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Dan Carlin is a former radio talk show host and "fan of history." Carlin now hosts two popular podcasts available on iTunes, or through his website, to download: Common Sense and Hardcore History.
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by some him a land sea salt and go fuck yourself ok use the code name rogan and you will save ten percent of any and all supplements ladies and gentlemen dan parlance here for round dose a more fixing them it should happen foam experience by powerful daring garland we start this podcast quick enough because we're casting before the partners before it happens good to be back in the house of broken it's gotta be we have you back sir presented very much but we are weak we we would literally had to say stop starts to absolve thought though so much that we were talking about from anthony wiener too needs to be in the pot yeah it's a good point
would the folly of man you know it's only as any reader to the isle of man what is the folly of man he is anthony winners the folly of man who is the reason why we all recognise them as we all know that could have in us giving you with our guy live in that life thinking that way for that long doing making the decisions he made our guy has carried out eu doesn't focus on the drive me crazy can make sure that the reporters it's as an old reported the reporter should ask the question this way forget about this civic salacious thing that we're having so much fun with which all they focus on it ass this here guy vit knows what's out there right design it's i'm going to run again knowing that once out there is out there and that what's out there will be discovered again and that he will be in the position he's in now right ok so the guy who does it annie i am now this is the guy who's working on nuclear non
duration this guy who's i mean this is a judgment question will you go guy knows i'm going to put myself in a position one hundred percent absolutely where i'm going to get whacked again i mean i just i suffered through all that i went to marriage counting it get to do it all again a hundred percent chance of that and i'm going to run again anyway i don't care but the issue we got zapped with i'm care but all the other issues that that same judgment is being applied to here is it is surprising how thoroughly what disappointment about the clinton we go ok i don't mind
the lewinsky thing i mind that a guy smart is that man is asked to know it's gonna come out and has to still go through with it and that's the part i can't fad why i think that the person who wants to be made in the first puts the type yes i'm with you is this is this is insane belief in there's something weird already that it was not if you want to be a politician or eu should be disqualified for that that's i've echoed that sentiment without even knowing it was a quote oh said no one should be present and once we print i had somebody tell me the same thing about police officers and he was a police officer save you decide you know what i wanted to eliminate or tackle people and i want to point a going to people and i want to know if you want it cats out of trees you should be a police officer these other things the adrenaline pumping sound good to you i want you to take a big battery test first make sure everything's cool debts an important point man i mean is that where we bound up with their christopher dormer guy that lead
you gotta get fired as a carbon one on rampage start killin cops now oh that's why i had a buddy you who and he was a wild man i mean just not the kind of guy you wanted to even turn your back on when you went out at night with each and he went to the police academies graduate second in his class and then left and that those people are crazy but you know i do a lot of police officers their wonderful guys my point is that it's it's an inn boosting line of work of serbia and the different police videos that they show around the country and in some of these towns the universe that they sell being a police officer it looks like andy griffith and you're like that exactly the kind of guy who want to apply for the job and another one their showing you in the armoured vehicles poland up what they are and you go no no no no someone that likes that add in response to that had should be instantly disqualified from wanting to do what you know it's a year you professional conflict person that's right that that becomes the real issue because most of us try very hard to avoid conflict because the stress of conflict is really unhealthy s and dangerous danger
its freaky make bad choices in our people realize like how stressful life or death situations can be and someone who does that professionally is constantly in life situations that's a professional conflict percinet too readily than their cars psychiatry design ology strategy with crazy people all the time of myths realise how tough that job is but if you're sitting at home go what am i gonna do in job you see a guy in armour unease rolling on the ground and that looks good you join the arm yeah there's other places where you some it's almost like it's a by attaching to a mindset in the idea of getting someone who would be willing do the job in like a very enlightened way is impossible fine because and if they were like the sea now depart schoeffer cat with a gun there was just
to calm evident when we open up its way out and enable please be annually are experiencing this objective argent gandhi i think after while your own self preservation instincts would kick and if you were in a suitably bad neighborhood well then you gave her engage low humor and i mean we were we reporters used to be able to joke with the cops well because iran two in the morning it's a murder scene and this was done weird i mean i remember going to a murder scene that was really horrible but there were a few twisted asked eggs that are kind of funny and equipment guarantee no dark way right and they know they can joke with you about even though its a tragedy and their upset about it coping mechanism you know the old line is and there is no question that most please help it'll just fine and we never hear about the sergeant gandhi on youtube or rhino i mean so but their very careful about who enters their ranks for a reason so why would you put out
yo showing all the adrenaline pumping things you know when you're trying to recruit these people who aren't going to go crazy when you have a police shooting situation will recruiting in and of itself is its very strong it is it's very strange that you're allowed to make this romantic depiction essentially manipulating someone's ideas of what it would be to be a police officer nets what you do is shown in dealing with almost three with with gatt exact because that's most of your job or an army commercial where your truck runs over an idea in its launch in the air must have friends don't even show that on that society recruiting videos well that's it's very strange that it's come to that its very strange that we're in this weird situation where we ve somehow another agreed that it's ok to withhold and not share information specially information about really permanent news like the war a very important subject but all you ever get is occasionally get a few numbers with letters behind them and that's what represents the dead
then the news you get that on newspapers it's very rare their stories on cnn or anything about the toll whose dying who families are how their coping with what are their thoughts on you have to know that that is all by design that's not accurate but here's the years that i have this conversation with someone the other day where i said look the stop is out there when is the internet age there a camera phone if you want to go see what the wars really like go online and start searching and you will see it yes the problem is as if you were the one looking for it you are not the one who has to see it the old the old tree network thing was you know you're reading dinner in the vietnam war intrudes in your living room with death and vital and gore and all of a sudden you're like wow look at what war really looks like the guys who are looking at war too would it really looks like one might be like in it and to lay there not the one yeah to educate its middle american you know mister mrs jones you need to see it and don't want to look at it and why
be fair sandra bullock moving you wanna be spear there i got other things like tat man life his life is area involving that's right and who has time near its mr it's it's weird admission you know that where whereat when the dinner the world we let we want to look at it one way but it's like really clearly not the way we want to look at it and when you these sort of romantic depend like your seeing the one for the marines does video where they lay there showing you like a recruitment video the guy's gonna sword spoke to mixed marshall i each other and ensure flying over this obstacle course like a bad ass in india like what does that have to do with war you didn't shoot anybody there piloted droning that commercially pulled out a sword and guys really do you see your union scary thing than to take it to the police in any way imagined showing a marine recruitment video we show and pump and twenty bullets into a body that exploded and the guy goes yeah
that's what i've been waiting why you write something the same problem i mean you know that you want those guys joint crazy what they're going to probably joint anyway but you're absolutely right yeah a solution there because it really good killers if you want good tellers you know you gotta make sure their train correct lobbies hey i didn't have the man i don't think we have to do any better there really good let's not let's not minimize nor mailing our warm saying if you tried to recruit them what is the way you would go about doing they gotta e3 man they have their own video game the army has one really cool the ass person chowder and they go there with these sheer legitimately genes on purpose hands and like the kids are ripe while this is a cool video game is this what it's really like you know they used to do go back in my day i remembered them at the high school that's about three miles from here what you wrote the high school them lie ending the brand new never before seen apache helicopter when it was brand new rights on our high school football field and the whole school it's got there and i remember watching the guy in the apache showing us how the gun
were attached to his helmet and if he turned his head to the left the guns in front of the apache when and how they look at all this is a movement of the left for these two machine guns go to the movies look i can point to mature teacher you know i mean it was just it was the nineteen eighty two very much in the way it better than that atari seventy two hundred you know think about that it is pretty crazy if you think think about the idea that their recruiting by using video games and that eventually those skills that are gonna translate throughout the look let them no mistake about it whoever is the first to get a robot army of bullet proof tied tenure on their way may i now man was out and i mean for real were real close to being do able to do that we already have flying ones nor in their development walking ones in meeting these walking robots are developing wells ulysses share wait till it's arm around you know we wait till it's our drones taken out their drones meanwhile
get to that point where the first thing you do is established drone supremacy homework before you gonna send troops on the ground to have worn the sky with robots north crazed north korea korea already has human robots in some ways you know they would pretty my do anything a robot but they feel and finally our aims reign of youth and save the country north korea's like the last country left that is rocking like of full on military dictatorship with nuclear weapons right in front of the world but you know what's funny is that their like an egg there was the prettiest thing they to be strong on the outside but north korea would go down as quickly as iraqi or they have no money less it they just don't mean its high tech versus low tech a lot of you know look at sometimes the north korea and the public humming tanks they haven't i mean but look at the details of the tanks lay nineteen fifties vintage i mean they were they move one foot may be gone amanda people understand that the pact
would shoot em over the skyline they wouldn't even see anything the night vision would destroy everything i mean it would be like third world of it's nothin you have they have these fuckin ships now these battleships they launch these fighter jets off of and there they are like cities it's a goddamn city that's made a metal that floats outside your town and when you fuck up with it's just that they can see everything we those night vision things when they see that lebanon wouldn t with the now about the north korea things a little weird because their within artillery range of a very large cities soul change is everything because they say ok yes you can beat us in one second but how many people in seoul homage emily buildings can we knock down before you destroy us right but i think they have all the sites targeted from years of observation and in it can you imagine that had happened to the united states to civil war we became a north and south america like vat or north and south united states rather
where we had like literally people that looked just like us were from our lineage other north would be like canada now spent south would be like to sound a bit you wouldn't have slavery anymore i don't think i mean i think i think you would have eased out of i knew what you would have to similar countries that may be played in the football superbowl mean you have in the union versus the confederate team it be it be interesting i loved i've always loved to have this idea to remember back to the future the movies are we looked at this idea i'd love to be able to programme in an alternative reality and just see what happened if hitler wins the second world war the north and south and just any watch the different development go off into the distance how many things change right yeah it's it's its fascinating when you think of what could have mean people that the common phrase you know a we would all be speak german what would have happened if they discovered the nuclear bomb before sure what could have happened in juba japan
dropped it on us before we could draw but on them it's those those moments in history over a very strange aren't there these pivotal moments where everything changes or we engineer we talk about that limit for us and i don't think we quite formulated how different this is but nine eleven is that kind of a we lived through a moment that two hundred years for now they will study as a pivotal moment in world history one of these things where it took less in twenty four hours to happen and and somebody wrote me a letter saying i don't buy your theory that the world changed with nine eleven really all that much i gotta disagree with that i think we ve never in the same i think we may have had some trends that were leading to where we are now but there the kind of things it wouldn't have happened without that it's almost like you know yeah we're on a precipice or something but somebody has to shove and nine levin is like a pearl harbor of the explosion of the battleship main its it were or worthy the leader of the first world war starts with me
the most significant terrorist attack in human history one guy shoots a guy and his wife and the whole world explodes well the were was poised to explode and he lit the powder keg but does the powder craig ever get lit if he doesn't do that so mean that its warburton we were in an era where maybe there was a terrorist powder keg and a bunch of things ready the gap and but unless you have two buildings fall down or some guy said dan more than two buildings fell down in new york don't you know that if you a number of buildings vault out in new york on nine eleven does it ever have that push that sends you over the edge yeah the the idea of his work moment is always been fascinated me because when they happen you live woe happening is this is it weird feeling didn't nine eleven we also real watch lately surreal everywhere i remember very clearly on nine eleven i was hanging which ideas ralphie may might favour men and
we were we're all like we were hanging out first mean joey we're having a burrito whereas outside of baja fresh on sunset and will look but the sky and dude there's no planes have been any plant did you real and there was no play very plain irving to notice that i without would never hit me i would never goes well i think i heard about it that they're gonna cancel flights and then i realized at once we were out there because it just sort of sunk in there the whole moment was from the moment the planes hid the towers to watching to replace on tv it was it was almost like a bubble had pop like a door had obese like a new chapter yesterday that's what we're talking about here is that you know what's rare and we said this in the lens pockets of sorry to anybody was already heard this but these events happen all the time but most time you don't realize in its subtle its we're living a data the existence and historians five years and i will go they didn't even realise what an important moment of change but
those moments it happens sometimes with people who are living through them they're so momentous that you can tell rise go why but we were like i mean i remember the whole day and night you under phone calls for people going does this mean i mean everybody knew something was gone on yeah yeah those weird moments those weird breakthrough moments or things change completely the we will we love them and were terrified of them you now mean very there really exciting sometimes but were also absolute terrified of a big event happening in that's one of the things they used to justify spying on people all this and as thing like bill mar saw bill mar justifying they spying was really fascinating and this he doesn't is not very is about point either his point one there's something that we have now that didn't exist when they arrive in the constitution its nuclear weapons that's good point mean if we really did find out that there was a pause
ability of nuclear attack on a certain area of the world and you could stop it because these strategies these these technological strategies but here's where would go with that because i want this as always happens we just finished a show on the spanish american war era and teddy roosevelt is trying to tell people in the u s congress who keep bringing up the institution that that might have been fine in the age of sale but we live in the age of steam now and all of a sudden europe isn't that far away and these oceans are protecting us as much as they used to it we ve been dealing with that pretty much since minute one where i saw i mean i think you can make that argument and were in the age of drones now it either their timeless and their human rights and your morn with them or as as things get dangerous enough they're gone i mean that i think we have to sit down at the conversation cause i don't think the guy and this is funny because you know you talk about the fund
fathers like their gods and then we realise that they have slaves and that they remain low levels of solid fuck those isn't he itches it's one of those values with school no you can't romanticize it too much but at the same time they were talking about these things as human rights not you get them now and see what happens when they develop steam power in right so we have to decide what our commitment is to them and if it's a real commitment that it doesn't matter what the next weapon system is because it's more important to have the human rights than it is to be protected from nuclear weapons if you wanna be protected from nuclear weapons you might have to jenin some human rights you release frame it that way yes it's a fascinating thing that every power in human history every single point if you could stop on that number vow in the most advanced humans have ever been up until then in our nets hard for us to review our heads around that the same
sort of scenarios keep playing themselves out over and over and over again and even though we're pretty convince them you know we learn something from the greek in the russian history in the history of rome we ve learned something from all the lessons of how things went wrong what was good about thing was what was good about the gun and what was good about the philosophies they had created in the ideas they shared but it's basically the same thing as is going on now i'll tell you what we bring up a lot i hope i haven't overdone it shows but i'm fascinated by this idea that we are never going to go back words yes you know when you talk about in the modern world and you look around you think ok basically since the renaissance it's been authorised the stock market we ve been going up ever since the renaissance and the idea that everybody has is that and were never gonna go backwards whenever
go look in a thousand years from now and see people who don't know about dna sequencing any more hits planet of the apes right where you gone backwards and o the statue of liberty is partly buried in the sand and have a wee wee but every other culturally has yeah but every other country in the headache a civilization history the world has thought that a me the romans were thank god it's great now pity it can't last have we learned from them we know by meda began in and not just that may be the whole globalization the fact that everybody's connected will change that dynamic but i think if you if you're trying to learn from history wanting history shows us these stock market uptake in the civilization stock market dont last so what does that mean well we like to think we're more special than all the other animals first and foremost so we like to think that in us but even me i'm guilty this guilty absolute discharge we like to think that we are eventually going
it she's a chief the highest levels of understanding and that that's the trend that things are going and eventually going to work everything we won't have war some in the future somehow or another we are basically human beings are basically good and we're gonna work to sound the universe can reward that but i got one word the one where there are few sat dinosaurs the whole world was fucking run by country heartless lizards pulled blow
