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#339 - Jacob Ward

2013-03-19 | 🔗
Jacob Ward is the editor of Popular Science magazine. Jacob Ward, Brian Redban - Date: 03/19/2013
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hey everybody we're doing a podcast again can you believe it believe we ve still alive after that change smith powdered asked i guess for everyone is i was the best part cast ever thank you for everyone who tweeted me inside socked i'm sorry who are these people that's like that was fucking funny everybody has the right to their own opinion sir okay and my apologies to tell anybody that we didn't mean to get that fucked up that's just what happens if you drink with shane smith dot com i think those a second tat the second most drunk i've ever seen you yeah i was pretty pretty hammer this episode the joke some guy sent me a message like that he went to the comedy shown is mad at me because i made a cancer joke don't have a cancer jochen my act man don't if i i don't work came from no i said cancer joke was now cause i'm thinking one man maybe as a drunken joke i can't see where i would i'm pretty
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and you actually made the sound of the of the the name of the guy alex ii sound cool which is impossible as the worse than the longest named prevented great peace equality the terrible name galaxy ex three gout no four is just too long i know a lot of bones but i was just thinking that the other day why don't they just caught like malaria there's a lot of aims in this world i'm here to tell you yeah this need for that right was everything have to be note this in three and four eriksson but the tec i'm in the stuff itself is amazing and you're actually write it like a couple years old phone is a great deal like that those they changed so fast yam especially the samson funds apple you have to wait a couple years for a new iphones each one has to knock it out of the park you gotta go all the way with apple yeah but i don't have the confidence in them without steve jobs at the helm i need a crazy person completely obsessed with success totally regular tim cook fella forums like a regular dude yeah
i don't know enough about him but you supposed to be a very orderly person what you would need like at the very least you got to run a lot of that play i think when he gets home you probably relaxes but not only that that my see you do you guys are around angry pissed off at coders because they include something wrong in overlaps with tacoma that's right to come a washington that the long patient whenever wherever they go bananas forwards hello you ve been the editor of our publicized so i had to create experience i was the second in command of publicize for five years i was like the doer and and then my boss society leave and i got promoted about seven months ago and suddenly like i'm running a hundred forty forty year old magazine altera now it's a big responsibility and i am i feel free i freaked out each morning for five minutes and like i can't believe i'm about to go make these decisions and then boma go off and do it it's a great thing but on the other
popular science episode that i arrive issue that i quote to people all the time is the one way back in the nineteen thirty love it perhaps a new billion dollar cried oh yeah totally we were way out an inventor that's cool about publicized like we're we're at least five or ten years ahead of you know we put our flag into each issue if you look through history like antiquated without personally but it's really cool that had happened yeah that that was on the cover of popular was actually popular mechanics telescope that's life i hear all clear up a confusion for local people like why why is their problem mechanics popular science on the stubborn and why are we the same magazine worship predators which is of weird thing but it's because we date from the era when everything had the word popular at the front of the yap either literature popular whatever is the net is basically saying the k normal person come read this thing i don't have to be expert unfortunately i was incorrect popular science actually demonized
that's probably true we felt we did we bear a great nineteen thirty six it was when the government had gotten their greedy little paw i mean let's let's be fair you know them of the depression has never once freaking out you know that is not you and that is not the behavioral science it today and blaming popular signs for that would be like blaming me for killing earlier and to be truthful like those worst stuff and that in the history of science we have tat we will cover in the middle of world war two that has this like cartoonish courageous caricature of a japanese and the red and his if you look at the google archive that we have in a bracket on either side of that man's face is you know we're going to drop missiles from you know tanks or jets you know like there was everything is military hardware neither side is to look at archives apologize is to look at a of like an art project that is the history of amerika and what the thing about the time but written in these you know really cool covers
it's already set back in the day there was so much more responsibility to to deliver this kind of information joe was on the end with all respect you would not beyond the air in nineteen out of our thirty six like the acts to technology read the fact that you and i get to have this conversation people listening right which is such an amazing and wonderful thing is so new why wouldn't a bit on the or ninety six ok no options re options that's interesting in this game long enough to know riah that's right that's right it's my idea a whole new world and end backing in the pre watercress kind man get air holy cows at heart you in the amount of work the amount of at a writing on letters to negotiate in our whether that guy's gonna be a guest on cronkite oh my god and the billy to control the public's perceptions of things back then was so complete sure like what harry an slinger and william randolph hearst did jeff controlling the public's perception you had to be so you know brilliant and
kind of scary to rise to the top of the money and in a especially the into heaven a fortune that you lasted through the thirties like you gotta be carnivorous human being you know you're a scary dude and then if you'd put something in your mind in our newspaper back then that was doctrine yeah but here's the thing where i would say i see where you're going with it and i'm with you halfway there i think the william randolph her so the world you know we're very crazy and very rich and those promises but the peace that you higher in to run your editorial product in our view the person you hire into be you're publicity guy back then we need to think think about that in the general apollo right in all that stuff like those those guys were raised in the values of you do that ass possible job you can you repay hard work with hard work and you know it it was it was an earnest group and so you know bomblets like my dad is right or my uncle's writer by my family comes out of this sort of new york magazine world in some way and a real meritocracy people really trying now that said
a lot of other stuff arose white everybody's man like there's a lot of other limitations to the good old days you have a good o them is what it has done what it was known for now you know it's it's a bit but up to now beyond the area with you like this assist com it's fun and more people can can listen to it than ever before everybody can listen this noble effort people say that they believe that in today's era the watergate would have never happened now that sort of sting operation against cbs anne oh my god not only would it not have happened it would be five thousand galaxy s three five whatever those you no name the photo maybe saw everybody would have filmed it you they will get away with anything in the future people i'd like everyone to know as an important matter popular publicized magazine behave yourself law enforcement about to get serious they're gonna know exactly what's going on here's a crazy thing than i did a story historical while we go about this this
a single arpa which is enough to choose my words carefully this is a sort of complicating but like europe in a sensitive think bravely i suppose it is the advanced research projects agency for the intelligence community right there's darpa which does it for defence department our but does it for a coalition each of like this you knows unicef cia whoever kickin dough and everybody funds little incubator projects of research deceive me can you do stuff and you basically the way you would you do you issue a challenge to the public and you anybody who can do this gets a million dollars in or whatever the prize and at that robot cars for started out you know those guys in the dark odin challenge is how these google self driving cars are coming about but this one other these two projects and i bumped into an end mind you i'm can't tell you for sure that these that the implications of this are what i think they are but here's what the programmes themselves do the challenge is the challenges
and you dental fi vision information and video basically such that if i am look for well so here's this is the first chance for sound is from the visual information in the photograph you're looking for a computer looks at a photograph and from the visual information inside of it it knows exactly where the photo was taken well some sense triangulate from the visual location information and you know right you're gonna be a hard core new yorker to build a spy a photograph of any corner in yorkshire do you know exactly where you are right that's a hard thing imagined it a computer design just to do that thing in our piece of software that can do exactly that thing would it be able to translate anywhere in the world based on where the light sources coming i don't know yet i don't know i don't know if it would know like tat of year right it might be able some day that's gonna be possible then i think someone was busted recently with something i don't remember the specifics of what it was
some small is claiming to be somewhere when they took a photo and then some analysed looked at the photo and said that's not possible because this photo was taken in this emily totally the lower source right here so it had to be taken in the afternoon locally it's all data right that data is out this is can you parts that data fast enough and in this these computer programs or are sound can you trying they ready as then the other another one they're working on is can you feed a query into the into the the data the database and have it return informing not based don't you know how much on youtube you'll see you know the tags at the bottom right i'm sure under a padded tags joe rogan whatever those key help everyone search and organise themselves right but this is a pro i can go and look at the visual information of what's being shown in front of it and be able to come back with a correct you know a set of photographs or videos that respect that you know correspond
to those search terms look at google image search nowadays you can upload a photo and it will show you pretty much every similar photo and i'll show you where that voters in both facebook and google you ve got the ones that were at the fit says who's this right i'm wouldn't of pictures of my daughter up on the internet in or to show my her grandparents and you know it'll say who's this year wherever there's no question mark over her face like who's this locality mike i'm telling you google i dont want and i don't want you know that on the other hand google in others there are some good hearted engineers there who probably have a really good useful thing for us for being able fine pictures of your daughter wherever they are i mean that my biggest deftly be used but it's like we're reserve sting the inevitable with a lot of this retaining privacy rights interesting i had i would remind you go on maidens i think it should i think it should first of all because one of the real issues is that along the way on this fight the the issue being decided by people
people were deciding whether or not they can read your email people on the ground when deciding whether nothing listen your cell phone right how are they qualified and how are they moral and how are they better than you or how would they as good as you know we don't know anything about them but yet they can look at your dick picks you're right you don't say i mean that's wrong it's in how did they throw your government person ramming are they really ambitious and are they really ethical or are they they someone who really seeks to change the world or just some slob who you know backhanded assuring up to the taj iron and now is reading your email i like to believe that the people are i believe and civic institutions i believe they really can function especially when they come out of the generation that two generations ago in others some nice that just some good do too people still in this world you know i'm i'm i'm very cynical about that stuff too but i am surprised how often it's just a thing the other day the usa or force i'm in colorado it was one of these challenges these very students you know young like
the graduate age airforce cadets you know marines they were we're coming forward with their like cool science fair project basically and this little panel of generals was saying this run down when it was very cool but at the beginning of it the guy who is running the show the m c or whatever military saw nor them see as but stand up it says hello describes how terrorism but before i begin i like everyone in the room to take a look at the emergency exits over to your left and then there's one in the back and then there's one over here and as he point in each place every one in the room military cadets looked the one on the right and the one behind them and the one on the left you another their totally like when you go with the programme sometimes good things result it's cool like to be in a place where when things catch fire everyone runs for the exit in the waning you're supposed to you know like these like a rap cancer fisher
but you know i just call i find some of that order you know if you mean like a test pilot those guys are just money as the world's most reliable person you know i definitely believe and maybe not with a bottle of asking them but i believe in order and i believe in discipline but i dont know leave and other people controlling people that's right that's the relish that's exactly right that's exactly imposing you m using your values on me it's not ok right imposing the ability to control people buy you know having their information it just gets into weird areas when you don't know the motives of the people looking for the search or whose it's just so grazed goes allowed that now there that government this administration has made it so that there's all sorts of war warrantless wiretapping a boy arrests and the ability to detain citizens without any due process you don't have to have a lawyer anymore you dont although the checks and balances that were in place so someone's people a lot of people unfairly think that if you criticise the way things are its
he's an anarchist nor you absolutely not i believe there should be a system of checks and balances but i also believe there should be cops i believe should be lawyers should be judged to be jails gasp human nature is that you know in the real world people fuck out totally i'm aid worth i'm quitting guided by the amount of like using watergate could never happen right we'd get been caught so quickly right that the amount of of sort of in just the number of eyes on us right now mean that people gonna behaviour sums more more but only if there is the threat of punishment for mess around with and and so i think that is as much as i want you know these incredible we know services the kinds of things that you are cheap software you chief cheap web hosting is a great idea yeah the cheapening democratizing stuff like you your beer sponsors our represent that nothing but in order for that to happen you have to have the threat of law you you have to have the oars
threat of anonymous i you know one of the things that i love about the internet is the rise of citizen activism and people who have looked the morality of the anonymous internet is pretty outstanding if you stop and think about the people there that anonymous have gone after you know they ve done after some really fucked up people and they ve kind of decided as a group the sort of just through the internet without meaning in person yet this is fucked up let's expose this let's go after them i think that's really encouraging because gentlemen people are anonymous and there you know did just have the choice whenever they want online and yet they decide to try to write wrong it's the most evolved form of democracy it is so granular like you know you ve got a reliable way of measuring public approval or disapproval on almost any subject you can think of by virtue of comments and the forums in other participate
nation that we're all suddenly have em yet turn them when you take away the worry about being shamed and public people really do bold things that go out there and they write manifestoes yeah you know there's so many i'm supposed to go off and do this speech to my college writers coffers and i was asked in advancing a what's the what's it like to be a writer now is this what is the state of writing now or whatever and my he's like it's so nice to be such a good time i didn't say that somebody else was nervous but to be it so much of a better time to be a reader now than it has been before so much cool stuff to read because everyone can write everyone can get into print i read this the other day that ninety percent of the world's data was generated in the last two years ass sure it's unbelievable how much data there s right and we can't
and it's a fire hose we don't really know how to parson twitter is so primitive compared to what we're gonna haven't ten years yeah what is going to be the next one that's i never saw twitter coming i never thought even when it came out with a fucking tone and forty collingwood messaging to anonymous people like what that doesn't make any sense right ended the guy jack dorsey who founded twitter has this brilliant thing we're busy he was giving out on the patterns of cities he was way into police scanners and stuff and was tracking the the signals that like limo services ping back and forth you just interested in the like the the flow of information that is generally by cities he saw that ambulances and limo services and delivery trucks have a system for saying where are you and then the truck and says back here i am you know they're doin to be a system like that everywhere and his thing was let's give it to people people don't have a system for reporting in their location and their status and that's worth
