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#385 - Duane Ludwig, TJ Dillashaw

2013-08-26 | 🔗
Duane Ludwig is a former mixed martial arts fighter and currently is the head coach of Team Alpha Male. TJ Dillashaw is a mixed martial arts fighter currently fighting in the bantamweight division of the UFC.
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whilst all going to work out freaks dwayne ludwig t j dose are both are in the building right now enough the commercials we're trying to shorten them down for your amusement so there that's the end this one is one mark twain bang ludwig darker our doing banged our cobbler boat dwayne banged our competence go there by some swedish shirts like this one here will gain experience it actually better if he ever have anything to promote if you promoted after the music because that's when it goes on serious serious takes all the shit before music and just put it out there some do serious secretly thrown away sometimes work is done before even get started so then where did they go we to learn that between banks comtesse filled my time
dwayne anti jane i just got back from a garage training session old school like gracie inaction eighteen eighty three ya got math up in my garage we sweet work those funds are really bad i set up here you're really enthusiastic man i could tell you like really enjoying this transition from being a professional fighter to being a professional coach and for folks know no dwayne for a long time at fastest knock out in you have see history was tried they tried deny you but we wouldn't let them see we forced to shut down the throat ass though they were trying to give it to tar duffy who had a very fast knock out no doubt about it was pretty close by he still had i'm u s done but the referee fucked up you know they they gave it to you ten seconds but is really like six rang players at four about the duration the ballast from the bell sounds the rest and start or fight and then took one of the roofs or to the rough touches
opponents right self from start to touch that's what we can't click ok so even if the bell rings before this they started bringing the beginning boxer doesnt with them and they re just save fire how do you know have somebody might not know how to empty through even no man didn't you there are not only hear him here tita there we got trojan yea emily usually to aim to deepen here this how much do you hear when you're out there do you hear dwayne and you corner china yeah can you agnew justin buckles usually the most of these rule out he's always in my quarter and then doing as well yeah so that's all you here just that and then the rest suggests noise why you're not for the most part i mean you can hear like when the crowds excited you can hear that bride on pay attention to it you know you can try to focus in what you say to have you ever been in a fight where they booed know that weird moment right when when due to not do anything and you know taken here it economic never a bow during a wild scramble right and it's what the
memory of what the fuck is going on like sound wise yourself so like tune into early so it was really ask me is we hear them booing be i have a friend history is we hear them booing dear i have ever an usher her upset you do feel responsibility we hear that like what's your feeling let me just wasn't the gay plan on the fire what's goin on yeah sometimes the game i can be too to sit back let him come to us no less in fact they re right and me round some stupid so it could be like like whose who's gonna crack first like who's gonna given to these boughs and do something stupid that gets offer their game can now that's the main thing these fires myself is to control our own emotions could feel controllers have you told them right so that similar things if if the crowd going to boo and you don't make this guy make a stupid mistake or to finally come in or incoming are getting kind of whatever the snare maybe that's sweet but don't let the crowd dictate what he's going to do the hopefully makes mistake then run to us we keep our composure stick to the game plan we just on
we make things happen you know i'm an unusual mme fan and that have probably seen like live i've seen more than a thousand fights in and had to call them i have been involved in so many different scenarios somebody fights watching it play alec classic all tat great mme fights i've had the honour to call but i i i'm different in their unlike boring styles man i like dude who takes no damage and some others guys in just imposes his will like a lot of publicity john fetch a hard time i sort of john fritz one my favorite fighters to watch people yell at me like yours too that you fucking idiot is ruining emma may or been aspirin same thinks then asking where my fair fires to watch
ben aspirants a fucking glove he just wraps a hold you that's real ok he's stifling really exciting energetic strikers i mean like who is his was that fuckin guy that he fought the fuckin hard core strike a recently the he fought this russian dude and then before it he fought god at vice did a piece on line while with the focus is nigh dear god damn it i'm not upon ballot or is it too much to pay attention to our fine the germans in astern gotta be so strong men unbelievably strong what's not just stronger it seems always being the right place you know like positioning is and has also his path or so weird usually when i'm watching a guy role like say like here's a real easy exam of the guys like a blue belt on the ground and i'm one this transition from like take down till i make an amount of trying to make amount or training aside until i can see what he's doing i see a real obvious but with asked
likewise you grab and all that arm her what the fuck did you get there it's like he's dunes weird shit he's like going behind guys in getting under hooks on their back arm and an fuckin wrenching them and weird way as it tie in their legs pennies he's always in a weird spots you can't have this mother fucker off you if you watch avis resting matches a hundred percent though he was nothing like super technical but a funky i that could everything funky why i think it is technical issues can go in his where exactly and so it's not like you don't know what you're doing is super successful out it's not like you just as god it's sort of making up karate you know like we ve all seen those kung fu videos reduce it just making shut up i've gone mad at me we should all the time but i mean this is a different kind of make it out like a guy throws a punch why right here i attacked a live a widow monkey paw and there like talking about different techniques it they do we can tell literally while they're doing it they're making it up as they should have done the show and i just can't believe it in due course content that would have been funded followed i think if we did a second season that is what i would like to do those does due to do the crazy touches yeah i give you ever seen a videos of the kung fu masters who just throw people through the air with her hand there's a ghetto one where this is this dude any out what it is but it sets a very he's a very ghetto looking character i mean not just because his black but just
the ways black and on talking about a mean the whole thing is gets a ghettos environment a means not an eye to how ok he's he's the rowan these calling for moves these people and he's got and shaking like like exaggerated like wobbling back and forth like they're here getting hit by a pulse from a moving and you like what is going on here is are they crazy like is this is this mass hypnosis is this just a big scam orgy really have magic power like those of the possibilities a guy on this week's episode of jerome questions everything who said that he can make people far in church reverse the net he was hilarious he's the guy was fuckin hilarious but he stood there at one point time he said he could get me to move back and forth with his mind and election
get me to tell you if it worked it didn't work didn't fuck and want of course more the fuck is wrong with you jesus christ i couldn't lady like that but the dude i was convinced that he and i was while we do not like what are they given his guide start moving i can't believe i'm doing it like would have its and i like stand firm i had a make sure my fuckin going anywhere the shit is not working very well but if you were like a person who is easily led like maybe type of person who would be to join a halt type of person who like loses themselves and another person's influence which is a real psychological dilemma the region i called work but if you look in the newspaper you hear about some crazy called whether the guy's fuckin all the girls and you know is get thirteen year old wives and shit fifty of em you how this happened it we all know but it happens there's people that just fall under the spell so when you see someone to that
crazy cheese shit making people fly through the air is thy wow like what's happening here you're with just go back to a topic and ask him have you know all too well known everything but you're a lot more marshes infamous you understand what's goin on used and scenario people are still stuck in them i have found the same bloody war so body i i admit that i am very unusual and then i more than willing to watch some boring shit events
potential of getting exciting unity it through the entire fight and then like in a third round to figure out how to stuff to take down the lands of big shot our shared values or or fitch gets his back and starts to put him away if it takes all this like fifty percent punches for three fuckin round until as explosive moment i like it i like tat because i know that their guide the guy in the bottom does not want that to be happening but yet it's happening so that's real that's why fucking hate stand up and people bullock normal stooped folk and you're gonna fuckin protect sport sport sorts of everybody just couldn't boy can hope now now give it back i don't want to get blank and up to understand that there is real you can't deny that that dude is holding that motherfucker down you can't deny it you can't just make em stand up if its boy tough shit tough shit
the bottom i'm in favour stand obsession saved me whether for that i am all for the stag blow as we always say world more tied champ most had real strikers ever in emma may of course you love and underground games no joke but you're u yours obviously you have a big advantage we have evanna zoo he always had a big technical advantage like a mere from tough marcella yeah he he's a very like very good
mordechai fighter and that finally you had with him was amazing because it is a perfect example of your technical like he he fought you in your world and there is this it is clear technique advantage like like the stuff that you are trying to show me today about movement and about throwing punches and and and closing distance and and being in the radio in about really small spaces you leave the littlest like one who thinks he kept saying would put your hands by face if you dont than my hands we face which won't you like more is really simple really simple but very technical and that like showed itself in that fight is a mere it is a very competent he's a very good fighter you know but you item earlier thing was left took you heard what the left her and then you open it up and then from that aren't was like you just taken your shot was your fight you are dictating the dance i'd love watching that man i you know i don't i don't need a knockout lie appreciate knockouts absolutely but i also appreciate people shutting people down i appreciate when a guy
is like you know of mighty mouse you know i used to get that rapid but it was really just because he was fighting guys like ie and mccall or because you is fighting guys like benavides fighting really fuckin tough guy you're not going to put these guys aware but you know we saw last fight against miranda he still trying to finish it like always and so like that fight like he be morocco for four rounds before i finish them but he still finished i'm like you must use beating on clearly but he still took him out is the thing didn't happen there would be a lot of people say i don't like watch mighty mouse fight you know it's fuckin boring you know that's not born at all you just gotta understand what you're watching art right there educated ass a thing get hit once i mean literally got caught once one big shot in the fourth round and work is way through it with no problem is noses fuckin bleeding mean morocco can bang and he called they're doing why knowledge and so we are dealing with is like he's up
expressement he's got everything he's gone technique he's got heart he's got intelligence he always comes in shape and he tries to finish the fires of fuckin champion mighty masses of fucking champions but i've heard people say onward words knows little girls and will encourage you don't even know you talking about yours watching the best guys go out loud times a neutralize each other because the level of technique is so far gone i twenty five and one thirty five t j we fight that fucking level technique is through the roof man that's what it's affronting here to mathematics here but there are two more familiar and i ve been pointing or me i come to this european everything but i have a world class athletes how two percent world class actions like they don't get any better than these guys you know now they have what i feel is the proper information so here you cover proper information with workers families they will have no choice but to get better is pretty simple staffing
in this light we did over the private today too simple basic stuff neither the unashamed whether doing and why their doing so they can branch off from thereby i'm definitely making sure that i'm tailored to the athlete am i gonna make them to lead we ought to make them better off its from self cinema here's here's the correct way he can make that way work ok comic work good noticed make work than ever to the system that that's your style cool doubt you but the simple minded mouse can you teach him we'll be mighty mouse somebody else ex banal i'll bet he's gonna be lastly wrought individual athletes just like you sidekick train has been the case for world class in that can be taught you take a main wraps but correct says well paid here people have to know what they're doing and i have to do is why things at any bravo stresses about certain guard techniques like what are you doing in people keep breaking out of it well when you learn like a wheelchair you don't learn how to nail people with it every time most time you gonna massey over others doesn't work and then you get in there with your riah hall or somewhere that level no we'll kill innovation all
god is the craziest technique every two guaranteed knockout me you literally hitting a guy with your whole fuckin body behind a heel the go ahead you got them here is my appeal break their knuckles all the time you break a heel now you break your heels a goddamn hammer at the bottom of your foot and its carrying your body weight around all day and the amount of force you could fit but in a way right away you gonna learn how to do it so everything else like you gonna do the wraps until you get to that black belt level added and they like there's some techniques it guys can do indeed you too and the reason they can do there is one thing i like a guy gets a nasty doors like some people get darcy in their arms or burn out and never finish empty but then their souls dude that have that fuckin razor darts you know them and they plant that pitched down you know you're not getting out that mother fucker because they put encina reps into it and so even though the movement may look similar to someone who is not educated when you're
and if you know like a guy really closes off something really good oh shit like like marcello garcia you're watching role with his guillotine i didn't know anybody could close off again tina quick until i saw him do it like you right a favor has a nasty gaiety so has been a veto is all you guys team our male sick eating so you're known for it but there's like i'd sixteenth of a second quicker than marcello slap on than anybody you know to mean whereas like you recognize like you riah has a world class getting that that shit is up it's a vice grip but you'd like you watch him do you watch marcello ones like oh he's on another level but this one the fuckers gotta like a sixteenth of a second quicker closure or something like that is just a little bit like lock it up like you to eat gods and i never see get tat like we're talking about asking is a fantastic video marcello rolling with aspirin men anyway i'm just being on tapping turbulent meeting tapping i'm you would tap into like anybody and its crimes
when you know how good a wrestler ascanius diesel is sought something weird levels to that's the thing they especially at this level of athletes see we're doing split seconds infractions of an inch you know like shits gotta be perfectly perfect it's just me having you learn that strike in that if you hadn't ok we're good you know but we're doing split fuckin seconds so that just way it's gotta be went crazy exciting job you that's what i love my triumphant jellia psychical gone from you know i've been your training forebore since all fifteen around thirty five have been twenty year career but i've been trained people said cells nineteen anyway i've always understood the game called broken down i've been self taught a lot they're like trevor women were bicycle show me a lot bathroom has been like my main in october to my arts as well and then i've trivial mike winkle johnny jackson across puzzled me a lot of people japan thailand holland pheromones for two weeks and i ever across peasant alot of people but a lot of my subjects self talk from dvds and youtube and the internet so been able to break
things down myself because i had to learn at myself then teaching people they got to talk to that pads given to women into like this is how the tow path for me when need you to look out for i taught him to train me so because that he's he's artist i can draw he just very detailed very analytical so that transferred back over to me so weird it's a good relationship and then i had not christian alan and i got is the best met horror i've ever seen ever work with i can wholesome frickin myths and he is a ninja if he had it he believed in himself a bit more he could be yossi chapel higher percentage some guys have it physically does not so much mentally and that's a good thing or two of these guys our work cut out the wrestling mentality and i have the biggest anybody that they put at risk will be put in the work the quality wraps they help each other tat they were drilling in rebuilding the country looking for the openings four during and after this openings where atlas registering the city the ito where they doing it where their positions wants them good position so that just a bunch of us while things is not is nothing new
dick pill just simple basic stuff reiterating a million times correctly from the get go so that's what they had learned from boss frontier women from all my travels is to break things now about a supra let a guy so had learned things from ten last backed and bring him down said they worked resetting eddie bravo story sees not yet agree atley so i break these out but that's too with to untie boxing jujitsu is slower to spur pasting and also the mental aspect you know and i can punch in the face you can relax little bit if you can i borrow triangular going to tap you have more things to respond you know i'm not gonna die in striking people still free people don't like a punch i dont get pushed in the face but it takes a certain human being to gladden relax a bullet composure so i can take a guy at children are taken roger combination and then he gasparo it well how about between them the myths and sparring without that's a pretty big gap how we can do tat gap we do this drill with a low but aspiring ok now you can punch but tat you can kick things like that would break it down into pieces were adding a little bit heat to the floor
a little bit more slower and slower as they have great fuckin technical great control is anyway wrestling the people get so get arrested because they can relax they can relax like a punch in the face well this punishment phase face so hearts i've a million jobs whose guess work within he just it simply see basic stuff matters again i love my job and eighty kicks in i jump roma conversation so it's the plot jones you don't understand what you're talking about as far as mitt work which would meet work is one guy holds the paths for union yet the paths cracked and there's all the lot to it there's a lot you getting you gotta do it correctly does a lot to getting a guy that does it in you know like making you throw combinations that are like realistic combinations at work good or work with you a guy can too power shots to the arms because you know your kicking the shit out of fuckin pads guys get bad elbows after a while ago gets to be strong a shit that's what they had to happen
