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#392 - David Choe

2013-09-13 | 🔗
David Choe is an American painter, muralist, graffiti artist and graphic novelist from Los Angeles, CA. To learn more about him and his work check out the documentary “Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe” and also on his VICE series “Thumbs UP!”
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You fuckers. What are you doing? I am right now in the middle of tweeting. This island is here, and she already is just David Shoprite. You don't have anything special people with the crafty twitter names are real problem or they, or are they just have to kill that underscores shit like? What's your user name will underscored old name being named David chose and being Korean is like me, being there, Psmith yeah I went to school with three David chose yeah I knew a few David chose cause. I grew up, do in tackling dough and there is a lot of David chose lot: korean kids and I'm late, I'm late to the social media against. So when I wanted twitter, David show it was already has fought. So what is your twitter? While I mean they gave think of it. Also they can't it from somebody active some, not so voting on what David someone like whenever there is a new social media, think someone just grabs it, and then I get the email you want this you wanna bite off me.
No I'll just be David? Show one David show sixty nine. I got super lucky with Twitter. Lucky there was like one who got the jargon one, but it wasn't use Joe Rogue in a sort of a basic near to where you there's a guy named European. It's a real say agent, he's a thing in Idaho, he owns Joe Rogan dot work and you want to sell. It puts a bit pricey civil, nice guy. What do you get a legitimate claim to it? What do you want for a lot of money like a million dollars now? Not that much money, but enough that it was a lot forget already out an email. I haven't a b for the guy because it's his website. It's his name right. The idea that it's mine more than it is his is ridiculous, beyond he's he's Joe Rogan as well as name but I'm sure it's confusing our school. I was Joe Dear M deal and for awhile and someone a twitter, semi email answered. Hey, do you want the hours ago? In fact now take it easy
likely soon. Twitter use be so easy to get red ban on everything. Now I can't get on anything and they they still won't verify me. And yet there is like a million fake red bands like there's even fake Redman selling, favorite bandwidth Weller, somebody said used to be a useful. Really. The ban on everything like modernizing age satisfies our, but now like everyone takes my my name when we get to the weather in Twitter, there's like a million fake red bans or even fake red ban selling Thick Redman shirts and twitter won't verify me. So it's a heyday with my regret, mandated, unlike you, yeah, but it's easy, which one is which once has read ban, which one as on two thousand and fuck em Fresno surreal. Eighty eight cycle it lives is Twitter were right by a minor, always gonna. Have that you do? You have to just accept that when Eliza Partner Lizzy, I why my blacklisted on twitter and on whenever that Wikipedia you not blacklisted just don't accept, means you're doing something right through it. Whatever it is nice com, if you were on any other, show up
A television show and and you are like one of the gas stars on a television show that be listed in Wikipedia most likely, I would demand, I want no one funniest Instagram or by Elly Weekly. That's not bad man. If you were, unlike one legit tv show, we did like an episode of stand up on the tonight show. If you did one thing, then they promote put em wiki. You could do that I sent a mega. Didn't development really interesting, see you do Leno way. What measures are you could do online and made my experience at last said a letter that would be awesome if you like, I don't care, you just just freak those working people out talk about fucking, dolphins, Leno, show you dont you anyway, so the package is brought to neither by the jailer show my any the other David shows or any of the other Joe Rogan US much loved. All of you, people were brought. You buys
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there really well balanced to. That was a super important. Their these strange shapes we had to make sure that we kept it balanced so that doesn't change what what a kettle about work out should be even looks cool doesn't change. It so check that out it's our come along with various sub. Months, including testosterone, boosting t plus they will take. It all starts from poster I noticed that myself and ran across the border from to monitor amazing. Police, the Tijuana police stop this and they looked at Isabella. What are you idiots doing didn't even is amazing that won't happen through cheap plus David chose to walk in the wilds on whose hanging out that place it,
She was run under the member from whose that movie with George cloning, the vampire moving, does though there are still die now lives, will be a great barbaik. I tell her to korean certain embryos like what the fuck and it was almost like. Two different movies There was this really intense, dramatic movie with super violent guy and his brother. I keep everything under control through several movies and then suddenness wild crazier monster movie. That's really fun Quinn. Parity knows about its mother Fucker, Walter Reed when it comes to movies that was a robber Rodriguez Movie right, but it was. You know it's amazing yeah. Guaranteeing o in that doubt, that's why my favorite roles of any actor ever playin ever he knows how to play that creepy murderer dude, so fuckin good! It's like
bound shelling when you watch that you really believe anybody says acquaint can turn to your can act. You need to watch him in that movie. If you give him the right raw tat, mother, fucker, ACT is ass off those we'll just till John Man he's fucking cribbed me out, and because I got no, do you like him, yeah. There's deeds like that they cross your path in life, I'm gonna go out and get a snack and you come back images murdered everybody in the desert. Do that I used to train when I was a kid I was really young. I was like eighteen and nineteen her and he was hit man who was a hitman for the home, local gangsters, irish gangsters, yeah. They wound him do in time. He wondered getting caught for it, and used to come to my type window school and huge, like straight, ask you how you would kill somebody if you're gonna kill somebody I keep mean he wide here. Like a crude martial arts background, it was very big, powerful guy
but this guy I knew something was up. He would tell you how you would kill someone you would ass. He was now he's wearing out. If I wanted to learn all he wanted to know how to kill someone, you wanna go now like you, you just flat out, ask you who would take the blackmail like. What would you do if you don't tell someone how just one, unlike While this guy's pretty intense and then we find out, you know years later, he's a fucking hitman now, so you talked about a cue I mean you already knew how to kill people, trust me or at least knew how to fly queue up, he was, you wanna know, tighten up his martial arts technique, but it was just interesting reading to a guy like that that you know it's just not playing by the rules were all planned by where plan be nice rules. Most of us on this plan are planned by the be nice rules. I want a friends, I don't want anybody. Eight me, you want friends, you're a nice person who we run into people which is trying to be nice to each other for the most part for the most part happiness you wanted to who's gonna, that game eagerly
you're, crazy person. For instance, I went on a hike today where it's three clock or now, let's, let's go I hike and I go hiking with critter the guy out there. I don't know how we got onto this subject matter, but while we're walking on the thing we got into an argument and he's like fuck, you if I wanted to join us, the who said that even greater than those in the euro- and I go- What did you say? I could rape you right now, because we're hiking using I throw in the bushes Renault Ripley legs open, offered Lionel and critter. He can beat the shit out of anybody. I get that an overpowering me. Yes, he could overpower me, but like that weird thing for sites. A weird thing is aided and also so that we got into it. You know, of course, and unlike ok I went to prison or even if critics generate me in the mountains way now, ok
physically, you get me down fighting you you hold my legs down. You punch you in my face. You rip my pants down now you ve overpower me: I'm still fighting you whatever, but I was like takes a special kind of guy there's a guy. We'll kill you there's a guy that will beat the shit out of you but like like Jos, Joseph your fighter, and you could probably beat the shit out of me, but you like, I want to Rape, Dave Joe you like Ireland. Could you like even get it? a card to do that. I dont think that air you think you could excited about his you, how they do that guy alive that he get raped because ass, the because you see it in prison movie rise, you like we need to show you know it's the most embarrassing whom It's the most, embarrassing humility thing you could do to a man and we're supposed to starts amusing bullets. Not podcast has begun. Ok, the Ottawa Conference, but yourself whatever
what like that takes this, we are talking about, the hit Mckenna guy because I have six is a bit more than it takes most likely someone who's problem than molested themselves. What are you gonna? Like one? Ok, you turn ultimately beat me physically and then humiliate me, but then you see to get your dick art the antidote. To my bundle. You know he adds odd thing to be proud of. I think if you're a man- and you do- and that is a lot of those guys that approach been molested right, then I've been mean. They said it. That's one of the big factor were charm. Lasting is people who were MILAN, themselves, great as a child and I'm not that's charm lasting but fuckin, rape it's kind of akin to re number, one fear. If you're gonna go to prison, yeah yeah sons of anarchy just started who season right right. Amazing like it starts with
getting but fucked you not, and how rude and he's he's the creator of the show, I think so. That means he would ok himself getting but flogged and ok. The guy, probably road, and you brought it my honest he's getting but foot and, unlike I'm like and then the guy please. This is gonna, go down on the regular every Dana. So if you know every morning, you're gonna get bought foot at what. Why do you just give up like even hiding. It is legal duty it yourself every morning so that the guy has to stick is dick like through, like isn't that shy. I bet shits, not gonna scare him off. While yes goes to fuck you in the, but every day that guy's not like turning very learned alike it you know, day to day three, do you just he could be the norm? has a blue approach and learn to be a good wife,
you know, maybe actually grow to love each other trying to make us having. Let me it's it's a terrible idea to be locked up in jail or the guy was fucking all time for sure. You'd, probably your mind would try to rationalize and in some way to escape, it would think the performance anxiety of just like just being with a girl girl regularly right you like with her and then you can get it up. Oh, my god, how embarrassing think about the poor, foremans anxiety of male rapist, whose Ike array This guy, you beat him up, get him down. You rip his pants down in that you, like sorry, Gimme. A second here, think I gotta get well. It's imperfect in that animal, that of rape being not sex, rape as violence right. You know a guy fucking and raping a guy, especially, not gay its control and violence thing.
You sure you should get a known male rapists, prison guy on the shore and ask him what he thinks about to get hard did. I don't think they could do that as they will have to pay anything man. You got two people now taking their minds to separate places The guy aiming rates trying to think of anything about you and rapes, and you got the range is trying to think of like something there hard to replica yeah. It's uncomfortable idea but it's also an idea that we can understand. That's one of the more uncomfortable aspects of its right. What kind of understand that there are guys out there that would rape somebody they would do it and you sure to kill now getting that guy was, he could have been Arabas. He definite at least tried to teach People are always very, I should say the very least, ready right. I'm a couple guys like that couple guys along the way that work really crazy, one of the guys that always to do martial arts with he went to jail
and I came back lately different person right. It was weird man. He came out, like a wild animal. We went in where he was a real, tough kid in your way and when he was like, I guess, he's private. Eighteen or something like that. We are on the same age, where and when he came out he came out years later. He wants, however, but he was in jail. So he had this crazy story about being a way and help in some yeah or something like that and then eventually just confessed but then get to know him he be was, wholly different persons, like always, are now to realise that the last guy he does he's not here anymore. This is some new dude. Now I gotta talk to new dude figure out what the parameters of our friendship, Argosy seems. Fuckin crazy has been fighting for his life in a cage right for the last four years. Many dude went away and you know it all
about like fights where he try to be got a death. A mob handle some guys were common animal came out. An animal yeah came out an animal, it was for real wild animal fight to the death type shit on a regular basis. Yeah. He was in jail for drugs, and so he was like a serious jail whose in jail, I think road, either heroin can't what it was, but he was fuckin knots when he came out. I hate to see him tom of actually thought about getting for them. I ask because, because I've been the jail a few times, you know I've never done hard time, but I've been the jail. If you terms for a few months You know it's like you have to think about it, I guess especially the indonesian right. You going, a black eye, there's the blacks, you gonna Mexican, there's a mexican games you and the wise to join. The area in whatever I have a friend,
Japanese, a little japanese guy. They want to do and then there's not enough Asians in jail where they just all have to you know you have to be friends with it. Chinese, the Japanese, the tie the right right, it's not like or because it is so few and come on. Let's face it. Everyone likes and so swiftly. Pervert aware. So, if everyone likes asian checks in more than eighty six now rapists, one asian dude dude, if you're in jail and your fucking white dues and Harry Afro, potholes and Mexicans and then like hairless Asian clean. You know you like, oh, I can see your point. Depends on what you are and where are small, we're like some were small. So if you're a rapist in look, I'm this is the things I think about and I get to jail, I'm an easy target. You know, I'm not, Fucking giant guy, like he's like? Oh, and
She doesn't have that much hair like I was weird thing to think about what off anything about this. Well, I think about it. When I did go to court in legal you're going to do about how many times you been in jail, I've been maybe five times most of them like just weak or a day, and then the Japan thing roused for three months, but Never more than a few months. You know, and I never got right. It's like almost it's almost the weird thing, like almost wanted it to happen, so I could finally Let's get you need, try hard hitting within member that at Edward Norman Movie, twenty four hour, where s best friend the beat the shit out of a yes, so he would look ugly going in so he looked like about us, so I never want that. Four, but it was. I forgot about us. You know what a crazy strategy beer, but it's like it's. Ok, I get to prison the first day a white gang mixing whatever is Ike. Let's that's fucking show the new guy like how it's done here, I'm like at that point, I'm like
I'm gonna be overpowered whatever this in that out? In my mind, I made it up, very early on. I was like I'm not getting it for my ass. It's not gonna happen if I go to jail and like five guys hold me down and fuck my answer. Whatever, then I'm dumb, I'm gonna die next day I want to be the guy that gets. I'm gonna fucking kill the guy. That did that to me and if I do I than others be dead, but I'm not gonna, like you know. If they make me sick, there dig dick I'll their dicks off. You know. Well, I'm not strong statement. You don't like I'm, not gonna fuckin, be they got it just gets bought for you know. I know you want if you like, that. That is the problem I think, you're gonna like it. You know you have early single button in your browser date or whatever, yes or allegedly, allegedly. I never push that bitch. I want that Japan, but on a regular like
you train martial arts. This in that, and I've heard like the Bruce Lee story stuff. Where he's about us, why everyone was justified, I'm right, like on a regular weak. How many times this don't try to fight. You know never, never never tried. For me, I'm very nice. I know you're in when it comes out, and I know you're a nice guy, but does people ever go? Hey you think you know, I know now I'm not like I'm, not very impressive myself, I'm not a tip personal brag about what I can and cannot do so it's now. You have spawned two things that I've said like a kick, this guy's ass wherever it occurs, I don't think like that, but I do it for me where I do it to get to calm my crazy monkey body right. I do it's a keep my mind straight. I do it to give myself somethin to something that's very difficult to do where it could. I think that, as a person, often times We have a lot of intensely built up stress because That is the nature of average.
