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2013-06-10 | 🔗
Bobcat Goldthwait is a stand-up comedian, actor, screenwriter, and director.
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logan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast my name all day this is officially where the sirius satellite part starts another part with the commercials is only on the internet got it from here that's why it seems we don't need the music we should probably is probably a better way to do this is probably a real momentum killer to doing the commercials as a part of the city so i gotta tell ya i wouldn't mind if you did him through the show because grampa's gotta pee a lot in the last time i was on i didn't know i could get up anytime don't worry about the better this time should just bring a bucket have you ever had a cat now about socks cheese and crackers those are my two biggest things is getting a cab there which i got so i'm over that and it really but you by the time you need one you were you it's sweet relief it was the texas thing anybody ever voice like the hong that's bobcat goldthwait yes playing bobcat
will it rain tonight this is bob scratch goldfarb ladies and gentlemen thanks for having me back on all planets thanks for being i really fucking loved your bigfoot moving thanks watching last night and i was really psyched to watch it 'cause i'm a bigfoot dork i'm a big flower from way back you know i know that but i also hear the first person i gave it to didn't see it with an audience i've been doing some like screenings at film festivals and things and i thought it was worried 'cause i'm really happy you liked it 'cause 'cause i didn't know if it lose something sitting there by yourself for no no no because it's fun to watch the movie with an audience i was in baltimore and it was beautiful because it was a really baltimore's great so a really mixed crowd and i mean all races and all working classes and stuff come to this festival i'm sitting behind it was beautiful through through the movie i was sitting right next to the couple black guys were beautiful they like their goal crazy bigfoot bigfoot
to tell you which barber i was looking up bigfoot and they were yelling and it was made me so happy well there was i had to ask about something before we got on the air because it was such a creepy movie there's so many moments and i didn't want to give away any spoilers so i knew i'm like a kind of you go by that yeah well yeah and yeah so i try not to talk about some of the things that are revealed but i did talk about a lot of the movie i'm really happy thank you i mean this is the first review i mean i got a couple i should say there's some nice reviews online but that that's really nice i loved it i loved her and one of things i loved about it is you you are completely true to a big foot lore like you you added in all the stuff that right i like the knocking in the holding cell yeah exactly like a real sasquatch yeah and i did was lean and i didn't i didn't go in six could be snarky i mean i think the movies got stuff in it that's funny but i i wasn't trying to you know i wasn't trying to mock up believers in sask watch i i just 'cause of couple of reasons
and i always saw myself as as an cider so why am i going to pick on one of the most picked a concept cultures you know i was talking to dan harmon we were breaking it down like and picked up on or misunderstood groups it goes like red fair enthusiasts then it goes taliban and then sask watching theses like as far as people who cut him some slack or or i'm trying to understand where they're coming from yeah that's hilarious that's so true poor sasquatch hunters they don't catch they don't catch a break ever you know i want to wear the patterson game one footage was shot that yeah that was the end and that was the germ of the whole movie for me really was i i it was me since i was nine years old wanting to go to that site that that's really and then i happen to make a movie but but that's the reality this show that i'd love to tell you i didn't well up but i did i'm sure i would too crazy i don't believe in that footage i think that bobcat patterson footage is utter horseshit
but why well this is first of all because there was a guy that that says he didn't name bob heronemus yeah bye miranda miss can't find on a map though he can't find bluff creek on a map where he couldn't he's gone but yeah well you just because there's a lot of places i've been and i couldn't find out yeah that's true i go home to syracuse and i go i know i lived here i know i lived on this street i know that's where doug e tool and i and i hit danny with a shovel but i went back to where i went it sounds like i killed someone i want to clear that up i did not wait to go to high school newton south yeah yeah i went group no no the jersey was born yeah but i i lived in san francisco is a long story but yes age first one through seven i lived in new jersey seven through eleven san francisco eleven three thirteen florida and then thirteen through twenty five probably new york or boston on and then and the new york so twenty five new york twenty seven only
it's a it makes for an interesting person only the is your child yeah yeah yeah are you the new kid everytime everywhere man really that's why i learned martial arts i got tired of people with did they did they beat you up the people always threatened to i got lucky that i avoided it but you're funny guy i mean then you use that wasn't very funny you gonna be it was a kind of had writers do you know i mean you know you know you know sometimes you got good delivery it wasn't comfortable enough to be funny i probably would've been funny around people if i got to know them really well but i really just classes specially wasn't right you really quiet and then getting picked on and then you learn how to kick ass but how often did you actually have to use it never yeah that's that i'm john one fight in high school was really quick and it was it was you know i probably to avoid it like sometimes i think about it could and do you regret you didn't
a little bit because i i the kid i better i didn't hurt him along with his stomach with this but it's pretty quick yeah what it was it was at a point where i was it was really like i was completing a lot martial arts tournament so this guy hit you i mean he he's he was going to and that was and we took him out with how many yeah it was just one to bad ass but now it's kinda but it's also if you didn't know you could do that you wouldn't respect it well it's also i probably did to show off we could have avoided it it could avoid like even though he's kind of a dick this is also a young kid just like may were both retarded yeah i know as i said owns great now do your ears yeah make mistakes some some to start things you don't even want to finish but you're stuck in a quagmire yeah it was there people around yeah yeah it had to be the la
wait i mean that no one probably mess with you after that well people are always if you you are looking for trouble that you're going to find trouble right i was never i never looked for trouble right but is when you're in high school there's unavoidable situations we don't even want to be somewhere you like you know i mean in your life you have control over what yeah i used to do for an occupation where with the kind of put maybe like maybe my shape and everything protected me from you know i mean like if you kick my see you be it's embarrassing you can help a test of big you kick the fat dough you guys yeah did you did your fish get stuck this section noises but i mean i never was like i i i i always wanted to avoid conflicts of course it's you know the only reason why i ever learn martial arts at all it was so that i would be scary enough so people left me alone but i mean and i always there's a a bit in my act about you know the voice of death and that's you know i'm going to kill you that guys
to kill you know guy was like i wanna kill you yeah just some dumb drunk jack that is but he's gotta pull him off him so he doesn't get in a fight with you met so many scary people in my life as far as like physically scary people especially all the years working for the ufc right right the idea of running around in the same world as some of these people was fucking terrifying right you know 'cause it most like ufc fighters are very common they get it all out in the gym but if you see when you showed is agdan you run into the wrong person in the wrong time like many people have your it's up to them whether or not you stay safe it's up to them whether or not they just beat the fucking shit out of you i've seen it happen if you had before it's really i saw guy getting knocked out in denver i was at the comedy works in denver is really cool place and i saw something happen that totally didn't need to happen there was a guy who was walking down the street and he was really fucking drunk and there was another guy who was sober and the guy
strong said something stupid the guy with her but he wasn't a threat it was great clearly not a threat right but then the guy who is sober just beat push it out and you tell it was totally impaired an the other guy was like stronger more athletic anyway he's just looking for an excuse to beat the shit out of somebody just wanted to beat someone up it's like the heckler figures out they're going to tackle in the guy who gets in a fight before they even leave house i mean i really believe that some people do yes i think a majority of draw that in but i don't know how it went from big foot to to ask kick it but that's alright i mean you know but you know it's like i'm not proud that that i have the ability to really the uh an i'm not known for this i mean people a lot of folks aren't familiar that i do stand up but you know that i can really decimate someone in the audience i can i mean really but you can really bad and in fact i truly don't usually even the in my new
five thousand three hundred and nine my axe is they always over the nine leona yeah still had the new car smell she's face so they own i am you know they see this like switch go and they they leave the room they get uncomfortable and it's just like all right and i'm really not proud of that that is what a horrible skill you know well the defense mechanism for doing stand up i felt like you don't even i mean when it gets going i truly don't know yeah i mean talk about the comedy works man it was this i got you know people will yell out where from and this is horrible night there and i love the comedy which i think that's probably if not the best club it's one best in the whole country one of those you know horrible shows and interviewing voice to the voice you know they want me to do this voice from the how they know me from years ago and i'm not doing it and and then this woman in the back of the room she goes i'm free
aurora and i go i know you've learned to sit in the back and i truly didn't think of that in advance you know and i felt that i feel bad you don't be such a weird response that even the crowd like kind of didn't go low they kind of just pretend they didn't hear it because it's so weird and whore but like i really kind of this which goes and i say things and i'm not say i'll take responsibility form but i'm usually later on kind of a surprise that i said i you know i i berated a table full women this one night and and they were very you know they're acting like the show is all about them and i just paraded his table women and then one stood up sobbing and she's like going by the way i forgot even what i said and it was a couple of minutes later by the way people love these kind of stories and they love watching it i'm going to bars never emptied out the two guys are getting along in the parking lot let's watch so i'm up there and this woman stands up crying she goes
i'm not a whore it's my birthday oh proud of so do you think that that comes from doing stand up and bar look around by the building going defense my course in boston that was the the hardest hardest place fifty six fan of comedy it was it was horrible it was but when i got started it created so many unique characters and so many you know i got started and it's like you know came out of that group it was like you know lenny lark and dennis leary and steven wrightenberry criminals and you know just all these different unique voices that came out my friend tony v and so it was really tough to do com people pounds now but you were forced to have your own your own voice you know you guys were ahead of me and when i first started doing comedy and started doing open mic night i was really aware because of
do you guys like what a crazy scene it was yeah it was i mean it was really you places on earth people are talks hate this on my park as well they're gonna talk about boston comedy no it's not so yeah bill burr and i have had on the conversations and i i'll tell one or two but since they're not nowadays and play on this on your bike is but and i and i the i'd really rarely talk about but but i i am i don't drink i don't take drugs but i don't tell people about it but i just did but i i haven't said those nineteen years old so this story is that long ago i started doing comedy when i was fifteen i got eleven twenty so this is like a story when i'm eighteen with i'll say as lenny clarke and all these guys and we boarded up the doors and the windows in the dang how hard board right and we just drinking and doing piles of blow in them in the end and and
all night and then the door opens an it's like smokey and backlit 'cause the sunlight pouring in and it's it's a bunch of cops come walking in and i'm this high and gacked out of my mind and i'm going i'm going to jail i'm going to jail that's all i'm thinking and the go lenny you fucking cock sucker how are you and i sit down and they start doing blow and i'm like yeah and i'm like there is no there's there's no god yeah yeah yeah up is down we do chinese comedy club and we would we would cut lines on the on the ribs pork ribs would be in the freezer chapin lines on those orange pork ribs the ribs the redwoods you know that's hilarious yeah you do lines on those could be a flat surface
these families that get served up this oh my god blow covered book or pork ribs for crimson juniors bouncing off the walls whenever we go to the dang whole he's so animated this was like in the 80s did you guys get real coke back then it was it all chopped up still i think we were getting high and i know the number you know i'm saying i don't know the difference i mean i really have never done coke so really well i did it and and and and like i said i stopped everything when i was nineteen i know people don't believe the folks who do it though tell you there's like rockstar coke like pure code which is amazing and then there's like you know tom sawyer from the cobb sure yeah i will tell you like if you talk to him about old school like rockstar code i've talked to some of the boston i went to the it'll like i you know i don't i don't quit because i got so that could cause that cause it they should have been
the code got bad like i think they were disappointed in the quality of a blow will play again fucking high anymore apparently it's very different experience you get like real cocaine one hundred percent pure cocaine it's a very different experience in a lot of people are getting a speed you getting like coke mix some sort of intent now because i would do this i had done speed and it didn't affect me the way the coke to it so that's my pepsi challenge very scientific i don't know they cut it with things i don't know what they're kind that baby laxative in vitamin b is yeah that's a big one with some xtc i used a credit weighing the cut it was beat apparently speed sometimes you don't get all your axe you get a bunch of funky amphetamines in there wow so what we're trying to say to the kids don't do bad you know who you yeah i saw you guys were doing it with the cops with the cops i mean there's nothing stories like that you know it guys you know guy would still some guys
coke and then somebody's arm will get broke i mean it was not i mean it really that's the reality of it well dane cook was on the podcast when he and i were talking about how the guys who are doing comedy where men like kevin knox and lenny clarke this is big mac it's like manly it was a very sweeney it was just like variag oh yeah yeah it wasn't god damn but people going oh you're in cambridge in there imagine that works you got pipes and we got patches on her sweaters like are you coming out with like one of those doing suede jackets with the indian test tassels dangling and overstepped chair with an were sitting there talking about howard references and stuff you know but no it was pretty down maturity and but you know it was a best place to train i mean 'cause you know you were ready for a you know you the hackles were in saying that the of the violence in them it really is weird to think about how my
comedy and violence was in that scene it was a crazy scene it was i'll try to keep some of the people out of this story but but one of the guys i was with one night you know when someone's party in and they just the switch is thrown in they become gore go you know i mean like they're just not themselves them completely you know i mean and one our buddies insisted that he and i were vikings and he was really the commitment he added his character was he was a hiking and he was holding me in a headlock and he wouldn't let me go and to the point where it got creepy like he was just give me around the bar it was funny and then they went to a will for a long time like i was that you know and i couldn't do any use much larger than me and then bury could remember the time had a had a a cast
