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#386 - Joey "CoCo" Diaz

2013-08-28 | 🔗
Joey "CoCo" Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor.  Joey also hosts his own podcast called "The Church of What's Happening Now"
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you just making this shit up i love that guy what a great guy he's a great car if you listen to his podcast you like him even more once you into the podcast then you really like the guy because you like this fucking guys he's making a masterpiece you know what we're doing is just sitting around talking shit and i appreciate you guys enjoy it but the amount of f it goes into doing one of these it's it's you know self the tiny compared to what he's doing he's a sense be doing a real audio book every time he releases a podcast so it takes a few weeks to put each one out but their masterpieces and that he's so dramatic like it makes it makes listening to history exciting but there's a lot of fucking cool books that they have on audible dot com does plethora over one hundred thousand different titles they even have stand up comedy i know they have some of my shit up there it's a sweet was that ender's game who's
what is that and heard of this before it's the war with in one a hundred years into the future it's really good it's twenty it's twenty years old is a real hi twenty years ago was not a long ago how weird is that there is anything coming out about it i think twenty years ago was like kind of so long ago when when you're a kid the card twenty years ago was the nineteen sixties what the fock you know how ridiculous that and then you real oh that shit happens rather quick yeah which is really weird when you rap your head around it you think from nineteen fifty to twenty thirteen how different shit is but it's only see three years all this is missile of over does seem like it was just august soon sounds fine so what is this ender's game this is they're they're making to a book hi this is a audible book off but they're also making it in our streaming into moving yeah well the the beautiful thing about all ball is for traffic and if you're on a plane or something like that if you don't listen to a podcast if you don't
listen to us this is a great way to go and over one hundred thousand different titles and if you go to audible dot com you can't motherfucking hold on start up i think there's like a new thing we have say with audible oh no which one is not square space square space is the confusing ones they want the number afterwards want joe eight to track the month yeah i think audio dot com you just go to audible dot com slash show you get yeah that's all this get one free audiobook and thirty free days of service it's a sweet deal an as far as like a resource information of cool audiobooks nothing can fuck with audible it's amazing site they also support stand up comedy they even had a live thing with doing every week people would do like a new five minutes and shit didn't really work
because that's a lot of fucking time to come up with in five weeks people don't like to think that but they have like a rock solid five new minutes every week that you really proud of that you would want to put online that's right yeah so steve marmel was doing that he was doing that every week i remember the they had a contract with him and a couple other dudes marmel israel topical so he was like trying to like just constantly right topical jokes about funny that's happening in the news or what have you but it was a fireproof that's a lot a lot of time that's too hard to do you could do it but and you got to be on the ball every day if you wanted to really truly represent you so i think stop doing that but they have earth by jon stewart john stewart read it he's got to read it you can have somebody else read it scroll back up not that one is that uh god no yeah that's yeah he read his own to say that none of that's a great one of course he did yeah course yeah why do you ask
sarah silverman destroyed on the roast jesus she's malarious yeah she's hilarious and she reads her own shit too she's a very funny person she's in my opinion as far as like chick standups and i hate to break him off into chicks but i'm going to do it anyway you know she's like a top twenty three all time you know what women have been like i mean i know a lot of people say what about lucille ball she's more comedic actress you know as first and i think joan rivers of the queen i think i'd only you fuck with joan rivers she's been funny for like eighty years you can't fuck with her she's number one women all time joan rivers and then you got the polish hound stones and you got like roseanne barr roseanne barr was pressure i just heard interview with her on a run if as the others she she's really it might make her and joan rivers man that's actually kind of close when you think about that she's a beast
gotta get roses fucking funny man funny man she was shrimp in the eight i remember she was funny like the best guys in the world were funny you know i mean she was a killer she didn't give a fuck and then i gave her a tv show she gave less fox she's a beast she talk about how she like her first show or first comedy show in la like she had only been doing i think comedy like two years about mitzi loved her and that that's a at a show like her first night in la right yeah yeah the book the tonight show the first night that is saying and saying that we got angel i talked to it like she was kind of thinking about stopping by our san diego show and comic con so you chat with their on twitter she follows well she follows me into an election she asked a question sometimes she's all in like new world order type shows having oral hygiene is the amazing and i just looked at him and tape it even if you can
what should i do i did rosie o'donnell show just to me rosie i really did a job that i think she's about us i like or whether i agree with what she says about things and not i think rose he's got some balls and she doesn't seem like an to me at all no which they had that show on vh one with a badge and a badge but the holes quit a rosy took over that way when she was a strong ass woman and the girl you like dogs she we have some some fucking stages too but the chicken channel five everyday the one that see me on the bus stop fuck the lesbi shake that thing in the bus stop you want to show the other day you were looking for tick are you talking about that chick rowing degenerate alluded the full house on ripped it out a check from the comedy store the one that was in with the with them they smoked a joint with what the big well lou tomlin
but the following school she had like a shoe to look more mature years ripple thing like a one woman show but i think you know in my opinion sarah silverman's right up there i think she wanna top pledge goal is tons of all time rivage with a stronger roseanne taking the fuck i don't know man i'm breaking only five roseanne might have been better like her delivery man i know it's fucking hard it's very hard because john where rivers is still out there swinging in so in my opinion but you got to give her number one because you still swaying in you know she still out there doing concert after shooting yes she was on the wrestler these things ever won the road he's pretty gangsta asked if she was in the wrestler i almost fucking die with that i think i think it's harder for a woman to do stand up i'm always say this i think that men are sexist for the most part and they don't want to listen to a woman talk you know i think it's harder to get alot
men's attention and obviously that's a big generalization 'cause a lot of sarah silverman fans for men lot of women fans of comedy there mentally she forward with it in there featuring i cheerful woman when there featuring and with love mother fuckers who go onstage headlining and think they're going to follow a woman on a saturday night you shit better be tight because of this chicken guys to go up there and she goes her way members dead that's half women shoe goes her way you're going to have a rough time and i've seen it happen to you know i smoke break oh my big businessman cena buried mother fucker would we go at the store don't fuck around with women sometimes i've seen shamat ashbury mother fucked in the old yeah we've seen her berry mother fuckers in the or there's a lot of women who take that room and flip you they don't have titties they don't give a fuck that look like they've been fucked in the ass one thousand times and they go up there with that attitude you sitting there going wow what was the puerto rican at the store early on that map
what's his name that she had to what's his name and she didn't episodes of nypd blue and she was on her way i saw her in there couple tuesday nights i was like damn this it was on the road for a few years chatter kid by that time she the kids should sit the kid in the fucking bar at the comedy store will do fifteen minutes i think i told you there like one of the most promising sets of an open my car i ever saw was kelly curly coaster absolutely to let me type that kelly carson kelly cursing especially when she didn't have a boyfriend she's a sweetie and she should get a boyfriend should calm down but when didn't have a boyfriend she was fucking angry she did this bit man she did this bed i wish i was a man you know kelly's like i'm sure i'm fifty eight and she's at least five inches taller than me right i mean how tall is she six thousand one hundred and sixty two i would say six is very tall girl and she get fucking an angry and she's like real physical and like she she
this but i wish i was a man far is maryland coming checks and go fuck you have my kid she goes if i was a man she goes if i had a dick i'd kick old ladies in the traffic and it's like this really wild ben bushman i was an open mic she was an open mic rather i mean she was just starting out and i was like wow was like this chick is construction so you show it that the chicks that went to the comedy store are they had a sit or get off the fucking pot and then had about three or four weeks there to adjust to that style of comedy so you would see them go away on their own because it's six guys before you and you gotta go up there with your little quite material one thousand and forty five my three or four those sets until he got back to mitzi so now what you have to do is go in there and go you don't want i gotta use my pussy and go in and throw some fucking heat and throw some steam and that's either
you will die at the store even sherri shepherd emissary shepherd at come in early oh yeah uh what was the cute black girl that had the white boyfriend manager goddamnit and then you have the man that was all stitched up in plastic surgery up his shit that were holding together with crazy glue and i remember a comic that used to go to the laugh factory she was ask me about the store like you know like when should i go up like when is the crowd like the nicest i would just like stops in this conversation right now i don't know what you're talking about your talking about chaos audible dot com go to audible go buy yourself some cool shit there's a lot of books like i said sarah silverman's book and that's a good one to get that one get it for freeaudible dot com
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we moved i'm not sure and then we wish we would want to milwaukee and i'm fucking sad and we get some good spaghetti a good italian neighbor over there to keep you sarah man your killing them with trying brother you know this is the plan twelve years ago and finally you know it ain't no listen man when you do then you put the work in it becomes easier and you're enjoying it yeah you can't wait to fucking stale you can't wait to go out and try that new joke anymore the new delivery backbone comedy it's fun thing to do now yeah very fun you know it only because i went from the two fucking tremendous shows we did in boston which sort of basing listen you don't ever wanna bomb in boston now main that's the end of everything that's aerosmith that's dane cook that's a lot of fun lenny clarke there's so much addition i remember the first time i played and over to me i went to the store that like all those guys
yes from boston was the thai kwando guy that also had sleep apnea or you leave rightfully rodriguez i wanna load the comedian from boston he had long hair and he's black director oh yeah god damn it man those guys he had a vampire what the fuck is his name oh my god is killing me i was a great god hey there while your body i never like told you would play boston only not like will get you in this way we got me into the comedy connection on mondays the open mic with who died kevin fitzgerald or whatever his name was clyde kevin fitzgerald's in denver kevin he was fresh drive friendly choir with mutual buddy he died of cancer home and kevin knox on mondays introduced me to him so i but a part of this thing i would do and over the aku aku and i was never good enough to play boston i would get to do the connection on monday nights and that's like having a fucking stripe in comedy when you get to play
boston they accept you into that community so i knew before i went to boston that week after his money such as i could to tighten my shit up we didn't the boss and i'm prepared with me you and ari you know i mean it was just a fucking perfect night it was funny how the next day i had to go to a i'm a jam up in san jose with russell peters is a pleasure to fucking see and then with johnson all those guys and i didn't really get across i wish i was burnt out from the boston shows like uh put all the energy i had to those two fucking shows the wilbur theater which was great it was a great thing that i left in china morning fox one fucking sports the whole thing he's name is dom wasn't it it what was the last name god damn it is driving me crazy dominic he just hit me up and you up about sleep apnea he wanted to take a test about a year ago i can't believe i can't remember his name ivory out of room grennan roofer names joe it's not disrespecting n understand that like the attorney that was the atomic fig dominic
greg was the nice gay kid worried i was going to remember this is a nice gay kid that went to chris maguire's house to eat better and your name came up and there was two gay guys at the table they go he doesn't like shell rd and he was why not he goes he princess diana kind they all went it was horrible yes those were great times in those guys from boston took me and it would take me up there so then i went to san say that i went to dc and that was really the first time i used to do like headliners in tysons corner for years i used to fly the dulles this is the first time i was in the city and there was an experience because i tell you but if i would have gone five years ago guys i would've bomb this weekend really why you say that because is i learned how to control more you know you'll earn income you know it's so funny how we put ourselves out there where you never did i didn't have it
voice they would tell me to ask me to headline i would go up there with stupid fucking jokes and the headline and you had the time but you really weren't really a headliner and it's true when people start to come to see you it makes you work a little harder my every time you see him you want to have new material or a new float here so i had we've been there an i like sharpened up this week and i went then i tell you they were very politically correct yeah badc downtown hey man it's a nations fucking capital i'm saying i'm talking about weed under my nuts you know you can't do that but they took the ride yeah and as far as the club the fucking vc in private it's the staff the fucking that the spanish but trend is i mean the whole fucking deal is just a great little club i had to burrito one night just all experiences city of washington dc i had the best chicken teriyaki and white tuner i've had the last twenty fucking years run theaters there before uh
all different times but uh i never did the improv before recently i did it with count yeah stop go back let's go back a week three nights yeah yeah i get to where you want to go back there yeah yeah let's go back and we have good people that yeah i went to a lot of places here with death squad user doesn't go i'll tell you what place really oh my fucking mind who they are ready to kill people salt lake city the mormons already dug they fucking around louisville ky they're ready they'll come down i went to lexington the homer university kentucky great song have a great summer going to these places that were oddball but i want to see what was out there who is listening to the fucking pop people are driving six seven hours people that the louisville place tremendous yeah would to cigarettes know what duncan tremendous maybe i did was agreed to yes to go with a twice a year i think i did one night in a weekend or something i don't know about the mass will this year i can't wait nationals because you two are really that crazy like is i mean like
yeah i know it's gonna be like the people that come in i'm thinking of volume what you mean is like are they like crazy mormon yeah i mean yeah but that's one zero do you see it's kind of like what you've talked about it so of all the porn searches they released but porn how did it and of course what used to always say the southside ebony yeah it's all have any but you talk blank and somebody people are saying it's because child porn is the number one search well you in part utah is blank that's weird it's like one of the few states where there's no downloads of porn wow look at main look at do you like vermont they just gave up asian formula well i don't know what you need a queen is do you know any need a queen is now everyone her that i would what is this website that you're going to this is gizmodo and its book based off i statistics given by porn hub cream pie
florida teen is texas what's that noise you're not hearing that crazy my korean try was a lot more popular than magic but cream pies like number one yeah i think cream pies probably number one and teens probably won't because people like to come in the people yeah thank watching like most most of 'em are cream pies well that's what people like i think let me look at this i don't know what the map looks like you know i've heard that al frankin can draw the map like you could get al frankin up to a chalk board and he could just draw the map for you it's kind of like sad so it's like i can't i get it yeah i have no idea where like i'm looking at these things okay because it's just cream pie cream by the like like listing texas is team which is creepy man that shit's creeping ohio's milk cream pie so i and what not just cream pie it's old
creampie yeah this isn't milk this is weird man it's weird how california is dominated by asian look at that number asian powers head of the times the average visits i don't understand that do you get that average number of visits duration so the duration the ad for the people in california was like on the higher end yeah it's an honest dark is fucking like look at georgia and its teen ebony has the longest so you go into a store and say i want teen pointed to sellitti two kids fucking no no they're like eighteen or nineteen or something like that and that's the idea but you going to and get like asian porn like a white dude fucking chinese chick yes that stuff yeah who should stay because like that's impossible it is like so standard there's a lot it's weird how there's like standard like categories of porn you know like d p like that's a category
