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#343 - Bill Burr

2013-03-27 | 🔗
Bill Burr is an American standup comedian and also hosts his own podcast called The Monday Morning Podcast. Bill Burr, Brian Redban - Date: 03/26/2013
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and an i t use a code name rogan save yourself some cash on any and all supplements you dirty pitches the great william bur the first see are you the first i don't know you dad builder now we remember the first william verna first ladies and gentlemen one of the finest and up comedians america has to offer and he's here judah music the job will gain experience ass powerful does want stood somethin were guys like you especially comics in general but comics from boston i will always have soft spot and my heart comics from boston offline kicked it i reckon the moroccan you'll find take algeria
how do you must bear the question last time i saw you start by this they hired the wolverstone and those coolly came down and risking your life at the end of the world are then returned asked why are you stand up i had to do it then origin you gave me shot on it already left because my girl came by the car had a hustle out there and i felt like it s allow no no no worries man it was cool is concerned this fund there was one of the weirdest events that have ever done because we i dont use do like theatres in hollywood if ameer ali what i d like to improv usually do pasadena isa worked ice house so to do like the will turn it was like it was one of those big events that all these agents come down to that dont know i am a member disappointed in the show like where it authorities i did and we were in the green room was you and me and my thanks channel was back there too like two guys i knew and then everybody else i didn't know there's always
since our eating my finland that originally a year they sit there you know picking a at the stuff like i she fell back as you know i know my core group of people than those people that i know that i've met before but it's just like i don't see you i see you every couple years right right now you know i've i felt i actually feel bad sometimes i don't i don't ever feel bad when they all just chopin the green room just have conversations why this is so strange because it was people from all sorts of different agencies like the honey honey bands people other i try to go in there and i think it was yeah that's right was packed i wasn't about in you would you never a badge noah joey did you know that why why joey deals didn't well you come over here come around thirty bullshit that's the place i would like to make just two that i've seen similar great bands there and really good
yeah i only got to see one of the show there before i saw robert schuman he was gonna show back in the day for tom like us who was a showed the wilderness and why would a cool dinner but when we do i did stand open i many many years ago decided that we're gonna do a show and december twenty four two thousand twelve so if the underwear really did end like everybody thought it was going to the mayan apocalypse we would at least be don't show together ass cool ass a way out of hand and i was a lawyer arctic strove how went to sleep no meteors no aliens nothin no cool kooky o connor whatever the fuck his name is loquats quarrel and pay good for you i'm not upon them in cameroon well they lost a lot of fog credibility are tailored to jimmy the group
ninety eight or whatever it was me went down jimmy get fucked up dubious jimmy go fuck as he told the truth god damn it yeah he told the truth he basically was breaking down dodoes basically if if what happened and amistad was true it was like you boiled it that they have left how strong you had to be physically and mentally up to make it a just right there you got rid of anybody week do you don't seem like regular african do come and over your plane full back running over people their marathon runners these any guys like the big ones like the messiah early really thin guys do this certainly armenians russians they're just like daylight yet you i would never mess with any of their hard people we got a lotta armenian enemy fighters part today today i think that they can what are the womb would like a shaved had never needed grapple all of the there's a guy that the car wash my go he owns the thing he's like fifty five sixty but he still solid and he talks about
we used to grapple and all that now i laughed again due to all you guys know how to grapple rest only discos everyday army that's a lot of armenians judo till the signs are big judo can tat ass bad ass people tat followed lockers and proud like real men to men have my friend army armand the armenian he tell me a story once and he was dating this girl and she got mounted with them any he grabbed by neck and tender up against the wall is tell me this and i go i go why'd you do that he goes she's fucking armenian you know better than i talk tonight that because it's one thing some white bed starts talking like that and he goes such an armenian bitch gets on my face because he's armenian ok i bet you don't know you place you know people like wow like that's fucking heart invite you're coming from like he was justify grabbing his girlfriend by the neck in penny or to the
why because she said something just in defence of him what what did you get it will as you had a bit about that about fuck what was it you we want to know what a girl said before a guide now what was gonna bet yes the reality might have given of ice cream over there you just starts now or was there you know where i was so the fuss over your friends like oh yeah there was some sort of button pushing i would guess that went on and she did she thought was only gonna go half way up the building and i went to the roof here right away let's ride and right that's like one to do to go to the judge go to the zoo when they start hocker with some animal and they think it's a joke and then all of us in that thing reaches through you lay all my god this is real yelling when a lady
it's too close to the polar bear thing ever see their video at gan polar bears a little hold of her leg with its teeth and is trying to pull her through the cage and she screamed and our legacy snapped or femur snapped you know it's amazing what that is if people didn't get there in time he eventually would add the power and is back in his neck to pull that but right through the wood a tutor apart he would have you wouldn't like you would have got whatever he could get out of that one piece a leg and then he would reach that agreement and death and pull she would have perhaps it would have been eating her there the worse the best thing that could happen when a polar bear comes at you if you're not it they're not in a cage because at least it's over quick but if they are in a cage and there's no one around you saw getting a debt because it's gonna hold you down i would say stick a fuckin artery rightness mouth at one another in a fag take a job you but be bleed out from the leg the legs a good spotty a bit by a polar bear some last long specially sigh
i don't want to rise on molly is this the one or the lady jesus christ this fuckin stupid lady crazy person decides to get close enough to a fuckin polar bear it can reach and gravel relax guy was thoroughly involved in pinkies enormous jaws thank you take off your belt use it as a way of being a nearly one thousand oh my god is twenty nine year old catherine walked from sea
the four legs looks fifty forget leg is marbles when there's a video where will we played on the show and i want you to tell his prize abound remains and chewing jumped over to low lying barricades hoping to get a closer photo of being instead being he got the closer he has plunged his canines directly into care the other two or three days animated fake version of sharp at about seized wider report than in other bears space allows them to grasp tear do they can kill a walrus others oh yeah and they only two points of difference polar bears and grizzlies airily danny vegetables does no plants where they live knows there is not much time left knowing the anatomy of further camera at it
restructuring is causing now and it's not good enough the best thing you do their honestly is either stab in the eyes or grab a belt and rapid around his neck and choke an unconscious you'd have to get close enough to put your arms around the neck and hope it doesn't let go and snap your arm as you know in two zone button the fact that more rights hd hamson shudder this a long time ago so programme really cheap to megapixel jeremy i would love to see how quickly i think closed the distance like the closing speed in attica cornerback and make up distance with the wide receiver and have whoever thinks it's what i do is wide open and all of a sudden that gets its picked off that's like what just happened i go it's over there its leg is in its mouth have you ever seen up fast a bare comment on poultry out sick it's insane disease
a video brides even fineness we know a guy let us going on here girl person girl trapped in polar bear cage oh my god she's christ look just to her left about under the surface only rather ring distracts it from its report oh my god you but i've got some grips rinkitink to safety wet jackass before the woman had been in a basket zephyr had gradually held on to help us try to patent you get out of it by the trousers and pulled her by private just blood that's not weapon at low plunder thank you but this was far from again witnesses looked on as sick keepers distracted the animals with mate with meet here you know they had their late they get an emergency may break glass he would
didn't have any they got their shit is no me get the frozen me it's not gonna wag syria is a video of a couple guys hunting there in a hunting blind and they're sitting there in their hunting for bears and this fuckin bear runs the tree beside him and i mean the guys like maybe twenty five feet in the air the bear is up to him in one second and i am not exaggerating issues they just fuckin jaya bear scoots up the tree it is what they do fucking terrified the burden doing to guide it d guy just fro that's it is one problem with zack squash en bloc there are driven out it's ok that's exactly it where is fuckin bear runs up this tree try to find out where it is with the bare runs up it's fuckin ridiculous because the guys in the state and it just decides it makes him mad spread up the tree right now
storm here it is so the guy's looking down a cyclist apparent so this fucking burgess goes for this at a nowhere was there passed him there was ass they get a film in the bare what does he laughed and about what got a fucking gun you know i mean i think he's probably laugh uncas terrified to adding that's any scared shitless and there was the bears ripe asylum training at the camera it's his children there in the tree look i'll fucking hi dad thing got in like a second was one second no their claws ever see a guy climate telephone porthos oh yeah right that's what tat they have those built in like wolverine they just
and right up and ran he lets the thing go down and he shoots it with an arrow check this out what it dick even play it give level it was the thing runs down there that there is like our i am not going to kill you i let you go about your way it seems like you just sit in a tree and soon the guy's a gear look what i got here oh it's a compound both sides are bare like just get done checking them out from lunch height i mean it was like mouth to face it was right there he waits for the bare go to to back the barrel by the way the bed a barrel is filled with food they bait these bats are they that's so they hunt bear a lotta bear these dogs and other ways they tree them this bunch of different looks these gonna fuck and put on right that satellites in strasbourg for you you don't delicious effective death including you
no native american that would have done that first what they ve done enough to let it happen and what had some great code about face have some ceremony when they killed the bare because a bear with so much like a human like its mannerisms in that type thing really i overheard in a bar who could be cheerful bitter kidnapping you know that we were on the package as i guess that's what you want to get down from the fuckin tree so you got issue i guess that's what it is somewhat if it comes back this time and is on the bottom just runs out i'm here now does not strike smart move smuggled and he's gonna he was therefore that in the first place i mean that's the reason why the bear was theirs was what he was but i don't like this spared the bare did their spirit and i'm really putting little point humans rights spared stupid i think the bears are you die in the woods to dumb there's a suit of the figure i always it's like do he's a good guy we came up he could a shocker dummy didn't today settled at our any goes over it was guardians motherfucker arrow rude arrow from twenty
i can imagine what it somehow shouted with an air came out what would happen if you got the right tree if he did have the right to imagine i decided to write air will come up just grab you going how close animals complementary sometimes in this just one little thing just the message that chromosomes they must not done that's that's like the facets there is a better climate ray i didn't know they ve got up a tree that fast do your best bet is you have to get up so high that that there never sent i guess at the trees gonna break but then you're up there what depends on what bear to grizzlies don't know what i've never been their hunting arriving aware but if we do the words come from what am i saying shut up somewhat you gotta do is when you are fighting back i've watched this discovery from an ocean couch let me tell you what to do now a black there a blackbird this what do you got this outbreak in it that black
are more likely to climb trees they climbed trees all time grizzlies apparently don't crabtrees so if you want but i never my plane crashed if i've ever the use and information for you never know the plane crash their duty do it later and i'll never too plainly starts going down the first of doing is taking the seat belt of regional or to survive this covered in jet fuel coming out with my slacks melted to my legs i get stuck nine on the fat fuck next may just kill me i had a great one night a great life one right itself so warm utopian muttered we're talking about the great chimney greeting but jimmy the greek foot for functional now jimmy the greek was a famous football he commentator unlike would do the odds take the bears lay in three is like the seventies will you could you allowed to talk
bed gambling was the nfl was like wait a minute what are we doing when men were men and he had the gall to insinuate that there might have been some benefit to these african american people breeding in slaves and that a brain was doing what i just did with bears and he was having a drink in a restaurant and somebody fell dead the original like user really what it was tat he was he's like in a restaurant thought it was an air of you now these are i believe he's like a fuckin remember he was like in an interview and he's like eating potato skins just like what happened all the white running backs is likewise a theory you know you're a bar some acts as a question you're gonna answer where they wanted to get rid of them anyway i must say what he said is a hundred percent true but it's like they wanted to get rid of him they want to get rid of that guy cosette was like back there like you you make that video legacy
could maybe shorter local newscast but there were so many videos there was a girl back then called jayne kennedy gorgeous woman and some sex tape came out about or one of the first ones in it just went around the industry and she lost her job like there was no you tube to upload it to when they were all just like us is absolutely and fast for the thirty five forty years later career move yeah wouldn't it no one ever saw that currently the tim pradesh unmoved mean like they those girls with an eye on it or is this no accident says over several camera goals but she's like lan brilliant to be like this is why wait on our citizens already done it pursuit fame set one step so she got things shed a famous boyfriend she's the evidence guy re j but it's usually the famous guy gets all the press unless you bank somebody else famous while he gets you gotta lopresto just he could maintain it just for whatever reason i mean i think he's still like big in these aren't be community or what
kind of music he plays but enough for whatever reason means knowledge is an unknown is is priscilla pretty known guy but she came not only where there is no known at usually like the unknown person was getting banged it's you know it's like joe blow fox a whore rhino alike just you know what you're hardy madam but i guess she was so good looking people want to know who she was like the dvr girl all of a sudden areas like who's that girl in the commercial exotic looking one right you look it up you definitely but i also think now i think that she was sectors have fuckin rabid opportunist it was in the same time the paris hilton really got more famous because of her sex tape and then when one girls would just shown their policies a climate of cars and not no said the paparazzi at a fucking cameron insurer snatch mean how many girls where they had those download photos that the most redeem
those photos ever because itself an obvious that you ve if you play in that camera is below you pussy you getting the car and the cameras below you pussy looking up at all they would do that every year a hundred percent guaranteed it's all a parasitic knows all these really dumb skaggs note no offense but all these guys really silly girls it's like selling or those of the girl later found girls the gesture the knucklehead girls in that was their move to show their pussy and everything there is a distinct advantage as a woman like if i use you got out with a kill two new flashed junk like i think that that would hurt you ve probably yea its offensive what are you caught his way more offensive that showed somebody pussy in climate of aren't show your pussy not i gotta tell you see the completely shaved is the creepy a thing i've ever seen in my life it's sick i dont want to be you look like a woman up here and you look you know you know like
no it's amazing that it's so popular that porn has made such a massive success like it's such a massive victory i think that you pay around the pussies kind of data come back they'll never go back to life forlorn like you know energy crisis pussy hair inadequate the cardinal ford that's over yet and go back to that but you keep it especially because of the asshole here known northern i had some twenty everyday that crabs is going against instinct or extinct because no one has pubic are anywhere that it's actually oh yeah it's like they poured salt in the end in the field to the mode of doubt we lacked so the reason why bother jimmy writhings is one thing i wanted to talk to you about that i got trouble with for saying and i didn't think they're transsexual man should be able to fight women there's a man that's bullshit
you gotta exchange and then didn't tell anyone including any feeling ass a woman homestead the band shouldered exactly air looks just like a man ok i gotta get to sex change sir fighting women in beat the fuck that a two chicks brutally before anybody figured out not just then starvation go to jail for that that's what i say never see south park they go we make of tunnels but he now called as she goes astonished she it's a mutilated man i talk about is because whatever the hell you want to do is what you want to do but like i draw the line where you know you got dude show listen man hansen and you're gonna go up there against christine oddy that's that's not fair nevertheless i'm ago they had that in tennis and this disc was he was kill in it i made renee richards yes i wanted i just terrible does a man didn't do well it all started playing as woman gotta secretaries operation and wishes dominating
