been eleven dounia but i mean but like the new york philly trenton new jersey it it's an aggressive grouper it's it's twice ass likely to punch enough that's right the twice like that's exactly right fifty percent more phase punches
jersey fight by easily unemployed that longer new working with the wrong shirt like they rightly says motherwit sentiment school with peter bread and your mom in new york union new jersey if i'm going to school with with peter bread where are they did they beat the shit out of me i'm a communist state like what's with your healthy bread you comedy where's your wonders rowley yang to believe you lunchbox you fuckin punk i'm are working in a bank in new york and i would order like i bring come up with a big salad and my irish friends from like the bronx and broken to be like the fuck is this guy do need a bullet twigs are you a fucking rabbit is not funny how much we judge people based on what the emotional dared certainly do what do you haven't even a fish foggy doing the stake out you want i'll have the salmon place
what you got on my hunting group anymore you have in the fish fucking stake restaurant dwell them in and i hear some ways a vague and you talk about these stand it with great it's our i have a tough time not having son judgment was i guys i see where they tried to do i see it might get it in its it's a few you're concept it's gonna work really great when you symbiotic leave tat to robots in all your energy from the sun and you don't need food but you know what you're gonna get blowjobs any their ship the stick in the back your brain also you're getting blown though the reality of the pursuing an actual real honest to goodness blowjob that's gonna be lost forever and i don't think that's not going away on you because it is you gonna noting in his pocket ship in your head off the barbados get your dick sucked in the beach you're gonna know it's not real you gonna go insane and andalusia mining adrift in it now those dream but never knowing which ones real which one is and stick and random
second chips in the bag your brain pop and offer five minute vacations one of the time just gave a virtual sack every it isn't zaga me fine webber's fuck it up that the the beautiful time is now this is the roaring twenties of the technological age this is the beautiful taxes we still are attached to our biology guess we're still it s our biology we have google were rock in it with navigation systems on your car bluetooth headsets wine in planes yet people still blowjobs is you still have whiskey you still have good music smells you still lives out of work or something you still get a stake that i'm sure there's a phone the brain just put up this is from jeff richards just got just scott sorry jeff scots facebook page it is sam kennison ted nugent and robin williams in the back of the com in store
that just shows you what kind of fuckin history the calmly storehouse because first of all this is kennedy before he even made it one of you look at the way he dressed kennison essentially after while i start aware like an outfit he wore a moray he wore the overcoat and this is gallagher all shirt on my vice you can tell that is it yeah that's a sports jacket over the white t shirt life no ted nugent has that yeah yeah yeah sank mckenna in used to have like like an outfit where a t shirt ranch co trench code and a bait and like a barrage right well he's out of costume that's like a rare photo of kennison just being jensen just hang out with a thing a guy eyes an animal is his book is fantastic the mia brother sam really his brother wrote about em by what it was like rosy like he's a regular kid till we get hit by a car i did get hit by a car her real bad
fact is brain up and then from then on reckless really wild crazy mother fucker like that that accident created sam kennison leyla look eric clapton sam kennison phil collins at the look at their high value i pleaded pan though that's kennison when he became famous ease actually weren't dice jacket there look at that but he had the moray here the bahraini the crazy here that's like got a rat dice how he got enormous everybody knows that i'm a fuckin huge huge huge cares and fat i've always been a gigantic innocent fan why do you think i'm some i just loved when he came out when he came out i just thought it was the most irreverent the most like he was just the way he was talking about certain subjects meagre realises we're talking about the eighties the way he was doing all those bids on religion i'd never heard anybody attack religion like that what he was doing and do it
in a way where he was like he was a qualified spokesperson he was a former reverent ravenous our minister and he was just his to take our shit was so off the deep and crazy is i never thought that kind of comedy was possible to see my i always assume the stand of comedy had a very similar form like you see it like like mine all mythology comedy acknowledged guys to any further megaphone talk like that and then i saw like richard prior and all this and physicality to richards approach and he's more honest and terminology thurston and then i saw like jerry seinfeld all he does is like he's just got his really clever way of looking at things he draws you into it and then all sudden there's a fat guy with a trench coat and a beret doing a bit about now homosexual necrophilia acts who had spend money to spend a few hours with
fresh is male corpses so he does this fucking man and it was so funny that i was working at it and athletic club and the ship that was working behind the counter she read did the bit for me in the parking lot that's how i found out about it she told me you gotta have see this guy sam tennyson she's on the fucking parking lot in the the right in front of the boss let a club and south boston and she's on her stomach going you mean i frog in the as even after your dad never never at her freshen up scam of kennison was making me lab in my eyes why why that's brilliant and then i saw i gotta hold that hbo special i believe i gotta envy hs dinesh i see it what was on its way i got a copy of the two were ancient and when why should i remember going i gotta do another tat like i did anyone got you understand yes yes
i changed my my view of climate change my view of company because i would like to ask you when you're a little bit like that rights most who were you talking about before but you you felt too crazy nobody around me and when i'm on my friends were telling me that i was funny like listen you like me so you're laughing and i understand that but i think i talk about easy shit i'm an asshole like the things and i think you're funny a lot of people can be offended by right but until i saw kennison that's possible too i got an even know that that was an option because it's because it it represents a true side of life that we don't talk of yes right i ever told you mamma act and teacher who came and talk about with your friends and quite get together right and if so what happened so i got one knuckle arousal i can't believe this crazy and she's gonna to help me i'm like i don't want to hurt you if you don't fuckin hit me i'm not gonna start deck ball my head and you
your friends who die and laughing could you tell us dorians age now of course tell a story on stage now why you never had a growth for never grow before body at the fucker this one she was asking me i didn't know what to do when you look at your friend go out are you not a judge you hire right i mean those kind of stores you can't talk about state and we would always have those you know it's like we would said about me is how i feel about you that europe probably honest dude and were were very us with each other we ve told each other some crazy stories that we both have done so knowing like what a person's were that knowing that this other people out there you ve ok i'm not crazy now i'm just never eating this insane landscape right and i'm gonna fuck up along the way and there's gonna be a lot of places why shouldn't gonna people should hung out with in some danger i shouldn't have stepped into but you know that that's that
a part of the whole situation by the way you might emitted bigger mistake in arizona knock out on it exactly jug you're you're way oh by the way is amaze it's insane sooner at me when i came in here to pat maybe there's a guy named pat magee from magee effects dot com and i am he's a special effects guyana very very cool dude and i hired him to make an american werewolf in london replica for the studio huge and it is fuckin terrifying it's it's real if i can say see the pictures they're on my twitter at joe rogan or on my instagram which is joe rogan exe
currency out as the american express not the johannesburg now just gerais i experience he had just one word joe rogan experience on twitter you can see the photos of the first was a brian so you get a chance to see the perspective of the it's it's really and terrified that we were like we're going madonna very serious conversation about whether a bear with ebay ability to an end by the way its second guess the size of a big lion adding he's gonna kill alliance it looks very athletic legs were shown only has a mind of a human you showed even more dangerous supernatural natural think even kill it where the fuck is lying in a deep voice silver bullet gels that's gonna ripple wine apparent tiger will mounted and fuck it make little tiger werewolf baby sadly that's a tiger its track is so vague they wouldn't fuck that werewolf up man tigers and no joke tigers are much larger and bears probably fucker
tyres i wanna play this thing on the grizzly can we just put this thing out on runnion canyon saw these look or other like walking up let's hike and then just put the thing in the grass looking around the corner someone with john about hammer the jury but that doesn't montana dress up like bigfoot oh no he trail yet the re shot and killed in a car get hit by one girl one teenage girl going this way she hit em and then when you laid on the road another teenage girl other way random over and kill them this breaking news that happened what right when we started a corpse was found in an elite who tells water tank people have been drinking water in auditing out of this water they found it a body in there that's been in there for two weeks is a girl yeah there there had been looking for her where she from she from taiwan tourists thing in hotel where say toronto that's that's yet canadians news as this is death twenty one year old corner on what untrue
i won't say with the hotel is both freaking me so it was of water tank for the hotel our water tank for this city the city will know it was like the hotels water tanks that that means like the guy get a piece of your urging and hot like you be drinking green tea with everything pretty my god decompose i guess we agreed to you fucker do this lady man is poor lady and poor girl i saw that when they were i retweeted somebody had tweeted ladys was missing on but whenever woman's miss answer is like a child or a woman makes me so it just its title worsens one out there so that we are able can't nina their families can live until they find out what happened
and also now we know there's one out there there's a guy to kill the woman so we have to figure out what this guy what was the story before this authority at a herd of this girl oh yes missing should she just one day disappeared i don't know i just got a tweet and weird we descended the had they had the guy get her into our water tank and i will tell us that was crazy doesnt work that that would tower had something to do with the maintenance of photo who look at break he's colombo and this mother father i am you're right but totally or just understood wearily so fucked up you know when i we were talking about to change the subject little but when you are talking about being honest and crazy at a great acting teacher i think i can say his name because he actually talks about these really good teacher he was american vietnam for two tours he's seen everything you know and he was like one of the first great people that so they said in class i always take less from seven to twelve i also eggs i love him his name is richard laws neither really special guy and he's got a great acting class