exit from just being relaxed and receiving kicks out my elbows is correct foreign thy cross body and half gardelle my arms since my last few fights i've can spark a punch came reflects mobiles will uphold is her what are like that the timing and things like that would slowly diminished because i'm not actually do in the lab truly live sparring so these is kind of would away my few in the last few pfizer's was able to perform the way i wanted to put the public the passionate such wasn't there for fighting so just perfect timing the blasphemy and the other i tell me welcome train us and was italy a situation we just done for so long like i don't have the enthusiasm for this anymore but you you still have the enthusiasm for the creative aspect of developing a fighter yeah i love imo martial arts i've done my whole life i love it i love living through these guys analysis is a rebirth for me is this
i loved my love our your embracing the two i think it's really cool and finer find something that he can do that equally exciting like right after their careers because that's always been traditionally a real problem for all sorts professional fires whether its boxers are and they may fighters is always been those stories of guys who like live this crazy high life and then afterwards like do you know many boxers get hooked on cocaine it's a lot man fuckin lot am obviously their party and obviously in all these guys are coming from lower income ground so when also making millions millions darst they tend to get a little crazy but the after effects of of like losing all that excitement like it's gone from your life like this very few guy that would transfer from that in who becoming like really good trainers there that's a debit snare them i don't have never made millions of dollars i myself drive a few thousand scientists be with a crack when showed in the home state you know i never made a million dollar last few fights contract they have seals that fifty and fifteen also was making
that's right i walked away not to sponsors like twenty grand and no panama so i never met good one i've never broken six figure so it's a different scenario but some guy the passion nicolet to these guys nor in the cave them no having them when it makes if you'll excuse me still relevant life young and move in mean necessarily mean part of it was another success making the money but it is also just as in other wild due to him then once they lose their ability to get that crazy fix every few months from a fight it it's really hard for a fighter to find something that they can throw their passion into that makes them feel like their life is still in others like live in their life vienna hills the authorities are doing duty he'll be a passionate anything on campus walking down the street he sent me the best do you hear mike personnel from my mike's jim news my training ouster ouster over one of things he said
but i was really interesting and like the pre fight you know the real he does this document or yeah there's a sweeter bad ass ever does as an artist the music great scenes are really artistically scene but mike said you know a champion initiative a job you no matter what those when these tiny shoes he's a champion champion when it gets out of bed he's a trumpet and when he brushed his teeth but he is right in like that mentality like t t to really hit the highest levels of something you know you have to be like that's that's you accept life that's why i'm very black and why i tried using try i do have thing to my full potential with whatever ideal just way i'm wired so i've been at ever recently talked this just how am i gonna who to think i guess our creator who are made whenever it is but i mean i i
everything i do it it's good times man what's also you you ve become successful as marshall artist in you you were very success was kicked boxer and very successful and emma may fighter so you know after all these years of competition exactly what fighters are going through you know you know what a million i guess you know you're not like putting together gain plans based on intelligent decisions but but you haven't been theirself you ve got both goin on here that's what i think helps to hear it some of these guys they know i've done they and they know i'm passion barefoot motherfuckers like color percent i watch film like a motherfucker i make sure they will do game plans or do drills and class it's for this specifically specific guys we have no class a twin the people i may share in our hour and a half class no four five rounds for this guy for arouses for this guy they may should i gave planet tailors things that also in your private lessons specifically for their fight based on there are already good access hey ok good it now these tintings knows upon skills tat things would be these ok five eighty
if things go perfect for this guy withdraw the fuck out of those five thing so that's what things too late for me specifically when sweden would give me information technical conway terminal do something i took to her one hundred percent just like the glue lay fight i went to that with my left shoulders blown out swarthy i had was my right hand that's why can it worked out my favorite but that's it that's the fossils not that's not got the annual see so it just this historic behind it it was just to ignore how was it training at all up and mountains do intellectual work mantra call me spend in these they came to a fight as a gesture a pan foreign four out of five minutes ago you two months with the work that's who do the fight so i trip boss and it was actually tippler bomb squad the bomb squad you know and we're taking a fathom collar here actually the dublin summit shortly took members back and global have shorter so now i'm like draw redwald kicks in these still but just as the right answers all those looking for in the boss of the kazan commands to put aside right hand as it ok cool thing bellicose
payment of mc who shift that there's a thorough there's a photo and touching him these looking away and unlike looking abbas not look at the bottom of the captain side it happened so fast but diameters there's two things to that particular took the best punch and i can hit horses copa things to that then ills tendering one and i have a job a million times you have any regrets like when you look back your career how do i get an average regret my dream from a child was to be from charges must participate to us first our time oxen was to fight for k one b the head which happened kalen and i never grew that big so then and then that still taboo axing jump about fourteen anyway tab oxen just how boxing cast a busy in america he couldn't anyway and then k one created a man the midway original seventy kilos what did before and then actually had on that well sometimes acumen contract and you see contract after i forget key does she want fight deal in the aftermath of three four ellen and care when after me do as well where she was always gotta k one
and i went to kay wonders gazelles my told passion but looking i got it now i wish i were to stay with the idea of sea from the get go but in order to be stuck in my ways wanted to kill one go visit japan is just one more thing we're going back over shorter roared arrested more and then just definitely state and in the eu he had to make more money now be more well off it by wouldn't helen exxon and i'd pollyanna house right now a flat on the flip side as well in often did abraham so i could read that of course i probably wouldn't have taken job you know here tomorrow and libya to these guys so is i learned a hard lesson been tena subcontracts employ bloomingdale highlight three months with pay and a year long injury saw my fuck you know that if you got what am i going to do and then your eyes text music hey you wanna clung your beer had trainers look at that and that while a drag warmer surgeon to go through them like many i would you don't you need a modest out she mills the first ten seconds he didn't elsa trip and blooming yet like the first and second the fight so that year see i was completely gone and a hamilton
in this case so it's not like i'm actually still not how percent healed whilst we are abstaining in the year and in its almost a year now so it may be tapping must also ups i'm not even trainer they i just started going amidst these guys about two months ago so yet a patel attending grafter yeas my patel turning the answer by the scorn of at both of those done the regular cadaver one in the battell attending rough else i should ve known but the statistically speaking is procedurally body parts lower percentage of rejection here there's a whole bunch of great but there's a bunch of it schools of thought on that i wonder if it's on the quality of the doktor i don't i'm not smart enough are educated about medicine the meagre a real common about that but for me they're both great their wealth work great there's no problem i taken on left dana difference so long because visual do run much though now now i don't do elliptical machines to disappearance on elliptical machines like crank up really heavy like put around like you're not a penny or whatever it is like like rebel
the highest level and judged thirty minutes while man sprints that's what i do or thirty second rather while men france is what to do with them a hotel room and i can't enough as jim narratives have slipped your machines used about outward kill your legs me just gotta go naughty with it i just do it like a fact dragons nation they thirty seconds and then i take thirty seconds of just breathe and moving but i'm just breathe and then just warm for ten minutes and then do we do now hotels whoever your neighbours that can you liquid tells us
let us just a little training for a five year and on the machine or spring is hardly can the tray millionaire he makes me shy when we go where i feel like somebody's having sex next ass well tat i gotta go to exert not even preparing for anything i'm scared that can scare live dragons jerusalem yeah forget if i'm lifting weights on living like about am i die don't get this wait up i'm gonna die it's different intaglio that i know you know their literally put their last allowance indicated that there is a possibility of course is possible you can hear by current across the street how incredibly dangerous as well as things a man sir you know i love them as fighting passions card can dwindling away so just perfect timing i think recovery happens for a reason whenever learning to believe and understand that this is my own path my career although there are some things that no whatever you believe in conceiving can achieve anything zone that kind of thing i think that's what fucking percent true i feel so what certainly is with you
it certainly is with me i always wonder whether what the fuck is really go out with that whether you just got lucky in you just looking back on be unlucky gone well you know it's just that works out for itself does not really work for itself or does it is it just capitalize on one of the fuck you you bound solve out and you get through it no matter what sounded everything happens for a reason is that if you have the correct attitude and you don't get hung up on things you can succeed use keep pushing forward you find your opportunities eventually and you jump through them mean who's to say that opportune couldn't come up that we're even better a year ago or ten years ago or five years ago they could have but when they the matter of when they do or when you create them capitalism so you were in the perfect position to do that like is perfect it was a good gig he also smart too to jump on it for a perfect for you for me
you know especially having just listening to these guys now it's another rebirth and and i am the quick eye for this job make where we're vibrant buckingham percent perfect minute if its osmond great makes these guys they have no problem john i don't have the babysitters motherfuckers they show up on time to show respect there to get better they help help each other although they have rights they still come in and help the train or an economical catholic today you need to be this guy can now be clear we refer for terrorists and then he'll mimic liquidity and watch the film and commanding dance rather do a thing just to give us to look for an hour right away it's gonna be yeah that's so important i don't have collapsed and early have training camps in your guy why else i've internal last two months hoping you know europe security chats fight next week and joseph fainted timber for damages fought in seattle you know he s all i've been helping anyone get ready i've been in shape for the last who knows how long you know in some always are you take a phase on this and on injury
so crazy yeggman that's why we're too good for the last five years for north south he'll vienna stone to israel's less for last who fights for children's rights but he's training and always insurance so there's a matter that's that's how you guys have a really cool camp and a lot of things it's really important is that what you said about that wrestling mentality there's like when they were trying to take wrestling out the olympics there is so many people were really frustrating really angry and people have never wrestled don't understand i only wrestle for one season so long but i'm just talk no mass but i know what it did for me just one season i remember working i remember it do no one sees a wrestling and thinking probably the hardest ever worked at anything i'm a fucking life and i had done martial arts from a much earlier than that i had been involved in physical things i played sports but this play soccer like this is the naughty asked most soul crushing shit
when you're exhausted and make you fuckin doing sprints carrying guys on your back and you're just not asia yet demand down in goma the farm i brought in stairs and they broke you you'd show up every day everything in your body we fuck and sore but if you can through that italy you an incredibly strong person and that's the advantage that the wrestler mentality has like i always that if the pyramid of mixed martial arts techniques was ever established in my appeal in at least wrestling is the bank's agreed and it's not just because of the actual ability to control where the fight takes place we're standing up or to take it to the ground whether using chuckled del style or whether you know then ask in it though the more
port in aspect of it is the mentality that comes with that training it's not like jujitsu it's not my cheek boxing nobody else works at our daily we weigh in every week we we can t every week in euros hungry always you have to be not year be enough can be the best in the world you have to be after them intelligence in a push harder than the next guy network as its use the one or one must lovers muzzle like yeah it's it's tough i the way cutting aspect of it as a huge tragedy in ice go though i'm really really do i have a friend who is a really good wrestler in high school and i he tried to at one twenty eight through his entire career and he was of fog ins zalm being seen as kid always had bad breath his mouth is always wide open he looked like a zombie and he was he was five six or as brothers experts taller tarzan is growth he just fine
and crushed himself he ruined his body wrestling tells me if it's five hours kill us but you know how to cut we re emphasise weren't real abilene on rubber suit running into like training tie stoutish running allotted killing my body so i think now take a definite fuckin know how two percent back let me close my passion is one and was able to receive purchases well either does come draining my body has been incorrectly so as to and again take up my daughter my mother fucker he's got his sit down he different knows how to matthew embody human body lose weight correctly and they come back also by not all journey i learned a lot to lessen the brenner i know exactly what the factory ludwig is now that's for sure that's a wrestling or anything any you know you know he's abemy love and definite exact words welcome keeping you know you're limitations and when there comes a point in time when you literally can go no further you can take no steps you can lift your body beer you're done can you
yet there though to get there or do decide that ten steps before those there because that could be the difference to winning a fine losing if no difference between being able to keep those are pm's up just a little while longer than the next guy and that's what wrestling teaches you because it is the rest wine is a strange martial arts in that you look at a guy like askern who is not like the physically the most and like heaven random in the house you lucrative universally physically impressive fighter thing i've ever seen me just a super alpha male measure morphing build but you would have been asking you don't see that but if you if you settling who's the better resolutely while didn't i had better dynamic athlete is kevin random and for sure but may as far as wrestling accomplishments ben aspirants more accomplished and that's pretty incredible because in wrestling eeg you engage theirs be in engaging and if you don't engage gonna lose points four and so you got to tie up and you gonna find out what the fuck is up wants to do that and this is is a difference in that and in the fact that its
it's going to go down whereas like kickboxing manders we ve all seen bouts we're almost nothing happens is a lot of fuckin moving they will decide to coast that can have an the brain you can boring fights of such about when was it
dance every cancer mark thought of you like that when mr we're anywhere that when i was like this there was no majority for this but i think we'll go these root isler when it hated a watch it but i think we had to go through it as as martial arts like as as a marshall aren't like which makes martial arts is essentially it is it is the sport most realistic to fighting and i think we had another that can happen at these two fucking guys can just circle each other and doing nothing and we have to know we ve seen a bunch of fights like that's that's when it is encouraging the santa be encouraged take a shot mother fucker don't encourage shit man this is what i say safer gallic clegg we'd have to run away from gray maynard for three rounds then so be it so he can you know i mean or should i just got a laugh yeah yeah i get an aggregate i know what you're saying you would like him to try to win but he's not gonna so that's possible too so here here's a guy just decided to stay alive ok is not trying to in the future there's nothing wrong with that
i mean i think there is there is in watching our watch it but then the market will dictate what do you want stuck i again you know if you're gonna watch a guy like michael chandler is a good example nice gotta lotta guys don't know who he is one of the best one fifty five the world and he's a fucking enemies he comes after dues and so when you get a guy like that or you know a guy like melvin man hoof as a kick boxer equities wild berserker dude you may eventually silver you want to watch them and so there are worth more money and you know and they are going to get book more and you're gonna get higher plate mean people are going to want to see that shit so i think that
when if you have a boring style you ultimately pay for it in your career and that's how it should be the market i think should dedicate you know how it how you do with that style but if you do like but if bears looks like say been asking gets the usa there which is entirely possible now i guess he's a free agent and he just mugs gs pay homoousios p inches sticks his fuckin chest on his face for five rounds and an punches i'm in the had anything to do he might look what but what if he does then what the fuck do we do what we can do that people would have been asking just monkey flux everybody and every middleweight fight from here on our is is like a lot of fans eyes is unavoidable and boring guess what it should real me as someone has to figure it out stuff it take down so we have to figure out how to either hit him come in or you gotta marcello garcia you gotta get someone is so high level in the ground that he can't stand this position is that when it comes you know you watch in the film any say ok he does is so when he does
make you do that when we don't need the what if game what if i'm gonna give way to gain plasticity your boys fight him but look without and specific rennie particular fighter someone's gonna fight ben askern how'd you time authorities and films and i've been watching to be honest to say ok about fishing i know you i have watched for fishers similar watch and waterways and have to watch film with the mindset of coaching against him there's a difference can i watch film and i'll take a film and it really is something i can watch large scale memory aren't you know how to beat the dire how i feel a bit the guy you know so i get crazy fuck and watch and film and so i'll take a film i used to anyway stick a film watch it sober poem i used to take it watch it high disagree os approach because i m very biased come there i am therefore i fucking guys so all i noticed a watch right somebody fuck me nobody knew this is this they realize i'm not watching this honest open mind so i
