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#394 - Matt Fulchiron

2013-09-17 | 🔗
Matt Fulchiron is a stand-up comedian and also hosts his own podcast called "The Full Charge Power Hour"
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What was that Jesus son, how Most that's like: if someone gives you a bad introduction, they might man really amounts, only give them better adoption? Always german burn right. Hey man! what the fuck there's no energy, this rumour now man, we're start from scratch. Her body. Bring myself our power back. That's nice guys not and Wikipedia. Introductions do socked on TAT. Well, What sacks of people want them? Rare? That's where I think sucks the boys like the improv, as always when I have to tell you a lot of people like they have like a long list of shared sad did the psycho did this? I did that said the seminary I finally data for the first time so weak and, unlike stressed
like fucking eyes and, as I see it doesn't matter, it does as in two seconds end its all done they once in a while. You are that's Joe there's, there's map, they know, you're the guy on stage here. They know you're the one they're supposed to ignore this thing that everybody wants in one place like pig, fuckin, intro this neck guy. You might know him, but he's a funny. You can even Maryland six years vying with the Athenians, doesn't necessarily listen to this or watch the same shows they don't know what the credits mean either. Well, when I was a kid when we're STAR Non Boston, everybody liked the always lied about what he had done. I could will bring such nets Calumet achievement. Hbo akin billing h we're ever. We knew it. I knew it ever in the audience, knew it videos. You said it was a dirty unnecessary lie. Let me say this: my credits way better. The first year I was doing comedy because people were making them up, don't breakers. They want to show to some good, so I was
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Seen your mind with little exercises that are games and they have actually been designed very specifically certain areas: where do we go to luminosity? They have like one. Let's build your PA, she'll training system, since you are setting up for it. For one memory select all aspects, you remember that you want to train a very specific one, like locating the caught the are required. Location of objects, remembering the names of after first and doctrine, which I fuckin sucker fat, dig at boy. You tell me your name and then asked me what my name is like while ago of our own member. Do you might just told me, I work loves for years and then the same server for years are in the same managers and I'm always like YO, whose What is so? I should get well, another thing that memory a real issue that we ve talked about on the pike ass before his Dunbar's Disease or Dunbar's number rather disease
don't ask done the number the number you can, apparently only keeper relationship with a hundred fifty friends like a likely oh that guy is writing, attacked them. When start getting into the hundreds two out of three hundred like a comedian. Does it's on the role of a year hall, Whole reality is very different than normal persons. Reality not remember everybody's duly people and is a strange moment when someone's like YO yo. What's up, and you know the fact they are you really strange what when they pretend to like to know, you cannot do that lovely! That's what happened here. I sky, everyone makes it so much word sweet words. Those a nice thing decisively rather seem sweet right boys like a nice thing, to call somebody like you, love em right. They have set up, so they can. So you can train your memory to recall the location of shared learning, new subjects quickly and accurately keeping track of several ideas. The same time, I'm not exactly sure how they do others, but this is the idea
behind any check off each one of these things that you want to try to accomplish. Like attention maintained, focus on important tasks all day see, I think, personally, that's pretty bad for you, learn maintaining focus unimportant tax all day, because portent by whose standard, ok, if it's important, that bears trainee your ass? Yes, yes, you maintain focus on that, but as it is it what about important like you're at work and yet a list, some stupid human resources conversation on in a? Why should we use one paper towel like now? You know not is not important. Does is goddamn nonsense, it's not that it's gonna make you unhappy whatever we gonna product, so we gonna I guess how speed select all aspects of the processing speed that you to train. This is so we're decision making in time sensitive situations. Spinning.
The cognitive process, adapting to changing environment and reacting quickly? It's interesting, the Detroit differentiate all these and wonder with a science behind it is. But this is Make no mistake about it. Did this this website is scientifically design, I'm the So there's no stand. I'm sure you ve set one up and started doing it here, all make sense the young flexibility is another aspect. That's interesting community Clearly thinking outside them avoiding errors and multitasking quickly and efficiently flexible. Is a very interesting concept. Like you, you never hear someone say I want to increase my mental flexibility, but that's probably good idea, right sure, because people who are really rigid in their ideas rights, especially its when he sees one is really rigid who gets like corrected on something and they don't want accepted right causes so rigid in their beliefs sets we usually when they start, quoting something from two hundred zero. Two thousand years ago,
yeah you don't want mentally rigid flexibility seems like a good one. Opening export problem, solving, select all aspects of your problem, calming skills. You wanna train, seeking dissect, complex arguments, making quick that's it. That's nothing! We're we're talking about this. With this guy MIC West, it was on whose sceptic dissect in complex arguments that some people doing now, like as a sport right there jousting with you when you in a right. Is it's over an issue? It's not really over. What's right or wrong about this issue of shares, whether not baking get you and make them more. Compelling argument that their point is correct and then you have to change your mind. I want you to change your mind. They want to go. Daddy fits victory, its there's a bit of it that's natural. With people we care. If I can help ourselves, we turn everything in your fuckin stupid diversion trying to check everybody yeah, I don't know. What's wrong, people is german, try trying to pay attention,
I understand it and almost daily Laval so this luminosity thing. I said Try it last week by doing there too you need more speed in our decision making Joe Fuckin Paley more step three too busy, but I will try this week or promises. We actually have some time. I'm gonna go to war to to one to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, nice and ongoing therewith, God, Damn cigar and Brian Cowen. We're gonna go up there and do some comedy s beautiful sense, only room for manoeuvre, somewhere in a little bit of that you ain't gonna, guys, do a canadian accent the whole shall yeah. That would make a joke better. This is the science of Nero plasticity. Recite luminosity gives you custom online work out. I promise I will do this week so that we can we can talk shop, luminosity, dot com and tell me that you heard it from me. I guess it's probably go referral thing so remedy to Rogan spending
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as always, blurry one put things just the resolution looks fucked up and put on a screen beer and while this isn't high laptop and was an aids you'd hate this website team either there were. Advertising is made a website. You just made it. I will happen less. It so easy that during the time we're on this part talking about it here sexy, bitch he's not just the right amount of grain is beard follow suit, one but unplug we meet anyone. Remember log, let em so, One me me: unplug we meet anyone, remember log,
Well, I'm son. When there's a problem with blogs man, let's get to the bottom of this, a lot of problems. No, they wanted. Some people need to be blogging right. They think they need to be bargain right. They down their way to read their blogs and you get to go home. Did you read this right? You're, making me readers? It's about laundry and you're commute the work just show. This is madness. I know what you know. I was up here. It's that easy put a video dismayed. Lap, a video of their bedded that shit. This guy you're in trouble what this guy is doing black holes. Partly listen! Don't you fucking helicopters, immediately strategy that we hear helicopters get in trouble. You fuck, secure, doggies anyway, The squares makes the tsar easy know we're not bullshitting. We live the audio people there listen. This brand really did make a website that quickly with a video in several photos of dogs- and it says,
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We're kettlebells needs new ones. Called primal bells will eventually had designed by artist, Stephen Shoe been junior then, as now and he's he's actually related. Aubrey are pow from on it and he, awesome artist. Any created these sick fuckin kettlebells that are right now, or tissues using apes, we ve got some other ones coming out that, we'll be seen on human care, but right now I know it Why is the girl is tens and shrimps, and there are bound, as well to which is important like they're, not just artistic, like the balance like you can use a museum is real. Kettlebells oranges keep running house and look sexy you're gonna. Sexy? If you have these anyhow, I went over this latest house and she had old school kettlebells from like Russia and they were like decorations, she's them as doorsteps, as I can Do you know what these are? She got free russian right
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room tech support the people. I say what was the best shit you guys trot have as far as like and on our able effectiveness. Has I we ve tried I've, people that have given our brain to, and they say they felt nothing. Pizza gave out for brain to. They said it was amazing inside your favorite supplement Everybody agrees that shrewd tech support is like best shit for your and dirt. If you do anything any or crossfire jujitsu try, shrimp export, just give it a shot, I have not heard one complaint, its Phil the vitamin be twelve and this thing called quarter mushrooms and the tickler strain, of course, UPS mushrooms originally allows you to process oxygen. Better gives you a little extra boost to noticeable feeling its freak I take five from afar work out really programme was do that, but I take five and thanks to your gangster like late into the work out when you should be like on your way done
You just still have like this extra gear to amazing abs, we're anybody with it in love it anyway, I'm not couldn't rogan full jobs. Here. That's right! Why around I'm? Not why fuck around the? What it seems, are dubious. The onus is now. Let's make July will do law the full charge series german mouthful trolleys brought me gluten. Free beer is pretty good at you, bad motherfucker you had actually is it. I got it above motor industry. I was a little worried, would have been less worried if I didn't know that Budweiser Heineken we're both gluten free, real Henery Fray. I didn't know that horror saw he's. Those in poor owes rice beers. That really does make sense. Now does the high
can the number that they have as far as like what it when it becomes glutinous get gluten. Ask is more than twenty parts per million are suddenly that Heineken is less than that. Let's get out gluten free bombed out When I wanted to the gluten free option like this, no beer things got stuck a fat one. That's the rough part spaghetti it's good, you can. You can live without like beer and our common club to me too, or seriously with bodies me too, you can get a little buzz gone without in wasted de beers for yeah? Can you know what you're doing you regulate it? Now I've won like cocktail different personality lack you haven't so quick for the end of the night is now beginning the night. That's for sure it really is amazing. Would you stop and think about how fuckin dangers drinking is for you as far as decision makers and it's everywhere to this, not just legal, it's everywhere. I'd, look
get every fuck up by ever did in a browser and its I know it's fucking everywhere, the weirdest drug ever everywhere, you gotta get food. Restaurant grocery store it right. There there's a whole I'll yeah. You know and it's in your face. What will people our status? People are always going to have the option to get fucked up and they can do it right now and the do that you're gonna take drugs away from them, so they re just taking options away. They can still get drugs, they get this stuff it's everywhere, where no one's gonna stop it. You don't stop. Oh god, not line, and you shouldn't. I know I shouldn't stubborn, but it's unfair. If you just allow the alcohol, because it fucks up the society it does, it really does. We should have healthier options. We need not just to have healthier Irish, that's it you're fucked up, but there are healthier option, but
but also it lets. You know that you're being hoodwinked lagoon. It's in your face right, it's so in your face, like there's liquor stores everywhere, people drive up to them and get the liquor and drive away drive through liquor store. Ireland do we to drive through liquor, store in Phoenix Organism, Phoenix that all club tat the temporary emperor. These do not. Let us drank why it was so ridiculous why you comedy the dune was the guy who owned. It was a fine gentleman and she just decided one point time too many these these here comedians or get now liquid up and fuck it up is. He was, is really do us any wasn't one point I but not anymore, goods, not anymore. I got well, there was one guy in and it was the other guy who took over
I brought a flask link less like look we're nineteen twenty five like we're. Not here is just said. I just want some warm diet, coke and my cold diet, coke to mix it up, just re perfectly board. Lonsdale Nigher legal, that drink on state, and then we found out that it was bullshit that it was. And tat there wasn't it a law. That said, he had a sign saying it state law, they were allowed to drink on stage. But everybody is, I Dana Fuckin State law. You can drink onstage, that's ridiculous! I was just in Arizona and they were talking about the guy that ours is the club now one of the matters there was talking about how few DE, why in feed next or maybe an all out of Arizona, Got you going this thing called tent city, Oh yeah? I live in TAT City and you have to wear nothing but pink underwear. Have you heard of this new live under a bridge ice in how to do it and you get shamed?
Yet all hell, yeah, you get shamed every single person that has a do you I had to do them off. That's your sentence. You know available. The real problem with that is a lot of people inside its on ethical. It's just like. How can you sing allow prisoners and make them? You know he merely, The real problem with that is a lot of people inside its unethical. It's just how can you sing allow prisoners and make them we know, humiliate them, making them where girl, colours and it seems like outsize. He was almost less safe than prison cause. In a tent Mozart. A guy is a real problem that Joe Europe, I'll, go right, he's such a cookie, yeah. I mean even if you're conservative, like a pretty good it s about a lot of different fast, I'm pretty could serve it about things like gun control. I sighed with like people on the right more than I do and allow so my friends or on the laughter like going to jail. Use, need get really guns just fucked near to go around like that. Is this. The most unrealistic proposition, and why would about nice people that have guns?
the guns already out there. It's not like something we're about to invent. Shall we pushed the Breton can start this revolution now they ve been around fuckin, hundreds and hundreds of area. So the idea of stopping guns is preposterous right. Background checks is a great idea. The all that stuff is great, very smart gun shows that idea, but some people just take it deep. They take that conservatism. Sure that idea, I don't want. You can strike about my strange new. I sell an alcohol like madness. Yeah I soon grandma shot and go on stage How do you manage funnier wilder, not at my club was, and we are not trying to encourage a kind of a good time use evil bar yeah serve hard drugs. It is about this. The main reason we're all here were up there to sell drinks. Basically, kilos shots on a regular. You would see me Phoenix another Fuckin party. They would have
Platter and honest platter would be like thirty shot, glasses would ratio in it and now tell them but all the time. So we just said: if you get a point, one five or or in Arizona that it immediately equals thirty days minimum Do you have a Kansas of point? One five is pretty strong right amounted to me now what point one five. It was point easily. Eight point. Nine right There was legally dropped, announced point. Eight. They dropped at two point: eight he worked on play on, they dropped at a little. I feel, like I'm point one five right now. I know I am Maria Gluten, no gluten point, one five, when at least this visit no problem with drinking and driving without a doubt. Unquestionably, but that doesn't mean that you need to make the levels and a law lower and catch people with like barely a buzz. That seems a little shitty domain.