Everyday life in comparison to lawyers, worryingly, jerk off everyday ancient man had a completely different existence, but we essentially have the same body were so that body has like energy requirements. I find that if I don't tell myself its extreme way on a regular basis, physically can't stay calm. When I try to push worse, I've been my whole life right, so I guess in any anyone does anything their whole life to other people makes it look easy right, so I'll paint and all the speakers
and I paint quickly sort on really spent too much time on anyone painting. You know that's cause I've practice in practice. What's your style to write, you have a very particular way I'll be no people will see me painting. I think I could do it. Thank you very much for the werewolf told me that I was foolish shit doled out. I wish the framing was done. I haven't I'm in here. I was very cool thou school to find out how much you like, comics and in the horse had grown open that near that's, for me, is fond of pain. Ass, most was to me. It was so fond like the old creepy inquiry and all those and and You bought me a whole book series to the nicest guy. Why voicemail book series of those comic book, horror, things, look bad. I've been doing so for four years right. Almost India, I'm I'm a baby. But you ve been like on fear factor urine brought you ve been in broadcasting for well like rod ass to have you been in front of a camera, entertain ass, the exam I'm new to this shit. You know it's not an that's another thing
for me to challenge you know. Like I add, my pockets is barely a year old that when I did the chauffeur vices up. I was just forbearing fumbling through like making should allow another device. Things were called the device things you ve got people to know you, but I first heard about you on target. It's just a lot of stuttering. Go there and there's no. So what does nail purse is no script I'm just like and so to have like you, Kevin Smith, Anthony Bourdain, Howard Stern, like all these guys like, let me beyond the chosen interview them like a I get ridiculously sick before the show like I just get filled with so much like nervous energy for this shell, like war, more calm now, but like the first animals and issue a cute like
that of Chile's or something I really really but never expect. I would never believed that you seem so calm and relax also had a little food poisoning than just in general. Any time like, I have a lot of anxiety with being like in front of cameras, cameras are like anything like this. I like because it makes me nervous Bryant in the same way like I would like someone to at least attempted to try about fuck me in prison. It gives the it's insane amount of nervous energy where get shaky, and then I just puke it out and then I'm good Well, it's one, those things I think once you start once started finally just get comfortable and an end. So I'm appreciative to you everyone whose like let me be on their show and talk. So it's like. I think it's little bit of lost art of
Writing a nice no or, like you know it's like that's Hurricane Hebrew had a good time said the text messages like ok cool but, like you know, someone or something nice for you do on the nice. Well, I rail really recognize the gesture, and I really appreciate it was very, very cool view and very generous, but I only end in now: don't want people down. The show now just are sent a mission that David Charles well that's lacking is like. I don't want to send people shit that, like I hate like, I have a high. Time throwing stuff away and people are like hey urine artist, I'm an artist me a giant like shitty painting. I like this is so sweet that you did this. I sort of feel like shit now, because spying, you to paint this horrible, and I you know I have a lot of space to put its like. I have a real, tough time doing stuff away, but
I know you like werewolf shit and you haven't you like the easy hors d oeuvres. Unlike Joel, like this very cleaner vertical you very much What's a Kevin's, Miss Elsie as a shitload of Batman toys. So, like this for sure likes Batman towards, but he doesn't have the best. Ones that I know about so it's like you know I, like I like people stuff that they want. You know like just bullshit. You know not that's very, very core vertical of human, yeah you're, a you're, a very thoughtful guy, and I would have never thought that you were nervous the first time you did it because you were so calm and normal and relaxed and on will. It goes from this. It goes from retarded me nervous, like like other, like I can't like I get filled with one of the main things that people say about me like I interrupt people, or I say like too much but it's because I have so much it's all in me. I don't. I don't know how they should go to. I seen you do it right and I see
Howard stern. Do I seen and to me I see Joe pull up to the show sit down, have a coffee and start talking and that's how I do everything. That's. How do people go. What do you think about when you paint? Where do I go? I don't shit. I like I know you have your deprivation chamber stuff to relax and stuff, but for me, like four podcasting, for playing music for making art, I sit there. I tried it like do the yoga, not yoga, then relationship of just thinking about nothing. I just bought go blank like from the ghostbusters think of nothing, and I just tried to think of nothing and then I just try to explode. You know, but then I Acting on the noticed. They broadcast from meltdown, and they all these writers writing shit, and I think they do that for the stern she'll do and unlike crazy, four marrying me. You know, and so for me
do any that. Should I just shop, I turned my son and I start talking for like ten hours because I usually do for podcast back to back but it fills me with such nervous energy and it takes me again, where they're nervous puke it at first then I come down in the same way where people are like when they see painted like I could do that gives them, because give a whatever ray. I do the Shoah, John and, unlike I think you should have a job I think I can fight. I think I could take you relax down. You relax. I think too, that the such a unique medium. The part just media and it's really it it's a medium like works best when you with this way. In my opinion, I think there's two types of podcast, like the Dan Carlin Type podcast, we're talking about last night with the Wayne Futterman or whose body mine, whose flourished median, who became a fan of hard core history podcast Way
LEO podcast the same way. This is it's more like an audio book right, get lecture, brilliant, entertaining lecture on history, whereas the but that's like, or thing are you preparation thing, but what, Do is essentially it's done best. That's like one who is David Show today we ve whose David show today September twelve, two thousand and right, where you are right now, what's going on right now we're we're yachting your your laundry list of experiences in this life. That's its view, unique in that way- and like you, you know the only way we are talking about this before we even started, but about people wanted to do something with you. Shall we get you David, chair statue? We know your wild. We know you're crazy with love that very wants you to do that on our thing and then once you get involved that you realise like oh no, this is they don't get me it now down. Oh yeah, I can't reach.
To do this and I want to do that. You tell me, I can't swear, and I can't say that I should say this: rattle that'll stop them for advertising hiccups. Can these aren't you didn't really? Is the most perfect media to express myself when I'm not painting or do anything as its first while the shit's free of any ads and you listen, if you don't want any I know what I am and I know what I'm not you know like I'm. I don't know shit about history. I don't remember dates. Not that smart, I'm gonna actually like inform you about anything like I I just know that were feeling when isolate myself when I'm a bit of a recluse, and I don't go out that the evil thoughts start coming in, and I start feeling like a weird person, and unlike does anyone else, feel like this, or is it just me at times it is just mean, but like you know, I get I get all anxiety and anxiety, and so then I go see a therapist and, unlike I don't even know if this is for me. So for me the power
gases me, my friends bullshitting I talk about, should I no fucking art hanging this in that and then I could just vote diarrhoea all my problems. You can listen or you could not listen. But by doing that exercising my demons and you could or not relate, go this guy's, a weirdo or or not, and I can only I can. Talk about what I would I know and for example, I just The first time in four years had my first art. I haven't painted I did a few murals, murals and shit in that time, but not like an actual art show in the gallery. Museum, and you know I not apply my life work money is I don't need to play the money game, which is a very rare thing to say, like I don't have to make money doing anything. I don't have to make money off my progress and we have to have our so it out like saw I'm not playing the same game of most humanity most
people will never get a chance to say that re like I don't have to worry about money. My kids don't have to worry about money, their children don't have to worry about money, so and do some more charitable stuff to help people and as far as Argos, and it be an artist so that only rich people can afford my our soul gonna do shit, that's free museums, more mere or whatever? So I did. I did my art show in Mexico, but mediately after the archer and action it's still up if anyone's in Mexico City and want to see it it's at the museum. Kyoto and it's called snowman monkey barbecue and It's ok, I'm gambling term is an online to see those images you could see shoreline. What is it snow, man, what snow man, monkey barbecue dot annex, and so I am-
that was crazy, because I had two and a half weeks to put that show together. You know, and I did miracles and water colours and sculptures and all she had so while when is what's Goin back there, I just made shit out of me. A material gather. Fuckin thing had Hobbes man like three stories I am holding insane that's. A real work of art like so it's like it's all I have painted in four years, unfaltering around don't bullshit, and then someone like here the space at a museum. You got two and a half weeks ago, puking, it all out. You know how I go back to the one large image of it. If you would cease,
fill that up with a scream like that, it's fuckin crazy, like a giant eagle. Looking thing, I mean it's, it's everything I saw in Mexico, everything that I felt and I just no I'm confident at this point in my life to paint you know, when I was younger. I would see something in my head. And the hand I coordination of like wouldn't, look exactly how I saw it now. I can make exactly what I see him. I had come out so too, and as for you make me nervous across the dough so dispute this shit out, you know and then known, browser you could show that thing we're in trouble we're not relays, gentlemen. They were deaf, we not real, so then at a dinner a year earlier with Anthony Boarding and David Chain and theirs
Food Symposium in Copenhagen every year called mad symposium in its like a food conference. You know and it's just all- Michelin starships, like the group that the guys that do with food that kind of shit you know that Ok, look at a young child girl boy in the lower right hand corner with the eagle thing over its head. What can a bird is that if you saw that in detail, it's just goes deeper and deeper, like that girls being eaten by like a parrot, but then her beak turns into another thing in this job, I try to see practical most watch how to do this, like what I could do. You about it cause understand I was die, was open something inside me where it's keeping all the time now? Well, I'm tripping all the time to go to a doctor I mean it's broke a trip. I know it's crazy man like we're way you tripping over time like it's happening
No, like you do mushrooms are you. I ll ask him and you start seeing shit. It's just happening all the time now, so you see it all it. That's all the fucking time, like geologists, be sitting down. One thing it right now, when I don't even like there's like a tree interact right here and then there's like weird colors coming down this way, really I do want to sound like a weirdo, but it's too but you're at all. Some weird, I don't know, I don't try to fight it, that the images are just exploding. Not I mean I could differential bitter reality and whatever right, if I just my eyes like that time. Where you false. Even later, I could just watch like this symphony of I don't know what it means don't try to make sense of it, but it's happening so it happens on a super regular about all the time and they only happened once you had your initial I'll ask experience. I did the in in one year. I did mushrooms a few times and it did. I ask a three times back to back and since then it opened
something inside me and you know it in visions that I would see like if I had a dream or whatever but Oh, it's just all the time. It's no there's no like. Oh now, I'm gonna trip and the ILO Oscar gets the eyewash go on the third night. Oh, my god, I was gone. The third night you know boot called the sperm. It talks to me and it said to me: don't ever do this again, Denmark and you got your homework now, you know what you to do, and I wrote everything down. It's a. U need to do this this in this, and it gave me instructions of all this shit? I need to do for the rest of my life, like I couldn't do an eight lifetimes. You know Conti lifetimes and you could abuse anything right you I could start doing. I the recreational ets, then it's it's a powerful tool and I want abuse that Unum. So, unlike I would I need to do something I mean it's, I can, I think it. Still function as a human, but it's all the time it's open
it's it's cool. You? I can t I love it. It's not like maddening or whatever. It's like I wish, one those days were like you know, if you are not the same room right now. They will show me what it looks like right enough. Describing a physical object. You can take a photo of it, send it to me one day. I hope that technology exists, so I can actually see what you're saying I urge you to imagine if we found out that, like your version of various things, re looking at is different than my version, because you do it and you like it's crazy Dave and I go but explain crazy and I'm like is your crazy. The same thing that arms
you know what it's like, how much of what you in part as beauty to something is based on your own personal or cultural context, and if you could absorb another person's views, I give you could see Sup, maybe an actual visualization of something is not just the image itself. It's the emotions attached to the image automatically by the mind, and I think we all have different ones of those, which is why some dudes like girls they're, like really kind over, wait right now, and some girls like really skinny guys or some. You know it's like you, there's something triggers in you, while the one thing when people do like dream analysis and should like what does it mean this in that one thing that I try to that I do a lot? Is I over analyze, stuff like? Why did I This draw this guy's,
they're going to his own, but or why did I draw like an over and over yonder? What did I draw the? Why did I drive each rather than a hundred times that movie super bad? When I was like why didn't I get that job? Nobody does dicks veins on a dig better than me doubt. Where does tat here on this that hit so book? It's everywhere you go to any country and you take a shit in any public bathroom someone always draws a dick. Desire to draw a glimpse. Possible. Fuck you you know right is always that it's always goes back to the days were, who are these passing philosophers? I do it as their quest people write like shit down a long interval. It's weird thing: it's like you're here while admitting that were experiencing the same uncomfortable moment, where he'll hear something to think about distract. You re will. So when you have dreams- and you have visions and you're like what
I mean did something happened in my life that day I did it. Of overlap analyzing like that like. Why am I saying this right now? Why is this dog and exploding in and mushrooms coming out, and then flowers are coming out of the mushrooms and as an industry It's my mother's face lapping like what, what's that, Thinking about that. I just watch it now. Instead of trying to be like why's that happening? It's like cool, happening in the same way that miracle everyone's Ike it just kept changing everyday day in its like what is it? Is it a animals at this and what happening in my life during the time, first of all, there's unbelievable amount of pressure. As an art, after not having a shown for years to every I do assure I wanted The best you I've ever done- and this was like such a small amount of time, to put that majority other than I was. You know Are you fucking bitches in Mexico, like I'm, working, I didn't go to Mexico to fuck. You know, but
you're, very strange where same fuck. How does its very bold already asleep? It's got I'd like I did bravado too, like your aunt, Kate. I didn't go to Mexico too, confident ways and fuck, why do I would have liked to do for God's sake, ear he almost defiant in your tone saw. I gotta tell you what happened. I you know, because every I'm gonna go off subject just for a second cause. Nowhere every time on the show, every time. I think wow I've experienced a new sexual thing that I've never like. This is insane like how many a laugh when a girl's shoots, ice cube my bottle, or how long were you know, layer? or like when I'm laying down and then like five women, are just
giving me a massage just using their tongues and five? It's not gonna get better than this. You know like this is lacking. As unlike Bawler Olenin went over new handed allotted to stop ere, you have five and then saw I meet a guy yesterday's earlier. We did some great red rope shit and isn't that, unlike reprobation, like that is like you do know what a red rope services and I go noble. Please tell me like what the fuck are. You talking parlor, you go it's not it's a service and will not make a place of headlines. Like a code. Word you calculate. Can I get the rope so you're getting a massage? I think it's only in Asia and you're lying on your back and then you go. You know you get that you get to the happy end you're getting a massage. I think it's only in Asia and you're lying on your back and then you go. You know you get that, get to the happy ending point where she gets Deckard and everything you like. I would like the red rope at this point. She ties a rope and there's the crazy part. It doesn't have to be read, it says the rope and they tie it
to the whatever the bars above the massage table and they their feet on it, so there upside down, and so this spinning around and then they put their mouth. On your hard dick and then they let go guy and a helicopter, their mouth or rather dick all the way fucking and I've never done. Before, but the guy says it feel, like your dicks skim like you, ve, never felt anything like that before your life and it feels like yours, is this going to explode with? You know like a neutron, barman explosion and then youth, and then it's done and its and then it's been the other way around to listen leaving the craft and always bring out something it's unbelievable cause they maisie they really like take sex to another level like they try to figure out the most pleasure.
Things to do to you and then they do them, so they wrote books about it. I mean you know that what is that that book, the what's the fuckin, the famous tantric book yeah? What the fuck is that book ferment love, handiwork annual, here's, the thing about the red Room or any, that Shit bought what the fuck? I know you're sick, you talk about, could lose, that I will do that. Tantric shit God, damn it what's the name of the book, though, that it is in a famous name that if you find it people's houses there, a freak I'm talking about. I know what you too, I do. I look like I am raise enough tenderer suffer if you had a soapy where you're on a raft and they put like soap all of you and then just regular body, oven down break I've done it on the red rope, bull! Here's the thing here is all this shit that we're talking about the soapy raft. The Red Rove, whatever comma sutra becoming. I mean
Here's the thing about all these weird sex things, especially like a massage parlor, where they do those things you like. How does one girl do the red rope? She had to learn it from they have to teach right someone who does a happy ending like amazingly right there. Quality of service, as the maintain you know like how can one girl give the best hand job she to learn it so that's another, then I think about you know: who's teach them whose teaching of amyloid, whose it's gotta be who's. The guinea pig, the guy who owns the building who's, the guinea pig The building yet fuckin big mayonnaise jar fill of Agro exactly sought on off. You noticed Joe what I'd like to gamble. I haven't having gambled in an almost a year and eight months now, no one's counting but I used to gamble in Macao and cows, did a times tat its biggest times a thousand a thousand. They do shit in Macao that Shit's on
like one one good casino in in Macao, makes more money than Olive LAS Vegas. Why, like their venetian out, there is to football Field Y, all that gets racy like and they have chips like you know, you got a Vegas and you see black chips and green ships, whatever they have like square the size of this and it will come out. What's I'm not a billion dollars and a million dollars China, if you for thought. China's going around the world, yes so that is yes, they don't give a shit They have money there. That sake, you wouldn't even fucking understands that a good there, a bad thing if China runs the world I mean you say China and everybody goes communism tenements, where those three things that come up communism, timid square and then you say America where they say Hiroshima and Nagasaki State ought. It all depends on whether you, like Chinese Verona,
if you are dead, that's good now change chinese people running shit. Who knows I do know that if you like the three listeners out there that aren't asian guys if you like asian dudes, if you like, you know that, his body and all that shit data chinese guy from because so many because you don't want to data korean cause, they're fucking, assholes, there's stubborn, insecure, judgmental assholes you'd want to date like We are japanese guy China Chinese, like the fuck they like for a lot not so words. That's why there's billions of there's more? Chinese than anywhere. There's more chinese people get point there right. They know it. Is that point they didn't like the pull out they like to come inside. They like to have babies so much that there's a billions of them over population. What does that? and he's government do you can only have one child now you can only have one.
