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2013-02-27 | 🔗
Eddie Huang is a food personality, former TED fellow,  and the owner of Baohaus in NYC’s Lower East Side.  Eddie also wrote a book called Fresh Off The Boat, and stars in his own VICE series of the same name. Eddie Huang, Brian Redban - Date: 02/27/2013
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dirty bitches eddie wong is here let's get the party going isn't it phonetic the way chinese to spelling like the way you say your name long yen pictor an interesting way h you energy and j here it should be just be like w and yeah yeah should be there not the cantonese way is doubled and then the silly mandarin people spell it h u a n g silly because it does not sound like yeah it's tricky though and you're going from characters hit it brian the music the joe will gain experience powerful every one is in the building that's h you a angie was people over people surgeon w owen gi like us silly uninformed americans it is funny
that they have to change those those characters and to translate your name in the english and put it into a sound and for different people are disputes on high should do that it's fucking because it's like taking a photo and be like how's that photo sound all right you know it's pretty impossible yeah the way you said that it's like taking a photo because the way you guys look at like language the chinese pictures totally different it's a different way of looking at the whole world that's a mind fucking right there it's kind of cave man steve because it's like all right i want to say this i'm gonna draw it out you know but it's cool it's very like it's an artistic fucking language yeah i definitely like it a lot well it's good it looks good on people he tattoo it yes he hasn't got a funny citys like white boy asian tattoos they happen
seen one dude's like hey what's the same like my fucker that says energy on your arm you're like a red bull ed you wrote energy on your arm but that's what i am and i'm all about energy good i'm all my positivity and g i'm all about putting out my consciousness the universe the chinese tattoos they say that the egyptian language of hieroglyphs is an even bigger mindfuck because they see everything in these like these symbols and that the way americans and people read english language the way we look at just even like the whale you look at sentences it's completely different than if you tried to read like legal effects yet i mean i don't read hieroglyphics but i heard that shit is man hard they needed the stone for it the rules at a stone the abbe lighter yeah hieroglyphics some shit it that's even more caveman then mandarin chinese a chinese is almost like reform
in the hieroglyphics but it's still makes no sense or the fascinating about the the hieroglyphics is that they depict all of the faroes and they depict them from this whatever dynasty the young are the last pharaoh's existed in two what gets into like fiction they think like thirty zero years like then they live in like hundreds years long and they're fucking ten feet tall it gets like real wacky like shit it's like super super old you know the story is got like more and more screwy before anybody bothered to write them down so it's makes you wonder like men how long is that hieroglyphs writing actually been around you know your men salad tossing yoshi did me the heads of your salon reads a lot of books motherfucker joe rogan is a smart motherfucker well i'm just fascinated by weird shit like the egyptian culture vienna the egyptian culture that's the cradle you know i mean that's where everybody came from supposedly at the end did this
the only issue is that there is some new shit they ve been finding that even older than that there the real question when it could still accept like egypt or anywhere we had some really really old shit is like what happens if you find shit it's way older and what he had do then like you can't say these egypt was like the oldest like really advanced culture yeah fine like go back they tapie we get in turkey which is fourteen thousand years always so much earlier than egypt but not earlier than africa in general like the out of africa theory well i is right now the oldest known complex structure that a human is ever built they know that it's at least fourteen thousand years old that's fucking now that they know that it existed for thousands of years before was intentionally covered and they've only i think is right now they ve only uncovered like five percent of the entire structure and its
farmers and there's their series of circles and stones but they ve done like a rate of whatever they do you know with radio waves or whatever they do to map out what's going on at the surface and determine its massive that's all yeah fourteen thousand years ago so that's even older than than egypt you know that's insane that something was happening in turkey before seven huge not just something like fourteen foot stone columns that have been cut and moved hundreds of tons of stone i mean these are like this is an advanced construction it doesn't the spell out of africa right does so we know now because of fourteen thousand years ago still it shit yeah mean we're talking about human beings coming out of africa and migrating sea like mill yes yeah it's like one what is a human you know it gets too low is it the jug enemy which which different australia pithy it's like web what point in time to decide its early human one one time it's a fucking namibia yet
from a member to being a lower primate and to being a higher primate when is that that's true it's how you frame it yeah but the people you know you wouldn't want to hang out with australia perfectest guises fuckin idiots amalgam monkey man eaten his own shit and fuck and try to kill your cat and though it does not a human being almost human yeah you know but i think gum civilization in mesopotamia it was looks super advance they know like six thousand years ago and turkey now being fourteen thousand still it could go back to like thirty thousand years and that ain't shit in the terms of the history of the earth and that would be insane for us to think that thirty years ago they had like complex cities but it's super possible i was talking to someone this week at ted too she was a cosmologist and she was telling me that life can survive on mars and the people you can actually if you're willing to commit
they will take you to mars and you can be part of the first if someone was saying joe i could put you on a space shuttle you could go to mars and you could be part of the first colony and you could basically be the fucking ganges con of mars would you do it no it's stupid because mars is just like a shitty apartment on earth that's what it's like to caution the apartment that you can't get out of once you get there that's where you stuck you can't go outside there's no no you got a terrible foreign put a dull more real sees no life can survive out their night without that shit she's an arch of mars now that she believes can sustain life vouches silly that's correct but hypothetical mean i'd say get its correct look ok hypothetically you let's say it was you can see on data there was land but do you have to be a very small area is most of mars does you have is your possible that the damage would very that much or one part would be sustainable
alien amelia sure she wasn't talk about terror foreman notes usanga more she said life gives a stain on mars rivalry with tat as it and then you show me a meteorite hours i gotta go up by the show and tell so fucking threw me off i was like damn you got a rock from there terraforming means when you go to an inhospitable climate and machine in movie alien right yeah i don't see how there's any other way to live on mars other than that i don't think that first thick and i now see say scary like those machines broke one day i m only i'd at once oh yeah died slow asphyxiation when this the air slowly gets eaten up by you you have someone told me you could go to mars and does everything you need and its terror forming and incarnate was in charge i would never fucking god is in man even if you will have content and allay obviously but you know you are kind of fox everything we agree with the same thing
you're all medicinal auction opponents who fracture those your electricity function edison ella was famous for the brownouts back in the day where they just started shutting power off and basically they didn't have to do it they were doing it it was all agreed thing somehow another they were made fuck you're of money doing that i remember what the scam was where people are believe lost their job and even went to jail for that shit those brown out genova mars i was thinking man i don't want to go to my she said you can go but you can never come back ok let me ask you this would you go to the desert would you go the middle of the sahara whether ain't shit it's dangerous dial there for no reason i would want it but never to stay forever but that's mars yeah mars is just like going out into the mohave they shit out there you know what she said though she said mad people from her classes and the other professor she knows wanted to go
they were all wanting to sign up to go to mars you got to be egotistical egotistical fucker to be like i want to be the first one this bullshit planet well some people are silly that's a silly to do to go to the planet we can get back especially if lance bass is going isn't he the one that's out in space and shit the backstreet boys in sync dude in space is he out in space he's tried trying one of the first ones and he was oh he has arranged it would like the russian cosmonauts right i think so if they were like you got to go to mars and lands bashes there would not he's horrible land baskets good foot massages oh really cool to hang out with oh you got a foot massage from lands bass i said maybe baby i'm just saying i think you're honestly it could be something better than going by yourself to mars maybe lance passes a hell a conversationalist and halfway through the six month trip you're like this guy is starting to fucking grow on me he's like the white lloyd from monta rage i ever watched i gotta go like the same here was a horrible show
i only wanted to know what happened to the asian linda i don't know if it was a fair representative of the show i watched it once a month later what the fuck is going on here will who were they watch and wasn't it isn't it he was mad gaily said he a lotta compel would you go to mars would you if you can if you knew was dope if you knew it was like alaska last guy in the summer just beauty green like they have the bush company i would go you know no it if i could go to mars and come back how you would give you going home when if we go and come back but it was only a ninety percent chance of success success meaning like life life coming back ten percent possibility that there might be a fuckin solar flare while you're in the middle of the flight back and everybody in a plane i would need a hundred percent like i'm i'm not do that i won't even get laser i surgery two hundred percent brothers augur lays i surgery as a future