the guy who had me in a headlock by the ways of friend he just had a rough night that night he says crimins goes because let him go and he goes and the goggles hug me or hit maine increment goes it was the fastest decision i ever made in my life it just popped him with the cats broke his job that's also that was that's comedy yeah it was it was crazy it was man it really was i i came just behind you as in one of my big regrets is that i never got to perform the ding ho because it was so legendary yeah well is because the the the the the comics were in charge basically you know yeah working in the the all that stuff so it was it was yeah it was crazy well that's sort of how the comedy store used to be except for the booking aspect of it in the comics we have are in charge of the but there was also but there's no real crowd control there was yes all comics working the booth comics work the door the comedy store was like it's all comics work and well this was this is yeah this was pretty much
may ham is guy shun he ran lee here and talk to me maybe twice one night i go out on stage and i'm doing my character and yeah i'm full boy all right and then i stop and i say you know hi this is my real voice i'd like to gut and clean some fish tonight does anyone have any fish you know real straight i'm saying this in my roommate raises hand he pulls out this big fish now the fish have been in the bank of his car is rancid oh no i just got the fish and got entrails fish entrails all over the stage and this woman just contact but as soon as she smells just so i'm a professional i put the mic right down to it so you could hear retching over the pa so this chicks puking up this fish cut vomit all over the front of the stage and then i go thank you goodnight
bill campbell around when you're this guy you really should go but is act as you know talking about you know relationships you know men go to you know yeah this is good and he goes a you know so he his actors destroyed because i'm this kind of stuff so yeah very nice wholesome kayak and then i did this and then shun lee there's only first let me talk to him he goes he pulls me over exactly go bother you weird puppy you weird wow what a great boss yeah yeah that was yeah it's like i still did this you know second show don't do the fish you no more no more fish that is hilarious but yet so what year did the ding ho end i don't know i was gone by the time it it it it met its demise but when did you bail when you add a boston i went to san just go it was all pretty quick now i got on letterman and then it was in the early 80s uh
can't you know really i was half in and half out of the different cities in which is gone boss and slowly eighty two maybe three i started in the eighty eight how oh wow so his way after yeah the boston comedy scene when did it really start when was like the birth of it was before i got there and i got there at the eighty the end of eighty probably did you see friends salami this document sure yeah yeah i'm a little bit in that yeah yeah it taps some of it but there's still yeah still stuff that was i mean he did a great job but he wasn't rawdog well there's just some things in there that you know well thing is funny is that i watch that movie would let me climb can and part of the story is that these guys don't like me because i get on letterman you know and that was true i mean and not really mad because i'm you know i don't know younger than them i come in from syracuse again on letterman like you know probably in a year or so i would have been pissed too but
unless he would be you know and lenny and our friends actually we're going to do a project together but but at the time when he was really pissed yeah he was like you know he's throwing me know what the fuck is your yeah ten that was a thing with that places like take felt it was almost like a union gig like you didn't put in your seniority yeah yeah yeah so that became part that movie but you know i sat there and watched it with money and and and we just kind of laughed together you know and and it in my i why my daughter to is really great for my daughter is really cool to have a watch that while yeah i have a pretty good experience hotel a good story i i and if you don't mind yeah we got a goal not my daughter so my daughter is a customer she works in commercials and movies and stuff and i'm very proud 'cause she's taking a creative life and she she does great work we work together now and then my wife and i we all work and everybody works and when i make a movie on my friends and family so but i get
this text from my daughter she's working on that project then it says dad maybe i shouldn't say this one dad i have a disaster she's the i have diarrhea an i went into wrestle brands dressing room and i'm using his toilet and he doesn't know i'm in here and he just came back in and she's trapped in that i have to go back to the set she says what it i do i go i go make him feel uncomfortable just open the door and go hi russell brand i had to change my tampon shark week my daughter text back dad you're great i love you now she thinks i'm trying to help her out of an uncomfortable situation but really i'm going what could i ever say so russell brand won't try to fuck her ah
cancel area so it's exactly i would think because of course i'm going on this is bad this is bad in the bathroom make something cute with he hypnotizes room yeah i mean you know that's his thing you know and then i'm like and then i go what happened because she was not and i'm like my feelings are hurt too i'm like well he didn't chat am which makes being a creep but i i was weird what was the motivation for for making speak for a movie because this is like some fleet lead for me i mean i i found out yeah this like three weeks ago okay and when and also folks use if there for many a lot of folks don't make i make movies but but the the the it's it's completely different than like world very static god bless america i still had them in the sixties i was great thanks meta great movie tom kenny and i who who's at name job is now the voice of spongebob is banking the clown and yeah these can cook and he's doing san francisco step but i'm on time since i was six
we're introduced by a crying none at saint matthews well we weren't introduced tommy tells the story better but he says his fat kids dragged behind this none who's just sobbing and she she drags me into his classroom and goes because we were in two different first grades she's like i can't take him anymore and she left me in this class and i was so i felt horrible it so embarrassed i started crying too but but he thought his i can make a nun cry so he introduced himself at lunch that's literally been down both the i'm fifty one he'll be fifty one in july but uh so yeah i'm not tom kenny he's big the clown him and i were watching a shake they showed shakes and people recently and people showed up as care actors and they know the dialogue and there's clown whores there these women were just this slutty clowns and in the middle of it leans over to migos what the fuck we thinking
so what do this might be about in the crowd was really easy enough it was like that shatner sketch on snl you know we like get a life you know we're really wigged out by that but you know if you make a move you better be willing to talk about it because even that might small indie films that i do under the radar and they play festivals you're going to talk about him for the rest of your life so you better kind of stand by and that's part of this movie was that i always been fascinated with big for i've always been is super interested in the passing game when footage you know and and so i i it wasn't that long ago the nine she's like saying she who is me is she goes go go go to your bigfoot so i put about fourteen miles on the car it just in california just driving around famous sites talking to different people until i made it all the way up to willow creek you know and so you did this just to sort of form the idea in your head
yeah well i wasn't i didn't have a move i had a different movie in my head which i still all right because i i thought it i i think it's fascinating about sasquatch is is it's a it's a good everybody it i wanted to do a thing that kind of this isn't this movie but i had an idea for a movie that kind of took on faith in religion and everything and i thought maybe i'd set in and the sasquatch community because there's people that just believe there's people that believe in see there's people that are shyster is this people i mean so it's a really good it you know it's a good analogy for religion but you know i don't know where you sit on the point he had our last point he had a big foot they have funny the yeah yeah yeah funny because i i as i said this guy go over to another guy at a conference in the guy's got a car red hat with a big point in a big way and the guy gets you discussed me you guys were his look at that had
and so you discuss you mean oh yeah and the other day goes really i've seen bigfoot the times and you're never going to see him 'cause you smoke let toon yeah i know they go and it's pretty dang straight yeah what else is a well this is beautiful you know this is really amazing is like so so some cultures are fascinated me i love the fact that that that you can get in a discussions and go down these crazy rabbit holes with everybody and then yeah i i do i you know here's the thing when you say you believe that means people say you no longer impartial but i'm gonna but everybody has you know it's so i am not impartial i i i i i i do believe that there is there is a sasquatch out there wow or lard our our i should say big foot hello you went there he said i believe this
sasquatch yeah i mean we're elegant my career what is going to happen when people can sit bobcat goldthwait's weird that that but one of those subjects though where it's like ufos or psychics or something along those lines as soon as you start talking about it you're almost immediately a silly person yeah but i'm already you silly person yeah i'm so far off the radar i do what i write is via its roof completely you know i about seven eight years ago i really just kinda quit i stop being and stuff that i was embarrassed of i stop you know i still do something if it's nice in the breads there but for the most part i just quit you know i stop trying to get jobs and then i get discovered i did i stop writing movies for other people that i wasn't getting paid for that i thought they would like or i stop i stop out all of it and i just and it was wet and i was with fortunately enough jimmy kimmel hired me to direct this show and that's a big deal
that's a huge deal because you know i mean he didn't spell show a little bit of a little should pound we ran into each other that was yeah yeah totally random and them so what does she pay well and then but working for jimmy you know kind he just gave me this freedom is nice that someone believed in me you know and when pretty much i i become and still we put a we talked about it before the podcast when the during the commercials the thing with the tonight show that was the big yeah well it'll say are on fire is this persona people had an load of in in you know and and i didn't even you know i got really frustrated because i was just being famous for being famous in this is before them you we did a lady i just got really tired of being like you a book me on a talk show i'd go crazy and people would be happy and and and i really was just like so over it really destructive you know do you like rebelling against like the police academy movies and that sort of thing
box the report about is that but also it's it's it's rebelling truly i think the real thing what well as is that i will you know let it was nice enough to have me on and then and then i saw this pattern that i i i may have become a regular and and i've never really discussed this that terrified me the idea of being successful on that level because it's easy to be a guy who never tried and then you're in some dopey teen comedies and you can criticize what everybody else does and be better but the really put you know to really put your on the block and say this is who i am this is gonna be my material or this is the movies and this is one of the products that say i am that's terrifying because then you're out there to be judged that's fascinating so it's almost like get a self destructive quality because completely idea of success it was just too paranoid because then i'd have to actually pony up and actually oh so you been criticizing xy and z well what do you do you know so so
i was really trying to not it's kind of funny because i was trying not to be on tv anymore an i said tonight show fire and then immediately i get booked on every show people think like i was banned from other shows i wasn't banned from that i'm sure they actually had me on a week later but but it's it's very fascinate is funny i was just writing this thing uh you know a tour nirvana as a comedian and and and there would be times where you know i i was it was a few nights where i was sitting up a curtain you know we were exchanging stories like you know him showing up and drag it in a gown for a headbangers ball and now buddy getting that you know that's pretty funny especially it was funny to him 'cause he's getting asked to go on a metal show so that would be funny show you never he's they gonna this guy will you know and and expensive because he wasn't running around the lipstick on why you know this was comfortable in a drag so
it was you know and he's talking about nobody would get him you know and it was really funny and then and then you know like i smashed up the arse the whole show did way more damage on that show i remember that too yeah i wrote paramount sucks on the back of it 'cause they fired him basically and they get more audio it was just me trying to end it you know i really related more to rock then comics i just kinda boo you know i try to and then we you upset though that you were like you did you feel like you were getting pushed into some like family box and it wasn't representing you like i'll isn't real a little merry as i make a little of that you know it's funny people you know i think the character with cloud people from hearing anything i was saying you know club meet bob meet bob i got it when i was like i mean when did it come out no but yeah it was just starting out that's funny 'cause that album like people don't i don't think people understand that i actually had material i think yeah just tell me in police academy
is going to say oh yeah that was that it was a real it was really good comedy it was really good stand up and i say a lot of people i remember just thought you were like the crazy actor guy yeah god people didn't know like you didn't just have so now we had like really smart stand up but that's really good stuff but it was weird because i think i help perpetuate it of course ipod was possibly you know it's kind of funny when you go on stage and you do this persona even peep so who are rolling their eyes start laughing so it's hard to jettison it x actually when you go on the road and there expecting it it's weird to get pigeonholed i just stopped it was i was on the road and i realized i don't dislike stand up i hate this fucking character i didn't expect it all yeah and they you know still do your do the voice you know you know but but it since i got to do i got to do i gotta be me you know as corny as it sounds yes i i i feel you yeah
got a quick you know you got it like this is weird thing in in our society where it's like you know you can't quit in in the that's where you find when you're happy you know he's this isn't working for me you know i thought of this isn't working for me so you could end up in a place where you go this is what's working for you unfortunately and that they're usually about forty five well there's a lot of people that they they never abandon that act in the the yang onto it like yeah judy tenuta still do stand up i don't i don't know sure a great act it's funny that might my wife and i brought it but the nine and i brought up to the scene is set in the plane because i did the gathered in the jungle those wow and we were wondering if like if like they booked the wrong acts on purpose so we're like putting together a lineup like it was going to be paula poundstone judy tenuta in aimee mann at this years gathering of the juggalos
a man you know because i think that gives sometimes did you ever see ever is the the the jack yeah i did it all you sex with me gathering there's a movie called the shoot american jungle i think his name no i'm just watch clips on the internet well they just have you sought to have to kill or get hit with who the real yeah man through poulidor ran out of faygo cola so they they started throwing poop oh my god like dudes were shitting in what cops do stand out over they backed out report upon yeah yeah it wasn't like jalen they ask someone else is pooh yeah which is that's my point look i'm going to do yes here well that's her on stage and they throw in poetry like like hypothetically let's say you are i i give it up look she shemale pussy stays in them she stays up there jesus that shit just hit her legs i love that she's like sitting there going you know what couple
minutes i'm going to win him back late she just totally that i gotta give it to grab her crotch just do stuff back is that all shit or is it some of the beer i think something it's faygo cola it's the soda they like to throw but like a few years my point if you parking on the street and you hit me with dog poo right like you saw coming through it it wouldn't be a deal breaker i'd be mad i really go what the fuck was that you go i don't know if that was funny funny we laugh it off but if you hit me with like you know like oh do you know i mean like some poop from a person that would be the deal breaker i'd be like you fucker i got half see in my eye now really swift yeah german shit is way more to wake real shit did you ever see gg allin link poo yeah and any such thrown at people and