monsters without a fucking speck of emotion that never wrote a fucking thing down didn't give a shit about culture would eat their babies would eat anything that stood still that's what dominated this earth for the longest time and if it wasn't for an asteroid impact very likely would still be a version of that animal still run in shit i'll tell you blew my mind i read this book by a guy named nick bostra whose a physicist and whose whose expertise is were the science of task dorothy you studies catastrophic events had these written whole books with with a lot of other physicist to do this about the various ways we could end and one of them it involves something called the fermi paradox which you may have heard about which as you know you do these mathematical studies and figure out how many planets in the universe should be like ours and should be able to support life and then they do
calculation down down down and try to figure out how many thousands are tens of thousands or millions of planet should have human life or thing in germany and then they say so where are they so the fermi paradoxes if the numbers add up the way they do where are they and guys like bostra figured out that every intelligent civilization reaches a point where it could very easily destroy itself or collapse like a house of cards and it's like this dangerous membrane and maybe he says it's after you'd involve nuclear weapons and so the question this is most civilizations do not make it through this danger zone from the time they develop nuclear weapons to the time become like a gandhi civilization or whatever and most dies somewhere in that area that we are now in right now and so the the idea is that may maybe this is where we go back to dinosaurs
what's a very interesting paradox that the survival of the fittest mentality this this do this inner desire to conquer and survive and stay alive is all the exact same thing leads to innovation which is the exact same thing that leads to the highest levels of consciousness and technological innovation when they figure out how to bypass the human body but yet there still trapped and these like friends of behaviour that are based on just teeth and claw survival there those those those instincts tat drove us to get to the point where where this evolved being you talk about a giant bunch of em in your podcast and some of them just as recently as six seven hundred years ago or reason than that the craziest thing ever is listening to you know you you talk about history
that was only a few hundred years ago only few you think twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen generations nothing and then they were living like insane people one and the truth is the way that they were living was a lot more like they were living in the time of ancient egypt then we're living like any of them now really living in and real lifestyle in terms of what's normal for human beings whereas through most of human history they live something much closer to the reality that entire history of the species understood yeah no i completely agree and in a word talk him a big great historical events one the one that doesn't really get as much credit as i think it deserves is the internet oh yeah the owner it didn't it didn't happen that quick it happened like us it's slowly hitting the lines and got deepen dora dna and everything what you do you think it if you had to put a year
or or your two or three when do you think it hit critical mass and just broke it seemed to me to be the early two thousands the internet became really popular couldn't live without it everybody had at one known a riders the only person not on the internet yet was it seemed like in that was the years where it started to escalate as far as like the interesting articles that you can get ban with situation had kind of gun a lot better with people every commercial had a web address if you could get a really quick internet connection pretty much everywhere in the early two thousands while tom that rolled around them either sperience so much more interesting area we are not debating it but i remember when the first web browser that people that average idiots could use when the netscape browser game on was all of a sudden like oh i don't have to be a computer with to figure out how to click on this thing and click on this thing and see something wreaths of news and i mean
i remember ladies general we're gonna be able to talk about those of us as old as joe rogan in yours truly be able to tell our children about the wild west of the internet here when you would just click around and look as there was some seriously weird stuff out their immediate there used to be the bud still there was to take a chance urban whose but now it did not take a chance in your best buy but then it was like i answered oh my god what land up some series it say no internet of memory and there is a new internet than you think are walking up the hill both way as a whole my children children look at me i talk about you know pre smartphones and adventures roll their eyes oh dear how will you kids eleven and eight but a fascinating life it's gonna be for a child growing up its own were their livelihood don't even have a they sit there and just looked down at things all the time and my brother was talking to me today about ads and he runs a business nicety overtake advertising is why nobody ever looks up because you could get a billboard
nobody's gonna see it they walk around looking down they can have neck problems when they get older but they are having their problems in greece with their high incidence of neck bulges bulging discs and i don't want people evolving in a hundred years we're gonna have like this curvature where we're like a microphone or one of those heat lamps bento i don't think so i think the days of holding things in your hand are few and it's gonna be the last of those in something new and eyes something in your eyes of wiener thought he had trouble before wage glass we thought he was having fun before with actual videos now zoning travel and he's getting caught it seems it he's having a really grand time when no one's bothering him now i say let the gag send his dick picks is obviously be whether one or receive him he's playing a game everyone's dance and who care for get no it can't be mayor by how we just gotta say forget why no into private practice money well sod cast you can but the type of person than one's a right is pick up the day brought new by wieners we choose who would spots emily eating the sponsorship ideas become quite interesting if he had a park as i think it would be quite popping frazzle superstore area and take all this freak instincts aside the guy's very charismatic viva heard we are taught huge development like six foot for what you do is is the winner check list don't give her any more things
i thought i heard he's like six would five is like a huge do somebody told me he's an enormous human being a razor really what i can confirm and here s what a giant hog worldwide is the way to new ideas zone somebody said to me would you be tweeting it out if it we don't mean no you wouldn't be here but if your name was wiener anyhow two giant hog and you were crazy you might does not around wrong with it this what i say i say the other guy's a fuckin mass and i wouldn't want to be married to him and ignore can't be mayor but the fact that in the middle legally myers unless seek it began yugoslavia owners thinking what u s cities would you noted be working there are places where that with the fact that we are concentrating on that in the middle of this an essay thing in the middle this michael hastings i've got conspiracy theories to say that's why we're getting fates amazing it's amazing manually this chick this agency was high
to lure anthony wiener because his two parallel remember the british government got brought down and in a scandal with with kgb chicks here yes i mean it's happened it has happened those russian sexual gacha and this this would really fascinating is before this guy got busted he was a really charismatic guy is really good speaker and it was really dynamic can you made a lot of good points kind of fascinating that those a greeley charismatic guys there also the ones who really love pussy you know but listen i mean i think it would be we want things to exist in like this rule unrealistic way those j f k deeds gunnar unlimited playing there they all do all were they create even gandhi had some girlfriends you know only had a gang of its weight in form at the house with incense double so let's ass the more interesting question if you are concerned as we often point on our political podcast about the low level of leadership i mean if you if countries rise or fall based on this
stained level of leadership in good well lead countries do better i mean if companies well lead to better than poor led companies what about countries ran if the really good leaders come with these known flaws and we know that their if you really want to good leader is gonna come with all these personal foibles and would you other have the guy who's gifted government with all his fault or the mediocre guy but you know he's did has never do it there's no drugs and his background there's no sex he's never done it he's been an accountant and clapped razors buddies he's mean oh great leadership what do you take lime and certainly not delusional and i know that you know i was hastening had all of his food appear loaded question no clinton appears to me by by all accounts to be a very intelligent man a very good leader but if you listen to some of the people that we talk about the atrocities committed during his regimes the key
the eu is involved there is a military actions that were very questionable they all have their say in a man of these but this whole democrat republican clinton's none of these people are liberal none of these people are me if this isn't it it's nomes are not known chomsky will govern all said we have one party in this country with two wing yeah and the wings are called democrats and report it i can't you do it set a grape joke about it which almost and i remember like he goes because this is politics in this country goes i like but on a laugh yes for the programme on the roads is made more good ones to anyone just go look if we could over that we might act we will make some progress but if you got the most depressing thing for me in the entire world but i also think it's one of the coolest things that happened on the internet are those
comments sections underneath all the news stories were people sort of bio waste in one sense i think that's the greatest thing environment because the media hates tat i mean to have sure but on the other hand when you read it it's like i could pretend that racism is almost a thing of the past and you go on some of these sites and you re with some of these people right you go oh my god hope this isn't representative in you read that the left in the righteous eviscerated in italy that lot i'll cut the throat of a liberal or in or out of the planet like we are totally this is really representative of what's out there yeah but you know what i saw you you want to stop gun control or you want you anna scott stop the gun issue kill everyone with a gun serious it is not such a joiner actually so we actually wrote that they're not please tell me there's one percent of the people who post an inordinate amount is news stories in that that's what that is its most unjust new stores on everything i say delity to express yourself freely like every anonymous habit
anyone can as a what always going to have a giant percentage of the people that are like really unbalanced spending a lot of time doing that like one of things i've really enjoy doing in whether it has anything to do with me or not but when i tell my reed someone criticising someone i'd like to go and see like what other posts they make like where we're out so they make posts and it's on always like you will read someone's twitter when they say something mean go to it and just all mean shit to random people all day the just in case you in out to celebrities to two entertainers to at least to politicians to whatever the to random cam girls random girls were like websites i'm telling you man the i see some these people are just like you go to their website it's it's like you watching madness you watching what waited expression think about that i mean there's mad crazy people
their who didn't have an internet to play with thirty years ago and who do now absolutely in the hole in the sixties would have you know the the internet to play with an imagined how the recruitment would have gone for manson with the internet yeah well private of exposed quicker to you now abilities are hopes i personally would have earliest all his songs on itunes anyone to start and ever undergone this week can you wouldn't have tried to kill that beach boy doors day daughter guy you know terry melcher and it never what happened maybe what would happen bigger right yeah the i think the internet is certainly probably encourage allow people to be assholes expose lotta people for being assholes but what concerns me is that we have no precedent in this ability to communicate with people without a physical reaction from them without being in front of them like one of the reasons like what we recognise humanity in each other if you say so mean someone you see them react to it you feel bad you know like theirs like others i gotta give and take in energy like exchange between
even when their communicating with each other but the fact that someone with no previous era action with you could use might but you you're song focused songs or die in a fire your ban should get aids i give you read these things if it's like no one's ever been able to do that for you ve never been able to do in a like i can break right you in a male and in exact same way vacant contact you looking at something they rode on a screen so it can be someone who you know who's a friend or can be some fuckin crazy person but it gets too the exact same way gets too as words on a screen i rested aired better about this than i am because i am really and this is like asking for it is if i am a little too thin skinned for some of this stuff too because you know you're right you get this stuff and they send you these notes or emails or reviews or whatever and they say stuff and you sit there and this isn't constructive criticism why wouldn't i dont want
his bride you kind of look and go what motivated you'd do that cause but he said i mean it's a cross section of human beings you don't know what they were in one they been drinking or anything else but at the same time you do you kind of question though is this what you do every day but it is you know this but with some it is with some they just all the sudden decide that damn carla needs a talking to get online they start fuckin crazy and you know it's it's it's weird way of communicating were also talking to kids more you know our mental health people the more you know they were talking to people they are in homes they have that internet that should not taught i well know about that one every has haven't i gotta get fired member that guy from who is in houston and he was a red it poster and actually get fired i'm his job when they found out who we was on rhetoric is apparently he would post like dead bodies and crazy like really really freaky shed in ten thousand lines do things whose
really been vicious mean shit it turned out he was a good guy with a family but life and kill you know you were talking about this internet and how its changing things and really i was trying to point out how early we are in this whole thing development think about though it does empower people like that you ever i mean it may we always talk about how great it is that we can do pod gas and that we can talk to a huge audience through a microphone out of a room or whatever but it does the same for everyone here and it's interesting when you think about people who i mean you these to talk about the voiceless yours these histories about these people locked up in these dark buildings in ever got there the voiceless not anymore there's no voiceless it's not like old days where someone could just be now be a famous person like elvis or some other no one ever can say anything about em get i'd elvis came of my hotel room fifteen pounds a shit my mouth and you know that that these days leg if something happens like someone
take pictures are gonna put it up antium say back the day you know that did it was there people that had no voice they couldn't about anything they they couldn't say this movie is pandering it's stupid shooting you look you're an idiot they can say like my new show like a lot of the criticisms i've read about my new show i agree with and i think the really valid and i think that people having the ability to do that is important i dont like fast editing otto like some of the cheesy music like the suspense through that's the way they think they have to make tv shows though but as the show gets more more popular hopefully we can show that that's not the case but like it's like this constant battle of compromise but what portal to me is that people are looking out at the sort of and a lot of ways the same way i'm looking at the thing they don't like about it i don't like about it so it's validating in a way even though this ain't i suck it's like i know a kind of stocks in this way and i there's a lot of great stuff about it but we can fix the suck part two
part is just like everyone assumes that you have to do it this certain way because i ve done it that way forever and they're scared but when you these comments and you read things online everyone back crazy but also good and poignant in and people who have good point of view that point stuff out you go this is undeniable yes you know this is chiefly yes this is a dumb way to do that yes this is in our debate two peoples intelligence these right are you these for example and only you i'm thinking about people will pre internet age that we're both geniuses and dangerous as all get out and were dangerous before the internet perfect example and only you punk rockers out there will know who i am talking about here but darby ash from the germs was from how dare you fuck knows it is armed trash darby crash was a genius a weirdo genius and i remember he went on raw leaping in hammer show here in town unlike nineteen seventy nine and started given
out the satellite code so you could make free telephone calls and he's on the radio announcing looking ivy dial this numbers or you could call pakistan and you won't have to pay a diamond than this number you dial this first major dollar one why we imagine him on the inner hinted at an emory weakens like ok subversive podcast one one i mean he be gone in like five minutes but you think about what those guys could achieve without an internet now you give little darby crash of the germs and internet and its creating i mean we were calling the internet a thing like as if it's you know but what it it was it was a next if you look at it like really cleanly its like labeling the internet and its almost just like the next level of technology it's like it's just the ability to exchange information and then from there
it's all that information just taking off and growing don't you think they're gonna do that internet though ok and every time i say anything like this the real technophobe young people are actually know what i mean the rumour has always been that they're going to create a commercially oriented internet
and the one where he s p and can deliver their continuity and to be will supervise rapid and no spam and no ads and then you'll have the other one we're all the spam and all the agent goes really slow in everything and that's where the dan carlin podcast albeit who takes seventeen days to download my meeting with all the spam and stuff that comes with it how could they make it slower than it is now known that are going they won't bill speed up the other one is just ok when degrade that's ok i would weigh rather have what we have right now uncensored than anything that's fast and i think everybody in fast and stupid and until i get it in an area of hate check this out this is the internet you still want to me do what you're doing now is my point you wouldn't want to switch over and become censored to move faster i don't think that i think the other one we just slow down slowly but surely overwhelmed with junk in spain violates the laws of technological progression i think that without saying william inherited technophobe to tell me that you tell me that the which is its the don't see how there could ever be any rational reason for slowing in speeds of internet this
those words and say oreo my if you're the government you're tired of these idiots on these pod cannot but they would have made us knows everything wouldn't you wanna she won't but listen i know that the old tv networks is that they are not happy with the fact they ve lost a monopoly over you know being the middle for content if they ve if you told them listen i have a plan that could put you back in the driver's seat you don't think they say oh i have a slot open up the two p m let's have a meeting i like to hear what we like i think no four buncher reasons is owed like to think that individually they realise that would be a terrible thing for the human race but also as you ve met all those guys and you know that that's i leave you to finance late enough to them individually to be caught up in something so dangerous when you start talking about something like a conspiracy that would involve who knows how many thousands of people to slow down the internet you know i mean to be in insanely transparent venture though a little when i we pretend i'm coming in the meeting i stay in nineteen
indeed the average golden girls episode that nobody cared about at all had forty three million people watching it at a blame that directv as much as you have to blame it on anything else or keyboard k instant on demand television programming you know without that web netflix you can get any i can show you want any time you want with the kind of blood speed that we have now we now have the fastest internet and all but a stream from netflix in hd like it's nothing it's super easy so essentially i don't need a network and immoral they're just much to blame for this whole thing is my internet is certainly not in the war fragmentation but there's no blame will there
is it is it is its progression you offer a ship product you stuff fuckin commercials inside that shit products and you wonder why people looking elsewhere when all the suddenly realised when that will let me reiterate that way worthy of belarus but i'm not really the best example i'm not talking about blame i'm talking about somebody saying listen i know you think the genie out of the bottle but with my new plan i can put the genie back in the bottle so that animals any name right is your media company number one two three and four five yoga let me look if you're talking about movies and stuff like that or entertainment companies it's already just like three or four companies now i mean it de jure roadrunner today and karl issue but if you're talking about major media companies out there there used to be a ton and we're down like three or isn't a fascinating because a sort of like banks as well we have each other assets but it's almost like a survival mechanism you realize they had almost recognised they were too big and then
