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#393 - Tom Segura

2013-09-16 | 🔗
Tom Segura is a stand-up comedian, and hosts his own podcast with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky called "Your Mom's House"
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hello sweet freak bitches from space we are here we are queer used to it i'm here with where get used to it right jesus martian where ten problems that is what about other people that were used to it you have to get off work and agro i'm happy for you here i'm used to it i'm used to it do you have to yosemite windows you walk by with a million of your friends you know if you live in san francisco and you're on that fucking parade route boy that that route is that our don't you i don't take it and now that the west hollywood revalued one is is on it might be the bigger one less i would might be the biggest gay spot is san francisco still has a reputation is the biggest gaze bought but how can it fuck with how could a fuck with her what is more people here man in that area is all gay there's no one area in san francisco words all gay yeah
in others areas deserves this growth is allow gay folks live but wes hollywood is that once rats or santa monica over with other gay bars on the think they just own an uneven hood that and that she is its on logs like mafia naps a lawyer and if you go anywhere near there be prepared to soccer deck sums can stuff on your mouth i mean it's gonna happen there's only one way to find out let's go together like be geronium questions everything for the gave a parade how should we view as will give you the madam i definitely fucking do that should go you to go in like some real bs em like leather shit why i don't want to question that absolutely but i feel like i don't know dude i think there are neighborhoods isn't what's the san fran i was just handed something move over new york franciso go in los angeles columbus ohio is now the nations number one gay setting letter
that's a good move i mean if you're gay and you're on a budget why fuck around you can get a really nice spread and columbus you know yeah why the fuck would you want to pay la prices for a house la prices for houses are goddamn ridiculous they are so stupid and the money in the city too that you like you don't i re rent a place i rent a house the house across from me just sold and it's sold for like eight fifty which i'm like wow that's a lot of money man eight hundred fair i was tearing it down the teardown started yesterday and they're gonna put up some damn right but i'm saying that's the money that like they put into my mind where i got jesus is like not only do i not as an eight hundred fifty thousand our house just out of my life my that's a nice going to get there like now we it a tear that shit down and i'm gonna build some shit i want we spend eight fifty just to get though the latter land fuck the house now spend money to build my house well you know what arnold did he lived
the palisades he bought the neighbour and then just level this house should i want a yard that he bought like a four million dollar house and just fucking leveled it he's like i want a place to kick my bowl i mean he didn't even buy it like move his mom in or something you know i just leveled that bitch she didn't want to have family closer no no thank you that just puts to see that takes us another level yeah that's balling we're supposed to do commercials commercials at this points feels like we shouldn't do commercials was just keep doing down but i have a certain amount we got you yes i have to do run your smile i do i just shoved them all in tomorrow fuck commercials
no commercials at all i'll shove them all in tomorrow and tomorrow we got matt ultron that should be a bad podcast full charges in the house and then on wednesday we got kathleen madigan old school all time women's great i put her top ten all time women comedian of all time and people say like you shouldn't do that shouldn't categorize men and women like but you do zog data so tough shit this time black guys he's all time white ears all time drunk guys all time gay guys who was on your alltime drunk list stand home number one for sure not even close it's not even close second a tells number two when he was in his prime yeah when the tell was in his prime and he was out there fucking hammer in it on a regular he was hammer hard and he's a brilliant brilliant comedian on top he has so his lines that are in our lexicon my personal one i mean like he had at one time about poppies and he was like
these p you up is just a year said like sally shit to this day i still they pee you up he's he did an album he recorded it at the comedy works in denver spanish for them yeah one of my all time favorites and one of the reasons why i want to record my next special there i mean i to call wendy and ask her if she's cool with it my next comedy central special i want to record in denver that's fine i want to record in that little spot because that call i don't think it seats even even three people right is it about two fifty perhaps the downtown one is probably i would say it's probably geologist under and and then the other one is much larger other one a little little over four hundred but that one is per
that one downtown it's like the perfect comic club it's like literally impossible to get a better club it's fantastic everybody's locked in their seats the seats don't move all over the place like you're in your spot that's your spot boom the tables welded to the fucking floor yeah this is that and because of that they've gotten all these people in and it's plenty of room like to enjoy a show but everyone has their own little table it's a dope set up wendy's a badass bitch she's bad motherfucker she's a badass and i call her bitch with all due respect i love her she's a very nice person she's one of the reasons why i moved to all or in the first place she does had to run a club man well i knew she had a real community i was like if i'm going to live somewhere outside of la and still do stand up i need to go to a real community and the about colorado is there really fucking around there there is a lot of people there that are trying out share there's a lot of people there that are you now there's there's good comedy there like david bring their own good real cavity way before comedy i did comedy now is my number one choice for college really for university i had so beautifully didn't get in the casino
flooding there it's crazy dude dude like roads washed away completely five people dead hun is missing hundreds of people unaccounted for my friends basements are flooded like yeah well we saw some people on the rogan board they posted photos and i saw on cnn some other different places it's insane man it's really crazy shit like that that look at that age i ain't chunk of st missing there was a video that they had on line that had this giant chunk a street just wash away in front of these people and their cars fell into it and they were videos like the waterfall smashing into these cars it was like why that used to be a street just ten minutes ago what was happening there where i feel i didn't we knew floods were coming like there is like really i thought there was like news about these floods coming do you remember that or no i don't
i don't pay attention until it's too i'm like what if there's a typhoon in japan it sucks yeah a typhoon is gonna hit fukushima they're already releasing radioactive rain water into the ocean what they call low level radiation it's a low you been to japan i don't want to go anymore because of that yeah i think that that situation look obviously i'm an idiot obviously on paranoia take those two things into account but i'm more about what happens if while you're there another earthquake hits you know what it is another earthquake it hits while you're there and they get hit with another fuckin soon army gino look that it happened once just a couple of years ago it can happen again of course and i think that situation is very unstable like they're coming up with all these unique and novel ways to try to contain the radioactive water like for folks who don't understand it and i'm one of them but i'm gonna reiterate some shit that somebody said that does understand it what they were as basically saying is you can't cool
shit down you have to continue pump water on it in order to try to cool that area down it's already melted through its containment area the radioactive waste is already somehow another in the ground so there's that know and then there's they're pouring millions of gallons of water on that thing millions and millions and millions and a lot of it is seeping right back into the ocean so you're getting all this intense radiation entering into the ocean at unprecedented levels in mankind there's literally never been a moment in human kind were the earth had us spill like this where we irradiated an ocean most that's it's on land is much more containing like chernobyl's more containment it's fucked up place please dark dark situation chernobyl but its internal this shit is gonna go over the whole ocean it's gettin out there and its floatin and people again man you're fucking you know you
a prophet of doom and you don't even really know when you talking all this crazy yes you're right but might be reading like really it is not reading like any crazy you know piracy new sites that are giving me this information i'm reading like pretty much all the mainstream sites no one is saying it's going to be okay and i haven't heard anybody that says relax about fukushima everything's going to be cool they don't know now trying to build a giant a hole in the ground and then stick these combs all around it and then freeze these cones to make a wall of ice so they have to have all this radioactive water contained in this fucking enormous several mile wide containment area just for water just radioactive water that they're pouring on these rods to try to cool it off again i don't know exactly this has to effect
every food from that area too right they've already shown a recent rise in the radiation of some fish really and that just happened i mean it takes a while to get to it might even not even get to us for a year or so but a year so they might be telling you hey it's probably the best idea to go in the water that's real like the you're talking about a massive spill that doesn't end and it's gonna be like that four hundred thousands of years and i've had people i tweet me about this new like whilst all deluded and you have to realise how big the ocean as a you're totally right absolutely its problem probably looking at it wrong i'm proud possibly being an alarmist but never gonna stop leaguing you get that yeah it's never gonna stop what might not be a horrific catastrophe today could easily be one fifty years from now they can ever never get it to stop part of the reason why people aren't freaking out is because we always have this optimism about like human ingenuity as it were
a figure out a way right we're going to figure out a way we have our welfare when to figure out a way with that ok the nuclear thing is a weird thing it's weird thing because it does work most of the time and everybody wants to stress that like listen you're being an alarmist about nuclear power it does work most of the time people have only been alive for how long would it agreement is it a hundred thousand years or something like that would say a million in this form right let's say we've been around a million years in the last one hundred we ve made three spots where you can never go again as long as they've been human beings alive that's how long into the future it's likely that area is going to be rating what are the three chernoble for my island and then this one fukushima since those those great three spots are gone we don't know no spots anymore the universe owns though spots physics on those spots the the insanity of atomic power oh no spots and is this
very weird situation where nobody wants admit that that's a striking number three in the sixty plus years that it's been active three places are useless what is it what's a thousand years who now you mean just take the time and do the math you can't stop it unless you come up with some insane new technology to figure out a way to contain that radiation always going to deal with a really bizarre problem a problem in that you use it you the area around you
unsafe for life forever or for a hundred thousand years mean what is a hundred thousand years you can't even wrap your head around that no there was no civilization a hundred thousand years ago zilch none nothing everybody agrees even graham hancock agrees all even the the craziest theorists about backdating civilization they all go a hundred thousand years ago oh jesus yeah we were fucking throwing spears that you know wooden sticks so we sharpen the end we probably didn't know how to use fire yet could imagine life here a hundred years go due there was no life language one hundred thousand years ago they'd language is forty thousand years old really yeah it was all just just wants and points in shit and showing by example screaming to be really successful com yeah would be like the best time ever for a lot of trouble words would only really were a yo yo yo yo that's it
it's hard to believe that we're willing to gamble that we're going to fix that do you ever read about how many i was fascinated by how many languages go extinct like every year there's languages that you know this obviously like the huge languages that millions and even billions of people speak then every year there are lacking is that they're trying to prove by continuing to speak them and people learn languages to have it like an indian species and their needs goes away yeah i saw an article recently in the sky was like the last guy to know this language really in the area they had studied this dude and he tried to communicate with them then you fuckin died yet that's enough for how it happens with a lot of the native cultures native american tribes that had a specific language and like the pass along pass along and then it becomes like not important or not cool to pass the language like it's not useful yeah and then fewer and fewer people speak it like they found languages i think even
south america of in like in the jungles that they thought like this grew been language had ago gone whatever extinct forever and founded there still living you know in the jungle it's you know i don't know anything but english but you know spanish she speak spanish fluently pretty well i've seen you talk to people pretty fluid especially to me that doesn't speak anything so how much different are those two as a language like you have to think differently right that's what the it's a reason why like a lot of people who were from it the country make the same mistakes over and over again whether its german people brazilian people a lot of them make the same kind of mistakes it's a structure of sentences is it's true yeah like the like in spanish you say something like you know you say chocolate milk in english and there you would say milk of chocolate right that's how you say that literally trouble at this sight but so i guess you're
you're trying to literal translations sometimes the way that you would say it you have to reconstruct it but comes easier to you if your hearing it all the time her spanish every day i mean for the first eighteen years of my life because that's what my mom spoke becomes you realize like the way to say that is its automated tis evans's it ever fuck with your english that effect with your english as a kid like the jew like mix up the wrong like would accidently user dispatch word for it actually say something in a way that you would say english but he said in spanish i think that came more when i was learning to speak more like for the for the longest time my mom spoke spanish to us and we just spoke english to her
it was i who turned so weird and she spoke i mean who said everything in spanish and we were flying completely anguish and she completely understood as we can clearly understood her but are speaking spanish wasn't as good and her speaking english wasn't is good but then she started what my parents and like me to spend my summers in peru and then that's when it greatly like as you already understand so much more exposed to it and then you are forced to speak it but you when you're forest big to everybody gets way better john peru go to school just because our summers are their winners so i have a ton of cousins stop i would stay with one eye nang ankle came speak english
not gone i'll go look here and they had three boys there were like my age basically so i will go there go to school and just fuck around mean we just you know just twelve thirteen fourteen years old just you know living in lemme and then they would come to united states one by one for their summers to get better at english why yes we take turns at each others they see that's one of the best ways to improve your mind really here that the the learning other languages and speaking in other languages and then also when you start to dream in light in those languages that yeah that happens yeah happened when i was in college i i went to spend a semester in spain and at that point i had already irae spoke pretty pretty well and then i started to do like college term in spanish you know where you're writing twenty page papers for a class on comparative
mix in spanish jesus christ sun and then at that i mean my spanish now is not nearly as good as it was like though the year after i left spain or that i was there and that's all you're after because it was level i drought was dreaming spanish while it was my first thoughts came to me spanish you know like as it was just so much at such a high level how long do you think it would take you if you were immersed in a spanish culture to start speaking like that again i think a couple years willie i would be i mean i speak the people now spanish and they ask me what country him from so confused say it confused close this weird mother here's the weirdest thing and i know it's funny like if people who speak spanish know exactly what i'm talking about i don't speak spanish i speak spanish like a south american and you would you would know that it's probably from omby amby peru that area is very specific little
accent details just like here when much from new york from boston taxes from you you pick up with someone from maryland you know someone even like specifically baltimore has a very specific accent so when you speak spanish it's the same deal right you pick up on these little details right and people who are native spanish speakers well are you from argentina to me all the time even though i have nothing of an argentine accent but they do it because i look like i'm more from argentina than i am from peru is an interesting geier their associating what they see and not what they hear argentina is more like spain or more for rule is more like mexico well i look them like features wise there's a way bigger native indy in population poorer re more and there's a there's a white like caucasian population to adjust the great minority