data so much that i never see new yawn niggers yeah because i don't put my attention on myself i bought my attention out there i'm not thinking about being tired i don't focus on the tea in there i wanted meaningless i learn in vietnam watching when i visit when the american we'd get shot allow times they go and shock when you get shot you go i gotta get shot and lot of the time will go would cause you to going to shock is also a notion that you get shot in your heart swiftly really fast your terrified because you might die you you go into that notion the vietcong they get shot riddick injuries and you could still interrogate them because they be putting their attention out there they would immediately start focusing and their whole way of thinking anyway was they were if on a tree they weren't the tree so far whatever reason they wouldn't go into shock is quickly they would immediately their attention on you know something in front of them they weren't focusing on the wound they said he
used to see that when he's a medic taken care of people who saw such a fundamental striking difference in the mindset between the vehicle and an american gee i and he besought impressed with their ability to focus on anything but themselves they were not part of this equation however small part of the equation that he used it in his own life you know he would use this idea he was tired or be no feeling sick that he would just literally put his mind over their off himself hang himself hourly on actually watch himself more through what he had to get done but you probably get a lot more energy outages doing that and opposed to like festering on the idea that you're tired of course which is i was found that the things that i detest the most and other people the things on terrified to sing and myself and a person who doesn't know how to push through shit and get things done and just come on come on get up just yet do it giddy and get it dont get hereford being that guy i'm terrified and not gang shit yeah forces me to find it to be gross and other people in right was like
things it scares me about them taking a wrestling out of the olympics are worse yeah created all the olympics they and the fact that it's not me in every high school i think some real lessons to be learned that a lot of people never gonna learn and lessons are how to get through difficult shit how to get to the physical difficulty in doing things as which a lot of you are avoiding you get a more bow mastery of your own mind and that's a fuckin important aspect of being a human being people skipping step diverse given that i agree it can fuck you in the long run man i can give you the extra push towards saying something stupid i can give you the extra bad energy to take a well you know look to get good at anything you know looks take wrestling or digital an example if you're
if you want to get good you better work away or bad at you better work into things you're bad you can't go in there tat people out with that set that you constantly no guys that are working on stuff there not good at organ the surpass you did you just learned that the hard way if you if you're not careful and having everything is why you know you better you better work at what you are there you gain a lot of leather times i'll tell you you know you about an music better musical instrument learn how to do something what i like about doing plan the drums i gotta learn how to do for different things with which each limits really difficult to do i gain a lot from just the practice in the stretch of trying to learn how to be have all four limbs doing something independent that's that's really interesting time it actually choose just my whole mindset i actually approach things very differently for the rest of my day it's really weird again explained our define how but it does make a difference what think when take on new activities your mind when it starts concentrating on some new thing whether its playing drums or a new game you're trying to master what
fuck it is when you're mine gets really enthusiastic about things that starts trying to figure things out working towards an achieving like little girls you get invigorated yeah it's us wing of invigoration whenever you pursue anything that you find to be fun eighteen i find to be stimulating but the real thing is like everybody's de of what stimulating is different just is tat in the real problem is like that poor kid is fuckin dad keeps push them in football you really want a dance mean little band ivory the best dancing car hocker alone we billy elliot glamour billions like ballet but listen i didn't see the movie
a man is correct from an actual as what they need babyhood reminder layering kids for kid grinder no he comes from a coal mining even one billion because my coal mining family in the guise of this hard ass call minor in the north of england like mine just as in this movie a job but just in english movie from manchester and the kid wants to be as independent movie nodes really nobody wants to be a ballet dancers an amazing ballet dancers incredible dancer as follows like ballet ballet like i can't believe you so angry my son's gonna do power not a mile you know it's just a disaster for him but that's what he is he's a fucking ballet dancers rabies how to find out what you grow where you groove is what you groove is plain goes back to the truth what is your truth if you're tragic if you try to avoid it you're gonna get yourself in some you're gonna be on anti depressants
you can have the mask that that that should just do what you're it is amazing that there's no one has ever come out with a really effective guide book on how to live life in a zestful direction like eat no one can ever tell you how to be successful and what is successful to use not success was someone else etc etc but to teach you how to manage the whole big package it's like the the the whole idea of managing the thoughts in your mind is just missing from school they still had to disturb laughing why when people are self conscious like in my class this guy richer lozenges acted that somebody with hick whenever i like this got this guy was like embarrassed that he'd done some so i'm just embarrassed by them i my teacher goes i did he pay i fucked a pig i don't want to get yeah i thought the pig written about it right now you don't think that's embarrassing
i'll tell you everything about myself i fuck the pig when i was a kid how about that and every just stop nearly well you know what have you got to admit that i can be agony admit fuckin anything and it just liberate you wouldn't like somebody who's a leader and a group as hey guys guys guys in case you guys that can ever they stop acting like a fuckin puritan because we're all pretty fucked up in an i'm the most blocked up bang you know so i'm not there is a point that but which is kind of piggy back now you're trying to say which essentially you know just just whatever you're fuckin truth is just be honest with yourself maybe with a couple your friends and then just fucking follow that i'm not saying fucking korea that that takes a long time to find you know and everybody feels like water if you ever try to like things that other kids light
give it a shot like when i tried ridden deasey comic books accurate i collected trains her like ten minutes housing up i would have a trains that i guess trains are cool i tried reading these add a couple of massive couple superman's my who is right in this lame pills no shit did i was so hard for marble i did the exact same thing they are by the exact same like batman comic is adjusted verlag due to enter dc they like live with them if they are ready to shoot themselves will highlight corner allies conan the werewolf and end the hawk those the werewolf what what movie where were always on eyes set a marvel one where more map marvel did have some werewolf comic book no i think about it what was it if it was called just werewolf is that feeling about this and more about another difference but i never i guess i never listened in red decisive i like that i like the african continent
well i shall like the by read the batman series the original one the dark night serious pretty good the whole depending on who was the one yeah there's a kite buckled werewolf werewolf by night yes that's it and i remember that you really bring me back holy shit i can't that i completely forgot about this i've read some of these i had to give up my entire comic book collapse oils poor when i was trying to become a sense of community and i have this fat comic book colossal then i had do for food yeah i was so those there was an we swear ice squeak by air and i had to get rid of some shirt and a handsome some decent comic books i had comic books i collected from seventies from when i was
started collecting them when i was like seventy years old i lived in san francisco i would go to these they have comic book store nathan sampson yeah from eighty seven to eleven i have to san francisco the first why my parents met in new jersey and my dad's kindly psycho used to be a cop crazy my parents had split up so my mother met my stepfather and i think the illegals could the vulgar manner and so was the first four displacing girls this guy so from eight eleven and copper frayed seven to eleven i lived in san francisco so why we lived there and san francisco is a trip those are the first place where i never done any sort of performing de la magic show on fishermen's wharf nos eight years now you're gonna magic kit christmas them like i'll make some lennox had seen all these people do these things to make money you know they would do like world
like street before so just decided it would be a straightforward has like eight goes to show how much my parents are watching me he is safe congress real dangerous but take that money and by comic books there was a budget that colleague bookstores back then when credible they had there was a whole series of comic books called creepy an eerie and they were all these like really well drawn black and white like dark dark comic books about really fucked up shit where wolves and vampires and i'm not gonna shit and i just would collect those and i had so many is really really weird like subculture member like anything you like if i ever walked into roused me mad tv out you know the first years nobody will never get recognized if i walked into any comic book store anywhere in the country i would get recognized like there who was watching mattie the guys who own comic book stores and gradual hung on the planet
maybe you could have a mad magazine you mentioned there was like you could like break it down like that like how many people in complex stores eliciting what percentage of cholera bookstore people are into what is the real demographic they would like to do this imagining you joe like your dad tucking you and at night as a kid in his dislike masters exists i'm gonna give you nothing's real fuck the moon good night every night before he could of teaching what are you talking about i was just thinking i was taking the view that taking you know that's not really accurate assessment at one time in there wasn't really while talking then when'd you actually right there what could i want to remember it comic books
starts to exist or have you been an lightly nervous yeah not what i meant was sunday mrs there was nothing else there is no internet back i've known throughout comic books is how you got em they had comic book buyers guides and shit it's fun like which ones you try to get hold of near like old comic books they would sell these places they had some of them behind glass and really speciality ashley s ensure unsurprising around a comic book merited a comic i was thinkin about severe that there was this really good at getting into fond with them like like they were so like us aphrodite or something but they dislike if you're in love with somebody you never want to kill him you're completely putty ineffective as free spanner i do so minor give to a girl that later i found out life she was using for her heroin and not in abortion which i thought it was for so you thought i was for an abortion should heroin yeah make no she was buying heroin i thought she needed money for
so i saw my coming for collection and in about two years ago do those twelve step things her she i d like get earth get eyes come up people and you know get there what is it like apologize to and so she did say that to me like look i was a drug addict guy you know it wasn't an abortion you have talked about before yeah that's right you did now thinking about remember crazy man gonna haven't lombard leland phobia weird feeling tat i did it grows a coca validated or a couple times wasn't lying along thing i found it out as you said sancho cause i find i mean really this is that when i was in my twenty i didn't make my sense of screwy people was not nearly as good as it is tat takes time while you have to learn i trust yourself you know
