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2013-08-29 | 🔗
Everlast is an American singer-songwriter known for hits such as "What It's Like" and "Put Your Lights On" and was a founding member of House of Pain.
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Blake, I didn't Blake Mademoiselle Julie, Brad Yeah were full user so I started. Can you hear me yeah yeah everything's, although off were adjusted for music, so make sure everything's, cool notice. We did no commercials fuck it what kind of shorter you weren't in Asia zionist Shirt,
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people like that? Are you not like notorious like people are yeah seats as jumped to legal zoom? I guess he had something to do with it. Shapiro, Wanna, CO, founders of legal adviser, Evelyn, deep inside the system, understand all the behind the scenes. I just have a smoker their part of the brain darling. I thought there are still those who take your nose. So there's a loser. Piero knowledge left their somehow eat. Some fresh fruits and vegetables are still living like parties is gonna like a living in the nineties really hit. The music already did so is officially started? Yeah good enough, when I finally got plenty music in this part can neither opening song yet J thing is one of the weirdest times in my life, because I was very young man and I was still really delusional about the way the world works. I really had no idea, you know I didn't know like to the extent of
rubbish in craziness in the fuckin dispute between like when Randy King happen, and I saw like how strong the hate for police says in there that, though, the the anger that led to the writing, of who the fuck saw that common, who thought that I was so delusional guides us such little contacts with that world I had no idea what the disparity wasn't. Colleagues, people felt about about police brutality. Things like Don T sit have video of them being the shit outta that deal with sticks, and then they got. Often everybody's, like work, wait a minute. What let's go, would it what happened here exactly of ye was on one of these a he's on he's, unlike angel dust, it isn't feel it is that, happening here today. Have something didn't can they hold onto him like a kid, it's five guys. Can they rustlers due to the ground like it seems like
You simply to have a good time is out of the myth of like you're, not a myth, but though the grand thing about the angel dust on one thing is, I, like your people, have broken out a handcuffs yeah. Well, if that's the case, people need to revisit that fucking that one particular issue because ain't that Ireland has finger been off manual within that was just the straw. Do the area has a strong examples? Back was damn near snapped at their boy, and I was living on as that of the world. I was, I part eyes, these ran cynically I'll run it through outweighs the hatred for the police was was tat, was like Ex thousand hours. Norman. What was it like? Rowan around with those guys
You know, one thing was, as I can a weird way out, just so, oblivious to it that I do not cause. I was treated as you know like I was a member. The crowds already wanted that rap kid, and there was, I can only add ons. I showed him had the balls to be somewhere. I felt like I was cool there and I was there. I never was an indicator, bang and anything re ever flag in anywhere. I was you know, but how is it you know, and I was you know, new, do a few. Key people. That would be like oh yeah. He knows I do. I do now.
A shewed, iced tea, fair. I used to get old idea you by lightning causing s eyes would say things like you know. I'm in your white men in everybody here either thinks you're crazy for being here or you're a cop. So far to night I was worried about you know. A man has is best shit. Well, I think colours as one of its costs on to hammer out as one of the best like theme, songs for a movie ever representative of what was going on in that moving than that that song just fuckin nailed. I was right place right time, right, dude, whoever whoever picked him for it out. It was the right there, everybody made. The right decision is the rap version of live and lead die That's a good for me. Living there dies a theme song for a movie frame, but a bad ass, fuckin song. I may turn
tat, our data is largely workers being Xyz or is there really was a being wrongly? I believe Paul Macartney made it for the movie unless it was just a kind of just a coincidence. Sancho live and let me die, and there was a double or seven movie let's see sense, to find a home gardening weird you found well Macartney I mean as songwriter. How could you Nobby Rhine the guys? a lot of amazing songs, you use, I write that many well known songs. He was a beast You know, I mean I think, there's like, as you seem like such a nice guy, I think like Some more hard core people dont give that guy the he deserves like night. For me like. If you look at the real breaking down aside Palm John Lennon, wrote the more effective Rio can a weirdo kind of songs or, like more government, related protestors, kind of stuff.
Mccartney wrote the stuff about love and life and everyday things. You know what I mean like turn on the poetry kind of thing. You know that's, you know I think they're. I love them both in different ways: He was commission specifically for this movie and crew. It did to Mccartney's wife, Linda reunited the four beetles producer, George Martin while proves assign rings the orchestra break. It was all done for four that moving this One more successful, like movie theme, sounds ever because it was a real song and then continent roses yeah, maybe yeah so ten million, rather than you that's a fucking bad ass. I saw a factor that aims on your movies, making a hundred million dollars matter. What just with that song on it I go wrong banned on the run? That's like Gaza crazy scientists, like two songs in one. You know like you. You listened to the beginning of it and then what
The rain exploded with a mighty crash, as we fell into the sun, God TAT poor Macartney mean that that's a beautiful fuckin song, it's a work of art and good drugs. Yeah he'd seen everything there is to say he saw the foreman dollar of something that happened as alien to discern he saw that happened. While the rain exploded with a mighty crash is we fell into the sun? Damn you know he had seen on that. That's some old! I can hear the colors. I can hear the can't write, something that must be seen as a you can't take that lyric, the rain exploded with a mighty crashes. We fell into the sun. What the fuck, one tat said the second one, there a hope, you're having fun that is psychedelic as a lyric ever can get without being like ponderous. You know them. Thou being, like blatantly obvious, are trying to build trippy dad just that
that's a perfect lyric, where the rain, slowly with a mighty crashes, we fell into the sun and the first one. The second one. Their hope you haven't fine work can share you acid, for real. It has to be right. Heavy doses of it of trippy lyric He was so that their that ban was so instrumental in opening people's minds to the ideas of altered states of consciousness because they were went to like meditation in there. In other words, always hanging out we're gurus and shit. There were four deduce man and they started like these really sweet guys from England was cute. Haircut, making girl, scream and somewhere along. They morphed into this like spiritual injection machine, and now I can't you to the White Album like something like you. If you became a fan of the Beatles, you became a fan of forestry Alternate ways of thinking now.
Is this. I am in your view of you, were a fan morphing with them tat. He had to be pretty open minded yeah. You know. Luckily, the music was just really good so it helped a lot. Why? I think that you have you mean to be that good. You have really really stupid shit on a bed of music. That sounds good enough proof is all around us today. Yeah all around us are all around us always will be, but I think it should be. Good, you have to get crazy and I think they got crazy latest when everywhere they dusted went with it There's no way. You know you can't it's that's our regular dude beggar. I'm gonna, make that song, its isn't literally possible, like did the mind, does not work that way. If you're you gotta be some cream you do out there where, in robes hanging
What does in Tibet for real yet only later bow and be a perfection, Sierra gurus and shit indian dues with White beard, and they tell you freaky shit. Also, those candidates have the benefits of computer knowledge man. They had to be good at all the air they were known. Yeah. Tell it yeah, I do in eight days a geiger grabbed. His guitar complete attitude like strung out and a little bit and and literally in the in the box, make it sound like he was gonna. Do you think that cheapens music or it just given artist more tools. It obviously cheapens it at that, and I think it could. It could do either. You know it's a double its a double edged, sword and learning when one is just use like two blatantly like suck the light we'll talk about something like you know like? Will it will listen to all records that were like sampled and made into hip hop records like I'll bite before we go on, I like to listen to that old music when we play so will listen to the other versions. Stefano put on new versions and new versions, even owner sample, their use
and is an they didn't. Have the Greece, because it's not alive, there's not five, guys in a planet brides like Jane here's, a peace, peace reason and we repeat that peace, peace treaties, knowing you repeat at peace, peace face it's like sucks the life out of things. Sometimes you know me It's good for coming like for club music. If you just making like drum machine club musics, yes, those type types or or hip hop in, I mean like you know, it sounds good in clubs, but it's not really discuss handled Greece. The first time I ever saw wrapper in a club was in Mexico. I saw ludicrous perform in Mexico our late essentially for Arap. Everybody like waiting for the shows too, but damn man when he when he did it- and it was a complete short attention- span rap. I can never really a rap. He does from one wrapped, the other like shorten, shorten the songs up. That's kind of crazy like how often do they do that. My friend was like they always do. The hip hop shows why
and it goes. They don't want to give anybody any breaks. No a chance? Still, I think that things are common down. No Chandler just just go go. Go though it gets a different. It's a different environment than playing a record bless. You never know one when you play. Clubs like one is to solve in and go wrong anyway. You wanna get the bulkier said ass though you know, you didn't pay what disdain The case in like RAP chosen general, just like now, it's just like this, like energy of a ramp, shows its different than Leslie You know you got rather than and certain kazaa use bands now, but a saying you going to see us show that has a ban, there's things to see and watch and wonder about in like while these round sound, and these guys are all doing crazy. You know, but when it's like just a detail, wherever they can get boring real, quick just watching it. Suddenly, together, it's gotta hitching hitting the henchmen issue We'd, like me, is mentally time is really what it is all about. The meddling in him,
employers, it's like a ringtone generation, so they wanted. You know most of em only know the song up until the ringtone cuts off what does that say about us? I'm serious! It's, but it's true! You know, that's about a minute and a half resemble water. Ringtone less, basically what they, when you add occasionally dj could like a club here and there in Vegas when you know and when they do, a couple of hours, an essay on board enough in its because I think it's fun, but I don't think I ever get out of the first verse the record will very rarely in its usually a classic like doktor Drave, you know next episode or so, unlike batter around, or you know, I never knew. A tomb I want to say is usually a classic recollect that you can get away with plan a few verses of otherwise like kind of like one One version one went let's get out and get to. The next thing is because its debts to dance they want to dance and want to moving. One is how is be like they always want to take the next all came all year.
The parties gotta be beginning like every five minutes, so it's different than than doing you songs just in and alive session. Like you do, I tell them we haven't adjusting, show I take my mother fucking sweet time about it. You know I might even start mumbling while I drink whisky, wind up, telling a story. I never meant tone in first place right, look different thing: would you, like better rationales of work, and we're fine, a plenty of em, but I enjoy what I do. I like clay, amusing, I'll, lock, enable people and moon musicians and thus creating dyke. Play my songs, the way they should be play but If you listen enough, like think different things happen, every night were all written in with different. You know without without changing the song theirs, he's going on that a motley nobbing. I saw what you did right there and we are or without
his black out and zone in some other place in its Trans transcend transcendentally. Whenever, during our term, transcendent transcend ascending, You mean you just Canada is the energy, the music. I like that little bit, you know him the energy is kind of a one, is kind of a steady Moscow heavily angry, even in even one is like trying to be slowed down and love songs. They like heavenly angry that women, their tyrants, long asthma, peaches love, is like. Ok, I mean that I'm sit here. I have their own in the car and, unlike others, the funding cool. So I like it, it's cool, but, as I think about like, Would you like saying network like abroad allowance? My pages love me big, who knows. Maybe then I was sent him. Certainly wreckers be my next effort. Maybe this to have been successful, but we now Tunisia, pissed off people, fuckin, I'm pretty pissed.
The idea that the aggression of rap music is like mean is like Oh there's, never been an art form where people brag about like killing. People the police and like yours running around make millions die argue as do it I'm a little bit of Johnny Cash or rock man. There is symbolic, rapture, those pretty out there. That's why I was never expose that for whatever reason never had any desire to listen to any punk rock? I always amazed totally prejudice, but I was associated. Everybody was like a punk rock lover, would like misplaced anger and, as like just have time for this, I gotta get away like furry. I've, never Leslie and it solely ignorant. I completely agree, I mean like admit it, but and by Asher. I guess he's epoch rock the candy bars upon that dates. There's been arguing, That's their most popped stuff noon. I just thought it was great music and once I London calling yeah, but
lots of seismic, the guns of brick stand in all kinds of stuff about him in what is punk, though I don't understand it. I just says associated with people with their hair, like all spiked up and look at us. Opera shit. I feel like Punkahs idea. Why thing like it's like you, this sentiment, put that out there before you even know how to play you just like hey lump on. I want to do a song. I can't play like all those like guitar gods back in the day, so instead I would just plug in turn up and, like I know, to suit Two courts, hey here's a song, that's! It is really all parties that are so it's bullshit bullshit, it's it's bullshit with like balls. Bullshit with by like mentality entirely because, like they couldn't please, given the pure american musing near actually unite Calico started. Some people argue it started in England, but Well, yeah attitude of the of bullshit would balls. Yes, that's that's is to assess why so, american so beautiful.