just dominating kicking ass an away never kicked ass before yeah let's not nice enough affair well there's a lot of things but there were four that make it an unfair just the frame its also spatial awareness there's a difference in the genetics is also different from reaction time a significant difference ten percent difference between men and women men of a ten percent faster reaction time its that's pretty much year us developing each other in the head and ears of being the first ones out there with a spear are our bodies you just design for different should when we're hunter gatherer as we were hunters in its us to this end in realising wrong not getting a sex change operation whatever god bless you put like to go in the ring with women and beat the shit out of a woman like that's enough especially in more of fighting is one thing if you know this is where i'm getting married ass i this is where i cannot stress from getting it from from feminists and i'm getting it from people that support transsexuals because
they want a transgender woman to be considered a one hundred percent woman and they like a trans what this is the argument i've been getting all online trans woman is woman ass or a trans woman is a real woman you're bigotry and transphobia on transphobia apparently i dont want men together dicks chopped off and beat the shit out of women i mean you know i am one hundred percent support then have like a hot dog and make a giant lay sure we cannot have right now they make like a giant late they don't they day i don't know what they do the cod pino inversion actually mean i'll inversion and then they got alike are they scooped out you take any lectures hard core this has got to be some stuff whenever it is it's like the cross base onto your house you know what's on the likely just listen
if someone was that god bless you guys if you want to be referred to as a woman i am i'm fine with their put like don't get no ring and start no concrete rounded pouting some woman when you now come on take estrogen pills they shot obvious they take shots but in their muscle mass does decrease and their there you know about all generosity has decreased it does but well there's just massive mechanical advance the male frame when it comes to something to combat sports the shape of the hips are different because when all the egotism maggie all the best in the world doesn't really develop a woman's hepzibah completely different structure and when it comes to taking those drugs makes a difference what's up these latter cheesecake that's on the couch saddle bags still lag in a word i didn't like mariah carry built built no it doesn't consists of snow you you know doesn't build a lane like that
brooklyn at bishops you nobody lake at big big mother and hits you did i bet a lot of new problems and he was jogged i'm sure without the icy young fat is fucker and went away but they might what about the neither has down syndrome at once to finally well bloom neatly what will you do that for sure but i thought that dumb many thing about this is that these women in this desire to be super superbly progressive and superstition order of gay rights and transgender writes that there were to allow other women to get the fuck out of them because it's all all women they get upset with me there's a few guys like you guys get upset with me but quite a few women wanted that that transgender woman we recognise as a woman and i said like i am one hundred percent support of some doing that and i'm willing to call them a girl and she and whenever you name it i'm cool with that in mind but
of the fighting manage our lady said the girl spats anathematizing how much resistance of gun from this it's fuckin it's really truly amazing i'll you know i mean everybody's entitled to an opinion yeah but anyone is again stop them from doing anything my people get in order this is just that you kind of known you don't owe me in that area so it's a good thing for them they hid their wagon to yeah we're like i've noticed that a lot of people they don't really get offended by anything that i because there's nothing to attach your wagon to i derive you stand up and like strip mall so yeah i jumped on canada that's usually the punishment if it is not as it end up right yeah what do you know what i mean i'm not a doktor either do like if someone came out like i actually this what annoys me about groups like that as i feel that when someone says something you're offended it's very easy for them to getting contact with us very easy for twitter
spoke all of that to to hear that make sure that their hearing it right to clarify what you say and they don't they want they want to do is create this this this hysteria and then they get you want tv and you're on the split screen and that split screen argument is not about finding some true it's just about meaning and then they go out there and is you start to make a good point they'll doug say that see that that's just the ignorant said they shut you down in it some of the worst tv you'll ever conseil stiglitz relating debate things where you have three minutes to make your point there the das ways to address a complex issue than any but he could ever they just like that yeah that's get came from pity i think on espn was a sport show these two good friends used to yell at each other not yell but they they make great points and it would get heated sometimes and then in they blew up because he nodded
you saw the friendship there were then they would just like all day like when people yellow pages boil it down and next you know everybody says like enough scream always do that they have like some guy who's kids get shot a school and the next to another guy who's like a fuckin one of those militia guys who thinks we should have sought rifles iron and pierce morgan pretends it's a debate they put two peoples is what they do and then they just send back then i that's gonna kill eight minutes what we talked about it on the podcast you know that's when the discussion happened got to the air so they have plenty of opportunity to see what i meant and when i didn't mean but choose to only lock onto like some of the things that i said like it's a guy with no dec you know and that's where they got really matter that's hurtful that's transphobia but technically it's accurate and i understand accurate yeah it is it is it is a guy who had his penis removed s this mean chromium namely that try to look like he had female parts but he's something weird
when you do cromwell intact sweater blown up right now a lot of women have the why chromosome actual just women real women are you know not hermaphrodite you dont know it means women are x x men are x y the why chromosomes the different greater between men women everyone's born a woman i so respect effect even told me that like i'm gonna retain that's not going to comment when you bring that up while this is going on i was thinking of you man have bilbil was in this situation because you know you're just dump it seems like a unilateral with the kurds chris brown thing you're one of the few guys out there that will go there like with with it the bit like that while i know what the fuck she said before he hitter there's a lot of people out there now my thing about that was like a my my question was rent it was an honest gatt and was do you have any personal responsibility
for your own safety as a woman to not deliberately sit there and pushed somebody's button and get in their grill you know data and get physical and head and do all that it gets to appoint of like my thing was i respect the fact that a guy's gonna hit you don't take advantage of it like you know that i am an old that's right or wrong but it was a question that these groups she can't talk to you just want to ask him like do you feel like you know like if you just go away that's why you moms dead then i hope you get fucking cancer to land and just say this horrible hurtful shit start pushing somebody in that second what point are you guilty of of provoking the next level if a woman gotten your face and you were like seriously worried that she was gonna hurt you and you really felt you how to defend yourself would you better not worth it would i would have she would have to have a fucking machete willing at
now i would have to be like i would be doing that stuff just running around the walls i get these cardio where her out you say that women early usually have better cardio them overcomes jargon when it comes to the ones who jog don't just what are the ones who hit you much more likely to have better frustrations and i get now with exercise now i data girl at times she she had some issues about which she would get mad she would get physical and i had to talk to her about it that saying that like you can understand that the natural reaction to this is this you can't just walk round hating me that so disrespectful year and its childish any need to grow up like i had to have that commerce patient because you know it's it's it's in that split second when somebody blast you in the face either man or woman it's like that you go into self defense what do you mean
just a reaction go like that and you know a lot of times guises so much bigger than women that's a forum than their noses blame and then you down the fuckin resolution yea and then you have a problem so my thing in all those what what is it you never learn anything you never learn like was this guy just a bad guy in this was inevitable and what happened in his childhood can we diesel deconstruct this guy psychologically we bore but go back and figure what led to this event or was it like he has no track record of this and then all of a sudden it just right set of circumstances and insight is this guy a bad guy is this guy i'm unlucky guy like like one half but i mean i got it i gotta tell you it's like you know the first punchy flipped me what if i can you know i think we did a job throw in harmony seeds is like at some point you gotta be in your head like i am hearing a woman but the conversation fascinates me and it's such a touchy subject what's annoying is that you can't like mantelpiece
well listen right now that scowl on her face like you can't even you can't unless you just go you are one hundred percent right there is no reason to ever do it and you don't have to respect another human being on any level and you can thrive stuff at them and you can say stuff you you can you know push their buttons and do everything you basically can't get it to that point an end then black but you're not you're not guilty you don't have any responsibility there's nothing that you could do in the future to be like well hey next time you knows relationships over the o over but the next time i'm with a guy you know maybe i'll can a ramp up a couple of floors is opposed to just like do you know that they know what to say now they know what to say and like i do you know me fuckin walls you know how many lamps you just like like they just no they do day for they like will this is what you got the rents i can give you the best advice ever cut them off cut anybody like that of others
people like that my life to try to get invited me of people like that the money on all the time you cut him off even if their hot even if they give good head they got a great ass just you gotta get rid of a jolly murphy gave me the best advice was this young woman ever comes you he goes you immediately lucky self in the bathroom egos and they call the police the executive eliza just like self it because you don't have any strike marks because they can you know he was talking about it you know somebody you was going you know that's a good moon had written on this achievement it's getting me there's no it's about controversy in you know hitting women i've never had a woman ever but obviously i but i can never i could never do it but i would if one was attacking me i would not go unconscious no doubt about it means that if a woman is combined with a knife in numerous jacket and without wanting
that hey maker right to the jobs we take him out take em out stop playing games vienna hitherto blaspheme right in the face most checks are just not prepared for that i prepared for them forever it either nobody is but that's what i would only do it to save my life or new might my safety but you know you never know man i've seen fuckin checks that can punch really hurt my friend tommy i front tommy junior has a girlfriend that works out all the time and we we took at one those can things at the windows but videogame things with a bag popped out and you hid it in a prank you see what you mean any meaning xiv fuckin heads hard right i was looking for you this girl soccer punch me i'm going to wake up and a flashlight my friends do you know you know i don't i don't like i dont like watching when the women fight other only fighting really like it i mean you know what they should do they should haven't fight like convicted rapists and the rapists don't know that the fights gonna happen so there
gotta shape email that prison food aid is go out there that is about to be rapists and the right way class they just get him i knew you could work out the details they just be eleven should still man but the city i want to sit there and i'd stick to sit and watch two women like do you know i hate it when they punches they hit the teddy's sacred in the last five run around in their lives carnation think run around you got up kicked in the texts shut up shut up just before she got back to out you know and you know they have a name for that within this circle of what that feeling is somehow take to get to the text they gotta have some sort of slang for where you know will be funny but i would never want to take the asking was is how bad girls could beat me seven somebody like like three way classes
we will run arouse you but it is one i mean because she's a grab where she just get your normal i did i'm on my right my training has seen a four brothers headlong dual headlights trolling keep it from here too there's a dad doesn't get mad gives it firmly and chin the belt yeah notably because of the lack of semi such when in you always punched in the hair the back there the one single upward and show our universe party we will learn and basically how to build a woman so without really look at what we would do well to each other but i take the but i really think that like it would be great if somehow you could teach women that because of all these drawbacks these guys who do hit women if you can teach them that they could have that to be able to find themselves yeah yeah grappling with is almost always the best option because you have legs a woman's legs and think about it can carry you and your u way a hundred thirty pounds would have
way their fuckin carrying around all day you can do that with your arms so you did know lock a man when a triangle and onboard flock em up you know you really woman like rhonda rousing could break my arm easily she got me in an armchair for sugar broke my arm in others i understand why things they send those kinds of people the jailer grape assistance she just like shoot him in the street like a rabbit dog its shooter school shooter news taunting the family of the victims and i was like a guy with a video some guy was shooter school shootings taunting the family of the victims and those like the only ways he's doing ask zena court and because he knows his laws and things are protecting and they should be that guided death do not in the family that's got to sit there and take that yeah who play by the rules since like you'll never forget him taunting you and just like the fact that he is like
still alive there's certain run the holidays he gets a decent meal the others aspect through law that the those aspects stood all human behavior where we we have like work plagues rules like you have to behave here you have court room rules where you have to behave like this and that allows people to get away with some fuckin ridiculous shit like that without now you spoil act civilized to someone who is a civilised and i get that to a certain point but it's just like you're not going to cure what somebody is attracted to hear so if someone's attracted the kid it's like they have to be removed yeah there's no way you can cure that influenza a not only to have in ruins years that generations and generations to this really heavy taught me with this but it's weird how like those that thing is like what what's missing is like common sense you know
the same can be applied to stand calmly workmen tracy morgan got trouble for joking around about a sun sinews stab son of whose gay we all knows a joke we know it knows just sand is being treated more has been found his dark lately miles out of bounds of yeah continues in that direction that is his whole act is being outrageously but you know like common sense goes the comedian guitar jug though that's that's all it is you know it might not be good you might say what i think is socks that's fine that oh you're allowed me there's a broad spectrum of what people like the danger of joking about certain subjects as if it bombs yeah then here but if it kills i mean everything that ledge desire that legendary line through the one topic said you're fucking trying to get out to your friends at a diner cause you still laughing it was so ridiculous i was use brian holtzman susan smith one susan smithers a chick who drown the kids this mother fucker got on the common source stage
what days later it goes ahead kids were bad kids are they that closer tv didn't pull would oblige us tat there is still a mouth those kids will not be missed and where it is our love larry too soon he's he's a silk required a great one name the comic as i never talked him to confirm it but there was a plane crash and at our ike north dakota south dakota sunlight at someplace and he goes on stage like within the year is making fun of it in some guy in the crowd just stands up any site my wife was i flight without messina beady goes greatly sticker up fucker siphoned off after a while why a united stand a product you don't understand that that's like literally he had go to their habits of wind systems because if you went because if you re like oh my god i'm sorry
his eyes ass she always all what's up with popsicles it's like you gotta get to wait now turn your key your key sir we weren't nuclear yeah that's what it is they bought at a turn a cue to save time and activate who with similar open fog your holy shit we know what the fuck that guy for stand up and say and that is that a comedy show you know i understand i think it's a passive and we're gonna know within the year if you're goin in yet you know i mean jesus christ i didn't i wouldn't go in but i support your right to go and just like joe the cash didn't really shoot a manner reno just to watch him die ok it's fuckin entertainment his is is paying a store and a guy like bright ultimately is a really happy to see outside of trying to get a wife for the guy who actually got shot reno was not in the crowd anyway eggs and yet it was a real event that he was sitting on but that's part that's our business
i'll comedy that's like i love that's no ato and george would do that dice clay we do that date there over the top absolutely ridiculous into something really funny about that i love it and i'm not back down and i'm gonna say the most ridiculous outrageous and it is for its a form of comedy you might not like it but to sit there and then act like this guy really wants to go do and right really meant it ridiculous it also inside if you take that quote and then all of a sudden you put it on a new shall i mean just in the context of it yeah is in saying this i just like we're just taking this one line from an hour the hook performance at a com glove and a different state i eat also funny when there was that sort of rash of those videos the amount of time that people told the joke and killed in the club they would be like controversy at the last factory and then they cut to somebody el the joke and you like it's like ninety percent of people laughed
