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#348 - Steven Rinella, Bryan Callen, Cam Edwards

2013-04-15 | 🔗
Steven Rinella is an outdoorsman, author, and television host. He currently hosts "MeatEater" on the Sportsman Channel. Bryan Callen is an actor, stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcasts: "The Bryan Callen Show" and "the Ten Minute Podcast", with co-hosts Will Sasso and Chris D'Elia. Cam Edwards is the host of "Cam and Company" on the Sportsman Channel.
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a guy would go all of dangerous grounds. A guy would go all over the country to really exotic places where they would make coffee or they would grow coffee. It was a lot of like coffee, Wanda and grounds in Kona. Some of the best is in Hawaii, but these requires like a specific climate in this I would go there. He said one of the real issues is a lot of the stuff gets toxic gets mold grows on it and if you drink you're drinking like mold soup. You know, that's, that's really interesting totally makes sense totally makes sense. It's something nobody ever thought about before, but Dave asked thought about it and he we will like. Let's sell Dave, asprey ship goods goods could sell bulletproof coffee. How does he keep it from being a mold? They get it from a single source. One one company takes care of it from the the moment. The plant is grown, they it's it's all about putting in the correct environment and making sure that doesn't have access or exposure to Anne's fungus.
So uh? So we we saw that shit on it. Go on. Oh and I t use a code named Rogan and go fuck yourself all right, Stephen L's here Brian counts. Here: let's get freaky just get the music Brian Roll come. He is the best is Joey. Not gonna. Do is a man Brian. I know what he's doing has Kennedy's gonna put the the silly one of us in our now. I just forgot to do it. Do you have the the silly one? That's where we just played that one a couple of years ago? MR right now love brother. How are you man good to see you again and be back with my you know We have all gone through a very unique and spectacular experience together. You know You do it on a regular basis, but all of us like doing that together. I'll, never forget, get that trip for the rest of my life,
If we had a great fucking time, I watch the episodes twice really and I love them and I thought it was shot really well. I thought the music was amazing. I thought it was amazing. It turn it turns into blood brothers yeah to be able to field man yeah, I think yeah. It's a totally yeah and the see how people respond to to like waking up in the fucking freezing cold, and you know nobody. Finished out. Everybody kept it together. That's important you could take. Fucking set green type characters with you on the road. Sorry, Seth, Green, don't know why picked on you about me about Joe Rogan type chart why that doesn't make sense 'cause. I did it, but I mean a lot of people out there, sorry Seth have no reason to take shots at you. Just you know: Did I tell you that what they have to pause the did a study about how men who show up in a bar all done up in jewelry and and why they get beat up traditionally? Why there was this so much like actual violent pressure for men to actually conform to a hair cut into a look like I did. The joke is man. They have two criteria for how they dress that I want to look like a and they want
comfortable and, and they mainly don't want to bring attention themselves like you, don't see a guy unless you you're wearing an avatar t shirt, but you know those guys usually Jackson ready, but for the most part men will wear things that your blues and grays, and you know simple stuff, because this part of the Santa Claus is talking about the idea that, if you, if it goes back to how men used to hunt and grew oops and if a man, if you guys, are all set and we're going to go, hunting and also nice open, a bunch of sparkly shit and angles: are making a bunch of noise you guys going to spook fucking deer. They can see it a mile away and you're making like hanging hanging, but I like these and I don't buy them no
down son. I want to hear what point if you want, because look at how I mean look at the way that a lot of of of indigenous hunters today still adorn themselves. Yes, but they don't do a lot for not not Hillary right, isn't that for physician dancing stuff, but no like you might go on, you might go to hunt or going to battle with like face paint or elaborate jewelry or there's mentor, so many accounts of like Comanche, who would wear wedding, veils and stuff they they're doing raids just crazy. Khloe? I would always wear a wedding ring. I think that's a wedding video. I don't want the deer to see with my expression. Change You know what your your thing that I that I, that I, that I a contested in- and I don't I don't mean I don't mean that occurred on the final Senate, but reminds me of what reminds me of something similar it's equally interesting and is that, like I was this book on human evolution, his argument: how could it? be beneficial to be a daredevil right
What is the selective advantage to being a daredevil and this guy argues that it's your say into a man is saying to females you're like I'm so ridiculously fit. You know that I can do something so stupid and still thrive still breed you like that's how fit, I don't think negative shit like wing suits. You know when he gets deciding Bullseye with men with high school yeah, but fighting bulls is kind of a scam because there's a lot of other dudes involved like it's just a matter door in the bowl, this other dude stab in the bowl. They put poison darts into the bowl. So they do a lot of creepy shit. It's that really crazy yeah! There's gotta! Do this tab the bull piccadilly's yeah, but when you fucking wingsuit during a wing suit. Okay,
those crazy assholes that jump off those mountains and they're going one hundred miles an hour in those suits. Have you seen fly through cities by through the middle of buildings? No dude there's a guy. He jumps out of a plane in fucking, Brazil, okay, jumps out of a plane and does this wing suit shit and goes flying over the city through buildings, there's a gap in between these two buildings and he shoots through these two buildings before he pulls his parachute and lands he flapping or just gliding suit, he's just gliding it is it what's your head when you like shit? What is he going to fucking crash? You either die. How much can you really totally control it? I don't know, I don't know how much you can really steer. Yes, I get this guy. He there. You can see. Look at this. Are you kidding, yeah that's no, it's him in the wing suit. This is the camera delete all my god. Oh Jesus Christ, yeah, look at this.
Are you kidding by the way it was misty? Ok, it was only twenty six feet. Oh that guy's a bad ash, so who's behind this viral bolt through the air like a norwegian Yoki summer and Regiment Ludovic worth stuntman sponsored by red, it- was more by red, bull, red bulls, gangster well, red spots of the highest, not to mention illegal jump. The team took to the skies at five hundred and forty five dot m, giving them twenty minutes before the real supplies. It all my god, we imagine calculate when the first flight takes it. So you don't you know if he does it in the air by a planes or supplement miles an hour yeah. Do you think you can time the plane? How fast the planes coming at you? As you're lying down towards the six under miles an hour, you you, you hang gliding away from that thing, that's a rocket shell, and so, if that guy lands and in a woman
is like I'm so impressed by that I'd like to go out with for drinks tonight, it would demo right there's a selective advantage. There yeah there's this and being a daredevil yeah, there's. Definitely that totally makes sense. Evolutionarily, and it also makes sense that we we we have a disdain for people that are like wearing jewelry and dress and flashy and tracking a lot of attention to their torsos, because classically that Person who, like aims to stand out so so strongly ruins everything they they get too loud. They turn things into fights. You know that the person is like really loud and flamboyant, and usually it's it's just a natural instinct. The feeling you get oh look at this fuckin guy, like what is this guy going to bring to the party like some of these? Not a team player he's not he's some crazy asshole with jewelry on right. What you doing
like, like Chris Angel, why you weren't, I get annoyed Criss angel 'cause, he's he's two into his body and he's doing his ripped jeans and I'm always like. I don't know, I'm sure I'd like him, but when I see him I might punch that guy in the face man That is really muscular is kind of a good looking guy, so I'm a little jealous of them at the same time, like I don't know, maybe I'm a little attractive. That's probably one of the best ways to get girls ever to be a beautiful magician. Oh he's, awesome, beautiful, handsome magician with a great body great, must be reduced. I've got a lovely guy yeah, it's like there's an f advantage in that way. Are you kidding? they must be right? Field trip match to be able to trick that many people into thinking that you're mysterious I mean what are you doing? I mean every magician. Is God damn trickster, but that's all they're doing they're, just tricking you, I'm friends, pretty good, very good friends with David Blaine and women of him Love him, I'm good friends with Penn Jillette and women love him about. That's even more impressive, 'cause, impressive, a good looking guy he's got this mystery and you know tall and dark and stuff pendulus about month,
about that pen like yeah everything is awesome, David man who tried to fight MIKE Tyson trying to fight MIKE, David on the on the street and he's he's just jacked- I mean I'm a you don't like me, but he was just so. Muscular was like they would be doing this. I was training for eight months to fight MIKE Tyson when he went to a trainer. Might even teddy out was something because I want to find my tights and and- and I think I I think was teddy- I'm sorry David. If you know someone like that, because the trainer goes well, what's the trick and David said nothing, that's one allow three rounds and the training goes not in this lifetime and no, we, I think, if I train hard, he goes you're, not gonna, I'm not training to fight MIKE Tyson. You won't last five seconds. You never fought in your life you're a magician. If there's not a trick, it's not going to happen and MIKE Tyson Thanks, David's magic, apparently so so that didn't happen. So he goes to another trainer and the training goes what's the trick and David
there's no trick. I just want to do it. I guess I'll. Take your money, but it ain't gonna happen. I mean they have front. It does not want to do it so David Paceman in crazy amount of money and they stop any trains for six months invited to put in the ring with the screws or wait just a guy who's, their crews array tall thin guys. You know who can who can box and David said that they've said that the guy jabbed him once driving by and they want all my God for the first. The dives and the guy goes. You are right and he was in any him again and David was like that's it. I can't eat two jobs, because I can't fight this is crazy. He never. He had no idea how hard somebody could hit and the guy goes. We've been telling you that the whole time that's a jab from a cruiser weight has not been a top pro if you're talking to one the hardest hitters in the game of all time. It was like. Oh, I guess I can admit. When was he trying to do? This is a long time ago I like when MIKE Tyson was boxing still. It was right when he retired, I believe right when it was. I would MIKE Tyson do that. That is ridiculous. Why would he
that MIKE Tyson be willing to do that. I don't know I'll talk to Dave and I'll come back with, but It's kind of insulting for him to even think that MIKE Tyson was great as well as of all time would be willing to do that. Will David's David, the kind of guy who just loves indoor, and he loves thinking about the the hardest thing to do like he wanted to cross. I don't think it's an on air because he may be right, but a fighter only has I mean, even though MIKE Tyson would run through him like a hot samurai sword through a molten piece of butter at fighter only has a certain amount of fights in his life in a certain amount of time to punch him in the head with your hands and without him breaking certain amount of times you can. Load moving on somebody not tear a muscle. You only have a certain amount of those new line that MIKE Tyson would base one of them. Even it would be a quick crushing. Why would you waste It is fighting a guy like David Blaine, that's so arrogant like you should have a fucking. You really think you could be a boxer and fight MIKE Tyson have
on amateur fights, one amateur? I think a lot of guys. It goes back to what we're saying ah lot of dudes, and we meet a lot of these guys in L. A ah lot of guys, don't really understand what it's like to be hit by somebody who can really hit you. You don't have that experience. You are your honor, you, your experience comes from what movies. Well, you see a guy get punched and face, and he comes back and hits against. You think that's how it is until you get hit by a guy who really understands how to hit and your whole world your whole world changed is what's. This is very difficult to relax too, when someone's hitting you and one of things that happen to people as they freak out, yeah and they're. Still, there stress level goes up so high. They lose complete control, their ability to control the breath and they get exhausted. They fall apart. It's like one of the the the main things are and it's because they can't process the actual reality of getting hit
if you've been hit before you can calm yourself down, even though you know that like wow, I just got hit hard, but we gotta keep moving. We got open, keep your eyes open, hands up, and you start like calming yourself down, but that's a process you have to get. Really really really used to you ever see. Boxers were the gods taking a jab, and then he has his eyes. Open. It is countering like eyes open, while guys touching your face like they get so comfortable with it. They eat jabs with their eyes open it's incredible D. As Nick D S is really good. At that I D S can actually eat your jab keep comin a few guys. I've seen you got that. That's not a good move. He should always get the fuck away from punches man. Did you see on the um HBO boxing this weekend that um? Don't air fight, no Did you see that Bradley fight with bradley- and you said, a chick fight, no yeah- that we do not see the Bradley Hopkins, no, who Bradley? What's that guy from Siberia was the fight of the year? Just recently it was a crazy thing. I've ever
the guy that he fought in Rocky three. No, this side, guy fights out of Freddie Roach is Jim and it was the craziest thing. Is it Then it's the call. While I know I know exactly talk about Russia, eyes were shot was it was a crazy fight, yet don't tell anybody what happens, because yeah anyway, is that the best fighter that makes you be people who have no respect for that, like people of natural, been be that they don't have any idea. What what those guys are sacrificing to try to entertain. People like it's it's the most is the biggest. The biggest sacrifices could ever make physically without dying. It is, and what's really upsetting to some people have a genetic like an ability to take punches that that you, as a human being, should never be able to deal with like like even watching big country when he was taking those knees. The faces you ever see that you called the fight incredible like how he can take that kind of punishment to his head is
thing so out of it is in his mind to a lot of it is your determination to see the physical build your face. That's one big, like Mark Hunt like that big fucking a moment. How would you say the Physical Waterface physical build of your face construct, how is gonna, it seems that guys with really thin faces, like arrow Jaws, have more of an issue with getting knocked out. Where is big Squared
God guys, you know or yeah. They say that down fighting trainers, look for they look for a short neck in a wide face, yeah date. That supposedly, is the bat like David two a perfect example, one of the the best chance of all time like Lennox Lewis, could cracked him on the drawing you just what sort of wobbles back and forth keeps moving forward me David to a had a ridiculous on its head is as wide as a football field. I know it is. I know his I worked out with his strength, coach for and who got him ready for for his first fight and his strength. Coach said that David to it never squatted and he put him on the squat rack. We put four ninety on the squat rack and to went from like he. He he went from D. Took them, wait for ninety pounds and didn't do a regular squat. He did a deep squat. He did all the way down squat and then came back up with no problem and he was like. Would you how much do you practice wanting to is like I? Don't
I don't practice squatting bro? I don't know I'm just you know how much weight was that it was that was four hundred and ninety dot zero with no belt or anything. You just put it on your body and went all the way down, because you're not supposed to go all the way down. You just have to go down to like where you put your butt kind of shitty trainers that guy, why the fuck did you put so much weight on, and why did he tell him how to do it? First, said trainer sounds like a douche bag. That story sucks about Matt, hey man about that! Merry manor! Let me re tell it he stressed in warm them up. It is definitely important. You have to edit that one little bit, you know what squatting doesn't help with hunting when you're out there trying to stalk a deer, see. I disagree. I think all those body weight squats. I do that totally help me. I don't hike, I never go hiking. We were hiking for fuck hours hours. I was like there's a couple points was like whoa, like I'm breathing like really happy late. This is a really taxing, you know and someone who's like in shitty shape and you try to do that. Badlands king all day, that's not good
yeah. When we had to help out all that meat yeah Small, I thought was heavy and I was like I was concentrating it a peculiar. It's like a peculiar kind of in shape. Just like walking and on uneven ground yeah. You know, I remember when I grew up in Michigan. You couldn't yeah, he couldn't you couldn't find where you could you need to walk. You know. Like a mile walk would be a big walk there and uh. We were. We consider ourselves like Pretty tough about that kind of stuff like hunting in Michigan and trapping when I moved out west. And first on Elk we would get where, like we'd hike in we might hook in like eight or nine miles somewhere to hunt and hunt a couple days and come back out and then we don't get in in the truck and drive to a gas station, you know, and you go in to get like a fountain pop in Morton, PA,
yeah, you go to that soda for you for your little, so we're not living in the future. Remember like getting found pot, get a belly washer. So, but by that point in time you'd Open, open the door and couldn't get out of the vehicle like that twenty minute drive in mark, like my legs, would just lot like see up so bad that it would take days recover from it and then now I don't understand like now it just like. Doesn't even if I didn't go and do that for a year, maybe not a year funding do that for six months or something I feel like. I would just be fine. You mean like something like goes away or comes, or breaks or heels, or something from just like those law long arduous hikes, you know, yeah the human body is incredibly adaptable. I mean there's things that people do if you to martial arts, school and watch guys who have been doing Jiu, jitsu their whole lives and watch like how you
move your body around how you can manipulate you by the only way, could do. That is, if you just do it for years and years and years and years and you're hiking up those crazy slippery slopes. Like all those places we hiked up or really slippery. You know it takes like a specific kind of balance and leg endurance when you're moving through mock and stuff. And you're just that's lights, a skill. You know you just really good at it. Yeah we're barely getting tired was crazy. I was really impressed. I was like this guys. Barely breathing heavy like we get he's like glass, Ing and I'm going he's like only then, but at the same time keep in mind. I live in fear of catching a direct hit from a two year old. He gets big
I'm out for that and I'm, like you know, I'm kind of cover my face. I can't take a hit from him he's thirty five pounds I had to be when I take what was matchbox cars and you bought any deals me a blow to the cheek or something like that it puts me out, kids can, are they don't pull now? My daughter decided he. Let me see what yeah I was I was like she jump on me. I was lying in bed, she generated Saturday me and she took her heel and len and went get there. I am my rib and I went How did you get that much power at heel strike? Do you teach them martial arts? Yet not yet. My son will definitely be learning I I train them when roll and the four year old and two year old, they they wrestle around together. Naturally, so I trained them positions- and I was like this is when you want to stay. If you're in this position, what do you wanna? Do you wanna pass the card? I think it's important
added to that. You know we're like my wife today, us honestly, my what like to argue. My wife sent me a message on my phone asking. If I thought that our little boy would like karate class, it's really good. I never did anything like that. Girl did a lot of hunting down a lot of things. I think men need a lot of physical things. I think the idea that a man that it's natural for a man to have no explosive release physically the rest of his life and just sit in a cubicle and just go through life. Shiny shoes on with a tired time. Your body is going to break this total. That's a totally unnatural thing, you're asking of it, and if you don't you, don't you have some sort of physical release or at least understand how to manage it. You know
I understand how to manage it like managing. It is super important. Well it also it also hormonally for a man doing exercise like that hormonal changes. You are morally, when you don't, when you don't exercise, you lose it man. Oh no question no question way: healthier too. Actually lifting heavy is a good thing to yeah, but we're talking about for little kids for little kids, like learning, like learning like how to do difficult things like early on so important And I coronation think how well think how normal it is for you to like sleep somewhere, that's fucking called a ship with a sleeping bag and like all right. Well, this is this. What we're doing here? We are you and MO curled up together in that van freezing, your ass off for an average per person, that's like some. You know walking dead type, shit. That scenario never comes up and if it did that they would fall apart, they wouldn't be,
deal with it, they'd be complaining and whining me how many people would complain and whine well Steve. You shed some light on this, because I've read accounts of where the settlers, when they would move West had come in contact with native Americans, would be a bitterly cold winter or something, and they would see like um native Americans and children. Who's not not dressed warmly. You know like dressed in, like you know, are not warmly compared to western, maybe it'd be like you know, ten degrees out or something and they and you know to s skins and but but but not nearly as a bundled up as you would expect them to make them yeah. I think that I think the people at I think the people acclimate that kind of stuff in you see your own minor version of it. Just like the way you might behave throughout the winter right. You know I mean, like you, get you get just generally cost him do it throughout the year and then you see like mild variations where people who, might grow up at northern latitudes move down south they come,