you should not be fucking with your eyes you already fucked up and now you're gonna introduce this new element of surgery hell no so they're supposedly has it down pretty good what level would you be willing to do it like yeah i think that's the how could they just zero point two percent it now it will need to be a hundred two hundred percent but even if you like earth is light is not a hundred percent you know come from looks to you might as well loggia our italy was at ninety seven percent i will go i'll deal with a three percent like plus minors i would imagine that if people keep going the way we're going now a thousand years and now getting the mars be just like going to new york o thou if we don't blow each other up in a thousand years just imagine what we ve done in two hundred years in a thousand years they'll be plain flights to mars that would be it'll be fast like five later on mars did you say your guest
with seven percent ninety seven nice yeah i would love the girl i would love to go i didn't want to see that shit if you have a choice between going to the planet or go back in time that's a good call has gone back in time you can't know we you could see by man gone back in time i would probably you know i would want to go to mars because going back in time the other times we've had it's like less amenable you're i mean lincoln there's more disease is right you don't get killed as easily like you get shanks near when you die back in the day you get shank right it's not like a bullet in the head you could die easily now i would rather go to the future than go backwards for safety's sake not just see sake but i want to see the next shit right there's not really yeah i'm not like woody allen where there's a period of time i would love to be a nineteen twenties paris you know
what are you would love to be united thirties italian you know like rail no man like focused have ac i'm with you i would way rather see the future like a peak the future than a peak in the past but if it had divided been going going to mars going to to past i say to pass pass without doubt i would love to see how people live thousands years ago yeah man to just peek in on gengis khan oh hello fucked up so heavy going is like as i thought about it i would ride with gangs can i'd be motherfuck i ride for you like you pull up in a tank yeah pull up in a tank light these motherfuckers on fire with machine guns they won't know what's going on and you would be the king you know suck my deck in front of everybody see i want to go back in time with a fucking like ipad and be
a gang is kind of lighter like yo you're the original rough rider you're like dmx befour dmx onto your the fucking chinky dmx i want to film this shit and make a rough riders video with the wilmon golian on horses and fucking crossbows and shit he would make you eat your own cabs and he was your calf off and make you cook it and eat it he would rob me from my ipad and throw me in a pot you know yeah chill him what gang is come with fuck dude he would either fuck my mom and be like i want to genetically duplicate myself your mom or not me up and put me up i have been listening to word dan carlinville maroni in barbecue by as their carlin was the are group our guests on day and he has a podcast called hardcore history and right now it's all about the mongols that's all he's been talk
about a love the mongols did is actually illness civilization ever re reforming here you know not ah will submit their said i always like meat over fire because that is what you do in europe and in killing people it declares that maybe corn the mongolian sat with so if they think they are and what is it about the important so much more exciting than regular that mongolian produce that fucking baby court the story of the king of the mongols and how much they accomplished and they took over countries and then they would force the people in that country to go with them to war and they would become soldiers like david invade poland and steal polish me they made french people fight against other europeans they just vigo bitch you're coming with us and you be us now yeah what are you gonna do you gonna fight for us you're gonna die right now yeah on a fight and they start fighting other people they incorporate them into their army like they have
everyone joined their crew everyone joined the crew it was like he was basically drogo from from thrones in real life but even more fucked up because after after you would conquer like the people that were left they would say okay relations we one there's no one left to kill so you're free to go and then the three miles later they fuckin run them down and get them debates are why do this dance carlin guys trip man he's serious historian and especially this this whole period that is going over right now it's fucking crate timidity to live in one thousand two hundred you know christ the nutty shit that guy was gone through just that they said some insane percentage of the population of that area has his dna out he's the most duplicated man in the world ever ever ever give there's one person
i love myself i'm not a egotist could do by do kind of like myself if i could be any other man the beginning as con no doubt i got one thing twice gang is cod is the hardest motherfucker ever got he go out with you and want to go home and he was so million here here's what you want to show what across both went back in time like that though you couldn't be that mean why are we torture and everybody but that's not so much a procedure that was tons of us while it was it was constant it was constant posterior yeah they would like steel each other's wives and shit back then like did deeds were just it was we were like champs with swords that's what human beings were like if you give champs a bunch of swords they would do terrible horrible shit we dont think about human beings human being capable of doing terrible horrible ship it even to
day if you look at some of the accounts what's goin on north korea does north korea interior syria man it's bad this parts the world ever there's there's always gonna be part of the world with its terrible and people are capable in those the world of doing should the only read about in history going on is rodman going to north korea yes insane yes i tweeted that today is he out of his fucking mind i don't know man they're not gonna like him in north korea i don't think he understands what north korea is he's going over do some sort of harlem globetrotters yeah i don't know man americans can't really wrap their head around how fucked up north korea right it's fucked up so it's nazi germany yeah just a yeah exactly i was gonna say you're walking into like there's country it's crazy it's crazy the whole country anyone try to leave the kill at the board oh yeah and there's so many slaves they have so many slaves and they have these slave colonies when they're making these people work for like
half a bowler rice data starving to death they keep them just barely bob starve net they beaten to death constantly feed them two dogs like people it scaped who have told stories this the human rights violations that we're here and from north korea which all that shit going to iraq because we're going over there to fucking protect lives and enforce democracy if we really wanted to protect lives we would be in north north korea right now you would be in north korea we'd be in syria yeah you're right that place especially north korea more lay with that and i am with what's goin on syria but north korea is a co raising mess rain that no absolutely are our country is not a country that's out their benevolently in country it's just really to protect the business interests at hand in my that's one of the things like you don't which movie did you want to win the asker i'm curious i don't give a fuck about the i think that awards for for art some of the thomas it is yeah to judge judge i'm interested
no just cause i'm like will they pick the right one this year you know i mean i only curious to see the one day to do the right things other jangle was the best shit out jangle was the hardest movie out this year it should one yet i wasn't right movie nato's three hours and never lost my attention now that movie kept me going the whole time and liked to do argo right uses basely retreating some shit to happen zurich i don't believe it but to see both of those movies the problem with those movies is they're based on real events and they add a bunch of bullshit and it's not real yeah yeah they add a bunch of bullshit to them and when you add a bunch of bullshit like like the woman that like was real bonds above everything and zero dark their dna the whole thing happened you gonna go kill him for me that they didn't exist now she's not a real he'll get you can't do that yet it's like you can't just
add people it's a historical movies that's crazy and if someone was gonna find bin laden it wouldn't be a ginger it might be the good at finding dick oh yeah i mean look the lady was a great actor the movie was very well done i call shenanigans you can't just create a fucking fictional character that figures it all out and there was no george bush like you're gonna do the whole fucking movie with no dumbass georgia was fucking it up the whole thing was weird it was weird it was a weird movie man it was a very weird movie but i remember watching jang and i was like if this shit doesn't win the oscars it's bullshit austria's initiative is your whole it's it's ridiculous the titanic was not a good move
was not a good movie it's on the oscars you as good about titanic you know it was good about titanic special effects were fucking incredible it was amazing it was a vehicle for showing what's possible cinematically with special effects in nineteen whatever the fuck it was ninety something to hear you talk about but as far as like a script it's like really obvious you know it was hot trash more obvious than avatar avatar was lug knocked for being obvious but i thought i would i was even more creative with the crazy plants that you can plug into and the screenplay was slightly better slightly better and also avatar was actually like in terms of special effects even more progressive even more avatar was on some shit that's almost like what cameron's movies arts like they're like he doesn't stray too far from the path when it comes to like a story line but he provides you with this state of the arch yet he takes the bar and just riches blows it through the stratosphere no one came close to avatar yet then movies and
the visual experience especially if you go to imax motherfucker man just when those dudes pop another little little tanks and floating through the the air this this movie is bad house i remember when i saw up anyone entreaty and as it does the worse use a treaty ever like you just made the asian shabbier yeah there's some movies it dont really do a good job of it but avatars stunning is it was more than just a movie i mean to best movies issues fucking jangle on record ralph record ralph was rapporteur maybe so lonely on three may only we know it all you gotta watch record what is it you will never have it all your favorite characters from fuck and video games in a video game world and animated feature about all your favorite videogame here he might not like it into the video wait a minute this was a release in the film disney maybe sarah silverman in it john c role hey yeah