and a friend it's like there's no controversy exactly two good it's a good show just how they got work yeah and but it an opportunity for all these white nights to jump in and pretend they're offended and pretend that you know to try to get salmon and brownie points and step in and try to know marc some nas their side of the show up if they ever asked you to go on tv for what if they would just like joe rogan the stuff you said most likely no hate growl space comment they why you go on the internet and i'm on tv and indifference because they would they would have control over it but i would have come on the pod cast if i felt like someone had a rational point and they were like worth debating you know maybe especially if i was exploring whether or not i was wrong i mean i thought i might do it and i will go on there the whole time that person was yelling i'll just be
having my dates have very rough brand new jersey where jacksonville i haven't had a piece of paper just pointing the greatest thing like i completely nobody ever calendar a large calendar roll it out this bill burke calendar we see if and when we come to your down billboard decamp yeah that is a good way to because it is fucking joke i mean you your operating within these five minute clips you go back and forth a good solid point take a few minutes doily establish and to give your point of view and a controversial topic you really have to cover a lot of different areas and that's not with it
i do not want you to yell at yeah that failure in the oj that would be the mood move would be to do that just or yellow builders yelling dates you just completely ignore them that i'm getting good at that i had had a incident on on the airplane going any applicant with his this guy like an hour as guy just started like interrogating me he thought some sort of flight risk about what i don't know he was on something i don't know what happened like i was sitting down so he's just a passenger yet announced i dont know if he's a sky ma but here he ordered doors in the beginning any just slammed ning some like this guy's not a scar might sky marshals guys bosun it up so i just goes to me it's like i could just sitting there and he just says i gotta you are you afraid to fly over and unlike what he does you afraid flag on on manfredi fly niggers is you sure because it's ok you can tell me
if you are immediately among others to we may say okay what is this like interrogation one hundred one build a relationship with your subject things you're doing here and i was just like now i guess i do is i guess you know he's kind of vision and looking around like now madigan called he's like us you liked to fly unlike what i'm up here because you know but myself after going back there i don't like it and then he goes he's all right you know but you know you you can tell me if you're free to fly so now i'm just like dude i'm not afraid to fly self any staring at me i put my hand like this to show that wasn't shaken i go i'm not nervous right thanks for asking and then he goes well anybody can do that and also about jesus christ and i just said look dude i'm drinking water you drink endures ok and it was that wasn't doers right not just like i've fucked so i'm sitting there you saw mordred ah you saw mortar
i am sorry said let me get a doors and she brought it over need any through it back like he was drinking baby milk impressive results go starting off guard right so then there's like five minutes of silence more passengers are getting on then the gag oh say i'm sorry manages to just got off on the wrong foot there goes my name so and so what's your name s we like what my name is now second assain sunlike steed you know now or some so i wouldn't any clark i wish i said some silly name you know but i didn't think of when i just went its bill and he goes out clearly goes a long way going to any apple s bill he started the shit and i just look at the guy and i go i might get i don't have to answer your questions
whoa i dont he has no fucking authority is not a sky marshall you're drinking bows you're an asshole what do you want are you afraid to fly covering up yourself we may allow right so then he goes i now now i'm concerned ok i'm concerned ok why are you going to any annapolis bill right says that's right and they closed doors and that their doing all this stuff and i just i just start like a joke in my pocket i just started smirking like rain gosling you know does that little mona lisa smile you just gotta smiles and i'm just sit in a shaking my head the guy right and i'm really taken up my pillow i willingly mask just to say i'm so not worried about anything that you're gonna fuckin do all this passiveaggressive shit this to persist guy off and why you got any type of sport and i just just kept i didn't say anything to most kept laughing just kept shake my head was taxing down and it goes duties because i fucking do this for a fuckin live in such effect their faith and other stuff deleting front turns around starts looking to attacks
down the thing because you don't answer my questions right now i'm gonna hit that call but i will hit that call button i will stop this plain and you will be fucking arrested like saying all this stuff and i've just look at em smile and shaking my head like going push it don't let's see what the fuck this guy larry that's what happens does the pilot nome there's a police pull up to the play nobody can clue so he goes to push it i can't find it it was kind of way placing finally finds it he had the button unlike all the facts at the button is saleratus and i've just sitting there because now you wait you fuckin wait bloodline i'm just sit in a smile and shaken my head adam like too i don't care i dont get you you're not you have no fucking authority you're not gonna hit me you're not going to do anything you're on fuckin something right but i'm not getting that due to tat kind of viable he's gonna punch me out of it up any in the house but he didn't he just had
like that second kid thrown a temper tantrum we wanted like this you must seem like he wanted to be an army ranger but even quite make it already like what you look like he was like a wire reducing good shape you know why redo why like you like that due to shut the trail on martin kid who was really a cop yeah but he wanted to be a cop suit may i have a really is a sacred i like her to squash the whole thing and just been life look i'm a comedian we're going to indianapolis if you'd like to come out to the show i could have done that but i'm a dick i hate i hate fucker i ate authority and this guy doesn't have any so fuck him so i just laugh now we push the button so then the stewardess comes over and she goes yeah i was surprised because the sky is a flight risk i'm not comfortable flying with him but bob i noticed a surprise how few people were looking around people just gonna sit there and sky was wigan out and i'm just sit there and then that the stewardess was like anybody else see any behaviour in the lady was sit in front of him pointed at
and said tat he was breaking any point and she pointed meet you there was braiding him just like perfect i'm literally putting my fuckin i mass down as i'm talkin to discuss a i'm just a guy trying to go to any apple is disguised drink endures unease drop in the f bonnet the i said bomb you know probably wasn't a problem and this guy just doing the sting when he wants to win he wants some sort of recognition of what it whatever the fuck you see the plane still moving not at this point it fuck and stopped it pulled over forgotten part it pulled over and stopped there it's a fucking red eye ok it stops another doors comes over it goes what's the problem any goes through the whole fuckin thing and in this light basically the captain at this point is going do i really have to come back there it's like really the red i fuckin flight last flight of the days to fly combat missions your fuckin boring this is to fly this fuckin bus at all deal with this bullshit i really have to come back there and then they found
ask me said hey are you gonna be comfortable flying with this guy and he i think these they acknowledge that he had some sort of something there since you know i know it's ok scum yoga whatever tat he had some sort of something like some sort of power that like they checked with him likes you stand down sir like the whatever's fuckin spy he thought he was so we get back in line and we're taxing it is hold down the runway i got my i think on and i'm just sit there and he's yap in my ear used to think this is fucking over you think this is fucking over on this point on laughing hold them my stomach gonna fuckin laugh and industry venom nuts and i'm having a fuckin all this guy and he goes on my dad's this to see always some fuckin company in indian and he starts saying that he's gonna have me fucking arrested when i land and he starts described the view i was going to see from the jail like some louder episode how you can get a picture that they take a photo now how could you not have been
video this whole entire time that would be amazing you can as i can educate be in the moment not turn into a film crew had just now because i was areas even better the universe gave me this funding involvement of tone store i don't you know so he fucking so then i got my thanks down many families years going yo yo you let the view from the jail you see lucas oilfields above all this shit and that is why this oil of it as a colds play this please view loaded with such such hacking interrogation any finally said he goes you know what i'm glad i'm glad you know what i think and hope you do something back and hope you do something we're up there and i'm fuckin burst there is none of you do and i was sitting there either blindfold on laughing at him it was driving him fucking nuts it was great so then five minutes silence ten minutes silence goes by and finally thinking that maybe this
it's over or is he just sitting there staring at the side of my head and then all of a sudden i just here rather than starting to not up i just here why you go into indian police bill lab my adrenaline was fuckin go and what was the sly while we're gonna stop the planes is fuckin intensifies is crazy what's going to happen and i told you since i got the kind of watch it happened so then i couldn't sleep solve sidney stupid mask off like a half an hour that file just like i fuckin i gotta take it off and i got to deal with this guy and i take it off and i look over nieces teaches passed out head hang at this fuckin special ops guy you know you should really passed out we should fuckin way lay him with a huge haymakers right in the face and then immediately pretend you're sleep now after some this amendment is seen that's all i sleep now you know what i did was i mean we started pounding waters cuz i didn't have to go the bathroom and i wanted to get up on the plane just to see if he was gonna fuckin wig out again makes them so
new self go to the bathroom slant and a lot of legal have water again i have to go to full of fuckin bathroom like you can't believe in this fucking guys passed out he's now i held it for the last hour he didn't wake up until we landed and then we pulled up to the terminal i got out and i stood up any wouldn't look at me i'm thinkin i probably slept often our feeling fucking weird hopefully and the lady and we got up and she just goes she smiled and she said and i do so i got i was that was an interesting one and then he had the pillow like this job yet a pioneer in some weird position in some sort of like alpha may away he try to get some sort of tough thing the last word he took the pillow and he threw down the head by between his legs any like grunted you really like it through a pillow them what was it that was my trip to indianapolis all and then i worked at a theatre and elmo was there was in the big room elmo and friends from says we saw before him we'll get busted
no no no no this is just the other day this is my past weekend will you know that play played did bunch geisha with kids allegedly allegedly i can't say you're right it illiterate intellectual yeah i'm so what does if i m not on this was agnes was burnt and the count what backstage i had to walk by their just like children like the counts just sidney i put this video up and they made me take it down because i had unwrought rise video of them but like i'm standing down on film and my colleague shit there's bert what's goin on burnt i think bertz wave to me and he's really wavin off like no pictures and this dude in the bird costume comes walking up and is trying to slam the door my face but the peg thing is there it's like i was q video kind away with this characters dec on the show it totally made sense but they
me they made me take this thing down why didn't he tell you do i don't know if i'm legally allowed show you i can show you this right we can you can show it in our loyal will support you about the much when he weighs guys asked no no special slammed the door on that's all you gotta see this big stupid woken up a terribly they took the doom now get your ears i get it is because what had happened and then and then also like if you know i guess if kids it's like three years old some he takes off the bird head or like the big bird costume they just see it hanging in the corner like it really fucks with them so i get it i took it out they asked using them
who asked you the late the lady who runs the tour she she knew i got video and i think i may find it on the pod cast like they did she she did a job she's she's on point i had that thing like twenty minutes and they are just like here take it down take it down as our guy right i'll take you down how's your well aware i look at the way i would legally argue it was legally had the right to be there you left the door open i did not walk into the backstage area i filmed in that was somebody dropped the ball by having a door open so they were the same theatre that you were they were in the bigger almah was playing the big room now the smaller ones there's what would you in an indian indianapolis this is after all there is after that do that psycho the psycho on the plane this this whole business is all trade is past weekend yeah what do you do you we don't egyptian dear beautiful place never done doing the morale you're that now i've never done stand up
indianapolis great was a phenomenal time adjusted nashville you reduce aims gazillion times falcon love that i saw you tweet whether if the museum of pictures that you get you can get some comedians like oh my god who is a ridiculous i think a picture one of my body i mean this thing before my eighty four and he had that all boy i'm gonna make it that look on his face even though that that wide i was it i've never been fought but more not i'm gonna get em i never name names that name names because then what's gonna happen as people gonna go there and they gonna take the picture they retreated to the gaining momentum but there's nothin we're not in writing that either joe if i'm a true friend at a guy i don't do that you give it throw em right under the buzz is not really serves as a low and rocks is really reminded me of landed the lost because a good for you himalayan rock salt i knew that i know you did course designedly miserly put it in there and that salted just like goes india ports
yet the hatch i don't you know crave bacon anymore not done cured me of everything a masturbate near the milliner gossip the dead the headshot wall nashville one at one the guys in the war was well there's a bunch of the dead now that's willing tennis wolfsburg beast richard the reality is on the web rich agendas he is what my all time grades fire piglike ten top ten now use any was on that carlin run through where he was people's put not like putting out like bone bobo like an hour our but unlike carlin he was upset he didn't want to do that he wanted to be like jim carry and i want to be a movie star and he wanted beside fell they want to have its own show or something similar ones and it just didn't click firm yet he would do you know is be bombed hours on the road i would always hear stories from people at work and clubs of them loose unhappy didn't want to be
the road they mother guy was brilliant now so i was just ate like you can even large shit it's gonna go do not have a tv show once you start selling tickets and it's like i play hockey a state like three and a half you have you never gonna get any free of anna and you're gonna get a show but it's not your show its initial i compared to like when your parents when you were a kid they give you a bicycle you norman it's like they gave the bicycle jewel bicycle but when you screw up they take the but you get grounded may take the bike away so it's not really yours even if it's your name on it you know you not an adult yeah i like you but you're going into like the matrix so i i would head sits like a real sort of epiphany that i've had in this business that i have that information out i don't know what to do with it cuz it's not like i'm going to start my own network i gotta know what we don't have to do anything other than what you doing you had your great stanhope comedian does a thing being stanhope comic allows you to say whatever the fuck you want what you were saying nobody gets in case if you say something far out because the not connecting you to show
not saying all bill borough fox news said this right now it's just bill burke median out a lot of advantages yeah too right where i am so i'm kind of like in its do you do pressure from like agents or something to do the things i dont know grandma i want on nice run doing some movies and a couple of tv shows and his great but i like doing the movies because i can see the light at the end of the tunnel right like it's ok we have you for three to six weeks old eminence echo k and you know i'm just gonna do this my mom hammer this out normalizing let them be on time and in a professional and once i get through this then i'm gonna were you don't know weekends you know i'll go out to like flaps burbank these they sharp and then once that's over i go back on the road and i get going again but like the hold the idea of being on a tv show playing the same guy for potentially five years is overwhelming to me scary yeah it's overwhelming and i especially those people who do like one camera shows like how hard
they work like they did doing like it's like you you twelve thirteen our days of like go on you know has gone off his great cut back to one yeah i've gotta go right cut it out this time do as no hay has it go in and then cut ok would turn in and around we do the master nor like they they work harder than i ve ever worked in my career you like stand up is in real time you go on at eight do one hour and its it's done in an hour you chewed an hour of tv one camera and it's like you're gonna be like those people that such a tremendous respect for how hard people work on those things and i think i have the work ethic single camel shows what you're talking about a few folks not another the terms of the business like law and order or most dramas sitcoms with those that fat little they use many cameras in front of alive audience and that's even
that's hard in the beginning they get rolling then it becomes pretty easy like when you didn't radio how soon before you guys like ok we're not gonna come in monday did you ever get that oh yeah yeah yeah we got to the point word sometimes winning come on tuesday come on monday or tuesday would do a whole show in three days because they would have a problem with light the script soundly wrong scrubbed like we would have script changes like the day of like many like crazy script chain as well as those with a day's man like if i in i wish that those things would come back because that will really was it's the dream took arms acting gig here my greatest acting gigawatt time but quite ass when i did it i really appreciate stand up when it was over i was happy was over i mean it wasn't happy because i love those people that i worked with and it was a great show but i wanted to do stand up in our and the same thing with fear factor fear back too much clearer