Coleman can't hack right the cold yeah. I wonder what that is. Maybe maybe your body naturally starts preparing for that or heating so you having some shifts and he look like even then, if you get cultures like like like into it cold, yeah. I mean just that small amount of time and that's not like, like relatively that's, not a very ancient. That's not a very like ain't people are very ancient culture like they're like a fairly new arrivals in the Arctic, but they are demonstrate physical difference, the physical address, Asians, okay, because that would help them adapt the cold like how much, how much stuff you spread out there. How much you know blood you send your extremities and how well you can show that often control either. Another thing is there's a thing is like it's called the Bergman Principle and it's it's a principle in and while they physiology and the Bergman Principle holds that like, if you have a species, okay list, they take white tail deer in the southern extreme of the species range, the animals are going to be much smaller
then in the northern extreme? So if you look at white tail deer from Alberta, there's just monsters up. There he's guys to get like two hundred and eighty pound d or whatever, down in the southern extreme of the range they might weigh. Ninety, in what they find is that a bigger like generally a bigger animal, has less surface area so that bigger animals better able to retain body heat in a smaller animal, in a mammal shape with smaller animal, has a greater surface area and is thus better able to shed heat. So it comes down to heat shouting in heat retention and when you look like human cultures. Wait to a smaller animal, say again, like bigger animal. If you have, let's, you have exactly the same shape dogs, but one of those dogs is too pounds in one. Those dogs is fifty the law Your dog has less surface area per unit of mass and in the smaller dog, has greater surface area per unit of mass,
and so that's the way in which animals help you know shedding heat. In keeping another thing you see in species like now that we look at the woolly mammoth, the woolly small, that very small ears developments, elephants happened, have elephant Ein, giant, there's a woolly mammoth that a very small years it was uh Rick and Sub arctic inhabitant. Then you look at like african element in near equatorial zones. Big ears, so like the ability to shed heat to send a bunch of blood into that big ear and drop, that heat off and I'm saying, is that night, just the body size thing, but just like attributes long legs, you know things that long legs would help. You shed heat squad, Legs will be retained heat. So when you look at human cultures like human cultures from equatorial areas in human cultures from Arctic and sub arctic areas will in some way demonstrate that same tendency of of physiology of being squad. Not in compact being able to handle cold. So I think that you know it doesn't take that long. For I mean what your feelings are about, like you know,
like you know, people think you're making like a some grandiose comment about religion the byler, but I'm just I'm like that things are different. You know things look different where they come from and it doesn't, and I think that it goes pretty quick in in species and humans and stuff making. You know like acquiring adaptations that help them deal with climate. You know, and you talk about guys going out west the I mean like there's going out w, who is going to wind up thriving the guy they're going to cold the guy. That can sleep out. You know, so I think an individual level. I think so it comes down to getting comfortable with discomfort
and that was something I look. You know that was something I learned over a long time of of like like hunting in the last. The hunting Alaska was just kind of like the the mental attribute giving constable discomfort yeah. You know they. They said that the this the seal teams they try to figure out what prototype would do well. In the you know, the stocky guy, whatever like as a stock here like eyes, were wrestlers there, three sports they recruit from Rvca, believe it or not across swimming wrestling and one other football, but but they couldn't actually they've, never been able to really pinpoint who makes it and why- and they certainly can't even do it physically, like some guys, just defy the odds and they shouldn't do it, but they do so. There's no like well that guy has this the is this: these six qualities he's definitely going make it it to buds. No, it's just a very difficult thing to pinpoint why we've been talking cam cam just walked in. We only have
an extra mike here. So you guys gonna have close to each close to each other and talk. Are you Steve's friend? You guys know each other, each other a little bit, but I'm going on cam show a number of times. Yeah Steven they're both on a sportsman channel. I do Kaman Company, which is five hundred o'clock eastern Monday through Friday, big fan of Steve's and we've talked. So I'm just confused. I thought you guys were good buddies. You know traveling together, you're not travel together, not traveling. Together, I got out my information. Suck I don't know where I'm getting a wire from so you're here to promote here. Out a Europe. Parents on mediator and talk about the you know the The MMA week that we're developing for Kaman Company coming up last week in April we're going to be even Steven on and hopefully having you on Randy Couture is going be joining us. We're going to talk about. You know the I think a lot of the similar
in the crossover between the MMA world in the world of hunting. You talk about what what introduce it takes to make it as a Navy seal and talk about what attributes it takes two to make it as a hunter. You know, I think that there's all kinds of commonalities there when we talk about what it means to actually be better than what we are and to grow ourselves? Whether it's you know the putting putting yourself in that that state of discomfort where a lot of people bug out, I mean they don't want to do that anymore. We live in a world, which our entire existence is based on. How comfortable can we be? But again you don't. You don't become better in less you're, pushing yourself unless you're breaking out of that comfort zone. It's a sad thing to see a whole generation of kids growing up that don't experience that
as young men that they they don't have difficult tasks to perform. I think that's like a a very critical aspect of like your your behavior and your your character and growing your character. You got to fail. You got got to be pushed you got to get to a situation where you you past your limits. Are you surprise yourself with new limits and you you change your own definition of yourself, but if you don't try to test yourself, if you don't get into bad positions, you're always going to have that weird and security about you, like that, weird pretty that guys have that have never been in any kind of conflict ever and you know don't know how they would react there, sir people, I know exactly how they would react if the shit hits the fan, but there's other people like how you squarely bitch and I think that, like you always say to you know if you, if you are, if you're trying to be really good at anything, you can find all those all that you can find all that discomfort and all those plateaus and everything just in trying to get great at the guitar.
Or or yes it anything whatever. Yes, there's a certain amount of humility and and and an understanding of, what's really going only develop when you sort of make any strides in any really difficult thing worth it's playing chess with its. You know what is writing in a well whatever it is. It's it's a matter of doing something difficult and and testing your boundaries yeah. I was sitting at a time all that, at a time all that came more. Naturally, I think like. If you just look at the the weight people's lives used to be structured. You know in even just you know not even does a hundred years ago, or so it was like. We had to manufacture opportunities for stress right yeah I mean it was just like you had things you had to like you had to clear. Lander people would actually have children because they needed the addition read didn't look at children as being a a deficit. They looked at children's being like an additional resource resource like I have kids, because they'll help me do more work, yeah. Nothing like I'll have kids so that I can pump money into them and pump. You know
resources into them, I'll derive from them, and now I find sorry don't live that way now I found that I manufact sure I try to like in small dog Such is manufactured that feeling for my kid to like give him this. He doesn't see it as artificial, but given this artificial sense of him having have output, you know that that I'm doing something- and maybe I'm something a plea they're necessary, like he wants to make a birdhouse we're gonna make a birdhouse, but at a point it becomes just like arduous. You know, there's a part with the phone dies, and now we just got to get it. Finished, you know, and to make it to turn in like no we're doing is we're doing is we're doing this. It's like, and I don't care if it's enjoy able to him anymore and he's so little. This is all just like experiment. Now we're just trying create that sense of that you have to now in some way. Do something you don't want to do. Yes, that is, is
doctor is identifying productive love, life practice right. The part of that you know. If you get, you start getting good at something, and just if you're trying to be a good wrestler or whatever there are days you walk in you're like I don't want to rest. So I don't want to do any of this. I don't even care about this. Any it's all a bore? I don't like that guy. I don't like that guy. I don't like any of this and you it's like getting into a cold bath into your skin gets acclimated. You know, that's yeah, that's a huge part is like he isn't really in sync thing: the way they put it get comfortable with discomfort. I I don't think you can get good anything unless you you'd get you you get comfortable. So that's one of the things about wrestlers that separates them from in my in almost every other athlete wrestlers go through such horrendous stress throughout high school college fucking Wade in the training. Russell is the most brutal fucking training you can do and then you doing strength and conditioning Hill sprints, whatever kind of crazy
know weight lifting program they have you on. You are broken down all day, falling asleep in class you're D hide created, you're sucking way: you're eating, fucking Turkey, breast and lettuce with lemon juice on it. Like you the starving, while you're going to war lifestyle and these guys they developed this unbelievable ability to just grind through shit, and there they break a lot of fighters just with their sheer will because of that that that the mentality that come being a successful wrestler, it's like well, I'm doing you know tomorrow, I'm having Ronda Rousey on the Bryan Callen show everybody and sorry to push my podcast, but she I look forward to. I think I have to change the name that stupid thing from man. Thoughts. A lot of people want man, thoughts back. It used to be calm and thoughts and Joe was like come on. Dude just have it Bryan County. I was like alright, I'm trying to get
the Bryan Counter, Buddy band thoughts? It's not it's not! You know. Look for the Bronco. Podcasts are not going to Google mantle right exactly exactly it's. The town is kind of so there's a little disconnect there with people finding it right now and I did a late, but when he I'm so bad labeling, it was the first water out see, run Recipes UFC champion and I'm I'm. The point is I'm making. Is that I think part of what makes us so great. She was an olympian zero, which is so difficult to training, yeah Brian, and when you get a note, you can note the octagon Ronda Rousey man she's been through the mock she and I and that's what I'm going to talk about is what her she's an extreme. When are you know, and I want to talk to about how what her mindset is, how she keeps that going, how she deals with the pressure how she deals with her. Other developed, are you know her a judo champion as well, and her mother just taught her to be a total badass. You know,
So when she said in an interview, Rhonda said I'm going to talk about this is when something bad happens to her. She immediately says wow. I wonder I wonder what I'm going to get out of this wonder if this is this. Is this? Is this sucks right now, but I wonder what good is going to come? This is something good, something good, I'm going to react in a good way, but my reaction is going to create something positive in this atmosphere. That's a great way of looking at any kind of adversity. Sure until you get kicked in the head, when we go ok, that's, that's the ultimate equalizer Nancy needs to say. Who is that for some of you younger listeners, he was a big world champion boxer anywhere romancing the, and he said my father always said: you're tough guy tell you not bottom line. You're, a tough guy. Tell you not somebody hit you in the face. You're, not a tough guy anymore start to get to age, doesn't start to get to age or your references
work anymore. I got my wife says like how old are you I don't know. It doesn't seem that, like I like make some things like Mary Lou Retton, which in my mind, was like the only athlete I knew about the shoes and special yeah like open rather marry about how about when Bruce Jenner used to be the wheaties guy. Not some freak on a fucking reality show about that. When Bruce Jenner had had a man knows how about when Bruce Jenner was a man what's going on when you when you become like this, this guy who's on this reality show and all your your daughter that little upturned nose all in the news and everyone's mad they're, all crazy they're completely. Raising that used to be a champion good looking limping was. He did
yeah, he was with the best in the world. He was a gold medal good, did they and and and hand Zeus handsome and then decides he's going to go and get his nose done. I never played the game winner like try to flash for twenty years in the future and and find out. You know, like think, okay, what celebrity that I know now, who is normally going to be that fucked up twenty years from now? No it's too easy to make fun of the ones that are fucked up right now, yeah, I'm not really into fucking the stock market of celebrity douche iness, I'm looking for them to be fucked up right away. I mean it's always something, but there's some that you picture like if someone just rubs me the wrong way, for whatever reason it's fun to fantasize turns that could happen right. Well, it's really fun is when you don't like one and it actually happens and you you get to yeah yeah. We can watch some fucking
As you get older, you can cut out, you can kind of get you get really good at figuring out. You look at some celebrities and you go. Oh there's a lot of flash and noise there, but you're not drawing from much brother you're working with one bag of tricks and that's getting empty. I can watch it. And they're like you got to come up with something, but you lot of times you'll see that it's a very disappointing thing when you realize that there's all these really do she people that on camera and they have the like the sort of like it, artificial, acted they put on and then they'll do films where there were like really gonna pretend to be someone else to do that, and then you know, but do you get to meet them in see them. You like this guy's a douche bag like a straight a great aid
back end of your arm into the star in a war, yeah, mooring, crazy psychopath. I was just really all about themselves, pathologically self involved. I know a movie star like that. It's it's just, you know, and you grew up watching him and would have been on and you get and I got snow and I was like you are an absolute cuckoo bird. You are all about yourself, never asked me if I might I've known for many. Never ask me one question. I myself now one question: I don't know how you doing, never not a question no interest, it's all about him he's true, leave the center of his own universe, there's guys you know fat. I had a buddy that I had to cut off because I couldn't never just have a hey. What's going on man, I couldn't have that. I couldn't say no because no, no! No! No, because when would say: hey what's going on man, he would just go in
to his career. Like this I mean it was like a fucking five minute diatribe on how well this audition went and he's pretty sure he's going to be back for a second pass at that, and I think once I can get in front of producers, I could show him what I could really do talking about to make a. Can I interrupt you long enough? Just to Brian I mean how's, your family and dude. I can't believe he wants to make sure that list he wants to make sure he's off and Steve are now. You will never be on that list. Yeah. You can do your can do no wrong we're talking to before you got here we're talking about how it seems like you know, bra. And Steve, and I are because we went on this crazy trip together because we went to Monte We have this weird blood, brother, shit, blood, brotherhood, ship thing going on. So you felt that way. When I was watching the episodes yeah,
give MA like I was like. I was like there's Moses, good naughty. I miss those guys, like Brian Ryan, yeah dude for five days, we had a great fucking time with no tv, no cell phone. We need less sleep right. Remember that didn't we slept like rocks. You know we slept when the lights went out. Basically, we ate slept and but getting up it was What didn't seem that hard like it was? It was really fun. It was probably going to bed at eight hundred and waking up in like six, so I did get about fourteen hours of sleep. I didn't even need a nap, I'm rugged. It was hard to figure out how to sleep at first, but I've realized eventually that the softest way to do it is to keep your not just sleeping bag, but your jacket on well keep all my clock kept all my clothes on my jacket in my sleeping bag and the down jacket. Things like this are just enough. Let me tell you something the next time we go, hunting, I'm bringing a sherpa and guess who's going to carry a big fucking. Mattress
fuck you guys by the web, portable heater portable yard. I want to fucking matches with a big pillow, you really popular and you lose something though man whatever. Really really good, What did we just talk about it? Sorry, sorry, did you just say going through? There is a will. There is a famous quote. Cape remember who said like you don't really know a man. You know to one hundred hundred forget that I don't know the guy. I don't know what he said or who said it was really destroys. My point, but broadly doesn't say. Is it there's like a uh was talking. One time with the older friend of mine was talking about being at his fishing camp and was trying. Describe it why he likes be notice fishing camp with his buddies? Now is fish halibut in Alaska everyone's just so so competent? You know, and it won't it being like that he just kind of a pre created that, like hanging out
people who like have the ability just to take care of things, you know like to do things and he was saying like you, gotta wait in line. If you want to wash a dish, you know with this crew people people out out with that did in ways. Other than this is exclusive to hunting. I mean there's many things, but it's like going on a trip. You know going out with people where things aren't so great all the time, There's there's elements of being cold is elements of having not slept enough but it's kind of having this feeling of everything. Be ok and then these guys look great people to be with and they're just like really competent. And right now we're doing those like that behind, like we're doing like this little crew, show on like the It was just on the ones coming up or of about the guys I work with When I watch that I kind of see that where I just feel so comfortable being around people that I spent a lot of time I'm out hunting with it again. I don't wanna make. I think that sports teams feel something similar is a military guys served. Military, but just I'm a way of being away
from things and sort of relying on other structures. You know lying on other things and having assumptions about people holding their weight or if, if you complain, make it funny yeah, that's right! That's right, you know it's funny that when I went spent eleven night days in Afghanistan doing to you so tour one of the things I came away with was I I realized I went. You know I've been in LA for a long time we're on the center of my own universe. Everybody around me is always about them, and one of things I found very refreshing about being in a war zone. If there is such a thing as being feeling profession was at that when you're in the military, your marine you're an army guy, you come last, those guys put themselves last and everybody around them comes first. When you get off the bus and you're unloading bags there's. Always a line of people unloading, everybody else's bags, everybody's looking out for the other guy next to him, and that's that's ethos. That is, that is credo in the military that that's that's drummed into you, and I got to say that having
come from LA, which was the exact opposite of being filled in that experience was very, very kind of it was really fact that this is one of the most ridiculous places to live in the world if you want to, if you want to find like actual real humans to talk to real, real, authentic authenticity in LOS Angeles men and women. It's like it's such a brutal grind to try to find people that are your friends that you could talk to. I've cultivated a group over the years and one of the things about. About doing your show is that I knew that if I was going to do it and I brought this motherfucker around I'm like will change. The whole tone of the show like this show is going to be a five day. Silly fast like this is the perfect thing to do, because and also I knew that Hank Aaron holds up. I knew no matter what happened. Fucking asteroids could be coming and we'd be looking at a well pallets bit of good times right. I don't see us survive in that fucking thing, I'm always ready to go out with a bang. I will. I will stand by your side, no matter what that's, how I think of friendship,
My four in the morning. I got a body to get rid of guy. It's true. If I had. If I had a guy that I had to call up and go dude meet me I would take a risk for it any. I yelling meet me in your parking lot. No, I got I I take that very seriously. My real friends, my reference said I'll, take a risk. I heard you feeling Joe that hurts my feelings. You out you too sweetie. I was holding Terry Moore yeah. He can carry a body you might get uncomfortable walking through the desert. I also got holes. I got holes, I got holes in stores of live where I would have to stop for cigarette breaks, but the evidence away, but you're, not just looking for someone who be cool with the fact that you had a body would be someone who would be helped, I'm getting so yeah. I know exactly how to get rid of gotta go in a mission mode. You gotta do that fucking body, but that's the way it yeah, you want to become it's like either. It's like Jimmy Burks friend, who is comes home. His girlfriend is having a fight with her boy.