You can only have one. What do you want a boy? What did the chinese people for years now, you can only have one it, or else you have to pay crazy taxes, so you're chinese and you have brothers and sisters. I mean your parents are probably rich, so you abort will you have a son, saw what is that the population now there's ways more boys, then there's women. What does that do now now like in the same way that used to the male russian mail order bright. Now they do that for China with Vietnamese and Filipino there's, not enough women so that they need to do filipino order bride, tie mail order bright, and what does that do? There's? I don't know I don't know statistics, but I think it's only like ten for every ten geysers one girl saw What does that due to the entire country creates homosexuality more higher numbers, and if Europe, if you do and you're lucky enough to get a girlfriend? A trader amazing you're gonna treat her like a fucking princess
So, ladies, if you occasion did get a chance, he's girl. It seems like a recipe for fucking chaos because it doesn't seem like if you live like that. You only have one child in the majority of our men, it first what doesn't feel like that sustainable, but it feels like people don't be so unhappy. Only version be so crazy. Want answers to get this book called the commerce sutra and learn some tantric shit. So you don't fucking come inside and have so many goddamn babies, that's gonna how! But this point at this point. It seems like it when, when you have that situation already in place where you only allowed at one kids, are you this excess of males in words completely imbalance set up. Whenever you have imbalance like that, creates unrest, it's bad, what they could be. When it is setting up their entire country to join chain the tone of the country's right. Well, here's the thing that I know I know when shit, it's fucking, crazy cause the Ark. It's really good.
You know what our in China is better than the art in the rest of the world. Why? Because they have been tormented yeah because they have been living under communism like Brian, folks porn stars and he thinks it's gonna be a step up for him to start dealing artists. That is like ten steps down. To you here is comedy after starts, dating an artist it'll be the best comedies ever done. His life is their crimes, their horrible, especially once the penal. Let us tell fortunes of himself knew I mean come on. Gimme a fucking break targets factor gets have said, but you know what I'm saying last I know exactly sand so like so I'm in China and I'm gambling and- and I guess pressed down. They would you wanna, go get a massage and I am told the guy he goes. You know massage or massaging. I got no like black it seriously like a regular massage. I want to calm down so history, the number for this place and, like all and I go in- and it's amazing- it's like giant
sofas, we kick back in a guy run and goes: do you want a sandwich and some romanian or whatever might yet gimme some noodle served in IRAN and a ramen? rose up and he's like you got someone hard skin on the bottom, for your off yet fuck you, you know with many petty do. Petty, so I got a dude shaving with a razor blade like the hard skin on the off the bottomless and then a little girl just comes and sits on my shoulder and she goes. Do you want your ears, clean oh yeah and she's doing like little Flowery shed blowing in my ear digging always like you except in the MIKE. I feel like I've got the princess arena and then sold a sort of like milvey older, not that attractive button. Got some weird mill. Five! That's my time comes up do you want to lose. You wanna leg massage, and this is all like thirty bucks. You know like now I got three people catering to me. I got and do not my feet. One chick
cleaning my ears, and I think that one point out four like one chick was like you want to head scalp massage now lets us do all day: so you just sitting there like a goddamn king and then the late that's giving me my famous or she's, like sitting on a little stoop between rubbing my eggs, robbing my calves and then once in a while, she goes from one leg, She goes to the other leg and one time when she went to the other leg, her hands, scrape the bottom of my balls. I was like a website like was at an accident and then did you ask. Why is I got a sort of cool? say, something I did say anything I was about getting my ears greenwater right right law was going on, but then she goes to the other leg in this time. She grabbed my balls. I go had that's not an accident, so, unlike monkey grabs the peach right and I'm sitting there and she starts image monkey grip, and so now she's giving.
She's giving me a h j, but not like an aggressive hd. It's like just she's, just playing with my boy, get somebody hand, jobs. You ve broken it down to two letters: electricity, o J, there's another age, J. What aid maps terminology of the monkey monkey steals a peach tension? but she's. Just giving me like just like a boring right and just she's not trying to get me offshoots, massaging she's just being nice to an end, but then I start getting hard and laying on a sofa thing like this rennick. So my friend like our feet, are touching that's castle. So, unlike it's kind of you do push awfully I'm getting hard so and I feel the firm bottoms your feet, but there's a toe shake with you, but there's a blow. Get over my my dick, so I start getting hard and she's its hitting it on her hand in showing my friends like look your friend very hard, and, unlike don't do that, don't do that and- and This is weird. Getting a sexual act while other people are like
monitoring me. You know so credit was and then its fifteen minutes. Then she stopped and yours do you want you go on or whatever and unlike let's stop for right now, Let me give you just try to figure out what is happening now. Is your business manager? Let's stop right! Now, it's not right. Now we're gonna get the team together it s where we go from here, so they all gotta go away. Go brought. That girl was I Do you want to find massaging? She was massaging. My balls That was awesome and then we're talking we're looking at everyone. So we look like the feet. Manicure. People. Are mostly did the Iroquois in chicks, are usually like really smock as they sit on you and a fine, massage Ladys for them all and they all have different color jackets too. This is what my job is, so the fine massage Ladys are all mills they're. All there are older and then hot summer, weren't even hot. Then I saw one with a fine, massage jacket that was young and beautiful, and I said they massage by massage and she's.
She had a we're lookin like what? What what old. One that just gave me one comes and goes you dont want her. I was acknowledged. I do as you go first day doesn't know what she's doing Julie, trafficked, perfect. I wonder, none and she goes you dont, want her like I'll. Do I'll, do it again, I know what I'm doing and I go nano. I want her she's like and then I found these thoughts speaking in Chinese and they go like ok and then all this shit. I'm talking about the dreams came true. They tell me to get up. I go to a side room and she trains her on me, I'm a guinea pig. They never even looked at me, she's the young, like this starts. Do you know no, she starts like this and are having a fight. Arguing over my dick, This in giving me a hand job- and unlike this is the They are my life. Why? I'm I'm the guinea pig of the girl that gets train on how to give a timeless anyone, Macao and I'm in MECCA? You must have fellow you in Indiana Jones moving. I was
recommended Indiana Jones. I am always sure around like this. Second cookie tat sounds incredible. That sounds like the craziest freaky s experience ever it was. It was amazing in it It was nothing close to sexual for them you're, a fucking piece of meat that she was like, like these non on our them among them. Out like I was like. I want this to on forever and you know how to make some things like this happen and then and then I I have used ass, a I told him not to shoot you and, if you like, like suicide to just keep openly talk about, but the free chicks that listen to me. They hear me say: story like this and then alike fucking I'll do some get to him that he is now so highly. Why would you say it's suicide, a talk about things like this
there was a girl that I really liked a long time ago, when I did a different podcast called Koreans gone back and I was concerned. I've been single for eight years now and is considering dating her settling down and she goes for first thing was no more progress. I can't be like with a dude. That's talking about people practice, in hand jobs on his dick. You know which makes sense. You know you know, a b with rights, I wouldn't want to be with someone like that. You know saw it so When I put all my shit out there, I'm on I have my own park. Ass dvd, say, work The US is a porn star, but everyone else on the showed they'll want to show that shit, and that makes sense. You know they're, not you know but she knows who you are. You know re running you are who you are. You're, a very interesting guy, the idea that everyone has to be uniform rates and that we all have to fit into the same pattern of of concern.
What works? How that works happen is I've turn into like when guises yet a chicken elect she's, a slut like that you raise in your mail slot. That's a chick, you fought, but you would never take on Burma. That's all girls. Look at me now. I think some do, but is some probably which Ella down. They think that it's probably like a challenge that girl that praxis. His is minded, and its exciting to me because it because this is what Mary go, this Mary guess it and we should get sick of it No, you know I'm sick of. They want you to join their misery. Will this in an end I get it cause. I know like some famous people that do fuck alone they say the shit like you're getting dangerously close to start. Second, Dick, you know what he's let it happen?
As you know, this admitted that it knows how to me. This is the problem with Mary people. This is coming from. A duties are buried, married people or much like people. They want you to use the same cellphone services than re elected. Why, with Verizon? Eighty two, you can answer your followers and they get like real passion around. I want you to be miserable with that brave for whatever reason and is now knock on agencies, for example, whether its windows or pc is people that want till you to use what they use great and people were marital combined. Dude wants you fucking get married. Men have become one of us. I just want you to day of accepted this new stage of existence and they want, for whatever reason, everybody else to be exactly like them or becomes uncomfortable, because I do the same thing ago, why? Don't you just get divorced and can fuck all these girls with me? Take my sloppy second, I got it with a push. Takes them shrub. No, you don't take my slob milliseconds. What can I say, and you know what I don't give a shit dude I mean I don't you go first I'll take sloppy. Certainly as far as I am a double geyser like ill. Do you gonna fuck a girl, like you guys,
I'll go. First, you can go first. You could take sloppy seconds ago through our last. Why Joe endurance come on how the sprayed area I saw? How dare you don't give a fuck you that would no doubt I'm girls would promote a joy. I understand I understand that because it soda true they go. Don't you get sick of that another? sex story, another fuckin quadruple hand job another light time. I had a problem with people that have a problem with people that don't get tired shit like why Do you care people have called me a massage illnesses. I love love women I love them and I'm not sick of it Ray time. I have sex again it's. I can see the feelings of maybe I'll get border this one day, but
eight years I have it. But why is that a point of concern for you if you're happy person, if life truly is a temporary existence? And if you are a good person, why you're, very nice, guy or so are those will hills bases are covered, then what what difference? What am I gonna do Matthew? Oh Jesus, I'm. Eighty per happy eighty percent of my life I'm happy with how living it. What I'm doing Eighty cent of my life is miserable that I look. Every people. I want that. I look this in that, but I go at the end of the day when I do the math part of asian map or and like my life, is no fucking awesome, whatever that next twenty percent to fill up that too get a one hundred percent. Whatever has be sole fucking, amazing that I'm a fucking risk. What I have right now, so, there's parts of my life that, unlike our shit, you know, I don't have a
if I don't have kids that say I love you dad she like that. But you know what eighty percent pretty good, don't have to give that up to now but you don't know Dave you don't know the love of a child that some shit. I know, but you also don't know the love of two king women, fighting of your dick? I don't speak English, you know like like so this is what I think are either or write it doesn't matter and though, the real promise people wanted to be the way their living and no one who gives a shit, I don't say never and some of those who favour you gay. I go not yet. I don't know. Might be when they saw might be married one day I'm going to get married and I used to say now that we're getting married, but I might one day I don't If I'm not you know, did is something wrong with anything you're sand, but here's the thing that I do see with guys that formula is they get into.
Is that the groups the anal resumes. Then it goes the Chinese. She males. Why not realise idea point I too, young trainees is derogatory. Jury has now why or ts gender rude I got attacked by the transgenic asked me to training. Is like saying Nigger or job more or you see tee s or train or transsexual, like you midgets get mad for its little people or what's efforts with the t s so but yeah you keep. You know when you catch you grant or Eddie Murphy there would like a weird look: it's because they ve already fucked Elisabeth herded curly. They ve already fucked the haughty, super models, and then they were something else you know. So I understand that too, and people like Dave the path you're on you're gonna start learning, guy suck your dick just just referred just a feeling on your balls. You know getting there and unlike
possible. It is possible, I'm anything spot. I see fuckin blue snakes in this room right now, as your friend I would say it's possible and I would say, don't worry because it's not first thing that can happen to you right, there's a lot worse shit, but to bring all this shit back to Mexico. So this is What's going on in my life and and people tell me shit about the red robot. You know, but I get to Mexico, I'm not there to fuck, I'm there to paint, but you know the thing about love the funny lose ending about love to you never know when it's gonna hit right and to do disability senior entering through bead doors of those doors that these two have when you buy porn on, your account were independent in Mexico. I painted with one of the last living mexican surrealist product paid Pedro, fit for a debate which was an amazing. What is his actual name Pedro Framework Pedro for
Please amazing, he's old school like eighty years old still drinks like Miss, go, take smokes and we just sat and payment, but I also met the great comedian of all time, of all fuckin Joe ideas None not dilute ideas is forty, but this. This is Some next level should discuss named Pedro Freeburg Freight fray dough he's a jewish Mexican, so it sets a Larry. I'm looking to map out area is like the magazine mother, like the empty Escher of of Mexican. Aren't you know so I'm having like this from pain? with him for the show and painting my own shit and oh You never know when those gonna hit you you know. So I meet this girl in Mexico. I'm mexican girlfriend my friends. I've gone her that and she doesn't have a form that I can texter. So we have a super like w B Dawson greek kind of relationship where she lives too. From my studio and too
contact me, she has to throw rocks or lighters or except my window, just beautiful. So, unlike cool, This is what it feels like to be a normal person every morning I wake up and I have a job to paint the show. It's not like, next- we gonna be in Cambodia next week and it's like every day and painting, so that feels regular. And now I have this chick that really likes me she's an architect I like Her- and this is It feels like to have a girlfriend. You know so my cool and she's super busy. So if you don't have that much time for me anyways- and and have sex right away. I really liked her and she this will move that we talk about on ice all the time which is black people when they sex with Arthur. They never take issue. A further socks off retraction. It's a weird things like bill. She says they'll even take their pants off and issues that could take the pants off and put the shoes Becker. They want to build,
with like a lot of forced by it and she was the same oases like she's like I want to my socks off the first time we did it lights or Russia, they are meeting in my socks off, unlike all like black eyes, and she goes no like Woody Allen stop saying that fucking around the whole time, she's like like Woody Allen like Woody Allen. Unlike stop saying Woody Allen, I really like this girl, I'm starting to you know this is a job that I've killed, but I keep saying it's the worst std you could possibly catch feelings. I like you and it's going good and the show became a relationship adviser David Show and one night cause. She loves drinking she's, a hard drinking mass slaughter, we're having sloppy sex and she goes you like my little piece and I go white and she goes have a little piece I go in and her English is imperfect. Sogo. I don't know what you're saying arena and she goes its really show
and it doesn't come out all the time and I got one and she goes. You know that little penis and I go, and the thing is every every night every day that I painted in Mexico, my hands are caked in pain, and I would come home at scrub them sort. She would let me finger and girls and why not? Joe. You know how many you urinary Turkey's progress is the grace and its ever happen. Well I'll meet. You know how many urinary track infections these hands have given. I know now, Ike, I cut my nails. I scrubber my get all even but the scrubbing I did something on still, but you know if I'm meaning a giant mural like that, I'm going for it. My hands are covered in pain and then the chemicals ease to take the path as well right does not linger in the scant. Exactly so I got home, I spend like ours clean my hands cause. I want a finger. Did you get a chick drunk with turpentine? I'm sure you can. You know That would absorbed in thought in, somehow workers
where's, your stupid, don't fix. It is if you just stopped in thought about half the shit you said just cut out, half of em you'd be amazing, politically inspired, cast psychic of all time saw by number two. What what do you get our number one? What do you do from that Joe? You use, having sex with a girl. You really like she didn't say Perfect English and I don't know, and she tells you in the middle of the night. She has an extra peace that only comes out. Sometimes you have to really decide how much you like TAT. I really did like her and so our differences and seen I've had a girl it. What does it mean? She said it and immediately my brain goes almost what's engine gender will. She thought she said it immediately
I bring goes. Oh, my god, I lose my bones arena unlike with, but it only got harder. That's it means you're, a savage. Won't you adjoining the real prime allness. I try to level on this issue. As I heard. What are you talking about you're too late, and then he came like rhino as soon as she says. I go for the fingers running urging and she was in its shy- doesn't come out all the time I go, My brain is thinking ass, soon, ass. She walked out that door, I'm about dormant Google hermaphrodite, drawing on ministers is that even how it works at a penis. Inside the vagina, my Digg, is inside her vagina. She has a dick in there are ex are rubbing right now heard little dick is going into my doubts are most likely to enlarge clearer nano. Her clear was fine. You know I looked the clear she said it was inside and
caught all the time weight and actually seems is a real thing. Did you like? Look this up like a medical, german? I looked it up. I couldn't find a picture that, but what do you mean we can grow? That's like everyday Irma. So there's a hermaphrodite age the girl, that's like that. What it is it's like this, like red on the top of the penis there's some girls have this little thing that comes out, and it looks like a little baby. I've here finger. I think. That's a good officer, I stressed in a larger lives in women who have enlarged clitoris comes yeah and it looks like it looks like a little penis, but this not that she had a nor more quickly. Yes searching idle and here's the thing. It's a weird thing to say someone to someone during sex.