he's radios way more fun and satisfying to do but saint but it's over mike stanhope is just the and then now stand up at podcasting together i would say i gotta be happier than that i can't i would even though you are saying that you have sea which is a great gig i love the usa but if anything ever came up with the us is that you have to choose between one of the other ability goes you're a good time to bear yourself yeah that's the game well now we say that they pull it s like apparently guy but they fuckin paul you were too generous when i would when i first came to new york city or they would be guys who just work one club why would you ever do that now all you need is one falling out and you have no spots gotta you gotta be playing field so they they can't they can't get yonder there yes that's very important well that's what i'd with a comedy store when i was living away when i was working in a laptop time i did the comic
or every week and i didn't do anything else very rarely did anything like sometimes i did thanks sometimes i did the the improv like for new year's something like that but almost every week and i was at the store and then when i have that out the stars like what am i to unlike why why allow them to have any power where i work don't worry fuck it yes back that's that's a good mentality in some sometimes can i get up to now and stop don't stand up when he was don't home programme because he had the like real for the time a fairly blue act and he was doing super family show who it was a b c i think he was the apple or whether it was not blue but mentally controversial i will look guy like that emit i'm a guy who whose career started right out
we got out of jail and so i hope that crisis like listen i've paid my do i get up a grudge any those guys who could get to the point where they just say i just want to go on the road anymore i'm happy with the show and in our riding on a show like i totally get that like if it is you know it is it's like none of it is selling out if you're ok with it right what's living selling out it's it's an internal thing not it's not other people saying at its literally like if your if you're not ok with it and you do it any ways because of the money than yourself out but if you're all right with it and be like this i'm married i got a couple of kids this is an easy acting gig i can be here my kids grow up like that's not selling out here listen i don't think anyone well the only thing sewing selling out as if you stop doing what you do as well like if they come out you and say bill in our we really like the way you play drums we watch the ban thank god i wish i would have liked but no toxic
in a more targeted real you say who is though it out but you wouldn't be able to do and i would just love somebody compliment my drama you always want to cut like compliments on your head we re i so much better oh you say a dentist goddamn you're good dentist amelia these but actually disease are definitely like why did you build those cabinets fact i don't like so drew the that you know you suck at so true like my poor playin that's probably the worst thing that i do but if someone compliments my pirate you're good poplar i am but i'm not good poop where for a pro thousand professional and also for a regular person though i fuckin jesus christ we're your professional but if professional said i'll play good it s so successful you're you're trying to get you just don't wanna like be able to beat the guys down at the dave impostors or whatever ground round growl around angle the ground you know as always
they never showed the regal beagle what the fuck became another set our budgetary like very much ass out of the risk of being the legs like oecd larry upstairs to talk in threes company for the youngsters larry upstairs was crushing back i was probably the first herpes case i'm not about him was he was just so crushing ass it didn't didn't care and in the character was not considered offensive that guy exist yeah that's the guy who's never relationship and it's just you know that ass they are going there was like the early eighties right wasn't it late seventies and early and late seventies early eighties i love that show scrape i worry that and they were both ought chrissy janet what about the middle and no problem with any of them which chris user ferret nurse want the fraudulent suzanne suzanne summers that's over like just like a fine person to put that setting up a perfect over said that no through anything like fun
do you think you can cook whether she she she's perfect i got almost like the quintessential story of someone getting too big for the bridges and fucking up in hollywood though her shoes massive hit show and she demanded so much like her each man and whatever they were trying to leg squeeze every ounce of of blood shy to do that the next fair so the show like locked her out though a girl you're on the phone now you don't even like they did did episodes where she would call in like chrissy would call in ok guys are you burn like eight funded the writers have writing now saw they must not so much fun and they got get rid of her colony in all its brutal reality and she was fuckin basically done i mean bozo iceland i did after the great what legs when she did the thy master she's pretty but i don't think she had legs like women today's sheriff she did that for a minute
we want today have fun like muscles like this it was like women today to do at cross fit they do a great lifting and share their like a different shape to miss morland midi shape she didn't have their boat then they those seven these bodies in the pretty good to me with that that i still remember the thing i just said and i forgot it but fire master thy master spring stupid fucking thing i should be good if you were working on your guard especially one slash two card look really clamped down do you have card why don't you sleep in a little max like you invented it that would be hilarious if you could joe rogan you just laying on your back opening your legs and closing want to squeeze you want to feel it right here this is how you're going to tap right here present good view pussy muzzle what it'll help postal trainees really tighten up the jug space tighten up you new thing there she is actually she does look very pornographic delicious
that was a long silence now many many coke spoons run the others not heard it has lady coca fake one always at it isn't something actually went to a cut her concert georgia has a fuckin sick body are your minister did your monster what is a monster and if i wanted to see and i went there how was it room before i was there i had eight beers how about i was watching a football game and i showed up we took care i'm such a jerk lapierre and i thought i was behaving myself and the next day i was like see we just had that via around me and i was like combining i wasn't bad last night was actually just kind of gives me a look at i got i guess just sharing that she goes bill you screamed jesus fucking christ
i go i didn't want you guys you gonna like three back in time because she kept doing this self help portion in between every song every king song india japan don't worry about like legality we got it it's ok to be afraid to sing you fuck inside and then she would sit there are one point she goes like you know how you guys i'm in a good turn because if you're not you know i don't give a fuck we will though when she goes i said i don't give a fuck far greater than she goes to the debt the backup dancer trevor do you gonna foggy like i don't give a fuck i just can't always gives rise to get on with the not given due to truly don't give a fuck you you don't sit around talking about that's like that
jerk off on the play god we get up there i'm gonna ex lawyer that even do shut up to sleep mass gone how easy it's gonna be hollow ngos is lady gaga trousered when the patriots lost in the play us which is by no means nothing to you we lost the ravens it was at the staple sir i told them restructure least eighty four computer then about procureur god damn i told him about actual ass now as far as like oh said suzanne some and they just don't have hair like tat anymore that like back and that didn't have weaves back dumps look at those legs since delicious rightness the time she mastered and she's like fuckin fifty seven years old now stewards good it's pretty amazing i mean not real good but like if you were on the walking dead nearer the was with her and there was no other choice than to grab your deck he would say let's do this i am she hasn't it
just recently passed yea it's one you wanna put who is your who was you when you were in the seventies about my agent yeah so like in the seventies like who is the one gaza the alien she just it wasn't even closer magazine i mean that poster rather was on everybody's war was inside one point to one photo and it was on literally every fucking wall of every adolescent boy alter out of me i wasn't girls by going back then he member back in those days they had posters of boys they didn't girl idols they would put on their war but was guys had a fuckin poster affright fail gas something happened along the way and girls to prevent posters of girls in the walls and dies or to have imposes of guys in the wall here that's that's the fair or less water to remember i had had the playboy that she was in what she's naked but she sitting with the knees epps you can't see anybody almost can i think i was like maybe eight years old and i was looking through it and i think it was the first
time i mean i know a thing about my body i think i had an orgasm but nothing came out i don't know i was looking i was looking at the picture and i just kind of when i want i got i like that that breathing i would like in any case what i hate the fact tri treaty story sunlight this like when you love the big able to go back to that innocent we could look like a jordan marsh catalogue in your life if you like sums set we're terry skirt blower knees and mr calves you could believe it like i'm a convention touching a woman's calves like you dislike you just never have then innocence well again does but guys you dont get laid they sort of have that in real life with girls when they see a real girl in real life that you know at work gore at the jam or something like that we're it's almost like who simply she's worthily right who where'd you get that
this is like up yet that's a girl by all my father but ok whatever do when i was a virgin when a good looking girl talk to me my face turned red just just like it was so overwhelming i didn't even know what to do you just like oh my god like i know you're not at my bodies not functioning i have that well our global reality this tastes like the milk at the end of cocoa pos yes adds dead on its own how can the seventies fair fawcett congo mom it's good stuff it's coca it some cocoanut water and in coffee and express as espresso and it's fucking delicious delicious salacious uk jackson voice oh yeah on the rockies when she was married might anchor i wanted to be mike tanker who's that it was on the urgent riker whose who's the check that was on t j hooker all that was the one who has been on everything i ultimately was married to her
guys had a lovelier has evoked have was on her on teaching hook ma am was an issue at the lock so one of the greatest thinks that one of the greatest like moments ever as a kid this a manly mad if she is lasher so young man that's crazy what happens if a tearing guys at the guy from dance fever the territorial area that guy stuck i was is and who is a dutch that up the ground like i want my to pay to look like any dates area he went nutty what is to be a big fuckin fat thick one those are curly and shit i never knew what was it adrian's amid he was there on the six million dollar man remember that any
any terrio and then adrian's men write his history is the greatest like when i was like manly moment that i saw that i wanted to be this guy was when fair faceted like that to three guess guess spot episode on the six million dollar man remember that any he had liked whatever those fuckin those jean jack it's what the matching slacks with the collar coming out of this guy could jump over house beat up like ninety guys beat up big foot right and punch second in the face to make his face when he fought the seven million dollar manny member that this year's yeah together making that noise and all that and then he got to bang her out just like i want to be this guy when the great can anybody pull up the clip were fight those guys in the snow and the black eye they get slow motion go into the air is right when bruce lee hit and everyone was trying to imitate them so the black dude is flying through you got it you don't i was my mind was blocked show is it million dollar man didn't he
the seven million dollar it we're talking about at the bus stop like there's no ways win before the six this guy seven so we go to a fight course they filled the drama wrestling with the six million dollar man is losing guys you saw it wasn't powers booth was the actor he's done a bunch of stuff he was awesome actor and finally what s up happening was he punch the guy's face off it was like a gully mask was really bad his face comes off and then there's all this robotics under there and then he takes the steel gerda do the leg hollywood hills film on this thing it he picks up steel gerda and just entails the guy goes right through him it was like seeing a rated our movie for me i couldn't i couldn't i could believe who is this a million dollar madame looking at this level who is she was ignorant daisy duke catherine park you know what the worst thing that happened to her ass she stood alive now come on pays his eyes jobs as well
saint tie all although mohammed she did for you guys know about it turns a motherfucker micro i told you i met her remember things you want to join for a photo jihad is six years ago she just sitting there my holy shit there's tasty duke right there and no one was talk nor did he was a singer like look like chessboard ever might walk unwilling hey can i can get a photo she's yeah tenders and like oh no i my own camera this and take a photo negotiates tenaya oh no i'm sorry thanks to an what a i loose twists download gold going shorts and everything it did i hope you get another gig desserts we have we'll get six billion dollars manned versus the seven million dollar man go check that out online the video six linda mad verses suddenly a doormat as one of the most ridiculous fuckin thing on my sanity i've i sat down and pajamas sitting in a bean bag watching our model tv with legacy riveted the other a racing seven million
our manager slightly ahead of men the race but they're both white so during the race everything has to be in slow motion because otherwise we will be able to realise how ridiculous you take these fuckin guys we're special he's gotta the seven lindorm as slightly out of steve austin with his heart and is american no i just can't quite keep up sk of golden rudy either that lunatic they don't make harry just like that you know that that is classic i've banged every broad you ve ever wanted to four down below the this the solar plexus too if you ever get led community measures on this point is he still rome yeah this thing about him he's there he is a very rare space where he was on three shows that all went disengaged indication he was on the big valley played a cowboy he did the six million dollar man then he did the fall guy and they all went youngster
heather luckily i think might ahead for an different shows that want to indicate that went five years activity like good luck charms which just like we gotta get this person in this show it's gone it's gonna go i've done what i wasn't that guy who do not are you ve got a guy with black here is a different guy maybe this is the first seven million norman there's more than one i've been on two shows that events indication i go work you got one more will know that you're in that rarefied ere you you'll do it makes us think of them think this this since indication earlier one hundred right what kind of show could they learn you back i'll do anything let's talk about because i did talk about it and they don't don't but the new things fine against lunch after its drafting it's gonna be fine
but it's a lot of i think they are not skin evacuees yeah show after that kind of crafty it's you may locked guns were based on like thousands ufos barefoot chip we're talking about rascal what but that garrett guy the fighter that has down syndrome i date they ve been much showing him on espn like crazy and at first like that's kind of funded by he's actually pretty good of you and it seemed too much about it have avoided it with because i'm terrified that how are they would make it into my act right to stay here what about him fighting the transgender i think the transgender women like men to women should fight transgender women men and will see what the better combination society should be more acceptable and they will create a whole new clare training training fights that's was even say tragedy you'll see if you say train age average over the world
it's time for transit fighting lukewarm there used to be do we suggested this guy you said is good yeah yeah me you're the only thing oh like i don't like to just like the transgender lady thing i you dont know if he's a hundred percent you know like it should he be able to fight regular p is he fighting a bore a regular yeah i think he was i in this video that's fine on espn dot godaddy com i think that he actually frightened video while in these fighting stephan banners in his corner yeah see
no i can't watch is worth immediately start taking a bit and she's not in the fight she says commentator scurry here get out of it by thirty look at he's gonna black eye and stuff yeah that'll this guy i hear this is what's going on here ok so here fuckin power doubled quick while i would think that his reaction time would be not so good i would be concerned that you're gonna need be do more damn like our yeah now it's true not doktor bur here thinks that i mean it is some consider it's gotta be another kid out there with the same thing and then they can go out and they got it you can't you can't you can't you can't do this defined in so much fucked up about turkey get manhandled man they could see like the way that guy thrown to the ground like as a good groundwork
i think gum does there still shown a lot of studies now more than ever about brain damage and fighting and if you already have an issue i will i would say like just get involved jujitsu jitsu go go grapple by a train and draw he'd right jujitsu fine can you gonna like really intense highly competition and you know get hit in the head getting him that ban unless you want to fight for a living unless you want to be a professional fighter i dont advise get hitler had at all there but its good work to get a train and if you can learn from people trust we hit each other full blast like you take hard to the body into the head and you just punch like soft the face these guys are monster tat too where energy tighter yeah maybe they're letting pretty match even more evenly matched some
well yes i use are happy that he fought many jet can take that away from home address the problem with fighting is the real problem is that you know you're me you're fighting on credit you're essentially finally on brain credit an ear you want to go out there and throw the men in open and see what happens but when you getting tagged you owe that later you oh that's gonna come back and come back with interest my comeback six years now five years now i've met guys donum known them when they were fine and then seeing them fucked up and it's not just one and it's weird to say when you know a guy for ten years and then you talk to him you seem like looking around you guys know where he is he's a fucking slurring his words sound like he's hammered so weird