argentina it's the opposite i didn't know a lot of nazis go down there when the fan yeah they did right yeah they have the most famous of all abstractions the the story the house on gadi badly street is about like i say that yeah the man man moved to inside and he was living in a house had his family there right his wife his kids one of his kids told somebody in school about like it as a secret told the girl he was dating about the truth family oh no girl rapid amount and what israel did which is like considered unacceptable when you talk about the way countries interact with one international standards and the treaties in the way that we all have a kind of a diplomatic process
go about is day came in and jason bourne style took that motherfucker kidnapped them flew back to israel is like we got the sky and they were like one like that instead of trying to go about hey we want to write a whole extradition they came in snagged m brought him back yeah added the israelis don't play fuck no now they don't play when it comes to that shitty there some girl at meets a kind of a fucked up story but some girl was a photographer and she had gone on the west bank she took some photographs and when you going through is really customs some of the gradually of spray paying graffiti want em said like fuck the jews shit so the dude your laptop down the ground i'll be right back he takes a gun come back and shoots the fucking laptop wow shot laptop and gave it back to the bullet hole in it and
like what the fuck i'm a photographer i saw this i'm taking pictures of chaos you now she's a jew by the way she's a jew ass she was a jew jesus they don't forget play for the jews ok there really no explaining it either yesterday they took it over don't do doom like the guy handed it or did you see that guy do that online dad would he do his daughter has nothing to do with lake racism anything but his daughter was complaining about her parents on facebook and like these chores i think i'm like at their slave like telling me i these shores so the guy is like i've been she entered her facebook page locked so her family can see it her dad's like a software guy he's like you forgot like what i do for a living right he made a video his leg so i saw will you says we think we mystery you eat your slave in this
okay well here's your lab i just spend a few hundred dollars upgrading it and he puts it on the ground he empties like a forty five into it oh my god he's like i'm gonna put this on your facebook page so your friends can see this shit like extreme yeah but he was like daddy don't play holy shit he shot it no he just and the videos that she would see it on her facebook page like her laptop when she got home from school i got confused i thought he was doing it in front of her no no no no he did it like like as a you know a message to or that she did so she would go online later and see that on her own her own facebook page yeah you you know man man first of all think this guy understands he's putting his daughter out there like that it's shaming her it's a dooshy thing to do you're raising a human being you don't do that in front of the whole fucking world by shaming them humiliation has a really profound
it does man and it's intense and the guy's a father you a father it's pretty funny i mean i recommend but if you do it i watch a video this programme should though he's a shithead but i imagine that she's opposing manon even though is a shithead because part of raising kid now want to sell doktor ass but pottery kid is laptop one two three four five six oh yeah comment you made about your mom your mom told me to be sure i put one in for her so that is from her that's that's now i'm out alright well that's disturbing that guy's a knucklehead that guy is a serious not glad he might not even know he's not glad people think that you're raising a child that you spoke to you now
that somehow or another their development isn't your responsible they just want you to grow up on your own they don't want sort of guide you along the way and explain a nice healthy way why were you doing is incorrect and here's where we're really coming from you know and people just work they work and they leave their kids alone yeah and then when they get home they're tired they stick them in front of the tv and then they wonder why this girl is ranting and raving and saying stupid shit a lot of the reason why kids say stupid shit is just because they're getting older they're getting a mind of their own they think they got a figured out yet are now a lot of it is also because are being raised by morons church shoot computers effect is the computer shooting really gonna have one because i'm more on that's a more on move she's gonna have a gun you know like she's gonna think that you could just shoot lapped well she might shoot him man yeah that guy's a dick that's that's a dick move to not just do that to do that to dick move to put it on her fucking facebook that's a super dick move
yeah or she might learn that like the way to handle like somebody upsetting you is to shoot their shit i don't think so but my dad told me not to take no guff it s my daddy tell me how to get back on a mother fucker of forty five here i'll show you fuckin football about light should up new yorkers project from those wild redneck pitches is west virginia gonna get some dec you see that the while the new anything that's right you gave me that my favorite part of that movie is like one of the one of the viking disasters of that family this re she's like i got these annex godlike sick down street piece for eight bucks a piece a little bit
it's good buddy read their money with you showing for two dollars more one that's all you can to head right busy lonely mega cash you that's how we do we get sixteen bucks now bit there's not much room there that's just incredible plus jail like all your profits are gonna get eaten up by attorneys and court fees you're gonna be out of work but they never out of work cuz they never work in which is hilarious the best part yeah when they talk to the politicians if you the wild and wonderful white to west virginia i believe johnny knoxville directed at a product there some his company is accompanying produced that movie and he just was embedded who is bet it in their their lifestyle and you get a chance to see them like for real a jet one hundred percent where they are and there are some people that's so depressing you can decide suppressing or you can decide it's like the human zoo that's awesome yeah there's a
wait you're watching that movie and you go there's no way they can contain like there's no way there's another character after this family and that's about ten minutes justine and all of us and then like an hour and you like you ve gotta be shit me right now and the next guy shot him in this chest near like what how about that one do who had escaped the state who move
to minnesota family just sitting there they're all sitting around drinking going man they're just too fucking crazy yeah he's too fucking crazy yeah he does not belong that's good the black sheep he's a guy with a job and a family like he looked at all responsible and hole in that family they're like he's a fucking asshole shit together and yeah he's a fucking look he he won't sell out at work for your money but he had a store to it as he had done at least one or two crazy things i think right like yeah if you don't believe that this movie is you think we're exaggerating you just kind of hear this woman bobby so talk of you see if you can find bobby seale from wild and were wonderful wes its bobby seale right listener to bob sue bob's pursue bab my name's
come on the sexy my family and he's been serious thereof he's kind of sexy and it kind of a crazy way yeah yeah a little bit it probably the one you'd want little muggle moonshine if those were your options i think you wouldn't do if you were living up there that was your life and you're selling pills for two bucks over for a living and want to throw down like hold on let me put the pos away yeah they're fucking epic disaster yeah and no i don't wish they were like this absolutely i wish that they were really nice people were normal that's that not the one that's a woman a fifteen to two thousand dollars a night my move i've always been a tactic one in the family i
thousands of people you got to do what you got to do if you're trapped in west virginia and you're on a horse and there's no way out you got to do it do about the two sexes worry about that jeez she looks like a female version of world pool champion johnny archer as you must sex is one important yes and she's the sexes one family i don't hate this is what it is man lao a sexy it's one her voice is it's it's a you wonder if life is real it makes you wonder if like when you see that or you see grizzly man or yeah any of them it makes you wonder man that clip also lets you know it makes you wonder if life can affect your voice you know what i mean cigarettes yeah but i mean like that has imagine the impact yet had her voice was not always like that
couldn't have been right no way no way man that is alarm at that's a lot of sleepless nights that's a lie to being up to that that's two middle like two pack pills just that very far living living in the mouth don't be scared don't be scared pussy don't act like you don't think someone sounds like a pussy and then there's the mom who runs everything yeah that mom is badass boot scoot buggies her she's the one dealing what was your name fuck i don't remember man man that was a goddamn good movie and agrees depressing but it is it's out there it is what it is highly talk about stevie you saw stevie stevie them documentary know what sites super its health hilarious it's also like this but people are like this bomber like it phil hysterical isn't about it follows this guy stevie who the film actually was like
big brother to him like the big brother program or something and goes back and revisits him like twenty years later he is like he belongs in the whites were virginia family you know he's one of those guys and he gets its he's fucking retarded there's no other like do you have a stevie clip this is the only thing i've came up a stevie really needed it arrives this is not acting no it's the same guy that made whom dreams gypsy hoop dreams are really getting no never saw that either it's a really good documentary yeah i heard it was really good at so many films that i never get to man yeah i don't have the time me too i'm like married to them and then i don't really even there's so many out there that are so good is very solitary not involved with other people in a
he grew up abused and neglected that's kind of the ammo for somebody who moles kids there is you've got to look at it really cold because if you start looking at the human individuals and well yeah he's really not that bad a guy well one of them you look at the victim you know victim wasn't that bad of a person either i mean you've given him chances in the past and now he's got himself in a load of trouble and you give them another chance that guy's a smooth talker yeah so do you think steve's innocent no because he said he told me what he did do but i mean he's gonna he's already gonna get enough with that i think that's being added on after a young sister's daughter his niece yeah oh jeeze they might call you as a witness if this ghost of
this isn't the funniest cliff actually the flooding in japan this is when i talk about the funny stuff in this movie before you think i'm insane it's because of the little things like before it all goes down like he's here they call me snake design afraid of him you know they always come snake the guy with the glasses yeah steve and you're like no one will know where everything went down before it gets like create like before he gets arrested and stuff and they're just following him around and is that him on the left wearing a tidy sure yes yes last the kind of the i'm saying that you laugh at justice s resolve here go ahead and get it here well your sister's discount wait much at once he's just a fucking mill and we didn't get it either idiot you know and of man who the fuck would leave that guy alone your kid yeah it's a great great question one of his share piece of peace pieces
shit unless kids man that's it that's a real special piece of shit it's like yeah yeah that's the rest that is rate is so high amount of fucked up in this you have to have gone on to do that is so high that's a really bad one that's one is really hard to forgive and that's that's too thy gum even when they give in to like acknowledging what they did wrong if you give them the space to justify it they will did you hear this door got in a got of trouble for talking about mile pedophilia now was really weird what he said hoddan finally for you he he said that there's if as long as it's not it's smiled touching up there why you're psychology would would erase it heralds remarked provokes out
yeah he's like your mind would protect you from it as long as it was just a mild touching up now really weird does that the quotas really weird he says that he experienced mild ophelia in ink school when he was a child and ninety fifties refer to his early days at boarding school and salisbury he recalled one one of the masters masters pulled me on his knee and put his hand inside my shorts he said children in school peer group had been molested by the same teacher but concluded i didn't think you did any of us lasting harm i'm very i'm very conscious that you'd can't condemn people of an earlier error by the standards of ours just as we don't look back the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and condemn for racism in the same way we would condemn a modern person for racism i look back a few decades and by childhood i see things like canning like mild pedophilia and
find it in me to condemn it but the same standards as i or anyone would today said that's interesting this kind of minimum it's very brave for them to say because it's very it's very controversial obviously yet mean i dont totally disagree with him as far as holding people to different areas of different standards yes i dont think that he should be the one necessary come on how that might have affected service classmates though right when he says that i don't think any of us really too affected by that mean you don't know that some of those guys might have been completely traumatized well you know quite honestly some people would say that he's been damaged by and he just doesn't realize it absolutely you know maybe that would make sense for why you know he's gotten into some some of those situations he's got into something that he said in the past have been fairly controversial sure maybe it was about this now but
think it's like super irresponsible the the main let anybody to go out there and say oh it's not that big a deal for a little mild pedophilia projecting will ya and not will not only that but it also could almost encourage mild pedophilia as being nothing of course and then you know do you go back to like what i was saying where he the guy that is doing this then justify using i'm not really like aids so minor i'm just you know right now clearly he sang that this different era and he's he's talking about a different era right and that we can't judge the people of that era today but he says still talk about it as if there's like a mechanism to protect you right from this kind of these are i felt a code man i was over you know happen
clean my nose hairs out yeah i got little nose hair trimmer and sometimes they get some strays up there and you just can't resist those sneezes when they're coming there oh yeah you get did you get them from light no when i look at light it'll make me say them saying yeah yeah yeah i knew was common and i guess there at the percentage of the population does that really at let's call the light induced pleasing yeah that's interesting like i am one of those two well give and i've told people like that about it and like emily perfectly talking about and you have never done that ner heard of that because if i outside our just be sneezing all like crazy you know but look it up like look up like sunlight induced or light induced using you see that like it's you like that yeah as for you walk out like a myriad area like is like a great year every time so what people are saying people really pissed at him
his name is peter watt is director of the child protection and then of the national society for the prevention of cruelty to children he said dawkins marks were a terrible slight on those who have been abused and suffer the effects for decades mr daul and seems to think that because a crime is commented a long time ago we should judge in a different way what we know that victims of sexual abuse suffer the same effects whether it was fifty years ago or today i probably you know correct i mean the thing that you have to examine is like dawkins statement and you have to think you're considerate case by case i don't mean pedophilia case by case i mean like the whole idea about judging people based on era by name you know that too to a degree you kind of well in a certain area certain certain point of view these were allowed right but i do know that that really applies to failure year two thousand
like that's always been a really dark thing to do but what's really fun job is when you go way back like the classics like if you go back to you know like socrates was gay like there was a lot of guys back then that were not just gay but took on young boys is lovers right that was very common amongst samurai samurai took on young boys as lovers that applies to what he's saying right your examples are are people in not this happens to be much long time ago but it's what's very it's it's you know it's very dear when a person whose alive today in the content of our society right now speaks about pedophilia if it's not that big a deal when it happened to him yeah and someone talking about like almost an imperceptible difference i mean that not imperceptible but inconceivable difference between them the culture of japan and the twelfth century was and the culture of
united states in you know two thousand and thirteen mean they're not even the same planet right it's so hard to you're dealing with a japanese they have a completely different language different culture and they're this is a long long long long long fucking time ago when people couldn't even it took a long time to get anywhere yeah you can get by boat or by horse but for the most part people fucking stood still yeah and they developed their own culture sort of away from the rest of the world and it's one of the more fascinating aspects about it but when you look back is the common theme the car theme in almost all these cultures is gay sex gay sex and pedophilia like they did it throughout rome throughout the world to all the spartans were gay samurai like there was so much gay sex our ideas of what like sex is into them and thirteen like we think back then you know if you got lots of prison and yet if i could do no big deal now nothing
banging each other they were banging everybody yeah like i want to know when people like settle down and stopped just fucking guys all there was no there was no judgment about that one no that was like hey man dicks hard you got an asshole let's do it it's almost like it was too hard to get laid back then yeah you know and like sometimes you just had to do what you had to do i got to imagine that if you go back far enough lot of sexual behaviour went unchecked it was as europe has an acting on it yeah went into whatever sex act you wanted desired that like you're you're fuckin monkey brain was dictating and you didn't really think about you know like the way that your culture looked upon it people just did stuff right and then that was it there was no i mean it somebody about you made me uncomfortable you just did what to do there's no hr impact and in no way like unchecked civilization like that clearly is a different form of civilization has different world its wild