let's dp double penetration that's like normal were like once the ass ones the vagina is so passe it's so passe that it's it's own category it's like not just once not just a couple of crazy people got together alicia vans at one of a giant yeah double countries like that together get listen if your chicken you love dick tell me that wouldn't be amazing no no the problem is that it's on video and everyone is going to know but but the reality if you're a girl if you like anal sex i don't know girls like it but if you do like it and then you like me never varies but if you do like it any like any in your box is well and take away society standards and that would be like super awesome if you have like ashton kutcher in your butt and br and put it in your box and if you were a girl would be so happy it would be like you know ashton get out there you're gobbling it all up save me some why would you want that's not what we
rather brad pitt in there why you share fashion well because you're a freak and you want it all she is now takes her frankness i i have no idea what this i need a porn is like when it but when i come on a google it like that once state was all right nevada yes i need a queen is what the card kind of porn is caught i can figure out what it is and the queen what do you what i don't understand a word of what you're saying our existence so like i see here this age soon as california anita queen is that oh that's the style of style porn and when i look it up it looks like it's like pageant pornhub something that actually it's interesting that was a category of like you've won the passional soccer dirty bitch like yeah you got the queen you took down the number one gal no that's uh weird thing isn't it it's weird what's hot the categories are weird like that some dudes like only jerk off to anal just like the
yeah which is more butt porn you pretty well you're not supposed to woo you know like what the fuck man it's weird how that's actually like a category yeah if i this stuff going the weird categories a lot lately just to mix it up kind of like when you drink the same alcohol for so long like i don't know try something different i've been like black chicks getting fucked by big white this is a lot of that yeah there's tons of that so blacks as getting dominated by white guys with big dicks yeah huge dicks so it's like some like you would do this black guy yeah the hey buddy yeah and in my chair and my picture that have have them sprint to the girl how about that sarah gets to fuck her bye guys jacking off going up come on come on glad to hear this deck those sex industries cuts close down because of aids again yeah i can hear about and the check that that that guy that chick that we did a porn
winner quinton weiner and the politicians yeah she actually did a movie yeah the guy that has the i i read that she did a movie well the guy was exposed to hiv he had sex with the girl who had contacted hiv he had sex with her but allegedly from what i've read it's not that easy to transmit from hiv from a woman to a man that it's much easier for amanda woman because the man injects fluids into the body and so i don't know if that's true though obviously amount of doctor but like tommy morrison is it's supposed to look really sick with aids now like yes full blown aids and they did sorry about it recently only posted it on the underground and it was really fucking sad i mean he's dying he's on life support system essentially he is full blown aids you know an they say he got it from a girl you know i mean it might be possible i do not know you know i've heard
like obviously that's what you always hear it's not possible for a guy to get it from a girl you always hear that but i don't did anything else unless he put it got it from anita we could have got it from the middle that's too obvious fucking choice when we were talking about that yesterday with duane ludwig we're talking about fighter and pills and pain relief and you fucking would leave he's paying better than heroin means or anything right so a lot of fighters they might start shooting out because the the like relieving the pain for them was was so effective i want to do it that way those opiates yeah that's what it's about mister needles in general well you know what if you're a fighter and you know you're used to getting punched in the face get your face stitched up and just that
like needles not going to freak you out and worried about kidney those when stitches put your nose back together in the second round are you going back out there to fight another two fucking rounds or three fucking round yeah you just suck in five rounds with ray mercer and kayode into the ropes like he did did you ever see that tommy morrison getting knocked out by ray marsh is one of the most frightening knockouts i've ever seen in my life because well first of all is frightening is ray mercer was a murderous puncher but it was hilarious for me because i had this friend that would always root for white guys it was fucking he would wanted white guys to win boxing matches so bad he never wanted it to be the best fighter he always wanted to be the white fighter so like you rooted for gerry cooney and so he got hit here and ray mercer just unloads on him and it's don't get caught in the ropes to look at this like
caught in the ropes and gray mars is tina from that's terrible qualities or a better quality version that we could see it smooth 'cause it was real so choppy but it was a frightening frightening knockout but once you've done that you could shoot heroin two hundred and thirty five pi listen bro that that once you have that pain and that pain does fucking go away in that little needled knox ville away listen to all those people stories that's how it started you know the and i was starting on the rookies behind you to take your fucking job in football you just bought your fucking your house and a boat you put your parents of boat and now you're twenty eight in a twenty two year old all american is coming in front of you and you got a bit a little billy payne and if you can in about it then you have surgery and you're out in this mother fucker steals your job what were you going to do you ain't got time you do what you need to do shoot to call his own shoot the fucking dinner
temeca shoot at all i don't give a fuck as long as i play at the end of the season will talk about surgery and guess what dogs at the end the surgery they made a fucking good who says you don't need surgery we're going to shoot this the end and that's it ray mercer was a fucking murderous puncher back then watching that right there all of their to do all of them yeah the one that left it stiffen them in the right to put him down and then hit him two more times full clip after that watch that one more time just to finishing blows 'cause i'm serious one of the most devastating knockouts i've ever seen and if you saw this on tv when was this 70s late 70s early 80s eighties here's that right hand and bring mercer was a fucking killer and he could get two man ray could take it look these shaw ping and boom bam bam
bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam and two more before he goes down look how many times you fucking him merry maids those punches dog punch not even joking though it might have shared i would say just got aids i mean you didn't get breakdown everything who knows how he got it but mostly sushi the afternoon and that night i had real hard the night could not it's not good for your health not sure that fuck them up that was it they did the movie would still only was done bug you know there's some sort of a he did the movie was so alone after that didn't a before after that thing was before that check before that right i sent them over the fucking top movie dead i said given a puerto rican and check on them handle without too early right yeah they sent him over the top could you imagine being a fucking guy who gets to play tommy gun back in the day
he part i mean how you stole that is anybody handled yeah you're a young side geisler rocky took in with uh well he was it was a horrible fucking way is a guy did what was the black guy in that movie was the big black right i did all those movies in who is tyson's manager that dikanki remember the dunking him in that moving here he was the worst come out sonic come with me in a limo we got what's wrong with kim white women tommy just got punched in the head with rape murder what are you gonna do you gonna stand there next to sylvester fuck no no i think that was he was doing blow in the limo get that scene up get that scene he's doing blow in the limo she's got those little white milky titties going fucking bananas rockies like what about women torture fuck you bitch this bitch is bag it
must be incredibly hard to keep your motivation to be a fighter when that happens because of fighting that's like the opposite world of being a fighter like you're in a gigantic blockbuster you have rocky movie back when it means something to be in iraqi movie you know if you're in love talking like you in rocky today looks what i do to live ever done did you see rocky barbell bought the last one no no man if you're in the rocky movies is not bad surprisingly final scene with rocky and white chick oh this is great in spanish tammy morrison him square often is the shitty don king they got biggest small as headers
it rocky punched him a bunch of times of the back of the head wow and knocked him down tommy's really upset oh wow he threw him in rocky him on the way in incredible fight here wow rocky took his legs alleys going ma no ground in parallel who's your own out armies coming back boy that looks fake holy shit that looks big they look so fake it should be illegal blue soul straight they gave twenty million that's how fucking fake so versus to imagine that shit joe rogan oh he probably at least twenty million from this point in such huge movie man this here's the finish ha one giant left hook and drop some king with dunking to hit me out sue you fuck so the
so digital signal that were allowed to use the spanish version being back for yeah we can get away with that yeah i just gotta get the brain juice so i i found the map of the us and i didn't know where a lot of shit was i didn't know allow sure was in the in the in the weird areas like the the main in new hampshire area so whole job will look at me joe relatively quick quick what six states in new england new hampshire connecticut rhode island vermont massachusetts that's it from massachusetts connecticut well with island connecticut molly from maine damn it i forgot i my name
is mainland must be yeah main swing yeah ok so i forgot that an new hampshire's new england to know such states cities out there you don't know you really are a baby new hampshire where you live close to boast if you don't live in most of boston you fly into new hampshire you know in the fucking flights are dirt cheap it's a two different fucking worlds to fly into new hampshire and to fly into boss i have forty five it's a burbank lax new hampshire is filled with a lot of fucking people that don't want to hear the governments bullshit there all like those live free or die folks they you know they have compound setup that's on their license plate live free or die that's a gangster state i like up there to where you gotta like shoot moose to stay alive when you're north of boston you're a silly bitch ok that's what that's not cold enough for you you need to go further 'cause when we would do gigs in maine i'd be like oh my god it's colder thank you
please be in boston and would go to maine to do a gig in december it'll be ten degrees called to get out the car i can't believe his mother live where it's colder than where we live yeah and then somewhere where you look up and you go how the fuck do people live here and you make like a i don't know like this is the coldest i've ever been january fifth one thousand nine hundred and ninety fucking five they took me up from denver co living in boulder to do a gig in cheyenne wyoming joe rogan she i had to pee thirty five fucking below with the windshield i left the whole no i asked the guy at the fucking thing where do you get something to eat and he looked at me and he goes maybe fifty yards but i would leave if i was you i looked at him like bitch and i went out there and started walking and like twenty five minutes and i was like it's too cold to walk there and if i get there it's going to definitely do
to come back wow like that's how i walk that had chili and i mean it was horrendous i take your jacket off how to sit next to the heater and that's that was something that we forget about that we how to deal with that shit here three hundred and fifty dollars enough for that gig as a feature act for four shows a good gig those days yes yes it was i remember the scan email from john sure i got a email back i just remember nice to do alot schuler gigs you know in the very you know like if you if you got a good one was couple on a box maybe more you know depending on what kind of bar set up those are great gigs you know who do i have and so some some of them were really fun they a lot of 'em schuler had a lot of fun connecticut that were great fucking gigs brown is it called brown thompsons what is goddamnit place in hartford just to have that was like a really good comedy club
sees view it was the only place in hartford because of the time i think there's an in improv in hartford connecticut yeah right funny bone funny okay yeah there wasn't any back in the day i wanna see it was called brown thompson was like a bar in these studies to book the comedy there and it was like a fucking comedy club it was like a real club it was a great gig people get excited about that gig was a good one sure sure him all over the place to place his wife thought i could possibly get killed doing comedy great colorado is heavy fucking duty cala rado that was the first time ever i got it addendum a when he called that shipment you get the paperwork on the gig and it said it said room is known to be active if anything happens run to your room and contact the bar manager like that's what it instead of the trouble run and the other crazy gig i did was a place called these civilizations these cities had been taken
by the cities didn't give a fuck it was called rock springs wyoming rock springs wyoming there done a thing on sixty minutes about rocksprings how the mob had taken old rock springs wy and that's when they took hookers from las vegas adam fish their pussies made much more time and that is strip club that it was a aaa i'm not kidding your dog this is look it up rocks and i only sixty minutes the feds i go in and take it back from the local fucking government what this is craziness this shit at gambling stuff and mike well what's his name like two of the guys from sixty minutes when updating going to report about it there's some crazy fucking places out there that you'll never how about unless you drive through ig just got an email from a fucking great guy that said he has a room in billings my only a montana a4 one hundred seat little theater and he sent me an email i'm thinking about going up there obviously like and fucking
may because that's the only month it's fucking warm up there there's a website called rock spring hookers oh no no they don't fuck but that's not rock springs wyominghookers dot net you go there you go dog they don't fuck around there it's too different level that's where wound hookers go they get rid i have to fix the monkey really committee and the hiv rate mursak take seven bunch without pull it up don't pull it out prime don't put it up at eastern oh yeah can't do that what's that the web is a bad i should mention the name of it anyway all yahoo gives a fuck bulldog landfall no no is it disgusting yes yes and no i don't want you to make bruises thing i don't think we should mean in a legal business being in
i want to get in trouble providing their providing next circle interview but how do you find them look at the interest look that up please just look sixty minutes up and see see sixty minutes sixty minutes rock springs wy one thousand nine hundred and ninety two ninety i don't know if it's the same dom fig you know we're talking about danzig the vampire comic look at this is a guy named dom fig that took this fucking picture of a wave hitting the buildings in can get holy shit man look at this this was when sandy hit brian see the oh shit yeah pull that picture up it's photographe awestruck after catching a wave is an incredible picture it's incredible because like the idea that it was there while this actually happened like you shouldn't be anywhere fucking near there it's crazy assholes not just there he's taking pictures
photographer awestruck after catching a wave is the title yeah this is nuts man define it ok go to see post dot com or just look dom fig comic and then click and the third link in the seed dominic dominic dominic fig comic dominic big comic and then look under the third picture dominic fig comic look under the third link rather it'll say connecticut post ok here we fucking picture mounts is insane i mean it's insane it's like what were they thinking building houses there first of all that's like beautiful for most of the time but fachmann if there's a possibility
but it didn't matter if you were right in front of the water with this mother fucker right like they went like several blocks in just destroying everything in its path it's like you are so crazy to think that the oceans are going to stay where it is would a nutty idea to like build expensive shit right next to the edge like that's the edges right here this is my spot fucking got marked it off this is my house i got out some up on stilts you know they put the house right right out the water and like the the gamble is like how long is the water going to be there is going to stay for one hundred years going to stay up for fifty years what's the gamble you know and everybody is wanting to take that gamble because if you can set up your window and you're there on the ocean like it's boat that's fucking amazing you know so they take that gamble park that bitch right next to the rocks and hope that nothing melts
you have a bigger gamble having a house on a mountain like look at the fires that you had you know that's true well even with fires everywhere in california i mean they they i talked to far far that said there's a real worry and not of if but when then one day one of these mother fucker wildfires that they get is gay catch la and the winds we just right and he said it's going to burn right to the beach i go you going to burn down hollywood because i don't think we can stop it he goes if you're dealing with the kind of fire that can go that far and is that strong and it's wind aided in it's just big enough 'cause fire can be really really really fucking big in well it's hard to rap your head around how big they can be but they can be so big that you can't fucking control 'em all you do is to we can payneham but you can't control them and if they get that big and they they can't cut it off in time it starts going towards la if it's the right
time of year the right amount of santa ana winds kicking in shit man look what happened last year new jersey it's happening right now in montana like this the phoenix or in arizona rather with the dust and somebody told me that would drive him back from vegas on sunday and it was fucking various shit l'm sure loadable took him eight one slash two hours to get home with man the wind and shit listen that's going to everything is getting more extreme everything is getting more fucking extreme brother that he getting more extreme cold is getting more extreme and you know i'm not fucking al gore i'm not going to sit here and tell you not shit no you know i thought you like ass over i thought you did not you know i don't know what the fucks going on but we evolved that means the weather has to fucking evolve and you know twenty years ago i remember being in jersey hanging out playing with football and within three minutes it would get dark dog and also these chunks of fucking her would come out you know but look at now i