at us updates came from it's interesting because that's what it used to be but it's not really that anymore what its arrive to now lease on my twitter my twitter is all fascinating articles that people send me that i recall we are we your neighborhood twitters is different than mine it's really say i've already acquainted with devolves now my damn i guess you know you get slaughtered up in here if you do so iraq has flouted yeah this i'm used to this alight populist either yeah this is these are freaks of people out there on the fringes with shot guns and go on where three that when the zombies attack i want your guys guys can help me that's right they know how to really like our can i don't have to hunt my guys but actually to devise something some piece of software that we control the gatling gonna we'd obvious if we hear guys with devise a new method of power the din reliant oil now right to gathering zombies i guys burnham
it will have on bees like walking on treadmills forever generating power gets put a zombie that dog cholera gotta work for illegal durable popular science was the only magazine my daddy described as a kid can i ask since the seventy he's always you doubt as to what should i do for a living as an engineer i'll call you will come engineer he built huge batteries backups no killing like that gives grounds for huge companies that's great retired several times he's like only master electrical engineering i bet he's in part of old bree that's right he knows what he's what he's doing so cool now you guys have transferred onto the ipad now have you noticed this subscription the paper based is is dying for georgia's here's what's so great about being about where the barber signs that is why i am so lucky to that it's this magazine of inherited because a lot of nice is a lot of problems policy is just like it's a universally beloved brand like even people who don't read it do we know or have never even met know what it's about you know like it and so it's such a
who universal thing to just walk in any way be that copper science and was like all my used it might you know my dad reads in or whatever it is and there's a cool sort of a hips or subset of like guys like me i think that's what i imagine you know who you are gonna pick it up in their twenties you know dig it s like just nothing that sort of began on but it's got a really loyal following in every medium basically this is you know that the vote issues internet ports in oh seizing massive of internet guys come to our side in and are really a brutal if we get it wrong they're great amene of exactly the kind of engage eyes you want and in print we have people who we know that we put a lot of effort into the print really try and uphold in europe money for men and i'm workin to make it is because i can't i'm glad it still exists to us in endowment form its great taken an airplane in its great it's it's beautiful visually in our new
i know so much about the various things now this episode that europe or issue rather you're u promoting is the brain is the british or so you know it's it's an amazing with so called are working but the signs that we get to touch on everything right we can do robots we got me that i can i wouldn't come here anytime you want to look at where we can turn wherever dark nadia ashore really fun like me doc so the you know that is one of many soldiers recover this one as you know what's amazing about is how little we actually now when we are just starting to noodle around in just around the sort of the basic functions of the brain we don't really have any i how person our is built he no i mean we have some idea you know but like the subtleties like why we get whatever all that stuff is totally unknown in terms of how the brain functions but already just by literally poking at the brain with it you know that
it and stuff we can do amazing things already you know like ease symptoms of terrible diseases and do all kinds of crazy stuff but before we the details of that as i'm just like we talk about some i actually want to ask you about which is of fear in general the psychology like just think about like the subtleties of personality and the brain general i am listed by the like how different a person i am from the people that can handle fear and any railway and you are no have you had to watch people be really really it for living you know and still do really even worse and even more so now i was just now as a matter of now that you're you're really doing absorb skinny observing a sport you love you see like how about the people
for me who can train themselves to be unafraid or can channel their fear in the face of getting pummelled by and by a big person by big do like is an amazing thing to me in and how that tree is expressed physically in the brain versus how you know a guy like me whose like but do it i'll give you any money i've got don't beat me up like i'm not a later the difference between our brains who knows what that is that suffers so suddenly but you don't need to be you don't need to have the ability to perform under pressure like that you don't think now but if you did you would in our view life depended on it you were in some sort of a walking dead situation and you had to deal with fear you would deal with you say that two kinds of people basically how you think there's two current i'm sorry that and right that no i'm saying to write that you think just one kind of person and it's just the choices you make gather survivors or people who die and we re literally there's no
during most exchanges and civilised society there's no need to be afraid of people there's no need to be afraid of vile notifications it's very rare right unless you and terrible environments unless you're in war and less europe really really bad neighborhoods most likely you're gonna be safe in san francisco just go on your job and interacting with human beings but when you you are forced to a day to day basis overcome stress and fear and it becomes a part of your reality once becomes part of your reality in terms of performance it it also becomes in that kind of have to be inoculated right right road start off slowly and like it even stand up calmly the first summit hearthstone about terrified terrified that now it i'm not scared now it's fun in that is like part of you you you ve gotta be component you gotta have your basis covered and i remember competing as marshall artist there was a big difference between how i felt when i was really prepared and how i shall
i was injured if i was sick or if there is something wrong orphan and train hard enough when we have doubts right that's when you're in a really bad place i would say though that the raw materials are distinct and i mean we can agree read that the raw physical materials of people are distinct from other like minded my wife is an olympic was an olympic hopeful shoes track and field runner and you know her body and its strength from issued a thirty and vertical she's five eight now like five nine you know could hang from the rim like has hang time all this up i used to play ultimate frisbee in college and i took her out a few times too to play it with us and like we ve never had a real lastly play before like she's out running all the dude in honour of this just there's distinctions between people that i think we now i just the thing and i think there is an expression of that in the brain tat the brain is built differently for different things which not to say that that
lastly the european nor about the question of those physical distinctions from her gifts the womb or is it from constant focus i think it's a little about letting active having as a low but i mean you know fast such as those which muscles and when we know that the difference do not like you know long those are the ones that are high and tight and in others this jumping ability to sprinting ability verses being able to run long distances this does justice distinctions between people physically it doesn't mean anything other than just genes around here that's what's amazing so with the brain with the way that it is this you don't can do amazing things like were literally pudding pins into brains now delivering a little signal and turning off you know seizures and turning off like it is triggering memories rant yeah triggering memories does so so
there's a busy a new category of thinking biomechanical engineering it where they ve taken in old guys like your dad who might have you know who like to tinker a good at that right and turn that into combined with a bottle but a medical training or maybe pair them up with a medical student there's programmes to do that and being a biomechanical engineer that literally creed little devices little disturbances in one case the in the case of of dementia it's basically putting a pin essentially imagine a pin into the brain and and delivering little jolt but first you have to pick out the pattern so because it was it was monkeys that had been taught a cart game basically like a turnover and match the cards gonna game and when they got it right that signal the computer pick that up right software
with that pattern then later when i don't have the same monkeys or new monkeys forgive me but when they played again they would use the signal to encourage stimulate the part of the brain that had lit up when they when the monkey got it right last time and they found that they could increase the accuracy of the monkey ten by ten percent on a consistent basis by jolting them right before they were about to make a decision like hang them with whatever the signal was at that time and then this is the other group of it they then hit those monkeys whether each with a ahead of cocaine and watch there you know if they fell off by twenty percent basically from their normal abilities aim then they sort of doing this is again and could restore them to normal ability again right so the truck in this case though amid the reason that this is still a decade or more from being possible in humans is we don't in a life is not like a game of flashcards udall
what the signals are that you're gonna wanna prompt ahead of time or whatever but they think that this memory stuff that might be in a way that we could in future sort of improve our man right given will signal processor and i think that with zap the right spots of the brain or whatever you know could some day it really is such a fascinating time in regards to what we're saying earlier about data and information but also in the fact that we still have so much to learn when it comes to the human bind and the ability to recreate it which is something that scientists are really actively focusing on right now that i found day article in your magazine tat was really amazing where scientists had created a tiny artificial brain that exhibits twelve seconds of short term memory this is exactly how much before one of those is in your partner i know i know you know has all the information of the entire universe you know what
now totally words i was just hang out with it this one of these little boy genius kids skype brink i'm in asia rascal very smart dude and he was pointing out a thing to me about google where every one of the chief sort of math officers essentially of of google basic releases paper in two thousand and one that said that it doesn't matter how good the software is data the more data you give your always going to outperform soft even the best software severely like really software given a small data sent is not as good as mediocre software given a huge dataset right and it's a data is what is what gives you your correct answers every time so you don't in fact need the little brain what you need is a little device that connects to the whole big brain right too like the world of of data around that sort of analogous to an educated person right you know i mean if a pair
is a clever street smart person or a person is just of average intelligence but very well educated you would you know much rather go to that person at a tree intellectually curious ran the guy who likes wants to find out the answer or has access the hour has asked i mean if you there's a lot of really smart people that probably live in siberia and are forced to work a trap line catching minks and shit no i mean if you dont have data and you don't have access to two more data that's that's who you are that's what you do you excel in your field but your you know your ability actually do things will be complete limited by the data that you're right accessed right right right it's called just to see how the how many people are being given so much more data and they used to write is really hard to be sort of an ignorant person these days is a showman thracian come another it's also hard to pay attention to everything there is not enough i live
really find myself sometimes come home and be my kids were asleep and just get on the internet at ten before note its three eddie i'm still reading things and watching videos and unlike should shut this is like a thing up jesus shut up i have mine but i can't help it and i really find myself struggling with disconnecting from twitter and i've but i have not mastered it but i know a guy who turns it off for he goes places without internet connection it takes a these laptops voices don't have connection and maybe it'll be a new like hip thing right would be like place they dont have wifi you know but you can go there with a computer and sit without wifi and he just and that's where he does writing or whatever in any actual thinking hissed because yeah i'm like you meant i get distracted
i do my writing that way where i dont go online i have this this program called right room and what it does is it allows you to see only the text on the screen i screamed those black and its green taxed on screen and i just the most limited word processor us as it shows you eu spelling things wrong and that's it perfect and then when i want to go back and like google is certain things i have like little highlights in certain is now go back to those and then i can get on line and do the rest my research but that's too we should look at porn that's just way to ease the stuff is perfectly design arrogant and not so quick in by the way with like google chrome all you have to do is press why to use is not i mean you don't even have to do much more than that that's because you good idea why i know one whether fumble like looking at something i won't show my wife something i gotta press while
you t so fast i gotta go through while energy can't because she's a clever one she sees over my shoulder and she sees me hit that why i'm thinkin about just put it in the flag and bookmarks bar right there will you to blame but it's not like that prior to the private browsing thing safari which makes it see as new cookies are i'm sorry i find so far to be whack having come to anything enjoy chrome i love the fact that in chrome i can go to the the html word to the address bar rather and just type a question and italy me too you know a google search spirit in that exist we live in awesome really is awesome but still i have described this as this this time we live and now is the roaring twenties of the digital oh yeah i know you could still go like this and they know we'd have to license another talk to go
official and get a licence and it still rare enough that were popular now this is this makes us you know we're we're in that we're like you know seven point five percent more famous than other people are women someday right that that that percentage gonna drop down because everyone's gonna have access sure and there's also a lot of people online that were never famous before and got famous on line content which is really amazing amazing immediately and i know comedians like our friend russell wrestler peters wrestle peters became famous because a u two zero people found his clips on you to monopoly cells out the o to a rina in london nights in a row while that's like eighteen thousand people this the like whole generation of those like out of nowhere literally out of nowhere six stories now so cool and it so modern that's totally what we like this era made that possible yeah i love the ability to distribute content the ability to distribute art worked in pod cason in comedy shows on me and too
have you i think this is the most amazing time ever for self promotion publishing assurances we live and really like you say a miracle workers angular it's a great time to be a reader you can anybody can can write those people cannot happen our whole novels on there japanese or other didn't stephen right like bright a whole novel on twitter naturally i wrote a whole novel unemployed as a right those guys crazy fascinating is there anything in this episode of this issue that deals with a very controversial issue of antidepressants fact on the human i saw people asking about about that so you know and i psychotic just one thing that also about or ss arise or not i know you're not a sorry not as is our eyes i dont have i don't have a good informed opinion on antidepressant depressed i just don't know enough about it i wouldn't i wouldn't know a comment on that intelligently i will say that you know
i cite contacts which are a sort of extreme thing where there's all kinds of of renault incredible research being done in all but was still the it's still very early days norms danny what drugs due to the brain and what happens here and so you know annesley cox those there was a statistically significant group of people in am i think i'm going to miss represent this button maybe i was tunnel yours professor who had done this study about here's a clinical psychologist we're done a study about people taking us a complex and a certain number of of the patients so transformed by this new generation of ass iconic that they decide that a voluntary went off them to go back to the hallucinations that they had before it's not a lot of people i don't want to miss represent the number but it was a statistically significant group of people which means that there are people whose ria whose for whatever reason their reaction is i would rather so in what one of the cases that she described was a
and a homeless man who believed that he was being pursued by the russians and was living in stark terror in this kind of cold war nightmare every waking moment and he was homeless darthian but just utterly ruined guy he goes and he gets is to get the same psychotic medication and these and end it turns off not just your hallucinations but it also maintains your beta reason and functioning can be very helpful sometimes if it were the if it works and i'd like to well that's not always true but he was so destabilized by discovering that nobody wanted him the russians didn't want him nobody wants mrs de facto homeless right that means allowing these just a bomb dude and he was really was bombed out there because because it he wasn't special anymore he was the star of his own action movie for so long you know add more guy anyway he voluntarily went back to two being too