get out of their way like like like military striping like when people are fire something about human poo is way worse in starify it yeah we don't want on your clone no not enough so i did the dog shit on you just hose it all god yeah but i do yeah yeah the gathering of the juggalos and and and and and and the the opening act up chuck the clown is trying to calm my nerves now there's there's no you know they have there their their own security so there's no security it's just it's just juggalo law on this huge piece of property wow so and there's so madness yeah there's fires going on and fire where people are always lighting fire to light fireworks like the way people light cigarettes like casually i saw a lot of that was really funny like where people don't jump out of the way it's like some baths what is it like for you
wandering around among the speaker they freaking out no 'cause i think well now sometimes i get recognized for the most part i don't get recognized but but it was you know we took a golf cart through the whole thing and like i said there's a fight aids and and people i don't know what they're doing but maybe you might know what this is but certainly people would drop like that be like a group of people and then you just see him drop like like their puppets and someone could these things they just sit there like this and then they would share draft thing like their know know know know like whatever they have been doing we just suddenly like a bunch of them which is true yeah be like three or four room obviously they just ingested or did something and then i'll send you seem to like like domino's and then they get up and it was i don't know what that whatever it is not good yeah well well so so so so it's it's i understand the idea of the juggalos by the way i get it you know i get it
it's a certain sack that's that's pissed off and it's certain group of people and i am and they do have the sense of community and family i do i do try to be open minded and they and by the way they were very nice to me i should say that it's a very good way of putting them but but while we were up like trying to convince me that it's not that scary of a gig and he's driving me around on this golf cart and he's like you know you got in this huge cloud just everybody is kind of either some guys are cut in cloud megabits latimer or like obese you know it it men and women it's really like an incest survivors convention like you know nobody's going to touch me anymore in a right so this guy just jumps out of nowhere and starts punching up check on the gulf guys running along in it and i'm
you know reason he's like fuck you watch oh my god fuck you up chuck it is difficult and he's gunning it the guy so we lose the guy and he's like i'm here every year you know they know me i'm like family and i'm like ok so so then he punched him in the face please punch him right in the face and then he took it like in the shoulder and then and then by the time we got no me again got i'm like one like in the kidney on the way out thank you left him hard yeah yeah real punches real punches jesus so so that is kind of like a little so much and he's trying to he's trying to convince me that santa fe go the first kind of bagel comes in boof and it sprays all over us and he's like he's so familiar with getting hit with vagal cola he goes he goes diet it's not going to stay i swear to god he really said that something larious so then one comes in
and in the the nines got it i'm i'm camera she had like a sports setting honored on our camera it said the shutters like faster so we got this shot uh it's like this is a proof and we got this can of soda this guy does a baseball pitch and you see it whizzing seconds before it hits up right in the temple no car rack and he just slumps over and he goes kick slumps the wielding's hurt i'm hurt back by the way he's mid sentence because you know some like that when the soda is that going to happen at a dave matthews correct any slumps over he's like i'm hurt i'm hurt bad bob he's called me bob's i know he's really fucked up not bobcat and i think it was out oh my god so he hits the he hits the gas and now yeah that's some chuck yeah it's joel
it was like the golf cart that's crazy so how old were you when this was going on by the way just now so fifty one years old one thousand five hundred and fifty years fifty years old and so so object now for full throttle an i'm steering spear and were whizzing through the crowd like mister toads wild ride jugglers time another and then so i love this this is actually beautiful you know he was concussed his eyes red like that but my god he's like we just went back to the trailer and we're just really really quiet and then he puts an ice cold faygo on his side of his head oh that's a larius well because he's like going he's gonna look he's like am i bleeding so i don't know where the makeup starts and was blood i don't know what's right exactly fucking cana so did to the head that that's hard
then i'm not going to uh may or may not do it looked like he was doing some sort of stimulant have had to and because it's you know no we you worried about your safety or this is yeah yeah i i once i got it yeah you know and and by the way i'm no stranger hijinks you know i miss the man who lifted tonight show couch on fire it says i have good ideas and bad ideas and i don't know the difference it's just ideas and i treat him with enthusiasm i may or may not have let a quarter stick of dynamite in my backyard when i lived up i think it's a half a stick it was like half a stick and it blew up is watermelon that shot all the way like three floors up it was that story goes and gets kind of gory but i digress so hello stranger so like something explodes indiana
in my wife got saddam ad and i'm like now that's dynamite now so i go up and i'm like hey where's my party you know i actually did a fine set it by the way crowd was one o'clock i hit the stage they you know they they like the tenacity if you can actually hang there there and i you know my own his brother was a biker so i'm kind of familiar with the kind of out lobby favorite wasn't it's never that uhm you know freaky to maine and it seems like it's sort of an agreed apon thing at this sort of a place if you're going to hang out with a bunch of people that are party and they call themselves juggalos you know some it is going to fly through the air is going to be right you can't get mad about soda but up to the point of violent what the problem is is it there is no there's no law right it's a little lord of the flies like some dude they thought he was stealing so they
basically i don't know what happened but they tore his car apart like just dismantled but yeah so it's a little little lower the fly yeah i mean i would i got paid in a that's actually like yeah and then and then and then the cops are just at the lip just just just taking people to jail they had a bus so so we pull out right and the capsules on what's going on i go look i got a bag full of money my pocket called bright out comedian big in the eighties you know that yeah yeah yeah you know that's been weird hey it's whatever you want to do i'm complete easter a and they they actually found that really funny that is funny so they were looking for people to be drunk and then they open up my bag of money in there like leo i should do comedy it on their own bust my chops but yeah with the looking for drunk drivers or
oh just rico high out of their minds anything i mean they were just popping everybody that pulled out of the street there i'd like what you said about the about it being like community and there's a lot of positive things to there there is it so i mean like i tell the story and i laughed and stuff but was it any different than when i i went to see the allman brothers of my brother tommy and he was tripping on acid and his brother big it's well this is brother biker who still still alive big manage we who is a green beret and we're going to see the allman brothers he suddenly thinks everybody going into the concert is charlie is the best that what year was this probably like seventy eight oh my god and i'm just like you know sometimes when things go crazy that's the other thing about me
when during mayhem and chaos i'm actually super calm it's because you've been around it so many times no but like everyday life will flip me out like we were talking earlier the line in the post office i can't handle correctly i get upset and stuff but but mayhem i i get really calm really yeah like a deer jumped out in front of us more up in willow creek and i just said my wife i go just stop the car she come i get then daddy i don't know is very right that's better than the other way yeah yeah yeah but the the the i know what you're talking about freaking out about line stuff like that if you if you can't just stand still and relax you know a good in a long line and and then the nice slow it's probably like an a d h d thing right people are actually really freaking out well it's the it's the it's the
you know the nine because mia a misanthrope and i think that is not correct because i think what upsets me is i actually kind of have i think i thought i try to think the best i really do even though i make movies were him shooting people and you know and and and and all these weird things i do kinda give people the benefit of doubt i truly do when she said that she said she could hear a misanthrope and i said you only say that 'cause you're a person and she always afraid that i'm going off the grid 'cause at night she calls it the my lake porn i just comes in and say what are you looking at it just me looking at like look at this eighty acres out lake yeah it's got its own it's going creek were you looking at like how's it going to get the generator going oh yeah go off the grid dude you in maine i think about that shit all it's off the grid
squatch all day disc watching to set up a few gifting boxes you went scratching yeah i went to this new show i'm doing is it did you start it yeah the show started it starts aaron july 16th on the sci fi channel it's called joe rogan questions everything and one of 'em is bigfoot i've had a bigfoot fascination since i was a little kid when i was a little kid i was camping the pacific nw with my step dad and there's a dude who's up there was a trapper and he had like animal skins and shit is killing animals bobcats which i didn't think was kind of creepy at time i think this really creepy it's only seven no no i'm at me but he told me about you know that these all these people have these big foot like expenses up there in the way you describe me and i barely remember it's like a a really whisper remember
but i remember that's what started me off on the story i was always in the monsters and shit when i look at i love horror movies so then i started reading up on bigfoot and then i watch the patterson footage eventually i saw in search of a search of is the one that then you turn to everybody or incentive did you see boggy creek is that well yeah yeah yeah so that that i think that had a body creek i didn't go back and revisit it but i think that movie probably had a lot to do with my movie willow creek actually that i got addicted to that show finding big foot to sure sure sure actually cliff and bobo showed up i showed the movie up i went back up yeah i showed it to the folks that are in it 'cause you know a lot of actual folks the bigfoot community in the movie i mean an and how can we sell this movie
i mean i'm just started out playing anything about i just started playing festivals the one thing i'm really happy is big foot folks seem to really like it like cliff said this is the best big foot movies everything listen this is a great horror fun movie it's great fun movie yeah and this is a really true and behar eight they i don't i try not to be cheesy and mono i didn't want i didn't want those guys that i don't talk too much about this movie right because i don't want to give any of it away because i want people to see it's it's it's you and me as i think it's okay i tell you one one fix quixtar haitian yet at work i i'm having a blast thanks mario please thanks for being so i'm having a blast so you've got that american werewolf in london yes i love that movie me too i yeah so that blew my mind my thought now where did you get that is that from this
how many pat mcgee he's a special efx guy and he does he designs uh if you go to mcgheefx dot com he designs a couple different things like he doesn't alien like from the movie alien and he just reconstructs life life size replicas it's crazy it's really not a mold and he uses yak hair and it's incredible one of the many i don't know if you've heard this myth but one of the many myths about the passing game one footage is that it's john landis in the suit have you ever heard that no i haven't heard that okay so so so i've read this and i and so one morning and i hi and i love american werewolf i love john lennon the animal house and all that stuff course brilliant so but i don't know so i get a hair up my ass i'm like oh i gotta get to the bottom of this so i shoot my age uh an email and i say got this idea for a tv
show for john landis myself total i could you get me his email and so she gets me the email so i write him an email and i'm going to read it to you 'cause it 'cause so we and i had this exchange and i say hi john i'm writing an article about the patterson gimlin footage i'm not i just lying so he's thank god he's a nice guy wondering would you be kind enough to let me interview ok so i go on and on and i say i want to clear up the room is that a john chambers made the suit in that you were wearing it so quickly i get this email back deer bobcat i am definitely not the guy in the bigfoot suit in the patterson gimlin footage what pa location are you writing an article for how did you get my email address but i said back and and and and we went back and forth and and he was really cool actually he he he he he i i think he's probably tired of answering that question yeah but
sure one of his early he did a great movie it's like it's called schlock where he's in a gorilla suit you've probably seen it is it like a gorilla with a space sound no and it's a it's a kind of famous image and and it's him directing the movie i love in the gorilla suit with this excel it really yeah great i love this there's a photo of me directing shakes the clown in an in a clown suit and i just i'll never be in something i direct again and i'm like fucking you know i'm like dead siri it's in everyone's laughing and i've got such an asshole and a sense of humor fucking clouds it's called schlock schlock yeah never heard of that will check but yeah it it looks like a but so i'm a i'm big fan i wasn't coming from again yeah it's like i wasn't coming from a big snarky place i i sincerely the fan of landis and stuff but i thought there a lot of bigfoot rumors that i kind of thought well maybe i can use you know my
actions not that i have connections but you know i could this prove some of the things you know like if they get into the john chambers suit you know john chambers the guy was an hour ago he did the plan of the apes you know they're right over that he may have built the suit and he did make a big for it but his bigfoot i've seen in it's you know so whatever it is a rabbit hole well it's rabbit hole but it's also rabbit hole where guy says he did it his name is bob heronemus he walks just like that he took a lie detector test and passed but also was a con man so is robert patterson and robert pass also went to jail for writing a bad check paid for the very camera that filmed that footage yes you go even deeper because the my about my belief in the patterson footage it boils down to the gate it really does it boils down to that knee in that leg and you've been listed in a bunch knuckleheads trust me that's a guy in a monkey suit let's let's play it let's play it will go over it the guy
this guy with a football pads football shoulder pads are angrily explained this i'm not confronting you i know but why this is just a more this is like proof but this is a weird thing why did they go to the trouble give it find stabilized one there's a stabilized one it's better why did they abraham zapruder who shot that is why luck is a couple things i don't want to i want people to pay attention when you watch what about why does it have breasts that to me is the weirdest thing why doesn't have breasts why but it they couldn't make a suit like that in that time and why would they take the extra think there wasn't four way stretch fabric that looked like for it i'm not i'm not sure if that's a different listen to a lot of knuckleheads i think that it's uh it's ridiculous to say why would they make tips that looks like a man listen a lot among cuban listen a lot of dingbats that's a good men do you look at it move
that is a man that is not not compelling to me that looks like it's a man are you serious yeah the gate looks like i do the lotus nonsense when a diaper the house got football shoulder pads on it it's all up stupid outfit and i think you're looking at it from you know the promise is a problem i can mind myself the problem is we play back over again well that's fucking real yeah man look at the cafe i look at look at his ass back it up a little bit let's watch it again i'm going to try to make myself fuck myself oh my god i think it's real now let's see if i can when it goes back and forth like that that's only you gotta play yackety sax look at that benny hill goes out and slaps look at it walk let's zoom and stabilized on the bigfoot
got a monkey too i wish i could mind fuck myself but i can i try i try but it looks so stupid it's so funny to you this so you just slightly longer hands like he's probably got some artificial hands in the suit and if you watch this look up bob heronemus but he walking they've ever seen okay so i have am fascinated split screen with bob her on this walk on one side of screen all right and the sasquatch goddammit bob runs a big gangly sasquatch looking mother a sailor any pass a lie detector test yeah but that's not yeah but i mean when the guy walks like wax like i told the story so many times he started believing it's possible the oj simpson the whole thing i think you can do that i believe it one hundred percent hundred percent you believe that you can do it yourself sure it might my memory of my childhood is so god damn foggy you know right i could go one way or another way and start telling a story about it one way and then by that
