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#335 - Bas Rutten

2013-03-13 | 🔗
Bas Rutten is a retired MMA fighter and former UFC Heavyweight Champion.  He currently is the co-host of Inside MMA, and also runs Elite MMA gym in Thousand Oaks, CA. Bas Rutten, Brian Redban - 03/12/2013
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kind of stuff i don't want to listen so it's a way of filtering out tight asses i don't think that anybody hit the delete button right now you never know man this is this dude will get pissed off at anything they will decide that commercial is the reason why their life sucks this mother fucker in his on it their computers not there you are catching him there at nine before you even meet them just you just decide it's that fucking boss rutin to tube trainer yes that sent me over the top how cool is that my wife gave it to me just before i walked out she said she's going to be on camera right two trainer is it's like for include improving the strength of your lungs is that what it is that's yeah we talked about function on the bus route former ufc heavyweight champion if you're not into the world of martial arts i should always introduce my guess i never do it to start conversations bosses are good friends but a good friend for years
and one of the one of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters in history legit you're you're a you're a legend like you know when you find out your circle soccer that was that was like one of the highest level mma fights that we had ever seen up to that date you know like you you you came into the scene when you won the heavyweight title you elevated the entire sport like you were the fucking man wow you know that no no i did not i do know i recently found out that i was actually the first heavyweight champion i didn't know when you were actually yes it was super fight yeah world of all you're not alone that you were you were only about two hundred ten two hundred twenty pounds at your heaviest right left i was at at the random and fight it was under two hundred and it was two and over at a little yet to drink water at the way in to make do with because otherwise he said is not gonna be a title fight yeah you had to be above the the light heavyweight limit was two or three at one point two
one hundred to two or three in japan right pride yesterday so yeah called it middle weight though it's what is that that is not three kilos i believe it's two or three yeah yeah one and ninety one something weird you are a small heavyweight man you know at time that a an h you could get away with that nowadays you know i would find a two oh five because very but i'm i'm already walking around almost a two five but right at that time you for it i i like the word heavy weight title much better right and the world you guys when you beat up the lives you know to be a big guy you only have to survive the four by four minutes right if they brought an onslaught and and then it was smooth sailing from there you know you could to wear me down yes to to a lot of mixed martial arts fans when you look at the the errors of fighting you certainly brought in and the error of the technical striker into the have you a combat sports because
you and maurice smith we really like the first guys of course maurice came after you but the the the the were the first guys to you know to really be to this is a like have like real technicals right you know not just powerful guys who can knock anybody out because there's always going to be a lot of those yeah but will like did you see the bernard hopkins for this weekend no it in a great fight he won again forty eight years old and what you can learn like anybody who's like interested in any sort of martial art watching that bernard hopkins angles i was really good technique yup is technique is perfect as defense the way he rolls away from shots and even then he actually got hit but he knows how to cover he knows how to protect himself and that the technical fighters are always going to have an edge it's not easy to be tech all the instincts just to go away and go crazy and attack but there's got to be a method to your madness and that's what separates the men from the great men from
the other fighters well you you were talking about marriage meant that i have to tell this really funny story will face because i thought it twice riley and and and bankers and was is one time i kicked him in the head and i go out as easy as switch kick his switch kick slipped and i fell on the ground and he wants to jump on top of me and i go what weight and he stopped and i get when i go thank you he's just said stop yeah you told me this before that was hilarious it's unbelievably ridiculous you hypnotize them yeah that's it use jedi timeout timeout wait one second you were having some back pains as far back as uh the kosaka fight right yeah it all started there you know six weeks before that if i had i had del goal are the wrestler and i'm in a triangle choke and he thought it was smart me up and slam me down and i slap me with my head against the wall in the corner and that really we did some damage to me you know i maybe at the time couldn't even lay on my chest you know i couldn't breathe
okay no and i i brought that at hold that thing with me to the rental and fight as well you know but you know once the we had a poster is an eight day it's just me like world's greatest more size i don't know i i can't say no no i don't know how to do this thing you know so i remember and i was in the dressing room i had this big a syringe with light okane and i injecting myself in between my ribs and then the camera crew came in see me it was at the time i believe with universal soldier and they miss their injecting they turned around they ran that is doing something illegal as it did i'm just putting lead again and you because it was so painful so this is when you're about to fight you were pumping yourself for life can yeah yeah and between the rips yeah you did you ever get an mri for that find out what that one's no that just it just went away after years took a long time put to sleep just i i took a lot of sleep medication at the time because it would it would hurt during sleep yeah you probably have a bulging disc or something or herniated
have a lot of pulsing disco you know i just had neck surgery two years ago and then i know i had it again early this year and i refuse to discuss together now was fine like yesterday they before it started that i feel slightly slowly i think my arm she is a whole dent in here right is she in here it's all gone it's really weird those muscles have to start re so to say and so it's 'cause the nerves were cut off their pinched by this herniation yet comatose complete power minutes it's a scary thing when you can't grab the milk out of the fridge anymore yeah and especially used to we're doing what are pull ups and so yeah that that that kind of scare me so but now we're we're back on track and hopefully it's comes back so you got three discs fused so upper and lower to one so it's three in a row three zero five six and seven and
is that an issue and putting pressure on the discs above it and below or do you have that there will it will happen for especially the one below it you know that's what they already warm before but like my my mobility is the same i was amazed when i came out because they told me you know to do is just a big deal and but i i don't feel any different than i was before so that's interesting yeah so you probably were hindered in your mobility anyway because your disk issue that's probably the case yeah i'm going through a little bit of a bulging disk right now too but i don't have any numbness or anything but i'll be getting it treated have been getting rolfing done and i'm getting spinal decompression they put you in a machine watch out bolfing last week i had that done but his old lady that comes in and just kills me terrorize my body it's amazing all right it is in you know what really fast in a conversation i had with this woman yesterday who's a chiropractor who told me you would be surprised like people take a anti inflammatories but how much of how much you can do with food
by eating resveratrol cutting out all your wheat cutting out pasta and gluten and all that crap she's like you would you would decrease your information so much from all that stuff like we don't under we have like we have very powerful immune systems for the most part and we're constantly fighting things off your body is using your its body is fighting off like inflammation all the time and it's better it's better at doing it when it's not being poisoned and when your body doesn't have weak today it's like we don't think about it but pasta and bread all that delicious stuff fucking terrible for you it's like it's basically sugar this is sloppy goo can nonsense that you it's not really supposed to be eating and is she was gone on and on about glutathione and resveratrol and all these different antioxidants and eating a clean much more like
i'm trying i'm trying actually gluten free more now more often not completely because sometimes as well yeah but you know the same breakfast machete breakers at all the time i had this brown rice crack brown rice with hot water and honey and i've been there for the last years we fully otherwise i don't eat till like four o'clock i am not hungry today i forced myself to drink this thing and then when they expensive my stomach i get and then i'll actually i just ate a breed just before i came here which is amazing for me because not only in every so you really have been is this because of your in no no no i had my whole life that that you know i will wake up same and with me of a work never change it like have this strange same watching routine i was talking about it last time but also the same food when i think my whole career i ate six slices of bread in the morning with like marmalade jelly on it because i believe that the peel the orange peel you know that it stop elected acid from getting into your muscles and i'll
at this feeling with it as sometimes i added peanut butter and that was my breakfast and when i say that that means my entire career i would do the same thing wake up very early two hours before my workout eat go back to sleep and then when i would wake up it will be digested and i would start raining wow but that's not like when i tricia so they'll tell you no no no the best thing i eat all right parsons you know he was with me with my last fight when i was trying to get a kevin kevin give jim she was there all the time with all four because they said oh it's a publicity stunt him in the corner he was a pretty much every day helping me training shouting screaming and parsons but the last fight when you see me i looked the best i've ever looked like oh my god you know this is but it was just because that was the first time in my life i had a a i ate six seven times a day small portions fish j to rise all that all that stuff right never did i i ate pizza and steaks and beer you know when i was going meetings that just worked for me so again why would i
they give you a discriminator while you were in training camp yeah i i you know actually in a hole and japan your furnace that when you go from holland to japan there isn't a time difference which is daytime is night time for you right so that means your take all night and around seven hundred o'clock at night in the morning that it becomes one thousand one hundred o'clock at night in your where you come from you falling asleep so i go after the there's two fights i don't want to take sleeping pills because i'm going to compete and i've always figured like location slows me down and i say always stayed away from that but then i say you know let's go out we got great roppongi here i would drink a couple of beers an you know i will come home and fall asleep and that became my you know how you say must my schedule became go before the fight i would just go out to get a couple of beers and then fucked how many beers three five
yeah five beers before a fight you know you in all of this so would you you're kind of used to that you know in evening you drink in the what is germany they actually in the army they drink during the day the only army at the lieutenants and sergeants you know to explain hitler they were hammered like you made sense that silly so where they just drink a beer with lunch or something i guess yeah yeah no they do you know i was training a daily special forces did the same thing during the day they drink beer wow they crazy i never would have thought that that would ever happen army one of some places that that's commonly drink wine with lunch like in france a lot yeah he's a layer of a bit of those with me he would every morning he had to his sports with him and he would drink a glass supports every morning really yeah like half a glass you know he said we'll fight all the what do you mean you in system is good for that
so just likes mother fucker i likes to get a kick in the morning yeah that's crazy so that's the we're afraid of sleeping pills but you weren't afraid of the repercussions of alcohol no no because doesn't do would to anything i i believe it's natural right i i would get ten but i you have moments that when i would it be to stand and it i never did i you know only when they tried to intimidate me then i will put it on in them you know but otherwise just look down but i i i knew they would smell like the beer who is coming for a i think i like this guy crazy you know i always thought actually because at the end i didn't do it anymore because of was fighting here in america and i didn't need it because i'm falling asleep but i was thought you know to go to the before just before you go to the center of the cage flush with whiskey you your get out to go to him and then let them think that you're hammered you know just to get inside their heads
there's some guys who show up in jujitsu class drunk there's this one do it used to be drunk all the time he'd roll with them you know we smell the whiskey well the gas stove right june yeah so print though in that stone doesn't fuck with your reflexes not to melees doesn't doesn't fuck with my reaction time i actually feel like i'm probably better at jiu jitsu when i'm high yeah well guys feel like that that's why so many of 'em roll roll stoned you know creative alter ideas you come up with more stuff yeah more creative more relaxed more completely focused on what you're doing they say that it's easier to get into it you know wouldn't would work for me i'm a plan of one of those guys if i do it i'm sitting in a meeting and there's no you ask two questions a bus what's your what's your christian anybody christians names or where you were born i go it's text jenna do well the question a little laugh five five second memory lasing well everybody's different
so you when you were when you were competing so no we'd even though you live in holland no no never never mind how i don't really smoke weed no means that you know it is because it's not it's not taboo it's not you know it's like a drinking age you don't have it all and i think you now have is maybe fourteen or something but you never you never had a drinking is what all i this kids they're not going to say hey i want to drink because it's cool you know because it is not to like twelve year old thirteen year old can do it right yeah it's no big deal it's just a part of life yeah twelve year old thirteen year old kid holyshit that's yes i was in i was in america and a half year and then i went back to hold on to that of his family and i was looking at and that the goal of the puppet cat whatever theater and this is due to too little curtains open up and there are people from haulers everywhere in from the country and they can say whatever whatever is on their mind and there were two kids sitting there with with the bottle of heineken and they said
yeah i we like to drink beer and they were doing and i look at my wife i go can you imagine this happens in america are people going to say it's insane i mean that was six or eight years old and they were drinking a beer yeah my first show no i did not really against it the whoa deuce and then the curtain closed again it was well this thing right in the strip clubs the girls are wearing so they don't have to because that houses yeah in holland is a totally different thing they have a whole area where it's all horse for houses right yeah yeah yeah the red light district a yeah that it pretty much every child in here and let not only in amsterdam yeah let me think about that for a second not a house no horton neighborhood they got a whole horde neighborhood but window shopping lowest incidences of hiv in all of europe and lowest incidence of heroin addiction which is really crazy they'll get tested to be legal there there's a lot of testing there go yeah it makes you walk there like in red the red light district in amsterdam and
she goes that you go like you know that could be to go next it's amazing the amount of different as a viable would say kills that they have and it's not this it's with they wouldn't even think about it the same way we think about it like the the way life is there from the get go is so much different than the life is here that in my opinion like change our laws and to make it so that prostitution is legal make some marijuana just openly tolerated everywhere and kids can drink at twelve like you almost have to start from scratch yeah you have to to me it's like i i couldn't do it if you go to the red light district sometimes you see like a guys in a row waiting in front of one state window she's hot okay you measure the guy comes out these you like and i believe that giving it all you got to go in you know it's not for me it's like don't get sushi on sundays don't go to a korean spa at nine hundred o'clock at night it's abroad yeah it seems like holland
it's all in all just more laid back more phone wilder people right big kick boxing scenes huge take boxing scene you know i was just watching today on facebook somebody posted the majuro jim on my facebook from eighty three to was when under a brutal among was still alive you know the guy who got killed and tortured yeah yeah big story in is phenomenal bush's so you so on came on good billy i mean fred lawyers the eight guys from that jim roll roll champions i mean they to thailand beat the ties it wasn't saying i went to his show in the op ada hall in holland where for world title fights at the broadcast of the life to thailand and the best i bush's came down and there was like l globally and and and and coral came in all these guys and we won four out of four did not these guys out it was a courageous thing
ever happened after that again with the dutch style incorporated a lot more striking with the hands right a lot more boxing technique that sit tight you get tying it together that yeah i i think to be the biggest and and they have great tense every he has great hands there and the the dutch style of striking is is really like to the lay person looks like you just kicking and punching but the the the technical aspects of it like i've taken some classes with rob came in before the way he breaks things down until like patterns and how to follow these past he's got like these automatic patterns that he does like when your foot is here he's doing this when his arm is here is doing that he hits with the left hook and then it's the right leg kick and he's got this you know this really technical system that when you seem spark it's really fascinating to watch it in action yeah because you you you just pointed himself to do it all the time yeah like when i when i whole focus made for my guys i have seen pats on myself in and out of the blue i kick and i'll do a missed combination whatever they don't expect and they got a whatever left get cards with across
cloaking any other kind of who cross low kick you know and then we change combination right body left hook low kick are left to cry body you know and but with a liver shot right to i mean i see ideas but it's all the same them into the head so that in combat it all comes out all automatically here attack comes bomb bob there should character and what are you it's going to be a start with a body shot and then a hand or a body or head head body but whatever it is that some people really truly don't understand about about what it's what's required in order to pull something off under extreme stress yep we had sam sheridan he's he wrote that book here's mine if i have somebody lives recently took me mail about it yeah yeah very good book actually great he's got a great new one out called the disaster diaries yep and it's all about pressure in dealing with natural disasters horrible situations where peoples character gets exposed at how how to stay calm and one of things he's talking about in the book is about like
