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#381 - Abby Martin

2013-08-05 | 🔗
Abby Martin is an American journalist and also host of "Breaking the Set" for RT America.
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As far as uh all the supplements that we sell it on it com. If you use the code name Rogan, you will save ten percent off any of them, so go get your freak on user code, name, Rogan, Abby Martin's! Here why wasting time, let's kill him roll, but control? I want musically shriller kettle balls for my door looks like a door's. Actually, it's an awesome, doorstop cute music, I'm trying there we got! Is it failing experience? what are you doing that wasn't accident whoops? Sorry, folks, you know what the Fucks happening yeah, it's confusing yeah, it's confusing to us to Abby Martin. Thank you for coming. Thank you for inviting me. Mad did not know. Abby Martin is an artist and she gave me is fucking badass dope picture that she's It's very sexy it's very pornographic can, I say, pointers
If I was like one of those radical minister type dudes, I would say it's pornographic of course system. Thank you. You awesome I didn't know that you, an artist yeah, a person of Maine talents. Indeed, as a as are you touche are you in who isn't I mean like you watch it every man who isn't I'm sure, there's a lot of people. That's a true I think a lot of people say that they don't watch it, but their line right now. I I do watch I think there's a there's, an idea that the people have with porn that those people are being exploited. That's the weird thing like you really shouldn't have videos of you: fucking online like that like doing that for a living, the only little doing it or being exploited, but that gets down to a really weird personal freedom issue, because there's and people that actually want to do that. So who's to say, and it's a weird one, because if people like watching it and people want to do it like what's wrong with it like what exact
is wrong? What is really wrong if people want to have sex, but nobody wants other people to watch what's wrong, which is not really a brokers too. You know, I mean people do, do it yeah. Well, it's all it's! We when you tell someone what they can and can't do it's weird, because then it gets too. Why can't you make a porn? Why can't you like? What is wrong with watching people? fuck. Is it? Is it dangerous, like what's going on people getting harmed? Why how come everyone's watching it, how come billions and billions of people watching it, but we're still pretending that somehow or another, it's like a negative forced, it seems like It seems like it's like an integrated part of our world right. I think there is this mister, ception about women being forced to do what they're doing and they're not enjoying themselves, but really I don't, it's true and also, I think, a lot of porn watchers are women a lot more than we think wow. That's a strong statement. I agree with her
I totally agree with you. Both freaks should be together. I think I think it's probably the majority of men, but I think more women probably watch today than ever before. It's just main thing. You know the idea find. It is very strange that it's such a taboo subject for people, people that have we're living in a sexually repressed society for sure yeah, an uniquely? So it's unique so because of all of our access to information we still like sort of riding in the ripples of the Britains at first settled. Here, like the ripples of their way of thinking as sort of steel, to this day influence like all a lot of the tone of the country. It's very strange, yeah, the the entire like entertainment industry, just sells sex because they know that it's kind of this mystique for us, because we have been so sexually repressed. For so long I mean compared to other countries. I guess Europe, it's so different. I mean I was watching Braveheart on TV and they blurred out people's ass
is when there moving the camera, but then they show peoples, people's heads being like beat up against the rock so it's like, why are we able to see someone's brain been smashing, but we can't see an ass yeah, it's very weird. It's weird how you know you could have just incredible violence in a movie and that's fine, but it's the Sex, we draw the line, we draw really distinct line. Do you remember there the movie a while back called, I think it was called brown bunny. It was uh Vincent Gallo in him, an Chloe, so uh. You know that girl. Actually had a sex scene in the film. You can't play it because it's don't even try to play it. Brian 'cause. It's actually the dates. So I gave him oral sex. Oh wow, yeah and it was like and p got mad at him. Like furious that they put that in the film like. I remember reading this, like really angry review by this guy, and he was
It actually angry at Gallo for doing this and making him walk. Watch this scene. This lewd act but it's a fucking, weird thing where we have where, as a society like that as the line right, you do that but it's fucking reality, yeah. Why you can? you make out in a movie. You can fake fuck right, but no real fuckin. The weirdest thing to me is the softcore porn, though yeah. That's, to be a softcore porn actor. I that did not offended that in him and this girl like taking in bed- and you know, they're doing the scene together on the dinner for awhile, in the middle of it she goes. You can fuck if you really want to any now it's okay
so he's just a guide to get paid way more from you. I don't know what his motivation was suspect didn't want it to be seen, but the idea behind it. So it's very weird thing: well. We just like watching people have sex yeah, but it's taboo right, yes billion, business right, but it's not really. It's like it seems like the Business has been unfairly ignored as far as like the economic impact of the industry on the internet on the industry because look at the economic impact of the music industry. It's really substantial will downloads like really became a huge issue right, but with pornography,
but no one talks about it. No one can understand who pays for porn now exactly well, there's there's still websites where you know people make money and there's so many people out there. All guy has to do is get fixated on. One girl and you know just sticks, dildos inside of her all week and she's making bank, but the reality is it's like the actual like buying of the dvd's, just like a big thing for them, and all that went away, and now they get like pay. View from like hotels and stuff, I'm sure that must be diminished by the internet as well since there's so many other yeah. I don't know what it's it's ill. It's illegitimate, it's like treated is illegitimate, it's weird because it's so it's unclear. It's clearly a gigantic economic force like the need to beat off like its gigantic, but yet it's ignored as far as like you know like. If banks can fail, you know we have to prop them up. If general motors is going under, we have to save them, were saving jobs, but if porn
it seems to go under everybody's like texting and out the porn, but it was so inflated that he was so inflated to begin with, really the porn industry when people were getting paid. Ridiculous amounts of money for just like ten minutes sex scenes, but what's wrong with that, I don't think that's a bad thing. I think it's what the market allowed mean they were very valuable, then, but the digital aspect of their creations. Sort of ones and zeros it could be like replicated at you know for as long as they want That's where things get weird, because once you have that it's like oh well, I don't have to make a copy of it, so it's not like an actual dvd like you can just down load it and you can get it in seconds that must have just crippled the business is used to have to go, buy a physical dvd and if you wanted porn, that's how you got your porn, those for the longest time. There was a store that always go to in Santa Monica Was this a video store? It was like half porn. There was like,
a couple fucking like Braveheart, or some shit like yeah. Here's mad max stupid. Most of it was porn. Back in the early 90s. An did you just be a bunch of dudes walking around their shifty not breathing to have a to get out there as quick as they could and then the rest of it was like a ghost town 'cause. Nobody Is it go to the one video store? That's mostly pen right. Well, the best is when they have the rooms there. It's like. Do you really good porn sort instead jerk off in her room for some people? We have nowhere else to go upstairs yes for some people, they have nowhere else to go also for some people they get their freak on doing something. That's forbidden some weird. See the way like this something about going to a peep booth. It just get excited people. My friend my had a friend who used to smoke crack and and go to a piece of. Does this thing? Who would he lived in New York? Here's a pool hustler and one of his fun things to do- would be to smoke crack and go to PETE boots. So what are it? People like you just get like a glimpse of
dancing our way, it's either one or two things. I guess some of them are like videos. You can go and watch videos and they would like watch videos and beat off and then the other ones are like actual people like people would be by find glass- and you know you would talk to them like you- walk in and they're sitting down behind like a plexiglass thing, and then they do things for you me and Eddie after went to that one place in San Francisco. That's where I was my first time where I talk the walls and it was wet and no Jesus yeah. Ok yeah it's dark in there, too yeah they got beads and shit that you have to walk through it. So it's fucking weird. The whole idea is weird you're allowed to masturbate there, though they're telling you that right they don't They can't really say that. That's what happens it's like one of those things where they know you're going to beat off, but they can't say, hey come on in and beat off because then it becomes like a public health issue. I think, like people just shooting fluids all over the place. Disgusting yeah. It's like not only that they do
just don't want to. Let you know that you can do that, just so, just just to keep whatever you know like people from taking it to the next level, because if you now people that they can do it then people, you know they will how come. I can't sell it. You know they get. You know what I mean like. Nobody is like happy with the status quote. They always want to continue to push it. So if you tell people they can beat off in there, they're just probably going to be but fucking each other and they're, probably gonna, go crazy. They're going to do. They want to have sex there, and then we tell them it's. Ok, then they're going to want to kill people. The declining porn at least has raised the quality of the prostitute, though so we should just you know, think about that for a second. Well, that's another weird thing: uh! I read an article where a girl who was a really it's uh, smart article about a girl who two point star and then became a prostitute, and she was saying that it's just not much difference between being on a set and being in a brothel. You know that Just like there's no cameras, were you know, just you just haven't sex
sometimes you don't want to have sex with that person. You just do it 'cause! That's your job and I was like wow weird that we like. That's that that's a real issue like you like you, tell someone that someone's a prostitute in that person's like, oh, my goodness, you go there. There's that website. So it's illegal, I mean yeah that Sherry companion website. Have you ever heard of that? No it's! This high quality prostitute website. But the sad thing is: if you go through it, it's all porn stars like you're all like man. I could actually have sex with her. That's Well, that's a sweet deal. If you're a fan yeah, it's not like you know, you could do for you, ten thousand dollars or twenty thousand dollars to go play. Basketball with Michael Jordan. Right now is like that some busy, but if you're a fan of one of the with be really weird to be a dude Super obsess and the for the girl wow. What a crazy chance. It's one thing to meet strangers, but meet strangers. Who are sexually obsessed with you and get to have sex with you for money woo. That's a strange enerji exchange right there that some
level shit. I should do that too. Who are we John? Why are we doing? It were like the shy ones? Like all know, men yeah well down upon balsa as soon as monies involved. It's like money and sex for some reason did not anytime. It's connected there's a gigolo or whether it's a girl prostitutes like terrible. It's awful like your can acting money, insects, money and everything else is cool. You know money an competitions x to sell everything right now. Did you guys hear about that dude who killed? And you the self defense. Thing and he got off because he said that she stole money from him and she didn't. She didn't actually fuck him so that he able to get off on self defense in some weird fucked up law in the state saying it was like one of those stand, your ground things except he was like you stole my money and didn't deliver the goods, so I can kill you. Oh, my god wait a minute
I want to say Texas, but I don't what's the story? How long ago was the story? Just say: dude kills prostitute, oh my God gets articles are going to get that's probably more more hits on Google, then baseball bat in the ass guy kills Pra suit or baseball bat needed staff I went to look once this is because I didn't believe it was true. Someone told me there is a video of a young girl with a baseball bat Nur rump say hi and went for the Google. But when you go for the Google search, the numbers are insane I'm going to today will see what the recent one is based about in ass, our friend Dana she's, a sweetie. Let's see what Many hits. Ok, you ready for this five million nine hundred thousand results, aw she's, wow
whoa, what do not consider not shoes images, because the first photo that comes up is the worst crisis image I've seen Jesus is that? What is that? Someone being rude? someone being rude. I don't know. Let's say it's not! Let's hope it's not Yanks yeah whoops, and then it's like how do we get stuck in this abbey, your fault or something immediately? Looking up baseball back in the ass 'cause? If we're painting we started talking bout, porno, yeah yeah, that's right! That's your fault, but looking women used to look that was the Playboy playboy from like the 70s and 60s women. Look pretty good! Today! That's true! I just like everybody's good natural, natural, boobs, yeah, more voluptuous. I think they're going to have within our lifetimes a different work around for that and it will be about
logical work around they'll have something where you can actually grow. Breast your breasts were larger. I really think that's going to happen yeah, I think going to be all sorts of weird genetic changes over the next few decades, the they're working on right now. Doctor Ray Kerswell. He told me that they're working on artificial blood cells that allow you to hold your breath underwater for four hours, sweet, This happened of water, hop in a tangle water angle, and because of these artificial blood cells are so efficient that you would enough oxygen. We would hold your breath for four hours. That's like Heath within our lifetime. That's asking mind: blowing fucking yeah. Yes, I think, like boobs is going to be an easy one. Yeah, that's going to be easier, just going to give you the boo bug. You know it's like. Like a version of the flu you get sick and your tits grow like monsters, that's going to happen, probably going to be no ugly people in one hundred years. Every
is going to be super engineered genetic looking Doctor Manhattan men and uh, every woman's going to be like the perfect sex pot. They're going to have that down is going to be no like. Why would you do Why would you have bad teeth when you just brush? You know it's going to be like that simple. Like did you go to the Jean place? Do you want to trust random chance in with your body, is likely you fucking crazy? You want to trust random chance and one of the most important things as far as like social currency. We all agree. Like beautiful people have like this amazing power. They have an amazing power to get people's attention. They have like you meet at like a big tall, handsome man with a perfect face, and you You just know wow he's here. You know it's totally natural. It's a complete natural thing for human beings to do, but it's
fucking weird it's a lottery, and how much would that fuck up with the social order, though, if everyone knows could throw it into the toilet? It's going to be a god. Damn mess we're going to not it's like how people are lazy, because we don't have to go chase quail right, just go to fucking Jack in the box and get a chicken sandwich is fucking, easy you. It takes three minutes and it's already cooked give him some paper and you're done with it, but I think that it's going to be much along the same lines like we're lazy in that it doesn't take much to get us FED so MO, people just sort of skate by in life. There's no like real desperation, fear of not feeding in this country. At least you know first, people. It's a struggle, but one day it's going to get point where that's the way it is with everything is going to that's the way it is with your looks you. Should be able to just look like whatever you want. There's going to be people that don't even look like people like that people are definitely going to want to look like dinosaurs people you like furries and shit like that. If they
like genetically altered humans to be like a dinosaur type person and change your body, people are into that now. Eat goats and shit. Kill him with your face. People sign up. No doubt right. There probably be a huge counter culture of this dinosaur. Mother, fuckers, yes, but I always thought it would be so interesting like one thousand years from now. If you know if we died off and then people in the Richard came back in and dissected our scouts and found remnants of like silicon and they're like what the fuck, where people just like inserting silicon packets in their body and abdin plans. You know that that that exists. Now I can't imagine imagine just getting like a shield just underneath your skin 'cause you're, like I want to fucking. Try to do crunches I think it's a surgery might be wrong, but I think, with the app thing is, is they sort of like suture it in to create permanent six pack? In DEN patience. So it's like just like I'm talking shit. I watch the special on it, but I was barely paying attention because I was like
some crunches you lazy bed, should I change the channels like that's so ridiculous, having a shake apps do skip it calved have implants yeah. If you have, any cabs. I guess because that's one thing I look at a man, I'm like dirty, doesn't have big enough calves. Well happens, I think, with the bodybuilder type. Gentleman is the same thing that happens. Anorexics, I think it's been pretty much proven is that they have a distorted opinion of how they look some of those big bodybuilder dudes. They don't they don't like. They were expose their body, they cover it up. They have like black, get some shit, they wear everywhere and they were like four five sweaters like it's weird like don't show their body, they they small and they were a lot of layers sometimes- and some of these guys are fucking mountains like human mountains, but there within like two sweatshirts and at shirt over that and