push or eighty eighty fucking thousand times only to the we should ask me but i think would dissipate like the way sandy came up you know one three years guess what is going to be and uh one jack you know that people we see every year i had a tornado i ain't leaving people make one thousand jokes about that's going to be south jersey and fucking three years and three maybe every seven eight years this is going to go down the fucking every four years and then fifty years from now will be really fucking it you know that's just the way it is we evolved man though everything moves don't they find those dinosaur bones in mantana yeah yeah and then they belong to face your sea bass or whatever the fuck it was well there is a great western inland sea there yeah that's how they used to be a fucking interior ocean the thing that's always stunned me about boulder is the devil's thumb when you're on baseline and you drive close to the university and s bold and you look to your right and there's a thing that pops out of the fucking mountain this this this just his fig
i look it up boulder co and devils thumb and it pops up and it makes you fucking think it makes you fart you know it's the weirdest thing i hiked up there one time with my dog when i hurt you yeah hercules went up there and was missing for a night that went up there fucking tried to look him down they got snakes up there to hold i would make sure thank man what the fuck was here three million years ago and not mean so i don't know i don't have the answer did you hear about that deal with the devil stump yeah come on now i'm bowl like damn baseline when you drive and look at that fucking thing that's a beautiful thing did you hear about the kid in the minnesota they got bitten by a wolf yes will fit him in his fucking head while he's sleeping and wouldn't let go boy just trying to eat him he sleeping outside the tent and i guess i mean i don't know why so the people in the tent i don't know what the whole story was but the wolf clamp to hold of his fucking head and wouldn't let go image a terrifying feeling is when wool seventy five pound wolf have
i have to hold your head while you're sleeping and this is the first known attack in that states history they have like document that i fucking sharks biting people more more dude i was in hawaii and they built two fucking people miles there one of them died yeah they get one kid got bit and his leg he was surfing he got bit another woman got her arm bit off and she died and what lived the live the 'cause lived friends his friends tied his leg a the tourniquet brought him into the to the hospital like really quickly yeah they used a like a leash i think i got like a lease for a surfboard and they they tied off his leg and turn again pulled pull them out of the water but they saw him they saw him get attacked by the shark bit him in the leg it's it's tiger sharks apparently and they're trying to right now like the people in hawaii or they're going to do some studies now then to figure out why these tiger sharks being more aggressive but there's there's going to be a lot of issues with
wildlife in the ocean as well because these predators don't have as much to eat because we fish so much we take tuna and so many different fish that they they survive off of like i would imagine that a lot of fish are going to be in real trouble like the fish that also rely on the fish that we eat 'cause we can kill everything that in all the fish has that fucking shit in it now from tokyo i've been seeing all that yeah there's a three percent increase i think they said in the amount of radiation that they've found in fish which is that's not worrisome as far as like health apparently get away with a little bit but the the the worry is that this could get worse yeah you see that radiation chart wages shows like in like two fifteen years are all pretty much into focus she was crazy yeah that's a scary scary situation i mean it's it's it's much more scary than it's been you know a
oh my god did you see what miley cyrus did on tv she lit stuck her tongue out and showed her but meanwhile there's a fucking hole in the earth that's filled with radioactive shit and it's leaking into the ocean i mean it's really scary there's they can't stop it can't contain it and they don't know what the what to do and instead we're looking at syria and we're looking at all these earth with me maybe there's threats mean maybe maybe serious someplace we really do need to be maybe they are using chemical weapons but for sure that shit is going down a fukushima for what kind sure there's a real problem there and tip so it doesn't know what the fuck do an no one in the world has a solution for it i mean i i don't know what the hell they're going to do i mean it's just constantly leaking radioactive waste and what are the people tokyo what's going to be like in a decade you know what would it mean it's right down the hill from that fucking place what is going to happen what is are they going to have any non radioactive fish and
don't they rely on fish like there's a huge amount of their income and their diet it relies on fish that's going to be a terrible place could be real issue you know they're finding radioactive bunnies like bunnies and of deformities and that live there they're born with no years is it also it's a weird going down there there yeah the what if the fish start turning into like like like these tiger sharks are eating these radiate you know these fish and stuff and it's in the water and it starts becoming what like a zombie shark nado i mean like that that's like real you know like this is excitement and imagine that using court against you let me like these sir i'm actually trying to argue that you're smart and then like okay now that's a real it's like fish are made of zombie fish are nails yeah but i mean like the with the if then a fish become like some you can kind of animals that yeah well you know in the i don't think that's really how things mutated with life is a comic books on
but yeah in a comic book that would become godzilla it become the creature from the black lagoon or some shared made you thought it was made no godzilla was a creation because of the atomic bomb supposedly they the us drops atomic bombs on japan and then godzilla's born because the radiation like all those animals with giant animals mothra although get road ann i believe wrote maybe road animals from space so it's coming true but that was the no it's not coming true just some fucking sharks bit some people those with good movies to use all the string and it fucked your world aa state farm the mothra string yeah the mokra string is sure this is really bad today hey bc would do monster week at four hundred and thirty the after school movie four hundred and thirty at
dark shadows you drew some fucking heat jack yeah you pull up some videos of godzilla godzilla versus smog monster that's who the baddest one was godzilla versus mark monster you marrow is king kong versus godzilla they had made king kong the same size that was always very disappointing to me when i was a boy that i found out how much smaller king kong was in godzilla was even close godzilla's like five hundred feet high fifty ft tall fifty feet high and shit when you deal with godzilla but in godzilla versus king kong all sudden king kong's huge i forgot little fucking jam two blue yster cult godzilla oh no there goes tokyo go go godzilla yeah those blue yster cult right yeah look this smoke wakes him up those movies were people today can't understand how awesome knows movies are play that you know people don't understand how amazing these movies were amazing it's la versus tokyo
this is incredible oh that's when he became the smog monster remember and he flies around just blowing poison smogon people kim trails bro yeah he was the original chem trails the smog monster look everybody lookout bad the fucking special effects are oh my god it's amazing so good what people don't understand is when you were kid or when i was a kid rather than we would watch this we would have to be would you had to suspend disbelief you were just amazed that they could show you any visual representation of a gigantic lizard like anything that remotely looked like it you were willing to accept like look at that look how bad that is but we were willing to accept it because we knew that up until then like there was the best there was the best that was it like if you go to the original king kong and there
i think the difference in the way the japanese did it in the way of ray harry hughes and did it i think it's very harry using i might have made that up but uh the animator they used to do it frame by frame they would do just move the clay a little take a picture move the clay it'll take a picture move the clay little take a picture it took fucking forever but they have these elaborate fight scenes with these clay animals that they created so he'd like king kong fighting against dinosaurs that took forever and look what it looked like they get look how fucking it looks it moves around that look like that yeah it's like people got flooded you really don't like it barely even looks like its daily played that look at barely even looks like it's there like there's a guy in front of it and he's looking at it what are you doing singing i can barely see him look at that it will and look at the fucking special effects like who is king kong is like one thousand nine hundred and thirty six or search sherry thirty three wow so back then
this was the greatest fucking thing the world ever known you i believe they even pulled this off i mean special effects for back then were unbelievably incredible people were so excited to see this when you like king kong itself the show king kong is off like when you see him where is king cole these guys gay snap the child figure out what happen look how fake this looks lizard but the real loser though i think the is stuck a real lizard in there nope nope nope that's animated too wow sometimes they would do that though they would have a movie and they would have like a real lizard and you could tell the lizard was nowhere near them in real life but they would like a look and they would insert this giant fucking liz in the back how we must have been to act in these movies ok
is a spider at sixteen feet tall is coming actually now run really he's like scrambling and then they have to add in this killer spider this is nuts i look out bad at look when they pick up someone in the getting bit so stupid but that was as good as the world than ever seen back then yeah it would it is impossible to get any better like that was incredible i people must been so excited and there was no mean whoa fucking tv shows ran in nineteen thirty six how four hundred and thirty three did they even have tv in thor anything one of the end of ntv once the invention of tv invention of tv for awhile it was just just movies right
tv you probably came out it was radio like that i took the green hornet was a radio show and all that i didn't find anything for which searching the web for went with the intention of the tv okay so apparently there's not not a single thing is single thing that you can point to because there's a lot of shit that got invented that relate to the environment just sitting around with a bunch of people and your family and listen to the green hornet at ninety eight nine every friday night and then wednesday was something else and thurs comedy night like they have like have jackie gleason but the other guy like low orphan annie it happened in one thousand eight hundred and sixty two was the first still image that was transferred this guy had something called the pan telegraph so we try
transferred of picture by telegraph this thing or this electronic thing transferred they became the first person to transmit still image over wires fuck manly figure that out in one thousand eight hundred and sixty two you know crazy that is slavery became illegal in eighteen sixty five so while they were still slaves someone had figured out how to send photo over wire fuck them when the telegram was huge you member ave woodkid that alley she was that huge koran western union union was huge go to washington then paid cash then they got the credit card and that was the beginning of the end this shit that was the beginning this is incredible stuff man the in nineteen eighteen seventy three scientists may and smith experiment with silentium enlighten this reveals the possibility for invent just transform images into electronic signals how to fuck
did they figure that out i mean think about how nutty that is dudes are riding horses and some motherfucker figured out how to turn images into electronic signals so that you could send to them sense enter them so you could send them over while just fucking stupid i am one hundred years later what was the first picture porn how to be here probably how you guys set up chica pictures stick his poop look at my poop fun lady it was yeah some crafty cat it's like i just bitches gotta see my dick if she sees my dick it's on right now she wants to stay in philadelphia so fuck what do i do text go sending pictures slaves this is amazing stuff man so in one thousand nine hundred they call the television at the world para worlds fair in paris the first international congress of electricity was held and that is where russian cunts nineteen persky yeah constant
teen persky made the first known use of the word television so it was invent by a russian gentleman or the word was at least amazing you know when you go back and think about dudes that were inventing like really mind blowing shit like back in the uh 1800s or the fifty even earlier than that like the dude figured out printing press yeah but you know how much shit you didn't have like fucking like inter with you at the eight am internet you have tv and i have a veggie had their at the moment are you a little credit the guy was into math i give him credit every day that guy was often fucking poor solder trailer had no money for drugs and just started putting shit together when i saw that on discovery i was blow on the fuck away people who wanted an inventive methods her one do i don't know but put in a battery the core of a battery cold medicine just just you fucking kidding me like what did you come up with who gave
this recipe was in nam once in math used in like the world war two the story was that they used the hit or troops used it in the the user on the japanese kamikaze pilots right to get them to be what it was i don't know if it's this that they have now in the tub that the sons of anarchy cells i don't fucking know i'm just telling you about what the fuck you know i mean yeah it's not a new drug it was first made in one thousand eight hundred and eighty seven again so one thousand eight hundred and eighty seven yeah or germany will send a picture of his dick to some chick so bef we can invent the camera and they get the electronic way we gotta stay up for a week to fucking do it i'm sorry that that was just amphetamines so in feta means for one thousand eight hundred and eighty seven meth infed amine which was more potent and easy to make was developed in japan in one thousand nine hundred and nineteen the chris green powder was soluble in water making it for making it a perfect candidate for injection meh
and feta mean went into wide use during world war two when bo besides used to keep troops awake holy fucking shit high doses were given a japanese kamikaze pilots before their suicide missions and ah do the war messenger amphetamine abuse by injection reach epidemic proportions when supply store for military use became available call to the japanese public man in night the 50s methamphetamine was prescribed as a diet aid and to fight depression easily available it was used as a non medical stimulant by college students truck drivers an athletes and the abuse to the drug spread holy shit did you know that these to prescribe fan feta means for depression listen
this is probably works back door yeah well that was in the liberace movie yeah never the california diet gave us a full of amphetamines you know much crazy that i'm when i was growing up there was just crazy cut on the block me had whatever they diagnosed it dennis a dd but they used to give him speed to calm him down right remember he was fucking used to jump off his own roof while you do that yeah well they say that so with the villain if this was way before release but was he his sister used to someone is black beauties yeah they they have this kit on some we do this shit i used to go to east stroudsburg pa and by one thousand black beauties with thirty five dollars with some what is exactly a black it was just little black things they made in the seventies and they were the original diet pill and was an amphetamine and amphetamine would you know kind of ones yeah who gives a with
twenty five hours for i sold him four hundred thousand and thirty five dollars for adults only thirty five thousand two hundred to the wrestlers and a dollar apiece you have no idea where the cash contacting less and i remember like one that i went out and had no blow a night like three of am and drank hannahs at and i was sick for a fucking week like i never ate those pills but i remember people cracking them open snorting those mother fuckers you know it's really interesting like you talking about that and you talking about selling bootlegging these illegal drugs it's like it depends on how much money you make and what you do with that money whether not you become legitimate i would like junior in high school but what i'm saying is like i know but look at the kennedys the kennedys are the exact same thing at the same thing kennedys became legitimate that became a very wealthy an established family for moonshine they were selling drugs their cell liquid drugs that were illegal but they did did the right thing with all the money they got
i got ahold of it invested in politics started getting i mean they did they had a lot of fucking money and then i think they got out of it once it became legal or something i don't know how the fuck they transition to bootleg it but that's like the known history have joe kennedy right the father the father was like he was a moonshine runner which is crazy how much different is that really then you selling these black beauties it's really no different morally or ethically it's the same thing so like if you had stuck with the black beauty business and they got politics later i mean i wouldn't that would accept
i would say some knows where that was right after my mom died and i was like crazy yeah that would go on saturdays this could make me a monty he was a football play up that he would pick me out we drive like an hour and a half and we go into this room these college kids that look like they were forty and that's all they did all week was made different and they would make acid blotter acid paper they would make four way acid didn't make little masculine and he'll make black beauties yeah they did all week and their parents thought they were going to school these these even before the computer nerd this is what nerds dead right they had this was this kids will probably millionaires remember them having z twenty eights were big but busy too really to one thousand nine hundred and eighty i rivals had i rocks with the cut moon dish that oh yeah the tv yeah no these guys were making money guys meanwhile member them going are dead send this money we don't go to class we pay rent they had
gatlin thing during the week these kids were bang they were crazy little fuckin i don't even know they were irish i remember the t tops then yeah the t top and ted nugent we don't they show us these guys had a garage with jars of blue black beauties jars that was then mainstay and then everything else they made as they went along like this week will make blotter acid this week will make four way acid this week will make who are windowpane acid fucking should just did complete different world do you member when everybody had that trans am just like burt reynolds with the eagle on the hood there was a giant eagle sticker like it was important to have that sticker pull that bitch up pull that burt reynolds was off trans that eagle sticker is important man like i know a new a dude who had one rebuilt headed for a tv show and they had to get that sticker band that was like a big part of it was put in that sticker on like you