as the landscape change they were forced to coalesce it's really kind of language learning is a my on but if you're blockbuster movie maker and you're gonna yes you a hundred million dollars you can't scrape that too they're very easily and not only that you have to make sure that all your fuckin teaser crossed and all your eyes are dotted and everything is like real clean and appealing like that's why we like avatar i've loved avatar that was a really fun movie but it's a perfect blockbuster moneymaker move because there's no sex the violence is like most of us like either bad guys get jacked or you know these alien things which can only really identify with though the stories like pocahontas it's a million other sources dances with wolves two million other stars have been done a thousand times before but it's done perfect yeah that's it fuckin tune and fifty million dollar movie that's a movie they can but you gotta get it cameron type mother fucker that's knows
do those things perfect and can pull boys off but in this day and age those are dying off slowly but surely it's harder and harder to make one of those motherfuckers you dont know if you have an avatar or an ishtar lingams out remains allocated a hell of a red and crown and i we're old folks x ray you fucked you member that nowadays debated but if every single outer world at the zoo underworld our on those waves but there was one other one to lose the other one there was one other gigantic move that was actually previous too that there was a cod wasn't a warrant baby movie prayer it was pretty i mean rallies pretty bad but there was another one that they talked about as being as much of a colossal failure as as ishtar it was one of those like movie robber read for some some shit i would never watch and when he falls in love the druggist cancer some member number i'm gonna go to those movies does those types of movies though like this where the music
would play a robber redford look at these girls is like steely glass i know they're good but now watch that shit i get my dad my dad may movies and he made movies that cost like two hundred thousand dollars to make he spent like a million dollars on promotion he released them in like a physician theatres although once and by the time you realize that no one should have gone to that movie he made all his money back and then sold it overseas so that was that it was the mood i then i would lay the play there nato was that they make that foresight fi made its budget for clear so brilliant movement just
go over the top makes humbling completely retarded do you see i'm very flying through the air inside the sharks mouth the sharks flying through the air with a chainsaw goes inside the shark and cuts his way out is not seize on my to do there already making a sequel likewise that yard on it and he is the only one it's gonna be back in their neither have terry that she should get back just areas you get back in that have your agent kissed there s enough sent to give basket shark eight or as the the idea of making your own what really terrible movies on purpose to credit it yet do it either absolutely thinks mostly in this day and age rather weed everybody having access to weed those movies became infinitely more popular like shark nato sober is not the best movie to watch but if your highs when you have two or more friends over you can have a great time that's a party
i am advocating marijuana and short nato together people like what are you doing you advocate marijuana mr donnelly that i am advocating marijuana use while watching shark nato i think that an important statement dopey scare bitches those tell terrible television shows their fun there is reason when they make up bad on purpose but then there's like subtle once i have argued with people bout werner herzog grisly man duncan thinks that werner absolutely knew that whose making a as whose making it an used his narration and you know tried to like make it dramatic and legitimate but new while he was doing it that he was making a commonly is a part of me that wonders if jack web didn't know those dragonettes he was making a late there's herbs
there are still areas the kind of statements that he would you get in the way he talked and just go out model some of those up because the sellers are hilarious dragnet sixty asia have you showed grisly man though to like a normal people than our comics and you dont give him any kind of precursor to laugh they know they don't come back thinking i'm a guy that guy was gay that so faint i'd say that they like as a lot and a few people have said it before and i say that they're always like oh yeah i guess you're right yeah he was kind of all come on man everybody box that you news guy think we just hang out with people that that are in the entertainment industry more so that were all kind of thinking shit like that everyone here maybe i don't know maybe but i feel like when i watch grisly man i mean the guy's holding a camera annie's walk around talking to the camera and want to things you saying is i wish i was gay because of our gag just go to her truck stop by just hook up with a guy but i'm not i saw what i do and
me personally i voice fell like anybody whose walking in the woods talking to a camera saying i'm not gay ninety nine percent of the psychological formula you can follow but even though not something that had roselli person says unless you get called gay a lot in your whole is by himself in the woods man by himself in the woods walk with a camera talking about why can't meet a woman our sleeping first of all it actually lebanon the cloth house following monsters
he's right i think we just found out how you got that mixed breed with the sauce watching you know how did you get the mixed bree whereof we finally found a guy in the forest could meet a girl and in fact a bare just some female saw squash it was the best suicide barbarians when it was a sight by air but you know i just we cannot point here the way in which i have much history but its body we are sort of cause we're gonna send it even those in iran i would ever look i love talking about anything but we ve got to talk about some history people are going to be added as that's right yeah but i think that in a sense we consent and not because with all this this mammoth whether its has wiener whether it's the usa spying on us and justify whether all this madness is the human animal is only really been aware of how crazy we are for the last like few hundred years we ve only been
i paying attention in writing things down for the last few thousand years and over the last few hundred years we like slowly but surely been like come my colleague work fuckin crazy but i think today is a real you need time for all those reasons while we're talking about before especially with the internet and having this access to information having things like your podcast today's like the most unique time ever to like look at all this information about the past and sort of sum it up in this people are just not just never been a point in time ever in human history where they were peace on the whole earth for like a week or more or a year even though we think of ourselves as being inherently noble in this a few bad apples out there there's never been a time ever where people were nice to each other just universally like approach like here it was just ass i was used example but it was just the four of us and we have we had our own civilization and we live down an islander relived somewhere where there was no fighting over resources i'm pretty
we get along great you know me or especial foursome really you might wanna fuck brian after awhile i've seen you may you mean something might happen sexually but most likely not and most likely we would all be very friendly and in co exist for a long time on that island with no issues ok but wise not the case when it comes to four million people are four billion people or four trillion whatever their other than the number of eventually becomes the we we can ever hold large groups together without some really senseless shit happening in some regrettable stuff happening in when you would look at history when you talk about like the roman empire you talk about martin luther we talk about these people that existed just a few hundred years ago does not that long ago but their living like therein mad world it's in a movie that thing
for though i knew nothing about loser ism i didn't i never had heard it i mean i'm new to us on churches but i had idea what the philosophy was in its basic martin luther is based on this guy with the balls to actually post notes complaining about the church and print where they weren't that cool about guaranteeing alliance killing people who are doing that little about no complaint department but what is the name of that project gotcha
do that to me that one is call at finding mri and look at a problem the profits of problems of doom do you ever go backwards i never looked back listen i understand totally and for a guy who works as much as you do people i think that's an excuse but i know you won't you man you will now listen to what we but brian and i do this park ass we shop five minutes before we move the joint retarget bullshit and then we roll what you do is you shouldn't be called upon to act is a completely different excitement people think i wait till the latter because it like writing come on get and they think i'm just sit around and then all of a sudden unexplained let me let me make him wait another we minis gradually if you're a pot cast fan and new like if you enjoy this park as first of all thank you we we enjoy you too but
second of all like what he does not a podcast it's like an audio presentation and their long where there is still no one has any we ass what is one of the most recent want him into a pull up the name of it because you started off by talking about this isn't really podcast ninety four issues are an audio book this is essentially an audio book you know which one that was the last five probably
it is not rather the cars man i play that so much you like moors angel or you lie or lines all our course i just hate you with a nerve cause your mamma how do i get a problem i got a real problem and have been an outer psycho gang i am i listened to your mungo podcast at least for much of what i am arguing alliance that jerome stop telling your rogan to talk about your mongol pod gas on a jockey this poor comedic woman about it and you said something in there was any we went back to her there's a long dead silence when she tried to absorb what you just over who is going to ban of medium she's gotta show or consumer most majority about it this is long pause like what do i say after that half the name issue momentum for minerals obvious large make she's awesome where would you know we would though one of the images are you painted that's to me what elect whenever people talk about the mongols and
had conversations with people words been brought up about the gang discard dna thing that didn't go cons dna is in some insane percentage may when it is that's been shall have done yeah well and not his pacifically but his his family his sons had admitted mean they just more more more wives and they had a lot of wives anyway and you know it possible in certain areas like they can go into places like afghanistan and there are a whole populations there were this is a huge amount of people you can trace his van i think they would they would leave these garrisons to keep these places pacified is like what i always tell those people will the mongols or so tolerant and they had these and any religion and the jolting says it you they were tolerant if you gave in giving in condiment ok you have a beautiful daughter she's mine now well there taller and when hitler was taller and if you gave in what they didn't in force is an ideology because
they didn't give a father romans linear higher taxes i don't care what we're religion your heart even if you don't worship the emperor you're a big idea that that is what's important now not the fact that they were the most murderous motherfuckers the world has ever known when you said and i i couldn't believe it i had a pause my fuckin computer and i gotta go online and fine verification when you are saying that they might have killed between fifty and eighty meal nobody knows where it is doing is cons life by far horseback probably not his life but he and his his up to his grandchildren notches grant but i will say i didn't know what to tell the audience i get this phone call one night and its agony
the wind through his ears and its jerome go did you just use a bill caused me scared them i thank god there is none of us here know you're a rat brilliant analogy i go how awesome are you u he talked about bill cause be raising his children and how bill cause we grew up poor in philadelphia but its children grew up the the children one the most loved man ever and written rich beyond recognition i mean real build cause we're gonna fuckin billion dollars and the uk that again is highest kids were grew up there but i do what i do for the protection of people wearing mouse skin clothes like they are so poor they had field mice at their skin and turn them into close so you have with this crazy person come and answer with go off noticed school both ways but do you know the commission
now to build cause we was brilliant it was so funny latest when i talk about theodore roosevelt and how the every little american kids david presidents theodore roosevelt because theodore roosevelt is like a kid in one guy said when he was present said you must always remember the president bout six and so i compared him you know as always wanted to go on these adventures is being like you know it
the standards of our time now he was a racist he was it when they say about six they would say that about him yes i was about easing the militarism and larry as well but but but so i want to say he was racist because by the time he was considered a progressive on race but by today's standards he make archie bunker look like a liberal so i always said he's like like a heavily armed imperialistic racist version of peter pan larry i have this image of teddy rose over the little glasses in the bud teeth the mustache bullet bully and peter pan leading you off to war on a great adventure in spain guy he would like getting fishing rights in shit right oh for the fun of it used to be used by having the guy was blind in one eye later in his life because he would box in the white house because that's a manly thing to do to block on went live dude ranch because i thought that you know you need to hang out with cowboys and mountain and stuff you know he had one of the first depictions of sas watch in one of his books
one of his books someone got killed by a wild man would lead to hunt saw squash ahead on the wall and that's one of the windows this ask watch matters when they use information when they are talking about stories are people told that's one of them that they tell with great glee the teddy roosevelt tsars clutched story ten euros boatmen what's going on funniest i fear of one of his camps its hunting camps one of the men was with him was killed by while meant well i'm sure a story from the nineteen forties holds up like ninety mother always in nineteen o my whatever it was relatively holds up like a mother while ours are off holds up like a mother fucker in two thousand and thirteen like you couldn't tell me us ask what story from a month ago and i believe you got it right tell me about a guy got killed by a while monkey man early nineteenth century or twentyth century the the for that we are talking about before the progress i said gotta stop going to stop that that was about
the micro credit and moving all area based on a real life encounter with humans in the animal a buddy of mine gamey that book it's called eaters of the dead a long time ago and what the author micro credit any retroactive parkins yeah so he had found and something the historians know about a manuscript written by a muslim guy in like the tenth century the khalifa sends this guy out to explore lands and a specific direction and he writes about all that pulls that meat so you know those little north he writes about the people who saw the russia keeps going to keep going eventually he gets at one point writes about wales but he doesn't know what a whale so he's in this book trying to decide i bewail and cried and tat this guy's original manuscript a sort of adds to it and rights little connecting pieces but at one point the story this guy who will get his head cut off by the khalifa view lies solely they general standing isn't there wasn't a lot of exaggeration going on here is this guy was kind of tell the truth
i'll kill you he makes it to sweden during viking era and gives us really the only good written description of like these swedish vikings owners the roofs and and i dont know where creighton begins in the story leaves often called me on this but the swedes are having some kind of war that michael right and has it interpreted that it's like the swedish vikings against the last tribe of neanderthals pushed up against the frozen north you know people have been pushing them out of the good areas forever and the last bastion is appear in the frozen north and swedish vikings are constantly at war with a man that's what the thirteenth warrior movies about and all that but the actual access is fascinating to read and it's a true historical tax i mean there's names like even finally in or something i my muslim pronunciations are always off but but its fascinates devon frightened found this just said this is better than anything anybody could write em it's wonderful stuff but i think they
they butchered it for the movie right lawyer i know your story i know even the book is creighton you know plays around the margins but yeah i don't even see the movie at once a tonia bent era and i knew your bed there is a bad mother fucking ere long programme with a sword in armour and undermining griffin crossing shoulder for the thousand time you like chemicals zombie plays a good cat he's a piece about motherfucker another spy kids movie the the movie was like they were wearing outfits network like cannibals you know what they really are they they fuck the whole thing because the movie looked like they were monsters like when you watch did like the previous and they showed you the clips it looked like these guys we're going up against these cannibal monsters that would eat people and that's he saw do i remember crime even saying you know he would right in the italian so the regular thing would be all print the original report and then you could see the words were quite would say what the heck is he talking about here are these neanderthals and that's that's kind now they came about and you kind of
if you're gonna make a movie like they did a movie then i hated on the greek and persian wars that one three hundred with the spartans unanimous hey hey two three hundred pleaded area time over man daring one thing i had a guy another history guy was so mad and all the inaccuracies of the persians right making them look like the maastricht and i said but you know what mean i can see how the the director if you we're trying to make it look as weird to you the viewer as it must have looked to the weeks at the time then then you would have to exaggerate if you showed the persians as they really are you're going ok what's the big deal right but if you want to the greeks these were really exotic freaky thinks of you want to make it look as freaky to you the viewing audience as it looked to the spartans you would have to make it more monetarism more wicked and wild and so that i try to explain to my body for us to me the reason i hated it because the store we self is so mine blowing don't screw
with all this stuff but right now but i but that's really interesting perspective that i hadn't consider if you want to make it is weird do you as it was then you have to make it yeah well when the yeah i guess if you have very limited access to the reality of the world's whereas information goes and you see these guys coming over and elephants with you would really think that is on the one hand and they thought all that's persia was exotic and decadent weird and you know fuckin beautiful movie i love that movie so much fun visual comic book grass exactly see that's what i've like those movies like people will like poles in avatar i think avatar is also a visual comic book but there's a difference and i have this i don't have any problem with a story like that right problem namely that yet because like when oliver stone doesn't move we like the doors or the j if i want to just can't they want to kill all items
but i mean it manoeuvring or did you just or like weeds alexander the great alma gaia and then you find out that martin scorsese he had wanted to do alexander the great because oliver stone was doing go oh my god and you know why because it look as alexanders whole life is like a mafia crime family you think what better director than martin scorsese you put japanische in it and you know tat stick and now he has to stop because in a wood this brian the sequel to three hundred it's coming out oh it is when is it coming out think next year ah i'm so happy i love the idea of these times man and obviously this is a lot of luxury and fund and in a fantasy and miles i raised my day are wild there was a wild here and i love that arafat it was my favorite is it so just the idea these movies is so funny way pass the time on the pakistan and unfortunately i'm gonna do i think i'm telling you all here for the first time i think we're good do another big modern series but then i'm gone
to the ancient world it's my first love and we ve been away me martin to me mongols or later history i mean i love that bc stuff do you really love it why nuns another world martin luther story which we sort touched upon we didn't really go any further we got sort of sidetracked well echo in german yeah that's the man that that's what waco could have been had it been a huge bigger story what was fascinating about it to me was that martin luther has his ideas he's a legitimate guy and he also takes the bible and translates it so people can read it he takes the bible translates it fanatically for the longest time it i wasn't aware this people couldn't
