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#395 - Kathleen Madigan

2013-09-18 | 🔗
Kathleen Madigan is a stand-up comedian and also recently released a special on Netflix called "Madigan Again"
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make an if more periods. Food is a russian unit of weight of other they. They basically enhance your brains, ability to produce Neuro transmitters all the nutrients and building blocks for the key components of of thinking they ve broken down certain. Nutrients. Tat can enhance mental clarity, some that actually boost serotonin. We, we sell stuff called new mood. And new moon is how five HTTP an l trip to fan supplement. That's my fair trade stuff and it would does? Is it literally enhances your bring to produce happy chemicals Dave have areas Well, I'm pretty happy person anyway, but yes, it definitely has in fact its little a jet scientific effect and the the combining of L trip to fan and five http. Trip to Van converting the body to five htp, so it's sort of like a time released benefit of having two of a mixed in together,
These are one those things, though, that you, if you're on and assess our eye, you shouldn't take it so your on net, I depressant you shouldn't, take it because they both enhance the ear. Your levels of certain chemicals are, don't mean, so I don't. I don't think you're supposed to to together, so be careful that, because I know that and NEO Brennan he's he actually stop taken five HTTP, because his doctors tell them he's taking like both and ass as our eye and five, if she be you, can like overload arenas, not some happy is chemicals. There's a balance man when the balance goes the wrong way. It's not good with anything, whether its adrenaline or whatever. It is that when the balances of whacked out, it's not once essentially what happens to people when they get depressed for a lot of ways. Chemicals in the first place is a third there, the brains not balanced properly that chemicals on a so, if you think about
taken anything like that new mood, or even even our brain. I would talk to a doctor, the from you until you vitamins are all bullshit right. Actors, you know it's so shocking. We find out how little time in medical school. Doctors actually have to devote to nutrition is like it's nothing like a regular person reading a book thrilling other the ideal unless you specialized in nutrition Chemistry or absorption of vitamins must die you're still. Really, though, while you know em, multi vitamins not even necessary right, just eight held in fact each healthy enough to not taken. I know and that's what I want to know who argue that need so how You dont need multivitamin shut, the fuck up bitch unless salads every goddamn meal and a big one at that and then you're eating, really clean food. You probably needs vitamins dunk itself, you know, it's even crazier its nowadays that people that can, by reports from other people, that companies
like, if you need a report on your thyroid and you're you're, going to school, become a doctor. Are you pay ten dollars per page for these other guy to write the whole thing for you? I met a guy who does it work sang right the whole. What like report like if the homework? So these doctors, went to college and stuff. They have to write all these exams or reports and stuff like that. They display people. They were unable to write him ten dollars a page. Ten accidents are so they want with work. When you go into your presidency, I have had to friends to close friends that one through the residency, one for optimal Jean I forgot my friend was gonna what what particular field of medicine but The amount of time that these guys have to spend studying is insane. My friend, John so I went through medical school and then into residence, and I got I watch the whole thing and it was it's not even humanly possible. It is basically
stretching the body out the point or just before it snaps, and then you red line it like that. Every day these fuckin people work and sixteen our days my friend Steve, fell asleep. On that toilet eating lunch and page or one off, and that work em up. That's authority was and that's how little time he had, he would regularly sleep in our night and then there in the hospital in the emergency room man. I think people are coming in with people with gunshot wounds. One guy had a light, bulb stuffed up his ass, you dealing with real shit and you have won our sleep like for five days in a row, got out the gunshot guy first light bulb man. You mean gunshots, really safer rule. If it's it's somewhere, you calf, or something about ass, big ass. Bob was one the worse ones are heard, but anyone who has ever done then see an emergency running to trace and cut back in raising stories almost every day to yeah now happen. So don't do that
instead go shaking off a brain, sits gently brain and we have the prime new primal kettlebells in as well the kettlebells, with the the Designs in them, and if you buy the rang a tank, we donate five dollar them right, tens new one. It's fifty four pounds. We donate five dollars from every sail. Of the right time, one to a it's a collective or something that helps save orangutans room. Remember the exact name, but I know it's all up on on a dot com. Oh and an I t you the code, Name Rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements. I take more sol shit that would use in real life and do years, so I stand behind it. You understand, I'm fine Look you in the music Pitch catholic man again, respect right now.
You will get plans. Wasn't line, is a thing of the grand conspirators when it comes to the planned obsolescence for laptops. Every ten million new operating system comes out to make your phone slow down. You have to get a new vote: the king that right. You really believe that they they actually engineer that accepts. I think it's even been proven husband and you have to also think that a lot of times when they make a phone, it's for once a single that the softwares design around one single graphic processor, one single processor and Bob one that every time they make a new one, they have a different processor in that kind of backs. You know engineered to make it work a little bit with this, but yeah. That's all! It's all reversed in here with Us- so has been the argument about apple. Why both so good is because they make the hardware and they make the software they made. The two go together, preferably have to worry about, like the million different android type,
that are made from SAM Sighing and this guy and that I am a ram or Motorola not always, then always like work perfectly, because that seems like windows, computers get a bunch of different shit, yet shoved in there doesn't always work perfectly speaking effect. I just found one of the greatest new tips that law help most Iphone user, especially females and is when you plug it in and you're. Looking at your storage in Europe, s like a music whatever, and then it has other and others like a super bigger like. What's this other energy, they didn't tell you what that means. I found out that is peoples Ex messages, like all the photos and videos like if you don't delete your text messages and you have or you have that one where it's like you and one person had been too and from the last year and a half, but you ve just never deleted it. Instead,
it over rights to saving all those old videos and photos that you sent a lot of data yet so minor. I d just noticed the day it was, I think, was extorting gigs of just other with a fuck is, as other measures deleting into that dump. The whole thing you can't what you just have to go through each afraid and just like swipe it to the right delete slightly can't is clear we don't have- maybe I think, even though we all say at it: oh yeah, You can just go down the list and hit the red dots. You are those they're all hit automatically. I no mean like go through here, just decide all you want to keep one yeah right right, room we can imagine. How do you do for a powerful just wait? I just got lost in beginning there. Are you saying if you get a new computer, your phone slows down oh no, no! No. No! He saying when they knew operating systems come out. The new computers come out, they they,
purposely engineer the new operating system to fuck, with the older computers to make it slower made, meaning like today, apple just released a new software update for their Iphone, so you plug it into your computer. You can updated to a brand new, it looks like our brand new operating says. Everything looks different now on your Iphone. Ok and people are already saying that is slowing their shit down and stuff like that cause. That means that what they want you to go. Oh yeah it sucks now by this new iron. Graham finest operate makes here's what you're it makes sense, but it's also a double edged sword. Isn't it I mean I'm not I'm not a technology person, but I would think that when you using new hardware and new advanced stuff. You gonna have to engineer stuff for their new advanced hardware if you're gonna get the full benefits out of that right. Here's the new operating system looks like the old shit. It's everything's beggar around the operating So what's goin just imagine now
phone you boys have our goin on here with technology I have a giant samsung. That's basically, those are dope galaxies. It's really princelings huge Estralla going online. Reading shit inaction, It's the note the nautilus one machine. I seen you know you know what we are to use all the guys at this great store, the young guys they have it course, but there also gigantic. Than in their pocket is like this in my pocket, but that's pretty big in your pocket to that's the thing about the Iphone without a case is absolutely perfect. A judge slides in your pocket perfect size, while the young people seem like the note to the unknown, the young people of the big, this big screen, and now it does for K video. Does this insanely high definition, video right off the camera does show that I found Canada, wouldn't that guy's it what's on that day in their pocket, tribe, sexy but dies of China? I guess
some room to fill with. We also give really guys get addicted to buy gadgets. They can do more. Very strange that I don't know why it is better than yours check what I can do and you can't does deathly that we always are firstly for the new shit that will never even used to describe infrared on a change to channel. You could change the China with these things now. So now, oh get ready for this folks, every so at a bar was gonna. Think he's cute. It's gonna be changing the fucking. Animals on a tv over and over again, you know footballs gonna beyond he's gonna. Think it's cute to put on romp a room. That's what's going to happen again. It's gonna happen, people, evidently use like. I am not interested. I dont know anything this on does not even the guy said now. Do you want me to give you a lesson and I was like Did he winked at you and now I don't think, I'm a girl who is twenty three, the liked me as a comedian enemies
media and allow they hear you never know when they got home, go back to call me and it rang again, I'm good works of tiny, tell it works to phone. I contacts here, Apparently it has superpowers. Do you ever use like apps, like applications for stuff ESPN That's all you're sports fan fat while sadly Rams fan. Nor the other means it says: febrile, hearken football for both Are they not doing well, I'm having a bath in a bad year football in the cardinals, St Louis Cardinals good, I watch baseball and have any other apps all around me, didn't Tommy central come central over now, everyone shops, you do. What are you doing around me? Ways
the dating ones are just now rounds for, like was sick. Restaurants issuer eight. I think we are on the road figures of town, nothing about town. It's directions ever speak to people from in York, Pennsylvania and I had irish pub and you shake it like a magic ape. All those will you do you do this, you shake, it was sometimes it says you have. Who in a figure ate all that so the GPS were somehow another was crazy and I echo ordinates it forward say that move your hand in the shape of a figure eight, unlike up just totally being punk by these there's, just a kid who put that in their so that people are Walker. I go like this all day, but I did it and it worked out like why I'll say, though around me it's the greatest app for the road. You can find anything.
Yeah yeah, pretty good Europe is pretty good like that to Europe. Is nice took as yet to see the reviews that people get to wordy and then archaeology trust, because one hour, maybe some you just gotta pull up there asked about a lot of people has allowed a porter ass people. Europe is the key That is like the kingdom of the count on yell very shed on business. You got you know, I'm a Yelp gold member guy over seventy thousand reviews. That's how they have really any other acts. Today is whether the outcome, and that I'm just like geeky yeah, That's it that's enough, and I use the web browser to get online tat thing. Tat, big China screen here, I can read anything get your email and I have a may. I pay their like little tiny computers. Now it's be weird when they become part of our bodies that shit's going to happen a nice and slow
whether it s already anyway, it's gonna be in Vienna ceiling or somethin yeah. I think it'll be on your wrist, like like going you're born, not just it will tv- and I think that can be seen in your eyeballs thinking about all that's for their work on. The high level contact lens. I got it, turn that off I guess, I've figured out The ones out. O you put the land line already have contacts. I play the lands over. My life it'll be a contact lens with some sort of sort of nano devices in it that that will eliminate things from your eyes and give you directions and show it to you like it's a screen like a giant screen in front of you. I am already predicting selling ok, I can't close up or far away like can't see it all right. So if there's some this close that I'm supposed to read I'd have to put my glasses on
well, there does lay the lens that would work now I'll take this can work for people at that vision. I bet I bet it can. I bet they just adjusted to whatever your vision is about. They just make it so that in contact lens, if it, contact lens This is obviously me with zero science. No technical knowledge of defending this is possible, but I would imagine that you would. Be able to accurately imitate the same effect, the again in a three dimensional movies grain, which is that is well, I quite good. I can't you do that in with with with the text- and which is the issue of that case. Why? you tuna, like lasses located turn it to where persons vision, wooden, wouldn't work. It's a lens, It is just like a contact lens, so you're saying you have to be fitted, your vision and then they would just put the thing that right
till they came up to one day and then went catholic Madigan. Why keep farther out these realise? We got artificial eyes that works so much better to say: let us Coop your eyeballs out. Slamming these bad boys, and there are some you'll be able to fuckin, see through walls and people think you're dead. I would do that planning on Mark Ridley, the guidelines the club in Detroit is only for ever. His mom is eighty and had a killer implants and now she's the driver for Oliver old people. France has now she has twenty two, vision. What is an ocular imply? Yet I don't really know, except that they put new eyes in you'd, have to google it. I don't know it's a surgery, though, for all people two weeks, that's all you're out of the game and then your back in a game, and she is perfect vision. What's crazy,
Brian, such schooling, silly pictures want you back your lamp, that's robot! I does not realise that system, goofy, persia ocular implants and popular science yeah a lecture. Jesus Christ future is here electrodes in print implant. Implanted in the retina belying patients can read wow, that's insane. That is insane. What do you look and then there's another one and there's another one is working on a completely different in it in a completely different area there, but there a different retinal implant that can lead blind people too to see and its act! All shaped I implants and they mimic neurons allowing blind.