A friend boyfriend is hitting his daughter. He comes on daughters in a fight with her boyfriend in the backyard and the boyfriend starts hitting he comes. He comes out he's a construction worker. He comes up Can you keep back up one step so not that I'd only ok, so the story. So my buddy, my buddy, my buddy, my buddy, your body is your buddy. My buddy grows up, grows up with a guy named who gives a fuck. What his name is up and comes home. His daughter is in the backyard with a boyfriend and they're fighting Wanna fight more than it starts, hitting his daughter, okay. He goes out the backyard and tries to break it up the boyfriend. I guess get smart with him. He kills the boyfriend with his bare hands. He fucking kills him. He punches him to death. Now he says to his daughter: go inside and he's got to get rid of the body, so he calls his buddy you. Should you be telling a story? That's fine! It's fine for people in yeah. So so
and this is a long time ago. So he calls his huge friend. Bozo bozo was a knuckle breaker who his find famous. He had the longest tongue on the planet. He would stick his tongue out and you go. Oh Jesus Christ like that he'd scare people with his fucking tongue. That was the size of the cows anyway, Bosa giant men bozo shows up. Bozo goes. I know we're going to do calm down, because what he does I'll be, I packed bozo goes and gets a dolly. He takes the dolly. He ties the bye to the Dolly they fucking middle of the night. They take this guy, they dolly him too gas station round the corner and they leave them behind the gas station. Once you drop something, then they come running back like he. He we did a good job, buddy blood brothers. I got up to get rid of a body. Well, here's what they didn't. They because they were, they were a little drunk to calm down the guys hand had dragged tagged along the ground. So when the top showed up, they brought the dogs and the dogs went. Oh,
well, let's just follow where the dogs go in the dog and they just around the corner and found them those little house and started barking cost like knock, knock, knock! Hey you guys! dolly a body around the fucking thing. Sorry we didn't it walking you're going to jail and so are fucking you power and they they did some time. Not I'm not that into twenty five to life. They did something fucking. So your point is you don't want any old dude getting rid of a body you got through this shit before hand yeah. You gotta think through that first, this shit, you got to get to body up before it stinks well intact, blenders, guys yeah one blender at a time when there was that guy that fed the body through. Ah, I guess he had a hog farm and fed the body first through a tree shredder shot all the all of it into the hog thing in the hogs ate it, but they still ended our
still in a custom. You me that link like Joe said you sent me a link recently have like the great great can't get their great cannibals of the west, which is fascinating, wild shit. Isn't it what's that, like the Donner Party, the last four well like this alert similar similar, but one of them was a guy who his wife got killed by the Cherokee. So he went on a rampage is killed the bunch of Indians and ate their liver, and they call them liver eating Johnson Johnson. He would kill guys meet their liver, though that was the Sydney Pollack Movie, that's a serial killer, who do fantasizing about that. They kill my wife before I could eat her liver. He later became the sheriff like he they became the sheriff of red law. Is it Red Lodge Mont something some Some he was yeah, I think, is a sheriff in Red Lodge and then Sidney Sydney. Made that movie Great movie Jeremiah Johnson?
My job was based loosely off of the legend of Liver eating Johnson. It was fun at Liberty, Johnson, liver eating Johnson used to cut firewood on for that for the boats on the Missouri Breaks, wow, where we did our oh holy shit, brings this whole deal way full circled in a weird way. Yeah Johnson also had an eight inch. I don't know how your stories man about the old West were so great. You know you know so many cool fuckin stories like when we were like Brian. When we got back, we were on the boat and you would like my god that you know the last day of on being on the water was so fucking cold MIKE. I don't even notice 'cause Steve kept telling me all these cool, ass, fucking indian stories
about how this guy got away with this guy hit in the beavers dad and this guy. They they told them, you could run they. Could you can try to get away if you can? If you can run away- and I was so I was so frozen- I saw you and it was so cold that you had like there were icicles I your beard and you were just smiling. The whole time is like how is he not cold right now? So you did your job, you distracted him. I was enjoying myself man, I never bothered. I mean knowing that the old was only like a five day thing as like as long as it's only a five day thing and when we were walking around in the day it wasn't bad as long as you have I was on yeah. You know if you're, if you're done up right, if you win the right sure it's not bad. I had to do that. It's a thing. It's hard! It's like a it's like a paradox almost where, when you get uncomfortable cold like that some party wants to stand there. You know but the only time you're actually comfortable is when you're out screwing around yeah. You got your comfortable as soon as you start moving around, but there's something in demand. You stop something comes something, and
habits you and makes you want just like staying there be cold, and it's like the guys that are good, about are the guys that just you look and instead of hanging around talk and there was like walking up and down a little hill yeah and there was comfortable. We got sweaty, even though it's like degrees out. There's a lot of aims were fucking sweaty knew it around a lot. That's why? God kills right. You know sweating, you gotta have wool the opposite. As you familiar with paradoxical, you hear paradoxical. Undressing know it's like people, people people find hypothermia, victims hypothermia, though they'll often have often shed their clothes, but any erratic ways taking jewelry off taking one sock off, but there's this thing that happens where you spend like, like your body when you start getting cold, body, spends a lot of energy. It constricts certain blood vessels and stops the flow of of blood out
Your extremities like to the tip of your nose when you get cold like tip your nose. Look at kind of numb and why it is your fingers get that way like your body is working really hard to stave off the law, so it doesn't want to send as much blood out to places lose blood easily. But as you tire and you start to Peter out that gives way. Your body can't expend the energy necessary to do that and it opens those up and it's a rush of heat. So it's like your fingers have gotten very cold. Your limbs of gotten very cold your face got very cold and I'll. Send you bye. I can't do anymore and all that hot blood rushes out of those things and people apparently get this feeling of intense heat when it's dark, yeah and then so. They'll find someone is always like you know: he's got some cold over here. It is wedding rings land over that way, and you know file that Cisco wedding rings burn. But you know what man I was down fishing in Florida, I got bit by black flies, real bad and for the first time,
I got married, I took my wedding for a day and and uh that's a good. I got like the catch is feeling, and I had to put it back on in those phone calls will because I just feel guilty, and then I get here and I'm looking through my bag and find my wife's reading wedding ring in my backpack because, like a week ago, she didn't know where, to put it- and I put my background- I called you like. Do you even know Stevie wonder where you think you hear a bunch of dudes in the background? Come back to the hot tub? I got tired of sitting here like likes. Trying to scratch undermine you know on, and hers is just in some unknown location Thio. My hello, my wedding ring at a spot where I got a massage from a dude. Like. Go I've been getting I get besides from dudes now I gave up because girls can't do it hard enough. And I need I need deep tissue and it's it's brutal. Painful, then feel good, but you gotta have a man doing it because it women just they're, not strong enough. Some women are, they use their elbows really well, but I have
I have a borderline he has have a is that hard? Is it hard to come with it's not that So anyway I go and I come back and she always makes fun of me for getting massage by dudes right and then I go. I left my wedding ring there, so I run back. I get the wedding ring. I come come to she goes was it in his ass yeah. I was hilarious by the way. Did you actually go to Dick Party in my mouth and see what that was? No, I just made up could check. It has a real yeah. I can check it out on a letter and we're talking about who is domain name privacy, that when you mister a domain. You can also register it anonymously. So people don't know who owns Dick Party in my dot com going, be surprised why why was it surprising, okay, to tell you at the beginning, but pretty shocked
yeah, I think with the url. I mean like how what do you what's your next weather? Next? How do you top it's all about the constitution? How weird is this, oh it's squad on tv, Where did you just transfer it? I bought that during the commercial that signed up and everything, that's move man removing. How much is only does something: thirteen bucks cost on code Rogan and save ten percent, guys but while we're doing this, are you not gonna fucking pump up your shows, I would never do that. I gotta try to tell people where you going to college if you happen to be in Edmonton April, 25th, two thousand six hundred and twenty seven 28th and come to the comic strip, if you're there, but uh guys, don't Steve, you are the you're. The only hunting show that I know of that shows on a regular basis. You'll show if you get skunked, you know yeah. We call him You will show you will have a whole episode like it was, so we will going after our dad.
That one you got so close, but it was like too dark for you to like we've done. Four we've done force conquers about one mean you don't know nothing, although you're not getting skunk like no, no, no, no skunk, like you know and x, go yes. Gong is might not get anything yeah the first time we films going stop using that language. The first time we feel unsuccessful hunt. I was very nervous and I was trying to make the case we wouldn't air. I don't know why it seems stupid at the time it seemed like a good idea. We wouldn't air it. One time we went out, went to hunt mountain lions with how a friend of mine went and spent six days doing anything came back, went back out again spent. I think seven days hunting didn't get anything at that point we have had so then we cut that in the one and sometimes the winds up being that not often times is almost like the in away is people
then pick those out as their favorite shows. Really. You know and I think it gets bad to that thing I was talking about earlier. Like is, is that whole thing of like courting uncertainty? Do you know I mean and like like things that are challenging and things you won't figure out, so I think people like to see that represented also I'll say that there's a big rift in in haunting experienced by the american sportsman in hunting. As seen on hunting television, you know, for me growing up like we would start hunting deer with a bow on October. One and you could hunt deer right, almost a rifle season, which was November 15th and yet ten days out, the rifle then you'd pick your bow back up and you hunt to December 31st and it would reply but you would haunt pretty hard through that whole thing in never get a deer. It was just the thing that happened man you would like. You know most you get there, but
not and there's a lot of guys in L A right now. It's turkey season there's a lot of guys around this country facing the prospect that they weren't pretty hard on hunting, five hundred and sixty seven days, and they will get Turkey. So I think that people- and I think that like the assumption, is always that people do want get something they do and so on. You're, watching something like when they're watching television. That's a form of escapism, and so you wanna see people achieve But you wish you know- and you know big thing like you'd- want to go and see. Like I dream of killing a big buck, I want to watch a guy shoot ten big bucks. You know and that's like one former their damn, I think at the same time people like to see in some way their life reflected back to I'm, not high. I think more and more people actually are going the route that you just described. They want to see that that authentic experience, especially because a lot of reality t
he now is very unrealistic. Yeah, hey man! You got to pull up that my son yeah, it's okay, because it's so hard yeah now, but a lot of reality. Tv right now is is not really reality tv, it's scripted, you know, and so there is something completely unscripted. You know it's real if you're watching meat eater and you don't get anything, but you know that's a real show. You know that really happy it was. It was like we actually got a bunch of stuff and it's not going to be better to just you know, show that sometimes you don't exactly, but you know nothing I mean you talk to anybody who's hunted for for any amount of time. In a Huge part of the hunting is is about going out with the guys that you're going hunting with, and it's about the experience, it's not about what you bring home in terms of the game. What you bring home up here and in here yeah, I think,
important to show that you don't always get something, because it's your your it's a real show. The everything you're doing is real. You know and that's a that's part of the whole thing you got it. It's got to be a part of the. The whole presentation also lends to the drama yeah actually bill. When there are some shows, you don't get it so that our dad cheap. One was a great one, even though you didn't get one, it's just like seeing you like in the dusk where it was just getting like you like. I need five more minutes. Five, more minutes of fucking. And you just like shit like you had you had you know you had it right in your sights. That's real. The mountain line. Thing is real, and I wanted to talk to you about the mountain Thanks for, let me let me I want to add one thing to the what you're saying I do wanna talk of the online thing, because the Jaguar thing too, but. We did have a guy email, one time, all the as you get like people saying I love that you show like some failure. Read: email from a guy who
following you will never watch the show again 'cause he has enough failure in his life. It doesn't it doesn't wanna see it doesn't want the other people fail, that's hilarious! So awesome. I gotta appreciate honesty. Yeah me too. I got appreciate that guy, that's true. It doesn't fucking tv show I'll tell you what I watch TED Nugent every week, God damn it, he never misses. That's like Steve Burns joke where girl calls I'm just like you, never guess what almost happened is like nothing 'cause. It was almost click. Ted Nugent, shoots, he'll, shoot three deer with a bow and arrow in the first five minutes of the show, and I'm not bullshitting he. She three deer with bows and arrows yeah I mean it's end part about it. He after he shoots a deer. He goes. Can you believe that I believe you just fucking? Did you just shot one five minutes? I don't
what kind of limits TED Nugent has in his backyard, and I know it's like a land management issue. You know where you could you can make the call if you got a high fence operate in Texas, like how many yeah you gotta come to you to be. You can do you do your own management yeah. I don't know that's management as he set up the going to fucking tree stand blast in d, who bow and arrow yeah there's a lot of variability is surprise it surprised people that don't like have a familiar with hunting, wanted surprised these regulations at all, sometimes like if you grow up, you know. I have friends, New York, who were pleasantly surprised to hear that wild game is managed, know right and I think also beyond that. It's surprising people at the very variations from different states. Their strategy in holler. Managing. I think, a lot of it comes down to what lava comes on, how how much the state's public like Texas, they even got a school, get rid of school trust lands. So, like you should be the one thirty six sections belong to the state and they could use
that either build schools on, or is that land to, fund school construct, Shannon they threw mineral leasing or timber rights whatever and at a point x. Even scrap that they even sold that often to private interests. So it's like the really is like public Trust, Life isn't is vital in a place like taxes, because there's not locally owned land with publicly owned wildlife on it. You know that's kind of crazy Yeah, you take a state like you guys. Everything is probably Staley guys that you guys have humongous national forest. So there's a lot of public trust, land, public trust, wildlife in places like California. So yet you have you have. The government plays a much stronger hand in a much more detail, oriented hand and like what's happening all the stuff was our harvest like that in some states were kind of tends to be like well, it's your land. You figured out, you are show on the mountain lions. One of the specific reasons I want to bring that up is because the the idea of hunting with ha-
or hunting with dogs, rather is they've. It would work it off. I'm not gonna, listen to hard. Why kick it? I cannot get amount line with these stupid ha dude. Sorry, my Iphone Roadhogs, I met you need trained dogs, fuck man Hunter. I told people on my hunter now. It looks like an asshole on Facebook, If Oranje you can hunt with dogs anymore and ah people. Some people are concerned about that. I've heard people say that they're worried that the mountain lion population is gonna, get too strong. If they do that, especially people have lost dogs or who know people have been. You know, fucking bike words and shit that get taken out, but California doesn't allow it anymore co. I saw a mountain lion last week in Santa Barbara,
did George it yeah small mountain line. Wasn't very big. I thought was a coyote at first, but it wasn't, you know, coyotes, they moved kind of stiff, things like this bounce to it. Another tale is a good way to put it yeah when the bobcat no was a tail it long tails mountain line. It was probably seventy pounds now yeah I think you're, seeing like yeah, and I don't mean to say that I hate to I don't want to sound like you know like taking cheap shots, you know at California or any, but you see pretty. A real erosion of you know pointing right. A a gradual study of and hunting rights in California, debate. That's easy because there's a thing that there's a thing I in this somewhere wrote where you can go to American, like you go to the american public and say like yes, do. You approve of of regulated hunting. Okay and you get the vast majority
Americans. It's something ridiculous, like seventy. Four percent of seventy five percent of Americans will say like yes, I approve hunting, but then you start asking him specific. You know how about hunting with dogs right and then those numbers start to go down right when you start because you can kind of it's easy to sell. People on the idea is easy to sell people who ever seen the hunting dog there never had experience with hind dog have never laid eyes on a line. It's easy to sell them on the idea that somehow there's no challenge in it right now, and so then you can. You can a way to chip away like a waiter chip away at liberty like personal liberty and stuff is just do like one little thing at a time you know will do this will do that? do this multiple that and so like never be a thing like will ban hunting. It would be that you can't hunt on this kind of land You know you can't this kind of animal this way. Well, in fact, we don't want you in that kind of animal at all, and you see that in certain places, Colorado's had some experience with that
you got the lead, ammo band, the California Condor range that they're trying to expand statewide so didn't use lead ammo to hunt at all Well, there was even in places where there are no even the place where there are no condo right. I heard a big debate about this mountain lion issue and one of the things that the guy from the fishing game Wildlife service set is what you guys don't realize if you're, actually a preservationist the majority of money that we collect to preserve the land, you like to hike and comes from hunters. It comes from hunting licenses, that's where the fish and wildlife service and these different organizations that are responsible for maintenance of the land that is haunted, hike down in Campton. That's the