they had to get it like recreated so they could store the entire car like that cigarette and then how big of a flu shot the one though it goes it goes back more cooler one has exposed headlight number the big feud when two people got and i rock in the same neighborhood like that became a few again yeah i would park across the street and he would probably cross the street facing the other direction and whoever had like the law the stereo the hottest chick horn you know we listen to nova and use this is just a fantasy can you have you seen that video and when you get a minute at home the video on yeah that's it be getting no that's not the one either because that as close you got it's got to be the one with the exposed headlights these are all like new versions that's the one that's the real one that's the burt reynolds jammy right there look up that call was i
people who are not mail cannot understand that you know you show that to a woman especially like a mature woman but someone who's been to college going to look at that angle with the fuck are you what go back to that picture it would be cool to it would be cool to have that like black on silver like where you could only see it like silver i was looking for a better one well there's there's some people done like little custom ones i remember that i've seen some some custom really cool sp painted ones you know like what's it called air gun like air gun artist remember that these to do those oh that's a pretty dope one remember these to do like vans and on the side of vans would be like some fucking conan scene yeah it was airbrushed right there was a do the sword and you know like fucking women like frankfurt the style do you member that like
was a big thing those vans to have a bar in there you will laurie why go to a hotel with a little windows in the back and then yeah roof go with your smoking here bob the moon roof but that was like big time yeah that lou rufus huge group was fucking huge and what kind of artwork you had on the side of your vans fuck is all ugly you look at it you go what the fuck was i thinking a fucking japon this guy with a hammer with a fish in his hand sexy bitch i'm going to pull this up with air brush artwork there's a couple guys in burbank that have that they okay only airbrush vans and it's like they don't have they'll change them all the time then like the latest one was like wonder woman i just she looked like a mexican wonder woman now dude go to that go to van with air brush art work it's still going strong there's still some fucking cool pictures out there you just find these guys i still do it definitely
i didn't know i hadn't seen one at a long time i've seen cool shit on like tour buses stuff this is the kind of shit that like by me at my house like this is what it looks that's awesome come on man how awesome is that lou obi one kenobi c3 peo aliens it's pretty bad ass but there's a lot of em yeah i think this is it december is going to have a frank for that out there i bet if i look up frazetta airbrush rosetta like i had in my opinion like the well yeah somebody's got something here what is it look like for zona that guy had the best like fantasy art when you were a kid did you like for like frank frazetta g remember those paintings you know is did you ever get into books or comic books or any shit like that when you were young once i was
again to i marvel like marvel comics of find sephora fantastic four i like the silver surfer and the only it was a long fucking story i was intimately ten months we go to the festival in the city and we try to buy batman three or some shit yeah it was just a couple of months that i went off the deep end it was no no no more comic books now it's all spongebob twenty four so quickly comment turned around and came back to it for me i was i was really into those fantasy artists like for is that i'm trying think of some of the other names there's a bunch of other names of guy sort of like really uh really famous for that but frazetta was my favorite because of such a big fan of of the co nancy reason he did a lot of the a lot of the artwork pull also those pictures up man they're incredible he just just like that
to me like symbolized that kind genre book frank did you ever have a van jones a van yeah no i drove the van for a construction no hardwick's company for about six weeks yeah and then yeah fine still there there still fucking there really the hardware store on fairview ave yeah yeah when go back and look at some shit from your child that it's strange when you see stuff that still there the guy still fucking there that was before i got arrested january twenty nine one thousand nine hundred and eighty three i don't know i got a coffee possession of stolen tools you know like a stolen property like the dual crime type shit i going on bail i paid a fire that was on probation for six months or something like that and that was it who is dumb as fuck but i worked at that lumbia and i had a good little job over there i was there every driver i could make my own little stops at that time i was doing a false like a
settlement ideal so i had to go to the chiropractor that gave me time to go to cairo practice all that shit every day it was just say two hundred and fifty a week and i work six days a week wow and i have to drive for the meadowlands and you know different construction sites and drop off tools and linoleum and screws and nails as the shit you do i drove a van when i was about uh i guess i was about eighteen had a van for awhile for delivering newspapers about like a second car 'cause it newspapers would fuck up suspension like everybody who delivered newspapers your suspension got fucked up by the sunday paper 'cause it's so much weight you fill up your fucking trunk with news person then you put him in the back seat each stuff in the front seat all the way up to the ceiling so you were driving around like almost completely blind to the right hand side it was very tricky like looking around it where you were going and after a while i made a little bit of cash with this fuck adventure and
give me i'm always thinking of expanding i got a van i bought big ass cargo van with no windows and then i expanded my route i was using red wagons well i had to figure out a way to make enough money that i didn't have to do anything else was competing so the only way i can really think before i made money on teaching was delivered newspapers is only made sense to me because it several hours a day like three or four hours a day but when it was done it was done and that's it no boss to answer too as long as i delivered the papers to where they were supposed to go there was no problems and i was good at it i did it every day and it taught me discipline like having something that you have to do three in a sixty five days a year makes you fucking do it just do it don't even think about it fucking do it it's part of your life you just get up and do it i apply for a paper route one time i go into the eighth grade i wanted to be a goody good good good and i apply for a paper out like in july this motherfucker calls me like thanksgiving week
and i don't even think about like ok niggas gotta be getting there was 43rd st hill this is a hill and a half there's one of those hills in my hometown they compare that san francisco hill yeah joe lombard walk over there it's street eighteen inches of snow that east coast snow and i gotta walk in for three weeks i had a breakthrough that fucking thing go over there at four hundred in the afternoon it's freezing the sun come down there your fucking reason i'm delivering paper knocking on peoples doors with that that loop with the people's fucking car isn't it nobody had one of those things you have to circle loop and you have peoples addresses they paid gelastic tippers had all that shit on it i'm at the three weeks just quit and go on blind on this shit no more the hills are mother fucker i go work for my mother and make that one fucking day what i'm making for you forty dollars i got a hustle six days a week i going to my mother's for one damn play with football i eat fucking chinese food i come home and fucking five thousand and sixty get the fuck outta here my walk up and uh
well fuck you fuck you fuck i learn how to drive in the snow man that's what i learned i drive just now all winter long 'cause i drove every day i drove read it so if it's known i fucking drove so uh yeah so used to getting stuck i get stuck everywhere i had slide in the trees like i fuck set up a lot of cars fucking my record was terrable by the time i moved to new york it was like really hard for me to get insurance i had a gang attacks since i was a horrible driver that i made the mistake of moving ashley and you think about what the fuck you doing until there's black ice on that mother fucker when you're going down the road listen to fucking joe welch you know rocky mountain high and also in your car just goes like this red bed just goes and off that shish this back just starts fucking spin you just go into a tailspin you don't know what the fuck to do just going to fucking
elsman men yeah i'm right there you like i gotta learn how to drive and pay fucking attention this is a complete i had so many fucking cars joe rogan of course and that's only cause i llama in seattle i was a car sales and they to give me a call i would take the car at nine go to things to one nighters and i lose fucking hubcaps all my god i was horrible the terra belterra belterra bowl video not not this one of some people going down the road and they lose control their car and they hit out a truck head on it's crazy the people from behind them are filming it the guy infront loses his shit and just at right time swerves into the oncoming lane all this guy just crossed and oh my god he go bitch oh jesus crisis is scary is causing the wrong fucking lane oh my god and he has to cross for housing crossover i don't
any of this shit man i grew up in ohio so i had to deal with this all the time but look at this spot oh oncoming traffic boom the only good part is when you got in an accident it wasn't as bad because you were sliding when you hit that is true i mean that's a big deal that's a big deal when you got in an accident the snow is like bumper cars kind of yeah yeah people who don't know they don't have never experienced that before boom like that in any other sort of situation would be devastating impact it still can be pretty shit like this is bad this is this is horrible what is this guy doing who lost his shit ok give me anxiety i'm watch this i'm getting anxiety i really honestly think that people who don't grow up driving in this kind of shit you miss out on a certain amount of adversity in life fear that you get the respect for the winter you know oh my god geez
crisis is going to be the only this guys spinning out head coming traffic no one can stop bouge tomorrow once i get in that car in colorado like that drunk oh yeah download an eight thousand two hundred and eighty two route eighty to look it up and so on dangerous roads in the foot oh my god he's going over the cliff oh spun around yet get lucky this is fucking scary please shut this off this is not good this is not good for your spirit you just destruction that's the weird thing about like the internet and like each choosing to go search for but you could see disturbing should have disturbing share of the lead you just be bombarded by nothing but disturbing shed a lot whereas in a real life like it's really hard to run into that much disturbing shit but you could watch if you if you
if you drive every winter you might see one of those crazy pileups in ten years of driving we just saw ten in a row you live there some places in boston with just disturbing waking up in the morning it is it's one disturbance and everybody who comes to you after while you start looking at him where like what the fuck is this like they put me on like that's how real some places on man this place is sick because you got yourself in that it's just a walking disturbance sister what you don't need to fuckin this shit will go online with this like a hopelessness too to some places you know the some places were when you're there like especially in the winter this like a weird hopelessness there's no joy is no ask to intuit
and in the winter it's kind of festive people are skiing the towns hop in there's a lot of wood burning it's fucking amazing the wood burnings chris mehl that wood burning your whole heart stop showing the fuck beautiful is completely different i remember being eight minutes from the greatest world the greatest city in the world and feeling hopeless like the lincoln tunnel going across lincoln tunnel is the biggest city in the world in one thousand nine hundred and eighty like as a kid and going i know this is hopelessness this is too much yeah it was too fucking much then you know used everything you wanted like that at two hundred in the morning everything you wanted what would work you can buy a machine gun with a bazooka in harlem at two hundred in the morning up the harlem there's a poor regional sit there for ten minutes ago let me think bro what do you want i wanted a machine gun with a clip i want two thousand people i need to send it to fucking dynamite and don't sit there for ten minutes or getting a dynamite tonight and use it
oh shit too many and that guy got arrested in harlem because he tiger in his house tomorrow that's does harlem if they story had happened in any other place in the world that was in cleveland i would be like how odd but it's in harlem was like ok i believe that the dude bit and so that's how we got in trouble is tiger bidam and they found out this mother fucker had a tiger in his house he had like a bunch of exotic pets let me pull up the story man had tiger in his house in harlem and tiger is harlem is harlem been gentrified yes lot of do people live in harlem now it's all the way up to one hundred and forty now he didn't beautiful into klingon he didn't just have a tiger had alligator to please those are pimps in harlem when you come over this guys house i used to cop coca cola it allows the night houston when i was eighteen just
guys basically 135th amsterdam where you had a walk through the room with the chickens are right this is real and you walk room with a chicken to frighten and then you walk into a dj booth and then a fee and in terms of golden the cops and they wouldn't let you go in because somebody got shot and then memory wouldn't my tyson fight in harlem informed the fucking morning one night though blood green are you fucking kidding at a haberdashery yeah i'd haberdashery at four in the fucking morning what's a haberdasher when you go buy clothes mens clothing or some brothers go to buy fucking clothes will go through a haberdasher ip one that can you pull some tasks when you add gentleman that will pull that tom cruise ship but was that movie may we had to call the arabian guy and get clothing and the chick's daughter was fucking trip this tom cruise cruise made a movie years ago with nicole kidman as his wife and she had cheated on him with a fucking soldier it was one of movies by that directory that fucking this wide shut yes that
there was a thing all remember but the movies the crazy chance family yeah directed that so is it demented movie to go the to check in the czech dies a low deep in the doctor's office and he's now we gotta get it together but he has to wear a cape and a mask so he calls like this habit ashley at two hundred in the morning in new york they opened up the fucking door they give him a cape and then the little arabian girls fucking two japanese employees is a tremendous fucking movie he goes over there he gets in he goes to the back everybody's negatively sucker fucking you gotta walk around with a cape in a fucking master the magicians hat on and then they randomly goes back home in the cold kidman and he's telling me that one night while he was away she fucked the sailor so it's like going in his mind you know i'm saying so it's just a fucked up movie he gets the address from piano player at the jazz bar that's a great movie by the way it's a dark fucking movie they had it for a few years then they released it was kind of weird because it was dumb to working together i don't fucking know
well eyes wide shut was uh it was about like some weird elite sort of a call right scientology through the back door yeah was out it was like it was like she was trying it was they were masked and hung out with caroline there's some a nineteen seventy two there's some photos that uh duncan had on his website their photos from a nineteen seventy two rothschild surrealist dinner party it's so weird man it's so weird so the is the rothschilds i guess i'm not like totally up on this but they're supposed to be the people that are like you know elite bankert characters right so they about this uh this party an they're all wearing these crazy outfits men like this ladies wearing like a stag head why who is the head of a deer on in a mask and the man is wearing this weird thing on his fucking head and they have this dinner
table set up with a baby doll and like it's fucking trippy shit really weird shit because these really were the rothschilds and this is really how they were rolling they re they did have parties where women wear antlers on their heads where they would have naked women pushed around on like a looks like a cow ask it covered in roses it's like it's really strange or at least an effigy of a naked woman actually it looks like i can't tell if it's a real moment kilobits take kilobits too kill a big drop in the woods like just like a hipster party well it's a bit of a party for sure that crazy people it's a bit of a party for sure but the i think the idea like some freaky shit if you want to follow the conspiracy theory the idea is that these type people these elite societies that what they would do they would have these rituals and they would do something really fucked up so no one could ever talk about it like they would kill somebody didn't take a prostitute killer in front of everybody and then bury or somewhere and now
talk about it 'cause they were all implicated in so that's everyone you know like your bond to this cult those the i mean that's always look at that and we're in a fucking stag head it's like a big deer mask how weird when you have like billions of dollars and it's one thousand nine hundred and seventy fix you like fuck it you know there's no internet you can't get in trouble no anonymous is going to fucking take down your website because here's some crazy rothschilds character these people back then jesus christ but to have so much money that you pay off an attorney the night before the party like a liaison to the police department you fucking have a service command to park car there's not allowed in there everybody is mass so even if you do kill a bitch nobody know who killed it was some do with a fucking note phrase i don't know the fuck that was yeah there's no idea there's no nothing your fucking bareback you just spread
video like a mother fuck at those things those which nananana i'm lying those chicks get checked out those dude goal they how can send those bitches to the doctor blood test pussy scans asshole the whole fucking what's the best scan for pussies an mri i don't fucking know i don't you know it's gotta be something with some fucking freak rock springs wyoming is shit i'm tired that's why i take those hookers and they revitalized him they put some pep illness well back in those cowboy days right they used to have the brothels where they would like go in this big fucking wooden building in the upstairs would mean all the outlaw josey wales movies i mean that what was the movie the come back movie for him way back in you know like with in freeman unforgiven unforgiven thank you that movie was about prostituted abroad getting cut up by a bad guy and in him going after them remember that yes that's a good movie i also have great fucking movie