drunk whose true someone that's how they soundly seller drowsiness insists from taking shots yet this ain't like and it fell football you know these people predicting that it's just gonna not exist like at least in the form i have the solution you get you gotta go back to leather helmets yes you just go back to that and you bring all the equipment down this isn't like this is like dont cherry talked about that in the end i shall like deep would what used to be like these spongy pads when you played aki you know you can you move the patchy somewhere in his plate sport now they like this hard plastic and i just took up the game and it's like do i've i've fallen on the ice with nothing and it is in my age if they get hit by truck you get all equipment i do it's larry's it's just you like you feel like a robot
all down another hurt now you get these guys were they lately hau fat they can skate like twenty five miles an hour sultan and they combine they catch you with that hard piece of plastic it's like it hit with a wrench like i saw guy marks have already got hit as he was fallen through a shot got hit spun around a hundred degrees and came back and he's never been back one hit really one here yeah do domain it he hasn't been back conor right your jaw any speed spot relegated obviously got it and i don't know i'm animal shit like a high level concussion he was a phenomenal player and so people are saying we gotta go back
to that cause i'm legume that the path we have when you were younger like you hit stuff you still felt it right you know and then pads would start to where our attitude towards the season you know and then they would hurt but now it's just like this stuff it's so incredible if you like i play odyssey non contact so it's great so few fall down you don't hurt yourself but this stuff and like the and each other talkin about that talking about like in the nfl like having guys starting from like so like a stand up position with the hands out because they every place i cannot bone to slam in their heads together repeatedly when you play the whole game you got like whatever i don't know forty fifty plays slammed your head into another guys had fifty times stagnate and then you play sixteen games where i'm not novices beyond my fucking capability sixteen times you ve and it's a lot a coin is you get me in the hell are you there
people are realising that you know one when ball came around when it became popular double the amount of data that they had brain trauma and to what they have today its whispered prick minimal and now we have a sort of accurate view the landscape and we now i gotta you're taking a fuckin serious changes it when i think about the helmet what it does is really it protects beyond a certain hit all its doing is protecting the skull you won't get dented skull but like your brain is just get slosh round so somebody has to come up with something i don't how big would they have only where it can kind of like like your head just sits in it is the home of moves around they do not very my watch recently i'd like i have such a poor signs background just started like like sites is like it's incredible right
was it the domicile you ever heard of just such a moron believe that was the damas science is coloured incredible i'm gonna go out on a limb it say is the dumbest thing i'm going to say this year i really hope that that was the low point if that's where you're leaving in science we find scientists like really incredible well you also cut out that bill on more after that was just so with super neat now just watching this thing on gyroscopes when i was a kid they were called hops and despondent stared out and they weren't telling you what was going on this guy like gets this gyroscope going and he puts it on like a cone and it's on the side in it in my world is defying gravity it's just going around this thing and i dont get how it works i dont get what's goin on there was a lot of them out there if you want
you didn't you just did i explain a bad you just can i guess i don't know gyroscope what does it look look at gyroscope unknown jars groupers it yet but it's because they like success because other rosati about sex you know tell me i know it new boom boom what is it just at the moment a gyroscope so what's in those those sideways at the gyroscope yeah i think it's in a helicopter i think it's in a helicopter masons mean that it would balance our helicopter why finally figured if i read that in figure out they told me like i'm discovering helicopters to dead back thing the back rotor is to prevent the thing from spinning around here that's why when it did shot in movies the fuckin helicopters tsunami times i saw that i didn't realize it that's what that things function was modest understanding i hope after gyro not only sizzling up gyroscopes you gotta see this guy what it would it what am i looking
for just it i'm just accident gyroscope ok and this guy i swear to god he's gonna do something that's a better magic trick that i've ever seen anybody do in vegas discharge scope on you too but the little tiny thing i see this this guy this this fresh face this carrier now that's not it god damn is that what you said son of a bitch the the reason why you could ask as it's going so fast so is pushing down in august gravity said like you could have on the side of it anderson was active our sooner disappearing exists ass i hang you guys say something funny as this is coming up in the first one this winter here we got aeroscope its online it's up their bill otis look so what you wanna be is get to ok guys eurasia rigour yeah get you about a minute forty and somebody
the love of god explain to me how that works out are factors that rapid that's its balancing the spinning around in a circle here and it's not hidden a floor until it runs out of momentum spinning aeroscope balance on a string that's amazing that is magic jimmy that's why those sideways work somehow another what i'm just not that does the technology that and then some dumb ass like me can get on one leg then slam into awoke with around one just think about a phone you know that use everyday nobody due to its if i'm ever like if there's ever power outage i'm get one of these if i have to entertain guess this we start spent in this thing had generously and his love of rock right there people can be blown away like look at it you started i can't power outage there's gotta be people dumber than me that would actually
into our for sure have you got any kind of videos and physically impossible it is pretty amazing was it have to its base do i swear to god you could actually how down the average person is like i consider myself an average person you gotta bar with one of those think they literally like five bucks and you could just like blow checks minds with the squire you think they wait vacuous anybody ever gonna because of a gyroscope issued if you weren't a cape and must show in what they think it's over the table was with big point he read things again ocular and then you do when they ask you questions as you delay for a second stared at them like your mysterious like rank tossing and drive i can't write gosling dry that he did not think that the way things like mine fucked you like what's going on with what's happening here yet he did the broken guy thing like stars programme oh yeah for smile and i completely style human apology completely stole out with internet flight into i would just like i'm gonna do a rank awesome
i have this look at my face like i just got a fucking u wife and there's nothing you can do about who you and i handle the most definitely out had told the flight but lady i would have been the one turned please go yet scarf affordable as sons and now i would agree with me sleep next like fucking low you think maybe your ex gets over like autistic or something like that i have three shows to get to them it was another he wasn't good i just you know just like no when you never europe's i know i just know he wasn't gonna do anything and i knew if i didn't i was sort of feeding it i was being dick i was being a dick but so me actually set a great thing when it when he came around you should have invited to your show that we have a great they said he should give him tickets i would you should old school you actually had tickets opened up and talked about it instead i did open with it that night did you really yet i was still kind of weird it out by some kind of came out as creepy rather than so i just would like art this is this is more of a podcast story so
we are what percentage of you're you're crowds now podcast crowds of people know you from the past no idea when you say it d do if he mentions eyes yes always on in our thoughts but i think that their there it's like they're into the specials them into the park ass it then you just its great mainly to carve out your own little store on the internet this is me this is what i do you like it come on out and then are you it was you just never fuck em you always come out with a new our and you never take a show off you just don't fuck em cause that's the relationship when they said love you it's basically i love you until you suck don't fuck me yeah that's basically occurs don't know each other so i understand the responsibility of the day we try to have good openers i just want to are the wire good show you came out good time go out there for can take pictures kiss and babies
can hands it's great guy i really like afterwards at first i didn't like going out there but that was more my awkwardness and then like my issues with that shit but now i ve actually icon and those eyes did not like super trunk those people you know like they are motorboat your face is invading do you fell flat avanti like like compliment the user like spitting in your face like that becomes were then it's like you know i have the exact same attitude these extreme outed about the audience like the camphor come the early i keep getting free shit so i love keeping the park he asked why i love you now that the the idea you're always can have them as long as we keep providing good contact lenses yank coming up with new material and you can't expect anything more out of it as i've done the same thing i love bands in the eighties and then they stop the shock and i never bought anymore their albums and am i really fast like i like you when you do good stuff you do stuff i like
why did i ever had a big girl to a fear of that one when i was first come up that that guy sort of seem to have it and then lose it and there's a lot of guys fall into that category that were really funny at first and then loss to include two temporary and i will mention one i mean our honeybees feelings but as far as dead guys kennison my favorite example that citizen i thinking like eighty six eighty seven was the greatest guy ever nothing was funny comics ever ever and then when i came along and i came along and eighty eight that much citizen like like three all time there behind like prior them carling body of work or belgrade will cause we just have to like it's all support yeah i don't i put carlin mean allowed people be personally for this parliament fourth what's all have worth all time and meet the sum is getting a punitive mad man you know you you could put hooks and for the current position
when you having hicks had this sort of ground breaking sort of new take on stand up that is i heard so many other people the sort of thy branch down that path that i always put him right up there in its essence a bad thing something like rush right in the airport some people like lead zepplin john bonham in that thing never but who cares leisure in you just want to be in the argument yeah for me it's price all time number one fires number one and then it's it's canada and then hex and then then carl but does it through line to that that order that makes sense to me like i can see that you the obvious at midnight i know that you stand up obviously but like this like that order our act like i just saw some unlisted like that i'd be like ok the sky he likes this style in ornament i'd like kennison is is like if he had just come out the other side
where like it see my key like just found every pitfall yeah man stepped in every fire travelogue alcohol thing ways like we like eighty six like that mean that was one of the euro has first letterman spotted is fucking anvil just a five in the studio you can feel like we have no idea what this guy's gonna do man this guy and he came out and did not disappoint but if you look the difference being the first one and the second already started like whatever he was going through but i remember when you got all cleaned up and he was guinea was common back it was really like to stevie raven thing like really just got all cleaned up turn in and around in his sight o my god if you know when he died they found cocaine system there was never really cleaned up i wasn't claimed to be cleaning but it wasn't clear how do i know that the cause i know i know everything about him i mean is first while his brother aretas book read his brothers book and talking rises violate below it so my theories with facts
he will get a guy the other day about do you know when you stand not stage you're gettin booed and i and i just was like you know that really inspired me you stood there and the door just cite yeah i was so high at anyone here the booze just let me that fantasy cause a fantasy fired me my fantasy version of who you are that even go fuck a crush me i got to see kennison as i was an open mica like as a start now i got seemed live at least twice i think to only twice but at least twice and if i can sacked both times karla bow was better than him doesn't make any sense the bow opened his opening act was funnier more energetic better material actually had material can assume like cheerleading by then it was already over
by eighty nine was already over he would go up and he would he would do like this cheerleading thing about like drinking and drive and we're gonna do it who got drunk god we're gonna put off because we do it every fuckin i'll need it but it was there was no jokes the jokes were gone all this shit about the african children like why don't you feed him you right but it's not like you don't lose that aegis he was adjusting and right as he was coming out of it evidently still was coming to fix that according to you like i would have loved to have seen what that guy was gonna do because i don't think you is done and this is why i think it was done i think you could only do coke for so long crush me i'm sorry i can i held hold on my dream that he would come back anybody could i in forty five good governance of fuckin caille shakes start doing hell sprints and shared but do you know denizens story his life stories of fascinating one because using working until he got hit by a truck
hit by a truck and really is suffered like some sort of a traumatic brain injury and after that became reckless whose while this fuck is like a completely different kit whose like cancer and it goes into an tennyson one was like a normal every day all a man seven he got cracked then you get hurt real bad and from then he was reckless does wild in own it did a lot of crazy shit man in new fuels back at his life like his impulse control was lacking exist and the many fuck karla both wife karla bow was opening right easy losers i'll talk to you about what we might say it any other worth keeping how can our carl found carl found oh that's right his daughters father ass he thought of his daughter was fuckin sam kensington his best friend the yeah wholesale craziness man creating a siege yeah you hate to see that but i learned a lot from watching them
we learn in the beginning what was possible when i saw him his first hbo specials does the greatest me everything i couldn't believe this is even common like then lay like someone figured out this new way of doing comedy then to see him just become really shitty after that housing while that can happen like you need to know that that has happened i think it into our and the guy yeah because he die prematurely you're talkin garlicky still alive in the nineties he died in the nineties to i'm older than he was when he died yeah so i know i mean like you know i'm just saying like he was poland himself out of the mud and then died i'm right is like it just gets caught off so you have no oh you you give him a break as he's dead a pseudo yes i am because it's like you're making it seem like those last few years that's what that's all he's gonna beat you can't say that miles i only have a short your podcast you right now it's possible that he could come back there was no evidence of news coming back the material
he was doing was shut it was it was just poorly thought out it was like you never sat in front of a fuckin notebook and actually wrote it out anymore you didn't didn't tightened things up and right you're killing i'm sorry my favorite is i mean these like right up there with funding that's what i get for john bonham what's your favorite drama would you talk about those thirty two that's a lie gator town universe fan he was so big he couldn't get over the floor times here at vienna floor thomas erector because he was so fatty couldn't get around another means no you just said that scares allegedly he had with him war of harm fifteen inch ragtime by the end of it but suddenly gigantic it usually you may see sing sing sing when the guy plays bogged down to dump down on the floor
right that's a florida is guy allegedly was so fuckin fat you could get around to him so he just at this giant fuckin do unease younger when he's younger he's doing is he's doing is triplets and he would do this thing where it was just like kicked left right and then it was about bomb and then cross over and then back in us by rapporteur divided up about it and we did like a ninety miles an hour you seem at royal albert at the height of his fuckin powers dude unbelievable drama and then as he got older than finesse was was incredible like he didn't he didn't like he didn't have to do all that to get the same kind of power and but what people would do is they would do you know the people like traffic would get not do so
to keep people like the what you dont kennison commented the bottom up just now listen i'm not i'm just tell the truth he fucked up and it's good for any young guy to say that we are out of his any young comic i think it's important to see that that's possible out it are caught up in his own wave and he became a caricature became like i just hired you becoming a caricature of yourself i can i didn't you come out and all you do just throw a kicks the coming out with a speed bag comedy speed up risk of overages go and yet jump a thousand i was it you know that you took a steroids test during his special what he had a special way he everyone was saying he was on androids because you get really big on body building magazines and stuff so then in an all stem from some comments somebody may we took a shirt off at better pull a classic sensitive performers and then he just went the other way with various became like
shred of was shredded that's working from somebody mug marked his bill able i mean i will talk about magazine article i read like in the aid so he our big like this so he has a special after what he does like actual rose and use all these guys and in the beginning of it somewhere towards the beginning he has a guy in a lab coat come out or something you sent up sam taken royds whatever so the bans playing goes us each basically i guess peas in this cup norway and he does his whole special and the special ends in this guy comes back i wish that the classic i'm a doctor lab coat and it comes out in his eye what's the verdict you may go it's clean he's like its clay and half an hour i swear it like itself to say it out loud is so nuts i'm starting to wonder if it happened and i apologise if i if he's listen i got it wrong i really should have done it we google learn hullo said goodbye never gonna decided it's gonna be