It's here, disingenuous to two to the say that you know you. You ve got all these places where they park their cars and they said of drinks, but you expect them to drink the other two carpool there they have to have a designated driver to go to a restaurant. My on my dad got poured over from having just egg margarita at a mexican restaurant with his wife I home, and why he got out of it, but they but he could get a new idea- they said that you they could legally of like resume. Given you a deal, I write their wow, that's great shit. There was a video that I posted up on twitter. The other day it was called speed, kills your pocketbook, this guy, who detailed like that. The trap that is speed traps- and his is. He was focusing on Canada and was all about Vancouver is one area of open road where it's like
the equivalent of thirty miles an hour innocent kilometers boats, equivalent like thirty miles an hour, and it's like this long open. I way and the cops just wake. Nobody goes. Thirty is nothing around you anywhere near you in, and so the cops just wait there in the bushes and they like we're bragging on Facebook, about the number of tickets that they got the Caspian gas. They were saying, you know, there's a record season for citations and the money goes to this end that this now they just stealing money from people you mean you're making a crazy rule. You saying they have dignity, go thirty miles an hour on a highway, and then when they go at fifty or sixty you, you point your
at them you pull them over the Rob money from rights all over the profit. At this point absolutely they're getting on the internet in Vienna, we just made so much money off. You fucker will it's interesting, as they also had a study that show that that stretch of land is like one of the safest places in all of the Vancouver area. Right like they have the one that some of the least traffic accidents there of anywhere. So because of that like because There is no justification for fucking keeping it slow. Amidst now, were dying, left and right needs slow. This fuckin crazy animal train down like no one's ever died there. It's a riddle. Each should ridiculous like when you see the stretch- and you go.
That's thirty miles an hour, that's crazy! It's a highway! Ohio was worse man, they had planes like this go up and down in aiming for can match how, like these, like two white lines on the side of the highway. If you they go from one white and what binds the other one like at a certain stage, they know exactly how much over you're going just getting high you yeah and they would just have like and the coordinators have a line of cars just on the side of the road is just cops going. You does criminal really is so it's disgusting, it's one of the good things about California, California. They do drunk driving, stings and shit like that, but do not nearly as bad with speed. Tickets as they are unlike Connecticut or someone that places brutal everything's fifty five miles an hour, the just waiting rate our guns were to busy out here. You never see cops on asylum, read with great yeah they're, just steel and money man, all those assholes, fifty five miles an hour would have what am I a fuckin baby but on a horse
fifty five miles now that it's a stupid shit but Sammy Hager, This is a problem, one, whether China nor will I was watching on the ice has conical. So are the other day. We are watching the order. His carry Oki video that you did remember it that radius. They saw that's right. The Yad set out Sarah, no name yeah yeah. I was pretty good those guys are awesome. What was that? What happened was fuckin? We just plead karaoke, we say a kiss size, love gun gave up.
It was ridiculous. There's no intention, but now is not very good at Arab. I knew was there really cool, though, and no name he has his own show now and if she does, she have our own shows. I believe she still up up up there. I think I think no names in Sacramento, maybe my concern for and justified. The if it's not opiate Anthony, though the illegal to get me to get up in the morning like was how early debts Julia showed. Might Judea call me at me. I want you to maybe on the bar gas and unlike awesome is like so call me at six. Forty five, here's the number six forty five in the morning did you do other than they do now stay up one day and do Joys Podcast Burma stay up catch them? First, twenty minutes of it and I fall asleep my phone eyes to foreign, tired, six, it's to get up
What did you call Joey at eleven O Clock, United phones off really pilot Clark and my dog. My phone is, I forgot, the machine, I get my feet, rubbed even texting, and it's so fun. Like the fact that tax I loved her. There was a loud it because it's it's will. There is a time where he was scream Brian Brow and send him tax to self video of it you screaming Adam. I give you left a text message. You would want to kill you really gonna kill you and now it's a voice. Mail. If you leave a voice, merely want to kill, you really gets mad at you. So now is protests, Zol news and warlike hildy, I'm telling you it's Matthew, Jerome. What the fuck do I say do not the only voice must just I gotta get those fuckin voice messages it freezes up on me. Do not leave me voice and I was just on my fucking clear. Yes, dude. I thought you were joking. You really don't want the fucking hate use
makes me sick to my stomach. I love my fuckin, for, as you know, the voicemail message it makes me sick to my stomach. I agree I wish I knew all this. I dont understand. Do you agree with him? Yet, though I mean like me, look I have now sixty one unheard voice. Mail is by when someone cause you. Sometimes they have something important to say: there's nothing wrong with a voice mail so that everything should be taxes ridiculous, sometimes or to call back you can't. I gotta know what you're getting into and so now you're a nice I'll fuck yeah worse if someone calls yeah? Ok, I sit down now. What's this goddamn waiting to have my line flavour, my head right now, I don't remember that. Do exactly stuff rigour, we out Dunbar's number elastic had five years ago, I deleted him. It's on my Nokia matter. It back in the day
I turned on when my old phones, the other day going through all my shit turn him now be a harder found. Like my own, I think they're member dares cell phones, they're, like the first touch screen little pieces of shit from Verizon or some no! No, and I I plugged it in and charged it up a little bit system and I still have like photos on their like shit. I forgot all about why so many phones that I have probably a shitload of crazy stuff on there it that I was just when a throw away a vote like three phones are you one of those like everyone made fun of me forever. I finally got this and now that I'm excited about it, everyone's shut, the fuck up, we ve all had those for years the this many an eye for an eye phone, so before you ever you flip phone. We. Why had like this? Does it wasn't him flip of his just shitty? It was the chief. Far like a Nokia yet- and I wanted to see how long it would last four years, the ads damn I'm always go out in the major give up to the charges start working and
phone died and then I went to the store- and I didn't know: iphones were pretty much free and ours. You know you just have to update your plan and I was like ok! Well, like switching from an old piece of shit, fallen to modern starch. Type, should. First as very stubborn, unlike my life's, not different, I'm still me, I'm still the same things about myself, but then slowly, or to use one at a time to the point where you can't get through your day without the whole fucking and if something happened to my baby be over, there was one of the interesting things about being in Montana. I was in Montana last year for five days in the woods, give way no cell phone service- I didn't touch my phone for five days. Right as we man. It's weird just talk,
people that you're around for five days, you guys been opposed any photos or no calls to any binding on the other side of the world. It was nothing going on man, that's what they did like about. Machete phone was like I'd be on the computer, and I begin crazy over the twitter checked a twitter everyday rights up my think of his funny. Only six people like this man say so. Then I go out, and I go do this. I go do that my shitty phone still had internet, but it took like if I die up somehow take like five minutes to get a web page, gonna cut me off the internet. A little bit kept me a little bit more saying. I'm happy are but a more sensitive than so. Do you think that the internet makes you insane? You think me hostilities and the options when you mean personally, because I'm always looking for validation on the internet if I'm honest with my son, just fucked up, never said that much true they're gonna know now. I know you're soft by your glowing spy around your liver cells about ass. They ran yeah
Thirdly, to your in court it's all about not get locked in a box. I'd like a thing I sign back. If you don't talk about and what the radio so why this school shooting this some rather Navy are cheating is free everybody out. This is a guy who apparently went in there, how many people are dead now. These twelve. He saw this the system was here and voices struggle, skit, so he gave a flip phone or Iphone their footfall for sure yeah he apparently already blaming grand theft auto for yeah. Of course, the day immediately start playing video games that they played video games. What you'll have to realises. Lotta people play video games. Video games cause violence, boy
be a lot of violence. I mean fuckin bore. If the amount of video games corresponded directly with the amount of violence that became a neighborhood thrice unity people who killing each other, everybody everybody- and these have so many of you- will play games and they pay child labour or movies. To course, so, like everywhere, this he's die hard is gonna, go kill somebody it's! The whole thing is ridiculous. Its ideas were abused, see Dracula, you become vampire loom. What was I mean stupid? It's dumb does the idea that that that the two are connected is silly. I think that there is there's definitely a d sensitively, desensitization sure of violence that comes from being depicted in certain ways, absolutely and film, but that just because the arms are done really cheerily, of a film that shows that a real murder of a realistic feeling murder is very disturbing right, whereas, like some sort of Chuck, Norris II type you no gun
guy down there. I got back, I doubt eighty years like there's, there's nothing to the feeling of pvc, expendable fun movie, but there's nothing. You are feeling anything these guys getting shot railed, whereas if you you know you see, Good movie like what was that, What did George Clooney Movie Replaited hit? Man Michael somebody, Michael Clayton, You know what you're talking about that. It was a hit man and it was actually Good move, no one's gonna blame anything on em, because no one saw were not really good when that guy, it died. It took a long ass time. It was it was. It is an interesting. What was it that the American? That's it he's a good fuckin movie, but it was it was really the murders were real wrap. It felt like a real murder. I carried when someone died of holy shit like everyone's in Y yeah, it was like who is going to come to us in a movie, but it was really
intense like I bought it. Probably one of the other people didn't bite. Sixty eight percent are run. Tomatoes was interesting and maybe amusing, that maybe it's on the best example, but me. I'm immediately change my tone. Surprise. However, two guys nigh like oceans, twelve, I actually do enjoy its Inga focus of that spume, but that that that weird quality desensitization. I think that is that this is certainly an issue. Dummies get us. Problem. We have decided for making things were dummies no means leaving only for dummies and damaging. You dumb shit, no matter what right there definitely going to. They have do that's what we're here for they're, here to inspire. You do not be a dummy dummy slamming the walls. Part of the energy that comes with in this way,
sort of relationship we have with our environment, the energy that comes from dummies. Is you go on? None of that right. You just realize it helps you learn without actually having to fail yourself, yeah We all knew the one got us a little too risky takes to too many that, like us rip off fences watch this guy's out back flips off offence like this guy's gonna die one day, one day ere he dies, yeah like oh, I get it except for or the jack ask eyes and a man I know one of those guys, but they made a real career out of date, did make a real career in one of those guys dying. Is it really in ten years it's a gray November yeah single? What how the rocket and the way died was classic speeding drinking drinking. Speeding go right now about Well, that's good totally. Do that, because the bars of fuckin parking lot say you know,
well we're dog and, above all, how ridiculous it is some drugs or illegal. But yet everyone's on this one death the one that makes you crash Moors legal, the one that makes you an asshole. That's the one may see not realise what you're doing one that makes your black out. Oh yeah, the one that makes people almost die and throw up, and the next dish feel like has compressed understood. Acts of bread and depressed is shit. You arrest, I feel terrible, it's very depressing than into your you flash memory. The night before Lloyd, shit. There me I'm a dummy really does not underwear over and over again, so the worst but its responsible for a lot of fun times. It's one of those things that I think it would be fine his eyes, the other one swell yeah. I think the real power home with alcohol, is it out its we, which does not? Do we not have
real promises that we have our goal and our culture is that we only have our corner culture. I think I'll go it's fine! If its balanced out by second Alex. That's it. I think you're right. I think it's like. If you wanna do the wildest most evil. Shity decision making fluid you should be able to have the Ayahuasca to you should go there go and spiritual journeys. You should be able to learn something here, that you have a little balance a little cactus cc, the golfer with the third eye, teaches you the worm, the universe, starter, rock and roll back. That's what I'm saying and George Clooney could barely Guy man, he D Rock. He could for President Feed in Fox to any checks, though he could win when but for sure one is budget can start talking. Who, of course, large claim is easy at all the like Hollywood, Studs Z, though the greatest leaning man type romancer of all time, romancer problem
they, because he never keeps a girl around for that long? Does he d get crazy, yeah start going in a tiny bullshit right down you can keep doing this. You know you're. You're in the fifties is gay at this point in time is like guy we doing you're just going to be that guy. That is that what you're doing are you just going to be that guy? Yes, I mean you understand if you want to do that guy and is like here, while you know you gonna leave meanwhile go with an older girl. Now. Is that what it is going to be able to grow? No its not can be younger. How much longer do you think you can keep doing that and going with younger girls how much longer before some girls just start telling you what you really? Are you kind of a creepy old ban? Probably twenty two! five years, it's not only their deep into a seventies like a Jack Nicholson that the canary in the coal mine fur, from actors that trumps you're gonna die alone, every single harm, our God he puts on sunglasses, Ngos a Laker games. You like he's alive, yeah, he's alive and well he's doing so good. He just
Acting road, it is never the flatly want exactly. Why? Wouldn't you quit acting in you, I would first of all we must have more money than most countries yeah he it's so many fucking giant films, probably gives zero fox at this point, as I just got a hundred percent pussy. At that point, I wonder if research, and then he complained that memory thing he really sorry. I don't remember you- might just go to nice meals and should do it over the What do you want from me You know- and he says, he's like a universally love guy too, as he can't walk down the street without people shouting his first name. How great is that three grain- he's a front he's a guy from a different era: man he was the lead and fuck in Chinatown. Dude A lot of people dont understand that either Their head is not really completely wrapped around that you gotta go I can watch Chinatown,
it's going down, is like one of the best scripts ever written right to one of the greatest movies of all time. I saw a drive in with my parents when I was a little kid knows our member thinking. I am too young to be watching this, like this crazy, ass women. They cut its his nose. This is our petty file cut fuckin. This is dark man, they cut Jack Nicholson's, knows murmur yeah. I know I know I was the director Roman Polanski, icon, He is a profound yeah. That's right, you say Church Clooney! Wasn't it yes. Now Jack Nicholson, you fuck, you guys. I was logical, any was zero years all I know what I think is a life at that point, that you take. The good devising a j was on advertising. While we're talking about old guys that can keep in pushing you just didn't pay attention you, while there are lost, enjoy here's a little dear for man from it. Devils and was even more beautiful, blue we're not going to jail.