Able to say Jesus fucking Christ, who are these people? It's working! Some amazing there's an eighty year old lady driver Detroit at night time considering some stuff man. This is insane stuff. I yeah I've. I find it incredible fascinating and I this is the beginning of all this stuff. They they literally gonna, have artificial bodies at work better than our body. There's gonna have to figure out a way, Your brain to it, I saw that episode of shop where there's Ottawa it's a little. At some point, though, do you really want to be immortal? blank or the beginning of a superhero movie. Why would you now? Do you really want to be a mortal gets remuneration? What happened today pocket opening out in April in public order question? Do you really want to be a mortal good question because now would have life? Is one of life is not as good as what's next. You know what have we
give life and, with their literally, is another dimension way not contained by your ego, your body in your life experiences in your password? It s. Just never answer I mean at some point. Sometimes I'm already board. Really I mean. What are we gonna do when were five hundred and eleven in Syria? they haven't you tomorrow is not the same thing now you don't look forward to tomorrow. Yes, but there's things tomorrow that I haven't done yet. It- is not doing the same things over and over again or than you like him, not just as you, though, not as some different like you just get to live forever. I think life today is filled with so many fascinating things that you can do somebody fascinate things. You can learn solely fastening things. You can experience and just read about and watch documentaries on. I never get bored. I don't think you can get bored feet for me like if you're bored today, it's because you're trying to be bored with
if you really pay attention, there's so much cool and interesting shit out there and I let go, and I will say one enough Tiree. It's why I can't find enough time. I can't I have time to do things. I love I would like. I would like a million more lives are always people who sleeps five hours. I sleep when I have to say I sleep like dangerously bailouts day day. You shouldn't really fucked around a body like that. I think when I first want to sign up for ten hours. I've not, but the people that really love life seemed to sleep a lot less. Then I do. I don't know by now. I just I think, they're silly issue you really should sleeping is one of the most important things a person can do you. Can if your life, unlike for five hours, sleep, a knife, but you're, not optimum you're? Just not you not gonna, be optimum you're, not gonna, feel optimism and I can perform optimum it's the bill Clinton's I may he did it. That was his big thing sorts narrative. He does to really now. My certainly does get allotted not done in a day good for you off. In order that of ink, I think that its
really important get at least six. I think when you get you know we stress in exercise and what are you doing during the day you bought? It needs to do press and then recharge, there's also a joy and sleeping. Why peopled our stand? The pleasure of deep sleep the pleasure. Certainly we get up so girl, I've known you, regulation is really smart. People like Bill Clinton, road scholar, guy and its five hours, and I think I just I'm not that motivated everybody's. The same though you know some people five hours is good. Are they everybody's bodies different I know from me any day hours finally get eight hours. I feel stupid like having a brain. Pills that helps to figure it out of here. These are really good. If I, u, from jet lag door from travelling somewhere, I get in a few hours sleep. I have to do something we have to use my brain like a show. Sometimes
Got you fly in somewhere you leave early morning line someone. Then you go right, onstage. But our bounds it up for make sure the night for get some sleep, shits important, counting million, more talent. I have beginning empire. I have to get aid or more. I don't know how you guys do less than eight It's it's our ten is what ahead of you what I advocated number at the last second line. The news feel like better took every got done the night the newly get done. You know even problems, things are bugging. You amazing I just sleep on your way: govern There are some survey answer comes clear in the dream or are with us While the reasons is that they think you're taking psychedelic trip when you're, I was dreaming dream chemicals with the chemicals associated with dream,
very similar to chemicals associated with psychedelic plants. I wonder if you use nicotine patches and you keep mine at night. Your dreams go into hyper dry when a man talked about this before but we have to try to do. I am. Yeah. Oh yeah, it'll. Take you on a ride like no other. I mean it, but it's almost like a fierce and all those chemicals are there from a dream. The nicotine just fast forward faster and then adds war. Keeping nicotine receptors awake. So what happens? Is that your dreaming? While things are on that,
must be turned off the evidence really like everybody should put on, attach once and go to sleep. It gets a little actually they enacts ear what I would say that they actually say don't digs. It's like. I guess there's probably something that's bad for you that you can make it really seriously injured doing that ago, while yeah whale and around- or I recommend just like, like a half hour quarter, even with your recommended at all, by leg. If you're going to do, I don't use a fortune Jeffrey no useful to give you a written for about a year by, but that I have had the patch on the whole day from having it on, and I was very silly dully diluvial. Yes, if you put a motley thresholds to bed tat, I think I is like this of Dunham kind of in dream. The, and there was I got a rap competition and I was to enter up, but you had to stouter and added
when cold metal from I saw you remember asylum law and order, my song, but my character was. I was cheesy e g and then the whole Category II. What I mean like a wait for it, and then I change it by GDP. They never knew what it was covered. In my dream, I was with Louis Black and I made him go downtown to. I had to go pick up my gold medal It was a host of its downtown Ella like Neverbend. It turns out that this is a negative linkages. Help vivid was I can even describe the metal unexamined like this crossed I box than like that you ve gotta, religiously, add why are there? Is the Olympics getting any religion? And it also makes it makes your dreams like a like. An action movie like like a like every he's really like well that
like the stories really good morning, my very clear of the staff in real life that I am capable of injuries out mean physically, I mean to think of those there. I will never thinking holding Stephen King credits, nicotine with having a really strong effect on its creativity in zoos, noort new neurons firing synopsis. Far he's out. No, he quit me said it had a big change and say: yes, it is a lot harder after the next hang on. I will tell you that I look at you, they're gone forever I had to put the Goma goes as poor my crowns out. Well, really hard after like twenty minutes, but if you're nicotine you're so chopping on Mars. Man he's rotating them behind us with art where it. Me mark and gray Canada, hot Jeremy. Me hearts always sounds the canary in the common who's, the ones you guys watch, that's like totally out of Control Workers, Germany will actually its gradual gal
grow gal with are out of the four of us I I know wherever I see that man anywhere on the planet, if I threw him to the ground, he has nicotine products on him somewhere. I can still see there in his pockets. Hoover's back back its elsewhere, with the Charles saw him on one of those access tv lie from Gotham things who was hilarious is very funny. His ears eagerly letter is do is sit down. The Jew letter is why, the funniest. He won't do hardly any more, but I begged him to do an immature he's those Gazprom like. How can people know that guy is, I don't know. I agree more, I see when it on National star he's hilarious, and yet I don't know We are in no fees doing it anymore. Yeah? What he was doing, this access tv thing was really recent, while ass, I think he's not big traveller, I say just like to work in the articles in the city. A lot out does, however, a job I don't know he's. One
guys are always kind erotic. The conversations with Gregg I ever usually about nicotine or or just nothing, just nicotine, her we don't it's like. I don't know he's hard to rethink he's, not casual, that's fine. Will you have a New York right here, but about if you looked online he doesn't have you know if he would have gonna Wikipedia? does he Europe fresh medium, resides near city, his appearance I chose late night would combine and nanny. He has had his own half our special calmly central and was a feature perform in the movie. The aristocrats he's rigour. Former at New York cities, tally seller, nay, guy powerful reveal its once a high buddy. You haven't seen you are come on I'll kick. Maybe there s a lot of nice Fellowmen regions, there is a nice guy do yeah. Well,
you did. You did last comic standing torture, who one that seasons doing now have fry Braun seasoned with one of the best seasons. I thought I really thought it was the best not just because I was on it because the first season like a lot of colleagues, didn't try, know everybody wants to see what is it and they had? They had some good people than the second one and then the third one day just proceeded to ruin it. In the end kept getting wars like. How could you take a show that has, ten million people in the summer that thirteen million people and and single Emily destroy it and they, I mean it was working perfectly. There's no reason that the committee and have to be hot there will have to be young this is crazy. It's comedy they should they just white so far off the rails. I really think if somebody broke
back in the right way like you were saying it could be fixed. There is no comedy and prime time was in July. I don't think that's the move to bring nothing, but will not that, but as something like that, what you're doing comedy bright, kill Tony, why think too? the move, would be to have some sort of a reality show with comedian. Some sort of an organised reality shows what a bunch of funny people doing. Fine thanks. It really be easily done wages follow me around doing things. During the day you can have a funny shove. Just figured out the right things for them to participate in Get Joey Diaz on controls on our severe and sent him to the race track. You gotta say: yeah, you gotta show it. Does you only the guidelines and I'd like to go with me. Just start gamble. I know at the gambling faithfulness I wanted. I mean that's a fog and show real easy. That's a hit show that show could be fuckin awareness if they would actually just let it happen. Lights: films for a day, let of age. What happens getting better than anything you right out and pretend you working in an office stop gap
So let us really gamble once you know. Let me in lieu in raw Michael golfing, the good sits shit about that shows. The comedians interacting with each other means that people like this year, which was weird too, because I thought that was another way they ruined it like, half those guys irony new and liked friends with TAT. Last like these are my friends and they just kept saying. While we need there d be drama, we need as the one I have fight with people. Just to amuse you, I'm not gonna pick a fight with tied elbow tat, that's a good actor. We couldn't off ETA, ok, but I got you have a tad. I'm gonna look like this crazy bitch to America and I am not so a MAC worth its outward, not for one episode to then that gets stuck any known and will not only that they don't give a fuck about. You know he was appointed to do this. They prove they didn't give a fuck about people the way they handle. That shown the first. Where were they didn't really let the comedians pick? Who
Farmers were that actually made it through right. It was, I news, that's why it's I'll, never judge again did as well as a fake. It was a fake judging and that's when Bread Butler and drew carry walked off cookie high number of it like this is fake, like you know, we're not really. Judging you pretending were judging through me. We shouldn't get into what was wrong with tat, choked with so much wrong with that show. We could easily like you know there's a lot of issues here. Is my vengeance. Ashen me John, have France Vegas issue, no alcohol elsewhere, and every other show I've ever seen them properly. Housewives, everybody's slam drinks in martinis itself. One of fine, John and I complained enough. I should first of all It was never in the contract that there would be no I'll call here. You didn't tell me that also has not allowed. No, it was not on the property we have to live in house for a month, comics, no alcohol
oh stoop, Riyadh, I don't even know about the pot people on that person. So nine night I dont know if they brought pot, they pray brought it in their suitcase or something when add I've been told, I would have brought his of wine or me John, would have gotten a keg of something and they brought in a six pack and they said fine, you got the bitch so much and with joy had to I had one. So there are three left woke up in the morning. They took him like you came in law, whose sole incited the next day, I might have a beer fire beer sit there drink beer, I gonna French. Unlike this fine they took yeah it's a big problem in those shows as these ideas that these producers have stuck in their head about how a show has to be in there. Just it's you now. Want to get the best sort of people's personalities that are already performers. You know have turned you have to arrange fake shit. You don't have right slump blown do things out. From with Lou, had that show
root of all evil on carry centre and we had the greatest people at a killer, Gregg Geraldo Lake in These guys are super smart, super funny and they just kept so well ass. We were scripted, it has to be more scripted it. Why why? Why wouldn't you want Andy to just go off like you had to say who is more evil? Will they all have an idea in their head? That's ancient there. Idea in their head is that everything is scripted and you have to make sure that you control what the content does. He can't just let it be entertaining or not retaining the everything. That's why I just I just saw my special to Netflix. I will never Talking to the networks is like talking, your grandparents really. It is in that flexes, like your cool young neighbor, who knows all kinds of secret things, you don't know about their help and you want to keep asking him, but I'm really like I'm bothering him I'm crazy old lady in the neighborhood Netflix. They don't care eyes. It is early rules. Now just go to your special here's, a here's, a ball,
money yeah. I did my first Peshawar them and will not my first but my first dvd, like two thousand five six, not my first one before that. But this was a better one. Thousand five did it with them? then select show timed other awesome, no problems. Nobody calls. There are very modern. You know like Showtime. Ok, so complainer we're gonna areas special on September, thirty, nine o clock. Thus, premier date- ok great and then how many times you get ashore after that we don't know what time with that beyond. If you do, I can't tell you if you find out, we let me know now: ok, of what good is it? I can't even tell anybody Netflix, you just say: hey it's is on, but the arrogance of the networks is what is going to kill them. It's like two hundred and the on Netflix. I can just turn on any What I want it. Do you guys get that like they don't
that year the arrogance? It's always they that what they have is so special CBS Nbc Fox whenever they assume what they have a special you're, not going to duplicate, you're gonna, do a lot better than our online believe it in a way that I presume in anybody there in store that checks out that under the age of thirty, I don't give a tv. A visa alot of his own. These do know they go home. A watch Ipad cables, experimental its experiences over seventy dollars worth what our. Why would they? They gave get Hulu Netflix you. What else do you need on your itunes? Go download everyone it's late, but it's there the networks, the big not show termination Rio is much but the bit CBS Nbc. They don't even know any of this exist. How they speak at a meeting. It's like you have to tell them. What do you understand that on this channel comedians can just do whatever they want now know. Will this
art and realise that their starting slowly realise their starting to wake up to internet content. When one starts like this, you some of the? U do channels if you'll just create and then They see that all my guys, guys channel as sixty million people died of tuna to him, just talking about shit, one of their enemies, finally started realizing like wholly we. What are we doing like polarities elaborate sets in there a lot of entertaining shit you're? Not even attempting, because you have this rigid idea in your head of what a rigid old damn all formula and the USA today, the other day had all the new sitcoms coming out. Bobo well may look like a racing form, and I thought you know ninety percent of these won't make it the emails while just right garbage monkey crab shrieking high, because none of this matter,
it will be a year and a half of it. At least half is totally shit now and then the stuff that isn't just total garbage there Keep it a year or two, it's fuckin hard to put together a tv show gap spoken hard and there's a lot. The people involved, you gonna have to have a bunch of different people, satisfied to many people, yeah, that's while the sick com thing like when I see other complex, and that's it why do I mean how do seizure young and if you want to spend a lifetime fighting with these people to to get a tv go on. But then, even if you get it on, it's gotta be a hit. I wanted, and I have never attempted it again. Like this is a brutal I'm just brutal, like we gotta to a point. Where was easy, I canoes radio started out in a really long hours and took a wild too for the show to find its place, but then once get going, moodily work, sometimes two days a week or three days a week like we would show up endure
run through on Friday or whatever the day before we shot was, would give the script then, like that script, problems like we would miss. Several days of rehearsal, we didn't do it would get there in them figure it out within a day we find reform because we had a down to it. We do smooth oiled machine by them, but in the beginning is brutal, the beginnings or horrible to many people, even it Kali such I'm, ever irate knowledge stuff in one of the executive, Ladys came over its head. I got it instead of sand. Gymnast here be funnier. If you said she through our word like giraffe or something I don't no. I don't care, I got I'll, do it, for you want entire fighting, I'm really eve. Warned me down, you win, you always say giraffe I'll, say it, but it's gonna suck up to forgive absurd to help meet us halfway. How do I get around a gymnast? Chimneys Giraffe Canyon
thrown in their one ornaments Doug. You know how we are doing, the man show. Is there the show that we created called made me hard and the show was. You were like a box ovary penis with a light bulb that goes off when you and reason erection. Obviously, we control the light bulb so like, major city banana, say, landslides gives you these incredible banners and They didn't. They had no problem. What we had a tragedy. I should say France. Gender excuse me party in my twenty friends they use that word and the the gig was that you know this. Guy. This box on speed let's see what really get some hard. We had all these hot girls in front of them dancing nothin and this other hot girl comes over and he's its sucking, whipped cream off her breasts like everybody's, going crazy. Then she those are pants off which penis and everybody goes.
Fuckin bananas like it's the would like that with the loudest. Oh, my god, you ve ever heard from two hundred audience farmers. They don't have any problem with that, but word hard is just too much. Well, yeah really they wanted it to be called. Make me stiff. In also really are. We were in this argument and dug, and I just sitting there going even understand what you're saying you are you saying We can have a transgender person whip the river carved out, and there was a cock that had been suffered three years of a female hormones, since car was just barely it was it was. It was a sad, sad cock. That's ok you can't say hard like you're you're, allowing this guy to unknowingly suck whipped cream off a man's tits. He doesn't even know and everybody is ok with that. Then he whips out his penis and then you're. Ok with that to discuss gonna- be humiliated by their some short. He acts is a good sport is that of various. But that's, ok.