the bible they had to go to church in the preset tell them what was in the by or people got mad at me to what i said in a couple of eating he had a lot of biblical scholars out and they gave me the whole thing about we had this vulgar bible level but basically though it's true statement which is that most people especially in places like germany are not reading latin during this time round because their knowledge there not written anything basically and of course latin itself has just it their debts translate knowing by giorgio either it's not even alive language at tat time it rotates dead language now there were a lot of people outside the church walkin around eighty latin on the streets and its translated another dead language in ancient hebrew so this ancient he knows no national some worrying that they were eating hybrid agree greedily and not always gap the crazy i'm not go in there with you could ask levels are rising up all that but the idea is first first and foremost that martin luther was one of the very first people to distribute this information dangerous information and make it so that people know what actually in the bible and it was a visiting oversee about whether the people could handle it without a middle man to interpretive for them because think about this is this is
for modern people because even when you truly believe the bible is the word of god you're still living in this modern civilization were you no doubt is out there and you know it still influences you even subconscious level whereas these p well if you really believe one hundred percent no if so and everybody around you did do you live in a cultural area but i believe that the subject at the exact words nod and now these scholars whom you trust her telling you to interpret it for yourself that idiot who wrote the negative reviews on the internet from the insane asylum is told hey you too can interpret this for yourself and then what's going on and the catholic church was in a moment and we have to say real sanity here going that could be a little dangerous don't you well they knew is a quantum leap it was a historical moment you know almost like
now mean not a catastrophe like a nine eleven but a historical moment of that significant the sudden tartarus billina and understand exactly but people having the opportunity to read the bible was a huge burst of change that spread through these community and when you think that you ve been lied which all of a sudden a bunch of people are like wait a minute you i didn't they tell me no you're keeping the what are we compare it to an episode we set of aliens came down and they had the real word of god and they said we have the real word of god you're like oh my lord cafe and theirs it but you can't read it because it's an alien rule tell you what it says i mean that's what makes no secret of roy podcast you you'll bring up that alien scenario i've decided while alien so around the ailing my fat everybody says with drinking game when state once again mentions aliens taking you brought you right now i'm playing it and you know what i was supposed to bring with me to day some ointment
with a fly in it because apparently with the last time i was here i use the term fly in the ointment about seven hundred times when i go back to home in my buddy goes you'd ever i've never heard you use that phrase ever and i go and any should look look at romans discussion would fly in the ointment fight what did what the fly in the ointment supply the bloody ointment you know that i can be my catchphrase not just gonna adopted embrace it you know said at once have i have i briny no i did not know how many lives and this time you don't know who you got on the show that's hilarious that's what they're gonna that discussion while their deep you know dude the martin luther thing what's fastening to me is martin luther had some ideas but then these really radical people took his ideas and when way further wisher they went full on no one as private property you know like some sort of communism socialism agenda and i'm gonna
like all the women like they went seeds have we learnt that is what happens when ever jake's plus be yours i'm the messiah and i can have all your wives i mean it just it's almost an algebraic expression i know you're all started indefinite aplenty food but seriously i'm supposed to be that way will you know what's really funny if you look at history that that exact thing has happened and what i love about it is it's always we have to get back to the way it really was with jesus was jesus
do you know where i don't remember jesus saying and all your wives or mine that they throw that in its just like jesus and all your wives or mine always happens it blew like the wave of her eyes exact but put it happened like five year that would the wit jeffreys guy they all do and there was a bunch of that too i don't go here s the one thing i mentioned something i'm gonna get ten thousand we haven't even before this period in hungary there was a margin these free love movements of day based at all on the we know all this stuff does the guy in siberia that says he chooses z bang everybody i don't know the guy in siberia known as guy oh my god vice didn't incredible documentary on him he's got a village up there i mean of large village withers many many many people hundreds and hundreds of people to know how many might be more than a thousand that are in his community and they all of these homes set up and they all show up these meetings and churches and this guy
lives on a hill is like jeez jesus the jesus from siberia and it comes down to bless zombie goes back up to his house and they all like sing songs and eat dinner together and grow food i believe i start i don't know i really believe that this predates cheese and that this is a human thing that that there are either born with this genetic make up or somebody figured out a really great scam a long time ago that said you know i could just be either god or the profit of god and this would we worked out well for me what am i gonna do for a living in all looks terrible and how i could be a profit and look at it you could go long before christianity and see these people running around saying ah i'm not a witch doctor i'm the son of god and these goes right back to to bring it up again the alpha male primate instincts that what sort of flavoured the very progress that than the need to conquer sort of flavoured the very progress all goes back to the same thing so crazy thing that wants to run the whole bought group of other people so is the same
it's if you look at how freaky things get when people start questioning i mean like like the story of real name is ominous tap the fourth but i cannot in is the way he's known in history the the supposedly the first monotheistic an egyptian pharaoh that decide that there is only one god in an era where egypt had an extremely powerful priestly class and veronica times who ran everything they were like the civil servants the bureaucracy the whole thing the right people to read and he comes in there the faro right a living god and says guess what whole religion that we stood with brazil of years there's only one god i've changed it and it's the sun and this thing
happen they think he may have been assassinated after he dies the priests get back into power in cross all follow the pictures of him in the hieroglyphics with his name is phased describe as an end and that's the kind of revolution that's bigger than any the kind that luther did because you're not just saying the government's wrong with society's you're saying reality as you have known it is a lie and we're going to change it and we in the modern world have never lived through anything like that mean that that is a questioning of emily things that you could say is a little bit like that but you don't believe in a single truth as a society right yes you can actually say that single truth that every one of you ve taken for granted is wrong with that that's a wicked hundred eighty degree in a shift in prison prince and you have to know something's gonna go wrong
that is also really important that everybody does agree on things that's a very honouring its done very modern concepts the only way infrastructures gonna get laid out and fuckin pipes for fast internet connections are going to be put in place is someone other than you are i'm doing it but you need you know you need some who can figure that out you need someone who who you know like sir bands and people dont like other bad you don't need that and the reason you know that is we ve had to very large totalitarian regimes in europe rents lifetime or your grandparents that that dictated that there was only going to be one mode of not in one reality and if you thought different they might kill you right nazi germany the soviet union become into wretch the two were where there was very narrow band of of free thought you could have and the attempt was and everybody on the same page i think and because it and i think parliament quoting hitler here the the if was to have one brain
running the society instead of all these brains and if you had an entire people who could then be the muscle force for one will than you are to be more efficient and he thought hitler thought they were they were much more efficient than we were could you have one guy saying ok we're going all do this and then everybody does it as opposed to us we're all this chaotic stuff and you know doing everybody of moving in their own direction ending the theory of capitalism that's a good thing we want these totalitarian regimes that is allowed wasted energy in a lot of wasted effort and who made you qualified to decide that you wanted to do when i say by saying the only way to how what i mean is the only way to have a society that works well that you have a lot of things happening as you have to have disagreements you have to have a new role and reliably of italy wife differently we want freeman too but this should be freedom a mean obviously ryan everybody sort of one or he's aren't that says the end of what i think one of the problems that we have really for inform us is that no one is qualified to be president the idea the president is a joke the
being a mayor is a joke the idea being to governors joke it's too big it's too big a task for any one person so one person just be a figurehead one person to be dubious ex person that's ridiculous be that any more than one person was on my view but so out of ok you can say what the alternative internet on the internet the alternative and then ok ok well what about all these crazy people what about all this fuckin nonsense what always not supposed in unit then we have to deal with the real issue that humanity faces the info structure of humanity itself is incredibly flawed because we ignore a bunch of crazy people we are in and ignore impoverished people we ignore the weakest link in our community would pretend it's not our community if we become a global community we can have to address that you'd have to just who
what should we human beings are making should a human beings they grow up to become you two posters those you to the congress literate you ass all they ve got millions in world die because she sings the song and you ve got me like about something that is still to basic philosophy as you could have in our kind of political system one is the super your human being in other words a society three hundred million people in the same way you would produce some great olympic ghastly tour superior this or that physically you will produce some people who work superior in terms of governing in of education whatever it is so that they can be our representative and do a better job than we could do ourselves or you can go back to a concept ancient greece although didn't run like this and injuries and say that the internet can be the facilities for this and say let's vote on every individual
decision forget senators forget congressmen we have an internet it could be like american idol you could say hey should we go invade afghanistan get on your internet right now vote and will tell you what the tallies our later although it might be like that show that you said you were on that one time where the votes dinner the count but last commagena mining by everybody wanted to invade afghanistan and i point nine percent while the blanks guy yet but you know what i mean is it then that that the two philosophies are really a polar opposite one is that what you actually try the united states as you know it today to make decisions any better than their made now or or would you say listen that an and fill in the black accept my pig different people but i would let that guy be president because he do a better job than the current cropper people if i could point he'd know you need for me wouldn't be a politician i find some guys you can't have the system we have it doesnt work this is my my point if you wanted to
i'd like to keep patching up and keep pretending that there's any logical reason why have you started from scratch they would try design or political interest not least on the of the ability to exchange information that we enjoy today you would never have your horse and i agree with that well i don't know about that but our daily i died i think it's a bad thing it's a ridiculous position first of all and i think the idea of people who were wise an older and maybe perhaps information have information information but without any ulterior motive like people
really genuinely want their community to grow up to be a safer place people who want letting we're how in italy there is no doubt whatever your police officer do you want to be president absolutely not ok you have right arm you know here is that you are if you're what but these it's easy thing is president it's no one is qualified illiterate and be a job and let it is on our talk about decentralization that yes that's the problem might be that we have a government bill for thirteen states and small ruin much shorter population what if what if we said listen that's the problem and i talked to james burke of connections and he said that the internet is going to make the old days it's almost like building monopolies we talked about entertainment companies conglomeration because they need to do in the old days you needed to major stronger safer country but now with the internet and the ideas and maybe decentralization becomes the answer to some of them
ukraine is also the idea that people are trying to organise to avoid tyranny the reason why state will pass a law that the federal government doesn't agree with his cause estate disagrees without a federal government's deject dictating to four comes right so those like but like in colorado their vote on mount marijuana being legal they band together and say hey man look we're this is our land this where we live and we think it's cool to do here if you if there is a bigger argument if you guys want to come in proved to us that you could sell oxy cottons every fuckin cbs but this shit is illegal you can have to make you didn't have to make a point as we haven't and we now have state law this is an age old question that remember that before we had the government we had something under the articles of confederation and the articles
confederation the earlier system the argument against it was that the federal government didn't have enough power and that the states could get away with too much including things like maybe a connecticut should be able to print their own money and answer you you get to listening where it where it word that wasn't working so they went the other direction and then there was a time joe where we weren't called you when people would say the united states of america now these are the united states of america is doing something it was concerned to be such an agreement between a bunch of states than until about i wanna stay night hundred and eighty nine they would say the unit it states of america are doing something the words talk about the states as though they really it's not a country it's a confession nation of states that agree to be together because its workin for them the civil war screw
and holding up and that's when you get these guys like rand paul always has like five guys work informal agreement as to the confederacy if they want to he's got some secret why people work or form her once a carried out what scary though is that if you like me and i don't agree with any of those kind of things i understand their point of what they're saying though which is that the the racism and the slavery in the jim crow us totally screwed up states rights because it's like a child who you say you can stay out as late as you want because i trust you and then they stay out till five in the morning and they come all drug and you go that's it for you you're not gonna be staying out and that's what the states did they abuse the states rights things and end the federal from now gets to run why were you could go god maybe we maybe we could trust the states to be craig but what you will have happened is the states that are gus will
only use their things responsibly in the states we don't like will be you know no voting rights in the world you and all the geo we're putting people to death from arrow want to use in south carolina does if that's the way we like it so iraq and diana so you wonder if it would work but at the same time you go a little bit centralisation start to sound kind of good well only for the complexity reason a very good point and what i when i meant by it's good to have states to fight against here any ultimately be really nice there's no tyranny and it was really nice it wouldn't be no tyranny then we should really start looking at anything regionally and they
stands to states extends to countries that extend james ocean virtue communities why do you have a half that because you may have people that are like you five hundred homer and tennessee why should tennessee be tennessee why can it be the joe rogan nation which includes five hundred people fleet as a real problem you name it after a dude he's gonna fuck everybody i then when you're gone into the bright red been designed mainly run for everybody authorities remember it's not a good idea the son of god in everybody's wiping his you can't it's gonna marry can't rock that iraq that week we can have that kind of power people do they fuck it up but the problem is that the decision staff to be made to someone's gotta have the enlightened voting alike american ok but if you're gonna above you gonna and whoop after the swear folks women because there will be no history let me just ass if you were going to design a new civilization if you could like stop everything that we're doing and just look at it in terms of ok here's the resources here's a humans need to be fed here's the the things that need to be done to make our life a better place
our conflicts you'd find the complex it's almost the same conflict have always existed control over resources if one person has an oil whether punts personages sucking billions of dollars on the ground and then there's the hippies a man who says that oils his man that oils the earth why should build a profit of that and then they rightly people say while he's the one who built the infrastructure we built the machines are designed to be a fuckin dirty happy of course he gets deal all the oil and it gets to be aware situation we go ok manage those conflict everybody else is bullshit lobbied israel's right to look at the way in others this choice look at one is the ways it done in the past which we talked about direct democracy in that you could do it let's vote on who gets to only oil while or whatever then there's representative governments will you say joe small can be my guy and be beating one who votes for me either as i tell him to which some people believe our governments must do or because i trust his intellect in his judgment and so he'll go do that or some
here we have invented yet nike trying to tell people this all the time the attitude they have is that every kind of government that's ever going to be invented has been invented choices are the ones we had i'm truly of the belief system that there are going to be kinds of governments we haven't thought of yet the the internet might be a perfect example of something that can facilitate that i dont know what they would be and they might be an evolution is something already seen or they might be something totally wicked and weird but i think that that might happen i think it already is an ally ways internet is judging their passing judgment and a sentence on george zimmermann and a lot of ways this trade on martin thing and i don't mean everybody but there's a percentage of people that have decided that guy murdered that kid and he got away with it and their writing the in making videos and attacking attacking attacking all day and that is in a large sense a punishment in a huge sense it's not even being thought of because every well the guys out their wonderin free stuff
a key is could you imagine how terrifying it is i'm in no way supporting this man in no way i did not i'm i'm i'm not castigating judgment i'm seeing imagine how much hate that guy feels everywhere he goes every time he sees a black face he knows it's very likely that person is very mad at him or might even want to salt him or even possibly kill him there's some people out there that hate that guy in that's all based on the judgment of the internet that's all base the judgment of the people that have access to the information they ve collected we agreed that they hate them little judgment but i'm not comparing yet to all these disclaimers we have to have another hearings age it is important to develop but the oj simpson thing seems very similar to me that was basically pre internet what it is but it immediately radiation from actually the aid which is distributed differently but it was just as effective in the eyes of the public consciousness absorbing it yet
i think so but now i think i think zimmermann gets it like more ready he hears the appeal directly from the one i have him run into exotic oj could put blinders on and go to a restaurant and pretend i was acquitted i'm looking for the killer making war or he could lie to himself about how many people wanted minos something bad happened to him we can't we rely to yourself when you read the comment but yeah yeah and even let's socks it's good i hate zimmermann rogan carlin i hate hmong people hey there's a lot of people the hate and that something that we're gonna have to address just as a as is if you if the human organism really is a super organism the human race here it's like a person who has a cavity this trend ignoring it if you get
you're crazy people in this world you get a bunch of a mindless people that are doing horrible crimes you have to dress that somehow another collectively we have to stop trying to get a tesla ass an address now is what you're lying behaviors the line this is the jet joe rogan dan karla where i don't follow you but you're out you're my mom's camp those who yet in good company but that its tone is eighty tell me that if only because it says we humans must evolve passed all this stuff lonely while and then there's the camp it says no what you see now and what you have seen since the beginning is we are rather you have to build systems with an understanding that this is what we are and i know this is the history think they're only reason you learn from history is because the