ninety some crazy amount. Ninety five percent, some crazy american member, the percentage comes from hunters and the dues and fees they have to pay to hunt that land. So I think that the debate has to be couched in those terms too. If you really wanted to get rid of hunters, we wouldn't have revenue to actually may, contain. Well, I think, there's also the part need to appease a certain liberals, um part of the population that is very uncomfortable with honey in the first place, and I'd like to look at people hunting with dogs, ok, okay, Jesus Christ, that's barbaric, your siccing dogs on him and and then you're shooting like this poor defenseless, and I understand, but there's there's, especially when it comes to predators. There's a population management issue that they're not willing to address and if you do dress that you're going to deal with it in the suburbs. Ok, they just shot a fucking mountain line with a tranquilizer dart in Glendale the other day, yeah, that's all in the news and they killed the one in Santa Monica a year ago. That was ninety fucking pounds. I saw one
find barber the other day. I mean I'm not comfortable like with those things like getting more popular yeah, I'm I'm I'm. Never I'm never comfortable with terms like like over poppy, yeah, because it's just like I don't know really how to define it, but oh probably in the sense that you're gonna wind up seeing impacts that might be counter to what it is you're going after you know, like you'll lose. In areas you might lose species to predation and have predation have a serious effect on species that you maybe will want back Is that what happened with wolves in Yellowstone is not what is happening. Yeah yeah sure they haven't seen like a radical radical decline radical, very localized decline in Elk and moose, okay and it's hard for
people, if you look at a map of the country and what used to be Wolf, territory and and at the time of european contact, it was Wolf country The country. You know the entire nation was in somewhere in other, had had wolves, not the entire place, but a lot of head bolts. Now, let's say you're a guy and you live in Colorado, all right. And you hear their hunting wolves, Montana you're, probably, but we don't even have wolves in Colorado. We do but there's not many and it's kind of controversial, whether to stable breeding population or not, and you're telling me they're, killing them right up in Montana, because hard for people visualize the localized impact of these things, so you can have too many wolves in Montana and then jump down through Wyoming and you enter Colorado and you could have not enough. You know. Why is that? What do wolves, I guess they stay in a certain territory, they stay within a certain territory and they have a really. I mean they have a profound effect on stuff. You gotta think like
have you guys been to Yellowstone National Park Kid Yellowstone National Park, the last Yellowstone National Park was hunted for now. Ten thousand years. I think the oldest artifact they found that they have reliable. Data from like a spear point from nine thousand years ago, does men joes but the last one hundred years. No one hundred it's you know Yellowstone Park and we also part became apart. There was still an indian war, like the Nez Perce, went through there and killed some tourists while they were fleeing the US military aff that they banned hunting Yellowstone National Park. Anyone who goes the also national park now we'll see the way the Elk, and everything just like has no concern for humans right, they've rule. Well, the humans are troublesome, so you this long absence of no wolves in that ecosystem and when you put wolves back in it's just taken those animals a really long time to figure out to get back to, get back to knowing what's gonna, be
and so we had inflated. We had inflated numbers of elk and some would argue inflated numbers Elko, argue inflated numbers of moose and when the walls came back, it's just I mean just play order into the ground. There's there's Mountain range that maybe had nine thousand out now we're down to less than two thousand talk with the guy from a conservation organization that deals with Elk and they're. Looking at the very real probability of if the Wolf situation ever does get under control in the area of having to reintroduce elk into some mountain ranges, because there's a PA city of breeding, age females- oh my god, because they're all getting killed by wolves yeah, it's just like but you still have groups that are trying to stop the Wolf funds in Montana and Idaho the problem is also, I heard you can't. Actually you can't shoot your way out of this problem when it comes to In fact, toys r rise to hear that yeah, but then that
that post boxes and all that drones, yeah you're talking to right now, but I've never been a fan of wolves people to tend their dogs and get all attached to him, because you know it looks like your colleague, that's a fucking wolf and that elite you and they've eaten people before. In fact, I told a story on the podcast about France, France, that I say front front, so the doors that used to come in their 40s fucking people before they cornered him and killed them. I mean they've, always even know ones really I mean I don't have any real argument. You made that there's a human risks not yet the highway, but there is an argument to me that there is an ecological risk. I think there's still a human risk. I think if you get around a big pack of 'em and you just a child, it happens to be in that area. While that's called going down so sneaks out of the house and they have a phone and like that that isn't as a story, I read online about this woman who is watching these wolves tear apart sheep in her backyard. It was while it on their own.
She said they got into this uh pen, it's cheap and they got in and there was like four five wolves were just running through ripping the sheep apart, and you just heard these horrific noise of tearing and Rachael laying in horrible sheeps green. This is all of this record yeah. I was looking out the window watching this going holy. Imagine Now that's going down in your yard, and then they know that this is a. This is a place where food is how big is a timber wolf they get up to like one hundred and twenty hundred thirty yeah. They bear in that. Well, the you know the real big ones that they're experiencing now I mean this is dear, are getting very large from meeting all is Alka eating all these deer that didn't know they were common. There there's people there shooting shooting, they're, taking pictures of them and you would swear it's a photo, show a these can enormous, like guys, hold them in the thing like looks as long as them I mean I don't know what it waves. I mean it's more than one hundred and fifty they're big dogs or big wolves. I actually like you know
I don't want to get all the wolves man like I support. I support wolf recovery. Can you got? I mean you deal with wild? Not so much were sort of politics. Like public seven opinion. Would you say that I mean it's being billed as being wanted to destroy wolves, but I think it's not really. That's not what I hear and see you know not destroying the wolf is just pulled out. My brother, I pulled out my god it's about getting that balance back. You know, I mean that's the thing. So you've got these groups that are out there trying to stop the wolf on they want to put the back on the endangered species list, even though the wolf is no longer endangered. The wolf is threatened in these areas. Again, these local areas that we're talking about here and you know in the state of Idaho State of Montana there is a way to try to manage the wildlife. So you get that balance, but right now what you've seen is sort of it's out of whack and right now, with Wolf has the advantage and we'll continue. To give the advantage to the wolf in some of these states, and I think it's why you're trying to that's where that that
It comes in right now we want to see, I don't even want to see Wolf, sporadic people, these unrealistic urban people and that's really what a boy down to Hell, yeah the people that are really almost all the people that are against hunting or against the idea of wildlife wildlife management. All of them live in cities. When when people live in a place where you have to contend someone has to be the top predator, and if it's not going to be a person not going to be people and you're living around these animals, it's going to be them and they just the reality of the food chain of life. If you're a meek person, and you wandering around through the woods and you stumble into a pack of hungry, wolves and haven't seen l 'cause it decimated the population, they'll kill you I mean that's, why especially if you might not happen, might not happen, but it's happened before woman died in Alaska recently she was killed by wolves and
She was also wearing I'll accept. That was the first documented case in a long time now that a hundred years and in that state, I think that ninety percent of the night and that ninety five percent- all of additional wolf Habitat in Alaska still occupied by wolves wow and they have very very few fatalities like. I think that moves kill more people They do there anything else. Yellowstone National Park, the greatest cause of injury. Also national park, is getting gored by Buffalo. My parents live in Utah in Park City, you know what they always tell you the locals. They go hey, be careful of moose, please don't think of them as D. Do not approach them, and what do people do that? There is a most going to take a picture on the moose like now going to trample you now. People get killed by moose, yeah, they'll, fuck Well, people are still you look at it. You get is a you know. Urban areas, a lot of people who who grow up in urban areas only live in urban areas have very unrealistic expectations of what animal
are they have this anthropomorphic. You know it's just operate, it's Bambi and they don't understand No, you know I just became a a farmer now, so I have pigs and I have chickens and I it's completely different, actually like sit down and study these animals a year later for for your for a business, are you doing it for me for to provide for yourself? Yes, all of the above I mean eventually like to get to the point where I can sell some. You know we're doing here as livestock, and I was like Center John using doing something like this recently I would like it seems like if you have resources and you could get a plot of land and hire people to take care of it. Grow it and have animals that you slaughter there and have food that you grow there like like. Why? Wouldn't you do that? If you could do that? Why wouldn't you do that right, absolutely, but you know it's like I it drives me. Crazy to hear these people say? Oh, but look the pig
smiling in the pig is happy and the pig is the pig loves you and how are you going to kill that pig and turn it into bacon? I'm telling you the pig, doesn't love me. The pig. The pig is a pig, the pig doesn't know. I mean I'm a lovable guy, but the point the point is you: are this: I think it will talk later, a good way to look at man, thoughts that handsome man thoughts together, good way to look at it, though shes dot com forever. If you don't kill that big turn into a fairy and cure cancer. It's a fucking pig like me about fifteen. Then they die. I mean I keep delays. I if you don't eat him before they die. You lose all the delicious meat this big. The pigs that I have on my farm would not exist. And less we were going to eat them. That's the only way that lives or we could make your own kids and start eating them. Well, we were talking cannibalism. Earlier I made kids because, where I live
cool see I made kids for the free labor see I've got unlike Steve. I've got five in Hell, yeah, it's about doing the chores and all the stuff. I don't want to do, get out there in my yard, pics. How do you pull up three? You have three so you, you don't have you don't have a the facility where you would do this this agriculture, no, I don't, but I would, I would think, about buying a piece of land just in some parts, good idea, man, it looks sweet could be like prominent podcast holes, comic actor farmer, Joe Rogan, I think it makes well. I have chickens, you know just just recently got chickens so that I could eat their eggs, but I've been about this. For a while, like everybody's, like worried about GMO Foods and everybody's worried about, like you know, month Santo when they're worried about what's organic, what's not organic and what are the standards? If you grow your own shit, you know exactly what it is and you could
take care of your soil, ITALY, still ITALY. If you go through, I took a train from ITALY. I still train from there he's trying to become sophisticated again, but he's got he's got. Don't you have missile read into a story about specify sales? When I went to ITALY I say ITALY, everybody in there Grow their own food like it's. So common is my grandfathers. Standards are gardens man, my grandpa they did not have a big yard in New Jersey, but every part of the game got coconut water. What you want man, you want I'll take! Okay, what do you want? A coffee? Don't you ever have a bulletproof coffee, you're bulletproof. Do you explain it to me? bulletproof coffee, not just we have anymore. Ok make something I want to trouble. I don't try and it's not trouble we're here. We're partying! You want beer in a beer. I beg your pardon, are yeah couple of years Aj me bring out some beers man, that's right, son, what
Dick Party in the mouth I forgot exactly what we were talking about gardens and yeah thank becoming a farmer. The ideas been fuck, around with me for the past couple of months. I don't know you got chickens man, you just haven't right at your house, yeah built a chicken coop. Do you have somebody taking care of it or is it just easy to not sort of hard, and I just I just built a planter. I didn't mind yeah yeah. I had a plan to build. I just think it's a great idea and think that the idea of ah relying on somebody else for your own food ultimately is like? Why would you do that? If you have the resource, is you know, and is there only one left? Is that what is bring him out the you know the idea that We all rely on supermarkets. You know you look at what happened with Hurricane Sandy New York. Shut down? I was talking to my buddy Tommy. He's like I had drive hours just to eat use, my cell phone towers were down. Everything was down, there's no power, everything is fucked and you know
talking about is like dude, that was scary as shit man. It goes 'cause. I realize like this. Whole thing is like very fragile. If you don't know where your food is coming from, he goes who went to the supermarket was just insane. It was just empty shelf. After empty show, people had just taken. Everything was nothing left yeah. So well, that's not a supply. Sam's SAM it. What about water when I don't want to reserve so yeah underground tunnels? I'm not I'm! Not! I save in my basement now, I'm going to be like a old weird man rise. Save on freeze, dried food stop my base very smart, but you know I served in the war, the water things when you gotta do I got to get you know Arctic. It was. It was a big one that the farm and deal home farmer, my brother? He has those pack llamas, you seen those taxes, I love those things, so he bought a ten acre pasture on picturesque, just like a irrigated pasture, and
realize Islam is just inhabit like a back corner and wouldn't use deadly of this pasture. So just because he's just a pragmatic, resourceful person and he thought it's out here it's getting wet and growing grass. So he putting out lambs, they put out goats now he's got a calf out there and this guy he haunts so much so he hunts all his own meat and he eats the media hunts and he just puts it out there and takes care of it. Make sure that has water and then like gives all that stuff to his friends who come on butcher the lambs and take him home and feed him their kids, this kind of a sense of like If the lands there, you know I mean it's like it's there. It's manipulated by man is nothing he's preserving some kind of like you know me ecosystem. It's just an irrigated pasture of alfalfa. He's like why not just have that be like have output right
yeah, it's just pleasant to look out my window and be like it's producing producing thing when you have when you have, when you have a acre of land or whatever that is and he's going off alpha is that all you need for the animal to live? Basically just put it out. There it just live on that. Well, I'm delving way into that stuff. I don't understand now, but I know that camper I speak is better. Is that he's got alfalfa, but it's old alfalfa field. So I think people typically in some areas. I know replant alfalfa every seven years, because eventually the alfalfa loses out to other plant species. Is my understanding, I don't know for sure, there's a lot of animals if you go out and put him on just that, I'm so a lot of guys? I know a lot about this like cringing right now, if put just alfalfa, is considered to be like a hot food and they'll over. He is too rich and they can do image themselves if you put 'em out on just like pure alfalfa. That's interesting,
I read the deer that eat out of alfalfa fields are delicious that they're they actually have like a little more yeah. Some species can hack it by no. I think that I've been told that on the horses they this make sense to you a little bit more pecan chicken, as opposed to you lam and stuff, but does that make sense without foul for making the deer taste better yeah? I think what the deer is not going to just be eating alfalfa. Either I mean the deer is gonna, be you know, Roman and get in a lot of yeah. I mean like how much land is a farmer? Do you need to grow? You know your own meat in your own vegeta. Course not much man, I mean really not much. You could do it on. So we've got forty acres, but right now we're only using about four hundred we've. You know, we've got our big garden. We've got our chickens that are free, ranging we've got. The pigs were going to be getting some dairy, goats and really You know you don't Really four acres is: we don't even use all that space. I mean they're spread out the pigs over here, the chickens. Here you know
to around in another hour passed or you guys. Could you guys could feed like thirty people off bakers, Norway, more! That's why you know eventually like what we want to do is to get into the business side of it and to start. You know, selling some stuff and really even like some of the vegetables uh. I want to do an undo, a pickle company one day. I want to start pickling shit and you know what is what are pigs? What do you feed your pigs, so right now. There's holes assholes human asshole, TSA workers. We have pig feed right now. They sound like big old dog food bags, are going to tractor supply and get fifty bag. Big feed, they they eat the roots in the pig pen and then we're going to we're about ready to move them out to a bigger area. That's going to be about an acre and they'll they'll want around oh they'll eat. You know whatever When I was when
I'll kill, you never stop. When I was a kid my step dad was, he was in school and one of the agriculture classes that he had to take is like this co, op farm that people in the school all did together. They had animals and they grew plants, and I mean it was like pretty like in all thing, and I remember even as a kid saying what a cool idea, the idea that they all like chip in together, everybody does like a little pieces then, and everyone sort of communicates. What's what needs to get done and if you think about that in a real neighborhood man you could have a cz long as you had the soil and as long as you had their the resource is to get it started and then and then you know make it so it's self sufficient. If you had a size, a piece of land and everybody sort of chipped in and you grew livestock and you grew plants, and you know you fed them and everything I see it seems like would be so economically manageable. I mean like people would get all their food. Imagine if, like we all, got all food from like a lot down the corner, where we all knew that this goat had
eaten all these food. We had given it, and you know you know how to actually where the tomato came from, because you put the seed in the ground. This is happening to the point where in cities now they're flat bed trucks, but you can rent where you have a flat bed truck. They got a bunch of soil on a flat bed truck they're, also doing it on route, and so what you people doing is getting time shares and saying I want to buy a share of that. Flatbed truck flatbed truck comes out, you garden it. You take your vegetables for the day and it moves on to the next house also they're doing it with like there's a lot of roof space like in China. They built a whole city. I guess where the rules are, basically planters to grow the food for the city. I just saw a story out of Chicago where they're, using like some of the old warehouses and they're, just turning them into indoor farms. You see those two CIA workers whose house got broken into and Kansas the fuck it DEA came in guns blazing because they thought these people were growing weed.