living that life in a teacher the blue pearl and then were but and wish to get i would like to see what he saw before i made any sort of a judgment on because who knows he might have been living in an awesome world like a winning pooh right over the land totally now just neon colors everywhere and fuckin russian agents hiding behind but who dimensional trees thriving driving a convertible gavin who knows what he actually saw anti psychotic although a fascinating subject is quite different from the ss our absolutely which i think the s s arise subject is really really interesting one what's you feel about me you do i dont think again so i'm i feel like it would be really silly me to make a judgment in one way or another i dont have any personal experience with them but i do have friends who have personal experience with them and including in people that i really respect that they change their life for the better that's right
so i definitely think there's there certainly benefit them and on the other thing is which one you know i have a friend and he got on some anti depressants and they started off on one and its oxen and quick switch that gun to another one i do feel on this and then read they doubled as those and unlike what the fuck are they doing like didn't have like that you didn't do a blood test and give you a very specific uses one out you way is actually the thing like you know how it works in the brain right the blood brain barrier is this in all basically this the bodies system for keeping things only the tiniest molecules from passing into your brain is in such an important organ like you'd knowing gets in vip it is both right and they do get right and they get from the one you know the the ability of inner medications coming through the barrier to me not change
mood or your outlook on life at such a difficult thing to predict yeah and not only that is so variable between human beings it's it's one person would describe interviewed almost think you're dealing with a completely different substance one person's reaction to another sure for some folks its mild for other folks they have a horrible side effects and and then they can't tell until they put you want it rights it seems like there's somebody variables when it comes to any sort of a medication that affects the mine because you're dealing with who knows how many thousand of generations of genetics where your origin was like it's well known that certain people certain nationale these have a difficult time with alcohol because you don't have a cultural history of it then i have a genetic history of all the truth is human beings don't have it
history of alcohol we're we're not evolution narrowly subliminal supposed to be drinking booze stuff is poison in terms of the toxicology of it but but we evolved literally a ministers there's a whole field of illusion and biology that studies the moment that we began to drink alcohol and it was you know i don't even like couldn't even guess when you know its bright yellow fifth century bc something something in a way a long time ago but the idea was that one theory is that you drink it in order to survive eating rotten meat yeah travellers poisoning they would call it oh is that travellers on us yeah they drink wine with all their food because the alcohol in the wine they thought oracle rotten meat totally they actually figure had a fridge rates alex you jerome you want jump nothing's i also rid fascinating about the origins of alcohol being that it was with honey that they had fish
a long time ago that honey was a preferred method of storing things in because it prevented deterioration prevented things right to preserve boiling and one it happens with honey is it it ferments and becomes mead and malicious yeah this is one of the fears of terence mckenna the changing of cultures from earlier psychedelic based mushroom cultures two cultures that were more alcohol basin was that third storing their mushrooms and honey various if that's true that so far there is i think any his yacht older than six thousand bc eyes like gruner good look we're try to figure that out but they know that many many cultures where preserving mushrooms in various ways some of them were drawing them out over the fire they were doing all these different things with mushroom
and they know for sure they start storing them and in in honey and they also know that there is climate illogical changes where mushrooms weren't growing in areas anymore and they have switched to different and talks cans and then the rape and in the pillaging chris according to begin at least nor the year but need that's a lot of little know that alcohol made with honey is an early intoxicate i've zeal though i once went to a wedding where the only drink it was it was announced to us when we arrived would be honey meet that that like the grooms brother or some had made and everybody had only need and i know it s not like i hold it against people but i would have happily pay gas for a kind of her whisky gargoyle you know i got it tastes like it it was like gum man i don't know it's like weak it's like a wine and beer almost but soon what sort of a sour be sweet you know i mean it's a weird drink i didn't like it
i don't like it anybody like you know i would say the whole wedding was people dumping that stuff into biogas plants planets and over over kosovo serbia can raise your me what are you though the endorse its redundancies dragons player out of the rubble people are so silly gamble is my people only probably my people do that there's your fuckin silly not that it's gotta be sailing up when i was didn t i felt was my thank those are all the days of them six haven't found i shouldn't play basketball but i was inside like gas expells really role in determining the worlds as you are the universe draws you too there where you re safest yeah maybe then he must safer roland dyson frickin me need is huge choice the guide to trap makes salvers out what it is so yeah he was making himself from us was never heard of
making wine of never heard aim by making their own mead yeah it was definitely of above where i went to college there was a house of renaissance guys and and one point they they would practice basing the courtyard of the dorm and when one my friends vigour the head if you yelled hold it was the supersecret signal for them to all that somebody been her we also have been like being put in the eye nerve sword or whatever and i'll go down on one knee and it was like their practice thing for like taken a time out it i was like stubborn each other and and so for like you don't for about a week you could trick them every time we get to see i'll hold across the courtyard make all of them earlier i suppose so those are my people man i love i love it the best kind
have there been any studies on figuring out what it is what the processes with people that can't handle alcohol versus the people who have a i'm sure story i'm sure i don't know what it is but yeah i mean you know it makes sense that it would be like how long did people have the gene that allows them to you know turn the liquor into sugar in our whatever like to know what the what the wood distinction is or if they ve discovered daughter but pleasure somebody studying for black out drunk but i would add that zero tolerance that your brain to say enough when you're young one beer gotcha jerome anymore you drank it now but i can drink a million beers and get blacked out it's not true you can even during woman elsewhere and the fucking slurring steventon blacked out through by like i'd like to ask if i ever joint jagger up like if i drink if i drink i'm a little if i get best five or six years i start to be on the verge
the mass held thing is fascinating for me because some folks the i've seen people who are called on quote attics and they can't do anything they can't drink the can't smoke the can do anything they drink coffee coffee apparently is ok but if have one drink they're gone there under the racism and doing heroin and suck index for cash money to get home whatever they they just dig you don't know what happened didn't know what what it is but for me i get fucked up and i still remember pieces and chunks and i get home and like i don't really black out so i have a good friend that fuckin blacks out completely boxer given to drinks are friends medea says is the indian em cause he's max and mexicans we're part india spaniards that the indian and kicks in and he's got it just vanishes no longer there looking at i would say a durable civilised europe united we get a durable that motherfuckers know what's going on it's that's what you
what is that mean do you what then mechanism i don't know no i don't know and i value that i i mean you know like as either the sufis boys and eventually a brain your body is gonna say ok enough tonight it is going to paralyse your arm so they can't lift any more of it to your mouth or whatever there is some a lotta new research being done on substances that act as a vaccine for annex huh beware of any yeah sure i mean some of the one of the peace that we are looking at here is a thing about exactly that clear to it it's a piece of dignity that allows you to head off seizures and lets you basically not only deliver an electrical signals into the brain but also a primary precisely timed jolt of medication so you're you know your ability to to
not just it does it affects not just you're the from the brain of the time but can also like guided a little bit basically the waves his eyes like this tiny little you basically end up a film a molecule thick basically film of busy film on top of this electrode and when you hit with a negative charge the film releases a medic jane deep inside your brain and it'll turn off seizures and they think that they can also do stuff with that it might be too how board off the effects of parkinson's bessie seizures happen we know everybody every so many kinds of ailments can cause seizure inside its super useful so and they also think they could use it to to turn off some of addictive impulse they could detect you know i don't know how they would do this but somehow they will detect the signal in your brain ahead of time that signals or maybe it's you know the environmental thing of like you know he's alive
he's been alone for the past few days who knows how it could be triggered and then boom hits you with this thing that that jolts you up a little bit wakes gets you up again do we know the difference between the physical addiction in the mind and these strange addictions like gambling sure i mean you know it's the reward mechanism in your brain your brain is is a basically is is rewarding you at all times for whatever you're doing with a nice feeling you get a little jolted little jolt of of for having done the right thing in all the time but some sort of a guiding principle of your body finally and so you get a little thrill from things like twitter checking twitter right or in others the whole body of of writing that's been done about this like the addictive nature of picking up new information all the time how that's why we can't get away from the internet sometimes it
no reward and still do it get well it's right it's compulsion that's the thing it becomes a tech right it's a compulsion your brain forms pathways it it be it literally you physically ree architecture munich rearrange the architecture your brain to reward yourself deeper more more deeply for that addiction over time so gambling is exactly that kind of thing it's in what will i get in a what's the load reward i'll get in on there the expectation of it the temptation of all those things plus than it does pay off sometimes it's a gray it's just your brain is an elastic thing it's if its move changing and adapting to keep you alive and do not doing you'd be doing the best you can demanded circumstances so in a few expose if your exposed to an addictive
enough it's just gonna adapt to that thing are you aware of the correlation those studies have done the boat correlation between brain damage in addicted behaviour to gambling know yet we had a friend in here you see a boxer presently yossi dana white who were has been hidden had a bunch and he got most like ridiculous like using his last a million dollars in the night and one one six billion and a night as he ever like as you ever saw the professional being as to why that is rich skips gambling go keeps cuba guy role it began round go but he also has had a brain scan because he was gonna enter into a boxing match about six years ago and when that happened they found spots on his brain like you been even hit a lot and that the fact that he's a dictator gambling crazy fascinating that the correlation between the two of em its little there's damage so your branches constantly urging and this impulses
it is rewarded we so noticed selfishly stood up to my magazine but in this issue the magazine we have a thing about a basic you know that's right the idea of being a savant or your this this framework does not you not say it's the idea that europe just as this perfect incredibly guilford just master of a thing whatever the thing is and there's a big busy that is this of the of derek amato who was a his is pushing forty odd normal guy playing football in a pool with his friends in cities i've gotta worry from somewhere was a pass to him from the jacuzzi he leaves the poor for any waxes had really hard abominable and your comes up and thinks that he's like broken his skull minos clutching his head in a really ghost ass was got very serious concussion and there but they sent him home you know something really be done
and so they sent him home and he sleeps for like four days basically he wakes up and goes over to his friends house when the friends that was with him when i was playing football and sets out the guy's piano a keyboard river and just begins to play the piano and is never really play the piano before and because it just enough can you the triads gained in always doing all the fancy stuff and the he then immediately of course goes on the internet as like jesus christ what's going on and he said it was like an each that he needed a scrap of satisfying to play in a way that you couldn't you know had never experienced before so he but online discovers that there is a whole till the study called acquire into what called acquired savant syndrome where you pick up on a miraculous skill like this from some sort of debilitating brain damage or whatever the thing into being
that and so he was led to a researcher who diagnosed miss having this thing there's like fewer than thirty documented cases in the world but it happens and i'll just tell your listeners run out don't go i can your head on stuff like that it really doesn't work out it must be looked at from memory well this but they're trying to figure out and so these two things this to competing theories about it one and neither the maybe that one of them is wrong so let's argued that my butt one of theories is that when you damage part of the brain the you you can sometimes damage a part of a brain that had been inhibiting the other half of your brain basely the right brain you knows it was inhibiting the left side and by damaging the right side of the left wing becomes disinherited and so one things at eight one of the examples that uses as we get you stuff over the course of our lives we begin to develop a short hand for it in our brain regular pick out the details anymore you're picking
the very general landscape i've just about this on the drive here it would run through burbank and and i was looking at a truck think to myself how and i see that truck from seeing it for the very first time within a with that's on my brain does inhibited every rivet right every little reflector and the panel's inside the reflector like just tripping on the details instead my brain can go truck and and boom i'm onto the next thing and so that kind of shorthand they think it's maybe scrambled desperate disrupted in some way when the when you damage about the brain and suddenly you seeing everything from again and so there's a whole world of guys who can do amazing things and that a whole new world of you who do artistry dementia people with were old and have dementia develop an artistic flare up with ie mother the savant syndrome is there were very developmentally ass correlation like they lost this and so now
all the sudden it almost always comes at a terrible cost yes no reason laying off something welcome our own you'll have people who are severely some of the most amazing savant stories are people were very developmentally disabled in other ways gas we then i q of fifty four a verbal like you have a fifty four this one kid could listen to the piano on tv once and play a perfectly whatever was tchaikovsky in a movie and its adele don't play and so he buddies severely development to settle this somebody else whose whose that's not an acquired savant assessment a famous one case so in most cases yeah it comes at the service exist painting on this guy as paying has all kinds of terrible debilitate things from his head injury but can suddenly play this the stuff you know and so the other theory about it is is maybe in the dying of a part of the brain there's weird electrical activity that you know supercharged
is either the area in some way or into this again they don't know enough about the brain are really have any idea what barely understand concussions in army russia we have covered pretty good grasp on conditions but we have no experience protecting people from them in on all of us because the brain is our understanding of it is so new what is the thought on people there autism and can do amazing things like have you seen the young man that can look at a window from playing yeah and draw a picture british jumbo yeah he's unbelievable right under the saying if you never see ever seen the video folks just google believes name someone on the board posted stephen wilshire dj crackpot sanctions what none of their body here that's that's his name the the ability to do things tat a normal person would literally never be able to do ever and this guy could do it every single time right right right
is the thought that the mind is still evolving in advancing in one they were all gonna possess those sort of the ones i haven't i haven't seen anybody do any research that would suggest that but i do think that there is a lot of just i have to say that as the scientific stuck in a rut actually there sure i like that the design school button with it i don't know that's the case anyway the the feeling though is that but you know autism autism is a vast spectrum of symptoms