what what how your body moves in in a competition and that you the the things that are going to come out of the things that you've been drilled into your brain to the they're there in your subconscious so like the left hook quizzes by your head the counters right there this is automatic it has to be automatic if you're not going to have time to think you're going to be flooded with adrenaline i had a guy who came to me he actually won the amateur title last weekend jan's growl he was thirty eight years old when he came to me was four to one and forty five pounds or powerlifter and he wants to train he had a torn bicep yet this big bar sticking out of his arm he said when what do you want to trade you said tomorrow so i grabbed him by the bar i pulled into the side i say now working right because you already know but maybe we can start with kicks i said we going to lose that weight i mean this is going to stop you you can even scratch your back and he started training training training and do every time you would ask me plus when you're underground annual statement you teachers denise to three so yeah
this allows that yet what what is not but it would be doing it i said because just a but they don't do that i should not wait till you're fighting and then occasion is clinch you know you can hit that ice too or elbow them and yeah there's nobody doing it i would wait till you're fighting you'll find out when you're fighting and every week he came back with another question i say just wait now i had you i i have combinations i give you like three combination stand up attack combinations three up against the and on the ground some so there's only fix you get but when they come back at you almost a guarantee they're going to knock you out you know there would just really solid combination so one of the most b google to discipline did you keep your whole demeanor loanne while you and then you hitting high but everything stays low so he thinks it's not a body shot now to fight style it's a was amateur so it was it was all over the place and i think oh my god and his hands were abusing this but the one thing came back it was the right hook to the body right into it and that's how we talked about you
there you see like even in all that chaos because i always know my the people when when i knocked out my first i books or if they would at the moment of knock out it would blind full of meat would have called in five other guys and then they would put my blood let's say okay who for who did you fight i had no clue i fight eight to it's like the it's a person but do you can't just doesn't have a face it's like you know there's too much going on it's like the first time driving a car but one and channel that you know know start listen to their corner and doing that stuff then it comes together but that it's all panic one combination came back and how about you what why don't have the dutch figure that out how did dutch figure out to add the hand combinations and the boxing combinations 'cause that eyes already using their hands but much less so than they were using i have no clue i i i think just the size of their families yeah i don't i i think just a is automatically came with them you know that they should i truly believe is really started meteora jim there you know that the witch about came
so all those guys there and then the shock rekey all those names manhole you know a core hammers and everybody started coming i recently saw a video from ramon dekkers when he was nineteen years old you know and that was at a time when the first time when i saw him destroying somebody my buddy told me he says watch this man you're going to freak out and i thought he's going to get killed his kid age is drilled he give him a low kick in the guy flies horizontal in the air and he falls and i was like what i mean you gotta see pictures of him when he was scared
yeah remote akers so unfortunately just passed away i think two weeks ago i had a twenty seven yeah he how to apparently had a heart attack was run this bike he was amazing amazing guy to watch you could watch the older fights and then the newer fights as you know we got older got thicker more muscular but you're right in the early days when it first our findings very very thin he was the he was the i i every interview for twenty five years i've been saying it you know is the best striker you know mma bloodline she noted that t shirt company that wants to do something with me and i would never met before also with kickboxing and i said no you know it from holods you know i've dated that that you got to go to a ronald reagan speech oh that's not me you know gma because these guys are just really good you know my whole style was pretty much what decker did that i i took that i took my tyson you know because the most
the strike at i i add that to my whole style like that square up set ups where you could be a small a third we had all these people you know i could do some apps do it i mean that will stop you from body shots that i should never go down to his buddy no he did not you know and he fought against the best people in the world but he knocks people i would've jap because it's not a jap anymore it's a straight punch at the moment when you square up and that's why i believe that but it wasn't that was decus was included in that decker square the guys also but not not not as much but you know yeltsin if the sprawl that was a bit there was a big difference for this shifting like watching bernard hopkins this weekend me he stands to totally sideways any box unbelievable that an you can't do that in mma it's just too easy to take you down and leg kicks too yeah but yeah also yeah but also i cannot imagine you know duane ludwig when he knocked out yards pulver we knew what we answer was going to do he stands all the way in one line he's a southpaw if he wants to throw a leftover right hook he has to load up
so we thought if you right straight right said right and you can watch the fight at the moment he doesn't once and drained when do you see dwayne looking at me like damn i'm mister lumber right away he does it again and wayne nails and right away with a straight punch dwayne bowe still dance has vicious technical right hand to you know the way he throws it it's like it's so crisp and that's how we got the fastest knockout ever and you know you have see history don't join is one of those guys that i have no clue i was just talking to a buddy about it it's like this guy is the nicest guy does everything right doesn't do drugs doesn't drink doesn't g to knows the colleen is guy out there for some reason he always has these crazy injuries like you miss that breaks his ankle or a too loud disney and always go why is that you know so good guy deserve so much better physical just you know life
you know you only got so many miles could put on that car that's true after a while ball joint star break in it's a crazy thing when you think about doing had so many fights you know before he even got to the of saying here so many king and cage fights and you know he had kick boxing ballots you know he won a world title in more talk right yes he did yeah so that's a lot wear and tear law to wear and tear on your body you know i saw i saw joined first time when i did the bus route invitation i shared a lot of fighters uh nowadays who became a bigger fighters come from that tournament that we had an oh it was so bad as it were more justified four times in one night and it was almost no weight classes tonight to that recently a long time yeah real glory does much of his words of which striking yeah but he that's where i found drain for the first time he was there and we need an opponent for somebody
and ages so i'll do it and this little kid jumps up and he fights his guy thirty but have you noticed my would add get can i go i get it would know this kid is and and and we became friends and instantly there yet twins been around very very nice guy and now he's head trainer at alpha male yeah that's great how cool is that he did was teaching seminar there i love watching guys like you move into a commentating careers to you host mma live now what is it instruments inside mma what does that mean life is not even exist anymore i don't know all these different names important thing is it's on access tv it's you and kenny rice and guests always and you been doing a long time now six years man it's uh it's getting crazier every week it's a great gig this the gig that so uh get me out of all the stress you know i was people have no clue what i had to do to stay here to survive with for my family
there's nine years i missed every christmas every new year because it was in japan during those big shows you know based on holidays birthdays i missed the birth of my youngest daughter i mean because i had to go otherwise there was no more money because people think when you're on tv but the paper view your he is rich it doesn't work like that you know and i had to come back and right away to do a seminar here seven or their con traveling constantly and then went inside of a may came along you know they gave me that basic income and it's the first time in my life right now i actually have the power to say no you know so it's an actually financially is also much better because now they if you say notice so i'll double it no no we don't what about if we triple it you see that but i didn't power all the way i can now for me if it really doesn't interest me i rather stay with the family you know i missed enough i've tried to catch up now right
i can do that yeah that's a tough thing you were the commentator that head commentary and pride and you were constantly going back and forth with how many fights did you go over there at twelve he of the because the app does she do it one time also i i over a year when i became since in here right ahead to count how many times a left the country and i had a passport and i go my god using the same number so i went to my old passport and i started counting one hundred and fifty two times i've been japan but that's hollington and america is there crazy i mean we're talking about that's a three year solid straight because every time was at least virtual week because sometimes those four days but many times a week or or i say sometimes you have three weeks to train there because i had no training partners in holland you're still thinking about finding back then to whatever kept you from fighting in pride i was ruben warpath i was going i'm back i was going to come back when you know i had many injuries
really because all the edges and the tendonitis i had i think it's going to come from all the cortisone i took when i was a kid and and that's not really to flaring up at once that starts starts it's training till the fight is going to be a nightmare you have about five minutes to train without it and then it will hit you you you you we have so much trust up training because everything will go down hill for there and then you're in pain for an hour and a half into hands it's like really intense pain and you know it sucks the life of me you're not happy anymore and i just want to train and i couldn't eat because of the pain wow the nicest you believes from yeah i took way too many shot so as a kid because i was so sick you know at but anyway then when i say
his recently training a little bit and just striking i tried to stay away from grappling because if i have to power out or something then it would hit again and then when ken shamrock came i said listen i want to be first fight you know i come out of retirement for him i want to i want to find him but he declined she said now we already did it we don't need to do it again so but that was that i was going to fight for their fight and then it was almost but with the vendor lay at the dynamite show because there was a mix between k one in a minute and and mixed martial surprised and i said they looking for reported for vandelay i say i'll fight him i said but what do we do not everyone listen i haven't been ground fighting for three years what about this procedures anyway we put on pride gloves and we do k1 rules so i think that's why people would love to see right and then so i didn't happen at last time and it was not because of but that would have been great i think because at that time i was i pretty
a shape shape i started kicking type snes whole arms for boost up the next day he goes i think you're ready and so i felt good god that would have been amazing fight today holy ship i still to this day i always say why isn't there a company that comes out with that idea but i just said they did cage combat it's gone but yeah yeah indiana what's his name in a john wayne parr from australia do you know i heard about it yeah ask kickboxer very very good kickboxer yeah that's fun yeah and he's he's calling it i think it's called caged moitie or something let me let me find out how many minute rounds like five minute ride as well if they do it like three minute rounds on their sandwich cable and then yeah i think that's how they're doing it uhm let me find this 'cause i know there were he's he's a good dude too
i want to see that as exciting yeah yeah yeah yeah it is interesting isn't it that the other strikers striking sports never switch to the little gloves and ever tried little gloves it's amazing it's amazing because you're not now we realize it it doesn't really don't be it's not really any difference i guess with the impact i think only bodyshots maybe because it's a smaller surface it penetrates through easier i think but i don't think they had you know even with a bare knuckle hitting a ahead or with the glove i have to say i do think that there was a glove has more impact yeah then within bare knuckle bare knuckle you could really hurt yourself also punches some hard headed dude forehead oh that's what i used to do when i was a bouncer also i was looking at my fellow bonser said check this out if somebody was angry there's no point in that just leaned i went ahead and the top of my head you know and
that's a fun way to pull a trigger somebody because they choose once once so john wayne parr's companies called caged moitie and uh it is uh is essentially that it's moitie in a cage and we make love to mma gloves i believe it's something my gloves i love it looks like mma gloves yeah there's a difference in the way you can defend yourself too with those box and grows big difference you know self up you cover so much more area mma glove goes right behind it yeah right through the middle yeah interesting yeah yeah especially body shots also yeah right you really can again with overshot it is not a blunt object it's sharp that's right finally we see guys you know doing it i always talk about it i never get it i always tell my students i say fighting is really easy you hit somebody really hard in a hat defense will go up and there's the body for you so the other way around like form and it hit the body real hard until they
to defend it and they go on top now when rock somebody step back what is she and if and when you hit somebody at the under chin or he's going to defend his hat why on earth would you start i think that now this is your mom to go to the body but hit it hard should cross to the body you know combinations like that hit as hard as you can that defense has to come down and then you go back to the head and they plan to themselves attacked the legs i mean there's only there's a fuel fighters out there the last one i saw using it was rory macdonald against bj penn who dropped him with the body shop so you're what are not dropping but he was hurt and right away he go back to the head you know and that's you know get him into comfort zone again to bring their hands up and then go for the body again you see in that get that i say oh we see now he's thinking he's one of those new roaring mcdonald's one of those new breed of guys that is getting great at everything he doesn't just have one specially like a wrestler who learn some
i'm proud now he's a he's essentially mixed martial artists from the jump and so was very technical in in and all aspects of his attack but he you're right in the striking weird just sort of starting to see people who have a more nuanced understanding of different kicks you know like how 'bout front kicks all the sudden people land in front kicks to the face never happened they did not all the fights we've seen and how bout a few guys got knocked out with a front kick to the face yeah i i did not come up but i i keep him under his nose and frank shamrock at front kick in the know say yes you want to you smell that yeah pancreas is a weird thing if anybody has never seen it before they wore shoes and then shin guards over the shoes and you couldn't punch to the face had a slap open hand but this was the only one to figure out that instead of slapping use punch
combinations but just pulled a hand way back and and you know your sensually blast them with the palm and in a way it's even better because you can't break your hand you know it's as until this day i still don't get it that people don't use it because all we it's very simple if i'm standing here this is the the the target a left hook right straight if i connect with the connect with a left hook i'm too close for my right straight it doesn't have power it needs the space to do get power to to to to get to pick up speed so to say right but if i do a palm strike and i when i do yeah you see it already but i i pull all the way back i hit with this bony part here and i hit under here just here underneath the air but now the straight punch is way better lined up then a left hook right straight combination i don't get it i get it across hook because with uh can bring the head back into who could catch it but i have to cry
great i say use a palm strike and it's still to this day they don't do it is essentially a bitchslap right hand combination that's it that's what is yeah maybe they don't do it because of that i think yeah but how cool is that we slept in the couch today you have to keep your hands closed you can't you're not supposed to strike with your hands open i mean i guess you could probably get away with a karate chop or something like that but the issue is going forward and poking eyes we have a real problem with the eye pokes wow your guy have been around a long time an you fought the bare knuckle days did did was there is many i pokes back then as there are now no i uh but really messed me was the pro wrestling i started doing after i have to make it was over and i says you know why i felt that i could do something again and you know he asked me to do pro my first fighter brake disc in my back and then the i ruptured my eyeball with a finger in my eye because she don't block the she let him hit you right and third almost
and i eardrum that's been broke for six years straight because because you fly you can fix it because you cannot fly for six weeks want to do it actually this funny story my first pro wrestling match but don frye was in my corner i was fighting this guy in chishima or something it was at the tokyo dome right so sixty thousand people you you go through you know and uh this what you do in the beginning then you add label a little in the middle you do this and they add lips are more than the ads you know you guys are apples orchestrated progress yeah bro yeah real processing an it was going to he was going to at the start he was going to pick me up throw me in the corner and give me like three elbows in the face and then he would go to the to the audio slave woo and he would drop me with an elbow i would take an eight count you know and then there's right would start so it but i never rest of my life before so he attacks me at the first album he gives me is perfectly timed but second one is a little harder and the third one hears me full and my