it's almost like they wanna, listen, yeah, they get crazy. Some of them can get in it's not all of them. Obviously, but you can get crazy, and so they look at their calves and like full, to's and then just stuff. Some shoe horns in their pop them. Bitches out I mean, I don't know the first guy was who went for it is like I don't fucking tired of my fucking bullshit was like. I saw some like MTV special on it like ten years ago, this little like fucking squirrely kid on the beach and then after he's, like everyone, get my calves. It's like yeah 'cause. They look fucking huge compared to the rest, your body. Why there's something everything just donating people are getting donuts put in their their head. I have seen that saline. What is it goes away? Doesn't like it goes away. Yeah, that's why they do it its own barf. They pump, they actually inject saline in their foreheads, and they like put like a little indentation with her finger at still hot
People are so strained left here, but that some woman, who was this beautiful model in Korea and then she got she's injected like her face with a bunch of olive oil and shit yeah. She couldn't they would not give any more plastic surgery. Now she looks insane is cooking oil sheen awful, injecting cooking oil into her face. Poor girl right now, the human mind. That is so. Fucking complex fact. It's so change because it's like it seems like most of your life is almost like a balancing act, it's a balancing, act, happiness and friendships and laughter and accomplishments, and not losing your mind along the way but for a lot of folks somewhere in that dance is just too much and they just go. Twords lose your mind at full steam ahead and then this sticking needles and cooking oil in their face or I've also seen the the one actress that it's like will not stop with her face until they become like almost like hideous or or peaceful. You know when
you look at them. You have pity you like, oh no. What did she do this thing interface, it's so very strange aspect of the human being that every now and then you take like it, looks like a totally normal person, who's like keeping it weather for a long time and then one day in real yeah forget to keep it at the other anymore. I give up on his phone and run into so forget obvious to when they they overdo the plastic surgeon, because everyone is our looks exactly like it's creepy. Well, it's it's! You know what it is you get to lose it all and you think it's gonna fix. I had hair transplants yeah. I had my first one. I think when I was like twenty six. I have three of them. Why why ok, so young, just 'cause, I have my hair was falling out. His fucking freaking out, I was freaking out. My hair was falling out 'cause. I was on tv too, and I was making a living as an actor at the time on news. Radio- and I was like oh my god, my fucking hair is falling out. I had new noon was falling out for awhile. I saved it, though, with the monoxide all that manok it was hanging in there, but
after a while, it was like it was still falling out, and I was like I gotta do something about it. I should have never done anything. I should shave my head from the beginning and so whenever kids ask me online, like dudes, asked me Lympho, curriculum or eighteen losing my hair shave. It bitch deal with that. Just it just accept the fact you don't even hear the plugs. Look, bad, didn't look good yeah! I know I'm like. I never looked at my hand what you it's always like by God. I guess I got here of there now whatever, but it you know that the way they do it is like a single thing. You know like it's not like the old way of doing it, but they take it big strip, a handsome. This, like big score, the back of my head, like a smile for the rest of my life. I'd rather have that, like first of all to public service announcement like if you thinking about doing this, just look at my head: don't do it just shave your head and then another thing, is that it's so almost like what you're doing is is screwball thing
it seems like it might work a little, but then, as you start doing ago, why Weber isn't there options? Is there another than the other option is just let it be with fuck? It is and stop freaking out. That's the other option. There's always the best option. Rather than getting knocked unconscious and they take a chunk of meat out of the back your head and drill fucking holes in there an implant, those it's nuts he Jason. What's his name is Alex and Jason Alexander, I think yeah. He he wanted to go back in time. What years kind of looked like he was about to go bald, see why we just make it more realistic how yeah, he got uhm. He got like a super cool hair piece. I guess it's kinda here, because I have a chick wears a wig. It's like you know no biggie. You know like right Madonna would wear eggs or when lady Gaga would wear some crazy, wigs like nobody tripped, but if,
choose where to where I was. Is that too far I would love if he gave up on dying. Is here like imagine, he's all white like that for real c gives up on dying is here and then he just has a crazy white just goes for it. I would actually really love for totally respect that, like a sorcerer, Michael Bolton, yeah, whatever man, that's what the dude wants to look like, but for Maine I can tell you that it was a big mistake on my part, and it was one that I made and getting hair transplants out of insecurity 'cause. I was young and you know thinking like I'm not going to have a career, I'm going to be a bald loser. You know like that's what I was. It is a site in drills and again, if you and if you want to have a solution to something you go research it and at the time I always is very little internet too, so it wasn't as easy to research things. But you know you talk
Do you find like a doctor who doesn't talk to him and they show you photos and you're like? Oh, this is going to work with you, but I'm going to fix here and the next thing you know you want it. What am I doing with this stupid and I gay t you probably most women that one up doing something wrong, whether it's uh thing or nose thing with like oh Christ, and they looked in the mirror, and I like what the fuck did. I just do and then you could try fix it like I've heard of girls that have had girls girl that came from girls, that have had too many nose jobs and they have to get like Cartledge removed from the rib, and then they recreate the nose yeah. I talked to this guy that told me about this operation, that they had to do this. She was in her 20s too. She had too many nose jobs already and she drew her nose and her nose is Michael Jackson. Dude I mean I know he's a yeah. Yeah. This girl had like a sugar case. Well, her nose apparently like started to go in app. To the bone and like it just kind of sunk in because it was
any Cartledge there to support the rest of the nose. Poo. Yes, weird man's weird some people I have bigger noses and they just gotta deal with that. Alrighty, it's going to be ok, you know, I sound Call Jackson Impersonator on Hollywood and vine last night with like a little kid in a candy shop. I was like this is a ridiculous moment in time. Who's kid is this. I also got robbed. What happened? I got like bum rushed by a crowd and then they just must have lifted my wallet right. My personal yeah, it was crazy, so they just ran into you and I got a new bag. You don't notice it and I was like how the fuck we're going to fly. Apparently you don't need an id to fly. You just need to go they were like. We need to put you through, like twenty security test, so come to the airport two hours early, I was like God, damn it going to last year. Have never had that happen before we get like. Roughly frisked no, but I have gotten yell
that by TSA agent, because I didn't want to go through the body scanner and he was like what do you? A celebrity is, like only libraries, don't want to go through the body scanner and I was like why I was like this is crazy. That you're talking to me like this, like what the fuck this is nuts yeah, it's an option, isn't it yeah yeah? He would just like totally demeaning mean like in front of everyone washes nuts. Why would celebrities not wanna go threw up. The new ones like a radio was like yeah. Why would you want to get Melo Did I mean well I've never had it happen to me. Everyone deserves been pleasant with me, but uh Hancock who's been on the podcast several times he's a friend. He went through one, and he said this dude, like just great civili sexual with them like grabbing his body like it felt like he was being molested like not sure aggressively sexual, but he grabbed cock and the whole thing mean like he said it felt like he was getting raped, like obviously not as extreme, but you know it's the form of a violation and he was really shocked by it, and he wrote about it because she
enough that he didn't just let it go. We sat down and wrote some stuff about. Well, there's this report that came out that said that there is so many more cases of malfeasance misconduct in the TSA than any other government I mean this is like twenty times more, and so there was this investigation done to find out. Well, why is there so much fucking like crime, happening like robbery, sex will abuse and stuff, and I was basically representative figured out that they don't really do background checks- oh my god and they're just kind of skipping. Through this huge. You know you think that so basically they're hiring pedophiles and child molesters. What they found out, yeah no ways well now nice people too. We should say there. I've met a lot of really nice people at the TSA and people. You full can government chill relax, I'm just saying I'm just trying to in the interest of fairness, and then some of them are just folks that needed a job and that's the reality of the situation. Graham Hancock, unless they do a little bit. What
Now it's a thing where I think that it can be pretty well argued that their needs some form of security, but it's also a thing that is much like many other public service jobs is that it should be really respected, and it should be something you, paid well for and should be a difficult job to acquire, and I think it's uh other priorities, and if we shifted those priorities that we could make a sizable change in the way. The whole thing is run if you made so the people were first of all, it's made made it so that those those jobs are more a little bit more difficult to come by and that the people that do do do back, get background checks and it's a really good job get with excellent benefits. They don't feel left out of of Faktor Disenfranchise. It's a it's worth, and it's also worth adhering to a certain code of conduct, because it's a really good job and I think when you have a Jon boats,
yeah, it's amazing. They probably just getting paid like fucking minimum wage. I think yeah they should be abolished. I think it's uh use useless agency. How do you think that you should do secure like we did before nine hundred and eleven GSA was totally created in the wake of nine hundred and eleven is the total thing new government agency, just like the Department of Homeland Security, and just I mean think about it- the hijackers brought on what night seems like you can still bring those in this guy Jonathan Corbet Base expose the fact that you can just create an insteon pocket and bring whatever the fuck you want through these body scanners, so they really have like a huge security breach. So you go back to why the body scanners are implemented like it in some pocket, that's like silver or something, so it has to be assigned yeah. Thank you, yeah yeah, and you can carry anything through or why yeah. But I mean the reason that the body scanners were implemented in the first place is Michael Michael Chertoff was tide up with rape.
Open scan, which is also the name of the body scanner, rape, a skin restaurant rapid scan. But I called breakfast. I imagined that really was the name they brought in the governments like really like yep. That's why we need listen. I got a patent, the ribs I got a patent, not changing the fucking name, because this is it adamant, some crazy multi, millionaire guy who just nuts yeah, this guy was, I was running. The DHS and he he was tied up with the lobbying firm and profiting off these body scanners, and so they just put in and all the airports and they don't even really work. Even is the old israeli government, was like we're not going to use those because they don't work like they're, not going to stop terrorism, so they're totally pointless uh, it's just like a money, making, scam, wow yeah. Well, but here's the question before nine hundred and eleven, they did something right that you went through radar detectors you
just the regular metal detectors right and they still they x ray your luggage. No, I don't know, I think they did yeah, I feel like they did since ninety nine seems like they did but yeah they did so between then, and now it's just gotten more complicated. Is that what the ideas? Well? They just you know they want to dehumanize this as much as possible to make flying worse, fucking thing in the world, so now I get to take off your shoes. The liquid thing is completely absurd that based on something that was totally. It wasn't but it was like these mentally unstable people we're trying to mix liquid explosives that wasn't even going to work. It was like totally pointless. They wouldn't even be able to do it. So then they just punish everyone by making everyone put little liquids in bags and that's maybe they found like proof of concept after that, like you, Somebody could go on. Someone could get model full with C4 that looks like now. You can't bring snow globes on snow globes,
I just saw that a little slow for the next shake like a paperweight. Was there a snow globe terrorist that I missed like someone trying to listen to some common at main and they were trying to get crazy. I could fuck you up with a snow globe, picture, a really good baseball picture in a snow globe. Oh my god you're a dead man. It's going to kill you with that thing. It could be used as a web. But now the TSA is actually taking it so farm and they. I just saw this video, where this woman comes back from a trip. She gets our car and there's a little note in her car as as TSA Inspector car, while you're gone yeah sure, apparently it's a local jurisdiction, the thing they can, the the local so it's not a TSA thing. It's a local security for the parking lot and that really a in various districts, I think, has very different ways of up. During these type situations, but if they choose to for some reason it was like a valet car she valued more and for what.
Whatever reason we chose to see search it, but I was like no warning what they're saying is it's not a tsa mousing? I think that was the request, the the the response to it there wasn't. He has a policy that is a local thing and someone did so this not something they plan on doing, but it could have been something they were like testing the waters and then people We can even doing that a woman complained. They were like no. No. We have a sign up and she's like that sign. Wasn't here before it's like we're, going to really inspect your car yeah. She like that totally didn't exist, yeah wow. I wanted who believe there that gets weird right. I wish I knew, but still if there is a sign, if you're not told hey, we're going to search your car, I'm going to be real specific about. You can just have a sign. Oh, I might look through your shit like how you didn't read everything in this entire office. Before you gave the ballet do to your keys yeah, I might steal your change sorry.
This is just so I mean it's. It's grown so much it's such a waste of money. I just thing I mean we have one. What have we done really with the TSA? Well, the the argument. I would say I don't disagree with you, but the argue I would say if I was doing the counterpoint like think about how many lives were saved. Thank you. A terrorist attacks were stopped. Think how many people did not try things, because they thought they would never get through the infinite matrix. That is the TSA. That's hypotheticals. Is there any proof that you write me write? It is hypotheticals, but a certain point in time. You know. Is it hypothetical that if you do, vitamin c you would get scurvy see us not going anywhere I believe a word. I'm saying I hear I know what you're saying, but I think that there should probably be some form. Security the reality of the world that we live in. I don't fucking trust people that much and
trust people too. I just feel like if there was no security at all. Do I have a lot more faith in our societies? Go back to what it was before was totally fine. What is it before, though? Do you know this was just yeah? I don't know If it was like it wasn't a private contractor. I mean, I think it was government agents, but it was just very uh. Like a huge multi billion dollar wasteful agency. That is just like it's just one of those things where and I'm obviously not a politician. Nor do I really even understand politics, but is it one? those things where, when jobs created an a business gets created it, behooves them to enhance that business and spread that system make that business larger, whether that this is chick filet or the business is the TSA once it's. Actual business. So it's not a government agency, it's a business, it's a private business that Things are always going to get weird because as soon as you can profit and like not just the state profits known
individuals profit and they have motivation, and then they also can have things called lobbyists and they could spend a shit load of money to try to get laws pushed by that make their business more profitable and make more watt crazy. That's where it gets crazy. Well, you can't differentiate anymore between the corporatists and the actual government employees. So it's hard to tell it's like he sounds like you're calling for socialism. Now you fucking Commie, that's what I'm hearing I'm hearing about your fucking anti capitalist nonsense, wife doesn't capitalism, which is so true. If it wasn't for capitals and we would have shit, you know It's communism doesn't work, you can get people to work in you give them a reward. If you want cool shit, you want to Samsung phone you want to be able to. Watch tv on big screens flat. You get us something to make that you're not going to do it and Capitalism is only way that shit gets done if the whole war, this communist and socialist, that stuff
and probably get made. Why are those are only two options, though my question because I think there's a lot of flaws in capitalism to you. So right but we need, I think, is some sort of moralism- capitalism, not just not capitalism, not communism, but moralism, an ethical ism and we're just like, can we figure this out? It seems like this can all be worked out like we don't have to like live like one person has to die so that all my live like two thousand and five thirteen or any people. That's what kills I could see the potential that we have and we're just fucking, squandering it it's like in fact we know that we can have clean energy. We know that we can have this. We know that we can live compatibly and harmoniously like with the earth, but we're just fucking raping pillaging shit. I mean, I think I think it's a flaw in capitalism to see what happens, monopolies form and then it buys out governments, and you should have. Model, or is it almost like a built in mechanism designed to encourage movement?