Is that a MAC, music or legitimate, I didn't really into into art, to mean right. You know I mean black flag, which was produced. Henry wines and catholic yeah and you Norman. Then there's you go there's the spectrum is, why took as repudiating baggy hours to call geology, there's a legit on piecemeal, used language and throw himself through a glass window and take it. Should state had around my of zeal and even about the music, but it was punk rot in all Punkahs like an hour. You nothing hip, hop me, you know, there's like art, punk, art, punk fashion, so it's an expression, a rebellion in admitting that year or in accepting in and sort of Tuesday asking about the fact you're a billionth system ass from the bird. So I took it as a bunch alike: angry bergs, kids. I couldn't leg douche, and express anything. So instead they just like you
like anger like misplaced anger, but it seems in politics. Right right, right, yeah, yeah is a weird thing. Tat wasn't really apart of punk as a scene when it was happening. I learned about it later. Let me know kind of so I look at it from the standpoint of the van. Like fans, you know, there's a lot of smart bans for gas evenings, yeah NASH. The whole decent, bad brains is like responsible. For like half of the hard core music so well. Would you, like hardcore bands liking again to you any of em somewhere? So if the not them, whoever influence them was influenced my bad bad raises every banned a play fast that like fast pace, blabber you're like that, but could play and they were like like reggae, looking Rasta far. I do make Liane Hard core like pop music. It was, it was ill, is suicidal tendencies. Is that patent? Who gets you? Ok, I love those. Do yes that song
me down to can't bring me down. God, damn is that a good work outside the die like just that's aggressive, fuckin song, there's a ton of lighters. What but there's some really good stuff out their programming open park. There doesn't exist anymore. Really. You know anything. It calls upon now it's kind of recital a marketing, We are really or China, be what punk once was. In my opinion, he But if you do and blues, China be were blues. Once was absolutely everybody absolutely so it's not just an army, deathlike saying. Ok, if I try to bang blues, am I really fuckin, like some delta, fucking cotton, picker FUCK, you know I'm damn emulating something, but the Euro duties lived. But as I see it appears one what that music and where it came from us. I know I'm not that guy that inventing uniting, thereby that's what you say is a formula that was let their long before me and I'm just kind of using it to express myself. You know me yeah, but it's still you doing blues you know and in its in its
when it was happening, was an original thing. It hadn't been seen or done before, and why can't they still do punk. They do saying that in the short time that you can stay scene, I see nothing. That was that I put it this way. I have seen that new punk rock right, thing that caused upon rotten is the kind of a ritual version of what used to be pencroft right but also the most punk rock thing, I've seen in a long, long, fucking time. I want ya to guys ass. No one wants to fucking documentary on those pussy riot chicks are the judges, are crazy policy right, Angstrom man in the courts and right in the face of the russian government and broad stood tall like you, whatever you want to feel about them, I think what they should all that she was just so you know that's gangster, that's bade. They said something they hated. They still for it made an old up. This video It was crazy and my wife, you now at a certain point time you have to realise that these things
is that your college churches are weird patterns of behaviour that were established, but people thousands of years ago, and they have you. Does it literally nothing to do with God? If there is a God with doubt. It has nothing to do with the bizarre behaviour of these people, their claims to represent them and no one person to be represented by God or whatever. The idea of God is better than you can We're all, supposedly in this together and a synergy of leaders and people who are in charge of organizations with very specific rules. You ve, missed the boat, completely you know: you're you're you're in some weird cult. This sort of thing- that's just what the fuck It is now but I want to say that they don't want to believe that. But that's just what the fuck is. You know so when you, when you limit people like guy you box him up like that, it's it's a dangerous thing. It's always going A dangerous thing? So well dangerous thing to control people him quite can't people cannot just be nice to each other. You can't be liked it
Eventually, we figure out these borders of bullshit. Eventually we get a look at all the borders all over the globe. Well, a little about why the fuck you! Why can't we just go over there? Why can you may go wherever the fuck they want? What Force everybody to even out the economic situation in the world of people could just completely travel freely. One of the reasons why you have ghettos is getting keep em they're enough people just go wherever the fuck they wanted to go there go where the money is. People from Ex go just start walking into America, and then you can have to deal with that. You have to do with it. You connect to a third world country, and people from they're gonna. Have our asshole sneak into their borders? Nigger! Ok, we're gonna, take down the fuckin fences here. What's going on with it crazy Asshole Americans hand is illiterate. Rules are pretty tight birdie. They are right. Now they re, I now lay open it up without a gun charge and ninety ninety two like just started, get man again like this year, would have to do to get in jump through some who
yeah. I had a friend who does hold over for a gun and it wasn't even illegal who is legally in possession of a gun and retirement goes a Canada. They pull him in that room and they set him down its task. Madonna questions. They don't think I'm in the bud would a guy with ten pounds we didn't trip. There are ten pounds pro european and worldwide and even smaller than which we for goes bad sure. Can you ten pounds we die trying. How many many years is that of we'd? That's him years. We gotta be three weeks. Is reality ass? It is crazy, Joe Ideas, now the pound a year. More than that all new vigour yeah. How much is how much is a pound? I'm thinking, like seventeen ounces and then I'm taking a sixteen ounces in a pound pets. Are there among other aspects. The ounces seek its Malta and a few months of you're going Julia style. I never even held a pound nearby, don't be around a pound if you're right, apparently around two thousand days, would try. Last me a couple months with back
the day I would not have been able to buy. It would have been about a week later, the head just for me, while pound no announced ouch is yes it would. It took me a hundred sixty weeks in house there is a price molten thousand two hundred sixty weeks That makes sense fifty two weeks a year I can do. It makes sense to allow some of the other till it makes sense that sounds it bothers. Really. Brilliant calculations actually sounds like that's links, serious we'd economics you broke down. Probably exactly that's no exaggeration and that there was no? No, I personally, as it really is part of the money this week is I've for every down. So we use every week that was every week and was like long, sharp, almost thing, and sometimes I'm going to be like Gimme, three and I'll get you next week and innocent to be steady. What do you see? The changes that are happening right now about with weed
which lay in Seattle, call him fast. Why the fuck, open up their dog now and we went to a website called a dab. Bar yeah dab dab. I really didn't I do the job. Waxy, like Bonn, had shared. But I was like and more like, open like to the public really crazy. Is that a picture of a renewed. It was like along the waterfront three mile long festival costs were handed out. Doritos national yeah, my friend moody Chicken, tell me about the what does that say: oh my God, That's a lot of pot, hemp, fest. Did he showed me a picture of a door now, that's looks like I don't like it at all. Those joints, Ellerslie adorn, are now being actually a cool, don't I'll, take a photo of that and recreate occur. What's so important.
It was a big like tin of joints, and it looks like a door to door here that might Joe. He took the pictures unusual because there's a wooden door that looks like it's like the other table, looks like a wooden door, so this box it looks like a door presiding, them giants get nervous. I'd run out the room. If you have that boy, that's too much, they really a bus or selling I give you have no amount, they were display and we do not know if they give zero fox up in Seattle. The beautiful play. I love it up there. My favorite cities ever They have to deal with some shit because the stinky, whether in the winter but most of the rose, Donnelly ICE up is cool. Would anything. That's gonna keep my figures from German on windows and while there also really smart up there, the rules city, like per capita very unusually smart metering, creating is still one of the higher suicide Riah, my ass to whether without a doubt without does not make you happy now making
rang a lot here a lot, but that should build character. Democratically to make it builds character. Drugs not necessarily make it a little more expressive How have you felt trapped in it, though? Merely as a euro guys like you and me, we can always be they like this. I'm going, I'm gonna say Diego our. Why? Why are we about yeah? You could do that yeah that and people who live there. They say if you can schedule of vacation, you go in the winter and to our exciting period. You know I'm doing a goofy he's so words shit the way you're at you know those somewhere cold. You go to the beach pitch, which the thought of it. That way like that would be good to have like a how like live in Seattle and then just get the fuck out of there. If you get that we totally because they live in Seattle period. I think you deal with the rain, because it's such a dope city, the folks, a good of german it's a very artistic city like it just doesn't seem like a city that has allowed chains. You know when you die
and three ceiling alot of individual restaurants endeavour you'll stored, Ceylon a unique nice to Seattle. I think that's what the reasons why the music seen at Seattle in Jimmy Mother, can Hendricks came from Seattle, press, ok, now mean everybody knows: Nirvana came from Seattle. What is it like that? I know I don't know but TAT the environment created that those people, I'm sayin, is intensely creative environment. That creating Nirvana mean that that bad, was intensely creative. You now was also zairean. Rape me holy shit. I dare wholesome pop records, they weren't what, when countries it whether that was all that stuff, then would you call that grown? They call degrading and arms and rock and roll am unable to say what it is called Iraq and all I guarantee yes play our core. They started off punk they start up here. While there. They were because there a hard core music movement. They called it hard core after punk towards the end
I'll, never forget off we're gonna find out about Nirvana I was. I was due to our studies by stone. Radius does this one? Do you need a radio back there when I did understand Karma radio from your car and get one from this kid who always had radios that somehow get, and you didn't ask any questions, but you knew they were stolen, Well we're over his house and he was in the music this kid you're just a bad kid. You know what our bad suburban kit, too bad. We went over his house and he goes. This is gonna change, music, and so what is it? Because it's called Fuckin Nevada and he starts planet, All those here bans those guys are far and he play there I was like, while uses nailed it like this kid nailed it it is in his bedroom. In Newton Massachusetts, like when the war never mind, came out this kid nailed it
it was. An image of a radio thief is like this is this is going to change? This goes guys are fucked. It was that obvious. The woozy that obvious Danny more have waited for me where I was, and we would like yeah days draw decent. We ve been a few times and like musical history, when someone hit some new levels of something we you'd never seen it before, and windows came out that was like woe. Undeniable talent is undeniable uniqueness. The power of their songs on after song. Different honest. The year are totally honest raw like this insane heroin way. You know this insane heroin honesty respond by the people move zone as some change chains. They were. They were gonna like that. There were more in the metal side to me, but like they were definitely of that grudges, Madame
like sound garden. You know they like running out a little harder. You know that song them bones. She's cries TAT, makes you feel, like you're dying when you listen to Jerry cancer of beef from those that do not always said he that mother Fucker understood that he was dying when he wrote that's on here. Stood that he was on that path. When he that's it hadn't, it doesn't think Lane wrote those be deciding yeah of Jerry Control at all that stuff mile. I'm pretty sure it whatever their. Maybe few that among number at the Balkan to perform that when I'm so it is like the way lanes daily, hidden notes? I get you like it made. You feel that you were dying. Got song gonna end up go pilot M bones like that? scream was like trees. Rice. Remember. First, almost all men in the box like on new tv, it was worth a damn. Those guys were intense greatly and that that
kind of? I had a name that dude and in another guy lanes daily living with him yeah did it was good to now we just as our motor this promoter Philly, but this this place, I believe, was the electric factory like an even thousand cedar Club, some like that he looked at twice in one night, did two shows you didn't Alison change, so early everybody out, then did a house patient always shared out to place twice in one night but we all because you know we're all the same hotel. So I can, I saw these guys will come back from hotel me and dj lethal. Never, like you always said, we can't stop me to go to the room smoke one party a little busy right now. I can came up him in his body. They came home, they sat at the table near Rome enjoys and we're talking Ali shitting me and lethal role in our joint effort, joint thrown amounts they want and we stopped and we gotta language and bolted. Dusar scenarios completely nodded out cold while cigarettes barn into their fingers.
We are likewise. We want really hit we're cannonade yearning, we're like then realize they would like, heroin and we went by that time we had, but it was, I know the wholesale and they were just like you know. Wow sniffing works How can you never tinfoil like I know that we have done that before the reasons and religious man. You know you didn't realize they were doing, it was then when we only like it was that they really are in our presence for the matter, like fifteen minutes stone, for pilots performed for Dana White as birthday Party once was one of the best can live, shows I've ever seen in my life. I want to talk, some do too. Who, like me, are solid, professional honorof. If you know those guys are happening of men like them, I don't know I I don't know that only go fuck himself headed out
Vito you tell me, you know: Leggum he'll never pay three areas where I met them. It shows what kind of situations a couple times I would seem like our I don't. I was blown away because it was a private party. Wasn't many people there? There was like in a couple hundred people. Maybe I was Dana's they partners all his friends and an economic taunt Temple Fuckin pilots. The people are did identity. Anyone know thank pressure. They did, though, but the whole party was a surprise. Soil think he knew the stone Temple. Pilots was hired to play form. I don't get any idea until we brought him out, but the sea stone, Temple, pilots? it like: there's eighteen thousand motherfuckers on their feet, I mean that that dude can fuckin perform approach with a hundred. Whatever was two hundred people in that room that guy went off. It was magnetic I learned about performing watching and my fellow an amateur. I was what sky like this is is, is fuckin is commitment,
to every step, everything that he did, that the energy to those songs or like everything I do a sucker discuss this is this is incredible. He doesn't check out didn't check out at all. It was. It was interesting. Bits very different than your acoustic sets, which are equally interesting. Theirs I think that you could let its could have two things that are completely different on the spectrum, but both have like an equal impact because of their honesty, whether its abuse four acoustic song was really emotional or whether it's that rape me song. It's just like that. Hits that note whenever it is by any weird way, gets there, but he fucking up. Sir downs, whether its depressing or you know, or in enlightening whatever it is. Would he hits that note? You know you got kicked out. You know who did Scotland. Here I could go on top of that time for being too awesome that also has prepared a work of regular people. I was rugs, I wouldn't say Shit Jane it did I once
With John JET at the viper room, really, I was still my god of the seven hundred people, the same, is rocked out but I know that I know you know, that check was beautiful, how it had to be. I know what the stone tumble pilots thing was. I asked I can't tell ass. It was very nice that's very nice evening for those gentlemen, but I'm telling you would they didn't treat it like. It was like a private party that take it like barely get there and barely due to show for that's what blooming away like this do without a private party and the army. Maybe it's a big you have seafaring, I don't know, I don't know if that was part of his motivation, but these mother fuckers nailed it I mean just Lloyd. You now mean we were just people who weren't musicians. Like me, and my friends, we just look at each other, gone God to em,
how much Joe Panik on Brodie Verb and hundred roses time. It's confidential shit, seventy five or a lot of cash son, they think get possess. Son too bad. They broke up, but does not always happen. So I going to get out of fat band, either they start kick ass events its second wheels, far off about tax. Think how many bands you completely cupid together for a long period tat, is kiss I haven't, even though they lost ace freely MP request. I have like a fake ace freely in a faint clearances, Jean Simmons any needs Paul Stanley, so yeah, but I'm sure all kept like a daily reality. I see lie here. He keeps things in in in tight the only time us ever nervous calmly show because someone is an audience genes. Hymns came seamen, new Year'S- and I was legitimate, mainly legitimately my pants
when I was a kid, my uncle actually worked for Howard Marks, advertising and other guys used to make the ads and the album covers four kiss and so I made a man s freely when I was like six or seven seven years, all six years old. I was a little kid. Anyone know make up on and on when I was like just gettin in a kiss back then, and I, couldn't believe that I'm look inanimate he's got no make a box. My uncle had like give me as records, and I listened to the songs. I became a fan because my uncle give me free kiss records like that's so seeing him with no make upon was like to me. It was a real freak out Jeanne Simmonds in the audience, even when those forty years old, I was still likes. This is eared man, that's Jean Fuckin Simmons genes, kiss
I saw him I saw them when I was a kid. I saw them when I was like seven or eight years old, and I saw them again when I was like twenty five May and Kevin James, whose a huge kiss fan, but we have achieved, is a kiss and we encourage aims we went to shows. We went to two shows when they came back to allay with a full kids with Peter Chris, an ace freely in make up and we were lucky, is complete unapologetic doors. We were re living our childhood together, unapologetically working out too
cancer around it. To Chris I mean he was air. Guitar Kevin James is fun to go to a fuckin kid cancer, which you fuckin sings the songs you like gets into it. This is back before people knew who was he wouldn't be able to do that now we have seen in one of his movies we're that's what he's doing, I'm sure play guitar here ours and we wish, if somebody filtering Iraq City is like that. If somebody had film cabin in I'm going to see kiss back in the day, that would have been a fuckin hilarious video because nobody knew who he was back then says before his tv show. As a kid both like of semi known comedian. If you watch star search or something like that, so he could be like free in public and now whereby buddy we're not I'm, so he just completely rocked out each above do an abode in the town. It was as a free show? You know, especially, would spare it was awesome.