i agree flex kicks in and i go boom can i hit him in the face and he goes oh and he's out so i look at the only goes but then i go i don't know what the referees walking around the guy and he goes one and he walked around period two and you start dragging the time you know and then finally attain yeah he stop twitching any start waking up you know for infirmity guys i did crazy i said he hit me hard so and the next time so did you did the guy get up and finished them yet he finished the match so there was unconscious compulsions oh he was with his eyes open it was a woman when you wake him up what do you tell him know nothing afterwards everybody get scared so he came to me the second when he goes here please but there are no real fight i said you don't hit me i don't hate you very simple you know he hit me hard you know that's why right he took advantage i guess i don't know maybe it was on purpose maybe not but i but the
as many i po expect there no ma'am no no never mind why the money thing that's happening so i i i i i never hit like this but but had said i would all the way pulled back i i never touch you know i it's also a lot of guys who have no good control do you know if i mean too i poke somebody i've i don't even imagine that i will never happen with me well there's fishing off that's what everybody's doing well they may zing that because you know you had you know you were fighting open hands open an you weren't poking guys i that's what i mean you know i never in baker said never to take big issue now to the point where it's almost it looks like it's uh sometimes you know you're going to really do i would hate to speculate but it's very unfortunate aspect of having the ability to have open and i was wondering if you think there would could be a way where you could cover over the tips would like maybe a soft leather so was all like one smooth piece over the top but it was softap enough so you could still grapple because
people understand you don't really grapple like that anyway no you use your whole hand and the only time you eat the some even as involved as with a risk control and the most the time when i'm grabbing things i'm grabbing things like this right here i'm pulling with my thumb i i give myself the added muscle down with my son was i have that if you do that's only that that this situation francis was somebody's amount and me and and and and never get this anyway people at the mount to let himself just buck up i always say so simple i would just forget mark up you know bring you feed close to your stop up he needs to look for balance right keep hitting you now you look so bad you catch one hand and then that's what i always say to my students these two fingers are the strongest so what i do i grab two and two because it's a stronger grip around the wrist then when i do this see she mine she does the carpal tunnel sometimes i could i i i got that comes with the neck is this instead this these three three finger wants to i day on the sand only one artist yeah a
pull it to one site i look up the foot and i throw him to the other side serval easy simple reversal so you feel like this like grabbing like this is yeah because she looked this hat is here at the other end is she a look how open your grip becomes because of the forearm but if have a route figures here at the other two fingers there you got a a strong grip on one hand i see even when you're on the bottom and he hits you with the other head you get something to eat i see what you're saying for folks that don't know what the fuck you're talking about but what he's saying is that at the base of the wrist is the thinnest so the more you have more strength in your hands when your fingers are completely wrapped around something in the finger in the index finger in the summer touching together and the more your fingers are spread out the less power you have to grab hold of something so in that in the case of the human body you better off grabbing the wrist with three fingers and three fingers that's very
size yeah yeah that's that's very very smart and so that's what you would do and then fight for to try to get out of the mouth you know yeah because it's it's pretty easy once before first of all my never allowed him to sit on your chest that's a bad mom because then you can book up whatever you want there's no leverage you know so he doesn't move first thing that i always say keep your elbows here always plus if he's the high chest i pushed my elbows here and there we go myself up for it you don't have to push him down but you can push yourself up is because the end result is the same right now once he's on your belly dot of great things that comes with it is that his feet are underneath your leg so now with your other foot food you can catch one of those feet you can see people listen to this right now going what the fuck is he talking about he can you can get them i can catch one of his feet here right and then if i grab his right arm and i pulled this to the site and at the moment i have it here i lock it and i'll
did that's right i think this base it was really good guys yeah work on really good guy this the best guy ever pull that off on training that's the whole thing i don't know one set tells me like some already learned a new technique unlike him we have another revolution it's i think i just take your posting your post away it's a very nice a base i think i think i had to maybe colors the weather today is at the time you know we have been plus you know if you if your mom you put a number on my neck your on your back i guarantee you that i'll go real fast i wait for those moments i expect ok like this that means please attack my neck then when you first started you weren't a submission guy at all you are mostly just a stand up guy right when you first started competing in pancrase and then what was it like which fight was it that really major ken shamrock last one put me in an new bar i trained for weeks to not get caught in any bar for nakita maybe one way to stop it he said in half guard is going to slip over your hip and you see
in the fight waiting for him to slip over my hip to catch the foot and he threw the over my head and i go mother you know he they they set me up never show with but that moment i said ok this will never happen again now i'm going to listen to people but i'm also going to find out if it's really that right way and then i studies breaking down everything i found one sparring partner lee overnight and we went nuts three times a day we rolling rolling rolling watching on the fights see a move go okay how do you get out while i can do this again how can i stop or should i just break it down break it down break essentially taught yourself a little bit of instruction from other people and a lot of it from tape and trial and error yeah just like that you know i my big dvd have come bed right i had a phone call long time ago before i knew bj penn personally and he said um uh hey buses boss is yeah how you doing yeah i'm getting ready for a run i once met you she was fighting at home
uh i said why you calling he says i'm watching instructionals and i say so he says the best instructions ever seen in my life i got your kid and he says yeah i gotta go i gotta go wait can i use that quote because that's a great but he was also a mess with well i do a lot of hand control my arm bars are different my way of breaking your grip if i your grip you'll never escape i guarantee you that if you break my grip i already set myself set myself up lancer mylanta looked my elbows right away here and at the moment they stop pulling from my other election the same line as you and i have to make it really tiny roll the folks listening to this this is all very baffling but it's very exciting to because um there's a bunch of different branches of grappling in mma you know there's uh like the catch wrestling sort of branch where you know a lot of gene labelle taught guys and a lot like josh barnett as well very catch wrestling
oriented and of course is a brazilian jujitsu oriented but there's also like the japanese style which is sort of a combination of the both like sakuraba who had a lot of karl gotch influence who's like one of the early catch wrestling guys to go over to japan and teach these guys all these techniques but he also had the japanese martial arts and you know in the the the g the judo submissions and thing as well really fascinating when you stop and think about when you started i mean the first ufc fight was in ninety three with your first pancreas fight ninety three yeah so you are two months before a month before september you were there in the beginning of the blocks yep you know must be really interesting to see all these new techniques and all these will have really a lot of an ancient techniques to become like mainstream and knew what what i love about and and this
something i figured out also like in the early days because you like it i always say it example is the symbol figure for everybody knows a figure for right i said but if you can create a way you seem like an americano yeah in america i called that figure four reverse favor so if la comida so many names ideas also they always forgets to push the arm down now so lee but yeah i mean you know it's all here at you you can do it to push it out come on did you have to know this is your yeah went out for folks listening there's a technique it's like you know the guys like showing you his muscle like look at my boss at boom well that if you take that arm and just drop it down to the rib and then pull rm backwards this is surprisingly small amount of room that you can move where you're in excruciating pain but if you put up there where you show like the muscle you can move way back people roll out today ask him to come look at this admissions but you can get out of it
but what i always say is everybody knows is probably the first mission they've been taught but if you can create different ways to go that submit to septa submission so it's undetected it's like a right straight to the face you know it's going to come but if i find a way to bring to deliver it undetected and that counts the for a for a submissions and that's why i always found two or three or sometimes four hundred and forty ways to go to one combination and i start mixing those up also i go from one to four then i go for two to four you know then eventually you get somebody in a guy was really good with that also has no guerra in the early days you know he's got angle bar plot idea and he constantly pop up up up up up sure you know and and and that's what i like you know it find different ways and at this because what i see now what age you see you guys get so creative so he does a submission i go look by rewind why go how to hell did you said that and then and that's something
i really enjoy watching you know when i can see it coming that i got i okay that is that is really cool now when would you miss about price do you miss i think about the rules because there's like a lot of debate about like whether or not the pride rules of the best rules a lot of people think that they favored the more skillful fighter they were more chaotic because they had stomp soccer kicks but yet no elbows you know that i always said elbows and now you know now we see guys start knocking people out with help but normally if it fights stop by elbows ninety five percent is because of a cut is not because of a knockout so and then i say that is not a real win if you think about it on the street if you get caught you won't stop by there you know you keep for fighting is that the cuts not gonna do anything to you knocking him out and that's why i say you know sometimes i like it even better needs to the face on the ground and they elbows out for i care you know and i think the ring makes it also a little bit technical because you can't walk up you don't
this is a whole different strategy suddenly you can look some people standing he can lock him up in the corner you can't do that in a cage it see it says it's a whole different strategy yeah you can't you is the cage to push your back against it to get away you can't reverse people azizah lee there's a lot the wall i mean age is almost like a weapon in there so it like a tool now she may she now we see but pat as you know coming up with a crazy stuff yeah we should go for the straight boys that one i did but that kick that was that was really crazy actually that pushing off and then within the knee i saw uh oh training from gilbert i fell all the way back lucian lucian carbine
he used to do that on the bottom rope in thai boxing and declared she would stomp on the bottom rope and then boom beneath interface did you see a anthony pennison started throwing knees that way how cool would that how did he slipped it around house in the in between that defense is crazy he's got great time with the fuckery yes he's because donald cowboy cerrone's a bad mother fucker too and he stopped him with a body shot and you could see cowboy didn't want to acknowledge it he blasted him once with a kick to the body and all you saw was cowboys ab just ok alright thanks for the plug by the way i never it's delivered shot like boss rutin knows the power of the liver shot and he's you know from boces commentary you vote it's been so adamant about you know attacking the liver folks who don't know underwear when hit you with a left hook there's an area where your liver is where if you take a sizeable impact on that liver your he just shuts down and it's it's a weird thing to watch it's a weird thing to feel you know everybody's is
everybody's ever trained is felt that my first time boxing class i got drug to deliver that's where my love comes from the liberation i was on the underground breathing and asking him what does he says also left it to the body where your liver is located i go oh man and then that's when i the folks because i knew right away i was like well i thought it was that is because i in karate i was beating people up in my a trading and and and an anti condo but when i went to thai boxing because we not used to really punching the hat yeah you know when they started taking my head my head flew up way too high of course and exposing over exposing my body and that's where the body shot guy have the exact same story i started out in taekwondo and an was like right around the time i wanted to try to make the us national team i won the massachusetts state championship like four years in a row and i won the u s cop i want someone some good tournaments but i got or the us open but i got to the nationals in
one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight by the time i was doing that though it already started boxing realize i was full of yeah like i really like everybody that takes karate lease least back in the day before the ufc came around everybody i took judo everybody that took whatever you took you thought what you dad was the ship that was it you didn't need anything else i got super lucky there was a guy named joe lake is a great guy who is a boxing coach at this a gym that i was working out at and i was teaching a thai kwando there and so he started teaching me how to box so i can teach him some kicks sounds i this kicks then we started doing some sparring with with he bringing some boxers that i conspired with and i just got the funk yeah i mean i was like oh jesus christ it like trying to kick box with these guys it was of my hands were so terrible my i did so unaware of how easy it was to punch me in the face and i went the seem sort of a transition where you realize like wow
that's a learn like i've developed a style that's based on no punch to the face so it's an unrealistic style but those guys that i'm not unrealistic style because you're so many kicks they have a text already in the kicking dexterity the very few other guys ever developed yeah yeah is a few guys that cake really figured how come confront icon over arms you know when we had kids yet paris you know he's a really good one person silva the thing that i had though when they beat me up the first class i went back i'm going to always tell my students and i always say if i can do it you can do it you know because they say yeah but it comes easy to me i sure maybe you can but i work really well don't know don't forget that i stood more hours in front of the mirror with my hands four hours and i was going to drop my hands and my wife at the time that you crazy i said no no no this will not happen again and the next day i went back an i just almost cleaned they cleaned up buddy they almost thought they thought that i was pulling it
click on them that i already knew how to box that i books and i just came in i said oh i spent four hours in front of the mirror yesterday my husband not going to drop anymore that guide over deliver shot he still at the best of me was really good well that's the only way to get great is to be obsessive right that's it you got to be crazy i i you know i i tell the story and i i you probably heard it before i would wake up my wife in the middle of the night because i would dream of submission and then i would put that submission i would say hey it's just shoulder right yes myself that i would write it down and then i would go
leaving the next day would go at this happened at least six times this is wake up and users are grappling dummy that's it i will wake her up but i say i got another one in my whole house was full with little posts yeah i was nuts man i marry hosted every told me that mario sperry told me once that when he was he was when i first learned jujitsu i practice you triangle i have my girlfriend she in my garden and i go bad it's a bow and he just would practice triangle over and over and she's like stabbing i'm doing my fucku susi's girlfriend is a grappling dummy is slapping triangles on it she should be honored that's that's the mario that sells buried but she's not very many more probably not maybe married her i don't know maybe it's maybe a payback you got to see and comment in pride you got to see some of the most historic fights in mma history i mean those days in my opinion and this is opinion
look i work for the ufc obviously i'm biased i think the greatest fighters live today she yeah i think that's it j the level of fighters is at the highest the highest level it's ever been and yet you have see whether it's andersen's silver george saint pierre jon jones the highest levels ever existed but as far as like the greatest events of you are there for ninety thousand seat events ninety one anna half decommit parachutes came in it is the wildest thing in oki rightly over the parachute yeah at the card on top of the roof was opening the show i mean it was a saint it was atrocious describe a small show would be forty five thousand people those considered the normal show how is this man how did he well i remember when it's done it the wind was going really hot and i go to this is going to go wrong somebody is going to be like a flight school ended up split it up as against whatever
there but i mean they came in they did it it was phenomenal zero existing the japanese sense of of pageants one water something no no no that makes it worse for me la i like it that the diet coke for some reason seems to have worked we have anything i don't think we have a doctor we have that injury now maybe yeah i'll try coconut water with coconut water guns of what i like that we have coconut water cocoa cafes coconut water with espresso in it licious once ran out you know trying to get me one of them to jamie please but but the the sense of pageantry the japanese that i still on this tv right here i have the best of prides and a lot of times before the the the podcast a watch like a bunch of pride fights in a row and sometimes god i would saying they were you know i remember the time and date a white was there with chuck liddell you know and it was sitting there in the first row waiting and it started and i look a day and he was like
what i mean and i looked at my right he goes it was the craziest ever ninety this is that coco cafe stuff we don't our sponsors but they're cool people they sent a whole ships called coco cafe and the other stuff that's over there which is unbelievably delicious that seat hello coconut water last time i was here yeah and you had that i might but appellate no two yeah you know what a good is this with the cigar this is a good government yeah it's delicious sweet coconut juice chaos from thailand to they said that there those coconut trees are small there one like five feet tall and not like regular crazy coconut tree but it's a thai coconut that you want amy and brian's has a thai coconut nct cto but sometimes they have the bubbles in also add this one that you can get the two different or the green one has a little chunks of coconut a well that's what i put in my