Nicholson in Chinatown, I heard that Nicholson get paid to write head that monkeys movie. What is The monkeys from guys, like you, we're going down the street movie, psychedelic movie came out called head. Jack Nicholson, wrote it they took the money, and then they made easy rider. Woe yet love it is that start. Allow me Jack was about to quit before easy, rather wow You must be car salesman somewhere a car. What's so funny, why not but means Maybe the car salesman will have more fun, maybe less pressure yeah a lot of pressure being Jack Nicholson, but be he gives so little fox. That is not as much pressure you think for a lot of people, beautiful he's so comfortable in his own skin. You know
It gives us a may whether fight and they were interviewed him. He just kept eating a mouthful flowed worry about. It. Is I'm worried about it at all. As I go for it he's very fast, so the guy's gonna potter's chance but didn't give a fuck. I with this type of aroma Polanski. For a second and a reminder, sharing Tate was reminded me of you guys a document on here there's a man and documentary that just came back out in theatre. Skull. Manson came out and seventy three and the yanked it because school He from Amazon trial so well. There's gotta taken away. But they started filming this documentary before the murders, because it was just a documentary on this call living out. In the end. You know on the ranch, and that was interesting enough for the filmmakers then, as it were, filming people started. Taken off to jail now. You got all these girls, total guns, given interviews, it's an amazing documentary
I mean it's amazing, yeah Charles. Mass and knew how to turn a freak out? It's amazing Amelia I could pull that off. Charles Mass was trippy character. Man Meanwhile, I talk about like a dude who define the sixties. He ended it here. In ended the sixty while he he definitely was the worst case scenario yeah. They started carbon fuckin axes in their foreheads Yes shaven their heads access in the forehead, but there's one scene in Manson we're all. Whole family is singing like a happy song and they made like they produce a video that looks like something out of the monkeys or somethin to and it's weird it's really strange. I forgot about those four go back to that. There is a real or the oh yeah, a hundred percent real. They carved axes in their heads. Yeah, and then he the first was an ex. Then he turned into a swastika. They went to jail and member. Was it squeaky
I'm trying to kill Gerald Ford gas. But they're talking so much shit in these interviews. And they are talking about violence on television and that's why they're environment back then they shake their heads job as a statement This is an essential movie, Brian legacies of recreation, there was some just one came around seventy three and got the lawyer that put Manson away he's gay like all these? It's the his part, terrible is like in ITALY really badly. Cable access is like in nineteen. Sixty nine the amounts in family was on trial? Now you do that Weird pause isn't really bad acting, but as the actual lawyer that put Manson aware- and I interviewed him like the guy like if you stop and think about like me, when people talk about serial killers, what are they always say? They always go with me.
And w I represent zoom everybody romancing Manson Manson's, like still
No you're gonna. Tell me in a sense: will you are nobody made a bunch of crazy faces? No well. Are you mad at you feel, like both Barbara Vantage girlfriend for folks listening watching some goofy ass video, where this others biblical music, this playing over it? Why rewire there's? No one! Can you in here what's good to know that I said a word of advice and should not listen to that old thing. Couldn't hear him
You see if you find something is actually just him because that stupid What's actually whence? Actually him you get to see how fuckin nutty really was unnecessary. Would have done it without the fog amusing. I'm proud of you society. May you be very many age or garbage? There's! No radio is no there's no electric lights, the girls carry water, they don't wear maker, they have their babies by themselves. They goin Shack, is quite gonna, have to babies and live on the ground. I live on the earth, I don't live. I lived in Hollywood and I had all that the rolls Royce Ferrari and the PAN Beverly Hills.
I had the surfboard and beach boys and the beast Quinceanera Neil Diamond in Roscommon. The Jimmy Swift end in Elvis Presley's mexican best leaves and all them guys the Deana Martin's in the Nancy Sinatra's in the NFL. When will you do it to me? I had to do good honey and all that kind of will. You come up to my house later so I went to all that and I seen that was a bigger prison than the one I just got out of, and I really didn't care to go back to prison, see prison doesn't begin and end at the gate. Prisoners. In my it's locked, and one more alleged dead and dying or its from tomorrow is free and allow Hoddan Sky sounds like me. Do you know about just discuss great?
there is one further documentary they Toby had delivered babies at the ranch and they talk about one bar with a guy like a pair of scissors and just fucking. Did it home style? Oh geez. We have babies with what a sick fuck, whose just amazing to me that people have us. Desire to be led that so we can come along like that. It's too so completely out to lunch and gather good, solid group of loyalists, we were you seven. Eight people write more like a lot more. Like our students like well. Do people from good home will there was a that happened in the night Sixtys and Seventys, where a lot of people rebelling so hard from the standard lie, style. The father knows best type shit. They grew up with that communes really come in, and disk cults were power. Then our places food go arms. Videos
worse than I ever body. His ex girlfriend grew up in a called man and that the the call leader would have sex with everyone's wife like there's a gang of those go and I like they're all over the place back there. That's the thing, that's like them, in part yes acts to be worn, then they like it feels good. That is the main thing, though. The main reason why we're still here and it's exactly that's all this is called form its always what social let some guy did just get that much work in power guy does is Jesus chemist. Our banks summer time. I really like other beetles were profits. Now I mean who Gonna be part of this religion. The Beatles report oh yeah, the arm he the White Album he took his like his gospel I'll, try and liked to Helter skelter was all about this big race war. That's
saw and is a song about killing piggies. They wrote that blood and he saw them as the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the Beatles wow and even I think, your terrorism when intellect testifying stuff, he was on the witness stand, even a ringer Ringo doesn't care is not nobody did you PETE best, which was weird, does not better than I do with creepy accent, telling you about the apocalypse yeah and doing it like. Percent sure no the apocalypse is coming for horsemen with direction is that the new girl band interaction yeah, they lived Oreo. How many of them are there? So many of them other languages, a viewer Europeans now or in the Mediterranean in the band? There's four girls in one direction lets the lights were off just so they can be proud. Let's say this: twelve twelve boy, love disciples to decide. The was twelve
it also one direction: I've, never indirect song and you're not gonna play when either now, I'm not going to. What are you trying to get me to do it? No, no, no Brian that dialogue and totally there sitting at the hotel next to the comedy store recently in theirs, is mobs legalese literal, it's likely twelve to thirteen in their parents at two in the morning. Next to the comedy Stuart, what the fuck man that seems like a bad idea, comedy sir, that's. The kind of from grand theft auto ran out real listing immigrant, a yellow poles right where that is not my name right there on the wall haven't on the latter. Finally, paid out calmly, store signs. Missing networks cares and shot the whole through that corner. Where, then, that corner the left corner far left, all the way to laughter edge left that right there There's a sign on the actual store.
Right there and it says Commodore. There's a bullet hole in it or Kennison got man dies color. He came to the bag, populated, pull out a gun and shot a fucking. All through the sign. Wow thing it was banned for that for a couple weeks. We are most weeks all laid spots for international arena. Well here regarding the robot anyway you're late, spotty hotelier, he was the original transcript. Mafia Kennison was the greatest. In my opinion, from Eighty six, eighty seven he's the best comic wartime, that's my opinion. I was the round back. Then I got to see the impact that guy, and especially you put it in perspective. That's really are to put it in perspective, like the comedy of today's is this comedy of two thousand thirteen. The comedy of nineteen o six was a completely different world. Absolutely and Kennison he burst out the scene and eighty six. There was no one in the air.
Been asian like that before it was so, you need different, it's in almost impossible to put in perspective today what an impact it because you so different than anything else, is almost like nirvana of comedy. Consider that the real quiet, rogue and then real Lawiya about, but it was all set up, punch back down. It was great, and then he came around. And it was distant. Sally disadvantaged young ends. The way we go about it was so painful crazy. Did you ever married to five years would be like la bad You know you, like your lifted out. There was a member when you fuckin play that song on HBO yeah. You too, rack them Kennison Song, the Sami simply Anno saw. Did you ever see him end of his first it? Yes, I seem life several times yeah. I got it.
Unfortunately, though, one whose very slip and gas missed the fuckin good days, dude What to see him when he was already dislike coke down to cylinder. This is slipping. Failure love sign that such a special in isolation? but I thought it was Nelson. A magician this girl, but I met about five years, tomorrow, some money now try to live out here for a while,
this year. Only one impressing also withdraw my cache and about a year. One day said you know. Sam is something missing from our relationship. This would mean a cash management, No, he fastened me national things about each other. This ain't a seat on motorways, because the passions
This can we still like seats at once in a while lunch friend said: yeah France, its second watching this, because it's gonna pay off here some kind of emotional tampon you need for by days a month and no one else attain bullshit, but we cannot have our friends if we don't He's emollient, that's kind of it.
RO the sound was Agnes. Who is the best? There really is and he was the best. Where was the tapes? that. Was the Roxy they're right on sunset, does really awesome. Yeah, While he was it the whose authority and thing man he's gonna his brother? What a great book about him! It's called a brother bill. Or my brother Sandia and die talked about how SAM was in a car accident when he was a kid he got hit by a car like like really yes, really barely her and then was a totally different person
Then what is the cameras early that aid or something like that? But he's like you became chasm. He got hit by a are and then became bug, wild and reckless and didn't give a fuck and that's an interesting thing, because at something that they show with head trauma specially head trauma at an early age yeah like d, associated with gambling gambling addiction right, but also with Really radical personality changes, no kidding; no, that's how he died too. Drunk drivers, It's crazy with really crazy. He's too do bits about drunk driving their. He when I say like he slipped argument some on the part of a little too to reiterate, without I think he just started party in too much and then he wasn't the Saint Guy anymore bids us they weren't they lost it right at super rich, and I got to see him. Then I got to see a couple set. That just were like. You know not very good,
gas and it wasn't. The writing was the same. Gacek is a clear difference, junior earlier stuff in the layer stuff. So it's like a thing to learn as to meet unlike some guys get better. As time goes on some guys, they would they would hit that proverbial wall down and with him how to be coke to cook Doc. I was doin. Yeah, I mean. If you hit a wall when you that successful and that in the spotlight, it can be kind to the point where I live you don't seem feel expanding the time to develop cuz. It kind scares you so much. I think it could you know you might not to put the time into it. Anymore, deftly wasn't do in late spots every night he was just bang and checks deaf hearing from the time I mean he was just doing Coke and party in going to Hollywood parties, then only works for so long. It's hard to test that guy that outside her gambler loves you exactly communism, fucking strange gig land, the only people it
comics ever really truly let in our other colleagues. I now you get to know the colleagues can understand, but tram get in regular holly, in writing. I work out the right to negotiate any if that's true, like crazy, he see right like crazy, not while there what's the deal nurse the real thing with actors: yeah a number one thing: they have to be chosen, because they have to be chosen they're all trying to be chosen, trying to be chosen by the time you usually go about it by being as fake is fuck you go about it by trying to concoct some sort of an artificial personality ray you think would be acceptable to casting agents or to producers, or it's one of the reasons why so many people are left wing like some people in Hollywood are left wing. It's almost like you know you want to endear yourself to the ideology of whoever is trying to her. I do. I think that to choose me is me right:
it's also one of the reasons. Why psychologically, that some of the most problematic people you'll never have to deal with their so fuckin, needy and broken because there, tyres cycle of their businesses like like need need not being met, need not being met, need not being met. Rejection, rejection, rejection, success, see told you. It's also does their abuse by life yeah, which they have it but is an unnatural, pursue an unnatural pursuit and even if you get it Christ. The world's gonna think you're fuckin superhero. Meanwhile, your guy reading lines, they got you hooked on wires flights. Rare you have two pretending kick every man's ass, even who has a gun thirty seconds right, it's no one's really the
that guy they also through your ass away, pretty character. That's really hard Venice's, throwing away. They like beat your ass down something while they fire our cameras and stop, has any choice: yeah it will they do? will you fire out terrorist threats that you getting old new, much body rot away at the beach some funny knees, goin, weird elbow scan and skin share wherever they distances, caving off the body, and it is there to photograph and high detail. They lock her. No one wants to fuck me most easily, I retired ten years ago. I'm a teacher fire. That's not for a common, though, No, it's not you won't s case scenario she retired now, she's an intellectual teaches acts such as those march, a teacher, those very smart. I bet that story on no one, no other, no one. This is this. Is it infected spot? It really is in
didn't affected and the egg part of it is because of the whole Hollywood influence that the the problem, with the Hollywood. Influence is not brill. Aspect of is the bleeding heart that embryos talks about the No problem with the Hollywood influence is fake. The fake people, it's all p, who are trying to be something in order to get picked and people who are trying to figure out some way to get some unwarranted amount of attention because it didn't get it when their young rent and his men of course, ask musicians in air and this painters and there's not a cool people. Don't get me wrong, you run into a logical people, but how many in comparison to annoying ones, is ill ten, the one or something like and maybe might be ten to ten annoying people before you find like one really cool, really absolutely does at any given part, especially around a beard actor Jesus prize yeah? What are the odds of their minutes coolants? Don't get me wrong, I'm no logical actors and actresses and direct
it produces, is cool people in all walks of life my people, but in general in general, the profession the bill Hicks quotes. The group fevered egos? That's it call them thievery egos, it's it's not. It's think because the fact that were not allowed to have certain things in this life they were there, laws against certain psychedelic snares laws against certain types of behaviour and less restrictive, behaving two things even more restrictive. Now it followed the NSA's listening to every region. Call you make in check and your tax for key words bomb blasts. I had an aim that is no five year. What the fuck me that's a joke. Is that all that stuff, just even further titans down that that feeling of suppression human beings. Have we don't like that? Shit now, but it's everywhere. Now I mean
and like everyone, lotta people doing bad, financially, that's another like suppression, suppress of feeling they're getting and then being watched the whole time, she's weird I we re better at it by now thought when I was a kid people were actually better at running a society than today. It's like homesick, more options. We got as human beings. The more got to the point. Where is just completely carried away? when you're young mean there is like warrants member warrants. Yes, I judge had to issue a warrant before he could arrest. Somebody yeah that's how it used to be the jet. The cops had to go to a judge and then That will, let me see here. What's the evidence? Okay, there, they. They came up with this think all the NBA. They eventually dismayed us. They don't have to do anything they dont to have a judges we requested and have a court order. They don't have to have real specific evident.