it's all? It's almost like the way that things really get done, but this is an incredibly tracked if this is the trend, that's designed within capitalism. That is not fucked. Yes, definitely fucked The question is: is it this way, because this is the most efficient way to move this thing forward. This is the most efficient way to continue to produce new the logical innovations to continue to push our bill to access information, whether it's like we only given up through the internet or whether they're watching your cell phones, that all of it is kind of connected. Well, it's interesting because we hear a lot. You know you need reward, you need value, you need people competing and that otherwise you won't have innovation and you won't have these new technologies, but I look at it. You know we had innovations twenty years ago that cars can run on water, but the car industry bought out and pat this patent, and you see this across the board, so we actually see technologies be stifled because of the capital
model that we live in this vulture capitalism, where their monopolizing all these industries and preventing technology from arising, so that water car thing is totally true. No yeah yeah. I had a hard in the electric car member who killed the electric car. Yes, I heard about the water thing on Opie and Anthony they were talking out how the guy, who created died of a heart attack and he had a meeting with two men and he ran out of the restaurant screw, and they poisoned Maine and and I have a heart attack. Yeah senior punch even find that story. 'cause Doping Anthony were talking about it. It sounded like a fucking scene in a movie like yelled, they poison Meinen, ran out and had a for heart attack or a stroke. I can't remember my memory shit, but it's my memory is actually excellent for a human but there's just too much to remember yeah, that's No, I think I think that we can reinvent the wheel here. I think that we can advance humanity
our collective consciousness to a point where we can, like figure out a different way. Sort of reverting back to these old paradigms of like communism or capitalism, in the way that we know I mean. Can we recreate something? We know what exists. We have the ability to intercommunicate within the entire planet, the techno which is growing exponentially. I just think that we can do better than what seen we totally right, I think, need to learn as human beings. We need to learn how to manage our humanity and there's a A lot of things that we're going to have to take into consideration when you start talking about that kind of stuff and one of 'em is that people have a desire for competition. They just do. They always have an that. Has to be quelled in some form, whether you, should take up a game that you enjoy or get involved in Sports Oregon, martial art Sir good example or of discipline that allows you to like blow off energy and
blow off this competitive design that you have inside of you that sort of allowed human beings to get to this point. In the first place I mean we did survive for tens of dozens of years, because we weren't intent on survival at all costs, and one of that the cost is competition. It's a part of what what's get us a human being is a part of. Why would he and I think that, when people get involved in anything, whether it's corporate thing or whether it's a competition in a game or a team, this desire to do better than those you're competing against like? If you talk to people that are business, people and they'll talk about their competitor for fucking, kicking it right down their throat there there like very aggressive about shit when you guys alone. They start talking about how well they're doing against the competition they close down stores. Only this looking like real excited about conquering shit and it's it's it's that mimicked that this this genetic thing. I think that's like almost been incorporated into our our dna because
it's been so responsible for getting people to this point, you have to crack eggs in order to make an omelette. There had to be a boy, the crazy shit, to get us to rise from apes with sticks to draw car and do it all so fast it. There to be a lot of chaos involved in doing that, but we should be able to recognize that now and wow wow wow wow, wow, wow, wow. Ok, everybody catch your breath. Looks a long fucking time to get here, but let's look at why we got here. This is but this is what motivated us. You see all this. We just wanted to breed want to make sure we have children. We make sure that we stop the barbarian hordes from coming over from the next town over if we can just all agree to not be fuckheads, none of It's going to happen. We can all talk now. Ok, this isn't like you speak, german- and I don't understand Dutch and he's Chinese know, know everybody pretty knows what the fuck pretty much knows what the fuck everybody else is saying. So everybody just chill. I touch you agreed it show,
out. This resource thing is a natural resource thing that seems like because all of ours, okay, what other people get to keep that and how come the people they get to. So I keep wanting to go to war and control. So, let's you know, I know it sounds a little radical, but maybe you guys are kind of being cuts like throwing all the oil. Isn't it the earth yeah you suck it out of holes in the ground like what fucking fascinating that we're just wasting all of this magical resource that takes billions of years to compound in the earth and we're just blowing it was fucking lit, makes for awesome cars, it does, but we need to save it for yeah, it's stupid thing. I've said before that. I think what they're going to do is eventually come up with some sort of a bacteria that eats carbon dioxide in the air and they're, going to release it like a moth quality of moss in the air is going to choose the pollution. It's going to make entrails yep that's going to mutate talk to bring up chemtrails. Please, please don't bring up Chem trails,
chemtrail believers! I love you. I feel you. I use sad probably could have been one of you right. Ok, but I read a couple of articles running away: don't how fucking GEO engineer and I'm not a new world order person either right. I'm not the Illuminati stop well we haven't met one. I haven't seen one pilot whose I mean if they were spraying chemicals on us and the government was doing this around the world every day. Don't you think that in pilot would have come out and said, like I don't yeah, you know. Who knows why pretty sprays own family, you know and like it's. Yes, very nonspecific waited for the world. This is already get enough poise and I I don't, but it has been done. The the the thing about the yeah dropping stuff from planes been done and in fact there was a recent article that was, it was just push about these test. They did. I want to say how should I should look it up. It was. They were spraying radioactive waste from from planes. Yeah they've done a bunch of crazy,
Yeah I mean you, engineering experiments in the cloud seeding, and so there is like GEO Engineering happening in the works, but it's not to the extent of what people think It's always they like David. I was about to say yeah. They gave the task the experiment. You know they gave those guys syphilis or allowed them to have syphilis and not treat them this is all like that they thing is a real problem, because it's not they're, not all part of the same group. It's people that are cunts notices, assholes that have done something wrong and if there any position of government. It's always they like they have done yeah. It is someone just asked me last night, I said you know, do you even the new world order of the Illuminati and stuff- and I said well, I think that it's giving and too much credit. It's also taking away peoples agency to be like there's this unknowable group controlling everything behind the shadows like now. We know these mother fuckers. Are there hidden in plain sight? It's the border, pictures of all the most powerful corporations in the world. I mean these are the people who are
yeah. I need to shit. This is a fact, ok, that in the 1950s- and this is this is uh, Yahoo news? This is widely reported through the internet, which means every turn off the internet. So I don't know, what's true, I don't know it's true, I'm not a researcher yeah yeah. We got one there. Oh wow bam. Will it fucking shared James? Genies this woman says that she lost her baby when her father died. She was a baby, rather when her father died in its was inexplicably in nineteen fifty five and she watched are siblings, die of cancer and she survived serve cancer upon learning that the army conducted secret chemical test, it's in her impoverished Saint Louis neighborhood. In the height of the Cold war, she won their own governments to Blaine in the MID 1950s and again, a decade later, the army used MO motorized blowers, atop low income, housing,
and high rise at schools and from the backs of station wagons, to send a potentially dangerous compound into the all be hazy air, and predominantly black areas of Saint Louis local officials will Taupe were told at the time at the he was testing a smoke screen that could shield Saint Louis from aerial observation in case the Russians attack wow, but in ninety twenty four, the government said that the tests were part of a biological weapons program and Saint Louis. It was chosen because it bore some resemblance to russian cities at the US. Might attack holysh, the materials being sprayed with zinc, cadmium, sulfide, a fine fluorescent powder- oh my god, that's horrible, horrifying, that's scary there's! no accountability for any of this shit, that's the top and I'm sure these people got like a very little payout, but they've just all family die, because it's so scary, terrible, not Monsanto and here's what here's a thing for the chemtrail folks?
This is real. This is real an when you looking at a lot of things that may or may not be what you think they are it's really to find out. What is real? right. It's really important, and if you not sure if something is just a jet engine, creating an artificial cloud 'cause, it's passing through condensation or is the government spraying you, if you call one or the other, it becomes a pro one for all of the information Absolu it dilutes. The real argument, which is the fact that there's the challenge of tons of or even just the jet fuel just planes in general, the jeff- thing, is crazy and that's something that we figured out on the shows that ninety three thousand point flights a day fly worldwide. Ninety three one thousand. So it's incredible, and there was a study done after nine hundred and eleven, which is really fascinating and is kind of because it was in CNN. This is long for the chemtrail thing, either it's a CNN article from two thousand and two,
and it was talking about how the temperature shifted, because of the fact that there was no com trails in the sky and the these contrails, and it referred to them as the artificial clouds created by jet planes that these entrails had been cooling the earth. The difference was a couple of degrees. I don't know how the fuck they can tell whether or not that couple degrees variance is just natural, 'cause things very right all the time as far as temperature. But in this article they were trying to attribute it to the fact that there was no contrails in the sky, which is fascinating. That's crazy I mean to me, there's no causal connection to the heavy metals corrode metals found in the water than it is to sprain. I mean we have no connection at all and that's like the only evidence people can keep showing me. These are just like look at you know, barium and aluminum is found in the water and I'm like dude we're fucking polluting the whole earth. I mean water is cyclical. Like I don't yeah it's well, it's weird it. If what we worry about is weird because the chemtrails, if the government really was spraying something that is
something we should worry about, but stop what are the effects? I don't feel anything, if they are really doing this on a regular basis. Is they just cooling the water? What is get exactly going on now? Let's stop and look at this shit that we're not paying attention to where pumping raw sewage in the ocean, like people, people just shitting into the ocean. There's like boats that are bring diesel fuel this weather, shirts, with giant nance, are killing every fucking fish within its. You know, whatever stretch they've got these God, Damn killer net set up for just socket fish out of it throwing plastic in there there's a gigantic garbage. There's one in the great lakes too, there's one in every body of fucking modern. This TED talk from this woman talking about plastic and she was saying twenty years ago this research team went out fucking huh, is miles away from the Great Pacific garbage patch in the is there a fishing full of plastic particles, and also this guy went down to the bottom of the ocean
where they were, and it was covered in plastic bags- and this was twenty years ago. Can you imagine how now I mean this. This is the shit that we should be concerned exactly it's, so this Saint Louis story for the chemtrail folks, here's one in your in your corner. This is real. Okay, this is real, so you are right to distrust any people that be in a position of power that could possibly profit from doing something that could harm absolutely you're, absolutely right to be paranoid about that. That's not what I say when you know When I talk about these things, I just think it's really important to be aware of it it was happening yeah, it's the same thing with fluoride. I think Floyd is horrible and should be in drinking water, but the thing is: it's been kind of high jacked into this conspiracy theory that says like it's. This bass, mind control thing and trying to give everyone brain damage and Hitler use it on on. Jews and suffers well. That's not true. There's no evidence to back that up, but also it's like no, it's just a phosphate mineral byproduct
you're just pouring in the water supplies like that's what we should be concerned about, that there is a waste product being sold to municipalities and just fucking toxify in our water, but isn't the idea that people who use floreated floor? I did what Florida or dated chlorinated doesn't sound right floor, it sounds wrong. Fluoridated water have better teeth like that. There's actually now the ADA due to extensive study about a decade ago that showed that it was just better hygiene overall that show that people just had better hide. You know roll it really, there's no difference between Florida non four dated areas, whoa, really so really just topically applying fluoride. Yes, that is you know that helps tooth decay, but ingesting it were already getting it when we shower when we cook like. Why are we drinking it too? It just doesn't we do. The idea was history. The idea was that the
with the water having fluoride in it would help. We are with tooth decay as well, as does it do anything else now tell anything on. That's the thing: it's not even Florida to its it. This thing called a hacksaw Flores, silicic acid and it's just a fertilizer by product, but they like it's just this old school collusion between the fertilizer industry and
the water industry is just based on like a huge propaganda campaign. It's saying that Floyd is good for your teeth and we just kind of still believe it. It's bizarre there's! So many other countries in the world do not do that at all wow. Well, if you ever had like real springwater like right from like a Colorado. Well, I just had distilled water for the first time and taste like fucking snow, you gotta be careful with what is the deal, doesn't have any minerals in it. 'cause it leeches into fires, humidifier yeah! It is a process. This process- I don't know I shouldn't, say it- takes out all the minerals, but I think it takes up most magnetizing. My friend Aubrey actually had a problem because he was drinking it on a regular basis. You know he wasn't aware of the consequences of not having enough minerals. He started getting like his heart was beating too fast, which is kind of freaking out like he had electrolyte imbalance, and it was because He was drinking distilled water like you have to have like people think they like solve this before you. Salt is essential. Look if get a pound of it. You're dead, ok, but
What is in a a huge part of what it is to be a human being. You need it used to go to war for that least of salt wars, like a people, kill people for all their self parking. My friend swears and distilled water. You he drinks every day and you should be doing it for like six months. Well, that's great! The idea is, if you take it with like some middle himalayan salt, something that has a lot of minerals and yeah or to some. If is awesome, supplements with minerals, maybe a ok, but it's all Yeah I mean he went to a doctor and the doctor told them, like you have a name sounds like you're doing my dream by drinking water they put in irons. Humidifier humidifier is a funny word. Yeah, that's gotta be careful, but the floor. I think it's just it's just one of those things that no one will even a dresser like. Oh, what do you think fluorides bad tear like well now you should really write even it's good, that they want to be mass medicated against. My will like. Why do we need this in our water right?
and it's also I'm sure it probably does some weird shit to your skin, to it. Yeah in hot water, with fluoride and when you get in excess of Florida gives you fluorosis, which eats away the enamel of your teeth. So you see the yellow fucking like yeah speeches, yeah it actually and so think about what that's doing to your bones. If you get access of fluoride phone, so
is this hippie bullshit now do certified. That's really funny the way you said that no dude, exactly with someone who's telling hippie bullshit said now. Bro come on 'cause Jerry told Jude, Redmond shipping website swear. I saw on the internet Box on Tacoma for us that flaw ride aid in our water. Happy Barton talk bad knowledge about that on our team on the research on lots of research dogs government is one of those things where, like someone just started, getting paid for bringing fluoride and then the floor, I'd is just a part of life. Now yeah the aluminum industry needed to get rid of their byproducts. They were launched I began a campaign is like in the fifties, and it was just this old school thing that what we can really understand that we can just have better hygiene by brushing our teeth. Now is that people did have up teeth. How do they pay verify water like when like if, if the
use? What do they use these chlorine or something like that? What chemicals these are from the phosphate mining, so they take it. They just like they sure the water that's escaping in these giant scrubbers, and then they just sell it like, I don't know what they did appear, but I hope to God that they're doing something to purify it, but no I mean, but I'm sorry I should refer What I meant was when, if you like if you get water out of the faucet. You know this foster right now get a glass of water. There do something that water right? What do they do? Is purification chlorine, chlorine? We should ask right: we should like Google what's crazy, is I just had this interesting thing with Nestle, where they sent us like this lawsuit threat like they're, basically threat Pcos, because I Chris sighs their monopolization over the water supply and how they're trying to privatize water who's trying to snesko. Does I've read that I didn't even want to like actually read the boat 'cause. Somebody sent it to me in Twitter and uh
ten. I was I I don't even want to read that, but to be bummed out by there's ways you do this, the seat, the Ex CEO Peter Breivik, he's still like a. I don't know you still highly influential the company, but he came out and said you know it's a food stuff, like any other, should be applied to market price. We should not like basically just privatize all the water in the world that he was if you can use like. If you think water is a human right, you're, an extremist, I was like that's fucking great and every single water bottle. I say that yeah This is probably Nestle. Now this isn't nicely, but seriously. Every single bottled water, I've seen is and it's terrifying, that's terrify! what they're doing to take into needs routes yeah. He needs a hug cracked, that's ridiculous! What a crazy way of looking at the world so that
right, so he want St Water like oil. Essentially, he wants to fucking. What's the next air monopolize it and we're trying to do that? Wasn't someone trying to run actually sell cans of air because, yes wow they do in a hotel in Seattle. Remember yeah! Well, that's actually oxygen! Yeah! It's like pick me up like people like you ever go to the oxygen bar? They have like those pick me up bars at least to have those I went to one once didn't do jack shit. I felt I didn't feel like I was like well, I just paid twenty dollars and just like inhale, heightened awareness, I think just submitted carrot. I think just that you doing something that gives you a heightened awareness heightens your awareness 'cause, you like cognizant of it like now, What I love you talk about so much as the placebo effect 'cause. This is something that's fucking, nuts, the fact that we can heal things with our body and people just dismiss in there like. Oh that's, just the placebo effect, are like that. So fucking crazy. That's way! Crazier than like having medicine that
yeah you're totally right cultivating this so much, but also it really begs the question: what is what is the state of our body based on? Is it based on confidence and feeling and thoughts and the kind of ideas that you called debate or is it actually based on genetics and disease, like how much is which way when all of a sudden someone can cure something, because they think that I don't know how many instances where that actually takes place. The possible effect would be greatly exaggerated. I don't know I don't know how much is actually been done, placebo style, but I know that it's big enough that it's occur enough times where it's documentable, like people can, refer to it as an actual situation, there's a placebo effect that actually does happen. So what's going on there, I don't know. I think that it needs to be cold did way more and studied way more, like it's just funny that it's kind of this weird thing in science or like, oh just the placebo, it's like have you thought about.
What that means, though 'cause that's fucking nuts, it's also it makes. I wonder what Ackley is really shaping this world like how much of is shaping this world is thoughts and how much of it is circumstance and how much of it is just random occurrences, how much are you steering this thing with your thoughts when you find out that you can fix something that you didn't think you could fix because someone told you they gave you a pill that fixes it. Then can you fix it? I think I would stress does to you can totally crazy debilitate you yeah. It has at least you make shitty decisions. You do do rash things. You yellow people that you shouldn't. Do you like? It builds up yeah, it's terrible, it's terrible, terrible it's awful, but it's weird this document about water- and there is like this japanese scientist you put diff-
the feelings in different bottles of water, a glass of water and they had first, I don't I mean it's been debunked, yeah, yeah, apparently yeah. I don't know we have to get a debunker on, but then the d market will get all sorts of hate mail. There would never come Wanna come back again, that's it happens. He debunked things man. She the guy was the deep we're on our show. He runs metabunk dot com, so he debunks everything anything that he finds out. What's bullshit about something and debunks, it he's he's right, a staggering amount of times, and this guys, just his Timeline, is just hey. Just people hate on twitter people hate when you deposit greatly so invested in JFK so invested in everything, whether it's Lee Harvey Oswald, acted alone or whether it's fucking conspiracy from the grassy knoll.
Whatever it is. So this guy super Anti conspiracy, or does it really take it like you do where you're like? I will look at everything and really kind of sort through it or you. Just like I'm a debunk. I have the main points he's a debunker. He likes calling people on conspiracy to shit. Even if he's wrong, I mean I don't know. If that's right all the time right, that's pretty obvious. His trend is to debunk things, but along the way I gotta say. One of the things that I've learned about this television show is. The psychological effect of wanting to believe in something the similar attributes that I find in almost everyone who believes in something that can't be proven. There's very very very similar attributes is a very similar mindset, but yeah I agree, but when I look at something like nine hundred and eleven, I have no, what isn't logical and it's what they've told this happened yet so it's like, I don't know what happened, but I know what didn't happen
So what about that? You know. That's one that always comes up whenever someone believes in something that's odd. There's always what about tower seven discussion, Justin. This is getting people in two thousand thirteen they're, almost like Jesus crisis, twelve years, a tower seven yeah. I can do it anymore, but I can't I can't get tap out no more chapter, seven dark right. We can't fix that thing. It's gone, it's gone, it's gone or seven was concentrate on Bigfoot. No, it's there the there's a reality to the world right. This is a reality and then there's a trying to decipher reality from looking at the past, whether the This is five minutes ago or the passes two hours ago when you're dealing. Something monumental, like nine hundred and eleven you're going to have a lot of noise. There is going to be so much information, good, real and bad and distort
and crazy and sane and logical and cryptic is going to be a lot of shit going on. So you look at any catastrophic situation like towers falling and people dying, and you I have a lot of craziness so you're going to have a lot of shit that doesn't jive are going to have a lot of shit that also leans towards conspiracy, then so also the possibility conspiracy and that's what people don't like the thing They don't like to think that it's not an either or and that it you don't know, don't think that you were there conspiracy, sure. Why is conspiracy about it's been? It's been turned into a pejorative where it just shuts down the base. You know it's amazing religion, it yeah. It is actually deliberate effort by the
CIA must've, really there's so bad ass at least are nice. I wish I could support the CIA. Is there so bad ass is so many ways like that they could figure out how to fuck an engineer human consciousness, so they just make conspiracy thing sink dopey or you got it conspiracy, theory, what like the Gulf of Tonkin, what like the northwoods document rattle off a bunch of real shit? That's really like what about Enron. That's a conspiracy! They conspired people got together. It happens all the time, it's part of what makes people fucking group into little huts, but together they have little tribes. Old conspiracy sleep at night. Let's go get him. They have all the time I love the CIA. Just for the for the record. I don't I like them individually as human beings. I hope they're nice, but as group I'm not willing to trust him and made him. That's all I'm saying now remember when they were also see each other.