Animals, former CIA Agents- and they were growing tomatoes and vegetables in their basement. They had a whole hydroponic vegetable system, setup with lights and well, these assholes drive around looking for a heat signature from your home. That shows that you're using extraordinary amount of light, which mostly people using using to grow weed, come in fucking guns out, and you know CA dogs and show pit nope on it's too fucking. Former CIA agents going crazy, assholes, Fuck is wrong with you. How about you knock on the door? I show you my badge and my fucking tomatoes right You know I want to. I want to right now you do a fucking search of the guy who lives there. Oh, it's that CIA guy fucking. Let's, let's go arrest him and his wife probably selling Weed CIA. It makes sense yeah exactly crazy. We had this thing having reason
like this perfect cohesion of hunting and farming, where we're down in Florida and we're hunting turkeys on this guy's ranch. The guy keeps coming in and getting us to go out at night and run hogs, but his hound dogs, and what is he got? A cattle ranch is near Okeechobee, Florida and there's a two figures. Fifty five thousand or forty five thousand acre nature preserve down. It has a lot of rare native birds on it, nature preserves MO. Is they did choir agricultural land when it comes up for sale and they take at the dyke systems and put it back in the bird habitat. It's funny 'cause. This guy actually has sold this preserve some of his land and he is putting his whole place into a conservation easement so that The time is, like my whole place is going to be part of that, and he was. He was actually glad about it. He like he like to preserve but a big, enemy of the preserve, is wild, which can a lot of ground nesting, shorebird eggs, so
Well, they have a guy. The preserve is so tight, so tightly administered that you can't in most areas became walk around in there and they got it contracts to kill wild pigs, so this guy has a contract. We supposed to kill x, number of pigs every year. He can't anyway, keep up with them. This guy, that has a scandal, ranch lakes to hunt pigs and he would always go back and hunt the the boundary between his mention the preserve, because so many a such great influx of pigs coming off the preserve at night, coming on his ranch to get into know less utilized land and but dog would chase him in the pigs would probably run back into that preserve or he can pursue him. So he gets some hard proof, fence and builds. A four hundred acre enclosure, a budding the preserve. On. The wall of his fence that actually joins the preserve. He puts in trap doors, hinged doors So the pigs can come in and out and so
but they can't go out. No, he he props the door open. Any kind of watch is and he's always out there checking for tracks and after awhile you'll realize. There's a lot of pig traffic coming out of the reserve on to his land. Then what will do they come out after dark. They come on to his ranch and before daybreak they drift back to the preserve. He goes out at four in the morning and pop up shut, All those doors he's got these doors strung out for, like a mile he's gotta strung out for like a mile, every ten yards, his little doors with a stick hold him. So he just drive this thing down pulls all the sticks, ancillary and it causes dogs loose. Because we go out with him in right away. Fuck we go out with these pit bulls or Pitbull ask I'm not good enough with dogs, but not he's. Got he's got bored how over break he's, got trailers and catchers, so so different types data, his bloodhounds, find them, but they won't. He don't like to let the bloodhounds actually catch. The pig is a pig, in fact, one of his dog got really tore up, but
people holding dog out big Pitbull, like dog, who secures the pick The first thing we catch. I mean just barely those Argentino dogs to go, go Argentino. They use them as well as american bulldogs to this guy. The first one we get is not even dark yet, and he gets we get one. It's a big bore and he's in tag he's got his nutsack on I'm still and the guy that this was not the dogs, usually plus no no yeah, I'm I'm get little bit have muscle just just hold that people may hold up his information from an outside he's got is not that the not so a moment Joe in He says this won't be any good to eat like there to lean they gotta testosterone. They don't take good care of themselves and he takes us pig. It's a big pig. Not big and like not like the ones you see on internet, but you know size of one hundred and seventy pound pick, and he puts in a trailer just confined in there. We go on again in a violated the dogs bust, this other pig out of
out of a palm grove. They call the hammock like a island of palm trees out in the grasslands and they catch it, and this pigs castrated Castrated like a bore, that's been castrated is a barrel hog and the incision, where they, where the hog had been castrated, is all healed up and they that we, when we job more. We always castrated and then turn it back loose, because two things happen: one, the pig won't create more contribute to the problem. The preserve is having the problem he has for pigs on his land ruin. His area and it'll it'll do what he says, take its mind off grass and put it on. It will take his mind off ass and put it on the grass He says in ninety days that bore will be fantastic eating and have a layer of fat on, so we, but we cut the jug on the castrated pig and
for me and it smelled great. It was beautiful. The next day we go out the border we caught and they take a knife castrate that bore and turn him out knowing that sometime down the road they'll be lucky and catch that bore again and he'll be a barrel and then he'll be good to eat. So these boys, these boys do this. Every week, Sakura Bora, powerful blockhead I'm telling you want me to dogs. It's an all these guys. The dogs take them, but these guys are cattle rancher. These guys are cattle ranches. So I mean it's a daily occurrence for them to Rasel like yeah. The dog. Does it 'cause they grab by the ground by the head and pin him down now the taking dogs caught the pig in the pig caught one back in dogs real good, and he was going to take that dog the vet, and I asked my Bae, Your vet, probably you know,
Is it like you bringing in dogs that probably may have gotten injured in something the vat might regard as unnecessary or right? He goes yep. That's why I go to a vet who likes to run pigs with his dogs. Well, once you start realizing how many pigs there are especially Texas. Has million? is the Paley Open, They have a real millions, millions. They were real problem. Look you don't like that. Show pig man but No, no, I don't say that I don't say that just think. There's like there's. I have an anti intellectual. I have an aesthetic. I have a hunting, aesthetic, an approach to wildlife that you know the that. I that I admire that. I tried to stand by. No, you do we had long conversations about it, so helicopter gunships are your Why is not my idea? Honey? It's not really hunting. I mean what they're doing is they're getting away with being psycho pass and if you haven't seen
yeah, Brian pull it up? It's eradication of its pig man and TED Nugent shoot pigs from Hell. I give all the show of all the meat to the needy, but oh yeah look look and by the way it's a real fucking problem. They really do have to eradicate these. These populations of pigs they tear- I mean they show these crops are getting up by these pigs in the in the up. So now what I want, but doesn't hog, let's go hunting, we do, but I'm no. No one asked you. What is the the one with his nuts taste like you didn't tell us that? We have cooked, yet we're cooking it on April 25th, but it won't be as good. You don't think Oh no, I'm sorry! No! No! We! Okay! On April It I'm cooking the the barrel hog. I have Eaton Board with their nuts but I've, never the board that was aged in like's venerable. Is that one you could tell that he was a very old bat scarred bore
certain very lean, and these guys, I might have eaten thought it was ok and it might be that these guys have very high expectations. They pick running over. They have a sense of like. What's was not best the same way that you might disregard a hot dog, half a hot dog laying on the side of the road, but person might be in a situation where they really appreciate that hot dog, so for the these guys who hunt boars a lot first them and eat them in like love to eat him. They were like and I expressed interest in the in the talk being like. I don't care, I want it. They were so adamant that it wouldn't be good that they were denying me getting it like they don't. And it wasn't because they were in love with the pig they're like no, no we'll get, you will get you going. That was no good for you. Maybe with that was there that was their take on more. I I I tend to like leader meat anyway. I I really I do too, but I will tell you this: when
you do- and you know I have pretty, I've done a few. I've done a bit of pig hunting and they can get really do have quite a older to him and this board just stunk like bore you know, but This come from guy who will black bears that have been feeding on salmon and what is that like dead, SAM it's like rotten SAM meat, the meat taste like rotten salmon, yeah 'cause, I'm telling you man like the fat. Is so the fat just carries? Is a book on the Harold Mcgee's book Cooking, the science and lore of the of cooking or science lower the kitchen? He has a nation there why animal fat is such a reliable? indicator of what the animals been up to, and I should your that'll yeah refer your listeners to that, rather than try to explain myself, but you were on your show when you fat hold out that bear with that a deep blue one as it it's just like legal and you can just drink the fat, you can melt the fat and drinking a taste good. Now the
a salmon bear. You really have to carefully, and this is in the spring when they haven't actually eaten a salmon six months or something get the very. Early trim that fat away. Then the flesh sounds more palatable, but it's just kind of atrocious and I got a friend of Montana. He shot a bear over over rotten cow. One time same thing: That was nearly inedible. You know. So what do do when that, when you have that situation, do you continue to eat the at respect like if something, if I'm eating meat, that's great? Okay, high quality meat I cook in a high quality way, where I do is little too it is possible I'll, take a lot like you know. We had some pretty straight up meet when we are out just yet Basically, animals, like just like me, cooked a warm with salt on it. You know so good man I'll do that. If I get a animal, that's that's funky now and I killed and I killed a female pig one time that was probably one of the worst game animals. I've ever done a I'm just going to eat it. Okay, it's like for me
any displeasure I experienced eating off tasting flesh isn't as bad as displeasure that I would experience from having Tilda, game, animal and not consumed. That's a very great statement. So for me it's just I'm going to eat it. Whether I make pepperoni sticks. If it's bad, I make pepperoni sticks. I eat thing, you know- and I haven't always done it. Like I explained you many times- I used a for trapping fur. Trapping sell animal fur, but now at this point in my life and like my relationship with hunting, now I you know like: fourteen to the point I mean we ate a coyote not longer down in Mexico. So how is a couple months ago here anyway said you're the only person on the planet. This works great about the. Well, we had a child in next. Why I never thought I'd meet. Somebody wait. A fucking coyote that is weird is saying: I kill people, sometimes, oh my god,
why did you eat a coyote? pull my people, people so steep people. So often I get asked like the guy is eating stuff. I get asked all the time like what is it like to eat? This was like that and I have field the question about what's likely to Kyle so many times that I started to feel like it was professional all seasons for me to not have a good answer. You know to be like I have national malfeasance mean not ever good answer. Would a fucking coyote dates yeah, so it's like as profess development. I wanted to know and we got a coyote and you have to eat the whole coyote. Now, in your mind, you ate like well there's a handful of is there and we put the vast majority of thing down and Rebirth way, burned the hair off way, burned all the hair off it and then roasted it.
Wow was skin on well, I gotta steal, like the best description. I add to steal this from my body. Ramie Warrant Warren Ellis Island in Remi, Warren tasted. It- and this is the Esso Tarek comparison- Remi Warren tasted. It he's a hunting guide and he said it tastes like overcooked. Diver duck. What was I going to? No? No, you explain this to us on the trip to die, there's diver, docks and and flew with floaters that with a call, the other ones. Yeah like like a like a non biological tax on enemy would with dogs, would be like puddle ducks and diver ducks and people calling dabbler ducks so ducks that don't go underwater to hunt and the the ducks that eat fish, the ones you don't want. Divers eat. Alot divers eat a lot more animal matter. An diver
Some puddle ducks eat a lot more vegetation, but to you that expression and overcooked diver duck totally made sense folks on the subway right now going on. Oh what the fuck this guys talking about fucking over could diver do that. The next time I eat thing, I don't like going back man. This takes a lot like diver duck. Thanks yeah, you had a couple shots on the show at Pheasant stew right. We couldn't quite What do they call those guys that some docs are carnivorous? Oh yeah carnivorous and even some puddle ducks some puddle duck. Dabir ducks eat a of matters so of the puddle ducks one of the like one of the not great tasting ones. Is the northern shoveler in northern shovelers eat a lot of animal matter, but you can take the like the best duck on the planet. My would be like I love Mallard ducks, but if you Mallard ducks in Southeast Alaska. Like near my cabin. You can bear eat those mallard ducks
as you know there, mallards and in most areas they taste great and solve these Alaska. Those mallards in the late summer are just in their hammering invertebrates. So there hunting the tide line, eating expose invertebrates up down there and you get those dogs. And it taste like coyote they're, eating, invertebrates, meaning, meaning claw. I saw him play a little little, you know and sex and that's you know, people who, who don't understand modern methods of farming in the way that animals are fed in the the the foods they're fat. I don't understand the whole corn versus grass FED debate. It has become a surgeon. We've talked about so many times in the podcast of people like hashtag things, grass fed it has nothing to do with it just being silly. You know, but count is supposed to be. Fucking grass tried to rule
When you give a cast of corn, the whole thing is it's like giving a person courts right like we get fat, as you know, accounts all syrup and yeah. They have well that's what I have for stomachs, whatever the sand and and did to break down that not only that I bet you. The corn doesn't grow as good magic. Mushrooms are better the corn poop, but it's a fucking mess. It's not grass through the stomach of a Nn, Ulit cow. That's corn were using big words. You used to wear a poor fucker eating corn growing abs this is in his body. Have you ever seen that a food or that's why they have to they grow livers? Abscess! That's why they have to give him. Meanwhile, God Damn is delicious. That's a problem! It's so good! A good rib eye
fatty corn FED Rib eye whoa. It's not perfect, like when I'm hip feeling healthy and I'm I like Grass FED. I, like the grass FED, like sirloin lean, you know, but the best meat I've ever had in my life was a grass fed with a corn fed rib eye from whole foods, and I cooked that, and I'm telling you me and my buddy ate it, and it was. It was just your probably high you're. Probably I wasn't, I was sober. I really have. I think, the best meat I've ever my life was two things: one, the liver and the heart of that, the deer that we ate. We were sitting there by a campfire open up and we had to cut around the bullet hole. We were also hungry, though, and we spent three days eating those bad mountain Do you are not that bad? I'm telling you! I thought that those mountain bags were gonna to taste way worse than I thought they were delicious. It's situational yeah it not as good as the
No, we work with a guy. We work with guy and he's like I don't care about food. I just want to be full, and then go do what I want to do. And so he's always talking about he's like yeah I'll, be home and I'll be home and I'll eat. Freeze, dried food, just more efficient for me. I just want to be done and then go do what I want to do well, I can understand being obsessed with something else, but you can enjoy food as well. You dumb fuck Jesus Christ. I, like foods, awesome my brother. This is my buddies, a stuntman and hit the back of his head, an accent and he lost his sense of smell and taste and he doesn't care that much about food probably needs ask like a champion. I can't see the the greatest ads either in the universe. Who's gonna come once big deal. Letter have really low level. I would I would. I have no future remember one times at me because he has I set out. He gazed at him like I had a rash and I can
face. What's the matter. What's the matter, you don't stick your tongue into girls as you're gonna, get shit on your tongue, so fucking. What I can't talk to you. It's just walked away. I never said anything. All I did was make a little face because it was your dad, it's natural to think that face unless you've had four jacket, cokes and you've been in that situation, were you really trying to impress a girl way? We've all gotten in that section, friends, neighbors on son, get that friends. Do you have that video of the TED Nugent PIG man adventures whether there's just like a thirty? yeah. That's fine check this. I want Steven else take on this if you've never seen this before TED Nugent pig man are in a fucking helicopter and the is fucking crazy. It's now legal to hunt in Texas from helicopters
it is one of the most entertaining episodes of any television show. I've ever seen in my life is watching TED Nugent and PIG man take out wild hogs from a fucking helicopter. I'm like this is some shit that, after the fall of America, one thousand years from now when they're trying to decode our history, they're going to is that that holy FUCK; they were flying in helicopters, joking around about headshots. He killed. He killed four hundred and fifty five pics that day, no one hundred and fifty five yeah That's a lot of pick. This is TED. Nugent kill foreign if pigs with a machine gun from a helicopter for Bill Maher for Bill Maher bill. Maher, is very, very handsome. Hunting he's impede. Bill supports which, by the way, kills more cats and dogs in anybody.