morning shake make a ham force with hemp protein or make a shake with it will not even cycle act is good for everything not as well it is good for uploading it was yeah it was crazy about it will be a really enjoyable that hemp creek have you heard of this they got it is hemp concrete and it's it's actually flexible yeah for real yeah it's incredible it's called him creek and they have at the end stadium well they're harder than it's hot this is what's crazy they're harder than regular concrete wow and lighter as it moves us we had a full buildings band break is l a's nice hemp is a crazy plan it does it doesn't even seem real and what what a lot of i don't know is that it's not it's when you're talking about like you say happy people think it about getting high is it has nothing to do with it is just wicked yeah well what
as a as a product as a commodity it's an amazing plant just it what can do is you get the stock like the the the base of it it's hard as a rock but yet it's a little white like spiro let's alien it's like an alien plant there's no plan on the planet like him and it's illegal these she's a spice route and it's really illegal in japan right i mean he can japan trouble right yeah that was that we spending so much time in that that culture 'cause brian and i went last year and those are both of our first time but we were like holy this place is not a bottle of the the the pills that thc pills did you bring those low because the legal right to get get on it it was the name again of those yellows but yeah yeah yeah but i mean if you go to japan you better bring that yeah
so we want to get high you make an effort we yeah if you get offered weed in japan oh no it's very easy to get there you know it's going to roppongi it's all crazy things yeah those african dudes those alexandria wandering the streets trying to offer you a sizes is that where we went to punk the punk yeah that's not pulling bomb that's the one that's second is i want to like i said before if it's buggy that was it it was it weird though in over in that cultural kind of regular basis it you know it is i i have a the but do it with me so swedish young and i know for four years been bullied or does it get until you know also stood up and not to bully out start getting any wants to start fighting and he's coming down here also and he for the first week and they want to stay for three months to train and you so you know yeah it's hard to know your family and especially you know because he's used his family but all the time around and i said you don't i know exactly what you're going through because i had that too or sometimes i would five weeks over there i hotel room and it was it
no you go in the morning go train you go back you eat you go train you go back and then you know that's it and then you video games i was very good at virtua fighter you know like playing video games there but that's there was no need to communicate there's no going out district the only thing they have is is the rope on guy but for the rest sort of like you can walk in a bar somewhere it's not plus you don't want to do that your training you know so it's uh yeah it's hard it's hard for them to be there but it's just very weird but the people are completely different it's quiet everything is yeah it's a it's a weird feeling i thought to me though i truly believe i completely changed my fighting style i was super aggressive fighter that's why i put this big ours on my head beginning but in holland i will come out very tank so you know punjab locate pp bunker will get hit do you know it was like the disconnect and i will is staring up did that's why i got like thirteen first round knockouts just black
that people over this wouldn't be him out entering almost just totally lost control he would try to start our technical but then you just crazy when you go i gotta hit that i got so angry and then when i went to japan i realized these guys are known to to take a hit oh and i figured if i funny how did that was the funniest part no way class so my guy was two hundred and forty five i go and that's not problem here no i said good good good so i'm bluffing now right i said so how many rounds we got five one roger wanted great how many minutes thirty so yeah great great great great great but in my mind i went so that's why i put the hours in my head i go alarms yeah if i if i unload myself the first two minutes like a twenty eight minutes to go you know i don't want to take that risk again like that better do you prefer like like when you see like the pride ten minute round the opening round there's a lot of debate about as well whether or not the ten minute opening round is better or the three you know well i can tell you
the just minute opening round makes for a better strategical fighter that that's for sure because you got people have no how tired you can get in one minute or it too much i have these one minute drills that are doing the back that pros come in you gotta hold in mind you know i mean but i go bezerk you know give you combinations everything is one hundred percent i guess this morning saying this before i forget someone asking on the underground to do you still do you still sell those boss written workout tape yes still everybody i usually get a finally using now and don't come through dot com you sell it okay yep because there's a bunch of people are asking on mixed martial arts dot com should an mma work out you'll have that work out is going to be your best friend i get when i train myself it's always part of my work at for real if you want you do you didn't ever with the numbers yes it's great it's great because you can do it anywhere you can do it in the in the hotel i was in a hotel room the better the show with the sprawled in everything i was crying yes one it's a
fun the workout yeah i love that but the ten minutes route if you're over such as shoot yourself in the beginning of their own drive you know you you're going to have eight minutes left and aim is a very long time you know to come back from that so i truly believe you know you you play only a danger as a as a fighter that's why i always said to all my guys the thirty eight year old guy who i said it was starting funny i said stamina is going to be your number one goal but technically put that number two i want stamina at one you know because if you run out of gas you can have one hundred black belt is not going to save you are going to get knocked out and he he did that he can go to special damages get short rounds pink and some all day long he's never and that's how we you know we had a heart first round and the guy started getting more tired and then the third round yeah he just destroyed a guy knocked him out and that's with fighting you
play a little bit of a risk factor that's why i always train so hard i didn't want to have that risk factor in there i never run outta gas in my life yeah you would never a guy that had a short gas tank even in the kosaka fight where you couldn't train grappling yeah and he took down and he was you know he's basically trying to out grapple you in that funny don't want to stand with you you still manage to have the conditioning to take him out on the feet yeah yeah i took a second fight was also i will show my back door escapes with the and i will send an as you watch if it takes me down see how long how long he's got me i think what twenty sack come out you know it's backdoor escapes but i would go over and over and over again you know i will when i do enjoy i do i do it is black and white with me all the way and and your styles are always very interesting to me it's always fascinating how many different people have a different approach like nick diaz approach where he throws like
he'll hit you with like fifty percent punches he'll just come at you like this have you seen the video of him shadow boxing by the way or hitting the speed bag brian pull this up nick diaz hits the walking speed bag for twenty three minutes in a row wow it's insane and i've only three minutes interval i did this five minute rounds with forty three minutes in the mouth and by the way he had written his bike seen fuckin' miles jim i'm not bullshiting he rode his bike fifteen miles to the gym sparred five five minute rounds hit the paths and then does this yet three done anything with me as though i'll do one one one i don't do about the good did it gig i don't do that to get a good i go like really fast like right you know but that is going that is really yeah elected assets it's amazing it's amazing he's got incredible conditioning and he's you know he's a couple of days away from the fight that's this weekend this saturday night george st pierre and hammer
that's going to be slow in macho this is twenty three minutes of this he does this boss and at the end of it all he's not even that tired i mean it's fucking this guys not doing this at a slow pace look at this nick diaz
has in my opinion he's got the best cardio in all of them but you see he's doing when i said you know just do it more than other people look at this man just saying if he does this for twenty three minutes yeah i guess why he doesn't get burned out when his shoulders 'cause i was doing it is the reason he does it so often and by the way when he's not doing it he's fucking doing triathlons the guy swam from alcatraz twice you know crazy you have to be to jump in the water up there this is filled with sharks yeah well like great white mating habitat although that was a big myth also right at that time they put planted in peoples hands so they wouldn't start swimming back on earth but it's just stream is there is the worst the stream that takes people out there yeah most dangerous yeah that i'd yeah there's there's a lot of shade that's dangerous for little water is really fucking cold up there yeah yeah but you know what that's what i say get what what he does best you can to do yeah you just have to do it you just have to do you know and that's what the people when they run against go run a fricking hillman man
that's what i used to do when he uses are you one of the things that you said you said you said i will do one round i would start out one minute yeah and i will go full clip next time i don't want a minute and a half and then eventually you build up that's it but you gotta that was your style of doing it though you know what i do i have those one minute drills on a back i have also that will be focused meta type that's what you just talked about but i would take it easier what i would do is one minute on the back one minute rest and i will fifteen rounds as thirty minutes then i would go to week one minute of five seconds on the back fifty five seconds rest next week one minute ten say fifty six every time five seconds more than five seconds play from your rest time at the end one one slash two minute go going crazy on the back every punch is to disturb through it through somebody's hat like there's not one and what are you down like thirty seconds rest and then thirty seconds rest one one slash two minutes full by you see guys in the fight
and if i who suddenly unload themselves for two thousand and thirty seconds and aghast out right how many times do you see that how many times well that's the drill for you this you know you're going to be bizarre strong and every time it's just five seconds more you know every week if she's finally slowly and that you do in together with the other drills that i said going to the five this is six minutes right when i was getting out with nick diaz thing was that it's so interesting to see the different styles like the way nick approach is it where he just says a lot volume volume he doesn't blast you full blast with every shot wears you out a different style who would even when you would you would kick their arms you would try to crush them you try to breakdown makeup afraid of it like i defense off up which kennedy fence put in his head that i better block this because i don't block it you know now you're inside the set you see already great but nick diaz has a different muscles than i have i have the fast which fibers a lot of guys that they have that they burn a lot but he does
slow twitch fibers and i'm not doesn't mean it's slow but i mean it has a different he is the endurance guys a lot of them have that you know but explosive guys they really have to watch out how they fight burst lot relax burst relax you know you have to fight like a train like that because otherwise you run i guess that's why you see all those super explosive they run out of gas and that's the reason because they don't train like that one of the things channel son and said he said that if you try to knock a guy out if you feel like you have an opportunity he tried to knock the guy out if you don't knock him out you're probably not going to win a decision like you have to realize you're you're gambling at all but i survives it you might you might be out of gas yeah but she has the same thing is also known knockout power you know you just toys volume volume volume volume like uh nick diaz he's got he's got knockout power if he wants he can beat drop on you know but you see it again but chill he is getting credible stamina that's those those muscles it's grappling steps in the different here yeah
it's it's just such a fascinating thing to see guys start to put it all together and also the see the style changing where these guys like these rory macdonald guys that can do everything are starting to sort of move ahead who's explosive oh yeah so explosive also and does a lot of explosive drills you ever see his workouts he's doing a lot of like jumping over those horses those sawhorses beautiful shot over those barriers hurdles hurdles lot of hurdle jumping a like power lifting a lot of like all that you know strength and conditioning show that you see with like pro football players pro hockey players that's what you're seeing now you seem like real afro it's kept an also guys that have multifaceted attacks for the longest time like i've always said like gosh you throw my leg kicks and people would get pissed at main they're like why do you keep saying yeah you know he's doing well on his own like because it's not
what do we do better yeah i mean and who am i to say that your bottle yeah who am i but i'm also guy scene of thousand fights and i i know what people some people can do i know there are guys when you see a guy like anderson silva who basically can do everything and when you see that guy you know that those guys are possible so when you see a guy who doesn't or you got like george st pierre who makes it so unpredictable what he's going to do whatever he's going to punch you or try to take you down and that's part of why he so effective it's cuz he's in he's moving he moves really well it covers distance really well and you don't know if he's shooting a double or he's throwing a punch out show you don't know he makes you mix it makes you worry about it it's like the low holy i used to do you live hello how you would go to a fight it every time you will bring a new thing to a fight and that will be s focus on yeah and and and g s b as the same thing my first twenty four co shake it was the jap along jab and it was not spinning back he comes what three things and he will throw
the most and in between he have lips and he he he does all the rest that he knows very winning back loses it from him working with me oh yeah yeah no video me teaching him how to do it and i said we were at legends in hollywood and it was most ridiculous conversation i was talking to john donahue and he was looking for someone to teach george saint pierre how to throw a spinning back he was asking me do you know any good thai kwando as you go i'm i go this is going to sound crazy you're not gonna believe me i go but i got a nasty terry side to you like my number one technique i assume and so i i worked with george on it we we went over like a a that he like he already had a decent one he just was he had a couple of okay over over attending the resident and a lot of it was that the low need kicking up as opposed to the higher kicking straight yeah yeah like that talk windows style you start in that what you're saying is from that in the back yeah but yeah the with us lifted up
no it's yeah lifting up hires where you get the real power could be involved the hip in a full rotation did only a donor eggs the late peter smith you know remembers fees or to give you guys yeah i as the first time i saw him he was doing in a queue christine tournaments and i think you what is it six fights it will in one day all the spinning back kick and that was that was that k k any jobs for the needy he had a nasty one put it was soul we dig heart it was i pull for the guy would cripple you know is the craziest thing ever what a guy two men he said he's up there now with the roman for sure because those guys they they knew each other as well peterson yeah yeah yeah lot of great person also man yeah he thought of fun a lot of guys do i mean he defied a if a lot of times guys too right here is the letter is hi guys that will mix up like i always love this guy was a mix up karate techniques in taekwondo techniques with the more tied like
andy hug have you throw that we'll kick to the thought like you know that's how we want the whole thing with bernardo remember bernardo got his legs messed up already with peter earth and everybody you know and then he smart it was a smart guy and hook who did that nobody ever did that and he did and he knocked him out like that to the legs yeah it's amazing it's amazing technique that we'll kick to the leg power to it you know men dislike those couple era guys today add a question of facebook or if a pure kupwara gay against a pure thai boxer was going and then i go but ok well i'll take the pure thai boxer i say hall and i don't mean like in tyler but i say that i boxer of course because they will close to this is really fast and it in hand range and capoeira doesn't have that no they have only kicks in and is spinning but once kick hits i mean they will i mean have so much power when they propel their way they the way they throw that kick but landing it that's the thing yeah
so there's a lot of movement a lot of movement is easy detectable it's like lyoto machida land that front kick on randy that jumping front kick the yeah i know even even more easy but the reason he could do it is because he's got good wrestling has got a black belt ju jitsu is your good hands get all the other things as well yeah and so then you can add those karate techniques and then they become incredibly deadly yeah that band and a talking about a machine that's may be good to mention because the the one time i said yeah he doesn't have a lot of weapons i didn't mean it like that what i mean he doesn't use a lot of weapons he's got it's a very s post stands at one like karate stance which shuts him down for the like he has a sidekick but it a roundhouse kick you don't need to be worried about because he can't use his hip power in there i'm not saying people go to a you so we can look at i'm not saying that we saw kimball getting knocked out with the with this little tiny bunch everyone can get that down to do with him at the wrong time but they were wrong spot for him are you at the right spot
he says his attacks are most of the time it's a left straight or it's a left kick left straight or a left kick left straight right hook and when he move backwards i said he always moves to that site and if you bull rush him because of his stance he has to start walking back because otherwise he can't move backwards fast enough and that's what i meant no but he always like that with a front kick he brings something you know he has those same attacks but he knows him very well he i really precision accuracy and then on top his counters are bizarre but is a tech is pretty much those attacks man it's a lot of heat and you got a lot of heat in the dan henderson fight you know like when i was interviewing him after the fight the whole audience was booing wow and i thought that was kind of locked up because i thought first of all dan henderson is incredibly dangerous very very very dangerous guys for powerful puncher ruthless very aggressive an lot of experience knocking people oh yeah down at sanderson knocked