Stick and basically do whatever the fuck they want and how new, as this is a patriot act or what is known as India, the national defence knows. What is it with you? something initial authorization ACT, National Defensive Authorization ACT so widely criticised The first you go to the first thing on the with Google search the first one is the ACL. You talk about how horrible the National events, authorization act as It's a sad. This is my problem with They'll tell you like you know what this is. We just need this for terrorism and taste against terrorism and really bad people really badly applauding maybe, but you can't, that, because you know what you're doing you know, you're and by by preventing these attacks, either you so believe or going to happen. You ve changed our world to a fear based whirl right. You ve changed our world and, like you, ve
you ve made it so that we're gonna monitor every one, all the time take away all privacy in order to ensure safety. That's like some tea was Jefferson. You know type quotes. What is it? It was a Ben Franklin that said, if you preserve security over Liberty deserve neither right. I don't fix that I think that was. I think that was a quiet. I mean it's also, but it's like these guys wrote them seventeen hundred re, but it, but it hasn't been working either. We just had a thing yesterday. Does your boss and thing while there's a thing? Is you pass and things and this guy yesterday these are p, that aren't even their native from another country, ready we get home grown crazy fox, and this has zero to do with the USA. Monitoring people's tax measures exist. Cowskin text messages from Mars, zoos and voices who share salaries or re he's on drugs, there's on some sort of meds. You know
I don't know how you got access to guns out enough. There are legal or illegal matches there's no answers as the problem, I just where the big five the other day and like Alhambra Pasadena, they had guns there. You need em you really don't shoot you about either she she back to the motherland. I just want to God I was now and then the other problem is math We got a real mess problem, this country ray it's a giant giant problem break the privilege everywhere, outside of a city that Smithtown bright it is go out. You get in the city, each drive out into the hinterland, it's a math right it's everywhere right if you were a hack comic, let's say You weren't, you went up and said you Billy. I was just in certain search. They all our math over there. That's gonna, kill everyone nighter yeah across the country. They all know where the method, as everyone knows,
because it's everywhere, but if you say their town like a fuckin pistol right one town over, even if they know others method there right they just in denial, that's from them. Down over now? My dear still bro you gotta wrong? No, no! No! No! No aromas, Fresno body, Red nose got a bunch mess queer people in another, my gaze and those decide what spots sucks more than their spot, which is also marked by will kick your spots ass and on the bad list is always gay. That, though, is about two or three yeah Mack Math, gay and math. Together, usually they go to the show that the argument at the gate, Colombia, S, data which Fresno Plantier now Modesto Rail, fragile, ok, their tails and, while some worry
spots are not good and it's all the spots in between cities yeah. I know she's got a bad map, but guess what its The live on your own in the woods. Now, it's not good. I mean it. Bad, as long as you like, close to like Denver, something like that but like which is trying to do that. You know out there in the middle of the Pacific Northwest thing or go out to south a code age. A thousand agar ranch- you know a thousand Erasmus South Dakota. The same as a sandbox just way. Beggar wreck, if you like it's good our privacy, but it's good people checking every once in a while. Flat areas like Kansas. Can believers guys. I saved my life, Fifty miles wears an extra. What do you do? These were shit where her hope I have it. We do not hear me
have you ever you ever german cross country, illegal workers country only once when I was a little boy, the first thought you have around Kansas is we need to take all this from the Indians? Like Green appeared all this, it will even diving whether we stole it so slow. My Gaza recover wasted, took some more relevant and share with it. Yeah well unearthly. Alas, we then a lot since parts we give them mouthful trot now they can have their spot yeah. That's it where does thing ever is not against a dog in their arms, philosophic Lamson. It's weird that you have We have reservations and then the reservations Loud Folkestone really even understand that the same laws don't apply reservation. Is not technically the United States of America like they have law right here. So that's how gambling works. Tat people like bugle warehouses casino there.
Oh that's, indian land! Whenever it is I, why can we go in Angola, the Indians to see what hawk remembering those things are popular and some are really really small, so you'll be driving the Oregon and use Billy? that little. I don't know One thousand square free: that shopping centre is indian. You go and gamble. You know right now, so liquor store whatever you know, It's crazy This weird, small ones, like I saw small one in washed in state, were headed up to Mount Rainier endorses like we're fuckin casino right there. She's real strange, like bright shining, neon lights and everything's going tending. So, if you think you're doing some stupid it's I can do no we're acquitting, namely Monday morning, sheriff harassment,
Now, don't gonna modern day ass. You think them billing, just Why why it was Billy, so big was it so shiny? Was a summit me and costs money to run stupid where that money come from, like you, don't know to play poker, it's silly pitch ass. Like me, ass. If I may weird thing now that I don't think the people that approach putting offer that are entirely indian. They only native Americans that own those casinos. What do you think I really think goes on? I think you're allowed to go in a business with a native American. If you're I can American re regular american rent, a guy like you Are you going to business? Happily, I would show up. Listen, MR while flower, rarely have I have a. We have a plan here, too you're, quite a bit of money rank no more horses, no more intense, have other rules. I swear rolls Royce, would give your rolls Royce. Naxian, I gonna fuckin giant, ask a scene
and if you build a casino people come to it, absolutely no doubt about it: people love, it Have you ever been those ones that they have out in the middle of California. Desert like out, said Borodino area in a big way I'll pass their yeah and I've been like two one: Like you know, an outsider, Vegas and stuff like that applicable shows that those I left my soul unlawful. Was that, like Just nearly all offline gear was like was it was rough. It was only rough, but at the same time wasn't that bad, there is plenty laughs. It was just kind of like that dead feeling what are we doing here did you do you will be able to settle for less or because they aim to see you here. That's what it was that came to see the empty mood or mean think about that, like, there's, a big difference between going that place like being forced to go to that place going to play
in choosing to shows there and having people come there, because it's a spectacle rang because its we need a unique slice of american absolutely and those like. You know, people from all over coming years. Laugh ones that are Vegas, because it's a kind of cheaper and making kinder. So it's not people from lawful in their weird, is weird. They must be the worst we will ever it is. People to choose your? They like a herd, rhinos really weird to reign. I kind of like real, even though never it's kind of because it's like its halfway nice, but it's not crazy like Vegas? Do you know it's not insane. There's not as many people yelling does not douche bag. There's not much diesel diesel genes like old vagabonds, yet still kind of all right, I'm not against Rina, Amelia River Fund times are definitely I've, never been We have heard nothing but bad thanks. Ok,
It's a record is first CD. There I did. I think he did, I think, stand hope recorded. First, the first, de there, like pack and nights and nineteen eighty nine, ninety ninety so earlier, I I didn't, the Reno Hilton and it was in the basement, and it was an old movie theater, and I was therefore seven days that weak and there was never more than twenty five people in the audience. And then I saw somebody that I knew that was playing this huge three thousand theatre up on like this. I can floor or the first floor somewhere and I ran and opened the elevator and he was like com play. My big tonight. So I did a shitty show in the basement fairly. Twenty five people and then I did is huge show for like three thousand people and then, back down the delayed shown front of another twenty two people and one guy brought his baby and shit is the most anti climax of my life. He brought his baby somebody about their baby in the audience and the Brunner was like just fine dust,
I mean what you must do to baby and God. It's hilarious. Drugs a common club and the way we bring you baby to a casino in the first place and then bring it a comedy show go in there I've seen your attitude, the words that come out of your mouth onto a baby's years, that's its offensive is to root of change your act for the main being made these gonna hear worse than me. How do you know me should change your actual? Ok, that's all I'm saying from that. Guy. Finding fault knew the guy looking for why did we just change Zack? How hard it is to change direct for a baby will change your act for a baby who the fuck are you man Then you aunt, I baby fuckin. Now I got some rattle material. Did you! Why did you see these fires and floods in color I didn't know they ve finally released again
photos that show how devastating was its in credit, Giant chunks of the highway just washed away stream became raging rivers, some people's houses are fucked up. Since they said a once in a thousand years storm, and when and exactly, as is its own colorado. It's like tell the entire town of lions, Colorado were totally evacuated, This is insane mean the run off from last week's flood. Is just slowly. Making it down the side. I the mountains and, like we don't write, Our heads around how much water that is its the water it rains and then comes down so what no you're not known and not so why this is like landscape, changing house, removing shit. That's your house! That's your property! Gas gone! and it never happens, never happens.