No. Ninety, six percent of the animals are going to the shelter yeah they put him down, which is you know. I just don't even know what to say about that. That's like and they get so crazy. It's like when is it okay to kill, was and not okay, to kill your kill and poppies, and your man, people that are killing deer and they're eating them like I am losing the script here, 'cause that doesn't even make any fucking sense. That's one of the craziest most Dickey Leslie, hypocritical wings. I never heard of the highlights what music killing one name win, but it'll drop. When people go to PETE and say you know, I've got a stray dog here. I thought you might make my puppy. My dog had puppies. I don't what to do with them all given to the animal lovers at pizza. These dogs die. I like most of 'em they put down because they have to 'cause. You don't have the resources to take care of those dogs, but that doesn't match when you, when you look at it, I don't care if you don't, have the resources, you're, killing puppies and cats. Okay and the way you try to keep it secret to you, don't go advertising and telling people hey, listen. If you don't
come down and take these things as pets were going to kill him no you're doing it on the sneak tip and people have to find out about it through the internet and then on top of that you're criticizing people that are hunting and feeding their family with what they know to be a really healthy animal. Instead of this mystery fucking chain, have command that happens when you buy a cheeseburger from Burger King or wherever name your fast food joint. Who knows what the fuck happened to that cow before it was convert did into cheeseburgers, you know you don't know what god damn thing and the fact that they would go after one while killing puppies and kittens that's. That's insanity that is insanity. You know a thing that rings falls to me in you know, I'm walking on like I got I got, I got a tread delicately here, on the issue of of of the helicopter thing, but
when I the awesomeness of it. One thing that rings false to me, though, is when guys like, when guys do. This is so hard to put this like no matter what you think it's, if you do damn, if you don't I'm going to try to go for it. When someone does like, if someone goes out and shoots a bunch of something because it's There are over populated for a rancher it In some way, you have to be self honest, is and acknowledge that you're not just doing an altruistic act, like I enjoyed a hunt, you know so when I have my body's ranch in California. I'm glad that he figures he has too many pics, because it allows me to go pig hunting and I like go pig hunting I like to eat pigs but I would never like I don't stand say to my wife and like I really don't want to do it, but my body is in trouble. He's got a lot of
and I'm going to go out as much as going to be a drag, I'm going to go out and help him, because we need to fight our way through this pig problem. No need to give our share because it might to call me and say you know I got a real problem with my fences are down. Can you come out and spend a weekend fixing all my fence. Is. That really is the problem. I have right now I would like no, but those pigs up to you having a problem with them. Well, it's natural to first of all, the hunting them is natural and the dealing the overpopulation is a real issue for people that do have farms do have ranches like you gotta deal, that and to get bullshit to take to take crap from people that are killing puppies and kittens like man we to come to an understanding here. Here's a real issue: it's not Peter! It's not the problem of being eh go towards animals. It's easy assholes that do it logical shit and that's the
even with a lot of animal activist. That's the the problem. A lot of people that claim to love animals more than they love people you're. Out of your mind, if you love a dog more, you love people you're. Out of your mind, you're, out of your mind, That's a one way: relationship Jesus Christ. That thing doesn't talk to you about stuff. It doesn't challenge you on issues. And tell you it loves you. It doesn't help. You grow, it's God. Damn dog and I love my dogs, but you're crazy, if you like animals more than people and the people that are involved. Just whatever reason is a certain percentage is not all of them, but a certain percentage of people that are involved in animal rights movements have a distorted perception of the relationship between humans and animals and their relationship, not one of admiration, respect it becomes what you talking about the the anthropomorphic sort of things like it's Bambi or it's like I saw. Someone was talking about when the mountain line got shot in Santa Monica. You know they should fucking shoot people
I'd be happier if some a person was shot in that mountain laugh like that was a mountain line and Fucking Santa Monica man. Santa Monica is really urban. Ok, there's no parks, there's nope pictures of giant places for this all trees, there's no central park in Santa MA a few years ago that a few years ago there was a black bear in Bergen County New Jersey. Remember that North Jersey, same thing. There are no that's what Joe ideas is right. It's like it's like a writer who, both you know you got to you- got a black bear wander around Hoboken
Hoboken fuck. Where are you from how broken is there from Oklahoma Jesus Christ? Sorry about that might be from North Korea? What is your background, sir? Infiltrated, our defenses, so here's my excuse for how I miss pronounce. What is it Hoboken, Hoboken Hoboken says New York right, so I've got a little bit of beef with Hoboken 'cause. When I was a kid I lived in Ridgewood NJ for a year, Ridgewood had a law on the books. That said, you could actually not play video games until you're sixteen years old there's a bag. Anne on Video games in Ridgewood New Jersey. So as an eight year old in North Jersey, I had to go to Hoboken to a diner to play a german version of PAC man. So when I think of hope, oh, I don't really think of how to pronounce it. I just think of my my my fond memories of playing a german version of Pacman with the name of the goes for, like you know, eighteen characters long, they seem to be nationwide and you know so that's the thing I I I think diners Big black bears, I think, PAC man
So I think Hoboken and Joe Rogan will kick my ass if I ever met so that the issue is that there was a Bayer in that area. There's a bear. There been bear sightings in every county in New Jersey, every county in New Jersey. It just made bail hunting legal in the last half a decade or so right, yeah. It was illegal for a long time. They brought it back up and then, when a couple of years ago and Corzine was governor, they put a stop to it again over the objections of the wildlife commission there in the state and how do you get wildlife? Commission? That's not drives me crazy. How do you get while five commissions that are run by people who are animal rights activists Why does that happen? And how is that possible that that happened? You got it in California right now, because you know the governor uh points so many p? and they're gonna. Have so many hunters, and now they're When I bring a you know, they're going to say: well, ok, so the hundreds get a seat at the table, but we all have to have the animal rights activist have a seat at the table two. But the idea they're trying to
that mean an animal rights activist is automatically going to be anti hunting right absolutely, but it just does make any sense that someone could be in charge of wildlife management. The be anti hunting that sound that's what that is. Is this convenient ignorance? that a lot of people that don't understand wildlife have- and I did until I started getting into it before I started paying attention whatever it was dead, I I think, there's I think that a lot of these wildlife management councils etc. I've done a pretty good job of doing. Job, and I don't not in liberal states, though, the issue is when states like California, where they're making illogical decisions like the lack of Dogs in black bear in in mountain lion, hunts their hard enough fucking kill and control the population, and especially when you're dealing with predators like you have a response. Ability as a human being to keep the population in control. I'm not saying you should run them to the point of extinction, but you have, I think,
Every human in a community has, if, if possible, to control predators, you should there should there's a responsibility to keep a certain a certain amount of control on the situation and when start doing shit like saying well, you can't hunt with dogs, or you can't do this or you can't do that. You should, it should be, is how many numbers are they killing? Okay, there's not a lot of mount lines getting killed. It's not easy to do. You know they're, not endangered right. Now, the amount endangers anymore there there right now, you're seeing expansion and range is different. What people think, because of the states that have the most heavy hunting for from outlines are actually turning out, be areas that are population sources. So there movement right now I'll just reading this paper recently, where they were doing some work on lines, and there are. They were thinking that, with the abundance of lions in California,
with the loss of hound hunting that there would be see in California lions going in to fill equ systems vacated by harvested lines in Nevada. What the fuck instead is in spite of like the basin and range country in Nevada, in spite of the hunting, is still a will, produce lines and they're, seeing lions going in a different direction during lions, going spreading out, Disp this young males spreading out from Nevada into California. Now could be two things that could be somehow that their body called think out. California and said: dude come here. They will not message you. These people are Softap board use dogs. I don't know what it is, but so much stuff like there's always something that violates all your expectations into the Do state fish and game agencies do their job. I have you know. No, no one has complete faith in everything, but in general
I have a lot of faith in state fish and game agencies, and you guys have all had the luxury like. I have the travel around the world a fair bit, and I used to have this naive idea that you'd go to a developing nation and it would be you'd experiences great abundance of wild. It's just in your mind. It's like. Oh, it's like back in time. Somehow member, like the first time, went to Philippines. The Philippines do magazine story about my snorkel mask and I thought be this explosion of sea life. You know, but in fact it's not because they use cyanide to fit on the reefs well, an eight hour, Amin and dynamite. You go to a fish market there in the Fisher, an inch, long tops or the or it's either there's a bunch of inch, long fish or the just drug into big whale shark in their hacking it apart machetes, so it's like the the reality is: did the us. We have progressive game management and we have,
Hunter based management system in the US when you factor in how many people live here where, in a technological sense, we're in an economic sense. It almost doesn't make sense that we have the wildlife we have. We do a phenomenal job and there's a richness of wildlife in the United States of America. That's unpair, followed by any country in a similar situation, there's nothing to compare it to any pick. It back, and I want to interrupt you, but now you did you but what about the? U S? The? U S also has been really responsible for many many years, also in. If you want to buy timber from, say, Indonesia, our rules and guidelines for how that timber is harvested and where is incredibly stringent, it's countries like China and Japan, and that are not responsible, but keep going so you know you're absolutely right there and we've had to use said you certain things to try to control other countries. Abuse on the high seas, like will even go even go after people like not not by your fisheries, but now we have the case, did the boycott your electronics, if you're not going
the program, a high seas, fisheries management in general in the US I attribute. It gives us starting like it's like a documentary, but I'm saying that, like the wildlife, the north american Wildlife conservation model, which is a model based on Creating abundance so you're going to have a limited, sustainable harvest of resources has proven to be the best system, and it's not even debatable, and people don't understand that when they're in urban areas and they become animal rights activists- and they talk about how much they love animals, they don't stand things like keeping deer population down. So you don't die in car accidents because they don't have predators unless you're gonna go fucking like what they're doing with wolves and reintroduce wolves and an ecosystem. And then what happens control, the wolves they're, not finding they're, not funding, research, like a guy that hunts and he buys fire
and ammunition, which has a federale which has essentially self imposed excise tax that was voted in by sportsman. They have a self imposed excise tax where money goes federal government, it's a person that goes to the federal government that purchased it's earmarked for wildlife conservation. So talk about enforcement of laws which Peter, would agree with greatly that somebody is enforce these laws. That's how that's? How we're finding that enforcement hunting license sales and Pitman Robertson ACT, funds also buying a hunting license goal is to create state fishing game agencies. Many these agencies are self sustaining. They don't taxpayer funding their funding, comes fees and licenses and they do wildlife, research funding wildlife research. You know it's like there is making noise, but, like the conversation so often comes down to Peter Peter's become a joke. I mean
computer, makes the news. It's always like one of those guys up to now is always the tone, I don't think they're taking serious. I don't think I don't think the animal, I don't think the animal rights. I don't think that people who self identify as animal rights advocates actually dangerous. I want to disagree with you if we can snuggle and share microphone there. We go because I think that PETA is the clown shoes of the animal rights movement, but they're they're in a way to be a distraction for like the h as U S as of the world, whichever you may decide, you may decide United States, okay and everything's. The humane society is your local dog and cat shelter right, but nationally, Hs US, the humane society. The United States doesn't find your local animal shelter. They try raise money off of you, thinking that they find your local animal shelter, but instead they for the non clown shoes, animal rights group they the suit and tie wearin lobbying- go to
politicians. They know how to raise money. They know how to be effective. Talking to politicians in banning certain types of hunting compete. Is there I think really just be that sort of distraction. You know: look the chicks were getting naked and put themselves like tigers, people who are wearing like the little lettuce Bikinis but Michael Kerry and Wayne to Sally at at H as you as their goals. The same I mean when Purcell you said: we want to see a day when there is no hunting in this. Why do you need to hunt anymore? You can go to the grocery store and you can get. Your corn fed. That's, what's really insane is that someone would want to take away your ability to acquire meet your way. That somehow or another it would be good to only be able to get your meat from farmers? Are you there? I think we might want to get to a day were grown meat and laboratories and we've got we've got our test too bad. I think you're right, but I think they don't understand that there would be this insane in balance. Is it in the eco system that would with it? You probably re
lead to the rise of predator, absolutely not to mention the loss of humanity. I mean you know there is something innately human about taking your food that I think we would lose if we grew our food and wine a laboratory. Your definition of human is what they want to change as a right. What what they want to changes they want us to involve pass. This need to be relying upon our primal instincts and mine might think on. My thinking on that is always I understand the idealistic or utopian sort of pull in that direction.
There's also a reality about the time that we live in, although we can see like a bright future, where would become beings of light? Who could read each other's minds, and you know the internet is used to travel on. You know, maybe that's the future, maybe that's a one million years from now, whatever the fuck it is, but reality is right. Now, animals don't live forever and they're delicious when you eat them on. You guys are getting crazy. Okay, you're, not gonna live forever. Neither is that dear. Neither is that cow like this is nuts, like the idea that you shouldn't torture them one hundred percent, I'm with you. I think the idea that you shouldn't psychologically damage them by leaving them in cages their whole life, then finally, shooting them and eating them and yeah. There's a lot of bad karma that wouldn't that would make me think that the people that would be the real animal activists would be the ones that want to encourage the natural food chain like you're, not going to stop people from eating mean you're. Just not it's too. We like it too much. There's too much scientific.
Evidence that there's benefits with through cholesterol is for for brain function, information and there's a lot of benefits of eating meat. You know and been vegans don't want to believe that, because a lot of vegans what their net with the thing is, is that the used to have an unbelievably shitty diet. They used to eat fucking, bullshit, getting cheeseburgers and shitty food and blah blah blah, but now they're eating vegan. They feel so much better. Oh, my god, and now they're like these proselytizing for the vegan religion, and they're going around telling everybody how amazing it is how amazing they feel to be vegan. I understand yeah you're right, there's a lot of great nutrients in vegetables but and meat there's a lot of good in that too, and I'm a person who never did like eat their body away. I never did eat shit food all the time I uh stand. The direct correlation between nutritional supplement, eating healthy vegetables, eating good lean meats and
feeling better and your body actually performing, especially something like really intense when you, when you get into like to enter kind of martial art, the stakes of you being good or bad or you getting your ass kicked and that's a terrible feeling that every man to avoid- and you understand, what's working, what's not working pragmatism and to play when you're involved in anything any competitive athletic, especially combat sports, like you better eat the right shit. You better take your fuckin vitam, because if you don't it's a difference between you, just barely getting out of a submission getting through a dominant position and winning or you tapping out, I mean literally sometimes. Is that close? It's a few beats of a heart. It's, whether or not you have just that extra push of oxygen in your in your body, people that do that they, like me most You know they. You know only that but life. You know. If you look at nature, that's such a classic and stark example of how life eats life
that's always the life. You live by the way whether or not you're eating animals you're still kid that living things. This something I've always wondered about an out of. Actually, maybe we like I'm relying on the expertise of your viewers, and this isn't something that there this isn't a question that they'd be, and they would answer through. A format like twitter would take like a lengthy email. If someone knows right have you, do don't give out your email right now, they're going to it's going to go to you and then you're going to send it to me if it's good, but whenever I ask, is people think I'm being like that I'm trying to demonstrate absurdity by being absurd, but it really is something I wonder, but I'm sure there's a great answer for it in in the mindset of die diehard animal rights person who feels that human life is equal to animal life. What they propose, we should do once we conquer the problem of humans consuming animals, human induced animal suffering. What do they propose?