one thing that's not changing in those history books is ice is its human rights everywhere everything else changes but the right you know those guys in the roman play that's that there were toga zone but they were ass when you read about the stories of yon van blind or listen to you talk about it actually go that's david caress right the same guy and so my point is that i am not willing to try to build a society based on the ok as long as we evolved this will work because i don't think that's happening i see your pessimism and i told you understand i learned the pessimism letting you know i think if you look at human beings from the time of neanderthal wars with the fuckin vikings and the other krispijn shaw showing up and seeing a pile of bones it looks like a snow capped mountain distance cause the mongols got there first that's where they had abandoned roads because there are so many decaying bodies of fact ruling blocking rodya locking the roads and everyone was dying of diseases mean that that
happened just a few what made me was a nine hundred years younger than you ever let me just say you haven't heard the asked front podcast we did not have inherited and i tell you the way it starts the asked front podcast media which is on the war in the eastern front which not and i had a loaded up do you do with more people in the west on no but as we learn about d day and all these things we did but we were on the periphery of that war what war really happened between the germans and the soviet union in the east and there's a book called aftermath by donovan webster which is a fascinating book where he goes to these battlefields today and sees what's there it's like a geo rogan questions everything and he goes swarmed area because it works it's not as good as that obviously but he goes area it goes to the girl he goes to this this yield in the middle of the steps so it's with mongols worsens this wide open expands with no hills demands and are in a russian i'd takes him here in its covered in snow and the russian guide tells him
please i down on the ground so he's viewing it at eye level faces as soon as i do in issues might my eyes adjust to the sun and the snow i see things sticking out of the ground all the way miles off into the horizon and realises their bomb all as food or is the i can see and then he goes may start walking their bones with boots on them and belts and everything and its because so many people this is where stalingrad was on the last day of and it miles and miles and the soviet union bear anything they just chord in the whole area off after the war and lead everything stay where it was since he wrote the book and the soviet union has fallen the treasure hunters have been going through these areas because they can sell daggers in blue ten metals and all these things they find and they have been you can go online and see whether they take these places queen but i mean it's
b lieve and this is now i mean this is their there and the farmers should still their young farmers and in their and there's no pictures the soviet union when limb take pictures so there are how many miles off for and not just here you go to this one valley and it's all there and then you drive to another valley and there's another one because there what they would do is they went on google maps now i dont a good question but what they will do as they will they they would close these rings rightly which surround the liver and look for it if you would call us all from soviet bone fields of soviet bone is what happens is as their as their surrounding these germans they're closing the ring tighter and tighter and then they whose artillery and just destroy these pack germans were packed in you know a pocket of maybe fifty miles by five miles and they just and the soviets just left him there and they left their own troops later and so when you when you hear the story of the austrian this
recent and those people did the farmers used to have to take the tractors and pile up the bones in the corner of their farm so they could plowed the fields this is scandalous and you got a friend what time periods as what you nineteen forty five forty four forty three and if you go to france today this is also in webster's book which is a fabulous book aftermath he should go get it he talks about the first world war were you gotta france today and they have giant parts of the most fertile parts of france that are don't cordoned off you can't go near because there's
three thousand or something artillery shells you know per square twenty feet or something that come to the surface because the weather brings them up some of them have poison gas in em they're all rusty and destabilize and the french have squads of people who collect these as best as they can all the time and then like every month take em off the coast at low tide and blow up in they lose like fifty or a hundred of these guys every year who do nothing but dig up this artillery that's made huge swathes of nineteen fourteen nineteen eighteen uninhabitable and it's still there and so
you talk about how long ago some of this stuff happens a lot of this stuff did even happened that long ago but people don't even know it's out there so your thoughts on seeing her horrific things that have happened like that are that you look it's just a matter of the shit ending the fan here something going wrong us getting into some sort of global conflict is happening at your doorstep and we would revert right here's my theory i almost feel like pressure builds up like you know income if when you wish to call it a quick whether right union this thing we just felt like ok there has been an earthquake in along too you can almost feel the ground getting ready and like it just said these get a break in the first world war was that way everybody kind of sought him something to map is ending and boom it happens i think that's what happens i think i think tensions build up things get frayed the system's begin to generate people start getting rusty and then something happens and everybody goes berserk for awhile and and in europe happened like every hundred years you know after they beat the hell out of napoleon they saw
the congress of vienna and they get this great system going the system goes for a hundred years until it phrase and unwanted phrase adele explodes again and even bigger war and then the first we're war leads to the second world war is just the tension in the stress get to be such a degree that things just collapse unexploded but when you have an earthquake it takes the tent away for a while it's like it it's like whatever the seismic pressure that was building up in his depression for a while everybody can exhale and then slowly he starts ratcheting up again i think that that's what happens we hit these periods we're earthquakes just how do you think this is that the system today is a safer place though the nineteen fortys and certainly than twelve hundred no you don't say i literally i don't want to pretend that i do i think that perhaps worryin one of those pure there's an army and about because you know i'm an anti global i don't like to unite date should be an hundred forty seven countries i'm i'm against all that but the people that argue with me about that so to give fair due to them
say that the reason we don't have that kind of stuff happening is because the periods of history where you had great powers it was great britain before us there have been other powers before that the roman empire whenever you want to say that date the lid on these things that they provide the stability that when they are not there or when they choose to not do their job sometimes everything finally goes too how about you so you gonna have these earthquake sometimes but if you have an overarching power that can sort of knit the earthquakes in the bud it doesn't get his bad i don't know but what they always argue with me against i dont know that you can prove because i don t exactly know what causes them i think it's a different you think it's just human nature yes and that's what about earlier you can change human nature you can you can change your own nature if you know what here you ok if i want to think like joe rogan for one or more of our talk about evolving love i use like nor my mom you gotta meet my mom she's crazy to me if you want to talk about evolving pass this then maybe you could talk about
dna changing and some of the scientists who are taught it's funny because you get back to nazi eugenics when you get to this but there is theirs there's an opposite thought when instead of creating the mass duration germs of the strongest and the biggest in may creating a master race means getting rid of those human quite what is that if we had a choice people wouldn't have you about madness will what if some madness is connected to things the dna string or via once or whatever you want to say these people that are important what if you're born to be rapists and you could get rid of that from somebody's d had the river the someone just got a new tattooed dank ireland but you see my point is that if you want to set about changing human nature it might have to be at
dna level as opposed to helping the people will just the real willingly or that there is wide disagree with that is your item nine no doubt he will have changed as i know the real i'm human beings have evolved and modelled on making demands which have nothing to add societies of nano juggling but can not what happens one person happened to cannot have happened to a group cannot happen to society i think the real issue is were now making the best use of the information that we ve been provided we have unlimited access to all the answers as far as human is enough arguments some of these weirdos could be time their weird management and i think there's a management of your own personal energy end use your twenty yoga classes and tat i showed you can't carotid should be a part of your life i think i mean for i have always said that for boys i think that something difficult whether its raw climbing or whether its jujitsu or whether it's a supporter of musical pursuit something
adult is important because the eu this overwhelming desire to spread your seed not just actually it's also spread your idea of one of your parents we don't do that for you too should the overarching state mandate that it had that does never work i think you should just be positive examples around i think the idea of government to me is not as effective and cleaning up a neighbourhood as a really well funded gonna little hand beside a lot array and i'm telling i'm a hybrid here they ve got a lotta heavy and made a hippie jets you on the bridge yoke it y see it actually hippies in the right my mother thinks bad earthquakes are going to happen and we're gonna be forced to pull together afterwards and that that will bring societal lottery but believe that could happen and i remember after nine eleven that big historical moment where people really fucking nice in new york it was one of the weirdest things ever remember going back to new york we were there in two thousand and two
maybe maybe december two thousand and one a few months after nine eleven and people were nicer than i can ever remember nicer more engaged more tuned into each other more like a more more appreciative of each other it was a completely different vat long would at last to deal it lasted for couple years and people turn country again but it's like so they revert back to human nature atta kickboxing instructors name is shoot each yuki from israel cool motherfucker i think he's in in israel now but he was trained in holland and lived in israel and you know i ve been a fuckin war zone man and sky i went over his house for dinner once commit his wife they start ants and they bring out the bongos their kids are dancing and me he's like so festive in other haven't a couple a cock doesn't over drunk too just like having a good time and so i said to him i said why go so many israelis i mean like layaway so happy in fun loving and like it goes because over there goes you could just fucking die because you can
spoken thy people dial the times when you're alive party body party and that was his attitude it was i had friends like their growing up and they weren't they do not a universal response for further those types of situations but i think one of the possibilities that you can appreciate life when it becomes leading i think the problem with your philosophy and i'm not denigrating it here is i absolutely believe you are right and i think we all i mean if you add grabbed me eighteen and compared the eighteen year old media now you would say while the tank arlene guy has evolved and he's he's he's a better person in so many ways than he was there but i'm not human beings in the aggregate name when you think about all those people out there and you say for thing
to change we all have to get better or it won't work and i'm thinking to myself ok i know which way i'm betting on this in vegas and go in a vague as a bidding against the human race because i've seen it operate yeah no i see what you say and i agree with almost complete adoption and now you're back into nazi land where they say the only way to get complete adoption is to mandate completed option if you give people freedom you're giving people the freedom to not evolve and there's a lot of people to choose the not evolve option i absolutely singular ass it is you want to look at it in terms of you know you ve seen so far like these patterns repeating ourselves over and over again judging from experience one would lead to believe but my answer to the big difference in the ingredient is the internet and i think that didn't exist before and i think the ability to exchange information the way we we enjoy it now you can't
actor in the influence it that's gonna have on how people understand the impact of decisions how people understand how behaviour affects people how people understand the good people as well what did the ability to spread that and to realise that you know think ill of people i love you like to think that people and i ran or somehow another enemy but then you watch all these videos of kids and i ran in people talking about america and people talking about the problems of the world you oh wait a minute they're just like us they just people it is young people that have a different noise that they make for their mouth that they know equals their words but are now they're just people and then slowly but surely sinking in society of enemies and groups and states and territories and countries it seems more more ridiculous when the the global communications an action that we have reached brings us all together and in a way this never happened before just in countries but in states and communities and slow
we but surely we're going to realise that we are conflict that we have are all because of cavities it we're avoiding it's all because of behaviour that we're not checking at an early age saw because there's zero emphasis put on managing psychology for children zob know nobody ever taught me and i think they were taught me how to think positive and move forward and how to treat people be kind and that that is actually beneficial lady seize on the one part of that that i really can can can grab and hold that you said that i like about the children thing we did a show called suffered the children one where i examined something called psycho history which is it is it is a line of history that a lot of people don't buy into and we and we we did the show that where's idea carl unexamined everything i mean it was i was over there are basically talk to these guys and and and thinking about psycho history there's only a few people who do it but their contention was if you look at the child rearing practices that people you
to do in the good old days hundred to five hundred seven thousand years ago almost all of it would be classified if you did it today elliot or use an end the attitude on the part of many assumptions that these people make is if you could actually raise better children knowing what we know now understand what we know you might actually each change the human race because if if child these massive child abuse on society wide level helps explain why the past is what it is all the violence and carnage and horrific miss the could you change that outcome by raising better children and that my have something to do with what you are talking about here and not be utopian will you say listen the church
given that were raised well in the past we're fine it's all these crazy people whose parents beat them with a chain that screwed up the past what have you got rid of parents beating their children with a chain for the most part wooden society as a whole be better find its evil shitty people make shitty people that's what it is so high one stops that change so so so again how do i add an end and at what point once again we get the problem is that you and i are non coercive people but you get to a point where in order for our ideals to work somebody has to tell somebody you can't hit your child with a chain dude and that's coercive so i mean so at some level we're still talking about forcing people to do something that they don't want to do and where's the line wild fort not necessarily forcing people but inspiring them to do bam inspiring you not to hit your child with a sharing out a way to raise people that but first of all making it much more voluntary when you have a child making it
something that you you know you you engineer whether its through better birth control or through better better education or through through something there's gotta be a way to make it a little bit more difficult for an ass all to be raising a person of fuckin that protecting rob miss those people dont really realised that they are not the people who should be having kids but will they in twenty years that's my thought well change the way we ve changed your the eight or nine years it will change that that guy and go on line ago i should i don't think it'll be as simple as going online that's what my point is my point is that it will become a part of us the internet
it's not going to be something that you plug into its gonna be something that you experience all the time that systematic time very doing that with these google glass as they might be right and as you know and i think it's gonna eventually work its way into some sort of a contact lens or maybe even an implant there's gonna be and whether its of a hundred years later this letter less let the pessimists play with your idea because i think you're probably right i mean i can go there that you can't possibly imagine what great made matrix like practically plug it into the back of your head and go but don't you see the possibility for the optimum there was a great monkeys ok and age they remember the monkeys graham always wear that mobility not on rewrite verona without unreal member there the what were the tv you turn the tv on the tv would be looking back at you in tehran you to do things i mean in the same way that you see the freedom that a google glass and the plug in all the time can give you what if the person
providing the message of the same people that are telling us to go beyond hundred and forty seven countries all the time in these people in iran we didn't you speak differently they're all a bunch of terrorism i mean what if the person delivering the stuff in the google glass or matrix taking the plug in the back of your head isn't benign knots point but i don't think it holds up because i think accountability responsible eventually there's gonna be a trail from every action to the reaction and we're gonna be to follow those trails and the people will be held accountable to the transparency that you see in your own life where the nsa's able to get into your we're talking i edward snowden stuff right now i'm talkin about what's his face the fuckin the c i a guy the head spook the general betray us who got bus because of an email exchange with a mistress can i mean what do you accept my theory though about if you're there did the cia and you know that you're cheating and you know what will happen if that gets out butcher the the cia and you know what the cia knows it can find out how
any ideas he is just ass you are wasting money as it is written mar this ring it around full circle because i've been ravenous conversational last time i was in the house of rogue it's impossible to avoid that conversation because it's one of the most fascinating three zero haiti's didn't we gazed data to two gary hard to ask me yeah it's the type of human being that once a run things and i think that the idea of running things is preposterous i don't think anybody should be able to run things as in people so the colored a government which is now all of these people who want to run things how dare you you're not we the coercive dont want to
things government are telling you who want to run things sit back on your rearing could you not allowed run things even running scholarly things can be problematic we were talking about that earlier that sometimes you know professors who have ten year can like that they can to dominate over ideas and i do not want to ban because they ve been crazy you made your right hand because its ego they ve been teaching one way for so long some new information comes up new want to fight that fuckin shit tooth and nail even if it doesn't make any sense not all the time but its it happened since the weird thing that people do not have our part me the funny thing is you're like at war with yourself time you're like these people are so terrible deadly they have the time and i think we can evolve living its human nature i personally believe that its human nature whenever any one person has ultimate power their views and their different as customer riley dominance and all and these are police ten these are human quality as do this is what makes the drama of history that that you
i wish you d better now you can't be into history because its sex and violence and and back stabbing that's all the stuff we love in in drama but it's real real because this is who we are yes but let's go back to a scenario where its four of us living on a village somewhere just the four of us the only people on the planet if all the sudden jamie decided that he was the king and jamie
was gonna cast rules and regulations lord of the fly you feel that mother law every yet that's wish it goes wrong we're shekels wrongs or one person in charge of no shit going wrong is no party has some in nature screwed up man is is it screwed up or is it naturally this like only one way to get the pussy you gotta control but here's the funny parties walk without we actually we actually glorify that would say he's got leadership skills yes we usually these it has reported leader and the rest of us should look up to that and love and to make the decision is apparent from war pussies and were shocked when that same behaviour repeats itself over and over like exact coming our letters ass when you feel rang the coroner what i'm saying is it doesn't have to stay that way and i really dont believe it does i think that there is going to come a time whether it's a thousand years dour hundred years from now or ten where there's