And several thousand years, just some Think goes and this call from our warm fraud or where the fuck is. It causes these things just two sides. Just on low the greatest Peter North load from the sky right now,. It's really insane man it's really insane. They said five, hundred people are unaccounted for. Eighteen thousand homes around the state have been fucked up this incredible man, eighteen thousand homes, fucked up, More than six thousand four hundred people of a proper applied for aid by FEMA, more than four hundred and thirty thousand dollars have been approved in individual assistance, such as temporary housing and home repairs. Fema said to this: this is like financially
It's gonna be very devastating all feeble says incredible man, the thick the pictures or insane I urge you to go to Google and look at like streets, just become a raging rivers. It's really really weird man did you ever a documentary on Katrina there was one where probably little documentaries have this on, but they try to go they all on foot going across a bridge to what's next door Arkansas. What's what state is next door. They were trying to go to a different county or different state, and the police on the other side, relax now you're, not coming well you're not coming into our land with them stay, you know it. New Orleans while things really: weird their ethnicity but you can't cross state line or county line or something then insane to speak
they decided because your refugees can criteria. That's all it's off they had a day. I made it anything like the cops. Are there to be like Nope Data problem in Houston in Houston, there was a lot of fuckin people that work coming over from Katrina. Maybe that was it yet, Houston was bad man. I remember we were there we therefore a gig and we went driving around and we down to the sea shelter. It was flock in crazy people out there in the streets, death- and I was like what's Goin on Ngos? Are these rock Trina refugees? Those like that is unbelievable down like that seems to be that's a national national emergency right, like people need to go in there like help achieve allow. This is not disputed houses another year like no one freaking out over this that there could be. You could be made absolutely in a second gan. It's weird logistic. We just accept the idea that
this place that were eleven in this is how it is and raised. This is just what is it now? This is what the floor looks like rats the trees of now every now and then we should have been the changes. Everything see these mountains written for new phase dummy like where do you think those came from you know? Those were flat became mom. It's going to happen this place too stupid. Absolutely, no, no! This is my property soon family for years, not going anywhere. I'm payments are always on time, which scary, but I dont know I pay substantial amount. Taxes areas. Are you sure you're going nowhere? Meanwhile, fuckin mountain starts top starts at his house. Yeah million years. It moves a hundred feet a day you fucking
raise assholes human beings, man, decide that we could put a house right on the beach share, asses and Malibu, yet five million bucks plus rag right there there's a water, energies louse. Its is where it's gonna stay, it's not forever. It's not forever. I mean how much What if it goes back, how much for the carrying even go back like where's warehouse doesn't exist anymore. We can rebuild no that spot the ocean. Now you own it, but you can only like surf and maybe sail on it or you have put a barber where my spot is maybe a dark. I this one quarter of an acre, that's now underwater that I paid sixteen million for I that's my spot. I'm rich I'm bigger than the ocean big and took an ocean. Yet though I was gonna, come and steal from you, the ocean stole your porch, the tax man. Thank you, Susan's,
yours, it's amazing that everybody wants to live right there, though it so cool that it's it's almost worth it Everybody wants to look at that water right there. It's nice! It's really nice! What is that, though, its? Is it a humbling thing? Isn't it An offering like the so much water is like I don't know, I find it really relaxing in just really Eddie. I it improve your mood. I think it must cause looking we talk about like peach towns, thoroughly super chill. The thing that everybody always says: yeah, beach, towns or Schubert show when all its a laid back beach community. This Super Cobb Super Common, and what is that well on top of? what I think that the waters relaxing and shit you have a lot of money to live there, so you might be chilled the fuck out. If you got some savings that
mine to Europe and science. You drive, and maybe you should offer an online course. Maybe I will just drop in knowledge. Gluten beers enough This is a pretty good right now about all Gammon joint said. What's it called should called mission or omission more, which makes more And they're taking out the gluten dynamic without gluten undertaking it out under omitting it. Do you know that it's handcrafted How are you gonna do it, then? It is very rare for the machine gun- I am a man of tastes, prefer non handcraft averages What is a machine going to make my bare demand craft me to an honor, and these are so good. They they they actually made the fridge or at the refrigerator in Burma Moliere gluten beers or non gluten beers on the shelf, gettin hot,
but these are ready for consumption. As they know, people want him. That's interesting, Batman step. Their game when it comes to that, and so it is sub became hemming. If target can have fucking tons of fritters for their little, restore. Why doesn't what is best moment have like the small area, but just for their beer? I think that's. The whole thing could be like half the store should be refrigerators. I think this part of the deal, Phillip, we get cheap drinks and we don't spend money on refrigeration. I guess Jos to yeah stack everything up. I think that this is exactly the idea staggered up like you wanted case a beer for three bucks or not- and this is there. It is around. This is for the serious drinker who knows what he wants a week from now here. Is that what it is like the Costco Avani again for the trader, Joseph only drinks does good deal. That's a smart thing. I want to try to jobs. First time in a long time recently, I was like the Supreme good spot us several good shit. It's cheap minnow about. What's the idea
it's like less qualities in some places. The idea is it's not as there is no man there's no name brands, so they make deals with all the people they bullshit from and so in terms of their name on it comes to, or maybe the other, factories. On top of that, so, there's no name brands at all. Now, there's name brands, but but they're not big Belarus, the air, and so there affiliated with these brands, whether they made a deal or whether they manufacture it themselves. This is all What I assume is going a Mamma foggy just make it should up. Yeah paternally knows what I'm still write your your ass. I do all that time. I was answer questions that another system in a high owed trader Jos, came before whole foods or near the other gather places. So I started off with trader Jos, and here I think you're right it's like small farmers and small companies that they make deals with and to buck shark. Let's not look it up. Let's just assume a right. I gathered I've been
then made fun of buying the tools to bar before our guide the work work in the register, while rich fuck me up, problems are you're. Cute is depressing lack of motivation. Why can't you by unnecessary nine now about shared, nay from me, DR subpoenaed war, for the gentlemen willingly that's a good six dollar wines. Dickhead can live a little. How much is it really two dollars for the wine and Charles Shores, two dollars and its good skin? Is it really good, ok, brain can bring some in their some key brain tomorrow. Maybe not great bitch lays image can implemented buying a two dollar bottle. Why I didn't know ass, I can do it. I don't know inability. Do I guess before I can. I got to know If the we'll have to go right here to do another part chasm and then some just thinking of time when traders will be open which passes
airport charges have you not had to backtrack, and now I've never had a it's? Actually I mean like literally, I could buy about you. What I'll do I'll buy Esther about ya by aid for dollar nor forty or bottle wine and then to Buck Chuck. And oh yeah. You do. I guessed it and try to get us a great idea, because I am no Somalia. I do not know enough. That's a great idea actually to buck Chuck for a nice bipolar. Why what's a nice, but one with forty four forty bucks supreme sunlight, then I didn't restaurant nobility, a hundred bucks for absolutely now just read in wine shithead ridiculous? Even bring your own wine and it still cos you like twenty thirty cooking fees. I hope you don't mind. What does that mean? That means you can eat shit, my spine.
Between bringing you Starbucks of them? These ends, though, because there was cheap, assholes wring our priority, worn save me fifty hours and the yellow the table next door. How much did you pay for that bottle? This bottle? is actually a finer year. A broader by myself, you're lying flat. Can you tell between cocaine? Pepsi I think I can, but I dont think I carry out only drink diet. Coke. I bet I could tell Dyke between Diet, Coke and pursue a bet might be wrong. They had a guess takes us a weird. They don't exactly no way yet again. I could easily do that yeah. You got enemies, fucking shit. I tell you beer and dark pepper may. The mountains itself is now doing can read. I was used to work the Pepsi challenge when I first moved mean
if the challenger, what is a mere work, the Pepsi? Well, that means you set up a booth in front of a grocery store and you have like a taste test. For people just walk in an hour and exposed to get inspire people to buy coke instead of Pepsi Real yeah, but that's all. I got out the coroner S, other people's gonna work worth and actors fucking. Why? What was it about? Did you see my game in good time? And there are this I knew I was gonna hate it The figures I just felt like I was, I don't know, that's rare and it was at some fair in long beach. That's all you down, I didn't want to work. That's what I was for words as what it was that makes me. Since it is found southern eight about it, I found some stupid reason. There's gotta be a way to finally african exit trap door out of those bits, Louella showed up, and I tried most of them up in. They still call me for work. I would add just as desperado get people take their Pepsi childcare and it was, aided thing like TAT, was the advertisement in early eighties for coke, but now there are trying to
bring it back. Some kind of retro style or Somethin year is Coke even threatened by Pepsi. At this point, not even Albert under the Patagonian and who I made you. As you know, if you go to any sort of a bar, you know any say: can I get a call to say is kept ok who the fuck no Does anybody know or we say? Can I get a diet coke? Sometimes tell you and some how much variation is there in diet? Coke taste is quite a few, it quite a bit during the can and actual can of diet, coke, and that shit that comes out that found clear blood as a big goddamn different fans founds completely off, because its mixed, different, sometimes and also a lot of places. Much like mexican restaurants will say that they have caused by their raises using like generic coax syrup. I'm sure arcy colors are shell. I would assume that that's the same with a lot of places, there's places we go like this is not is like the bar code that our group diet, coke- that I know
he has a different sure. I think there is now. It is a fact, however, that I don't care I China to doing so. Zero fucks may to lean packaging generically pockets and tell you which once you get EL the difference you know lean and generic generically pocket and regular generic lean park, God? What kind of me things a generic version that must be discussed, Ass, you do like a wave brown. Could he do authorized to authorize? Also, all you guys you I I think I can then no doubt with ass test Wendy's, Mcdonald's, Burger King but say what it now is an easy one in and out as an easy one. Five guys burgers uneasy women get those are the the dominate. You just get really shitty when you start on the other ones. Absolutely nobody get fucker five grass rise as delicious. They haven't. They have spicy tied to what is an occasion stylish, and we now have two different types of. It's hard to drive faster five guys if you're on these costs
much fallen over, I'm gluten free, but does the one thing that fucks with GSM? Let us wrapped around it. That's what I do it in an hour protein style. They don't make approach sound five guys Louth in view a bunch of stupid little we gas, options, you create red was Do you bloody? Well, you know it's not allergic glutinous african trash can thoroughbred unattractive studying their burger. Now the bread is good at once you get it. I wouldn't want to take a break for Blake. It's right there. When I this suffer. You got a point. And see how long it takes for? I feel it again. I wonder: what's it if you like They said that if ye gluten, that's was lingering your sister fight thirty days, we say you don't really truly give the effects of being gluten free unless you're gluten free. Like thirty days, how long have you been
on that, but if we really ridiculous you're a cheeseburger, Indiana, fuckin, filling shit for thirty days gap that seem silly, I think you're just gonna linger. You know cause like what weeds daisies system for thirty days, you're, not high. Greece's later the problem with almost gluten Frazier is the problem with everything that us do. Hippies does love. Exaggeration and nonsense and cleansing- has allowed a cleansing. There's a lot like like really silly non scientific base. Bullshit, I say as fact: well there in any of your body. Right now is off because you need more papaya that come from or again, and I need you to kill guaranteed later about gluten free, nonsense. Let's would see what says gluten free nonsense. I wonder: do you think that food pyramid still the healthiest. I know my ashes over where they re always do is get it wrong. Man they get around in the corrected. They ve got it wrong. The gluten
The food pyramid is almost all like grains and rice. Does was made for people like whenever was like a farmer or something and was working all day? You know strenuous activity will also. They say that the difference between the food that the eight when they created that food pyramid back in the fifties, world fucker was not the same. You could digestive, but wheat was not the same back then as it is today. We really fucked we'd up man, they rarely made wheat they desire it along the way select engineering they designed it just be more more durable. Is this the gay food? No, that's not the point this was a say, the pointy chip is protein. The red part yellow is fat. Blue is unrefined. Carbohydrate slack in the light blue is. Free, sugars and how what windows this created? What year this is the one
and the wider is the more years was to eat it's the current ones when it saying so, whose use pussy marker, carbohydrates and protein. According the spearmen that thing says that, but I think this province, nurseries, current food pyramid will years astute out. That's two thousand two yeah, that's a long time. Man, that's a long asked. How we got here comes the science of nutrition why this year's Time magazine says it's all bullshit time magazine. Why we're wasting billions on gluten free food, most of us paying a premium to avoid gluten in our food, are doing so without any good medical reason, a new survey from market research group firm. The Np De Group finds that America, as cutting gluten out of its died in a big way. Just under one third of one thousand respondents agreed with a statement I'm trying to cut back void gluten in my diet, that's the highest level since the company at
gluten consumption to the surveys it does about, every Americans eating habits in two thousand and nine? Who would it? What is it there was a thing says: they're, getting a positive spots where people have to understand is gluten taste, so fuckin good bread is so delicious. Yes and sandwiches are delicious and passes delicious that if PETE we're cutting that awesome. Shit! Other diet? Yes, meanwhile, the gluten factories they got together. At times This had listened to talk in shit about such amendments? Are we together in this manner. We gonna advertising your paper. If you dont support us, you know we're not going to be able to advertise. You understand if we go on a business when I'm making cupcakes anymore, man should get wet, bulletproof exec says: hey Time magazine, it's not. The calories depends on the quality of what you eat, how much he's right. She's right, bulletproof executive is right.
Mean you can have calorie, really healthy food and be really healthy. Oil can have high calorie sugar, crusted crap and be really unhealthy he's he's. Definitely right. In that sense, I mean I've got to the point where I avoid bread, if I can help it just because I now feel better afterwards Ivan China, like cutting out certain foods, to reduce, I mean the It clearly makes you like sluggish and tired is shit in fat to me, boss, delicious alma got his great, so good. Let's have some renown never ending passed a biased garden. Commanded Elzevir thinks that the gluten free, clays, crazy and evolution and expansion of the low carb trend, I could dietary modification that affects only fraction the population like cutting out certain foods to reduce cholesterol. Framing the gluten free issue as being about wellness in quotes makes it. Inclusive enough that everyone can participate. Digestive health has been
made buzz word of how to deal with health in America today. You know that's an interesting. What sort of irresponsible thing to say, because the bottom line is there is a reality to the fact that we have been changed and has been made. More wearable over the past, sixty years It is also a reality that some people have reaction to it To deny that silly to deny that people have a reaction to the inflammation may maybe they should have a little gluten every now and then, but I know, person The cutting it out of my diet, I felt more even after him eating and I feel like wasted. Phyllis drained, there's gotta be better, just make sense. I was hit by too many people are doing. It just doesn't seem to me then again, those fucking magnets, fucking when those mangas or on their rests rather gurney still has both of his on Anita. How are you have energy massive where the man supposed to do brow volunteer. That's differ
They got you either yeah every. While this a lot of people swore by those magnets, though man I talked to professional athletes swore by those Magnus. Well, you knows you know athletes and sports, it's all about like like good luck, charms and getting a good run going there yeah, there's about second yourself up, sometimes those motherfuckers those Magnus I had a guy like talking about. I was almost leaving him. I was like. So it's really helping us luck. I know my body, I'm telling you I put this magnet on and all of a sudden all my aches and pains go away. I put my my posture changed. I will injuries over four years while he up like what How my dealing with here right does fighters man fighters. Super superstar like that they like what is a day have sex before fights and they don't some of them do. But what did they pick? superstition or a philosophy that kind
that right, a lot of that. A lot of them do that, but some some of em. It's nice. I like universally right cross border pretty rational right, but some of them have like real, crazy, magnet things yeah. I've seen like high level, guys we're in maggots or on the rest like as recently as a month ago. Shouldn't get that far worse. Couple times new like why not keep alone. Have you ever anyway closer you them? No, it's really interesting, because it's a con game and they the whole elaborate series of moves that they make you do they put Bracelet on yonder liberate, take the bracelet off you. They try first one way and another for the brazilian they try another and what they do is try to move you are you try to.