you know it's not at all common for saunders autistic to also have these savant like abilities those are really unusual things would crazy about that you know the the what the thing i find sentencing as these people were aging and developing a paint being with paint being to do all the stuff there's an amazing since i am i like the theory of just from a like because it's kind of nice to think about that there's no as people's minds or decaying certain artistic abilities of river suddenly began to flourish frequent and i find that story pretty need but like louis wayne you knew you know who that is the famous artist that use i think draw for the new york times are some like that in any stern getting schizophrenia restart going crazy eyes older age and i just his formal drawings of cassock yours a example normal which were like really you know norm wilding start again
more and more psychedelic allow looking until we are near the end of his life it was straight up like a grateful dead tattoo i've never seen that that's really can the one on the right there is so complicated yeah that looks like psychedelic delicately something you would see if you're on mushrooms or on dm two looks like some that's right that's right very fractal fractal in which is what you see when you take hard core psychedelic so who knows his mind might just right slowly flooding itself the other one is henry dodger do know about him he's fastening the same kind of guy like with like an end his art he did so much art that
keep from the history of how it was stacked up in his apartment where he dines landlord found all this work nobody knew tat he was doing stuff and it's incredible illustrate whole novels of of this stuff and it's all fantastical quite creepy two up altera now i'm in a lot of stuff that little girls from stuff here he's just as we obsessed low growth but it also heat team the body of work up more more intense and more more prolific at a certain stage in his life and then at the end of his life at a tapered off and he wasn't doing anything anymore began there was they think that it like his schizophrenia had sort of flamed out at a certain oh yeah schizophrenia wears off dwell they they don't know but you know of the course of of as you get old the brain changes and who know you know it's as somehow it if it changes so yeah he had it's crazy because if you get
there are some of the stuff of word serving and when you get in there the the note there in the bottom sure i guess all this mythology he wrote all this stuff in other had to two races the the tattling gins verses this and such i can moreover it is but a little you know to two armies going again going up against each other yet crazy stuff it's fascinating how someone can lose their mind and in their our work you could sort of sea the the window into their craziness channel where i threw their there there their offerings totally activity is manifest the m d the human mind such a strange thing in that the only animal that we know of that truly aware of what the fuck is going on and that the is also truly aware of its origins and development we have therefore asked
gee information about dolphin intelligence and wee we wee does allow speculation when it comes to what they can and cannot do but the reality of what humans can do as opposed to like what they used to be able to do it now but fifty thousand right two thousand a million years yummy wheat when we go to australia pythagoras when we see the little pieces of stone at these two chip into a slight edged cut meat and then you look at a cell phone right now that's right that's right i'll tell you right now there's a is an app we made where you can take a photo of yourself as an austrian epiphysis or as near neanderthal and see what you would have looked like a little maps of the face of the details your voice of remorse check it out its evolve or is the name of a check it out if you want to but that the end with amazing about it is actually what you say like so much stronger lands like neanderthal man we know so much stronger than we are right now would totally tear apart the greatest
see fighter discuss they're just so much struck you know have i didn't really showed financial ashore i feet tall two hundred pound totally but ill completely different but would get in there and like stab rhino in the heart with a spear or sleeping rhino that's how they would hunt do that and will run is like her job and so they would find with his one of them is about why did they would find the vertebrae of buried neanderthals would be all messed up because from terrible falls you know and being like trampled and ruled by some rhino they just have the bravest b like you i just dumb as fuck and really wrong but there why we're here right at me like they had to do other salt totally separate from us neanderthal me we carry around some of their genetics but there's a lot of speculation as to whether we enter bread with them or whether or not we just set have similar regions they think that because they were around at the same time it may have happened at some point that he had larger mines to which is even crazier back up their large brains and people work prob
remains here i don't know probably isn't there were but but may mean that you know they had different sense he's right different another capabilities like larger eyes to the arab league the maybe time slows down right for like amazon silver times in certain slowness when the punches governor would ever read and these guys right probably could see from mine away they can see that rhino task coming around denote the a priori probably had doing this the just because we know by their bone structure in their way what we know about their tenants structure their ridiculously physically strong got to three times stronger than a normal here oh yeah good literature in could tear your arms offers i got a good purchase sonia middle like like really strong people use in this thing recently were the early harvard scientists are trying to talk of woman into giving birth to an anthem from a cut i haven't heard me i've heard of it but i don't know anything directly but a yacht heard of it there is trying to find a brave
oh i thought you mr they had found one it we're trying to talker into it i heard about the thing but when they try to find what the avatar confirming the willing to implant the embryo of right of a neutral i was imagining the actual negotiations with the specific women have advances of there'd be a tough and don't do it would be tough because there's plenty crazy people out there i'm sure they would do it just to become famous shortly thought that could be the next came croatia if you through the reality shown their position to show that a going around the sheep moreover it will work with the neanderthal baby whereas while there really trying to do as it would be amazing be amazing i dont know that it's i think it's a great i did actually bring one back terrible idea but that's amazing i'm sure we would if we find out that you know that we had up fuckin kill them off because they were killing people you know they were our mortal enemy in that they were trying can we split the proceeds on this movie that you're writing or during the recent it's already been rent sounds good
well i mean we really are in entering into very unexplored territory but there is a new frog that has been extinct for over thirty years that they just have created in a lab the one in mirth its young through its mouth that was with its treat i guess lawiya through its mouth it is where it is worth crazy and they create the first embryo of this now it's not fraga the de extinction movement is a whole thing i'm really not download that you know some of it though is is yeah i don't want them like you know letting loose herds of twenty five for cheap you know just because that's a better meet source man you know what the you know you you want a little government regulation on this one i think but i'm not sure of the government wise enough maybe another within the regulation some sort of remedying southern some scientific can somebody to hold their backs amount but anyway brigades there are some things where you could where we could learn all can you know that it be amazed
to know exactly what we had in common with x y see shore he no person i mean you know the amount of of mileage that people get out of even the most loose stories about like up we may have inherited you know this trait firm aggression the psycho people love reading about that stuff you know it's a really sing trope reliable but to no like this neanderthal was this way compares to be i'm just getting here but like it to be like the the way that you know an animal correlate to its modern day in carnation right and what that that connection is what they in common with they don't would be incredibly valuable science but i'm not qualified to speak to us that's a really good idea i think i think it probably is i really don't think than anybody can extrapolate what happens when you start matron neighbourhood of neanderthals no one knows no one knows neanderthal no one knows and i think tat
there's this issue with we were always going to be curious and we're always going to want to come up with the newest latest greatest thing and figure out the newest ladys grace think but like like the creation the atomic bomb it's almost like once you start that process outlined a have to see it you gonna have to see can we make this house if we do this there is the famous thing from from the manhattan project is emily atlas almost when the explosion was happening over the gmos cars going up his when public our camp leaving them like his name robert somebody help me to happen i'm yes thank you up in armour my god robert oppenheimer's famous phrase i've become deaf destroyed world racked by guild monogamous anita rather buckler get a coronet i give richard feynman whose like twenty two or something at the time is up in an airplane watching above taking notes and he remembers he wrote this new book
he remembers that he thought himself oh that's how clouds are made like he was already onto the next thing like you know he wasn't thinking at all about the the moral implications of what happened he was like that's our clouds me that so cool like he's a hideous he's a nerd you know is thinking it these the best kind of geek and you need those guys who just want to find out how stuff works that are oppenheimer quotas the creepers thing ever also because the translation and so on i am become death i am become deficit whereas i now imagine the lab just now knowing having any idea how this is going to be used senior split and on follow what have the right on the ceiling assubel can you imagine that the feeling of the shockwave going by when they're all in that bunker and when the clear examples of us really not knowing the implications of these guidelines is watching those
the government tapes where they would send the military towards the blast night right i don't get under your desks or no one knew what we would they would blow the atomic bombs up and then have the military run towards the blast man those guys are dead as far all those guys it did right right writing died horrible death right and they didn't know they just what's he had to see what happens when make the soldiers run towards the blasted mean though the videos are really really creepy these these poor guys are in there in the ditch they blow up the bomb shit
why and overhead on the eve of the whip last from that fuckin explosion must have been saying yeah sure i mean it's the way you know the the electro magnetic pulse it goes through all of this is the concussive force of that is so unbelievable and all kinds of that your term you know your friend had and white spots in his brain and others so much of that kind of brain imaging out there in the world especially people who had the bell rang by a big concussion like that is a terrible entering yeah that's a lot of things said or one of the important things that people are finding out about folks that are recovering from traumatic brain injury in military now right as they can save many more people than ever before but you're getting many more people that have these brain injuries just from short cuts
who don't show any other physical signs of injury that's crazy things are not their date they walked away you know it and end are lucky to have done so you know that's the sort of medical evaluation i used to be and now they know that there's an invisible in effect in the brain there's a shearing force that passes through the brain that that means can mess things up and that's a lot of the both football concussions and these kinds of things like this just to the brain is is fragile were learning and and that kind of concussive blast on i e going off by the road is really a terrible in aachen can ring the bell and really deem damage your brain which is not that fuckin durable it seems like we were not really does outlook guys guys watching this blast starin at it and then they climb out of this ditch and they run towards the explosion two's swell i've never seen that footage so so gross i wonder i wonder what
purpose was of tat i guess you're seeing went out and while there is what it is i mean this will you that groups i got hit in the face with nuclear waste boom i mean look at the mini scarcer couple miles yeah that's the thing is there but it's probably hitting them just after the air and then they jump up and they look they run towards the blast like we're gonna go get the red i wondered yeah i wonder if it was at a time when they actually thought they would follow up the blast with envy i guess that is actually to ask these guys are walking towards a goddamn mushroom i haven't a mile yad sid saying it's completely insane and this was just a couple of decades ago one of things and i brought up on his podcast before that is one of the wildest statistics is that from the invention of the airplane to the time someone dropped in atomic bomb from an airplane was less than fifty years
that's crazy you know there's a good this long history of meal when when the military funds a technology and goes after it you know they master it quickly you now they're bring a lotta resources to it and they get it done have unlimited budgets on them in a bunch of such rights specimens classified it s like you can have line items that article six hundred million dollars you not bowman it'll but it'll save us like project round up you know you're like what then six hundred million dollars of just line item whatever they are spending and an open but i did a tv show third discovery luanda there was about us and like they ve got in on this whole hangers set up for private contractors near edward air force base at area about point forty two and they just build
you know sometimes you'll have to private contracts like a boeing lockheed both building the same thing not knowing that the other is also building it and that's a motor funding to competing prototypes and then melding number whatever see who makes the best browser makes the best products and they both will throw all the money that cast off it's crazy so that the but when the military throws money to problem they tend to solve it seeing the stealth fighter fly overhead allow random palmdale out right near the edwards air force base we were out their film and fear factors several times always arise things fly over especially because when we first started fear fact was right after september eleven fear factor was when on air i think two thousand to so we would watch ceasing fly over ahead of us again i'm spaceship that totally totally with all the while the angles on it if you don't has like two or three angles built into the whole thing yet attenuated minded rayner suggests how does it work
do you need literally that like if you have a if if if radar hits a thing you know it needs a certain number in a certain amount of the radar hast about back basically end and the more that you can make the angles of the body of the plane match right so that's where you get those sort of like batman kind of you now crack alert kind of when much ass they surrounded edges it's to make those angles line up and its because that's a lower read our signature it it says less for the four radar to pick up a disturbance between our sucks well now really good and raise awesome for nineteen forty five when let them at the subject i don't know enough about i'm your made me realize i guess that's totally thing i need to look into where what is the state radar right now is there in a new out great and right now i don't know enough about dozens relatives fucking gigantic space ship with weapons why we wondered radio needles
common for like or you know enough cameras with enough cameras do even need radar via its weight all those rate our signatures of you a foe signings like that's one of the things they always point too for evidence you know these read the showed up on radar are you telling me that we can you make a ship doesn't show up on radar and the fucking aliens haven't figured that picture i seem sober austria doesn't make any sense at all right resurrect the same is there but tests has lessened to a dark and start something up your ass and its pre rare you have given ass problem but almost every alien abduction leads to an angel test now did you know radar from mash lost all his fingers on the left side of his hand i don't think that's laden but no i did not
how do you do that exodus born smaller have half small suited lose now thanks internet powerful internet d the so just to get away from that that sort of technology the state of understanding and of the human mind today what what is like one of the most bizarre things that they have discovered recently about human beings about human mind well i mean to me the the the money that is about to be proposed are the rumor is rather that gonna nobody's gonna put up a three billion dollar propose or for a brain map project a thoroughly funded brain map project its liking or going to mars right it's it's got a great national ambition and you know i am as
frugal as the next person i understand it we're in a time of austerity but i also think that these kinds of projects can really pay off and that you can get incredible amounts of research done at a great value these days and so and it would be really nice to understand the brain better than we do was ridiculous i think that a few billion dollars is alot when you consider the military budget while writing to be allowed to become plenty about totally some folks are but it's not like no one saying lesson we have stop spending money on the mountain right right if you also if you both social and economic pay off of a lot of the military funded or government funded research projects you know the internet has i think we can all agree has paid off pretty well you know that's that's that that technologies workin
good i'd say right now they'll cds were created under a government programme we know that there's all kinds of things that make in all of our lives possible that get off the ground that way and the brain is such an unknown you need that bridge of money to get from here to then the when the private sector will take over when we know some stuff there's gonna be a lot of economic activity that comes out of it so to me i you know i would love to know better the busy what they want to do is we don't know right now what neurons in the brain corresponding what behaviour in the body we know know what the thing is you know what the connection is yet and they want to try to map out as best they can what's the general consensus as far as what created the doubling of the human brain size monitor things that i read about the human brain development was at the one of the biggest mysteries in the entire fossil record is the doubling of the human brain over a period of two million euro