Kevin James is fucking hilarious. That guy's wanted the funniest guys that doesn't credit for it. Like he's like we'll clean is movies like squeaky, clean and let you know his stand up is like he doesn't really talk about the controversial, but if you can hang out with their cash, you hang out with a cat and get him to go full shimmy. That's who used to call his neglect shimmy with cargo and full, show me where it's fuckin manage things it froze shit, gets red in the face and he's put out a show for you, you know is, is doing a bit. Some funny is the hardest of everlasting is hanging out with him like like Heaven, him recreating an argument that I would describe like an him going crazy red in the face. He was he's. A fucking hilarious do be, does movies that are like more like for families in kids. So we would only to see that aspect album so bad We don't want a balanced world, we don't want to do to do kids movies and still now what we should have on the park ass for sure he Window
It was during religious he's, like one of the dirtiest comics ever used to be here, and I guess I see little House for use like the full out, but I think subdue extended during that time. Now he's dirty and playing off the back of the dirty. I think they probably told him hey, dude you. This is like a hundred million dollar business were run in here. You can fuck that by telling the deck choke at the last act, So when are you lay off that you're gettin, you know x amount of millions a week. Now is and they did that would as well. They told to mount a stop to understand because was little commercial. Either I know, is I never got successful now for anybody. Bozo may stop to in any they rightly itching to do things that we raised our right nature. Not to do things. You do some right man. Why never got. I was never import enough in the equation where they asked me to not: do something I was gonna fuck things up. You know, I guess like
fear factor came along people already sort of opening up to the idea that the world isn't exactly. As we ve been told this will allow more variation in people than you would like to imagine, and you notice that, though, the world's big fuckin place and of us have the deck joke, fuck up a shower somebody's gonna eat like GOAT, Dick remaining. It's us. He can express yourself now before we give. You said something fucked up a long time ago yet get booked on its, and I chose to explain yourself. You know member like when you grant our car with the hooker and those like the big thing, anyone and J Leno, where what the hell are you thinking guessing. You just do a video blog now in I'm saying, like instantly, have something we're expresses himself now, there's like there's so much range for expression. Now, there's so much room, it's a completely different world, so they'll have to apologise. If you hear grant, though Certain comedians like wouldn't, have to apologize rights. Yet will there
a guy, like you, grant a selling that thing he selling that this one style as as cavities selling? You know those squeak clean family comedy Yahoo Grant was selling the really sweet boyfriend guy Ernie Street Hooker and others that do but ok, you just reminded me of some there's that English dude on CNN, with the glasses who still on but like three years ago to do, got caught like in central park like with math in his pocket and like a new surroundings. Cochrane, like crazy, sits ring but like three years ago to do, got caught like in central like with math in his pocket and like a new surroundings, cock wooden leg,
crazy states ring thing Richard, the British. Do you would all norm when you see a goddamn? What's his name again Richard something CNN Richard? Ok, so I'm on a global CNN, rearm ever last drop. In fact again what way was the right words in crazy way? Is a noose order reporter noose around cock, see what comes I have said. Penis. Look. Here's Hugh Crain lover now cause is Google so now she swayed family. I am like her. She parlay down into a life. I'm streets see it here, and that is our story really. Is you grant got someone off the streets? Russell reporter arrested? Math? You say maybe a math central park, his marriage, what the fuck is this name Richard, something because American Eagle as dangerous.
What is this hush any watching us menacing USA, and what was an american eagle check this out? That IRAN is a window died? I figure whispers You know the show is like all. Yes, I shall, I think so it is nailed the window for club. They die all the time. I thought of my house. Varies a fly into my window. Flying window, sometimes miss they don't realize what it is. Ass is always sparrows statues, little things to sucks, there's something I could do to get rid of it like really yet Duncan. Did it down in the trash? No forget what he said, yeah I don't know. What will you do but
where he said he had a bird feeder and he had all these birds hitting his window found story. Sienna put reporter arrested in central park was in richer. What to do to Richard Tk Richard Quest was officially arrested, loitering and drug possession in ink in Europe, especially CNN, like over there he's like on all the time You're gonna rested like with like tight around his job with math, like all, unlike some rampage, what's as the New York opposed included this kinky the kinky elements in an article on sound, so there's some key elements to the ceiling and endless around like me: why is it ok, yeah it's is another website would tell the full story. Why do they withhold information and say the guy newsrooms, Dick in your death, don't say: there's like but as I slew him didn't skipper steps in and in fire there just like. I just feel good for him.
So. How did this strike one he's a good looking right? Ok, Richard Quest was arrested early Friday morning for drug possession with people found in central park. Well after the parks one. I am curfew, while you know what my somewhat I was against free gun, I'm to say these immediate guy. I mean you think, normally I would normally get him far, but maybe it's really good at what he does. But I'm just like really corny kind of stories were used. Like look, I'm underline a pressure guys really. Some maybe I was going to meet with the method and the strongest. Might be a superior that its javert, something that's funny can't lose. It wasn't immediately clear what the rope was for officer and the sea was ever to ideally drug because of his prior experience as a police officer in drug arrests. So the guy Hannah
Math news headed home to his friends house. It says his lawyer claims that request was returning to his hotel with friends and had no idea. There was a curfew for the park knows a curfew for the party. Did I that's kind of it is now the whole thing about New York City S eager. Do it over the fuck. You want now it's everything's. Ok, I think that start. When people started winding up dead in the Irish and now we can have woods even words in a city, people circular Yvonne dragging them in the bushes, where so creeping when it comes to woods. What does that about, like women, no way the women wearing much more about the getting like, raped or attacked. In the woods like, if you find a man in the world is on its way more dangerous than the my internet inebriate with bright. You said you know what I'm saying it s highly worrying about it like if you ran into a man when this issue in the man the woods its way. Moreover, rapier situation than you to amend. The city was also other people and all sorts of buildings, and when you are,
They're in the woods it's a totally different environment for a woman. It must be. You must ultra violet like like ultra. I won't do that. You could just stumble upon. Are super fuck endangers fear woman, whereas if your guy they're, not gonna You gonna look young, I as another guy camp, and you know it
a woman in your out there in the woods by or some less deliverance. I think that the movie is accurate, their people that are out there. That will guys, even when I'm campaign, if there are I d, start thinking Raby thought rate down here, we re did bring peace or would I really believe people get Raby when it does nature? Some primal takes over man; they get more in touch with their animal natures, yeah, it's almost like with creating cities and in spacing things out putting doors in front of this, and you can block that new secure in this room instead of being out now open, like with like slowly moved away from the primal instincts it have driven us to this point. But all you need is this: remove those buildings stuff already back into trees again and see you shit will start from scratch like really quick them. Kid started and hungry shit.
Gets really Falcon primal. Real, quick, ass, rack, utility, yeah? Well, nobody wants to believe that our civilization is just a thin veneer covering with ancient barber Eric Genetics, our civilization last couple hundred years really, but if you go back to the fuckin race riots in the sixtys in the fifties, like isn't that, like what What kind of civilization is that we can civilization where they were just like completely discriminate against them for the color of their skin, with all the looks that were available. Will they decided these people were less than they were gonna keep them at a certain bathrooms. Attempts at nineteen fifties my grandma had in own quite separate schools. My grandma she's Mexican so how much civilization We really have. How long is it really been around you barely here. It's barely here, hang it on with vaccines and cell phones barely here, but if the fuckin power goes off for a big rockets, the ocean or one of those fuckin volcanoes blows over flair.
Back to two thousand and ten thousand years ago, right back real quick soon, as we run out of ladders. So, as you run out of bullets ripe, growing or take me a while to run on a day to so everybody hunt. Or do you just shoot targets and we're dried, and I are actually very curious. Lately we're trying to finally one protocol class on how to liking or go home like actually kill and and and prepare and animal protein. You should go on Steve. Rinaldo show you go in there, mediator, show yeah familiar but outnumbered by one person, Why do I feel like this? as a mediator I feel like I have, the responsibility to actually have to go through and do butcher and animal once and I've never had to do it in my life. I understand it. I've seen it on film but ass. I I still feel like. If I can't do it, I can't stomach doing it no business eating meat. Feel the same way. That was my
innovation to go well, hunt with him. I wanted to experience it and I want spirits, either completely wild. We took a canoe went down, the Missouri breaks went on them. The Missouri River was made the not enough I'm game was. It was beautiful. It's hard work, though man you're, you're, you're hoof in it over these hills like if you're out of shape, it's really hard, because you do a lot of high elevation hiking and it doesn't seem like notches. Walkin can slow, but you don't stop. Deeds and serious shape as he does? It should all the time he hunts every day, it shows a hunting shows there is always an Fuckin New Zealand climate mountains. He's constantly doing this. So it's like he's got this kind of hiking endurance, so a lot of work, but they the experience of doing it, was like changing. You know, that's where I got something for That seems a contradiction that does it's not people how to realise it? The? U have to manage certain amount of why proximately how long this past year, I ate a pretty quick, quite carnivore,
I mean I just like- I mean, and I'm not a cruel person, and I love animals. That seems a contradiction that does it's not People have to realise it. The? U have to manage certain a wild life. You have two for their health the health of the species like the idea of deer, in title like beat that in total, like the idea of large populations of deer and healthy animals, breeding and in surviving the wild around us is a beautiful idea, but if you dont, manage their numbers, they just our breeding like crazy and then the slimy NOME with cars, and then they run out of food. They starve to death. They start getting diseases. Those diseases transfer to people like it's, a really is as Stew of the land, which is what humans claimed to be enough. We start putting fences up around things and putting roads were essentially saying. We got this, this bizarre spot where you, to manage their wildlife. You have to? U have to kill them options to kill them or reintroduce predators, and they tried both they reach.
Predators to Yellowstone, and I have real issues because of the decimation of the Elk population in the deer population is like a fraction of the elk and deer that used to exist because they have these big packs of wolves now and there. Successful because they don't have much competition. The grizzly bears on what the fuck's common. The grizzly and not try to eat the walls and wolves our twenty, the grizzlies an occasion to have to fight over a carcass or something like that, but for the most part, has a lot of shit that their killin out there so that That was one solution, but Guy in Minnesota, fuckin bitten ahead by a wolf kid was camp and the other day and is bullfighting clamped to hold his head and trying to drag him away, and scream in and eventually prize himself free and they find the wolf trapping shooting but like that, what happens when you don't? Hunt dear? We? U dont, hunt dear, you have to have wool ok, and if you have wolves like they're, gonna, kill a few people every now and again those words, but I wouldn't want my backyard believing culling of words
The article who's gonna also mean a delay, Louisiana Colors, that's a good question. You know I mean that is the question right. Who's gonna call our sets the real question there really the question because of you you I have said to certain people. I can only refer, but it is headless children the world to be a beautiful place. Is it really true? Ok, because you gotta, look at a few ways, one look at it aren't people due to start our children affair. We need people like we'll eat. We boost doubt need to manage like the amount Thus we have a don't you like people like. I think people are awesome. We take their inspiration at once, a good ones. Man, I've got a lotta good one. Second mulligan were big fan of people. So when someone says the rural population from I go there right now it now seems right now for everything stays like this, we are I saw some online that was like this lilies traffic thing like when they are taking census Amar, like every person on the planet. Supposed
to fit in the state of Texas announced and with with elbow room, yeah everyday sort of smell shit. It would be a real prior toiletries, jabs there's enough room for everybody resources. That's it. It asked the question. Time is at locations of resource. That is the glass scarcity. The issue scarcity I was watching them today just before I came here that you know the show modern, maverick marbles and solace in one and they would like this thing about. You know, city, sewers and end bridges and honest. It is falling apart, scared. The scared out life me because I spend my life raveling with guys in cars and buses and on bridges and shit like that. So they are showing how this in Saint Louis they're doing this thing with this there but needs to down into the sewers and their below him up, and they go all the way down the sewer than the heat him up and there's a proxy on the outside of a man. They make plastic pace side, the old do decrepid and its end As I see it, and it's so simple and so genius and assigned me why, who didn't think what it took them, two thousand and thirteen to figure
to figure out how to do that. Since we are to me like, I think that about stupid shit like assaulting onto the commercial where the theirs plug. Now they were. The thing actually goes to decides, so you could put should flatter. I was like its until two thousand thirteen to come up with that year, above was up to me, would never invented scissors I'll, never figured out scissors ideology fogey. Could it stupid? I can imagine a laptop like. I know I have one or not a press buttons on a bulky. Imagine what the fuck is going on behind the scenes, but that is the way devise right there. Last time was the wizard of OZ. Who knows the flexibility behind that curtain you're just on Facebook, I know em g, o thou, please tell me you gotta get you use the camera. Not ok! Oh yoke, shut off eyes and forgotten can one say, show me written off. You go ahead and get it you folks,
My body image. Isn't that great right as a key between what nobody looks good when they come in on themselves, as has the fact you just don't couldn't have a looks like that's what you should have done. It was like you get it done. Some other shit you put our shared to do that It's like you, hear a grown man and you have a family and you have a life to businesses to run. Show like how much time you have enough. So every time you I feel I want to find the same resident fuck is wrong with me and then there's the light. The need, the knowledge that you going to do it again. You know, you know you do it again, like alcohol can put their drink, I'm gonna. Do it again Yeah, and I have no shame. I wanted to live longer ages. I love it. But it was here that right now people are thrown up in their car. Thinking about you been off of your pasty, Harry Stomach
danger of house earlier, what's good, that they didn't fire, this dude for beaten off in the forest or whatever the fuck up, and it doesn't seem like a bad guy. You see anything. I only say it's com, CNN, gentlemen. We don't have a shameless Mary, I'm just shut up Mattie on the Shap, like you get caught with a rope around you dig in math, and you ever tv job. Well, he could have been, he might be gay, If he's gay, they might be less likely defiant and hearty played the car in play. The game, I'm good. For here we got, you didn't mean of boys like this is the gay community. We now have children walk out watch out for so we like to do math and stick stuff up our ass. I pay taxes chosen alone. I knew there was a curfew. My only my only. I think that there are clear rules that is different rules for gay dudes, because that there are there only they'll have to deal with deeds men like clearly understand intentions of other men work
men barely understand how woman works. You you, don't you, we understand how they work through experience, but like far as the actual mechanism of thinking the way they think. If you are thinking you're in your life and living your life and you're a man, it's probably virtually impossible to really understand what it's like to be a woman. So both of us like trying to co exist and figure out. What's: okay and not ok, what gets smacked ways like that's what we're doing as men, but we cannot take. I don't have to do that. Guy's, just fine, all and shoved anxious to get together to some math together and discuss fuckin crazy does not mean that the cat has food. You now have the food and a little ball of water that can't gonna be fine. You have to feed their fuckin thing. They just bought fuck
days. It's carmes may have to leave the house to go, get groceries, but that's that's all right for them. Will you now you viewed math? I don't think you need the groceries. You know your aim with this guy, apparently didn't have groceries with me, did have met. So you got a point resistant gay due to look in the party and that's how they party the party different. They don't make people it's a differ. Experience. You don't have as much spots ability when you get home and then I will not work limbs you little mouth for going to general in Russia. A man wants is dead. So, what's the problem: if someone wants to do it and he wants them to do it, what is the real issue? We crazy, we Puritans here we go back to the old days. What did I do at work? Where is it skip it together, in whatever then he's a pro. Let's go together or even more impressive. That were now say, he's your nanny will
Will the initial work? What are these guys are different nobody's gave warning eyes party, it is meant to work Joe, the promises, a baby's involved, so it's another human being completely different, and if he was an accountant, I'm just totally playing devils, you're good, good devils advocate, but there's a responsibility of apparent, take care of a child. So its response, my Michael Myers, easy like get the fuck out of my house ever back, don't ever come back. Sorry, I have a friend who has again Nanny Cosmo Manny and is the guys like flam poignant, apple rings and he's a black is highly flannel, but it doesn't care mean my friends very open minded and the guy's not creeping any wages, a gay guy and he's really. Did it work and with kids like his very responsible with children, disease educationally does our projects with him now does shit with his kid like him. If he's gotta watch is kid for a day like four five or six hours is a lot of things will happen like he's like he treated us, professional educator almost so it's very
need situation, Sampson guys flamboyance fuck? talk about like then our conversation spotted because they're gonna want to know. I know I know, but the guys out all the time, the slogan Dixon, the club, taken here a little kids all day for him. Its use a word made, have experienced a gentleman a person. No one is is personalities like whether or not I would trust in what gets grab lesson. But my friend there's no problem with. It enjoys the exchange whose lives in San Francisco his kids gonna, be open, minded yeah, my mother my body lives in San Francisco, completely different environment period, this summer people are up their their undeniable. You can't be or of gays. Have the fucking people can render gay
Similarly, we were in the interests of yours is a man is pretty gay, pretty get pretty gave you hatred, brigades, you're, not gonna, get far. Yes, I did spot, but you know what I've been accused of having hatred for games, because I make fun of em, but everybody gets it. You're gonna get it. Anybody it's funny! You do something funny you get it onto you, gonna get it it's just a joke I'm gonna get it for myself too get it all over me it's fucking humour but make from yourself you get it puts its. You know that silly, you can't be homophobic as you have a gay joke or a joke about. You reacted to watching Brokeback Mountain that's. I react. That's how I reacted like I was cringing else tightened up like a bear. Could stay in my seat when those guys we're fucked ten I bear. I was a thousand oh Jesus like went on his hand, my yanked his pants down spit on his head
It is our real say: I've never seen it. It was his answer, but I have a similar experience has shown pens a pretty good buddy of my love, seen milk, so that was, I didn't see. Look I heard it was great, but as well as movies slip me by just great film, but it was like to have two like make out get me to tell you. I was a whole like I can't. I can't get it. Ok, guys just stayed the black looking into his eyes. Go here, birds to see my sigh lemme, see. You're alarm clock goes a little time. Crazy, It always is a truly act, as I used to like that showed it was six feet under very ending. It was incredibly lotta gay characters in their lot agree action in, but it would always be.