Right. It's a weird thing: that's gonna, bring it out, we're gonna break it up where you have now illicit exact age. Don't pretend you ain't enjoying this boy poisoning and, let's be honest, and it is a lot of things and its in its it's a weird thing to say this is many things that means you enjoying that shit. I'm a bitch she's constantly fucking yourself and she's, like all. You did not get round to look for him it is human hermaphrodite. Ok, don't find it. Did you two? Oh it's very odd. I don't want to see what you're looking at Loo it's now. I thought it is its thus fascinating and because I want over analyze everything I start thinking and my game now and then this is a little liberating feeling. Unlike yes, finally, on gay nothing about this girl. Let me see your face if that Deborah unjustly nothing about this chick, that's meal she's a beauty. Girl, she's cute, maybe it'll happen. I'm like I found the perfect man woman, the cynical
working with my girlfriends all day. I go on broad aids and I'm like men. I wish you had a pussy while those who sought to say well, it's not enough. I would keep eating. On Thursday. We like my home. I am, I need my and humanity It is due to our next school. You know you don't have guidelines that go. I can review if I want to know I'd. Citizens is a very funny joke about if he was trapped, deserted island and you get to pick his wife or one of his friends he would go. I would take a guy this great shepherd, it's fucking funny and he's like, because we would just laugh we're gonna words on jerk off and then we just be hanging out with each other, because it was my wife who, like Bob
I'm not doing their bid justice by the way Gregg drain on paraphrasing pick a guy that you have to be bigger than in cases. That day comes when you want to rape. Your friend also biology, Arabia friend, if you're really frenzied jerk each other off ass. You just have to get our jerk. You off is a gamble, hold a biologist touching by horse, it's not as gay, but it's all guy you're trying to comets gay. You should just if you are like at that point. We I Grubbin bought all new talent check like like baby we're on that island for ten years. The worse ideas rub: bottles were gay for distributing. Why are you suck each other off who care he put the rabbit island popped into my vote? I proved in it were ever if you weren't, for I mean it's, it's not just whether or not how long would hold out in prison its would you want to hold out its and if you want to hold out or would you say it was amazing, slowly have to just send your mind somewhere else. You know the whole thing. If you, raped and you just want to examine any of its. Are you a rate which circular gay sacks like you blow in your body? Can you both just collecting coconuts for the rest of your life,
deserve. Occasionally one of you gets a boner we'll come on man. You just pretend you're a girl, Bro a fork in love. You I saved you from that snake. First of all, you were handed are left in it. I am right handed, but my left hand for laughing line left ended in a jerk off with my Lufthansa. We could do so by so and also on these interesting. The thing is, did you do that for holding an Ipad with your right, really go the Ipad dislike amazing. Ignore cruising didn't minority report, but I just close my eyes and I just try to pretend like it was my dick ok. You're gonna might be like doing the stranger when you sit on your hand, and you make it go now, despite thousand girl for five minutes Jesus Christ, how would have just fuckin itself? Can hardly oil in your hand and jerky friend of amateur meetings arise? It's not gay! You be help each other out. He built trap is a gay to get a massage. The icing was getting it emphasised by men. Yet so I realise that it is gay until they stick their fingers in your buddy. I'm a manly man and I desire. I need hard massages just get a regular saw so because I'm thick
girls couple a tiger owes that would take care of you ever go to a guy. Not trust me, do they can't do it? I did I go through these orchard, deep tissue, massage sessions that you need like a really strong dude, but I do I just I'm in pain or inoculated teacher to just destroy me last night really share. I was crying. I was like how does that? What what's the Elsie Thailand made me cry, though a room and take care of manly mammals, Savage trying it comes at a time of scientists. Now there, when I step on your back, firstly, that status very intense shit, To one wants, this lady was standing on either side of my back and she had her hands, clamp down my wrist and had my arms, like stretch back as you just walk up and down my back like why this Ladys programme is a thousand million as she is headed down. It was almost like a jujitsu move like you get really good at a triangle and then lock it entirely just as strong and opposition. That's how she was with this crazy, when you first, everyone was Salzburg like years ago.
A long time ago. First time was. Is this mexican dude who were worked for? One thing was a mexican boxing team, but you had the gun brandishing ran right. Ok activists are now he was. He was gay. Was a mental I'm saying to you: you're like weak fucked a couple of times, but it was just because I oughta money you have you have you had had massages by women and you had made up your mind. It's not strong. Actually, no, I need a man to do it actually know. I've never had a massage by woman. I've never had a massage. This guy was shocked that I was a competitive athlete or, and then I never had a massage or- and I done all this marshal- competition everything in and around one size. When I was when I was
like my approach to nutrition, vitamin sub limitation unless it was really cut crappy right now and I never got massages whereas competing and evident any that shit. This one dune, who is a friend of a friend who had probably shoulder whereas, like I'm, telling you man this dude like change the way my body moved, worries its it doesn't feel good fuckin hurts, but when it's over, like everything, just sort snaps and flows and move good, just he loosens you up and It is certainly not a happy ending here, the smart, I love it was like it's called a pressure release or point release, or something like that style of massage, where you just fuck trigger released, just pay. Down his muscles and pull it across fuckin hurts. Man is similar in a way to resolving the around that year. Often is another like really brew. A form of arms I've had it all man, that's great, though, that that stuff You work out allies like what I want
that conversation with myself to like years ago when he lived in New York, there's a russian that house like on a lorry side like it, vets and all that shit and- What I was like shit, I feel like shit. I should get massaging there like. There's only do you care. Only guys- and I was like at that point only gun massage from women? Unlike what the fuck do? I care you know it's, not sexual inside guy got to work. It's like you, I heard of any kind of problem of getting romantic. Why had a problem of doing burners every termagant, massage? No matter what just just Kosovo's loved someone touching me like that you know so I had remained Seinfeld we're Georgia's, like, I think it moved with it. I don't even want to mistakenly get a boner bradawls like whatever it was like an old like eastern european country fate or looking denied, not your type unlike whatever's little, the guy. He was an old man, compared to movie star the inner saying sorry, he looked like Benghazi. Pensioners are who tells us he's likely watch in India, films,
May. I have your friends, peace still black and white, nicer after he either use of Vincent gallows that in Buffalo Oh, my god obscure! That's why you're gay move is early. Diagnosis is about gambling, then desiring me in your spanked weight, what do you want? This visual Ben Khazar yeah that guy's a bad mother failure like a lot of shit, I'm like I'm not going to get a boner during your fingers. Are. Oh, yes, you will learn. I work has been desire to set of respect and also I haven't gotten a lotta massages. Where take all my clothes off. I was like leave my boxes owners and so get in the room and he's dead because Tiggle take your clothes off in a like. Whatever Then he puts the oil on and starts massaging my boy, it's the bought an exclamation point on his massage its shoulders back to but cap,
back to, but I go here, but not that sore doesnt doesnt, really like it's cool, like thanks then he just started needing my boy and start talking about how you, MRS Home, and I was a shares, ice dude. You gotta stop touching my ass man, I'm I'm over it like. Please stop doing that and then he kept Unos. He kept doing. It told us tat, while he was in a zone like just talking to himself like pretending like I was re psychedelic I was like and those who asked him how many don't you think you prozac that weak him or mean that guy I got its values, move man, I mean so the only way to get away from this, MRS penis in mouth come on. I just said worse. Massage prop thing I think I'm done now. I was in Santa Monica and it was like. I was trying to think carefully you. I say this on the area. Yet it's fine provided
She thinking like I'll just get a legit massage. That place was open really late, though, and it, but it look really nice outside. You know it says I got. Are you open and I think they might have just sent the last girl home, because I saw this pretty decent, looking girl out the side door and then nine thirty, said about really for the most part, knowledge massages happening after nine thirty quinine, like most massage places close down nine. You know you have. It is right down the street from boas, unlike our, I can't be too crazy and right. So I go in and this really old fat asian Lady was an in you open and she's like oh yeah, how go in the room? Now. Just always take me all my clothes off, I don't you boxes on all the time, just in case of the girls really hard, that's cool. You know, I just want a massage. She walks in wearing like address no underwear, nice and like cut really short and just fat, an old like like a grandma old like I'm, and she would address.
Like totally change clothes. I heard somebody go the bathroom, so that means she went into the bathroom washed herself. You know and that back you smelled like this perfume and in sheep she keeps on top of it, removes the target top heavy and just kept on bouncing they hurt. The giant was like all my by all like it was. This is like oh she's, like on on an issue which is not really massage eight or anything. You don't think so. I think I don't. I would think that until I would just like play dead plated play dead like don't even, I don't make a noise, I'm thinking like. I hope it's like
they get off me if she discuss with stock start besides me. So suddenly she starts rubbing her hand on my back in her chair, calices or something I suggest scratch anyway to hurt the leg it felt like she was like stabbing me like hurry was like it, so I'm does and then, like she flips me over eventually and suffering any point where you like, I'm gonna, just leave. I know because I didn't want to be rude and I thank you and she was kind of trying and then she would She started playing with my like by and suchlike. They glad places give you prostate massages and I'm trying to like tight knit that's more than I thought you James anyway. You say a lot of places. Give you pressed him now certainty pretty popular compared to what I'm I'm really good. Now at like what you said like when uncomfortable like shit like that. I would aim bad at leaving Keziah but like now. I walk out of movies, I walk out a massage or that you just gotta, I'm just like I'm not into this anymore, and I just get up and leave I've done. I ended really bad and then, when you flip me over she just I've like touching my
like theirs and stuff like that, and then she find gave up and then left came in and wise up like you didn't get hard room. No, I couldn't I shudder nicely. I did I was so gross down. I was like freak now. I've had my eyes could come in terms of you in back I've, never lacked the courage of user, don't think about it. Never she's, not my maybe it was too great, my spank bank there's a massage waste by my house, which was that Listen list, not mainly I wanna get anybody. I little Koreatown and I I've been going to this place for over ten years they have young girls. No, it's come up. It's not sex place, it's a complete, legitimate, massage place and like Joe when I go to a place, it's like some white chick or something it's not a good massage. You go to the Thai place or you go to the korean place where they look like your mother, big fucking Ripley. Shit up, do they go for fucking crazy, like you know they give you they get in there stand on your back the pound, your shit, and he asked
Words, you feel all spelt in nice and lily, whatever jeers boxing German Burbank, there's emphasise parlor, that's connected to denounce it do not end up as a good limit, legit massage legitimacy. So this is a place I've been going to for ten years, not that much. But every time. I know that I just want a regular massage. I know Sancho, some chick that looks like my mom or my aunt- is gonna. Give me a great massage and then I'm done you know so I, but I haven't been Firstly, you moved to New York, whatever and my way of doing that the whole thing with me: puking we're going on shows is started getting massages and I like hard once I like it has to be a hard deep tissue and I was like I'm going to go back to that place and so already told a story. Well till it quick it. It's the same. It researchers, all its nine thirty return, ordered the you know, they're, not ugly, but they're, just older. And it's just the Mama saw the she's. Like am, I all
just come back. If you have none at all, just come, come in and I'm ok, never wants even thought that I was gonna get a hand job. You know I get in there. She comes in and then I'm like all the Fucking Lady, the receptionist, giving among our cool amazing. The side my neck. The cracking sounds back just fucking do and then you know she flips me when starts jerking. We often unlike oh that's what I thought when I came in, I was always like a forty dollar massage place like a cheap korean massage, and then it was seventy five dollars now or something like that. As I, what the thirty dollar increase in, like What the fuck is that that's a bargain and I have a few like what could they be doing different? Maybe it's a incense tax, maybe it's scented candles and they have today. She flips me over and and and she goes like likes you just as a couple both looks like do you want this and I was like I was like nobody else
yeah like nobody. You are like the idea and I like twelve executive and I'm like there's then also rhinos it there's no Emily at heart, but because she's, a professional, yet whenever she did, but lots of hot oil. Why I'm like war and then I'm pretty sure this is a massage parlor foma that think the Bell someone else coming it hello, someone in here she goes. Ok, we saw, major tops mid jerk. She stopped and I hear it's like a small play. So I hear their whole conversation he's like hey is Rachel urge any working tonight's, like no everyone go home, wait ten maybe five minute and I get in the guys. You could tell he's like No, I think I could not stay. I give you this count. I give you ten dollar discounting and I'm sitting there in my bones, just go in and unlike
because you seeing her actively be rejected its ban on both fronts and just and just like, I gotta break, I'm like I could cut out we're right round like I should leave and then finally the negotiation is like he's one foot out the door is like I don't know comments to be done in five, nor for three minutes I'll be finished. Three minutes it's like I'm like I'm gonna, get up, Ok, I'm ok! I'm gonna like count to ten in my head right now time. Nine! When it is one I'm going walk out the door so start sitting up and then she, the guy. I'm gonna go any left and she runs back in. Laid out. Ok, laid out, and now deflated. I'm like I said it's, ok, I'm just gonna go and she was not. Starts up again and now she just playing with my what noodle it's not like. There's too much thought and I go somewhere. There is the result of moment life now. Target. I knew there can be no wants. It gets its cool. This ladies
in its a dark room. She doesn't give off she's a choice rain trained assassin She wasn't even a word for sexual, ok, ok, sure Is it behind her and tears? a piece of surrender up and I go. What's gonna happen now I don't know what this is right now she fucking like put some shit on my ass move and she's. Like puts the sort she she holds my legs up like this and tat. My legs like like hold your legs and unlike ok, some holding my legs like this, Go I don't know. What's gonna happen right now, but I'm gonna work. She puts the survey wrap over my bundle and I go she's gonna to my ass right now. Let's surrender up to this day. Besides, the poor were when I was a kid and I put a vacuum cleaner, my bundle. I've never felt this before she did it Stick her tongue into my bundle. She socked my but why put her lips around my bottle and suck, and I was like
fulfilled that before it would take its hard immediately. Few seconds does Russia alone without even Jerkin, and though she jerk me out of it, was like how much time between her putting this ran rather earlier by a whole new shooting alone, how much time fit fifteen seconds to put the er anorak five seconds to shew. She was hard immediately me like. I was like I've heard of girls, putting their finger up eyes, bird and linking it and right. She sought the, but actually my Bible saw I am filled with so much shame, unlike you know she just Tell me say: ok, cool! My and, unlike you know, does this lady, when she goes to the supermarket and she buys a surrender app? Does the lady know what she's gonna use it for when she bore at home in the kids, are like grandma. Why you buy somewhat surrender up every week, leg
I I I go in the car and I go. I can ever talk about this day and then why'd. You know how dare you dive in Lahti yourself? Why, unlike brunt, I've been back like several times now where's this again it was it a hit hard times. You know it went from a linear, orderly, legit place to soccer asshole. Would surrender our place Unita open your shit up a little more could judging so much you he's Jane, I had a horrible experiences are doing that Africans here. How many say our hands her. She gave me zero massages, you gimme some kind of a size. I would profit, but you have to be honest man just cause. You had a good experiences. You mean you can't accidentally wonder with a demon we No, you can find out what I have to say that I had an old lady in Pasadena. She was soft hands was not insulting dangerous traces. She grow. You could mine, she grinding honour buttonhole with their guilt shaved. Pussy commandment give gritted grammar
He was so dark, so Joe I got it so Ricky born of all their fuckin story. While the gray story tell you changed my way of thinking about what are you doing here? You think it's like that. That experience was so important and so funny and there's so few people that would express it with the same kind of honesty in glee that you do it with that. It's almost like a disservice to mankind decide to to settle down. Have I got me a hard time with their and anybody who wants to stop your part? Gas is cultural criminal. This is what I see after travelling along the This is why I see in chinese and italian culture- and it's like in this city- there's a lot of cry. You, like my husband, shoot it obviously grand it's a sort of what guys do this. Almost like an acceptance in China in ITALY, where you got the Duma and you got your- why as long as you're.