i get ten years down the line don't even fucking remember what really happened your child is so bananas now do you ever do you spend time trying to piece it together or you move past it what do you mean i mean it's pretty nuts the moving around and i've heard you talk about it in the past usually around was nuts but the really not eating with the martial arts computing going to pita martial arts sermons throughout my high school years that was the ninety s thanks as i was a child and i was having martial arts competitions against grown men my my my search was crazy and he made me for a grown one hundred and fifteen so from the time when i was fifteen till i was twenty one all i did was full contact martial arts tournaments that was
way scarier than anything it was almost like i was so scared of growing up and i was so scared of being an adult and i was so scared of just interacting with people and fitting in in any place 'cause i was always the new kitten always moving i was so scared of fitting in that i just decided to do something way harder than that so i didn't have to think about that i try to do the most obscur crazy scary thing to me but why did it's really weird is not well it's it's kind of sad to hear this it's not that it worked out great well that is if i had to go back and be myself as a child was often sat as a child but ultimately it worked out you know i mean it's not sad to go through tough experiences and develop character i don't think that's sad you know i mean i cannot
a lot of people came out a lot worse than me like i was so one of the comedy come about that's the part the comments came about from gallows humor from going to turn emits i used to make my friends laugh in the locker room and made my friends laugh like on buses and planes and i would be the guy who was like trying to crack the ice because we were all terrified and i wasn't secure around them yeah like the as a train with it was the first book probably the first time in my life i felt confident enough to like talk out about things and say in make make jokes about things not to get told shut the up or some is gonna kick my or you know that's what a lot of one moving from town to town when you're the new kid it's like you always have to defend yourself you're always dealing with the local bully in cycles is a constant thing so when i start doing martial arts like this guy's on new me so i was comfortable around them so then i would make fun of to sort of lighten the tension because everybody was scared because when you go to tournaments it was just fear the bus yeah with fear and everyone scaredy weird way in in this scary and then every now and then one of us will get
the fuck out you can head kicked and and you deal with your friend just got can cost in the thing that you do for your back in the bus go back when i had it on his head get lack eyes inches now man said around you call the family we're all adults i was an only child wow yeah until you know some kids came along when i was like nineteen and twenty there's some kids are joined up there was like so seventeen and eighteen but for the longest time i was really you have any social life did you hear zero no party and no drinking no nothing i had a couple of friends from high school and my best friends actually went to the school that was the other school and what about what about women did you have a girlfriend at all yeah yeah i had a girlfriend almost ruined me my first girlfriend because as soon as they started having sex i just didn't want train anyway i was like it was like why would i go do that this is way more fun does everybody how about this yes ridiculous like sex is way better than martial arts getting my facebook
i think yeah having my nose shoved into my brain yeah it was always alright so we were talking about recipe for i i i don't suddenly became a shrink if you walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's a duck okay so what is the last yeah this is barbara miss walked in and then the big foot bob look into turning just like the big foot i mean come on man put kind of guy yeah it is i don't think it's a mistake that the knees aren't shown here honestly i mean if you look at the knees and the the the the the the the the the way see the cap goes up you never walk with ice skates on yeah you know ice kids don't band right and when i get to pick him up and yes i can exaggerated walking right in what he got the big foot looks like to me is like a dude with like a suit on that's what like crazy feet on the suit and he has to walk a certain way 'cause well then you know it's funny i'm not giving way too much about the movie but there's there's there is footprints in the move
yeah so can you say that you shouldn't sell really yes stop stop right now okay make people because there's so much about this movie is so bad if if your movie sock that let's keep talking but your move he found you let me shoot myself in the what do it god damn it doing well so it is so i'm just here to plug hot to trot tonight it would be beautiful if a guy who's a con man just happened to be the first kind of actually see bigfoot and phil would be well don't you feel that way about being a comedian now you went out and where did you go nw we're not going to take anything no no no but but if you find something that can go rogue and you know yeah absolutely the feel about it like like like i'm i'm going up to oregon with and talking to cliff and we're going to go out but but i also feel like i taped it you know the idea that that if you know if if we find anything i don't think so if the i think if you
you're just like me and i think you're feeling about it is genuine i think it's a fascinating subject it's okay let's say bullshit but it's also very possible that there are all out and say it's it's it's it is fake okay what is it about the subconscious through thousands of years they can people continually see in these things i mean why is it you know and and transaction roosevelt that tells the story of a of a you know why just keep showing up over the finish that teddy roosevelt story in his book yeah yeah and that he was unaware guy killed awhile now yeah while no no no yeah the orders and everything was destroyed but but but still like all the stories and they keep showing up i don't i'm interested to in that like what what is it in part of our subconscious what part of why these archetypal characters keep showing up that happens to be a man you know it's going to be simply is keep your kids away from bears or is it something
bigger or is it a is it a is it a eight hundred pound what i mean you know it's it's it's all fascinating there's so many different things to consider when you say something like that was like first of all you have to consider that's probably a conglomeration of a bunch of things and one of those things being that everyone's afraid of the unknown when you lookout into that dark woods and just what the fuck is out there use that tag their getting creeped out for the first time by the way and i was in the woods hello seventeen miles down a dirt road eleven hours from la north then we go to willa then you drive about forty minutes to orleans then you drive up the short then we drive two one slash two hours down to seventeen mile dirt road to get to the location so there's no phones there's no planes going over saw two mountain lions two mount lines and i put the actors in the tent in that scene in there going hey man
well we here man we could do this in a parking lot but they couldn't know because it was you you know it leal's real there's nothing about don't anymore got okay i know i said some all right but my mother stop talking about it but it is is that i am happy that people like it that it is scary that there's laughs and it was the most fun i've had making a movie going down a dark road and getting into the woods or the pacific northwest it will give you this this new appreciation of how ridiculously wild that area is like the idea so that we have an accurate account did you get like a buzz when you start like from the tree there is right
they're at their energy yeah man you guys please realize it but that i actually jim that they make you get you get like this weird but i was i was not frighten everybody else is kind of frightened and and i was just like i i i didn't realize is about myself i just like drop might row i'm walking around in my phone underwear jump in the river is that what you want to get a lake house yeah even i'm fine with it and that's what you're doing yeah i go up there in the sky just yeah man and and and and i don't want to do this i don't i'm not a proper i don't like that attitude i really don't because it's like i don't like these preppers it's like this weird end of times are christian judeo bs that they're buying into it you know i mean the world if we've learned anything about the world it's not going to go out with one big bang you know it's just like you know things are going to fall apart but it's not going to be anarchy i don't know why so many people at every movie is about
you know a scientologist saving the world i think we've been through several of those in history we're better at understanding it now because we have the written word and we have history we have all these different stories of the past of civilizations that have deteriorated back when people didn't really have access some weird sort of hopelessness that's that's that's that's this and i'm not i don't buy it i don't i know i don't i think what i think i'm i think human beings are so resilient and or there is the carling date you know maybe maybe the earth need plastic you know as as that's funny happy she's i mean i think that we probably will carry on but it's really easily conceivable that some natural disaster could happen that could wipe out most of the
police number all you need is one big you could kansai's media that hits true and we're done and there's hundreds of thousands of those floating around not like forever but i'm not i think i'm more of an optimist i think i think when you you when you just prep and and and decide go underground i want to go out in the woods because i like i like the quiet i like the smells i like beautiful but everybody else with me was just completely flipped out their minds like this in turn this is a tiny crew and he's like hey man what's the difference between a bobcat and who did you see these men mountain line we said two of 'em you see one and willow creek just walking across the street and then one in the car were you driving a car for the one but the other one was right where we're filming and and he goes hey man bobcat in amount line what's the difference i go bobcats a stocky and you know he's got like tail in a mountain lions toy it's got a long tail he's like yeah so
hotline i go where and i'm like i'm like this is like werner herzog making fitzcarraldo i'm like out of my mind and i go where he goes to the left i go to the right file as you know there's a real problem with them not allowing them to hunt mountain lions anymore mountain lines i found out later on our badass well well here's the thing there cats so if you run two hundred pound mouse i mean it's just going to take you down yeah well they go after people on bikes the very reason again they can't yeah it's a mouse yeah and so like it's it's you on a bike with a light is a laser pointer to so so it i was like how close were you use about five feet and if you've ever seen him by the way because the
and i did see and i have big balls i was in a car but when i saw was huge it's a lion and they just walk and he was walking with a purpose across the road like like i'm sure he's about to eat some it's a real problem california is banned hunting of them and in some places banned use of dogs you need dogs to hunt down 'cause otherwise we'll never find whatever the dogs i mean the dogs bay them they bark that from a tree and the person comes along that shoots him sometimes dogs get attacked though it does how did that story on it so i'm not so happy about that either but now when you in the words you have a gun there was guy with us have a gun everybody kept saying you got a gun that was you should have a gun around now i know i know i would never know right now i know i had a we had a ranger in this in he's also he is the big foot robert liederman aids ranger and he's a i say big put into just is really sweet guy huge help on the movie actually and
and you know it's like three four in the morning and he's like you know i'm a right or two when i go oh really good what do you write twilight like oh yeah right tween between novel set in the bigfoot world is it's a coming of age story and like twilight so as to big for last fall in love young young big for it a young big foot the person not know people fall in love in the world i know what's the name is like yeti or not this week ago this is this is my air hose like this guy is the only thing keeping me alive tonight i was very i was very happy that he liked the movie again you know these were the folks in the community yeah steven stafford up in bigfoot books if you saw the
in the movies is the last thing i'm going to say about the towel towel goes very authentic it's like i heard that yeah well that sounds that they yeah rightly connect with the how well that's the thing like you listen to that stuff too okay let's forget the passing game one for us but you this how much stuff no no no i don't i don't think there's no evidence of bigfoot exist and i don't think that bigfoot doesn't exist i think that the patterson gimlin cokes or a guys that bullshit artists i met people when i was up in the pacific nw that new the address paterson new the other due to bob giving heronemus zero this guy wore the suit and they said those guys were bullshit artist they're always trying to make money and they've been trying to do it for a long time but someone else make a suit they had some let's make a suit and it didn't work and so they had to say who made that suit then the fuck knows but you know what comes in suit is an amazing suit for not that good here's the problem everybody this is what everybody wants to say that it's really good but here's what's realistic it's blurry as fuck
so you're not getting a real accurate crisp version of what you're saying you're getting this mushy version of it and so everybody wants attributed to muscles and this move meant to like there's no design no cost of that i would buy that if you would show me a high resolution crystal clear video of what we're looking at but you're looking at blurry trees the trees look blurry as fuck you can't make we have the very specific branches or the texture of the bark so what you looking at when you're saying it looks so good you look at blurry thing that might be tits that might be a flaw in the costume that might be his ass or it might be worth a fucking diaper under a gorilla suit i'm leaving no no i think pull it out again let's watch one more time i want to get back to the breast stabilized i think that's very weird it's my it's weird but it's not impossible to hi no it's not
maybe they really well here's the thing maybe this they would feel like bigfoot is way larger than a person so you just pretend to be a female bigfoot because bob haram a six foot five is too small to be rather than saying this isn't so they give them tickets that's way more likely than they filmed big foot right way more lauren right you say that now what bigfoot do you what evidence do you by then there's a lot of things that are interesting first of all the footprints with the dermal ridges that's fascinating because that's incredibly difficult to fake see i'm looking at man you know there's so blurry look how blurry everything is it's all washed out look at that tree you don't know what the fuck that tree really looks like you can't see shit you can't see me i think this is a bad version this is the best version you can get man it's just blown up when you're
okay everything in the desert you want you want i'm shot on red now all you want las call backs to be the dp do be honest look at the trees you're looking out for a day one on there and look at the trees in front of you can't even see any definition raspberries therein meal penalties right now and and it says that he says i'm outta here show more that looks real to me jesus christ you're crazy one more time looking where you're looking at your looking at incredibly blurry shit you're looking incredibly blurry trees that are all washed out and everyone going to tribute all this musk literature and definition you barely know what you're looking at here why does this hold up so my day over the ends why look at you and i right now what world it doesn't hold up it's just a foot of film that has not been authenticated or or refuted it just hasn't been
'cause science hasn't really spent any fucking time examining what about god damn bigfoot the what the yeti fresh no now the russians spent a lot of time examining exactly that yes well they were fucking with us ok it's ridiculous like it still limits real let them waste your time so third time on this moment then if you're so pose dermal ridges are fascinating that's passing the melbourne some dna is fascinating fact on the show we just had a geneticists go over that yeah but that's the stuff that people could be bullshit calling bs it could but the the the deal is though this guy was a geneticist and overwrite the data and it was his conclusion based on his understanding of genetics is a family was a like a accomplished in an assist but and have not published in any real thing other than their own no that's because they couldn't get public
and we are so far down no it's no it's because he's like this is a letter footage this is like this is when the nine checks out it's look it's a fascinating subject you want you want insight on my life are wrong this melba ketchum woman or if it's a hoax but when a geneticists says that he finds the information to be compelling then i have to listen because i'm too fucking stew to understand who's right and who's wrong now did you ever see any of the story of jimmy stewart with the yeti finger stewart jimmy stewart yeah he's he smuggled that what was supposed to be a yeti finger uh the himalayas anna wives underwear not she wasn't it wasn't in her pants but i mean