right so the the sense that i have of it now don't let's i don't know that area too well but i but the the eating of meat set off the explosion of the brains are mostly like eating animal protein suddenly bone we were able to to grow are here the brains bigger in the process is so slow evolution right move so slowly that like that that that process of that time now for it to show up in the fossil record is means it happens so quickly evolutionary terms meet makes sense if cougars are super smart you know why why people it really smart knew less i guess they had to figure out how to get that me and since we're so kind of physically how scavenging and
try to stay alive that's right whereas all we had i mean it was so important right that that net we are one of the few mammals that has babysitter born defenceless utterly defenceless and its because the brain is so large that the body has to give birth to the baby before the baby is truly qualified to be outside of the body well this ridiculous that people have sex in the same place where the bay becomes a tiny penis fuckin babies paused come out of a whole they keep that thing tight enough to create berkshire the human body should be like a clam it should be like a cook thereby inside in and foam hatch it out in nice hard clam to protect the basic error things out a little yes rose open it up then that's how the baby comes out of your sexual organs you think there's a dual purpose things too so nutty at pee comes out there to run on the other hand i do know an engineer would say you know that sufficient it's really efficient wanted
you openings in the body is not its that's what they say the model t when it came out as well as you know one of the issues with human beings with obviously is that we are pretty much the same as we were fifty thousand years ago biologically but the world is changing drawer matter yeah sure in the summary more of us as right yes right so many more it what's the future gonna hold for overpopulated grazing and those
the whole category of sort of architecture thinking that thinks about dent the density of stuff you know we're how will all live and one of the the amazing things he knows where these are things that megalopolis as these huge cities of greater than thirty million people and i think that in the next like fifteen to twenty years we're gonna have several of them we know logos nigeria is on course to be a thirty million persons city by whatever that year as ms unbelievable and so the patterns of life in out of four when we're living in cities that huge it's also really ridiculous that we still have cities like new york city is perfect example where there's not a single farm theirs growing shit have eight million plus people living in this one tiny little island and you gotta get all your food from somewhere out that's right on
your gas there you don't get europe from your food there right i mean i think that's one of the most ridiculous things about human beings that we still rely on shipping transportation right it seems that we should mean what says you shouldn't source things locally it's good fur ear environment good for your community that's all well and good but it also for survival sake when you see like what happened with hurricane sandy were new york city was just shut down the new our citizens are most advanced city in the world shut down one can get gasoline like well you got a real think this whole thing up fucker was design when people were on horses that's right that's right if i highly recommend a book
world without us by alan weissmann who write about like what would happen if if human beings vaporized from our places now like what would happen in the next day basically and it was it's the oasis of about like you know everything from like feral cats right would would those that warrant locked in in other words it locked in would die and then this number of them would be other and they were decimate the rodent population like he basically takes that fantastical moment when everyone is vaporized like how long will the nuclear power plants last how long before the house is to break down the hundred years they all fall apart this office plaza we dislike come apart in a hundred years you know that kind of stuff is is fascinating an end its because like it requires so much little greedy granular maintenance to keep something like new york city going well not only that the world the erosion though that the changing of the seasons the them the moving of the dirt on that
around due to seismic activity we don't think about it in our time because we only live to be a hundred years and in a hundred years not a whole lot of things happen but over the course of a billion years plus sure there's nothing left nature will have its way with you everything is worth being i was in montana recently and one of the course things about i was in the bad lands and we were hiking through these hills you fine seashells all over the place because montana that area montana used to be something called the great western inland sea billions of your millions of years ago right used to be fuckin dinosaurs in montana in an ocean in inland osha amazing like while this it's not this ain't permanent like this this authority just keeps changing and shift i'm in california where we live right all these dramatic seascapes and serve with other you know waves crashing on the beaches and all that stuff all that imagery like men we are utterly living in two places crumbling into the ocean yes
being eaten away and the people have a house on the beach you silly asshole you could arrange them i know a guy was building this i think it was like several million dollar houses super wretches is all families riches like one of those old money deeds just some seems to always have cash and we were talking about this place shows me these architectural designs unlike that's on the water that what makes you think so there's gonna stay there like doesnt would if it goes back would of course with the about contingency plan right now now spend five eight million dollars on this crazy ass house that's on the water right there lake dissolving swallow much work still for a few more for a few years whether the eyes place to live but you're right but it can even get insured the ocean with your house as they know better now right i'd i talk to a guy have you two guy recently who is a his job is is using a contractor up a construction company i d
year storm standard and he was like but we ve only when designing always for thirty five years how do we notice exceed your storm looks like and there like never mind could keep drawing so he's making these things and the instructions from the instructor back then was build it to this sixties year storm standard and he was but we ve only when designing always for thirty five years how do we know what a sixty year storm looks like and there like never mind kid keep drawing oh he's making these things and the sea was explained this by way of of his then experience when katrina hit the
the waves were so massive was like a hundred thousand greater than a hundred year storm we know where we're of these decks it were designed for sixty feet got hit hundred foot waves you know it's unbelievable and everything out torn down and this guy neurons versa bar this this company that that builds the this thing that can pull a whole will ring out of the ocean and carry it into land because the so many they got wrecked by katrina like its own industry yet by hundred your stormy mean once every one hundred years something right every year there's a one in one hundred chance or whatever yeah exactly it's it's it's the hundred year storm that's right that's one of the previous ideas about what's going to happen because of the warming of the planet is that these storms are gonna happen more and more often and we had gone here that was talking about the possibility of hurricane sandy being so
it happens every year death right you can have one of those he may be a net that could change the two year that could change the three you know the planet is built on the planet is built for equilibrium it's always trying to get to equal libyan and it just keeps changing that's right and euro europe north california guy right up there i live a weird life actually i go back and forth between new york and california every month and i'm in new york for one week a month and then my wife and daughter in law or in oakland because we too will of california and i happen to be living here when when the job came up so why is it so you know in today's day and age how much do physically have to be in a local while i live in a sort of testing out that theory that you don't have to be right with the people you work in a solo you work with some staff is all in new york and i communicate with them largely through the phone i would say most of the time now but i went hearted
video televisions thing and i found it it's really useful for a few kinds of conversations you know you're acting like make an announcement or i can settle the debate in our here two sides by making decision or something like that you know but it's not good for like catching up with someone it's not good for you no sort of a confession you know a personal interpersonal stuff anything where you want to win trust her influence something like that i want to meet somebody i'm trying to impress that way and instead of trying to get you gotta be face to face can i could somebody fastening aspect of the human being and the mind is the need for like like if we were having conversation there's six more feat of desk between us that would that would change that's right you're the conversation and it's gonna we're not sitting at the table the other way that's when it re worried that you like a banquet mean we have headphones on i could see you if you were over there but we would give you a weird right it was like a good amount of distance where we're like forty from each other that's right that's why not
those on the estimated total you know very that's why i made it this why bogota ice house we have another place of the ice house and i was always touching toasted people the death without changes that covers a fuckin footsie appeared under is trying to say somethin these tragic trying to talk giving up when i wanna talk a hut your foot now but what is that about humans where we need this sort of we need a close yeah i mean i think there's no but it's it's definitely hardware those though does the uncanny valley is this whole thing that they determined where basically if you if you show somebody a fake human face right the brain immediately is like all this is fake and if you make it more more lifelike busy robot assist studied us in trying to create a robot that could fool the human right or make a human comfortable and so like when you take a kid well xo
so when it gets more and more uncanny right more and more like a person there's a point at which just before real acceptance where you ve really full the person where the the acceptance rate drops off like right as you get the closer you get to actual reality the more it freaks people out to be talking to a fake person a really lifelike fake person is way scarier then and not at all i'm sure or email i got really lifelike fake person and once a fuck you creepy with this now figures you know what it feels like to be a person you does imitating it i think i know what the fuck are you gonna do yes no major like a fake fake crazy robot girl they once or dare can listen this is not going to work for the rib would it would you thought if any on
remote viewing are you aware of the phenomenon of development is that is our real i dont think its real or at least have never been real enough that we want to do a story on it so i dont think of it as a real thing but i'm instead to hear any thought soon hezbollah yeah i don't know if it's real but we're having a sky as numerous russell targets and he's a physicist in greece is also one as the a pioneer in the earliest development of the laser any skill a future upcoming guest and he's written quite a few books on it are men on listen remote viewing and one on the reality of e s p it's called a physicist proven psychic that is i just got it in the mail today i haven't gotten into it but at the stanford resurgence to the nineteen seventies and eighties targeted colleague guy named harold puppy love cofounded a twenty three year twenty five million dollar programme of research into the psychic abilities and their operational use for the u s
telling you sure shrapnel chair like i said a couple months putting that means including the cia defence intelligence agency and the army intelligence in these abilities are referred to collectively as remote viewing and they both express the belief that is possible and that they they they believed that there is actual physical evidence proves that people can accurately described to pick things that exist so where were they are nowhere near it would be fascinating to know whether they can prove it over the guys i looked in asia i mean i know about it you know in the spirit of not saying anything negative us away i dont know a lot about you know i don't wanna like shooting down right off the bat you know but it sounds it does sound likely to sounds like thuggery right the driver is does sounds like it to me about i you know i we ve had a friend tim ferris in here who described studies that have done where more people accurately described things through murphy murmur viewing
so i am really interested in that it also has been i dont this motion should say this is controversial but it's been written at least it has been proven statistically that people can tell when people i'm looking at you that someone ten more often than not be accurate about whether or not someone is looking at you like you could feel some guys on i don't know i don't know whether that's true or not but i do know that there is a you know there's a there's a if you talk to a police detective and now they'll tell you that when you interview witnesses that you know an auto accident let's say they typically say that they saw the tar the cars collide when in fact they typically heard the sound whirled around and then saw the aftermath of the actual collision but their memory tells them this was me see the cars collide and so i wonder how much of it is hindsight you
where's the memory stored good question good good question right i mean the v the ability to do you know really know where stuff is happening is totally unbelievable you know you got the like the prefrontal cortex like but controls how you move your arms we know something's about where stuff is is kept but like how it is affected how it truly is stored is it is it binary or is it analogue raise serious ones or is it like up some sort of physical arrangement of stuff like we don't know and we know that if you stimulate certain parts of the brain you can rekindle or these rekindle the way the ability you have to retain memory i do know that you can bring him back but you can certainly you know you can stimulate the part of the brain that can they can faster that for some reason but again this is us like it's us like poking on the outside
right and seem sort is a farce and cartoon from years ago where the group of doctors is around the table and and the legs is going during our you're going out one side and the doktor the nurses careful doktor john don't touch that part of leave that part in our various nets totally you know we're we're that sort of whereat in terms of of the brain research over the speculation once where they were thinking that it was possible that memories were in fact stored in the neurons and the the idea behind it was that human cells regenerate seven years like it pretty much every cell in your body is completely regenerated every seven years so neurons neurons tend to stay with you for rescue life yes that's it ass they might be the only place for memories but i've thought about it maybe that's why your memory suck when their older than seven years old cuz they're copies
copies like an old vs just i write railroad things we just get romeo straining fuzzy the logo and if in fact you were the hero of that story and railroads i've gone back over thing i mean i have some really definitive life changing moments in my life that i'm pretty sure i have the events marketing linearly right but if i allowed you into my mind to look at what data i have rain you basically have me regurgitating some shit that i might have said when i was ten and then i'm sorry it over again random thirteen than again one of sixteen and get you don't mean in this like i've kept repeating this right and referencing it or considering it so i have this this image of it have you looked in my head some things that i've done in my life you know and some of the things we ve been moments my life all you'd find is like a few fuckin blurry images and maybe some reference points that's right i mean an end if you look at the way that that
we have learned and one one place we have learned the brain pretty well is anesthesia because you end up we know now how to turn off things like short term memory so the latest forms we east asia have others that exact way to do it exactly but if you can occur open the just to get the baby out or whatever the thing a clam below the clam you're gonna need a different needs some serious drug so they turn off the they turn off the your memory basically and it's not so much that they're turning off the bodies sensation of the pain as much of their turning off your memory of it so that you're not really experiencing at consciously but you still in that state your blood pressure goes up like your body is feeling pain and announced yonder is managing that pain for you but the idea is to turn off your your memory more than your nerve receptors witches using so when you're unconscious in an honest the in an anesthesia state or an unnecessary stay right
or your body still ascending the signal that but not like a sleeping person who would wake up the memory yeah you're not even you're not having the experience consciously and so your your body is not jolting you awake it's turning that off so you're not swarming at all the hippocampus is not translating that industry into long term memories for whatever reason not shirk went out works but as a result you you yeah you your body still is free to respond i think that as the youngest per se a it really depends on some procedures were that's nothing but it also is is healthier not to turn off too much you dont want to turn off a lot of the body what they have to sometimes depending on the procedure but you wanna i think keep a lot of it as you know going of its own accord as much as possible will then this brain surgery which has even fuckin crew and the fact that there is a general consensus amongst doctors and scientists just