wasn't that we learned of into just now year damages too much to know walk it to know watch it with the chick that's the closest one to being like your best chicken your stable like that's the one you watch it with i would recommend watching it with your kids they might like it you think so for real yeah wow okay wreck it route regular that's all it's got a car we haven't even heard of it before on itunes right now that's crazy man when something is bad ass you haven't even heard of a mean more ice from feet fighters and yeah that's the best is when you're like wait that missed me and now i have something to do this weekend fuck yeah who are we talking to recently that had never heard a grizzly man we're like what i don't know have you heard of it the documentary i have not how can we but i am also chinese when was this grisly man fairly recently oh i kind of mrs schreyer cultural six years ago maybe some other union graham grisly man is a movie about a dude who live
oh bar yeah people told me about this but i was like i'm not interested so it wasn't in the world journal you need to smoke a joint and watch this and by bear laugh you dick off at the salient silly bitch up this guy baby the silliest bids to ever go camping and i was crazy and buried him then the movie with its it's a fascinating it's because its not meant to be funny it's a werner herzog film is not meant to be fun ok it's just funny i mean it's it's like like the perfect cohen brothers movie you know like coen brothers brothers movies like yeah dark and exit yeah accidentally funny almost it's like like fargo
twenty far far goes amazing well yeah i didn't even understand far go till i was twenty when you're younger and watching you're like why do i do this i fucking hate people i hate to die all of you in the wood chip machine would you get used to people being bullshit artist that's when the salesman and is fucking true coat becomes so much more entertaining when you run into like one of those bullshit salesman is just trying so hard to sell you this fucking bullshit that you spray in the bottom of your car you hit nineteen and then you just want to see people die you want to see him die it's so unfortunate why not all of them just the cons of the world just a useless fox clogging it up for everybody else yeah but that grizzly man it's a must is there a must that you would like to recommend people do you have a must that you tell people like you have to see this
man i mean this year was recorded ralph jangle but before that i mean it's been grisly man since i saw it that's all i recommend recommended be man i was this year but no you don't have like a go too must movie given and how big a grizzly bears compared to their werewolf out their dinner that werewolf would fuck me spirit would fuck you up but a grizzly would eat that werewolf arise regrettably is longer than that where when and where will mean that a man that world spoken big grid werewolf is like that's why like seven feet long show you have you seen spirited away watched him that is bearded away in a nation the japanese animated yeah it's really really trippy real cool enemy
can you see why you re stone how old how old is she doesn't one ok i think i have seen that is that mrs what's a guy's name peo me arc ears on something that is a good movie physically i do believe us in that another thing about it i think i have with the little girl and that the big cat and yes faces and stuff core yeah i do i do think i've seen that yours that's what that's one among those that's why i got movies i can watch over and over and over again that's like one of them like that's relaxing you know it does i can't get annoying as it so relaxing and calm and cool investment but a grisly man at that time to the neutron did you really would recommend i wouldn't recommend it but i think that year that would have been in my like handful of movies i just love it's trippy to watch well i think to use like it represented
the old day and the old tries and he has drawn yeah you're tron fan i can see it but it was a piece of shit he's gotta watch those through special effects were weird you're so obvious it wasn't really a young him it was like they did something to his face and turn them into that would create a mean i guess the one film i recommend that everyone is killer season grace camera kill a season what is that u else antennas in other dip said deeds are in it it's like the worst made it says it is all you don't listen to the deep set does anybody on it what the dip sat is yo y'all don't know the dipset y'all don't know the dip my grandfather's rolling over this i tell you these fucking kids today all don't know the dip it did you just ask my grandson y'all don't know the dip it i just sign up put your fucking pants up i just put you on a some shit joke because you need to get diplomatic immunity one diplomatic immunity to i'm writing this down and then watch killer season what
what a michaelis leaving thousands of american women sheeting cocaine out of their asses is awesome you guys i was gonna bring this up yesterday you guys here about this guy who got arrested with a hundred bags of heroin possess not hundred back hundred bags it was a traffic stop is ass hauled him isn't it all that you have a simple in your pants sir it's our bags of heroin many hundred the man oh jesus okay i look this kill a season no no this one okay this guy just had one okay the other guy had it in his ass one guy just had two hundred bags
so like did someone just take it to the next level and go two hundred bags oh there we are here and gels right here this is from kelly season and this is a movie yes killing this so amazing this is a terrible it was a wise that word spoke volumes waste this is like rocky song that they're playing right now yeah they are all from harlem all these two wow you got to watch kill a season so this dude gets busted on the palisades park way they pull him over and it's two thousand and five mitsubishi lancer and he's acting really
weird and so they decided to bring him in so they bring him in and they open up his ass they just gave him a cavity check in the garden do anything wrong yet and they pull them over he just looked weird he was taken out on his own some go around with a man who was pulled over mean new routine traffic stop but they they detected a smell of marijuana that's where they that's where they got him and they brought him in because they smelled marijuana that's it had one hundred bags of heroin up as as and you can't put a hundred bags of heroin up your ass while the cops are going from their car to your car you can't do that he was driving around here what those packed up as an idiot why would you driver on smoke we would hundred packs heroin in your ass well i think he's a
one of those guys got his move maybe it's like how like russian checks would put ben oil balls and they push to tighten up their fuck muscle maybe this dude was just like exercising his ass story fish he's just working that stop maybe he didn't trust his roommates like man if i leave this one hundred bags haron layer around at least motherfucker to get himself in he went to the gym he was like man if it in my pocket i can't leave it but i can't leave it in my dash let's work on that starfish the glove box is full maybe better stuff this up my ass caliph underbelly let's see fine wow am i really going to get ninety four more have you ever put anything up your ass like like a pill or anything ever like a wash cloth wash cloth finger finger and of wash my american the cleaning
make sure you go see like inside the rim as manicure soap little soap little polish interesting yeah i've never done that no view no i was just i've never even taken a thermometer that thermometer yeah i had a doctor stick a finger up my ass yeah i had to like when you're a kid when you have a fever they fucking put like all in your ass i think yeah i've never been into the girl put the finger in my ass no never had that happen but they say it's amazing it's so i just i don't want to go there not going to open that post be amazing though it could be amazing supposed be like a prostate massage thing and you shoot like a fucking broken
fire hydro i think you're pretty much saying that you've got it i admitted so the third sponsor of the podcast is finger finger guys go to ford back joe rogan finger up the s com percent a pinky don't use the code name don't ask for the third finger you can save yourself ten percent off embarrassment yeah because a girl like if she's like you want me to put a second in finger in new york yeah what about third okay no third you're fucked up what's wrong with you you want three three finger something ass oh you you need to get out to romania alive yoga his brigades you ve never had a girl try i've had to go to a lot of them always try like jokingly we never let it happen no never that tickles that makes me feel gross i'm one of the people that believe or subscribe into the thing that
there's no you now that look at it and i want to see it you know it smell it not touch it i don't want anything on my ass another why amen whatever lace that's it stood it's probably a mess see roman i'll see you get down there with a fuckin mere a big three blade for that policy in that area nice cleaning up the company no no but awful girls going sixty nine and you her eyeball so like fucking inches away from that dirty disaster asshole of yours do you like girls he aroused he talked long process ever have you ever had ever heard of i've had girls get to the balls and attain but i've never had a girl nah nah my ass and you get as i've seen it in porn i've seen it in porn certain things we can't discuss in this program when is is one of them
no i mean in the prior then thus even thus even less likely to be brought up checks on here about that so it was ok asked before we were married i didn't even know you i didn't know you existed i ate a little ask before i knew you existed whatever you couldn't waited until it was the special one you couldn't have waited eating ass if something that came to later to me unlifelike you know like blue cheese i give you my blue cheese we live in a window you right out you know this is really get like i don't like eating out now i love you girls ass upon my fair things are well how long ago to this start for you like when you start dating freaks now you went through the bright red ban you went into you brian red ban free period a few years back its coincidentally right we start doing as podcast yeah i think right around that maybe right before we got introduced into the world of girls with troubled childhoods and then boom you have raised thirty thirty three thirty four you were off the races and the problem