less type share yeah to the fag an tenth power though we talk about hundreds of years ago oh yeah well when you get really violin diet now yeah org or the are all avenging europe have you ever had a lady battery ever her this evil bitch elizabeth battery she was a a royalty and fifteen sixty in hungarian hungry and this bitch killed like they don't even know how many women she started getting ass she got older sister killing younger women didn't want them around caprices she would cut them up and torture them kill and she killed hundreds hundred you're already vets and they didn't even kill her when it was over they convicted her and put her in like a room for life they dislike
during this room hungarian yeah well she's royalty so because of the fact that she was royalty they just decided not to kill her yeah the level of brutality when you go back for it like you read about lad the impaler yes he would impale enemies and people in his camp who didn't like who he heard spoke against him yeah and two impale them and he would do it and sometimes when europe how'd you know it could go right through a vital artery oregon and you'll die but there's a lot of times when get impaled it can literally miss every vital artery and oregon and you bleed out impaled just in the sun for a day how we share with with a fuckin wooden rod through your asshole going through your butt in coming out like your shoulder mouth and you're just bleeding means a pretty gruesome way to go
the result of bad set those i think it was an persia steak and persia hello do you see this picture a story there's a about these people back in the one days were there was miles of bodies on stakes to warn people as they approach so as these people approached i need to find the exact story but as these people broached i guess there's approach near approaching persia there miles of bodies on stakes let you know like you're coming in here and trying to fuck with us this is what we're going to do to you and you get that stench about five miles before you saw it you know what is that smell man but just the idea here that housing people would do that they would just run rose and rose in rows of bodies you think that that
the only reason that doesn't go on today is because there's like that morally checking thing or because that would suggest that there is like way more either acceptance of that behaviour or there's just like ice cream sociopath just running shit all the time is it well i think probably are today i it's it's it's way they their way better at like hiding the more fucked up things that people do today that would be like way out in the open in like it's this situation is going on right now in syria where everybody saying that this is the most important thing that we have to step up and we have to go we under a taxi syria has done this thing and in these these people have have died in these innocent sir or being poisoned there is no mention whatsoever in the mainstream news of the irony of the guy who is the head of the united states we now
military commander in chief talking about innocent people die right i mean it's kind of crazy right it's like this idea that there's a certain amount of innocent people that must die and those are okay right but when innocent p die and this guy did it dennis bad and especially the way he did it right you know the way he did it with poison and we just we can't take that that's we're drawn along we're gonna have to kill some more people because of that right right and innocent people will die because we have to protect innocent people we to go in there this guy killed innocent people will probably kill way more innocent people than if we went in there the army the united states army unless syria just said fuck this and they laid down their guns and went face down and put their hands behind their heads immediately someone's going to die people are going to die it's crazy it's like the idea behind it is like one of the weirdest measures ever with the perspective you're talking about is is pretty much purposely kept out of r u s
kind of mainstream news then not even allowed to photograph coffins that was something that was passed during the bush administration yeah you couldn't take photos of coffin because yeah sure that would have an impact but how we can carry people how and saying it's ok to do that but the reality of it should never get back home cause it could weaken morale who you are you you're stopping information like information is critical for people to understand the actual parameters the situation are involved in and if you that information or change how much of that information gets out you greatly alter if you can't see evidence of not seeing bodies are not seeing the not seeing the damage enough focusing on the bad stuff you're not you not being accurate horse you're giving a really fucked up version of what you're talking about governments are good at that but that should be illegal that should be highly illegal like to do that say to someone you can't take a photograph of something that's actually happening yeah because that
idea behind the weakening of morale that's crazy morale only weekends when it's supposed to be weekend okay if we were off there fighting werewolves and bodies were coming back like that we would salute them and praise them in their there their quest to save the human race from the werewolves they died would celebrate we would celebrate them we would fuckin have parades for them no believe celebrate them but that's our doing were hiding where you were hiding the photos we don't shoot anybody because the whole thing is chaos and if you really boil it down as it was worth it that your child died to promote this agenda no it's not it's not it's not that the only way could have been done that's crazy it's the only way it could have been done is absolute bananas yeah to say diplomatic strategy works out so but i mean i can't believe that we're still committed to fucking years and years of war in two thousand and thirteen it just doesn't make any sense anymore i know it's interesting two of you like you really any real
is up to you to figure out stories you you have to like it's interesting go to different sites to see how they present the story the story oh you you go cnn and then you read like if you go to drudge to see how they report it and you go to like bbc guardian al jazeera you get the same story reported in six different ways yeah and you got to kind of decipher you bet you got here do you have to pick up on the fact and know that everybody has yes even when they don't have a buys you know you're a built in bias to every angle every story oh yeah you have to be able to break that down to whatever degree because you have your own biased that wants to lena certainly right and you go this is the story what i'm gonna run with the one day this person reported and that's a big one whenever you've got anyone that's pushing a left wing or a white wing agenda oh yeah whenever you start hearing around what the democrats want to do is give everybody this take all your hard earned money and like you
oh you're not even being honest here you're just putting on this puppet show and you're probably invested in winning puppet show or in the make puppet show very convincing you got lobbyist that are counting on you to get me to believe your perspective on this right now for sure they're filling up your pockets man yeah whatever a ridiculous way to run a government the idea that's how we run it and i was money and influence there all always always only thinking about their next election all sorry we are thinking of you know nothing of all this money these people that have this morning that got me into this position i don't think about them i think people i don't know who ate me that's what i'm concerned his fuckin is favourably rating is like bush like now so is there that alone is popular let's find out so obama's while i know rating obama's approval yet yeah what was the worst the worst yeah i bet the worst was probably emily
ass it was something like eighty years ago and then bush would be like second if my prediction first of all how crazy there's something called the approval rating has a care for the president ok here it is forty seven percent of likely who s voters approve of obama's job performance ok i mean the fifty two percent disapprove ok that's not horrific it's definitely it's definitely lower than it's been right listen to this two percent of the democrats like the job the president is doing eighty five percent the republicans and fifty percent fifty seven percent of the voters not affiliated disapprove ok come on man you look democrats how silly could you be to say i think he's doing her job yeah yeah number one is is number two is number one
bush that's the lowest approval rating ever lowest approval rating his lowest approval is twenty five bush yeah what's the next lowest do you remember when bush's approval ratings were fucking high like right after september eleventh really high you weren't even allowed to make fun of bush it was really high truman i told you and then nixon what's what was truman's down to twenty two ok this is this is this is what is approval rate is on foreign policy forty percent while while that's really low man i think obama its like every other thing that happens in this world you probably they go into it agreeing that you're gonna change it and you're gonna fix it and did you think great president did you have high hopes for him yeah i mean i think he's a brilliant
you know i just don't know how much the president honestly gets too i don't want to even speculate on how much of an effective present actually gets too to push right how much you know how much influence does this one human being actually have you in out of it behind closed doors is like here's what's going so much money involved man you're talking about people that run banks you're talking about people that demanded that they get bailed out by the united states taxpayer after fucking the united states experts sideways into a point where the economy eroded radically in all businesses these people cause this and they stood up witnesses ok the sick these evil causes and obama went on tv and said that they're gonna get we're wisdom would limit
the amount of money that they receive as a bonus to five hundred thousand dollars a paltry sum for such rich folk command even is saying that as a statement going limit the bonuses of the companies where we have to pay millions of euro dollar we're gonna limit them they steal two five hundred thousand we ve put a cap on it now go to bed and then i like your hopes that there might be one of the naughtiest things that guy has ever set on television we're gonna limit the thieves who the economy half a million dollar bonus like the people that we asked to watch over hey you guys the financial guys right please over this fuckin thing with numbers because i have kids and i got a job i have time to do so you do have we do have a guy we ve got a guy he went to harvard and then if you ever watch that documentary inside job watch that area holy shit it's not about nine eleven fox it's about it's about this
economy crash and unbelievable it's incredible and the guy who is doing it is brilliant and he catches these dudes in corners them and ask them questions and you see them squirm and panic and and then you find out like that a lot of these guys that were working in universities that were responsible for these studies they leave the universities and get these awesome jobs the banks who policies that they recommended promoted this sort of like free range wild makai swashbuckling capitalism yeah that cause all these fucking people lose their homes it causes these guys get jobs working for those firms after they leave yeah so they're like educators and they're like this should be no problem i see this should be no problem and then they pass all this shit it's the most obvious shell game of all time it's it's so in your face yeah yeah it really is it's it's it's really look it's kind of admir
but i want to look at it from a gangster point of view i mean it's almost gangster should ever win we glorify gangster rap gangster rob can fuck with gangster banking novel gangster wall street most gangs who should have all time they ve done some gangsters shit yeah and would it mean is that works then the gangster shit that's been going on right now and from beginning of the iraq war that's pretty gangster too mean that this one one destroys lives and finance stacy other one kills lives it kills people destroys everything like that is that that ganking that gangster that we saw how come that's like less offensive than this financial gangster ganking their poor pretty gangster fox people are bad look at it's madness man it's we are mad mad mad mad race and i think we're getting less man but we gotta figure this out man we can't escape
when as we can just keep going to war as a lot of financial people lately say that lake the worse is yet to come and in it coming soon got away as far as like oh h collapse that's just going to go way further downhill what i heard is that the commercial real estate crash is a really dangerous one really heard that one's a real dangerous one that commercial like when you have residential real say crash like that one there's a commercial one that's much larger apparently allegedly i don't understand it though so you me saying that just bullshit i don't know keeps it up i don't know how the fuck they rescue the economy or did they even rescue the economy should the thanks been allowed to fail whose right peter schiff is peter schiff right i don't know i don't understand it i don't understand any of it i don't know man i'm not the mind to put that together but it's pretty bad i think you know what i know for sure though this is not the only way to do it right
not the only way to do it this holds oxen bonds and derivatives and like you have created fucking chaos you have a chaotic system and that system is i awful it's like windows and tee from like ninety ninety seven let me in go inside of it and stern fuckin with the registry and bed yourself in euro what the fuck is in this crazy economy the amount of influence that affects the politicians which affects the laws being passed which affects the judges being elected which affects the decisions being made that literally changed the entire scope of the nation and it's all motivated by money yeah it is and the other thing that the big advantage that those guys have that work in that field is they have a specific knowledge that basically the overwhelming majority of people can't grasp like not because we're not capable we're just not
well versed in this right people start talking about derivatives and short sales and all this and most people go i don't know ha the fuck your talking about yeah i dont know i'm talking about when i said it that goes but then that makes things go unregulated uncheck this like when doctors have a conversation or pilots and they start getting to the specifics of their field at a certain point if you're not one of those people would you like to know you talking about yeah is not over you and you like ok except this one really affects most of us a great deal but we don't know what the fuck is happening yeah to me it might as well be when people start talking about golf scores sure he has six under and the five and like what get two birdies and eagles what are you saying yeah and they took a mulligan what has a golf guy no i've never even played guy shot jim fur a fifty nine last week i have no idea
may i see you just send it right there you are that the numbers thing is scary want to not be turned out to be math illiterate like i am with you quite frightening i'm with you what do they have one fourteen one fourteen that a good score for what for a boxing if you watch may whether jesus christ that woman who also scored apache are losing to bradley suit me item bradley fell he's crazy she has a different view of boxing than most people i got lucky man i was at a show in lauderdale and i was doing at the it the improv which is connected to the hardware casino so i knew the files like i commend mr fight right ever had to shows i mean i take my time i so i get paid i'm just like hanging out i walk back to my room and i enter the casino is in hollywood florida there are a fuck an extra three thousand people in the casino my eyes
going on and every monitor in the casino showing the fight so it's all great only the end of the third round so i got to watch from basically round for on the whole casino showed the fight that's incredible everybody stop there were so many people stopped in like in in between slot machines is like looking up just watch this fight it was it was incredible to see that spectacle the people watching it and yeah my watch like i said the rest the after the end of around three on and you know i think even turn like novice boxing people like pretty much planet clinic yeah i was ridiculous i mean this one squared even even it's crazy i think even i think so but he who didn't know what's going on my we're talking about here would note that it wasn't he well i think there's some crazy people out there there is also the possibility of corruption and both of those
to be considered as irons either she's crazy and or she just likes to judge professionally that she has no idea about i mean i never talk to i haven't talked to a single person that thought it even made a bit of sense it's not like one of those we well you know what she favours defence and the shell defences very impressive any deadline a couple hard counters like no known another those there was no one say and now this is if you thought that he won that fight or you thought it was a draw you're crazy person the fact that your track record now includes the patio bradley endless dazzled those are both on your resume their lady does not pay attention either she does not pay attention oh she's crazy orgies getting paid right i don't wanna say that you did i'm glad brine read said that and not me because i sometimes brian i work in the presence of involves data state athletic commission and i wouldn't accuse them of such a thing however i was an investigator i would look into it sharply yeah this
something wrong whose there's something wrong and if its not corruption which i hope it's not it's just incompetence and either way it shouldn't be tolerated you did so no one deserves their job right in especially when it's that kind of a job you don't deserve that job you have that job because you supposed to be a professional advice was we really good at it and one year unbelievably unbearably bad unbearably unbearably but i went invariably to she's bad its criminal yeah criminal like me teaching spanish lessons but i don't know how to speak spanish right so you speak spanish that she would be criminal it would it's nice that bitch is criminal it's not it's not okay snoop log we jackpot wins winds pound of we'd after me fight oh he bet a pound of weed oh that's hilarious look at him with a pound of weed and the captain america shirt on yeah he's bad as look at this guy who did he bet it with a you know how much is a pound of weed these days