mean how many decades ago or they are doing the bottom is without gonna stooge factor withdraw hole in his brain scramble that frontal lobe suits you wouldn't get a nicer person i know i know it's a bit the the deal anybody what sort of really mess around with the brain back then considering how little we know now in all the fact that we need three billion dollars worth of research to get oriented is basically what that would do magna like nobody should be scrambled yeah what is it what was called trip having a think where they would do drill holes in the skull to release pressure man man and sometimes they have to do that you know like emergency surgery you have to have some real whacker head in brazzaville em in the night they have that some test but yeah the idea that you do that to transfer to like effect behaviour is not only have they have discovered things like you know what a condom shock treatment
right was was this desire to sort of you could com the brain in a way by headings by jolting it and it comes it it was discovered basely by urged that the original sort of discovery that led to that was in slaughterhouses they would stun lick the cattle ahead of time with like a shot of up to the brow basically whither i want those not nail guns but with a gun and as a result the end in the car the cow would go incredibly com and then a whole body research grew out of that dynamic traffic like what is the shot to the system the coms the body comes the mind for a second and for the longest time they weren't doing electro shock therapy on humans they stop doing it live there was the serve one flows once more i could use nest way of looking at it like you just ruin that guy you come down but just shut you you know that jack
goes right ruling at the end of the movie where its eyes guys foxy cooked his brain towards now it's it's commonly done people that are fucked it will i think they also know now so back then you had what were called you know we're back into an extra but there is that you had positive and negative symptoms and that's a technical term that does mean good or bad it means a positive symptoms were the symptoms were you you haven't outbursts either outwardly notice bull outdoor yelling hallucinations partners are part of a negative is a lack of emotional connection lack of reasoning cognitive abilities to go away and those are those were now whole separate category of symptoms and back then in the early days of something like electric shock therapy the table we only had something like thorazine lithium to turn off all in all it would turn off was your positive symptoms but it didn't effect any of your negative symptoms the being you still lethargic still camera connections to people
still not thinking well plus you sort of sedated so they talked about the thorazine shuffle you know that was back in so i wonder if some of it and making this up but i wonder if if some of it is people get jolted and then after that beyond this medication typically and be shuffle around if you would all be like all that guy was never the same since he has left a shock therapy but maybe he was also on drug that was turning round as others make another certainly could involve itself funny how we look back at those days and go out those fuckin dummies any no they're doing but guaranteed people a thousand years and are gonna be looking at us all yours so silly we didn't know anything right even have artificial brains yeah it's very recently driving ourselves what do you mean thoughts on re kurtz wiles idea of of humanism that we are eventually going to be symbiotic with some sort
with machines hunter part a love it i may i think its a bit a really interesting you know it's a great time reference sets basic what he's trying to do is like me they like here's the next great milestone in innovation and development in i'm thinking of nice a really good organizing principles inspired a lotta great thinking you know whether it's gonna turn out that we really do create like a symbiotic you know relationship i don't know but in a way we already have like if you ve got the new galaxy bubble bomb with google when you turn on that first of all screen that tells you like here's the time he's the weather near you you it'll also follow you in oil track your dick ty like where you are and begin to pick up the history over time of where you are and start to suggest black here's about a route to take to work or in oh here's food near you and your it its telling you information before your even asking for it which for me is a totally new in our crossing this line where its
number like i'm hungry wanna go eat something and then you pull out your phone to ask it how to do that instead the phone is telling you hey idea once get a burger and you like thanks phone fugitive view that and so in a way we ve almost already gotten there you know biggest give away as how weird you feel when you leave it at home forgot you from jeez i dont use my phone from us today this week and it was the best feeling ever and i have noticed that one of the biggest things with hipsters nowadays is that they do cellphones anymore and i could kind of see myself even going back is it really the big thing with help please the thing i heard of the new things hipsters don't have cellphone do that's great i have they heard they just write letters these are going ahead of recent years i just found out about it there is room this girl i know is working on a movie and i guess there's a couple girl get people that are so hipster it's that their phones in this if she has to like email them that's so that's great while i mean
it's like the steam punk thing life looking back or nostalgic about try to find out for movies good if you dont have a phone that's ridiculous that's so stupid why you don't have to use but the fact you don't have one not using your phone for today's it sir would you do what does you goodbye yourself a eight mushrooms and swam with tough why did it when i went to montana for six years for six days no self if a great right adds its well it's also good to get the fuck away from the hive you know because we were camping for those days it we're out there so wasn't just no cell phone it was no content with civilised world and assist the natural world are walking around hiking in its is a completely different feeling than when you're costly checking your e mail costly watching the cnn screen at the airport and all that that that they leave the constant
input of information do you have any experience at all in a sensor deprivation tanks no not me person i am really interested in you had said earlier when ruin that footage of the the humility cloud and the soldiers running toward it like how fragile the body is that's my like that's the subject i geek out on hardest are really and fastened by exactly that unlike sesar deprivation taxes just funny like worse were so vulnerable where such vulnerable little creatures and it's so unbelievable that we move around the world and live around the world where we do now we do you now lucy gas agri thing about no people complaining about the wifi network on the flight is like you're being thrown to the sky in a chair and then come on and and that's why i feel about everything like my look at in all airbags in our shores safety restraint systems like pressurization on plans all that stuff it unbelievable so
you're what i want meant though is the actual effects on the market our sensory deprivation right you you never experience i haven't i haven't gone and done a tank no one of never done just seven have the opportunity of up to sounds great you're leaving soon otherwise i would suggest a place here but northern california this gang apple you and i sure twitter twitter people attack go seldom sir maleagans you gotta try it anywhere fascinated by the human mind you really need to try that stay cool cause it's not available anywhere else in the world how would you describe it of you oh yeah i want to my house don't i do it almost every week many down a leak what's it like what is it what's it well there's no there's no sense is coming and meaning having this conversation there's no distract but ever known there you know you're that truck because borrowing x ray or or you you feel you you have to shift your butkus gets uncomfortable all that's input all that simple when you're in a tank there's nothing
there's no input and much like we're having this conversation if a truck goes by it's a slight distraction if you're trying to formulate the words in that truck was really loud you'll be annoying because you have to deal with that input you have to deal with that that information is coming towards you right when you're inside it really is the owing environment in the world where you don't have your body talk to write your floating in water of the same temperature is your skin there's a thousand pounds of salt not water absent salt so you float like you're you're completely buoyant and because your temperature of the water is the same as your skin you don't feel it after while you literally feel like you fly what does it do to this holder darkness your little silence while you're mine has more no sensory input so there's no distraction so its super powered its riddick just as your boy this compromise when there's a jackhammer next to you your brain becomes equally magnify when there's no
if i have any problems whatsoever of these things that are bothering me i go in the tank and it's like having a seminar on my life it's like all the sudden i could see things so much clearly and so much more clearly and your your comp weekly outside of the world i mean you're not lying on a bed you not in an ash wrong you're not even in a human body anymore you're it's your consciousness literally on tethered from the my body its awesome yeah you need to do it well i will i'm in a man s great i didn't invent this fuckin thing and i can't believe that i tell how many people about it like wow i need to do that unlike jesus is two thousand and thirteen where the fuck are they
things not everywhere right there so incredibly beneficial and they give you a lot of the benefits of psychedelic drugs without any of the worries about trip and out losing your mind and a lot of people know someone it's lost their marbles and alice day or something we're had a bad emotional experience on mushrooms servants so when they think about the idea of taking a drugged detached from there were the reality to gain a fresh perspective it's terrifying but you can achieve psychedelic states in an incendiary deprivation tank with no worries at all totally out i bore i will try to i've never done it on its measurements it's better somebody you don't even know you don't try to isolation time are you talking about its it doesnt be measures you don't know that you don't know anything isolating pigs mushrooms i'm saying it's the same sort of experience you can have the same experience that you can have on heavy duty mushroom chip in isolation tank and by the way a mushroom trip in isolation tag is a thousand times more intense
wait we do more for you self examined one last thing you want it's it say it is incredible unique environment that i'm shocked isn't available at major universities i think should be everywhere people should have that armenia should be you can go anywhere any videos to try fire centuries deprivation reason joe is that a lot of people it doesn't work on does not the reason i'm using wise not available is not because a lot of people doesn't work on no i mean why not a popular because a lot of people do the isolation take and does nothing for them so why would they go back where are you what are you basin as i know the several people have come up to me and talk to me about isolation things because they ve heard it on this part gas and they ve there i've done it three times it's nothing to manage this kind of boring i just sit there that's happened meeting at least three to those of the people are desperate to talk to you a limited resources
i'm tellin you because i fuck and have my basement these are all the time if you just need to learn how to let go and concentrate it's not like it's an immediate jolt into hyperspace but what it is as is the an invite meant where you can truly be away from the imf influence on the body and if you're on any sort of substance and recycling grazing its magically enhancing inside the tank you eat a park get an isolation tank and tell me that's not a trip experience i'll tell you you're crazy it's it's it's so beneficial there's a couple issues one most people who do it they do enough to get truly relaxed in that environment because a lot of the the century deprivation take experiences about letting go it's about learning
how to relax and learning how to let go and not concentrating on the fact that you're in a tank and not bumping up against the walls you got to get good at it and you got to get good at the whole thing it's not easy it's just like meditation it's in a difficult thing to do but you can achieve some pretty powerful stay it's in meditation you can achieve much more powerful states if you're meditating incident isolation like i just want to know if you knew anything about the actual effects of the mind you remember that movie altered states will do is wired up with all these electrodes and they were monitoring is mine and there i was using all the states are what was our based on john lily who was by the way is to take acid and talk to dolphins there was this as i did high near and into species communication and
lily would get an isolation tank and set it up right next to a tank filled with dolphin riding in the hop in the isolation tank trip his balls off and then i have this experience but he created the sensory deprivation tank there was a couple different versions of it that he was vertical with sort of like a space helmet on for his air and he would like float based on this tank you can be floating from his head while then the second one he figured out ok if you lie vertically and fill the tank with saw your float so he he even rigged it up so that he could he had like tube that was collecting way east and sucking waste out of its restructuring long dyer what lily was also famous for his love of ketamine so he would take
ketamine and go on these six hour k whole trips inside this tank and if you gonna take a leak just pulls out a joke i was peeking hard during these this mushroom trip though like i ate i just say it a cap i just wanted a little and i start like to the point where my hands were melting and i had to go in this water in it was intense lay short i know i was trying to talk to the dolphins my mind like staring out in its eyes and stone and undergo it it when a pretty good idea who is pretty ridiculous but though the crazy thing is that the dolphin racked me twice didn't hit anybody else and then at the end busted me on the lives of its tail who you got lucky to dolphins are strong yeah it was it like so what are you thinking often was like hearing your cries i wanted to beat the shit out of you because you are annoying i have no idea in the only other thing i can think of us i was at the end of the line so women when they were like our african flip the dolphin over one petted stomach why was putting the vagina the whole time don't even know it and then she she's accede
since the vagina there's a slit on each side of the vagina that today the dolphin feeds out of my go i'm touching it vague legs is what you mean you didn't know you told me about that now with room interior always like touch item so you do you you didn't even know what it looked like i i mean at the time i was just like wild soft its awesome patent did you get to write you you did this before i know i did not i'm i'm i'm really against dolphin captivity i think it's really fucked up i think the idea of taking a super intelligent animal like a dolphin and put in a swimming pool and having a bunch people touch it is just like taken a person and putting them in a fuckin box and having a bunch of fish come and stare at it's ridiculous do eat like crazy and they seemed all very happy and dolphins are the only ones that you know if they don't like life they just stop breathing like they're they're voluntarily breathing there with their yoni species at voluntarily breeze and so like that's why lot at times when dolphins will just commit suicide if there
and they would all commit suicide of their own have you wouldn't they got exactly that's instincts meaning it is you're saying that their life has to be so horrible they commit suicide is a lot of people that are ridiculously unhappy in prison than are committing suicide doesn't mean the prison is awesome in that by that logic dogmatism when did their best some dolphins are killed himself then if they were i'm in data how do you know my own fed the whole time watching that they have no freedom and they have no freedom not only that they steal them from their mothers killer whales are the very famous for that and killer by the way the only incidence of joe wheels of ever murdering people has been in captivity they hate it they don't want that writers are often of killer thereof the dolphins just cousins of killer whales i just think it's fucked up a replica it's a rare in the past where we didn't understand these animals these are super super intelligent animals and just like the cove is fucked up cause it's fucked up to murder them it's fucked up to imprison them too it's not like you were bad dolphins and we had to remove them from the dolphin population which duff
by the way are fucking bad they do a lot of crazy shit they rape the gay kill babies amino they know just because their intelligent they don't followed by the morals and the ethics of human beings would like think of flipper having dolphins dirty shit we the story coming up in a couple of issues about by the sky brian lamb who runs the single the wire cutters cocoa butter heap he's a good writer and and did a story for us about bessie going and tagging along with this kind of not quite rang tank crew but like your crew scientists but they there by their nature a little crazy and that their out
hand tagging sharks they get him up on the boat you know like being dangerous hammerheads not the whole deal and they tag them with these very improved tanks that are far more tectonics fiscal them we have now and has resulted giving us all this new data about sharks in what they do withered live within a how deeply go all the stuff but he was describing what it's like to in the story he describes what it's like to try and get in the wood to be in the water with a shark and how incredibly scary that is like like those things are just built for death they are in the night is perfect weapon those next year that must be absolute horrifying one of the things one of the reasons why i am so adamant about that the dolphin things that i had a psychedelic experience with dolphins to overcome eating pot and being on a boat that that bit that i do store that i wrote room i these dolphins were playing with us they were jump and next to us by the boat no they're they're really playful and