in her underwear honey gonna have to keep this in your yeah this is a hard to do anything you think it's hard getting weeding out i need to be moist thing here is that no it wasn't it was in it and or underwear drawer and they got it all the way to england now that has been proven not to be a yeti for what was i i can't member but remember that it's it had dna testing done to it jimmy stewart it yeti i you know you know uhm you know what it works for me is a lot of the the audio recordings well obviously 'cause talking about that in the movie and that is what works for me is you know i love listening to them i it's funny you were talking about ufos i think it's funny that people will go where is the footage yeah well there's a ton of footage on ufos now that you can't rap your brain around yeah ok here's some interest something interesting about the yeti finger they said the dna test
have found it to be human bone well here's what's interesting though search wife smuggler human but they think that these things are fucking human it does i mean that that's wrong the people that i thought that they thought that this was like some sort of like a ranga tang giant rat type thing but no they think it's like that that hobbit that home of florence this year record of that yeah little tiny man jury found the island yeah well that was a human yeah well that's that's you know the native americans up in the pacific northwest just it you know with a you know some of some some of the tribes just treated the sasquatch is a as another tribe i mean it was
trees now how have you gone on that and then this rabbit holes in the amount of people who did the disappearing in our parks no there is no federal database set up for people who go missing in the parks and it's i can remember the number it's huge there's a guy off who wrote a book about it it's really fast do they think these are yetis or he doesn't even go down that road he just says why is it it's the we should look it up i don't know what the number is he a were any he's saying who what is this why isn't there an unaware where all these people gone i can't i feel really well it's easily they could starve to death i mean you get lost in the woods and you can get a lot easier but the weird part is the fed's not taking the time to have a database actually i'm a friend his dad died in the woods yeah we went hiking and then the the fog rolled in and he got a final eventually yeah yeah i think that in for
for a long time to but he you know once i am now out in the woods like like we were eight what happens to your mind when you are out there that's pretty funny to me well it's it's very did you stay out of all that we didn't sleep in the woods we decide to stay in a hotel that was in town of our anyway yeah but just being around there at night when you're in those woods okay even in the day when you go into those woods you're gone we were in mount rainier you go into those words and you there's it's another world as well as elk that bound in front of you and they're all you know five six hundred pound animal jumping and yeah that's weird when you run into animal i saw that up in willow creek and their unit there that that aren't afraid of you that's the weird but i don't know what the you are yeah
yeah they've never seen one of you living in those fucking woods which was pretty fun 'cause couple of guys it was really funny 'cause we were at allows camp which if anybody knows that's really close to that and one of the guys goes because we had two women the actress and producer in uh i never had woman here before this is around a campfire in the melanite i go fellas i'm have you read that season when the rape and starts yeah you should come and say that even if it's true keep that should do yourselves on no use your women out here men women out here so as far as in the things that they've collected like the the ufo you know quote unquote evidence to me the most interesting is the howls that are really all right sure
meet howls yeah and the dermal ridges they found terrifying like sounds great like like in the middle of the night and and it's it's awesome i was once before the keynote speaker got up one of the guys he meant to these two guys like an opener you know this the feature that bad but it and the mc so basically the feature brings up ufos while he's doing is bigfoot pitch in about a third of the room like a boy i'm gonna take a piss will this be cool bigfoot community at like make fun of wood dockers yeah would not can like they're just gonna would not yeah yeah come on well i said you know these guys is he upset if you smoke tobacco in them and there's you know those people with crying babies and making bacon then
you know the one guy saying to the other guy that you never find bigfoot because you smoke i've seen bigfoot three times never going to see big because you smoke that's fucking demand and that was like wondering like how is this guy feel about grass does he think that big foots down with grass bigfoot probably attracted to weed that's well i have notice that if you start a few fellow sasquatch hunters a little could pass maybe a little break that squashing when your highs probably way more fun hey you know like god sobre squash and i go much i desire i really think folks can't rap their brains around how many millions of acres there are still in like california and oregon and portland that are completely like plane goes down and no one finds it i think you're totally right and i think that's one of the things that we try to capture on the show when we went up into mount rainier i was like the way i describe the trees i like it's like a box of q tips you know how you get a box q tips and you know they're just
shoved in there that's how it recently yeah you're not getting through that you're going to get through that guy going with this one step right and one step left and once but you're going to like slowly have to cease all your way through all these trees like this is incredibly dense ray in forest and there's thousands of square miles thousands and you can't just get to the middle of it there's no it's not trails through all of it so if something is living up there it could see you coming a fucking mile away hide for so easy especially if it had better senses than us which if it lives in the woods it's got to have like animal senses right course probably as it does senses like as a dog does sure dogs would be able to hear you and see you coming a human being yeah but dear i see you coming a mile away they hear you coming a mile away well i uh so so show me or you're not trying to talk too much about the show you did who did you go out with
i'm not trying to much better with these guys from washer the washington state sasquatch research team this guy was it a blast did you have a good time there were great guys they were hardcore dedicated squatters and they took us to some various spots and we saw some weird shit we saw some trees that were arranged in some really peculiar positions in the middle of the well when you're gone we also saw some trees that were broken in the middle which is really weird 'cause there's no there's no wind inside this forest your deep deep in the forest and you see trees that are snapped in half seven feet up like something grabbed it and snapped it i don't know what the fuck it was i mean i don't know what happened but it's weird
do that but to them at squatch let's there's an area in alaska i don't know if you're familiar with it how deep you went with your bigfoot research i have not gone to alaska the trees trees are uprooted so you can find the photo these two trees in alaska that they believe bigfoot approved have you got on the ground not yet again to a gig up there in two weeks which which found i'm doing a gig in anchorage yeah well the anchorage is really it's beautiful but yeah maybe that's why i'm going off the grid that's great delete your going now i mean i did two dates in february in anchorage you kind of reassess your career choice is the second time you go hello anchorage how cold was it it was so cool but it's it's this weird thing
those guys were in shorts and sneaks 'cause you just go in and out a heated things and it's dry there's like snow places that never goes away and stuff those trees there picked up by their roots and driven into the ground and no one knows how the fuck it was done they know that it wasn't done with heavy equipment because there's no like apparently there's no marks on the trees that correspond to the use of heavy equipment now what do you think that that allegedly i don't know i mean here's the thing when you hear the stories you hear about and see this any other photos of the damage better ones the guy i've seen some different ones are more in detail but the they don't you don't know how much you're dealing with just people that are in love with you know sure but i i you know there's there is
there's a cynicism that you can have and then there's the question of of what if and and and you can even be say all this stuff is b s but i do love the the what if right right now yeah the it's it's jane goodall thinks the re yeah jane goodall yeah sure that's legit that's when that's when that's when the owner gameshark guys when i pull that jane goodall she really you know i i mean like you know sharks you know they're all back they rollback before they bite you then why like yeah well people that it's bullshit and you start pulling out jane goodall that's all you know that's again the the nine she likes to say this movie the willow creek that's what the name of this movie is that we're talking about it i can announce it yet it got into some bigger festivals
it'll happen soon and i was just in the movies i'm i'm i think that there's you know that you can make a good trailer for the movie and i think you could but i think it's different than the other movies is fucking great i would go see that if i was on date it's a great date night movie it's fucking fun it's a fun and obviously i'm very biased 'cause i love you and i'm a bigfoot dork so it was a double car nation but i i enjoy the out of it thanks ma'am thanks and welcome you welcome i am you know it's funny i just you know i'm starting now to make about a movie a year different sizes different budgets different people and then anytime i do other work for other folks and i do stand up like i'm about to go do patents new comedy central special direct that oh that's great you didn't dress with stan especially yeah where is he filming that he's going to be a comic con
i mean that is really yeah that is that is like if like stack the deck yeah exactly like if you're one of those giant sothern cathedrals that holds you know the mag churches and then christ actually just came out of the floor why he just showed up that's what patent that comic con is going to be like i love patton his writing is fucking fun yeah he's brilliant so so that kind of stuff like if i can work with the comic and try to you know and to make it easier when they show up so they're not about the you know i mean the yeah local heads you know that that that that makes me really happy that's just a satisfying believe it or not as going out and doing a show oh that's awesome because yeah 'cause i love comics and i don't i don't i don't like it when people make it harder you know i mean like you know just before you go on tv everybody saying the worst thing you're going
good question are you going to do good my friend tony like yeah so like he was on letterman i love to tv so i sent him flowers when he's on letterman it just said don't fuck this up and then and then what time he was taping and uh tv show and it was years ago and it's i go tony i'm coming down there tonight to watch you take because i really don't know i'm bringing robin williams so don't fuck this up and he just thinks you're my friend he doesn't know that you're funny so really do good he's like you're a fucking ever and then of course you know you do that to a guy and they go up in there they're laughing 'cause you subconsciously is going well bob wouldn't back out it's not going to tell me i'm going to fuck and blow if you know i mean you need a safety zone you need you need friends that aren't driving in nuts before you go on and let's see
like what i like about what you've done with your i hate the worker ear but i guess that's what it is you know clearly seems so formal yes we've expressed yourself what i like about it is that you have not box yourself into any one corner like this bigfoot thing is this fucking freaky horror movie that's why i love this like so funny it's like people like you know the perception and then you make it and it's really fun to watch for but the but i was going to say it but also like it's you need direct mr pal show a running a ranch humana directing kimmel yeah yeah i mean you you're doing all this weird but you're doing you're you're equally competent at all of it it seems like you're equally enthusiastic about all yeah well thank allows you to like direct someone stand up and enjoy it as much as doing your own standard sure also enjoy yeah i i it's it's i'm pretty lucky now now you know the other side of it is is like it's it's not it's the
probably the least secure i've ever been financially but there's something awesome every time you jump off and you go hey what am i going to do next yeah and every time it works out and some hair brained way you know i mean i gave the commencement speech at my daughter's school at hampshire college you know and i was i really well first i went up and i just add an oprah speech word for word you know that whenever i'm nervous i always go to oprah and then it was all of making it in as a blah blah blah dreams and hopes and i got this doesn't apply to any you kids you gotta you guys gotta quit as often as possible in life until you end up someplace that you don't
leave you know and that and you could smell the parents stomach acid you know they spend all this money and education that's so true that's an actual amazing advise you know it is many times you can until you find something you don't want to leave you know and and like there's a weird thing for guys our age are you're you're younger than me but where we were doing all different things and and you know i we enjoy animal and then i'll send this age we come on to our own and it's uh and the the freaky part like after world's greatest dad i wrote five screen plates i mean i just write screen plays all the time and and someone goes well who are you competing with and i'm like the grim fucking reaper man i don't like sitting looking over at you know competing with that is not an interesting question that if you produce anything create something you're competing against someone to create it what a shitty mentality but common now it's a common thought yeah and as soon as you can remove those guys and make it it
you know yourself instead of other people and you're not judging what you make by their standards and stuff it's a it's a it's a pretty awesome place yeah that's the thing about being and you know a a grown man to is like you get to a point we are comfortable in your own life and you're comfortable with what you do and you know what's good and what you've done you've had enough feedback by what you've done that you enjoy when you've done that you did for money and then you get to this sort of like a place where you like okay i know what i'm doing here yeah and i'm on a pink clad you know when we you know there's gigs i take for the bread and there's things that do but you know it does make it a little easier when you're sitting there you know and you're asking it getting what what is your what is your police academy i'm interested in that like what is going on factor fear factor okay and you and your polite i'm sure when people talk about it i enjoy doing it you know fear factor is nothing there's nothing artistic about fear factor but there was all i had a lot of great moment but there are a couple questions that you've heard a million times how you
and what is it you can do every eat any of that so hey joe is fear effective for you yeah but i have a very healthy attitude about it you know i'm happy the people enjoy the show you know and i understand what it would be like if i enjoy the show and i ran to me i'm right say some stupid to write stays referred to view but i because i wouldn't know what else to say i'm an idiot you know but you but you but you don't did test that we do our best and smile through yes but this person doesn't realize the third person that stop me today at the airport anne asked me at the as you went to your gate now you know what it is it's always you know what it is it's the security people when you can you beat that you know there was that movie with that horse at you did that movie that horse you did the movie the beer
how you do that shit all right now it's worse 'cause they go i don't know looking at me and i never heard of him do the voice it's the word jimmy campbell loves to bust my balls harder than anyone about the voices doing this show and you know doing the covers i over the age to live off anything and thank you that's larry is jimmy went and got a star and that was that i hadn't seen in awhile so i went and got and wear them while you know i was very tight so you got a star on the hollywood bowl always really sweet it was just a really it was a real capper ask moment with everybody that guys that i've seen in and out of his life you know it's really sweet to watch but so that goes you know i try to get you a star and i go what happened they said mam the pot