The discharge a long time ago, one I did the tonight show at one of that. One of the sets on there and I had a joke with a set of was kids like homeless. People and they go. Do you not say almost replied the jokes not about almost people, listen to the joke, it's about kids and end. They go or maybe just say. Ah hobo I go well here is the problem. I'm not a comic the eighteen, hundreds Hoboken Bobo. That makes your back hopeful of degree worry. I love hobo interest in fit and then, when they came back with Y know, I go No, it's ok! To make fun alcoholics put homeless people. They are homeless that I'm not judging right. It's what they are It s a fine. What's the contacts has Russia is don't charges
on tat begins at length. I don't have kids my sister decades. If they're, not yours, you realize what kids really Arthur those tiny homeless people these chase around the house. Although I, when I gave a dollar hey, I fed amiss an issue in any ride, override it's silly, it's stupid and that's where they they lost their mind over the word homeless and what it cost As I said, I was almost feel my maybe shouldn. My brother goes. Don't you just Google, my moroccan cigarettes- and I got all like- I wasn't- saw Umbria still back me of lawmaking. Find me right, I got so. What am I supposed to say? Don't give that wine or money yeah a whole, though our having material about writing. The rail will carefully. We ve done some poems and people are very uncomfortable with word homeward yeah. I guess so. It's not funny They are victims involved here and a fight, but fuck wine it's a societal problem that were true to work through. We. Why knows you're blocking it? Yes, one was like
off this version of our HAWK two weeks and I ve been drinking whisky line wine out. Someone has a great taste for wine, a kind of the hand and a y know how many battles and night it was fine when it was a glass now somewhere along the Rhine, Assad pleasure that bottle has sought freedom and release now more y know. Yet what So I said you know: Hobo was alive choice, yes, People there just chose to ride the rails, maybe they like to travel on or why they did it by was the depression too. I think there's a great book that I read about a guy new things, both homer gurdy, it's a life of a pool hustler during the depression in the sky travel all over the country and, like you often times they were starving the begging people for food. They were trying to like gamble in each town like a stop along the way cuz. There was no and there was nothing for young men to deal desperate times, and some people just did whatever the hell they could
fascinating book, hoboes we're doing more things to like homeless. I just picture Santa Monica Promenade sign in asking for money hoboes. I felt like what active. There are building fires in writing trains. This is this. Is the book is called Mccurdy m c g Artie? Why a poolroom, hustler and I read interesting book. It's all this guy, telling his whole life story about what it was like like travelling on the rails and being a whole bone. I gave her food Yellow Gillies. He has enough to write and alive because he traveled a dip met. Friends. He gambled homelessness
by some kind of hang around right. There are really the swinging of crazy we're people dvd. I seen a story tat today. I thought about the clown worthwhile, in Northampton Hampton Business going around buck previous thing ever It's beyond Northampton, Massachusetts, scary as nor is it England you're right. I think this North Hampton its climate spin tat terrorizing, it's an english towns are on. Yeah Northampton Clown characterizes English town, so scary, odors of this fuckin thing it looks like it's, kinda doesn't speak, English, doesn't juggle and has balloons but doesn't hand them. Now, probably doesn't even sleep just stand there haunting our dreams. With that sinister smile, nah mismanagement stocking fear striking fear into the hearts of Northampton Uk
merely by ominously standing around in a creepy clown in creepy, clown apparel la he looks like these, Stephen King! It down this path is super scary. I dont know why, but like believing tat came home and that I was in your driveway. I would immediately turnaround Dr Straight to the police station like that's. Crazy, apparently. Doesn't he he either? Our thinking tweets, but I think he has prepared yet but you don't really, and they don't know who it is it's just he talks. Is him and he's like I'm not gonna harm anyway. Anyone ok off to go outside beep beep labelled on Facebook No, I dont have a knife on me. I just want to be spotted you You know what man this photo and his Facebook pages from Stephen Kings, it that's where somebody an idea for those images earlier that is from it. I remember that movie, who played the
was it like was imo. Now but like resembled played no TIM, someone Place Stephen Kings, who the fuck played at him. Wait now can you come over here? an emerald Conway CALM, all those fuckin video about a lot of about a guy with no legs like what the fuck is door. Don't wrong with America that was on the late night tv innovations every night in war, whooped boom fall over and regularly downy. They couldn't get away to get the next door fungal video. What the fuck was that I don't remember it started on the show. I think ANA drank arson was all. I think it started on or maybe a tent with me. This awakens with the secretary, whatever the Carol, we're not sure I bet it started as a sketch dwarf on that, and then he he off meal. I'm wrote it.
TIM curry to the guy frowning rocky. Our picture He was the court the clown s even create Yes already creepy difficulties, but they don't bother North Hamptons clown. That's what it calls himself who calls himself spot His answering questions is doing like question. Answering is untenable. You are very soon, be BP mean yeah. While ok, let's see how come the cask here, get his address off their computer and go over and say I guess: what does he crime is committing them? is not real he's rice gearing up well the guy's finding so much attention from this. I bet he's. Probably I a guess- and I would love to I say- they I sees borderline rate a fuckin blow a gasket and full postal guys handing out fuckin waves. Rest up like a clown standing here and there like. Apparently, he stood across the street from neighbours and just stared at their house for like three hours
Our position, my brain, that guy with a baseball bat yeah yeah, sometimes there's time for law may It is everybody smashed the city, cameras and dry. That guy into the forest or is promoting a shitty banned or some stupid, like that I'd down the crazy guy Mandy Judgment, if that was like the beginning of their music video- and they just have this guy- do this for days and days and days. So writing, in its will actually one direction, one direction and the clown rises, damage chases around their music. Video splashed through a pool. Bear chested, do not emerge puberty, yes, sleek I'm off under weakened. Listening to zero. Just learned but now I had, I knew there was gonna, be a new one. You know it's just a maritime things are always becomes in saying becomes this becomes that there's gotta be a new one, but I wasn't aware I dont think these boys are. That cute, though,
I can't doll. How dare you here, you? Dare you they're? Very few: do you memory die, Walmart visas, chromium right up there? I shall let you are known and unknown algal guy outlining on one of the issues on these four young man, poor little keys, Are they all british? How long is this for can combine donors, but no, I just saw story today iron along, but this is what I am a big fan of the discovery I D Channel and see which further fine, ok they're, fine, why they have always crackers ships, ahoy and crackers selling cookies man. That's awesome. Ok, I want an answer really care they're, all about the music in the Ritz. There are about on progress. You can still, of course, crackers. Dude is now products look at the products they sell. Their products are there they probably created by by,
by chips. Ahoy Warner brothers on. Why focus on this package back I'll, I stuck at the black. If I know you doing, captain symbol, I pressed the envoy package, man you're, very one direction, sensitive How dare you call me a specially live online but this amount, but on the eyes I watch allowed the idea channel and they have a whole series called stalked, and when you see what you can get away with that it not be a crime. This clown could as a lot of room left to go before him. Anything legally wrong. Really you two stammering from someone's house and stare at them into a now. Yes, some lady had this guy and it wasn't like an Ex wife and it was just as crazy person and she would call the cops and maybe right across
don't know sidewalk and they go with rapidly. We can't make up stop it. Make him stop so clown guy. You know he could keep going and go, and I think the facebook page or now you create an identity for your identity, lake you're, taking in another layer when an I would go visit his house to make sure there weren't bodies in the basement. It's too channeling Gacy two year wallets the fact that his facebook page has it. Has the TIM hurry version of Stephen Kings character, its mean it's not a happy creepy yeah. The video look is creepy, that's a person, try to intimidate yet free fever, totally free people out working or of a music video It could be a problem last a couple months and then next thing you see that the boys dancing and spinning around the clouds contrast to kidnap them, a decline as rope British miss them with the rope. Maybe they knew
The new member states. We want to make it a little bit more accessible to people that, like clowns, failure to control their own right in the middle of that picture and directors. Chair come up so that ban. I would actually have a hundred houses grand get made. This is, is corporation, gets together in this way words giving it a bunch cute guys, gonna get a bunch of songs, Itzhak and we're gonna make you sing them and they get it about love and the next thing you know you got a Ferrari whose yeah, whose in embryo fuckers live you're gonna, be completely crazy. You were raised as the home. They were staying at some hotel and I went to the attempt to go to their spa to get a petty here and I want I didn't know. One direction was there there must have been. I can't I don't know two thousand girls outside the hotel screaming their name. Why that law, ok, I'm so out of it and they also girls, don't even know what I'm gonna do them when they get him, that's two areas
Now these far there like, oh, my god, my god, they don't even know what's happening and their parents are bringing them their dignity are girls. Oh my goodness screen Ensuring didn't even know what they are actually setting up. Why don't I just like the idea of when you get em, I, like you, got one any gets in your car, Can you imagine what direction one of those girls was unloved worlds, guys in the guy just kind of study and is like look I'll go home with you guys really, like me, come on. Tell me your home I'll, have dinner with you. And so the one direction guys accept no cross detail from the eight year old girls freaking out what what difference does it make? a good at what? What are you actually doing here? Just turning this guy? He a fuck up your eight years old. You know you can't our guys like why. What do you want out of getting
oh my god. I wish you screaming and cheer from. I think if you would have on it and put it in for the eight your girl should freeze up oh yeah. It would just be over her We kidneys food. Seldom has something Syria would ever gotten ef. I would ve gotten disclosed the shank ass. He might have fainted, so happy together was at him now was always to do run round to do run on yeah. Our member states even more than I remember Sean. Why should I liked him better? It was the underdog cause he's blind. He is the blonde one She wasn't in the tv show that much he was not in this. No, we wasn't that all he was in the hearty boys with partners. Even so he became really huge to what he's more saying he's of direct. There now David's canal off the rails. As the new Shall comics hanging out with David capacity. It does somebody named comics couple com and David Cassidy. What went wrong David Building houses tells her house
wonder, actually had a big thing in Vegas for a while, the other big, not a big but again, but I was a big one- throws a pretty big because I think someone else had and then he added for awhile and eighty Emma so crazy, the her didn't work or comrades stories about on, though he just got a deal. I lay two weeks ago is in two weeks: David, how dare you you should have learned by now? Nobody d lies better recently, the now Michael's, whatever without my Santa Monica L Michael's, I mean this is because of a jug. My are going to reach a very sure major gain driving bottle blot, but Al Michael's go, hammered sound, like comes upon a deal. I check point, for example, and does an illegal you turn of rather check. And speeds away. Sands. Are your home no more have displayed, rather than I thought for user disco
right just end, they got him got one you much Falcon what happened buddy? Yes, yes, he did at all. Is football guy he's a football hockey guy. How hammered was he remember he blew and an answer. David Cassidy arrested on suspicion of drugs having in New York August twenty first really recently one time, teen dream and the Partridge friend we star was Wednesday morning, just midnight, upstate, New York, Cassidy. Sixty three
was initially put three. Now he was an initially pull over for driving with his high beams on teams reported and the officer said, minister to field sobriety test. After smelling alcohol, the actor sing did poorly and sobriety test and blood alcohol level of zero point. Ten Cecil little bit overdrawn grant. He was coughed and jailed Ma Ma Ma. I really think he was previously arrested. Do you are flawed? on two thousand ten get happening on scan footage showing him failing a field sobriety test and the officer fighting open bottle of bourbon in the car. Hard core the year he and pleaded to no contest Sally David, I guess it's fuckin hard for those people, those team throbs that become
We remember the show men while away politically incorrect use to be when it was on. Ah not comedy central. Then it went somewhere else. I will. I went out, did an episode, Dick Van Patten, and he had read a book how to make your child a star, right, creepy, right and Filmore out. It was me dick them and somebody, and Queen Latif, I remember- and Dick Van Patten was so out of his mind. He was screaming. Whoever was sitting next to me was saying this hysteria All you should write books like this. These kids all crazy. It's almost like take them battle has been prepared for this and he goes to a list of people that are completely saying. Howard. Any starts spit now all these names of child stars that went on to not become crazy right, but his list wasn't that long journey faster run. How much I remember
some men, mostly actors from way back like not now like It must be so crazy to have something happened to you early in life like becoming a David Cassie type guy. Were you enormous star, you're like a young young, young guy and you'll, never hit that height again, Sir, suddenly goes away and just living a normal life which is fine for most of us Just live a normal life Friday, but living a normal life is like a torture like like you. Didn't know you didn't make it her. Look at you, but you went away her here, you, the guy from a girl. You know this now this is a really do she got that works. The sea vs him. A house he's is real angry Middle EAST into it. I dont know what his dealers supposes a weird guy and one, most there and I was paid for something goes with. Haven't you show what about the issue
and I go? What show us plain stupid It goes to show you heard what happened to want to know what happened to it it is not on. Anymore. Do you work in a fuckin see? Are we really have an argument? Man pay for my Fuckin candy bar winner Yeah, you win my shows not on tv any more than you, working my attention on t v, yeah Jesus Christ there occurred was asleep it's weird guy like but people like to. Do that then like to look at you. Nor do, I think, went away. I think, again. So though the and do so good movie do there wasn't so good hired a movie. Didn't do so good to tell you a little tiny guy's face a lot of food or what are you? What are you drinking? going. We'll money goes away into if you're David, the attention goes away, and now the money has gone of China,
the casino we we all did it in Vegas there very nice reports all the way down at the end, though, it's not really connected, Green Valley ranch around now station casino. No, but it became Alice S always end up with the Red Rock. Now, sir, pass locks or keep Goin passed all actually, which now sport, where we, you could always walk him. Your money, silly business, my new casino swarm lakes, sahara here you're gonna wrong way. Another way to know. What's where have start us stare fires star surgeon anyway, they have a room. It's prior five hundred cedar, nay the gas he was involved. They are also well yeah, makes sense. He these guys.