complete total accountability and and and ever lucian airy jump in the way we look at things in the way we look at behaviour and information to the way the people a future going to that's gonna be just as big of a leap as the way we look at the internet to the people who lived in martin luther time look at the idea of translating the bible into something that you can actually ray i hope you're right along my inevitably idea sounds great to me it cannot go wrong don't get me wrong and it could be no the proof is light as you said it's wrong right now in several parts of the world even go look in the congo it's wrong i'm i'm not so sure it's right here it's not working rightly going i think we're only good point either we're on a precipice you were things could go either way if we talked about this last time do where i am not convinced they were not in an era where we're gonna look back on a go oh my god what did we do you know when you start looking at the way burma is aging
they all do they are they all do but when you see it again over and over again and he was one of the younger guys to get into office and fuckin looked youthful and vital and now he just like like he's just dried out weird it's entered it sucks em down like friends at the mouth of information that must come on that guy's desk evidence in a listen i've always had been people owing to a law is if you talk about politics anywhere you do talk radio or whatever you're always gonna get these couple of people in all the eu should run for president you should now wide and you do you think you're so if you go and kill people being there's not a presidency forbidden has ned order something that really eyes and in this but here again you get to the point we go but i'd love to have a presence that said i'm not gonna go in there kill anybody i mean but because do you think about a guideline president obama or any of these guys and they know they want to be president and they know that they're gonna will tell you a story i guess and the jury duty wants a norm
we i get out a jury duty in a very george carlin like fashion where it basically go i believe in convicting people ever but somehow once i made it through and it was a drunk driving case and it took me in there and they ask these questions like does anybody know how the alcohol blood level content somebody's can be changed and nobody raise your hand going well you know you could eat and all these things there ok next question anybody and i raised my hand again by the fourth time really ready if you look at me like are you going the problem convicting this person and i go i really can't have that on my conscience to go you know society runs because people are willing to do this and i said you have not i you know i really i realize i understand that but i can't have that on my head even for a drunk driving conviction and end so you go downtown for president yeah but you know nobody you get hurt you working in all doings now how did it done you know you can have a president i don't think they can be won
i think in his own work jury duty right at me the morn is it now he's got it you that i'm thinking of eventually we're gonna know who did what to be in your head oh jergens there's gotta be unavoidable i think the way we record information right now is archaic we have this shitty fuckin biological hard drives and we record data will work memories we record ideas and sometimes people only remember the fact they did i bet if you went to oj right now and got got inside over his head and got a memory of the actual event where his wife and her boyfriend was were killed i bet it would chaos i would better is whether it was with some people yesterday that i grew up with a they start telling me stories of my own life framingham and i'm goin what
and then there are certain things that kind of vaguely remembered and you're like why that was a memory there was a long gone you no more you know they ve one of the recent discoveries that they ve been able to show is they actually are proof that they can implant memories into a mouse as a new study that they ve done where they actually shown the vacant artificially implement a memory into a multi jordanian just went back into my pessimism land that's how they're gonna convict anybody whose dangers in the future taking to implant you know you actually i think he's gonna go rush out of your junk and send it out to women well it's in your brain is needed if it isn't it a booby five minutes from now who think that damn chrome be the conspiratorial why a loop of us i think that this knowledge that that's gonna think you're gonna be able to go back to this point now in iraq right right isn't ass venerian might thereby fainter and if your martin luther king in the future they're gonna email child porn on your computer judgment was doing you're gone baby i think it's gonna be one i think it's going one further than that i think we are going to have an artificial way of recording things that's indisputable and i think
you're going to have a hard as they were designed where you can i think you're gonna have a hard drive for your life you gonna have to have a hard drive for your life where your experiences are translated into some sort of a digital form that as an example in thirty years old you go to resurrection and they shoot you dad that doesn't like playing out before your eyes literally let you know what's funny is is is we both see the same thing and you just see the good outcome and i'm thinking oh my god what do you know why because i consider that a person because i experienced that and i know about my own battles with my chin pansy dna and my own ideas about becoming a more enlightened person or a more empathetic unkind and loving person don't you worry myself who are still chimpanzees and will always love you but i am my whole life less than die they either they are run it i've got a bunch of those guys just passively and love to man they have all too if you if you surround yourself with a bunch of people that are trying to achieve similar calls you can support each other and help each other and i think the community i have been able to be a part of just with my friends shows me that there's hope you're in audio which imps anymore but the chimps are hanging out together worryingly forces you see no other have plenty a chip friends not manage their chimpanzee like my friend tate he's a perfect example of a champion those on managing the champ
trains a law does large jitsu does a lot of reading thinks allows very thoughtful buried airlines it shocks but he's got his idea he's got his camera he's gotta idea of what you know what what what constitutes being good person what constitutes being noble in only pursues it in the end in its infectious it's kind of contagious when you around people that are trying to do things along seems lot same lines when trying to improve you want improve yourself the problem is people imitate their atmosphere and if you're atmosphere is living with the fuckin mongols have you atmosphere is he your you're hanging out with these savages that are wearing my skin jackets and chop and babies heads offer a guph like that's you world then this is this is where you have tried try stopping that because you beings operates so much on momentum it's very difficult and you have also have to have like a time of of
that resources waken actually stop and rest and reconsider how things are being done because otherwise your basically pushing forward for survival every day which allows you almost zero time for introspection when you're in out of a city and there's a hundred thousand fuckin savages on horseback with bows and arrows it take a hundred and how many pounds to poem hundred and forty some pcs rice ted nude uses a forty five compound bow he should see what those people who can do that over and over look like they must be like just sinewy monsters year and ended hold onto the horses were just their legs and insane shoot from underneath the belly while holding on what you're let orange air their leisure legality like electric energy to guard on others agenda variant of enjoying it since they were two or three me these are like old muscles yeah now the crazy while it becomes a part of libya and warlike though to they talked about how these people were just for me cause it so in their culture
has been going on since they were so because you know you know there's a mean muscles are different now do you reach proved puberty than before but if you are used in those same muscles from the time you're too we are re ache its meaning don't get large and bulky they just get like iron and sinewy and it's a whole different strategies is also a neurological strength from doing a movement of nano minority muscle member it's also a path like you know tire shoes some say issues be don't think about it just tyre issues that happens you get candy jitsu and choke guys out enough before even realize that you token somebody out you're like literally sinking up to choke before you even know you did someone spans you counter it all happened completely outside of of conscious thought and it's it's happening it with extreme i think about that with the mongols alive but yes mentioned yet no at an end and that is the kind of thing where it was yeah i remember you trying to sum up what we said we ve talked about their viciousness and i remember thinking i really think of it that way
i think it's more like what you just mentioned where its moral they don't even think about it that's no life scenario vicious it's it's just ok you know just ok it's it's even when it's so ingrained in you you don't have to a vicious to do those things that's just ok in rhetoric about right done you know i mean it's it's it's just done yet it just it's part of your everyday life you dont know any unknown saying he may i wouldn't be nice i'll write his hat off ok i d i didn't it did it yesterday i ll do it again to morrow it's like taken out the trash all when you're dealing with like gin china with the story of the eminently kill their a million nobody knows nobody nobody knows that killed everyone this is a place that learn what i've you didn't surrender of you didn't give in they often everyone in the attitude was if we kill everyone here the next place giving more easily and there's a thing that we do today that people been really criticising that's these double tap drones and the idea
that they shoot these missiles in and then when the people come to collect the bodies under threat ponders issued in another round muzzles did that yet the mongols did that in the stories were horrific mass and you you're fuckin style of doing a pod cast with is so dramatic and so intense tat like you feel like you're there was someone i have sworn flouting the truth we didn't do that with the last one and we didn't and people say well it didn't sell it on a regular shows but you think if you want to do this like i would love to do this into the future and if you make the same movie every time
it begins the same way because i love the way it begins and eventually it loses its ability you lazy these inside pocket so the point is that when we go back to that style you like will be a little fresh again and you earlier but but like the last one is a little bit more straight up a little bit less drama than that which we take the same ingredients and we mix them indifferent amounts russia if you go to like connor ostrander you'll go all that's the traditional formula but then we switch it up with other ones that you don't get tired out while you sort of half to do conde the way you ve done it now that you ve done it if it is anything like that it's so dynamic the way did it like there's only one way to tell a fuckin story you go tell a story the way told there is nobody ever told it before where i give a shit i wish i was interested enough to pick up a few books and look at some pictures and while they hunt fuckin wolves with eagles how crazy remotely are really crazy too little day they hunt wolves with eagles they have trained eagles they send them out and they kill walls mean there the most gangster human beings have ever exist and that the truth of the matter is that the mongols were just that the greatest version of a people and
sure that has existed since almost time immemorial the huns the turks i mean just get the ends the sarmatians these are all the same you know if you think about the way the native americans lived on the plains right it's a culture that works because it so meshed with the geography and the climate and the ecology then once you find a system that works you stick with it because you do not need your heart exile so the mongols were that culture and though cultures were very influenced by whoever was near by for example if your trading or what eating the culture and its chinese you begin to look a little chinese the closure raided were chinese the ito end and that the mongol types tat were in the west looked alive like russians or tuna wherever you were rating and trading with right mongols infused some of that chinese culture into that
step traditions that like sue indians than hazard chinese in am now as opposed to sue indians but have some russian in them and then they take that chinese little little tight tent on them and go into play like russia that's really backward when they invaded and all my god it's like the chinese are like the first world during this time during the russians are like living in grass huts and it must have been just devastating just devastating don't did mongols went into russia in the winter and the only people do that deliberately that is the craziest and they came from the russians are really nasty if you try to invade from the west talk to the swedes talked in the german started the poles it's a nightmare you lose everybody in those winters the monk
come in from the other direction and all my day just day it's like a tidal wave and they came in with all these sophisticated artillery devices from china and then the russians have like these little it looks like ford apache they had these these forts that have like big logs and which in the mongols come in with these stone throwing things in their shit shooting human fact that they ve lid on fire onto these would that's buildings at its like nay palm than i do of human fat or human heads or lying there the air they said you they'd send your prince they'd capture your prince and then he be flying over the walls that you and the monk
on those interested psychological warfare as well as anyone someone needs to do that movie fuck three hundred someone needs to do a real cause i saw mangold the gang is com is that i feel too is a slight come on it's like a pbs fan is like that it was an easy after school special if he was in love with the girl you know choose me as your while i listen if you read some of the current i mean there are some books out there that have been on the new york best seller list where they make him sound like george washington and i always say yes it george wash it you were responsible for fifty to seventy million deaths or however many was i mean look yes the guy i because they say look he started the renaissance zebra he brought culture from east to west that's what they say about alexander too but if you are on the receiving end of alexander the great you don't care we brought hellenism dear society you weren't there to see it or yours all your daughter notation or you know it's weird justification well it's like we said that show though historians always they will look at how much our modern society has benefited from what the mongols did you ever we didn't pay them
ill we ate the food but the people that paid the bill and who lives through it you know how they had had a do those accounts that we read and then i shall we say that we say what you know those are very biased accounts because they were mongols enemies as it that's like saying you can't listen to the jews explain the holocaust cause they did little to vested in it you know examined there really my us about that holocaust thing will you also made really good comparisons between nazi germany and the mongols because of the very fact of history is at history there
yes there is a fact that it opened up trade routes in the chain at unless we get some benefit is good things did happen but you can only say that because it was from twelve hundred we don't know any those able to make a buck this in hitler and the volkswagen we wouldn't have votes widened today management and an end some day that'll be a bigger deal and it was really the way you were we're talking about that is like you had a really like choose your words carefully yes and you still do i just did they error that out their little ragged we edit that's incredible later yeah you what you have to like but the reality is a hundred years from now when people talk about the concentration camps and people talk about it it will be just we talk about the inquisition today i think the fact that you had to choose your words carefully shows what we're talking about there were places can you imagine going to the people
who literally watched and it was like a bomb going off when the mongols hit eastern persia imagine going to those people saying somebody's gonna write a book someday comparing the guy who did this to george washington who they would know but just i mean this is gonna be a great hero you're gonna go what the guy just destroyed everything i've i can see for every know everything men women children that my everybody everybody i knew died and yet is its but that but to be fair to the mongols that's a lot bigger part of human history they just words rabbit they just did it on a higher scale there's a bezonian mungo conquest in world history the mongols are just the champions you know various took it to the high there that mahomedan lee of the of the u know destroying the civilizations around them people there been a lot of flight patterson yet finally we are planning the if you compare the cruelties of society there's always been great trends of cruelty zones been horrible things people and to ensure that there is no dissent it's been
of human history just the mongols said ok let's ramp this bitch up to ten looks like a creative artists and historians will say that some of it was timing too because there were guys like genghis khan that arose in those same people's before the byzantine means worthy the successor state to the romans were so good at at at like that intelligence services that there were other tribes who would say listen you need to watch this guy he's demanding a lot about and the byzantine say ok here's fifty thousand in order mother whatever make sure that guide as an see the morning and they would they would they would strangle these leaders on the rise in the cradle some people have said that the reason genghis khan got to be genghis khan is because the chinese and the byzantine all these people were kind of in a low ebb otherwise they had that guy assassinated or taken out long before because that the major societies around them today those are national security threats when you get these guys were taking these tribes who normally fight each other and poland together to become dangerous that's the
scariest thing in the world to china and the bizarre the mizzen teens into the persians and they worked really hard to make sure that didn't happen they would not pay one tried the russians were very good at this later on pay off one tribe to destroy another tribe and the reason the russians dealt with them uncle successors that were exactly they would go to want to go i know you love our stuff you know will give you i got a fantastic suit of armor fortune five hundred muskets if you'll go attacked as other tribe right now and and that's how they kept him upon the only danger was when they would come together in some people think that the jungle something happened because the people that normally on this goes back to the people say to me down the reason we don't have were worth three because america keeps everything that while in those it was kind of his auntie em in the eastern persian would keep the mongols and all those people from coalescing and they were at a week aben the mongols coalesced and look what happened because of your resolution is policies dan
because you're a fucking a step and deal with that we all got genghis khan thank you very much carlin its it's really hard for people to even put themselves in a state of mind that people must have experienced back when you didn't know what group swear around the corner like when they when people met the germans for the first time they literally didn't they existed and they were scary is i mean like which only three hundred you know if you were going to make that movie today you have to make the germans monsters somebody like one of the beautiful things about your story was what we talked about of them the caribbean shaw sending these p out go check out china and see what's going on there if there's anything good for them is worth invading as you ve never been here and as as their going like you don't even know what the fuck is there they come too
fantastic beautiful city bigger than anything they have ever see never seen anything like it and someone fuck them up and killed all of answer so they like oh shit like did even know what the fuck was over the hill they got over the whole night out jesus we look at them like we find an alien civilization on a planet that's amazing and somebody beat the hell out of the scope but i was scared of this civilization that got the had been out of what they can do that they have nuclear bombs and light savers and someone came a just society use their gasoline eyes right doc them into their special all of a sudden i'm really afraid yeah of there being it's that those times when things like like when they first discovered the germans when when they know a subtle around a million times he asked rita yet when when one civilization finds another listen i always wonder if if if the new world hadn't been discovered what it was bye bye differ columbus and all that discovered in airports always i do that what would the
people in the northern part of the united states have thought when the aztecs or whoever was gonna have a giant civilization and in mexico or women showed up on their doorstep that would have been the nightmare of all time for those poor tribal people who now it was interesting how the way described was like the depictions of those early cultures to his like these people at all this cattle and all this milk and they ve got really big and strong because there but they also did whatever the fuck they wanted so when it comes like real discipline and hard work in like endurance they didn't really have it it's like will always have like a certain amount of strength because of their uniqueness but there is also a vulnerability to it like this can he at all this money and all this riches and then he had some kids and the kids grew up rich and they were all fucked up and eventually falls apart what they used to say about the germans when they were fighting the romans and the germans were young people young people to the romans anyway and these germans were being killed two earlier even than that the culture like the earlier germans to the romans their big there