Me because I have been like a hot chicken to do on the show we're gonna go out to be. It is a little thing, but if the like to do when at it it would be a much more long hang around on it. You know: that's our partners, so true a shot through that. So truly a would be. With the take day. Little make him a little higher Poland. Then then it would pan away to the window and with the gay guys, like you like two and a half minutes and I guarantee in making out in like then you know they do No, in this area has to show that their progressive by by showing you live like a really studios, trying to show their progressive we're progressive reinsurers gay SEC, whatever anywhere we argue, that show is more than likely there's a couple of men are to gain their black, we're fuckin what everybody right mother making a movie they want to see examining the movie that they were seen in that's their expression. That's what art is all about right. You know, but it's
just say so. As I read it, I knew that lets treat it like. We treat politics equal type in early April time, asylum slant, but they try to bounce it out like like affirmative action, they feel like gaze been held, one show affirmative back to China. The China bound to break out again things. Let things get a little gave her. Why, for maybe that's what's going on with over population, would mean a morbid more gay people, slam each other scary man whom you kid, Jesus skitter aid, only people in four or five slug each other people that are easier to four or five is moving. Well, no more we're married! No more babies born here did you come to to LOS Angeles originally. I was. I was too young. You remember my followers. Construction worker came from the EAST coast,
the whole like palm deals or see me Valley first and then Palmdale leg, explosion, oh wow, so I came and they went back as things cannot went poorly formula the wound in a year or so later we came back ass. He he stayed and like he was building. As it see me Valley in so I've been here since seventy seven wow, so did you do you remember, drive on the roads back then at all is hard to remember. No, not really really hard. Remember now. Another who is a traffic like none nothing compared was not write a changed in in. Like ladies, you ve got it. There is daily and see those old pictures that they have in the wall of like what it was like here in the nineteen twenties and shit this mess, wherever Army Chinatown like when you get to see, I gotta go. You know their houses in Chinatown, either in the valley we Orange groves and fuck it we're curries like we're ITALY first, but its attention.
What the fuck is happening and its expand, or you know why they took away out of girls Rikers they just I'm grown well. Why? Because you know rain. No water. No we're not gonna talk. What was it will be? A whole new due to open up a whole cannot Africa, but when you are looking towards, you argue about electrical engineering has do irradiation, oh no! No! No! No! That's! What are you talking about where we may regret? That is not an argument. Man look, I'm no scientists in either you it's just what I've read from scientific date. It's it's a discussion about some shit that neither one of us are attached to, but the d, the area like calabash Assyrian. She was like ranches slick horse, ranches and shit.
It's weird, because when you go there now the four or five all the way up to the one or one in the one on one all the way through and see, no shit. That thing is thick with people thick with people every day. People who live in the valley. Now it's like slowly spreading itself until what does a stop mean if it moves this fifty fucking years. What do in five hundred years, meaning Ernie Land left in five years. I measured how far like cities are spreading and what the fuck happened just because one of those they come mega cities in San Francisco to San Diego Woods, basically be that's kinda stuff there's no way girl grow tomatoes when there's nothing, but people so come all the way and are heard. TAT, an unfortunate way of looking at reality, but it's true, like
If I mean I don't know what that there's this the studies, it say that the more time passes the more education people receive, the more the economy, bounces out, the less people Barton S, children, people will have, and actually they run into a problem of the population slipping I have That is why, from people wait, fuckin smarter than me on the subject I can be upon the link that might judge moving the oddity accuracy causes the smart people are deciding to have less babies and have them at the right time and its I would be able to deserve it like a baby after baby after baby dash the saying that that's like a trend in society. Like that's what happens when cities start developing and people start getting educated in the second and careers astern haven't his later and later than a literally. We run into a situation where you could have like too few people like that could happen in industrialized nations within Europe. Like China, which is crazy, fucked up because you have said
percent boys something nothing like that, because nobody can only have one kid. So everybody wants a boy, so Another boarding females of her occurrences, crazy shit there doing if you have females, but the fact that these poor boys growing up in is no checks, like nobody thought that through you, gonna Morton, one kid, but it's like extreme luxury taxes on it. I was able to Jerry, I'm pretty sure, like you have to pay. If you pay enough money, you can have one one can that's your party. People don't have that kind of bread, so they want a volume. One can, but that's even creep here to pay to have another child. What happens if you don't do. You owe them languages. Just have the kid Oh yeah. No, I saw whole thing can on this out of it was vice or one of those kind of documentary irish type things in it no there's a whole like black market for babies in China. That's crazy! about the lady that her baby inside of a body for like twenty years, she didn't know it and it was calcified apparently just pull it out. Brian go to my twitter. It so much
I just I just three: this is the craziest. Have you really deck? Is I think I'm gonna take this? I'm you do I'm like. I don't care about ones into my Google S very intriguing, literary that if you go to the second one down on my twitter woman, pregnant for food six years gives birth to a mummy. She gave birth to a ass. If I may, I should like a majority crazy, do that's that! That's a baby that turn into our calcium rock, she was twenty six years old and she's take to the hospital and she was gets worse. Get us assyrian section that lady there are twenty six, now how she for forty six years it was interviewed. Sixty priorities lie not do a man like you, forty six years, which is twenty six years she's! No! Ninety nine is seventy. Two at the age of twenty six regretting the hospital she's, the one on the right. The way she's pregnant for Twitter, twenty six, so
that was that was ridiculous forty six years ago, so she sent me to do she went into labor forty eight hours with no sign of the baby, so she needed to have a c section, but she wouldn't do it. So she left the hospital she wouldn't do. They wanted to keep the baby alive. You'll know what to do with these action. She said now so the baby I'd inside of her and she stayed alive and the baby ever came out of a box. So state inside of your body calcified, and then she in like serious fuckin pain, and she goes the hospital and they found out she had been living with this calcified baby and Everybody for forty six years can imagine going down on that. The smell, must go like tombstone kind.
Like dead babies. And do you not know? That's in your fucking got yeah, that's a mean. It's a feed is supposed to have a baby and think about how big a baby is awareness, as outlined in the picture that is here Jake, it's huge yeah, it's you know. What's in your fighting and then a foot while this is really do as- and it's really sad because the thing tried to live outside of her body, it tried to it. Passing through it, couldn't get all the way through so try it try to stay alive inside of a body and then by just shut it down and then just start digesting tract changing it into calcified. I guess when your body find something foreign inside of it. Sometimes it appeared like little like code. It materials that it creates, I guess, like naturally the naturally occurring thing. So this thing turn Somehow another has chosen a cocoon dislike the antichrist
It is listening to me described probably fuckin cringing right now and I apologise been retired. Now, like snake poop elects grow. Now we know weren't Mc Red becomes from branch. It is really important that we make ribs hockey. I thought you know why that data only Limited edition once in a while they action cost of rib like down and up like the stock market, and so they buy a shit load at that time was that there were. That is don't look like any bones or anything like article meat. Per, is not good article. You it's is You can't have this many p and have like real old time, barbecue places video in place? We get some food, systematic people. If you want, you have some the way we have it set up. You gonna have to happen. Wakeful enough enough to pull in Ghana stupid
Berger and drive off, because I'm busy- or maybe that's just how they're calling the herd by Mcdonald's, so big scandal went and will have ten close, all value that annex today I'd today, whether the other day, the only have five. Now they got rid of small and light. Can I get small? small meal and then there are equally have medium and large small bad impression that you all sizes are necessarily will we only have like the big stupid. The large one causes a dollar there. I'll dollar anyway say yeah. I've been men want, like small, didn't, want to buy a swarm of both for consumers by smaller and smaller and more small. I want a small amount of dicks gee I by how behind the smaller ones by index derelict cheeseburgers.