i dare say it well job here nepal has recently been brought to the limelight bio being anthony opium anthony been guph joe basketball they had him on the show and aid they fuckin tortured him was beautiful but me be because of that more people like looking up his stuff because on people started they started like tweeting me joe pisca concert links and videos partial peaceable johnny dangerously scenarios raynham it shoot through schools i love them he was great but stairway test we did the sinatra thing with eddie murphy it was a great deal that was great yeah no i mean but but it's also undeniable that loss fuckin marbles and disappeared yea he a p appeared to undergo a judge drug test during a show
i have one that's when you would everybody's got that moment you create you'd like to have it back i can watch a stolen yeah in his hbo special he appeal two undergrad drug task during the show is appeared in anti steroids public service announcements he became the subject of controversy in the early nineties after appearing appearances of his newly buff physique on the covers a fitness magazine you read it led many to speculate he was using steroids doo doo doo doo i mean he wasn't that big design he got a great shape but you can you can pack our lot away without its juvenile brian frazier oh yeah you're bribery when we were in boston brian frazier was way bigger than joe basketball news hundred percent natural he's a big
now that i've ever met by absolutely know for a fact was one hundred percent natural he was so big he would go stage with a t shirt on and i told them you can do any more mighty can do because no one's pentagonal i know you and i'm not penitentially fuck you're talking about yet giant alarms me bodybuilder his answer twice as big as my neighbour fuckin enormous let s go come off you gotta button doubt you just gotta do something where people are not getting distracted by the fact that if these fuckin legs grown off your shoulders he was so big big dark and i've never understood that didn't like the canaries people would have to beg that's not funny people people want to see somebody up thy people of their fairies don't have a beard a beard is bad i mean they need to see your facial expressions just so much harsher did you hear those theirs fuck yeah they added just try to find new and beer work parameter for that nobody could tell you anything area
what made you look hedberg use stage no nitrogen entitled sunglasses on who would ever tell you you should go i've clause would sunglasses i was awesome nobody could tell you how the fuck me
a cage fighting commentator understand of comedian they'll tell you can't do both what a fuckin black hole is like so many like he like what with that guy like i just still kills back turned at anyone known that well i met him a couple times but like amateur something like that guy i mean who's brilliant oh my god willing so fuckin originally i you just sat only just became a fan for some song was an ugly old largo are now fairfax and what was awesome was who's this guy who ran the room whose good run in the romanian real difficulty eggs from those guys withstand apis it was so difficult he wasn't likeable and he would just go on stage eolus guys adjusted come on stage and used for whatever reason whatever they put out the crowd just hates bright and he went up the edges flailing flailing flailing and so he's running the roman then he brings up
hedberg and hedberg goes up there and just instantly is killing and he was doing shit like what have you got mad at fruit is crazy jokes use rallies i fuckin fruit but just the way we did it who so fucking ridiculous and it just your ledgers locked in it when he was just one of those guys i don't care if you had fuckin twelve years and you you just new instantly i'm watching a genius and you would just it was yeah man i'd suggest that so original the way with like you it's you'd make jokes about shared that doesn't make any sense you would look at her paper eager how the fuck am i going to manage other they can also mean involving double tree they have a media what do you want to call this call who trees about deviltry meaning a journey
the thing that i heard that he actually at the balls you went on letterman in one of his sets he called back to a joke he didn't want a previous let me just to see if anybody noticed i mean it like that they mean i tap outright the obvious i jesus christ i mean it was really clean too which is really funny because he's right one of my favorite guys ever that's like basically squeaky clean and everyone why would he cursed it was great yeah i would say if you're in love what things about the in a comic in boston as there was a lot of craft to me you you came so little bit after me about after my generation of open bikers but there's a lot of emphasis put on the craft of like the use of the word fuck like you could use the word fuck but dont over fuck don't break the fuck neater guys would say i want to remember that to keep it to three three to five fox near my
when you sit as donovan was a genius man donovan done up in his words on hurled the gene is one of my favorite lines ever is he's talking about being at work in their boss breaking your balls about going on break in one white favorite like most one of those blue collar details that i never heard anybody bring up on states he was thick imitating you know given shit to his boss he said i'll take twenty minutes shit on the clock if i want and i was just oh my god i used to work with a guy who did that every day can i just heard of his life he would grabbed the newspaper it was just like he got we just had a break the roach coach pulled up we just had the brake and he used it to get he was so fucking miserable to get from the break to get to lunch he had this routine where he would go and he's like i have to go the bathroom we would all break his balls it's like joe you get what you want and they like nine hours you know anyone laugh and he would just walk in sit down and just read the newspapers i don't think you secondary
you just sit on this ball just to have this like that i'm having at that shit like how lucky my life is to tell jokes legislate that like your games is you at your job so bad that you pretend to take his shit for twenty minutes every day just gets a lunch that's a lot of guys that you get fired for that are now a days with all the cameras and everything they can really bring
down exactly when you come back in the day i thought he was six minutes the other would very ever morning how quick and we must take a shit in their bring into a diet counselor get you we have this fear figure out some sort of way to optimize your time better here up your foremans ink upsetting the people in the queue because it you're walking by is you go to the as you go to the toilet they're they're pulling your load but you're shitting there was one the dumbest things we have a dead we used to peace to ship out like this computer software with a middle man between like software companies and people ordering software this is like the eighty so there's no internet so people would come to our company i'm in the company i work for where they had all this software lotus one two three debase three hours old school shit and one day we got in this stupid guy competitive thing like fuckin morons within realize it like whose shipping out the most so we started saving competing
with one another and the sky shipped out a hundred packages so the next day i did want twenty and then he did once sixty move fighting in the fuckin management got room for their like dogs why don't you start keeping awe and a number and then they figured out who was being the most efficient and guy start losing their job so i even back then i was like dude guy stop fucking doing it stop doing it because we were literally cutting around fuckin will you may go you sir you put yourself in a race that's you know when we did know any better we didn't know any better we with areas we like nineteen twenty two we reached a fuckin go out and drink like a twelve pack a beer and eat mcdonald's at one in the morning and by like eight o clock rule unloading trucks fine laughing good work we do all this shit i let during lunch hour we will go out and play basketball unlike just regular sneakers unlike i've or one blues member that the black fly in you if you come back and poured sweat and they just keep on what is many shape i was ever in it my
and then at the end of work i would then go lift and go right of bike dilemma with someone like right hammered of someone didn't work out fucking bike right on one leg at twelve speed like that i thought when i say i would by the way my garage i refuse throw shit out and i were being hammered on the bikers sweating somber camera gotta do is eleven mile luke then it became us seven that i just gotta came back and i was like on the bike laughing and i was like twenty twenty one and was only beginning to understand the fragility of life and i knew that what i was doing was stupid but i couldn't get i i i just kept picture my friends laughing at me and i was literally by myself writing this bike laughing drunk drive up the street you any over two hours like i'm just taken snippets from folk in the eighties i gotta get now left here these are the other back so well when you young to amazing you twenty years old yet hammered
next i barely feel anything good thanks go honour donald and tear down that place i would get to quarter pounds but she's a large fry six peace mcnugget i never liked him i never liked him i never thought an ace to try to different sources i support them mustard never taste good i just want some to fill the void and then i would get like a couple of cheeseburgers and i'm just a giant coke and just throw that down and wake up the next day with a flat stomach and i only drink like you know a nine beers we gotta fight we got you fight one time right under the golden arches next town over i don't want happen these guys came in drunk classic boston shit they just come walk in and they give everybody the finger her horse with a society where relaxing you know we're out underneath the golden arches dislike five of us in two of them
at my buddy always fought he starts swing another big one and then the little one he exhorted jumped into just became this big like wrestling you know that they can run another day they help each other on snow everybody's drunk just fallen down we so fuckin drunk the cops were there like serve missing mace for like i don't know how long liquid even seem pull up like even than other sudden everybody like eyes like tierra up and shit and then what hilarious was they just broken up and they it and then like two seconds they were back in a car and the same two guys we were fighting will come and back up to the cards that one of the cup go i thought it was over the guys like there was a bullshit passionately little one goes i said let me go we laugh at your shit was fucking nuts i gotta give it to me was do you don't forget for onto what our way give a shit
they definitely laughed and our shit thing they didn't hear that may so they came right by they already yeah right up to our east right up to our ford escort they do not give a fuck if you still and into the fighting just come that's you need anything happened i dont but nobody got it full on like it was just like your i thought we thought it was the snow like they had thrown rock sock the ground and our honour what it was but it was just like unbelievably fucking arable who hammered something of fuckin police car pulsing nobody noticed that's all whereas whatever was going on how far commoner fights in boston now man ass the other thing we i didn't realize growin up there that that's not normal that really are that many fist it's the rest the cobbler enough i was never a fireman i fuckin aided that should like i saw so many guys just like you just like you know that youtube videos you see someone's already knocked out and conscious and they get that extra two three boots to the head you like all my garb start for the loan
for the love of god just you one yeah i've never been annuity either believe it or not and i was always the guy get the fuck out of there i never want to have anything to do with that i didn't mind competition that remain kickboxing martial arts tournaments whatever but fight on treat us like what are we doing here this is available occurs to us this year no why am i think that our you should get psyched our cause i was like our fight my older brother lose and i'll take the asking but he has to deal with the fact that dad's coming home this guy doesn't have to stop data coming home within this relationship and you can just keep going and i've always been slow is shit so you can really tell me what you're gonna throw and tell me exactly what to do you still get him had already like i really like it i would have died in like one thousand nine hundred and eighty if it wasn't for all this medicine and shit like i should be on one of the week once i really am like i had it my appendix rupture
i would add that if it was the eighteen honours i would have died under like a stack of blankets as a sponged off my giant for that would have been it where the buried out by the outhouse and when the erika and explore and are now is we're just kind of was kept burning and hurting how old we're twelve that's its tariffs and it was it was ruptured and they didn't know what was white one day i'll be fine the next day i was at my brother's convinced that he knows what have we play baseball one ball came up and he said it hit me in the side i would think it did i can't remember but i just remember my my parents are always just like your fine you five directly hit by a car and they sent the ambulance away and we took a cab to a better hospital and while i was going to stay awake to civic wow did you hear about the kids get here with a discus he got hit without discourse and died in the hip he got hit in the hip with a discus in want of dying
on arguments into some sort of about blood clots or something i don't know but you airport to store when he knocked on the there's obviously major crises that connect the top to the bottom right at me the blood's gotta get down the sides is sadly you got the four or five on one side the one or one of the other fifteen year old kid in texas died nine days after being hit with a flying discus any get hit in the hip to help it wasn't any vitals now that i know the questions to ask my vitals makes you sound like you know talking about fucking crazy you he was in pain apparently in paying kept getting worse whose admitted place under it of caroline dad i'm fuckin air in plain and they elaborating dont tough it out you know now they don't they don't know it just happened the funeral i was just a couple of days ago so i think the problem we were awaiting the results of the
topsy still but it is most likely a blood clots new parties of fragile and i've seen so many people get beat up a promising more people get better than anybody in human history didn't you know a damn going to the hospital aren't the amount of people that i know that died and they say for three days ogoni i just don't feel right like when you feel that go to the vote in the hot enhancing its dislike let's do a fuckin full body cat scan such a scam find someone you got cancer wisely and well it's been mri for the full body magnetic resonance imaging cats gains for the dome i think i can just get somebody once this is the guy one remedies rockets i like your knees up into your fuckin shoulders i think we are all the guys that i've seen get beat up in how many people have seen a thousand people get beat up i've seen a lease two thousand from all over the fire
to have called when all the trauma i've seen in person and i don't know i don't like that shit we're after the deuce knocked out and then a guy comes up with a plan to three four and five gets there it says it's a shitty referee as that is how things the arm bars i still mabel i forget what fight was i think was when matthews head what's his face in the hour barneys wooden tap the gracie family like a horse he would not tat the said somebody like my god you like the enormous you don't you get hyped armors gonna snap and i had only literally urgent i had to look away as i was like when i went to see two bones come through the skin that is what it looks like he was just like fuck like i am not a tougher sings ever see he's so filled with adrenaline end it was his pride i mean he was jujitsu master and this guy got him in a jujitsu hold and is based gonna break
fuck and almost rate arm bar god that was one of us it's a lot of pain man is terrible terrible pain to periods but now his whole family was like diamonds dad is famous for fighting this kind in key more on this big japanese car dead get a shoulder ripped up by a more it's called the camorra shoulder lock the yankee did not have wouldn't up got ripped shit apart and who knows how they pieced together back then nineteen forties me out what's a fact they did put his arm when evaluating these back in the day this would just that i still hope to shit out work at the gem where he worked out they have told us bad anyway listen to this at this point that we restore shorting meroz we always do bobby or i was at the boston it is we do a three hour parkers almost every time we done with you pal you ve got ready now i'm at what time one of your house i woke up in my report i woke up what but
what good thing was older like i didn't realize how much i was sweating like my back on my knees to my ass like i ran america does my shitty offers a man sitting in that vinyl fucking chair it was the symbols are real legit leather legit mob latterly flogged inviolable miles per whatever the hell it was corinthian leather whose villages about attire at you just found last two and a half hour not what the fuck am i talking about graces jesse no no it's past that we want more power shoulder what are they put it together the nineteen forty these facts right after that is somehow screaming at their car viagra dammit i deal you lost me i lost my fucking point
i was about its noughts never coming back it's over gilbert order forego she would tell you were magic how they built his our god knows what they did that set bobby your shirt bobby or that's it that's about you thank you thank you anger i worked at the boston athletic club insulting and i was a trainer there when i was nineteen and bobby or used to play racquetball there and he had who knows how many operations it was a very nice guy bobby i was and of super friendly to anybody would come in but i used to have to help him on the first climber verse climbers worlds things it like your climbing it de the arms go up and you're right i'm a go up your left arm go down and in the same what your feet and you're it's great i really get it see made that noise the amber absolute it's a great height
the great cardio exercise like one of the best widgets bobby or gets on staying and he can't really bent his knees his knees like this is a normal persons nay they go from here to like there that's how you and your negroes his knee goes like this clink clank he he gets like fifteen degrees of movement i mean very little is like bone about yeah so we still have to pick him up sift pick him up and get his feet into the thing than you had to be there when you want to get get off of it as well as leg is needs would not been correctly and when he was playing racquetball he would fall down acute play racquetball anyone like go for a ball and just fall i mean just disobedient even try to stop it this allows us to fall for same kennison above your he just killing me listen bobby i e a