Like they always have a career right, they can always like get gigs. Is forty five zero women and will always go see David cast any further trip down memory? Always do you know my father, modest, dim, Eliza, take his annex on fuck EM, just to put evacuated hesitate, I don't know I also wonder why is gonna happen? Justin Bieber, I mean come on how member when Gary Common was working her skirt gardening thinkers, fuckin thing saying that he would go on to find him and take pictures with them now gastronomy, live in one of our wanted. The cleverest became a cap on the Cleaver Scare Lake, Beaver Cleaver by the Beaver. He might be the believers. Remember when the dude from the love lifeboat became a senator yeah counters Millyard congressmen Senator what Hungary's congressmen yet will?
who is, after all, about though Dana resigned, doktor? Yes, Bernie some love, both Congress Sciatic glasses. He gonna look like a major Kyle type, but not Fred, Grandes Fred, yeah there is yeah member of the? U S house of Representatives from Iowa Gary Coleman as a security, yeah sure, There is the same. It was the wife that he had it took the photos of him dying. I was Arthur. Feeding tools supported a salary of her in front of feeding tubes, an evil that is those of the people that you attach tune. Where was he a security guard at a lot? I see the answer them forget. Someone wants How badly is their career manage, though I mean
ensuring woman. You could get amongst some spurred stole from two yeah. That's a super common thing: the parents deal from people, man you could at least on porn o Brien, that's not least, sometimes better off is becoming a secure yard, yeah and let the bunch do. Why didn't that's where the Roma is a real life? Male performers, let's be realistic. The real money for male the flowers is not an pitching in catching hi Lamby normal he's, not he's not a congressmen. More take wait. Do you know, you, these are still live. Sixty five, says nineteen five, whose in office from my eighty seven to ninety five may reside this fuckin people too crazy done better data. Cassidy,
Maybe it's in your drinking and walking true. Drinking and leave a secondary role. Its island called out to shoot dear out his window hours. I've lacking Tiger is and love. That's a thing. People love to stick in people's face. Recently, the you worse than a failure, because at least like a regular failure, like you know, you're a guy in year, just sweeping up on the street. One thing, but if you're warrant baby and in Sweden minister. I used to be worn baby right now and from now you're a push broom It's not just a regular guy, it's like how you see be privileged, one of the elite down like a child. You want you, I'm of you with that guy, so you're, serious,
I'm sitting there in a while till you probably got fired. I was a dick, but I had accident with a couple of times was like there's a couple like ones, but that one was like real specific. Like you just circular quiz himself, quizzing me I will let you should not on them, what is your pent up anger about? I unworthily sure CBS has employees mine it free for all I mean it seriously like. I think I could just if there weren't cameras walk right now, which I mean I only want to. I want to pay. There's no one to pay, did John and then do a night. Do you do it like living There are usually twenty four hours there right now. I don't go there, while now by last creepy, I wouldn't go there at night dishes, people, pests and everywhere- and it's not I like to go to pharmacies. Twenty four hour pharmacies really late at night, like sometimes like when I'm coming from a gay, Venosa places open and like to Amro once issue is up our part,
car and go wander around. You will now, because you see weird people and he sees weird shit go down at these these places, because that's one of the only things open. So usually it's people a lot of people at a cranked up, we're fucked upwards. Yes and so like sometimes when you go through them like you'll, see some shit, you see something that's interesting somewhere. If you, I did see at the CBS late. It was. It was too late at night, I'm not by eight eight o clock and farms. You saw open and this junk. Take drag queen, trying the that's right, return, medicine? I thought this is the best reason every slammed the dark ages alone. I MAC dismiss it didn't work and the laissez Sir MA am wherever we can take back open. Used medicine. Why not to work and at the weak does have a point. I don't know what he was supposed to do away with us.
A lady faster, was but clearly it didn't come down and he is not achieved the results we want. I think you should be held to give it back to dissolve. Yeah I'll, think they give that a proper protocol. Actually have established pillar these poor. This poor forest is leading like like. I need this crap a calm. Romantic there isn't. One moves, will just call the cops at that. There's a managers and see vs I mean they are. They don't come out in the public eye and there also work in the cash register to teach me how to use the cash register. No teach me how to use the self check out. I don't want to use a soft check out you're here. You do way. I liked software girl alone. Feels very space to me. Like you, don't even have to talk, people just pick some stuff up, a scanner run a credit card. You don't talk to a person, yeah very rise, nicotine patches, you got, you need a person,
Some of your problem by that should learn its search, shoot someone needs drugs. Somebody needs yeah weren't! You buy an on Amazon, so much cheaper at Amazon. A serious Listen, whether these people get on earned about the internet. I know why, you're only when nobody is undergoing Amazon via things from, I wouldn't think, they'd cell Nick team. They sell everything that exists. I buy do? Maybe seventy percent of my shopping on Amazon COM, I'm not bullshit and not to mention- allays when the most unique cities that has Amazon fresh now, which is a apt that you download that consent grocery store House like like, like next day or even earlier than that. Sometimes, where you just order groceries on an app and they come right to your house and drop at once. You Google, how long that actually takes instead of saying or maybe even closer. Sometimes I think it is some well, let's find out media. No need to not find out when you say something like that, you should always google it.
Just in managing the watchword covered my ass. Well, I googled bitch, I think, a bit grocery stores you can some of em like pavilion. She can now in an order and then groceries, L, Canada, Pickles well. I guess some people that are like super in a wealth live in New York. They do that as well like in New York, city That's like you can't fucking, DR we're gonna go. Grass right? They have to walk to get groceries so and then you gonna walk home like Jesus Christ, I gonna bring your own grocery cart. Well, yeah! Ok, What did we do there? I came back out. Same, were next day same next, I nice. Yes, he like living in New York City. That would be one of the big bombers. Is a? U changes drive to the grocery store and then come home and Poland, the driveway and unloaded like a fuckin human rights, have to live in this gigantic cage act. On top of each other, we have to venture
on foot like a Fuckin cave man and hunt gather your food, bring it back to the cave. It only works for people like like Lou loves restaurants. He just loves eat out. So, like New York is perfect for you Louis black yeah he's a fully anyone who, like new restaurant, he can't wait. He knows he's is Zagat Guide, he's a walking Manhattan, So he says in his pig Heaven Diane court have an extra like aren't you think you would understand how to drive to the grocery store by bags of it and then bring out real says too much into that. But I it bothers me, that's why won't live there? I constantly going out more. I don't like it was like my house like I don't. I don't want to get I never wanted a house with gates and all, and I want to be able to walk on to my front,
Port Nagoya, my house right and they walk out the backdoor in Vienna Backyard. I live in L, a bill areas. Yet no does this good thing about living in an ally this to my goddamn people, but you do get some space at least tat have plenty of space Your money compared to I could see the house here and flip with loo and what has to be a little bit more but its way smaller it's an elevator, filling in a hotel an apartment near coup. That people to live in hotels or eleven apartments. Their cool like they don't have any problem with live only eighty floor, not nor is noted his whole life, no car, like no car. What had occurred twenty five years ago. What? If I had a heart attack, it MA am as to extreme, maybe something you can't drive the hospital. So we just go Hale a cab.
Yeah I mean I mean hardtack you'd call nine one, but then how long did it take them to get here where they reported job suffer me all my the tax and humiliated always goober until mid, even golf like he has of clubs in some storage unit, and then we have to get the golf clubs and either there's a town car than help pay for order. The subway dragon golf clubs, or quite easy of this is too much to her. He has storage, unitary puts a shit. A lot of his anxious off yet and keep it owns little apartment, guys Department for New York is actually quite let's one bedroom one office, a big deck. The deck is right as big as the actual apartment. One is awesome, but he can't stay where everything up there are no way and so is stored unit and then you're crazy view we have to walk down. He has a really good view. He's got to hide out, he's the top of its only ethics seven floors. Yet so he's that it's a great sir.
Pillar, what view you're not looking down on the city, your ear right in he's like surrounded by always with buildings you're almost like and avoid that's gonna, go to like it. I like that looking at the other, but there's no view like that in every time I stand the argument. Take pictures avoid out the window. The hotel room always like this no view like this. This is such a weird view. It so crazy. China s work and buildings docked in on top of each other. No son like big cities in the world like Paris, there's always sunkist, buildings or short wrote, roam the building, York, everything is so high light doesn't come in. I never thought even cared about light until it was too in a way using you living in Seattle, yeah the earlier on. But up their reducing you deal with the winter than the no light gathered.
Diane meanness, yeah yeah, ruin rain, love rain. We're just talk about that cause. The directive you, my brother goes terrible or under stores they said, will. Sadly, there are none in ally he's in West Africa, That's the thing I miss the most polluted nurse now thunderstorms here are even just a guy me day one. Never, we feel like it's ok to be lazy hundred when you're sleeping on yeah sounds cool ray. It's like it's the let the skies alive yeah, I didn't even know it's under way, so I want to show you didn't know now, while I made it through the entire Missouri system and I've never told that. I didn't understand that it was the islands of the lightning being released and you could count by seconds of how far the lightning strike as an add on yeah, go one Mississippi two men of its three, the three miles away seriously. Yeah really now
so exactly the year desire that does away the way to actually it s like. If you have a stopwatch, you know, there's a way to actually judges rail safety here now there really is a formula: give you how to start working on your phone. I'm sure your phone has a watch stopwatch process stopwatch feature right. When you see the light, then when the boom had ceased culture the seconds now far away. I say it's the best thing to tell a child by workers as a kid I living in a high. I was so scared of lightning in thunder and shit like that. So my dad told me that is so like. I would see the bright flash of light number one Can I see how far crazy when you hear ones like thirty seconds way, You can see. I mean you could see a giant as both of lightning thirty seconds away thirty miles away, while the craziest lightning at our sailors. I rack, because it there was a sandstorm,
so an ally of the sand. You don't see it! It's weird. I took pictures of my camera and, unlike man as his camera, broken Kosovo dots run nighttime pictures and there's dots are MIKE. I thought maybe I got it went and they, like the soldier, guys, lay now that sand. I go. I don't see it with my naked eye. You cause you, you don't eat us. Wait, you see a thunderstorm, the lightning. I don't know anything about. Science would somehow it connects with all these San particles, so the lightning is like a spider web. Her a lightning regulate, sandstorm, yeah and probably the Middle EAST. The heat has something to do with it
How long did you gonna rack, for we could go to weeks at a time and Afghanistan from Italian? Twice. I'm done now: I've retired for another year. It will happen if I boots back. I care I care, I can't I can't do again. I may I would really have to be a major request. It's just something wrong over there. You don't feel right. When you get home, we got weird skin things, Lou like eyes, skins, in writing off right here, but, bizarrely enough, it looked exactly like Hitler. Mustache he cut off the one laid gonna hurt. Loosens daddy got arrested as clear because you, jewish you, have to so any had. Would you think you got that, the air there. Polluters- and I don't know if it was the air and then I got the same here
face? What would you get it like the swelling that wouldn't go away for no reason I thought. Maybe I was I gotta get bitten by like a sand, flee aura and the military always says all we don't know. We don't think say they do it it just weird things just not necessary to go. I feel it. I did it twice. That was enough, though, for disposal. Yes, it's in my visions, even crazier looks like a rave like and then we're like cameras, not great great the way it connects with the particles of almost like. Instead of a bolt, it looks like a spider web. Fellas amazing super freaky and we were there in winter. I can only imagine what it's like in the summer when at two hundred and thirty is probably even more spectacular, but that I think, will why doesn't that happening
is but I've sandstorms per se and vague is not like they do, nor the vaguest who stand sauntered. She had compared with an animal east. Where I mean the skies Orange from San Sand Orange, it's like an orange out. Two times. We shy anywhere the entire day they if they were like or no one can You are how and how long have you lost? It depends on the ones we got into lasted a day a whole day, though of just it's like the moon like people, should be living there Tracy or are like the guys that usages travel with their little tense malls and rob around. Maybe they knew they deal like rainstorm coming, let's get out, but to plant yourself there. I think you're asking for problems yeah, it's not a good spot. Look at that! yeah yeah yeah, very much lightning bolt through sand
Furthermore, does it interacts with billions of m, which you can see my camera so when you asked about the skin things that you guys are both haven't they they didn't their related. So they, why don't even know if they were related either I'd I'd have a Hitler moustache and he didn't have swelling we. He was doing gives any came out here and is like we take me dermatologists this funny enough. I have to go to have something in my face and then we went in the lady was like how no kids, I give you some antibiotics and I hope this works Well, she had never seen nothing, nothing. I said wall, This go down as an allergy she's like could be it was like. I should just as my sister, maybe or no normal social while two and then he couldn't shave. So it look like
shape right ear and has said that. Where is the so they just grow. Mustache must grow over the whole thing. I know you don't want to do that. He thought that crazy, as though I think it's crazier to look like Hitler, man completely ruined must ask for an entire forever that can't be pulled off loo and he took it from chaplain. When will the chaplain you're in it, but still mid, tighter, so chaplain like View he's all those things. You assume it's a Hitler. You know it's a chaplain. You could be a Charlie Chaplin, and you can't whether mustache too close to tailor, which is all related to my favorite website of all time cats. It looked like Hitler killers. I can't every day every day or we really have new ones are related wrong with you, man, my other for you. It is just a photo of the Batman cat to know him Isaac Greatest Roma nor resale? Can you just on the road to much notice I do I, my brother cause and tries to explain financial things to me,
may I also cats. You have had a sea Klein How is that? No money, money, and not by that cat? If you see it to keep some of, there's one and he's got where war to gear on really funny. It's funny now in two thousand thirteen rain wouldn't funny and ninety four and to say no, it can't be offensive closer cats. They don't know then interruption this year. They might have, does it get? What have you thought that guy Hitler. TAT was Hitler. They called killers, they're called Cutler software. We seen enough prime low stupid that's retail, I've I fall for it. This is what to do, or rather calls, and it tells me I have to pay attention. I got ok, Pat yeah sure, Pat yeah yeah, that's fine! so since last comic standing how much of an impact they that have on people, comrades
well, it got people that watch primetime did usually have kids and real jobs and go to bed and don't stand and watch Letterman align our edicts. It exposed me to new people, It's not like desire is giving way to excite. It will reduce the show We do. This will do this until this Google pulled himself now, man like thinking they decision, just another step and a giant staircase it it's not up. You're, not gonna leap anywhere from that should build on it and averages needs to know it is for now who got the biggest from that show the Vienna imagine what who had the biggest who had the biggest impact. I would say the person that got the most out of it was Ralphie. May Roger he worked it. And always an advantage which forgot you're, recognisable lighting a seriously. I can
Michael walking around an airport with John Pinot Everything person. Oh my god, you're Parfait guy wrote his. They saw him around. It is huge runs. He kicked Luke and get lost in a crowd. I am a dwarf and agreements. We walk in if I've always wanted to forget it, but the recognisable nests of and then Ralphie worked hard and worked it, and I think he still that a lot of his people came to him that already, whereas logger peoples to capitalize. Well, they care but I don't really know that they could of what we know what's a while and then some are just not stable I mean you know how many treaties, and some of them out on the road alone right oh, my god, oh my god, you know, I won't mention
Irene along, I would still just be wandering around Nashville like you, you can't allow that you'd have to send a handler something because eight or some other men down the road enough and you just kept go one way. Your career was that's where you gonna just keep going, but people ever some people on the show. I think that these ideas that just because we're really famous right now, yes, we're very recognisable right now, this I mean it's gonna last now, nothing does nothing lasts It was interesting seeing guys like Jane London. Let's get this big bump and also we were hanging out this common start. We will come up to him and ask him to take pictures. Like y know, I told you I did my first tv show J and, like ninety two so's wild, see that those wild sea, like all the sun things, are happening and how many people really light fell in love with J like they were all that was thereby,
and his stuff is Corky and funny and weird he I just know there were that many I think you're fans reflect your act. I didn't understand that there were that me people is weird as J poisons in a bad way. Right now he's very funny. If I saw the whole show J, wouldn't be they the one, I would have written fan mail to. First It's that several east body. He is funny, but I dont connect with him and I got was hard. I tried to he so sweet, but I know God this may Don't play this you I came watch, that's how bad it was like Vietnam. That's a bad experience. Was a really their battle yeah. I don't usually out I'm being trapped in the house for a month. Anyone get while
we don't they just ruined it, because I thought I was gonna be fun. I love tag ass. I love John, have round we're friends. We're gonna be funded, just hang on the house together, but they want to go out there, the artificial drama which they took away. We had no phones, no internet, known newspaper, as that would date the episode of I'm reading the newspaper. It says you s, aid aid, blah blah book in it. Yes, what you have put your boy covers, I'm sorry, but then you get in trouble for reading come on. We got another challenge for you guys, and then they driver the challenge. We have to go to challenges. They were terrible and new challenges ill thought out. So the only As for a month with their slaves, you couldn't leave.