strong therefore lucius putting lack endurance they lack discipline over the germans could be very disciplined it on and they used to say if you can just get five hundred roman soldiers working together you could beat two thousand of these tribesmen acting as individuals and and and that's and you know there are a whole historians who who basically said that it was civilizations organization that would compensate for the lack of ferocity because civilization kind of weakens man and you know everybody not killing each other in the cities you have laws and grow up nice and and these people are killing each other while they grow up and drunken you know though they and to compensate for this its organization we form into units and we act under a discipline commander and that compensates for the fact that they are much more ferocious that we are what was the gingle con quote about an army of donkeys led by a man's alex end the great got one of those two words were it's an army of donkeys led by a lie and will beat an army of lions led by a donkey s up
fucking or that of alexander the great both civilian if they got similar lines how much those quota they achieve integrate people just people make up shit about what they say at least no weird thing around you know story and it but they used to say that i actually asked a great historian i dont remember which want to ask a question about how much of this because they used to say histories a bunch of lies agreed upon and you say to yourself how much of this stuff is real and archie ology has helped a lot with confirming this are confirming that but it's not very good for statements here's the plan i love i still of the fact that there is a whole lot of written material that hasn't been discovered yet we a fine and we do find periodically these these you'll break into some basement somewhere and fine thousand scrolls or something and oh boy all of a sudden we can fill in cars histories like a jigsaw puzzle and historians are putting that i'm not a historian mother when it means that i always emphasise that way
but separate ye have appeared diana degree but yes you need a phd you that makes you a story well yeah and and and basically what happens when you become a historic one you really specialised so i don't think i would be able to talk about all these different how they interact as much the esa your history enthusiasm we say i'm a fan yes but i do have a degree in it the historian also studies a lot about what's called historiographer which i find fascinating and which is what we're talking about here which is how does this stuff make it into history books and then we felt around josh mose by ass when he wrote it when that guy wrote this horrible thing about the mongols or conversely which happened a lot when they
this really glowing thing about the mongols how do i feel sure that because a lot of these guys europe great things about the mongols we're living under the mongols and add to show their stuff to the mongols before it could be published as has so high at here i got the stuff i wrote about genius conway said he killed a buzz bezonian people cut your head off now for writing that sweden that his the historians when they learn historiographer are trying to learn how to compare this source source and then filter out their biases as well as they can and this can get crazy the later on when sometimes they say we can't trust anybody kay them why are we doing history at all it's silly at a certain pigs almost like every piece of information has to be disseminated with caviar you have to concede i've always we do that
and is there a lot in the last show we did i had to say you know in the show there's a lot of famous coach connected to the spanish american war period and almost everything i read it was new said yeah we dont think they said that what was going to say i love this code but i have to say that people have the descent of anymore i love the fact that you include that's that's really enlightening par the podcast because it sort of paints this really accurate picture of what information is available to us like when you talk blogging is kind of you know what fucking colors here what some people say at red hair a lot of the step people did and so we had a red hair or will you do they have enjoyed here lucy can i love i love love love when we're only do the history china the chinese were fascinated by and it was a national security thing they had nobody's tribes and their border just in case they all got together and combined and they would they would divide these two it is based on what they look like as otherwise how do you know one another give you if a whole bunch of native americans on your boy how do you say these are the cheyenne and they look like these but these are these are comanche and they look like that rather than trying to help you understand you look at this and allow
these tribes on the borders of modern day china have green eyes red hair blonde hair and then you get these weird mixes because they were combined and an mate with each other for lack of a better word and they will find these tombs where the has been is of mongolia type you know full well twos and everything but the wife looks swedish because these these tribes all had so many different ethnicities and in it so by the time you get into the earth the turks are blonde hair and green i but maybe at turkish shortish olive colored skin right so that after a long mixing they said to get a little more form like most of the mongols either looked asian or turkish but you still have these dna genes where every now and then you get your blonde hair or your green eyes or your red hair mix with asian features and it's one of the things i love a bottom is that you have these types you don't expect to see mixing blonde hair with asian features and just some of the most wild that there's a famous picture in you probably seen it on the cap for the national geographic it has an afghan girl who's got
brightest greenest i you ve ever seen but that's one of those what but afghan features dark hair dark skin but that's one of those wonderful mixes you'd get with the step people will you go i never thought this people mixed together in large groups where you would see all these different types in one tribe but she did most of the mongols were probably turkish that's fascinating wasn't there recently discovery of europeans at the couldn't explain will shine for that and the chinese eight this it's it's it's it's a mummy in china woman it's been around since i think the forties or whatever but she's a white girl basically mean we would say hey it's a white girl found in a tomb on the borders of china but that's these tribes were talking about i mean they had they had called the woozy sun and some called the eu she and these are tried people that the chinese described in the b c era as
white skinned because the chinese that was just one more sign they were weird is how they have this white skin and round eyes a freak the hell out of a chinese because of its regular people look like chinese people what how are these and they have yellow hair and they sit down it is cats eyes i mean in them this was wickedly alien stuff and today we would look at it go wow that guy looks kind like he's from yeah bird did you see that our own frozen in the ice yeah they found this really incredibly intact ink and mummy of a woman of froze to death while she was sleeping at its i think it's five hundred years although this well but but but although one up on this that's rare but the way that they built these tombs on the step they were built so that the first frost would freeze everything in the tomb and then there there found by archeologists lots
damn totally frozen solid and they will taken boil water and slowly pour the boy and they will find fabric which deteriorate through a fine wood and they will find skin and that's how we know there are photographs of what these guys did with tattoos they were they regional tattooed people and we have their skin to prove it and so when you find these frozen tombs they're all over the place and you can see them therein what called curtains which are hills that they build on the step does they bury these guys and then they pile mounds of dirt just like little mountains on top of them so you can't steal the stuff in the tomb and there everywhere and they ve only been amended tons of em on escalated still and are the for that live in that region now i mean have they recover one of the things that you be brought up there was really fascinating was baghdad and about how the
genghis khan essentially killed everybody in baghdad they d they wiped out or talk or took em they say through all their riding into the river and that people don't know that the islamic empires back then where some of the most sophisticated baghdad was maybe i mean other than china and you don't it's hard to compare and contrast but but i mean the chinese were very sophisticated but this is a golden age and is long history and then it was centred around baghdad and when lagoon one of the one of the grandson of genghis khan takes baghdad shoot i love this image and you know you ve already heard it but to me it they don't have a lot of stuff around like big rocks to shoot so they build the siege engines and they just stuff palm trees in em and shoot the palm trees over the wall and they just taken out peep on the streets of baghdad with these palm trees coming over the woman the mongols were intense how insane is that issue fuckin file i'm with trees any hurled louisiana
killed everyone in baghdad or took everyone as slaves or did whatever the fuck they want to do with them they literally the they were saying that you are saying that the river was black with it the original source said either either redwood blooded sometimes or black with the ink of of of hundreds and hundreds of years of islamic civilized writing in everything and two to the people who wrote about this the muslim chroniclers this is the tragedy of tragedies and and they absolutely exaggerate the number of dead i mean you read numbers were they say the mongols kill two million people all that's a joke but they killed enough said that is astounding an end to the people there listen that's a nuclear bomb going off by muscle power i mean gwynn dire wrote a great book once and did it pbs hurry to go with a cold war where he talked about the assyrians doing this and he said they destroyed i belong as fully as has been done with atomic bomb they just did it with me
so power and lots of people and that's what the mongols did to baghdad and villages rain and belief me it sent a message to all the other cities because had baghdad simply surrendered none of that would happen and so the other cities were going i think i surrender you know me now that goes in doubt was the most advanced city in that area that area absolutely to this day much more advanced than any place in europe at that time could it be argued that they never really recovered yes it could be argued that that's crazy twelve hundred twelve to our work easier affording red around there and is still having recovered nine certainly the population levels i was told only came back during the time of saddam hussein at an end and that and so when people say things like but the mongols spread civilization the absolutely did but let's
member of the building was paid for the benefits that week i think that seven hundred years seven hundred years of gesture i little a kind of air because there are people out there promising let's be fair part of the day which was that the mongols unity to live in that part of the world right you have to have an incredible irrigation systems in some of these irrigation systems work thousand years old right and i just kept regional ancient times they just rebuilt these things the mongols killed and destroyed all the people that kept that stuff up or depopulated the whole areas of that they fell apart so that if the mongols didn't kill those people themselves by drawing the systems that kept those people alive they often get credit it depopulating those areas cause all of a sudden there's no water anymore the mongols allowed you know water systems to dry up to a point where now no one can live there so i mean that's that's part of how these numbers get so huge to its
insane to think of how many people were killed by the most manual methods now muscle power muscle to the inclusion of metal into the human eye if there's a whole book call from sumer to rome where these military historians are basically writing books about the amount muscle power that it took to kill people and eat on individual levels and then you're doing math to multiply you know how i made it to a deed the numbers and then and the figures are incredible but this efficient nation of early armies is something it's always fascinated me because we consistently downplay it when you think about this today without computers without ipads without even sophisticated calculators trying to put together thirty thousand men organs as an army and feed them and water them across deserts another way
any of our modern stuff we wouldn't even know how to do it today if you said do it but you can't use your computer and it was amazing how they would set up these points were like they were of a funnel armies into areas and then they have like burning pots they would obscure their vision so that people would run into this area where there are being funnel they knew it kills zone and then when it their this fuckin smoking parts and arrows of flying from the more they send guys they'd send guys ahead of the dates and guys to go to these towns and scream and yell the mongols or carbon oh my god and the old even know what they did in these are more goals working virgin has gone who did that you know you can't you can't believe what they did to this other city and spreading the rumours so that by the time the mongols got did these people were shivering in their boots you know they were just scared to death and so many say something like listen i'm very tough rid of all religions i won't do know little just just surrendered become part of the money be great places i mean truthfully you can argue and i bet genghis khan where he here today would
argue that he saved a lot of lives is the same attitude with the atomic bomb yes i destroyed bag deborah kept me from having to destroy five hundred other cities over the body can be then siege this com was george washington it's such a fascinating glimpse at our recent past and it's not real human rights were banned human nature again which can evolve today if you just had the internet to highlight some google glass could be playing out of their homes never get out of this world the arming crash wouldn't be able to live like that ideally today some would gacha before you go that far byzantine means also like a new army emerging like the the united states is trying to lock down as much of that as is humanly possible that's one thing that you have to
but i have been in meetings with them i ve heard him talk about this a little bit o how young general madison sent com meetings and where they invited me member i think i told you this i thought i was gonna get dumped in the potomac i thought it was an organised assassination hit on me and the funniest thing about this joe you you'll be able to relate to this is that they invited me cause the pod cast right to the secret me you're not secret but i'm not supposed to talk about who is there but they had a listed the invited and i remember saying to the guy in the phone cause i've been these things as journalists were there's like two hundred people and we drink wine and of plastic cups and here's some general speak in a poem and i said man i don't have time for that it better not be that it goes no june eleven other guys and he goes you're ready nice the names of most of them and i was like okay so get there and everybody gets a printed hand out at the scent com secret meeting of whom of who else is at the meeting and all
he's do you talk about the shirt to discover it now here i'll show you a picture later but i can't but i couldn't do i can't tell you who is there but i'm looking at the list of people everybody's got doctor this from this institute will run and all these mass and then mr dan carlin podcast her on all these other people have to be so please to be it a room with me and at but i was listening to what they're saying and talk about and look i already understood a lot of stuff but to have it confirmed by being in the room with these people talking about ok how do we in this situation if this area strategic interest to shut down and you sure you're goin these guys consider with their job to run the world their tasked with running the world ass if there's any choked points than oil goes through that's our job to prevent anywhere in the world and you just don't know how do you dial this back how do you tell these people list guess what we're not going to police this version gulf choke put the strait of hormones is no longer our responsibility they would look at you you are from mars yeah they were
like you're from mars like you're an idiot but you don't know what you're talking about from mars you silly liberal that you can't be silly silly happy you think they're always nobody else had everybody's gary evolve from the internet right carl and i see that there is a certain amount of bourbon pessimistic reality that they have to embrace in being in the military at all because you ve you know you ve seen it you ve been a war lying you really think you know like anything else here in your own bubble where everyone is talking like you are right and you're not hearing a lot of hippy talk and end so it's a really i mean when you hear something like that who is this you ve been in the meetings carling you would know the threats were really facing in your can't tell you what they are you just trust me it was a bit of a stretches a comparison but would brine was talking about earlier about of friends that watch grisly man and dont know that he's gay like
a comedians all of us know where you find this together like this word comedians if the will of the people that we hang out with likely this motherfucker like this one immediately going after it that those people and laughing about it i think it's funny whereas if we're group a mormons we wouldn't have the same ones who learning is that we always i've there they used
do this and then this is a strategy that has to do with the simpsons really early on when they were they pretended like they were writing a show for kids and if you were a kid and what have you got it but on another level the around forego and while i just got that joke where you were you're you're doing a show that steered in the same show work for several different audiences but that but the the what audience it doesn't understand maybe out another show so just on playing along with her but he's gay he's gay oh how funny is this but the other out he's going on i love it he's gay what do you mean he's gay rights is so low that working on a number of different levels were different audiences that only get what's what's geared towards their level visa and amongst these folks to tied together that the military people that are running the various branches of the military like the idealism convene a war wicked fucker you were i live on we're out they are getting shot at every dad we're idea with many attacks were in kandahar this week you don't even know do data there you want me on that while you need me on that while you can handle the true was the worst things can abbe lose little dick picks on the internet you know that's or these attack before the enemy is fine on you what do you got to high will align bitch ok do you realize how protected by united states fuller summonses crass a gorilla owls ellen you cannot grow buying grass fed as the grass fed show this point now do you wanna genghis khan coming out now that we're keep in that year the mean there is that argument right that this is the best of all the possible evils then if you look at the outset that the north korean regime look but let me tell you how we and i am here and this i hope this is what people like about the political show i can see that i can
to stand that i'm not so you know i think i think part of which roma talk videos that every house has to say to this is this is how it really as everybody else i can see and i only wrong you know and i think give you factor that into your thinking it's important that look there's a possibility that's all right at all true in fact that into your thinking when you come up with your own political ideas put in failsafe idea say listen i
it's a pretty strongly but it might be and if its be here's my backup plan what i've had a chance to see a lot of conspiracy theories that i know have no basis in fact x you when it comes to not just the show but makes martial arts yet because i do the commentary for the u have see i've seen so many elaborates schemes that people think are in place to make you know what results happens only live say what is in it now while i mean i'm sure that stuff has happened body but at what i know to be an absolute undeniable fact and then seeing all these elaborate conspiracies attributed to these events i so i'm aware as in areas that are people were outside and this is obviously a very small nuance world the world of mixed martial arts but i think that's a trend that's a trend for human being i say that only indicative to have a lot of other situation i think that the big picture is probably infinitely complicated sauce imposed their government doesn't want you to our under government control you that's right there's so much shit go and on that it is just trying to their old rolling out of each other and yet in the absolutely carrying off each other they and their also dealing with this new reality this technological s and then is shaking things up did you see the michael hastings video that was really today i did not better
what it is i actually muff michael the whole michael hastings thing is important to me because i believe this is a small group of journalists really doing the job of journalism and hastings was one of em so what what what did i miss the video of the car they got a view of the car from a security camera accelerating down the street and then blowing up before it impacts no an explosion before the guerrillas lass it a car it looks like the cars driving and then there's a boom and then a boom so if you're a united europe mercedes benz right now you just have a reason all of a sudden to find out what really to buy glazing so it's not your fault it's way it's hard to tell what it s because it's not the clearest video in the world and black and white its black and why its security camera it but it's the things hurling down the street and you see this impact and on impact there's a boom and then there's a giant huge lower limit limit point this out is this is this is truly the wearer believe as much as i might go there to some degree i lit