guiding lu lu that's hilarious i've never a pound a weed in my life it's about thousand dollars that's insane i've never even heard more than announce gonna to carry a lot of weed around i don't understand i've seen a quarter a quarter pound p if i saw bag that big i would assume the next thing i want to hear is boots kick the door guy volcano my alone ok what's comedian drug deal with scary and ohio allegedly my dealer going up in college that's what how much he would have mozilla ohio that scary like you would have like three peoples charles and just like you'd come in this house and like all these crazy dog you plot the human his bag and put it right there and he like trusted me so he like showed me all the shit he had and i all the secrets like pounds of weed that
he has been in iran is crazy i'm a guy robbery carry so with a guy soldiery area who did you deal that here had em like a big suv lego escalate and he had compartments built in there where the way was rigged was it the radio station had to be tuned to a certain channel and that would unlock he would be able to unlock the compartment so it had to be like ninety ninety point seven seven and then he would go that's crazy that's crazy as to transport do you know that a guy went to jail for a long time because he was constructing those oh really yeah he went to jail for like a real stretch and they take used him of aiding and abetting somehow they set this guy up ok i mean like can partly hidden compartments jail check this did you ever
it's one of my model this has to do with a city drive and a secret compartment one of many of my inventions and i know they use cd drives before but not vehicles and as far as to my knowledge and not like this and what i've done is this is a key i know you're thinking you a battery stick you don't europe it would i don't do that stupid anyways and these are two tabs it is really nine will bury in the power supply goes through this open up my bit which reveals my secret i basically took the cd drive park used the the bay six two novices dongle extricate fire change how do you do it so he pushes resolve battery it's just a regular nine volt batteries holding up he puts it right there oh that is so come on that guy james bond is awesome you know your wallet your keys
he said oh you know you want i thought he said pino you keeping pen on the war you know that keep it glasses pino was ready glasses shield you know an riches seven was trailing not in palace it again for the sure then it closes in the flip it to go in and flip it to go out that's insane you change on the battery that is insane thinking in inspired by super boy there are some very development under you ve seen a right
man so long ago those jean hacking it's fucking awesome movie man i don't know i don't know i don't remember a thing about it i remember it was awesome but i watch it to watch it again termism ging yes and it's so good it's like a classic you know in common bad guy movie from that era i think it's the late seventies movie it's so good you see you got to see it is it about like something like this like drug smell it's a heroin this is the guy i was talking about his name is alfred tenaya and it says he was a genius at installing secret compartments and cars and and so they were used to smuggle drugs without his knowledge and how he's in trouble if they were used to smuggle drugs that his knowledge figured it wasn't a problem he was wrong and it said nay they locked him up man eleven in the valley he would say these compartments like the drugs back see that trucks
see where he would he rigged up a set of drugs cylinders that linked to the vehicles electrical system the only way to make the seat slide forward and reveal its secret was by pressing and the force which is simultaneously to for the power door locks and two for the windows so press all four of those the same time it would open up the back seat so awesome yeah he said the seal was no longer responsible to the switch combination and no amount of jiggling could make it budge i depleted the guy to take a look you know this is how bieber rolls he's got the the tech tech the most high tech whenever only if bieber yeah yeah they pull that motherfucker over all the time in like there's never has anything this car but yet like teams he always has pictures of him like holding bogs out windows and brilliant water into the so they set this guy wasn't this the guy's name was not right and so there was this do name esteban and you say the switch
combination doesn't anymore and and no amount of jiggling could get it to work again and so this guy shows up to fix it he's a little suspicious because it's nothing elicits nothing illegal about building traps which commonly used to hide everything from price joy to legal handguns but the activity the fao of carrier california law if installer knows for certain that is compartment will be used to transport drugs so i told him that it's going to transport drugs then he has responsibility to either call the police or not builder what have you the max from penalties three years in prison and so this guy anaya the guy who got arrested he thought it was wise to deviate from his standard no questions asked policy before agreeing so he suspected this guy and he's there's nothing in there i should know about is there to buy assured him did you needn't worry i'll say this is fine
man so he's saying don't worry about it yeah so the guy didn't give in to saying hey i'm going to use it for this and the guy goes alright i'll are you anyway yeah this is weird man this is like that they they ve they fuckin set this guy up because this guy was making compartments for people but not asking any questions that's what it was but think that's illegal i think you loud to hide shit cause you gonna lena what have you have money they you want leave you now something expensive you own a jewelry store yeah well yeah if you have expensive stuff on you all the time yeah you should be that you own a business it's a cash business you want to transfer yeah you can't assume that if someone can hide something in their home that they shouldn't be able to hide something in their car of course that's just that's your property too there's that weirdness of like searching people's cars man you know because you don't come to
the person's house and search their house like why you searching their car yeah like you because you know that people transport drugs and things with their car but at the end of the day it's fucking private property and whether there's a thousand dollars in cash in the backseat that you're gonna steal from us because you think that we're buying drugs with it that's happened before where people like there was a stripper who had like a million dollars in a trunk this crazy big like made a million dollars and was going to buy a business and she had this money she got arrested and the cops had to give the money back to her because they suspected her of being a drug dealer and then she had to document oliver pay our heroine and show all a hole in the ground i decided as but the you know the cops took that money as if you can't have money if you have money has to come from drugs a lot of money but why can't
don't worry don't people have houses how do they buy a house yeah who's to say you can't just go to a guy with a fucking trunk full of cash and buy a house you can you know just because everybody else uses a fucking credit card if you decide you hate credit cards you want to store it all safe in your house and i only know the combination the cop has to look in there and see if there's anything wrong and if he sees there's money in there hey what are you doing with all this good stuff what are you doing with all this stuff that everybody earns you have why do you have to declare i was thinking about the border thing i mean i assume that you have to declare money big so that they can investigate yes well what's the source of that money what you have that money for this whole thing you have to declare if you have over ten thousand that's going into can or coming back and united states right what if you have a lot of money and bright why do you why do i have explained to you that i don't have this problem right i've thought about it before like we're like you know obviously there they're asking so so that if somebody does like they don't say they
than they do things than they find that they have fifteen thousand unkind but maybe i'd worry of this much cash for was i do i wonder if you have to like when you report it has our work if you have your report yeah let's say you're some crazy ball or type character and you're like who would you be like if you were going to be a baller type character you have to be a black guy right who would you be which rapper would to be the walker on two kids let's say your floyd man with her because he would ground suitcases for two absolutely why can't fly may whether people the problem let em canada because he's got some domestically its charges against russia he did his thirty days they might not even let in the guest canada's pretty strict about let me know shit like that they don't fuck around but if he did get through probably get through like a hundred grand in a backpack someone gucci sack of le loup did you see the all access for him canelo now i didn't i didn't dude
before but i didn't see this time he sends one of his girls to go pick up some of his big gambling money that he won she goes in is like ostrich skin i don't fuck at some super expensive bag and the guy four hundred and eighty thousand dollars in the bag and then she oxidize their gets in a car and drives its money may whether deployed yeah he's united to his house but you you want on duke do crazy duke maryland she's saying he's he's gambling that kind of money oh yeah i mean he always takes photos better known here crazy is four hundred and eighty thousand dollars he won and they're not even like it sometimes his bets are like these by kind aside bat like prob bets there like words like i'm betting on whose the first twelve points in this basketball game
i mean not even like the outcome of the game like it shit like that where it's a total gambling rush kind of be like twenty five grand that it's the seventy sixers well you want to know what's interesting they have found a direct correlation between head trauma and i kinda gambling really yeah dana white dana white was in here and dan dan used to be a boxer was talking but as gambling dana gambles like insanity nos one seven million one night what he lost a million that's the most he's ever lost is one million the moses ever won a seven million and it's it gambling always on like on sporting events i don't know what the i think he's playing cards he's one seven million dollar yes yes yeah i came i he he goes off is it poker i don't know i think he plays black jack know what lucky boy went like jack to their high stakes room once
i saw a guy and people stopped or to watch him to do black check he was doing ten thousand a hand and we were all to dust and grandma and they were like burst take ten thousand he would put ten thousand and ships back there and was i mean super entertaining to watch but i was like i can't imagine doing that man freaking i just talking about ten thousand and it goes like that i mean it is going in seconds and so dana must do it that style where it's like twenty five grand a hand that kind of show yeah that's that's really unique with gambling you now gambling fur like money like and vague steve gambling is that you can do that can shift within seconds if you're gambling on a game it's a whole game you have one hour for this game to take place i kind of like gambling on games because i don't even like sports but if i had some money invested yeah you would make it more excited it absolutely does it has that effect to the um tenth degree it's like
if i go to vegas like say if you and i went and there was some kickboxing going on because they're doing this new thing for spike tv yeah glory glory is this super highlevel kickboxing league it's like the best kick boxes on the planet earth and the fucking the fights are incredible mike go con saki and daniel guitar and sparks spong fucking assigned since you right out like goods should see that shit life to see that shit live and ring side you know we're get some money tommy buns now would you bet based not knowing anything about the guys no i would that said i would if i want to defer guph yam email but let us not forget that over time at this particular would you know about the guy you know those guys you they are the highly the high level gaza nobody so many more kick boxers than there i may guys there's a lot of emma make eyes and i dont know real this is a certain number we can only keep so many in your brain you know that this like they say
close friends or people who are in contact with on a regular basis and you have a hundred and fifty names the kind of yeah yeah it's the one hundred and fifty people that you have relations with everything after that is just like yeah you know you have a lot of i mean you in particular store lot of data about guys fighting who they fought and you remember the fight where they thought how the how he wants that particular fight that's a lot of extra knowledge you know in there but that's because there's nothing else in there right but there's no other sports in there i see what you mean yeah you know there's no room there's no room for oghee there was no four basketball yeah so all like when i start talking about like fights like oh you know he lost either change ending entailed in the first round came back for a few times what we never saw him again at that
there's no basketball and they're confusing i see what you mean i'm kind of that to a degree that way with college football i have a lot of data in there and i remember names and i remember games and i remember the year that's way more numbers and though crazy thing is like what sometimes maize that i remember who recruited the guy and what high school he went to oh migrate well that's hunters thompsons famous story about talking to nixon have you ever heard that now thinks that link so dude he spent time in a car with nixon really hunter s thompson yeah back away this president no nixon was president and he rode with him in a car and nixon and him just talked football he knew that hunter was a football fan i'll let you ride with me if we only talk football because football fans loved football in football fans and higher was a huge a flat fan so god in the back seat with nixon and they talked about
football he said he was amazed that like he knew about one guy who played one year with one team and he knew where he went to college and he he's like i was blown away like he's a real legit he goes might be the only thing that he didn't lie about didn't hunter kill himself after football season yes it was right he was like he waited for sure it kills like february he had been apparently talking about kill himself for a long time he was in some pretty serious pain he had hip replaced and on top of it the boozing and the coke he had red line is brain if you ever listen the hunter like later in life pull up hunter s thompson on conan o brien show really sad and this is from someone who's a huge ponderous thompson fan and in fact my favorite out documentary if i have to if i have to tell people one
guph i always go with grisly max chris emails hilarious to make you mean could it demeanor letterman whereas icon india now conan answer conan there's one trust me cause he's it's much he's much older when he's doing the one i crazy man you find hysterical it's hilarious i love it i watched again last week funds in a hundred times but gonzo the life and work of dr hunters thompson is fucking brilliant it's an amazing amazing a major why documentary was very there you can find a good area hunters thompson setback copy listen to talk talk barely understand them hear that go go to the one where they're at the desk if you go further further back he's sitting at the desk with conan and he's they're talking and it's like jesus christ can't put the
you don't understand a word he says mumble slur mumble mumble mumble but then if you go back his early start you go back to the documentary it's absolutely brilliant it's when he's running for sheriff of aspen and they start start stock about the laws that are in place today and whites engendered this disrespect for law enforcement operators law enforcement officers because they know that these laws especially marijuana laws are bullshit cops know their bullshit the kids on their bullshit and he was like you know we got to put a stop to this or there's gonna be a revolution in this country you know and like it's pretty fuckin intense man was up here he does a shot throw up i said that was pretty good that's and beautiful
guy with you for a month some whiskey and we need a machine gun do you remember he fires yeah in arizona that was awesome i went to the arizona gun club so what's called phoenix drive club it's amazing those two same yeah we fired some crazy ass machine guns they're fun man yeah we're shooting at some i need to get a place where to shoot guns that's what i need next it's so much fun to see but the problem is whenever you get a big piece of land that you can shoot guns on they assume you're starting to cut yeah in order what ensure they they go up there and they just shoot guns you happening i've wanted they do then sometimes your stuff you need to shoot with a gun which is another problem i gotta go higher living longer
because they're number one look at number one now if all of a sudden i start moving there you know it's kind of weird that you guys are both columns well there's more barns and basements to fucking in ohio easy to see is it a prison type thing where there's just not as many girls oh no is that what goes down let's go creepy i think those guys there would you guys are resistible i think they're just smart they figured how to start their own community in west hollywood they figured out to start their own community in columbus you know what doesn't happen like that though lesbian lesbians don't really form very many lesbian neighborhoods i guess not i don't really think of i don't know right i don't even know of one not i i can't think of one i'm sure they exist yeah i can't think of one gay people have a whole islands fire island yeah big over new york is almost all gay ireland gets it's it's like ninety eight percent gay then there's a few hangers on some old people
know it's up oh the neighbors are strange they russell lesbians have the dino sure get together right oh well there's a lot of lesbian golf pros for sure yeah yeah you know what else pool yes high level women professional players on top of it if you really supper oh yeah what is it about girls and sports that make them gay i guess the natural assets by not as girls all over the country i think we're serious because it maybe get you fucking i mean you look like a guy and you play like a guy that's not what we're saying for you can without a doubt absolutely be a beautiful woman in vienna sports shore and doing sports in capacity and sports don't get me wrong i saw gabby recent airport woe that's a lot of women who i did a celebrity volleyball game with her and jonathan