You left, you would get lie. So what happens if I leave the property? If I run away is like a guard tower, why get shot? Is this like organs, heroes and there's somebody in in consumer in some castle up and the Brentwood Canyon, what they used to shoot porn? I guess it. They rent, display, suds filthy, whose filthy to gross on they said well, you'll break your contract. And I will see you because I really did think I'm just gonna run away. I can't do this anymore. I dont care enough to go I wonder if it would soon do they believe. By try it now, but I thought you could also say medical reasons, no tone right, eat some bad, it's what they would bring. You back has somebody like broke their leg. I think, or something and I went fix it brought him back. Airbus is breaking a leg, but fell. We could go on the treadmill Cosette made to which no ways for the filming we were so bored and then you tried.
Me and John. Let's go hike, you can't, let's exercise ye can connection says the while I should get bigger, suddenly do besides the treadmill. Are the basketball court now don't get up because it all made the machines, make too much noise? Really their filming all the time. Twenty four hours twenty four hours a day, there's camera boma. That is ridiculous. They re domed above your bed. She could master. So now you quit had a slight helplessly full clothes. I'm goin on here, Mary, I'm not going on tv, loves This is not happening, so you couldn't talk about an inch, the taming, I shared a room hospitality and we would it notes on the toilet paper. Prisoners. Like I would say This is why this is the plan. This is what we're gonna do and then she would ok it and then we'd flush. It I've ever known the Thank Cosette in ever camera divers economic areas in the bathroom. That's ridiculous, get it's done,
what people say. No, I can't believe people agree to do that. Didn't. We didn't know what they're going to going, though, did anybody stairwell consumers- and we know it was it became like how I would invasion you you re caught like when you get a pay her, so you brainwash, people, it's a very sarcoma yeah you, you know four since like hears we're going to live, and you think, ok right, you see big castle up in the hills. That'll be fine. Every The way I still had hoped for fun and they would just shoot the hope, Ryan Farrell said? It was just. It was just absolutely. It was torture awful. I didn't think you can make me not have fun with toddler How did they had it? How did you manage that? Nobody is more funding Todd how many seasons they do. I judge the one after that, those three and then, for they stop doing there. The house thing around for a while tolls yeah, but that's where got weird Bilbil
to build down here when I judged it yeah. What how than you do no idea if they would have let all comedians have what they want. You said, let me how my wine, let's have run out of his beards. Let the pot guys have their part whatever and then just fell must talk, King conversation that's funny, but it now everything was organized. Just the challenges were so degrading We had to go to comedy and for a five year old ones, there was a challenge, and I actually one that one because I didn't do comedy, I just told them story and they like to invest its all. It's like war is a kid got like me. I just We would never do that, stand a comedy. I would never accept money to perform at a five year olds birthday. Try a party saga is, I call the clown in Northampton ease available. It's that just terrible challenge.
Is that made no sense are not connected to our job, all one was I gotta do this? Is it did make me laugh to go through what Hollywood in one of the tour buses and be the funny tour guy, but these are people who actually paid so they don't really want to watch my lame attempt at bay. Funny about this tour aunt did living, though before he was a comic It was great, I said to listen and I was like a man. I got out a great tour. But I don't know he did for a living and then he told me he made half of it up anyway, and I go out what would be the difference for tourism utopia that was, I part, is all I really does it really matter. If support is all. If I think I saw it, then I saw it Get that one wise ass in the crowded knows us. I'd die parents home right right. He data downright Barton, tomes two blocks and why you never know what you're talking about my star maps,
Originally it was just stuff like that. We're like, while you have totally manage to make me hate myself, my job, my choice for being here the way to do it on his way to do a reality shows Stanhope millions were to be really fun, tunnels that definitely way, and if somebody would go pitch it, you you no you well enough. You have power, go in every network. Had thirteen million people watching it episode in summer, you that's on of these wonders american idols ratings are crap that they fall into nineteen. I'm like we had thirteen as comics american idols ratings are crap following every year. They just keep falling, really can t the warriors about people are tired of nineteen million fuckin people, because there are eight hundred about? Is there anybody left? It has an audition coin.
I mean? Has an audit hasn't or has it actually new people growing? Our prove watched american Idol known that this is a chance that break out moment. This is it. This is a really good argument. I think the judging once you break up the initial judges. You know I loved Paula, the accurate to her. Perfect she's all pulled out a reminder of what was going on, seeing that much drinking on tv since bewitched, I loved it if she ever booze guys to buy it tonight. Your second song, you just here just as regards its now there was a about it. That's the issues she won't die. He wasn't happy with things. I don't know what the matter was, but I liked it However, the matter was more of it and then to let her go on, like you, so anyhow, done, though the proper reality showed comic shit they haven't. I haven't figured out the best
parts of my show me and Duncan hanging around a moment. I thought was the best part to fund its part, whose main Duncan invest giving you a foes. Fuckin shit together, just goofing around me just so up and that we are looking for big, for it was fun, was hanging out with Duncan rain. Did you see the new Bigfoot Footprint today or do a good high road. I believe new Bigfoot print and dead, cheaper, copper. Last year I was interesting. Guy was shot that that thing that he said was a Cooper cover innocent Libya, raccoon or some no thing than over the fog. It is so your coyote with mange
It was really fresh. The body was really fresh after it shot like he was poking and it was still pliable scalp hooves. Well, it has long clause New Chewbacca. What are you saying you think it's a tube recovers newtonian rethink its relaunch like the armadillo moving north. He started they started. Ethical, cheap macabre in the news should recover a video Gabriel Wigan Shoop macabre real man shouted Juba cover. It was on CNN right. I thought I'd have imposed a purse of post or per yeah there is. August twenty seventh silly bitch has a video Phyllis Canyon CAT captures, Texas, blue dog, possibly shoop macabre.
This is another matter only count, it kills a mysterious animal array purpose chicken coop this morning and some people in the area say it could be the mythical Tupac cobra of Heroin. Creature was killed in a pig town. Security and leaning Mississippi New shovelful Jacob could also takes us there. First, if you just a little squeamish, you may well, look away. The story contains graphic images, graphic sufferance hat. Armed with its twenty two Matt, you Harold, was Coon hunting when he saw the glowing red eyes in the hay This point may Heyward logic here: DAS, for like a cat and unlike atypical coyote, the beast move to its Well, there are John you right here, Ah he resented jump down there I mean James. He broadband and showed them in which more liberal he ajar get chicken. I wish did he say that a war to retire and very wrong
funny you got one like it funny lower than is backing. I sail of one m I, like, A larger lie. Still, lady is almost without hair nails longer than a dogs on its pause build unlike any animal, a local, see the area muddle removed, a muddle refer to shoot, macabre spanish work literally translated as suck goat for the myth that creature attacks livestock draining blood by jumping down onto farm animals flesh
some good watermelon anyway. Department of wild life in fisheries says that this super God, probably more likely a wild dog or coyote with Mange, but the locals, our not having any of it. I don't know why you look I nursing a a blue go man says he dismissed the mains explanation the moment he shouted reloading, Madonna Water by Russia, light now our my god. And again on Nigeria and based on the weight of the hay in the barn another rumor. Also started going around Weird may allow further, they are more. Did you answers in League County What is interesting is that thing looks exactly like these other ones. They ve shot yeah. As more and more than one they look like
really similar almost exactly the same, an attack. I looks exactly like dealer, heart Junior, so probably real right, Israel, so it was a broken. Real animal or coyote type animal disease had discovered yet she didn't properly- was real that he's a mix between a mexican Wolf and then some sort o K. What what's interesting is they ve found really recently in America they found jaguars that have made it out from South America they started to finance Phoenix. Defining on camera traps. Yeah yeah yeah. I will hear up a pull up, so you could say import some pictures Jaguar in Phoenix or in Arizona. Was it in his head? Jaguar and a Puma Puma is Cougars Mountain Jaguars, a much larger animal loser. But more dangerous? A Jaguar is more dangerous than a lion
no more lay in danger, some outline yeah see their their spotted; they were crazy. The kitchen their funding, these in Arizona Short, while That's a camera trout photo in Arizona flagging. Pray south american cap, while that You don't get it do you know them black too. Sometimes this is this in Northern Mexico, like oh, my god, yeah they found that close to the United States border and they ve there's been some sightings of Jaguars black Jaguars in America. They haven't been dance, aided in another another. They actually widget Jamie, but they are They know they're making it up here. There's a lot of photographs of them. In Arizona luck is another one. Oh my their fuckin huge
Lord wavered and my mom are you know I I was teasing Lou. We did this big Gulf thing, charity thing and in Phoenix I said where standards is faced with the casinos our way out. You follow these pass ago care careful, the hobbling as an he said. What is at an end, their tiny pigs in attacking the night slick utility up. I said no, I google, it be people think I'm making up, I'm not the New Mexico, too jaguars in New Mexico, They say they're using the same roots that drug dealers, use. Probably I will answer there saying this in using clandestine same clandestine routes as drug smugglers. Male jaguars are crossing into the United States from Mexico illegally. No out o paper were exactly
so weight. That thing is bigger than a lion mountain liability. That amount is bigger than a mountain. Yes, while Yeltsin Jaguar there's nothing there about two hundred pounds hunt see the cat, not the car you fuck heads Wikipedia wants me Scimitar Jaguar USA was the average weight at TAT, because you're, a dumb caught, SIRI Siri Useless, bear Johnny Ass, the Google Parson my bachelor, they know more say. I know how to do it. What's the average weight of a Jaguar three and fifty pounds they can way as much as thirty and fifty pounds larger. May I just did it came answer at there are other sound on our yokota heard it waits are normally in the range of
nine thousand and fifty six and ninety six kg, which is one hundred and twenty four and two hundred and eleven in pounds. Larger males been recorded, weigh as much as three hundred and fifty pounds are one hundred and sixty kg roughly matching a tigris or a lioness, so the males grow to the same size as a female lion. That's a big male jaguars are that's a big fuckin cat. Because my brother's afresh go hunting in Missouri cause he secretly afraid at Mount lions. What he won't tell my dad back as my data fine, I'm so in when you're goin out the morning, it's dark in the woods. There are trail cams in Missouri, with pictures of their all, but two hundred pounds, outline somewhere emissary, I saw one Santa Barbara. Some mountain line in Mamma, cedar, shut up and drive and honesty was in a big ones. Robot. Eighty seven eighty pounds, but I sailed out across the street. It was fucking while like dark out I thought it was a quality for second thoughts, tea or make that's a cat tail like all my
it's a mouse line running across the street, real, quick Salazar I like offer with my. In Florida and, if my mom, my mom's afraid of dogs and I'm afraid of everything, but I went with him and we were on a hot that it was a golf course like in a keeps its well developed community. Like a subdivision- and I said what is that saw this thing coming towards the tea box and it was sauntering lake and he's like that's Bob Mount mine and I said at that sure is, and we need it. The cart and get the fuck out of here. I'm letting just walked as if it was just gonna play the hall and then it can. Walking, and I was a loud apparently the swamps. Now down there. The panthers erotic, control in Florida component the outer hand rule along with the python the by funds in the Panthers, because every iron out a Panther things started, but the python from the people dump in their paths that they could then be taken care of
Now there are allowing people to go on Python HANS, I'm like. I, don't really think if you don't know how to do that, you should do that. They should do item by item go when it we'd amount, some african people, anyone let him go we're. Finagle pass on this They have a real time without though they can't find them. They have a really hard time, then in the idiots out, and they are finding them. What's the same night. Those too I suggest you, the alligator, the largest one ever just like thy sweet. By those two guys will large one of Mississippi. I knew that more what in two in one day they broke their same record, their broken record in Malta State record in recipient, one day it was like six hundred some thousand and to people on the same day caught more than seven hundred pounders. While pig triassic. I was in South Carolina cure careful a and there
There's alleys everywhere I go, but who eats the alligator? Who kills the alligator? He goes other alligators, I said no way their cannibals because oh yeah, he goes. They dominate pond like on a golf course into the swamp golf courses that they they dominate upon and then, if anyone knew alligators come to their they just eat them weren't so whose their natural predator, except did you see? The video that Mamma and taken out in the alligator are not order? The Comet South America, not an alligator academy in case and the Cayman yeah Dad It's not a video. Its pictures in you see him. That's a Jaguar oaks. One of the animals is going and pay doesn't have spots, though didn't always spoil all case black ones, to ok, we'll that thing took down an alligator and they go. Finally, here's a predator cause you're, whose their predator, why aren't there millions and millions in Florida. It's a small crocodile to those Caymans Jaguar eating. It came in the second
Zack actually couple Youtube. Videos were now that if you can put your fuckin ferocious cats Q, all these. Most man, a spectacular look, and now it is I mean I wouldn't want to see it for creepy. I was standing blends right and so well Courses PA go? Craig now by the hand like dragging out of water why what they them? I mean that's how bad as they are. The crocodiles, not tough fuckin crocodile skin, is right in these fuckers eschew right through it.