the really obviously intelligent like they don't fall for that they're not biting our baby you know we're working sing and we're not they don't worry about it at all like no one catches a dolphin on a hook it doesn't happen the only way he catches by many them like corral the moon whether fact but you don't hear about dolphins falling for a fake worm you know it doesn't happen i've always liked a bit the people who say you know people who spent over them sometimes say you know manage it seems almost as if they ve evolved past where we are going they shed their possessions it was we don't have the ability to change their environment but other than that they they have raising ability to communicate and eva nice environment have deleted recent her ears joe it's like a higher technology than us it's a pinhole it's just a little died in their also borne with moustaches when their young and like you could see the holes when their order where the moustaches depend on their lives and their so bad ass are born with moustaches wonder what purpose serve leveluess viral ash
looking for a nice little pimp thin stash student at him strike like one of those eddie murphy ones where it's just a tiny line of hair above the lip and analysis there there i just i think it's cool you did that and you know i mean they're they're gonna be in that's seaworld place whether you go there or not but i don't want to go there i've been at the zoo high and i don't like it i wrote this whole thing when i went to the zoo about it's like this animal prison cities primates screaming in their cage i wasn't a zoo once this is one monkey remember what monkey was but as by itself and its little cage with smaller than this room and it's fuckin thing was screaming and i was like that is man that's an intelligent animal that some has decided to make it stay in this one spot and it's going insane screaming what what seem like that's me was the show
news killer whales that's me like i didn't think i thought the dolphins look like they're all having a great time but this cure whales looked that was kind of fucked up because it was just a huge tank and they just were swimming in circles and all they drive or not that that was awful but i thought the chimneys reprieve but you do not know about adolfo this office i think it's called about is what it's called words like a dolphin but its white and it's got a huge like crazy mushroom head i know it hung in violence a type of its type of dove yards i think it's actually a type of whale it's not you there they are another name of their opening up next month we hang out with those guys and dash it looks bad ass concepts darwin you know a man this is how they should do it if they really want to have a relationship with dolphins they should give us food and put up a centre in a place where the dolphins live naturally and put people and submarines but the idea
you know you should put him in a fuckin fish tank and by the way that water's probably chlorinated how are they gonna have a salt water it was solved it is like salt water
ok that's that makes sense actually because you i've assault water pool you know you can have you can get away with that without those same principle of isolation take not get funky nothing really can grow and salt water right but i just think that we don't need to do that anymore man into even zoos mean i take my kids the zoo because the disease there and for them it's fascinating and they go crazy but it was up to me we were never zoos seems crazy others prison for guerrillas starin at you in fact i am just the whole thing is is it's a relic i think they know it's true you know that the it's funny when you go does the american museum natural history in europe has this whole wing of its stuff it inherited of like minos stuffed animals and i've been on a lovely markings are not restricting they do amazing working on but the
you know it's just funny to go and stand in front of like what was the zoo backing in the nineteenth century eighteenth century the desired her to shoot and stuff and animal will have on african men meal there was there there's been exhibit said zoos before where they had black man i think they had pygmies its zoos before yeah i mean they did the ability to justify the imprisonment of an intelligent animal it's really weird when we start and think about what an intelligent species for another planet would do to us if they came here in front of the kim kardashian was the most famous woman on the planet what is to say that they want these dumb motherfuckers wishes just lock him up in a cage given food is only they'll be happy there are on the other hand though i would point out that those like you know
there is some at least some understanding of what animals need to thrive and environment and zoologist do do a great job or try to do a great job any way of of creating environments where that the animal is you know may be tricked is one way to put a bit like you know is is feels comfortable indian and land is all kind of crazy article allusions at the seattle zoo those the savanna kind of curves it's almost like you're you're on the top of the dome sort but at the very gradual dumb but it's enough that for a long time it looks as if there's a long horizon out in front of you it blocks out the back on this new treaty not seeing a trees the back however because it slipped up just slightly and in all i wonder offence i don't know but i imagine that like designed to make you know to keep up of lions eyes sharp or whatever the thing is it they're trying to do well if they really want to be nice the line they would like they would also let her go to loosen rare like they do in asia in asia the way they treat tigers they it's really
sporting whatsoever they back a truck up and they they lift up the fourth theft in the bag rocker whatever the the cab in the back of a truck and the goat falls out of time he's just tearing apart while we have seen that before haven't cue the video at the there is also a zoo in iraq and as one of the first videos i ever saw about it on online where they they released a goat and these lions came running out and rip the goat apart in front of all these g eyes were there would cellphones boil yeah it sam at least that's normal i'm sure whether they do and the idea of sliding a tray under the cage with some cold meat whole reward system that an animal has especially these pressures where's their entire reward system is based on chasing
catching things if you roll a ball in front of a cat it's going to go after it and then that's because it's got and they say the one of those big things about mountain lion attacks as they attack joggers a lot as they think you're trying to get away right right there's nothing they tell you about the pick up your any small children in order to because a mountain lions instinct is to go after the smaller ones and little kids are prone to running away and that is what turns on the instinct and re drive so they have to pick up your kid if you see a moment ass well in kyoto as well you know there was a big bear last year there was an attack of five euro was attacked by coherent from his father well coyote tackled akin destroyed try to fuckin edam now man yeah as a father i would vote freak out yes i hear they drop this thing out and they just grab a hold of it and just our opponent apart while what is that
as it is it beef some sort of a shepherd go to suck my fat and these are this is lying under strong yeah the lion take a little more time and the tigers tigers grab a hold of it and it's almost instantly arap they just yankovo rippon farts but it mean if you going to have animals like that it seems kind of fucked up to have them in a place where they can't run around in chase right regulate their home reasonable live as other involved all these incredible abilities or did the teeth and the programme i cite all that stuff you do need to keep a sharp visions of feed their dogs vague in dog food like oh you fuck how dare you you know that dogs barely survive on that shit
by the way was submitted beluga whale earlier yeah that's what our data as smart as a dolphin or good question i think it's the same family in their bird of labour that family yeah i think there's a whole gang smart marine animals you know and were willing to imprison all them was really also amazing at seeing the sting raise they have this whole thing worries is poor we can touch and feed sting rays and these sting rays which has come up out of the pool and they look like little dogs thence they have having feet have like you know like like wings on us it was really maybe so domesticate yeah yeah yeah sediment hawaii there's a tank and at the big island where you were you swim with them he put us snorkel on swimmer thirsting rays and all these other fish and fish poop by the way everywhere you look xyz even a tank actually it's a big pond and they allow you to feed them and little kids freedom they hold food alex scallops and stuff in the hands of the distinguished come up and they their crazy miles and they just soccer run out here
serious see roads bad asset as i said yeah i agree i mean it is bad ass but are you i can't agree with it morally i just think i think they're intelligent and i think we have to sort of draw some sort of a line as to how we deal with intelligent beings our attitude is like what you say a killer stand you do a fish then you have to do the trick you know it's kind of fucked up i had a friend who was a trainer where it where was somewhere in hawaii he was trained orphans or if you use a graduate student was doing this work and in them he said that by the end of the dolphins and train him that basically like he was only getting the pool when in what like they would behave a certain way to get him to aim a certain way is how are you just like wound up one day realizing that not disagree with you in any way but it is not that there just they are really really into
we are sure i mean they're they're trying to express something enough he's paying attention he's gonna sort of catch on and move with them they would do that they would do the trick to to get him to give them the tree but then they would withhold the trick and then do a really well they would do like it mess with them and like train him to just deliver the fish that if i could live comfortably now have to worry about money i would just take care of dolphins from for my job i that's how attached to that experience to me what is it was just that there's something with and there i ve been found out you have made the boats knots than it has been found dialysis we can understand them they're very intelligent their survival cortex is forty percent larger than human beings and that experience that i had but i was in the boat in hawaii with those wild dolphins playing that there was a if seemed very tangible
to me in a changed the way i look at human beings change where look at consciousness in general i started thinking that their consciousness is probably quite a bit like a human consciousness they just can't alter their environment there that we can understand them and they can alter the environment but they see like if you encountered mean we we take for granted the fact that the way they move is very much like a fish so we sort of categorize them sort of how you were talking about trucks early earlier that's a truck rail that's a dolphin right their method of locomotion is one thing but if you met a dolphin in space if it was like something like that where it has that sort of intelligence and it was communicating in moving around more like a human if it had it was by people and it was but it but you looked at and made noise and interact with you you would freak the fog did run yet would just forgot you'd be so flabbergasted you're dealing with this alien intelligence is just like you it's dolphins existence
world would they can move through three dimensional space so they don't need to be able to touch things with finger as mrs violate those all kinds of studies about another the inner life the emotional life of animals you know element at bury their dead grieve for their dead elephants can recognise themselves in the mirror know who they are and like all that stuff is making dollar pain get mainframes ass the idea of europe than so many see the elephant painting an elephant well with his nose and grief is a big one that would like when we look back at the evolution of of people one of the great turning point and evolution is when we began bearing are dead and the idea that we began have any sort of you know a scientist would say in a sort of imagine our inner lives and imaginary life almost ready to develop an abstract sense of deaf that's when we become sophisticated in all its when our brain are mediating brains begin to really do that's why things at trips me out the most about ray kurzweil
as that he believes will be able to transcend death will build a download consciousness into a computer and it takes a hundred thousand pills a day and the rise of watches diet in order to extend his life to that point where he gets do that now that's very i wonder if i would opt for that you know like i found myself thing about like how i would want to go given like infinite technological i would want to go out on top i wouldn't want to let you know you don't want to fade anymore if you want all the medical research working to make you think like you are playing in yellow in six lots and lots of real wrestling match between our instincts and the reality that we're a finite being and the attitude that we are also a part of a process down are one piece of a super organism which is the human race but our egos tells us no i'm the most imply must survive i must i am important choice it is i she was me you know it's
that is always amazing to me about people who can be so brave and reckless with their bodies and over this like they're they're getting there they're taking what you're describing and sort of somehow of resisting it and weird wait like that your brain is evolve to basically keep you alive keep you out of danger and the idea that people can sort of vi internally enter dangerous situations is to madame i mean like fighters are some providers or like you know irena soup people who were exactly exactly extreme athlete stuff is unbelievable to me that i just think that so's you know it's amazing and thrilling and wondrous and also scariest hell and end sort of nonsensical from evolutionary perspective like the idea that you would voluntarily leap off a cliff you know you have to resist so many millennia of programming to do that now it's nuts in a girl in a great way i guess we have the
the the luxury of doing that beyond its other that weird thing that we do what we try to out do each other and who can do the whacking as crazy as scariest shit man that's how these ex games things let the rights they have had to like put it's on people like say ok you can do they mom because someone just died trying to look up with quadruple flip offer the rapporteur ramp it can't you know either it's not gonna be done or it's gonna be done and twenty percent of people going diners except the area right right i mean you can't really regulate what people do you know who just give them in others gotta mostly going in illegally but man just the ability to in our eyes i was once interviewing up fighter read a test piloted big it went on to become an astronaut and i was asked and how did you how do you not
reach out when you are sitting a top this bomb on the launch pad like how do you not just like your saying no about getting out of centre deprivation to act like a leap to your feet scramble at the door like how do you resist the impulse to do that and he said well you know we're too were trained were were recruited and trained for specific ability in situational awareness has roots guided and he said that that one of the examples of it is what he called winding the clock and i was i was why he had been a test pilot out of edwards over here and was one day assigned to shoot down a drone to test in a new era air missile and so it comes out of this means
deep turn fires the rocket and it doesn't leave his wing either the you know he hears it go but it doesnt actually leave the jet algae looks over its armed right wing yeah he's dead in others rate a blow our rainbow up at him back fought and you dont gray rises the end so the moment by the reaction you're having even to hear the story right is the same ass i had on the samaritans so many good would have like eject immediately erlich panic in order resist bad news and he said that in a moment there are trained to wind the clock they literally would reach up to a cheap clock that they had duct tape to the dash of this fighter and wind it to keep it going and your trained to do that too in order to have a little downtime to think through what you're gonna do next and in amount of time it takes him to reach up and crank that dial he is hearing you know that thinking through ok what's come a nice day would i go
actually go out across los angeles and over the ocean and ditch there is like we'll know first when we get up at that's a lot of people and i can't go over with an armed missile over a lot of people and then i don't wanna be the guy lost the forty nine dollars airplane so he even thinks it through this morning's like the weather is pretty good i think i can probably make it and by god he landed only let go does the coastguard comes in lands are playing with live armament it makes it right and that what are they what are they telling him at the base when he's like hey guys i'm flying high i wonder i bet there's a procedure right air force people probably have a procedure in their car and they d flock and run out of it as they get every general without allow radios you know but i said to him like i don't understand how europe to do that is i can't we're just train to in a way we have that ability on and that's true when you look across all of this and other asked not sorry he's got franklin chang ds was a coastal region national who
an astronaut on the shuttle and he narrowly avoided being killed in both the colombia and the challenger disasters he was training for both and through a fluke of scheduling did not go on either and saw all of his friends and colleagues killed in these two disasters men an unbelievable tragedy for the sky twice and he still who shares the record for the most times in space and in our was has done more spill i think more spacewalk signed by also subiaco assisted employees abroad of human being and he had the story of floating out there with the scene of sixty million to her piece of equipment that he's gotta move from this place to this place it wherever and as he's doing it he looks down in the clouds a part of beneath them and there's costa rica and he realizes i'm the i'm the only person in one of my nation who will ever have this view