given is in my opinion one of one of ca all time it's a black sheep nobody really why exactly or toast with sex and it's so realistic man it's like he went in did the exact opposite of like you know like a the hero movie where everything is predictable like it's not predictable at all it was very dark and very realistic like very realistic and tuned into that era like when he started drink in turns evil like you fucking believe every word of it when he comes in all sweaty and fucked up and just kills everybody god damn dude and how everybody is freaking out there scared they can pull their gun out and tommy just blasting them one after the other that say fucking hard hitting movie will have to watch it again this week and will watch a movie
walking report yeah that some bitches damn fucking thing i can't stand image in the same cast app now they fight back i wouldn't i wouldn't want to do it anyway but i would say that creepy ship with a quick parties and a chick don't know she's going to die that's gotta be hard when you do it like four people family could you imagine being sophisticated your millionaire you have so much to fucking lose but you know that's less than men when you have money in the billions i can't imagine listen you're fifty years old you're gonna go fuck it i'm going to do everything i've ever wanted to do and you write a bucket list bitch that list is getting eight chicks this chicks in the world get them checked out for commedia and maybe i mean just you know fidel used to do that they said that that would go up to you whether you are married or not he sent the fucking guy over to you and say called the number tomorrow at two hundred o'clock right no restaurant be sitting there with your wife or soldier would come up to your wife and give her a card got a car that number next day next day at dia fucking car comes
mouse pick your wife up takes for a fee examination the next day nice dress delivered with some flowers she's going to fidels for some yum yums so you i have to just do this year wife down where you just like to make her look like shit that really was just deal why i'm not sure about the wise but i know that he was doing it to women you know he was doing it to women just you run a restaurant you're outside he would have people going on hunting bitches holy shit got it listen guys well that's a dictator who knows what you do if you put napa dish and you know i was watching what's that crazy fuck from san francisco that may we drink the juice dining diana but jungle watch that in two hours and biography when you wake up and you can't go back to bed yet like a fucking red bull at the club and you jealousy and there's something listen i could see you talking three people but he had thousands of people they give them the social security checks i was raking and fucking he had him living in the hutch you
mosquito the condition i do my own laundry what the fuck damn thous these are people who are just lossed you know who just the new fucking life matches that's mine well i mean what about the branch davidians i mean they had that place and then they would leave the compound and go to jobs and come back to the compound they always making a comeback i don't know yeah something happened the son he found here let's find out branch in history in combination this be back there wonder loom name or something like that there can you call let's it come back pasta video i remember i one though was wow they're trying to make a comeback combat those two thousand and seven yeah well they still gotta be trying that's a long time but i remember part of the deal though the branch davidians deal was that he got to fuck them that was like part of his kids
you know he's jesus is spreading the seed he's going to spread the love and you buy it you sit down look at your wife and go glad you know our lives will be better if he gives you a fucking stabbing i mean it's disgusting i know somebody who lived through that men one of those cults and she tell me the stories and i would sit there and asked why didn't she sue her parents in today's world i would take her parents to fucking court right and today's war fuck with you people fucking thinking i mean they track down write down what you know they trap down fucking people from all these wars that did war crimes there's a war crimes listen if a kid wants to do something he has to be has to be an adult yes the consent there's no kid that way to grow up in indiana and some house with eighty fucking kids where they they have to eat everything they kill and they even with drinking blood pudding and shit so paul that deal was the guy fucks your wife this family i'm talking about had maybe nine kids four of am want to the cult leader so after the coat
nom now these people gotta eat dinner in the summers there on facebook jumping up and down this kind of look like my welcome brother you know what this delete fandom parents are sitting there playing the guitars jumping up and down like you know life is you have what the fuck life is beautiful for your kids belong to some cult leader and your husband is sit yeah like a fucking savage i mean these are things that just disgust me this is disgusting shit yeah they always get the fuck the women that part of the deal is part of the fucking deal in the husband's going to sit there playing the guitar making kool aid like some fucking jack off like some fucking jack off i mean i never understood this shit well it's amazing when they study cults how the same sort of pattern plays itself out and that's part of it that's part of the fall one cat at the fuck everybody in this mother fuck it is part of it right so weird thing with men and they fuck like seventeen year olds on a customer being eighteen i mean these guys will have that these guys should be shot
yeah it was still alive in a different state who the people i'm talking about the cult leader that they defunct oh skype private there trying to show me i thought you made crash killed a few babies and shawn yeah yeah the disgusting after while many minor league cults are there out there that we don't know about is there a gang of them really are the money still around harry christmas now the moonies the moonies were like in east coast then we've seen that harrison dongwoon every machine seen christmas lately now no but with a little nothing in boulder that every other week but none i never see him out here either uh it's a nickname pair i thought it was the real name is the unification church showing young moon shit he was big in the 70s that they can survive man at the amish who the fuck then let's see recent use one thousand nine hundred and ninety six article bean dip by former prime minister edward heath gave at a unification church sponsored conference
he admitted the term muni is the language meaning of brain washed bright eyed zombie two yeah i guess there around still man huh yeah wow the unification church it's gotta be harder to do in those things today though now i don't know if you have to get state fucking prove there's some states unlike allow cult well you know as far as like religions cousin church yet to church i get like a tax deduction yeah whole fucking thing you know kazam that's what that's alex grey has that artist is yet to church like he's the one who does all those crazy psychedelic paintings that guy's got a church is this song
whole thing is non profit like he's been approved by the government which is pretty incredible we could all get approved thanks who wants that fucking creepy feeling i would never want that creepy feeling to i thought i was walking on fucking water and then you can throw all of them have all become that they all become that i know there's no way you could look back they all become that creepy person yeah is there anyone's ever made it called would sounds really good i don't know i mean that's biology hollywood scientology works out good for some people it has worked out really good for tom cruise works out really good for john travolta works really good for like the head actor guys and like you know people where it's ahead of i mean whatever their group of like not people in scientology works out good for them is that a blue cigarette that you're smoking just crack cocaine that bloomberg's trying to get rid of those he should i give a fuck
i don't know why you say that look at jenny mccarthy she took over stephen dorff yeah i know new blue cigarette person they from black and white to really color super hot chick like black and white big film noir well i guess so doing that with this to the other one it's not yeah with so growth like being silly each other haha let's smoke ha ha ha she couldn't possibly smoke in real life and still be that odd she's like she smokes really you can tell she's a smoker could googly mowgli in which way to fucking humbles you gotta someone that fucking mountains hahahaha i had some nicotine is those jaws in between fucking she's beautiful generals is beautiful she really is uncle jim and she still pissed jim carry you know come visit the fucking kids i'm done fucking you come see the kids for glen rather rolls right or wrong now she's pissed listen we don't fucking wanna come see your kid when i was
eating your ass i was his best friend are you rested obama come over reading the book for you know in truth yeah it is it's hard to samantha man nicely go have a family outing over the visit jenny mccarthy you know she wants to smoke that poland talking bodies vent or you know you know jenny mccarthy still suck a dick that's a freak i ain't mad up i love jenny mccarthy haven't watched that she's great she talk about how amazing you are in ace ventura next thing i know she swallowing you sold your petting the cat everybody's fucking happy get the fuck outta here i can't be around you want you fuck jenny mccarthy can you imagine being around and not fucking her new single not really i'm jelly cut it out for that bedroom i'm gonna fucking i'm gonna fucking ace venturia to that fucking door there oh my god competition for a woman that hot is off the charts she's beautiful she funny she's great she writes fucking books she's been around
she's done a lot with playmate thing though she's done a lot you gotta really this chick with the chicago white it came out as a comic with the latest on that show i moved to la that show is it was getting cast by judy brown stan hope was on it the fucking the jenny mccarthy show i read for in satara mot control no the new control sitcom tv no on mtv the camera show sushi on single now remote control that wasn't her there was a sure there was a different one okay single that was with her and we noticed is that right yeah yeah yeah yeah i remember that yeah come on jenny mccarthys or bad bad stuck at around a long time man no fucking dirty movies no not the nobles gotta picture are secular can't nobody nobody's got a picture jenny mccarthy had hoped it wouldn't hurt her do it just so no she looks beautiful she's fucking hot and fat asses they used to be uh there would be a deal killer for a woman back in the day
killed and almost killed a check from miss america what was oh yeah pussy and ass the picture looking at picture look at that well it did in nineteen eighty four or korea and the which came out with albums bad marydell acaban what's your name again vanessa vanessa williams and s williams she was butte yeah maybe it's fine look at the picture reason that fucking monk wah she's with someone quite she's she's on all force he's gotta fucking nostrils and yeah that's a very beautiful woman that's a beautiful woman you know now she's fifty she's forty i mean you know i'm talking about when she was twenty she won miss america they took the crown for her to somebody and develop those pictures yeah i know floors it's a different world right now there taking courage that shit now you do that you get a fucking showing the kardashians underneath yeah that would we would pay attention you know how
something like that i mean look at paris hilton and kim kardashian and it made them really mean it made them more popular and this chick had a ton of fun i mean she put out a music calendar that every once in while still real man running back to you tremendous answer shit one thousand nine hundred and ninety one ninety two she did movies too didn't she she did the movie with arnold oh shit what was that more witness she was a witness relocation plan and he took her and she stole did this the company and come on now yeah man she missed and she was on some other tv show for awhile that's a bad ass mother fucker dan was a long ass yes she's been around for a long time but they killed her with that pussy up picture are eating some poor girl have glow yum yum knowledge is she out of texas i don't look and see if she's not aware she's out of she's out of somewhere you so that's what they made her life and she's tall two missing
vanessa williams there's another one and actress there was named vanessa williams to write remember that memo those two vanessa williams for awhile it's fuck confusing as shit this is sal williams and vanessa williams yeah ok where she from uh she is from millwood new york when she going to college texas i don't know something happened in texas some say dozen she's she's born in she was born in sixty three so shifty guy now i see what you've got a kids still works a lot of abc shows she still beautiful times a mother fucker dude it waits from nobody
waits for no but uh there's another vanessa williams ok there's a young girl there you go right there look at it she's nexus rock right by ocean for him and yeah she's like pumpkins there and she's like boys company smells fresh look how big it is yeah we can show that we get in trouble folks we can get trouble yeah it's weird when you go back and look at like you ever watch a movie from that era like watched was that movie where the guy played the video game and the video game starfighter number that was the guys name is alex rogan i remember that 'cause just got my last name and he was a guy who learned how to pilot this this space craft during playing this video game like the best at it no no no it's like stark starve last starfighter last starfighter was that it
it was so stupid was it was his name is at the black dude and he was like he looked all weird and creepy black guy which black one this stars lance guest robert preston k e cuter see full casting crew no i just look up the last starfighter and i hate this video game guy scene play doomed to stay his trailer park home all his life finds himself recruited as a gunner for an ale in defense force it was dumb love is this guys name use same guy in it right yeah that was the main guy who was he i forget i thought he was i think you think it of a enemy mine that's what hopeful and you thinking of louis
yes it is only when is louis gossett junior said the guys name one hundred percent right he's the man from remember that officer and a gentleman that was a great fucking moving great took me much to watch that couldn't get over because i had a girlfriend that like that mother fucker i hate it that much i want to see american gigolo he showed his ass i watched my edge after that and the people come out with office and a gentleman quarter for one hundred and seventy eight st for five hours with default hearts will steven bauer and the other chick that was the first big movie they gave steven bauer after scarface and fucking office in the gentleman what the fuck you been added budgie listening rolling stones badmouth in your country he's dropping some knowledge that luke goss started busting out old school karate moves and show that's why auto khan karate moves and he i tell oh my god you csi miami was in there to do it was taking remember he pulled him up and choke them out
the tap down they threw a model there plus the other guy was in that movie office on a gentleman is deep she was the whole like pull up the fight scene from officer in their general there's a couple of him but he walks up on anybody want to come ok how about you mayonnaise that's remember his name was mayo but let me tell you what are bad this part of that movie is when you really realize who fucking richard geres as the first chain on his father comes in and they just had an orgy father is played by frank lopez from scarface fresh scarface and rob fucking members names is common his hair and also this fall comes any moves over takes his dick on these pissing in front of him because that was some fucking night he goes not like those is in thailand i mean he was just he goes you going and he goes on i gotta drop some money i'm gonna fucking officer and he goes look at you really no fucking office remember he hits the glass anyway no fucking officer look at you with your problem i have to salute me someday
tremendous saying he walks out we don't come on i was only kid it's a great melissa very moving that scene in the beginning that was frank lopez those who does of that was lopez's i think it was after scarface so he face getting shot your mother was all there you go that's when he's trying to tell right what check i've changes are bigger so it is possible that you just signed it up tell me what i wanted i want to i want to feel a little quicker he doesn't know it's d o o r that's the light right here
i got nowhere else starts out said dog i got an order of the cow i got the world are you fucking kidding message kredible's incredible dog i forgive him for all his crazy buddhist bullshit memory after nine hundred and eleven we need to use love he got on stage in new york i was like we need to use love and love them like oh i don't know if that's the right answer me to stop planes were flying into buildings for worry about love people are going to be not flying planes into buildings because you're really good officer and gentleman he he remember he was so he was selling belt buckles to fucking those dudes he will do from csi miami come jump in his dog is it worth you make in a couple days his selling belt buckles dog trouble
i've ever seen what's his name at the store one night i shook his hand he's like a big ea guy you know lou gossett junior is he he store one night man cooling fuck i shook it fucking hand i said dog office and a gentleman you know you were bad dude you got a tremendous resume do you member good times fuck you i saw the father of the two member we were with him all the time i used to be a stand up comic up here he was he was fucking hilarious man john amos john able he was that guy was fonda good do so nice dude yeah very very fucking nice he was the first like really famous guy that i ever met that i didn't feel weird talking to no because he gave you know judgment he was just hanging out with you he was a fan of comedy he respected ah so that's the difference when somebody says back then goes dog i appreciate with the fucking do i tried it for three years and it wasn't i remember the dude from
badass actor glumac glen club used to always come into his store glenn plummer whose i like dude that was in the movie with sean penn where they did more but the gangs in la and then he did one thousand things i just saw him and fucking son to add i mean he's still working call at the store in coupling or dog what you do with i'm i really i don't want to do it i mean the whole thing at the store bringing him up then going dog please don't embarrass michael you've done movies with fucking andy garcia he sent to things to do in denver when you're dead all seen the two black dudes it's him cheadle and the dude from fucking uh this guy colors kodila he used to come to a store that i'm that guy's excellent it just got shot on sons of anarchy last two seasons or something like that may's lick johnny was it was the first guy that they never gave me a compliment to that that was like famous like the first guy that ever talked to like the told me that