as when it did deal with like the world of goober freak professional sex workers essentially you know that's when dealing with and then to try to go from that to like some girl who like generals workin on ur account degree in own it is it is early anyhow the tv or are you how you lock you wherever you are you're fucked billina luck man let's be honest your battle quite a bit over your head and that's hard to keep going in the regular world since the regular world girls eventually get mad at you in the porn world there just happy that they have a man like they're happy that sum is therefore them and someone loves them says if someone does not treat them as something just just inside of and also their late they won't be cuddled and taken care of and they like really your back and watch nickelodeon you don't go watch nickelodeon like once you ve seen in all the other shit you don't go watch nickelodeon i love her dog at the time but i don't wanna talk anymore there's a style of super
sexual woman that you're only going to get from a czech that's like probably willing to do porn like a girl who wants out three sons with you grow wants eat your ass you're fucking another girl i'm just telling see his future you're going to have to go gay is what i'm trying to sell it it's not going to work out if you the final frontier for you dude for real i think that if you just want to fuck okay that's why you want it's way more fun to just date a bunch of freaks i mean if you're just trying to fuck the problem is if you want to really settle down and have a relationship a lot of girls who have been involved in the adult industry and quotes they've had a fucked up past
and that you deal with like do you think if one envy you think of a woman's a nympho and you data nympho for like a year and a half years that the eu would then become a nympho because you have to be on her same thing you know like signalling an idea which i think it's a theme park that you leave i like that that's a good way of looking at it yeah there's some girls there's some girls i needed to grow once that couldn't come to couldn't come like she never had orgasms but she wanted to fuck all the time it was craziness they want to keep trying but no she couldn't do it like she do like airbases you just didn't know how to make her come cheating even economic become like nobody knew how to make her come like base you could never fingers make makers of car there was like one way where she could get herself to come but it was really hard
work but it was like one position the whole thing it was a real crazy sort of situation because you knew that sex feels good for her but you always felt guilty because she come she get wet and shit right yeah she loved to fuck that was the crazy thing it's like something was off you know but she want to fuck all the time but if you date a girl who wants to fuck all the time and then you date a girl want to fuck all the time especially if you're used to it and you like it you like hey you're awake awake and we're right here and we can to take our clothes off and fact when we do that i don't want like wow that does not make sense to a dude no that's a useless that's a useless part yet to a dude it's like we'll have the thing is we should both be looking for as many opportunities possible the fuck that's why we're girlfriend right so so what are we doing here don't want to fuck okay you don't want to fuck but there's not
and hold new back if you're not fucking a talking and then you're are more but if nothing's holding you back like it's not like you have i would love to fuck right now but i have to go to work and i have to leave i'm late that's one thing but if it's like i'm not in the mood yeah ok you got here it's like this there's nothing on hbo and we're not fucking that's a problem yeah yeah you're right that's that's where probably gay deeds understand to their more better there probably they probably just give up the ass did i tell you the guy at starbucks we were talking about grinder he usually have the hat on yeah because i wear this grinder had just for fun once in a while it's a bad idea but the guy goes man that's so funny at the grand i use grinder every day he's like i've used it three times this weekend so far and i was like what are you do and he goes oh it's just like hey there's a guy
billions down the street the earth restore he wants that he's down a fuck right now i could go with him we can go fuck in a car somewhere in a back alley or get blow job and then i come back to work you know it's while their lucky and you can definitely look at it that way but they have the but during the deck yeah that's that's a fail it is a no i mean don't you think about that even when a girl's willing to fuck you like when you have sex with your girl don't you i always think like why do you like dick like what is going on here why do you like dudes like why would you like a guy like i don't get it i don't understand the attraction to a man you know so when i don't ask i'm just glad they like this medium asian dick are now look i'm not saying that there is anything wrong with you know being ahead of a sexual woman all i'm saying is i don't understand it just like you and understand like being a gay do you but if you were so afflicted without predilection and you did that's what you and
yeah well i would imagine a freer life i just i just love that they love it at any rate like i'm really glad you like to shed as i got out of it just doesn't gay couple downstream from me in there like the tunnel i mean they do fit in great neighbors but they're trying to fit in like a regular family like they adopted a kid and you know they they do all the same shit that regular families do you know not does anything regular about there is something on regular about two gay dudes obviously when one of them it is totally great and the thing is is like you shouldn't try to fit in lagos your asian your blog gay like just be that yeah i mean great but i mean when a member trying to fit in i should probably said it that way but i meant was that there you know they live like a normal family like their game married couple with a kid you know
a lot of people have a hard time with that man's it's really interesting i think here like california is probably as loose as it gets with how people like view that but i don't know what kind of grease touch but all the people that i now around them like totally normal with their but you know it's like if they wanted to any one of those guys could just drive down santa monica boulevard just enter into one of those clubs just pull cock out and just get the grinder on get get the slab abbe on right i mean that's there's no place like that reduce there's no place like that for guys we get is guarantee that you can go and they be a bunch butscha horny checks looking for deeds see in new york to places like bob in the lower east side you go and there's always like a fat chicken
for you what is bob bob is it's like this like five hundred square foot hip hop like lounge situation in the lower east side they play all golden are hip hop you go in everyone's sweating dancing and you always get s and oh can you put is amazing like i abuse is ok you but ok cupid is like a website you go on and you can literally people boxes like just looking fuck so it's like for heterosexual for any sexual like you could have fucking three eyes and find some other fuck with three i want to yeah but there also this almost the same people if go to craigs list in just like look in your area like looking to fuck type girls in there's like sometimes there's a pitcher there's never been one that i've gone oh my god yes i need to fuck this girl these young i've i've had i want on okcupid i found a unicorn those pretty girls will tell us what happened it was bare it was dope it was dark i ended have taken this unicorn vegas once
was good why has a lot of fun while i think that they exist because i know that there is probably a lot of girls that are super hard that would love to freak guy out like that a guy couldn't believe how hot they are and they just want to fuck there's like crazy i like that there's a lot of them well in new york there's a lot of girls at work and they don't have time to go out and date and like me dudes and pick them and they're like you know what i just need to sit on something i need to sit on something and just need to give the dick on it's great it would be great it's fucking awesome you guys need that you have ok cupid out here i'm sure you have ok cupid here to have it in boston too many budgets are dangerous i use i gotta positive a single stock com every positive though that is did you about that it was he was some christian mingle and he was raping checks no way yeah
picking up on christian mingled raby them while yeah wires does dating sites varied d j d the christian mingle i want to go on j d you six love since you think so they sat by the chinese through thing what words year like we serve them on christmas about a while back there's no dick origin so where do i go chinese people yes jewish shirks yes j date they all know how to fuck really well to wish also to i've fucked awesome how many of you fuck product five and they have all been awesome i've been crazy the head game the jewish head game is the best sellers use it's it's absolutely and jewish girls give the best head when they do it yeah yes then then there's an old joke honey starboard your cheque from blowing you heller
oh i don't know that that's a good one yeah i think isn't it because they are so since they're young they're always said you have to only have sex with jewish people and you never are supposed to be with anyone outside of your race and i think that's why they're so crazy maybe you think so i think i'm just guess who i think they're not a suppressed there's this alone suppression in that religion than there is sexually and catholicism and a lot of other christian religions might be the hitler costing i wear all the time but that's it i want to hate fuck you i just figured they thought there was money in the dick wow trying to just suck it out hard enough half dollars what do you do in fuckface they sent me it is is yields the fuckin this the feed the lively jimmy the yeah the first jewish girl i dated i was twenty one
it was first like bitch was she was great i whoa but was like she was a woman i was twenty one she was twenty she was happy time that's a woman it wasn't a girl is a cougar was the first time ever data look woman is opposed to luggage every chick that data before us one in one was lying ninety they were like little kids this girl was like college graduates series this woman had a career you know it was totally different banging a chick like that to a completely different experience they're not no i've never gone older i've always gone younger that was the only time i ever did maybe one other time one of the time i did the girl was like a year older than me which is acceptable i want to do a cougar once i just think but i see some because there are so many hot cougars here in los angeles will you join gems if you want to get real cougar got to join a i'm a tidy bar