And what does a burning falcon cab? Man? That's a really big, fucking cat, woe and they said I'll. Stop us fuck! You people! The only reason why they don't they don't do it all the time They did it all the time they are used to killing people they would doubt would be on the menu. Then not ethical people ridiculous idea that, while they don't even eat people, just don't know about it. Yet right! It's it's a delicacy. They ve heard of hey just its marital Brownsville, should I flatter it's that an everyday menu comes here the problem in any area where they do have the duchess. Already go down. This sorry went down once you show they attack part. Comes a real problem in any area. Were big cats find out that take any people? That's what that movie. The ghost in the darkness was about these I got a taste of ass, his mother, wow,
They only have in slow motion. They shone full speed. This was now, the run shovels too bad, when you see them, move like pounds something you see how quickly take cover distance, There's one look up this Jaguar capybara Jaguar, kill Capybara. What's a copy, Are we bar is a giant road and huge road and like a hundred pound, rodent that lives in the Amazon and Jaguars eat them, and they Stockholm, when these people catch them all the time, because the Cubby BAR of Feed right on the shore, Jaguar sneak through the grass ran ashore and it happens on film all the time or they just come from Russia these giant rats, it's late, them out. Will you this look? How creepy that motherfucker histories, those are so terrifying, LUCA Creepy, is ready to spread.
And there's a capybara run yep play that role like gator roll. He just did my hold it on that thing's neck. He's got a pint of doesn't even home by the neck years might face dragging him into the woods? We fox there's a few videos like this. Doesn't this is a pretty good one. There's a gang of these videos. It happens all the time there's these are rate. One word gets it in the water versus capybara. They have those things. The Santa Monica or the San Diego zoo. No yeah thinks, while there about no Santa thereabout, which once the copy have those things there, like the same as a nutria yeah bigger way better yeah look at us. This one doesn't even know they're fucking things. Their luggage wander like a dumb ass to tutor to do I'm a giant rat. What's that thing, I dare just pick pick them:
oh, my god, let it is people. Those people are right there, oh wow, holy shit. He just ran into the water. The gang them look in on his way out there with a rat in his mouth, a giant rat swarmed ashore, and I would not be standing what's this would such a weird thing that things were going to go into the water and kill? Wasn't it going you Eric H kills rain funny. Fucking people doesn't give a flying fuck that there's two boats there with cameras and guns and shit that black as at a black one year, is a dark one, at least a very bad money to shore, but they very sometimes their spots alike their whole bodies spot and can see like in the really black jaguars. You can see the kind of the little the coloration but come along. They very some of them are completely black knows the ones that are the fuckin scary. Ask me: huh
night right you, when you're in the jungle and in the Amazon apparently is the most terrifying thing, because they're everywhere, just looking for something to kill a night and they can see they could see like the fuck EM presence or on. That's why to watch had showed naked and afraid genes love. It his crew survival raining primitive survive. Already, I watched till my brother minds negative, for I was crying demanded. The helicopter was landing and kicking me out. That's last comments now turn to the next level it while it yet smoothness sampling or until we kill each other, you either die on your own, or I could kill you. Same thing. What they put them in, level places- and I know in my brother- goes while they are producers and secondly, I know, but you up: user can't stop, aspire, yeah or a loaf right have your naked in a half. Much would suck vigour bit by a war, You were naked, oh my god. What take it off
scratch. Your belly does locks on your belly and start a through just Rami rate. Their dubious erupt. You're, we're way out of butter were basically about it. Just slice wide open, galley, be easy, legal or seal for him, a little seals waiting for the others, Dennis tougher. Your way you make shoes are sealed shoes and treasure: like death and, of course, I think it's real zoos. Ok, let's see a leather. Can you make leather and seals? I bet you can went seal leather, get that wet seal is no seal original. These work waterproofing Australia and leather seal a leather. Can you make leather seals now actually can, while it's weird huh, whether made from seals. Let's try that
This might be bullshit, they get Iowa. Seven somebody posted a photo, Joe, is a serious. The average rate of a Jaguar locality. Answers now like to answer it gives you all. This shit, I can persons from the top one hundred pounds SIRI Super Rich came. Leather, I've seal biggest ones doesn't say when it made from seals, are they a pitcher of seals face? Does all this other seal, whether there's like their seals, the problem as it likes if we put our mother to seal it, they call let her see. Also when you google it s mostly, we find yes made from a seal. Can seals be made into leather? That's a good one. It's all back to the Eragon, how make a other pieces of facts
sealskins. Yes, you can now leather seal down to a liquid form non us on the right lines: cunt you can use sealskin seal skin is suddenly use, say too that it is not the point can't Canada exports the following seal products. Seal skins for skins, pelts and leather. Seal oil and seal meet. Sis is realised. This all about seal hunting some, conservation website is trying to save seals because they fuckin club began to death rate We're really their oil particular language that show what's happened, crazy. What were they owe above? The arctic circle Nguyen Tunisia to the sea, oil is what they used. Cookie everything. Sea oil, yes, is very valuable. Yellow
The fur like lamps Terrain, Dante, yeah. Well, ass. You understand a crazy people. A people on that show. Yeah see me, they sell seal me They saw a lot of different things, while that's weird, finding. Here's, Canada, not satisfied the under performance of seal meet sales according to their own website, finding a market for seal eat outside of Newfoundland continues to present a major challenge for the ceiling industry. The amount of seal meet landed in thousand too is extremely low in part because the hunt was mainly derive. Younger animals which have very little recoverable meet beaters. They call them beaters, oh my god. I suppose they beat to death, want their fur because the younger ones I ain't white and fluffy before they get old and funky beating Baby CUP clubbing baby seals. That's like Airbus man about and they sell seal oil capsules. They sell
as a nutritional supplements, I think you live. If you live above the arctic circle, you can do we want. You are you you're, living in a youngster world. You have to fit right, and yet, if you need to go club seal and I think you need your wife so shows in Alaska the grid front. The last frontier I'm watch out, one I like the one of where they live. They have like six people that they focus on live above the arctic circle. Right, that's the one, lady in our camp. I can't think of our name. It's like the! U! She has like a little sayings and stuff like this. Is the hardest woman I've ever seen ever you want. You want a beer, pork chops. You're gonna? U don't act like a port job like things like she's, always issues always hunting the wolves and other things around her camp. It's like miles- and I can't I can't
I really do believe is- is a crew up there where they stand and somebody they have to go film, this stuff, everyday, there's a family that lives in an eagle The best one is mountain man ever watch that one son history Channel and its about these guys and one of them's guy Marty Moronto. He lives in the dark North of Alaska. He lives into the woods yes to fly on a fuckin plain two hours over like woods to land the camp where he goes like for it, for two hours is flying around not seen nothin, but trees has no say, he's no nothing, but he's we re bears he's got to be afraid of bears. God cares a rifle every time you don't take a shit areas, Does it have a rifle on? That's why I of house hunters. I know it's a chick show this, but they were looking in Alaska. People wanted to get away, they want is far away from possible. Are no it's that wasn't how centres it's a show buying Alaska and so There are like what we want.
Their life from Wisconsin right and the people were, like. You know, seem to understand. What's gonna happen because they're up there, summertime right. First, what I supported it so that a minimal nine yeah we'll take it on cause, there's a bare yeah who was who would choose to what is the park? What is support? The pact seems to be with all these people. We don't need at what a beer on any other people one year taken at that Fourthly, there is something wrong: what's really mom most some people, they love the idea of living with nature, to not just about being with no people's everyday, going to see a moose through unity and bury gonna, see, there's something really magical about that. I dont want to live like that, but I get it I get that part, but when that, when that the living becomes so difficult, it would take the joy at the moose for me when, gonna take us seven hours and slid to go. Get some smokes.
Now smokes there, you roll your own. Well gets my own age. Where we got a paper, we need some bread when he's diet, coke I mean at all of a sudden live We need some diet, Coke, that's that's all you say when you live in Alaska rough on it and a housemaid out of trees. Well, ok, beer! I dont know what people need to live, but what are you wanted to store? It's gonna take us eleven hours, a slide with this guy Marty. You he's a trapper and lives work in which, like fifty below zero, all the time where he his beard entirely covered with ice and snow. Is them the gnarly, a shit you ve ever seen. The guy's walkin around his face is just covered in this light, snow, frozen beard and he's up are wandering around alone. Yeah lives alone. This is not what were you looking at, what he don't you're talkin like No, no! No! No! No! No, but you like you know, we, as you have said,
fuckin, fake guy, like lessons, drought, hates Zena, full meal. There pretending to be roughing guy silly studies show, is created because of survivor man in a less drought like the one in Leicester, Abdul. This fake shit like let's pretending to shot a moose will bring. Them was, I think, no Donna, fake anything. They wanted a fake. A bunch of things now, like look, How to make television is like I'm not forget, so they made that shown put on the same network just to fuck em, just a little, while but that show is bullshit like their guy doesn't need the guy stays no tells a renewed it, which is really the guy in the far left bare grills double. What show is this? what is his show? I forget what it's called when people found out that he was bullshitting, everybody like they stop watching it, mattresses, members, wild that's where they drop them off. Ok, yeah, I seen it, it didn't seem real no, not doing a very good job home. Again it was
it was really obviously fake. It wasn't just like a little bit of fake it was they mean. The guy would like to do all this crazy shit that you would never do like Joe Leap from the top of a nice cliff and slide down this ice tunnel like like. Why would you why are you doing all this like you're doing a start in a movie? That's how you do your surviving here. Graham you wouldn't be having fun. You surviving survivors that does your games well, apparently, they Adam removing elements that were to plan they had to. They re edited some of the episodes with a fresh voice over and proceeding announcement pointing out that some situations are in quotes presented two air to show the view or how to survive. However, five the most controversial season? One episodes were never released, never He released after Edit are no longer available on dvd flowery. These are the Rockies, the more
Desert costa rican Rain Forest mouth Mount Key, Louisa, Killilea, Hawaii and Desert Island in Hawaii. While in arms, stillness, shut out discovery channel relate it, took a hit in my world because of mega done. Magadan now believed it They lied about like the whale that washed up on shore was missing, half its body. They made up all of it have other fuckin. The mermaids was heard I'm a plant, the minute mermaids that was discovery is well wasn't on this positive come on. Look it up discovered channel now wait, you might or might have been animal planet was the biggest show ever on animal planet. People suffer It's like mom, telling you more there's a fuckin mermaid that one I didn't believe, but I did believe, make it Odin was possible. You do believe yeah I saw the viable shark that guy's been half year. Evans your camera channel mermaids mermaid,
Ok was out animal planet. I guess animal planets part every are together, here's what I meant, what's wrong with this alike animal planets horse, we educating kids to write slippage is darn, wasn't sure what one of his work it shows its animals dot discovery, dot com, that's the website, that's interesting, so animal plan is owned by discovery A planet website word surprisingly human animal planet. It wasn't what, if it wasn't? Oh no, they arrive the Navy. How would it was totally fig? They have an and then later fake mermaid. It's really does asking what they did, but that it is vital to embody maybe five as a real investigation documentary with real people. My friend, You know her husband, Tony is a scientist. He goes out or not. Why telling you to believe any of this? Just no scientists aren't that hot ever and until the other thing is, we can why there are showing it on tv channel that doesn't show fiction. It's it's an educational channeled supposed to be so is
was discovery. I cannot believe they would they took an hour on my life. I know I did, I believe, a text of my brother. It said you have got To go to evil our record negligent, yeah all fake near there just out of fivek here, I find that I can't believe they ve put this on the air, but it just goes to show you when you were talking about like how It is to make a good show, because you're dealing with producers, you're dealing with networks dry and all these fuckin crazy people that they can get an idea. It's like this go through ideal against four tonnes. Rail. Just for compromise. I just pretend it from my eyes you're an asshole you're, a fucking asshole, you made a fake mermaid, show right on a discovery. You know it's something. You would sit down a watchword, your kid yes and they would go out to work. When I go on me, you got explain to your kids. It. The people on television are liars, their conflict, nine shades. We in it in an issue on my show where
there was. We had a real at one of the absurd, because the first airing it was the weapon as whether episode I saw the first airing. They showed this thing which color sky quake in this sent in from a podcast viewer, so I have zero to do with the editing. I could say that I dont like this. Are we take this albert? I didn't see this. They just they stuck this end, as we did like. Example, so that we do them all in a few months. It was really quick and it was like within they. Bribes. Than the idea. They said yes and then we started filming like almost immediately while and it was crazy and we banged out six ourselves and made a lot of mistakes, but one of the big ones is one of the auditors wide and they put this video footage and put this make noise behind it and set a pod cat listener sent in the sound of a sky. Gwig. We're here is a problem there. Eyes whose video
that they used when they faint it was a guy. Was being criticized on the show, so the guy criticising the show is like no. Not only is that fake, like that's my fuckin hand, that's my yard, like that True this real, so I called them up. Red than the riot ACT like what the fuck do. You know what happened, and it was in some an editor. Apparently that's what they do like editors like that Create fake shit, like many reality in quote, shows all the time, so they took it out of the subsequent performances, but the first AIR episode first time and effort couple times there they had this lie in it. You know, and it's supposed to be a show about finding the truth right- and you know, there. They were really upset. The production company was really upset that it happened. They didn't know what's happening, but this is a normal way that people create. These shows they they just a conciliation,
this. I sent us the here's. A man living in Alaska will strengthen the wolves, the Wolf Pack Dan for six weeks, and this is the video we sent a bunch of wool snap at the door. There's no real wolves, their man's. You made this. They do it all the time they call reality show and that's what less Stroud was not willing to do. That's why they made the bare man verses, wild rikers, again? I will show you a smart, you are and what would happen? they got flocked because they think they're, smarter than people. They think the people maybe too stupid to know that their just engineering, the show and completely fabricating almost survive. A man is awesome because that guy is a legit, bad mother fucker, who will go out into the woods with a ten can and shoe lace and survive for a week right. That's I wonder about that river guy. I hope that's real, o bigger remand ago swam, the Amazon nano. Oh, really something all in all swamp.