Gold rush era 50s. So let me ask you this, and this is the fucking elephant in the room when it comes to journalism, 'cause, you're You'Re- Honestly, an official journalist right, legit Ann. You are also not afraid to talk your mind whatever it is, Speak your mind about various controversial subjects. Then you see this Michael Hastings thing Do you go I don't know the story- tell her. Ok, so Michael Hastings, amazing journalists, one of the last real investigative journalist that we have that I mean he'd, go on the corporate media and just fucking destroy like he just completely make everyone look like idiots, but he's very s of two very aggressive, but he's just like you can tell is exasperated with the mentality that he was surrounded by whenever you like, all these a bomb, apologists and stuff when he would go and argue, and he was embedded in Afghan and for Awhile- and
actually did a report in the rolling stone about standing. The crystal, which is the commanding general general, the Afghanistan war that totally exposes us ended up. Getting him fired, and when you get a general whose commanding you're fired you need to lookout like you need. If I can watch your back, and so I mean he got death At the time months later his car driving like one hundred miles an hour down a fuckin residential street in LA and it just explodes, while the fuck you'll be driving that fast, nothing about it makes sense. He had just written a letter to his friends and family hour is before he died. Saying I have to go off the radar the FBI is investigating me watch out there going to come talk to you. It doesn't mean that it was the government who killed him. It doesn't mean that it's the some giant conspiracy. My view is that you commanding general fired and he knows fucking people. You know secure it contractors, private firms that can fucking take you out If you embarrass someone, I mean this should happen. This is a hit. I don't
would have been that guy, but it sure looks like it. I mean if I want to look at a movie scene yeah, I like a perfect movie, seeing it as in a James Bond film, of a political assassination yep. It really is the doors. Lock the steering wheel, starts turning towards the tree. Like are your cars? Can salary is going number shut up bitch. Why would I explain that on the air I think all cars. I don't wanna get old, really old, Dodge cars can be hacked to and that's about it yeah. I can not well that's what I read afterwards, we'll do some guy who worked for Clinton and for Herbert Walker. Bush was just everything how it's measured. Clark possible. I don't know if it was him was at him. Richard Clark, which I thought was strange in itself that this guy would come out and be like. It looks like a car hacking to me like we're fucking government insider was just strange. I didn't know why he think the people in the old guard- probably don't exactly like
how shit is just so Loosey Goosey with the murders. These days. You know, they're, like hey that shit up, we didn't use to fucking, kill reporters like this guys. She's security cameras everywhere, like wooden Bernstein, still a lot, but basically then one of 'em diversely. I don't have a little bit of but I mean if you're asking, if I'm afraid, no absolutely not I mean. If there are, you know you can't live in fear that I'm sure they know you might be in the room with you for three hours around Hocking Hills, Ohio. How scary is that that's fucking terrifying! I wrote something down say as a joke, but it was about this fucking meat that they are creating that out of human. No, no! No! No! That's that's exciting! Now there is that there made synthetic meat, and you know I was just yes, yes and I was just like clone county
some cow meat and without actually increasing the amount of cows in the room. They increase the meat they just put it in some sort of yes, too, because hundreds of thousands of dollars, but they may like a cheeseburger out of this? This weird meat sign me up, and I wrote it. Today's fake meats, tomorrow's fake person, solar powered programmed by the state, reading minds and writing tickets for bad thoughts like this really possible right, like one We could easily be in a world where we have robot people just wandered around enforcing the rules of a corrupt elite, a bunch of old dudes with fucking. Wires coming out of their body, barely hanging on just evil, keeping them in the game waiting for life extension technology just hanging in there
robots, run around we're so close to like actual thought crime. It's not even funny with the NSA, just surveillance of everyone, blanket data mining and then this retroactive prosecution, the ability to retroactively, prosecute you if you fucking, say something today, ten years from now, they can dredge that up and be like. You said this ten years ago and wrongfully accused you of something and pull up all the evidence over the course digital life and use it. NC and that's another really scary aspect: it's not even just the chilling effect that quells descent and makes people not want to speak out as much it's that too right and that's scary. Yeah, that's very scary, it's it's all very scary, It's were in such strange times 'cause if some It feels like they have the right to just look at everything you're doing all the time like. Where are we right? We doing like we're, not even America anymore. Now, it's not America when everyone can just have their email looked at, and did you read this shit David seaman put on his page today? What is that about? How?
they're using it, the DEA is using it now they use the information to catch drug dealers, the user information to catch people, selling weed I mean they're, not is not just the national security concern thing. This is information, that's being distributed to other people, so they are bypassing normal, like protocol for catching criminals and just fucking, really crazy, yes, you're right, but what's really crazy is that he said that this is what you get. It was really weird is that the NSA is giving your phone records to the d a and they're telling the d A's talking about how to cover it up and to conduct a fake investigation to acquire that information to back engineer your discovery and then going back and acquiring enough evidence post knowledge of the crime to you know like that they're actually going to create a fake investigation. Well, so did they hide the fact that they got this information from the NSA right right.
Like, oh man, that sounds like a lot of work, will doesn't just seem like a lot of work. It seems like you're lying like you should yeah There should be some laws in this world, but there you, either also should be some nobility to the people that are enforcing those laws, and one of them is you shouldn't be allowed to lie ever ok, lying's, not good, stop doing that. So, if you're not lying, how much of this actually happens? Well, none because we'll go with many women women at the d e a gets the record right right. Okay, where do you draw the line where I was able to draw the line model is annex because their prescription is all able to be hacked. So weird, the line really isn't run anywhere when you have foreign governments are entities that could hack into this and then use it. I mean. Who knows it's just it's going to be out there, everything going to be out there when they charge claiming slowly trying to stop it.
They're still lying there like. Oh no, it's just the metadata is: is the metadata and you're like no dude, because the storage center in Utah, whatever that you're storing this like the metadata, would only account for like a fucking eighth of that information, that's stored in there and already building other ones. So what the hell else is the rest of it. Obviously, it's everything just recorded and stored. Obviously, it's amazing that anybody would think that's a good idea It's really amazing that anyway, would say yeah. This is what people going to go for. This is to get dinner not going to feel like they're imprisoned at all No, it's not a prison stay. It's just want to make sure that everybody else yeah can't have that that kind of Power- crazy, Fox, can't well, look at that guys doing with entrapment cases. I mean all these like thwarted terrorist attacks in the last decade or all mostly manufactured by the FBI. Really, it's amazing! You know there's that one that was really hilarious in Dallas, where they go. This guy was like challenged he's like no, it's not agreement, not a bright guy. They talk
come into. It, gave him bomb yeah, ok and told him how to detonate he tries detonating. They can't arrest him for a bomb that wasn't even real. You guys are playing make believe, like you're playing make believe it just relied more on Skype there alive. I guess it's better than they take him off the street. And then some real out kind of dudes and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars like coercing some mentally unstable person to fucking try to sign those people switch gotta do more for that than for the TSA. I like that. I like what you do when you find an idiot, sometimes spends years, and they get paid like one hundred gs these informants and they just like to work. There's actually this one case of this guy in a mosque. I think I said this in the last podcast. He actually scared people so much in this mosque. All these Muslims who are like they actually called the FBI, or did it because he was trying to radicalize them so much. It was like he was that The reason they're like what the fuck this guy is here, trying to write. Close up there, and then they were like oh yeah, he's working with us
Jesus fucking Christ, cry problem reaction solution, one of the most cases of undercover cops, was without a doubt, in my opinion, that the people in Florida, where there were a operation d minus where they're sending undercover cops to go in and pose as high school students and try to go my God's cell. We did. That was so sad and some kid actually like fell in love with a girl, and he was like he was like four dot: zero she's hot she's, twenty five. She was she's petite. She could pass for bag so rude and the These thing was what what's that podcast this american life yeah they had, they did a piece on it and they actually interviewed her. They spoke to her and she was like No hey these people. They should be doing that they to watch the doing like you. You found a boy
he found a boy and you were nice to him and he tricked out in the boy tried to give her the weed for free. He tried to get her weed 'cause. She asked 'cause, she asked it and he gave it to who couldn't even really likes you. He did. He didn't smoke weed at all. You tested negative when they arrested him, but they when they asked her like weather weather, she asked him. Rather to get it, he tried to give it to her for free and she insisted on giving him money so that she could make the arrests our group so mean. Meanwhile, here's my meanwhile there's a real crime going on she's. In this my point- and I just I- I want to say this very clearly: okay, I'm I'm not a male apologist. Alright, I believe that on both sides, people should be kind, and I think there's a competition between men and women that is rather unnecessary, whether it's feminists in masculine Essen, a lot of it is unnecessary, but in situation, it's very strange because if the roles had been reversed, the outrage would have been
exponentially greater if a man was pretending to be a heist. Student uses super slick. Twenty five year old, been around the blue. I've been driving for years got a fast car, fast car, maybe a bunch of poetry books. He reads and she says he's so different: he still maturity so that would be so rude if you found it some twenty five year old pimp cat is bangin seventeen year olds and arresting them for getting him. We'd do imagine how much people would be upset sane and they would assume that the guy factor assuming his doctor the girls fawning over him and next thing I know she's getting weed for free in his arresting her. Never stand for it. Nobody would stand for it by as long as it's it's one of those weird things where is like and it's a boy getting fucked over. Even if there was a woman who conned him and lured him in you, are grossly here about, like teachers, fucking young
roll students either you here like a lot about women teachers like having affairs with like their high school students and stuff. I've never really heard the story of the opposite happening. This happen to my high school, really yeah. I don't want to say anymore. He was a good dude. I knew the girl yeah. I will here, but the entrapment case. This is fucking sad, this guy just like to gamble. He was a optometrist like you know, just had career had, like mildly gambled, like two hundred dollar bets with his friends and this FBI agent, ever heard in a bar one night talking about uhm waging a bet, and he be friended him and then for the next like six months or a year, just became closer than close on the kept trying to up the stakes, and basically, at the end of this time, frame, He convinced the guy had met him, two thousand dollars in one day which in Virginia that's like running a gambling operation. So he comes in and raids his house with the Swat team and the guy gets executed on accident. There's like some trigger happy cop who just fucking shoot. Someone kills him like. So so you base.
We turn this person into a criminal. Not even then. I think that's a criminal to spend two thousand dollars in a bit do whatever the fuck you want, but like that they sheep to this person, and then he just it's just so sad. This is having so many times before. There was a famous rolling stone article about a young man that was, he was talked into selling this guy some marijuana, and then he sold him. Some marijuana and they put together some sort of coke deal and the FBI My agent completely encouraged him set it all up or the DEA agent, undercover guy said it all up connected to two is together and got the poor guy who didn't want to do anything just just slowly worked him and coerced him into the situation where he thought he was going to make a lot of money to do this real, quick and meanwhile, there was no drug deal to be made. It was all fake. This guy is completely concocted the whole thing, this fucking DA asshole. So then
GTA, asshole, winds up being a complete criminal gets kicked off, the force doesn't get prosecuted, just gets just removed and done. But you know who knows what he did. He was doing drugs. They know he tested positive for drugs, so he was doing that yourself. You have to. If you want to be a part of that world, you gotta do coke with them, and so this poor fuck is in jail for the rest of his life. His kid is stock and This was a long time ago. The article in rolling stone- I don't know if you ever got out- I don't know what the story was, but the kid was doing essentially life in jail, major league cocaine. Dealer put together a major league cocaine deal not really, but they did as far as like he knew and that's good enough sorry getting about when you're like getting so close to these people. Do you ever think, like wow? This is really fucked up. What I'm doing like. I don't understand how these people can live with themselves, the ones who aren't wrapping these people for months and months and months and like be friending them and getting really close to them. Then they realize that they are shaping these people want to become who they want them to be. It's a fuck
something it is certainly that it is certainly that it's it's a lack of humanity, it's the same thing as a corporation that can pollute array. And kill a bunch of fishermen, because it's easier to do that than it is to take shit and put it in these toxic drums and ship it somewhere else. We all know that open to like what allows people to do you look at a broad spectrum of what people are capable of like what allows the world would allow the most extreme aspects of our personality. I wish we could have an empathy pill, look like have a gene and then have it all the time, but that's what we need to engineer all the time, just a really mild dose of E. We just want to hug everybody, We will be so much nicer, but it's it's. It's really interesting, because if you stop and think about the idea of enjoy hearing consciousness through pills, I mean that's what everybody's worried about when it comes to the presidents and prozac and things that people give kids for a dd. And you know-
really concerned about this concept of engineering consciousness and what are the repercussions of doing this and giving people things? But what, if they get it right now this is fucking nail it and it just becomes. Everybody becomes cool as shit like they just like they give you a pill and then all day, you're on like a mild, ecstasy, super friendly mode, and it gives you like- a two thousand and thirty percent Iq Boast- boost fast, so evolution. Why not is not possible and seems like it would be right, it would be, because it is something went whore really wrong and well for the generations till we get it right, we're all fucking guinea pigs, it's pretty pretty insane! This generate pretty crazy. Well, no one more so than those people in Saint Louis. That's. That is a really hard thing to fucking. Read it really hard? to read to think that really did happen. Yeah so we want more than we like to think it's so weird that people can do things that they can do and then other people
cool shit normal or not like dropping white phosphorus and fucking Iraq Rock? That's against what is that was. Is white faucets, like this incendiary, that's supposed to light up the air sure when you like drop it when you look at bombing in Baghdad when we invaded you see like these, like plumes of like light coming down, and it basically just it such a high, concentrated incendiary that will just cut through skin, like it'll just slice through your flesh and so they've been using that against I mean it's totally illegal to use during warfare and Israel. Does it, and so does this country still yeah build pleaded uranium, that's awful to that, will never go away DU. Is there forever it's that areas like toxic yeah for like how long millions of years? Oh yeah sure wife of do. You is like knowing what is your idea about depleted uranium was that that it penetrates armor, better yeah. It's like it's like a this radioactive coating on the on the shell of.
Something like the shell casing? And I don't know what the fuck why you would ev We use that, if it's like so horrified any toxic for the environment like. Why do we need that? Like? Do we have enough? The way like high grade weaponry enough that we don't need to be using. Do you know what the fuck went with this? You think those things are just like. Let's see, if we could do this, I think we could just shoot right through that thing. With the d you like golf, Who is dealership just like people watching the nuclear explosions? This is like glasses on there like Wait just no concept of anything in the future past ten years like what is this going to do it's just the idea that anybody has the ability to make that call right, we're going to shoot these boats. An they should work a lot better than our regular bullets.
But there's one catch poison. The group will deploy in universe whatever, whatever whatever whatever's fucking million years. Listen. When I am getting around, don't worry about it, a million it's one hundred going to give a shit bob. We got allow this shipment of these things. We have allowed this stuff, we might as well make bullets out of it, but is depleted. What does it look like? I don't fucking now, let's look that up, depleted uranium. Ok, let's see what the fuck it looks like bedded. Depleted uranium. I bet it looks like I bet it looks evil. Why is there a baby photo with no face? no it's not! I see I see a photo of it. Look at that you ninety two, that's what it is try to find my photo that Depleted uranium looks like, and a pair play, it's just fucking awesome at killing shit. Just
they figured out how to make something, that's way any better than regular metal um. So what it says is the uranium with a lower content of the fissile F, Ssi only for sale. You too thirty, five, that the natural uranium natural uranium is ninety nine point to set ten percent. U two hundred and thirty, eight an zero zero point, seven, two percent, that you don't give a fuck about this. What am I saying this team people Do I read this a lot of times when I go to Wikipedia folks? I've never read about this before so I'm hoping that those sort of boil it found for me within the first paragraph. No such luck today, kids still bitch and numbers that I don't understand, but yeah so that clearing. Should I ain't good? and also see a wolverine? This is the reason why I'm saying well outside in the movie wolverine.