The hand, jobs in girlfriend shit doesn't fuck with your family. It's almost like an understanding of the wife knows: you're gonna go get Dodge parlor hand, jobs or have a girlfriend, and it's like just don't in my face, you know like you have business, meaning you guys are all gonna fuck hookers get it, but don't don't worry, back to me. You know. That's a lot of european cultures is where I like. The prime minister of France didn't help openly have their like their cool like I think, Monica Baluchi said I wanted to. I want to ask you about this raises an important subject of it. What do you think is the cause for me? Is it this show puritanism of America where people would judge you on being a nice person, you having fun and just doing having these experiences, which are readily out there for a lot of people that somehow another its. Perhaps perhaps where my lecturer exploit
eight if or that people would have a problem with the idea of using prostitution, but at the end of the day, you're not really hurting anybody. Who is that one, the most important issues to concentrate on? What is the reason why people do concentrate? I get mad at you and judge you and I take it. It has to be based on its carry more recently idea. If any, are you kidding me or more sound out what you're doing? Of course they would want to do it to a you had sex in the dawn guys in here. So there's a lot of like weird religious shit, Christopher Ryan, the guys I wrote. Sex, it yeah tug guy right, and so I think, a lot great guy by the way, the guy, Ok, so I went to the extreme version of that. I just came back from Afghanistan right and you know you're not supposed to judge other cultures right and I get there and I'm staying with a guy who runs like all the networks in Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein and his. Crash at his place and,
like all men saw backwards out there like girls, they wear the burghers and you only see their eyes in Afghanistan You don't even see the eyes its its complete. You don't seem like mosquito nets, you don't see flesh goes they weren't gloves. The shit goes to the feet. You don't see flesh at all the dude. What are they wearing flip flops, sweat, pants, the chilling and it's like? Don't fucking touch my girl, don't look at her and and you go back to this whole thing with insecurity. That's what it is. It's like if she cheats on you, she talked to another got yet we ve stoner. We beat the shit out of her, it's like the and by the Taliban has no problem. Getting female suicide bombers is because life is miserable. If your woman in fucking Afghanistan, you know you you your husband, it's you and if you go to the police station that complain, then the fucking police beat you for complaining and it's it's like We had two girls that are, donors, so they did.
Have to wear the full burka, but they still after they cover their hair and where G, and long sleep, shirts or whatever, and they Gus too, they took a sticking to a calligraphy school to check out that, like like arabic Lake, calligraphy style. I love that shit and they go hey. If you, if we go to the rule right now we could see the whole city is a beautiful view. I got a call, a stick it out, so they went up first and I was like drawing with some kid in critter, was with means. I can't get on your right now get up here and, unlike what we run up to the thing, the two girls, would they are all standing on a letter. The roof looking the whole city, but John tire shop below the guys, working up its tire shop. Look can see two white girls and they could see their face. They start jerking off. They pull their dicks off the out instead jerking off they say like little walk by like in a trance and, unlike any, like war, crazy, crazy, it's like Think about how much pussy you already saw today without even trying turning on it
TV, Victoria's secret, add a billboard. You see flesh you go to them! supermarket you, gonna fucking. Whole foods with a beaches are like where short shorts and its sex is everywhere Nick about being. Horny horny arab kid, and then you see working chick just her face. They could control themselves and then they saw us and then they stopped, but it was like that to a trance like that some means it was amazing. I was like I never got so much joy watching another guy, jerk reared levels of like intense religious Oswald, elected sex all goes back to fucking while it, but whether it does it doesn't it it's all about control by when you see that control implemented on people there's always a rebound from it right is some crazy reaction to it. Some for now the goal explosive reaction to it
We have a very real natural built in response to someone trying to control us and we then go with it full heartily and make it like it's. Our idea or rebelled against it in and what more and we hated, and we go the exact opposite direction like Catholics girls who become slots right now that european slot slots about where those no slut shaming on a general ass, I don't believe in slots. I think this p the do whatever the fuck they want. I'm just saying that I agree with you that society is what, Every society has its problems for personally, I think if I were to ever get married, I don't want to get into like some six Swinger shit or whatever, but I think I need to be with, like some european or just hold onto the robots hold out until you monogamous robots woods. I should just show me the silliest rift lactose artillerist really don't know imply that don't buy that
not going to get a ruin, your life and China that I have to go and mountainous and fuck and put up a high had to keep the fuckin create. I have some of those robots like this shitty or ones in their there. In my in my closet, I bought I buy every time. Someone like this is the next best thing for I buy it with that thought when I go to the mountains and all everyone's did at least I have this, but I don't open the plastic, as I know it all rumour that that's too freaky right now, when you deal with things like you know, rubber of China's are fake box. That you stick your dick into anyway. I know it's fake, even our union's enjoyable where's, wherever a pleasurable sexually sparingly its removed from the sexual experience of having sex with a real woman. Exert that's not gonna, be the case. Fifty years from now, right of two years and now, they're gonna have robotics down to the point where they can have a real bona fide.
An artificial woman whose warm and feels Falcon amazing is the hottest chimney than ever see on the planet. Earth and you can have ten of them in a warehouse charging by solar with that will help overpopulation. Don't you think I will We'll have a lot of things, but like over population is most certainly a bad thing, but one of the poorest parts about it is that there's a depletion of resources and this sort of diminishing of the value of a human being or when there are too many people for us. What I think about allay- and I think about a lot of places- and that's one of the worries that I have about china- where is the volume? I think my point? experiences: I've lived in small towns and I've lived in a really big places. I've I've seen this there's a different way that human beings treat each other. When they don't see each other's often there is less of them. They have more camaraderie, there's a number that becomes unmanageable. Where I don't know what that number is requested, I should put in LOS Angeles. We certainly are asked it, but I think that's very
doctors, with that rubber robot pussy, make us not only its doctors, scientists or what scientists invaders and model is in people and in the same way in vitro. You know, people like adults, weird when they find out how obsess kids are with video games like we had. Man, I'm like ok, look. I grand theft auto honouring our five year, like one on two or three it. You're like wow cause you're like a guy running through a city and feels or if you like, virtual reality. But, like you said it's Guy still looks a little pixelate. In the facial features, you know they do like the stubble, but it looks like a cup Peter out another says about me, but like when it would kill, hit hookers and grand theft. Auto number The body the bodies don't disappears, aren't you keep shooting them? So stand over the hookers and shooting their vaginas, but it's like an admitted that will my little by little nephew, walked in because there was a time
When I got out of prison, I didn't have a place to live, so I stay with my cousin and I would play like like Mickey Mouse we'll get video games and then what want to sleep. I play grand theft auto any in my room one day, and you know it someone's in the room and this like someone in the room, but you didn't either so I stopped for Can I turn around like what you doing what you do? An uncle Dave and I was like come in be quiet until your Mamma, how this kid, like six years of his right hand, is ready, birds ratio, but but they're like wait till mix next one in the next one unlike, video games in them ten years, it'll you'll, be you it'll. Look exactly like you. They'll, be no glitches where it looks like a computer. So if you're in the game raping killing pillaging, that's gonna with your head. Even more. Like when I play granted the second third one after a day of just killing nonstop at walk outside interests.
Weird. You know, but at least I knew it was still a video game right. There was some images. Is somebody posted in the Duncan trustful thread on the Rogan Board about some another new technology that was akin to the invidious technology that looks absolutely in saying. Yes, I believe it's from Activision see if you can find that if you get pull those images, because what they do with the virtual is gonna, be like really intense account way by that robot pussy three other robot reiterated it'll robot pussy, the physical carbon based. You know artist actually created, robot like what's her face, was that girls name in later hour, whose Darrow Hannah gas networks created, crime in it's the dude Darrell Hannah in nineteen eighty four years counters Delhi allay and she was so incredibly normal just a normal chick hanging out with her friends. Her friends were totally normal and it was. It was
For me, it was a very educational experience, because I never thought that some woman, who is first of all to tract of woman consecutive, all a super famous flash super famous actor ripe and she could with a couple of her friends. They was two guys and another girl, and I could be with a couple of our friends and they were sitting next to us and invited us to talk. Just engage does where they were told. They were doing some game. We named the state and what's the capital or what's the state model, does what it was with a state model and there they like engaging ass, correct, come on help. I, like we like them friendly of superficial, like any normal person, we just sit next to if you were in a boost by and those it was really cool. It was really cool because it was like all these. These, like restart people just fuckin people around this african people at a sum and turns a camera, but like
I gotta happened when we all robots and the robots are gonna, know the answers, anyways her character, they're going to learn or Sacramento Our term play runner was fucking bad ass dude. She was the number one robot for that crazy little love them will be all that movie with. So forget, amazing, in that movie, was banners because that Sean Young check she was hot to God. Damn she was hot, do not just hot but like hypnotic theirs. Something about religion. We are sure that look with her hair and eyes, and it was like there's a perceived innocence or something like tat to her. This robot character that was his prey My mother is gonna should do when I was run or no. When I was time great move when I was younger, I got a weird job with Sean Young. I can remember now get a job with her. Like some. Weird movie. I can't remember- and you know what happened to her: mad Cow- went off the red. What happened to her? She went off the rails. She got it aims to too much pressure, be, I think, being a famous movie star, it's gotta be saw it
being a famous guy, like you famous artists, you're famous conifer, being crazy, going in the amount of like mainstream DMZ type pressure you get is very non existent or minimally just enjoy it. You enjoy just just like that. Cruise ships where she was at that shown. Young was in my graduate. That's your name ranch on you. She was like that movie with Costner, whose I'm moving again a Fuckin movies man. She was an endangered size and more pressure for women, because it's like you have a or window to just do all this shit. You have a window to do all this shit in and there's a freak out of being this one person that all these people are focusing on. That is so completely unnatural. You are come who is your super charging? Your system, like put blower on a Mustang and having the engine much higher than its supposed to go. It's the fuck from actresses, like that's HU, I would never generalise. I tax and I've met like a lot of really cool actresses that I love being friends with, but
far as friends, friends, fine, I don't want to dna. What he's acting like me so I did anybody who is even remotely disguises. That's what I'm saying so when I check that she's, like you, gonna, quit the progress on like that sort of like fuck, you but then also like that sort of a good instinct like, but you know, there's people if it works out like Tom, secure and his wife Christine deposits Keynote. You know Tom Score, hilarious, Santa comedian and his wife is fuckin. Brilliant like a really funny, I got married and they're happy and it works. I gotta finish talking about the mexican communion causes. Our I love. What you're doing right now? By the way best drawings idea. I told you I'm at the greatest commuting ever in Mexico, possible I'll, tell you and you fucking. Miracle, so I'm fucking mexican girlfriend and it's not like
she's. Joking with me, she's almost nervous to tell me this: that's like we're fucking and she's drunk, and she said I have a little piece. Like she was Super Noriega nervous TAT was never resolve yeah, so I'm gonna resolve right now or ok, it was never resolved your correct. It was never result in an analyzing wish, unlike what she joking, no because she was super nervous. Even tell me, we fuck Am I that therefore realise that, like she falls asleep, I fall asleep she's she's out she's, drunk reflexes, autonomic us and my gay that I've spoken hermaphrodite. I don't sleep at all the next morning. She has to get up early to go to work I go here. That thing you said last night, I should like what you know. You said something last night and she's like I gotta go. She runs out. I'm like war no closure. No. Whatever and I had
we or four days left in Mexico. You know- and I was there, I need to find out if I'm gain of this the advice is now: why haven't you write written is a cause, so she so that every day, so we fought like every night until I left and every night she always says through the lights off Never. Let always leaves a socks on the ship duty an eternal and wont. Let me finger her because of the paper bag. The pain only helps hain't paint some scrubbing, I don't look. You're clean tonight using are not often just fuck me and I like it, thing that comes out like this earlier by the early. In so many questions I go, I go that thing the extra peace was at a joke. She's like an issue faced turns read like don't bring it up and, unlike I'm with a fucking hermaphrodite
wow. This is crazy and eating go down on a right in ever go. Nor would they do. I went searching broke. I wanted answers. You know I try to go deep. I try to get the answers. Sold. Amazon never got the answer. No closure But you do to get it. Do it you gotta do in certain situations, just gonna back out. This is calculus is this. Is this is a two months ago, but you will like tat. I really like are still talk to her scant stop thinking about her. She doesn't want you out that she didn't want, and I accept it now. I love it now. I love that she's, a guy, it doesn't sound like she is a guy hermaphrodite did or pussy tastes like pussy, it's delicious. What? What is it? What does it feel like? It feels different like guacamole, knowing iraqi having sex, not feel when you make it felt great. You know she is. She hasn't wonderful vagina, greater try didn't you say something like on your progress that she's dead,
acted with sex, though she was a little. She was a weird she's, a weird chick, ok. But what use will you saying now that if this is what I'm saying so this is two months ago no closure and Two months, I've accepted that she's a guy or has no problem while and sheet she avoids the thing and she's tax me last night. She go hey, you know that little piece I told you about, and I go yet yes. Finally, closer to yours, I was Ok, I go this is why she's the best community fucking drop line like that on a dude until the punchline two months later, while these iraqi in his brain, like let me partner of a mocking genius comedian than if it is made, you tell a joke that has a
in punch line two months later, all my god that is one possibility. Another possibility. Is she decided to tell you that it was a joke? It is. You are pressing the issue and you want to talk about. A lot I dropped out was the best way for her. You understand that, though, very well could have been from Africa, not zoning wrong with whom Africa Jonas not like when her some sort of chromosomal test you just she told you something you're right and you declared the gray is: can we never or maybe with a hemorrhoid? It could have been him word, the mother was assessed. Geneticists was ngos ones that pop out, when her little dick went into my dick all it was the most amazing feeling ever felt in my life, We have seen a low point. She's really could be hermaphrodites. Didn't one talk about. That's a good way to say I'll, just joking: how do you deal with people? This is a good question, for you say they don't listen to you but they do not listen to the other got on your part. Yes, that's ok, but they know but
do and they like. I don't care now, if you wanna, listen, listen! If you know what I wasn't, don't listen, there's something you want to tell me, you don't listen! You they're doing it once you, the train, in formula gotta know what you do. I don't know being normal right or you're? Being dismissive in us? well that you could say it like in a way that, like David, show analysing your Pont were gay you well, I got one waste my time listening, you know, but here's the thing I talked about this on my show and I'm thinking did she here it in. So that's why she call me, but she doesn't. She doesn't like follow me on Twitter Facebook or any other shit, and she really wants like. It was a very strange thing for you and almost indicative of like life itself. Whether it was like yourself has never perverts whether it was a joke or not. Whether she really forgot to tell me the punchline or like whatever
However, the case I accepted it, while the essential again is deftly nothing wrong with that. But that's not the funniest me in on the face come on Joe to someone really sucked out the sums you're having sex. What? If what, if it's most likely in excuse, what a few words about its most likely agenda? What, if your wife just out of tonight, just all fucking told Sir said that I used to be a guy and you like. What are you? talking about an issue Tell you the truth a month later, that's pretty funny! Well, like. Secondly, I guess it could be funding. You know if you are the right. Guys is right, girl and she said it the right way. I guess it could be funded crying go. I never ever told David show dammit. It also communities lying to us like to talk about an inch really is something like a hermaphrodite, it's possible. Who did I mean unless you're gonna, going over lessening out their baby? Don't say our distant sweetheart in spanish Vega, beautiful me Novia after listening, I hope you're not lying
listen. It done ladder, but wasn't a joke. Wasn't here not looking to have a family? Are you I can't wait? I start look at our failing. I starting to think about having without the wife part one doing or or freezing my sperm and doing the whole sir? Yes, sir, what are out on the streets? The baby? I wanted, I think, I'm starting to think about having a family, but you know, like I said, gay or not gay. I hang out with a lot of deeds and so Critter, who are hang out with all the times like fuck you gotta go girlfriend an I'm in Africa, have a growth and it's. What then can we hang out and logic? Is that because we have not altered so what are we just share? give Monday ones they'll get to see their success never ends. You know you out of Maggie offered at the first reading. You can get money, you could get the key hole. I'll take. The behold the two marginal be so many women went down there so angry
no real fine podcast. I don't think I would have a problem by the way in Euro had a pussy boner. If she is, she act like a girl, she was beautiful, such a pussy brilliantly. We have given our further grandma come on. I'm not put it that way: finally, I mean look at a map, the room and cleaned up for you but lesser known as the bottom line is. You are enjoying the experience until your perception exactly who she was in a whole. Male female paradigm shift it. She became Did you like a damaged goods is or does not design drawings right well. This is the thing I need a second, and this is for like I didn't like all growing up my lonely. I love him now me to get it took me a singular, my mom. Eight years ago, all its green, its priorities, a watermelon, it's like shit, I love I can only now, had only see urgent for the first summit like this is disgusting. It's my favorite food. Now it took me a second I get to China, the
thin moustaches. I go what the fuck is that, because they don't care about waxing and bleaching? I go that's gross because it's not normal to me and in China for three months sort of into it like it now are to have sex with arab woman. They have Harry asses gross doubt one puke sort of into it now. Just give me a secular. You got a little dick inside your pussy grows give me one month to adjust America. I was born in LOS Angeles. I live in western society, I'm not used to dicks, I'm not used to Harry asses. I'm not used to moustaches, but just I'm open minded give me a second to just open wider and accept your mustache, your Harry Ass, your dick in your pussy just give me a second I'll eat other cargo eat the sea at you know like
you weren't, like all the other countries. Actually I'm never going to eat it again. It grew It would take a second. You know I hate it, spit it out alone. I just realized. It was just a texture issue that the actual tasted it was fairly bland rife. It has a lot to help and if you're dossiers in you want you want, you want watermelon, you want fruit. That is good, but the problem, as you find out about candy, that's the real power you find out something that gives you this drug rush right, main kids get high and sugar. We have seen kids, he cake, they see they turn to fucking demons, the running around Munich or on crank like out there it's more keenly than anybody. It's crazy, not a kid
but he is sort of but sounds like it. It's a clearly a drug or, of course it I want to quote Molly guacamole, doesn't given that drug, where you want that drug the comes from those. I have that in others, fuss investigated thing I'll. Do that those powders those fucking things that kid's e words literally a tube of sugar, theirs I experienced, takes very fragile, but the end and you're on did its Rotterdam, nerds World sugar drug still get funded so bad. For you, they stated sugars just gets almost toxic sugars, almost toxic for you. I know, but like who, like I'm saying, like these things I dont. What are you doing like? Have you ever been with a chick with a route like a middle Eastern grow with Harry? But yes, and what did you do? You know he allows back in the eighties able at Harry, but it was a normal thing worse as well.