teddy bear with muscles do not say and if you want to really meet the ones that you actually want to fuck you gotta meet the ones that are at the gem because the ones for the gym or the ones that still have the plump asses and they're like fifty i've seen chicks with great asses that are fifty and you can't believe it it's like god damn why because that bitch is addicted to spin class and she's in the half an hour ago like their points shrewder their girl drew nigh got the crazy move straight not those four yeah i'm talking about girls that have their home jim's america been and leave the house i come to those bridges and they're gonna pass out on you they're gonna faint fall and hit their fucking head on the marble and then you're gonna get charged with murder trust me keep away from those both sound good keep alive from those tired tired low blood sugar malibu bitches
leave their house walk around their fucking slip one i'm saying just put your shoes on and get the fuck out of the house like a pamela anderson yeah you don't want that one because that one's lazy that ass is gone that's a long gone ass son she's a beautiful beautiful young lady but someone stole her ass when she hit about forty three forty four a goblin came into the house yeah now she's just crazy she looked like barbarous rice and now isn't a weird how she would you women really beautiful woman if they get crazy with their looks they if they start shooting should in their face they go from being beautiful too
being repulsive and not high they do it you know it's gonna happen and they still doing psychological shit it's like like people that are anorexic and they can't help it they gives keep losing weight or big bodybuilder deeds big biota dude liked i've i've met geysers huge and they they're scared got so they want to cover their body their muscles up like big puffy sweaters and shit because they don't want people who knows how how small they are yeah they get nutty yeah the especially like those competitive once people who look enter into body building competition they never feel like they're big enough it's a dysmorphia body image is some fucked up shit it's like race body image is psychologically like you have no idea how much it fucking controls you we are lucky there's not a dick operation that you could do to you dick with does her tents clearly about that big operation actually listen man of research to you take a piece of your foot
love you research fascinated what we're gonna do a researcher happy with my dad i'll tell you right now said the boy stick in the world but it's mine and i like it i like medium dick it's great but the body's morph that some women have like there was a woman that i knew many many a year ago who had ridiculously large breasts fake tits and she wanted to get them bigger and all of her friends are like you can't do that stop it like you can't she goes i just want them a little bigger just a little bigger i mean they were fucking she they were crazy huge crazy and when they're crazy who's they don't look crazy good no they look crazy bad they look crazy they felt like a knee girls getting breast reductions make no sense to me like you're just giving money away i think that for some time girl i data that girl who yes she had before i met her she had had a breast reduction should enormous debts even at when i met her they were like de cups and i was like oh my god they were bigger than this she had backed
issue like my nerves and shit like this can go numb but still i feel that you have to do that things will happen for you other things will take care of you someone will come on them that's it it's not like they come fucking bean stocks and take it to the man i guess if you have a herniated disc and i come on your back it doesn't help much it's not doing anybody any good it's not like you're rub it in and it's vic vapor heal the injury i've got about this before that i know somebody has that disease i don't remember the name of it were there your kids are crazy big lange and like them worms set aside an elephant titus of the ted yet exactly and ill so big that she'll if you look at her she looks like she's really fat but then if you she takes off her shirt and just holds up her tits it's like oh no it's all just embody like sand so how big about what would you say heard like twice a normal too i would say each one of her tits was probably
twenty four inches long a twenty four hour to pray each one wade probably i'd say about fifty pounds oh my god the poor girl shed a hundred pounds to still has to shoot she can he has to get these crazy brows made it sears where they have to make the broad i'm telling you we were lucky this non dick operation yet that we can get bigger dick is anybody ever had a dick reduction zero dude had a i get twenty foreign diagnosis and no girls can suck this i'm tired of this is bullshit cut me down at ten i want man i could have a three foot dig i would never cut it's fucking excalibur don't touch a who's gonna fuck you you're gonna have to have the chicks only know that you have like a fucking three foot like baby or you going to have to only date chicks that fuck basketball players and had their babies like twelve pound babies came out of there no it's not even kim garnishing just another kid you need a girls at a bunch babies so like a hawk your mom you giant
just like a single yet and so i thought could be happy with because otherwise what you can do with three for a deck tell you again do you you gonna get frustrated you're fired dick to i would just walk outside with that shit i'm tanning just not but you would never be able to really use it you will you three foot you could have grows a slide on top of it or like snail to you know if you had a three foot dick there would be girls that would just want to check it out just i just want to sit on it a little bit and trust me i know a couple of girls could probably put three foot inside of the airtight they would break they would break just like that guy got fucked death by the horse there's no way they would make it dana could take three foot of dick dana akira could take three for now she wish you'd like to die she would dine you'd be here i need those girls it did son of dawn they could take what is sort of dawn oh my god sort of dawn is like the crazy crazy giant fake dick with the giant lies
geyser that others are playing i i've seen that those are so we're with shaped as a as a panacea it what is that because it looks so fake yeah it is weird porn is that fake dick giant watching it though the art design though the set design is amazing you know it's very very creative said this desire design with big stupid stupid fake dig you what is the stuff tat you ve been doing for four vice magazine yes livestock com i do this show called fresh off the boat and we use food to get in a culture we meet all these weirdos basely the the whole point the show is is to travel around the world travel around the united states and stories stories and people that other outlets don't wanna talk about you know right and what can i will become stores france's they we went in the bang bus with j d stevens my readers and then you know we watched her work and we did a hole up so we went i'll see you why should do a bang bus yeah yeah we watch the whole so what how do they do that they do
put iris unless it was reversed bus ride so they put her in the back the birthday drive around and they pick up due to the street to just here's a trailer what's a reverse bus the reverse bus is her going and doing that the bangbus normally is a dude driving around the fine show on the street oh reverse bus is her looking for dudes and then other shows we've done is you know we want to go we didn't want to separate people from the slaughter because we want people to know you're eating food you're eating animal protein and animal slaughter so the first episode we ever did was showing like a white rabbit being slaughtered i saw that one do you like it yes we're like a pretty thoughtful food show and we try to challenge people you really want to challenge them we don't just give them candy it's not just so much we really want them to think about
culture that they're engrossed in the culture that they're supporting and things like that was that the first time you ever killed an animal like that no you know we've killed animals i cook chinese food so you're always cooking seafood you always cooking live seafood and then i've seen chicken slaughtered i've never seen a cow slaughtered i've never seen a pig slaughter but i've seen chickens i've seen seafood and i saw a rabbit yeah that rabbit was pretty intense yeah it's definitely intense like everybody there is pretty moving because you watch a life leave the earth in front of you and funny shit was i actually thought i died like a week ago in houston it was really funny i ate this indica bubble gum hash they made this beef jerky out of indica bubble gum hash and high times gave it to me and so i'm eating it and i didn't remember to kind of dose it i ate it all i gave a little piece of my home i get a little piece of my brother and i remember about thirty minutes after i'm watching like house of cards on
flex by myself and i'm a you oh my god i think i just died and i went to my brother and i felt like i couldn't move i could like see shit and i couldn't hear shit and i went to my brother i'm like you got to take me the hospital you got to take me the hospital i said why do i can i take you to a hospital motherfucker as i think i just died charges informed me right now my so you can hear me you can see me i'm going to jump on you but you can see that you're not dead go to sleep i like you have to take me to the hospital i feel like my spirit left my fizz body he's like what what are you talking about and so he takes me to the hospital in houston we were there cooking for the all star game and like dwayne wade and i'm in the hospital we check in and doctors like what's wrong he's like i think my my spirit live my physical body is like what the fuck did you do
in the bubble gum has jerky and he's like you need to chill the fuck out you need to just chill the fuck out because there's nothing anyone can do for you i was like did i just die like no you didn't die he just high as fuck and being a pussy the way described the indica bubblegum hash jerky that's very specific to some shit yeah we talked talked a billion times on the podcast but a lot of people don't know that when you eat marijuana it's a totally different psychoactive experience your body produces something goes to your liver and it produces something called a one pass and it makes this chemical called eleven hydroxide metabolites and its forty five times more psychoactive than th see in a smoker before so it's not the same drug can you die from that show no no no no here's what you do then the only way you're gonna die from what drink milk really yeah why just trust me if you'll calm down