the mystery quick survey to get it is another it's another are you in dan yeah and i was there i go with the what did you do shows like i do the guy we assisted you are dead and i said i'm your wife and then and i was like i would have taken a dead star i care you know i woulda showed up in like gore makeup like i found the larious that they gave you a star dead they gave you a star and then you showed up for what the fuck is going on coming out of lower down live in this day and age mean everyone zombie obsessed it yeah i just come in gourmet cup with maggots coming out of an eye socket she killed maine ok that would be really funny man especially i mean sure you get somebody in hollywood to do it up really good the walking dead style we're yeah realistic short yeah i'll be awesome so i have a question you what's the you did this one episode what what's the next one will be done we're doing six we we were picked up for six a star
july sixteen so there's i had a similar idea but what i wanted to do and this was after shooting willow creek i thought it would be funny to like go let's say i go the jersey devil right but i make it 'cause i i i'm interested in filmmaking so i get kevin smith to go with me in a tent and we go and sleep out and look for the jersey day yeah that would be great and then you just keep going but it's always like you know john waters is baltimore and we go and we go i'm going this this haunted house in baltimore again you know it just came from the way i'm doing is some of them i'm doing with comedians like i did one with duncan trussell he went with looking for big foot with now okay and are you should fear is going to go to a transhumanist con come conference with me in new york
i don't know chance people that want to download consciousness into computers like robert wyland sure sure like all the people that are into robots and so he's going to go and do some of that with me too so a lot of it were doing i'm doing it like with comic friends but it's cool to go have an open mind and just not be snarky because here's the thing what people don't realize all these different subcultures and stuff they have a sense of humor yeah you don't have to roll your eyes you know i mean like there's a lot of labs and will creek from these guys and they just you know they no they're making jokes they're not you know yeah this is the guys that we were hanging out with up in seattle and mount rainier they were great guys and one of the guys had a great point he goes hey he had never seen bigfoot and he had been fascinated by it and he'd been looking he said listen if i don't ever
even see bigfoot i'm still camping i'm enjoying the wilderness i'm not having a good time because i enjoy it makes me wonder why people get so aggressive about it will get aggressive about music yeah that's true now that impressive about movie guy sucks the aggressive about tv shows like how the fuck you watched it i had now it's actually so played out but i had a story when i was directing kimmel show about nickelback in the first time i tell the story i go i go and i was like i think making clinical back is is really happy at this point but i really said i go what's the band that sucks and the guy i mean a good nickel back i go you yes they were on the show now as it comma i going to see if that works tomorrow night and it does every time it's like it's really funny that these guys for some reason of the whipping boy of music understand that but confused
tell you i will i will tell stories out of school that you know the the manager of nickel back came into the booth and he goes don't shoot chad from the front and i'm like i don't even know what chat it you know i i i figure out that's the lead singer this is don't shoot chad from the front i like this 'cause of his nose just shoot him no she don't profile just shoot him in the front that's where i'm sorry it's a shoe in the front no profile that's why i said that ok so he leaves and all the cameramen are my best friends when your television directed at so you really bond with and there like on a touch hey bob can i direct you know you letting the manager nickel vector act you know they really busting my balls so if see the kimmel show as this show goes off the air the
bands playing right and so i go yeah there's there's a profile shot and just as i go to the the ad i go tell me when i have ten seconds left she goes ok in just ten seconds ago shoot the no six k let's go is an infirmary direction and like and i did just a bit of montage of is no they got ready came a five ready for any three ready six ready to they did it and we just we just went off the air with these guys and super quiet in the headsets in the guys go uh hey man what are we going to do now and i'm like uh i don't play over that i'm getting in my car have a good weekend guys anybody else you well but it didn't make the west coast broadcast that he censored the nose well i'm sure people flipped out 'cause i did that something that i did like that to another band and i have his fucking nose it's not that bad
ugly again though if someone didn't come into the booth and tell me what to do i wouldn't even have done the tribute to his nose what do you attribute the the whole hate for nickelback too to is it there to smooth and they too polished to poppy i don't understand why i just suddenly everybody gangs on nickelback when there's so much more crap in the world yeah what is it i don't know it's just weird well you know what it is i'll tell you it is there's a safety in bullying you know if we all decide that we're going to bully nickelback then you're not boo or just in bieber yeah yeah whoever fill in the blank liking him or disliking justin bieber i don't have that kind of time you know you know i mean i don't even know why you know he's not for me although he does being again you like fifty year old man you know yeah but here's yeah and i just that you you know i i i think of him in terms of like donny osmond when i was growing up you know i i you know i was three
and we're it out and then when i got old as i had them as was not big yeah i in that weird you in a meeting all the values for nice didn't show the the donny and marie show and i had it done many doll that i used to bring out a puppet and do and and do this so stupid and do weird things i do like a public show the yeah well you know i'm getting fish so i'm getting fish much of a stretch for me to pull out of donny osmond my uh they stand up there was no jokes i mean it's nice that you like to meet bob because i had material then but it was just doing one weird thing after another i was super influenced by andy kaufman and steve martin and stuff like that so so if i did well it would kind of go well and then sometimes when i did bad as show go off the rails you know it just
and all the other guy is aids when you guys were it was since the that that comedy environments such a like a a hot environment but it also the boston comedy environment which we supported originality engine alley was was really huge yeah i'll store weird it was nice that that like if you were to rivet if you didn't get work you know so and you it on sure yeah it's shit on by ellie appears nobody just let that slide they kept a high standard which is difficult for people do to maintain a high standard but for people that like you know you will realize that you're gonna have to be judged by your peers seeing as you can get a little weird court of your peers yeah so you you don't do this you don't do that you don't other people's acsi then you go on stage then we're going to go sit and have though well some uh the toughest worse crowds in the world yeah so it was a it was a good nick's comedy stop animals
play the parents sam's i had my own i had a thing called at sam's at and then we mean steven wright and would the room what the hell was that i started out of the paradise stitches my first gig yeah let's go shopping my question for you do you think anybody going to come along and as a committee in ever be what steve martin was do you know saying like or do you think we're too fractured as a society be like my mother weighed in on steve martin know she thought he was funny you know sampling and you do as well so it went across the board of actually yes i'm saying my check out for his calf again is squeaky
clean and i think funny everybody brian regan but these guys appeal to everybody but they're not the phenomenon they're not on the cover of the rolling stones yeah right a failure i don't think i don't think i don't think it could happen i mean that there's certain things i don't think can happen anymore because of the digital age that sounds good or bad but i'm just saying i don't know about that because dan cook crack through because the digital age although his was like more of like a teeny bopper sort of a crowd like i was doing eighteen thousand seat arena's you know that was very steve martin ask but but when i was growing up steve martin you had to deal with you know my parents if they were alive would not know who dane cook was yeah but that's just cook i'm saying he he broke through his day in israel people that'll be huge but i don't think they'll be people that that that are so huge that that everybody in the family knows them and their phenomenon wonder me you know that i don't think it could happen to get it you might be right and do we are definitely more fresh
and in the never before in in in a way it's a good thing because there's a lot more audience for more obscure people that would never had an outlet before and i think that's great i think that's great too but i do worry about like the our exposure to our our world it gets a minute or maybe i'll just say for myself am i gonna go to bbc and learned today about the you know about the events where am i going to click on bigfoot sighting go down a rabbit over what do you think is going to happen i did the same i think there's something you know when you have a newspaper now it's like i'm an old guy yelling get off my lawn but you had a newspaper i i go through i i'm interested then i didn't know that was going on in china and and i i i i think the digital age makes it it's a little bit too much you you can find news that agrees with your outlook which is weird the new yeah should not be you know it should be it's never impartial
but it should be it should be somewhat yeah you could if you have confirmation bias you could support it really easily on the internet just stick into a bubble yeah bye love like never when i'm ego surfing and i see someone called me a lib tarde and you know i'm like i'm so out of there a lib tarde tarde yeah when someone calls you a liberal that's hilarious self hating liberal liberal is one of the weirdest sort of insult ever because if you look at the ok let's look at the official definition of it yes official definition of liberal ok
where is a this is the lead guitar needy look it up in the dictionary it says to open open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values that's hilarious that sounds pretty positive unprejudiced i'm bigoted broad minded open minded and lightened permissive free free and easy and easy going those are the only thing that seems to be threatening me would be to folks is this regarding what was it disregarding traditional value has see that that's very threatening to people there's people that treat the constitution is if it's like the like a tent the ten commandments like that that that there's no you know word checks and balances you know we can change in the just things but this so people that are selling grain that's really scary you know i think there's also the real problem with liberalism is a lot of people know that folks
naturally are inclined to be lazy fucks and if you give people an easy way out they'll take it so as soon as you start advocating giving p will a door helping people out or people again i'm up get that fucker up it's like there's a part of people that resets immediately resent there's a resentment against like the idea is that liberals are not in our world world war two it's like hey you're down on your luck you know gee i love and here's this here's there was a much much much harder world that they were dealing with and it was only a couple of decades after the fucking depression and people are much more used to living together scraping to get by your parents almost starved to death twenty years ago and they all have stories about it yeah my gram there horrible stories about the depression yeah my my own man lived through the depression and that'll make yeah well my phone has a whole another can of worms but house is mine the
you know what it would we be sitting here talking now yeah you never you never be a comic i think that's one of the number one pieces of i've never had a comic that didn't have a up life yeah i don't think i've ever met one basically i think my act it was me going on stage going mom do you hear me yeah it's one hundred percent but it's funny how this is like my favorite art form comes out of that and bounce it seems is the only way to achieve it is like to achieve it correctly like something there has to be some sort of a deficit to create this you know this this it's a reaction to a lack of something it's not just a natural progression from i was kind of guy in high school and i figured let me try out that stand up thing you know well here's the thing it's what we're missing is that those times that we bombed we probably
you never got back on stage right but we we eat it and then go back up again because it's horrible it's a crazy weird thing you know like often the funniest guy in the room is not the comedian yeah i mean in many comedians got then the the the illness or the nats to go up there or both yeah yeah you know something that happened in lately on stage and this is not me lying that all of a sudden for the first time in thirty years i'm sometimes having fun up there i was always panic the whole time i really yeah something new like all of a sudden i'm i i don't know man i'm on this new thing like sometimes with the right crowd actually enjoy it and and yeah you know it's a new new thing this is not funny that something that will enjoy so much to come see and it looks like you're having so much fun up there but for a lot of folks it's just tear
her and fear and worry about bombing and just fucking try to get when it's over fuck two more shows tomorrow yeah yeah yeah even if you're killing every show you know sometimes it's a it's a new thing suddenly it dawned on me what was a new thing that to me is like these people have an expectation and i'm not doing that but how can i warm up to them how can i include them so it's not just me saying this is what i see the the world is this what i see is funny if you know like a cram it not saying compromise what i believe in but suddenly i was doing like a little bit of crowd work that was in like you know how do you know when you're finished you know you know to ask
so you just sit around and poke around talk to folks and it's good it's been different it's in made my am of my made doing stand a lot more fun that's awesome and i i love when people like re finder the joy of of performing or find it well it cause most funny still and i'm like what is he doing how is he doing that you know is he funny he doesn't have an opening act yeah yeah so he doesn't and hour and a half at all everybody since down here it was actually louis that said there is like a c case like he's like go see because it's going to do a ton of material you're gonna think twenty minutes went by he still funny and and and lone behold yeah i got on i was like this is weird i wanted to be be enter and he ruined it and maybe it's because you just enjoy the art form as long as like stand up to me seems like when i feel like when i'm like really tuned into it i'm as much of i'm like a passenger and i feel like it's a group hypnosis thing like you
rock people and you know how to do the bits rieti know where it's going you know the setup and you hold the pause and it becomes like this big and if you tune in to that frequency and nourish it as long as you continue to nourish it it seems like something that would always be there it seems like when people lose it is when they take a couple years off i go back again or something happens and well ordered and i think i think it's maybe the obvious it's like when people just this works i'm gonna do it and just get out of here tonight on my life get the check you know i mean so 'cause i know i have done that you know but this is different a new he's way up there and i go all right uhm it's not a mistake you're here and instead of just thing out those new ideas you know that's usually what i do like the first couple minutes whatever the new ideas is it pat and then i do the act that i go i go to worked out it was it has been new you know maybe people like i'll see
you know i keep doing it and see what we see folks like it but you are you more comfortable as a person now yeah yeah so is that anything yeah i'm not like rainbows and crap in unicorns all day i mean i i get i get dark but i will say the majority of that i'm i'm happy and i'm happy when i'm making stuff so now i know that well okay greenlit this movie or no one did this and that i pick up my you know i start writing it doesn't matter if it gets made or not at that process is very freeing yeah there's something about creating things where especially people enjoy those things if you could put those things out and they can like people can like actually get like a like when you like so say someone goes to see willow creek if you go and see this movie which gonna get is like a feeling you gonna sit down and
things going to happen in front of you and you're going to you're going to have all this feeling attached to and you as the pretentious word artist but you uh is an artist like as someone who created this gets to sit there and realize that your effort your thought your focus all this you piece it together you edit it up and boom and then deliver it and then you get to watch all this positive reaction you just want to go do more we just want continue that cycle of well for me i think it's kind of like i keep making these movies and it's really exciting especially like the last four when after the movie people are chatty they're like rather than ever member which happens it's really sweet and an ann