good time am i at a shell they would send them back on the story of a great time and we come up to you and talk to you about this show i love when you did this big home and the way it did that numerous to have that tiger fucking bit came into one night after showed he goes you so free up there man he goes it's yourself anyway had to figure out how to do that bit right and one of the ways that i learn how to do that bit right was like you know do it different ways and he explain to me like what was good about it he like is he is such a great actor like even uh good times like rich oh yes fuck you is a ruse that's right he got his foot chopped off number yes he was rude he he was so good as an actor like even in like a sit com is like he had these powerful moments right so when he told me it's like you know like yourself it's a free up there when you doing so free because you don't think it
that shit is like you like thinking like that tiger and i realize like that's really the way to do it you gotta actually almost pretend you're a tiger lily think like that thing thanks and that's the way it worked i kind of figured it out because of him because i'm talking to me about it i was like oh yeah that's it that's it he was mainly so confident because he because he said that you know like this is john amos said that it's going to be right it's like this is one hundred percent i tested hi from roots that's the guy from good times as john amos captain i'm are coming to america that's right those incredible watch russell i watched all mythologic in the other now the richard pryor die you watching you here that makes me nervous we gotta watch when he goes to the hollywood bowl when he goes to the hollywood bowl and goes off it's amazing for some gay foundation the people
he went to the hollywood bowl for this back thing all star wine a bet midler the support gay people and he got out that he was with the fuck were you when they burn him watch you could kiss my rich black ass fuck you and he got off in the hopes got him don't virus to my god and they're born and the next day it was in variety and shit really and how they gave more of his dog and they took a back he played jim brown the president of his company how much how are you doing what he was doing a lot of things with jim john show jim brown is in his act remember like jim telling him to get off cocaine very interesting yeah you know what men makes you scared because you know that this parts at the relate obsession in other ways you know what they are we obsessed in other ways that whatever that doesn't have to be cocaine and weapons girl he was married seven times for a while one
the time when he went upstairs with a bitch and the guy goes next monday knocked on my door pickle richard what are you doing those i gotta get a divorce again it was just craziness that's crazy shit but that's what people don't know is when you're in that zone and you at the comedy store the chinese guys are giving you drinks in the back i can't even imagine i couldn't be in and i couldn't imagine being there with kennesaw was there with lenny clarke and there's eight and it is in the back and everybody is drinking and mitzi sure i know we always talk about this but baby we gotta show the mental side accommodate bro you gotta be a savage the part of you that after a certain level you have to become a savage you really cool man i'm a savage and i'm proud of it yeah there's no way around it if you don't do one survivor like the the very thing that you need to become a real comic so you have to have this freedom you have of our freedom of thinking you have to serve ability to go to these dark places and we we learn that from that fucking crazy haunted house
no that's a big part you did a little but you learned it there you learn how to learn how to be changed listen man i remember being sixteen and going home you a junior in high school i wasn't sleeping i mean at this time there was no sleep apnea i just wasn't sleep we were doing coke don't talk by myself by southcomb listen to master reality by black sabbath into the void and people and pope's hanging on a rope and i would put do the coca probably do a little bit of masculine two or something to get me going and i'd sit in that fucking all and smoke cigarette and do nothing i just go do this look right like a fucking retard back and forth i still remember his shit and i'd be jesus christ this is my life i'm going to fucking kill somebody listen to this shit how many days can you i have four before you start going crazy there's a number right three
three how many days have you ever done coke how many days you stayed up i've never done that never say that now i never did that how many days of you still at one time i stayed up through knights home riley sadly and by saturday night i kept calling the police right i could call the police tell him if there somebody in my house right and they kept this when i was house sitting on far away rd in snowmass village wow ok i'm up there and with me and my girlfriend were going to huff listen to this me and my girlfriend at the time are going to her brothers wedding and i'm going to meet her parents for the first time but i went to new york and i got two ounces of blow and i gave one to electrician buddy of mine i said hold an ounce of this i'm going to pick it up the night before i go to fucking this wedding and i get there by one thousand one hundred o'clock on a thursday night pick up beyonc go home by one hundred o'clock the mother fuck is calling me i do align i do another one time limit how bad i got the door
i had at the time hercules was probably a year old i love them i didn't let him out of the house the whole weekend he held that piss like a soldier you like them had another whole weekend had always pissed i wouldn't let him out this out crazy as impossible who the fuck cares he didn't piss i kept looking at him every time he cried that said you ain't going out and i had no porn right so i whacked off to watch the movie with the lady in red vanessa redgrave the lady in red the chip there was married to steve sagal you fuck oh what's her name michelle lebrock lab kelly lebron lebron and a caliber talkin woman in red shows up pussy for a slip second now yes yes she does when when gene wilder cause for her when gene wilder cause for her she runs off to bed and they show her bush i figured out with the vcr how to lock it on her fucking bush and i sit
so with my dick in my belly button and i'd whack it off and then i hear of something happened and i called the cops and after the third time they exactly down there like listen you gotta stop doing cocaine i had the coke hidden in the sink so if somebody happened i left a water and hit the compressed bundle yeah but there's one tiny minute in in lady in red where she shows her fucking pussy she shows her red hot panties right that's the idea no she gets up off the bed it says let's address fly and chose her red hot panties now so when gene wilder come calling for and she gets up to show is that little bush all that drove me fucking crazy i sat there she she reminded you have an old girlfriend in high school she was beautiful my god gene wilder gene wilder in her were in a movie together naked got some say then we can talk about brings yes i know i know it's same lady that's crazy lady and that's what it was called lady woman in red i'm so sorry woman in red
she was in steven segal movies too right she was in he was back from or whatever like back from she started he started beat them i don't know he started being home put membership is an acupuncture true yeah he was her when they just got it beat they said fuck the needle right making up man so he could be that he did something to she's best she was also let me we have a little celebrity losing weight show oh yeah yeah telling you guys why i don't come on here it yeah she's she's right now i think steve sajous third movie was with her back in danger whatever the fuck with the kid they shot the kid in him with the wife and then he went to the ranch yes hello yes she gained the weight stevens strassmann lot of god i'm stressed she moved to a fucking ranch and start eating potato chips there was miss dress with that steve
is it got money she saw what he made on one of those fucking movies i was getting paid vote for awhile he was a big mega doggy oh yeah no doubt yeah when he was doing like a boy of the law and all those movies above the law is a good movie don't ever get confused moving they would've never gave him another eight if above the law in the beginning when he's doing the class of the aikido dude oh yeah that's how the movie starts can touching go to control when he goes to the bars touch bitch slapping people with that fucking straight arm to the neck it was tremendous but he started killing jamaicans what was the movie with the fuckin jamaicans and shit i see that black dude auditions this shit i wanna shake his hand what's the move the jamaicans when he went to the mall with the colombians in the santa rea fucking tremendous that movie that was less that moving that was back you want to that's fine ok what is wikipedia we need to find out what the that movie is he still banging over death marked for death that's a good one
how many movies you think he's done tell us six thousand two hundred and sixty seven i bet he's done yeah let's see oh he did stunts in some earlier movies man never never again the james bond movie who's martial arts instructor in that yeah due to a kill no above the law was like eighty eight i was first movie damn this mother fucker is donald did not bat dude and the cops will look for me i hit out with above the law and lethal weapon and i a lot some over no when i was blown away by above the law i really was i was blown a look at is the jamaicans what was his name what was a quiz what was the blight while i go outside what was it macon's name let me kill the brother and the brother popped up well you know he had a glass i write something something with his fight scenes in these early movies would like the first realistic fight scenes in a movie where do was like
slapping guys arms down an fucking knuckle in the face it wasn't like these giant yeah you know i mean it was like more like that it wasn't like it was first time we were psyche to but it was also it was like like a giant flying split kick we kicks to do it's a time when news yeah it was it was more brutal than we'd ever seen in movies before i guess for like karate scenes it seem more brutal and more realist i've never saw steven segal movie the black movie theater but was they go find a cheerful white people black people cheer for black people movie theaters they cheerful white people smacking the fuck i saw rainbow too i saw second rambling one hundred 78th st in harlem it was on the funniest things i have one this day i always said when he fucking comes and he opened his eyes in the mud remember that scene when he opens his eyes yet money stands the german guy yes black people went fucking bananas dog but i'd never seen nothing like that
i know the majesty was saddam will be either seventy eight street back in the day we missed the window the window was in like right read about above the law if you got in above the law in the nineteen eighties and with the harlem in what's above the law i better be one most incredible experiences of your life you glad your ass off and then stop playing the fucking apes in philly me and tommy junior and his girl we went to a theater in the middle of philly and this is like when the ufc had fights in philly and we got your day early we played pool and we got we with so high we were terrified of her own shadow and then we went to this black neighborhood was the only wear place that they had that we didn't even know we didn't know was like an urban neighborhood until we got there but so we're in the theater we like oh my god with the only way people here there's like maybe like three other white people have found each other we huddled together and then is the movie theater but we got in there it was hilarious man there's dudes who are artists at yelling shit out
this dudes are argue if they do it for all you fucked up now like i i like it for the most part like most people are bad at it it's gotta be funny if it's funny it's brilliant yeah in some dudes try too hard the worst is when there's a funny dude and is not funny friend is like fucking really loud he tries too hard like one doodle some funny shit and then is the friends will chime in and try to like top him and they can't they don't know they don't know they're not funny at i saw a clint eastwood marathon in san francisco in the tenderloin and clean eastwood tells the guy to pick up the gun and the black guy yell flipback shoot that black mother fucker the place went down he just shoot that black mother fucker when the plan when the white people it's amazing you see planet apes another one you didn't say this fuck
good joey it's fucking good i enjoyed it i know you wouldn't go see the mechanic you wouldn't go see the it was a jason's tatum was jason see them with the mechanic he wouldn't go see that out of respect each other but when it was on television i caught the first ten minutes of it on showtime and i was correct you are correct they blew it they mum it wasn't as good but let me try some that dude who played the bad guy to do the plate's apprentice that mother fuckers wicked he was in that stupid vampire movie thirty days of night did you ever see that movie no good fucking movie you know jam michael vincent one thousand nine hundred and seventy alright jam michael trope send jim michael one thousand nine hundred and seventy three he was he was taken check out on wilshire blvd and they were low look up the sunset the suck that blinded specially after the movie he did not baby blue marine come on now and then they put him with the ugliest man in hollywood charles bronson and went crazy right he looks like a fucking truck at him he went nutty he airport guy was malibu eating pills drinking cocktails tall people
pilot they say that that's the place to go if you want to eat pills if you like a rich old person eats pills malibu is your spot like everyone it was like you know there's like a bunch of refugees from hollywood that are older and just chewing pills now like littered between people who like to jog and ride bikes there's like just p staring at the ocean just popping pills although not the worst thing about those pills but how long they stay in your system and now you don't feel it while you're eating those things not till you get off those things like when you get up a script you get a knee surgery i feel bad because america doesn't really know is usually your bike is a few surgeries no i don't like that stuff you read the ticket i leave because you'll know you'll know what it does to it destroys your system at each apart your fucking stomach lining you gotta eat tons of fucking yoga with them pills or slow fucking death in this country and people have no idea but i was never really an opiate great some binds i spotted some cold forget the deck
gorilla biscuits but there's people who eat those out like that thing you always talk about that florida road doc you the oxycontin express i should want by the way down those things are a different that data carolyn ain't the best thing in the world for you you might as well pull off the street and do a little bump synthetic heroin is made not to fucking addicts you but the fucking destroy you know it's like cocaine it's like now i go to places i angeles and i really enjoy getting hide red bed i really do but guess what when you show up with a fucking dab in a pipe and a fucking torch and shit like that it's time for you to stop why does everybody always wanna make crack out of it so i know first they do to cope you just couldn't snort coke no more now i gotta mix it with gasoline and fucking toenails put in a jar
with paint and smoke it no no no that's not strong enough that's what people are always doing the guys just amazing now he wants to stick it in your ass now yeah well you got a good point there at least a finger but now they got so much fucking weed stuff coming at you and it's great but i see right well the conjointly yeah i still like role is right you know what i like about rules join and i like the the the like the car but they manage it's all it's like these are the papers i want to see the celebration but from the celebrates the ritual that's what i want i was like this or if i like the ritual of like here we go come prepared for it and get it rolled up smokes in florida this is the craziest statistic however we've read it before but if you haven't heard that podcast florida describe ten times more oxycodone pills than every other state in the country combined fucking to eat town see
it's a scary scary thing that that that those pills have like taken over so strong at the blower there at the blow concept of this now florida's like so many oxy cottons everywhere now you add bloated i when it be cool if they had an app to show where people are sober if you're like if you hold your phone to tell you if you're on heroin and just they love you look i got a map like we're looking at that point map of the grain pies all that find out how what what percentage of florida is not on paying bills right now ready go we are not hip enough but i guarantee that with three years behind there was somebody right now moving kilos of cocaine on line through ups or whenever one of those systems and nobody even knows and a delivery system well you know about silk road have you heard about some around it by nothing but i'm just saying that there's gotta be somebody selling coke on twitter well there was an article about it umbras article about a website that somehow another is able to tran
back to list deals and people send poop senders yeah if you want to buy any proof that gorilla poop per cow poop elephant crap why would anybody want to poop look up see if there's what is that silk road thing that's that's the thing that everybody we're talking can't look it up she had to change it don't talk about whatever it's too late know about the government knows about it it's all over the news bedbathandbeyond dot com to something like that but there there's ways that people are doing it whether they are figuring out how to but i mean how long are they gonna be able to do that and then what happens if somehow in the future you know they can go back retroactively and like look up the database who bought heroin or whatever through this fucking crazy website sign on his joe rogan no you wouldn't believe me know you would not so anybody who's going to buy heroin online is going to be a little crafty if there you gotta hide your name
maybe i'm going to be a commenter on youtube you're not going to go on there is joey diaz and say crazy shit but taylor swift if you got a if you have if you have a mac and you know you have a you know i think you controlling your heroin use you could quick a fucking switch in twenty minutes later who delivers a tiered or that you know you know them but this is there no way you have no more it seems like once there's a desire for something it's impossible to stop people from figuring out a way to get it to people spell if it's illegal an a it only makes sense that they'd be using the internet right brilliant it is brilliant brilliant there's nowhere else i mean it's going to happen right i mean it's not like anybody is going to hide that shit speak speaking hide match it listen to this there was a dude in china that got arrested he he went to jail because he can vince to girl that she her vagina was haunted and
he had to get rid of the ghost with his penis so they arrested him for this they arrested him after he claimed that he get rid of it the paranormal enthusiast allegedly charged three thousand two hundred and fifty dollars to perform sexorcism come on man that dude is a pimp and you're hating you hating on that guy i give that got into the city book that's a fucking you talk a woman into town there's a ghost in a monkey in a fucking genius and he got soccer most cock she's gotta give him money that's great yes it's a brilliant even fuck up but give him money to blow with this girl look like there's gotta be a picture that dummy not so far i don't really want to see your picture i'll be sad poor gal his name was wang gian one brilliant