that's true that's it to you you can listen to ignore your first impulse like cabbie bina i actually like i think i would use to give people the benefit of the doubt too much and as you know the little bit cynical amino we're gonna good why i'm here a great guy and that is europe in your main issue give people the benefit of the doubt tat you had one come to be something different than they are you would like create i am and in so many ways now that's not what they are this year not write you a unit i've had some funny moments why would have saved a lot of time and money a lot of time and money if i just listen to some of your observations about people but then you wouldn't be you you know i am nothing was humanitarian nothing was too bad i never made any huge mistakes we are going to go you look fine but i was right it is didn't it is shocking to me that you didn't see outs
i got you don't see that this guy is like what we would do you hanging around with these guys this is a wreck your years gonna pull you and some crazy situation were someone's going to jail someone's how's it going to catch on fire what are you doing right this is indeed keyser good guys like that fucking good god what are you crazy you use had a blind or on and i think it was probably did not get to deeper crazy but i think this problem does you had a bit of a blind iran as to your own self then you didn't see yourself as honestly i think as you see now yourself now here now i can imagine you hang around within it not only to align the wooden wooden exist on its iron yeah in all this shit that you had to do was that there was also a thing of when you first came to like when you are on television unmanned tv i think you were trying to like manage like
when a show business career le yeah like this is how do i do that i was actually american trying to mimic other people watch how he would be here and i like i guess i gotta do that like you know what you are also a really enamored by the people there were in and you wanted to be liked them like one i think that was kind of crazy i wish we had some of this on film when you first worse stand up when i met you when you're doing mad tv like you this wild crazy dude and then you go on stage and you would be like like real like observer national air i allowed myself you know that's that's i was thinking about that i'm beginning to park gases as that's that's because in my opinion when you're younger you actually there's a lot of mystery to life like you actually think that their people know better than you do that you're impulses and your instincts are actually wrong and their appeal out there that have the answers and so like you know when you're in a room with a bunch of fifty year olds in suits that you get
dazzled by the notion that these people no more than i do because they ve lived more and stuff like that you get older elsewhere yeah and you get older and what happens is especially if you ve been getting better at something learn kind of had i had on how to get really good at something what that takes you learn that to recognise the peaks in the values and the plateaus and stuff i then what you realize that accomplishment the things that you have admired through your whole that's not a mystery aids i don't care from sitting next to robert deniro or some big scientists now whenever i like what they do in their accomplish people how they got there how they got there is not as much a mystery to me anymore they did not its can i have my own journey that i'm proud of i'm doing my own version of what i do so i can have a very good conversation with a surgeon for example here set of skills i have a set of skills we chose to do different things but i'm not odd or in
in our ort intimidated or in mystery of how somebody can be so successful quarter because that's no longer that's no longer blinding has linked to me and i think when you're younger you are just thinking to yourself i am really ultimately somebody who has a lot to learn and i need to mimic mimic what i what looks to me like success success yeah yeah well i think we all do that in the beginning and you are just trying to find your you you're footed onstage look it's not easy thing to get to become a standard comedian or to given accurate representation of how you're funny off stage in a goes to explain this to some of the other day who has friends that want to be a comedian and she was saying well they can't do it they can only make people laugh that no they can only make the friends laughed like onstage they'll be fuckin terrible
yeah maybe now you say that but that whatever the fuck it is that allows a person to make a bunch people laugh sent thing into tat your home that crap you gotta figure out how to transmit that on stage but it is exactly the same little if a guy's funny off stage i have so many people that they should become acts like do you could do this step most awesome is job ever you ever want to be eager do it you trust me to do it and if you have ever actually listened but it's it's at now now after all this time like the other day when i did that awesome show with you in vegas where dominating worth three thousand people as it was it was so i thought my seminars on stairs i go you know i feel as though i'm what are the way i'm speaking and what i'm doing i would be doing this for twenty people or in my living room or these three thousand like that line starts to really bore and that was what
that was kind like you know you're up there with tat many people but it still feel somewhat intimate well these crowds of very different than any other three c gradually aware of one mind in such racy because of this podcast we when people i think when people come to see that they know you from the podcast they fuckin know you pretty damn good i mean they there that my best friends and yeah i've and what's dissected everything and you ve dissected everything about your life almost to the point that none of these guys just like a couple sentence and i've told a lot of personal should on this package of settling down but whereby as we are in need know that just so rance of you and i talking that have been put to music and images on youtube some life changing shit i've had people tweet mimis their watches video a hundred times every time and it makes me more enthusiastic about life and more energetic about getting getting things done so when you do the crowd like that you get like this massive positive vibe from all these people mediaeval when their drunk
bags is like does only a couple of and their fine i mean we ve got a couple healy yell some shit up at its always fun man it's their diana glass very rarely do we have a negative moment in any of these shows you have raised because you're involving alcohol and thousands of strange we use them or we would like it first when i got to know how many people show up you know maybe it's two thousand we you stuck out though like quarter of that are reno is for you and holy shit like what the fuck there all the way up the bleachers like the top yet unfortunately and i apologise veni you are part of that the people there were at the highest level they had a hard time here apparently this a bit of an echo like way with voice you know it doesn't carry the way a club does and because of that we're not gonna do that room anymore i'm trying to find a like a real closed in space the the acoustics places that large mean the ceiling is so high that when you're up there i guess people have just had
edith came to see comedy shows like that because like best like the blue collar tourism like santa pretty they get sell out that whole place if they sold out that arena the people on the top areas probably have a hard time here in them unless they at the sound differently for comedy show if i said i did last eddie murphy and i realized tat i heard no problems the blues nazi swann problem is the house of blues is awesome love their place in fact i would prefer it but they don't have it's all seated so all those people around the bar or our standing and they are just start talking it's always happens and i would do it i like that they now i know you know but i don't think the heart you said the placing the hard rock the when i introduced clay just start doing weaknesses
we need to come up with a new place because what i try to do is do it wherever the fight tsar but mgm doesn't really had a place except that comedy club they they have the comedy clever the m gm but that's it will you know brad garrets comical they always have like somebody this down there and so like three hundred seats but the there's no less eighteen hundred cedar there's no like nice room that i could write their in those nights like we used to do the lion king theatre that was bad member within our giorgio sucralose first party what is at issue here from ancient aliens with the wacky hair sweetheart of a guy he's is really until like the ancient alien theory the idea that we were visited at one point in time by some intelligent beings from other planets top people how to build cool shit interesting probably guys i bet they meet their even i just never can you and your proof is well this there's none but now
there is some unique aspects to ancient man an ancient civilization sat make those theory so juicy one of them being places like macho p to our teacher needs is this a few specially march a picture which psych way that fuckin top of some mountains somewhere and that like they tried for your half acting at these rocks up here these things are going huge and there's there's some amazing stuff in peru gigantic stones that are like caught to fit the perfectly the stone neither you talkin about hundreds of tonnes stacked on top of each other mean just an amazing phraseology sharing this reaction we don't know they did it but doesn't mean it was aliens most likely in my opinion whenever i look at stuff like that did the preponderant of evidence the mass amount of evidence points to their had do have
in at least some levels of sophistication off on a different branch the varied from we are today and what i mean by that is like save you look at life you look at life organic life all over the world there are different animals in australia that just don't this year in america this kangaroos and shit you look at africa with lions and tigers in asia and you look at all these different animals you look at all these different possible eco chains and possible systems of what couldn't couldn't have been and then you read all these different stories that you hear from all the ancient civilizations they would talk about a cataclysmic disaster that wiped out an earlier advanced similar slide of today all talk about that the epoch of gilgamesh in babylon and in iraq the the bible ta
about it with a flood and noah theirs they that almost all of them deal with a massive history changing event and most likely it looks like that was meteor impacts around thirteen thousand years ago there finally more more evidence that there's this new clear glass we talked about yesterday and i'm not gonna go into detail with today but there's a glass that exist at this the strata around too thousand thirteen thousand years ago where the entire like all throughout europe smashed by us by these media saw talking about religious tradition has a story of a great flight of andalusia and when you look at things like march a peach you you look at all these ancient structures it's attitude to me it seems very likely that there is different inches of intelligent civilised and some of them go off and become egypt at the same time where other people
thousands of miles away in africa are essentially live in the same way they lived a thousand years ago and then boom egypt have pyramids loving and there is a book that one puts prize that i've talked about before called guns germs and scale and ensure a diamond actually talks about for example will in china of one of the areas where language written written word was at its when and also in the fertile cresson babylon koona form like writing first time there is a language it was written enough of it whereas they the aborigines of of australia were still living in the stone age when when the brits came to us why lot of it can be traced to the fact that we learn from each other societies the yang in the yellow river and china brought information both sides that's where you have a huge area that speaks one language manner in which is incredibly some see nowhere else
so so so much of what we like the fertile cresson the area of turkey and babylon things i doubt that enable grass dead animals you could best domesticate ned ned ways to get around the topography allowed you to share information so one group would come up with a in innovation technology a writing formal whenever and also the fact that they had farming that creates and resources and so that's it the reason why in a basically basically says why are some civilization so much more advanced and others here is the recent riots with a book so its frontiers all sorts of different environments in the world and is all sorts of different bountiful resource areas where you can exist subsist off the land fairly easily leaves room for innovation and in a place like peru and might have been like lasher it's much more likely that than people came in from unifying the andes he talks about had was when we only places that they had domesticated animals you could domestic lamas what that means when you can