How did she no yeah this with Hugh Jackman? Who else would Walgreens. For the past decade, Jesus Christ, Wolverine Wolverine, for the past decade, been Christ there's a scene in it from Nagasaki? Caswell room should one hundred and fifty years old or whatever. However, he was when they made him forget, but the idea is that he's immortal and Nagasaki like he gets involved in the bomb, but you stop and think of that like what a strange ability that human beings, add, even in nineteen forty seven to throw something out of a plane fly over, you throw something in just wipe out everything just wipe out the whole ship hang just flatten that mother Fucker kill, hunt is a thousands of people just like that, but we needed to use it to end the war. Save lives save life you Jackman working out looking so nice. Where is he cocked areas
already it's hard to believe that he likes musicals too he's a perfect man yeah. I think nuclear nuclear technology is bat SH, crazy. I mean it. It can be used for good, but the thing is we don't have the capacity to harness it properly? Like look at nuclear energy, we can't store the waste and the waste doesn't go away for millions of years too. So, where the fuck are we going to put this like? Yes, in theory it's great, but there's this whole uh. Component that we're just kind of ignoring and look what happened in Fukushima when something goes wrong I didn't realize until Fukushima what nuclear energy actually was. I didn't realize there's just like water boiling in like these giant opener, you Sciences, I'm so on the same page. This is so confused. I have no idea what doing this is ridiculous. You got a son that makes and you can't shut it off.
I extend it. Build could move no waking, aunt Prue from builds on some fault lines here in the US. Will listen, listen what you don't know. Okay, I see where you would come with. This is an uneducated person but almost mind you, but what we need that, first of all, it's a major force. Is it the reason why coal is down on the uses? Many many percent now there's a little. We have the situation around. Okay, there's room, basically, no worries as a Fukushima was a very old Zayn. We have various fail, safes and backup generators and we don't pick right next to the ocean, like those crazy, Japanese, except we do like twenty three sister reactors all built by GE here in the exact same manner, some built by fault lines this one on the way to San Diego you pass by Anna no fray. You know whether they're shutting that down yeah, but they said it's going to take like thirty earlier process. We got that
sick water just dump it in the ocean right with the plastic bags. What do you mean shut down? What does that mean? I thought you couldn't shut him down. It seems like gum, isn't there like a bun spots in Nevada, where they've just like, dug holes and like I just put it here proud and they have signs over those like a million different languages going on fucking did here right, don't dig here for the next million years, this spot sucks two and twelve thanks? What are we doing? Yeah, that's a weird thing. The fact they have these air is where they dig a hole and they just put all their garbage like this, and this is all toxic and said whatever, whatever take a little hole here, drop it off. Is this your land Ok! Can we just dig holes? Then we just pay you like a couple of G sweet, listen! You guys can have prostitution right and gay.
Yeah? Oh you mean what they've done dinner reservations, yeah, that's pretty much what they did. They just like everyone just gone most toxic areas with like no ability to like far or do anything and will just fucking give you gambling here. Aren't you happy here gamble here's the freedoms of alcohol cigarettes? If you think about it that way, that's a weird way of looking at it, but I guess a lot of a native Americans would agree with you on that. The they don't live in the best bots. They don't give like the best bots away for for the patients, you know they like, and we have a y know. You never mind, nope okay, how many like really good spots where the Indians were with like no, not this one, but it is a lot of really good spots in in the in the lab. Where can't we build okay, go there, yeah. I want to I've, read a bunch. Different versions of why they were called Indians. Some that makes sense and some that don't but No denying.
That that name the, I've read two different versions of the idea that they thought they were actually in India. I've read that that was the case, and then I also read that it was based on a word, I'm trying to remember what it was something meaning free man, India or something like that: the INDIGO child children, it's not a band in girls. How are they? Children is like. We can't play them, but we have found Brian have too much for that what are you trying to say You can't be a man who is well endowed who enjoy sing chick music? Now I think there are more attracted to that culture there more attractive that culture like share? fuck, you saying that's like shit, indigo girls with my share men are more attracted to or women or lesbians, lesbians. Ok, did you guys hear about this? This bubble, construct
that got out of a pet store and climbed through the walls and do this kids room killed a five year old and a seven year old yeah. I was in Canada, apparently climbed over the walls of just house. Now we seem like they had like a reptile place downstairs in this fucking thing got out horrifying yeah. Idiots actually have exotic pets as pets here in this country. Do you know that, there's more tigers in captivity in the? U S than there is in the wild in the world real world? Yes, we doing movies. You know who really through is. I believe that now Louis through this, this awesome journalists that works for the BBC. Does these yeah, I know yeah. He lives with the Westboro Baptist Church for like a month. He'll go live with like all these who have tigers in cages in baboons, in like giant snakes, and I'm just like do this document about it and they don't know that he's actually mocking them because he's a
nation, so they don't really understand its humor is like being really sarcastic all the time. It's great well he's also like super in bed and he'll. Let yeah I hear him yeah exactly like weeks yeah, he does is not like arguing with them as much as he's just encourage them to communicate, who they are, and you know which is like a war. You know the hard way to do it, you're in bed with the West go back to charge. Like you know, I gotta kill all these queers Nightfire. He went in to sign. They had like a really great sign making factory here again he's like he's like Nelson Mandela. Fag is like I don't. I don't understand. I just like the most random signs, then head lookin at his face on a sign 'cause. He goes back to the Westboro Baptist Church and they made a sign with images like Louis Theroux. Fag love, Something was like. Why did you make a sign about me? Human struggles, so bizarre? What a bizarre thing, the struggle about, what uh Westboro, Baptist Church is one of the weirdest like branch,
is of humanity because it's almost like, we expect them to do something stupid. Whenever anything happens now, and it becomes like an oddity like a little sideshow at these things, and if we yeah it's like impossible to not pay attention, because there's so fucking outlandish, like the fact that they will just go and fly to picket funerals. It's a part of the idea struggle. You know it's part of the idea struggle the battle between like advancement and thinking. And this did the Monkees. There's the fucking screaming apes. That still around throwing shit at each other. Holding up abortion signs Geordie of us, but it's It's a part of the fucking struggle. Have you seen that a photo of the the mountain goat in the Cougar that fell to their yeah? So my god, I want to see a hole that up it's a series of photos. It's a battle it over. It shows a battle because
is the mountain lion actually has the hair in his mouth of the of the goat they're, both dead they're laying out on a stretch of highway in Cala Rado, where the road was closed, they went to war on a cliff and they both fell to the death and it's a wild fucking series of photographs. Look at this woo yeah! Well, let's see that thing to the left. That's one of the horns from the mountain goat I get lost its horn in the process. It is a series of photos, Brian, if you scroll down a gross, it shows that's where the warrant came out to look. That's where the horns, like literally broke, all the yeah and at some outline oh look in his mouth. You see the tuft of fur. Look at that! He got that! hang in his mouth and they both went for a ride and lamb, readable boom on the ground. Look at yeah,
fuck no need to look at it, but they show you the already look at it. If you just need to look at that after you look at that, but if you props to Javier Vargas he's the guy sent me that on Twitter, trying to give out to it props, yo but he that did the website takes you to like a whole series of photos. It's pretty it's just it's not be full, but it is beautiful. I don't not happy that either. One of those animals died, I'm not an asshole, but they died in a beauty, crazy way. Yeah! It's fascinating! It's fascinating! It's like any weird strange work of art. There's something bizarre about you're capturing this image. Nobody in can stem it's not like they were forced to do it. In a colosseum for our amusement, this is just something that played out in the wild and they fell off a cliff and it's like it would have, and whether people existed or not most likely just fascinating, fascinating thing to say that this is how life exists. We need
take away language and take away cities and take away advancement. It's just this wild group of things. That trying to eat each barbarism graph and keep moving and spread numbers amazing is it that we live in a time where we can see all of the shit like that, planet Earth Series where you can just see what the fuck bacteria look like in caves in like New Mexico or some shit like glowworms spinning, liquor, like the goats on that mountain side? And that's it reminds me of that those go is that survived and like that? It's like a sheer face of a mountain and their hunting in their fucking running around like how are they not? How are they an existing up there yeah it's amazing, I went. I was in Montana, and I watched these mountain goats climb up the side of these bluffs and their standings like ledges. So I got like a chunk that wide and they got one hoof here and one up there and it's not like like oh shit, did I go. How do I get up here and just keep going there not like on a ledge there dishonor
sheer fucking face and they don't answer. Was that mountain lion to go. I'm going to take my chances like yeah ledge match. I think I grab that bitch by the neck. It just lock onto him right there under the guys filming it said he waited like weeks like six weeks to finally catch hunting or whatever, and it was like this epic chase on this mountain side and I was like how are they not just collapsing in falling to their death? So they got a mountain lion hunting. It knows and it Wasn'T- and it was one of those goats, but they were getting chased by by a mountain lion or some shit yeah. Also they filmed that yeah. It was insane mount lines are really hard to film. That's uh, one of the reasons why, when people hunt mountain lions, it's very hunting of mountain lions is very controversial. And on one hand I see the point of people that don't want them hunted like there, this majestic cool creatures and it's amazing everything. But the other point you got to realize like
if you don't keep their numbers to a manageable level like the last thing you want us mountain lions attack wild lions, lions here, but you don't want to make squirrels. You don't like pigeons, just running around grabbing slow people will have a real problem like you need to figure out how many we need to keep and there's only one way to do that. You get to kill him 'cause. Nothing else kills them. They don't have any enemies, the only they die of old age when they fall from cliffs, when they're holding on to goats other than that they're going to be fine? Did you hear about the pack of wild pitbulls that killed that huh. I would have fucked up way to die. Yeah, that's not far. The horrible way to die, it seems, and she was with two other people and like the owner was just like watching it happen the pit bull just like Troy this woman, and then they were get help, but the girl died. I think that's terrible yeah horrible animals are fucking, no joke right.
We are around him all the time we get used to the fact that, for the most part, have him under control, but just dogs now have to dogs, one of 'em, is a smaller dog one. This is pretty big is one hundred and forty pounds and I was thinking he just decided like now. I just want to see what you taste like. You know if a dog really wanted to do that. We pretty sure they're not going to order. They really wanted to it's, not a lot. Stopping him! Yeah! It's! You know they are They are creature that that's neither instinctual. Something snaps and they fucking go for it was going to be really weird. If people do create this synthetic sort of art Fishel meet if they really do create that and it starts being some and then sold on a regular basis. What are we going to do like we going to keep sing cows is going to be a way to justify the fact that you're you're killing an animal or will get to point where we just were,
let cows mate that often just keep a few of them around, so they don't go extinct and just eat these fake burgers. I think people will always want to eat the real animal really some will they want, like the shoot, 'em or if they just want authentic? It would be like a diamond cubic zirconia based. I just don't know how this is the real deal with this forward in the bowels of the earth. I know oh yeah if it tastes better, what is better but if, like regular meat taste like shit yeah, I'm dollar down yeah, why not as long well let Will try it for about a decade or so before I jump in be real careful. You know not being guinea pigs. Gm owes. Did you see this thing? That's doing us on. There was a an article It's on my twitter, where these so dentists put
Mona LISA, a tiny Mona LISA. They drew it on a surface one slash three: the width of a human hair. It's incredible, this incredibly precise instrument at the Georgia Institute of Technology. They have did Mona LISA On and ABS, straight surface thirty microns in width, which is one slash three of the width of a human hair Can you pull it up? Yeah yeah! It's actually pretty good amazing amazing. What date is it? What date? it's on sciencespacerobots dot com and it should be there today if you just write, look for scientists, paint Mona LISA on surface just that I'm sure will pull up the article where yeah, that's it! That's the Mona LISA they pay. They made that on something one, slash three, the size of a human hair. It's pretty fucking! Good too, like It's hard man, I don't know
rap your head around that. I can't it's hard. I can't run my head around the fact they just froze light yeah. Did that too right for how long how long the freeze line minute minute is. That makes sense. Now What is your name? What happens if you freeze light mini, go the speed of light, what happens to silver surfer pop out of here? How do spaceship and come down? Take the world by just saw this crazy thing. Dude pulled this. This is some crazy, 3d pen that they can draw like in the air now and make like a there. Now Don't look at an image? Yeah! Oh, my god yeah much. Do you know about? There's pens that apparently record what you write. So if you right something down so there's a and like if I gave you this piece of paper and I had you right, he's down what you wrote down, actually show up in a computer no way yeah that technologies been around for awhile, but is it while my husband worked out, or they just have to say with the? U S: b: yeah, you like sync it up to your computer and it's like right into a document form, but if you could do it,
the sync up. You could probably do it WI fi right now, I'm just an image that they have, because I saw the first one. Actually, when I worked at gateway, they used to have him, so some CIA dudes could probably be able to hook it up for WI, FI, yeah or yeah seems like it right. That's amazing, because uh somebody told me about this guy that we we actually went up having this guy on our tv show he's a psychic. His name is Banacek and can't tell you what he does in the show, but he I will tell you that it's all bullshit he's like he's a mental, as I shouldn't say the psychic. What he does he debunks a lot of what people think is psychic, but it's just trickster eat shit. Just needs a master and all this trick story shit and trying to figure out how to fuck. He did what he did 'cause it was really kind of trippy and why the things that I think might be possible, I've been just running through my head is uh those pens that, as you write things down without like you could seal in an envelope and he has access to the information incredible yeah. Now, that's a really good point that is possible today, right
yeah without a doubt right, it has to be a bad thing. Could prob do the same thing with like a keystroke think twenty? They there it there. It is two gigabyte Wi Fi, smart pen boom, seventy nine one hundred and seventy nine dollars. That's incredible! What does that do's name from the double seven movies that got all the gadgets. That's Sherlock in how who the guy after right, you guys know that there's a it was his name, the dude who was like born. This is the new yeah that dude yeah right. Was it too? I don't know yeah. I think you need to do the briefcase all the yeah. I don't see him looking for music, the 3d pen. I want to see if I, if I actually saw. The famous q is a fictional character in the James Bond films and novelizations Q.
Standing for quartermaster huh yeah, there was a bunch of these days- have played q yeah. Wait way. What is yeah look go down the image, how works So this is the pen that you write, something you can write. Some like in air, and it would actually just draw like a 3d. Ok, so he's filling in this things like icing Where is not this is going to show up in the air and then just the wrong video, no see there. You go oh wow, that is crazy minutes ridiculous, wait a minute this, like a pen that makes like thick silly putty, comes out of it kind of yeah. It's like that plastic step. We used to take those little straws and blow the little air bubbles in ok. That's too
that guys, an idiot not really buddy, relax to look at little dinosaur. Yeah he's making a strange times, actually pretty cool. It's cool bye, going to dazzle kind of dazzled kind of way. That's so true! They just the substance that water doesn't stick to it. So you can like put it on your shoe when you can have on it. That's crazy! We shot a video that I was. I just ran through a mud puddle, so funny, I'm not touches you the sign, not damn it's all happening, so fucking quick, every day, there's some new thing, if only we had the most smart mines in the world working toward technologies that are good instead of like weapons. I mean think about how many part two wasting sure you right where you are right, but we do is well. It's almost like Do you ever think about the possibility- and this might be total hippie bullshit, but is there a pot
ability that we need a bunch of dickheads in the world in order to motivate the good people to act and that sort of like this struggle is imperative in the human condition beginning, the Yang there's almost there has to be assholes in order for people to push society further. In order for us to recognize our product, I think yeah, I think you're right. I think there's always going to be a balance of good and bad, but I don't think we need to let the assholes get to the extent where they're actually like fucking up the planet for the rest of us, which is where we're right now. So if we curb the assholes back to a manageable level, yeah or the assholes fucking things up, this motivate the really smart nice people to develop some kind of crazy technology that eats plastic. It eats plastic, and it creates flowers that grow in your mind and enlightened that doesn't make can you feed mushrooms said, the fungus is actually the best way of uh dealing with plastic that they've found funguses that they can mutate and get them to eat plastic
really yeah, I thought there was no way to destroy plastic. No there's been some headway in that that's one of the ideas coming up with yeah. Scary. It's Scary. When you see this the very studies about how large the patches and how much of an area covers and how much material is out there. It's spooky yeah, it's not it's, not an island that is kind of a misnomer. It's actually just a swirling pool. Yeah I've called it an island before plastic. It's I was trying to like figure out. I guess that's not the best way to say it, because it really is float it's not really an island, but it's a giant area man, it's big, it's big! It's like Texas size, right, bigger, bigger than typing twice the size of Jesus. If you ever driven interface is just imagine all that fucked, I can't drive all the way through Texas and all that is just fun in the middle of the ocean. Try I'm not going to be able to fix that in our lifetime.