fade or knocked out not not mean he knows how to put knuckles to chin you know he's he's he's a spooky guy and there's only one way to fight him and not get knocked out don't get hit by him and so machida's number one goal don't get hit by that fuqing nuclear weapon this guys get packing i thought there was an exciting fight it wasn't excited for but i can understand the people because he's a counter fighter he waits for henderson henderson though i thought right from the get go he throws punching these stays there and i go is going to get knocked out now because she is very good at countering i thought if i would fight if i was henderson with his wrestling i would just run on him run him up against you know he's going to go that way because it doesn't find ninety five percent you watch the day before take him to go for ground and pound but whatever you do don't throw single punches or two dominations because he's so good at the counter yeah i think i see a lot of older wrestlers like dan i mean i know dan recently had
injury in it so yeah his knee was really wrapped up for that fight io assume that they're going in there banged up yep always assume center have a yeah and i think it with dan especially because he's got so much knock out power it probably avoid the grass playing i i nobody's got back issue back yeah yeah i'm sure he does these guys they mean is brutal way to make a living two now in his 40s demands so i really like that then is the you know the way when he fought the fade or you know that fatal banging and then you see him making up his mind like oh is it going to be like that ok i can do that too and then he freaking came you know and that's what i love about that many so i saw in the like after the first well crawling on his knees back to the corner and then he would
let's take a ride like nothing happened and just fight again he's a tough motherfucker very it took that first vandalay fine he was not in good shape now you could tell he just wasn't in condition enough for that fight and that was a scary fight for him at one point in time ugly was mounting him and pounding on him beating everybody have ventilated that time vanderlei was a spooky spooky dude back then and you know and also this is in pride where there's no drug testing yeah so you could be on po testosterone you name it i mean it was just everybody knows that it's the dirty little thing that nobody wants talk about those mother fuckers to the gills it's you know you i always say just look at the bodies and then look at the body shop they changed it most of the time there there you have the answer and then on top of that they didn't get tired yeah vandalized the greatest thing ever he badly in his prime back then man he was so much luck and scary how cool was it to see back in japan that fight was amazing
wow him beat brian stann classic vanderlei you what i liked about that fight too he didn't cut down to one hundred and eighty five yeah i think that there's no good for thinking hurts him i tell everybody you know this is the thing with fighters a budget file when they lose in a certain way class they blame it on the a person cutting more weight than them and that's why they were so they do make up a technique you know get stamina and more technical work harder you know that's what i i always find heavyweight also i could easily fight two hundred i was under two hundred dollars but i didn't want to do it because i saw all these guys all my friends getting sick i mean all shrunk up before the fighter stressed out you know i say keep the body happy man you new york beating it up everyday already two times a day the only thing i can do for it given what it wants
give him all the fluids nutrients give it to him and don't pull that out as the worst thing you can do people don't understand what we're talking about if you're not into mma but there's a real issue in mixed martial arts with weight cutting and what that means is well guys will way say if you had to get down to one hundred and seventy pounds so there's guys that way like anthony rumble johnson well over two hundred pounds well over two hundred pounds he's he's fighting heavyweight now anthony rumble johnson and my thing of march twenty he's fighting orlovsky yeah at heavyweight yeah that's walking crazy he used to cut down to one hundred and seventy and what that means is you essentially starve yourself and then dehydrate yourself and dehydrate yourself the day before the fight to the point where guys would black out guys would lose the couldn't their legs like literally legs would stop working or they would have to fight in a cage fight the next day we had to this desk out of the sun a you know you pass out he lost in one hundred and twenty seven pounds in a day
the the the he's young kids mission is said that it was the biggest difference juventus ever saw that's almost two weight classes up he was twenty seven or twenty eight even pounds heavier the next day didn't hoard horde dusky was like eighteen of that yeah it was very young yeah i think yeah one thousand eight hundred and ninety plus when he started fighting it i have also an ira the first time because he fought the guy from hanzo and i go oh my god because maybe you know you look at me as a little baby boy or should you could you and sean ghost don't you worry about it you watch and then he started man went to town and he became a fan favorite right away yeah he looked like he had live in a body found on though yeah and that idea he could've like lost the weight correctly using yes sir the minds of their longer out to
meat cutting man too so don't do it but then again some guys not to do it well like look at benson henderson yeah you know he does a great he doesn't look sucked in he's obviously very very lean he's disciplined about it an because of that when he fights he's got all the standing in the world he can do five five minute rounds no problem and you know he's huge issues for one fish guys though they they used a drink two gallons of water a day you know and that's a lot of powers right there and if you only have to cut that out then it's easy but i think once you start cutting before and you start eating way muscle you know that you're doing it wrong and wants to reserves are going to be asked for in the body and it going okay i truly believe like the brain fluids fluid god knows you you're taking away their also you know that that is the reason the brain is
should upside down and that's why people get you know with the brain damage rain damage it and people don't know this but in boxing i believe all of the deaths ever recorded were below the heavyweight division because the heavy weights i mean there might be some you know some rare occurrences boxing is a tough game some people might have died as heavy wind but most of the incidences where in the lighter weight classes when guys cut a lot of weight and that was they used to have the way in the day of the fight and that was also when they weren't using ivs little lot of folks don't know is when you see these guys they dehydrate themselves one of the things that's sick about it is they go and they get fuckin' ivy stuck in the right to get a needle in their arm and they replenish their oh it's that way i would walk in a room and the whole room everybody would sit there and it was x hanging everywhere you know and he finds blood i know a guy who
into a room where one of the fighters is way back in the day and the guy had fuckin' pints of blood out they were putting back in see if that's blood coming out of the fridge that's like hbo yeah cells yeah yeah exactly yeah and he was also doing it to to make weight they were taking blood out of them to wait after adding extra blood in idiots find one does he like that he po to what they're doing right now also you know this is like your blood gets really take your heart rate gets you have to some of these guys have the up in the middle and i jumped at minnesota on a bike more or you know in in the home to have ended up in the bedroom because otherwise the heart might stop beating and i go yeah you do you we want to get a title like that plus when you get your title and you cheated what if you use steroids or anything and you get a tie how can you tell these people if i brush my teeth i can look myself in the mirror i did everything without cheating nothing ever body other than just good food i'm getting your teeth
when you brush your brush and you look at yourself in the mirror you're going to go like as i was a cheater i was like how competitive are you at brushing taking steroids to brush your teeth oh hey you know what you're going to laugh you got my wife lesser azov every time she my little daughter is the same as me like like movement wise bounces all day long ding ding ding you know i'm dancing one thousand one hundred o'clock at night and when you brush your teeth just click she said this is a man i mean a lot of power to have the same thing so we're offering them all it's a live yeah so in the other ones so cool when you see one room for my daughter it's it's a garbage field and the everyone it's like everything is perfect like the the notepad is perfectly it's funny how their personality is the best i have my two year old that i think might be a lesbian my wife does when i say she's a wife
it goes in ground she goes and picks up like she goes and goes grabs like a batman and spiderman she wants to play with the hulk she wants to play with boys so she likes maybe she likes boys very much it's always be also she sees me workout so she comes over she tries punching and kicking the bag and she's very aggressive oh it's the best but the other ones like girly and princessy says built different to shows like thick ankles and ship you gotta see the problem with it i have no i love lesbians man you know my wife's like don't say that and i'm like how can you care so yeah not only that but my wife has gay friends she loves gay people i don't know what to do i think man i think you did the people with the left brain capacity they have problems with it i truly believe you know the transgender gender who's fighting and he asked me last week i said who cleveland you know it was that they need to fight transgenders if a transgender
find the need to find out you think so yes yeah why do you think he's going to get a hold anyone i don't know physical with the of an advantage for the for the mechanical advantage of the male body just ten minutes let's go girls yeah no i didn't know that no no i thought he fought guys no no no no no that's dead oh no yes yes of course he's got testosterone gammon meanwhile the international olympics committee if you've been a trans gender if you've cut off within two years i think two year after two years they allow to compete against women know that yeah i think no i i thought just fighting with guys the come i don't know i don't care but the the guys you do get killed without the testosterone that detail to get your balls cut off and then for against guys are gonna get killed there's a famous moy tie fighter who was a lady boy
who oh yeah flight really well or lady boyles yeah and then she got the operation and then started getting knocked out because once you got the operation became a woman she didn't have testosterone anymore so then she started really getting fuckedup but it's still you might not be able to beat men after you get your dick cut off you still could beat women yep tendons the ligaments the bone density because she's she's not just like walking around she's training for mma so like she is a male body that's his training for mma and i looked at her and she's so bulky man i'm like man i can't believe that this chick is not taking something which has no balls anymore how she keeping this much muscle mass and she looks like a muscular man it's gross yeah i don't know that's that's not cool though fight out of guys then then i'm ok with it did you how did you feel about that whole side board thing when cyborg tested positive for sterile well you don't know who that is folks a cyborg is a
scariest women fighters and she's a real woman but she's very masculine and very muscular and she's a she tested positive now she she said she didn't do it i got it with people who say that but i i nobody was in shock right yeah but the way she looks she looks indeed i she's doing i mean the way after the fight when she was throwing up her husband at the time that the force now you know it was like wow she's abnormal strong yeah she was so it was a it was not a big surprise but i always say you know if you really if they say no and they say no i got it you know you believe them i think it's the it will be very sad but that's me could not lie like that it could not live in line like that if i have to lie about that and my whole life is a lie now suddenly so
okay here's the reality the reality is she came from a brazilian camp known for aggressive fighters that may or may not have taken substances as well so there's there's that issue right that's that that's legit an inescapable and then too she tested positive yep and once it as positive i mean it's essentially why would we believe you any other you look like you're on steroids and test steroids yeah that is just as much of an issue to me as a transgender woman or the man i used to be a woman you mean when you said it went over to change it you you heard now with the the over i i read that last week with injury i heard to something on the day any of inside ever made they said oh it wasn't injury i truly believe the reason because his testosterone was twenty ostrover alistair overeem's testosterone level one seven thousand nine hundred and seventy nine so i thought was the reason he was not going to fight in nevada because keith guys had said prior usage you know
that's the reason that's why you cannot fighting it so they will and explain everything we talking about is testosterone use exemption atue for testosterone replacement therapy so very controversial issue now with mma fighters where there are taking testosterone because the body doesn't produce it as much anymore and there's two reasons for that there's three actually one the natural aging process or natural aging process we have to get over thirty you buy starts producing less less well austria i was safe to live maybe we'll know slowly slowly have you donated to you don't need it know you certainly don't need but the through issue though is when guys have taken steroids in the past they take him for prolong there's a time and then it kills their balls and so then they test really low yeah that's most likely what's going on with
and then keith guys a sad if they find out that you prior usage because alistair was caught before it is listeners at home you know using testosterone then they it's okay you cannot get it as soon as the fight was in vegas i thought i would that is the reason but then on the day of the show they said i don't know he just released it was his hamstring iso so when i at this story i said well i thought it was that test john daly was with people right away people right because i said something about alistair like over a year and a half ago or something to go like oh it's only be cause you have golden glory how do you know all that all that stuff i go do it i grew over you grow over it i don't have a prob that i'm just saying what i read this week you and i thought it was the reason he could compete in nevada because kid guys is there for folks who don't know what the fuqua talking about testosterone is the it's all it's it's
huge controversial issue now vittore belfort is another example of it because keith kizer is said that because of the fact that he tested positive for steroids in two thousand and six i believe it was i think it was one pride that was yeah which in vegas right yeah audience dan henderson when you test pause for steroids they won't if you have a you know any history doing that they assume that the reason why your test is lowe's because you ruined your body and if that's the case you're on your own because you cheated yep if you have a real medical condition for why your testosterone is low then they'll grant exemptions and they've granted for forrest griffin and a bunch of dan henderson dan henderson i did say forty two years old or something you now we start talking age here but about a guy who's thirty under thirty five and he should not have low test story should not unless he's unless he's got a medical condition know i had i had guys that to look at me and he said
so when i really need it at i go do it i remember you when you were two hundred and twenty five your back full of said she will freaking huge now you're fighting in one hundred and fifty five but now you want an exemption becaus oh no i have something with my colon or whatever they say i say you know what the reason is don't but i'll be here writing to me now you know and nobody ever wants and met my blood work because it took right too much yeah but it's so like b vi tore who's active in the u i've seen is doing really well just knocked out michael bisping and how he's going to fight again he's gonna fight in brazil he's got to he can never fight in vegas now no that's what i said also no show i i i i gave the example of alistair and i and i said because he said the same thing with you to bill for of course they attack me with all your against because you love garlic learn a everybody is the same you know what i i said he had a glass jaw i didn't say that either look if you wish to bill it closes fred i would mention it you know with an up and running
i need to know but then you know otherwise i said i said about gave less i love gave the last good think he's a great fighter but i you know is is not a super strong stand in but isn't leave fighter you can see what he can do and i mean he took it to her junior the sound so is this fight going to happen now because i don't know anymore junior versus hunt is that so my god it's going to be a smart fight for junior man yeah man yeah i love i love when guys like you here but and finding oh you don't know man he is marcos hunt you can't knock him out to do this or mother fucker yeah well you can come out mean melvin malcolm noted overnight you see that fire ok watch defined in slow motion i bet you because we were still cups in holland right he knocked him down yes she loses falls forward but hunt falls on his cup watch you see boom hitting the cup but then he i go the extra yeah there's still cup put shield
he knows he'll decade but i remember mikel croak of kicking in with his freakish in interface that he just took any notice first i me did a foot he said opel it is a good idea to give me any get up like forget terminator yeah and the get go super samoan scary guy and then he can he can barrow can bank did you see that right it wasn't right on the spot there right of this book very hit that okay yet over and he's old way way more experienced striker than anybody else in the u of c that we set up the only thing you guys in on his level as far as experience is alistair because he's the only other guy that won the grand prix yeah and i also won the grand prix clean where as some hunt won it because that crazy fight he i would race cell phones and then race so couldn't continue so he went and and he took a rate suffers place and won it right you know but yeah yeah yeah yeah i know he did but i gotta get a say sake normally because they are when they spar you know i know was held on yeah but over a minute and sake that fight in the finals with a broken hand and a broken arm
you know so we so that would be a great fight between the two of those when both are healthy yeah i loved act that that k one not really k1 as much as it is glory now and you know there is there's there's just been more high level kick boxing on television these days it's really come back it's a great show it really is a great show you know and such high level strikes i was here at the airport there to they have there somewhere you know on a century i was about four weeks ago there was a glory show and i was amazed with the talent they had here like i was truly amazed to kickboxing tells coming from america yeah that was not in the past like this you know and these guys look really good while i think mma is fed it to the point where do you realize how important more more thai skills are to win in mma and then more people sort of gravitating towards more tie yep and then you know i think we were