sk in animals like that you can move huge thing huge their lamas rumble rightly strong very strong are easily the domestic exactly they make actually really good pats jack and move huge things the there there was arable land is about like hundreds of tonnes these things are so goddamn big its they had to have been advanced civilization but it real possible that they could have been an advanced civilization without any help from aliens while they certainly said the lad areas also in guns germs and steal that area had written was when they went on places isolated from anything else that create its own written language while so part of that was because they could they re tulip air that did they were able to grow corn and things like that and you couldn't subsist over the winner of the wood the climate was somewhat more might take on it is not that that disqualifies the idea of us being visited by alien life i dont think it does but i think you have to look objectively it like it is
for sure isn't a massive feat of accomplishment that human beings built the pyramids it's so who ever did it whether even if the aliens helped us holy shit what a fuckin building you know i mean that's that exists ok no one's taken that away but it is it is it the ball that at some point in history something came down and in fact with the genetic of lower animals and tried to cry some intelligent being their dna of course that's possible to its not likely but it's very possible we are already taking probes and put putting them on mars we think about where we are right technologically and we think about what we just talked about about environments where there's a bounty of resources and where you can innovate and where you maybe you're in a situation where you dont have a predator situation like humans have had most of their life and you you're able to develop much quicker without any worry about predation so
innovate much quicker in your living on this planet and you're a thousand million years more advanced than us as this planet doesn't get hit by asteroids and then you come and visit and you fuck with monkeys and make make people and then disappear and leave them what their stories and then they repeat their stories over the camp fire and is each generation goes on they become more and more preposterous where twenty generations later this this store involves a dude coming back from the dead and walking on water and people were added their own bullshit to it but one point time it was an alien who came down fuck what some monkeys and made people is entirely positive way when they they talk about the universe being infinite like the theory is that it's actually infinite nets nobody gets you know i'm in other words i don't get well what that actually means that that that ain't that if its infinite what's happening right now between you and i has happened in another world because that's what the notion of infinity is that any power
stability mathematical possibilities already has already happened areas happening we can we can't even robber heads around the infinite like there other universes not you talk not just one other universe but another universe where you have the exact same lie because that's the mathematical gas because it so big that every possibility exists that's like the the wooden physics when i say a chimpanzee considered a typewriter and its possible if that he would just citizens are hitting it is madness we possible but i'd like a great book right right all shakespeare's what's portion the idea that leader who took a bug in its they say why did you take her bottle through to the ground and a scatter but there is mathematical possibility when you throw that above the ground there's a mathematical said that all that it'll scatter in in what direction in the same direction it was simulated sort of come right back together that's a possibility that a mathematical possum the earlier shit yeah there's so many variables
that's it we're lost their lives and it might not happen in a billion universe yes but on one that takes place on one you flip goin lands on its side a hundred times in a row there's somewhere that that's possible is it possible that it could land once in a row yes then in there is a world somewhere where a man flips echoing on a table and lands on its side a hundred times in a row and everyone seeing it as a fuckin heart attack and then the building is hit by a meteor all she had happened and that something that we can we can understand that we have this like really sort of abstract idea of infinity when you look up at the sky you can look at all the stars whilst real pretty nice you run in the house as quick as again if we have to think about it to my butt how big is that media that had not been eg you know what the biggest peace they ve got from it is seven millimetres so far why two largest chunk they recover that that that's have also just disappear like tongue goose gotta turn goose girl they believe it probably exploded before an impact
it exploded in the sky above tongue goose girl and that's one of the reasons why wiped such an alarmingly large area was bigger than like africa how many nuclear bombs to a few times while the tesla maniacs all think that that was nikola tesla fucking with his death row because it coincided with run the same time that westinghouse was aiming to down his ability to project electricity through the air so the real crazy tenth tesla tinfoil hat people believe that was him using you write a book about him he was like a few books about it yeah raising the great genius we're item it what was his while he also died penniless i mean he wasn't a smart guy when it came to finances and being taken advantage of and he also was in love with a pigeon he was completely fuckin crazy but it was also responsible for more than a hundred patents
a brilliant brilliant man me he created a lot of an incredible inventions and believed that it was poor possible to receive signals and ideas from other dimensions he thief believe that he was he was able to retrieve signals from from until intelligent beings in the universe those signals as a problem and i think a guy who has a mind that's that insanely supercharged i'm talking about a guy who did that yours display that they put on the world fair first time they showed electricity to name lit up this entire town the world fair or wherever the fucker was chicago or something like that i have incredible but you have to see it but pull up the pictures brian outrage but world fair tesla electrons electric display cause to fear to let people know how credible this was he me the guy who figured out alternating current in
thomas edison result resisted all of his ideas in it not having this eight there's direct current in alternating current we heavy we have both right ac deasey the alternating current the idea behind it was that your electric shaver doesn't need as much electricity is your fuckin car does you're plugin you're gay hybrid car and i say gauge energy wind don't hate plugin in your fucking prayers galaxies are you really wouldn't which when you get it i'm getting the new hybrid but it's a bad askern son of the union the less for sixteen that's the shit i think it's for it is the only one or two thousand have big one border as big ls it's a fucking luxury living i can't riding around its the quietest car ever inside them they're so insulated there than in their affair plastic piece of electronics and are nearing the way they absorb bumps shocking
he'll hear you run over bomb since like nothing the whole frame or rather their whole suspension just gives in the perfect amount and each wheeled to keep the car balanced when that that that by the way it really saves you energy during the day when you arrive mass axing massive massive feed of engineering that this the lack lexus ls for sixty h i think you're talking about its four hundred plus horse power i bread beautiful fuck and the new one is even dope or looking there were new desirable that will arise you see that picture in the top not not the top left but the one you're the one you were right yet i went to the to the right the black and white went above it look it yeah that's what he that was his his his accomplishment of lighting up the guy yeah this is that had never seen electricity before there are used to walk around with fucking candlestick and this guy lit up this huh oh area is at chicago that word is scary easy man and me this was i think i want to say nineteen
what was it now eight nineteen i was using internet diving i just guess though we know brand can't read that's fine tesla world if you if you could sit down and talk to three people who they re he'd be number one really yeah yeah he'd be number one number to be johnny cash really fucker when i hear some stories man johnny cash did though the dying man it isn't really out there doing it doing shows every night fuckin bang now songs and drinking whisky and taken pails punching people fuckin next get the car next town home a big walking phoenix fan but even i enjoyed his me i became i was a big walking phoenix managed to change that i was i loved him and gladiator and but when he became like that fake
poor guy and he did that whole thing for loki year my come on man what the fuck he's got bored in eighteen ninety three eighteen eighty three was it really yes holy shit eighteen only through while but but he played an awesome john cash i mean he finally that partly due to bad ass actor i just thought that i mean i should even said like because it's not really true it's just that that hope thing he did worries like pretend to be crazy like why what are we seeing your time with this work the you're doing a fake document were you friends whose allowing unity let me see what your pals commit yet that's a product the valet too that's a strange kind of weird like pretend to be a loser and fall balanced agents shit like what the fuck you do you're the guy gladiator demanded a lot of drugs and yet he getting it s who else does scatter idea i think that idea of the kind that are good for you and i think he lightweight quays bills and blow and yeah that's no good man that's not the shit for you i don't know what i've heard
i don't know i don't i walk him if you listening i'm that's why no wonder you have in isolation take i need to get isolation do have i've only dynamic of venice this conversation with dunton you really don't if you wanted was a livid ministers but he doesn't have any more familiar and unanimously way moved slowly checks should be drawn to him irresponsibly less hollywood shut up shut up brian you're fuckin really everything you're ruining every day you really should begin in one on a regular basis and i'm not i'm here i'm sick of trying to recruit my fans my friends rather why do i say look as it creates a good way by wilma free is a good report i think that it's one of the most important things come i think it's one the most important things for relaxing toward the most important things for like resetting your thinking to being away from anything i do being completely alone when your thoughts without body even interfering had a conversation with dark last night dug its doing so well
he super had become and thus to columbus we'll have a good time him laddie ankle cincinnati islanders ohio yeah march first where the task theatre in cincinnati and then march second we are i'll stay alice loud columbus yet with group supersize app house theatres so fucking beautiful it's amazing feared when those where you just sit there and look at how amazing the play i love columbus i haven't been there since i did talking monkeys in space which is my two thousand and nine special i did at the southern theater in columbus and i had the time of my fucking life i live don't you know life the billiard the beasts first if tat count all my work ever its you're gonna be dead some day i'm gonna be done some day that's my first cd and then life in the belly the bees not so good
and i was busy doing too much shit and i took a lot of time off then got really into it again so you don't like two thousand to two thousand five as when i did my show tat special joe rogan lyra does that originally for netflix and then two thousand six was shining happy jihad which is a cassette and there are two seconds sidetrack etc it's a lazy rector a recording on plaster c d rather not visual at all and then talking magazine space which was the one that was on by tv and calmly central and then life in the tabernacle those excellent unsexed yeah and i'm having such a good time i haven't so into creating new material and fuckin around on a day such as long as such a good feeling we got that's exactly how i feel unjust writing new stuff and