Since Seattle, Genoa, small cheeseburger, besides Ignacio, now, what is it you have? Somebody out, I ran to show you a mediator bag addicts from the place where there's like always align in front of it as some sort of compromise than they actually six. I went there too. I pass by never went there thinking it has by big line both tat, its good, no dick its days, no dignity I would do it, not scared, I'm not scared disk Andy. I do just what you say you Dixon Seattle do. I would say that dicks I wouldn't confuse the fucking taken it to launch the idea being to have to be gay when there's no gayness there. Ok, as we want to push the gay, doesn't bother me or you do I'm like eight my mind, so I made my mind to a barely eight seven implying I gotta must why that's why you got that low homophobia about re decency? Out of you know, I mean, if you had to date,
I want to confuse people. It's not a damn aware has come a favorite landing gazing would really get confused. You know you're James Jail, kids for eating Dahmer rare as the best line about that goes. I wish I was getting just so I could come out of the closet. That's how much I give a really do. I wish I was gay. I wish I could tell me. Was gay and he's not lie like when he says it. You know he's a dude is lived a long life. It gives zero fox so funny way says there too. I wish I was scared. That totally serious, currently silver gives zero fox I think it's almost like an intelligence test. If you really give a fuck, the summons gay So I would like to see that just so no stupid, like blaring out who's. His angry, whose whose whose hold another God hates fag science like
I wanna know how we are to say, because I was a democratic gave themselves and junior share abide inside their gay huge number huge number huge number of hypocritical fuck heads. I think it's like They think they're gonna, throw people off like there is a problem of these Billy would never say that she was actually go. I'm telling you that as gay such my car, for whatever reason, but it's a weird thing and you find other people are hate gaze and then they do Geisha, like the TED haggard thing. Remember that those that big tastes like I was like this. He I'd like a Fuckin illegal sport stadium. Filled with people every weekend like a mega church guy does Peggy Church due to scary and always do that, control those gigantic. Huge ass fucking arenas filled with people, I ve ever watchman, those on tv user. Who is the guy
like he had the math too, and I got our own like air in the online. There is a crazy like documentary, I feel where they have liked the school where they're like preparing like. Youngsters for like Christian Jihad, like they're like you're talking about a different thing, but I know you talk. I was involved in it before the scandal and I think that, yes, he was yes, he was yeah you're right, you're right, What is the name of that? That document I gotta, know my item the same chick. Who did, though, that followed around the president's frayed Rio DE added did. Did the thing of recurrent what is called yeah? this document I hate when I remember so stupid- Tell me I threw out a website here once and it got me like crashed, because what it contains, a slowdown that definitely happened. Goddammit like to highlight by your new city who was sure in this movie. In the movie yeah? Who did who created a given area, a documentary,
Dammit, the United Kingdom's how these are those who would like the daughter of a life of somebody in Congress or something like that animals once they like Nancy Policies, daughter or something like that, but I don't think that's right. Yeah. It's something might because I think it's something Pelosi. Man you're killing me. Its unless the stoner reach do that's the stoner Google right there in my mind, I'm trying to remember this fuckin movie. If anybody here's this and they know what the fuck was, that we could consequently gleam in right now, as some would say that our eyes usually have it on my laptop. It is a new laptop. I don't even have it on here. It's it's! It's one of my favorite movies about a camp Jesus Camp, I remember, thank God. Thank God he's one of my every like crazy people, movies, Jesus the brilliant movie, and they did it scary. And they did it like that. Just showed you what was going on, I mean that's what they They just showed you what was going on. They didn't give you any editorial
here too it no narration. They just show you what these people feel like they're doing how they need to raise Christians in the same way these jihadists are being raised You know I mean this woman compares suicide bombers in under their starting them off Jung's. We need to start our christian warriors off as their right, so this is actually they want their fog in raising the shit. They say these little kids. The founder of the whole thing was that guy he was a big part of my life is out of their own. Is it is It is just doesn't get labelled as one you know. I mean, Jesus Jesus because they haven't done anything. Yet when one of those kids ten years were now that that
camp that whole thing like conservative Christians were against it like radio hosts who are christian or conservative. They were like this. Isn't doktor nation like this, isn't like what you are doing is you're you're, making radicals you're, not educating them about God and about love and about you know, though, with the Bible says you guys you're, making like soldiers for Christ's sake. Admittedly, exchange stops so conservative questions relating to fuckin far, but these it It's their idea was that if the jihadist do it and what they believe in is wrong, we should do this I think, as we're right like well that some fuckin logic right there. And they're allowed the rays? Kids. It's brilliant moving check it out. This, though they closed down that ministry, closed down because of this, because this movement is like this wasn't even something that Christians wanted. This was just like that
Guy's, gonna, fuck and take it down and you didn't make it who was the person in the directors name, is to people Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady there. There I was wrong about whom yeah and there's also the producers since fuckin brilliant. They didn't awesome job with a yeah scared me when I say that Mr Wurtz, you know when you when you realize how easy it is to shape a child's mine. It becomes we scary belshazzar, but how many company, like minded people, said, that's a good idea and started their own little version of that somewhere. You know. In short, I mean how many people are home school and I can't because they want the kid to be naughty and not influenced by the load, the ridiculous, gems and lives or teaching at school, and others are a lot of people out there doing my science not supposing their children to other ideologies, because their worried that it might catch you now treating your trousers if it's a growing person and exposing them to and finding what their groove is, none other than and we're going to
it down in his kitchen table our teach you by the Lord all this shit about evolutions, bullshit, ok, there's never been a single piece of evidence. Points are being more than ten thousand years. Oh that's exactly the battles as well, people in can learn that, should the new you get two poles whether they do gallop ports at fifty percent. Forty six percent of America believes there is less than ten thousand years old. That's real, that's that's real! So that's like I don't know how long that's gonna be around, for I have a feeling that, as internet access gets to more and more places, more people get educated. That kind of thinking is propaganda. Go away within the next thirty years I really don't see how you can keep it up just seems to be a certain point time we're gonna get in Some sort of technology that even more pervasive than just looking things up just looking things
but a computer. No one ever thought of that for five hundred years ago, known or thought there be possible to us. This is everyday occurrence. I think he's gonna be a next step in the evolution of technology that can allow you to access information without actually looking things begin it able to just get in your head. However, show it somehow in your head and when that happens, Does not get any room for that shit. You was it was it were. We the conversation about others. Last year Why exactly the curse? What tell him we're down by chance and in man and land document time about how, like our technology, evolves exponentially rather than linearly imperlite pretty soon have nanotechnology and all whole Congress. I interviewed him from my side. Phytia I've got to talk to him for over an hour was fuckin ass. Yours amazing, well, he's also predicted EV thing he predicted search engine way before it existed. He predicted the internet before it existed. He could
did voice recognition software, I mean there's this motherfuckers been around for a long time. Breaking down what's happening as far as like technological trends and makes great keyboards to you does he makes is not credible. Majestic super genius is also made like e books, software for four laptops and saw him we advance thinks he's like invented a bunch of different shit. Let's just a constantly thinking super genius type character and pick in his brain. It's not like in the brain of just some average asshole who's gonna, like Thyssen Shitty read on Scientific America, this a guy who is actually making these discoveries. This is a guy has actually been involved in many technological innovations that have like really benefit people in a big leap. And he's telling you about the future. You, like, we often like a fear of death to ease. I really don't want to die. He was alive for everyone's to bring his dad Yeah you want to bring his dad back. How crazy the vitamin yeah like,
what he thinks it and we're gonna get to certain points time where you are not going to be a single autonomous body, function thing Can it be a single body like a flesh and bone blood in agony me that you're gonna be a combination? tissue and artificial creations, whether its artificial blood cells are and then already am yeah you with your heart, it's true for folks who don't know everlasting hearts to wish when they put a retaliatory amar valve and it goes like Tiktok Tiktok, Tiktok, Tiktok fuckin, while man so you're living proof by on and what he sang is it. This is just one step and that in the future, you're gonna, have a better version of your body than your body. And so they're gonna be able to figure out how to get your consciousness into this super body. This wolverine Adam Skeleton Bomb, fuck, and so are you? Are you not here you're, environmental, downloading, anyone least basically into our drive. You
improving the download your consciousness into a hard drive. The guy's area is basically you're going to live forever, the it gets criticise though we should say a lot of people say: you're, never gonna build download consciousness, no hard drive. They say that the human, so personality is so complex and based on so many different factors like the company or how much hormones when your system and a certain time would stress level you wonder how much cortisone will you getting free, there's a lot of shit involved about legs, trying to develop a human being from scratch to an adult, so many steps take place so the about the idea that you could actually recreate that have anything is enjoyable as a person suitably it's tough to believe I mean, I guess, if you could mathematically calculate how many back times you you wanna in inject, into a person's consciousness in memory and then create them over like a gigantic camp. The process. We are literally inventing memories. Algorithms are there to give them this adaptive technology
in other no allows them to pretend to have lived, a rich and wonderful life, and then you get like this really wise old dude, but really so any made him in a lab took an hour They pop open, the metal top and he comes out. Our steamy infringes drop in science on you with his fake brain ever with no bad experience. No, that experience is total poseur. What fun is acting to be, I maybe you'll be amazed, maybe they'll be like fuckin doktor Manhattan, it'll be so domain. Most interesting man in the world here, you're fucked, a dose of your righteous prickly ever told you, my story of our home. Does every year teach me guess at the duties like five foot one they sure maybe five would force out my daddy's like little did. His name is like something like every jewish, like something language- and he told me he worked at at at at at a hardware store on Lincoln, in in Venice,
doesn't anymore, because it again that's what I think where he was working when it when he got the gay, but that's not in his voice. Do that's a very silly that a directive, but I dont always drink beer? Does not his voice do battle with drink Darzac my friend status, what but those who has anything I had of somebody like we. They came here's the stories we play in the play women's for some, so Charity events linked to come back to the messages like you're. The most interesting man here is nowhere in the world is indeed like a meter, and we always love those questions. The clown animals as well I'll fuck, yeah he's gotta come back aim is our face but we got pictures evident why he comes out economic aspects, a noise like guys, you do it LEO Feinstein, literally certain, like I'm being denied, wasn't exactly there, but it was so like
someone should over double as I do. I was just like man. If that was me, I would be milking that to the end, I would welcome you like my friends. I leave you is beyond a commercial or the bunch, a hot chicks like tat and like a yacht, known a ferrari and and drinking and mountain climbing, and you go somewhere people just just gravitate towards you. Does the dude what all the cool shit in that show? Average you gotta be like my gotta, be their guide. My friends, it wasn't that it was like you might want to have a drink. Maybe you need to change, it maybe needs to bring it back and then what? When I saw the commercial that nice night, I got home from the gate where I came. Merger came on and then I realized the voice was overdue. Browser doesn't seem like it as it sees real. Larry went spread, Sir there's a picture of M O. My couldn't you like you and me
That's what everybody says. One little guy yeah seems a nice guy. That's nice super nice guy, I'm not even sure I throw under the budget which we are so prompt and it was like. I wouldn't let down I've experienced personally people think that only me like, they were short as factors like this. When I am sorry she put him. Ok you what was actually I saw you like, I was a fear factory like put a guy in a yoke and like when the contestants, yes idea, hymning. Here a guy, the piano a little bit a history of violence. He had on one show thrown his wife down in another show you attacked a councillor, so they actually warm me about him before he did show and His wife came back from a start and hit a guy I told her, I go hey you accept with yellow than scream each other and share and when he was really embarrassing, when you fucking Idiot, it's right, there go fuck and get scream each other and so one of the
on. The show was heckling them while they were competing and saw, the woman comes back and punches. The dude, whose hackler punches in Britain. Someone really hard. Psycho hey you can't. You're just cause you hit, your husband is being run it now, the people you can hear Contestants. The husband gets my face: as I am concerned, I push unworkable, delivering, show all event. I pushed him where a couple times you kept in closer tomatoes like As you know, this is going to escalate sums gonna grab em so described. The bag was neck like a fairly. If you use for Israel is gonna, feel it s like to be a rag doll and he's not gonna like that and second, and maybe not a common down violent, do anything to him so just grab it sailed onto a little bit, but that we also He me I'm just gonna smashing zero uneven. We hold a guy's Hetty basically autumn, you watch airs and silver fight, Rich Franklin, behold his head like when a guide that can clamp down on back your head and you can get those arms off. That's a terrible position to be a as to override the chain. K one because of ours to overrun, because your book,
perfect example K ones like you know, and I can't be home people's heads over images bomb rush? You grabbed the back your head and its night night boom boom. He can't get em off you, you can get him off the back. Your neck issued arms he's got that buck and locked down grip with they just there's due to develop that fucking, tightness too, that hold with a slap that motherfucker back your head than they pinch down with the two forms, a you're fucked man and then the knee your comment. Why can't I get it going like them? You have seen there's a lot of issues. One ok, first of all, he's taken a lot ahead punishment. If you, ouster overruns K. One careers is pride career. The this strike force
fights and strike force was really did booting get hit, but he's had some brutal knockouts chuckled Del knocked him out. Carotene off knocked amount show got knocked about a lot of guys knocked louder, hurry, finished, bought or our finnish them. He got finishing kick box rats. He finished bought her heart to any finnish border. To so he's been stopped a bunch of times now he's been stop twice in a row in the big foot. One was fuckin Rama that big foot one was incredible. That combination has only been one combination is good. Is that finishing afire with hands? And that's Phil Verona versus Dave, Monet, old school. You FC, have you ever seen that pull that shit up you held Maroni versus David. I feel Bologna is
You know he's a dude who, like really underrated, punching power like people down now he's out about issues has been the game. A long terms have alot injuries, had a model losses, but when fail, baronial clips, you you got big problems. Is that motherfuckers dynamic in this series of policies that he landed on the need to finish in one of the best all time, Kayo scene I've ever seen in my life, combination boom boom boom. That's the slow mole show the like the full speed version of EU finances, shitty version of to their looks terrible. It's like a veto bell for saving. It finally got better version of its really see, clearly cause it's so, but but big foot, one was really similar real, similar real close. So it's like tat a lot of trauma man. I think your brain needs a long time off to get funding just touched him on a chair with therefore think yeah in that was really the only time brown. It really hit him clean up to that point, and you know. To almost finished him.
Finish them and he went out full clip to try to fashion if you do the put you in a real bad position, gas Hank Wise, and will you guess it's done when you thought you gonna kill the guy in the guy still in front of you and you can't move you can't move. But I now saw just kept moving forward kept moving forward United back up. He didn't want to keep the pressure on that dude, but that front kicked. You gotta! You gotta, given up the Travis Brown that she was perfectly placed. He tested it a couple times to the body to doing refined. Yeah you, while he's got a ass reach. Look at this is the combat, with this being being being being being Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang goes like, oh God is, we were hit when Europe was doing like the Speed Bank of the of the fence mighty hit him ten times in three seconds incredible. How many of those punches was the out. You know what I mean. Also most of what I had started on area is out. He was keeping them up with those punch, whistles punch it like the big foot, yeah yeah, very similar to that country.
I gotta think takes a long time to recover from and obviously a neurosurgeon arms talking on last. But I would imagine that an injury. That's not it's not simple, as are you got knocked out? You come back now. You're gonna percent now get injured you. You know what it's like to engineer back. You know to injure elbow that shit's gotta he'll. It doesn't feel the same, and just because you don't feel your brain just because you feel all then up there like. I would imagine you neural system as to fuck and take a little bit of a break strata he'll up from something like that. So they give you like ninety days like before yoletta when you get Kayo Bilbil have like a certain amount of days, but how they can predict how one person's ninety days, the same as that ninety days or like Edson, Barboza, Terry ETA. Ninety days when he wheeled kick tomboy unjust parts dumb, like you got NEO biased, sniper shy, just that's a different o k o then a quick stoppage but they're both ninety days, that's just some significant injuries that happen, so that could be a partner when what him to you
with a dude. It's been knocked out at least eight times. What about confidence to write like after Emily? still super fucking, confident man, confident man he's still attack. Travis Brown Riotous ran out gas and then is also the issue of steroids. This issue of hormones. He says that he took the you got popped in the night. They kept him off for a year and he said that the reason why did it was because he had a shoulder injury and a doctor prescribe utility, didn't others testosterone in it, which is possible, but then when he got off of it. It should than his testosterone was like super low like when he law still Bigfoot, they did a testimony found testosterone was very low liking to hunt ninety ranger think they said it was which is very low and actually dangerous. You're not supposed to professional athletes, will you fuckin level so low, and so Take on a doing the Theatin! Well, here's the issue. One trauma stops: you buys production of testosterone, unproven
did. The pituitary gland, apparently is very sensitive. Does a guy named Doktor Mark Gordon, who was a specialist than they were James Tony's or to the football players and a bunch of people coming back for the war traumatic. Brain injury. One of the things that happens is your body lose its ability, produce, hormones and so are you guys have taken head trauma there? There tests levels, law drop so then become the question of okay, if you need take testosterone because your test levels or drop and because you ve taken a lot ahead trauma at what point. I want us, keep you from head trauma is ever Do we just allow it as long as you can keep supplementing with hormones? We lie to kick in their even EU bodies like loved you Ratibor occasion, not producing testosterone anymore, while it's ok, It's gonna, get it from up of needle and move, but fine words can Europe back in there. You know, I think, as a person who values personal freedom. I certainly think they should be able to do that. The question be, though, when they do it, how much
it should really be able to get how much I mean, how do you how we like really closely regulated, because it looks like some people get more than others. Some people, like their bodies, are radically change and all the sudden they look like super athletes when they were kind of doorway. Just a couple of fight before that, obviously something a little bit bigger than just You now bringing you're you're you're levels up to a normal range. It seems like their hyper levels here. I don't know the case, but it looks like that how you eat obviously have the test them on a daily basis to really get an accurate read of what their levels are, but they do. The thing is unless you're randomly testing them on a regular basis. People can cheat and theirs is that people can she'd anyway, there's ways people use fake decks in our lives. We have been like Tom, Sizemore, apparently treaties, fake Dick news that we have place to go that way. Ass god bless them. They sell pulls out a fig hog strength
carbon like? What do you get together? Think tank, you crazy. This element, we'd magazines, yeah. Well, there's a lot of people, man, that's the reality their job. Only after you have to be clean, but I think tat is a tricky situation, be there to talk in Athens like a freedom of being a human and if you needed in your life, yet yeah. But if you know, as I found it, fighter. What about matchmaker vanity? Fair game is tricky it to me It's almost controversial arm, I say almost, but it's almost as controversial as men, transsexuals that men become women. They want compete as women deserted those one in basketballs. Well, I think just as controversial as adding testosterone of being able to, but not I shouldn't it. It's not just as controversial, but it's- you know it's close, did it mean? the test? Weird, the idea, You can just put in your body and then guardian fight is, if, like yours, so good at your bodies producing that much testosterone you're there.