taylor thomas siri that's his favorite way back in the disease was many many many moons ago she's dead beautiful woman yeah making fuckin warrior babies were absolutely husband's a big beautiful man national surfer oh he looks like right out of a fucking nineteen fifty s movie above the beach of california hairs like amazing dip down beautiful yoke big yoke beautiful man yeah the two of them have pretty sick oh i'm sure it's they should study it yeah they should study it and like you know one day when they have an artificial people would you want to be one of these more official frail little fuck an insect like nurse and colombia anywhere laird and gabriela floating well as national gives birth sponges reaches in grabs a clear strong it is my guess is no scrutiny and they're both the us and in their fortys and they look
they were together the whole family together sounds like his family looks amazing it was straight out of magazine in did you hear they get herpes infected monkeys in florida i believe it i was there this week the floor is now play games tommy bonds by the way developed in floor true it's one of the few things good besides herpes infective monkeys yeah that have come straight from florida tommy buns that's right high school throw beach florida they said that there's a fucking slew of herpes and fretted wild monkeys this as many as a third of a thousand of them many as a thousand of them there can be spread a lot there's a lot of fucking going on in the monkey world yeah monkeys don't stop monkeys don't ask each other do you have anything i should know about before they fuck it's one hundred of herpes they fuck everybody yeah of course monkeys every monkey fucks every monkey the only thing that they don't do is will chimps at least his mother and son don't have sucks
a common primate restriction them they won't have sex with the sun but the dad everybody else for dad fuck the sun really everybody fuck everybody they fuck the dad fucks daughters there they fuck cousins fuck sisters everybody fucks some of them are more fuck some very interesting mom yeah this is well i mean this is really funny how many endangered dangerous invasive species there are in florida when you stop thinking about they start to find no crocodiles they found pythons that are so big they eat alligators jesus yeah and now they're finding these fucking crazy he infected monkeys there's a thousand pharaoh rhesus monkeys living in florida right now and among those scooped up by wildlife officials over the years most were found to be carriers of her these be this way
the colony was declared a public health hazard it's believed that a small handful of the wild animals originally landed in the state in nineteen thirties courtesy of colonel tony a tour operator who wanted to give the visitors a tarzan inspired experience of florida silver river state park two pointedly kept the monkey sequestered on an island but they learn to swim to shore easily reaching the mainland and moving out putting down as far as jacksonville over a hundred miles away this is amazing and these are bees are they contained roaming around or their contained mt another romania just raise a thousand of them romanians it says purpose doesn't cause serious symptoms in these particular animals in fact it's early common amongst them but
in humans it can lead to neurological impairment or fatal encephalitis more poor surf flow my only my linus acephala my linus what do they do that what are they insist on making words are fond of that's his religion for these moments in southpaw loads of my life this let us my lateness adjusts let us now would be i because no e after tea for an eye or is there an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord leading to death florida's racist monkeys are known to act aggressively towards people the racist they're biting people yeah they're probably racist they probably hate whipping the by people in you get you get a murderous form of herpes that barely affects them fairly example will kill you this is so essentially toxic it's me
there's very little difference between that having that and being toxic mean you're talking about something that you can give a person that will fuck them up mean how the different poison and because it's a bacterial great winners in florida failure to say does a cuban tree frog problem in in florida too are there's really noisy so these animals they they move into these areas and the people like have a real hard times sleeping because they're really really fog and loud and their there try to to find out like of the research some of doing research on human beings recently happiness human beings and peace one of the peace is there showing is that we need quiet i people need quiet it's not just i would like to get some quiet no you actually do need certain amounts of quiet in case you sleep and during sleep you need be able arrest and if you're fucking
honestly inundated with sounds you might not ever totally rest my drift in and out or in the and and they can fuckin redline your mind it can really fuck you up so these frogs they move in their there cuban tree flogged there and if tree frog there central and south florida and there they double the rate of their calls native green to foster oh in the presence of this is so crazy there so loud that in the past some of them the native frogs have doubled their rate of causes well i'm so just insanity theirs super loud and crazy and then the other frogs have doubled their rate of calls because they have to try to keep with these crazy new they're basically joey da as a frog it's a big loud crazy cuban frog that's insane yet as nuts they have
unforeseen ecological effects tennessee and says that by doubling its call rate the green frog makes its power since more obvious which is likely to make it more vulnerable to predation while they're gonna kill off the other frogs by making them stupid they actually they got outcome competitive about the frog calls yeah well makes sense course it must be sexual right when they make calls what are they doing sexual or it's like territorial you know about like threatening my territory right and what's the territory about as guess they're i guess that chinese their frog freak on freaks they found the largest wild burmese python in florida recently captured in euthanized the further the largest whenever cod florida seventeen feet long do
a lot of the stuff going to mean part of it is like that it's made up the place is a swamp when he states a swamp but then it's also proximity to like where a lot of people end up going like people from the islands right coming up with shit it's a perfect yeah florida is the perfect storm yeah first of all you've got the highest level of oxycontin addiction and prescription on the planet earth that's florida lord has ten times more oxy con prescriptions than the rest of the country combined really yes that's a lie so then okay so you got that right you got this crazy number of people who run on oxy cons then you've got cuban immigrants including a slew that castro released castro sent out because their prisoners that's a scarface is based on yeah then you get cocaine in m a little patience to oh yeah marina dammit
from florida from he's from now who play for the miami dolphins so you you got that ok you've got the amount of banks that were set up with cocaine money whoa jesus that's when you start getting really crazy does you find the numbers neither oh my god this is insane why there's only banks more banks cabin in miami than anywhere else in the country then you guys state income tax what does that attract no income and it's like this reputation of being a place where eastern gangsters eastern gangsters went south it's always been there like they go south dump bodies they go south and hide out they goes on would get in a cadillac and they would drive from new york to florida i'm going to give my mother a nice house in florida and then they would also the big thing before florida was they would take boats or jets or whatever to cuba before cuba fell like in the nineteen fifties and he would go to where they were going to kill people virtue but she was the shit they would go and
anson and and and drank in and it was supposed to be fuckin incredible yeah and then when the shit hit the fan and everybody had a let's just stay around miami fuck it we don't need to go here and miami is basically is nothing about it looks like any american city as uber totally it i mean it's great diameter a great city it's fun fun city but its varied international oh yeah it's very international you are an asshole sometimes when you walk a store there and speak english again literally are like who'd you doing yeah so there's that you know and then there's its attached to the southerly parts of what georgia and what else is it attached you drive to south no alabama yeah i guess you go bama
in its interesting because the other thing is interesting is that the further south you go the more international cosmopolitan when you're in like northern florida nor thought you might as well be in alabama definitely you really don't have to go that far north now no more than four central now you do not nor the floor is to recall tree it means indifferent out tallahassee that she is country i remember when i was in high school and we would go to this place called bell glade belgrade is basically inland from palm beach eyes upon beach is billionaires row re west palm beach has nothing to do with that it's just you know like poor and you know what we're has emmy obviously has a nice areas but then you have like rednecks and then you go further in that lake okeechobee bell glade is sugar cane you can smell
you could smell bell glade way before you get there like the draft like burning sugar cane and it smell sweet sweet it doesn't smell good and you get out there and you're like this is like an entirely different world like it had nothing to do with anything it was so rural and you know is all about the soil their muck city in and the place you would think you were in alabama or in some real part of georgia and that was just like i said a a couple hours in from west palm beach that cartoon of bugs bunny sawing off florida what year was that from looks like about sixty thousand really what he did so and create that too for a joke in the new day and age oh no no no that's from a cartoon so it is our way forward i am so
florida where elmer flood lived i can't remember that he so hating on floor was florida shitty back then too where where did lucien ricky lived they live in florida because he was cuban right he was given was that my own question leveluess area isn't it funny that they like no one any problem with that as like in interracial relationship or inter cultural relationship like back down being a cuban man was very sophisticated i wasn't like if you try to do a mexican when and her like the people have a problem with that it was okay to to have it that way wasn't even considered i mean not different races but hispanic
lot of people actually all racists do look at hispanic sure and hispanic people is being different than what course of course but that back then do you know that big bunny but why did they do that why is bugs metaphor that's why i need to know though do you know that does he had such a massive ego that desert asteroid yeah yeah real problem with the name of the show being highlighting lucy so they he was like the should be like you know i love does right but they told yeah but who sang i love lucy she's an idiot yeah and he like oh yeah convinced him oh my this showed basic is its you saying so those shows really about you know we know that this truth that's it it's all yours producer could be a
tell stores by you some day tommy bonds the highlight the fuck i said i didn't fuck and say that shit fuck i said that meanwhile ok that was a big fuckin popular shown here i think the most i think the most watched episode of television ever is i love lucy when she gave birth everybody tuned into see if it was boy or girl like it's crazy numbers and like basically most of our country watch that it was from six years from nineteen fifty one nineteen fifty seven and then after the series ended a modified version continued for three more seasons with thirteen one hour specials running from now fifty seven nineteen sixty known as the lucille ball desi our nez show and then reruns as the lucy desi comedy our my name show that this
this bullshit and coming back yeah i guess as actually eighteen forty nine macbooks bunny curtain but i think it is he he's gone credit basically for syndication really does arnez he figured it out well he's the one television used just air life but you just well and they were just shoot it and then he asked for like the prince one time and they were like yeah you can have the voting prince what we can do that shit fucking idiot you dumb cuban piece of ship hilarious and then whoops a little while later he was like we could re air this and they were like oh yeah we could rear that that's actually quite yeah originally set in an apartment building in new york city i love lucy centers on lucy ricardo lucille ball and her singer bandleader husband ricky ricardo
not me along with their best friends and landlords fred mirth the landlord and ethel murders why those shows like the honeymooners that's a window into another time sure they watching lucille ball watching the honeymooners the honeymooners every week ralph crammed threatened to beat the fuck out of his wife much is occasionally every fuckin week you like right tenor mon he would talk punching her in the face and knocking her to the moon she deserved it but sat silent think about culturally how crazy people were not there we need to understand what it giant change has happened in our culture i think one of the best ways to really document it is to watch old shows why what they would
accepted back then and watch they accept today theirs newspaper article i just saw from somebody posted it i think on twitter and it was it was they asked pulled guy is an old newspaper article pull guys whether it's okay to spank a woman and the answers they pulled like five or six guys is an old article and they were all absolutely she needs it outlines she's doing you're just a helper and this is a new favorite thing when they were like c guys it was to make you feel okay about spanking list i tweeted that oh you tweeted that yeah okay i don't know i just saw it i might have retweeted it be the way i definitely tweeted it i thought that was hilarious hysterical if a woman needs it should she be spanked the best part about it was writs reader the three dead so fucking funny why not
jesus christ if they they don't know how to behave by the time are adults they should be treated like children and spanked that ought to make them grow up in a hurry if it doesn't first they'll soon get the idea this is in all get the idea hey yes when they deserve it as a barber i've got a lot of faith in the hair brush god i think there are certain cases when it is advisable when it is there is no reason why you shouldn't go right ahead and do it i can't mac idea in my business a man sets a lot of store that's a lot of store by the results he can get with it hair brush properly applied merciless
now here's a counterpoint though sets a lot of store maybe what's the business term back then and sets a lot of store are you ready for the counterpoint yes there's none everybody is the best part is everybody takes the point of view look at this guy parking lot attendant from brooklyn you teddy gale you bet you bet teaches mmos boss a lot of tend to forget this man's world and a lot of men who step down as boss of a family wish they hadn't spanking might help get back some the respect they lost look at teddy legged joy deities cousin firefox listen cocksucker they want it will m davis what is william toy factory owner yes most of them have it coming to them anyway if they don't it will remind them of how well off they are i subscribe to the theory that
so prevention is worth a pound of cure holy shit look at him look at that evil looking fuck it looks like ruter how's brother wow does he really rucker how're and robert janeiro fox hillocks evil exams that one spokesman yeah he does a little like house on imagine that guy spanker my wife let's see what he oh that's awful with that sort of like what you know dawkins is kind of alluding to tell that weird dealing with a totally different time and he probably we didn't really get over it he's probably saying that to appear look it's no big deal i got over it but the reality is that guy probably needs mushrooms and a hug yeah i still he's like avoided psychedelic you know where that came into play big time with with that kate like that specific world at was an initial
was the joe paterno thing sandusky nobody's arguing that it was different air he's a rapist and a pedophile right people were saying that the way the paternal handled it was just an all old school guy way of doing it because he was eighty something years old his health was like you know i didn't know i am i know my way in the way of doing things when for a guy from his era was like just you know come around you anymore yeah yeah i mean he added it was his way of his of policing that type of behaviour was in that probably was what people would do to somebody like you here with what jerry did jerry is now welcome anymore you know that kind of thing yet that's that's considered the discipline for that guy right not let's call authorities in and it was like jeer he's out here
yeah jerry you can't fuck my kids you got to go away stop that's wrong you can't come to the to the cookouts anymore jerry jerry's twisted fuck yeah yeah one of the things that dawkins will get this guy pranking his check you know acting up we joined get wow he's really beating on her mouth separating lighter i'll do you think you're doing he's drunk try to grab the glass and smell it he's drunk similar case it's funny under my own mother dr darling the grandmother's is lacking you catch me the nerve coming into my house and trying to tell me what to do and hitting me what you think you're important of you but you're not you're
how do you you didn't go anywhere she did mercenary it's back to target shit about the guardian clerk absolutely for she forgot how good she has a joke that's got a good like that's so weird when you look at stuff like that from another time and you go that's that far go no you know in terms of the the amount of time that human beings have been alive it's not that far and in terms of the life of the planet you know obviously you get back further and further and wider and wider it looks tinier and tinier but it's it's really strange is that a guy getting spanked that's a girl wow wrestling they spank now she has a very firm booty too but the fun spanking this guy's like i got your baby i can't believe spank my wife he's gonna go back there and why he's banging her he's gonna close his eye and take a hit that guy banging her that's so wrestling the since such a are you talking about it's amazing best i think we have so it's so absurd
you mean pro wrestling you don't mean real wrestling nothing weird that real wrestling is like one of the greatest fucking sports most difficult sports the world's ever known and super effective in combat but that fake wrestling it's like it was it is the upfront to american civilization it is the thing where if the aliens come down and they turn on the tv that's the first thing they watch you got a real problem with your hands and i get that like it's a soap opera for basically for dudes yeah and i watched my i like i almost an icy away more for like a kid you know that actors and all that stuff yeah i have adult friends i have a lot of friends at all still it and love like sam from and anthony fucking in love and tony hinchcliffe and you're just like hinch cliff loves wrestling is one of the biggest wrestler guys ever that is i i know a comic in chicago marty derosa fucking like