watch out on our brain is well on its round forebrain just get different looks on things out another guy colorado mike temple who watches the fights as the fires watch parts like it how much a film or make notes compare the notes so we need to work with but some i can just watch the film and break it down no right off the bat but about the watch fit to answer a question with the quick mindset of me being portuguese like me right now come hyped up and the roma this fuckin awesome format i love this disaster for learned so much light from the broken i guess it from you in your guest you know i might dolce out ray gram hancock inaudible alley like joy there's a lot of guys have been on hermetic fuckin i've learned from this fucking pod cast an eye had in a school my trials for sure honey percent so this has done a lot from its first off for me to be on this manic it's fucking coyness food so i come in
well i'm doing things like a ball shootin stories on hearing like last year and i love that guy solely to where's my black box that no its not listen this is the same for me my learn mr own amazed keep interrupted me mother fucking fury on i have is well like it's not a one way street having these conversations with people like you mean being put people's brains be no one inch while its these exchanges that energy other exchanges de witt what's a cool fuckin journey for me it's like critic combo technique you know is sure to somebody you have them drill at breakfast boy and then when the fuckin fight with the same exact technique is fucking nuts who don't fuckin cool what's really cool about it's like really is artistic and so you are creating is an art and especially considering the fact that there is really no established protocol to do it like this
buddy as our own way if you want to go jackson he would have one method to trail fighter you went to matthew me without a different way of training fighter see that's why i think i've heard greg trauma have shown great he's got great stuff is an awesome stuff that's again making sure i'm adjusting to the athlete i'm not gonna know make them me i'm trying to mean of dislike chairmen as he hits myth doesn't think certainly cheated things are certainly i need to adjust to these guys i didn't give them my dears my opinions might my my little bits of information while their due what they forgot what do if you can pull that off were able to get a technically incorrect but if you can make that work you make them work what about can insect are you success feeling they may have about hook and when i say you know your lunch in their chins up in a year your opposition you make work you make an work but have others cooper position have set up a different note norway gives him a little doing so dense and questions wars courage my guys to get other pieces of information or go go train over there go get different looks i want to bring people in almost every hopefully boss and come to move on to a similar i'm hoping to bring
to buy it doesn't take away your value only adds to interrupt me help me out here you're never gonna get up on our conversation do an alleged tat had decided level may now i didn't want to have as much input they don't want to be no stubborn and sent my ways were making guys do one thing i want you guys to be the best martial arts they can be so that means being on the guys that means visit other gentlemen fuckin do some are not free i'm here for these fuckin guy so big thing no right you have to bring in other people i think so hundred percent and isn't that there was a real problem with some trainers southern worried about other people come and then we're gonna take their thunder you know it was really cause i was just about to sort out just in boston for your eye is high and marginally gravity hand me out for a seminar in theirs open doors they began to students and industry yeah she is energy should make that was spoken all these beautiful hitherto marsh lars man i love that did his they vary for corn and here he did a technically weak video just like you just well for my being which i series so those awesome out i got a great group of people around me mr erdogan in order to offer mail and my art design guy errand earning colorado and
my my how a guy james blair who just a more recent when you how it with the team one thousand great i like it you can edison fuckin video what's the name of that if you want to find a new production because it is this new ones and these at least uploader upload on my u to channel being with you to challenge but i made earlier a video harps like i'm in timor fell to to do three things do three things taken family and i get these motherfuckers world titles and then to push my being with type rank them now i need to take my marcia information and monitors any and make money i mean i make no fuckin way i can be a hundred richest mainly for some but i'm trusting whether our own house i wonder how much it paid off from one little live a comfortable life my and i m not can be the marshal artists who is not making a month for money
right well you know somebody malcolm successful the eyes they comes it become successful in it all took around me which is question say if they become though they are the mother answers that they too like before i can look how successful they ve been without me i got my trade changed she almost tried tighten them up my trying again for can do and i can tighten nor is because their listening to means because they know on there for them since the couple there's this and in the of our success is not just me their belief in me as was where care myself is what here themselves i'm adapting them their traffic between london and make them the best martial arts that can help them be is there a danger of keeping a name a female
a b has it hit the critical douche point as i worry about it i worry about alpha brain like man you know it's it broke out at bros out about a salad salmon right now the bang we're tired ass you know i feel like a fuckin splinter from the ninja turtles and ideas and went into the rules as they say in san jose april twentieth is rawdon add that but continued to russia benavides and mendous ox coming to smash your person just leave is likely just rolled into the town smashed in and about the fucking coolly should ever i wish people can it sperience that same seem energy than it does i just fucking com will you see you you're absolutely dementia took a love of racine improvement she s like real technical improvement he taught you brought chapman as before god damage due to financially he is on another level help mike tyson stuck out in the boxing road this tremendous he is this as for the very very dynamic it forgets to breath of it
yeah i realized i know he lost all though but i believe that was before you guys are working to correct and i ve seen big leap i do i just came to the team in january so i'm of other just got one of those with free the ability to cover distance with punchy is an explosive fast god damn he's fast he's at another level represent does the same thing we're talking about marcello like finish of getting these guys like men does it hit take downs they hit doubles and you like jesus christ is take there is a missile it's impossible to stop that's what so crazy about although that all the stuff that link the shaggy man to which respect may remain i think i think again about the judges fed game to what you said comes from studies have to the year they mean you have to admit they may give him respect but not to the point where is hindering yonah ability you don't you something i do i found one deckers no make mean you can't mean you gotta give room daggers all respect in the world has ever known when we re just more time fires all time it's very argue the great was the percent in there
i just did it i just looked up to too much and i just have performed my full ability and that was the disparate to him i saw you know that those want to things too but you know he saw me open neo he wanted he probably do it again by the step before my full potential but i mean i'd be master matter what men i love that detained in all fairness you also fordham these pre lateness career the alien is currently still shakspeare boss that is good me i'm whether fucker made much respect i got here has bad ankles down something has now are you know he died recently bike riding ring a heart attack crazy but he's have really bad ankles right look like through you to ask where you know those many there yet too hard for his will wait in his body you know i think i was a powerhouse mused the dew was dead when miller some if god is in one of his one of nicknames like violent bad i like we found the videos but we can when we went to the youtube page weak it said it wasn't doing exist just look up back
my tie highlight a fine in three seconds hairs out their good years punch slip drill now that's not a bang my tie highlight being with time team often well hell that's right than you do bang my tie highlight alpha male highlight the that's it go bang my tie highlight and choose third one down it says bang my time to now put it up so we could see it for them now when we had the tv is turns often display monitors ok we go back on what undeserved only way powerful entered in your work will modify
would you like a one o clock in the morning and i was glad that allows kinds huck asma i love this he's calls for ever so cools like him in charge to sit in your child that's gotta be comin talking about the order is what did you mean such man that's cool then not yeah they said it was now she must get worse and worse astringency radiation and tuna showed elevated radiation three percent elevation and radiation tuna for the catch in california yet this is the highlight petition full screen time it is just got down to re think gentler action frickin that's amazing edison videos man he's looking for a long time it does all kinds of ass videos
what the fuck is hour ago powerful promotion of my staff member i do not mean to say and on promoting youth throated thank you sir you are appreciated who have read it this is fucking based lair against that ass did an awesome john benefit we did everything leaders hey keighley i want to ask you about that scissor kicks at the back of the head will will win this play first i'd let us play a little plants fuckin bass there's the next year to champion benefit as benefit which means you get the shop taliban has abated municipal up there by the union which is closer to the tower shot the ranking situation a benefit as is also getting better man he's a fucking animal there was a thing it is delicious booth where you loved that fight dude
that was the first by what i said while you just you had another level you are clearly on another level technically that we remove and appreciate that cousin leonard garcia correctly that is a while mother fucker so this one then of it as a war machine coordinated rings sheds tornado punches dude ways they would never rings on he's a savage guph that was a great fight due to attend today on the mets you're an animal is soundtrack sounds like you walking through a door in your tv show of scripture warm wolves calling damn what awhile highlight as my baby i systematic what i do is i ever each week especially as i have four ten detail veto curriculums shown them exactly what jeweller taking to do that we can eat drink all right that's what it is like i'm just trying to know so
banner my name for your jim i take my fucking iphone agree accords video today i take my phone ethical my curriculum have my structure cricket whatever we do this week we do the same class in three or six months from now depend on if its inner media or fundamental curriculum by take my film i my phone a record videos what my main limited agenda we corky this dual that you do boom here's life possible now you do this job piper five or one foreign peacekeeping and what it is what we could just as well by some exactly what fucking joseph commerce to do that weak and every week s and that shit out and i'm very come on i know too much not to teach me i love i wish i had this for me when i was coming up and i'll make a just i love life now another this fuckin is i have a unilateral where no
oh mom is i haven't you aren't why i got one overcome with this bulletproof for our brains out i'll do it i'll tell them you may like this is fucking i loved this list the alternative names for our brain i think you can get away with but father i was only joking about the alpha brain or how the male thing i think you can get away with it because its people cause death squad which is way do sheer right is obviously i examined the name they re routing too hard remains did you write in your heart you finally i can analyse like we're training like compassion may i forget i love life man i love him i have kept to switch pushes the child come i'm happy i could do what the fuck i want to show you you know i love life when spoken call again make the just one if i can make us no don't now and they walk so the decision anyway so it's good may let's go and live up to these guys other guinea then we'll titles can be benefited sir tat first upon whom you know what shot we get first gave him the fuck out of that
in burma get panel in there and make sure that there are going to have asked them to do what i feel they need to do for the fire traffic to me right you're just enjoying watch online can progress again like i mean i learn a little way now that we have a good time like this road package where we train or amend the fights learning to embrace that shit hundred fucker per se as much as they can in that when i have a problem or difficult time i'm stepan away and looking at that from the site i don't wanna be wrapped up in the problems one look at the sight of the problems from a distance and we have a good time when i'm on that occasion and walking guys out i'm fucking holding mess and mother podcast i'm trent enjoy the shit for fucking potential
can no longer be i'm spoken earth for how from our real i'm gonna be knock you shouldn t j d starts we're trying to get you a fucking night another chemin i do not know why he said i love it about a billion more women workers that is hardly mentioned i shall love of everything we have already message were well aware you in fact love it while i am sure other motherfuckers love their life to civilian make that allows you to make i think but unhappy doing something people enjoy and doing something that you can you can help people with is one of the keys to happen that's what it thinks jumps in these guys know get better human beings the marshal artist that is making me filled it wasn't an interesting thing is like being a fighter and being a training partner to very different things and then being trainer earthmen is another very different thing and a lot of people dont understand that like to be a good training partner you
the two first of all you have to know where fighter is in their development you cannot take advantage of em you gotta not hit em when when the you know their fuckin doing fly fresh guys in a row don't be a dickhead just make a mark make the guy work that's we're supposed to be doing i asked guys at the gym in all i ask of you and are up to me now but yes it is really going to hell with vigour my feeling with cardiovascular what i was going to siberia dumps getting coils you could say that it's been trainers another that's the next thing it's a completely differently and in that your benefiting entirely on other people benefiting from you and you you take your pride in moulding them ass fighters who knows her two very different experience arrive it has different experience in about some evidence that nineteen anyway is helping prescott these tragedies discuss trade partners and trainers with humbleness don't look out for this and is helping you know people break things down right
call me as well so it's been a given taken out for me to do a full time men and again and i will say it leather are you are you do you think you're happy or as a train of the universe is that i hope that those two stressed and am i understood that no effort where when the fight to make so much per day when the violent make this much that was now thing for me and i reached my am i get to those for everyone my signal title kickboxing though first what tells emanate with chancellor mrs merkel title was a taxable title so what they mean what they did a complete unlike the goals that i say in my life and then from their things changed we could look at the justice statistics my record it was probable maybe launch suitable book kicking not it was asked but dont good as a former want to signal its hadn't bump bump bump bump uselessly enthusiasm she was just it was just a matter of just not been able to keep up and even our pm's or was it the tray environment you know i'm not quite sure whether a to blame a thing for me to fiery blame well
hey look at it and it's their life but i decided go to windows title kickboxing title when i was a child my first will tell them we will title i take my goal so i went for the world they keep bicycle title came around and i finally got so not just change things from shoes i set my goals to low basic working title did you haven't emma wifi poet and you see in canada wanted now this first things for spent much less left you see downwards a quick knockout erect yeah those yeah that was when you were in our we're really super fuck and sharp actin really super sharp especially striking get cracked healthy as enthusiastic but damn went wants i think we're title summit goes too low and then i started like searching for ok certain opponent to motivate me or anita sort training at me many to retrain here start searching for things maybe maybe monies motivate minister looking searching for things to motivate me because of systems very black await a monopoly title senegal and went to a goddess and us can like now what do you ever
stop in good time i wish i had someone like me train and i say that harms and that's why tell his fucking goes to like you're on there it's not like i'm there for them like peters i don't waistcoat pocket time don't sharply don't do don't do the drill half ass we're doing by seconds a fraction of an inch gotta be fuckin done right you're don't fucking do any more money and emma may now is more money for your back when you were in cannes cage democrats covered my purse to first can kindergartens or money yeah though the in a cage when we pulled off the karate kick story time recovering eliza was never was so early motor told me that that fighter one or two he asked to fight me so i took that person's girl carry mother fucker anyone find me some baxter i'm alone are not little nervous sought for the fires robust seasonal nervous and he wants me to relax who goes headwind if you are thrown off do the credit kit and unlike her like i looked back and now i see two strenuously relax me but the terminally classic nurses fucking family so i got to the point the fight we're just
can we buy had my wings i'll do what i wanted and then came to me just a kilo tribute to boston to its credit care them and then i went back to fighting and me and then i stopped about but so you i took that it's on my angel logo is the couple pieces to that no student credit kids whereas i attribute to boss it's got the wings i feel like i always make the right decisions will the council say that idea of an angel wash rivalry walden that isn't you know you are an angel is if this parliament always do the right things and about down despising from above people almost your wife is right in life you give yourself some wings myself some yes trademark can't do you know that brazil i some of that treaty is locking nastiest animals you anyway
like puppy ears shelly i really love of purpose and i really want to be an eagle nobody wants to be a puppy love these are like way sweeter than eagle visas are feeling and assholes well eagle eda poppies that motherfucker went out your hand light was going off to a tree top in italy has been ratings is footwork ninos vacation removing one here let's go among those rules a baby the man is a different one fuckin kid right through their little beings always train little biafra if he sees the lug like he's watching the however this morning is that discuss finished today he sees an angel ugly goes that's me
so it is also my little boy is aims are dwindling ludwig milo boy so his bath and our third maybe on the way and has been an extremely bad so it's ok i can say can name him doing to go too far towards drains noted pursue this joint bang bang like george you who was formerly they add ons george he did he did you remember that he was a bad motherfucker pressure is just too bad to have other kids like to have kids without names are not not not george you can't name all georgia we yes again you will i cannot but you know i'm he's like i'm not a regular dude like he feels like he can get away with share that other people can and he's right you know i mean in the people who try to stop that he's gonna call
kids george and you can have to fuck it deals with the facts as they have ensured that matters like it is they who know we position for the fast and i got to come around like they said no help push for me and then the fans and funny didn't white stepped into the cocaine all its official with the these are words only faster but i'm in hundreds of salmon amateur emma may historian for me it was like that's you know i have all these details sort of stored in my head i dont really carried around in a computer like i literally have all these details because i love him i may so for me was always a travesty like this any innate we're gonna bring up the record the you gotta bring