hu angie gias in grammar school dog he was that little chinese doing a back that got fuck razor be through paper clips at like he's a gangster clip and now he's getting his dick sucked and getting paid there really is funny man that is classic that's classic type shit explain the ghost in her vagina were preventing her boss from falling in love with her oh my god check this so she must have come to him and said i want my boss to fall in love with me and so she was a conniver man so he convinced her because the ghost in her vagina were protect preventing her boss from falling in love with her this shit goes though it could easily catch with his penis how did you fucking arrest that guy come on man they don't have high five there that's rude
resting this guy for that is rude you should be able to go to the go to court and he said well you're on what i told her was that her vagina was haunted and the only way she's going to be able to steal her boss away from his wife is if so let me fucker and catch the ghost with my dick get the fuck out of court with your lunch box and get the fuck out you wanted to sue him for what ukrit you thought that was true he saw it really is going to get the ghost out with his dick get the fuck outta you call the cops and tell him this show is space listen i got arrested guy he stuck his dick in my fucking whatever until madden ghost in there he fucking holy lied to maine and i guess it's the money it is three thousand two hundred and fifty bucks is that a problem with the mean how can they prove it he she probably wrote a check
going to prove it how can they prove that he didn't get the ghost out smell it actor plasm smell it could be game though she waits it it's a crazy world though you could people in anything when you can definitely talk some people into almost anything into anything go to farmers go to farmers market on sunday just pick somebody any is laurel canyon farmers market just stay in the back there's always go to burning man put the hat on the whole fucking thing anything you talking to join a cult if you went to burning man three three just walk out there with the middle east i gotta have a plan i gotta have a plan where take them you know
why the reason why they have to suck your dick to drink from the anointing of the sick the whole thing they got it you know you got it you gotta have a plan you just can't go to burning man dr knowledge you got to have a plan well you have to have a little bit of a plan but then from there you can make it up as you go along and it's it's tremendous because you can get a soldier and his girlfriend and his girlfriend when you recruit to chase the some of the mobile your off and running some one of those that needs is a trust fund baby right at least could talk listen to what can you get from your dad well he such a pig you know he makes condoms and said that's it he says dole he's an you could probably get ten thousand okay get ten thousand and then yeah i wonder how many of those people like pretend we kidnap leader dennis to send money bro i lived in bold and i remember kids coming to mean going listen give me a week i gotta come up with seven thousand five hundred from my i remember them saying they work their dads the and then they'd walker
poor telling people that poor and my god this is so hard living in boulder meanwhile there i will fucking volvo with an airbag the whole fucking deal why that is really rich who drives like beat up cars because he grew up rich and he like he like has a pick up truck so he drives a pickup truck on purp it's like he wants to think he's like a country guy well yeah i'm just trying to make it in this here big city me didn't million so really the people gotta be scared of those are the people gotta be so well i think someone growing up in that kind of environment if you grew up with like i mean name the name super rich multi billionaire parents living on yachts and no flying away to boarding school like your reality is so bizarre like your reality of the potential of your future if you grew up in parents are weapons manufacturers parents have an island off of greece you know dad flies out there in a g5 and
there's some machine guns a saudi arabia you do breakfast at the president's house you do breakfast at fucking clintons and you shoot your guns with clinton and bush comes over bring somebody tide up and you shoot him both i can't even fucking imagine i can't even fathom that you know being that just take away your right you're working there joy diaz i know you have bohemian grove i filled them worshipping maulik the owl gone have you seen that video they did no he did a video of him live from bohemian grove is like alex jones is one of the first videos they really do he's right they re we do have like a ritual they do there if you find an online about guarantee it's up there alex jones live in bohemian grove they find he goes there and these dudes there in front of this gigantic stone owl and they of these sticks and they say they're going to burn these sticks like it's an effigy i guess the
yeah behind that is the sticks are supposed to represent a sacrifice in the old days they actually used to take a person and light them on fire this is alex jones is much younger i is there at least gentlemen hiding in the bush is watching this say tannic ritual take place with your tax dollars these dudes would put on robes and they go out there with torches that's that's eyes wide shut that's the same shit don't don't fuck with the music or the sound rather what's this now come on this is crazy this is fucking beyond crazy cuz this is real this is in the wonder alex jones is so crazy if you went there live and you saw this you would believe that anything is possible if there
and do they have a bundle of sticks and is there a woman that they're pretending that they're going to sacrifices that the idea is there a woman who's like tide up there i wish i knew the whole story well see it looks like they got the person that they're going to pretend to sacrifice then they burn these sticks but it's like what but just just knowing that that's real this is in texas i don't know it seems like it seems like it would be let's look it up bohemian grove whole dollars for the soundtrack this is amazing this subtracted that's right here listen to this and now it's in california wow it makes it so southern though like you did it it sounds
you know where this happened to me so i could avoid this fucking neighborhood what just happened i slice failure somewhere in northern california just passed by sailor before sf you kill him kill and you pull over a taco that done alex jones in bohemian grove live famous footage this is what tune me into the illuminati ladies gentlemen there is a dark time before they would they hid in the shadows wow this is real that's so strange mean even is just for a goof and people oh you're just misconstruing what's going on there the the idea is just for fun what i'm an asshole stands around in a row waiting for this stupid shit to take place like this is taking place for over like one thousand five hundred and twenty minutes and they're all in orderly line like waiting this in this very weird ritual i could want to participate in this
so the idea is that uh there's a washington post article about it better music it would be cool i mean like look at it a fire and people dressed up but there's not even moving it's not like they're dancing like what if they had great news and then just standing still so much better then it's going to get us pulled from youtube you fuck the digit the signatures got damn scramble the signal then she here yeah there's an article here in the washington post about this bohemian grove thing and these guys are standing around these gigantic redwood trees and shit and there are all these like really super guys it says who for future us presidents ronald reagan and richard nixon are pictured with harvey hancock not to be confused with herbie hancock or was that there i have the love bug know herbie hancock was the musician right harvey cox standing and others of the bohemian grove in the summer one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven wow is amazing ronald reagan richard nixon check this out
nixon said in his watergate tapes he if i were to choose the speech that gave me the most pleasure and satisfaction my political career would be the lakeside speech at the bohemian grove in one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven is this speech tradition was off the record receive no publicity at the time but then he said that the behavior of that i attend from time to time the easterners and the others came there and became the most faggy god damn thing i've ever you could ever imagine richard nixon nixon that sanford a crowd that goes there it's just terrible i mean i won't shake hands with anybody from sf nixon said that some assistant terrible human being look at this sure of this this photo of ronald reagan and richard nixon talking to this or this guy it's really strange
like they really do have a place or like these old rich elite guys get together and sit down and talk about shit i they really did have places like that where they would meet up in these special locations like that idea is always been like this wacky conspiracy theory thing that the elites get together and they meet and they wear robes but now they i really do they're hanging around in the forest and nixon and ronald reagan in their dinner jackets on colonel sanders couple my way in the lower right doesn't it yeah it looks like a little john wayne ish much of weird all dudes so strange well it's going to be like going to be like long after these guys are gone like obviously reagan and nixon are both gone now but i mean like long
only after anybody is alive now in the future we're going to have like i just sort of a whisper of what happened there yeah well something's going to find the letters gotta be proof of picture a photograph of something something to write some crazy shit down that chick wasn't that picture in nineteen fifty seven she was never seen after that night away in an attic somewhere and i'll be here say two thousand seven hundred and eighty acre compound two thousand it's two thousand seven hundred acre compound in monte rio california for two weeks of heavy drinking supersede he talks druid worship generally the group sister there'd simply revealing the redwoods and other rituals their purpose to escape the frontier culture or uncivilized interests of common man wow this is the fucking washington post who wrote this the people that gather at bohemian grove who've included business leaders former us presidents musicians and oil barons are told that we
spiders come not here meaning that business deals are to be left outside one exception was in nineteen forty two and planning for the manhattan project took place at the grove leading to the creek mission of the atomic bomb god damn joey diaz answer me this true how hard that edible kick in about fifteen minutes ago i have no idea he thinks you're talking about bohemian rap he's got to a certain point where i saw him check out i saw his eyes rollback and i'm like oh ok good also the cheeba chew but equally squatters the seventy what is seventy milligrams of the pain i took popped all of those seventy milligrams what is a normal dose like ten two thousand and thirty seven 70s nothing it's one hundred and seventy five is the deca one say any five dot seventy five the one that makes people fucking cringe that's scary right that's a scary that's too scares that's a little too real you make mean hours life becomes too
i saw that movie trailer that was pulled that you were in it looked really good actually yeah great line in what movie true could everything dog i'm not going to say what it is what are you talking about he is in this picture no no we are talking about from movie deal should they put up but is it took it down some of the general why they took it down i have no idea what it is to get that but put it up trailer eureka trailer
yeah that's paid to edit it gets paid ten dollars an hour and he just puts it on line or something like that he made his own trailer it's amazing how he gets paid to do it he's probably at home sitting in burbank doing right now i got the story is something fucking unique when like the high level people who rob those movies kind of rob the movie from the movie theater with the camera no more they robbed that happened to warner brothers or fox they or sony they tap in like the week before the movie gets released or a month before it gets released they take the move that is backwards it traveled backwards they have to unwind whatever back in business that what they do so they break easily ftp sites the movie is out before the movies have yeah the movies in this country come out three days before you go see him on friday some of them give you go into any big market detroit new york with fucking this bad ass mother fuckers tools that you could get
whatever movie you want even though the movies not coming out till friday do you remember when you used to be able to buy him on the street and they were these you just pop pop up but they had a cover that was a copy of the real cover it was like obviously like a printer piece of paper you know like a common computer print a copy i may get maybe allegedly made great money selling pulp fiction bootlegs on campus i've never bought a fucking illegal film i was always scared to stop for those things otherwise pushing new york city i was always just don't stop yeah it's a skechers just like the whole fucking problem you know there's a lot of times i bought him and they were empty there's nothing there i knew guys and the 70s that were taken by boxes like crazy eddie and put in fucking bricks in them and wrapping him at home and there in a corner can you pull up me like what do you got and then like speakers fifty dollars that two hundred in the bank i can unwrap them their rap you know put 'em in your car you going to get two fucking bricks yeah that was real common
pulling up and asking if you want to buy some schedule but it's doubtful we had some extras yeah i don't want nothing i don't want nothing go keep driving you know they had that crazy any story that was brilliant so we think about urban environments isn't it yeah you cities like people always there's always a scam and run but i knew there was one point where the scan went s there was one point where i heard do you hear shit that people are selling thermoses and the glass is and then you just say it why and started you might get a great deal oh i'm i get bullshit i gotta go back looking for the fucking guy the next day for eight dollars is it really worth the aggravation you know but i'm never going back to new york in ninety four after i got divorced and a friend of mine goes i got a job selling cars anything goes that he money how much money i got about six hundred bucks he took me to a took me to a building in harlem that the top two floors will like going into the gap why and the original clothes were on there with the original prices and it was like
seventy five percent off and you got it strong member for like six hundred getting three suits and a pair of shoes and two dress shirts or something you know nice suits like wow you know because the sound of four thirds somebody robbed them off a truck but they had blenders in there that tv's that tables that everything it was brand new if it was probably heading to ikea something like that with the fuck knows wow buildings in new york when i was growing up they pull up but there were guys in the would that you knew how to job with a pa trucking or one most things one of those trucking firms he gets should every fucking thursday think it should every fucking thursday when like a bitch when i was a kid fucking the trains would move honda mini trails on the many trails are the best motorcycle he could buy for a kitten have balls it was fifty it was 50cc and it was automatic i had one i bought one for realz my mother bought me one for realz and then we found out that you could steal him off the train that came to her every lack of
and you would go down there and tell me what jump on the train break the seal take the shit thrown into the weeds and then somebody have to come back with the truck because in those days you put those together income built the tigers won the bottom was on better put the seed on going to steering wheel on yet to put all that shit on it it's amazing dog so we've found that when they were coming in and you take three or four and keep one so three of 'em there were two hundred retail so that meant there with probably eighty five hours wasn't like a big amount of profit for like some organized crime in new york so they could steal things off the docks and then reselling someplace yeah that's it it cost you nothing it cost you nothing you could sell it for whatever the fuck you want right you know you could cut everybody what do you think stealing cocaine in the 80s is so popular because i control them but i just got thirty kilos that you're going to pay for only for myself for thirty two was last time anybody ever offered you buy something that was stolen
and is removed as i move to california stop really really stop talking the boom shaka laka oh that's right yeah i just got here to dildos other day i'm like wow these are like brand new boom shaka laka or the other guy got ahold nice guy no no no reboot out yeah but who's the guy with the lighter that's another crazy name yeah fuck touchdown if you still run yeah i just on the other no he's not he hangs out at the rainbow now but and melts boom shaka lock had this then i'm like wow this looks like brand new name like but it's now right why am i touching at what do you remember that kenneth and talked about the roxy wave back or the rainbow way back in his fucking hbo special that's how crazy the rainbows bend you see the sunset strip movie i told you about and i tell you about this no
once that strip just came out on showtime on demand i think you could ask it on itunes it's a document about son strip starting from the beginning all the way through the mafia the way through zeros it goes through and all this shit but the other the hooker how is that were everywhere i had no idea about like there is like process whatever like houses that rich people go to and just hadn't tons of hookers in it and you you you could talk about everything and you go by hyatt and you're just like going by these buildings that you go by every day i'm like holy shit that was the hooker house came out in twenty twelve gotten mad reviews man it's got amazing people in it's kind of amazing review online it says the documentary on the famous los angeles street wow yeah so yeah it's five stars are four stars here yeah i'm not tonight is it available on a itunes really well done there's a lot of people in it and it's if there is a place in in like the world
i've ever been to that i feel like it's haunted with the memories of the past not necessarily haunted but haunted the memories of the past it's that area yeah may talk about that a lot so hard aspect and they talk about how it used to be like poppy not poppy feels like something weird here is actually for it with zeros wow gyros
and they go through a lot of comedy wow doheny to crescent heights there's a lot of ghosts i believe in sacred places and i believe that this is it's a sacred place that strip is like where you leaving where you come back this is very old fashioned feeling still not so very yeah it goes taste titillation and sex hollywood itself is a magnet good camera feel sexual appeal and the strip is kind your dreams can start out there and dream will end their you know if you don't your it you will die that night and it will be because these two talking weird though mickey roarke yeah he was talking to that other guy and it was just a weird combo who was the other guy johnny depp no i think it's that that's also comic