he had the same issue that a very good friend of mine ass were they they did those operations back then first of all these to cut you open like a salmon they would just they would just open you and then they would go to the ham strings they pull the hammer strings out like a big chunk of it and then try to weaken after knee and it would almost always blow out so bobby so many fuckin surgeries his knees just up and down those guys out on the golf course when they were shorts where they have that frankenstein car right over the patel have that you have that yeah that's my asia i had a donors in her all patel attend that's actually more not uniquely always on the side the ace yells in the middle the asia what to next the two together and keeps him from moving forward and backward and there's obviously in the outside and this different things but one of the ways that they they fix the acl joint is they take a piece of the patel attendant joint which is the front one which goes from the new cap down they take a slicer legs it's a big thick one of yours
cadaver it's very fact needed all so they take a strip of that then open you up and they open you open and they screwed and place i've a screw in one another screw in another it still in them greece is doing it because it's all then you go through security at the year now doesn't beep but it shows up at an mri of that although you stand and do the jazzy think he i do it i don't know you don't do it you don't have to worry about that one because that one is evaluation that's actually radio waves and so there looking this is the shared i believe you love anybody twelve years younger they go ok go through the old school so it's like what is that because that will disrupt him the hidden puberty yeah they do now it's because it's their little kid parts problem how well they data like they probably then as i recall the seer picture you dick yeah always out what it is yak as you know a lot of those especially those naked imagery things like that was the thing
we're getting like this but like that everyone regime year old you can see we can see that deck that's ok that still under age i don't knock dignity maybe they just get they get nervous from summons to ya i don't know i just saw that i'm like if you hit me with enough shit the fuckin kill him i don't want to go through it i always go through the pact out an honest get a pattern always irish afeared doesn't he goes who gets a pat on any be read them the thieves please and losers and idiots i've never seen anything like it it's angry at me doesn't anymore he's back of it is decided now to just be polite but object and there's other ways to make a living but there he goes we just go command do your things stupid nobody asked for this help re thing is is stupid rubbed organisation so we're gonna get our supervise all the guy of your corrupt organization bring a fuckin idiot over here
and you like say bring that fucking eating it already said he was like he was tender asleep close to getting arrested he came with me to vegas and he was dangerously close to it are going down according to a i was scared i don't wanna go down too i m an austrian single who could open for me in vegas would like it to be able to call last minute areas get fucking arrested get what you want to sit there and i don't understand that when some amazing happened in all this and you take out a cameron start filming it now take you watch it on this score screen it's like you have life life screen will you dont use hold it up and still watch it same hold behold it like that what you gonna check the think that just you know i guess but i would like to that video wouldn't you like to have seen it right now we gotta watch because if you know if you know how to tell a story you can paint a picture i like you guys gonna know what that dude look like you in them and i thought it was a fucking eight nine minutes story calls them all thieves you're thieves role thieves here
as they steal things they still doing through which they can easily do but you know what that's because most of them are just regular folks workin shitty jobs in how many people listen to this progress where now goes this motherfucker cleared his throat one more time believe me ladies and gentlemen i dont want to be doing that i'm sorry but you don't know right before nine eleven i was going to allay x and i were also taken a ready and james brown was on radioactive tat tat tat give help get owner and the girl was sit near dancing and singing the song and i fuckin shot or a look and i think she thought i was looking at her in a racist way i was more look like do you understand that like my life is in your hands and you sit nobody here fuckin slide across the floor what the fuck are you doing then a few weeks later that bullshit otiose a person was new air defiantly
singing the song staring out because cheek she caught my vibe like what are you doing then a few weeks later nine eleven happens and then they got all these guys nobody ever fuck guys what they look like we were in israel for a second the arrows guys have gone away and that's the exact same jerk off you know that all jerk off but there's enough dead weight come on t say you know there's some people that should be on the squad there's enough like we didn't do pay them most if you're gonna get people that work for essential the same wages that someone does no one for our absolute allies exact that's really really truly gave a shit about you safety they would get who that guy and my plane was pretending to be they would they would get that guy in irish would would stand down what you would feel that desert eagle vibe if they do they know what they care that cares exactly as much as they have to and if it costs them more to me you more safe and not really interested in it with their inches
doing is spent the minimum amount of money to get people shut the fuck up and the reality is you're not gonna get along fucking attacks you gonna get a occasional want every decade or so we can have some shit go down and you could make i ve often are more concerned that they now outsourcing i saw you know what's again saw this then research the answers in the brain it in india that even when they after so many miles you have to rebuild a jet engine their outsourcing outside of this conflict country in the fda i can't regulated drew near the thunder i saw great video on youtube and high jet engine works to suck squeeze bang bluff vowels com works that's that's the principles of second year you can press it and then you mix it with the jet fuel and good explodes and into are you get your thrust start arthur worship and that's how makes clouds to write and it goes through the atmosphere of picks out of it at video possess those
cloud trails where they don't icy conspiracy theories think they're sprain us there's protagonist man the clouds in the sky i know i know a guy who said to a girl was talking about that shit temporal i dont know what is an aim yet countries was talking about that shit and this girls go you're crazy you're crazy so one day he looked up and there was he's weird fuckin tik tok toll shit the sky they had seen before and he just texter the next day he goes look well that's just louder with lairs won't this voice but forbearance cheese but it is a site it is you don't know what it is needed i do i looked into it i do yeah because i'm going to argue with eddie bravo which wing of the pentagon did you walk around with you i see commodity i talked of pilots billboard so what applies explain to me exactly what it is what causes do you know how
can annoying it is someone who doesn't apply playing come at this same person like says something the problem so i called you catch and material journeys rival the mine is this really what you did to guide frenchman is a pilot i'm too far into this to say you're right i was here common decisive criss cross why is it always going to save the rapture and have a solar they train do there sprayers are they down here too as the private sprain oh but i heard is wrong as job they put the president s automobile arm those praise go on with what is in the eu there are so many levels under the white house they don't stay in there they have like a look alex would like mike i remember when after september eleventh when dick cheney was always in the bunker it was indeed undisclosed location in the bunker member that you think he rubbed went out there
i don't think he's heart worked good enough for him the broad one out probably peeves puppy that's by high blues hard up we overdose of aggregate fuckin blue ticker havoc guys like scary if europe if you're on nitrates do you now to have i agro via growth fucks with guys at heart problems they take the take like nice which good nature goose certain pills and my trades early about stuff her i know i know i know i know a guy where he had like major health problems and he had to get his stomach stapled roof so and he was using via grow and they said you can't use this stuff because the medicine he was taking for whatever else he had they said like it's it's thinning expends out your blood if you know if you have sex i don't know like the blood's gonna run
he had a whatever ok and you're gonna fuckin die this lecture like i'm abroad stupid or remember what he said right so he's like i was like doc it off i can fuck i don't live so because i there is one where you get you can do it when you take the via agro ok you have to be on the bottom and you have to be laying down it's all about standing up so it doesn't fuckin rushed out so you that lay down and you can have this girl ride you but you have for four hours you have the lay in this bed and he's like done i'm doing
the summer sky like because i dont like a pussy i don't live right so he's fucking lay in the end this girl rides them and he lays if a four hours has no fuckin problem mrs thing and then he starts getting cocky three and a half hours three hours that's going on the computer so intend to gets up too early and he's get light headed and shit and he goes i did think anything about it in a fuckin was walking up a flight of stairs and adjust win black and he was fucking unconscious and the only thing that saved him was he fell backwards down the stairs and his life were pointed up and the blood came down and at that point my fucking career bang and it's over us however and this guy i'll tell you what you know the guy i'll tell you what is like you know afterwards went to have him tell you this or is it ralphie may now now that in selling ralphie did it does
ralphie witches conjectured knobs status through a guy out there it try to get you to tell me the little that's who was it anymore i'll tell you here to get his stomach staple jaded little beer way was it you got it off you know who was it you sure i would know nobody no actually i don't i'm not sure that we would no longer basinger y got any application dollar jobs with tony hinge cliff we're gonna beat them at the end of april six million after so many other factors that's stomach state one thing now we're off the air of a way to keep away about i've went about side thunder dome here with the result the window that you would i would
i will do what no eye contact your eyes are i what has come out in the age limit for to turn off the park ass memorial you search kiss my camera you're you'd be like brine turn off the camera and that really meant brine akard your turn the camera and i got to the point ravages act like i kissed the camera heads off now unknown like really caught it with you there to any be anybody in anybody there was like sketchy that canada like hide information door and carries on hunk jackson and now the site is secure new that's the new jackson amount was this site is totally secure what does hacker fuckers there's nothing ever scare the guy the guy who built it has some sort of backdoor that's how he gets pussy site back door
we're not gonna think back to happen with us on it at the add on our common we hire you gotta do some coding for us for the for the like gift certificates stuff like for the website and to accept it up can give people things so this guy decided to outsource the coding so we don't even know we thought that this guy who was a reliable guy was going to do the coding but what he did was he got his online and from vietnam gave him the a word to the to the servers and allowed him to do the coding and this guy went in and just started downloading all the credit card information and so fbi we are bringing the fbi to find out and went through this guy and we found out that that's apparently like super carmen because pain this guy x amount per hour he can go to
norman say hey we might be a non friend i'll give you know half that you do all the work so scared kicks back collect fat checks does do a goddamn thing that's apparently super common this out sourcing yeah that's why you never never use your debit card ever really it's your money some happens that you down on who is always ready to provide a card that the house is money i'm not saying a racket all away up i get a body minor prosecutes identity theft and this is some real ship is this real talk you
they have been me all always use is always use if something to double swipe at you wanted to be their money so then they call up and i did you get a lap dance in toronto no i did not have fun with that shit i'm out right if you use your debit card now they got you they got your card and then it's like you have to go down the fuckin ban could be like i didn't spend sixty five bucks at an auto zone at all that shit you have you have to go rather than being a quick phone call you have to go through all of this bullshit so it stuck protected by the visa card that's why the visa card logos on there said the same rules apply girls protected its if it's not i'm looking at one of the things i don't fuck with me if you want to do it that way absolute roughly better due to american express again what nine just now it's a twitter phone call and always somebody had it recently they had to go down the bag and i'm just so fuckin late right i'm around the bag i got mine i know what happened with me it was a gas station because i didn't use
anything else and then all sudden i started getting these messages where they were saying the opel you buying chocolate knows what else get diver chocolate like gives it to get like a hundred bargain violent additional in your life and other special legal lives like five minutes chocolate arguing as diverse somebody risk going to jail like you know what i'm gonna do godiva chalk it let's hit the inverse would know the reason why they do that is to get gift certificates that's what they're doing you're getting gift certificates money and then they say hey man you ma i'm doing a black voice and i dont why are gonna like hey man would you like five hundred dollars worth of godiva chocolates for fifty bucks and so they can sell after fifty sk on ebay is another thing yeah that's what they do is they use the gift certificate and they dont use all of it they try to get the change back king ugandan someplace atlases yeah you can
some places i've seen people do that before you can do that in some ways but a lot of ways they said no it's a store credit i gotta buddy was a lawyer whenever i go into the time when he prosecutes cause he's the shit i if i have time it's you just sit there and you watch again it's it's fucking unreal here must be where the word would have you seen you seem like a real one would murder can i saw drug one i saw drug one and like it was fascinating us like the first guy he brings up the prosecutor stewed i know was a moron a fucking more aren't they sit in a big this cop idiot and the dude lily goes like handsomeness he goes to recognise this and it looks at the piece of paper and he goes i know i don't and they go that's your police report that that's how bad this guy wasn't like oh my god my god he's gonna get crushed in this one but like when it was over he came out to make us how you like that
those like that seemed awfully has not aware he goes i we start off with the weakest one gets the other people confident and then it's almost like a comedy shoved start off with the firing on the minor and then they and then they slowly bring the new surrounded than they actually it was on arrayment safe was forced to go to trial and the dude they actually had enough so this guy was going to try and when he when the end he walked by any said to my body go some taken this all the way like as he's like i'm fighting this always its like to address a second drama like ever there was a couple of old people in them like today like not have cable need just come down here and there a year they come down and they want i felt bad outcome like this i could go to jail and i'm sitting here being entertained by this i want to see like a camp support my body but like it was it was really like was fucking on real it was way than like even though the tv they wrap it up didn't you are right i do you know what to do the stupid like you know you just yell at somebody law nor this rare
actually see that the way that they do it it stood it's what it is you slow is like a boar constrictor every time you exhale the prosecution just gets a little tighter and you see the parson sit near their body language or all confident and that is in evidence is getting introduced you see them start gonna sit not they start doing it is in its unreal its unreal human drama right it's hard to hard to deny somebody's freedom i don't think i'll ever do again because i was bad because it was it was unbelievably in a fucked up way was it was riveting was fuckin riveting did you see that case where that chick who was accused of killing her remain in italy she was acquitted cause or some sort of the problem of the evidence that china now she's in seattle the going rate when they try to get come on back to italy like yourself there will be no
it's not gonna extradite are either the first case was over and that there's no way i could have asleep again if that happened to me and now it's a key measure that just a country could you answer she actually children with it and creeping around seattle what if this just let me justices goethe my company angle here do you just sleepless in seattle just like tom hanks griffith less whoever throwing kicks in the night right and that you just go to sleep every night knowing this country that's out to get you it's an entire fucking country wants to get you answer there they pull in every dislike conversations going on in washington dc about you go come on man look who you want for this girl who do you want for joe rogan like their trading you right
like a baseball cards i you got a political prisoner we want for the tuna i'm not giving you fought i'll give you three and you're sitting there then one day that fuck advance pulls up do like i i you know i would have a sign i pity on me at all levels where an attack top by having a little straps outages i didn't run to the ocean and swim as far as i could afford drowned wanna go out my own shield this straight out see how far get try to swim to fuck in australia you have so much hate you visually want me you never you never leave combat like you have to stay within the herd over here you gotta be and you can't be that little fucking thing running on the side of the herd gave up to canada for fuck ad hoc again who knows what happens when you go through customs
ok and she's right there i would be sidney gonna wanna got hammered one night and i started driving up the five and i wasn't paying attention and i fuckin went through customs they recipe for drinking to drive it and then they got since they were in bed with the italians cause you know there have been passed up there fuckin hooker much exceed you're gettin fly back to the animals fed with it not all vancouver guru right then you just you're in that fuckin jumpsuit like and then you are you know when you sit in there all you thinkin about was at its source movie the raw deal or he knocked with the elbow than climbed down the fuckin landing gear and you land in the marsh right right that's while i would be thinking is that possible closer than do i know you just go like this crusher arms like this and you just jpg then do you ever watched any of those shows where people have to live in the woods like those where the owl