guess basically what i'm doing is i'm shooting out of flares same a do you do you guys see this do you guys feel this is this right is this what what's going on there wouldn't this be cool right right that's what i'm doing and when i make a movie well that's the way to do it man i mean your your ex it's it's a it true form of expression like instead of you saying oh this will sell but hey if i box this with that and adding a funny black guy boom i'm fucking done in the voice yeah instead you like you know what man i'm fucking into bigfoot let's make this weird thing crazy movie about big well that's why i gotta say about my wife that's really funny she says she says go you know
how old are you bigfoot i should have you let me drive around for a week so is that what you did to write it you just drove around for it really wasn't even like writing it was really just just i'm going to go i'm going to talk to people i'm just going to do this with no agenda wow i knew that someday i'd probably make a movie but it was really more just like do you know freeing that in so i take like five six days and not have you know that you know i still have to do a couple phone yrs which is funny you know they go where are you i'm looking for bigfoot that's a little area yeah we do in phone as for gigs yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah at the jukebox but right now i mean it's it you know so you go out are you take eleven days ago where did you decide to start did you have a spa no no i drove up first to santa cruz
in the sierras tusan i've drove around there at santa cruz is amazing yeah it's really it's really really awesome you know i just went were like kind of a kind of poked around and and new certain sites were people i'd seen you know heard or you know event seen as a and and and them and that's again i ended up in willow creek i i didn't go up the happy camp which i probably will still i mean that's another pretty assess how you can't yeah it's it's above orleans it's above bluff creek and everything it's a it's still another place that there's a lot of scratch activity isn't there a bunch of different names for those areas to that are like monkey names in a yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah canyon yeah yeah in oregon yeah very strange how many why yeah and in the end in mount we near up in that area there's a bunch of names that are the one of the north american names for bigfoot there's a bunch of
canyons are named after that like so this guy starts talking about all these different areas and it's got this weird north american you know didn't name in it right and any said will that's when we just that's why we started our big foot's watching we just started going all these places in the north american indians had never affidavit but like that is fucking crazy like they named spots again yeah this is makes you think yeah and it's also but when all said and done a a you know it's a whenever you're subculture you're going to get ridiculed and picked up on but like you said it's just camping it's gamman it's fun do something silly about i mean i went with duncan trussell we ate pot candies and had a fucking blast that's what i was wondering about that 'cause i know somebody guys are high of course but there were very worried about what big foot you know because big fat legs different smells and yeah right mike and the and the eating it they got
eat it well if they're smart they would eat it but even if the if you eat strong we'd like yeah you open up like i remember one time i don't even say his name but we're on wayne and he had brought a tupper ware thing and he's fucking carry on with weed cookies it was an international flight this motherfucker opens the lid and he goes you once not here you could say it wasn't him dino tell you that he opens the lid and the smell was so strong on my oh my god we're going to jail like are you crazy do you know what that smells like he's like came and smell it and i was like you can't see because you been smelling for so long you are it's it was so scary was so it was it was so powerful strong i would leave you have those brownies out there in the woods big foot's gonna smell now have i ever told me that the two tony vis story about when he was the american tourists the gorilla now okay this is great i don't think so tony you
won a contract to be the guerrilla and so he'd show up now he tony's big guy raise like again like the two fifty you know and it'll maybe i'll have your sometimes but so is big yeah i think is a three eight three bills when he was the gorilla so rick baker builds in a gorilla suit that's one to grant to me they're like real hair and it's got this whole garage uh in muscle structure now tony goes to like hockey games and stuff and people get mad fuck you girl you're not the real gorilla this bad were fucking horrible we animals so animals so so tony the real this it's got a better deal in county it's got a guy that travels with these anvil cases in packs it up and and and and so tony's doing stand up in the mean time with me the an hops catching while he's doing the gorilla dates now the gorilla suit is not with us but he's got this one z
big unit are that he wears under the gorilla suit and clearly he is having some chafing problems so he goes and we're getting search through customs coming out of canada and there's all this like white powder and rocks that form from his sweat from the crotch sweat the custom guy licks his finger he picks up one of the rocks and it taste it if i'm is balls no it was a boy of rock of baby powder from from his bowl this bowl sweat and i become kind of i think i'm witty all i do is i go his balls at sears here so you can get out balls against the rock his tongue he was just immediately is like i don't know
these things like he could tell like bob other than old man dick and it's just like what the fuck is going on it was the best face ventilating we we are actually 'cause i love do you like tony i love tony and i were just holding each other up we're just two guys just wrapped around each other crying what is the furious furious furious what the fuck because people that put it in his mouth something by the way he licks the finger and then he's got all the way down and we both look hook liquor and snapping location so funny that was the best thing i thought it was coke he thought was catching sold adding at the bag gotta big tasty he's got a big collar he's going to get kicked upstairs that is so funny
i don't ev told me one of the most important things that i ever learned about driving 'cause he was driving back and forth from new york to boston there's along thing and he was doing it a lot i forget what he was working on but he's driving back and forth a lot and i go honey how do you do that without going crazy he goes just goes in he goes when i'm in the car i just say now this is what i'm doing it goes this don't say man i wish i wasn't doing this and i could be doing something else i just say this is what i'm doing and that's uh i thought about it that way and was like you you can do things you don't want to do like that and just have it in your head i am i have this is what i'm doing my wife had a friend who he was that he sold ice cream and ice cream track in a play can the straw over and over is that then it that that that that the the the the the the the the the date that it it it it it that all day long turkey in the straw and he said you know what i did i said i'm going to make that my favorite song
became became his favorite jam wow that's madness yeah yeah ice cream truck that would be the best job that be horrible you could deal with a lot of shitty kids they would def make you want to not have kids yeah and i also be like giving kids ice cream with an aside and it's mostly art people just long weed out of ice cream truck so i don't know if you're lucky did the van halen son you know it's funny you grow up like i i grew up you know i was the first generation of like you know the ramones you know they they i i got i got to see them live actually would help build the p a's that's how i'd sneak in the bars was under age ramones is punk rock and all this stuff and every build again sell this stuff as it kept coming up like you know then later on the kids were in the van halen i'm like that's not punk rock you know as in sorry but i was
down in baja with a bunch of buddies and they were all surfing and i'm like the and that i mean we're in the middle of no where like about about five six hours now yeah and you know we just just have you ever gone on mexican no i think it's a little too sketchy now but there's nothing around there any sir with no ship records of famous surf site and uh you know an were driving along the side of a cliff and i'm driving this jeep anne were playing panama from vanallen fucking loud and everybody's fucked out except me i'm the disney dumb you know joe sober fucking butt i i was fine i like him and i get van halen but i only got i got what was the song to push through the yeah it was panama that's a great song it's just too loud and stars and these guys are screaming and as i keep speeding going over gigantic potholes they're all thinking they're doomed and i was like is again it's like
good and chaos i go now i get van halen isn't that a funny thing that you do though that people do we all do it esp when you're young where if someone doesn't like what you like you fucking angry so what you like as shit like you hate them for liking it here is an exclusive 'cause i do tell a lot of yarns and they're all but i have a lot of stories here's the story i've never told anyway when i was opening for nirvana we were at here in la so i don't know which form and i think it's the form i don't know but and eddie van halen shows up and he's really fucking hammered and he wants the jam and kurt his toe he flipped out like and even held once a jeez they hide me so anyone to go up and shred yeah and he's hammer and i go dude kit from one of your guitars because because kurt play left handed right and i go i will be a great you know he won't be able to play it means
like he would figure it out like i got this would be so funny really weird probably would we had david without coming here he couldn't be fucking cooler i met him one night at the comedy store he was the greatest god just hanging out no pretense to see him in a bunny in the 80s they were going to purple rain made money and they were going to give him money and it was just saying crypto is just movie yeah yeah i went in and read from why did they never do that he's so charismatic how do they know give him a movie that's what part too busy fucking everything but there could be a movie there i think it's like look at him you know maybe you know what he's doing now where he lives in japan ok he lives in an apartment with his dog and he practices sword fighting all day i'm not kidding by himself fascinating guy we had him first of all the fucking guy wears overalls everywhere he goes he's comfortable with his nipples
only just likes wearing overalls enjoys it they bug your nipples i haven't worn a longtime coveralls are over all over you know when they have the little things like the farmers where yeah clip up here and yeah now see look who's wearing overalls you see that oh he's got a shared on here i've honey wearing a shirt now look overall solarius and so he he does his sword and practices and is enough to be so crass but he is he set i mean financially i'm sure he's god well you never know much fucking money david lee roth must have play david lee roth is first of all he's very smart and i think he's also a savvy guy do not see him overindulging to the point of something like that he likes living small he shows up here by himself i mean some of the biggest rock stars of all time drives himself here shows up by himself hey guys
nope no pretense comes in sit down how's everybody but a lot of a lot of folks that have long jevity do that you know i mean like i haven't seen him in a long time but there was a period where i spent some time around i sound like i'm just name dropping all my stories but but with david bowie and he would do that he was now you silly well when i started talking i know i know no no it is yeah it is true if you know data here is that a story you've always it if you're in show is that these are the folks that you you you become friend but not all of them but you know sometimes share stories i mean you're you're you're you're so you just told me david lee roth story but you also have a show when he came in to promote his show has a podcast he was japan i guess he does it from japan it's fucking great great
he gets up and says this does this podcast video podcasts i think find find out what the address is i don't know what the address and then he and then he swordfights i think it cause it to the dave tv or something like that i remember he also i heard this and this is true but i i heard that when you would know this may because of a martial arts he he with sweep the stage after the show really i heard that i don't know if it's true i didn't ask him but i could see doing something like that just just has a discipline yeah see him doing so he's a weird guy though i want to show that's how i remember we were again with the nirvana but this is food in the simpler funny story about with them one of the crew guys had worked with the new huge had worked with ted nugent and incur enjoyed hearing this story because you know the new to hit the stage with an error ramp that he hit the this air ramp you know like i not many would shoot him over the amp but i guess like yeah so you flying and while it with the guitar
just go shooting over in land which land on what he hit the stage and how far would you fall from the top of the stack marshalls holy shot off like a cannon so but apparently curtain jada 'cause eyewitnesses hearing the story about when he he clipped the top of the speakers would like the his booty and just ate shit and landed on his guitar component well his knees are all fucked up he ha those really bad now he just had some serious knee up could be that air ramp jesus i had a match glad we don't have to go out that way flying over the fucking probably no boots on or something stupid right you know every audience you know red hot you know i mean it's gotta be times where your poop over the app in the credits like yeah it is it there in a beer line i'm trying to get him to do the podcast he's going to be at the canyon club in july well why why wouldn't i don't know
i i shot an animal farm just to be friends went deer hunting just so i can call my friend and now that's not why yeah but i really would like to get him in he's a fascinating character of courses and his hunting show i watch hunting show you it's called spirit of the wild and he in is it the something he does he go around the world or is it his backyard the same the part yeah i see the latter the kimmel show is in detroit i pitched an idea that that nobody bit the idea was we were going to get the nuge right we're going to get ted an and then we're going to take like gear mohan uncle frank and maybe someone else in global hunting no no i was going to paint gun and then make them you know the the hardest pray you know i mean and send them out in the streets and have ten new gen uncle frank that's funny you know
you know is great this is a snow storm it would been so fun you know that would have been really fun these guys running away from nudes why it's with paintballs i mean but it was in detroit in the snow yeah yeah that would've been hilarious how is just in the eyes in detroit this week and doing stand up and then i went to dallas and showed willow creek down there at a small festival called the oak cliff i suppose for his front nugent has honey show and he sets food out and he climbs in a tree with a bow and arrow in just fucks these deer up every day is fucking up a new dear that's going to eat his food now but so many yeah does he have to abide by depends on the michigan law this is not michigan anymore he's in texas automatic fanboy ted nugent fan so in texas can he just you know shoot you know i'm saying like if he owns an animal can he kill it without having to buy and i in texas is one of the best places for that for what they call high fence operations but it depends on the animal in
there's a lot of animals that they keep in those those high fence places that are not their native that like african guy animals like as so they don't have a season from other they shoot him whenever they want to so you could shoot him everyday if you chose so they come from another country this is pretty nice i'm getting three squares holy shit is that ted nugent mom listen for long flying stick right through my heart my only brother he he's no longer with us but he he was a poacher he hits his shot things all year long well that's really common in a lot of place yeah i mean this epic northwestel to they were telling us how to poach yeah we're up there hunting for big foot there's a there's a there's a woman that was a woman who worked at this store i was like how he was when we we cl could just shooting with a bow and arrow and nobody could hear it yeah
well my brother uh had everything figured out he had i brought tony v out to his house once and and i've given him some money to buy to insulate his home and i wanted by new windows and i wanted to make sure you use the money so i went to visit my brother basically tony we get out of the car and it's just corn like psycho corner just growing up everywhere and and tell me what's going on with the court i mean there's no rose in gradually i ask for the deer you know by sort of the deer and tony oh yeah yeah help through the winter he's like i wanna blast am i go up to the top story in the bathroom in it yeah there fucking snipers perch yeah i go when i'm in the bathroom window goes all recoil my brother is shooting out the window on the toilet he shooting deer from