and holding it and watching it grow it so much fun with that's it is if there is a certain amount of attention you really do have to give a bit before you let it go and put it on special an unfortunate sometimes i come up with a bit and not done yet again on a special and i saw tat i now i know that i have so many like guts i got sick so many things i am i circumcision bit that's on my last special there was a really recent bit really recent before for man i had to put it on their because when it went so well with everything that i was talking about but then of course as soon as i put it on i've got some new tag lies i just hang for it i just wanna maybe have underlined unjust excited this little honest i've ever been to with my expression like i've never been this i think the colony is one of those things like almost
everything in life like being a human being where's the more energy put to it the more you focus on the more you try to take corrective steps and enhance and improve the better it gets feel like i'm better now than ever before i really feel like i'm a better at times in i'm feelin it more it's like i'm do it more it's i'm so happy that i'm involved in doing something would stand up comedy and i could tell anybody that's it there's whatever you do what he may cabinet so you'll love fuck and fixing cars whatever that fuckin thing is that that gibes with you that really hits your aberration than tuned into your frequency if you find that you know work any more rice workings d no no my work is fun i wouldn't last night for free they try
pay me at the last act of might get the fuck out of here jamie i wouldn't i didn't want to sign as paperwork and liked and audio keep that money bitch just because i'm just data fuck around somewhere there because it's all fun thing to do not like here to punch to clark give me my fifteen dollars i've been going there a lot lately due tomorrow show lothar i've done it a few times once you get your own jewish night there so we can circling i know i was here and i would be into doing that maybe one night we could do that james out as it could produce a great he does more for charity neighbour that here we are that he's a sweet on that guy and it's a great fuckin club i buses balls all the time i always have buddy because do you remember when paul mooney come to my club and wants to see the end word and i say nobody you get here
crazy with the inward wearing michael legit i was there that night i didn't see it i left communists were back in those days the commonest all fuckin taken their video and released entirely themselves like a riches wasn't you know indeed he was trying to stand up and he had never done stand above all things was not funny well what and was he's not good at it and he made a mistake he thought you get away with something any went down a road and it didn't work you know but the people who try to pretend it was like him running up to some people and shouting racial slurs at them unannounced it's not like that you're talking about he was interrupted during a performance and he tried to find a way out of it and he's very unskilled in this particular art form use very angry and he was also in the latest it was us
guy and still is a guy who's a very successful famous guy who's probably used to people treating him very well and not really used to young black eyes you don't give a fuck who he is and say he sucks and truth and he was so infuriate that here point of view immediately went ratio i mean he went right for the jug you'd be hung upside down with a pitchfork in your ass a scientist and while i am it well it's it's ridiculous cannon asshole leaks are you not erases you're an asshole those people that get that gig man and you ve had that gig that tv gig you know you have to go to a lesser extent then michael richards of course did michael richards he had it when he was on that said for nine years would have the how it is that guy was a god michael richard your cream or severely every was so excited to be around it already went
everywhere he went people were opening doors form and getting on things and he was allowed to be that sort of goofy guy well when the party ended when seinfeld ended then it's michael richards on his own okay so what does he do we try to do said com it doesnt work so he says he's gonna start doing stand up but you to have ultimate humility to be already famous and then try to get good economy that takes fucking balls you only person i've ever seen put off is charlie murphy charlie mirth the only guy i've ever seen get good from being an open micro while famous lao tat he did it he's got balls do trolley murphy has fuckin ball
i love that yeah he's got balls he would go up and it was large framework you look so much like eddie tat he was doing forty minutes late last year after he started doing chapelle show when he had no previous experience whatsoever is closing show what was he doing before this has an actor you has been an active forever but out two to go as a michael richer where your beloved is being hilarious because everybody was writing your stuff yoda bunch of really talented hilarious writer running words in your mouth putting the brilliant words your mouth and as you know you you did you kicked the door when you come sliding in your hairs all crazy and you say the awesome shit in everybody loves you and then i'll sudden there's nothing here and there nothing and there's an stays nothin and you're gonna get out of here i gotta do something and you start going to that restore and then you realize like while this is your gear dealing with an in completely different artful
that's like being a runner and saying i'm gonna go play football try psych oh jesus now isn't all these other obstacles and don't play football now that it's all right it's also pointed because would stand up your fame you can be the most famous person although get you through its even in l a it'll get you five minutes irreverence not then lady and then and then the audience goes well wait a minute this is and thou laughing people shot down yes it's running right away that night yet the most beautiful girlfriend with them when i felt i would like to talk to her because she was there we use dragging this girl to show to show this big blue big but girl in what i have everybody said it was done something that was probably i probably i rhymes with doc yeah i remember i call it a night that happen just because i saw him at the comedy story like do he's gonna stage he was fuckin going
were you with me when we read it who told us about it was brent now he it was who told us about it with his face reference year rather it was right out yet brenner and went to the yes it was brunners he went to the laugh actor in came back over and you had seen is communist or set i saw his canvas forsake i called you because it was so ridiculous reading agro and crazing a photo of him then i too did your me and i was there another night if i did i'd done i said and he was on the next show swelling i was on the eight o clock show you some ten o clock show and i remember i gotta statesmen he i think he came on right after me and i left i sk designer unites i'd seen above lunchtimes already as tibet instead i literally laughed and he was on state interview that girl was made good at what girl the girl
where that now why so reared if you ask me i audition for him and he was mean to me like he was he was rude he didn't make he made me feel uncomfortable and in the room like just by just being i made a joke canadian laugh and indeed i was just auditioning for a new suit com and i never forgot i just thought that was even there was a bad experience and i always had a chip on my shoulder but how they got kind of victims so you know what a nice guy is a lot of people are too the ducks lot whether the deck people have found out yet i wonder what he's doing now his hair i a big house worry he'll do what does a guy like kramer to shatter bay ardor he's kramer by the way forever right yeah like i'm the fear factor guy for life has kramer what do you do you get a million a year out new now u s ear i saw i support on that as well as some gaps in the other the path and hopes and fears and macedonia with this was as disposal
you know that my solemn nazis he just like saying access nothing he's a guy who's actually just get drunk and become self destructive and starts here threats because this element outrageous shit in the world is always that moon shadows are bar whatever that our restaurant in my in miami or mobile now loom putting me in there all the time and again direction voting rights and these things racist or anything i just think you light he just gets crazy and goes on to say the most outrageous shit oh i don't know about that man was drunk when it was colonists chick leaving those crazy mohammed yeah drunk stop and think about what that was your daughter one why get drunk i mean i mean like i said what i get riots i got trials on my vote shows you don't fall on an issue that he said though so poignant like blow me now taken you are you that big house usually just shot and there was
so hilarious he was defining what a crazy fucked up fake relationship is you know you're in effect relationship just do your job and suck my dick no you have to keep making a harder and harder for me because he married amounts well you got she recorded courts him she not just record them she set em up she's a friend with russian can't see set up that's like only allegedly access all tat she could be a wonderful woman would marry a girl like you idiot i know another guy i'm not gonna say spanish girl who take your you know she's got a child with a guy interest taken those videos and selling them online while yes selling them to a website wow what an evil bitch you think evil and that's a mother of your try on its a woman who is he had spent a bunch of money try to get recordings for her to try to build her some sort of recording career but by the way she probably felt fucking
terrified sees a dangerous green i ask your right by the way i just remembered i just realized that thank you for saying that is by the way they simpson he's crazy and he spoke in saying that what do you expect produce she had to live with that guy that was the first time gentlemen with em she's having a kid kid without yeah we're on a baby exact fuckin screaming and yell and i'm on our side while in a certain certain yeah i've already to go back on earth and you remind me of oil is old deeds like that when you fuck some chick from a country where they not doing so well financially you know what you're doing you know you know you don't she's you're not it's done for you but yet you still in the game viagra what's going on for real what year you know you're gonna have to accept that i'm in balance and that sort of relationship and she's not going really be in a fucking you that much once she gets a kid from you just don't get money for me i'm just tired listen you come home scream about the jews otherwise you can start riccardi recording phone calls
that's just visit union the yang to the world we are you know like is when you drink that much it never has a good ending you gotta get ahold yourself it's unfortunate because he's a fucking brilliant direct aid is he's a brave heart was a fucking bad ass my thought apocalypse those an amazing dispersion i enjoyed it i was really i think he's m is we knows how to make a story he knows how to structure and movie here he's we got even that movie stop the gringo whatever the fuck it was was it what is called something the gringo his last we want the teddy bear no no no knows that that was tat was the beaver the beaver my god that doesn't even seem like real lie i thought it was a skip that i just audition i did when i saw the the my first initial reaction seeing the preview was this is money or dice yeah some oh yeah lieutenant alive something then to find out it's an actual movie with jody fosters like what actually i could reviews how did jody foster get certain this fucking movie