Aggressive now as you get older, your body start slowing down like naturally, so if you want to still compete- and you want to see compete like like a young man. That is the way to do it. The question is how old Should you be when you're allowed to do that, like this a forty six year old, Grandcourt, eager? Ok, I get anywhere, but here They were doing it right so, but if it's if it's a twenty seven year old guy, which there have been has been guises. Youngest, twenty five howled veto, these industries, like thirty four something let's find out very oh, no! It's not because on thirty one January, a couple of guys do it in there is certainly no manners. I cannot sort they. They love it. I said it may feel great, not as an end after two the needle every day, and they now there was a week deal once a week or you put ice cream every day for doing a needle of data crazy right than Sagan. Brazil is like you know, and housing for how long are forever forever.
yeah, it's like forever is now real, that's part of the problem, but if why bother to work really good right now, that's the solution. Question to me is not test out replacement as like a practice, because I feel like I would take anything that makes your body work better. Take vitamins or take whatever makes it work better like they say gotta. Do it forever the brush my teeth forever to a lot of shit about it? You forever and I'm not scared of you know, you're Tito Begone someday. Look! It's new I've. Seen my Gilbert S new front teeth, the beautiful amazing last and playing hockey pages, speeches in place that we now have to write. You got like a post in your mouth and they have a fake tooth up and the more I am actually do. That's crazy little operation. There man wait when you get the front teeth fake due to have to do the rods, like that. What I do like the tightening screwed it right into his head, think that's how they make sure that the t stay in when one they do that their prowler super strong, it's a cigar, regular tooth. They have these incredible
positive, now, thrilling, really tough and well made it look exactly like a thief. The initial it's perfect to two amazing. What some people fucking got their tea pact output, capsized Megan, more pretty lotta people did that's pretty crazy. That's pretty great just for cosmetics, you gonna, go! for now, the fake teeth Look. How do you know you get? to pay for a mouth teddy. Roosevelt, you see much in this town. I know so many people have got that. Yes, I am a friend of mine. Did it most Maybe that's weary White Squared young yeah magazine each TB smoke cigarettes are needed, but did that test us one thing? I think it's it's a beginning brow, and this is the real problems. Not testosterone stand human growth hormone. It's the inevitability, inevitable. Biological engineering, the initiative buddy that science technology. All them will combine because a massive market for figuring out how to make the human body work better. Kurzweil,
hold me when I interviewed him that we are a decade away from inventing red blood cells that are artificial. That will allow you to hold your breath for four hours. He said you be able to. The bottom, the pool for four hours, a regular person you dont, have to be super. Athletes have to be a monkey, not have to be some fucking due to live in the mountains, eaten raw salmon for a year practice and cotta. Now, just one dude, Yassum, artificial blood cells injected into system take deep. Then he aplenty oxygen for four hours. It's fucking crazy, any set its its inevitable. It's coming there already working on it. We also do This can be created, but there's gonna be no sense in work and spear fishing, but then, when there is no sense in working out, it's almost like are we gonna be spoiled? Is gonna, be like the same thing that has fucked a lotta people when they have so much access to entertain man? It's made, kids lays existed or further tv in vegetate than others crew, ever active as young accuse me. That's the argument What are you gonna be like when you can just be a superhero boats? Are gonna go out
business you can fly just go to Catalina known there Does the walk you gonna be able to fuckin, hold your breath in the water and walk across Catalina and when when you do get to the surface, take a deep breath and correct the funding under you good for another four hours Craig had little baby oxygen tank. You could just walk on the ground. The whole work them up what no product but will be of people of new afforded. While there are also working on skin artificial skin. That is emerge, Hugh dna with spider, silk itself, God. Damn comic book, it sounds like Spiderman, but their working. There are literally gonna have artificial skin. That's bulletproof, so you're gonna have skin like about it. It's like your skin and looks like skin, but it's it's a fucking bullet proof. Literally, nothing can hurt it. That's possible
mean it's, not something, I'm inventing with my imagination. This is like something that they live. It's a proof of concept, idea that they're taking from like the laboratory and are starting to try to see if they could actually developed US rice if its pliable, you can still get choked out it's a trail he just jump on their back, maybe they'll be at the end. When people become impossible to knock out at all, be a budget to the city s neck. Eleven may prove you're, not choke proved yeah you. What does it do? Name, Raphael, Dawson, jewels and he got his job broke and fight, and now he said his jaw is a weapon because he's has so many titanium got titanium plates and like eight screws and his jaw and to do it in a row have broken their hand on his jaw. Because he's like my job as a weapon now like it doesn't apparently, when you get your jaw fix to like that issue of.
Your job and tink sometimes goes away not for every deeds but sent up for some dude. You can't knocked amount is easy. Once you're jog it's free Apparently it's it's like stiffer were such bodies, and we place on better yeah. Doesn't break is easy because it gets screws and plates in it and wires and shit in it, and it's hardly get knocked out. So this it is like mean happens. If someone like, they just start making fake bones, like wolves style. Everybody has a scar from the top of their head all the way down to their ass crack because they just fucking pulled you out of that bitch and put some fucking good, fake bones on you, and now you never get hurt he's run around with fucking carbon fiber bones run the walls and shit kicking people like an element of that. Hell yeah Allow me a fight to this. Will there be no competition anymore? That's the real issue, the real issues like competition. Sport is a big part of what like sedates the masses. It keeps people
like tune in that is like a method of conquest, share of working to the Lake Roseanne tonight when meanwhile, there completely sedentary their existing in this fuckin maize is fake world and they're getting their gladiator instincts out through that will set all goes away. They can have to see some sort of other release for this, and that's that that's that's it She, the people, face give people some sort of distraction. That's forty six percent going right for it. That's what we get effects can fix that cut out the number dummies. How do you do it? you say that, ok, let me ask you, this is our last. If you were an alien from another planet, super smart. How do shit a totally new came to earth? And you know you are yes, you do. It fuck you all you're an alien you're from a thousand million years in the future. You guys, so I have no conscience or by our conscience, but people are more low humanity its
like. If you came upon, let me ask you can't pot of village in the villages run by a bunch of rapid monkeys. There was millions, I'm fuckin up everything, throwin shit, people, stealing candy, Mugen babies. You would want Our children monkeys right? Ok, we'll monkeys, intelligent little animals. If something is so far advanced from us that it can get here from office and Tory in a metal ship. Who knows how what they're going to think about us? They might look at asses like this. Is this dangerous stage that are being gay? so when it started to transcend from its animal instincts into this either? it new emergent consciousness. This group consciousness that's inevitable for the species, but right now it's crazy. Now it's running around fuckin, shootin guns at each other and smashing, usually a highway in pollutant things, dampen shit, the ocean opponent all efficient, leaving a giant garbage patch, the middle. The ocean, gonna Pencroft, shows fuck rage against a machine. Maybe that they like does bit is already. Then everybody,
then I read it. We're gonna kill some of em. How are we gonna kill? So? Could you gonna tell stupid once, but we need to work, we need. Did the robot technology is not ready for Mcdonald's, yet you know you can have robot work is making a cheeseburger so until that time, but the five deed. If you were an alien and you have the you had to say You're you're you're, giving me like a kind, hearted alien scenario Malian with a conscience. I could Gaza. Be the alien comes and looks at it like well, there's his aunt Hill and it's in my garden and it's kind of serving a purpose but he's getting too big, so
it's gotta stop out, have maybe they just thrown asteroid. I, where maybe that's what we're fucked up the dinosaurs sounds you gotta do is changed degrees of the planet like by three either direction and now worlds, but while they have to do is what pull the plug noted just put, what they would like all. I would not some extra magnetic pulse. This is easy, but the lights out survival of the fittest. One solar flare- would do that right when gigantic. So if I were elites shuts down too, we figured out how to reboot things clear, Hydra, less land, less you have, electronics already put into a container in the round. Deepen aground didn't want to be deepened grounded. You said we were sealed within a metal contain you can get old style. Metal garbage can really take a fuckin plastic bag. Protoplasm bag in it like you, can use real trash, put a bunch, walkie, talkie, ease and stuff and the like in their clothes, the plastic bag tied up may put the lay back on it and take them
the fucker seal it set shut somehow and like if you ever did had electronic magnetic pulse those things still be good afterwards. Brow are you a paper No, but I am prepared the doomsday prepping: you got, electronics in a garbage bag in really so let us out the shit is affected. I got units fuller watered. Do you really damned outsmart impractical? you know it's forgive me. I really not. People are not some crazy shit. Look hurricane sending me look at anything like that and wouldn't area in your whole block. Doesn't everything in nobody shows up for a week? Listen my good friend lived for that but friend, Tommy Junior. He told me that these they had drive for hours. User cellphones, like you, found work anywhere Yoda drive like way the fuck out he lives in in Connecticut, like right, near the new border and he had a drive fuckin hours. They said that food was nowhere like within a day food,
gone everywhere. People I go into Duncan doughnuts and weight in line Duncan, don't just to get something to fill your belly and that their their run out of food mean there's like all. Nothing left he said, was crazy. He it happened so fast. He was like because you would think this how Tommy Junior talks you would think they were prepared. Aired right. You would think well, let's see the power goes out for a week. We're gonna need this amount of emergency foods, which habit nearby goes fuck that dude he goes prepare it all was every man for themselves and it wasn't a really made. You realize how fuckin scary things again like that, because of this, shit because it was a bit storm, the body was like tat, I think of all the things that have happened throughout history in the human history that we know what that was way. Bigger than that Think about all the shit that happened. The dark dart past of the fucking earth when we know my list, what armed intensity coming events and now just to string a couple of those major events together like see
something even larger than sandy so Katrina and then, let's just say at the same time when it's not it's far fetched, but it ain't impossible, marionette. Volcano, went off and like nobody could fly for funding, has stuck in your dog languages. In the same. Combine it with some super volcano eruption, snapper. Hardly I'm learning tumblr schemes are disasters in the end of the world ensemble month. Get hungry. They get this. This man, I'm will keep minds yeah and we don't have. Our life is not set up organically right now. I've set up to revolve around the grid and until people develop is, food as much access to food organically as they do by things being shipped and carrying them from here, and if you are not responsible for the production and cultivation of your own food, which most people don't have the opportunity to be, then you autonomous and if you, if you know, if you can support yourself and some shit, the fan, you got a real problem because also have one other, even something that God forbid
My mother was a truck stop coming into the supermarkets. You know I got out as we have a proper, I guess, alien and yeah. I guess I am because I'm fuckin ready done well. I'm gonna get you with Stephen Element, and I'm really for like that. I don't know about git to wherever do you know I gotta get like through a whiff there's, a certain amount of time is going. They also, I believe you know. Living in our societies are even if some bad did happen. You're only talk about at the worst needing to be able to hold yourself account for yourself about three months right at is worse than what I figure you know I mean unless what's on by some nuclear disaster is likely to fuck wasn't be here anyway. Take me out when am of what happens here in yet the thing rights like how much damaged do you want done to them, Would you like to send a one be here in our beer for Cannibal days right when you have to be done? Then I see people cannibalism, people pull up on a ranch like aid gets gently. Food needs see them for concern a leg in the back yard and, like all Jesus, three people right. That's gonna have
meaning what might have happened. It would without a doubt it will happen as possible it's happening the pastor, the nest purse. Indians, apparently, will be our cannibalism, their cannibalism, the fuck out of people, because lived in Montana and Shit got real called in the winter and his heart. Fine dear and its even harder shooting with a fuckin bow and arrow So many stumble upon some people are living in some wooden house. You, like oh yeah, we'll get some food here. This ethos working people couple of years ago on cancer, which crafty things that go with that to witchcraft but no one investigate spirit directives about eating humans in power, how powers it is bestows upon yeah, the eaters and general but naked
Sometimes it's not a power things. Sometimes it's like there's a Nicholas newborn. He wrote a book called keep your river on. Your left are on the right or whatever, and he ate people. He eat practice, cannibalism with a specific culture and they did it when a relative died and when the relative died there'd be this ceremony where they would all get together and pray and seeing what or it was just like this morning, some sort of morning out, even if they didn't but then they would consume ritually, like certain parts, family member altogether, what luck dark three people. A definition in my grandma death really wanted to be a stranger, but sometimes does not a survival. Things sometimes is not a war things. Sometimes it's just like it's one of my hopes there like. Whenever on planes are salmon, if we go down, yeah yeah yeah could eat me. Man is ok, yeah? What trade my grandmother for somebody else. You know my grandmother, you take daughter,
if we are not doing it to enjoy its just guess somehow or think they're consuming something of the person and bring them closer to that person or something just it finalizing the idea, undermined they're, gone religion, so hidden Have you ever been to a funeral with an open casket, my father's, my grandfather's loan of a bender? It was very strange, tough it didn't. It didn't seem my him now, even though it was him I was like. Where is he he's not there or no they aren't they. Aren't there. That's the that's. The bazaars part is like you know so strange argument for that divine spark or that so You know I mean as long as there's that's not. They are the same thing that the shells their yeah- I mean It doesn't even look real, didn't look like to say, and I know it was. He was made up a little bit nervous, but I'm saying just there were certain. Yeah, I don't know what the right man, I don't know.