Would be really interesting if it gets all the way to Santa Monica, just gets all the way to the Fucking shores and it washes up on the boardwalk and everybody is like hey what the hell it is, will send it to the future or something that's. What will happen will create time travel and then will send all our trash to like fifty thousand years from now, and then we we can't even send that stuff, though, at this point you're dealing with so much volume you couldn't really send that if we wanted to like scoop it up and put it in rockets and shoot it that would fucking cause. It's also that's why we can't create anything 'cause. You can't clean it up. So it's so many micro particles of plastic and all these fish have formed their habitats within the plastic trash swirl. So so Thank you have to write. They had no choice. The animals that were taught in the Congo when the Congo are grew out of the grasslands the
The rainforest trapped. All these animals, like antelopes in the a white rhinos and she and they all got trapped in this rain force just erupted. I don't know where change their habitat, these poor Fisher, dealing with that right, yeah if we did scoop it up and just launching the space that would be when the aliens woodland there would be like the angry neighbor. This would be like bitch. What the fuck are you doing now, even watching you guys now. This is way too fucking far. We were ok with nuclear power, but you throwing fucking bags of trash over the fence. Stop it dicks fuck we are. We are the shitty neighbor of space that we are prime and less they sucking worse than right. It's probably going to be your right, so, like more advanced more, do she and we just end up in the sea world of space. They just suck us up and make us do tricks. Maybe that's what we're doing here.
They would have realized number one. Steven Hawkins came out and he was like by the way aliens are most definitely out there and there we should not be looking for them because they were most likely wanting to like take over. The planet was like what the fuck like Stephen Hawkings. Is that now You know it's hilarious. Every one of our scenarios in a film of the aliens coming starts off bad, but ends us without kicking out right, ok, but will, the last time we went and scooped up some chips and shit went wrong. You know was was last time we went on a monkey search, expedition, just start, scooping him up with nets and- and it went terribly wrong- we lost control of the planet and get the fuck outta here like once. They start kicking our ass like if they can come here from other planets. We've got a real problem. The thing is: are they real or the war the world's again, and it was fucking terrifying Tom Cruise one fucking terrify
it's just like a whole metaphor about what we're doing to the planet anywhere just suck. It all up and just spraying are shit packet outside copper could argue that we've always done that we've never done it. So this is level yeah like there was horrible, horrible pollution in ancient times people get sick because they didn't have proper sewage systems and people would run the shit out the window on this? A lot of like human waste like whether it's waste by products in their body or waste from the the food they have that did rats and rats carry diseases not created rats. We encourage them to be in the area. There's always been sort of situation, there's always, but we know better now than excusable right, you're, right, you're right, it's like what we were talking about it and we know that we don't shit where we, but for some reason we sound like. We know that. Not do that. You say that, but we do it anyway right people that we show the crowd. It's the battle. It's the constant struggle
in the end, the good and the bad. The sense in the nonsense, all just fucking duking it out to try to get to the end point. That's what or was it Orson Welles yeah, each. She well said he said that that history is a race between education and catastrophe, e I've used that quote weights sometimes not know exactly who says it. So if you go on his paternity doesn't know it now, real legitimity, don't remember, relax! There's all these conspiracies floating around through the internet, it's better to burnout than to fade away. Are you deaf leopards? Fuck, you translator, that was called a conversation stopper which, what's your favorite kind of porn, which would go to porn. Amateur or not, bro! That's what you like, like that ambitious project like solo male masturbation backyard, black like Rebecca Linares! Oh you have a pacific girl. You like watching oh yeah, the whole word,
but their pants off right now, please Abby! Please keep talking about the best is porn on vine. That's the best 'cause. They do palm yeah, yeah yeah my favourites, there's a girl name, SIRI to ruin or cold. It doesn't matter, it's ending, really yeah, there's tons of porn and it's the best because most girls are just like it. They get right to it like I'm right, open it up and stick my finger in it and now it's going to loop, I'm I opened it up and sticking perfect, but It's amazing on vine check out SIRI Triple Brians gotta lot of free time. Lot of it was spent with his pants off I've never pulling vine getting all the best. Define Duncan Trussell has created this thing called summon the NSA Oh yeah. He told me about it and Lerida website where you click a button in one button it Google search us all like the terrible shit. Everything don't do it.
Don't do it from here? Don't do it kind of here, but whatever you do, don't do it from here. Make Google search. Hey, Google, a Google searches like pressure cookers backpack, seems like a great idea and it's one in one button yeah. I just saw this really really awesome parody about the NSA. That said, here's are going to beat the NSA just talk like a terrorist. All the time like it should like this mom calling orchid in her kids, just like alright, I'm going to blow up the school in the way that code name. That's actually funny. Was it a comedian that yeah that's great, that's really funny you just overwhelming. Oh that's the lyrics somebody whatever you don't like we're lucky that already didn't figure that out on his own. Are you with a road that shit to the fucking rocks? What a warped reality that Snowden just got granted asylum by Russia yeah right,
Well, you know what happened. You know the whole story behind it at the United States. Somehow another criticized Russia for silencing political dissent and they were like what bitch. What did you just say? Do you know who's at our airport? like? Oh, ok, listen, yeah, yeah, hey! What's up yeah come stay at my house, dog come to come hang out. Bitch. Are you crazy? Did you really say you criticizing us for silencing political dissent? Do you fucking know That's why this guys here with the biggest story of all time it comes to like the lack of privacy. This the story about the fucking somebody pulled the curtain back and we saw the wizard we saw. The wizard like that is the biggest story of all time comes privacy. This guy said.
By the way I used to work there. I didn't even graduate from high school, and this is the access that they did. He didn't even graduate from high school and he was like well, but I can read your email. So, what's up what up now and I was just to do and by the way we are also tapping into China's hospital o- that shit like civilian infrastructure in China, is like what the hell was fascinating tapping that, yes, why? I don't know? Maybe they have an answer, but even more fascinating that they chose to do this and to try to discuss this guy by going out by this, with the fact that he the high school dropout right, like this, the shady characters, a high school jump on. Why did you hire the high school dropout work for you and have access to everybody's email? What the hell you doing you're doing, and it makes you realize, like oh, these crazy fucks, they thought no one was going to check them. They thought no one is going to pay attention and they were just going to keep doing what they've always been doing and just keep pushing it, and they just didn't realize they were doing it like completely out in the middle of a field in the open, like, oh, oh, oh
oh shit, and I love the media- is all like. Oh well come back here and face the music you're, not a hero until you come back here. It's like why, so we can sit and be fucking tortured, like Bradley Manning was for years before he's, even given a kangaroo court- and you're, not saying that that sounds like an exaggeration, like and so really tortured, no well, he yeah, and what this all means: torture and naked solitary confinement when was cold right like they kept him by himself for years. Right like how long to keep going to solve your years. I think it was like three years before I go to trial, but yeah he was. He was stripped down naked, forced to be stripped down naked every night, an toll, really humanize no outside contact at all. Very sad that the whole thing is so strange: it's like we really were this really kind and noble country that we want to think that we were. We would have this pie. And we would use this exam as an example of how to treat someone who disagrees with you but breaks the law, how to treat them humanely. How to
You know how to bring this up in discourse with the rest of the people of this country, but instead of like doing something horrific and cruel to them and doing it out in the open and doing it where everybody is aware of it. It's like you, showed intentions, intentions, aren't to govern the world and govern the world and make people live in a better place your intentions are to enforce your law with an iron fist. My question is where's the Apache helicopter pilot who did blow up those AP journalists. I bet you he's livin large hanging out. You know the guy who, like did the war crime in the video that Bradley Manning expose just like would have fucked up. To tier justice system. Well, I don't think that guys live in large and I think our guys paying psychologically whether or not he has to go to- and I guess I meant more like on the bigger Scale- Donald Rumsfeld, the real torture, by some real, like actual criminals, to implement it. All you know, yeah, could you imagine getting high with a home run to now I can don Rumsfeld to do bong hits and just to
you're paranoid and freaking out and then just talking about the Iraq war. Third, Jerry King now works for Artie. He interviewed Donald Rumsfeld for like an hour, and I was like damn Larry King works for RT know. What that's like is weird. That's fascinating, so really fascinating, Larry King, why does he work for RT? Is it just like you wanted to keep working and he's decided after CNN just go back out. I mean I didn't know he was still doing doing news. I thought he'd kind of retired and was doing like cyanide show so a very nice guy may I've met him twice is really nice. You know, I think he will. He hosted the third party debates at RT and RT like just offered him a job. I guess it's released. Well, he's iconic! You know he's one of those guys that people, even if you don't necessarily want to hear who is being interviewed people, will a certain amount will listen because Larry King interview him but but he doesn't like him
yeah. He doesn't have any opinion. Also. He just asked these yeah that's how we can get access to these people like Donald Rumsfeld. So it's like. Do you want to scary yeah yeah will you come threat? Yeah kinda have to be that guy. If you want to talk to the president right if you're lucky, you sounds like you have to have a long history of not getting crazy. You know, have you ever been crazy at all like we have relative Rivera, doesn't even get it doesn't get to interview Obama. You might do something goofy just to get attention. Yeah yeah, just like have to have like a certain level like a Matt Lauer. Yet the prove yourself Map, Matt Lauer, is not fucking around right. He's taking this seriously God Katie Curic she's not do anything, crazy, she's, going to ask you questions and be very respectful. You can't be, remember, Aldo, came out in the wake of Michael Hastings Death and he was like you know. I'm really sorry for for
the loss of everyone for Michael Hastings, but he did get one of the best generals of Afghanistan WAR fired and really like fucked up the war. It's like yeah, that's that's great taste, dude, like days after he dies like tweeting was showing his house, it is doing, is showing his ass to the new world order. I can love you like that, shirtless photo yeah he's an interesting cat, you know. That's why I brought him up servers aware of that. Tweet now he said, are fighting best fighting generals, But what are you saying? What does that even mean doesn't mean anything that we are losing the war every once awhile has nothing to do with this guy dying. This guy did he make things up like alright someone. What happened was ok. Would you did she do not expose like generals who are doing job I mean, I don't know if he comes of weird things like what you know. What does it arm it is? It is aid the enemy, that's like the Big
question: does it at the end? That's the big questions. Newberry Crimins is political comic from Boston Old School guys been around long time and he said, Bradley Manning was acquitted of aiding the enemy because we're not the enemy. You like, oh snap, and mean that's essentially what I mean. He definitely violated a bunch of rules and there most likely going to jail him but The problem is you still facing over a hundred years in prison with all the charges, the nineteen charges and their six six charges? That's been. I was still but the as being the fact Obama's actually gone to the level that he has to prosecute whistleblower is an criminalize whistleblowers is so fucking crazy to me because he dredging up this world war, one piece of legislation that was used for foreign spies and using it just like Willy nilly he's like up espionage act like why what Edward Snowden do other than tell us about an unjust law like? Yes, he broke the law, but is it
Supposing something that's illegal and unconstitutional, like the governments breaking the law right? So it's all relative yeah kids down to that wartime thing specially? war time you never supposed to do anything. That weakens your government. You know that was the Geraldo's trying to express you know I don't he realized how people are going to take it specially after and I you know the guy reporter now you made things up, ok reporter and you can't say, can't help but number that you can't say that right, right, but it doesn't sorry for his loss, but in the same tweet motherfucker, the guys life isn't even aware that without reminding people and everyone Heroldo exposed the coordinates like during the Iraq or did he yeah, I remember that he liked gave away coordinates, he's the one who fucking. How did he do that he was like fucking reporting from foxhole did like any rock, and they were like you just fucking talk about eighteen, the enemy he actually did aid the enemy in Iraq.
Oh my god, how did you have to look this up? Information for Aldo, say her old and I think that's why he got kicked off like war covering her Aldo. Exposing war coordinates. Oh my god. Well he's also the one that interviewed the soldiers that were guarding the poppy fields. Do you know the Have you ever seen that I have not seen him interview? Was he asking them? What it's wonderful? This is what's wonderful about. It is because he's not like what the fuck at all he's like well, this is just something that we have to do here in this war. Why do we don't pull pull it out, pull up to maintain pot the poppy fields, important 'cause? We need heroin right, we need. We need a latex for our non pharmaceutical industry, north of people to give us information. We have to let them do what they do. It other unfortunate, even though the Taliban eradicated opium crop before we invaded and now ninety percent of the world's heroin comes from Afghanistan. Yeah there's nothing to do with this is what we're doing is this it? Yes,
Fox NEWS live from Africa here, it's being field and we had tolerating it. We are tolerating the cultivation of the opium because we know that if we were to destroy it now the population would
turn against the Marines and it would be a real security risk. Let me introduce lieutenant Colonel Bryan Christmas, since expanding officer of the third Battalion six marines- really a wonderful group of Marines here. I know that you care deeply about this. This contradiction. The fact that here you have one of the best fighting forces in the world ever mounted and in the sense you watching this opium is being grown. I know it just it plans at your gut. How do you deal with it? What are you doing frankly? This is a part of the culture, so while it might grind to my God and what they do, we provide them security, we're providing them resources and we're providing them alternatives and the alternatives or different crops to grow your getting to see in the fertilizing to do it. They can rotate any of their crops that they want. They want to get rid of their. We can grow cotton for the winter. They can do that and we're going to help him do so
whatever. Whatever crops, cotton heroin, whatever whatever going to help mister culture, we don't want to ruin your culture, we don't want to disrupt their culture, were bombing the shit out of them destroying everything else, but we don't want to fuck with the opium. There's are Aldo manscaping, look up, look up him. Exposing the war cordon hurts my feelings ordinates. Oh man yeah. This is a drug wars, so ridiculous. When you look at something like that, 'cause, it's like military capture. Although our framework Iraq, two thousand three hundred and ten years ago, Fox NEWS Channel correspondent, Geraldo Rivera's being spelled from Iraq for broadcasting details about future US troop movements in the country- hey fucked up, you made a mistake: answer faster, though still you know this age still rocking that that Harry reems mustache, hey Amy, steak, I'm sure you didn't mean to do it, whatever, whatever just out there,
heroin, but I mean, if we're talking about eight hundred in the enemy. Is it pretty funny thing you fucked up didn't mean? I don't think he willingly did it right. So the idea is that Bradley Manning willingly did it well. Bradley Manning what he did was start the dialogue, that's what Julian Assange did till he started the dialogue, and these guys are all obviously vilified and turned into monsters because they say the dialogue, but look at that shit are Aldo, just really really really fucked up his way, really fucked up the towels way too low dog that's way too low for just want to share those like when is no age, when you're allowed to do that, that's not old for jets does too low for Justin. Bieber is Chula for John Mayer, and it's too over her own. So it covers all bases it covers like young, teens or 20s. It covers 30s and hand above he had done Myers Goddamned studies, a walking God, but you
yeah, I don't wanna, see your fuck bones right. That's got all them. Kids, these days, the comma FUCK bones the upper future of the hips on a silverado stock guns shut up. This crazy he's crazy for showing us so much if the guy. Just had a nice pair of boxer shorts on did Bush paint that you heard about Bush painting your pants alot of Cox right. He paints himself in the bathtub. He paints himself in the bathtub he does is painting, while he's in the bathroom. I don't know he painted himself. That's the paintings that he paint It was his sad face, looking in the mirror and then like his naked body in the gotta know which Bush Bush Junior, oh god, yeah! Do you imagine the nightmare is floating around outside that guys mind you. Probably one is a luxury that is great, just kicking it painting hang out with hanging around a bunch of dudes with machine guns. Just looking left and right everywhere, you go. Did you the video of George Herbert Walker. He went into a restaurant and this guy just start screaming you,
a war crime at all, awesome you're, a war crime at all, and it's it's really freaky, because you know no one knows how to deal with it. This guys obviously willing to get arrested. There's all these secret service guys and you know he's just old man- is sold reckoning. At the very least. I hope these people are haunted for the rest of their lives and tried to be put under citizens arrest and they can't travel because they wanted for war crimes in other countries. They've already been declare like under a international courts to be a war criminal. I hope that they fucking Livin suffer every going public, but these people, I hope they take mushrooms in apologize yeah. That would be great, This all Bush is drawing to find one of the bathtub, though, because these ones were actually hacked someone
talked into his email account or something and found so he's only released the ones that are dogs, but he does think Bush in the bathtub dude it's fucking weird. Did you read what Jimmy Carter said recently that we're no longer functional Deoxy Jimmy Carter is amazing, he's who that's a weird one? Look at that Bush, training a bunch of that's really bizarre see there is. There is open to the one with the face, there's one of his face in the mirror: go up and click on the left hand side, one yeah. Can you enlarge that one? Oh, my god, look at his face in the mirror's move in the humans. Can't click on it. You can zoom in let's just watch as you get so man well. His face is quite perplexed. Looking back at him like very weird surrealist, like offer side, weird it's. You know here's the thing about art! Ok, this something if you
look at it, but there's another saying: if you're old and you suck at it really weird? It's like another thing of your bush fuckin, eight year old, you just learning how to paint that's one but there's something strange, and I don't know why about someone who's really old, that paints that sucks 'cause you're like dude, move on like you're, not good. Do you think that stretch? Drawing is one of those things that you either have a talent for you don't like singing is clearly that way. Singing to me like I have zero singing talent. So I know that I can't do it, but I've seen people saying that don't have any lessons at all and they just have a voice that just can carry a note. Do you think that's the way withdrawing too? No, I think I think art is different, because there's so many different mediums and I think that we've been conditioned as a society to not approach art and think that not artistic and stuff, because really imagination and art are what drives like cream, Citian, reinvention and so like
Every great inventor has been an artist in a sense because he's imagining something that didn't exist. So if we are stifled- and we don't know by the Where's that be or whatever and art and music are the first things cut from public education and really it's fucking up society, because people when they don't expr, themselves artistically in any sort of fashion, then that's inhibiting their own, like personal growth and and catharsis yeah what we're talking about earlier about men needing some sort of competition and sometimes women as well. I think people need a focus that It really helps us to figure things out, because we don't have to figure out how to get. There is the photo so weird how creative resolution 'cause don't have to figure out a way to hunt or fish or defend against enemies. We have this. We have this like need to like make progress and make things happen and figure things out and create.