Have catfish whiskers and in certain lights you can see it in its like, but see what we're doing now, that that episode of Seinfeld, when he finds them one thing wrong with Bangladesh as the big hands and whenever it like you know I had sex with this girl. I go to the bathroom. We had sex in the dark and turn the lights on to take a piss, and I look at the bed and her she's a hairy us, I'm like that. I'm gonna put in the toilet, long pissing arena and I go just slow down just except that it's someone from another culture. You know like women, I sleep with a lot of women were on their first Asian and they do the oh. You have no here nobody, I go yeah, I'm asian like we're, not Harry people. You know it's like being with a girl like glow, rude how rude it's interesting! How porn has completely triumphed in the area of pubic dressing, but its back.
Coming back, that is a little bit about his act. Contrary Nazism, for the most part, people prefer a groomed area, because hd in ill, maybe one it was before that person trimming endeavour for that. They want to hold a bumps wars, because when pornography became like really prevalent, that's what it is. Pornography became really prevalent and then along the way, like people started like looking at the aesthetic of mail box, house, covered hair, the creeps all the way up, your ass off and girls with giant. Crazy, bushes that go to the inside of the thighs and they decided to make alterations on porn and then people whether they admitted or not, wear a massively affected by pornography, of course, and then the shift happened where I mean there's a good challenge of the population of this country, at least that trims their hair, basically based on the aesthetic that porn established, very definite right, its wizards, because it's in and talked about thing. It's an undisguised thing. It's a denied it's like it's a darkness that we just like me who are they
billions of heads, everyday Linley Archer, my show, Why have determined to because it also gets caught and the hair and my balls caught in my cup like and if Europe when jujitsu you're she's getting along when your ball here ass, a lawyer, and I know what happened next, I dread lock deadlock good, you need better hygiene and that need better standards needed, not let it get up to that Belgium. Because because I've been naked around lots of different man in different countries because of prison or whatever it's like? Yes, why? When I'm when I was homeless here in Amerika, and I was sharing a twenty four hour. Fitness then unlike in a giant shower with a bunch of man and like yet for the most part you looked out for second and you like, while people shave their shit, it's like ok, who then I'm in prison in Japan and its bath culture. It's not a shower culture, and down, and I'm like a well these guys, don't shave their ship at
Well, first of all, point in Japan is pixelate it. So you never really see anything anyways. What is they Pixley genitalia cubes? the whole area of just solution to a veto they don't shave their shit down there, so that their pupils are the same cubes that grew from their kid. So there beards. Cubes or longer than their dicks. My goodness alarmed I get out of a bathtub. You know I keep my should take. You know and I get get element. Bosnia now and then these guys come out and you just see a black beard with like dot with butter dig. It looks like a cute like homeless guy. You know those things are all informed by pornography. They don't watch independent watch american pornography, so, of course I don't give a shit. That's worsening is coming back. Let's fastening, though, that it sort of get sister. I would imagine that Bush coming back out on the front line, I'm telling you it's kind of with it, but like Belle bottoms coming back? No, but it's back re! Oh yeah definite mean that almost like
I'd say five years ago, every girl I was with had no, or like a tiny, thin strip of whatever's. Now, almost all girls of some kind. They probably heard the crabs. We're going, strengthen the got sad ass, the crab growing bluish, the crab cyclical. You know: how can everybody doesn't want the crabs live? They wanted like what I love seafood. I love crustacean. The ones it growing. Your bourgeois, I eat those crabs like Darrell Hannah needs the lobster and splash little little Tartarus ass, a little. You know cocktails us gonna. Relapse are ready for this. What's it like hanging out with the ant works, I know you guys refrains man and that's. I love them and they must be very interesting to repaint with them that ok, the boy I love, those guys and
You know who the outward, how fuckin I love them, but I don't love one of their new songs. They got some loose on. You know, they're just go for doing everything that there was that vacuum in the ass on better interaction like what are you doing? What the hell is this great, unlike some others really earlier shit to? They did some really interesting early stuff, but do you hang out with a lot of artists and general comedians? Ok, so comedians artists, the comedian and I have a few friends at- are artists or artists. Orders. Chef, martial law, since most people that are highly highly creative, are sort of fuckin, crazy their crazy, crazies, fuck and then, and then you treated like do normal share with them and then you're like why they doing this oh yeah, because they're fucking crazy? Well, that's what makes them to know
every committee and that those are the facts and exacting a one, and I love Linda and I love Ulundi Ninjas, one of probably the most creative people like he'll, do a song and like he goes, and then the pot, like this in your sing, every part of the song and he goes and then music videos gonna go like this and they will act out. Everyone's heart in the music video and what the law things here that look like him down to the costumes and there's gonna be a lion, and this in did you do ask for this or decisions like happened. Convertibility goes too little used like a quick story. I do I do I sent you about it bailed out of it now I can tell you quick story, about a set out. The best is he can do a perfect american accent and not like a gangster he's like Yahoo, Jim Jeffreys idea of housing or just Jim Jeffrey. The austrian creating has the most Erie
I can accept really, but he doesn't american guy, like you, I accept its too good. It's like two good gray can do us apparently way easier than we could do them because we're speaking normal then I'm sure does the k I swore get. I might what is now. What can you decide somewhere along the line? The your way of talking is better than mine. Yes, in the way that you do, that is the language of English is spoken in Australia. Angling thing in America, and people make fun of rocket. They do the crocodile Dundee yeah but England, and then you take someone you take japanese exchange student, who doesn't big English and you go learn English. What are they gonna do listen to outline american movies they can under. And Americans. They can't damn british people, they can understand Australians alike. I dont what we speak. Normal, like normal people,
That's ridiculous. Everybody in England who grows up in England knows how to understand people from England, everybody in amerika- and I want everyone in england- can understand us. We can understand them that's interesting, a thick thick british accent, Gimme fuckin Brig, unlike It is interesting, goes hey. What did you just say he's a fucking north if you live in there, you would understand I'm pretty clearly if you're in his neighborhood, where speaking Proper English, you don't like slow and I'm not I'm not like a motorbike trying really hard, and so what we did is basically the brazilian Jujitsu of English. We took the original japanese English and we made it more bad ass with an extra guard submissions. How come how come when they have like some british movies? Sometimes they gotta. Fuckin, subtitles on that shit cause you don't know what the fuck me man, I get offended if they have always likes nationally. Put subtitles. I get offended like I wanna be, is trying to, but you have to concentrate yet. Why do when I ain't a view? Finally, when I
Paul telling is a gentleman of ETA interview in the sea. Michael Bisbees, Skype from Manchester he's guys have incredible accents. My business gun like much better at speaking in, like more clear, slows down a little bit where the english people and irish people they talk faster, faster way of combining the words together right, I had a fuck. I can already me. I had a conversation with a dude in Belfast. Northern Ireland we're getting drunk at a bar, there's a! U have see there and just me and Eddy Bravo went down to this bar. We said this is Taiwan. I would ease Belfast people and I think, bishop was probably there to was the local comedian it. We did a gig with this file can do to talk to me. I didn't have a clue, so to what he was saying we were hammered. Can anyone tell me how to fight if the basic tenet over the basic
script was our fight. Any man or are you just tell me? Let me know fuckin fight anybody and I was on fire. Any man, shaggily anybody name eating habits alone- can fight any man how fight any man is barely could stand him. It was like this crate, game players. Excess tearing into his eyes is how you are going to do now is whether this is like the shit. Everyone always wonders about right. You got, you got the dude, that's the Jack's from sons of energy, you got all these actors that have that accident rate horrified, any man, but then therein, movies and tv show speak or when they do songs, accented magically disappears and then their back during the interview, and it comes back so they can. Turn it off. They could turn that should now in their drunk in a bar that some due to actually lives in Belfast. Some local boxer is re. To throw down, and fight any man who would invite me fucker
on a fight, those people we learn Belfast. You drive really like to know why they have these cars hop cars that have bullet proof. Windows. These giant metal plates and bomb proof the like shielding all. The car rector cars design, the cop cars are designed to absorb bombs, pull the plug picture Belfast. Northern Ireland, cop, cars bomb pretty ll, actually like they're fucking Party to different kind of a world, Mean day went through some crazy fuckin shit. They went. Crazy war like fairly recently re between in our essentially people that are right next door to our great Joe. I guess your question. Ok, David. I liked being scared like thinking about how we gonna find myself of guys trying to regenerate me. I like doing a pocket something that I have never done ran challenging myself. I like drawing stand something I never done before. So I ll being scared and challenging myself me to night
been in professional fight of used to fight all the time when I was a kid, I'm thirty, seven now I haven't in a real fight in over eight years now I wanted to have one like shitty. True under card fight. How much treaty would have to do you have to allow like four year years years, I'll be safe If you don't wanna be safely. Oh here's a thing, you're, not in shape right now, you don't, I totally not achieving cry due to any kind of support. It allows you to move aggressively here in a lot of trouble. How would you thirty so you can get hurt dont do it? I'm definitely get her now non anomalous admit this at this hour romanticism that people have about getting her. I have no help you. You have no problem, getting hurt change your thought process. Ok, ok, I understand. Is that he's gonna change who you are as a human being? I dont understand head trauma if you ve had
I've been hidden. My head, my entire life. I bet you been. I really love your head drama. He'd been really locking I've been, is it aims and should make a bet? You have a believe you, but it all work still here could be here at any point in time when they could be the tipping point and head trauma is just no joke and any unnecessary head trauma you want to introduce into your life. I always think is a terrible idea and what I know is if there's a Thirty seven years old was in no way to marshal, as you knew proteid you anymore about anyone spar. Kicker, ivory bar. I do jujitsu spar, but I won't kick boxcar because it's not worth it violently. Listen, we met, you only can get hit a certain amount times your head right and if you think it's like you too,
don't have an ever may find. No, I don't think there's you want experience, it is it's fuckin endangered. I know I know I'm most likely not gonna win nor most, like you're gonna get the shit out of me, but you don't want that man, I'm telling you. I know Stanley, you monsieur and asking me that he's could easily rate me. I would like to be able to do not gonna beat that guy you're not unmet, that guy. That goes to bed of a gun. Like that you're gonna have to become some sort of a black brown jujitsu. You'll. Have to build a resolute ok, so I appreciate the concern for the head trauma because I've had been extremely damaging in my head before I've had been knocked out all that shit. It's not fucking, awesome I've been knocked out where wake up, and I don't know who I am like- that kind of shit saw under any like misconception of it's like gonna, be like a cakewalk or anything, but I'm just saying
many very way, training no way. I I won't be part of it too many variables, library, the here's. Here's a bunch of the variables ok you're, ensure, first of all, you don't you gonna, have to pick a guy and you can have to pick a god. It's commensurate where of Saint. I work makes you feel. So what does that mean means like similar like the same level? And if I go bigoted? Ok, what do you do? A man when he trying to get hurt for need trying to be here and not just one of them? I know a dude who lost his sense of smell it a beating in Lhasa sense of smell and it was just a one to head kick combination. Ok, mouse is at its most outer shaven face of ever been x, factor, Amazon, ferocious. I want to talk with that shit. I won't stop us. I can help you at all, not even a little bit. People think
being tough, is going to help you I'm tough on ferocious. This is gonna. Get you hurt more. This is by no means you gotta, take more punishment. So then I'll turn out that if our giving fourteen Michel Rocard will then what happens you you, you got a little image. She a brain. We just tried. Bandits look! If you fight a guy, here's my measures might might recommendation was area. If you really think about do, and if you want to do it, you want the same kind of thrill. You can get a very similar thrill from tuna Jujitsu match or just getting your but holding by old lady now Cosette. You know when you talk about its irresponsibility: let's go so utility to stick to just giving resources by men. Why just think that it's not to be fucked with hedge I was not to be fact with where people demand. It was a kid in Ireland that died really recently rugby match and he had had got knocked out, guess and knocked out again and died. Well, here's the thing I know for sure I've, a glass jar like if you hit me my joy narco,
entire life Corina of a thick head of big heads, Bryant, that's all you can tell the Asians apart, like Koreans, usually have bigger heads big moonlight. It is not you see like a chinese, japanese and korean. We, heads or a little bigger right, I've been kicked punched, Blake I've had a lot of head trauma in an all, for the most part still works. My memories going to shoot a little bit. But, aside from that, I can fucking for the most function incur exposition if you're willing to take this chance and possibly alter the way you mind, works If you're gonna be intelligent about exert intelligent guy, what you do I do is dedicate yourself to martial arts first before you ever actually do it and it was a long time. To learn how, first of all to defend yourself and be have learned to be proficient in something words. Try, and I have my background- is judo. Ok
we do indeed Oda and how good are you how I want a lot of words? What was your belt, which were belted, green or something? Ok, I didn't get it I like built, but I wanted to good. I want every single judo match. I wasn't what that list. I would like to find out an amateur nobody shall talking about. I'm, not a novice John talking. Fifteen years old was the last year by there's an understanding there like what we know. I wrestled in high school and there is no hunting in judo, but I'd never lost a wrestling high school and I didn't do any grab again Rosa. I went to you Jitsu, which is like almost ten years later, and I remember remembered it like instantly. It's like a ride back to me because you your body develops as a young man understanding how to pin someone understanding how to grapple and get gable groups in how to use your hips to sprawl you kiss, comes back to you and I think that like having that backrooms, firstly at that age, fifteen, that's big learning something
again, really good at it where you competitive at it. When you fifteen, that's like such a developmental period, it becomes like sort of a part of what you are as a person, but the thing with me is my bones: break easy Oji, so I've been able, fuck, you you do it just quit after whatever now like I broke my colleague on and you know I quit I play baseball, I broke my other collarbone. I quit my play football. I broke my uncle. I quit it's like any time bone, unlike ok, those that you Well, it's not hard to break your ankle or your collarbone do in any of those things on earth, judo or football or baseball. That sounds, and why me my might even be that your your bones break easy, might be the you just a little bit too ferocious hold the shit out of you. Now, in our saying you I go on foreign I route like when I saw people ensure themselves life and my my parents were like you have to admit that it was like you have to learn some kind of more, larger asian you have to. I was like we'd. You know we are not at a sports loosely set the bar. We had long hair, we fucking
We listened to heavy metal, weeding care about anything. Might you know it's like one guy has three sons and is like yes, they're gonna watch sport with me. Whatever we didn't I can give a shit about we're nailless. We, like you, don't care about shit, and why is that I don't know what happened. I thought we'd like we would. Would go to school. Like my dad would take us a sackful of balls and port in front of us on the weakens ago. What do you want to play? Softball baseball, kicking, kick ball, handball football. Bitmap he'd have every ball and be like what are you gonna do over like nothing I don't know we just words. Very like we don't care about anything, when you look back, unlike what turned you into who you are today, the sir while dude do anyway, thing the like stands out being the city, I dont get factors not one? There is now only one like in but it's a combination of racism,
humiliation and like just never getting laid off before just lack of good experiences and a lot of bad experiences. Just believable amount of anger. You know like going to. Go. Everyone makes one of you for being Asian, going someplace where every girl rejects you and then within. Family, having insane sex drive were just everyone. Just catches me jerking off all the time he like just the same what do you do when you really young I've? Even I mealy Asia tonight, oh my god, my mom just saw the tip of my but don't you think that when you're, like really young, a really stressed out really fucked up, but that's almost like a natural way to blow off the steam you like to do to her troubled, almost always jerk off alot yeah, what'll. I wonder what am I doing. Surveys nodded. I says that there is no census attached to anything that have said here. I'm stuck none! Nine, oh, but you write like I would go home and it just be full of aggression and rank, and I just wasn't good at school.