not in five minutes says nonscientists we not listen to him isn't what the font you're gonna throw up milk that's wrong you just need a little glass of milk just listen that's not scientific brian you talking nonsense no when you eat as much hash is that you're fucked you're not gonna glass of milk it's not gonna make you feel it every day but i ate fucking all these fucking hash jerky and i never felt so bad i felt like i it heroin yeah i can get you really scary high you can get to the point where it's really uncomfortable and thus should it not fund over you ever i don't wanna go to a hospital and tell me what you spear animals broken no now but i i did think that i've fucked up i went too far i ve gone there before we like but i always liked liked i like what it feels when it's over yeah like me and weed are fighting because it's like i love this pitch for so long and i'm like you really hurt me you really
it makes it i'll do edibles aren't you out of here and i have no animals are amazing but it's all in the dosage it's very tricky i'd love animals i prefer edibles earlier yeah ya like a regular edible eater yeah no i prefer it i think is better for your body i think it's better for your body and i think the the intensity of the expense it lasts longer and to me it's more introspective i learn more oh you definitely think of wild shit i was like i was saying i felt like i was one of those christian inspirational people because i'm gonna calm like even you have to realize that every day you have to fight to stay alive because as soon as you stop you will die i just died i swear to god i just died watching house cards today you did not die shut the fuck up just don't watch any more cat spacey movies did you ever see the nine one one call where the cops stole some pop from some kids i made some pop brownies and then the cops called nine one one yes
it's serious and that's the thing they thought they died they thought that time it stop they were calling in nine one one just shit in their pants thinking that this is the end no i thought i like the universe universe's voice was like eddy you've checked out i really felt in the game is over game is over i heard the scene music the game over you can definitely too much pot but then after it's over you feel fine it's not even like drunk you know that feeling that you get after you have a hang over it's like god damn it i don't want to ever july eight so much my head her for three days well i couldn't i did not hear it took me won't come back three days what you probably broken
just with anxiety yeah just the anxiety alone was probably so much stress oh yeah that like your brain was like oh the muscle in my brain fucking hurt so yeah kids don't eat that fucking bubblegum hash i find that edibles make food taste the best too because i think smoking anything probably don is your palette yeah a little bit and you have like gum options out here with edibles that are fairly and they're delicious yeah but but also the you can actually like pretty much rely on the dose with some of like candies like you know like you like like ari shafia ask him like what is this candy cause it's like a have a breath strip ok i got it but not all did not always still you're right but some companies like you get used to it
you know and they got their shit together and they can make it until the feds come and bust the door down and fucking take them away problem with edibles it's also how much you have in your stomach already so that's a factor where you know when you smoke it you don't have to deal with that that's where breast trips coming because it doesn't matter because it goes gotten your bloodstream craigs list dedicated out here on the west coast kid how does it getting good we'd new york yo got a really good serve i have a serve that they come through and they always have seven to eight strands every time but before i met these dudes life was miserable it was just like sour or haze or cush it's just hard to find someone that you actually want to know your phone number that's selling weed yeah and these dudes are dope they don't chill with you they don't fucking try to like hang out and get to know you like in and out that give me the best weed and i'll see you later and i'll call you next time so that's what you need but it does not
california like california is on some shit it's crazy that's the best i want to see i got a pen those dude i'll hook you up those dudes are awesome cool yeah the pen is the best way to smoke because relax tastes so good yeah it's like minty fresh chocolate mint i cream is g pen a new type of vaporizer or something there's a few o them i've got to get you one there's so many of them out have you had an ida i dab is the way to go in your home like on the road g pen the best but i dabs are fucking crazy how do you spell it just a greater size my boy chris he lives in little hope you guys are feasible yeah i've of use lot of unlike the plume by packs is not bad but that japan is definitely might my favorites
that's the one i use on the show all the time when we shoot on the west coast world shoot whatever we use the g pen i want one so bad yeah they taste amazing yeah the scientists out here that are concocting different ways to take your weed they doing in pretty amazing ways they have honey now yeah well i guess there's been talk some talk lately about what is the legality of ah and all these oils and stuff like that so they have this g pen vaporizer they sell it online line by allowing the right because you get exerting tobacco with it right there so now when you buy this what do you do you stick we'd in it somewhere lax in that you put the essential oil in there and then you just have to get that from a dispensary yeah but you live in la is no prob yeah but how do you get it yeah i know a guy that guy he's effort tobacco do you
have a hard time when you're on the road getting good weed when you're doing your show you know fans like people will just bring it right they'll know and they'll just bring it like when i do book tours there's always two or three people at every book event to bring me weed and how many of them are cops most of them are asian children are not easily asian kids you know like right and they grow like me though you know how you are you need this those are the best people they bring me we'd everywhere i go that's fine ass the best thing about being a public public like publicly known present smokes we'd people will hook you up yeah i agree de small part with people that you mean yes people who know you from the show yeah i'll smoke with anyone because i'm not a dude that smokes weed and then can't function i'm a functional smoke we do function but do you trust their we like what if someone wants to lace you up i've never been no
you been late like may know what i know person yes one do yeah no one do see cp somebody put tcp we'd well damn yeah i'm hardcore core had had a very bad situation i had it wasn't like a fan or anything but it had somebody give me we'd once that was dipped in embalming fluid and i really mt bomber yellow fighting while there are some i feel like i feel i will read it sets a friendly culture they why would you do that to somebody because people are broken a mean even the weeds a friendly culture the certain amount of any culture that's gonna be broken ganders people that it is unavoidable factor is not so you won't smuggling people give you want to earn money more not less oh wow when i found out that and there was a guy i told the story before about a cop that was asking me for dmt in cleveland and i knew it was a cop it was the most obvious cop ever because i'm going after a show by himself with a crew cut asked me for dmt is like bitch what are you talking about
are you really come and ask me for illegal drugs the nazi out about a specific ask two yes a very specific flavour that you ask again very specific you went the problem is every place was a california smoking aid money but every place is not like california and there are places where its super illegal like you get caught in texas you know like willing nelson got arrested in texas mean you arrest willing nelson for part you're fuckin communist you you really youtube you're a fucking near the enemy the god damn it i mean it's pretty decriminalize in america i think in the next five to ten like we'd is gonna be like california everywhere still so many people in jail though so many peter in jail because when did they they do they grandfather those guys in and let everybody out i don't think they're gonna they should but i don't think they will the
the laws in a lot of places like phoenix it's real bad it's not it's not good and taxes that sits scaring allow places how many different ass it is ever going to do so we ve done allay sand friend my enemy new york taiwan yeah five so with fire hose taiwan taiwan is amazing man one is the best one is the best then what do you speak like the ones that giles ye i speak mandarin chinese now if you around cantonese people what happens i can understand what they're saying it sounds like that
playing chinese through a guitar no i got mad cantonese homes but no i don't understand cantonese and they barely understand mandarin it's tough wow yeah it's not just like north and south like you got an accent it's like really some extra tone can you read it i can read some things i know a few words i probably read on like a kindergarten level and i speak on a fifth grade sixth grade level but you speak in a fifth grade sixth grade level just because you know some of it not because it's o o its across the board of all no canton he knew how to know shit about cantonese but the written is the same right a written language is the same occasionally written the written cantonese is the same year fascinating her so but the way they say it is different yet
he's a mandarin so you can read all cantonese no problem i think it's the same characters i'm pretty sure it's the same care so how the fuck is it a different language it's another tone to have another time when they speak it oh my god i fear tat sincerity yeah what does its homework but what's the difference can tell me that reference he's gonna give me like a sentence tolomeo like they say stuff it's just bouncer is sound what's your life without like without being racist and making fun of it you know i just sounds to me like famously you're allowed me for you know you chinese year let us law but like i know it's like i'm not even saying words brahms imaging the sound like bartolommeo well thing don't i you know it's their super bouncy that way but it's dead grant then mandarin in what way see what's confuses i gazed fifth tone but the characters are the same but that they have a different sound for the characters so it is with