i can't believe that this guy was killed by government or anything like that and if he was then we even know what to do let me prejudice whether when i try to tell myself how rich ideology leisure here's a video or plant for i had to see if i can he's gonna fly down the street and slammed in nepal and theirs no brakes watches boom boom see that you see there's a boom and then there's a boom and theirs the giant explosion and there distance from each other so it it's almost like the car blows up as it's moving he hears the part that drive me crazy i saw a couple cones and eye to eye two islands universal use your phone things a fly what are the corner he shouted the case now but you know what when i was when i was here and there lay in news i worked for
one of the best news men old dinosaur va guy when i worked form a guy named john bow caught one a bunch of peabody wards famous news guy here taught me how to do news and his general principle was if the lapd doesn't talk about something boom we open investigation that's all it took they wouldn't have known anything more that they say data no comment we were on it as a new this person question i have is why aren't they may look if you're a cop dashing if you're so minor celebrity we shouldn't care but we gotta find out every little thing you know who's the who was the blonde check that died in bermuda whatever onto the diner natalie how willing not out of those one it was the stripper who married the rich guy what was her name who al qaeda trip for that matter rich come up with a second in a second but me my point was if you're some minor celebrity the media's gonna uncover every last hour of your life and the whole thing it if you're michael
hastings whereas the reporter been who says here was michael hastings last while thou it where was he to ours for the crash mainly from what i've heard the guy had not a drink and five year didn't do drugs or anything like that anymore but if the outcome is girls name is on the tip of my haddock out tonight i'll come over the second but the point is that normally you would expect the media to now go run past that guy's last twelve hours does that's gonna tell you a lot about the situation rain no one's down the well i'm hungry easy that anyone had an independent internet media has i think there's been what many stores written on the fact that he was response oh for in his articles getting generals fired at no question was working and it makes it already supposedly supposedly on the cia and on betray us and it had something to do with jill kelly and had something to do with the whole reason why he was a fire in the first place a lead
i don't know that you remember something else on the story he was regularly had life threatened as as many good investigative reporters do this could happen anyway could we have some guy who hated him the other thing to remember that i was starting to get too though is that every i tell myself something like that's impossible from the government standpoint there's a book called poisoning the press out there that's very good and it's about europe act anderson leave investigative report needs to be a good morning america we had some scooping bridge hume from us fox news used to be his assistant jack anders was the the deepest in aims ham i mean he definitely will take these investigative stories and i'm jack anderson but he uncovered stuff that's that mess people so in our brain appeal currently there is a plan in the nixon white house and this is on the record documents me nobody even debates it where they talked about killing job ganders algeria is releasing sensitive information and one of the ideas floated was to do
owing to his car including putting lsd on the steering wheel may absorbed by his hands and you guys including g gordon liddy were for this idea and ready to go it was present nixon cancel that but i mean that idea got well ass the early planning stages and you say you suffer gave in nineteen seventy to the president of the united states is even having people discuss this means that blows my mind forget about talking about michael so you sit there and go what's possible like i have not the kind of guy they can go there i just can't believe that the government in office but there are so many questions and as a reporter you're not supposed to go i know what happens if the government killed him you supposed to say all right see what his last twelve hours look like let's get some toxicology let's start to piece together things where we have no toxicology now we have no statement from the lapd some porter in san diego said that that his body was returned in even without the families permission to cremate them i've heard that's not true i actually direct message that woman
twitter that reporters she didn't answer me back so i don't know it's true but that at the poor knows how are you trying to get some anyone appointed the matter is that something is going on here and as a reporter you're supposed to what their begin to look into it what bothers me is that no one here i don't understand that because you know why cause it's salacious juicy story about a famous person it has all of the things that even if this wasn't you know conspiratorial type story you would expect him you two beyond just cause it's a conspiratorial story to anything that these people would be terrified to learn a less fellow journalists are just today about five hours ago are now suing the f b i guess the f b i think had like twenty days to release the information that they have on michael hastings and they and so they went over the time periods and now these two independent reporters or did you guys next shot and murdered one of their name jason leopold in rhine ship piero know those guys
and these guys are suing for the freedom of information act they put in we allow some hope supposedly hastings his lawyer has all this information from what it was working on how'd you like to be hastings lawyer right now was supposedly his girlfriend or his wife which are ruined the case is working on completing the book completing whenever is working well again i don't like to be mr conspiracy theory what bothers me is that when reporters don't do their job like look into this guy's last twelve our voting it opens the door up a machine or naturally now than to speculate and you're gonna get these wild theories about you know michael hastings in the grassy no which you dont have to have if the reporters can begin to debunk this this the thing that happens though is did you see wolf blitzer was hosting some thing the other day with with you the generals in them maybe look like he was working for the government and user monaco ok the next question is do i trust journalists in airports like that to be
to gaining some innocent once they lose their credibility i've gotta get some matt tb or some other guy who's a lot like hastings to investigate him or i'm not gonna buy it i don't believe that you can consider wolf blitzer to be a journalist and more thing you ever wasn't in this is that the ever what this is really talking had that cnn keeps employing wolf blitzer forget the journalist part how about he's just awful and did there's nothing you did you see that the video the really awkward video of the woman would have asked her about god jailing her from the hurricane situation a feast and so doug stand up but did organised i mean donations for her because she said she was an listen i've said before and i say it again and this is not an arrogant thing to saint i'll explain why a second i could double cnn ratings i could museum me cnn i will double their ratings in like forty eight hours but the only reason i can do that is because they are so awful that the bar is so low that i could fire if you
people there and their ratings would double you don't just wolf butchers fired at the culture and see it add on again and see what's going on it as very important no foresee an end to have people that are willing to father agenda whatever their narrowly your absolute and all right they're interested in getting these hard hitting no reply you know how do i know because they ve cut their investigative budget down to nothing what we had amber lion and who used to work for talks about her coverage of bow reign the ashes proceeded the special that these areas are growing asean internationally was because they wanted to be able to park their military there in case some shit went down with iran's they wanted to like sort of squash all this to send those so they essentially put together what was like a tourism too but this is how and this takes us right to snowden because this is where the gun it has managed and it and this has been going on a lot longer than we think because they used to say in the fifties and six years that the cia has a person in every newsroom in america so this has been said that's been going on for a while but in the seventies they were breakin lots of stories that the intelligence agencies did not like as a new
this person that's how you no news is working when the government the intelligence agencies and always people the classifies to our mad as hell at the news media the news media is doing its job when the news media is defending those agencies and that releasing the information that we have up your hands and go and ink and going after me when listen there are people who don't like glimmering waltz personality they dont like a lot about it he's a grandstand are all these countries but
glenn greenwash did is what reporters are supposed to do and when you watch reporters slam glenn greenwood or michael hastings he took such crap from other reporters because he reported stuff that they wouldn't report because they want to burn a source that when you go wait a minute your priorities are totally screwed up if you're worried about telling the american people important things because your source might not talk to you any more you know the bright bart story with his night i don't like it and conspiratorially eyes you aren't reporters i mean that friday wasn't the proprietor by driving but would drive what's weird about the story is that the guy has hardtack and then his coroner gets poisoned the guy's corners the horror poisoned or did he die one hundred years poise oath what's rounds of the right margaret oreo there but tunics but listen right away to your reaction which fastened
we talk about a guy who's may be releasing very sensitive information about very powerful people in your glaring at times greater than that if it is a natural is inclination i'm not saying you rat i think a good reporter not that i am but i can see one when i didn't i know when i see him a good reporters was to be a little sceptical of what shore but still follow the lead you dont want report is as i bet jonah it wasn't killed by oswald look good looking that we want to go uses ok there's some questions are going to follow the trail of evidence and see where it leads me and a good healthy scepticism is good for reporter on both sides you don't wanna take anybody's word for anything at the same time you don't wanna be a nut you don't want to often the fantasy lay dead from arsenic his corner was
kill from arsenic and one that is limited and that the two months after bright bards passing the coroner that investigated the cause of death you running lights are times i make no this is this is unsafe aren t archie doc on quality and i also know they're just not totally emmi rte will play play some stories that are good and real but they also play some stuff for you go oh god don't do that you're ruining what little credibility of its archie though they d sketch know that little bits get online and me little bits little bits get some time we have been largely august fifth they asked dancing you know what i feel like they are in the process just like al jazeera was of move from sketch do not so sketch anymore it's an evolution so so depends ah i see we stand yeah it's interesting china more credible some of the hard hitting
stories coming from russian time block again though because the stupid american media is the door wide open if they were doing real journalistic it's a little like saying over the football players went on strike in the unifil goes on strike and all of a sudden you're watching guys who couldn't play in the animal workin it read it but that's all you have that that's the analogy is that all of us in the intervals on strike or not we're doing jobs or watch in football political he's a pretty good running back that's because he's not up against eric dicker sedative that you don't have anything to compare it to our media is not doing its job so when anybody looks like their even kind of doing the job of real journalism it looks great by comparison that's a very interesting analogy in that's a mixed martial arts analogy as well as lower organizations when fighters expected to and they find the usa or abiding we're in this guy looks great but whose he fought yeah exactly i think that's that's a really good point it's a really interesting point its we breathe whole thing it's very strange man with that we live in one of the weirdest times to be alive but i guess that's always been the case
always lived in the we're yes that's a good and you know what that's what i try to remember is that that the way we in general on a cellular level feel is the way it's always but we're gonna go god this is really strange what what's that old chinese proverb may you live in interesting i'm right here and it's a double edged sword and that's always been the case you know some roman was going does germans are so measured on his man we got it's a strange time to be alive and when you see the things like this hastings thing and with your deep knowledge of history and all the crazy shit the people have done from didn't the constant didn't but one of the fuckin sons get poison one again sounds gang is concerned who might not have really been his son didn't they kill another face so they don't know again now that the vandals when exactly keeping scrupulous wreckers about these things but it what's really shocking to us is that in this day and age it mean if let's just go on a big fuckin crazy tinfoil hat limb if they did kill myself michael haste
things it's amazing there they can still do that like they get busted for cheating like that deposit for having an affair with some chick is threatened chick you now and then the fbi is actually going to have to cia there's all this journalism and i'm going to meet someone can still do you know the most interesting you know when you talk about history and what could be the weirdest thing will happen is that information became confirmed and we knew for fact was pretend what happened it somehow it comes and we know the government killed michael hastings the reality changes like in a nine eleven one hundred need all of a sudden all bets are off absolutely that here in parliament that our development this what's the government is the guy or is it a small group of people who had by non military let it stand to do too like really be damaged by stories that's that's the door that gets but the right this happens then everything then you go ok the president has to comment the congress to comment the investigation will then
and the big war starts between information verses no information forces we have national security michael you if you knew what we knew about what michael hastings was about to report you to kill them yourself i mean it's gonna get to be anything but i again i'm not last week i just at sea but it could happen would change everything it would it would be like finding out that john f kennedy was killed here's the gunman name he was he was hired by the johnson diminished or whatever the world change and that's why the conspiracy not summit kennedy think they can't give that up because like oliver stone his whole a lot of his worldviews based on the idea that that is what happened therefore this government is the government that did that in a whole bunch of domino start falling if you find something in the government with official sanction kill michael hastings world is different and we invite everybody would have to respect people would have to start answering questions we would have to start discussing it wolf blitzer
have dimension it on the new his arguments i know he's not going to let you know that's one way or another don't you think we should have killed me isn't it michael hastings thing a boon for society don't you they shouldn't have been killed you need be killed sooner we'll take a policy then pulses you killed two years ago before what listener very interesting cnn poles hereafter rivera said did we feel very sorry for my family but let's not forget he took down our greatest fighting general
do i really say that my guardian he repeated it did he really yes well loan while we're talking about people who aren't really journalists were used to be nowhere that human eyes and why now i never we are now we know that he was the reason why the zapruder film was released maisie brood of rome was released on her other rare reverse show with dick rigour in the nineteen seventeen thing was high thing tat was a new version of it be i don't know no one other thing they are showing the ninety seven he did he did a dead guy i'll take your word for i was watching the monkeys i've lost a video of watch the video of the show our day just had a different angle ali showed it for the first time on television people get a chance to see what was really what really happened get see the yacht i will not hear what i doors theorist will play will play more and i will do what i believe he will end with her aldo with dick gregory on a show showing disapprove of film because its fascinating because it's also a time machine into into the past but before we end with this up
core history you god if you don't have on your ipod or your phone your android go get that shit the lady to show is not really representative we did some different things but just to listen to a couple if you can't stand the one you listen you listen i'm not the ankara ones about mother fucker any made history interesting to me so that's you just our among gold i'm among all family also martin luther phantom a fan of that beside him a fan of was it thor's ignores angel listening reality and then violence yeah dude you got some amazing shit and built into the early are like that i'm gonna listen to their really are like audio books are like long tat they were there just fantastic really great stuff so folks oh subscribes that shit and guys follow him giles wearing away thank you man you ve made a huge difference in our numbers do in your audience has been so cool and i mean i can't thank you enough and i oh thank you enough but guys like me planning little those before getting the you but i've
now i should think my audience because i found your audience contacted me say listen it was exhilarating it was it was a yiddish hook up wasn't it like a shit out what do we have each other for sure you have made in enlighten me about history its entertain me and the reason why people are enjoying it so much is not just because i'm talking about it's because does that you mention it all the time so were grateful fucking great shit man keep it out please do and support him please subscribe and you can get all the first fifty of more free and if you want to get all the air of further fifties like end twenty years wanting well over something on modern man more does fifty or so it's twelve evidence do its work for they literally are audio body less than as they like an itunes song is what we charge form and the like four hours law but you can get it on i too you can get it on i just now you are a website even cheaper he can go go there than with the website galleron duncombe go there thank you very much
my brother i always pleasure loving we do this more often to some people are fuckin scream at you pray dont about trade and we stand by plan to come back i won't talk about history of this man is an open invitation time here in town i'll take you up on our fuckin fly up there i'll hang you how would that be fun for shall ask watches up there yes he is the country if you need to perceive organ motherfuckers out there at the earliest tight in we're gonna we're gonna leave with this with this her other rivera thing thank you to square space dot com user word joe a in you can save yourself some cash ten percent offer news descriptions and work make a website you fuckin savage thanks on a dot com go to an end i t use a code name broken and save ten percent of the number one sex toy for men what
didn't confused about what a joke known as i do that used to be the flesh like thing although i don't know i didn't stupid it was a joke that's why what do you mean okay greg on the veranda rivera show from nineteen seventy three is that when it is less than seventy five nineteen seventy five but as you will see tomorrow matt fairer matt fair from working tired our com auto journalist cool cat
no talk here had shit and then we're gonna try to turn against lived this week two of his round a notorious gonna new show these doing with your right to say that from work on existing ok here could join us up cannot you folks say the language of a millimeter footage and their heading now toward elm street or on houston street now legal left hand turn it's on the corner where they can make the turn there that the book depository was and this is a brutal film cars are coming along now into daily plaza yesterday disability motorcycles in the motorcade right now with the present mrs guy is also governor connally right now before it goes beyond the sign the president is waiting to the crowd we comes out from behind the sign his shot then governor connally a shot he's already been hit is already been hit announced at the bottom of the screen the headshot as the shattered blew up as some are fighting and ever since the one commission said that all of the shots were fired
behind by lee harvey oswald alone assassin firing at the president and his she could see clearly the head is thrown violently backwards completely consistent michel from the front right now this is an extreme blob of just the president from the film we are behind the sign he shot his head from you sit here from two different now he doesn't like what's happened yet she goes to his aid and now he's a violent backward motion totally consistent with eighty percent of the witnesses which said that i came from the grass in our front into the red is interested to know how many people is running
large where most books not the shots came for him they had goes backwards hollow listen to listen to her rather what he has to say about this street car that's all that's than us upsetting banners and we'll talk
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