talking about this shit like did you see that what are you talking about man that is how could you even into new i don't know i don't know and i tried and i realize loved everybody as there maybe a nostalgia thing maybe it's because yeah i like it back then maybe i spoke with that's gonna be there there are the classics like i grew up with like you know how co again and an ovum are like dead or retired yet these new guys it's like i know but i'm u thing like the excitement i can i get to accept in for an eleven year old like now when you have real sports we and i love linda guys gonna get real defensive like the guys that are in it they're always doing their act no matter what they're always do you think the shit's real step in the ring mother fucker what did you ever see johns docile get beaten up by the ressler yes because i got the idea that a classic we tonight as emma johns docile gets beat up by wrestler key
he got really fucked up eruptions here and his hearing and he had like long term effects yeah that was really not nice no but he was get a little cocky with the guy sure he could have asked him in a more respectful way well i'm not going into the ring to tell these guys that i think the shits lamb who was the guy who beat him up i asked she question dave schultz is a good business it's a good business went beat one why is it a good thing because only the tough survive that's reading you ain't in it and this park holding the camera and he ain't in it reading these red necks out here ain't in it because it's a tough business that's terrific is that all you got i'll ask you the standard quest standard question i think it's a fake you think i bike all right what the hell is wrong we that's open hand slap do you think it's
whoa second one the second one is i think the one that did that well in all fairness he was a little mousy yeah sure is a little mouse with the wrestler you know would you is this a good business first of all in all fairness as an interviewer yeah that's a sucky interview if i interviewed a guy like that i would expect them to be upset with me too is this a good business yeah why would you ask if it's a good business a horrible tell me you know tell me about wrestling how'd you get involved in this like how long been doing it how do you respond to people that say that this is not real not me i'm not saying that you got to be nice to the guy don't be a dick i think it's fake we what are you why you so cocky like wine you could say that to a man like inches in front of him just insult what he does it's all it's stupid and it's worth it's fake you fucking dope it's it's arranged but it's
they're hitting each other for real they're slamming each other for real that angle that guy took us so stute because it just in life you always size up who's in right and i think some enormous dudes are fucking idiots but i'm not going to be like i think you're a fucking idiot i don't want to get my ear can smash not only there it was unnecessary to create drama that didn't draw anything but he had a different idea of how that was going to turn out he thought i'm gonna ask him these questions yeah make him look stupid because i'm way smarter than this fucking clown exactly and then he got it exactly and you know i he lives he learned his moustache and is a white guy stable docile and he's got a giant bert old old style and he still has it does he really he had that he he hasn't shaved yet he still rocks that it's a fucked up thing to happen to have a guy like man handy like that in front of a camera no one gives a shit no one does anything oh yeah everybody moved everyone backing away from the
maybe right then what are you gonna do that guy's enormous here because this a giant man the real problem mr stossel you're not being protected a lot of those guys are absolute scary fucking of course they are yeah they're fucking huge rock rock lezar that's an enormous human the sec i want to beat the fuck out of in front of the camera man i mean he might get arrested for it eventually right but like while it's going down like no one's gonna help you that's just a fact it sure rock is a beast too he's enormous is bigger than for now now is like really in a party building he puts a lot of videos and tweets alot about like all it got he's doing like four o'clock in the morning lands five a at the hotel the hotel society is doing like two hours of cardio and then three hours of snow animal is an animal
and then you'll get has cheat days that he puts on line services should eat suckin hundred doughnuts plates of doughnuts giants stacks of brownies jugs several gallons of milk i've seen a lot of the like super athletes posts sugar plants like a lot of like guys that are doing like the and super you know cross training prospect guy but that their chief thing is always incredible amounts should i think it's probably because caloric intake like their programme as extreme desire for heaven caloric in lieu coastguard yan have you do like crossfire show the plus also when you you go with like really healthy diet on iraq for the most part it's so tempting to go off the rails you still you still gluten free yeah yeah how's that going great you have no problems with her who d bread is really good bread to try so much for that and then there is apparently the gluten free bakery the sun's once census
wants to send us some stuff nice that's in la you know i don't miss it how much i tried some gluten free pasta tastes fine the thing to me is i feel way different after eight when i would eat bread and i always assumed that was just how i felt after eight ate because i was a bread i always had brad or pasta like always and then when i stopped was like oh like like i was being poisoned essentially you know like lonely you know is it hard to do gluten free when you travel like is it hard harder but when i say poison obviously i'm being melodramatic but what i really mean is that your body doesn't digest that shit well it takes a long time it feels like shit it feels weird and it's breads it's breads and pasta when you're eliminate that stuff it eliminates a whole level of after meal crash i do still bit of an after meal slow down like i won't have a big meal and then go on stage for that very reason sure i wouldn't want to have a steak and potatoes then run right up on stage but the difference between i
taken potatoes stake potatoes and pasta is significant state tales and bread is significant that extra level of fuckin coma that you go until a new disaster it's gone that love god i don't get it i will use potatoes yeah you can have any carbs identical you'd have rice it's the the idea is all bay i get some people say it's hooey and a little ho you know it's psychosomatic i'm not i don't think it is i think there's enough people that are pointing to some research it has been done on it that it makes sense and is also research done on actual we itself that we'd itself apparently like the nineteenth sixties they altered it make a little tougher so they could survive pesticides and bug attacks and shit better and when they that it made it much more difficult for people to consume than the old school week the people have been eating for thousands of is essentially all animals should about you just give it a wheat right yeah yeah that sets a breads some alcohol
because it's what appears but not heineken heineken which i drink anyway is is gluten free but like that stuff that i love that black due porter that's got tons of gluten in it there's there's a lot of gluten beers there's a lot of gluten in like things like clam chowder has gluten in it so our stuff i've u unexpectedly powder you edge media is always really now tat you can eat yards i just completely quit a step back and said blood say if it's worth doing i'll do it and if it's not worth doing if i don't feel any different at all i'll go right back you feel great but i feel a difference there's definitely a difference there's a book called wheat belly that i still haven't read but a lot of people point to that as being a good source of information as to why there was a change in in wheat itself
and we are saying is that whole grains are two thousand twelve or not the whole brands of nineteen fifty the nineteenth century the bible pre biblical times modern wheat in particular is genetically d from its predecessors thanks to extreme genetic changes inflicted on wheat in the nineteen sixties in the nineteen seventies in the name of increased yield per acre okay so
the healthy whole grains have been repeatedly shown to reduce risk in diabetes heart disease and colon cancer it's true but if whole grains are compared to process white wheat flour its guilty of the kind of flawed logic that dominates nutritional thinking blah blah blah blah blah so apparently the grain that people used ie is a much better tasting wheat or much better for you weep but it just dozen doesn't we don't have any more wow do you of protein oh yeah i eat almost all protein like fish or chicken meat or in a lot of vessels and i still eat potatoes and i'll still eat rice but there's a difference in the way i feel i just think digestion wise i think there's an issue with resources i think when
you when you're eating we want things happening many more resources than are used for other things are used digestive must come down to like what it is when you think about a play deposit to that shit up mash up swallow it and pack it altogether its glue you got glue you got a big water glue yeah you know whereas your stomach acids are sort of designed to digest other things like vegetables and meats and i think it's a grind man i think and this is obviously coming for someone is not be nutritionally sound i don't know what i'm talking about but i think it would just makes sense and then once i noticed it i just still doing dairy i tried to cut way back but i still like it i like chocolate milk like ice cream too but i cut back but still delicious when you don't i don't eat cereal anymore because the gluten free cereals are not that yummy i like raisin bran i haven't found a gluten free raising brand as
might exist but i haven't found one yet so stop it my cereal i eat cereal like sometimes late at night yeah like my my cheat meal yeah in front of the tv i got a big fucking bull kellog's raising brand go off sun i cut that shit out entirely so i don't really have as much milk but there's a lot of companies now that is catered to the gluten free right there's always new things coming out to milk and cookies or another one i miss i used to get these uncle eddies vegan whatever the fuck it is cookies is that what it is uncles i think these vegan cookies for whole foods they're so good peanut butter and chocolate chip hey listen to me if you're still eating gluten don't don't you know don't pass up on these please go get because they're the most delicious thing ever these vegan chocolate chip cookies the oatmeal chocolate chip with coal glass of milk i would eat doesn't i felt sick trainer jobs trader jobs made a crazy
really good they're so so good don't know why they don't tell us bad because they're vegan they say fine is there gluten free version well i think vegan just lacking the eggs i don't know what they bind it with but is there one that you can get i haven't seen one i've seen chocolate chip cookies that are gluten free they're pretty good pretty good they can't fuck with those oatmeal chocolate chip cookies those are incredible i would go pick them over non vegan ones that's how good they are yeah i always thought that for me to tj one amazing i would sit in front of the tv like say if i was watching a really good movie and i would eat a whole bag of those feelings it was probably several thousand calories a giant glass of milk i love there's so many times i've just been decadent but when you hear about how many calories so people can consult leggum michael phelps type dude that should sofa saying i wanna watch meets while his training yes
so do i mean said why in amerika you know work out are so intense tat his i get going first thing in the day might be a few big an egg and cheese sandwiches yeah and then like everything goes down psych art you're in the full and it's just training train training its get out and you eat like a ball passed a link you know that's enough to fill five people stomachs yeah i think he probably blows off so much insane energy it's not even wrap your head around that what kind of shits this guy taken for real i see funders all the time number six i got to go somewhere it's got to be in we're sixes research with a number six on the bristol stool chart what is this torture it's how they rate you shits sir one through seven one and two are like your grand em out like the pretty difficult most of my ships are not impressive
every now and then i will give birth to godzilla is it a nice slider oh yeah that's a four four even giant that's what you want a six takes its really sloppy lots little pieces blue you yeah and that happens levin is all liquid are these bad or good on a scale good wander enforce that's what you want three and four where it's a three or four three and four i'll tell you what man a really good shit that you've held in for a while is incredibly pleasing like if you be holding it in holding it in far got to get to a to and finally even if you're in a public bathroom me sit down just
and it's so good that it doesn't bother you that you're taking a shit in a public bath yeah you just unload that dragon right out of your ass just swims out destroys there's really no like it really no feeling like it number six is are fun though because it's like your butthole sneezing but the seven one with the blood is the one that's good there's a one with a blood is seven even blood seven is just a no solid material the thing is you ever have when you hold it in a you know it's gonna be a five or six i have like it's like if you have two greasy a breakfast it's the first thing that enters your stomach and you know when you get up are you feeling you're like this is going to be unbelievable in the next whenever you can find a place to sit down this is going to be a disaster and then if you're in a hotel you get up to your room and it is like like
a religious experience yeah i had a recently had a gluten free vegan cheese pizza and the vegan cheese doesn't die just in your body your body is like what do you want from me and then just like the next day it was like asteroids fireballs and it weren't coming out even though it wasn't even spicy cheese it was just because it was vegan cheese stung a little bit yeah be stingers beating you need to go to a doctor you know that right told just remind i'm fear by then i've acts are you as soon as i have said it is go to so many of you are there in the world has nothing i've got a fool physical and everything is perfect i wanna hear everything with perfect speaking too crazy doctors a nigerian guy working on his college this is a college paper that gay marriage is impossible
the war with magnets as is the single domicile bobby it's amazing this isn't a hoax isn't me i know now if you got a death in tax mag i think i don't think that's a legit website but this is nothing this is real changes is totally real because every other story i'm seems real so does ok this objective so the guy's name bully him ah a post grad adequate student at the university of lego in nigeria has final discovered away to increase in convertible e proved that gay marriage is wrong using variety of scientific techniques like magnets sounds promising this is what he said and quotes to start with physics is one of the most fundamental of other sciences and i used who bar magazine my research a bomb
it is a horizontal magnet that has the north pole in the south pole and when you bring to bar magnates and you bring the north pole together you will that too north pole do not attract they were a pal sir you pushed him away from showing that a man should not attract our man showing tat a man should not like the man we bring to south both together you will find that to sell poles who not attract indicating that they same sex marriage should not old female should not attractive female as they say pull over magnet does not attract they south pole of baghdad brilliant really brazil areas skaggsy ro the stuff tat maybe he's trolling maybe he's gay as far these sling and dick like he's handing out euros at a fair and
he's just and it's just like listen i know what to do here i just tell them there is no gay marriage when you tell me you're attracted to a dick suck up on my dick i do not believe oh you're sucking up on my dick i can't even believe you pretend to like this that do not like to suck up on my dick i will come in your mouth but only this one time he should hold a press conference this guy just so people can be like i'm attracted to arm pits which magnet can you show me just prove my hard on yeah kind of thing with like a of gay they're into like stinky yeah i for you hated autonomy the boundaries you know yeah do you ever get it to act or picked on or rather run hit on by yes sure what are they doing what's the number one move hug you did
think for while we offended deal i get a look tat gay no i wasn't offended i mean i've been i've been so had on like i really feel bad for women i can put it in prospect you know oh right right yeah like she's a real pig man like another piece of me jesus i had a comic corner once get really goofy with me yeah montreal drunk and was so vile kind of total understood like what it must be like for a woman to get hit by some sleazy do leaves a guy had a sleeping i do it too and he was what did he say he was a comic and he was bringing me on stage and he had been like that's a good shirt on you and all this little com i was like all right man and then he's like when i bring up and i could tell he was hammered what if i kiss you on the mouth don't do that dude oh all right all right oh my god don't do that a comic i bring you on stage i the mai it to gaiety
been than some of us alive or getting the earth but i've but he was just like he was a creep rights i was like that's that's what a creepy dude is to do an aim names now don't do it what if it's the same guy it could be what's the name of the guy i can't first first initial no bra on the camera no no oh er put on me oh no no no people are forensic with that i made up don't worry about it folks you wanna hear some than that in a restaurant the other day on this is it's not even gay okay it's just disgusting okay a woman nothing to do with gay i don't even say why is gay than the
woman brought in a dog a giant dog like a lab right and she sat down to restaurant restaurant and the lab sat down next to her table and i go with the fuck's going on and the waitress told her me that she has an emotional needs dog oh yeah yeah you know about this absolutely tom tom got it yeah yeah emotional these dogma and am i get it to take our will to promote it taken on the airplane for get the fuck out of here wait a minute so if you have an emotional needs dog accept if you get your dog and emotion needs dying license you could take their dog on an airplane for free for free for free yes for free for smart every airline has like a different policy a mean you'd like what if someone's massively allergic to dogs are sitting in front of you i have a dog is dirty clown like fucking dogs get on planes whereas like this is a joke right like a fuck