a bang ludwig so similar brianna record bagua well that is not the real record exclaimed down my wish for the record and justice the fact i appreciate that but as an historian isn't mme historian every fight has an asteroid and john john says one last ok call died but he beat the fuck out of mad hamel anyway smashing him and the only reason why that twelve the six elbows illegals because when they athletic commission met with big john mccarthy they were concerned about those duties on espn at six o clock in the morning there smash and bricks material both so they like you can't do that brick smash and move that shit's too powerful and serve as a guide but meanwhile like maybe it's arguable that this elbow is more powerful than the downward elbow like the downward elbowed doesn't seem to have as much weight behind it is like the straight elbow how's it anymore danger stories crazy doesn't make any sense but its we're stuck with it word leg totally completely stuck with a less legal entire boxy yeah to totally should be legal it's an elbow i mean if you can hit a guy with a neither face you tell me you can you not fucking hard earned money is the face you can hit him a dab you can hit with an elbow like that that is ridiculous knee might be three times harder than an elbow
well you see what ouster did to travis brown body like guide to and nobody throws needed a fuckin body like the rain sure am watching a real life is like he's doing something totally different earlier by doing one thing but when he's doing this like he's going through your fuckin body that true brown you can teach that kind of heart you can't teach that shit that dude has zero give up in him it is nothing if he had one percent give up in him the percent the fight over he literally whether the craziest nuclear fuckin winter storm you know with solar fuckin flares he we whether the craziest shit ever but because he didn't take it to the head it was all just about him having the guts in the heart to power through it if alistair hit him with those shots in the head is body would just shut off but because
took him to the body like his heart got him through one of the craziest beatings i've ever witnessed anybody survive in then overcome in the same fuckin round me now the greatest come from behind rounds of all time actually mister it's got a bad day why do we want a bathroom is i was then we're walking actually runs by your eyes on the card or a paper so we're walking through the tunnel authorised by
there are finding we're doing his doctor check in such as backstage but as a walk you through one of the rooms in on my back servant through quickly to the window and i see alister does dropping to adjust the craziest fight over one of the greatest fides ever i wonder if we could show what i need to get permission from dana why we need to show these two sometimes they pull youtube video for folks you don't know like give shook its pulled over youtube a lot of times is are bought the just searches for certain me ok i give you right you have seen the title does is a yank our share that has taken offline so you know laser but whenever you yeah there's a lot of videos of me online that had been the edict they put advertisements on is a company does that they'll do that
for you like your content they did they put your content online you put an advertising and yelling penny fanatics and countless he adds its a fascinating but for the year of sea they don't play so if it says you have see anywhere in the video they just yank it just put off is there a law that if their tvs in the background in your filming like with your cell phone it that that's legal because that seems like when he ever like it you search miley cyrus from like you know that the last night only the ones that are like people like filming that's a good question and that's why i always wondered if he boys had like a tv behind him the show like video clips and stuff like that cause that's kind of like that's why i do know that one thing that if you have a video like say if you have a video they have seen from a movie that seen from a movie has a digital signature that they can find that digital signature unlike youtube so
a song as well a song has a digital signature and so they can do a search on their digital signature of this size is upon the current ban on the run the plane bound the run in a video they can fly that has been on the run and somehow another they can do that if you take kid and you fill with your phone me an obvious em an idiot do not listen to me nothing about computer but from my idiot perspective i would imagine that it would have a different digital signature would be a different length a sound quality willing we would be different if you do for our phone you'd have ambient noise of the room that you doing then you might have you breathe might fart maybe allows shit is on the videos on some minor recognize with us this afternoon
why speculated wasting their nor is it just is generally leaders if i did it i will keep on questioning everything you can't star and we have to show the question a question with the one with the with countries that want to know either where my fucking out there but there is a difference from the ones that that do dissipate cracking right away and then went to stick around when well again why i say that i am absolutely not a scientist nor anything good i will say on any whether it's about fucking
air travel or space exploration anything at all say on anything that the cabinet that must be stated is i don't know what the fuck out of here i have no education these subjects in a merely reiterating things that i have heard people say a slight if you were to say that everyone would think so that we can solve the problem and amusing album its society especially from wrong i'm super confident that that's our culture starting again the people are confident people i was too but i'm super honest about what i know i don't know i don't fuckin as honest as is humanly possible even if it makes a luxuriant asshole but in that situation do you know for a fact that when contrails or more likely there's a map on a nasa website inga nasa's website and i'll show you where contrails will linger in the sky and where they won't in fact nineteen forty two the government was doing a research project on what they call persistent condensation trails and what they
covered is during various atmosphere conditions whether there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere or less moisture depending on what what the conditions are it will change the length of the contracts it appear behind jets and when you burn jet it creates moisture and when you could moisture that burning jed fiona changes the temperature of the air is it passes through like that you literally create a cloud and so when people are looking at that and i think in all the government spraying us with thick cloud it's very easy to think that it's very easy and this does not mean that they haven't done tests and really unethical things with sprang aerosols from plant we know we know that pesticides are spread from planes okay so we were were familiar we have that archetype in our head of spring poison we ve seen as the footage from vietnam sprayed agent orange to defoliant vast parts and jungles we ve seen all that shit so wary of things that are sprayed from planes and you should be
you should also know that there is a huge difference between that and what you're saying in the sky on a regular basis and when you dark saying that what you're seeing this guy on a regular basis is the government's brain chemicals you re through a monkey ranch into the whole idea of them actually sprang chemicals because first of all that the argument is there sprang of aluminum emberon again scientists i'm half retorted again shots their youngster but the reality is if they did spray aluminum embarrassment sky wooden linger like a cloud it's a lingering like a cloud because it's a cloud i know a lot of people have invested a long amount of their life wanting to think that what we are seeing is chemicals and so it fucks with you because it's hard to admit you're wrong it's hard change here we all know that but in this situation we have to look at it there
betimes when someone sprang something from the sky but the majority of what you're seeing is just a by product of a jet engine go into condensation and then there's the reality people say why are they geo engineering no but yes so here's the reality the reality is even though it's just an accidental byproduct of jet travel it does change the environment and in is geo engineering but it's not on purpose purpose it's just a part of flying if we're gonna have theirs ninety three thousand fucking flight a day worldwide a day so they're burning jet fuel in the sky above your head there taking toxic fuel in fucking hundred gallon wings full of shit your wings are filled up with fuck and fuel and they're burning that shit up in the sky and creating cloud fuck yeah changes the environment but it's just like police
sean changes the environment now i when you drive on the highway it's not the governments spraying pollution ok it's fuckin pollution it just a by product of human civilization and a by product of air travel is a they're burning jeff you in the sky and be it creates persistent condensation trails under certain atmospheric conditions this is the best that i could discern after research and talking to real experts but this does it is this what will the euro for produce information urgent your luggage work of the government you gotta stop and look at this shit rashly if you're wrong about the majority of what you see in a sky you discredit the possibility the very real possibility that things have been done like there's a study about saint louis saint louis hollow le loup pulling up saint louis there is
something that was in the news really recently that they discovered radiation i think came trials are just an excuse for pansies i'm just that like to look at clouds anyway sign my like a reasonable tribunal and some others cures somewhat right why some stick run away with some don't ok they're here but this is because of atmospheric conditions there's a difference which sometimes it rains and sometimes it doesn't sometimes cloud sometimes there's nothing this guy that the conditions apparently when it's right before crowd like it's kind of hazy those the conditions that are best for creating these persistent condensation trails and pay to understand he's a fucking southwest airlines flights you're looking at some time even though these are you know unmarked government planes mandy really know that what kind of fuckin eric was telescoped you have how much research have actually done or if you like me to use reiterate show that you learn online doing show and doing the sean countries more people got fuckin mad at me because of councils than anything and i take part of the blame
that one of the reasons why because i think they did a shitty job of editing and there's no disrespect but the way the people that show they have eight where's footage they have to slam down to forty four minutes into them it was an important totally completely explain what what cost as a country i didn't have a hundred percent say or a country or rather i didn't have a hundred percent say as to how the show got edited i i had say the fact that would voice my opinion it would get overruled or they would listen to me was issued vivid varied and in this i lost and in this i think we created a bad product i dont think it represented fully the core full explanation of what countries are i think because to complex issue i think we owed a very complex and scientific explanation but the promised people think that shit's boring like what i just said right now the majority of people listening that would watch american idol would go poetical fucking they does that pont guess enough everybody you know and this conversation is not for everybody but if you want to make a tv show it kind
has to be for everybody for the networks accepted until it becomes really success will find its niche and then people for you know like south park they can do whatever the fuck they want in because it's a proven products if you add another show we tried to make a cartoon where a gay guy stuffing paris held up his ass and winning a slut off they would go the fuck are you talking about no you can't do that but south park is so successful in this show proven in the market that they do that when you shows not prove any really can't it's hard to have your say as to how things get die too complex dance and i don't think we pull it off for its part of the thing of creating something we try to create a shell i feel purse responsible for though because a lot of people get angry and i think a lot of their anger could have been avoided when i first started looking at camp trails online i too i believe that it was a possibility is it possible that this point is offering from her face they sprang the sky but then all the more
look anyway godmothers photos from nineteen eighty that show these contrails like long wanted lingered in the sky people say when we were younger they didn't linger actually they did you just don't remember pay tax how much the fuck do you pay attention to clouds and created by janet when you're eight you really tell me exactly what the fuck you saw i barely romero shit i did last week i am being eyes i barely remember important shit i did it shows that i did that we're great a standing ovation bailey remember them and you tell me you remember this fuckin these these these controls from when you were eight years old you remember the further fuck remember that should do to learn learn some stuff from dwayne bank dot com today man dwelling for gay there man but the s these people that i'm talking to you there's a problem with tunisia and this is why dont not going to continue doing i mean for israel cipher has asked me do it again but even if they do have to really think about how it i dont think i'm doing what i want to do i don't think it's coming out the way i wanted to come out its
this part of it that is like there was an app so we did on trans humanism all like complicated the science of extending human life and i love that cause i've got to talk to these super intelligent pupil and pick their brain and ask a really important to me questions i'd love that but talking to me their tom there seemed bulletproof wolves and goes shit that pops out here there's one hole and out came a bullet proof wolf that sure happened the i'm sure you didn't have a camera would you you're out their hunt for bulletproof wall i just get tired of it i got tired of talking to people that are just crazy people or silly people or people than fuckin hub there's a lot of that that's two hundred percent and is also a lot of people that really believe what they sang in and it's not because their assholes it's because they lack critical thinking skills
whether no one's taught it to them whether they have ignored them wet weather it's the way they were raise where there's the environment they grew up in where there was the ideas there exposed to as a young person i dont know what has caused the situation that we're talking about but there's a lot of people out there that are thinking in a very piss poor way i've been one of them in the past man believe in a alarm stupid shit in the past you know that i i was convinced probably israel is a thing i will start with this thing called rods these is this fuckin they look like jellyfish to fly to the air faster than you could see the video on them roswell bronze then i want to see pod monster quest would they showed what they really are sister of video artifact like one cameron it's going on slow motion that something flies passed on from it stretches the image out and make its blur the fuckin blur i was convinced these things were flying through the air all around us doesn't it seem this video and i was like looking forum do the guy who made this video does not want to admit that didn't they don't exist now that he actually showed up at the u fc expo when i was doing a q and a and
ass he got in line and instead we need to talk to me about roswell ross these call ipod gas because they are real and though those people on my request fucked him today it could affect them because they they basely show the same seen there was a can't fire or a light in a bunch of bugs were flying front alight and they set to cameras in front of it one of them was in hd superfast came into the useful super slow on any other moments like a regular video camera with regular your camera show these rods their flying account because it's an artifact in if you look at how its flying across the but it's not flying that fast like i can see it so can i not see it with my eyes but i can see it on camera and then the other one to show this just bugs joad did you see the underwater ones and the joy stormy real theories without doubt information to governments have been hiding do which are doing right now is call you are you're making a plea to ridicule roger tiny came trails
yeah they live as well be you know are they were real man a really did i saw video wants it showed that they were fuckin buildings on the moon liked it's like a guy had he like had these images are even worse than that how about the face of mars about that motherfucker games you to face on mars and gamble these images are people swear to you the government is patiently doktor to second more high resolution images there was some photos they took like a long time ago of mars and as they flew over mars it shows what looks like five side appear many think and a face
a face on mars moving even my own friend who i loved dearly graham hancock wrote a dumb ass book about all this this friend dearly dumb ass tat s what he admits it was a mistake he admits it but shit that shit's important man sympathetic after this you will clearly have to face if you look at a shape it does not appear in nature did you see there are two eyes bitch you don't know what the fuck you looking ok you're looking at a spot the eu decided it's like looking at the clouds and thinking that you see and dragons you also could be seen a fucked up cloud cause clouds aren't perfect cement call squares you shithead awry new look that's some thing that you barely tell what the fuck you're looking at clarice a freeze on mars and is it
hu as these videos where he measures like these arbitrary distances like a few measure from the nose to the left front centre of that period is the exact same distance as this banks to the payment of key area for teaching lies if you look at it from the white house and of forty four into delegation in the corner where clinton used to get his blowjobs that from that rome clearly the pyramid s face on a dollar five amazon our simon says in people fuckin by the dvd and call each other on the phone and do this shit you gotta see this man is drop into truth so mad truth about the pyramid and the next thing you know you gettin fuckin email blast have you seen this about the pyramid like you motherfuckers fuckin phase on mars there maybe that's not it they mean might be some other shit doesn't mean there's that's emotion and manufactured the pyramid shaped on mars are way more interesting than the the face to face
when they showed a high resolution image of the face please i've been doctored clearly doctored these are not high resolution photograph in fact they are what lesson of the gigabytes and it would be google is a true eighty five gallup poll second picture but there are some like symmetrical objects that exist do look like sorry pyramids you pull up that could area can aims is to see that there is but it's also possible that those things exist naturally does a lot of weird shapes that exist naturally like theirs there's this sum i feel it's called giants something giants cause we think in ireland when we think of that's it when we see if that's it buddy this crazy rock formation that's totally natural ireland i are wind i think that's what it is i images yeah that's it put go there gotta giants cause way in ireland tell me this shit doesn't look like some other fuckers were building a building but it's not his
or to some weird crazy natural formation if you saw this autumn an image of mars if someone sent you this clearly these are cobble stones on a martian street they have cars like ours there probably shaped like us go we found it look at these images like other shit like that where this is in ireland tell me if you saw them on mars you wouldn't start shit in your pants clearly very sophisticated civilization natural should perhaps aliens came down and ruin them look women look at that i mean that shit look so well that looks so unnatural represent the look like someone made a pool ass cobblestone street but it's just a natural formation when these what the fuck causes stones to be shaped in these weird patterns but look at that if you look at tat you would swear that has to be made by somebody but it's not it's