So am. I got even want to try the shit, but then, when they told me in football you could hit people cool like you, I don't even know how you're angry you want to have very angry and with due to that's another, thing that my parents made me do I didn't want to do it, but it's like also didn't like people throw me around so when we got into it? I was just like I don't care if this guy's a higher built me whatever, like I'm, not gonna. Let him put me down, you know like as soon as he starts winning nominal like I just went there and when your fucking crazy and well. What you should do, I became a pride of my daughter. They sent me to all the tournaments allows like. I was like the ruler like? I don't wanna be here, but ok, fine, I'm here, I'm in a way with the pride of your dodging yeah, I one every like trophy thing over and then I broke my collarbone. Ok, that's then am I did you call about? Ok now my shoulders are a little smaller because I broke this one and this one while also needs another Owens break in the annual like this really
yeah. They did they just healed next to each other on snap and then there's no brace you can put on so you just hold your thing up bones yes, you're like this over each other, and so how much stronger weaker is it than they used to buy things they get stronger, but my shoulders are a little bit narrower loud as weird man, it could be. Worse, sounds a lot worse shit they break grant. I'm not scared of pain like I've been burned beside you guys doing is like interview thing like a king in a cage. Mountain like Peter to pay in pain is not like. Oh payment, like I'm, not gonna, do something, because I could get hurt right. That doesn't bother me dare to be humiliated. Leaders that that when I worry about it, I worry about four people. They don't have a like an extensive background of martial arts, its head trauma where it is not even know how to get away- and I know how to not get hit- is hard you're not going to for Turkey to do all. We do is, for the first few months of learn how to fall down, so I do that again. Like my jumping over someone and talking, to a role in all that shit, like
I note a folder and worldwide hit that's alright history harder than May. I appreciate your concern and I mean this is something I'm probably not going to do, but just wanted to throw it out to see. If what your thoughts on it, people. Take the his punishment and change them as a human being changed the reality, their life right in impair function wherever it's real now. I know that I've seen it happen. Not just remember me, but I have a friend who get eaten ahead with a golf. Ball was the same for almost two years since, like six months, he was fucked forecasts every day, massive head aches and depression, and that can happen who gospel I'm do just to get hit with a long drive rightness. I like what always offered this young at his house. Susanna golf courses and just off an errand ball hidden in the Temple, and he got fucked up man. He went down hard just like totally act unconscious, fucked up long time. So
we don't want. My my point is like that can happen from a kick to man. There but from a need, be dive in four take down and some guy come, but some flying knee and separate your fuckin vertebrae right. It's nasty shit man! You can get really really hurt. If you really want to do it, though, what else says we should do Get a vice thing happened you with cameras, start like a real training thing, how their checking on you every couple months. What do it in a way where you're not gonna, hurt yourself go Jim, what I thought you can minimize the amount of damage to take with intelligence or by actually learning some skills, and so, if you really want to go back over, show format and will, of course, if I'm still I'll, have you ever going to show? If you talk to me through a thing in your neck, gel agenda, pleasant to you, you always array when it came to not doing I may I am not saying that anybody should not do Emma. I think that if you're gonna take risks, it's ridiculous today,
risks that have in with the within them the possibility of massive trauma and and not do it correctly like you could get in doubt. Obviously, look Anderson Silva who's. The greatest makes martial arts fighter of all time. These the master he got knocked unconscious, anybody can stuff you're talking to me is complete common sense in the boat, but what it's it's just its you're, making sense Ryan and the thing is it you tell me they should. Instead, like oh man, Jos, talking crazy, it's like right, you're being a good guy, giving me the wisdom of you know. The stuff you seen and learn, ok, others about. But it's weird like I just got Did you see the vice HBO series? Yes, it's the site. Suicide bombers, you knows pirates like all dangers, shit right, ready asked me to be his forces into one of the house and I just
at this time a list of things you know of places to go in its every single place. I could die, you know, and it's like there's nothing about that what this is about me, but there's nothing about that were I'm like I'm scared of my life or anywhere. I don't give then you that Africa for the job is me I'm at home, grown boy. I would want to be fucking. David show right now. That's why, when the things you the things you tell me about putting myself those things, don't that's not the turn for me, but I guess dying dying, you're just dead, but ass, a man in a wheelchair user is you're you're traumatized. I would never want someone like me doing something to me that I could do to me.
Would never want someone planting a fuckin shit on my head. The way I know I can do to somebody I would never want someone kicking me in the body punch me no face away. I know I can do so. I would never want someone who knows how to strangle me. Strangle me the way I could do to me. If I didn't know what the fuck I was doing. So what I'm saying is, if you are going to engage in mixed martial arts, you gotta get proficiency of martial law in order to be able intelligently, defend yourself. If you can't intelligently defend yourself or someone is good, is gonna really fuckin her you and it's not a goddamn thing you could do by it's, not gonna, be a fight. Man forging think it's gonna be a fight right in that's your child. Who is a novice? It's not gonna, be all right. It's gonna be a slaughter nor, unfortunately, I'm better at the funding myself than being offensive like its that's all night, I'm good, but if you get a guy who actually knows how to fight your factor, if you're, not careful and you go and arrogant some division, one all american very fucking puts you when you back and three seconds it starts smashing your face with elbows from an impossibly strong body. That's been throwing other bodies around its entire life and you just thought you being q because you're an artist who likes to fuck checks at work that is going to go in there and taken a branch or like vulgar in a modern day towards getting harder, and you gotta be careful. Massey sweating, I don't want you to sweat, is fond of you licking. His head is growing libraries if he drifts sweat near mouth. Yes, it's a dangerous thing, you're you're involved. I know someone who you'd have to be careful and make sure that what you should do
is take another if you're going to do is take another person whose, like you say, hey, let's fight in a year and let's do it amicably, let's get together and let's let's what's both experienced this in a protein, make US language has a more workers, emu. What you just described as a gay sixty a little bit I'll. Do this to see that you may times man seen people who think they're, tough guys where you go in there and get. I don't think, I'm sorry! I don't think I'm a line or stand. I don't think I'm gonna go in there and that's what you kind of described yourself as being pre, ferocious and durable, and really good at judo and the pride of the Doha LA though you might not think you're a tough guy, you think you're professional war. I think I'm able to like prick, myself like from like getting those things. That's how nice and keen I gotta find somebody actually knows how to fight right. You know you don't have to protect yourself, just do it, I'm trying to help the guy it's just I guess I've seen it too. Many times and aware of the possibilities and what I can do, is I'm not scared to go and its
You have already done now, so I know what it feels like a more scared to go in front of audience and do stand up. Then I think I would be to go and fights what's a ferocious, find it s because you haven't done both. If you did policy, we weigh more scared. Ivorian invites before you, I've had the living shit kicked element. I like gangs in like a bunch of people like I know what pain feels like it's not like, like. I know what it's free like to get knocked out in their wake up a day later, not know who I am like I've, you know I'm you do know that going I asked or another as bad. Of course Of course you know that I'm saying man I just I dont like when people get romantic about it, because it's part of it's not a room. It's almost like something like the comedy thing I've done it three times now and it turned out good but I didn't go in there with that. I was like oh I'm in a bomb and Morgan and boom in this, and that now unprepared for that year, rain. But it didn't turn out that way, but you I'll get you a MAC, in their going, I'm gonna be fuckin, Eddie Murphy, like you know, I do
Have I've never discouraged someone who wants to actually be a mixed, martial arts of never discourage anyone who wants to learn mixed, nor does it take window. I've never discharge to discourage anybody who wants to do something dangerous, but I just I say if I do it because of as many variables as possible, this always variables in alive fight. Where I don't know you can get hit by the first punching, each lights go out right or weird injuries. How weird things can happen, but you gotta be as prepared as possible in order to be smart about it, well, and most fighters retired. What age anyway really different meme is an interesting thing. Bernard Hopkins, it's interesting because it never existed before Bernard Hopkins is the oldest champion ever holidays. The light heavily champneys forty eight, and he's amazing we're still out boxing the shit out of people and doing it legislates a thing of beauty. I mean he's can artisan in there. He has a craft. It's like playing
tar or or being a painter he's got. A craft is an artist that it knows how to minimize amount of damage. He takes it very rarely get it right. He knows how to box the fuckin ears. Other museum, Whipper snapper these forty eight, but it takes care. Is eaten right, is working on a regular basis, never allows itself to get out of shape. He's been fighting forever and get these skills developed over a long period of time periods at serious yeah. I mean, if I This shit, I would treat it totally ok. I wouldn't go in their fat. I would train like my ass off for how long if you like, I don't know how I would you want a year. If you could do a year, you could get a lot done, but you would have to make sure that you are matched up ethically, that someone is really a nice person like matches with another guy who's at least have a chance. I say you want go against a bigger guy. Someone you sorry for your son violence. You see that your friend
yeah. I don't know when we fight Yoshino she's, getting back to their death. Look in his eyes she might take, things into the basement. The dark Lord, they might see support can help fire in his eyes. I guess get sensitive another one issue I don't like to preach, but there's One issue that I get sensitive about and that's the frivolous nation. If that's word, I'm not approval. I had in fact I'm not realizing that, like Joe I'm telling you I repaired to get hurt, I know that this. Shit. I know my break something or I might not countries like. I know that a man like saying it's gonna be fine, whatever you I'm not frivolously at all. I understand on you. Just to tackle yours. You know your beer in this world. I thought you'd be a good way to talk to about yeah. Well, if you are really going to dedicate yourself to anyone, do it as an experience, I think years a good amount of time, just something that I in the same way, I started thinking about maybe adopting a kid. I just thought.
Also, maybe I should fight, I would say, go with a fight first. That seems like less of a commitment of you get fucked up. Hopefully a body shot, so many hopes you deliver in order to help out immediately comes to stick with the hermaphrodites. What have you get our method I pregnant, and it's very likely she did so you're pregnant than the baby could set the dick on the way we should list looked at obtaining hermaphrodite, get pregnant Well I mean if I was a whom I think most hermaphrodite dick is above their vagina right and I things inside inside and I think it's a half the size and already doesn't look like it, even if it gets hard. It's not like a dick and isolate the little. I think it's not functional yet there like a dozen now you know I wouldn't mind that if the girls, cool and shit you can you know the cute rubber love pussy by owner in before and there's there's a huge clitoris can't remember her name but like the dudes in the pornos
Sucker clear, like it's a little penis. Ok, here's a question: ok, here's the questions answered survey suggests that functioning ovaries are fairly common in the Intersects pregnancy and birth. Don't happen often, but they happen. Functioning testes are rarer but again completely unknown functioning ovaries. An functioning testes, however, plus functioning everything else suppose I can perverse one far fetched scenario. Where could possibly happen, but as a person, to go matter. It's not get out. It says so what there was basely sayings and there's variables, where the same reason why these hermaphrodite in the first place this weird variation where they get there's a bunch of different levels of that variation. No, it makes let me think about people are not the same we're all different? We all look different or I'll shape different world different sizes. It makes sense that we would have variations as far as our genitalia go. Did you ever greater. Does she does fart?
the great question us another one. You should not cease on those through the internet viruses before she before she told me the punchline. I really enjoyed this last month. Thinking I was gay. I really did I was that's not punchline. Do it's a fucking excuse Santa punchline. Do you understand you you're, trying to rationalize that's punchline? Is women's gonna dig up there? It's ok, though, will It's just a joke. She's a great you have our well. L, a mayor of Ladys. If you listening, it's a fantastic job to poor near. Do just tell them that used to be a guy or that this extra Pierre would have had no jobs right off a laugh and you like ours, jog sites as next level joke it's an excellent audio ex level to you thinking incorrectly. My mom is also like. She came to Mexico for the show and she's just let me know
My mom had three children me both my brother's, I'm in the middle world and our, Thirty is now no one's married and just that's like a rebound from the strict korean way of being raised. Me and all my brothers are weird we're like weird people. Siberia like all our cousins they're all Happily married have kid: they have normal lives like tell them my stories in their life. Dave's, weird uncle. These he's right, but only ray we're too, as our people that are suppressed, I think everybody yeah you're Talkin, like I think, I'm normal, and I know that that's a little bit crazy, those crazy shit. Anything I'm like, I think of them most normal person, because I just to live like now I think, you're supposed to live in, and I mean these people are just do what society wants them to do, and it's crazy to me and they will hold. They live like fire.
Can pussies. Will you not beings are pattern. Followers were naturally pattern. Follering naturally follow successful patterns of behaviour because those have been proven to be effective, so we're all of our concerns and issues insecurity, some sort of get ironed out in advance by other people. At a successful great, so when we Well, we follow the society pattern that set up right now. Where's this pattern is, get married, get divorced, lose all your money get married stay together, have a family get married, you know the petrol award. You know get married, be super happy, there's a few different possibilities that can happen to raise a bunch differ once, but you have to follow the natural paradigms where, if you don't do something wrong with you and people who are fallen on, they don't want to be around you and especially their wives. Were I'm sure you have friends that our lives that do not want David show being around other Haiti is David chose talking about getting his bottle sucked out of his body by
crazy wicked. I got advice or people, but it's not for married people, it's not for everybody. My advice is for people who don't wanna be like this. You're not giving advice you giving out experiences that you feel will be very positive experiences and would like to go, and we can learn from the young people who all Dave's lucky he it's like. He won. The Lotto with Facebook shit is that, unlike I've been successful at everything, I've ever done, I've made tons. Money doing are gamble It's like also That was all look for people the facebook thing is in a nutshell, despite our court, that was something that I learned from gambling that I brought over. I had just go a prison. A guy named Mark Sean Parker who started Napster, had Stephen Hughes, twenty three twenty four at the time, maybe twenty six, but he was in his young twenties artist, a couple multi multimillion dollar companies, not really made any money plaque soda make any money Napster got suit. For I think a trillion dollars, So this was his next project. In this whole time
he was a phantom. My minorities Dave, I gotta get training from you like you're, sick fuck. Like me, I need to get it. From you but I'm being sued or now, I can't afford it this in that and so on. Facebook came up, he's like look. There's this new social media site that connects college kids. Arms, like that sounds good, he goes and we have some financial backing. So now I could finally pay you to do a painting- and I said- or if you want, if, if and he's any he's an innovator he's like I'm gonna fucking this shit, it's gonna, take over the world. This to change the world. This is, if, if you don't want, then I could give you stocks in the company. And I needed money could I needed to pay my lawyers. I need a pale, my ex growth My friends, I need a pay. Everyone back and I said, I don't know about social media was never on Myspace. I was never on any of these things. I said you know what I believe in this kid. So I took the stock stocking being worth hundreds of millions of dollars saw overnight.