we know in all likelihood and he's got his camera attached to his belt and he was the city was thinkin himself i can just reached down and ground the camera and take the photo of in all that all coastal regions will have on their wall basically i'm sure you know that thought but them to meet us where it is and he doesn't do it because he would have had to let go of this piece of equipment and go for the camera you know and he's got a duty to perform his like they put me they brought me here to do this jumbo do this job in a screwdriver but again that's a piece of programming that he's resisting you know like by his training and his steadfastness every business brain like manna guy doesn't just do what i would always throw the piece of equipment out into space and take the training is fascinating thing ready the idea of developing skills in your mind said to the point where you can do extremely dangerous things and keep her composure and that that's that's it's it's it's very attractive to us will wear fascinated by heroes right why are we need him yeah we need
in item we need if they have to be able to do that we even when it doesn't mean anything like this i think that's part of the reason why i think like ex games and stuff alone lines of its part of the evolutionary process to compete against each other to see who can do more more fucked up thing asher and that there's something that's gets developed along the line totally its testing the limits of the human body i didn't everybody's just really wants to be able to fly or do whatever you know that that there's there's this extreme is cliche to say about right in extreme you're trying to find the extremity of europe of the life of light for trying to find how close today can i get and in finding the limits of human performance and i think it's a part of the grand equation of german race period it is a part of the of the numbers right now we know that people can run a form and at mile now we know that people could do that you know it's all these things a sort of aid in the progress of the rays that's why some strange way while you need you know you need the person to go first we need a person to compel people on a burning building says those europe's directors
there's a purpose to having that kind of alpha person as we become a more and more advanced society that need is sort of mozilla in a way that i think it is me that's why guy like you can you know you're obviously successful intelligent guy you like joking around about i can't handle fear right it's because you don't have to yeah i never and i never will its exact row i'm in a night at central i'm i might write and and i have in my personal life experience you know extreme situation of sure everybody has already has tragedies in their lives will be no stuff it's gone on but you know the the the concern the consistent ability to to resist fear and do you know the needful
in the face of terrible odds that is a great thing you know at the same time there were also you know we just a story recently about how there's a whole darpa challenge around creating rescue robots that would that would replace firefighters would replace people not in all circumstances but in certain cases like fukushima withers radiation you can't send people right in the middle of it but you wanna be to send in a robot that can cut its way through a door look around maybe bring somebody back and so the challenges that the barber putting out their include like literally being cut through door with sars all you know drive a car the thing has to be to get into a car and drive away with it it slowly like that the rules have been written by an eight year old ones
incredible the challenge of the putting out from these people and people don't it the diver robots are some of the previous things in urban created a dog's sheet is totally than the one that looks like it looks like a pack mueller disturbing to look at the latest model can throw things and i forget like bricks i think it s a bricks i waited jack's yeah yeah i as a whole also there's a whole felicity around trying to make robots we did we were messing with this on our cover when we were plenty of the cover couple issues ago we put one of these robots on the cover from virginia attack it's a real robot we put in those like actually what it could some they look like it stephanie what its added for and they ve built the legs
holding its rigid assembly will but when we first but the cover together it was reaching for you trying to save you through a broken window basically in this sort of ruin environment which is that the environment that thing is gonna have to compete in but it looked like it was reading for you to kill you like it is scary cover the robot looked frightening and thee we decide in the end like way we're gonna make us thing not look like it caused all his damage because we as people are terrified of robots they just look scary and if you i'm all black and militaristic you know like in other graphite look is scary and so you gotta panem like ambulances is really does roland loses robot thrown us into block does whips us in our long itself he asked but look how uses his legs to meet it it doesn't get shot taught like kishar unnecessary the blockades and could issue and even do that and would have thats a grenade instead of a sinner block you showed this too little kids and i just scares the hell there's something about our lives creepy spider looking thing
like our natural instinct or be terrified of that the torrential other has antlers guide defect that growing antlers it's a real tragedy it's crazy there's another robot that they ve found of they ve invented that drives up to a wall and they can spring get up through the air like take clear like these big walked out there we give them more this area it's an amazing thing i can jump like thirteen thirty or forty feet it can clear a single story billy the idea being that it can gideon where were you needed to write europe on a ridge you send it down and it can leap you now off a cliff thus here things you the role it off a cliff and i'll survive the fault and hardy crazy is that trend let it has grown at birth defect that start growing antlers slow why and jam ban scared of spiders we just found out ass he came and look at this photo
yeah that's only like any other thing those who antlers well that's like when a person's born a tale like why what is going on the genome were that's represented itself hats strange strange little animal will spiders in general or creepy is yeah i know i have double the snakes i have the like the natural evolutionary response to snakes they just the that's literally spineless rod with i called a video phobia that was not a rag rivalries things follow video phobia that's very common future they just move in a way that i love my doesn't like to follow up well people that i think the proponents of upper genetics with would say that it's probably somewhere in your evolutionary pass or someone i genetic past rather that someone i fucked up by a snake there is some one of my ancestors saw very well your ancestors was wounded and we
we did a story about with a section of amazing were bessie ask incredibly dumb questions of incredibly smart people and and its great as they they play along in this wonderful way so them was what's the world's grossest sound and literally there was a guy who had done a study to determine it and he determined that the sound was the sound of vomiting that that when they simulated hit by pouring a bucket of baked beans into another bucket was somebody else's making yakking noises there and they played all these different noises for people and that was one of roses and the reason they think the evolutionary purpose of that in theory is that when you as a group you know we're eating diseased it all bell or would have arrived a fire you know twenty thousand years ago someone started get sick everyone would what and would also throw up so that no one eight in no one in the tribe aid the disease
that's the only makes sense is always wondered why like well dab also by the way can be bypassed and i can tell you that from personal experience because when i was a kid in high school if someone threw up in the hallway rush has happened in school i would start thrown out and a lot of our western throw up to you no no it's just built in like that seen in stand by me with its order hiding contact as these will that doesn't work on many more because of alma years of your factor i've seen so many people throw up i've seen really yeah that's really interesting i don't know how many people have seen throw up i saw hide we did a hundred forty eight episodes every episode somebody threw you totally are a test case that's merrily educational nothing makes europe anymore like i could be right next to someone throwing up on the ground and it doesn't bother me in fact my wife's threw up in her car and she was all upset because she couldn't clean it because she would throw up again our planet
you didn't bother me at all interested at this smell puke inner car on august and i just got away as already goes away that's great i can be at a bar and someone through open a urinal appear doesn't freaking me out i think they will press a sound is two guys fucking anyway how do you know that sounds like i got you son well unless you're gay than though it be the most not acts on ever well that was the idea of like do gay guys get accustomed to the smell of poop of you know of that is that like an ok smelt them because there in the annals ice mean though that what what causes certain connections were causes you to be repulsed by certain things is always fascinating i'm sure now that but that thing of the throw up sound doesn't have totally makes sense is just makes it makes perfect sense to throw it and be no ending liquid smells like wishing to death is i think also actually the words
des melody and that is also our sense also a useful instinct smell you wanna go the other way that's a good idea we have when i was a kid someone died in our apartment building and they didn't find that it was an old lady and they didn't find her body for a while and it was the entire floor had this horrible horrible odor to it we would walk in you and then eventually they found out this lady had died and they went cleaned up the smell lasted forever sure sure took the longest time to clean that out it's not like any other dead smell you know i mean it's really is that things like it is how so do we respond to many hours ago about travis few openings as possible the bonding that's the other is needed one as few as possible deserves some some stuff you gotta keep in there you don't want it out in the world and i think the fear that smells probably to discourage predation yeah and end when we were
they starving to death and people find a dead person ridable fuck him out messages edam yeah i bet that is part of it i retired i'm sure we can make that argument and you know the feeling of of there being no up a purpose too staying away from me you know that like dysentery resign rum we now if you dont have adequate way systems and people are reign of it infects the drinking water like so many reasons to stay away from from the dirtiest parts people often say yeah the evolutionary desire to escape stinky people drive is all these is there i'm sure somebody out wise bad breath so horrible then i can't really effective for re i guess it can make person sick derived sometimes you can be a symptom of disease that's interesting maybe that's why this guy's not well i gotta get out
that's funny lissom asthma fascinating code has been fastened use a good company this very lovely for any time you like to do this again we now do i have your way to save us remember because like on it too much on my toes this whole time i do not know dommage rogan madame thank you you had a good time if you wanna take mushrooms and hang out with brian adopted actually it is what it is like experiments going on like that design they via the dolphin i would be doing weird things those too early to researchers are good compare notes and come up with something like that and that's what you should read lily each region lilies that he is a pioneer in entire species communication actually like you now peer reviewed stuff on dolphin intelligence because of psychedelic send in getting dolphin tanks or getting isolation tat you need to take in isolation tank trip to many others crazy poohpooh another without any problem aspirants going and i'm just saying that i am sure it doesn't work on some people could have had had it people tell me now
word and doesn't work is like saying you know i have a computer and i dont know how to get on the why thank you know use mines are just to active to slow down to the point where it that would be you know helpful for them like there you know almost eighty d i agree i agree with what you said accept the word to i don't believe that their minds are to active a believer minds are active ugly they don't know how to manage that but that can be taught the amount of the emails that i get every week the amount of twitter messages and facebook messages by people that have positive experiences in isolation tax and how much it helps them and change them fighters lot of fighter started using them to meditating into practice relaxing plus its end some sort of magnesium you just need to do it may do them into so crazy you haven't die as yard i know not what is added destroy what is destroyed
what is on that you'd on iraq as against the red school or signalling our red score on iraq to that's fucking bad ass where'd you get that and the egg powerful sending up scenarios awesome isn't it i would almost we ve there if it wasn't for the military presence presence in a like that people are all ex military so everybody acts like crazy like the bouncers of every bar so much more strictly intense like this woman came up to me and i was smoking a cigar she was smoking part now make no there's a cigarette just me sit at ok and walked away and worse what the fuck no i had no idea a lady others three years was echoed toes with military check that and then it was just like that was everywhere i win it felt like that and then and then just it is felt that is less than a fax said how that's without a doubt aside what active a military or if i could live near mission bay i tell you i was beautiful area in the sea
as i see lions there's retarded animals of the night that just like listening today is some of the funniest shit ever because out of nowhere that one would dispute that by the way that's also would attract sharks sharks love the fuck out of those thing i feel better those guys like good luck fat retards enemies obstacles that what they saw delusions guy whether therefore i mean what are they doing their providing food sharks looking up in the sky for it poor wallis's that that polar bears run up to and they can't get away there there on the ground like cancer awake nature doesn't want to get away dummy ceremonies meets someone's gotta feed this big
listen man thank you very much i really appreciate this i'm so glad we did this and let's do it again it s a great and you can follow jacob on twitter what is europe twitter hand he got up much more and i was i was late i'm sorry so enraged underscore jacob boredom score but you get jacob war to certify yes social monopoly notice finally jake aboard the it's it's your score jacob ward underscore what the aim to change that i don't say it out loud ever i would say the roundly dumb i ve ever had to say it out loud easy to find words go jig aboard just look for my name on google your father you have a little check next year names everybody knows the real you a verified no you're not even know i've right now about that i haven't even done that i'm sorry adds once you get yet again to that world a fake jake boards and i guess i'm goddamn integrated verify because a bunch people gonna have fake jacob border
suppose for non scientific shit and two very good at it sucks joe is that i don't have it and i have a bunch of fake set are actually acting like me and stuff like that and i just found out there's this guy that's on twitter that has two thousand twitter followers in his name is like spilled bag of ice and he's verified he's verify a bag of ice i know that account because you know it's build bag of ice came from from a u have sea fight where a ban of ice spilled in the octagon and i gave a whole commentary for like three
that's on these guys cleaning up the eyes because it was so ridiculous and i was like a bug in there and it was funny and so this guy became spill bag of ice and he's verify and he's verified thats the internet telling you go fuck yourself i'm done listen i'm a goat and wiki but is a basic set of what could be a page or makes cavan livid dolphins someone can tell you how to get verified i'm sure there's there's a convenient way to do it you just added to find its post we if people if there's enough people that are acting like you in there there's so many people like i even like i don't even say who i know is acting like me on line and people actually asking him questions like hey reuben what's going on tell your mother crazy do no yeah yeah i wouldn't be surprised but you know what you of them austria would it how many have but isn't going editors at least two people maybe there are thinking this is him i murmured you made it that's what this is i think you ve made it got people pretending to be you check mark
once and once a week a pdf age the blue check mark the kids illegitimate his heart and certain on the inside underscore jacob award underscore or do a twitter search for jacob ward on popular science magazine editor in chief sorry very much more rigid really ask us for us thank you everybody for tune into the pot gas we apologise again one more time for that drug podcast of last week but that's what handouts hoax that's the best that's what when you go off the rails submit that cast thank eating for sponsoring airport gas gotta rogan dot teen dot com and save twenty five bucks off its service credit or device discount and it's an awesome cell phone company that supports our podcast thanks also to square space if you go to square space dot com ford slash joe and enter in the code joe three
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be here on wednesday with ben hoffman from comedy central new show what is the so called the bend often show or something like that but very cool guy and a very funny guy and will see him on wednesday or my friends this weekend nashville xenia me and powerful tom signora friday and saturday night tickets grown going not much left so getting their son and we'll see we love should area bike yeah
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