seeing when you see the highest level like you see like a giorgio petrossian or something like that real high level technical guide like you realize like wow the level of striking is probably the most entertaining entertaining and exciting part of mma if the level of striking is way higher in like high level kickboxing mma role yeah yeah way higher know for sure like anderson i think it could be a high level kickboxing only gonna you know still show some of the high kicks i get his knees and and as crazy that your kitchen timing in his hands is specifically really good yeah i don't know if he's got a really good roundhouse kick to the head i never really see a make that fusional common like in the blasted yushin in the second first rounder it was less formidable sure you if she yeah yeah that's true okay good good good good roundhouse kick to the face done done then the bell rang and then finish them off in the next round yeah ba in it against chill heats food from a weird angle i thought today i got a what would have to but i i think it was just he was he was too excited to
i jail and he really was active time you know come out you know what that's when you start making those little like this get mistakes dot fight with the little stephan bonnar fight was the most brutal version of anderson silva that was incredible that was i was literally if i had there was a moment in my life in my more mouth was open that was the moment when he just moved back move over press pressed against the cage and he stopped him with oh no we step on board of course i did brazil for us but forrest griffin yeah forrest griffin was that was in my mind i was like just unbelievable was the most the thing ever the man handle them show movie leading missed that image to go bowling yeah right on the button you know show beautiful ease so accurate do you think he's the best ever you know yeah yeah he said that would fit fit i still put up there also i cannot all these great yes we saw it pride he's gotta be up there man because but yeah he right now i mean who can stop fade away in his prime like the
guerra days we got beat nogara he was unbelievable when he beat crowe cop you know he was so good back then she's beating everybody and the way he did it so calm yeah i would love to see a primus prime fade versus a prime team velasquez yeah if we could go back in time with cane take the cane of today and bring it back if i fade or who yeah yeah yeah that would have been amazing fight yeah good stuff yeah we are so lucky now to see this evolution and kane is another one of those guys that just you know he's got a full skill set throws leg kicks head kicks punches under stamina i love that although in the junior dossantos friday start running out of gas also you know not with his pace but the strength gotta
a you know to ground and pound was not not effective anymore not not to not come out to me through a hundred million punch out nobody's assess what everybody and everybody goes one guy told me one time and i see a but i'm have you a disabled okay gave lester's and go she'll be trains really hot and they go really didn't yeah that's the is the answer you just gave it to yourself well just raining really hard he was a relatively small heavyweight is a little heavier than you had about two hundred and forty but realistic kane when you look at him has a b carries more body fat as well yeah you know it's interesting how the this seems like that's about as big as you need to get like those big wanted sixty five pound guys we have cut we can get you you all you only sacrifice something we do always always and i i think the kane has that burning inside from his family you know what they showed on tv when they did the specials on them and he wants to put right for his family he's got the whole you know his old father working hard and he's got that mentality a guy like that
that is a hard guy to beat and that he will always be ready that should you decide the first time king was going to beat him exactly the way as he did the second time because i i was gonna i'd work him is but never had anybody pressing his hardest game can do and is going out we're committed and championship runs probably might seal the deal there but then he his for the trailer also that they mean you can't say take any women junior no not as a vicious knockout striker you don't buy coke up out he dug for doom out to everybody you know yeah as the animal yeah he really is that we're doing knockout was brutal but the difference being that cain velasquez was injured not i mean here is pretty serious knee injury i heard that pretty serious knee injury like he couldn't move and then you focus beyond that injury course always like that yeah so he he wasn't able to really you know like attack and and have the this the mobility that he likes women the second fight was all about him move forward that's at taking away the striking
that pace on you know nobody can stop the juror no metal reach right from i mean it has almost no striking skills but he is stopped and he's got stamina yeah you know when he fought mike pyle i never forget this he beat my pile with a combination on the ground underground the east side him into a submission which blew me away nobody nobody outworked him you know he just got him and then later i overheard him talking and and that sorry says his leg like freaking what is it rain man you he said i know yeah i know that you did you did four years ago i was rolling with you and you did that to me or so i knew that was what the county was going to be he do you remember for four years ago he said he's a strange cat mat horrach is a great guy to a beautiful human he loves to cutting weight is fasting for him he says oh i love too fast love the trees that there's
the universe and all of its potential possibilities in the multiverse i could be here i'm gonna love this guy but he's a sweetheart of a guy and very very tough guy too i mean knocked up benji radically head kicks on believable he was half on but again i was working always tell these examples by he makes the most the best most technical fighters in the world makes him look like crap because why he can take a punch and he just comes forward yeah and then you can be a great striker you cannot strike moving backwards in if you really push it you shut down the whole strike again that's how you fight a great striker and man which is an interesting guy because he's not burdened down with ego no you know i think a lot of guys with all their macho bullshit like you talk a lot of ship for a fight you carry that around with you like that that that becomes like a weight that you carry when you get inside the cage when you when you say i'm going to rip his head of machine is now you know that you know you know those kind of things
you have to understand that at the moment you have to go to the fight they play that find a big screen and you see yourself saying that and now you're going to go i better do it yeah and that's right away weight on your shoulders you should never do that's why i never did stare downs i don't like to get angry i don't want it to make to say little things in interviews that puts them off so hopefully get really angry at me like the whole thing with chemo leopoldo i never ask from you know but they that i went i went to the photo shoot for my last fight was in the wfa it was there and i said i keep how you doing and he shook my hand and he looked right away away and i go wow i go to here in the lab and i he's taking this fight serious right he says we told him specifically ask for him i said why would you say that all of that gets you know the kids will agree is better for fight and i go okay so i figured i'm not going to say anything because then at least you very hard you know we're going to get a good fight but
i always thought that i from i did did they say we want to fight a section the space why i said well they always said he's the best so i would like to test my skill is not we don't have the money for that this money would have crossed for you to fight hickson gracie now how much would it back then i would same thing i would if i to hixson for ford look for the things they said they couldn't afford him they said couldn't wait for him ok or for me was two hundred and fifty at the time so should they pay him how much it had i think six million or something so something high something i i don't know i don't know but i heard a really great you know but if you've read any of that we know but i don't believe it but no the really high number but i just but you know i would love too because i have nothing the day we met in in china everything's cool you know there's nothing going on because
yes he is a really nice guy i don't know who he was talking points greasy won the very first ufc and horace gracy who's a brilliant brazilian ju jitsu practitioner who really kind of expose brazilian jujitsu to america and showed it to a showcased at his brother it was the the champion of the family his brother apparently by all accounts is the greatest brazilian jujitsu artist our and that everybody who rolls of them pretty much universally says is that hicks and it's just on this on the level so you what you want to fight him do you for that i write and even i will going to grow that would like because at that time i thought i just well i just want to show you how you in japan in pancrase when you won the king of pancrase he had also won japan valley tudo like within a year of that right was sitting there when i was in the bullet gun not the guy out and that was it i am on the cover of black belt magazine saying that up on justice so you know just to say then i want to test the skills and that's
that's where i actually challenged him i said hey i would like to fight you the rules riverbeds rules will make any any real anytime and what happened no it never happens you know you try to do it for pride is that we're trying to that what if bank which was that but i said i don't mind any organization anywhere you know i'd i'd let this fight happened he don't love me for once i put the fans to decide to do for about four finding if you really as a fighter go in looking for yourself it doesn't really matter i always told my guys like this if they put me with randy couture in this room they look the room and we fight is a really matter who wins you know if he's there are the day me wins if i'm better i'm when you know it does but the what is for a fighters to come out and all people know when that chris leave instead of very forty one time at our show he says yeah the guy a block buster told me what i should have done this is silver you know and then i say as you see but that but a lot of fighters care about that right i always say the fight as well she i fight for my family wrong right away fight for yourself man for
i if you fight for yourself you find the best if you really don't give a damn about anybody but they think you fight the best because it is not to to lose everybody get have that day that that that's the mindset i had with the you know although i thought it was going to be him but i would say you know it doesn't really matter this is testing the skill against somebody who everybody thinks is the best guy in the world i would love to test that that was the only thing that was one of the things that randy oh he said that i found very admirable that he would say that to his fighters when they were going out to fight he even if you lose if you look the worst thing in the world who lose and you'll be fine you still have your friends you still have your love ones get that out of your head don't worry about that don't worry about losing because sometimes we concentrate on not losing you can't see what you're doing yeah well i yeah you can't relax i say a different i say as long as you fight yes you cannot lose you go to japan i had like a tiger wide one all but lost a whole bunch fights in a row and it was a
row of people waiting for him to get autographs and these people but he fought right you know that if you're a japanese fan mentalities ieri different as well but if you lay on the ground as somebody lifts his offer going to party you tap you'll never be back in japan bill book then they get vicious you know and that's i tell my students as long as you fight you know if you leave out there you know it doesn't you wanna lose it to you know to me you can never lose while also you're always it was out you're always involved in improving yourself your work in progress and into you find those great fighters were better than you you don't realize what you need to work on and that that you a guy you show me a guy who you know i forgot who made this quote but i put it on twitter the other day uh yesterday show me someone who hasn't made mistakes and i'll show you someone wasn't on anything yeah and and that's it's true it's like you'll you'll you'll you'll have to
pete in order to really understand it first of all how much it sucks to lose yet and that will motivate you more the guys that are always problematic or the guy is super town did the win easy that don't have to train hard and then some day someone catches up to them and they did and they lose they lose its always stamina you watch true because they beat buddy into jim dominate everybody and one fight on your own patient ever get tired you can fight for two hours but if you have the guy that pushes a new breed stop your b interrupt your reading better and that's what i always say you know that's the most but you know if somebody hits the back i'm standing behind him i'll kick him out of the blue to the body not to knock him out you know why i did that i do so he has to flex at that particular moment at it interrupts his breathing pattern and that's why you're getting tired kicking hard i'm just make him about the justice in an hour so you know he
dropped it and that's how you get there too that's also the issue is nick diaz right with all his pat pat pat punches that you never can breathe you never get a chance to take a break and relax yeah he's just this guy who just flashed through everything now what do you think about that fight that's coming up this weekend nick diaz is fighting george saint pierre johnny hendricks is fighting carlos condit an jake ellenberger is fighting nate marquardt assuming it's great flocking fights man that's going to be a it show a it it's so hard when you think if if gsp places game what he normally does he's a really good rest so we know we can take him down but the nick de has to be on the ground he has to i would he needs to fight if he gets taken down to get back up and if he keeps fighting keeps fighting george could need a lot spend a lot of nrg now will be home town for george it's a lot of pressure on his shoulder a lot of people don't want to lose you know so that he already dead
i sure maybe already took care a little bit of a little bit of his stamina you know took a little twenty percent away the motor pressure the more stimulus get taken away you know he needs to be super super relax and if he doesn't let him to be super lex and constantly escapes of fights that they go to fight back to get up you know then that might be a trouble for george but the three judge of fighting last time because condit meant i love that george that's that's the guy i want to see again a guy who he was working and it was working hard and that's what he needs to do with yes but he needs to stay out of the car preferably i i would sail have got you know and if you go to got hot scott dolan closed close act that's going to be a problem for you counsel from from half guard at ground and pound it plays just to game on the graduate of just wanting to do with that nick yeah nick as a hell of a guard who saw that this very board five
type tap cyber only if we can collapse on a yeah the go me fight yeah he's a he's very under rated i think i think he's got a he's got a lot of brazilian jujitsu skills that we rarely see because over the past couple years he's been beaten guys up on feet that's it and that and that now george has to overcome that reach that long hand constantly peppering peppering them but i think he will shoot straight through it with them some you know yeah i i think that nate may be he would work really hard ontario sorry to need to face sucking on a takedown because i think the takedown will be there anyway because she's such a good restaurant it's going to be hard to stop him by kenny still stop him in the in the championship rounds if it goes in there well in the question is going to be well well is he going to try to stop them or is it going to try to pull guard is going to try to roll with it and just lock up a good position right away like you did with go me or you know like he did with cyborg he has
very nasty guard mean nick diaz is a high level black belt and that fuckin' stamina man that's a big deal that's the thing you know if you fight a guy like that you know what what did i say to make scout summer fatigue makes cowards out of man it's really israel been there you know that you really tired i had if i did i go my god i hope it and thankfully i hey not to my with the needs of the liver but i was i was really about to stop almost you know a you you everything syncs away yeah you know i was sick also but i mean starts with stamina and and fatigue and then when you see him still going strong at some mental crusher men and and that's the thing that gsp now has she knows that whatever happens he is not gonna run the gasping yeah next i'm gonna i guess but you know what george has always been very very good condition yeah well you know it's it's interesting how many fighters get sick for fights it's a it's a huge issue i always had it with the taekwondo days i get so
from herbs yeah but i think also a lot is the cutting weight this is now he's at but it's also just hard training yeah and not watching their diet yeah i never i never had that i brought my own food i brought my own love bread and all that stuff i was not going to get food poisoning forget about it i brought my own water you know you heard stories in japan that they would something you know what i don't want to take a risk of whether it's to a myth or not i don't can i bring my own water nobody's going to touch it you know and the at least i could have the dumbest thing and and that those those guys who go to day before you go to a mcdonalds sushi place over you know and they going to eat like bad sushi they call you guys food poisoning your an idiot yeah that's part your training you should not have done that by take that risk you know is the dumbest thing you can do is like the guys with a bad mouth piece you know it but when i so car operation five with the mouthpiece of fell out the whole time you know that drives me nuts there should be a penalty for that you know constantly fall out just like who does that you're a professional fighter you need a good mouthpiece right yeah
do you are you still training finders on a regular basis you know it's hard now because i have that neck surgery an last week i did two sets of pushups eighteen it will push gave imagine i did one hundred and twenty four front in a and so i know oh my god i'm so weak and then after two days i lost all power so i know there is something that when it swells up the flares up it stops manure from getting in a day two more i'm going to find out more ten forty five in the morning go to find out did in the nerve conduction test where that blockages and i think once they can open that up and everything's going to be charles you i have to have another operation i don't know maybe they say oh well it's rest or this or maybe they do it at the doral there right on the spot that will loosen it up something like that but my nerve in my neck jump from the los thirty percent he said when we opened your neck it jumped back same level shadow or loose up and down with this for years and years now it's a nightmare but you know i use
a crazy guy trading i i was kind of my own stuff you know because i i i was talking to people world champions and it would teach what do they say they go hard on fridays seventy percent and i go and do you do for the rest of what we train i said you spar one day a week yeah i started laughing and said but you know so as part two times a day we go hard i'll try to knock you out legacy a body a you do it to me and on the hatch of course i'm not gonna knock him out but i get back to get a good tool for that well we go we go right no i i that's why i never during rush when i came back in two thousand and six you know i didn't fight six shares right but i had no problem because it two times a day we have a fight that's what we're doing so i feel great what about the wear and tear though from doing that that's the thing at that that's the day but i the advice to every fighter now is to always get the right equipment make sure you pack ten