What will they do with know what they do with the bottlenose dolphin like? How will it see that he is forced to stop consuming fish and I'm not trying to be like a smart ass right like what like? What would you do to get coyotes? If his life is life, when will they be offended by the actions of a coyote who's killing things to survive? I know that he has to, but really, if you call them all in separate and you bill feed him. All I see is that I think I mean like what crap, but I'm not trying to be smart is like what is the answer. I think they make a very distinct difference, a big difference between humans and animals, right they they as far as they're concerned. There is a big difference, because human beings have a choice. Our choice could we could be herbivores, an exclusive player rewards and according to them, even healthier than meat eaters. I disagree with. I think everybody is right and I read the China study everybody. You know, but it's like
I didn't read the whole thing by the way either. I sure I sure did look at her. You know you didn't read that whole thing going to quiz you on chapter eight and is the best part in fact. Is that The Nokia Jess's Japan, out of the well all you have to do, is read the and actually because he talks about how how the how industry hijacks the sort of the weather, Hi Jax government agencies like the school lunch program and what the military feed the soldiers into get a buying their food? Hello? Yes, scientist, a stack that can get scientists to say the twenty five percent. You're diet can be simple: sugars, because there's a lot of money and high fructose corn syrup and gift for the corn refining etc. It's a very, very that's. Why isn't amazing, though? People don't understand like how that happened, how all the sudden, like the government guy those farmers money to
thanks for giving subsidies on corn like to encourage the growth of corn, and it's not just it's- not family farms. Remember everybody! It's huge industrial form to get the bulk of the of the, and somehow another they watch each others hands and figure out how to slap each other in the back or totally exact agenda DEC I mean the t con camel. Doesn't he was assigned to someone of these boards? They do uh. He does a very good job. As a scientist who is involved in this stuff- and he names name because he's friends with these guys who are on Nestle and Coca COLA's boards, who say guess what soda high fructose corn syrup nothing to do with obesity. You can eat as much as you want, in fact, twenty five percent of your the food and nutrition Board that sets the stand. The school lunch program of mothers, mothers with dependent children, etc. You can eat twenty five percent represent your diet can be, can be a simple sugars, said, listen to what my saying I was done at monsanto- has bought up a company that was the leading company on be research, because those are the people that was said that Monsanto
pesticides and all the shit that's in their food is causing bee populations to decline, so Monsanto buys them. Then Monsanto develops a fucking robot be okay. I thought I joked around about it in my acct, I said that bees such country animals. I hope that we make solar powered robot bees, that fuel themselves by they have dicks that are actually vacuum cleaners and they just fuck real bees to death and suck the life out and burn inside their combustion engine, and I will joking around I mean anything. Any would actually make a robot be, but I was like how tough is it to pollinate a fucking plant? They don't even know they're doing in there doing it. I mean how tough it out they get sticky Santa stealing. Your material is best, thought about it like I bet they thought about it before may mean, but it takes a long time to develop. But they have a robot, be Monsanto, has fucking robot bees. Now the pull up a picture of it pull up a picture with someone
Monsanto robot be is in the news today, along with that fucking explosion and How scary is that shit there any new evidence on that or what's going on, we should probably know how let's say that a kid died at okay really date would they know, was it it? Was it like a sophisticated form? It's I think it looks like it's a fire and it looks like there was a ball bearings and it's it looks like the probably just you know one of those one find out online. Look at them at like a domestic produce, not like it in the unbelievably horrific. This is seven hundred and forty one people have been injured. One hundred and forty, and at least thirty
seven of or at least seventeen rather or critical injuries. Doctors are pulling ball, bearings out of people yeah, oh my god, no Monsanto Monsanto Robot be now that scares me they're, going to come up with wasps that can sting. This shit see that thing. That's the one with the quarter, the one right next to it, with a quarter. Look at that! That's that one up in the upper right that one right there look at that. Look at that fucking thing that is Monsanto's robot be, and that thing is going to have the same function that it actually be does like. There will be, will get them to fly back and forth and pollinate plants. What oh yeah we killed off the bees. Don't worry, we got terminator bees that we developed specifically so don't sweat it in my. Montano, probably amount Monsanto, rather all owns the copyright on these, and nobody else can make their own robot be, so you have to buy robot beach from Monsanto and, like a real,
the the only last like a week. You know there was a in the in the in the eighteen hundreds or is this. There was a what what the the My mama is game with the guy was like one who studies plants, her, ok, okay, there's a botanist who was biologist, Barnas was making was making was making like exploration the American West, and he was talking about and he wrote for a while about the advance of of the honey bee? You know the honey bees, not a native, not native to this continent. Really the advance of the advance of honey bees across the across the continent. Come on ships hope you know, people brought it all. They brought it up. Yeah like again, I'm escaping like not an aviary, but uh people brought for honey production aviary. They, went feral very successfully and he was in
botanist describes and he made his trip like I remember he made his trip in one thousand eight hundred and eleven because his getting home, was interrupted by the war of one thousand. Eight hundred and twelve. And he was on the Missouri when the great earthquake that great earthquake the earthquake struck that actually switch the direction the Mississippi's flow, he was there and he got delayed by the war. One thousand eight hundred and twelve anyway, shit luck. You know he just went this guy. This guy had Bradbury Bradbury was his name like the novelist. His name is Brad Bird. He had amazingly bad luck. He thought he was going on a little trip. It took him like seven years to get home and all the material all the material, the Bradbury, all the material he gathered like all the plant specimens, he took got done and he wanted to take a different route home, so he sent his assistant home but his stuff right, but his assistant gets home years earlier and by the time this dude makes it back on. The assistant has published all the material under his own name, no, but anyways in this book.
He has really interesting passage. This really interesting passage about how fat bees are advancing and how they always keep pace there is out ahead of the frontier so at the time when he was writing his time out, like the be somewhere in North Dakota, would ever be saying like, reliably. You know we were in Saint Louis in a strong way and bees forty miles out and they'll bees will continue to march across spell lake, county, cool, perhaps disorder is interesting, is that is, I don't think, as a wildlife issue, I think of it as an agricultural issue right because it's not it's a non native species, its agricultural problem. This is a sad agricultural problem brown, but I don't want to think of like wildlife power Dixon in the well being of american wildlife, which have a vested interest in like I? Don't look at county collapse disorder as it's a serious economic problems. So this
Yeah. These animals are these bees. Rather, if they didn't exist, if they hadn't been introduced here, would agriculture be drastically different? yeah, I would say so, because they're able to use them use 'em in such a targeted That raises bees is doing two is producing honey and he's provide heading pollination services, so they do these things in tandem. You know when I was when I was in college. I worked for a beekeeper and he would. All the while he's collecting honeycombe at the same same time, moving moving stuff around so the beginning of the year. He's down he'd go down to Georgia. He truck his bees down to Georgia, and he do pollination services down there in I think that is just the way that you do like very targeted, very fast sync, nysed pollination of plant species. That if you were relying on native species of bees and mobs and butterflies,
I gather would take much longer what are the native ones as opposed to the, but the honeybees are not native honey. Bees are not news, so the North American Indians, they never got any honey. Well, it's like. I think that the the honey Bee produces like a high vat like good quantities of a high quality huh there are similar products produced. Their assembler things produced by other things, but it's kind the reason that goat's milk isn't really. You know a big strong product. Cows can crank it out. You know, and so in that way? They were brought for that purpose. But there are many pollinating insects that were native the US, but like the specific honey because we know it was introduced. Species wasps were they here. I don't know, but I would I'm sure they were.
I like to be the son of a bitch. You introduce wasps to the United States like who brought, who decided you know what bees they make honey. I think, let's see what happens. We bring wasps over here with that guy from animal planet to screw that guy he had a short lived, show on animal planet and it was, he was an entomologist and he was a really weird dude and he goes. He goes to look at this. He had this huge spider and he goes watch this and he put it in his mouth and then they pulled it out with this huge tarantula. Anyways now won't buy me because I'm not a mod.
If I was a Martha, would bite me, but I'm a human. So it doesn't know the difference in my car. If some filipino thing right, so I said I said his claim to fame is he'd been stung by every every insect, and I said there is some there, some wasp out there that can hurt you, and he said. Oh yes, oh yeah, and I said like what it is well, the tarantula hawk or the twenty four hour and that you find in Panama. If they sting you you'll fall to the ground and scream for hours and hours you are, they called the twenty four am because when you do get through this tongue, you can't sleep can't drink. You can eat for twenty four hours. The pain is so intense. I said what was the pain like? Is I like in it to getting your hand slammed in a car door an being shot with a forty five? At the same time, he was this really weird guy. I was like well I'm, We stay away from the tarantula hawk, which isn't is to this area in Nevada.
Let me talk about anything they're really. Evil fucking bugs in this the shit out of you. That's that's really. That really drives me nuts about animal rights activists, because those are animals to this is that this is a whole broad ecosystem and a lot of these things that are out there. We can't live with them if we live with them, they kill us like. Do you understand that there's ants in Africa that killed elephants, they climb up an elephant's leg and they go right through the fucking here and they stay eating the elephant ear. First fuck yeah, it's true I find them and then they communicate with the other answer, their evil cunt colony, and they find this PO fucking elephant they climb up and they eat him ears. First did you you must have it may have your come thing because it you know those guys my boys in a San Antonio who made this big promotional video for me, said that said no concerts come to please
from you is that you're I mean, I think, that's the number one problem with human beings. The number one problems. We illuminated cunts all mail cuts by the way, there's a translate and show them that show rice. How about that? You want to stand by that mother Fucker, but they actually they actually catch transfers, though, all they do in dragon a monster flying monster, Dick. My point go ahead. My point is if we eliminated that from the world just air and everyone left had to figure things out. I think magic. The ninety nine percent of the world's problems would immediately be eradicated. I really do believe that I think most of the world problems, whether it's crazy out of control, bankers that are fucking stealing resources and robbing this country blind or whether it's evil, corrupt politicians or wet. It's you know whatever it is. You get cut off the country human beings. Out of that equation, and
new resolutions automatically begin to show themselves and people automatically begin to try to find ways to work together and stop in mental devastations and figure out how to be profitable while still being ethical, it's a cunt issue. We have like this huge civilization issue that it's really a can't issue, but if you ask them all to line up, you won't have people who self identify. Of course not, so you need a really good court system or mushroom, or just you do it mushrooms would help. You know what people need to do. Is your ego can convince you from some pretty horrible shit because we're in the we're sort of a species? That's in a stage where, in the stage of not quite being animals, being self aware, having the ability to communicate but not really being completely fully holy, enlightened and there's a lot of things that slow us down along that way to being completely wholly enlightened and enjoying this. This experience as brothers sisters and the problem is people that don't get life right, whether
genetic, whether it's behavioral because of their environment and the conditioning that they experience growing up whatever it is those people that don't quite get life right and are just fucking in holding and stupid, and annoying and const, creating their own issues constantly causing problems. So they have some sort of motivation to get through their daily day. That's that's a big percentage of human beings. It's a comp organism that doesn't come with a direction manual. So a lot of I will fuck it up and then you develop from the ground up and you do a shit job and it's addicted to drugs and it's stop. Bring that with these drugs and you're filling these holes and you're cutting up you gotta have something that allows you to see. If it's possible some people, it's not possible. Some people are so psychologically damaged by the time they become an adult. There's almost nothing you can do for them, but if someone did have enough sense to just stand back and look at their life as if they were trying to give themselves advice,
if you, if you, how would you give yourself advice? Have you met you and you saw your issues? What would you say I give myself advice? It's great move, you know. That's it all the time you know, I think that I mean that's great move. I think some of it comes also from there's something in a human being like, like somebody once said, scientists were saying if you got rid of all the ants on the planet, the earth would last five years. In other words, all the other animals would die in five years for a whole bunch of reasons 'cause, it's a part of the ecosystem. If you got rid of all
men's animals. Everything else would be just fine. It with flowers. Now is. That is an interesting thing to say. I thought about that, because I thought the v the a lot of people when you couch it in those terms- and I think, as a human being, you kind of grow up, knowing in some ways that we are somehow a burden to the ecosystem. You know we are a burden to this world, the natural world, and it's something we have to steward properly, that kind of there's a bill: ten cents as a human being that in some ways you are a bit of an intruder and into option and a and a burden to that which is life sustaining. I always think, even now are also personal man. I don't. I don't agree with that, and I'm not saying that I I agree, I'm just saying I think that is part of the human psyche and always has been really. I think so. I
special big, so I think that's where conservation movements and peed and things come from going to piss. Why I disagree with you should tell yourself out of the hole. Did you hear about this? The Newton families from the victims of the school shooting in the last mile of the dedicated to the last mile was dedicated to them. So that's where they were all sitting and that's where all the bombs went on no yeah? So that's a conspiracy going on with any of those individuals injured. Well, I'm not sure, because they They are not saying who's all there because they haven't verified. But yes, if they haven't suffered enough man, I got kids that age yeah and they something that uh, I guess the
have been public information. Yeah world's people were yeah because they, I guess they had actually there's like there's, there's I'm trying to find a video or ah photo of it, but there's actually people taking photos in front of it like the families and stuff like that before it happened. So weird, no here we go yeah check this out, ah, is on hollywoodlife dot com and, like there's a photos of them, you know sitting right there. No, no! Last mile, that's crazy. I just gotta say that was one of the most satisfied pisses I've ever had in my life. Congratulations, my friend, something about taking leaks. What is that it's? The school shooters were sitting in the last mile of the Boston Marathon from Newton. Oh, my god,
uh, and so did they get hurt. Probably, but it damn and said he's gotten heard, though. So that's what they're, oh, my god, something suck. What the fuck this whole thing is: terrifying, CNN! Don't go to CNN folks, don't don't don't go! Look at the front pages, it's horrific blood everywhere! It's a problem to come that's kind problem. That's I mean there's, obviously, that simplifying things to the extreme of some kind, don't send me twitter messages I and know what I'm doing yeah. I know what you're saying you're absolutely right. I agree with you, but that's obviously a missing the point. You know you know, but capable of amazing shit. You know. I've never said that we could figure out how to get people to everyone, get their shit together and they are the bipolar ape. We are the most bipolar rape yeah. I don't think it's it's. I don't think it's important. I mean, I don't think it's. Necessary for our survival. I don't think we have to be shitty to
order move to move agree. I think that's all days back and we didn't have technology. I think that's the case. You know it's like the one of the things that I put in put into perspective a couple one thousand years ago, someone showed up on your shore, those fucking people were dangerous and you had to kill you're were probably going to get raped and pillaged and sold into now? You welcome them as an important part of the tourism industry. You know that's a completely new elopement in human history, so fucking rosetta stones. They could figure out what the hell they were saying. It's so true man that mean so much of the world and up until literally three hundred years ago, less last. What am I talking about you know one hundred and fifty years ago was in servitude of some kind and usually a form of slavery. Well, what's really trippy is to see North Korea still rock an old school today, it's still rock in a full form. I can't figure out. What's going to, I can't say I was going to happen. I mean they can in some way
in some way it seems that that the state dip apartment in the military is like. Oh my like what do you do with these has any other hand, then the other half of it seems like, like like series I can tell it: is it not serious or serious cigarettes, blustered n Korea's, always blustered? However, the problem is this: kid is twenty nine, maybe thirty, they don't know a lot about him and they're, not talking about the ruler of North Korea, the Son of John John, IL now or whatever things name is the in June yeah. They don't know enough about him and it used to be his father. There was a method to his father's madness. He would create a lot of heat to get wrinkled negotiating will get more aid or whatever this kid is. They think probably rattle ling a sword to get the respect of the ancient generals that actually run that fucking country. We need to bring Dennis Rodman back you're right and I'm glad you brought that up and bring the do do senses. That is what you think of North Korea. When you have Dennis Robin in your council, why does he bring
best broadman in and what the United States like hook it up. It just provide him with you know one thousand korean chicks and just let him run it. My teacher Patrick. We need him in that gene pool anyway. Could you imagine if the N North Koreans love Dennis Robin so much that they let him become the king somehow there's some strange world. He goes over there and then, all of sudden he starts giving press conferences that Dennis Rodman is now running North Korea could listen man, it's not outside the realm of possibility. How many steps removed from that is. Arnold Schwarzenegger run running California, steps removed.