totally natural you know and there's varying stages of it they can actually see like how its develop no i'm not i'm so now what they called it's a job experts someone who understands rocks those due to date look at it and like there's another disagreement that graham hancock has with some of the people on ground hancock this famous dude who wrote this book called fingerprints the gods brilliant brilliant die and he's exposed a lot of really fascinating shit about ancient civilizations and he's headed right now to go beckley tabbies go back on a podcast in november he's gonna go tat we live to check this out because go back happily is essentially a structure that affirms all of his beliefs he believed that there was an ancient civilization that lived far earlier than were giving monitor civilization credit for that they were capable of very sophisticated things but something happen and they were most likely wiped out by meteors are certainly not while two things have happened since you
that book one the discovery or go back the tapie foretell fourteen thousand years old is as old as fourteen thousand years old massive stone pillars with animals car of denham back when they thought that people are just like riding on horseback barely hunter and gathering like that's all they did me mother building these insane huge complicated structures and to discuss we have the impact of the clovis comment they know for a fact that most likely all of the life in north amerika i got all the people that live north amerika were wiped out about twelve thousand plus years ago i know that a huge comet hit saw the close this comment and there was a recent discovery about a recent article this published about it so they know that there has been some shit that went down so because of that graham has dislike eager searching i occasionally even he gets full like he'll look at something and he'll think that this thing can't be being a natural formation but then you look at something like that
giants cause when you got it might be like this in japan off of the kosovo yama gucci i think it's all i forget forget the name of the place of underwater yeah really interesting shit but it could it could be natural if you look at this giant cause we think it could be natural to could be weird but go go to graham hancock dot com and pull the images the underwater images of these structures so views these structures you can kind of see why someone could say man this is man made this is deaf we manmade but does not have to be but that's like what's really important whenever you're searching for information you gotta be old all fuckin possibilities you can't be married to some being a real and i think a lot like this they think this is he thinks this is like a ring of sort it might be for it might be it's not as is now symmetrical giants causeway which we know fucking for sure artificially is naturally created rather so it's like we come across things like this or thing
a country like you gotta be really sure what the fuck you say and a lot of people aren't there is not while the guys we interviewed for the shouts of really nice guys names michael murphy and erode these documentaries and made his document is called what what in the world they sprang why in the world they sprang they realize how crazy was resting her show he's not crazy insane tonight he did but does it isn't yap around the same table excited his eyes a little high strung year though how strike you so many listen to this body lies pet second kettle there should be a warning us doing caffeine we're gonna happy as this will approve a man who can be all these people flying off their treadmills i know you i don't do i don't drink coffee for practice or think as he gets mingle in some stuff i know some of this stuff is often to this bullet proof so a lot of people say i'd like you to give your heart attacks whatever bis www pussy i drink railroads joe i dont know if it gives you
i think that cholesterol most certainly is probably bad for you if you live the average american life but you know it's really bad for you the average american life that's it's bad for you i on the other hand drink this shit all day long some work out like a terrorist which did you that number is purchasing twenty five hundred of those driverless card sue can you imagine now like being on your phone and like pick me up and this like you know car no person in it picks you are that's common that's coming for sure taxis what you know a car i gotta infinity and it recognises the distance between the car in front of me and slows down allow and then when the car goes further at speeds up like save you set your you set your speed limit you set it to sixty five and cruise control and it knows where you're going well it slows down like you can just get your foot off the pedal unjust chill and it like
yet every four ready to break some dear and the cross funding censure actually not supposed to break grant the nervous and finally swaziland nothing we're ale i'm sure that's all man it's hard to do for jobs car dear me fuckin dears go right to the windshield especially illegal miata some shit easy and elk i am i wanted the brain i mean miata stop pretty quick no one here to vote when we had our surroundings future there is a show that i watch called pig man you're watching this model hocker that is first of all there is more about the subs they have these trucks with these giant grills in front of them because so many wild dear and while pigs in texas that they just run in another beaches are highly all the time and they will block your car up so due to have special bumpers on their car just designed to smash into view it's like some mad mac shit let's see if this
again a pickup truck with this fucking met owner battering ram that has literally like cuts like a v straight towards if i mean these are crazy fuck and barbarous back the show they were i what it's called a pork lips two thousand thirteen pull the video up because i put it on twitter is a naughty is fucking shit i've ever seen in my life not ear then this is this is a buddhist area of japan where they feel that dear sacred and is a video i tweeted about his dear everywhere this europe's isn't really cute their delicious i'll shoot those fuckers i would shoot em right there everybody went to sleep a plot a bow and arrow chewed ripening openly i guess he goes back to japan has found the card on this to hand the weather that's right and actually food relax not stress what my own fight yeah yeah pulled pull that other video because it's a crazy thing the luggage
he there shooting pigs from helicopter ok i can only hope that this is a new one though this to partner they didn't last year and it was let there be pork or think but this is a port lips two thousand and thirteen and there's a two part and one of em he shootin bows and arrows he should bows and arrows out of a fucking helicopter pigs yes way and killing them he said is the only times have been done for she was killed three pigs with a boner listen to this cause this is fucking crazy it's hard not to shoot a boner later is the craziest sportsmen channels ever done they send out like this these are dangerous which is true but look at this
that's pigment have shed news it this being one of the greatest i mean look i'm not i'm not a fucking heartless person but there is a reality that did they have a real problem with these wild pigs and there is a problem with feeding hungry people as well they absolutely donate all of that meat to hunters for the highly that shouldn't fuckin bow and arrow at a pig from a helicopter hunters for the hungry they they don't get all this meets this me goes to needy families it's really good wild game it's very healthy for you and these people are very fortunate to be to get free meals like this that said they're not hunting ok they're rattling just shot with a bow and arrow do their eradicating what they consume to be problematic and people say would you put your fucking problem animals like this one animal rights activists one fuckin bananas when i posted this video it really interesting i washest reddish timeline
calling for ted mildred to a fight him at a bar fight to calling him for tee their kill himself or die like over and over again calling from the die or years meet me what killed person but meanwhile you like this this we'll killing bothers you so you want to commit violence and the person you breathe protecting the animals by also acting violently yeah yeah got it so much on twitter for when i will bear hunting at a giant there is we know brown bab black so did you eat it because we don't need all the meat to the local needs a hundred on the crow indian reservation in montana and the bear that i killed i turned to the local india's there because i mean emails you see this indian reservation other living units bad enough i am positive twittering people or eat me up already cordelia and i didn't realize it by me doing that i'm actually helping out the population of other animals in the bear and that time the bears they'll kill their own cubs so that they can meet again near me
yes the well if there's a bad situation as low resources the eu now people don't like the idea that resources have to be maintained and that if you really study it and it's so hard to do but try to talk to some who really understands game conservation and try to study it from an objective respect because there is a certain amount of predators exist in our environment and is a certain amount of pray that can exist in environment and they know what that number is jack and they know how to manage that in their very diligent about it they change the limits all the time like they do the salmon population in alaska they monitor very closely with salmon weir's they make sure that the populations of healthy that need good numbers running through you know people can or cannot fish the open sea the close seasons on a whim of angola gives our fish country that we're boomed but the season down and that's that's called responsible management if you don't responsible management for wildlife especially when it comes to dear you get
population your fuckin diseases to get a lot of wasting disease you get lime disease which spreads threw out the east coast of people that are fucked up from line disease and line disease comes from dear ticks and people to understand like you there's more and i've read this recently no taboo it told me this recently not me he doesn't like me but if entire programmes on a level but even if we talked you know here on a show he was talking about how there is more wild lives forest dear and as far as coyotes and as far as like whatever wild game in his country now than when christopher columbus came here how what how fuckin crazy for us or how about you know i didn't come back then but second of all if he's right and the ideas with less and less forest than these to be back then before us from forest everywhere the deforestation is actually created larger areas like agriculture has created much more opportunity for dirty so there's
oh dear now than ever before the more successful because it is less like mountain lions around shit because if people around you the cars and share that do not lose like saturday running to the air so they like they're getting to breed more n you gonna marry our population if you dont you have deaths on the roads are not just the dear but people mean have you the googled dear through windshield you know you won't see some horrific fuckin scenes of destruction people die every year because dear go through their windshield and a lot of folks i know that but a dears a fuckin hunter namely pound hunk of bow bones and stake and hid it with your car you're fucked man stop training i'll show you some cows to virtue transporters like a motherfucker had people realize you the money you pay for those tags go kill an animal to your dolly that money to the wild i preservation yes i got has been over forty bucks i d artagnan the route for the remains in fact
is donate more money for conservation and have more impact on conservation because of the amount of money spent on tax than any power animal rights group than any in the amount of money that you get from tags and from management you can't just leave them alone my people work levin animals let you have to understand that your fucking animal to right there's a delicate game that's going on between us and all the other in yes as the highest intellectual animal with sums on the planet earth and on the ocean debatable whether or not worth more than dolphins we can understand the language they can understand us needs debatable but as the smartest the more n the one who's looking like what's the best case scenario for mankind well no more war love you brother everybody gets along we have the perfect civilization in a hundred years we're gonna shit together we all agree that he can
show cruelty to animals and make that happen you can't be stopping people's cats area shoot people's dogs and you know and so we associate are dogs and our pets who we love very much our cats and what have you we socially that with wild animals that's some baby shit ok cause wild animals will fucking eat your asshole you go out there and you go wandering around and you fall down he sprang your ankle and abortion bunch of wolves fine you guess what flop face that's a rap the only thing that keeps those wool from doing that is they know we have the bank sticks and the cars and on a ship scared of lesser they stay the fuck away that's it it's not the wolves our beautiful man i've fucked love wolves i think they're majestic i watch
document it resembles i bet i've watched andre documentaries on walls i watched a document about the due to live with the wolves and gigantic wildlife containment and you actually stuff a liver into the carcass so that he could prove that he was the alpha yes you deliver pherson out all the other has created a fascinating i think their amazing and i'm so glad there a lot but if one of them is follow me i'll shoot it right in the debt in our heart be if i had a gun a wolf is for me a bit like are you fucking crazy i have kids you fucking punk little someone was furious and i know that you're talking has actually coming on gas fuck it up dot dot dot that it doesn't mean i don't love was i do love world but if i thought a wolf is going to eat me i would you fucking kill it like you have to do that and people have to understand that used to be a really common occurrence people killed wolves all the time between fifteen something to tuna fifty year period in paris wool
killed three thousand people in france while you're following your at around my area code that's a lot of working people their smart sneaky things at me ok what are we stupid lazy firefox they get drunk and we're made out of me pretty fucking simple but everybody wants them is like beautiful fee amazing yes amazing yes also they have to be managed by eta if hamas me i probably would it too and hearted say that say that you have literally point point you get kids were starving and was wintertime twin you out of some thought pierre you i know you you kidding me you know that part time is nice and your kind if you don't have to be made the point that things will change never i wouldn't do it right now for fine which never do it for fun and that's why it's fucked up to watch this pig man thing because on one hand i agree that they have to do with their doing like those
pigs because devastation to wildlife because all accidents left and right they went across the rose their fuckin did they they fuckin devastate farms and cost people who have these latter this land their family banks on it costs a lot of fuckin money that is reality and it is also a way out of their life form there i formally maybe they should be shot their what machine guns from helicopter glamorizing and also making money off it likes ringing it seem called a killer landowners and stuff you're right you're right but then again the food goes to the eu they have to be killed as they do our problem there's isn't that so many of his true but i read this so it's just free there's almost as me pigs in taxes as there are people rap fuckin head around that there's almost as many let's just go
this is a big ass place too in other alone but there's a lot of pigs there we're not talking about women who how dare you shame those women your fashion that sense that shaming assholes red eyes fact chamber i bet you but shame to you asshole slut shame and fat shame number in the millions these shockingly destructive and invasive wild hobbs wreck havoc across a southern united states there so fucking like strong and tough pays that what happens domestic pigs get out and it's a you're saying but within three weeks of being out in the wild funding from their self their body actually starts changing hair
of course or leo's stands tusks grow it's not man wicked illusion and they are not shy about fuckin they lock up warm and then they just have the these start dominating they start taken over land and they don't have the mate very many natural predators so there's there's a pair they do four hundred million in damages annually god damn salon they also they also cause a fish kills because they fuck pond so mostly stop around them that they get the pond so muddy from running around in on that day they they choke off the fish they're not man jai raise pays grown up the summer forest for auction and did their pain to deal with them in a mess of everything you turn on your fancy they cause more problems than than they are to take care of fisher ok there's this might not be right
said my copyright above the numbers of people because apparently but the numbers that this art other article which is on nbc says that they was one point five billion dollars in damages nationwide each year which as you know the other ones just texas currently more than five million wild hogs united states and within a few years they're saying the number of pharaoh hogs he's gonna triple five years in texas trip fucking triple trinity hutton so they had literally almost have to do that with this no matter helicopters they can crazy amounts of diseases and unless you want to just start fuckin reintroducing wolves to texas you gotta take care these motherfuckers either something's gonna eat them you can't just have this thing you have an imbalance the reason is millions of wild hogs running through these fields is because nothing killing them they're not supposed to be there like you there's a problem and so you have to figure out a really extreme method of solving this problem
no marketing methods ted nugent in the pig man in a fuckin helicopter with machine and yes and no yes its cruel yes it's horrible yes i'm an animal lover yes i have two cats and dogs but fuckin say that shit i'm dvr the watch it again with ideological aim of this year with a bow that way misses the first shot because there's he asked actually factor for the wind coming helicopter gas so that's pushing the arrow down so it shot like low so yes like sort of lead it
i can fascinate and you don't have sites for that now judgment genuinely near meanwhile he misses the first shot second shark heart shot heart shot majors aliens thin ice second super deadly accurate and again horrible and sad these poor animals have to die but there there is an imbalance and as the stewards of land i think there's a good argument that humans are supposed to maintain that shit you too you know it get more rip better ratings though if they just head like a big when the biggest sling shots and they just put pigs and try to see how far they could flipper catch the pigs had they do catch the pigs and knife them eggs on some of the episodes they catch the pigs with dogs they have to sub saharan types guys one dog finds the pigs more basin and then the pitfalls come in and then the
balls evelyn leather vessels with a hog can't rip my part and it just lock on home and hang on and then the common kilmer the knife process it's fuckin gangs of teamwork razor and it's crazy to watch because it is as primal as get and i the only reason why people are watching it is because its animal channel men who those it shall sixty five and directv maybe look over some weird porn high up one that's like right as porn in spanish it's like those of those weird channels they hide you get over there you know except lake new fuels in that range rightly has lost a great vital hundreds if that's like to fuck you have seen network man the new that's the network the fox one yeah luxmore as one who knows
it's incredible did the ratings for spock's fuck sports one we're off the charge for the virtue of sea currents that's what they put together that insane card i mean that card i was a good car ass data sales on inverse is i'll show gun at expected crazy then before that hollister versus travis brown mean there's man brown verses jesus christ there's someone i get my pile quick there are so many good fight on the card was like one good fight after another get fight it was like a paper view worthy car yes i mean you know aloud he worships upset about the sun and who are fi bolder loaded passer prime jails last couple fighting the robber what fucking great fighting not to be in oh and and i could see the children still guys people sleep on the guy's a b