That made me. I guess the highest living paid artisan world, which is pretty cool, but before that I was pretty successful at everything else I did and what do you think? That is what I just came back from this conference in in Norway of the of the top left in the world so like this is cool. I like this, I'm in a new environment. It was so like Hell boarding boarding did Go that's why I went David Chang who has Momo foregoing the aura goes boarding, Please come viziers talking about guts, about being brave and common borders. Like are you kidding me? I'm not gonna fucking first myself in front of a top chefs, I've been out of this game. Like he's the day of you should go, and so am I am I going to do, and I just start thinking I want to start doing stand up so the was like Dave wants. You come like you'll, be there First non chef, that's been asked to speak at a fuckin chef conference of six hundred of like the top miss
who, in starships out on all these people, I get off the plane and they like if we can eat at normal tonight, you know or Nora. Sorry, sir, Fuckin retorted ingredient knowledge, and am I o noble and, unlike others, a noble noble in Copenhagen. Noah is the fucking number one voted restaurant in the world like for you in a row like it's like an eel experience you ve. Never the guy that runs Noah Renee is a fucking like Picasso of the cooking world I mean just insane like like you'll put this in front of you and you like. What is this and it's like? This is a rock that I just shit with food that would never believe, and so I'm here with these highly highly successful people that are like you know, Darya Chee Chee need. Fucking. I can't even remember all the names Alex a tailor from Brazil they,
I'll have the number one restaurant in their city. You know that NL in this. For me it's amazing, cuz days like you know we're not gonna build a pay. You we couldn't get you out here, but you Never have two fuckin wait. Tita these restaurants every like I'll. Do it just for that and I get there and so I don't know who any of these people are, but they are the fucking champions of cooking world, and so got to hang out with them for a week and it's you want talk about following patterns of success, I mean the first well they're all angry insane amounts of bike This is the way you run a restaurant and why they challenge everything they are fucking brave they fucking, went forward. Like everyone said, a restaurant is gonna, fail the chances of a thing in business, is not that good and who's gonna want to eat a fucking taco that has korean mean like you
challenging the norm, their challenging society and they're, all crazy, challenging society with tacos. Just do you know whenever you gonna restaurant and you like. Well, that's thing is. I went there and I was like I don't know. I don't. I don't even know I'm here. So these guys talking about what you mean you did eat, no was about global food like how to us. It was serious riots like what food is doing to mean the conference will heal conference. The ok, I thought you meant the restaurant Oh well, the restaurant must eat, but then the whole conference was like that, fucking shitty food were serving in public schools like a guy. The speaker was from Somalia. His restaurant had been blown up like three times. And it keeps opening it so about all these issues like on a serious topic like the stay food right now with overpopulation and what that's doing to create like dark snow in just unlike what the fuck am I doing here and it was supercilious in their covering like real issues about food and
and in the world in this, and that an and then I just I just want asked hidden, predatory, but how everything makes me shit? That's all we can offer etc. Do stand out I'd sure I did stead of it. It was how to go. They want amazing celerity. It was fucking awesome like as I puke before. For a walk, and I was like Girl before me was a ten year old speaker that talked about how she changed the way people, even Africa offers offer blog, and I might I need the cure myself raw, my guy, I think she's tat and she changed with the national started. A blog about how people are starving and and and once crying and clapping, and unlike holy shit, I was like. I can't go up there and try to sound like a food guy, and I just talked about things are, give you diarrhoea bomb Asian. You know what I did. I remain. I'm asian Group in America, Asians aren't supposed to listen. There are no Why there's no cheese and korean food does not.
There's no cheese and korean food, so you can It was a thousands of years of Koreans, eating rice and Soup and Korean Sea Weed and Shit Korea pull up wine. They come to me What did you say wrong korean Pooh on what is it something in Korea as a medicine? Vice data thing on it, we're kneeling where they take the two of us seven year old child now come on end. They actually had a reporter from vice. It had to take it. I felt so bad for she was so nice about, she drank the poor wine. I don't know about corona once in recently cut thereafter, there's no there's! No! you know all this shit that this that's part of Eric, and I like hamburgers, spaghetti tacos. All all this shit we visit all knew you know all new, so are you that action not set out for cheese. So what are we so? My entire life? I've had a veritable. Well, sinner, why life my whole life, Lord of the rings ideas I'm gonna go.
Talk to jewelry, now live for out on all in our two hours, whatever. If I'm gettin If I have to shit like I want, I want to make this guy live cut the things after run. So that gives me more easily and that's the puking. So did you cut their anti diet? I love was on you can't stop you. So that's just your decision deal of design you more than love, not shiting yourself comics the same where you live. Comics, ok, but I grow breeding like Kelvin Hobbs for ice the funniest, the the newspaper you're like Garfield Cabinet Hobbs, rang all that shit and saw was obsessed with golf. Like eating, was on you. You know like why. Why does this cat eat lazard you because our asian kid eating rice in Fucking kinky, I forgot about- I dont- know the Muslim dont know what was I dont, even not a pronounced lazard now you know so I'm, like you know, and I dont know what it is like: a exotic foreign white people, food thing and then my
and brings it one day and we eat the shit out of it. I'm like no one Garfield loves it because it's cheesy and it's got tomato sauce, and what does it do explodes out of my ass, its poison the me I can't eat this shit. I Kenny Darien like those intolerant, but it too so good. There's nothing in Korea through that taste close to that I mean we have the Delicious treats, but nothing like that. So, unlike look, but you're, really willing to take that just for the delicious taste you Lloyd I hope the shit you right off. I do it even today. Now I mean my eye I've had irritable well sooner, so I've always looked it up on. You know what the issue like that, how it there's no known my cause for it they think it's most likely stress, you know, saw maybe dietary was puts its a combination. I have the ideas from like them, nonstop stress and then also the day. Harry part of it, so yeah cut down a little bit on a dairy but the same
sport. A lot of it came from the gambling from all taking all these insane chances. Like I'll tell you like, I'm gonna fight some crazy killer and I might get this my shit kicked in whatever, like I'm cool. Like out here but inside. Unlike oh my you know or we're gonna send you to view some somali pirates and they might shop your head off to no problem but inside I'm just shitting, I'm just a fucking mess So I internalize it so have eliminated less stress from my life I've. The idea is God better Jesus So that's what I did my whole Acta and that any law when I for widows who writes or EAST bounden down here to stand up to and do what the fuck do, I talk about Ngos, anytime. You stand up but gets fuckin cheap, shouted to no brainer shit stories always killed. So I went up and I in any did like people there were like. I was like other food. You guys serve me, makes me shit, and
turn it around ended up. Talking about. You know how I'm in a different practice in them, but you know. You want to be successful if you're, not focus in life is to be like a family person, but if you want to be the absolute best of whatever your feet, this, then you have to take chances. You can't be a pussy. You can't be a follower, can follow? You have to break constantly and challenge yourself and challenge the way ever thing. Is you have to question things and it's scary, because no one else has done it so shitting yourself that was being indulging yourself, war, that that is the job part, but when it was at its worst. I didn't leave the house why that's This is likely to be kept their diet up. This is it this was my day. Well, it wasn't just that. I wasn't just what how much of a variation did you give your diet? you ever cut out Gluten Javert cut out dairy. Saying, and just ready like nothing. What mean vegetables I've. You have done
every different kind of like I've tried nothing else you I did, just protein stuff, I've done I've done different stuff, but at the end of the day it's always the distress. I guess what what's dress for argument. What I've been in jail terms, which means I did a lot of bad things, so the I used to like constantly be looking over my shoulder. So that's the stress that was when I was younger than that. Gambling every time. Every week I would put my entire life savings on online, so it's like well I'm in Vegas, someone else's like having a good time going to strip of whatever I'm risking everything. I've ever for now that creates jobs, while how do you do that today, I don't gamble any more than that. Couldn't take it anymore. It's it's a stupid, There's no reason for me to gamble when you have when you made as much money as me. It's just retarded to gamble right because you get caught up in lose it all. What's the point,
and it can happen, Ryan people who are especially when you go to Macao and there like do you want to fuck him bet bet with. Knowledge is. My citizens, like makes me so nervous, makes there's hacking shrivel up into your body. You don't I pass by those tables in Vegas, and I see someone is willing to bet like twenty five thousand dollars on a roll of roulette. I've seen happen now about me: crazy move, pink chips, I got to the point in various where they knew me and they would let me bet a quarter million down white one, seven million dollars when I in Vegas is lost his million. You guys together make out, will that I mean that guy is made a shit, no money doing you have seen so to get his Dick Marty. Athens, like the United States that said. That is a city that Russian for gamblers. Isn't it. I mean it. They carry out. What's he gonna do sit at a table in play. Twenty dollar blackjack, like Nick US, lad. What is it about people that lovers of all you already a lotta Yossi takes place in Vegas right? Yes, social therein on vague, ok, so that's see office.
Vague and, if he's an attic than he's dangerously, like that's horrible place, to live, yeah, but he's getting away with it because his rich and it makes a lot of money right any figures out to do any good at it will see in Vegas they cap you off. You know you can't bet like you camp at the waiting. Macao will that's one of the reasons why we stop being the palms. They cut back his his limit, where I got back his credit, because he was killing them. If you, if you have a shit on money, if you have a bank rural and you know how to gamble, you could fucking knock one, those casinos out and you know the fuckin yeah, it's so good feeling that's various media had so crazy and dangerous, and while the idea that now much fuckin money My name is don't have that and I don't have that all. How did you think I got the I'm sure you know yet that don't get me you, but you bet with your life saving them when winter. You get to the point where you like
Oh now, I'm like those guys Boeing, twenty four thousand dollars and well you're a smart guy, and you also know that there are some there's some. Ways as a gambler in quotes. You can see of minimize the risks and are being very intelligent about what you're doing work. That's exactly what I'm telling you about. I may find it with much more. Everlasting repercussions, because if you get broke, you're smart guy you'll figure out how to get money again. You already know the drill. You know how to get rich, but I'm not gonna be like a lack of professional fighter with, long career. I'm have y understand, but I'll tell you what you get home. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's Jago, Alvarez and one fight can change your fuckin life. That motherfucker would change the whole rest. Your life or the couple unease at its you gotta make sure that if you're you're fighting someone that they're, like you guys, is not necessarily a lifelong expert. Me there's a little bit of martial arts and re. You gotta get good at protecting itself. Strikes as the big one concerned. Have a database. You probably really good grabber Do geyser, notoriously strong core strength hard to take them
I give amazing barracks. The treasure striking is a totally different gang. I have knows story will set you up fake you out and drop a fuckin bomb on your noodle and knew not like a week to knock the fucker once in one knock writer allows man, don't do it, don't trust me, but a grappling match you? Could There can be some hard core shit. You could learn Jujitsu. Laurent learn to do to get into a school the train and train for grappling match and the worst case scenario. As you get tapped out, you get strangle, he tapped out you're all right for you to arm bar you tap out, be fuckin crazy while and fund will you dont have to. We're about the lasting effects of head trauma ill. It still is. Possibly and potentially very dangerous, you'll minimize the risks considerably when you take out striking right just tell
people. If you want to fight that should be a solitary thing, there should be nothing else you want to do in your life. I want to fight the best selling augur fighter. Priority is what you gonna. Do you want to fight? Ok, no. There was doing out there that only one if they decide that this is something I do. I'm not gonna, I'm tightening I'll, train and that'll, be it that'll, be my life should do painting to you build Miyamoto massaging. He was a great samurai, Lhasa De La calligraphy, in painting thousand port and write poetry. I mean I mean the way, throw myself when I paint that's all. I do right throw my should like I'm like this is as always gonna be someone better than ie, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm gonna do the best. I can and there's nothing besides pay that's gonna obsess. We had a conversation about work like last time as your place. Now you go through that. These, like spurt, sometimes use decide this attack and to start working. But the idea but also the same similarly like one like I'm an artist. I'm like this is what I do
even though I am and painted like for four years. I do something creative every day and if I had to pay for a career like living, then I dont do the gay like, oh, I only paint when I'm emotionally like me, to do it or when I feel like it like whether I like shit like it's a real job, I sure, every day, every day repetition pain, a whore painted a thousand times. It's like it's! real job. I paint whether my girlfriend taught me or whether she suck my dick or whatever, every fucking day you paint no matter what no excuse. That's a beautiful statement right there. There people should take that mega video. I don't be fucking gauges. Let's say that may well be that the gay. As I didn't say I don't, I don't feel like. I know what you're saying I need inspiration, fuck you're insane, it's you shouldn't colleague. Ok, you force yourself either way you force yourself, transgender, don't call that either Dick
gay. As inglorious and amazing, y know what you say- and I know we sign some I feel we come from you like it's called arms get up and work gets gave should done any if professional you do it every day and that's how the work is done, don't be a wimp, don't be a pussy, don't be we don't be a position, they don't eat. Pussy, don't worry it because it was these amazing. When my favorite things, you don't say, obviously I see why were you We be something amazing would be something like myself order? Is it's it's just It seems wrong to call someone a pussy, and that means it's he's a bad thing China change language. Here it works it's better than fag, but when the Don't be a pussy another time Erika pussy cat like a cat, is our one arguing that for Garfield Wasn T cocksucker gave me irritable barrel syndrome, but it's like
for success in shit like that, like especially with me, decor art or something creative. It's like it's easy to be like only feel inspired. It's like fuck that repetition put on the size of plan you put in putting time like force yourself, whether you feel like it or not. You know: that's that's the way you do you're dead right. You turn right that green eyes, extremely its training most commonly applies to martial arts, the bright everything. That's. Why, when I paint something like in two seconds it because I've already painted it a thousand times in Seoul. I want to be a dick Joe, but I have to actually run back to the over other side of allies are, and I have to get a painting done at a time anyway, those there's a lot of fun and you're fired up today. To tell you been doing a lot of podcast different ever get allows you to say now you you're, an animal man when you get
out of all you had wound, fucking fire fuckin fire off. Is this over so show's over show? Is it is right now, six twelve You just ended when a renewal neander, when our failure would only produce I gotta be trapped, big and speak that traffic son, I'm gonna, bribe Bree Plaza to being the best who's that she's just for you do and shouts right now, none! I was on a shot. I gotta Bulgaria. She wants a painting for me and for you to get a paying for me. You gotta be my best thanks to stamp start visa code, word J area on stamps, dot, com and saves money thanks to honour tat, calm used the code word Rogan and save ten percent of any, and all supplements are right. You we'll see exhorting sure yeah. I absolutely thanks for those in the georgian show, if you like this shit others maneuvers virtual, I gotta- show called double that doubling or sensitive artists. That's dvd essay, not gonna, go listen to it. That's my show.
If your ideas- and if you guys like the earlier so tat the ocean. He has his own show cardio. She didn't go, there's no! That show- and All I got a prosecutor com and also, if you're, my beautiful, Gostar Beautiful party people. Where do you guys next week everybody have a good time. This weekend will be Friday. Night will be at the Dice house. Fucking around that little room if you ve ever where the ices that little tiny room there and we their Brian, whose wait let's get outta here just and Martin now about people. That places the lab that places where we do our best fucking around come up with new material, its play, small toy like eighty people, a lot of fun. So why that's nice house Friday night and are one that's beautiful, vivo, you're, gonna date November second November, I don't know what I'm gonna do it, but it's gonna be that's the year. Dear November. Second, I took over the read it
Maybe do something weird like that again. So just don't know what you're giving out pay attention to mean of emeralds member said her write, something cry party people thanks, everybody loves you see soon.
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