god damn this looks amazing there's probably start could not have happened any place and then you have to get it you okay it was sold chateau marmont viper room nobody would ever come by me like you guys can't do that here are you crazy it seems like this is a place where people sort of comfort refuge sunset strip is a civilization for the broken hearted the mistreated the overlook the under love and die here die in front of all of was i gonna make it bun like the mayor of sunset strip for something weird like that but why is he i don't know they look badass though that was really good i just realized how fortunate i am to have been able to perform that i can just let me like jesus i could go back i gotta laugh
actually from time to time would you go back to the store never know but if i go there for you guys came with me what the fuck do you are you ghost buster yeah the damn show on tuesday dom's on tuesdays great well he does uh he has a fun thing he does not just stand up he fucks around with the crowd a lot you know he tortures them oh yeah he left well he's great and he does his podcast from there too sometimes you know i did the podcast i do want to change in the saddle once once so if you could you guys went back to the commissary like this at sears a i'd i'd be more than most amazing things ever just it's just like having like with the rogue india's tuesday hi like in the main room sold out every week and this on having the awesome but why would we do it then we do it at the ice house tomorrow night boom joey diaz is doing his podcast there and then bloom i'm there with eddie afton bryan callen tomorrow
one thousand pm i see that as soon as you see the difference is the energi be at the ice house is all like there's a long history of it and there's all but what we bring their we've been bringing their this plenty spirits the icehouse on this is not negative is no murdered people is now like holes in the fuck basement covered in cement with dead people but what people don't realize we're not exaggerating that was ciro's nightclub was owned by bugsy siegel bugsy siegel i mean there was a gangster that kind of killed people that's back when you could just kill people and that pretty crazy street that nutty energies that place as it only makes sense that people died there the piano player
scott recently posted on his facebook that the tunnel going underneath the street where they used to like take the bodies underneath to where it used to be stressed yeah to the house the house so yeah that was what i don't know if it's true that was the room rose was that in the back of the main room there was a doorway to a town on the tunnel led up the hill to crest till we're the mansion was because they were the property was sold together allegedly but that's like one of those things like fuckin ichabod crane well there is a tunnel but i'm sure that's true there's a lot to go see right now if they have a tunnel somebody died that's why i need to there's a lot of shit down there is a room that goes this way and it cuts across naked keep going to different things there's a lot of shit hitting the shooting holes one of the ideas in this questions everything show was to go and spend the night in a haunted house and i was you know there's no better place to stay based another store basement other comedy store too yeah that would be terrifying
call carl dubeau used to tell a story on stage about how the time where when he was young we haven't come in here and tell it someday when he was young he was staying at the store and he's at the store like his wife kicked him out or something like that he got it was forced to stay at the store so sleeping on the stage like this i'm here to make my dreams happen man i'm not letting some chick getting my way so i'm just going to lie down here and he said he was find down he told it on stage it was like a halloween show we had in the main it was fucking great and he was like and so i'm on stage and i hear clink clink clink like this chairs movement it is pitch black and i'm like hey hey it's me carl you know i had a had no way stay silence is he was dormant back then you know like right before ken isn't even made it and he said he heard another clink clink like he heard another chair
and they said in and out of nowhere to hands grabbed his legs and drag them to the edge of the stairs and he said there was no one there he said he didn't see anything by the time he got up he scrambled the purse whatever it was just disappeared he freaked out ran out of there it's a great story it could have been easily been boom shaka laka did you really you sound perform there now i saw him by the belly room going up to stay as well now what do you mean you saw ghost you're shaking your head yes come out of her pussy now i'm sitting there watching i was up next said she is it was an accident i was up next to the other two and i was standing by the thing there and i kept saying there's a light on the top of the belly moon is a big red light on
and you still watching the comic but i had like two away so was that comic and one more before me i was watching waiting killing time and i kept seeing something keep going past my high you see the life how many days would be awake panels to be on stage at the blow when i got off stage and i'm sitting at home what the is this light finally a look up you know i wore that stupid long jacket yeah it was like i saw the tail end of the jacket i went upstairs there was nobody up their dog i saw it i saw with my own two fucking eyes i never felt more my liver got chased nobody pulled me dice has a or where he was upstairs and heard them banging on the door crazy quarry cuomo has a story where that she heard music in the fucking main room like all band music like the tight connect type music who who is the older guy that was a veteran brett uh something right now lot of people are different thing
you know i mean i never got cards to pull i know that the original room has a weird allergy in your right the sunset strip does have something special there something there something there loading that there's something that point that comedy store the big mistake they're going to do is going to knock that down and build something over it and it's going to be like a carry movie the hands of that come out of the ground i mean that's the truth guys there's something there somebody committed suicide there people gave their lives there how many people died and didn't make it as comics in a fucking short wanted how about the guy who jumped off the roof sure that fucking place is wanted to remember they had the yeah yeah sure it wanted that building in gardner all those buildings people in those buildings bro people with a straight legit people say this block is wanted on gardner buying elcome andrea more those buildings there they wanted any people kill themselves in those buildings coming out here look at this fucking young kid that iced himself last
i'm a disney show twenty nine years always on fucking missoulian isles fucking black twenty nine years old with a shotgun i gotta do the can i go to make a right cops alone my fucking within that fucking building that what possesses people it wasn't on drugs that kid one slash two can go with that kid what possesses people to do that shit though gay that i'm wishing you know how many judy can see all these back she said haha cafe why would we can see how he tried to make a comeback all said she don't see you i don't give a shit sue dumb bastard i just saw her doctors have been known that lasted like thirty minutes is hiring in yelling and being a crazy man and you know i'm very happy i was talking who are graham elwood call tus invite us to the podcast convention and i go gram do you know that mean you with the same manage in two thousand were still here weather with
rich successful war the tv show was still here no car crashes we haven't od'd were here how fucking lucky a week we're very lucky to have gone through we've gone through at the store and have a great time in the comedy that i just saw that i had goosebumps i'm a fucking fat ex felon from north bergen nj i was at the comedy store doing blow developing getting better seeing the fucking world walking to the store being from the union on tuesday night to the store and walking back to the laugh factory and we used to watch the standard also standard eat the blue cheese burgers fucking delicious come on this is incredible remember that carney idiot that sold the did lighters the first week that's the guy yeah the first give me give monkey balls the first monday i was ever here i walked into the fucking family store and on paris put me on stage thank god i knew eddie griffin he put me on a monday night don barris still had the shorts on still had the balloons on wow and the next day they told me to go to the lab fact
that's where you went on tuesdays and you still online all day needed three minutes and i stood on line all day i guess it was online with me all day monkey balls and he knew the whole history comedy in la who you had a sign with who going to see you i put this guy was a master comic and he on stage he lost his voice i never laughed so hard all my life he went up there lawson aldaz talked in telling store where is nice like me mimi mimi mimi dying that was monkey boy then he became a wider salesman wrangler wheels be yeah he always had those lighters with titties in bryan callen and comparison yeah bryan callen and on bears have this thing where dom there's pretends to bang brian talent in his booty hole he gets pants down and everything and
if they have this thing they acted out and it's so realistic he presses he presses counts mouth against his cock makes it like he's pulling his cock out jerks off on and finishes it and it's made extra special by the fact that don barris without wearing a costume is doing this in a jumpsuit he wears a tracksuit naturally like it's not like you dressed up for this role where it could pose cock out really easy now it's just a part of this thing and on top of that paris is rumored to have a cock size of your own huge that's what i'm saying that's the room every time he's been with how to pull it out on stage i get out the room i don't want i don't want to get depressed that's the one thing that i mean if you don't have a giant dick in another guys giant take you like wow what the hell i mean you could always get rich make enough money you could buy a nice house too but if you guys got a giant dick he's got a giant dick he just kind of
i think it was like a year ago or something that he had a boner for some reason he wanted to show a girl in the audience and he was just like outlining it with his hand like look how big this is honey you know like he's acting it's like a twelve inch dick right it's a giant fat dick it's not a skinny twelve inches either it's not like one of those white guys in the movies where it's long but you like yeah but it's like tapered the beginning of the end of it is like small it's weird you know there's some long dicks at an impressive down viruses it looks like a big german dick you know like a big austrian death yeah which could imagine some plugin hiker would have joey's done looking at least think about dicks he shaking his head like yeah yeah i understand i understand i got a big dick to cock sucker i need this shit oil
we don't we don't need this shit if anybody needs a shit listen is there anymore tickets to you wednesday night at the icehouse yes there are six hundred and twenty six five hundred and seventy seven one thousand eight hundred and ninety whatever the fuck are so joey is at the icehouse eight current stick around man to a spot goes through next door not going so he's not going to do two shows in the night it's most likely i have all call of conduit tomorrow night yes i split yes tomorrow night mark martin kampmann versus charlestown ri zero sanyo's against call cowboy cerrone yes yes so there's a great fucking card tomorrow night then we're going to milwaukee yes so we got a great show at the paps is only one hundred tickets left in iraq last time we had six circles of people smoking reefa bazookas eating edibles somebody
the trade black security was going to fucking take rogan home they will hug him and shit are there with a nice advisor fucking people those girls they took care of me we made a video on there so i'm looking forward to going to milwaukee thank you for coming out we're going to have a fucking blast cock sucked we're gonna have a great time but i'm going to got them on friday the 13th row row control don't think that we don't appreciate the are you guys right we do you know what we talk about it all the time we know that we're incredibly lucky in that we're we're in this we weird situation where we have like the nicer i'm only one call fans the people that come out to these shows the nicest people pier it just humans family there just it in the atmosphere is just cool as fuck after the show
and there's a few people get real nervous in their hands get sweaty and that their strange i love him for the most likeable fuck come on down we just put deodorant on don't be hugging me with a fucking stink bomb under your shirt tops how many times that we take pictures to do is they just completely sweaty i'm sweaty too so i don't give a hand women touch me i get all nervous i tell him please don't touch me 'cause i'm sweaty and they don't give a fuck so far they want to touch you and you go home and take the shirt off and put it on the couch next day just take away from it smells like fucking a chick with a ghost in this matched yeah this is the checks it took care of us last time look at this this is going to be bossy no fuck you don't fuck asleep he kept the line going they kept everybody in line 'cause we been come after shows we will meet people and we've been doing it for forever like i don't know man i don't know how it started it has started we we just hang around after shows but as a long time ago the dome just died at home and we have yeah the with that's all it makes well you know when we decided we even talked about it we decided that it's
if you want to leave like it's is way better for them if they get to hang out and take a picture with us and get to meet us it's a better experience you know so it's like it's part of the experience is they go to show they have a good time and then that you know afterwards were hang around with them and and talk to them and take photos with them and it's so it's not just you know you're not we're not just the comedy show and then getting the fuck out of there like uh we appreciate you guys coming this way when i walk into the usc people start yellow do you like high you like no no no no come on you mother fucker those people at the ufc are crazy and sometimes i have to leave like i do interviews afterwards this cream and stay but i can't i gotta go there going to fuck him to drag me out of here they'll keep you there forever bribe the security and let him get up front it's great i love every pokmon of it i re you do it well this the ufc two they give it a lot of access to fans of those fan expos and qa's and that's awaits
it is weight and now other leagues are learning from dana white that's what you gotta do to be successful people want the full experience people will pay they get fucking arm barred by chocolate down and you know what so would i yeah if you're a fan if you you got an affair text will learn how to roll i don't care whether you're white bella brown but they're not going to kill you then you don't get one great thing out of the picture yeah memory for life i could never do that yeah i went to jewel i went to like willis he's basketball camp there was no pictures then you take a picture with nobody you where was all from memory he signed the t shirt big fucking deal carlos condit had a great video of him a sparring with guys like rolling with guys who went to like army base which rich frank is done it to people yeah this is done in a bunch of times henner gracie did it too they go
and i'll go to a base that's right frank mir against babyface assassin who was on this card up with milwaukee yeah we got a great car we got much mad mother fucking clay guida org install hulu fuckers go all the spanish kid the one that last album brazil he spa the team alpha male um which one little little little kid little kid he mister jose outdoor there need to face chapman jasmine this is false laziness fight in forty five days fighting for chad mendes yeah baby yeah baby we got some good fucking fights this week i'll read the card off here right now give me the undercard baby i don't know what that thing here we got oh jesus we gotta lot of shit me brandon vera what versus ben rothwell god damn holy shit we got some crazy fight man had about that one eric coke versus dustin poirier you go they got him by
that versus mir clay guida versus chad mendes jamie varner versus glazen tibau oh shit this is a grateful from grapevine card and then of course the title fight benson henderson versus anthony pettis that is fucking rufus will be there friday jumping up and down and shit long try cakes for jesus that's an amazing fight man henderson versus anthony pettis can be fucking insanity you know pedis a fifty percent ko rate fifty six percent that a beast forgot cubs joe lowe's she added in a head kick about donald cerrone fucked him up with a body care who's out his left leg is nasty but he's a bad mother fucker he remember when he hits wrong with that crazy need to the showtime knee he bounces the cajun top cisne through a small opening catches him in the face
wild and so is henderson henderson's a fucking beast he's only gotten better since you want the title it's only gotten better since he lost the title to panisse stuff is amazing he's a different fighter way losta pettis bro this is going to be using different this would be a great week is gonna be amazing cited yeah this it's a sick card sick weekend so will see you guys at the pabst theater and will see you tomorrow night at the ice house and also tomorrow we're going to have a podcast here with the one and only everlast and ever has released a new released a new aku stick only c d and he got the idea from doing it from performing on podcast from getting an r pod gas and and do for the first time performing you know acoustic like that and getting this massive reaction all the love is what inspired actually pulled me last time i was here he pulled me into the car in his brain i need something that tell you something out and he because supposedly i hope it's still on there but he said we talked
i said that you should do like a hot that one song jump jump up and going down do an acoustic version of this i know that hate those songs but he's like he played it for me in his party things like how is this i think i was like what the fuck did i use allowed to say that you breaking mean it's out now in las i think it is out i think it's out right now i think it came out today i think it it's out tuesday that's cool yeah is going to he's sick i like him acoustically even better than house paint needs and i think spain's what is that song little miss america or that one somehow god damn that's a good song and ever since what it's like like people like caught his his acoustic shit is like way deeper it's way more emotional and touching jump around is always going to be like an anthem so he's going to be like a cool song basic it's awesome the version he played it for me can i put my dates i'm going to be
only hinchcliffe september twenty six at stand up live at phoenix arizona and the following day i'm going to ohio columbus ohio at woodlands backyard with tom cigarette have tina pidgeon skeet antonian meet alright we'll see thirty three is tomorrow and mayaudon bless you all love the shit out of you see you soon the sponsors they can go fuck themselves they know who they are this in stamps dot com enter in the code word jre go to on calm music code word rogan can audible dot com slash joe we love the fuck outta you guys will see you soon
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