she looks great by over fifty years old zero the oscars around the various on while two fingers she looks phenomenon in her tight like i she's class dance is that in some tat i am i know who is at the noise she made jerry plus ancestral cartoon jody having sex with chips are just come on our and either come on over that's that's if this approach they come on gets i'll be line along yeah she does she have a baby or anything or boiling zero friend mary during those she's issue now here s she speaks for isn't it funded that's like a big issue whether chick is a lesbian you can tell by the way she talks are simpler smell but the thing is a woman like here's the issue here is the legitimate for real a woman like jody foster kane the closet and still play someone's wife no problem and no one has a problem with that if tom cruise
i'm not saying tom cruise is gay but if tom cruise was gay and he came out the closet and they want to do a movie where he was making out that shares our it's over that's that's reality added i believe i mean i shouldn't say its reality because basing it on my own personal feelings of how it although they would go down it might go down differently but i think that you know that the people who do pulling for politicians and stuff like you know that i mean you be amazing how irrational voters are how finding out one little thing about somebody's pass can really swindle action so people are very you know for the most part people are pretty conservative in their ideologies yeah it doesn't seem to be an issue in europe or women that are coming out it's like we don't really have that much of a problem what does this not there's no like this change i really think it's your bump and models and you're making this neediness to cock
germany run our new the amazon needing it also there's also the stigma of disease and all that so that comes with it dear right with the gates i mean what if they're just energy off each other ass completely different your claim has got staring each other the eye they look unaware look away with it when you worried about when we see the first second as a government a jerk at all and i ve been even around my dick because they say it makes my deadlock beggar but i'm not convinced polygamy and opinion let me know what you be objective that may give it a look i gotta give it a look i don't think there's any beggar down last agar tell it doesn't look can i be honest with you doesn't talk you with this you look like you should have hoofs right i'm just so i get any wouldn't even feel bad which is global in your mouth me i'll bet what we try to right now bear when it what do you mean you don't know you can feel it
to try to do another mikey apps tony in the base was was the characters names to remember mikey whatever was de amelia who is kelly kirsten yes she's great girls our second my birthday today at starbucks whatever easter he was how me how much he loves grinder that he's ever met three guys this week and i was like thinking like how lucky like their blender for women but that's bullshit but how lucky you are guys they can just be like any others again guy like right for me but you can be president i think lotta people wouldn't both for you for president i wouldn't give a shit what was we present a fire would you have yet to trust you in being big guy or the president haven't gig ip the pressure would rather be gave us the president the president just because there is a lot of experience that there's a lot of interest you would rather be the president because you do you think you'll be able to have the pressure without going totally white hair in six i don't know what is
that man is not freaky why thing because first five decision maker and you're gonna make fifty seven people happy fit sent not abbe i know that it is you're also nazi leaving its consistently freaky yeah not sleeping near the most powerful man somewhere in the world you're thinking you're legacy i don't know i didn't do it i got fired you know they are just be like j f k but like you know a twitter and just like fucking random girls and being the president like make it really pay be like totally changed it like any other truck they don't be reached out i will tell you my god no you wouldn't you if you milton resident there till you what you can't load hire me he can get away with thereby watching every move you make out in a hard thing while being present is that everybody is watching everything you do you have your nails privacy you you're saying could be accomplished in the j f k days you get but people keep your mouth shut and we may be would be some fuckin guys who would take some pictures through to a mere allegedly in cuba for the most he got away with a lot of career raising is yes but today
you wouldn't unless you have the internet and everyone on your site like this it's fine this is a fact pride like mike make almost like an eighties movie you know like an atm like you just became the present party present and i don't want to i want a sober sober thank her pony for voice over it's like piggies right you to speak aim was that movie piggies is that what is called no priorities particularly outside with ice working for the white house this summer hey scant israel can draw is that i'm a monument ordain and i was i've never had i was lily i think my dick is gonna break itself falkiner in mine i was watching her
i was so fuckin painfully turned on by her she's so ridiculously perfectly attract her face her body work whenever you on issues related to who was looking at you one round she should through shirts partnerships with forty five of the time we think in london which was that it was with your horse who did you have just my lad launch with her and mary oh can tone and ours flirt powerful mario can't just govern weird science ida hydro sign that chick was really had to know that we are going the broccoli also work when you work at her and worked with her two i didn't move you kelly the brok i spent a week whether she was married to students ago she was she's purview if you it's movie that's it isn't she saw yams but when you met her she was forty five years old s house body unbelievable on the label leave any vibe not really anything outer yeah of course
then shut down by putting out there i like as in you're the hardest thing in the world and i have always been attract and yet you have tried wouldn't do you think that you have better success now siena's time come pass measures will more humble measure aggress turn you damn well when you get there you get to a certain age you didn't say back do you no other brian cowen good deal gonna get some young crazy dick they got right fuck she did say he has taken coming in giving my card to surgical parker god wasn't my idea tat nobody in this scene i have to get my car and she looking and she goes we dancer and i went yes i was yes it was also largest oh you didn't say i say that last year as
she just stuck with dancer and then when she finds out of a marshall hours later now she's intrigue because you didn't have now not that base do meditation india and by a fuck yourself when you do that it's like name drop in housing and i would mick jagger last night panacea that within the first couple it was cables came contravened pork is what it's like a gambler it's like candy roger saw no one the whole them remember i was learning grovelling not i have outlined dare you the area unrighteously ruin my appetite you fuck you shut your two needs good people shut your mouth to both of you so play along move on you got you went back to bryan callen circa one thousand nine hundred and ninety four trying to please the industry the fuck you talking about dare you lie to the people how dare you why sovereign books streets sir on diesel habit i didn't wasn't good it wasn't look
the primitive largely his loved you see jangle yes i love this volume like mama though the harm we grumbled daughter oh yeah fund moving stupid and was looking goes smoothly when you want one another on she seven psychopath one of my favorite movies i've seen a lot of really even if we get past the first twenty minutes it's brilliant the writings greatest you know it is its fight club writers did it at work the same got it did shaq him the other may be needed sounds like you didn't make much was fly like the james bond movie was not bad wasn't great we could have been i think have been better if they cut out like a half an hour of it seems like that this a little overly complicated is a little too much going on and in a little too epic but our democratic so bad motherfucker you believe him as a real spy like a real british intelligence age
who were agency guy whereas like there's some of those bonds was like the fuck out of here i did you believe timothy dalton now the fucker thirdly i mean anybody i had my lot my podcast the brian cowen show even larger more roger more was like silly you have a huge swathes i didn't mind was great for the time it was greatly time very time but now you will no longer really yeah now as we as you know more it's different daniel craigs between john carter indiana craig does the only two guys i would believe were actually agent listen my my the guide to this package with was dealt force guy and i think if i did i was up afterwards but you won't say but we are really good pike s and he told me that he would take me to kurdistan summer ways really connected if i wanted to go and an outlook animals like you are double force guy probably like a big cia guy i'm looking at him and i said to his wife i go i m
his body like he's got no neck really thick strong guy and i was trying to get like what it takes to be a delta force gag as well let's put it this way the graduation pictures they'll be one guy in the graduation photo or sometimes no guys it is take a picture of the ground when a glass and there's nobody and as i already made is nobody nobody minute flight but trapped in a helicopter my before it takes off again say like gonna joe rogan part here he said to me i said it was whether go what what's what's he like you know why doesn't call me doesn't need sleep i'll say that much miles i won't berytus that's two things that while the old shit i need right now a lot of marines but the rhine main craig britain reminds me of a hard dude like that when you like you believe that he would be one of those
elite commandos slash you know yet paramilitary notably like he's got hard skin and he looks just fuckin part like his guy do you believe it when he's taken ass totally believe you believe it when he's a killer you believe it when is his hands or shaken he's like a mean obviously two completely different sort of character than the roger more character but if you won't talk about legal believable character roger moors almost like comedy i remember they broke into the set whites where they they were filming mon footage and roger moors drive in his car cross while there there member that mean there's a lot like comedy and silliness roger more movies that you don't get in the danube craig one data craigslist
seems like a real tell did i ever tell you about my body whose real bad ass like special forces guy and how many guys you know like that how many of you have sex with cause i don't know i mean i want we hire you know i've one time earthen guys guy noise in the rangers i'm in a group of intergroup ah there's this club i go to get together like this pictures of the prince and so it is this this place system this is like a shave me down the oil me up and i run through the room i try to get to the other side they try to stop me then we turn the lights off some goes on my mouth i try to stop lights we're off and my mask was is underlined itching entered just lay there and service every man actually he tell me the funny story about him he was without the big like that's what they call common action group colleagues you know these roughly
delta guys symbolise guys there always there are up in arms about gaze into military meanwhile he's watching these guys there are worrying the vibrant five so finger susan and they did they d like really must go shave their body with tattoos and and one guys to imports while the other guy securing his hips he's like this is the most and they'll have like trojan call signs you know and the like and is like this is the gayest they gotta give velcro gear their bandanas in studies like you guys and be more homer iran exotic girl near you for a hundred miles you all live in barracks you never wearing shorts joys working each other out you're always rolling pricing jujitsu is that this is the gayest this is think that this is every game man's dreams like the homo erotic energy in these in these bad ass groups so thick using this what are you saying this is where you know you're dealing with a bad ass brown what is this what you want and well let me see that what the fuck i wasn't a thing you are talking about when i get to see what james bond