Thing is one great way to do something like sitting down and doing something fun to write. A story figured out how to do I think that's why so many people have anxiety now because in as we've evolved as humans, we needed like he huge adrenaline rushes to go, hunt or to do things like that and fight, and it altercations, and now we just have this kind of mundane lives. We gotta work and sit in front of computer, and so we have like this mild, just adrenaline like anxiety all the time. I totally think that's part of it. I think the the people that I know that have the least amount of that or people that engage in a lot of martial arts. Like my most of my friends that do jujitsu, I, like the calmest easiest going people to be around because they're just constantly doing that it becomes a part of their everyday if this sort of like physical struggle so that they don't need it and they don't look for it in other ways and their body doesn't look for it. That's all. Of like constant buzz of anxiety could easily be attributed to not blowing it out of your system, not exercising your system
sort of like a sexual things. It all. The time yeah fucking sitting sitting is terrible for you, horrible Kelly. One of the guys I've had in my podcast he's a a strength and conditioning spell specialist and he's kind of Phd in some super smart, and He was explaining. Is a doctor and he's explain how sitting is the new smoking like? What's terror for your body or spying. Your back, like people are like slumped over, and you know like terrible posture and pushed all these pressure. This pressure on your disks, they've even found that girls in north, not girls, people in North Korea are gay. Bing disk issues because of phones because they're looking down, all the time so that getting bulging discs in the back of their neck because of their fucking their posture. There constant posture under something crazy. Weed is legal in North Korea, wow yeah. I heard that in mind for that block. It's like such a weird thing that don't drive with everything we know about it, I'm going to eat you,
they serve you to their political prisoners. Yeah! That's why they act the way they are 'cause. It's like they're, just super everyone. Just super stone completely hi everyone's out to get him yeah Can I grab it yeah. Did you ever seen that vice special on North yeah, when it was noted for its running yeah? We don't so weird was so weird one of the strangest is running like gets up and he's like. I just wanted to say on behalf of my country. You are likewise Dennis Rodman. Speaking of the country got sure, go for it. It was interesting. It was cool. If you had to choose ten people, he definitely be there. Ten people that represent the US I mean I thought it was cool that he was fascinating, that the Harlem Globe Trot. We would go there and be like. I was just bizarre. Well he's a big basketball fan, the new, the the young guy who's running. Things is fairly young. He's, like fifteen I think, he's older than that, but uh
she's, fairly young. How old is Kim things like twenty? Now he can't see. That's the thing. Can't tell the age. Are you being wasted. No, it's a compliment Kim Jong own Digital two! Oh my he's twenty nine years holy shit, that's so crazy! He looks like, but that's still extremely young. He twenty nine nuclear weapons runs. The country got nukes, that's kind of that might be one of the craziest things. I've ever read Twenty nine year old would be able to run a country with nuclear bombs, military dictatorship with nuclear bombs. The Supreme leader system. It says here. Kim Jong Moon is a supreme leader, son of Kim Jong Ill, the grandson of Kim IL sung, whoa yeah, where we live in strange times, yeah, but then I've I've actually got. My horizons have been brought in about N Korea law because I've
realize that there's a lot of this information about why the country is the way it is, and it has a lot to do with the korean WAR, which is something we we know very little about and why there's a demilitarized zone, and why really is a lot to do with the US policy kind of forcing them into this fortress like mentality that they feel like they have to act like they're, going to use nuclear bombs on otherwise we're going to fucking. Take him out, so like a self preservation, I mean I'm not define it. I'm just saying you know it's kind of these last remaining independent states in the world who aren't completely overtaken by hegemony, need to either like they have nuclear bombs and they're going to use a more they're going to fucking. Take it out. Look at Libya, Iraq, serious in the, you know the crosshairs. Now what do I think I mean you're a person who pays way more attention to the political atmosphere than I am. What do you think is going to happen in the next one thousand and twenty years, if you had a gas? How do you think this is all going to play out
I think that Eragon empires always fall and we definitely are living in one, and unless we scale back unless something happens within the US, to try to maintain and preserve this country from collapsing we're going to see some fuck shit going on in the Middle EAST? Were driving such instability in the Middle EAST? Look back at US policy. You know we Look at the Middle EAST is like this clash of civilizations and we're kind of trained to say all these people are barb. Eric there. So behind. The western world is but really ignoring the fact that the president propping up military dictatorships and Mobo Rick and sponsoring his you know militarism for the last fifty years and also in Afghanistan, were the ones who radicalized Islam there and propped up Bin Laden I mean where? Would those countries be if it weren't for us kind of suppressing that growth evolution in those cultures? And it really turn them more islamic and more like a radical and that in that right? So I think that we've really cultivated this schism
in the region. That's created a lot of this instability in like look at the Rockets, a fucking civil war. Why? Because we fucked the country, we fuck that shit up for ten years, and we bounce that, like whatever Iraq Rocks, is and then it's on the border of Syrian and is doing the same thing. I mean it's a mess it's a shame. I I hope it doesn't going to a full on civil war there and in Iraq and Syria, and it just depen and what the US gonna do, because the US paves the way in terms of world policy. So I don't Obama wants to get involved in Syria. I think he's trying to do everything you can to not, but I think there's a lot of pressure from a lot of people too been there, but that's going to be fucking him or wars, more wars, dude and fucking God more worse. You know we had Dan Carlin on from hardcore history. You listen to that podcast! I have heard about it. Fucking amazing one of his
most badass podcasts about the Mongols, and he told us worry about how the Mongols invaded Iraq in the 1200s. Essentially, it never recovered. The kill death but it killed everybody through all their work into the ocean or into the river. The river is black with ink and red with blood and like they just slaughtered, the town, and they said that this was in the 1200s, and he was talking about how scholars argued that today, like even two thousand and thirteen never really recovered sort of recovered a little bit, but it was always like it was at one point in time. It was one of the high less levels of culture and intellect in the world, like the islamic world had many scientists, many scholars, many poets and all these different, really intelligent and well respected people for the intellectuals of the day. They killed all of 'em, he killed all of 'em. They threw all their work into the river they literally. Why doubt, the town and all that they had learned in all the data accumulated all that the Mongo just destroyed it all, and then
we came along. You know two thousand whatever and one more time it's the cradle of civilization. I mean here on three thousand year old, persian empire. I mean we. And it's it's facing extinction I mean we can we've weakened, decide whether or not we're going to completely fuck up that region of the world, but yeah. I mean Iraq and the looting of all these ancient libraries. In like museums there I mean all these ancient artifacts and look at Lebanon, another bird place of civilization. We just like Israel just bomb the shit out of it and just fucking destroyed it. I mean it's just unbelievable. We should be protecting these sites, but for a little bit too short sighted to give a well it's I think it's a really strange time, as far as our ability to influence uh events and to change the world and our ability to physically impact the world, are sort of our ability to have evolved to the point where we know that that's not a good idea, it's almost like
our ability to create movement and to create events is far. Greater than our ability to recognize the impact. These events, what do you think this is all about? Do you think that it's it's just a machine, that's kind of operating almost on its own in terms of perpetual warfare in the military, industrial, complex, not being able to be scaled down and just like the enormous growth and you know to just obtain more and more power and what we? But? What is that? Well, it seems like that kind of a thing is a trend for human beings that, when get into position of power, they try to keep pushing it. They don't scale back, they don't they don't never see her, they never Through their salary, there was one Vance's there was or were. There was one bonuses, they always want more money and they want every year they want to raise and and the it we want to continue to move forward and Ford, and we see that happen where people cut corners or in people in position.
Is with extreme power. They can manipulate the actual laws themselves in order to allow them to do things that maybe most people would agree to, but it sort of the same, in my opinion at least the same sort of process or the same sort of pattern that exists throughout the human race. When people get into a position of power, they tend to push it. That's what we do when we want a guy becomes the sheriff in a town and he's got corrupt tendencies. He starts to control the town yeah, it's just like. When the technology exists, it will be abused by people almost until the opening of the big MA find an. I think if there's anything that's going to save people, it's the opening of the big mind and what I believe the opening of the big mine is that we're going to eventually come to a point in the very near future, two thousand and thirty. Whatever years I don't know, I guess, but what we share consciousness not just be able to email, each other, the litter
see I can get inside Abby Martin's head, I can understand you can get inside of my head and get inside his head and then kill yourself. The videos on one also for sure is it since the the point being is that I think that if there's any trend that seems to me to be inevitable. This is two One of the things are going to progress they're going to always, going to be faster laptop next year the car is going to get more gas mileage and go zero to six. Quicker in your phone, is going to be lighter and stronger, and it just keeps kind of do you think, there's a problem that planned absolutes obsolescence, though, that we have this system that knows, twenty years down the road, the model that they're going to release in twenty years and they're releasing these antiquated models year after year, so you can just buy the newest version of them. I don't know how much of that is real, because I think that in an environment is competitive as the one that we experience today, I think
Eventually, the cream rises to the top, and the competition is so strong, like let's put the smart phone market for an example to develop a smart for phone, get it approved by the FTC, then release it I'm not sure who's holding back shit. I don't know if they really are. I don't know if it's a simple matter of you have to get things approved or is just what they can do on a mass level. Now and if you like, save like it's a Samsung Galaxy S4 or something like that one of the newest Android phones pretty sure, that's about as good as they can do right now. I don't think they're really holding anything back, but they also know that this month from now that's going to be dog shit 'cause this can be in help me Obi one phone that you press a button, it makes a princess, Leia Hologram. You know I mean that's going to happen this dude from uh there's a place in, I think it's Marina Del Rey, it's called just cause uh an emotion capture thing is just to name Ruben who took us and showed us how to use this motion capture Shit,
and one of the things that they showed was that they can take you you put on a suit and they put in. Have you being Abby, Martin you're, a giant dinosaur or you're a spaceman or you're a wolverine. You know they can just make you whatever you want inside this game, no way yeah without a doubt. So there's going to be a phone within our lifetime, there going to be a press, a button and you're going to be able to appear in a princess, Leia, outfit and you're going to be able to say. I only hope it's amazing. You could, like literally be a 3d heart right, yeah, we're definitely gonna have virtual reality merged with reality, but wait when you're talking with this plan on consciousness, it's better, the sharing of consciousness thing 'cause. I don't understand how that would work is how could you really isolated? Neither consciousness fucked I don't think it's isolating consciousness. I think it's accessing. I think its ability to access information and the ability access thoughts. I think one first steps in this is completely hypothetical folks. People there
screaming on science forms. This is not possible. You fucking, in between your right we're just talking shit here, ok, relax, but I think one of This is probably going to happen, is going to be able to record memories there going to be able to the hard drive in your mind somewhere in your system. That can record your memories more accurately than your own memory cam and that access are new memory, is sort of how, like you, can't really remember that many phones phone numbers anymore, because there stored in your cell phone. I know like four or five numbers and that's it once those are done they're out of my system, but I think that were eventual going to be able to get a version of your memory. That's going to be an artificial recording this in, like an hd, it's uh absolutely no that's incredible, but they already are doing studies where they can. They have like an logs and cataloging dream sequences and almost like, do
ciphering different shapes of people of what people are dreaming. It's really rough right now, but the technology is there and it's definitely developing. So that's that's going to fucking revolutionize shit. There there's your dreams be able to be recorded. I'm kidding me. There was a woman. I think I'm trying to convict it on her memory. There the woman uhm. It was in another country, ok, women. There was a woman who was accused of a crime and they called her into court and tried this test on are fucking Ftm. I forget what it's called the they figured out how to register or more to access your memories, an in those memories. They determined that she had a personal knowledge of the crime and that they couldn't prove the she had actually committed the crime. They could
prove whether she was a witness, but she said she wasn't even anywhere near an. They proved that she had a personal knowledge of the crime now, and that was memory based had nothing to do with like like lie: detector technology or no is actually just straight up, yeah, it's somehow or another, their accessing memory that, let me see trying to remove the correct things. Yeah somebody showed it to me the other day. It's really crazy! This store. Army next podcast I'll, find it folks and Aditya Checkbox finding like do you? Do three are podcasts? I don't even know where this is you fucking asshole? How much you fucking research it before you talk about it. Somebody showed it to me, I'm assuming it's real, I'm sure you, smart cats will send it to me on Twitter. Did you hear about the cops in Detroit robbing people that made real cops? Yeah amazing? They were real cops. What are we in fact in Gotham City? Well, Detroit kinda is Detroit's way scarier than Gotham City Detroit is. We were just there really do not film. The tv show where we went to Slug island
Zeug Island is where they make a lot of cars. It's it's mostly a steel factory in plant and when we were there with some houses that were like fifty dollars. Is we not found one hundred and thirty nine thirty nine dollars for House Regular five hundred is a lot of five hundred dollars houses there. You just but you wouldn't want to live there like they would have to pay you to live there. It smells horrible like a sulphury burning, chemically smell and is in the air all the time and people were they were fishing in this polluted river and my friend was like: why are they fishing that river it's like because they need to eat? It's really that crazy, forty seven percent literacy rate the This rate, I believe, of abandoned houses like the growth of abandoned houses in the nation. Pressure with that, too, might have made that up there, but yeah we can. I'm not. Let me play
if I say I'm not advocating bailing out cities, but it is just funny that the governments like we can't help. You were going to fucking, take all the pensions, but at the same time we're just going to bail out giant corporations and fuck. It maintain nine hundred bases around the world and spend trillions of dollars, fucking maintaining this empire of bases, but it's but we're just going to collect all the cities here and yes, there was a lot of corruption in Detroit. Yes, there's a lot of externalities that I'm not taking it. Consideration is just an interesting dichotomy of who the does this government really care about an again and it brings us full circle to porn nobody. World output at all, but it always comes from my neighborhood- was a porn guy losses. Fucking house, bullshit man, nobody care, you're, trying to trying to have a move to Detroit yeah, All the people who lost out in the tournament start pointing Detroit Free taxes, those people fuck you for cheap. There won't eat radioactive fish
no fuck, you on the cheap. It's good move. The CN the show clearly ran outta gas. I'm gonna beat you guys, talk amongst yourselves and then will wrap this up I'll come back, cleaning out a little clip. Oh yeah yeah. Let's do that? Ok, ok, ok! I want to see it Joe wants to snap one off. So what are these little lamps do their salt him playing in salt lamps. Supposedly they have some kind of energy that comes off of him, but I don't buy it. I think it is just a hippie. Because it had been so they're actually made yeah they're made out of salt crazy. So our art work you do do you also have like a like a gallery had or do you have a any online? We can buy posters as early in your stuff, Abby Martin DOT. Org, I mean we can check out the gallery there and I just brought
I thought you guys would like here but yeah. I do a lot of like abstract, art and political art as well. Yeah did you go to school, for our doors Now now I think art schools, kind of bullshit yeah, it's kind of conforms. You know what whatever they think is whatever so are? I just started off as mostly going collage section there. It started off as just mostly an outlet, because political activism was dominating my life, but then it don't have been something that I was able to bridge together and it just keeps me sane. I don't get to do. As much as I would like to. But and what is it is. Is it what is this medium and you're using it? I think that is all paint, pen and cut out of paper. I do nothing on the computer that's all just hand drawn ink an Collage is really clean paint pen. Thank you now do
We do a live gallery or would you ever have have your redundant like like a showing of your oh yeah? Absolutely I did a lot of art shows in the past and I did my first political installation. That's the line of riot cops. I took a photo of and then just drew over it. What did I miss? I miss a lot of shit day. Yeah stuff that I miss out we're looking at her artwork at abbymartin dot org. I love when I don't know something about somebody turns out there, bad acid shit yeah. That's pretty I like finding that shit out too looking here, Bad ass, artists, what's the video? Yes, ok, so this is a little compilation, promo that I made of what I think are the best clips of the fire first season of breaking a set, which is the show I have an Rt America, so this is kind of just a little two minute preview of what the fuck that shows about check it out.