The transition is, but I have a feeling it's just now. We think it is. I think the of life and death assists what you're dealing with his one tiny frame in So you know, I remember only one thing from the experience when you remember just a voice what its socket it was. I was like a voice. There was a familiar comfortable car like your grandfather's way, by Windsor was my grandfather's voice, but you understand what I'm saying just any, My it was just saying you like, I was in the wrong place kind of. I don't even know if it was words or just a feeling. I was being conveyed to me right, like you're, going to come back, but it was definitely the only conscious thing I can remember from the. Ever several minutes that I was supposedly dead. That's chubby. Did you been the other side Maybe that's why so blues,
I'm just saying, as I got us remember, feeling like a very comfortable like I said she waited ease, kind of voice when you heard it, and it was, I not are you can, and you ain't supposed to be here kind of thing like lotta people said that, lotta people that have gone through? That said that, but you know the fractal, Nature, the environment. I don't know why it so weird for people to think that something happens after they die because showed up at your grandpas house too early for your own surprise party, as I felt wow, and you grant I was travelling now, don't don't, as does the weirdest way. I can play I will If what it is is just we will. We think that this life is all there is because this is what we are experiencing: but this is just a temporary blip. His is one stage in an infinite number stages and we leave this and go into the next. When it we shouldn't be scanned of it. What that's? The realisation that I believe most people call your life flash and for your eyes, is this the summation that you it was like when I was lying on the table and their role in me for that operation, I was pretty much
convinced I was dying, but I was going to die. There was nothing the way they were panicking in the way my chest felt, and I knew I was born with this thing I was like wow, I'm checking out this is it unlike the whole time, and it was just sitting there like it, wasn't there wasn't consume with fear, I mean no. I wasn't there was that there was fear there was just this summation of, like that's my life, that quick while everything I've ever done has been that only that long the minute I was born to now. That's it. Do the things they wouldn't matter to five forty more years this that would have been the exact same realisation that your whole, life is so liked. So time is is irrelevant time, as it is an illusion times: Some we made up like we're living in. We ve slowed ourselves down by counting seconds. That's interesting: see people always say that times an illusion. That's so go a very popular thing to say at times wholly real? But if it doesn't matter
I think the thing is so big that your idea of time is such a joke. I gear, You have time is like you measuring seconds in infinity. That's what I like clinging something that's impossible to cling to you, because although it is real and can be measures, also movable, doesn't matter its movable. You can move time. How came you turn into I mean, if you do it all the time, a small increments, when you like make these realizations of like all the sudden you're somewhere in just a little small realisation. These are tight things perception times. Perception is okay. Now illusion illustrates a perception. I see we say: you're gonna mean so as I can. It's all men, we perceive it you can zone. I can get on at fourteen hour flight australian zone, our feeling on there in an hour right because you know is that time travelling with us.
You know what I mean you I I know what you're saying I know you sound like you. You are even, though, that this time is passing, it's not passing for you you're going somewhere else year. So where is as our you moving through time? What are you doing during that time? There was seventeen hours unaccounted for. Just vegetated and lost it took a nap came to the butt the court has the lie. That would happen all the time I sit there. Take acid, not watch two Fuckin son go down and come up and it would seem like the span of fifteen minutes. I don't think that counts cancer causing relevant, I think, is related and others would survive peer review. I think of you broke out to university. Like look, I figured out how to do our job, as was the son of a bitch tabling. Thank you, MR you're you're, closer than you think. You really appreciate your contribution. Yeah you're right, they would say a close anything because, in terms of infinity, maneuver did time travel. If you decide to put a lot of energy on fourteen hours in, like God, was gonna end there
will drag on for ever. Watched pot doesn't boil exactly, but it does, The problem is a really dotingly his longer. Doesn't it seem to take very much longer. It seems too, because you're not enjoying the experience of the think everything is a matter of how much you will realize I'm around its had your using that time and you're moving by, and so in that sense like the more joy and love you have in your your time, the lead time feels like its passing absolutely so. That's an agreement so make things, makes things so they don't ever stretch out. It's always one big fun experience. So you're, always time Travelin summits with How would you know what one was that there was no painful, have experienced at an early age or get a microchip and they stick in the bag it has. This is a rather Johnson special speaking. The good transition to music. We haven't done if us
We're talking at our is due to ours is minimal, yeah, semi, five. Forty five right now give zero flux and with no everlasting, always a pleasure. When we come on your man, it's always funded just sit down and talk to you, but to promote dialogue. Yeah! That's what I'm saying you here for the here, but to have fun it out, but you also here, because we went loud again, every member in this thing, in my life acoustic lights out, take I got you know what is going on. The road and audiences is in these more than a little responsible for this record existing, so Well, listen! I'm honored and wisdom, acoustic, stuff, radio stations. When I came in here did people started actually call an unbroken shows for it. So that's awesome everybody said they buy. It saw Maharajah accountable, jazz, like five hundred thousand followers, so go get it lets chain. Git.
Everyone you oughta by two of them, the amateur I'm gonna put that on Twitter. I want to put it on twitter where could be but get it if I put it up right now on items or martyr dash ain't, our com, you will take it all my stuff, unama twitters, de grandma bulls and Face Booker's. Brian find someone Jamie, O Brien, find a link and entreated to me. So I tweeted William Plenum do Little will cover to take requests. If I'm going to do in american Ban,
a bit of such events. Over the last two weeks, grandfather railroad row come into your party town. Where I have a very sad not about you. Will you cross my dreams? You well manual turn into homeless people junkies and be beautiful. This is your name me views. Giving. You know that
pain is so dear to you working class ass.
They heard you were the hail Spaz, so fucking, ass, glass.
They thought they expect you can, even if they can be dealt with in sensitive areas such as the geographic class. The first, you must ask you, some class dab
fucking bad ass, polish, That's my favorite version that song those beautiful someone actually from your crew. Peoples are much my peoples on much further requests. It has not allowed. Dude, that's my failed version. I saw now. Does beautiful God Damn hues that money, fucker John Lennon. He wrote some interesting stuff, but somewhat yeah, I got nothing now had to happen. No, but this duty the little girl. Yes, we played twice already. We can't planning, but its greatest things. I've always been appointed, but I never heard the Yoko owner boot into it's beautiful billboards, beautiful Gaza, camera so important me is this only like ten of, and that is only ten of under that good data that are out there. That point should out like that and our honest about how they feel about shit like his his biz take on John Leno, like you
can crazy cunt? Why you yellin out I'm here obvious single. It shut the fuck up and you can't leave me alone. It's so funny. It's so funny billboards beautiful! we because I gotta so important. Ideas has his flock and take on the candelabra movie the Liberace movie, it is with the funniest fuckin thing I have ever seen in my life. You gotta see Joey DS his bid on it is so funny in no no, no. No, he has on all these put it on anything. It's so funny. It hurts my balls, all it's beautiful, it's brilliant and it's beautiful. It really is If I did so, that's like you know, you say that about a movie. That's about gay dude, whose gay pimp who's. This
given these do their families and paying and of an play, a piano making hundreds of millions of dollars just run. It is bad. Mother, Fucker Liberace was, but that was his game. That's what he did. He pay for their surgery. He made his boyfriend get surgery, so it looks like him. Gangster. That is, but he made I get a chin implant, so he looks like Liberace to have very heavy. That's how have you wanna see some free, shout wanna see there. You put on that video when labour she winks. It me. Because you know for the longest time place before apologize to people who have heard this podcast. They listen everyone to go, you are pushing for controlling and the only way the bank is everlasting here. I just want you to see from a cultural standpoint how strange things must abandon the nineteen fifties where this was like a real thing. There was a woman she's writing a letter to the Liberace Fan Club because she's a huge fan of Liberace now, and she goes crazy and swoons when Liberace winks at her
this Liberace plant piano in the tv and she sit in their writing. Her letter and swooning and legally
The ship was only sixty years ago, the tv rights when he winked longline sectors this week that a weird noise is weighing ok sounds like a computer made it. It's easy chairs teacher. He lets gives the additive Jim Fuckin system on wax this week this week again and again to you with the range and he was like a man. I know what caused this. Why? I know, because I think I got really obsessed with the movie. I saw the movie. Why didn't you see the movie? I suggest we do is talk about the movie first and then I shall talk about a backstage like what he was in a green room where we were dying, laugh and when he was talking about Liberace Sling, a Dick capitalism motherfuckers, and it was so funny how to watch the bit said. I did a bit about it, so the bid is ridiculous. It's it's
Damon Liberace means it's. A fucking is an unbelievably hilarious bit. So then I watch the movie nose like oh shit, this a good movie man. This is an interesting story, so young guy, you fell for the charms of an old rich guy in, and he just got gangster with him and he's just there, again pills and he's he's gonna fuckin pomp keeps his dick hard to his heart all the time you can never get satisfied. She was just use a mad man just a madman, He had a thing stuck here like a thing on his dick, where you just get his dick hardy entirely, wants its pumped up bitch up. A garden, It is
so beautiful flick. So then I started getting interested Liberace started like researching all this shit about Liberace in those are weakened and then going. I listen man, I'm not Tom Phobic, I'm interested in human beings in strange human characters, and that was incredibly strange human character and the only thing they kept me from looking at him in the past was like that weirdness about, like, like you, do a lot of research on a gig really obvious. Why you pick body care Bulgaria? Why don't you care about gig? So you just a human I want to know is what made that human. He was like a alpha gay piano like gig timidity here we ve made like a billion dollars playing the fuckin piano. What does that? Who does that? That's what I want and it was- and he was a gangster when it came to work ethic use during alterable, shows in Vegas multiple per night. You know and he was a bad mother. Fucker aided almost Meda changes face, he's to come out with gigantic make coats like a thousand sables wrapped up
body play receive those coats. Oh, my goodness, he had fuckin did just use the original gangster wrapper. Nobody had like jewelry, nobody had more blinked and Liberace. He was the original the gates to Rapid Dick the rappings. The gangster wrappers happy the variety It was never see. First then Mister T all the bewitching restart and even probably Liberace stout comes from old jewish. Ladies What a glass, let's truly all engine it was like old, jewish Ladys, would rock these fines in New York, Iceland, that's like it was like that it was the good ship, was the nice. It's really and starts manner me like, while that actually make sense, I mean that Various he's just microbiology that what about those who just crazy glasses? tell him to go to work, then the great without a doubt,
I go to work, is a fucking bad as jammed this doctor, Como DE was a real innovator. You know, out of those dude that look were around then the most amazing to me is not stuck. Gnaws is never stop being relevant at all who Monday's looming before now you have it all others like Eightys and Ninetys guys. One was not around nozzles run eighties right, like early nineteenth early nineties, Moses, still, young, oh yeah, right you're came only like sixteen seventeen years. Really he doesn't age. You gave rise yeas only thirty, nine wow. That's amazing what I was pretty young back then to make sense like twenty? What is it about? Wrappers that, like very few of them like J C, they like hell This longevity and keep producing more wrapped its relevant like some of them. They get
begging and they fall off. Is that, like record deal tape? Shit like what is a pop music that pop music a lot of fall ass, even with those like do up as back in the day, everyone only remember is like one or two lay J too that he started completely either he started independently. Someone is all wreckers and then came into the record business as his own full partner, lilies cancers light they got would like called three sixty deal nowadays, like the label, gets everything your merchandising. They get your every rights out. They get pieces of your toying back when I signed recorded back in the day like a mountain label. Now Damone thing, I'm completely independent, but when we had made when I used to do major languages, adding have to give him anything, but a record right now they want your publishing. They want your touring. They want your margin that they want you touring too, because nobody buys records merging. Take my marriage is nobody buys out. I saved you came along right now. Does the
deals that are available pretty much unless you got something going on already like we're ready of develop yourself a scene in your making you your earning on your own level, I'm sure you'll go work? You some deal some and not a musician everyone that nowadays a site you almost don't even want to do that site for every advantage. There is to have that million dollar billion dollar machine behind you would understand this. Manages to what seems like financially and all you can do what you want. I know of groups, like, I know a group that the the guy that had singer its group fits in the tantrums, and this had singer likes Basel II just saved up a bunch of money and uses life. Savings of spearhead is groupie, funded himself they hit the road they played a he hired good musicians. You know shot out James King, like he just got good people on it and they just tour tour tour to work towards, They did another album, the song. I little radio love you in their internet love. Now you know it just goes from
But if you just like some nobody, you know you doing like pageants or something like that. You know whatever, and you want to be famous. That's like they're gonna be like well resale rights. If you tried to like star search my reward, you man, I don't think you're not doing you're not going out and exactly who tenure. And then the only way to get good taken which around fast track, but that she does- we're great did in order to get good can happily home like allow them cats us we're. Hams turned out my labels labels, none with em they're, not labels used to develop barbarism. Gc is self supporting entity. If the label left him behind, he did he yes, delay! We can't do you release all your own stuff. You know yourself now me down with the last few hours yards to our mountains.