Of them, were you hold your hand to lift them up and their basically, this carnival tricks right, maistly, adjusting their weight, making it more difficult or making more easy right and someone who, as understanding of body mechanics, is pretty clear. Yes, I'm like buys a close now, and I suppose you are far away before why, close? Now brazen, no one to be strong re clauses and the guys I no, no, no, no, no, no idea! You were every year you every year. I can't even get pudding that's it we're where's, my mother, Fucking Goldberg, my partner and the sea was wherewith, stupid, fuck and any the guy gave it to him by the guy gave a term that I wanted to talk to me. I won't talk to you about our while wellness, hologram magnet modification things I was drunk sounds like ok, wouldn't there man and he made me do like a whole series of things I put my arm out and resist and like
this thing, like you know, put your arm straight and I'm going to I'm going to try to pick you up. I want to move you and I can't do it and have the band on, so he doesn't like to differ ways and then in a lucky guess he convinced Rubber band aroused writ wrists actually make it stronger later he land, then I'm trying to leave man he's trying to fuck my mouth and I'm trying to like this. I'm trying to be nice. First, and then ultimately he makes him where the rubber band and then I wear the rubber band. They tries to do things to me. Dude. I see what you're doing your move and further. In closer to me and my among damn right I come on this is like this a silly. It's still can't do a good. Hell onto the guy, can't go anywhere stay put it is this. Should I gotta work? It's not real. Is this guy have one day as this is? It is
Your arms out was his hustle on the other to Larry push those who resist me as much as you can. As you can see, rebalance very crucial Bringing the type of bracelet GMO Braces makes it hard was arms. Fuckin. Do you have to believe? Do you know how fuckin dummy? That's a wonder, woman magic, Greece's masons. Try now wants to share my watch this. Now we can only but he's the salesman. And he's always put two hands, and do you not see that guy is so to resist meal, he can resist him now recycled, comparable type Bryce off again for the sick. The its design should have Now you are very important exists is proof of what we're seeing right here is the same thing again:
incredible incredible. So provable luck, it's done. Arguments hope this shit works. Well, I got in. There was like in two thousand and six seven somewhere. He bore awareness pro athletes in the USA where, where these fuckin racism, Brody Bracelet is it over. I believe it's pretty much over those la those guys went to jail selling on the area. They they had some false claims. They got soon time since the launch of the companies There is a risk in danger. I know people been sued, the hologram there were different ones. Some of the more magnets from where Holograms the hologram ones were the ones that goal the had They were so bad have run. Who was so dumb this guy, like you made me like put my hand out like this, like strain my arm, and then forget, like was to lift him breeze, was to lift me up and as like, damn it
I am almost in like there's like a hologram around someone's risk. It's a little tiny piece of other calling it a hologram. It looks like we're Circuit Board. Ok, you got a bunch of stupid shit. Gotcha scribbled, like it's gonna, be tragic to you and you put the rubber band like look like my friendly fade away, SK I have one of those Dudley and ran spell went very raising awareness is I want to fast com? hologram bracelet. Companies out there. The do use them with a pole. Premise behind them, as you say, in increasing athlete performance balance, and overall wellbeing and the point behind. Have hologram emitters, frequency in the Sosa harmonize to buy to freak it to buy into a proper frequency in the state of well being and health. The problem is they don't work you First, you need to know how the salesman wills. The bracelet
based on that you'll see that works with our to carom, I gotta do. I want to see the fiddler Rising. I gonna work we can't hurt the progress we can give any toward its coming up. You're doing I'm gonna mostly opening, but I think I think, we want to come, see em in vain, yes with Daniel Tosh September, twenty seven and twenty eight Ontario Improv with you boy, Joey, Diaz October. Seventy in October nineteenth and I'm at the door the impact of October twenty fourth, through twenty seventh, with your boy, Burke, Reiser, I'm headline in National Tennessee on. Twenty eighth,
I disagree. You have seizure today and drink to leaders a water owner to speed. This is the third time peed in the past two hours. Never I never left twice during a park. Avenue were to pay to to I guess it's water bitch, you too, Thirdly, attracts infections. It'll make you more p, more prostate problems. They make you feel, like you have to think you're an uncharted files. None lobata cranberry takes so this guy's dead. Seldom who's, the guy, the shooter guy. What happened they haven't corners, something they have shot him shot. The design of this really crazy shit. Really almost more amazing that doesn't happen more often that's true with with how available guns are not just available guns are but also how many people are coming back.
From war, how many people experience PTSD. Some people are our period. Three hundred fifteen million people in this country. That's a lot of people are still too many How many people were there? Fifty years ago here whether even to fifty anyone to her for tonight. I think, let's see population in the nineteen fifty I would say we doubled over the population in the nineteen fifties, Wendy. Draper, had a job. Let me have a lock looking to do likewise, I didn't find anything for them. Cause us fifty million stupid ridge, listen Nineteen fifty total. U S! Population was one hundred and fifty million six hundred and ninety seven thousand three hundred sixty one SIRI, you silly
fuck and fired. You know I bet I bet Google could get it right, though. Google voice it would at least go to it. Who's got that. I got that shit. Well, that's really is ongoing. Do a Google it and it's gonna, be there. Same thing. Is this going to answer, but they have that Google has a version of that enough SIRI. We ask questions on Tuesday at the data. I have never done that. It doesn't seem to bring up a lot of answers thanks being number man. Think about that number hundred. Fifty million! That's like have debt ass, that's nice, fifty. Ninety visitors have zero. If you ve pulled that's crazy raids, crazy, that's not good! I mean keeps going in that same direction, vast a lot of evil people. It's already a lot of people and the thing is a place like LOS Angeles. How is that sustainable? I don't know where you
you from them from their narrow interests. I've been back there the summer and we're They'll kill down, there were others still. Nobody there my parents are complaining that there's like more people there, but I can't tell it s sometimes there's cars on the road with us. We are in the same road and there's a car with us. Our weight line into store now is unbearable We have weird role rules here too, with those fuckin those those blame If we allowed to drive the diamond Leah, you're allowed its If you have a baby in your car, your love, the diamond lane. That's carpool, that's not saving gas. You because you humans is like have to have two life forms. Car they can speak too. We have the potential of one knave and driving yes, yes, one that, like would be going to work in their own car yeah, like your cave, you're, driving your kids of your single parent, new driving. If two kids, you drive your car, those that that's carpool yeah, she have won t that's carpool of your gun in the carpet, without an with only by
What do you mean and admitted over a pod cow showing that fucking cop away, because only poem over goes into the fog advisory? a thousand pounds until people cocksucker, this guy is I'm trying to get out No, I don't do that, mess with them and that of my points, my only get it poisons. It's an expensive took a raft of government and see the real problem is to me fuckin people when you get that highway like if you drive San, Diego Latro job, sending you gonna Friday, you ve done that before doing gigs get Ghana highways pointless. You gonna leave at one thirty, eight o clock show you do that's bullshit. You can easily run into five hours of traffic easily just to get there. It, like you know an hour before the gay, yeah
that whole Orange county thing is a nurse. I talk to someone. I met a Disneyland and she told me that she drives and every day, aren't husband both tried everyday. They live in Orange County and the drive to ally, and they do it Today they work and allay and they drive back home in Orange County and there in the car. The guy said these in the car at least two hours every day. My friend gave does that this the opposite allayed Orange County, everyday, back and forth were called. That three to four hours? Oh, yes, he's me, I said two hours every damn at every trip right and two hours of em back he's gonna happiest guys. I know I would lose my fucking mind. Maybe he's got an old are come. She probably does have on that calm, thou be a big Maybe he doesn't this part, Catherine S, rain man. That's a day I find what up Dave redundant the train is by far the train has wifi panic, fifty bucks, it's got wifi its I went to our
it's great until some drifter parks, their shopping cart. The mill fuckin tracks ran flying off careening into the woods, which train as this is a tragic goes Orange County, Amtrak or some share goes all the way down firm Elio. Can you get to the the Irvine Improv with this train prior you? I think Canada's stop somewhere in the middle whirling? Every big Am I do that, as is the that that drive to urban I'm doing by the where her November, far short of transit by way of a no Rembrandt had their first week in November? First, second, Third night Irvine Improv two Fuckin places awesome good times, yeah, that's it on club to man than Irvine and proud of fun, one say, was dislike the improv has got it nailed and like ten different locations or across the country They used to have a nail in Louisville mats, sucks Louisville when I'm gone, but the Irvine problems.
I mean the Tempi Tempi his back. I know you're those pretty good. I just play that there was another when the hand nailed beautiful. It's great. I really like it the notice could stand up. That's rate to sell loves, grew to transition when we ve been working there for sole, also bomb down that place, one under different local jobs as a different location. Attempting yachting so everyone tempers indifferent. As I never play the old one, swam asked what it looked like was it upstairs? I know The old temper was new and alongside the new one, it's it's like yet is, they're, ok, essentially Wendy out o the tens I heard today does it have to rooms, is of little tiny room to still now. Doesn't, but it does your balcony yet is about It's got a relatively simple yet here we have a little tiny room that they were using it for a while to when on ninety hundred cedar and Todd Glass yeah, you stew shows
time about the year we worked together, like heated little reminded the big Roman over a weird guys, he's right. That's too really fuckin ass, a room, over internet yea. I ve talked about it a few times, just seven coordinated, there's a bunch of people. I need to get on I've been going back and forth of Patent Oswald Legal get him. Well, but I am glad that we are. We were expanding at least getting one legal slowly, but surely ass Hannah S ass. Mouthful tron in for the first time today very happy to be here. Thank you. So much area where you been torn than I do I was in North Carolina. I was in Pittsburgh. I was in Richmond Virginia. I was in Turkey and I was into coma damned Goma Why is that like? Tacoma was fine and it was really is really nice really beautiful out
Last week I was really nice out a coma yeah washing, up there I don't know just wait. I'm a comedy club, just some water, some nice, whether while dinner, Starbucks, the people live. Where do the people yeah columns outside the coma in this aversion to coma and within the city. It's. Why wasn't where how many people are given the comb? Don't know like a hundred thousand, let's say two hundred thousand two hundred thousand a hundred. Fifty thousand split, that's a good spot. Our budget on it or with excuse a hundred and ninety eight thousand people too a very good. If it s a term now. I did my homework. I'm not gonna go on stage cold, under the legality area? Are that's a good number of live where I lived in boulder there's a hundred thousand a bolder. I like that too. I think
targeting real big. It becomes like a real. Eared problem like you just people lose their meaning get. They nominate a valuable anymore, this, their pasts. There's too many of you. People are nicer people on the smaller areas and certainly bleed and so the com is like a little small. I don't know how much smaller but stiffly smaller than Seattle, same vibe them to call must be awesome, Nk six gray, awesome sales, awesome to comas awesome, Portland or something or other data. This Tacoma that's washed and state. As wildly clear, celebrate this new rule, one as legal. They absolutely does the power following the streets are the people who voted for you know, yet with every soft drink and every meal that's how I didn't see any honest with you, you can see energy anywhere at all of their three days Anyone, ok, you cup. Yes, He asked me to tell those old shows. I gotta go guys
gases. Someone actually would have to tell like people, believe the cops to tell the truth. I falconer. I told them almost up. He can't get me out yet, but it's there I mean it's late. But I don't know what that means. What does that mean job? I mean legal and you can just go. Just looking by here, but you can get and any kind of trouble whatsoever. While the real question is due have the resources to do anything about it and if they dont do think about it and it starts spreading how they handle it It seems that they decided not dedicate the resources in the region's recent statements, so they can change that right and a heartbeat. Recent statements by air colder, where that there were, going to ignore that and allow the states to do there thing they were going to go after him. That doesn't mean they won't go after him and the way they go after was really kind of sneaking the way they glow the medical marijuana places as they did. They re them, they take their drugs, they take their money, then
they hold a case? They say cases pending and they never using money back. They never get their weed and who knows where it all goes rights. They just steal it and the goes into the coffers of the state police or the local police sir, what have you and those good luck going to court and get your money back. You know how to get your money back, so you were selling illegal drugs and you want us to give you the prophets back and yet it right in federal government. It's always illegal, doesn't matter, state lies rather a law, they think trumps estate law. So, even if you live in a just state that makes sense smart just date, problem measure each year surrounded. Can't you shit heads that are controlling all the states, the overlords, the federal overlords alternatives must be there, None of us was to have them lesser war. So this she is to be perpetually at rights charge. It's pretty ridiculous, is pretty unnecessary.