basset hound and to the point we're all like what's going on like the same thing here and they were like it's their fucking emotional needs dog an emotional needs dog and i've seen i've seen a what's it called an english bulldog you know i'm a big bulldog get on sunday night most now that is credible you couldn't imagine that it would be illegal in a restaurant out that is so crazy we especially one that has an outside patio she wasn't even using the outside patio really is done jerry open ass all just sitting there in the middle the dining room here not war no mean the dog takes shits nobody's hosing his ass off before they bring him out in public and make it presentable he's just farting right in front of everybody his lab man it was a big golden lab crazy bitch yeah and i think did you tweet
yeah yeah yeah is a notable yeah yeah famous person famous woman funny ridiculous broken bitch bring a fuck a dog that is so it's so rude to bring a big dog into a restaurant like that and act like your king shit and just sit there with the dog and pat it like the idea of emotional needs dog is so crazy it's so crazy the problem is that there are people that are absolutely devastating their pub pilot people that if it wasn't for the dog they prize want to be alive there is a lack of that nothing really applies to various yeah guess what you don't you to bring your dog no fuckin restaurant doesn't matter you don't get to bring a big do bid harry animal in a restaurant and then someone touches something that your dog's butt touched and they get worms cuz i usually get happened you don't know if your dog has worms you don't know what the fuck is going on there yet i really take care of that thing how many check ups you give your dog
can't even talk it's a no you're going to be that paranoid though you're going to be more as paranoid just opening the door to get to the bathroom not about paranoid have dogs my own you just don't bring your dogs near fuckin dinner table it's that simple when you're you're out there in a restaurant the dog is literally at the tail police face on the table the persons and the dogs right here she's touching it and then she's touching the table she's rubbing the dog's hand and she's picking up the forks she's touch i mean she's a dirty bitch if she wants to do that i don't do that at home i don't allow my dogs to fucking fit right near the off my ice cream cone well you're an idiot that's a dumb thing you probably have toxoplasma but you know if people want to do that at home they choose to do that at home that's one thing but if you have that all around where other people eat inside a building its is a reason why everybody can't do it yet she just wants her dog with her yeah well there's a reason why everybody can't do it because this if it was totally sanitary anybody
would be allowed to do it we wouldn't even care the reason why it's not allowed is cause it's unsanitary so dear to put other peoples health concerns behind your need to be with a fucking thing that loves you all the time is incredibly selfish yeah to bring that into a restaurant and know that you are violating the standard health procedures with a loophole and those health bees were put in place to make sure that people don't get sick other people's dirty ass stinky don't what about what about when it's a service dog where you know the person needs it but it's still a dirty it's a really there's a problem it's it's makes more sense at least right but it still that nato that it still as well that i think they should take precautions and the people who work there is public clean up extra good anywhere around the animal but if i get your a blind person yeah i hear it makes sense to snub not that
just needy crazy california it's california and crazy famous speed but california is the first remember when i moved here and i was getting like post production jobs working in different places right and staff people on staff from the post production supervisor to a producer a writer to editors they were fucking like eleven dogs right the and i was like what's going on and it was like you know we bring our dogs to work and i was like i've never seen anywhere where in every place i gotta gig after that always had ten fucking dogs and their ugly i mean people just bring their dogs work yeah i used to bring my dog to news radio yeah frank sinatra the pit bull is to bring him to work and i used to bring squeaky squeaky from my other pit bull used to bring her to fear fact it's a health it's california yeah squeaky from creepy little bitch i couldn't leave her at home with the other dogs oh really she start some shit what kind of dog was a pit bull said bring her with me to work
the cautious sweetie with people s israel sweetie with people who love people she hated the dogs though she didn't like them because they would take attention away from her she was a rescue dog and that is a great thing rescuing dogs and then you get to save a dog from you know most likely being put down but the bad thing about rescue dogs is when i got her she was almost a year she had been a really bad the abused and so that that almost a year of her life she had been treated like share and when i came along and treated her with love anybody that between that was like very dangerous to her like another dog came in and try to get the love like she would snap like you better get the fuck away from my man i she wanted only me to pet her like when i she would come running with the other dogs should go let them and snap at them to get out of the way so that she could get pet so back everybody else off yeah she's just gangster
and were you able to never that at all no she killed my dog she killed one of my dogs did she really she actually killed two of them yeah she killed one of the dogs and then she gonna fight with the mail and upon we're here to be put down oh my god yeah she's crazy though their crazy dogs the problems it bulls is you're dealing with i'll people who get mad at me for saying this listen nobody loves those dogs more than i do i've had a few of them in my life and frank was an amazing dog he was a beautiful smart sweetheart with people with all my friends was so kind whose angelic sweet loving dog but he was hawaiian bore fighting dog like they use them to hunt boars and those dogs were so animal aggressive because they were bred to go after wars and hold onto them there were so smart because a man they were really clever and it is really high pray drive and
of times and dogs high prey drive is also with high intelligence like a lot of those dogs that get through especially because nature of both dog fighting and using for animals for hunting and stuff like that you have to have like only the best while this crazy as strong as brave is dogged breed and that's all like a strong bloodline so the the problem is like their their bread to do you don't want to do their bread to fight the bread did want to kill animals right so it's even if you're really good at training them which i was really good at training dogs i've been training dogs my whole life i'm pretty good at it i mean i'm not a professional i'm not like you know guys to train dogs for shuts in but i'm pretty good at getting a dog to explain what i want and i know not to be cruel to them and always give them love and when you get a new pop spend more time with the big dog than you do with the puppy to let the big dog know that little little dogs you're going to get more attention going to get more attention i'm good at that shit but they
they have a nature they have a nature from thousands of years of breeding and it's really hard to to change really hydrogen the wiring right like as you know a bit i mean certainly can develop dogs at a more aggressive because it promoted but i did the opposite of promoting a try to discuss whenever possible and trying to encourage love whenever possible enlightened and make him be sweeties get again plenty about a big yardsticks have plenty of room for them to run around and went on to be contained they want to fuck up other dogs man go go to war she fight to the death you know yeah it's crazy but there's means she just slept in my bed sweetest dog ever she's my baby she would go on trips with me and she would sit right beside me and my car seat like if i drove some more and take it with me all the time i took her to work all the time she would sit right next to me stupid face head out the window are amazing i love dogs but tampering bring the restaurant you fuckin crazy cunt
dirty asshole out there with my little kids are touching shit on my one side of the restaurant there's a dog the other sides of three year old with a vulnerable immune system and your dirty stinky asshole do you bring your dog me yeah no i don't take my dog to restaurants but i'm more concerned about just fucking restaurants these waiters and with their dirty poop hands that could ha i mean i worked at restaurants so i saw shit like oh that got pissed me off i might take his hamburger patty put it against my balls and put it back on it i saw that shit all the time i've done it a few times i've seen how dare you you should lie about that really it's been seven years is that statue of limitations legal people put on their balls did i do that i did this one where this guy kepler he said he wanted a medium rare steak and so i
i'm a medium it was perfect he goes that's too wrong i'm like do you even know what a medium rare steak is so we brought it back medium and then he came is like oh you overcooked it i was like all right you know anything so like when they gave us the store back i just it all over my asshole and and put it back on the plate you framatome oh yeah well brine all of your asshole what's your feel like i think you lost there the guy didn't even know i mean while you had steak juice all of your abs hot steak on you yes i did you're a problem didn't someone that seasoning kind of give it a little kick that steak suck they know you can it takes them with your ass off you get around that everything there is definitely a thing where you when you're a waiter and in that the path to table is treating you like it sure it's like you fuck you dude i don't give a fuck that you non working at this restaurant how you're talking to me right now and it's a yield there's that happens more than ever s white like when you complainant restaurants unless you're cool about it you gotta watch the fuck out because a lot of people do crazy
yeah no doubt no doubt i think that restaurants like when i go and i try to be like super nice to everybody i'm super cognizant of that you dont want to treat somebody like shit it's about to handle your food you got to be careful about that man i've seen people do things i worked at a restaurant i saw a dude spit in someone's ice cream shake took a big hack alois and stuck it in there oh man is for no reason he just decided to be cute he thought it was cute he would try to be funny i was working as a dishwasher and he was working as a cook and he would go and spit on the cheeseburgers and shit flip up that's about that man what's this jesus there was this restaurant i worked at and there was a band aid that was in the tomato basil soup and one of the waitresses brought it back and it's like somebody put a band aid in the soup and i just remember they never replaced the soup
they just got her more soup from the same thing that the band i was in i was in this one place in hawaii and these people were trying to scam the waiter they were trying and a scam the waiter by saying that the waiter has to do something about how their bill because the rice was too high like first he brought the rice over it was cold then you bring it over and it's so hot it burns her mouth i mean you guys got get it together here and like they were being like reviews in english guy news being loud and village it was bad and so blatantly was almost like he was doing like some undercover camera like showing how someone could scam a waiter so then the guy brings over the the the manager the restaurant in our insists on speaking to the manager like he feels like like time the manager gets her the mages wants com everything down can we comp your meal sir yeah yeah and they're working on trying to get the meal comps but you could tell the manager knows this guy's full of shit of course so he like lets the guy talk out but the guy was he
didn't even try to calm him down where the guy was talking like really loud in this restaurant so it became a really strange thing where like everybody was like paying attention to it it was theater but the manager stayed comic sir what are you trying to do like what would you like well i'm saying you guys have got to make amends here this right was cold and out so hot she burned or mouth like i am burn my mouth and he's like and you know you didn't have one of the specials on the menu i go to order it you're out man in from london if this happens in london you know they do something about it and somebody's what is suggesting sir he goes bomb suggesting that you you know take care of our bill or something along those lines and the gaza i'm gonna happen sarka hours a week and the absolute another waiter comes over and then they just hovering over this guy while he pretends to like be outraged right about this race trying to put together a scam it just doesn't have any ammunition area but they are there one for it and has seen it countless times atomic helps so many times
how many clubs oh yeah mark indignation and it's always like it's like a lingering group like people have left the show what's going on there why are they here like mandatory what is good about who you brought like you ate it and i gave it up it was bad you ate it i didn't say anything then they all out of order a shit load to like they always order like three appetizer like they just go crazy and then at the end they tell you i've seen a rest i've seen a restaurant a guy with a big party those swimmer terrible man you're bad like the ones you a nerve this this guy go man i can't i mean you know there's another problem too that people do and that's when a bunch of people go out no a bunch of people go out and one person gets stuck
paying the majority of the bill like a lot of people don't chip in and then they start well what the fuck man and then then people start complaining well this wasn't even any good i've seen that happen so many times where people don't pay their share or they conveniently ignore the fact that the check has gone there and start getting up and grabbing their keys they don't even act like they're gonna contribute right like i've seen that happen many times where people like one person shells in like twenty and a while mom i'll put in forty but mine was only twenty and then there's like well then he put in forty shit out put an eight people have i got the weird logic went i'm not paying a bill that happens every night gonna norms you know all comics like twenty comics all sitting there you're like wait a second i gave forty bucks why did you know that's not good all the time i've learned of this being where half the time our days i've done i was reason where i was planning on you know everyone chip in something like a really i have to bust out credit card and pay yeah right
the amount more yeah that that can become a problem and it also become a problem if they expect you to pay like if you pay a couple of times you like you have read bound pay and then the start of order and omelettes and sheds hash browns and like you i wasn't going to get orange juice but fucking red bands going to put a cat my back's going to have nice water but i'm pretty sure red man is going to pay i'll get that steak and eggs yeah i just throw down a twenty at that wait wait disease in five dollars more than i should have bigger ears might you know you have to do that you can see people do in that if you're around long especially comics so opportunistic man the strike in comic is one of the sleaziest most least trust where the animal in all of entertainment because they like part criminal part artist yet now all wrapped up together like how many struggling comics do we know that our hair from being a criminal or their homeless people they live in their cars there is allowed in hollywood hills you always take arusha though like i've been turned them but to paste up by you every time
yeah but that's more working together we that's where women we worked together i take care of everything that's the deal that the real i'll take care of all the hotel to call the meals carroll the it's the i think sways was to deal with it it's not your job to be there with me you know your job to do your show saw their time all the other stuff during the day like that takes away from the amount of money that you make it a gig enough you have to about paying all your meals and paying for a hotel and paying for this or paying for that that seems just like bullshit to me and you're on the road you know you're my guest treated i have that's very nice i have friends that i brought on the road who assume that i'm in that position to well really didn't i didn't bring yeah you know i got you this week and then like they're just like go out to eat they now and then the girl comes in and you like hey man yours was fifty bucks you really want to do i don't have a three day and what are they would you say
yeah i mean you know certain point you dislike i am not going to make a blackened seen it unless it were like real significant i'm just like our right man a day so they just assume that you're gonna pay have had that happened for sure that's lerius force it doesn't seem like something would be normal in fact one of the reasons why i chose to do that from the get go is all the people that would complain about like being road with someone and how much money would cost right and we got to pay for all my meals so like at the end of day i don't make any money and i'm like yea you know why you don't make any money because you can't even if you have at home eat out every meal right and there's no reason for that i think you for guys doing well did you see about that guy this is not a comic but there's a guy it was a video it was a clip we played on my podcast on your mom's house of the guy who's like
hands off my penis that guy that guy my my dad so funny though is that your hands off my people this guy if you look at this guy does is is doing exactly what we're talking about he became famous for this in australia which as he would go to five star meals restaurants and then when the bill came he would just go i don't have any money and they are like what any like i just don't have any money like i'm i don't have any money and most the time they didn't want to create scenes in these places so he get thrown out sometimes he would figure heart attack and the car ambulance visit so the priority was on getting him to like a hospital he became like the most famous guy for doing this to the point we have multiple court appearances unlike judges would like you know that you're a disgrace to you know humanity in the way this is such a
like i'm a terrible person i know it's one of the funniest videos in the world this is out of coming out of a restaurant just the time that you just assured me that i could speak and in order showing any raimundo watching man is is about baracy man i think he's fighting ass the cops they headlong cap with a job like this i got me on the painters before by what right what is that eighteen may all popular chinese alleging headway oh i see you know your attitude