because the last frontier type shows where big elegant nineteen sixty three snowmobile letter i have long away all ready to get an english muffin help her out of accessing make your own english bob moves and i ask all say they are literally burning three thousand calories to get fired fifteen hundred through how do you stay how you stay nourished very hard when it's really cold now you you get so fuckin hungry because your body burns off so much feel just to try to stay warm and the fact that we got it we gotta do anew like exercise video just parachute out of this business which is due
the alaskan work out you tell me what do i do now do what you do is you just stick people in these extreme conditions like when it snow out just any more i mean you're right near ship is an ambulance thereby he just make him keep going up and down the hill like as far as that guy goes in the middle of alaska you decided you can't come back to civilization that's right there you can really see a j c penny but when i fuckin let you back until you got dallas mountainous and fuck at times and that though the burn all that stuff and then you take him over to the orange julius tat sounds like prison that doesn't sell your real worker ivy exercise video slowly working towards that take their impact is stupid what people are doing is there just blow out the joints like if you just knew how to fuck and eat you don't have to go like this did people who need help replaces you don't go on a fuckin elliptical in four hours straight do the exact same motion you're gonna have the running the louvre hips of james brown actually get language machines not bad it's horrific really i am momentum no fuckin way i'm sorry i reed i still want to give anybody initially advice while
the amounts as commissioner you shouldn't have abbe i forgot all about i dont be they lived ago is its its core of the it's bad for you about an army let's look at let's find out uniting around a little you know everything moderation elliptical bad for hips or girls i have only one i loved the whole baby boom regeneration and i'll get hip replacement ni ni ni replacement who asked you or threat is of the hip and lit a live to go exercising homework god you might be honest something i've been told by four surgeons check this will do even though our catch you do what you have to fuck and consume a whales worth official everyday seek impression i mean there's gotta be like oh yeah i'm asylum on a fuckin shape but it's just like you know those he's got a last you forget what the reality is we're all gonna be on road soon there already doing it with all people that synergetic late at night when they show those guys that's hd h they just roy up old people hoods it's a moment
among among human growth hormone and among testosterone finding you organs are getting bigger now you none but new loans anymore no no do you but if you went crazy into like body building size doses of that every once in a while we do as he slowly go down here that private pilots and your face and then you wasted john i'm in a world of shit i am with the ideas to give a body these bio identical hormones that at the same level of the hormones when you are young and you get so much why energy needs it's amazing how much bury feel it's a very controversial thing some people say while you should be worried about what happens your body it ought to be at the forefront of any will you not people been doing this for a long fuckin time which you have to worry about is abuse at anything is on the most important thing is you get your blood work done to do with an ethical doctor and
you can't be one of those people and our resources your blood tests like there is less residents right that's local but you have to worry about it's clean the worry about abuse like if a person's impulsive you like the essentially them give you this testosterone cream that europe on you if you're not he's fucking take four times listen rabbit yourself and i'll you like dicks like a fuckin crowbar in europe red lining your adrenal system in your europe endocrine system you dont want do that you want to make sure that you do exactly what you're supposed to like it it's very minimal doses like you its does blow yea probably i mean rigidly legendary now he had a bad perry i read his book meant about waiting goes ahead because i had that bad period that just followed me forever egos all these people who died he goes you don't do a line of culture just sit there
into another one goes you walk around above lock up more hours you take another bucky's very like he knew how to do it slashes book was another one where he d knew how to do it like he wasn't yeah some people just use comedy as a stepping stone to guy acting and then this people just loved like i love seen the mike stan you know reopening and there in its little shit i'm not i love it by to slash is a junkie like i was reading it it was like he made it sound policy goes i loved the whole thing i love cop and stuff i haven't i miss courting about was basically the gis i love the whole cook in an open why like i echoes i was really a tool but it seemed like because you know there's cock a guy who just sits down a place drums and guy could actually tomb and i can build a car whatever i'm all over it but now i know you now you may go sense also i think if you are a guy who is what like four stand up comics there's not like our history heroin use but four musicians jesus christ me how many great musicians kirk cobain etc etc how many great music
and also at heroin problems and i think there's a connection there there was a guy for hours and chains lanes daily huge heroin out i mean there's some great musicians that were also had a pragmatist don't why you would ever fuck at this point this is it so much evidence yeah i was there before you i think it's it's supposed to be an unbelievably amazed feeling what's really fucked i like that i would argue movie wait a second but i do want to make it out yeah yeah field we didn't didn't stanhope have a bit about something along those lines stand up on a bit about that really dangerous drugs like save them for when you like really old ones a kill people like when it doesn't matter any mafia right maybe settled but i've been told by for this which should go back this elliptical thanks people now for surgeons are looked in the x rays say i've arcy arthritis anita total hip replacement schedule bubble blood i used to play racquetball three to four times we but i had a star the question is should i have should i
stop using the elliptical machine parenthood i prefer that sounds like a presented today and yet this is this is not what i was looking for sorry why you let them machines are bad of two years one says something why elliptical machines are bad for your body hears it says popular piece of equipment but it really is longer than it did elliptical machines arrested number totally calories burned in a work out by thirty one percent her so they don't bernoulli much count tat i love a good seen as one of its working people up does it seem three to the fact that you can dance during a show and you need like a hip replacement like over the years have just gonna do seemed ass would like like prince jason they needed like fit replacements from dancing so here you are you not
offer prince needed a hip replacement yeah but for real i thought i heard that that you're not really i really pay attention to how much shit i say and i always clarify with i can't remember said it why people would do it has reportedly needed a double hip replacement where'd you get that also maybe there was nobody didn't god just getting also lady gaga hip replacement ire from somebody else goes sometimes i just say that where they because this can't talk anymore the gamma hips worked up about taken off the i gotta say ribbon the shit i've overheard yeah apparently said something he's he's is needed a hip replacement since two thousand five it's red
avoids it tell it's got a year they get better out like that at all airports i grant i've been told by doctors that he needs a hip replacement the fall out from years of dancing onstage and high heeled boots wow lady gaga candles our tour prepares for hips ordinary while not be replaced replacements rough for a young girl like that mark informing yossi heavyweight championed just how does he proposed for cancer
shit man that's it that's a rough one apparently they know how to do it really going out and i had a body minor we went to a game and he had handicap lights i thought it was like his grandmothers car some peace and i m a hip replacement as it where's ex six weeks ago he said now walkin it might do what the fuck you gotta because i needed it like five years ago and the guy tom if i can turn out the pain just wait and he did and doesn't think like i'm telling you it's far like the hare stuff goes you know like bigger to come up with a pill do about there's gonna be a price you have to pay if you want to full had it here i think that gets its but would you take a pill to get her back right that like the strap you down and it's like four ninety seconds is going to feel like you're fuckin heads on fires that she said she grows but at the end you can have like game show that's it ninety seconds yet now i'll be on fire oda it has been francois ninety seconds i would want to know why what they think hair on fire would fail
not here you had on fire would feel i hadn't lecoq isn't everything else something everything so overrated like what people talk about how much things hurt like pet tat is i fell asleep getting doubted tat tat is another does that despite about gettin a butterfly and your ass if i had told you know my life in my arms sleeves lad those supplant peoples not hard but on what i'm saying is of yes some people to go oh my god it's so painful but it's not really that painful blazer tat too removals must be more people than tattooing itself that's that's but i think like most people exaggerate about what things is until you i gotta ninety seconds another much outrageous filled it feels like i don't know i don't know your be funny is then like it would become like if you see a ball game be considered a pussy because because here was ninety seconds
a man who accepts this fate and what he would argue but you know all those guys with the guy smiley here got at that point the arsenal in their hair rudely given him his shit how you do it but you re the bar with patrick swayze he rode house here your rather do deregulation would be like the accused some ballgame i'll get held that given the current com get your next be the judge me in the long run but the really shouldn't done to me like i like having my head shave now but i wouldn't shaved there but they just see how you get more active work with may eventually i'm not doing anything about my have fallen out so eventually it's gotta go in that route and i just feel like i've if i was gonna be a sexual wouldn't happen by now i'm so clear or the amount so clearly the friend how will you now forty four year you over to over its as you know and there's nothing better than acknowledging that mean i am keeping the rest of it looking good way about it what the fuck you
why didn't acknowledge that i hear transplants little plastic things with hairs you have those none at all here will now they take us slice baghdad that one area they take like ulysses s trip and they put it on a petri dish renate got it where they just vacuum they take one of the time they arrived at in the whole ida body might go to teach you don't you just fuck it doing and i said i want to do it is a bloody fucking it doesn't matter something big deal it's doesn't in her but i would say is never do it for it for two reasons one because i mean unobserved my hand now this big stupid smiled the bag man but too because the just save your fuckin head so it's really not a big deal once you do it you go why what are we gonna hear can again so stupid it's not worth getting attached is to seek some shit that grows ever your head is so weird you knows who worst one is a fuckin to pay like this hat you just can't take off like how fuckin so
special you exercise a year's those hair for men those guys a hawk and plant tennyson shit on its way what aid if they just so a week for gaia while year your existing hair i was when i was a young man when i was worried that i was gonna go bald thought about all the possibilities i looked and everything i want to find out what everything was the heckler for men one some of them they there like your existing here goes through it so it's like us that they lay on top of your hair goes through some of your hair and some of the fair care and then having like glued on its death i had a friend who had one for a long time and then he i am actually abandoned it so few i actually know quite a few people of adam but it's it's a gross fuckin sweaty and once you ve just accept it like you get used to the fact you're gonna be her anymore it's like it so freeing like once i shaved my head i got to the point
or even though i had here transplants are still put shadows like you know what might get aids i shouldn't they got the stuff in the back never comes out so we put it up here right it's like all the rest of this shit's gonna fall out then what's gonna happen then also it's like i feel like i'm drop in the ship behind enemy lines it is there in the safe he spoke to describe it as light taken a bunch of people are really healthy and move them into a neighborhood where everyone's dime gunslingers mike is dead but that is where there is gone they fly often they never come back yard the the dead but the pills the one who's gonna get into like i tried peter that the shit they give you four year autos until that makes your hair grow back had kills whenever it is the bagpipes testosterone bio by de hd
die hydrant etc the hd is what makes europe your hair fall out right but it also tells you dick visited mine that would need is all tat i think i've i believe in the whole this now get your cake and eat it i forget you hear back that you gotta like you that something has to be taken away it's what i love about the overall arc of breaking bad it's every thing time they get to a level like this sum is something that loses right in this in another part of their sole gets like taken away and i feel like that like do you have no idea all these drugs what the fuck this is due deliver i found out the other day the stuff that rhymes with real on all p m i so we get in trouble i like taking a couple of those is like going on read a bender very bad now i kind of went to the drugstore because i knew he did some still take it and was while they fuckin then our avatar recalled really ratlin i'll be
rather than the m p m recall liver yeah i'm sure that's fucking but our friend in ferris as a basque has no biological free lunch he's like anything that has a profound effect on your body is most likely having some sort of a negative effect whether positive or negative with some sort of about back not love i love how you can't win yeah well not yet but you know you think we can get away with now as opposed to what used to be got yet which is why they are those old guys putnam on each th because that's not for us that's for the the fucking guys up top they're using them as guinea pigs let's see if we can keep the guys you'd be amazed how many old due to donate should it be
so many old rich guys i know they're taking testosterone places in areas such as those used gives a fuckin rhine he was talking about how many agency new in hollywood who would take they were taken this testosterone chick as they gave him an edge and i was just thinking to some roy did up guy trying to get you a fucking audition for occur listen motherfucker i made my guy to beat a fuckin wacky neighbour my guys you're guy yet most most those things are bad for you even the regular ibuprofen sites are fantastic for you didn't rob wolf tells that ships terrible first pillar you fuck man there are some time how as always synonymous with oil but was it always is my brother
next workin them powerful plaza you're going through the did they dirty south oh i'm gonna go let's see what the hell am i this was what the fuck that's fridays a fifth sundays a sixth seventh will lie with ice in georgia have them at the star dome eleventh i'm gonna theatre in south carolina but whatever your capitalist colombia i think and then i got two shows that the tabernacle on that friday in allowing take two days off and alone what are the masters and then i go masters golf drama your big off him i just a sports fan i love go in there and i think tigers back he just fuckin looks i think he's gonna do not back its new that's join with golf club and then i'm gonna goes on monday night i got two shows temper tuesday to shows a floor
date and then the wednesday i met the technically cynthia iter in miami beach billboards i come don't run go check it out the protection that was where i saw my last special oh it is fucking great place loved it amazingly i'll alas amazing it's a great fuss uptown it's so integrated what i like about lana is like people like black people and why people use deucalion again it seems like completely normal again and when you get outside of the south word will burn ladies gentlemen go to build bird dot com and go see belarus live he is one the funniest guys working today and that is no bullshit i feel the same way it's an honor my brother and honour shows only five dollars a year i'm fine else bushes to only five bucks waiter who did yours i did are you getting yourself and released it ok good gardar comical get that shit you fox jesus christ
that come out while day butte i went straight to netflix and then after people watch on that then deal with like six weeks later get down there i love netflix i did my two thousand and five special with that man was grants my hbo i love a powerful netflix gotta bill bird dog comic go by its support support billboard honestly one that guy's credit working today bucks a month yeah i love netflix i love the shit out of love but out fuck em if there were a human stamped out com is one of our parker sponsors the newest latest grazed if you go two stamps dot com click on the microphone and type in j gee that's for the children and experience i broke my scale can if you guys elicit a delicate can fellow do you actually sending things yourself we call what he's sending dvds to my rogues do you send a powerful puzzled over stamped outcome would you got it all figured out just couldn't storm by one why would you fucking deal that we already talked about this before with fucking netflix then it's gonna knows
we're gonna sunday gonna get any idea what you dot com and you didn't have to go to the deal they do i think but it doesn't work that way you should go there look in your eyes front of your fuckin massive don't they have that yeah what's yet they must stand dot com as dumping use the code name j r e c yourself some money you're fox there's a beautiful one hundred and ten dollar bonus offer including digital scale and have to fifty five hours of free postage thank you also to honour dot com if you gotta oh and attract sneak up remember by now if you gotta oh and an eye tee and use the code name rogan you can save yourself off ten percent of any and all the most delicious supplements that we have available actually someone like shit this deeply testosterone material right now the stuff tastes like shit so if you have something that you like tasting i've been thrown into my protein drinks i don't do that for because my protein drinks the hemp protein hamper enforced tastes awesome but t plus tastes like shit
so i drank it outside of that only got it out i will highlight yeah provide great after work in our ongoing the other way go the other no protein turbocharging i like you do that is contrary to just blown up folks we will be back the next block ass we have is actually this saturday with stanley criminal who is psychedelic pioneer like really fascinating old dude we're gonna get to talk to a guy was friends with mckenna timothy leary and just in the end he has a lobby inside on guys also going to reach out to the major right we'll try it on a dot com au in an i t coding rogan go fuck yourself of we'll see you guys on saturday big kiss
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