sure your ankles are tape things like that because with the shin protection how to get really good shin protection that has also you know with the instep they have protection there now you know so that cannot be like when you kick in elbow and those are bad injuries all time you know watch just thank yourself and make a good mouth please get a professional most is the right to say put grease on you wait i'll watch for cuts i play everything safe no you have guys training though do you have them spar that same way twice a day you know going on when we had it we have people coming in with us and it went as far as sundays and it turned around when they seems far they go like text that started his carlo rubberneckers his brother came to teach at my gym this is now we're going to party like we do in holland and that's that's the way we used to do he's got going yeah but the older older guys our guys already used to it they just don't care they just go but but to get the right equipment as long as you have the right that you don't get beat the where is your your gyms in thousand oaks right yeah it's
one hampshire road eight eight zero hampshire what is the website if people want to get some information about the a league m m a jim dot com and so you have ramon decker brothers teaches on the teaching there yeah like a long time in the biz been there for a whole career teaches all those hold to focus bits of anti but for all the time guys over repeater or split sashi i mean all these guys have been there you know so he's a yeah a really great guy what is his name carlo carlo decker's carlo decker's wow and is he there with days while he's there every day and i was of course you still hold on because the funeral was a couple of days ago and i didn't even ask him i told him you know whatever time you need and to wrap things up there because he was very close to a monday we're like a yet to using the paper in dallas it's very hard for us crazy had a heart attack riding a bike i mean think about all the fights that guy
and also you know yeah over talking about two hundred and forty five or something you know and this and this guy fighting with a broken hand in the broken food at the same time he would keep finding you know the guys just indestructible indestructible also also a clean healthy lifestyle now for the last six years also you know like being in shape no at this whole everything planned out he has this child for children foundation that he set up in thailand for these kids who we know who had no future he would give the money and all that stuff is now you know still going to happen no t shirts coming ma bloodlines is going to make a t shirt one hundred percent goes to the family or to the charity so they're working on a lot of things to keep his name out there of course that's fuckedup dragon just be that great a fighter and athlete and just have a heart attack at forty three drop dead is the wildest thing ever you know uh since he passed away i drank one one slash two glass of wine and normally i drink two glasses at night i had to drop a beat
i right away i go oh my god is this is really scary he was healthy he it was good that was not in this family who you know bad hearts nothing just out of the so that really freaked me out even while it's gotta be freaking you out with all this nerve ship going on bonnie yeah this gives back you know i i i've been always blast will the the kind of stuff i grew it heals fast and i think it comes because of my my my my exam i did i had really bad expresso i was recouping fast might like my if i had wanted training like a wound that would be little the two day she can tell it what it was that a good show for because that was what my skin was doing twenty four seven you know so now it's i'm blessed with having that but my neck yeah that's in knowing that doesn't really you know spend those blockages its here i can feel it it's it's lumps and
there's a blockage is it scar tissue so as muscle spasms but they so what stops than if from getting in my arm and that's why i look at south in it doesn't fill up yet yet it will start happening and they said because of what you've done by fusing the neck it's alleviated some of the pressures any jump back right away to on a percent that's what they said so this is the same bring to me how many people have back issues i mean it's so disturbing is so many guys were up backs through a crazy man i ships up right now but it's just because i got three missile as in one day which never do that ever yeah well that's a soul or you just you're talking my muscles you know the the the issue that these fighters are having is a lot different and you pal yeah the the the wear and tear on the bodies is unbelievable it's brutal we would lose it in no time to recoup also yeah you know i had when i was preparing for the last five i had two times we go
i had only ten weeks for that fight i didn't train for three years so i had ten weeks to get his shape and two weeks from that i didn't he didn't at all for three years no you know i i sent my last fight i think i worked out maybe twenty five times since in two thousand and six wow yeah that's that the idea because i started finally start training again and my god i feel really good like if wish i was actually people always think that i just say something and that it's not too i say i did the boss the body actually system i use it myself the to trade a user myself to work just myself and go yeah you saying that they go oh wait a minute i can go back on my security camera and you can actually see me training in the backyard so i went back on the security camera and i got it for a month back and i was trading only for five in the beginning you see me i'm struggling man i'd like to minute round it's really bad but amazing if you see like several workers further it's a whole different certainly the
for the to trade i went from three to seven which is heavy setting already at ten pound ankle weights heavy gloves i put weights in also hitting and then one day yeah but i watch out for the hyper extending than that when i do that you know or i had that busting so you don't have the hyper extent but it's good for the burn it for everything to get tired and then i i do want to have an air something i think it is a maybe i hyper extended and the west just wanted to go to my head dropped and i go oh god is back and it was it that was in october and then they did the surgery in the january but somehow we're getting yourself back in shape i was gay and it was going really well i start feeling great already i mean you will you watch it's online it's on the to train and to train a blog dot com you can find a video there and your neck when the first operation they didn't fuse the disk they do they made a holes around the news a little bigger but it was still
squeezing so it was only a thirty percent working and i knew that because herniated discs yes yeah but they only would percent or a little bit less and i knew that because i could i would to attend posited like twenty five wraps still very weak because i used to do way more with that but that that makes sense with the twenty five to thirty percent go okay but then what happened is a training i think something disk that's what to do your jam happened here not knowing what you know and are all these experience you have especially all this experience what your body like breaking down what what do you tell fighters to do now we do what do you what do you advise them how do you do not do what you did was wrong stretch stretch you bend lots i would stretch i will make that one of my siri thinks you know watching tv stretch while you're watching tv get to stretch bands do you know yeah yeah while you're watching tv you're busy with it doesn't really matter an good food don't dehydrate you
so you study hydrating yourself stretch even more men because that's where your your tendons get dehydrated everything that they ripped fast as she is she a lot of that also have a close to a fight a study hydrating to make you can get a pulled hamstring you know and that's exactly because of that reason you're dehydrating itself does dennis need to stay moist you know you need to make keep it good i watch out and as far as like what you either the kind of therapy that you're doing right now for your for your back do you do any inversion therapy or any nothing
thing where their trying to do to any sort of traction no i i what i do i have dish to hook so to say well in my hand and i have to understand to go to the first set flew over this i hang hang and i just hang in a stretch my arms out and that seems to help like last week i could do three the with five pounds three wraps five buttons plow and and then i started stretching and i start mentally focusing somebody told me just force it to be gone and the visual i visualize how you could get rid of it i start doing that and then yes the evening at a ten so that was suggested in four days but i've been all hanging how many of the you run into that have these issues yeah lots a lot of guys have the benji
activities in the valley as a back issue as well yeah yeah the big it neck also lost uncle lost everything he lost his back so i believe that cissy seven or eight or something i think i'd i i don't know how did x x works with me it's set to search biceps official official starts shoulder starts coming back now because that nerve goes over here over the top that's good to start i see the muscle start getting there so that's good but the for the biceps and i get this of carpal tunnel that i already had but never was a problem with me will now because the nerve it is a problem so now i can if i grab things my whole hand spasms you know it's really weird
before demonstrations always say guys you see that it's not like i'm not crazy it's just my head should certainly like that and like when i grab something i start it's really weird but my wife start noticing because i was sitting like this the whole time says what's wrong with your hands western and i get it like we can open it up yeah wow that's gotta be like for two days is bad mother fucker former you have champion is going to be really like disturbing it is it is really the serving i i don't like to see myself as week i started the biking now because that i can do my knees now you know i actually going to get a nicer bike now so i got there because the issues as well so you have no cartilage in my knee caps and there's nothing they can do that i know i know everybody's going he will i noticed dr now if you go for real surgeon they will tell you there's nothing they can do when you have no cards showing the the only thing they can
actually out of trash at the killing joke told me that's the reason why the mafioso is breaking me kneecaps it's inflexible fixable you can and the bolt now had patches out they get they can my cartilage that you get older that the stem cells and they get and that grows itself like it they they explained like met a man of grass when pieces are out you put pieces of grass are there and that goes with the other graduated strong again that's how cartridge works is this but if you have none there's no way they can attach it to your knee cap now there is something that could do they have to drill a hole and attention and a teflon plate which will work but then you kneecap is thirty five percent weaker more chance of breaking it once she breaks your really done you know so he said it will come they will find something in a couple of years but right now walking stairs getting up
sitting down up or down walk in everything hurts everything my friend steve has his knees he was on the us ski team he's had like i don't know some insane amount of knee surgeries more than twenty knee surgery well yeah and he has that he had no cartilage in his knees as well and he's got these steel plates that are over the tops of his his like where where the car would used to be they resurfaced it yeah but they do they go with lasers in and then it bleeds out right and they they get they can do that too but with me is the kneecap like with you there standing on each other those that said the knee cap when i stretch i could i bend it it already moved again so whatever they it it it's in constant motion you can do anything like between the knees between your four legged your lower leg yeah their stuff that they can put in between the surface and they do that what is that they let you bleed
unless you your own blood you the the the wanted list me bleed my own blood movie was again dodge or something yeah but they drill the holes in the knees as that is bleeding and that serves or like that wow yeah that's the man's knee that so you see the good that that i can see what a knee cap goes through i can't tell that it were the other one go on top but the knee cap it's you know but maybe all that other stuff i can i can put something like that on the other bone not at a kneecap that is his knee cap yeah yes yeah that's all three yeah well that's the bottom piece and then the top piece and where the cartledge used to be look at this prime if you seen it that is great where did you do this well steve's cutting edge 'cause he's a doctor himself so he's well aware of what i need his number see that's a the just pop the thing out that some for the folks at home can see it
he's happy he's happy with it also you can see lower as i scroll down a bit you see that white thing that white thing is artificial meniscus so he's got the double he's got a double whammy he's got a resurface knee so the top of his bone is covered with this steel plate and then he also has this white fear which is an artificial meniscus pad yeah still trains i need this information yeah i would love to do that my my sometimes when you shoot me up a cortisone then like two one slash two weeks it is paradise for me like i can walk stairs i can jump i can jump from happy days i don't feel a thing amazing the difference how what did you do
oct up all your you need currently i'm just very explosive and i think that just scratched everything of what i'm kicking can give drilling housing cakes to do it right yelling during the pain just go through it too you know and if it's bango harder that's and the mentality right to the age i gotta goes to the store through its would you now you've done not although when you seem like the what what that damage can do your body no one would ever know i live i regret everything is good i why did i do is so crazy but now and when i see fighters go full time to go sometimes i go well it's weird that i did all that you know did it you'll you look crazy back at life with that i after you're out of it yeah it's where ever had though it comes over people go like oooh look at him but it's really not i never was nervous like that i was really good at talking to my i could everything in my life when i went through i realized it was
meditation i never taught everybody told me anything but i'm just really talking to myself was the worst thing that can happen while you know the worst thing is that can happen in duck out you're going to feel it okay gonna get submitted julie tappan it's over okay okay used to people talking that's the worst in the real you think about it people talk about it yeah so this is i don't care about that i would have known it was for and i would always in that zone i would i would i was addicted to that feeling going there and go and then i would hear how could you call i would tell people's conversations at the first row after us i will go back i said what you're talking about the movie yesterday evening or i took the marley schmitz i was it's kosaka high kick him i'm i'm please listen to the other corner and he goes watch out for high kick it right away so i switch for straight punch and that was also japan right with the really really the i don't know that was here in america i guess because so as you see my first ufc fight of ok yeah and then more
smith was saying i yeah because he saw me setting it up and so i change this right i switch it to straight punch because i heard him i still have i say you should be quite desist bus you're probably the only guy who was the other going to you know but i used to always like in a frank shamrock blood blood book it's so funny to read he says yeah bus was always talking you know i think you kind of did it you to to self meditation and i say okay why do you think i would have a dutch corner why do you think talking english speaking english i did it for a reason if i do it in dutch they're not going under what i'm saying but if i'm in the middle of a fight look at my corner i say do you want to go to a tonight what we're you a to today yeah okay go but you go it you know i i will just do crazy stuff and then we could you fighting in those fighters will go like what the hell is that this is just it's just a distraction right and i will do it in english because i
does could understand so that's why i spoke english when you put together this gym out in thousand oaks is you know you got a really nice thanks very nice when you were you thinking about starting a team and and and training fighters and moving on to next phase of the owner know for me it's just a good place that i can go and train i can still teach i almost i'm i'm pretty much almost as old as time there on tuesdays and thursdays to teach a six o'clock myself for a general or but also posted a coming in because i go back to the base ambitious effort of all the magic happens spend trust me in a lot of pros forget it or or to teach don't want to say it anymore because now he's starting again that really high level and i don't care where you are i'm just going to tell you what you do wrong you can hit harder if you do like this try out and most of time right out to go my god my chart a she did just forget certain things i like to put him back on the basics and i liked it to have a gym at my it's very close to my house you know and i can actually be there sunday morning she know i'm going to start doing no more i got to to the fight classes with the guys just enjoy
i have a really good partner you know who were thankfully help me out a lot because without him we could have not been open because we lost a lot of money to make the gym but now we are at place like the last half year start a fight is to make money and that's that's of two years being here a six years of the other place it ages we never made any money we broke even at the other place this is an agent after hours square foot blaze you got saunas we i mean it's a really nice place and people love it you know what if i did the thing that we have the thirty people sign up say a month if i stay and those twenty five there all the stuff guys that come in and and their body shape man you can do that shit you know you gotta do it i really look at that they make a lot of money so that they come in and they get beat up by blue belts no little kids and that's
that's how much do to program there as well yeah i got to hodrigo cavallo he was so grand champion there last year the gracious god six weeks she told me this morning is going to go another gun in the long beach he's unbelievable he came in was five days in the country and he want he told me about tanaga championships are in a vegas you think i should go i say you think you can do with you say i said but you didn't try any so now i want to do it i said i sure will drive you over there so broad he won gold right away and then he won the one at the gracie he won gold again so a very high level yes i need you to buy that guy you know get the disease yeah both and is i've never had one complaint for him you know a sorry you got to do is five classes more because we're not pulling it now right now no problem boom right away you know is that like the best best that we have everybody although the the parents for kids and everybody's telling me my god is such a great guy to teach kids classes out there is less is also one of the kid class
uh at four hundred o'clock most of the time yeah for coconut on saturdays i believe at noon from now that's great and thousand oaks where you're at is an awesome spot is really nice so quiet you'll be yeah i it's what when we arrived there we made to turn mostly boulevard i saw the promenade there with you know there was a band playing friday night i wish i go wow we want to live here you know the parking meters nothing you know nice place that school system like blue ribbon schools all around here no it's it's cool for the kids safe second saves to do that in the in the country you know the other one as irvine irvine for events like the safest so yes it in the country yeah irvine is very very safe it's all white people yes yes you know if i if i if i was a criminal you don't worry my tongue is of course the whole the garage doors my friends he had to six thousand dollar but i can leave the garage door we always said you got to close the garage sure enough there still is