author it was a real that was james bond that was all that takes of jumping over the the crocodiles also they really did the innate these are all the different takes they did wow so they would have they do this trap the crocodiles in place they must have now running item no he gets kai one point there is but one right after this one i think it's caught they all swarm around him come look right here oh my god oh my god on all these things is trapped in place man see thereby don't move in any direction they can't go left or right they disorder strapped in place he fucked though we step ahead oh shit oh my god it's fuckin foot his foot is car is like his leg is pointless is caught on the tooth that's fucking crazy they really did that dude stuntman have a really really fuckin hard lie that's not that's it right there show at the sight was an amazing that's fucked
there is a great movie says where a lot of fun i'll fucking back those are my blood or the internet try watched him now you you had an export as my body i said what are you carry we're gonna weaponry niggers tells mainly goes you nike air this night and i carry like a handgun and i said oh my go why do you why handgun ngos because i'm gettin fuckin taken alive when i mean like was zero stand and that do not taken me alive that's why what are you talkin biggest cause i'm gonna shoot myself brow if i run out of bullets i'm not i'm not fucking let in any way take the you don't wanna bet you not take it and taken alive by those guys they're gonna fuckin do bad shit you say you kill yourself as you have very different job than i do have a very different fuckin life than you carry a fuckin suicide pistol with you when you're on mission will you if you have that job done that's you re out you're also your reality is that you know life can stop you ve taken it eventually
lifestyle that's the delta guy said to me said you know i just too i was already dead like you said you know i would always kind of like you gonna get that mode where you like come i'm alright die so women earn did you have to be that has to be a very strong possibility and yet to become the peace with it before you go on mission in a right as instinct it's a samurai words as we're warrior that does warrior code you know different kind of reality when the second stop existing when you think that is it possible that we develop a society that literally has no more complex and murder mean is it possible to get to a point where human beings exist the same way butterflies do or not of until each other in some ways in some ways only only if we're being watched cards in which we are here now
if we don't leave the house because it seems that we are getting more and more we can do you not believe our house you get a worthy that's good point what is that israel and i have a need for a grass and they have an innocent man but is it dad or is it that we have to come to some new understanding about fellowship understanding about how human beings interact with each other and never have that sort of sick eight anger and animosity towards each other because it's completely unnecessary somebody said emily was freud einstein had a correspondence where i sense it i'm i want i want the world to be peaceful and not people not to fight each other and freud said the abbot than no five themselves i mean did that it gresham paternal themselves mean that that's a part of
the human animal maybe but maybe not necessarily lied about our he'll like if they were managed properly first of all i think this is a real issue with kids in this one thing that makes me crazy about taken wrestling olympics is wrestlings good aggressive spore whereas people out it's beautiful sports good for kids whereas you out gets gets a lot of the exit energy area system sea could think clearly that's a real issue with young kids because hormonally it's like you taken them and you putting them on speed and putting them on steroids engineers sending them loose in the world with no no egg know of aren t exertion of this this vehicle no outlet no no outlet for end of europe a healthy young seventeen year old kid your parties is pumping crazy hormones mean i'd get me boner just driving a car my they could get so hard it would hurt me dr and my computer you're you if you're not involved in something physical so there's that and then this also management of the mind having people that
you really respect sit down and ever conversation with you about life because it never fucking happens to conversations that you have at school or you need to learn this you need to remember this e to figure this out they dont say you down and teach you how to manage your emotions sit down to teach you how to manage your interactions with other human beings and that there's more than one way to react to something and that reacting something in a positive way is not a sign of weakness it's not at all in fact is a sign of strength and admiration i can create lifelong friendships i think that's a teacher that because you are growing up all the bullies or the wrestlers i'm here and there at a bully and attract team you know well that that's what they support sport that it also might be it attracted a certain aggression certain gonna get but that that that's what sport does exactly what's teaches you it teaches you huh to manage your emotions and i'll teach you that actually the better you get it sport like ratzinger weathered boxing or that day
those emotions that anger is action becomes a liability as you get better at some meaning the or that i was never a bully button the moments where someone was intimidated them by me and i reacted too in today's date they make me feel ashamed you know that's as a marshall artists and ass a person who is striving to improve yourself moments in your past even if it's when you are fourteen years old where you exhibited we character should make you feel ashamed yes you know and that's that's something they gets taught to you in with traditional martial arts where there's a lastly behind your actions and a philosophy behind teaching you michel ardan out of war and defend yourself in how you should perform and in you know in a dangerous situation under in an actual fight further for your life and that that's missing from a lot of but this is there's a lot missing with kids today where they're they're not brought
in to this life do not brought through steps too teach them how to manage their stresses man their emotions manage their friendships manage this that chimpanzee raids its pumping through your fuckin veins and you are a young man no addresses and they just want you to suppress it and keep quiet and shut your mouth and put you took your napkin in and you just fucking you want to go crazy an ash on the table and run through a fuckin won't get out a house along its problem solving a lotta it's like that that's a large part of getting better at something is solving problems in a way in a lot of it is also that we need to admire someone before us who is already done it and who is who is s advice from someone coach a coach a father
an uncle of father figure installer man a lot of kids need less the society society needs a fuckin mentor and i think there's a lot of people that say that's what's missing in the idea of the president and we haven't really had a mentor and society since kennedy i mean a lot of people feel like a lot of presidents that we ve had been so obviously been puppets maybe jimmy jimmy carter well how long was an hour an atlantic in this book republic lhasa talked about before said that he said that the did the problem with both bomber was i voted for it because i thought it was a president of ideas here they come in and changed the way washington worked and unfortunately surround themselves with a bunch of people that were such washington insiders that nothing changed an end and that is part of his critique of obama was the aid i thought i was getting a guy who said hey washington's run by green and lobbyists less change it and and and did not stick to that a grand
idea that that getting that idea out to people and saying you know what the real problem is guys none of this you're talking about it's all about this the fact that money is corrupting everything we do and not tracking the well now we overcome doesn't dracula people you have to president like you said where who comes in whose a man of ideas grand ideas will would kennedy had above all these the guy's was speeches that would inspire dreams he had when he was talking about putting a man on the moon when he was talking about that's the way our society should be free society and that we should not encourage or allow secret societies to exist the way he was talking about the flow of information in ideas like this was an inspirational man this is a man that was saying things while president that work inspiring a nation and work spiralling dreams and obama's not doing
obama's reassuring but he's not why don't novi has it in i mean i don't know who he is at all you know i'm i know that what we thought we were getting when he first became the president turned out to either be an impossibility by nature of the fact that the system is so far is doing its best to try to keep it or you never really intend to do that in the first place and he's really just a guy who works for the big well he may be might think that he's such a moderate human being a very middle of the road guy in his sensibilities and his philosophy that he's not radical idea guy he's like you know said he may not be me just a guy who is who is more incident keeping things somewhat cope ascetic yeah maybe you know i don't know but it's this world desperately needs more than anything you need a person of ideas and that in a week need a real mentor we need some fuckin sixty year old really smart dude who can get tv and and really stand up and say listen we
an issue with culture in general that we are acting on momentum that we are one society interacting with hundreds of different societies all of them fucked all of them operating on ancient principles that are almost impossibly applicable in today's society with the access to information we have today you can't have the kind of power structure is that we have in this country or in any country when you are the access to information the people have today because you don't need it tim tim ferris was talking about you know as new book that for our chef is talking about how we remain michael pond said in his book dogs my group also you can vote three times a day by what you eat what you put on your plate and one of these about timothy so optimistic in vienna the idea that hey you know a lot of farmers returned we're a huge tracts of land rather gonna go to big industrial farms or or we can we start changing not only the way we eat but if we educate ourselves in the way we eat and we buy
locally and sustainably etc etc we will then have a cigar more people will be healthier where health care costs mercosur spiralling out of control the more you educate yourself the more you kind of an and his idea is all i gotta do is get twenty million people to change the worthy and and re educate well go based on the same government there are the real issue is always going to be if we have a bunch of people that are controlling a bunch of other people and its illogical and that's that's a situation that is our right now you can absolutely vote with your dalia i can change is though without setting a change with consumers having a changes with with the population they become more educated it's what the root of the problem is yes and their behaviour changes i don't think there will be the
washington works on an incentive structure there is an incentive to behave this way finance ok so so that should be elite you gotta middle ground away well you d better better than making it a legal find a way to get around that law is they write the laws better than that lets figure out a way to take a profit out of let's behave differently as consumers as the people with the real money tax dollars and consumer dollars let's start getting ourselves on for example how to eat what's wrong to school lunch programme what's wrong with the way we feed i think that's all these are all great ideas but i think it's not gonna change until people that grow up in this age with this access to information this understanding of how everything worse if they decide to be the next people and to change the way politics and government run soon we can work the people that are already in there that have been there before the internet does not change and shit gonna steal from their steel from now to find another way to fuck p boring interest charge amount workers the only thing