Or other river hunter. The monster advertisers other guys real annually. Founded, that's real. He seems too We need to have heard to be fake. Any doesn't looked all right like to be a tv host like I, like you, re looks, but he's not all river monsters That's the guy he's awesome is he's going. Fishing is basically fishing for evil fish right. Three. The unease find em other outpourings yeah yeah. Those Wednesday found in Africa and the Congo, those giant tiger fish a tiger fishes up late with the crazy teeth. What the flag! That is, ancient shit! That's that's some dinosaur type shit! Well, that's how you know when the locals explain it and then people go. What that doesn't exist sets a myth. Where did a myth? Start somebody saw some fucked up here and went back to their people and said I just saw rather late this river, this fucked up thing and add teeth and growled like a tiger one You didn't yeah did and it was a fish. No one they found fight tiger fish. That's why I like tat. He talks to the locals yeah. He gets down with US
how can people? There was something weird in Siberia too. That's one, the first, the God, that's the tiger fresh yeah, Jesus Fucking Christ pull that shit up like that full aperture up. That's his cell, always my thing: what the giant squid when they would say ah well, you know. Probably now probably not until that they actually just recently found. But what do you see this? ashes of japanese fishermen and the Octopus taken him off the boat. Who would sit draw that if it wasn't Vulcan true, why would you through the bull shit of ominous, sketch out this giant sea monster. All me forget that good things mouth my God may seem well the giant squid, the one or things about the giants, quit it really fascinating each one. Those suction cops has a hook in it. They have like like it sucks down and there's like a hook like a big zone. I couldn't clock you out of Europe. You apart, they would do, would tear. You apart. If one
giant squids- got ahold of your body- would literally just slice. You open, like like a giant rope covered in razor blades is pulled across your body, which is could to shreds yet like just suction cops. They have like to see them all. I got mousetrap around deal and a yank China. The boat know whether these that too, but the suction cups of a giant squid have teeth yeah, it's nasty. It's like this beak like thing Porter, There said the deed. The fucking ocean is so goddamn terrifies, creepy the found some new thing. This video that they took yeah here, like a, could see that see them hook like yeah. Each one of those. Suction cops has hooks in it like that's a goddamned cat claw What can I say at huge
It is the new thing will already be new thing. It's a giant jellyfish like saying that they found a deep sea oil rig, camera, Brian pull up masses unidentified sea monster caught on oil rig cam, and this thing really fucking weird and apparently it's been identified as it a type of jellyfish You see, it's underside has like this like this weird testy area, whether with balls are itself fuckin freaky, it looks like like a giant flying carpet monster and it just underneath the ocean. I mean they eyes thing. That's why I will always believe in the Loch Ness monster. Why don't believe why? Because people that the best photographs of Interpol, the best photograph they ever had, was a total hoax, a guy made up the best photograph that was overtaken. I thought he said he didn't. I took that back and has ever Patterson felt? Does the Patterson from did he say
eight it up, and then you go, you know I did. He never said he, but he died young, the guy, who said that he wasn't in it, but then said he was was the guy who actually war the suit himself and he did and he's not only he'd most likely where that suit? He walked like it? Let you watch this thing. This thing swims by sea, the oil? Can they catch it swimming like that? It's fucked being enormous, but wait till it comes around them. Where you can see it yet don't change the contrast when it comes back around and you can actually say it again, but it gets like right in front, camera, and you know this oil rigs you're these huge fuckin things and they have these remote towers and they catch these insane deeps animals like they caught one squid that has these crab arms, but this thing comes close. It gets like way up to the camera. Now. Why don't? They think this is just like a big jellyfish?
it is. It is a type of jellyfish, that's what they they had to identify figure out what it is, but you know you're talking about something. That's just king enormous toxic waste jellyfish oh yeah, it's probably absorbing Allah Fukushima shit. Look at the size of that thing. It's so weird: until it when it gets up to the camera paper before play inside of that, if you wanna get hurt so many to accept jellyfish, so many jellyfish well fuck you up that's how they protect themselves from predation. Another discordant, stingers people get scarred of really bad to end. My escaped bitten backer, headed by jellyfish, ashes, marks on. It looks like she has a tattoo now in the back of her neck, while gently from where you know I was in the layers is somebody tweeted me
the actual explanation and our eye retweeted. It so give me a second here and I find it whatever this war. And pr yeah and Pierre had the answer, for it is that it's some type of a jellyfish but how do they know of didn't catch it cause? I see it. We can recognise it they. They know what it is. But still a lot of shit in the ocean that they really dont know no idea. The others sounds biological sounds that have been recorded that are like. Many many times louder than anything. A whale can make reigns in the lake and that on what it is, but the notes of biological sound. I think they called the bloom this area mermaids, they said it was mermaids, talking, yeah fog in decades. They'll, never put that thing on tv should go to jail. I seriously its oral educational jail. I don't care if this is on the Goofy movie channel diligence in real life pull up job,
squid with crab arms, oil rig camera, giant, squid crab arms, as is the fucking thing ever. They found the squid that has like these like. Crazy crab arms and its living, underneath the waters floating around like an alien, that's why? I always when you see those underwater oil rig welder, guys up all night Why? What do you make it sound enough? How much? How much to go? there and ah weld loosely. May tell me that doesn't look like something out of STAR Trek along its legs are like look at those fuckin. It also looks like an alien and most of those things, yeah yeah, we're not sure Geiger each hour, Geiger yeah Jesus Christ, I mean we don't know literally nine percent of this notion. I used to surf, and then I was all shark that was the end,
yeah, but the other stuff that you see lukewarm. Ah, the weird, we're jellyfish that it don't even makes sense just their up on top floating around, but then you you like a dolphin and that it that's really cool to be on your surfboard there's a dolphin right there in their totally friendly in adult they'll, not hurt you into just see one in the wild and all serve a wave with you, but the amount of coolness is not ok, considering how many bad things are there yeah there's! This is so many unknowns. Its credit will end figure. That's why I really do think surfers are real surfers I mean in AIDS I mean it did are weaker, but there, the bravest people, Why? What other sport would you agree that the playing underneath the playing field are was dangerous. Things on earth. Tat at any moment can come Albany you like
we're going to soccer field, or they. So we have eleven lions. Underneath the feel any moment the lions can be released EU well. We were in Hawaii the week that two people I've been by sharks per recently just this week over this month, rather, one per died and another person got his leg, fucked up one. The Big Ireland got bit and then the woman, why were there died? She got her arm ripped off by a shark the german lady I read about yeah. Meanwhile, we were in the water. We were in that same water, and I was that we were joking around. It was like humanity and if we were at a picnic, a werewolf came in and Someone's chest open and ran back in the woods. Riverlike. Well, look, there's not them anywhere wolves, and this is where they lived habitat we're just as key player. We could do with a partner in drawing the woods with sticks. We would have liked centre in a good ally people out there making sure that they were stood guard and why certain areas why,
understand like in Australia? They do have a big net at dawn the one beach binding. Each there's a giant net, sharks are yeah, but it then anti. That people were, ned there holes, but here and keep out the sea snakes. Emily Ex Ante ocean can kill you. I didn't marry lots. Google, if you go for how many poyser sex in the ocean, I asked my Google doesnt everything in Australia kill. You, though, Australia's like one of the most dangerous place, most poisonous snakes online to an hour Will you can't even live in the middle Australia like deliver on the edges begins the middle and your fuck, the nettles. Even worse, my friend lives in it.
Yet I might now be scared. How many come on to the matter in the ocean was sir dinners and horny network? How many poisonous snakes are in the ocean. The bridges useless she's to navigate suffer faculties. Your Iphone follows venom. Venomous, see snakes, lots, so the net okay, so you got kept the sharks out, that's great, but what about everything else there is one in my pants along snake most venomous, the sea snakes, Western Pacific Atlantic of the Atlantic, The Caribbean and the Red Sea have no see snakes even dead specimens round. The beach should not be touched because
species, are known to feign death when stranded by the tide and once dead, even decapitate snakes can still administer a reflex bite off Did you see the copper head bite? Its own body said: ask her off my daddy's, who tell us that we were kids and we then believe them. Yet, Snakes apparently, the their head can work for a long long time like a day to say, Sundown Sundown, sun up to Sundown does whatever just decides to clamp down on you and inject you with poison. They just try to me. Sure for sure that you don't get out of this. They want to get you. They have like a bunch of different fail, safe set up, so they can get you with that. What's goin on here, jellyfish me. I said my friend one night. Looking attached to this isn't exactly alike. What hers looks like almost looks like somebody all my Tudor looks like a brand. That's it saying that that's all from a jellyfish early- I don't want to go back to that one. Above holy FUCK,
for like a long time. Like six months to a year, look at Santa Carla looks like they be permanent. What's the broken born member opposed this a jail, our wolf, our often house. Look it up for top that's crazy! No! It's like somebody like, while rules fire. Was closed in over a liar plastic mentioned was pretty bad as I began Nicole would not feel good name up. You're gonna! Do that why Spain scarf slowly? cool she's getting jellyfish system There's dangerous, cobras? Woe, yet what the fuck Those are the ones that are in Australia, they're, everywhere, leather They rejected at from our a land snake, but therein Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean warm waters. Yet so oh there's sixteen times to see snake fifty seven species, a sea stakes we already have of apart ass new terms how big kangaroos get they can kill people there's you o f
their huge beat the crap on EU rules like working kangaroos yellow got you really guts out yet fucking they re just by, can european single. Well, yes, I will say what their only really in Australia rights, ten thousands who seventeen or go term, though we count kids yeah humans how many people are killed by Tang arose in Australia each year, and the answer is as extremely rare, it's very rare rare. Apart from road deaths caused by hitting swerving Miss kangaroos, the only reliable, documented cases fatality from cat,
or tat occurred in New South Wales. In nineteen thirty six a hunter was killed when he tried to rescue two dogs from a heated fray with a kangaroo ha that's interesting. There's videos of them go and psycho online, a kangaroo getting angry. Yet they are gone courses and stuff where young people are all don't like to be. The government trust covered up. Try to cover up kangaroo. Does he think tat? I got this. That's it Sarah cut off in a bite, that's insane! That's insane its China get them people and its head is chopped off twenty four hours like
You could try above its body in a lot of spots and are still stay alive for a long time. They will an eighth of its true, but I do it also. I gave you the tells them they of grow and primitive animal snake. See that hair supposed to be terrifying, there is a group that was working hard to conserve the can commodo dragon, they were talked about how important it is to conserve the largest fall livered lizard species. Will you and your right where you one of those shooting stuff it take videos of the rest and then nuke Space fly above in a jet and shoot rockets into those country lizards there. And terrifying they have actual ism in their saliva ever seen how Commodo Dragon kills now, Google commodo Dragon kills Water Buffalo, they just wanna, bite them and then follow them for a few days until they just four from the top saliva they fall to the ground, and then this
eaten them guts for whether they live in China. Commodo islands somewhat, but tomorrow giants where they were. Dominated city one or the other limited to one island? Really there not only I thought you were like in I mean they're in zoos right they are. There thing called the iron dwarfism and it's one of the reasons why they were right concerned like that that it works on everything, but it doesn't work at everything. It does work on lizards, like events are smaller than small elephants that are trapped in Ireland, and people becomes more in the chapter on islands and audits So when the reasons why I believe the island Flores had those little tiny, Hobbit people has three foot tall people. I think in called island dwarfism, but it with lizards, is the exact opposite. When you but lizards on an island. They get fuckin big. It's really weird like this thing boom. He just by
the leg and once he buys its leg. You mean his the toxicity of this country, lizard saliva they thousand around for a few days and those poor fuck to start shaking like we're gonna museum. Is I barely gettin by and then the can on a dragon, just wait and right there to Gm Jack, I'm guts first, while it's just crazy that there's anything left word dragon in it. Yeah. I mean it's in a few indonesian islands, Commodo Wrinkle, Flores Gill dog and powder are those of the islands where this thing exists. Those Natural Ireland. So it's basically all live there. Amongst them. Islands of Indonesia, some some of the islands now so many islands are unpopular I believe, but some of them I mean you. This thing is that's a scary, fuckin thing: how do you kill it issued its normal sheriff boards, fire
gets there was a an incident, were Sharon's stone was married to disguise or your reporter, or some shit like that, and they went cage with. Can I remember yeah will end didn't he got it right, but its foot So, as far as a rabbit and why socks on so that the Cologne Audrey Thought his foot was a rabbit and his he I've fucked. You guys don't think he died. I think he was really badly her getting. Worst yeah, why Marilla Dragon? Let's see remember the racist share yesterday that magnetic bracelets like when you get a lot of email. They work Brian, devising, really thereunder super schedule, and I think that bullshit naughty sceptical but cynical and you use your bro science. That's lairs the eternal locked out like a habit of magnets, but the bear.