Can you imagine being in jail for four? Haven't we Why do people listen just right now that aren't jail listeners and I know they can have another If they have the internet, goddammit forgot full charge, Cobb people on the internet, didn't get on the internet and in jail, I think they can someplace someplace does depend on like how what maxim minimum, I dont know what it comes down to, but I for some reason I think that some people are access to the internet in jail could be They don't have an orange. Is the new black? That's pretty much what I base all my prison information on irish half of them have cell phones yeah like hidden I'll. Have him listen, get snuck masonry, Dildo shaped cell phones, Anna phone number- I mean I mean it's a tick tactic:
banana? How they give phones must be somewhat fucking. Corruption for his prison guards, go and shit. It's gotta be Control short. There is, as do the Easter train at my old school tag, wonder school. That was a prince guard. He was so shady yeah. It's those eighty he's a a guy that, like you, watching like one of those two shows and whose affairs we killed. His wife rang aimed at Honour Brother something only desire guy, and yet it was a guard. Such shady just or even if you go in with the best of intentions, you walk in our total dickhead would have with questionable morals, fucking work environment, endless if in the human race away last wave magic, work environment being inside a fucking cage with a bunch of savages all day, and then you to leave
Congratulations you to leave ye and guess what come back tomorrow or ten hours, so sleep somewhere else think about how fucked up it is to have no freedom and then come back to the place and then try to appreciate human beings whenever ones throwing should I get their Hocking hue and shed at you. I dont get in your mouth and others. Furthermore terrifying and prison think of the jungle. Well, there's, but at least in the jungle carve out your own life yeah and you can just be like you dont, taken his personally wanna fuck and lie in Asia. Earlier thousands gonna have and if you have to choose between living in prison and getting healthy meals three times a day or striking out to the Amazon trying to go it alone and then wandering into random bands of aborigines and trying to convince other, not eat. You avoid all the bugs Joe. Wars Caymans crop, the dials, I'm going with jungle good,
I'm gonna jungle because I know you sure you're going to die in the jungle, but at least you ve got some freedom in the meantime to rethink boy. Go you're outta died in prison to tour with dude use news, chinese finger Anchor and that's wayward hog up your whole, just and you know I mean like them. I know I hate you, I grow, I did. They said that happens. Well, it is human attention. But it's not really what I want and spears did a face. Every time I mean real weapons so mad, how long even doors? oh come since ninety. Ninety eight truths about fifteen years- and you start out Maryland. I started away you a crime is a huge mistake. So I did at any rate, are, should fear. Did it several times that a lot of people, don't you know, what's good about doing it and allay the standards very high? Absolutely I agree.
There is a real problem with some small like we were in Pittsburgh and then, like my opening guy, could make it so. The clubs like listen to smoke a guy he's fucking hilarious, again German, oh my Jesus, was he not that any guys that the club loves women always call of men like it's always it's always links and regular regulation. It was no assurance to anybody out there without example, but you know what I mean he do. Hobbema ovule driving is gas. Take the wind out of my life, but the audience really love there. Oh, my God is so true. Oh my god. It's so true you're, so right dies so true, so that was the good thing about allay. Was I got to see that, like all this stuff that I cant do raw have to be original, can't get a ferrari you can't
at the very least, can throw molotov cocktails off the Mondrian Russian. Once you can't read here, this was material he as far as material there's, a lot of shit that gets done to death and honestly before the internet. It was hard to tell what everybody's do and especially when you first start telling earlier. So you just can't figure it out and help people tell and stuff like that. It was easy to be happy absolutely surgeons, there was a hack handbook pick together certain subjects we have gone to the store for your life. To get detailed. Tampons has now fallen prey, Stag Item Prize Genk Prize check on the taverns, the joke. Been done, literally MA, more times than people What are then it's yeah and people actually tell you to be out what what's happier than that.
The fuckin metal detector with the might stand airport, and far less can acting airplane. Aeroplanes are hotel rooms. My, but you know if you can still do a regional shit on all this. Yes, but as well as a general rule yeah. Unless something really came up that you need to discuss that only apply to you most likely should drop, it unites great, because I do not pockets with Tony, I will have to watch so much open makers now like like tons and its a weird seeing how much racism is used early on immediately and just like overall hate with women. You like women like calling them bitches kinds. I saw that in Richmond Virginia. They asked me to come by like a writing session. Tab open MIKE and like like, like bit, was like a huge punchline when talking to women- and I was like hey that's funny for US guys, but when you do it in front of us like a paying audience like there, they won't like that as much one should focus its means birch
because when you first start, you really are just doing it like it's a club with the like twenty guy, that meet every week, Natalie There are probably like crazy yeah alcohol guess angry failures, their own. Well, if you start doing open my excellent endless put it that way: That is also a problem with like playing to the room. Yes, if you're playing like take to the back of the room like we are no comics fuck themselves by doing better comics that it was a problem is starting in Ella. I did every years and years and years and years and years real? Absolutely so you did bits just to make the other comics impressed. That's just what I was to do it for the first three years or so of that I never quite shocked at for the longest time really yeah. I am not saying. Oh that's what I did two percent of the time, but here's here is a good example. I did,
let's say I did Eliza Gotham on comedy central. You you host of one of those. The whole thing was savers, so the jokes were designed to fail and real jobs for the savers was, I mean well, I do a joke, those kind of shitty and then I'd brag about how funny it was that's my whole life gotham, Sir- and that's pretty much. That's pretty back to the room. Type, bang So that was like your act back absolutely who- and I pick up the pieces. You know what they are doing, the road a lot and so had lining it's like that's, not gonna work, I'm glad I did it, but I gotta move on. That's injures, you know, enable related to a lot of people, not just comics, but I couldn't for general, or is it never seen before and if they are, for they are the jokes before so I guess what it's over this a bigger. When period we start on the road is an absolutely I'm still going through it like just to get the forty five. Appeals to everybody still going through it.
You are you headline in most places now say like half the place has Persia and now what would credits to have? Let you have a comedy central presence. I gotta calmly central presence. I gotTA, Craig Ferguson live in Gotham come what is at last Comic four minutes elected us forward in is that enough to get like a headline gig on a road. It is sometimes, but it's not like all- we oughta- have em right. It's just kind of some entry level shit at this point. But that's how important man- yes we're so lucky those gigs exist yet know those those clubs and elect like I like when I look at a club and whose that guy I like that, I like to know this guy's headlines for a week. I'm never even heard of our eyes on a nice club. Maybe in others go catch on media people go all we gotta go see that manifold tron, who was fuckin awareness or that Kevin Babo are right right thinking, It is so important at those club still exist that, like the ASEAN ease in Nashville, still yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
arms everything man, that's claps alone, and that their kind of house they're kind of more fun. This year too, the chains and stuff, but they are gonna more fun yeah. Well, they are. There is a feeling to him like when you disease or lady, the punchline Atlanta, so, like you like realise, like you, do in a part of our common history. Right, that's a real comedy. History plays, and sometimes you do a chain. You feel you like tv fraud, as is in fact, gear factor is also that the difference between the this history of comedy in those places. That's on the wall, yet Z knees dear, like I took a bunch. Doesn't Burma Instagram last Instagram those areas, you walk round the walls, legal authorities, fuckin pictures? This is crazy and even the lot of the guys you you still now and still think of their like their old headshot. That that you ve never seen before. It's like an old each other is to use like run. Why are a lot of guys, her dead, sure, ass, an
usually have a whole wall, for that is among them to the wall. To the dead was dead wall and a lot of places. Now they don't have then zombies they do now with how they put it right. These have a lot of people that is happening now be dead yet so strange when just look back at all pictures and look back pictures now, like aging who attacked Africa she's going on whether you like it. It's always we're when you realise that the laws of physics apply to you to be like Vietnam, me like death, exactly it is weird thing, and it always moving to big issue. For human yeah for humans, one of the biggest issues- humanity, yes The biggest issues is mortality. The idea own design, the human. This thing that's gonna one day stop me
and here S. What carries you everywhere? The figures? The funny thing is when, like you turn on the young man, the nineties failings, they turned twenty or twenty two and you like me. I can't believe I'm grown up, I'm so than we all set at once. All its girls loves things like our authority. It's good to see. You really are home. Wigan thirty keeps him and check whether If, if you stop that browser, if you one, if you thirty years old and you have a job you feel like you're, old, well, yeah, it's all set up. She worked all hours a day every day, thirty years old, you black a mould, fuckin tired You can feel the tired you can feel the fatigue. How can we talk people when you find a mobile phones projects or we're doing sixteen seventeen our days no kind of job, expects you to be working sixteen hours, a fucking, Daniel CARE. What project you're working on
two major motion picture. Oh so they're only gonna make x amount of money and set a z review. If you work eight hours a day like a fuckin human, yet know the film businesses the worse now they were, thereby eight people show the next day or add all Dobbin fuckin wide eyed and crazy drinking coffee and too much poor folk, just read lining their engine for this stupid studio, just to make like gremlins three assumptions get ready gremlins. There is probably pretty good. I would be great the world's then yes, I did which date I thought it was falling. I loved those check, feeding lighter one like you anymore, No, no, it's ass. Well, so we will get so uptight about thing wise. You like TAT, bear fuck joy, dears, its kiss imaginary brower like a kiss
and I go say: bravo like that fucking kiss shit. I got kisses greatly. I thought I'd kiss his dagger. I like it. I can't tell you what I like, when I don't like right, are greatly you're fuckin. Sixteen am I guideline joy it right now I can tell you I, like goddammit Joe you will get fuckin mad at you know, so Joey's got a bunch of rules on negotiation, cocksucker, there's no fuckin voice, males and there's no kiss the first. Major you're really matter me he's been call me a recent imagine why he was also use. Even those in the open might get a comedy store and at the hour is like just starting out and catering and before I even got all stages do in this whole right rant about. I have you got a nice hair cut and you just want to be in show business anything if you go to fuck down a laugh factory. Does the Falcon comedy store right ear was this. This is like two thousand. Ninety nine! Something like that. It's! Why stage I did like just fine. I had this link good bit, but I was young and it was about like an alarm.
I insults you, you gotta receding airline. You gotta be sitting here like the DE punchline repeated themselves. I look over and Joe is to stand at this stage like with his arms cross like stare. Me down and so I get off stage is gonna, fuck, factory you mother, Fucker, shut the fuck up shut the fuck up shut up but like imitating my jokes and August, wow four years later is like this motherfucker. I hear of this model Are you the funniest motherfucker on the planet? You probably caught him when he was coming down. You fairly cardamon, like you know, He is a whole out. He talk market thing going on it in the room by myself, but with him during when those peaks in its various isn't it for some reason he assaulted Brian, really grounded his hand wasted and workers Stephen Seagal them. I didn't take it too. Personally, recently the audience lighted to personally we said it on stage yet the thing was pat luck.
So pilot is all about ribbon. The open makers, your I used to be when I hosted. I never did because I approach for things like Johnny, more than even anymore, I wish it well. I guess they get still have Monday of some kind, but come on Sunday night. There is Sunday Monday, the point is he's going to cause motherfuckers on the planet may, and he has no idea this ever he has no idea. I was a guy with a nice erika, yeah April Really forgot. Yeah softly doesn't listen. I love this modified. The Dunbar's namer thing yeah. He doesn't any room before you. That was Joe ideas, but he has no any room for that. Domini back, then he has to get deed and arrive at once. What I like memory Box, he lost a couple guys that month, like four years later, disguising the box, now I'll put you in the box my fortune,
yeah sorrowful, shouts out to Joey D. As I love you and I don't mean any disrespect for real he's, a classic I'm working with him and on Terrio in the middle of October on very excited about it. That's nice, my yes Ontario the shit, I'm in non terror, the first we get enough of October. I lie so like to weakens out that radio places us how high the stages there really like the alarming way under is built to replace yeah. All those proud man. You can go wrong side, Robert Hartman came to my shown Braille last week and I ll send like you know it's so now, that there's like there's clubs, where you guaranteed nothing's going around right like the set up is gonna be nice. They all look the same inside the I run smoothly. All know the do. It's nine o clock show STAR Downtown get out the amendment is to begin a fuckin time. Debt so huge, I wouldn't
would colony. Beef was for people who are willing, oh, but our common clubs. You wouldn't believe me if I were you wanna, do all the heavy lifting be Tommy Buns Brian Ben when be fuckin. Organizing me, staff and yeah having can meetings and showing weather works, go get us the tough part when between shows, when you see every cleaning up in like ten minutes you like allow well. I guess I didn't really do any work just now commonplace like the ice how's that serves nice food, but never chef there. Now foods fuckin good. They made mistakes taken potatoes. Therefore, was goddamn delicious, so a base be running a restaurant and a zoo right a car stand of comic zoo. How can people laugh so hard the ice house what's going on, No I go. There, people laughed like extra allowed at the outset. It probably seems actual because that ceilings that places the perfect Sparta its awesome monitoring people to this law drafts that set up there.