toilet wanna go out and meet me in the kitchen all we're leaving tony videos and what is that over there was it like a woodchuck and my brother goes yeah and we're not even around the corner where blam i just you're that woodchuck i you you have the diamond i would check my woodchuck would you shoot a woodchuck just shot animals just he just he wants his friends are telling me you know stories were amazing you know it's stories i hadn't heard oh yeah you brother you can say there's a swan on pond as i don't tell me swans because no no no but there was
big i don't know what was in that route or something so so they had taken acid and they were climbed over the swap on it were fishing and june to go dynamite fishing my life is like you know i had back surgery less than a month and a half ago when is my birthday at the anime and you get a ladder out in the old guys like what are you doing i go well i think it be fun to jump into the pool from the latter because she's like that as a whole right i just see a slip and fall coming down in the latter well well i'll give you an idea i i was sitting at home in them and that because of the backs aj and that what did you get on your back i had some disk and bone spurs and i feel great at what they do they took a little bit my disco and took out the bone spurs but i had other problems before i had nerves that were smashed into two vertebrae yeah that we're making
so my leg just the i couldn't walk i have back issues us all really have a disk bulging disc well i have a dude when you want to counsel that because it the kind of peace of the disk away yeah and i gotta tell you her either the surgery heals up and now my leg and i don't have back pain you know i lost twenty i i as soon as 'cause i could i have my life back but it's amazing so i said that i am and so since i was nineteen but here's i mean yeah nineteen so but the causes hi with the back surgery i i i had a break i i you know i i i they put me on the lot it was a very big hollow yeah so have you had the land no but isn't cowboy movies yes morphine so so it's the should the killed lenny bruce and and really yeah so so it's awesome by the way it was the best thing effort i was trying to i said it's it's not like people
describe heroin as as calming as as like you know like that and it's like now is it is it a lot it is like right after that and before rigor that you know i mean for a shame and regret right at the brive second window and and it lasts all day would you put night quil like original michael the real shit compared to it a lot it like a two yeah i'm telling you man it was like it was you know and i'm glad i i went through this back surgery and and when it was over got off the dough yeah that's where we're going tonight gave nervous about that i was terrified terrified and i gave it i gave it to the owner why did you need it because of the i mean the pain was so bad like they're you know they go into your surgery pain pre
imposed but but the problem was is that i have i i yeah i have no sense of reality like i don't know the difference between an ingrown toenail and and a ruptured disc i really don't like it's just pain you know i mean so i was in so much pain and it was it was so well at one point already i have a problem with good ideas and bad ideas so so my friends are over the house and i said to my wife and i go when it be funny if i shot a hole in the roof with the twenty two says it wouldn't be funny and all i go yeah it scared the cats while you run to log in with a gun well at least one hundred thompson junior over here at least i ran it buyers thank god she's therefore he's like no that is your filter yeah it's amazing yes i want to tell you that well that was delighted but but i will say
it's always an i've passed this down to my daughter it's always the funny story that outweighs everything else like late john it's the files that's also what's gotten you you mean as a comic that sir which gets you you like your life your career in quite a livelihood as having stories it's a it's a valuable asset well like i love that my daughter has that's well that's cool and why she loves her daddy she went to a wedding she says i didn't know anybody i go well what did you do she said during the first song i ran out and hunt the braid before like what the fuck is that bro she really did that yeah of course she always knows that it's the stories you know she's got the photo was looked at you when you took this
i did you were nineteen you quit doing everything yeah then is it nineteen to fifty and then there's nothing in between well the i had a back surgery before so that that was funny because it won't like i said i put it in the hands of someone else i give it to why would you give yourself a green light to do shit like that because you're in pain like i had again i had to talk to other folks and say look man that had it explained this is what this is for but i've had surgery before knee surgery and i just dealt with the pain 'cause i don't like bike it in right i don't like i don't like all that stuff all that stuff actually has a really weird reaction jimmy and i become a big asshole oh that's interesting
i think i'm really nazmi cranky and this that really an and and i mean i'm not like punching him quite but i mean it's just you know my short and i just tell it what to do and so so this was the what worked and and you know i was on this and the first time and and and she did you ever try to do it without it yeah yeah yeah def to pay and they're going this is crazy you know and they and they they actually just slammed morphine into my back because of this is crazy that you're walking around you know and and i thought well ok i can handle it i'm sorry they did you know what i did i just hamid immediately that's fine but but i was sitting there one day and this is the first time and and i'm watching a lifetime and i'm just so
rubbing my wife comes in she goes you don't get any more pain medicine starting now i married a man oh that's fun i did not marry him maine cries during mommy may i sleep with danger sorry tori spelling or whatever i was watching on lifetime lifetime movies made you cry yeah she's like remind me she's like that that's it remind me not to take that stuff i don't want to cry and i want to watch lifetime i was q qa's for the movie undulated wow when i went to the boston to tell the people that you're on yeah i just said i'm really high what else was i gonna do now was it painful just like sit down just like to sit up straight would you do it in your bag back to the point were sitting was a pain in walking was a pain in lower back yeah and in effect in my life to the point where i don't know if your this way what you go huh you
thanks for going to the store that's going to hurt a lot can i go in i mean it's an affecting what you do to the point where i i you know i didn't have i was fifty or in my late forties and and think i'm like a senior citizens of world and now i'm back you know that's amazing yeah back surgeries scary shit back surgeries are spooky i have a well it sounds i have a great doctor and my it sounds like are you worried about control surrendering it is at it i mean i i went to a bunch of doctors oh really yeah i've had no surgery back surgery i mean knee surgery twice whatever you need i told my acl in both knees i had a reconstructed and we discuss the first one was kickboxing the second with jujitsu and what happens wake me through them like when it happens you like well the first one i think you broke your leg knew something was really bad i knew something was really wrong like it pop
terrible terrible terrible pain the first one her a lot more the second one didn't even heard it was really weird because it was i was in what's called one slash two guard so someone's legs are wrapped around your legs and he extended his legs and my leg went sideways and just went snap like a carrot it was really weird it was like this pop noise and then i didn't even know it was the acl was gone until i was walking i think was in my office i was moving something no i just gave out that's really weird i they already have my left done so i knew that my right was probably and we have got a for the first one was that during i'm mad no training both elementary training okay and what is how does the other guy feels he's like you know because wasn't fault was to know what i mean is he does he feel weird yeah he felt bad he felt terrible the guy in the wheels a guy with it happened to the second
was a friend of mine is a really nice guy and he was just terrible when you train i've heard guys hey guys would explode on me a couple times yeah two different times that i can remember one time i got blamed me but i was ridiculous it was just weird it's just nominal scrambling like sometimes you do you need just gives out and then the other end of the one time was a guy didn't happen in time in his knee just exploded it's went pop pop pop pop pop but it was i was a weird situation is like he didn't really have to tap like sometimes like you can get out of things and you real close and then i'll in the middle of like trying to get out of it like he was pretty close to getting out of it his knee just gave out like it was a weird sort of a thing and it made this horrible loud sound and now that sounds to me you're thinking that i'm crazy 'cause i'm going to to jump off the letter yeah i was going to get someone to steady it well
can be dangerous what is said about my no he's this love doesn't finished and it's a little insane but it's also very intoxicating it's fun it's like it's a very exciting game now about now you you don't do it try to wow yeah well the only thing that's stopping right now is over this little disc issue but the disk is getting a lot better it's pretty close you got taking care of no it's not it's not like it was only a few millimeters the ball okay so it was something that with spinal decompression in a bunch of high actually saw mine the last the last and the mri and it was like a comedic it look like a a bicycle tire it with a wow it was that big how many millimeters are prone i mean it was like they put on the mri and the two doctors go so yeah it's i say ok yeah mine is the asymptomatic right now into stiff and it's these things are the things this is the problem the problem the problem is by the time you figure out how to do it what makes you happy the we
start fall and i would just tell me you might need to get glasses i waited yeah no i definitely should get reading glasses i have actually reading glasses like when i look at things like anything that close is kind of blurry like right there it's blurry but like my computer is fine i can read everything on the computer i don't need it's things are close well my phone sometimes like sometimes i wake up i can't read a number i like like if i have to actually dial it on my home phone i'm just looking at the fuck is that it's weird when i have to go like the cruel cruel joke a time yeah it's i n mother at that you know i i i hate to be so cliche but as you get older it's like you know that's what that's like i said that's who i compete with now yeah well that's one of the reasons why i felt like going i know you on what is a good did agree
three bergen county central special what are what i gotta do competing yeah you do a wind up thinking you got to get out more ship before you go the conflict is if the hind conflict is what builds everything's will create everything's why anything's interesting yeah conflict or just pure enjoyment of whatever you're doing that too that's true kathleen hanna this is a bunch of things that can move them along right well the cool thing is if you if you stop making the conflict being other people and you use your own demons as the conflict then you have to create you know you know yeah i can sit there and and write a screen play and and not go down uh and not go to a terrible place to go there yeah go back and forth with myself when you create something like like this movie or anything when you write it do you sometime like get out of it and go the fuck wrote that it's almost like
comes from somewhere yeah i think that it's almost like this sounds really trippy but i think a lot of the stuff well here you're on stage and you say something that you never said before and it's not even derivative it's not something you know i mean your buddies in you or you guys discuss is a brand new thought yeah ii kind of feel like it's just there are ready and
like this this this stream and then you reach up and you grab a and the big part of it is trying to i can't believe i'm not i'm delighted the big part of it is is is getting yourself out of the way so you can just grab that stuff that's a great way to describe you know because because because you know i'm i'm terrible i'm a failure of a hacked is often done before nobody likes me you know and it's so exhausting xo and that's that's just having a big ego and rivers you know it's still a big ego yeah yeah yeah you think about yourself instead of thinking about what you're doing you're going to san and stuff yeah yeah just make stuff that's it should be sure you know makes the first make sure you know the other because
save it's sure you know you feel bad you know and if i do some good yeah this this what did your read any press field stuff the war of art no he talks about them use you know and all he talks about entry to look it's a real thing and it's a kind of an interesting idea because what you know people think of the muse you know that like in the the idea is that there's something that gives you these ideas for something that you you pay tribute to and then it it gives you ideas right he actually asks are actively courts it like he actively like says like you know i'm gonna respect the muse i'm gonna show up at work every day you know and i'm gonna put in the hours and when i put in the hours the muse will come yeah and like he sort of it is his philosophy on is very enlightening and it's also very
the it's inspiring 'cause it makes you want to write it makes you want to create it makes you want it like that attitude is a very beneficial attitude to have it's sort of spiritual in mumbo jumbo and kind crazy no that's not i say the nicest compliment i've ever received is this friend of mine who tom link i think and he he he saw movie in mind and he said i want to go right yeah that's great and i was like oh that's i always feel that way no no i like that was the nicest thing anyone's ever said i think after a movie yeah that is one of the coolest things about you're artists i don't know how to create more of it i truly don't know when i'm making these movies what they're about later on i'll say oh that's this character that's this person in my life and i have no idea until after there done and i'm watching him like my wife
like you didn't get that this is just pretty or people playing you and me fucking idiot yeah listen man you movies fucking badass i really wish you all the best in world i will cherish these bigfoot socks that's a big my life in that house there's a really rad that my friend alex yeah i heard an item it will get one framed and we'll put it up on all the all the hall of fame here please willow creek in willow creek if anybody wants to see it what will be the bill ability it's still some festivals and as soon as i i get a distribution of of some level i'd love to come back probably like to come back before that yeah did any time and please of the anybody out there that has anything to do with the movie business just check this out it's fucking great you're going to enjoy the shit out of it and we need to find movies it's i'm moving yeah it's exciting thanks i'm not going to say anymore about it
and you don't either man yeah i know i can't it's one of those movies where you can't say all i love that scene yeah can't even say that the jury should have at least gentleman to call willow creek and we'll keep you updated as far as what whatever bob gets whatever distribution will tweet it will put it out there for you and i know people going to want to check this out and if people want to get in touch with you or see any your shit you have a website for amazon instagram that's about it but i will see instagram it's just bobcat goldthwait all one word it's hard to spell but you can figured out yet so it's on i'm on instagram and i'm pretty close to pulling the trigger on twitter made by do it please come on man do it will pump you up will have a contest to see how many twitter followers working you have like a million yeah it's a little more than that
a man who's in the numbers it's over million okay i don't know what is your ads i don't know what it is i don't know i i all i know is i'm pretty close to nine thousand instagram whatever five thousand people look at pictures of my cats yeah there's a lot of pictures of my cat squeaky for in my underpants we'll tell you about as a squeaky from yeah i had a dog named squeaky from you really yes yes girl yeah did you read that no of female football because he was red and i found her wandering the streets of hollywood just like manson oh my dog killed two dogs that's a pretty bad as die kind of crazy dogs she still the boy dog she's really should not around anymore yeah she's not really squeak from that we had to take her out of the she was awesome now she love me anyway we found my best friend i used to love squeaky from my doctor so it's all good she didn't have a truck troubled childhood i got her after i got a little too late yeah matter which is already a year old and already crazy that can i actual
about well will rap it up we'll talk about my cats do next time i gotta lotta i could go on for hours bobcat goldthwait ladies and gentlemen i know we asked to pee so we gotta rep this mother fucker up nice and tidy he's gonna be you can see me on comics unleashed with byron allen don't do it stamps dot com use the code word jre and save stuff some money thanks to teen go to roganducting dot com to save yourself some cash as well something's wrong with my microsoft word what the fuck is happening here and thanks to who else was on this one stamps dot com legal uhm yeah legalzoom bitches that's the newest one
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