kind of crazy wow so like you like one person would say shoe they would have a totally different noise for it yeah but if you wrote it down you both saw shoe yeah well you blow my mind yeah oh how many people are on will check this and make sure i mean we could check this and make sure but i'm almost positive that it is i'm pretty positive it is the same language how many people are on each like a mean they're so there's not failure and commander and much much more speaking mandarin cantonese how much we can't unease is just like the south east of china in hong kong other factors are never happen just lost the war is that when another some mangold type shit yeah well that's it that's it that's the whole idea of a billion people on a continent is a fucking trip yeah
it wasn't even a billion people on the whole planet just a little while ago yeah man we are way too good at making babies and that's why they try to limit it yeah my friend duncan actually have a funny thing that he said yesterday that some people believe that this is such an amazing time to be alive that so many souls are trying to reincarnate to this time that's why there's so many people on the planet
okay so they say here written cantonese is the most highly developed written form of all chinese varieties apart from standard mandarin and classical standard written chinese is based on mandarin but when spoken word for word as cantonese it sounds unnatural because its expressions are ungrammatical and idiomatic in cantonese antony speakers have developed their own written script sometimes creating new characters for words that either do not exist or have been lost in standard chinese but basically it's based on the same language wow it's just more a fine that'd be weird trying to speak english and just to speak it differently yeah with by using the same words dear luke you didn't move now what the fuck man so well what is it like working with device guys we fuck i love you i love vice man via their money is ass you i've worked with so many people and vices lets you do you think and and that's the best part and like
i just want to a whole week i was a tete a tete fellow this year and i went through a whole week of people telling me what to do where to be and it was like being at a fuckin scientology summer camp was harmed yeah tell me what the fuck happened they told you that you you you can't leave yet like before you go to let you need to participate in tat you need to be cool i am i figure like minds are reasonable if you have to do something in la you can go do something in la i gave them like four or five days of my time like was there every single thirteen hours like every day they have thirteen hours of fucking activities they have mapped out for you some days like fifteen sixteen hours right if you go to their after events and i was like that's way too much fucking here interactive days explain this so you go there and you're going to go and do your own ted speech yeah
so you do your own ted speech what is the other stuff they have for you they want you to be available for like networking cocktail events attendees want to talk to you you need to be available and i was like look i've done a lot i put people on like i put them in touch with ad agency people i put them in touch with other people to do business with other artists i introducing everyone and i thought i was good so i went yesterday to go do dvd as i went met up cho i met up asa and i went and now they called me today on the way over here and they were like we're taking your ted fellowship where i was like why are you taking the ted fellowship because you went to la i was like you're in long beach i just went to la for the afternoon to do the fucking podcast you're fucking crazy and they're like you took this spot from somebody who would have gone
every talk and bid and everything i was like the other people weren't there for everything but you're also just crazy you fucking crazy you're crazy they're not paying you no they don't pay that you go to do it for the love and they want you for seven days twelve to fifteen hours a day wow and you can't just leave to go do something some work that you have to get fucked what what is it where people fuck up everything even something is amazing is tat because and i remember the first ted talk that i ever saw on the internet a couple of years ago we have a whole ted thread on my message board about great ted yeah like the one how to be happy is great are there so many of my gram hancock just gave one on the war unconsciousness about i was good
and his own problems with kicking cannabis he had like i was crazy we'd have a worries high all day every day for decades and then you'll like it was it was a crutch forms like a real problem great ted talk about other so much good stuff but then you hear shit like this or even they suck even someone finds a way to fuck up even something as amazing as ted yeah the speakers are great i can't say a damn bad thing every single one of the fellows is inspirational amazing doing great work the thing is though something gets so good and people feel the power that they had and then they impose rules and that's how society got created in the beginning somebody got so liked and got so much power that they could force you to do things that were entirely unnatural and inhuman so ridiculous too to think that a guy i
you as busy as you could give up that much time yeah and be angry if you vary from their schedule at all that sounds like it was more to ted's a racist i mean that's usually kind of crazy too because other people missed and they kind of picked on me for it but even before i got out here like you my birthday is friday you want me to stay till saturday can i at least have my girls stay with me like and i'll just use them like oh we can't because you have a roommate at test so you're like thirty four year old people staying with a roommate i was like wait a minute wait a minute they make you room with people wait a minute how can they do that he only tell you who to sleep with yeah they were yes and they were like you have to room it's part of the ted experience and i was like this is a cult at this point you have cross the threat you are now for scientology yeah weighed and ask freely so they assign you they say you know what we think that eddie would grow if he lived with sasha for a week yes so
i'm crazy fuckers discussion logan whose in their cooking up math and whatever the fuck he's doing he you'd have to stay yes i mean luckily the reigning with this dude software who is amazing coca cola here yes off ass yet you are really to be able to pull the name of the dude our is amazing his name was software can i stay when browsing i'm thirty island state in a hotel where people in a minute you know how big the hotel it's a small shitty hotels the height reasons he looks like a fucking airport hotel report you like in the bed next to this guy see and hear each of us nor any data by what the fuck is then they also hold this should have long beach in its like next to like across the street literally you have back to back out back p of change and like subway is ridiculous but the whole thing is just weird i was all pay for my you're not allowed you're not allowed you're not allowed to pay for your own room yeah they're crazy they just want to control you
it is a means i still let the talks at level two speakers but their organization is fought stats hilarious but i think that they can have that kind of influence over you it's part of the ted experience and it is part of the ted experience eddie is part of the ted experience one no one's talked about this before because this seems like straight up boy scouts yeah you know what is the thing is most people they need ted they need ted to put you on they want the cosine and most people it's like if you do something for me i won't say anything about you but that's i mean i think joe you're the same way i don't give a fuck what you do for me if you're a fucking weirdo and you're about to start some new court conference religion i'm gonna say something and that all eu rules i would write a book about this vital if they actually tried to get me to do what they wanted me to do for four five six today's whenever was in pay you they send package to be like this is how to network with billionaires
how to go to madame network with billion years how to go to a network and talk to people and like talk to potential people who could collaborative work with you there like don't just go asked them for money and anomaly this is crazy alma garments all shares girl asked them from money and again the package and euro grown ass men and they pick you that you're obviously intelligent if you getting pick for ten today when it rains you should pack upon its while see that without is hard and ok without is is exactly the opposite of the vehicle that got the man the vehicle that got them there is the internet yet what guy there is the fact that the freedom of the internet allows people to exchange interesting conversations like that hey you got to listen to this you got to watch this this lady gave the speech on monkeys it was amazing whatever and what they did
is the exact opposite and that's why even though a bomb is focusing on gun control the most important debate that americans will face in the next five years is internet freedom in a freedom is the most important debate we will face and we heard so fucking blind do it because a lobbyist for doing it like under our noses you surely should have the right and ability to put your own website up and control your content and yourself in any way shape form you choose and the benefits of that have been staggering to our culture over the couple years just just over the last ten you know and the idea that corporations might have the ability to step in and stop that or regulate that or restrict that or sense
sir you have been anything that you do and somehow another if anything you do somehow another one where a forms cost them money and they decide that this is something that has to be stopped they're gonna be able to do that and yes we do something and once somebody realises they have their hand on the false it and they have the ability to turn it on and turn it off people crazy you've seen that study it's like ted like these people yeah they have power yeah they do this shit where they invite these people to go talk and they actually don't put up everybody's talks until this year they used to pick and choose and cherry pick the talks they'd put up and you would go there for a week fifteen hours a day do all their shit and then imagine if they didn't put up your talk but what if you talk some if you talk sucked i feel like it should just go suck on the internet we i don't need a charter on the internet you know right but maybe if yes and no because if if you say if you had a comedy conference and you had all these comedians do sets but some more just dogs