it's a whole new neck man he knows how to finish guys to seize he hasn't done a lot of guys if you watch the way he closed off brian stand does not do this just doing that for the first time that's a do is really get a finishing the boy just has been doing so things some deeds in absolute absolutely really tough guy he's been fighting the top of the food chain gus sick what we went back to we're talking about mighty mouse people say many miles born bitch you're crazy is exciting is how is that one was exciting guys ever is she's he's fighting guys we're almost a mere image of him when he's fighting benefit is when he's fighting you know a call those guys are so fuckin good you know you just in the mix with this you know the techniques are like john shot in each other off from the world got yeah exactly the citizen wait till benefit us in that many of us fighting and asking me good i had better be this was said to her fourth gets four mega mozilla and then now hopefully is too how old is he now
do you think that used to be that the light awaits like they were much better when you were in the youngest yeah the youngest age i called you on tourism yeah like that's like a proper time to be developing between like twenty two and twenty nine and thirty but with a heavyweight guys just sort of common in their prime when their hidden thirty and thirty one like it seems like the larger men learn how to their body better later in life whereas like younger guys they seem to like hit the threshold of where the kind of peak and fade off earlier develops that's accurate lighter guys that have lost our water i feel like i've gone stronger no one of another enough like a balloon were managed man muslims rhino forgotten strong lately you just got brains what more border pills what are you just like what is the more successful older lightest wait fighter because you know obviously have randy whose most successful the oldest like
level fighter was randy because randy was like world title fight at forty six is exporting young he was fighting to cheat at forty eight in fighting very high level shut your eyes too pretty good news one thirty four thirty four thirty five yeah he's probably the oldest of the high level and lighter way gaza and hasn't last step is now is getting on his good man looking at the whole teams kick him asked minutes is fuckin it's fun has helped me to be there to have an alternative name alpha males dalton what if it becomes too big zillions of things from actual yossi max i did create that language does god let me go beings aliens giving a need some sort of a brazilian element
you gotta bring in some familiar wisely india resilient guys you train with zero public among others are now at the press are far below brought about we're in american bang american bank sabena monitoring can ban you babe scurvy secondary can be a team of we can be being team up
well is it by letting obey i see i understand i love tweeting that has had a great beings tweets so our three if that doesn't help the dew shall rim sir everybody wants to bang but if you just say i'm a little baby girl friend like you fuck it rained juice like this a fine line between what everybody wants and what everybody talks about india be real careful about that everyone wants to flock would have tugela fuckin like here did you can't you saying that girlfriend twice bromine chemic eighty tat when you ve put that on twitter man you put on twitter and you just gonna get the cruel as if that's not what everybody wants a mighty i got two kids now on the way i think though it's like one those things which like if you really rich new star bragging about people like to wish mrs love your poor severe like captain fucks alot hustling and dick like a ninja haven't sexual jessica beale and put in pictures were ass on twitter ha it bothers people like there's a load alex let's be honest there's a photo of jenny mccarthy with donnie wahlberg and we sought out at sea and whatever the figure was cnn breaking news story well put his peers retards j mccarthy
i think i've actually before they did it you look like a picture we like little beggar what are your thoughts of vaccines my kids have been vaccinated i think some vaccines are very important i think there's a lot of vaccines for sure and there's there's different protocols to people follow there's some doctors that have a protocol we u slowly vaccinated children's that are giving them is gigantic those amount of i think that is look you're not supposed to give baby peanut butter man you know if you give peanut butter to babies that you now you you'd never now if your kids allergic to peanuts find out like babies are super sensitive and very delicate and their very fragile that's it the human immune system without a doubt has benefited from vaccines you now i just dont know if we have too many of them or in the past i know fact and i am a supporter of vaccines that data will be even blurry about this i think vaccines have changed this world and have made
society safe for us from a lot of different elements that said nothing is perfect and for sure without without doubt there have people that have been harmed by vaccines their questions is it worth that risk too to continue vaccinating people is it worth the risk that the one out of acts people have see damage i personally think yes i've persons in gas and percy think should proceed with caution i think you should mean there be a lot of different things that you read about from very educated people about the subject and the reality is an educated people for the most part agree that vaccines are important book but the objective ones are willing to admit that people been damaged by vaccines before i have a friend you're fuckin dad has lime disease and he got it from a vaccine gotta from a vaccine they don't even use anymore because some people had a genetic predisposition to being adversely affected by this vaccine so
calm down has long disease man took a d vaccine so that he wouldn't get lung disease zoo scare but his wife took the same vaccine nuthin she asked at vaccinate from lung disease and it works but for him here one disease from it so that's that is inaction benefit and detraction and a negative effect of vaccines i think for the most part though man there's a lot of fuckin diseases we ve eradicated like polio there's a lot of shit that we ve like removed but now like measles are starting to come back you know people their certain diseases we thought you we got rid of the peoples from the gatt and one of the blame for that is people aren't vaccinating their kids for measles there's certain does in a lot of people were afraid because the word was that it was the measles momssen rebellion that was the one that was the the vaccine that was giving people in all sorts of health problems and been lawsuits man that's gonna be a lot of people don't realises that a lot of money has been given out in vaccine court for damage that was caused by vaccines doesn't mean
i seem to bad it's again as well those really complicated nuanced issues where it's not fucking grand design of eugenics by the elite to control the population in the egg damas down it's not it's doctors trying to solve pandemic diseases that human beings whose six and was it it was one of the more interesting things about my show was to me getting to talk to these disease specialists and sir scientists and doctors and we're talking about various pandemic diseases how many people affected by tropical diseases they were talking about people and poorly africa tropical environments where like everyone has parasites everyone has certain diseases and like sexual diseases that are super dangerous like the type of syphilis they can't cure and that all these morphing changing diseases there trying to constantly stay on top of these fuckin things and there there there's diseases like murders ever heard of mercy theirs
some disease called mirza kills literally half the people that it gets infected by or the people in and get infected with it is this nutty shit out there in theirs doctors that are score rambling to try to procure these things and try to come up with vaccines and but the process sometimes there's damage you know you said you talk this alone you shows the came yeah on the jargon questions everything show that one or two years yeah that was like a list at this hour pay out that was i think it was two weeks ago
ass we everybody got mad at me again that was it ok one nobody got mad at me with a last week was aliens nervous like dude you did not provide i got all these how committed and showed this video and this puts some a message board clearly this wormhole like pigs that someone's headline that's headlights on a dark meanwhile it's like you barely can see what the fuck that is man so oh my god imagines that we get a deal with o gun energy the amount of fuckin people that have been paid out in vaccine court there's a lot of pan it's like it happens all the time apparently not all the time but it's been millions of dollars to new cases are pretty here vaccine court awards millions to two children with autism wow so the thing that people say that no vaccines dont cause autism and that's the argument like some say it because in some say it doesn't it's it's that i don't know man i'm not fucking doktor that's a real problem when i look at this kind of data
i have the saying that it's terrifying we too stupid knows dumb and that's that i feel about this stuff because when i read that that a court ordered millions of dollars to two children with autism vaccine port awards millions to children awesome i read them ok well it means vaccines cause autism so that means that illicit couple shots without his a minute but they didn't have autism in a shot his father now we got the art is essentially an appalling developed and artistic condition after receiving nine vaccines in one day following the u s government seeding our case in two thousand eight her damages are awarded over her lifetime reported to be twenty million dollars oh my god may mean what does that mean then i don't what that means does that mean that maxine cause autism good that's what it sounds like how the inertia autism before she had the shot that's a good question that's a very good question that's the case and how the fuck today a worn out of that you know how
worked out they gave her twenty million hours i guess it just then the question is is it just bad court decision is it just and uninformed some hurry back is that what it is i don't understand what this is listen to this since nineteen eighty nine and as of january of two thousand thirteen over two point five billion dollars have been paid out from this vaccine caused injury and death compensation fund so to point five billion dollars have been paid out from the vaccine caused injury and death competition these are numbers that i'm reading off of like this these are legitimate websites this isn't this isn't like we're just making things up this is that these are not propaganda websites and not trying to hide this thousand seven hundred and eighty five claims have been dismissed and of those claims three thousand nine hundred and eighty two claimants were paid fifty two a million dollars to cover their attorneys fees and other legal costs so
paid even the people whether the leaf claims were dismissed they paid their legal fees what are they doing there they just say listen bitch and are you a lot illegal money and let it go and are you trying to fight national gonna when i don't know it but it's it is fascinating i don't understand it but i know that like when general coffee talks about vaccines and causing your kid autism i've heard due to like the most progressive like male feminists like really like kind towards women see some of the most nasty flocking evil shit to jenin mccarthy because because you're allowed to because she expresses a very specific opinion about vaccines and she's obviously not a fucking doctor and they think that she's doing is scaring people into not having vaccines and into you know creating death and illness
i may be yeah maybe i don't know but maybe you need to pay attention to what the fuck i just read you know that seems like it's that seems real new jersey girl gets four points seven million dollars for vaccine injuries here's another one this is from two thousand and two new jersey girl whose mental development must stop the two months old after a routine immunization has received a four point seven million dollar settlement from a national trust on me what fuck is going on and what does that mean i dont know if that means that we in my don't mind i read them and you know it doesn't the what's that russian causation does not equal something else what is an expert how's it going causation does if you want to save smart on the internet you have to repeat this clause does not get that gmos are equal ok does not imply correlation so so just because something was caused doesn't means correlated with what you blaming it like a lot of other factors involved but
millions of forty dollars man billions even given out that's my opinion about vaccines i think they're very very important i think the people working on vaccines and fighting against endemic diseases are doing an amazing job of keeping people safe and they ve erratic it's a merely fuckin dangerous horrible pandemic diseases that said i was some people if fox up or seems to at least i think it's sounded either or situation i think people to really careful about that because of you if you're rallying against these people that are too barely about vaccines but then these facts are real and are available what are you doing what do you say it's either or it's it's there's a lot of complication there not a chance it seems get i mean from my own educated perspective when i read that in again causation does not equal correlation smart i am dad you gotta say that this
it is obviously not that cut and dry it's not like i'm good to the supreme court because i believe that a wizard made by decks more in the supreme court gives me a billion dollars that's easy simply how there was evidence i have a small deck shrewdness there i mean there you talking about you know it's not that it's that fuckin stupid so that's the answer you ve my answer i can't jails ass my answer on vaccines to very complicated issues that a lot of people get real fucker you don't have a good team oil theorist it's a might be there but it's also that people attach themselves the shit they believe they want something we fell apart over have ass had been the fight for the idiotic if they said something like you say now the fuckin rainbows are created by gremlins brow and then use telling people that you make a video you put it on youtube man you're committee that action and there's a lot of people are there committed to some really if he ideas why you can ensure fuck ensure
shouldn't be sure man go to this world when you said that you think that you create your own destiny everything happens for a reason be right you know anybody says you're not right is crazy if you say if you believe it you can achieve it but you have so what the fuck do they know maybe maybe that is how the world work maybe the world works by your imagination manifesting reality maybe the world works by your intention in your focus literally changing the world around you creating things and opportunities that would not have existed or been in front of you if you didn't do that work if you didn't experience that those those revelations and appellations of your spirit maybe you don't fucking know that's possible
two because the world's not that fuckin simple there's a goddamn reason why when you hear a certain song reminds you of a certain time in your life or certain percy new nieves intense emotional create crew reaction to it and that the debates of the music change your body you know there's at certain times where you buy yourself a sweet home alabama comes on the radio at just the right time and where it says turn it up dont bolt and now in its changes your body in the world is not just made out of numbers and it's not just made at a hard surfaces and it's not just made our things you can way there is also some weird spiritual aspect this world you know and i dont i think you you and a fast a lot of it with your attitude and you're behaviour in your actions i dont know how much of it would have been there without that i don't know i think it's both
i think it's both of a brick jobs and you had a wheel fucking kill you that's true to you now sometimes shit happens man left the fuckin more the dinosaurs asking for that big asteroid in not now probably lie you know that i don't know if it's that simple i think it's both its if you create your reality and shit happens that too fuckin have you didn't ask to break your ankle in that fight line that i think that some shit happens rise as i'm wondering how things are no predetermined for some point that that's can lead me to make the decision ok fifty five is too low of away classrooms destroy my body and you know the injuries is coming to easy maybe if i was a seventy michael what role bit differently more stability that couldn't wait no depleting the body too much so that was my last pilot fifty five which made me go up to seventy so
who knows it could event or it could have been that you realized after that you needed to make a change and being the winner that you are felt the right path and went down at an inn succeeded because that's what you do you dust yourself off you figure out what went wrong and you move forward and that's what you did do so it could have been at things happen for reason or it could have been the reason things happen is cause you're a winner because fixed rule and tat when you ve been control yeah see that what i like about that one is that when you can control and now one seems to make more sense because everybody that i know that is succeeded in things were their winners they have they have an ability to fuck and figure out how to get up and i don't want to get up they have their ability to do the things that they have to do put in the work that they have to put in gets done and the people that don't we all know super talented fighters and never made it through there's a lot of guys out there is a lot of guys out there that had that special somethin and you never could put it together there's a few guys that shown so greatly in like a preliminary fights and you like this the fuckers world champion you look
emulate the scotch and you hear from the people in the jimmy dominates everybody is so finally how many times you heard about joe rigs idea about german exactly these jane said joe raise used to dominate rich franklin and a job that they would be sparring injurious just be lightened rich franklin up but in competition is really while he had some great fides india some great results and yet a long career uneasy stella bad motherfucker and a great professional finer but if you listen to people talk they said they they make joe rigs out to be anderson sober joe rigs out to be some magic man you know some some do that it on perfect moment on the right moment like our memories billy rush before he died and billy russia's train those guys and any said to me goes he's the great towns have ever seen he said this can kid can do at all and he does it all like perfect in principle in the gym in now when this is heads right now and then it happens and that crazy world of of of k
and sometimes don't come together for you if that is the reason everything happens for a reason than if we look at some delson shitty cards it notes that everything haven't a reason like there's nothing you can explain yeah and in the world of prize fighting i think that should manifests itself in such a strange and dramatic way back the different she winning in losing is so much more extreme than golfer tennis or anything else we wash civil it's not just so many more options so much more devastating result you know you can lose a tat match and go home in your fine you know if you lose and emma may fight your health can change the structure of your face looks different if you get plates in your face you have to get you you know you face stop every letter my nose yes i'm sure almost everybody has rightly decided after i had mine operated on a few years back as swedish thing i've ever done all my
it was a mouth breather i broke my mouth my nose when i was like five felt on a flight of stairs and was always just a nasal i had a nasal sound my voice in a mouth breathed every practice everything everyday his mouth breathing the reader to these guys and make sure that right down there mouthpiece region do it a precipitous show what the mouth closed macneil holding together right but tat s what they things for share when measured thereby adela mouthpiece we get the mouthpieces bitter sarah the whole number i write from unbreakable hector inevitable makes it s mouth
yeah he makes a double on up or in lower when you breathe out of their innovations on the top of the bottom of your teeth through georgia's lock into place but for my specifically anglo irish out through the centre dictated you have is not yet it's not a w states a single motion is what it's like a little like a gap in the region review their mouths shut up that's very mobility just don't connect ok settled very similar that efforts are paying the air the doubles or we can talk at em and these to have that power one member there was there were saying that to make sure like whips or sometimes another way that graham had he i may she stronger mutually less less than eighty or you down its recent thing at the correct or the actually say that your draw alignment does have some impact on what how strong you are i think there's a science biography have your mouth opened he tried dead left each are dead that's like i think a little