It's only a venue, a few chapters of ridiculous parody Minnesota had a toy governor for a while, listen. I was a Navy seal and I know about Kim trails on floor. Might you can't say it was? Ah, pro wrestler, yes iwas, showing a Navy seal, medic, yeah and uh. You know a huge man on the conspiracy theorists to the extreme yeah he's got that that show called conspiracy, theory right yeah yeah yeah. It's always looking for thermite. Does the leader? Does the leader Kim IL young? Please take traffic Tuesday, correct yeah. Well, I don't know what they are doing horrible. So it's so american to not be able to Kim Jong Moon. Jong John's does he have? Does he have the legal authority? What passes for legal authority to commit worse is the same way that, like the US president, could commit forces for sixty or seventy days. I don't know they declared war on North Korea, South Korea,
well he's. Essentially the green were never actually ended. I mean it's just at the armistice Bosman. Instead he's essentially a dictate right so mean there is there is there? Is it like that is the like? The iranian president, who is now is really like a very different he's. Like a god, I mean he's a he's. A God, head of state is a religious he's, a religious figure. The the North Koreans are have been indoctrinated. For example, every north korean home, from I understand, has a speaker and when he, when the dear leader would speak you had to it would blast in your. Oh and you had to memorize that speech? Oh Jesus man, if I had one of those and I can make everybody- do that. What would your speech it's like? What would you say if you could say overcooked diver duck fuck, our dear leader, talking about overcooked diver drivers.
So people, sugars, bad, so delicious? So that's a problem. I know these cupcakes aren't good for you, but God damnit. His web gotta eat enough good food that you could do this. So that's the balance to life. Bounce left is cal shakes and cupcakes. You've got to be able to work in will be a fucking t, shirt, Cal, shakes and cupcakes. It's important men, delicious food passion will wine my love. Why it's important? drink. Some good wine since I love! Do we go and hunt you look at the greatest broke is the greatest we go to dinner, one time and and and I I was like I've been reading about wine. So I looked at the list and I was like I'm gonna choose our yes, we'll get the right bank Bordeaux here now I'm asking questions and reckless: hey hey for
bass. Let me show you that Joe Rogan way of ordering wine he goes. Oh that's expensive, as shit will get that one you're, ruining everything. I'm trying to impress people, unlike normal aim. Brian, would like pretend to understand one of the reasons why I have very little tolerance with you when it comes to that is I have my other good friend, Matt Lichtenberg, who is a huge whine fanatic legit think I has a fucking Cry crazy. Wine cellar, temperature controllers have aim wines and shit all these important ones and that mother FUCK, Who knows why? Not you don't know what you're talking I call up. I could call Matt up and go hey Matt I go. Ah, this is my choice. Is you know a bordeaux from bubble blower or a Bubba and he'll? Tell you what Oregon in two thousand and seven is the shit. If you could get a? We know from Oregon for two thousand and seven and it's this particular vineyard. He just now see now he's he's a legit wine connoisseur. I went to his birthday party and they had really nutty dinner with a game with a cough.
It's of wine down about that stuff yeah and they were all like drinking it in describing the earthy tones, and this one is oak and this one that's my favorite thing to do I'll. Do that all day? Ok, I will, I will do I'll sit there. I love pretend I love it. I wear us our queen, Jack I wear a scarf. We were, I would definitely wear a scarf What I'm thinking of is the vertical is a vertical to horizontal flight right. I don't a vertical flight would be a horizontal flight would be where you take a year and you go to like all the all the great Bordeaux's and you get there or dole from that year is a horizontal flag vertical flight. Is you take a specific vineyard and you call act all the years from that specific vineyard, so you might host a vertical and it's like Chateau, whatever one thousand nine hundred and twenty two one thousand nine hundred and forty five and you're going to taste a twenty five years fan out of that
all right now, I'm in there is, I know, is in a and I want to say it was for my buddy Ben Wallace has great book the billionaire's vinegar and it's about the more Expensive bottle of wine ever sold, but like what is good wine? Do we know good wine when we taste? Yes, it's fascinating. Well, you get really old shit that most likely it's not good anymore. The problem is, as his book explains, is. The problem is no This is a bottle. The most events bottle wine ever sold. Why not in fraudulent, but it was reported to be owned by Thomas Jefferson, so for like Steve Forbes owned it for a while, and all these different guys on this bottom line, one of the cold brothers owned it for awhile and in the end, there's. No one around who can go. I've had a lot of wine from that year. Right right on the money. Isn't it crazy, though, that these different rich guys had the wine and sold it to each other like they passed it off? For
stored in a they put it in a in their corporate headquarters and they had in a box like a glass blip taxes decoration, but they had it standing upright with a heat lamp in there or lay oh no, and it dried that cork out and the fell in the bottle. So later, when people were trying to analyze what was in it, you can never rule out the intrusion of foreign subs. We will not allow them to find out what it was. The guy eventually, like is why the the guy who created the hoax take really good wine and we weird stuff to it. Like you put a little bit of vanilla extract in there or he put some dirt from his daughter in there just weird things he could do to kind of throw people and then guys are like big swinging dicks about wine. Warte
So great, I got it it's a brilliant book. Pretentious I love it. I got invited by a by a by a popper, a huge pot guy owned, a paparazzi company and he invited me to a wine tasting and he said he said, and he goes. I don't want you can't really. He was try to be really nice meeting you, I'm gonna bring wine for my cellar for you. I said all my sins because I don't want to be a dick to you, but you. Can't afford the winds were gonna bring and I go all right. Jesus s. How much was the most expensive you know. Like literally I was drinking one thousand nine hundred and sixty one stony hills. I mean I was drinking like wines that you would cost cost you. You know two thousand dollars to drink. I live the taster for Zach. Is the guy who sets the standard. Was there so anyway anyway, so I go there and I'm drinking crazy. Nine hundred nineteen sixty one thousand nine hundred and sixty three-
like what is it like? Well for me, 'cause, I love wine so much. There is a difference now now here's the thing. If you spend three hundred dollars in a bottle of wine, there's a big difference you're going to taste and amazing wine. If you know what to get versus a fifty dollars bottle one. However the diff, three hundred dollars in one thousand dollars. I don't think there's no difference well now, you're talking about scarcity, now we're going into years and there's one left and stuff. I want to back up, though, because I want to clarify it: too easy to hack on wine connoisseurs I do want to say this, the handful of time. Someone did present to me. What's like particularly regarded as a good wine. I was a to taste that one say I get what you're saying: there's something going on here. That was not going on and all the other wine I've had. My whole life is wasted on me.
I like it, but I recognize what you're saying there's something going on, so I don't want to act like it's. I don't think it's all smoke and mirrors. That's not all b s at all. It's definitely not all b S and it's amazing the subtle differences in different glass, yes one- and I I always equated to this, like if I drink on amazing bottle of wine like to have five or whatever, like you, my friend, made a fortune he's huge. Why got like your body? I I always describe it this way. I go when I drink in the sing about glass of wine. I said: am I the way I the reason is expensive. I goes nothing else. Tastes like that that that that experience stands on its own, you don't compete. You owe it tastes. Just like this. No stands on its own, it's so complex and it's an experience for me. I love it. If you had to choose, though, if you had to choose between like no wind for the rest of your life or bland food, would what like what is more important, the taste of food or taste to one hundred percent right? I could live without one, no problem, yeah!
I don't need one. I like it when I'm when I'm eating very high quality good food, that I won't have again a typically I like I like to eat it with water. Yeah yeah me too me. Sometimes you have food, that's so good like I was just just in Louisiana this weekend and I I went to this restaurant called revolution. I had a Nokia lobster. New York I don't like the way you say Nokia, I don't like to waste Afghanistan. I don't like any of that. It's a dog boarding you in any of these endeavors I was anonymous. I had a crawfish A2 Faye Crawfish at two Faye you're, given a nod toward yeah, I'm not gonna start. Do I'm not gonna start doing that, like you're kind of saying, like yeah man, there's more to the earth, there's more the globe. You know
I like to demonstrate this behalf to me, like the gold chains of language he just showed up with a bunch of language gold. I was in Baja train time and for all I have to do that. It was a little bit of work done enough got east on Wednesday, with a it's probably just raise the Taliban. When I was visiting Chile, we I, as I say, Stephen Adler, I never even in the state you know Steven I started there. These families had good rabbit. If really really good food is, is another thing that transcendental yeah don't need good wine, but I do need good food. You know that's why, when I variance we were talking about your friend that doesn't like food, I have a friend is just like that too he's like I just want to. I just want to eat and then get done and then do my thing. It's like yeah, I get it, but maybe he's just taste things different than I do Dane Cook has to be
people like shit and other people hate it. Like. I love sea urchin. I think it tastes delicious but I've tried to give people sea urchin like this is disgusting, oh my god, like they spit into a napkin like. Oh, I, like but some people make a make a monastic decision. You know there they're kind of, like you know, with all whatever all the human suffering in the world. Or whatever it's like you know. I don't want to be a glutton in that way. I look at it differently. I look at it is. I have the I have the opportunity, incredible food, I'm going to eat this, for the people like candy and then I'm going to pay attention, support of all the suffering people I'm going to enjoy this meal. I'd yeah as long as you're, not victimizing, someone in you're enjoying that food. You should just be enjoying that food. Enjoy that moment. The idea that human beings have to be in perspective of six billion other fucking people is so crazy, 'cause, otherwise you'll never be happy. You'll, never be happy. 'cause, the world is filled with suffering mean there's just always Tragic instances happening all over the world
people getting hit in the head by coconuts. Ok, you should not be. You should not be eating and enjoying your steak and some poor form got hit in the head with a coconut and fucking die 'cause. That shit happens one hundred and fifty times a year right, and not only that. But what about the fact that, like people who can really cook that's an art for a cat and dedicate their life to it, and it makes your life if it just makes the is a better place. I want to live in a world with bad with bad food or food there, where people don't take care. Do you'd rather live in that world than not be alive. I said all right: no, you don't know me so no good food, but also you know, zombies or good food and zombie nylons on me. So I can have an arsenal
she could have and also you can have an arsenal. Can you imagine what pig man in news it would do if we had good food in zombies in this well menu magic. However, the television special on Twitter, the other day of the best show ever, would be a combination of the walking dead and duck dynasty. Please do is they go out and they do their fucking wacky stunts? Like pretending block, I couldn't open the door, so I called Bob take scenario and then all sudden, they all get eaten by zombies, just rip their fucking throats out of this film that shitty show and they start they eat there. Here I made their behind and they choke and blood and brains mixed in with beard and they're trying to choke it down, throwing up zombies, throw up because they can't eat their beard, You know one of one of the first time like one of the first tv meetings I ever had was years ago now. It was like, I think, those two thousand and four. I had a tv meeting where, ah a guy and in an aside, explain to me the most brilliant show that he was doing, but I don't think it ever happened and it was going to be he was try
is pitching around show. There was going to be, it was going to start like well reality show we make our big live in a house, and you, you foment the typical like interpersonal conflict and as it would go on. Things would start getting. So unusual. He was already like right. When reality tv was starting, he was already trying he was trying to get what he was ahead of his time, because everything like how to toy with it Then he wanted to have it get like increasingly outrageous to build up where people say like there's no way, there's no way, and he wanted to bring it to the point where there was a murder wow. You know And then there be a murder and then the people, in the reality, show would be trying to like hide the fact that they killed one of the roommates, and it would make this like. Very gradual, segue into drama. I think that is the most genius thing, but the ever What was Yahoo trying for an actual real murder? No, no, he was
it's going to do is get a fake id there s scripted reality right. You have a script like a reality show the viewers would like to go a few. Don't really understand. Reality shows are, are cast and scripted he's going to toy with this idea right when it was starting to happen like real world to MTV real world type thing, but build and as he lost as he worded lake in incredulous response in his viewership. Being like there's no way, there's no way they didn't do that didn't happen to like push. It so far that the final tipping, maybe they actually kill somebody in the house, but they don't really kill someone in the house. It's just that that point it jumped to being like we've been toying. Yeah we've been messing with you, the whole old time. This is all just us playing with US duck dynasty
that's, not talking. That's the fucking show, maybe that's the guy. I just heard anything about beards. He fade out address it up and beards. They look like Zz top. I love being shot. Listen, we gotta wrap this pick it up and bring it home. Is been a lot of fun camp thanks for coming on man's share of microphone, but that's really low tech fucking studio I need to get my act is the most people we've ever had on microphone and it worked out. We did it. This is awesome thanks for having me and so April. 28Th is the show on meat eater on on the sportsman's channel. You can find it on the that in your local, what do we do in the Scatman will be hunting again? What do we do? When? Are we just got a line it up? I have like. I could always justify it. Let's do it
mom, and I think we should do a wild pig thing. Let's do it from the ground from the ground, yeah yeah, no helicopter. We not do it April, 25th, twenty six, two thousand seven hundred and twenty eight, because I'll be in Edmonton at the comic strip. Do it then I'll? Be I'm not playing? Why did Vincent Alberta, Canada, yeah I'll, just be there to expand? On April twenty we have two thousand six hundred and twenty seven twenty eight we're going to work it out, but we're all going together again together, absolutely committed northern California. So you'll see our show. I've watched both of 'em. It was really fun man. It was such a good. There was such a cool experience, some of the best food of it most satisfying food ever eaten in my life sitting down on the ground degrees outside cooking deer for fire was fucking amazing. Do it again could have been content on the Kashmir killer, the cash via killer where in Kashmir? I'm writing a blog about the entire event that I will put up this week, because I have pictures of Brian taking a shit,
outside, and we put a flag and aluminum foil in it, and we're going to offer a money on twitter one thousand dollars when they could find it and take a picture of their face next to Brian Shit. If you can find it on the Missouri breaks, we'll give you a rough description. Am I am I excluded you're excluding way we had Thio put the poop in biodegradable. These bags. Take your poop with you're, not supposed to leave your proof behind, so that makes it all the more tricky to find those shit backs were space somewhere to foil bags, basic there's, nothing quite like the first night being outside the tent shitting into a bag. My pants down pouring rain just not quite cold enough for it to freeze just pouring rain, I'm shitting into a bag. I wo. I was trying to be my butt with my firmest. I was trying to run water. I was like I'm right. I ran out of water, I'm cleaning my fucking, but I have to have to ask this before we are we going to release the ravine, Comer footage and
Put that on the internet. Is it possible it just isn't because uh it just isn't 'cause it. Would we I work for people? Is there a way that you can have? You can have me more coming in and here's the better answer, I'm not the guy that okay, then, as dead serious on that the I would bill was the editor talk over their talk or whatever? Whoever is the editor? I got a fat bag of weed with your name on it. Okay, let's make this happen, we need to get through the income where we need to get on the internet and the phone calls and you're wrong yeah, and I also know that we may that's that's out there. That's on the internet. Is it on the internet in order for your family program, but we believe that that's out there for that, okay, beautiful the yeah Brian for like an hour pulled, it was the quill out of my ass, so you know it was very heartfelt man. It was very heartfelt and it made me appreciate you guys, friendship. You were joking about it. You were joking about it, but he did it.
Let you know I mean a lot of dudes would just be like. I do now you know homo anyone do it and I would do it for him in a fucking hard now take party. What's up Dick Party Dick Party yeah thanks to hover dot com for in this program, go to hover dot com. Slash Rogan get ten percent if you domain name thanks also to tank response. Where are podcast, if you go to Rogan, ting dot com? You can save yourself. What is twenty five bucks, twenty five bucks off of either a phone or service thanks also to on dot com that, and I t use the code name Rogan. Save ten percent off, you could file Steve, in Ranelagh on Twitter. That is his twitter name. It's Steven Rinella with a v, not some fucking PH, like some freak that likes to Well. Why would you spell it with a ph then you can use a v, and I know exactly what the fuck you're saying follow.
Launch twitter and follow me teeter on Twitter, as well as show get the sportsman channel? If you don't have it, if you want to see this on our fucking amazing life. Changing hunt was a great time. Thank you. My brother appreciate it. Do this again going to do podcasts again we're going to do we're going to run again, we going to God damn it and you're going to live to we're going to get through this shit. Stay together, keep it together, love your neighbor, cumbia and comma, ravines, whenever possible, cover
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