i'd say about we're saying that that this book that again to quoted learn classic spoke as he takes on this question exactly and he said that the real scary thing you have a lot of good people in washington who came with an idea of of changing it and he p maps out how you get caught up in that web of of it be its becoming too economy its influence any talks about how you impossible be a politician without being corrupt that is the argument it makes this point and is the machine itself has become so corrupt that that the even if your good person and a lotta he's he says he goes he spent all timing is to allow politicians are good people they want to make a difference you gets caught up in the inn in the foot the system of cracks economy of influence that it's impossible even stay elected and not before i think the only way that that's gonna change is the people coming up have to change it and the new people entering into the system have too slowly deviate from this this the
that's been going on for as long as this country has been around its slow consists movement towards corruption slowly twisting efforts ruth more and more distorting the bill of rights and we have to drafting ass andalusian right it has to be that the people coming up recognise that there's just it's on the table now and it is much like running company you can run a country without being cut as well it's gotta be possible it's got if it's possible for one person to indirect pleasantly with another person that's impossible for all of us interact pleasantly with with each other and then asked to be global that there's gonna be a way to eventually get to the point where there's no conflict armed conflict between human beings it seems like it's absolutely possible to avoid it seems like a generation or two of information away i would argue we are moving in that directly are without a doubt luton besides the fact
you're about horrible things in the news when they have as less violent is modest localities there's more visibility there's more to eat there's more than their more representative governments today then there ever have been known close anything are moving in the right direction and it's only been a couple of hundred years of real good access to information in order for us to truly understand each other we ve got a red each other's works we ve got to listen to each other speak we have to figure out what is different between your life my life and what what lessons can we learn from you haven't lived myself lessons are so apparent and available now that the the between one year old did i talk to you today there so much fuckin smarter than i wasn't twenty one got access to you know i always tell people go to ted dot com for example to go to ted outcome listen to speeches building your mind italy jews woman's keys are doing i know them they are as they are way smarter than the people of our generation
there there their reality is a different frequency than the people of our generation everything's gonna change it that's gonna change its guys like nude gingrich are never gonna change shit that guy's solidified in that process of bullshit and he's like all other politicians that are in that fuckin soup of it its obama or john kerry are all these got you you're in there fuckin soup it's too crazy you can't fix no but you think the internet using the internet is going to start i guess it's gonna we should let a man that people be voting on the internet that reality if you want reality let people vote on the internet if they can figure that out of vague and figure out how to let people vote on the internet the whole thing changes long as they can hack it as long as it can bullshit as long as there is real accounting done the actual numbers and we make sure that this is a rock solid secure system before we enter into there's gonna be a way of doing this away to buy
things online everybody uses their credit card online nobody votes online why is that because they can manipulate ok they give manipulated they can control it and they can control trends you can change the whole game if all the sudden you are allowed to vote online because then you lady gaga could be fuckin present okay and that's real debts a joke lady gaga could be fucking present for from a real no is fucked but more people would probably vote for lady gaga than have voted for obama because like half the people in the country vote ever right side of this house the people only one half of them voted for about well how my people so that's more would vote for lady gaga is so important to educate yourself is like that wonderful throw court i see men everywhere a striking at the branches of evil while none are hitting the route you gotta know
that's right and he had some great glancing rank what you gotta know you gotta know what the root of the problem as and when you learn where this where the head of the snake is there you can be more so proud of my being educated about that is very important new needs where the head of it is otherwise just striking at branches in there while the head is money in the head is also the fact that we're basic the same animals that were hunting and gathering thousands and thousands of years go with all these crazy needs and this desire to be the alpha dominate or of of the earth and we we ve acted in the same way every nation is act in the same way you get power exert their power control more resources to try to move forward but i have always done that always this is where but this now is when ideas and and winning the argument is really house this is when you did this is when a debate about ok so if its money in politics or if its it what does that mean
does that mean now that that it's the size of government and what does that mean and does that mean you have to shrink government what does that mean how do you do that there is a methodology to this but these are worthy questions have to be answered and they have to be debated and thought about and while the problem that is no incentive to shrink the government does not want to shrink the people who work for the de i did not want less drug course not because it is going to be less de that's right and that that is a problem with big government and that that's that's gigantic restricts our liberty than they did what you know when you have a meant that a part of gdp to do business as i'm putting you have to have a pipeline in washington because that's how you get taxpayers etc and who are these people are the people that really have passion for this they really want change the world or all these people got a job well and they once they got a job there subject to all the human emotions needs and greed and scary lying there really scary thing and lawrence isaac talks about and another bokassa them
one of the scary thing about the way what the washington works now it has become its own industry and what i mean by that is when you work on capital hills congressmen you spend six seven years making eighty ninety honoured grand hundred and fifty grand a year you know you do that for six seventy years your building contacts you take a short drive over to k street where all the lobbyists live and now you are working for a lobbying firm and you who have a role of people you know so you over there and you get a job in a lobbying company and they pay you five hundred six hundred thousand dollars a million dollars for your contacts which used to be a senator or you used to be a congressmen so now city by or some corporation comes you and says hey you got our contacts euro that we want to hire you might ran cause you know everybody and washed and you d spent eight years on capitol hill so work we're gonna hire you as our lobbyists and we need we need some influence in washington and now you
become us a senator or up congressmen now necessarily to change things you can come become because it's a very lucrative it is a fact team it's the fur team to the majors and the majors is over i k street as a lobbyist that's what's happening and that's why we have thirteen thousand five hundred lobbyists working at washington any any time that's why the nine counties around washington dc are there just in the country but they don't produce anything what going on man going on is that it has become an economy of influence and that and washington itself is big business that's a problem this is a huge problem and its totally completely unnecessary and the general countering its counter intuitive to progress because you're only go so far with that system that system is set up to help the corporations corporations are set up to make the maximum amount of money everybody go
do your goal you're not gonna move society forward you gonna run into some bottleneck in that bottleneck is either environmental or its culture or its financial or they realize economy they set up is really a fuckin sham and all falls partner but its phasing out await line for bread the whole thing has to be stopped and you're gonna look at human beings together have to look at each other as equal as brothers and sisters as people that could be your best friends you now no one's doing that you're everyone's you're unhappy change in consciousness i'm talking about the the the absolute potential that human beings have on this in this generation i'm not talking about some areas that area internationally and i think there's a reason why garlic depart show project so many people to listen to it because all that wounds on science and whatever the result is a grand desire for consciousness evaluation action for connection before for a better world for this a grand is i think it's happening around us far quicker than we have
have grass and realise that these trends are in place so you jerry you're altruistic about the future man once we got past december twenty first those like the mayans i am optimistic as well this is the best time future my ever read your mind there's never been a better time than this its elites of ripe with thuggery is also its nonsense and chaos but yet it still how can a maze this is he's are incredible times and for us you know out of melissa etheridge is correct and if you really do create your own destiny she may be correct but we ve creed fuck it amazing destiny if that's true you know i mean we all have these incredible jaws were all having so much fun we're all feed in off each other whether it's u or dsl duncan are brian or or are we or the bird or any these people were hanging around with a joint each other's company together we have some strange energy going on right now man and i think that that is possible for the whole world i think that its
possible for the whole world it there's enough resources if there's enough food and water if there is in its possible the whole world to slowly but surely come together and work together it's not necessary to have massive amounts of conflict something very rarely becoming much easier to empathize and have a virtual exe of what it's like to be someone you see some girl in iran whose protesting and she's dying in her father cause she got shot by a sniper and you see the look in her eyes you as a and being go man persons suffering just like i am just because there are shi ite muslim or whatever they might be so there's this terrible circumstances in this life this terrible situations is terrible environments but this also humans and all these environments all of them and we have got a fig out a way to let humans be aware that the richest and most rewarding way to live this life is in fellowship with other humans and its it's not impossible to do we're programme does
young people to think that it simply impossible that no one's ever done it before that it's all just chaos and war and that's how the life is and that's it you she's gotta bihar senator willard mentality it's not if there's two people they can get along and forty looking at along and fifty people can get along the diffusion of responsibility that comes from hundreds of millions of people it is not necessary and that is i think was changing because through the internet and through communicating with each other we are connected in a way that we didn't feel connected before were the three hundred million people are really are have access to each other we really are you have access to each and that's the end of the show well well i don't know if that's right ladies and gentlemen i might be full of shit in a meteor might hit us tomorrow or the aliens might come in and fuck your mother on the dining room table right in front of your dad with a big giant aliens dick and then the majority of any fuckin happy you are wrong
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whatever tomorrow the great dana white will be here with us all and then this weekend appears a bad ass you have c and showed the grove friday night with me and mad flavour a k a joey ds much love to all of you my friends we send it out to the universe we love the shit out of you thank you have me on that
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