i can tell if that thousand oaks no existe but that's the not criminal goes to the right place because it or you don't have to doris you know because it's so safe that's why i got robbed in burbank sketchy yeah yeah yeah that's right yeah he had to our banks very close to a lot of this funky areas you know thousand oaks in the middle of nowhere yeah nobody let's go there you know but that once you're there it's they call it pilot town because the pilots would she from the top that there was no pollution there that's how it got started with all pilots living there and then it becomes yeah i have that's interesting and then it became a because it shows the valley as it did with fifty miles out of the valley where like far away from them with us it's like four degrees lower temperature for the temperature wise than the valley yeah you get that breed from the ocean to i feel like the further you can get away from la the better you're at yeah there's too many people here
i said the other day out saturday in the afternoon okay i drove down to meet a friend of mine and bellflower so i drove a it took me two hours to get there in two one slash two hours to get back at saturday bumper to bumper traffic stopped dead on the one hundred and thirty four stopped dead on the four hundred and five i switched to the two hundred and ten stop dead it was fuckin' nuts to one hundred and one stop dead the five stopped dead everywhere on saturday like what happens if this shit hits the and that's why i always save all my telephone calls i save that for one day if i for instance have to go to san diego that's where all my phone calls not happening because i save up for that time a two and a half hours on a world so whatever it is maybe three hours of this traffic and then i make all the phone calls are you driving to canadian okay as do it at the same time you know what i do bus route and that's an audible dot com audible dot gov
yet there is that these these fox again is that what the the commercials are commercial i do though it's amazing it's a audible books audiobooks remains all you know i love an angel and they have the sick crime cases i love that you know and then the man walked in but he forgot one thing that left him another thing is joya mysterious on hln i don't know it'll nhl add headline news from cnn i guess it is or something with so satellite radio esn light radio and then you get those those great things bird you know what jodi watching to jodie aereas case you know my god that if she gets out that's like the weirdest thing the total psycho once i go i mean head to head with the with the prosecutor and then when she think is the best of him she like chuckles you know how i got you i go do it
you're watching you you know you'll say they see it yeah if you don't know the story she stabbed the guy because what is twenty seven shot him and then shut should a bunch of fuckedup but then but she goes to the problem because she said she shot him first but now all the blood was there and the shell casing was on top of the blood so she shot him she killed him first stab him in the back zero yeah and rented a special card i want to give her a red car she's no i want a white one because she didn't want to attract attention you know three cans of gasoline so she didn't have to stop anywhere so she could be traced back i mean who was the wildest thing then a twenty two gun which happened to be the murder weapon before she left very mysteriously disappeared from her grandparents she by the way laughs listen radiant you're locked into this story this is on and it's amazing isn't a up when you see someone whose life just went completely off the rails when you see someone crazy like that just one day wax out just
so by june body suit someone this one you know she was like months away from them and she was still following him he did things a stage whatever us public speaking or something she would like make pictures and she would tell people in the beautiful it well they already separated i go you that's a that's a yeah well that guy fuckd push it out oh my that's part of what happened there that guy broke her that she did something that was the reason to her oh everything he did everything well but now she tries with the says that pedophile you know and it's like what i mean drags his through the mud poor guy exerted yeah is there any worse i know it's amazing yeah the they said my friend tony sarah member tony rents a turtle from columbus he has a great saying that i i say all the time is set psychotic
and roddick are very close to each other hello yeah very close to each other and those really crazy girls are often times the best in bed there yeah yeah so nobody in the ship they'll do is so crazy so this guy i mean you listen to some of the text messages the sender you know you're my dirty little horror show my god i go die people right i thought it was only important movies like people right like that i did all this fucking check his text messages i'll send you some forward yeah yep this the thing is so polite i really that there's a lot of ninety people out there man salon and buck and many people very crazy people but so my wife the car i i i for yeah we got to do that your it guy stored the streets karate guy what happened this is a funny story okay we're at at kimball has to fight and the before the file we go to a tap out party and those people are there and then these
guys he stuff guys are there wireless i think selling jewelry or something and with a bunch of guys and and from the guys i think he was the toughest guy so we're talking of course you know it but he didn't know who i was that i was the best thing and that the people are talking about fighting and suddenly he comes to force any ghosts yeah i used to do karate uses but not the normal court days to do street karate i well st cruddy was or what is that is so well i can tell you one thing that my routine has saved me like six seven times and i go your routine here i go okay you you got to show me that routine the you know because i would i would love to learn so the guy comes to me and actually put it in the movie here comes the boom you know that was a truce talks
hey and a lot less long story so the guy comes to me he says first of all i would stand there and then out of the blue i will go and eat no no no is it goes goes first with this album we close to me he does it to me this close right and then he goes and he was shaking in front of my face he's serious he's serious he's this close to my face by shaking disclosure my friends everybody is already like almost dying laughing right he says and then a moment he's perplexed when i go i go to the neck and then you know they always do this he said it says in there grab him and now he kept eye contact with me right and he grabs she says i got guess so he threw knees to the body and he kept i contact with me he stops you ok so i look at him i go nah you never did that don't push it
i say you practice this in the mirror and it looks really cool but you never did this i know his friends were like they will wait for my reaction because they were in awe you know this guy was huh it was glory i'm at the moment i said total bullshit i started talking and it's not i came to say you know he is he professional fighter so the whole group left but the fact that defeis the facial expression from all those guys address the same like this car keys which shirts over the top all jewelry everywhere you know the those guys exact specs the streets karate guy his routine saved his life several times you know it's always a day expect that you believe that crap was the most and so anything i've ever seen and i didn't it had but need today stroll away stuff right victory you know at that i told at the backstage camera for here comes the boom i said this
the true story somebody told me this technique is a lot of those knuckleheads right those st defense guys fake karate guys and you know the worst part is they say yeah we cannot use it who's going to dangerous i said well if you can kill somebody like this you can also not kill him right i mean what hi i'm a control that got a good rule you just the technician to leave the boss you know i stand like it's like dropping a nuclear explosion on yeah you know i'm saying the way expunge all that time yeah i love those videos like a kung fu videos or guys are demonstrating techniques going to work and have you seen the one with the old man who's got this a class where he throws like people your guy can note could bankers guy comes in and beat the the out of us that right when you see him believe he's he see and so he cannot believe it doesn't work it is the one guy he does to get it to go because i get to go to school and it makes
somersault and he falls on the ground almost like he believes his own bullshit right now what are these guys doing there all faking it they know they are but there probably it's like mass hypnosis or mass hysteria you know like cult behavior they get locked into believing like i remember when i was in my thai kwando school was not like cultish in the sense like they nobody had to do anything crazy they didn't try to get your money or get you to leave your family or anything like that but the devotion that some people had towards the instructor was crazy it's amazing and they didn't exploit it but if someone did exploited you could see how they could get some weak people that would really fall into it it's sort of a distance the aspect of martial arts that i went to one of the things that i really loved about brazilian jiu jitsu was that it didn't kind of see that you do
see like all the bowie was more like friendly like when i train with the machado's like hey my friend how are you coming and it was much here that once they show you the techniques but they're very friendly and more more like like you know try to place themselves above anyone there's no master this because they don't want to be nice to you they're going to let you know that it is really effective right there and they will honor the respect that you get from them you'll they'll aren't just by being amazing yeah but but it's because the good yeah the other guys who preach and talk about it like that they're not good they suck like every i who tells me that he i believe what he never fought yeah is foolish well you know me tell indeed it is not is not possible you never if he will not know if you can do it under pressure he will not generating the only guy told me that they could never lose it never lose i don't know about my metallica i mentality yelling at choked
make an animal bro i'm gonna go my go blank and then yeah that's why it's done drop it yeah i go blank enemies anything right that's the easiest i had i'm just coming into my class one time i am not kidding there's a guy walking in with the stash glasses and a big belly and blue blue kimonos and they came i am in holland and it worked in able eggs girls following and it was like a cult it was the weirdest thing ever later on we found out he couldn't even like a push up it was like bizarre and every when i we show something would say something like one time you know i had an armbar and and his girl a we would bite into that you know so i slowly but surely i figure i'm not going to say anything but then you know it can't we kept going and have somebody in a rear naked choke and i said
live at explaining as she goes i i used to somebody else she says we will bogey i said no and i go well she's right what was that she said we we will poke your eyes out right now i said well let's find out i mean i'm going to try this with you is that cool yeah i i should go just go sit down i should put my arm around her neck i said okay in three six i'm going to go if you touch my i am going to break into okay let's go what what what what did you say i said it's three six you're gonna go i will come down you can come near to my a i'm going to break your neck ok what do you mean i show ok do you know what normally when somebody touched my you think i'm going to go up oh no i'm going to go to take my goal and i'm going to go then my eye hurts that face was awesome never never bug with somebody who has a dominant position over you if i have you in an arm bar ann you by my calf guess what's going
break at that moment is the most idiot thing that people we believe that if you put a finger in my ivan eleven life in that situation i'm going to let go of the choke yeah really you know i'm going to snap the neck so it's not going to let go to church but not only that people don't understand how quick you go unconscious like we have some the rear naked choke on you especially you don't really know do you fancy having to choke a lot before you don't know how to relax none at all and i do you know all hard it is to poke and i you know i did it yeah every hard very hard to squeeze my i put my my i again sure the back of your neck becky had will you used to do in boss rutin is fighting in a sport type situation where you got rules see the street there are no rules you know and like i cannot fight without rules i guess that by still only i can do a better more accurate as well i was i
this role i do this radio show i won't name the guy but there is a god they had as their body guard he's a total bullshit artist and he was a we do it with videos do a nun chucks instead okay so soon as it is named best upon ob anthony show and we were on the show once and this i mean i'm fine you know you can do whatever you want but as soon as you're on the air you represent you know you i got a i got to tell the truth you're on the radio now people gonna listen to you and if i let you get away with some nonsense yet and yet you still but not at not me man some young kid to be listening to that and they want to start a martial art and they get sucked into doing a stupid creates street karate classes yeah because and i i go listen it's real simple the ship that works on train killers is the best
yeah you don't see anderson silva you know practice in i pokes in front although i pokes pretty there's good yeah there were to be be you don't see him doing in the you know of death touch shouldn't and you know pressure point attacks that she doesn't work it doesn't work set on on camera we had an email from somebody who said that is master could but point pressure said they could knock you out i got a great story but is also with them anyway i'd looked in the camera i said ok anybody in america your watching right now if you have a person who gets who says that he can knock me out with punch like it just pressing somewhere we invite him we pay him we play he can come on to show he can do it on camera on me he could knock me out it is an older situation for me because if it works i'm signing up they but i tell you
not going to work we had this guy but know you know press of you know most of my my buddy we see these guys on stage and the touch guys right yeah so one guy goes this this was personal assist they just fall back and then the guy said did you see his eyes roll back in his skull means you for real so i go to here we go this is going refund lights desk so these guys they come walking down after the i said okay do it to me i want you to to me one time in college are you sure about that i so don't i i you know i want to know how to feel and he goes you know what i could actually uh i got something better so we already steered away from it right so he says uh let me show you this and he walks over to his body they start talking to each other and then he walks way and in the corner he stands like this i mean
crazy any run stalwarts his friend and he goes like this in mid air you stop any flies on the ground so he threw like kung fu hansel and sent in touch him doesn't touch him i go do it i'm sold do that to me ok i'm going to take you right now so i'm the corner and he yeah but to be a really angry i said yeah it really angry otherwise it won't work i say your friend did right i said i'm i can better act then your friend don't worry i'll be in the zone probably will he says no no because if you're not real angry it doesn't work it to be that balance so i know it was his way out so i walked over to him standing like this i say keep me into pills and he i said give me later i'm going to really work best you know he didn't want to do it needless to say i mean but they're idiots that truly believe that is
well it's so easy to take someone who doesn't know anything like was a student and trickling that and be a comment like that that's that's a you know what the worst thing is just to out there they give you a false sense of security and then you they teach you how to defend the knife you know grabbing the rest i mean that never did that i mean just so dangers knives danger than a gun on a short distance at least and you should the wrong way and then something happens on the streets and he pulls a knife and he goes to his buddy did step back i got it yeah you know and they get killed eddie bravo has a crazy story about his death guys fault is that coach fold eddie bravo when he was first learning martial arts actually almost got into an altercation before he knew jujitsu first learning martial arts he really thought he was going to be able to like attack this guy and put him away with some fake karate ship yeah there you go she and he had a bad first instruc
the fake guy in order to guy said that he went to was going to china to train with the months ago it will all be back in a week i'm going to try to train with the monks so it was at the supermarket and saw the guys cars like a you ran the guy the supermarket was supposed to be in china trainings dominance is just what is this guy who killed the you know to fail tory yeah he would say that he will go into forest yeah he would fight the whole tournament and he would come back and yet like his bloodied up knuckles and only a trophy story rafael tories name was not really rafael toro know that i was a fake name the lady was a fake brazilian jujitsu blacked out and he had his friend drop him off in the woods said i'm about to fight in a kumatai karate to the to the death tournament and so he's carrying his bag in the bag had this fucking trophy already inside drop me off in the woods they're going to meet me here and then i'm going to fight for a couple days and i'll see you in a couple
yeah so then his friend comes back two days later pick him up yeah i want everything here's my trophy buck everything i'm retarded you brought that bad yeah i brought that trophy in a bag but he came from that era where you could get away with making sure that people believe that i have a lot of guys who believe stuff you know it's a at it but it cover of magazines and they dared there is in there that are nobody's absolutely nobody's but people blue and erectors believe that yeah oh my god this guy man is dangerous the golf claims see see the interview he did with michael chevelle you are on your in your face the thing is this the thing is yeah here i go back here i go back to did you ever compete not right you know but i i i i to enter without a guys we would fight in don't you we all know that fight the dojo and fighting under pressure in the cage or in everything whatever you cannot even compare to each other i always explain
buddy of mia prats always would say it you know if you take it to my for like a long twenty foot long right and you you have to walk over it it's an easy thing to do you just walk over twenty feet long now you put that same bar up about with two buildings twenty stories up and now you have to walk over there now it's a whole different ball game and it's not so easy anymore now that's the same as the fighting an aspiring nothing compare how many dojo fighters you know that they're up everybody including the professionals but when they fight themselves they can't find the panic and that's i always say until you never you you it you can never tell you i don't care i i got to see it i got to see you fight i don't believe people saying that you're good i want to see you for training under pressure with people around so bored so import why's words by boss ruiz in gentlemen learn knowledge respect
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i love myself
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