It's gonna be so beautiful. It's no better! Every year, you no more nor the fairy tale, other people I'm still alive and I'm still making music. So if he more records recent weeks. If you don't think, I'm wearing said me, maybe should cover that while then you have to do, though girl version that doesn't make sense, it's a girl, so maybe you could. You a version where a check is talk and singing and Europe, in return for the shot is no way to get away from that songs does get you step the way that it wishes to add anything wrong with them. Ass. The poor girls like what's happening. There is a strange fuckin. Video very strange was Judy Garland Gas, had that look about a right that innocent nineteen fifties, woman look wanna be doing early and they thought they were so sophisticated. They were so much further ahead in the Mongols or
can Indians people before them. Nineteen fifty's if two years away from eighteen, hundreds, bitch age of innocence, right we had separate but equal- is that, nineteen fifty fifty years away from eighteen. Ninety nine in that should dislike pioneer days. You know, sir, young ask society, cocaine and coke air Cocaine was incurred. Cocaine in everyday and everything baby formula. Did you know that Coca COLA still uses Coca leaves and they process them to make Coca COLA and they use the cocaine from those coca leaves from medical cocaine? They visit a company that the process for them they, like the biggest producer of medical cocaine. We ve had We ve been together, talk about it. We don't want to talk about the documentary which ones are crazy. Documentary about Coca COLA and Supplementary, involving all these like, like sanction, like
more fair and should down their most, namely that member the document to Coca COLA, cases of Coca COLA files and shut it down again. Document documentary haven't that com Dude saw about much too much money and coke Hyena pass up on that until the Sierra get involved. I come so much money read you gonna sell someone's buying Jesus Christ, Sledge start doing supply and demand is right. Ill man. It was ninety four, that's when I started, but he has verse. Rigour was like a year or two before their call: nine barbecue, our main sources, so that was like ninety three air. Maybe even ninety yeah he's got the most interesting lyrics. Strange lyrics now that one song from still manic way plays in Reverse The song, like the scenario, plays outing reversed sign a gun yeah. What is that size? Coloma got a really
No, no! No! No! No! I don't think so. It's everyone's call. Rewiring yeah got yourself Is the sopranos episode worry about me? He has a scientist story about him, actually being a gun. I believe it. I don't know maybe that's not still matic. One of his otherwise known all these records or on a hard drive now. So it's like not to in album categories is just a little NASA Yes, this mean how many physical cities get sold now and how many get so digitally. Two people still want this. This one is a poster in it would be ass, but though I love the artwork life accused. What's he paused and eaten do not The answer is ripped off. You know what a beautiful marine yeah, but it's beautiful, it's the it's a tribute yeah yeah what's gonna like get confused me. The same font mean everyone is, but it's really cool cool name movies. Gonna be my now
so it's a cool name. I love it so Burnett what about jump around since jump around on here man, but we don't really have this. The drum situation work down here. We can do without none? I don't do anything. You know what to do the manifest What do you want to just think you be better look and then ten dollars domain. Do it, everyone do here, would have you wanted to what you tell me what chose do out forget? a girl by the way my twitter handle is around the banker raven. The banker, though banger anger and all dire yea D. A bee energy are widely. Why do they call you raven? The banker. Is that what you guys? I just made it really high. My last name is like you know: some breakdown of it means like Little raven right and then the banker, because, like all the famous dj, sounded like dutch and stuff and like they did
like siesta leaders. Have these crazy european names. I like I just make it sound like we have different. I do she european. Indeed, you who's, a famous. Do through like Paul Van Dyke or whatever you know like Mohammed vans and flash its has been your twitter name you case of black beauty, yeah moment these guys do. I would again like to once again and all tat story style with that and he's yours like Macaulay her black beauty man in so why did you just say our? I guess that's what I'm called. As you know, the fuck. It might have a year that emu. We know that the brazilian way Brazilians they argue themselves like silly nicknames, yeah yeah the ice Duke up what I have heard, all the silly nicknames like paid upon it was a famous Fujitsu guy, it's apparently like a cartoon like pays out a headache for hours of
avatar of utter avatar via legal ponytail and on time that's Larry's, algae avatar. That's funny the tree of knowledge. We wanna Duma took to you, drunk. You behave. Well, stop him! Now,
still sound this. We should sandals fee Sab bass. Sad, we fell in love with step inside of me said the lad me: some man can be ass, lunch
AIDS is still the sound really now enough water, while Susie these now into the ocean currents were smoking. That would have been so sour than you do. She led the swedish matches love the latest events is a state, that is to say, through lack of fast ass. Our last day now, small sites like that
Great Milligram, Lascaux leg, you give it da barrier tat buying a do. That's that's a great song. How's, our record got you waiting. And now you're you're, putting this out and then you're gonna work on a studio album might have been of any kind of a hip, hop this thing and slow going chasm. It's very particular project is kind of weird, but it's going so the beauty of this is there could be a volume one volume to line three easy to go in the studio. Divergences farm to jam, must be nice to have like things pair to mix Travelin, so you really do I'm sure right. Do you just show up with a guitar like? How do you do it us three just the way we live here with me to bring. This is most places of work that's nice right is normally you and three guys, like you
in a big band like a big, crazy band. What should they have like lets a leg? We gotta go full gear What's a big bandwidth, what's abandoned travels big obviously You too, they already have some, I trucks there. They have crazy to three dimensional show right here in our own, lighten rigs in their own sound systems in their own, come on I'll. Take. You said that shit up with day, while. You know they say. Kevin heart has, like he's, got an acoustic system that he has explosive system that he has set up for his shows. He does chosen His punchline explosions go up ethnic. How bad, as is the line blue, that's pretty dumb. Now, can copy that either that shit's his
that's like if you want to smash watermelon with a sledgehammer too late as Gallagher too late. You know so I like playing the drums is certain specific things are not allowed to repeal. If you want to give shrouded, Dick would like a poor. Ball is over. Let me know, stars can do pyrotechnics and they can also like other rockstar to depart, but there's never been. A comedian does pyrotechnics until Kevin did so now. That's it! It's only can
even though he didn't invent pyrotechnics. He owns that early go off on punch line and I will lack socket page is fucking great. I wish I'd really like a shitty joke girl. That's seeding language. They cross the road because, as Dick was to allow this is what I see the explosion yeah, but he's funny to sew. On top of that, my name is beard destruction. Man must be destruction, so brilliant idea, but thinking do something. If you gonna do eighteen thousand people with comedy exact calmly supposed to be honestly, two hundred people were clay, never did unlike the dice claying never did might of, I you know we need to ask him: did he ever have explosions? He might of here gigantic. Anybody did in Calais Clay minded anything he had among punch lines, but I think you might have come out time are such lions, while yeah, but yet he was
think he was probably the first comedian to do those kind of places consistently. I think, maybe Steve Martin, done some arenas? Eddie Murphy had done some arenas enrich a prior, probably did some arenas, but when I came on the scene. Leg was all arena tours yeah, he was the first. He was a totally different kind of comedian because you like a musician people wanna hear shit. They wanted to hear the same, should again Watson the Ball badge it would like I'll do it with them is like sing along the free boroughs remedy like if we remember those old like money python, when they took down on the road. All they want to see was the old sketches, so take a leg sing arise. I realize you now merely a flash will lessen that's funny that what they did aware than they The aim is live like dvd of money Python at the Hollywood bowl. It's hilarious will then make sense, but
The keys to MILAN Budget cannot move K and the whole thing- and this is all they did- was the south from the show. I'm embarrassed cells. Never money python found really. Is that I didn't like it. I just never watched it. Never was into an so how money. So in bands you just became my thought, an Associated. I always bad things. Inheriting a thing is a nerd thing to be into because honestly, like now is noble five years they play dams and dragons types tat when I got involved them, but that's how I found Bunny python them. Kids like there was a thing called the quest for the holy GRAIL. That was lively military such agree here at seeing her life, a brewery are the knights of get us.
Shrubbery, greener, rubber, ass, a shiver need and want to know. I need to know the need to see it here. Those brilliant amiss in some life, o Brien. All I will write one where they hack the guys. I'm off! That's that's! Where we're the holy GRAIL. We live longer. I come back here. Your balls. The holy that's actually unaware residues in the gas. What my blow my nose in your area, castle, brag law, the high Nagy women really moving goods, and let us give baked one night and watched, but there is no time I'll do it. I will do what you're asking is that I think I will just watch that was left Massa. It's almost like now, though, in two thousand thirteen is too much shit to see this.
They documentaries that I have. I got mine and my cue that I need to watch something movies that I haven't seen yet somewhat embarrassing. Zackie can't catch up some sick. Is to stick to old shit. I staked everything. I grew up on live alone, while I've always asked me, like you, ve seen this movie like five hundred times. How could you watch it again? I will cause it's fucking good, like garbage ideas, houses and ninety percent chance Outlaw Josie, whereas we plan as you why they re made by Romania, Jamaica, Rogan Disease, the fuckin seen he lays down. These are my words of life. These are my words of life, because after the fact canadian these on a horse he's gonna, look bitch you that we're gonna fuckin work this out, I'm ready to die. What's up now it is for any illusions beyond like at any given time. Income overs hotel room if it's on you he's watching it. Our Josie well of all the people that I've ever seen, Ella Josie, Wales, a bet, Judea scene, it more than anyone to good grateful to start moving.
You could say over and over and over and over again it's good we should give the mechanic trials rather than mechanic and hard times number hard times higher, Charles Branch was a cage fighter. Why? You remember a fifty year old, fit cage fighter and he would go from town to town. He had this fuckin shady manager. He had a cat that he fed milk to and he was old? Why reduce fifty years old when they found the shit Sylvia? up the Sierra Knuckle yeah Charles Bronson from Hard Times YO, and he was fifty. This mother fucker was chiseled. Okay, this is put before where to start to replacement therapy. This is just the way trials. Bosnia's tally. He was just doing chin ups and shit and eaten red meat. Drinking milk in L, a wise. This video away, most people look like chuck. Norris is high. Look at trawls. Oh yeah Charles brought him with the view is: do there were only this he's up later,
dude I just fuckin people up moving hell of a lot better than it does in nineteen thirty? Three, America, the skids people were out of work. We likewise as tough as a cheap stake, riding over Mary losing time jail, no job, no prospects, person, expenditure, a man had to live by his wits were man just started? We live in like a mother. Fucker did yeah by his fists Pictures pursues like those original every which way balloon spark geared to the real one dressed like I love every which way the loose, but it can fuck with our times in their fighting fisticuffs style. So yeah man of sports, but do you know why
because that's all these reply when they bear not gold coin, con man declared the aspect that Glinda Mars variously rain. I d like those who can make a fortune and a day I propose a toast to the best man. I am losing road. I need some money back, one more trouble, your debts, speak was the hustler fucked up is all too easy arose about. That too. Do you ever get scared? think of manual on using the cage. You could basically do anything because didn't know other shea nuts. I didn't know about like it's. No one knew no more time back. They did that's what this would have fought with.
Their mother fucking kind of a pool table Charles brought James July, there might be a fairly sure Nakayama. They want you. Why do you want a terrible, thoroughgoing three minutes? They wouldn't stuff like that around back then, as I love how now like you know, you're, why I, like you, know much: that's your legs. Occasionally on start Spartacus, yes, and no like a hand to hand battle and all of a sudden, inciting transitions of judge its arm bars and a chill columnist. What the fuck you like attitude pancreas they had that sword and it wasn't like that fact that wasn't the way whatever their ideology, the evolution of Gigi too, has changed so much since the you have seen one ninety ninety three. But if you go back to like the old school days weeks and Gracie hidden, they had all the techniques it is. It was though the level wasn't as high as it is today, but there
techniques for their and our most of em. I triangles iron bars on which has been around since the thirties. But it's just so rare that anybody got like super good out of the way see like you know, Marcello, Garcia, somewhere down the guys that are today at the highest level. Jujitsu guise of all time is still Dixon Gracie still regarded as the greatest of all time, but he was such a freak. He was so it's better than everybody. He was in some weird zone where, like you would talk about everybody like all this guy's we'll go this guy's good and then their section I can ever said all agreed. There was no debate. No like tat, but I think he gonna chattels better. A bit like takes him sit he's the best one Good, that's rare shit, you know, but from then on. Besides him from then on, basically, its constantly gotten better, so that Spartacus that's very violent. I haven't, they destroy, didn't have enough time and still live long enough to learn how to fight like I die when you're twenty four for saw. Your stomach
idea that you knew how to transition to a triangle and role for normal blotter, exciting for mounds of sketches. I bet you gonna do later. That did not happen back then well, that's funny when they use that. I wonder like ice to watch deadwood, but about me. I will I swear it. So much is where you can believe this war that much back then because it in swear that much in the fifties and Sixtys, I promise to believe this war that much in eighteen hundred, like you sure Is that real? I don't know, that's real. I don't think you were supposed to be proper society. There sure it was apparent, I mean active, most swear it, like ninety percent of the swears came out of the book and pump guys mouth, that's where most of the time that but that gas war so much because this is like he was awesome. They was amazing, it was beautiful. It was a feat of genius. The added no human being could swear as much in is as as differently as that. Guy did not show and have it sounds natural, oh yeah. He swore rolled off his tongue is, if that those systems,
the kind of work tat was our interview with their guiding spoken in English fuckin acts, and I was the signal for its Larry's. When do you hear? Do you know they? Like english land was some like really like there's no way that guy's, not american, and there are still areas here here. Jim Jeffreys do Jimmy Jeffreys a comedian hilarious, oh yeah, yeah he's not trailing. I do a perfect american accident, like perfect nets, guy freaks you out when you hear of talking, then it goes american on you. I we're almost done. Here so little it's an you more! So as we can, we we could do anything. What we're gonna do. Ten! That's ok, yeah one woman, but when it so thank you to our sponsors, Calm, legal zoom use the code name Rogan on both of those be so easy for us all. The code name broken, but it's not so that
Frances Lace, gentlemen. We will see tonight at the ice, it'll be bright, red barrier, Brian Cowen whatsoever, Eddie, if SAM Tripoli- and why and that's tonight, ten p m with ICE House and Joe Ideas is next store. Doing his podcast at eight thirty actually get their early go in and wants such a two or going to try to convince joy, come over and do so with us. Then this weekend, where in Milwaukee Joey and I at the pact's theater but is basically sold Zalewski tickets left. She might from single seated shit like that and and that's a socio soon and more widely than low Release Party hotel CAFE in one hour beautiful where's hotel, Cathayward Ngos like right off Hollywood between how insensitive awesome, Mademoiselle ten turning, I hit it
They sound like a hundred disease. Man's jump on benches life acoustic out now, support everlasting, go out by the shit, put your money where your mouth is: fuckin, dirty, beautiful freaks. I love you money. Thank you very much to his man. So is beautiful time Peggy led me, but TAT came in battle me. That's a sin! Never sat upon. You bet a bag of time. Blue lacked up up up promontorial hand up got the feeling jumble took salmon. Firstly, the phone flow: someone talk, you wasn t gap,
All three key ass in the turkish government has in this calves that a sound shown by God pass from put my mom a map came down. Looking get paid out, you'll see everybody. Jumper attitude a bad example. The bad town. At long we jump Example,
Serbia. As like John MAC Ro, we can step up ass, Neil smack Tahoe words you're getting a job in the Bible, gas arms. It does that on average, once these hidden seekers, vat rates chewing gum battle, bring a shot gun. You can take it as read that you can get your ass to give less. You now came out everybody jumper John, the ban on town, it's slag last week,
a bad example.
The cream crap aroused the tab. I never eat, because a pig cap get its NATO gunnels legal channel play me. I said my name was sago dying now like no, which misdemeanants thou my sweet data plug book. You download out their common visa merits our game. They get out now everybody job reply to their advantage to travel from town which are ever bandage. Those beautiful can anybody
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