no you judy waiting island venus it even farewell that guy was for the hundredth time they all knew him that's what is going on there they're like you're the same fucking asshole what a crazy fucking but if you were in a restaurant pain the hours ago it that would be takes advantage of the people being nice and the rules anyone else order like extraordinary bottled requires a gas suppliers and of course probably also runs red lights it's not for me chest master here she was he's dead really what's his name that i die
yeah he's dying anytime i don't made i'd know three i think his last anything was those deal you see a deal using i think so i may think he might have been mentally ill nowhere robert hey can you reminds me of robert its to sousa ok d s u s a hungarian guy yeah in australia yeah that was his scent chinese mill a suckling chinese mill the pains i think that's the man and tommy are going to be on the road hold on a second let's figure this out no that's not
man man i'm coming up the wrong name your wrong name yeah that's not him what does it say on that video you just play brian i see a man australian man get your hands off my penis man that's not the guy not to susa sure this is australian man here it is i see the guy there it just doesn't say in indiana videos on youtube ellis that i see i see the video on live leak item info get your hands off my pay nice so apparently he was a chess master paul do right paul paul charles dose dubbed the rest
front runner he was a chess master check night a former jeff dines expensive restaurants and then pleads poverty has been convicted for the fifty fourth time freezing to pay for a meal can parks are all those that he was only forty eight there dumb the restaurant runner by local newspapers was fined hundred and eighty dollars on monday for refusing to pay a fifty dollar bill at a chinese restaurant the following day he die doubt her he dined out five star shared and wentworth hotel then told the staff that he could not pay the forty eight hour check whose fine tune rash that offence wednesday and ordered to come and see the restaurant doses pleaded guilty but the charter saying that he was in a state of inebriation
he was a hungarian master chess player and the leading junior drawing with portage exam in between and out in their bracken wholesalers and nineteen fifty six while says that he sometimes he would eat drink say he was very ill asked for an ambulance be called out of concern they would take him one night he was caught when the same ambulance driver picked him up different restaurant that's so funny and he sometimes rented a luxurious apartment paying advance rent hired expensive furniture i just rented that sold the furniture and then disappeared wow the other people who don't play by the rules man in this field there just fuckin crazy till i come i mean this guy easily could have been some sort of a sociopath could have been just completely nuts
though that someone would be a chess master and now be something though be into doing can i get that night i mean it really if you can deal with the actual shame of being told that you're you know you're the link went you're not paying if you can that you just got an amazing meal you can never afford doing it over and over again it doesn't bother you in the slightest now yeah you don't say that's fucking hilarious the world's end oh yes i mean pub crop simon peggy area falcon funny movie delayed fuck you guys are ongoing gather tat was the best one i like shot of the dead child that was good this was better this was really fucking funny it was really good and it was interesting it's like i don't they too much and will give it away but it's like two different movies it's like you watching one moving us in the movie changes sort of like a duck till dawn the beginning of dust down like supersede like serious like that
thriller and then it becomes wacky zany vampire movie i this is not white is extreme but very varied to two very distinctly different films and fucking great man it's eight i really enjoy the shit i laughed out loud like really hard a couple of times and in the theater yes yes it's where it's right now i laughed like relax like good stuff man like him i like the other guy to the big guy ah the big guy is amazing he steals the movie the big guys to shit yeah it was incredible man is incredible and they're always together those two make a lot of movies together right they're always doing stuff together yeah they did shanda dead was the one they did with the it was like a hot first furs yeah that's when there was like the killer in tat i love that metabolic shot him i don't want my pyramids yeah he's about mother fucker the cautious funny
funny i mean his sensibilities is really good at being funny for whatever reason which when i put it on twitter and what is like don't you mean this the end right like the same or similar south rogan they'll correcting me like no fuck heads and yet i want to see that our centre yeah it looks good are good things about that yeah it looks good james franco yeah agents were never got a lot of cameos in that area but one craig robinson that whole crew jonah hill michael sarah like all the guys that you ve seen in those movie separately all make appearances so when a chess player crazy mothers and we should put up a photo of bobby fisher he's not all my gaza crazy races to write anti semite like yea time and if so what was said about his head a whole thing about like he hated jews and then they found out that he
was actually part jewish jewish nor junior public so he's trying to throw him off the tracks of like how ted haggard we talk bad about gay people yeah but he wasn't like he was the older he got i think the crazier fisher guy he wasn't even subtle about it man he was very much like well now i think he's also an issue with a guy like bobby fisher that he's just so fucking smart and so crazy too smart for his own good if you're seals videos bryce you pull this up were body fisher would late multiple games of chess simultaneously who in a room and they would playing and he would walk down the aisle and make his moves like sixteen different tables tables at the same time then just kind of playing them on his head at the same time is playing them all he had the games calculated up in his head run simultaneously all he did was chessmen for a clearer and hurts my dick i feel it in my dick
to base it's too much you work here is craziness when i see someone who just completely engulfed by something like that that's just like some super master that's completely engulfed in something like chess kind of freaks me out yeah it's scary it freaks me out i don't know where the i search for multiple chess games bobby fish that's not it because you know you don't watch the actual game itself you watch him walking into a room is he's playing all these games at the same time great documentary about him doesn't leak did look on multiple simultaneously programmes i put bobby fisher multiple chest e m who like took him in and the anything it was like iceland or something i said someone did somebody gave him yeah ok kasparov who pull up kasparov you could find him doing it kasparov
simultaneous chess game there's kasparov walking in a room is another super genius and act like a gang of people here is crazy man does is walking down this huge table on all his genius is there note books and pencils and shit there are studying each move and kasparov walks and like literally within seconds he's made a move look at this boom bitch your dad you're foxed here fuck that what you gonna do here you ain't gonna do ship itch suck on that what about this oh you can go fuck yourself and how about oh bitch are you crazy oh i see what you're doing bam slam check me suck it wow this is like dozens of people he's playing insane yeah and caspar off with just you do this on a regular basis it mean logical tables of people the three the hue long tables of people and he looks over each
chess board no more than fifteen seconds he disliked that oh this is actually a long way at this one got a huge boner getting hard fuck he's playing a guy that's good the guy must be good yeah look he's paused he has to pause he moved oh shit was a little kid right he's like not that good fuck face look at that killer hell are you i wonder if there is a limit i wonder if he gets like a hundred tables in his fucking exports president a certain amount of tables he could do is he just like it like i don't play chess on chinese triggers but like many looks at it does he is it like a man the equation almost to him is he really thinking it in his head or is it something that he can just look at the table and go or i see what's going on here is a guy you know them at that level here has played thousands of chess games like that many thousands and knows the possibilities had his level is like he has played them here
also done them himself like i want to try this route and that is like it's a map to him you should be the angry all thing ngos i now this can go to do this yeah i agree it seems like there's a certain level that they get where they see things is completely differently only you and i would it's almost like wait it out for him he sees the possibilities play out there also games where their place three chess game simultaneously it's like a separate board have you ever seen there i'll i've seen this a much larger board three three different set of pieces are going out and at the same time yet again showed all of it is too much man style than of time the world i would like to see chess masters first is how much they get like chart like how great you have to be like kasparov at its best how little
she was getting like you can't be getting any well we would like to think they don't get any we would like to think as men who can't play chance to be like yeah being getting any pussy yeah that would help us right yeah i would feel better about that yeah i want him to think that he's waste more than me and he gets a lot of us i think he i think i'm a guy though at that level what he's doing his time to to indulge in into his interest of pussy is not that great why think is probably such a ban motherfucker two he probably can't even talk to regular people right if you were if he was gay and he had to fuck you the conversation he would have with you would be like jesus christ we just shut up and suck it talking to you tom you don't know shit and i don't care about football i have a hundred games going on right now in the basement they're waiting for me suck my car the biological functionaries i've got emptiness maybe low right now will you know that was the story of nikola tesla nikola tesla allegedly
destroyed his sexuality that was the other quote and the idea was that he got so flabbergasted by a relationship that he was having whose it was emotionally taxing decided just his deck really yeah to shock it i don't know there is an ambiguous term that he used that he killed a sexuality you don't think eyes like a throne fisher connected with girls or allow your relegates asked maybe there s ideology moves yeah i'm tunnel beside him he i need to find that quote good it's a really weird quote is sexual desire yeah he said he was a weird guy man but that they are saying about nikola tesla man is that he was so fucking smart you would have to be cray
to be that smart and when is really no way around it yet i think everybody all these guys fish of guys were they were what is it like em savants there they weren't you know you can have regular conversational tesla also had some strange quote about pulling signals from the you know he was receiving communication from other worlds and was getting some ideas from from other worlds he had a really tsar mind but thing about it is you can't deny the effectiveness of its real weird when someone is an obvious genuine one hundred percent bona fide super genius to the point where a guy like me can't even understand how this guy could come up with something patents mediates so many fuckin patents so many different like
light and illumination based systems designed by tesla dynamic electric jeanne communicators the first patterns issued is too tesla and the u s head he just aid did it amazing shitty developed alternating current before there was just direct you couldn't a toaster and lag or car log and the same port he designed it designed alternate current so that would work with different shit do you think that like we are designed so that it doesn't frustrate us how much smarter people like that are agnes yeah what the math thing that talking about i think i think does it giant spectrum human beings first of all and i think that there's a reason why personalities vary so much i think it's part of the whole machine that keeps society moving it's like that there has to be jokers and there have to be serious people and they have people that obsessive about things and they have to be people who are lazy there's had through she will accept
shitty jobs and people that want the best of every in all ways of this insatiable desire to get the most expensive car and the most expensive wife there also like machines pushing entropy there almost machines pushing momentum at cycle these various different very and personality from the full spectrum of incredibly lazy to insane the ambitious yeah that's almost like that's an portent that at all mixed up together and acts like a machine that's what i think i mean that it makes sense to me that everything that we see a natural all behaviors natural its behaviour moves or honey bees or you know cause these whatever it is behave year of animals as natural including almost all the behavior that human beings exhibit including materialism and then it's most like materialism is just another way that we can show our peacock feather in our domination outside of actual physical contests and fighting and that we feel fear this variable where a guide
does not have to be handsome does not have to be have great genetics but if he's got a brilliant mine like a bill gates character he could rise to the top and be like one of the sex is catches a woman could ever hope for peace supermodels would love to go bill gates oh my goodness gates with single lets you say bill gates of sale and just society you know what i'm saying is tat the slight dick bill gates just went on a goddamn tear if he could get the hottest most perfect women and they would be flabbergasted were with bill gates just below how do i want to be yours honey baby i'm catholics with important in pursuing what you're so amazing you're so kind to me just once a cottage and take cock and diamonds and just get dying everyday new diamonds and diamonds here and everything is made of diamonds or whole house can forget to cal pretty whips e government the aiming in which sees us
insurance policy lowered yeah but that's that's part of like this whole evolutionary system it's almost like it's designed way it's designed as being another outlet the even get the laird hamilton thing wages slickest beautiful man is gigantic or you know it could be wasniack a little chubby guy with a billion dollars in the bank sure you know makes them quite attractive oh my god i'm so in a circuit you know it's weird it's these weird variations of what makes someone attractive and these variations in personality disorder push push you now the whole machine homeland culture materialism also applies like what you what your sense of self worth people get you get things right up to make yourself feel to pump pump yourself up in a year this is inexpensive thing i got it therefore people associate me with this thing do tassel invent
x rays and i'm investigating did you really national that's your shit that's test there may have been the first person north america to accidently capture an x ray image when he tried to photograph mark twain illuminated by an earlier type of gas discharge tube the geyser tube in an ninety five the only thing captured was an image in the image as the metal locking screw on the camera lends soon after much of since early research hundreds of invention models plans no its laboratory ideas tools photographs value to fifty thousand dollars was lost in the fifth avenue laboratory fire of eighteen ninety five like laboratory in wink wink yeah they came in towards that place she was not created x rays multiplayer games many times over for sure that's incredible credible yeah he had something to do with the invention of radio waves to jesus man
a radio rather he i think he had the first radio controlled remote controlled car or a boat etc told boat yeah eighteen ninety eight tesla demonstrated a remote controlled boat eighteen eighty eight dude i mean what the fuck in eighteen he called it teller automation and credit it was in mass and square garden he demonstrated his electric radio rolled boat in mass square garden that's what a big deal it was the guy had a remote control boat and everybody jeff that's so long ago to come up with that it is an incredible incredible he'd he invent a lot of fuckin spaceship to those people he was also in love the pigeon really using those pigeon
get a special relationship with a pigeon like iron mike i think it's different reincarnate whose aren't like title ties and now i think his relationship with apparent the pigeon model more romantic safe life lighted by the way when it did a flashlight yeah cleaner stuff in the pool he had a lot of weird shit with pigeons really at such a year one to be down for yeah i love that pigeon as a man loves a woman and she loved me as long as i had her there was a purpose to my life s pre spelled out right there became a vegetarian later years living on only milk bread honey and vegetable juices or about bird feet no bird feed and sad that's first first pigeon he loves one he bought injured pigeons back to his hotel room to nurse back to hell so he's basis
kind of a crazy guy live in a hotel he really couldn't like take care himself he was just a duddy dude got some pigeons made a lot of shit on you look at a lot of cool shit listen there's no need to be mean to each other all right this podcast basically over if you love tommy bonds like i love tommy bonds and you live in toronto tough shit sold out last facets actors very little turtles really a scimitar a handful but it would be me tommy bonds and brow encounters thursday night and i just signed up to do the comedy and magic club next week the twenty seven and twenty eightth big fun i love mike it's great guy owns that place most beach baby and then after that i'm at the ontario improv it happening people trying to do a last stand up now i'm really enjoying the shit out of it now that my tv shows do
i ideally a weight is lifted off my shoulders a breath of fresh air under my wings like a butterfly yes or nice donovan's creative liner foot and exciting as can be awesome i want to go with brian next week we will have an that's right to colombia lumps right up the number one new gay spot on our delegation air has landed can be found working tony hinge quivering christina yathrib their heels and then christine and i go to a bunch of like one night when she webs so they can find a day a cigarette com tom cigar s e g u r a dot com going everywhere nashville birmingham charlotte atlanta all over the world itches all over the world worldwide tomorrow podcast matt full tron he'll be in tomorrow the whole charge and then wednesday kathleen madigan and then thursday we'll see you fox north of the border right
the shit out of tat and i will see and bigger
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