That low ceiling that such a classic set up. That's one thing: I don't see why the Improvin Funnybone don't do that low ceiling just makes We think so much whether fuck said they were pointed to the balcony, the ice house, until they realise there was no background, was somebody was hammered, might been cow and he might have been so high tat. He thought that it was a balcony. Thickly works every allow the audience was she she's, like this rooms? Twice ass, big ass? It looks like we're: TAT was attempted girl, might many times a year. Yeah, you know what it was Danziger plans at the back of the room is obeying the rules. Are you burns got lit burn? Well, that's you know. We always say that that places like everybody there so fuckin cool, the waiters are cool. The hour tenders call the waitresses. Are cool managers are cool such an easy prey to get linen because you feel confident
yours, thereby unpeopled, raised a privilege. Don't get me wrong. Yeah can make of it can make a fool out of you, but it's also responsible for a lot of important shit like most of the people on the planet. If there's nobody d king don't win. We happily how much popular we still be an honour for DE million in this country. People get drunk tax at each other. How many babies are makes people got drunk text each other six figures at least probably seventy sillies. If these a few it's gotta be inside the amount of people today, in this day and age they were. I would like to know there were directly we given birth, like conceived by drunk text. Like a drunk tax started the chain of events that led to conception. How many it's a lie. Thousand it's a lot at this point.
We're we're we're getting close to seven figures: worrying Costa million, closer million from drug texts, the past ten years I would say most hook up start out. I'm just I think, woody Think of Yad, say this? Ok, we we got phones and then a tax measures. Then we got the internet, ok then, once you start using the internet and staring social media, Facebook and shit like that one it's gonna, be the next thing. We is gonna, be the one thing that hops us out of this technology bubble and brings us either fuckin closer to each other. I think of it. The only thing I can think of is seems impossible. What does and that STAR Trek B. People around type shit. Why is that? The next thing you know there's more room for campaigns, were acquainted with, the next thing is, I think, face time is gonna become more popular
just get me, may disagree. Any phone calls afterwhile where you don't have to like. You have to look at the person willing. I think It's gonna go down the more excited about it. Either. Aren't you seeing more taxing gnomon phone calls and absolutely you write about I remember I used about the I used joke around about texting, though, You texting really large call me like they did you leave him We talk to each other, yes, where my mainly red and somewhere along the line. I realized I tax we more than I call people now we'll because can't do it, you can. You can just do just what in the mood for I just want to talk to you just a little bit at a time I don't wanna go. To getting on the phone with you. You know something weird when tax start goin weird, when you text was so bad for the baggage Lange forth me. Listen, I'm gonna call you and they don't pick up like yeah agriculture. What is what we doing here, was the reply and a game because I can't screen shot cause whilst because they can't people
my screen? Childlike gather setting the they're, sending your fight to their girlfriends like oh, I M J, and it takes them and take some three seconds to just screen shot like the last hour of fighting and do a ice. I saw that happening all the time at my access. The cylinder happens that certainly once, but you know what else happens. View It is a weirdness in texts. Desert who dimensionality to it. It does really convey who you really are you not exchanging? if you say something to me, go. Why didn't know, and you know why you should have no mobile. Ok, I'm sorry! I I really am honestly, I didn't know and they got our eye and then, like you, work, it's like relax like you, both relax. Both realize I dispersed naturally mean actress is just like. Misunderstanding that does happen, but sometimes misunderstandings relate by tax, become these fucking, weird person, things yeah what people say, shitty things to each other in absolutely because
so two dimensions: there's the one dimension of the person sending it and then the other dimension of the way you read it and then how you respond to it and then how are they going to read what you responded to it's insane? It's also. The same thing we're talking about with blogs with people having websites in writing blogs. Sometimes you shouldn't right a block and sometimes, as one way conversation that you're having about a subject or a thing is incorrect. Audibly indulgent, incredibly indulgent and not entertaining it's not like you. Your comedy writer, she like similar manful drawn and you haven't, we a comedy right- only writing something for the purpose of entertainment supposed to be hilarious, but no somebody boy just being self indulgent, whiny little babies. Writing some boring ass, fuckin diatribe. Woe is me, or I am awesome, or this person socks and just Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba that's. Why twitter, so much more facebook, because when you get When you add somebody on Facebook, you have to read like what they wrote.
And its don't don't sleep better about whatever but they're, not so the best writers of the most interesting people, so tired, Ella well, that's the best system was update, so tired, Ella. Well, are you laugh so tired What kind of an insane tiredness, I guess so broke or are we like, you know cause you will you You do comedy and you may people you don't own. They add you on Facebook, then you'll like it. Susan Jeffreys, gotta, new house, good? You know it's weird is actually procreation that was talking about Tunisia. I'm excited like so much that it makes more sense. He took off his shirt and pointed at the back and fuck. The balcony, drug replied. We realise it wasn't a person. Is anybody more funding, Bert Good Guy,
yeah. Well, that's the only good thing, as I said about ally is illogical. People here, we met a lot of really fun people here, pursuing an acutely hanging around everything else. It's like Jesus Fucking, Louise's enough we're all gonna die together, began working bombs to many people, man. I would rather us figure out a way to move to another place you know, yeah, I really would rather figure out a way to get an entire city to up and move to a better spot, say: listen, cool people. This is where we're all gonna. Do. I think that a planet over a five year period? I think it's the places that already voted. Yes on weed. I think it yeah in Colorado. Yes, you're right it's or that one of the three. If you got it like. I said this before, but you gotta Toronto. They are built
so much skyscrapers there for people like almost like they're waiting for Japan to move its way. They say that because, amid the Sony, Senator that's good Tommy, secure and Brian Cowen and the like love to get tickets and sold out badge, but we're partisan anyway still gonNa Phoenix Arizona, though, So this is really far away of. Ten percent goes out of the country. You that's you tell me, will travel way too far, but don't bring you really believe it was only when defining so put you in a fuckin, pink underwear. That's right, parading around. In share of our pie, oh wow, indeed, they were soon somewhere in Arizona worthy that you know it's medicinal there now. But if you get caught the punishments, there is a saying while there they're trying to stop at the trying to like that. The state government doesn't like it and it's not they're, not supporting the Colorado is or the way A foreign. Even is
It's all about money, man, that's the number one thing the plagues us in this and other one thing. That motivates us say it's a weird dance and whenever. Put money above above like Jake and humanity in and compassion, and then you, wind up private prisons and guys Joe our pie and making people where pink, jumpsuits and almost suffragist talking nonsense. There's things that we should focus on and this things that are just. Huge distractions and you, the problems in the than the normal ripple list culture. That's one of em, stupid dumb! You deaf, for people in jail to do some wrong, but did this whole making it? deal out of then you make an where panic on that topic Sheriff every year and ass, all yours I, you should be measured and compassionate, and you should be you know. A nice person is trying to keep nice people save and
fully rehabilitate people have a fucked up too bad. If they have fucked up to banish right, just at a certain point Jeff fix people write. This comes a number sure. There's comes for Cynthia REACH Julia, they are what named committed suicide. Two guys Nixon Guy, who had the girls locked in his house in Ohio, yeah, Castra, aerial cashier. Yeah, I couldn't even take a month in incarceration fucking commit suicide. Has he's been locked up for ten years that guy had to be tortured, tortured, tortured, soul, so terrifying that humans are capable of becoming a guy? or murdered. He read a murder, but I mean he was obviously a tortured soldiers to do that yeah. He re them, speak it court case in recent years, some kind of sex addiction,
no I'm not I'm not saying you crazy. What did you hear that Russia just read this article on CNN last night, but before I went to bed at there's Yemen's? I think you can mere there's no age. When you can marry so We got married a thirty eight year old got married to seven and eight year old and she died. You know cause getting fuck to hire a guy. You read through the article insect, although this happens all the time. These little kids come in, like with internal bleeding Fortier LUG, guys is a photo of the air force hitting pirate boat with smart bomb. It's the crazy fuck and picture as far as anything left now the pirate boat, and this is Two thousand pound smart bomb, its in the bottom up two thousand pounds: smart bomb in its about hit the boat. That is once more
it's more bomb place. If you see now no games, have you seen that inflatable missile? That kind of looks like that that you tie it on the back of your boats like linear, going. It looks like you're getting chased by missile This is a photo of the impact. This shows the actual, crazy allegedly right! This could be some Fuckin grand theft, auto and game engine shit that they have reveal dear me, but this is Well, I mean did the fact that they can do that. Now, it's the air force, one supreme that its be one, be Lancer supersonic strategic bomber isn't just useful for invading. I rackets also good for blowing up tiny pirate boats and what better way to do at about taking it out to the Gulf go and having a drop, a high tech, too thousand pound GB you ten smart bomb on an empty motor boat, it. Probably ways have as much in costs less so they did it to show
this. Is it's a test run? This is not a he'll pirate both welcome cool it a real power about this Africa that don't even have boats and adjust blowing his well, how much how much is cost it weighs two thousand pounds that ship must be right. Decorously expensive its who did that accurate that they can do that, because that Tom Hanks Trail scared, the shit out of me, which ones are the Ethiopians Take over with guns? And I look at me, look at me, I'm captain now, yes, any dude all fucked up on amphetamines. They have some shit. They choose called CAT t k, H, eighteen MA, it's like an amphetamine right and they chew it all day, like those leaves get natural, Yassum Natural Math and they just get whacked out. This amphetamines, fuckin dead, around a boat with a ladder hooker both ray I'm up and start fuckin shootin. Why people? The american dream,
yeah. I guess that's right. I'm glad didn't included in the jail, Slash jungle scenario, because I want to pick that these gettin hijacked yeah there's a guy finnish grand theft, auto five in one thirty, eight, our sitting, let's I took out, is a Gaza Buzzfeed here, religion guy, rash, vanished, he might be. Might just fuckin really be ambitious summit doesn't like that. Fine just trying to yeah. Why wanting to figure out how fast he could do? It's a good read an article because her paws kills my fantasy. Podcast cast what I'll get you like. While my return Fund Keller So what does he say about it? started Tarzan, I read. I Jan reviewed it as one of the best video games are remain yeah, it's about as good as you can get. It's pretty fucking bad ass
these games. That is getting more and more crazy, but that's what we want now mean this doesnt! That's all we want We want, we want you're, not gonna, go get again, makes you do yoga, not you know again. Makes you run around given hugs two people once they open the door to killing cookers crowbar right. You need include than number six weeks, get to do than real life? Has s you don't get to do that real life in some parts, world by if you have enough money get dirt and still not as much money as on video game air, because there's no Carmen the video game, the beautiful thing about the video games, you can run around. Bringing people not hurt anybody. The idea that people think Golly knows violent. Video games are making children violent. Now the world is making people around the world. The world is really violent. You know, what's going on a video game, nothing! Nothing! You sit on account.
You standing there watching some shit go down a funny. You nothing sampling, goddammit, some affecting anything mouthful. Tron! That's true! You're! Right again, thank you just checked out Nothing! I just heard last wrathful da madam here only answer since I'm here a sensitive, a merry go: look man on it! you do three. Our protest as I get up the fourth time at this, You have seizures just drinking water. Is I'm doing screaming so I mean what did you do to sign Analysis of upcoming fights breaking down upcoming match up sooner setting up different cards. Ok come on up the future. There is a countdown shows, and so they just sit down and they go. You know what you think about you know. Sandals rose came last chasms term right thanks for getting
those tickets, by the way, an exam ivory and knowing the giants. That was what desire with Tom Cigar, yet the the improv another radiographic Santos Ambrose, whether even better places because its storage or place you can play the balcony there, I'll yeah nice big, it's nice, its historical that places beautiful man. It used to be an old like movie. Theater old tie me like that here here with abandon over they had the whole thing is sweet placement yeah you have Don't I had a great time- I see any something we see that she lives, not it's not like any other sporting event. You know it's it's crazy. It's amazing! Those guys if fuckin incredible yeah, it's fun, the watchman. That's for sure. Well, you know how you gave us tickets and then you still, then you walk to censor Eden, scanned the tickets yeah they not all the time. No. I did some better. I walk down the girls activity tickets for sale,
and I go here which I got my own languages does, take it she's they get the seeds good, just take it. There are great you have no idea how good they see to sit next to know this. After me, entirely ones left as we were we to go to a show that knife, although we lie for the main event or whatever, so you I gave out your tickets. I did more on the same that smart, this led to his on fire. When I get a number now, I wasn't enough for the number in it for the second, the good deed, you're sweetie. You know it I will be, will find you we're next I am she's. Only of the yacht mentioned destroyer. Yet we did I'm a vague as to twenty seven, twenty eight. How do they find you, the full charge dot com? Follow me at the full charge on Twitter how'd, you get husband the full charge, some kid just name me! That's and
It is kind of stock and it's easier to spell them full share, yeah full full a few Elsie age, I r o n right. You did you leave the man stuff, what it is tat trick. You want some That is right on our eyes. A jelly Jimmy's is easy. That's it sort of over thanks our sponsors, thanks, first of all, to the full charge thing he's gonna vehicle charge, Thanks to my city, go that come Tom Jerome! Ankara freaks, Stu, I Square spaced out com. The code word Joe and the number nine and save twenty percent off throughout the entire month of September. That's Joe nine one word Joe in the number. Nine thanks. The article that come gotta, audible, dot com for its last Joe, and
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