Survival bracelet. Those are actually common you by those it like low whistle all the camp ground places already. I put it like that they ve cell, in those things forever, not what a stupid whistle attached to browse product moved to have like what are that? What's the reasoning, if you caught one of those threads one of those you can unravel that thing, and you have like several yards of really strong rope that you can use survival, likely we're gonna do with that road can carry your way. You can drag things whether you could make a packaging bring bundled up sticks and carry out you could bring about your camp like you can use it for survival anything to eat turn it did like when you would need some rope. He can use that stuff. Are there to help you protected from there s an. I willingly attire. This love rope around the bears out why insulating you're? Now, unless you are just games with a range of issues, is really brown ass, a rope so the so this thing attack this do
is San Francisco Chronicle editor filled Bronson. Who was married to chance down who they are being treated to a price? tour of the reptiles cage, the Ella Zoo and You didn't have a shoes on I don't know why. I guess, like your shoes carry diseases is something there worried about the fuckin dragon, this county monster with saliva that they might delay. Why would you want to get in a cage anyway? to start with. Let's take a private tour. Of the outbreak of the animals home. That's going to kill you, you almost severed off big toe. The damage was exacerbated by the fact that broadcasting was barefoot at the time who so buzzing white socks yet room. Is white tennis shoes before entering the cage. After learning that the lizard was fed on a diet of white rats and mice, confused runs teens feats for his next meal, so this do bitch take issues. Often our one of the photographs makers are a fuckin rabbit silence royal foot. The creature proved more myopic, then officials anticipated
while stone, who watched horrified from outside the cage later told, separatist or chronicle that the lizard clamp down on broad these foot and became thrashing its body to and fro, fortunately bronzed. He managed to free himself with the aid of an accompanying zoo keeper, who was able escape by clambering through the cages, feeding hatch, I would I'm back with an ax one. Yes, I do. I gotta know I don't care what you say, I'm coming with an axe, pay off the zoo, Camper guy, and I want to come in there and I had that mother fucker to death and make a belt item. Did it? Did the venom get it? Oh, you mean of Sharia, be treated. You he's in satisfactorily condition at the time of this thing. Presently he's alive now, but this was in two thousand and one yeah. I wonder if it's like a snake venom where you get paralyzed, and you know it shut your whole system down like if you got hit by a copper head or something like that
it kills. You know its eyes, I think it's botulism. I think that's what it is. I think the the poison inside is basically just like rotting evil shit inside this thing's mouth, just the bacteria that it grows inside of its mouth let's find out ends dryly diligence, but the idea People would not go away on their way to make sure these things are still alive right, one, was a lot there's a lot. I mean it's kind of interesting to see them, and I do agree that this educational aspect to having crocodiles and lizards and things your kids can see. My kids love go into the zoo in seeing the fuck and animals. I can probably kill you locked up in a cage, but her man while ten, fact it with so much bacteria that debates can be deadly and the bacteria spread from dragon dragon. Ah, yeah
pray that escape one dragon, often spread poison to the other dragons. Like one dragon we'll get bite it it'll get all these bacteria to run away in another drug will bite it and that's how they get their bacteria and due to each other, while rose yeah poor mental hygiene is what kills you. You know the educational aspect. It is if you dont need to see a real one to learn about one look, how much we ve learned today. It there's a dragon in here, but we're learning. You don't need real one they're, pretty dump me now. I don't want him here, but they're on an island somewhere, it's pretty doubling, go and sharp, and a boat and videotape he's crazy dinosaurs. S are still alive just view as to add one point time and dinosaurs really did own earth If you go to the small islands, these mother fuckers are running shed their gigantic
huge evil. Mazur later they get their huge. I think they get like more than way more than nine feet there. The biggest lizards they're, not the biggest rep, I'll crocodiles, are the biggest reptiles, but Commodo dragons are the biggest lizards. I mean there's some nasty to low that one bad governance here picture, they grow to a hundred fifty pounds and they three metres long tenets has ten feet and weighing up to a hundred fifty pounds yeah right here, says the unusual large size have been attributed to island gigantic ism since no their carnivorous animals feel the need on the islands where they live. However, there Research suggests that the large size, Commodo dragons, may be better understood as a representative of the relic population. A very large value, knit lizards at once lived across Indonesia and Australia, most of which, along with other
Mega fauna died out after the Pleistocene, so the Pleistocene, which was while I'm looking at the pictures donor, looked at a face in wonder nasty. Yet, while they're fucking evil does great picture of one with its mouth wide, open sea, all its country, saliva see juice poison, roman around its evil, stinky mouth, some of them are green zone. Brown. You know it's really interesting. I bet someone's fucked on those things takes out yet it is an animal is a guy. In fact, at a local and if you ve ever anything laboratory has fart someone somewhere along the line is known about these things mean people lived on, in planet as he's camorra dragons for a thousand years for sure one bad mother, Fucker have sexual one yet, and there is the one laid down anything from
you shot a load right or tomorrow dragon just to let everybody now homage. Second, our desire and the and asylum. If you were here If you have an animal than a garden hold down some sort of somebody's gonna? Do it I'm neighbouring canaries? I can't live Someone spoke: the canaries, bird, they fuck differ chickens to death. All the time lobby, both done that super common, maybe age, not a Asians. What would you say, Asians Herbert Oak as small as a joke- that just keep an eye the chicken, unlike not to value. Ok, here's another one for really recently. This is the Comoros bite is an infectious at all Here's Coelho, dragons haven't thought to be filthy mouse, filthy mouse. It was said that the rotting flesh from pass meals with collective teeth and gums, which in turn accumulate deadly bacteria. This hypothesis dealt with innovations made by Herbert Tullidge Walter, often Burg, who
then I can seventies and eighties found even welcome no dragons failed. Bring down massive pray like Water Buffalo, a bit buffalo, it's a come to sepsis within a matter of days, does teachers and researchers believed suggested that the Komodo had not just a venomous by but aseptic one. But now newly publish findings revealed the Commodo dragons bite is rather ordinary, in fact no more toxic than in many in any other carnivore. The findings were made by a team led by venom race, your brain, Faye, that's interesting. Wash the back to your present kimonos mouser! Surprisingly, ordinary similar What scientists, fine in any kind of war and more portly. The oral flora doesn't possess. The passage nicety required to kill ass for peace. Is research found about viral bacteria. The author notes that those species were identified without the advantage of molecular methods of the fifty four press that previous research claimed to be, but
sleep pathogenic thirty, three of actually common microbes and unlikely to be the cause of the rapid fatal infection. When present a rude interesting. So what the fuck is like allows killing people says you have to visit discovered to find out. Ok servers discover what the fuck me at the end here figured out. Tell me: what's up did to do, they have venom. Mindless estate was very still many reluctant dragging its Steve Arvin Crazy Asshole, I was so nervous. I lay from Adele is crawling around with them around in the video crank, while saying that some of them from them the bleeding the reason buffaloes get away from him,
those aren't naturally quivered take down such large beasts smelling his foot like, oh god, it's gonna right up to the age, smallest. What he's fucking raising he lets us things, get that close to home did let those things tat caused them by guide dance with the devil for a long time, and I got it I broke out right now. The main point: two young miles. Then teenagers they not at all stages. Midnight guy, just very powerful South Park he now. I can so they do have venom Don't worry, you won't die of subsidies from a kimono by you just die when the gigantic lizard, with the inch long serrated teeth dripping with him. Roger venom. Tears Flash into shreds,
its hemorrhagic venom, The strange interaction between a novel meal option notorious peace, confused early investigators for Water Buff had never been introduced onto the island, then this enhancing fairytale would have never come into existence to do deep lacerations. Is that his kid now. Ok! So what they're saying is that they just the the fire in which his animals live anywhere there's any sort of a deep laceration. The environs is so filled with lies in bacterial jungle, gay and factually I? U get its infections are just what happens. The buffalo wallow in stagnant, warm water filled holes with their own feces? These which fills whole field holes, save says fry, are breeding, says pits of pathogenic bacteria. When the water
of logo, standard toxic water, with gaping wounds that they get infected and it's really been that simple all longer sang previous research. Ok, so now they know so it's not alive. It's not poison, all assist a bite, and anything that goes now. Water with a big open source is just gonna fuckin down on a couple of days looming sense, youth, so they're really good at killing pigs in dear that's, natural pray size. So the water for our lot lot larger. So that's why they can really take em out is by democratic, open and eventually so we learnt something today we did, they feel better about like a lot of dragons. Now now fucking hate those things I would like to be like you set out in a boat. Was not on shore large, like to be unless looking at it, but yeah, there's
things out there that can fuck you up. That's why we made cities exactly get your car house community, but together bitch, don't be bringin python in your fucking Let them loosening yard now found us exactly it's for a clear by the Hermes infected monkeys in Florida. I dig a thousand I've only because a thousand a growing reading population with thousand Herpes infected monkey. All of this living with old people who don't happen, How old is capable doesn't like a different kind of Herpes, it's a herpes. It kills people. So now you get a bump, and you gotta go take some medication now this harpies, like you're you're neural system up? I give you done Herpes, be why Monkey Herpes even I made clear on why there's wild monkeys in Florida, They were brought in as part of Life Tarzan show that they put on seriously NEA and then they the out too silly stuff. You fuck and complicated people a floor,
they gave her the kids. They send them to the anvil. Everybody goes in ass. Everything in every gods, letter loosen swamp ceiling, happens he's monkeys are breeding now is a thousand of them thousand rhesus monkeys with hopes, helps to kill me. Firstly, this the opening seem to twenty two days later Tommy Movie, where they mounted gets the rage, and then they run around biting people. While the recent so small too, and their fast, the Kurdish, that's. The problem will lead must be something anything in the swamp. There's enough to eat thousand herpes in fact of monkeys floor. So strange, it's like another planet, it really is it's amazing. Now for comedians is like one of the greatest resources ever MA am panthers
Dance keep Goin Lord and how the people freely animal that drive. If you go across state what they call alligator alley set from my palm to tamper America's finest. Yet it's three be spot. What's so transient, that's why, unlike out so many criminals, and then you get the people, I'm gonna pay no state tax and they all run for. As you ve got that group you ve got my parents in there. Right I just can wash in state. Seattle is no state tax, either north you- do far out even tonic canadian. They don't even our best ornament. They don't know They have a contest to kill python knew when money, yes and they didn't kill any at all. People on the current get any? None was enough money either it's like a thousand bucks room. The sum of money
told you win, you guys embarks elbowed out. You have to kill a python. How do you think somebody I saw pictures even one, but we want to repress storm for debates on the devil hammer, maybe for a grand would do then pay sooner or later probably can't sell em anymore right now. What happens there, killing? No, they kill him. Fifteen hundred Alex is what you get per python. If you win, if fifteen hundred bucks per python. This is Braggin rights, the two thousand thirteen python challenge were kick off this January. Maybe them Justice is just: are they They did turn is sixty eight sixty eight of a mere there's more than a million acres of swamps and sovereign. And they found sixty eight. These fuckin python other hard to find, but has not amazingly from sixty
That's all I'm saying I knows a lot to me. That's a lot that if you're, how many of my mortgage. It I got a picture on here of this guy hold on one the color. It is other disgusting yeah he's home there by the tail yeah the enormous they from eighteen nineteen feeders footer, Sir Peter, and they ve- I don't think they're poisonous, but they buy You up. They grab a whole union constrict you they ve, they ve killed kids, Right there really dangerous, I know they're constructors, but they also bite. I think people think oh, it's a constrictor. It won't bite then still bites course normal. Venom prior to November? It doesn't need it right. It's a gigantic. Crushing vice Right, just squeeze the life out of you and they also like time breath.
I think it away. Yet when you breathe now that's when they clapped out, so they can't breathing it that's how they keep getting further either their control T x Y understand. Why is it ok to have them in your home I'll play a hate mail for that purpose? concurrent US wine. It gets crazy, that's the large! Snake, it was a fifty foot longs to forty three foot, size of love like a bus or that's it. It is both right, and so they called Titanic Boa. Yet, while there is a lack of using a month allegedly hours, but we have an condors. They think people have cited and economies are ninety feet, long shot on account of walls, Smith, snake not go forward so really, morally and snakes. I am on the freak yes thing of all snake things to me. Is it a king cobra can stand up half its body length. So if we re now indian Rice Field, a cobra could come up and covers can get.
To be eighteen feet. It could be nine feet tall, you could come upon and he's only half up I mean how strong Irene seriously, how how could anyway cobras, if so dope, look into what a crazy body fan thing that it does giant anaconda en Wikipedia. Oh, my God hundred and fifty feet listen to this report's of giant an economist date back as far as the discovery of South America, when sightings Evanna condors upwards of fifty me leaders began to sing circulate amongst colonists, and the topic has been the subject debate ever since, amongst crypto zoologists and zoologist an account can grow to twenty feet and beyond. And three hundred thirty pounds plus in weight. Although some I found species can grow larger and Anna com.
Particularly green or common anaconda, the heaviest club largest longest suitably measured and confirmed. Anaconda are twenty five feet. Long and links between The sixty feet have been rapporteur for this specimen, but such extremes lacked verification The only reliable claims that can be found describe, measured, and economies ranging to thirty nine feet, in a man. The hundred and five. Fuckin feet, that's true, that's like literally that that that's like this of a car, for why does it God Damn thing over two hundred for lies. This table and there was an awesome, dad movie with John Voice and General offers. Every saying, Jennifer Lopez had attire shoes, she's had bent over and stick us up in the air and they're. Just that counts, giant
huge how sigh snakes, dropping down fucking, ah and John Void as the worst brazilian acts, and about John towards a great actor, boys dizzy sucker planet, brazilian he's really good. In on watch caught re re Donovan! I was wrong. You walked out Showtime you're, not a time for Showtime pursing Dexter. Ray Donovan Yea plays an all Germans, good, pleasant. All you love it really yeah a bluff. Can homelands Ngos online, better shut your falcon not as its that is intent on what is it what's better because it has flowers nosing better, because it's fucked up irish violence? Is it there's no terrorism itself? This is just one guy out here, you're gonna wish you had him in your life. I am they thought. A hundred times wish I had re download. I call right now he solve your problem, really you and wish you had some light on you. I do remember that
I've. Got arrested, was like a famous detective out here. Who is actually that kind of a guy all the other We would elite but uses guy you and let's stop people less rye, what they model this after beat people up the area he beats Vive ballade young liberals does exist, but just gotta, be in the music business. How many business we don't have access to those guys we're too loose lipped, like I'm gonna fix her right, jokes about it. You know how to appears at the boy told everybody, but the guy twenty window MIKE had accepted the communists attorney we're not supposed to tell what that guy while issues at the bar tender, I, oh, maybe he told other people Cathy mounted in your fuckin where's communion. Thank you when you special comin. It's out saw Netflix right now. Is that only four ninety days area good morning, release it onto the public I didn't want to call now. Can I met again again Madigan again man again towards my then again, I'm tired.
Get the titles, that's a good where attired that way, brazilian or it is its again and it's all networks right now. Yes, I was bill burs lot of evil, but I have one from two thousand and five on. There is a lot of people. Special Netflix now they're all rage, all the rain article allocated doing it. Don't you do your duty and we do get outta possum beautiful, file Kathleen on Twitter on Twitter Having Miguel of Twitter did Twitter get we did today. So if you can't spell half or Madigan C is our key eighty age, l e and am a d. I e g and it's not Madigan with an age when those fuckin free managements, not automatic in the age, is fairly silent, so follow her, please on twitter and may therefore be with you. Yes, and no jacket and thanks to stamp star com for sponsoring this podcast go
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enter and probabilities motion around town to then there's you see this weekend, powerful dream life, see freaks soon. Thank everybody thinks well alive and and much happiness. Everybody out there. You don't like
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