you're not as strong as if you fuckin clamp down thing i've ever deliver the mother maybe should try very interesting to find out that works it might be bullshit and you know it might be lockdown but i think i read that daddy i think how long did it take for your nose the heel and you're not along man i was wrong in six weeks later great doctors news doktor fine work he retired unfortunately use out here and in california pleaded amazing job and they use phone now so used to be the nightmare was getting the packing out the point the packing i was incredibly painful like lorenzo for tita had it that way and he said that that use like like someone like raking his brain our lawyer really intensely painful one they pull the packing out once over exhibiting knows for like a couple days or something or weak would have the fuck it is the change is structural wider because they put they caught the inside of it that the two with a fucking things to me those terminator terminator but is of vital importance what our gas is things incisive scraped em down and then he put these splints in that language
i didn't my opening i kept the splits in for like a couple weeks whatever but after was open after cut out the scar tissue and but eighty one of those things were so trimmed down is actually like a wider passageway i want to get to meeting because its great wanting to does my cardio william onboard percent there's no doubt about it will be but then he got a real educated hidden in those years i wouldn't have to doktor and he actually got some dental my nose executive i'll be scraped like you're talking about indonesia
the radio frequency electricity is was a shrink the tissue x x six weeks for it to work a dangerous my nose is a little bit better i guess you know but i wanna get like the fourth thing done adding any do get its fight i've seen pictures of people that did they did it online where they showed all the meat that the cut other no the scar tissues revolved in raising you think it'll mess with the structural integrity every knows now you know still strong galaxy yeah absolutely doesn't through the dark sandy and the overseas doctors opinion from different from different you say that these are the structural integrity manassa be worse i don't think so i mean i think you know this week anyway he s little fucking thing you should end in that thing it's now i mean whether it struck me when it's in perfect condition its weakest fucker so go on from there and they also go on from like the goals and knock it hidden face let's let's have an extra incentive and then
you cardio gonna be like a good percentage better which weigh more important that's you just don't do it vandals dead vandals let us hope that he had to get his whole fuckin does a perfect example vigo how to give her face weakens here get his eyebrows scrape down becomes turning different cots had massive scar tissue they had a removal nicht in national tat yeah but next was not nearly streams nick got his is is shit shave down when they would put it back together any still like that normally but was vander lay they had to like rome who normal guy you're just saying they would vandals they had actually take a chunk of his ribs and create a piece of currently in my green build his nose knows was flat dude ass the that's from now moving your heads vienna hannah brawling now moving again harding four says what exactly have qualified in my no existing does tell what to put four buddy the belly what time and he need em a nose sworn up and when it was the center of it to put up with blood hard there are not just like your iroquois florio it's the same thing in the landscape in all its pledges came we'll rush now than they fitted with the cookie shoe lace and as if they stepped up in there
the blood near gaps and alice ruin my current fights you know how long i was seven years ago and then i shall see recently but about three go ahead manuscript out actually they went in there and then he said that the sermon knows was like us oh ball in my nose for the u s care to take more out my nose clamps why little fickle plastic or sports can want slice up there to cuba
fortunately sound year while heels yeah put him out of my brain i how do i get how the demagogues minotaur has took everything went when nostril what's good though handling shroud amount be this is surely design near me why it is so weak sunday funnier failure is not design intentions headline fat man might not accident another desires touching me while i broke mine without i programme are nos five felt on a flight of stairs just smash my nose and stare and from then i was remarked i guess that's where we have the option to betray mouth is well i guess what i design it because once again i didn't realize how important was until i got a fixed and then what things fix like the idea of being approved my mouth shut was impossible to me ever known at my lie wake up with algeria already all somewhat
this is hardly less happy i could be like that for a while back a year ago it go to your class newtonian doing wrong look you have two brief into news as humane doesn't work the shit doesn't work on raising my wife with bona balloons with have one mario whatever kids birthdays you just smash mean i could figure out i'd raises glaring eleazer opening my mouth those bringing a broom air through my nose so just slow down the process by half since you just smash me on the balloon alone without real how did they get out of this one had a figure and adapt what do you think about all these new technologies that are coming along that we had in mccall on who is talking about some shit come back here talking about some some altitude saying it's ok it's what it does is it read mimics so crazy mean yeah really is it mimics its sea back part is what it's called and it does something with like changing the altitude inside the container and it does like it makes a massive difference in your bodies ability to assimilate ox agenda me said it's better than i can for try anything in an immediate and was as it works like honey try this out while eons now bullshitter he's crazy but he's no bullshit and when he's talking about he said it was better than i prepare chain which then no riot i'm very chamber man near my shoulder nothing my cardio like i did for injury i got the better faster
but my cardio was insanely go when i service in chamber again there is a big difference yeah i've heard amazing results as far as like the ability to heel i wish i wish i can afford to be an old time really do i would do it if i could do it once a week if not more i would do it don't you damn well you can get it for the gm pay the other than they're not the hard chambers of the soft chambers i don't work as well you can get as much like the hard chambers a hundred percent oxygen and they can put you down due to us pressure to below you know and in its option was i can't do that so does work as well it works out his was a hardship what is the variation we mean and between how much better the hard chamber whereas avi so much better i don't know exactly but i've done soft chambers in the vote that i can tell big difference remsen in her chamber and where would you gotta do that you gotta chiropractor no good i there's a place there's places you have brig chambers that's what they do this only do have very chambers
and i was in sacramento i got proscribed you have my physical there because he's gonna tell me about it on the stupid expensive oh yeah like underground some crazy overheads by one of whom everybody a couple thousand dollars i feel oxygen all the time so for me i want you to do an hour to have dive i found the cheapest wasted due it still two hundred bucks why our f why was i was good about colorado held to be yours you david cigarettes this international pressure itself it was a hundred percent option the pressure suppose we like speeds up the molecules of healing and then i'll wear your body absorbs oxygen i came to science behind it but also knows it works dates was too great for your butt why are you i've heard nothing but amazing i feel like my handwriting better when us are decisive odium a panorama could i give you my parish of but this is supposed to be accorded to lease lurked corner in the zoo better it's calls
the goal sickly variations in adaptive conditioning see back and its crazy pod that you you lay in and using paypal terry pattern sequences pressure is increased and decreased dissimulate low altitude and high altitude and as pressure increases the volume of oxygen in the air naturally increases airs liquor in warmer and as pressing decreases the vine of oxygen naturally diminishes the heiress thinner and core and they hype the size of these changes stimulate stimulate and individuals natural adaptation respond to environment and they spirits is unique to the individual but its apparently has massive effects healing and there's even scientific findings that were published in in medical literature so it's not like nonsense that some wacky dude must however many places it do this ray i don't think so i think there's only a few he was saying that there's a water locations clearly
this is only one way to survive come trials you haven't i can answer this what the elites are using to protect themselves from the barium being sprayed woe run changes russia as ceiling of the well that's for sure doctor you sick we given out fucking advice i hope your bodies started their water what sort of several of these things in north america there's nine locations in the california era anything in northern i'm trying to find is this website sucks of fat one boy terrible website you fuck heads you locations humbird useless phone numbers instead of having this stupid man the eighth zoom in and out of this is tat when i was a websites you fuck heads he should go you guys should go squares ravish shit i gather flag so there's one in a private residence in red been washington why would you say that a little
was due lives you knock on the door you browse my fucking agar easy machine gun bar you shit signed this is nine nine locations here zoom in for details how do i why and allow museum and cause it sucks because you website sucks if our own now in spain resumed on this bad about you about fuck you fuck you dummies really believe mean for you i'm just saying over effect photographer village in this he was talking really great about our product but then criticising our website now really hurt my feelings for those mme guys the things they get aggressive when they get together
emma make eyes pornography surrounding a word of thanks to a pretty relax yeah well knows where you get gangster when you teach i love a dozen and watch while you obviously love it and you that's what that's exact which need it i think it such an amazing thing the ability to sort of more young fighters and that for a guy like me who loves martial arts as an art you know is an art form did it really is an hour from an old people's homes nor form when you're injuring people is not water colours asshole you're good enough to do it do not injure people teen only mean right guenever there are two where you could do without injuring someone you can you can defence defenders
without hurting so well sure if a dork attacked you today some do who is really good at dungeons and dragons initially fighting and went spaz i knew rushed you less like i'm going to fight him have into my head if you know if ever came to the point you know outside the chamber the cage and had a fight in the sphere defend ourselves giacomo took my punishment the guy like how many normal people actually get punching got knocked out you'd have to be really villages but you didn't want just didn t often some asshole because he's certify with you so hard to repress their but we ve all been in a situation where some drunk dues clearly fucked up is talking so much annually egotism pork one on this guy's rays and you know he's not going to see a common but you can't do that the best way to meet you again try logging trouble of course nobody than they are just fuckin at any rate i come and fuck and mix martial arts our comets rooney's in trouble
had kicked some do not die there hasn't got caught stupid willem there is a model of europe had apparently shin domestic that's the rumour i'm talking shit donald i'm sorry if i got the details wrong but i think brian cowen told me had kicked somebody maybe someone else combing attract put myself in the scenarios been survive on the street you said you had lady and what a huge fuckin mistake the people to fuck with on a dark illegally skinny do the cowboy has less than you and you're fucked in both forget that annex ii that shit out of the saudi i'm sorry i'm pretty bad digs throat is precluded bismarck pretty bad design lauded douche bag officer and a very unfortunate it's really hard to develop a human being i think you know that i know that it's her mature amounted to start its january
absolutely does right we have to hold this guy back couple times you mean almost always going to fight so we really do all anywhere in this i just i just for people should respect one another and help each other out and what does not happen and massacres can come and decrease the speak up about in our national people get mad sometimes well there's a lot of dick faces out there you know like to hear that people don't i didn't criticized it's hard did someone calls you created they may be a dick face that lady right it's like admitting know something about rods play like so many things had been wrong sucks criminal i'd be iraq argue like this again google shermer is famous sceptical as this very interesting quote about smart people defending dumb ideas the smart but there's a lot of very intelligent people believe really stupid things and the reason being that their smart enough to convince themselves that their right ok and smart enough to defend that stupid thing and its
kind of an interesting point of view the body factor that makes sense spoken are for people to say the wrong so as they are to get a good telephone acted as well when you have this you're not believe that you have the skills to when the fire when the world had reports of through that when i think also as a fighter its super important to be absolutely objective both skill set you can agree you're talking about observing fights and watching fights and you have to be objective yet you can't say you know hey i'm watching tv deal shall love i do so i'm looking at him in a way that's not i'm just look everything's perfect is beautiful i'm just love and watching him when that's not the right way to do it and you know that so don't have to step back yoko is what is he doing wrong and now it how do i get my friendship the way and looking at a subjective that's what you know i had to have the fighters works a film i am a budding colorado mike temple watch the film and actually gonna happen waxing said i watched the fail or make notes now watch the same planet and while i was high and realise that they made notes i mean notes again and then as it looks
i had to set the nos one i remember being higher one i'm not being high every life there was a difference now was there a difference because it is watching the second time through time or whatever time it was or was the difference because a wheat cells equal fuck me maybe this of the tooth so i started watching the fights whilst burwell alzheimer's will fuck man on sponsors me take some of brain to suffer wash it again to compare notes just to make sure that i want to make sure we can best decision turning could they also make this whether you're awake or whether you're tired yeah well you i mean elements that could change my view my perspective on that's planetary everything around whether you enjoy a song again three in the re mood for the wreckers there's a lot of different kinds of music that i'm sure we all like you're not resumed yeah it's like it's even a good like now good time for that like sometimes i wanna watch fights sometimes i want to watch
can trade enthusiasm sometimes i really looks like he's like talking about professionals a split second openings with this fuck really beyond your toes what things like i do believe it has a lot of that benefits to it and i started because i had to get loose injuries and want to actually take the pain person rod for my surgeries so ass we started in investigating we and our why not help that to calm down i want to talk to you about that because that's another issue that i think is really important the gulags i keep hearing about fighters there are having problems of paint i think our percent proposed and i had back to back major fuckin surgeries lined up and run with job weekly ankle toward my me i'm a next surgery like a couple good was working helical betimes so i've had multiple fuckin surgeries one here good were actually on chemicals when bosses four cannot cover annulment he came to call out of her through training and as one of its main point there's no mike i'm not one one
five rice scattering bury our train with mother got mother buddy kyoto commodities that japanese corruption kicks in crowded blackmail and spying at around kick and he too affront kick whilst in round kick issue i was not wear my cut my right ball actually broke buddy asked more tedious and throw me i d go down on assistance to gather the car how robot oscar take me like going while two directions of one ways as happened under the hospital in a delicate emergency emergency surgery so lesson learned here where a cup jonah what do i do i take your time what does the commissioner answer from the fights i take i will take up the still take up and they put that in a regular envelope like a shock doktor envelope come and has put that on and they put paid short over that holding my little the shorter warmer kinda cage fight with a little box on a still more those for every fight kickboxing enemy my lucky shorts so i put myself cup in my shocked envelope and then that put them
and my pet schwartz over there and then my fight shorts says railways where do you ever tried diamond snow or diamonds incredible and they just released a new improved version of it for folks never heard of it of you if you doing and you or anything i seriously recommend as they it's a compression short that they have really well designed cop that fits in his videos on the website of the dew taken tie kicks the knots it's a really my father yeah for me it's it's a made it a huge difference in digital it took my boss completely equation yanking finnish armors even aware in a cup mustn't if i can hurts s room so one of things you i started getting major injuries and then get surgeries and i dont want take the paint pills although i did take some of them in a headache my broke my jaw economic liquid took liquid painful and know what it was but that's what sir my veteran we'd so those they get you a nice i could sleep but it
fuck em my memory mailing i would have liked the next day haven't issue corny combinations for these guys and stuff and does not remembering dates and stuff so it did fuck with me personally i call my memory and i don't think it's for everybody cause i'm very very high strong and try to get should done all it not try you shit done i'm all right so i think if somebody areas already killed predisposed to be a slight bit lazy this is not for you hunt up to eight
it's not directly affects them differently the colonies lonely enjoying it every time you can you don't sometimes data can reverse affecting most people get stone the personal account slovakia hungary and i want to go starting combo energy disgust shadow got where you everywhere you know what i figure things out about my body what am i gonna get out certain stretches that i need like of a thriller like do you know what i'm tight right here look of i've figured shit out and then as you like you're feeling your body more like you know what i got incorporate that more and then like certain techniques like kicking techniques like i've gone over them high and i like feel the wheat transfer better because you know how like when you she in a bag when you when you when you really whip your hip into it there's
in times you get it perfect at certain times words a little off a little weird but then there's times we just feel anxious you just got that felt able to fill the vacuum as you could pocketed has taken care to reduce some basic forward drove up and is now what you typically would do for you personally so who get her play a growth of committees