you want that set to represent europe your company no you would you know you wouldn't do it i wouldn't you know if i did though invite someone they stayed for a week and i didn't pay them i would be like the least i owe you is the opportunity to acquire ass we there's three people on the planet that enjoy your idea that's one port yeah that's a point i guess he but i know what you're saying to protect the brain it makes little sense but you know for the most part most people's talks are fucking good yet therefore raise j i really different than i can get it open micro ted talker get by gotta bring or show but they give opportunities to learn here people mean either is absolutely possible there must be a bet if we just ask about were ignorant to it but we do say show me the ted talks that sucker fat deck yeah they gonna it's ok twitter twitter people please show me the ted talks that sucker fat i mean everyone wants to see the sarah silverman ted talk there was never let out she
she gave us never let out now they never let it out ass she made fun of ten see i would have find one the wise enemy really in the thing is if you confidence that your lout you you can laugh agus of day don't know how to live with them so she made fun ten what were like during her talk it's like the mythology of i didn't see talk obviously but here is a sarah silverman ted talk they never let out while need to get started yeah i need to run into or somewhere i can make it happen okay am i gonna happen hurt i i've never heard anything bad about ted before so that's why this is such a shock it is weird though you meet the donors and stuff and they can't tell asian people apart they can't tell african people apart and it's just it's weird man and like they're nice and everybody means well did they while you david show up i know they dangerous mistake you for other fellows because so many
the migration really that yeah how many different people do in every year every year they pick like twenty fellows and then they pick a bunch of other people for the main stage so yeah i mean no it is it is an ill organization still even though they booted me today i love the speakers i love the talks and i want it to continue but i hope that they are you know they could say i suck and that's fine they could be like eddies a shithead he went to la he did the fucking podcast and he sucks but i hope they just changed rules for future people's listen you didn't do anything wrong they're crazy and all they represent is a distribution method for the greatest minds on earth gets all they represent its not that they are the greatest minds on earth has just there so many interesting people today we we live in an amazing time and just when you good something like ted whatever that ted stands for it became synonymous on the internet with fascinating talks boom and then it's off but you want to wanted you could do the eddie wants you know fascinating ma
fuckers on vias and do the exact same thing yes i think there's a lot of room for that korea on france's like i would love to hear more people from you not downtown way downtown new york and walking in doing these ideas casino find those do they find academics they find people playing ancient instruments they find people that are you know working nature things in and they have their kind of like cultural sex you know but there is a lot of room to find genius another place geniuses everywhere you know this year you travel around the way you find genius anywhere so there's room for conference that like look under different cultures cause they're kind of looking at it the same stones all the time right in the gutter run out of bugs year an unwanted though i am one of the first anti stepped out to be a guy this is do he's chinese in a hip i'll be lives in downtown you are key used to sell drugs he now has a restaurant i'm i think i was the only working shaft it was attacked fellow so i was one of their choices i was really out there but i just didn't work out the tin
dogs you now going to be a fuckin slave and sleep in a hotel room of the hearings for a week yeah that's insane behind me i rehearsed for two days i fucking did the two i did everything i'm supposed to do and then i am a just peace out for like a half day and they bombed you know know that's it that's crazy and the fact it didn't pay you it's crazy we need to do a vice show exposing ted how lulu tat i told vice that i wouldn't what i said before i got booted i sent a minimise yo you gotta see this shit it's like the beginnings of scientology why it is so true that once people have a position of power and influence and people want to be a part of them peel go corrupt then right as far as showing what is the threshold at which something becomes a religion you know it's kind of insane it so easy started culture there is so many people looking to jump on board you know all the people that would of years ago become catholics now they're like man popes just won't stop fucking kids i can't do this i need a new car
i don't know why people still believe in these really you look at what these people are doing like what's happening in the catholic tri is insane fucking popes resigning this is the first time it's gotten so hot that the popes like i'm asking here he's asked for immunity from the catholic from the italian government from prosecution because he's responsible for shielding pedophiles heap personally and lobby will analyse the pope personally responsible for taking pedophiles and shifting them away to another place where they molested markets and what would you expect you dont these people are allowed to have sex with natural to want to have its natural to want to go to la land do podcast use you cannot come to ted and have sex without condoms i'd be able to fuck that could you imagine no unprotected size there's no raw dogging at ten legal no ass fucking while you're here oh man while you're a ted fellow there would be mutiny i wonder if they would have
you you could slowly start imposing behaviour standards in on fellows enough you want to call it like a fellow or or whatever new organization you want to start they do shit like you should have a standing you should give a standing ovation when this person com you should do this in the lilies yeah i'll wait a minute wait a minute vague standing ovation yet and they were also say like you know when the founder comes chris anderson comes you have to give him a standing ovation like you know it's nice if you want you but he doesn't actually need you to do it and by the fact that you needed to give me this fake halfway disclaimers so fucking strain wow that's so strange they tell you who to and not to give standing ovation to who's lots of apply you have to apply to go to ted to attend and then once you're accepted you pay eight thousand dollars that's a mine fuck wait a minute you who had to pay no hell no i did but the people who do they live like out ok so that people that attend these strict audience membership
i don't wanna be so down so bad to do that to go through application process and then fucking pay that's a lot of how many people are going how many people go i think like two thousand three polish shit yeah that's a lot of money they make holy shit yeah that's a lot of money yeah they make off here there thousand people paying eight thousand dollars is how much six during its sixty thousand now sixteen wondering what is it one hundred and sixty thousand is that to be more no it's way more than that it's like sixteen million i think but yeah two two thousand we sometimes hear sixty nine two thousand such amy you don't know shit about your numbers and i didn't even bother count always i'm asking agents from now on sixteen million you silly bitch what is it brian do you have julie rebuilt wetware number what's number
two thousand times eight and got to be sixteen million what's two thousand times eight thousand this might answer your question it is one point six million i think one point six million of okay that makes a lot of bread so they made one point six million note sixteen million yes sixteen the human calculator was fast very nice so they made sixteen million which has even crazier and they did this in this time you were there and no one gun day at ted nobody gets paid we we we're suckers dude my circuit and there were telling you you're gonna get exposure was acknowledged more people listen to the jew rogan experience that's true ted socket them ted we got you be by like a million but that still man that's a lot of
we're not making that money we need to make that money you eight thousand people joe will give us ten million dollars each i know do it this raises the bar and only get really stupid rich people you know i don't want to like go after poor people because i think that's rude a million you got a bolt soon yeah my bed okay no that's all right you have what are yo doing next what do you got going on i got i got a meeting you know la meetings competing shit bullshit dude my bad gonna do next is another show you're working on after the by show you tell us you know you know me i'm so we option in the book like the rain was in a become a sick commune on the margaret margaret moratorium moratorium has been right right the margaret show moratorium on asian television has been lifted a from from the books that's like chelsea lately yegg i have not seen that but all i know is my dad's dream was to be our bundy in and hope we someone can plan al bundy like my dad
wow you got to lock bobby lee up to a long term deal right now i mean what part of your movie so i was kind of hoping run our test would go yellow face i wonder if she can do it what can they do a cgi think about what they did what's his name in tron can they do that with an american actor they do that my family there's five people i kind of want to just get the like michigan fab five together and yellow face go yellow face just tape what was that networks like which asian after what you like i don't know just get the fat five degrees of is that there was some there was a chinese chinese investigator they used to charlie chan and in the it was a white guy that played charlie chant do you know that
the original charlie chan yeah the original charlie chan was it was some old dude hold on a second charlie chan was like this wise old school active but yeah it was played by warner o land wasn't chinese at all look at them yeah no a lot of people want yellow face back in the day i mean that's hilarious when did they start you gotta leave but when did they start acting adding asian actors two roles like allowing asians play roles is probably good when's one ha ha ha ha ha ha ha pigs running a little china like no why people want to be around this gremlin we'll think
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so go check it out this friday and saturday me and my little buddy brian and pow sam mother fucking tripoli are going to be in oh hi oh we will be at the taft theatre on friday in cincinnati and the path is theater and columbus columbus on saturday and we will see you back here in cyberspace sunday night for the crazy stevens rear ufo revelation podcast my dick is hard just thinking about this although that's probably not what mr greer wants to hear can being distinguished gentlemen of science you don't want to hear someone's dick is hard to meet you but it is so deal with that alright we we love the shit out you you guys and we be be happier with everything so see see you soon k together bitches lobbies
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