The media, the candidates, the corporate ocracy, how rude now able to be over Word New York Times, welcome to that this administration has no credibility club remind me again: why does that people are worshiping kings and queens in the year twenty thirteen? So I have a novel idea instead of blaming the whistleblower for trying to evade death by way of the espionage act, you actually talk about. The NSA revelations are in a constant republic, democracy. This is not informed consent by those who are governed. This is manufactured consent and I would actually it scores consent in secret guys. This is not about safety, it's not about terrorism. This is about chilling dissent and controlling society live die, die sky, isn't he dead already? You can't conduct these kinds of wars around the world, killing innocent people in the pursuit of a few bad guys and pretend that
not going to come back to hurt you did you find the logic flawed now? Looking back, do you regret your vote to invade and occupy a country to find one man see? We ought to be critical of highly concentrated forms of power wherever we find it, because it that kind of power is usually subject to chronic abuse. I'm Stephanie from Nestle we saw the video you post on Youtube, criticizing this late over water. So here's our response, walmarts also been described as an economic death star, destroying everything in its path. We can behind nothing more than a homogeneous wasteland. So
harmless activists is now the criminal, yet actual criminal banksters run free. Well, I'm glad this government has its priorities of frenchies. Do you shackled down your mind and subscribe to old school paradigms, or do you liberate yourself by acknowledging reality sure the world would lose its innocence? But if you rather know the truth, powerful, Abby, Martin you're, not angry and shit. You like causing a revolution or something piss, and you don't see people who are like. I don't know I'm just yeah wrt allows you to be pissed, but I should say the word very pleasant by saying you're angry you're kind of angry. When you're doing these clips or someone didn't know you and they saw the
They would think like wow. This is like really intense check, but you're very pleasant, you're, very normal, but it is funny that you say that, because everyone I've met there like wow, you seem like you're, really intense, I'm like that was just I'm pissed off when I'm talking about this shit, but I could also be a normal person who cannot have conversations about different things. Ultimately, it all boils down to can't deny what's going on, and so many people are and if it's not for people like you that come up and go hey quite honestly what the fuck is happen? If that doesn't happen? It's a real controversial thing and I I applaud you, I'm just kind of sound condescending, but I have to say it in this way. Anyway. I applaud you, for doing it even more because you're a woman, because I know that a lot of men don't wanna, hear women talk about important issues, there's a weird thing like especially old school. We type man like if you'd like how many who's in their 50s wanna. Listen to some. How old are you twenty nine or something yeah. Twenty nine year old, chick little fucking smart mouth talking
get about our military or whatever. You know that shit like exactly old dudes, don't want to hear that at all. So it takes a lot of balls or whenever you ovaries takes a lot over here. It takes a lot of courage: to be able to do that. It's tricky situation when you start talking about shit that other people should taking care of it's like uh, not just saying to old dudes, like hey Dick Head, you know you paying attention to what's going on like this is what the government is doing to you. You are also saying hey: how did Let this happen. You were the ones that were in truck. What are you doing there vaccinated? You would like to you: are the ones who are in charge of this, like you guys allowed this to happen like anybody, that's upset at the way the situation is right now who had anything to do with it. Look at yourself exactly exactly don't get mad at Edward Snowden.
I think you know people have told me that I'm you know why, don't you provide more solutions or you're like fearmongering, instead of like look, we all need to get this information first before we can even get to what we can do about it like we don't fucking know any of this shit because we've been conditioned in not knowing that the media is controlled by six corporations. Six corporations that work in concert with the establishment to push their narrative, corporations that about one hundred and twenty people sit on the boards of directors of that also sit on the board of directors of defense contractors. Montes, and so I mean this is what's controlling the corporatocracy yeah it is the media is allowed to lie it's about entertainments, it's not about providing information. So it's a shame that I have to work for, russian government to provide the truth about my own country and it's a and there's no outlet here. That will allow me to do that. It's amazing that this is like when we think about Russia when you think about Putin. Think about like oh, don't piss that fucking guy off, like those people, are crazy, like those people are gangster as fuck, but
We don't think about that when it comes to this country right, but meanwhile look look at what the fuck is going on. Look at the Edward Snowden thing is a classic situation. They're offering political asylum to guide. Exposed a worldwide spying program. Who else spying? Is the UK spying their spine there, spying, yeah, but I've China spying on everyone's fine everything's? Fine? But you know what's going on with spine and fucking like Brazilians, it's like why the fuck are we spied on. Brazilians now is going on that ass Moon, Andy they found out about you has Koreas you everyday Fogata, Sean read one of those places. That's how you supposed to say is your culture. By the way you don't say, ciao, Fogata Chow, you don't say that you say Sean Show, but it's funny that the media is acting like. Oh, it's a thumb and EI. It's a middle finger. The US like well, actually the US set the double standard years ago, when we denied repeated extradition requests of actual criminals from Russia. Russia's fucking asked us to extradite multiple criminals and we said no
yeah well reactants are shocked when other countries don't do it. Why are we acting so shocked when Russia was like? No we're not going to extradite this guy? Isn't it funny you keep saying we yeah. I know stop doing that. I I tried it too, but it's so easy to do right now so easy to go. We are the ones who that's a pisses people off, though I know there don't call it we'd like well. Ok, it's somebody yeah. This should yeah should be a bet account of what the we stand for yeah. It's like I'm sick as a like, the? U S, government yeah! This is like that's. The real problem with like conspiracy, theory type talk the government's trying to how much of the government, because the government itself and it's the IRS, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, I mean yes, we don't like each other yeah, even though we have it's not us necessarily doing it. We are sponsoring with our tax dollars. So it really is. We in general send sure
Jim, very generous, very general. We think of a possibility for the actual act right self and we say we did this Afghanistan. We did this in Iraq. I don't slaughter any Afghanis or yeah is it's. It gets real tricky when you get to the week, strange times every marten. To think about that, like your historically to be a reporter, this is one the weirdest times ever so one of the there's times ever to be witnessing sort of some Heidi boiling. I guess, though, the the statement holds true, that every time was the weirdest time for that time, right right, but this is the weirdest time ever yeah. I think about that a lot I think, because the advancement of technology and the fact that we are so interconnected in no but all the horrible shit going on at any given time does it just seem like it's so much more fucked up now, because we have access to all of that. We get like an AP news or when everything horrible happens. Like I don't know, Where? Is there really more like horrible shit going on? I don't know. Well, we def
we have more. If you hear that it's not being born a little coffee, I think we definitely. Access, there's no question about that, and so we're going to hear more stories about things that have happened, but I I wish I knew how much of it's, how much it is, how much of it is affecting the act. Well things that we do. I don't know about. The problem is all we hear on the corporate media should that doesn't affect us Jody areas case just a moment. I mean in the grand scheme of things. You can argue that, yes, the stand your ground laws definitely affect people, but we did it. We weren't that much coverage for weeks and weeks and weeks and every detail of the case now. Here's a perfect example today think about all the shit. That's going on the world today I mean there's giant Chung Manhattan size are falling off a fucking Greenland that she huge chunks of ice right. We all know about that. We all know about this, the Manning thing we all know by this Edward Snowden thing we all know about what the fuck is going on with IRAN, what's happening with N Korea. We all know about that, but the front page of CNN. I
I'm fighting for my life, it air! Oh, my god he suspended for a year. You know what he only has two hundred and seventy million dollars what will he do if he is forced to take a whole year off for using around feel fucking bad for him to stop what you're saying or what are you a communist? This is front page news for reason. 'cause. This is the most important store in America, a rod suspended, but in line up during appeal. So he's allowed to go in, and so we can go. This is how is this going to play out how's it going today, let's watch at grand drama latius as fuck. You know what this terrified me is. I advice is so awesome. I love that even interviewing Achine Smith is awesome, but do this wow problem taking roids too, no but the Venice, the Venice one where he was like Venice is underwater holy shit. Yeah, like underwater for one hundred days out of the year, it's just that's how
which the oceans rising right now? So it's like the people who are marching. Venice is iaccessible they've, just built bridges all over. So people just walk on these like platform all over the city, while you're totally flooded. So it is it. Is it rising like how much of a difference as a from before it's been progressively rising and and Shane said this is like look. These people who are arguing about is global warming. Man made is climate change member. It doesn't fucking matter it's happening now. We don't need to have the argument about fucking mood, it yeah! It's it's a lot of shit, yeah, shits, fucked up and bullshit we're going to do about it. Bullshit quote somewhere in the bottom of the message board now Happy Martin chips, fucked up and bullshit bottle the cork bottle in real good point. There was an article about Miami. They were talking about Miami and within the decade will be underwater they're like you, can't stop it. So because Miami apparently is on like a very porous limestone. It's not hard ground 'cause, it's like it's, not
at said sea level right. It's like a giant sponges great, so they were saying that, like it's going to be crazy, like it's all just going to be a marsh like you're not going to get to your condo. I think the problem with the whole argument is people like Al Gore who are actually profiting off the solutions. The carpet credit thing. I think it's bullshit you Can't trade pollutions somehow think that's going to be fucking the answer. So I think, and then, when you see things like the industry, not getting penalized for the fact that they are creating the majority of carbon output, so this is like the meat industry is doing the methane coming from far how far yeah those to the membrane from chow farts the biggest problem, the world's ever known. I think it's a a large percentage of of carbon emissions, but the fact that we're not even talk about that. It's like the the but you know the burden- is put on the consumer. Where we're like calculate your carbon footprint, I think people are like what the are going on yeah. We need to put over the back of cows box tape, those bitches down and capture all that methane, just capture it. You know what,
put 'em in the dome like that Stephen King book? Put all the cows inside of the dome. Is that one of those cows it has the is that over the ball Jesus Christ, they could capture it. Why can't they capture you I figure out a way to lichdom them cows in and suck all the methane and Caleb down. You could put a man in orbit in the space station floating above the planet and he could fucking Twitter from up there. You tell You can't dome up a few cows and suck them farts turn him in resources is an ipod. Well. It seems like this proposed. It should be right, yeah if we config how to do satellites. We should be able to figure out a suck methane out of the air out of cows. Asses the few Gloomy or Rosie Abby Martin and I think uh
depends on your perspective. I hate people who are like. Oh, I don't look at positive or negative news, because I was lucky nails 'cause. It makes me sad. I don't ever like me, I'm just really positive. I just like. Don't! Oh, no, that's just too negative. It's like well. This is fuckin reality, so intake reality and figure out how you're going to relay your own message of what reality is like. That's fucking truth. So if you're reject a whole portion of the world because you don't want to be negative than they didn't? your question. I think that it could either way it does it's you're just sort of hedging your bets, yeah yeah. It way right, do you think, do you have a possibility being in a position where people listening to you to talk about certain things? Ah, I think yeah I mean I think I have. The resources are natural, but I mean I've passion about this for the I started off as an anti war activist and then just went from there realizing that all this shit was censored. Why is it censored and getting into media inside and passion about this stuff? For something?
seventeen treats doing activism here in the streets is seventeen. What are you doing out there? Trying to lobby against is not blowing the rock up when you were seventeen yeah now how many people isn't? they're like bitch, that plays, I would team how many people listen to seventeen year olds, so unfortunate aspect. What's crazy? Is that there's millions of people in the street saying the same thing, but we were ignored? Um when you see like occupy Wall Street and shit like that, do you think that that has a positive effect absolutely I think so yeah. I think that it really got the the debate into the ninety nine percent versus the one percent kind of realizing that we all have some any problems and when people demonized occupy and say no, you guys can't get a consolidated message. What the fuck is this all about? It's like well, there's fucking. Ninety nine problems like that
the chain one, but no I mean there seriously so many problems facing us and it all stems from the same system. So I don't blame the movement for not galvanizing behind one message that problem with occupies: it was so in loose if there would be like homeless people would be doing open make some shit like doing that. My check so like it's like dude, you can't more turn I need a city uh. Well, there was a culture aspect to the whole occupy thing that got little strings, and that was that MIKE check thing, would do that like in courthouses my check and people like yell it out. It was very military. I think there needs to be some sort of leadership. You know, but then again think that to be. If we had like a true democracy would be- and I think if we had people actually having democratic input, but the thing is we don't have that we have like what one delegate that can go and fucking the electoral college is
well shit. We don't even have like direct representation, so it's just it was uh good concept and I think it's the start of it. You know track down brutally by militarised riot police all across the country on a federal level ice. First, I was in Oakland living there and is a fucking police state dude. I was like why you guys, spelling, so many resources to shut down and a little camp of like one hundred people is like fucking, one thousand police full riot riot gear, like treating it like a riot like. I don't understand if you have, if your dress, the paramilitary troop um? I don't understand why you need to be using these crowd control methods. If, if there's no right, it's like, I don't know it's just bizarre the old generation for the new generation, it's part of but it's always going to be there we are resisting of change and trying to fight back. The angry hordes mean is very similar if you're dressed like a troop you're going to act like a fucking soldier,
I know I've described in there. It's like an enemy I've described operation or occupy Wall Street as being sort of like white blood cells. Like they're, going found the infected area. They don't know what they're going to do, what they're making it inflamed there causing attention like when you get an infection on your Nina look down your knee swollen, that's sort of like white blood cells and occupy Wall Street. You look down in this these areas, where these people camped out screaming and yelling, and doing my checks all day and like that's information, I I'm gonna, you got an information spotters are sore, get a dirty little sore right there, it's it's for there for a reason, so future browsing can we say yeah. I think I think it needs to get worse before it gets better, but I have faith in humanity and I think that we can pull things around and I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing. If I didn't believe that, do you like working for RT, I do we have an amazing amount of editorial control over watch everything. He would say that you like working for Russia, it's a pretty fucked up world, isn't it yeah?
it just just twisted it's like I never not that I do happen to do that. To tell the truth: it's crazy, powerful, powerful Abby MAR So you could follow. Abby Martin on Twitter, it's Abby, Martin, right, Abby, Martin and O website free show. Just look at breaking the set on youtube- and I also have media roots- is my immediate organization on the side, Abby, Martin, DOT, org, anything else like all my shit before you, both yeah just stuck, the truth is is enlightening, don't reject it, embrace it and express yourself, and if your passion about something that's responsibility to express that in whatever medium you choose but don't reject the truth and don't turn it off, because we got gotta fucking progress. In other words, get it to, the bitches, with much love for all spread the love- and you shall receive exactly- will see you guys later this week with Greg Fitzsimmons will be stopping by an
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Joe Rogan questions everything one thousand pm on Sci FI. Alright, thank you for all the love and uh. Even for criticisms, 'cause, it makes me consider whether not you're correct or, if you just account, find out everything through life. Keep together will see tomorrow or soon bye, bye, big, kiss
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