fuck it why our holy shit wireless phone you can forget kick whenever and others from the despicable videos they're gonna get a video also be demonstrating that the swiss kick so does alsace basement please thank you men was really fun learn from you but i've been doing up in kicking shit vehicles a bit lhasa working year nasty for sure well it's just that's my body develop doing that i mean i didn't i was a boy when i learned how to kick start my was all you that's what i was sort of like the dexterity the ability to move your body and assuring where's youtube works like you're amazing kicker but you are having a hard time like when i was trying to show you acts kicks or trying to spin kicks is awkward way for you to move whereas my bodies done that since i was a child i want ballet waving if you lay down and outraged slap and i'm not a heart how can i help those walk and pillage you arbour me so it's cool man come on dvd wants you know in people ask me is driving into be if i download women like if you choose to whatever's passions going to be on the company supporting the attack data that's good that's beautiful even in these new it out and out if i had a gas on his lungs he was happy i would weigh rather have a gay happy sun and depressed daughter or depressed straight sign or where were you happy so
you really give a fuck about like a view kit like a joke round by my daughter being a lesbian and my wife its obsession dislike don't say that i go why i go if what she likes batman like wrestlings wrestles items super aggressively action two daughters one of them is like really very girly and the other one i haven't seventeen years while but whose much more creative artistic there has made about the youngest one is a fucking brute man she's hyper aggressive she like leaps if the bed and actually takes my back i gotcha risk and she's three and i'm like she's a lisbon and my wife is let us stop a bug look if you will if you love lesbians i live i have two zero problem fuel inga so why would a care in a lesbian like really kind of like not even criticise in society i mean a little by assholes but it's not like being a game and we get beat up who gets better for being a lesbian does
i'm sure someone has been so i apologise we have to fuck it asshole plus we realize it but the reality is even straight guys this love lesbians everybody loves lesbians lesbians can kiss in public nobody's issue they go woe you know this if you anti girls like i m showing you kid taos he's a lesbian this early that horse i can't i'm just joking do but why should i say that's not true you understand i d say it a lot you mentioned earlier the open letter like like like specific sheet music just tell her lesbian you're going to be here love is mermaids and flower it's a joke very my children are going to turn what the with the are now express as an adult they appreciate load where makes it can be a fighter is our gets gloves seventy like his hands in the tumult of time a tier best buddies he knows that he who knows favor he was paper and teaching buckles and so he knows the fires that
he loves me at the jim he loves the martial arts he doesn't know mouthpieces lumbered oecd bus elinor reeling from that my daughter my daughter a jail she's aren't she's just drawn and color and all the time so we're television world artist synergism when much artists and she's national artist so good i'm gonna hopefully when they get older can express that could be who they want to be not be stuck a sum should be jobs that are unhappy with yeah i'm only spoken out where they get to prevent basically do what i want every day finding something that you can express yourself and where in its whatever you gravitate towards if it's fuckin flower arrange best mean whatever the fuck it is man i dont know what makes someone like a certain kind of music i like the grateful dead man i don't i've tried i don't like it doesn't mean i hate peep i love a lot love love a lot of friends who love the grateful that that's fine it's too for whatever it doesnt fuck and work with me you know look alike why your friend like a lot of shit if you friend the data will remain the man behind
actually play that that helicopter rather that i went on a maui and i was like are highly doing this to me those guys actually upon gas van so shut out or are driver can weird podcast found flies around alleys and talk about pod helicopter i was arson instead we now we we were i was in maui last week that's why there was no podcast but my family went on a flight on a helicopter over molokai amalekite only has a couple thousand people in the whole island in a lot of umbrella campers they just go there because they can live there for free and they live off the land they fish and the ethical and there's this fresh guava mangoes in all these different plants which is growing there and they hunt scares me while pigs and and what there's wild sheep and all sorts of different animals you can like they hunt and an equal fresh roots are everywhere clear and apparently
people go there and they take a boat and they just stay there from milan to his home it's legal order i haven't affiliate in hawaii so if they get to go there are no good to my summer mike bicker so i got filter but was actually been officially in thailand also so agitated that's a photo that i took from i am i that's bad ass when we were flying fly in algeria to haunt that's the way that can be used as a different i well i was i am pretty sure that was born where we got two mallika we flew over mowing that we want to make is this is this is in my view this is are craters that you fly off it's fuckin insane it's insane like a why looks incredibly beautiful from the ground jeez get out your car and you like wives amazing but when europe you realize how weird it is like this thing just popped up out of the ocean and they really what it is the volcano ice like when the bay
is mountains in the world by volume it just happens to be in the middle of the ocean and it just fuckin volcano jazz john it out in the middle of the five thousand miles to five hours by plane from everywhere does know where to go like you eat and he's crazy polynesian motherfuckers got here on ports crazy that's what they're so turkey itself gangster prairies part of sure they got their fifteen hundred years ago fifteen hundred years ago these fuckin guys got thereby but they didn't more than once they knew how to navigate the ocean back then fifteen hundred fucking years ago tourism and they may these boats dude they have like this an aquarium and now we go see the boat to the creative like they have a replica of em it's a fucking log fucking law it's a how long and they have like like nets that they created that they made themselves and they would just take a year to a year to make a fucking net and they would like
yet these nets and just just go out there and hope that they would catch enough fish to keep their fucking children alive presented here to build a no go fifteen hundred miles by canoe could you even cover ten miles a day how many miles covering a day canoeing area yeah than we think i see why must you think i'm more forget the police are no higher used to be acting like seven hundred regime real ishmael of canoe more than you can walk and eyes us last five days one hundred twenty miles up the ruby right that's right you just say your dear i experience so how many how many miles you think you can canoe she would say save you we don't gangster a hundred miles a day i think i don't know i'm not quite sure what are totally retired and we do you touch it like a bow are a bike dream downstream when dry you gotta with those who say that case in aerial you're goin gangs and while you're catching fish and feeding your family you going a hundred miles a day
we will take you fifteen falcon days to get all the way out there the mill the ocean final on and how many calories what you need to do that as well that macao at the google toolbar they re says couple factors to be insane fifteen days a gangster paddling i did five days they had certainly with the steamer and for that show mediator and we went down the missouri and we paddled most of the way of fuckin is a brutal work out rate like your shoulders sore you can you can treat it as a work out a really good gangster with it and in a really fucked i was treating it as work out i was i am not now going to i just paddle our way enjoy the scenery else like i'm not working i am here so let's get to work out in so i made it a race brian cowen was around in the other one i crush
fools we countries when the ship that's what they're the mare want to help me to relax and maybe look at things so many different look at things so differently that will not now actually stop wait for a while now saw was kind of debating on it taken to marshal lebanon definitely allowed me to appreciate life able to relax and no place the kids a bit more of food tastes better drinks taste there i can relax osity in about should that control right now so you know ethically need it possibly unaided finally going to fuck my memory northern wholly midst of these guys is today's modern day for connections right here so fine and as you know on they put me in the face no that's going to be an issue so it could be a point thanks for sure even i tell the guys you if i do hope the myth of the wrong strike and he's a control their strike and legislate has re so it's one of those things but i am for them i'm a big fan of light edibles like those edibles that's what i've been doing lately elegant i'm going crazy sitting
the problem you by these fuckin cookies from these assholes you're not forgetting all rattled colorado was pretty consistent montoya yeah awoke its consistent on point with like certain shelly gonna ellis between them gummy bears you can guarantee we're ready last year will always be we're going bears have spent if you know it and you used to it you might wanna bite when in half by when the whole one proposal based on so many other things other than just content like how much did you eat your high duration levels there's like so many of the factors that years no way to your own personal tolerance to personal time because if you give you eat a lot you can do a lot more than a person who doesn't we were there but this was marijuana thing is for you to know of course exist credenza but it's not for everybody exit out which should be fuckin smoke weeks the system for food and i'm not smart guy either i'm not i'm with you school now say no communication but i did was able to pursue
i felt was correct for me and my path marshland do you love what you do i fuckin love what i'd do it has not said although i think it's nothing for everybody in irish uses for everybody let me be attached to my fuckin kid aids aren't you peanuts disaster ocean wants article minor league logical might like orange juice not build a fuckin tolerated exactly that's probably give an apple juice those crazy she loves it produces a frame of mind was useless shocks looks each feeder shit sandwich look it's not for everybody coconuts enough i love cocoanut water have given it to people they want to throw up so that's that's got everything is where as you know a localizing look sure that people should be would make their own decisions but then there are reasons for for rules and guidelines in such as some people just need to be told what to do and what not but i don't agree that more efficient in the guidelines i think they should see the council and some people just don't fucking know right or wrong why they should ruddy education for sure and i also thank you
we were dealing with very complicated issues where your altering human neuro chemistry through through psychic alex whether its mean people i think a marathon is a psychic delicate is without a doubt a cycle active substance and if you eat it and large doses it's as psychedelic as anything if you don't believe that you're fucked because if you do i get an you you're not ready you're gonna get an inexperienced very unlike you know very unlike regular electronics get high smoke a joint so think than anything like that can fuck you up and anything that could fuck you up mentally we should choose with caution and
because the fact that we don't have education we don't have centres where someone can go and they can save will end as controlled environment you and your friends what we would like to do is we're gonna bring you in here we have a very specific level of marijuana we're gonna give you went to work you up to where we think you can handle it so you could be in a comfortable safe environment like i have you guys gone to the mare wanna fuck and treatments area would have weakened as yeah is turns out i'm good with one gummy bear one dummy bears perfect you now i found out what it is you know what went too far one day and i started thinking about my childhood knows little fuck that but i think i learned from that to you now but as way at least you would get an educated experience dont now we're like figuring out for ourselves whereas should by tylenol flogging doses it's real simple it's right there on the label i take for advertising i got a headache you know you know what the fuck you posted eight eight hundred million rather some people don't secures rhetorical anything can be abused yes i'm it i've i've i've trained too much
like i added i really know my reserve i was pushed too hard broke my body down like i have low test your time i have like let us also checked one or one off five or one of three africa x to provoke and create unless from no from stan for torn in ways that had trauma no severe way cutting london your body and then of course stairways routine mr as we need to have got three of the four fuck assistants are at their head trauma severely cutting unrelenting your body so and off like a maniac posturing off like a zoo monkey on heroin that could do a tale of drawing your balls and beard balls it has regularity but asperger from existing that's ten minutes hematoma has returned to a pumpkin tat play my crippling my fullest required fucking a man about dwayne bang dot com is where they can go and finally yes and i got some affairs because they had my buddy alberto crane burbank a brochure has become an affiliate and they got benches there mr gliders boyden enough forget thailand mike beggars and why brow beaumont and new maradona jeff for banks in alaska
and i henry wrapper virginia i got you
everyone can always remember the ok why but doing a very good outcome and i well remember dwayne gang dog com and they have all of your fillets up there and like you said before these really interesting you you set up you're you're you're structure for lessons every week and then they all that shit set it out to me i got a film very innovative yeah he's a hat you give lay belts and assure its a rating structure coloring procured oh my poor guy a black belt in tween bang only one guy whether mcdonald maya west garment east coast quarters he's asia chris herzog is well there are two plentifully it will go on tv dillsborough wood bluebell maybe go soon and then you gonna go brown black to slay obliging brown black nice uniform gonna show laid out man broke down to size and structured while that that's a big thing about the holland style the dutch style of my time as our european domestic are ya i trained with rob came in a bunch tongue nice optimum ireland law from his actual beaches tapes yeah got from work century or whatever i so watch this fact is all the time i was real
impressed at like like that his structures is combinations of very technical like left hook right leg this position that position this you know it's like the way he may you like sort of picture it and then once you train with a guy who's explain that stuff you know you watch a fight you could see it take place as we watch like remy one jackie what's like certain time fighters niece i see what you just did there like this nestor whose highlight real where are you to me he had the best left took right leg combo ever he would just slap you now you just said that up so beautiful perfect that was does guy too lacking is very like a very nice very friendly but that jump leg kick highly pull that should have more will close with this pulled up on youtube is coffee or nestor whose leg kick highlight let's go for me as the beast however no stolen were coming in japan a scene
then he knew i was in fact women's lead is all that is as yet he knew i was too elsewhere galilee shared by my own yeah but i'm still kickboxing dork watch this new watch a nest only law takes man that's oh yeah is this is this is just the beginning of it before it actually shows the video this is just the showing the highlight and then it goes into this part skipper has harris whilst this is america if i'm argo couple times as killing us our fight each other basis man sees us we can do they're so our either gave the baseball bat there so aoi in the way he shops town with it man frequently stated so like whip lying
i mean he was like he was hidden you with a fuckin mace or something here gee that's an that fuckin left took right leg combo so nasty and so beautiful to watch but you want to talk about martial arts that mother fucker is ballerina yes i mean that shit is like way cooerdinating virtually grows ever done but that boom data hurting me the fever do many ass an combo is sold gorgeous d left look right leg kick always over and over again with that combo its
and he was shot motherfuckers down like philo look at him here he's like the he's a tuna pops out beat him as a member of a hard man well he got bomb rush by guerrilla have your nerves in that light bob sab didn't even look like a human being who is highest any funding has been of he was on everything that ever existed whose on but he was three eyes every browser mexican supplements to step into a man it's a beautiful thing now again i mean i don't i don't think that its good above sub did that but i think that it is good that we get to see what happens when a guy that big can do that can hit even a gallagher nestor whose you can't stop that bomb rush tab crazy fuck is gonna fuckin darky calling you into the ground he did it the dinner with very little emma may experience real quick boxing's that's what sex with pleasant thought it breaks my heart valves league of certain areas so that so much you norman family a beef from somebody who's you know
they cannot paper not as good as that just it shows you how gangster procopius upstairs chrome opera chrome finished ambition accuracy but he was also physically strong enough to keep it due to languish mafia push on my knee was had this aggressive style coca buzz also like he's like a sniper like leaps in and cracks you with shit whereas like ernesto would be more technical and would block shit you can't stand in front of that do you just can't stand in front of us so style like mercosur will you like looney bin with a head kick are leaping with one punter one kick just full blot power blast non technical you know so when he thought were so many foreignness though it wasn't right style for a nest of money they bob sat is a better style is us
the fact of the bob it already thought a bunch of guys and how long can you really keep them much up in its innocent i sense of you now mean that parliament has never been a human that big inside of a ring show that show the picture of bob sap if you ve never seen it so these are three harbour guys guy rail really unfortunate watching them fight now because it seems like you just goes down always still fighting these lost like some insane amount of fighting around that they may get it good took a change nothing i did i think we also had a lot of honest conception why thank you is making good money in japan for a while but then i think he ran the some problems with them and member those are one k one event we wouldn't come out guy that it prepares that they will be wanted him to sign a contract before fought in other some looking for carrying so
are you kidding me is that the biggest guys ever been inside the ring thrush like human beings that's insane for sure three three seventy with absolute was italy seventy three seven d with jobs liver damage anyway lebanon dwayne always a pleasure to see you mr obiang aren t j thank you very much doing s and thanks for help mail today management they release on training with you as really fun going to see you you you move them and keep the bag and techniques work and sweet beauty really faces serious actually has terrorism images we learn shit so quick fix it showing you one thing and wash you duplicated in two or three times later it's like fifty sixty percent better like that's been for the same you got that environment for learning nap earlier team alpha male bitches heavily on arriving zillion right the bank's dwayne bang dot com lisa sherman dwayne bang dot com you can get one of these super
sexy tee shirts three of birch man get thank you mr gallagher thank you brother was entirely right i those within and between bang com on twitter and t j deal ashore on twitter as well and teacher display name less tombs de l l a s age a w doesn t j d i l a s age a w as well as on instagram same name lobbied by thanks guys thank you very much rather be a good times are we will be back tomorrow with the great joey cocoa ideas and wednesday we return with ever last in the mud cargan house bitch which would be a great time ok so square space dot com thanks squares base use the code joe eight save yourself ten percent and dot com got o n n i t and use a code name rogan and savers
ten percent of any nor supplements are you guys thank you for all the love of on line and like say ok but i really mean it like i benefit from the show as much as you guys do and so thank you to everybody to deanna nobody's urban are factual cinema
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